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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1299948Another Civilization V thread. Can't fucking beat Deity. I try scout, monument, shrine, do I bu…[View]
1304143Where the fuck is it?[View]
1313599PC conversions of strategy board games: I'm looking for the best place to discuss this topic. M…[View]
1311059ate ck2: not ate ck3 as its retarded discuss the mod[View]
1308627Do challenging but fair single player turn based strategy games exist? I don't mean one in whic…[View]
1296530Age of Empires 2/AoE2: >Threads get deleted on /v/ >Threads get deleted on /vst/ Are we safe a…[View]
1314650SSKTJL PT4: Cap 9. Green Lantern has been directing those infected by Brainiac, the squad puts toget…[View]
1306063games like this: for me it was mostly the unit level up progression. not just more hit points and ex…[View]
1298048Lands Of Lords: Lands of Lords a MP CK2-like game where you get to beat up french roleplayers and ma…[View]
1310660'Civ 4 has the best modding scene': >Most of the mods on Civ fanatics are either completely broke…[View]
12975862023 AD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO5SpavZxeM >END TURN?…[View]
1308585Caesar, Pharaoh, Zeus, or Emperor?[View]
1312549Caddo in the 'log.[View]
1310862GalCiv thread: What am I in for? Is GalCiv III worth picking over GalCiv II? Also, general GalCiv th…[View]
1308883Projectmoon/limbuscompany/lobcorp/library of ruinia: The old thread got archived. Lets continue this…[View]
1309916Human Resources: I'm still mad.[View]
1295566>2000s strategy game adds ships to the game >no one plays on sea maps on multiplayer and ship …[View]

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