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Displaying 56 expired threads from the past 3 days

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211507Post your top 10 RTS's: If it doesn't have base building and units harvesting resources, i…[View]
205911What went wrong?: Steel Division: Normandy 44: >Average amount of players - 92.5 >Peak amount …[View]
221090>UTTERLY BTFOS VANILLA HOI4 Notthing personnel kiddos[View]
219720Is Rome 2 worth buying? I’m looking for a new strategy game and it’s on sale. Also my favorite histo…[View]
224327Emperor of the Fading Suns: One of the best 4X strategy games just received a digital release on GOG…[View]
221826Why is there no modern day grand strategy game? Say, from 2000 to 2030?[View]
224224Panzer Attack (1984) and other fine vintage wargames: This was the game that kickstarted my love aff…[View]
222507How did a strategy series which is known for engaging and deep stories have such a painfully generic…[View]
219998Is it good? Can I have fun playing as Celts?[View]
218948StarCraft Thread: see, marines very clearly have a counter Calender: https://tl.net/calendar/[View]
223655What ever happened with this game? It got DMCA'd months ago and I haven't seen anything fr…[View]
218543>3 focus trees >10 dollaridoos AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
206218Sengoku Rance: Sengoku Rance thread. Discuss your favorite battle composition, favorite generals, e…[View]
212485Just bought this from the sega sale because it was so cheap, (seriously, 60 bucks for a 7 year old g…[View]
222718This was my first experience with a map painting world event strategy game. Still a complete newbie …[View]
222348I always loved rts games that are based around powerful hero units, like warcraft 3 or populous the …[View]
218916Jagged Alliance 2 thread[View]
187742City building games thread: Last one died >>133133 How did you manage to build your city?…[View]
201943Just finished Tiberian Dawn remastered as GDI. Is the rest of the series this difficult?[View]
157252Rimworld Thread: How is your colony going? Basically I'm about to start a new game and I want a…[View]
219233Where the fuck did the idea of calling Medieval Germans, 'Teutons', come from? Krauts at the time ne…[View]
222007Should a grand strategy game set during the Cold War focus a lot more on espionage, low-intensity wa…[View]
201829TNO: >Play Japan >War with America is hinted at the beginning >Build up military and constr…[View]
176438EVE: The KING of space strategy games: >Single universe >Ultra realistic economic model >E…[View]
218218Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation thread: It has been half a month already. How are you e-enduri…[View]
216291Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds thread Should it be remastered? Even if it includes new factions l…[View]
216605Total War: ELYSIUM: >Total War card game[View]
221202I actually enjoyed vanilla XCOM 2, pretty bare bones but the random generation of maps and timed mis…[View]
221460Anyone tried the demo? CK2 in space is an interesting premise, but I don't have time to get int…[View]
219497>Overpowered neutrals >slow asf production >Unbalanced races with only one playstyle per fa…[View]
215352How do I not get myself in the situation where the good guys are constantly getting into my base and…[View]
211132Dawn of War mods: What are the best mods that aren't fucking UA's bloated buggy ass?…[View]
211573Does Phoenix Point still suck?: This came out and it blew Does it still blow? Are they updating it? …[View]
221177That CK3 feel: You know that feel[View]
185039Space 4x games: What is your favorite space 4x game? Off the top of my head >Master of Orion Game…[View]
219674Make a strategy game based of the goc from Scp[View]
211094Tell me about your best strategic achievement in gaming.[View]
218518Dawn of War 2: Retribution: Why aren't you playing Elite Mod right now?[View]
211703Battered strategy gamer syndrom thread: So which game(s) tend to suck you in and you spiral our of c…[View]
215511majesty: I've done it, all of Ardania is mine. You may call me Your Majesty.[View]
218908Was Star Trek: Rise of the Federation a good game?[View]
220156Just picked this up for 6 bucks, what I in for?[View]
217881Leveling Up and Class System: I'm developing a strategy game with class changes and I really do…[View]
213539ITT Bottom shelf games you've played Pic related was alright[View]
209611Is there a more autistic modification for a strategy game?[View]
217555East vs West: Whatever happened to the game? My friend said it's what got him into HOI but it w…[View]
216233what are some more 'action rts'' like halo wars and dawn of war?[View]
219052Anyone know a good place to download the PC version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms 10? Apparently,…[View]
213596Anyone play this, not sure if its a strategy or an rpg, but Ill post it here. I love it and Im not e…[View]
218066What are some good games that resemble programming? I'm talking about stuff like Human Resource…[View]
214923Just marathoned this: what did I think of it, /vst/?[View]

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