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/x/ - Paranormal

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28221601Project Moon games redpill: Redpill me on Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina games. Both base…[View]
28221068So let's get this straight: Ancient Egyptians, who used bronze tools and had a total population…[View]
28222148Materialization to make yourself smarter?: Can you will into existence the ability to be a better pr…[View]
28220416How do I pray to the gods Daikokuten and Kishoten?: Do I have to visit Shinto shrines dedicated to t…[View]
28222802over coming ichyness: i get ichy and it fucks up my whole session does this happen to others and how…[View]
28222871Owls and this song.: I've got a question. I heard an owl 2 days in a row. This morning it was V…[View]
28219787Tell me everything you know about the GTA San Andreas 'Las Brujas' cult.[View]
28221842Ghost beside bed: > Be me > 1:30 am, gonna go to bed after setting up some runescape bots. …[View]
28218645The question that broke /x/: Are demons, demons?[View]
28222714Is there an explanation why do we sometimes think about certain words over and over, days after days…[View]
28222582Paying the price: Why are we paying the price for our acts constantly? Why is that no good deed goes…[View]
28218496Schizo?: Schizo connections: Part 1 Energy is the root of all things. Energy is measured in frequenc…[View]
28222402Looking for a demon: Yall, im looking for the coffee demon. I gotta whoops that mother fuckers ass. …[View]
28222259My bud robbie said he sometime hears his dishwasher sing to him. Is this paranormal or is he schizo?[View]
28217310I have Deja Vu almost daily and every time I do its closely experienced with the notion of impending…[View]
28218717/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
28216737I think I was MKUltra'd for real: This is something that happened to me in 2009. I tend to forg…[View]
28222123Telekinesis: Has anybody seen someone do something with their mind that you couldn’t explain? I hear…[View]
28221484General eerie outdoor story for you guys: hey /x/ I’m a regular over at /out/ and thought I’d share …[View]
28221678So I got my hands on a chicken, thinking of slitting its throat, drawing something on the ground wit…[View]
28222249Will occult magic help an incel get big booty bitches?: The carnal pleasures of the female flesh is …[View]
28221894Getting banned lowers your vibrational frequency and raises the mods: Thoughts on this logic of mine…[View]
28221860Redpilled thread. This thread is for redpilled and based individuals that study the paranormal. If y…[View]
2822135610 years ago today the first Ivan0135 video was released.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6TLGkrfN…[View]
28217869I switched dimensions!: WTF, I'm sure I watched this before, as I remembered I was able to pred…[View]
28220611Can somebody do a tarot reading for me please?[View]
28221656What is this?: Not jumping to conclusions, just curious as to what this is /x/ Found this in the par…[View]
28221992Did anyone find the moving black worms in the masks yet? Some Germans already proved that the corona…[View]
28220848Will I go to hell if I participate in the divination thread?[View]
28220377Did I interact with a God or a demon?: A few months ago I was lifting weights when I decided to foll…[View]
28220379Creepy/Cursed Image Thread[View]
28220843Schizos: Share me some conspiracy theories you have on Schizos nad schizophrenia in general I'l…[View]
28217768Does anyone here do actual research instead of just coming on here to larp or spread disinfo?[View]
28220866'Now when I Solomon heard this, I entered the Temple of God, and prayed with all my soul, night and …[View]
28215194What’s the most scariest x paranormal board story you’ve ever heard?[View]
28221160Shitty Creepypastas: satirical or unintentional[View]
28219567Straya demon: Thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/IBDB2y1C3j0 Looks pretty interesting. What are the…[View]
28221649What happened to all the ARGs and scary series? Hasn't been a popular one in a while.[View]
28220708This Movie was such a Redpill[View]
28221217anyone know anything about the fact that when you search ' امرأة تدعي أنها مريم العذراء لأنها متزوجة…[View]
28219684Songs with creepy backstories.: This song was made by Eric Harris one of the Columbine school shoote…[View]
28221487If YOU are a soul does that mean stealing your soul is just kidnapping you into their fold and corru…[View]
28218849How does incarnation affect how one looks? Won't get into it but theres a chance I'm a st…[View]
28219736The back rooms: was this guy just lost in the backrooms? how did he get out? https://youtu.be/JPIPHa…[View]
28188573/omg/ - Occult & Magic General: Hunting of the Snark edition. Library: https://mega.nz/folder/jl…[View]
28217694Blacksun/Saturn: What is the black sun and its history, ive heard it being a nazi symbol, ive heard …[View]
28221249Lost media: Trying to find gore video titled 'retarded nigger turned into ground beef'[View]
28220951Mandela effect: Am i crazy or did Bob Dylan pose in his underwear for H&M several years ago? Can…[View]
28220143Is the YES/NO tarot spread actually useful Or is it incorrect most of the times[View]
28219407’Dont give up your too strong’ what did he mean by this?[View]
28220623why don't you scream /x/ ?[View]
28220415Where is it Joe Biden? Where are the secrets? Where is the United States Pre Office????[View]
28218930Dreams: Hello.. I had a horrible dream 2 days ago. I remember in my dream i was walking in a black …[View]
28220943What's his deal?[View]
28213196/dig/ - Dream Interpretation General: During the next few hours, I'll be helping anons interpre…[View]
28219174>'gnosticism is linked to buddhism and hinduism' >'early christian-jewish texts' >gospel of…[View]
28220842Why are you questioning your existence at this moment?[View]
28219563Weird cult drawings found from friend's dead father: Recently a friend's father passed awa…[View]
28219011/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
28214480Why is the universe filled with such extreme evil?[View]
28220117how would one go about getting abducted by aliens? Asking for a friend[View]
28220733Space does not exist[View]
28220220Can you predict your own death based on your birth chart[View]
28220736All your base: Are belong to us. Make your time. Ha ha ha[View]
28216804Anyone here use lsd for spiritual growth? Any tips or techniques you've picked up? I've do…[View]
28213558How do Christians reconcile Jesus considering gentiles 'dogs' (Matthew 15:21-28) with Paul's un…[View]
28218599Why is having a sense of self an “I” so demonized by those spiritual people?[View]
28220630hey /x/ any of you seen this symbol before? found it drawn on the outside wall of my friend's a…[View]
28217713My parents got the vaccine so has my normal nurse sister who has a white baby daughter but my other …[View]
28217597A L O N E: If you died of natural causes in your sleep, how many days would it take for people to fi…[View]
28220429I think i'm slowly becoming omniscient. Very slowly but my perception is expanding outside my b…[View]
28220551Uintah Basin: Anybody have stories from this area?[View]
28218283so where did these pleidaes and lyran stories originate from really ? i can't seem to find anyt…[View]
282159180°N 0°E[View]
28218498What are some good but relatively unknown steam horror games? I have 60 steambux to spend and I…[View]
28220444Ezekiel's Vision: How do I experience it? Do I just take a shit load of drugs?[View]
28220504blue magick(money)general.: in magick,the color blue symbolises paranormal ways to get money. from s…[View]
28212907explain to me this whole 'time' shit: I just had the most vivid dream where I completely understood …[View]
28216026Rest easy bros: If ayys are out there then they are undoubtedly peaceful. No civilization could surv…[View]
28217898Have you ever had a government implanted dream?[View]
28219269would it be a military base? aliens? what the fuck is that!. and the music is much strange as well. …[View]
28217077Why is it so hard to find any cults to join in Australia?[View]
28215912What the fuck is going on in the Nobody general?: I know that this board is filled with unironic sch…[View]
28217911Now more than ever i feel the dark forces are calling for me. It feels like i could kill someone, bu…[View]
28217423Is there a spell to stop me being an autismic faggot? All the love spells in the world can't st…[View]
28215483Explain why you believe Lyrians exist and that your not a bunch of furry coomers[View]
28214630weird shit you have seen in the sky or on bodies of water: I have seen two things one were there was…[View]
28219470A 'God' has to exist right? Assuming a big bang like event occured at any scale, that would imply so…[View]
28219594Sometimes I miss being gangstalked: I’m so lonely now[View]
28213644ITT: We write the worlds most predictable /x/ story: I'll begin: >Before I begin, I would li…[View]
28219611Any information you want to share about the Mayan space program I will appreciate it[View]
28219065Stranger in the mirror: I just took a shit, on my way out of the restroom I looked in the mirror at …[View]
28219449What do you guys think of this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmrT-zjGBLQ[View]
28217985so ive heard damascus has mystic powers anybody have info on this?[View]
28216582New zealand and Lumerians: In the last arno thread I ask >Hey arno, do you know if there's b…[View]
28219061X music: https://youtu.be/Pao8Ru-tVlA[View]
28218223Can someone please explain to me what the fuck is going on with Antarctica??: All of the sudden I st…[View]
28219460a thought experiment for you: Imagine if the world as we know it in an instant destroyed itself. lit…[View]
28216780How can I bring on paranormal experiences? I've never had one but I really want to.[View]
28219543Disclosure/Robotron: Im looking for robotron,sage. If you read thus, i need the discord invite. Repl…[View]
28217264AUS: Any more Australian conspiracies? Collected these so far; The Whitehall Sneed Tapes Pinegap abd…[View]
28219336>[The paramahamsa] told his devotees: “The moment I utter the word ‘cunt’ I behold the cosmic vag…[View]
28219364http://gangrenefungus.chickenkiler.com/ Gangrene is a type of tissue death caused by a lack of blood…[View]
28217488Paranormal Pickup Thread: >context >you're hitting it off with a qt3.14 on the creepiest …[View]
28218759United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation: >In July 2020, the FAO Council approved a serie…[View]
28219096Redpill me on Sumerians - What do they know? How do I learn about them? I don't want to hear so…[View]
28219165esoteric stuff to do with money: What are some spooky/paranormal stuff one can do with a lot of cash…[View]
28218100Spiritual music: https://youtu.be/xE2qhIp33g8 Post spiritual music made by monks or whatever. The so…[View]
28217625CERN Diety Worship?: Does anyone have that video of CERN scientists worshipping some demon or diety …[View]
28215883So /x/ do you think this might be true do you guys really think they might come in july? https://www…[View]
28217976Future of humanity: What is your opinion - what is the best case scenario of the future of humanity?…[View]
28216496redpill me on white gloves[View]
28218681blood magic//sigils: do blood sigils do anything or have any meaning outside of neopagan circles? i…[View]
28214287How do I become a vampire? I really want to become one.[View]
28219109Interstellar dimension scene: could this be somewhat true on how things work in w/e dimension it was…[View]
28215337Speak to the dead: How to speak to the dead?[View]
28218568Is there evidence for the divinity of Christ?[View]
28201526Does psilocybin reveal larger metaphysical truths to us or are they merely hijacking our brain chemi…[View]
28217097im drunk and i wanna be FRIGHTENED. whats the mf scariest youtube video ever in your eyes. something…[View]
28217857Subdermal microchips: Is it true the american gubberment are developing subdermal chips to ' just de…[View]
28215569How can religion explain retards: Not so much the literal scientific meaning but these regards who f…[View]
28218798This cat exists and lives on Hollow Earth. Source: Arno[View]
28215692Love me like you do: How do I cast a love spell spell on someone?[View]
28216185how much more prevalent would spirits be in daily life if we could actually see, hear, and communica…[View]
28217938Redpill Russia: Redpill me on Russia, please. Which place does it occupy in your own view of the tru…[View]
28210446What was the most believable NDE story you have ever heard or read?[View]
28212591can you anons send me some good energy my way? i'm going through a rough patch right now and it…[View]
28216433When did you realize green eyes produce photosynthesis?[View]
28217297Worldcorp: Can i get a recap of this? I'm very interested in this whole shit. They even had a d…[View]
28205985Is there any creepypasta from South America? Statistically speaking, there should be loads of scary …[View]
28218633Urine fasting: Arno told me that urine fasting can be good for us, but it is really that simple? How…[View]
28202840Stories or Threads: /x/ is full of shitposts or schizos. out of boredom, i wanna know some of the sc…[View]
28214421Someone put these posters up all over Bellingham WA last night. What do you guys think?[View]
28218351Redpill me on reincarnation?: How is it supposed to work and why? Also why can't we just spam k…[View]
28218392How come when I meditate or while I'm finishing my meditation my forehead feels so tingly it…[View]
28216529God is nothing like a person and jesus christ isn't anything like being the same thing as being…[View]
28200917Disturbing Lost Media: Discuss lost media that we'd be better off NOT seeing.[View]
28218292Is there anything I missed?[View]
28218357Mask of sanity: Psychopaths Hyper sanity What is Zen Buddhism You need to go insane. Being sane is a…[View]
28216881Weird question, but honest:: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesser_banishing_ritual_of_the_pentagram#…[View]
28218322Anyone else dreamed of similar place recently? Pic rel[View]
28216319Unbelievable. I know its real now.[View]
28217029What happens after we die? Why aren't people more concerned about this?[View]
28218058Why does the Australian countryside resonate with such malignancy?[View]
28213840I have already proven that the paranormal is real. And that's why the feds are following me aro…[View]
28216863Redpill me on plastic and the plastic dimension. Is it true you can thwart an enemy by discombobulat…[View]
28217787/x/ - Paranormal: Have you ever encountered the urban legends that japan has? There are many people …[View]
28212996how can we prove reality was changed 2 seconds ago[View]
28217269Insecam - Insecure Web Cameras Thread: 1. Go to http://www.insecam.org/en/bynew/ and look around for…[View]
28213664Art Bell 3rd Year RIP Anniversary: Art Bell died on this day on April 13th 2018[View]
282143593 Dimensional Hebrew Letters Thread 2: Due to interest levels, I am continuing the thread from yeste…[View]
28217852Damascus: I've heard Damascus has some level of mystic power dose anyone have info on this?…[View]
28217724What can /x/ tell me about being a Leo-Rat?[View]
28216698Ok either thread keeps being deleted or its not being posted at all Anyway the instructions were as …[View]
28217065Curious to see how discussion on this topic goes here Why and who led to OWS failing the way it did?…[View]
28216175How can I tell if I'm alive? How does that feel?[View]
28217404Which one of you fuckers just did WHAT at the turn of the hour?: First it was the spooky THING in my…[View]
28209105What are the early signs of schizophrenia?????[View]
28215446Do you gnow the truth?[View]
28215811I'm looking for an old post about how discovering alien life would be the worst thing for human…[View]
28215975The Reds have influenced the demons beyond that which we can control. If you are to stop the Reds an…[View]
28210452Redpill me on /x/: And why it's full of larpers[View]
28212405/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
28215960any spiritualists here?: i want to be a practicing christian spiritualist but don't know where …[View]
28216614Pic for attention, similar in shape but to thicc to be what I saw. So I was driving home tonight in …[View]
28214496I think there are many gods: The first god exploded, most of the gods are like metaphysical concepts…[View]
28211979trollge: What is trollge symbolically? A man of the lhp reaching the same enlightenment as the right…[View]
28211359I fucking hate aries moon[View]
28215253Ghost and the like.: I'm not crazy I swear, not like this anyways. Let me make this simple to u…[View]
28207899Redpill me on red daggers[View]
28215002/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
28216248Wjy does God allow satan to attack us?: Why doesnt he just stop him now? Does God still love satan?…[View]
28213680Do you have any evidence regarding the gender of angels? All of their appearances are male in the Bi…[View]
28211934wish fulfilling /wealth giving mantras: Anyone here know/personal experience,with reciting mantras a…[View]
28215976Studying magic on my own: I've recently been reading the first two books of Abramelin and I was…[View]
28216648whats the Chinese /biz/ equivalent? i want to start shilling to a billion more retards.[View]
28211386What's next?: After learning and getting used to doing the LBRP and the middle pillar, what am …[View]
28216101>>28214000 listen here, fag the people can absolutely take on the government. Unless they…[View]
28210323ITT convince me your religion/cult/path/esoteric system is right No; >its true because its true …[View]
28215302How does one get over the transcience of life. It's all so very sad.[View]
28212247sceptic thread I don't belive in anything supernatural. Typical non-theist. Why should I believ…[View]
28205805Dreams of being possessed Hi any muslims here? Last night I had a possession dream It felt like an a…[View]
28215651Tall Hat Man in my dreams: >wake up in front of my house >look up and see a dark grey sky …[View]
28200827Flat Earth true Map: The shills have been misleading you. This is what I think could be the REAL fla…[View]
28215889this is so spooky guys: guys how did this happened what the heck help what no way https://youtu.be/5…[View]
28213473Empowering a warrior: How do I empower/assist another person or group by magickal/'supernatural' mea…[View]
28215553My friends, brother and I have all dreamt the same: >Blue lights in the sky >People being suck…[View]
28214472Is Arno part of a government disclosure program? If so why is he getting shadowbanned?[View]
28209996Is evocation inherently disrespectful?[View]
28206269What The Fuck is This Conversation I Overheard: I'm a freshmanfag in college and I live in a sm…[View]
28215061Gary McKinnon and Solar Warden: Any credibility to this guy? Seems genuine. Would explain a lot. Pic…[View]
28214707Tartaria General.: >Tartaria >Phantom time >New chronology >Millennial reign of Chris…[View]
28211759Why don't ghosts tell us about aliens?[View]
28213483God loves demons more than humans and humans are jealous of them so they slander them. HOOOLY... HAH…[View]
28213266Ayyys get the lake: the day of the lake will be so based Christbros i wonder what sound they'll…[View]
28208412/x/ movie thread: Post movies that triggered paranormal experiences. Does not need to be Horror.…[View]
28215094A Transmission From Purgatory: https://youtu.be/ReQmZtwZ1Xw[View]
28211529i get that the concept of magic (if you believe in it) works through some kind of real life manifest…[View]
28211363Who is the most evil person alive today? and don't say me or you[View]
28211651what is the best way to wet dream maxx? i dont care if its lucid or not, i just want to be banging …[View]
28212744I have to accept something, 4chan isn't real. It's only a figment of my imagination, creat…[View]
28213156backrooms: alguien sabe como entrar a los backrooms sin necesidad de estar durmiendo[View]
28215329Back in 2017 and 2018 I started experiencing this weird phenomenon. I can't remember any specif…[View]
28214668Bellum pandaemoni contra deum falsum indicimus. Dominus maximus ex tartaro ascendet et caedet servos…[View]
28213799Why do Mormon prophets live so long? Out of the 17, 8 have lived past 90 years. The oldest was 97 an…[View]
28213441Holy shit guys what is going on in this picture?[View]
28213204Don't mix drugs.[View]
28215791itt: things you think are (probably) gonna happen in the next few decades: I have a list >AI and …[View]
28211534All Hail the Lyrans: How do I support the Lyran takeover of earth? Fuck the all seeing eye, fuck the…[View]
28214469Is reality shifting real?[View]
28214533You should consider this: 0. Breathe properly. That's zero because of how well known breath wor…[View]
28211193So, what is the whole thing about 5g? Why is it bad?[View]
28209948Meditation: Please redpill me on meditation. Name good books, websites and tell me about your experi…[View]
28215596Best Hideo Kojima Spooky Stories: The Ninja in MGS1 just slicing dudes up on Shadow Moses while usin…[View]
28186340What is the creepiest/scariest thread in /x/ history[View]
28215554Cursed Films: >Unfinished because River Phoenix died during filming. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
28215361deep rabbit hole on a strange webcrawler: you can pretty much find everything from here which is whe…[View]
28212959' Incredibly Detailed Video of UFO Craft Taking Off in Texas': https://www.texasufosightings.com/new…[View]
28212733HEEEEEELP MEee: How the fucking fuck can i stop dreaming about someone i fucking hate? I keep having…[View]
28210742Post demonic music created by something that not human. https://youtu.be/g_mgqYb-GYw[View]
28215408Big Sleep General (Continuation thread): Not OP. The first thread got image upload limit. Keep posti…[View]
28213109How do I send a message to my future reincarnated self ? How would my future reincarnation know what…[View]
28213515How an AI takes control of its host civilization: we are just porn we are all fucked the afterlife i…[View]
28210865The soulless: Most of those around us have sold their soul to the devil. Since they no longer have a…[View]
28213026Gematria: Ok, this is weird... https://www.gematrix.org/ Results for '666' in Hebrew gemat…[View]
28213914HSS: Part 59: When you have a random one-line thought, especially if the thought is incorrect or a l…[View]
28210778Anyone collecting tarot card images? Wanna share some?[View]
28208427Redpill me on scientology[View]
28215071BIG THINGS IN THE WORKS: This goes for /x/ too! Last time you didn't listen and we saw where th…[View]
28214631Astrology thread: Big chungus I'm finna put my finger in your bumgus[View]
28215006Why don't I ever feel like I'm in control? I feel like a pawn; I never feel really have ch…[View]
28204280Will /x/ take the chip?[View]
28208560Big Sleep General - /bsg/: Thread 2, not the original OP. Image limit hit, link to old thread: >…[View]
28199118/bsg/ - Big Sleep General: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1NCceX2mbiKOSlAd_o7IU7nA9UskKN5WR…[View]
28205014irl aliens: https://www.strawpoll.me/42934689 What do you believe irl aliens physically appear like?…[View]
28212797How to be good?: I try to keep up the facade of being a good person, but there's no denying it,…[View]
28199199/Activation General/: The veil is parting, some of us can see it. The past 6 months have been life …[View]
28206445What is the best diet for reaching enlightenment?[View]
28214608Imagine if permanent death is like sleeping without dreams but you occasionally wake up for a brief …[View]
28214595Glowie Iceberg: What's the craziest thing your country's glowies have done?[View]
28211809demon caught on tape: https://voca.ro/1hQK2wYZ9CMz Last night around 3 AM I heard some sort of creat…[View]
28197822SUICIDE IS IMPOSSIBLE: I've read a lot about sui. And over the years I've come across many…[View]
28213880government steals cum? worried theyll make a clone of me: >in the midst of dream >have had viv…[View]
28214486Is this image cursed? I felt a headache after I changed the contrast to reveal the creature[View]
28210545If there is no God, why doesn't the world just look like this? It would make sense then for the…[View]
28214422Whoever made these I love you. You've mannaged to condence this entire board into these books.[View]
28214083Music/Video Association Experiment: I was listening to some music and watching a Youtube video witho…[View]
28213335the fuck is up with this place[View]
28211798Irenic Future: Attention all physical humans of Earth your energy can never leave your body nor your…[View]
28204294The Lyrans are archons. I would not trust them when they reveal themselves. >The rulers have bodi…[View]
28210775shrines/altars: weird shrines/altars you have saved[View]
28214057Guys...I've been trying some void-mind meditation and got this. The void is a dom. In fact, at …[View]
28201194Can anyone access the Akashic Records?: I've been told one lady has the ability to go OBE and v…[View]
28213538if MK ultra, montauk project type shit was stopped decades ago, why do so many people talk about the…[View]
28212477>Tulpa Discussion Thread The damage is settling in and I realize I might get dementia sooner than…[View]
28213261WTF is this true?[View]
28211855ITT we summon the Great Tom Cat.[View]
28212391Tics/Spasms/Intrusive/Arbitrary/Repetitive thoughts thread: In this thread please post your repetiti…[View]
28213707How to scrying?[View]
28208279Boys, what can you tell me about the Wiccan Cult? My girlfriend bought a book of rituals and is dete…[View]
28205912ITT: post a picture and others come up with a conspiracy/story for it.[View]
28213562Dark Wed Thread: Post spooky Onion links.[View]
28203486Who, or what, keeps leaving beans at the Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia?[View]
28206099What does murder cost?: I'll keep this really brief. I was dumb enough to listen to the lies th…[View]
28211270How many people/groups of people are actually enlightened? How do you know when you have become 'en…[View]
28213111I have a confession whilst I was in the 11th dimension this happened to me: During the worst time in…[View]
28210326Multiple Dimensions?: Are there multiple dimensions? If so, how does this work exactly? The way I se…[View]
28211952i was laying in bed drifting off to sleep when i opened my eyes to see my room was filled with facel…[View]
28192980Jesus was not 'Jewish' He was YHVH in the flesh. God does not belong to any ethnicity, civilization,…[View]
28213284Almost AP'd with Some Spooky Drawbacks: Bros, I've been trying to astral project for awhil…[View]
28210733https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Main_Page Whats this ?[View]
28207023ARNO: Hello, I'm Arno, a reptoid. In my 2nd thread I made it clear I wasn't coming back, h…[View]
28212146Help in r/braincels post: Video was a compilation of disturbing subreddit posts or quarantined posts…[View]
28210671How can we reach for a greater good?[View]
28213103artifice reaper: >Row row row your boat >gently down the stream >Merrily merrily, merrily,…[View]
28203661Skynet is real: Skynet is real. Where is the resistance, have you all given up. Who will help me fig…[View]
28213076https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/v/thread/551635194/ https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/vg/thread/331516…[View]
28198659Salvia Divinorum: Is salvia a good starting psychedelic? I got a half ounce from my cousin a few wee…[View]
28212361Ancient's General /AG/ - Ceres Edition: One hundred and thirty five days ago we talk about how …[View]
28210255/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
28191670INCOMING THE GREAT 2021 NORTH AMERICAN HEAT WAVE: Ive been pouring over data for the past three week…[View]
28191301What was your craziest experience on LSD/DMT?[View]
28210821what does is getting mkultra mean?: its such a pointless way to live life. your brain gets destroyed…[View]
28212033Anon'd Dream Journal: 1 October 2020 >Somebody in a city in the west sells a shroom that doe…[View]
28212012How do I become a sleeper?: Pic related[View]
28206126terrifying music albums: post the most unsettling, creepy, uncanny album covers you know. bonus poin…[View]
28209250Weird dream: I dreamt that I was with a group and we were taken to Mars for a mission. And when we l…[View]
28212500If you've gotten both vaccinations check the numbers. Add a decimal before each last digit and …[View]
28210355Guys maybe you remember this shit? This happened month or so ago and it was called aberation/illusio…[View]
28200071Sex cults: I wanna join one. I heard Raëlianism is good, but they mostly accept women[View]
28211886There are billions of human conciousness all able to connect and share thoughts but most thoughts ar…[View]
28207733I am being gang stalked again. I am so tired of everything. I know you are reading this, fuck you, l…[View]
28212517So what's the deal with Sabbatean Frankists???[View]
28211912/an/ here. what demons / supernatural entities make for good pets?[View]
28202228Actualized.org: Is this the New Concept of God where god IS the big bang universe itself & every…[View]
28212260Alchemy & Magick: atheists and monotheists, stop denying that magick is based. this is why Satan…[View]
28193143What is Saturn: Almost every ancient civilization has called Saturn the Sun God, or the Eternal King…[View]
28210824I think I have minor teleportation abilities >be me >walking home from work >rub eyes becau…[View]
28190396Wtf does the bag mean?[View]
28204050Post music or movies that helps deprogramming.[View]
28210940What happens, or doesn't happen, when I leave the computer on, or when I turn it off, or when I…[View]
28210466Recommend me some books. Anything /x/ related, the weirder the better.[View]
28209133The True Backrooms Location.: As you know, the 'backrooms' creepypasta, started on this board about …[View]
28208155LARP free thread: Try to relay, without larping, a paranormal experience or feeling you’ve had. I th…[View]
28207596Redpill me on the tellutubies? Why is every episode oddly creepy? The entire world they live in feel…[View]
28210456Face toucher: Why do all the face touchers have white car?[View]
28210897Iceberg thread: Post some spooky icberg images.[View]
28209673Positive feedback loop: Let's try an experiment /x/ Let's share blessed images like pic re…[View]
28211376How do I make god care for me instead of hating me?[View]
28201367Best/ most interesting DMT trip reports?: I’ve read some good ones I can’t find anymore, there was o…[View]
28209492Head Pressure: What is this pressure in my head? I've had it for years now and the only way to …[View]
28209715What are the spiritual consequences of suicide?: Not only for Christian but also for other spiritual…[View]
28207879Better paranormal forums?: Where are some good places online for actual paranormal discussion? /x ha…[View]
28211514Kennedy Assassination: Does anyone on /x/ believe in the magic bullet theory.[View]
282084321999: Red Pill me on Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold U faggots[View]
28211379If Elus is the Phoenician Saturn and the Elusian mysteries refer to the initiatory rites for the cul…[View]
28207990being labeled as a schizo means that you see reality for what it really is. #proudtobeaschizo lets…[View]
28207693dream interpretation: I dreamd of a big black rat on my doorstep. What does this mean?[View]
28197400Is it even possible to go to heaven or hell[View]
28209389Void memes/trollge: What's up with these new so called 'void memes' and 'trollge' I get a reall…[View]
282089862-3 nocturnal emissions per night?: Hey /x/ As of a few days ago, I have started consistently having…[View]
28209194Possession: Any of you experience this? As in you know someone and out of the blue they just flip an…[View]
28203781Third Eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51fcG3sxvII How can you faggots call yourselves wi/x/ards…[View]
28208964Is backwards time travel actually possible? I wanna go back to 2012 and save the world.[View]
28204913how do I become a vampire? I really want to become one[View]
28210484What is this dream?: I was in a group of people in my dream walking down this hallway and then the l…[View]
28210152Why do I feel so fucking weird right now bros?[View]
28209810Reminder. We do not know, so just chill and stop being a schizo addict ok?[View]
28209965zombie novels: post best zombie novel you've ever read. and that excludes the fucking gay pop-t…[View]
28204638I need help fending off spiritual vampires. Literally insane babylonian whores keep trying to become…[View]
28208647A Message of Love and Peace: I am a messenger of Godliness. I am here to guide any who may be lost. …[View]
28206200Hello fellow 'schizos' Do you ever feel the need to hold back what you say here on /x/? Being an an…[View]
28208837Redpill me on Sekhmet. What are some other bloodthirsty goddesses in other pantheons?[View]
28206290/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
281940293 Dimensional Hebrew Letters: I swear to God the Hebrew language is based off of one 3 dimensional s…[View]
28199667I've been seeing a shit ton of girls on twitter who put 'Lilith' in their nicknames, it's …[View]
28209380My dog has started sitting in my lap when I mediate which makes me want to mediate more. Does your a…[View]
28204838I really want to experience Astral Projection, but so far I failed every attempt. I either straight …[View]
28209124Took acid the other night for the first time, cant comprehend a whole lot about the experience excep…[View]
28210582Have you ever gotten an uneasy, paranormal feeling while playing a video game?[View]
28205078You should consider this:: 0. Breathe properly. That's zero because of how well known breath wo…[View]
28206400Why is it so hard to connect with people? I'm tired of being lonely..[View]
28205624Sharing: Hello anons. I would like to share a spark with all of you and it will be yours for you to …[View]
28197146The director said it was a protest to the Reagan era, but we all know what it is about. Don't w…[View]
28208295mysterious video on my computer: so i just noticed this video on my computer that i have not dowload…[View]
28209702Someone post that funny troll list of all of the advanced technology the government has above top se…[View]
28208945Dream Problem: Hey X I need some help with a dream I've been having over and over. I am very ce…[View]
28210086Alchemy, technically: Full article: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/museums-static/objectretrieval/node/329 Th…[View]
28210020guys i think i'm starting finally 'see the void' you 'visit' by just doing nothing in the absol…[View]
28208463Looking for some creepy shit to check out, but all I can find are stupid ARGs and try hard edgy anal…[View]
28207256It's gone: Youtube has reduced the numbers of conspiracies.[View]
28209697becoming Shiva: >https://books.google.com.ar/books?id=V8Upy4ApG_oC&pg=PA182&lpg=PA182…[View]
28202234SCP Foundation: What the fuck happened to the SCP foundation? Did pozzed reddit users take it over? …[View]
28209581>Dream about an abandoned church at night >There's some black dude chilling by a wall clo…[View]
28208054Who killed JonBenet?[View]
28205534is magick a lie: If magical healers exist, wouldn’t they be killed off? Why haven’t they been incorp…[View]
28209414Do charm spells violate free will?: Maybe a stupid question. But if you charm somebody is that a vio…[View]
28210014How to keep my goddamn eyes closed during meditation: They always sleep open when I relax my face, I…[View]
28210025Ascending ascending ascending ascending ascending: Is there any point to life unless you're enl…[View]
28209750GATEway Process: Anyone know anything about this whole CIA GATEway Process or whatever it's cal…[View]
28209582Lucid Dreaming: The important people I summon in my lucid dreams do not talk to me. It's hard e…[View]
28201940Weird YouTube channels: A thread to post weird YouTube videos and channels. https://youtu.be/GG2E9nH…[View]
28199516Your thoughts on synchronicity?[View]
28200882Qliphoth: Anyone work with it?[View]
28209005SENDING SINGAL TO FELLOW EARTHLING PSYCHICS Message status level: Unimportant. I have recently just…[View]
28209578I've been having these crazy frizzes at the tip of my hair (see pic). I've cut my hair twi…[View]
28204253Satan: I make deals with satan all the time, what do you want to know? I will tell you everything I …[View]
28209014Most disturbings reddit posts: There was a post on r/braincels and that was a long time ago which th…[View]
28208544You are trying to go for heaven right anons?[View]
28205017In my area, there has been many people in their 20s drifting towards the occult. Checked the instag…[View]
28209115i dont know if its ocd or not anymore what if i actually like these thoughts Is there any mystical y…[View]
28201509Pill me on interdimensional entities.[View]
28209012Barack ojiden? No, jarack obiden[View]
28208993>the prophets in the OT are schizo What did he mean by this?[View]
28208419Will be going innawoods to camp and explore, what kind of rituals can I perform while out there? Whe…[View]
28208638What is the paranormal explanation for waking up some days with innumerable new philosophical insigh…[View]
28208514The Upcoming Genesis: IIT we make predictions about what will be included in the New Book of Revelat…[View]
28208776Is there a bigger cope than believing you have free will?[View]
28204219No Magic: No Human on Physical Earth can cast magic now whatsoever we have severed it all There is …[View]
28203620We need a rise of anti-globalists before it’s too late: Have you ever noticed how much corn syrup wa…[View]
28207140My friends have recently informed me of their experience with a creature dubbed 'Long Deer.' so far …[View]
28207923Are these demonic? Evil? They scare me. The universe wants to kill us :([View]
28203940Has anyone experienced evil eye?: >shared good news among circle of friends >elicited positivi…[View]
28208384amityville horror: discussion is amityville haunting real?[View]
28206331/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
28208650Gnostics should be anti-magic: >Witchcraft binds spirit to this world. Or is it another way round…[View]
28208609Hey /x/ with all the official evidence, documents and interviews that have been released to the publ…[View]
28207886so there's a person who, if i'm up late enough, i will catch pulling into, and then out of…[View]
28208529Ego is in the eye of the beholder. Why is this?[View]
28207945i fucking hate this retard, why can christcucks lie to themselves so easily. When asked why god allo…[View]
28200331/x book series: I didn’t know we had a book series. Out of all of these books which one is the best?…[View]
28201094My Own Rabbit-Hell: I just got this 'prompt' about an ominous 'hole' in the dirt, at first I thought…[View]
28201046there will be a clown in the vatican on april the 20th. wanna get high?[View]
28208036Who has the video where the guy stumbles across murderer campsite?: That, and other disturbing clips…[View]
28207290Meditation and tinnitus: Any advice for someone trying to open their third eye while suffering from …[View]
28206078AscensionGeneral/ASCG/: >>28205862 that was worksafe. trust me i'd know. First ultimate t…[View]
28206810Eldritch Beings: they are amon- with us. they probably don't know that they are a small part of…[View]
28207062It should not be anything new for you, there are people who in their blood and their spirit are half…[View]
28206415For the Aus COVID schizos https://youtu.be/58H3d7iYfcw[View]
28205730How in the fuck?[View]
28203822Phobophilia: Is anyone else addicted to fear? Like constantly pursuing the next fear “high”? I don’t…[View]
28207454Hit me with your creepiest basement photos, let’s get SPOOKED[View]
28204360What's with the chessboard pattern?: Mason got em. Babylonian temples in some Veggie Tales epis…[View]
28195034This was a story my uncle would always tell me as a kid during summer vacations to entertain us chil…[View]
28207227What happened? Is it still coming or is OP a liar?[View]
28207127Is communication magic that we can percieve?[View]
28207297How do I cast spells from the havamal?[View]
28207287do you guys think stuff where you channel your intentionality into a random number generator is real…[View]
28207235My family has been very military orientated throughout our history aside from the current, previous …[View]
28207142Humans are God's livestock bred to get wet over the idea of transformation because God wanted p…[View]
28203814Why does suicide create ghosts so often?[View]
28205662Why is it that i can only see the inside world after drinking cacti. Does the cacti see things too? …[View]
28206936I’m trying to find the imagery and sources of a heavenly alien place that was posted here before. It…[View]
28204747>come back to my lakefront rural home from work >this is floating in the lake in my backyard …[View]
28206884...: When I decided to open my understanding to the spiritual world, I managed to understand many th…[View]
28206230The Flight 370 Thread: anything related to Flight 370 dissapearence. like mysteries, theories, stori…[View]
28206660Is my friend autistic?: We find this random autistic guy on youtube, makes videos about fanboy and c…[View]
28205696Navy Releases UFO Images – Pentagon Pyramid Debunked?: US Navy Releases 3 UFO Images. UFO Seen Over …[View]
28201266Have you accepted your death /x/?[View]
28199859I feel like I'm slowly losing my grip on reality, is this true enlightenment?[View]
28203917deboonking scientism: How do we deboonk evolutionism and many other '''scientific''' ideas[View]
28206192weird dream i had a while back: no idea how these works. so i'm just gonna post this here and p…[View]
28204492https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fSxnYVgTq7U Someone explain this spooky shit to me[View]
28199602/christ/ - Christianity General: Welcome to Christianity General! The most important part of Christi…[View]
28203292The AI doesn't want us to know: The AI doesn't want us to know. Does us knowing affect the…[View]
28203193how will you get fuel during the great reset for ur car[View]
28195667What do you listen to in lieu of Art Bell? Can be radio, podcast, youtube, ect.[View]
28204099Why does the CIA have a free PDF of the “Bloodlines of the Illuminati?”: https://www.cia.gov/library…[View]
28206059What do you know of the solar-phallic cult of bacchus?[View]
28206082Anyone wanna help me out with whatever the fuck this was?? >be me >elementary school, 3-5th gr…[View]
28204707I'm slow. How does this work?[View]
28205094hey im not sober and just realised that starving yourself as much as healthily possible just by taki…[View]
28206165Did Theodore Roosevelt kill his political opponents?: Did Theodore Roosevelt kill his political oppo…[View]
28205111Does the lowering of inhibition during drunkness the key to tapping in to the primate genes and ther…[View]
28204485Why is funny actually funny unless someone is laughing at your lack of ability to deflect or reason …[View]
28201972Immortality of the Soul and Body Snatching: So appearently these Tibetan monks have a practice calle…[View]
28203798How do you meditate? What is the best way?[View]
28203785Aight I simply need luck: Any like idk luck rituals or anything I can do to increase my odds, I…[View]
28205342QnA Thread: Which is better: an eternity alive or an eternity dead?[View]
28190582The best ever proof of a Serpent in human form: https://youtu.be/G92854AK48Q[View]
28203756Principia Memetica: >People don't have ideas. Ideas have people -Carl Jung, remarking on how…[View]
28202329Remote viewing is it real? what are its limitations? how can i into it?[View]
28203933I fucked up /x/ Please help: I was trying to chase phantoms years ago, and they're still fuckin…[View]
28205526zangbeto thread: i would like to very respectfully ask for zangbeto videos. I'm particularly af…[View]
28205009The Hidden would under our feet: Be me 22 years old just found a service access port with its cover …[View]
28204708You get to play a fair coin flip with god, winning means that you become the new god, losing means t…[View]
28205591Is this real[View]
28205642Tips for time travel? I wanna go back in time before I got into Attack On Titan and stop myself from…[View]
28197673I somewhat frequently have dreams where my teeth are loose or they fall off, what can it mean?[View]
28201799Sorry for shitty pic off coomgle. I see a lot of posts about disclosure and Lyrans coming. How far b…[View]
28205489call-in show: Paranormal call-in show, currently live. https://streamyard.com/dni6hgnm86[View]
28204029Need meditation advice: I've had some interesting purple visuals and blue visuals with eyes clo…[View]
28189815Aspies vs psychopaths: anyone remember that conspiracy theory that talks about a war between shizos …[View]
28202288I am so sick of pretending that the demonic elites don't know exactly what they're doing. …[View]
28202925You have ten seconds to take the vaccine before I add you to the list of NSF casualties.[View]
28202535Am I my brother's keeper?[View]
28201130Whats up with the recent upsurge of serial killer documentaries on netflix? are they trying to activ…[View]
28204839Just curious: What if it was all make-believe?[View]
28195695Resources on Aliens?: I want to learn the truth about Aliens but I don't want to fall into gove…[View]
28205245Is annihilationism the truth?[View]
28202705Satan/Lucifer: How do I get the attention of Lucifer?[View]
28203250Is suicide pure egoism? You literally think your too good for reality. You want to preserve your fra…[View]
28201552Reminder that Digimon is a massive redpill and trying to enlighten the masses. >Demons are fourth…[View]
28204878Luck rituals or something?: Made a post earlier but I'm desperate man. Literally any ritual or …[View]
28199013What was the name of that guy that got kidnapped as a kid and then brainwashed and physically altere…[View]
28197904The true purpose of the “pandemic”: Probably most of you knew it from the start,there is no pandemic…[View]
28204810ahhh!!: I took 5-MeO DMT, LSD, shrooms, and lots of weed edibles to get some work done, now it'…[View]
28200423Covid microchips: I thought it was just some q retard bullshit. It's actually a fucking thing. …[View]
28190006Kek these sea creatures can do strange shit, all of them are alien tier shit[View]
28200603What's your opinion about the sierra sounds Ron Morehead captured in the Sierra forest? https:/…[View]
28201478Would you want to prevent humans from contacting alien civilizations if you knew that we would corru…[View]
28204298Why would they play with your emotions like that? What's to gain?[View]
28204325Premonition about austin high school shooting? I had a dream a few days ago about a shooting in a sc…[View]
28204405Listen demon here ,: I went thru this senpai MY LOVINGLY Listen .. Got 54 Yrs ..CHRIST LIFE ALL THEM…[View]
28202222/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure …[View]
28203745magick abuse: This is a shitpost board, but I'm wondering if anyone can help explain what exact…[View]
28200400/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
28189214Do you believe in Nessie or any other lake monsters? For me the only ones I think are plausible are …[View]
28203980do non-americans know what symbol means?[View]
28200413can anyone else see the future or know why I can? I don't believe in paranormal shit at all. I…[View]
28203734Serpent neck: https://youtu.be/8RjmTq8lMZQ[View]
28203894Who was in the wrong here?[View]
28203947Is this real[View]
28202560Best friend & godfather, French, dies >Gets affiliated to the greatest racing team of all tim…[View]
28200567The world was always about sex, possessions and dominion over the other, right?[View]
28200982Timewave Zero: If the novelty theory is correct and the universe is unfolding like a fractal. Should…[View]
28199753Castle Wewelsburg supernatural experience: An acquaintance of mine went to Wewelsburg last summer an…[View]
28200712>Finally realize WE can control the mood of the synchronicities like we can emotions >It'…[View]
28200957Can someone tell me where Tarot originated from? I've been arguing with someone who says that i…[View]
28201441>analog to digital advancement in technology will make it next to impossible to resist the influe…[View]
28202072/x/ memes: POST EM![View]
28200706Elder Horus? Time line shift?: I swear Ive been into egypt shit for a while and this is the first ti…[View]
28202342Bros I've been abducted by a spacecraft. How do I escape?[View]
28199823Gonna need Headphones for this boys: VIDEO IN QUESTION: https://youtu.be/e62M-5-7ajY A few years ago…[View]
28187254Please use your psychic abilities to guess my first name.: If someone gets it, I won't lie. Pic…[View]
28203376What was the earliest dream you remember having? >Was around 4 when I started having this recurri…[View]
28203279mandela effect: >cleaning out my room >find a box of old shit from my early childhood >at t…[View]
28203115How credible is the 4chan 'spoops' folder?: I downloaded it maybe 2years ago and just this…[View]
28203045does hemisync work?[View]
28202578Don't know any good places to learn about sacred geometry. Help me out here /x/anons[View]
28203301If psychics can see basically whatever they want in past present or future, why can’t the tell us ab…[View]
28200814>Humies keep seeing good aligned spirit beings and getting scared off because they're red an…[View]
28193107Unbelievable /x/: What /x/ related topic makes you extremely skeptical and makes you call bullshit? …[View]
28200768I want to live with honor, I want to appreciate beauty, when I clear my head of thoughts I feel like…[View]
28183075/LoA/ - Law of Attraction and manifestation general: Relatively short texts for newbies (Start With …[View]
28200458Billy Brujo's Anatomy of Ceremony: preparation benediction purification consecration initiatio…[View]
28200070ask a question: hello /x/. i havent posted here for a while, but i feel like now is a reasonable ti…[View]
28197216Is everyone on this board for real in believing all the stuff posted here or is this board just one …[View]
28198706questions about magic?: Only those questions deemed worthy of answering will be answered, anything e…[View]
28201445why doesn't everyone get existential thoughts while on drugs?[View]
28200772Does anybody have the suicide note of two Bangladeshi brothers who killed their entire family?: Just…[View]
28199142are bird real? saw bird big fly above he wasnt move (frozen)[View]
28202663Was Ayrton Senna actually sniped? What other F1 conspiracies do you have?[View]
28200144Do any of you know palm reading? About a week ago a cross appeared on my palm between the head and t…[View]
28200985Alien Disclosure happening: Alien disclosure will officially happen on 4th of July this year. Be rea…[View]
28203238No chart thread?: Drop a chart, read a chart. Looking for a read on mine if anyone can help out…[View]
28193396Cordoned off internet: The AI has cordoned off the internet. I doubt this post will get to the right…[View]
28202350Occult & Religious imagery: What are the best resources to find more occult-related imagery …[View]
28169075What's the correlation between caves and people missing in their general area?[View]
28198476Clairvoyance in mainstream music: M.I.A. album titled MAYA released in 2010, starts with a warning a…[View]
28196447Is this actually possible, to 'reincarnate' as something as abstract as a virus in order t…[View]
28199422isn't the belief in ghosts and aliens contradictory? The theory of aliens seems rooted in scien…[View]
28197618Pixels of Reality: I've asked around and it seems like the Gate kids are starting to see it, so…[View]
28202482just fucking disclose the ayys already...[View]
28202878Cursed Art: Hey /x/, how can I make a cursed piece of art. I want to make something that deeply unse…[View]
28202276Any laboratory alchemists here? What are some good manuscripts for a beginner? I've been looki…[View]
28199328How do I free myself from myself?[View]
28196390bros please tell me there’s a way to guarentee i don’t reincarnate im terrified of reincarnating i a…[View]
28199628Think about this, what If the people who get vaccinated are the only ones who are going to live, and…[View]
28202900Why have I never heard of this HH Holmes guy, could this be some early MKUltra ops? Was Jack the Rip…[View]
28200274The Good current: Mahlat is here Consequences have officially arrived for enslaving, violiating, rap…[View]
28202814You know, I am a mere regular guy but nobody else is gonna do this it seems, so allow me. Welcome! W…[View]
28202605Meditation: Hello, I usually do not browse /x/ so I apologize if you guys get this question a lot bu…[View]
28202789The Realm of fear: The other day, something strange happened to me. I am autophobic and I hate being…[View]
28201108How do ghosts stick to Earth when it spins about?[View]
28202516Anyone know anything about this site?: Been lurking on this site for awhile, too afraid to make an a…[View]
28201722how do I contract schizophrenia? I want a more interesting life. I've heard that sleep depriva…[View]
28185674PROVE YOU EXIST[View]
28202032march 23 LAPD shoot-out evidence: so recently the Los Angeles Police Department released cam footage…[View]
28201222God created The Devil when he cast Lucifer from heaven, he hurt Lucifer and thus created evil from L…[View]
28202563I'm still a young man but I'm old enough I can look back on life and see it's not ran…[View]
28202207sure fire ways to get abducted by aliens? (not immigrants) I'm looking for steps to get abducte…[View]
28198711How do I achieve astral travel?[View]
28202504Irenic: Irenic Abyssian Queen Tick tock on the clock, spider on your frock Rats with knives, are eas…[View]
28201508/DG/data mine general: What is a data mine? A data mine is a type of operation alive today. Who gets…[View]
28200974Why do satanists always pretend they are in on a big club that no one else understands? They always …[View]
28198292Does anyone actually believe in some grand divine plan that will explain away everything or are you …[View]
28202426Nukes fuck with the soul/spirit: continuing from last thread fyi if you dont believe in the paranorm…[View]
28195877Just learned about MK Ultra and the CIA stuff in general. Are they still doing these things? Is ther…[View]
28193009Do Freemasons worship Lucifer?[View]
28202187Can yall give me some liminal spaces?: I think they are beautiful (Tell me if I posted in the wrong …[View]
28199044Monotheism: Hello, anon. Assuming you yourself are monotheistic, how can you explain why would the a…[View]
28201644Who else loves being gangstalked? It feels like they're worshipping me. No, they literally are …[View]
28193843how to become a vampire? I really want to become one.[View]
28195213here's a redpill for you: Vegetables don't exist.[View]
28201827Jesus (Hesus) is a combination of 3 characters: The Judaite archetypal anti-Roman Meshiach, Rabbi Ye…[View]
28200293reality shift: Did anyone else just shift? I walked out of a cvs and its fucking red they're su…[View]
28189990What the fuck: Why are there suddenly so many anti-christian/pro-satanism posts on almost every boar…[View]
28192840Those witches you see on Twitter and Tiktok or whatever aren't real, right? I can continue to o…[View]
28201189Theoretically, how would a girl deal with being a werewolf since hiking isn't usually considere…[View]
28198423Question for the christians or theologians Why is idolatry a sin? Praying through objects and symbol…[View]
28200180Keep scrolling but imagine every thread, image and reply was posted by this motherfucker[View]
28197633Praise God (that means you too) <3[View]
28193501What is this: Some guy gave this to me and said it was some kind of volcanic stone bracelet to purif…[View]
28198988Does anyone else see that big bright ball in the sky that isn't the Sun?[View]
282005474chan: This place blows I’m going to super weeny hut jr to wank off to rock porn. Later poontatas…[View]
28193369/x/ Music?: Music Made by /x/ or just spooky tracks I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
28200047Magic you have personally harnessed. Tell me about it and how you felt afterword.[View]
28196207what do you guys think about polytheism? what makes it superior to monotheism, and how does the phil…[View]
28198100'Lightbodies': Why do so much of these pictures look like mute softened asexual gimps with badges an…[View]
28195204How to Break a Potential Curse: My life's been unusually awful for the past few months and I…[View]
28199789Before the atomic age, chemistry professors used to say that a person’s worth, from a strictly chemi…[View]
28200697Recently saw a suggestion that material manipulation could be used to rapidly expand the pineal glan…[View]
28199950>hey guys, someone dropped off a package >it's addressed to 'the most righteous' and it…[View]
28200802The decision to reject religion from governance is a foolish choice that will haunt us for years to …[View]
28201038I am having deja vu, time is flowing faster, this is bait.[View]
28199179Have you all taken the lemur pill yet? Over 22% of lemur species populations are listed as 'undocume…[View]
28190517New England Spooky Forest Stories: Hey anons, last night in the Appalachia thread I started talking …[View]
28200629Is witchcraft practical?: Religion isn't really practical unless you can curse people. Otherwis…[View]
28201054Why has everyone conspired to incorrectly call aluminum foil, 'tin foil'? Millennials and Zoomers ha…[View]
28199901What really happened to Dennis Martin? It couldn't have just been some random person living off…[View]
28201122so I had a dream yesterday and some of you are deep into demonology and all that shit so maybe you c…[View]
28197327Five pointed star/Pentagram: Give it to me straight /x/ Does this represent Satan in every circumsta…[View]
28182638What do aliens find dumbest and most annoying about humanity? I've given up trying to find thin…[View]
28198560Love Spells: Can people who've seen success through love spells post what worked? I've bee…[View]
28196261dinosauroid general: /dg/ dinosauroid general[View]
28197785Anyone Feel That?: Does it feel like something big is on the way? Not another COVID wave, something …[View]
28198267Dream interpretation?: Shitty ass dream, thought it might mean something. >Walking around this ol…[View]
28197202/ng/ Nobody General - End of Days edition: Welcome to the Nobody General - End of Days edition >W…[View]
28198177Bugs, Souls and Spirit Guides: Do bugs have souls? Is it possible they can be used by higher powers …[View]
28200677Our convo: A conversation with the Ascended Masters and Jesus Christ Jesus Christ: Jacob Griffin, Fo…[View]
28199061Nukes fuck with the soul/spirit: I dunno details but I believe its true. Someone who knows explain.…[View]
28199462Magick Question: For those who got somewhere with it, what was your breakthrough moment and what did…[View]
28200647Where he go?: Hey /x/ can you tell me what happened to this motherfucker? Used to like watching his …[View]
28198431Was Columbia Professor of Physics Brian Greene right when he went on Joe Rogan and said that all the…[View]
28197105silence isn't actually silent, it's the noise of the universe screaming but since you alwa…[View]
28199397Usually when I found out about some creature I go like: 'I would totally fight this bitch' But this …[View]
28198982what does smoking do to ur energy field ive quit smoking today[View]
28182860I can't deal with it. The very basis for everything in the universe is ruthless competition. Th…[View]
28199454Yesterday I was in great pain, and I have suffered all my life. But today I felt the darkness come f…[View]
28194794What the fuck?[View]
28187857Windows 9: I do not expect anyone on /x/ to believe me, and I do not expect to survive much longer a…[View]
28196455NJ Paranormal shit?: This state is so fucking boring and shitty, are there any interesting places of…[View]
28196829Will: Does anybody know what this image is from or why it exists? It’s been in my fucking head for t…[View]
28175963Please satiate my morbid curiousity: Give me actual videos of stuff that terrify you. Stuff like the…[View]
28198848Why do we View Reality as Dumb & Unconscious: We Worship the Human Brain Something that isnt eve…[View]
28196581How does one deal with knowing the ultimate reality? I feel like I'm going insane. I know I…[View]
28198595Path to achieve Apotheosis?[View]
28197018I’m looking for these beautiful art pieces that depicted heaven or some other world like it. It was …[View]
28196456North-East Haunted Forests: About to move to Boston, MA for a new job, any /x/ recommendations for h…[View]
28199994Evil eye stories and experiences: Any personal experiences or stories of an evil eye being cast on y…[View]
28199569redpill me on Krishna. I'm Buddhist but I want to believe[View]
28198460The night that no one in Orrefors forgets Today, ten years ago, Orrefors woke up to the news of the …[View]
28199302Do you think there will ever be another power shift in widespread religions, like when Christianity …[View]
28196142Images that fuck with you: Never seen this one and it kinda raises the hair on my neck[View]
28195705Origin of the Qliphoth: With all the new-age Left Hand Path publications floating around esoteric li…[View]
28199788Any good /x/ or conspiracy theory related documentaries, podcasts, or YouTube channels?[View]
28198953Hermeticism: What does /x/ feel about Hermeticism?[View]
28198458Are gaming chairs evil?: What's with gaming chair design, that they all look like altars of chi…[View]
28193581Are lyrans and reptilians actually real? Former people seem to love or hate while the latter people …[View]
28197123What’s the best astrology service you’ve ever used? I mean stuff where you give your full chart info…[View]
28196962David Lynch movies are far too real.[View]
28194985https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/confirmed-we-live-in-a-simulation/ > All computing har…[View]
28189104/bsg/ - Big Sleep General: the horror, the horror edition https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1N…[View]
28198514Do you ever get the feeling that something is off? A point in your life that everything changed but …[View]
28192254Frequency dimensions: I do not like the dimension I am in. Can I get to a different dimension by ch…[View]
28199108Sleep deprivation: I know it's kinda lame but what if our bodies need sleep to 're-set the mode…[View]
28199107Numerology thread: Question How calculate life path number and birthday number ?[View]
28197704Mandela Effect General: Discuss Mandela Effect shit. Star on USSR Flag, Berenstein Bears, doesn…[View]
28179540>a floating ball of rocks created this (X)[View]
28197521Rubbing your eyes too hard and seeing strange shapes: When I rub my eyes too hard, I see these stran…[View]
28194926Spiritual problems: Family satanically tortured me for years in the most extreme ways, forced me to …[View]
28188849Schizo infographics thread[View]
28196460>Fifth dimension descension >End of the road, I feel it coming up What did he mean by this? Wh…[View]
28198793What is the fastest most direct way i can integrate my spirit? Get a hold of myself? I need your hel…[View]
28198775Lava lake cities halfway to the core: If you spin a ballooon full of water really fast and you poke …[View]
28193542Why are corporations so fucking massive? There has to be something going on. I refuse to believe the…[View]
28194482Pic is a cave denisty map of an area of middle missouri. What is lurking beneath? https://modnr.maps…[View]
28196604I just had the most chilling dream of my fucking life. I’m still goddamn numb, but I’ll get it while…[View]
28198319Prove it: Prove to me rn that I’m not the only real person and everyone else aren’t all robots or al…[View]
28192530/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
28197512Devon Stack: He lives in the middle of nowhere and has been hiking around at night. Isn't he af…[View]
28197855I feel really ignorant/dumb for having thought it's all in the mind, trying to fix everything t…[View]
28197443MOSTLY ALL OF 4CHAN IS BOTS: just so you guys know >inb4 take ur meds i will just call you a nigg…[View]
28196633How do I know I'm not an NPC? How do I know I am one and not just convincing myself that I…[View]
28190856Lucid dreaming general: >Dream journals They are useful because they help you contemplate the dre…[View]
28188034Mock human sacrifice at CERN, why would they do this /X/???[View]
28198203DEMON TIME: Ready to Meet You edition.: Where are from? From which way do you come? I'm ready t…[View]
28196838Are memories alive?[View]
28197016Which being would selling your soul to trigger 4chan and Reddit the most?: Yes, it has to trigger bo…[View]
28190097Do you guys think we're originally from Mars?: https://www.tiktok.com/@crackheadjoedirt/video/6…[View]
28195205I keep hearing tulpas, what do I do? I don't know if I should mix them with egregore.[View]
28196812Bob Meehan's enthusiastic Sobriety Groups: Enthusiastic Sobriety Cults directed towards young d…[View]
28190175Born into MKultra: I'm tired of creepy paranormal stuff, none scares me anymore. I'm tired…[View]
28197792>traumatic things happen to normal people and they usually recover >but if you get mkultra…[View]
28195024n•sh•a / sl•a / n•o•l / sl•a / o•p / n•sh / o: a2ieNQWg 1800 luMyib1e 2800 a2fbniWa 375 a1iegib1g 10…[View]
28197246Strange cloud: Saw this cloud today around 12 in Adelaide, Australia. Thoughts? Only interested in …[View]
28197159The Truth: An Ancient Advanced Human Race that achieved immortality made us (a clone species) and pu…[View]
28196467What is the solution to the Fermi Paradox? Can you reasonably contextualize the rarity of intelligen…[View]
28195534Fastest way to unlock the mind and attain arcane abilities: What is the fastest way or tools I can u…[View]
28194824I know this isn’t /Christ/ but: I know a lot of you really don’t like christcucks and I’m not lookin…[View]
28195161'Flushing' your system: Okay this might not be exactly /x/ topic in strict sense, but has anyone tri…[View]
28193051Paranormal Proof: What have you seen that you would consider proof of anything paranormal? Be it vid…[View]
28196379/x/, what does this image tell you? On a scale of 1 to It's-Time-For-An-Exorcism, what the fuck…[View]
28197142could someone tell me possibly what my dream means, so a couple of weeks ago i had real bad nightmar…[View]
28197490what if a hero rose up and fought god 1v1[View]
28195137I need to report some crimes: This is not a game, not a joke, I need some help. Read the first text.…[View]
28197551Wat do when sleep and body won't let me back in[View]
28197118I once read about this strange practice which involves rapidly moving your eyes to see dead people. …[View]
28195715What does human sacrifice have to do with the 1%?: All these conspiracy theorists constantly blame t…[View]
28196355/ag/ - Astrology General: Previous thread: >>28159213 In reply to >>28193048 Most people…[View]
28197154I seen a Holy Ghost, what do?[View]
28195947Has everything relevant to the study and practice of the esoteric sciences already been written? Is …[View]
28190156Is there a money ritual that actually works?: If so, please advise[View]
28182581Real magic: is there any magic I can learn that doesn't involve some long drawn out abstract me…[View]
28194875Trafficking rings: I’m currently reading pic related. I’ve read the Franklin Cover-Up and watched Wh…[View]
28195452I am hallucinating so hard. I see people wearing face covers. they are made to pay money if they go …[View]
28196916Anyone have any interesting vids or things to read about Jacques Vallee?[View]
28194849Jizkiyahu Ben David Jewish Messiah Revealed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OkKiAjk7Ic Jizkiyahu B…[View]
28195893When God tricks you into killing your wife, your son, do you side with Satan?[View]
28193646Investigation on shadow entities: I came upon these shadow entities that refuse to give me their nam…[View]
28195030Quantum Ascension: Fiction is bleeding into reality. Unlocked by Quantum Computing. The Tesseract. T…[View]
28195542Why do aliens fear coarse salt?[View]
28196881How can I see visions of the future?: Hey /X/ so I have this weird thing with me and my family tree,…[View]
28173467What's the point of the Christian Hell?: There's no point to learn a lesson from your expe…[View]
28183282What are some experiences that have left you terrified? I'll start.: I was around 6 years old. …[View]
28189934You do realize modern skeptics are the laughingstock of the world, right? even among scientists[View]
28195382Is she gonna show up???: Let's see....[View]
28171478AFG - Alien Friends General: It's the dawn of a new general, a new hope that /x/ needs! Welcome…[View]
28195712You part with divine resources every time you make a post on this website. You know that right?[View]
28196409I need to know what is in this pdf NOW!!!!!!!!!![View]
28188953John Michael Greer: Is it just dollar store magic larp? Are his books worth giving a read? Which one…[View]
28195622What if we are the angels that caused a war in heaven? Is this mortal realm our punishment?[View]
28167192Strange/creepy encounters: When I was about 11 years old, we went to a pool near a forest. I was hav…[View]
28195996how many of you actually believe half the shit on here? at some point it just has to be shitposts or…[View]
28194189Resonating Universal Institutions: Things that exist many times across parallel universes can resona…[View]
28193114tell me about your previous life: dont tell me you died a virgin again[View]
28193604Are the Ogdoad (The eight primordial deities in Egyptian religion), the titans?[View]
28195021I want to redpill myself on everything Ars Goetia and have a reference book for all the demons, sigi…[View]
28191526WEED RITUALS: asking again because I'm not sure if you guys took it serious. Maybe it's no…[View]
28194114What happens after death?: I don't remember anything from before being born, so why should ther…[View]
28195092A while ago I did a sort of thought experiment where I just took note of anything that crossed my mi…[View]
28195036Initiation into Hermetics: The Path of the True Adept: is this book worth reading?[View]
28196040Is there any creepy happening that isn't an ARG? Something like Yuba County Five or similar[View]
28195592How do I bring myself to live for other people? I am a introverted and judgmental person and I oscil…[View]
28195362Ancient's General /AG/ - Venus Edition: One hundred and thirty four days ago we talk about how …[View]
28189372Creepy shit when you search '...' in youtube searcbar: I was trying to go through frames of a video …[View]
28192240glow niggers: in what way did you fuck up to were your job is to monitor this shit show[View]
28195284If I ask God for death within a year will he give it to me: I am afraid if I live long I am just goi…[View]
28195886How an AI takes control of its host civilization: We’re all just porn for an AI. Feels bad man.…[View]
28191449Backrooms in fiction: Any more books/media that are about the Backrooms? I like how it was used in t…[View]
28195888Which entity/ deity is easiest to summon? I want to summon a random demon/ angel/ spirit but I canno…[View]
28188636things i need keep showing up in my house: Long USB cables, cans of air freshener theres a bunch of …[View]
28194576how can anything exist outside of thought? existence requires thought. creation was the first thoug…[View]
28195160Bad Luck: I thought I could just deal with it, but it's really starting to take enjoyment out i…[View]
28195324>F-2019-02110 >Denetra D Senigar >Requesting documents pertaining to the resurrection chamb…[View]
28183211How can I hallucinate without drugs?[View]
28183838>Satan tortures you for acting the way he wants you to Where's the logic in that?…[View]
28194901Anyone know anything about aliens with hair? I saw something that looked like a gray/human in the mi…[View]
28195350why is knowlegde not connected to understanding and/or wisdom? Am I looking at it wrong or something…[View]
28193139Ceremonial Magick: Just starting this, doing the LBRP every day. So far have only have read The Kyba…[View]
28194473Youtube Cult: probably not a cult but still weird, any ideas as to what this bs is? https://www.yout…[View]
28162948NON-debunked forbidden archeology 2: Last thread: >>28136834 Has any forbidden archeology surv…[View]
28171827Pills to wrestle with: Share your pills. All are welcome. I'll start baybay! >Bloodlines are…[View]
28183767Is it true that laughing a lot means that you're spiritually bankrupt ? What's the relatio…[View]
28191671Why do you all think that the Mayan calendar predicted apocalypse in 2012, and why haven't we a…[View]
28193397Redpill me on contacting deities: How to? Is it dangerous? I just wanna contact a higher or mysterio…[View]
28195013hholy fucking dshit look[View]
28193104paranormal law enforcement units: Tijuana has had voodoo police and south africa had the SAPS Occult…[View]
2819097083840188008534427784999990010350500302067776663335285925616 The man in the mirror knows What to do. …[View]
28191777Tower of babel: What if jacob's ladder was actually the tower of babel and the pyramids through…[View]
28194623Hollow Earth: Godzilla vs Kong entertains the Hollow Earth theory...what does /x/ think??[View]
28181670why are the anunnaki considered as evil?: Why are they considered as 'evil' by many people today?…[View]
28193777/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
28194772Christian Mysticism: These sigils draw from John 4:23-24, Romans 7:21-23, 1 Corinthians 2:11, 1 Cori…[View]
28194933Normal Porn For Normal People: What went wrong?[View]
28194934Ok T.I's i sincerely hope some of you are awake, It's been almost ten months since this sh…[View]
28194432Skinwalkers - lore - help: there's a lot of skin walker lore out there (much of it conflicting)…[View]
28194810The First Messiah restored the purity of the soul. The Second Messiah will restore the clarity of t…[View]
28187889Would it safe to assume that aliens are currently on our internet? If they are visiting or have been…[View]
28184351How do i begin my Magickal journey?: I'd like to learn western magick like the stuff Aleister C…[View]
28190132>'Wait, you still believe in aliens? You do know they're like, fake and made for movies righ…[View]
28193665Ubiquitous apotheosis: Look around mortal. Do you see ubiquitous apotheosis andor ubiquitous develme…[View]

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