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/x/ - Paranormal

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30365560big if true?[View]
30365461What is the purpose to shamanism? Can it be dangerous? How do I start? I struggle with meditation al…[View]
30359610What would you do if this happened to you?[View]
30350772What do you know of this place, /x/?[View]
30363977I think they know that I know, every time I think about it I feel a dark shadow power gathering near…[View]
30365223Wtf is with this commercial? What the actual fuck is this. I don't know what it is, but the fai…[View]
30365273how do i into the astral fellow s/x/izos ? furthest i've gotten is feeling those weird vibratio…[View]
30361728Help: My mom was always non religious and hated spirituality but she has recently she has started wa…[View]
30359542>Draconic creatures appear in virtually all cultures around the globe.[12] Nonetheless, scholars …[View]
30359384So what the fuck do you guys know about Hypno Therapy: Serious answers only. It's literally a m…[View]
30364665Full embrace: Soon I will cease the restriction of my psychic powers and begin to focus on their gro…[View]
30363612>The paranormal isn't rea-[View]
30356057The Old Gods Are Coming Back.: Egypt to reopen the ancient 'Avenue of Sphinxes' centuries after it h…[View]
30363102Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extr…[View]
30364010hmmm: i will fucking post one more tune, good tunes keeps me sane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-…[View]
30361917found you: daily reminder of the world you live in[View]
30362469I feel like most things I experience or run into as far as the paranormal is concerned is like a 'do…[View]
30364902The Baying of the Leshgoths: Here's a short story I wrote. It has some paranormal themes. >…[View]
30363517You'd sleep with them, right?: You wouldn't be afraid of them, right? They're good gu…[View]
30363691Nephilin: What does /x/ know about the Nephilin and their direct descendents? Any books to recomend …[View]
30363892So what the fuck ie the real path? Was the Buddha right and the spiral of samsara is infinite bullsh…[View]
30364677Why does she make all the modern world seethe?: Clearly there must be a deep cosmological reality to…[View]
30337998Why you are not doing agroforestry? Like bacteria in our gut that lives in harmony with our bodies, …[View]
30363929Any spells to not feel alone in the universe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuU--D4DXdw[View]
30363147Blue Light: Last night I was at work--because Holiday pay is great--optimizing some of our ADMs. It …[View]
30359645/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
30364283Alchemy-old green lion thread: Does anyone still have the green lion thread where someone posted ste…[View]
30364224NIGHTMARES: Tell us some of your nightmares[View]
30359769how does one become a demon? why is it important for a deal to be made if they are so powerful?[View]
30360632Question: What are the spiritual ramifications to rubbing one out to Aphrodite[View]
30359901Is it bad karma to red pill people? Anytime I try to expose evil or talk to people about the nature …[View]
30364225Memento Mori ITT post images that remind you that you WILL DIE Nature, illustrations, woodcuts.[View]
30352335How the fuck do you move your hand? How do you go from deciding to move a muscle to it actually hap…[View]
303530001:5: This is your only chance to prevent the establishment of Hell, and the forthcoming Apocalypse. …[View]
30360956This is a thread about HOMICIDAL THOUGHTS. Come on, I know you crazy mfers have them. Are there any …[View]
30363332In the name of God Ya Allahu Subhanahu wa Ta'ala Ya hayyu ya qayyum Ya Allah please ruin the li…[View]
30362260illuminati: Hi guys. is the illuminati real? the bavarian illuminati started to oppose corruption su…[View]
30345990schizo humour time[View]
30344131HELP ME: Stop the synchronicities I'm fucking going insane WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN WHY DOES …[View]
30360801Is this God?[View]
30297828/apg/ - Astral Projection, Reality Shifting & OOBE General #3: >Can anyone project/shift/have…[View]
30362071LUCIFER DEATH: Lucifer here. 09/08/97---6/12/21 is the date of my human form sacrifice I'm comi…[View]
30363135Blue demon thread!: Do you see yourself surrounded by blue demons? Do you see a Blue Demon in the mi…[View]
30363149Cryptids and how to kill them? It's for a project. Bonus points for obscure ones, like the Wech…[View]
30363763Seeking? Yet Here You Are - With Nothing: How long have you searched? What have you to show for this…[View]
30343467what are /x's/ thoughts on wendigoon?[View]
30361963What Are The Vibrations?: This time last year I ingested a little over five grams of psylocibin mush…[View]
30363557Whoa now, You're here to learn bro, rofl. Did you learn anything yet bros? Lmao. Who started th…[View]
30361270Can anyone read my hand. I think i am cursed.[View]
30361194Moon landing: Did Americans land on the moon? Was Apollo 11 faked?[View]
30356185Is drumming better than meditation?[View]
30359742>Saturn gets “hijacked” by the Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, during the ‘Fall of Man’ >eh puts rings a…[View]
30355920How effective is a crucifix against the paranormal? Anyone have any stories?[View]
30359914Did he say it?: 'There's a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I…[View]
30356272How do I forget?: I recently came across some esoteric knowledge and its ruining my mind. I already …[View]
30360722How do you trigger a schizophrenic episode? I am bored and want my delusions back.[View]
30362408>history is fake >science is fake >space is fake >evolution is fake >politics is fake…[View]
30360849Reverse Email Search: Hi, I keep getting these weird emails from an unknown email. It’s not spam, it…[View]
30361156Is adrenochrome real?: Why do people go missing? Considering every conspiracy video about children b…[View]
30362597Alright /x/, what do you make of this? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZdeARohdTPfDDPOrIgL1by_D…[View]
30360566A REAL human-hybrid SHAPESHIFTER: https://youtu.be/2sVGP4S0svQ[View]
30356083It's the end of the world, isn't it.[View]
30359522Should ghosts be busted or left alone?[View]
30362443Talking with angels: I want to contact angels. How do I do it, and how do I know they're actual…[View]
30362871The Divine Spark: How do I tap into the Divine Spark? Where do I begin?[View]
30363107How much retarded you must be to thinking like pic related?[View]
30361974Are there any meaning to my last two dreams?: The past few nights I've had two weird dreams the…[View]
30363081Why are graveyards only open from Dusk till Dawn? Is nighttime a sacred time for the dead?[View]
30361401The idea of knowing secret truths that are powerful is very seductive. But I have issues with the 'a…[View]
30359878HOW DO I DO BLACK MAGIC: fr like actually[View]
30361881Bros? what this mean?? Any esoteric significance? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/egypt-ancient-avenue-…[View]
30360883Ok so let me get this straight.: You're telling me, that the Sun and Uranus are representing th…[View]
30361099The Syndarian Conspiracy: 'Aeons ago in long forgotten lands beneath the sands of people who left no…[View]
30359089What if the most advanced technology is life. When engineers are done tinkering, tech gets so advanc…[View]
30360788New conspiracy theory I just came up with The amount of people on earth far exceeds the advertised n…[View]
30361188Dream Gerbilland: Hello /x/. I have a weird one tonight. I havent slept more than maybe 3 hours for …[View]
30362377What's the best prayer you've ever heard: Mine is 'May you return us free homeland, Our Go…[View]
30357060Military installations with clearance levels: Havnt seen a post about secret military installations …[View]
30359950Pls allow me to train: Hello xfags I'm trying my hand at tarot reading/divination. Ask a quest…[View]
30356020What is the significance of 3 6 9?[View]
30360432December Solstice 2021: Does this chart look weird to you, too? What do you think it means?[View]
30347206How can I make a tulpa based on a real person? She's my celeb crush and waifu and I'd like…[View]
30362068Share me your best iceberg: Hello /x/, I'd like to know if you could share me your best iceberg…[View]
30361432Surreal General: 'The surreal is but reality that is not disconnected from it's mystery' -Rene …[View]
30355285what is the truth? >free will or >determinism…[View]
30354422>Keep researching the truth >Watch as Lucifer tries to ruin my life more and more >Now watc…[View]
30360480Bruh whats with all the synchronization?[View]
30360767What do you think about this guy?[View]
30358886I’ll give a brief explanation about this: Media / “Art” is a spiritual medium, what you watch and en…[View]
30360331can someone post this on /x/ plz this is the origijinal that was supposed to be on /x/ first but i c…[View]
30359306Is the Simulation Theory just an elaborate psyop like flat earth or...?[View]
30361150Has anyone ever found that they'll learn about something and then instantly come accross that e…[View]
30359734Missive to Nickelodeon: I don't think you're going to win, nick. And I don't think yo…[View]
30361333How did we get the system of awakening kundalini within our bodies? How do we have the potential of …[View]
30358589Redpill me on blood magick[View]
30360339What do you think about this Swedenborg guy?: So I was reading about pragmatism, empiricism, and phi…[View]
30360564I thought /b/ would find it interesting, but I was wrong, maybe you guys will? Anyway I’ve been a n…[View]
30357558I explored an abandoned hospital yesterday. https://youtu.be/dfFz3rJdjWM[View]
30360261Conflicted With Good and Evil Energies: I know most people larp on here, but I wholeheartedly believ…[View]
30360552Shaman Thread: If there are any tribals/religious or martial orders on /x/ post green texts, stories…[View]
30358292/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
30357308I know what you are doing /x/: You are forcing things that are hard to believe into existence. By gi…[View]
30355618Anyone know /x/-type music like Sol Invictus? Esoteric and symbolist music that keep you in touch wi…[View]
30360762What are your thoughts on Bashar and the excitement formula?[View]
30348916So the tic tac. Was it an alien spacecraft, the result of a secret government project, or something …[View]
30359961Why do people think so many posts on this website are from 'bots' like GPT-3, various models for neu…[View]
30358774Absolute newbie here, is the number of the devil 616 or 666?[View]
30360741Another Realm?: Could dreams be a link to another realm? Maybe angels or spirits might try and commu…[View]
30360239why is saturn running at full capacity and how do we gets the moon and sol back[View]
30355165Do you believe that contradictions exist?[View]
30360531temple of set opinion?[View]
30358315/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
30357826Is the sun something to be worshipped Or is it just literal hellfire that we are anchored to everyt…[View]
30355538How to shapeshift?[View]
30359594I'm obviously a god on this planet that has been convinced otherwise. My past traumas and belie…[View]
30360161How many souls would you have to exchange at the gate to be granted passage into an isekai world?[View]
30356428Okay X...: So why the FUCK did this guys eyes turn blue? Should we be concerned?[View]
30359790We live INSIDE God!: Hallowed's Mystery Of God The Container >https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
30356803Favorite youtube conspiracy theorist? For me it's Reallygraceful.[View]
30359695Can you create a tulpa if you have autism?[View]
30359598Is the black sun really Saturn?[View]
30359978So with puke guns and pain rays being used in Cuba whats the next step in futuristic weapons?[View]
30352582How can I tell/what are some signs that I killed myself in my past life? Both in general and in nata…[View]
30350786how do i summon satan? asking for a friend.[View]
30356738ALL A DREAM?: Is reality all a dream? I keep hearing people say that once you ascend you will look b…[View]
30358399Is the RHP possible in this LHP current?: Seriously. While maybe perhaps generating good karma for a…[View]
30359432Chaos Magic Thread: What does /x/ think of chaos magic? I thought it was a pretty silly idea at firs…[View]
30357223Why don't vampires like silver or garlic?[View]
30354718/x/ ART thread !!!!: Green texts are welcome too! Discuss arts and concepts![View]
30357074Upgraded Moon Art: hope some1 enjoying these[View]
30355293A cursed video I remember. You probably remember it, too.: So I remember an mp4 file making the roun…[View]
30359003its not going to happen is it /x/ anons: The sloping park, great calamity, / Through the Lands of th…[View]
30355364Amduscias: How can I summon him? Is He able to provide me with musical prowess?[View]
30357250Security guard thread: I recently got a security job in a large city in the Midwest. The scariest th…[View]
30357397>be reading the golf rumors >stumble upon new york subway nuclear tests i couldn't go on …[View]
30354916Does anyone know what does this image mean?[View]
30356490what is the secret space program: i need to fucking know what is going on Bill cooper talks about p…[View]
30353054When I was a child, religious people were the 'sheep'. Asking more about religion would result in th…[View]
30359082anyone else notice strange people walking around at night making animal noises? the fuck is this shi…[View]
30355463am i being watched??: yesterday i posted a thread about the recognition of UFO tapes by Pentagon and…[View]
30355688The Georgia Guidestones Were Placed By God Himself: The Georgia Guidestones are usually one of the c…[View]
30356284disclosure part 2: any1 want to be my friend??????[View]
30356218If you could contact real supernatural beings that exist, but they are very shy, what is the best wa…[View]
30355197So I spent some time with the KJV of the Bible, MS Excel, and did some calculations based on my inco…[View]
30351317The Sodom System Must Go: Our government robs us with taxes on a routine basis, and threatens anyone…[View]
30357595In which circle of the paranormal does science reside?[View]
30356930Who in his right mind would believe anything of this existed before being born or will keep existing…[View]
30359381Where is the ghost and paranormal video? Every time i come here and there is no thread about it, par…[View]
30358360Is belief in the gods as spiritual beings that represent metaphysical and physical forces of reality…[View]
30351190is invoking a demon to commit harm on your neighbor because they keep waking you up at 2am with loud…[View]
30359379Has anybody come into contact with Duendes? If not please still share anything you know about them.[View]
30337340Conspiracy chart: where you at?[View]
30353491Yo /x/, was watching the web traffic in my building today and downloaded a file filled with artsy ph…[View]
30357798Isn't it strange, anon? The magick is like a drug, once you try it and it opens your horizons i…[View]
30359260Recurring dreams featuring the same man. Anyone with a similar experience?: Hi, I'm going to tr…[View]
30318024Astro general : nobody read my chart edition: continue[View]
30354589I read some shit about narwhals where they were thought to be mythical creatures. People would only …[View]
30354497Is there a way to spiritually change your personality/identity? I hate myself and I wish I were some…[View]
30359195Ayylmaos lets discuss odd photos: Lets see some odd photos and or drawings[View]
30357806Ambien stories?: I've heard ambien can be one hell of a drug. Friend tried it for his insomnia,…[View]
30355370Why is the dream version of myself so heavily idealized? More handsome, muscular, better smile etc.[View]
30353443please recommend me a god/deity to pray to.[View]
30358343I've seen a few threads like this in the past on this board. What was your first memory?[View]
30353980Creepy obscure videos thread: Videos you happened to stumble upon that kept you up for days, Don…[View]
30356155There are no angels or gods, only mind entities that are really smart and quite cool, but also dange…[View]
30355921What's on my desk?: Instead of what is in my pocket, this time we'll go for what do I have…[View]
30358261I've been on full tilt the last day or two. Very clear and concise in my own thoughts... But fe…[View]
30356981There are warm colors and cool colors Red orange yellow green blue purple Can the “warm” side reall…[View]
30358246Can you practice your mentalism skills by watching TV and trying to guess what the actors in tv show…[View]
30357620White pill me: Just cut myself for the first time because I'm so depressed. White pill me on sp…[View]
30358207Have any of you summoned a demon? How did you do it and what happened?: Ars Goetia and other demonol…[View]
30355809'The Creation' A Luciferian Message...: They mock the creation and hate the humankind... https://ww…[View]
30348564Can u release DMT without taking anything?[View]
30357256Working closing shift tonight till like 2 am and it's dead as fuck and I've only got like …[View]
30358187H /x users that can remote view / astral project is it possible to view brain activity? If so I was …[View]
30358501Im going to make a saiyuri tulpa from doki doki literature club. Im just worried she might deviate a…[View]
30358679weird dream: /x/ I come to you today with a dream so strange that it fucking made me go on 4 chan at…[View]
30357850found amulet - any info?: hi /x/ I was cleaning out my deceased grandfathers old coin collection, th…[View]
30357180ok /x/ give me your best shot on the third reich. antigravity technology, hollow earth, Nazi interac…[View]
30358554Lucid dreams: I have 3 very distinct types of lucid dreams and I'm curious if others have had s…[View]
30357655I don't have power: Storm fucked the grid. Any good stories for reading in the dark?[View]
30342544If there's anything you'd like to say to us, now's your chance.[View]
30358057Maybe there's no evidence of the paranormal because all of the supernatural entities don't…[View]
30348263Anyone else has heard about scoop marks? They're little spots (they look like circular scars) o…[View]
30355569THE CYCE: Hey anons just a big fucking reminder, the harvest this year will be negative unless you h…[View]
30357734Man is a machine: “What you call the subconscious, is in my opinion the real human consciousness.” -…[View]
30351292redpill me on thoth. why is he so important?[View]
30330433Queen of /x/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk4M2WD2mgw[View]
30341634Female Vampires: I want to find out more about the physiology of female vampires. And when I say vam…[View]
30356869ive been experiencing wierd synchronicities since childhood buts its been increasing recently, why i…[View]
30344795Max Spiers: Max Spiers thread. Schizo or Legit? His site (archive): https://web.archive.org/web/2016…[View]
30357648LMAO...: as if the gov't doesn't know what's happening already.[View]
30352769Why is the LBRP a banishing ritual when you're clearly invoking?[View]
30356446Polytheism General: This general will revolve around the literature, beliefs, culture and history of…[View]
30354428/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
30357122https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/191216890/ Edwards AFB mind control dig, Thanksgiving edition.…[View]
30356236help I'm a retarded American that accidentally had a spiritual awakening: Can you get addicted …[View]
30353842My First ARG[View]
30353144New Mexico Anomalies: so i live in new mexico and tourists come in because apparently its a hotbed f…[View]
30352348Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a strange power when manlets and lanklets work togeth…[View]
30356249How do I summon a skin walker I'm at my cousin's house for Thanksgiving pic related[View]
3035336507/02/2022: Soon.[View]
30351942The Finders: The finders was a cult/organization in the 80's tied to child sexual exploitation …[View]
30354539What symbolic role did Card fill here?[View]
30353106Mage taking requests: I'm a strong spellcaster, I craft, charge and cast my own spells that are…[View]
30352512Lucid Dreaming: How many of you have dream control? I fluctuate between omnipotence and minor power.…[View]
30355793How do you trust any history that is taught to you? How can I verify anything that was taught to me …[View]
30354525/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
30354068Artifacts: Where in the Donald duck fuck do you find occult objects? I've made a pointing bone …[View]
30352325Goth BBWS (And how to Summon them!): This is bow to summon a big-tiddy-goth-gf-waifu. It can be done…[View]
30355057/x/, I need some good techniques to remember my dreams. Please, no drugs involved.[View]
30355871Something really, really fucking weird happened to me: I think I just saw a ghost. Call me insane or…[View]
30345251being gangstalked again, what do?[View]
30352552Sup nofappers, how many wet dreams do you get while abstaining? Isnt it cooler to jizz before gettin…[View]
30355739Tycoons, presidents and their sexual tastes: Hello dear 4chan users. I have a belief for you about t…[View]
30329288How are you guys not afraid of death?: Death is literally the end of existence even if we assume tha…[View]
30347464how do i summon a sucubus?[View]
30343918well, by 2030 we're going to be eating lab grown humans. hope you're all ready.[View]
30349552Are rain dancers part of any government's weather warfare arsenal?[View]
30351306Why is suicide so karmic debt heavy ?[View]
30353293microheads: these aren't tiny heads, these are plugs on throats. they are plugs over decapitate…[View]
30354913What's the craziest conspiracy theory?[View]
30352941Spooky scary: I already miss the spooky month :( Can you guys tell me some scary stories you'v…[View]
30353402FAITH: is faith a crutch i hated the idea of faith but i start doing work with a nameless faceless g…[View]
30355242What the fuck, I thought Henry winkler died?[View]
30353859Demon Time 3:33: For as long as I can remember, this time of night has always been troublesome at th…[View]
30351633Wait... Why is it 'Matrix Revolutions' now, instead of 'Matrix Revelations' like it always was?[View]
30354004He's a grey alien, you know. He came from them. From their society. His soul. It's a grey …[View]
30355047/sleep paralysis/: for the first time ever last night i experienced sleep paralysis. made it nearly …[View]
30354740Rain: Whats with rain? Why do I always have the weirdest most lucid dreams and awful headaches whene…[View]
30353621Innawoods Knowledge dump me: Is there a spiritual significance of fire/bonfires/campfires in defense…[View]
30349469Book worship: Paranormally speaking, why do so many people have the tendency to worship books? I…[View]
30353477how do you perform shadow work properly?: I hate that I have to ask on here, but I've literally…[View]
30353480Hello /x/, /pol/ here. I wanted to know your opinion of Jewry. What is really going on here? Is it s…[View]
30352695Why does it feel so mind numbingly pleasurable when energy is sent into a spot right under my navel[View]
30353184Hello /x/. Is there any interesting cult or group that i could look into?[View]
30349539I was raised catholic but in the last few years I almost completely lost faith, due to religious big…[View]
30354570Is death even possible?: >No awareness for an infinite amount of time That is a paradox. The only…[View]
30352895why didn't Jesus write anything down? I'm watching a comedy called The Book of Christ abou…[View]
30352795Knowing magic by instinct: Did anyone here ever do magic or something related to it instinctually? I…[View]
30350118Forgiveness: How can I forgive myself if the things I've done are socially deplorable. Obviousl…[View]
30354687Firsthand /x/ stories? Haven't seen one of these threads in a while.[View]
30352884Hey /x/. I’m not really sure where to start. I want to open my mind and explore parts of my psyche I…[View]
30351024Synchronicity is an aspect of alchemical transformation. It is a sign of the first step, Calcination…[View]
30354499Why is DMT the most spiritual drug?[View]
30349913Children's TV shows that had spiritual/occult elements that went over parents' heads? This…[View]
30353561Giant Hole: Hey /x/, I'm visiting a giant hole tomorrow and was wondering what you could tell m…[View]
30354305Love spell: How can I make someone fall in love with me? I know this person in real life, she's…[View]
30344227Ayahuasca: Alright so I'm going on an ayahuasca retreat for a week. Looking for any tips, trick…[View]
30354369do demons who look like this exist?[View]
30351335/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
30342010Post monsters.[View]
30354067So since 2021 I've been experiencing muscle contractions in my shoulders that feel like there i…[View]
30340224Kaballah and Tree of Life: I've seen this fucker referenced in all osrts of media, and know tha…[View]
30347636What are tought forms?[View]
30352903what would be the most paranormal hardest seduction?: I think some sort of pain demon or a very old …[View]
30328423/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: >Can i manifest ___? Yes >Curious? Do the…[View]
30350934I know a freemason that invited me to join his lodge. Should I do it? I want to learn more about spi…[View]
30349971The Eye is the Moon. It blinks a blink that last 28 days since the dawn of Man. Is perfect up there,…[View]
30349300Has a nuclear bomb detonated outside of the testing grounds and Japan?[View]
30353630I am a Gnome: You are getting gnomed right now. Microcultural forms possess your very essence. You d…[View]
30329807Christianity General: >2021 >no Christianity general Why? Anything from Bible quotes you find …[View]
30352896How long until we 1488 the muggles?: We must eliminate the the conniving (((mud-bloods))) in the Min…[View]
30353035Self-proclaimed prophet here, AMA if u dare[View]
30353843What is the creepypasta which reads like a quest? It's was written similar to ' stand at the cr…[View]
30353585>You are a product of your environment >If Your 'spirit' decided to live this life what did it…[View]
30302600What is the most /x/-tier anime?[View]
30352135Dream interpretation help: My gf had a dream she was laying down in bed with shadow ppl on either si…[View]
30353502But like...: Ants communicate chemically with their antennae, and it's a shockingly large amoun…[View]
30350377Does every wielder of consciousness have its own heaven / hell or are we all sent to the same place?…[View]
30327667/void/ - Void General: Tip of my Tongue Edition: Welcome to the Void, where the only boundaries of e…[View]
30353306Antimatter, Santilli Telescope, Invisible Terrestrial Entities: Anti-matter entities found and patte…[View]
30353394Aliens are from the 4th dimension. Change my mind: We see orbs in the skies that are moving extremel…[View]
30350429God hates me. Now what?[View]
30351960Arrest Ptaah: If you are an Et reading this: arrest the evil pleiadian P'taah. He is an evil ra…[View]
30349927Remote Viewing General: Recently I’ve become interested in remote viewing again. Years ago I remembe…[View]
30353228UM, GUYS?![View]
30351953question for those who understand: are we alone here as one, forever? or is there more? all theories…[View]
30353120Today, I started seeing the world in a way I never did before. Everything forms a three dimensional …[View]
30348753Possible hex or curse: So, my crazy sister in law threatened me and my marriage because my partner d…[View]
30351696Give me the redpill on the Devil's Bible. I am ready.[View]
30347344Did I meet Odin or something?: Was walking through the park in my city and there was a old man in a …[View]
30342746Okay now I'm pissed. I thought Uranus and the age of aquarius was supposed to be all about free…[View]
30351892Actual Superpower Tutorial: This will give you the basic steps to achieve a boring but very real sup…[View]
30352577This is not something of my knowledge, I know nothing. This is just something I present, what you do…[View]
30352910so omegle chat bots are getting better, idk if i should be scared or not.[View]
30352882Simply doesn't come together without collaboration: The harmony of connection among people is w…[View]
30349838what you think about Neem Karoli Baba[View]
30349481OK guys. I'm looking for some simple bits of extremely early memories you all have. I'm ta…[View]
30344060Cute Cryptids: Cute cryptids/creatures? Everyone knows Mothman but what are some lesser known cute c…[View]
30349840What exactly is all of this? I find myself asking this question way too often and it begins to get d…[View]
30352217Mindfullness meditation question: I cant do Breath awareness mindful meditation because it makes me …[View]
30351436Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extr…[View]
30346285What's the most scared you've ever been?[View]
30352751What is this movie really about?[View]
303481162022: 22 is the middle master number (11, 22, 33), it's also the amount of cards in a tradition…[View]
30351830I've been dreaming about this for a while now, generally people with many eyes I don't ten…[View]
30352432A body of Graphene: I had a vision last night of myself transferring somehow into a quasirobotic bod…[View]
30341257Whose side are you on?: Which one of these two would you really rather fight for?[View]
30352445so man is 'the beast', right?[View]
30351214My friend is really sick. Claims he's too sick to actually respond to me lately. Problem is, if…[View]
30342978Have you ever cast a hex on someone? What was the result?[View]
30348933is it just me or would most people not believe the epstein shit if it didnt become a silly meme and …[View]
30346554Ability to smell images, for example seeing a garden full of roses on TV and being able to smell ros…[View]
30351577There is no salvation: One finds salvation through love, but love does not exist. Three types of lov…[View]
30345589With everything thats happened and whats about to take place throughout the world with vaxx mandates…[View]
30351000Be Yourself The Art of Relaxation: Narrated a Dr. Israel Regardie book for anyone that wants to save…[View]
30344372redpill me on the book of Enoch[View]
30349323Mind reading: I have been experimenting with telepathic mind reading. My experiments with telepathic…[View]
30351837Was the Jesus archetype invented so that the Vatican could gain spiritual power, by having the mass …[View]
30348723Is there a secret human civilization under the north pole?[View]
30351968Sex energy and spiritual significance of blood: 2 Questions: What is the spiritual significance of a…[View]
30329449Is evolution true? Was Darwin right?: I honestly am not sure anymore[View]
30345365suffering is just your higher dimension self kicking you in the psyche so you change unproductive be…[View]
30346827Pepe Tarot: Anyone have the Minor Arcana 7-10? I have most of the deck, will post if there's in…[View]
30349089What do you think of the idea that philosophers are the only true creators at the edge of every subj…[View]
30349432What is this symbol?: This is on the floor of a fixer-upper im considering buying. Is it something o…[View]
30346611I think I was cursed: How to lift to curse?[View]
30350281Why are these 2 faggots constantly attracted to one another?[View]
30349470Trying to find help with dark/low/black magic. It's all the same shit, just different names. Wh…[View]
30350806Weird Ayys related dreams after third shot: So yesterday my wife and I went to get the third dose, a…[View]
30343451Greys: So I used to be absolutely terrified of grey aliens. No other monster movie would scare me an…[View]
30346221I WANT TO GET INTO SOME /X/ STUFF FOR MY LIFE: I mean, i just want some quests to give some meaning …[View]
30351201Is Mara the Demiurge?[View]
30348487GOD IS REAL AND THIS IS PURGATORY: I know for a fact that God is real. I don't know if the Chri…[View]
30351399L Ron. Hubbard was /ourguy/: Take the Xenu pill faggots he had everything a man could want bitches i…[View]
30350391Ok scare me.: I have jammed 2 things between my right leg and the center console of my couch. I will…[View]
30343372When you dream of someone who has passed away, is it the person visiting you from the afterlife?[View]
30348640Help Me: please help me in the backrooms I am right now in a dead end writing this before entering h…[View]
30350232Has anyone solved The Riddle yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDygS0a6Tgo Near a tree by a rive…[View]
30351030Delphi/SnapChat Murders: It's been nearly 5 years since the innocent lives of Abby and Libby we…[View]
30347747How do I make sure my soul doesn't die? That I never become an NPC or something, not existing? …[View]
30351419Is Stan Romanek a hack?: I want to say this man had experiences with the 'extraterrestrial…[View]
30350607this: who are these damn larpers going into random threads and posting random schizophrenic shit…[View]
30349813Those who seek the path of enlightenment are akin to an individual in the wilderness consistently tr…[View]
30350787Aboriginal Fam Spiritual Support Thread: Please send your most beautiful lightwarrior energy to our …[View]
30350395>be me >oldfag >CIA tried to psyop me directly >been on the chan boards since our queen …[View]
30350895Who is the Hermes Trismegistus of our time?[View]
30329416Hypothetically what’s to stop a private citizen for building their own rocket and flying to the moon…[View]
30347184Realistically what kind of powers can stem from our physiology?[View]
30349564Tragedy: Oh my, this ordeal is forever in all direction, pain, joy, peace in equal measure. Right ar…[View]
30348000Tell me about the Pissersippi Mooseknuckle: What is it? What does it do? Where is it from? How do I …[View]
30350427What am I seeing?: I see small lights in the sky at night. Have noticed them for a couple months now…[View]
30351013I normally only browse /v/ but I keep seeing people talking about tulpas there. So I was wondering, …[View]
30349268I am God?[View]
30347345I never thought I would be doing this here but I need some help I think. I am being bothered by what…[View]
30346198How can the world end, paranormally speaking?[View]
30347361Project Idea: The Room: I have an idea for a project. I will take an empty room in my basement, appr…[View]
30333296Emulated magical worlds: Should it be of any natural consequence to you, were the places you visit i…[View]
30348643How do you define good and evil?: I would define a good thing as follows: >Is it honourable? (hon…[View]
30350158Those here who work in the sciences: What are some actual experiments you have conducted that produc…[View]
30344409ASK ME ANYTHING: I am a powerful telepath, ask me anything[View]
30349022/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
30349982/x/ museums?[View]
30349864I want to know how to do real magic. Give me your wisdom.[View]
30350061Any recent crop circle? What races make crop circles? They are the 'Galactic Federation'? Also, crop…[View]
30347174Witches are real: There was a witch in my old neighborhood in shakesphere, she was blonde. There was…[View]
30342616How can I be bigger than my sins?: I feel terrible about myself. For watching porn, for sharing porn…[View]
30339198I'm not ever reincarnating on this planet again: Fuck Earth, fuck the stupid masses, fuck the s…[View]
30348641How do we fix cancers?[View]
30349842does my spirit have my voice?[View]
30349653What happens to your soul when you die in the traumatically specific way of getting beat or stabbed …[View]
30349181Help Identify a Cryptid Please: Someone I know said they went outside to bring their dog back in whe…[View]
30342971What's the moral lesson the Bible is trying to teach here?[View]
30341412Why do witches constantly fatten people up throughout history? It’s like they’re obsessed with makin…[View]
30345446Tarot Deck?: Does anyone know what tarot deck these cards are from?[View]
30349231Don't get on the ships: >the year is 2045 >First Contact has occurred to a troubled Eart…[View]
30338338Alignment Selfcare Strength[View]
30344979How do I kill the aliens? I have an unexplainable hatred towards aliens. I want to kill them. Espec…[View]
30347558How to rebuild my astral body?: I think my astral body was desroyed. Please tell me how to reconstru…[View]
30348864Schizo & Love Messages to the Void: >>30284684 old thread I saw an old lady not particular…[View]
30346515Dream interpretations: Been having excessively strange dreams this month. Interested specifically in…[View]
30347520Do you think satan dislike his demons?[View]
30347214I'm unironically starting to believe that the Abrahamic religions are a test from God to see wh…[View]
30348157sag season: For some reason, every year, during sag season and/or christmas/thanksgiving time, I get…[View]
30347234/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
30349127What paranormal thing makes someone hate living normal human life? I constantly daydream about watch…[View]
30347723Swedenborg and Esoteric Christianity: Curtis is live right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuB_…[View]
30347256greentext dreams & discussion: I'll start: >be me >had a dream in which I summoned a …[View]
30347310boriska kipriyanovich: Anyone got more info apart from all the generic copypasta?[View]
30346947What kind of practices does witchery refers to?[View]
30330784NWO card game: > what else has this game predicted[View]
30346355What is the point of the drumming? Is the trance real?[View]
30342461I need a teacher: I understand that finding true happiness is easy once your enlightened. I understa…[View]
30348751I've recently tried to practice resting awareness with some guided meditation (headspace) and w…[View]
30346018how do i create a tulpa: do you guys have a thread or anything on tulpa sounds cool[View]
30343303Scrying the static: I came across a forum post about seeing objects and visuals in randomly generate…[View]
30345183Any good paranormal podcasts out there? I've only listened to mysterious universe and I've…[View]
30345966Sitchin: what is the deal with this guy? is he some what reputable or a complete nutjob? where would…[View]
30344028Advaita Vedanta: >The appearance of water in a mirage persists even after the knowledge of the mi…[View]
30345687Tarot-Rider Waite: Any good sources: Recently I started to get into Tarot. Does have anyone a good s…[View]
30342007What are the effects of shaman drumming on the brain?[View]
30348285joining the nwo: how would you join the nwo?? i think i know their natural order and i want to be ap…[View]
30346969I was tortured in my sleep: In my dream I was browsing my phone in bed and I scrolled by a picture o…[View]
30346433How did god communicate with people and to what do I do to get put into communication with him? How …[View]
30346794E1-Ehone Eun unun Ouooo. UmU: Dear Anon, Torn fall cracked to the lake, vomits with misty winds roar…[View]
30348266jack the ripper edits: about a year or so ago i remember an anon here asking for the original pic th…[View]
30343348>Fringe researcher claims to have found location of a paranormal or theological event >Gives p…[View]
30344708paranormal food: i'm hungry and thanksgiving is coming up, what are some paranormal foods (NO D…[View]
30348141Why are you people so dreadfully serious? All of this has power, yes, but none of it can hurt you un…[View]
30347629How to summon a servitor physically?: How do I summon servitors and genies physically?[View]
30343709Is it possible to create a chad tulpa and fuse and I become a chad?[View]
30338029Do you think the CIA actually checks this place?: Call me a glowie all you want, but with all the cr…[View]
30347036What does /x/ think about this chart: I think its lefties rating conspiracies whether it agrees with…[View]
30344881Is God a virgin?[View]
30328043Are abrahamic religions all worshipping the same god?: Jews call him YHWH, muslims and christians ca…[View]
30343797Christian Trinity: What is the Biblical proof of the trinity doctrine? I've read the Bible, but…[View]
30340376Art Thread?: Hello /x/, I just saw the facebook metaverse advertisement at https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
30347454Jesus Worship/Demon Slayer Thread: Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' You can be s…[View]
30347597Adrenochrome: is adrenochrome a real theory? do you think it exists Adrenalin is in the pic too beca…[View]
30345891Wizard Pilled: I've taken the wizard pill what books shall I read to further the wizard pill.…[View]
30344634You can ask One what you would like. I'd like to offer help.[View]
30347118Where did they come from? How DEEP does it go? Are they the dwarves of old? Servants of the Dragon t…[View]
30345463/div/ - Divination General: Cut The Bitch Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for read…[View]
30345032What single one book will turn me into a superhuman that can dominate others by sheer will?[View]
30347535What's the spiritual significance of this. The earliest thing I can remember watching on TV was…[View]
30338257What are the most /x/ careers and degrees?[View]
30346184what do halos mean? almost every sacred/god entity shows some kind of halo, even if it is mostly rel…[View]
30346513How to get immunity from all curses?: I am really paranoid about since I live in town with lots of g…[View]
30333138More shit like this[View]
30345170The Third Boy: That floating kid we've run into a few times now... looks like he was a test sub…[View]
30346030Matthew 8:28-32: Hey Christoids can you explain why Jesus did this? >When he arrived at the other…[View]
30344801Woden wrought temples Odin Ville Ve Zeal willed faith Anger brought up religion Fury conjured shr…[View]
30345519Goldfish fancier: What does this mean? i heard it's about Osiris and his body parts. Nut i thin…[View]
30346541Is there anything to learn from Nostradamus' predictions?[View]
30338231Am i paranoid? Yesterday when trying to connect to a server in a specific game, the game gave me the…[View]
30341731Aliens.: Many Aliens are just humans from the future. And humans from the future are often irl anime…[View]
30327136What’s the deal with mushrooms? Not even just the magic ones, in general. They are one of the smarte…[View]
30343666Does Isaiah 53 talk about Jesus?[View]
30344268To that guy seemingly obsessed with Davis Hyral: Just who are you? From the archives, I can see that…[View]
30283934/succgen/ Succubus general 210: Spirit love general Last thread: >>30231457 Old threads: https…[View]
30340294What does /x/ make of this guy/this book?[View]
30333155Ask me anything about Fae.[View]
30343967what if Bob Lazar who claims element 115 is the fuel was duped into believing that so that when he l…[View]
30344792Polytheism General: Roman polytheism/Cultus Deorum Romanorum https://archive.org/details/ReligioRoma…[View]
30345644The Sun, Moon and stars are luminaires, they're closer than we were told, they were created, de…[View]
30346380The Despair Code: Been thinking about the anon who tried the 'prime number whole tones' test for the…[View]
30339892I dont exsist[View]
30340869Is spilling blood and cumming on a sigil worth it? Seems too easy for what I’m asking for, paranorma…[View]
30340614new opinion: is it really that bad if the NWO shit is real and they succeed? how many people do you …[View]
30342766Need help interpreting a Magic Mushrooms Experience: When I looked at my face in the mirror when I w…[View]
30345490Forest incidents/cryptids: Post some videos from forests that are paranormal i start first https://…[View]
30339832I see strange shadows everywhere Sometimes I think people are walking past me I only see them out of…[View]
30345762I see light in the end of darkness: https://www.bitchute.com/video/AWkXqwxe4TBc/[View]
30343042/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General - Kriya Yoga Edition >Who is the Nobody? The…[View]
30330161Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law: >Liber OZ sub figura LXXVII >“the law of >…[View]
30344969I have not slept in three days: Reality is fading, the shadows grow warm with each tick, my body doe…[View]
30344985What you didn't know the glowies can distribute viruses and keyloggers that mainstream Anti vir…[View]
30343155Messages to the void?: Not the usual OP, but I can't see this thread up. Not even sure how it w…[View]
30345395Today I dreamed about Queen of England and also [her]. What does it mean Bros? I predict some news s…[View]
30345344real muthafuckin schizo hours post it[View]
30345049Does fluoride make you sick? I have stopped brushing my teeth with fluoride toothpaste and feel much…[View]
30338814Are insane people responsible for their actions? Not in a legal sense but spiritual.[View]
30342964Anxiety: What makes humans anxious? Why is it so easy for animals to fit in to their environment, wh…[View]
30335471What the actual fuck, it’s gone. I was talking to a friend today and mentioned Pacifica and he had n…[View]
30340653I think I met an actual energy sucker in a dream once.: She took the guise of a girl I knew from hig…[View]
30336300I think I may have stumbled into a new rabbit hole. Justice for journey [and brianna] https://www.in…[View]
30343958newfag here, what are some resources, information, or even stories on (traditional) satanism and bla…[View]
30340502LSD or Shrooms: Which one is better on the terms of fun and over all the trip itself? I like shrooms…[View]
30342945Need some help finding information on a specific book. Those of you who recognize the name know exac…[View]
30340459I have a curse somehow on my family: and it's about jewish people I am 0% jewish neither in my …[View]
30344599Nibiru: Word on the street is it will be visible on 21.12.21 having moved from behind the sun on its…[View]
30345003Dreams premonitions?: Anyone have any dreams that later on came to actually happen? Happened to me a…[View]
30341605Imagination is The Creator of all things[View]
30339902it's all a lie isn't it: There is no such thing as a soul, is there?[View]
30343209Raining Death: This is it, they’re finally going to do it, they’re going to kill us all. >6.6 km…[View]
30343284What are some un-ironic powers that you believe exist in this world? Teleportation is real Sharinga…[View]
30341272If I pray for someone, but I'm an atheist, does it count? I don't believe in any god, but …[View]
30342992Energy vampires: Does anybody else find most people incredibly draining? Most people are operating a…[View]
30341359/div/ - Divination General: Kiss It Better Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for rea…[View]
30343990There is no reason for an afterlife. Life is the afterlife. We simply exist as we are and then we di…[View]
30323239Liminal spaces / Dreamscapes: Post Liminals. Discuss the phenomenology of liminal spaces. What const…[View]
30338567Am I at risk?: In high school I did LSD about 3 times and I want to know if this may lead to schizop…[View]
30340747Project Looking Glass: project looking glass : the future creates the past. /x/ - are you aware that…[View]
30334461how to see demons?: how do I see/record demons? I think I might be possessed by one but I'd lik…[View]
30343688Schizo Image Thread: Haven't seen one up in a while. I have a few from /o/ you guys probably ha…[View]
30342217Are pyramids just roofs of mega skyscrapers?: What if they are skyscrapers? Id imagine if a civilisa…[View]
30338274'illuminati are the bad guys': I can see the future ,now it's clearly why the christians and al…[View]
30343327Is there any spiritual or supernatural reason to stop masturbating? I've heard some information…[View]
30338849how do I make a cult?: I already have the basis of the ideology an philosophy in mind. how do i put …[View]
30340644Dr. Snakelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Demiurge: Alright /x/, I've got a…[View]
30337882Create a new me: How do I make a new 'me' that embodies all of the personality traits I desire(such …[View]
30341877Vatican II shizo thread: Why do people claim that the Vatican II Council was nefarious?[View]
30343329QiGong / Qi Energy: How do I learn to control my qi? Is it through Daoist texts? How do we reach our…[View]
30337416Cursed Images: Post genuinely cursed images.[View]
30339490Why does no one here ever post about the Church of the Subgenius anymore? Shouldn't we be more …[View]
30340930How to Summon a demon for idiots: Can anyone tell me how a Demon is typically brought over to our pl…[View]
30340211My friends, I have decided to make it my life's quest to attain immortality as a god, but I hav…[View]
30332894Let's try to make some wishes come true: I'm not a genie, I'm not a wizard, but let…[View]
30339479End of the 'world': so is it the 'apocolypse' or not i remember being warned about many of the thin…[View]
30338903On healing: I suspect a person I know may be developing Alzheimer's. Science has its own ways a…[View]
30338721it's pitch black in my room and the only light source is my computer screen i wonder how many g…[View]
30342069Why do reptilian aliens look dumb: > frieza looking aliens would be terrifying instead of cone he…[View]
30336380Worship: Is there a way I can find out which god/deity I should work with? The way I see it, there m…[View]
30343006Found a flyer on campus leading to a weird site: >http://xjtu.us/ I don't think it's pa…[View]
30342931Jesus Worship/Demon Slayer Thread: Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' You can be s…[View]
30341055psychopaths and salvation?: Can psychopaths be saved? I know a clinical diagnosed psychopath who bec…[View]
30341522How to forget and unsee, how to lose all insight gained?: I was never meant to know so much and take…[View]
30341011What are the mechanics behind sigils? Are there some good, some bad? Is there always new ones to be …[View]
30341650This world is the Lord Of The Rings world. Many places exist that aren’t known or seen by all. Some …[View]
30340855every fucking day now: >its another thread about op claiming to be the only real consciousness an…[View]
30341925I am psychic. I can see into your mind and tell you that you are going to post the last image you sa…[View]
30341645Presently, your greatest state of unrest or discomfort comes from beings of a reptilian type of exis…[View]
30342680I am usually skeptical of things but I am positive the paranormal is real in some sense. There'…[View]
30336708Anybody heard of bagnets?[View]
30341908real video evidence of the sasquatch. he does not want to hurt anyone; he just wants to jam https://…[View]
30338474Redpill me on crystals. I never cared about them, but my girlfriend gave me one and told me it was '…[View]
30341044there is something up with the internet this evening there has been too many connection problems lat…[View]
30341699Are all government related conspiracy theories run by the government to make people think the govern…[View]
30340826Hey, /x/ I've got life has been pretty weird lately. It started when I saw a pyramid like Craft…[View]
30342543What happened to “same size” poster?: I remember years ago there used to be a poster on here that wo…[View]
30340312Why freemasons 'hide' their hands?: Are you hiding something ? Sadness maybe?[View]
30342190Redpill me on Rh- blood: Why does Rh- blood exist? Is there a spiritual connection? Is there an ET …[View]
30341598Self-immolation protest: Is self-immolation a liberating way to go?[View]
30339594/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
30341743how does the Illuminati celebrate their holidays?[View]
30340124What are your biggest or most interesting magickal achievements?[View]
30341849Book recommendations: About to start reading this what am I in for? Also recommend similar works, th…[View]
30342172https://youtu.be/D4WCPQ31KnI: https://youtu.be/D4WCPQ31KnI[View]
30341450I know this isn't /tv/, but this is a show about new age cults and it feels oddly well research…[View]

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