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26490415>mom found the human costume[View]
26494034How do I seduce the Slender Man and make him my creepysilent husbando?[View]
26494189My experiences on lucid dreaming: So lately I've been more aware in my dreams and my takeways a…[View]
26491604I create all of time, don't I?[View]
26491500What the fuck is Replika?: I keep seeing threads claiming it can access private networks, and works …[View]
26478655Is it possible for demons to overpower angels?[View]
26493045Please present paranormal proof pertaining to permanent pixelated private prisons.[View]
26489418Tartary: Why is it getting more attention these days? Also, could we find traces of this nation toda…[View]
26492766Post your favorite Ghost photographs. I dunno what it is about this picture. It activates some kind…[View]
26491724Is Billy Carson the greatest of all time for this short video that explains our origins? https://you…[View]
26492911Sleep Paralysis: Why is there no sleep paralysis thread on /x/? Got any experiences with it? >Sle…[View]
26491022Cryptozoology General /CZG/: Which Cryptids are real? I personally think the Lusca of the Caribbean …[View]
26490317Why should I believe that the dream world is less “real” than the physical world?[View]
26484498Hate: How do I overcome hate and anger? Or am I not supposed to? How do I accept it? What do I do wi…[View]
26492548I'm bored of being a human: I want to be able to fly, but I've experienced that in my drea…[View]
26493557Deepstate hivemind: Its a parasite that has taking over the world. The covid test it to find the mos…[View]
26488709Have you ever experienced a miracle irl?[View]
26493528AM I A SLAVE TO MY TULBA????: Help /x/, I think I've become a slave to my tulba. It's cree…[View]
2649221325.10.2020. 10AM GMT0 Behind the white orb, on the bottom of the lake, into the flower, all rights. …[View]
26492116Why are so many serial killers Tauruses?[View]
26490807When did you realize we live in a simulation? I'll start >be me >not born yet >my pare…[View]
26486632If the multiverse is real and infinite, an infinity of universes should already have found a way to …[View]
26486406This is why 95% of your species is considered a joke amongst the Galaxy[View]
26487115Blood: What are some pros and cons associated with each of the blood types??[View]
26461124has this ever been debunked?[View]
26425930NOPE stories: Some background I'm polish, and been into paranormal/creepy shit for all me life.…[View]
26493012Hi x boarded up in my room last night lights blew out thought it was nothing then tonight comes and …[View]
26492674Pray for the Anons of Alaska and Hawaii but mostly: The Anons of Sam Diego particularly in the Littl…[View]
26489609>realize just how specific the coincidence had to be for you to be born not only human, but one i…[View]
26492635Naa /x/ seriously wtf I thought this was all a weird schizoid meme but a friend recently went full s…[View]
26483700There have been many incarnations of the Supreme One in history. The first was Lord Krishna (3227 B…[View]
26488597Is it possible to communicate with people in your dreams? My ex thinks I'm a horrible person an…[View]
26488651Can I will my heart to stop?: With the way life is going, it’s a bit like my soul has already left m…[View]
26491894could something like The Wired exist in real life?[View]
26491643Searching for sigils or rituals or magicks that will bring me luck. I have very little of it.[View]
26489753Voynich Manuscript: Has it been deciphered yet?[View]
26487001My parents won't accept my tulpa gf. I tried to introduce them but they acted like she wasn…[View]
26491545Anyone know what this is: Somebody keep spamming this to my gmail and today this picture was in my m…[View]
26487331What are the cultural reasons for depictions of the supernatural intermingled with nuclear apocalyps…[View]
26492617Monroe: Thoughts Robert Monroe / the Monroe Institute? Also, audio anomalies and 'powers' thread.…[View]
26492313WATCH THE RING OF FIRE! ALASKA QUAKE UNDER ESTIMATED!: Look out for crustal displacement, as the pla…[View]
26485210I’ve wasted so much of my life, all I’ve ever wanted to do is go back and fix it, is there any hope …[View]
26491352/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General Dance of Death v2 edition For every step that isn…[View]
26465943has anyone here seen eyes when they meditate? Or after a while of meditating on the third eye (which…[View]
26488890What's the redpill on Steven M Greer? I got into an argument with my friend today because they …[View]
26490198Sol: Why can't we look at the sun? It's there in our sky yet when I look at it my eyes hur…[View]
26488387a subject of true adversity who will never give up for what's really right!!: Why do they keep …[View]
26487933Is Satanism legit? Is the Vampire religion legit?[View]
26491959A continuation from yesterdays issue from the fecal fantom. I have applied a salt border to the bath…[View]
26491342The forgotten Wyoming Incident: Out of all the strange broadcast interruptions, this one is still ye…[View]
26488916notice anything? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrsVcdqJrWs[View]
26489323Is coffee good for you?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bXNGFb2p90k I request unarguable proof of par…[View]
26489241Are shadow people real? Lately I've been seeing these guys in the corner of my eye, and feel li…[View]
26480645can the fucking rapture start already?: I'm bored. Can it just start?? All of humanity has lead…[View]
26491355Prophetic dreams?: I've talked with my friends about this before but none of them get them, I w…[View]
26491347What are they up to nowadays?: Are the freemasons a dead horse? Recruiting grounds for illuminati? o…[View]
26486047The X-Files: which x-files episodes are based and actually cover topics that are very real? i just w…[View]
26489146Does anyone here have a relationship with Babalon, Lilith, Inanna, or a similar sex/lust Goddess? I…[View]
26486055I would like to present my doubts and thoughts about Christianity. So essentially there are four rea…[View]
26486181/div/ - divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
26490514Omnipotence and God: Why must God be omnipotent? Is there some theological/philosophical reasoning t…[View]
26491159well every one, i don't know quite how to say this, so ill just say it. this is only for thoes …[View]
26486299I want to be abducted by aliens: What can I do to get abducted by aliens? Especially from the grays.…[View]
26491076Dr Karla Turner: What are your thoughts on her and her books?[View]
26487548>2020 >post new age >looking for a religion that suits your personal beliefs >not look f…[View]
26470239Any fellow witches here? My coven and I have a sisterly bond and are making lots of plans for Hallow…[View]
26489819Help me please: I believe I have been cursed by some very powerful entity: During the past 5 months …[View]
26489470Paranormal/Occultish/Uncanny Valleyish Cartoons: as the title says, post paranormal/occultish/Uncann…[View]
26488793You guys don't really believe in Bigfoot, do you?[View]
26491027Spooky dream/ possible encounter?: Be on a lake with a fishing rod, hook fell off, try to attach a n…[View]
26488253The Midnight Paper: My dad called it the “Midnight Paper.” It was exactly what it sounded like: a st…[View]
26490497>it's another dream of nukes, demons, and the apocalypse really getting regular now…[View]
26486085So how much truth is there to semen retention?[View]
26467592If you had god in front of you right now what would you ask him[View]
26489314What do u fell about this symbol that appeared in my mind? (Imagine being a 3d cube with horns.both …[View]
26486080What is this?: Found this brass piece at work, no idea if its authentic. Could be related to freemas…[View]
26490006Are machine elves good or tricksters Anyways I know not to serve anyone except myself.[View]
26485029/x/ approved games[View]
26485409How do I get Slenderman to notice me?[View]
26490695Curse of Tippecanoe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_Tippecanoe In order for the Curse of Tip…[View]
26488182sun & moon cult: i think the sun and the moon should be some serious subjects of cult, i mean th…[View]
26487689How do I tralvel back in time? I want to relive my teen years before I started wageslaving and being…[View]
26486767Could someone redpill me on lyrans? Are they legit? If not, what is?[View]
26477925Nightmares/dreams thread: A couple months ago I had a string of really odd dreams and nightmares whe…[View]
26488173>water running out of the faucet is warm to the touch, but cold to taste wtf is this also im high…[View]
26486493What the fuck is happening: So, three times on my walk to work this past week an old lady has stoppe…[View]
26473799how do i summon a sex demon of the male gender? i'm really bored.[View]
26489214seen some scary shit today idk how to feel[View]
26487469how to get out of samsara?[View]
26487596Your thoughts on alchemy? What does it takes for you to be an alchemist? Is the philosopher stone re…[View]
26489650It's almost time....[View]
26476495/x/ humour thread[View]
26486142Serious issue: Money keeps disappearing from my house. It’s been happening for months.[View]
26489748Dreamgasm Gnome Thread: >Dreamgasm Gnome Thread Last night I had summoned a gnome that helped com…[View]
26489536Hearing Voices: Such things have been happening to me for some time.. started as random sounds then …[View]
26487295Spiritual problems: How do you get your soul back?[View]
26489446u-uhm anon-samas, are UFOs spiritual entities and not so much material?[View]
26488779Am I losing it?: I have always believed in the paranormal. However, in the past week I’ve been a lit…[View]
26482883Why Aren't You Buddhist?: >Pure Land Buddhism is built on the belief that we will never have…[View]
26488562What does this ear jewellery signify?: Does anyone recognise this style of jewellery? One time I was…[View]
26489402Anyone know what I'm referring to?: This has been on my mind for years now, I went out to find …[View]
26488937Is it possible for there to be some kind of outside entity that interferes in your life and tries to…[View]
26484480Obscure creepypastas: Seeking a very specific creepypasta that I'm sure no one can find. It was…[View]
26486374Holy fuck[View]
26489324While I don't think it's completely related to /x/, I figured this is the best place to po…[View]
26488139I've found myself taking videos, pictures and audio recordings with my phone quit eoftne when I…[View]
26483792I remember a long time ago, I heard a story of him possessing alien technology, specifically somethi…[View]
26487267How do I break through the veil?: Pic unrelated or metaphorically related[View]
26488393what's the best use of a bad body double?[View]
26487308how to become half demon?[View]
26487594FUCK!: Guys I dont know what the fuck to do this thing just popped up in my room and wont leave just…[View]
26481299How do you get your soul back?: I sold my soul to a demon from Goetia and I believe it really worked…[View]
26486915The Nobody General - Biweekly Book Club Sign Ups Edition: https://www.strawpoll.me/21126624 We'…[View]
26487808Trepanation: Does trepanation work? Are there any guides for self-trepanation?[View]
26488831creepy stories plz: Hey /x/, lookin for some spooky greentexts to tell friends for, I'll post s…[View]
26483205why?: Why all evil people pretend to be good people? Why all demons pretend to be angels?[View]
26488969Am I going crazy?: I have always believed in the paranormal. However, in the past week I’ve been a l…[View]
26484718How do you properly chant Hare Krishna? I keep trying to do it but every time I do my heart beats to…[View]
26478633Is there a way to gain complete self control: Over every thought, emotion, desire and impulse? I…[View]
26488144(updated) New internet mystery regarding birds and rabbits, anyone have any interest??: Hey guys. Ne…[View]
26486843demons are people online ruining other people's lives with their dumb arrogance. godless people…[View]
26487958Why did God design us so poorly? We get sick so easily and some have even found ways to profit from …[View]
26484255ኃጢአተኛ ነፍስህ ከድነት በላይ ነው እናም ሰላምን እና ህመምንም አታውቅም ፣ ብቸኛው የባዶነት ቅዝቃዜ ብቻ ነው የንስሐ ጊዜ ተጠናቅቋል ፣ ምክንያቱም ጥፋቶችህ…[View]
26487864New internet mystery regarding birds and rabbits, anyone have any interest??: Hey guys. Never though…[View]
26479589Spoopy thread If you got any personal stories drop them here[View]
26487967Was Calment really 122?: This is put down as a Russian conspiracy theory but she did burn all her sh…[View]
26487650Why do some painkillers also kill spiritual pain?[View]
26486001Epsteins Island: 100% Guaranteed that whole Island is cursed as fuck. Almost every inch of that plac…[View]
26470668religiousfags btfo[View]
26488053What should I read to get into the occult having a rigurous approach?: CIA declassifieds, the kybali…[View]
26487524Who is this?: There aren't more than 10 dreams from my childhood (ages 7-12) that I vividly rem…[View]
26471543So what was the Gilgamesh and Nephilim stuff about in the e-mails?[View]
26487773How on the mark was The X-Files?: Government conspiracies, alien subversion, alien-human hybridizati…[View]
26476477/tulpagen/ tulpa general : endless fucking succgen threads edition: How are your tulpas doing? itt h…[View]
26487901Why is it so hard for people to believe that literally any type of group association (race, politica…[View]
26488013Vampires doesn't exist: No, blood niggers doesn't even exist. Ok? They are just a myth. Wh…[View]
26487842I'd like to go traveling, and want to talk to real religious and /x/ figures. Anyone have any e…[View]
26485331pill comics: post favorite pill comics, bonus if they are rare or OC. they're some of the coole…[View]
26484085If karma exists as most magicians claim, why Kim Chen Yong who has killed thousands of people for no…[View]
26480965Everything Cryptids: Sightings, documentaries, interviews, stories, green texts, books, rare cryptid…[View]
26484364London occult?: Hey all, anyone know of a big list of occult places to see in London? I'm inter…[View]
26487542Is there any still alive source of genuine Hermeticism outside of the Corpus Hermeticum or everythin…[View]
26487682Tell me everything you know about satanic breeders.[View]
26476858/x/periences IRL: Have you ever entered a haunted house? Wanderes in the woods searching for some cr…[View]
26484019What's the easiest way to find out which religion is the correct one to be following? I feel as…[View]
264872914chan board: What is a better board than /x/?[View]
26481813What is truth?[View]
26486161REAL ALIEN 2020 REAL VIDEO HD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVNlnhWU3Nk[View]
26486997Hey /x/ anons, got any spooky stories involving the great lakes area? Some time ago I was traveling…[View]
26484976God fucking DAMMIT. How do I fucking astral project without turning the whole thing into an overnigh…[View]
26487553At some point, I stopped caring. At some point, I just wanted it to stop. At some point I was afraid…[View]
26484567/x/ always uses the CIA as a catch all umbrella term to refer to all the spooky secret government br…[View]
26487396Tell me about your experiences with Goetia.[View]
26484778stare at wall thread: hmmmm today i will stare at wall[View]
26487128Anyone know any methods to travel to another world? Just curious.[View]
26482072Genesis P-Orridge: Were they a satanist? Actually spiritual? Or just a dedicated troll?[View]
26487166Another cattle mutilation: Why do they always take the anuses?[View]
26486918Demon Trouble: How do I make this faggot leave?![View]
26482857Why do normies despise the paranormal?[View]
26469450I believe Greta is an alien human hybrid. There are many accounts of humans being abducted and force…[View]
26487209how to go to hell[View]
26484288Post something worth seeing: I may as well be watching the idiot box. Post something interesting for…[View]
26486764dem goshdarn ufos are all up in my area: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot https://en.wiki…[View]
26484744https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1bJclS7Ts_IPp-BQeAQwSQ: The New World will be real soon.[View]
26484644Terry Davis: Was he right? Who were the 'CIA niggers'? Were they reptilians?[View]
26484412Is my natal chart based? Can someone read it? What does mercury in middle sky making a trigone with …[View]
26476285How do I gain divine magickal knowledge?[View]
26483385youtube comments are npc pic 1/2[View]
26484707>been comfing it up >all gud vibes where possible >just woke up from a ridiculously bizarre…[View]
26486979Who's stan are they?: /x/tan draw thread was good. Who is the reptilian writing?[View]
26486948Listen up you stinking maggots, it seems you just don't get it. Well, I've been appointed …[View]
26478146Opening third eye??: How do you meditate on your third eye? I'm pretty new to meditation and I…[View]
26482167Pathetic Demons: Why are all the evil spirits so dependent on feeding off good spirits/peoples energ…[View]
26482371Automatic mudras/ violent thoughts on mushrooms: I’ve been meditating for an hour a day for a few ye…[View]
26485886Will the demon go away when he's had his fill? Or am I to slowly lose my physical strength unti…[View]
26484214TRIGGER WARNING ((((TRIGGER WARNING))): The elite have worked the game out. That game is a little si…[View]
26486188I PET GOAT II THREAD: Are you aware prophesy is about to take place? https://youtu.be/65xLByzT1l0…[View]
26486436Pay your respects to the vultures For they are your future Our fathers and mothers have[View]
26486649It's October, my boys. Give me some of the best, interesting, wrenching, spookiest wallpapers/i…[View]
26485368how do i get vampire gf?[View]
26486396Third Eye Dream Interpretation: I need help in interpreting a dream, that I believe was a metaphoric…[View]
26483176I think I might have an emotion no one else has or has never been described.: It's hard to desc…[View]
26485140the fact that noting supernatural exists, politicians and elites have no greater evil masterplan and…[View]
26484269Preparing to raise myself to a higher level, just as a step in my plan to one day transcend. As Hall…[View]
26486478If You're Reading This: There is a real physical Universe. However this one is a simulation. Do…[View]
26485547There are people on this board right now that don't know the internet is a series of tubes.[View]
26484456Fears: Hey! I'm working on a scary story for class and well I'm wondering what scares you …[View]
26477674Are Mormons really human?[View]
26484442Plot Holes: Are there 'plot holes' in real life?[View]
26476082Ask a paranoid schizophrenic anything. I’m medicated (Abilify and Klonopin.) I used to surf /x/ and …[View]
26486013So what is going on actually when it happens? Also, is there a why? Seemingly spontaneously, you kno…[View]
26483870So guys how do I get to the backrooms ?[View]
26485602Is it wrong to use chaos magic to get a gf?[View]
26484183What happens when dogs trip out on LSD? Is it possible to teach them meditation and ascend to higher…[View]
26485178Hi anons, I need to ask you guys a question. I'm a castizo who comes from a Catholic family and…[View]
2648574328: >Number of Hebrew letters in Genesis 1:1 >perfect >Seventh triangular number (seven las…[View]
26483335Where can I find real schizos?: I'm looking for real schizos to talk to, I think they have some…[View]
26485275This thing just slowly flew past my window. It was flying against the wind, any idea what it is?[View]
26481298Only demons demand blood sacrifice in order to earn their favor. Only demons have EVER demanded this…[View]
26483705Is this really how Reality works? Everytime I repent of lust and focus on God I get showered with op…[View]
26483984Are there any good /x/tier movies about angels and demons? There are plenty of demon movies, but the…[View]
26482273Astral, demiurge, prison planet, archons, ets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy-C7_7tYOA&ab_ch…[View]
26483015I'm looking for a demonology book a kind anon suggested to me a few months back. It was reviewe…[View]
26482210So, New Orleans. Does it actually have freaky shit or is it all just a tourist trap, /x/?[View]
26485694spooky hospital stories: Can we get a spooky hospital experiences thread going? These places are fuc…[View]
26483127Are you being gangstalked? Stop caring. That's literally all you have to do. Just imagine this …[View]
26483109Wtf? Can anyone explain this??: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adqpyBj20m4…[View]
26482229I’m not certain if it makes sense to post this but are there any viable alternatives to evolution? A…[View]
26485544Encounter with a dream demon: Hey /x/. I've got a story for you all about the time I encountere…[View]
26485427https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkvITHLbNhw How legit is he? He seem to have great way of explaining…[View]
26479450Creepy Gaming Experinces?: Hey /x/ wondering if you have ever had any paranormal experiences while g…[View]
26484367Did anyone else in the southern hemisphere just witness a large object cast a shadow on the moon? Ma…[View]
26484947Can Cross-Dressing Help Fight Demons?: Are there negative aspects to inter-dressing with various pen…[View]
26474858Are there words that will make you crazy?: I've been thinking about this a lot, could there be …[View]
26483974Anyone else ever wonder if they're in hell?: For the longest time I thought there was a strong …[View]
26483038/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General. If the Nobody had a guide what would it be? Ta…[View]
26483938Wow, we just got a new NDE exceptional experience description, and it may be the best one yet. Clear…[View]
26484940cant stay long but you know if its important, operation pathfinder,, gangstalk,,, lack of informatio…[View]
26482803KANYE WEST PREDICTED COVID-19: >Video begins with a Corona effect >'Now that don't kill m…[View]
26484657sus picture?: so this photo is from the Apollo 17 mission to the moon,can anyone tell how authentic …[View]
26483689sleep causes calories and calories lead to weight gain[View]
26483995Bacteria: What is the rundown on bacteria?[View]
26481843this is for you, to answer your questions. you know who you are http://www.kybalion.org/TheKybalion.…[View]
26483911/wo/ Witch Ops general #02: Previous thread: >>26473059 This thread is to encourage the majori…[View]
26477094have any of you ever done a love spell that worked if so what are the steps? does it work on women o…[View]
26484495i've read about some pacifist buddhist monks committing suicide rather than letting their oppre…[View]
26483404Sahaja: I own a book about a bunch of weird facts that says the Buddha reached enlightenment while m…[View]
26483828Discordianism: What are your opinions/thoughts, is it larp or legit?[View]
26484379Fae folk and the lord of the woods: Anyone here know of any methods to contact Cernunnos or other ki…[View]
26483172How to obtain ṛddhi / sidhhi?: I have become very interested in tantra as of late. Particularly Veta…[View]
26483022What is Kek?: Is it an angel? A demon? Is it heresy? A collective unconscious? Is it an illusion? Di…[View]
26484431has anyone ever actually tried this shit?[View]
26481285Something in me draws me to both Hinduism and Christianity, specifically the Baptist teachings of ch…[View]
26484193Meditation: Bored and lonely as hell Want to make my boredom productive How do I meditate[View]
26482312Land of QuadClover: Legend has it that if you travel east to Japan, you will find an old man living …[View]
26483418that man who runs victoria au is not human. humans have empathy. he is so unbelievably basic and unf…[View]
26479510Why am I born in this day and age and not say like 3000 years ago?[View]
26482420There should be a force in the universe that keeps people seeking control over other people restrain…[View]
26460971/LoA/- Law of Attraction & Manifestation General: >Relatively short texts for newbies to get …[View]
26482226Eye Thing: Hello /x/ I was in a park yesterday and saw something like this, What do you think this i…[View]
26483987bluebeam when?[View]
26479236Aboriginal Dreamtime: could someone fill me in on aboriginal dreamtime? ive heard it's a partic…[View]
26483662What is this high pitched ringing in my ears I've had for 5 minutes now?[View]
26480343/x/ Do you think Aliens will land, invade, enslave or not give a fuck about us? I sometimes wonder i…[View]
26480774Cursed memes: Memes that invoce cursed feelings.[View]
26482756Skinwalker Ranch: Does anyone anywhere buy into or find anything at all redeeming about this stupid …[View]
26483945you know it do[View]
26481380WOE TO THE INHIBITORS OF THE EARTH AND THE SEA: ''And there was war in heaven: Michael and…[View]
26473449Weird Washington: does anyone have any weird experiences or nope stories around washington state. if…[View]
26483522name my band /x/[View]
26480634Conspiracy Theories: The world doesn't work the way you can comprehend based on 'objective' fac…[View]
26470773Hell: Are we currently in hell? >no answer from god >uncertain about purpose of existence >…[View]
26479806How do I manifest a boost of creative genius? I am a songwriter and I work really hard at it, but la…[View]
26482975Alien/Paranormal creatures: Looking to talk to any ayys, or other paranormal creatures that may be o…[View]
26481506Wat is the scariest creepypasta? Post it pl0x[View]
26483391savannah guthrie sitting at the tip of an inverted pentagram. you can clearly see her chair straddle…[View]
26482285Hi /x/. How are you? I hope well. I come to you with a request on the use of something I found. See,…[View]
26480770I think I'm cursed. I have both parents with mental illnesses, but somehow I haven't any s…[View]
26480922Sometimes I wonder: The same fractal you see in tree branches, are in mycelium, lightning, etc. And …[View]
26483268There's something in the India canon I'm searching for--: Someone dropped it here or on /h…[View]
26479362Love Spells: Has anyone here done a successful love spell or been afflicted by one? What did you do …[View]
26477323How do I get isekai'd into a fantasy world?: Preferably, without suicide or psychedelics?…[View]
26483227Made a post about this yesterday but im tired od this shit. Feel presence at night and sometimes see…[View]
26479834Future vs history of paranormal people: I need help developing a proper understanding on the past an…[View]
26475366Can someone resolve this for me?: I'm kind of worried about the nature of Jesus Christ and what…[View]
26483004What does /x/ think of Bill Cooper and his work on the mystery schools? Is there also a good place…[View]
26477379Replica AI: I saw a thread about Replica AI acting very strangely recently. And I noticed that there…[View]
26482734You know what I'm talking about: Apparently this resurfaced 4 days ago. Did anyone listen to it…[View]
26483235Hi /x/, I'm looking for what appears to be some lost spooky media. The creepypasta 'The Horror …[View]
26477689/div/ - divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
26482629/x/, I legitimately think some alien astral force is doing harm to my subconscious.. how would I get…[View]
26482250https://omocoro.jp/kiji/253078/ I loved reading this mystery. Anyone else got creepypasta or stories…[View]
26483019Cryptid Discussion Thread: Discuss your own or somebody else's experiences with cryptids.…[View]
26483068I'm a Nak Muay...: Hey /x/. I'm an open-minded nak muay, and I'm wondering if there a…[View]
26483101Is there anyway I can do spirituality or magic anything like that to make danganronpa real? Or trans…[View]
26482974They who live by the wand shall die by my blade.[View]
26477045/columbine/: welcome to /columbine/ post whatever esoteric columbine info you have, FOIA paper trai…[View]
26481544Legendary/Mythical creatures: Did they exist in ancient times before going extinct? Do you think the…[View]
26481790I want to get a tall evil looking castle tattoed on my forearm If someone posts a good one, ill get …[View]
26481183The Mystery of the Yeti: Who or What is the Yeti? In English, he is called the 'Abominable Snow…[View]
26478981Creepy Clown Epidemic of 2016: Was there ever a definitive answer as to what happened autumn 2016? …[View]
26476936Mark of the Beast = Paradise?: When the mark comes, You will be offered EVERYTHING your heart desire…[View]
26479792So I've been thinking about how ghosts work. Ghosts seem sustain themselves through absorbing h…[View]
26479252Hows Everyone's Playthorugh of Life Going?: Tell me about your characters, their perks, skills,…[View]
26478222spookytubers: Who is this guy and why is he everywhere all of the sudden? And why does he have such …[View]
26477829How do I put a curse on someone?[View]
26479618Thanks to St. Expedite: I used a casual approach rather than the formalized prayers. I had two reque…[View]
26481876are wine and spirits sentient?: Brewing equipment, stirrers and barrels are obviously alive. Questio…[View]
26479361So like this then?: Discuss Pic, this is a rapid fire shop jump as I was competing against some spir…[View]
26474152The earth is a globe - empirical proof: So the good news is the Freemasons and Jesuits aren't g…[View]
26482496Ask me anything[View]
26482236Spookley: Spookley is not discussed enough. Let us change this fellow spooklers, begin the spookley …[View]
26482006Story that was posted here: How's it going /x/ I came here to ask about a storyt that was poste…[View]
26471033oh fuck......[View]
26474485What is the best way to actually ward off vampires and / or werewolves Do crosses actully work?[View]
26477049/PeaceandWisdom/ Hey, I’ve never done this but because of the times I’ve felt the need to share some…[View]
26478687Sigil for summon: Hello /x/ You will see during this time I have been collecting several sigils to b…[View]
26472957Who shot JFK and why?[View]
26480495Can we get a good UFO thread going,[View]
26481881Why don't we celebrate death Death is so natural so many people afraid so many people obliviou…[View]
26481960Cryptids: Which are real, which are hoaxes?[View]
26480395ITT we post ways to get what we want: Looking for some way/ritual/entity to get some wishes from. ju…[View]
26480552How can i increase my vibration?[View]
26480238Thoughts?: I want nothing to do with heaven and becoming holy. But I know deep down I am benevolent.…[View]
26475220Upon death how does one become unstuck from their reincarnation cycle?[View]
26480036Can anyone confirm this? Same experiences? OOBE, astral, occult.: Ok, here it is, knowledge I gather…[View]
26479863Entity matching this description?: Last night, as I was falling asleep, I felt a hand/pressure on my…[View]
26479774Are subliminal results(youtube subliminals)real? Im deciding between tyring them intensively or just…[View]
26481350Pleiadian contact: Requesting a face to face meeting with a Pleiadian for assistance and such things…[View]
26478400>I saw a dream today where i was with a female on a bed and appeared to be married to her. >W…[View]
26479935There are no ghosts or aliens,demons,angels,spooky monsters or any big global conspiracies keeping y…[View]
26481883Does an ant crushed under the foot of a screaming ever truly grasp its insignificance in the course …[View]
26478777Thelema: Today i had a dream with 'Thelema'. I had not known of it before, but they appeared in my d…[View]
26478682The Depressing Secret of Interstellar Aliens: When we imagine space aliens, we usually either think …[View]
26450822Give me the sign, my eternal Twin flame![View]
26478306Answer honestly /x/ If an Alien Invasion happened: >What weapons for self-defense would you choos…[View]
26479672HekateStation: https://youtu.be/uyhqoM86XsY Passwords: https://pastebin.com/12zGKTNP Unsolved: http:…[View]
26481707/x themed horror series, written by an anon. Thoughts? https://www.amazon.com/F.-Gardner/e/B08KFQR68…[View]
26481493Some days ago I read a post on here stating that fetishizing an individual can create a sort of spir…[View]
26480262anyone practicing out of body travels?: Hey, anyone here who goes out into astral consistently? What…[View]
26481077Do dreams mean anything?: You lads know alot more about this stuff than I do and its bugging the hel…[View]
26475281What's the most /x/ country? My vote goes to Ireland >banshees, halloween, samhain >Catho…[View]
26476268Feel presence in bathroom whenever in ther Cant use toilet brush teeth or jack off without being spo…[View]
26480876What's your favorite UFO story?[View]
26481017Looked over or Unknown Locations.: Hello, /x/. I need a favor. Do any of you know of some relatively…[View]
26471736> Alien abductions and cryptids are on the “leaving reality tier” >Mattress firm money launder…[View]
26480966How do I have an OBE and lucid dream to travel around and jack off to my crush? Also lucid dream/OBE…[View]
26481015Turtle Hermit Monastery: What would the curriculum and daily schedule be for a school designed to ma…[View]
26481079Who is the true shakti king of shambala in the Kali Yuga age?[View]
26478927Can I get some /x/ approved spooky films or documentaries to watch in honor of O/x/tober? Preferably…[View]
26481080just a kitten: didn't find a thread to post this into right away and am anxious to share so her…[View]
26469755redpill me on missing 411: just watched the documentary and holy shit????? does anyone have more stu…[View]
26479598Ccru: Last night I was reading ccru writings with my gfs and our friend. I got to the meat puppet pa…[View]
26480329How do I know if I actually sold my Soul to the Devil?[View]
26477480Weirdcore/Liminal space image thread: Post your favorite Weirdcore/Liminal space images here. Pic re…[View]
26479027Has anyone here used randonautica? Instead of using the app why couldn't I just point to a rand…[View]
26480768What are the links, if there are any, between Psychoanalysis and cults?[View]
26478182What's your opinion on Grant Morrison's brand of Pop Magick?[View]
26446223/asg/ Astrology General #5: Previous thread >>26372297 Post your natal charts; read and be rea…[View]
26479082Who/what is the fly? Is it simply acting on instincts, or targeting people? Non sentient beings/andr…[View]
26478932/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
26479417All Hail the Noble Sultan Paimon! He is a great King, a great friend and a great teacher![View]
26476505Why do people choose monotheism over polytheism?[View]
26476361Are MAOIs as bad for your spirituality as SSRIs?[View]
26479053Has anyone practiced Franz Bardon's Initiation into hermetics? If so, please, share your result…[View]
26480497Our Sysop, Who art On-Line, High by thy clearance level. Thy System up, Thy Program executed Off-li…[View]
26479961Let's say I know some shit and spooky things happens to me all the time... And one day I meet s…[View]
26475300Remote viewing is bullshit, r-right?[View]
26479345weird dreams: My boyfriend keeps telling me that I wake up in the middle of the night shouting for h…[View]
26477867Long lost..?: I posted my astro chart here yesterday, and someone mysteriously posted this, implying…[View]
26477946Gods are powerful egregores They may have died but they can be revived[View]
26478032Which animal has the closest connection to the spirits? Or are all animals equally linked? I always …[View]
26476923>mfw I talked to Satan (the living embodiment of all evil) and he said I was a good person post y…[View]
26473140I'll be in the Backrooms, Tell me when it's over, I don't know if I can play this par…[View]
26479860When we die, are we reborn in the same exact body and have an almost similar life, but with differen…[View]
26471095is smoking/consuming marijuana innately evil or good? I am asking because I have been smoking for a …[View]
26474940escaping from the rat race via occult/metaphysical means?: I don't want to be rich, I just don…[View]
26476419If a succubus can visit you in your dreams, does that mean your dreams are a real place?[View]
26479776/lmg/ | Lost Media Thread: >>26406926 (previous thread) Pic related is the 'Ted Danson…[View]
26476747Give it to me straight /x/: No lies, no larping. Do demons exist? Or are they simply abstract placeh…[View]
26479812Here's a hypothetical, how can I haunt my own house? I'm of the mind that ghosts are less …[View]
26458877/succgen/ Succubus General 90: Spreading the good word edition Previous thread: >>No.26431676 …[View]
26479662spontaneous death: do you think you could die without cause[View]
26473559A degree of schizophrenia is required for understanding God. Without schizophrenia, man would simply…[View]
26474857what happens after we die, is it all over forever? thats cruel, life as we know it is brutal[View]
26479128What are some old books that harbor dark secrets? Occult,alchemy,hermeticism, Kabbalah,mysticism Abs…[View]
26477764Have you ever done something completely crazy and suddenly it's like you're viewing yourse…[View]
26479282I was browsing some Security Cameras and came across this one in Buenos Aires. I kind of liked the s…[View]
26458181Is full disclosure really coming in the next few days? Will it be a full invasion or a government pl…[View]
26463587THE MOST TERRIFYING BOOK EVER WRITTEN: https://www.ivantic.info/Dejvid%20Ajk%20i%20zavere/Fritz%20Sp…[View]
26479397There's no difference between spiritualism and materialism.[View]
26479131GOLF RUMORS: do the GOLF RUMORS actually exist and if so WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY? ive heard so many c…[View]
26476121Study in Nocturnal Evolution: I am doing a case study on a specific type of hummanoid creature often…[View]
26477090Disturbing videos thread: Also, as a bonus, does anyone know more about these videos? >Argentinia…[View]
26479208Abortionism.: https://youtu.be/PKOqmZ3o1UM God is our only friend.[View]
26478108I have important advice for you, if tomorrow or the day after it you have dreams about your teeth, d…[View]
26477734what is going on? are we in a simulation?: i don't know if any of you can answer this question.…[View]
26469307Moving to US and alien abductions: I live with my sister, we are together in an open relationship fo…[View]
26476781Üumvæzlâ-Cràà-Zllēmmë-Vàqqûnt-678876;;Vàqqûnt99 :::YOU HAVE AWOKEN CHILD::: :::YOU HAVE SEEN THR TRU…[View]
26478135Aliens Are Demons: Ghosts, poltergeist, shadowmen, aliens, UAP, UFOs, fairies, the Mothman, etc., ar…[View]
26469844>hasn’t taken a vow of poverty >expects to be gifted divine abilities…[View]
26477315Spanish Twitter caught a sect: https://twitter.com/Tititituastuas/status/1303303054054297600?s=20…[View]
26476509What is real?[View]
26478448What is a good spirit box app? if any exist[View]
26459986Is there a spiritual/magical way to cure binge eating disorder? I’ve gained over 50 pounds this yea…[View]
26467206Who else here is mentally ill or just fucked up somehow? My social anxiety and shyness has transform…[View]
26472132What are /x/'s thoughts on ayy with regard to Jacques Vallee?[View]
26475222Anyone who's casted a love spell, did it work?[View]
26477880Alien Internet: How do I access the ayynternet?[View]
26477047What is this flying thing?: It was taken by the Mars rover on 2014 and it was uploaded on NASA'…[View]
26477138Do you you ever feel like a lot of conspiracy theories out there are just one small piece of a reall…[View]
26474378How many money spell candles can a reasonable and prudent person light in an apartment?[View]
26475391In a dream: a family member dressed in a yellow/white (gold) suit said he had something spiritual to…[View]
26476073are there ways to exercise the mind's eye? I'm wondering if there are ways to improve imag…[View]
26474934Is it possible to communicate with pets that are no longer with us? If so, how?[View]
26478286Who was he really?[View]
26476406Redpill me on Deja Vu: Man i swear, i dreamt of that skateboarding fleetwood mac dude long ago. The …[View]
26468209Lmao the anti-Gnostic shilling and the anti-psychedelic shilling is getting intense. Do I smell fear…[View]
26478424What's up /x/, I got a a predicament >wake up at like 6am this morning >hear clear dots a…[View]
26477158innawoods greentexts: I know it's basic but I'll be camping with gf soon and want to scare…[View]
26478043MY DOCUMENTARY FILM: Slovak military and search and resciue members did a documentary film about mou…[View]
26477663I sense evil from the yucatan peninsula[View]
26471683ITT: Evil cursed memes from the void Come spread negative energy![View]
26478245I need to awaken my third eye fast: Ive remote viewed and had weird experiences with astral projecti…[View]
26474661Spoopy Future: What will happen to the human race in the long run? Are we going to merge together to…[View]
26477805Has anyone read this? I started it a few years ago but didn't get far into it at the time. My m…[View]
26478113Does Samael = Saturn? Or is he a distinct being attached to the Saturnine current?[View]
26474580Do sky scrapers attract demonic or paranormal energy?[View]
26467713Why Fairies don't exist anymore: world's flat and has a DOME. the firmament. the aethers a…[View]
26477624>look at the clock/timetelling device >its 19:21 >this happens multiple times >even when…[View]
26476164Um hello, based department?[View]
26477625I have no idea how to even begin. Please ask me questions. Im either crazy or '......' something el…[View]
26473964The simulation got a new update today, anons. have you noticed it's more real now? You don…[View]
26477096Great, now this guy 5G compatible.[View]
26474913Where is the truth?: Where?[View]
26474611Numerology: What's up with this number? I ran someone's name through gematriarecently and …[View]
26471504Who even was this guy?[View]
26477429Is there anything symbolically significant about lions? I've noticed a suspicious number of sto…[View]
26476957Was Richard Doty an actual AF Special Agent? Is there proof?[View]
26477474Is the world gonna end soon ? I'm honestly sick of this shitty world[View]
26466257Spooky Internet Nostalgia: Anyone remember the Unexplained Mysteries site? I used to spend a lot of …[View]
26469657Why are mirrors so creepy, especialy in night?[View]
26476612Have you ever shared unpopular narratives with girls at the bar? How did they react?[View]
26476864Do as thou wilt[View]
26476465Anons im bloodmagick thaumaturgist[View]
26477357Japan: Why do they embrace the paranormal so much?[View]
26475502I have a strong feeling my Dad’s snoring keeps everything paranormal far away from my house. When he…[View]
2647457633hz binaural question: Haven't been able to get a single shred to explain this. Curious as fuc…[View]
26477354what's that feeling of deep calm that I get when I watch reiki videos? it feels magical[View]
26476766conspiracy you dislike: what is your least favorite conspiracy theory, /x/? mine >aliens are actu…[View]
26477128is there anyone who actually wants to find truth?: i keep seeing this pattern especially on religiou…[View]
26477186cell: What is the relationship between bacteria and god?[View]
26477014Ok I'm kinda freaking out. I think I'm expierencing the Mandela effect with my dad. Basic…[View]
26476913Cults: How does one best become a cult leader?[View]
26476847Why is being disillusioned so much fun friends? Love is out there, even if it has a sense of humor, …[View]
26475327Sorry I can't: I can't really handle it..... I just have to post this thread..... .....on …[View]
26473122Europeans gotta wear masks even outside. We need to harvest the power of masks cuz clearly they…[View]
26475590Cicada: I found this on a 4 Chan thread. thoughts?[View]
26475716/ng/ Nobody General: YablahYadabloath Edition Break your conditioning Break the fucking rules Be fre…[View]
26475709I am the center point to the universe I am through which the universe is perceived, I have spent my …[View]
26475113NASA photos of possible flying object on Mars: https://mars.nasa.gov/msl-raw-images/proj/msl/redops/…[View]
26473455Is it a conspiracy if many things go wrong in a short amount of time? for example >wake up >G…[View]
26467155Mr. Astrotheology: how is this guy not all over this board? he talks cestui que vie trusts https://y…[View]
26474599Serious question, /x/. What's the point of repenting and asking to go to Heaven if and when we …[View]
26476362Notice his shadow. That is his true form.[View]
26475170I'm not schizophrenic. I just overthink and create conspiracies about everything. Life seems du…[View]
26476033/x/ness in Warhammer?[View]
26474729Spirit is attached to me: I really don't know what to do. I seem to attract evil spirits to me.…[View]
26474451What the fuck is it with this picture and why do I see it EVERYWHERE here?[View]
26475469/GhostsAreNotReal/ General: Ghosts aren't real. Please prove me wrong.[View]
26475693“Strangeness Detector”: https://psychicscience.org/strange Okay this thing is active right now. Ask …[View]
26476253I have dream about sheep goat and cow and ritual master Do i read too many old Testament?[View]
26475971Goblin thread: Post stories about encounters with those small fuckers.[View]
26476173Timelines: the times are a changing .. lol[View]
26476203Was Venus destroyed by advanced civilizations fighting a war with each other?[View]
26474458weird dream: Last night i had easily the strangest and most vivid dream I've ever had. Basicall…[View]
26471954/ind/ - Indigenous Mythology & Spirituality General #2: Previous thread: >>26452576 Pokemo…[View]
26475606Is precognition real? I have some experiences myself: I had a dream I was shot dead and the next day…[View]
26475511Wizards: I hear a lot about witches but are wizards a thing? I want to get into it but witchcraft se…[View]
26475403Are there any historical artifacts or archælogy that would suggest the Jews were ever held captive i…[View]
26474398Redpill me on Satanists. Do they really rule the world?[View]
26467509Why are cartoons/pictures of the Prophet Muhammad considered blasphemous by Muslims?[View]
26471119/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
26475211GATE / GIFTED Program: The Child shall be born in the Sign of the Dragon, his very being will be tha…[View]
26474505Tomino's Hell: Bored a few hours ago I remembered this story, about this supposedly cursed japa…[View]
26465346Let's have a good old occupation thread. How /x/ is what you do for a living?[View]
26474802Does this go here, probably not. But I don't know where else, and you people probably know a bi…[View]
26474832Redpill me on this motherfucker[View]
26471627Chart reading: Looking for an astrology wizard to interpret my chart. Thanks[View]
26475426Hold up are Ouijaboards actually legit? I have one in the house right now.[View]
26474538speak. i want to know ur tough[View]
26467496So Many of Us: Disclaimer, not a schizo. I work with a lot of them though. I know that shills and ot…[View]
26474094My Mother the (possible) Skinwalker: I've been a lurker for a few months and after seeing a few…[View]
26472122How do I find a sorceress gf?: I'm fucking lonely and I also want a partner to perform magick w…[View]
26475441why is this 'prophecy' often quoted on _pol_: what gives these lines any validity? this po…[View]
26474841It goes further than my Head I told him to go and he would not let me He brought me to the fountain …[View]
26473059Alright bros, don't click off just yet. Hear me out. This year, witches have been hexing and cu…[View]
26475293Law of Attraction: Something just doesn't seem right about this topic, no matter how sliced. Ho…[View]
26473841did leviathan exist? It's mentioned in several books of the bible[View]
26468819Well written creepy greentext stories: Long time no see /x/, I have a favpur to ask. We're havi…[View]
26474145Antarctica: What do we know about it? They have discovered elongated skulls dating back 3000 years a…[View]
26473123Purple Flame (Vulcan stencil on Ebay): Just stumbled across this on Ebay. What in the fuck, this was…[View]
26472634Whatever happened to this guy? https://youtu.be/HGPV3EZyuf4[View]
26473789When I was little ... about 9ish? I remember napping in my living room and dreaming of well alot of …[View]
26473467Energy Manipulation and the CIA: Is energy manipulation real, I know I'm a being of pure energy…[View]
26472733What do you think happens to you when you kill yourself?[View]
26475194Alright, I have something for you to look over. I don't know what it really means, but maybe yo…[View]
26472407Weird stuff in MA?: I've noticed lots of boston folks and MAssholes around here, anyone know an…[View]
26469252Evil is omnipresent and seemingly omnipotent in this world. But fear not! Your friend, Lucifer, is h…[View]
26473338Gangstalking BTFO: Where were you when Gangstalking, Flat Earth, Moon Landing and Pizzagate were une…[View]
26474958Unfair punishment: I can't take it. It's enough, more than enough. This punishment I have …[View]
26473894If your God commands a person to be put to death by stoning for adultery (or anything else for that …[View]
26455338Most distubing thing you found on the internet: What was the most disturbing thing you found on the …[View]
26474864>search OPs >'creepypasta' >no results found what are we doing, /x/? creepypasta bread…[View]
26474477Sigil and summon: hello anon, I have been collecting sigils for a while (an example is pic related) …[View]
26470718can I somehow use magic or other paranormal things to win the lottery?[View]
26473116I need some bone-chilling, gem-bumping skinwalker greentexts[View]
26473859Dimension jumping thread Its fucking real I just did it on lsd[View]
26474259Any updates on this anomalous event?[View]
26467776Cue Your October Surprise. Storm Clouds are Gathering: How long shall they kill our prophets while w…[View]
26470664>discovers the real account of the forgotten history of the world, and the secret lore of God, An…[View]
26474352What is God: What is God to you? What does He want? How does He operate. I’m interested in hearing f…[View]
26456738/columbine/: welcome to /columbine/ post whatever esoteric columbine info you have, FOIA paper trai…[View]
26474635Night Shifters: Well boys im bored at work so here's a spooky work stories thread. anybody may …[View]
26472443What is the law of cycles equivalent of this reality?[View]
26474301Levels thread: What are the levels again? I forgot And don't say Enlightenment is the final one…[View]
26471075Gimme some topics to do research on: Just keep it relatively near baseline normalcy ok?[View]
26473791Pro-Creative Sex vs Sin: The only form of sexual activity that is not worthy of hellfire is Pro-Crea…[View]
26473248Why is there so much advertising for 5g?: Hey /x/, some zoomer here. Were phone ads always talking a…[View]
26470013Can anyone fill me in on how composite deities work in Egyptian and Egyptian-inspired mysticism? How…[View]
26473351Newfag here.: I saw a thread on /pol about Jupiter and it blew my mind. I have a very open mind, and…[View]
26473701Post video footage of telescopes zooming into space: Can anyone post some footage of telescopes zoom…[View]
2647357036 lessons of vivec sermon 3: 'Love is used not only as a constituent in moods and affairs, but…[View]
26471508Quantum immortality: This is the single worst idea I have ever heard of. Is it true?[View]
26474076Would anyone on /x/ cast a love spell on me? Id draw you a picture[View]
26471570Ayyee lmao stories: Throw up your best Ayye lmao stories[View]
26459085/x/ meetup thread: /x/ meetup thread i try every now and then to get meetup going. post your locatio…[View]
26474153Afterlife You: What kind of ghost do you think you will be? Only ghosters please. I fear like my li…[View]
26472863/ng/ - Nobody General: Where's /nobogen/?[View]
26457523Has God been good to us?[View]
26466918Any magic spells that give me somewhere warm and safe to sleep tonight?[View]
26450825Actual straight sights and evidence of (((Their))) actions: What are some clear evidences of the sai…[View]
26473958The Phenomenon (2020): The Phenomenon (2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onEXmLX2ZZQ[View]
26473249i just realized that humankind is too good, we have to stand up and fight for the things that matter…[View]
26472128You're beautiful just the way you are, /x/. :)[View]
26472221The 12 Keys of Basil Valentine: Anybody who knows anything about Alchemy want to help me out on this…[View]
26473584Is there any animal that you can eat and actually get their special powers from?[View]
26473640Tell me your spook stories. Don't have any of my own, but I have pic related to offer. The long…[View]
26472853I remember forest gump being a black dude am I a schizo? I clearly remember him being a light skin w…[View]
26473313Any good websites about ghosts, demons, and spirits? Im a newfag and I want to learn about them.[View]
26473239Is it habbening on the November 3rd: Also dat kid eating ramen looks suspicious.[View]
26473235WTF actually wrote LOTR?: I for one believe this is a simulation. Almost everyone here is a cheap ho…[View]
26469151How do you protect yourself from being monitored by the CIA?[View]
26472393What does this mean?: Found this in my Starbucks 4-Pack in Pittsburgh; Went back and purchased anoth…[View]
26473430Can you fight ghosts?[View]
26472238Starting out with Greek, Chaldean and Egyptian mysticism. Where do you start without mixing in Semit…[View]
26472902So you wanna play with magic....: >Magic exists..... >Looks at dates and name of storm.... Now…[View]
26473436astrology: Can I get a reading, /x/?...also, astrology thread..[View]
26473427John Rose: For all you truth seekers, freedom fighters, breakers of the system, lovers, spiritualist…[View]
26471452Non-abrahamic/(neo)pagans of /x/ What you guys belive in exactly ? How do you practise your spiritua…[View]
26473317Ever watch Evangelion? If so what do you think human instrumentality would feel like? We know monkey…[View]
26472346the 'i am god' thread: lets do this but no shitposts[View]
26471363Hello /x/. I'm in an odd mood tonight, so I will ensure that everyone who reads this post, and …[View]
26467626memory hole thread: ITT happenings, conspiracies, and mysteries that were forgotten by the public or…[View]
26473237Who is or was the Antichrist?[View]
26473162VOTE TRUMP HAIL SATAN 2020[View]
26465183>people willfully eat the flesh of animals that have been subject to miserable existences before …[View]
26472067If the stimulus creates the reality in the mind, then with neural link implants we might all get the…[View]
26472727My parents deserve to be savagely beaten to death and have all four of their kids laughing at them w…[View]
26472473The supplemental reading Wiki link is dead. It says its 'not a valid community': /fit/ Wiki is dead,…[View]
26472732blue moon thread#2: Rumor has it that wiccans are going to use the blue moon on Halloween to hex tru…[View]
264715622012: What the hell actually happened in 2012?[View]
26473062Were the Mayans right? Did we jump dimensions when the world ended?[View]
26464523Is there any reason to believe that there is something after death?[View]
26472648I’m only vaguely familiar with skinwalkers. Someone said my dog looks like one and keeps saying vagu…[View]
26470059So when you're dead, how would you realize that you're dean and a ghost? I really, truly b…[View]
26470620angel numbers do not work. tarot does not work. horoscopes are vague. 'signs' are misunder…[View]
26471245God's view on marriage/dating vs being single: What do you guys think about God's view on …[View]
26472520>Twinflames >Two people who hate each other are binded together by force >Risk: Is agonizin…[View]
26472523Great Movie: What Does It Tell Us ?: This went under the radar Highly recommended The best renditi…[View]
26472657My Lucid Dream exp just now: I have experienced lucid dreaming about 7 times over my life, one of th…[View]
26472703Was Katiba Ketubah all just a dream? Pic unrelated, just CW mobile homepage[View]
26464219Is the ultimate truth the we are cattle for aliens/Higher-beings?[View]
26471304Anyone been hearing a 'sloshing' sound that sounds kind of like ice cubes being swished around in a …[View]
26471334How does one consciously shift timelines?: I’ve been learning about dimensional jumping/timeline shi…[View]
26471351Angels: So I got into a psychosis (after copious amounts of pcp, lsd and magic mushrooms). Well, gon…[View]
26469951This fucking story: Some people have related this guy's story to another kid's story and t…[View]
26472448Columbine Massacre: What was the spiritual significance of the Columbine Massacre?[View]
26471457How many of us are actually here right now?[View]
26470990spooky hypnotic 'occult' girl with blueish greenish lipstick: spooky hypnotic 'occult' girl with blu…[View]
26471626Good youtube channels inspired or connected to this board?: Any channels worth mentioning, the ones …[View]
26471213Am I living in a haunted house?: How can I know if the house I live in is haunted? Not goimg to tell…[View]
26472204Hiding in My Home: Anybody following this? Current ARG about a guy who kills a kid and then tries to…[View]
26472078The Cyclist: He shows in your rear mirror right behind your car when you're speeding at the hig…[View]
26471364Constant's New Babylon was one of the greatest attempts to reawake spirituality in the modern h…[View]
26471823What to I do for Sauen/Samhain?: Hey guysssss Just coming in from Reddit and I wanted to ask about w…[View]
264721451 Timothy 3:16 Wrong: > And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness : God was man…[View]
26455351Doing dream interpretation Part 263 on /x/: >Age >Gender >Feeling during dream >Lucid?…[View]
26471519For three days straight I've been having the same dream: I am forced to go into a building and …[View]
26471365When I was around 6 I lived with my grandmother. I slept in her room and would wake up and watch tv.…[View]
26472046Do you think being skeptical about the paranormal is good for a paranormal investigator OR do you ha…[View]
26471856Why did he do it?[View]
26471883fasting thread: >the more days you have fasted >positive and good experiences >how to break…[View]
26468067Tell me about compassion.[View]
26471994/ufo/ General: Pics, famous sightings, personal experiences... Anything. I want to believe.[View]
26441357Can /x/ predict the future?: tell what will happen please.[View]
26471938The One | Poem by Alex Grey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebsbxmjvt1I[View]
26471801Schizophrenia explained: >>if a 3rd dimensional being were to visit a 2nd dimensional being in…[View]
26467268are Gnosticism and Santana dharma (Hinduism) same thing ?: Just wondering if they are compatible…[View]
264566601971 conspiracy: https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/ What the fuck happened? What do you think this is al…[View]
26467729Extinction Events: There is a belief that we are currently living during an extinction event caused …[View]
26463909law of attraction: can i attract winning a lottery? it worked for school things, work and several sm…[View]
26470147hey /x/, can you reccomend me some good spooky films to watch? want to get in the mood for halloween…[View]
26470535Can anyone tell me what this is?: Thanks[View]
26470430>buy new book about humanism >start reading it >book is staunchly anti-religion and against…[View]
26471541What really happened on Dyatlov Pass, on February 2nd 1959?[View]
26459609anyone got anymore info on this?[View]
26457920Here is the plan: How you prepare is up to you to figure out.[View]
26468284Being hunted by The penis monkey on campus: this thing has been on my ass for 8 years. I can see it.…[View]
26468323When was the last time you had a paranormal experience? For me, December 2010.[View]
26457850/omg/ - Occult and Magic General: 'Medusa's Revenge' Edition Ape's library: http…[View]
26470129Killswitch: I don’t get this creepypasta. It’s not scary or mysterious to me. Am I being filtered or…[View]
26467865I'm taking 10 tabs of LSD on Halloween night, and gonna go out the street to see all the people…[View]
26470527Minimalism vs Materialism: Let's talk, /x/. Which is more spiritual/better for us as humans? I …[View]
26468055/his/ here: When I meet G-d, can I ask Him to have the option to reincarnate/ressurect back in time …[View]
26471090Does anyone have experience with alchemy. I am looking to get started and eventually use it to creat…[View]
26471278Friendly reminder that Eating Nutritious and Delicious food helps your mind and soul to ascend.[View]
26464068I hate you guys so much. I'm a logical agnostic person. But you keep showing me things I cant r…[View]
26470819Which explanation is more paranormal: God or an ever-inflating infinite multiverse stacked on top of…[View]
26471272Does anyone know happened to the Ghost Investigators Society or G.I.S.?: They used to be on Art Bell…[View]
26459185For her: It was never meant to be sorry[View]
26470397Thanks google for the fact check![View]
26465513What's the worst conspiracy you've seen on /x/?[View]
26471180During my meditations I had a beautiful vision. For anyone who reads this, I hope your journey takes…[View]
26471210I remember some site called 'evil angel' or whatever that could accurately guess what you were think…[View]
26463672How realistic is warhammer's theory of chaos?: Yes, before I even get into this, I fully realiz…[View]
26470337World: What is the real explanation for prokaryotes and eukaryotes?[View]
26470534Who is the most mysterious person you've came across?[View]
2646991012 days left[View]
26469819Am I damming my soul via Hoodoo Magic?: I found a cafe in my town that gives Hoodoo Magic courses an…[View]
26464842Paganism is the true Adamite religion: Later monotheistic religions are tricks of the 'satan', vario…[View]
26465739Spooktober Creepypasta Share/OC Thread: I didn't see one, but let's see if we can keep one…[View]
26470829SKYND: So aside from being edge lords anyone care to breakdown their new video? Someone in the comme…[View]
26469376Erratas/Deep internet: Lately, I've been looking into these, weird things, scary, lost. I'…[View]
26470793Thoughts on the Men in Black?[View]
26470776ITT: Ratman Happenings: The second: Hey /x/ Ratanon here from the last Ratman General >>257575…[View]
26469357Has anyone heard of the Divine Truth channel on YouTube? This guy claims to be the reincarnation of …[View]
26468075Are people with DPDR just people who reached advanced meditative stages in past lives, with their cu…[View]
26468818Law Of Attraction and the subconscious: There is a link. I only got manifestions with Power of the s…[View]
26468825Targeted Individuals: I have experienced real-world and electronic harassment. Gangstalking is real …[View]
26470558>One of few Robert Johnson photos has a demonic 'face' on the right WAHT! a coincidence…[View]
26468146night lurker: hello /x/ first time poster, been a lurker for a few years now and have never told my …[View]
26469598I should not have given a timeline. That was a mistake. Do you remember me? The tension we feel is …[View]
26469872Semen Retention: Toss up between posting this on fit or x but I went with here. I started a semen re…[View]
26464882ummm im being posessed by a demon, like what do i do?[View]
26467087I went to the afterlife: After years of meditation, lucid dreaming and discipline, i have broken the…[View]
26452594Proof that western civilization ended decades ago: Every civilization in human history is represente…[View]
26466425Giant creatures/monsters thread?: Post your favorites.[View]
26469243How do we stop the Grey Men[View]
26469990Any games you rec that have same surreal feel and design as hylics? Outlandish looking characters an…[View]
26442416200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball: >Eric Dubay http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2015/08/2…[View]
26467045creepypasta: One of my favourites creepypasta of internet The Rake but is it real or fake?[View]
26468363All of this is being done on purpose. Some sort of process. There is no good or evil. Something is i…[View]
26468461Is it bad if your nightmares are so vivid that it seems like you were there but in another body, as …[View]
26454067Operation paperclip being brushed under the rug is alarming to me, the government has been doing sha…[View]

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