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Displaying 23 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1581241Imperator: So why was this game actually bad? What specifically held it back, and will we ever see a…[View]
1596229This would be so good if it didn't crash 85% of the way through every other battle[View]
1603152Is it good yet?: Is this dubsterfire playable yet?[View]
1600584What do you think of War in the East?: I play off and on and really enjoy it, but don’t hear much ab…[View]
1598449Could /vst/ tell me more about the ONE YEAR WAR mod for hoi4? Was something of a massive Gundam fagg…[View]
1580046Starcraft: Argue which game is better and why it really (doesn't) matter. Provide dubious claim…[View]
1600123New SMACX thread since the last one is about to die and I want more people to see my question. Is Mo…[View]
158660543GB really? How's that possible?[View]
1602355All modern Paradox games should be free to play like ck2, their DLC policy is despicable and only wa…[View]
1559031Is Endless Space 2 fixed now? https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/392110/view/374761442619934715…[View]
1581531Total War bros, its over[View]
1600860post your hotkey setups and how it helps you play >1 - worker/utility >2 - scout >3 - left…[View]
1555429Factorio Friday Facts Fun Fread: Factorio is getting a new DLC: Space Expl- I mean Space Age. There…[View]
1601381Pride of Nations: Why haven't you played the most intricate, complex and engaging Age of Imperi…[View]
1508157Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic: I see this game has gained a lot of features since I last …[View]
1587705Can you recommend some city building games? Preferably medieval or early modern setting[View]
1597365It's out.[View]
1598149Microcivilization: I missed the demo when it was available on Steam. How is the game? What does it p…[View]
1572084Warcraft 3 had an horrible ending: >Lord Garithos dead >Daelin Gigachad Proudmoore dead >Sy…[View]
1597859Starsector Thread[View]
1582253How come this mod hasn't seen a proper update in eight months? This is basically THE way I play…[View]
1591560TNOmod: What are you looking forward to eventually getting added and what could you care less about?…[View]
1595047Not so original war: >dude we found this alien green crystal that produces energy So Basicly Tibe…[View]

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