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Displaying 47 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
811674MEIOU & Taxes: MEIOU 3.0 discussion boys.[View]
841165>demonmanii red >demonmanii blue >demonmanii green >demonmanii pink Do fantasois really?…[View]
847386Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation: I like it...[View]
821093Are colony sims considered strategy?[View]
842189I don't care what any of you say. If your average APM is this high, then you are not playing a …[View]
830992Rimworld: Haven't seen a Rimworld thread in a while, how is your colony going anons? Here is a …[View]
836853what went wrong?[View]
847689How do i win against Grenada as Castille? They are just too powerful. Basically unbeatable. I tried …[View]
838265What are your favorite non-PC strategy games?: For me it was Warlocked, the game of soul on the Game…[View]
809843ITT: Games only you played.[View]
847050alliedbros... c-can you help me?[View]
845408Favourite strategy game?: I would like to try some other strategy games than the ones I’ve been play…[View]
834830SQUAD LEADER: Time for a squad leader blogpost. Ask away and I will explain.[View]
844850Ahh yes, when the first nation you're supposed to conquest for missions decides to ally fucking…[View]
846554OpenRCT2: The new save format is now available in develop! >999x999 max map size (from 254x254) …[View]
838992strategy game turn offs: what are some things that turn you off of a strategy game? I'll start …[View]
829572age of empires 4: what is your faction and strat? you aren't a france shitter right anon?…[View]
846181Imagine what it would be like if HOI4 modders stopped making autistic alternative history LARP shit …[View]
846550Anyone else get in?[View]
842831games don't age, strategy games especially so. if you don't like a game because it 'aged b…[View]
818356What are your favorite underdog nations to play? That is, nations that are seemingly tiny in compari…[View]
845935So what's the best way to get into Nobunaga's Ambition series?[View]
837513Recent games: Share your ten most played games on Steam that you actually have installed on your PC …[View]
814316This was easiest the best strategy game ever. Why wasn't it any bigger? Why wasn't it adap…[View]
831636Thoughts on the Cossacks games? The massive armies look cool, does anyone still play? What's th…[View]
821722Turn Based vs Real Time Strategy: Express your preference[View]
844245CK2 - can someone explain what is going on?: Dear all, I keep getting ass-raped in CK2. Problem is, …[View]
844758Any kino games for this feel?[View]
832505How would /vst/ go about simulating an economy?[View]
815200The Settlers: Anyone still plays the Settlers series? I prefer II and IV and play them at times. So…[View]
827008>an awful transition to 3D shits on the whole style >generic and forgettable voice lines >r…[View]
845613How did CA manage to make a DLC that should have been epic suck so much dick?[View]
833261Tribal Wars: anyone still playing this? used to be the shit back in the day.[View]
815740can I get a heros 3 meme thread?[View]
845634have they produced any worthwhile /vst/?[View]
832100I play civilization on the strategic map: Only way that I can actually pay attention and consider al…[View]
837668Bloons Tower Defence 6: What monkey is the most fun and why is it pic related[View]
838316Fire Emblem Ironman: Anyone else like to Ironman hardmode fire emblem?[View]
837878What is your favorite schizo mod?[View]
807500what's the best Dune game? How would you do a modern Dune strategy game?[View]
844597why does serbia have to be so difficult bros in all of my runs Hungary fucks me over, and warns me e…[View]
835200What strategy games will run on my potato laptop? Please, advise me something based on your tastes.[View]
829503'It's good now, try it out!': And I eventually did, afer dodging it ever since 1.5 shitshow …[View]
821828i finally took out carthage as rome in dei. and i kinda never want to play this mod ever again. any …[View]
826124Is there any RTS where MP isn't dominated by rushing?[View]

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