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Displaying 29 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
695003Alpha Centauri: Which faction is best suited for a new player?[View]
694138What are some good games if I want the satisfaction of building up a business?[View]
677055What are your hopes for Victoria 3? No culture war autism, please. I'm hoping that they includ…[View]
697579How do I actually play this game? It's so hard if you actually play it at full difficulty. I…[View]
697938I want man management strategies! I wanna watch my customizable dudes AI fighting. Make it deep. Giv…[View]
698264Going Medieval: Thoughts on this game?[View]
701525What is the most complex, realistic, vast strategy game out there?[View]
674665Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children: Are you playing it, anon? It is a fantastic RPG/XCOM hybrid with…[View]
676170Give me the worst strategy game you have played.[View]
694792How?: How I beat this formation? I get my ass kicked by a friend in Total War Rome II, Medieval II a…[View]
703358This is the greatest achievement in the history of Slovakia, and I'm not even ribbing.[View]
648262Rimworld: How is it so elegant and modular?[View]
682354Is there a turn based game/series more extensive with magic use than Age of Wonders type games, but …[View]
693093civ 6 cities: does anybody feel like civ 6 would work well as a simcity-like management without comp…[View]
696405>no mods >no community >barely any cracked copy exists online why did it die? It's a s…[View]
699484Lands of Lords: God save Ingerland and bless the new archduke[View]
699512>Troy is becoming a complete game at the same time it's releasing on Steam Thanks for playte…[View]
654193Command & Conquer: What are the odds it's a brand new C&C title bros?[View]
601098COH 2 - Company of Heroes 2: Obermommy edition Favourite factions? Build orders? Units?[View]
698213Civilization 4: Just installed it, do I need anything else or is vanilla good enough[View]
699261Why is the music SO bad?[View]
696362How can we create a realistic economy in a game like Vic 2?: I have had an interest in economics for…[View]
696106The Last Spell: Anyone have any opinions on this game? I was thinking of picking it up despite the e…[View]
695944Library of Ruina now has more book drops: and a few more things.[View]
673036What are some strategy games with naked titties? Not counting mods, that is. Pic related, Vantage Ma…[View]
700068I saw on steam Northgard got a big balance patch. Did they ever fix the way you had to abuse region …[View]
696824Mount & Blade - Gangs of Glasgow: The Old Firm: Does anyone have the patch for it? The 4shared w…[View]
687693How do I get Rebellion Reloaded to work?[View]
676426Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Come show off your sect, I want to see what you've built recentl…[View]

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