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Displaying 44 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
8171359What /toy/s are you buying to honor our essential workers in these trying times?[View]
8174520Walmart Ghostbusters Toys: So the shipment of Ghostbusters 3: Afterlife merchandise got to Walmart e…[View]
8177141Why was Takara always behind the competition?[View]
8172200Robot Pets: I used to own a I-Cybie robot dog years ago, it was cool in how it could just wander aro…[View]
8168203Megman PET: As a kid, I fucking loved Megaman NT Warrior. Like it was the shit to me. I always wante…[View]
8173466/tfg/: Transformers general- 2P colours Edition: Old thread (>>8169610) on autosage, continue …[View]
8172928Would you buy a scalper figure?[View]
8167145Transformers 3rd party general /3pg/: Iron courage edition: old >>8151935[View]
8165491Gunpla/Plamo General: >'If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't worry! If you…[View]
8174094/lg/-LEGO General:Bowser Edition: Welcome to the LEGO General! Previously: >>8169981 >THRE…[View]
8174784Missed Opportunities: Pikmin would make a perfect series for figures. I have several different ideas…[View]
8173904Help finding specific stand?: Does anyone know what kind of stand is being use for this photo?…[View]
8158777G. I. Joe General:First Wave Edition: Welcome to the G. I. Joe General! Yo Joe! Previously: >…[View]
8174936Has there ever been a sluttier toy line?[View]
8170279What is hasbros hard on for 6 inch figures? They used to be all 3.75 but now they killed marvel univ…[View]
8174130Don't forget: Always hail The Red Brick: ALL HAIL THE RED BRICK[View]
8137255Bring arts line: What's the general consensus on the bring arts line so far? I only have cloud …[View]
81740961/6th scale supremacy: When will you fools realize this is the only acceptable scale?[View]
8152248NECA General: Previous thread: >>8119266 Online or in stores: Godzilla 1985 (refresh & reb…[View]
8165488topic you with toys[View]
8167442/biog/ — BIONICLE General: Kanohi Olmak edition: Previous: >>8162673 >Latest News There…[View]
8172972Prototypes: Do you own any prototypes, /toy/?[View]
8147256ITT: Toys you always wanted as a kid but never got[View]
8174668My Data figure suffers from AAKL (Acute Android Kitten Loss), Are there any good 1:15 scale tabby ca…[View]
8149778Does anyone like Gogo’s crazy bones? I love these small little guys. A lot of the design were bad, b…[View]
8174266Does anybody know what this part is? is it from a black series star wars?[View]
8127286Glyos General: STILL WAITING ON STICKERS KENT YOU SCUMBAG edition: >Previous Thread: Somewhere do…[View]
8173195How do I find these 2001 Animal Crossing surprise boxes? I desperately want them but I don't kn…[View]
8155395Power Rangers General:Dino Fury Edition: Welcome to the Power Rangers General! >The 2021 show is…[View]
8173859I forgot I had this picture on my phone. This was just a completely random toy in my local Dollar Tr…[View]
8150175Busou Shinki & Friends General: Keep Staying Home: Read The Guide: busoushinki.buyfags.moe Prev.…[View]
8166284Nendoroid general: Make sure to raid your local gamestops before they die. Currently building an arm…[View]
8167911why do faggots even like gomez: why the fuck would you want a figure of a dumb fucking cockroach…[View]
8152221still waiting on the synthetic human female, 1000toys[View]
8160762SCOOB! General: Did anyone get the new toys based on SCOOB? Did you enjoy the movie? I did. Discuss …[View]
8169610/tfg/-Transformers General:Prime Edition: Welcome to the Transformers General! Previously: >>…[View]
8163306/ctg/ - Coomer Toys General #2: /ctg/ - coomer toys general Coomer Customs Edition >What is /ctg/…[View]
8169981/lg/ - Lego General: Same Shit, Different Thread Edition: Welcome to the LEGO General! Previously: …[View]
8164970RevoGeo/Revoltech Emperor Scorpion: Lately I've been thinking about getting this guy to go alon…[View]
8165684You guys have any tips for selling toys? I have a bunch of toys I'm going to put up on eBay, I …[View]
8171347TOTAL CRISIS /toy/ THREAD: OK, I'm ruined because there is so many figures that i want right no…[View]
8157011ITT: Badass toys that will never return: Post your one hit wonder toylines. Shit so cash, it has zer…[View]
8163086Hasbro: I find it impressive. Toy companies tried to cheap out toys to make the costs but only Hasbr…[View]
8165521Help solve a 15yr old mystery!: My cousins and i had this minifigure toy from the mid 90s. we cant r…[View]

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