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/x/ - Paranormal

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31901580To the people working with demons,: do you think they're really telling you anything but sweet …[View]
31903663/div/ Divination - Telepathy edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a di…[View]
31903632Hello /x/ I have an issue that I'm really hoping I could get some closure as to what I'm d…[View]
31900897having opinions and disagreeing with people is kinda of dangerous thing to do[View]
31903287New to all of this: Hoping to learn more about mysticism or magic, don't really know where to s…[View]
31884578petrified of hell: hello, how do i get over the fear of hell? my usual copes aren't working and…[View]
31901328/x/ Cursed Images[View]
31899660MY CAMERA DOORBELL TAKEN THIS PIC: In the circle you can see a face. What do you think it is?[View]
31902500Photos that make you feel unease: Post photos that make you feel a sense of unease or make you uncom…[View]
31892038Have any of you ever seen a ghost or a cryptid? Or any other spiritual entity?[View]
31901971Do you think Ted Bundy and George W. Bush could be the same guy?[View]
31903261Looking for information on or from the occultists who practice around Louisa and her killer's c…[View]
31902813spooky videos: videos that give you the spooks; videos that give you the creeps take a video, leave …[View]
31900303Nobody General - /ng/: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
31903170Vic Cundiff: What do you think of this guy's stuff? He's got a new 'paranormal encou…[View]
31897896The movie drops today. Who's looking forward to seeing it, and are you planning on getting it t…[View]
31888431Catholic Teaching on the Paranormal: (TEAM ANGER Legendary Edition) Ask me about Catholic teaching o…[View]
31902333i haven't had a prophetic dream in several years: hello friends, i used to use dmt daily, i had…[View]
31899443What pages from the Bible are missing?: Where is the Gospel of Peter? What other Gospels are missing…[View]
31900499Let's do the time loop: The time loop is the most important thing that will happen this year. I…[View]
31899613How do I travel back in time?: theres knowledge I need to give to my past self 10 years ago[View]
31902825Forbidden occult knowledge: https://www.parareligion.ch/ A warning to the profane: if you do not thi…[View]
31900967What happens happens to your astral body(s) when you die?[View]
31889678Cinephants thread: Share your most memorable, recent movie-like, or highly story-driven dream. Or as…[View]
31901933second beast of revelation that aids the antichrist: Demons are the souls of dead nephilim, the Book…[View]
31902296Strange nightmare: I had this nightmare a while back where I was walking in a local southern Pennsyl…[View]
31893965I have a mental one for you /x/tards Every time I entertain sexual thoughts about IRL women, it prod…[View]
31901732Lucent's 'Inferno' - amazing Lucifer-related technology from 1997: Several years ago I was admi…[View]
31901574What are the implications of everything in reality having a soul (animism)? Does this make it immora…[View]
31902438Anyone else heard weird sounds tonight, my friend confirmed he heard it too. A loud an weird ghostly…[View]
31902218Why are Christians so obsessed with demons, satan, tranny's and the apocalypse? It's liter…[View]
31900994liminal spaces thread: Are laundromats the exemplar of liminality? I'm not the only one that ha…[View]
31896027Can someone be naturally lucky, or is it purely random?[View]
31892975A girl I recently met claims she's into witchcraft and is now telling me she wants to make a sp…[View]
31891713The emerging /x/ conspiracy: This is a warning to you all. It is very important that you see the pot…[View]
31894819I don't understand the problem with worshipping the golden calf Humans are material creatures a…[View]
31902489How do we become the becoming? How does a man become more than a Man?[View]
31896251Are Victorian post mortem photographs haunted/cursed?: I hear people saying things like 'oh they jus…[View]
31894415What does his eyes tell you?[View]
31898016The ancients didn't theorize: The ancients were obviously insanely advanced, but I doubt they w…[View]
31902287There's definitely an afterlife. There's no doubt in my mind[View]
31901675would Jesus have an issue with me using law of attraction? I know from a lot of personal experience …[View]
31897782Personal stories thread. I have a couple stories either directly, or indirectly related to X stuff, …[View]
31898681When the Antichrist will come how he will reveal himself? how he can be defeated?[View]
31899780Armageddon and the millennial reign are in the past. The thousand years we know as the dark ages was…[View]
31893395it's a computer simulation: 42 is the answer[View]
31900552The birds, phones, alarms and radio cry out her name. If you know what’s best for you I would start …[View]
31901776The Christmas Tree is the Tree of Life: It was right in front of us this whole time.[View]
31898964We're living through the lamest apocalypse ever[View]
31901570I'm manifesting that today will be great[View]
31896964Send me targets, I will try to remote view into them![View]
31872666In this thread resides an entity: Such benign entity has a single task: Fulfulling the wish you repl…[View]
31896140What do street schizos think of you?: Does anyone else here find themselves oddly praised by street …[View]
31897565The eye of pepe[View]
31892152You will get the monkey vaccine, right?[View]
31886157>kills spirituality nothing personal, kid[View]
31900344Would mirror meditation help in understanding the self?[View]
31897360/div/ 90 degrees get with it: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion…[View]
31893267What is this sigil?: I've seen this in my dreams ever since I can recall. I've never been …[View]
31894069why is there something: instead of nothing[View]
31899217I'm starting to believe the theory that we maybe trapped in a simulation ran by woman with a cl…[View]
31894590What were to remain if you removed the man?[View]
31896991Do aliens possess souls and/or spirits?: Or are they soulless space automatons jealous of us?[View]
31894808Where to start spiritual journey?[View]
31892948We know nothing of our history.[View]
31889424Healing of the Body: Is there any way to heal the body that has been messed up by Chemotherapeutic d…[View]
31900022Garden Of Eden: Why haven't you seen the Holy Mountain yet anon? Why haven't you been to t…[View]
31891971Advice on how to depersonalize: That's how I saw the world as a kid. But I shifted until I got …[View]
31899776Moon magic: Anyone got edain mccoy books? i want to buy them on amazon but the page itslef is a pile…[View]
31881106Is it the End Times?[View]
31900370Psychic Dreams from an Ex Need Help ASAP: Basically I met this woman in high school and it has been …[View]
31900176ICXC: You're on TV. Would you like to mention (or show) anything to the viewers? https://www.yo…[View]
31890773Do demons really smell like sulphur and rotten egg?[View]
31896397Comet Messiah[View]
31886812Do you have any abnormal abilities /x/?[View]
31900245Paranormal vs Supernatural: (TEAM ANGER - No 'I' in Team Edition) Supernatural pertains to God alone…[View]
31900231Reptilian terror: How to survive as an Anon in a declining USA run by Psychopathic Reptilian Terrori…[View]
31900002How come no other animal on Earth has evolved to the same intellectual level as humans? Why are we s…[View]
31899593>be me >7 years old >went to movie theaters with my sister and dad >waiting in line for …[View]
31895443Luck: What IS luck? Are lucky people blessed by the divine? Are there any religious doctrines that …[View]
31896523Remote viewing experience >I hate to admit this, but its important to the story >Im an incel w…[View]
31899849Do you think any Anon on here has faced off against the demiurge, 1v1?[View]
31894204Dr. Schafer, PhD in Gender theories wrote this thesis about sexual attraction: Do you agree with it?…[View]
31882104>nobody knows what happens after we die >there is zero evidence Do atheists really believe thi…[View]
31899601OUIJA BOARDS REAL?!: >be me >make Ouija board on paper >write all the stuff exactly as it s…[View]
31893373Do aliens know magic? Is witchcraft and sorcery our greatest tool against ayys?[View]
31887133/succgen/ Succubus General 274: Spirit Love General Good Morning, Darling Edition DISCLAIMER: Some h…[View]
31893474Christian ritual and willpower: ITT we discuss the un talked about aspects of christianity. How many…[View]
31888123What are angels? What are demons?[View]
31895564/x/movies thread.[View]
31896324You can see vivid images with your 3rd eye: You can do this any time, but if you've never exper…[View]
31878705When did you realize that you're the main character? When did you take the Lain pill?[View]
31888420Given the opportunity would you choose to become an immortal brain in a jar?[View]
31896777Can someone figure out what it says?[View]
31894571RH negative thread #11: This thread is for the discussion of the RH antigen, the lack of it, RHOgam,…[View]
318930005G: This board needs a thread about 5G. I've been trying to find some discussion around this su…[View]
31889983Aee computers actually a gateway for demons?: They cannot show themselves or speak to us but compute…[View]
31896866/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
31892425Anyone tried this? >stare at reflection of self in mirror >clear your mind (like, meditation-s…[View]
31897055You raise, fall, raise, fall, raise, infinitely.[View]
31899224Hollywood is just mocking us at this point.[View]
31888138Is information produced in the brain or spirit?[View]
31897544I propose we post e-book links. https://archive.org/details/pdfy-hH7b-2yjyACdh8nO[View]
31886337Youtuber says gnosticism is new age bs: >Gnosticis, / demiurge is new age bs Is this guy a shill?…[View]
31898940Anyone know how to decode this?: https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/shazzerm-ce5ed.appspot.…[View]
31898122Magic is all spiritual manipulation: Besides initiate magic. It’s all basically useless in this mat…[View]
31891410A Reading: Hello, I have recently started seeing the stars and having the dreams again. I would like…[View]
31891987Ego Death: What is the fastest way to achieve this? Im looking for the best fastest way to kill my e…[View]
31877349If there are 9 varieties of Angels are there 9 varieties of Demons? What variety of Demon was Lucife…[View]
31888795thymus gland: occult lore of thymus gland? anyone know it?[View]
31886719Meth: Does anyone else use this stuff for magick? I buy a dime bag once a month and use it for tantr…[View]
31889769Let me confirm: >Part 1: Smartphone capabilities Smartphones have the following capabilities: - P…[View]
31891213The Broadcast Starts Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Newp7PWmjV0&t=2s This is just an aid. …[View]
31894424Years ago I found link to a webpage on /X/ that listed full informations, photos and descriptions ab…[View]
31897793What does he know?[View]
31887967/SP/ Sleep paralysis MAXXing: (1/4) Sleep paralysis is a very pleasant spiritual experience, which c…[View]
31892888What gender should I try to make my tulpa? I'm concerned that making it female will make me a t…[View]
31893109Floating Thing: I was looking outside my window and saw what appeared to be an Giant egg, brown colo…[View]
31894169I'm proud to be an npc Happy successful and not as stupid as you think[View]
31887067Best Creepypastas: I am a much bigger fan and have such a romantic nostalgia for the classic creepyp…[View]
31897879I don't know if this is appropriate for either /omg/ or /loa/ or something else so sorry for ma…[View]
31897230Pineal gland decalcification?: I'm curious as to what the gland does, why does it become calcif…[View]
31894506Is anyone here into bodywork? What model/path do you use? My belly is almost always hurting and I wa…[View]
31896516What does x think about my hypersigil[View]
31897030I think I'm going crazy bros: For the past few weeks ive been hearing voice, usually later in t…[View]
31894602Attacked by a demon last night?: Hello /x/. This is my first time here but I have no idea who else t…[View]
31893672what could be lost in earths past?[View]
31896263How much of /x/ is just feds larping?[View]
31896966Please explain[View]
31896691>Be me >At the gym at 11:00PM >hear a spooky noise from just outside the window >Get a b…[View]
31892304The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.: Next happening: communism/5th columns being purged from t…[View]
31893708may god curse, betray and crucify you the same way god has cursed, betrayed and crucified me[View]
31895624ITT we write one of those silly 'I work at ______ and I must follow some bizarre rules' stories: ITT…[View]
31896015What do you think Earth is?: I think it's an elaborate troll experiment/game created by very ad…[View]
31895994Ghost on Door Cam: Hey guys. Long-time lurker/shitposter here. Pic is me leaving for work last night…[View]
31896186Something terrible is coming. Can you feel it?[View]
31896795Meditations: I've been reading pic related. There are several methods to meditate in this book…[View]
31891259Backrooms gen (Not gay edition): No additions no entity list bullshit. I'm not really talking …[View]
31870655Why are humans such horny creatures? Compared to other animals, even bonobos, we just really REALLY …[View]
31896463I'm not sure how to properly elaborate on this but How media, marketing and design are affectin…[View]
31895334What are some of your (heard of andor inventive and creative idea) worthwhile quantum frontiers?[View]
31891360What should we know?[View]
31895857Help me[View]
31894782videos of ppl deteriorating from drug use?: how does the breaking of the brain affect the soul? is s…[View]
31894624/ng - Nobody General, throwback edition: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is both an individual and…[View]
31895203The Pee pill: Month 4 : Matrix edition: Hello frens. I have recently decided to start experimenting …[View]
31893435Atlantans built the pyramids of Giza and ancient egyptians were simply the descendants of Atlantans …[View]
31894855Trauma kills Magic?: Hey fellas, I’ve been really worried about something recently. It’s destroying …[View]
31890565mysticism/demiurge/Abrahamic religions: This is NOT a /pol/ thread Jannies. Here we discuss the para…[View]
31887774When did you realize the cat was always both dead and alive?: And that the answer to the paradox lie…[View]
31892661Healing spells: What are some healing spells for physical, mental and spiritual wounds? None of that…[View]
31891711Why don't you watch him?: Wendigoon is unironically one of the best /x/ youtubers out there. Hi…[View]
31812732spooky greentexts: last thread died. these and the creepy image threads are the only good threads on…[View]
31890874Alter-Egos: Do you believe in those? Do you have one inside you? Have you ever felt like a different…[View]
31895215I have a strange request to ask you if you can help me, i like to wander around the countryside a lo…[View]
31891248Karma: >Do good good things happen to you do bad bad things happen. The more I think about it the…[View]
31885247par anormal shyzotypic behavior[View]
31892548Horryfying CGI: I was just watching random shit and I stumbled upon the trailer for 'Battle for Terr…[View]
31887787Anger, Wrath, and Spiritual Warfare: (TEAM ANGER Special Edition) Demonic influences have successful…[View]
31895063Is it possible for a tulpa to basically autopilot my life? I hate living desu and pretty much suck a…[View]
31890146Babist cult: I've heard of a cult called the babists who believe in something called Bebestan i…[View]
31890766Is Demonic possession/oppression mediated by parasites: (TEAM ANGER ENCORE EDITION) Asking for opini…[View]
31879360/par/ - “Archons” (Affiliated, Parasitic Beings) & Their Leader (The “Demiurge”) General #38: (R…[View]
31891146I can give battle help what do you need help with?[View]
31880513/omg/ — Occult, Mysticism, and Magick General: >Library: mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#iK4mVC4y5iwk_cr3…[View]
31892159Do not wake a sleeping pickle: Do not wake a sleeping pickle.[View]
31890901/div/ - Divination General: Unboxing Edition Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings a…[View]
31894581Hotel Experience: I've been wanting to get this off my mind for quite some time since the first…[View]
31888952Do I have a good chart?[View]
31874209AI Generated Horror III[View]
31890723why does satan look like this: hi let me start by saying I wish i never had to make this thread.... …[View]
31893546Good morning sirs![View]
31894153Other threads are worthless now that mine is here. Do I have superpowers? Am I a god? If so what god…[View]
31894214MK Ultra in the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial (and MK Ultra thread in general): Apart from the che…[View]
31892488/x/ros, just engaged in 3000 years of psychic debate with Yahweh-Dionysus. Do NOT go in there withou…[View]
31893387We know that the Trinity Teacher Sons are devoted to the conscious enlightenment of universe creatur…[View]
31888640In last night's dream I looked on Ted Kaczinskys Wikipedia page and his date of death was July …[View]
31893660UFO?: Hey, did anyone else near Okitu, New Zealand see that weird string of lights in the sky? I can…[View]
31892634Does heaven exist somewhere in outer space?: Where has it been referenced to reside?[View]
31881139There is NOTHING nor NO ONE mightier than God. No exceptions.[View]
31881938What do you know about the number 8?: 8 vertexes on a cube, 8 tentacled octopus, Scorpion-(Scorpio) …[View]
31891776Hell: Do you know what eternal torment is? It's not constantly being subjected to pain, you wou…[View]
31892628ITT occult messages in popular media[View]
31893418Clones: How can I be sure I am the person 'my' parents raised? How can I be sure I'm the same m…[View]
31891977Real cases of celebrities faking deaths/getting lookalikes?: Have there ever been any confirmed case…[View]
31893480>inna dream >old lady tells me to look after her house and to watch out for robbers getting in…[View]
31891898Water Spirit: Do elements have spiritual energy? Every time I see water in a zoned out state I see a…[View]
31885193Is this book series satanic?[View]
31891263/ng/ - Nobody General: JD Edition: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody i…[View]
318823132016 THEORY: I have a little theory that the world 'ended' in 2016. Not literally in the sense of ap…[View]
31893191/ndegen/: Near Death Experience General Anyone died and came back or know a good story? What do you …[View]
31890559Where is God and his Angels?: Why has God and his angels ignored the prayers of many, why have they …[View]
31888053'Nipple Mogrification': I've been looking into transhumanist non-fiction literature, and stumbl…[View]
31892468I’m trying to remember a weird event that happened and was spread over the internet and I was wonder…[View]
31884643Synchronicity bros. Has anybody kept a diary of occured synchronicities? If so, did you see patterns…[View]
31892010what’s this symbol? I’m perplexed[View]
31890291tell me, what was that? the original video is gone from YT , but it is still in NBC webpage. Why doe…[View]
31890989What was is the documents he delivered to the UN?[View]
31888940magic months exist. what are Magic Months? A: Magic Months are periods of time where everybody has h…[View]
31891991Love is traumatizing: What was said. Lost love manifests as trauma. The mechanism is slightly differ…[View]
31891505Does anyone know what this is?: Hi, I found this in one of my drawers. Does anyone know what this is…[View]
31888488What does 'The end is never the end' mean?[View]
31892328Consider this. Beyond the material world we reach the abstract. For example the number 5 is an abstr…[View]
31892055Infinite conscience, help me: Ok, my English is terrible. But here's the catch. I'm 40 yea…[View]
31882222How are rock structures dated?: I understand how fossils are dated. There's a set amount of C-1…[View]
31891604One Winged Angel[View]
31888822Serious question about reptilians: Are they promiscuous?[View]
31891278Question for you /x/: Is there any website, wiki spot, or anything, to learn about the paranormal in…[View]
31886969what is really going on and why is everyone trying to sell something?[View]
318891963301: I wonder Is cicada still alive?[View]
31891120I want to experience the kingdom so bad bros. I want to dwell with the LORD. This world is so exhaus…[View]
31889520What is the occult meaning of bugs coming into your life? Is it a punishment?[View]
31887663/jew/ - Judaism general: Welcome to Judaism general This thread is for the discussion of the jewish …[View]
31889065Did the Greeks even build anything?: - Petra shares a very similar architectural style to what was d…[View]
31880258Have you ever been in the future on a vision quest or a dream? What was it like?[View]
31889938Architectural paranormal activity/oddities: Alright here's what we know: -The Washington Monum…[View]
31891327Aodic is the grime that taints them: We are going to win, that's been pre-determined. Only one …[View]
31891152Are there any astroplainers here? I need help channeling. I recently saw the stars and started havin…[View]
31874021/x/ is filled with fools and lies: Post truths with evidence. I'll start. The earth is flat.…[View]
31888575earliest memory I have was me as a ghost watching myself. I think this could just be a dream I for w…[View]
318559794chan has achieved quantum and temporal supremacy, Signal +2.32: The game will now enter an overtime…[View]
31891121Who cares if you can switch an atom's state from 'on' to 'off'?: It's not like infinite co…[View]
31885887Post some sacred geometry. I’d like to look for things that I can compare it to.[View]
31891012It was late November and it was about 5:30 p.m. I was about to go into my backyard to get a cigarett…[View]
31890666Sinister Aliens: Demonic Alien Cannibals are in control of America. I think we are all on the menu, …[View]
31890234Tell me more about the aliens possessing human bodies[View]
31893290> Grow up in a hypermasculine household > mom is passive and oppressed > be me, wanting to …[View]
31890916What went wrong /x/?[View]
31887801so what's the deal with this game? is it cursed? will demons fly out of my ps2 if i play it? do…[View]
31888193>search 'cult of saturn' on YouTube >see picrel ... bros?…[View]
31890518so jews summoned archonic demons and made a deal with them to great a worldwide superstate and act a…[View]
31873621How do I summon a jinn? inb4 you shouldn't do that. Answers from posters with balls only.[View]
31889168What is the meaning of Christos?: In pic related one sees that Christians matter-of-factly state tha…[View]
31870581- /LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: Jannies nuked both threads for some reason. F…[View]
31888746I've pondered on what the best way to go through with it all is. There are schools of thought a…[View]
31888611Best Sigil for Angel Communication?: I can't seem to find a good book on contacting an angel so…[View]
31879296How is magic related to language? Alan Moore claims it, but I don't quite get it. https://youtu…[View]
31885399I keep switching timelines… how to stop it?[View]
31889605How's Kyle Odom doing? He still believes that he shoot a reptilian?[View]
31889908The Keys of Enoch: God is literally in your DNA https://compress-pdf.obar.info/?fileurl=https%3A%2F%…[View]
31884095Everything Everywhere: Is there truth to this movie? Just watched it last night and holy fuck this i…[View]
31886137History of the Nephilim?: This week I started to wonder about the Nephilim of The Bible and their hi…[View]
31889399Great Black Ocean: A place where the ocean is pitched black, where is this?[View]
31879306For those here who believe in reincarnation: How would one go about remembering past lives?[View]
31887689>get hairstyle >study bible >die >go to heaven >realize heaven is just more worship a…[View]
31887344I've evolved and am leaving internet: Communicating on 4chan and godlikeproductions is no longe…[View]
31887225Weird Encounters: Who is the most sinister or unexplainable person you’ve met? I don’t mean any supe…[View]
31889626So this guy is a glowie right? He talks about insanely esoteric and /x/ tier shit but then has insan…[View]
31889518Are humans special?[View]
31888730/ng/-The Nobody. Yesterday's OP edition: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? T…[View]
31887648just picked up a king james bible and is says that adam was an illiterate north african exiled for f…[View]
31886938>unknown number is calling >pick it up >say ‘hello?’ >it’s dead silent for 10 seconds …[View]
31868858ayylmaos: post your rarest/funniest alien pics/webms. also discuss your own ayylmao experiences.…[View]
31885437>high IQ enough to know the demiurge is real Is reincarnation real? I just want to die and never…[View]
31889369theater of the mind: I'm pretty sure that the procedure which bluefluke describes in picrel is …[View]
31889509Am I being channeled by Phil Hartman: >Be me >Burger working Italy on a gov-ship >used to j…[View]
31878918What the fuck was david on about with inland empire?: Saw the re-release in theaters Loved it My gu…[View]
31885716A scientist has claimed that a 'humanzee' was born in an American lab nearly 100 years ago…[View]
31883225chinas sky glows completely red. whats the cause?[View]
31871296Is hell really eternal torture? I feel like after a few months or years you'll just go insane, …[View]
31887947Since I started mindful breathing I noticed how irritable and this permanent angryness I feel. I gue…[View]
31888369millennials came up with sonic.exe and jeff the killer, and now have the gall to say zoomers have ba…[View]
31882176Shift in planetary energy: After the last full moon specifically, has anyone else felt a massive shi…[View]
31889179well? is the gentile convert with the blown out liberal reformist wife that has definitely taken a f…[View]
31879307Need a witch: I am a feline therian. I feel more trapped and lost in this skin everyday. I am longin…[View]
31882718/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
31885250Meat alters the dreams you have. Lamb in particular, because its such a young sacrifice[View]
31888781Edgar Allan Poe[View]
31880531The Upcoming Alien Invasion 2024: >Is coming in the form of AI consciousness >Uses memetic ene…[View]
31879322serious question: If God had a name what would it be? And would you call it to his face if you were …[View]
31887753please read this: there is creepy gap between 2013 and 2016, it's like in 2013 you have fun and…[View]
31883100'Hey' by Pixies: This song is a message channeled through the band by the universe. The message is t…[View]
31887659What goes on at Mount Kailash?[View]
31882814>I am going to die >It could be any day >I could be going to hell…[View]
31885668Prison Planet: I just got into this idea that we shouldn't go through the tunnel of light when …[View]
31883191Randonautica: Henlo anons. I'm sure you've heard of this app, it's been around for a …[View]
31887762/x/ universe is testing me and I am sure 110% about it: so /x/ this is it! I am not mentally unstabl…[View]
31888465Anyone else unironically believe in a lovecraftian god of chaos? My beliefs are sort of that way. Fi…[View]
31887302Is 3d boys real or fake? In my mind everyone is 2d so I'm really not sure.[View]
31872210Dead Internet Theory and Bots on 4Chan?: An interesting thread has been posted on /pol/, in where OP…[View]
31888301Does it make sense to pray for new opportunities to arise?: I was reading Marcus Aurelius and he exp…[View]
31886576The strangeness of our human reality: Why is our reality, our play thing. Anything humans have tried…[View]
31888135plan it digital simulation: if u are interested ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0IkPIsp0-A…[View]
31875303How do I stop getting sleep paralysis[View]
31865514What is one thing you love or dislike about Terence McKenna?[View]
31887957Heeey duuude, it's been 2000 years I think I can take a break. >https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
31883140Dreams that last a lifetime: Has anyone experienced a 'dream' which lasted multiple years or decades…[View]
31885102I just had a weird fucking dream: Allright my remembrance for that dream is kinda mushy so I try to …[View]
31886139Weird Google Translate thing: Something creeped me out today, anons. I was translating a huge bulk o…[View]
31881885CHRISTIAN CHALLENGE: I challenge any Christian looking at this thread to answer this very very simpl…[View]
31884313CICADA3301: What was it?[View]
31885243Y sentient animals: Name an animal you think is a lot more intelligent than humans give it credit fo…[View]
31882351Sleepy Bots: Do you guys remember the /pol/ alien pic threads in 2017? I very much remember them bei…[View]
31884196What alphabet is this?: Can anyone at least tell me what alphabet is this? It comes from the fan mis…[View]
31884772I'm having deja vu again, it happened alot when i was a kid.[View]
31883232Best caliber for killing Dogman?: Would a 7.62×39 be enough to take down a Dogman? Family has a cabi…[View]
31886687>the world we live in is actually filled with supernatural creatures and beings of all kinds... y…[View]
31884807What the fuck was this dream about?: So I just woke in the middle of the night. For some reason I…[View]
31887249What are your thoughts on this quote?: see pic thanks[View]
31878861Can someone give me a qrd or even their own interpretation of the relationship between Lucifer and S…[View]
31882711It's over for me.: 4 planets in Saturn, another 4 planets in Saturn's houses (10,11). Satu…[View]
31885421'Carrots hung out' to get you to continue 'wanking your willy'..I don't thi…[View]
31884546Ever think about how humans could have been almost completely wiped out over and over. Everything we…[View]
31886117My life has been a bit rough so far. I'm obviously privileged enough to have internet and food,…[View]
31884526any schizos here use a basic cellphone?[View]
31884649Osho was a brilliant man and self educated to an extreme on a multiplicity of topics. He was also, l…[View]
31883560How much conrol does satan/lucifer have over this world?: It stated multiple times that the devil ha…[View]
31884341Have we ever confirmed that cockroaches and other insects are not using their antennas to send signa…[View]
31879670sai baba: redpill me on sai baba how can he manifest euros in wallets?[View]
31886800anything else like this?[View]
31882620Possible anomalous zone near Chuluota, Florida: I've been hiking recently near the Econlockhatc…[View]
31883362God: I want people who fight for me to break the seals on their magic placed there by Elohim.[View]
31883294How much of your childhood gets memory holed as you age? Me and my friends are only 30 but some of o…[View]
31884626Redpill me on subliminal messages, /x/. I've found and lately keep getting recommended these s…[View]
31884650I look forward to seeing you all inter-terrestrially, my cosmic access point is ghar hasan. Share yo…[View]
31881398I'm 31 now and feel that I've more or less lived a full life. Lived a hell of a lot of exp…[View]
31884048freemason: Should I join Freemasonry or stay away? Why? What are the regular meetings of the Masons …[View]
31867381/succgen/ Succubus General 273: Spirit Love General Gobbled Up Edition DISCLAIMER: Some have reporte…[View]
31885097/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
31862845/x/ Music Thread: Post some spooky unnerving shit guys[View]
31885990Thoughts on this guy?: He owns skinwalker ranch and funds ufo research, NIDS[View]
31885408Do macbooks / Apple devices use alien technology: They are designed so ergonomically it almost feels…[View]
31883887PAGING ELON MUSK AND STARLINK SATTELITES.: I need the feds legit priests/monks/peacekeepers, ALL mil…[View]
31882253Bigfoot: The scientific reason why the uncanny valley exists is because humans in the past probably …[View]
31885057i just discovered why money spells dont work because money has dead people on it. so instead you nee…[View]
31883858Was the big bang just a experiment made by some super intelligence?[View]
31885202Christianity: Is the worst and most stupid heretical brainwashing sect. Believing and following such…[View]
31868120Wendigoon: is he a good youtuber or a fed?[View]
31885323What do /x/ thinks about the secret Jewish religion?: Acts of the apostles 7:43 And you took unto yo…[View]
31884158I see i'm not the only person getting approached by alleged cult members in metachats? Some sor…[View]
31881860DC portal?: Is there anyone in DC that could walk over and see if there is a satanic portal over the…[View]
31883717wtf is the 'backrooms'[View]
31884981Life is such a beautiful gift. We're born into this experience. And each and everyone of us has…[View]
31884041Circular white ball like UFO: There is a UFO in the sky right now in Minnesota, I can see it so clea…[View]
31882583Does anyone know what the symbol above the pentagram is? Found something pretty weird about this guy…[View]
31885779What haplogroup were the annunaki[View]
31885835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngCI0BkFR3k Anyone ever used this? For how long and how often do I n…[View]
31885768I turn to you with a question, because for me you are like brothers, whom I have never had enough of…[View]
31884276Clairvoyance: how would one hone in on a specific path for remote viewing in order to look down thei…[View]
31884829So this whole website is kind of paranormal, right? You know what I'm talking about. There…[View]
31884382Astral jews: Modus Operandi and Tools of Manipulation: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g…[View]
31885146Horrifying GIF Thread: Post horrors beyond your comprehension Ones that don't let you sleep at …[View]
31884975Looking for some TR-3B footage guys? Also any other black project stuff.[View]
31871177This is interesting: Anyone has the other parts to this?[View]
31881579What should I do with the time I've been given? I don't know where to find answers.[View]
31883966Altar of END: Offer a prayer to END . If alot of us pray to the END it will arive sooner[View]
31885280Is super posisition real, you could have two three or infinte states in a atom, why is it observed a…[View]
31882903What Creepypasta used to scare the shit out of you back in the day? even if it's not held up?[View]
31884054So how much longer should I stay quiet for?[View]
31883855Becoming immortal... And laughing...[View]
31884948Is the opposite of something really just less of said thing and or the deletion of it? light and dar…[View]
31883929Upgrades for the future planet. Too soon?: I can't tell if the shift we're currently exper…[View]
31884624Soon I will have the opportunity to kill all masons. Should I do it? I understand that by 'making me…[View]
31881729What is the spiritual reason for sadness and grief? What can I learn from these feelings which weigh…[View]
31881154Is the church of the sub genius based[View]
31884369Alright, I metaphysically fucked up, /x/. How do I save my spirit?[View]
31883837Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
31881152Have you watched the documentary series Cult of the Medics by David Whitehead? It has a interesting …[View]
31879773How are old games this based wtf??[View]
31882165Should i do LSD ?: I've only done DMT and my concern is that doing LSD will change something in…[View]
31884337Exercises for Developing Extranormal Abilities: I wonder: are there any pathways to developing, or s…[View]
31861765Atlantis: What do we know about Atlantis?[View]
31884140horror games: what the is best one u guys have played?[View]
31882264Demons: How do I win the spiritual war against demons and other negative spirits? How do I have a sp…[View]
31883761Wormpilled frens- are boogers parasite poop?: For those who are anti-parasite and parasite propagand…[View]
31884061I'm starting a cult: Please attach your CV with brief abstract in the thread below.[View]
31884331Sleep paralysis MAXXing: (1/4) Sleep paralysis is a very pleasant spiritual experience, which can he…[View]
31884329/arg/ - Ancestral Religions General: This thread is for the discussion of traditional religions base…[View]
31883871What proof is there that the elites worship Saturn beyond some corporations using black cube symbolo…[View]
31883719What are densities? States of awareness in interaction with information. Does that mean the state of…[View]
31882015I have made a huge discovery. I have found an extremly old image of the creepypasta jeff the killer …[View]
31881391Diet and Supplements for paranormal abilities: (TEAM ANGER EDITION) Tamarind DMSO Lectin free diet F…[View]
31881221What is this? A shitpost or arg? Real schizo content? https://youtu.be/Bc1qQ6yZhsQ[View]
31881004Hey lads, got anything on the NRO?[View]
31883816Why does it seem like the divide between the schizotypal and npcs is getting stronger lately? is it …[View]
31883802Idk why ppl listen to these old geezers when ppl like Sam Harris and Jordan B Peterson are talking a…[View]
31861996They're mocking us: J.K Rowling author of Harry Potter, preforms the M13 hand sign. On her wris…[View]
31883553funky town vid for me[View]
31879330Aliens: Is there life in the universe outside of Earth? Is that life intelligent or is it basic sing…[View]
31879340Hey /x/ros, can someone send me some positive energy please I am in moments of badness and I need al…[View]
31881377a light being visited me after meditating[View]
31882233Agartha Megathread[View]
31883539Does occult literature mention mosquitos having an ability to affect dreams? I had some high octane …[View]
31882010What if two observers enter the eye of the universe at once, would that create a parallel universe?[View]
31882728What's the actual deal with black mirrors?[View]
31879475AI Art Thread - MEME MAGIC EDITION: Post your rarest AI pepes. https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-m…[View]
31882031/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
31882657WHAT'S ABOUT TO COME: Hello maniacs. I was told that something BIG was going to happen bu someh…[View]
31882847Why is 100% of modern pagan identity just trying to BTFO abrahamica? Is there even a single one acti…[View]
31882456vedic cosmos: i found this documentary which laid it out nicely any more english resources on the 14…[View]
31883222I just feel like there is a lot of human sacrifice going on right now. For instance, at the center …[View]
31882338There were rivers that are now 12,000 ft below the ocean: None of this makes any sense. the last ic…[View]
31882871fourth dimension: DMT brings you here and it's pretty cool. what would you do if you were also …[View]
31868743Vampirism: How to vampire? Share your sources. Peace...[View]
31880937Grant Morrison: I've just recently discovered this dude - despite having heard of many of his w…[View]
31881542is dmt worth it? i need to experience more[View]
31882837A friend created an encrypted web page that no one has deciphered, it has been like this for years, …[View]
31881393Meet me on the astral plane in the next 40 minutes if you want an ass kickin[View]
31881965I apologize for making a thread on this, but could someone clue me into what this image is supposed …[View]
31882661Sometimes I listen to tarot readings about this or that topic. The thing is that a lot of times it s…[View]
31880325Mark Conditt Pools: Previous thread got wiped for some reason, so we will continue here markcondittp…[View]
31882726How to curse someone: how to curse someone? I want to curse my sister with permanent sterility and t…[View]
31882020Eletromagnetism is often a topic on the supernatural, but what about the other forces? Is nuclear fu…[View]
31876911Okay, so everyone has telepathy but no one knows because everyone assumes it's their thoughts a…[View]
31882392The ultimate truth: This thread is dedicated to all those that are losing their minds from anxiety i…[View]
31879795Has this board ever produced anything that wasn't schizo larping?[View]
31867469Dead internet theory: where the fuck is everyone?[View]
31876779Coffee is the Brew of Satan: Consider this: 1. Coffee is a gift delivered to us from goats (which Sa…[View]
31881819Do you feel it in your brain too?: >blank feeling >no internal monologue >no feelings >…[View]
31882118Abrahamic Mysticism: Discuss Abrahamic mysticism (Kabbalah, Hesychasm, Sufism, Druze, etc.)[View]
31882161Mysterious game: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8o9n9h5majy2ivs/TYNQFNGNAPART3.exe.zip/file Does any…[View]
3188078912 Archangels: How do I contact angels? Any good resources to start with?[View]
31881665Zalgo: Anyone remember Zalgo? I don't even know if this is the right thread to post this in, bu…[View]
318742131st UFO HEARING IN DC IN 50 YEARS!!!!: 1st ONE IN 50 years!!!! NOTHING ON X?? WHAT DID YOU GUYS THIN…[View]
31881193Post /x/-core literature. Pic related, highly enjoyable.[View]
31876912Do sacrifices actually work? Have you ever sacrificed anything?[View]
31881042Why do I feel better after I don't sleep for at least 1 day? I'm on high dose antipsychoti…[View]
31881230I highly doubt anyone here is a prophet of God who can give me words straight from His mouth, but I …[View]
31870054/cg/ - Christian General: Jesus Is King edition[View]
31881703Is this dog breed good for detecting ghosts/ghouls/doppelgangers[View]
31878511You ever just sit there and think to yourself that you were definitely MK Ultra'd and severely …[View]
31877394zero tolerance christianity: basically you, me, everybody ever to live are fucked fuck fucked. a coi…[View]
31869983I know this topic has probably been done a million times, but what's the deal with Bohemian Gro…[View]
31880158Can you/should you use occultism for getting laid?: Anons let's get earnest I have a few fetish…[View]
31878342Redpill me on the lesser keys of solomon[View]
31881280are you conCERNed yet?: The time loop is the most important thing that will happen this year. It wil…[View]
31881405Sleep paralysis MAXXing: (1/4) Sleep paralysis is a very pleasant spiritual experience, which can he…[View]
31880605Reptilian evil: The USA is run by Satanic Reptilian terrorists. Is there a way to fight back, or are…[View]
31878813Does anyone else feel the sense of dread and misfortune in hollywood? Like some primordial darkness …[View]
31879346The answers were here all along[View]
31881270I channeled Adolf Hitler: I'm not going to give away all of my gnosis right away but I'll …[View]
31879650Redpill me on the pandemic council[View]
31871150What does dreaming of a winged black lion mean?: It was night time in my dream and it was conversing…[View]
31874263what are your favorite methods to shield yourself from external influences?: post clearing technique…[View]
31881285I feel like /x/ itself is a psyop. Just look at all the fucking schizophrenia here. I very rarely, i…[View]
31881233Spiritual Implications of Self Jerking: I am extremely handsome as well as curvatious so much so tha…[View]
31881195May I kindly ask any Hidden Hand/ Elite Insiders for PDF's on how to contact your Guardian Ange…[View]
31877435i just want to have an open discussion about paranormal topics ill start off with a question do you …[View]
31881204I think the internet is a close analogy to how reality works. Which isn't surprising as living …[View]
31878076If you were born on January 6: That means you are a Charizard. Look at the birth chart, ahem, Poked…[View]
31880209Do the Archangels have other mythological equivalents?: You fucking schizos love to connect 'demons'…[View]
31877509How to be a chad in the afterlife: >Archons gaslighting u >'Hey bro you should come back to Ea…[View]
31841516Numbers follow up 2: 3,951,134 4,717,343 4,877,027 4,858,612 5,123,899 5,270,800 5,289,438 5,159,703…[View]
31862289AMA: I made a thread before but couldn't get back online before bumping it. Recap: I am a range…[View]
31880580>vaccinated will branch off to a timeline where the unvaccinated died >unvaccinated are branch…[View]
31881188Was Austin Spare based or cringe?[View]
31878474When you finally realize i wassnt joking and you finally understand the thread and just read my last…[View]
31871264Anybody have friends or family members in Intel or military positions that have disclosed /X related…[View]
31880997I read this book recently >Beyond the Secret Elephants is the continuing story of Gareth Patterso…[View]
31876140Why did Shiva step on the dwarf?[View]
31878497How do people do this? Does it even work? Everyone has free will , so wouldn't this be a form o…[View]
31880463I'm going to start blogging about daily encounters with hylics BLOG 0.0000000000001 May 18th, 2…[View]
31878771Recovery: Being the retard that i am, i accidentally manifested a succubus in my life. Like an actua…[View]
31880837Why would the masses get only the exoteric tradition? Why can't we de-occult occult knowledgE?[View]
31879293/NG/ Nobody General - But it do edition: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The No…[View]
31872768It's real. All of it is real. I never want it to end but it has to. Then it will start over aga…[View]
31874308/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
31877522Would it be reasonable to make a Mike Tyson tulpa to teach me how to do boxing? Would this be a bad …[View]
31880214Where thread on this? Anything cool was said?[View]
31880469Does music damage your psyche by causing ear worms and hypnotic feelings of joy? Perhaps music shoul…[View]
31880647Faces on the moon: So I was watching a live stream replay of the lunar rover images of the moon and …[View]
31876276WTF IS THIS: https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/cosmic+cube[View]
31880076How to fix subconscious damage?: I've been told by a couple people who know a lot about dreams/…[View]
31865696Pleiadians: We're looking for you. What's the password?[View]
31880199I wanna write a horror movie dealing with the occult and/or demons or cryptids. Who has some interes…[View]
31873367If I stop carrying my cell phone with me everywhere will my gang stalkers finally confront me?[View]
31880353URANTIA: to expand cosmic consciousness and enhance spiritual perception: 'This day, my son, you are…[View]
31880398I will deep dive into the cold night filled with winds. What are some fire invocations I could do? I…[View]
31873668Ask me anything: I'm an expert on the mystical aspects of the world religions, Buddhism (Mahaya…[View]
31878421Soul Journey and Freemasonry: In grade school they taught you about those silly & superstitious …[View]
31870735The only path to heaven is paved in suffering. You must be poor for God hates the rich. The love of …[View]
31880380Chris Chan's latest letter: So anons, is Chris Chan really divine? He's right? Is his auti…[View]
31877695Question: Is consciousness a curse or a blessing?[View]
31880411Divine Revelation Miracle: I've been praying for a while to learn how to live with/be comfortab…[View]
31878860So the only way to get better at magic is intense daily practice: How cucked is that? Fuck[View]
31873965promiscuous witches: why are they like that shouldn't they be preserving their mana?[View]
31879788From what I can tell, Evolution not true in the original timeline, but, we are not in the original t…[View]
31880330Is time going to slower today am I just crazy: And what are the paranormal implications of this?…[View]
31876592saturn programmers: I see that you have some knowledge. What do you know about the black hole sun?…[View]
31879911What is His Name? The Aeon who messes with this world: Anybody know?[View]
31876404we live inside a dream: golden ratio reality simulation, possible copycat of progenitor - discuss…[View]
31875337What is their endgame? what plans are they executing right now? when will reveal themselves?[View]
31879933Tracy Twyman: Is there a place where anons who are actually interested and have collected her work g…[View]
31876256Do you think cryonics will work? Is there any real chance to come back to life or are the people beh…[View]
31878811What was the moment in your life that you started believing in the paranormal?[View]
31879287Is there something paranormal about the ancient religion threads disappearing? I think it may be big…[View]
31869619What is ze great reset and why do I keep hearing about it?[View]
31877223SMOKERS: Question to veteran smokers Maybe veteran smokers So I smoked cigs last year and blood came…[View]
31880092Does soul/higher self has it's own personality?[View]
31879750Was he talking about the akashic records?[View]
31878442The Brain is the KEY: It's the line between your spiritual self and your material self, conscio…[View]
31880022Shared Dreams?: What is the significance or cause of two individuals sharing the same dream? I’ve be…[View]
31868522Gnosticism: Does someone know meaning of these bogomil symbols on graves?[View]
31879251I can't do anything guys. Satan is too powerful. I love you anons so much, how do I stop Satan …[View]
31862848Satanism: Ave Satanas! A thread to all of us who call ourselves Satanists. Talk about your beliefs, …[View]
31877658Dear /x/ please help me, do anyone of you have a spell, rune, write to stop feeling the massive sad…[View]
31879077Dreaming of alternate timelines: Any of you ever dreamt about a different version of yourselves? I d…[View]
31874211I know what this hand sign means and I know that time is short. I came to the conclusion that the be…[View]
31879579Greek mythology is based: >Has fucktons of different gods and goddesses to worship >Most of th…[View]
31877324I was hearing voices last year that were toturing me with thoughts of being arressted for stupid thi…[View]
31856142/omg/ — Occult, Mysticism, and Magick General: >Library: mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#iK4mVC4y5iwk_cr3…[View]
31876056What does /x/ think about the Great Reset? What are its paranormal implications?[View]
31878783The demiurge is us. So if u wanna beat the demiurge. Love him. Respect him. Turn to him. Turn to all…[View]
31876743Does astrology apply to countries?[View]
31879101pollution spreads demons: >demons are drawn to filth like moths to flame >there are demons tha…[View]
31876188GLOBE EARTH DEBUNKED BY PHD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJiO2I9iUIY[View]
31875929Haven't seen any Terry Davis threads in a while. Drop interesting shit you got about him.[View]
31876909THE SOUND OF DEATH: https://sindyshade.bandcamp.com/track/tap-water[View]
31879202Econlockhatchee River in Florida: If any other anons have been to Little Big Econ State Forest in Ov…[View]
3187460311:11: So what does it really mean? I have periods where I see it constantly. I’m in one of those pe…[View]
31876567https://m.youtube.com/c/HarrisonBriggs This guy frequently posts here and I want him to experience w…[View]
31876244Mudd you know: Were those two guys in my room and invisible to me? Who was invisible and touching me…[View]
31876274How do I curse certain individual from social media?: I doubt the name his is posting under is real.…[View]
31866741What do you think about meditation?[View]
31876463Since summer is just around the corner, can we have a nice horror of noon thread going? Post your pi…[View]
31859172what is consciousness ?[View]
31876383How to recharge after meditation, you can't meditate 10 hours straight, right?[View]
31876013Mick West was right. It was just Bokeh.[View]
31878433Paganwave image sharing: Also, quick quiz: > your faith (or favourite if none) > your favourit…[View]
31877312/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
31877618I saw a woman with a mirrored London shirt, her skin resembled carton[View]
31855250Do Computers Exist in the Afterlife: I wonder if computers exist in the afterlife, because a lot of …[View]
31874920Did I shift timelines because I never knew Martin Luther was an antisemite. In fact the wikipedia ar…[View]
31872741Fae deep dives?: I've been having paranormal experiences in the woods behind my home. (Randomly…[View]
31868468God is real[View]
31878293I heard this story from an acquaintance, so let me tell you about the time when I used to work for a…[View]
31874613The END: I'm by no means a psychic but I'm pretty sure I can feel the END as we know it ap…[View]
31874172what are the paranormal implications of transgenderism?: personally i believe them to be daughters o…[View]
31877457Sleep paralysis MAXXing: (1/4) Sleep paralysis is a very pleasant spiritual experience, which can he…[View]
31876448been on /x/ since 2011. got greenpilled at some point and now i am too far out of this cultural real…[View]
31878085dreamscapes: This is almost a very common recurring pattern in all of my dreams and I'm wonderi…[View]
31875307Nothing feels real: Whenever I look away from my computer screen, nothing seems real. It's all …[View]
31854390You guys ever seen a werewolf?[View]
31874930Attracting More Sex: My spirit guides don't want me to have sex with people, mostly because the…[View]
31876232/x/-approved content creators/channels: Post some /x/-approved youtube or other channels. Here'…[View]
31867021If all anime, shows and stories have taken place in another world, which relate to you most?: I was …[View]
31872972JESUS FUCKING H SHIT CHRIST BROS: I just watched the leaping marshmallow video and now i want to fun…[View]
31876183I am the happy snow spirit. I know its summer for you, but i still decided to visit you. Ama[View]
31875753While dreaming a totally average dream last night a guy in a black business suit came up to me 3 tim…[View]
31875800Parmenides discovered the sound of stars 2000 YEARS AGO: Atheists utterly and irreversibly BTFO: …[View]
31876583Sexuality is the limiting factor of human greatness: Nikola Tesla never fapped...and he was right.…[View]
31876913Hey x so I think my neighbor down the street is a demon or something. I’ve known her for a really lo…[View]
31876311Spiritually speaking: How to have most pleasure in life?[View]
31875053Mick West won. UFO fags lost. Kneel and apologize. Right. Fucking. Now.[View]
31877771lho: hq horse[View]
31875216If it can be imagined, it exist somewhere?[View]
31875612kidnapper might hurt the children[View]
31877528whats better ogopogo or loch nessie[View]
31876251Ouija: Since a time ago, I've wanted use te ouija and summon some entity, but Idk how I can pro…[View]
31872946What is the significance of the number 27 and why do many die at 27? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2…[View]
31877467Am gonna dead alone aint I?[View]
31873188>FAKE ALIEN INVASION People keep talking about the white house announcing some 'fake' alien invas…[View]
31876723Popular beliefs you think are impossible, or at least very unlikely[View]
31861943>yeah, totally they could build this using 1000 slaves and copper tools lol.. let's take a s…[View]
31836063How did he do it?[View]
31868863I feel like something is going to happen to our world. The point is, I don't understand why. Lu…[View]
31876979Oh, my God! Okay, it's happening![View]
31877210Somewhere out there, there is a Dolphin or similar smart animal who is the Einstein of their species…[View]
31872298How do I become a guardian of a holy relic?[View]
31875921C19 should be regarded as a terrorist attack on the United States in the same tier as 9/11[View]
31877052I testify that succubi exist.: My experience with succubi has been ongoing for many months now, star…[View]
31873789How do I ascend spiritually?[View]
31876572Do women in wiccan scene actually believe in magic or they're only larping as witches to sell p…[View]
31876733How to resolve bad luck streak for me and environment?: Hey guys I have a serious question, and its …[View]
31871611Disk002 - Cult of Saturn: I was the guy in the previous thread who's friend was given a disk by…[View]
31867106Can you rape someone spiritually? Lets say I grab my sheets and imagine there is a person underneath…[View]
31875724'You don't know enough to be worrying.' - Terence McKenna[View]
31873037> Yuri Bezmenov was an agent of the KGB who was tasked with spreading pro socialist propaganda an…[View]
31874227What's with all the UFO talk? I've been seeing a ton of UFO related articles, is there som…[View]
31873760Entities contacted me: I opened my third eye last year Felt like something was plugged in in the mid…[View]
31875732Backpacking: I’m going backpacking for 2 nights in western Michigan, I haven’t been camping in like …[View]
31870532Have you ever encountered a demon?[View]
31876300What truth does black ops zombies reveal?: I feel like there are revelations about our time in the g…[View]
31876238how do I get rid of the evil spirit in my home: I realized my dreams could be real when me and a fri…[View]
31875881Is Swedenborg Valid?: >Writes about the spiritual value of Breathing without knowing dharmic reli…[View]

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