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/toy/ - Toys

Displaying 60 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
8581156A Thread About Toys: Crossover Edition: This isn't about composition, or art or honing your cra…[View]
8709137knoe thread[View]
8706504Where the fuck can i buy gundams in australia?[View]
8719565/lg/ - Lego General - Chief's Tepee Edition: Welcome to the lego general! Warm yourself by the …[View]
8709580Kaiju General: Lizzer vs Munky: Last awakening: >>8639011 >Here you can discuss anything ka…[View]
8706909Why are toe joints so controversial?[View]
8713032Diamond Select Invader Zim: They are coming. PITIFUL EARTH DWEEBS.[View]
8708901What’s the best Star Trek toy?[View]
8718160He should have ran away from Jenny and collected toys instead.[View]
8711484How do I get my sugar mommy to be okay with me collecting toys? I tried to see her tolerance level b…[View]
8716877Is this strange behavior? Any of you guys do it?: Sometimes I buy 2 of the same toys (one for in pac…[View]
8715217Anyone good at finding rare toys? I’m looking for this lady and the tramp 2 angel plush but I can’t …[View]
8716484/biog/—Bionicle General: Vote Edition: Previous: >>8702524 >Latest News A new BIONICLE proj…[View]
8721047can /toy/ recommend a good toy sword?[View]
8667872Mafex General: New Year, New Delays Edition: Previous thread: >>8645089 Supposed updated 2021 …[View]
8706605TMNT General: Super7 April When?: Welcome to like TMNT General, the totally cowabunga place to discu…[View]
8604550Why did the Visionaries Toy line flop for Hasbro? They were awesome![View]
8718245/tfg/ - Transformers General: Bouncing boobalisciousarachnids Edition: So how long before I can 3d p…[View]
8713363Scalping is the worst sin a man can commit[View]
8701827Jakks Pacific Sonic[View]
8717830goblin feet[View]
8705474>he doesnt keep his boxes[View]
8711435DC General- Spin Master Edition: Previous thread- >>8676626 >New Spin Master and McFarlane …[View]
8719391So having been absolutely blown away by the Giant Robo OVA, what's the best figure of the titul…[View]
8712145Who did you vote for, anon?[View]
8716279Goodnight sweet prince[View]
8703811>TFW i spent over 400$ on star wars figures today[View]
8700362not a toy person but i just preordered this because it looked cute. what am i in for[View]
8718594Pose+ GaoGaiGa[View]
8717999Batman_toy: Found this Batman Toy at Goodwill[View]
8707168I have Covid, so I'm going to be trapped in my house for a little over a week. I'm thinkin…[View]
8713570Sorry if this doesn't fit here, but it seemed like the most appropriate board. So a few days ag…[View]
8684704Will we ever get a line as based as Kiss Players again?[View]
8653604Comfy LEGO: Why is some LEGO especially classic LEGO so comfy and soulful ?[View]
8712275Dragon Ball General - Did Bandai forget her too?: >JANUARY Bardock - Release January 23rd >FEB…[View]
8685613What are some figures that nail armor (medieval or otherwise)/mech/mecha?: I mean look at this, it l…[View]
8714778does anybody remember a toy exactly like pic related except it was a coast guard theme and came with…[View]
8687569/motu/-Masters of the Universe General : Bikini Evil-Lyn Edition: PREVIOUSLY ON MOTU GENERAL- >…[View]
8646312Nerf General: Who is the best Nerf Youtuber, and why is it Coop772?[View]
8718046Identifying a toy: Apologies if this is the wrong place for it but /toy/ does seem like the best pla…[View]
8714572What are some of the most unintentionally funny toys?[View]
87156731/12th sucks, 1/6th sucks, 1/18th sucks. Slinky nation rise up[View]
8636819What happened to all the Overwatch toys? I know the game plummeted in popularity but the character …[View]
8707425The new lanard predators are showing up at walmarts, does anyone have the UPCs for them?[View]
8717127I'm selling almost 80% of my collection: Hey there. I'm a macaco living in a third-world c…[View]
8705192so...: TOTY?[View]
8710051I recently bought this Matchbox aircraft carrier, but I want to modify it so it looks less... toyeti…[View]
8717149When I was a kid I had this mech walker toy that we got from the science center gift shop in STL, it…[View]
8706375For the life of me I can't figure out what this Batman toy is called. >Be me >Born 1995 s…[View]
8684619Anime Heroes figure line: Anyone able to recognize any of the symbols on the back screen? Anything t…[View]
8714650/lg/ - Lego General - Keep Out Edition: Welcome to the Lego General! Watch out for explosives! Previ…[View]
8694525McFarlane General: Based Sculpts: New MK11 figures drop in the next month-ish Possible Justice Leagu…[View]
8711712What's a good store/method to get Megatron toys without his orange cuck cap?[View]
8714060Bad posing: This is 100% petty and meaningless but hot damn does it get my piss into a boil when peo…[View]
8713849/tfg/ - Transformers General: ReAction Gold Armor Bumblebee - The Omega Figure Edition: Have you pic…[View]
8703906/swg/ Star Wars General: Yoda Stack Edition: Previous episode >>8691997 Latest waves: >Blac…[View]
8665384NECA General: New Year: Previous thread: >>8625635 In stores & online: Alien 40th Annivers…[View]
8714865What are the best stores for euro anons?: AmiAmi, HLJ and Hobbysearch don't sell exclusives and…[View]
8712768What toy/toys have you gotten and the value increased drastically, also share photos[View]
8706145For the life of me i cant find the Instructions builds for the alternative titans from LEGO Exo Forc…[View]

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