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Displaying 33 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
9788912Godaikin and Shogun Warriors: i recently got obsessed! i have a few figs finally not in box...…[View]
9781103BBTS, What a SHITE Company: Mafex Captain America was going for 94 bucks about a weeks ago. It was s…[View]
9788881What's some good toy kino?[View]
9787641/lg/ Lego General: $160 GWP edition, poorfags get filtered Previously >>9781276 >FAQ: https…[View]
9758961Jurassic General: Rexy Domination Edition: Jurassic World Dominion toys are now in stores, hope you…[View]
9785832/tfg/: Transformers General - Repaint Speculation Edition: Jhiaxus review just dropped, post more re…[View]
9782476I NEED IT[View]
9788504Trying to remember toy from early 90's: This little skeleton dude stood atop a pedestal with pe…[View]
9778097Dragon Ball General - Reveal on May 21st: >MAY Son Goku - SUPER HERO - Release 28th of May >JU…[View]
9761397McFarlane General: More Plastic Edition: For every inch of plastic window space Hasbro takes away on…[View]
9788599Can i buy shit through people on here? anybody selling a koishi nendoroid for a reasonable price?[View]
9779436>In bed with Takara >In bed with Bandai >Was in bed with Oxford for Kre-O >Now in bed wi…[View]
9774952Welcome to the Gunpla/Plamo General: >'If you're new, you're gonna fuck up. Don't …[View]
9782402What happened to quality?: Seems like some of the magic has been lost.[View]
9782270Marvel General: CEO of Spiders Edition: Previous thread: >>9770030 # >Bonebreaker and Thor …[View]
9785237This show gave me some weird ideas about how to play with toys.[View]
9773712Scale Model General /smg/: Bathroom Navy edition previous thread: >>9749386 This thread is for…[View]
9654699Daibadi/Polynian General: Delays. Re-Issues and New Designs Edition: Welcome back everyone. I hope y…[View]
978346290s toy: I remembered a toy car from the early 90's that was like a hotwheel. Its back and fron…[View]
9784741Why is it that Western toylines almost without exception make their figures entirely out of this hor…[View]
9776049>called Todd mcfarlane spider-man figure by fans >called the best spider-man figure by fans …[View]
9769341Transformers 3rd party general /3pg/: The other space chicken edition: old >>9746898[View]
9775397TMNT General: Increase the Size of Your Flower! Call now!: Previous: >>9766551 >NECA Bride …[View]
9753516How come Hero Factory doesn't attract autism and anger like Bionicle does? They both went throu…[View]
9777230Fuck this company: Just paid them $57 to deliver ONE(1) small SHF figure from Amiami. -$27 base ship…[View]
9782802/tfg/: Transformers General- A Fucking Cardboard Hammer Edition: Welcome to the /tfg/! Old thread: …[View]
9784929Regarding Play Arts Kai Figures: I own a couple of Bring Arts: >2B 2.0 >A2 >Aqua A piece I…[View]
9781276/lg/ Lego General: Fresh Edition Previously >>9770454 >FAQ: https://docs.google.com/docume…[View]
9782656anyone have stories about fucking around with these? >be teen >set off 2 in highschool cafeter…[View]
9770137busou shinki & friends general: Previous thread >>9746935 Read the guide: https://docs.goo…[View]
9784862Marvel general: No Marvel thread in sight[View]
9724519What are the most pleb toys to collect?: Those toys that you just wonder why anyone would bother to …[View]

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