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23257983/x/ Media & Movies: Is fiction the reflection of reality, art imitating life as it were, the qua…[View]
23258722Makes you wonder doesn't it..: Pic : a letter sent from the authorities about a parking ticket …[View]
23258453I have attained nirvana. The method was meditation and reading what the Buddha said. AMA. Normally I…[View]
23259211Remember?: Whatever happened to that ongoing investigation about the house were you payed to survive…[View]
23258370Reptilians. For those of you that do not believe: I have a series of videos proving their existence …[View]
23257528>el Ayuwoki tiene el objetivo de violar tu trasero y luego matarte ¿qué haces?…[View]
23258811LET'S TRY TO DO SOME REAL THOUGHT PROCESS HERE: Let's eliminate all the normie and impossi…[View]
23252503I will leave this quote here. ''There is a reason why you are here, and 'here' i…[View]
23259066/x/ is dead. Spiritually dead. You cling towards the comforting truths of the matrix when reality i…[View]
23258513How to calculate your tarot card(s)?[View]
23259069Evolution has no end. Our species was never meant to be perfect, to be final, contrary to popular op…[View]
23249569What's the most terrifying thing that's ever happened to you? I'd like to know for a …[View]
23257490create a psi ball post results[View]
23256446Does anyone feel like the world might end soon? I feel like I'm the only one with this train of…[View]
23258224Fighting Ghosts/Entities: Is there any way to physically fight Ghosts or demons? Could i win some fi…[View]
23252493How do I acquire a stand in real life? I asked this on another board but the only answer I got was t…[View]
23258843Broken beyond repair. Beliefs that once felt like an impenetrable bulletproof vest now feel like a f…[View]
23258822Spooky Greentexts[View]
23257954gra/x/ss: Is grass woke? I don’t mean marijuana, I mean like pic related. I remember reading somewhe…[View]
23258691Is she mind controlled? This girl In interested in is making me think she is mind controlled. First …[View]
23258771ghost hunting tips: What are your best tips on finding and communicating with ghosts? Do ouija board…[View]
23250890The Suck-Ass from Brazil (Goianinha): The Suck-Ass is a strange creature known to suck the assholes …[View]
23258606Death wish covfefe conspiracy: Okay, so I just don't understand Death Wish coffee. I can't…[View]
23257987Kinda scared rn lol: Okay so all my life ive been freaked out by the dark. Have always felt like I…[View]
23258685anyone here joined the unarius academy? i would like to meet the space brothers like we did 160,000 …[View]
23258319What is this?: I've been walking past this fucking thing for years. What does it mean?[View]
23246464/omg/ - occult magic general: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A…[View]
23253254What's the most believable footage of ghost activity to convince me to believe in them[View]
23253587The Nobody: All the nobody threads as of late are subpar in quality. That been said there has been a…[View]
23251543strange websites: post any website that gives you that abandoned, old days of the internet, rabbit h…[View]
23258496How many humans do i need?[View]
23258408Recarnation, or endless loop? oh you simulation believers are getting fucked up: Lets be 100% real, …[View]
23256340So.. after about 10 minutes of meditation i feel like my awareness is spinning around inside my body…[View]
23255736What is believed about dreams?: I remember a lot of my dreams and sometimes seem so crazy. Ive had a…[View]
23256129>4 billion years ago, some chemicals combined in a way that encouraged their own replication >…[View]
23257225Maine ayys: I hear there is a lot of UFO sightings in Maine, that could also mean abductions. I want…[View]
23254783So, where is da thread about that creepy cafe place?[View]
23257491>in dream,wake up with small David's stars marked on me,like someone used a red hot iron coi…[View]
23258087Gemini with ascendant Gemini: Yes, i can feel the power[View]
23255319/div/ divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
23257798The Mysterious Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: one of the most famous composers of all time, and a…[View]
23255501How do I sell my soul: Seriously no joke[View]
23257734TFW you realize being spiritually awakend is a zillioned more times mor eimportant than technologyg[View]
23255610Zodiac Thread: Why did the San Francisco Police Department cover up the identity of the Zodiac Kille…[View]
23256945does anyone know of any entity that can deliver/give/offer?: hello anons de /x/, does anyone know of…[View]
23257948>>>/sci/10909949 >anon discovers sacred geometry >how long until he comes here…[View]
23257647The only irrational fear I've ever had as a kid was incomprehensible. The only way I can rememb…[View]
23254212Are you trapped in a time loop?: I read some people claiming to be stuck in a time loop? Anyone expe…[View]
23255653discuss, flat earth schizos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zJ9FnQXmJI[View]
23254704What happens if you submit to all your enemies? Thought experiment. Whenever someone criticizes or i…[View]
23257710what happened to this kids video about cern shifting our universe in 2008[View]
23255775Alien species list a few of uncountable many Roach Orc Narsei Quanwa Shonlei ocan sor iishini octang…[View]
23254918How should one go about making a request to Poseidon?[View]
23253593I want to rebuild my relation with God , but I'm too ashamed , every time I say I won't si…[View]
23257400Seeing the discourse on /x/ as the cover of a shitty tabloid.[View]
23251290Love Spells: Do they work? If so which ones work the best? I fucked up and made a sigil for my ex t…[View]
23257194Traditionally, what items are used to protect oneself from evil creatures/spirits/etc.? Things like …[View]
23257588Triqueta: Life, death and rebirth. some information of the triqueta.[View]
23254105god is black[View]
23256779Storm Area 51 meme was created by the government. What do they have planned? Fake disclosure? Violen…[View]
23256397NZ is eerily safe i can 3am innawoods over here and nothing will happen no weird noises, no skin wal…[View]
23249824What if you were born on this earth and only you could see color?[View]
23255837noli respicere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEK-4exbOtQ[View]
23254984Does anyone know if the winged female demon in v/h/s was based on an IRL demon? Like maybe a succubu…[View]
23256878A reality hidden in the signs: Signs and symbolism are used by the initiates. they predict the futur…[View]
23257405Looking for Forgotten Languages Community: Hello. I am looking for an invitation into the community …[View]
23257283John Todd on the illuminati: John Todd on the illuminati and the music industry. I believe him. Does…[View]
23253391Epstein is now a cat.: Unquenchable evidence.[View]
23256550How's the mandela effect situation going for you guys? How's the dimension hopping going …[View]
23256640Based Religion: Science is cool and all but it doesn't give me direction or motivation. I need …[View]
23257242Evening, /x/. Was hoping someone could give me the skinny on Karl Maria Wiligut. I know that book, t…[View]
23257200Riddle me this, riddle me that. We need help from here, the chilean flag.: The game consists in: 1.-…[View]
23255733tx149 Zzzz: MTExIDEx&#x4…[View]
23253744Do you believe in a soul?[View]
23255824Ghost Ritual: Are there any rituals or things to do to ensure you become a ghost?[View]
23254987This is proof that I exist in multiple time-lines.: How can I help? 'supposed to accomplish' would m…[View]
23254627i had a dream about her again; the girl i casted a love ritual on back in 2017... i spoke to her, an…[View]
23256885How do I get my faith back?[View]
23256883P is just logic pointing from A to B. NP is our thoughts, feelings, and emotions branching off into …[View]
23239483is being a male virgin gives you any spiritual advantages? I won't have sex for the rest of my …[View]
23256225Is it a conspiracy that this board has turned to shit. Who is behind it? The Nobody?[View]
23256630Guys, I need help finding a comic about Quantum Suicide. In it, a man creates a machine that will ki…[View]
23256809Cemetery Thread[View]
23252785Why are you a satanist? What are even the perks?[View]
23256686In studying spiritual sexuality, how do I get past the simple male/female dichotomy and dive into th…[View]
23255459Would it be possible to know for sure if there is a god, or satan, or hell? The thought of burning i…[View]
23256310Para-masks: what masks were used during different rituals/ceremonies throughout history? Why were th…[View]
23256616Jehovah's Witnesses: Who the fuck converts to being a Jehovah's Witness? It's all the…[View]
23255394Angel and demon thread v1.1: Alright, /x/, word on the street is you all are in need of my services …[View]
232530949th January, 1st trumpet of Revelation, Prophecy fullfilling as we speak: With every prophecy, my bo…[View]
23255422FACT: 'schizo' is just a buzzword faggots use to deny that a small degree of 'magic' exists in real …[View]
23256595https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgenFyrHA9g it's getting interesting now[View]
23256480Does anybody have that image of the greentext where anon looked out his window and then there was th…[View]
23256421if i may ask a quesstion of the Shades...[View]
23249041Hush, you incarnated here because it’s the torture you need and the discipline you wanted. No point …[View]
23237721blessed pictures[View]
23256059Who killed Lennon, /x/?[View]
23253209The Gospel of Bobby Three Chins: LEARN about the new religion EXAMINE the new religion. JOIN the new…[View]
23254908What mystery do you want to see solved before you die?[View]
23255909search for alois irlmaier. he spoke the truth.[View]
23255829Backrooms: How do I get there /x/?[View]
23239564Another 'Cat wants you to know what life is' thread. This time the Cat wont just post a long ass tex…[View]
23250491Who does the Nobody refer to? Why is this meme particularly appealing, creating a lot of discussion …[View]
23251993>ywn find a crash-landed alien girl >ywn hide her from the feds at your house >ywn help fix…[View]
23254606Jesus is White: Lamb=White Lion=Blonde Dove=White Unlike modern Jews, who can only trace ancestry a …[View]
23225492CURSED IMAGES: I'll start[View]
23256049What would you do..: Given the fact i’m back here for the same reason as always... >what would yo…[View]
23254947Hollow Earth: Are there any good documentaries on Hollow Earth theory?[View]
23254348>co-worker starts talking about the paranormal and conspiracies[View]
23255847>My name is Dr. Grant Handel. I am writing this in the hopes that it will find the hands of autho…[View]
23253219Antartica: What secrets does this barren wasteland hold?[View]
23254910Don´t be the last/first person in a line when going through a national park in the US: Ye be warned.…[View]
23248452Is anyone else kind of disappointed you are stuck in this shitty time period? We all get one life an…[View]
23255452Is anyone else feeling today? I've felt it since I woke up this morning and its been driving me…[View]
23255393I refuse to believe anyone genuinely believes this anymore. >Being of a mischievious bent, the ka…[View]
23251547What paranoid thoughts do you have /x/? Lookin for some unique ones[View]
23254870Masculine and femine planets?[View]
23254647How can religious adherents be so sure their God or the God who apprehends this reality isn't j…[View]
23255293There's a kind force at work in my home: Sometimes I feel threatened or anxious or I see silhou…[View]
23251796Is it possible to suffer without a physical body, or the emotional attachment to one?[View]
23255425Any interactions with potential scps? I’ll start >walking to bus stop to get to school >right …[View]
23253097Is God 'avin a giggle?[View]
23250345It's great that all the 4chan schizos hangout here so it's easier to monitor them[View]
23255433Is merging of the feminine/masculine different from anima assimilation? Also how do I do both? Is it…[View]
23250558>one shot at this reality thing >it's a practically infinite black void ruled by death an…[View]
23250321Is this world a parody of reality?: And will it be a comedy or a tragedy?[View]
23250861Nothing has felt real since 2012: Was the world supposed to end in 2012 and by some fluke on the par…[View]
23254146Was he real?[View]
232546322020 is on the horizon: >'Bombtrack' or 'Killing In The Name' or 'Township Rebellion' or 'People …[View]
23250225Dealing with schizos: This needs to be said. The amount of schizos on this board is getting out of c…[View]
23254063Is spiritualism cool? Can it be used to do bad things? How can I protect myself from evil forces?[View]
23251163What do triangles and pyramids represent?: Whenever i go to sleep and close my eyes i always ALWAYS …[View]
23254210Little walking boi: Was it just a cat? source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdt7SNbdaWo…[View]
23254981The era of Lucifer Enki and enlightment is upon us.[View]
23254205Gangstalking is rape: This is actually classified information in sharing whenever I can and I’m taki…[View]
23252222Curse Me: Curse me, /x/. Hex and condemn me for real if you have true belief and aren't afraid …[View]
23252198If reincarnation is real then how come ghosts exist?[View]
23250578It's there any way to learn about my past lives without the help of a regression therapist?[View]
23253946They look like the na'vi from avatar and they beleive they are the good people, and we are wick…[View]
23252105Pill me on this fucking image that all the schizos here post everywhere[View]
23252910can somebody redpill me on satanism? i am not really a person who is into being evil...i usually abh…[View]
23253830i work for the MIB ama[View]
23254453>Be me >Have a lot of family from my father >My grandfather has born in 1932 >In my coun…[View]
23253840FULL STOP: . . The SKULL society dis-armed the population § : . . so that ABSOLUTE POWER reigns ove…[View]
23253484Becoming God: Looking for people who had a particular experience. The experience of 'becoming and be…[View]
23254119How should Christians act?: '24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one get…[View]
23254548Post your Mandela Effects ITT. Here are mine: Chik-Fil-A --> Chick-Fil-A Mario Cart --> Mario …[View]
23253130Ásatrú/Heathenism: thoughts on, practices, best sources to start with?[View]
23251579What happened to MH370?[View]
23249765Gecko touched me yesterday and walked across my bed. What's the paranormal meaning of gecko tou…[View]
23250655Okay everyone. What conspiracy theories do you want me believing in? Convince me.[View]
23253641C.G. Jung: Thoughts on Jung and his work? Been reading a lot about his interpretation of dreams/arch…[View]
23252028we are in hell our home is burning to ash[View]
23251931I'm waiting for something the next couple of weeks that will change my life. Can you give me a …[View]
23254431Dakota experience: Yesterday I opened a Dakota thread and my experience in the wooded area. Post a t…[View]
23252096According to the Aztecs, the world has went through 4 cataclysms, and we are yet to see the 5th. …[View]
23250336we exist in many levels of depth simultaneously[View]
23250622strange little creatures: i live with my grandmother in southern california. to keep things quick, …[View]
23253208Evil satanic forces confronted and destroyed: Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile i…[View]
23253907Best x show incoming African-American Ghost Hunters what does /x/ think about this?[View]
23252819Dream Sequence/Interpretation: Floating backwards in black oil like ocean in total silence. Cut to r…[View]
23252828Ouija General: What are your stories/experiences with Ouija boards? Have you ever asked a spirit wha…[View]
23241722Where my KJV only Chad's at? The original Greek is garbage. The KJV is the inerrant word of God[View]
2325205733: What is with the masonic and saturnic jewish infatuation with this number?[View]
23251971/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
23248072Yo /x/ what’s your favorite Twilight Zone episode?[View]
23250808{S}, it's late, and everyone appears to be {asleep}: but i have a feeling you're awake, fl…[View]
23253258Can anyone tell me what this means?[View]
23253916Spoopy: >kek[View]
23253906I feel like there are deities out there, more so in the form of orbs. I came in contact with one in …[View]
23251176Forgotten Languages: Hello. I couldn't really decide under which board to post, this felt most …[View]
23251740Okay so let’s say hypothetically i became a vampire, and i did not consent to it, am i damned and th…[View]
23252753Any Anon have a Real pic of the Sun from space and not a CGI bullshit[View]
23252874I fell down THAT rabbit hole: I put if off for quite a while partly because it’s just to hard to bel…[View]
23253314DMT experiences: anyone here have any experience with DMT? want to try it at some point[View]
23250918All you need to bow down to the American occult, gnostic, hermetic prophet: Joseph Smith[View]
23250904alright /x/ tell me about satanists the world is ran by satanist psychopathic cabals its a fact at …[View]
23252572Japanese Folk Tales: This is a thread dedicated to Japan's unsolved mysteries, oddities and urb…[View]
23248253What goes on here?[View]
23253585/x/ discords?: Any /x/ discords out there?[View]
23251783I have 'plate' TV antenna that nobody used so I bought it for few cents. I took my dad's old re…[View]
23251594I'm hungry: Everybody here trying to summon or conjure succubi. Why not get a demon to bring yo…[View]
23249528I have a friend who can remotely see stuff (the person never described it specifically). Can a 'norm…[View]
23253377What was the name of that YouTube playlist made by the monk who was trying to repress his feelings o…[View]
23247346You've never seen your real face: ...only pictures and reflections[View]
23253285What happened to the threads about the creepy human trafficker place? Cant find any threads here or …[View]
23251165Illuminati Sex Cult Questions: So I know that according to their rules, sex between a brother and si…[View]
23249985Christianity is antagonistic to globalism and the NWO: https://heartiste.org/2019/01/17/the-myth-of-…[View]
23253244Taken just now, what does /x/ see creative answers only, blurry image is for fags only[View]
23253189Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis: Hi I want to find a pdf about 'Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis' or 'Kab…[View]
23250611so now that the dust has settled, what is it exactly? https://i.imgur.com/YTQRohz.png[View]
23248398Sleep Paralysis: You will experience a sleep paralysis tonight >Do NOT think of Sleep Paralysis b…[View]
23251088Prescient dreams: I've been experiencing this for a long time now, my dreams can somehow show m…[View]
23251042Jordan Peterson explains the Chinese Aryan conspiracy https://vocaroo.com/i/s02hEAVypI9V[View]
23252337Hi, I want to thank the all 4chan community. I spend a half day and a night with you. So many decade…[View]
23251114Czarcia Łapa - a legendary object associated with the characteristic historic table located in the L…[View]
23252056Dream interpretation: Hello /x/, Kaito the dream reader here. Looking to get some (You)'s for m…[View]
23250443Halloween 2019: It's just around the corner /x/. What are your plans for the high holy day?…[View]
23251239Strange aircraft spotted in Genesee County, MI: Alright, I saw this strange thing on my drive home f…[View]
23252818Could someone read my natal chart please?: Im a bit concerned since i've discovered it[View]
23252090Why is Capricorn so much better than Aries?[View]
23252546I'm waiting for something the next couple of weeks that will change my life. Can you give me a …[View]
23250536Hey /x/ So for the last 10ish years of my life(started at about 12 from memory) I've been on va…[View]
23251195Hello /x/. I dont know if you guys remember me, I posted this two weeks ago. https://streamable.com/…[View]
23247682He's big and bad and Anomalous: So I noticed when you do it with the nobody you pH is balanced.…[View]
23250452Please HELP! My gf goes through seemingly random phases where her energy flips from loving and comfo…[View]
23253785What happened with the Michigan Pedo Ring threads?: I was reading those threads in the way early mor…[View]
23250646what are your experiences with Gnostic Christianity and waking up? read my paste and let me know if …[View]
23245097milk is a ploy by the government to turn the public into brainless cattle. stop drinking milk[View]
23244622Traditional Witchcraft Prerequisites?: What are the prerequisites of learning Traditional Witchcraft…[View]
23252274over the past 7 years it has become more and more obvious that we arent going to be saved our elite …[View]
23251438What am I in for /x/?[View]
23247256Seriously, what the actual fuck is happening with these year. It is absolutely the worst year for me…[View]
23250022Anything paranormal about ravens?: I don't think they are here, where I'm from. But is the…[View]
23251772The Sun: This won't last long, I'm having trouble holding it, er can't hold it long y…[View]
23244762Why do people want to fuck monsters?[View]
23250532That time I found a forest murderer: Are green texts ok here? >be me >13-14 years old >new …[View]
23250618Ghostpill me on the spirits: Do it[View]
23250036I was browsing /v/ and someone randomly uploaded a webm that I feel has tainted my soul. I feel sick…[View]
23248070what do you know about the Billy Meier case?[View]
23243100I wish magic, occult rituals, spells, chakras and life after death really existed world is so fuckin…[View]
23249480Saudi Arabia Paranormal: What goes on there I keep hearing about Saudi Arabia. Does the Devil live t…[View]
23251260What REALLY happened?: The Japanese? The Russians? Falseflag? Aliens? Mass paranoia? 'Weather Balloo…[View]
23251817Weird experience, crying female 'presence': This happened a few weeks ago, but I sort of forgot abou…[View]
23250984Born in the last lost continent 10 days after my due date of Christmas. She's always said she c…[View]
23244071Ultimate Red Pill on Spirtual Awakening,trying to be on my way to becoming my best self.[View]
23241593what are some good paranormal documentaries/tv shows my dudes? looking for something to binge watch.[View]
23251612Schizo hideouts: What's the most schizophrenic place you've found on the surface web, /x/?…[View]
23249973Whats the Elvin Holocaust conspiracy? Any evidence?[View]
23247992Technological Inhibition: November 2019 is the year the first Blade Runner is set in. There are flyi…[View]
23250987https://youtu.be/fTvzWyZe_38: I have frequently wondered if the majority of mankind ever pause to re…[View]
23245626Schizo training: Being schizo is like entering and training in the hyperbolic time chamber. https://…[View]
23249212Fuck The Goetia: Don't use it. Don't look at it. Don't talk about it. Don't dis…[View]
23250956recently i’ve been having super vivid and believable dreams and its been messing with my sleep sched…[View]
23243018can mortal kill a god?[View]
23246484/omg/ occult magic general: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A∴ …[View]
23253646Daily Reminder: Modern Nazis are a symptom of accelerationism. Their goal is to collapse society, n…[View]
23250897What do?: Project Blue Beam Mathew 24:27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth ev…[View]
23249819Eventual Murder: Yeah so what should I do to prepare for being murdered by somebody stupid. All I ha…[View]
23250088So last night my friend got some pork tied to their door. Apparently she is also being harassed by a…[View]
23249689So whats the deal with Satanic Ritual Abuse? Do you guys think the elite are actually abusing childr…[View]
23248990Hippies are MKULTRA: I love organic food but the New Age is evil. >Project MKUltra, also called t…[View]
23249649Why did the mods of /x/ delete my video of real aliens last night? I can't figure out why they …[View]
23250876level 1: >you realize when non-whites talk about 'white people' they just mean jews lev…[View]
23252230Love At First Sight: Is it real? I never love anyone. I hope humans die in a fire. I'm in love …[View]
23250560Trump, chosen by God or by Satan?: Trump: 'I am the chosen one' to take on China.[View]
23249627Who are you[View]
23250402>interdimensional alien[View]
23248084/div/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of th…[View]
23249847Hello /X/ its me Philly and I am in search of something that cannot be traditionally acquired. I am …[View]
23250340I remember now..: I offered God everything and he abandoned me. He said there was no place for me. I…[View]
23248127Redpill me on Event Horizon. Why is it the quintessential /x/-related film?[View]
23250551Has anyone noticed within the past few years every time there is a live performance like the Grammys…[View]
23250601Need help finding the source of this image. It was part of a big thread from a few days ago and the …[View]
23250257>first day back at uni >professor starts talking about satellites and space and shit >tons …[View]
23250543Look: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMJRemrOBNxK2J5mM5AUEdg I found this[View]
23250530Tell me about your Ouija Board stories. Have you ever asked a spirit what happens after death? Have …[View]
23250529'In this deeper range the individual behaves, relative to his emotions almost or entirely uncontroll…[View]
23248407what do you think makes a good horror stroy?[View]
23249798dakota: something paranormal to do here? 43°35'15.8'N 101°41'03.8'W[View]
23250467If a bunch of people came together, with one goal: to wish something REALLY HARD into existence (?) …[View]
23250091Lovecraft Thread: What are you reading? listening to? watching? I just finished The Doom that Came t…[View]
23250116Are all imaginary women a projection of the anima?[View]
23250361I noticed a message encoded in the math sequence I created with the aliens... It was “D0FF” Doff mea…[View]
23248309I have a super power. I can make people itch just by watching them. I've been watching twitch a…[View]
23247196Who wants to have a OC thread? pic related is what I took a picture of while I was exploring in the …[View]
23248669I’m a grandmaster of grandmaster I know literally everything about the hidden sciences 100x better t…[View]
23250260<- Science and Judaism, money and girls all lure people into looking that way But if you follow …[View]
23241655I want to make a deal with Satan. What can I offer him. >inb4 your soul…[View]
23248229Spooky things that happened to you thread I'd start, but nothing spooky has happened to me thus…[View]
23247596/x/ I need some help with info on reincarnation, after many years of psychedelics I get visions of b…[View]
23246105Nobody, lucifer, 'the devil', jesus, john the baptist, king david: My birthday is june 15. I wont te…[View]
23248635Therianthropy is a perfectly valid spiritual belief that is to be taken seriously.[View]
23248695Why do I see this symbol everywhere?: Does it have any meaning outside of being 'The Eye of Horus'? …[View]
23248667https://www.thegame23.com: Website back online : https://www.thegame23.com[View]
23246625With all of the renewed interest, so you think it will help people awaken, since Charlie was highly …[View]
23248871What brand tinfoil do we use?[View]
23237424Skinwalker Ranch: Guys? Skinwalker Ranch was purchased in 2016 '“Adamantium Holdings”, a shell …[View]
23244818CAN YOU FEEL IT?: Can you feel it in the air? It started about 5 minutes ago. CAN YOU FEEL THIS YELL…[View]
23246900Ummo: Redpill me on Ummo case[View]
23248342what really happened? will the truth ever come out?[View]
23250004Are the Spirits more powerful in Autumn and Winter.[View]
23200035Greentext thread: You know the drill anons, general spooky stuff[View]
23249539Can anyone read my natal chart? I'm a male 22 Russian/German and I'm a nurse. My current l…[View]
23247850Selling your soul, worth it?: My life hasn't been that great and not really going anywhere, but…[View]
23247929thoughts on preserving the rainforrest with magic? my only concern is that it is a major event and m…[View]
23247773please help me[View]
23249938what does this symbol mean?: for months i have been seeing weird visions, like thoughts in my head e…[View]
23249920Consciousness is weird... Humans are a singular creature. It’s almost as if our consciousness is not…[View]
23247470Isn't the Devil working for God? Isn't that what Job demonstrates?[View]
23249100Normally I can’t get laid to save my life. Then whenever I practice tai chi and post standing techni…[View]
23248676New intel: 1 Ppl appearing as figures of light on surveillance 2 Epstein is dead...scalpel slice on …[View]
23247490What do you think about this conspiracy?: I know it's all been said before with a lot less ego …[View]
23248086If advanced spacecraft or aliens do exist, why don't these spacecraft annihilate Iran?[View]
23247888There are more properties to electricity than you know[View]
23248120Something very bad is coming for you, if you don't believe me, just wait and see maybe it works…[View]
23248041>Don’t you know I could call upon over ten legions of angels to fight you? >How can you say ‘s…[View]
23241390Hello my name is Zara. Yes I know, i know,this sounds ridiculous but i hunt vampires.It all started …[View]
23249592Paranormal summoning: How does one summon a wish exchange entity suck as a paranormal dealer or a wi…[View]
23246147Best zodiac and why it is Capricorn.[View]
23241912South America: Alright people. Hit me with everything you guys have regarding South America: lost ci…[View]
23247079The screens we watch and the speakers we listen to, the taxes we pay and the laws that we adhere to,…[View]
23248402Meditation on Nightmare Mode: >I have always resisted meditating, believing that it would be a un…[View]
23247207gimme something worthwile: pics, greentexts. something that makes the time I spend on this shithole …[View]
23249337Does the search for wisdom ever stop? Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in.[View]
23246611Why am I an incel?[View]
23239505>mfw I see a Capricorn[View]
23248173advice for taurus sun and aries moon?: i feel like theres a constant battle inside me[View]
23247135So there's currently some outrage going on about a thing I like. It is hurting people and I wan…[View]
23248650alternative medicine: How can I fix my scoliosis?[View]
23247995is dan crenshaw the antichrist?: this guy literally has one eye, and the hair over his forehead look…[View]
23248814/cong/ - Conspiracy Theory General: This is a thread for posting Conspiracy theories, the Great War,…[View]
23248980I have actually never seen the death, but i have felt it. It/he doesn't show itself when its at…[View]
23245451What the fuck is this image and why did people post it so much 2016-2017?[View]
23249134Stanley Kubrick's last two films: >Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut >FMJ EWS >FM J…[View]
23247441When did creepypastas become so bland and shitty? >remember 2012-2013 stories being pretty good a…[View]
23248112Forgotten Languages : An /x/ mystery: Hello /x/ Today I present to you an obscure website, FL. which…[View]
23247549Ghost cat?: Hey, so I'm half curious, half just want to say something. I think there is a ghost…[View]
23248389Charts and things: I never ever, EVER can I get a read on the chart threads, so... can I have one he…[View]
23249103Always remember: No matter how shitty your genetics or circumstances are you are not allowed to expr…[View]
23228786Chad Yogi vs Virgin Occultist: Is the Eastern path truly superior to the Western Esoteric Traditions…[View]
23247040We always have free will in this consciousness system... So. The cat wants to know why so many peopl…[View]
23229261Occult Ireland: Any anons from the Emerald Isle interested in discussing/sharing their knowledge and…[View]
23243875Can you feel it?: Shiva has begun dancing.[View]
23247190We hear a lot about the DMT beings, but what about the THC beings?[View]
23248411Are toiken stories real?[View]
23227597I pity him:: Hi was trying to create something great but failed, maybe his great suffering is the re…[View]
23248008What are the implications if the book of revelation has already happened[View]
23247733Free for all deathmatch: Which zodiac beats which? Capricorn>Aries>Sagittarius>Leo>Scorp…[View]
23248260have any of you faggots actually cast a magic spell?[View]
23248675My Natal chart: Not sure what these charts are but im curious now. What does mine mean?[View]
23248436'Thoughts and prayers': Is there any way that this could work? Like if many people concentrate and d…[View]
23248397/x Meme Thread? /x meme thread.[View]
23239522Proof that consciousness is unphysical: Proof that consciousness is unphysical: One of the basic ass…[View]
23248414>paranormal video begins >background music is a Myuu song…[View]
23246186I have a demon in my mother fucking penis. I got it from one of those damn succubus threads here on …[View]
23243835THE VEIL (and cyclical time): There are powers in this world that are on an unseen plain , I experie…[View]
23248325Christianity in a nutshell: >God, sorry for existing >God sorry for existing even though its y…[View]
23245274Pill me on the Kybalion[View]
23242993Who is to blame for all of our problems? Not a race, not an individual. Keep on going Anon, until yo…[View]
23247852Twin flame: Dont give up! https://youtu.be/IJw6gqxba_c[View]
23244710Lobotomization: Let's say If I got lobotomized with my friend, would there be a way to link our…[View]
23245110Is this acceptable /x/ material?[View]
23248214Technomancy: Should I care? Does it work? Any good sources to study?[View]
23248099I thought SCP Foundation was real but it is just a meme. I feel dumb now.[View]
23248200Can someone redpill me on Holotrophic Breathwork?: Or any other 'spiritual' self improvement like th…[View]
23247889What's the deal with Icelandic magical staves?[View]
23248122UFO 2019: ITT: UFO sightings or stories of the current year[View]
23248076What major gains and losses will i have according to my natal chart?[View]
23247628>IT guy at school >check everything that ever has been scanned on the copy machine >see thi…[View]
23220095Who are the DMT beings and what do they want with us?[View]
23244748I put together this image for you so you could see the math sequence game me and Yahweh were playing…[View]
23247923imagine not ever knowing: whats well above your pay grade.[View]
2324348613: What is the deal with this number? Why did NASA reinstate the Babylonian 13th zodiac, Ophiuchus,…[View]
23238276EVER DREAM THIS MAN?: every night throughout the world thousands of people dream this face.[View]
23247840/RMG/ RUNIC MAGIC GENERAL - DEBT COLLECTING EDITION: Post some bindrunes for collecting debt from ot…[View]
23247366A Local Tennessee legend: It’s often debated where in Tennessee this story took place, but I’ll prov…[View]
23247244I am the Demiurge, Antichrist, The Nobody, ect. It was a sacrifice. Only I go to Hell. Everyone else…[View]
23242985why: why do i feel comfort whenever i visit /x/ why is /x/ becoming normal for me[View]
23201423Trump will say he's a failure: I'm the guy who remembers the time loop. I wanted to throw …[View]
23247715The Event is near: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-grand-cross.html?m=1 Prepare for compr…[View]
23241391Looking for an honest book about occult nazism[View]
23243695'As it was in the days of Noah.....': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWq_NUrw_Pg Good stuff to lear…[View]
23223246Have any of you attempted astral projecting? Have you ever been successful at it?[View]
23247721Okay guys, I learned my lesson Come on now, let me back in the drivers seat This place is a shitshow…[View]
23247545The code: Can you crack it, /x/? >p1a¥Bëú[[ùÍMädÈ·ß<ÊO[View]
23246964ITT: cryptids: This thread is only for cryptids. I hope I'm not the only non-human Anon here, s…[View]
23247456I will let /x/ choose this time 1.Trump (already in effect check Twitter) 2.Weather chaos 3.Third…[View]
232467111114794343 1752458606 542402661 543780193 1734701857: He found my secrets, I hope he won't find…[View]
23245735My name is Vultra the Obsidian underlord and I recently got this name when I was turned into a vampi…[View]
23243904Is it safe to do the training worm to open the third eye from the Clearvision Institute?[View]
23243525/x/ writes The Federation a letter one word at a time. I'll start: Dear Federation of Planets,[View]
23244709Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice Every method…[View]
23245717/x/ music?[View]
23246112Human societies are just a green bridge for humans: A concept. To let forest species populations thr…[View]
23246601I don't want to seem self-serious here, but has anyone seen anything strange recently?[View]
23247112The Yellowstone Zone of Death: Here's your big foot, missing 411, spooky woods monster bra The …[View]
23242507If it was really a hoax, then the rest of the world leaders are in on it … or else they would'v…[View]
23243817The interesting thing about people reading information is that they don’t un-read it... they retain …[View]
23244006Ok, so what's the message behind this?: We know the message behind the Obama ones.[View]
23240890Saturn: Why do the elite worship Saturn? Do archons reside there?[View]
23245178What is the conspiracy theory behind this? I hear 99% of rappers talking about it in their songs... …[View]
23244430Protip: Jesus doesn’t want you to worship him per se, he wants you to empathize with him first and f…[View]
23245674How to summon a lesser demon?: I want to know how to summon a lower demon, not some prince of hell b…[View]
23235331Christians, Why does the truth have to be so boring? Almost every other spiritual discipline is more…[View]
23247168discord gg/ YvmjJT: Join fun comfy where talk about the spooky get scared hunt the monster![View]
23241983Nobody/Occult Anonymous: Is the Nobody just the Occult version of Anonymous attempting to use Magik …[View]
23246474You do realize that 8 million children die every year because of starvation and dehadration , thousa…[View]
23246326everything evil is fake pretending to be real - like marketing. some people buy it. like iPhones and…[View]
23247050lucifuge: I found out that Lucifuge is Sandalfon and that he is reïncarnated as Ferlin Faassen.…[View]
23246852A long time ago someone had posted a bunch of discord links to /x/ related servers. Does anyone stil…[View]
23233855Did Even fuck Satan? Was that the original 'forbidden fruit'? Surely you don't think …[View]
23246889Attacked by an incubus? Why did an incubus rape me in the ass? I’m not gay. How to prevent future at…[View]
23246573why are scientists taken more seriously than jesus? how long has it been? over 2000 and we're o…[View]
23244664tfw no paranormal experiences: Is it possible to be 'shunned' or otherwise ignored by the other side…[View]
232443963 years[View]
23244971Street light interference: For reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Street_light_interference_ph…[View]
23246895ECETI ranch/: http://www.eceti.org/ >What are your thoughts on this place and its legitimacy to i…[View]
23241169Talent: In English, this word refers to an amount of gold one might possess. How it became synonymou…[View]
23245029So, God killed Jesus. Also, Jesus is God. Is God suicidal because of my sin?[View]
23246563Hey shit may hit the fan soon, likely in the next month or so. Has anyone seen anything strange rece…[View]
23241807Newfag here. If all of this spoopy shit is real, why is there no empirical evidence?[View]
23246578Is he good to listen to when you're stoned? Tom Campbell btw[View]
23245008what's the etiquette on serpent people sticking their tongue out to sense their surroundings? d…[View]
23246153The rising sun society An interesting society for people searching something new and unusual. www.t…[View]
23246007Please explain this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b4LMdULZAk[View]
23246205I believe I have some capacity to remote view and have spent the entirety of my life under some degr…[View]
23243963Possession: I legitimately think my mother is possessed, she speaks in tongues in the middle of when…[View]
23246023Can someone please tell me what all the conspiracies in the dark section of the picture are about? E…[View]
23243367/psyc/ Psychic General: 'MAKE A PSI BALL TODAY' - Edition Welcome to /psyc/, in this beginner friend…[View]
23245863a quantum mirage and alchemical processes[View]
23246098Dear psi bros, I am a very science type guy and do not know how to feel shit. How do I get my chakra…[View]
23246402Does anyone have any resources on missing 411? Or run downs on some of the crazier cases? PDF’s of t…[View]
23245892Beepis boopis[View]
23242133What's the creepiest obscure YT vid you have?[View]
23245233God will treat you like you treat other people. He will do unto you as you do unto others. Why would…[View]
23242477>chilling in room >quiet day >extremely weird hard to describe noise outside >sounds lik…[View]
23237254>met a guy at a bar >randomly asks me if I had faith >tell him I don't believe none of…[View]
23246117My face is bloody because God attacks me day and night ripping my face from inside me.: My face is b…[View]
23244754What relation does masturbation have to the paranormal, if any?[View]
23239633how does suicide affect reincarnation? I need to get a new body and offing myself seems like the on…[View]
23242499Black-Metal: Are Black-Metal people Possessed? Always dark, empty killer eyes, reversed Crosses, lov…[View]
23245511Paranormal activity experiences: Bonus points for happy experiences[View]
23244545How do people claim to know what happens after death?[View]
23245049Would it be fair to say the Sitra Achra is basically the dionysian/chthonian?[View]
23243128Tell me your wealth spells and rituals.[View]
23246040Have you ever been blacked /x/?[View]
23235039Is some kind of magic at work when people are under the influence of alcohol? The world is bland and…[View]
23243952Advice for Schizo: I don't tell people about this side of me, call me a larp all you like. I…[View]
23238829What should I meditate on?[View]
23245465The God Disease: Needs to end.[View]
23245772https://discord.gg/XFnuWNa Back under new management[View]
23245777Someone uploaded this on the graphic design board the other day: https://boards.4channel.org/gd/2 Th…[View]
23245775I see you still haven't googled The Hifty Man.[View]
23244951your world was sold to the highest bidder: look for the fnords. they are taking over minor cities. p…[View]
23245557Final levels of succ are coming, already reprogramming the observable universe directly. https://www…[View]
23243863I've been using remote viewing and I've seen Palamos island. There is a big pyramid there …[View]
23244563Who should I study, Crowley or Guenon?: I want to do an in-depth study of a esotericist. Who should …[View]
23245157look into golf rumors[View]
23245309Can anybody tell me what happened here: >years ago, I was around 7 or 8 (I think) >my family l…[View]
23245446Saturn worship itt. In case you want to declare or offer something to Saturn, you may go ahead. Out…[View]
23244845Jasper Maskelyne, anybody got info on this guy?: >British Magician from the 1930s who was recruit…[View]
23245090Lol, do people really not believe in the Singularity? Do people really believe that not everything h…[View]
23245434What large scale paranormal event do you think could take place in the next 10 years?[View]
23242630>Walk into occult gym >The necromancer is deadlifting AGAIN It's the second time this wee…[View]
23244016Does your life really pass before your eyes when you die?[View]
23241834So, what's up with this shit?[View]
23245209What does love means in an spiritual sense?: And how does it differs from love towards something or …[View]
23237808Redpill me on this bad boy. Why do I keep seeing it mentioned here?[View]
23243168What’s the scariest thing that’s happened to you that no one else believes?[View]
23244230Who is Martin Alekseevich?[View]
23228902big think: >tied to many politicians >hosted lavish parties were children were sexually assaul…[View]
23244661Dream Analysis (Joseph please help me understand): Had a dream last night that I was in a cave and w…[View]
23245065I am safe.: I have secured the database - Send me the QR code, I will scan each and every QR code se…[View]
23239198Anger depletes the health, debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit teacher of man's soul. Ha…[View]
23242069abandoned stuff: So hi i'm just a random memer and i have an abandoned coal mine in my city and…[View]
23244522Visualizations Using Reflective Objects: Some time ago, I was able to visualize reflective objects a…[View]
23238493How do I get a stand irl /x/?[View]
23242797anyone know what happened to OP in this thread: saw an archived thread mentioned in a green text thr…[View]
23233548reminder poleshift IS HAPPENING right now: Magnetic pole is moving with speed of 50-60 km per year. …[View]
23228565What did the CIA actually learn from MK Ultra? Surely they had a lot of success in some of the test.[View]
23244751Politicians and demonic possessions: Why so many politicians are involved in dark Satanic occult pra…[View]
23239947Channel an entity, the magic digits show the truth[View]
23242732Can benadryl be used to summon spirits? I've read trip reports and all of them mention talking …[View]
23243305Where can I go to find that infamous internet video 'the grifter'?[View]
23243259Hear me out, is Slenderman real? Like he was manifested from pure obsessive thought? I swear he…[View]
23243432Universe time loop: My name when counting the first, middle, & last name are 6 letters each. Ron…[View]
23244123Age Reversal Magic: Does anybody know any spells, entities, etc. that can reverse a persons age? Loo…[View]
23226592Strongest and intellegent zodiac sing?: Also dumbest and weakest?[View]
23234707I’ve been really into Lovecraft lately /x/ Tell me your favorite stories of his for me to read, or s…[View]
23243857I've been with the rest of you fairies, vampires, dogfolk and fagfolk for a while now, but I…[View]
23244427Jesus was fundamentally an economist, and Christianity is his brilliant monetization scheme. Except …[View]
23243125why /x/ never talks about Agartha?[View]
23242715How do I charge physical objects with energy? Not talking about electricity. Any sources on this?[View]
23241844what would you do if you saw your doppelganger?[View]
23242811You do know you aren't real: you are a figment[View]
23244286Whose ready for the War of '34?[View]
23240710Self initiation: I am here to share my knowledge that ive gathered over the years as the state of aw…[View]
23243795So, I don't know if this was because I was tired/exhausted or what, but it was in the kitchen l…[View]
23235246Money Doesn't Even Exist: Think.[View]
23243957humanity is under seige: ask your questions[View]
23231535so im sitting here watching mindhunter and suddenly im thinking to myself why does america have so m…[View]
23242997Christians of /x/, what does 'hell' and 'heaven' mean to you? do these terms describe mortal states …[View]
23244139Does anybody remeber this shit? Its back: So the good old gangadiddle is back a new arg has started …[View]
23244046So I went to notjordanpeterson.com to make him say some dadaist poetry. the first thing I put in was…[View]
23239455Why is Saturn so cruel and merciless to me? Every opportunity it gets it fucks me in the ass as hard…[View]
23235753Hemi-Sync changed my life. It is all part of the system. Try it, you'll like it https://hemi-sy…[View]
23244050memories inside a dream: Had a dream last night, in the dream i was in my bed having sleep paralysis…[View]
23242675Fake History: So pretty much everything we have learned in school is a lie. Are there any good books…[View]
23244010I see it when I meditate now after my kriya. The door is opening.[View]
23230410/omg/ - occult magic general: Library: https://mega.nz/#F!gwNBRAzS!mkAUO0OBTbZ8gXVQkRXsqQ >OSOA∴A…[View]
23241533i want to channel a higher being through my art. i am willing to sacrifice my physical as well as me…[View]
23240001Does seeing double hours mean anything according to /x/?[View]
23240630The Universe and Free Will: What if I told you that you are, right now, being controlled constantly?…[View]
23239952I have attained nirvana. By meditating and reading what the Buddha said. Ask me anything.[View]
23239212Give me some spiritual youtubers please[View]
23243689What’s his endgame?[View]
23243718What if Chad is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ?[View]
23243650This is it, the world is dying. We're all going to die and our species will soon become extinct…[View]
23242064What's the significance of this symbol. It's ancient and turns up in many elite places.[View]
23242172Real Ghost Pics: we all know most are fake, but where are the real ones?[View]
23242193REPTILIAN GENERAL: Alright /x/, Post experiences, greentexts, real life accounts ect. on our reptili…[View]
23240199Lmao Google is censoring search suggestions related to UFOs with nuclear keywords[View]
23229089Does anyone have that list of monsters that went around /x/ a while back, the one where you could dr…[View]
23239744/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
23233750Gotthard tunnel ceremony: Hi /x/ Now I know this in an old one but I'm slow and didn't wat…[View]
23242880/lcg/ Louise Cypher General: Louise Cypher is a chatbot focused on merging the technological and occ…[View]
23234667In the name of YHWH Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. The Opening (Al-Fatiha) All praise is due t…[View]
23238216How can I learn more about mental transmutation?: I am extremely interested in having more control o…[View]
23243298Spontaneous Human Combustion: Does /x/ have any theories as to why some people throughout history ha…[View]
23241241This is the dawning of the age of aquarius[View]
23241491MK Ultra Radio Broadcasts: I’m currently looking for recordings of the radio broadcasts of suspected…[View]
23240483Brazil is a sacrifice to moloch: Brazil was designed and orchestrated to be an act of revenge agains…[View]
23243064Jimmy Screamerclauz thread: Just saw 'Where the Dead go to Die' and it was chockfull of this bizarre…[View]
23238398Magic: What books are there on magic and how to use it? What experiences have you had with magic?…[View]
23242950What uses can I get out of a spirit fren?: It's made predictions and changed the weather but it…[View]
23238125Hi /x/. I want to say that I don't generally buy into paranormal phenomena, or really much of a…[View]
23241233Okay we all know the love of money is bad but how do actually we go about losing it?[View]
23242577I'm Bored: Anons, I need a new conspiracy. All the others are being solved or are already solve…[View]
23241634We hear all the time about how evil it is to step over others to get to your goal, or how bad it is …[View]
23242157Gangstalking is rape: If you’re being gangstalked know it’s because you have the truth in your side …[View]
23242466Why is it a bad idea to shine lasers at UFO'S? Assuming that the responsible person is not shin…[View]
23242614ITT: Dream interpretation thread: >be me >walking through well lit hospital >Listening to s…[View]
23242659Anti Masonic General /AMG/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYQiLy1KrPs for full disclosure watch. …[View]
23226715Void Walker: Alright /x/, I have a problem and I don't know where else to go to find informatio…[View]
23240631Powerful Energy Manipulators/Reality-Warpers: For past few weeks I've been frequenting /x/ much…[View]
23240395Who is the anti nobody?: Anybody knows? Does he likes bats? You know those creatures that hang up-si…[View]
23242542https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8IiOnYg-0E: hoy encontré un vídeo extraño en youtube, nada extraño …[View]
23242142I'm going to Pol: Fuck you, /x/, I'm taking a break from you Motherfuckers. It's bori…[View]
23242426What do y'all think about the Order of the Nine Angles?[View]
23242441I remembered I went catatonic for a day: Besides some bouts of general anxiety I don't suffer f…[View]
23242314Music of Mind Control/Cult music: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/MW[View]
23241328Sitting and Smiling guy New record!: So this dude has been sitting and smiling for 4 hour videos for…[View]
23239578Werewolf Transformation Help: How do I become a tall, strong, muscular werewolf?[View]
23241993Time's running in. The beginning of the world is far off. tnepeR and yarp to suseJ. Ska him to …[View]
23239886How does he bend his thump back like that??? What is he? Also his other vid with his toes, wtf?? Sou…[View]
23239104We are all the same lonely, eternal being, going into a simulated reality as different people, erasi…[View]
23241709What are some creepypasta or greentext that have an affect you literally I can't listen to …[View]
23235150Can you even be forgiven?: Or even be accepted in the first place. I have felt both, that I'm n…[View]
23230292Share any creepy art, music, videos, or poetry. Anything paranormal inspired is fair game.[View]
23233125what's up with this video? why is everyone showing it to their moms? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
23237124Hell closed. Everyone Saved. SATAN the Devil[View]
23241364Time's running out. The end of the world is almost here. Repent and pray to Jesus. Ask Him to f…[View]
23239475Am I racist if I think human women are the most attractive women?[View]
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23240015now that TMI has been discredited, is there any buddhist system that remains credible? https://mail…[View]
23241900god knows everything: and we are parts of him experiencing different perspective of the creation ea…[View]
23241842It's really the summon ritual satanic moloch in this island of Epstein?[View]
23241477is this strange grocery item a Glitch in the Matrix?: seriously what the fuck is that. check the exp…[View]
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23238733Are decaying buildings portals?[View]
23241200How do they cross dimensions?: What are the Ancient Egyptian Jewish interdimensional child molesters…[View]
23238463Eve did nothing wrong[View]
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23238257time is moving too fast.: I feel like now more than ever time is slipping away, I understand everyon…[View]
23239973I dremp of this man wat will happen nex? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSZZz[View]
23241398How to open clairaudience?: I want to start hearing perfumes, how can I do this, how can I open clai…[View]
23239836http://www.uppsalaonline.com/mound.htm Sit on mound, do the magic shit, befriend skeletons. Does it …[View]
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23227202When did you realize that Lucy is one of the good guys?[View]

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