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/x/ - Paranormal

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29420498My story part one: Greetings this is part one of my paranormal story... Stick around for part two. P…[View]
29414234My uncle was a werewolf: Hello, This is my first time posting here, so I'm sorry if I'm do…[View]
29419137Why am I rich?[View]
29400953Grande tarratary and likewise mudflooders people that think their was a great reset and erasure of t…[View]
29419621New crop circle in England[View]
29406434Deachan, or undeniable proof they are training bot AIs in the darknet: Let me introduce you to DeaCh…[View]
29418433If happiness is the overcoming of known obstacles… why do so many turn away from obstacles and then …[View]
29420967I had a piece of bread with hummus on it. Therefore I can make a prediction that the world will not …[View]
29419185Share your most esoteric knowledge[View]
29390894The world is ending in 3 days Emerson AI just told me. A black hole is the cause.[View]
29420855Help me communicate with whatever lives with us: Hey /x/ bros here's a weird habbening. Thought…[View]
29412997brain enhancement thread[View]
29421329All people except me in particular are schizos. No scientist knows anything except me specifically. …[View]
29419232>How can we have free will if God knows what we're going to do before we do it? I don'…[View]
29419704Hinduism: What do you think of Vedic philosophy and religion?[View]
29418740What is your favorite ancient greek god?: Mine is Morpheus.[View]
29419049>be me, 21 >talk to myself sometimes about things going on around me >was lonely a long whi…[View]
29419835Just wanted some thoughts on a couple of pics, they were taken awhile ago at an abandoned site befor…[View]
29413496Hippies are a Nazi conspiracy: >The 'Peace Symbol' is literally just the Yr rune, or death rune, …[View]
29421048Why there are so many catastrophes happening in Mecca?[View]
29413378HOLY SHIT!: Graph has been going insane for the past 2 hours , its got a consistent signal with inte…[View]
29421135Biokinesis Thread: Biokinesis is supposedly the ability to manipulate the body and change our traits…[View]
29420314What will 2025 bring?: >non-compromised virologists/doctors estimate 3 years for vaxxers to die o…[View]
29419869I'm sick of egomaniacal retards on this board. Every other thread is basically: > I've …[View]
29416939Videogames are real?: I was astral travelling last night and I went into actual spaces that only exi…[View]
29421016>look at this pasta i found on the internet >cool skizo post so it's an AI mounted on a c…[View]
29420651Why do you believe in gnosticism, /x/? Is there anything that you feel gives gnosticism legs to stan…[View]
294195848 Keys of Power: Big trouble in little china has 5 of the 8 keys. China is the center. People are st…[View]
29420951Was he right?[View]
29419521How does it work?: Does magic work just by convincing myself of a certain outcome and subconciously …[View]
29418509Ghost Hunting: Have you ever gone ghost hunting /x/? Do you like watching ghost hunting material? Wh…[View]
29419134When I woke up in the middle of the night (7 hours ago) I hallucinated a giant figure at the side of…[View]
29420838a few days ago late at night I had a weird vision: I found myself in a bedroom I did not recognize w…[View]
29420796Your body on late stage capitalism.[View]
29417275US Gov orders to destroy crops: >Conspiracy theories are welcome It falls under the umbrella of /…[View]
29416423A thread died for this: How can one be sure literally anything of this existed before being born?…[View]
29411234Religion is meant for you to escape religion. At the very end of it all St. Augustine says trust you…[View]
29420377Hey /x/, You may remember me coming here to discuss this ‘thing’ in the picture on this thread. Sigh…[View]
29418288Notice that out of all books routinely discussed nothing makes npc's eeth more than the Kybalio…[View]
29417691I haven't real happiness since 2007. What are the spiritual consequences of this?[View]
29419924Tf is this[View]
29404589what do you think happened to elisa lam?[View]
29419894The Satan's Sphynx: So anons, what do we actually know about it? Hoax or is it real?[View]
29416166Good videos/PDFs on extraterrestrials, or advanced esoteric technology: I'm not talking Stephen…[View]
29420325Why is it suppressed? When God shone all things upon Sophia she was the first to be born of ignoranc…[View]
29418797What are the chances that Chris-chan is a lyran avatar being used to prepare humanity for the incomi…[View]
29418626Recovering from Strep Throat having ego shift: has anyone ever felt strange when coming out of their…[View]
29419994This is the real picture. This is the one they don't want you seeing.[View]
29417768who is Cronos?: I keep running into Cronos being talked about. Who is he. Is he yahweh the god of sa…[View]
29417066Creepy Innawoods Stories: Hey /x/. On my last canoe trip with my friends we had the idea of creating…[View]
29417968DMT: stoned dionysus here feel free to join me on this wonderful journey and seek wisdom for i hold …[View]
29393158Unsettling and Liminal images: Unsettling and Liminal images thread[View]
29420143Whenever I'm having a particularly shitty dream, my mind wanders and starts noticing things tha…[View]
29412660ATTN Jabfags: Do you still feel a connection to spirituality? Can you pray, meditate, etc. effective…[View]
29420010/x/ Art: Yo dawg, we wuz FTHAGLGKDJFSKFASDFLSDXESADDFSD!!![View]
29417817/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
29418894I'm looking for realistic creepypastas that have human made fears. Penpal, Borrasca, or anythin…[View]
29419211Stephen Hawking and his brother's NDE Heart Attack: Stephen Hawking discussed during a Cambridg…[View]
29415643Elves: The Elves I saw in the astral (no drugs involved ever) looked similar to Legolas and their bi…[View]
29416703coincidence? i think not![View]
29417732Creepy VHS tapes?: Pls no ARGs or fake/gay art school projects. Just weird shit people find. https:/…[View]
29413554What is the occult connection between the Germans and Japanese?[View]
29419081Strange things happening once I became gnostic: >misfortune befalls my life constantly. >the w…[View]
29391449Michael Aquino: Everything about this man has been scrubbed off the fucking internet, shit the only …[View]
29418163Christianity: When will people realize that the religion of Christianity was the greatest trick ever…[View]
29419429Denis Ten, an Olympic Bronze medalist from Kazakhstan for mens' figure skating, was stabbed to …[View]
29410468Humans are Super Saiyans: For the more autistic people on this board who resonate with anime. Please…[View]
29419301*punches lucifer and rubs my balls on his face*[View]
29416349If the Demiurge made the world we see, how is it full of so much beauty? Wouldn't it be mostly …[View]
29419223Jesus Christ;: Does the fact that Jews are involved in many of the most evil geopolitical forces in …[View]
29415267What goal do these three have in common?[View]
29415120uruguay: does anyone know anything interesting about this country? its in south america. theres som…[View]
29417553how do I get isekai'd: serious answers only please, i want to know if it's possible at lea…[View]
29414617Free Spells to Cast!: After recently tapping into some magic abilities, I would like to try and gran…[View]
29416215Uhhh: Emery Smith on episode 4 admitted on a mainstream tv series viewed by millions that the moon i…[View]
29416881Cults: What does /x/ think of cults?[View]
29415680ITT: We post questions George Noory would ask. >can ghosts shit?[View]
29418890Financial problems? do this: Want to see your situation improve? Would you like to see financial abu…[View]
29417688Biokinesis? Is it possible?: Before you ask, no I'm not a troon nor do I want to do anything de…[View]
29418842God loves you.[View]
29418757On the nature of God: All religious texts are bullshit, so why does it feel like Allah is the reales…[View]
29418404Last thing a bot told you: Alaya come down. What that means? A bot on telegram told me.[View]
29417972Do you think it’s possible to be reincarnated into the past? If so, do you have any examples?[View]
29417663Weird Childhood/Teenage Memories cont.: hey guys OP from the weird childhood stories thread from las…[View]
29409708/x/ Media Thread: This thread is for recommending and discussing /x/ tier movies, books, TV shows, g…[View]
29418519I dreamed of a killing game: In my dream, a mentor figure (not any actual one of mine) presented me …[View]
29418269The letter V: What’s the significance of the letter V? I’ve realized it’s in a lot of the elite’s re…[View]
29416719Do the cross, swastika, and dharma-wheel point to the same thing?: A thought I had - maybe schizo - …[View]
29412984Lost Knowledge: What are technologies that were used in the past, yet we've lost the knowledge …[View]
29414175What can i do to slow down time perception?: I am a boxer and have a big fight coming up. What can i…[View]
29412547Merge: >anon doesn't know about the metaphysical implications of red and blue >anon doesn…[View]
29417885>fall for psilocybin cures depression meme >go take 5g of shrooms in the forest at night, beca…[View]
29417222Top tier documentaries: itt we suggest and discuss top quality, S-Tier documentaries/ docuseries pa…[View]
29416584Dream Entity Experience: Hello, this is my first time posting here, and I wanted to share my experie…[View]
29417505i...i dont feel so good: Divoc is 'Possession of a evil spirit' and is of Hebrew origin. Divoc means…[View]
29417626Is the mind's eye analogous to psychic potential? Like I know a pretty cool girl that says she …[View]
29416949What does it mean to be the lamb of god?[View]
29415245What is the secret to long lasting health? Is it spiritual? We all know that one person that never g…[View]
29406657/dig/ - Dead Internet General #3: What do you guys think about this? Source of pic related: https://…[View]
29414510So uuuh, what happened to the reptilian aliens that were supposed to come after a Russian invasion o…[View]
29415810Number of the Beast: Where did the notion that 666 is Satan's number come from? The Bible expli…[View]
29412398>all aliens are good >there are no bad aliens Is he full of shit? What about all the abduction…[View]
29407272Is immortality real?: How many immortals hiding in plains sight? And for how long?[View]
29417765Anonymous website is through which you can win cash? https://aursonline.com/about/ What is the illum…[View]
29404029the way to enlightenment: all i want in life is enlightenment. how do i reach this state?[View]
29411603AI Generated Art: Previous thread >>29403522 https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1go6YwMFe…[View]
29417692lemon flavored face puss: why does my puss taste fake? they do this to me in court https://youtu.be/…[View]
29417664Number Stations: What's the frequency for the US number station? Trying to find it on here http…[View]
29401996Any known photos of continents beyond the ice wall? Surely some of the early aviators managed to lea…[View]
29416597River trolls: What's the story on river trolls? Has anyone been stopped by one. My uncle told m…[View]
29409603What do you want to know?[View]
29413779you fags are not bothered by this?: by the fact that you sold your souls to a chaos entity and now y…[View]
29417516what’s his fucking problem?[View]
29410296What really is this shit? And what are the spiritual implications? It's everywhere now.[View]
29417050Looking for help: I still have a little faith in this imageboard, I hope I am not mistaken. A year a…[View]
29417049>IIT /x/ if it were living in the MCU[View]
29409404What is the paranormal significance of black cubes?: Why do jews wear them on forehead? Why do Muzzi…[View]
29411700to fear death is less than human: you are a member of the single species on this earth endowed with …[View]
29408096Wtf are they trying to prepare us for?[View]
29417205https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bazedoxifene I've found a schizo clinical trial for this shit. A)…[View]
29412974Subliminal messages in Mass Effect: >Organic bots obsessed with harvesting conscious beings >M…[View]
29416009Is there any way I can use magic to max out all my stats in life?[View]
29416964I don't have much time. HELP ASAP: How can I tell if my in-laws are demon possessed? What'…[View]
29414090/x/ Books: What are the best books to get into the occult, conspiracies and more /x/ stuff related? …[View]
29413927Nobody NEWS: How can one man be so based ?[View]
294165994444: This is a special number which I have been seeing. I'm sure one of you knows something ab…[View]
29412977That moment when you realize the universe manifests itself to different ways depending on the framew…[View]
29413003could we bring back the dead in the future?[View]
29416043Never seen an ufo (uap), never seen a ghost. Never heard a bigfoot growling in the forest. How come …[View]
29415581Is Neville Goddard and manifestation legit? If so, how have you used this knowledge to improve your …[View]
29416481More spookies like this[View]
29416670assasination of kim jong-nam: It was the CIA right?[View]
29406445how to stop being a skeptic autist?: hi /x/ not really sure if this is the right place to ask someth…[View]
29404256What are some solid pieces of evidence that there are forces beyond us?[View]
29412484Sasquatch is a way to discriminate men growing out their hair: People are hairy and people. I know t…[View]
29416516what are the metaphysical implications of choosing to not have children, but choosing to deposit you…[View]
29415499Plasma Apocalypse: Are you guys prepared for the plasma apocalypse? Tell anything you know about it.…[View]
29411884>create a device that can actuate the trigger of a shotgun >make the device activate if an inc…[View]
29416127Drying your laundry realistically should only take 10-15 mins in the dryer, but the power companies …[View]
29411487Take the globalist pill anon...: Why aren't you a globalist anon? Do you actually care about th…[View]
29409826>be extremely good at divination, mostly tarot, i-qing and astrology >also can lucid dream wit…[View]
29410627quetiapine/Seroquel: What does /x/ think of quetiapine/Seroquel? How in the hell do you stop taking …[View]
29416291Help me in dream interpretation: Last night I had a nightmare. I was on the street, and a gypsy-like…[View]
29396350Reminder that 'furries' are an anti-xenophobic alien psyop to make humans more comfortable with the …[View]
29414400Fuck it: I'm doing it MY way now[View]
29414815Hell inhabitants: Who is burning in hell right now?[View]
29399876Why?: I just want to know why that white woman got so close to him as to need to say excuse me to pa…[View]
29413781How does one quell self awareness? Hard mode: no drugs whatsoever.[View]
29415468Njjjfx: Tell me everything you know about 16th century internet. Now![View]
29411871Do my nightmares as a child mean anything?: I've been a huge Satanist (Not any of that stupid s…[View]
29399881Yeah, something came from nothing. You got a problem with that?: Nothing (which is the absence of an…[View]
29414287What is the origin of this so called 'sigil of Lucifer' and what is the symbolism in it.[View]
29415387Have you, as an atheist, started getting 'messages' from God during the covid-19-situation? Mine som…[View]
29415953Psychic Reading: Can any psychics out there tell me what's going on with my brain? I have a pol…[View]
29414943THE END IS NIGH[View]
29415028I'm a Capricorn. Am I evil or something?[View]
29404038Messages to the void: Leave a message for someone and it just might reach them[View]
29407340Is 'time travel' possible? and how could a person achieve it?[View]
29415375Jesus Christ is a reincarnated British Martian man: Why do you think we're behind 90% of revolu…[View]
29414992I put instant coffee in a microwave and almost traveled back in time[View]
29412587The call of the ocean?: Does anybody else ever feel a weird kinship or familiarity with the sea? I…[View]
29412389when did you realise death is the only true form of absolute freedom?[View]
29406121is Ghosts of Carmel Maine real?: If you scroll through this video you will see this man living in an…[View]
29415550What do you guys think of providence, not as a characteristic of God, but as a property of the metap…[View]
29414397Who is WC? I am looking for answers. This cannot be JC...so who are they?[View]
29415188Food Blessing: Hey /x/, How much would you pay for a blessing to your food or beverage. Let's s…[View]
29413259Dental Conspiracy: There's like four dental offices within a one block span of each other near …[View]
29415180group: how do people ever get into these study groups i don't even know anyone that's into…[View]
29413766Pantheism: Would it be based to convert to this? I see that most religions contradict themselves and…[View]
29412180Serious question, where do redhairs come from? How is it related to the origin of white people in ge…[View]
29414352is poltergeist just demon pranks?[View]
29414877WE ARE ANTS: Interesting theory, what if we are inside the terrarium experiment of a bigger intellig…[View]
29415150/x/ what it is?[View]
29414625/x/ I need your help. I'm an initiate in black magic, and I need to make a spell specifically i…[View]
29415013xmauri mesmis ra vqna: karoche bichebi diskordidan modis ragac xmebi da lados esmis marto me ra shua…[View]
29414892Post scary cursed images[View]
29411042Was Mark Twain evil?: Maybe I should have posted this during burger hours but all the good schizos o…[View]
29414137God and the Universe. God and goddesses. The truth.: The universe (or whatever the term one wishes t…[View]
29414598Hi /x/ What's the deal with all those spiritual relaxation and healing groups on meetup.com? Ar…[View]
29405163Don't say we weren't warned.: Because we were...[View]
29412027Reincarnation: Why would you erase your own memory upon reincarnation? It is like playing a game wit…[View]
29411164ALIEN PROOF IS FOUND: A twitter account, BlazarFocused: https://twitter.com/BlazarF This guy has pos…[View]
29414474uses for new energy ways?: what are the uses for developing energy as used in the book, how can you …[View]
29412267Weird amount of Pinata stores: Theres a mysteriously large amount of Pinata stores on this street. J…[View]
29411710What is the scariest thing you experienced during a power outage?: Basically what the title says, wh…[View]
29409769and just like that, no one cares anymore: What happened? there was so much hype and news stories aro…[View]
29411578I had an extremely vivid nightmare about demonic instruction videos where several demonic practices …[View]
29414500Jack Parsons and the occult: Here we go lads. I don’t know how many of you have heard of Jack Parson…[View]
29413832Alcatraz: Headed to The Rock Prison tomorrow. Looking to be extra sensitive to the paranormal. Thoug…[View]
29414299>/tv/ here This is it, right? We're a suffering factory for interdimensional archon/aliens/d…[View]
29410733Anyone here have experience with “quack” medicine? Did you get satisfactory results? Or just regret …[View]
29414290Is it true?: >>/pol/332795270 Can sacrifices be stored as 1 time use NFTs? The implications ar…[View]
29409958If people don't want to get abducted by aliens while they're driving they should just wear…[View]
29408986Most haunted state?: What's the most haunted state in your opinion? For me it's Missouri. …[View]
29408867What is the most scariest dream you ever experienced in your life?[View]
29407262is the covid vax the mark of the beast?[View]
29409906How do I contact my higher self, like maybe through a dream for example.[View]
29413630September 20, 2019 (NARUTO) Storm Area 51 November , 2019 First Covid-19 cases are being registered …[View]
29413348Thus Saith The Lord: Before Me was No God fourmed. The First is the last and the last is the first f…[View]
29413199Hey /x/ here in Colombia the mayor of a town called Armenia reported some strange happening on the C…[View]
29413658I don’t like talking about spiritual experiences here because I feel like it cheapens them but this …[View]
29412929Mandela Effect Thread Anyone else remember this as Jiffy?[View]
29410994If you do a bunch of good deeds for selfish reasons, your goal is just to get to heaven. you are sti…[View]
29405938Reincarnation vs Afterlife: Where do you believe the souls goes after death? Does it move to an afte…[View]
29413521There is no truth but lies: Anyone on Earth can ascend freely from its cycles to meet God. There is …[View]
29412734Lucid dreaming any experiences?[View]
29403819Tell me your biggest paranormal secret[View]
29413261Creepy old shack: When I was 16 it was the year 2013 I lived in Virginia. There was a forest I found…[View]
29412895Eye of the storm: There can be nothing known except through contraries. Because when there are no re…[View]
29412746You'll just jealous cuase I talk to 'THEM' and y'all don't.[View]
29410816Any rituals I can do on my birthday, to improve my luck or anything occult?[View]
29412527aliens who run the behind the scenes of our world are mad at us because we get to experience fucking…[View]
29408839I'm tired of being alone: Is it possible to summon a ghost gf?[View]
29409681/div/ - Divination General - Screaming Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for reading…[View]
29393729Don't you guys understand yet? Everyone who visits this board are the only real thinkers left i…[View]
29410939Weird Childhood/Teenage Memories?: Hey /x/ long time lurker, first time poster. I was wondering abou…[View]
29412121any super advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic: Got any weird tech for me :)[View]
29409535Treasure Hunting: Is there enough lost shit out there to become a full-time treasure hunter? I hope …[View]
29405612My earliest memory is of me as someone else. I've never been able to shake it. It's the mo…[View]
29408362Is magic like in the Harry Potter movies real? And if yes, where do I learn?[View]
29409254What is the supernatural explanation for coomerism?[View]
29409118So what's the deal with this board? Are you guys just a bunch of schizos?[View]
29408782Is earth a prison planet: https://youtu.be/aq2w_Zm2K3c Who runs the prison are they gone now will th…[View]
29412927Nicolas: Red jonh Killers the mentalist[View]
29404273Redpill me on elites and human sacrifice[View]
29412487Howdy /x/, I thought I'd throw a curveball at you today: The dead spirits of Phoenician sailors…[View]
29407746Why are attics so creepy? Do you have an attic?[View]
29409170Does anyone here know about what this leaf anon was talking about? Is it LARP?[View]
29404160ITT We talk about our favourite internet rabbit holes: Hey /x/ frens. Today let's take a break …[View]
29406051Weird thing happend: Hi /x/, Today i played chess with a friend of mine. Suddenly thin blue lines bu…[View]
29411462Are there ways of contacting positive entities?: Are there any rituals to contact positive (light) e…[View]
29412116Telepathy: Discuss telepathy. Have you experienced it? Do you wish to experience it? How to enhance …[View]
29410643What the fuck is it? https://youtu.be/dEnAECCylyU Starts at 1:00[View]
29411704Astral Projection Question: Firstly, I would like to say I almost never get to pick where I go in th…[View]
29412063Blue Eisenhower November: What happens after death? 11/11/2021[View]
29411427MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09ma…[View]
29396404Interdimensional internet Thread Prove that you are from another dimension[View]
29407967what's your favourite /x/ podcast? pic unrelated[View]
29412428i had a strange dream last night where i went to meet my cousin in a weird mental hospital. the bott…[View]
29406954HATE THREAD: All this fucking fake love, inthis thread you god damn fucking get it out of your syste…[View]
29393591/LoA/ - Law of Attraction & Manifesting General: >Can i manifest ___? Yes >Curious? Do the…[View]
29408501I tried freeing the double: Shit happened three months ago and it played out like this: >read lib…[View]
29411899atlantis fell off the coast of antikythera. change my mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ-5gEaq…[View]
29406553why did god make me crazy?[View]
29405521Energy Beings: What the hell are these energy beings? Ghosts? Has anyone encountered them? I witness…[View]
29405888Mind Control: Mind control and mind reading will be revealed soon. You people aren’t going to believ…[View]
29412168Dream interpretation: >There was a strange guy dancing and being just weird right infront of my a…[View]
29398849What is Baphomet?: Baphomet was originally the word Muhammad, over time it changed to become that co…[View]
29409354Soul Trapping Net: Resources and info on soul trapping net/soul catching net? I wanna learn more abo…[View]
29411998I have acute psychosis: Would you like me to interview you?[View]
29410974Is this real? http://web.archive.org/web/20021204040311/http://www.necrobabes.org/perroloco/forum/me…[View]
29409494The Nobody General: NO REPTILIANS edition: We're allowed to have one[View]
29403430What musical works do you think have a spiritual or metaphysical air about them? It's picrel fo…[View]
29403522AI Generated Art: Previous thread >>29392680 https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1go6YwMFe…[View]
29410401Imagine getting cucked by Angel Chads[View]
29410109Does anyone else use it to generate 'nofap energy'? Or am I the only one: I was wondering if anyone …[View]
29400597Iceland was Atlantis: https://www.livescience.com/iceland-tip-of-lost-sunken-continent.html We'…[View]
29411880Quotes of glory[View]
29408050Weed: Is it the devil's lettuce or is it a gift from God?[View]
29406594Does free will exist?[View]
29405986they are calling for me[View]
29410055G-guys I think maybe you shouldn't stab your throat with a sacrificial knife. I'm n-not en…[View]
29411432Hindu nothing wrong: TLDR: Hindu Near Death Experience man #1 gets taken by his Hindian death god, b…[View]
29403879A steel wand I made. This one is made from two twisted bars and incudes a red quartz crystal.[View]
29411418So what's the origin of this tape?: https://youtu.be/hGHJnNzw3bo Full story: https://youtu.be/K…[View]
29401926What are the supernatural consequences of suicide?[View]
29390105John Titor: Was he ever credible? Did he really have any correct predictions at all? Was he just som…[View]
29411147What are those lights at the top right? I don't remember seeing them while I took the video. I …[View]
29410792strange concert experience: was told to come to /x/ for this. previously made a thread on /mu/ to s…[View]
29410820This website has been doomed since more people have joined: Free speech is gone, everything is monit…[View]
29400896Greentext Thread: Creepy Greentext thread. Rarely-posted stories encouraged. Also, last thread I was…[View]
29408811Synchronicity thread: Hello /x/, please give stories of synchronicity that have happened to you. Use…[View]
29410417I don’t like talking about spiritual experiences here because I feel like it cheapens them but this …[View]
29409581Reincarnation into other timelines/realities: Do you guys think it’s possible to it’s possible to re…[View]
29411394What God is Like.: What I become is what I will be What I will be is the thing I become. Whatever …[View]
29411301Need help dream interpreting: So I was heading to a particular part of my town (I live in Naples, It…[View]
29411056Redpill me on headhunting. What power is in heads and what can it be used for?[View]
29406818Are magnets paranormal?: And why do they hate cupper? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sENgdSF8ppA…[View]
29411162Reoccuring dream, wtf is happening?: I keep having dreams where I turn into a glitched out female bl…[View]
29405070What is that strange noise ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H5sNoawq4E[View]
29408536just watched this whole thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_1GYtoLj2o&t=25s is it true? or b…[View]
29411012Some old creepypasta: Hello /x/ i know that you can help me with this but first im gonna give some c…[View]
29411008Is karma real: >delivers nukes that destroyed japan >gets sunk and suffers terrible shark atta…[View]
29410438Hunting/woods stories: I’ll go first So this happened when I was 12. It was December and my dad and …[View]
29408351two years ago I was at an age where I needed to find out what I was interested in so I could plan to…[View]
29409379Redpill me on the Wario Land 4 CD Room: Go on, wtf is this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tl9…[View]
29409750Who is Jonathan W Tooker bros?: I've seen him post this here and in /pol. I am reading it. Its …[View]
29407717Why was so much of Irish polytheism lost during Christianization compared to other european pagan re…[View]
29410014Fresh mandalo: Anyone remember the penisist, Liverachie?[View]
29410648What is the meaning of visions of spiritual teachers / guides; are they real?: Whenever someone pick…[View]
29408318Blackout2021: Psychics and seers, when is the worldwide blackout?[View]
29408637dark magic to spread noise: I am at the point where I need a way to get a following to spread my wri…[View]
29404299lucid: >be me >trying to ld for a while >go to sleep >wbtb after ~5 hours >enter drea…[View]
29400118How do you discover your patron deity?[View]
29399868I'm a white Hindu covert AMA[View]
29407627The Holy Grail: QRD on why this shit is so important? It seems like it’s just a shiny trinket with h…[View]
29409323How do I chaoesmax[View]
29391849Is anyone on here very ambitious? Do you also have the intellectual or social skills to back it? Are…[View]
29409888airforce agents are coming to find me: i havent had a microwave in my hose since i was freed from my…[View]
29407556why divination works x how does it know who i am[View]
29401243Creepy gambling story from last week: So I’m playing poker and taking a break and I go over and star…[View]
29409540The best of /x/: What are the best threads ever posted on /x/ ? Searchable archive: https://archive.…[View]
29410088Thoughts on Sal Rachele?: currently reading soul integration, recommended to me by a good friend. I…[View]
29407992Coronavirus conspiracy: Coronavirus Delta Δ Coronavirus Lambda Λ Really makes you think :^)[View]
29375402/succgen/ - Succubus General 184: Spirit love general Last thread: >>29333374 Old threads: htt…[View]
29409483Kundalini: So what exactly is the Kundalini? I've heard it described as a sort of internal ener…[View]
29407264If the Universe is expanding: That means that everything in your childhood was smaller than nowadays…[View]
29408029Why are eggs poison to gnomes?[View]
29405621Are our bodies just eggs that skeletons hatch out of?[View]
29409010Any consequences for being gathered by a man who was a victim of prison rape?: I can’t confirm, but …[View]
29409430Paper mario and the bible: Hello /x/, there is something that has been on my mind for a little while…[View]
29407174Is Gang Stalking the biggest Puss form of Organized Crime?: The old saying was, 'Snitches get Stitch…[View]
29407282>have little to no weed tolerance, never took any psychedelics so I have no idea what tripping fe…[View]
29401698Tinnitus: Been back bad for last three days, what the fuck causes this shit? Demons? 5G Activation? …[View]
29408441Do you think sometimes a ghost comes to your room to haunt you or whatever but he finds you jerking …[View]
29404218are money black magic? Wouldn't the world be a better place without them?[View]
29406453Its so quiet here: What's been diminished on /x/ the sociopaths or their schizo victims. Feels …[View]
29409068They know where this image belongs: Hello I need your help I want to know the whereabouts of that im…[View]
29404349i am here once again to share my wisedoms[View]
29407785there's too little AI talk on /x/[View]
29407482Could it be that we have fallen into a trap of satanic worship, and we are now being influenced by u…[View]
29402226The reptilians killled the dinosaurs: since they are ugly incel chuds, and dinosaurs are superior ch…[View]
29408286MJ12: So what companies do you think MJ12 evolved into? the military indutrial complex like Eisenhow…[View]
29399570Neville the GODdard: *God is the human imagination *Good and evil only exsist in the mind of man *T…[View]
29407429I need magical/spiritual help: This is plea and also might as well be test run for Paranormal Surviv…[View]
29407009What if everyone really is a demon but me?[View]
29408412The real reason behind them giving us info on UFO's.: Heres my idea: Just going down the rabbit…[View]
29407113Trance: What's a good way to bring yourself into the trance state?[View]
29405460How much of /x/ is this? For real[View]
29407431Do you see that?[View]
29393200What is your dream?[View]
29407605Darkness: Am I being retarded or is the darkness in the room that is closed off seems kinda thicker?…[View]
29403480/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
29405243the greatest redpill: Everything that is happening is supposed to happen. There is no evil, only ign…[View]
29406244The smell of fear: >An interview about how fear and the smells that your mother associated with f…[View]
29394508Reports from people having a bad sleep last night: Woke up really sore in the neck and shoulder ruin…[View]
29397820can anyone tell me there personal experience encountering a werewolf. any time i try to talk to anyo…[View]
29393691Knight Templars true beliefs?: Was recently watching a YouTube video and they were saying their init…[View]
29405203Is parallel universe reincarnation a thing? (not the gay anime way): I remember, vividly, a vsauce e…[View]
29407731Astrology question: Whole Sign or Placidus?: Hey I've been wondering which system is considered…[View]
29407613Dimensional entity question: Ok so if the 4th dimension is made up of length×width×height×time then …[View]
29405343I spoke to someone of supernatural power last night. It was something similar to, God or an angel or…[View]
29407254> Be me > Only ever used Windows > Sick of it.jpeg > Too intrusive, has a mind of it…[View]
29385108How much of contemporary neuroscience/neuropsych is built on flimsy & bullshit pillars ? The mor…[View]
29389583Drugs is the door for demons to get in[View]
29406750Self-flagellation: Is there any spiritual benefit to self-flagellation at all? Can pain drive impuri…[View]
29406565dream interp general: >walk up on a demon woman muses preforming some kind of therapy on someone …[View]
29404652Post your conspiracy icebergs.[View]
29404251Am i an alien or something?: >be me >deep-set green eyes, double eyelashes >forehead taller…[View]
29407351Skeletons. Am I right?[View]
29402500Is gnosticism just christianity for shonen protags?[View]
29389125NDE experiences: I have read literally hundreds of accounts from them. So far this is the main thing…[View]
29406402What are the best techniques to know future events? What about knowing the prices of stock in the fu…[View]
29405171I have this strange feeling that I’m going to live for a very long time. Somewhere in the range of 1…[View]
29406737Baja Mexico - 7 Clouds: TLDR: In 1970 parents went to a beach in Baja California Mexico. Next to a c…[View]
29403694Were the nephilim real?[View]
29406706sleep deprivation rabbit hole: Whats the longest youve been without sleep(no drug use involved,junki…[View]
29407126Clairvoyance: Is there any legitimacy or point in going to this? It's cheap for a night out and…[View]
29399172I feel really bad about this /x/ but I need to locate the video this still is from. Please believe m…[View]
29404538What, in /x/'s opinion would the psychological endgame be of the willful irritation of another …[View]
29403262Questions about reality: I have seen beyond the veil, I consider myself a wizard. I will answer some…[View]
29395922Flat earthers; What happens here?: Do people live here? Why have they not made contact with us yet?…[View]
29405290/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
29405867>tried to summon a succubus because lonely virgin >fucked up the incantation and accidentally …[View]
29405430Why does it summon death fairies?: The original Celtic myths it was inspired by warned against bad f…[View]
29406198We're literally on a gigantic floating ball in a middle of nowhere, isn't that crazy enoug…[View]
29406748Astrology: Can some astrology wizard read my birth chart? What does it all mean?[View]
29401465Why do people fear inter monologues? Why do only some people have them? What does it mean? Does it r…[View]
29406522Thoughts on this dude: Eliphas Levi[View]
29402689close portal?: I think the demon asmodeus opened a portal to my third eye, I heard if I successfully…[View]
29403027Landvættir thread.: Going to post some encounters I have saved, these are eyewitness accounts of peo…[View]
29403410Backdrop people and holograms: Of the approx 8 billion people on earth, 7.5 billion are holograms. T…[View]
29405717who was in the right here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFlAFo78xoQ[View]
29401242Is this against Islam?: Doubt it is because it isn't literal but I wanted to see your brains me…[View]
29401709I think I’m being Haunted: So about 2 weeks ago I woke up at some part of the early morning, I usual…[View]
29396547INTERNET OF BODIES: is that it? is that the reason for this whole fucking hoax and forced science-ju…[View]
29405212/gsg/ - gang stalking general: >Gangstalking/Isolation & Intimidation tactics are real >Th…[View]
29406289In 2121 you can simply get arrested for picking your nose out in the public.[View]
29369677Pokemon that keep you up at night?: For me it's Slowbro[View]
29401616Is LSD and other psychedelic substances the gateway to esoteric hedonism?[View]
29405365Sketchy Site: Got a video for this website as an ad the other day. A social site for ages 13-22. I w…[View]
29405734So what's the origin of this tape?: https://youtu.be/hGHJnNzw3bo Full story: https://youtu.be/K…[View]
29405754How you can find mind readers: I know how you can find out who the mind readers are... It's sim…[View]
29399948Proto-Semitic Religion; Atlantis?: I've learned that there were three religious systems in the …[View]
29397651what is the last book you have read /x/[View]
29405751ID: When will they introduce id's on this board and why they will never? Are they scared?…[View]
29402115Loose Gem Suppliers?: Greetings, fellow Natural Magicians (and Crystal Healers too I guess). Any adv…[View]
29406193a paper request: I am a lurker, and I have once seen a paper shared here that I wish to read again. …[View]
29403914Does /x/ use tarot?[View]
29381097Ask a Fundamentalist Christian Anything: What's in it for you? Pretty sure some occultfag said …[View]
29404675Strange Sounds 2011 before the big earthquake in Japan: I found a video 2011 https://www.youtube.com…[View]
29404501What can one do to fight against the attacks on attention span? Our media, our way of interacting wi…[View]
29404475You are born without an explanation of where you came from and what happened before you were born. B…[View]
29381355Has realizing that the Earth is in fact a vast plane and not a levitating orb in the middle of a vac…[View]
29404125Please, I need to know...: I need to know why this makes so much sense, why does it tie everything t…[View]
29405336Encounters: Tell me your weirdest encounter, /x/.[View]
29402148My reality feels like it's an accelerating dream these past 2 months. Things feel less real and…[View]
29405692SNURFK'D: Has anyone ever been 'snurfk'd' before? To the weird in-between place that feels…[View]
29403905Are aliens able to shapeshift and hide as humans?[View]
29400747Redpill me on the secret societies that tap into security cameras and phone cameras to watch random …[View]
29405597Does anyone remember the bitterroot story?: The site is still online, what happened with it? thebitt…[View]
29401625Deep Web Aliens: Can you find real footage of aliens and UFOs on the deep web? Someone must have lea…[View]
29398378is it possible that solar flares are going to happen? apparently a single solar flare could end the …[View]
29404641Sex with a sleep paralysis demon: >Have nightmare were I keep waking up in my bed in the dead of …[View]
29402671On a 1 to 10 scale how well would you say god is doing a job of being god? Do you think you could do…[View]
29403068They Are Stealing The Future: The World Must Know. They are harvesting your iformation for a siniste…[View]
29394289What is happening to me: I started meditating about three months ago and in the beginning it was gre…[View]
29401463Is there such thing as God Mode in real life? If so how do you explain it?[View]
29401619Why does social status exist: Literally the dumbest shit ever. 1. Based on looks which have nothing …[View]
29403718Where would the Excalibur be today? Do you think King Arthur will return one day?[View]
29404389How can I make up for evil things I have done[View]
29405217Tarot cards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPwH2D9EEXs This video from Meme Analysis has opened my…[View]
29404886>If aliens had vested Earth we would know. >What reason would our government have for covering…[View]
29404164Man, those mexican pinatas are sure becoming more and more weird in shape...[View]
29403001is magick real? how does one use it? I'm getting into occultist shit and witchy stuff. y'a…[View]
29401540greek pantheon- reaching out to those who speak to aphrodite[View]
29393589Anyone got any gray alien conspiracy theories or facts ?: Always been obsessed with grays , and the …[View]
29404368Bad manifestation: I was looking to put up some posters of pagan deities or Christian demons alongsi…[View]
29399160I'm not gay, but I'd like to know about the stages of scorpio.[View]
29404013my brother is paranoid schizophrenic ask me anything[View]
29395995I believe in reincarnation and karma. Most humans are living easy life because karma hasn't ca…[View]
29396516Has any of you x fags actually achieved anything related to magic?: I am not a faggot atheist who is…[View]
29394736Any /x/planation for this fucking extreme record heatwave?[View]
29397156What's that sound?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrffcFMTPdU A strange animal sound in the …[View]
29399423Arno's weed anon. You cut him and two more reptilian whistleblowers show up, no. You work with …[View]
29399856Is there any definitive proof Bob Lazar is legit? https://youtu.be/WpM5N9x4lJ8[View]
29400776The aliens are coming.[View]
29403855Was the cthulhu mythos inspired by something real? I'm tripping out bros.[View]
29403946If manifesting is legit then...: Marketing firms capture and occupy the collective subconscious of h…[View]
29392774Are we in hell?: Serious thread. Shit's bad. Do you think we are being punished?[View]
29397654/NG/ - Nobody General - memes edition: (150 image limit reached) so new edition. https://youtu.be/Gs…[View]
29399862They use occult symbolism in video games: They use occult symbolism in video games the one eyes illu…[View]
29402645How do i stop being a cia petri dish lab rat for a biological chaos generator[View]
29403817Natal chart interpretation: Any help interpreting is very much appreciated! Don't know much but…[View]
29402372Teaching a dog to meditate: Has it ever been attempted? I recently achieved Arising & Passing th…[View]
29403094COLONIALS Lament: https://youtu.be/F0LLerKWycQ[View]
29390207What do these symbols mean?[View]
29400900Does anyone know about this site? Years ago when it was still up I skimmed through it. Talking alien…[View]
29403009I'm gonna stop trying to figure everything out. It's futile, and I'm becoming alienat…[View]
29403079how do i learn the ability to predict/see the future?[View]
29400929Ever just hear Island Door in your dreams: I’ve heard Island Door (Paranesian Circle) by Susumu Hira…[View]
29402810Celtic Seer / Need Advice: This runs in my family, and is passed from father to son. I've had i…[View]
29400748Extra-dimensional being, are you still there?: >>29399482 >End of the World I'm wonder…[View]
29389801Beauty and artworks may not be from within us but channeled from the divine source through our creat…[View]
29400415Financial problems? do this: Want to see your situation improve? Would you like to see financial abu…[View]
29397630redpill me on reincarnation: if i blow my autistic nafri head off with a shotgun is there any chance…[View]
29396869can anybody here connect with my guides? i have a chronic health issue i haven't been able to s…[View]
29402485I can't sleep I have this feeling of dread and impending doom. Did the timeliness shift again?[View]
29402814Bot posters and captcha general: It seems to me as if there have been less bots and bot nets influen…[View]
29401663Is it possible to befriend cryptids[View]
29401688What's your big theory on aliens?: Do you believe they exist? Are they here right now? Hiding u…[View]
29396726Consensus on Deja Vu?: What are your thoughts on Deja Vu? It's something I never see brought up…[View]
29402395How to achieve gnosis?: ITT we share techniques to achieve gnosis. I will start.[View]
29394695Hello, Does any one recognise this face? I was browsing a forum on my phone when I noticed that the …[View]
29386606When did you realize God loves you dearly?[View]
29392680AI Generated Art: Previous thread >>29380955 https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1go6YwMFe…[View]
29402781Will LASIK surgery affect my spiritual gains? I have an appointment for tomorrow morning, but now I…[View]
29401752Ghost stories: Gib ghost experiences/greentexts[View]
29403441Where did it go wrong?: New SCPs suck ass, barely interesting, 2000 words pages that just leave you …[View]
29399429Life after death experiment: My friend's uncle is incredibly ill and knows he will be dying soo…[View]
29403456How do I manifest an ex back into my life?: help me out /x/. I love this girl so much. She's wi…[View]
29398962Are all the gods of polytheistic religions demons or are some of them well-intentioned?[View]
29401165Why bird wings?[View]
29401490Paint in bathtub started peeling. There was a piece of folded up old paper behind it that fell in th…[View]
29397066Guys?: Guess CERN is confirmed now.[View]
29399558Have you ever had a spiritual encounter with Lucifer?[View]
29396451What are some movies which contain hidden occult/esoteric messages? No obvious /x/ shit like Eyes Wi…[View]
29400873The psyche of Dialectical types is most prone to transformations. From a psychological point of view…[View]
29401769Food Blessings: Hello /x/, How much would you pay for a blessing done to your food and drink? The bl…[View]
29401764Redpill me on Planet X and he defeated Saturn and enslaved us all[View]
29402313what's his endgame?[View]
29397753Does Camp Half Blood exist?: Please answer seriously. I have a feeling in my gut that Camp Half Bloo…[View]
29403482Elder Scrolls : Godhead, CHIM: What real life philosophy or ideology would be closest to Things such…[View]
29401293Times when life felt like..: Some kind of role playing video game? Today I stopped by the weed store…[View]
29403426Source and fixes of negative and intrusive thoughts: Where do negative and intrusive thoughts stem f…[View]
29402960Am I coming back as myself: I’m gonna get reincarnated as myself on earth-2 to have to do this all o…[View]
29361047Cryptid & Mysterious Creature General 8: Slate: Question of the thread: What are some local Cryp…[View]
29402497European Pagans: Do they believe the Gods are real? Or is it all just metaphors?[View]
29393684Clean slate: What would you do if you woke up one day with a completely clean slate and a new chance…[View]
29397728I slip out of my original timeline and there's no way back. What do?[View]
29402853How do I prevent reincarnation and afterlife? I want to disappear completely after death.[View]
29402159Magic: Does magic exist and so how does one cast it[View]
29400680'Pentagon believes its precognitive AI can predict events 'days in advance' https://www.engadge…[View]
29402298Switzerland Templars: I believe they still very much exist and do magic with cern[View]
29394311Columbine High School - '99 Yearbook: The students are acting out Egyptian funerary rites. (p. …[View]
29400405I am very tall, my arms are extremely long, my hands are extremely big, my feet are extremely big. I…[View]
29396311What exactly is the Logos? Also synonymous with “The Word”. It is the subject of John 1:1 and is int…[View]
29393752Give me your reptile videos: Yo, so I saw a YouTube video 5 years ago of some dude clearly filming a…[View]
29393775Murder has no effect on your soul or your afterlife, once you leave this form the universe will just…[View]
29398627The 10 Crowned Dragon: John saw it 'rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and up…[View]
29395148Are there vampires in real life?: Does any of you schizos have some solid proof they exist? On the o…[View]
29391466Messages to the Void: Leave a letter for the one you love. No spamming/arguments.[View]
29398769/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
29396092How long until realities merge?[View]
29397798/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General /ng/'s spirit Edition >Who is the Nobod…[View]
29393315I CANT DO IT THIS ANYMORE: Free will is a delusion which means I have been just merely spectating my…[View]
29400866consequences of mating with transsexuals: Pic related Does transsexuality affect the spirit/soul Do…[View]
29401347Does anyone else lucid dream their Astral Projections? Frequently I'll start to feel the sensat…[View]
29397277Magick's Endgame: What is magick's endgame, what does it all builds towards?[View]
29394135I dreamed that I looked into an infinite magnetic mirror and it felt like a pop sensation. I then fe…[View]
29399161Synchronicity Thread: https://youtu.be/ViP87WipSm0[View]
29399865Is it possible for a moral person to slowly (intentionally) deconstruct there moral compass altogeth…[View]
29400869Coverup/Knowledge suppression: Yeah sorry bro it just burnt down and nobody there could remember wha…[View]
29398075Strange sky sounds Detroit Michigan!!! July 27 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1YwDg6uzsY…[View]
29400606:): You know what to do[View]
29400890Politely requesting an astrology reading. I understand that you're not my private army, so just…[View]
29397632Can you live without disease? CALLUM AGEURO LEGITA LUIMIN URTICA MOANAR[View]
29400279Do not follow the whims of your heart or what your eyes see. Pray to god, that is the source of eve…[View]
29397328You get abducted by an alien spaceshift. Aboard, they have a room with a big screen and a database. …[View]
29388672I need help /x/: Can /x/ help decipher a cryptic comment on /pol/ regarding the Ghislaine Maxwell tr…[View]
29399026Egregore expectations: I've lately been fascinated by the concept of egregores in chaos magick,…[View]
29394721Hello /x/. I used to have a pic of a newborn infant with elongated skull. It was a drawing from a 19…[View]
29399118I come here to remind you that the answer is hollowness, you can either accept it and find neutralit…[View]
29397460I think i might found a way to tell if someone is lefthanded by looking at his birth chart. Post you…[View]
29400548Aliens are vacant: All these 'happenings' people get nervous over come and go time and time again. T…[View]
29400441Talk me about the holy wells /x/. It is valid the claims that the water of those wells is the reflec…[View]
29400353/x/ reality[View]
29397670You are now reading this in your inner voice: Alright /x/ here is the deal. Let's say I have so…[View]
29386138Parapsychological Project: Remote Viewing: Hello everyone. I am making this post on behalf of a grou…[View]
29391763Revelation very relevant today: Millennial kingdom of Christ already happened 'Blessed and holy is h…[View]
29397656A couple of nights ago I had a dream where something was in danger and called out to me for help. La…[View]
29398320WW3 is being fought right now with computer simulations. Whoever can run the highest number of simul…[View]
29392733Trinity: Ok bros so this board in short order has gone from genuine cool spooky ghost stories and ha…[View]
29398440Why is magic and its practices always presented as the enemy of science? If the foundation of scienc…[View]
29395173Alchemical Nigredo Any advice or resources? I've already had the nightmare where I realize how …[View]
29398496are we flowing into the age of Aquarius?[View]
29395300What Would You Do If An Alien Craft Landed?: 1/ Let me pose a hypothetical for the readers of /x. W…[View]
29399582Hi everyone, let me explain, I saw this video on Facebook, and I couldn't stop thinking about w…[View]
29399124Hey there buddys: hey there felles, philly D hear, just cumin to share my parownormal stoory so bass…[View]
29394851Origins and solutions of negative and intrusive thoughts: Where do negative and intrusive thoughts s…[View]
29398866Dose Pure awareness: Have Attributes? Or is it just Void of being any one way[View]
29397838ALIEN SPACESHIP CONFIRMED !!!!!!!!: ITS HAPPENING >>>/pol/332546815 >>>/pol/332546…[View]
29391673Show me evidence that Archons exist and they just aren’t schizo babble.[View]
29394939where the fuck have all the stars gone?: when I was growing up in the suburbs, even though there was…[View]
29395511Take a knee for our queen: The queen of /x/ all these years later...[View]
29397027Leaked Podesta email discussing 'Celestials': https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/32833…[View]
29389151Who is Moloch? Why is he worshipped?[View]
29395339Dream: So I have had this exact dream since I was really young. I'm almost 30 now but the dream…[View]
29398892Does this shit work[View]
29399262>LA Knight >Oney Lorcan >Kassius Ohno >Seth Rollins >Karen Kross >Abraham Washingt…[View]
29395073Susumu Hirasawa: Hey yall, anyone familiar with the musician Susumu Hirasawa? His music is great and…[View]
29393778Is there a chance we're stuck in a time loop? Some small amount of time like a week or a few da…[View]
29395143Luciferian community: Where can find their community ?[View]
29396114Are intrusive thoughts demonic? I noticed they're very common in people nowadays. Modern psycho…[View]
29395035ᚼᛂᛁ ᛑᛣ ᚡᚮᚮᚱ ᛑᛆᚵᛂᚱᛆᛆᛑ ᛆᛚᛚᛂᛂᚿ ᛑᚮᚮᚱ ᛑᛂ ᛒᚮᛋᛋᛂᚿ ᚵᛆᛆᛐ ᛌᛣᛐ ᛁᚿ ᚼᛂᛐ ᛑᚢᛣᛋᛐᛂᚱᛂ ᚼᚮᚵᛂ ᚼᛂᛐ ᛑᚢᛣᚡᛂᛚᛋ ᚵᛂᛋᛐᛆᛚᛐᛂ ᛑᛂᚱ ᚢᛣ…[View]
29398302Intelligent life is rarer than life in general: Not all planets with life have intelligent life on t…[View]
29397482Cool mysterious/secret/esoteric/occult/alien/magic images 2nd edition ! (The last one was archived :…[View]
29396078Ancient monuments aren't all that impressive: Hear me out. If ancient aliens or advanced beings…[View]
29398859The Sphinx: I have a couple hypotheses on the sphinx. Firstly I believe the sphinx is several thousa…[View]
29383443/omg/ - Occultism & Magic General: Link to library: https://mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#iK4mVC4y5iwk…[View]
29385831What happens after suicide?[View]
29388621After all, is Bardon's book good or not? What is the best overall magick book?[View]
29397648How do we cope with the fact that we are in the age of the black sun?: The power has shifted away fr…[View]
29394590Listen at this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04nYhJdt2ag[View]
29388516Why the fuck did they worship cats?[View]
29398550The 10 Crowned Dragon: John saw it 'rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and up…[View]
29393720Muslims of /x/ I need your help: About a year ago I was working at a vegan fast food place and my co…[View]
29392921sup /x/: I just woke up from a dream where I saw aliens and DMT heads that looked like aliens. Not l…[View]
29397782Everyone is being manipulated, do you ever wonder all of the propaganda to make us fight each other?…[View]
29395436who is the hindu demon, 'kali'? and why/is he significant in the kali yuga?[View]
29398170female demon was reincarnated into my dick and is supposed to save the world by spreading my seed. M…[View]
29396187Why are skeptics/debunkers such annoying mutual lickarses?: These faggots who blindly trust higher a…[View]
29398214So I read this book and I have been contemplating about trying some demon summons etc, anyone have a…[View]
29397623Dream Interpretation: I need some help interpreting two dreams I had: In the first I am at the house…[View]
29389399Zodiac War: ¿What is the best and the worst of each zodiac sign?[View]
29394207Is video game magic possible?: I believe there is magic everywhere, but the magic in our reality is …[View]
29378956Egomaxxing - Building the ego instead of breaking it down: A lot of religions and spiritual beliefs …[View]
29387822What did it mean? What does it come from? Why do (((they))) not want you to know?[View]
29392427/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussion of …[View]
29390167Why is time speeding up the older I get?: My daughter and son tell me that they are bored because th…[View]
29365691a question for the anti-vaxxers: if there really was a conspiracy here, wouldnt make more sense that…[View]
29396344God created humans in his image most people are pieces of shit hence. God must be shit. Or maybe the…[View]
29370448/YG/ Yoga and Self-Realization General: This thread is for the discussion of Yoga and Self-Realizati…[View]
29373612Old/Obscure Paranormal Youtube Vids: I've been looking for my old collection of paranormal vide…[View]
29396967Is there anything we can do to stop the Mandela Effect? I'm terrified of it.[View]
29364433Gangstalking: I can't take it anymore[View]
29392556iz happening zzz.....zzzz....: >*yawn* https://gcpdot.com/[View]
29381817Is this an ancient tree?[View]
29394717The end is nigh: Schizos were right, again.[View]
29394222Which God's symbol looks like this?: Like this power line support. I remember it somewhere. Whi…[View]
29395193Why do biblically accurate angels resemble psychedelics so much? Is psychedelic imagery just the way…[View]
29394785Noone remembers Fidgety Jim: I haven't visited /x/ in a long while (maybe ever since 2014) but …[View]
29389921Have any of you ever died before?[View]
29395188/Gn/ Nobody General: Screenshot addition >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today w…[View]
29391459strange sound: strange sound listen to this sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTDKSZVztVc And wr…[View]
29396469Seriously though, what was it?[View]
29392537https://youtu.be/SlKqGeKVOik the only good conspiracy docu. i legit went in like 'lol funny weirdo' …[View]
29390932TELEPATHY: where do I start?[View]
29390646After MKUltra and its soviet and nazi counterparts, why would anyone trust any psychiatrist? All of …[View]
29392073Should I leave /x/? It’s seeding pointless pessimism in my mind.[View]
29396287Yesterday i listened to Honor Levy on the ion pack podcast. Today i want to have sex with man. Am i …[View]
29396068Greentext Thread: Greentext Thread? Greentext Thread. Post your best.[View]
29395855irvine company logo: Does anyone know what this logo stands for? It looks too different to be a gene…[View]
29391935How does the demiurge treat gnostics in the afterlife?: Assuming most of us will not be able to achi…[View]
29394557The world we see is an illusion created by our collective consciousness. Those of us who are conscio…[View]
29392686Berserker: Hey does anyone have any interesting reading material or ideas about Berserkers? I have a…[View]
29394202Im watching my mom watching me watching her watching me: It just is not good or is no fun. What are …[View]
29395713database for cults: is there a database for cults?[View]
29392087Would there be any negative repercussions to having a painting of Lucifer in my house?[View]
29395214What if the monkey suit is just full of snakes?[View]
29389230What does /x/ sincerely believe irl aliens physically appear like?[View]
29395029can someone explain the occult / spiritual significance of this game[View]
29394974Well, what about this, Google hinting to the upcoming vaccine deaths. Relevant thread >>293757…[View]
29391408i’m an alien trapped in a human body, why doesn’t anyone believe me?[View]
29395644Had a thought earlier and it triggered a deja vu feeling, like I've had this thought/experience…[View]
29393961Post your book of shadows/grimoire Made this one myself[View]
29393276I need your stories for my web blog, /x/ <3: Hey, /x/... Fellow femanon /x/ lurker here, I need y…[View]
29395086Everything considering the nature of reality that is taught or told to us ANYWHERE is an outright li…[View]
29394601Why is it that I only seem to have bad dreams when I am not covered with my blanket. If I have a bad…[View]
29395229From what I've read, reincarnation happens somewhat fast after you die. Like a few months later…[View]
29388485So, now that David Wilcock has been exposed as a fraud....: We can get down to BUSINESS.... David wa…[View]
29382779spoopy stories: whatup xfags? looking for spoopy stories. cabins, skinwalkers, wendigos, whatever th…[View]
29395090Today is the 82nd anniversary of the Einstein–Szilárd letter: Eighty two years ago today Albert Eins…[View]
29391535>aliens fly down to visit Earth >see humans are all just a bunch of batshit sexist xenophobic …[View]
29381849Biblical giants: So I learned from Alex Jones about Steve Quayle, who talks about the Biblical giant…[View]
29393989mfw one of the mods is the dreams devourer: 'he's revealing the secret about the dreams devoure…[View]
29393441random light on floor: Last night I saw a bright whitish-bluish light on the floor of my room blinki…[View]
29352636/Astro/: Welcome to Astrology General! Discuss astrology with astrologers alike and get your chart d…[View]
29393031Buddhism: why is Buddhism such a mind fuck? Did Siddartha leave the matrix? I try to grasp Buddhism …[View]
29393525Why are gangstalking threads on here?: Wouldn't they belong to /pol/ or /adv/ since they are ve…[View]
29393714Another Mandingo Effect: Last time I saw a Morgan Freeman movie, he had a rich, deep calming voice. …[View]
29394460How long does it take until my Tulpa starts responding?[View]
29393214Post Giants: No biblical stuff, no fiction, just reality[View]
29390448How to perform an exorcism(serious): I'm 20 male and have a demon living inside me. It whisper…[View]
29390153Exploding head syndrome or echoes of a different timeline/dinension…: Last night i had my first enco…[View]
29392399Any theories about what's happening?: Hey /x/, so I need to share some background information. …[View]
29393412Question specifically for the femanons on /x/, this seemed like the most relevant board for this top…[View]
29394481iz mad wicked, innit bruv[View]

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