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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 16 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10274208Ben 10: Not sure if this is the right board for this but halloween is kinda like one big cosplay eve…[View]
10191745Dragoncon: Less than 90 days out edition: Alright everybody! What are your plans, What hotels are yo…[View]
10264015Best Dressed Character: Who's the best dressed Character? Lots of anime (and some cartoons) wan…[View]
10223289/ouG/ - Princely Steed edition: Old thread hit image limit >>10153495 This thread is for ouji …[View]
10263461I know this is gonna be a shitshow and I'm sure it's been discussed to death but how do yo…[View]
10277981I've been out of Lolita for a long while due to school and life stress. Now that I'm begin…[View]
10274627Lolita General - nun edition: Previous thread: >>10268892[View]
10274024Cosplay: Yall got any favourite cosplays/cosplayers?[View]
10274941CoF Thread: Not going to let these threads die editions[View]
10278284Guns props: Hello, friends! I'm looking for guns and blasters at the scale 1:1 to mod them and …[View]
10278321Hello boys and gals, I want to do an engineer tf2 cosplay. Moreover, I need some advice on making a …[View]
10277454Etsy Thread: We have a thread for Artist Alley, how about a thread for Etsy? Exchange links, materia…[View]
10261292<b> EGL Germany </b>: Since there are two Brand Teaparties in Germany in a short time, I…[View]
10274595Witches' Follies Thread: Anyone else at Witches Follies?[View]
10259787Old school thread: angelic pritty edition[View]
10273999Ita Thread: Hell Naw Halloween Edition: Halloween season is upon us, post itas.[View]

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