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10361119Why does NJPW attract so many black weebs?[View]
10360413behold, the pilot of professional wrestling[View]
10360185>tfw Florida is the center of the wrestling world /asp/ Should I move to Florida in order to go t…[View]
10360759How did this show get better ratings than NXT and AEW?: Both shows are way better than this shitty r…[View]
10359908Why the fuck wasn't this the main event?: > In Undertaker's hometown > The two most …[View]
10361016Tony 'Assman' Khan appreciation thread: The man who gave the people what they want[View]
10360343I miss her[View]
10359130Whos better? Who was pushed more?[View]
10360280Jimmy Ocean’s Wrestling School: Day 1 II: Jimmy steps out from a time hole, and arrives on the very …[View]
10361002This is jungle boy. He is getting the Cody rub next week. After taking Cody to the absolute limit, h…[View]
10361083*makes /asp/ seethe in your path*[View]
10358762>Shark Boy >is an adult[View]
10360298womens wrestling is shit: why does wwe push this fucking meme match it was awful[View]
10361053Well? Is she actually a he?[View]
10360873unspeakably based[View]
10359293If you were forced to pick one to start your company, would you pick Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho…[View]
10360794DR. BAKER is BEST WAIFU This is an Unwavering FACT![View]
10360904I've come to the conclusion that Alex Wright is the greatest wrestler of all time. Give this th…[View]
10360497*has an okay match with you*[View]
10360876>I'm...I'm so sorry Mr. Meng....I'll never call wrestling fake again sir...just do…[View]
10357419>Triple H (X) successful ( ) unsuccessful >(You) ( ) successful (X) unsuccessful…[View]
10360737Did Kenny Omega wrestle for free?[View]
10357830Anyone else excited for a over saturation of Sad-Boy, Ninja Girl and Rave Girl gimmicks in the Indie…[View]
10358709>ZERO CHANCE[View]
10360490Nascar? not even a sport. Unwatchable shitshow[View]
10359484>books himself to have weekly title defenses like John Cena because he thinks he's already a…[View]
10358257What do Mayu's dream of, when they take a little Mayu snooze. Do they dream of falling Arisas O…[View]
10358963Probably for the best she didn't go to AEW. They already have too many people spamming cutters[View]
10359350How fucked are is AEW once Jericho retires?[View]
10360392Wake up Mike, Kenny Omega's about to make his big comeback![View]
10341151They fucking killed her: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/5f7520156a766832909f3aaacecc3319e7e7f854?…[View]
10360154>stone cold stunner >knocks people out cold…[View]
10357580she's not good right?[View]
10359433>has better wrestling >still loses by 100k viewers Will /woo/ tourists finally admit that work…[View]
10360177E Drones BTFO https://streamable.com/ehkzgo[View]
10355646Based Spidey challenged McGregor to a fight and he accepted[View]
10358723Oh my God just FUCK OFFFFFFFF[View]
10360001He would have been main eventer if Vincd had only given him the chance[View]
10358906Hello? Dimes department?[View]
10359793All the wrestle talk is console war faggotry but everything else gets real discussion[View]
10359674>Nyla Rose is a man. yikes britt[View]
10359149Do female wrestlers treat sex like a bra and panties match?[View]
10358438>AEW's PPV buys set a company record despite Covid-19. >AEW fucking skyrockets for the 2n…[View]
10359792Who has the best happy to be here gimmick?[View]
10359758Kino Midget: Is the Drake Maverick redemption arc the only kino storyline in WWE?[View]
10359600Keith Lee is looting[View]
10359789Imagine being such an ass-hurt e-drone that you make this edit on Wikipedia[View]
10354361/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: Treats >>10348765[View]
10359714> Undertaker isn't a dra.... BTFO'd, Undertaker recieved the loudest pop in WM History …[View]
10356940Name: Riho Occupation: Wrestling Superstar its been months since we last saw this eternal beauty on …[View]
10359509His personality is a work. He seems like a pretty sad guy if you ever listen to any interviews with …[View]
10358172What went wrong?[View]
10358002What did he mean by this?[View]
10357763>watch wrestling >sister comes into the living room >wants to watch some MTV shit >tell …[View]
10356334>What do you mean get back in the cage? We jumped up over 100k. Because we still didn't beat…[View]
10359193Are you ready?[View]
10359382Is it Autism lads?[View]
10355460'heres your winner and earning a future tnt championship title opportunity': why did the ring announ…[View]
10359236>WE TAKE WHAT WE WANT what did they want?[View]
10358855Book his aew debut[View]
10359468Fallon stole the gimmick from the GOATS.[View]
10355748>NOOOOOOOOO we got too cocky E-chads! How many buys, then? 120,000? Maybe even 150,000?…[View]
10357503Post a song, get a gimmick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYG7sMtb6u8[View]
10358074So Haitch is just a fatass blob without his fake muscles[View]
10359026We need to cancel Tony Nese[View]
10358349Young Bucks trainers tag mach: RARE VIDEO[View]
10358952Why did he do it lads?[View]
10359010Absolute state[View]
10358710The Heroes Who Saved Wrestling: Your Welcome.[View]
10357099AEW BTFO: NXT signs world class comedy wrestler[View]
10358718What went wrong?: https://youtu.be/D3PXIf03PNY[View]
10358694*abandons his children* *refuses to pay child support* *spends more money on horse feed*[View]
10357143You're wrong, /asp/. Hana's not down there. She's up there. IN HEAVEN![View]
10358716Anyone doe the Earthquake shuffle before taking a shit or having sex?[View]
10354520>Looks like a bigger star than the women's champion despite being enhancement talent…[View]
10358214What did he do to get sent back to developmental?[View]
10358149I miss this little nigga like you wouldn’t believe[View]
10358528Who is Dwayne Johnson of wrestling?[View]
10357267Fuck Smarks the alliance will purge them from this board[View]
10356821What would you do if you were the coroner who had to do the autopsy on her?[View]
10357093>mega hoss debuts >ratings skyrocket based…[View]
10356639Jim Cornette lambasts AEW for how they’ve booked Nyla Rose: Jim Cornette recently reviewed AEW’s Dou…[View]
10357318liv Morgan: Yumola[View]
10358419>ratings..mmm you don't wanna mess with them[View]
10356780These are the only wrestlers to win Most Outstanding Wrestler or Wrestler of the Year 3 Consecutive …[View]
10356532Great Job on the ratings this week, one more for the good guys haha Too Sweet Me Bro![View]
10358285Why did AEW put the belts on two Anti-Draws?[View]
10356312Based Russo[View]
10358030it's like TNA all over again[View]
10356258>hot shotted Mike Tyson + post PPV show >cant even reach 1 mil oh no no no…[View]
10358312ITT: PPV's that were actually good >pic related[View]
10358151>uses half truths, misinformation, and outright lies to shill for a gay tranny company Why do peo…[View]
10353183why wont he watch NJPW?: >hates WWE for being too formulaic and nothing happens >hates AEW for…[View]
10358239>/pol/? >Heh....they're always wrong >r/politics? >That's where I get my news …[View]
10354209C'mon, you know you would have sex with her. Just admit it[View]
10358090take THAT, dronies![View]
10358185Unironically the greatest booker in wrestling history[View]
10356481ECHAD BUNKER THREAD: How do we stop these fucking trannies?[View]
10356956Montel, is this on?[View]
10358027This permanent and densely settled place with administratively defined boundaries whose members work…[View]
10357951bruh look at this dood....[View]
10355884Is it true that AEW can do nothing wrong, /asp/?[View]
10357816dr based? yeah you're needed again[View]
10357876Post weird wrestling connections that you made to the real world that were bullshit. I'll star…[View]
10357848>Miserable watching the same boring shit for the past 10 years When will you Hana yourselves pEdo…[View]
10357800The Knight of WWE: >The Bravery of Sir Lancelot the Brave >The Fierceness of Sir Gawain the Fi…[View]
10357799Was he based? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yusuf_%C4%B0smail[View]
10356417Based Russo is a lyricschad?: https://youtu.be/Dg4Po1Ud5FY https://youtu.be/5Ipu9KRpS3E https://yout…[View]
10353138*powerbombs self*[View]
10357709decided today that im gonna start crotch chopping irl.[View]
10357702>what did you call me?[View]
10357684who is the Köksal Baba of prowrestling?[View]
10354906Is this gonna be the new logo of the WWE or is it just gonna be for that In your House PPV[View]
10354600What is this move called?[View]
10357519>pro wrestling should go back to being 'good' like in the 90's, the decade where it died and…[View]
10357628ITT: wrestlers’ best look[View]
10357584Shawn is fuckin based fingering prime Sunny on TV https://youtu.be/e1liT0Hn_A0 and she liked it[View]
10355833Happiness - Jake Hager: Oh inner circle you are the faction of my dreams, the perfect mix of sex and…[View]
10354642so the aewtists are virtue signaling hypocrites who accept a convicted rapist in to their show as lo…[View]
10357101Friendly reminder - NXT is the real winner: Consistently wins in the 50+ demo, which is the only dem…[View]
10357131Enzo Amore calls AEW 'the coolest shit I've ever seen': He further explains how the implication…[View]
10357102What did he mean by this?[View]
10357138>“I went backstage, I saw some of the wrestlers, girls and guys and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, this is…[View]
10355527Virtual Basement Working On Next Gen Wrestling Game: While WWE has the market cornered on wrestling …[View]
10357412ITT:We rank the reigns of this cursed championship: >8.Rollins Won the belt at Mania then immedia…[View]
10354639is a better faction than the current Bullet Club[View]
10355877>is forgotten by asp in favor of tonys pawgs and the poop girl what went wrong?…[View]
10356703I normally don't like carnival shit but I will admit Hardy is good at it, this genuinely made m…[View]
10348669He has a point[View]
10343198what went wrong?[View]
10355986Wednesday Night Ratings - NXT WINS AGAIN: 801 k vs 693 k Nobody gives a fuck about a traitor like Ty…[View]
10355094To the E-Drones: No, some of us didn't 'always wanted them', especially those vanilla midgets. …[View]
10354674Were gonna need a new counter[View]
10356480>new Raw banner for WWE.com These are your top 6 draws on Raw according to WWE. Thoughts?…[View]
10355786ARE YOU READY[View]
10356611this is just tna 2.0[View]
10354485Lio Rush Believes His Final Few Months In WWE Were 'Disappointing And Underwhelming: More excerpts f…[View]
10353779do you think Joozians are involved in the wrestling business?[View]
10356573Based Bryan burying WWE fans https://streamable.com/ehkzgo[View]
10357034Why does he underbills himself bros? To further embarrass Adam Cole and all the other 5'5 dweeb…[View]
10356920>undefeated in MMA >his reaction to the Timbs and the trophy Shame he's 38, Hager could …[View]
10357011Did he deserve it?: > Only person to win Best Talker, Wrestler of the Year, Feud of the Year, Mos…[View]
10356914mmmmm wouldnt wanna mess with the hardcore legend[View]
10354268>effective WWE ripoff OH NO NO NO NO WE GOT TOO COCKY AEW CHADS[View]
10352034>Curb your Enthusiasm music starts playing[View]
10356743>if you want good ol’ Stone Cold to tank the ratings, gimme a hell yeah >HELL YEAH…[View]
10356521Ryback on Jim Cornette – “the wrong person is gonna go up and knock him flat on his f*cking ass.: Fo…[View]
10356570Jax is not being blamed for what happened, as one person described it, Sane was in control of her ow…[View]
10356114ITT: People you thought would be more successful in WWE[View]
10353094/asp/ thoughts on Lexy Nair?[View]
10355961Where is Edge? I thought WWE loved him?[View]
10353436>I must be among WWE fans, cause all I see is a bunch of pEdos[View]
10356432827k: What will they do next to raise the numbers? Copey with a penis tattoo on his mouth?[View]
10355374>NOOOOOO be nicer cyberbullying is not nice its never the answer!!! >Rest in peacerino Joshi p…[View]
10356048*cooks pasta* THIS IS MY YARD *Leg drops you* CAN YOU FEEL ME BROTHER? *Goes into bankruptcy*[View]
10356355>cope, pEdo[View]
10355791ITT: Crybaby marks[View]
10356078Did he fuck Cornette’s wife or something? Why is Cornette perpetually worked into a seething rage by…[View]
10356096>forcibly removes your pants and looks at you like this wat do?[View]
10353327Which of these hypothetical rosters(WWE vs AEW) be more successful today?: Everyone is at the peak(p…[View]
10356113>Cage is so fucking wide he barely fits in the pic[View]
10355473And that is why I'm glad Hana Kimura died. *crowd erupts in applause* See what I just did there…[View]
10355801What's his ceiling?[View]
10355504Why did they give that shitter Braun a title instead of giving it to his equally strong but much sma…[View]
10355156Charly: She can offer you something other women can't..[View]
10355363*is sent back to catering when the return of crowds reminds Vince she isn't over*[View]
10353533>gimmick is being hot >looks like an old woman in a pound of make-up are e-drones really this …[View]
10355194Is a better Jon Moxley than Jon Moxley[View]
10353320Here everybody can thank Johnny Swinger for drawing the house. Thank you Johnny Swinger.[View]
10355768Anybody know a good way to watch Pro Wrestling Susume/Puroresu no Susume/Pro Wrestling Recommendatio…[View]
10353850>”Lol Shida sux“[View]
10354336Name their stable[View]
10349177>/asp/ memes about Paul being in a cage >goes out and signs a guy named Cage >/asp/ memes a…[View]
10352565Kek what a based movie star *bows down*[View]
10355335Is this Taz's cum rag?[View]
10355262>They call you Hollywood don't make me laugh - Cuz your movies and your actin' skills a…[View]
10354878>encourages your wrestling waifu to bogg herself and applies too much make-up on her in your path…[View]
10355668wrestling is fake. just accept it and have fun watching our show[View]
10354551Literally the Jared Kushner I’d professional wrestling[View]
10355518Shitposting aside, if you like this gimmick, please explain why.I'm expecting 'wrestling is sup…[View]
10355073What was her ceiling?[View]
10355698>Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson at WM-17? >Overrated garbage…[View]
10355497March 26, 2001 - Wrestling ended and never recovered and existed again: Imagine thinking that wrestl…[View]
10355332I heard the next Botchamania is just showing the aew battle royale in its entirety[View]
10353460Will BMJ turn heel to usurp Flair from the throne and be the sole record holding world champ? Think …[View]
10352585What’s his ceiling?[View]
10355321So is this whole board just a bunch of salty e-tards bitching about AEW?[View]
10355461Just a reminder that TNA didn't get flooded by WWE rejects as quick as AEW[View]
10355190Let’s get an uncomfortable fan photos thread going. Bonus points if you post the blissmark photos[View]
10354918>Reddit? What a great site![View]
10354844AEWtists and E-Drones are getting uppity left and right I see.[View]
10355383>Jericho VS Mike Tyson at Fyter Fest >Judas effect VS left hook…[View]
10354513Basically WCW in 2000 2.0, but even worse[View]
10352484Big dimes Paige helping the lower card talent get over.[View]
10354641Janny? Awesome dude, keep up the good work![View]
10353659I always see wrestling games that just are either fighting games or grappling mechanic games. When a…[View]
10353223ITT AEW combat sports '''''legends''''' getting KWAB'd For me, it's Vitor Belbitch going d…[View]
10355286I think how shitty the last ppv and dynamite was I'm finally being deprogrammed. Please AEWchad…[View]
10354660Why are some guys just destined to be jobbers in the business?[View]
10355111>is unironically a better wrestler than nia jax[View]
10354474Who is the better monster /asp/?[View]
10354889ITT: /asp/ in an alternate universe where NXT is winning and AEW are the ones getting BTFO.[View]
10354904WE WIN AGAIN!: Reminder that AEW controls the wrestling narrative. We live rent free ion the heads o…[View]
10354751is this based or cringe? i honestly can't tell. i'm leaning towards cringe, but i'm o…[View]
10355089What are the saddest cases of wrestlers simping for a company?: In 2009 when he got separated from Z…[View]
10347062>MOMMY! Please don’t cut yourself again! I hate it so much when you hurt yourself like that. You …[View]
10355050Atsushi Onita is the greatest man to ever live >In 2001, he won the 19th House of Councilors elec…[View]
10352100*Single handedly destroys Stardom*[View]
10353760What does FTR stand for again?[View]
10354892Based reddit :)[View]
10354442Why didn’t he get over as much as Austin? It’s the same gimmick.[View]
10354048Let’s say BMJ got the same amount of time to train and the same trainers as CM Phil, and he was the …[View]
10354725E-DRONES BTFO: Feels good to be an AEW chad.[View]
10354577Reminder HOLLYWOOD Hulk Hogan was 43 when joined NWO, the exact same age as BMJ is now.[View]
10354789Based Brock: UFC uploading his old matches to their youtube channel. Vs. Randy 1.5 million views Vs.…[View]
10354856>Haha those hillbillies take everything i say like a gospel.[View]
10352426Tazz's Keys to Victory: Before the Taker vs. Vince Buried Alive match at SS '03, Tazz trea…[View]
10353450Supposed AAA ratings were a lie, AEW BTFO: Source is in spanish though, so translated TL;DR >The …[View]
10353247>Scrawny as shit >Still has a muffin top Why do people meme Puka?…[View]
10354544What type of reaction would a segment like this get in today's world?[View]
10353088If uttering the word 'Smark' is equivalent to a dime, (You) will never drew a single one.[View]
10354534When the dust has settled, who will have sucked more Hollywood cock?[View]
10354358Smarks win[View]
10353853>And the Academy Award For Best Supporting Actor, goes to...[View]
10353116why did she do it, lads?[View]
10352694What was his gimmick?[View]
10350176Imagine a wrestler's entire career being based on being incorporated in rehashed gimmicks/scena…[View]
10354454Amanda Nunes is the GOAT: She fought and demolished the only fighter that Ronda Rousey feared and av…[View]
10353341Hey Tyson. Remember that angle in WWE from a decade ago that made no impact & everyone else forg…[View]
10354417>BBD shouldn’t enter the G1[View]
10352730What exactly went wrong?[View]
10353299Never drew a dim: It was all the Mr. McMahon heat that drew the crowds. You could have inserted x-pa…[View]
10342101You're in the same train with Hana on the night of May 22nd. What is your next move?[View]
10354369Guys, do you remember that time Andre the giant joined the One Warrior Nation stable? He even called…[View]
10352921Okada is the best wrestler in human history. Only mic-rate smarks will disagree.[View]
10348765/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: >>10342126 use the feels as fuel and don't forget to enjoy tr…[View]
10349325didnt this match already happened?[View]
10353529*proves that there is no modern audience for old school wrestling in your path*[View]
10353502EdRones on suicide watch: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NON ON O NON O NON NO THE BEWST TAG TEAM IN THE WORLD…[View]
10354208>so what old stone cold is gonna do is sing a song and that song is dedicated to a very special l…[View]
10353078what did Bayley mean by this[View]
10352677I havent watched wrestling for months but I was liking Private Party when I was and thought they had…[View]
10353885Whatever happened to this guy?[View]
10354041>Women's wrestling in the current year? >Honestly not as bad as /asp/ makes it out to be…[View]
10350318I don't watch NXT let alone womeme's wrestling but green bitch was actually pretty enterta…[View]
10348781Is aew the classic case of too many krillins and not enough goku's?[View]
10352908>refers to Sonny Kiss as she How far gone is this coomer[View]
10332051/Kabuki/ Klub: Stop Trying to Kill Kairi Edition: Kairi gets a gash on the ole noggin in match with …[View]
10352474How fucking tall is Billy Gunn: Dude even made Luchasaurus look short[View]
10348369why does io keep losing bros?[View]
10353907Why did Triple H no-sell a broken arm? Did he expose the business?[View]
10353890>pEdo >noncE[View]
10352777>Unlike a lot of people I'm glad you're back. I don't care what your schedule is. …[View]
10344616I will upscale any photo you give me [THREAD #2]: I have a program that will use A.I. to upscale pho…[View]
10352958How does he do it?[View]
10344961Post wrestlers who have the look.[View]
10353179>Shirley Crabtree >Terrible look >Never drew a crowd of over 10,000 >Never had a good ma…[View]
10352614Micheal Buffer: Will AEW bring in Micheal Buffer? This is the guy that would always preface WCW main…[View]
10350995Is Orton unironically the Shaq of Wrestling?[View]
10353337>Now, it takes 6 hours to cremate a single human body. BRITT NO[View]
10353184/asp/ in 1991[View]
10353456Post a wrestlers, others post a wrestler. Warlord.[View]
10352471Is speedballing an alternative sport[View]
10350180>Ocarina of Time? >Unplayable garbage.[View]
10353367Bret on wrestling video games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd6hzA-mDXY[View]
10352965Post your wrestling themes[View]
10352716>shirt with patches of shit[View]
10351801WOR: Tyson, AEW & NXT, RAW Ratings.: https://vocaroo.com/1aNOMKNItZQ Wrestling Observer Radio wi…[View]
10345945OH NO: Tyson, I’m so sorry.[View]
10353196Imagine being a fan of a WWE fan. LMFAO[View]
10353216>Subscribers decide who belongs to hall of fame[View]
10351989Can't believe I thought this guy was cool[View]
10352747>Develops more as a talent faster than any NXT shitter in your past Why don’t forwards rolls teac…[View]
10353120Big Daddy with a large Easter Egg[View]
10352588Fox and USA champion when?[View]
10352739Who is the GOAT powerbomber? For me it's Kevin Nash - his height gave the bomb more power Also …[View]
10350414oh no no no no[View]
10352108>AWE! >AWE! >AWE!…[View]
10352341epic or fail?[View]
10352808Hardcore legend Jimmy Havok: Is he going over in aew because of /asp/?[View]
10353074How long until AEW brings in Nash, Hogan, and Bishoff?: >Me on the left when the ratings come in…[View]
10351599Reset the counter[View]
10351422>Rare pic of Mayu Iwatani refusing a tasty treat from HanaBanana[View]
10353047ITT: /asp/ thanks Johnny ‘The SwingMan’ Swinger for drawing the house.[View]
10352810Banned from WWE: who else is in this wall? probably enzo, maybe moxley?[View]
10352465Put the sticky back up...[View]
10352204desu the best part of the 2020 MITB were the men having banter with each other before the match. Why…[View]
10353007>>What was his gimmick? THE GOAT[View]
10350474What fucking retards started the WOO shit after every goddamn chop?[View]
10352173Mayu taking time out of her busy day to pose with some balding fans.[View]
10352923>this meme? >just a copy of BBD’s “this is my yard now” meme…[View]
10352868Play time's over, sit down and shut up. Later on tonight, there's gonna be a match for the…[View]
10352825I'm going to say the n-word[View]
10352734Hana... I know that you're in a better place, and I know that you're looking down on me ri…[View]
10352603Has there ever been a more Reddit phrase than this?[View]
10352267Big Boss Man[View]
10352651Was the identity/worker of this gimmick the biggest mystery and best-kept secret in the history of w…[View]
10352093>Makes everyone he wrestles look like a fucking idiot in your path[View]
10352079What are the most stand out reasons for the phrase (or examples of) 'the real marks are in the ring'…[View]
10352529>AND THEY. CAN ALL. SUCK. MY. DICK.[View]
10351182You mean, look at this guy. This is what an real athlete looks like.[View]
10352245Ozaki and Anou kawaii live[View]
10352501Look at these fucking studs. True blue chip prospects. Now THIS is what professional wrestlers look …[View]
10348565Quick question: What times and days are filled with the least amount of Smarks so I can avoid these …[View]
10349215LET ME OUT[View]
10343347I don't think I've ever seen someone so hyped fall out of relevancy so quickly. He complet…[View]
10351827Respected by all the greats in the business, hated by few marks.[View]
10352389Wholesome thread[View]
10351562Triple H gets dem tiddies[View]
10352229What do Mayu's dream of, when they take a little Mayu snooze. Do they dream of falling Arisas O…[View]
10352298>Step 1. Collect Rare Mayus >Step 2. ????????? >Step 3. ?????????? >Step 4. Make more Ma…[View]
10350981Who was in the wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtb4y1AyxZc[View]
10350575*resonates with the the zoomer and millennial audience in your path*[View]
10351836Is he the best Black Wrestler? I feel like he's the one that had the most ''It Factor…[View]
10351515ITT: come up with the cringiest dream match ever: New Day vs The Elite[View]
10352073I'm putting together a team[View]
10351517Mike Tyson being in AEW night actually pay off. My local news in Australia just reported on it: AEW …[View]
10351961>WWE/NXT is Kliq central >Bret chose AEW’s side >everything that Bret loves dies b-bros...…[View]
10352063I see WWE's invisible camera has made its way to AEW[View]
10340504*dragonball super theme plays*[View]
10351509What went wrong?[View]
10347078Tony PAWG[View]
10351187Create a scenario where it main events Wrestlemania.[View]
10350149I love this gutter trash spot monkey whore like you wouldn't believe[View]
10351841How the fuck is twitter worked?[View]
10350878So how about that debut[View]
10351923Now that stupid Vince and WWE creative, it's so good to see him being in the main event every w…[View]
10351886>type in “Ja” >autocorrect turns it into “Jannetty” I’ve been on this place for too long…[View]
10344659New JaCHAD Bunker Thread #19: Return Plan Edition: Come into this thread for comfy NJPW discussion w…[View]
10351597Where's this going?[View]
10351768>YEH BITH, U A SUCKA! >HEY NIGGER, SHUT YOUR ASS! That escalated quickly....…[View]
10349816Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria here. I'll answer any questions you may have for the next hour. G…[View]
10341930|| /bloomcoom/ || Official Mandy Rose General: Friendly reminder that Mandy Rose is the hottest fema…[View]
10350464What WWE rejects should AEW sign next?[View]
10351637What if Mike Tyson return to boxing is done in conjunction with Tony Khan and AEW? What if we get a …[View]
10351726>wwe news Kek[View]
10349192Becky Lynch confirming in a new ESPN interview that she is definitely hoping to return to WWE after …[View]
10351762OH NO NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHAHA: Based Hana chan still drawing more interest in death 5 days later th…[View]
10349970From the ugliest girl in nxt to the hottest bitch in pro wrestling today. How did it happen?[View]
10350914In retrospect, Who should have gotten the push that Brock Lesnar ended up getting in 2002? Brock was…[View]
10349552i love these spot monkeys like you wouldnt believe[View]
10350953Would you anon?[View]
10351034Is he the biggest pussy in wrestling history?[View]
10351627I really enjoyed punks look during his ROH run[View]
10351584>https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1265860082408943616?s=20 E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB!…[View]
10332339IMPACT GAME THREAD: Semi-Finals Edition[View]
10351520>the last thing you see before you wake up in the icu[View]
10351552>what’d she mean by this?[View]
10351323Imagine if they put their differences aside for the sake of business, united, and were co-writers in…[View]
10349314When Paul and Steph have steamy, sweaty, smelly, virile, testosterone and estrogen filled, nasty, de…[View]
10351254Why is WWE superstar Sonya Deville posting pictures like this?[View]
10348114AEW After Thread: >Fun opening segment(s) >Decent opening 6 man tag >BASED FTR debut Cage s…[View]
10350227>I love gay people. Most of my fan base is gay What did Kenny mean by this?…[View]
10349075>born and raised in California >started her career in Hoodslam >bounced around the west coa…[View]
10351294how would /asp/ react to a woman wrestler with a barefoot gimmick?[View]
10351261Another pathethic week of Wednesday night pillow fights, both sides hotshotting a boxing star and a …[View]
10346465Christi Jaynes[View]
10351230Does anyone have any wrestling deepfakes?: Pic not related[View]
10349195That NXT Mainevent had to be high up in everyone's top 10 list for this year[View]
10341335Which wrestlers do you think are good lays and which wrestlers do you think are bad lays? Natalya wo…[View]
10351120The truth is on our faces: So, we can all agree that they don't want change, but the spotlight,…[View]
10348150uhhhh NXTchads....?[View]
10299784How the fuck is Mont Blanc so easy to climb and yet so many people die on it? It's the mountain…[View]
10350800Just a reminder that the best fight that ever happend had two Euro Heavyweight Chads. keep that in m…[View]
10350622squad rolling deep. name this faction[View]
10350934>fills women's division with PAWGs from around the world >takes title off of kenny's…[View]
10325400/tjpw/ - Tokyo Joshi Pro General: TJPW PPV 5.31 DDT Peter Pan will be two days: 6.6 and 6.7 old thre…[View]
10351013>If you are not good enough just build and promotion a create a title for yourself…[View]
10349628>actual moments that changed wrestling A current WWE wrestler challenging for a NJPW title was un…[View]
10350959>boss says he's a good hand >he attacks his boss >lose grudge match >proceeds to be…[View]
10350335AEW soon[View]
10350083The Future of pro wrestling[View]
10350657i love this chop cheese eating tiger like you wouldn't believe[View]
10349276So are these faggots going to DO something or will they continue tweeting, teasing something, trying…[View]
10346399I wish Candice would tie me down and force me to lick every drop of Johnny's cum out of her[View]
10350812> Rick and Morty > Yeah, it’s not for faggots…[View]
10349595DR. BAKER is BEST WAIFU! This is an Unwavering FACT![View]
10350758>Buys the XFL[View]
10348533>bro have you seen Scarlett?? She’s so hot!! She’s going to bring sexy back to WWE!…[View]
10350730>Made wrestling even more nerdy and unwatchable than it was 5-10 years ago.…[View]
10350547Based fan signs[View]
10338650Reddit Smark Colonization of /asp/: What if all the people who pretended they liked GayEW which brou…[View]
10350265There's only one way the revival would sign with a mediocre company such as AEW, and that'…[View]
10350686Big Hurt: >steals the show by talking absolutely based[View]
10348552Would he appear on Dynamite for the right price? That would kill Gaytch and his vanity garage league…[View]
10349949Lio Rush Says He Didn't Hear From WWE For Over Seven Months: Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush rece…[View]
10340028>Viewed as AEW's Roman Reigns when Dynamite first started, can't really get over with t…[View]
10307699/in4Bliss/ - Alexa Bliss General: Previous Thread >>10257012 •Social Media• https://twitter.co…[View]
10344776>'Fight Pit' >literally just a normal cage with scaffolding around the outside what did NXT me…[View]
10349479>'Ratings are in the toilet. Every week one of our former superstars shows up on a competitor…[View]
10348928Who are your favorite acts from the Ruthless Aggression era?[View]
10350550>See all of these anti-AEW threads >E Drones are too busy watching AEW instead of NXT LMAO…[View]
10347971Are they the best faction in wrestling going right now? Seriously, name another one that steals the …[View]
10349506I love this lil nigga[View]
10350528Hey, it's the big guy! When will AEW sign THE BIG GUY and gain complete control over the busin…[View]
10350511>big leagues NJPW and Naitetty by getting fucked up before his WrestleKingdom match Holy fucking …[View]
10347539I miss this lil nigga lover like you wouldn't believe[View]
10345262Becky Lynch On If She Plans On Returning To WWE After Her Pregnancy: 'Well, it's tough because …[View]
10345709>Vince was right again[View]
10348163How was it, /asp/[View]
10350297When did you realize Carder was a shitter & the WWE propaganda about him being a legend was all …[View]
10350050Is a better Jon Moxley than Jon Moxley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23aaanf_pn4[View]
10348869YLYL: Memes of Wrestling[View]
10347044I like the bulbasaur and I'm not sure why[View]
10346781what's the last /asp/ post that popped you?[View]
10348607RESET THE COUNTER: Hahahahahhahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhaha[View]
10348862Is AEW gonna be on HBO Max?: Weird that they’d advertise it like that if they weren’t.[View]
10349708That was the best NXT show in years. Wouldn't you agree?[View]
10349527The Four Horsemen of AEW.[View]
10348326This one is for the fags: Would you fuck Sonny Kiss's boipussy?[View]
10348305Jesus Christ, that sucked so badly. I think it's time to end the AEW experiment bros. I'm …[View]
10349937ITT: undeniable wrestling facts AEW sucks[View]
10349490I shoot regret not watching AEW from day 1. How many episodes of Dynamite, Dark and BTE I missed?[View]
10349567I have never watched a WWE product. Is this a big deal or something?[View]
10343208ITT: You own WWE & it's 2006, what are the first booking decisions you do?[View]
10349859how many buys did it get[View]
10343712How does the match booker approach Natalya and Charles about this spot[View]
10345821>OMG <irrelevant WWE washout> just showed up on AEW!!! Vince BTFO!…[View]
10348419*rips off the hottest angle WWE's ever done[View]
10348998How do you aew cultists cope with the fact that this will ALWAYS be a WWE board?[View]
10345325We can't stop winning AEChads.[View]
10349409Kota Ibushi (38) will get a run with the strap when every goes back to normal, r-right?[View]
10349895*dad kills himself*[View]
10349764'Good point anon, but let me tell you about Omaha Steaks.'[View]
10349432I just watched AEW but Idk how to feel about. I need someone to tell me if it was based or cringe be…[View]
10349843Is this gonna be the new Logo for the WWE? Or is it just the logo for the In your house thing?[View]
10347475If hana has her own general, why does the mod allow multiple threads about her on the catalog. These…[View]
10348639Why did Bret Hart call Orton the “Excellence of Execution”?[View]
10349061holy shit UFC-drones btfo, we about to get cejudo sisters![View]
10346907The day wrestling died[View]
10348252kek even wwe couldn't get him to work a match 20 years ago, how much are they paying for him to…[View]
10348460is aew just a series of endless run ins?[View]
10348148>NXT has one of the greatest matches of all time >AEW has shitty segment where mma guy comes i…[View]
10341560What kind of training does NJPW, WWE, and AEW have in their performance center/dojo? Does AEW even h…[View]
10343014>demands you call her a porch monkey while pulling her hair in doggystyle…[View]
10349110i know nxt is going to lose in the ratings but by how bad?[View]
10348455Jesus Christ, that sucked so badly. I think it's time to end the NXT experiment bros. I'm …[View]
1034815110/10. Killer fucking episode. How the fuck can WWMEME even compete?[View]
10348825oh no NJPWCHADS, we are being forgotten. how do we compete with AEW and NXT?[View]
10346244ITT: It's 2002 and you have to pick 2 people to be the faces of the company, who do you pick?[View]
10347622*Buries a 23 Year Old*: WTF is his problem?[View]
10348749>we want to kill the attitude era >yet another week ripping off another famous attitude era s…[View]
10348612Tony is streaming on the AEW channel, seems pretty annoyed and you can hear the wrestlers in the bac…[View]
10343787HEY WALL![View]
10348576>cage fight on NXT between a former UFC fighter and a catch wrestler >Mike Tyson and his MMA p…[View]
10348414Would this be the first image you see in Heaven or Hell?[View]
10342126/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: Take a shower Eat a big breakfast Buy Yurie prints Big league the simps …[View]
10348403Would you watch a Fight Pit PPV?[View]
10347998AEW gamethread 6: Kek what a barbaric painted dog[View]
103478175 Matches Chris Jericho should have refused to lose: What are they /asp/?[View]
10348379sup /asp/[View]
10338773ITT: We use Spongebob's voice to say wrestling shit: https://fifteen.ai/app Use it, then upload…[View]
10348275NXT is unironically fucking finished: How can they compete with Jericho/Tyson? Millions will tune in…[View]
10348348look at these gnomes: https://twitter.com/AEWonTNT/status/1265801220960079873[View]
10346253Will japs ever see real success in the american market , or will they always be relagated to jobbers…[View]
10343458>Russo is a Hanachad BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mQhWt35FLQ…[View]
10340095Would you cheat on your significant other for endless Mella pussy?[View]
10348235he has a point[View]
10343826>Calls your girlfriend a rizat and slips her a pizill, invites her backstage to meet the boyz Wha…[View]
10347512Congratulations! You now have one night to do anything with your favorite female wrestler. All you h…[View]
10347290AEW: DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #5: Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle Royal to challenge Cody for the TN…[View]
10347736She literally saved NXT.[View]
10347450What's your favorite match in this picture?[View]
10347256ITT:: Dimes matches that never happened.[View]
10341797for me its the drama: why do you still watch pro wrestling?[View]
10342799British girl wrestlers will always be cuter than your suicidal joshi gooks. This is an undeniable fa…[View]
10342492YIKES: How come WWE 'stars' can't even draw dimes on Twitch? Xavier has his own Youtube Channel…[View]
10346634AEW: DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #4: Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle Royal to challenge Cody for the TN…[View]
10347283watch CMLL[View]
10346960Post epic quotations in pro wrestling history[View]
10347098Is Fyter Fest going to be on HBO Max?[View]
10344259He has severe anger management issues: How has he never gone to prison for a violent crime?[View]
10344835NXT GAMETHREAD #1: >Who will emerge victorious when Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher battle insid…[View]
10343095>tfw he shows you his Cult of Cornette Membership Certificate[View]
10329851Vince Russo doesnt hate wrestling. He just hates what a circus show it has become like the rest of u…[View]
10345967AEW: DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #3: Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle Royal to challenge Cody for the TN…[View]
10346451Unironically their best match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dREciYFIlw[View]
10346365What's with the HBO ring tonight?[View]
10345512Why do shitters hell bent on proving Vince wrong end up always proving him right?[View]
10342921>What was that? Big Bang Catastrophe? Can you show it to me?[View]
10346222E-Chad here: I'm absolutely devastated you AEWGods have taken the Revival. Literally in tears a…[View]
10344430Why couldn't they just push him lads?[View]
10344372I LOST[View]
10345348AEW: Dynamite Gamethread #2: Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle Royal to challenge Cody for the TN…[View]
10343148Warrior was one of the best of all time, I don't care how bad of a worker he was or how much of…[View]
10345827>why yes, the Revival were shit in WWE and I made sure to point that out every chance I got, but …[View]
10344572Was corny right?: Can tag team wrestling draw?[View]
10345577What did bobby mean by this[View]
10344598Former WWE star opens up about life: The former World Wrestling Entertainment star-turned-author-and…[View]
10341630>boomers used to think horrific bodies like these could win in a shoot fight…[View]
10341737He really loves those sandals doesn't he?[View]
10344044Who is the better Flippy Hoss /asp/?[View]
10345364AEW DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #2: Previous thread >>10343821 Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle R…[View]
10343821AEW DYNAMITE GAMETHREAD #1: Card -Mike Tyson will appear -Battle Royal to challenge Cody for the TNT…[View]
10344744*destroys co-worker's privacy in their path*[View]
10343145Hana Kimura Conspiracy Thread: It seems so perfect, doesn't it? Suicided one the exact same day…[View]
10345051https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjVQ36NhbMk Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend Somewhere along...…[View]
10343751Knock Knock[View]
10342626Bugenbitch is Disgruntled because they didn't show him on tv[View]
10343727What is your very first memory of wrestling? I wasn't allowed to watch wrestling as a kid, but …[View]
10342191Kenny Omega has had mma matches. That means Kenny Omega is more legit tough guy than most of those o…[View]
10342629Hey brother, you hear that show on the queer station about wrestling secrets is coming back? Tell yo…[View]
10345033watch tna[View]
10344873Three years of developing this shifter for Primetime and he's just going to run off and join hi…[View]
10343717Do you think you have what it takes to make it through an NXT Tryout? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
10342918based tnt[View]
10343864How long until we hear about backstage drama involving him on the main roster and who is gonna be th…[View]
10343328I will upscale any photo you give me: I did this last night. Was pretty successful. Basically I have…[View]
10331555This nigga's seething https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zFGL-v89Vw[View]
10339774Wrestling is supposed to be stupid: The promotion[View]
10344734How can other feds compete?: WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar is the biggest draw in modern wrestling and …[View]
10334652>https://www.mandatory.com/wrestlezone/news/1188215-cody-rhodes-mike-tyson-baby-oil-aew >“I al…[View]
10336465Call shit shit: Directionless shit >jobs your monster heel >jobs your cult stable >jobs you…[View]
10344383aew had a drowning segment on their ppv?: wtf lads[View]
10343578Was this actually a work?[View]
10344570It puts out a reprehensible, unwatchable, racist, sexist, intelligence-insulting, narcissistic, unsa…[View]
10341969Why is WWE afraid to draw dimes[View]
10344247AEW Rankings are out.[View]
10341766>never been in a shoot fight >avoided confrontation with men stronger than him his whole life …[View]
10341562*white knights for you on Twitter*[View]
10344364Tick Tock, Bayley[View]
10342384>nooooo you can’t just have a dq finish >nooooo they can’t just lose they’re buried now…[View]
10343061moments you realized youve posted here way too long[View]
10342365Raw ratings PLUMMET: 1.8 1.7 1.6[View]
10344050Please watch Dynamite on your TV or the Tnt App. Mike Tyson was not cheap.[View]
10342265OH NO NO NO NO[View]
10343399who is going to the jerico cruise?[View]
10336028kino wrestling images[View]
10340702She was so damn cute lads, what went wrong?[View]
10344064what is the point of this match?[View]
10344062I’m ding-dong diddly going to end it all, y’all[View]
10344020Go Ace![View]
10343771Why is he deemed as legend because he was the shiniest turd in worst years of WWF[View]
10344007Can he help to save wrestling in 2020?[View]
10342649based joey[View]
10343764Ryback Opinion Gerald Brisco his son Wes: Ryback discussse the recent furloughing of WWE’s Gerald Br…[View]
10343907>constantly acts badass and shoots on people in his interviews and podcast saying how he wants to…[View]
10342812>TNT what does it stand for lads?[View]
10331316>AEW star Britt Baker and Adam Cole are a couple. She recently stated that there are big hopes to…[View]
10342128Current era appreciation: I just want to take a moment to appreciate the current era we are in for v…[View]
10342854Do you think Shin deserved to win the strap during this feud?[View]
10341448Watch NJPW.[View]
10341239I ... am going to bring back replacing based with mint and there's not a damn thing you people …[View]
10338693>WWE wrestler Simon Dean was scheduled to do a television segment with Roddy Piper on ‘Piper’s Pi…[View]
10343593>Smith considers himself straight edge, as he abstains from alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumptio…[View]
10343551>Hulk Hogan vs The Rock >Stone Cold vs Triple H for the WWF Championship >Edge vs Kurt Angl…[View]
10343531Watch NXT[View]
10343579Post em.[View]
10343542*kills /asp/ in your path*[View]
10339906OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
10342479>Zero dimes after a year I think it's time to end the AEW experiment…[View]
10337709#STANDUPFORWWE continues: OHNONONO[View]
10343031Good afternoon! AEW is gay[View]
10343449>mods booked us to have yet another faction feud with SCjerks for the third time in a year I…[View]
10340275>Joe So safe to say he’s finished?[View]
10343374Approximately how many dimes would this draw?[View]
10341602WWE Divas Championship: Hear me out on this. We bring back the Divas Division and make it the “mid c…[View]
10330564NIA INJURES KAIRI DURING TAPING: >According to Fightful Select, Kairi Sane suffered a head injury…[View]
10343218The Booty Man: The Booty Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlqg6C5pgYo[View]
10343323>brodie lee when he finally gets released from wwe and is hired to a company where he has creativ…[View]
10343321Oh no[View]
10341967The ecw one night stand ppv's are the most kino things wwe has ever produced[View]
10342692How do these champs compare to NXT’s[View]
10309672/ddm/ - Donna del Mondo General: Hana Kimura Edition Previous thread: >>10254206 Pastebin: h…[View]
10340538Comedy wrestling is the future[View]
10342398He's not super. He's not ultimate, or ultimo. He's DRAGON DRAGON![View]
10341685Shark Boy enjoying a treat.[View]
10342018Which moment is the Michaels?: >Tyson yawning during Cody's boring match >Snoop Dogg fall…[View]
10340137'Terrace House' Cancelled Following the Death of Hana Kimura: >https://www.japantimes.co.jp/cultu…[View]
10336364That weird time Sunny time traveled: Remember how out of shape she was by 02/03 and did those terrib…[View]
10341578>Thinks old school wrasslin' looked like a real fight[View]
10341097Holy based department: https://twitter.com/WWENXT/status/1265695007937310727[View]
10341857Post rare Rebecca pics[View]
10338843Dean “Liar” Ambrose - Divorce: Anybody else thinking about Dean when the divorce hits? When the divo…[View]
10342886I thought Wardlow was strong but he barely was able to F5 that obese jogger on Dark[View]
10342729Rating draws for every champion from 2008-2009: Discuss[View]
10342760Why didn’t he go for his guns?[View]
10339408Kenny Omega Reacts To Criticism Of AEW’s Women’s Division: Kenny Omega’s message is simple — watch w…[View]
10342756>Best wrestler on Raw Andrade >Best wrestler on Smackdown Daniel Bryan >Best wrestler on NX…[View]
10342221Why is he such a whiny bitch? Just a Canadian thing or what?[View]
10340464They're turning sweet alt girl Liv into a dime a dozen blonde whore the likes of which you see …[View]
10338546*Hates any match that's fun in you're path*[View]
10342304Would the landscape of WWE be different today had WWE booked 3 Ortons against Taker at Wrestlemania …[View]
10338952Who do you back?: Who is winning this one, /asp/?[View]
10342454Caesar... Oh, Caesar... Mighty Caesar...[View]
10336127WWE cameras seem to be picking up more shots like these recently. Deliberate or lucky coincidence?[View]
10339474What was their name again?[View]
10339273How does New Japan MOG every other company so easily? Look at the way they present their champs: Nai…[View]
10312788One Off Attires: Red Kane (Survivor Series 2001)[View]
10342353Based music only: I'll never see any side of heaven I walked for miles through a blazin' h…[View]
10342200>She had so much pain inside from years of torment, thinking she wasn't good enough because …[View]
10341505I've seen some shits, y'all[View]
10340067>You're just a white boy, who thinks he's black[View]
10339183Japanese apple Mei Suruga drinking wrestler juice[View]
10341846pretty cringe how they make their entire roster copypaste advertise for them[View]
10342209I ride and die BSK[View]
10340878This is professional wrestler Bea Priestley. She is from New Zealand. Say something nice about her.[View]
10338048Hikaru Shida: Hikaru Shida[View]
10341786>Listening to old entrances from Attitude Era and a bit after >Didn't notice how every si…[View]
10339974once again, double J did it first[View]
10341458Don't Watch NXT Tonight[View]
10342120Valbowski is genuinely my favourite wrestler but the gimmick had a ceiling. What booking could Val h…[View]
10337674/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: Remembering Hana with a smile edition. >>10333407[View]
10340229kek what a pumpkin headed bitch[View]
10341892Guys who could beat the living shit out of the Cornette[View]
10341831>*slaps himself in the face in your path*: https://youtu.be/6zFGL-v89Vw?t=970[View]
10340522>tfw watching the yummy kinorino that is a NJPW main event Such elegance, such beauty. Truly the …[View]
10342066Can we have another cursed match card thread?[View]
10339608Deonna Purrazzo Says She's 'Never Walked Away Hurt' After Wrestling Nia Jax: Nia Jax has receiv…[View]
10339678>E Drones bitching about waifu generals >Vince McMahon is THEIR waifu…[View]
10341838Name a more based wrestler. Go on, I'll wait.[View]
10341861Has there ever been a bigger fake tough guy in wrestling history than this actual cuck?[View]
10341952The many faces of Kevin Owens/Steen: Like cowboy Owens[View]
10341627Imagine ejaculating a full cum load into Steph's asshole and making a terrified Paul eat it out…[View]
10341864>Drew more dimes than any modern tag team in WWE and APW in your path[View]
10338171ITT: RA era pushes which quickly flopped: >pic related, Albert Train was pushed as a major heel i…[View]
10341704You want to sitdown! ? You want to take a load off!? Yeah!? Well that's too damn bad. You don…[View]
10310228|| /bloomcoom/ || Official Mandy Rose General: Friendly reminder that Mandy Rose is the hottest fema…[View]
10339438King of Soi[View]
10339238>the last thing Asuka sees before losing her championship next Monday[View]
10338902Anchamu is a cutie[View]
10341383Why did they do it?: >Works WWE into pushing indie dimeless shitters, Womemes, and establishing a…[View]
10340443https://www.instagram.com/p/CAsaLUsBtdY/?igshid=1jvyuz24blauy Why is she so fucking cringe?[View]
10338812>just learn japanese and catch up on the last 10 years of storylines bro it's way better wre…[View]
10333657Tam Nakano: What do you think of Tam Nakano? I'm a big fan of hers.[View]
10339487>even hes on Cameo now https://www.cameo.com/christian4cameo[View]
10339108/WMBF/ General: Doesn't it seem like the time to push a white meat baby face we can all believe…[View]
10336111ITT: matches you cant believe happened: youtube is full of this shit[View]
10333179>Hanakimura? It's a fucking typo! Her fucking name is Hana Kimura! >They gotta redo it...…[View]
10340393Yeah, I'm thinking tonight we're cracking 800k easily.[View]
10341298what went wrong?[View]
10341072Wrestling movie trailer ideas but it's in the style of a bad animated movie: >WAKE UP IN THE…[View]
10341317>jap >looks f*lipino explain[View]
10337638Why so many people hate WWE and shoot want it to die? I understand if you’re a former employee who h…[View]
10340203Renee Young when?[View]
10340701This shouldn't have become their flagship PPV. There's no grandeur in the title compared t…[View]
10340694Smack Down ratings SKYROCKET: >Adjusted ratings 2.044 >up from last week's 2.043 Hardy is…[View]
10337682*Says he's going to 'destroy' >Hoverhands and barely moves. What did he mean by th…[View]
10341063To the low test trannies amd simps who say the APW pay-per-view last weekend was 'the best PPV eve' …[View]
10341047*Works one autist into a seething, spluttering, multi-thread making shitfit*: Fucking tranny lmao…[View]
10340678Today is her 38th birthday and TJ still won’t give her a career ending pregnancy[View]
10340105Which wrestler would benefit most from a neck ruff?[View]
10340926>his first pinfall loss in the WWF/E was to The Undertaker[View]
10338816Is she a desirable women to joshi fans?[View]
10340847Post feuds that ended up where one guy became successful and the other became irrelevant in another …[View]
10340206>Wrestler 1 comes out to challenge Wrestler 2 after Wrestler 2 beats Wrestler 3 >oh my God suc…[View]
10340842Would he have been dimes and a World Champion if he didn't get concussed and retire?[View]
10336322Ryback On Why He Thinks CM Punk Didn't Sign With AEW: 'CM Punk, this weird dynamic, who at one …[View]
10338351what's his endgame?[View]
10340769you say reigns, i say jericho you say mcintyre, i say moxley you say miz, i say mjf you say private …[View]
10340319Oh noooooo: HELPU IM BURNINGO!!![View]
10340204>Vince wanted to push Big E, Triple H wanted to push Roman Reigns. In the end they both agreed Ro…[View]
10340680>Vince McMahon is the greatest wrestling promoter of all time. - Dave Meltzer https://youtu.be/cl…[View]
10340583https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdBd2Tka4PU Was it a work or a shoot?[View]
10340312*tries to find people who like him*[View]
10340176What the ding-dong diddly fuck is this shit?[View]
10339568If you don't wear PPE while doing any extreme sports in an environment where it's likely y…[View]
10336835Not a gook lover but I'd destroy this ho like you wouldn't believe[View]
10336999What body type is this?[View]
10338653Post peculiar pictures of Wrestler's[View]
10334747What's the joke or running gag with Shingo hating Koreans: not messing with anyone or anything …[View]
10340246But /asp/ said he was an UABMF?: I guess not[View]
10338670It's sad that Hana died (especially the way she did) but: Grieving like she was someone that yo…[View]
10339476How many of you have lost all respect for Carder now?: All memes aside I think /asp/ has redpilled m…[View]
10339599when will this end[View]
10328138JDFROMNY206: https://streamable.com/up56k1 *Uses Hana's death as a 'get out of jail-free card' …[View]
10340086/mj/ Mike Jackson general: Finally a thread for one of /asp/ favorite sons Mike the truth Jackson.…[View]
10340146AEWChads only: How's the buyrate looking, bros? Did the Trump flu help or hurt us?[View]
10339632so it's officially a work ?[View]
10339477https://youtu.be/FQmA9_OJy54 >gets btfo by hip hop Americans in ATL Holy moly how could you have …[View]
10339384ITT: Wrestling Reaction Images[View]
10339730The hotdogs are in the enclosed pool area[View]
10338131When will this fat idiot stop hurting other wrestlers[View]
10339624>Kevin nash, that sorry motherfucker... i'd shove this fucking gatorade up his cock-teasing …[View]
10339820What should this duo be named?: https://twitter.com/IMPACTWRESTLING/status/1265568428082913280?s=19…[View]
10339908Anybody got that Strowman concept costume pic?[View]
10337433Why he doesn't watch mma if the sports based presentation and realism are the most important pa…[View]
10339842>You WILL take my stunner and you WILL sell for it or daddy will be very mad.…[View]
10337466I really want all the people on the board that don't watch joshi puroresu to give it a chance. …[View]
10338906hiroshi tanahashi and a transgender fan[View]
10338489I will upscale any photo you give me: Let's try this again. Sup ya marks, I have a program call…[View]
10339700Post gimmicks that worked you as a kid I hated these fags so much[View]
10339174Why is everything about aew so annoying and cringe?[View]
10338107Dear men, what's preventing you from looking like this?[View]
10339586Gimmicks you hated as a kid but have grown to realize were based Pic related; also American bad ass …[View]
10338767>Gets paid by crack rocks in your path[View]
10339453>*no sells Hana's passing*: So he was a fake joshichad all along after all.[View]
10339543>tfw you realise the only way Hana would still be alive is if she signed a WWE contract and Vince…[View]
10339534Why didn’t the Ruthless Aggression call ups want to play politics? Cena, Batista and Brock all didn’…[View]
10338893Why do you like wrestling?[View]
10336135OH NO NO NO NO[View]
10339428Carder looking like Mike from Breaking Bad lmao[View]
10339212>Otis is a fat fucking retard >E drones find him relatable because they are fat fucking retard…[View]
10338872>get skateboarder gimmicks >don't learn to skate based?…[View]
10332428What happened to the 'sports-like presentation'?[View]
10338932Hey brother, you hear that show on the queer station about wrestling secrets is coming back? Tell yo…[View]
10338466>/asp/ and r/squaredcircle are actually quite similar[View]
10332800Natalya: Ding-Dong Diddly[View]
10338993>R-r-remember me, anon? I used to be a big star *cough cough* in Japan. Those were the days...…[View]
10337627Have you ever stopped watching wrestling?[View]
10333284Lacey Evans has a new shirt on WWE Shop[View]
10338798Big Daddy enjoying a snack[View]
10338801>*Forces Vince out his room to get his lumps from Bret* Why do people act like he's Vince…[View]
10337354>gets extremely defensive when accused of being Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi. What did th…[View]
10337984Worst Wrestling Phases: Handlebar Triple H[View]
10337331How do you establish a midcard belt as prestigious in 2020?[View]
10338758How to be get signed by WWE as an onscreen talent: Be a massive mark and fanboy of the WWE[View]
10337570I'm sick of this janny out here hollering my name when last year I spent more money on tendies …[View]
10338738>Ayo whyte boi, best break out dat baby oil and start rubbin befo' we remind Brandi what a g…[View]
10338035>yfw The Rock isn’t involved in your match and the fans start leaving the arena…[View]
10336751Oh you showed him[View]
10338471>IF YA SMELL >WHAT 3 ROCKS >ARE COOKIN :guitar riff: >3 Rocks say- >3 Rocks- >3 Ro…[View]
10338362VOCAROO KARAOKE PARTY: We change wrestling themes here and make a Vocaroo version for the best ones…[View]
10336119*Single handedly destroys stardom *: So who is next to fall for the Giulia Curse stardombros? My bet…[View]
10334758Lacey Evans has a new shirt on WWE Shop[View]
10337108>WWE with smark PR[View]
10334721When did you realize Kenny wasn’t as good as Meltzer hyped him up to be?[View]
10334044Impactchads keep winning[View]
10338465ITT: second fiddles[View]
10338426>”I’m all elite Y’all”[View]
10338417Is Sable still the GOAT? She clearly beat Sunny here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk8m4aB5kg8…[View]
10337670Even with his limited english, do you think with his immense amount of charisma, great look and supe…[View]
10334305Does anyone else think that John has some dark, dark secrets that he's hiding? He doesn't …[View]
10338410Cult of Cornette? More like Cult of virgins[View]
10338402GIVE ME A JOB[View]
10338274Is fantasy booking cringe?[View]
10338230Ryback comments on Jimmy Havok, says he'd 'love to work with him': Former WWE Superst…[View]
10336871Wrestlers whose butthole you've seen.[View]
10335967How good were they really?[View]
10335467Is drew mcdaddy the only undefeated wrestler of 2020? He's 15-0 so far[View]
10338029Let me tell you something janny... I hate you, I HATE YOUR GUTS![View]
10332337Would you suck a wrestler's dick live on national television to bring Hana back to life, and wh…[View]
10336490cody rhodes faces off against dustin rhodes in a critcal pujambi prison match headlined by khan vs m…[View]
10337633mwahaaaaa the french champagnehasalwaysbeencelebratedforitsexcellence[View]
10338020When is Ember Moon going to push for her husband, Matthew Palmer, to get a WWE contract and bring hi…[View]
10338069HANA: Always remember Jannies and Pedomod..Hana is down with Eddie in HELL![View]
10319589Paige Thread: You horny plotters![View]
10337726R K O: What's his all-time ranking? Is he even in the top 25? I'm only talking about WWE/W…[View]
10336332post /yourguy/[View]
10337930What's that you asked?: You wanted another Mayu Iwatani thread? Ok.[View]
10337588coolest wrestler of all time[View]
10337897ITT: moves that start with a hold, throw or carry and turn into a strike (go 2 sleep, swiss death, f…[View]
10337854Is this the most dimes champions line-up in wrestling history? I think yes![View]
10334667Do you think she regrets it?[View]
10335550For me it was Torrie Wilson[View]
10332061>completely no-sells Hana Kimura's death[View]
10331380Goth Brandi was best Brandi[View]
10336968ITT: /asp/ on June 21st, 2007[View]
10282297/esg/ ZOOMER EDITION: Basic brand information for beginners: https://pastebin.com/CxdBGA6W Shoe revi…[View]
10335575ITT: Dangerously based moments[View]
10337348>if you win a title but there was nobody there to clap for it, did you actually win it Should he …[View]
10337436>*works the reddit and wooo into exposing themselves in your path*[View]
10333527Break the contradictions as you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds_RR2Q_gz8[View]
10336033How did everyone feel when the announcer bought the company?[View]
10336982*works Umaga into a shoot*[View]
10336102Why do they sign contracts worth 40k a year?[View]
10337413>walks up to you in the locker room >Takes out a bottle of baby oil >Asks if he can rub it …[View]
10336593Is he going to be on NXT this week? Need my Dexter Lumis fix![View]
10336544>loses more than half of their western fanbase in you're path[View]
10334711CHIKARA is a fucking comedy wrestling promotion and STILL had better gimmicks and booking that made …[View]
10333860I'm in so much pain bros[View]
10334211*humiliates you in front of everyone for your forward roll*[View]
10319033Would a patriot gimmick still get over?[View]
10337474>draws 10 times more money with brock in less than a third of the time vincetty btfo…[View]
10337055>Oh you're up from NXT? >How about we have you win the US Title and hold it for a month …[View]
10337363ITT: Female wrestlers who are built for face sitting High test posters only[View]
10334232>Loses first fight >Gives a mentor speech…[View]
10336577Do you think she would have been popular with WWE or AEW's audiences?[View]
10337407jacked and pitpilled[View]
10337349>Jimmy is a shitter! >Jimmy isn't a draw! >gets millions of views on youtube OH NO NO …[View]
10337123Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Last night on Monday Night Raw, the WWE presented a special trib…[View]
10336488Him vs Punk. Who wins?[View]
10336888Was women's wrestling a mistake?[View]
10334616Scarlett: Scarlett[View]
10337309he didnt need the belt desu[View]
10336553Who wins in a shoot? Him or Punk[View]
10336862>Always bet on black What did former AEW Women's Division Champion Nyla Rose mean by this?…[View]
10337237Who was in the wrong here?[View]
10333074What's next for Kris Statlander?[View]
10337238Could a wrestler who's shtick is taking hallucinogens get over? Would he fued with RVD?[View]
10337221Does shawn have the best entrance of all time?[View]
10336876i'm black. we're officially disowning Byron Saxton as a member of the culture and revoking…[View]
10336014Wrestling Schools: Any of ya'll train? How is it? Any reputable school in the DC Metro are you …[View]
10336917Kairi Sane Injured By Nia Jax At WWE Raw Tapings: 'Kairi Sane reportedly picked up another injury wh…[View]
10335714People who Recently jumped on the “JeriGOAT” bandwagon, what convinced you?[View]
10332537Alexa Bliss is the cutest wrestler of all time![View]
10336933RIP cant believe shes gone lads[View]
10334557Would OJ Simpson tap to Sid's Crossface?[View]
10336866>the year is 2020 >wrestling can't produce a wrestler good enough to surpass the GOAT hbk…[View]
10336758Is he the hottest wrestler of all times?[View]
10336432Why didn't he just keep the title from Wrestlekingdom 10 to Wrestlekingdom 14? Naito's fir…[View]
10333407/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: shut up and lift or Udon Sato will heem you >>10325855[View]
10336352if they got in a bar fight, who do you think would win?[View]
10336471What did this 1X year old girl mean by this?[View]
10333221Real talk is this worth watching from the start? Right now I'm watching Dynamite and occasional…[View]
10335552Why is this board so much worse late at night?[View]
10336254What if he had a better plan for Stardom: What if Hunter actually had a well laid out plan when he m…[View]
10336343Is there a single wrestler who could beat durag Vince in a shoot fight?[View]
10336242There is only one man AEW can hire who can stop the silly shit[View]
10336330Triple H >Just who the hell are you guys!? Malenko >We're the No Dimeacalz - and our miss…[View]
10337792The moderation on this board fucking stinks. Genuinely enjoyable, non harmful, non degenerate wrestl…[View]
10336290>wrestling one night a month in Madison Square Garden is easy. You never see Hulk Hogan wrestle T…[View]
10336218Why am I so bad at working /asp/?[View]
10336274will he fight again?[View]
10334845>/asp/ always claims Taker was an anti dimes mark >the Summerslam with the highest buy rate i…[View]
10335708Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with…[View]
10336200Do you guys think Cody Rhodes will book himself over Joe or will he actually give him the push?[View]
10334202Reminder Technology always win[View]
10312389Dana Brooke: is she ever getting pushed ??[View]
10335284You think AEW can sell out MSG?[View]
10333799This one moment was more meaningful than the past 5 years of American wrestling combined.[View]
10336096Friendly reminder that WWE sucks, and nobody watches it willingly[View]
10335183When are we getting the feud that we deserve?[View]
10335593DR. BAKER is BEST WAIFU[View]
10336002The Michaels of wrestling kaiju[View]
10333479>Takes a bath in a tub filled with Sprite Is this why Cornette hasn't said anything bad abou…[View]
10334784yeah I'm thinkin' BASED[View]
10335812Huh. So THIS is what Jim Cornette thinks a real wrestler looks like[View]
10335983who was the jannetty?[View]
10333413We all know Candido is the biggest simp in pro wrestling history, but who is 2rn?[View]
10335966KARMA IS A BITCH PAUL: Win over Cena at mania main event for title clean? You wish...[View]
10333581>hated the ppv so fucking bad that cornette apologized vince russo Damn......…[View]
10334350>You big leaguing me?[View]
10334578ITT: moments that make you clap: I stood up and clapped.[View]
10335423Nia Jax appreciation thread: >kills gooks for a living BASED[View]
10334648>Uses the One Handed Electric Chair Driver as a finisher >Kenny steals it and changes it'…[View]
10335407Bros, who's going over?[View]
10333434Why is WWE the only major company out of those running shows to not do a tribute to both wrestlers?[View]
10334807Twitter and Reddit told me I can’t criticise women’s wrestling anymore because of Hana Kimura: What’…[View]
10333591what was going through his mind in this momento?[View]
10333568>double for nothing 2[View]
10335580Wrestling movie trailer ideas but it's in the style of a bad animated movie: >WAKE UP IN THE…[View]
10331142NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WE GOT TOO COCKY E-CHADS! They were supposed to plummet, this isn't fucking fai…[View]
10332340wrestling fans are so cool[View]
10334810Thoughts on CM Punk's UFC stats?[View]
10335485>ok Hana, now just inhale some of this stuff... Why did he do it bros?[View]
10334656>Ain’t she married to English?!: what’s best doing with they the thst then she’s going online lik…[View]
10332565Even Tenille does the hover hand. What a simp[View]
10335421Deonna Purrazzo Returning to Impact Wrestling: Deonna Purrazzo is making her return to Impact Wrestl…[View]
10334889JUST FIRE THIS FAT BITCH ALREADY: Is Vince really scared of The Rock? Can't he see the only thi…[View]
10332929> Greatest wrestlers i've ever faced Is Kurt Angle based /asp/?[View]
10334716Would bald redneck that drinks beer and swears draw as much with the audiences of today?[View]
10335238Remember when sued Jay Z over the diamond cutter? kek[View]
10334924Name a better Heel.[View]
10333316Is Braun the biggest simp in WWE history?[View]
10335074Were DX a big part of the reason WCW we’re defeated?[View]
10334112I thought this guy was supposed to be some kind of great promo. Why did he get turned into a slobber…[View]
10328351TURN ON CNN: >Japanese government officials are calling for action against cyberbullying, amid a …[View]
10334381There's an alternate timeline out there, where Hana is running the food truck with her mom, whi…[View]
10333420Why didn't Cena just pull a Hogan and go into Business for himself this night?, surely he had c…[View]
10333457Who is better /asp/?[View]
10334718best wwe era imo attitude era is overrated[View]
10331745Psychic wrestling anon has returned. First dubs picks the dead wrestler I try to contact. No guarant…[View]
10334813*talks to you again, after a while*[View]
10333481So WWE finally did what I said they should do 2 years ago: Which is market Braun Strowman as a Hulk …[View]
10332272Undertaker says he will never retire: Is his Legacy dead now /asp/?[View]
10332679Who goes over?[View]
10332068Daddy Deville[View]
10334485Hello: I channeled Owen[View]
10334125Dear Joshicels: Hana ain't in heaven...[View]
10331482GO ACE![View]
10332178BASED ALERT: Looks like AEW will be getting btfo again.[View]
10334323GOAT promos thread: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n60UVffHw8E[View]
10334265Any guesses on who may be Charlotte's mystery partner?[View]
10329445So Double Or Nothing Probably Sold Poorly.......[View]
10331581It's time to fill in for Ram... ...IT'S TIME TO FILL IN FOR RAAAAAAAM... ...muhuhuhu... ..…[View]
10331481Mid-Life Crisis:The Wrestler: He's obviously doing stupid shit in AEW to cling to his lost yout…[View]
10327863>trailer park trash >sounds like a dumb hick >never really learned to wrestle >good at j…[View]
10329817You gotta admit he has the best look of all time. His peak is far above any other wrestlers peak.[View]
10334160Now that she's gone, how do her pits rank all time?[View]
10333664>january 2020 >shawn speares walks into the booking room >'Hey boss, you've seen cody?…[View]
10332595WWECW: Can we have a thread for WWECW?Yes it wasn't the original but it was a comfy show which …[View]
10332096The Undertaker Says He Will Never Retire For Good: The Undertaker could be gearing up for his final …[View]
10333302ITT predict what people will say after this match: >Bryan Alvarez: Well Dave...I was completely w…[View]
10333784the jericho cruise is still on baybay!!!![View]
10334017WWE is the only wrestling promotion I can think of that has zero redeeming qualities. Even the most …[View]
10334079HEY YOU: Dont watch Friday Night Smackdown tonight[View]
10334067My name is Hana Kimura, leader of the unit called TOKYO CYBER SQUAD. As for what I want to do from h…[View]
10334016How should l fantasy book AEW lads?[View]
10334046Corny shits on ALL PETITE WRESTLING: Trannies worked into a seethe by this based boomer.[View]
10333910>Will a [any topic outside from wrestling] gimmick go over?[View]
10333708Who’s at fault for this match sucking?[View]
10332765>Why yes, I am a fan of AEW, how could you tell?[View]
10333923What did Shingo think about the death of Hana Kimura?[View]
10333971Dear Roman, I wrote you but you still ain't callin'[View]
10333745>buyrates are so low that aewcultists need to link the 2019 buyrates oh no no no…[View]
10332805Reset the counter[View]
10333056DEXTER LUMIS CELEBRATION THREAD: /our/ guy Lumis is winning the strap >Atom Coal is leaving >P…[View]
10331948XFL owner Vince McMahon said Tuesday in bankruptcy court that he will not attempt to buy back the le…[View]
10333722/hoss/ Hoss General: ITT we discuss our favorite hoss wrestlers. Under 6'2'' or 250 l…[View]
10332829Which one did he get?[View]
10331773For a moneymark: This nigga can fucking BOOK![View]
10332268AEW DARK GAMETHREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsm_zb2bEeM[View]
10330832Raw Ratings NEW MEMORIAL DAY HIGH: Suck it AEW, we fucking did it. Hour 1: 3.1 million Hour 2: 3.6 …[View]
10331888It never ends[View]
10333506Big Bicep Tony flexing on them e-drones with another 100k+ PPV buyrate: HOLY BASED[View]
10330900Based Higa-san Deals with the Trolls: Fuyuko wins the cyber war.[View]
10332665Watch aew[View]
10327997Best/Worst wrestling fan chants??[View]
10333346why is he so much better than kenny omega ?[View]
10332504>*wastes 200 million dollars*[View]
10333373>PPV highlight video doesn’t use official PPV theme[View]
10333266AEWChads only: How's the buyrate looking, bros?[View]
10325855/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: >>10319832 post smiles get big shoulders big league everyone…[View]
10329488Hana Kimura: >*dies* Wrestlers who have never even heard of her: >oh what a sad and tragic dea…[View]
10332167Damn this shit ding-dong diddly boring as hell.[View]
10331321Kek what a shitter[View]
10332951>tanks your RAW ratings[View]
10333245The GOAT rumble entrance.: You cannot name a better one. https://youtu.be/-d1E2K8liFk[View]
10333042https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuyVJJenWzQ >NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I DIDNT WANT TO HURT SETHERINO'S…[View]
10332242Massive Money Making Miraculous Mayu about to enjoy a treat[View]
10333192this lil nigga is my favorite wrestler[View]
10331117Is he our guy?[View]
10330214One week later... I am forgotten: Only Smarks faggots watched this crap kek[View]
10332921Did it surprise anyone else that she had a meaty pussy?[View]
10333131Who was more over with fans in their career?[View]
10331034ITS 4PM HONEY TIME FOR YOUR EARLY IMPACT GAMETHREAD: If this bitch thinks she can pull money outta m…[View]
10333119>that look on Sammy's face when he heard the golf buggy behind him The twinkle truly is kino…[View]
10331769What happened with his sponsorship with cum.com?[View]
10329745Based Lioness: https://twitter.com/i/status/1265323467097825280[View]
10332923Watch wwe[View]
10331166Did anyone else get really turned on by this match?: Just the visual of having 4 black men in the ri…[View]
10332670Hey /asp/ I never watched Lucha Underground. It was Based or Cringe?[View]
10332132Weekly Karen Kross Twitter Cringe Thread #2[View]
10331061What the fuck did you just say about AEW bro[View]
10330734Why?: > Has his best match with Bret > Calls Shawn the best techinical wrestler ever…[View]
10332877>Goes over Brock Lesnar clean[View]
10332844>Ai found my Kendo stick, Beech! Shida's the best.[View]
10330491>tanks the ratings even more than Jinder Mahal[View]
10331833I might not know all the answers because life just keeps changing all the questions.[View]
10332279Why did his heel run flop?[View]
10330894mandy rose hate thread: You know, I’ve seen people on various social media outlets and wrestling for…[View]
10328778Who had the best workrate in Cyberfights?[View]
10332411*Plots hornily[View]
10329764you know what cool is?[View]
10332362>*Eats everything in catering and consistently injures yout other employees in your path*…[View]
10332225>*gaaaaaaaasp* i cant do it bro's i need...live....wrestling...... i can't wait until …[View]
10331573Since its happening and this is the closest we'll get to settling the wwe vs aew feud....who…[View]
10331766BASED MARKJO: You're mad I'm back, big mad He's mad, she's mad, big sad Haha, do…[View]
10330258'Stadium Stampede' - Vlog 275: it's out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7tXJ4SKBfY&…[View]
10324485What was your gimmick in high school?[View]
10330716>STEPH NO[View]
10332253Who is the girl wrestler who said if she had a dick it would be big and meaty? was it Jordan Grace?[View]
10331925How do you think they're holding up?[View]
10327708>why are you mad I called someone a faggot, chill >also Hanakimura™ committed suicide but this…[View]
10330800This is it[View]
10331863>ruins chances of having kids by doing steroids in your path.[View]
10332031>Becky isn't a dra-[View]
10331695This is why aew will never appeal to the masses. It's way past time wrestling companies book wo…[View]
10327063Do they really think he'll do well on main roster?[View]
10332119ITT: Ibushi doing stupid shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRoLj3s3XLo&feature=youtu.be[View]
10332059The most based finisher ever used by a main eventer in WWE[View]
10316989/Kabuki/ Klub: The Empress Reigns Edition: Tonight we find out for certain who Asuka's first ch…[View]
10331917>The Last of Us 2? >game of the year[View]
10331820Stone Cold: Who does the best Stone Cold impression? I think Paul Heymans is gold.[View]
10330198*Strikes Fear into the hearts of redditors*: Truly /ourlilnigga/.[View]
10332020>Tekken? >See me in SFV, pussy[View]
10331876>Hot, buttery popcorn at the movies? >Disgusting…[View]
10321154>gets death threats 24/7 >has to wear a kevlar vest when going to the grocery store >has to…[View]
10331879mommy where are you[View]
10328805Titan Games ratings Skyrocket: Dominates RAW by over 1 mil >Hour 1 :3.46 >Hour 2 3.369 oh no …[View]
10322449/tew/ : TEW Thread: Celebration of Higachan's life edition Do NOT pirate the game, spend thirty…[View]
10326937millennials killed wrestling i loved wwe as a kid throughout 2005 - 2008 then there was an influx of…[View]
10330986Why is he such a drama queen[View]
10331783would you watch this anime?[View]
10324488'Wake up, Hana! Please come back!': 'I couldn't see her face, but she didn't see…[View]
10331856JD now mainstream: https://nypost.com/2020/05/26/wwes-alexa-bliss-rips-youtube-star-over-vulgar-in-b…[View]
10331794>Unfollows Hikaru Shida on Twitter in your path >Refuses to congratulate or even acknowledge h…[View]
10330999How do you feel about his main event push?[View]
10331828Shot Too Many Blanks in Banks: Who has a spare open stable???[View]
10331350Why is he so based?[View]
10329787>Not one in a million, zero chance.[View]
10331816post matches jim cornette booked[View]
10328407Is there a reason why he doesn't drink?[View]
10328928Eddie is still a failure even while in hell.[View]
10330130Zero chance or one in a million chance?[View]
10331724it must suck to be required by law to have to wear a faggot retard helmet everywhere. I bet it helps…[View]
10331590Watch TNA[View]
10331195was it a work?[View]
10331553If you go to AEW, you will NEVER work for the WWE again. Think about that, Adam.[View]
10324262Heeeeees baaaaack[View]
10331550Does she really love him?[View]
10330439How do I become a death match wrestler? I live near the czw and gcw training centers. But what else …[View]
10331394It's December 1997. Sting is the most popular wrestler in the world with ease. WCW is still pus…[View]
10330589How will nxt one up a stadium stampede match[View]
10329727>MJF billed at 6' >Wardlow billed at 6'2' Is this the 6' vs 5'11' meme com…[View]
10328997RVD Reveals That He Turned Down Triple H’s Offer To Help Him With Promos: On how political it was ba…[View]
10329480You happy now, son? You got your fucking PUSH? Happy with your PUSH, kid? Fucking little PUSH! FUCKI…[View]
10330632AEW cringe: that time Kenny Omega came out dressed as a video game character[View]
10331295>brodie lee when he finally gets released from wwe and is hired to a company where he has creativ…[View]
10329943Based Arnie[View]
10330378Why is he so fucking horny bros?[View]
10331111*injures your waifu* I'M NOT LIKE MOST GIRLS[View]
10330119Never drew a dime, cried like a bitch on live TV. Fake tough guy[View]
10329072Why do people waste 12.99 a month to listen to their retarded opinions?[View]
10330597>gets bullied too death. Everyone makes it about themselves. I'm so sorry, Hana, I wish Amer…[View]
10331025What wrestling shirts do you own?[View]
10330786I really think AEW Dynamite is actually quite entertaining.[View]
10330043will it be KINO?[View]
10330890Was it based?[View]
10330940based or cringe?[View]
10329390*HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT* this match is going to be dimes[View]
10324788Was the jump worth it in the end?[View]
10328611Book his debut[View]
10330558She got injured at the taping today[View]
10328843Is wrestling street wear based or cringe? Thinking about blowing my stimulus check on some of the mo…[View]
10330876What the fuck is this tag line ?[View]
10320471How long until he speaks up about witnessing the Hana murder? Will he die 'mysteriously' before then…[View]
10329097What did they mean by this? https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1265281540071751680[View]
10330551I hate....[View]
10328619wtf is lil nigga's problem[View]
10328703ITT: Anti-Dimes Shitters Starting with Hogannetty[View]
10326866The U.S. open challenge was DIMES. Will they ever bring the weekly open challenge back? It would be …[View]
10329898has a smoking hot wife despite looking like shit and being in his mid 50s: being a millionaire must …[View]
10330581ITT: We predict the year he fulfills the prophecy 2027[View]
10327737The rise of schizoposting on /asp/ since yesterday: >>10320449 >>10321486 Anon who think…[View]
10330559BASED SUICIDE GIRL why don't you have a Spiritfu anon?[View]
10328694People who don't understand wrestling[View]
10329853Why was Chris Jericho’s first year in the WWF so weird >Came in as a big deal >instantly demo…[View]
10330251>'Oh so you wanna get into the wrestling business? Come to my hotel room later on tonight. I…[View]
10327242I miss Hana so much. I never wanted to be worked about anything ever.[View]
10330412Got a new phone, help me restock wrestling reaction images[View]
10328698Tony should hire this gypsy nigga to a full time contract and build the division around her[View]
10328085I miss this mf like you wouldnt believe[View]
10328750*tanks your ratings*[View]
10330402Hey you there: Sup mark, I'll pay you a thousand dollars to shove your head into a gas station …[View]
10328882shame I’ll never be able to cum on those tiddies anymore[View]
10327884>you want to see a magic trick? I will make the dimes disappear >taadaa…[View]
10330204Biggest selfmarks[View]
10330315Anybody got any more good photos of this absolute Chad?[View]
10329579Diva Nostalgia Thread: Time for the Michaels of threads[View]
10330292>the in-ring product[View]
10330152>tfw The Rock isn’t involved in your match and the crowd leaves the arena…[View]
10329087He could be a chocolate Lesnar but he's written like a joke[View]
10330265>NJPW doesn’t do flippy sh-[View]
10328960>Mogs Mike BASED, feed Mox to him[View]
10327677>sooooo ughhhh yeeeeaaaaaaaa, s-she took anal hehehehehehehehehehehe[View]
10329808HE'S JUST A COMMON MAN[View]
10327161whats happening here? thought the bunny was with the blade?[View]
10328518>tfw still no official release of Danger at the Door v1 on an Uncaged Album >we got the Lo Dow…[View]
10329999>Dr Death Steve Williams should have main evented against Austin in 1998…[View]
10329192https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxujAPhxlo0 Oh Devon Won't go to Heaven She's just another…[View]
10329717I don't respect wrestlers who wear masks.[View]
10329312watch New Japan[View]
10329829Dana YUCK[View]
10329903NXT? Done. Raw? You're next.[View]
10329877post njpw matches[View]
10329816ʰᵉᵉ ʰᵉᵉ[View]
10329855Was he as good as what he said he was?[View]
10329854Best heel in the biz[View]
10328187There's 'ardcore...and then there's total fookin' mental.[View]
103285502020, I'm forgotten[View]
10329649Give JTG a swimmer gimmick in WWE: They should have JTG go swimming every week and end up in funny s…[View]
10326468Assuming they actually got Sting in 2001, would it have even been possible to successfully book him?[View]
10325366木村ハナを記念して、4-chan / asp /に投稿されたWWE選手を削除します[View]
10327439bases or crinde[View]
10324695Hana Kimura made the cover of this week's Weekly Puroresu![View]
103292892020, I'm forgotten...[View]
10327911Tonight I am holding a Seance: Tonight I am going to channel the spirit of Owen Hart. I need to know…[View]
10328050>makes podcasters money by covering their shows so that they can have something to rant about to …[View]
10326747Ric Flair needs to be canceled.[View]
10328211Did they?[View]
10329366Unironically how do you tear a quad by just walking? How did he do it bros?[View]
10329227Thank you Johnny 'Swingman' Swinger.[View]
10328331is there legit heat between the elite & G.O.D/Fale?[View]
10328605Trial Date Set in Jeff Jarrett & GFW vs. Impact Wrestling Lawsuit: A trial date has been set in …[View]
10328295Been out of it the last 2 months, well since Mania. When is Vince gonna bring back my boy..... ALBE…[View]
10329102Is Hana the most worked wrestler? There’s Sami throwing a fit at ringside marks then there’s Rick Ru…[View]
10328028>Andre vs Hogan at WM3? >Masterpiece of technical wrestling and in-ring storytelling…[View]
10328583Top 3 Khali matches?[View]
10326100Did he kill Owen Hart?: Is it his fault bro?[View]
10329064Back in the mid to late eighties my Aunt wrestled with Ivy. Or as she was known back then. Tina Ferr…[View]
10284852Undertaker appreciation thread: >Always the guy >Drew millions of dimes >Had great matches …[View]
10325983In the storm I release control,God and his Universe will sail me where he wants me to be,one love. H…[View]
10327016What is the point of marking how much drawing power a wrestler has in an industry that does not draw…[View]
10319065ITT: title reigns barely anyone remembers[View]
10326730https://portraitai.com/ Go[View]
10325342>People say mean things about Mayu >Not understanding mayuposting Worked…[View]
10327917Why did she cheat?: What did Brian Lee have that the deadman didn't?[View]
10328312I was going to start taking improv classes until I heard this indy shitter talking about them. I was…[View]
10327902What are some other wrestlers that are on hell? >Dynamite Kid >Chris Benoit >Jimmy Snuka …[View]
10328283Why does WWE pretend their matches were good?[View]
10328666Me and the boys on our way to have s*x with your mom[View]
10327534The Big Three of the modern wrestling era.[View]
10328502Why does she keep doing it ?[View]
10328047>Your movies straight to video, the box office can't stand >While I got myself a role in …[View]
10328429Name one single female or entitiy that can defeat pic related[View]
10327991Remember when Brock returned in 2012 without Heyman and had to cut promos?: He was basically Johnny …[View]
10328410Why did heel announcers start getting so shitty? Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan were fantastic chara…[View]
10327090Why does he refuse to call lucha libre pro wrestling? Instead, he only refers to it as a 'Mexican cu…[View]
10326143this but about meltzer snowflakes look at all the impressionable retards on /asp/ who fell for the a…[View]
10328155>Blue Blazer starts as a clumsy superhero who fucks up >Owen Hart fucks up his entrance Now th…[View]
10327100Can someone make a video of Hangman’s DoN entrance but dub it with Sasha Bank’s theme and Michael Co…[View]
10327957based cody making it on the news[View]
10327926BASED gimmicks[View]
10316006Don't watch RAW tonight[View]
10274716/Miki/ & Friends: Support Edition: Previous episode >>10214863 - Mockey Channel is STILL o…[View]
10324588Cannot spell misogynistic. Jesus, how low is the IQ of your average WWE bimbo ?[View]
10326751umm hello? based department?[View]
10324482>boutta end this man whole career senpai[View]
10322355Now that the dust has settled, which title reign was worse?[View]
10327014In defense of AEW Superstar Referee Aubrey Edwards: Aubrey Edwards gets a ton of hate here and I ask…[View]
10325061Today is Riho's 14th year anniversary as a professional wrestler![View]
10327612Who is the most Amerimutt pro wrestler?[View]
10323134Based Hangman[View]
10325788Who is the biggest self-mark in the history of wrestling?[View]
10325042ITT: best wrestling shirts you'd wear[View]
10327128Hana enjoying a knife![View]
10321812ITT: Wrestlers you actively enjoyed seeing get buried[View]
10320626Do Brits like wrestling? It seems like it should be fucking huge over there[View]
10320274Hakushi: Hakushi[View]
10326617Why does Mauro keep talking over Beth and cutting her off?? This guy makes me consider watching on …[View]
10325640Keep the questions coming: I've been told nothing is off limits.[View]
10327600Simp Cuck Seethe Autism exposed: >never drew a dime >was a midcarder in WCW >had to put ove…[View]
10327549Is aggressive rat the new top heel?[View]
10326081I'm glad Billie & PeyPey are back on TV[View]
10327498>getting beat up in your hometown after years of training by a scrawny, black panther quoting jou…[View]
10326734I miss this little blue monkey[View]
10327473Shawn Michaels enjoying a treat[View]
10327454>I must be at an NXT show, because all I see is just a bunch of flippy vanilla midgets…[View]
10324986For me, she is the based heel Yurei.[View]
10326232laugh at drew McIntyre thread: he never DREW a singke MCINTYRE dim in his wife[View]
10320685Should wrestlers be banned from making public social media accounts?[View]
10327276i love these lil dimes machines like you wouldn't believe[View]
10327121Now more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that you support joshi puroresu[View]
10326909I heard you've been looking for me[View]
10326368her naver drawing a dime in here entire live lol[View]
10327109AEW Heels: Brandi has disgusting feet.[View]
10322499Jesus Christ. Just do a swimming competition already.[View]
10325106>Alexa Bliss or Mandy Rose? >Neither, I prefer Riho and Mayu…[View]
10318449Lmfaooo based[View]
10327172Match of The Year.[View]
10326910Does anyone else miss when people thought wrestling was a shoot, like when Ta-Gar, Lord of the Volca…[View]
10319686its crazy nuts how cody rhodes won the tnt championship off off dustin he uses cross rhodes and the …[View]
10324634We know now that CYBER BULLYING is completely REAL. Trolls, flames, and haters are harming people. T…[View]
10325852I'm going to my first bjj class tomorrow and I'm very excited.[View]
10326793Now that the dust has settled was he right?[View]
10324451Monday Night RAW Postshow Discussion Thread: How did you like this weeks RAW? Did you like the crowd…[View]
10327065Why did Vince steal his gimmick?[View]
10326324Does Mox have a fetish for granny asses? God she's gross.[View]
10324563women are disgusting[View]
10316247lmaooo this dude getting attacked by Rhea and Braun too. Finally aewtists are getting exposed as the…[View]
10326952>anonymous, heard alot bout ya kid, and to be straight with ya I dont like it... anyone wanna see…[View]
10326632He looks like Brodus Clay.[View]
10324458JD The SIMP: >Suddenly he's all nice with how he talks about the show He was rattled today…[View]
10324535glad to see Nicole has been busy in retirement[View]
10325934What was up with that weird period of time where this guy kept getting WWE title matches? He even go…[View]
10326720I'm so gay I seethe queerly[View]
10325108Based Ace meeting a fan[View]
10321458Adam Cole isn't jumping shi...[View]
10326738Tik Tok, Apollo[View]
10326568*draw a record breaking wrestlemania by coming out and looking at each other for a minute and then w…[View]
10325772>brodie lee when he finally gets released from wwe and is hired to a company where he has creativ…[View]
10326286ive been camping for a week was double or nothing good? did i miss anything good?[View]
10326175Why are all wrestlers nowadays such soft faggots. Why aren't there any younger wrestlers who ac…[View]
10326642How will you celebrate the day Vince dies? I have a nice bottle of bourbon I've been saving.[View]
10325608Unforgiven 2006: Is that the best b-tier ppv wwe ever produced?[View]
10326644Where were you when Tony Rumble exposed the business? Forever changing the landscape of professional…[View]
10325806based or cringe?[View]
10326543I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
10324830Who is his next victim ?[View]
10324476*doesn’t ONCE mention the tragic passing of Hana Kimura in your path*: Fuck this company.[View]
10326372Why are there no FTM wrestlers?[View]
10325410This should be a mandatory daily devotional for wrestlers so they stop getting worked on Twitter.[View]
10324584>Hmm this cocky teasing thing isn’t gonna work, I’m gone need to come over and land some pure str…[View]
10320112Is she WWE's most valuable asset right now?[View]
10324548My nigga dreams really do come true.[View]
10320498Book his return: >you have to book him as a legit threat >you also have to explain why he lost…[View]
10326367This is a picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin raising a middle finger in the Attitude Era. Whomever d…[View]
10326111Why do you always think that all Afro-American or Japanese wrestlers look the same? Is this your way…[View]
10326406>darkside episode overshadowed by Shad death >death anniversary overshadowed by Hana death BAS…[View]
10325430>murdered Hana in her sleep >wrote the fake note on the door It's Gulia's time! La …[View]
10326240Based Shad Gaspard, USA Champion even after death[View]
10326165This is WWE Superstar Carmella: say something nice about her[View]
10325014Is this peak?[View]
10318796GOAT: GOAT[View]
10325372Drew Gullack works Cody Rhodes into a SHOOTING SEETHE: 'I open up the pizza at the table that Gabe w…[View]
10326149Alright: Which one of you made this?[View]
10325677Holy GOAT[View]
10322627>pictured: Kevin Nash embracing Keith Lee, wielder of the Big Bang Catastrophe…[View]
10325226This is Mayu Iwatani, say something nice about her.[View]
10326148LIE CHEAT STEAL[View]
10326224>Uhhh, hello Mr. Ogawer? Ehhh yes, I was ehhh, calling about AZM. I saw the ehhh, photobooks you …[View]
10319926Cursed Wrestling Photos Thread[View]
10326002i've become disillusioned with /asp/: i believe it is justice, and not might, that wins in the …[View]
10325585tick tock Drew[View]
10325950Realisticly speaking, what was Droz's ceiling?: He had such a fucking weird look even for the A…[View]
10325058So some joshi an hero and now is illegal to make fun of her? Didn't know I was in /woo/[View]
10326032>Did you hear about the Chinese Godfather? He made them an offer they couldn't understand.…[View]
10324206What did Nick 'Based' London mean by this??[View]
10325853Would Kwee Wee tap to Sid's Crossface?[View]
10325423Nothing pisses me off more than a tranny holding a championship. This is a man.[View]
10323485>based big dawg's birthday >no thread about it What happened /asp/? This event should get…[View]
10324925itt:wrestlers literally only you remember: itt post wrestlers that literally only you remember in th…[View]
10321166>No, you don't get it bro, he looks EXACTLY like Kerry Von Erich![View]
10324831A-a-and then the little guy beat up the big guy! Could you imagine if Taka Michinoku kicked the shit…[View]
10319832/Oedo/ Tai and TCS General: DO IT FOR HER (and Yurie) “If you are in pain, Hana will be be in pain, …[View]
10322879Friendly but stern reminder that /asp/ is an Alexa Bliss board.[View]
10325433how much longer do we have to keep pretending he's cool, /asp/?[View]
10325579THE UNREDTAKER[View]
10325609comes back to save professional wrestling[View]
10323798Why come you ain't been da unaversal champeen yet?[View]
10325354>that time The Game escaped The Cage[View]
10323417is it true Ricky Bugenhagen debuted on Raw tonight?[View]
10322586Happy big RAM day.: Post all things RAM! Not e-drone ram. BEST RAM! RAM KAICHO!!![View]

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