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45727199Suppressed Lever-Actions: Thoughts?[View]
45719603Lets Talk Slings: a topic i never seem to see discussed. whats the ideal sling setup? pros/cons of s…[View]
45735131>I thank my father for the decision he made to leave the Soviet Union 40 years ago How does someo…[View]
45737624Why don't we talk about the Typhoon?[View]
45733569what's the crudest firearm you could make without blowing up your hand? a metal tube and black …[View]
45740061What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bandit? I'll have you know I gradua…[View]
45737512/arg/ - AR General: New COD skin unlock edition Previous>>45731809[View]
45738404test kappa: delete me pls[View]
45739839Is this a good price for this piece? https://hoffgun.com/shop/smith-wesson-46/[View]
45728988you guys don't actually think you'd stand a chance against the government, leftists, forei…[View]
45739092Computer generated AR?: Genuinely concerned for Dugan rn, he said that the AR adam is holding is com…[View]
45737901So guys, you got your mask on while you're walking in the wrong part of town?[View]
45736525>work from home >constantly finger fuck guns while on zoom meetings Anyone else?…[View]
45736191how useful is the ac 130 with miniguns and artillery? why not just use a helicopter with rockets and…[View]
45727624>Big tough leaf threatens to shoot fellow leafs with a .50 cal mounted on a armored truck if they…[View]
45737913What are /k/s favorite ground robot tanks?[View]
45736365Did Russia make a mistake of making new tanks when the meta is shifting to unmanned combat drones? T…[View]
45738081'WW3' Mass Production: Let's pretend WW3 has just started and the US needs to ramp up it's…[View]
45738785Hello /k/ I’ve come to you in my time of need. I just got my Holosun 407c for my p80 glock 19, howev…[View]
45738067Actually creative gun advertising thread: https://youtu.be/HX0wl9L17s8?t=70 You can't deny this…[View]
45736258bradley: How useful was it for the Bradley and other AFV's to have firing ports for rifles on t…[View]
45700856Thoughts on the soviet quickdraw holster for pistols? Allows you to turn off safety and chamber a ro…[View]
45727122Fellon Asked me for a Gun: So I recently purchased a few new guns and was talking about it at work a…[View]
45738847>yfw MEDIC!!!![View]
45736443Where Do I go from here?: I have 308 bolt action, a 20 gauge shotgun, a glock 26, and an AR 15. What…[View]
45735353Are there any good rifle associations / gun clubs / Pro-2A associations that occupy the bottom half …[View]
45733131I just turned 18 and I'm looking for a good gun for home defense and maybe to put in my car. I…[View]
45723666STEAM SALE /K/ THREAD: RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE BEST /K/ GAMES https://store.steampowered.com/app/3530…[View]
45736935How do you rate this everyday carry /k/?[View]
45733830Canada General - Weeb Town Edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.co…[View]
45718912Watch Thread: What watch do you have (or want)? I'm looking at the Casio WVA-M630B-3AJF. It…[View]
45738174I'm in florida, and there is a mandatory 3 day waiting period to pick up a purchased rifle. If …[View]
4573751892x: Thoughts? Talk me out of buying it (I already own several other handguns including glocks.)…[View]
45713229/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ I Made Your Mags Stripey Edition >Thread #1048 Old thread here…[View]
45737674Why did they get rid of the BDU/woodland?[View]
45732947Are binary triggers larp?: Can they be useful or are they just a meme. I personally just think they’…[View]
45732834i used to think guns were cringe and now recently started to think they are cool. Im not legally all…[View]
45737435Identify this rail: Can someone identify this rail handguard I saw watching Army Marksmanship unit t…[View]
45734816/k/angaroos Australia General: >how to get your bangs https://www.firearmownersunited.com/how-to-…[View]
45727856Armor Piercing ammunition how do?: is it possible to make actual AP ammo at home? Lets say congress …[View]
45732101I'm not gunshy but I got a box of 12ga buckshot today and the thought crossed my mind, 'What if…[View]
45735319>Keymod: Oh my, what were they thinking?[View]
45737431Would a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 be a decent trunk gun? I carry a 9mm handgun, but I'd like to have acc…[View]
45737057How do I stop fapping to russian planes?: Seriously. Is there a single fapworthy plane still in serv…[View]
45718362What movies have you watched lately /k/omrades[View]
45733163Apartment Gun Storage: How do you store your guns when you live in an apartment? I'm moving 4 h…[View]
45723925Sword are/were a sidearm, agree or disagree?: Sword are/were a sidearm, agree or disagree? Provide s…[View]
45736088What are the chances of me losing my eye to this thing?[View]
45729510Gun Show: So I’m going to a gun show soon. Long story short a siblings fiancé is looking to buy a fi…[View]
45735024Why the fuck are there states where you can buy an AR-15 but you can't buy these[View]
45733956Post one of every caliber you have in the house.[View]
45736155I have about 3100 of 9mm, 3250 of 7.62x39, 2750 of 5.56/223, and 5000 of 22lr. Assuming I don't…[View]
45736002*scams you*[View]
45731809/arg/ AR General: Someone Had To Do It Edition old >>45726433[View]
45734681Hypothetically, where are the best places to buy a scandinavian axe (or 2) for the purpose of practi…[View]
45728890how much body modification/augmentation would a grunt be willing to go through if given a chance to …[View]
45736483Has there been any attempt to get enhanced hearing/passive sonar for infantry? Obviously would need …[View]
45697831Post gadsdens[View]
45736042How will an increasingly digitised world respond to a future of cyber warfare? Previously if you wan…[View]
45732844More of this aesthetic[View]
45735667Someone have experience with this scope mounting system?: in German this system is called 'Suhler Ei…[View]
45725041Iran to boost Syria's air defense capabilities in a security agreement: >The agreement was s…[View]
45735236Is this legal?: Trying to figure out if this is legal or not, interested in the solvent trap + form …[View]
45735755G'day /k/unts. I'm looking into finally buying a rifle and am considering calibres and wea…[View]
45723455White guns: White finishes make my dick hard, post white guns.[View]
45721782gimme some books to read /k/[View]
45735893Are 3d printers even worth getting in a state that doesn't have mag bans? The fun stuff is most…[View]
45732963Cz515, a22r: Aus market bolt action, lever release. Based or cringe?[View]
45732818Thoughts on this fella? He seems less cringe than Travis Haley and Chris Costa but more cringe than …[View]
45735542About to go take my pistol course today in CT. Wish me luck anons. Anything I need to know?[View]
45729394Why some spec ops use balaclavas and some not ? Is it a weather thing ? For exemple, the majority of…[View]
45734939Are these meme rounds? The numbers look barely different than my hollow points.[View]
45735126Booger Eater Discord?: Is there a Dugan Discord? I'm trying to reach the people who post in the…[View]
45735400carrying muzzleloading hangun in mass.: If I travel to Massachusetts, can I carry a muzzleloader wit…[View]
45733347How would you hunt dragons, /k/?[View]
45731510What's the service life of a mini 14? Are they worth buying?[View]
45734287assembling a P320: is it possible to cut out the middle man and assemble a P320 piece by piece yours…[View]
45732524How would Browning have done the AK: You go back in time to 1890 and present John Moses Browning wit…[View]
45715224Holy shit tsa allows lasers: In carry on and checked bags. https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-scree…[View]
45731875This stuff any good or should I use something else to clean rust that's beneath the surface on …[View]
45734436how do you haggle on armslist? I'm socially autistic and too scared to get in a bidding war wit…[View]
45732798Hey /k/, Was hoping if you could help me out. A few years back I was reading a greentext cap about a…[View]
45716071What is this gun? Looks cool af and I want one. Any anons own one and want to give insight on its pe…[View]
45699684Armslist thread: Post your scalpers, back yard abominations, and other retards.[View]
45733238What rifle is Haley using here to lay down some insurgents while working for Blackwater back in the …[View]
45732809Realistically, are prices peaking or will they keep climbing? 40cpr for cheap steel cased 9mm is cra…[View]
45735221Tactics: So I've had guns for the purposes of home defense and hunting for the last few years b…[View]
45733485tactical sbr muzzleloader: thoughts on this idea a customizable rifle rails for optic/grips and acce…[View]
45719082Aesthetics General: Case Hardening Edition: Post whatever is aesthetically pleasing.[View]
45732019Hypothetical time. Say the happening actually happens. We bought all these guns, Gear, and ammo--but…[View]
45727645M1 GARAND APPRECIATION THREAD: I own pic related, why do people call me 'grandpa'? I don't lik…[View]
45731080The FAL is the best rifle for shtf, prove me wrong: >chambered in 7.62x51 real fuckin' NATO …[View]
45732561Best red dot for astigmatism?: my eyes are fucked since birth. The Romeo 5 looks like shit. best red…[View]
45734380Can anyone identify the AR in this photo? My cousin sent me a picture of himself posing with it, and…[View]
45733392>be me >drive 50 minutes from home to go shoot >find spot >setup targets >hearing pro…[View]
45734930AR15 SHTF reloading: You are the designated reloader of you´re SHTF squat. You have to choose the be…[View]
45732613Does anyone know what kind of pistol Bowie is holding?[View]
45723223Fresh photos of current NGSW versions released: Looking...better?[View]
45732039Attachments/Accessories: Hey Anons, building my first AR very soon. I'll have an MCMR rail, am …[View]
45734729Which one is the better cartridge?[View]
45723047If Ar15s are ever confiscated door to door, wouldn't you just be able to hand over a lower rece…[View]
45726901Who is the most overrated General (in the strategic sense) in history /k/?[View]
45731738Thinking about this as my everyday carry, what do you think, /k/?[View]
45733698how can i train my dog to tolerate gun shots? im getting into shooting but i take my dog everywhere.…[View]
45732102not gonna lie, i kekd[View]
45731405Look on the bright side: All the guns being sold is going to help expand the firearms market and gun…[View]
45732037Sup /k/, got problems with my used sks. Is the gas piston of the sks supposed to slide around freely…[View]
45729882Ultimate Modern Trail Gun: So if I were going to make a modern trail gun that is a long gun, would t…[View]
45733074Shooting with bad eyesight: I'm usually a /v/irgin who doesn't browse this board, but a wh…[View]
45709395Optics General: Post your optics questions or recommendations.[View]
45731414Did I Do the Right Thing?: >january 2020 >want a new plinker >order .22 semiauto long gun f…[View]
45730987Good evening /k/ I’m not sure where else to ask this question so I figured here would be the place, …[View]
45732132Questions about his gun.: Guys, a uncle of mine bring this to home. I do not know much about to guns…[View]
45728844Century Arms RPK: I'm currently looking into getting a new firearm, and I had come across this …[View]
45719514Anyone have any experience with Bravo Company Manufacturing? Are they worth the price? I was looking…[View]
45730761Design project/ideas: Sup /k/, designer here, bored looking to design some more weapons whether they…[View]
45726168My aunt's a panic buyer: >Talking with my aunt last night >She bought an AK-47 >Said b…[View]
45732838Hollowpoints or FMJ for SHTF scenario: Discuss[View]
45729856canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu it could …[View]
45730166When balkanization happens would amassing child soldiers be effective? I wanna be a warlord bros and…[View]
45729706What is the coolest gun I can buy with $4000?[View]
45732310>sandy hook: .223/5.56 oos everywhere, shelves full of 300blk >coronafloyd: 300blk oos everywh…[View]
45730743STEN in 7.62x25 TOK?: I was digging around in my parts bin and found an Indiannapolis Ordinance 7.62…[View]
45728038Cleaning: How do I clean the toothbrushes I use to clean my guns? They're covered in black grim…[View]
45730830Ok, so which is better? Ar or Ak. I know it's a played out topic, but I still can't decide…[View]
45732376where the FUCK do i find a FAL. I already know about dsarms but armslist and gunbroker dont have shi…[View]
45717375Why dont you hear much about the MPX anymore? When it first came out everyone talked about it, now i…[View]
45729446/swg/ siege warfare general ITT we post siege weapons and tactics from across time[View]
45730666ITT dumb shit you see thrown around often on this site >dont put up signs saying that you own a g…[View]
45730198What is the best weapon for killing the dog-headed men?[View]
45731905Obscure body armor: What does /k/ know about this hungarian body armor?[View]
45706324Handgun General - /hg/ - #442: Hand Gun General edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik Git …[View]
45726492/gq/ - Gear Queer: Super High Cut edition >Discord https://discord.gg/EPRSUcc >General Guide h…[View]
45731766Redpill me on .223 Wylde: Can you actually shoot 5.56 out of it?[View]
45714944Not trying to cause a shitstorm, but I am curious if anyone has thoughts on a handgun manufacturer t…[View]
45733929China says would join nuclear talks if U.S. reduces arsenal: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/…[View]
45728522F-104 General Mach 20 low Mars orbit edition. Last thread: >>45619106 >>45619106 >…[View]
45731146weird mosin mods[View]
45729880Platoon Politics: Who runs the platoon? The Lieutenant, or the PSG?[View]
45696838/k/ humor thread: Post only your best totally legal /k/ommando memes[View]
45712866VZ 58: I'm going to buy one soon. Should I buy .223 rem. or 7.62? Also classic stock or tactico…[View]
45726645Can you rec me some cheap earpro /k/?[View]
45728140reloading im gonna do it. here is what i am going to buy from amazon. is this legit all i need to st…[View]
45730048He's ready for the boogaloo, are you?[View]
45724763Any documentaries and or games that can teach about modern wars and strategy: Is there any documenta…[View]
45730943COP Keating: Summoning that one anon with the strong feelings on COP Keating. Let us discuss what ha…[View]
45729550Is the SVT-40 a bad rifle?[View]
45725085Arsenal AK bullshit: Kvar is selling SAMsfs on gunbroker 24/7 so that they get max monet out of them…[View]
45729026How do I into molten pewter/wax/oil gun?: I want to bathe my enemies in molten material. I can alrea…[View]
45730058I'm purchasing an AR 15: I can't decide between the rifle or pistol so I'm looking fo…[View]
45730817What site can I use for selling/trading gear and ammo and other shit instead of armslist? The site i…[View]
45719014Why every russians wear balaclavas ?[View]
45730583I just got a Vortex Spitfire 3x prism scope for my AR10. It has the 556 EBR reticle, which is obviou…[View]
45730731Would /k/ trust a quota hire to provide CAS during the next major war?[View]
45726433/arg/ AR15 M4 M16: Cal edition Lets show Cal some love. old >>45719277[View]
45730331Where TF am I suppose to find a polymer 80 build kit they're all sold out where ever I look???[View]
45730783Non autistic law enforcement thread: This thread is probably going to go to shit fast.[View]
45729995General Mattis: Was General Mattis a good tactician who's deserving of all the Marine Corps dic…[View]
45729686What could be offered up as a potential argument for buying a P226 when the P320 exists?[View]
45723379Anyone care for a smoke?[View]
45724652>https://ammoseek.com/ammo/5.56x45mm-nato >$0.458 - $1.933 >g-good thing I s-stacked deep…[View]
45724215What gun should I buy to shoot down a UFO?[View]
45699692This dude was full of shit right?[View]
45729895*blocks the path of the mutt*[View]
45725920Polymer80s/Gucci: FBI here post your Polymer80 builds, Gucci guns are okay too. Also what are some g…[View]
457078500.22 long rifle: new fag here, is this caliber of bullet really unreliable or what is the deal, i se…[View]
45728701It's going to be comfy once these are over 150 years old and considered antiques[View]
45725819Why does everyone seem to make a single solid plate for modern armor when the concept behind segment…[View]
45730294Where can i buy a parts kit for a Cetme model B?[View]
45728739Stab/Slash proof clothing: Hey /k/ I currently in the market for some stab-proof clothing, however, …[View]
45723155Knife sharpening: I feel like a jew right now. Lost my sharpening rod for the stones and had to buy …[View]
45730026Is This going to cave into my skull if I get shot?: https://www.bodyarmour.shop/products/uhmwpe-fast…[View]
45725307So I found a round, and I have no idea what it is, can anyone identify it?[View]
45702361If you don't have body armor, and are worried about a bill prohibiting the sale of it, this is …[View]
45728374Can they take it back?: Strictly not involving politics, nukes and international alliances & int…[View]
45711252German firearms-starter thread: Hey, im not sure if this is the right place, but i came here with a …[View]
45725346Concealed carry insurance: Anyone here have concealed carry insurance? Whether or not you have it, d…[View]
45713169In the US, the lowest murder rates in modern times came in the 1950's. How did 1950's cops…[View]
45726722Why does almost every western/NATO-aligned special forces use M4-type carbines even if they have the…[View]
45727126what are some extensively modified weapons? modified for like tank crews, pilots and tunnelrats?[View]
45725326Scandinavian service rifles: What's k/ thoughts on Scandinavian service rifles? I know Scandina…[View]
45727046Would a weaponized Roomba be effective for home defense?[View]
45724935Those who have done, or are familiar with mercenary work, is it really worth considering for someone…[View]
45712344>Stealthy takedowns with knives Are those possible or its a video game/movie myth ?…[View]
45724638>thank god we have thousands of these civilization-ending weapons laying around, otherwise we mig…[View]
45715219Is Cerakoting Your Rifle Reddit Tier?: Is it?[View]
45729280Light Survival Rifle for General Aviation: Hello fellow aviators and gun fetishists, I'm looki…[View]
45718263Shinobi techniques: Is there any use of the shinobi techniques for the modern warfare?[View]
45726359Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu >Don…[View]
45719516Ukraine gun laws.: Work offered me a position in Ukraine. Will still be getting paid in Australian d…[View]
45729180meme gear threade: post meme gear, outfits, camo, etc[View]
45719646Low vs mid vs high RPM in automatics: What is better? >thump thump thump >bangbangbangbang …[View]
45724586Muskets.: Would a musket be a good shtf weapon? For hunting, and maybe even self defense in an absol…[View]
45722844Infrasonic weapon: If you're exposed to 177 dB sound waves at 0.5 to 8 Hz, it can start messing…[View]
45722127If handgun stopping power is a meme, then why are service pistols chambered in 9mm and not 380acp? Y…[View]
45729250NVGs: Can we get a night vision thread? What other military NVGs are available besides pvs7 and pvs1…[View]
45729203Need help finding something: Last year while browsing /k/ in some random ass thread somebody posted …[View]
45719229Favorite 'support unit' military firearms?: There is quite a bit of variation and uniqueness in the …[View]
45705496Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previous thread >>45675904 >Where can I buy…[View]
457007883 guns for the rest of your life: You can pick 3 guns for the rest of your life. Which do you choose…[View]
45723571/k/ Tank General: Char B1 edition >tank nerd site http://ftr.wot-news.com/history/…[View]
45728664'Coldarms' and full auto idea: https://www.ammoland.com/2020/07/hatsan-usa-unveils-new-full-auto-bli…[View]
45727614VR80 Semi-Auto Shotgun: So I just found out this exists- RIA Imports VR80. I found one in my local s…[View]
45720979So, I've been thinking about tranquilizer darts and the sort. Usually, they're used to del…[View]
45726869Modernized AP-Welrod: Hey /k/, I've had this idea bouncing around my head for a while. The well…[View]
45725038How the fuck do fire a bolt-action rifle one-handedly?[View]
45714637Were the Yanks inspired by the Russian Yak design, or is this an example of convergent evolution?[View]
45722673Wooden ar-15 furniture: Anyway or where to get this furniture for an AR in the states?[View]
45721721Why are automatic guns illegals? If mass shooters used automatic guns I guarantee the body count wou…[View]
45725564Thankfully wife finally wants a gun of her own (pictured) and the training and CC loiscense to go wi…[View]
45710173tell me guys, what makes slavs so good /k/ommandos?[View]
45724087Mexcian guns: for some reason Mexicans have a fetish for turning a function gun into a gold plated p…[View]
45721863discrete armor: Is it possible to make mail ringlets out of materials other than metal? Would such a…[View]
45713852Why don’t soldiers draw on their helmets anymore?[View]
45723135I am thinking about joining the Koninklijke Marechaussee and wanting to become an officer due to my …[View]
45727850>DA/SA >2015+5[View]
45727514This is an Alpha male side arm.: No beta cucks larping as glock operators can carry these.[View]
45721205Best big city for shooting sports: I think its Las Vegas hands down. 20 minutes from my house I can …[View]
45714159/k/ino photo thread?[View]
45715197EDC: What is your EDC? I just started carrying the CZ 75 and it's perfect for me, not too heavy…[View]
45723385Slings: How does sling fares as a rudimentary weapon? Is it difficult to master it?[View]
457260192 strategic questions about the American military. Why did it lose its ability to pacify populations…[View]
45724536thinking about saying goodbye to my dead-end wagecuck job and my shit life to join the French Foreig…[View]
45724050Afghan Jezail: They made and used them against the British back during the Anglo-Afghan wars but sti…[View]
45718901Why does the fn scar look so fucking ugly?[View]
45696182>China Vs the US kicks off >Every military ship in the South China sea spams anti ship missile…[View]
45726612I just bought some .223 that looks odd compared to what i normally buy. The brass is discolored. I s…[View]
45726632Mag Pouches: Whats the best way to attach KYWI 1+2 mag pouch to a 2 loop molle belt?[View]
45724705Anyone here ever assemble an Uzi? I've built AKs before and from what I can tell the major asse…[View]
45722916in hindsight how useful were divebombers like helldiver and stuka?[View]
45717845IFAK/Trauma Kit: What are some good resources for building a trauma kit for gunshot wounds? I only h…[View]
45719775Ar15 or Ak-47? I want to get something in case peaceful protestors decide to storm my house and murd…[View]
45723997What cartridge Super Shotgun use?: Specifically the ones from Doom (2017) and Doom Eternal. I don`t …[View]
45723553/LPVO/ Thread: >been exclusively buying and using Schmidt & Bender for years now >looking…[View]
45718067>accuracy >reliability/durability >stopping power All other criteria are not a concern. Wha…[View]
45720661Shotgun or rifle for short range home defense?[View]
45725798Shoulder holster recommendations? I just started carrying and I think I would feel the most comforta…[View]
45719975Canada General - Delivered edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.co…[View]
45715351/gq/ - Gear Queer: Hydration Edition >Discord https://discord.gg/EPRSUcc >General Guide https:…[View]
45723998Are operators born or made?[View]
45725581Is there any additional info on this?: It showed up on my feed and cant find any more info. Also if …[View]
45725502Is storing your own blood a liable idea? Is that peak prepper status?[View]
45725524Best Optic for PTR-91: Need something to throw on my PTR-91, would I be an idiot to get another eote…[View]
45719493I'm currently in college with no aspirations other than to live in the woods or to join a movem…[View]
45716727Hi-Point 995TS - yes or no: New to /k/ but I've been on the fence for a couple months and want …[View]
45678508(brg) - killing stuff with PTRs edition: This is a thread for Battle Rifles and full power DMRs. Thi…[View]
456874052020, I am forgotten.[View]
45715133Redpill me on maritime security[View]
45720017does the jesse james nomad rifle take ar uppers? i know theres the nomad 15 (.223) and the nomad 10 …[View]
45721827Lets see what you rock when you go out. Also any recommendations for a holster for USP .45?[View]
45718342You are magically transported to Boston in 1754 >you can bring one weapon and 100 rounds of ammun…[View]
45714929Sell Tactishit?: Is now a good time to sell all of my tacticool shit and get into cowboy shooting. I…[View]
45721972Retard here.: I’m new to this whole 3D firearms thing. In what websites can I find 3D gun files.…[View]
45703886So if the US ends up buying enough of these things is there any chance it will get cheap enough that…[View]
45724303BDU > ACU This is not disputable.[View]
45720270Where to buy AI-2: Where could I buy a REAL Ai-2 Medkit?[View]
4572240445 degree irons vs co-witnessing with an optic: What’s /k/‘s opinion on having a red dot and some 45…[View]
45719277/arg/ - AR General: CLUMSY IDIOT edition Old thread >>45715206[View]
45718265Is it worth it?: Anybody here own a rhino or have any input on if it’s worth the money. Looking for …[View]
45709188brehs: brehs. >filename[View]
45714364Why would anyone use anything else ?[View]
45721374/out/ innawoods gear and stuff: How should I further improvise my innawoods gear? and what to leave …[View]
45704658why do they do this?[View]
45721278What's the best rapid-fire trigger system I can get for an AR that isn't affected by the b…[View]
45721830I am looking to buy a Flare Gun for my boat. Are there any specific kits/brands that aren't fuc…[View]
45722503Any sharpshooters know optimal bullet weight for chucking 6.5 Creedmoor from a PWS MK220 with optima…[View]
45701903>this man comes up and asks you to 'empty out yo pockets' while his gun is pointed at you, what d…[View]
45716890Price check thread: Does anyone remember what Springfield Hellcats were selling for before the crazi…[View]
45720556Got a place with 85 acres and I want to pick up a budget bolt action and optic for some shooting as …[View]
45720962in 1 month i’ve gone from noguns to having a usp compact, m4 carbine, and a ton of ammo for each am …[View]
45719678Is there any reason to get a P226 over striker fired polymer pistols such as the Glock 17? Been want…[View]
45722466Hello /k/, what are some good Infared Goggles (not NVG) for sale. Specifically looking for ones moun…[View]
45723250Hope this is the right board. looking for references on ww1 trenches and how they were constructed a…[View]
45723302Dunkirk vs 1917: Which one is more accurate and which one is better?[View]
45716487Does anything have more big dick energy than an aircraft carrier?[View]
45710431What do you think about Max Uriarte and Terminal Lance?[View]
45722429How to you intend to eat during a SHTF/WROL scenario where the food supply chain is FUBAR? Is it via…[View]
45713622Thoughts on bullpup convertion kits?[View]
45719401Oh i wish these were still made. Re-engineered kawasaki KLR by hayes diesel technology to run on JP8…[View]
45722036You bought these plate carriers already, did you /k ?[View]
45723104ITT the greatest marches of all time: Starting with the only good American march https://youtu.be/Yd…[View]
45717428Is there any reliable concealed carry gun in the $200-300 range?[View]
45721684Why are infantry still relevant in conventional modern war?[View]
45723270Did you get one of these? Or maybe an RPK?[View]
45723357What was the name of the guy from the Florida neighborhood watch that was super cringey? He was like…[View]
45722327Colorado fag here, planning on moving to Wyoming to fulfill my dream of having my own personal outdo…[View]
45723092I'm working on a gun project.: So me and my friend were getting highly thinking about our gun p…[View]
45695481So general consensus is that the CZ P-07 is the best carry gun?[View]
45717685Hypothetically, if your job was at risk and you needed to design a new firearm concept to keep your …[View]
45718677I bought a PSA ar (please no bully) but i want to have cool stuff on it. Like what is this rail that…[View]
45723044*blocks your path*[View]
45709516Redpill me on the apx. Why is it so cheap? I can find it new for under 400 while every Glock, vp9, a…[View]
45722452sup /k/. am I doing it right?[View]
45713625What are some Firearms that are named after animals?[View]
45722046current wait time on backordered glocks in SoCal?: Anyone from SoCAL order a Glock within the past f…[View]
45713415A lot of Defender boots on ebay say ladies but I cant find any info on the mk1 boots having a ladies…[View]
45713849Whats going on at Fort Hood? Apparently the top brass there are running prostitution rings and are t…[View]
45721834Soyattle: >tfw county sheriff usually approves my gun purchases before the 10 day limit but this …[View]
45722057New AR owner, Just bought an AR10 earlier this week and I need to learn how it works. For instance, …[View]
45718826How often do you clean your guns, /k/? My only professional training on firearms comes from the muhr…[View]
45717666Remington 870: Is 'express' a codeword for dogshit? I'm looking to buy something I can swap the…[View]
45721046This virus and its ensuing chaos has crippled the production of fire arms, the stores are running ou…[View]
45718704Is this a genuine issue? It just seems like such a retarded design flaw that it never should have go…[View]
45715466Would a german shepard be a good battle buddy bros?[View]
45720861Is it possible to have a really short effective rifle?: is it possible to fire a really fast rifle-c…[View]
45715292In the realm of AK pistols, is the Century Arms Draco still a nigger gun or have they gotten actuall…[View]
45720643Was at Wally-World and saw three Savage Axis' for $175 apiece so I had a derp moment and bought…[View]
45721592Thoughts on bio luminescent sights?[View]
45714903Why isn't aluminum cased ammo outside of pistol range ammo?[View]
45714413ITT: Angry looking guns[View]
45720682Hi /k/ Ausfag here and new to guns. Will be getting my handgun license in a few months and am trying…[View]
45715643Need to fix mosin nagant front sight: A few days ago I became has guns by buying a mosin nagant for …[View]
45718236Came back from yesterday, actually got a fuckton of really good advice. Thanks /k/ I'm going to…[View]
45718824/sci-k/ General Post up your most favorite science fiction weapons that you want made into reality. …[View]
45720160does anyone here have their FFL and can get me a rifle for pretty cheap? this big panic buy has shot…[View]
45718221Are bayonets on AR-15s a meme? All I have for home defense is an AR and I thought a bayonet may come…[View]
45714573Grug want bow. Sharp rock not enough. How grug get bow?[View]
45718999Where’s my SCR /k/?: ordered from fightlite three weeks ago; no communication from them whatsoever. …[View]
45720683.50 beowulf: is it fun to shoot or will it just hurt my shoulder after a few rounds?[View]
45720572Here's your AR bro.[View]
45718536Are muzzleloader prices spiking along with other firearms, /k/? I was thinking of finally getting in…[View]
45718616Unfucking a Bubba'd Mosin?: Any tips on how to unfuck this Mosin? I made a ludicrously bad trad…[View]
45714262What do you regret not buying that you cant get or find now?[View]
45720454Motorized Infantry: How does the Marine Corps and Army motorize infantry that are normally just leg …[View]
45712508Are Paratroopers and Air Assaults still Effective or they are outdated ?[View]
45718070You realise the earth is so peaceful now purely because of nuclear weapons. This is nuclear peace, n…[View]
45720305has anyone mounted a proper scope onto a picatinny offset? how would this impact aiming? is it possi…[View]
45720081Let's bring back blimps, /k/. -Super high altitude -high efficiency solar power array -electric…[View]
45712980Removing BP fouling at Range: What is the best method for removing black powder fouling while at the…[View]
45696788/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Only MOS that should have a knife edition Previous >>4564…[View]
45714077When talking about 18th-century and Napoleonic warfare, how much actual combat gets left out of the …[View]
45719330Do you faggots wanna get rekt? Get the fuck out of my way then[View]
45701953Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, …[View]
45715143Retro Rifles: Scam?: Anyone ever order something from these guys? Ordered something months ago. Call…[View]
45708861Is Hop /ourguy/ ?: He may be lesbian, but I would hit it[View]
45715858DEVGRU: Redpill me on those guys are they really good ?[View]
45703579Whats your favorite bomb guys?: For me, its the MOAB[View]
45718065Trapper > Cowboy[View]
45712212AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ NGSW Optics Edition: Talk about how ARs are obso…[View]
45711470https://ammoseek.com/ammo/5.56x45mm-nato >45.8c https://ammoseek.com/ammo/223-remington >36c…[View]
45715038Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu >Don…[View]
45703958Any reason not to buy a 10.22?[View]
45715168How long till this becomes a thing in actual fighter planes?[View]
45718338it is a grenade?: hi, sorry for the bad english well the point is, my father always tell us his bro…[View]
45684761Is the F-35B a waste of money?[View]
45706619Thinking about getting one of these, or possibly a derringer for EDC. The place I work does not allo…[View]
45718931>shotguns are pointed, not aimed[View]
45718243Dear new gun owners: (input your advice)[View]
45700389Why is body armor under an opened up trench coat so aesthetically pleasing?[View]
45716639How long will it take to actually get more guns and ammo on shelves again?[View]
45714615give me your strongest smallest cheapest most reliable revolver[View]
45707296Post your shotguns[View]
45710724Why is USAF Special Operations expected to be the first to defend earth from extraterrestrial threat…[View]
45710981Help with buying SKS: I want a Chinese SKS with a spike bayonet. I know about the terrible reputatio…[View]
45713318.22 LR Rifle to end all .22 LR Rifles: I'm in the market for a .22 lr rifle and have concluded …[View]
45716453Introducing the 'Smart Shooter: I didn't know where to post it, so I put it here I'm …[View]
45717237What do you guys know about LRADs[View]
45714474Can KFX survive in the world market? The first overseas customer is probably Indonesia[View]
45715173Should we feel bad for the normies just NOW looking for their first guns, paying outrageous prices f…[View]
45715206/arg/ ARG AR general: /arg/ ARG AR General The best of the best OLD >>45712212[View]
45713923Why are the serbs so aesthetic[View]
45715508Have you lubricated your most Blessed and Holy Shotgun with the sacred oils complete with incense an…[View]
45711254Hi, Misha here.[View]
45717053Was it possible for Russia to defeat Germany without the assistance of the United States?[View]
45715252Baton Discussion: I am planning to purchase a Bonowi steel baton for self defense purposes. They see…[View]
45716263Based new book: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/helios-house/the-childrens-illustrated-clausewi…[View]
45715337Bad Henry customer service and rifle quality: I bought a Henry H001 rifle last year and finally got …[View]
45715019>get guns >get terrible groups >go to optometrist, turns out I have an eye condition called…[View]
45714852Is weaver stance dead?[View]
45715558/k/reativity and Gadgets: >also known as. The fuck can I make this gun good for So I picked up th…[View]
45713965Milsurp general?: This may be more of a question for /out/ but what should I look for at surplus sto…[View]
45715244The S Elements Of Camouflage: http://www.thefightschool.demon.co.uk/CONTACT_Articles_S_Elements_Of_C…[View]
45716675Wildcat/Weird catridges: Looking for an infograph for a 5.56mm experimental cartridge like pic relat…[View]
45714785What kind of Smithfields does /k/ EDC?[View]
45713756Panic Buying: >be me >Haven’t been to LGS since before COVID and race riots >Order Makarov …[View]
45712536Family and Friends stories: Hanging out with family for 4th of July weekend. Cousin from military is…[View]
45714585For me, it's the Benelli Supernova The best pump-action shotgun[View]
45712828CZ Alert - OD Green SP-01: Get it while you can, folks. CZ does these limited runs every few years. …[View]
45690355Richmond 2 gear: Now that it’s over and done, Richmond 2 gear evaluation thread[View]
45712461Thoughts on Roland Special: Thinking about turning a Gen 5 19 FS into a roland special for ccw. What…[View]
45694635>affordable >easily stored >don't require a permit to carry >most people will avoi…[View]
45684241QTDDTOT: Previous >>45654339 Are single stack 9mm handguns even worth it? Are they really THAT…[View]
45710781Another ‘what do you think about x’ thread!: So /k/ what do you all think about the fx-9? How does i…[View]
45714470/PG/ - Poland General: Do we have any actual komrades with guns here?[View]
45712178flip up iron sights: what are the best quality low profile, flip up iron sights? must be: steel and/…[View]
45666259cyberpunk/cassette futurist weapons: there's something lovely about older advanced weapons prot…[View]
45715849What would be the best way to attach a pistol brace to a hi point? >why? Seems like it would be f…[View]
45711620The Ugly Pagoda Mast Warships: https://hubpages.com/education/The-Ugly-Pagoda-Mast-Warships…[View]
45713810how come helicopter helmets are so much bigger and bulkier then fighter pilot helmets?[View]
45707205Why not?[View]
45713637Real shitposting hours: Whose side will they be on in the civil war? Republicans: +support israel ev…[View]
45712801WWYD: Someone walks up to you with this POS knife. Do you give them all your shit? Do you resist? Ex…[View]
45701438was the west real...: ....or just a dream just over the horizon living only in the hearts of men?…[View]
45713557>that one co-worker who brings an MRE for lunch[View]
45713502Spray Painted Gun: >Be me >Be autisitic about camo >Decide to spray paint a gun >Realize…[View]
45705585Chiappa Rhino: Its been 11 years. Whos shot'em who's sold'em?[View]
45708072snipers during the boogieboo: When the boogieboo happens will you be a sniper? If so, what kind of P…[View]
45709844Do all these first time gun owners panic buying mean there will be more 2A supporting gun owners?[View]
45714586I'm trying to plan a hunting trip with my friend, ate hunting rules and regs fucked or am I jus…[View]
45715046I recently purchased a Del-ton AR10 and was thinking of getting some m-lok side mounted bipods for i…[View]
45713798Let's imagine Poland has 500 Wildcats in Sept. 1939, and their experienced pilots have had mont…[View]
45678930/k/ loadout thread round 2: 4th of july edition[View]
45714480The first rule of gun safety is to have fun[View]
45712234Name a more kino Gun[View]
45714764Where can i get a fairbarn knife ? I live in France Btw[View]
45712990Sup /k/. Got this ptr91 a few days ago, and I decided I want to use it as a hog gun. I want to put s…[View]
45709663Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu SNIB :DDD…[View]
45714763/k/ I picked up a Bushmaster xm 15-e2s, w/ a fixed handle. What's the name of the rail attachme…[View]
45710245How many rounds do 'good' shooters shoot every year? How good can I reasonably be if I can only affo…[View]
45710704can anyone tell me the name of this model real quick?[View]
45712921>tfw you will never have 115 confirmed kills Peacetime hurts, boys[View]
45713420I'm looking for info on modern day gunmen. In particular, I want to know who, living today, has…[View]
45709046Hypothetically if I were Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates or Elon Musk and I wanted to own WMDs what's …[View]
45712442How common were rimfire conversions on Colts specifically? I can find literature of the extsistence …[View]
45712209Any source off 5.56 M885?: Any sources of it? No back long?[View]
45714363Anyone buy a grade 2 sks from psa? How bad of condition was it in? Pic unrelated[View]
45710415How would /k improve the V-22? I think they should armor it up and give it an autocannon and some mi…[View]
45690398Reminder that the US relies on floppy disks for its nuclear weapons. First world country huh?[View]
45704884/gq/ - Gear Queer: Not fucked up edition >Discord https://discord.gg/EPRSUcc >General Guide ht…[View]
45704912Why are they the only brand that dares to be different?[View]
45714202What kind of muzzle device is the best choice for an AR pistol? I've got an 11.5 in barrel on m…[View]
45714227Brigade 2506: were they based?[View]
45704975>implying stoner would make a sporting rifle designed solely for 2 gun >implying the military…[View]
45711065has pic related become a Noble Phantasm by killing >200 million people?[View]
45707184/k/amping: What some /k/ stuff to bring on a solo trip (maybe with dogs) to entertain yourself and t…[View]
45707131is 550 euros a good deal for this?[View]
45710808No guns, non-American here. Just watched a video and I cannot wrap my mind around a specific point o…[View]
45704697Cursed and Blursed guns: Horrible shit, but also perversely wonderful creations[View]
45710771airguns: Nice weather, good time for airgun shooting. Have you guys also been starting shooting more…[View]
45712288Prevent WW3: Reactivate the IOWA-class, NOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNy5pvIPvRU[View]
45712223ATF memes Show me what you got[View]
45709628Rate his loadout: Afghan NDS Operator[View]
45711487I bought an AR, was hyped to take it to the range, only to discover I'm cross eye dominant. Am …[View]
45700647Rate their loadout[View]
45710735Salet baseball cap: Against cheap shots, how inconspicously could you diguise a salet as a baseball …[View]
45708584Which modern tactics would be useful in the WW1/WW2?: what modern tactic/strategy do you think would…[View]
45690909Home defense general /hdg/: What's on your nightstand /k/?[View]
45709920Trying to learn about guns, don't know where to start. > Be me > Lived in very liberal st…[View]
45683455What is /k/‘s favourite totally pointless military ceremony?[View]
45712675What does /k/ think about the ergo stock?[View]
45710509/RKG/ - Ramzan /K/adyrov General.: /RKG/ - Ramzan /K/adyrov General. Let's see what /ourguy/ ha…[View]
45677948stupid shit you hear at the range: >if a .50bmg round even comes close to you, the shockwave will…[View]
45710692What do you think about this new Greek rifle we might start producing to replace the G3A3s? https://…[View]
45694175Hat Edition >Discord https://discord.gg/EPRSUcc >General Guide https://pastebin.com/5pEHGLpV P…[View]
45712754What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bandit? I'll have you know I gradua…[View]
45708823Turn of the century ammo for this thang: I came across an Iver Johnson .32 break action pistol from …[View]
45709241Do you have to acutally salute this lil nigga?[View]
45712517Been contemplating on buying a Ruger PC charger. Been wanting a pistol caliber carbine for thirteen …[View]
45712195How much chemical energy is there in a 9x19mm round? The muzzle energy is about 500J, but I'm c…[View]
45710465What would be an ideal rifle/round for feral horses /k/?[View]
45708647Why do so many ANA troops and nato backed foreign fighters in the Middle East get whacked compared t…[View]
45704985What are some /k approved games[View]
45702929Best bang for your buck ak: Hi all, im looking into an ak series rifle to buy, and yes i know muh ar…[View]
45706223ROE and COIN: How true is it when anons say that the only reason why we lose wars like Nam, Iraq and…[View]
45707539Thoughts on the F-15X? I don't totally understand why the US is buying so many but then I read …[View]
45697556Paratroopers: How is being a paratrooper? Speaking of training, selection and work? Plus share your …[View]
45689561Say China in its current attempts to claim territory clash with Russia and lead to a happening, no n…[View]
45711908Not expecting a check from DARPA, as they probably already know about this idea of mine thanks to th…[View]
45707558/k/ wallpaper thread!: post some good Vietnam stuff brothers[View]
45707147This is the ideal /k/ommando. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
45711301Stop hurting the environment or else.[View]
45699113Chin/k/shit: What has been your experience with Chinese accessories?[View]
45705688Thoughts on the Aimpoint Comp M4? Is it too heavy of an optic in today’s world where micro dots are …[View]
45707684Is this /k/ the movie?[View]
45703434Stalker General: It's been a hot minute since I've seen one. Stalker innawoods thread! Po…[View]
45708054You have been elected Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army. Your goal is to make the P…[View]
45709481Home defense advice: Want to buy my first gun for home defense, live in California. Some crazy Lati…[View]
45711003Weapons you aren't qualified to handle in a fight.[View]
45711772Gear rating thread[View]
45710940Light Machine Guns: What does /k/ think of the move away from light machine guns? Is precision bette…[View]
45680446/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Independence Day Edition >Thread #1047 Old thread here >…[View]
45711593Your thoughts on RPK-16? Is it pure kino or yet another russian trash from 1950s?[View]
45708542Redpill me North Korea's military. I know they have nukes but from what I've seen/heard th…[View]
45711250Is NFAC just CoD meme?[View]
45708719any documentaries/games about modern warfare: I’ve been mainly playing ww2 games, but I wanted to pl…[View]
45710211You got two choices /k/ >NFA and Hughes Amendment is repealed and any attempt at gun control is …[View]
45707132/arg/ AR GENERAL: PSACHADS RISE UP EDITION OLD>>>45703007[View]
45711139What k think on lionheart[View]
45708258So I'm gonna be taking my inflatable and highly-susceptible-to-sinking boat out to an undisclos…[View]
45707457budget nightvision: There was a nightvision thread, but I can't find it in the catalog. Must ha…[View]
45700986Wtf makes it so good? It looks like a basic bitch aircraft design some 4th grader sketches in his no…[View]
45691052/ak/ Thread - t h i c c and Strong Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread >>45675757…[View]
45705346Ballistic masks and other ballistic protection.: Are they any good for actual use beyond intimidatio…[View]
45710941Washington allowed Indonesia to buy Osprey: A move by Washington showed that President Trump finally…[View]
45707333Just bought a mossberg shotgun from a friend for a pretty good price, along with some shells. Should…[View]
45710390Christmas in July: Post what you want Santa to leave in your stocking depots.[View]
45709998>Polymer >9mm >Double stack >Single action only (like a 1911) Does this exist and would …[View]
45706409/k/ im a concept artist and i need help coming up with under water weapons.[View]
45709923For me? It's SURPAT[View]
45710219reliable gear dealers in california: Ex-army idiot noob here so sorry for the thread. I want the gea…[View]
45703054VZ 15: I think this is actually the coolest handgun in the world right now. What do you think?…[View]
45703085I'm having a hard time getting into guns. I have no friends or family, I'm a socially awkw…[View]
45709011Is there any aspect of the technological arms race where the Russians and Chinese are actually ahead…[View]
45705234Can a dog outrank a person?[View]
45706755Paint Jobs: Give me some inspiration /k/[View]
45707991Moving to the US for gun reasons: okay lads, so my country is pretty cucked on guns and can only hav…[View]
45708238Non toxic primers/ammo: So I'm hearing these can possibly caused increased wear to an almost ex…[View]
45706340What is the best gucci AR10, KAC, Armalite, or LMT?[View]
45705633Reasonable disposable red dot for sbr: I’m interested in mounting a red dot to my sbr but I prefer i…[View]
45709541What are good detachable mags for a Norinco SKS?[View]
45706229All my post are satire for the millionth time...can't even imagine the smell of the glowies tru…[View]
45701039Calling it, 2021 US and Canada at War with China.[View]
45696917Luger P08: What are /k/'s thoughts on a Luger P08 as a daily carry pistol. The aesthetics speak…[View]
45709668canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu at least …[View]
45704749Who makes the best 1911?[View]
45709358So is this thing really worth getting over an AR or should l just get a Scar?[View]
45705601What would the USN look like today if these two fuckups hadn't occured?[View]
45707355Wanted this. Got an AR instead.: Not in stock. No stock. Sold out. How long before life goes back to…[View]
45707018Hey /k/, I was shopping for 9mm and I found some for $30 for 50 rounds plus $20 shipping... So $1/ro…[View]
45708094Guns are cool[View]
45675094>.357 cheaper than 9mm Why aren't you larping as a cowboy yet?[View]
45707339Explosively Pumped Laser Weapons: The Soviets had designs for an eight-shot pistol that would used f…[View]
45706267The Big Wave: Whats the worst buying On record? >obama era? >sandy hooker pussy? >pandemic?…[View]
45706180Who has experience with fuel filters from wish? They're cheaper than at auto zone but with chea…[View]
45696456All striker fired double stacks pistols are interchangeable: Change my mind[View]
45708577Identify this knife: Can anyone tell me what kind of knife this was? It belonged to my grandfather a…[View]
45704994Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Everyone …[View]
45705936Why doesn't /k/ ever talk about Chris Costa? I always thought he was supposed to be the best in…[View]
45704685why do so many of your faggots shill the sks? I feel like all the sks shills have to be noguns larpe…[View]
45706615Post AR alternatives you can buy: No AKs allowed[View]
45708648>Kirk is...would Ukraine be equivalent to Iowa? >Spock is a Schema Monk >Uhura is Armenian …[View]
45696874Post you're groups.[View]
45707756ruger 10/22 mags: Who makes the best ruger 10/22 extended mags? I bought a red lips 25 rd mag and it…[View]
45706904Why isn't the CZ P10F more popular?[View]
45690977BCGs: So realistically, how many rounds would say a BCM BCG or toolcraft go until it has some kind o…[View]
45708208Why are 99% of modern gun designs ugly and plastic? Im so tired of every new gun trying to look like…[View]
45707104193?: First off, is this shit actually xm193? The packaging doesnt say anywhere 193, but the interne…[View]
45699970Recently ordered a canik tp9da, ya'll had any majorly bad experience with em. Went with it caus…[View]
45706681Snag or Shit? & Budget Subcompact Pistola Thread: Hey, /k/ chads. I'm no longer a nogun fag…[View]
45693593Do you sleep with a loaded gun? Isn't that dangerous?[View]
45703914H&K was sued by the Bundeswehr in 2015 because they refused to honor the warranty on the G36 to …[View]
45707789I want to put a twin-screw supercharger on my boomer mobile that has 410 cubic inches, but the only …[View]
45704029Ruger 57 vs FN Five Seven: Alright /k/ I need some help assessing which of these is better, the Ruge…[View]
45705685Talk Tok: If you dont think these are worth the trouble, you are stupid[View]
45704778Bersa Combat Plus: For 300$, i turned a 300$ gun into something awesome. Can /K/ recommend any other…[View]
45706424What are your favorite germs for weaponized biological warfare?[View]
45707907Before I put this order in, is there ANY other 11×14 level 4 plates you guys could recommend?[View]
45701673What are some good /k/ video games? Bonus points for single player games.[View]
45707530Remington model 700 ADL - newbie deer hunting questions: I've deer hunted in the past but recen…[View]
45703747Hi /k: /pol/tard here. I just found a thread with these videos on it 1. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
45704715AR under $1000: I’m looking to get my first AR but I have to keep it under $1000, I’ve been looking …[View]
45707751Video of F-16CJs taking down an active 9K33 Osa in Libya?: This 'speeches archive' references video …[View]
45703685SKS slamfire: Why is the SKS considered notorious for slam fires? Is it because of the floating fir…[View]
45704134Bring back tank destroyers: Why are tank destroyers not more popular especially for shit hole and sm…[View]
45693515What's the best combat helmet? [spoiler]And why is it the PASGT?[/spoiler][View]
45706519/bst/ Buy Sell Trade: yeah[View]
45706411Law enforcement vs Law enforcement: ITT post and discuss instances where different agencies/factions…[View]
45705010When you realized you shouldnt own guns: >be on /k/ >it is constantly being filled with more r…[View]
45705498I totally get why ammo is hard to find but why the fuck are sights and AFGs out of stock? Are people…[View]
45703060how often does this happen?[View]
45699819When someone uses your driveway to turn around: Post yfw[View]
45704484/prg/ precision rifle general: Major Thorne edition >What gun should I start with? .308 deer rifl…[View]
45703007/arg/ - ar general: ACOG edition, post em if you got em Previous - >>45698855[View]
45698964How would /k/ make seaplanes relevant in modern conflict? https://warontherocks.com/2020/07/bring-ba…[View]
45706602Planning a trip with my church to somalian: Do all child soldiers have resting bitch face or it just…[View]
45701944Where does the shitty fucking meme of 'i-i-if you clean your gun too much you can damage it' ? No y…[View]
45703183Diy disorientation device: Im cooking up some diy devices as a force multiplier to be thrown. Im thi…[View]
45701693Vehicle Improvements: You have been tasked by the /k/ube to improve one vehicle in your nations mili…[View]
45702921VZ. 87: Is it any good? The shops near me are selling them dirt cheap[View]
45704671Why was Abrams being a faggot and had this dude and his subordinates arrested for doing, you know, k…[View]
45704357How bad did I fuck up /k/?: >Be me >Be drunk ebayining. >See used TCA knockoff PRC-152 for …[View]
45692140What is the absolute best caliber (not counting .22lr because its gay on all levels) for shooting ta…[View]
45698815Carrying anything other than Glocks: >buy a CZ they said >CZ is the best carry gun they said T…[View]
45705586Why is the Navy like this? https://twitter.com/MichellCClark/status/1279817622360637440?s=09[View]
45705691>he doesn't use irons exclusively[View]
45705534Leupold LCO: What other optics would you recommend around the $700 mark? I'm partial to the LCO…[View]
45696571New american civil war, how would it play out?: In the case of a collapse of the US into a modern ci…[View]
45705291Hello /k/ I like old bullets. This is a part of my collection.[View]
45706078Going to get a handgun: Budget 500-1000 Prefer to only pay $500 Or so I can only get one. Help me ou…[View]
45704170Tranq rifles: Does anyone on /k/ have any experience with dart guns and load outs? Issues with ownin…[View]
45705993Family Photo / Range Day Edition: Shot the 97 for the first time today. Very pleased, feels differen…[View]
45681493Handgun General - /hg/ - #441: There's a handgun in there somewhere edition. Pastebin: https://…[View]
45694721can we talk NFAC loadouts?[View]
45698400Manurhin M73 3' vs Korth National Standard 3': I have been saving up to buy a nice revolver and woul…[View]
45683258tfw your 'well armed militia' has tank traps set up >tfw you 'well armed militia' has ambush poin…[View]
45702840My 'new' 1022: Hello /K/ I'm a brand new gun owner and just picked up this baby today. I'm…[View]
45696669So uh, has /k/ seen the ATF's latest tricks? Apparnetly there are lots of 3d printed firearms g…[View]
45702021Tfw will never be as chad as general butt naked >would go into battle naked with only a machete a…[View]
45702707I present to you: A bolt-action VZ. 58[View]
45700278Is this actually a good way to mount an optic?[View]
45704735>waiting periods Why can't I have my rifle until Friday? This is bullshit.…[View]
45702786Panic Ammo: What ammunition is still sitting on store shelves despite the mass panic buying? Having …[View]
45703065Spray painted gun.: >Be me >Be autisitic about camo >Decide to spray paint a gun >Realiz…[View]
45702804Attrition warfare in COIN: How effective was search and destroy in Vietnam? Especially after the Tet…[View]
45704002does someone have the webm or link to the video of the compilation of isis executions and other shot…[View]
45700267Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu they can…[View]
45685800Are wrist clip holders epic or what? I wish I was in vietnam when it happened so I could run an akim…[View]
45703873Why aren't nitrided BCG's talked about much here? Everybody shills for mil-spec BCG's…[View]
45704474M16: What About This One ?[View]
45696755>tulpa is a better shot than you >mfw[View]
45704341what does /k/ think of my super CZ 52/57? been in the family for a couple decades but it was wayyy t…[View]
45703984Wall-hangers thread. Show off weapons in your collection that you own solely for aesthetic or nostal…[View]
45704103I inherited a 1911 my great grandpa carried in WWII and I want to bring it into the 21st century (lo…[View]
45700270If the F15 was a woman she would be tall, Have large breasts. And have Big ole muscular thighs. And …[View]
45700105Looking for a pocket carry gun. Heard a lot of shit about the Ruger lcp. Is it complete dogshit or w…[View]
45699793Hey /k/ I recently bought a JRA BM59 and they bolt will get stuck and will not go forward on a loade…[View]
45695082GOAT pistols: I'll start[View]
45699813POSP rail issues: I've got a Type 81 I'm mounting a 4x24 POSP onto. It looks like the scop…[View]
45699751.>Things you can say about your gun, but not your girlfriend[View]
45703843What I think would be good is... well you see we can't have a nuclear war now because with many…[View]
45699921>Got my CCW permit in the mail >Go pick out a carry gun at my LGS >Was actually looking for…[View]
45674438why didn't people wear their scabbards upside down to reduce wear and tear when unsheathing fro…[View]
45703780Essential weapons and equipment to have when the civil war comes?[View]
45703767First time investor/first time DIY gun build: Hello /k/ommandos, I am an anon from the State of New …[View]
45703691What is the role of the autocannon in modern warfare and insurgencies? If you look at photos/videos …[View]
45674477Everyone likes to comment about how shit the Chinese military manpower quality is, but you also have…[View]
45690311best long rifles to buy?: I'm new to gun ownership, and I am now loking for a rifle, provided t…[View]
45693649>can’t have a gun cause he’ll kill himself what do I do brothers do I have to become a knifefag,…[View]
45691817.223 price STARTING at 43 cpr now: Seems to only be going up daily. When is this nightmare going to …[View]
45702740VZ61 conversion: Hey /k/ I’m an type 07/02 SOT and I’m trying to find out how to convert a semi auto…[View]
45669837Post a pet and a weapon.[View]
45675904Patch Thread v. - Happy Borgar Indepedence Day: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previ…[View]
45701701How the fuck do I zero a rifle scope at an indoor range? I can't rest the rifle on the table an…[View]
45700408Are there any half-decent bumps that won't run me as much as/more than a ballistic helmet? I ju…[View]
45699568Does anyone else get nervous when people take their 11 year old to the range?[View]
45684642We’re through the looking glass here people: You thought the clown world memes were just memes? Enjo…[View]
45699893Can you redpill me on this guy ? >FN SCAR .308, most based rifle, most based caliber >makes bo…[View]
45682432tonk thread: post tonks and tonkettes[View]
45702328Is the market still fucked for guns?: Thinking about selling and buying a few and I jsut want to kno…[View]
45695732If you swallowed a 9mm cartridge and it detonated inside you, would it be more or less deadly than g…[View]
45700965hey /k/ im entertaining the idea of trading a pistol for a rem700. i know how to find the date of ma…[View]
45698518Building my first AR soon: In search of advice on accessories. First time so unaware of the good cho…[View]
45687617Reloading general /rlg/: You guys don't just throw your loaded rounds in sandwich baggies do yo…[View]
45690241Based or cringe?[View]
45698855/arg/ - AR General: AR Thread Bullyzone Cancer Containment Comfy Outdoors Edition Prove you leave yo…[View]
45701803RIP Ennio Morricone 1928-2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZhYCERJp4s[View]
45693638Hmong Insurgency in Laos: So I stumbled across this article yesterday and it had a big effect on me.…[View]
45695162What steel targets should I buy that I can throw in the back of a car?[View]
45701831All the guns are sold: is no one selling guns anymore? gun stores are sold out online are sold out w…[View]
45699710Why did neutron bombs not see the same proliferation that traditional thermonuclear bombs did? Is th…[View]
45699340how do I become a warlord bros? Once balkanization happens I don’t want anything big I just want to …[View]
45700296Except for sportsmans (box limit 3). 9mm steel is now within 10 cents of 30-06. 40cpr vs 50crp on am…[View]
45699818Beretta ARX160: Is it any good?[View]
45697388>creates a new ice age heh, nothing personnel kid[View]
45701191Anyone got details for a cold war era czech uniform?[View]
45700149Rate my set-up: >> Interceptor vest w/ yoke and collar inserts >>Level 4 plates (nij cer…[View]
45701413The truth has come out. You are now in charge of the Allied Force of China, Russia, the EU, the enti…[View]

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