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/vst/ - Video Games/Strategy

Displaying 44 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
359847/vst/ sins: >Love strategy games >Always cheat because I am too much of a brainlet to actually…[View]
380255Gladius 40k relics of war: Does anybody else here love gladius? I think it is one of the best 40k ga…[View]
379162Since the lead dev of DaC is more concerned with writing his own lore and overpolishing factions noo…[View]
374675You can only choose one.[View]
373421Close combat thread[View]
375435>Ooh! Ooh! WE GOT THAT... THING![View]
376377Played the shit out of AOE2 HD, love AOE2 DE, only played a little of AOE3 and wasn’t really impress…[View]
377610Post games like Panzer General. Any era welcome, though most seem to be WW2 games. Pic sort of relat…[View]
377111Gihren’s Greed: Anyone know of an English translation or a way to play it without knowing Japanese? …[View]
377613AGEOD: Wars of Napoleon: We're looking for another autist to join our game. Russia is missing. …[View]
367610After the End Thread: Thoughts on After the End?[View]
375235Mobius Front '83: Anyone played Zachtronic's strategy game yet? How is it?[View]
326089Civ IV mod thread: Invited: Fall from Heaven, all modmods Dawn of Civilization, other Rhye's an…[View]
371790Interstellar Space: Genesis: Interstellar Space: Genesis is now available on GOG, should I buy it?…[View]
320770Starsector Thread: NEW BLOG POST: Writing Starsector + (Potential Spoilers, apparently). https://fra…[View]
341952Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread: Chad is having sects all day with hot Yin users. And then ther…[View]
364444I cant break through Romania Wat do?[View]
375064Do you still play WoG?[View]
377555Gloomhaven: Opinions?[View]
356952Man I wanted to like this game but the economy and map traversal and quests and everything that isn…[View]
375911Vickymod: Where do I download the most recent version of it? I can't find it anywhere.[View]
368485Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The forgotten homeworld game.[View]
377265Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Runia... Roo- Roonya- Library of Ronnie- Rooey- Rooenya-[View]
365237For me, it's Westeros Mod for Crusader Kings: Deus Vult[View]
365100A message, from the pig!: Blow the horn, bang the drum! The Pig is coming to town![View]
378309>want to play winter assault again >can't because of autosave bug causing autosaves to ta…[View]
285411HOI4 - Red Flood: Instead of arguing about the plotholes in TNO or Kaiserreich removing anything fun…[View]
376515I have trapped about 80 divisions in the city of hirosima. 80 divisions is about 900,000 men. i have…[View]
347548Are there any strategy games where I can play primarily as cavemen?[View]
374615Advanced Tactics Gold: Deadlock at the border with no progress for years, I can't push and neit…[View]
373096How exactly does Gibraltar stop enemy fleets from entering the Mediterranean in strategy games? Why …[View]
373857The best Command & Conquer.[View]
377036Anyone played this shit? How is it? Looks kinda like a discount DF/Rimworld but with multiple playab…[View]
376036Wargroove (its super fun): WARGROOVE is a super fun multiplayer game similar to advance wars / fire …[View]
343435What were your favorite flash strategy games?[View]
332968Just saw this and i want you to explain[View]
291964She did nothing wrong.[View]
366715Was it good?[View]
376994Favourite Crusader Kings realm: I had a lot of fun playing as the Saffarids, having 15 children with…[View]
352082Shadow Empire: Last thread reached bump limit >>341347 What features/mechanics do you think th…[View]
363590Red and blue: ever noticed the significance of faction color in game. Blue is always good and red is…[View]
374678Battle realms: The lotus clan always gives me the chill since i was a kid, from the units like pic r…[View]
368391How good are these Civ 2 scenarios?: Trying out the comfy civil war scenario[View]

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