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Displaying 31 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1049413Project Moon: Maersault[View]
1050264>that process for unlocking the crystal cruiser What the hell[View]
1053561Rimworld Beginner: I saw a thread about this game last week and thought I would give it a try. Turns…[View]
1059689Who Here Rampart?: Anybody remember this game?[View]
1056192Demoncracy: Let's talk about a game that lets you play a democratic country.[View]
1057193National borders in Civilization: Was it a good idea?: I understand it's better for roleplaying…[View]
1059929Does preferring turn-based games to real time games make me a brainlet?[View]
1054992will it be good? https://youtu.be/RtxXcWC_1sw[View]
1051279Elwin and Shaera is the comfiest campaign in the strategy genre.[View]
1056410>Valiant Class >Fatboy >Flapjack >Ambassador >Governor Class >Tigershark >Ace …[View]
1054806>tfw no other games where you can choose whether your MC becomes a hero or chad…[View]
1060182Any good alternatives for this?: Now that Paradox failed to make create-your-own-culture fun, does a…[View]
1056790Why not just put an ingame upper cap on APM?[View]
782637Grabbed pic related on GOG a while back and now I'm finally getting around to playing it. Any t…[View]
1055138What the fuck happened? They went from making decent, addictive strategy games to pozzed trannie dia…[View]
1057341ITT: Fuck you, I liked it: Stealth infiltration done well (not perfectly but well), amusing discover…[View]
1050406Tycoon/economic games: What are some games where you make exorbitant amounts of money through settin…[View]
1056726>Biggest vidya wargaming publisher on earth >Literally no good games What the fuck Slitherine…[View]
1015365Civilization IV: why no one ever talks about the, objectively, best game in the series? what are som…[View]
1050891Invisible Inc: Does /v/ like my favourite spy game[View]
1053746Knights of Honour 2: Is this gonna be good?[View]
1058081its over[View]
1044859One hour till release. Anybody gonna play it?[View]
1050988Rise of the Reds: Epic units: After so long (Around SIX years), the C&C Generals mod 'Rise of th…[View]
1051559Atrox should have been a bonefide franchise imho[View]
1057261this game does not fuck around jeeze[View]
1038501When will we get a spiritual successor to Spore bros?[View]
1050425Starsector: By Ludds blood the sector shall not fall to corruption of the demon cores.[View]
1051849Medieval: Total War thread.[View]
1032838What am I in for?[View]
1052716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zufsANlLqCI >competitive play >if you are a competitive player…[View]

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