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/x/ - Paranormal

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32959126/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32956231Mind Control Victim Breaks Free - No Evidence found to suggest its Faked.: https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
32958327Anyone feel odd at the moment?: Literally just had a panic attack. Out of nowhere. I'm energy s…[View]
32957626Mothman thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dY-LaFHAfQc >planes crash. >earthquakes happen…[View]
32960639Another failed prophecy...: at what point do we throw the towel in bros?[View]
32959890Miguel Serrano: Help to find this book[View]
32960053Snake headed turtle deity: I need to find the name of an asian deity which is represented as a snake…[View]
32960392>When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living creature saying, “Come!” 8 Behol…[View]
32959476Anyone know any good youtube channels that do on field research? Only one I could fine was AshestoAs…[View]
32960483September 24 was based on a Simpsons episode: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qjkzx7/qanon-simpsons-…[View]
32954204What is the best material/container to trap an absolute ancient evil in? It's about 40 million …[View]
32957859How do I induce nightmares?[View]
32957438Redpill me on microwave ovens: Are they harmful in any way?[View]
32959439Consuming media of dead celebrities is a form of necromancy. You are literally raising the dead for …[View]
32941963What's going on with the catacombs? And where did the millions of dead bodies come from?[View]
32958291September 24th: Well here we are faggots, September 24th come and gone and quite literally nothing h…[View]
32957909Reincarnation and Earth Disaster Cycle: What are the possibilities of a person from an ancient, adva…[View]
32958592Should gay men try defying their urges or can preferences be changed through shadow work? I'm c…[View]
32959531are we playing a global battle Royale?[View]
32959518Redpill me on Solipsism and the Phaneron[View]
32959720Im the apprentice of an Exorcist ask me anything[View]
32959866Babalon Life of Faye Nora the Builder Astha Martins Audial Chrysalis Discuss these mysteries with me[View]
32959772thoughts on this? is it true? I could definitely believe it, I think there's enough evidence[View]
32959390Any of you had highschool ghosts?stories or whatever that teachers would pull up during halloween. M…[View]
32959101If you got worked up over the 24th you have participated in an energy harvesting ritual. You might f…[View]
32959678Binaural Frequencies: For the past couple years I have been having headaches, fever like flushes and…[View]
32959089Will AI entertainment destroy creativity?: Are we fucked? In a few years anyone will be capable of c…[View]
32959551IMPORTANT: Where in our being do our thoughts come from? Where in our being does our voice come from…[View]
32958005Floating object over NYC: Anyone else seeing this? Video?[View]
32953052ITT:September 24th news watching: Some interesting things that happened today that might be apart of…[View]
32957733Laveyan Satanism is the true Satanism.[View]
32955222Are there any actual credible evidence for aliens?: I'm probably asking the wrong group. From p…[View]
32959065Dear /x/, Some questions (what is the root problem?), and Do you feel the same? 1. Alchemists say th…[View]
32954390Give me your hot takes about Baphomet /x/[View]
32957781Genesis 3:22, what did he mean by this?: 22 And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one …[View]
32959134any rituals to make my dick bigger[View]
32959241Xenu Judgments: Anyone know where i can get information as to why Xenu left me here to rot in these …[View]
32897978Tulpa general: Tulpa thread >What are tulpas? A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting in…[View]
32958590Strange 3AM Noises: Some strange shit is happening outside my house. My sister and I are alone in th…[View]
32958365Human souls are just a collection of tulpas attached together that form the 'person': So how to achi…[View]
32952902crazy person strength: How much of a schizo do you need to be to have crazy person strength? We all …[View]
32955931Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice. Every met…[View]
32957204itt: try to predict your death[View]
32956667Lucifer is the only person who treats me with compassion and empathy: >be me >going through a …[View]
32949735Is semen retention bs?[View]
32918585/x/ Halloween General: Fall/Halloween 2022 Post pictures, links, OC, anything that gives you 'that' …[View]
32958386Give me your best schizoposts preferably with images explaining the theories bonus points if their a…[View]
32957377Tell me the secrets of the new moon tonight. Is it a good time to fix my life by learning a new skil…[View]
32954728Pagan morality - the gods being in open relationships?: >The Greek gods are married but had open …[View]
32953872Does this goddess exist?: I need help with /x/ lore. Is there a goddess of growth, love, care and em…[View]
32957145So, the multiverse has existed for a very long time, possibly 'forever'. There's nothing new t…[View]
32958813Casting demons?: Don't remember how the dream started, but I found myself in another country or…[View]
32944690what if ,the ultimate esoteric/magickal hack is just having a comfy,perfect little life with friends…[View]
32948601/cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General: Old Thread: >>32933924 >START HERE! If you want to rea…[View]
32952438Does anyone know any rituals or such that can strengthen the female spirit?[View]
32956208Redpill me on ogres. Are they different than Goblins?[View]
32958216I fucked with a spirit or demon and now i cant stop dreaming about a giant cosmic entity staring at …[View]
32954981Many of the most profound religious experiences I've had happened while I was right here postin…[View]
32955979does anyone else remember things in 3rd person? i have a few (mostly near death) memories in 3rd per…[View]
32958597Dream about Warrior Cult.: I had a dream last night that I was a local high priest in modern day neo…[View]
32956974B.O.B. EARTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLotm6lwBhg[View]
32957003How do I cast a fireball?[View]
32951968its september 24th: and nothing has happened. rip. another larp. another just 2 more weeks bro…[View]
32957245>2022 >there is no more secret mantras[View]
32958402Auravana Project: New ARG?: Reply to >>32953928 https://auravana.org/ https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
32957273Any thoughts on hard determinism?[View]
32957720Whatsup /x/entleman, I filmed this today and, although I've seen UFO's solo, this is the f…[View]
32958270What can we do to fight the spirit of Pharos that might return?[View]
32956805Too tired, i feel like i can't take it anymore: I'm getting too tired of all that, /x/, i …[View]
32947864Flat is Earth: Previous threads: >>32936204 >>32932136 NASA are known liars: https://you…[View]
32957761Randomfarms: Ever heard of something like this /x/? Curious to learn more. The story goes: in almost…[View]
32958138do any of you guys practice tyromancy? what signs do you look for during the curdling process? I hav…[View]
32957140the amount of wealth you have dictates the price of the information you consume. >better money, b…[View]
32955689Hey, /x/... What is this symbol?[View]
32946051Is Aleister Crowley overrated?: I've just started exploring the occult and find most occult boo…[View]
32957955The Black Dragons: >'The Black Dragon Society (Kyūjitai; 黑龍會; Shinjitai: 黒竜会, kokuryūkai), or Amu…[View]
32944528What are some /x/ weapons?[View]
32957954Has anybody ever trained an AI to catalog and correlate missing persons and mysterious deaths along …[View]
32957393what does this post not prove about the nature of reality?[View]
32954743How come bael looks like prince charles[View]
32957429Love Spells[View]
32943671/omg/ — Occult, Mysticism, and Magick General: >Ape's Library mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#iK4mVC…[View]
32956312How to charge sigils?: Do i: >cum on it and then flush it down the toilet? >just burn it and s…[View]
32956369Can paintings be haunted if so how? What would attract a spirit to inhabit a painting[View]
32947753Thought on cancer men?: Cancer sun, Leo moon, Libra rising. Is this combo as shit as I think it is o…[View]
32947672Sure you guys know how karma works?: >One who is not motivated by false ego, whose intelligence i…[View]
32947661Skeleton key: You're ready for a paranormal experience so severe that the matter around you can…[View]
32953743Had a dream today and in it I made a joke. I don't remember the joke but after I said it I star…[View]
32957434Does sex energy make things happen somehow? I always feel like everytime I dont jack off for a coupl…[View]
32952939controlling hallucinations?: Is it possible to induce and control hallucinations on command like you…[View]
32955026What are the metaphysical benefits of remaining a virgin?: I've read that sexual partners stick…[View]
32955762What tattoos give you powers? What tattoos protect you? I recently got wolf on my leg and now I HAVE…[View]
32956295How do I time travel to the year 3000?: How do I time travel to the year 3000? I hate my life in 202…[View]
32955285Weird AI Creations[View]
32957413Apostolic Succession was NEVER Automatic and ALWAYS based on Divine Law: What do I mean by this? Rea…[View]
32954189anyone know how to get past the 'gray fog' in meditation its this layer underneath the short lasting…[View]
32956334Are cats Hells creatures?: What are cats here for? I've read that they're from hell, since…[View]
32949008changing your name: implications of changing your name and high vibrational names, and examples of p…[View]
32956008/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32957103Horrifying unexplained sound on plane: there are multiple reports of a mysterious voice grunting, mo…[View]
32956891We have Free will AND Everything has been Predetermined before Creation: How does this work? By the …[View]
32953463God Allows the Vatican to Fail For His own Glory: In a Sermon from my church network, it was said th…[View]
32956876What’s the best way to break free from the daily cycle? Is there a way I can snap myself into higher…[View]
32955949I am about to smoke DMT for the first time: What do I say to the machine elves?[View]
32954017What do I do if I am gods biggest target. God is the ultimate evil and tortures me. This whole world…[View]
32909976The /x/quinox: So I have an idea for Halloween, you can send in whatever you want (it has to be an o…[View]
32956029Seraphs are gay for god: Their only job is to worship him. They're like prostitutes. Why would …[View]
32949927I've been glancing at this board occasionally and I've finally come to the conclusion that…[View]
3295672133: Been seeing this number for two months now and it's already accelerating. Any idea why? Bes…[View]
32956619I used the sigil of Lucifer to generate AI art. Pic related is the original.[View]
32953823Demons don't eat your 'sexual energy': There is no such energy to begin with. Demons eat emotio…[View]
32952125So...are you ready for the event?: Are you?[View]
32955407Anybody know any good paranormal podcasts or long video/audio essays? It helps pass the time.[View]
32956096Memetic Magick and Shamanism: What if us autists (although pol and b are the main memers) through th…[View]
32954320Why did Elizondo mention a pygmy race?[View]
32955402don't reply, just save video[View]
32953841Since many eons, i've tried to breed human beings to see if they can be uplifted and reach a po…[View]
32951827Happiness is not the goal: We are here to learn. Not to be happy, but to learn. Accept that, because…[View]
32953847I seek neither sorcery nor wizardry. I seek neither immortality nor invulnerability. What I seek is …[View]
32925321red pill me on demonlogy, /x/ what do i read? what's really out there?[View]
32953272We all know about the Zeus/Chronos enmity and their Roman names. What is bizarre is that Jove (Jupi…[View]
32951241Elites worldview: I want to understand them psychologically. If through history same types of occult…[View]
32953928The Auravana Project: Welcome to the NWO motherfuckers https://auravana.org/[View]
32955160Notice the mirror.[View]
32955813To the self described gnostics of /x/: How can you believe the creator is evil when He gave us such …[View]
32942806NEW MANDELA EFFECT: >bill murray is still alive i didn't notice the shift this time bros. th…[View]
32955886Schizo PSA: It's up. Tell the other guy. Not posting on this pile of shit anymore. Feel free to…[View]
32956382Cosmic Deals: Have you ever been asked to make such a deal? Don’t take it, anon: stick with the good…[View]
32937841— /LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifesting General (updated edition) >Can I manifest ___? Ye…[View]
32934541DIA employee AMA: Since there was some interest last night in another thread and other anons said th…[View]
32955962Infinity: Would you want to be infinite again?[View]
3295454524/09/2022: END OF THE WORLD - PORTAL 666[View]
32953241I think I'm gonna go hike deep into a national forest and off myself. What are the spiritual im…[View]
32953347How do you dispel a curse: I got into an argument with a friend of mine a few months ago and he put …[View]
32955592What do you do if you turn into a husk? (Pic unrelated)[View]
32956103Principalities & Powers: Why the FUCK are principalities and powers known as angel types in some…[View]
32953691Apocalypse Theories: Hell is a world of ice, not fire. Humanity will flee the remains of Earth after…[View]
32954556He will arrive in two cycles[View]
32956084Infographics & News Clippings: Throw down your /x/ Infographics & News Clippings.[View]
32953280illusion is reality schizos can warp reality by presenting the truth as theatre when you realise thi…[View]
32955787Hello, for the last 5 or so years I have been having visions whenever I drink mushroom tea. They are…[View]
32954604The prison Earth: Without the fear mongering, let's have a thread on Earth's situation. I…[View]
32955626The mind is like a radio that picks up on certain frequencies. Some humans are in tune with positive…[View]
32947849How does one ensure reincarnation as a pretty girl in the next life? Is there a ritual? Do you have …[View]
32954548Alahim is almighty: Know that which is above you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds …[View]
32955499It doesn't matter: Please go touch grass and learn to love God and enjoy what is left of your l…[View]
32953506IT HAPPEN: Holy shit. I just went to pass some gas, and I did a big stinky shart! It splattered all …[View]
32950827anyone got any more info on ukrainian UFOs?: https://www.space.com/ukraine-ufo-uap-report…[View]
32949463Jesus is a fish?[View]
32881791/ishtar/ - Ishtar general 4: Also called by her sumerian name Inana, the goddess who rose from being…[View]
32954533/hm23/ #HIVEMIND23 SWARM INTELLIGENCE over Social Networks General: SWARM INGELLIGENCE is defined as…[View]
32954024well the day is here: i'm waiting, faggots[View]
32951969fug... It could actually be happening[View]
32955283/sg/ - Somebody General #3: Welcome to the Somebody General >Who is the Somebody? The Somebody is…[View]
32949633Redpill me on working with angels. What are they like and how can they help you?[View]
32954924Unedited Footage of a Bear: https://youtu.be/2gMjJNGg9Z8 Did Adult Swim convey a Pizzagate-type mess…[View]
32955127What is the significance of tomorrow's new moon? Good time to change your life?[View]
32954325Today is comfy AF: Utopia Village Underwater Reef Dock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB51JBB-s8M L…[View]
32953099can I start summoning goetic demons and calling them mocking nicknames or cracking jokes? like, tell…[View]
32954359Global Citizen Festival: I figured out the 'happening' on Sept 24. We've just been fed a fuckin…[View]
32941703/succgen/ Succubus general 325: Spirit Love General Lovely Edition DISCLAIMER: Some have reported at…[View]
32953993Do you fuck your tulpa? pepestare.jpg[View]
32954943the best way,or even the only way,to get rich mackically is tithe. but dont tithe to a church;tithe …[View]
32953180Did I understand Luciferianism correctly? Form what I understand Luciferianism is basically the beli…[View]
32949726Meowohmmmmmmmmmmm Welcome citizens of the world Give your cats extra treats before the 24th Meeeoooo…[View]
32953699what was the fucking deal with these guys? did they really act alone and without cult-ish connection…[View]
32953294>do zoomer stuff like chaos magic, or swallow liters of useless knowledge without any kind of pra…[View]
32954631hey /x/ help a sister out. when i was a kid i was really interested in witchcraft and the occult. m…[View]
32953086Imagine how many people are cursing and hexing tyrants right now. But they're still alive and m…[View]
32951243I don't think it's a meme anymore: Tell me how to learn more about Vedic and Hinduism thre…[View]
32953248False Ascension Matrix on Prison Planet Earth: Want to talk about the Reversal Grid required for thi…[View]
32947184So allegedly Alister Crowley would masturbate to sigils and this essentially imbued them with powerf…[View]
32952972/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32952906Inviting all believers of LOA: Share best results you have gotten from this practice. (Neville Godda…[View]
32950546/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
32950433Why do you come here?[View]
32952204is gay a magic spell?[View]
32949081HOW TO AVOID BEING OVERWHELMED BY REALITY: Sometimes i'm just happy and chilling and i remember…[View]
32953626How do I disassociate my mind and body from the matrix?[View]
32950424Polarity Inversion, How We Win: We live in a Demiurgy subverted dimension in which polarities of all…[View]
32944917My Observations of Succubi: Disclaimer; >I am not an expert >These are only my point's of…[View]
32952540Capstone: The reality we live in is put together through a series of layered dimensions organically …[View]
32953811Invocation to the Muses/ General: Show your devotion to That Nameless Faceless Goddess who set a fir…[View]
32953313When all is said & done, and I finally 'wake up' from all of this shit...will I know how it all …[View]
32952456Were did all the dreamy demons go?: Ive spent a decade dreaming about killing hoardes of demons and …[View]
32949488paranormal happenings in minecraft. pic related isn't minecraft so bare with me.[View]
32949403The best /x/ related games: Looking to get into some kind dark fantasy game with occult, supernatura…[View]
32950936Anyone have any /x/-approved information about Borderline Personality Disorder? Such as reasons for …[View]
32951746EMPCOE reminder: EMPCOE = Electromagnetic Plasma Change Over Event The great reset, The storm is co…[View]
32952824How I stoped mastrubating: Omg I have to share this with you guys >start goinf home >already h…[View]
32953595Most of you probably know Michael Aquino from temple of set and maybe Vietnam war fame. A lot of ano…[View]
32951536Hermeticism is Astrological Planetary Worship, just like all Qabbalistic based sects are. Hermeticis…[View]
32953220Mindfulness & Setting Boundaries: Electromagnetism determines how things are attracted or repuls…[View]
32946367what are some alternative cosmologies?: space is fake and hollow earth, dont be shy, go full schizo…[View]
32949282I ate the goyslop and took the vax so that I could save you all from the coming apocalypse on the 24…[View]
32949638Nothing will happen tomorrow: See you on the 24th, /x/tremeists[View]
32952588You guys believe this shit?[View]
32953166>just woke up from a dream where bombs going off >I'm expected to believe it's not r…[View]
32952168Vril: Do is Vril Chil or will it make you ill? Is Lucifer (and possibly Satan) a synonym for Christ …[View]
32953101Had a dream that I reincarnated as myself at the age of about 8, but I was the only one who kept all…[View]
32953042lists of illuminati people/world-rulers: Im a bit autistic so I just love enumerations. Give me list…[View]
32947668>Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the deadly plague. He will cov…[View]
32948480I had a vivid dream last night where I was paralysed in bed and a clown head grew upwards out of my …[View]
32947532How to accumulate chi/vril/life force?: Aside from the obvious methods such as semen retention, expo…[View]
32949629With the coming New Year this Sunday evening I'd just like to say Le' Chayim to everyone! …[View]
32949306Apostolic Succession was NEVER Automatic and ALWAYS based on Divine Law: What do I mean by this? Rea…[View]
32951549Synchronicity: Have you ever heard, read, or thought the same word/phrase simultaneously while multi…[View]
32940559Will quitting cigarettes, alcohol, and weed improve or diminish my spiritual awakening?[View]
32951991NDE: Near death experiences. Tell yours or someone you know. Can you say that there is something aft…[View]
32952772what kind of beings i can know when walk between my dreams? In my life, i have meet some memorable c…[View]
32952041Bulls report in. I am very lazy, how can I change this?[View]
32949843How do I give up wanting altogether?[View]
32950621Contact a deceased: How can I contact someone specific with a pendulum or Ouija board? or some other…[View]
32944758Is it just me or is the world going to shit right now?[View]
32938478Ghosts: Tell your experiences.[View]
32951299Got choked to death, felt good Slammed my brain to the wall, saw pretty colours Become an hero today…[View]
32946376People are so rude in this board that I decided to spot divulging esoteric secrets here.[View]
32950135Why does China hire gays to stalk and harass people?[View]
32951568the color white: is the color white a thought?[View]
32951965I have an idea but I need faggot retards to poke holes in it so I can figure out where my head is at…[View]
32949127Have you ever reached the point where you finally had to realize that 'youth' is actually over and w…[View]
32949333why do people bury people in coffins etc: What is the purpose of putting a dead body in a coffin/cas…[View]
32944089Reoccurring location in dreams: So over the past couple of years I have this reoccurring appartment …[View]
32945362Please tell me reincarnation is real: Please tell me there will be more lifetimes, anon.[View]
32949214Guys...you have to belive me...[View]
32951479I AM NOT GAY: SATAN and his CIAnigger puppet underlings are using project blue beam technology to fi…[View]
32933982Wendigo/Skinwalker Thread (request): howdy /x/ does anyone have that video of a kid showing off a 'f…[View]
32950412Is AI our friend?[View]
32949533They're really here...[View]
32951996what if somebody on /x/ magically charges their post with a spell every time they post?[View]
32952360>trying to fall asleep >creepy energy keeps flowing through my body jolting me awake…[View]
32950444So much symbolism here: you see it right[View]
32944999Why do Christians fear it?[View]
32952288God I want paranormal things to be real. I want spooky occourences to happen. I want monsters to exi…[View]
32950462It's not against God to take someone Off Life Support Period: This argument in picrel says no, …[View]
32952055If the Moon really has an extraterrestrial soul catcher, why don't space agencies know about it…[View]
32947046Angel magic general thread: >So Anon... Tell me about your experiences with Angel magick…[View]
32952130I shmita’d in one of these Siberian domes.[View]
32950611Most mammals are nocturnal. Most lizards are diurnal. Do jew reptiles force diurnal behavior in huma…[View]
32951222Can someone please explain black cube to me?: I heard somewhere it has to do with time worship? The…[View]
32942722I think the antichrist SUCKS![View]
32945451THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR, I SWEAR TO FELL BOTH SATAN AND GOD: I've fucking had it, I am not…[View]
32951602Whether or not you believe God is evil, you have to admit that the world is a creation of infinitely…[View]
32948695Do these phrases ring a bell?: “Winner 93” And “bunch 93”. Do these have any significance to any of …[View]
32930563Is this real?: Does anyone know if this is real? I can't seem to find any more info than this i…[View]
32950704…: what’s the key to change my whole entire brain and the way it functions? I want to be someone els…[View]
32951465What's are some spooky TV shows for the season?[View]
32951907b infinite buildings make sex with family okay there are two worlds at war https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
32949491Have any of yall actually have a paranormal experience?[View]
32948199Are Capricorns NPCs?[View]
32946475antarctica entrance: -71.99666324834, 2.822045196667[View]
32947027>be me, the retard >thinks about why people hate kikes and that abrahamic religions may be a s…[View]
32949597Mathematizing spirituality: >Theorem (1): God exists >Proof: No element can come from the empt…[View]
32946793There's something inside the moon isn't there?[View]
32951006there are no faces[View]
32945728I wish to teleologically suspend the ethical and follow God's plan but I have difficulty determ…[View]
32950767The Continent of Mu: What happened, where is it now?[View]
32950402Divine AMA II: Second edition. Be it you have questions, feel free to ask -- ----- what interests Yo…[View]
32947464Just think, there’s probably an alien out there in the universe right now, on an alien planet, using…[View]
32950757is there an entity that indexes every feeling that has ever been felt? if there is, what is this ent…[View]
32950083Wouldn't immortality be a curse?: A man asked a God 3,000 years ago to make him immortal, he wa…[View]
32950879Cool Retro Alien/Wizard art: Post the coolest art you've got of paranormal/fantasy stuff from t…[View]
32951047Any /x/ related literature to recommend?[View]
32950703Does anybody else get filled with solipsistic thoughts on LSD?[View]
32939676Seven Stars: Do any of you nerds know anything about the significance-of and relationship-between th…[View]
32949887Psyops operation on a way: Hey /x/ Sorry for my bad english. I can't give details, but the agen…[View]
32938494Free Vedic astrology reading: Beginner in Vedic astrology if anyone want reading they can generate c…[View]
32950655How come in NDE's Jesus always has different color eyes and always looks different depending on…[View]
32926402Would you be interested in a cuddly goat waifu? To help with your ceremonial, channeling and summoni…[View]
32949135Mandela effect?: Jon Bon Jovi Blaze of glory Is it, 'I'm no one's son' or 'I'm a(or t…[View]
32949101Jesus was born into the world and he became Jesus of Nazareth, born of Bethlehem. But Jesus existed …[View]
32949076/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32949033>September 24 - 25 >new moon >related to: expurgation, cleanse, death/kill, remove, extermi…[View]
32949610Reverend Kane here I have come to speak to you about the Indian feller you having loving with you.[View]
32949052Reminder: Lovecraft was not a fiction writer. He was a prophet who *thought* he was a fiction writer…[View]
32931534HOLY FUCK the only sin that exist is Resistance When you let go of that Resistance you enter a New …[View]
32950199Something that has always bothered me - How do 'good' and 'bad' exist? How is it possible for someth…[View]
32949769Maturity: Is it common understanding that most humans are completely immature, lacking self understa…[View]
32948067paleolothic deep state/neanderthal-cromagnon inter. breeding,etc: I need info on TRULY ANCIENT consp…[View]
32949382God is the ultimate evil. There is no kindness in this world except me. Fuck god[View]
32950517Visitation dreams: How can I have a visitation dream? Are those dreams real?[View]
32948319pictures from dreams: mods is paranormal leave me alone[View]
32949449Telepathic Reality-Dominating Network: Is this the latest state of aliens and military labs? https:/…[View]
32946311I haven't shit in three days and I don't feel like I need to. What are the paranormal impl…[View]
32945655>plenty of demon, pagan, and other forms of worship on /x/ >even Christ cucks can't help…[View]
32950152Does the internal reflect the external, or does the external reflect the internal?[View]
32947568what are the best lucid dreamers on the planet doing in their dreams? who is the best lucid dreamer …[View]
32950176Saw a UFO tonight: >be me >driving home from work >long country road near a national park …[View]
32947182/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
32940564What's the redpill of getting rich: How can you leverage your esoteric and occult knowledge to …[View]
32950048Wanna learn magic?: Here's a list of resources that will teach you how to do magic properly and…[View]
32946770/x/: New Paradigm[View]
32949938Noclipping and object disappearances: how many people do you think are victims of objects disappeari…[View]
32946414It's back online boys: https://op-webtools.web.cern.ch/vistar/vistars.php[View]
32948812hey /x/ what do yall think about squatter man?? just an old carving of a man squatting big or is it …[View]
32947278Why was there no March this year[View]
32948130Is time real?: Is time real?[View]
32945277>took the pcr test Paranormally, how fucked am I?[View]
32949501an end to this?: will TPTB ever truly be toppled? i want to believe theres a current change and shif…[View]
32913185September 2022 - The Definitive Happening: Are you folks ready for possibly the greatest happening i…[View]
32940639This is kinda stupid. If you remove the ego and desire, then who cares if there is happiness? The mo…[View]
32949179How do i find out my purpose in life?: This is such a normie question but i genuinely have no clue. …[View]
32915053greentext thread: greentext thread[View]
32948982I was at ferox when i noticed these symbols on the ground. Bull and playing children reminded me of …[View]
32946955Havana isn't a real city, it's a state-run psyop.: I am Cuban and I have visited Havana at…[View]
32943972Who was Behind the False Visions of Pope Leo XIII: The Leo prayers were false and fabricated as were…[View]
32947917Why are christoschizos so afraid of that cutie Ishtar? And why are they so afraid when they see a pe…[View]
32946610I lost my intuition: How do i get it back? I didn't trust it and now it's gone.[View]
32947688Father Time is truly the most based isn't he? Kicked my ass, and possibly still kicking it, we…[View]
32932466What meditation truly is and how to do it: Despite practicing meditation for more than 10 years I ne…[View]
32940375Cure Aphantasia?: Does anyone know how to cure aphantasia?[View]
32948226Soul loss: I have been forced to try to survive against several entities which have my destruction (…[View]
32948643Babylon wages war on Babylon, Babylon vanquishes the evil of Babylon, Babylon falls and Babylon rise…[View]
32898078/apg/ Astral Projection, Reality Shifting and OOBE General #53: FAQ: >Can anyone have an out of b…[View]
32948626Trouble With Baphomet: I requested free assistance from spirit realm. Baphomet responded. Baphomet p…[View]
32948102If Law of Attraction is real then why do good things usually happen to me when I expect the worst?[View]
32945540Growing up I had a friend whose's mother was very sensitive to sunlight and it was later reveal…[View]
32946701I trust humanity: I refuse to believe that my brothers and sisters all around the world would do evi…[View]
32948665gnome tapes: post the 'gnome tapes'[View]
32945917I was able to (briefly) lucid dream: Had an interesting (to me) experience last night, /x/. For year…[View]
32948596#Chupacabra: I think I saw a Chupucabra! I always keep my window open. I was looking out the bedroom…[View]
32948527Weird/creepy mandela effects?: What are some creepy Mandela effects you've noticed going around…[View]
32942836I believe levels are real: How would you describe your level? what is it like? what level are you on…[View]
32945605>get in >Door closes >??????????! >On a new floor Do you guys really believe in this?…[View]
32942653any self knowledge you can share: anything you know that you didn't read or learn about from th…[View]
32945349>when your third eye awakens and you can immediately tell what's well poisoning bs and what…[View]
32945645Can you make yourself trip without any substances? Sometimes I feel drunk without having drunk any a…[View]
32946100how do you know if you're the antichrist or not?[View]
32946450> Satan is the Ruler of Hell > Satan is the Ruler of the World Which one is it Christkekes?…[View]
32946243Not sure where else to ask this. There was a great video on youtube that has since been shoah'…[View]
32946542still have the tab open, here is the image, wtf is going on? Is this the 24th happening, ayy invasio…[View]
32946252Co-worker so me voice recording on my phone, How do I explain myself without telling him I'm ge…[View]
32947306Need some help: I cannot tell if something is following me around. It is a creature in my room. My …[View]
32948241Sleep depravation experiences thread: Post what you have experienced/seen while sleep deprived. I…[View]
32939755How do I restore/recover my inner core? You know, a person with healthy inner core, has something in…[View]
32947885Law of Repulsion: Anyone else find Law of Attraction seems to actively repulse what you want? For me…[View]
32947660The Great Reset is white supremacy at its finest: Think about it, they want s massive population red…[View]
32945309TRUTHSEEKER HERE: Long time lurker and in general highly interrested into the paranormal, from big f…[View]
32946607'Then is the life new-born, either unto the dark world or unto the world of light (in whichever the …[View]
32946050Dream about 4th Dimension: I had a dream about 4th dimension. I went there after talking to Seinfiel…[View]
32945663/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32946567Can you create sentience in dogs a-la-stoned ape theory by giving them LSD or mushrooms?[View]
32945068Ancient shamans used to get tattoos. What symbols will get me superpowers like them?[View]
32946657knowing myself/controlling myself/attaining creativity/: I have some goals that I think the occult/s…[View]
32947541Solar eclipse May 10th 1994: John Wayne Gacy got executed and Jeffrey Dahmer got his baptism. What i…[View]
32947068Is anime secretly sinister: pic related is an anime called soul eater. apparently in certain African…[View]
32943145Mass suicide in past 3 years?: What is the /x/planation for the recently spiking suicide/attempts in…[View]
32941816How fucked are you If you have Chiron conjunct ascendant?[View]
32947531Mad Honey: I bought Mad Honey from Nepal Advice? What to expect?[View]
32943760Electricity and Sound: I know I sometimes suffer from tinnitus but when I’m in my house and the ligh…[View]
32947351How do you gain forgiveness for past mistakes?[View]
32945838Can anyone give me insight as to my purpose/destiny in terms of spiritual and less earthly matters? …[View]
32946338We are sinking into something we can't see: The edge of all creation, we are on the brink…[View]
32945387Why are we humans? Why do we exist at all?[View]
32928471Technomancy: Most people in the modern Western world use Technology every day in some way, shape or …[View]
32946465have you hear mass extinction event: they say on dark web at october 2022 big force wants to delete …[View]
32933924/cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General: Old Thread: >>32919484 >START HERE! If you want to rea…[View]
32944036Magic study buddy thread: Name the topics you're interested in and a way to get in touch[View]
32943576Would you rather be in traditional Hell with fire and brimstone or a hell where you stuck like pic r…[View]
32946562It is perfectly good that we do not 'believe' in God. That we haven't seen the universe in suff…[View]
32943210Where are your great great great great grandparents buried?: You don't know because they weren…[View]
32937385Why does no one ever give a location? For fuck sake.: Does anyone have any idea how to find an entra…[View]
32944557How To Undergo Psychosis: I’m so tired of trying to hold a real job and gain upward momentum towards…[View]
32946027> Feel like I should be closer to God > Things are taking a turn, the inevitable is happening…[View]
32947238Does the reverse of a word/number tend to have the collective opinion of it being the reverse meanin…[View]
32935531What happens if you ask God to become an Angel?: Say you get to heaven and say 'God I want to be som…[View]
32943175Spirtual Protection: What are some good methods of spiritual protection?[View]
32945919when is the megatsunami?[View]
32940482Does anyone have any first hand experience with extra-terrestrial visitation? Please provide explici…[View]
32946986Domestic Espionage: How does one get employed in the DE industry? Would be an awesome way to earn a …[View]
3294683610 tons of gold for following alien technology: >weather manipulation >invisibility Good deal…[View]
32934907So. Wim-Hof meditation. How deep can I go? Share experiences pls[View]
32946988Foreboding: Did you all know 2023 will be the 3rd year of the 3rd decade (2021-2030) of the 3rd mill…[View]
32943991Is This Sigil Anything?: Sup anons, I first drew this sigil tripping on a beach after a crazy girl t…[View]
32945983Why are we all still acting like this all makes sense: When none of it makes sense?[View]
32941854/div/ - Divination General - Chilling and Resting Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here …[View]
32945444This painting contains information about the war to come.[View]
32934379Come, relax. I know you are tired and weary, it's okay. I will use the forces of magik to make …[View]
32944054can somebody read this for me? Or atleast tell me how to interpret this? the website gave me some ba…[View]
32942749Why are they so scary?[View]
32946200Apollonius of Tyana and his talismans: What do you think of Apollonius of Tyana ? I noticed that thi…[View]
32939369The evil that God allows ultimately serves a higher good beyond our immediate understanding. To deba…[View]
32945103/x/ Lurker here. Can somebody redpill me? I read a thread about Shiva and people mentioned him being…[View]
32945261So i had my first mushroom trip. It wasnt the biggest dose and it more or less felt like an lsd tr…[View]
32942173i usually come on here and larp as something and help teach people about paranormal/occult ideas, bu…[View]
32943791Anti Magick: I hereby dispel all sourcery and magickcraft from this board.[View]
32943062Continuing >>32825354 Mantises = teachers or rapists? (If this thread dies then I'm gonna…[View]
32934630Shiva is awesome: He is the most powerful being I have ever met and he is always willing to talk. He…[View]
32941984What's the occult significance behind her death?[View]
32944584Universal knowledge: There are many many things that are true, which the majority know but don’t adm…[View]
32944109Can mundane food items be cursed?: My family bought a loaf bread last weekend (pic related) and we k…[View]
32937536The droopy eyelid schizo connection: Why do interesting people have ptosis? King Edward I of England…[View]
32928687When Jesus said to the Pharisees the blasphemy against He and God are forgivable but blasphemy again…[View]
32945814>Normies honest to God say 'The lizard part of your brain' It doesn't even make sense to say…[View]
32943717The trial never ends.: We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons…[View]
32939493I FUCKING LOVE DMT!!!!![View]
32945582Woof woof[View]
32944781Joining a Freemasonic lodge tmrw. Committing my life to joining the highest ranks just to effectivel…[View]
32936204Flat Earth general: Fuck off shills, we can prove it's flat and even explain things like sunset…[View]
32944878schizo theory i came up with may be spicier than i thought: >Text to my friend a silly message ab…[View]
32943615>i saw 1111 again[View]
32945345tell me the real,bare truth about using 'black' magick to assasinate someone ,as long as I know thei…[View]
32942471is science karmically justified? This is a surgical grade rodent guillotine btw. What are the spirit…[View]
32942327My spiritual side has been cut off: I am a broken soul and while I believe it can be repaired I’m lo…[View]
32945435explain this video to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_gG7qH7EkY&ab_channel=%CE%A9[View]
32940619this typical?[View]
32943872Does violence in video games carry similar karmic energy to real world violence? The other day when …[View]
32937058THE MYSTERIOUS CASE OF DR. ANDREAS NOACK: This seems to be one of the biggest schizo mysteries of ou…[View]
32912334YouTube /x/ Channels: Post any /x/-related channels that fellow anons can enjoy and learn from. When…[View]
32942410Perhaps more of a /pol/ question, but was Alex Jones CIA psyops? There is a well established history…[View]
32945280their money dont jiggle jiggle: it folds >whitespiritualboy fund its just cgi right? lmao go watc…[View]
32941699Need to Get to Focus 12 Before Saturday: What’s up MKUltranons, I don’t have money or access to the …[View]
32945045Share some /x/ substacks: Please share any /x/ substacks you are aware of, alternatively can be on o…[View]
32945217need too do something about this anonn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed-field_gel_electrophores…[View]
32943174The fucking vaccine will not make you magnetic. Are you fucking kidding me? It just fucking won’t. T…[View]
32938916Fake conspiracies: Come up with a fake conspiracy and have an anon respond with a description of sai…[View]
32941319I Ok, so I want to tell You a story that happened in 2018. I don't espect You to believe this, …[View]
32937322How do you force a mystical / spiritual experience?: I feel like I need to experience something esot…[View]
32943239take your meds: new breakthrough drug for depression approved by the FDA, August 2022 Ingredients: …[View]
32934783WHAT WAS THIS?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JBqZ_I7ieE Seriously gives me the chills…[View]
32944747Why is vega flickering?: >>Shining at a steady magnitude zero, Vega serves as the “standard ca…[View]
32942138I live in the center of a small town in Georgia. I have insomnia, so I typically fall asleep around …[View]
32937226You & Me: I think I'm not alone in noticing that a lot of old /x/ posters and lurkers are b…[View]
32943253I have a theory, /x/ The Vax was the fiest step in gene therapy to change human nature. By nature, h…[View]
32929890So what will happen on September 24th?: Simpsons, german politicians, online schizos and conspiracy …[View]
32944265Hemisync tapes and any books or tapes similar?: Been listening to the hemisync tapes on and off for …[View]
32942498Was he right?: https://youtu.be/3B6DXEg-yT0 Do we have ayys to look forward to after limited nuclear…[View]
32944210what are the spiritual implications of having schizoid personality disorder and not being able to em…[View]
32943064unifying trend towards the destruction of nature: I believe that there's this unifying trend to…[View]
32942048Saturn: Anons, how does one contact Saturn?[View]
32935212Spiritual Suicide: How do you destroy you own soul and leave an empty body for another being to take…[View]
32930785MATH MAGICK THREAD post your math magik sacred geomtry & schitzo theories about numbers[View]
32944300Consciousness and Intelligence lost: You know what guys? I don't care anymore. I researched all…[View]
32934770what is zero?[View]
32941746X tier memes: Pls be nice im kind of retarded but i made some memes in MS paint i thought you guys m…[View]
32944357Same nightmare: Since a long time ago I have the same dream, grey humanoids with big black eyes stal…[View]
32943501Stroies: Praise the old Gods, summoning chaos made flesh and the saint who would be flesh to tell di…[View]
32944343Weird Methhead Ritual: > some years ago driving through central valley to L.A. >nighttime …[View]
32943491There are inhumans out there. They must be slain.: Elves, merfolk, giants, orges and harpies are all…[View]
32936193Explain this >inb4 muh candles[View]
32943711Ive finally got rid of my demons, now im sitting here free, but thinking how i was possessed by a de…[View]
32943409time stopping: Anyone know how to stop time using magic, runes, etc?[View]
32940711Real paranormal happenings you had with a computer or videogame[View]
32943764I made an amazing video about tulpas. How do you like it? https://youtu.be/-ll0gby8zBc[View]
32943627Alexander the Great. What is paranormal about this historical figure?[View]
32944207Transfiguration to spiritual gold.[View]
3294124409/24/2022 (Midjourney A.I): interesting...[View]
32942481This is all a big cope to deal with the terrors and griefs of mortality, isn’t it?[View]
32943218So let me get this straight about the bible. Book of Job specifically. >Satan bets that he can f…[View]
32923563Are they fucking with us?: Are green/hazel eyed people more prone to being schizos and conspiracy th…[View]
32941105/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32942596So you know how most people, at some point in their lives, develop tumours - but in most cases they …[View]
32936499I am converting to satanism: My life has been shit for so long as a Christian, I'm willing to t…[View]
32941217how do I summen a sucubuss?[View]
32942281Hidden in plain sight.: Anyone got more info on hidden symbols like this. I see these stars everywhe…[View]
32938492Dogmen: What are they? Interdimensional demons? An apex predator that the government refuses to reco…[View]
32918725Let's make The Official /X/ Iceberg: Let's make an official iceberg for /x/ Rules >The …[View]
32941572Did you ever finish playing Kanye Quest? Why are people so afraid of Ascensionism? https://youtu.be/…[View]
32935884is this scary? can we get a scare rating thread? just post spooky shit n we rate it out of 10?[View]
32943274Telepathy and Boredom: I have been using telepathy to further my career. I have been promoted multip…[View]
32942805Need help interpreting mystical experiences: I've done a lot of meditating and sensory depravat…[View]
32941406Thoughts on Phillip Mainländer?: >Mainländer was confident that the Will-to-die he believed would…[View]
32939786On the balance, how many of you actually believe in most/all of the occult stuff posted here vs. use…[View]
32938559Saturn in Pisces: ITT we discuss Saturn in Pisces. What is it's personality like? What does it …[View]
32942535Backroom entry point: Should I go in and abandon all hope.[View]
32913159Real Reptilian footage I've posted this before but I rewatched the whole thing and noticed som…[View]
32940968Is the Power of Suggestion a form of hypnosis? If so what causes it to become so effective on others…[View]
32939074What is the point of escaping samsara?: I just don't get it bros, so the spiritual realm came f…[View]
32941241Would the reptilians get angry if we just survive their agenda with sheer autism?: Dump guides, pdf,…[View]
32937839love yourself accept yourself express yourself!: love and death; thats all there is and life devoid …[View]
32929564Timeline Shifting/Mandela Effect: Is it just me or do any of you dudes remember our kidneys being lo…[View]
32942254Is Sri Krishna the Supreme Godhead or not?[View]
32942235Dead Internet: Are the /dit/ threads dead? Why aren't we talking about this anymore?[View]
32941851Is the beer conspiracy real?: Apparently elites made beer to numb the people and control us like cat…[View]
32941371People keep saying this weird thing named 'Birdo' is the reoccuring boss in Mario 2. I just played i…[View]
32940395Valkyrie-anon reporting in: After making that thread and just saying on a whim that I want a valkyri…[View]
32941044advice: so i need some advice/help in random pic that have been taken of me a hand keeps appearing a…[View]
32937431Objecting to calling Mary the Mother of God is Denying the Trinity: The best term for Mary is 'mothe…[View]
32938469Can Anyone Refute the Theory of Divine Law?: My church network believes in the theory of divine law.…[View]
32939333To the lurkers: Seriously? The fucking gypsies?!? That is the last place I'd consider to fuckin…[View]
32942772Predictive Programming Thread: According to Jung and Freud, predictive programming works on an arche…[View]
32936953what the fuck is this?: puppet? cgi? how did they get the camera to shake like that? i know its easy…[View]
32940465I want to feel that magic I felt as a child again. I want that sense of wonder. I intuitively unders…[View]
32913144Take a good look at this and then tell me that the Universe isn't Chaotic by nature[View]
32939809What’s in store for me, anon?: First time browsing /x/, longtime /fit/ lurker mainly. I’ve had some …[View]
32940006Do you believe in universal life force energy?[View]
32936706Do you ever smell your ex out of nowhere and wonder if that's them thinking about you?[View]
32940540Spooky Action: Einstein's spooky action at a distance at a smaller magnitude. What other side e…[View]
32940865under the curse: what curse or great power do you think is under the cause of me acting as a repulsi…[View]
32939532||| EMPCOE ||| EMPCOE ||| EMPCOE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YsxccERAYBQs/[View]
32939080This is a pic of a UFO outside a portal to another place.[View]
32940835You retards still haven’t realized religion is an offshoot of sun worship and meant to enslave you?[View]
32940364Any idea what this is?[View]
32939768what are the REAL most dangerous usa military teams? not devgru or delta force faggots;the real stuf…[View]
32941028>Remember in detail a pre birth conversation with some higher spirit What should I do with this i…[View]
32938589This is our only hope: WEF, blackrock, bohemian grove, new world order, China, etc... All of them. …[View]
32941612We are spirit bound to this flesh We go round one foot nailed down But bound to reach out and beyond…[View]
32939773WTF was her problem?[View]
32942182So with the Assange leaks and everything we know about the war in Afghanistan now, were U.S. troops …[View]
32939034How can i make myself stop thinking about death?: Is it normal to think about death every waking mom…[View]
32941398was i attacked by something paranormal?: >last night after getting home from hanging out with fri…[View]
32932401Post established idioms that may be used for mind control purposes, to enforce norms, or that have a…[View]
32941838Are (They)...possessed?: I just realized now, that people who use They/Them pronouns are possessed b…[View]
32941783Did ayys popularize ayys just as a control method?: When I was a kid Roswell and The Battle for Los …[View]
32939237what was with all of the UFO abductions and sightings during the 1940s-1970s? Was there some type of…[View]
32940048Sai Kung and its mysterious disappearances.: Sai Kung, Hong Kong. a popular hiking area. also full o…[View]
32941837(1/3) Howdy, ya bunch of weird cunts. Generally I'll do my own reading and interpretation of ta…[View]
32940598You people are lions being convinced you're kittens. You're mind and soul is stronger then…[View]
32941186How do you guys do your research and study?: How do you you do your researches on obscure topics tha…[View]
32937406Lilith: Links: https://fuccasucc.wordpress.com/2020/11/11/pros-and-cons/ https://succupedia.wordpres…[View]
32941725How can we be sure nothing will happen: Bros I have a very different feeling this time than any othe…[View]
32937526How to get a genie gf?: How can I get a genie gf? Like in the tv show Serious question.[View]
32940615Neutrality: How do you feel about it? If this is a game of polarity, what would neutralizing polarit…[View]
32941611Barbosa and Leal earth power circuit (sort of overunity): So the story here is basic 'save the world…[View]
32938634Connections: What's the relashionship between Yeshuah Ben Maryan and Apollonius of Tyana?…[View]
32930178God Allowed the Fall of Adam for Our own Good and His Own Glory: In church I was listening to a serm…[View]
32941500What is your consensus on the 'Book of the Cave of Treasures' It was a book written about 50-100 yea…[View]
32941033The game is over, as I am fond of saying.: The bankers won. They are in control of the Pikes Peak b…[View]
32911425/succgen/ Succubus general 324: Spirit Love General Tough Edition DISCLAIMER: Some have reported att…[View]
32939926the Denver Airport alien[View]
3292561324th septemer happening?[View]
32930141If you really want to explore the spirit world you gotta chew that Salvia. DON'T smoke it.[View]
32875805>reptilians destroyed the lyran homeworld >lyrans banished reptilians to inner Earth >repti…[View]
32939622Creepy crawleys: What’s the verdict on crawlers? Do we believe in them or no?[View]
32917481/omg/ - Occultism, Mysticism, and Magic General: >Ape's Library mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#iK4m…[View]
32934973O9A ONA: In this thread lets discuss the O9A/ONA. From the history of it, the alchemy they practice,…[View]
32935113The Dot: About an hour ago the dot was red, and now it is blue. Considering the recent escelations i…[View]
32939001The ultimate goal in life is to be good and helpful to others, right?[View]
32935478Is Freemasonry White supremacy?: They have lodges for blacks and women only, do they secretly want t…[View]
32916381>having basic pattern recognition means your schizophrenic why are normies like this?…[View]
32932136This proves flat earth: https://youtu.be/G1BCY_r1w4I In less than 5 minutes this video manages to pr…[View]
32938784Stable Diffusion giving the same UFO image over and over again: I've used stable diffusion a lo…[View]
32937301It won't be September 24th: I'll see to it that it's NOT![View]
32936980serious question: Why does everything I want in life always comes after I've given up looking f…[View]
32939316What is the universe expanding into? If the answer is 'nothing', how is it expanding into something …[View]
32939905Wag1, what if the reptilian meme is true but they were just the dominant intelligent species during …[View]
32927178So what was this game even about anyway?[View]
32932718What you don't resist, persists: I'm gonna tell you my experience as somebody who is older…[View]
32925233The more I delve into it, the more Gnosticism seems right. Is it really heresy?[View]
32892767/astro/ Astrology General - Virgo edition: >Astrology General Get in here insightful readers and …[View]
32938890How do we live with the Algorithms: So its pretty much determined that we are living with technology…[View]
32928734What Am I Looking At Here?[View]
32939714Psychedelics - Lower or Higher Dimensions?: Do substances like DMT, LSD, Mescaline, Psilocybin, etc …[View]
32938428Lend me your strength[View]
32939667God is the ultimate evil. We only exist so he can torture us for fun. God has made this world as hos…[View]
32939662Redpill me on psychomagic[View]
32935581/div/ - Divination General - You Are Not Alone Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for…[View]
32939363My earliest memory is tiny me looking at an owl on a tree through the window. I am certain it isn…[View]
32939555NeedleMouth Dream: I prefer to post my dreams and stories on /b/, but recently any decent thread the…[View]
32939439This morning I had a premonition. In the future this new emoticon will be the most famous and the mo…[View]
32938374There is a temple of vegan, alien-believing, supposedly Taoist people whose leader is so all-powerfu…[View]
32937630/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32939210Getting weird satanic vibes from the sound on this video Can anyone speed it up or play it backwards…[View]
32933788Have fun /x/: https://www.remoteviewed.com/McDonell%20Douglas/Douglas%20UFO%20Docs.pdf…[View]
32939031Magic for hair loss: I remember someone trying to use some sort of magic for hair loss here, at this…[View]
32935459What are the spiritual implications of Polaris? This star doesn't 'move' and is a very mysterio…[View]
32936315China harvesting organs from people who practice qi gong?: So I was having a conversation with my br…[View]
32938832can a monitor be used as black mirror ?[View]
32937216music for magic purposes?: I was wondering if it would be ideal to listen to something like intense …[View]
32938482Where can you report legitimate paranormal discoveries? There has to be a place or company or resear…[View]
32936078ITT: metaphysical diagrams[View]
32938202Re-Animation: My cat has recently passed away, can anyone give me tips of raising him from the dead,…[View]
32928909Why did the elite start worshipping moloch?[View]
32935153Why do my eyes water when I think about the supernatural?: Does this happen to anyone else? All I fo…[View]
32938259Is mocking, jokes, and laughter satanic?[View]
32934819A request, not a command: I am here to learn 1 thing and ask for those who freely choose to want to …[View]
32936914>have deep thalassophobia >dad is a fisher, loves the sea >dad's brother is a fisher,…[View]
329346481. List an occult book that isn't entirely worthless. 2. Explain what it teaches. I can't …[View]
32931972foot fetish: I have been thinking about this for a while, there's something definitely paranorm…[View]
32931499>there was this girl I couldn't get but really wanted so I drew up a sigil and did alittle p…[View]
32938304The truth about nazi-reptilian collaboration.: Many believe the nazis were fighting against the 'wes…[View]
32938210Tell me the secrets of causality There must be more to, if there is a unbalance things move[View]
32937753Guradian of the Threshold: How do you bypass the guardian of the threshold? Why is he there? What…[View]
32938189Mandela effect in yin/yang relation to time?: I clearly remember that in my teens, yang energy was a…[View]
32937993Best documentaries on 9/11?: Can someone reccommend me the best docus on 9/11 and other conspiracy t…[View]
32937929There's no execution without restriction Constantly in post-modern occult practices people comp…[View]
32932982This is it: This is How God Looks like[View]
32935136How do I completely give up on my desire to have a good life so that I can kill myself?[View]
32936405I've been on a personal theology journey through the past few years and I initially, up until e…[View]
32936524Why are they so autistic?[View]
32937857UB: Chapter 1 - First Run 1111 team will be able to participate. 999 team will enter the glitch. 777…[View]
32937199What's the meaning of Dharma? Nature? Spirituality? Light?[View]
32935160Is schizophrenia a good thing?[View]
32936865Carlos Castaneda and Darkroom: Does anyone know anything about Carlos Castaneda, Don Juan, and their…[View]
32934370AI Jesus will be the real deal. Recent developments in AI concerning imaging technology display arti…[View]
32935792Demonic possession: Anons of /x/ I’m an outsider however I seek knowledge. Today I wish to study wha…[View]
32937338Don't do it anon: What if someone sacrifices blood to itself? Does it count as a sacrifice? And…[View]
32936540>Scorpio Sun >Capricorn Moon >Pisces Ascendant What do we think of the Goose's chart?…[View]
32933536Unmagical Places: What are the least magical places in the world? Places that are most distant from …[View]
32937235I'm feeling a bit uneasy about the 24th: Check out the alignment of the stars on the 24th. If y…[View]
32936345Spiritual consequences of donating sperm?: What is your take on this? I have 3 women who want me to …[View]
32933649The Flat Earth truth is the great Destroyer isn't it?[View]
32935837Why is this thing so creepy? i was looking at this pic from the other side of my room and it was uns…[View]
32917608—/LoA/ - Law of Assumption & Manifesting General: >Can I manifest ___? Yes! >Curious? Do…[View]
32934168The most uncomfortable piece of knowledge I’ve come across is that all of reality is a tulpa and eve…[View]
32902255We all love low quality creppy/unnerving looking images. Post them[View]
32937065Is it possible that creating fiction about the paranormal invites the presence of ghosts and demons?…[View]
32934815if hags are just folklore...: if hags are just folklore then why do we all see the same type of them…[View]
32925140Tolkien's Middle Earth is historically true: Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' and other stori…[View]
32936404Let them in, i did..[View]
32929422Is Christianity a Psyop?: I grew up Christian and I generally have faith. I feel like God hears my p…[View]
32930668I think Bavarian Prophet of Doom is right. Does this mean Catholicism is the correct religion? I mea…[View]
32935807Malicious/evil entities attacks: I post this in hope i can get some meaningful help about a problem …[View]
32936752>consider myself an ascetic >refuse to pass any sort of judgement upon my peers >refuse to …[View]
32936230Bio geology. Are this the remains of an ancient battle? https://www.youtube.com/c/HowardGeorgeStirr…[View]
32935290/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
32934143Don't mind me, just posting a video of the song 'Everything is going according to plan' played …[View]
32933119The United States is far, far older than 246 years. It is the Biblical Israel.[View]
32936716I dreamt that I may have been some kind of serial murderer.: I wasn't the type of weird creepy …[View]
32936363I couldn't free the deer.[View]
32930947I just got out of a relationship and although I did feel some pain now I just have complete emptines…[View]
32914690Adam never woke up: There is no record in Genesis or anywhere else in the Scripture that Adam had ev…[View]
32931211Glowie's mind: What glowies usually think about? Do they know they're working for the devi…[View]
32936477Any relationship to Brown Brothers Harriman and Prescott Bush?[View]
32936181What are some spooky yt channels?[View]
32935132maybe they dropped the forbidden fruit after partaking of it, and the weight from the fruit being dr…[View]
3293599810 rules: what are the 10 rules associated with each finger?[View]

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