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Displaying 17 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10075258Fairy Kei/Yumekawaii/Decora General: Last thread died after trolling. Useful (Active) Links: >JP …[View]
10216935Anime Expo - AX 2019 wrap up: Remember to mark your calendars for next year! >What did you enjoy?…[View]
10165383As far as cosplay&lolita stuff goes, what are your sour grapes?[View]
10203578modern convention horrors: hello cgl, it has been a while since i attended a convention. are the nec…[View]
10155248Con Crushes: Something that we've probably all experienced, but doesn't get brought up ver…[View]
10216616How come male cosplayers that do skimpy outfits and sexy poses are not as successful as female cospl…[View]
10219218Halo: Outpost Discovery: Looking to deck myself out as a lean, green space marine and I'm looki…[View]
10143095Post some good cringe VIDEOS of conventions or cosplayers I'll start https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
10192615Has anyone used makeup and/or prosthetics to give yourself epicanthic folds? Or hide them?[View]
10215443Inuyasha cosplays: Rate these Inuyashas from most attractive to least attractive, in your opinion.…[View]
10218537rate my Anon cosplay[View]
10210596Lolita Clothes Care: To start the convo, is there some safe way to clean the darken metal on brand j…[View]
10218431Need handles of pic related: I don't have any substantial machining tools but I want to get two…[View]
10213033Feels Thread : Don't get cucked by janny edition: Keep it /cgl/ related you tards.[View]
10189732Old School Thread: Badass Edition: old one is saging Last thread: >>10157683 post scans, inspo…[View]
10215624Ita thread- Reddit edition[View]
10199315Itabag/Fandom Fashion General: Crowdfunding Bags Edition Previous thread >>10164112 Itabag FAQ…[View]

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