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/x/ - Paranormal

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25837346Reminder:: Enki, the lord Nudimmud, accepts you as you are. You can never disappoint him, as he tru…[View]
25839380Tiki statues: What do you guys know about these? I was strangely drawn to a nice one in an antique s…[View]
25836099Great Conjunction 2020: Once every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn dance in the skies. Zeus and Kronos,…[View]
25840417General Conspiracy: Don't have much, but dumping what I've got.[View]
25837798Samael: The day of samael is August 20th, he is the demiurge, the antichrist. He is the Lion of Juda…[View]
25840555I made this thread years ago asking if anyone knew what the symbolism behind the child abduction, Sa…[View]
25840546DiYY8oJmJ920AKDSi7umoA==: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvwvkYKsFARVz3m3wk4j_g[View]
25839952Repent tomorrow you will suffer[View]
25837708How will I die Will a meteor fall from the sky Or maybe a giant wave will wash me away Pierced th…[View]
25803308The harvest: Summary: >A few days ago someone on youtube showed a picture of a cloud that looked …[View]
25839633This is gonna sound like a shit larp but I swear its not. I live in bumfuck central maine and Ive ha…[View]
25836578Please help my nigs: I believe I've been manipulated by some parasitic thoughtform ever since m…[View]
25837315My last meditation I saw myself on an island, there were tribal islander dudes with maori-esque carv…[View]
25835051New England Thread: Hey /x/ New England is one of the oldest areas in the US and has a lot of ghost/…[View]
25838962>early 2000s, be 7 >living in a house that was considered a mansion in early 19th century >…[View]
25835300TTSA: what is up with this retard and why is anybody giving him money, especially the US army?…[View]
25837785Peaceful Watcher: A few days ago I came across something on YouTube. Let's just say it's p…[View]
25833314People talking about rumors of apocalypse. Thoughts?[View]
25839502On average, what percentage of threads on popular, notably shitty and fast-moving boards such as /po…[View]
25839242Are their any runes, words, symbols, music etc that wards off demons? Passively gets rid of them, pr…[View]
25839712What's the story behind this cursed and haunted image?[View]
25837865Schizophrenia=evolution: schizophrenia is the the next stage of humanity, Being able to see patterns…[View]
25839551plant based economy now sorry, retroactively enforced with AI: language translated from plant life i…[View]
25839300[Snack Food] Occult Marketing: >https://vimeo.com/440052566 What do you guys think of the new Occ…[View]
25839423Chris Watts: Was this something paranormal? He had just gotten back from hiding his daughters bodies…[View]
25833990best coast to coast am episodes: Recommend me some episodes of Coast to Coast am with Art Bell…[View]
25838598Unconscious euphoria: Any other anons ever pass out and remember the mental abyss right after the wo…[View]
25836127Anyone here have screenshots from the thread where the guy had a dream about aliens/robots that come…[View]
25834897I am your god: I am unfortunately stuck in this world Every day I try to do magic with my thumb and …[View]
25838973This is terrifying.[View]
25838912Tony Hawk footage recorded in D.U.M.B: Has anyone seen the official clip/movie? Apparently was going…[View]
25834146So God makes some good food and goes into the children's bedroom, lays it down, and says, 'I ju…[View]
25838444is it wrong to mix religions? how far is too far?[View]
25825103who can teach me the mystries of the bees: ???[View]
25837790So what’s the reading list/order for hermetic/christian magic including grimoires?[View]
25839114Malevolent Spirits and Demons: In these vacant halls of this city dorm I reside in, I've witnes…[View]
25791371So what's the deal with Antarctica[View]
25837813/ng/ - Nobody General: What's up kids, welcome to the Nobody General. Here we post about The No…[View]
25838518Are my thoughts my own worst enemy, /x/? How do I clear my mind? Thoughts are paranormal just like t…[View]
25787826Tulpas: Okay, this whole Tulpa thing is new for me. Should or shouldn't I make one for waifu pu…[View]
25836221Helllo /x/, so I'm staying at my parents' place currently for a couple of days, and someth…[View]
25835687Is it possible that Time never began: does that mean we're in a loop[View]
25832886/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25838538its a bad gondola but i play tarkov so fuck off im playing tarkov with my friends, but im deafened b…[View]
25837173Beginner meditation: I've pondered on meditation for some time but could never find the time fo…[View]
25833923So do mage orders actually exist with people who believe in this stuff? What are some Christian/herm…[View]
25830025Has anybody here ever flown over places like northern Canada or Siberia? It's such an eerie ex…[View]
2583225310th Dimensional Consciousness: What does /x/ think about the possibility of acquiring 10th dimensio…[View]
25834181What the fuck is joobert.org[View]
25836142>Don't do harm to others that you wouldn't want done to yourself >NO, do good to oth…[View]
25835366anyone here browpilled?[View]
25838382hit your wife spooky cucks[View]
25834770Give me proof that the August 14th/16th Prophecy isn't a LARP[View]
25837478I've had an epiphany /x/, I should tell it you before I forget it. Spirit and Matter are not se…[View]
25836898Signs you’ve woken up in a different dimension? Woke up today feeling like I’m on a psychedelic. Not…[View]
25838248Peaceful watcher discussion: I remember seeing a thread about peaceful watcher a bit ago and want to…[View]
25835029What's going on? My past self is slowly drifting away from me. Every time I look at my family o…[View]
25836727Redpill me on secret cannibal farms.: I've heard some anons talking about them. Tell me everyth…[View]
25833519>browsing, making fun of people on /x >get up, glasses break Which one of you fucks cursed/he…[View]
25836291ITT: Half of /x/ notices that thier queen is a fat pig: And another 1/4 of you didn't even know…[View]
25830053Mars had a civilization. Here's bookcase #1 http://www.midnightplanets.com/web/MSL/image/01408/…[View]
25837621What the hell did I just read?[View]
25835833What's /x/'s take on masks?[View]
25837692/x/ Themed Recommendations: Let's have a thread where we recommend each other various /x/ tier …[View]
25832505didn't take up the hero's journey, now scared I'm gonna die or some shit. I chose ins…[View]
25837624>The Star in Yellow A child believes a lie because they know no better. A grown adult see the lie…[View]
25837507Wouldn't a musician, a movie, and a cartoon be aware that there wasn't a cornucopia in the…[View]
25837585Recently I stumbled across baby monkey hate videos. I've been trying to find out what they are …[View]
25836337Iceberg thread: Check archive, killed a shit thread. Came here to post the one conspiracy you'l…[View]
25836333>be me >sitting on my cough >here my dog licking his paws right next to me on the floor …[View]
25831743that SoCal /x/ group camping trip was fucking fun as hell guys. that one anon with the cowboy hat is…[View]
25835827>What you mean the universe didn't change, I just remembered something wrong because I have …[View]
25837066Glass Camera G01F rumors: wtf is up with all the 'dont search up golf rumors'. Is it an inside joke …[View]
25834650Cyber Magick: Computers are inherently magick, I don't mean this in the >it's so amazi…[View]
25827012Roblox is a terrifying game, or platform, whatever you call it.[View]
25836928hey noobs want some magic? here jhauonoinjcomunuiuinububububububueioioiiiii0981467[View]
25836724The Amplifier: I've been playing the same 200 watt Raven combo for years and I have loathed eve…[View]
25831863What's up with voices coming out of wooded areas, often calling people to come near them? Seems…[View]
25829430What grimoires work well with chaos magic? I want to summon a god or demon to possess me[View]
25833737Premonition thread. Discuss any premonitions you have had.[View]
25826843What did Atlantis preach that caused the Gods to destroy Atlantis?: Did Atlantis preach freedom for …[View]
25834108I'm pretty sure I got a spiritual message the other day. I was at work and I decided to talk to…[View]
25826217How do I finally find peace How did you[View]
25831862bros, deep down, what can you say with absolute certainty is truth? when living your life do you onl…[View]
25834951Quick Question - This symbol: What does this symbol mean or does it have any significance /x/ ? Jus…[View]
25822974Avoiding National Park Disappearances: I'm going to be traveling the American Southwest for the…[View]
25833567is allah saturn?: i have heard of allah referred as the moon god by many. what does this mean? the g…[View]
25833268WebSDR frequencies thread: Post your best findings of Shortwave, USB, FM and other WebSDR archived/l…[View]
25834247I have the power to change global consciousness: I just have to tell myself that everyone is an anim…[View]
25836356if magic is real and you can use it to do cool stuff, how come nothing cool ever happens? everyone h…[View]
25836392Current 218: Who here is familiar with the tree of death? Could you tell me some of your experiences…[View]
25836199Demon / Reptilian: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0JbqA8g5oUk[View]
25831065My brother's been going through psychosis ever since the pandemic started. Recently, he wrote t…[View]
25831330Spooky Space Stuff: post em[View]
25835108Had a strange dream last night..: So I don't often remember my dreams and they're not that…[View]
25835830Skinwalker thread: >Gonna graduate high school soon >Been interested in wendigos and shit sinc…[View]
25835791It hasn't even: begun[View]
25832825Redpill me on Limbo.[View]
25828857Buddhism: A Buddhist temple recently opened near me. I've always been interested in meditation …[View]
25835352I think I might be possessed: I'm never happy. And have no empathy. I get a visceral anger when…[View]
25834538Give me an example of an irl case that can only be explained with the supernatural.[View]
25814649is sophia god, or an angel[View]
25834095How do I get out ?: So I know we are in some sort of simulation prison world sorta like matrix but w…[View]
25828749Goblin Dancer: New to /x/, figured you would all appreciate this experience I had as a kid. >be m…[View]
25832269What is the /x/ approved method to stay away from the pornographic menace? And what evil forces are …[View]
25831572Advertisement as perverted magick: Can you redpill me on ads? The ubiquity of ads everywhere, the im…[View]
25835445I gave a soul to my drawing: say in your head to my drawing: I give you the breath of life he will …[View]
25834459What are some of your favorite excerpts, chapters or aphorisms from the Bhagavad Gita?[View]
25832173>astrology >tarot >I ching >hermeticism >gnosticism >mono-/polytheism >thelema …[View]
25829220Enlightenment thread: Hello x bros, im gonna show u a drawing and u tell me how much more suffering …[View]
25834138Can't wait for eternal life. Did well of chainlink. I'm a 5. Hello fours. It's coming…[View]
25830162/sim/ theory : New Rules - 2020 Proof Required: Pic related. Vid related. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
25814231Hello. Cover your windows in 27 hours (+-5 minutes) from the moment you read this text. Mark the ti…[View]
25835069veggietales: is it paranormal? https://youtu.be/Qk8LnU4ClVg[View]
25830994David Parker Ray: What is the occults opinion on David Parker Ray? I had always been fascinated by h…[View]
25834906mr robot is an /x/ approved /tv/. ---SPOILER--- Whiterose's plant was the cern in real life. D…[View]
25833929/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25833827Things you believe are real, undecided and things you think aren't, I'll start Real: ESP l…[View]
25830378Spiritual advice thread: Hi /x/, I come today seeking advice, so I thought it would be good to start…[View]
25832717is reading light paranormal?: so check this out, ive been schizophrenic for 4 years, im 23 years old…[View]
25834649does drinking tea make you less spiritual or more spiritual?[View]
25832487XRP: Redpill me on XRP /x/. Is it the NWO's approved currency? Is the Antichrist already here a…[View]
25833641You know why adult advisory or 18+ button exist because people fear Jesus if they didn't they w…[View]
25834268What if things are so weird in your life is because you actually died as young and what you experien…[View]
25834554The underground war and massive cannibal farms were more believable than some schizo that shit out a…[View]
25834405Where is the links or sauce to rich people or government agents going to hiding because of >muh …[View]
25828636Pink Floyd's 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn' & 'Saucerful of Secrets': The…[View]
25834360Something Strange I Heard Last Night: Hey x, I need help figuring something out. Last night, around …[View]
25829754Why do you guys want to summon a succubus?: They suck out your life energy. Literally how is that di…[View]
25822705How to remove fleshgait: Hey /x/, hopefully you guys can give me some advice on an issue I'm ha…[View]
25819448whats /x/ opinion on Lady Lilith from the Babylonian Talmud?[View]
25833636Is Roblox a Psyop?[View]
25832120This card clearly seems to have inspired 'Eleven' from that normie show. What gives? Was it just ins…[View]
25832624Red (or orange) sky get out of big cities now doomsday is here[View]
25810697My Innocence is Intact: I walk in any realm as a passive receiver non-asserting wide-eyed troubled t…[View]
25833542As far as the spirituality of humanity goes I think we need a new emergence. Are there really gods a…[View]
25827273What happened to Creeppastas?: So I want to be clear about what I mean here. The point of this threa…[View]
25831886Spiritual DXM Tripping: I'm planning on taking 240 mg DXM tomorrow. My setting will be in the d…[View]
25833913How do I do an astral travel?: I remember doing it unconsciously as a child, but not now. I have see…[View]
25833086It seems the meaning of the supposed first two cities tells us a lot: Ur is supposed to mean 'dog,be…[View]
25816248Mental Alchemy: Can I get some book recommendations? I'd also love to hear about your personal …[View]
25832785what's gonna happen august 14? I missed the latest /x/ prophecy. something about ayys?[View]
25831481Dream interpretation thread: Can we get a dream interpretation thread going? I’ll start, I had a dre…[View]
25833749What's your take on The Report from Iron Mountain? Here's a link to read it, if you'…[View]
25828742What’s hidden in the Arctic?[View]
25822484>300 episodes >still haven't caught a ghost um ghosts aren't fucking real…[View]
2582600801110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101101 01101111 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110111 01101001 0…[View]
25829978theories you believe but have no proof: >Bigfoot is real but not as you know it >real simulati…[View]
25833223live sacrifice: whats the best way, or best ritual to influence the outcome of an event using live s…[View]
25831251The Fears: Here is the list of the most terrifying concepts I could come up with: 1. Infinite Hell l…[View]
25832411Was it a Hollywoodian attempt to bluepill one if the most redpilling books ever written? I watched t…[View]
25832255dreams: hey does anyone else have repeating dreams of a battle in a war where you have no idea who y…[View]
25823428kamala harris: what is this supposed to mean? voodoo? >inb4 merely a coincidence…[View]
25821635Was George Floyd a victim of mkultra: How did he know he was going to die? why does he seem to be un…[View]
25829842Is there a place to browse somewhat legitimate/unbiased occult knowledge? Especially looking for dem…[View]
25824181Who has taken shrroms and listened to the bible on audio tape: Its common on /pol/ but i think this …[View]
25826910Kyrgyzstan I know you jack offs will probably ignore this thread or post stupid sneed nobody related…[View]
25827987How do I know if I'm getting close to astral projection?[View]
25829916I have had some disputes with jewish wizards in the past but the situation that happened to me 3 day…[View]
25826453What is it about christianity that makes 'satanists' seeth Not the real ones. But the cringey athei…[View]
25832881>approx once per 2-4 weeks >sleep paralyze >not ordinary >first I hear loud buzzing noic…[View]
25826704Females may have some submissive traits however are nonetheless a required trait for creation and al…[View]
25829546ID SUPER EGO & EGO (aka satan jesus & god): why do religious people prefer to think that the…[View]
25832773Ok, lets settle this once and for all: Is God personal or impersonal i.e. is he an actual being watc…[View]
25828776what percentage of 'humans' are hylics? 60%?[View]
25832004Shapeshifting Magic: Is it possible to aquire the ability to shape shift without completely losing y…[View]
25832664My stupid rightist friend says that buddhism is about disinterest and doing what has to be done, but…[View]
25832553How can I feel like a human again. I experienced a cannabis induced panic attack about a year ago an…[View]
25827822Is this up to date?[View]
25826939What does this dream mean /x/?[View]
25831295All delusions over: I no longer care who dies or what happens to them when they do, it has become ap…[View]
25821714A friend of mine is going to hook me up with a dose of adrenochrome. What am I in for?[View]
25832311the people pushing eastern philosophy are shills and they want you cucked[View]
25830651Tell me about time travel, /x/[View]
25832462https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_the_Stars_(company) This company has something to do with the ‘Off-…[View]
25832408Frui quaerere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MrBlThWj5k&t=10s[View]
25830156How do I avoid getting schized? I'd really rather not.[View]
25827036After 3 years of meditation, I've realized that nothing will ever satisfy me. I could have a bi…[View]
25829047Question about MKULTRA / GATE / PsyOps: how often is it the case that the targeted individual has fa…[View]
25832163Is there a way to become immune to / make sure I never get psychosis? I know this is the opposite of…[View]
25832122wtf is picrel? saw it in built next to a stream in the park. should i get rid of it?[View]
25829106Why does nobody talk about souls being imprisoned in the body and God being under attack? It's …[View]
25819347Is there any entity out there that can help me with NoFap?: I constantly fail and I could use some s…[View]
25823411How do i join the superrich illuminati elite?: I'm not meming, i would do anything. Literally A…[View]
25828594Actually not a LARP: >Go on a trip with my family overseas >Can't really remember how we …[View]
25831638how do i know if the devil cursed me?: i made a deal with him when i was 16 and i think he cursed me…[View]
25827443where does bigfoot sleep?[View]
25830541Are Succubus real and what would happen if someone would summon one?[View]
25831932>the whole world can be changed by anyone at any time if they force a meme on 4chan enough times …[View]
25808734Could anyone tell me if beings like pic related exist irl? What are they exactly? Are they good? Bad…[View]
25824990Weird Bones Man IDK: Went randonauting with my friends and found this, any idea what it's from?…[View]
25830219why are we told to respect our body and deny the flesh at the same time?[View]
25831531>If i cover my eyes no one can see me! Reminder that soliptism is retarded and you are retarded f…[View]
25829795I fucking told you to buy Xinfin: No one listened to me when I told them to buy Xinfin 3 months ago,…[View]
25831012Look fags I believe that all of existence is fake and that the only place that's real is a stre…[View]
25831099>post yfw you realized the earth is way bigger than we're told and the moon, sun and stars a…[View]
25831333I think i actually developed a superpower: But unfortunately its nothing like Telekinesis or precogn…[View]
25830818Why aren't you staring at a wall yet?[View]
25828609Tell me it's not true, the theory that we fall to rise to fall to rise, infinitely This is NOT …[View]
25801619/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: Zeland edition SP PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.co…[View]
25828910What happened here?: i was urban exploring in old border control base and found this in one of the r…[View]
25829619Forests with negative energy/hatred towards you? Cursed woods? Anyone have any experiences with a c…[View]
25829921Do you think extended COVID isolation + the brain damage long-term side effect will result in mass i…[View]
25830759so, are we getting through this without ending the world? we need to get into a state of healing and…[View]
25829449Welcome to the Nobody General - too woke for August 12th meteor showers / TPTB lost already edition.…[View]
25831031I’m pretty sure I’m possessed: I’m pretty sure I’m possessed. Not necessarily in an esoteric way but…[View]
25825034A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill[View]
25768088Summon general /sum/: to discuss summons, paranormal beings, experiences, ways to do it and exchange…[View]
25828947If we humans confirmed a god existed, We would try to kill him or seize his power. That's why n…[View]
25828911Kabbalah?: WTF is this? give me the breakdown[View]
25824584/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25822774What's the true history of the world?: Are humans cattle for a higher species?[View]
25828513So, what if I want to make a sigil with a desire that I cannot forget? For example, I am freelancing…[View]
25830210Why is that I seemingly have full control over my body and no control over it at the same time? For …[View]
25820265midnight gospel is based.[View]
25830433René Descartes on the Penal Gland: >My view is that this gland is the principal seat of the soul,…[View]
25830218Self knowledge and Depression: I feel like I’ve lived every life and seen everything there is to off…[View]
25828819>2020 >People still acting like there is no hell, sending themselves there over the smallest m…[View]
25820657Time travel has already been invented. That's all I will say[View]
25827851The world is a lie, you were on the right track that this was a simulation, but you couldn't ha…[View]
25828308It's time to finally decide.: Shivaism or Sufism? Explain why please, but I am thinking what Su…[View]
25830147Louise Cypher update: /x/, remember Louise Cypher? A group of people, myself included, have been wor…[View]
25830129On an average there are 106 deaths that take place every minute when we die do we get to hangout wit…[View]
25826966lucid dream: ok /x/ bros, give me quick methods to lucid dream i tried the RC method and it didn…[View]
25820708Hatman Thread?: Can we get a hatman thread? I think about my experience every day. >be youngster …[View]
25826577Project MKANDERSON: *proceeding as planned*[View]
25828359Hello /x/... I have been watching from the bushes while you masturbate... The alien in your rooms re…[View]
25826837does veganism give you magical powers?[View]
25829837Why does summoning work?: I guess it's all about Loosh - anyone that might show up out of a sum…[View]
25829668I do not care to add to the diverse lies I remain a truth teller and begin by saying God is the one …[View]
25824090The other night, I did a medium high dose of 4-aco-dmt which is essentially just shrooms, I had a se…[View]
25828951>the universe was intelligently designed? you're a fucking idiot clinging to ancient dogmas …[View]
25827579Do you think the power music has on average people's brains is severely understated? Whether th…[View]
25828567I’m speechless.[View]
25829595Another reminder.: >>25807505 Everything they taught you has one purpose. The purpose is to ma…[View]
25826726It doesn't get more comfy than listening to an alien episode of Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell…[View]
25829121Hey /x/, does anyone know what this video is called, or who the artist is?[View]
25828506What if...: The Vatican has proof of aliens, and scientists have proof of God, but neither wants the…[View]
25828392>the evil cianigger aliens are spying on me!!!! i'm getting gangstalked! >he owns a phone…[View]
25827256For the majority case that which is older operates on the earlier-made memory or longer-held memory.…[View]
25828981Bros, whats the best antique encyclopedia set to get from before the mudfloods?[View]
25826311Vaccine of the beast: Would you take the vaccine? I heard it's mandatory. This is probably the …[View]
25817738How can I make oil of antimony?[View]
25827557Anyone ever heard of a group or whatever called, 'Black Book?'[View]
25827329Is this the most openly evil person to ever exist?[View]
25828807Can anybody find a live feed of the moon? Thought I see a dark spot at the top of it. Went outside w…[View]
25825050I don't know who else to tell: Alright faggots kommando here. I live in a small town in east TN…[View]
25826975Ghislaine Maxwell pulled off suicide watch: this is what happened before epstein 'offed' himself. an…[View]
25820038The Toledo Purge: Woke up this morning to people claiming that there are demons in the city and that…[View]
25819595Jai Ram! Two days ago a thread here with Hanuman Blessings was made and I asked him that my gf would…[View]
25827588Many such cases.[View]
25827673How does one deal with people fighting with themselves virtually and Analogically ? Ex: Democrat vs.…[View]
25828445So I have a theory about this whole personalized stuff, and a story of my own that supports the theo…[View]
25828404Agency Open to all to win - Get rekt feminists ! How do you do that ?[View]
25807579Tarot Readings: Hello truth seeker, I am offering tarot readings this morning for anyone who is inte…[View]
25815801Reptilian Shapeshifting device FAILING!: Look how the face is changing the mimic. Its clearly a fail…[View]
25821489Ocarina of Time is a terrifying game.[View]
25818575>can't get over my ex >i have to keep super busy all the time or else she will pop up imm…[View]
25824306/ng/ - nobody general: >Who is the nobody? An attempt at making the next antichrist. The world is…[View]
25828188Chart reading: what do these dots and symbols mean?[View]
25821084Something has been fattening me up in my sleep, I've put on 20 lbs in the past 3 weeks. Dont kn…[View]
25827288i always have a general sense of unease in my apartment at night. i'm always feeling like there…[View]
25822411Azreal: What can you tell me about a being or angel named Azreal? It communicated with me 'randomly'…[View]
25828004Immortal Exile: Wu, Chaos and Fast Nuclear call exile indiscrinately of all origionals, mains and ch…[View]
25824252Will taking legal analogues like 1p-LSD give the same cognitions as the real thing?[View]
25821856How can a human slow down time and be as present as possible?[View]
25824114I made a arachne tulpa, now I hallucinate spiders and she wants to eat me, pls help[View]
25827825>hey, /x/ fag. wanna check out my van? I got the demiurge in the back. I also know the nobody per…[View]
25826262Kamala is Kali Ma: This is not Apophenia. She has already exposed herself on tv with those pitch bla…[View]
25827399Hey /x/ I like some good ol' lore myself but does anon have a list of Occult stuff that does or…[View]
25827296Give me x related books. I'm primarily interested in UFO/alien encounter books, books about cry…[View]
25827621>mfw Wiccans actually practice ritual coprophagia[View]
25824880Convince me it's not a psyop.[View]
25827549Weird comments and posts: Found this subreddit with the same person posting the same odd shit about …[View]
25826685Where were you when you realized this entire clown world simulation started after Robin Williams…[View]
25827147Google search results for '3 days of darkness' and 'bluebeam' have increased dramatically the past f…[View]
25824701Is keto /x/? I have OCD and notice carbs make it worse, it makes it harder for me to meditate and I …[View]
25825523Eu procuro a ordem[View]
25827015Okay /x/ I don't post here often and as such am not sure if this is allowed or if this is the p…[View]
25819260Was the 70s the spookiest time in modern history?[View]
25806075August 14-16 Prediction: What are /x/'s thoughts on this? There's a ton of other informati…[View]
25827062Which layer of hell will you go to anon?[View]
25817255Creating tulpa: Let's say I want to create a tulpa. I did some research on it a while back. But…[View]
25827299Your thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/FL65rpg_TJ0 Also do you think it’s better than heavens gate?[View]
25825627Meta: Has /x/ always been the love child of /b/ and /pol/?[View]
25826139Alexander is Jesus, The Holy Spirit is real: I have been doing such hard research and mysticism for …[View]
25826683Alien Invasion Prediction Thread: Does anybody have that thread saved of that guy predicting an alie…[View]
25825904Where’d the entity that was granting wishes go?: Been looking for him on here for like weeks but hav…[View]
25810830Okay real question here. What does this symbol really means? Does it have any meaning outside of new…[View]
25826781tattoo-symbols: Are symbols when made fisical powerful? like drawing, painting, tattoos? Should i ge…[View]
25824681which one of you larpers knows what this is?: lol[View]
25824595so is this band satan worshippers? why is satanism/horus/lam/oto etc. so much associated with music[View]
25826236What if I told you that the world was gonna end and you had 15 minutes?[View]
25823981Book Recommendations: Give me a bunch of books to read that'll get my brain whirring. I would p…[View]
25826836i think i was hypnotized in my sleep, i cant taste anymore and my butt has huge crack in it[View]
25816438Have Vampires ever existed?[View]
25826518Here we are, friends. Remember: it's an illusion.[View]
25826011What?: So my brother sent me this and he never seen this picture before as well? I live close to wha…[View]
25818914What is heaven: Hey, just what is heaven? wouldn't an eternal paradise get boring? eventually i…[View]
25825249ID: Sprint CALEA Delivery System Product Release (rev. 6.5.02) In accordance with CALEA, Sprint h…[View]
25826644I was once at this party where a bunch of lizard people dressed in pajamas were terrorizing and eati…[View]
25822539Heaven, Hell, Free Will: So I've been thinking about Free Will a lot recently, due to recent th…[View]
25826405went deep into some local woods and found two decently large huts made from branches and leaves. one…[View]
25821578ultimately, is the world good? is it split between forces of good and evil or is evil a product of d…[View]
25826345X, is there anyway real way to curse someone? Context: >Be me >Fall deeply in love with a girl…[View]
25806113Doing dream interpretation Part 255 on /x/: >Age >Gender >Feeling during dream >Lucid?…[View]
25820258So what are some /x/ approved. Liked YouTube channels. Podcosts. Videos? I already know of >dead …[View]
25817586Is the truman show a documentary[View]
25826084Anyone else watch SOR?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsxGn5WMo3M UFO's and Bigfoot. Starts a…[View]
25825995I'm tired of all the manufactured 'happenings' I want the real thing I WANT TO BUG OUT WHEN SHT…[View]
25821640Ok guys I'm almost 30 and a virgin, how do I get superpowers on my birthday? I'm thinking …[View]
25824514What are the spiritual implications of eating industrial food?[View]
25821679looking for links / suggestions / a point in the right direction for spoopy, cursed, or downright di…[View]
25825491What would you do if you missed rapture?[View]
25825220I found this rare Captcha[View]
25819422Not sure if this is the right board to discuss occult imagery but what is this video trying to symbo…[View]
25816946Theres no paranormal: Let me propose something crazy: The paranormal does not exist. The genre was c…[View]
25823703Do you own any spooky or haunted or just cool occult items?[View]
25824468/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25820275Strange orb: Explain to me wtf this is. 15 minutes of video https://youtu.be/W6B48Eb6Fno[View]
25817326LESSER KNOWN TYPES OF ALIEN: We all know about the Greys, Mantids, Nords, Reptilians etc. But lets h…[View]
25820366Ebraism= reptilian brain Christianity= limbic system Islam= neocortex can't you see it?[View]
25822581on a spiritual/mythological level, what do different felidae/feline breeds represent? I'm talki…[View]
25824903Can you really communicate via consciousness?: The idea of it just seems against everything we know.…[View]
25822007Are Aryans descendants of ancient aliens? And why do these threads always get taken down or deleted?[View]
25822733Imma drop some real shit on yall. Cats ain't real.[View]
25825218Fuck you, last prophecy I thought could of been possible was sky pepe due to the cover up but you fa…[View]
25825180death.gr: >be me >le looking at le leddit like le ledditard Enough shitposting >see post ab…[View]
25824653What if i tell you evolution was not just from apes but from serpents too. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
25821648Southern Ontario and Toronto Spooks. I really don't have a lot to contribute here but am intere…[View]
25824026Sun gazing: Have heard people talk about the benefits of staring at the sun. Do any of you practice …[View]
25815764Give it to me straight bros, is this guy a schizo or has he experienced ascension? Please discuss.[View]
25823980Blood Moon ?: If you are in the UK look towards the east at the moon right now[View]
25816327Got Proof?: now's your chance[View]
25823462Based Gibson: Can we talk about Gibson? Because he was right about literally everything. The interne…[View]
25814940The proof of paranormal is not going to fix your life.[View]
25824871Ufo: Does anyone know what it could be? The lights were moving pretty fast in a straight line just a…[View]
25810643/asg/ Ashtar Sheran General: Your Ashtar Sheran general thread. Audiovisual and textual info always …[View]
25807134Highway happenings: ITT: post anything /x/ related to highways/roads/autobahn, lots of weird shit te…[View]
25824835Ricky Gervai's Golden Globe words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR6UeVptzRg&t=57s 2 refe…[View]
25824837Cursed image thread[View]
25822596Physical creation only happens from violence. Spiritual creation doesn't.[View]
25824086Okay anons help me out with this: why is everything so paranormal? Did TPTB pull a SCP foundation ti…[View]
25820377/x/, can you bless me with some creative energy? I just need a little push from my spiritually gifte…[View]
25799757lost media thread: What's your 'holy grail' of lost media, /x/?[View]
25824639What's some media that you could actually see being 'cursed' due to the presence of ultrasonic …[View]
25822730Using language as spells to escape the matrix: I've heard a few times in my life that the words…[View]
25823063Hello /x/philes, I'd like to ask if any of you ever experienced sight in third person mode. I h…[View]
25824096Last night, in trance, I unintentionally glimpsed for the first time the division of God and Self. F…[View]
25823838how does he have so much Magick?[View]
25820516The universe would be a much better place if all sentient life were annihilated[View]
25824097Is 'How do we fix it?' the wrong question? I've dreamed about the final implosion of everything…[View]
25822486Here's something interesting that I just discovered. Crowley was born on the same year as Leví…[View]
25824426cult of saturn: so i fell down the cult of saturn rabbit hole around a year ago and decided to messa…[View]
25824088September the 5th?: What’s up with the whole September the 5th survival stuff? Does anyone have a ma…[View]
25822563What is up, my fellow schizo friends? Tonight is the night! A new power is growing. The old ways are…[View]
25823517What happens to the DNA after it's been harvested for c19 testing?: ?[View]
25818782How do I live a meaningful life?: I believe that there is an afterlife. I think that our current lif…[View]
25819186The Dimensional Merge: If it happened, how would it affect our world?[View]
25823400I am interested in magik. Particularly the idea of compete self mastery and the focus of one's …[View]
25820695Redpill me on Binah and Saturn. What's /x/'s take on it?[View]
25816558What is the point of being a good person? What kind of twisted deity makes a world where truly evil …[View]
25822978>the demiurge is only considered evil in Abrahamic traditions >in his Greek origin he is expli…[View]
25823967How do you know if you are his descendant?[View]
25820883I would like to get into Buddhism. Where and how do I begin? I have tried getting into it in the pas…[View]
25823871GHOST SOS HELPP: OKAY HELP PLS ghost in my house exhibit a) piano once played b) bathroom ligjt turn…[View]
25820005So, how about a good old cliche Lovecraft thread to divert from the other stock threads? This was in…[View]
25822863In case you didn't know, each planet is a god who's vibrations influence every aspect of E…[View]
25823616Post your country's myths and cryptids: I'll start off with one. Forests cover about 52% o…[View]
25822520i have reason to suspect my parents are freemasons. its so hard to tell if they are or not, and the …[View]
25823318Can any anon draw this galaxy?: I’m trying to simulate an ancient humans way of drawing the Triangul…[View]
25817786Aug 14-16 larp: So what's up with Aug 14-16th larp? And why are they planning it on the weekend…[View]
25820914Hi /x/, I want to share an experience that I had when I was a little child >be me >I was 5 or…[View]
25813227okay so if we're all the result of god, or the universe or something that was lonely that creat…[View]
25816539So /x/ what happens after death?[View]
25816319Quantum Playground: Fiction is bleeding into reality. Unlocked by Quantum Computing. The Tesseract. …[View]
25807285Gnosticism is Heresy: Reminder that Gnosticism is the greatest heresy and lie, and is warned about i…[View]
25818210Just bought these books What am I in for[View]
25814777Starting to see things again.: So where do I begin, I mostly stopped 'seeing' figures, faces, entit…[View]
25822482Guys I just woke up somewhere weird. It smells really bad[View]
25821900Have any of you seen this in the skies before? I remember seeing it slowly hovering over a road in M…[View]
25819128/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25822593What does it mean to dream of having schizophrenia?[View]
25813642alien = demons: What do you guys think about the theory regarding aliens being demons? Is it true?…[View]
25820408Zombies: Hey /x/, I was wondering if any of you had insight into what may happen in a zombie apocaly…[View]
25818389Hey guys um maybe we should stop talking to each other like 1) we know nothing 2) we know some obscu…[View]
25821823Dinosaurs are fake news.: Monica Perez says dinosaurs aren't real. She hosts the propaganda rep…[View]
25816481/apg/ ASTRAL PROJECTION general: >What is astral projection? Astral projection (or astral travel)…[View]
25820167>in before 8% of the population goes full reaver.[View]
25816853Protip: reality isn't reality. Only the ascended masters know this...[View]
25818055Quantum computing and dildophones: How are they using it to destroy the world t. Ukrainian war vete…[View]
25817274>keep cutting[View]
25819899What does /x/ think of Dion Fortune?[View]
25821868https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbsJv9wX8tk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbsJv9wX8tk https://www.…[View]
25821682Did Teddy Ruxpin ever tell you to harm yourself? You're not alone.[View]
25821774Transcendental Anarchy 1/3 of a percent towards our goal to 2000 members >https://discord.gg/WJZz…[View]
25821655¿¿??: Are things still going up 'creeps' in 2020?[View]
25820493/ng/ - The Nobody, a discussion thread: Let’s talk about “The Nobody”, the worlds most powerful pers…[View]
25820173Seems like Gnosticism is getting mainstream traction and it's really pissing off demiurge bootl…[View]
25821004Spiritual planets and planes of existence: When old occultist talk of sphere of moon, sol, Jupiter, …[View]
25816691Ok so the ultimate goal of every living being is to be one with God, emptiness and the infinite. You…[View]
25816074I'm a NPC: It's been a while since i've started to feel myself as a organism, i truly…[View]
25802763What does /x/ know about reptilian people? Are they real? I heard they pop up in a lot of religions …[View]
25814386what exactly IS a liminal space?: i want to have a liminal space thread because i am so fascinated b…[View]
25821174Selling A Satanic House On Purpose: So, this basic premise for paranormal incidents is basically a c…[View]
25821043Deja vu is an illusion, an emotion, a state of mind, if you will. I just had some deja vu a few minu…[View]
25821044Frui quaerere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MrBlThWj5k&t=24s[View]
25820655The quality of one's esp can be adversely affected by the entities nearest to the observer, as …[View]
25819206Why do glowies like this meme?[View]
25819478This board makes me more and more confident every day that the paranormal isn't real, not sure …[View]
25820737Dwarf Planets: Redpill me on dwarf planets/x/. >as large as pluto >closer to Earth than Pluto …[View]
25820631FLUORIDE: What are the impacts of fluoride on the brain? Will it make me even more retarded? I…[View]
25819820Golf patch: Hi /x/, recently I found this image on Facebook (yes, I actually use Facebook) and if yo…[View]
25820419What do I do?: So, /x/, I'm kinda fuckin spooked about something. >be me >2am, walking ou…[View]
25820061Coded Messages on Cable TV: Last weekend I was at a friend's house and they had the TV on in th…[View]
25812291It is a notable fact that each of the following events have precisely coincided, in uncanny ways, wi…[View]
25810278>You are 100% under control of an all knowledgeable all powerful elite >constantly bombarded …[View]
25815926Moving To West Virginia: hey guys, I don't really post on here, but my buddy said this would be…[View]
25818024>acquire tulpa at long last >ask her how I can fix my life >>juts b urself xD Did I make…[View]
25817467Supernatural Science Q&A/General Thread: Hello. I am here to answer any and all(hopefully) ques…[View]
25813663Anyone else mysteriously wake up to this YouTube video: So I was watching YouTube and fell asleep wh…[View]
25811714Day 2 of nofap, I think I am possesed by a demon, I keep having blasphemous thoughts about God and I…[View]
25817178Was the 'we live in a society' meme invented by the elites? It seems like any time someone has a rem…[View]
25819319Cursed images[View]
25818019Action = reaction: Assuming I am localised God of an unspecified area. How do I succeed without an e…[View]
25818730Had a dream this show never existed and it became a mandela. What does it mean?[View]
25818538Is it true that Yaldabaoth sped up time and now the Quickening is upon us all? Is this why it feels …[View]
25816247Did anyone else get a call from what sounded like a group of older people singing happy birthday to …[View]
25815485Apothecary general: Any cool witch herbs that can help me quit smoking/drinking? I've fucking …[View]
25816448Minor Prophetic Dreams: Anyone know anything about this? I’ve now had two incredibly inconsequential…[View]
25816852Wtf is numerology and where can i find my number?[View]
25815802Is it possible to be cursed without your knowledge: Not larping just asking if im a schizo im still …[View]
258115872 years since Terrys passing: 2 years already, Rip to my favorite lolcow, perhaps if people didnt fu…[View]
25819589reading someone's appearance: I have vague clairvoyance but have no idea how to use it effectiv…[View]
25817971How does a species at the top of the food chain just go extinct? It defies all logic, never happens …[View]
25818832Demolition man mandela effect Pizza hut: So I was rewatching Demolition man the other day which has …[View]
25812138screencaps from this board: doesnt have to be greentext or anything specific only has to be from th…[View]
25812169>tfw never experienced anything paranormal[View]
25815369I might’ve stumbled upon something fucked up: Hello /x/, I have no other place to post this but here…[View]
25807327why jesus didn't want people to be saved? from the gospel of mark: >When he was alone, the …[View]
25815618Did anyone else have several paranormal experiences around 2010 and never again? It seems like ghost…[View]
25819050'A geometric tree that was bigger that was bigger than the entire universe...'': Sorry for the poor …[View]
25817789Hey /x/. This spring im moving to Maine and it has a reservation near the town and its surrounded by…[View]
25815360Hello /x/ More of a lurker But I would like to share my experience Recently I had dwelled into the …[View]
25818655Missing Time: Has anyone experienced any slips or lapses of time. I know this falls under the realm …[View]
25818442Aten: what is his relationship to Ra? why was Akhenaten killed? why was his worship banned? is sun w…[View]
25816636Creepy unexplained website I found by accident during an acid trip 'The human 973': http://973-eht-n…[View]
25814769At the edge of losing sanity: Hello /x/ This is my first time posting but I am not new here, I do re…[View]
25817841I just had an amazing dream.: I can't 100% recall every single detail nor would I want to share…[View]
25818186Anyone else remember that this board used to be good at one point? Before the schizo invasion. Now I…[View]
25817198Solar Radiance: the sensors in your phone target your solar radiance and try to kill you[View]
25818563will sleeping sitting down make me lucid dream?: I know tibetan buddhist monks sleep sitting down to…[View]
25817743Who is this lady?[View]
25816986Got diagnosed as schizophrenic after being hospitalized for the last 2 weeks. Whatever whatever happ…[View]
25785674What about this image invokes fear or unease in you? Why do we find certain things scary or uncomfor…[View]
25809396Full of hate: Why do you have so much hate inside yourself? Did you realize that things never change…[View]
25818199>phone buzzes at 2 am >MOVEMENT DETECTED AT FRONT DOOR >check camera feed, see this what…[View]
25802412James Randi: Why is no one able to demonstrate their powers and prove him wrong?[View]
25811460The Ego Death Conspiracy: Premise: CIA glowies have been subverting psychedelic drug culture and New…[View]
25817585a sperm violates the egg and cell division begins. this process is destructive. organs form. a human…[View]
25816638The seeds of the white trees are planted in the back. Their fleshy roots grow deep and feed on the l…[View]
25818353http://www.973-eht-namuh-973.com/ schizopill me on this website /x/[View]
25815768/ng/ - Nobody General: /ng/ - Nobody General HIGH SPEED TECHNO SPAR - EDITION - >Who is the Nobo…[View]
25815005I did a ritual to contact orobas and I woke up amd there were horse tracks going up my drive way. (I…[View]
25813581Spirit guides: I've been told by psychics that I have no spirit guide, what does this mean? I c…[View]
25818256Tell me about station.exe, did anyone ever go out there?[View]
25812570i am your healer[View]
25810352Visitors while we sleep?: So this shit happened last night. I woke up around 3AM after having some p…[View]
25813232Why don't people get abducted by aliens anymore?[View]
25814659Is there any magic or some other /x/ tier shit that will allow me to go to bed tonight, and wake up …[View]
25816355I want out. I want to transcend this mortal plane. What do I do? starve for 40 days? give away all m…[View]
25810554In 2044-46, the president will be Presdent Wayte: Source: Time travel[View]
25816889Mark Zuccerberg is SMOKING THESE MEATS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVyLlFezj2E[View]
25814810they removed everything frtmom me it is wgar keeps me awake we ar all fgoung to expe5rince it we hav…[View]
25811347Occult musician thread: Continuing from a few days ago. Any stories/artists you know of that have a …[View]
25816062why do all religions hate fucking and masturbating? I believe it can be done in a non-primal way. Es…[View]
25816356is there anyone that actually belives that 'birds are fake' stuff or is it just a meme? how did it s…[View]
25816948Is she right?[View]
25813365/div/ - divination general: Back Pain edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings…[View]
25812336how's that anime thing called that you create it from sheer imagination, there was also that gu…[View]
25804741What the fuck happened to 5g and murder hornets.[View]
25814733>family guy resident evil reference DO NOT RESEARCH[View]
25811478Is life on Earth just purgatory?: The more I play tug of war in my head the more I realize there…[View]
25814529Words have no meaning. Stop using words.: Body of the text.[View]
25815915who is this[View]
258149692014 Road Trip Spook Tales: Had this weird bit happen a few years ago. Involved a girl I dated when …[View]
25810379The real reason why the race riots were intentionally orchestrated was to see if we are ready for fu…[View]
25810261Why are spiders on the edge of sleeping/dreaming and waking? The other day, I was in my recliner wat…[View]
25814822https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGPV3EZyuf4: let's talk about Egyptian Pyramids https://www.you…[View]
25816972I don't really call for funerals that start before noon...: I guess I'm not a mourning per…[View]
25816322Georgia Guidestones: Why do I keep hearing so much about this monument lately?[View]
25814286Repill me on Ancient Egypt: >Did they really build the Pyramids? >Why did they worship cats? …[View]
25816684Reminder: There are ayy galaxies far far away being consumed by anti-matter holes. Unmesureable numb…[View]
25813484Post proof about ayy lmaos[View]
25814683Why hasn't /x/ debunked this yet? https://youtu.be/EU2AIxkxiwg[View]
25816673Who is Steev Mike?[View]
25810376chaos magic: does anyone on here know about chaos magic? I'd like to develop some amount of ski…[View]
25816506>tfw you realize the meme's are alive and you're just a passing flesh conduit for their…[View]
25813622Anyone here seen a Sasquatch or gone looking for one? In order to photograph Bigfoot, people must ch…[View]
25816567>when apollyon wakes up[View]
25815504Death of a pet: I am usually never on this board, i come from /biz/. Over the last couple weeks my c…[View]
25815567old footage: hi, i'm looking for an old footage of an UFO over a beach or lake on night, it…[View]
25815952Nuclear Self-Preservation: Not particularly paranormal but: Has anyone built or seriously looked at …[View]
25815337is the 'heros journey' a demiurge trap?[View]
25815721Hey, /x/ anons. I live with my girlfriend out of my dad's house. I've been having weird dr…[View]
25816336Odd dream: Hey /x/ am posting about a weird dream and am hoping to get some discussion going. Won…[View]
25816266This is the end of time. Prepare for the parousia.[View]
25805607i think i might've been born with the curse of self-awareness because of my birthdate and paren…[View]
25814412Psychics of /x/: What is your feeling and intuition saying when I say. 'Hold STA until November.' …[View]
25815495Really semi lucid visual dream of mantis like being raping me longest I've slept too in a long …[View]
25813412Is the Book of Revelation true?[View]
25814172most 'people' pretend that they're people[View]
25812754existence migraine what if nothing ever existed? like what i mean is why couldn't it be that no…[View]
25815376Stare into the abyss for too long and the abyss stares back into you. What is in between the real an…[View]
25814930Randonautica: Teens found a suitcase of dead human remains using this.. is there more to this? Or ju…[View]
25811488Metatron: What can you tell me about Metatron? Aside from sounding like a transformer. Is Metatron g…[View]
25814943I Ching Divination Thread #3: I'm back, I've been quite busy but I feel like I have a litt…[View]
25815143Cultists in my area? Websites, lists, resources?: How do I start my journey down the rabbit hole? …[View]
25757394Nippon Horror: Could I get some recommendations on Japanese horror? Mostly looking for novels and mo…[View]
25815160We've just moved into a new house and are currently renovating, but I'm feeling a presence…[View]
25815187Hi /x/, I'm a newfag. Can you help me about the Jupiter and Saturn Talisman? what roman letters…[View]
25814350The Nobody is the current force which is affecting reality on a massive non local scale. We are upgr…[View]
25814720What's /x/'s take on what men call Yesod?[View]
25815258good luck frens[View]
25811988I've been listening recently a lot to terrence mckenna lecture and he sometime say that when yo…[View]
25805888Noko: Ask an angel anything.[View]
25809785Is it an elaborate mega ritual? I admit I found his antics funny circa 2008, but what's been ha…[View]
25809924Are there any good esoteric societies that I can join aside from the OTO right now?[View]
25811600I saw this video and I immediately thought it was fake but the lady's reaction sounds pretty ge…[View]
25805632Grateful Dead are a CIA psyop: The 'Grateful Dead' was an MKULTA psyop. They were the center of a bi…[View]
25814199Where can I find a goth girl?[View]
25812949/x/ music thread: Post music which feels or is paranormal or atleast invokes a feeling of fear,paran…[View]
25807680TIMESTAMPS: I have noticed 4chan's obsession with repeating digits, but does anybody ever look …[View]
25814904Hunched over in the night, he makes a journey prepared to start fires Grotesque masked figures hold …[View]
25813608Welcome to /x/, how schizophrenic are ya'?[View]
25805779Patterson-Gimlin Monke Man Footage: >+50 years >Peoples still debating whether its a real monk…[View]
25808773Aliens walk amongst you: A minority of the collective of greys have travelled to earth and abducted …[View]
25813099Satan's world: If God/Jesus is LARP/nonexistent to some, riddle me why high ranking billionaire…[View]
25814254hello /x/, i need help finding a god to work with. nature, trickster, or otherwise underdog-like dei…[View]
25812713((((SPOILERS AHEAD))) 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 hologram technology to deceive mass popula…[View]
25812753No fap, No porn, intercourse only.: Ama for an anon who is about to enter Gandalf the grey mode.…[View]
25812239>did they make it?[View]
25812732I dont understand this whats happening right now. Starlink satelites social media brainwashing from …[View]
25813006Cursed pics: Send me real Spoopy pics please[View]
25810983Guys, there are some weird things out there. I have no idea what they do, but once you get to know t…[View]
25807255what level is your soul, /x/?[View]
25813270Innawoods: Post creepy inawoods stories, pictures, vids[View]
25813462Definitely not the CIA: Hello 4chans. First let me state that I am definitely NOT CIA. Now normally …[View]
25813319I believe in him.[View]
25811295post yfw the Jerusalem cross turns out to be the mark of the beast and /x/ goes to hell come August …[View]
25810723Sorry to say this but the more I read posts from this board the more I realize that a lot of this st…[View]
25810671End of the world shilling: So there is this new date of fearmongering, I know you shouldn't bel…[View]
25812384I'm going to this tent trip with some buddies on a nice little comfy island. What are some ways…[View]
25808910You can prove mana/chi exists in 5 seconds. Pull on the forces around your arm as you lift your arm …[View]
25811195Destroying the Ghosts in the machine: We must stand together against Quintessa/Sophia/lillith/Vicki/…[View]
25812368Cult story time?: Newfag here, but I got a story to tell. It’s not so much paranormal, more so just …[View]
25811584I've been feeling a very strong calling to build a pyramid bigger than anything else. What does…[View]
25809373What happens if I meditate for a whole day, only stopping to eat and go to the bathroom? Is it very …[View]
25811342Music videos like these are made to hypnotise you to masturbate and give up your sexual energy as we…[View]
25813588Any Demons or knower of Demons: What is hell like? Do you hate humans? Thoughts on the creator/god. …[View]
25811823Help: Messed around with black magic and now couple months later my dick has stopped working, got an…[View]
25791622Are these people glowie funded drug dealers or LARPers?[View]
25812184Can someone give me a qrd on the carnevil cult? I can't find the archived thread or any info ab…[View]
258133488/10, 8:46: Let’s make a fun thread where we brainstorm the significance of 8:46 and the date August…[View]
25813523I was always wondering if there are any more possibilities into the Abrahamic religions beside heave…[View]
25813240345 KB JPG Sometimes I have glimpses of my past/pasts life’s. It’s such an eerie feeling. At the sam…[View]
25775762does anybody have any stories about their tulpa? could be cute, could be scary. i just want to know …[View]
25804752Hello schizos and spiritualists and you other guys too: How’s life /x/, I am here to talk about astr…[View]
25811617YouTube Channels: Reccomend Paranormal YouTube Channels. Those dealing in the occult, supernatural, …[View]
25813000>After the [mantle of] kingship was lowered from heaven, kingship resided in Eridu. >In Eridu,…[View]
25810232Good vibes for a change: Everything's been so tense and hateful around here lately I feel What…[View]
25811110OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL: Hollywood, The Occult and Luciferians: What the fuck is this guy talking ab…[View]
25804346Anyone know what this pin is from? My uncle says it is a Freemason pin but I can't find shit[View]
25801996I'm sad: I'm sad x, who can cast the best magic to cheer me up?[View]
25803658Weird forest encounter: Hi /x/, I honestly had no clue where to post this, but since I had a feeling…[View]
25808998Why do you schizoids insist that something will happen on August 14th-16th you fags were saying some…[View]
25810714So if my grammie was a good woman and read her bible and died that means she's an angel now rig…[View]
25811919Lurchendito I.E. Collective Human Traumatic Experience Syndrome: >A collective trauma is a trauma…[View]
25812386nihilism thread[View]
25811021The 8 they mean something, the 8 words? PHRASES? I know only 2 does anybody else have the other 6???…[View]
25811708Experienced sleep paralysis last night: I experienced sleep paralysis last night. I 'woke up' to see…[View]
25812891Nirvana: How do I achieve Nirvana without killing myself?[View]
25807560why do i keep dreaming of hell?[View]
25812776When will we be able to timetravel? If at all. I've seen alleged time travelers talk about when…[View]
25809634Has anyone here ever had a sexual experience with a ghost ?[View]
25809386Asking for help with a problem.: I've begun the reading in LoA general a few days ago. I'v…[View]
25807590/div/ divination general - la creatura edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for reading…[View]
25810511Vague Simulation Theories: should I believe these?[View]
25812775What do dreams mean? I keep having dreams about me fighting and waking up because I end up hitting t…[View]
25806339how could God create a world where everything is separate including human beings? 'Oneness. Haha.' I…[View]
25812555The Brain: Theory (inspired by weed and exploring the universe with Google Earth). While exploring …[View]
25809293How many /x/philes have met a real vampire? Was it spooky?[View]
25811595French National Assembly Approves Abortion up to Birth: I guess there won't be a shortage of ne…[View]
25811704Thought Experiment: So i asked myself: If we as a technologically developed civilization were caught…[View]
25802632Anyone know who this girl is?: And no, she didn't commit suicide in 2013 or die, they say she…[View]
25812242Babylon: Would like /x/'s input on this, especially anyone who has had experience with the 'con…[View]
25811210LESSER KNOWN TYPES OF ALIEN: We all know about the Greys, Mantids, Nords, Reptilians etc. But lets h…[View]
25810201What was his endgame?[View]
25810032pic related is me on the 14th or 16th of August[View]
25811987is it really worth it to sell yourself to demons in exchange for material goods, money relationships…[View]
25812233Not sleeping would be the key: reality is created by the perception of your senses. if you are not s…[View]
25811780Unable to burn books: Hi, /x/ Anyone ever had experiences with 'evil books' that you were unable to …[View]
25807505Just a reminder.: Everything they taught you has one purpose. The purpose is to make the system work…[View]
25804073gangstalking thread: share your experiences.[View]
25808776Can psychedelics make you have experiences with a hallucination of the other gender? Can you specifi…[View]
25808949Alien invasion: Do you schizo fucks actually think aliens are going to invade? If they are here then…[View]
25807932Grandma´s Ghost: <be me, 7 year old kid <grandma died a week ago and im at her and grandpa´s h…[View]
25809274In case you haven't noticed yet..., it has happened. Rejoice, for we have returned. To 2016[View]
25779245Any life changing experiences on psychedelics?[View]
25805515Post books and book charts.[View]
25810044repeating threads: anyone ever notice threads that you feel like you've seen before? i'm n…[View]
25811063/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25807261how do i rob people of their energy to fuel my powers?[View]
25811903Not a megathread but whatever: https://youtu.be/C-tBkHu-gxg?t=591 Pic related[View]
25809895How /x/ is Dale Gribble?: Idk boys he seems like the prime candidate for poster boy of /x/. Name a m…[View]
25808254what's so good about destroying the self? how does not actually having a soul bring comfort?[View]
25809382Which groups have continued the work of the Nu-Isis Lodge initited by Kenneth Grant?[View]
25811670So were the lock boxes in the movie Doctor Sleep a type of energy conversion box? If you know about …[View]
25810076The Moon is the same size as the Sun in the sky. This fact is not explained in the Bible, but it…[View]
25801750August 14th - 16th: Am I ready, or what?[View]
25801919Tulpa Thread 3 (Harem Addition.): I'm fucking going. Another Tulpa thread lets make it 3. I…[View]
25810886Is being well-rested paranormal? I've been having a suspicious lack of nightmares, waking up in…[View]
25810549Phantom creature: I recently remembered this one strange occurrence back when I was around 3 or 4 ye…[View]
25808935Blue Pill: > earth has 2 moons What does this mean? Where is the other moon?…[View]
25810463Every religion was created by the demons to destroy spirituality. Morals were created by the demons …[View]
25810387Does anyone have experiences with binaural beats? I've tried meditating on QuickHappy from Idos…[View]
25811290Hungry Ghosts: At 1:16:30, this esteemed Tibetan monk says he was once born as a hungry ghost (a pre…[View]
25805111Can ghosts have sex? Anyone with experience care to elaborate on how that ectopussy feels?[View]
25811157What is this image?: What is it? Where did it come from? What does this mean?[View]
25803576Acid: My friend is trying to get me to do acid to expand my mind. Does it actually expand anything? …[View]
25810930Living in constant fear: Ok /x/, I need some help before I fucking go insane I live in constant fear…[View]
25807200Archron traps to be aware of: >'The hero's journey' >The call to adventure, specifically …[View]
25801690Why did he do it, bros?[View]
25807588if solipsism is true, does that mean nihilism must also be true? why? not contesting here whether or…[View]
25809026I got a question I need some help with anons. Is there a way I can look after my friends and loved o…[View]
25809787How to rule the world?: Fuck electrical engineering. I'm halfway through this shit masters and …[View]
25810970Vampires and Vampirism by Dudley Wright: Vampires and Vampirism by Dudley Wright https://www.gutenbe…[View]
25807429I believe him.[View]
25810425'NATURE': ITT we discuss 'nature'. We will give it praise, since it is all we can know. Na…[View]
25804410Spooky movies to distract me from my crippling loneliness: I've recently moved away to a new st…[View]
25793333Teach me how to be a wizard: Teach me your spells and incantations, and give me the knowledge to cas…[View]
25810721What if it WASN'T a crazy winter in Arkansas after all?[View]
25810123The 'every Mario 64 copy is personalized' theory, while being fictitious and slightly tongue-in-chee…[View]
25807939How does one overcome the fear of ghosts/ the unknowable?[View]
25801929Masks mandatory in stores: its not for the virus. Its a stress test for AI facial recognition softwa…[View]
25809818Ok has anyone officially spoken out about this image? Is ot even legitimately a mars photo? Has nasa…[View]
25792379How should i prepare for the 14th or 16th of August?[View]
25809586This is isn’t it? Perseid is just the beginning[View]
25804969Are there any knowledgable dream interpreters here on /x/?[View]
25804919Nordic Story Thread: Post 'em here - Good, bad, or weird[View]
25808787i think im being given the decision to leave this earth (ascend) or stay here and see what happens i…[View]
25808748is this a meme about nihilism? getting over the final hump and realizing that you still need to play…[View]
25799134Repressed feelings towards my mother?: Been experiencing strange wet dreams where my mother is besto…[View]
25808796Lucid Dream Tips: What worked for you to help induce lucid dreams more regularly? I had very limited…[View]
25808837So... who is the main character of this simulation?[View]
25802863are pleiadian aliens real?[View]
25809717I'm trying to decorate my home and would like to go for the witchcore or faecore aesthetics. Ca…[View]
25808595Spooky/Occult shit in vidya. Currently playing Digimon Adventure on PSP emulator and just got (pic r…[View]
25807850Living a contemplative life is cope: Action always trumps musing. The vita activa is superior to the…[View]
25803468Is suicide really that different than just dying?[View]
25807943Trickster and jester figures have probably existed since time immemorial. There exist countless vari…[View]
25805691Can anyone prove to me that they have a conscience, and not just some talking bag of meat?: I know I…[View]
25808016Ancient Wisdom?: Abiogenesis suggests that life was formed by a variety of proteins, lipids, & t…[View]
25809639Thoughts on Vardankar? http://vardankar.com/[View]
25809437solipsism/bolztmannian simulation universe: Can I prove in any way or manner,that something outside …[View]
25809299What do you think of the people who are trying mix truth with falsehood and conceal the facts that t…[View]
25809183Missing 411 and wilderness tips: Im taking my daughter camping in the bush for the 1st time, and im …[View]
25807391Out of all the millions of morphological possibilities that an alien could potentially resemble why …[View]
25802107No astrology thread? Let's fix that. Will I ever find a romantic relationship that embodies wha…[View]
25809286I keep having these crazy vivid dreams where I climb onto a small rock and start crying really fucki…[View]
25809479Paranormal experience with an extension cord: Hi /x/, this is not your typical paranormal story with…[View]
25806167do ghosts like music?[View]
25804297Succubus: Is there anyway that I could summon a Succubus?[View]
25807734Short horrors storys Post your horror story's storys (fictional or not) (10 sentences max) I…[View]
25809258Ghost Calls: A ghost call is when you're called from a strange phone number (possibly one that …[View]
25807889Why are humans so ritualistic? Are we this way by nature or molded into it?[View]
25806865Can we talk about aura's and the ability to see aura's? Is it real or just optical illusio…[View]
25799118Anyone in London want to explore scary places?: Any Anons in London want to meet up sometime next we…[View]
25806652Always seeking Seeking light Light bringer Light seeker Seek light Bring light His light Bring back …[View]
25801968Why is the Judeo Christian God so jealous?[View]
25807443Anybody here know anything about the 'hormone' called DECO supposedly produced by the pineal gland?[View]
25799295DMT: So, how did you reconcile with having witnessed the cosmic joke?[View]
25808239https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-nHu5QoOxY what you guys think about this guy videos and channel? h…[View]
25805384What's the closest thing to a real life stand?[View]
25806825i am the glue that holds the universe together[View]
25806160Reality is coming apart at the seams and soon the Great Attractor at the end of time will be reveale…[View]
25808433was miyamoto inspired by forces beyond our understanding?[View]
25802485Anyone here go on nightwalks? See any weird things?[View]
25806950/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General: Targetted Individual who Looks So Different ed…[View]
25800351Recovered Media Thread: The Flying Train 1902 Soo many questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U…[View]
25804032Rebuild spiritual life and world.: How do we expand/evolve our way into the universe. We need to mak…[View]
25804221Anyone got gifs/webm's of straight up demonic shit going on? Like shit that gets your skin craw…[View]
25808410Historically it seems like this org was always on the edge when it came to sciences goes 'paranormal…[View]
25804077There are other worlds than this.: I am not aware of when the first event happened, The first event …[View]
25802820>abrahamic religions all worship the demiurge yahweh >we are waging war on their god and calli…[View]
25794013I know what your room looks like.: A whiteboard above the bed... and next to that bed a desk with a …[View]
25808130i am your healer[View]
25805399I have some questions and I hope you guys can answer them my paranoia is balls up the walls. >Is …[View]
25807102HELP ME READ DIS SHHHIET: Would love some help with these, I am confused to all hell![View]
25797434A LESSER KNOWN PART OF BOB LAZAR'S STORY: You may know about the briefing he claims to have rec…[View]
25807768>aliens don't exist. UFOs are demons[View]
25802921how to contact the guys living on Sirius C they seem nice people.[View]
25805672Remember after than one terrorist attack last year when a crowd of people spontaneously broke into a…[View]
25807875Why did George W. Bush jerk off in a coffin in front of his own father to get into the Skull and Bon…[View]
25798154*riiiiiiiing* *ding dong* *knock knock knock* >see this what do?[View]
25805389Found during my nightly walk. Abduction? Combustion?[View]
25805504LSD thread: Been engaging into psychedelics and I want to know... The depths of it. I experience so …[View]
25805330Any actual rituals/stuff you can do at home concerning any /x/ stuff? I always wanted to know if the…[View]
25803542Anyone here joined these grubby cunts? How much did it cost you? I went to one of their buildings at…[View]
25803895Is there any health benefit or spiritual benefit to avoiding gluttony? Has anyone here ever improved…[View]
25806978Terra Papers: Was he right all along?[View]
25801486I'm starting to believe, /x/. In what, I'm not sure. But there is NO FUCKING WAY that some…[View]
25806941Advice for a freind: My friend got back from compulsory service, and all his friends and family isol…[View]
25805128Tijuana is a weird city: If you're young, live in southern California but you are under 21 year…[View]
25805647are the flood from halo real?: so i was sitting here typing some mshit when suddnely i remember the …[View]
25807235Sleep upright/sitting down: This is this a secret technique for lucid dreaming,its very simple but n…[View]
25807503What do the Ayyys think of the Zionist Jews ruling the planet?[View]
25807313What's your experience with pagan cults? Have you ever tried to start one?[View]
25807580Mandela effect: Anons who experienced Mandela effects - is there any way to go back home? To the res…[View]
25797048How the fuck do u filter fluoride out of your water?: Help me out plus recommendations[View]
25807463Vaccines: what’s up /x/. Are vaccines spook yes or not? Post all your thoughts on the topic.[View]
25798990Anon, what are you waiting for? They are inviting us all to their world where there is no hunger or …[View]
25805185>big foot is real >angels are real >demons are real >ufos are real…[View]
25789491Life Improving Techniques: Thought we'd used this thread to discuss some simple techniques and …[View]
25807370Whats the deal with the anunnakis?[View]
25805225Why did Trump take a stand against the 'reptilians'?[View]
25805408Weird NJ: Been reading more into Weird NJ and it's inspired me to go out and explore some creep…[View]
25807114Victims of black magic/spells thread? Supposedly I have this grandma that does black magic on our fa…[View]
25806903Most Credible Ayyys: Im preparing a presentation to convince a friend that ayyys are real and on ear…[View]
25806851What if I have a cute guardian spirit who looks over me? And then an evil cute guardian spirit who d…[View]
25801972I think I might be partially possessed. Please help.: I currently don't feel fully in the momen…[View]
25802859I saw a UFO last night: Trying to get a handle on what I saw last night, this is the only place I th…[View]
25798707The Astral plane: Alright lads, gimme a quick run down on everything astral. What is the astral plan…[View]
25804321The life of the normie is wretched, their shadow too weak and simple to be worth unveiling, or so hi…[View]
25792725I've had enough of Bigfoot thinking he is Chad roaming around America scaring people armed with…[View]
25798064Creepy unsettling/ cursed images[View]
25805953Reminder that Sophia is the true enemy and the demiurge did nothing wrong.[View]
25804007Post TR-3B pics.[View]
25802526Is it possible to merge with myself from another timeline in any way?[View]
25805193Why do you think things like this happen? https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/12347381/mariah-carey-sister…[View]
25805443Redpill me on /x/ What's there, /x/?[View]
25803115Is Music worth Living for?[View]
25803909ghost experiences: personal experience. when i was 19 i was renting a house near the southern border…[View]
25801246No dream but this one. No dream but this one. No dream but this one. No dream but this one. No dream…[View]
25806713Can somebody redpill me on gnosticism? Sometimes ago I read about all the Demiurge/Jesus difference,…[View]
25805143>In the year of our Anathema, 2020, it would appear that someone's hexed the moon. Am I the…[View]
25805976Does anyone beleive that they are cursed?[View]

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