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/x/ - Paranormal

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25133832Are these riots caused by the virus? Didn't people a while ago claim that the corona virus coul…[View]
25123758Gang stalking shape shifting reptilians. The end must be near if they are revealing what they are do…[View]
25132527Good Recent Horror Films: Sup /x/ anybody have any good recommendations for horror films? I have see…[View]
25127748Ways to accelerate Contact: Alright anons, Before the Singularity hits and we create other intellige…[View]
25126729GET THE FUCK IN HERE NOW /X/ ASSEMBLE. NOT A DRILL. Ayys are here. >https://twitter.com/GNARLYLUS…[View]
25129289Neanderthal Museum/Valley of the 7 Bunkers: I'm going to try this again. >Famous region in G…[View]
25131710How do I shift timelines?[View]
25129085One of my biggest fears is experiencing something so crazy that my mind shatters and I go into a per…[View]
25133346interesting shit: Can I get some digestible but interesting stuff to look into? I don't really …[View]
25132212Let's end this shit right here. Who the fuck edited the original Jeff the Killer image?[View]
25129284seven days ago I quit weed after years of heavy use, and I haven't been able to have any dreams…[View]
25131635What does /x/ think about God?: Is it an entity holding the debt? Is it the one holding the banker…[View]
25132418Is meditation dangerous?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0Sbs0YOGk8&feature=emb_title So I jus…[View]
25132788Why am I so drawn to logic and or reason?: Why am I and many others so drawn to and seemingly depend…[View]
25121173Post spooky shit.[View]
25130783should you live alone and isolated from everyone else? do the masses and social media just drain you…[View]
25132954/x/ meta thread: Every board is allowed one meta thread to discuss the board. fuck dot posters, fuc…[View]
25132384How do I stop being a damn schizo? I can't stop thinking about elites and trying to learn the s…[View]
25132970>Will one day die and be judged righteously by God I don't even wanna drink or cope with thi…[View]
25131265ANTI- CIA PROTESTS: the cia are the cops daddies, WE NEED TO GO AFTER THE CIA THE IDEA OF CENTRAL I…[View]
25130949sparx is dead and they are watching: something isnt right[View]
25132330Going for a 12 AM 10km walk from my village to the edge of the city What should I expect?[View]
25129240>independent >doesn't take shit from anyone >can detect schemes from miles away >ca…[View]
25132816What kind of mundane crimes would paranormal creatures commit? Ghosts, elfs, demons, aliens, Bigfoot…[View]
25126525Evil Eye: 'The evil eye is a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually give…[View]
25132201/r/ing the thread where some anon posted the screenshots of the supposed time travellers who always …[View]
25129458is the new world order happening? people are waking up like mad, and I'm kinda concerned, nothi…[View]
25131662There is a slavery ring on a discord server called cyber empire: They kidnap people and sell them th…[View]
25132669Wait at the gates for me: My nigga I’m dying[View]
25131368Any good, small community paranormal forums besides /x/?[View]
25130437/x/ lit: Infographs and discussion How to brownpill?[View]
25127982During quarantine I watched Hellier, this has started leading me down a bit of a rabbit hole regardi…[View]
25124673Screaming Sky Bryson TX: Anyone hear any info in this? I've only seen in on instagram and sadly…[View]
25098304I found a fucking camera in a fake tree branch in my yard facing my bedroom window. What the fuck do…[View]
25128234Will no fap speed up my desires manifesting?[View]
25131624At what point did you realize most people wont wake up?: And what was your reaction! I did a while a…[View]
25132472virtual mandela effect: everybody talking about real life mandela effect shit but none about the onl…[View]
25132109Magic symbols: Hello there this symbols has appeared to me in some dreams but i haven't found a…[View]
25048389Anyone got some nice creepy stories, interesting wikipedia articles or rare greentexts that aren…[View]
25129257Where did all the tripfags go?: Remember Monochromatic? Aurora? Bored Dude, Operator, Socalwolf, Her…[View]
25119047What does /x/ think of Buzzfeed Unsolved? What are some more comfy youtube /x/-related series like i…[View]
25131107What did he mean by this image?[View]
25128487To those being gangstalked. What group is stalking you? are they from an organization? for what purp…[View]
25130615Is consciousness the prima materia of the alchemists?[View]
25131571Everybody are talking about uselesness of magic formulas, they insist that believe and intention is …[View]
25131819Worldview share: Imagine, if you will, a cauldron of soup. In this cauldron reside all souls that ha…[View]
25130555DMT Entities: What are they all about?[View]
25127425sup /x/: so whats the deal with time travellers trying to stand out in old photographs?[View]
25131849BASED YOUTUBE VIDEOS & CHANNELS: https://youtu.be/MbBlXWHIsps https://youtu.be/obL8t8_SCe4 https…[View]
25132016Charles Fort's books: i started reading the book of the damned and my impression so far is that…[View]
25132012CREEPY ASS SOUNDS https://mobile.twitter.com/GNARLYLUST/status/1267150918165749760 GET IN HERE FAGGI…[View]
25121548DC Blackouts: Theories for what's going on?[View]
25129026Now it's your time to prove to world what path you are following[View]
25131850I was at a park in my neighborhood with my friends a couple hours ago and we found a microSD card in…[View]
25128110Isaac Kappy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yQav96DVJE What was this all about? What did he do?…[View]
25125935do you guys care about the AI that controls speakers in my ears[View]
25086599/sum/ - Summoning General: For discussions, questions, experiences, practices and resources pertaini…[View]
25130285/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General, half & half edition. Post information that y…[View]
25131100Although you may not realize it, you are angelic.: We are at a crossroads of science and discontinui…[View]
25129575The ultimate goal of life is to remain without thought forever.[View]
25130754How do I begin...forgive me...meditation, and not for any bullshit but In a spiritual healing way I …[View]
25125812I close my eyes and sieze it I clench my fists and beat it I light my torch and burn it I am the bea…[View]
25129607Question: Does pic related mean that they both want a 'bound' right, or is this shit inverted and th…[View]
25130962Misterious / unsolved crimes.: picture semi-related. APOLOGIES: Don't know if this is the right…[View]
25124235Question, /x/, as someone who is in the process of reading the bible. What is it that separates Jews…[View]
25130857We broke the dot, wtf?[View]
25130130Is the Mayan Calendar the original infographic?[View]
25130998She is as old as time itself, for she is time itself. Unnameable yet named, she presides over all of…[View]
25129438My 100% valid theory of souls: Souls exist and they are what give rise to consciousness. The conscio…[View]
25130735>find obscure schizo 'targeted individual' channels on youtube >find the most paranoid comment…[View]
25128948Any stories from Iquitos, or the Amazon rainforest? Here's a cafe there.../x/ vibes.[View]
25130185Requesting Biblical/religious verses to keep me hopeful and sane in the face of all this current hor…[View]
25127519how do I become on of the elite?[View]
25125562Is he our guy?[View]
25129023How do I open my third eye?[View]
25130891Never talk to me or my angel again.[View]
25096130RARE FIND-- Cult Of The Black Cube pdf: Use adblock Back it up wherever you can, please F I N A L L …[View]
25130609Reality: If u want to enlighten, suffer a lot by any means like work or drugs, and dont indulge in s…[View]
25130515Here's your daily Anti-Christian thread, you God_less Sinners.[View]
25123279Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice. Every metho…[View]
25129270Satanism: Let give some of you people an example of what it really is since a lot here continue to m…[View]
25125779I feel morally obliged to share this with you: I just found a video explaining alchemy. In the back …[View]
25126720https://www.face.book.com/ancientfiles.page/videos/182544176432352/ live feed of balls of light over…[View]
25130333Y'all seeing this thread?: https://twitter.com/GNARLYLUST/status/1267150918165749760?s=20…[View]
25129128How does one summon egyptian deities?: Most of them dont seem to have a sigil of another way to dire…[View]
25129662what is happening to me? the world is now beginning to look like a video game did i project my inn…[View]
25103684Deep Sea Storytime: Previous thread >>25056916 Diver anon here, I'm back with some more s…[View]
25130398Do schizos have different dreams than everybody else?: I can't think of a better place to ask t…[View]
25129309Is there a demon i can summon for the arts? I want to get better[View]
25129923Rocco's modern basilisk[View]
25130221Just gonna leave this here https://mega.nz/folder/7KoQzKqS#XhgA5uYbfshsDfFrGSJZBA[View]
25120346Is the promotion of psychedelics in popular media part of a psy-op?: You see it on Netflix, all over…[View]
25128206Redpill me on caffeine: Does it really inhibit achieving a higher spiritual state?[View]
25129102If death is The Final Understanding, then what is suicide?[View]
25114707/christ/ - Christianity General: Welcome to Christianity General! The most important part of Christi…[View]
25126540Ayy Defense: I know its coming. Tell me how to kill aliens. Doubtful that conventional methods will …[View]
25129817How can I induce my latent hypomania? I had 3 cycles of it with depression late last year before I w…[View]
25129073Pic unrelated: I'm interested in occultism but I don't know where to begin. What's a …[View]
25129820I prayed to God and he turned me into a fish. I swam deep in the waters of my subconscious until I b…[View]
25129705How can I become a super warrior?[View]
25129809How does /x/ balance their interest in the paranormal with their work and personal lives? I have a p…[View]
25129531PROJECT BLUEBEAM: https://twitter.com/GNARLYLUST/status/1267526588867936257?s=20 It begins..…[View]
25127296Has anyone ever seen Kek?: Has anyone had experience with Kek (Pepe)? And I don’t mean to be making …[View]
25126258The Dot is fucking purple and has been for a while.: Mass awakening now.[View]
25129042Coincidence? I THINK NOT![View]
25123736Kinda weird to see how the illuminati card game aged like wine (made in 1975)[View]
25129505Is he a shill or onto something?[View]
25129251I need your help /x/. I've always convinced my friends not to take any antidepressants prescrib…[View]
25128147lets talk about bunny man bridge[View]
25128789Im bored as heck rn so gimme some magic basics[View]
25129311How do I be kind without it feeling forced?[View]
25128655Dream interpretation help: I had a very unsettling dream the other night. One of the most vivid drea…[View]
25124992Anyone know what this dome is? It's on top of the building across from mine. It wasn't the…[View]
25128568>invoked powerful magic and cursed myself >lots of magic knowledge and experience, too scared …[View]
25129173whats /x/ take on love spells? also how to get a gf[View]
25129040Premonicion: Hace muchos años me pasaba que pensaba en alguna cosa o situacion y mas tarde ese mismo…[View]
25117700Haruhi: What are some /x/ approved anime?[View]
25126833Pyramid with vortex above it: Meaning?[View]
25129158The First Stream Young were they who gathered under the shade of ancient wisdoms, listening to the v…[View]
25127481DA BUNKER: ITS HAPPENING ITS HAPPENING Sheeple are starting to open their goddamn eyes If only they …[View]
25125549Diagnosed schizo here, I’m gonna get a neural psychological test done to see if I actually am a real…[View]
25124366What is the meaning of Saturn eating his children? What is the applicability to people? Is there som…[View]
25124122Help me make light on this, /x/: So this random guy on Youtube replied to one of my comments. He spo…[View]
25128986Monism and Pantheism are the true path to spiritual enlightenment, you are God who has forgotten the…[View]
25129006Like baseball they paved the way. They chose Jesus to represent Satan. Everything is the devil. When…[View]
25127838A heart of Steel: The world will become dark And the stars will shine again The wicked flee when no …[View]
25089647Thoughts on Morrowind?: The main story designer for this game was a huge Occultist and /x/fag who a …[View]
25125303If y'all think magic is real. Give me a ritual so I can become good with words[View]
25127912How can I keep my Third-Eye strong?[View]
25126397Me, about to kill the Demiurge for imprisoning me in this shithole[View]
25128879Universal Salvation - u r ALL saved :)[View]
25117692What's the scariest most fucked up thing you experienced personally.[View]
25126056Need support and/or knowledge to enact social ego death, as in like an ego terrorist that spirituall…[View]
25127621How do you anons deal with gangstalking? Today I bought a gun and boarded up my windows. They’re ge…[View]
25128766This feels like it: About seven years ago i was told by a supernatural source 'That yours will be po…[View]
25127873grandpa is high level mason: My grandfather is a 'high level' mason and wont tell me a single thing …[View]
25123801PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING: how the fuck does it work???[View]
25128562Iceberg meme: Feel free to edit/improvise.[View]
25128415Anyone know a good telescope under $500? /p/ wasnt any help and I figured you guys might have gotten…[View]
25128367along the shore the cloud waves break the twin suns lengthen across the lake the shadows lengthen in…[View]
25128407Does the flashlight 'game' for lack of a better word usually played during paranormal investiga…[View]
25125804Ancient Technology: What were they capable of?[View]
25126215>While you're still sleeping >The saints are still weeping >The things you call dead h…[View]
25127695Manifestation: I have been reading about manifestation and law of attraction. I know how to do it. B…[View]
25127863I'm too lazy to dedicate that much time to find out for myself: Is it really worth getting into…[View]
25127216Redpill me on IRL Shills... ..: Last thread got glowed out with diversion tactics and slid very quic…[View]
25127299/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General, half & half edition. Post information tha…[View]
25126097Last night, right before I fell asleep, I had some sort of vision in my head in which there was a bl…[View]
25128248What are some good Alien docs? Or please recommend Yt channels for ufo/paranormal incidents. I used …[View]
25124324Is there any way that tarot and Christianity can be compatible with each other?[View]
25128144question for witches: this is what i found on my hallway floor: I found a string fallen from a tasse…[View]
25121064Jonny 2 guns: Who is jonny 2 guns? Have you guys heard of him. My grandparents always said not to st…[View]
25122680Good ways to counteract/dispel potential malevolent spirits?: (Pic not related) My girlfriend’s felt…[View]
25127201I can see the future. HELP!: I can see the future, but only in my dreams. I have no control over wha…[View]
25109561can we get a /x/ time travel thread going[View]
25125203TRUMP - NEW KENNEDY: I have contact with Eloria - Earth Load Ritualistically Auditor, and She say me…[View]
25125834Can one escape NPCdom? If so, how would they go about doing so?[View]
25125574i keep having dreams that im on a beach with a extremely bright sun, does it mean something?[View]
251219284chan /x/ is a great spot to discover content from another universe or dimension.[View]
25127635What do you think guys?: >thread from 2019 archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/22501068/#22501091 >Chi…[View]
25127295Random Chimp Event: What's the nature of the RCE? How long does each event last? Do hordes of c…[View]
25122637The RACIAL DIVIDES LINK WITH CORONA VIRUS: Copy and pasting from pol thread was closed in literally …[View]
25126091What do you guys think about New Age spiritualism? Is there some truth to it, or is it just commie s…[View]
25114598Post your spiciest and dankest /x/-related memes[View]
25123785How do you get rid of a ghost in your apartment? Wont bore you with the stories but its not particul…[View]
25126905Enough is enough. The movement to save ourselves and the planet is starting absolutely now. We will …[View]
25126132/x/ deleting mind control threads: they are deleting threads mentioning mind control even slightly …[View]
25116954I wonder if the people we meet in dreams have souls. I sometimes meet people in my dreams that I hav…[View]
25118618AMA: So how are my orphans? I think I'm clairvoyant, and I like to predict things. Ask me anyth…[View]
25122358Freemasonry And 'The Craft': Ever wonder what they do in secrecy, and what the point of the whole es…[View]
25125195Summoning: Dies anyone know how to summon a succubus? Not asking for a freind[View]
25125078The devil is real.[View]
25126872Perfection?: Okay so I experienced a thought and then talked to a Christian about it. Super importan…[View]
25126903How do I worship death and get in contact with the undead entities?[View]
25125554WUHAN AS THE FIRST PROVINCE TO LAUNCH 5G TECH: no one on /pol/ gives a single fuck about this meanwh…[View]
25126846What are they hinting at?[View]
25123848Absolute Evil: To start, I must say that I'm atheist. If I don't believe in God in a way c…[View]
25125447SOUL MATRIX: There are a finite amount of souls on Earth. If you have one, you share it with multipl…[View]
251254341807 Insurrection Act Endgame: I’m sure this is gonna be just one of the many threads about to be st…[View]
25126462I saw Her, “Earth” on the bus: 1. Ancestral worship 2. Timeline of Earth 3. History, science, geogra…[View]
25126605everyone living in this reality is a spiritual cuckold: because imagine knowing you will be mind wip…[View]
25116077So i'm sure most of you have heard of 'Anonymous' coming back because of all the shit thats goi…[View]
25126359So when is the War starting?: >https://www.theguardian.com/media/2020/feb/20/lawyers-to-seek-asyl…[View]
25123905Red pill me on Cern[View]
25115817>global pandemic >underclass riots not long after Who even made this game, really? Are the ori…[View]
25106263do fairies exist?: many people in Iceland believe in Fairies and elves and claim they can be seen in…[View]
25126039/x/ out of place media thread: >What are some of the scariest fucking things you never expected t…[View]
25125766Memetic Singularity: >The checklist immediately below is an effort to identify factors inhibiting…[View]
25110671/omg/ - Old Magick General | 'Riots Ongoing, I'm Sipping Tea' Edition: >Library https://mega…[View]
25116310So, we know about moloch/Baal/Saturn/Cronos (black cube worship, freemasonry, etc). Where does the r…[View]
25113514June is coming: Ready anons? https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=YgZd0T6em8Q[View]
25126371Humanzee: Thoughts on the Humanzee? Do you think Oliver (pictured) was one? Do you think there are p…[View]
25120802Hello, what is the foundation or reference of the movie Eyes Wide Shut? Any book or story? https://w…[View]
25125922brehs I've been retaining semen for about 30 days now, and all of a sudden a very attractive wo…[View]
25125432Mysterious disappearance of a youtuber: In this video the dude said about a certain youtuber who dis…[View]
25124579Third eye ?: What third eye is he talking about ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KAlqru_aNg&li…[View]
25116289What is it about attics and basements that attract more paranormal activity compared to other rooms?[View]
25126217Derivative Market: Redpill me. Is this how ((they)) manipulate the price asset prices?[View]
25123192How can this chart explain why im always at the wrong place at the wrong time? My life has about the…[View]
25120384Astral Projection: Has anyone ever achieved astral projection? And how can I do it? Tips? I have bee…[View]
25125359Paranormal: We are offering an in-depth opportunity to those conditioned in the occult study’s and p…[View]
25116408How can I effectively rebel to the demiurge?[View]
25125639LMAO: Well this is the least depressing livestream I've watched all week. What do you think /x/…[View]
25124901What would happen if a Nuke was dropped on Skinwalker Ranch. How would the entity that causes all th…[View]
25118035the riot is a way to get people closer to spread covid red pill me fags[View]
25113642RAT ON SPACESHIP: How can they fake shit so badly?[View]
25122895>Death is like waking up I've heard this multiple times. What do they mean and how do they …[View]
25119519I Dream the Future (and Present): For whatever reason, I'm being compelled to tell this story t…[View]
25125005Predictive programming event for this June/July? Is the dark skinned one approaching?: https://archi…[View]
25109769Hyperdimensionals: I was in contact with hyperdimensionals beings. What should I do next?[View]
25120498Does anyone have a picture of Epstein’s egg shaped penis?[View]
25121160Super Mario 64, its original non-Mario version from 1993, was bought by Nintendo, for an uknown amou…[View]
25125255we are a cargo cult tribe. the gods are real[View]
25124306Strange dreams: for the past few months i've been having really strange dreams either they are …[View]
25124598Planet Harmonizations: This was mildly interesting to me so let’s see what you guys think. I do door…[View]
25120264The Yellow Room: Has anyone had recurring visions of a yellow room with high contrast shadows? The r…[View]
25104751His Best Work?: Taking a break from all the Happenings tonight by putting on an audiobook by pic rel…[View]
25125394https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5if_SVy-cpQ what the fuck another vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
25125315/x/ Feels: An /x/ themed feels thread. https://youtu.be/5r5-MPLKrIk[View]
25121932Sex has ruined my spiritual life. I feel complelty dull and empty inside after fucking so many cheap…[View]
25123805Anyone else has gotten suicidal urges after starting to study the occult more seriously? Why do esot…[View]
25124697Redpill me on crawlers, /x/[View]
25124943What evidence do we have that civilization started with spices, herbs and mushrooms? Those plants ha…[View]
25124635Watered Down Circus: People of /x/, I'm once again asking of you to illustrate your paranormal …[View]
25124265>Pray to God that I gain control over my sex drive >Thinking about sex is now a chore Is this …[View]
25125036All he wants to do is love you: >you mow down his trees >you leave his animals with no place t…[View]
25122906Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've found in previous threads, in spiri…[View]
25124967Is free will not a thing at all? And determinism is all there is? If that's true... now what?[View]
25123528'Previous lives' and solipsism: This shit is the essence of new-age, ego-driven faggotry 'Previous l…[View]
25120334Element 115: He has some and before he dies, he is going to blow the lid off this whole thing.…[View]
25116604Time travelers visited me in the year 2000. What is really going on?: They told me everything that w…[View]
25120833UFO enthusiasts, researchers; what's your opinion on Dr David Jacobs?: He got started by watchi…[View]
25121012Good reading: This may be a dumb question, but I have a free Kindle Unlimited trial and was wonderin…[View]
25124888What are your experiences with demonology and demon summoning in general? Did your wishes come true?…[View]
25115215Redpill me on Baphomet: Who is Baphomet? What is it that they do? What do they represent? Are they e…[View]
25122769How the fuck did people decypher this shit[View]
25123015No singular ethnic group controls the world: /X/-Men who think Jews rule the world, when were you fi…[View]
25114704Global astrology predictions: What's your take on this? What do you think the coming years will…[View]
25124038What is/was the relationship like between Jupiter and Saturn in modern culture? Where is Jupiter sym…[View]
25124630Newfag here. How can you tell if the person/people you're talking to hear are being truthful o…[View]
25121216How do I contact the matrix operators? I want out of here[View]
25124576Saturn is Yahweh, El, moloch, Kronos, demiurge, the god of 1000 names. What's the sun? Is it ra…[View]
25124793Men in Black: Do you guys know any real men in black stories?[View]
25121695Dolphins are litterly grey aliens: but they exist in the same timeline something got fucked up if gr…[View]
25122846““The convoluted wording of legalisms grew up around the necessity to hide from ourselves the violen…[View]
25121505How will the 'elite' respond?[View]
25121182What do you think of this guy right here? Is he all powerful? Is he nonexistant or doesn't even…[View]
25119564is anyone else still waking up extremely tired after a regular night of sleep?[View]
25122472So when I was in Boy Scouts as a kid we slept over on the USS hornet which is a decommissioned aircr…[View]
25122012what the fuck is synchronicity?[View]
25123975Real Magic: Does anyone know of any proven true stories of people making pacts with the devil or som…[View]
25123797Iceberg meme: Feel free to edit/improvise[View]
25120991Okay, /x/, let's see if I can get closure on something that happened a long ago, any ideas are …[View]
25123494All these primitive technology channels are slaves and are posted by a slaver.[View]
25122562witchcraft for a normie: my third eye isn't opened nor do i know much about chakras - however i…[View]
25115301Archetypes of salvia divinorum (sally): Hello fellow anons, I am not here to prove to you that reali…[View]
25123134if we are all connected to the brainstem of the 4D base reality reality where we are branches of a f…[View]
25105374What happened in Bryan, Texas two nights ago? There are numerous videos of a strange sound that soun…[View]
25121418silver and blue fucks: >eating too much silver turns your skin blue >being around too much sil…[View]
25123584272.000 posts per day on /pol/: Wasn't that high since 3 years. Why is everyone spamming to thi…[View]
25121678conspiracy theories found true: what, if any, conspiracy theories have been found true? i'm see…[View]
25113248Who runs the world? Jews? Aliens? Reptilians?[View]
25123284How much based?: 'First he was never in all 27 years, bored. He was never lonely. He said that he fe…[View]
25121808Some project.: Hello, /x/. Since I from Russia, know English pretty well and good in orthodoxia and …[View]
25115344is the Roman Catholic Vatican really full of secrets?[View]
25122333How do I give myself schizophrenia?[View]
25118240>I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am René 'Give Her The Dick' Decartes mean by this?…[View]
25122208Is this basically good and bad Angels he was seeing?[View]
25122732How 2 Raise Vibrations: Listen here you uninitiated whoreson, do you wish to continue to deny your t…[View]
25122715I was remote viewing last night and I have some very bad news. The bigfoot colony in eastern British…[View]
25115292phsyical fitness thread: you can't be a true researcher of the paranormal if you're fat or…[View]
25122004Redpill me on IRL Paid SHILLS: Antifa, BLM, Soros Connection, etc... I've read some stuff abou…[View]
25119315How are you supposed to tell the lamb apart from the beast?[View]
25121275I want to create a nuke that will kill G*d, I want revenge for everything he's done. All the su…[View]
25118134We are on the best timeline: If Time Travel is a reality and is invented in the future then we must …[View]
25117258Mind Control Bullshit: Here is examples of mind control 1. Anything that causes or expresses divisio…[View]
25119691Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General. Post information that you've found in previous t…[View]
25121783How to make a pact/deal with the demiurge/YHWH like the jews and the elite did in exchange for mater…[View]
25122243Hello, can we talk about FL? In particular I want to talk more about Chantilly. In recent weeks what…[View]
25120839Lost media thread? Let's go.[View]
25118201Is there a demon/entity in our world right now?: Honest question. 2020 and 19 were kind of weird. Do…[View]
25120151DEBUNK THIS RIGHT NOW: HOLLYWOOD SCIENCE OR EL DIABLO DAEMON MAGICK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
25118383Blessings post. Bless anybody that you truly believe deserves it.[View]
25119589The Morality of Material Existence.: Is material existence evil, neutral, or good? Enlighten me /X/-…[View]
25118069What does he know about the occult that he is not telling us? It's become obvious to me that th…[View]
25116170ITT Post any information regarding the time loop.[View]
25121227Predictive programming: Can we have a thread about it? Any observations for 2020 anons?[View]
25115908So, I figured you guys would enjoy this personal story of mine. Allow me to preface this by saying I…[View]
25120927The Herder the gate within all souls.: The Herder is being reallocated to to a new local area soul n…[View]
25121465Do you actually see the shit you summoned?: For those of you that summon demons and succubi and skel…[View]
25121776illuminati card: 'Emergency Powers' shows black man being pinned down by white cop/army.: George Flo…[View]
25121768George Floyd | Rioting, National Guard, Curfews, Amy Klobuchar, Lamar Ferguson & SpaceX 322: htt…[View]
25121751Is what is currently transpiring in America the result of simple cause and effect as espoused by Bud…[View]
25117743Completely lost my path: Hi /x/ I have no faith and my spirit is suffering. I yearn to believe, I fe…[View]
25117112indoctrinate me: ex wiccan here, looking for a new practice... somewhat interested in demonology / t…[View]
25120496Anons, what is that tingling sensation you get in the middle of your forehead when you really focus …[View]
25120704I woke up in the middle of the night, fell asleep and woke up to this in my hand. What is that? It l…[View]
25118190Wtf is the “demiurge”: What is it y’all[View]
25110086anti demiurge gang where ya at.[View]
25120917How do i become a Member of the New Priest Class: The Religious War is over We have conquered the ci…[View]
25121680Who are the Royal Family? The Royal Coat of Arms is littered with symbolism (for example the Unicorn…[View]
25109375Rockets are missiles that try to break through the firmament: That’s why you see a lot of them blow …[View]
25115933Are cthulhu cults a real thing or is it a meme?[View]
25120177What do you think about this nigga?: He just uses modern tech-speak to describe the same sorts of sp…[View]
25104831how much do we know about gnomes and whether or not they exist?[View]
25098420Dark Mother: Had a very powerful erotic wet dream last night. I was the Son of the Hell Queen. My re…[View]
25118406What are some good /x/ related podcasts? I've been running out of content. I'm really want…[View]
25115502RED PILL ME ABOUT PYRAMIDS: Were pyramids really normal tombs? How advanced were the guys that built…[View]
25119534Caspian sea mandela effect: Am I fucking crazy or did the caspian sea not use to exist?[View]
25119284Something out of the ordinary: Leaving aside the 'just tell her' and other common tips that people s…[View]
25120465I had a vivid and detailed Near Death Experience: Tourist from another board I almost died and had a…[View]
25117891why do i so frequently feel guilty? like i'm aware the suffering all around the world, and like…[View]
25119174Look at what i just discovered.[View]
25117677Hidden kangz of England: Alright. What in the actual fuck is going on here, /x/? >Buckingham Pala…[View]
25120198Hey /x/ I’m coming from /b/ who said that some of you would be better equip at discerning what the f…[View]
25118421Rules for my Workplace: To anybody reading this thanks. First I would like to give myself a brief in…[View]
25118413Black triangles: So what's the deal with black triangles? Are they ours? Shill me on why they a…[View]
25120816Anyone have thoughts on Anonymous video? And Trumps files being released of him being a rapist pedop…[View]
25115595Redpill me on the Titanic: Guys, can you please redpill me on the Titanic? What actually happened th…[View]
25109514The virus was to prevent civil war by time travelers: The corona virus was an effort by a time trave…[View]
25120101Okay get this food for thought; What if princess Diana was “Epsteined” because she knew something ab…[View]
25115370Weird commercial about goblins skinning people?: So I was a kid and I remembered this weird commerci…[View]
25120388Hey /x/, I'm trying to remember what that phenomenon is where you have a feeling of anxiety bei…[View]
25120470Astral projection: I'm looking to get into astral projection. Not the schizo astral plane bulls…[View]
25120002posted this yesterday but it disappeared from the catalog which was kinda weird would like to hear i…[View]
25120167Alright, so I noticed that for some reason my bathroom analog clock got stuck on 4:44 44s , spot fuc…[View]
25120213Are malevolent forces behind the protests?: Aliens, Demons, Gin? Extra Denominational entities????…[View]
25120383Heading To Yellowstone: Me and my friends are planning to go camp for a couple nights at Yellowstone…[View]
25118194Anyone else here from the Lebron James universe or is this all Kobe Bryant?[View]
25120203Coast to Coast AM: Is anyone else hearing this clusterfuck? there is a dial tone that keeps playing …[View]
25117492Hello, I need help with a translation of these kanji who i found in an old house (i was helping move…[View]
25119908Seeking advice: high levels of conflict in the collective consciousness have made me suicidal, i fee…[View]
25120004What do you do when you've seen something unexplainable but you don't want to tell people …[View]
25118845Sigils: Heyy /x/ so an a scale of 1 to 10 how badly did I fuck up by getting this ink on me?[View]
25120066Innozenz: 1000 Years back, poor Innozenz had to sell the Vatican's treasures to ensure his heal…[View]
25113977Meth allows you to reach a state of enlightenment called 'psychosis'. If you keep smoking it through…[View]
25118363Schizo Thread: Come all you drunk and high opinions. Say what you will to your darkest fear and ligh…[View]
25114654Redpill me on Gnosticism.[View]
25118371Bible Study - Forchin edition: Hey guys Im feeling studious and need some help. So what is the deal …[View]
25119403>SpaceX successfully launches a manned flight into space as a private entity using a completely r…[View]
25108806/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
25115716Reality is coming apart and I feel like I'm surrounded by NPC's: Every day things in this …[View]
25119818Realest extraterrestrial encounter thread, go >Be me, driving an isolated twisty backroad in my …[View]
25119797When did you realize anime was gray alien with wigs? Tell me everything you know the hybrids and why…[View]
25117365somebody knows what this can be? i was hearing some shit outside and wanted to take a photo to send …[View]
25118507Posting sensitive information on the internet had hootenanny me on a sound cannon list. They kill my…[View]
25118467The infinite mind is the union of all possibility and nothing. K and... Sounds fricking boring if yo…[View]
25119030Flat Earth: Never looked into it but could someone point me in the direction of flat earth redpill?…[View]
25107253Tulpa: I've tried researching what they are but I don't quite understand it.[View]
25118695Not long now: What will you do when the magnetic field diminishes enough to destabilise the asthenos…[View]
25116619Sixth sense? Any one else: On new years eve of this year I remember getting a strange six sense feel…[View]
25117988prophecies are paranormal the law of the numbers apply. Post first line and your predictions.: i am …[View]
25118310Have any of you read the 90’s Spectre Run?: I thought you guys might like it, the comic run ends wit…[View]
25114152To those religious people in support of circumcision, if you believe God created us in his image, th…[View]
25119350Conspiracies you believe upon reading them: Guys, hear me out, Elon Musk wants to use our brains to …[View]
25115752Spirituality with Anxiety: Hello, anons. I have severe OCD, which prohibits me from starting anythin…[View]
25118684What is a starseed, I think that's a gay fucking name and is mostly used by entitled house wive…[View]
25118952Give me the ultimate redpill on earth, government, society, and money[View]
25119075If you are here in this gemini era, please respond and give a signal.[View]
25114944im sorry. rotten teath anon: you were asking for a miracle to heal your teeth and i told you that yo…[View]
25117016>wake up >/x/ is open >i don't remember entering /x/ last night >check history >…[View]
25117435Revelations: I believe the sixth seal will be broken some time around late March in 2035, at which p…[View]
25117163Was it ghosts?[View]
25118685Occult music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_S8bPXK8ao Occult music.[View]
25113997What is 'higher self' ?: Is it legit spiritual term, or Just New age LARP shit?[View]
25105884Fake conspiracy rundown thread #4: >Phantom discord sounds >Dancing Palestinians >Empire of…[View]
25112089How'd this nigger consistently avoid police for so long? We still have no idea who he is. Did h…[View]
25115135my friend made this before she died. do you think that it could be cursed?[View]
25117813> red pilled > based What are these terms, some kind of new key to world domination?…[View]
25118557Weird sleep experience thread. Occasionally I get a weird stage of sleep between full lucidity and R…[View]
25118375Help dicipher shrine: Found a shrine like area deep in the woods s around my gfs house[View]
25117927Is there a such thing as a universal thought?[View]
25118182is demon worship really that bad?: will i really die?? invite spirits into my house?? get assraped b…[View]
25118208Eyes have 4 muscles.: quaternion.[View]
25118456Opinions on Thelema?[View]
25112965What if God is just some degenerate old gambler?[View]
25112317Can anyone share what’s going on in the stars? I feel like something is going on!: Anyone care to sh…[View]
25118090This is all a game You are best likened to an entity in Dwarf Fortress when in 3d mundus-kun[View]
25102035Cursed Images: images that are cursed[View]
25112660Why does nobody look at it from GODs perspective!: Imagine you create a race of people and love you …[View]
25115625Thoughts on this man predicting the 'apocalyptic race war in which the blacks would tear the inner c…[View]
25107846Can we get an /x/ approved movie/show/podcast thread?[View]
25112429Its time to admit he was right: Everything he said would happen is happening right now, and its only…[View]
25106470No one ever goes after the elite, illuminati, globalists, secret societies, powers that be, or whate…[View]
25115746Redpill me on flat earth: Now im in no way a flat earther but i would love to hear the reasoning of …[View]
25116888Any of you have luck with the saints? Trying to quit porn and I keep sliding back into the same sin.…[View]
25116048Will this stick this time?: This isn't exactly news to anyone on /x/, but do you think this cou…[View]
25114297Are there any alchemical equations or writings showing the transmutation of lead into gold? I find t…[View]
25117615What evidence is there to pin the GRUs organization and coordination of the riots?[View]
25117300TIMELINE SHIFT: Wait guys.. Who else is from the Timeline where the dinosauer on the capsule fucked …[View]
25116479What's with the comments on this song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDlMpvmuqs4 Just came a…[View]
25107755what's the most disturbing conspiracy theory you've heard that is true or probably true? i…[View]
25117034russell targ remote viewing: i can find anything online to debunk or discredit this guy's claim…[View]
25116203Lev 10-11: >'`Of all the creatures living in the water of the seas and the streams, you may eat a…[View]
25114572https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j800SVeiS5I Anyone watched this video? It depicts the decay that is …[View]
25115431Gimme the redpill on Mormonism? Is it Satanic? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lMYD9HZz2w[View]
25108743Creepy mirror haunting Pic related is the mirror in their house >be me around this time last year…[View]
25115873Glory to the all powerful and all wise being among his inferiors - AVE JUPITER !!![View]
25112710Please take the time to read this. It's 100% true. Can't believe i'd ever be posting …[View]
25116690Why do we deny perfection of the self, perfection of the form? Ever is the aspect of perfection just…[View]
25115531Romans 6:6 (notice the satan?) >For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the …[View]
25115766epstein is still alive: yes or no?[View]
25115584Found this carving while hiking in the woods near Estes Park in the Rockies, what do you think it me…[View]
25106344>Incel >cuck >basedboy >simp Does anyone else feel that these words were created in some…[View]
25116394Paul Hellyer UFO debunk: What are your thoughts on him? Do you believe him, do you have some dirt on…[View]
25099826Forbidden archaeology thread. Japan.[View]
25116869Aliens.. what's their end game?: Seriously, what's their endgame? All they do is drive aro…[View]
25106782/x/, please tell me all you know about Bob Lazar, S4, and Area 51. His story seems fairly consistent…[View]
25116816Explain this interesting fella: could he(sorry if I have the wrong gender) fly /x/? Did his forehead…[View]
25116363Authors of /x/: Once upon a time, /x/ was the haven of numerous authors and creators of Creepypasta …[View]
25114214I was out looking for some spooky places to investigate and came across pic related late yesterday. …[View]
25112871Let me know when you see it ;)[View]
25112652Can nothing exist?[View]
25116192Give me an introduction to Gnosticism/the demiurge/etc[View]
25116124Am I more likely to encounter a female ghost that will have sex with me at an abandoned brothel or a…[View]
25114744/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
25113367I just want to astral project. Please help.: I've been trying for months but can't quite b…[View]
25114273Which Global structure chart is closest to reality?: There are so many of them online, which one rea…[View]
25115409PLEASE EXPLAIN - Purpose of the cube: Can someone explain it? Plus do the elites worship it? Aka Hil…[View]
25113352no memories of GATE: So my mom mentioned I was in the GATE program as a kid yet I no memories of it.…[View]
25116071SMG 64: What the fuck is this? And why is there a conspiracy about that?[View]
25108088How do conspiracy tards explain this? The ones who say we never went to the moon, and think the spac…[View]
25114713I've been thinking: Too long to post a comment. But to be brief I think I am psychic.[View]
25114618Predestination: Does anyone know about Biblical Predestination? >Predestination, in Christian the…[View]
25107072Who is Sophia, why she is so important? How can I contact her?[View]
25114434The Voynich Manuscript online: After 600 years it's still untranslated, dotted with various sym…[View]
25095869Realizations on LSD/Shrooms/DMT: Anybody else on this board have any earth-shattering realizations w…[View]
25115124the dream theres no way out of the dream we're all here forever the same story over and over wh…[View]
25115867Demon in dream: I saw a face in a nightmare and it looked similar to this except it didn't look…[View]
25110825flattards going to buy SpaceX tickets next year?: Now that we literally have commercial space flight…[View]
25114259End of time: What if when the world is about to end all the planes we see as chemtrails are really j…[View]
25114473Something is off: Do you anons feel it? I've been feeling progressively more and more detached …[View]
25115464Not sure if my eyes are just playing tricks with me, but does anyone else see a head poking out the …[View]
25108955Enough of cursed images thread. Lets have blessed images thread for a change shall we?[View]
25115477The mouse footage for launch was OLD FOOTAGE: In a weird twist, the footage used at LAUNCH yesterday…[View]
25115190NASA SPACEX TENTACLE: Super fresh video showing weird tentacle in a corner. Get it while its up. htt…[View]
25115836ITT: Post your proof of the Antarctic breakaway civilization. I'll start with an excerpt from 2…[View]
25112363DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE: > Ancient Israelites burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals, an…[View]
25112984I hate humans, how do I summon a demon and take he/she/them/it on a date?[View]
25110989any good books on Santería?[View]
25112171Weird Nightmare: Welp i just had a really weird nightmare, and i felt like sharing it to you guys si…[View]
25110197How do i start with meditation?[View]
25112325Jews wtf: I find it rather fascinating that people that misuse kabbalah for their own entertainment …[View]
25108603>In 1954 police were called to the Southern Necropolis, Glasgow, where they found hundreds of chi…[View]
25113329Pls save my soul: She looked at me like I’m an insect and my best use would be fishing bait. Was she…[View]
25115174Does reality exists?: Is there something besides my mind and the body it's hosting?[View]
25114408The Matrix is being ripped apart at the seams: Can you feel it, anons? Reality is being slowly torn …[View]
25083665/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: >Pastebin FAQ https://pastebin.com/pDekUHXM …[View]
25115438Glowing red eyes underwater: I apologize in advance if my description is too vague, but this happene…[View]
25113393/x/ themed Book recommendation: Looking for some /x/ tier books. Reading 'Tripods' right n…[View]
25115008is chastity essential for spiritual awakening?[View]
25113546favorite greentext posted on /x/?[View]
25110936CROWS: What the fuck is going on with the crows?[View]
25112358Been trying to practice astral projection > Last night before bed i meditated and fell asleep …[View]
25114230anyone have some updated icebergs they want to share?[View]
25113153Dark Internet Videos: Specifically YouTube[View]
25114137SpaceX UFOs?: What are these lights moving around on the SpaceX stream? One faint one, one brighter,…[View]
25108054Thought you guys might like this: This morning my mother told me of a dream she had, where her, me o…[View]
25113450Psychedelic art thread An appreciation of psychedelic art opens minds to spaces which are far from t…[View]
25114647Does the soul has same IQ level as body it's controlling?[View]
25114752dear /x/ i want to know if something greater than us exists .i want to see for myself if the storie…[View]
25107195I am an expert on mahayana Buddhism and personally also enlightened. AMA.[View]
25113645What is real anymore?: I live with other people. When I get extremely high and stop what I'm do…[View]
25114542All Life is Ritual: So we all know it's ritualistic murder sacrifice for all americans to see (…[View]
25113083The Hat Man: Who else has seen him? What does he want? My buddy bought a new house and started getti…[View]
25112219Hello there. My nn is AnthonyTooltooth. I have something to tell you. This is important. For some …[View]
25113328Have you seen this man in your dreams?[View]
25112152You're not real, 4chan has finally taken ahold of you: >be a man >be in a body that enjoy…[View]
25113426Magnetosphere and Hueco Mundo: Human with weak Aura can be possessed: https://books.google.com/books…[View]
25113909Astral Projection: Do you believe that astral projection is an actual thing? Or is it something just…[View]
25110605Today's Beverly Hill Protest had a sign that said 'Eat the Rich'[View]
25113687Gnosis: Who here has experience with clairsentience? Been experiencing tingles and light touched on …[View]
25113319Any confirmation of this?[View]
25114141who was involved from the beginning?: Hey anons Looking for the discord groups that was created to …[View]
25113572Why did God curse me with having bipolar, autism and ADHD?[View]
25114019Is self empowerment through the occult a meme or is it real? I'm talking about things that can …[View]
25101564>read plato >he mind fucks me into believing in the absolute (God) >live in terror now that…[View]
25113760The Veil: The veil is the idea of a barrier that is separating the physical from the spiritual. It c…[View]
25110766Repeated Dreams about Fire: For the past week I have been having dreams about cities burning to the …[View]
25107035Make it stop. What does it mean?[View]
25111606Yaldaboath contacted me. What now?[View]
25113705I need/x/ related youtube channels to binge watch to escape from this simulation for a few hours[View]
25113432What is it with poor quality images in the dark that makes our subconscious automatically perceive t…[View]
25113677I'[m not a bad person. Neither are you. But we fight, and fight, because we see something that …[View]
25110454Imagine having a shit life just like mine where nothing ever works out and then you're broke ag…[View]
25103523How malicious are demons? Can I trust them?[View]
25109971Alright be honest here, how many of you guys are on meth?[View]
25113536Aliens can send some trippy waves atcha and I hate it. Wait for someone to access this tech and ever…[View]
25108472Space is fake as fuk: Musk conviently loses signal for 8 seconds and the rocket conviently returns t…[View]
25109980Is space real? What evidence do we have?[View]
25112304Are Aliens Real?: 13VNM>?BCXZN>?N>?N>?N>?N>?>N?>N?>N?>N?>N?>N?…[View]
25113478Thoughts on this?[View]
25112572Hi /x/, I love you and wanted to drop this. I have been following the protests going on and stumbled…[View]
25113350Redpill me on the Cokeville bombing[View]
25108715/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
25107273mind clicks: sup /x/, i don't of this is something paranormal related but... i've been hav…[View]
25112461The Future is Bright.: Raven is watching the civilizations of the world fuse, and It's pleased …[View]
25112759High: Space/Time as The Earth as Humanity is creating an ultra-focused version of itself in an attem…[View]
25109852What does SEX with an alien feels like?[View]
25110728What the hell is happening?[View]
25104509how /x/ is jail? there seems to be only meth head schizos in there who I know are posting on this bo…[View]
25102354Science and Spirituality: I have a degree of scientific understanding, and I am also convinced of th…[View]
25112586Do you like symbols? Yes. I know you do.[View]
25113004Am i having internal tremors?: Been having crazy body highs my entire life, feels like a mix of a li…[View]
25105115Lucifer is not the Devil !: We take a Ditheistic approach to the question of who is God or what is G…[View]
25112800Now I'm seeing the hyper space beings. Humanoid but every color at once and timespace warping l…[View]
25111036what are some paranormal stuff / conspiracies about sex or child birth?[View]
25108338>No mirror in home gym >remote view myself from the side to make sure my form is perfect Final…[View]
25112230Am I being possessed?: For the past year I’ve had what one doctor said is “dissociative amnesia.” I’…[View]
25112747Is he right, /x/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9UymkvjbCU&t=11s[View]
25112110I want to perform a ritual: I want to perform a basic ritual and I don't know where to begin. C…[View]
25103926I just remote viewed a quasar going off. gg boyos.[View]
25112336I was possessed when I was a teenager, AMA.[View]
25069380seeking the truth: post what you have regarding ayys, our history, our future we must digg[View]
25111708metals extracted from the earth have been manufactured into these tiny chips of circuitry which have…[View]
25111660Whatever came from the Chicago N-word F-word Crab?[View]
25112088I see non-real birds?: So I was wondering what the thoughts of the people here are, regarding this. …[View]
25109573Oh shit: Had a vision the other day.. and basically to make a long story short, I think I may have f…[View]
25112192What is the difference between magic, esotericism, and occultism, I know this may seem retarded but …[View]
25112081This how my Gf broke up with me 'I’m sorry I just don’t feel anymore , I’ve grown tired of trying to…[View]
25111664https://youtu.be/Kv-f8gkPdcs: https://youtu.be/Kv-f8gkPdcs[View]
251073775g Corona Conspiracy: So I have just heard about this apparent conspiracy theory linking 5g to the v…[View]
25111650Creepiest/most disturbing posts and threads on 4chan. Which one topped them all?[View]
25111578A guy on /lit/ found a sigil in an old book he bought recently. What demon does it summon?[View]
25054046Hidden Castrati: A castrato is a male singer, castrated before puberty to enhance his singing voice.…[View]
25111965I didn't find any threads solely dedicated to cryptids in general so I wanted to open one up. I…[View]
25105095Weird language dreams: I've had 2 dreams over the past year or so where I was reading a Wikiped…[View]
25085910/succgen/ Succubus General 61: >Previous thread: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/25065339/ …[View]
25083654Creepy out of place shit in video games thread?[View]
25111700What do you think about Grey's wizardry school /x/? Is it legit or just bait? Is it based or is…[View]
25110811What is fear? Is acting irrationally as not to fear actually more useful than fearing? That is to sa…[View]
25100605†††when will the world end†††: no end of world thread? when is the next happening?[View]
25111543That god may be distinguished from it, we name god Helios or Sun. Abraxas is effect. Nothing standet…[View]
25100770What's the stupidest thing you've done in the name of the paranormal?[View]
25108638Scrombled Angels: Victims of ritual abuse torture are everywhere. During the MK Ultra experiments it…[View]
25111460Black mirror app ideas: You have a fit bit that the moment your dead sends all the info on your phon…[View]
25108258My sightings (don’t know how to greentext; newfag): I am from south East Wisconsin, (where most wisc…[View]
25107373flat earth aliens: aliens are hyperboreans. they have developed technology at a slightly faster pace…[View]
25111298Lost media thread, let's go.[View]
25108089/mhg/ Miraculous Healing General: In this thread we discuss Miraculous Healings and perform them. A…[View]
25107353What does 17 mean? I see it at least 50 times a day.[View]
25108801Satan will be the great deceiver. 90% of America Christian. Have they been deceived.[View]
25104329does anyone know any kind of magical ritual that really works? I'm doing some experiments relat…[View]
25103743I am convinced that /pol/ is under attack. I have never seen this many threads on one subject. We ha…[View]
25095245Bloop/Black carpet/Ocean mysteries general: Last thread's dying so I'd figure we should ge…[View]
25103639NoFap: What are the spiritual/energetic costs of masturbation? Porn seems ubiquitous, and we'r…[View]
25099385/christ/ - Christianity General: Welcome to Christianity General! The most important part of Christi…[View]
25109263https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--99sqBGHMY >38:10 What did he mean by this?…[View]
25110880Thoughts? Is this legit or another hoax? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zqAtiqGjLE[View]
25106375How does /x/ feel about this podcast? I really quite like it. Obviously a lot of entry-level topics,…[View]
25109029I just want to a qt supernatural gf to cuddle with.: If I wanted to summon a succubus just to cuddle…[View]
25108202notice the curve? why do people still say the earth is flat?[View]
25110250Looking for some people to participate in my college study. I need some folks to respond to the foll…[View]
25107141I recently snapped and have become insane.. I've been coping with imagining macrocosmic conspir…[View]
25109638Spiritual explanation for the riots and divide: What is causing the present social fallout? open hos…[View]
25107771Elon Musk is a Kabbalist: https://gematriaeffect.news/youtubes-false-view-stats-claim-666000-people-…[View]
25103693So when did you realise Christians were the real satanists ?[View]
25106582Animal Rituals: How do you feel about Rituals that involve animals?[View]
25109215tarot readings: need a question and horoscope. one card draw.[View]
25104636Neanderthals. Ancient humans, other hominid species. Are there any references to these in antiquity…[View]
25110385Anyone on here know anything about these people?[View]
25109735>thinking of depriving myself of sleep for ~1 week to induce psychosis and whatever else just for…[View]
25099272remote viewers actually predicted the riots: https://youtu.be/ts0fCSb03pU[View]
25103029Legends and Regional Folklore: Tall tales, monsters, urban legends, weird history. This thread is fo…[View]
25094540You can't prove gods existence. You can't prove a concept is real without any evidence. Th…[View]
25092942Redpill me on Kali Yuga since I see people talking about it everywhere on the internet. What is it? …[View]
25110223>thinks Sophia looks for simps and that worship is still popular. >doesn't know that chad…[View]
25108629/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General thread. Post information that you've found…[View]
25106134How do open myself to demonic possession?[View]
25084139can we get an liminal thread going? >ocs welcome >pic related…[View]
25106486He's back. Have you felt it?[View]
25109989Something is happening. Here. The song... You hear it too now, don't you?[View]
25108331Does dirtiness attract demons? Every time I get my apartment go, I immediately lose control of every…[View]
25109575KRISHNA: Some say he's the Creator of everything (the Supreme God), others a marketing ploy by …[View]
25106366Give it to me straight: What is Consciousness?[View]
25108465what am I supposed to do if I don't know what to do with my life?: I can only think of one thin…[View]
25098825Any ideas on develping Gut Feeling: I never seem to experience this kind of-mystic phenomena but the…[View]
25107973we all died in 1984 !: Here goes .. bear with me .. >After the 1983 Cold War /MAD near Event …[View]
25102142Do people actually believe in discordianism or is it just a meme?[View]
25108155>why contain it: we're being divided and conquered, that's for sure. But to what end?? …[View]
25107801THE earth IS GROWING: think about it how were we able to build giant stone structures so easily in t…[View]
25108490If aliens have already infiltrated our government bodies...: Are they the good guys or bad guys? Wha…[View]
25108668I just found this.....: http://pelzer.fun/ is this part of an ARG or something idk?? really weird…[View]
25108747Is karma Real shit?: Is every bad thing that happens to you a price you pay for actions you performe…[View]
25109049plans: i am planning on buying the fouth pentacle of mercury. i know that the sigil's of saturn…[View]
25107174So when did it become Chick-fil-a again? Wasn't it Chic-fil-a like a year ago? Was watching thi…[View]
25109019/x/philes I think I need your help... Some days ago my gf stayed soem day at home and had her period…[View]
25107914I'm in the 99.9th percentile of knowledge/enlightenment. Really. I see visions in outer space a…[View]
25109264>so da guvernment is gunna doo all tis planning but leave hints for conspiratards to find? Why do…[View]
25107856Lets name the being here and what its doing in our system: This thread is only for the awakened ones…[View]
25109022Would Government Tell Us?: Anyone remember this show? qrd: >scientists discover sun will explode …[View]
25108673It's laughable that this Hoax is still going on: Space travel does not exit[View]
25104823I don’t feel a connection to my parents: I don’t feel like I am connected to these people. They both…[View]
25108462Can we have a thread for general /x/-related pics? Be them creepy, unsettling, unnerving, nostalgic,…[View]
25108194How long until the digital facade of a competent system is broken and people realize that a majority…[View]
25101073Any info on something like this? Saw it wandering through the street while on a walk around 2 am, it…[View]
25108409Why are they trying to distract from coronavirus?[View]
25108383Say hi /x/![View]
25090733Finding Personal Deity/Meditation through Vedic Astrology: Through Jyotish/Vedic astrology, we can a…[View]
25108556Looking for book suggestions. I have a copy of Corpus Hermeticum on the way but looking for more to …[View]
25108613trippy pasta: do you guys know of any good, trippy creepy pastas? About themes like psychedelic drug…[View]
25108520>MFW /x/ fell for the Great Space Hoax[View]
25100922would you destroy other dimensional versions of yourself to have a save button on life? I would not,…[View]
25108326Whoops, looks like they forgot to turn off the studio lights in the ''''cockpit''''[View]
25108036I think something's in my house: Whenever I enter my living room after 10:30 specifically, I fe…[View]

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