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Displaying 38 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
529839The greatest debate[View]
523620I shouldn't but I really need help, how do you beat ensemble 2? Elena is kicking my teeth in Li…[View]
518313Best year for: >Turn-Based Strategy >Real-Time Strategy >Management >4X…[View]
524180EU4 monotonous as fuck?: ok, i am the same faggot that couldn't 'get into eu4' now that i manag…[View]
523955WTWSMS: It's have the potentiall to be the best CK2 mod ever, but i'm the only one that no…[View]
515044Can't win as French Republic: Germany just falls instantly every game[View]
522563Are there any RTS games with an option to use tactical, small yield nukes?[View]
484125Wargame Red Dragon: One of the best RTT MP games out there. Dragoners #1[View]
513517Is it wrong to hope for a fantasy version of Stellaris for the next Paradox title? I couldn't c…[View]
522001Any city building/management games for this feel?[View]
513653what is the dust2 of strategy games? The maps that are just so well designed (or simple and balanced…[View]
518804Axis&Allies 1998 thread: Ahem,fuck paradox and fuck jannies.[View]
473625What's Next For Them?: What do you think Paradox will make next? HoI4 still has a lot of life l…[View]
500029https://youtu.be/rQTQKFjDluM ROMEastered bros... It's over... How could feral do us dirty like …[View]
522047>like strategy/simulation games like rollercoaster tycoon, cities skylines, planet zoo >able t…[View]
517618Step aside Hoi4fags, daddy’s back home.[View]
523307Subterfuge: subterfuge[View]
506461Offworld Trading Company: >Ooooh! An Offworld Trading Company thread! This will be useful! >Hi…[View]
519506Putting aside that no company would actually do it, would you play a coop only combo rts+arcade shoo…[View]
522920Age of Empires Online - NOW 100% F2P - New Civilization, Endgame and QoL!: Thanks to the Project Cel…[View]
514505Play dawn of war 2, and you too can fuck heretics up in the name of the emperor.[View]
505865Space Simulators: One of the most patrician genres of all time. Please post underrated ones.[View]
511664Red Flood: What the fuck even *is* Accelerationism? Is there anything more to it than just being the…[View]
507156Anyone know what the meta legion composition for Rome is? Looking online some people say that heavy …[View]
482593Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Amazing Cultivation Simulator thread 3 >What is Amazing Cultivatio…[View]
509873>play vic 2 as Greece >going well >Ottomans ally Russia and France >forming the Byzantin…[View]
510631Interesting CK3 starts?: Currently playing as the viking count right under Brittany in the 867 start…[View]
502044Faction Speculation Fun before 10th April: There are supposed to be less than 13 factions >“You …[View]
494307Why does this dumb autistic faggot plays Total War battles as if he was playing Starcraft?[View]
492048Border gore thread,[View]
517685>play medieval 2 >finally defeated those 3 countrys wich declared on me at once >sit back a…[View]
510150>see mention of Fallout Tactics >post about how much I love that game >get told that I hav…[View]
517670STARSECTOR: Who is the true successor to The Domain of Man and why in Ludd's name are Tri-Tachy…[View]
514399Nebuchadnezzar Update 1.1 Out Now!: >Today is a historic day for #Nebuchadnezzar as we release th…[View]
512652Ultimate Admiral released today.[View]
511512Now that the dust has settled (and is about to be kicked up again in late April): Who were the TRVE …[View]
515956Ok fellas does Field of Glory: Empires + Field of Glory ii manage to deliver a good rival to total w…[View]

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