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/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL

Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
10387730CoF: Closet of frills: ‘Gulls hate everyone else’s eyebrows’ edition. Old thread >>10383581…[View]
10402336I'm taking requests: sup faggs, tell me sumtin fun to draw n i will post in 10-20 min[View]
10370037Old School Thread: Tartan Edition[View]
10389799Is it cheating if you photoshop your face/non-clothes to look more like the character you're co…[View]
10385892Unpopular Jfashion Opinions: >>10379992 Last one autosaged.[View]
10370509What was your last anime con before a virus named after a beer made for plebs ruined everything you …[View]
10367632Animal Crossing Cosplay & Jfashion: Post your cosplay and Jfashion inspired outfits here, post A…[View]
10390836I saw this on fb right as I consider buying some pretty rare pleather bag second hand, so I'd l…[View]
10353968BST: Buy Sell Trade thread: old thread: >>10336182 Thread Guidelines: - cosplay and lolita wel…[View]
10375714Fairy Kei/Yumekawaii/Pastel General: Lat thread went sage a while ago >>10312882 Useful (Activ…[View]
10392290Make your own convention: I want to remind you guys that if your favorite convention is closed, then…[View]
10390798Looking for a costume: Hello I'm looking for the zero two costume from this pic. Does anybody k…[View]
10389189Lolita general - fumi nikaido edition: Previous thread: >>10384634[View]
10382540I liked this random cosplay pic posting thread, so here's lolita one. Feel free to join, there…[View]
10389714I need to find a small fedora to fit over a ventriloquist dummies head, does anyone know where i can…[View]
10386497Noob question: metal in cons: I'm working to get a 14th century English harness (I'm alrea…[View]
10384907Stupid J-Fashion Questions Thread: J-fashion questions only, go to the cosplay help thread otherwise…[View]
10391556Gendo Ikari's jacket: So I'm new to cosplaying, and was wondering where I could find a goo…[View]

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