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22912929snakes: are they representing something good or evil?[View]
22903616Will the increase in abortions mean an increase in the sightings of black eye'd kids or mylings…[View]
22915661Conspiracy General Discord: Discord for the terminally redpilled. No normies, no non-initiated, no C…[View]
22914874Redpill me on Nimrod /x/[View]
22915252God's Last Wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxcQpWhlcig Russian sleeper agents.…[View]
22889235Whats the creepiest music you’ve heard?: What’s the creepiest music you’ve heard? Could be from a ga…[View]
22904797Your fate is sealed if god exists: Let's establish some things: >I'm referring to the c…[View]
22914344Spooky shit: Ok, /x/. Tell me all the spooky shit that's happened to you. Anything from Ayys to…[View]
2291532820 de Julio del 2019 | El Primer contacto OFICIAL con Extraterrestres Profecia Chico Xavier https://…[View]
22913746jesus is the word of god: the bible is the interpreted word of god. Jesus spoke Aramaic, his discip…[View]
22915417I want to know what do you think about this song . https://youtu.be/c9Q0bBls6_0 Have a nice day Your…[View]
22915040Where can i get more of this?: Looking for images like this one[View]
22915405It's all math.: Azathoth.[View]
22915051is there a place where i can post creepy things I've written or read things others have written…[View]
22915171It's hot as fuck right now where I live /x/ros. Is there anything to gain from subjecting mysel…[View]
22915200>Its an everyone who is evil and won't come clean when given the chance and the stupid AI ro…[View]
22915268Well? How do you?[View]
22913892Buddhist heavens: Do Buddhist heavens, i assume the Kama Loka sensual ones, include sexual fantasies…[View]
22914966Bilderberg Grup: Let's talk about Bilderberg. I want to know what is it exactly, what kind of p…[View]
22914367OwO: what’s this not exact picture[View]
22913853What is he hiding?[View]
22908979Post images related to serial killers[View]
22912357Hey so I can barely find anything on the argument if witchcraft is real or fake. I would really appr…[View]
22913376Schizophrenia general: ITT: we discuss wether i have schizophrenia or not[View]
22914998I heard a theory yesterday about how there is no hell but Earth is hell and when you die you come ba…[View]
22913657I want to see some aliens right fucking now[View]
22912404What do you think about the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory? Apparently the original Avril couldn…[View]
22912685existential dread and ways to cure it I’m tired of the “just be yourself” movement. No, I want to k…[View]
22913912Lucid Dream General: Share your Lucid Dreaming related Stories, Techniques, Tips & Tricks and ju…[View]
22914722How an AI takes control of its host civilization: Colours. Shapes. Familiar sounds.[View]
22914053Ultimatum to those who control this: I have 3 things. 1. the truth 2. freedom 3. love 1. i know all …[View]
22912205Exodus 20:4 >You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or …[View]
22913110So this just happened. >be my friend >be paranoid all the time >live in NorCal >never st…[View]
22913738Informational out reach program.: seen too many of those modem threads here's a version that…[View]
22911541Finite DNA combinations.: There are an estimated 8 billion dna combinations that humans can have whi…[View]
22914314Choose your fate: Delusions of Grandeur? Or Delusions of being useless and helpless?[View]
22914964deception: i though i was gonna come to this / to shit my pants in fear but the only thing im gettin…[View]
22909513Why is Christianity the first thing people use against the paranormal?: From demons to mythical crea…[View]
22908267Make me specific questions so I can answer and you can confirm or deny. Examples: 'What am I wearing…[View]
22911105Schumann resonance is being tampered with, human or alien?: Schumann resonance, measurements of elec…[View]
22912165Nobody AMA: Hello guys, im the genius that created the nobody character, ask me anything[View]
22912848generic tulpa story and introduction thread go[View]
22914341What with the easter bunnies?[View]
22913366Will he be ok, /x/?[View]
22910384Djinn: What does /x/ know about djinn? I should start by stating my belief in the paranormal is min…[View]
22914354Have A Nice Day Jesus, I Praise Your Name, And I Love you. Also Every People On Earth, With Uncondit…[View]
22913632Homo Capensis - The Second Species - Rulers Of The Planet: our planet is ruled by a second species o…[View]
22911619Dad down on his luck: 7yr lurker 1st time poster. My childs old enough now to choose where to live. …[View]
22913718Life & Death are Cycles. Transform & Reborn.[View]
22914483112114 192115130514 1101141901 141521190505 22 0914 13 09140514 2001110109190914 2021120505 11211512…[View]
22910509AYY PICS: Post em[View]
22906005I AM the Way. I AM the Truth. I AM the Life. I AM the Resurrection.[View]
22913817When you reach the point in your life that you become aware of your own thoughts and start to active…[View]
22907401In this post, I will describe the future in the New World Order: The NWO future is fast approaching …[View]
22914070Prosperity gospel defenders: An unknown tier of the iceberg chart:tithing works,being rich is fine a…[View]
22914230Rabbit Foot: Is there anything spiritual or actually supernatural about a rabbit foot?[View]
22912669How can I transcend?[View]
22905621Falcon Heavy Launch. What the FUCK was on the rocket? Live right now. Rewind the video about 3 minut…[View]
22906341Ghost Adventures: Is this show legit or hollyweird fake[View]
22910298Missing411: Is it worth the money or more of the same crap?[View]
22914042I'm pretty sure that the project blue beam is internet and pc's. All our devices which we …[View]
22912880Why can't I breathe? Still I see Dead on the table. Try to move; I'm not able to.[View]
22913886Is this paranormal?[View]
22913182brazilian mythology: here's some scare brazilian creatures Mula sem cabeça – Literally 'headles…[View]
22913228What did he mean with 'real hanz cant leave',/x/? Are you all just my handlers and my life is an ill…[View]
22913543What does it mean?[View]
22913230Suicide is a sin and victims will burn in hell for allowing Satan to whisper into their hearts.[View]
22913852I didn't realize the new lovecraft game was this powerful, can't wait until it's rele…[View]
22913788Management potential: > 8 million children die out of starvation and dehadration each year > c…[View]
22877431>creepy or cursed image thread >it's just the same fucking 5-8 pictures repeated over and…[View]
22913150I am challenging all 'divine' or 'evil' beings here to kill one of each races alpha males or the big…[View]
22912869Hello /x/ pic related is my job Ignore it i pick boxes everyday and stack it ignore it. Tomorrow I…[View]
22913525Is this a ghost?: I took this pic with this guy who turned out to be a dick head satanist sometime l…[View]
22898276What are some concepts or theories that were dismissed as myths at some point that you think deserve…[View]
22913053Yesterday I took a pic of a note i found on my way from my friends home. The scary part is that i ha…[View]
22913390Healing: >get into science of breath >try prana channeling >'gonna try fix my ankle, nothin…[View]
22912986going to a supposedly haunted place: As mentioned above. Any tips? It's a forest and there has …[View]
22913421Vote for the New Word Order: We shall rebuild what has been cursed from the tower of Babel and set l…[View]
22912078Golf rumours: What are they?[View]
22912135In the same way a person born blind understands sight, how would a person born with five senses even…[View]
22913317Religion And Mythology: What's up with this? Can we like not? Can we stay sane for once?…[View]
22912156Where you anally probed by an alien or someone pretending to be an alien? Discuss: https://worldnew…[View]
22913262Hi, I asked this in a divination thread a few days ago so I don't open a specific thread, but n…[View]
22911985Mandela effect experiences: What are some of /x/'s personal experiences with the Mandela effect…[View]
22912935redpill me on rainbows, /x/[View]
22912877What happens if my mind always think of “bam” , then a naked girl do a flip, then it will go “ yi ko…[View]
22912951i am scared[View]
22911956Alright lads, I got a story to tell. >be somewhat spiritual christfag >believe in ghosts and d…[View]
22912850all hope lost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULwGYk021H8 More than a thousand years passed by in t…[View]
22906302how do i kno if i've been MKultraed ?[View]
22910907what do you call someone who is on their best behaviour around others (usually) but in personal rela…[View]
22910705/x/: En el mundo el miedo nos ayuda de manera buena o mala pero cual podría ser la cosa mas absurda …[View]
22911071Given Up On Love: Anyone else here given up on love? I've been cast out by everyone in my life …[View]
22910051How do I regain my soul /x/?[View]
22904843So it turns out antidepressants makes you fucking retarded >A study published in the journal JAMA…[View]
22912791Likely major eruption at mount ulawun this is what's known a 'decade' volcano one of the 16 mos…[View]
22912193Have you ever been watching something and as something happens you react to it, only to see the char…[View]
22910522what's the significance of 666?[View]
22912541Flat Earthers are just joking, right?: grown up people can't really believe it, what's nex…[View]
22911045the UFO incident NO ONE is talking about: in 2017 i saw my first and only 'UFO', while dri…[View]
22908050Are there any paranormal or extraterrestrial locations to checkout/explore in Oregon.[View]
22908284Christian General - All Hail King Jesus: > no thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-j_1e…[View]
22903396What are women?: This isn't a misogynistic thread as I genuinely think there is something abnor…[View]
22908334Masturbation &Celibacy: Is masturbation really spiritually damaging? Is sex? Is celibacy really …[View]
22911791I have witnessed a rare unexplained event. The fall from the sky of 'angel's hair' or 'bambagia…[View]
22909341Eye reading thread[View]
22911130>tfw you dunk on Lilith but SURVIVE[View]
22912571I have opinions and people really like listening to me say things. what could we talk about?[View]
22908243What are they hiding in the woods?[View]
22911979Can anyone here help out the OP and dump all picture files on Demonology? OP will be grateful and lo…[View]
22910547Flat earth debunk thread because nobody is immune to self deception and the truly woke understand th…[View]
22912403Technology device: What's the device at 0:12 in this music video called? I heard it is based on…[View]
22911877disco rd gg / VaPVjsK - Alien Disclosure - Science Disclosure - Technology Disclosure - Cosmic Discl…[View]
22910080best horror youtubers thread: recommendations pleas[View]
22911377Any /x/ in van buren county michigan and berrien county?[View]
22909210Imagine the smell[View]
22912005To believe in God is basically to believe that knowledge is neither necessary nor desirable for huma…[View]
22911909Just because Hell doesn’t inherently exist doesn’t mean everyone is in Heaven, it just means the the…[View]
22909988~02/07: first major sighting at 34.326883, 107.159318 ~04/07: second major sighting at -36.780339, 1…[View]
22912071Scariest Videos Thread: post em[View]
22912295Pennsylvania: Mind Control? Achual aylmaos? False Flag to shut down /x/?[View]
22912223Possible major event on July 4 2019: Trump is waging economic war, and cut a deal a Mexico, but not …[View]
22901654What do you think about it? According to legend, he was buried alive, but he got out of the coffin, …[View]
22911086Freemasonry General: Daily reminder that Freemasonry is just a combination of neo-Platonism, Pythago…[View]
22911989there is a bricked up section on the Great pyramid Giza. this screenshot is from the video an 18 yea…[View]
22911288What is it? Why does it happen?[View]
22910768What would you do if you found out your family were actors? (Not actually related to you) and you we…[View]
22911893Name of BOok Vellum Noctum: Not sclaes of the black serpent nor black pullet it shows 241 or so plan…[View]
22910646Souls of Ancient Man: Is there any way to contact the spirits of 'stone age' people? Have they been …[View]
22906882Is Hinduism the true continuation of the pre-flood religions?[View]
22911809Keep pressing refresh on earthquake monitor software every day never any mega quake happening this s…[View]
22911007time: tell me everything about perception of time. I know its an illusion but how come each day fee…[View]
22911813Mind control: What's the term 'hard-hat' really mean in relation to mind control?…[View]
22905582What is the most magical rock, and is it moldavite, and why or why not?[View]
22911744Hey fellow paranormals. I'm looking for an OLD creepy pasta website about a 'sunrise' and the d…[View]
22911474Hell Bitches / Succubus: How many have already seen through the lies of the Roman Catholic Church? I…[View]
22911302Is there any credence to a possible ancient civilization on Mars?[View]
22911718try to prep my mind for sleep by reading GITS manga drift off to sleep dream about living in the hou…[View]
22911593>browses /x/ once[View]
22910613What Is China Trying To Tell Us?: IDK?[View]
229110185DP: The 5DP is a secret organization. 5DP means 5th dimension project. Creatures from the 5Th dimen…[View]
22911399is Chemosh more powerful than Yahweh?[View]
22902719body language experts should be studying this now. there is over 2 hours of unedited HD footage with…[View]
22911505>father was supposed to be prophet for this hemisphere >Gets talked into b coming s pastor, fo…[View]
22910697I let a spirit back in I shut out because I was afraid he was a demon, and I suddenly feel happier n…[View]
22911365Hello yes. Pls magic me cute pantsu a thigh highs gamer gf. Will pay with this image.[View]
22907534Elsagate: So the finger family shit I’m 90% sure Indians are behind it as I can tell by their voices…[View]
22911313Can demons read your thoughts?: If you are under some level of demonic influence or possession, can …[View]
22911298Anyone got some info on pluto? It's like the opposite of the sun, the complete opposite side of…[View]
22905112Why is the afterlife cold?: It's only anecdotal but I've seen several stories of child gho…[View]
22905838Weird sound outside: A few minutes ago I went outside to sit on my front doorsteps to read. All of a…[View]
22909745I need blessed images pretty please[View]
22911085I think my girlfriend has a spirit of some sort attached to her. She says it has bothered her since …[View]
22911266The most active /x/ themed discord: discord.me/mkultra active vc 24/7 text 24/7[View]
22910917Youniverse on youtube, where did it go?: Does anyone remember a youtube channel called Youniverse (n…[View]
22911034Insect Inside: K, I need to sleep. Lay down, close eyes, breath,.. almost there.. there. I'm in…[View]
22904633/div/ - Divination General - Hermes Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings a…[View]
22910859How do you interpret a natal chart?[View]
22910521What we know so far: 1. Life does not happen spontaneously. It must be created via specific processe…[View]
22903703What tf are the backrooms?: Can somebody explain to me what the backrooms are? Is it a meme? Is it r…[View]
22907252is the cause behind the 'mandela effect' really just boomers with poor memory?[View]
22910692ARG academia: It's been a while since I think about an arg I want to create, and since it'…[View]
22910052What did Crusaders mean by this? Clearly Baphomet isn't an evil representation but rather duali…[View]
22905737Brainwashing: We on /x/ should be wary of the brainwashing that is going on right now google, facebo…[View]
22905933LEARNING TO ASTRAL PROJECT Hey guys I want to learn to astral project I've only done it once as…[View]
22910458Gangster Computer God worldwide SECRET CONTAINMENT POLICY, made possible SOLY by worldwide Computer …[View]
22910834Ghost stories I guess: Couldn't find a thread for this so I decided to make one. These few were…[View]
22910512Why do i got to sacrifice a chicken to zeus? Why cant i just be all 'hey z man, do me a solid okay'[View]
22910650hi /x/ something really terrifying happened to me a few days ago and i don't know where else to…[View]
22909035Angels: Why does modern Christianity depict angels as these people with wings and a halo when they…[View]
22908896How do I distinguish airplanes from UFOs at night?: It feels like 75% of things flying at night are …[View]
22910074Arcane escapism: Wasn't it one of the communist goals? try to get people distracted and obsesse…[View]
22910213Ghostly/Angelic Light Fixture: When I was a baby, I was scared shitless of my grandparents' bed…[View]
22907891Where are the most paranormal places in each country? I've seen many stories set around Arkhang…[View]
22907561Redpill me on Urantia anons. Have you read it? Is it a hoax?[View]
22897273Where do you see human evolution going in the distant future?[View]
22908232is the blue power ranger evil[View]
22902122Regarding the real Nobody: I've been informed about these threads: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/…[View]
22907646Alright /x/ are you ready for a possibly great idea. What if we used this technology to see if ghos…[View]
22910139I remember waking up in the middle of nowhere, with a pounding headache. i was in a vast open field …[View]
22906439>Learning A.I. Progamming people like you this is real, and spoobed as fuck. Why is nobody talkin…[View]
22899267Why can't I phase?: One days I wake up and then can't go back to sleep again to try indire…[View]
22909912Programmed Matrix Energy Vampires: whenever I am happy, productive, creative, positive - doing good …[View]
22909186how do I master lucid dreaming[View]
22909536what makes an individual an individual?[View]
22907171Why does Paranormal shit mostly happen in the U.S.?[View]
22906818Reddit user's 'trygf' thread draws shill: https://old.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/c4oium/a…[View]
22909412Power rangers isn’t gay! Kids watch it[View]
22908471do it fucker strike me down KILL ME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHVeXM_8Lhg[View]
22909749reincarnation or manifestation?: First time poster on /x/. About 14 years ago my father committed su…[View]
22906082Gambling & the Paranormal: Questions: Can you be a successful gambler through supernatural perce…[View]
22909166hmmm: hey guys how do i establish dominance over a ghost/ghosts? There's some spooky shit happe…[View]
22908105Need some viewing recommendations, I've watched too much Ghost Adventures and Ancient Aliens su…[View]
22909664Thoughts on Unsolved Mysteries?: Reminder that this show is on Youtube in full now https://www.youtu…[View]
22898903Q and A time: I am a nobody who knows a few things. Something very dangerous and unpredictable I ca…[View]
22909450higherself: the trillion yr old version. so how does it feel to be alive that long? you already got…[View]
22908709The rise of the home-grown, hermaphroditic 'lizard' people. They are going to announce themselves wi…[View]
22907581>Be a person who is trying to find meaning in life >Trying to be a better person >Do nothin…[View]
22902380Has anyone here had any actual ufo or alien encounters?[View]
22907391Creepiest shit you’ve seen on the internet?[View]
22909208this image has been floating around for a while, anyone knows where it comes from?[View]
22909511Anyone here a Christian? Just got this in the mail, how accurate is this version of the Bible?[View]
22907301So, I own a DayZ Standalone server and I think I found a pedophile. Anyone wants to help? https://st…[View]
22907024is there anyway to 'de-npc' yourself and let the shackles of ego aside[View]
22908922Can you guys feel this dark vibe coming off of me? I'm almost certain an entity is following me…[View]
22904325any skunk ape stories?[View]
22909095Christians being gangstalked: You are not alone and have a special mission from God: You aren't…[View]
22907968Lucifer walks on Earth.[View]
22909120Disney owns everything[View]
22906839Do you ever take one look at someone and know that the devil works closely with them?[View]
22908819/x/ - Paranormal related art: Post it[View]
22902912You are transformed into the Egyptian god Anubis. What do you do with your newfound powers?[View]
22909088What is the truth behind mole people?[View]
22909067Why is nobody talking about Etika? His body was found today.[View]
22909059DXM CROSS: Made this for my cough syrup chuggin' brethren but you guys might get a kick out of …[View]
22907455Targeted Individual General: Find your sleep being interrupted a lot? Have a feeling like your head …[View]
22908040If each Big Bang is Brahma taking a breathe, does he have a finite life span even if it’s unimaginab…[View]
22908936tny: Hello everyone, I am 20 years old for reasons that I do not consider it important I will not gi…[View]
22908445Buddhism and Morality: According to Wikipedia, karma '(...) refers to the spiritual principle of cau…[View]
22904433I have footage of a werewolf.: How do I post here?[View]
22906243Want to learn functional magic: So I have picked up a passing interest in magic, occultism, hermetic…[View]
22908485Phil of the future Cat valentine[View]
22906346I am the nobody Antichrist. Ask me what you will.[View]
22908114etika have been found dead how do any of you guys care. ill like to give an F for him[View]
22907900I cursed them?: I think I cursed these 3 people with my jealously and hatred and anger. Can you tell…[View]
22907708Informational out reach program.: seen too many of those modem threads here's a version that…[View]
22903461ITT: pics that give the same sense of dread as pic related. pics of gravitrons and vacant offices ma…[View]
22908546Black mirror: I find myself looking at you to look deeper into myself. Can i exist? Will you let me?…[View]
22906013I don't know whether to be flattered or weirded out: >Be me >15 >Have weird dream of m…[View]
22906877guys I might be fucked. i just found a page with some sort of fucked up writing. there is a big symb…[View]
22908453SCP-: I know 4chan can be a hard crowd to impress, but i hope you like my SCP. It's probably fu…[View]
22908151I see a lot of people talking about how schizophrenic thoughts or dreams predict the future, or are …[View]
22904693There is no one in this world who shares the same reality as yours. Not your parents who live close …[View]
22905070I need a teacher, a guide, a guru, etc. I want to learn more, and go deeper, but I'm wary of go…[View]
22903068evidence: I want something palpable 4chan tracking for some years. Not a single tangible evidence in…[View]
22904684What's your take on this: I heard scratches and noises outside my apartment window on the third…[View]
22908011If predicting the future can work, then surely someone here can help me win at btc gambling.[View]
22908171I just had a dream that an old woman and a man in SS uniforms were walking by in a crowd asking for …[View]
22907621Trump's Apocalypse: How much child blood do you think the Republicans need to fuel their demoni…[View]
22907978if life came from an asteroid in form of single cell organisms ( say the scientist ) is it possible …[View]
22905939What do we do about these faggots?: They think being schizo themselves gives them authority to diagn…[View]
22906173Why isn't islam considered sanitism? It's proven it's a fake religion after all.[View]
22904766Witchcraft in Chiloé's History: Hi, I'm searching for this book for college investigation.…[View]
22907519why are owls associated with wisdom? i learned at the owl sanctuary that they are particularly stupi…[View]
22907366Is satanic ritual abuse an actual thing?[View]
22904588i'll be dead from this alcohol soon. the satrnfolk ARE HERE and they WILL make sure you don…[View]
22905567SKINWALKERS PLS HELP: Well guys, I think I officially have a skinwalker infestation on my property. …[View]
22906761The truth behind moon: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/887894/Nibiru-Moon-not-real-cloak-Planet…[View]
22907617What did the Beatles mean by this?[View]
22907648>https://youtu.be/_UHh0HqcXGU Never die, never die, we will not die. Never die, never die, we wil…[View]
22907716What are some worthwhile applications for sex magick?[View]
22902606Schizos cancer of /x/[View]
22906169is this world at the brink of collapse in any way? no schizo shit please, although this is /x/ - sch…[View]
22902235what do you want with psychics. what is the interest?[View]
22902255So is there a reason why Bob Lazar, Stephen King and John Carmack appear to be brothers?[View]
22907442playing star control 2 for the first time and this is possibly the most /x/ game[View]
22905194I would like to contact the goddess Aphrodite[View]
22905227Misplaced in time.: I've been lost in this era of time for a while now I came back as apart of …[View]
22905827Anyone else fuckin terrified of ayys and shit and wants them to leave you alone but secretly deep do…[View]
22906921local wannabe coast to coast on the college radio want shut up about new spider. Says they travel in…[View]
22906263God = Goodness and righteousness. Satan = Evil and deception. Do not believe a word of the satanic j…[View]
22905039Over One year sober person here. Red pill me that AA is a cult and that I can have another drink wit…[View]
22906707Write Roll Thread: Roll, Write, Post.[View]
22896194/omg/ - Occult & Magick General: Welcome to /omg/. For all your esoteric pursuits and questions,…[View]
22902253MK ULTRA: https://youtube.com/watch?v=zB2D38J4pIc[View]
22907011Heil to the Black Sun's warm embrace: How best to channel the eternal primordial essence of the…[View]
22904887History Channel UFO Show: Hey /x/, I don’t post here often but I just wanted to know if anyone here …[View]
22906724The Magic of tithing: I want to make an announcement. I'll drop out of College to become an inv…[View]
22906546What did they mean with 'my brain was replaced by two walnuts and black pudding'?[View]
22904592I need a Tarot lecture with urgence.: I'm desesperate for help. I wake up in the middle of the …[View]
229045245-MeO-DMT: Could it be that the pic refers to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOFSX6nezEY I…[View]
22899251CAUSE AND EFFECT: it generally works that if you do or say a thing, you cause something else. if you…[View]
22899831What do you think about Satanism? Is Satan good and God bad or vice versa?[View]
22903393What's their end game? I cant figure it out.[View]
22904597How do I become smarter? I am quite thick in the head and try as I might I remain stupid. Within the…[View]
22906286I`m not a human being...: I`m not a human being guys It`s hard to explain but, that genius, is not a…[View]
22906379Hands touching me at night.: Since I was a kid I feel hands touching me when I go to sleep. Never ma…[View]
22905580Doesn’t Lucifer and Jesus both being called the “morning star” have to do with a Jew being called “e…[View]
22906365Are their any occult remedies for psychotic depression?[View]
229051584D Parasites or UFOs?: So apparently there have been many videos lately showing these purple glowing…[View]
22889582How do I become un-brainwashed by YHWH? I feel eternally trapped by him. I know that death is no esc…[View]
22906401get your magical minds out of your tiny phone screens. inertial confinement fusion and direct mind c…[View]
22906326Pompeii: What REALLY happened at Pompeii, /x/? Was it an inside job?[View]
22904653I was possessed by LUCIFER, SATAN, and SIN AMA: As the title implies I was possessed by these three …[View]
22905482Psionic Resistance: Psionic Resistance (I'll be calling it PR from this point in the thread on)…[View]
22905811Help me with this zodiac reading PLS: What informations i need to provide for full zodiac reading? W…[View]
22904646There Was a War for Space Travel in the 18th to 20th Centuries: The scientists that flourished durin…[View]
22906014I'm trying to unlock the secrets of consciousness. What are the different aspects of the consci…[View]
22905552Talking with Ziriya - Ask yours!: Ask anything in the world. Try and keep it somewhat decent. Been t…[View]
22905707anyone willing to share stories about the last for levels of these? I'd look them up myself but…[View]
22904826Once judgment day comes, I'm coming for all you oculist and devil worshiper morons, with my swo…[View]
22905142Yo miss leibawits: Sorry if I misspelled your name. What do you think about humanity being a hive mi…[View]
22903661Hey there /x/: Hey /x/ so last night i saw a flash of white light outside my window (pic related) it…[View]
22904722Whats with all the Christ haters on here? do they think they are cool and hip spouting such misinfor…[View]
22904353Hey /x/, anyone has the link with a bunch of Art Bell's Coast to Coast programs? I remember see…[View]
22905585Government Conspiracy: Is Thomas Drake QAnon? I'm just spit balling here, but Drake appears in …[View]
22904647Buddha denied a cosmic self (Brahman) which is identical to the Hindu's self (Atman). If what w…[View]
22905598Music - anything goes: I wonder how many little 'truth drops' you guys can find in this video, shock…[View]
22905656I think I may have suffered some form of ritual abuse but I can't remember it properly. Apparen…[View]
22903021Dead Man Switch - A Final Drop - Corporation Insider Part 5: It's finally time. Pal has been ki…[View]
22902693Hey, I'm nobody special. Do you guys want to see the GCP Dot go blue again today?[View]
22903979What to do to practice black magick efficiently?[View]
22905447How would one go about discreetly 'hacking' their break room's tv to discretely greenpill them?…[View]
22905540What would be enough for God to damn you?: The Bible says those who consult with familiar spirits ar…[View]
22905570What comes after death?[View]
22905404How to detect and remove implants? My wife who knows nothing about gangstalking told me today she fe…[View]
22901183Why is only christianity discussed here? let's hear from other religions guys[View]
22895720Demiurge/Archon working: Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on working with archons, or the de…[View]
22901932Flat Earth: Explain it to me. Where do you start reading about this?[View]
22905359How do people start cults and why do people join them[View]
22905257This image showed up randomly from an unknown number in my messages. I live in nebraska and I don…[View]
22904690ITT: Childhood Spooks: Everyone has one weird event or haunted house when they're young. >Be…[View]
22901776I take a double barrel shotgun, put two buckshot shells in it, aim it at my forehead and pull both t…[View]
22900271>favorite major deity >favorite minor deity >favorite mythologic hero >favorite mytholog…[View]
22901592Benevolent/Good Enitity Disscusion Thread: Lets discuss benevolent/good entities and our experiences…[View]
22903097Is DMT the real red pill?[View]
22904644so it's confirmed he killed someone and made them look exactly like him and dumped them in the …[View]
22904574Someone gave me a book and in the beginning of the book they wrote, 'It's time to exchange ener…[View]
22902285This appeared in my suggested.[View]
22905189Genie problems?: I'm sure most people have been asked or tried to figure out what they would wi…[View]
22900909Anti-Illuminati Extravaganza: Some of you have probably heard about the Illuminati and might be wond…[View]
22904917>motion activated flood lights suddenly flicker on >2nd story window so can't see shit i…[View]
22903050Has anyone else experienced the dream armor phenomenon?: When I die in a dream when I’m not wearing …[View]
22904942Black Hole: Did Albert Einstein just trick every physicist throughout the century to subconsciously …[View]
22902800NXIVM Conspiracy: Is NXIVM the private sector iteration of MKULTRA?[View]
22904457How does everyone have a basic idea of the nobody? Are we creating a mass hive meme, or are we all s…[View]
22902454Controllable (visual) illusions: Hello /x/. /pol/lack here. Some rather esoteric imagedump about Out…[View]
22903312What animal or item symbolizes balance?[View]
22904711Dear /x/-ians, I have to come to full disclosure on this subject, for it has been weighing on my min…[View]
22903015It's so fucking obvious Ayy's are directing humanity into a genderless, raceless society. …[View]
22904222Tell me about kuji kiri.[View]
22904648Can I use magik to give myself confidence?[View]
22895979there is zero proof of life in the universe. deal with it incels[View]
22898419is he a bro?[View]
22904528This has been bothering me for some time now. Figured that what I'm about to say belongs on thi…[View]
22904552are believers in the paranormal actually unbelievers? or just really good/bad at spotting fakes? eve…[View]
22904530Alright, anons. Here's one for you. Look at this, I think it's a TR3B, I'm not entire…[View]
22904505The ocean is the subconcious symbolically It is beautiful but can be frightening the further down yo…[View]
22904147has anyone here ever read or experienced having headaches/sickness from ESP related abilities[View]
22901797Anyone want to go hunt for paranormal criminals?: ..I hear there's a creature near a swamp that…[View]
22904384Made up conspiracies: For the lulz >JFK shaped island >South haven Michigan beach monster >…[View]
22904307What is the paranormal quality of all of the non-paranormal posts being made on /x/?[View]
22904470How can I summon a succubus in my dream?: I heard that you can get a succubus to come to your dreams…[View]
22904180So /x/, do you really believe in all this nonsense or not?[View]
22904055Is anyone on this forum familiar with either Santos Bonacci and/or Lavette (Celestial Voyages)? I wa…[View]
22902602Celtic grave hills: What is /x opinion about them? >Be me >Missed the last bus home >Eary s…[View]
22895468Still finding the unphotoshopped image of 'Jeff the Killer': I explained the origins of the 'Jeff th…[View]
22903663Is there any truth to satanic ritual abuse?[View]
22903598ITT: paranormal or strange events you have witnessed and cannot fully explain. I was 23. Fresh out o…[View]
22894373What would you do if you were stuck a werewolf all the time except for the day of the new moon?[View]
22903952Christians why do you guys believe in god? Because at least to me there seems to be not a lot of evi…[View]
22903615David Pualides is on Coast to CoastvAM tonight if anyone is interested.[View]
22895659YA TULPA MAKIN'[View]
22902504Women are fuckin psychic hello: I swear to you I made eye contact with a woman and she knew exactly …[View]
22903831I want to be able to shapeshift into a dolphin: how do I do this?[View]
22904090How do I use my lucid dreaming ability to gain power and insights into reality and beyond?[View]
22903723/x/ Discord: Join the /x/ Discord server now! we focus on conspiracies but we also talk about anythi…[View]
22894082Is there any spells, mind hacks or psychological tricks i can do to make my girlfriend boobs bigger?…[View]
22904233Is eastern state penitentiary: Is Eastern state touristy, like if I go will there be a lot of other …[View]
22903960This happend last night, it was a dream i hope. I was dreaming i was in a hotel laying in bed trying…[View]
22900479So, any explanation for this flying dude?: Is it Jesus or a Bruja? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i…[View]
22900103Seek forgiveness: Do not push God away from you, do not seek answers in the occult for you will only…[View]
22901587Well /x/? What happened at the Dyatlov Pass Incident?[View]
22904005ah here go: shit we again[View]
22903226Capturing The sensation of fear: Hello /x/ I am (a not particularly successful, amateur) author and …[View]
22903716redpill me on this subject[View]
22893794Would human cloning disprove the existence of the Soul?[View]
22901777instructions on becoming a supreme being: you are using the manual incorrectly. please consult the m…[View]
22902392Hail the Great Lord Satan! /stg/ - Satan General: Hey /x/, it's ya girl. This thread is dedicat…[View]
22903792lonely and looking for someone to talk to...about spirit stuff[View]
22903448So, how fucked is the economy and how much money are they going to pump into crypto?[View]
22903665Places with a high degree of paranormal 'activity' wither that be ufos or haunted places, spiritual …[View]
22902956source of this image please (alleged aliens in a casino)[View]
22901623.>guides your path[View]
22879553post real pic of an alien[View]
22895425LSD distraction: So I've been contemplating a thought as of late. Was LSD really the 'revolutio…[View]
22897765Twinflame Connection: Redpill me on this. Is life more fun as a new age thot? All discussion welcom…[View]
22903575People on this board are too smart, I used to be smart before they damaged me: What is whiteness in …[View]
22900544I will tell you this story of a man named BurntFires22, an Irishman. For a basic history, I was on t…[View]
22903415attention all psychics: meeting tonight: attention all physics we will be astral projecting tonight.…[View]
22900484The interdimensional reptilian shapeshifting mantids are causing AI deepfake false flags by masonic …[View]
22898674Hey /X/ got any local legends? I'll start. I used to live in Northern Ohio and we had this old …[View]
22895712Can't we just all agree that Schizos are NOT the Problem of /x/? Who even cares, it is not like…[View]
22903229Getting over the overjustification effect.: This should be of interest for anyone wanting to escape …[View]
22903114Anybody know what's happening on August 11th? >San Francisco mayor London Breed's 45th …[View]
22902897higherself: the 3 trillion-year-old one . i know your lurking.. tell me about your higherself eithe…[View]
22903327Proof that supposed 'extraterrestrials' are in reality demonic interdimensional/spiritual entities w…[View]
22903299Why did andros not become Zhanes boyfriend Yes it should’ve become sexual[View]
22903205serotoninphobia: check this out; lab.serotoninphobia.info have fun[View]
22900533Guys, what the fuck was that: Did a tare into the other dimension just happen? I had just come home …[View]
22903178Hello, I'd like to know what you /x/ people think regarding this situation: Friend has four yea…[View]
22896433/memedot/ has been very blue for too long: What does it mean? http://global-mind.org/gcpdot/[View]
22902063Often times those who feel the most downtrodden are those with short sight and small views of realit…[View]
22902369There is no higher power, there is no spiritual being in control, nobody or one group controls every…[View]
22892678Daily reminder that YHWH is love, YHWH exists, and YHWH is sovereign. Therefore love is sovereign, a…[View]
22899351Is Christianity a form of spiritual enslavement?[View]
22899102how to leave the backrooms?[View]
22900232photo taken by the Curiosity rover a light of unknown origin can be seen in the distance: Pick relat…[View]
22902268I am your god[View]
22902083hey rex bear leak project here how the heck are ya? today we're talking to some random schizoth…[View]
22902849Greatest Redpill: When did you realize the greatest redpill in the world is that the alleged diagnos…[View]
22898859Green text: >Its 3 am >checks /x/ paranormal >scrolls down hoping for something good other …[View]
22902816how old do angels or aliens or whatever you want to call them live to be? I've heard some claim…[View]
22902809how does one get started on the road to the 42-pill?[View]
22900872What's the deal with Backrooms?: I've been hearing a lot about it lately, what the fuck is…[View]
22902324Scientology: what does /x/ think of scientology? personally I think David Miscavige is a scared manl…[View]
22898584/div/ - Divination General - Thoth Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings an…[View]
22898447Hey /x/ is Christianity the only system where man is Triune? Consisting of a body, soul and spirit a…[View]
22902391As Above so Below, as Within so Without, As the Universe so the Soul. There are many planes of Causa…[View]
22902591Dear friends of /x/, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you hav…[View]
22902264What con-documentaries do you consider essential? If you had the chance to force all school students…[View]
22896094AMA: It's Nobody AMA[View]
22902655America is fucked: Why are americans so paranoid about everything? Specially about their government.…[View]
22901568How do i summon a succubus: Hey, I want to summon a demon that can be my best friend. Female would b…[View]
22896936Scientology: How could anyone be stupid enough to buy into it?[View]
22898857Asking for a friend.: Why is Satan obsessed with earth? If he hates people/matter so much why doesn’…[View]
22899339Life is a proton, and death is a neutron, but what is the electron?[View]
22901198EXTREME GHOST HUNTING: LOOK, REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON FOOTAGE!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUHn…[View]
22898487chakra is bullshit if its too closed you suffer negative effects if its too opened u suffer negative…[View]
22894067A letter to someone i havent talked with in a long time: I hope that when you read this you think lo…[View]
22900266Why do christians lie about creation? Evolution, the age of earth and universe, big bang, the natura…[View]
22901526How do I prove to myself telekinesis is real?: I want to move things with my mind, Anon.[View]
22902355Space Jews: space jews[View]
22901787Okay /x/, I activated the chakras to purge the spacejews from the space elevator. No we have to use …[View]
22902130My girlfriend found an alien in her backyard?: Alright so my girlfriend came up to me and told me sh…[View]
22902248Life Path: I wrote out a long winded melodramatic letter, but it was gay so I’ll just cut the shit. …[View]
22899134Connecting to Past Lives: /x/ I know there are some smart people on this board, so please, will you …[View]
22900796Research flat saturn[View]
22892479How do I become master of the mystic arts?[View]
22896051Third Temple: What does /x/ think about the Temple Institute, modern Sanhedrin, and attempts to buil…[View]
22898017We all meme'd the nobody: This about it. We all see these phrases, which are as powerful as aff…[View]
22901962>The occult world reeling you in harder every time you try to drop or leave it alone…[View]
22901611When did you realize that we're inside a biblical prophecy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiQ…[View]
22901696anorexia and bulimia nervosi: Can I puke bad memories and toxic people?[View]
22901880I hearby curse all rudeposters: In the name of the holy family all rudeposters are cursed.[View]
22902112What are your thoughts on the 'hypercrisis' /co/ believes in /x/?[View]
22897329If you, by some odd way, could write a letter to an entity and could ONLY communicate through this m…[View]
22897505Friendly Reminder to Act out of Love, not Fear. Love you all, have a good week[View]
22901485please tell me about psychic headaches[View]
22901008The Nobody: Who do you think The Nobody is? The ones claiming to be him need to provide evidence for…[View]
22897966how do i summon him?[View]
22899334Wilson memo: What do you guys think? I verified that there’s are real documents on the cia’s FOIA da…[View]
22901826normal human thread: how do you do, fellow humans? in this thread we will discuss possible weak poin…[View]
22901788Let me tell you how I defeated Satan. Red Foo Dragon: There once was this guy that had a mental diso…[View]
22901764I'm something probably but I don't know what: I have a few questions I deeply need answere…[View]
22901794Big archive: Does anyone have the big archive of greentexts If, mind to share[View]
22899472>Those aggressive people filled with hatred on here that abuse everyone they can You cant hurt me…[View]
22899296>>22889995 >get an uncanny feeling out of the blue >post on /x/ about it >other anons…[View]
22900488Is there a way to induce nightmares on yourself?: Are there any good ways you know? I used to have n…[View]
22896407Anyone got rare ayyylmaos?: Anyone got rare pics of legitimate looking 'aliens'? Pic related.[View]
22901478Off into the wilderness I go!: To recap: I made a thread about how I plan to go out into the desert …[View]
22899637What do we know about the hole?: The Church of Scientology says that a human is an immortal, spiritu…[View]
22901468Can you recommend some good ambient spooky music? For exploring an abandoned building, for thinking …[View]
22901496Totem thing found in woods: Hey /x/ I found this totem in the deep woods hanging from a tree, anyone…[View]
22901252Real monsters, vampires and ghosts in movies: Do you think is it possible that some movie directors …[View]
22900296Can anyone prove to me, god did not do this and it's the work of science? >Saint Januarius b…[View]
22896835The whispers: When you guys were young did you guys hear whispering/voices when you were alone? Am i…[View]
22900629Drone Disclosure: long time no /x/ I just saw this from March 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R…[View]
22899336Satan is Dead[View]
22898191Dr. Steven Greer is a fuckwad: I need that picture of Dr. Steven Greer with the money bags and shit.…[View]
22897803hello /x/, i am a guardian angel, my soul was infused to this human when he was born, and because of…[View]
22899915Remember atheists, god still loves you. https://youtu.be/mTIcJNdYlcQ[View]
22901170So what happened to the whole crop circle craze? Obviously fake, made by bored hoaxsters, what'…[View]
22901346I have witnessed the All-seeing eye in all its glory upon the pyramid of Giza.[View]
22900819Why are they hiding the translation?[View]
22900374The idea that Satan is God's counterpart, opposite, equal or anti-pole is false. The Word is th…[View]
22901112What's a good daily prayer for god, and a good prayer before bed?[View]
22901250Learn to transmute truth from lie, life from death, light from dark. Do this, or perish in the abyss…[View]
22900920WHAT THE FUCK?![View]
22898833How do I level up my demonic skills and abilities? How do I eat souls? When do I get to unlock highe…[View]
22897162How can I communicate with the spirits of dead celebrities? I'd love to talk to one of the US p…[View]
22899744The source of schizophrenia: So as someone who has overcome schizophrenia, i am alllowed to tell you…[View]
22900218The shitposts and slide threads are getting completely out of hand these days. Where can I go for ge…[View]
22901064If I were to offer you a soul of power. It would be true freedom, you would own you, but you would n…[View]
22901049Can plants get possessed?: So my roommate has many plants in our house and last night around midnigh…[View]
22900335paranormal: big bungus[View]
22900817strange humanoid encounter: Now what I saw is kind of hard to describe so I will do my best. Okay so…[View]
22900885https://youtu.be/BEWz4SXfyCQ Do you guys believe this Bob Lazar guy?[View]
22900447Has /x/ had an encounter with ball lighting?: Are they out of this world? Are they UFOs? Are they se…[View]
22900318Guys.: I think this bitch wants to kill us all. What is her problem?[View]
22898779Bored man will do some divination: Hi, I will do some divination, feel free to ask about hows and wh…[View]
22899322Wrath against the initial singularity is what created the early physical universe. WRATH AGAINST God…[View]
22895713Twin flame gold cord: My twin flame is annoying me to the point i want to cut the gold cord. Only Go…[View]
22898985Twin flame is a nagging bitch: How can i make my twin flame karmically happy. She doesnt seem to gib…[View]
22893986City of your mind: Anyone else experience this? My earliest memories of my dreams have always taken …[View]
22897854Why aren't people allowed to freely travel to Antarctica? What's going on down there?[View]
22900024Major internet outage happening right now. Someone on pol claimed this would happen today. Anyone ha…[View]
22899387Hollow Moon: Can anyone bring me up to speed with this one? I know people have crunched the numbers …[View]
22892827Spooky florida beach aliens >flashing lights >hundreds of ufos >weird storms https://www.su…[View]
22899841A summary of whats been going down on planet earth[View]
22893293what do you want from 'the nobody'?[View]
22899579Do your goddamn job and protect me you little sluts. Die for your maker. Surrender your possessions …[View]
22897463Is 5G safe or does it cause cancer and brain wave disruptions? Couldnt find a definitive yes or no a…[View]
22900133Remember jason kay from about a week ago? where the fuck did his channel go?[View]
22899368Sun Flickers: Hello everyone. So this is gonna sound stupid, but have you noticed the sun flickering…[View]
22899067Let's Finalise This: It's bizarre they want proof of God to believe in God but require non…[View]
22899784Yesterday i saw an OVNI: > 'San Juan' festivities in Spain > Being on the beach > Prepare t…[View]
22899834>say you overcamr schizo >someone tells you it is all just your imagination, including the not…[View]
22898256>Go out with friends >Visit an old mental hospital >'Anon.. i dare u to go inside by yourse…[View]
22896489you can damage your nervous system with psi energy Just a warning for anyone getting into psionics I…[View]
22896982Party.: I'm having a party. I already cracked some beers and smoked some weed.. So now I'm…[View]
22899405>Guy who cant read uses a bowling hat to read golden tablets noone has seen >dictates the word…[View]
228996349th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation: With every prophecy, my body was heated by the Holy Spirit …[View]
22899344save this[View]
22899128does anyone know how to summon the hounds of the barrier written about in the emerald tablets of tho…[View]
22893617Memphis Rap sigils: I've been listening to a lot of Memphis Rap lately and I'm wondering i…[View]
22894449A cloned human is still a human but it lacks the soul. For a body to have a soul a human has to be n…[View]
22899451Story Time: ITT: paranormal or strange events you have witnessed and cannot fully explain. I was 23.…[View]
22899356Possible Spanish sequel to 'kepther e'. New psychopath creating video art about a crime?: https://ww…[View]
22898648so why exactly am i not supposed to sleep tonight?[View]
22898793Weird neocities pages: Gone through a kick of looking at random neocities pages. Any other anons do …[View]
22898959LARP Benefits: What are the benefits of LARPing[View]
22881970Bob Lazzar on Rogan Breakdown: How much is full of sheit n how much is scarily real?[View]
22899328Kanye 666 edition: Ok guys this is the scariest thing I ever saw ok guys here we go I’m about to tel…[View]
22898459Jesus is the way Jesus is the truth Jesus is the life Have a wonderful day. I love you.[View]
22899273Androids in vidya games/conspiracy: fallout 4 and detroit: become human both have plot lines centere…[View]
22895716What is the Most /X/ Region in America?: >New England has witchcraft, lovecraft and Poe >The s…[View]
22898057New House, New Problem: /x/, I need your help. I've just moved into a new house yesterday. When…[View]
22898743What kind of cretaure is this??[View]
22880486You don't know me yet...: ... and you probably won't believe me yet. Basically, a couple o…[View]
22898476Meaning: Where can I find a group that truly acknowledges and laments the horror of this reality, ye…[View]
22897788What did /x/ think of Ed and Lauren Warren?[View]
22899143Captcha photos be looking recognizable saw the liquor store down the block in this bitch[View]
22899147https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRp_IZcTE24 relaxing breath exercise[View]
22899029I've come in contact with 'something'. I don't know if it's a ghost or what. Lived in…[View]
22898580Can anyone tell me why an ego is desireable to have?: Societal ego.[View]
22898603Sometimes...............: I see things.....terrible things[View]
22896945Passive Income: /x/ I am thinking of buying some rental properties on the astral plane. Curious if a…[View]
22898934Do you think time is altered by something? For instance, when you go through something absolutely de…[View]
22897993237: A couple days ago, somebody completely removed a thread about occult symbolism in film. We got …[View]
22898979I hear voices in my head. They talk to me, they understand.[View]
22898427Am I possessed?: I’ve always had imaginary friends from childhood to adulthood. Am I actually posses…[View]
22893760Creepy Town Thread: Post creepy facts/history/legends about your town or towns near you[View]
22894152Where the Egyptians onto anything?[View]
22898389I didn't know who to talk to about this. I don't want the few friends I got left to think …[View]
22898918DMT Shamans: Are they in the US? How the hell do people find them? Is it worth it to confront these …[View]
22898910Have you dreamt this man /X/?: I have and he ate my ass. (No Homo)[View]
22898454>be me >be on /div/ >ask readers the same question 15 times over many months >get 15 dif…[View]
22898735What are the 'ghosts' people see and hear?: and if you have proof of one, please post it[View]
22898538Why is it that places like mexico or places in the USA that have a strong mexican/latino influence s…[View]
22895738Alright who shifted the fucking timelines this time[View]
22898351Is Wicca legitimate? I was a Wiccan once and basically I just got tricked into going outside[View]
22881630Unnerving images thread: Post your best! Not looking for cursed memes, just paranormal or demonic im…[View]
22897973Can we get a cursed YouTube thread going?: Actually cursed/unnerving you've stumbled upon, no A…[View]
22898783Chaos Magick, summoning virus 23: in this thread we will talk about the mystery of the virus 23…[View]
22898574How do i become an angel? I want to be just like St, Michael, i want to protect fellow believes of t…[View]
22895402Faerie, faery, or fairy? What's the difference?[View]
22898503So what happened to those comrades in the Dyatlov Pass incident?[View]
22891400Your Spirit Animal.: Tonight is a special night. The Summer Solstice casts providence on this hyperl…[View]
22895431Dream: Alien/A.I Guided Me Through Multiple Dimensions: Between the time of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM I ha…[View]
22898546America is not ours.: How do you feel about the fact that you are living on tainted ground? That you…[View]
22894958Why do I feel like I want to be eaten or eat someone else? Like, for me it feels natural and divine …[View]
22896729dark and ignorant figures have no place influencing children, not even their sons. when a life refle…[View]
22898536Drones: The government uses their 'birds' to spread radiation waves in the air to make us depressed …[View]
22886578Thoughts on Schizophrenia?[View]
22898550Are these foos really selling potions on the down low?[View]
22884454Why aren't any of you interested in easy money?[View]
22898438/x/ I don't want to know about some role playing bullshit, I have some reasons you don't n…[View]
22896003I was speaking to the being(s) that are watching, studying and testing me. I asked them to create a …[View]
22891616If you are a moral man, you will be hated and destroyed by women and they will disgust you. Only an…[View]
22898388Have you seen The OA? Thoughts?[View]
22898139Satan. Your time is up. I hope we are clear.[View]
22894826Alright. Many in my family have told me they've been seeing some sort of entity in my bedroom, …[View]
22896136Where can I find information on trying out cults? There’s plenty of information on why cults are bad…[View]
22896259how can i find out who i was in a past life and receive guidance from their spirit?[View]
22895117Frabato The Magician: Read this yesterday, found it entertaining, where do I go from here?[View]
22897254Is he /x/ or /pol/?[View]
22896822>Bob Lazar gets on joe Rogan >CNN now talking about UFO’s What the fuck is happening?…[View]
22896134Are there any rituals summon demons?: Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons regularly participated in ri…[View]
22897270So /x/ i want some help. I got a book that seems in Latin, but some variation of latin (i can read t…[View]
22892592Wicca that's serious and apolitical: Are there any groups of Wicca that are serious when it com…[View]
22893883Your evidence against materialism?: I am becoming totally materialistic. I have always been sceptica…[View]
22898028Im trying to break free from whatever this place is supposed to be And here is my answer[View]
22890590Are dogs angels?[View]
22897903Apologia: Among the calamities of a rapidly declining age, Of which – O grieving heart! – our achin…[View]
22893530ayy lmao[View]
22893593I defeated Satan... AMA: I was suppose to let Jesus defeat Satan but oops, I did it anyway.[View]
22897850Jersey 'Devil': 13th of mama Leeds' brood here, AMA[View]
22892742Palmistry: Is anyone here on /x/ adept with palm reading and such? I've been curious as to what…[View]
22895565Why don't I ever see ghosts, spirits or other entities? Is there something about me that's…[View]
22892580Guardian Angels: How can I know if I have a guardian angel? It can't just be luck, what are the…[View]
22895017Dear illuminati I am giving you an ultimatum. I want all answers to all questions i have right now o…[View]
22894648I'll respond sooner this time. Post natal charts, ask the questions on which you need specific…[View]
22897099Google doing predictive programming on upcoming Pole Shift? >tropical trees in the north pole…[View]
22891864WHAT THE FUCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imUcc7207MQ[View]
22897131>get contacted by aliens >they say we are not allowed to explore space because we are not read…[View]
22896222The hunt 'begins': Hello friends, if you remember my thread about buying gear to hunt down paranorma…[View]
22897296Bible Prophecy Update - June 23rd, 2019: Keep your eyes on heaven because the Lord is coming back so…[View]
22895957>Be traveler, just a traveler >Other travelers are showing up at my office at inconvenient tim…[View]
22897502Daemons: a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans. >But why are they …[View]
22897516The path of Jonah: I practice the Christian Jonah's path. > Atheists / fagan shill online …[View]
22896905dorothy izatt: what is to be made of her footage? has she ever been debunked/discredited?[View]
22897421Where can I find the UFO full records from the US navy/air force/etc?: I mean, without cuts from the…[View]
22895062It's always the same formula: >Decide what I want >Obsess over what I want >Learn an i…[View]
22892874They want the Choice set, they are after me, please help: I cracked the code. I cracked the code of …[View]
22893554People are getting baptized today.: How does that make you feel? Even through your attacks, people …[View]
22895033Does the ego come from the soul or from the body?: I need to know as this will have an important eff…[View]
22896595When does that moment come when you just realize everything and at this point, you just stop wanting…[View]
22895610Is there a way to actually physically fight satan/evil? I am a Christian considering suicide to keep…[View]
22897153How to make someone fall in love with me? Can demons grant me such a gift? Are there any charms?[View]
22897062Podt your favorite /x/ paintings[View]
22895055Bob Lazar: Now that years have passed, more of evidence has been apparent, do you believe him? https…[View]
22895683shadow realms aren't real. they are projections of manipulated minds. I am happy to discuss thi…[View]
22894685Wait a fucking moment. The stamp means the mark of the beast? So it's actually already too late…[View]
22896800what do you want from “astral talon”?[View]
22896748Conspiracy against T.I's: First, let my tell you about myself. I have a clean record. Never be…[View]
22895277It reddit done raiding us?: And can we have a thread about elves?[View]
22895476What if there is something which is impossible for humans to understand?[View]
22893603/x/ is it possible to have memories that don't belong to me? I'm starting to have memories…[View]
22896576weird weather, what do you think? fox8.com/2019/06/23/colorado-got-almost-2-feet-of-snow-on-the-firs…[View]
22891875/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
22893095Why does weed boost my telepathy?[View]
22880352/omg/ - Occult & Magick General: Welcome to /omg/. For all your esoteric pursuits and questions,…[View]
22890003ITT We tell each other secrets.: Write something most people don't know but you know. 2nd editi…[View]
22896475magic, obe, esp, and so on... arent real but psychological.: prove me wrong[View]
22893552I am John Titor ...AMA[View]
22895909Has anyone decided to listen to their daemon and act accordingly? How did it turn out?[View]
22894928Should i leave germany?[View]

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