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47447118whats the best red dot sight that money can buy for an AR-15? but has to be this style, pic related[View]
47442624What would be a fair price for this model 29 12g? We inherited it along with a bunch of old revolver…[View]
47445918I'm going to buy my first rifle and I want to get a fully left handed gun. Fully left handed co…[View]
47436133What do you use to prevent rust on your firearms /k/?[View]
47441163Lets see them Bubba's: This one is presently for sale on GB: 'RUGER P90 45 ACP EXCELLENT CONDIT…[View]
47444912Which shotgun follower?: I have a stainless steel follower from GG&G, and a DuPont Delrin follow…[View]
47446884Lever stuck: The lever on my marlin 1895 just stuck open. Dunno why. It won't budge more than 1…[View]
47444329Does any anon know where to buy these online that are in stock?[View]
47447076tanfaglio GT27: There's a big ass hole between the colt 1903 pocket vest and the jenning's…[View]
47445606why: okay I know this is made up but Im just curious, can this pump action underbarrel belt fed gren…[View]
47439989confessions thread: I-i finally caved in and spend $135 on 1000 large pistol primers on gunbroker…[View]
47442433Open bolts are based: Post open-bolts[View]
47447181Bass Pro Shops: Went to BPS. You know, the JEWS who bought out Cabellas, an employee owned company u…[View]
47372820Stash thread How set or fucked are you? I can take a few rampaging joggers out, from various distanc…[View]
47446776Alright I'll admit it, I probably have brain damage. How do I go about buying a firearm online …[View]
47426821What does /k/ wish for this Christmas? Tell me your Heart's Desire.[View]
47443644What Allied fighter plane had a bigger impact on the war, the Spitfire or the Yak?[View]
47440101Top break,6'o clock barrel revolver: Low bore axis and fast reload,i'd say these character…[View]
47445877M7Xi IFS 4-28x56: I truly don't know much about firearms but I always wanted to go hunting and …[View]
47431075FCAS or Tempest which will become the second best 6th gen fighter after whatever America is pulling …[View]
47446384Dugout/Entrenching thread: Just a thread to post any defensive positions/dugouts[View]
47445671Wings Palette Random: http://wp.scn.ru/en/cat Random image in top right is your air support. How…[View]
47444537lets play a game: post a picture of a gun, and a magazine to a different gun. whoever replies posts …[View]
47426425Old fag joining Military: I'm 30 years old and want to join the military. I wish I did it when …[View]
47446425922r: for the sake of argument, if there's no usa or american company stamping on the parts, ho…[View]
47395074/ak/ kaiserliche und königliche edition: image limit reached previous thread >>47353544[View]
47446393New FFL helmet: What kind of helmet is this?? It was just adopted by the French Foreign legion.can I…[View]
47429756Countries with both NATO/Pact armaments, tanks, planes etc.: What problems does this bring aside fro…[View]
47445992Anyone got advice?: >Wanna join military >Cant join military because of eye condition that fuc…[View]
47435986Germans: >We spent 5 years, millions of German Dollans and precious resources to design the perfe…[View]
47446103why did most american ww2 planes not have cannons?[View]
47442064PISTOL BRACE lads rise up: This confuses and bewilders the ATF man[View]
47446149What's the most tried and true red dot reflex sight for under $300?[View]
47430828How do you carry your CC?[View]
47436059About to Enlist.: I'm about to enlist in the Army NG and I've been thinking about a MOS. I…[View]
47443055Which one is more efficient for defense? Family traveled to the countryside and I'm alone and I…[View]
47444579USP... BUT WHICH ONE???: Well I think we all agree that the USP is certainly a great weapon but whic…[View]
47439458Is it legal in your country to wear full set medieval armor in public?[View]
47439073AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ Ooops all CAR Stocks: IWC+CAR = endgame loot Old…[View]
47443880VA gibs: Hey /k/, who all is disabled here and has an official rating? I did 6 years and considering…[View]
47444235Would nuking the North Pole melt it and create a tsunami that would destroy America's greatest …[View]
47443435/outk/: How do I achieve these aesthetics and whats the best winter gear for living in the woods? Co…[View]
47440611>concealed carry that can fire a million rounds without needing repair, cleaning, etc. What gun a…[View]
4744532710/22: I want a 10/22 Someone please link me a place to buy one because these are like unobtanium fo…[View]
47445191M1903 Springfield Thread: What does /k/ think of this weapon? the pre-WWII models specifically. Does…[View]
47441104Canada General: Eternal niggerfaggotry edition.: >Newfag? Want a funs license? Read this, fagola:…[View]
4743831812 ga. Buckshot: Where does /k/ buy their 12ga ammo? everything in the states is overpriced to shit…[View]
47445106M44 with two years stamped: Has anyone ever seen a mosin with two years stamped on the barrel? There…[View]
47442138>Why yes, I do banzai charge into an MG field alone, how did you know?[View]
47424383Gun and Cologne V1: Only true ballers, hustlers, grinders, wiseguys, schemers, and stolen valor expe…[View]
47403767Knives Thread: What kinda pigstickers does /k/ like? I've got this, nice belt/boot knife and sh…[View]
47436456Wish Fake Benchmades: Anyone have experience with these? I don’t have a job where I need to use or d…[View]
47441980I want to go the other way, a bayonet that mounts to rail. Is there a rail mounted bayo?[View]
47444455Fuck it, we're doing it.: Could Skallagrim have defeated Kairo Seijuro? 100% serious. Let your …[View]
47432935/k/ music post it[View]
47441834>Build a patrol boat for merchant sealanes for protection against pirates and rescue ops and othe…[View]
47443270I recently got ahold of this old Mosin, and I love it. However, it shoots about 4 or 5 inches high a…[View]
47427161Tfw 21 day non select Time to kms Goodbye fuck-o's[View]
47444488Wow anon, do you really like my sword collection? Thanks! You're the best![View]
47440313What kind of (cheap, $200-$300) sight would you put on this?[View]
47443940So, if I get a green card and then apply for military service, does Basic training count as service …[View]
47439518Are these the most autistic weapon ever made?[View]
47443684Going through a hundred 7.62 mags I got for free, anyone mind helping me identifying few of them?[View]
47430077>*comes to door armed with phased phasma rifle* >Dear citizen, you are mandated to surrender a…[View]
47432060>be signed up to go to an NRA rifle class on Sunday >today decide to get ready by removing my …[View]
47444275Greece is the worlds most militarized country[View]
47442148Springfield vs Enfield: I am looking at getting a reproduction civil war rifle. Which one is better?…[View]
47430429Never lost a battle: Alexander the great never lost a battle. Successful military leader at 16 and K…[View]
47437541What could have been done realistically to mitigate the damage: >1 no RPOs, tanks, or mi-24s >…[View]
47439569/k/ vehicles, preferably ones that arent real, but I'll post some cool real ones.[View]
47440897Why would anyone in their right mind want to be a cop in the US when literally every stop could be s…[View]
47443916Illegal guns in Europe: I'm sure you're here based euro gun maker. You are more American t…[View]
47441628why exactly do big militaries still use bolt action rifles for sniper roles?[View]
47443583shipping to canada: whats the deal with shipping to Canada from the US is there any bullshit you hav…[View]
47443308An elegant weapon for a more civilized age[View]
47443565Upscaled m1 garand chambered with .50 BMG.: How cool would be if such a gun existed? The clip system…[View]
47437337>be my brother, under 21 >cucked stores won’t sell him “handgun” ammunition >inspired to b…[View]
47434550Is it acceptable to pay 1,000$ for a WASR? Or should I spend an extra 200 and get a stamped arsenal?…[View]
47438144M&P Shield .40: I just bought a shield .40, /k/, did I make a good choice? Wanted a .40, it’s al…[View]
474402549mm debate: >is 9mm really better then .45 or .40 (.40 memes aside)? hear alot about how 9mm load…[View]
47437688How does he do it ?: A Blind man that fires so many guns. I have to admit it is impressive. Does h…[View]
47443021Military Moustaches: Why doesn't the Air Force allow soulful expressions of manliness any more?…[View]
47426347Can we see exoskeletons used in the military?: kino[View]
47439803its 1915 and youve been tasked to stalk the foggy streets of new orleans to hunt down strigoi, lycan…[View]
47442874Though I don't intend on a great answer, and I realize I can look it up, I was curious if /k/ik…[View]
47442802Could it be viable today in a combat role?[View]
47440940Absolute state of Armenia during the war: According to Arayik Harutyunyan (President of Artsakh Repu…[View]
47442851Would 600 be a good price for this .44 Super Blackhawk we inherited? Has original grips and the seri…[View]
47442941Best way to CC with tucked shirt?: hey /k/ im looking for some viable options to cc with a tucked sh…[View]
47443302Price of german ammo[View]
47441171My boomer libertarian friend at work keeps trying to talk me into joining them (he is a member). The…[View]
47439903The Future: So Bois.. I'm probably asking an already covered topic, but it probably won't …[View]
47422103Guns you want that do not exist: I want a carbine rifle that fires both .22 and .357 Magnum >one …[View]
47425532Black Friday Deals Thread: This thread is for the discussion of all black Friday deals for /k/ relat…[View]
47426814why did they stop making war movies: How come they stopped making war movies? more importantly. Why…[View]
47436911Fort Scott Munitions 9mm TUI: Recently I got FMJ pilled after seeing a discussion and doing a little…[View]
47442203Shitter gun thread: Are you always armed?[View]
47437836>Want bullets to go faster >Oil makes things move smoother >Dip bullets into oil >Bullet…[View]
47442578WW2 Warbirds/Aircrafts/Prop Planes: Post your favorites /k/[View]
47431157MiG's OF FIRE[View]
47435643What can I get you, /k/?[View]
47438847FN P90 in stock at my local firearms dealer for 1300 Is it worth the cop? How is ammo cod This thing…[View]
47441195Can You See It?[View]
47442048DIY gunsmithing: What are some improvements you yourself have made to your guns, /k/? I just ordered…[View]
47441191Where is your god now?[View]
47429814What went wrong?: >tiny ass island barely 5 square miles in size >1,500 Americans killed and 2…[View]
47442339When will they get their own “Band of Brothers”?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0njrT-XR2wQ They d…[View]
47423744Plate Carriers: Are plate carriers supposed to make your shoulda feel like there’s a 300 pound fat b…[View]
47439457Why are all the mosin nagants that I have have flimsy triggers? I was passed down 4 mosins from my f…[View]
47439906I FUCKED UP: I purchased a handgun online from gunbroker after misreading AZ law, thinking that it w…[View]
47439109How do you practice mag changes? Do you do the L shaped shit or just drop and slap a new one in? I c…[View]
47440175Which country has the best sleeper agents?: The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promise…[View]
47437401I was wondering what you guys think what is the best projectile for deer in 6.5 I'm going to be…[View]
47441725I'd like an opinion on the 7 shot S&W 686 from people who own it. Thinking about getting on…[View]
47432643What's your preference, /k/ommandos?: AR or AK platform? Why? Style or mechanics? This isn…[View]
47429194now that the dust has settled and the shilling is well over with, what's the verdict?[View]
47427423Is it worth it?: Before I wake up at 3am tommorow is this worth it? I'm looking into getting th…[View]
47441467Armslist thread: the shit ive seen on there just tonight[View]
47441216/an/ here. Hot potato![View]
47430416Why do you fear these things? They are mostly defensive weapons.[View]
47441205how come there was so much friendly fire among soviet soldiers during the assault on tajbeg palace, …[View]
47440052Any current or recent Bundeswehr lads on here? I have a question or two.[View]
47438485What gifts would you give to Achilies?[View]
47436442What went wrong?[View]
47430849Space Gun: Putin tested new gun.[View]
47432525Are actual Russian made mosins good? I heard they are, but I'm not very well versed on the topi…[View]
47438401How do you feel about certain weapons?: This is NOT the /feels bar/. This is how you feel about weap…[View]
47441181>be me >buy new gun >few days later >shooting the shit, no pun intended, looking for som…[View]
47429637hello friends, Last year I made the decision to trust my life on the street to Second Chance body ar…[View]
47439274It's post-apoc. Virus, nukes, climate, EMP, the works. You have both of these and some ammo for…[View]
47440806non pc cadences thread: who can take a kitty cat? stroke him til he purrs pull out a zippo and burn …[View]
47439534what weapon would you use to defend yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMXUtrDPl1c&featur…[View]
47438515How feasible are robots on urban warfare?[View]
47439754SKS as Primary Fighting Rifle: Idk guys. I just think the SKS has way more character and I just love…[View]
47423797>mom found the bugout bag[View]
47439943Big greasy PAWG party with fried chicken and .22lr: I'm gonna bore out the barrel and put in my…[View]
47426110I’m a closeted gun owner: >got three days off for thanksgiving break >finally got some time to…[View]
47439478Bought me a mosin today. It’s the first rifle I’ve ever bought. Anyone got recommendations as to wha…[View]
47431591>Kalshnikov Industrial Concern received 90% of their income from exports to American civilians Ho…[View]
47437031Canada General Cangen- SNEED EDITION: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://paste…[View]
47429488Why does /k/ perpetually chimp at the SCAR for having a reciprocating charging handle but doesn…[View]
47440690Was this why you say it? https://youtu.be/ceD1QXv0jYw[View]
47436337Mudmen AKs: Guys I have some odd dents, rough machining, and mismatched WASRS that keep my OCD wide …[View]
47437121Before 1920s weapons: What would your loadout be? >Shotgun >Sidearm >Rifle…[View]
47438975If k was an actual militant group: What you choose as the standard issue rifle Assuming its an ar 15…[View]
47440235So I discovered this on my wasr cam. Is this dangerous? Should I sell this rifle? Im worried about i…[View]
47406637What does /k/ think of the ptr91?[View]
47435410S.T.A.L.K.E.R thread: Welcome to the zone, anons. I'm a usual lurker of the board and lately I…[View]
47338948/bst/ Buy Sell Trade general: #1 Rule? Don't be a jew![View]
47377959/msg/ - Military Surplus General: Handgat Edition What surplus handguns are you thinking of getting …[View]
47437661Explain Yourselves - AR500: What exactly is wrong with AR500 steel plates? I've seen tons of Yo…[View]
47440202Going shooting tomorrow even though I shouldn't(outdoor range). Too much bs at work lately need…[View]
47438427Serious question: Are WW1 guns actually a common thing for people to have in Europe? I've heard…[View]
47440171The kids are asleep. Its time for night /k/. Tell me about your favorite gun anon-sama~~[View]
47439877Is it a good idea to do some dry fire practice every single day to complement your live fire practic…[View]
47437581>be quebecois >finally getting around to taking my liscense course >course is in french …[View]
47437000Hello /k/. I know this is a video game, but I was curious as to what made people/media/games as a wh…[View]
47437500Fun fact, we don't actually know what Jim Bowie's knife actually looked like. The bowie kn…[View]
47439341What is the song that always plays in these boogaloo memes? Example: https://streamable.com/63id2u A…[View]
47414920Patch Thread General- Tanks-Giving Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. Previous Thre…[View]
47433913/arg/ - AR General: Melanin Friday edition Previous: >>47427683[View]
47433691Gewehr 1888 bayonet: What's the most common or affordable bayonet I can find for this thing? Ap…[View]
47432538Is Mossad really skilled enough to get an armed team into Iran to wack a nuclear physicist without g…[View]
47436815Iraqi army: >Habibi, we need something to transport this dhsk with >How about a pushcart? >…[View]
47434658Inherited this old scattergun, any info? Its patina'd as fuck[View]
47432309Purchasing a rifle in another state and flying with it: Just moved to the West Coast and I don'…[View]
47422952Do basic rifles really need full auto? Seems like 99% of combat semi works fine.[View]
47435197Black Powder General: take a seat kid, truth is you never had a chance. the ammo games been rigged f…[View]
47438066What MOS do you think has the best bang for your buck post-military career path?[View]
47436179Do you use your dog as a weapon?[View]
47436960Storing handguns in a wooden box?: Is it safe to store my handguns in a wooden box or will that cont…[View]
47419201Why did Chinese keep putting pointy metal on their guns so long after ww1? Did they seriously still …[View]
47432723I don't get it: How is it supposed to help me aim better at 400m ?[View]
47435092Yeet cannon shirt: Cringe or /k/?[View]
47434393tell me /k/ what did your first active shooting feel like? >how did you fukken end up in a shoot …[View]
47423940Why did people fear war with the Soviet Union in the Cold War?: Compared to how much ass we kicked i…[View]
47417881/BRG/ Best Rifle General: /BRG/ #118 Post your battle rifles Post your parts kits edition Russian ba…[View]
47435766Grandpa left me this sword. He claimed it was from the Civil War. Is there any way I could confirm t…[View]
47433045My thread 404'd. Assembling the greatest looking pistol of all times. Imported these blocks of …[View]
47437076What does the US military think of private military contractors anyways?[View]
47437116help /k/ommandos: Should I get an SKS and AKM and stockpile 7.62x39 or 2 AR15's and stockpile 2…[View]
47432661I recently got handed down a toggle with a cheap scope on it, the problem is that the target is alwa…[View]
47435906Wounded Warrior Games: Maybe this is more of a question for /SP/ but between sport archery and air t…[View]
47437048Sorry for the shitty pic, it’s the best my phone could take. Can anyone tell me the meanings of thes…[View]
47434697iran caliber: o/k/ay, what caliber was used and from which gun it was fired? post your ideas[View]
47433706/k/ business friendly states: I am a type 6 FFL in a blue shithole state. I would like to move to th…[View]
47424795/gq/ - Gear Queer: Thanksgiving Edition >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6DGMbVi8 >Discord …[View]
47429656ITT, Anon spitballs tank designs: Alright fuckos, my poor ass's dream is to own a tank, and I w…[View]
47419965Is it true that 9mm is just as deadly as this and stopping power is just a meme? Ive had several 9mm…[View]
47434974Would you use a different weapon/ no weapon at all?: Also, what would you have done different if you…[View]
47434309Why can't PSA just stop winning? ATF needs to step in and do something about this.: https://you…[View]
47429994/k/ommando tower thread. I'll start. >be me >naive securifag >get re-assigned to floo…[View]
47433770You can only have two pistols. Which will it be?: Due to regulations where I live you only get to ha…[View]
47434474anyone know wtf this is?: Doesn't look exactly like a swiss M1882 or a 1887 nagant[View]
47424303Ribbon gun: I just learned about this thing. It’s a sheet of steel with four bores in it. Apparently…[View]
47427069reloading thread: What are some good calipers for reloading? Amazon seems to be filled with $10 chi…[View]
47433040Those guns in my bed are more than inanimate objects to me. Every time I go out and buy a new rifle,…[View]
47435047I want to get a krink. My LGS has a used pic related for $799 with some magpuls. Should I cop?[View]
47431711Does anyone actually own one of these?: Manurhin MR73 French police revolver. If so, how accurate ar…[View]
47435988>no napoleonic war thread let us fix that[View]
47431962What's your favorite camo pattern? For me it's M05, but I wish there was high quality gear…[View]
47433115Canada General - The Good Ol' Days Edition: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: ht…[View]
47435537Are South Koreans scared of their neighbors in the north targeting their nuclear power plants? Would…[View]
47435602I can't see shit and my eyes are all fucked up. Can i zero the red dot on my pistol at 10 yards…[View]
47434552alice is missing buckle: how do i get this other one onto the magazine pouch?[View]
47428286Hi welcome to California today we will be committing a class C felony[View]
47426105IWB holster recommendations: /k/, I need some help finding a comfortable IWB holster. I've foun…[View]
47430061I'm going to put this on my HR 20 gauge single shot for home defense[View]
47435071Any way to tell if this is an actual mg42 or a mg3?[View]
47431727Except for the first recoil problem. Abu Hajar did anything wrong?[View]
47412233Mosin or SKS?: Looking to buy my first rifle. What does /k/ think Mosin or SKS?[View]
47428210Okay how the fuck do these guys have a first world military despite only existing for 75 years >M…[View]
47424998Dad passed away: He was a vietnam vet - an outdoorsman and a fan large calibers (.348 win .458 win. …[View]
47433452Would you feel comfortable using a bolt action rifle for HD in your specific circumstances? What if …[View]
47424797why do faggots care about the ATF?: you know, the ATF can't charge you with anything if they do…[View]
47426401Steve1989 Thanksgiving Special: As if the Paul Harrell special wasn't enough holiday love, Stev…[View]
47403054What's the worst ND story you know of that really happened?[View]
47429843Is .410 shotshell a meme? Or does it have a legit use?[View]
47420816I have an idea /k/, but I want to run it by here first. Indoor ranges here in California are drying …[View]
47418752If you were in charge of the defense of a city during a siege like Mosul, Marawi, or Raqqa what tact…[View]
47425534Now that I have an illegal SBR, What do I do???[View]
47427719/k/ringe - reddit edition[View]
47434532>fast paced >no useless drama >when someone dies they just move the fuck on and no useless …[View]
47429968But why?[View]
47433573goose hunting with a rifle: I can't find anything on this, is this illegal in the US or somthin…[View]
47419012webm thread[View]
47433557Easiest Ways to Sell Gun: Washington. Easiest ways to sell a gun or two for maximum profit either (…[View]
47407213/GWG/ - Girls With Guns - No IDF Edition[View]
47419824/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ What Are You Thankful For Edition >Thread #1143 Old thread her…[View]
47416350Chaptered out: So heres what happened >Piss red once >they dont care >Piss red twice >t…[View]
47433891https://special-ops.org/what-exactly-happened-in-benghazi-2012/ >1.Libya was and continues to be,…[View]
47429711Maverick 88 Parts and Upgrades for HD: I own a Maverick 88 shotgun with an 18.5 inch barrel and pist…[View]
47428132/PFG/ Poor fag General: Black Friday edition No tripfags[View]
47432090/bag/ - Bolt Action General - First thread edition Welcome to bolt action general! This is a thread …[View]
47431274>pawned off a mag for 8$ >only 12$ left >nigfriday Bros…[View]
47433911A&S phase 2: I know we’re all dying to know what actually goes on, hopefully someone can hook it…[View]
47432293For as much shit as they get, I see 30 caliber deer rifles as a must-have should real political unre…[View]
47433697Neurax: An elegant cyberweapon for a more civilized age https://github.com/redcode-labs/Neurax…[View]
47386433BOOBY TRAPS: post your favorite booby traps[View]
47398235What is the most aesthetic cartridge for you? For me, it's 8x56R, just look at that shoulder[View]
47429115Cold War era wars between minor nations: What are some of the best cold war era wars and battles bet…[View]
47432900Mosul (2020): How does /k/ feel about the movie? I think it's neat seeing the whole operator ae…[View]
47433083Dod weapon posters: Hd ones preferred There's a certain corny nostalgia to these old governmen…[View]
47421917What's better overall, mosin 7.62x54r or 8mm mauser? If one is not better than the other overal…[View]
47429891Thoughts on Robinson XCR-M?: Particularly in comparison to a well-built 18” AR-10 (adjustable gas an…[View]
47405327Speculative Weapons Thread: Vehicles Edition: Everyone who has ever tried to predict the future of w…[View]
47423038/bg/ - Binocular General: Can we have a binocular thread? I know it's not exactly a weapon but …[View]
47430120How do you take a mountainous fortress? SOF armed with knives: >Correspondents of the French news…[View]
47432891What kind of paint is this? I always see it on ww2 german tanks but never anything else. does it off…[View]
47431970Would you go to a soccer match if it were like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3pv5oMTsBI…[View]
47432404Well /k/, today I fucked up. >got new DA/SA semi auto pistol >playing with it like a total ret…[View]
47430131What can you tell me about Indian soldiers in ww2? Seems like they were mainly posted in non-combat …[View]
47432336your guns: Are they yours? Could I take your rifle to war? Are you prepared to shoot with my rifle? …[View]
47423736Proud Boys Weapons Thread: How about it /k/? Are you a proud enough boy to own an Official Proud Boy…[View]
47430916Africa modern war movies: Lets have a thread about nice K movies that take place in 1960-2005 africa…[View]
47428325Canada General / Cangen: Blast from the past edition >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this…[View]
47431307Eeben Barlow is reactivating Executive Outcomes: Which ones of you /k/unts will apply?[View]
47430293/rfg/ - Rimfire General - Lack of Threaded Barrels Edition: With the proliferation of suppressors am…[View]
47430348Conceal carry: I carry daily and am in the market for a new boy. I want a a 9mm or larger to carry w…[View]
47420828gun safes: /k/, i come to you in a time of need. I've never had a proper safe to store my guns …[View]
47431546https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILriPYLrS2o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwaqvHuHGuA >1500 fpe…[View]
47427009Has any military ever expierimented with nuclear hand granandes?[View]
47415914Has anyone owned the FNS 9c?: Thinking about getting one. I want one.[View]
47427683arg ar general ar thread ar thread general ar general thread: it's Christmas time[View]
47431026My Thread.: This is my thread.[View]
47413310*slaps you* 'Sir, you have besmirched my good name and I demand satisfaction. Post a pic of your wea…[View]
47429939Any anons got wind of any good Black Friday deals anywhere?[View]
47411758Military Vax: I'm enlisting in early 2021. I know about the mandatory shots in the military but…[View]
47413643If you could only have one rifle..: just one rifle for an uncertain future... what type of rifle wou…[View]
47426638How much food and supplies you got stockpiled /k/?[View]
47422760Hello /k/, it's me again: I'm the poorfag who bought a condor chest rig for hiking and I g…[View]
47419149Supercarriers: Are they obsolete floating targets for missiles?[View]
47427687Black Friday: Why are they calling these 'deals'? Shit's just back to normal prices.[View]
47426412Rail Systems: Does M-LOK really make that big of a difference in weight? Is it worth taking over rai…[View]
47429355Wanna join the most boring military in human history[View]
47419976Attaching a flashlight to any type of gun is fucking retarded. Fucking retarded. Change my mind.[View]
47414264ITT: only gun noises: BANG BANG BANG BANG[View]
47430475>be strayan >apply for a firearms license >be guided to a dark room where you have to watch…[View]
47422437Glock 17 vs 19!?!?: Whats your take /k/ I cant find a straight answer[View]
47406635/k/angaroos: Australia General: Press F for the dumb boomer that advertised his 30rd mag edition …[View]
47430361weapons of mass dest: here you go, fuckheads. take from them; everything. may mercy be lost to the a…[View]
47418208Who tf watches or cares about Sootch?: It's only the gun dealers like gunbroker and classic. To…[View]
47427384>united states begins deploying laser weapons >see this on the battlefield wut do?…[View]
47429677This is the future that you have chosen.[View]
47418967Mozambique happenings: >ISIS linked group is taking over large swarthes of a northernmost provinc…[View]
47423321M60-2000: This is what they took from you.[View]
47428524First Hunting Rifle - Remington 788?: What are your guy's thoughts on the 788?, it would be cha…[View]
47429896Generation III Plate Carriers: Does anyone know anything about these? Supposedly the USMC just adopt…[View]
47425349Why don't the Brits respect their history? This was the Enfield factory.[View]
47430108Best American Division in WW2?: And why is it the 8th? (Yes, my Great-Grand dad was in it)[View]
47426905take it traveler[View]
47420397Paul Harrell Thanksgiving Special: This year's special is live! Time to get comfy, lads! https:…[View]
47426429Quick! Is this a SCAR, ACR, XCR, APC, or BREN?[View]
47428164Cowboy Action Revolvers: Cimarron Thunderer Revolver .45 Long Colt[View]
47429093affordable low zoom optics: Can anyone vouch for the Monstrum S330P 3X Prism Scope; is this a good s…[View]
47425742So what's /k/ take on the brace shit right now? I've been busy was was surprised to not se…[View]
47426086Where could I get a 1911 frame in Europe? Here's a webm with Biden in it.[View]
47426299Is it worth it?[View]
47402253muh drones: why do 'never happen' shills always cite drone tech as a reason it's impossible to …[View]
47425959Ghetto filter: how'd i do, /k/?[View]
47429804Okay, this is epic.[View]
47427664Black Friday Thread: Alright guys I know the market is a joke right now, but maybe something of valu…[View]
47429648Is it gud?[View]
47416669Canada General: Shit Tickets Edition >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pasteb…[View]
47415160What's going on with armslist?[View]
47426119aim into a dark corner where you cant see your sights, then while not adjusting the placement of the…[View]
47429520Post your most trusted weapons /k/[View]
47428239Weapon question: Hello. I am not a weapon expert and I need some help. in that picture depicting a v…[View]
47426269Meanwhile...in Bizarro /k/: man i dont know what to do with all this ammo. you guys want any? only …[View]
47422774China CATOBAR aircraft carrier[View]
47427050Butt stock question: When shooting with a .223 rifle, how much of the butt stock do you have in your…[View]
47426081Hey military bros, you around? I want to know if I can join the military if I have some documented b…[View]
47424042ptr32: is it worf it? i live in a cuck state and this is the only legal PTR other than their 9mm…[View]
47418282What gun is this?: What gun is this in the gif?[View]
47416065What is the best all around firearm according to /k/?[View]
47421943AIM Surplus Fall 2002 catalog: This is what the gun scene was like 18 years ago.[View]
47427616Why do guns make people feel confident?: Just had this spic pull up and brandish a handgun onto me a…[View]
47424837Thoughts on the VZ-58?: CSA randomly build them in small batches at a time. Is it worth going the pa…[View]
47426590>the only centerfire rifle ammo that's been available under $.40/round for the past week has…[View]
474138227.62x39: Posting this outside of AKG because those cock smokers never reply to non meme questions. …[View]
47423665Melee Bear Hunting: So you can hunt bears with bows and arrows, which is pretty cool, but there…[View]
47428353What would you do in this situation?[View]
47427496How do I do a p80 build? I want one of those frames with the Halo trigger guard.[View]
47425457Rabbit season: Listen here Buz, it's rabbit season.[View]
47425910So what's the verdict on pic related? I really want a 22lr trainer to practice with in this amm…[View]
47428522Hi /k/ Looking for some cheap earpros to run with my PASGT. Anyone have any experience with Z-Tacti…[View]
47414415Family Photo Thread: Anybody spending time with family this year for Thanksgiving?[View]
47424995SKS or AR15?: Should I trade my AR15 for an SKS? Ammo is a lot cheaper and easier to stockpile and t…[View]
47425129I’ve been cycling while open carrying a big iron on my hip, spending my time with my family in the w…[View]
47423983OK OK HYPOTHETICALLY would the bug blaster scope for 99 be good, or is there a better option for 20…[View]
47409276Hiro approved meta prep thread[View]
47427628mil fags answer me this. what if a non commanding officer issues you an order. do you obey that orde…[View]
47425252Canada General - Back In Black Edition: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pas…[View]
47426622Anyone in LA have good lte/5g service at angeles shooting range in little tujunga? Im trying to stre…[View]
47410799Post ITT if you still fall for the JHP meme. Post ITT if you've seen the light and are a FMJ b…[View]
47427435So if I shoot my 5lb Ithaca 37 straight down while using a 1oz slug traveling at 1610fps, how high w…[View]
47427172Hey /k/ how are y'all doing tonight? I just wanted to pose a quick question. If you could pick …[View]
47426506Thoughts on new Benelli super shotgun?: Benelli M4000, H202 variant pictured Chambered for: 12 gauge…[View]
47422203I like this pistol: I just want you to know that Plus, in my country this gun is 1460 dollars[View]
47397958Airframes that you want to see used in perpetuity: Airframes you would like to see continue to be fl…[View]
47426422I field strip and clean my guns, and lightly oil the contact parts, every single time I shoot them, …[View]
47423701Happy thanksgiving /k/! What are you greatful for? I am greatful for this awesome community that kee…[View]
47424404arg ar general ar thread ar thread general ar general thread: Gobble gobble mother fucker[View]
47426909anyone else: panic buying muzzleloaders and black powder guns?[View]
47427022ITT : People you've always wanted to oper8te with fictional or real Pic Fucking Related - THANK…[View]
47422783Hey /k/, What is this thing called?[View]
47415275Oh my fucking god NO https://news.google.com/articles/CBMiVmh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LmZvb2wuY29tL2ludmVzdGluZy…[View]
47398472QTDDTOT:: Last thread: >>>47364015 are Henry break barrels still accurate even though its a…[View]
47426202What lifting numbers before even attempting SOF? I don't wanna be a washout I have access to te…[View]
47413774/k/ino photo thread: ill start[View]
47419128New York Reloads: How practical are they really? Last time I made a thread I got laughed out of it B…[View]
47420741Is it possible to convert a tokarev barrel from 7.62x25 to 9mm or something else? I can’t find ammo …[View]
47417919How do you prefer your swords, anons? Curved, straight or recurved?[View]
47419733>I give thanks for all the arms, ammo, and armors I possessed. what are you thankful for?…[View]
47422378Self defense against ayys: So another one of those monoliths appeared in Hungary, hypothetically wou…[View]
47424377Than/k/sgiving: Happy Thanksgiving /k/, why not post your plate and the firearm you're most tha…[View]
47423607Why did no one get hit from this gunfire?: https://twitter.com/DejiAdesogan/status/13319791045608284…[View]
47416724AR recommendation: looking to buy a decent midrange AR that isnt super expensive, what do yall recom…[View]
47424111Was Kurt Angle right about the military? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8RCmxg-iGo&[View]
47424318should we all be panic buying?[View]
47425677Trips pick my next rifle: Must be ban state compatible and must be less than $900. If trips never co…[View]
47422076Just got my Nigerian passport which equals citizenship. In addition to purchasing land, I'm int…[View]
47410718Unpopular Opinions Thread: >lyudmila pavlichenko was nothing more than a battalion slampig whire …[View]
47419364What for brass knuckles do you recommend?: What for brass knuckles are the best?[View]
47424398Form 4 Delivery Times: Approved 11/17 told could take 45 days in the mail. WTF. What fucking snail m…[View]
47425274What's the most realistic depiction of ww3 'cold war gone hot scenario' in media? Be it books o…[View]
47422197/ZANUGEN/ BUSH WAR EDITION: Let us discuss the superiority of Chinese made Guns like the type 56 to …[View]
47396740Why is the Tonfa the best melee weapon choice? And why are bladed weapons overrated?[View]
47421154SBR's uppers and lowers: What's up /k/commandos! Okay, I'm building a new rifle and I…[View]
47424812What is a Good Deer Hunting Rifle?: Hunted quail as a kid, what is a good deer hunting rifle? Got th…[View]
47415631Do these faggots on armslist really expect us to pay $1 per round of 5.56? I like texting them and t…[View]
47418719Fuck the arsees edition >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jS…[View]
47418972Cuckland Specials: ITT: post guns that are pretty much exclusive to countries or states that have st…[View]
47419949Focke-Wulf 190: >'The Messerschmitt 109 and the British Spitfire, the two fastest fighters in wor…[View]
47418602Recent acquisitions thread: Got new furniture for my WASR. Had the Schofield for a couple months, I …[View]
47421748WW2 Minor Nations: Axis and Allies. Post. Discuss.[View]
47422894Choose your vehicle: Land, sea, or air?[View]
47398882Confess. >I go on reddit to buy gun parts sometimes[View]
47414677>*breaks the laws of physics* heh, nothin personnel Newton[View]
47422512french foreign legion: What are the requirements to join? Is having a shitty life enough? If anyone …[View]
47418200does anyone make: a tactical punt gun theres just something about sending 2 pounds of buckshot down…[View]
47421100So are these illegal now?: I'm so confused about the banter on this. I just want to make an AR …[View]
47420220Whats the best way to knife an unsuspecting person? I dont care if theres blood and a lot of screami…[View]
47411011How realistic are the engravings in Red Dead Redemption 2?[View]
47409552/gq/ - Gear Queer: Path To Enlightenment Edition >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6DGMbVi8 …[View]
47419510Of how much military value were/are the bunkers of Albania?[View]
47396650What watches does /k/ wear?[View]
47423713Best hand to hand for manlets: >inb4 just use a gun lol I’m a 5’5” and ~135lbs. I carry every day…[View]
47419093Happy Thanksgiving /k/[View]
47421826this thread is about this nice AK. you can not have it, unfortunately. none of us can.[View]
47422741/K/ what is the best .22 lever gun for my family member for Christmas: I'm a /biz/raeli so pls …[View]
47421830How would the GAU-8 Avenger fare as self-propelled artillery? Any other ideas for how the GAU-8 Aven…[View]
47423578Any fellow preppers here?: 19 year old here (for the record of discussion later in this text) I have…[View]
47423262Would a KV-2 be able to penetrate a modern tank's armor?[View]
47422906What the best 7.62 semi rifle for the money?[View]
47418185/arg/ - ar general: Bolt force edition Previous >>47413200[View]
47422327Newfag here looking to buy either a handgun (9mm or .45) and .45-70 rifle or 5.56/7.62 AR. My budget…[View]
47419097Are PT boats still a thing?[View]
47423027Considering the inability to continue using firearms past the point where you have access to ammunit…[View]
47401933>Looney tunes music starts playing https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/11/22/us-only-margina…[View]
47421753Anyone have any experience with hanks or beltmans gun belts? Looking at the steel core hanks or if i…[View]
47423190Will there ever be super-heavy bombers?: Currently, the aircraft with the highest maximum takeoff we…[View]
47422222Custom Holsters: I'm in need of a couple of holsters, what're some /k/ recommended compani…[View]
47416829Damn coldwar era mercs were so fucking cool[View]
47422419I want to replace my 12 ga pump for a .410, specifically for home defense and target practice. The 1…[View]
47420684Help me choose.: I do not yet have a full size handgun. I do have a rifle and a pocket 380. Choices …[View]
47414207So now what?[View]
47422904Black Powder Suppressors?: Could a suppressor be made for a black powder firearm? Not really asking …[View]
47419851Here's your Glock, bro.[View]
47421980strength training in horseback-based blunt and blade weapons: Does anyone here know enough about war…[View]
47421995Why havent you taken the black pill yet? (BLACK powder that is) I have a bunch of guns, but I am hav…[View]
47409713What's the dumbest thing you've ever seen someone do with a gun?[View]
47419286Canada General Not Fucked Up Edition: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://paste…[View]
47421273Not at home to check against my ammo by sight I'm not sure if the rounds are x39 or what. Can I…[View]
47411876(Dabs on the ATF)[View]
47420981Does ammunition even exist, Target sports sold out of 1440 round cases of steel case 9mm priced at $…[View]
47413372Naval Autist thread: Why the fuck are modern destroyers that displace around 10,000 tons not classif…[View]
47419502should i take a grinder to this to make it fit ? >and fill out appropriate paperwork? >dear at…[View]
47418100How would you best use an unsprung crossbow as weapon k? Earlier I heard across the street construct…[View]
47416435Trigger Tricks: AK Edition: There's several trigger mods and add ons for ar trigger groups but …[View]
47421095Got myself a surplus flak jacket similar to this one and it's pretty stiff. When I see old pict…[View]
47388310Sekret Santa - We're absolutely M.A.D.: Previous thread >>47364394 Batch 2 M.A.D. targets…[View]
47417054/wa/ Washiton general: They say ten day waiting period but it was longer last few times, how many da…[View]
47419361Marksmanship: How do I improve my rifle aim? Especially in standing position Any drills you'd r…[View]
47418414Bayonets: In an age where everyone is going to AR pistols and shorter carbines, you think having a l…[View]
47420196hey /k/ I have one of these blank firing pistols. It is very comfortable and I'm wondering what…[View]
47420231Lynx 12 parts compatibility with AK47: Hello frens & Happy Turkey day! Im getting an SDS Imports…[View]
47419076Post your firearms[View]
47414955What're your favorite gun fails? Be it bad guns, people who fuck up in epic ways, or just shit …[View]
47417493>sitting at stoplight >look to your right >see this What could you even do in this situatio…[View]
47418295I inherited a shotgun (Savage 124C, made in the 50s) and Im wondering if it would be okay to shoot w…[View]
47418517CIVILIAN HK416: Does anyone have a MR556? Where/How'd you get it? worth the money?[View]
47415104Precision target shooting?: What gun/caliber combo do you friends recommend for someone interested i…[View]
47413812My first 5.56 rifle: I made that post about buying 308 win ammo yesterday....well went into my local…[View]
47419667Help.: Hey /K/ I am somewhat new to guns and I live in a liberal state and as of 2019 it is illegal …[View]
47413792What does /k/ think about felons owning guns? Felons with a record of high moral standing can join t…[View]
47415485By this definition, a barrel is a silencer Prove me wrong[View]
47419625Sarth Effrican general: Discussion thread for SA gun owners. I just got my competency card back (sub…[View]
47421300Buyer Beware?: Does /k/ have experience buying a gun from someone you found online and having it shi…[View]
47418833What rifle accessories are genuinely useful and which are just tacticool larping?[View]
47413317>colt turns to shit in the 90s, stays shit >keltec is failed plastic vaporwave dog shit >Gl…[View]
47420986No subject: Happy Thanksgiving/k/ommandos heres a pic of my 18 inch 223 wylde I spray painted[View]
47419303German 'Engineering': Why is German military equipment shit in comparison to American and …[View]
47389229What gear do Russian conscripts get issued with?: Surely it can't just be a leather belt with a…[View]
47415812Geissele Automatics, LLC: Here’s your Geissele Automatics, LLC Super Modular Rail™ with Extra Super …[View]
47419922What's the point of a 'machine gun' that only holds 30 or even 20 (!!!) rounds?[View]
47419332unusual weapons thread post all your unusual weapons here discuss why they are great/stupid[View]
47412861Underwood XD: Are XD rounds just a meme? there was some study that shows that XD rounds performed b…[View]
47420851primary/secondary loadout bread: I laugh at you for having shit taste compared to me edition[View]
47394757ugliest prototype gun award goes to: i know we are burgers but why are we even considering thus fat …[View]
47411650Is there any other gun company that even comes close?: >oldest gun manufacturer on the planet …[View]
47413841Rate his setup[View]
47414317How does 556 penetrate more than 7.62 NATO?: Did some number crunching the other day and found that …[View]
47407936How does /k/ feel about the AR-18 and AR-180?[View]
47417081POORFAG THREDA: Hey /k/, I saw a thread talking about ARs being sold for under 800? Was it true? poo…[View]
47419857something weird here am i retarded? do you see anything?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oxhDkYW3V0…[View]
47419558What model rifle: Can a kind individual tell me what the model of this rifle is?[View]
47417494Got my dad a Keltech Sub 2000 as a gift, because he's retiring from the Sheriffs department. He…[View]
47416942>guy had a gun to his head >STAHP ER WEH'LL SHEWCHEW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lvb…[View]
47396523You’ve been shot, who would you rather have stabilize you untold you can be Evacuated, a combat medi…[View]
47419673Is there a more aesthetically pleasing M16 variant than the C7A1? Flat top receiver with A2 handguar…[View]
47419734>come home from range >clean guns >hands smell like oil and gunpowder smoke for the rest of…[View]
47416172/ck/ user here. I'm looking at medivial knives and what not and noticed alot of sword replica c…[View]
47410597How does warfare in mountains work? What do you do if the enemy blows up everything accessible? Sieg…[View]
47410388how old were you when you realized grayman was a stupid meme that just made you a soft target to be …[View]
47403643/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Pirate Hoard Edition >Thread #1142 Old thread here >>473…[View]
47419363I'm surprised that Ruger...: Hasn't offered a carbine in 5.7x28mm yet, it could be made to…[View]
47404821Iowa reactivation: Alright /k/, China starts shit and WW3 is about to begin, Orange Man says he is r…[View]
47415829Who makes the most aesthetic 10' 300 BLK uppers? Ive never considered getting a 300blk, but theyre r…[View]
47417768Knife/Sword Collection: Requesting /k/'s Knife guys. Cleaning out my fathers old Knife/Sword co…[View]
47413013Chinese YJ-18 AShM: Look at this BIG BOI.[View]
47415683Hesco Threat Matrix: Can anyone explain this abomination of a threat matrix? An unfilled square is N…[View]
47418765The ongoing Pentagon and special forces shake-up...: What does it all mean? Why do this now? https:/…[View]
47418424Was this the biggest cluster fuck of the cold war?[View]
47410488Does /k/ like the Mosin Nagant?[View]
47416107You own one right?[View]
47412888Does anyone here know what DLTRM stands for, in relation to missiles, or the defense industry? I…[View]
47414167Do you guys name your guns like they names legendary weapons in olden times?[View]
47401965**Holiday Deals Thread**: Post all deals/sales here[View]
47417218What are the most aesthetic legal, not-too-difficult guns to buy?[View]
47415508I've never fired a gun before. What kind of tactical training do I need to survive the downfall…[View]
47415557Why on the right?: Hope /k/ is the correct place to ask this, but why is the officer in the video dr…[View]
47397172X-Ray from a hit with RIP-ammo: Patient survived, although he needed a temporal colostomy because on…[View]
47408564:( i still cry[View]
47404052Are women a liability in war?[View]
47409906With the impending magazine capacity limit will .45 become king again?[View]
47417400/k/ builds guns: rate my shit http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/app.php[View]
47407594Infidel Clone: Quick Review for anyone interested >Pros: $60 vs $420 Flawless blade deployment St…[View]
47414704Tasmanian Tiger PC: Finally received my Tasmanian Plate carrier, and now I can harness the Tasmanian…[View]
47409745So the ammo and gun shortage is going to last forever right?[View]
47417746Where my Arex chads at?: How does it feel to have a Sig right now, rather than affordable Slovenian …[View]
47417685S&W ez is easy: Would there be a way to make another handgun slide like the ez? Let’s say an m19…[View]
47413200/arg/ - AR general: Dark Friday edition.[View]
47392208/BRG/ Battle Rifle General: /BRG/ #118 Natural Habitat Edition SCAR>M1A>Galil>PTR>AR-10…[View]
47365944Binocular nightvision, is it really worth it?: Shitty binos or top tier monocular? AGM NVG-40 NL2 or…[View]
47416646Jim Gant did nothing wrong[View]
47405967/pdwg/ Personal Defense Weapon General: I constantly see threads for AR's and AK's and han…[View]
47416886Fat dweeb here watching my brothers house right now A few minutes ago someone knocked on the door It…[View]
47416188Why is the AK platform full of soul?[View]
47410878Economical Monocular NVG or NV Scope: Hello /k/ I have a little bit of a hog problem and the fellas …[View]
47399315WHEN IS PRODUCTION GOING TO RAMP UP? Didnt they learn their lessons with last two shortages?[View]
47414905Hello. It is Pol's favorite Mischling. When it comes to rifles, I own a shitty DPMS. It never …[View]
47412725Whos at the range?: >Walk into empty club range >Hauling all my shit >See there is some 223…[View]
47416000Gun Chad here. I have a friend who has never used a gun before but wants to be prepared. What kind o…[View]
47414957Forget about Just As Good™, what is Good Enough™?[View]
47411740Rate this shooting https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pCbGJ09Fm2Y 1:04[View]
47413583I’m looking to buy myself an “in-betweener” (in between my pistol and AR) fun gun for around $1500. …[View]
47416338Guns That Deserve To Be Banished Into The Shadow Realm: You've read the subject. Post em.…[View]
4741236120rnd mag > 30rnd mag[View]
47412293Why: Am I the only one who likes this?[View]
47416617Yuro deers now have guns https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/11/25/Deer-steals-hunters-gun-flees-into…[View]
47413817Canada General - Tunnellers edition: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pasteb…[View]
47415108Hey k I wanna mod my IMO uzi to full auto got any kinks to how to do it or do you guys know how[View]
47414206So I have an original WW2 Kar98 Sniper in my possession though I don't own it. The troubling th…[View]
47415713Quality vs Quantity: What's more important K, having a bunch of low to medium quality firearms,…[View]
47415993Is this wear on the cam lug something to worry about? Should I sell this rifle?[View]
47397690did a drill instructor di or a trainer go too far during boot camp what happened to them? also any s…[View]
47416271What is the best ammo for firing at Vietkong?[View]
47415227show cool looking guns: hello /k/ show me some weapons with cool designs, can be from irl or vidya. …[View]
47415003Hans! Did you hear that? That distinctive 'ping' sound would indicate an American soldier …[View]
47412105What is the best folder: Under 50 dollars, and why is it the Voyager with the 4 inch flat ground cli…[View]
47414341Watched this guy in the hearing today; absolutely on fire. The guy is a total badass Can we have a …[View]
47406851Pic not related Give your pepes that prove you are a /k/omando[View]
47400299why aren't you watching the latest drop from popular front RIGHT NOW, anon? https://www.youtube…[View]
47415819What is the name of the real life equivalent of this fucking sight, i knew the name but i forgot and…[View]
47368754/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Saturday Night Edition Previous >>47329363 >IRC Channe…[View]
47409961Why did European doctrine hold that .32ACP and even .25ACP were perfectly suitable EDC calibers unti…[View]
47414045Hello /k/, Forgive the open ended question, new fag here. Are there any guns similar to the USFA ZIP…[View]
47414774Airguns.: Are they good starters for people who are just getting into guns? >Pic related are min…[View]
47410024Is the combat knife the evolution of the rapier? Is the bayonet on a rifle the evolution of the pole…[View]
47414162Oh look, more uncertainty from the ATF about arm braces. Looks like all of you are back in the same …[View]
47405781Is the G43 actually good?: Does anybody actually like the G43? it seems like a shitty version of the…[View]
47413526Fun fact during WWI SMLE receivers kept on blowing up and mutilating their user's faces so a Ne…[View]
47414623BP conversion - can it be done?: would it be possible to convert a nerf maverick into a bp revolver?…[View]
47399042Ask me for a uniform and perhaps I could find and post it here[View]
47412591Steal his Loadout: Frying pan with kitchen knife, had to get the whole police dept. on his ass. Vide…[View]
47411862I'm a filthy noguns but recently had an attempted break-in. How much should one pay for a firea…[View]
47385643Any Iraq and Afghanistan vets here?: Tell us some stories, will ya?[View]
47414747Why did the military stop using mechas after WWI?[View]
47409518>order a few small parts last night at 1:52 am >shipping notification at 7:39 am this morning …[View]
47414867Where do I get started with FALs? I own an AR, AK, shotgun, pistols, and bolt actions. FAL seems lik…[View]
47402583WHERE THE FUCK DID I PUT MY GUN?: Post yfw you cant remember where you left your carry gun in your h…[View]
47414458Nu /k/: A third of the threads up wouldn't exist if people just read the fucking stickies.. inc…[View]
47414384Buying a kit: Im moving to Texas in a few months, and I've been trying to get ahold of a gun si…[View]
47413956Post a sexier 1911 for under $1,000. Pro tip, you cant[View]
47414236best battle rifle?: things I have >AR >AK >.308 hunting/precision rifle >multiple milsur…[View]
47413139>greatest fighter plane ever built >no actual dogfighting has happened in like 70 years What w…[View]
47394557ITT: your favorite 22LR firearms Hard mode: no 10/22s or model 60s For me it’s the Marlin XT-22[View]
47413431Warlock: Is this worth the 300$[View]
47405394Who here went through the process of buying a 1911 from the CMP? How long did it take to get yours? …[View]
47405253Hello k what do you think is the better sub machine gun mp5 or uzi[View]
47410217consecrated weapons today: What range/melee weapons would be considered consecrated/holy by the toda…[View]
47412891can you apply this to a sniper rifle: its an invisible ultra violet laser pointer. im hoping with th…[View]

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