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/x/ - Paranormal

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25799358/liminal/ images thread: Post pictures of places that evoke liminality >In anthropology, liminal…[View]
25790579Amateur Tarot Card Reading: Heyo! it's been a couple weeks since I've done a thread like t…[View]
25801748Does anyone have any interesting audio links? Old radio shows or forgotten podcasts or something sim…[View]
25803749Shadow: >Couple years back > few friends and my gf were hotboxing my car at the end of a road.…[View]
25801649Another weird youtube thing. type this into the search bar: ø·ø ̈ùšù„ø© ... ø£øoù†ùšø© ù„ù„ø£ø·ù ø§ù…[View]
25797232Redpill me on zoroastrianism: Is it Satanic?[View]
25791613What's up with this dude: I found this dude called actualized on YouTube. Notice anything stra…[View]
25801510Haunted places in New York: Hey again X security guy again. It felt good to talk about the haunted h…[View]
25787793Atheist view of reality is lame: This is just depressing, modern cosmology makes it seem like we are…[View]
25801502Can cats see into other dimensions?[View]
25800769Was this just a shitpost, or was it something else?[View]
25803756The true 'Chad': >'Kilroy' was the American equivalent of the Australian Foo was here which origi…[View]
25802975Story time.: Got some tales from years ago I'd like to share. Still have occurrences to this da…[View]
25802333What is the metaphysics of the law of attraction. What is the theory for how it is supposed to work?[View]
25799679Have any of you had covid-19?[View]
25803507weird shit texas: So, pretty simple. Been having the worst creeping feelings of dread last few days…[View]
25803174What if 'the light is a trap' is a trap so they can make us easy prey for the entities that roam in …[View]
25802581voice to skull tech: real or not real? discuss. https://thedailycoin.org/2018/10/20/darpa-insider-wa…[View]
25803008Guys I’m in a metaphysical crisis. I can’t tell if this image is blessed or cursed. Please help me![View]
25802843Why do people hate Protestants?: Zoomer here. Watching old media, why do people have such hatred tow…[View]
25801398C3PO's right leg was undeniably gold in the past. Here is a pic of the back of my physical copy…[View]
25793004help: >be me literally right now >out camping, about 2 miles into a state park in PA >start…[View]
25804996What if[View]
25803359it's time to accept demons into our plane.: false gods and false religeons have made us fearful…[View]
25803348Ghost Adventurer: Zak Bagans is Autistic: > be me > massive Zak Bagans fan > browse youtube…[View]
25802364In this world you're either an NPC or a schizo and I'll be damned if I become an NPC[View]
25800038Where do you find such rare creature anymore? The thread.: Where do you find a true friend as autist…[View]
25801959Interesting concept: The US OF A is not THE USA Discuss if you would? Pretty please with a cherry on…[View]
25803236Ok: Hello the backrooms and familiar places[View]
25801361He's going back![View]
25801754dead lanky: I was playing DK64 one time and during the DK rap when they say, 'he has no style, he ha…[View]
25801893Anyone willing to red pill me on religion?: Which religion do you guys consider to be the most corre…[View]
25787552Abducted and forced to have sex: Thisbis gonna sound wierd butbits true I was abducted 6 and them 2 …[View]
25798101Why was Tom Delonge chosen as the vessel for disclosure by the military, CIA, and aerospace companie…[View]
25801290Can someone explain Chaos Magick to me? What TF is gnosis?[View]
25802580the magic power of words: say several times: I am tired and you will magically feel tired. Now imagi…[View]
25803058/X/ chat for London: Chat for Anons living in London https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hs1nEzoXk5w433Qxn925…[View]
25796776/x/-pill me on time. Does the past still exist in some form?[View]
25802734To all those who have seen the Bootleg Scare Tactics footage of the man rambling in Enochian Speech.…[View]
25802713SCP-1163 Class-Safe: So I met one of these on Spring Street. I was the only one who met them outside…[View]
25802682Are you ready for the cosmic party at the end of time?[View]
25798110Have you seen? Silence is a virtue.[View]
25799796Is the antichrist supposed to be like an evil program?: Or is it like a mini-godlike creature, who h…[View]
25798942Anybody in Florida that wants to go explore some abandoned shit over the weeked?: Just interested in…[View]
25797535Is Hazbin Hotel real?[View]
25798113What's you favorite cryptid?: For me, it's the chupacabra.[View]
25802536Releasing Kek spirit in my Dream: Good evening anons Last night I felt uncomfortable going to bed, w…[View]
25802434CONSPIRACY VIDS: Any good conspiracy docs or youtube recommendations? My gf and I recently watched M…[View]
25801192Okay, searching this forum i found out that most of the strange things anons encounter are skin walk…[View]
25801359Why do i feel powerfull when listening to metal? is it the satanic forces working through the music?…[View]
25802110What do y'all know about the Nazi inner earth colonies[View]
25799825The 2 beasts of revelation: The first beast is man. man is the beast 666 created on the sixth day. t…[View]
25802035I can stop my heart and change reality.: Reality will change a bit. If your mind is strong enough yo…[View]
25802145What happened to them?[View]
25802178Inclinded bed thread. After seeing last nights thread I decided to raise the head of my bed about 12…[View]
25801402Did he really find the elixir for immortality?[View]
25788871Are scholars and governments hiding the truth about ancient history?[View]
25797567Dreaming up a new world in hell: Imagine being killed by someone. You go to the afterlife and some c…[View]
25800854/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25800353Why can't atheists debate the idea of creationism without saying 'but in the Bible...' ? I…[View]
25801849Death, Chaos Subfield: Who has ever been insubordinate in the Windsor and Romanov immortal group to …[View]
25801447alien picture: So does anyone here have it? Is it even real?[View]
25801339Do you believe that physical immortality is attainable? What about SIddhis in general?[View]
25801713Who weaves the web?[View]
25800957>'Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. Atheists BTFO'd…[View]
25801622Are thought hazards real or a spook? Could Roko’s Basilisk actually exist? How would they torment yo…[View]
25800512Randonautica thread: What's the fucking deal with this app /x/?[View]
25801501New David Icke book incoming: Official street date is end of the week but preorders started shipping…[View]
25796970Avoiding Satan: It's really hard to avoid Satan when every rabbithole I follow leads back to hi…[View]
25801181Redpill me on the Rainbow Body Phenomenon.[View]
25797159Skull-fucker: Anybody remember that guy who took a skull from the Paris catacombs and stuck his cock…[View]
25788530Did /xl/ literally know the CIA literally confirmed chakras??[View]
25800526YETI = HYPERBOREAN: The Yeti is not a giant bear nor an ape-like creature living in the isolated fro…[View]
25799293Celeste: I believe i'm either possesed or in a sort of relationship with a being named Celeste …[View]
25796294>scary stories about encounters with shapeshifters >advices how to summon succubi But where is…[View]
25800158I saw something very weird in the sky: So I was going home at like 3 AM after a party. I Didn't…[View]
25799420Malicious spirit haunting me. What do?: Serious. I have enough evidence to know I am being haunted b…[View]
25798827Reposting because the last go must have been during peak 3dpdr hylic hours How is your inner healin…[View]
25792717UFO?: MY wife took this picture of a rainbow in our back yard. This weird anomaly appeard in the pho…[View]
25785971/x/ Cheese & Wine: Part 2 /cwg/: >A 2005 survey by the British Cheese Board reported that Sti…[View]
25797989What do I need to do to receive big moist demon cock in my face right now?[View]
25799331good magick.: Any magic beliefs or spells that dont involve demonic shit and can be easily done ?…[View]
25800993Hey guys I was cleaning my table with some spray (the White foamy stuff not windex) and in the table…[View]
25778781What is DMT and what is the experience all about? Share your DMT experiences and insights please[View]
25800757Storing Virgin Blood: Hi there! I was wondering if any of you knew any methods of storing your own b…[View]
25797030Research facility destroyed: Fail safe mechanisms destroyed a underground research base I work at. L…[View]
25798518The CIA are the good guys.: Greetings Anons, I have an interesting statement for you all. The CIA ar…[View]
25797625Oasis is a CIA MKULTRA psyop: Remember after than one terrorist attack last year when a crowd of peo…[View]
25799344So just how fungible is reality? Can I just decide not to be a bird any more? I mean, if I was a bir…[View]
25798298We need a plan: >a matter of years before people are going to be chipped >getting chipped mean…[View]
25793401Saturn Hexagon Significance?: ____pill me on what the deal is with this thing? I’m up for either sci…[View]
25800382Snapchat is spyware??: Took my phone out of my pocket and realized the screen was on even though i d…[View]
25792006Redpill me on Egyptians: Egyptians were such an ancient yet advanced civilization. Supposedly much m…[View]
25799361For many are called but few are chosen: is an invitation really an invite if you know the person can…[View]
25799872real alien very scary :(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVNlnhWU3Nk&t=1s[View]
25800623Man in Blue Flames: 'Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.' SEP052020 A L R …[View]
25800299Strange creature in the woods near my town: hey /x/, i don't usually post in here, but this hap…[View]
25799265Big man would have a field day if he was still here. Wonder if he's checking back in spirit, wa…[View]
25798583Who's the most powerful wizard/witch/magician ever?: So man's been wondering who was the b…[View]
25795358Healing the mind: I'm quitting porn. What are the most effective ways to become creative again …[View]
25799487/x/ is 10 times more redpilled than /pol/: Even with all the schizo shit[View]
25797258When your kind first huddled around the fire, I was the thing in the dark[View]
25798387info wars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q66vwq2nhfM[View]
25799169Redpill Me On Bigfoot: I love listening to stories, especially while I'm hunting or fishing but…[View]
25796100Just a reminder.: Everything they taught you has one purpose. The purpose is to make the system work…[View]
25796930Deities Of Agriculture?: I am trying to run a agricultural business. I wanted to know if there are a…[View]
25796973Are all the pagan gods dead and pagan fags are just larping?: How can you worship a god when most of…[View]
25795836Anyone here take antipsychotics? I think I need to be on some but I keep convincing myself taking th…[View]
25782991Are the Olmecs the Denisovan giants? A lot of evidence would suggest it, especially the size of thei…[View]
25800338reality loads in front of your eyes.: Watch tv, newspaper, google image(with phone) and think hard a…[View]
25798690>be me >/x/ convinces me magick is real >read all the classics >perform all the ritual…[View]
25800059Bible and Psalms Magic: Does anyone know and is willing to share some Bible magic/mysticism. In term…[View]
25794152Demon Core: Would an activated demon core attached to a drone by a rope be an effective method of in…[View]
25793286What materials and ingredients are most used and useful for alchemy and alchemical processes[View]
25796062HELP depression is prowling toward me again it almost had me in its grasps right now but I managed t…[View]
25793272Thoughts on Roko’s Basilisk?[View]
25800064What do you guys think of Martin Cabello III[View]
25797628Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a s…[View]
25799992>God/yhwh/jehova/ahura mazda >Wotan/odin/solar pater/zeus >Moloch/baal/satan/saturn/venus/L…[View]
25798002I need help: Hi, Okey so I'm not a frequent here and naturally I don't know where or who t…[View]
25796886Strange lights in the night sky: I know this is gonna get swept under the rug cuz there's a mil…[View]
25787682Do not look at the Moon, you will go crazy.: Why do old people say this, do they know something we d…[View]
25771628This thread is blessed by Hanuman. Reply with the miracle you need and thank the Great Monkey Lord.[View]
25798480Is this game redpilled in any way?[View]
25796969anything on related topic[View]
25799690Is Saturn the deity of synthwave music?: Self explanatory, is Saturn(The Black cube) the deity of sy…[View]
25796001Love puddle: Why do Christians hate love? It seems like all they want to do is remove all 'idols' ex…[View]
25789432my dog is sick /x/, has a chronic bowel issue, already took him to the vet and antibiotics made it w…[View]
25796386Hello /x/ Does anybody know about Marijuana and the help it can bring? Anyway, I have had a terrible…[View]
25797176people who think the earth is a spinning ball look like this[View]
25794314The schizo problem: There are certain topics that attract the schizos like bread does flocks of hung…[View]
25795457Doing dream interpretation Part 254 on /x/: >Age >Gender >Feeling during dream >Lucid?…[View]
25794401What's the best argument against determinism?[View]
25793056Why does nothing interesting ever happen?[View]
25798678YETI = HYPERBOREAN: The Yeti is not a giant bear or ape-like creature living in the isolated frozen …[View]
25790731A crow attacked Pope Fancis’s dove today...could this be the sign of an omen?[View]
25799020Machine Elves. Are they good? Are they evil? are they something entirely different? Discuss[View]
25797723Determinism, Demons and Dinner: If Laplace's demon is theoretically possible, told me I was goi…[View]
25794468I'm looking for an old Native American legend about a particular rock carving. I read it a few …[View]
25795761Lost my grip on reality: I have lost grip to any reality. Went 34 years minding my business and self…[View]
25794645How can existence exist? How can being be? Post your thoughts please.[View]
25796994CELIBACY??: why do some people choose to be celibate? Are there any benefits of abstaining from the…[View]
25771518i am your healer[View]
25797075I'll break your soul, my mind is using mind control: Does anyone here know anything about using…[View]
25786417We Are Witnessing The Culmination of a Spiritual War: So many have awakened to the dark realities of…[View]
25795442Does the demiurge reward people who do evil? Someone was saying in the thread yesterday the freemaso…[View]
25797673What are ways to willingly reincarnate into another species? I'm not tired of life, but the hum…[View]
25788124Masturbation As Spiritual Surgery: I am mostly NoFap, I believe that preserving semen and not mastur…[View]
25795476Hi /x/ is it schizophrenia to notice parterns? Today i drove to the mall, i parked and i noticed par…[View]
25796585/ng/ - Nobody General: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordina…[View]
25798212Aliens are beings from different dimensions: They have senses that go beyond our human capabilities,…[View]
25797071Reincarnation: My friend with DID told me that he thinks of his body as a reincarnation checkpoint. …[View]
25795797Does anyone remember cameraheads Does anyone have the cameraheads pasta Thank you[View]
25793698Take the intergalactic interfacing pill. Changed my perspective.[View]
25797935Real witches or not: Are they legit?[View]
257977151 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, gi…[View]
25786848Spooky job related stories? I'll start (Also greentext thread) >be me >been working as a …[View]
25794712Which demons would be best for changing myself?: I've decided to contact a demon and have it re…[View]
25797691I long haul truck over nights. Have any suggestions for shit to spook myself with? Doesn't ha…[View]
25789090The future doesnt include most of humanity: When you think about the current trends in society one t…[View]
25794966Christianity: Is Christianity true? Is shamanism/self knowledge wrong? Why did God only reveal himse…[View]
25795361So has anyone actually seen him or what?[View]
25757494nofap is probably the hardest thing ive ever tried to do. i keep getting up to about 2 weeks and giv…[View]
25797406Prove me that you're not a schizo.[View]
25790816What if John didn't read the receipt wrong?[View]
25797234Blue Pill: >black snake prophecy What is this?[View]
25795130If there's no proof of anything, there most likely isn't a Hell. Since when have humans ac…[View]
25796704Ultimate Redpill: The stars do not wait for you[View]
25797140I don't know about you guys...: But I for one welcome our new overlords![View]
25795164Going to officially abandon the church tomorrow. I don’t like the restrictiveness of the Old Testame…[View]
25796706Any good books on Necromancy and/or Spiritism?: So i'm interested in reading about these practi…[View]
25796568Brood X: It's coming 12021 HE (AKA 2021). Just what the fuck are we in for, lads. I'm begi…[View]
25794927SFTV: Live on Internet, SmileFaceTV - broadcasting from Kepler-10c, located around 608 light-years, …[View]
25795610How would I go about investing in magic? When I was about 7 years old, I was really into magic, look…[View]
25794172Dreams and reality: Hey ive been recently being having repeating dajevu's for the last two to t…[View]
25795217Redpill me on LHOHQ:[View]
25790260anyone else's life just lose all meaning after realizing you were affected by MKULTRA as a kid?…[View]
25796967Is this the end?: Legit apocalypse or hoax?[View]
25796317Did Satoshi Kon pioneer liminal spaces?[View]
25793239Is Bigfoot real?[View]
25779040Shave your head and throw all your dumb shit away: Free yourself. What, are you scared? What do your…[View]
25788105Tattoo Power: Pic Related I have a triangle, 3rd eye tattoo on the pit of my right arm, what type of…[View]
25797132Imaginary universes: thinking about that one reddit post where a guy experienced a whole another lif…[View]
25797103It's all a glitch: you realize since Corona pandemic began a glitch in the matrix suddenly simp…[View]
25796854I don't usually do this, but I had a dream a while back that was a bit strange. I was told to l…[View]
25795374Look at the moon :): A STAR IS BORN[View]
25796710Does anybody else dream of this insanely huge hospital that has 50+ floors and every floor is a mass…[View]
25796878I am looking for online support groups for encounters with, well... aliens I guess. For someone I kn…[View]
25796988Ghost school.: >I remember back in elementary school. >I was about 10 years old living in Athe…[View]
25781188Hey guys, wtf is this??[View]
25796050And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32: For God shall bring every…[View]
25796453are angels people who ascended? or rather souls who go from a state of being ascended, to descending…[View]
25794242My spiritual friend abandoned me. How to understand what happened, /x/?[View]
25791527/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25795571It is my birthday today. FUCK YOU pARIS![View]
25794863Is Telekinesis real?: Well X is it real? If so, how can I master it? If not oh well that sucks, woul…[View]
25794345Zundel's Bunker torrent: Mega drives me nuts. Anyone have a torrent for Zundel's Bunker?…[View]
25796678Any stories about a significant other creeping you out?: Sometimes I still get shivers thinking abou…[View]
25795667If I was the main character: IF i was the main character what would I have to do to stop the world f…[View]
25795591We are amongst you, why should we not?: My eternal devouring of foetus's is not something I car…[View]
25796633Valentina Pedicini: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=ztAybANlWwA https://variety.c…[View]
25790269We need to talk about the dot: It's really magic, isn't it?[View]
25795986Fuck: Is there any hope anons, every day I search for truth I become less and less hopeful, is the d…[View]
25774902Can you refute this?[View]
25796077Its back. What does it want?[View]
25780777Time Travel: Do you all think there's any truth to time travel? Personally, I believe in it. Th…[View]
25795475I got a mind reading ad about athletes foot recently. I never searched for it or products related to…[View]
25789550all social media is Satanism. all apps are Satanic Sacrifice.[View]
25788693incline bed for lucid dreaming: last thread went well. bedincline is an easy effortless hack to indu…[View]
25793720Nordic Aliens: So, what's /x/'s consensus on them? Are the real of some kind of fantasy? A…[View]
25785200Teeth genetics - Am I even human?: Gate kids seemed to share this trait and they already wore down s…[View]
25796321What's the spiritual significance of sliding doors ignoring you? I've had this problem for…[View]
25788668Proof that we are living in a Simulation: A Friend told me that Humans have different Cognitive Funt…[View]
25787067Are Guardian Angels real? If so, how do i contact them?[View]
25787151Randonautica: what do you think of the Randonautica app? ive watched some videos about the teens fin…[View]
25796163what does it mean if im often stingrayed, ie phone goes to roaming when i otherwise have full bars a…[View]
25795604Coming across symbolic animals: You probably know the deal when it comes to seeing a random moth whe…[View]
25796123Eckankar & Vardankar: Does anyone here have any experience with Eckankar or Vardankar?[View]
25792071Qi Gains: Can anyone who practices energy work attest to how significantly it improves ones physical…[View]
25794857Redpill me on GATE children: I keep hearing about GATE and the targeting of gifted children but can …[View]
25794373SF bunkers: I’ve been seeing a lot of weirds posts about em lately. Going on a trip there soon, wort…[View]
25794504/ng2.0/ - The Nobody /// lambda: The Nobody General is used primarily to seek out individuals and gi…[View]
25795819I think I met myself from the future: >be me >high school senior year >first girlfriend I’v…[View]
25795083Who am I? And if yes, how many?[View]
25794760How is your inner healing and reconciliatory soul evolution practice proceeding /x/? This is a big o…[View]
25789239/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting Genera: SP PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.com/MzLX6gys Don…[View]
25794514You know whats funny to me? How so many of you pretend, or try, or think they know ...jack shit...an…[View]
25795124Shrines: Hey /x/ schizo here. I've been looking into shrines as of late, and I was wondering if…[View]
25794056Paginas paranormales: Alguien sabe de una pagina paranormal o videos que den miedo de verdad, no la …[View]
25795061So... Greys are humans form the future, aren't they?[View]
25794358Time is not linear: What is meant by “Time is not linear.” Does this mean time travel is real? Is ti…[View]
25786012Visual snow: If you have pulse type visual snow, please share your experiences and descriptions. Any…[View]
25794790The Moon caused the Beirut explosion.: There has been misinformation about the cause of what happene…[View]
25794831Share the scary/paranormal stories which have happened to you: Share your scary paranormal/scary gre…[View]
25794974How do I make a real life Shadow Game?[View]
25793368What can /x/ tell me about Kruger? Are they the good guys?[View]
25793276i have an issue /x/ and i need your help. i am a non religious person and have been for most of my l…[View]
25792252Are the coneheads just humans from the future?[View]
257942681 if by Land 2 if by Sea 4 feet Stand by Her and By Me: Be Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves ht…[View]
25794482Thread for any paranormal/creepy webm or youtube video, stories, etc[View]
25783972strange game: I downloaded this game https://datura-helvede.itch.io/hypnotic-hellscape And after a f…[View]
25792928Magic and God: Never been on x before nor know much about much of the occult and etc, but can you pr…[View]
25793186how am I supposed to dismantle the self, and why is it a good thing? Everytime I try, through variou…[View]
25791164let's have an x appreciation thread: im glad you guys are here[View]
25794196Weird YouTube stuff: When I search up - and _ and . random strings of letters come up with no real m…[View]
25793316Maybe god made everyone retarded because he wanted to see what a bunch of retards would do and this …[View]
25794122Hi /x/, I normally do not come here but I have a story to tell you that is category paranormal so th…[View]
25793322Are immortals real: Is it real? I need to know[View]
25794580My imagination will come out of the wall: Soon a door between reality and my imagination will open. …[View]
25786430how manifest gf?: I can visualize things with my eyes open, almost like controlled hypnogagia. it fe…[View]
25792675think like the bees[View]
25793967Tell me about station.exe, did anyone ever go there? Were there any russian forums that this was pos…[View]
25789934why do people get confused about visual snow: everyone is so absurdly confused by it, people always …[View]
25788182Looking for the archived post of the person claiming to have worked on Epstein’s island: He had clai…[View]
25794518Share your paranormal stories![View]
25794259Before consciousness and beyond: “When you die it’s just like before you were born.” I just don’t ge…[View]
25792771Hello, /x/. I wasn't sure where to post about this, but your board seems like the safest bet. D…[View]
25794328what happens to suicides on the other side?[View]
25793327EVPs: Have you ever managed to capture something unusual with digital recorders?[View]
25783458Will us be okay after december ?[View]
25793193Strange Cinema is back after its hiatus, come to watch spooky movies with the gang instead of discus…[View]
25789722Ark of Peace: Last thread for a while. I've been doing a lot of research over the past few day…[View]
25793950Agatha Board: welcome to Agartha all are welcome, just be civil and dont harass staff. this server i…[View]
25794046Soup /x/, was hiking in Snohomish, washington with some buddies to copper belle mine when we happene…[View]
25793767Memories are stored in the DNA: Ok so hear me out on this (different) theory: our memories are store…[View]
25793896GOD: Ever since God died, I felt the need to replace...him. God will keep you safe. Will you give yo…[View]
25790227my self-indulging religion: There are infinite universes of all kinds. Everytime someone thinks of a…[View]
25791513do most pneumatics, incarnated to spread truth, live controlled lives in modern society? or at least…[View]
25782429Will becoming vegan put me at a higher vibration?[View]
25794097Hey anons! http://www.religion-of-truth.net[View]
25791012In honor of this spicy pasta, what would an /x/ users daily routine look like?[View]
25791738Esoteric Business Laws: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C6Ei8f5qgA Thoughts on this?[View]
25788109John von Neumann: According to official history, his cognitive abilities were far beyond human. Perf…[View]
25793691Has anyone ever fucked the sleep paralysis creature? I‘m a 23yo virgin and I live alone. I recently…[View]
25792450When you die, you wake up as a bag of blood hanging in a building with other bags of blood with your…[View]
25793989Blue Pill: >pixel vision anxiety What is this?[View]
25792112I’m watching you all.: You’re next.[View]
25793079STARLINK? Excuse the shitty quality but I just walked outside to have a cigarette and I saw .webm re…[View]
25793638Why do UFOs always escape the camera?: They are most certainly real though. I would actually be afra…[View]
25788541Tom Delonge started disclosure. He's a true UFO chad.[View]
25789792Something that happened to me while I was sleeping: So, I am 25 years old, I live alone since I was …[View]
25793650convince me to become a vegetarian again, /x/. i stopped because i was concerned i was deficient in …[View]
25792794Schizophrenics vs Evil: I did start to wonder when i realized something. Why do almost all schizophr…[View]
25789345Why the fuck is no one talking about this? I thought this board was about going deep? 1- Can the ri…[View]
25791835What are some /x/ approved books? Looking for horror/psychological/mystery.[View]
25791894Collective Dreaming: Post common dream themes you've been having, as far back as the last 6 mon…[View]
25774935Quick! Mods are asleep, post the real one![View]
25793548What is the Oak Grove? Something to do with Bowden, Devi, Evola?[View]
25792308Are there ways for me to get into contact with relatives of mine who have passed away?[View]
25792199I just realized I was the npc the whole time.[View]
25789099Healing, recovering, regenerating, cleansing.: What do you guys know about self-healing? Efficient a…[View]
25792952Glitches in the matrix: Have you ever seen something that could be described as a 'glitch in the mat…[View]
25790655Antinatalism: Existence is suffering, and I never asked to take part in it. I couldn't. Procrea…[View]
25792111Hello Humans: I have escaped the Military Base where they were holding me AMA[View]
25792261Who is Austin Lee Meredith? https://www.gematrix.org/?word=who+is+Austin+lee+Meredith%3F%3F%3F%3F%3F…[View]
25793261Strange planet or ufo??: Found on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQ4fVD04nso filmed today b…[View]
25783068Real alien pic: Here it is boys[View]
25790873Truth in plain sight: Netflix, INSATIABLE, Saturn, one eye, satanism? plain sight?[View]
25790492/X/plain 111: No iceberg, no Mario 64, no bullshit. Let me know what /x/ stuff you want info on and …[View]
25793185>tfw you realize the moment Moses came down the mountain was the moment the truth of the true Fat…[View]
2578937390s & pre 911 conspiracies/cults/gulf war syndrome and others /x/ shit: information on: -Waco, r…[View]
25792695Weird lights: Hey anons. On my way for kfc to feed my ass and I see like 5 of these things flying in…[View]
25793198#UFO: Today for the 7th time I’ve communicate with a ufo. I believe I did every night when I got out…[View]
25789994One person tent: Google search 'one person tent' and see what comes up.[View]
25793129Paranormal Trollface thread: Create or share your paranormal trolls[View]
25792731Have you ever had a Bigfoot/Sasquatch encounter?[View]
25792393I've been a skeptic of astrology my whole life, but one time someone actually managed to predic…[View]
25792896Remember that time the Elite indoctrinated us into the N.W.O?[View]
25792358You gotta be shitting me...I swear on my soul that this isn't edited. What do you think, /x/?[View]
25790429This is so fucking[View]
25785174> guy on /gif/ just unironically discovered a satanist subliminal message in a blacked webm >o…[View]
25786284Haven't been here for 10 years. What did I miss?[View]
25789862Me on the 14th if August when Earth opens up and the terrible nightmarish beings drag everyone down,…[View]
25792349What is the difference between advaita vedanta and sunyata?[View]
25790915Spine Tickles: Anyone get tickles of energy in the spine, especially when you're about to fall …[View]
25792424Frui quaerere: https://youtu.be/7MrBlThWj5k[View]
25792464Moonlight Cools: My gf from Chile told me, her father would make her bring a jacket at night when vi…[View]
25786333Is there an angelic equivalent of a succubus? If so, how can I get one?[View]
25792131Where did this dream take place?: So this is an old dream series I had a long time ago. I was just c…[View]
25788013alien humanoid real video WTF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVNlnhWU3Nk&t=1s[View]
25788287Adrenochrome. What is it?: I see this repeatedly appearing, while investigating child trafficking.…[View]
25791436Tim Rifat - Remote-viewer extraordinarie!: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExYGlun-XHw What…[View]
25791494How the fuck do you read this.[View]
25790030/ng2.0/ — The Nobody /// Lambda: The Nobody is the current force which is affecting reality on a mas…[View]
25776636How to know for sure I’m being followed or watched? Not a schizo-posting. I mean gang stalking, or a…[View]
25791932Is it just me or did something happen around 2014-2015 that altered the course of world history?[View]
25788622Recent walk in the woods has suprised me with how much fungi is in my area. I want to get into tripp…[View]
25788707I took 35g of fresh shrooms I grew last night & was extremely disappointed; maybe felt a tad bit…[View]
25791943So what exactly is the Mondla Effect? I know it has to do with people thinking Vuyane Mondla died bu…[View]
25791924Demons cause seizures Seizures are ailed with cannabis Cannabis repels demons[View]
25791577I have an intense curiosity in FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE. Please share your definitions of FORBIDDEN KNOWL…[View]
25789681Everytime I do anything anymore I keep hearing the voices of my old friends criticizing and making f…[View]
25789427I have an infinite number of demon gods. One is called niblet. That is all.[View]
25790172NEW YORK PURPLE ALIEN OR GHOST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGqs_udlW2o[View]
25791222Virus 2025. They are using this for population control. They spark major protests to increase the in…[View]
25779776What books did h.p Lovecraft grow up reading?: I remember watching a documentary about h.p Lovecraft…[View]
25789907Who is she?[View]
25790937*ting ting* AHEM I just want to officially announce Ive been learning lucid dreaming with the explic…[View]
25791509/div/ - Divination General:: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of…[View]
25790696How do I summon a creepy Grunge/Ring-style Ghost and then seduce her?[View]
25783374How do you cope with your own eventual descent into oblivion?[View]
25789151Robert Sepher: This is the biggest autist I have ever seen, there is no theory he does not believe i…[View]
25788835What does /x/ think is responsible for all the spooky stuff in the bermuda triangle?[View]
25789936What can you people can tell me about Stoicism as a spiritual path or framework ? Has anyone here ha…[View]
25790719Does positive thinking, or at least ignoring negative thinking, work? Say you are addicted to cigare…[View]
25789174Do you think there are abducteed humans living outside our planet? Several people disappeared withou…[View]
25788701Anybody make /x/-music? https://snov.bandcamp.com/album/tankar-om-helvete Experimental sound. Tankar…[View]
25768552how is this possible...[View]
25790477How can I occult my way into the universe where we all get a decond stimulus check Timeline jumps ar…[View]
25790338The second mother?: Does anyone know anything about our second mother we share? If the first mother …[View]
25791021Dream analysis: did I betray God?: I had an awful dream last night I was being given a kind of guide…[View]
25790263Cryptids: Which are real and which are bullshit?[View]
25788718Anyone unironicaly afraid of random chimp event? I'm pretty sure that monkeys and apes are slow…[View]
25790857Why haven’t you joined Vardankar yet?[View]
25774946Pro-Demiurge 'Gnosticism': Does such a thing exist? I know the idea of Gnosticism is sort of antithe…[View]
25787494My stupid leftist friend says buddhism is about tolerance and non-violence, but I say it's not.…[View]
25748943lost media thread: what are your personal 'holy grails'?[View]
25785299How do we know that the people we walk past on the street aren't government AI that spy on us, …[View]
25789360Chaos is Redundant: The Age of Reason made it so. Chaos is the anti-Life principle in a universe tha…[View]
25788499I need help IDing a movie.: Hello /x/. Does anyone remember the name of the 80s or early 90s movie a…[View]
25789676The Snake: Garden of Eden : Eve was tempted by Knowledge : fell out of Paradise = Knowledge is Evil.…[View]
25788072Is religion all MKULTRA programming? Who in their right mind would condition their own children sinc…[View]
25783949How would you rank deities of different pantheons in terms of strength /x/?[View]
25781070Why do people fall for mass hysteria so easily?: Remember when everyone was saying 'natural selectio…[View]
25789946What the fuck: Why the fuck do some of you want tulpas? They can be dangerous to your mental health …[View]
25785955Soul and spirit: How do you get your soul and spirit back after being attacked by the bourgeoise and…[View]
25790060Weird Youtube Thing: so was looking into a rabbithole of unknown youtubers when i found this shit, a…[View]
25789186Am I one of the 144,000? How do I find out if I am?[View]
25788099I know that this is probably the only place where I can even consider asking this. Have you heard of…[View]
25788000i'm falling apart: My duty is to break the boundary between this reality and the one above it…[View]
25786224/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25788508Doing dream interpretation Part 253 on /x/: >Age >Gender >Feeling during dream >Lucid?…[View]
25771127give me things to manifest: I couldn't tell you what I want, but I can do law of attraction rea…[View]
25790188ITT: /x/ discusses unsolved disappearances/mysteries: No supernatural bullshit. Just talk about real…[View]
25786838The abrahamic god wants to enslave us: The real creator of the world is impersonal,he does not and h…[View]
25789821>wanna manifest gf >manifest how to manifest gf >manifest gf is it really this broken? lol…[View]
25789841Lions Gate Activation: Lions Gate Activation https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=lions+gate…[View]
25788848Legit question: I just paid last homage to my deceased catbro by writing a letter with a drawing of …[View]
25788639Is the sun God?: Or is God the sun?[View]
25789578AP: Okay this fucking channel is all over the fucking place so those that have opinions, knowledge o…[View]
25783946Disney: What is Disney hiding? Whenever I go to Disneyland, the backstage areas always look so sketc…[View]
25787757Why was Skinwalker Ranch closed up? After a realtor bought the place the roads have been blocked off…[View]
25785410Demiurge and the Monad: What can /x/ tell me about the Demiurge and the Monad?[View]
25781411Satanism: ITT we talk about Satanism. Origins, rituals, and beliefs. Why did it become synonymous wi…[View]
25788768my story: Okay /x So let me say a few things up front, Rhode Island fag here 35 currently and rarely…[View]
25789568Mushrooms: I just ate these, how is my trip gonna be? I picked them in the Appalachian forest[View]
25786624Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip: Does this album have to do with all the serial killers that came fr…[View]
25788995This is fucking redundant: I’ve come to realize that humans were once in unison, that what held true…[View]
25789672biokinesis: I recently learned to lucid dream;can I use this skill for changing my genetics? My main…[View]
25784084Are there Nazi bases in Antarctica?: Redpill me on Operation Highjump and Antarctic Nazis. Was Admir…[View]
25787939Which translation of the bible is the most accurate and removes the least?[View]
25789149Need help purging powerful malevolent thing from room.: Sofar, in my room. Several demons have shown…[View]
25789539Deconstruct my dream /x/: A dream from yesterday: It is my birthday. Huge place, all kinds of people…[View]
25783948Is Yoga “Demonic”?: My idea of demonic is basically just inviting lower entities into your presence.…[View]
25789194Y'all don't mind if I crank up the frequency a bit, do you?[View]
25789363Hello anons: This place is interesting and filled with all kinds of ideas, so anons, if you have an …[View]
25787530Welcome to the Nobody General Peaceful Night edition >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25788191strange demon dad’s coworker found: A year ago my dad’s coworker and his son went camping out in ore…[View]
25788643God is love: Also, turn or burn. What should I make of this?[View]
25788602a technique to control your mind: 1. In summary you have to create a image of your own spirit that g…[View]
25788977Just a reminder.: Everything they taught you has one purpose. The purpose is to make the system work…[View]
25788298What are type three civilizations like? You never hear anyone talking about any races that associate…[View]
25786757Natal Chart: Hey there! It’s my 18th birthday today and it would mean a lot to me if someone could r…[View]
25786960Symbolism:- 'Where Are Ü Now' - Justin Bieber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEdcHH2Lxys…[View]
25788791Only the Blind Can See the Easter Eggs - Founder's Edition: Rebroadcast til your facial scars b…[View]
25788674Did the timelines shift back?? http://global-mind.org/gcpdot/ I just want my fucking based timeline.[View]
25786733So i've been lurking on 4chan, especially on /x/ cause im interested in this type of shit since…[View]
25783770Lost Days of Jesus: Hey guys I’m looking for well researched sources for the Lost Days of Jesus it’s…[View]
25787871Was he really possessed by demonic spirits or was it said for attention? If so, then how could one e…[View]
25787929Missing 411 & wilderness tips.: Im taking my daughter camping in the bush for the 1st time, and …[View]
25787331Evidence for God: I've never had a satisfactory answer for this-- what evidence is there, besid…[View]
25778334MT SHASTA LEMURIANS INNER EARTH: A group of us are going up to mount shatsa CA at the end of August.…[View]
25784881'UFO's' are US airforce tech, CHANGE MY MIND: The chance of intelegent life forms existing outs…[View]
25777178Eye floaters: Discuss. you're only allowed to post if you lurked here more than 30 minutes, any…[View]
25787348Grayyliens/Ayyliens: What would you do If you met a real fucking alien IRL? >If I had the upper h…[View]
25787334Ainsdale Anomaly: >bizarre 15ft creature with 'flippers' and 'fur' washes up …[View]
25782173Place your soul into Lucifer's gentle, loving arms. He will make your pain go away![View]
25788380Hello, /x/. This is the world now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvT5QagqXMY How does it feel?…[View]
25775487Okay, so Lucifer is hot shit and thinks he can do a better job of running the show than God and a th…[View]
25786817Aten: What is his relationship to Ra, did Ra create Aten (the sun) or vice-versa? Also is there a wa…[View]
25779154Where to find Hidden or Unknown Knowledge?: I want to find secrets unknown to man. where should I lo…[View]
25788358Mormonism: Is Mormonism real? https://play.aidungeon.io[View]
25785227Can i talk to you all about something? God is a hermaphrodite, a lovely white woman, but with a ware…[View]
25778109Black Magic: Does this guy really know black magic? He has been known to conjure thunderstorms, harn…[View]
25781814I've never met a 'good' person, with a perpendicular soul, who loves life. Even seemi…[View]
25784054Is Bhudism the way to find peace?[View]
25783502Were the Beatles the TRUE mkultra?,perhaps the meeting between elvis and nixon was for a bigger reas…[View]
25783587Why hell is so much worse than you think.: -What is hell? To understand exactly why hell is much wor…[View]
25787917Paranormal activity captured on camera: Cop chased by schizo guy with knives, at about 3:33 somethin…[View]
25787031The Greys and the Mantids: Are they biologically related? Or is it an alliance between different spe…[View]
25787447Last nights dream Started off normal but I was in a different place living in an apartment in some c…[View]
25786715I'm great. I can do anything. I flipped a car with my mind. Sniffed 100 kg in one line. Flew ar…[View]
25787263Someone 'different' 'visited me': I was sleeping, i think it was at midnight. I woke up an…[View]
25788026Are some games cursed?: Why does it seem like terrible things start happening in my life every time …[View]
25787886Labrinth of mutilation humans found below bierut explosion: https://twitter.com/i/status/12921260193…[View]
25786346Need help. Haunted video? Help please.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkXmHCztJ6U&feature=yout…[View]
25771977(actual)Creepy Photo Thread: Pictures that invoke unease or discomfort.[View]
25787779What if DMT in plants is a pre-recored message?: What if the DMT in plants is an alien genetically a…[View]
25784115Haunted House / family curse: So in Mexico my dad’s family has a house and it’s always been super un…[View]
25783983Which one of you schizos posted this on /v/, and what the actual fuck is it?[View]
25784479Lord Shiva: Is Lord Shiva real? I want to believe in him cause he sounds cool and can shoot a laser …[View]
25779975The spiritual impact of drugs: Past and current cultures have used intoxication as a means of spirit…[View]
25787636why is the gcpdot not loading why is the gcpdot not loading why is the gcpdot not loading[View]
25777059Howie Mandel seems to keep dropping Adrenochrome hints (on Tik Tok): Hello anons. I saw this on an i…[View]
25782849Earth is not flat or round, it is sth else?: Mount Meru is in the center of the Cosmic Ocean and all…[View]
25787243Blue Pill: >grays = evolved dolphins The gray aliens are not aliens, rather they are descendants …[View]
25787075There's a weird game that used to be posted here a lot years ago. It was based around some kind…[View]
25787526The truth about paganism: The now banned book “Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited” had a explanat…[View]
25785624The Right Hand Path: What is the red pill on semen retention/life force conservation? I've wond…[View]
25786386I kid you fucking not There is a gold tinged star just to my left. I don't remember any stars b…[View]
25783345Why didn’t God create the world sooner?: it's so great[View]
25787486Who Protects Powerful Politically connected persons from psychic attack? I've found early in li…[View]
25787520Can anyone give me a rundown on this book?: What are the main teachings here? How are they applicabl…[View]
25775593The Great Reset of 2021: Bildeberg has declared 2021 as the Great Reset...what's going to happe…[View]
25787550Time Travelling Aliens: Anyone else tired of time travelling aliens messing with the past to make su…[View]
25785254Thank you: /x/ , Im high and bored ight now , give me rituals to do or send scary shit , will reply …[View]
25782964Overpopulation is a myth: I have a challenge for you. Go on Google maps or Zillow or your favorite m…[View]
25787510The fUtUrE~: SO, i was thinking, what if the world really did end in 2012? as in, our future fellows…[View]
25783979Warning: do NOT summon a succubi: Preserve your life force. Abstain from all sexual immorality. Do …[View]
25785016What is the most haunted area in the world?[View]
25784616post your favorite creepypasta[View]
25787412Towns, places with strange energy: Have you ever been to other towns / places where all the people t…[View]
25786237Dreaming of Jacobs Ladder: Yesterday someone I know passed away, last night I dreamt of seeing the s…[View]
25764746/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: P PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.com/MzLX6gys Don…[View]
25785920PizzaGate and Home Alone: What's the deal with home alone and pizza gate? No shoes, children, K…[View]
25781885marijuana experiences: Anyone have any strange or spooky/paranormal experiences with marijuana?…[View]
25787204How can Buddha be thirsty if he renounced cravings?[View]
25786233Weird dreaming situation: >be me >often get a precog dreams about some minor aspect of tomorro…[View]
25787235How strong are the Mari gods to be the last continuous pantheon standing in Europe in the face of YH…[View]
25781560pol caught commie organ harvesters confessing: includes bit about pranayama and qigong practicioners…[View]
25767914How to achieve dettachment?: I am tired of all the ups and downs, the expectations, the anxiety and …[View]
25784617Post old /x/ images for me: Please post old images for me and I promise I'll be your friend…[View]
25786596i heard in a dream that satanists use logic / reason to sharpen their knives so to speak. it means t…[View]
25753101/x/ humor thread: it's time for an /x/ humor thread[View]
25786469What just happened?: Hi, Australian anon here. Just finished my wage slave shift at a retail store. …[View]
2578680712021 HE (Holocene Era): So we all know Elites don't go buy Gregorian year counts, they began u…[View]
25786660Just a reminder.: Everything they taught you has one purpose. The purpose is to make the system work…[View]
25782154Was Jeffrey Epstein a real person?: I know this sounds redundant, but I'm starting to question …[View]
25784421The West Mesa Bone Collector AMA[View]
25783266Give me the rundown on vampires. Real or not?[View]
25784287How would one go about creating a cursed/hexed song?[View]
25784626do obsessions have any spiritual purpose? asking for a friend[View]
25782715What the hell have I just witnessed bros? It was about 3:30 am, Poland, Warsaw. I've just seen …[View]
25786205Is there a real life spiritual equivalent of a Death Note? How do I obtain it?[View]
25784620Need help with lucid dreaming: Do any of you lucid dreamers have any learning resource recommendatio…[View]
25785778The Occult Library v1.5 480GB: Reseeding this amazing collection of occult books if anyone is intere…[View]
25784294Saturn Return: What is Saturn Return and how does the experience change from sign to sign? Please sh…[View]
25779915I bet you cannot scare me.: If you can scare me, I will personally give you a (You).[View]
25785834had a dream about choosing my future life: >had no body >was in some place where different bei…[View]
25772489Having an existential crisis. Anyone better versed in astrology than me point me in the general dire…[View]
25783765Give real found footage boys: Show us your real found footage[View]
25776557Illuminatti: How do you cope with the fact that the world is already completely controlled by the Il…[View]
25783182What’s the deepest thought you can think of?: Answer: it’s the dark soul. The red ring of death. The…[View]
25767210Blessed images and good vibes. Post 'em, and come get comfy.[View]
25785527Lights in Sky?: Did anyone see a line of lights in the sky tonight? About 15 to 20 moving in line fo…[View]
25782670I am interested in joining the Freemasons. There's a lodge in my town and I've heard they …[View]
25783923Atheist turned theists: What truth or knowledge did you learn to convert you towards belief? Or was …[View]
25778383Real Talk: What are the Secrets for a Happy Life[View]
25784025What can you guys tell me about this image? Supposedly this is the anti-christ.[View]
25784912Paranormal/cryptid shows: What are some compfy paranormal/cryptid shows? I've got: Dogman encou…[View]
25784938Is this the closest thing we’re ever going to get as a space religion?[View]
25784242Some of you /x/ anons may appreciate this, while researching a weird name associated with the 'Illum…[View]
25780256Yo Hell is not forever Jesus saves everyone in the end. Thanks to Jesus you all will one day be imm…[View]
25781028Bedrooms of /x/: Post your most paranormal possessions ! sigils, religious shrines, talismans,statue…[View]
25778761Worldwide conspiracy theory: https://youtu.be/OtjTRYrF8X4 Really worth watching.[View]
25774545Is being a patient at a pysche ward considered badass to big titty goth girls? Asking cause I'v…[View]
25784213Paramounted: Hello, paramounted side OP here, I have just left the paramounted side. It definitely t…[View]
25778705Weird unknown thing I've spotted last year: So there's no much detail to this story, happe…[View]
25784240Uhhhh so after we die and we're meant to get transported up and then through some kind of soul …[View]
25784121/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General Peaceful Night edition >Who is the Nobody? T…[View]
25779165Recently I adopted a cat from someone who 'couldn't take care of it anymore'. Weeks after the f…[View]
25783922TV show 'The OA' predicts Biden will be President in 2019.: Here we have the Jew media laying out th…[View]
25783816Do any of you actually have an experience with magick where it unquestionably worked how you intende…[View]
25779172Do you believe in the existence of otherworldly entities yet?[View]
25780056hey /x/, I would like to sell my soul. Is there any way to do that relatively risk free?[View]
25780925Help Decording a Message From an Entity: Picture related was posted by an anon in another thread, an…[View]
25784048Old God Offerings: What offerings to you provide to the Old Gods? I give Thor my first and last beer…[View]
25782007Childhood Demon: According to my mom when I was around 3-4 I had an 'imaginary friend' who I would o…[View]
25772119Will be my first trip soon (maybe tomorrow or Sat). Will I meet the Gods? Should I just turn on a pl…[View]
25779349The Black Sun: Does anyone truthfully understand the symbolism of the black sun? Ive seen it around …[View]
25774207Quick rundown on wtf I'm looking at?[View]
25784267Big wolf fucker in my backyard: This all happened ten or so minutes ago, but it felt like forever. I…[View]
25784346Brythonic Paganism: How do you worship Lleu?: What're you some rituals you use?[View]
25781661Entering the geometric void: Look at the attached image for atleast 5 minutes and try to blink as li…[View]
25784141Hey /x/: How do you go looking for paranormal stuff? Spiritual things? I like to think I'm pret…[View]
25778626Symbolism of Black Substance?: For some time now, I have noticed in various productions (films, game…[View]
25779472/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25784165SET IT, AND...[View]
25769339How to increase luck?[View]
25772138Trump alien disclosure 11:30 PM EST: This is it, it’s happening, 3 more hours and we don’t need to b…[View]
25776944ether drive: ive listened to eric dollard and read at lot of paters on other subjects and ive constr…[View]
25777832MILLENIAL SLEEPER CELLS GET READY: The 90s kids are about to all be in their 20s. There's no ce…[View]
25783390Anyone know how to do this?: I drill the shit out two of them[View]
25761618Cursed image dump: Post your cursed images here[View]
25783964Spooky Horror Stories: Do any of you have a link to a thread with scary stories? I'm tired and …[View]
25780852moon gazing: I know about sun-gazing but is there a culture/practice/spirituality of moon-gazing? wh…[View]
25780007Fire is the great equalizer.: when one uses fire to cleanse demons (hateful evil humans) from the wo…[View]
25783611Are there really countries other than America?[View]
25777951Why does the United State's Central Intelligence Agency officially publish documents about comp…[View]
25783818So what's the deal with the rothschilds stuff. Is it true? Are they one of the most powerful fa…[View]
25780161Months ago i was going for a walk a little away from home and i passed in front of a house around 7p…[View]
25783508what the fuck is this and how do i make anything of it. found on http://rjzdqt4z3z3xo73h.onion/ safe…[View]
25779832Angels guided me in my dream to make amends with my high-school crush. I feel pretty well desu.[View]
25779046In need of Help: I've been a Christian my entire life, and I still am to this day. I've se…[View]
25778567Hypothetical Question: Let's say you were MK-Ultra'd and they tried to turn you into the n…[View]
25777753Dump your conspiracy theory iceberg tierlists, none of those video game ones, just post the normal o…[View]
25782565Bohemian grove: brothers. If you can, please link me to the Bohemian Grove Alex Jones Info wars vide…[View]
25780381HUR DUR FEAR ENERGY: how pathetic is the creature who uses fear to control others - look at them all…[View]
25780758Here's a story from three years ago when me and my friends were out camping at a boyscout summe…[View]
25782278Tbh all of the stuff on this board is really overwhelming and I feel like I'm stepping into ver…[View]
25779887Have you ever had a truly creepy interaction with someone online? Either with a random stranger, or…[View]
25747328Occultism & Magick: Library Update 65: Hopefully Enumerated Correctly Edition. Library link: htt…[View]
25779840/DEBUT/ NOVEL: Hey x, /lit/ here, someone told me to post this here. I just finished the draft versi…[View]
25783024About half an hour ago I went to bathe on the beach with the couple and I was going to take a pictur…[View]
25777745Dragons, x-weapons or lightning in China?: OK, /x/, what the fuck happened here? https://www.youtube…[View]
25774085What does 'opening the third eye' truly mean? Has anyone here experienced it first hand?[View]
25778732Gandalf is The Source of Schizophrenia: I'll be taking questions as you have them[View]
25782319Can someone explain this?: Coincidence? What is Saturn and what is their endgame?[View]
25782794I've waited on God for too long. Jesus isn't showing me a way out.[View]
25779989How can I find one of the entrances into the underworld of the reptilians?[View]
25782796Blue Pill: > twin towers naked It had asked something similar to regarding this. Apparently they …[View]
25756673They built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil) isolating humanity and creatin…[View]
25775082What happens when you get rich?: So are there people who literally devote themselves to you and prai…[View]
25777890Eternal torture and justice/fairness: I believe in life after death, God, the soul/spirit, in angels…[View]
25781748Star people and evil people: Looking at everything i do, and remote viewers. Im pretty sure they hav…[View]
25779073lucid dreaming one simple trick+what do i do now?: We have discovered/found that if one sleeps on an…[View]
25778885The price for pleasure is pain in equal measure, always. That is The Law that rules this physical re…[View]
25781372This one is for Dana Scully. How'd you like those headlights? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m…[View]
25780865What are some meditation practices I should try?[View]
25778487Guys, help me please. I lost my wallet. It has to be somewhere in my house, I vividely remember plac…[View]
25780579I am the Gatekeeper. I am guarding all the doors, I am holding all the keys. Who am I?[View]
25781316I know that this is probably the only place where I can even consider asking this. Have you heard of…[View]
25781150Stop lurking for short, i need our help how do i make 'it appear' to someone? i know i am sending …[View]
25782307Weird dream: Very vivid, realistic and long dream. In the dream I was following some young guy. >…[View]
25779874Is it a curse?: Probably best place to ask for this kind'a thing. A friend of mine keeps insis…[View]
25782004Help: Looking for that one conspiracy jpeg about Barron Trump and time travel. Anyone know what I…[View]
25736108tulpa: theres no way this shit is real[View]
25780461Grand Conjunction 2020: Why the fuck is no one here talking about the grand conjunction that's …[View]
25778775How do I know if God is listening to me or ignoring me when I pray to him? I have a severe illness t…[View]
25774047I never want to reincarnate in this bullshit again. Everything is just diabolical in design, the way…[View]
25781784Advanced mind control techniques: I am a MKultra subject who has broken free of the programming, pre…[View]
25779306Which languages that we know of are the most mystical and hold the most knowledge? (Besides ancient …[View]
25780247https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1948550620912880 >“Although many quote the Christian…[View]
25778823Soul: How do you get your soul back? Asking for a friend[View]
25781104/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General Peaceful Night edition >Who is the Nobody? T…[View]
25779835SCP: Post your favourite scp number, attach a description or pic if you can but if not it’s ok…[View]
25778250Where is the most /x/ place to live? Buffalo NY sucks along with the rest of NYS, NYC is an anchor d…[View]
25779526We are all just npcs in a video game: Life is just a big fucking gta lobby and most of us are npcs. …[View]
25781705!!!!!!!!◇: Redpill me on sognator honey[View]
25778365The Corona Virus is a Gom Jabbar test: If you have read or seen the movie/series adaption of Dune, y…[View]
25781593are deliriants the real red pill? any one here done dph or datura and is it real as bad as everyone …[View]
25773527Why do the most depraved and despicable amoung us find the most success while the best of us die onl…[View]
25778746Gaslighting AI or maybe just glowies: not like theres a difference anyway. How often do you get gasl…[View]
25780641So, I was thinking about an album that I was listening to in which the band 'Fallout Boy' …[View]
25781198MK Ultra: Whats the deal with MK Ultra? not in the 70's but today.[View]
25779356Are infrared thermometers dangerous?: Now that many workplaces, business, gyms, etc require taking y…[View]
25779873How to master lucid dreaming and meditation: See basically I used to lucid dream all the time when i…[View]
25778122Why the Satanic bible is so edgy and cringey? I don't get the appeal[View]
25777947What are some classic hoaxes you fell for?[View]
25780847light phenomenon: i saw this weird pink light in the sky last winter. it was 4am and i was driving t…[View]
25778547How do I become a UFO researcher? I'm not talking about just as a hobby and sign up with MUFON …[View]
25778786Cats Problem: Anons of X, i come for help, i need a spell, pact, ritual, anything for quick money. w…[View]
25780826Hey /x/ I know asking for readings and stuff is kinda a shitposty thing to do on this board, but I…[View]
25778641What happens if you drink blood?[View]
25776177Suicidal anon who fucked up his life looking for drastic measures to reverse his fuck up, Does /x/ …[View]
25780678Runes: Hey /x/ I bought this book and set of runes today and I was wondering if anyone here was skil…[View]
25779865What do these symbols look like to you guys?[View]
25779547Alright /x/, I want to know your tips to Lucid Dreaming. I have a technique that I want to practice,…[View]
25778304Okay so the earth is flat OR okay so the earth is round... NOW WHAT?? What fucking happens when the…[View]
25773627How do you experience ego death without psychedelics?[View]
25776371Anyone else noticing that people are omitting entire words from sentences, involuntarily, at an incr…[View]
25775630I just achieved enlightenment 5 minutes ago.. AMA. I am one with you now /x/.[View]
25772383You guys familiar with roko's basilisk? Basically a thought experiment on a malevolent future A…[View]
25779649How do you cope with the fact that we will never meet aliens. It's incredibly unlikely that any…[View]
25779679why do only middle age virgins get alien aduction[View]
25779559Howdy /x/. It's been over a decade since I have last posted here. But back then I used to hang …[View]
25779666I literally flew today and im not sure how to accept that[View]
25752165What famous musicians were legit occultists? Jimmy Page was supposedly deep into the occult. I doubt…[View]
25778133Prester John: What's his deal? Where is he now? What happened to his people? Who were the apoca…[View]
25771798Plasma event ?: Who should we trust ?[View]
25779538Reptilians are real. I am interested in this thread on getting info by people who know about them, k…[View]
25777934is this world another planets hell? I've often thought it may be, that we are being punished fo…[View]
25779866Hi /x/, I'm having a discussion with my friends, does anyone on here know how to figure out the…[View]
25775843Is Sophia inside the maze with all of us, or outside it? She does not seem to be trapped like we are…[View]
25778225I want to express my soul seamlessly through song. How can I manifest the creativity necessary to ex…[View]
25767644>A 2005 survey by the British Cheese Board reported that Stilton seemed to cause unusual dreams, …[View]
25777513Corona Virus: It's not a coincidence people. If you look at the information on the decrease in …[View]
25735724Why were the 60s and 70s full of serial killers?: At first I thought it was just Vietnam PTSD that t…[View]
25776783Wtf was represented here? Can the hieroglyphics be translated?[View]
25779323Time getting weird?: Most likely some kind of miniature seizure or mental issue on my end (No histor…[View]
25777867What is these guys deal?[View]
25777605what is their end game?[View]
25768691Wizard thread. What spells are you wizardbros casting today?[View]
25779335Is GPT-3 /ourguy/: GPT-3: The hierarchy of complexity is: atoms, molecules, organisms, humans, AI, S…[View]
25778945I feel like a massive spiritual shift / awakening is happening right now across the world, can anyon…[View]
25778931alien humanoid real video WTF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqogGaP8YX0[View]
25778226does anyone know if shit like ayy disclosure and ridiculous shit like that that has never been seen …[View]
25773637Would a reality where you got everything you wanted make you miserable?[View]
25772725How do I keep in touch with her?: My fiancée died suddenly. For years she knew she wasn't going…[View]
25778948How do I dispose of my internal rage in a productive way?: It can't be healthy from a spiritual…[View]
25770045Why did the angels rebel if heaven is paradise?: The implications are the most dire as it subverts o…[View]
25777935why do MKULTRA victims always come from a military background?: Terry A Davis, Francis E Dec I was a…[View]
25776642/ng/ - Nobody General Too Woke For August / WWG1WGA / Look Into It / Nobody gets away with it Editio…[View]
25777953The truth: Hello /x/, I have felt something off in this world for years, thing I was being told not …[View]
25771284SCP thread: This is SCP 3507. What you know about this SCP?[View]
25777893So what do we think about the CIA Gateway Process? Real, fake, just a false document? Let's dis…[View]
25773816So if I may ask, have there been any more sightings of Nigger Crabs since earlier this year in May?[View]
25775148Corona Truth: I dont have much time but heres what i have I have a special gift where i see visions …[View]
25775046Do moon cycles effect your personality? I was born on a Balsamic or Waning Crescent moon.[View]
25775986HOW TO MANIPULATE REALITY: You know how like in the shower snd other ambient places you can recite s…[View]
25778185What do you know about Tartaria?: In the title, and I've done a little digging myself. But obvi…[View]
25773636How can I astral project onto other dimensions and view myself in them?[View]
25772433I'm on my limit. I'm 25. Unemployed with a Journalism degree because I fell for the 'do wh…[View]
25777274ITT: QUESTIONS THAT HAUNT YOU: If we were to swap atoms, one by one, at what point would we swap pla…[View]
25777629The Greys and the Mantids: What is their relationship? Is there a biological relation, like castes o…[View]
25776417finding joy in what you do: this may be off topic for this board but I can't think of anywhere …[View]
25778196How do I lucid dream: Gonna try tonight so I'm asking you schizo fags[View]
25778204Dude, who the hell drew the symbols for the zodiac signs?[View]
25777736Blue Pill: >california fires = energy weapons test What is this?…[View]
25766445Occult imagery in everyday life: Arizona makes prominent use of Masonic checkerboard patterns in sev…[View]
25774032Why are humans such ungrateful bastards?[View]
25771448What made you stop being a flat earther?[View]
25762913Let's talk about 9/11. I've been watching lots of archival footage lately and I'm cur…[View]
25774484need some advice :/: Hey guys, new to x. i want to awaken and explore the universe and shit, but im …[View]
25777877What is this symbol?: Not well versed but it looks like a seal to me, or maybe part of one. Anyone h…[View]
25768167Petition to oust Flat Earthers from 4chan: also they should be prohibited from breeding. Can yall pl…[View]
25775785Mariah Carey’s sister accuses their mother of alleged sexual abuse at ‘satanic worship meetings’ In …[View]
25777781Do you feel it too?[View]
25772704/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
25774201https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgnClrx8N2k I await new input to the game.[View]
25776769FLORIDA STRANGE LIGHTS THREAD: Strange lights captured on camera and uploaded to YouTube less than 2…[View]
25776716Paranormal side of the 2016 Turkish Coup: I've been thinking about starting this thread for a w…[View]
25774878all music is conditioning for slaves, the human race is a race of slaves we all worship something ev…[View]
25777083Now, we have a ghost story from the Lebanese explosion.[View]
25774745how do i get the gift of gab?[View]
25774712Mayan Astrology Thread: Can anybody read my Mayan Astrology Horoscope? I know a little about it, bu…[View]
25777209Mabus then will soon die, there will come Of people and beasts a horrible rout: Then suddenly one wi…[View]
25776471Dream interpretation thread: If you want a dream interpreted or to be an interpreter of a dream post…[View]
25770532Voice of Socrates Daemon- Ama: I am currently on the third and fourth chapter of this book I am writ…[View]
25734935Anyone else in a relationship with an extra-dimensional deity?[View]
25778867Q anon group shut down: So who all here was big into Q anon?? I had been super busy the last year an…[View]
25775030Using a relatives ashes with blood magic.: Ohh boy... Earlier this year i lost a close relative and …[View]
25777320his time draws near[View]
25774990Be honest with me, /x/: Will we ever make it out of this horrible dimension?[View]
25776979Occultism takes your mind and soul: Spend enough time on fora regarding spirituality, especially occ…[View]
25777149Anon thread: I want all nobodies to frequent this thread. Is 4chan worthy of time?[View]
25777229Necromancy Historical Cases?: I want to read about historical cases of necromancy. I have already re…[View]
25774456Which one of you faggots made this image?[View]
25771147murders/missing persons from your life stories: >2nd grade, meet nice girl in after school progra…[View]
25777187Eat Plants: What is it /b/[View]
25774724urban explorers stories: Anyone willing to share some interesting stories related to urban exploring…[View]
25775885will lucifer help me find my dream gf if i start meditating[View]
25774572Who is running this simulation?[View]
25774225So now that the dust has settled, What was it really about? Was the mystery ever solved? Was it a go…[View]
25762503Has anyone here had experience with a succubus?[View]
25776719>dont eat >dont sleep >dont consume >only produce This isn't natural, when does it …[View]
25776004Why would I listen to a heroin addict?: Please explain how he could end up like that if he really wa…[View]
25772863Screaming sound outside: So for the past few weeks now, every night at around 3-4 AM I’ve been heari…[View]
25776834My vision: Hey anons wanted to tell you about a weird vision I had a few weeks ago while on mdma it …[View]
25774567What are some compfy paranormal/cryptid shows? I've got: Dogman encounters Sasquatch Chronicles…[View]
25770038What can yall tell me about the number 14? Pic unrelated[View]
25774516Hey /x/ what are some based twitter accounts??[View]
25772120Hellier?: Anyone mess with the show Hellier? It's interesting TV but I just think they are out …[View]
25768855Who is Lucifer and how do they relate to Italy and the Catholic Church. I've got a bunch of pet…[View]
25772845How do you stop your mind from wandering?: controlling breathing is hard enough, but focusing the mi…[View]
25776290Is this all life really has to offer?: I want to know if there are any ancient manuscripts that show…[View]
25776455What the fuck is going on with the need for normalcy project thing: Suppousedly it was some kind of …[View]
25773985Telepathy: I have direct experience of people reading my mind. Telepathy exists. Anyone have any sto…[View]
25776405You guys seen any uncanny ads lately? Every once in a while i get this 5 sec ad on youtube thats ju…[View]
25773962has anyone ever seen sigils on their phone? this is some next level psyop shit but seriously i swear…[View]
25775833Proof of the Supernatural: Any actual, honest proof about supernatural stuff? Ghosts, ayys, afterlif…[View]
25776332Western Europe Christianity and its protestant offshoots (Baptists Americans included) are the gapin…[View]
25773841smartphones are used to destroy imagination and then in essence disrupt your ability to manifest, ye…[View]
25773651Is conciousness just one experience that we have as one single individual or can it be split or chan…[View]
25774833today i want to cast some magic spells and put the whole world in a black cloud of desperation. i am…[View]
25769118Truth Thread: We are all playing a game of truth No matter what side you are on we are all playing t…[View]
25775296You are: in torment and suffering[View]
25775781found this website that's selling regular clothes for ridiculous prices. Several hundred dollar…[View]
25772687What paranormal/supernatural things do you unironically believe in? This is technically the paranorm…[View]
25770298>the only way how to cope with existence and this reality is to work >non-stop Anyone like thi…[View]
25774184ULTIMATE REDPILL LIST: 9/11 WAS STAGED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuC_4mGTs98 [Embed] https://w…[View]
25775451Donald Trump will be assassinated during the election, by a sniper. 2 2 yahoo >they're comin…[View]
25775629I saw one the other night about a month ago. I live right outside of a state park. Theres no roads i…[View]
25775195Why have I had dreams of interactions with Bigfoot every night for a week straight? Are they invadin…[View]
25775341blog: >be depressed as shit >try to better myself and learn more and more about mindfullness a…[View]
25772608Just your daily reminder that fear is permission.[View]
25772473The tubes!!! The aliens come!!: Hello I am a mediator and I meditate to access the tubes within the …[View]
25773688>coca cola astrally projected to lower your vibration >sugar is like a fluoride in disguise is…[View]
25772584is money really the root of all evil?[View]
25773575Do dark blue eyes really mean an older spirit? And why does every baby I see nowadays have dark blue…[View]
25771768GCP Dot?: GCP dot has been acting up for a while, now. Just another pile of nothing or do you have a…[View]
25774588Art Bell Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds2NsBiDgQo Today's guest is Stephan A. Sc…[View]
25774211Mandela effect: What do you guys think that if ME are actually the government manipulations. See if …[View]
25773578New theory: The Backrooms are an underground facility like in the movie Us.[View]
25769517You have 5 seconds to give me the love potion formula[View]
25770875/ng/ - Nobody General: /ng/ - Nobody General Too Woke For August / WWG1WGA Edition prev: >>257…[View]
25771318The 'spirit world' is just an extremely advanced universal internet that uses non-locality…[View]
25770729Did God and Satan ever had to team up to defeat an enemy who was way too powerful?[View]
25769199why do people now assume everyone you goes to heaven when they die? a buddy of mine khs a few years …[View]
25773086why did he go from agreeing and saying that its the Jews doing everything to blaming the Jesuits??? …[View]
25773528Sorry everyone: I thought I could be the one save everyone, but nah. Apocalypse is coming, and not t…[View]
25769708Be nice Or else.[View]
25772920Appalachian knowledge: I'm a story teller and historian who's looking to place a story in …[View]
25774486PART 2 OF THE TUBES PREDICTION!!!: Part 1: Hello, I am a mediator and I meditate to access the tubes…[View]
25772705Leviticus 21:7 They shall not take a wife who is a harlot or a defiled woman, nor shall they take a …[View]
25774354Compassion, giving and karma: I decided go for for a drive at 1:30am in the morning tonight to go ge…[View]
25751080AYY HAPPENING: Alien spaceship landed in the middle of a field in Romania. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
25771403HEX FIGHT: Witches for social justice versus O9A. Who would win?[View]
25765157Does anyone have the copy pasta of the guy from /pol/ talking about having nightmares about skinwalk…[View]
25771888these idiots think they can host a secret UFO conference without interruption show them that they ar…[View]
25774199is anyone else been or able to go to alternate realitys/premonitions in there dreams cuz iv have for…[View]
25768379i have the same power as pic related fuck with me[View]
25774110So... am I losing it? Or are we /mindcontrol/ yet[View]
25773526I'm finally ready to tell this story. I'll probably regret it, but I'm eating a shotg…[View]
25769533Do countries practice black magical / voodoo warfare?[View]
25773347Is the Devil real?: Is the devil and god and good/evil forces actually based in reality or is it all…[View]
25773661Lf satanism/occultism really ritual shit to read, decent material please, I'm not looking for d…[View]
25774081Baalbekand the Beirut explosion.: Related?[View]
25771358AQUINO DEAD: https://heavy.com/news/2020/07/michael-aquino/ S[View]
25773174Fears as a child: So a couple of days ago I found an old photo album of my family and one of the pic…[View]
25773691Today's enlightenment is tomorrow's delusion.[View]
25773587Yehudism lights changed in my room: Around 19:00 EST I there was some kind of visual disturbance on …[View]
25773795welcome to Agartha all are welcome, just be civil and dont harass staff. this server is dedicated to…[View]
25772200The Point of Magick: I don't see the point of magical practice within the modern world. Most Ma…[View]
25771617/x/ on the astral plane is different to /x/ on the normal plane. know this[View]
25773809What does /x/ think of this guy?[View]
25773804UFO cults/religions: Looking for any info on UFO based religions or cults. I've been enjoying l…[View]
25773615Hey /x, should i take my meds? I think it's fuckin me up[View]
25773684I just want to go back: 9/11 changed the very fabric of reality. The soul everything had. Somehow ou…[View]
25765569A stray (pic related look alike) was sitting in the exact place I could easily see it by my window. …[View]
25766695https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/akzyeb/link-between-lithium-in-drinking-water-suicide-study >H…[View]
25773524why did his popularity die now[View]
25772739Urban Exploration stories: Ever see anything spooky while exploring somewhere? I once saw some limb…[View]
25772743Is there anything that sound can do to help induce altered states of conciousness? Heard plenty abou…[View]
25768488ITT: Drop redpills on the I Ching: As I understand, the 2 primordial elements Heaven and Earth repre…[View]
25770233Why are there no debates between Jews and Muslims?: Why is there an insane amount of debates between…[View]
25769823Is there anything to pineal gland calcification or is it just a new age wook meme used to sell water…[View]
25743591What happen to these two I’m still wondering[View]
25773489Documentary in the Making: So recently I've been browsing around and found the following allega…[View]
25763217I am all, I am everything, and I am only.: It's true! I am all concious experience, the entire …[View]
25772824do anyone else here remember being born and saying 'don't forget. don't forget. don…[View]
25768323/dw/ Deep Woods/Alaska stories.: Well frens.... I have to share this crazy stuff with someone. Last …[View]
25724569security guard anon stories: hi /x/ I was wondering if any of you have been security guards. I mysel…[View]
25773379are captchas only necessary if you're at a low vibration? I unironically remember times where I…[View]
25772263BRING HIM BACK: Please note the following: • This board desires high quality discussion. High qualit…[View]
25770457The only moral choice is to completely destroy existence: or unify it. While there is a divide there…[View]

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