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57024737How can Ukraine turn the situation around and start winning? Why aren't we sending them more pl…[View]
56987697How low can you go: Post low flying planes (Posting pics of planes moments away from an intentional …[View]
57017075Give me one reason why the next /k/ino war isn't going to happen in the Balkans?[View]
57020107/k/ humour thread: post them funnies bois, bonus points if anyone has that picture of the 2 million …[View]
57024455I was out somewhere a couple months ago and heard a country song that had a pretty specific descript…[View]
57009409Looks like old meat's back on the menu boys: This just in: Germany approves export license of L…[View]
57023078>On September 7th 2019, the Chinese Air Force released a video of a J-10C shooting down a foreign…[View]
57023388Super /k/ power?: K if you could choose between two super powers which would be better? - Having the…[View]
57015370Why they can't just gun down the Chinese balloon? Do the US don't have the technology?[View]
57002558Rare Guns: Post your faves. For me? Orville Robinson's rifles. Wonder how strong the toggle loc…[View]
56995357Can /k/ recommend good post apocalyptic /k/ related literature preferably older than the 1990's…[View]
57019747An armorer carring 20mm rounds for the AN/M3 cannons used by the F2H-2 Banshees and AD-2 Skyraiders,…[View]
57017773How do you feel about tomboy tummy?[View]
57022753Shipborne Helicopter Ops: Maybe an Anon can help me out. I read that for safety reasons, ships like …[View]
57020129ELINT/EW thread > collects data in your path nothing personnel[View]
57023947*blocks your path*[View]
57012315Serious Question: Could this thing deliver a nuke for EMP? If so, not stopping this thing should be …[View]
57022677Only 12 units exported. What made the chunmoo such an export failure when other mlrs systems are sel…[View]
57018003What kind of UFOs are the Chinese deploying?[View]
57021637>they took this from you[View]
57000165Do you keep spare guns or mags in your vehicle?[View]
57021869How did they do it?[View]
57023287I have recently grown to appreciate the intricacies of war machine design. How can things of such be…[View]
57021674How much firepower is enough to survive getting some coffee in the average American town?[View]
57015108Assault Rifle 15 General /arg/: Autism quarantine zone edition, post dick i mean gun pics and join t…[View]
57024242bros... I'm scared[View]
57023211>China is the aggresso-[View]
57021513Have you ever bought a weapon just because it was in an anime/game?[View]
57010771What is the point? >Slow, max speed 621mph. Even if this isn't true, I doubt the max is that…[View]
57011283BREAKING: Erusea to donate ADF-11F Raven to Ukraine[View]
57015933BRASSFACTS SAYS THE P2 IS OVERHYPED: And the Aimpoint killer is finna drop this shit soon![View]
56998919ITT: Your favorite jets: It could be from any nation, from any country, from any point in time. Just…[View]
57019232Would you trust your life to a revolver?: Would you trust your life to a revolver? Why or why not? A…[View]
57022750bad ass[View]
57021521The incompetence of all militaries: >Russia has been besieging an irrelevant town using penal tro…[View]
57019423Who had the better sword?[View]
57020775send the dart.[View]
57021320>battlefield lore is becoming true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUD9zaCaSqk…[View]
57017996>interior was lined with asbestos Forget being a Kamikaze, being a Japanese Tank crewman fucking …[View]
5701433614 Leo 2s and 88 Leo 1s for Ukraine: Are Leo 1s in whatever configuration the Germ industry sends th…[View]
57016062Weird weapons in Ukraine: This war is fielding some crazy weapons. Lets discuss them[View]
57022395Blimp war when?[View]
57005582if say you had secret information that we are about to undergo a catastrophic shift in the mantle of…[View]
57021558VAMPIRE WOD: You are brought into the world of darkness, with vampires, mages, and werewolves and ot…[View]
57020394They can't even shoot down a hot air balloon: 'Best' military in the world gets mogged by a hot…[View]
57015949This is the response to the Balloon: The PRC is being informed that there is no >shill shootdown…[View]
57016459>Everyday in the army is the same[View]
57021870Proper gun case loading: Why do most people set up foam cases for presentation as opposed to properl…[View]
57018143If Russia is the world's second strongest military then America: Is so far ahead of everyone el…[View]
57001260Does The SAS Still Exist?: The British military budget is beyond pitiful. Am I supposed to believe t…[View]
57019970>>626521732 How do gun names even work? You have the AK47, AK12, AK47-U, AK74, probably even m…[View]
57020400I’m gonna do it. I fell for the psyop. I’m gonna.. buy products from weaponoutfitters.[View]
57017027Canada general - shorter OP edition - cangen: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://p…[View]
57014471Chinese MIC: China's military is supposed to be the closest competitor to the US (still a near-…[View]
57022459Chinese usage of Balloon as recon assets: Interesting that those keep appearing near strategic place…[View]
57018189Prediction: Fighter Jets will be so fuel efficient, that will have enough operational range tor ende…[View]
57017634Don’t fall for the ATF glowniggers: Just a reminder to not register your pistol braces with the ATF,…[View]
57014201QTDDTOT: >No 'Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread' thread Let's fix that…[View]
57014830What is the best CC and why is it the LCP Max?[View]
57013570what's the point of quad rail: at most you'll be mounting: >light >bipod and/or vert…[View]
57017274Apologize.: Apologize.[View]
57008516Norway decides to buy Leopard 2A7: Norway announced today that the Leopard 2A7 has been selected as …[View]
57018308you CANT shoot it down: Deal with it, gweilos.[View]
57019493No it is NOT a 'weather balloon'. Yes it IS a military surveillance balloon.[View]
57012395Fa/k/e websites: Anybody else getting an alarming number of scammy looking websites when you look fo…[View]
57020334Best Caliber to shoot down chinese balloons?: What caliber to recommend? I got some older 270 ammo a…[View]
57005160hellcat vs mustang: which one was the true premiere US fighter plane of ww2?[View]
57019963Sig Sauer?? More like NIG sauer!!!![View]
57019419What is the tactical advantage of selecting a tank that had lost in trials?: https://www.dn.no/komme…[View]
57020102Do balloons smoke?: Why is it smoking?[View]
57015290Are we just speedrunning 20th century nostolgia at this point?: Ukraine opening hours: Desert-storm …[View]
57016774Security Career: I decided to get into security because, after all my original career aspirations fe…[View]
57013394Of Cope and Credibility: I wasn't sure whether this belonged on /k/-/his/ or /pol/-I've de…[View]
57019868LASER KINO SOON: They're sending the balloon directly into the laser boats. Has it been hacked?…[View]
57015288What are some countries that will go Nuclear: In a period of 5-10 years, besides Iran? I'm thin…[View]
57008145Wagner Mercenaries: >Is Wagner the most luxuriously equipped pmc at the moment? They should have …[View]
57003850Let's take a poll.: What's your favorite gun manufacturer? Can be out of business. Do you…[View]
57019594Taking the wifey out shooting tomorrow with some Yugo AKs. What you shooting this weekend /k/? Pic r…[View]
57017209DIY Tungsten Core Projectiles: DIY Tungsten Core Projectiles. Anyone done it? How does one ensure th…[View]
57018730We literally had several simulations to deal with this shit and no one bothered[View]
57001232Fuck… is there a way to counter this thing?[View]
57013337Turkey aspires to cooperate with Argentina in armed drone design and production, says the Turkish fo…[View]
57019407Why is only SOCCOM getting this? Why not regular USAF for ISR and ground support?[View]
57016514what in the name of fuck were they thinking[View]
57018381tb2 factory in ukraine: https://youtu.be/EXSo6nXVB3E?t=3101[View]
57019156We are witnessing the return of weaponized balloons.[View]
56992027Gear Queer - /gq/: Invest in chocolate chip and desert 3 color before it becomes the next flavor of …[View]
57018843What kind of payload could the Chinese balloon carry? Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
57014435Identify Ukraine war bomb fragment: Hi /k/ What is this? Found in Kharkiv Ukraine I think it's …[View]
57018259what happened to the wide variety of soviet manufactures that made aircraft? its all sukoi shit now …[View]
56992636Bro, we're finally home[View]
57014995Mencho has threatened to invade Haiti after Haiti's gang bounced a check for the latest gas del…[View]
57015097/arg/ AR General: Train From Home Edition Last: >>57010483[View]
57018322Honestly a great little noise maker[View]
56998831Itt: characters that would browse /k/[View]
57016312real talk. What is the real counter to this? We know that fighter jets don't work And patriots,…[View]
57014949how is a human pilot even supposed to control drones galaxybrain ai that interprets voice commands i…[View]
57017379tanto: best place to buy best quality Tanto? or Dagger/ knife (sharp)[View]
56980979/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Criminalizing the Defense of America edition Previous thread: …[View]
57016943Why aren't spy balloons being used in Ukraine for reconnaissance by both sides?[View]
57014691How will you defend yourself from the balloon: Who else is in MT? We need to organize /BRG/ and the …[View]
57003395Azeri T90S and Turkish M60 Patton tanks, during exercises 'Winter drill 2023'[View]
57017676Ukraine proves tanks are still the main decider of war because when they are countered and their adv…[View]
57016350Time for people to believe another slow, nonmanuvering aircraft with a large signature is invincible…[View]
57001573Identify thingy: Is this a laser mounted on top of the barrel?[View]
56962567/nvg/gers - Night Vision General: Previous >>56907562 Finally new cover edition Resource on wh…[View]
57014087Alternate History War Speculation Thread #1: As my interest in the Pacific theatre of WWII develops,…[View]
57010128Upcoming russian offensive: So when russia inevitably starts its offensive, will they just bypass ci…[View]
57015460Can High Altitude Balloons Be the Future of Warfare?: Combined with new high powered lasers and take…[View]
57014840B14 HMR in .300 WM: B14 HMR in .300 WM[View]
57014957Weapon mounted light: I got this at a thrift shop, does anyone know what model it is? I paid a whole…[View]
57013819ITT guns whose sole purpose is for the aesthetics only while being a complete piece of shit at every…[View]
57012596When the north pole melts how useful will it be for Russia and Canada? Will it be inhabitable? Will …[View]
57010610Why did the Galil failed?[View]
57013062I've been feeling like building a charter arms explorer/israeli ar-7 type monstrosity and just …[View]
57013116Canada General - CFG - CANGEN: Canada General: WHITEPILL DAY EDITION Latest b& list from the fed…[View]
57006123FP: Polish-Korean alliance will supplant Germany as Europe's tank supplier: https://foreignpoli…[View]
56993143Why are they like this?[View]
57015615Mobile artillery: I see no issue with pic related.[View]
57014171s200: https://youtu.be/gpUBq4dCFxg[View]
56945525Russia is fielding the BMPT in Ukraine: I wonder if it will be considered shit.[View]
57014968/k/ books: i got 500 euros of gibs to spend on books, what do you advise buying? (FMs, military book…[View]
57000976Shit Kits: Post the worst kits/loadouts you've ever seen. Lets see some monstrosities.[View]
57005776I'm a retard so explain tracked vs wheeled when it comes to self propelled howitzers. Also what…[View]
56992214/ak/ - anime k - Tomboy Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread >>56972190 Tomboy Edi…[View]
57008151US estimates 200k Russian casualties: How high will it be by year’s end? Take your best guess!…[View]
57009111What is the nature of the air force?: I am asking in the sense of what is the most fundamental task …[View]
57010404>detonics gladiator .500 cal breech loaded black powder shotgun Is this the most practical weapo…[View]
57012956Woodland camo on top of the state buildings. Are Russians retarded or do they just have a malaise to…[View]
57007967>Why would you put optics on this classic gun? >Why would you replace the wood furniture with …[View]
57000744Post horrible fictional weapons As always Bethesda games are cheating[View]
57010483/arg/ arg ar general thread: Old: >>57003981 Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/M4ZzaMz71JA[View]
57012209what is the best national air defense?[View]
57011418anyone know where to get the old, square style rear sights for Smith and Wesson revolvers? The only …[View]
57012546What is some practical and obtainable civilian 'riot control gear'?[View]
57010275Why can’t the Space Force take care of the balloon. Sounds like this is a tailer made mission for th…[View]
570129102nd Tor-M2DT destroyed, what are the Ukies planning?: A second 9A331MDT Tor-M2DT was destroyed by Uk…[View]
57008438Why couldn't project babylon work? It's cheaper for intercontinental targets and also laun…[View]
57013973would it be possible to use a hybrid design similar to the C96/G3/M16 to make an autoloader in .500 …[View]
57013592Will aluminum handguards on aks cause corrosion over time.: Peak autism moment, is it really that bi…[View]
57002477Latest Russian Zerg Rush: >Ukraine's defence minister says that Russia has mobilised some 50…[View]
57009655How inaccurate does main gun have to be before it is considered useless?[View]
57015002Balloon Boy: What's his game plan? Obviously it's not spying, they have satellites for tha…[View]
57005772never served cope: >I feel like I'm missing out by not having been in the military >still…[View]
57012781I just put a padlock in there. Am I that much better off filling it with loose change?[View]
57011981Are Main Battle Camels an effective equipment in modern warfare?[View]
57007927Had Russia had a 8x8 brigades at the start of the invasion, would that helped them achieve their pla…[View]
57005718CFG - Cangen - canada general: Latest b& list from the feds: https://firearmrights.ca/wp-content…[View]
57008477Shock and awe is so fucking cool bros. Going really fast and raining down tons of ordinance on all t…[View]
57012783Compilation of the Ukraine war.: What pictures or videos do you have of the war from both side. I…[View]
56984810Putin's army terrified.: Vladimir Putin's top commanders are ‘terrified’ by demands for a …[View]
57011701First Intercontinental Balloon Attack: >Be Japan in WWII >Want to bomb USA mainland and start …[View]
57001797Sniper team leader in the army on my lunch break. Gotta whip up a class for some of the new dudes. …[View]
56995736Another day, another loss for Germany: https://en.yna.co.kr/view/PYH20230202027900325 Now that South…[View]
57011540He's literally me[View]
56986816redpill me on GLSDB how good is it? are we going to see another major russian pullback in terms of d…[View]
57012095Military Balloons Thread: I begin: China's 'Rapid Cloud' near space radar early warning balloo…[View]
56993288Hanguns General: /hg/ #884 The immortal 1911 edition: Tupperware glocks and pot metal berettas get o…[View]
57000230Why won't the US army try to miniaturize the .50 cal?: Just make a .50 cal intermediate round. …[View]
57010454Rocket fighters and transports: Alright, let's say that it's a post peak oil world, or eve…[View]
57006804*Shits all over the Russian garbage KA-52*: Apologize to the Apache. Imagine if the US lost 1/3rd of…[View]
57006121>he owns zero (0) silver bullets you guys are gonna feel awfully silly one of these days…[View]
57010716AK's Don't Jam: I don't know why people keep parroting this lie. I have had numerous …[View]
57000361Analog navigation: Is anybody interested in pre-satellite era navigation? Take navigation in the Pa…[View]
56995399Four American Base in Philippines: >https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20230202-philippines-to…[View]
5700907214 Leo2A6s 88 Leo1A5s: What are the strategic advantages of Scholz confirming >14 Leo2A6s >88…[View]
57003832/arg/ ar general: Old: >>56998245 Educational video: https://youtu.be/TAhLNj-y9Sw[View]
57011140Centauro ||: >Kills your tank Nothing personel kid.[View]
56999911>PSRL-1 >American made >Fires RPG-7 rockets >MSRP: $5,500 RPG-7: $2,500 $300 per rocket …[View]
57001224If only there was some way to prevent an artillery shell ripping everyone in a trench to bits...[View]
56992763What's the closest thing I can get to AP ammo?[View]
57009085Are drone swarms a meme or are they really the future of warfare?[View]
57009964Strike on Iran: Can it be done? https://twitter.com/faytuks/status/1621343822801211392?s=46&t=a5…[View]
57001984Australia and France to launch joint production of 155mm artillery rounds for Ukraine: https://www.a…[View]
57009775*is rejected by the Norwegian military in your path*[View]
57003013How difficult would it be to have a penal military unit in the US, consisting of prisoners who are n…[View]
56980081Is the headspacing on my enfield fucked[View]
57008579Homemade: How big boom could i theoretically make with this stuff? Lets say i had 1kg of the fast bu…[View]
57007563>our planes don't need to be fast and able to reach 120,000 feet, what is their going to be …[View]
57009527Will it be enough to retake Donbas? Can you for a proper tank assault division with 102 tanks?[View]
57008026How pathetic is the military of USA?: Unable to shoot down one weather balloon lmao[View]
57005140Ranged Firestarting: >Molotovs Molotov are short ranged incendiaries and can only travel as far i…[View]
57003981/arg/ - lvpo is trash edition: old >>57001269[View]
57005058Is there any point in building airplanes with bomb bays?: When any cargo bay can do the job while be…[View]
57008537Norway chooses Leopard over K2: Norway confirms acquisition of 54 Leopard 2A7 chosen over the Korean…[View]
57010517OFFICIAL LAUGH AT MUTTMERICA THREAD II: mutt tranny jannies nuked the last thread because they'…[View]
57008319Budget 556 AR15: Your budget is $800. Build an AR-15 you would be confident in with an optic for les…[View]
5700466148.56174742897782, 37.886334508536166 Artemosvsk(formerly known as Bakhmut) is getting surrounded. A…[View]
57006371what tanks are russia using in ukraine?[View]
57003741Are chemical weapons like Sarin gas even practical in war or basically a gimmick?[View]
56984130Black powder thread. I just got a .45 Kentucky rifle for $100 but have very little knowledge and ha…[View]
56994418Give. Malaysia. M1 Abrams. Now[View]
57000027>Mechafags- Mechs are better than tanks because they can go where tanks can't! >Meanwhile…[View]
57007933Hello mother, hello father Here I am at Camp Vuhledara[View]
57004724Homemade Guns Thread: The fire rises edition. https://homemadeguns.wordpress.com/2023/01/19/fgc-9-in…[View]
57002665Its Over: What did Flandre Mean by this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezwcnlHe7sA[View]
57003016i always thought aavs were super neat, being a big floaty box with space for over twenty dudes in it…[View]
56999590CONPLAN 8888: How would /k/ improve on picrel? Also general weird plans thread.[View]
56990391Yuropoor here: I’d love to visit the US for the first time this year. What are some /k/ool places wh…[View]
57004989>be me >clean and lubricate guns >guns do not jam or have malfunctions Thank you guns…[View]
57007548Can shotgun shells be used for a gender reveal?[View]
57004162really special knife: id like to purchase an extremely special knife. i know it sounds weird but id …[View]
57003695Is it true that real life special forces are masters of stealth that can sneak up on people and take…[View]
56994988Has science gone too far? https://files.catbox.moe/r3pgnq.mp4[View]
57005987u won’t do shit gweilo rmao[View]
56991869Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical fantasy world. Old world…[View]
57006783>USA has 10,000 M1 and M2 tanks combined >USA has 13,500 McDonalds How the FUCK are we going t…[View]
56922853QTDDTOT: M9a4 aftermarket irons: Are there any decent aftermarket adjustable irons for the m9a4 and …[View]
57006141Rail Gun: its going to make a comeback lets fucking go baby. this kills the balloon shit. https://yo…[View]
57004512Weaponized cloud seeding: Is it possible to weaponize cloud seeding? Lets say you seed the areas acr…[View]
57006011Holy shit. First Chinese balloon. Now even Chinese corn is threatening the US. This is literally WW3…[View]
57004584>Yuropoors criticize America for gun crime >has a grenade crime problem to deal with Maybe you…[View]
57006744Now that the American Empire is in clear and probably irreversible decline when will China start tak…[View]
57006822It keeps happening: More spy balloons found around north america, did the wrst just lost respect in …[View]
56999800Why was she decommissioned instead of building an upgraded version? For me, this is the best looking…[View]
57006603How can Ukraine turn the situation around and start winning? Why aren't we sending them more pl…[View]
56992452Canada General - /cangen/: Canadian Firearms Thread New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: htt…[View]
56994277> The steppes of Ukraine promised ideal environment for large scale mechanized maneuver. > Un…[View]
57005949F-15 vs F-35: South Korea and Japan get into it bad somehow. Incidents have escalated into a small s…[View]
57000690How Much Does /k/ Shoot, and post your 2023 Training Plan: Here's Mine: 50 RDS 6.5-300 WBY a ye…[View]
56969867/k/amping: Anyone get out over the weekend?[View]
57005009Chinese balloon flies a sickle path: Look at this flight path.... Look at it. ITS THA FUCKING COMMUN…[View]
56992966PLA requesting tender for 2,600 spiked pole with electrical insulation and heat shrink wrap[View]
56993709>Single-handedly cancels the zombie apocalypse[View]
57003299CUM HISTOOORIA[View]
56999592My local big 5 has brand new 1022's for 409, like 450 with dros and everything Is this a good p…[View]
57005474Balloon Popper: What is the modern ASAT America uses?[View]
57004468F-22 vs Chinese spy balloon: Who wins.[View]
56985372So, what would be your go to weapon in the zombie onslaught in Ukraine?[View]
56997697Why didn't the US Space Force adopt Multicam Black? It would do a better job blending space sol…[View]
56975673Who here was a cooperchad growing up? Daisycucks not allowed itt btw.[View]
56928519Retro Lights, Lasers and Optics: Hello /k/, I have recently finished taking and editing a few photos…[View]
57005184>Mr President? >The chinese?! >I'm on it!…[View]
56946402It seems my superiority has cause some controversy: Also friendly /k/alifornia thread[View]
57004225The only gun I regret selling.: Sold 20+ guns that I all bought new, but my matte stainless CZ75 is …[View]
56999036Is there a better buckshot for less than a dollar a shell than this? I fear this will overpenetrate,…[View]
57002237This was a good idea: >let Iran capture stealth drone >they realize how technologically backwa…[View]
56994830So with the newest NATO gear that Ukraine is getting: Can we finally say that it's a fair compa…[View]
57003410Ukraine Offered Two MQ-9 Reaper Drones for the Price of $1: >The manufacturer of the MQ-9 Reaper,…[View]
56996996Who is currently assaulting Bakhmut?: Wagner? Airborne? These russians look well equipped. Modern he…[View]
56997366Drone warfare does nothing to achieve strategic objectives on the battlefield. Dropping grenades on …[View]
57003548Left: >20 tons, 4 guns, 1964 Right: >50 tons, 2 guns, 2002 why didn't they just modernize…[View]
57003831Whats the tactical advantage of using tiny ass font for your operational maps?: why doesnt this nigg…[View]
57001269/arg/ AR General: Carbon Build Up Edition Last: >>56998245[View]
56995039>go to the most advanced ai image generator known to man >type in Glock 69 >this is the AIs…[View]
56996339How can they be fixed?[View]
56999561You are in charge of designing the basic squad for an army, but you can only use guns that YOU own t…[View]
57003664There were 3 tankers flying around the chinese spy balloon in montana. All 3 are leaving the area no…[View]
57003518Serious question: This might sound kinda stupid, but who do you think is better fighters - Azov or W…[View]
56982493I still can't believe this happened sometimes[View]
56995174What's the best weapon for removing a goblin from my attic?[View]
56990047My boss wants to fight the Chinese: Air Mobility Command prepares to fight the Chinese at 7 meters.…[View]
56989192These are winning the war for Russia. :): This is peak Goldielocks design, checks all boxes and Russ…[View]
56944916Wasn't this the dumbest idea ever?: One hand grenade. The tank is gone. One sniper alone can ki…[View]
57001359sup /k/ i'm looking for a video on youtube it was kinda in war aesthetics/terror wave vibe, abo…[View]
56994819So how long will it take to fix this?[View]
56990414Anyone got a more detailed timeline of the shifting Russian propaganda piece? First it was thermobar…[View]
57001740>Start like 10 different operations to weed out Tito partisans >Each and every one fail >T…[View]
56991548Realistically speaking, would using a shield, while also wearing full plate like in vidya, do increa…[View]
56996330Is it possible to make lighter F-35 helmets?: In a way that doesn't compromise safety of course…[View]
57004294Chinese spy balloon pictured over Montana: >Defence official says that the US has 'very high conf…[View]
57003670Chinese spy balloons in US airspace: What's the tactical military implication of Chinese spy ba…[View]
57000669Be honest /k/ who of you has used the Nukemap during the last months to check if he's in fallou…[View]
56998350Arm Slaves vs Knoghtmares: Savage or Gloucester?[View]
57002160Best /k/ states: Montana >good gun laws >tons of public land >beautiful nature >friendly…[View]
57002000What did they mean by this?[View]
56990135>'Anon, you DO own a Russian gun, right? Because every Russian gun in non-Russian hands is a gun …[View]
56996112Hamas / Fatah vs. Israel, NATO, Jordan and Persian gulf states: So we're about to enter the 75t…[View]
57001861ITT stable diffusion /k/ edition: name your man-made horror >Warmen KX919…[View]
57001819What did they mean by this?[View]
56999917R8 this collection: Doesn't seem too bad for a Californian[View]
56999798>revolvers aren't g-[View]
57001699Peresvet Complex: It Peresvets things. >the system can blind enemy satellites in orbitski of up t…[View]
56997907Pro-iranian groups attack Turkey, Israel and Azerbaijan all at once: These are all minor attacks but…[View]
56994268What are /k/s thoughts about 6th gen aircraft? Aren't they just 5th gen without their tailplane…[View]
57003055why do armies spend so much money on fancy military boots: when special forces dudes just buy sneake…[View]
56993338Hey idiots, call the Brazil government right the fuck now, and tell them you'll pay them $30 to…[View]
56991555Imagine if Russia has cope tubes. You k/ikes would never stop making fun of it.[View]
56998245/arg/ - assault weapon general: Showdown edition Old >>56992387[View]
56991269.338 Norma Mag Minigun: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2023/01/31/shot-2023-dtv-xr338-minigun-i…[View]
56994659would it be possible to create a working tank out of all the parts from abandoned wrecks in Ukraine …[View]
56997014Military base in Azerbaijan on fire.: Pro-iranian channels have started taking responsibility[View]
57000875it appears my superiority has led to some controversary[View]
56996842So what is it exactly about these that makes them break all the time?[View]
56987947Gunsmithing thread: welcome boys let’s discuss some projects, ideas, and help out some frens with gu…[View]
56993869ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!!!: Can I fly the drone?[View]
57000738We got all these used drivable tanks laying around down here just for fun and $300 joy rides Soviet …[View]
56959992/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ It Comes From Chy-na Edition >Thread #1901 Old thread here …[View]
56991587I FUCKING LOVE THE F-14: The F-14 is such a beutiful plane. I know it was designed around the long r…[View]
56993337Thoughts on the Wolf T91 Upper?[View]
56996818does that exist[View]
56989263>Ukraine's defence minister has said Russia is preparing a major new offensive, and warned t…[View]
56999576vgh... what could have been[View]
56977374Do you think if you saw multiple nuke blasts on the horizon, it'll break your mind like some Lo…[View]
56996561Indian HIMARS: We have the best HIMARS in the world. This is irrefutable.[View]
57000096Whats the strategic importance of this place?: Can anyone with more knowledge in tactics and strateg…[View]
56991111Can a rifle be made quieter without a suppressor?: As far as I know, a longer barrel is one of the m…[View]
56995597German media: Ukraine cannot win anymore: >Ukraine to run out of material and people >Russians…[View]
56998653Would 3d printed AR-15s be better with a piston instead of gas impingement? This Orca gun from Hoffm…[View]
56998857A gun is just a spear without a handle: You can't refute this[View]
56998542Good morning, sirs![View]
56993357armed fpv drones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdkPlagmSQY imagine if a drone like this armed wit…[View]
56990800Ok boys I'm gonna get me some armor. I've saved up and it time I get it. I'm just can…[View]
56999252>2023 >I am forgotten...[View]
56988416Why don’t the Russians just copy NATO doctrine?[View]
56972212what would (you)r ideal squad look like?[View]
56997969It took russians less than a year to burn through 9000 vehicles so we can finally make dragonballz r…[View]
56982775/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #344: Return Home Edition Post wood (furniture) Group your shots Big bo…[View]
56993765What weapon is this?[View]
56995067the ultimate weapon, name a war where the side with more lost, i'll wait.[View]
56991695What weapon is this?[View]
56987906Ok /k/ you have stumbled across pic related. What do?[View]
56989073>1890s-1930s, 29' barrels are standard on service rifles >Even when many nations moved to a sh…[View]
56980677300,000 mobiks deployed and they could only take Soledar and a handful of villages: >Ukranians de…[View]
56997047Most Advanced Gun of it's Time: Seriously the M1 Gayrand gets all the attention while this baby…[View]
56999500500k soldiers?! How?![View]
56999482They're trying to massacre our boy[View]
56998043let me guess: you need more[View]
56992091Best assault rifle of WW2?: The germans should have mass produced the FG-42. It would still be very …[View]
56992387/arg/ - assault weapon general: Ash-kimbo edition Old >>56989752[View]
56993781muh 'extreme red-line': wtf is he gonna do? his military is outdated to all hell. he'…[View]
56995395Steal his look! - Ukranian Edition: Just received a request from a videomaking studio for which I do…[View]
56993581what ya got stockpiled /k/?[View]
56996048APOLOGIZE: sources say brimstone is responsible for 70% of all Russian tanks killed in Ukraine…[View]
56992297Pro Iranian group attacks Turkish base with 20 rockets: >Ahrar al-Iraq brigade has targeted Turki…[View]
56996930Suppose Israel gets Green Light on Iran: If Israel gets US + Arab go-ahead to bomb the Iranians 1) W…[View]
56977558Russia suffered 850 KIA yesterday: Is this sustainable? How high will the numbers get in the spring?…[View]
56989625France captures 3k Rifles from Yemen[View]
56992055If I run a sling mount like pic related off a magpul nonfree float handguard, is there still barrel …[View]
56997278ITT we discuss the best performance/price ratio guns for each category (long range/big game hunting,…[View]
56995981>destroys your Abrams: psssh, nothing personnel, kid[View]
56996208Arms procurement thread: ITT we post recent arms deals between nations. I’ll start with Brazil hoppi…[View]
56995505What is the strategic advantage of goodwill gestures?[View]
56988719What went wrong? Were the Navy's requirements retarded or was the concept good but the tech jus…[View]
56990159I dont think a warrior or soldier is ready to become one until he has slept with a woman[View]
56992643Could the Black army have beaten the Red army out of Ukraine? Also if you had a horse drawn carriage…[View]
56988400Bayonets: What do you think of bayonets, /k/? Personally, the presence of a a bayonet lug is a soft …[View]
56977652Where is the worst place your military can send you? RAF Mount Pleasant in the Falklands. No thank y…[View]
56986141>the Chinese army placed an order for 2,600 spiked polearms with electrical insulation and heat s…[View]
56986778Ammunition buyers guide: https://ammoseek.com/ http://www.gunbot.net/ https://www.gunbacker.com/the-…[View]
56963422RTS unit thread: >mobik mob mobilized and ready general >was that a drone? >can I have some…[View]
56932371GUNS NOBODY HAS: I'll start, the Keltec DSL[View]
56993951Are pistol braces worth it?: I love guns. But is all this attention from fed boys worth it?[View]
56995648Why isn't the west providing enough precision weapons to Ukraine?: For example, South Korea alo…[View]
56984865>driving alone at night with no one around >see pic rel What's the best course of action…[View]
56995532Analog circuits vs. microchips: Who is better from the point of view of maintenance difficulty and s…[View]
56992599>Colt 1911 >American classic and true American cold hard steel heritage handgun >Sold in bl…[View]
56990090Why didn't it win ?: I know someone who worked on the YF23 program and he told me that their de…[View]
56992809Winchester Appreciation Thread: A place for WinChads to shit on everyone else.[View]
56989830>thanks for the guns anon, ukraine will make good use of them! >... >anon, there's a s…[View]
56974141RU Official: Half of entire VDV formations are dead: Meaning in reality, over 80% or more are gone. …[View]
56980124Does it actually work, the Iranian copy of the AIM-54? I mean, it's like 70s technology right s…[View]
56989050How would you guide it?: Suppose you wanted a wire guided ATGM to fly like a Javelin and top attack.…[View]
56993797unironically the best, most successful aircraft design ever.[View]
56990615navy: is it really gay as everyone says it is?[View]
56987026German Design Language on 3rd Gen Fighter: Even with the convergence of many design elements on figh…[View]
56990240Progress From Cap and Ball: How do you think firearms technology would have progressed if fixed cart…[View]
56994744There was a post yesterday about Russia having terrorist attacks by Socialist Anarchist and it'…[View]
56992873Why didn't they just build it larger with all the carry weight and then begin stripping parts t…[View]
56992999Belgium plans to buy back Leopard-1 tanks for €500k.For Ukraine: The arms dealer can't sell it …[View]
56992575Toyokuni Knives: Why do fake Chinese brands like Kamikoto knives get popular even though there are s…[View]
56983512One of the most common arguments justifying the war in Ukraine is that Russia had to attack to prote…[View]
56991634Define Wunderwaffen, right the fuck now![View]
56976907Defeating level 4 body armor: What's the cheapest and most plentiful round that can do it? The…[View]
56990006/k/ What if scenario: Idi Amin and his 20k Ugandan forces spawn in Ukraine and are directed by Zelen…[View]
56993111MK48 vs M60E6: The MK48 replaced the M60E4, but isn't the E6 newer still? Similar weight, the E…[View]
56988876Everyone has focused on the potential for drones to ID targets and provide guidance for artillery an…[View]
56993973Australian /k/ general: Seppos gun fanatics getting btfo edition Post your recent acquisitions Your …[View]
56991406scintillation counter thread: The recent Cs-137 source lossage (and recovery, to their credit) in Au…[View]
56918164.22 LR thread: This is a thread dedicated to the most kino round to ever exist, post em[View]
56972294The best the AK platform has ever LOOKED, in your opinion?[View]
56989914Battlebot for home defense?: In many parts of the world it is illegal to own a gun, but there is not…[View]
56986548After WW2 where were m1 m2 carbine used and they still used in war well I'm looking for is awes…[View]
56992195Gaza starts launching rockets.: Around 10 Iranian made rockets were launched today I only mention t…[View]
56993251nerve gas: if you soaked bunker gear in bleach water could you survive a VX attack?[View]
56984297Could this work in America with American cops? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEYbF7XCzAs[View]
56993164Best /k/ state: Montana >good gun laws >tons of public land >beautiful nature >friendly …[View]
56986749Why is Puma so bad?: Reuters At the Altmark training ground in eastern Germany, there was an accide…[View]
56991401Does adding more mass to a rifle: Reduce the effect of a heavy trigger pull moving you off target? P…[View]
56989892Can we get a shout-out thread to the lord's round? Post those bolties boys[View]
56986932Handgun General ~/hg/~: Thread #883 Fudd lore is wisdom edition: Low capacity, all steel, full size.…[View]
56989924Aviation Chan: I am an individual with a love for all things aviation and specifically fighter jets.…[View]
56992572So I shot this a few times and I gotta say awesome gun but uhh.. I noticed it was a bit weak if I di…[View]
56990507Last time you had a negligent discharge in public did you play it cool or were you nervous and apolo…[View]
56992402>0.01% >-0.10% Are both sides running out steam after launching their massive offensives? It s…[View]
56989193First confirmed loss of the Tor-M2DT: 13km from the Dnipro River in Kherson, a 9A331MDT Tor-M2DT was…[View]
56972190/ak/ Thread - Its KATYUSHA BIRTHDAY!! Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>569557…[View]
56989752A-R-G: can't see this edition OLD: >>56987558[View]
56982239Logically speaking, are they speeding up weapons deliveries because Russian offensive is imminent, O…[View]
56992216Military Insignia General /mig/: 'INB4 Major Lennox Edition' Post your favorite military insignia. …[View]
56985575To what degree does accuracy actually degrade after a few rounds with a thin-barreled bolt action ri…[View]
56980496Videos from the war: My webm folder is outdated. What are some nice kino webms from the war.[View]
56984443Canada General - CFG - searchable OP edition: Latest b& list from the feds: https://firearmright…[View]
56987101chinese dji teams integrated into wagner: chinese drone company directly supporting wagner on the fr…[View]
56988849I simply have no respect for 'gun enthusiasts' who don't handload.: Truth is, I just don't…[View]
56946853Even in death, I serve the oligarch[View]
56991843Hardly anyone talks about using aircraft to intercept cruise missiles. Is it doctrine? I'd pres…[View]
56987406Greek coast guard opening fire against Turkish soldiers. What would be the implication of a wsr betw…[View]
56989884Why have machine guns stagnated?: Pic related is a captured Ukrainian Maxim gun. Russians are laughi…[View]
56989582and they said the tank is dead, FUCKING LEL!!![View]
56983321What music do you listen to /k/? https://youtu.be/1A2iDI6XyNM[View]
56987826How the hell does that uranium armour in that some of the abrams varients have work?[View]
56991355New drone drop just dropped https://youtu.be/cmydJQsyaYs[View]
56983158what even was the point of that bootleg wagner?[View]
56978474What if Brazil had supplied Ukraine way more?: How well would Brazil's military hardware fare a…[View]
56976344New gun idea, how to make it real?: Let's say I have an idea about how to upgrade a rifle platf…[View]
56961773Weapons in Last of Us: 'Theres not much ammo out there for this thing, makes it mostly useless.' It…[View]
56986019dumb MLRS for counter battery fire: would a more modern version of dumb mlrs (more range and more ac…[View]
56979367GPMG vs LMG and MMG: does it makes more sense to have infantry squads have LMGs (556) and weapon squ…[View]
56975975post /k/ino guys, only from the 80s and 90s[View]
56980909Republican Spain: I hate Communism as much as any sane man, but there's something I just love a…[View]
56989935I inherited this gun in ca. I have no paperwork for it and don’t own another gun. I was gonna throw …[View]
56977428Are $39 ebay plates effective? Do they stop rifle rounds?[View]
56985064'UK no longer a tier 1 fighting force': https://news.sky.com/story/us-general-warns-british-army-no-…[View]
56978934Gear Queer - /gq/: USPS bitch is too lazy to get out of her car and deliver my mail edition >>…[View]
56990701Why is it that Hannibal gets all the glory and broads but scipio the man who defeated him has no clo…[View]
56983750SK-105: How effective would this be in 2023[View]
56988101non-military \k\ professions: mountain or ice rescue, firefighter, even poacher-hunter\ pest control…[View]
56980504Survival thread: Seeking army manuals/ survival guides/ homesteading guide etc etc PDFs. Had a dream…[View]
56987039which do you like more autochangers vs sliding fixed magazines?[View]
56976092Without Lend-Lease the Russians would have gotten annihilated in WW2: Look at Ukraine and the effect…[View]
56983413DIY combat pants: How hard or easy would it be to make combat pants out of old choggy chib BDUs? I f…[View]
56985725With the new pistol brace bullshit would one of these need a tax stamp now? I was planning to get on…[View]
56988736light recon vehicles: what's the use case for such lightly armored recon vehicles? (brdm2 as in…[View]
56989780Building a crossbow out of a leaf spring, anyone know how I can increase its power?: Main body here…[View]
56968268I heard someone on telly say that 'Russians haven't lost a war without at least 500k of their p…[View]
56979644Even nature opposes Putin.[View]
56988997>squad level drones >squad level UGVs with belt fed grenade launchers >autonomous this, aut…[View]
56962026How have they been performing?: The AGM-88 HARM was first spotted in Ukraine in August 2022. At fir…[View]
56988443afrerfrwrawegrge: What is the most unethical immoral handgun legal to own in the U.S capable of doin…[View]
56987558Assault Rifle 15 General /arg/ best camo edition: >>56982653[View]
56981092Buy-Sell-Trade /bst/: If the guy who bought my qwik point is still here I found the missing turret c…[View]
56984437Are these 'Ukrainian weapons killed 763 Russian yesterday' reports crdible?: Like can we assume the …[View]
56984021>Bought belgian Leopards1 for 37,000€ each >Want to sell them to Ukraine for >100,000€ each…[View]
56989098The finnish war: Was it a soviet or a finnish victory ? Replace soviet with russian and finnish with…[View]
56987948Does soft-kill APS actually work or is it a meme?[View]
56970138Altay is officially fixed: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/turkey-south-korea-altay-tank-parts-de…[View]
5697461712 more CAESAR canons for Ukraine: 12 more CAESAR canons for Ukraine[View]
56987411Gift 6 nukes to Ukraine: Tell me why not. Zelensky can test-detonate one to show that he has Atomic…[View]
56919014Wendussy: What would you bring on a hunt for wendussy? Thinking about what gun I should buy[View]
56979454Do you and your sister ever go shooting together?[View]
56985844F: Today, in 65 years old, the Sao Paulo (formerly Foch) Aircraft Carrier will be sunk into the cold…[View]
56963550Calling all haters, shitposters, and sour grape havers: this thread is for you. Everyone post a gun,…[View]
56987215.22lr is my favorite cartridge: I go through easily 2k rounds a year and get better each and every y…[View]
56988966If nobody wants to ride inside: Why not bring back the half-track?[View]
56974784Fresh Bakhmut Kino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXM3HjCuP7E[View]
56983998Weapons that won wars: ITT we post war winning weapons. Game changers if you will. I’ll start with t…[View]
56984972Sorry anon, turns out there was a mistake in the adoption papers and you were Russian all along. You…[View]
56961300What type of munition was this?[View]
56983829Bastogne is encircled its over!: With the successful encirclement of Bastogne the American troops ha…[View]
56927363Propaganda: ITT we post vintage propaganda. Can be posters, comics or video, as long as it's fr…[View]
56987572does light infantry still have a place?: is light infantry still relevant as a type of unit to have …[View]
56985406Evening /K/. Looking to get more accurate with my .303, anyone have any guides or tips for the SMLE?…[View]
56986531How does one get hold of certain firearms in the UK: So I wanna go live off in the middle of bumfuck…[View]
56985744Mein General is back: Giving an Interview to Kraut media, topic of the day is Bakhmut https://www.yo…[View]
56987128ICBMs are obsolete: Could this pierce the lid on a minuteman silo?[View]
56982723Mujahideenbros... We're so back..[View]
56965850/k/ related games you'd like to see made: What are some /k/ related game ideas that you guys wo…[View]
56984168Finnish Combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWlk_OHJQ3Q[View]
56982653AR general // ARG: Holosun Holowon >>56977976[View]
56987032>Edward I 'Longshanks', Hammer of the Scots is said to have requested that after his death his re…[View]
56981210For me - it's:: >Mitsubishi F-15J as a heavy jet fighter and >Chengdu J-10 as a light jet…[View]
56986165Why are octagonal barrels always so expensive? Is It because they're somehow more difficult to …[View]
56986436Tank maintance nightmare: Tank company up front + Huge support system behind. Okay so lets say these…[View]
56975685Handgun General: /hg/ - #861 The meta is gay edition: It still kills people, doesn't it? Links …[View]
56975996US Coast Guard: Based or cringe?[View]
56972127AMA (Ammo hoarders anonymous): Hi /k/untz my name is anon and I have a problem I'm addicted to …[View]
56982928Tenda hotlinks from imgur edition Latest b& list from the feds: https://firearmrights.ca/wp-cont…[View]
56955724I live in a cuck country that has incredibly retarded rules for firearm possession and self defense.…[View]
56980411Your bets, /k/?[View]
56972759Where to find some really cheap body armor[View]
56984833HICKOK45 HERE!: This one's for John. ;) https://voca.ro/11CxbRbC5cWi[View]
56981611How do you think the war will play out in 2023? Will the new tanks make a difference? What if aircra…[View]
56984841What are the best types of ships to serve in in the Navy? When taking into consideration such thigs …[View]
56967506Volunteers v Spetsnaz: Is there anything more embarrassing than your elite guys getting clapped by w…[View]
56981803It's time. What's your weapon of choice for robot warfare?[View]
56970812Rate Burger's Combat Loadout: Personally, I'm thinking its a 10/10![View]
56983975What do you see as the most realistic outcome to this war? Eventually both sides are going to have …[View]
56973992What caliber bullet is this?[View]
56982974questions about air-to-air rotary cannons: Would a rotary cannon chambered in .50BMG with a fire rat…[View]
56982834Best .44 revolver: What's /k/'s opinion on the best overall .44 revolver? Thinking of pick…[View]
56980877This is a civilian heatmap of phones connected to the Russian mobile network in Ukraine, so Russians…[View]
56969984Is this why SK is so far ahead of every other country technologically?: SK allocates 4.8% of gdp on …[View]
56972842M1117s are based[View]
56972959Would the US have done better at Hostomel Airport and managed to take Kiev in 3 days?[View]
56981179Wait, so it's all a pack of lies?: I'm feeling pretty demoralised right now.[View]
56971036I miss the days when nuggets and SKS were the go to /k/ommando rifles[View]
56983824jousting armour is so cool. i wish they used them on the battlefield as well[View]
56974527rule bri'ania, bri'ania rule the wa'er: inni'[View]

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