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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 13 expired threads from the past 3 days

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10754298>too old to cosplay[View]
10756798>be me >300lbs >6ft4 >get the 'genius' idea to cosplay Faust from Guilty Gear >realiz…[View]
10753559Can cosplayers get away with harassing fans that ask for a photo? And if the fan complained but the …[View]
10758890So ive decided that im going to dress up as toad from the X men for cons, but im having a little tro…[View]
10756432Is there a such thing as making a cosplay as authentic as possible? By that I mean using expensive m…[View]
10758216Haul Thread!: Post your lolita/jfashion/cosplay hauls, or anything you have on the way that you want…[View]
10755417What's the best thing that has happen to you at a con? Give details.[View]
10757843INSTAGRAM GENERAL: Lets talk insta accounts and what we post on there. I usually dive into jpop fas…[View]
10757221I need some help!: Hiiii I'm relatively new to cosplaying and need some advice from other cospl…[View]
10733573Best EVA waifu thread: Post your best Asuka cosplayers. Dump incoming. Also, if anyone knows this gi…[View]
10756903A-Kon 31 is almost here! After being canceled for two years in a row due to Covid Pandemic, What are…[View]
10753802Hey /cgl/ I'm venturing all the way from /fit/ and I need to know some good cosplay ideas for f…[View]

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