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/x/ - Paranormal

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27442833Videogames teach hatred for God: Seriously, Why do so many videogames end with the player KILLING go…[View]
27440230What if Bitcoiners are inadvertently creating a new Rothschilds aka Satoshi Nakamoto Group?: If Sato…[View]
27439651What if all the demons and ayyliens and ghosts and skinwalkers and all that bullshit we talk about a…[View]
27444749Down the PATH is the way, but is this the path. You will feel the 2016 sun...[View]
27442136whats so bad about the Demiurge? is she retarded or something?[View]
27439908X-Files Thread: Besides gawking at Gillian Anderson's pale, sexy body, what's your favorit…[View]
27444528Rigel: Rigel[View]
27443406Calling all astrology-fags: If I'm a taurus rising and I turn 24 this year. Does that mean I…[View]
27442655>want to meet garfield >go to garfield park >strange looking dark skinned men approach me…[View]
27443104The West Memphis 3: Who really killed those three boys in 1993?[View]
27444112I was meditating and for some reason this symbol came to me clear as day out of nowhere. I could see…[View]
27443223Have you ever built a physical tulpa? Can you hallucinate your tulpa and 'project' it onto your visu…[View]
27429237I've been blooming as a psychic recently and I've been able to see, feel and talk to entit…[View]
27441536ufologists community is so gullible you guys deserve to get scammed by scam artists like 'goode'[View]
27441835Sami Shamans: Did they have some secret powers or hidden messages? I’ve heard of Sami’s casting spel…[View]
27443219Hey /x/, I figured if anyone would be able to find an answer in this stuff, it'd probably be ya…[View]
27443386Mesoamerican thread: Topics of interest: Yaqui stewardism, possible Coastal Veracruzian/Zapotec Dago…[View]
27439102Discord servers for /x/ stuff?: I'm interested in /pg/ , /summoning/ & /succgen/ topics mai…[View]
27440939Who the fuck is this guy /x/?: This dude has been messaging me shit like this for the past three day…[View]
27427477So you are telling me there are 35k people trying to self-induce a mental illness?[View]
27443866Christian mysticism: the final pill, the method by which we get to experience company with the uncre…[View]
27438030So I'm from your future.: So I'm from your future. I guess you won't believe me, and…[View]
27439576Demons thread: Give us more info on Demons. e.g. the creatures from the Bible.[View]
27441425Message to the Fae: You're showing yourselves. And when humans see you, they react with tears o…[View]
27441666ACCELERATIONISM IN THE BIBLE: > “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but …[View]
27436337Songs With /x/ Vibes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=kbcGlBN8oIc&feature=share[View]
27443333X-pill me on synchronisity. Pic unrelated[View]
27439143Surviving dinos thread: Gimmie your best evidence that there are still big fuckin' lizards aliv…[View]
27437326What would you do if you hypothetically had access to a working UFO and could operate it[View]
27441693Any advice for acid trips? I’m planning on tripping 300ugs this week and I truly want to make this t…[View]
27441543The Catharism Rabbit Hole: So today due to life reasons I realized that life itself is fucked beyond…[View]
27443303what do you know about low vibrational demons?[View]
27440772Coronavirus and many other events like 9/11 were simply willed into existence. There is a group of p…[View]
27442595Hypnosis: Anyone here listen to Nimja? What are your thoughts about him and his work? I get stoned a…[View]
27437345How does something become conscious? There is no sign of matter being conscious, while a human being…[View]
27439168Neon Genesis Evangelion?: Was it all some sort of prophecy?[View]
27439276Pick one cryptid you believe actually exists: Everybody I've ever met has at least one monster …[View]
27440365The summer of 2016 _-_-_ What happened, do we know, or is it too much for us and humanity or are we …[View]
27442207I'm going in the woods soon: Sup /x/ fags. I'm going in the woods of north Carolina soon. …[View]
27441146Do yourself a favor and torrent Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock and Corey Goode- All you need t…[View]
27441441Conspiracy Theories: I have a conspiracy theory. I bet someone has thought of this before. In fact I…[View]
27441017Irish Cryptids: Redpill me on irish cryptids and mythology bros[View]
27432458Enlightened Being AMA # 2: Continuation of previous thread: >>27422416 Archive: # 1 https://ar…[View]
27442473Tulpa horror stories: Anyone know any real tulpa horror stories? No schizo/LARP, please, plenty of o…[View]
27442905Ok so last night I got a very unusual dream. From what I still can remember, I was casually in my li…[View]
27442129I hate jesus[View]
27442609Hello /x/ I think I might be losing my mind or something lol. About 2 days ago I experienced sleep …[View]
27442559Am I really pposed to believe this shit x?: Don't get me wrong, there's interesting shit t…[View]
27440632Show me your strangest Street View finds.[View]
27441883Let's Make fun of YHWH: Yo you guys know that little snake cunt? The useless archon of ignoranc…[View]
27438274Catholic prophecy holds Ireland will be under water 7 years before the end of the Antichrist's …[View]
27437924Spiritual Advice: How do you get your soul back?[View]
27442098Was Chris Watts possessed? >Everybody in his life says he was a completely normal child, no histo…[View]
27439807Weird Voodoo Shit: Hey /x/, today we were trailing around a mountain, and we found this. > Be me …[View]
27442414Who can tell me more about this?[View]
27441089Dear /x/, First time poster, long time reader. I’m here with my grandma who is on hospice for metas…[View]
27442621losing time?: lately ive been noticing a sense of 'missing time'. ive multi-tasked my entire adult l…[View]
27441989Hyperborean theory: I'm new to /x/ and I know this isn't really paranormal related, but wh…[View]
27442487Does Christianity go into detail about what happens when you die? Also many Christmassy don't s…[View]
27440595Leprechauns?: Anyone else had experiences with the little bastards? I'm fairly confident that o…[View]
27440691/ng/ Nobody General - のんびり edition: Welcome to /ng/ The Nobody General - のんびり edition . >What is …[View]
27434319The snowman knows what you're thinking. The snowman knows you're afraid. The snowman will…[View]
27436802Was there a paranormal aspect to WW2?[View]
27436487Can I get some podcast recommendations?[View]
27436417I wanna create some horror and or paranormal art but i can't find any good apps[View]
27441324prepare to overdose on redpills jack >All women are Jewish, all men are autistic >The earth is…[View]
27440209What do you guys think of the Kybalion?: What are your thoughts on it? How do you put into practice …[View]
27440848I'm looking for books on the topic of angels. I have Gustav Davidson's The Dictionary of A…[View]
27440591what New Testament: the authors are anonymous men, and those books developed over centuries. they a…[View]
27421868Alright schizos tell me what's the truth about covid, I'm listening.[View]
27420753OK, so what's your expert opinion on this?[View]
27438151If the elite want to 'restart' society and keep humanity at 500 million worldwide, why then do they …[View]
27434514prophecy of the popes: What does /x/ think of the prophecy of the popes?[View]
27441814Paranormal in Canada: Got any paranormal stories about Canada /x/?[View]
27438884Do you ever just contemplate the flesh? Are you not disgusted by how fragile and pathetic it is? Do …[View]
27440641>Decide to meditate after waking up >lying on bed >Focus my attention on 3rd eye, refuse to…[View]
27434478good secret societies?: all the current secret societies like the freemasons seem to be nothing but …[View]
27437847The fact that all of nature is based upon mathematics may suggest that mathematics is the code of th…[View]
27437885Is there any spooky or spiritual significance to the golden ratio?[View]
27437272>use to listen to Coast to Coast AM frequently 10 years ago >tune in last night >some woma…[View]
27437536Is it actually possible to contact the dead?: If so, is it recommended? I have a specific person in …[View]
27421762redpill me on irl aliens not the edgy stuff Hollywood likes to poop out, or the weird grey bug-eyed …[View]
27441585Lost UFO Documentary: Apperantly, there was a film called 'phenominon seven point seven'. Ready to d…[View]
27422196How did we wind up in this timeline?: did they fuck something up when they turned on CERN?[View]
27441542Dna sequencing and haplomemes: Ex Lab worker here. Thread will get nuked shilled and cucked Consider…[View]
27440737Images like this. Also cursed image thread[View]
27440188Spacex Ayys: So Im watching this looped youtube video of a Spacex space walk and can see a metallic …[View]
27439097Do i have a curse >Born in 1994, year that Kurt Cobain offed himself >In 2007 my dad bought me…[View]
27441223help me: i forget weeks days at a time I forget so much just randomly i blackout at times. I have wo…[View]
27439667Would you like to to Mars and start a colony, knowing you would never return the Earth?[View]
27439550Hey guys, have been doing nofap and semen retention since the breakup in December, i really feel sup…[View]
27438210i've asked about this before and i have to ask about it again, im looking for an old thread tha…[View]
27434889why does god hate witchcraft and sorcery?: what is his problem with it?[View]
27438291>Physical Plane >Airplane >Astral Plane >Mental Plane >Buddhic Plane >Spiritual Pl…[View]
27441102What if there are beings such as: ghost, poltergeist, ayy lmao that shitpost here but have no other …[View]
27439237Do eggs think the universe is self consciouness? (I have proof it does)[View]
27439170I saw this symbol in my dream while inside a tunnel. The tunnel was luminous with all the colors ima…[View]
27440901TIL > Your body and brain are also sentient entities: I was admiring how my legs looked in my mit…[View]
27439441Rama: Probably also a /lit/ thingie. Have X read Rama, could it work out?[View]
27440075What happened to them?[View]
27440645Is it true that mermaids don't have souls or an afterlife? According to the old texts they don…[View]
27438126Tolkien's Works Are Real Thread: ITT we discuss how Tolkien's Middle-Earth is an accurate …[View]
27437247When did you realize the following about life? God and Satan are dead, were all fucked.[View]
27438780What the fuck is his problem?[View]
27440246How do you manifest stuff?: I’m a normie when it comes this stuff with, and heard from people that y…[View]
27433824Doing dream interpretation Part 281 on /x/: >Age (round it to 5 steps) 20,25,30, etc. >Gender …[View]
27439035So i have heard about energy magick and would like to learn more about it any helpful advice /x/ ?[View]
27434650Did Christ curse me ?: I make this thread in good faith and not to try influencing nobodies journey.…[View]
27439997CIA Declassified Documents: Are they worth reading or are they all disinfo, distraction or obsolete?…[View]
27440499franconicolaslopez33: cuarto oso de we bare bears[View]
27436180what is this?[View]
27423930Magic Schools - 2: Are they exist? Like brakebills, hogwarts? How to attend? One more thing: is ther…[View]
27437051interdimensional travel.: if cern is just one giant particle accelerator then couldn't we open …[View]
27438724Write Your Own Shit: You know how this goes, keep writing shit and adding to the story: It was time,…[View]
27439987What do you think the apocalypse will be like?[View]
27439683Rope: My grandmother recently passed away, and some family members of mine found strings with knots …[View]
27439572alchemy: Not putting lesser metals into gold, but a way to reach higher levels[View]
27434455Are cults inevitable?: My question is simple. If we define 'cult' as 'a state of subjective belief w…[View]
27439249Can anyone link the original video of the man speaking in the backround please https://www.youtube.c…[View]
27439522Why is the end of the world always happening?[View]
27439078>thispersondoesnotexist.com What is this? Who are those people? Why make and host that page?…[View]
27439879So I grew up in a tiny town that was almost a village and moved to the US when I was a kid along wit…[View]
27435115UFO during SpaceX Transporter-1 Mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScHI1cbkUv4 Anyone know wha…[View]
27439167Have you guys also noticed how our life is just tremendously ironic? For me it feels like somebody u…[View]
27439570hi what is this? besides a picture, whats the thing in the hand?[View]
27439308what are /x/'s thoughts on reality shifting? zoomers are pretty obsessed with it (pic unrelated…[View]
27439363The 2016 thing: It's not time yet. /x/ might be ready, but the others are not. It's not he…[View]
27439506Red pill me on Arius They say the Catholics killed him at Constantinople for being a heretic? Is tha…[View]
27438488This is the only frame I was able to recover from this hard drive. I have to move now. They're …[View]
27437408Can someone explain to me why people seek guidance from their angels, ancestors or Gods from tarot c…[View]
27423929Can someone refute this video?: I can't, I've always believed in ghosts, but I want to kno…[View]
27438899It was back then when they still were there, when he remembered, 2016[View]
27435647/fit/ here: Have done wim hof, mindfulness meditation, and some light Golden Dawn and Chaos Magick. …[View]
27434623humans going their own way: why doesn't mankind go it's own way and make it's own rea…[View]
27438671Please it’s the only way[View]
27429135Just got a text from an unknown number, on a deactivated phone.: It was two pictures sent today, no …[View]
274391452016 403/402: The 2018 summer references the 2016 summer it’s the answer or vibe but what leads to a…[View]
27436973How do we cleanse our cities from the dark energies of the Ghetto? There's latin witchcraft and…[View]
27436369Project Blue Beam: When will the fake alien invasion begin? The technology is there. How will the el…[View]
27433481Is God schizophrenic?[View]
274387922016: It was back in 2016... now it’s now, remember the old days, well now it’s open, it opened in 2…[View]
27434547I certainly don't feel it's right going into the extraordinary details of his death right …[View]
27435138has anyone done any reproducible experiments to prove the astral is real and not just in your head?[View]
27438840Ghetto cities are pockets of Hell. Look at it this way. Your friendship circles are the circles of H…[View]
27435552itt: we discuss the benefits of lithium, antipsychotics, and other ways to help the deranged. Should…[View]
27437481Reverse Speech - Tim Remington edition: lads, i've been falling down the rabbit hole of reverse…[View]
27437483/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure ali…[View]
27436745Tarot Deck Recs: Looking for a tarot deck. Preferrably smaller (normal card sized) and at least kind…[View]
27438019Sleep on the floor No drugs or Alchohol stay sober Eat vegetarian for a few days Drink clean water a…[View]
27430261paleolilithic deep state: The theory is at the bottom of the picture. Can somebody explain the theor…[View]
27436661Life Path is 11: What does that mean for me? Am I destined to change the World?[View]
27438602Ganzfeld procedure: Have you ever tried this? >The Ganzfeld Effect was discovered in the 1930’s a…[View]
27438201Hair and beards: Orthodox priests, Imams, Jews, Odin, Zeus, Wizards and Sorcerers in literature or g…[View]
27431574>failed at manifesting through sigils >failed at astral projection >failed at energy work …[View]
27438572Aside from overall being a general occult ritual, the COVID hoax propaganda has in part been preppin…[View]
27430227Do you think that soulmates or twinflames exist?[View]
27438209>hey dude I want to fuck yo- *cough* uh the angels said we have to share our wives I know it suck…[View]
27433899/div/ general: NO LOVE QUERIES EDITION: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and di…[View]
27435553How would an enlightened person cope with being buried alive? What would make him not think this wor…[View]
27438040The fae: How do I interact with the fae and is it possible to cross over to their world? Is it even …[View]
27435984Does everyone turn into a ghost after death or just those that can't let go?[View]
27426050Reincarnation: Is it real? Also, is there an afterlife? Pls show proof.[View]
27429884Are you ready for the ultimate red pill /x?: https://youtu.be/cNVXRexW-p8[View]
27434044He doesn't 'forgive' He doesn't show 'mercy' He has no 'compassion' He is not 'good' becau…[View]
27431189/x/ humor thread[View]
27432987What are the darkest and most scariest places in your region?[View]
27437453Are we just gonna forget how Esoteric Bionicle truly was? I mean it was technically freemasonry for …[View]
27438081Natal Chart Reading Thread: Make some predictions about my future, s’il te plaît[View]
27435639time travel: is it possible to go back in time to a previous point in the timeline and change things…[View]
27437986Trying to learn to astral project but can’t seem to get it. Any tips from those who can?[View]
27435038Tulpa Horror Stories: >read about Tulpas >think it’s bullshit >create one half jokingly …[View]
27437974How do you know if you’re in the presence of the devil?[View]
27437478Art Debt: Redpill me on the concept of Art Debt. I onced crashed a party that pissed a bunch of the …[View]
27437896There will be romantic love and sexaul relations in heaven. >In heaven we get new bodys Our form …[View]
27437878>open google maps satellite view >the place where i live is flagged as 'want to visit' even th…[View]
27434519always remember this[View]
27425644How will you ever recover, /x/? Souls aren't real, the science is solid.[View]
27436615Ganymede artifact: Anyone got a link to that archived thread where an anon talks about a strange str…[View]
27437017Hey /x/: Do you know about ' the static man '[View]
27424195Armchair Theory on Schizophrenia: What if schizophrenia really isn't caused by the brain going …[View]
27436747What are some magical means to lose my virginity? It's not happening without it.[View]
27434297Reverse Nightmares: Is this phenomenon documented? It's a feeling and having dreams so ideal a…[View]
27437079How To Spot Shills And Fake Threads: Lately, many anons are asking why all the weird threads. Examin…[View]
27437454Redpill me in this flag: Pic related[View]
27435444Long time /x/ user here. Used to spend almost every day here. Very sad to see it's still pretty…[View]
27437425Insects, cefalopods and all plantlife exept trees, common shrubs and grass are extraterrestrial[View]
27424355Your cat is spying on you[View]
27436258God is just the voice of reason in your head that you ignore when making bad choices. God is guilt.[View]
27427140What is /x thoughts on Elisa Lam?Speculations, theories? The elevator clip really gives me chills[View]
27434472Literature of numerology I seek: Let it be told be I search for workings of the word on digits of th…[View]
27437224>be me >born on a planetary alignment involving 7 celestial bodies >5 of those bodies are i…[View]
27432565Why am I euphoric right now? I took 20x300mg gabapentin pills. Not quite sure but I hear footsteps u…[View]
27433738I like Abraham Hicks: Just do.[View]
27437128You know, I'm really glad you're here with me. :)[View]
27436229franconicolaslopez33: cuarto oso de we bare bears[View]
27436270Can The Demiurge/God destroy itself?[View]
27429212Do Christians believe that aliens, dinosaurs, and intergalactic civilisations exist?[View]
27436673How do we activate our DNA? How many levels are there to spiritual awakening. I think I've alre…[View]
27434091Photos arent real representation of reallity. You are brainwashed to think that. Childrens drawings …[View]
27434952Does anyone watch their videos? Theres tons of videos of ghosts. And it's mostly highly convinc…[View]
27434241Is group storytelling magical or spiritual in any way? I've heard old /x/ did some shit with ma…[View]
27435824The Mormon world domination conspiracy is real: Seriously, has anyone ever thought about this? Mormo…[View]
27431947Camping upstate: Alright I’ve got a story involving the upper region of the appalachians that I figu…[View]
27423570what if GOD IS THE ENEMY: do you ever think why the freemasons, occult, and billionaire elite are wa…[View]
27436385How do i achieve chim and ascend to godhood?[View]
27435782What does this eye mean?: Why choose an eye and not a hand lets say[View]
27436508Shiva: Lit isn't giving me any responses Are there original texts on Shiva? The mythology arou…[View]
27434105Is any of you a professional occultist? I always wanted to be a corporate witch, putting hexes and c…[View]
27432405ITT we describe times we interacted with...: other worldly beings. This happened to me in a dream. …[View]
27427394Aliens are coming down to us this year: How can anyone read this Reddit post and not believe him? He…[View]
2743506511, 111, 1111 - the first number you will see on your journey, follow it, also an opportunity to man…[View]
27431228who made these cursed troll face edits?? anyone have more?[View]
27435555Any Spiritual Help?: A few years ago, I made a thread asking if curses are real. My wife and I had b…[View]
27436445Can a magus become like metatron and ascend to angelhood?[View]
27436480How do we know that Kyle Odom didn't deserve it or have it coming one way or another due to sel…[View]
27435716What can be done with the life force if you were able to draw it out?[View]
27436431Hello. Who is the wisest, holiest, most 'awoken' person you have met in real life. And who…[View]
27435402Where does the potential for magick lie? Genetics, meditation, crystals?[View]
27435205>wake up in middle of night >door is ajar >see something move in the crack of the door >…[View]
27430915So their ships look like this, right? How do they fly? How are they able to accelerate so rapidly wi…[View]
27436327How do you turn into a ghost. Can you turn into anything else once you die?: I was reading that stor…[View]
27432470>gives himself a nickname[View]
27432207Can you guys help me?: I know this isn't necessarily a paranormal post but this is the best pla…[View]
27436296The worst part about being me is that I can't even tell you about my most compelling adventures…[View]
27430644what do syncronicities mean? It's the third time today that i come across completely accidental…[View]
27434736Fall/Halloween Aesthetics: It's never too late or too early to celebrate Autumn![View]
27426645My life has been controlled by 4chan: Realizing that herobrine came from 4chan has creeped me out be…[View]
27434815Can trees and plants leave ghost behind?[View]
27434630LUCK DAY!: Is luck real? how can I know if I am luck or not? how do I determine my luck?[View]
27432476Who is in the ILLUMINATI? What is their motive? Where do they stand on the chessboard? What's w…[View]
27434087Meditating/visions: Any of you ever meditate and start.. seeing things? I meditate every night befor…[View]
27435432Why would I take my pills? Convince me.[View]
27435895Remote Viewing: Looking for the old thread about an individual talking about how the Government uses…[View]
27435788YO, YO, YO, 1, 4, 8, 3 TO THE 3 TO THE 6 TO THE 9 REPRESENTING THE ABQ. WHAT UP BIATCH? Leaveth tone…[View]
27431475Mickey Mouse (Disney): This fucker is creepy as hell. Tell me more about it and it's creator. I…[View]
27434276Does /x/ believe in San Andreas myths? https://gta-myths.fandom.com/wiki/Myths_and_Legends_in_GTA_Sa…[View]
27430945Nature/Camping/Hiking: Hey /x/ what's the scariest thing that has happened to you while camping…[View]
27432321Thoughts on the Black Tapes or some other spoopy podcasts?[View]
27435059How to be enlightened: Increasing blood flow to the prefrontal cortex is the key for genius and enli…[View]
27434288Magick group: I am a magician of 6 years. I have posted many threads on this forum especially on div…[View]
27353401/pg/ Powers General: #17, Endless Nine Edition. This is /x/'s express lane for general learning…[View]
27434398Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extr…[View]
27435537Has anyone vetted 'ghost in my child' show: I've seen the show at seems interesting, …[View]
27420182ORDER OF THE BLACK SUN: Let's talk about it. It's: >an occult >a national socialist …[View]
27435250Know Your Enemy by TheFuelProject: I think you guys might find this interesting. https://www.youtube…[View]
27430863Aus paranornal: Unusual places in Australia, any strange experiences you've had.[View]
27435067This is actually scary as hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGfIIjN-P7o[View]
27433535Smallville: Somebody Save Me From Jewitch Allison Mack And Her Kooky 'Vanguard' Pimp…[View]
27434464. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . > RIPPEN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[View]
27434980Alright /x/, long time lurkerfag here and I think it's time for a spooky greentext thread becau…[View]
27434481>ummm… ackshually there are no monsters under your bed, the science says it's all your imagi…[View]
27434002Can animals become Enlightened (by the Buddhist definition of Enlightenment) ?[View]
27434521Will they be forgiven?: Soon most now living on the earth will be dead. As the cataclysm approaches,…[View]
27433612Aliens are experimenting on me every time I sleep: Injections under the fingernails and toenails Why…[View]
27434765weird happenings or spooky stories go >walking to get coffee a few minutes ago >it snowed last…[View]
27434697.: this is the latter[View]
27431969cryptid thread, post em: post cryptids, real, fake and concept drawings also okay. nothing too spook…[View]
27433996How to purify ones soul?: Not really sure where this goes. Were ruled by cultists, satanic ones. The…[View]
27434571i hate you all[View]
27434231Penny for your thoughts. and ty.: sup /x/, Yea, so I've been fucking preyed upon for a year now…[View]
27434143Where can I get the Ethiopian Orthodox Biblical Cannon in English?: I find it extremely interesting …[View]
27433287Message to all DC anons: The old finders cult compound warehouse located at 1307 Fourth St. NE seems…[View]
27433786What part of life isn't about finding an echo chamber and inviting people in that find that ech…[View]
27424834Can God go through walls? For example if God was inside the strongest, most escape-proof bunker, cou…[View]
27433215Killing Demons: Is it possible for a normal person to slay / banish a demon? What should I do if one…[View]
27431609OK major Mandela Effect moment with me. Does anyone remember the Joe Rogan podcast with George Knapp…[View]
27434424In front of you is a single frame. It is imagined, drawn and assembled, then colorized. Blink In fro…[View]
27429734Demons: I believe Demons have single me out for harassment. From what I know they can influence and…[View]
27433521Is butterflies' beauty paranormal?[View]
27433297What if Aliens use Crop Circles to alter human genetics when we eat them?[View]
27434066Golden Yod (Western Astrology): This chart shows a golden yod with MC at the apex, Pluto and Uranus.…[View]
27429439I have heard that if a hunter shoots an white deer or elk he will either die on the spot or shortly …[View]
27433932Let's discuss a practical approach to out of body projection. We utilize a few assumptions: 1.…[View]
27431258How did he do it?[View]
27433046Where can I get a pair of reasonably reliable Kilner goggles?[View]
27434159show me proof of alien existence you schizos[View]
27430004Are spices paranormal?: No shitposting, /x/. I love cooking and cook almost evert single day for my …[View]
27408682Do ayys really look like this?[View]
27431716ACTUAL ALIEN: Save this before mods take it down[View]
27431937Cursed myself?: About a month ago i started practicing the lbrp, i fucked it up a couple of times, b…[View]
27433961Manifesting: Could i manifest a cute guy/girl to beat me up daily?[View]
27433202The Tetragrammaton is the most powerful god: What do you know of the Tetragrammaton and its secrets …[View]
27432492Gangstalked: I am being gangstaled by the aryan nation. Its so bad i sometimes have fake conversatio…[View]
27431747Took a photo of this. Did I find a ufo? Not really a believer in this stuff but my brother said I sh…[View]
27422187whats the scariest picture you have ever seen[View]
27412786So what's gonna happen?[View]
27431901Bad trip: About a month ago I had close to 3 grams of PE Psilocybin. I had my first bad trip delving…[View]
27431253Does anyone else hear voices or noises when they’re tired/about to fall asleep? Sometimes when I’m r…[View]
27432577What to make of last year's pentagon UFO videos?: Crazy how this was official recognized last y…[View]
27426019What is mana in real life?[View]
27433753Our life, defined like a puzzle: Our life, defined like a puzzle, with Suzanna Maria Emmanuel (crop …[View]
27433641Horror reality: Is this a training video for Amazon Employees on Youtube disguised?[View]
27433539There's faggots on the moon, There's faggots on the moon! What we s'posed to do mates…[View]
27432401Post altars[View]
27425106/dit/ Dead Internet Theory General: Last thread reached the bump limit this morning. The Dead Inter…[View]
27431717My plan to go Postal: Once there was a time where I was heavely bullied, I was the typical misfit an…[View]
27431706Is schizophrenia demon possession: I think so because people with schizophrenia always says they sca…[View]
27426322I let you heal, create and dance with glee. But you have to give to gain me. What am I?[View]
27430448Who is the more powerful God, Zeus or Odin?[View]
27430985How would one best ruin/harm their soul spiritually? Also how would one have their soul destroyed/re…[View]
27433294Bird-kin. Need Help: I just saw a Bird Person (male). I'm worried that people are going to be a…[View]
27427802Twin Flame: Twin Flames Hello 4chan, have been with Twin Flame for 3 and a half years, currently in …[View]
27413311Everything you think you know about world history was invented by a joint UN/CIA committee in 1945. …[View]
27432952/x/ Infographics: ctrl+f no occult/weird/paranormal infographics thread Posting some[View]
27432984Are hibernation societies real?[View]
27433031fake conspiracys: today I want to ask you all how can people believe in Desinformation Like the worl…[View]
27425877You lied to me, /x/. You told me the Age of Aquarius would be great and that the Great Conjunction w…[View]
27429178Has anyone actually tried to capture a paranormal spectre/and or cryptid like in Ghostbusters?[View]
27428286The Number 23: Every single post adds up to 23. Check the math for yourself. What is happening?…[View]
27426382>get checked in the mental hospital >turns out my parents aren't my real parents >they…[View]
27432626ayyyy: oh. lamoa.[View]
27431787Why yes, I do enter gnosis by praying to God. Fapping to enter gnosis? That’s for the weak.[View]
27431440Dyall got any good lizard people encounter stories?[View]
27432298I'm here to teach about signal flow >it applies to everything >I wont be around long The …[View]
27432335/x/-related symbols and logos[View]
27432035guess my name twerps: whoever gets this right gets my roommate's free kitty tarot deck[View]
27432690I ruined my soul. AMA[View]
27432673why is this so based: perhaps[View]
27426306THE LUCIFER EXPERIMENT AND CURRENT BASE REALITY: So apparently we broke off into 3 realities on Dec …[View]
27430964Not sure if this would be the right board but i think youd answer best... Has anyone ever taken a sh…[View]
27431746Hey 4chan, weird thing I found.: I'm sorry if I sound incredibly retarded, perhaps this is just…[View]
27432404Fake Lost Media Thread: there's already a thread for fake conspiracies, let's come up with…[View]
27430425you cant die in the backrooms[View]
27421996This is real?[View]
27432115It's gonna be a bumpy ride[View]
27384117black vault: any news on the ayy vault /x/?[View]
27432341.: honor your life as it is and try to accept that God expresses the totality of reality and each pe…[View]
27430343/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
27431382Can /x/ help me find a YouTube channel I lost. He went over conspiracy / occult stuff. He also had b…[View]
27428603i like the new /x/: talking about forbidden ancient knowledge spiritual issues self improvement…[View]
27421782I just found /x/. What are some of the best threads to grace this board?[View]
27430079Banishment: Guys, I think someone did a spell against me. This person was my rival for a while and e…[View]
27432126ITT we talk about forbidden occult subjects[View]
27412991My gf is a practicing wiccan and she insists i drink her period blood atleast once a month for my pr…[View]
27430048Azathoth: What if Lovecraft's creatures really exist?[View]
27431506Can /x/ be perfectly summarised in one video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LDfXMf1oYI[View]
27423355Iodine pill: I read in this board about taking iodine supplements and I just started taking potassiu…[View]
27425331/div/ general: Sexy Egypt edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discuss…[View]
27426617Will ISKCON take me even though I'm a drug addict?[View]
27431436Tell me about the Ayys: I want to hear your best Ayys theories, stories, experience, images, webms …[View]
27431806Why do the Yugas conflict with the Zodiac Astrological Ages? If we are in the Kali Yuga how are we …[View]
27431186I stand with the weather.: I do not pretend to control it. I accept that my mind is constructed of f…[View]
27431179A Thread that will be lost in Archives because its not Normie Friendly.: I know who I am and my past…[View]
27428830how true is this?[View]
27431676What are your thoughts on astrological birth charts and their interpretations?[View]
27431419Spirituality and rituals: For years i've been trying to get more connected to my spiritual side…[View]
27431740Behold, I have been given power to reveal the wicked.[View]
27424590>yes, bro, I'm enlightened, I can do anything and I'm literally as powerful as God >…[View]
27431496Guys how do I get my soulmate back? I put a love spell on her and it worked for 7 yrs but then we s…[View]
27431596wtf is this? seriously, what's the story on this?[View]
27429894Some schizo shit: I think I had an encounter with something evil a while back. I wanted to make a th…[View]
27428451anyone got /x/ personality memes[View]
27430286WHAT THE FUCK[View]
27427941Giant hollow snowball earth: We live in a pond on a giant snowball earth. This is truth. Research Op…[View]
27428543My roommate made this... and taped some aluminium foil a bit everywhere and some words like 'integri…[View]
27429515Why would Terry Davis get killed by the government though? Was he really that much of a threat?[View]
27430307Where is a good place to talk about the occult with other people? Are there any forums, discords or …[View]
27429634What should one do if one, theoretically, wanted to transfer to some cartoon world and become one of…[View]
27431182Hello, /x/. I am in search of 'art' websites similar to wwwwwwwww.jodi.org, however it appears the p…[View]
27429028What creepypastas/conspiracy theories/myths you used to believe in and realized was wrong in retrosp…[View]
27422691I'll just leave this here: Pic related, only visible using Bing maps and only if you know where…[View]
27417710THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!! Next week the earth will …[View]
27424505Doing dream interpretation Part 280 on /x/: >Age (round it to 5 steps) 20,25,30, etc. >Gender …[View]
27427460Rate my occult library /x/.[View]
27431051Do psychedelics have a role in the bible / christianity? Psychedelics were a big part of new world r…[View]
27427117Aquarius GENERAL: Hey guys, calling all my Aquarius’s, friends, and those wanting to build a new age…[View]
27430190Can we get a spooky music thread going. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6zhuFAoC6Y[View]
27421899OLD SOULS THREAD: Does time go by super fucking slow for everybody else? I feel old af and I'm …[View]
27426171Uhhm, excuse me? Mothership? Of harassment? What kind of phrase is that...? Are they screwing with u…[View]
27430873Astral Projection?: Just started watching this show again. When I was a kid i did not really think m…[View]
27430848Did I Astral Project?: >laying in bed >start to enter that state where I'm awake but star…[View]
27428080Can we get a chart thread going? Any readings regardless of your level of knowledge are much appreci…[View]
27428123What the fuck is this and why do I keep seeing it everywhere. It's just scattered around everyw…[View]
27428007300 MG of dxm (robocough pills). What adventure awaits me /x/.[View]
27429985Premonitions?: For the past six years, I've been having these strange premonitions. I don'…[View]
27422416Enlightened Being AMA: Ask someone who has actually attained enlightenment anything. Specific questi…[View]
27427309what is this /x/? please help im afraid. :([View]
27427611Lilith and Cain research: So I'm writing a novel, possible series. It, for now at least, is abo…[View]
27427835Is there actually something here, or is it all bullshit?[View]
27410422Is there a Universal Truth found in all religions?[View]
27430403writing on my wall: https://youtu.be/GcDRMmZ_zLI i fixed my problem from earlier, but the writing is…[View]
27410984Love Thread: Post a message to your loved one, real or imagined, requited or spurned[View]
27427060made a thread about pic related couple days ago. some anons said they were about to read it so I ask…[View]
27426481>What kind of psychedelic experience do you want? >Just fuck my shit up…[View]
27430324What is the origin of this video?[View]
27429395Redpill me on Caodaism.[View]
27429266Been talking with legba for months now, anyone got any info or stories about him[View]
27430173Can animals perceive things we can't? Have your pets every reacted strangely in a way that made…[View]
27427172>read a thread on a ritual that supposedly allows you to lucid dream >attempt it >it actua…[View]
27423775GATE program: There were mentions of the GATE program (or TAG) here not too long ago. Since then I r…[View]
27427237Three-fingered alien is somehow a human according to biased propaganda: How is that a ''ne…[View]
27425317Give me a quick rundown on David Icke - how much is this weird looking faggot right about and how mu…[View]
27426161Did I See a Ghost Car?: >be me >driving home at night after dropping off gf >not even remot…[View]
27429283Wtf is that demonic shit? Is that picture real? https://twitter.com/disclosetv/status/13526086572304…[View]
27429075BLC1(possible ayylium signal): appears to come from Proxima Centauri(nearest star, has at least 1 de…[View]
27429137Hey /x/, I just got a pack of Tarot cards, what should I do? What books do I read? Where do I start?…[View]
27424189Smoking Salvia: Have you guys ever smoked salvia? what was it like? Similar psychedelic experiences …[View]
27429872is this the biggest available resolution of this haunting image ?[View]
27429857Redpill me on the power of blood and rejuvenation.[View]
27427422Anyone wanna help me figure out some spoopy lyrics?: Trying to get ACCURATE lyrics to a few songs on…[View]
27429800How boring is afterlife?[View]
27414258Why are the devoutly religious labelled as schizoids?[View]
27424118sup /x/-words, been on a weird lsd trip, spirituality, existence, the whole bag. Some things been on…[View]
27429093Gateway Tapes: Are these safe? I don’t want to MKUltra myself. Are there any better alternatives?…[View]
27429544Are we in Revelation?: Please share your thoughts![View]
27428928Michael: do you think the devil wants to be free?[View]
27425622video games and karma: do bad decisions and general bad behaviour in video games effet your karma ir…[View]
27428597What are the spiritual implications of long term abuse and how do you deal with it without going ent…[View]
27415535Lady Gaga alien symbol: Just saw this symbol from the TV show Stargate SG1 in https://youtu.be/58hok…[View]
27428741I'd like to say I'm at least a novice ceremonial magician. Sometimes I go through periods …[View]
27429219Anyone remember an old creepy story about an employee who was hired by a tv company to test a new TV…[View]
27427121Do you think the elites know about this? https://youtu.be/RNnMfC8hdC0[View]
27429187zombie target.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2YiFTMWChA[View]
27427995How the fuck do you meditate without your feet falling asleep?[View]
27427061How come I never experience anything paranormal?: The only “paranormal” thing I’ve experienced is my…[View]
27428615How do i know if i have a soul or if i am just a dumb mindless golem ?[View]
27428336this is reality[View]
27427419Whats the other side look like[View]
27427914Bible in the astral: What is there to learn from opening a bible in the astral?[View]
27426995I can't feel anything my soul is gone[View]
27428967Genocidal cleansing is God's form of restoring order: Every Christian is a genocidist. The Bibl…[View]
27413247What's the most fucked up / scary conspiracy you actually believe in?[View]
27420788Oort Cloud: Anons, starting to think that galaxies are sub atomic particles in super slow mo and we …[View]
27425535Paranormal way to develop charisma[View]
27366136/summoning/ general - Angels and demons being against each other is human dogma edition: Welcome to …[View]
27425564What's their Endgame?: /x/, I have been pondering about the endgame of the elites. This is a co…[View]
27428708Cryptocurrency system using body activity data: https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2020060606A1/en …[View]
27428648I offer tarot card readings: for those of you who are curious, i felt /x/ would be most open. I know…[View]
27428412What did the ancients know?: What is going on here.. the masons know, Cro-Magnon man knew, most sign…[View]
27421603Are you ready for the biggest redpill you've ever swallowed? > We would all be better off if…[View]
27426699Redpill me on KaliAcc: I saw this and googled some shit but need more redpilling. How many people ar…[View]
27425790What if God is just lying to us, and he put us on this planet to keep us away from paradise because …[View]
27427306i am getting closer and closer to losing all hope. All i see is degradation, not even in the purely…[View]
27428485Will God give humans wings once they go to heaven?[View]
27427141/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
27427531Is this /x/ related?: >Google maps search for Temple of the One >Results: pyramids in antarcti…[View]
27422291LAM: Redpill me on Lam ¿What you know about this entity? Can share something not-well known about?…[View]
27426102Redpill me on Pantheism.[View]
27419678Dimension shift - Part 1: Dimension shifts Every had a feeling that something is out of place and yo…[View]
27427441Hi, /x/. I got a doubt. Why do I started to see a white light while meditating? I've been sitti…[View]
27419503Have you ever used a Luigi board?[View]
27417367If an artificial superintelligence took over the Earth, would we even notice it? Or would it simply …[View]
27427908How do i go back to my fortress? This is not my original realm..[View]
27427551Paranormal pankake theory suggested by tribe: https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=%209%2011%20no%…[View]
27426928this is goodbye friens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkp5jpnq-tM[View]
27427897>The first record of Auriga's stars was in Mesopotamia as a constellation called GAM, repres…[View]
27419187Is it true that celebrities get cloned?[View]
27426866Dragon appearing in my dreams: Looking for some explanation or insight here from anyone who is knowl…[View]
27427869Jeremy from The Quartering here and looks like anon needs to drop what he knows in the url descripti…[View]
27426650I think i know some Ayys AMA: Also ufo/alien pics /info/ thread[View]
27423444Have scientists gone too far?[View]
27427367The old days: I miss the days of /x/ when, regardless if anything was real or not, people would play…[View]
27427357can anyone figure out where this shadow is coming from?: spent the last few hours looking around ant…[View]
27426790ZEVVLOVE X EVVANGELION: 'I'M BAAAAACK' https://pastebin.com/EiG1Mdg9[View]
27423023The black mass: >The popular concept of the black mass is thus: a defrocked priest stands before …[View]
27424051Seemingly innocuous photos with creepy backstories[View]
27422581CONSPIRACY WEBSITES VANISHING?!: i remember there was a very informative and descriptive blog on the…[View]
27427220Aliens Captured By Russians Disappear From Their Cell: This is the Russian version of events that to…[View]
27420850How do I defend myself from psyops when they're in literally everything that comes into play in…[View]
27422995UFO Filmed From ISS - UFO Image - Alien Pictures - Baby Alien Found: UFO Filmed Over Michigan. Video…[View]
27427421fasting: intensive fasting is absolutely essential for enlightenment. if you know, you know.[View]
27426968Hey anons, do you believe in contemporary hyperborean thought?[View]
27427214PTSD/traumas/rapes/pedophilia/bullying are benefical for self improvement: That's a redpill we …[View]
27423409A demon invaded my dream last night, it pretended to be an angel and it told me to worship it and sa…[View]
27425358Red-pill me on the challenger explosion.: I’m sick of talking about aliens and astral whatever.…[View]
27427133>be me >looking for weird skyrim porn video >video is only on chinese sites >go through …[View]
27427116what are the four vespers?[View]
27423552Hi guys. I'm not claiming to be enlightened, but do you ever wish you took the blue pill? Again…[View]
27415509Why haven't they caught him?[View]
27426734It's all so tiring.: Shills, glowies, disinfo agents you do know how worthless you are right? c…[View]
27421333ITT: Music you want to hear before going to Heaven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb3pJuBzOcY…[View]
27425725Can someone give me a QRD on animas and animus: I have been watching a lot of cat videos and daughte…[View]
27426536It will be about 4-5 months since I had a sleep paralysis and I left my room with the lights off, I …[View]
27422829Lucid dream entities: What did you say to them and how did they react?[View]
27425709Are arthropods like insects and arachnids supposed to be aliens that came to Earth a long time, when…[View]
27426368'The' Conspiracy Theory: I don't really know why I'm going about writing all of this. Mayb…[View]
27415279Do/did giants exist?[View]
27421082World ended in 2012: Is this shit legit? If we already died, then are we living in hell/ purgatory? …[View]
27421375Why do normies only talk about Elon Musk? Most people have never heard of Bob Bigelow meanwhile thin…[View]
27424940Of course the video is fake.: But do you think the script was taken from a real interview?[View]
27424827what does /x/ think of reality shifting? have any of you tried it?[View]
27425190>be last man on earth >you hear a knock on the door…[View]
27425741Why do people pretend that numbers and dreams have a deep meaning?[View]
27423628Psychic Vampires: Not the bloodsucking or emotional types, but the ones that can actually drain you …[View]
27399505Florida anon here. Full time guide by trade. I work backwoods, swamps, pine scrub forests, freshwate…[View]
27425845Redpill me on timeline shifting. I used to disregard it as schizo larping but I've recently beg…[View]
27425824clue me in fellow Southeast Asians: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, etc Why do all the g…[View]
27425803How to strengthen the connection with the succubus? I called her yesterday. I feel it faintly how to…[View]
27425760when i was 16 i saw a tones of stars forming young moon no matter where i would or would not look th…[View]
27422165How do I become more conscious of my mortality?[View]
27424681I have a cute story for you /x/. A story you probably haven't heard before. Its /x/, because it…[View]
27425471ITT: Rare Occult Books[View]
27423483Enlightenment: There's a thread on here by someone claiming to be enlightened. He is doing an A…[View]
27423290In your opinion, what kind of intelligence is more likely to succeed in occult matters? Those with a…[View]
27425185How did you first get into magic? What was your first spell? Where are you now?[View]
27423742what i want is for you creatures to leave my vicinity and never come back[View]
27421897What are the spiritual implications of Autism and or does Autism hinder or improve one's affini…[View]
27425425Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this nigger? Saturn is opposing my natal moon and suddenly al…[View]
27422742Made dumb afterlife comic: Critiques welcome![View]
27415020Who is the old testament God?: I'm a Christian. Recently I realized that Yahweh was a pagan god…[View]
27425441Serious post - GTA Mysteries: Can we made a megapost where we can explain all GTA mysteries in the i…[View]
27423493Can the steel pill be enlightened? Does war serve a spiritual purpose? I'm thinking of joining …[View]
27410575eye floaters are not vitreous opacities, but parts of our shining consciousness structure.[View]
27424316When i think about something it appears for me, i didnt type about it or searched for something simi…[View]
27423590I had a dream I was a frog person and I fell in love with a human woman. She gave birth to a half fr…[View]
27423897What would happen if I tried to summon Jesus? I see a lot of /x/ users trying to summon demons and o…[View]
27421412/x/ humor thread.: Looks fake to me...[View]
27414626Tell me about rh- blood. Is there anything special about this or is it just people who larp as highe…[View]
27424976Divination General: /div/ general all methods welcome Maybe a placeholder until someone makes a thre…[View]
27423811does anyone remember this from when they were a kid? was just talking to someone and they said they …[View]
27420634Living in the astral: Is it possible to permanently stay in the astral upon an AP attempt? From ther…[View]
27425048Moonchild or Earth Angel?: What's the difference? And why do they always have autism[View]
27423886who are they?: they go by many names. why did they visit us? what is their purpose here? did they le…[View]
27421440“How far back do you remember God”: what might His history be like? I’m scared[View]
27424992Crop circle: From Crop Circle Translator facebook page.[View]
27424388I know: That none of you are real.[View]
27421758JANUARY 28th 2021: I can't believe it's less than a week away now, it doesn't even fe…[View]
27424836had a dream where i went out to my backyard and there was some shadowy featureless person standing n…[View]
27424234Prove to me that all of reality isn't just an illusion taking place in my mind, and that your e…[View]
27423326Some of you may remember my last election prediction. So, here we are. We couldn't understand h…[View]
27424718Occult and rare possessions general First thread here >>27405011 Anything unusual and /x/ them…[View]
27423096The Nobody General - an hour with no thread up? ONLY Taylor edition: Welcome to the Nobody General …[View]
27422544Why should I believe in god when I have never seen any type of miracle or intervention from god, whi…[View]
27417776Who is God?: Who is God?[View]
27421827How closely are vampires and succubi related? I was under the impression that they I want a sex mons…[View]
27422240Wtf Carlye New Hampshire ceased to exist: I have cousins who live in Carlye New Hampshire i hadn…[View]
27422928Prove to me that demons actually exist[View]
27421623The meetings of the elite 1%: The elites have a meeting every year where a small handful of world le…[View]
27424209Tfw you pray and ask for god for a good job and to light up your life and you get a job in less than…[View]
27422977What the hell happened to the robber emoji?: I know the Mandela Effect is gay as shit and all but th…[View]
27423162What are the paranormal implications of having a big penis? 8.1 inches bone-pressed - am I less civi…[View]
27421539So im not really religious or anything. well I mean i dont practice any religions but I recognize ho…[View]
27420660Getting taller: So is there some magic to getting taller, i'm 5'8 or something probably sh…[View]
27421700help: LED lamps are designed to fuck with our natural vibration am I right ??? Should I get some oil…[View]
27418150whats the story behind this image ?[View]
27423497What Entity Did I See?: When I lived in South Lake Tahoe I used to go out into my backyard at night,…[View]
27423949How to Use a Card as a powerful Talisman: How to Empower and Use a Card as a working and potentially…[View]
27421614Have you ever met a vampire?[View]
27423252Spirit Woman: What is the reason for a spirit going around you almost every day, but not interacting…[View]
27423726Can we get an Innawoods thread started?[View]
27422998Why does that gut feeling always know when something bad is about to happen unless you listen to it?…[View]
27421050Gangstalking general: Discussion about gangstalking, the tactics involved, as well as seeking out ne…[View]
27423583Asylum Spirits: me and a group of friends went to some old abandoned insane asylums it was pretty no…[View]
27423001We are watching years of research on collective consciousness and ai being used in a military operat…[View]
27422714Holy fucking shit: i just went to cambodia for holiday 2 days ago i got back and theres fukcing zomb…[View]
27418452>how do I start getting into chaos magick? I have read up on some forms of magick and it appeals …[View]
27416136Dead Internet Theory: The Dead Internet Theory is no longer a conspiracy theory. I was skeptical bu…[View]
27419945You have been visited by sea snaily. She comes at 5 AM, if you didn't close your browser with i…[View]
27423542Something will special will happen in my life today. Very weird feeling. Not sure if its gonna be go…[View]
27415327>wake up in middle of night >door is ajar >see something move in the crack of the door >…[View]
27422214Statues of faces: It's hard for me to explain, but statues of large faces make me feel a certai…[View]
27400373I found this in the depths of NASA's high res photos. Can anyone explain it before I never slee…[View]
27413225What is the deal with this guy /x/? Is he a con artist or is he legit? I have always been interested…[View]
27422213Fluoride in the Water: Fluoride being in the water is my favorite conspiracy topic. Fun, comfy, and …[View]
27423311New world order: Anyone ready for the alien invasion that is supposed to bring us all together?…[View]
27419683Wasn't sure if this belonged more on /lit/ or /x/, but why do people like this guy? He can talk…[View]
27420067giants: Is it true that humans were giants in the past[View]
27414552Schizo Slug Virus: I'm infected and if you keep reading you will be too. Last night I read the …[View]
27422247my cousin Enrico keeps telling me moms place is haunted and i'm starting to believe it the tv i…[View]
27422900Possible possession?: Hey guys I need your input and opinion on a matter that has surfaced recently …[View]
27422773Weird Emotional Roller Coaster connected with the planets: Well anyway I think my emotional well bei…[View]
27422694I have a malevolent spirit talking to me. Any ideas to get rid of him? I mean without an outright ex…[View]
27419745Jew talking about magic. https://youtu.be/JWoparZ1xqg[View]
27421891Do demonic entities exist or just a fluke?[View]
27423021Do fellow anons here believe that dreams mean something? I had one dream that is either repeating or…[View]
27422834Thread where I can answer stuff. Should questions come up[View]
27420476Guys what's a good way to haunt a house? I'm renting a place and my contract is ending soo…[View]
27411408The Psychonaut Field Manual: Let's start a thread of psychonauts.[View]
27420013Red-eyed shadow person: Hi /x/, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone knows anything about t…[View]
27408083I Require A Real Religion: Help me get into a faith that is aligned with reality because I've e…[View]
27420316How do you sacrifice your own soul? What can one get for it?[View]
27398728Is it possible to control lust?: Is it a losing battle or is there a way to control your lust?? I ge…[View]
27419419/dig/ - Dream Interpretation General: I've been seeing lots of these threads lately, so I figur…[View]
27419775/div/ - Divination General - Tuesdays edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings…[View]
27422506post liminal images[View]
27417851what's with the ringing? what does it mean?[View]
27419451Masks and your imagination: >imagine peoples faces >realises that am imagining these imagining…[View]
27422474Aura reading: Can you see or read my aura? What do you see? >(picture is not me, just a random in…[View]
27422562Schizo here Not actually schizo though But I actually am I set off a metal detector today and felt …[View]
27419811Prison planet: When you experience enlightenment and bliss, you are put in an extremely heightened s…[View]
27411604Roswell Explained (Probably): In this thread I'll explain what Roswell was probably about and w…[View]
27422370/x/Plain #?: Long time lurker, have a few posts. Ask me questions about conspiracies and other /x/ s…[View]
27422378What can /x/ tell me about mermaids?[View]
27407606Masks are only to condition people.: There is no reason to use masks - they are trash after 20 minut…[View]
27421629Polar Configuration: What is the relation between Polar Configuration, Saturnian Cosmology, and Squa…[View]
27422375What's a good podcast to listen to for paranormal/unsolved mysteries? Specifically, I'm lo…[View]
27420774Can physical work make you spiritually happier?: Before covid, I spent the better part of 10 years i…[View]
27410153how do i become a werewolf? i mean, if my ancestors could, what would stop me from doing it?[View]
27418201don't search >the grifter >golf rumors >project thule…[View]
27417167Ancient's General /AG/ - Helios Edition: Fifty-five days ago we talked about the degradation of…[View]
27422367Do you think aliens and demons are the same: Alien abduction= demon possessed[View]
27422140Why does everyone remember the perfect world?: Why are we removed from the perfect world is it like …[View]
27417951Ayy lmaos first contact coming soon: According to this post from 7 years ago there will be first con…[View]
27422050What is your expert opinion on this? 54°39'44.62'S 36°11'42.47'W[View]
27417389I've been living lifetimes in my dreams it started around two days but I can remember at least …[View]
27422161Was he lying that case?[View]
27418705do the spirits of our dead family members still watch over us?[View]
27422104DIDYMOS 2022: The asteroid so big it has it's own moon In October 2022, a half-mile-wide astero…[View]
27408865How do I meet god?[View]
27419201What are some of the biggest 'conspiracy theories' that were proved ,normies saw and freaked out for…[View]
27417102Can you see an evil Mickey in the circled area?: Trying to make sure I'm not schizo.[View]
27410631Should I get admitted or just roll with the insanity: Been having a few weird experiences the past y…[View]
27411329At this time, Mars and Uranus are conjucting. What's going to happen?[View]
27416292What does it mean if I had a bad trip on 2grams of shrooms + weed and I have been mentally ill, and …[View]
27421713new to /x: do you have any magic spells so I can learn my vocab easier. also some good grades spells…[View]
27421552is it possible to never have to poo again: are there any paranormal ways to delete poo in your body …[View]
27417833I don't usually come to /x/ but I figured this would be a good place to ask. Does anyone know w…[View]
27417939Guys I'm interested in meditation and astral projection but don't know where to start. Any…[View]
27418348It real is all about the mushrooms...: The revelation of Jesus Christ, is simply that Jesus was a sy…[View]
27418419Found this in the woods in a old tree house is the place safe anons[View]
27401513What if enlightenment/seeing is actually a curse? Seriously, how the fuck can anyone look at how fuc…[View]
27421126missing 411: wait wtf https://youtu.be/phOB_yeu6To[View]
27421176How can I hypnotize myself? In 1994, when I was still in the military, I think I may have had a UFO …[View]
274028651202021 Palindrome Week Tarot Readings: >>27359582 (Previous bread) Hello Truth Seekers, I…[View]
27421326Paranormal animal activity: Any of you have cool paranormal stories or anecdotes to do with animals.…[View]
27416936I need to go back to when I was very young: I need to go back in time but preserve my memories, it i…[View]
27419357Someone placed a stinking curse on my house and now my room smells like hot fucking trash[View]
27418678Someone said he believes in ghosts so I called him a retarded unpog cringe faggot schizo virgin ince…[View]
27420793I've never felt the Veil so thin. I know others can feel it too. What are you noticing?[View]
27378485What is the ultimate holy grail of lost media?[View]
27419040I've visited username666 channel on youtube during 2007 , it is real , why do people keep sayin…[View]
27413537FEMA Camps Conspiracy: The FEMA camps conspiracy holds that the United States Federal Emergency Mana…[View]
27420461Any information on US intelligence using remote viewing/astral projection to observe and interact wi…[View]
27419546witchcraft & occultism discord: /KtkYn26Swm occultism, witchcraft, discussion prompts & fun.…[View]
27415218Are shoorms the key to spiritual powers?[View]
27420379I'm back to request fellow /x/ browsers to look into this. I had asked about this 'thing…[View]
27420057YFW you realize the /x/ origins of a meme (Part of the Belmez faces btw)[View]
27416618Saw this last night?: 3 of them floating and moving around in the sky in central FL; what is this?…[View]
27416734How is it that so many people are completely convinced that they, one of 7 billion+ people on a gian…[View]
27419932hey /x/ - how do i sell my soul to the devil?[View]
27405011Obscure Occult or /x/ related items you own: Order of nine angles sinister tarot Gold in the furnace…[View]
27419108Mind reading and Holocaust?: Raul Hilberg, jewish historian:'There was no order, no plan, no budget,…[View]
27418676Had a dream about an grey alien: I rarely remember dreams but this one was quite short. I only recal…[View]
27412769пpocвeтлeниe пpoиcхoдит, кoгдa чacтoтa пpoиcхoждeния чeлoвeкa тoчнo coвпaдaeт c caмoй бoльшoй из чac…[View]
27420517If you are a reflection and consolidation of every interaction, choice, and result you've ever …[View]
27419325How do I use my ki to get jacked?[View]
27414301I was in the shower and I saw my tulpa appear in front of me. She giggled, touched my penis for a se…[View]
27418639/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
27399178There are tiny doors inside the white house and capitol. Who is our leadership visiting with? I foun…[View]
27418934Where can I study theology/new testament online?: Hey, could you guys provide me with some non-retar…[View]
27420109.: Anyone else practice sigil magic through gimp?[View]
27420100What is coroner vision?[View]
27420018Love/Light: Hello all you wonderful, radiant and unique beings! Love/Light, Peace, Prosperity and U…[View]
27418489Magic Schools: Are they exist? Like brakebills, hogwarts? How to attend? One more thing: is there a …[View]
27417016Welcome. Welcome to City 17. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remai…[View]
27420002>I found this gem on steam >Get it cuz fuck it 4$ >Makes me have a panic because I have had…[View]
27418889normalpornfornormalpeople.com: It is apparently a real website.[View]
27415424hot take: The coming of christ 2021 years ago was already his second coming. After crucifying and k…[View]
27419853What does /x/ think of this..?[View]
27417477Not one thing is Wrong with the World You was Sold a LIE on how it Works. Master will always exist …[View]
27417354can we all agree that this was the moment that shit hit the fan spiritually? ever since it happened …[View]
27419938I think scientology have fucked with my brain somehow, even though I've had no interaction with…[View]
27417107Found a line of salt on my property, what do?: This morning I found a line of salt on the sidewalk d…[View]
27419391Who is really ruling this world? Bring your best theories, nothing is too crazy. I'm listening.[View]
27416476This website is under the attack by communist demons sent by Lucifer itself. Pray as hard as you ca…[View]
27417815I can't seem to find Lovecat's works in their originality. Archive.org gives only some ret…[View]
27419627There's a man called Pedro Siqueira. A brazillian lawyer, teacher and a catholic man. Ever sinc…[View]
27417429>ywn drive a big rig on an empty road while listening to Art Bell Live and occasionally dial in w…[View]
27419434>live in the only occupied apartment on the floor >the shower goes off every night in the apar…[View]
27418049Four Vedas, best translation?: I want to read the Four Vedas, or at least an abridged shortened vers…[View]
27418979i've been thinking that the idea of a state of being where it is being hunted all the time is a…[View]
27410158The backrooms original photos for its location: As you know, the 'backrooms,' creepypasta, if you wi…[View]
27418962>SIDS isn't real[View]
27419274How do I start using my energy[View]
27410240Christian magick?: Are there some christ-honoring ways to learn magick?[View]
27418624Why do LARPers always clog up threads with their long psuedo-theistic bullshit? Just a desire for at…[View]
27414021I want to learn more about SCP, but I don't know where I should start[View]
27416511who what why when where?[View]
27417295The Ultimate of Adventure: One in a series of threads about the nature of change and creativity, and…[View]
27417628Need some spiritual guidance bro’s. I used to be heavily more spiritual but after the last year I f…[View]
27419048/luc/ Lucid Dreaming General: Come to learn how to become lucid or share dream experiences. Last thr…[View]
27417988Dualism: Well, what is it /x/? Is the divine reality monistic or dualistic?[View]
27414864New and Improved cryptid Iceberg If you don't get at least 12 then your mothers behind is mine[View]
27416753Project Serpo: Human Alien Exchange Program - Russians Shoot Down And Capture Aliens: It has been re…[View]
27418461theory 676: it's premise is about cyclical reset of the civilization that causes shift in geopo…[View]
27417191Bros, wtf are these types of videos supposed to do? Do they induce hypnosis or what? https://www.you…[View]
27415682Encounters thread?: I'll start >saw pic related sitting in my living room one night…[View]
27408786Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice. Every met…[View]
27404860How are you feeling, anon?: https://youtu.be/unlNaMViEMo They are all starting to wake up now... Can…[View]
27417424Is there any surefire way to know that you're not just a robot which is designed to think it…[View]
27418187Jeffrey Epstein was COVID-19 Patient Zero[View]
27407579Iowa: Hello my friends! I was wondering if any fellow Iowa or near by state bros have any unexplaine…[View]
27418453https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQCa_MdZWNA&t=202s what did he mean by this[View]
27417703OP is kill >>>/b/845480386[View]
27418231This seems pretty wild[View]
27416063how can the catholic church be fixed?[View]
27414242Occult and Magick books/libraries: Post megas, google docs, libraries, websites and books about the …[View]
27406201Mudd you know https://youtu.be/EJX8rqz6suw[View]
27416646Help: found a line of salt on my property, what do?: This morning I found a line of salt on the side…[View]
27415490Postmodernism as Cowardice: Postmodernist fedora atheists are the hypocrisy of the hypocrisy, the Ph…[View]
27416383God does not exist: Can summon banish all the God-believers? It's so annoying seeing all these …[View]
27413674Portlock, alaska: What you're looking at might seem like a totally normal boring derelict house…[View]
27415922who killed Terry Davis?[View]
27412274Demons: How do we fight off demons, is it even possible or are they too powerful? It is hard to even…[View]
27417910Martha Gagner, masonic dark internet mystery.: Hey Guys a Hispanic YouTuber made a video about a use…[View]
27415310Epstein and viruses: Why is one of the most common viruses found in humans (Epstein-Barr virus) name…[View]
27416889Why is Greek mythology so obsessed with cooming? Studied it in the past month and I swear half of it…[View]
27415381What are the odds of encountering the paranormal while train hopping?[View]
27417654Kiseki Series is predictive programming or at least an expose on the elite: I only played the first …[View]
27417580Brady and End of Men: Hello there, /x/. Recently I've been crawling across the Omegle website, …[View]
27414592Celtic/Irish /x/ tier redpills & info Fill me in. Curious because my ancestry is very Irish[View]
27413244How has psyclobin affected you as a human being[View]
27416814Does anyone know who this is?: i dont think anyone is gonna give me a clear answer but uh.. i found …[View]
27399745Do you believe he is dead? Yes? Do we have a single evidence to back this claim up?[View]
27414390gangstalking: ive been getting gangstalked heavy guys it's bad >walking on my street >wom…[View]
27414178daily reminder ; world is owned by literal satan worshipping pedophilies[View]
27414307I’m being called but I don’t know if I should pick up...this time feels unfamiliar.: I’ve been getti…[View]
27416038I got fooled by an NSA cryptography exercise: I had found a document on the NSA website using Google…[View]
27415704And if it is powered by money, it is corrupt.: What kinds of stunts do you think those who have arra…[View]
27413423people who are otherwise not-schizo and just come here for spooks: Tell me the one paranormal phenom…[View]
27410524Hack the simulation in this thread.[View]
27416910TUPAC IS STUCK OH FUCK: What is /x/ s thoughts on paranormal activity? shitty hollywood cringe or ba…[View]
27413900please debunk this no 'hurr it's so ridiculous it debunks itself!!' replies please[View]
27416200As a sri lankan on /x/, i feel compelled to share knowledge of the supernatural in my culture with y…[View]
27415403Have you ever thought of investing in a haunted house? I don't believe in ghosts myself so I wo…[View]
27417011Schumann Resonance Today – Power [3000?]: https://www.disclosurenews.it/schumann-resonance-today-upd…[View]
27416966Mysterious skeleton: I found this strange creature in the countryside. It looks like some kind of ra…[View]
27409831A lot on my mind right now. Relationships, career, how I can help society in the best way possible. …[View]
27412747Why is this picture unsettling[View]
27415079http://dark5rc4wrxftqix.onion/product/magic-sand-1-gram/ what the fuck is magic sand?[View]
27416262Paranormal videos: Post /x/ videos Memoryholed, forgotten, anything that fits the bill Old YouTube u…[View]
27416473Is their an afterlife , what do you think it is ? If not why ? Typical but it’s on my mind anons[View]
27416464>some things happen >remember when some random weirdo predicted all of it a few years ago at a…[View]
27413924What's your favorite quirk about your astrological natal chart? Now's the time to brag abo…[View]
27416243How did reptilians gain so much power They're just stupid lizards[View]
27415135Whats that creature called that has 8 eyes and can create magical powersat will[View]
27412125Tribe: We belong to one. It is a tribe that doubts itself. Not the one that plunges in without regar…[View]
27412751Deep web thread: Post a picture or a experience you had in the deep web as the subject is pretty int…[View]
27413335Why is there so much MK-Ultra imagery in anime?[View]
27414752/ng/ - Nobody General: Early morning operations edition: >Who is the nobody? He 'hated' being a c…[View]
27413070Let me piss into the wind. Aoens ago mankind has lived in a Golden Age, utilizing technological marv…[View]
27415194Please help me, /x/. I feel like I'm spinning out of control. I know there's something dar…[View]
27415968hello schizos, help a faggot from another board out i didn't do my research enough, that's…[View]
27407394Hunting Skinwalkers: Hey guys, I'm new to /x/, coming over from /fit/, but I got myself into a …[View]
27416030I had my ego destroyed when I was 13 and have been unable to form a personality that my family or ot…[View]
27406321You have been here before, haven't you? But do you remember how to leave?[View]
27413489It was the military industrial complex all along.: >Pic related. It's the MI Complex that…[View]
27411014I AM: I AM. I AM not the manifestation of anything in creation and I AM all that is creation. The be…[View]
27415562How can anyone know what death is?: We can't ever imagine what it is like to be another animal …[View]
27411426/m411g/ - Missing 411 General #9l: Free hugs edition Last Thread >>27390444 One of the most co…[View]
27398238Whats your favorite cryptid /x/?[View]
27415517Missing greentext: Does anybody have the green text about the anon sitting on his porch and then a s…[View]
27415552I was chilling with satanic meditation songs when my soul exited my body for a moment, still don…[View]
27415580Can someone tell me about Project Starchamber?[View]
27414570Baba Vanga Predictions: What predictions does baba vanga have for 2021?[View]
27411040What kind of entity is Lucifer? I've heard him be described as a seraphim, an archangel, a cher…[View]

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