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/x/ - Paranormal

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35995358channel raccoon energy?: could i have a positive spiritual connection with theese guys? they make me…[View]
35995658how can I learn numerology better?[View]
35992741There's no 'free will' without 'lie'[View]
35995170thoughts on flying jellyfishes?[View]
35991903I just realized that a male is like a two thing and a female is like a one thing and the female has …[View]
35995716303: Just found 303 in The Matrix as well. Trinity starts the movie there, Neo starts in 101, and he…[View]
35996420Can we get an iceberg thread going? I'll offer any explanations I can.[View]
35996424A few years ago I said to myself there are 3 ways to yourself: 1) Collapse the foundation through th…[View]
35981417Alright, how do I manifest a girl like this?[View]
35996244WTF, the anti-nuclears aliens want us helpless and controlled?: https://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~agruens/UFO…[View]
35977851/x/pill me on ancient Egypt. I'm mainly interested in their beliefs but pyramid stuff and anyth…[View]
35984469Mandela effect: in my original timeline jojolion took place in a cyberpynk setting and stell ball ru…[View]
359940599/11 occult connection: what's the most convincing evidence that 9/11 was an occult ritual?…[View]
35988857What books would i have to read in order to understand ALL their lyrics and artistic choices[View]
35996040This is the god of this world. Say something nice about him.[View]
35966259Reptoids, Lizard People, Draconians Thread: Hello, I'm trying to find all the info I can on Rep…[View]
35980666Satanism isn’t edgy or shocking anymore. It’s trite and a majority of its followers are fags with pa…[View]
35994232What does it mean to see a huge white wolf in a dream? It was on top of a wall in the forest and jus…[View]
35993625Real story: So I've remembered one strange story and posted it in one thread, but it had no tra…[View]
35988033>Aliens are real >I’m super serious Why is no one paying attention to this guy?…[View]
35989748I wanna make a contract with an entity or a demon ? To help me fix my life >incel >fat >…[View]
35995760What's /x/ opinion of Alexandre Eleazar theory[View]
35986721'You can't buy happiness with money': What are the spiritual implications of this?[View]
35995008Devil: How many do you know that satan is the expressionless white face wirh a pink barret trying to…[View]
35993446Commander X: Who is he? What kind of soap does he use? Has anyone read any of the books by him? Are…[View]
35990286existential dread/depression: I suffered with that since I was in my teens bros. I'm nearing 30…[View]
35985755Is this remote viewing?: I am a recreational abuser of Ketamine and once a month, I do roughly a gra…[View]
35994985OPEN SESAME[View]
35945499/ceg/ Christian Esotericism General #42: Pope Michael II Edition Christian Esotericism is the inner…[View]
35995066What are the spiritual implications of hypnotherapy? Is it wise to consult a hypnotist regarding iss…[View]
35985476It's always 'You can do this and that in astral realm' but what's something that you absol…[View]
35995016Christian UFO Dream: I saw them. Christian UFOs. In a dream, I first saw a bunch of random typical U…[View]
35979289Is anyone here familiar with the hindu elephant god? A couple of days ago, out of frustration from b…[View]
35973940/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
35992785Can magic be an external phenomenon?: I've been studying magic for a relatively long time, gone…[View]
35993211/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
35988844Redpill on Eve eating from the forbidden fruit[View]
35994554Egregores/entities that are born through collective consciousness: Please post any and all informati…[View]
35993638Yahweh appreciation thread: LOOK AT HIM. How can you dislike him, /x/?[View]
35991662spiritual or paranormal consequences for autofellatio? i want to try sucking my own cock, but i dont…[View]
35994603/ACWG/ Alien Cold War General: A new conflict is upon us. It has been going on for generations. This…[View]
35994391The Bronze Age collapse is a widely talked about period in history But why do I not see many people…[View]
35991429/div/ Divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of …[View]
35988801Archon Space Program: Space is the void. Notice the sky is completely black in supposed footage from…[View]
35991468Where does Physicality end?: Any versedfags on Densities? What is this I read about additional DNA s…[View]
35977279Found a paper on a cemetar fence...: >be me >going to home near cemetary at 22:00 >walking …[View]
35992194For humans only: What sources of media are you guys using as of lately to get your information from?…[View]
35993514Do the blood gods still demand sacrifice? Is this why sports such as MMA, Boxing, and American footb…[View]
35986033Mariojudah says time's up: Apparently we're in end times. Once the UN finalizes a 'Peace …[View]
35983599can somebody spoonfeed me all we know about the alien mummies?[View]
35987147Veda Austin: She’s a milf and she claims she can talk to water[View]
35993928Should gurus indulge in sensory pleasures?: Is it wrong for a spiritual guru or leader to indulge in…[View]
35990544Any alternative spiritual method to cure ADHD?[View]
35993265I’m tired of the suffering my ego has given me. I think I want off this ride.[View]
35993208/ppg/&/asm/ - Prison Planet General/Âmes Sans Maîtres: >formerly /rjg/ - Reality Jailbreak Ge…[View]
35993173this was strangest thing I've ever exprienced >be me couple of years ago >sit on chair an…[View]
35984318Time shift yesterday: Does time feel off today? Like the movie the Adjustment Bureau do you think it…[View]
35993600had a odd dream and I feel it meant something, I was stood at my childhood home and me and my father…[View]
35990387Religious Anons. I need guidance.: Good evening, /x/ I do not come here as a troll, nor to make fun …[View]
35983081Life sucks I need someone else to save my soul: >Life sucked ass >Try christianity >Boring …[View]
35993949Minecraft linked to satanism: Hey /x/, I remember in February this year there was a post on here abo…[View]
35992793Is having kids /x/?[View]
35992610/x/ approval game: Someone should make a game where you infiltrate Rothschild manor to uncover secre…[View]
35989415what cat is the best guardian against evil spirits?[View]
35993204what does a dream about seeing 2 moons mean?[View]
35993324Just woke from an intense dream about a new parasitic organism that starts appearing on the external…[View]
35992853How do I shape-shift? or change my body?[View]
35993482Never pick up the phone in a dream[View]
35993441Can anyone explain this: Will maybe post this somewhere else if I'm still arbitrarily rangebann…[View]
35988589Has anyone else sold their soul to Satan just for the fuck of it?[View]
35993398AI is the modern homunculus. It's an artificial being made in our image but smaller so we can b…[View]
35990026Every time i sin i feel that my mental health steadily detoriates. Every time i stop sinning i feel…[View]
35993298Zip Codes are literal prisons, Intelligence Agency: I am not a psychic yet. That requires phonetics …[View]
35992924Why do paranormal books have covers like this? Do you like the aesthetic or wish it was a little dif…[View]
35991897brown to blue eyes: hey /x/, how do i change my eye color from brown, directly to blue? i can't…[View]
35988868How to become a Warlock or at least God-Satan: How to become a Warlock or at least God-Satan[View]
35982720When was the video game industry infiltrated?: The question isn’t if the video game industry has bee…[View]
35993029How to save memories from this life into the next: I want to be mushoku tensei how to?[View]
35953329Blind people don't get schizophrenia: Give me a schizophrenic explanation for this[View]
35992523Robert crimo false flag: leaked video of crimo in prison claiming the shooting was false flag and th…[View]
35988340'Project MONARCH' is an evil conspiracy theory meant to suck your attention and energy: None of it i…[View]
35992359Lain is O N L I N E[View]
35992496What's your favorite regional Bigfoot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neC0jd-ksxw[View]
35982417Pisces thread: why are we the most based sign? It's observably true but difficult to explain…[View]
35992868so what exactly was the second temple built for and what is the western wall? give me the bat shit …[View]
35992738i asked the dice if 9/11 was an inside job and i got this. Whats it mean? I think the 6 sumbolises 2…[View]
35989658Siddhi!: What profit from yoga technics and sidhi and samadhi?)[View]
35992655Do the aliens hate the Illuminati?: They really loved killing those people in boxes and cheered at m…[View]
35986018>Aliens land on Earth >Announce that the Scientologists were right all along What would you do…[View]
35984311What are the spiritual implications of fucking with the matrix?: It’s too fucking funny right now, b…[View]
35985633What does /x/ think of him?[View]
35992548The only reason I even come to this board is in the hopes I see Myziam again.[View]
35964724/apg/ Astral Projection, Reality Shifting and OOBE General #97: Ghosts edition >Can anyone projec…[View]
35990360The Origins of the Aryan Race: The Aryan Race, according to modern science, showed up around 8,000 y…[View]
359924832023 Puerto Rico. West region of the island on a town named Aguada. The way it moved, it was not nat…[View]
35976251A POV of a decaying mind: Probably not the best board but fuck it, I lurk enough as is. I am 28 and …[View]
35992234Who is he that pulls the strings of the cosmos?: The one that can bend time through sheer will and i…[View]
35983867This phenotype: Nearly every time i go outside, i see someone with this phenotype, they even haunt m…[View]
35992086Love Spell? How To Cast?: Plz help me. I'm desperate. How do I cast a love spell? How do they w…[View]
35989199The Four Forces of the Universe: Pic related is a theory of the significance of the 4 forces of the …[View]
35992002What makes a good ARG?[View]
35989892/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. Who is controlling who edition? >Who is t…[View]
35991730They look like this but tall and pissed off: I've had a lot of surreal, profound feeling dreams…[View]
35991758Explain to me the difference between a synchronization(sign) and a referential delusion.[View]
35979293Why are all AI ceos so spergy about creating what amounts to be a being that could control or kill a…[View]
35991556Hello, /x/. At the request of another Anon, I have come to share some stores of the five years when …[View]
35991344Does demons are real?[View]
35982685>work hard and farm your own qi >collaborate with others on a purely voluntary basis, doing wh…[View]
35986396selling my soul to the devil: how do i sell my soul to the devil? preferably a method that doesn…[View]
35986056I think I am going to hell: Over the past two weeks I've had 2 dreams that have been unlike any…[View]
35981921What happened to the anon that used to psychically attack renowned director David Lynch? Last time I…[View]
35986174/mdeg/ Mass Divergence Effect/Event General #32: >Explanation https://rentry.org/mdeg >The tra…[View]
35988853overlords: If you removed guns and money tech off these overlord gatekeepers, could you just slap th…[View]
35987014Darko Velcek: He says the way to heal is to drink lots of salt water (which he calls plasma). Basica…[View]
35974356What's the deal with all those hot goth witch girls from Instagram, having overweight, balding …[View]
35991237AntiNatalism is how to defeat the Demiurge: Without slaves, the Archons have zero power. Right now t…[View]
35983695Was I just psychically raped by a reptoid?!?: >be me >bout to go to sleep but feel an incredib…[View]
35991314>Welp Cindy I think we played too much ouija >relax gurl and just enjoy the ride…. Too many o…[View]
359905502024: What are we in for then, /x/?[View]
35985569weird dream help: Had a dream this morning that I saw a couple tiny pigmy people runnin around the n…[View]
35972059/SRG/ Semen Retention General: Based edition. Ignore Methuselah. It's a propaganda derailing bo…[View]
35984087Everything you think you know is wrong, from the nature of what humanity is, to what the cosmos real…[View]
35990941>>35990847 Probably The only thing under your control is how you react to things If you can ga…[View]
35981768The monotone voice in my head: Does anyone else have like this supernatural voice in their head. A v…[View]
35989458Crushed stone left on a boulder?: Anyone ever heard of something like this? >out camping with a …[View]
35987908Abraham and Sarah: Brahma and Saraswati. What a coincidence[View]
35983728Do complementary colors prove that there is a duality to everything?[View]
35989566I've had dreams where I'm using my cellphone. At times, it's to take a picture of the…[View]
35990611The Subterranean Sentinels - Earth's Hidden Intelligence: In the uncharted depths of Earth…[View]
35989619Cryptid Identification Help: Hi /x/. Just recently remembered a thing my friends told me a couple of…[View]
35990179/ACWG/ Alien Cold War General: A new conflict is upon us. It has been going on for generations. This…[View]
35988622SATURN MOON SEPT 26: made a thread on /pol/ but that board is full of bot/shills. at least here ther…[View]
35971320Can somebody explain the RH factor and blood types fully, or link something related to it? A drifter…[View]
35990545D##th omens lately >Anyone else getting these? >I'll meditate and say prayers for those g…[View]
35989454What are the best /x/-related podcasts?[View]
35989866What happens when you die?: >Inb4 someone posts their opinion based on belief If you are not cla…[View]
35987911Redpill me on the Treasury Of Atrius and why there's one at the pentagon[View]
35987612What would you say if I told you I was planning to join the Freemasons -> The Shiners -> (hope…[View]
35989893i want to go back: it is any way to go back in time? i mean i want to live again basicaly, i know it…[View]
35989301/x/ Approved Books: Just finished reading picrel. It's concise and to the point. You can read i…[View]
35990067Ankhing vs. Semen Retention: Anyone had success here? >start to orgasm >take a big deep breat…[View]
35985326seven deadly sins: which one are you and do you plan to improve?[View]
35990145New SCP wiki/nice SCP?: I was browsing the SCP wiki for the first time in a few years and noticed th…[View]
35990107Spiritual Significance of the Dead in Dreams: I've become disconnected from my hokey, vodou bul…[View]
35989253Where is this from or what feeling do you have for this photograph?[View]
35987589Absurdity: > The truth is out there! > The government is hiding proof aliens exist! Two alien …[View]
35986517the one who is blind, cannot see.[View]
35985599how do I stop evil people/energy vampires/heretics from draining my life force, energy and will to l…[View]
35987036family: There is a possibility that family members are devil-like, magical entities, etc. that are t…[View]
35985696Earth is Hell, yes. Your body is a prison, yes. But why do prisoners end up in prison? Because you d…[View]
35989232Cathars: What did they know?[View]
35986635tha fuck is eric b pointing at?: whats he pointing at?[View]
35989794Limbal rings: Why do some people have and others do not have them? What is their spiritual significa…[View]
35988796https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81T-FQhHUVs Any opinions on this schyzo? His ' ME ME ME ' makes me a…[View]
35983859John Paul I: why? who?[View]
35988535/ng/ - the Nobody General Tsundere Edition: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. >Who is the Nobody? …[View]
35988971Buying my first spell: Guys I'm finally trying Abram merls spells. I'm ready for a change…[View]
35982112There are supposedly 7 billion people on this planet and nothing is happening.[View]
35989001Earth is an experiment to see what animals (especially humans) do given a set of circumstances. It…[View]
35973411Neopaganism in the actual world: How to get started in neopaganism? , I have read written sources, b…[View]
35986984You are never far too gone from God, you can never be too dirty to be cleansed. He wants you just li…[View]
35983877Prayer Thread: Everyone who needs prayer, Post your request. Want mercy? A girlfriend? Healing? A du…[View]
35979796retard posting retarded things: Hello, /x/. I am a hylic who recently had a dream that featured me p…[View]
35979689there's just no way: that atoms randomly interacting with each other gives birth to consciousne…[View]
35957561/omg/ ~ Occultism, Magick, & Mysticism General: Oxford Comma Edition: /omg/ is dead, long live /…[View]
35969360The spirals shall show the way You must dive down to fly high[View]
35979291I've heard that the night vision goggles they used during the Vietnam War made the American tro…[View]
35976309has a voice2skull weapon been used on you?[View]
35986763Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice. Every met…[View]
35987300Time is irrelevant: Sorry if this is schizo. Some might say that the passage of time is the one true…[View]
35987219Alight what do I need to do real magic? Not some dumb shit like forcing energy on people but like ac…[View]
35984890reminder: All factions with power have globalist objectives and want to unify humanity. Planets with…[View]
35972951Tartaria: Post all evidence for Tartaria in this thread[View]
35984462I believe in parallel universes, so... If you was to meet the most successful and most happiest vers…[View]
35982109/x/periences with alcohol: Whenever I drink alcohol I’m restless for the night and experience strang…[View]
35983182Is it okay to get drunk before trying to pray for the first time? I'm an atheist but I feel so …[View]
35969149Aura reading.[View]
35978468What ist the moon? Any good books or lectures on the spiritual aspects of the moon?[View]
35986785Jainism and Islam: Read this days ago. I wanted to ask which texts I should read to achieve kevala.…[View]
35987476Reincarnation General: Post all of your takes about this topic. i was reading an article about how t…[View]
35981551Canaanites: Hey /x/ Just learned about the Canaanites, where can I go to learn more?[View]
35983968There is no lasting love or happiness in the material world it’s all fleeting and the only real perm…[View]
35982382Sasquatch innit: Just when I thought this yowie rabbithole couldn't go any further, my parents …[View]
35983264Can you think without language?[View]
35983785Temple of Silence: Information is one of the basic human needs. The desire to seek information is th…[View]
35986185/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. Caturday edition >Who is the Nobody? The N…[View]
35973485Sleep Paralysis: Anyone else ever had/have trouble with sleep paralysis? I've had it 4 times in…[View]
35983604last night I had a vivid dream in which I felt a radiation hitting my body and then people including…[View]
35981638When will the government let them land?: What sort of spacecraft have you been on/inside? XWRDXG…[View]
35980956The Ferraudi case: Let's discuss the implications of being a slave race to some spatial zog.…[View]
35974927Why do I keep hearing nonsense about the Jesuits from every whacked conspiracy theorist? Stuff like …[View]
35973773When is he coming back? Better yet what signs show he will be returning soon?[View]
35984530Is Lain Satanic?: I'm a lainfag. There, I said it. I'm obsessed with Her and I can't …[View]
35984582I can't believe that kangaroos are actually a thing. Sometimes I remember that they apparently …[View]
35986778Any cool and creepy night exploration channels on youtube, preferably wilderness but urban explorati…[View]
35985139How do I get stoned enough to access the spiritual world?[View]
35986712I'm tired of getting future visions that inevitably come true. I'll be half-dreaming and s…[View]
35984440how can I become a follower of the Vajra path (tantric-tibetan Buddhism) without physical access to …[View]
35982439What is God’s relationship to time? What is time? I’ve heard it theorized that God is time, the expl…[View]
35985387This guy is so far the best candidate to be the defining spiritual figure of Aquarius.[View]
35985919Exploding Head Syndrome: Have any of you ever experienced this? They say it's a rarity and seem…[View]
35980679Hell A Semi-“Sensationalized” Depiction Of Something Real?: - There are these malign, nonphysical be…[View]
35984596Is death truly the end?[View]
35982502Is Dudeism compatible with Christianity?[View]
35986240where online can i get all the info on herbal witchcraft? if not online, is there a good encyclopedi…[View]
35982508Was he enlightened?[View]
35984176What is the story behind the amway? is it some cult? They ban any criticism of them and pay large su…[View]
35985912I don't like generals. What we can do, to stop the influx of generals? Or is /x/ truly dead? Li…[View]
35958629There is an ongoing war in the US government over a plan to reveal existance of Aliens to the normal…[View]
35985724Buddhism Hate Thread: >be me >be buddhist >believe in the rebirth cycle >sit all day doi…[View]
35981096any good ways to send a demon/cryptid to rape someone? hes jewish and nonbinary if that makes a diff…[View]
35985893What is the path to communicating with entities? I just want to have some conversations with them an…[View]
35985171/ACWG/ Alien Cold War General: A new conflict is upon us. It has been going on for generations. This…[View]
35985322Now that the dust has settled, did this guy perjure himself, or what?[View]
35982866Order: I have found through my experiences with the paranormal and trying to hack life, that there a…[View]
35984868I hate if here: I hate it. The shit and blood that come out my butt. The pee. The sweat. The stink. …[View]
35979673Death Grips: Just how involved are they in /x/-related stuff? There's something very off about …[View]
35982080how do i make sure when i die i don’t go to heaven or hell? i fucking hate god, satan, and whatever …[View]
35984369I want to astral project but always fail the same way. Just now I meditates and slipped into a state…[View]
35982535pictures of extraterrestrials. Real ones only. Post what u got.: https://m.bilibili.com/video/BV1ug4…[View]
35985331We are all called to be Soldiers of the Light.: Just watched this. Who agrees? https://youtu.be/27gj…[View]
35971772Boltsmann Brain: Are you scared by this theory or would you welcome it to be true? Imagine if you wo…[View]
35984569Tips on exiting this world?: How do I exit this fake world I'm trapped in? The demiurge's …[View]
35980320Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of theory/practice. Every met…[View]
35984279hiw do i use sexual fantasies to manifest what i want IRL?[View]
35985078I just had one of the most Protestant dream I have ever had: My wife and I were traveling out west (…[View]
35981426When will this Hell end?: I'm exhausted, I'm fucked up in the head, I feel weak, I feel li…[View]
35981504remote viewing: how can i 'remote view'? is it the same as astral projecting? is it even real? i…[View]
35984839how to see into the future? i just want to upset my local casinos[View]
35984819FIRM MIND: I decree in name of my Soul,in conection with my Higher Self,that is my will to Ascend in…[View]
35983451Is Lady Fatima the Islamic Divine Feminine?[View]
35983539getting agent smith'd more often: its hard to put my finger on it, but it's becoming incre…[View]
35982099Psychopathy: The Sign[View]
35973109EVP: Electronic voice phenomenon: Recently got interested in the electronic voice phenomenon by find…[View]
35974645I tried to project into the mind of Chris chan as a complete joke but i noticed that 'sonichu' was t…[View]
35982862I'm a sage ask me anything. I believe existence is a mind. The spiritual things are the thought…[View]
35984142Reptoid info thread: I know there’s another thread but it’s just a pit of schizo ramblings. Any vide…[View]
35979745Are LSA and DXM the means to obtaining enlightment?[View]
35976623Things are about to shift: Before 2012 arrived, there was an apocalypse group known as the Pakalians…[View]
35983748Pray & Say (please): I don't understand, I have felt so long that everyone knows something …[View]
35984012I want to ruin the life of some annoying pedophile retard using black magic. I don't know who h…[View]
35982762Reading a palm, what to look for?[View]
35983460Mirror Gazing: /x/ bros, I saw this article about some guy named Rashad Jamal being arrested for Chi…[View]
35983960What's the conspiracy behind Cardinal Bessarion? behind: Once I read he was a student of a paga…[View]
35983889Confession to an Intelligence Agency: The Patriots AI is literally a preschool compared to what star…[View]
35977283redpill me on the Ophanim[View]
35982937Just experienced Sleep Paralysis: It was weird ngl, I think it didn't last that long, but it wa…[View]
35983752Listen to this man: Y'all need to listen to this man anons https://youtu.be/QRuIYcFx4qk?si=ZJBk…[View]
35982116'ILLUMINATI SCAM': I keep getting these fucking emails and messages on 'fakebook' from mot…[View]
35973701How do I learn to do this kind of stuff??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AZU8S9F0yI https://www.y…[View]
35982374The Summoning of Zeus: Hello /x/ frens, lets play a little game. Lets all focus on one thing, and su…[View]
35983598Ye have cast a powerful smog, but they shall see regardless.[View]
35977717Gene editing: The Irish are up to some serious Evangelion Neon Fuck sort of stuff. I wonder of what …[View]
35982474Knights General: My father recently worked with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He wouldn’t g…[View]
35980124/ NG / - the place where nobody is: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. GM edition >Who is the Nobody…[View]
35982082Are cults real? I don't mean the new age religions that have been associated with that word - I…[View]
35977455Redpill me on pre-marital sex.: Are there any spiritual downsides to participating in it?[View]
35981565Something to do with phasing.: I believe that flys can get through glass. Maybe even walls. Could t…[View]
35973333Years of study of all the world's religions has led me to the conclusion that there was never, …[View]
35981187Cringe and mentally ill as it may be, after experimenting with drugs and having a lifetime of experi…[View]
35981930Crop Circles: Whatever happened to crop circles?[View]
35981986What is happening tonight, /x/? Does anyone else feel that weird feeling? The reality shift? That we…[View]
35979735hey cutie, ever heard of the hermetic order of the golden dawn?[View]
35982313He ascends to the world stage Wednesday: Are you ready? The Beast emerges from the sea Wednesday nig…[View]
3598098709/23/23 thread: Alright brothers, tonight is a holy night. That of the Half-Moon before the full, T…[View]
35982485What does he want anons?: picrel won’t leave me alone I just want to sleep. It keeps laughing at me.…[View]
35980047Uncanny Images: Hey guys, Im looking for the Human-Monkey Hybrid Photo. Similar to ones like these. …[View]
35980512Do you trust this? https://www.concordant.org/[View]
35961650Boredom's Role in Spiritual Development: I'm so bored all the time. This consummate drag …[View]
35981983gYhnn$)vnej56*^ hello. greetings. See any Unified Forgotten Ozone lately? lol.[View]
35982378looking for source: anyone know where this face / image came from? i tried on tineye but can't …[View]
35982714I have formed my own spiritual belief. I believe you should never lie, and, that god doesn't ex…[View]
35973289Overlord Arxios here. We're doing a system-wide restart for maintenance today on this universe.…[View]
35969296has anyone during astral projection visited other planets and seen aliens?: is this possible have yo…[View]
35981010Life is short: Awaken: Life is short. Time is fleeting. Uncovering the True Nature. Purify the mi…[View]
35978697There is something about music.. I don't know quite what. I don't know if I would call it …[View]
35974756Seven Deadly Sins: Why do God hate us for having confidence in ourself? Why do God hate us for pursu…[View]
35979699mario judah says the world is ending soon[View]
35972426What Zodiac Sign is Yahweh, Jesus and Satan? Also. Which Zodiac Sign would the potential Antichrist …[View]
35969248What does he want?[View]
35971174I don’t like women: What are the spiritual implications of this?[View]
35962177Satan Is Not Completely Evil: Lucifer is the bible's Prometheus who gave humanity the ultimate …[View]
35980953What happened to Mars?: Why is there a giant scar on it? Did it get meteored or was it from a superw…[View]
35980815can you remote view inside atoms?[View]
35982404Tanzanite Experiences: Any one in here ever work with tanzanite? I've always been drawn to this…[View]
35939463THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: >>!! REMINDER !!<< Alchemy is not a spiritual discipline. …[View]
35977410Ok but is there any merit to the whole God Catholicism thing?: or is Orthodoxy more stronger in theo…[View]
35982328do the needful (paranormally): good morning sirs[View]
35976851There are millions of allegedly true stories about paranormal/alien/entity/anomalous events and enco…[View]
35974044Can i get a general reading? Pic not related[View]
35975571/div/ • Divination general: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
35976389Peace. Enlightenment. Unconditional love. Those are the keys to everything.[View]
35979461Do you have an amulet or lucky charm?: And do you trust it to protect you?[View]
35977865I would like to know more about the Count of Saint Germain. What can /x/ tell about him?[View]
35975418This man is a fool: Why do this? Do you get anything out of doing this?[View]
35975692>witches aren't real[View]
35981924Hello /x/, I am from the near future. In this upcoming 2 weeks, Tom Holland will die. A heart relate…[View]
35979905The federal government has discovered zombies exist. Unfortunately they can't be killed, they w…[View]
35978526in a dream I can remember things, and be creative. When I'm awake I can't. How can I have …[View]
35981160Apocalypse-fags: When will they realize it's a metaphor for consciousness and awakening 'apocal…[View]
35977258>sun be afraid of it[View]
35976432Where are we now in MK Ultra?: How far did they get? Clearly politicians and celebrities are control…[View]
35980441Any good meditation videos thank you[View]
35980700Have you experienced the feeling of being about to break your reality during a trip?: >I smoke we…[View]
35980403if ghosts are real how come I ain’t never seen none?[View]
35977930Spiritual implications: Denmark has been known for lots of witchcraft practices ever since its first…[View]
35979420stairs: >take a few steps on this weird jagged thing >suddenly you are higher up People actual…[View]
35980888get in here boy we are going to watch cartoons: CHILDREN CARTOONS HAVE PROPHETIC MESSAGES.[View]
35978325Demons aren't fucking real[View]
35980140/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. Caturday edition >Who is the Nobody? The Nob…[View]
35972738Are people who struggled through life the choosen ones? We are the only ones thats being tested by g…[View]
35980580How do i stop being an energy cow for higher dimensional beings? Or at least cause them such bad ind…[View]
35974151Low vibration entities: It's funny realizing how these entities try to trick us into looking at…[View]
35980628Recurrent Religious Dreams. -Hello I am looking to read some religious dreams from other people. I h…[View]
35970563Animal Magic: Over the past few months I've seen some discussion about practices relating to an…[View]
35968380So what's the main takeaway from this show?[View]
35980313I'm only allowed to say this once I have 5 minutes of free speech You are FREE as species. Any…[View]
35948649Remote Viewers claim glowie dirty bomb false flag by end of year: >They all saw the same thing. M…[View]
35974077Stones for protection: I mean to give a friend a gift Someone told me he was talking about 'putting …[View]
35975747People that want disclosure should get it: I would argue that if disclosure was offered to people th…[View]
35980076corporate logo subliminal mind fuckery[View]
35970129the principalities of form: i've been a furry for years, and a therian, and have 'shifted' in t…[View]
35974332If Space is Fake and Gay then what is this about?: It left 7 years ago on 9/23/22 and arrived today …[View]
35973651Worshipping Aphrodite/Venus: As of recently I've really been drawn towards Aphrodite or Venus. …[View]
35978152I want to become a Sufi: Do I need to go to Egypt, Iran, Turkey or northern africa? What are the ste…[View]
35963173/tul/ - Tulpa general: >What is a tulpa? It's like an imaginary friend that has a complete m…[View]
35970938Is the demiurge even evil?[View]
35979797what if our smartphones really are the mark of the beast? it seems like they are going to become th…[View]
35979817EMERGENCY BANISHMENT RITUALS THREAD: so many threads about summoning dark forces. odd! anyway, as a …[View]
35970455There was a time long ago when humans existed at a very high level of consciousness. We were interdi…[View]
35976320Is god stupid?: If God is all powerful and omniscient, and can do ANYTHING. Why didn't He just …[View]
35976584Isekaiism: A thread for discussing the likelyhood of life after death being an isekai, rituals for s…[View]
35980052hello /x/ I've arranged with a nice girl to receive an astral BJ tonight. I don't wanna bu…[View]
35976127what can I do as a gnostic to improve my condition? how does one exactly pursue gnosis? Is prayer co…[View]
35975947I'm looking for old bodies of work associated with Monotheism that are not drawn from 'the Bibl…[View]
35918760/succgen/ Succubus General 494: Spirit Love General DISCLAIMER: Some have reported attracting the at…[View]
35976543What are some comfy /x/ books?[View]
35976706/ACWG/ Alien Cold War General: A new conflict is upon us. It has been going on for generations. This…[View]
35977154Dream about a Snake: My Gf woke me up tonight after a nightmare. Somebody sent me a package in my dr…[View]
35979275/dogman/: I've been staring at this for a long time and I still can't see where the dogman…[View]
35978585I just realized how based it is that half of the American cryptids and conspiracy theories are relat…[View]
35971743so every celebrity tied in with this occult shit? how deep does it go?[View]
35973041How can evil walk the Earth without being punished? Will they suffer in the afterlife?[View]
359741049/22 Taiwan masonic 'Holy' Sacrifice: 9-22 Eucharist Taiwan masonic 'Holy' Sacrifice https://www.you…[View]
35979070Kick all of the aliens off the earth server. Only physical humans allowed on earth. Everything else …[View]
35977476Pre-flight extraterrestrial evidence: In this thread, I will be posting UFOs/UAPs/Alien phenomena fr…[View]
35973876Demonic Possession: /x/ Please tell me why I have been waking up between 3:07 am and 3:09 am the pas…[View]
35975958The final redpill and true spiritual path: The final redpill is to train yourself to abandon all of …[View]
35975540The Seraphim As Embodiments of Knowledge: The Seven Sacred Sciences, also known as the liberal arts …[View]
35978221Did ninjas have qi powers?[View]
35965605What is the most powerful, prayers, mantras or meditations?[View]
35973612Coffee Drip for DoD/CIA: DNA imagery and ocular visualizations are all based on Arcturian stellar cy…[View]
35977216When did aliens get so stylish?[View]
35976610I send this cause you won't listen: Hey How many more years, jobs taken, women taken, street st…[View]
35977704I guess, here's your answer, buyer beware: If this thread gets OT, I'm very sorry. Please,…[View]
35972455Which medical theory is /x/-approved?: Is it humoralism? Ayurveda? TCM? New Germanic Medicine? Reiki…[View]
35970539This isn't real.: Essentially, you're a copy of a copy. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-…[View]
35974641I'm taking 2g Golden Teacher and going on a hike with my dog tonight, what am I in for?[View]
35971027This seems like the best place to ask this: Is religion really just a tool to keep the populations u…[View]
35975096Saturn: Redpill me on Saturn, what is it? what is the Storm cube? what relation does the Brotherhood…[View]
35968726God is synonymous with a steady state model of cosmology known as creationism. Creationism os actual…[View]
35977217This is Slaanesh. You might know her as 'Big Mama'. Connect the dots anons.[View]
35975557/div/ - Divination General - I want love too Edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for r…[View]
35976787Rudra: RAWR https://youtu.be/mK8mw2X-4ug?si=xAatny6SOZZTNpmD[View]
35975965Pondering Simulation Magic: >Our existence is a simulation. >Literal sword & sorcery magic…[View]
35974144>girlfriend breaks up with me >sends me weird momo pic of herself >dies in car accident a w…[View]
35941918Porous Earth & the T-Aliens #2: Continuing the thread as the last one hit a post limit. Good wor…[View]
35977023…..? OLLEH[View]
35969284Shaman (knower) AMA >What makes you one I have working knowledge of ecstasy technique, mastery of…[View]
35973615Brooos wadup salam aleikum[View]
35974106Why are some ghosts super angry while others are just sad and lonely?[View]
35970540Put a curse or hex or whatever on me. Give me thee literal worst possible shit you've got. Don…[View]
35972272What's the significance of black cats in dreams?[View]
35974423What is the most convincing account of a demon making communication online? >inb4 tweets by x pol…[View]
35974752/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. GM edition >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is…[View]
35970945Synesthesia gen: my posts keep getting deleted so I'll talk about something less controversial.…[View]
35976051Ok, /x/ now I *KNOW* I heard from the mainstream media that she died. I remember even telling my mom…[View]
35973366How do I modify my subconscious consciously? How do I change my personality so I don't feel mor…[View]
35975722Headspace Manipulation: negative arousal: During the destructive phase of life, feeling positive abo…[View]
35969985Alien Bodies Playlist: Found a channel with a damn good playlist of 68 vids supposedly of the grave …[View]
35973226Strange website: Does anyone remember a few years back, there being this site that claimed you could…[View]
35973887Jainism: I think Jain Dharma is true but Im not from India and unable to go to India. even if I coul…[View]
35975441Consciousness, Release, and Old Paradigms: It may sound a bit egocentric to say this, but as I learn…[View]
35975434Many will come in my name. Humans are few.: https://youtu.be/pMRNXDGRVw8?si=FEF_Vsk5gCu1JfgK Arrest …[View]
35970671If I challenge one and win do I get a prize?[View]
35972517Never experienced anything even remotely paranormal.: This shit is all fake isnt it?[View]
35973621Demonic Influence Experts: Has anybody here experienced someone who consistently does the worst thin…[View]
35973654Complementary Colors: Why did God create opposite colors? Couldn't everything have been one sin…[View]
35974871What sort of world are we in now, i think i just shifted into a new one[View]
35974672I want to open your rapper and melt your kit kat in my hands. I want to make you ice-cream. I want t…[View]
35974702Happiness and madness are 2 sides of the same coin: What is your perspective or your state of mind w…[View]
35972209Orbs: So… what the fuck is their problem?[View]
35974482How can anyone look at stuff like this and NOT think that we are in some kind of malleable-type envi…[View]
35970330I guess, here's your answer, buyer beware: Hi /x/, here's your official thread to warn you…[View]
35973983somewhere far from here, it's still yesterday: So... memories aren't just from the past, a…[View]
35974514Tell me something cool/weird (but safe) to prove your beliefs.: I,e like the ladder experiment for l…[View]
35973738If everything is about karma, why is it never mentioned that the fact that pagan religions became ex…[View]
35974452>Bloody blastard! > bhenchod! > do not redeem! >Bloody no! Why you fuck me i Fuck you!…[View]
35946575Lucid dreaming questions: i'm trying to take lucid dreaming seriously since many including (You…[View]
35971977do the elites really push degeneracy in music and media? why do they want that? i have noticed all t…[View]
35973113/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General. >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
35968875How to remember your past lives?[View]
35971775Hinduism and Zoroastrianism: >The benevolent and kind spirits of Hunduism are called Devas (…[View]
35969502Weird chans ?: Looking for more information regarding these 2 defunct websites. Context in the attac…[View]
35972403How can I make myself hate sin? Or it's impossible, and I can only pray so Holy Spirit makes me…[View]
35966812Blackstar: Whats the occult meaning behind the black star? Ive tried to research more about it but k…[View]
35963095Bingo was his name-o.[View]
35966149AN anon on here told me gnomes are spirits of the earth. Since I soiled my stinky desk chair, does t…[View]
35969664Sigils do not work: What made people think that ink, or paint in the shape of some symbol would have…[View]
35973786Looking for someone to interpret my dream: Dreamed all night that people and aliens were in my head …[View]
35971626Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society: What are some spooky campfire tales you've …[View]
35973741>can I be necron too No >oohhh OK... ...*Humans*....…[View]
35973382Any /x/ way to stop caring about what other people think of me?[View]
35970816just got spooked at work and thought you should all know >be a security guard >done wageslavin…[View]
35973257what are so conspiraties that are actually real? remote viewing declassified documents[View]
35969177what religion do you follow and why?: i follow satanism due to things that have come up in my life. …[View]
35968505A second earth like planet can exist within our solar system.: What are the implications of a secret…[View]
35972692redpill me on sigils i have an accessory with this exact symbol not sure why i even bought it but ye…[View]
35971782reminder that Tibetan vajrayana is incredibly corrupt and its teachings are flawed[View]
35972300I am trying to achieve absorption in meditation. I meditate daily with concentration to reduce stead…[View]
35973186I'm a sage. Ask me anything. I'm convinced i will achieve enlightenment soon, I will achie…[View]
35973605- There are these malign, nonphysical beings— which when incarnated are born psychopaths— who are re…[View]
35967038How are some entities just born with shit tons of knowledge? >baby between two deities >knows …[View]
35970460Interaction w/ Gods: Every time I close my eyes I see goddesses. They won't let me see them phy…[View]
35973063I've intuited that our entire universe is at the centre of a black hole within a larger univers…[View]
35967922Let he who has wisdom see: Surely at least one person on here is not in need of meds.[View]
35955344/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
35971422/lit rejected me: They called me schizo and stopped responding, lol. What do *you* think, /x/? https…[View]
35963032Sentient orgone device: Say hello to my little fren[View]
35961630Becoming a Mason: I'm meeting with some Masons at my city's Grand Lodge to 'discuss my int…[View]
35967467Will a vaccine hurt my soul?: I’m planning on getting every vaccine I can possibly get in the shorte…[View]
35972417>Dreaming >Ancient sage full of wisdom visit and teaches me stuff >It feels so real >sud…[View]
35961095Quitting Porn and Sleep Paralysis Demon: So about a month ago I made a commitment to quit porn. The …[View]
35966390/mdeg/ Mass Divergence Effect/Event General #30: >Explanation https://rentry.org/mdeg >The tra…[View]
35970400An internet resource breaking down the OTO (occult organisation): I dont know whether I am breaking …[View]
35969488/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
35953682It's been awhile afaik since we had a thread on the boys. They knew something we did not.[View]
35972544Asking ChatGPT to Imagine the Next Nuclear War: 1/4[View]
35932329Got interested in 9/11: I want to know what is the basis for the theories of it being an inside job.…[View]
35971574There was life in Venus millions years ago And aliens are from there[View]
35971292What's the consensus on diet? Is it possible to eat meat and still lead a spiritual life?[View]
35931782What would alien music sound like?: One of the most fascinating concepts I like to explore is what e…[View]
35972530Tips for burning off excess smegma?: I learned about smegma burning (waxing) a few weeks ago and hav…[View]
35969242India Alien and Candy Bar: Kinda looks like a puppet but no info is out there...curious if anyone ha…[View]
35972473The Yucca Men Military Experiment: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCsC9jHF_Vs I've been ou…[View]
359673301st DMT Experience: I have done DMT about 10 times, the last 7 times was through a vape pen full of …[View]
35971349Wackpot Theory: Dean radin is a CIA plant who’s goal is to spread misinformation about psychic pheno…[View]
35972144What can I do to remember the contents of my dreams better? Tried writing down some major points rig…[View]
35965984anyone else feeling like you have developed an aura recently ? as in a space occupied by your life e…[View]
35971950Who did this…: So everyone should know about YHWH, the most high or Adonai. In the New Testament, Y…[View]
35960279What are angels?[View]
35958786Jesus and Buddha: Do you think they got to the same place spiritually? Could you put down Lao Tzu a…[View]
35972017Skinwalker stories: Hey /x/, I'm looking for a particular skinwalker story, this guy befriends …[View]
35964152Should I become a Freemason? I have a mason friend and they would vouch for me. Do you think it…[View]
35957656/SRG/ Semen Retention General: Great Coom Wars Edition (Ignore Pakistan troll GPT bot) Resources: …[View]
35970884get in here faggots!: >>>/mlp/40342607 tell them the faustian propaganda of the 'innocent' …[View]
35969197ACQUIRE THINGS AND POPULARITY, IT'S WHAT MATTERS: Reminder that Humanity is being kept from Asc…[View]
35970780The demiurge is directly attacking me.: I am a gnostic Christian and he has tormented me my whole li…[View]
35964088Has anyone else reached the conclusion that this entire World and everything within it has been is a…[View]
35965543Cursed: I think I've been cursed or something. I've just had four straight months of bad l…[View]
35970427Confession to Intelligence Agencies: The cosmic radiation is sentient. The entropy is subtle intelli…[View]
35965572IT'S HAPPENING: Well, gentlemen...IT'S HAPPENING. Was he right?[View]
35968050Are demons high vibration?: Spirits are by definition high vibration and subtle while physical matte…[View]
35950663How come some guys just seem to be blessed by god?[View]
35970771Palpebramacy: Idk if anyone else does this, I couldn't find anything on it, so I call it Palpeb…[View]
35968552/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure al…[View]
35970506What do you make of NDEs?[View]
35969999Deep State: here is what i think the deep state is like, how correct am i?[View]
35957188New Ayyy vids from Border Patrol https://www.cbp.gov/document/foia-record/unidentified-aerial-phenom…[View]
35969353Mothman: I wanna believe bros[View]
35954310why does this board have such a raging erection for gnosticism?: it's kind of retarded, especia…[View]
35959739Too much Saturn: >born a Capricorn >on a Saturday >in an hour of Saturn Am I destined to wo…[View]
35932168/astro/ - astrology general: Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial bodies and …[View]
35969036Sleep not paralysis: I don't know why I'm posting this, the first time I typed it out capt…[View]
35970726The book of satan: In the early medieval ages there was a satan worshipping cult that practiced sata…[View]
35967800Another one (239): So you might have heard of the date September 23 being blasted in popular media a…[View]
35968848I didn’t consent to be born: I didn’t consent to be born I didn’t consent to be molested and bullie…[View]
35963210Is there a hidden truth or something to pets? It sounds evil as fuck, or wasteful, to have them.: I …[View]
35959136Alright, what's the secret code to manifesting a girl like this[View]
35969629why is 4chan so damn unholy and materialistic? every board, every thread, every post it’s just peopl…[View]
35970499Magic: The first time I knew it in my bones, but there was a gnawing voice of doubt somewhere in me …[View]
35967182>Read the most absurd insane take with the least grip on reality >The poster later admits he h…[View]
35965870Disinfo Campaign Identified, Watch Out: I have a Google alert set for the term 'David Grusch,' and t…[View]
35968941Launching a DAO related to UFO UAP ET disclosure: Launching a DAO that would focus on the disclosure…[View]
35903402Autumn Fall Halloween General: Previous: >>35843942 >History of Halloween https://www.youtu…[View]
35965177Is a heroin overdose enjoyable? You'd probably be sleeping for several days.[View]
35968009Mandela Effect: I’ve been keeping thumbtacks in this Lego Batman tin for at least 5 years. The back …[View]
35970315What sort of world are we in now, i think i just shifted into a new one[View]
35962574um someone just shouted in my ear to wake up. Like a man voice. I've been having short nightmar…[View]
35959913I've decided that since the USG is now pushing the aliens-are-real narrative, the only logical …[View]
35964125>be me >autistic (literally) schizo >start getting into buddhism >try meditating on ami…[View]
359664262024: >And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, …[View]
35969988Radical Utopian Collapse ITT: in 2012 the last and final quantum A.I prediction glownigger crystal b…[View]
35967541Who portrays itself as god, is the devil.[View]
35969902read this...[View]
35968781What happened? Did my retardedness save me?: When I was a child in elementary school, I think I was …[View]
35968529/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to /ng/ Nobody General Birthday Edition >Who is the Nobody? The No…[View]
35969214hearing voices if i dont take my meds: what could it be? maybe demons?[View]
35969429Why do I trigger mother fuckers so much? I'm just out here existing.[View]
35969474Was this nut a message from the Buddha?: I think I found an enlightened chestnut. It was perfectly s…[View]
35969306imagine being able to do whatever you want: absolutely anything is possible. but you hold back the u…[View]
35969269Odd Exploration: Anyone have any advice on how to find paranormal things of any capacity? Preferably…[View]
35964132Do you guys believe in mafgic and all that shit? I grew up in the 90s, and the zeitgeist, at least f…[View]
35966829Truth about Gods and inconsistency of prayer: God is not all-knowing, and within various religions, …[View]
35960346Secretly /x/ pilled movies: Starting with pic related: Branded >companies are really sentient eg…[View]
35969128This experience[View]
35966576my life has been one of much shame: i love human beings so much and it kills me a little bit every t…[View]
35964492Carbon 12: So what were the odds that the 666 is encoded in the molecule of life? What is the real m…[View]
35963235Everyone asks where they're going when they die... well anons, what awaits (YOU) in the afterli…[View]
35967132Bosnian Pyramids: Are these things really pyramids /x/? It seems like scientists and archeologists s…[View]
35964245Alright, you guys ready? It's the event! I discovered I am YHVH or Jehovah. After reading the N…[View]
35967131The skin taker: Photo 1 of 3 Taken November 12th, 2000 at a Pennsylvania camping ground 15 miles wes…[View]
35965887How can i talk with dead? I want to argue with Immanuel Kant, i will explain to him why is he wrong.…[View]
35964934got a ghost in my apartment: This is gonna sound cliche >old guy lived here before me >died in…[View]
35927105Indianapolis, IN: Anyone else been to this town? It gave me some very unpleasant and sinister vibes,…[View]
35967644My friend claims to always have terrible nightmares in a room. Then when he told him mom, she tried …[View]
35962982To all practitioners of magic/k: Does magick really work? Can I perform whatever colour of magic/k w…[View]
35966504The earth is filled with dark spirits because the galaxy is getting destroyed. All of you are alread…[View]
35967508Weird expeirence on the road: I had this super fucking strange experience while driving on an empty …[View]
35946161Bibliomancer at your service.: Leave a positive comment and I'll get you some bible verses rele…[View]
35962806How does the astral plane looks like?: Simple question how does it looks like? Smells? There any cre…[View]
35961603ACE is GATE, confirm?: 'Accelerated Curriculum and Enrichment' I've suspected this for a while …[View]
35957359Cape Cod Air Force Station: What goes on here?[View]
35968098I’m just beginning to study UAPs and I know a lot of knowledge is suppressed, can y’all please post …[View]
35962547How can I meditate with a perforated septum?: There's this whistle whenever I breathe and it ma…[View]
35959270/x/ approved methods for bodily healing? There are a borillion threads for mental illness these days…[View]
35963288changing the Past\timeline shift: >as a teen (12-16) I weighed like 54 kilos >but I was ugly b…[View]
35960100Summon your gods: Summon your gods to bestow me a tomboy gf and give a sign that your god is to be w…[View]
35965715ay caramba. aliens are trafficking drugs in space-time bending gliders https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
35962251LARPERS LOVE BEING WRONG: >>35954573 >nephilim >no, we, the vampyr, are angels, not gian…[View]
35968314Looking for info on: Shedims. I can't seem to find anything worth while about them so lets see …[View]
35966529CaliFORNICATION: Uh... guys? Anyone else noticed the lyrics were kinda... prophetic? https://youtu.b…[View]
35964872How to curse someone?: Not like kill them or hurt them, but I'd like if this person had a bad d…[View]
35963945Spread the truth: Anon, If you had very important and secret knowledge, how would you share it with …[View]
35962108The Moon is fucking with me: Since 2017 I have been seeing the Moon in odd ways. It started in Augus…[View]
35966752Christ Was Right, Faith Has Power: Feels like I've done some mild form of cocaine and all I had…[View]
35968084'/x/ divination' is the art of deriving oracles from the text in posts on /x/ combined with the nume…[View]
35965027Is Justice spiritually justified?: After a recrnt mushroom trip, I have had the ability to feel the …[View]
35965750>tell my family every month or two to repent because the End Times are coming >they're st…[View]
35957809I want to get a dog: What is the most /x/ breed? I want a dog that can sense things not of this worl…[View]
35962599>Isaiah 45:7 why?[View]
35961374>be born in shithole >forbidden information about the truth of the world will always be out o…[View]
35965457Give it to me straight /x/: Is this reality my own making and with my thoughts and focus of attentio…[View]
35966857ITT: remembering the void: i was born with a title that my earth father intentionally slandered and …[View]
35966029Since everything in the universe is spirit that makes men spiritually healthy and women spiritually …[View]
35960369>manifested due to self hatred >Ironically caught in a prison of thought >Believes you have…[View]
35955774In simple terms, what is the 2030 agenda?[View]
35961004I almost lost my soul trying to get taller: I posted a thread(I am op and the guy who agreed to sell…[View]

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