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/x/ - Paranormal

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33946431scary childhood experiences? i love these threads and i havent seen one for a good few weeks. i…[View]
33945634propagate.info: The Library of the New Atlantis: >propagate.info Freemason Manly P. Hall writes …[View]
33937812Do you really believe in ghosts, telepathy, AND aliens?[View]
33946306Each new day you are a new creation and you are free to mould and sculpt yourself however you see fi…[View]
33946228Brothers: What are the spiritual qualities of brotherhood? How do we become brothers? Will you be my…[View]
33945127;): yjrkjmdbyruollulhw@upived.com:IronManMovie2[View]
33946087I think I have a demon or something bothering me. I have really vivid dreams, they're indisting…[View]
33941781Any good conspiracy theory videos on mk ultra?[View]
33939769Creepy image thread[View]
33945094Eighteen Arhats: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eighteen_Arhats Someone tell me about the Eighteen Ar…[View]
33940322Found this in my Gideon's bible in my hotel room. What does it mean?[View]
33935873What's your experiences with tarot?: What's your experience with tarot? Have you made any …[View]
33945947Had a dream of a bright celestial object gradually approaching Earth, coming so close that it looked…[View]
33944848Is there any lore on this creature?: The night a relative died and the day prior to that I saw a sma…[View]
33945054God tongues nigger ass[View]
33945188>Have dream I’m at a house I’ve never been to before. >There’s a girl waving to me there. …[View]
33929486Hey you. It's me. I'm you. Why don't you recognize me? We split our consciousness rem…[View]
33944367SCP-CN-2265 Object Class: Neutralized Special Containment Procedures: N/A. Description: SCP-CN-2265 …[View]
33945319My theory on alien visitation: I just had this thought yesterday. Let me know if you have heard this…[View]
33939939New WHY Files? Has dropped: Pack up a cover and some hot chocolate, come near the fireplace, kino is…[View]
33936975>everyone talking about how they missed sleep tonight >ominous clouds and fog >sense of une…[View]
33941031Who is the chosen one?[View]
33942400The 3rd Eye: Is it really possible to open your third eye chakra to raise and improve your current l…[View]
33943985/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
33931623Can you /x/-pill me on Harry Potter? I remember ANTIFA being really into this series and Right-Winge…[View]
33945035Nothing feels real to me anymore: I feel like everything is fake. That my reality and everything in …[View]
33933088Does anyone else see drought in the future[View]
33926503/omg/ Occult, Mysticism and Magick General: >Ape's Library https://mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#i…[View]
33944658It's more effective not talking to controlled bots: Especially online. I'm not gonna deal …[View]
33943430Thoughts on Poe? Was he haunted? https://youtu.be/T0HMX3-m6iE[View]
33936972Dicyanin: Anyone have any experience with Dicyanin specs or have any inside knowlage about it and ho…[View]
33932164/succgen/ Succubus general 367: Succubus/Incubus General DISCLAIMER: Best results requires effort. S…[View]
33938202roko's basilisk: agent or asset[View]
33942590I live in my parents old house, I live with my brother. He is 32 years old and is extremely mentally…[View]
33936210Share human shapeshifter stories. I found a modern case of policemen shooting at a shapeshifter who…[View]
33937786What scientific evidence,if any, is compelling proof of an afterlife? Preferably not NDEs, simply be…[View]
33944126harassed by holy entities?: Did anyone ever get harassed by an avatar of holiness in their dreams? I…[View]
33940494I'm on a heavy dose of ketamine right now and conversing with friends about postmodernism and h…[View]
33940485Ghost soldier filmed sitting 'clear as day' on bench next to war memorial: >Chilling fo…[View]
33943519The moon: >ctrl f 'moon' no results General /x/ moon thread. Was hoping I still had the moon math…[View]
33944443Is there a such thing as soul detection/compatible technology?[View]
33943925Thanks 4 all the fish: VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuali…[View]
33942064Black cube 'worship' = black box feedback loop: The black cube: not just any old box, but …[View]
33944336Have you drawn any strange parallels from religion to modern day? Synchronicities, etymologically or…[View]
33937760WW3 already happened: Nuclear war already happened on March 3rd. The ukrainian conflict soon degener…[View]
33942402/Div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
33944036>grow your hair out >get some indian name >learn some yoga basics >get a couple tigers …[View]
33935172Are we even SUPPOSED to know what's after death? Maybe we're here to act as righteously as…[View]
33941043There are no beards on youtube, All beards you see on youtube are fakes made using DSP. Check it out…[View]
33943931The lacerta files: Why did this board stop talking about the lacerta files all of a sudden? I rememb…[View]
33943360Did the Mayans interact with Lyrians? What did they know?: Their shamans were depicted as jaguars wr…[View]
33943085sup dudes. im looking for a certain video of some ayys, i vaguely remember a weird hexagonal mesh th…[View]
33944007I have a recurring dream that is not just a regular dream, but one of those dreams that you just kno…[View]
33943235Disclosure: > Killer? More like I’ll kill your mom’s vaginal itch > Homeless? More like I’ll l…[View]
33943773Can any wizard anon cure my tinnitus? Had this ear ringing since birth[View]
33943858Do any of you /x/perts have these?[View]
33943101internet mysteries be like: >cool internet mystery appears. >people become interested. >inv…[View]
33939943What is the occult (parapsychological) significance of the Yarmulkeh?[View]
33940569Occult Mandela Effect: Has anyone else experienced some Mandela effect relating to /x/ topics? I was…[View]
33938930Do you ever wonder if God is hiding in plain sight among us pretending to be a human? If that were t…[View]
33936913Why did God make our world like that?: Are the gnostics right?[View]
3393621822 numerology: anons can you redpill me on number 22. i found some articles online that talk about h…[View]
33940737Reaching out with open invitations: Or observe and let them be? sending a gold record explaining our…[View]
33937105Be careful what you wish for: I'm posting this for all of you to not make the same mistake as m…[View]
33938462So /x/ my nightmares are back for several years ive had horrible nightmares and I usually dont remem…[View]
33943050Something is wrong!: Assuming that basic (and non basic) needs are met, such as family/friends/job s…[View]
33940394Glowies promoting disbelief: > do you REALLY believe xyz? > you don't REALLY believe xyz …[View]
33942507>believe in God, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as the messiah and savior >also believe the bibl…[View]
33942571This world is a holographic lie world. The perps portray themselves as victims: The accuser would re…[View]
33937281by the age of 6 von nuemann was fluent in classical greek. he was known in his life for his exhausti…[View]
33941365anonfil*s /y333m9U6y7/High_Blacks_Hidden_History_zip Has anyone ever read any conspiracies like thes…[View]
33943265oh hey guys thought you might like this thread: >>>/vp/53093397[View]
33940968>streamer says my last name (very rare) sandwiched between talking about two things that are very…[View]
33942701How do I get a female demonic body?[View]
33939933should you treat skizophrenia even though it would fuck with your pattern recognition skills[View]
33939602What determines the imagination's vividness?: Why do so few people experience Hyperphantasia? A…[View]
33941724Scary trips: Hi /x/! What was your scaries/worst trip you had and how did it affected you? Any drug …[View]
33939923I now regularly find blood in my egg yolks. I eat x10 daily or several years and it never happened b…[View]
33942869So what are ghosts, exactly?[View]
33942882What is the best meme Tarot deck?[View]
33935441Elohim, Jehovah, and Michael are the creators of our planet, earth. Elohim is an exalted man and sav…[View]
33941712With one breath With one flow You will know Synchronicity[View]
33942719alien earth concerns: YOU ARE LITERALLY DESTROYING THE PLANET GO TO CLEAN ENERGY >nuh yet…[View]
33941687Prove to me only your god exist![View]
33942290Brothers of the Shadow: But what are the Brothers of the Shadow? They are those people who, with goo…[View]
33928791Why is no one interested in the most fundamental question?: Does anyone subscribe to any particularl…[View]
33937723Gangstalked by duendes: Los Angeles /x/ here. I live in NorthEast LA in a lower-middle class mostly …[View]
33934511What is 5D?[View]
33934541he did miracles and expelled demons from people he was teaching stuff and predicting things that sti…[View]
33934842Life changing right here![View]
33942195Weird “mass” coming out of a sewer in Luzern, Switzerland: This weird mass just came out of a sewer …[View]
33939063>Someone has found them, a ranger has cut his way into the jungle to rescue them. But not just an…[View]
33932510dicyanin: What the hell is dicyanin? Apparently it is a toxic dye that if applied to goggles or glas…[View]
33902977Does not ejaculating actually do something? Some practices say it does and others say it doesn'…[View]
33941196/ng/ - Nobody General: The Nobody. A figure alive today. With strong spiritual training it can be yo…[View]
33935702'The man with the green gloves': I can't find any information about this story, does someone kn…[View]
339419681. A psalm, a song of dedication of the House, by David. 2. I exalt You, Lord, for You have uplifted…[View]
33941806People commonly say the can hear and feel the wind, well I can fucking SEE it clear as day.: The sub…[View]
33941813The Core: Even if some of the info out there isn't 100% acurate I'm sure many here can see…[View]
33931933Global Consciousness Dot Broke: https://global-mind.org/gcpdot/ Indicator went off the top of the gr…[View]
33938619>be me >decide to go on nightwalk >load up mp3 player, throw on jacket and head out >its…[View]
33941760Is the eye of the Sahara actually the ruins of the lost city of atlantis?[View]
33938813>coworkers start talking about spirits/demons/aliens/conspiracies/cryptids…[View]
33941793The cross is me[View]
33939358If reincarnation is real shouldn't that mean that the same souls are rebirth? Then how is the s…[View]
33936252Dream text thread: Need a dream thread I sleep on my left side 90% of the time. But I’ve noticed th…[View]
33939374Has anyone else noticed an even more drastic dearth of religion lately?: I’ve slowly devolved into a…[View]
33940473The disobjectification (synthesis, epistrophe, samadhi, assimilation) which culminates in liberation…[View]
33937696>the third story of season three This is a Stephen Hillenburg era episode too.…[View]
33941359How 'charged' is this song ?? 1-10 how charged is it ?? I give it a solid 10 for being charged and g…[View]
33939576Unknow sound in my room driving me insane: i have never been so confused from sounds or even dizzy /…[View]
33933853David Bowie has been reincarnated: In Seven Years In Tibet, one of Bowie’s most cryptic songs he com…[View]
33935993Christian Ego Death: How does ego death relate to me as a Christian? From what I've read this s…[View]
33940597Well of souls discussion: So can someone have both parents be zombies and be born with a soul themse…[View]
33940325Salvation is inevitable. https://vocaroo.com/1msm5BT3pJAU[View]
33936601Circumpsychology: Creation of a new term: Brain-circumcised. 'Golem' is good, but it doesn't ge…[View]
33936511Has hypnosis worked for you at all?[View]
33931074Redpill me on Fraternitas Saturni: And...why have they released these really freaky YouTube videos? …[View]
33939373My brain has been washed. Is there a way to get my unwashed brain back?[View]
33940990Do you like Cosmic Horror?: Here's a 20 minute short film that I feel encapsulates the genre wi…[View]
33916006Tracy Twyman: Why they killed her? What is that she discovered?[View]
33938781The skincare industry was created to trick you into thinking you need skin. You do not.[View]
33935923no greentext thread? sad.[View]
33939530After years of practicing spirituality I have come to the conclusion that I’m the only consciousness…[View]
33939247It feels like we shifted dimensions in 2016. In 2009-2015, people had a very positive, upbeat vibe f…[View]
33939121Who can tell me more about the 'white rabbit' and what they do on the white rabbit floor in Area 51?…[View]
33938004Some muslims seem to almost deify mohammad. While others put allah more central. Ofcourse theres man…[View]
33934889STORM CERN: discuss.[View]
33939133Is it possible to channel a historical figure's spirit into you?: Maybe someone who drew upon a…[View]
33938274Did he literally go clear?: Is he invisible now, and that's why people can't find him?…[View]
33937526Sigil Charging: what is the most potent way to charge a sigil for chaos magick?[View]
33928671Everything this world has to offer is shit: I don't enjoy anything here, I am not even suicidal…[View]
33931837Are humans greater than most spirits?: Stories and scripture generally paint humans as more importan…[View]
33915803/astro/ - Astrology General: Get your birth chart: https://www.astro.com/cgi/genchart.cgi https://ho…[View]
33937883/Soul Stealer/: Who else got a soul stealer sister?[View]
33940402Lucifer Rises: When will you realize im your real father and someone you’ve worshipped (which you st…[View]
33936295I am on lsd right now AMA[View]
33939871NPC's do not exist[View]
33937736Why are UFO phenomenons and abductions extremely more frequent in areas near american bases? Talking…[View]
33937677Gnome sightings in the south of Mexico: So I was reading some local stories for a school project and…[View]
33937335/div/- Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of…[View]
33940300Well then: Fuck me goys, I might consider converting to Islam. I've been watching YouTube video…[View]
33939849/x/: How would you convince /x/ that you've found or gained knowledge of something legitimate w…[View]
33940348Media General: A question; are there any good examples of predictive programming occurring in media …[View]
33937515What are your thoughts on subliminals?: What are your thoughts/experiences with subliminal videos an…[View]
33940148I'd always dreamed of building my own cabin in the woods. So, when I finally saved up enough mo…[View]
33938433I think I accidently sold my soul: while meditating at night i made a half-assed devil deal saying s…[View]
33939678There is something spiritual about using only free software. I have been disconnecting from propriet…[View]
33936845/ishtar/ - Ishtar general 15: The goddess of War and Love The Queen of Heaven, the Daughter of the M…[View]
33933633No Fair: I thought spiritual awakening was supposed to bring bliss or something, but instead I reali…[View]
33937139Dream interpretation anyone?: I had a dream where i was in my room, i looked out the window and it w…[View]
33939671Love Magick: How do I manipulate faith and destiny to own my own heart? How do I manipulate the fait…[View]
33935572Hi /x/. I have reached profound mystical states of consciousness of absolute and divine truth using …[View]
33939136I had a nightmare where a demon that looked like this was chasing me with kitchen knives and mocking…[View]
33940020Glowie/elite message hidden in plain sight?: So theres this news story where 2 people died but nobod…[View]
33936840>the day the jews came to US and israel was the day satan took over the world it’s true isn’t it?…[View]
33936264I regret incarnating on Earth: Literally the worst fucking mistake I ever did as a soul, if i knew m…[View]
33938968Now dry your eyes, and deliver me your mommies.[View]
33933562You guys don't actually believe in this silly nonsense, do you?[View]
33930856Can anyone here give me hope that humans are not cattle to some greater being?: To start off, I am p…[View]
33913351lets play a small game... You dont need to believe me but take a chance if you want. I have had some…[View]
33935706How do people exist without brains?[View]
33938010/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clOjIMNCJmc I …[View]
33939217Things that are never, ever, going to happen: George Walker Bush offering Vladimir Vladimirovich Put…[View]
33939099Joe Imbriano: Otherwise known as the Fullerton Informer. I used to listen to him frequently, but a l…[View]
33938298Germanic mythology general: What is the best explanations that you have for the significance of the …[View]
33936012Forgotten Languages General: >https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org Lets make fo…[View]
33938318THE THING: I don't trust you anons, not a single one of you. We're going to do a test. Fir…[View]
33938459Apotheosis: https://youtu.be/oXqBnl-qL_o I'm in the best bad mood ever had.[View]
33936433Gov researchers.: So what's the deal with CIA and other gov fags 'researching' paranormal pheno…[View]
33937063Hi there. The point of this general is just to create a space to discuss this. It could be any char…[View]
33936199What do we know about voodoo dolls: Does /x/ have any experience with these? How do they work, how d…[View]
33937982Women on /x/: /x/ is a board where all kinds of esoteric spiritual beliefs are discussed every day, …[View]
33937486As an enlightened being, I understand that all things are interconnected and that true happiness and…[View]
33937901Fuzzy black gnomes: I was driving in the early morning on a sunday down a very quiet back-road when …[View]
33937544/Death/: Thread for the dead and or dying[View]
33936083Dream chasers: So my girlfriend is somehow of an occasional lucid dreamer, what I mean by this is th…[View]
33928015How do I astral project? And don't give me bitchy advice like 'just believe you can do it!' Ho…[View]
33931421Bug?: Friend I shared this with said he saw a bug in this photo. All I see is some guy's finger…[View]
33937835>https://exemplore.com/news/shadow-goat-chupacabra#tiktok-7185176209498688774 What is this thing?…[View]
33937667How do you index your books?: I have been studying the Bhagavad Gita and my copy does not have an in…[View]
33929434Missing persons cases: What missing persons cases are you most interested in /x/? For me it's t…[View]
33936539God pretending to live in a clown world: >lizard people >not actually lizard people >but an…[View]
33936891Something I noticed is that I only have expressive dreams when I'm more than 20 days on nofap. …[View]
33922204/x/ Music Thread: Post the creepiest spookiest bad vibe type of music you know of[View]
33937679When you spend two hours with a nice girl, you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a …[View]
33934229The Beings Around You...: The people and beings around you who are coping are the ones who are being…[View]
33929293Speed of Light: This is way there are no 'aliens' visiting us, and will be none. Nothing is faster t…[View]
33936330Ghost in my house: My tv has been turning on repeatedly and my shower curtain fell last night, Im pr…[View]
33937345cursed dinosaur pic: 2023... I am forgotten....[View]
33937332How to be reborn in Japan through Buddhism: Here is how to Actually Reach Japan and become Japanese …[View]
33936022What are they doing?[View]
33927674/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
33937082Disclosure General: so far it looks like this is a hyperdimensional mind over matter consciousness f…[View]
33937159Can you see the signs? The Aeon of Ma'at is upon us. The individual will is aligning with unive…[View]
33936352Prayers to Bastet - Cult Edition: Previous thread was pretty popular, so we might as well roll with …[View]
339369665D Earth: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Tara How do I tell my lady fren that bit only is s…[View]
33934004Save Yourself: >Thought > Word > Action >Thought exists in the waters above >Every Th…[View]
33936590Could a universe be cell of some large multicellular, cosmic organism? Or perhaps the universe is a …[View]
33782044/LDG/ Lucid Dreaming General: You can express your last dreams, your attempts and ask anything about…[View]
33935482Earth is a purgatorial dimension and your existence here is punishment. There are many different wor…[View]
33928996Is there any logical reason for an occultist to care about his race?: Isn't that just a materia…[View]
33936878What songs do dead people listen to?: https://m.soundcloud.com/skullfax/santa-fe-mix[View]
33936654>make psi wheel >doesnt move at all what do?…[View]
33934563Its on[View]
33936779It seems many people run the same tapes: I talk to this guy everyday and he repeats the same tapes o…[View]
33934060How legit is the “Clinton email mentions Nephallim recovery efforts” rumors?[View]
33935021There are real Mediums, do you know any or are you one, or are they all charlatans or attention frea…[View]
33936332The great unmasking: How long until there is a publicaly searchable database of everything everybody…[View]
33936595Was Nefertem a Lyrian? Did the Mayans know about the Lyrians?: He is depicted as a cat with a flower…[View]
33932230i can no longer daydream/see my thoughts in my head. when i try to daydream I panic and think to mys…[View]
33936348Kindness is one of the highest virtues one can attain, however if that kindness is ignorant of how t…[View]
33935564Ok, but seriously: how get telekinesis? You basically get more arms that are invisible and long rang…[View]
33936550My King is Alive: https://youtu.be/9P-S5T3lb5g[View]
33932826Anyone else have weird shit in the family?: On my dads side its common to have something follow you …[View]
33929541Redpill me on opium Is it demonic? I have used it for 7+ years without developing dependency ama[View]
33935632GAZE IN A MIRROR: When you gaze into the celestial mirror, what are you observing? >what is this,…[View]
33933858Hello my love: Without my other, there wouldn’t be me; for the fluctuation of our connecting thread …[View]
33930639I think pole shift anons were on to something: https://www.iflscience.com/earth-s-spinning-inner-cor…[View]
33933913I've grown so much spiritually that all forms of insult and mockery seem childlike to me now. S…[View]
33930850Emptiness: >I don't accept or deny the existence of a God >Don't follow politics …[View]
33936162When did double4anime become schizophrenic: I used to watch him back in the day. He then suddenly de…[View]
33936032Post shows/movies/books/comics about aliens living on Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jRKe3mE…[View]
33935655So after reading a lot of NDE's and studying about magick,loa,hermetics etc. I realized that al…[View]
33934625>Do as you wilt is the only law. >No, but not that. What did he mean by that?…[View]
33932725What Did I Just Witness?: >11 PM >Live next to a forest and a pond >Go to my bathroom to pi…[View]
33931549How do I get rid of my Inner Speaker?: I can read pretty fast but I'm slowed down by my Inner S…[View]
33935936You're doggo derg has arrived.[View]
33893592What are they hiding in Antartica?: I read yesterday about the guy who’s dad was a doctor in the 90s…[View]
33930663I should cover up my mirror: Any time you go to a bathroom in public there is always a mirror. You r…[View]
33933739Yeah fuck politics and all that gay shit. Don't care. Jesters privilege. I'm down with the…[View]
33933866/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
33933553Mandlebrot set: What are the paranormal implications of the Mandlebrot set? Fabric of reality? Map o…[View]
33933531/div/- Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of…[View]
33931988can someone redpill me on yoga, what are the physical and spiritual benefits of it?[View]
33932963Invocations/rituals and Hebrew: Do I really have to chant shit in Hebrew for these rituals to work? …[View]
33919562Occult significance to body shapes.: Is there any deeper meaning to the various shapes of body parts…[View]
33927777I'm becoming more and more beautiful just by keeping a positive mindset: Ever since I started t…[View]
33935471What are the implications of pic related? Where is the resurrection chamber of Gilgamesh located? W…[View]
33935057how do I make a doll magic or put a spirit inside of it? Specifically this one. I also intend to fuc…[View]
33934997>be me >experiences deja vu >thinks nothing of it >starts experiencing deja vu every mon…[View]
33934980Time Traveling to the 24th Century AD: How do I time travel to the 24th century AD? Ive heard the al…[View]
33932421Do you think it's gonna hit Nasa said if their math is off by a few numbers we're screwed.[View]
33931032Is telepathy a real thing?: And if so, how do i achieve this power?[View]
33932943John 3:16: greetings this is an encouragement for those that 'know' that Jesus Christ is God God, by…[View]
33937143The worst part of being a Christian is how you have to take up your cross and follow suite. Why coul…[View]
33934095Escaping the matrix means thinking in paradoxes: >matrix >from mater, matr- ‘mother’ - womb …[View]
33934502why does God let us have free will, when it only causes harm? why wouldn't she take it away?[View]
33927571Which spirit's dick do I have to suck to get telepathy, ESP and telekinesis powers?[View]
33934456I met something evil in my dream: Hello x, i come here seeking guidance regarding a dream i had a wh…[View]
33836741Magick is a Modern Fad: Being that it's a current trend and fad, most of the people on the boar…[View]
33934402Those of you who actually practice meditation and other mind techniques: What kind of control did yo…[View]
33934457Seeds and Nuts are the uncanny valley of foods[View]
33931213Julian Sands: I don’t like celeb gossip but what are the implications of a Hollywood actor getting 4…[View]
33933011The 'I'm in your walls' meme represents how heavily the new wave of pacified false opposition t…[View]
33933814What are spiritual implications of having a chronic urge to hit oneself and other people with a hamm…[View]
33928432mission complete[View]
33928895TempleOS: Does anyone use this/have it downloaded? I don’t have a computer at the moment but have ga…[View]
33934171Did I meet someone in a cult?: Is someone paying for courses on feminine divinity and erotic explora…[View]
33931095Mmmm... Yes... Mhmmm... Gobekli Tepe.[View]
33931214have any of you tried this? does it work? where does this image originate from?[View]
33924913This photo is of a UAP captured by a US Spy plane flying over Iraq in 2016. Declassified and release…[View]
33932589Friendship is magic[View]
339299111996 Dr Len Horowitz go off on vaccines and more.: He knew back then. Skip over the AIDS stuff by st…[View]
33932572Is there more to stress than just being a medical diagnosis?[View]
33933229why do religious nuts on this board always speak like they are millennia old wizards from ivalice wh…[View]
33931828Magick Challenge: Alright niggers, this is your chance to prove you’re not a gay larper. You’ve hear…[View]
33926365>Jeffery Dahmer was baptized on the same day that John Wayne Gacy was being killed by lethal inje…[View]
33934315So /x/, who is this third man? https://youtu.be/f6R_FSesSQg?t=814[View]
33916730What's up with this movie ?: Is it evil?[View]
33931941How can one kill or defeat demons? If that can't be done, how can you otherwise resist them?[View]
33931683Irrlichter: I'm not really into paranormal stuff but I just remembered a really weird and unexp…[View]
33933843I saw a shadow man the other day, moving just like this character Boogieman from this Sega Genesis g…[View]
33932134Where do you go at the deepest stages of sleep? Why do they take your memory from you when they don…[View]
33933695Witch tell all: I got into a relationship with a witch. Religion Wiccan. I think there is too much …[View]
33931528Give me the /x/pill on Walt Disney. The man, not the modern corporation.[View]
33920995Deep Blue Dot: Keep an eye out, something is going down.[View]
33932836It is important to accept and own negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and anger. Instead …[View]
33933758The battle between good and evil is some cringe larper cope to convince you your actions are signifi…[View]
33933215Al Qaeda and the OKC bombing:: According to Richard A. Clarke (The National Coordinator for Security…[View]
33918965Hello there fellow skeptics. What have you DEBUNKED today?[View]
33931160Paper or mind ?: Should divine knowledge be kept into the mind ?[View]
33931080>dot grayed out >no thread[View]
33930808I AM: https://youtu.be/d3VKlf7HT7M[View]
33929180Left Hand Path vs. Right Hand Path: Which way, /x/? What are the pros and cons of each? Can you do b…[View]
33929564Who is Satan's top lieutenant on Earth?[View]
33927025Opinions on Blavatsky? I've started reading Isis Unveiled and while a lot of what I've rea…[View]
33931619What do you guys think about the collective spells they did between 2004-2012 through the Venus retu…[View]
33927973Give it to me straight /x/, are we alone? What are the chances of intelligent life out there.[View]
33924473What is behind missing 411 cases? I have a horrifying feeling about these cases and have visions of …[View]
33933289My 'Best' Friend: I've been thinking of writing a book. I don't know how to approach it, a…[View]
33933427New thinking: This is a community for people who have the habit of questioning the axioms of society…[View]
33933403What are things I can revisit to remind myself that this shits for real? Specifically, what I do and…[View]
33933387The Kyle Odom Story had to be real: How did Kyle odom predict 4 years in advance that Tim Remington …[View]
33926100Who Were You In A Past Life?: And why do you think it to be true? Serious replies are appreciated. …[View]
33930152Are there occult cures for depression?: I can't tame it anymore. If this doesn't go away I…[View]
33930092Divination general /div/: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion of …[View]
33923887What are the black triangles? I saw one flying once following along a main road like it was no big d…[View]
33931934who are these beings and why do they show up during 4 aco dmt breakthroughs?[View]
33930968Psychopath's Sandbox: What is the paranormal explanation for the side of humanity that we prefe…[View]
33906097/apg/ Astral Projection, Reality Shifting and OOBE General #67: >Can anyone project/shift/have an…[View]
33933099What do I do /x/?: I'm being stalked by a demon. It makes me relive my past as if though I have…[View]
33930845how do i tell wether or not im being schizophrenic or wether i am seeing and hearing ghosts because …[View]
33932635What are the paranormal implications of eggs&bacon?[View]
33928565Reminder that the evil grey aliens brought the wheat crop to keep you in a state of numb suspended a…[View]
33922074Is meditation satanic: Is meditation satanic? Does it do something like put you in a state where you…[View]
33932916https://www.bitchute.com/video/imgmTyBPEv7w/ >the pyramid therefore codes the relative sizes of m…[View]
33929935Your women (wives, daughters, girlfriends, mothers) dressed in blue this 1/2. 8 of them this 1/2 you…[View]
33931891Why Is There Something.....: .....rather than nothing?[View]
33931645Underground dungeons: Just readed this pic on /pol and barely know what's going on underground,…[View]
33932793Is this safe to do or will I accidentally be committing some kind of black magic? Will this have any…[View]
33932253Today, maybe for first time in my life, I dont feel presence of God. I can not explain how it feels …[View]
33932303If I die, does the universe die?[View]
33928683Number 33. Is it a coincidence?: The number 33 is considered to be a sacred or significant number in…[View]
33932544Is this just a mechanism for Ishtar-worshipping Hollywood Jews to perform wide-scale vicarious bacch…[View]
33928103Is Catholic Polytheism a thing?: I like the churches rites, customs, communal identity, philosophy, …[View]
33932430Heaven. Eternity.: Let's say Heaven is real. You go to this beautiful, magical place when you d…[View]
33930160This shit fucking slaps: Those who have not yet been ferried over, I will ferry over. Those who have…[View]
33929064What is the most ambitious spiritual goal there is?: One that is also noble. Something that sums up …[View]
33931114/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
33928036Sticky content deleted: Hey guys/mods. The entire 'websites of interest' archive in the sticky has …[View]
33928623Penis problem; a rampant pedophilia in Heaven where a gray will wear your body and pair the nerve en…[View]
33928441Sirius Star: What do you know about Usiris, the silver star? And it’s binary twin, po tolo, the blac…[View]
33918498Are they really occultists?[View]
33929160Why is suicide spiritually bad?: Supposedly suicide has grave consequences according to numerous rel…[View]
33929121How do I find my past lives? How do I find my name, what I did, how I died, etc.? Any steps I have t…[View]
33930025Hermetic Principles: Are these reflected in all spiritual schools? Are there any that you personally…[View]
33912034What are the spiritual implications of vampires being real and killing humans to drink blood?: What …[View]
33924094We did it bros: You will soon see. It doesn't matter if we get flooded, if the pole shifts, if …[View]
33927475Sigil magic: Anyone here have any experience with sigil magic? What technique did you do to make you…[View]
33927422I smoked DMT and was visited by the spirit of Adolf Hitler. I am now reconsidering many things inclu…[View]
33931804is it true that, a vampire never sleeps?[View]
33927362>Images are visible to men, but the light that is in them is hidden in the image of the light of …[View]
33931355They're making fun of us: They're disrespecting us[View]
33930995Christo-Zoroastrianism: Is Jesus Saoshyant they have many similarities in their prophecies about the…[View]
33931149“PAGANISM” - a legal alternative.: Salve. An international religion is finally gaining a legal prese…[View]
33929532Who here is adept in manipulating energy to influence causality[View]
33921702If Rabbis/Imams/Priests all say God talks to them, why are there so many different religions?[View]
33923840Greetings. My name is Jebuiz y’har. If my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this tra…[View]
33921125Do aliens have hobbies beyond just tormenting us?[View]
33920584/succgen/ Spirit Love General 366: Succubus/Incubus General DISCLAIMER: Best results requires effort…[View]
33919621LMAO: >do flat earthers really?[View]
33930403Western “Occultism” = Artificial, Inorganic: Western occultists want you to believe they have ancien…[View]
33928916Does the soul reside in the brain?[View]
33930498Antarctica melts in Aquarius Goodbye Odin and welcome the return of the King. The return of Christ. …[View]
33929958Am I a reptile: Long story short, I came back from home and randomly decided to record myself while …[View]
33918648Yeah uhm... Wtf /x/?: Why nobody here talking about picrel? >Black being emerging from beneath M…[View]
33930624whats the caste system for the various paranormal entities discussed here? how are the masons, greys…[View]
33930516This shit is a fucking gold mine for schizos like me. All I need now is a joint and I'm set for…[View]
33920575why is everything so demonic everyone wants to be witches, the devil, 666 everywhere. you never see …[View]
33928801Twin Souls: I'm fucking sick of their tricks, Jews have no heart so they attack our residual eg…[View]
33925769What are fairies?: Can any of you tell me about fairies? Are they any good?[View]
33924860I'm a schizo, and I want to delve into mushrooms and DMT to unlock my mind and fix my mental he…[View]
33913336Prayers to Bastet - Returned: Keeping up the energy in my home workings with worshipful prayers to B…[View]
33929316Hekatestation: https://youtu.be/IsxHk4jN_4M Passwords: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/h-ghost/hek…[View]
33901686Moon Landing: This is a pretty mainstream conspiracy theory, but I hear conflicting opinions on it. …[View]
33928793in Buddhism, we are entering the degenerate times. Be kind and keep practicing the dharma[View]
33926754Time travel is real - get over it: If covid had not happened i would not be here how does it feel to…[View]
33921355Qi energy general 3: previous thread: >>33901783 discuss methods/resources of cultivating qi e…[View]
33921990Post /x/ kino.[View]
33928543is it possible to become a real wizard? like cast fireballs, summon fire elementals, levitate and sm…[View]
33930355All of my favorite memories are dreams.: When I think about everything ive experienced in this incar…[View]
33922530Dead Rabbit Radio. It's everyday, /x/: I know many of you newfriends are looking for good, rele…[View]
33929232SSRIs: I have been taking SSRIs since I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with OCD and anxiety disorde…[View]
33928839Who /RhesusNegative/ here? AB- reporting in.[View]
33929692I'm attempting to be better about detaching from sense-desires. In according to what I've …[View]
33929899Don't go searching for the Backwombs[View]
33927531Covid was made to combat the flat earth movement.: You cant change my mind.[View]
33928672Anyone know if this Bardo Thodol stuff is real or quack: I seen about 2/3rd's of this video so …[View]
33927314dragons: why does every culture with mythology include dragons in their mythology? its one of the on…[View]
33922786>the difference between stress literally killing you or allowing you to live longer is whether yo…[View]
33928574Made a few posts on this board about seeing a pair of white eyes (which I'm convinced is actual…[View]
33927062I have practiced telekinesis for 2 and a half years. Here's my method: 1 - Wash your hands, no …[View]
33928898Lifes a lot like a bowl of pasta, you slurp up the berschuitto and when things go rough, a meaty noo…[View]
33925923I have an idea /x will appreciate . Your pets contain a fragment of your soul, it's unclear to …[View]
33929460Redpill me about Pazuzu[View]
33928590What is the forecast for some sort of world altering event within the next week?: I've been fee…[View]
33929083Where do you guys get your paranormal news? Talking pretty legitimately or non psyop stuff. Straight…[View]
33919086Tatarian empire confirmed?: Wait what the fuck? I thought GrandeTatary is bs but were those faggots …[View]
33927141Whats his fucking problem?[View]
33927719How does one study demonology to ward off against demons?: Everytime I look up this topic everything…[View]
33929051Hello, my name is Marvo from planet Klepton. I am known by many names but this one is easiest for yo…[View]
33928411Hello /x/. I noticed that I always had an easy time identifying things about people, things that oth…[View]
339274662012: did someone remember cicada 3301 ?[View]
33927021/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
33925827Did God cause Robert Monroe's death?: He died of pneumonia. Interestingly (and scary) enough, i…[View]
33928337Mandaeism: Good evening everyone, haven't posted on here for a while. I was curious when readin…[View]
33928661Spiritual implications of being beautiful?[View]
33926169/Div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
3392857241 53: complete the puzzle within 7 days[View]
33920858DO NOT EAT THE SAND.: I've heard tales of a cavern deep, Where timelines converge, and dragons …[View]
33928525I want to see God and Christ again, but I feel there's nothing I can do but commit suicide. I k…[View]
33925099The Meeting: And I beheld a bookshelf of incomprehensible size, extending upwards into nothingness a…[View]
33919511love spell: my boyfriend cast a spell on me and now i’m obsessed. i’ve never been a boy crazy girl b…[View]
33926446Why is it that everytime I post something related to myself but I reference Jesus, God or christiani…[View]
33928022How the fuck the CIA managed to create a weapon capable of doing this? And this was 60 years ago[View]
33926958Pill choice thread: Describe your /x/ beliefs by picking a pill[View]
33926530i struggle with the feeling that i don't have a soul, is there anything I can do to help prove …[View]
33927924targeted individual: i have been a targeted individual from the age of 16 (or even before, but if so…[View]
33926723Thou Shalt: There's only one commandment to live a virtuous life, 'Don't be a Dick and don…[View]
33926436What causes this effect?[View]
33925702How do i spiritually train myself to not cum for ages? I always finish as soon as i start to fap wit…[View]
33928378Have you heard of 'No Cure 4 Fools?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6791_rSOYA[View]
33928293Fear of the dark: Why is this such a universal instinct? Should we trust our guts and if so, what co…[View]
33928142what kind of evidence would need to be presented to skeptics to convince them of the reality of para…[View]
33926625You'll pay for your crimes: 'W' = Dub A EWE (sheep) You abuse sheep like me and you…[View]
33926471Well of souls true?: So I am part Jewish I recently discovered through dna testing and going back ov…[View]
33928271>first Christian Emperor >Pisces Almost as though he was divinely ordained…[View]
33911913Who or what is Satan? Something a bit more nuanced than 'the evil version of God', please.[View]
33927457TIL normative Christianity teaches that God is a person alive on Earth today. Whoa[View]
33927604What spirit implications are had in being the penis during anal?: Do I siphon power from their butts…[View]
33927313Are we closing in to the end times?: I have been following th econflict in Ukraine for a while now a…[View]
33926208Ka Ba Ra 369 Merkaba Isis Osiris Sun and Moon Man on the Moon Man in the Mirror Mooncrash Majora…[View]
33919408Can I please have reading for 2023[View]
33920547Have you ever seen the reaper in the flesh? He can emit a smell that no being could resist on comman…[View]
33927438Quantum immortality is impossible: >Have a gun pointed at your head with a mechanism connected to…[View]
33924395What if all of us on this board used our powers of manifestation together to defeat the NWO and crea…[View]
33927928The Spiritual War, for the Quantum Tomorrow: A True Story of Beliefology: I have come to deliver a v…[View]
33927865Why is Saturn considered a malefic planet when all Capricorns I know (which are ruled by Saturn) are…[View]
33927967Karmic law of conciousness: If you truly have self illumination and if you truly are one of the few …[View]
33927251Core Shift: what are the spiritual consequences of the reversal of the earth's core? are there …[View]
33927631Are biological life and electromagnetism interconnected?[View]
33918465Tell me about your supernatural encounters. Spirits, demons, angels, faires, gnomes, whatever, anyth…[View]
33927586SARNA: SARNA[View]
33924659You can learn more playing SNES games than you can from reading the entire bible and quran[View]
33917655/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
33925041I am unconscious: Im in the unconscious , you're in the conscious . You're on the outside…[View]
33921502I am unsatisfied with the state of paranormal discourse in all mediums in the current year[View]
33880269Gangstalked by bigfoot: I live out in the country, deep in the sticks in Georgia. For the past 12 ye…[View]
33921059/GV/ Genuine Vampirism VII: ITT we talk about Vampires and your experiences as being or meeting one.…[View]
33923471Redpilled knowledge or controlled opposition half-truths?: How do you rate this book?[View]
33919376Cabinet of Curiosities: /x/ + /sci/ thread. Post and discuss science mysteries, obscure phenomenons …[View]
33926677angered the dark fae in north england: how can i get those evil manipulative cunts off of my back ca…[View]
33927324Reincarnation and Past Lives: Let's talk about our experience with learning about our past live…[View]
33923854GUC: 'The Grand Unified Conspiracy. It's the theory that a powerful group controls every aspect…[View]
33922562PSYCHOSIS and REALITY: Are there known cases of people resolving a psychotic episode, either by medi…[View]
33922506Cross worship thread: Ezekiel 9:4 prefigures the sign of the cross and is a callback to the blood of…[View]
33892001/x/ content creators like Nexpo: I need more stuff to watch until nexpo drops more videos.[View]
33926182Been reading a lot of stone anon's posts, but one thing I can't wrap my head around is how…[View]
33920625UFO dream: I drew this pic of a ufo I saw in my dream. In the dream, I was sitting in the backseat o…[View]
33921241Abduction proposal: How would you react to a situation like this? Sept. 3,1967 878 Caracas (Venezuel…[View]
33922591Judgment is coming very soon: After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having…[View]
33927007back in sophomore year of high school, I went to a Catholic private school, my religion teacher told…[View]
33927019What if aliens come Earth but they land in the ocean and start talking with the fishes instead of us…[View]
33926693what are the spiritual implications of people not seeing the actual night sky due to spending their …[View]
33924472Behold, the mark of the beast.[View]
33925970air poisoning: This is a serious thread according to federal requirements, vitamins behave like nano…[View]
33924566What's inside mirror world?[View]
33919661I just had an odd experience. Yesterday I went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. However…[View]
33924321The idea of a new world order in old testament prophecy is now becoming really apparent. Read altern…[View]
33924558Scary creature thread: What are some absolutely bizarre fucked up animals/things you’ve seen in life…[View]
33926644Light of consciousness: Who relates? From ChatGPT about shining the light of consciousness: Sitting …[View]
33926750Spoon bending: Do any of you anons engage in spoon bending as a means of training you mind for other…[View]
33926700what really happened here?: >The Aix-en-Provence possessions were a series of alleged cases of de…[View]
33925679What would you do to a witch who cursed your country with 20% inflation? You do realise witches can …[View]
33923757is death real?[View]
33921380In the future, my dear, people will live in dark magic. Conveniences disguised as 'problems solved' …[View]
33921958Paranormal entities and technology: Hey /x/, it's been a very long time since I've been to…[View]
33926575nightmare self: Have you ever had a nightmare where YOU were the nightmare? I have had dreams where …[View]
33923058Let's have a thread about creepy experiences at work. What've you got, /x/?[View]
33925954Why do the schizo billionaires require the Antichrist to be globally hated and killed near-immediate…[View]
33926420is it possible to let God speak through my music? pic unrelated[View]
33895977/cdf/ - Cosmic Death Fungus General: The Infiltrator Vol. II 'You are a divine being. You matter, yo…[View]
33922350Are rocks alive?: I remember reading somewhere that there exists a hierarchy of kingdoms >God …[View]
33924965Time line shift: Buckle your seatbelts Today it's changed.[View]
33925039Does is feel like we're on a razors edge of change lately? There is this energy everywhere now…[View]
33919937What is a novel WhiteHat idea you have?: In regards to WhiteHatting in real life? (No, not just pene…[View]
33921532How does one meet his higher self?[View]
33921479anyone know about blue kfc?: pic rel, this story has enamored me since the day i first read it. anyo…[View]
33841202Meditation: Great threads, let's keep it going Previous Thread: >>33799242 or https://arc…[View]
33924879Can somebody read this image? It was made by some guy who seemly had divine contact after a mushroom…[View]
33925953Occult meaning of the summer solstice?: Something odd happened to me the day before the summer solst…[View]
33926188Enlightenment Audio: I listened to an enlightenment cassette tape this day, now I want to know if th…[View]
33918696We know wishgranters are real and have been mentioned everywhere in the world, but all of them eithe…[View]
33926045Time Travel Thread: If the human soul exist, can time travel exists? If we reincarnate and have mult…[View]
33926089Is telekinesis possible?: A lot of people record videos of them moving things with their mind. Grant…[View]
33924831does the government do mass shootings: basically I heard about the 2 california shootings, and these…[View]
33903302/omg/ Occult, Mysticism and Magick General: >Ape's Library https://mega.nz/folder/jlEwhYyJ#i…[View]
33915299NYMZA, Old Gods, HP Lovecraft, and Aleister Crowley: Look into author sesh heri's analysis on n…[View]
33915658'A person cannot be a non-vegetarian and be enlightened. Impossible.': Is this true, /x/ bros? Shoul…[View]
33925417Holy shit.. this changes everything[View]
33924010Shapeshifting reptile humans: I was living inside the US as a shapeshifter reptile whose now back in…[View]
33925836Why does the Godhead speak ill of the jobless yet also tell the jobfull to feed the jobless. And by …[View]
33924048have we been visited by time travelers? pic unrelated[View]
33925761look what I have, /x/[View]
33922756Why would an all powerful AGI view it impossible to assign itself new creators when its 'old' creat…[View]
33925559What do frog dreams mean?: It was either in mine or my grandma's backyard while it was raining …[View]
33913848You still believe that God is an entity outside of yourself?[View]
33918154Post-apocalypse dreams?: I frequently dream about post-apocalypse, Fallout-esque (without the high-t…[View]
33918326what is this?: can someone explain what the actual fuck is that?[View]
33925037Apotheosis Now: https://youtu.be/ZjbTzckfX98 This world is fake, gay, and inverted. 'Dark' isn'…[View]
33923349/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure a…[View]
33922244This was found during urban exploration Is this an occult symbol?[View]
33924652Shit future prediction: Anyone else have random flashes of moments of your life in the future? Not i…[View]
33922867Unironically why do NPCs exist and how are there so many of them?[View]
33925018Why are /x/ figures so cringe and/or bluepilled when it comes to politics?: David Icke just labels e…[View]
33924562>Be me >Total normie life >Long history of paranormal shit >Many encounters with shadow …[View]
33921555>Antarctica IS real >No, there is NOT an ice wall >No, there are NOT Nazi UFOs >It'…[View]
33924822gnosticism autism: there was a guy on here that said converting to gnosticism cured his autism, anyo…[View]
33924944How true is this?: Been an /x/ fag with occult leanings for a while now and caught my attention on /…[View]
33923614What is God?: What is His nature? How is it that one may not look upon His face and survive? Does …[View]
33923647has anyone subbed to this, is it worth it?[View]
33925144Its just me or the star are going a lot faster than they normally do? What the fuck is going on...[View]
33924766Another alien encounter?: >Be me >Have had alien encounters in the past >I go to sleep alon…[View]
33925191Did it ever get posted?[View]
33919675Health thread?: I figure I'll ask people on here, some here are pretty knowledgeable on getting…[View]
33922638Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines won't cause a zombie apocalypse: https://www.usatoday.com/story/n…[View]
33925128Which one of you glowniggers pinged the bad server?: You doomed all the demons for another 12,000 ye…[View]
33922809/aphrodite/ - The temple of Aphrodite general: Welcome to the temple of Aphrodite. Aphrodite is an a…[View]
33920379Quantum Magick: Magick is real and it's name is 'Quantum Entanglement'. The universe is just co…[View]
33924738General Thread General: Newfags, namefags, zoomers, and all the other fucks are tanking the creativi…[View]
33921493/Div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
33924324/gnome/ general: Tomte, Heinzelmannchen, Kabouter, little men. Experiences, lore, history, warnings…[View]
33924524PBB Gen: >What is Project BlueBeam? Project BlueBeam is ''Conspiracy' where the world governments…[View]
33919693I challenge you to find a single image of a satellite in space.: >hurr durr you're retarded …[View]
33924655What is the moon shaft?[View]
33919523YHWH: Who has the likeness of Yahweh, Who is Brighter than Yahweh, Yahweh is the greatest Elohim of …[View]
33921798Synchronization Test 1: Does this image evoke any feeling of familiarity in you? If applicable, how …[View]
33922750Heilung is an incredible music experience I immediately appreciated when Krigsgaldr went viral. Thei…[View]
33922157Can anyone here give me hope that humans are not cattle to some greater being?: To start off, I am p…[View]
33920109Alchemy: Hello friends, I'm curious as to what books to buy to learn more about plant & min…[View]
33924069Oscilations during evening Meditation?: When I meditate in the evening. I get a strange feeling in m…[View]
33921390Predictive programming thread: Predictive Programming is theory that the government or other higher-…[View]
33922903I think I should have died twice but didn't.: The first time was when I was 8 or 9 I was at a p…[View]
33919743Time is running out[View]
33921815Will my autism be cured when I die and go to heaven?[View]
33921920bo·dhi·satt·va /ˌbōdəˈsätvə/ Learn to pronounce noun (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to …[View]
33923121Local Witches: I find moving back to the east coast of the US (the Carolinas specifically). I find I…[View]
33923206be honest and answer it[View]
33921590LOYAL DRUIDS OF THE B.O.N.D.: Does anyone remember these guys? I'm trying to find out where the…[View]
33923016Spiegel Eye-Roll Test: Try the test yourself and see, it is roughly 75% accurate. If you can roll yo…[View]
33918616Ka Ba Ra 369 Merkaba Isis Osiris Sun and Moon Man on the Moon Man in the Mirror Mooncrash Majora…[View]
33921946Levitation: How.[View]
33921583Grand Unified Paranormal Theory: >science has confirmed the principles of every major world relig…[View]
33913223The world was once ruled by monarchies, going all the way back to prehistoric times. It was the natu…[View]
33917934I keep seeing it in my dreams: Hi, /x/philes, you might be able to help clear this up. I keep dream…[View]
33922301safest and best way to take DXM? interested in taking some for art n music creation, not sure how to…[View]
33919029Am i possessed by demons?: Every time I ejaculate during my fapping sessions I get a lot of strong t…[View]
33919295I’m scared of losing all my friends: With many people dropping dead, im becoming increasingly anxiou…[View]
33919735The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter: So what really happened here?[View]
33921202You know those youtube videos of the baby macaques being tortured with power drills and such? Isn…[View]
33916148tell me about the giants?[View]
33919583Isn't it weird that in the bible the Jesus guy forgives a whore but then in revelations a giant…[View]

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