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Displaying 30 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1191573>almost 2023 >still no better looking ww2 rts than coh1 Why?…[View]
1192080opinion on strategy board pc games? Concordia is pretty good. there are also Small world and Root[View]
1187424WinSPWW2/WinSPMBT: Anyone played this? How does it hold up? It's free to play and from what I c…[View]
1190359Graviteam Tactics: New DLC 'Bird Grove' has launched, as an added bonus the devs have incl…[View]
1194794Wich strategy game let me play as spy agency or segret masonic?[View]
1192717What RTS is the most fun to watch, in your opinion? Supreme Commander is pretty good for spectacle b…[View]
1186964Is proficiency in RTS games a skill or an inherent talent?: I am abysmally bad at real time strategy…[View]
1181676Recently bought Age of Empires 2 DE... How the hell do I get better?[View]
1178447how do I get more diplomatic range in imperator rome? I am one step away from moving my capitol from…[View]
1193595This game's lucky to have attracted such a talented autist to be its main modder. No drama, he …[View]
1176028How the FUCK do you win FotS campaign on hard? I've tried like 4 times with Nagaoka and can…[View]
1191023AoE4 overhauling its water based maps and should be on AoE2 as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
1188244GeoPolitical Simulator thread: Underrated af[View]
1189984Games like this, but.... better? My 4 issues are 1. There doesn't seem to be much variety in v…[View]
1162802What are they working on?: C&C Remastered vol. 2?[View]
1180723Holy shit this sucks, worst UI, $20> fucking dollars[View]
1163422Best WW2 strategy games recomentaditions: after getting into Strategy I got an itch for some WW2 Str…[View]
1191888Basketball GM: Unironically one of the best sports management games. Free. Regularly updated. Played…[View]
1188498>Expansion pack >Snow tileset[View]
1170549ISO: game like civ but smarter AI: the civ 6 AI gets on my nerves. i know theyre just following an a…[View]
1186853What’s a good city builder like tropico? I wanna build a city, do a lil trade and have some combat f…[View]
1189225Superpower 3: Superpower 3 is releasing on October 7. Do you think it will be good? Have you played …[View]
1190212What does /vst/ think of war for the overworld?[View]
1170616I REALLY wanted this to be good. Civ fucking sucks.[View]
1161495Open XCOM: Piratez/Files/Rosigma/Expanded/Whatever How is your paramilitary organizations going?…[View]
1163891Medieval 3 total war hopes: >strong cavalry >can sail to america >playable aztecs >can s…[View]
1186954All I want is an RTS/city builder hybrid with a sense of permanency, meaning what I build isn't…[View]
1184420Has anyone ever played this? how the hell do I win a skirmish as a human and dont get raped by monst…[View]

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