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/x/ - Paranormal

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24153120TOXICOLOGIST IS FUCKING BACK LADS https://youtu.be/kfaa2wl91Ao[View]
24159088Mas tragam Lúcifer pra mim Em uma bandeija pra mim: Don't you want devoted followers? who leav…[View]
24157682Can someone explain the significance of the number 33 please. Isn't it supposed to have specia…[View]
24157477Anybody else have a menagerie going? Here’s mine: >Succubus >Schiznophrenia demon >Sleep pa…[View]
24150734this is a very ancient drawing titled Yahweh and his Asherah. What is this showing?[View]
24158571Does anyone know of a good book that tells you the proper times to do spells, regarding planet and c…[View]
24159104can someone recommend some good santeria books?[View]
24157547Ceres and Vulcan: Ceres rules Taurus Vulcan rules Virgo https://www.pandoraastrology.com/blog/ceres-…[View]
24158813>finish playing some vidya >take off headphones >sitting in my chair, responding to a text …[View]
24152710Telepathy General: Telepathy is, ambiguous to say the least. There aren't many resources to und…[View]
24158289How do I get motivation? I don't have motivation for anything anymore, there are many things I …[View]
24149011Can we please talk about how the AI seems to be losing its shit lately? Who even fears anything now …[View]
24157579____>insectoids>reptilians>greys>jews>all other humanoid aliens(which are =2 humans)…[View]
24158674Is there any credibility to the idea that the masses subconsciously treat target individuals with ce…[View]
24156706Worlds Thread? Meet up in room 1 of mugshots http://users.worldsonline.com/users/jimbly/worlds/mugsh…[View]
24154291/x/ movies & media: What are some good body horror, cosmic horror, lovecraftian movies or other …[View]
24158882Religion and psychedelics, a dangerous mix.: Thanks ultimately... In the beginning of my adventure..…[View]
24158273Did he really sell his soul?[View]
24158389does hemisync work for you? it never did anything for me[View]
24158451They feed of us: I had a dream a long time ago and i noticed it was a dream and I woke up instantly …[View]
241587229-11 Dreams: I have a reoccurring dream of being in the building during a 9-11 scenario. I'm in…[View]
24152363Albums that give you an /x/ vibe: So what is it?[View]
24157583How does one do qliphotic meditation?[View]
24153187Killing paranormal beings?: Have any of you guys succesfully killed a supernatural or evil being (ie…[View]
24158676what is the door dogs conspiracy?: im just bored going though all these different conspiracies. cant…[View]
24158507Mercury?: If i am drink murcery, am i to get immortality? I have seen many thing about old time alch…[View]
24149287How to know if I have a relationship with the true and living God, or with a voice/person I’ve made …[View]
24156531New Meme magic: Music! The oldest meme! Fashwave, illuminati rap song. All memes we created. Fuck y…[View]
24154326NAME ONE TIHNG THAT'S NOT A CONSPIRACY: you can't, you fucking can't >inb4 schizo …[View]
24158575What is this card?: I have the smith waite tarot deck but i cant find which card this is.[View]
24156163Uncommon knowledge about egyptian Gods and Demons: SATAN is the Sumerian God known as 'EA' or 'ENKI.…[View]
24157104Can someone explain rune casting to me in the most simplest way and tell me how to do it?[View]
24155847Anyone else like browsing unsecured webcams/IP cameras? What's the weirdest thing you've f…[View]
24158053What's your favorite Illuminati: NWO card?[View]
24151377I'm a /seer: Ask from heartwood and true images you will receive.[View]
24156318How to open Throat Chakra thread: ok, so i opened and activated my throat chakra to really hear thin…[View]
24155708urine looping HGH: is it TRUE that urine therapy increase your male hormones? an ancient hindu tantr…[View]
24153731>2020 >Not studying all the available schools of monism such as neo-Platonism, Mystical Judais…[View]
24129477Multiverse Topology: Now that I better understand the situation (I did before, I just wasn't su…[View]
24154214I keep seeing these spirit figures when I have sleep paralysis, they look a lot like stoneage cave a…[View]
24156662I can counter negative suggestions with positive suggestions I am based I am not cringe I am not a b…[View]
24157114>white magick >black magick Why do W*ccans always gotta make shit racial, /x/?…[View]
24155589Manifesting someone dying: So I was practicing manifesting and the idea of this one guy dying that I…[View]
24156980I keep having very intense dreams about Christian themes. Yesterday I dreamed about girl with stigma…[View]
24154621What you see in the dark: Pic related is what I see when I close my eyes or am in a pitch dark room …[View]
24157215Can someone tell me about the false light matrix?: Is there any evidence of some interdimensional be…[View]
24153890Sleep deprivation benefits: What are the benefits (and benefits there ARE)of sleeping less? Endogrno…[View]
24136619What's with the lack of animals lately?: Go into a forest off the side of the road next time yo…[View]
24153767the real way to peace and heaven: this chart is real. we project our own reality. by accepting that …[View]
24157159Is there a feasible way to just sleep for a few weeks straight? I really like sleeping but waking up…[View]
24153603Words that are better than 'God': Perfection Being Beyond Happiness Better Many Anime Reality Anythi…[View]
24157245New to Necronomicon Spells!: Would applying my own blood to the sigils do anything or would I be ble…[View]
24156179Are mushroom entities just demons?[View]
24156017I've been having the creepiest dreams, and my buddy listened to them. he told me that you guys …[View]
24157218Dark light. Maha Kali. Samson. How do I achieve Dexter Morgan consciousness? (Also this show is lit…[View]
24155826A Shadow: Jung refers to the unconscious mind as the “shadow-self”. In that, he describes a kind-of …[View]
24153788Convince me: Hello guys I ve been browsing x for a bit trying to find any paranormal stuff but I did…[View]
24157084why cant god put information in vibration?: make 4D work god,[View]
24154885Are We The Cows?: and is 'stress' our milk? https://observer.com/2019/12/vr-headsets-russian-cows-mi…[View]
24154358Magical properties of plants and potions thread[View]
24156085Thoughts?? Does this more or less confirm the allegations against him?? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
24152469Meditation and the end of suffering.: Let's discuss meditation and the end of suffering. Do you…[View]
24156691Smell - what does it mean?: I used to smell pleasant honey-y smells in places and situations where I…[View]
24152576I summoned a succubus and I regret it, myuku Help me get the demons gone for good, nyoro~n. Uguu[View]
24154653What are the spiritual benefits of alcohol? I'm asking because I saw that drunken Chinese immor…[View]
24154535Nobody General: Nobody Cares Edition: “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, bu…[View]
24155767this is a test: this is for people who experienced death, had nde or anything similar. im asking you…[View]
24153437Why are black and white images so creepy?[View]
24148032Sky vortexes: Any theories about them?I've encountered one and I'm curious to find more ab…[View]
24155391i think im dead: >be me >20 >in bath >have had panic attacks in the bath almost exclusiv…[View]
24156207subcounciousness energy barrier?: sup /x i sometimes slip into a relly wierd state when i try to sle…[View]
24151847Future of Memetics in society.: What is the next step for memes/memetics. 'Memes' have invaded norm…[View]
24154547Has anyone else had something similar happen ?: For some reason i completely forgot about this happe…[View]
24151906/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
241545845September2020: What the fuck is this shit?? Just found a subreddit full of people talking about so…[View]
24151033Reminder that monsters are real and they live deep underground. I can prove this. When I was a child…[View]
24153033Gang stalking:Schizo or Psyop?: Your thoughts /x/? pic possibly related.[View]
24156449how do I get God to not let me have the male pattern baldness gene?[View]
24153862are there any Human beings, currently alive who have activated their Merkaba fields?[View]
24155827Giving free human design readings for the next little while. Post your chart here for a reading. If…[View]
24156171Why are the really fucked up Japanese ghosts women: Are Japanese women scary bitches when they get p…[View]
24151959I know we see these a lot but anyone else get the feeling shits about to go down? Probable connectio…[View]
24156356I had a dream two days ago that something would happen, and the EXACT thing happened today. I'm…[View]
24150509Army of undead: Does magic hold together skeleton armies? And if so if you break a skeleton apart wi…[View]
24155870Tulpamancy: Whats your tulpa's name, Anon?[View]
24154157AYAHUASCA: who cleans up the vomit?[View]
24155938irregular heartbeats when getting spiritual???: palpitations is what they are called i think, but i …[View]
24150951Catholic shaman bishopesses - what's the mystical explanation?: /x/ can you tl;dr me on what…[View]
24154669Decipher this message please: Hello, im New i really need your help. O hell, lets see one night this…[View]
24155854catholicism is dying! help catolicism to grow up again! embrace christ, reject science. desu desu[View]
24153461So is 'this' debunked or what?: There are literally no posts on the clearnet related to 'this' since…[View]
24155764How long can everything be fake for?[View]
24155399Light up the night[View]
24155617Chumbley Thread?: Don't know too much about his works but i recently got access to a ton of his…[View]
24154093Have you ever had a psychotic break or hallucinations? I surged home in 2016 and felt like I was tak…[View]
24141536Why has the American government (namely the shadowy arm that is the cia) been gradually promoting ps…[View]
24154465Hey guys Wana do a group sigil for the keks?[View]
24155616Alright guys How do I get gangstalked? I'm talking about me getting border-line killed by an al…[View]
24154195on this thread i wish to remain unidentified but i live in Charleston south Carolina and recently i …[View]
24154323Does anyone else have a visceral fear looking at this image?: Okay, so I was playing Space Engine (A…[View]
24151606Draconic Charts: Much have been said about natal charts and the interpretations thereof. However, I…[View]
24155361http://cufos.org/books/Catalogue_of_200_Type_I_UFO_Events_in_Spain_and_Portugal.pdf >1 July 1 953…[View]
24148373Post alien encounters that were made NOT in the American continent. I'm sure there's fasci…[View]
24153827Satoshi nakamoto is an AI.: He is a prototype out of the curve tech / alien tech. Thats why he never…[View]
24154699Weird shit: Hey /x/ I got a strange experience to tell today >be me >age 10 >living in the …[View]
24109349Alien Species and Their Agendas: In this thread, we talk about the different types of aliens that ex…[View]
24154955In the past i have tried this method,but i didnt see any result. Ive read that it can work with prin…[View]
24141827Redpill me on the Mandela Effect. Why does it happen? What are some less known examples of it?[View]
24144581Meditation and the change in the Schumann resonance: I started meditating on January 17 under this v…[View]
24148468Acting on things you saw in dreams?: Titans v Kansas City in the nfl, I saw the score in a dream. I …[View]
241448292020 and The End Game: The long awaited decade has arrived. Its time for humanity to join together a…[View]
24153443Temple OS 2.0?: There's a guy on yt called Quinn Michaels and he is an AI programmer/schizo/art…[View]
24153077What do I read for a better understanding of thing occult /esoteric?[View]
24144758Let's talk about your dreams, /x/.[View]
24154210So who here believes in fairies? Or ultraterrestrials as Valleé might term them? I've read a lo…[View]
24133101/omg/ - Occult and Magic General: >Library https://mega.nz/#F!jlEwhYyJ!iK4mVC4y5iwk_cr3eIpX4g …[View]
24153647How to combat hallucinations?: A friend of mine had a powerful episode this morning. She was trapped…[View]
24136005Do cats have the ability to see spirits or into another plane of reality? My cat has been acting pre…[View]
24146279ZeroPoint and ZeroG: let's get autistic about alt-science. I got some sauce for you. Snekpeople…[View]
24153362Divination: Is someone taking reading queries?[View]
24154769what happened to me? I used to believe in all alien stuff but now every time I watch tv and there…[View]
24152418Crystal: I figured since some people hold Crystals to a spiritual value, that some people here would…[View]
24150569Former peruvian president is The Zodiac He's still alive living in Peru being prosecuted for co…[View]
24100796George Noory appreciation thread: Name a more based /x/ paranormal show host. Pro tip: You can…[View]
24139591/x/ careers: what are some /x/ jobs?[View]
24128648Woman Mind Control: I have a good friend and he has a gf. Recently they have both gotten engaged. Be…[View]
24153852LMAOing at this board: If you want to even begin searching for actual paranormal things you have to …[View]
24152540The spell of the witches: How do I break the spell of the witches. Am I the frog prince? https://you…[View]
24154545How to Astral Project: How can I start astral projecting? Any tips to share on how to successfully a…[View]
24153036Can someone who's successful give me a certified guide on how to lucid dream or induce sleep pa…[View]
24154217The real secret to magic is that you should never believe in it. Magic loves to prove you wrong. If …[View]
24153308I'm losing my grip on reality and its fucking great.[View]
24151290A new message from Cicada 2020: https://pastebin.com/EEKQQn5K[View]
24154361MK Ultra/Human Sacrifice general[View]
24152343buddhism is the best religion in the world[View]
24148684Alexa is DEMON POSSESSED: Seriously, watch this video and tell me there's not a ghost in the ma…[View]
24152556>Decide maybe its time to start getting serious about spirituality >ask my Christian friend ab…[View]
24152326If you don’t see the design of the universe every day then you’re not really living and I feel sorry…[View]
24146057I've drawn a complete blank: I blanked this night. I remember sitting in my bed on my phone at …[View]
24152414Did the gods create atoms and then theres a set possibility tree of everything you can create from t…[View]
24152944Japan: I dreamed of a Japanese bar which collapsed but everyone was OK so I hope nothing happens tod…[View]
24152951ceremonial cacao: is this just a ruse to get you to pay more for shit tasting chocolate? https://cer…[View]
24148653What are the handbags of the gods: Any information on what these are[View]
24150221I've seen this intriguing guide, not sure what to think of it. http://archive.is/HoRwB >When…[View]
24153285The thing in itself is one.[View]
24147569Does anyone else have extremely vivid 'memories' of doing impossible things as a very young child? I…[View]
24151195werewolf new thoughts: people (including myself) have always dreamed up new ways to show people turn…[View]
24152548So, Big Boss right?[View]
24152971/x/ approved occult/spiritual animes: This seems like the best place place to find the crossover of …[View]
24145752ONE WARNING AND ONE WARNING ONLY: If men go to Mars, then Mars will come to Earth.[View]
24154057Alright you fags I'm ready to start. Any of you fine folk have a pdf on Astral Projection? Pref…[View]
24142128Opinions on this?: Elon Musk says he plans to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by launching 3 S…[View]
24152440I *really* have to think hard to try and explain this kind of feeling, but maybe you guys know what …[View]
24150105EXPERIMENT!!!! ALL MUST PARTICIPATE!!!!: Step 1. Get a piano. Or use one online like this: https://r…[View]
24151864So this is the NON-OFFENSIVE version. Please mark in red where you were, and in green where you are …[View]
24153904Sorry for the inconvenience, / x /, but I wanted to make you participate in a strange experience due…[View]
24152880What exactly is it that they find so god damned funny?[View]
24154049How can scrying bowls and mirrors be used to communicate with anunnaki? They communicate telepathica…[View]
24153508Interference Problems: Hi, my name isn't important, and I want to talk to you today about what …[View]
2415058601101000 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01100101 01110100 01101000: 01101000 01110100 …[View]
24147654comfy paranormal stories: post comfy paranormal stories. i just want to get away from schizos and po…[View]
24153863Wallpapers for Paranormal Motivation: Can we get a thread for posting paranormal (phone or computer)…[View]
24153760Fuck it WORKED I shifted dimensions!!! I tried AP for half a year now and lucid dreaming. As reality…[View]
24151488Mandela effect: What's the consensus on this? Is it paranormal? Is the gubmint shitting itself …[View]
24153075How to remove your existence from everyone's memories? I want to suicide but i don't want …[View]
24118646What is the real life equivalent spirituality to sith spirituality?[View]
24139699secret space program is in full disclosure. Pay attention in the coming years.[View]
24145206Marijuana is being legalized slowly but surely in the United States and soon to the entire world mar…[View]
24151930Where do I find the strength to continue living this life?[View]
24140396I found this stuff in my dad's basement wile cleaning it out any ideas?[View]
24152514Captcha just gave me a spooky picture: Is 4chan haunted?[View]
24152704The Urantia Book: The Urantia Book is part of the 5th Epochal Revelation that builds on the Bible an…[View]
24151217Antarctica General[View]
24150805Post ITT if you are unenlightened We will get through this together[View]
24153612are they Annunakis? is it why everyone is fighting them?[View]
24153330Real People or Events: Post some creepy unexplained events or strange people that existed. I remembe…[View]
24153481Are you enlightened?: How far away is my enlightenment? Simple question. As many psychics visit this…[View]
24153381Let's talk about this boards overuse and misuse of the word 'psy op'. From now on if you use th…[View]
24149830You are welcome.: You are now aware -if you already weren't- reality is only truly experienced …[View]
24153438What are the spiritual benefits that you gain from avoiding pornography?[View]
24152887Vampire guy?: A long time ago a guy would post in here larping as a vampire, and had an email addres…[View]
24146985Is there anything really 'spiritual' or special about sex? Society imposes an attitude towards sex t…[View]
24149202Popularity of NASA Merchandise - a PSYOP?: Have any other Americans (or non-Americans) noticed how w…[View]
24152967Cum Alchemy: As far back as 1387AD you can find instances of seminal alchemy. I don’t mean making a …[View]
24149398The Birds are watching me again: It's happening again. Earlier today one stared at me, directly…[View]
24148243full disclosure soon: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7eKH4-JLEl/?igshid=10qasf9j1k9zy[View]
24148453I made a spell to make sure someone is happy. I just want to confirm she is. Can anyone here confirm…[View]
24152020Was he in fact the most paranormal artist to exist in our lifetime?[View]
24149183why are you pretending you are doing anything good after all the fucked up shit you did to me to ple…[View]
24151716So there's infinity higher realms, God is real, Jesus is real and is the son of God, everything…[View]
24151428I need help.: I died as a child and ever since ive been able to see...entities that no one else can …[View]
24152148YOU MAY ALSO LIKE?: YOU MAY ALSO LIKE? >like? WHAT DO THEY MEAN BY THIS? https://buzzergram.co…[View]
24149389Isis is consciousness.[View]
24152046Mud Flood Proof: Post all your best evidence for the mud flood ITT.[View]
24145472attention all schizos, i need help. got into a car crash about 3-4 days ago and since then my hands …[View]
24139551Who was he?[View]
24149072what is chaos?[View]
24151818Would 'tdblitz' happen to be on right now?[View]
24148166Ritual to attract vampires/purple star invocation: This is an evocation/invocation of the fallen sta…[View]
24150473Long, complex /x/ documentary channels: Just watched all the videos by Barely Sociable and need some…[View]
24141392How do I recover the joy in life: I have been struggling with mental illness for a long time. I…[View]
24151777Give me the links, I want to ascend.[View]
24148487You are on the right path, despite what happened the other day.[View]
24151697How can I get access to Akashic records?: >pic unralated[View]
24151834Mind Control/Hypnosis via Webside Frequencies: Good Evening, Could it be possible that Websites(Like…[View]
24145551Basement Monster: I didn't realize how common this sensation was until recently when I came acr…[View]
24150192The Life Review: Upon your death you will have a Life Review. The Life Review is the fabled 'life fl…[View]
24151601Does anyone here have experience with viewing themselves as the messiah?[View]
24139587The Matrix is real. This is not a game. This is not a metaphor. This is not another time or reality.…[View]
24151607Peyote Ceremony: So my cousin wants me to attend a peyote ceremony. When she went she fainted so I…[View]
24151531Is it true Rh negative blood types have proclivity towards esp and heightened spiritual awareness?[View]
24145945Could we start deciphering these?: Most from tiers 8-0 I've never heard before.[View]
24144689Post scary/mysterious stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazino_affair https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
24149982Titor: Larp or legit? Seems alot of his actions have changed our world line in drastic ways (no Y2K)…[View]
24149137Is there anything on The Red Hat Ladies? something seems off[View]
24146832Who the hell is this?: Can anyone here explain to me who the hell this person is and why is this pic…[View]
24150993I was in a car with three other people a month ago and saw a fucking ghost or something. Everyone sa…[View]
24149343Odd/disturbing youtube channel: I don't remember exactly how or when I found this channel, but …[View]
24151374Greentext Thread: Posts your greentext stories! Didnt see if we had one friday, but lets have someth…[View]
24147860A fucking alien is literally chilling right outside my surveillance camera right now: And I'm f…[View]
24131332How do I break an addiction: I have an addiction draining my energy. I am unable to use my abilities…[View]
24148579Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General thread. No LARP version. Post information that you…[View]
24148631The pace of posting on /x/ appears to have accelerated at an astonishing rate: Is it more people wak…[View]
24149292diet green-pill: What's the most occultist/alchemical diet? raw meat? nuts and dates? answer ba…[View]
2415053635° 42' 55.0728'' N This is posted on /b/, what does it mean? >>>/b/81883056…[View]
24150801https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB9CHcx7UeY Possibly real?[View]
24150639Was Skyrim an end of the world ritual?: I just realized that Skyrim was released on 11/11/11 and in …[View]
24146809Thought on my friends pic? We think it's the same being we've had experiences with in the …[View]
24143501does anyone know what the origin of this face is?[View]
24150763I'm a bit of a retard that just started reading his stories. Can someone give me kind of a rund…[View]
24128383Some stars are conscious like us, you would probably call them Boltzmann brains. Betelgeuse is one o…[View]
24150968What does x think of high vibration crystals? Some of these crystals comes from sites that are alrea…[View]
24150516Stars: Some stars are conscious like us, you would probably call them Boltzmann brains. Betelgeuse i…[View]
24149826Has anyone here ever done something like this?[View]
24150496Analysis of the Natal Chart and Transits for Richmond, VA: Hello astrologers, stargazer and astrowiz…[View]
24150912Did you ever experience the sensation of reality passing quicker in certain instances? I don't …[View]
24143568Why do normies still make children if they will grow up into dysfunctional wrecks from all the satan…[View]
24150558I’ve got a pain in my chest Who should I pray to to get rid of it[View]
24149205White Magic to make someone fall in love with you: A while ago I read here on /x/ about a white magi…[View]
24150638Stephen A, Conspiracy: What if i told you Stephen A Smith was a white man in Black Face this entire …[View]
24150661sometimes I wonder if i'm just seeing things or they see me too[View]
24150273Tell me something scary[View]
24150015Natal Chart Thread: post your natal chart and hope someone reads it[View]
24147070Principle of Mental Duality: Or how to go from mental pussy to mental chad and take control of your …[View]
24150232Could anyone help me decipher what I experienced? First attempt in doing exercises given by Robert M…[View]
24150413Bunkers in the Bible: Bunkers are a modern invention, but they are a signal of the end.[View]
24146001redpill me on the inner earth civilizations, if they exist[View]
24143916Is enlightenment, or something like it, possible? I suffer from extreme attachment and anxiety. Noth…[View]
24148985Hey yall, what do think about space force. Why do we need one??? What are we fighting out there??? T…[View]
24149710Conspiracy thread. So eh, phones. What are they really? Picture is only because a picture is require…[View]
24143548I think something is fucking with me: I have been messed with by this thing for a while now, I don…[View]
24150376False Alien Encounter: >Be me >See alien when I'm walking outside at night >Take photo…[View]
24147939They're prototyping the mark of the beast. Wonder how long until it's required to do trade…[View]
24147819aren't you guys sick of being called paranormal? I mean I do some stuff out of the ordinary and…[View]
24140105/loa/ - Law of Attraction & Manifestation General: The Universe is Holographic edition. If you a…[View]
24149440P. Cubensis: I want to start piercing the veil and growing my own mushrooms but my faggot state is o…[View]
24146742how many posters are on /x/[View]
24149595Youtube dump general: Hey /x/, Give me your best shit. Intro videos, analysis etc. Have a long night…[View]
24144513Carlos Castaneda: What's the rundown on Carlos? CIA agent or advanced mystic teacher comparable…[View]
24150136Are this shadow people?: My friend says that's the real deal. But i see nothing.[View]
24147984Are 'alien implants' physical or non-physical astral phenomena pretending to be alien? I've no…[View]
24146023/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
24149612Mandela effect: Nelson is at it again. This is fucked up, I clearly remember marathon bars. And now …[View]
24150027Russell Targ's ESP NASA contract, appendix is loaded with useful info Anyone else have experien…[View]
24147785What is this face upside-down on the base of my monitor?: I ordered a hurdy gurdy, photographed it, …[View]
24149132Can we get a dream analysis thread? In some particularly memorable dreams I've met so many peop…[View]
24149936Does anyone remember the thread a couple of winters ago about the game who made an alter and temple …[View]
24148013The Unknown Universe: OK, Outer Space is paranomal, we dont really know what the fuck we are looking…[View]
24145188Does the Illuminati hate the number 9?: Microsoft skipped the number 9 for naming the next OS after …[View]
24144416Will you want to remain in this position forever?[View]
24149069The Website: Hello, I am a user of wikipedia and today I come to tell my story, I was browsing the w…[View]
24146141Horror movie thread: Horror movies thread[View]
24147007Can i stop dreaming?: Is there a way to stop dreaming? Every dream i have at night feels like a fuck…[View]
24149460Anons, today i had a very strange dream. I was in the neighborhood i've grown up, talking to a …[View]
24148681How do I train my Psychic/Empathic abilities?: Are there any resources for that kind of thing? There…[View]
24149243/x/ News Sites?: What are some good news sites for checking paranormal, occult, weird or unexplained…[View]
24149376Hey anon You might think this is yet another thread made by 'another' anon out there. Well…[View]
24145985Slenderman (aka the operater): Anyone actually seen him irl? I'm not really joking because arou…[View]
24149036hey /x/ kinda bored right now and I was to see some mysterious shit, so what is the most mysterious/…[View]
24146523Lets be real here, we all search for some fucking paranormal because HUMAN SOCIETY IS BORING AS FUCK…[View]
24146159/tsg/ - Transformation Spells General: Discuss about the myths and stories and possibilities of tran…[View]
24145804does ketosis have any spiritual value?: been tossing around the idea of going on a ketogenic diet fo…[View]
24141937How does quantum suicide work?[View]
24145742TRVE KVLT: Summoning demons with music? If it all, is it possible to use music as a tool for evocati…[View]
24136375Visual Snow - dp/Derealization - anxiety - hppd connection: Anyone else here have this phenomenon? W…[View]
24147799Can anyone explain the 9/11 happens every year to me? I don’t understand why people think it.[View]
24144002Urantianism: What is this all about? On a Mansion World, the role's reversed A slave becomes a …[View]
24146348Meditation: What's the meaning behind this philosophy? And is it wrong to be happy?[View]
24145556can someone explain this density[View]
24148709Camera alert: My IP camera shot this yesterday. Is supposed to be in my living room pointing at the …[View]
24144252YOUTUBE CHANNEL SHARING THREAD: ITT: Share and disccus cool /x/ channels on youtube HARDMODE: No cre…[View]
24148112/x/ Media: Cosmic Horror, Lovecraftian Terror and High Strangeness, what works of fiction do we dare…[View]
24148576Does anyone feel like they can make a connection with another work or have dreams of a past life. I …[View]
24144908are doomers just terrorized by demons?[View]
24146506what do hollywood sex magick orgies hope to manifest with the energy?[View]
24146638Why do they display MKUltra and/or monarch programming beta sex kittens and slaves in the music indu…[View]
24146486>he's never practiced psychokinesis >he's never telepathically implanted thoughts in…[View]
24147915The Light Within: We are not these flesh and bones Our bodies are a collective of varying organisms …[View]
24146576Do I sell my soul if I use Windows or MacOS? Should I just use linux? I've been using Windows, …[View]
24145369What became of him, anons?[View]
24147003Masons: What’s up with Freemasons[View]
24147822If I go 30 days no fap, no eat, no speak and no sin, will I gain Jesus Christ's healing powers?…[View]
24146931UFO's don't exist: Skunkworks on the other hand exists, and all ufo 'sightings' since fore…[View]
24146722Allegory of Chronos: Is this a tale/allegory of changes of leadership in society? >Be French aris…[View]
24146745Why are you not antinatalist?: Isn't antinatalism a prerequisite for attaining spiritual knowle…[View]
24145644Hidden message videos?: Hey /x/ , I were typing random on the youtube search bar and stumbled upon t…[View]
24147595What if all this art and technology that we've been getting sold is stuff that we ourselves act…[View]
24147156Emery Smith: Anybody have info on what happened to Emery Smith? Dude when from looking like this.…[View]
24145076I'm trying to find more about these Australian star god coonts, but reverse image search doesn…[View]
24145511What talismans, necklaces or symbols are most effective to protect from evil spirits?[View]
24143034Share your best vids ITT: I’ve got all weekend free and want to binge watCh the edgy stuff[View]
24135112What is this?[View]
24142395The Iodine Conspiracy: Archived from an old /pol/ thread. Have any of you guy's heard about thi…[View]
24146086I love you /x/ but you're.. too negative: I sent you some Raphael's medicine[View]
24145495What are the perks of joining them?[View]
24145941Thoughts on Solipsism?: I literally can't stop thinking about this. I always get the feeling th…[View]
24146072Have you used your esoteric knowledge to impress girls, /x/? Ever since I started reading about thes…[View]
2414617601.19.18 - 01.19.20: Q-Clock Today. Get Ready for a Happening. Ayys? Deep State? False Flag? What mi…[View]
24145071Can anyone tell me where this video came from: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7eKH4-JLEl/?igshid=10qas…[View]
24142466weird experience: I started lurking /x/ recently (like 3-4 months ago) and I always sort of shrugged…[View]
24147061Anyone know of some current threads going on like errater? or things like it. Want to find out more …[View]
24139199I have a friend. can't tell you his name, not a good idea but I think he's pretty paranorm…[View]
24146850/x/ Reading List: Post your must reads / watches below.[View]
24146836In God we Trust[View]
24146875Simulation theory, what if there is no simulation and its all real?: Just really long generations of…[View]
24146244Does this image look familiar to you?: /qa/ sent me here. Some time in either the late 1990's o…[View]
24141700What the Hell used to be on this Earth? All kinds of demons and other beings shown in ancient art...[View]
24144790/ng/ - The Nobody General #9: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've found…[View]
24145936Excorsist Jehovah: Excorsist Jehovah[View]
24146743Any Sai Baba devotees here?[View]
24146383What does /x/ think of the new Sabrina series[View]
24146374The fuck is this shit that fucked yeeted into my car?[View]
24144402So what's the weirdest/creepiest thing you've found on someone else's computer /x/? …[View]
24140250the magical benefits of sleeping upright: We know from historical sources that we are more likely to…[View]
24146111hi /x/ calling out all wizards and sages to interpret this one of a kind dream I had. In the dream …[View]
24146625Are there any paranormal instances involving your television?[View]
24146616Revoking magical oaths/deals: I think a lot of people on this board have made some magical oaths and…[View]
24142380Aliens SpaceCrafts& Old Pictures Ufos: Well, this a Intentional Publish Old Pictures of Ufos, st…[View]
24139279Give me a rundown on Masonry. Are they satanists?[View]
24141936looking for people who know who i am (and that i reïncarnated): i keep getting my threads deleted / …[View]
24145968How do you feel about the Ouija board?: Sham? Placebo? Stories?[View]
24146177Image Archive?: I need some help, is there any sort of image archive for creepy and unsettling pictu…[View]
24138197The consequences of sigil magic: >t. half-Jew/half-mystic I own a sigil of destruction, it came t…[View]
24140753Device Methods of Communication: What devices/objects are thought to be able to assist one in commun…[View]
24144026Hitler's Obssession with the spear of destiny?: Is this real? The simthsonian says it's a…[View]
24143597TWR: 9M4X010V330P911M410X3M9G103C03XE114P30FE40XP72XE715G1OVF40MD40XV114DX72X[View]
24144206I love you guys: I have made many many threads over the past 2 years and so many members of this com…[View]
24141439ERROR NOT KNOWN: you shouldn't have done that[View]
24145458Audio books. Creepy.: Audiobooks. Short creepy stories preferably. Listen to anything good lately? h…[View]
24144882Redpill me on Nailman[View]
24135411Making threads about certain topics here trigger bots/A.I./Glowies that immediately derail threads. …[View]
24131061Can we a knowledge dump on Saturn? What’s up with the hexagon? Is it inherently satanic?[View]
24146045Who's worse???: Who's worse, Qtards or David Wilcocksuckers??[View]
24142515Is it just a dream or are the demons coming to get me: >>hear about astral projection >>…[View]
24145980Please help me find my kitty.[View]
24144224What is this thing?[View]
24144348Time travel backwards: Is it possible to go back in time a short distance and replace the memory and…[View]
24133559The creator who was never created. Try to comprehend this. Your head will explode. We weren't d…[View]
24145791https://www.instagram.com/p/B7eKH4-JLEl/?igshid=10qasf9j1k9zy >the thing changes its shape what i…[View]
24145878Moloch Discussion: Live yt stream with Creepy Little Book https://youtu.be/0RvYtkcUMI4[View]
24145507Who wants to be a messenger¿: Below is a profound truth pieced together from multiple archives. As y…[View]
24144688Can anybody else fucking remember this??: I can't be the only one who still remembers what this…[View]
24139277SCP is having their 5000 contest. What do you guys think of the submissions? http://www.scp-wiki.net…[View]
24144566King Arthur, greenpill me on him.[View]
24142743For those skeptical about meditation, I can prove that it works. First off, you practice meditation …[View]
24137880what did he mean by this.[View]
24145530How to know if I actually like the true and living objective God and not just the idea of god I have…[View]
24144213It's beyond interesting that the Nazis were an incredibly regimented force with high acumen, so…[View]
24141436Inquiry: Why does every fucking thread on this board seem to be asking nothing but a question? wtf N…[View]
24143966Anyone know the true story behind the Texas Chainsaw Massacre?[View]
24140325is /x/ satanic?[View]
24142954Italian etruscan people and their goddess vatika and vatican. >>does anyone have any good read…[View]
24145332i want to be a really powerful supernatural entity so i wipe out the planet[View]
24143199Your genius-loci is tired of you living rent free and demands a sacrificial offering. What do you h…[View]
24145210I've been up since 11:00 AM Yesterday: >It is now a minute before midnight >Still no hall…[View]
24145248Anyone know of some treads that actually went somewhere? I mean like a conspiracy that either looks …[View]
24144694Why does being an empath suck so much?: Like, you spend most of your time feeling bad for the shit t…[View]
24135381How is any differentiation possible?: Philosophical question. How can the Ultimate Thing differentia…[View]
24140369Name called out of nowhere: In a coupla rare cases through the years I've heard my name called …[View]
24137563Mysterious NASA shuttle returns to earth: So there's been some talk about this thing recently. …[View]
24142870The time is nigh Anon, I am moving forward with the plan in the coming months. Although I have not b…[View]
24143113Measuring time in deep space: Seeking info about Measuring time in deep space. If we only have just…[View]
24142290If Quantum Immortality is real, what happens when you get old?: I mean, so many people die of old ag…[View]
24144917Tell me about Belial[View]
24143861Coast 2 Coast AM General - /C2C/: Thread for discussing all things Coast 2 Coast related.[View]
24144165On the subject of 'the devil': You people know that the concept of Satan and Lucifer are mistranslat…[View]
24144625Reincarnation makes a lot of sense to me There's no reason I see through this specific body. We…[View]
24144480What happened to the movie Shazaam starring Sinbad? Where did the cornucopia go? What about the y in…[View]
24142751Is anyone above Rothschild/Rockefeller?: Is there is, let me know. And please, avoid meme answers li…[View]
24144216Redpill me on EA Koetting Is he just a coke binge with legs or does he actually know what he's …[View]
24144657Dreams, Social think: Hi. I don't usually for this topic or something like that but i don'…[View]
24142723What happened to me last night?: I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt like I was being pulle…[View]
24109240Woo another analyze my chart thread: What the subject says. Now the reason why I am posting this is …[View]
24129910what is the most terrifying paranormal event you encountered how did it change you for better or wor…[View]
24138308Do hard ass trap beats summon demons or have i just taken too many drugs listening to them? https://…[View]
24141081How do I increase my spiritual gains?[View]
24144171Interview with a Near Death Experiencer Who Met A Demiurge: http://trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/nde-tr…[View]
24143905How does gang stalking work? Who is doing it and why? How is it done? How would I know if I'm b…[View]
24143324Luck stealing: Hello /x/, while I've lurked here for a while I have never made a threat but her…[View]
24141213I know color is important: Hey /x/, I'm moving soon and have to choose a color to paint my bedr…[View]
24142027Calling all remote viewers: Let's determine once and for all the true location of Atlantis. Al…[View]
24143604Hey /x/, I understand that one of the most effective steps to induce lucid dreaming is keeping a dre…[View]
24144401Creepy real world places thread? I just found this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Tears…[View]
24138376Do aliens or the CIA have the technology to cause tactile hallucinations? My psychiatrist said that …[View]
24144374Cuéntanos tu historia paranormal: Fantasmas, brujas, demonios, ovnis y contactados cuáles de estos f…[View]
24133975Arepo: What could the meaning of 'Arepo' in the Sator square be? All the other words have meanings i…[View]
24141239A-anons... I was in the wood with my doggo and a wild boar attacked us and... The doggo shapeshifted…[View]
24143951redpill me on the Knights Templar: reading this book (pic) its good, but its normie history. What ar…[View]
24143088>In regard to the making of the universe and the creation of all things there have been various o…[View]
24141160If reptilians do control the Earth, why do they go through all the mental masturbation of tricking u…[View]
24143515Can someone provide me a link to the deep web site that teaches magic, especially necromancy?[View]
24143099What if UFOs, flying saucers are just tulpas[View]
24142152Skjoiay tuhoy xkrowaoz. tut igvou sgmtay utky tuhoy. xkiojoyykz ot ykvarixkzoy mxgbo jk ykvarixoy. K…[View]
24143713I had two weird ass dreams this morning. I dreamed that I woke up in 2007 and I was in my cousin…[View]
24143284Do you have a minute to discuss paranormal experiences involving the spirit of Gonzo[View]
24143882Godlyrecon update???: Hey all, I decide to investigate the whole godlyrecon thing. I've found t…[View]
24143418Astrology for huge event in Virginia: on Monday. So what's in the stars for this happening? Wil…[View]
24143786Precognition help: I had some visions of the future on a psilocybin mushroom trip a while ago and af…[View]
24138893/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
24143400Is the universe responding to my fears?: It seems that my fears keep manifesting in weird ways. Here…[View]
24135275Just had my first DMT trip. Ask me anything.[View]
24142071Strange YouTube video.: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOQ-owu8J6tv_icqJfNe0uA/featured…[View]
24143661This weird video: Hey all, I found this video on YouTube uploaded by 'mrrdcalderon' with the title a…[View]
24142663Dreams: Lately I've been having these really vivid dreams. Sometimes I go to these places that …[View]
24143458superpowers: are they real? are there any superpowers that arent connected to spiritual things like …[View]
24142609What kind of occult ritual is this bros? Am I in danger for listening to this? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
24141085So why did God make dinosaurs?[View]
24143073Is it possible to sell my soul to the devil for prosperity?[View]
24137552What does sex teach you about the spirit?[View]
24143407Chaotic jackass seeking like-minded spirits to work with: So, i’ve been studying mystical stuff for …[View]
24142407What is the origin of this picture?: I want to know who is this guy[View]
24143063How do I learn how to do remote viewing?[View]
24140957Warning! Read this!: Hi i found this Youtube channel gematria the channel decode The Book Bible and …[View]
24134544Meditation is bullshit: beyond the fact that its proponents describe the methods, purposes, and phil…[View]
24142553Tell me zed's story: I'm courius of knowing his story at 4chan. was he an user? What happe…[View]
24138532n 21st of December 2020, Jupiter will cross Saturn. The time for greatness is here, the weak will di…[View]
24137700Charls Manson Toast: I found this Toast next to my Ouija board. But i didn't touch this thing s…[View]
24142940Dogs poop along magnetic north: Innit somethin'? Science struggle in its finest. https://boin…[View]
24132743space is real vs space is fake: ITT post evidence or convincing arguments of space being real or fak…[View]
24142867Intelligent Design: What does it say about instincts if we're a product of intelligent design r…[View]
24142959Does anyone else feel a constant, painful longing for something more, something you've never tr…[View]
24140167DMT is a naturally occurring chemical specifically designed for the human death experience. It is li…[View]
24133814Secureteam10: I really don't think Tyler is ever going to make videos again. For over 3 months …[View]
24138311EVERY FUCKING LISTEN: >to this Take 5 minutes of listening to this frequency, no bullshit backtra…[View]
24137431Do you think it's possible to get so desensitized to pain and fear so much that being in Hell i…[View]
24142912Hey /x/ I've recently been getting a feeling awfully paranoid from the forests I live in nw ark…[View]
24135804Any experience with mushrooms? Best trip? Can you communicate with the fungi? Possible good effects …[View]
24135695Now what THE FUCK is this? Found it half buried in the middle of my yard[View]
24139435Medieval footage is a hoax: This picture is not MFF, it is a screenshot from the movie Robin Hood (1…[View]
24142548The Matrix is not real in the tangible sense. I may have misled you with my earlier post. It was bad…[View]
24139079What is it?: Somebody on /r9k/ posted this. What does it mean anons?[View]
24140688/ng/ - The General Nobody #13: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've foun…[View]
24140581The Not-so left hand path, I don't like the edgy and extreme aspects of it. I don't want t…[View]
24132134What does /x/ think about Mark Passio? He is literally a Lvl 99 wizard, an occult master. Some say h…[View]
24138718Aside from Gremory who else is a based Goetic Spirit? I will vouch for Vual Prince Stolas and Haagen…[View]
24142470Auto-induced negativity: Daily reminder that they don't want you to win. They don't want y…[View]
24142526/X/ I have found my people: I used to think /x/ was the best place to find kindred spirits navigatin…[View]
24141560Can we have a haunted video games thread? Everything about The original sims is comfy and demonic at…[View]
24141134read me: hey /x/. If you are reading this it is not a coincidence, the universe has planned for you …[View]
24136239>disturbing facts JRR died in 1973. 1973 is 3791 backwards. 3 for elves 7 for dwarves 9 for men …[View]
24139855MOM IS DEAD, GO EALSEWHERE: Has anyone worked out what this thing is? I know its sposed to be art bu…[View]
24141529Is Enochian guy right? Do angels use telepathy?[View]
24140120Dream Interpretation: Is someone skilled in the art if interpreting dreams? People I know have over …[View]
24142224https://pastebin.com/nUXQBDCP hello friends i've made this post many months ago but didnt gain …[View]
24140026Time: Is there any way to go back in time and replace the mind of myself? I'd like to go back t…[View]
24140128I'm not scared. Just mad: Okay so I'm laying in bed, having trouble sleeping. Then I hear …[View]
24141994Martin Cabello III: https://youtu.be/S8falEJ1S94 The way this guy speaks leads me to believe hes act…[View]
24142133Car glitched through: https://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/i/EWgy9a/politiet-forvirret-over-utforkjoe…[View]
24141285Have you ever read creepypastas from this guy Lovecraft? Hes pretty good[View]
24142089Russell Targ's ESP contract with NASA https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/197…[View]
24140673Contact with anima?: Hey, I’m a guy who’s been exploring my feminine side so I can better understand…[View]
24142061http://amightywind.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9wg4ZoXAU4 https://www.youtube.com/user/Fol…[View]
24141962explain https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/[View]
24128876Gnosticism in a nutshell: >pic related[View]
24141292If you had a choice to do all the good in a human body or all the bad. No repercussions for your sin…[View]
24139631I dont know where can i share this, i lurked in the internet and i found this anonymous place. I rem…[View]
24140139nightmare fuel[View]
24140537DMT: I really want to try DMT out. I have been preparing myself mentally for a while aswell. Risks? …[View]
24139821K for real how’d he get there LOL tbqh the whole God thing seems a bit too good to be true[View]
24141296Just saw a black cat staring at me while sitting outside. What do I do to alleviate bad luck.[View]
24132394Costco Underground: Does anyone remember the guy who found a vast network of underground tunnels con…[View]
24141295Are there any good music artists doing Conspiracy Music? Beyond immortal technique I don't know…[View]
24127611Daily reminder that you’re being watched and meticulously scrutinized in the way you treat others[View]
24139314What do these symbols mean? Is this a sex cult thing?[View]
24140860Premonitory dreams thread. Always had them and still do, what does /x/ think about them?[View]
24130367Will LSD turn me into an MKUltra zombie?[View]
24116582/x/ .gifs and .webms: .gifs and .webms[View]
24135180Easiest Manifest Hack: You dont need to jump realities, just control your thoughts and reality will …[View]
24140523Ascenscion: I don't know what happens after this. But I can process so much data now. My brain …[View]
24141040What exactly are you illuminating?: They way I see it, (((Illuminati))) have lost their vision and f…[View]
24140530Can u help me, im searching for an art piece done psychedelically with faces, theres hardbass music …[View]
24138690Absolute trust: Meaning behind pic related?[View]
24140893What is the Moon?: Hello /x/ What in your opinion is the moon? A left over from our earth? Just a ra…[View]
24139541Ardeth: The Made Vampire: So I'm something of an amateur student of the occult. I recently foun…[View]
24139734Is Jesus really the Son of God?: I've always struggled with my faith since being a child attend…[View]
24130556Birds: Are the Birds watching me? They seem to be intelligent and I've seen videos of Birds Sal…[View]
24138139A new satanic social network[View]
24140640Hi /x/ I have this problem There's this retard living in my area and he says he's going to…[View]
24137742Mystery letter: I found this on the wall of a hotel in Nashville TN. What is it?[View]
24139718The Jungle Book coconut bra no longer exists - Mandela Effect: Veteran writer, Larry Clemmons though…[View]
24139833This image was posted on facebook almost a month ago as a profile photo by a guy I know. Last Thurs…[View]
24107582/succgen/ - Succubus General 40: >Previous thread: https://archived.moe/x/thread/24067426 >Old…[View]
24128239What are some dangerous cognitohazards?[View]
24140379Being attacked in dreams?: As of lately my dreams have become very believable, I used to be able to …[View]
24134112Medieval tapes facts thread: Ok lets collect the facts on this happening. We first need to answer so…[View]
24130466How do I get rid of a tulpa: He's getting to comfortable and saying nasty things should I take …[View]
24138730Apollo image with green creature in shadow of rock: Years ago I came across an imgur album full of m…[View]
24127597Let's expose the practice of celebrities faking their deaths. Also, a friendly reminder that co…[View]
24137759Mind Reader from /x/: I saw a thread where OP claimed he could guess our favorite colors correctly. …[View]
24139852Worldcorp enterprises: Hi /x/ So, I'm guessing some of you know about the whole worldcorp dram…[View]
24139278Are you a clone?: You think there's cloned humans we don't know about, just walking among …[View]
24136765When will they reveal themselves? Also anyone have that alien ranking chart with Archons at the bott…[View]
241378122020 20/20 (Brain)Waves and (Heart)Beats: It Is Time! Get it? Have questions? Want synchronicity? h…[View]
24139915I didn't fight a secret war in Nicaragua so you could walk these streets of freedom , badmouthi…[View]
24140248Let's talk about internal ghosts[View]
24131160I have one of the medieval tapes.: I remember that there were more.[View]
24140220What are some entertainment media that have the pitch black darkness meme in them? Movies, games, wh…[View]
24139922Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHQC4fAhcbU[View]
24107309dicyanin dye goggles: Post any info you have on dicyanin dye goggles anons. I see very little info …[View]
24134122Conspiracy on the Q: Sorry for shitty formatting. When I was riding the Q into Bay Ridge earlier thi…[View]
24139645If we irradiate chimpanzee embryos we could cause mutations that could be transferred to human embry…[View]
24135532I keep seeing the numbers 333 is this significant??[View]
24127844Incarnated elf: I am what hinduism and jainism called yakshas, what norses called light elf, what ir…[View]
24139091surreal creepy thread[View]
24139845>having a dream that I'm staying in a house with my brother and my dad >inrl we all live …[View]
24138572Ghost: Last night, a spooky man phased though my house walls and proceeded to kill my dog. Should I …[View]
24139639Is Qanon an ayy lmao?: Are we alone in space: No[View]
24119042MEDIEVAL FOUND FOOTAGE: A little while back an anon claimed to have found footage shot by a time tra…[View]
24133686Yet another hoax: Thread got deleted. Wonder why How the FUCK do you explain this? https://m.youtub…[View]
24138821why do benevolent aliens tell us to unconditionally love: when they were conditioned to have uncondi…[View]
24137811Searching for Elves in Iceland: Bonus: QT elf hunting guide! https://youtu.be/EhBqdR1oDyg[View]
24139661Strange Dreams.: I dunno if this counts as paranormal or anything but I think this subject would be …[View]
24139655Can Anyone Do Some Div or energy shit to see if Im cursed?: The exact same situation keeps manifesti…[View]
24134857where can I meet Al-Khidr?: http://khidr.org/gaffar.htm Khizr lives on an island or upon a green car…[View]
24139585Something to Read/Watch: Hey /x/, avid browser looking for something genuinely interesting to watch …[View]
24128494sleep and food kill you: Food and drink make you age,sleeping inflames the body. deprivation of food…[View]
24121525Let me tell you the truth about your lives, for once: Here's the harsh fact that you are not wi…[View]
24126205what happens to the Schumann resonance ?: what happens to the Schumann resonance ? Schumann's r…[View]
24138860Paranormal clothing: Do certain clothes enhance certain types of magic? There has to be a reason the…[View]
24127970Why is every new age hippie saying were brains in jars on spaceships now?: Is this some kind of meme…[View]
24136097Is electricity (power wired through our homes, waves moving through the air for our phones, internet…[View]
24135403What is the meaning of the GOAT and OWL symbolism?[View]
24139352Corporation Dystopia: Weird Dream about a Different Reality. It was not really that much different f…[View]
24137415I want to learn about saturn. Where should I start, and what books do you recommend? Btw I want to l…[View]
24134292red pill me on creatine. Is it worth it/which one to take >creatine pyruvate >creatine citrate…[View]
24134746People claim Psychedelics make you humble, but psychonauts are the most self assured people out ther…[View]

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