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42671558Anyone have this? I have the old version about the su-27: The first book was about the su-27 family.…[View]
42670922US Troops will deploy immediately to Saudi Arabia, UAE: https://apnews.com/053d4cacb6844de584f6a680d…[View]
42672911Got any good places to buy a Kar98 for a good price?[View]
42671043Bruh moment: Bruh moment https://youtu.be/wD4KjYZArLk[View]
42663639What is a good carry gun for a Catholic priest?[View]
42662065Best Camo for this enviroment?: Appalachian mountains. thick tree cover where it stay fairly dark ev…[View]
42670185MQ-25 takes first flight: https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2019/09/19/the-us-navys-new-autonomous-r…[View]
42664704>will Gun Culture as we know it survive another decade in the US?[View]
42668277If I trained my kids to play the grenadiers march on fife and drums and switched my HD weapon to a b…[View]
42666636My first knife: Used to collect knives when I was a edgy teen decades ago, never had anything decent…[View]
42670146Rifle Recommendations: Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for a recommendation fo…[View]
42641149>Good Evening Admiral >The reception of the new type 3’s are overwhelmingly negative >It lo…[View]
42669451Could you make a box-shaped cartridge fire a round bullet, letting you pack more powder than round c…[View]
42667419Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42669846I want to get a lever action Marlin but I am poor I was thinking of getting the 336 in .30-.30 but I…[View]
42669848>watching youtube video >youtuber refers to ar15 looking rifle as 'Assualt rifle' also >ref…[View]
42670097Anyone else do some recent upgrades?: just upgraded to a Geissele auto super charging handle, not go…[View]
42662869I 1639 Free Online Certificate: To purchase a semiautomatic in WA you need this cert. Get it for fre…[View]
42668838Full Auto: The hughes amendment is and always was an illegal infringement of our 2nd amendment right…[View]
42668196So this is spooks testing next gen Internet warfare technology, right? There's no way something…[View]
42671720Bringing my firearm camping in California: My buddies got there hunting license to go hunting up in …[View]
42670248Are regular 9mm hi point mags interchangeable between pistols and carbines?[View]
42657002My gf is looking for a compact or even full-sized pistol for concealed carry. She has small hands so…[View]
42666336Big bore ARs: Looking for suggestion and discussion of big bore ARs. Goal is a bigbore AR pistol 7.5…[View]
42663158Why do nations do stupid shit like this? The more I see this the more blatantly obvious it comes tha…[View]
42665387I'm in the UK. 21. I want to go about getting a shotgun. Why doesnt matter. How can I do this w…[View]
42656810It's about time for deer season. Post your comfy /innawoods/ hunting kit.: I posted for bow sea…[View]
42663810Best place to get PSA rifles?: Where'd you get yours? Is it cheapest online or can you find goo…[View]
42654827Retro Tacticool: What are best examples of retro setups that are tacticool. Bonus points for posting…[View]
42671428So when youre buying from a private seller from a site like AK files, do you send each other a copy …[View]
42668073/k/ Fitness: What kind of fitness regimes do elite operators maintain? Is it possible to maintain a …[View]
42667682Why does the Sten magazine (and the Bergmann, for that matter) feed from the side and not the bottom…[View]
42669724/k/ that kid thread: >that kid who shot his dad with a 22lr in the ass on accident >that kid w…[View]
42670668The year is 1930. After a struggle between warlords and some foreign meddling, an independent republ…[View]
42670805New Akinci HALE Turkish turboprop drone with a payload of 1.5 tonnes and +40 hours endurance. Will b…[View]
42663440The MP17 and Flux Defense in general: The promo videos are pretty fucking cringe but the actual prod…[View]
42670758Aesthetic Wars that never happened: Could there have been a more aesthetic war than Vietnam if histo…[View]
42669067Redpill me on the CZ PCR: I own glocks, but looking to branch out and the PCR seems to be a great ca…[View]
42657896F: An icon leaves us. Germany is actively retiring the MG 3 now, with the H&K MG 5 taking it…[View]
42666845>having more guns and mags than you can carry in SHTF I don't see the point in this. You can…[View]
42658720how did you get tinnitus?[View]
42670129Addicts/Enthusiasts thread: For serious addicts only. How many funs do you buy a year? How much ammo…[View]
42663125About to sign a Rep 63, I've wanted this for a really long time, I'm about to age out so I…[View]
42667481Post newly obtained weapons pls[View]
42665158Area 51 Thread: https://youtu.be/lP3uFOnpv5Q Is anyone here going to watch the Area 51 raid? Because…[View]
42658082Colt insider here. The CK 901 is planned to be the big return to commercial market if the contracts …[View]
42664600What's a good boog shotgun? I need to know if I should buy something new.[View]
42666138AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/: Pisston Edition - Post your pisstons Old: >…[View]
42659225>wife’s mother is coming to visit >have to put away my guns for the weekend…[View]
42651769>Henry finally adds a side gate >Its in fudd caliber only JDIMSA when will henry realize that …[View]
42650627What's the first gun you ever held? For me it was a Liberator[View]
42632727post based images[View]
42668550home defense situations: Hey Yall /k I read so much topics about home defense weapons but have you e…[View]
42660048How bad are your range rules?[View]
42668140How do I find a woods to shoot in? Just drive and go to a bunch of trees? What laws should I look ou…[View]
42661264What are /k/ essentials. If I have gun oil and a bore brush am I set?[View]
42664685Gun phases: What is a gun you liked when you were younger but now are like why did I like it >fn …[View]
42664649Can we legally own grenade launchers? If so wtf would we civilians even shoot out of them?[View]
42666610what would happen if you replaced the bullet in a bullet casing with chocolate? would it still be le…[View]
42666421SHTF common civilian weapons?: Sup, /tg/ refugee here, I want to ask some expert advice from you guy…[View]
42667484/k/ statues and monuments: I'll dump some Russian ones. Post some from your country.[View]
4266807480% lowers: How hard is it realistically to mill out an 80% lower? I have no drill press, i've …[View]
42667604>tfw 14 year old cousin got hi point rifle for his first gun and posts edgy shit on his instagram…[View]
42665874ID on drones: /k/ you get to be useful today. /pol/ needs an ID on the crashed drones supposedly res…[View]
42667886What's wrong with the Challenger 2? /k/ doesn't seem to rate it at all.[View]
42651631iran's army is only slightly above africa tire and even then its not much convince me how we w…[View]
42665778Can a durian be used as a weapon? Club?[View]
42662520First purchase thread: So I live here now for school, and I'm from out of state, wanna pop the …[View]
42652138'I'm assembling a crew.': 'Only the best need apply.'[View]
42641630What's the best Ancient Roman weaponry?[View]
42653345Unbullpup Weapons Thread: Show weapons that are treated in the normal way[View]
42665136Is this true? I'm having a hard time believing that zero soldiers died from air attack in Vietn…[View]
42661293the ultimate team: Very nice military plane thread thread[View]
42661733Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42655843/k/ vidya Ace Combat 7's mini-campaign trailer dropped, first mission coming out next week http…[View]
42665408Artillery Thread: Posting my pics. Only redpilled replies allowed.[View]
42664949Why don’t the government allow me to own submachine guns? How would I suppressive fire during an amb…[View]
42666478Alright, who the fuck makes civilian legal m60s. I'll settle for semi auto, they are just so da…[View]
42662068In the sport of paintball, shooters often engage in a skill known as 'walking the trigger'…[View]
42644870Realistically, would it even be possible for an ad-hoc American citizen militia to storm Area 51?[View]
42666909>parking lot security >some fag driving a bmw couldnt validate his ticket >comes up to the…[View]
42624110/k/ommunications general: /k/ommunications general Old Thread: >>42610796 Radio thread? Radio …[View]
42666498Modern Day Marine Expo: I am stationed at Quantico and recently attended the Modern Day Marine Expo;…[View]
42666339Can you do with just one shotgun?: So /k/ I am currently no guns and looking to get a shotgun and st…[View]
42660424serious question from a new gun owner:: what is the difference between a military spec rifle and a …[View]
42657290U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan: The attack on Wednesday night also …[View]
42665436As we all know the european theatre was a lot more important than the pacific and the Germans were a…[View]
42664107Colt wins new government M4 contract: FN BTFO 'Colt's Manufacturing Co. LLC, West Hartford, Con…[View]
42664407What can we learn from this? https://youtu.be/Yx4osljrMkA[View]
42662248Can anyone give me a lowdown on cane swords? Found a beauty that looks exactly like this. $30. The b…[View]
42662183Beretta 9mm pistols as a starting pistol. If is is good enough for the US Army then it might be that…[View]
42650543This is the USS Atlanta: Say something nice about her.[View]
42665275Going shooting for first time tomorrow. Any tips?[View]
42665616Hey k. No guns yourpoor here. I dont usually post on this board but wanted to ask a guestion. I hear…[View]
42663464hey guys i'm looking for /k/ but on the dark web a forum, or something some website some group…[View]
42657292Gun Show Finds: Last week I went to the gun show in Tucson. I though i would post what I bought and …[View]
42651381How do I buy one of these without my shit being traced? Do I have to use Bitcoin or some shit?[View]
42631623Camo General /CG/: looking for nice goretex jackets, like the reversible ecwcs with Desert IR camo…[View]
42665144why isn't there a 12 gauge vz-58?[View]
42664045Never owned a gun: I want one dont know what to start with I've shot M4 MP5 Glock 9 What do yo…[View]
42661671Picked up a Colt 901 new a few weeks ago...now with Colt stopping production, it’s gone up in value …[View]
42665298Whitney Webb & Adam Green on Red Flag tech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yORzKz6ZvKg Skip to …[View]
42665391XM500: Fucking when? It's been 14 years.[View]
42662283Colt 1903 Pocket: Hammer or hammerless? .38 ACP or .32 ACP?[View]
42653697/NVG/ Night vision general: >Help a newfag point me in the right direction for a quality set of …[View]
42665215>Well, Anon. I've done your background checks, and nothing was flagged that would disqualify…[View]
42665067“conceptual design phase” cycle for Project AZM is complete, and the first configuration “will go th…[View]
42617603QTDDTOT - Super Lube Edition: Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. Post yours and hop…[View]
42648880/k/ursed images[View]
42663602Elysium AKM practical?: This AKM fires exploding bullets and has a holosight, aiming laser, and rang…[View]
42664651Meat cleaver: I'm desperate anon, is a meat cleaver a good weapon for street fighting?[View]
42661374Fishing With A Gun: Whats the best gun for the job?[View]
42661138utility helicopters[View]
42664968Hypothetical Venezuelan Coup/Overthrow plan: So, hypothetically, if one were to stage a coup or atte…[View]
42664954hey, i have a guy wanting to trade me a sig 226 legion + $100 for my vector arms uzi pistol in 9mm, …[View]
42664325Face camo thread: ITT we discuss innawoods makeup so /k/ looks nice and pretty for the big luau Als…[View]
42656640Saudi Patriot & Aegis don’t match their advertised properties, unfit for real comb: Is this true…[View]
42663655Ight heard this was the place to ask this buying my first gun soon, got about 1k usd to blow. I…[View]
42654816Should I bother getting a 1911 for less than $1,000 or should I just save for something really nice?[View]
42647902/arg/ AR15 general: Dont act like women hurt by a real man Edition >>42643126[View]
42664285Zastava shotty: Local gat shop has a zastava sxs for $300. Lockup feels right and bore is clean. Sho…[View]
42655553It weighs about as much as Mini Uzi. Is the short barreled AK viable as PDW?[View]
42663092Will the Chemrail from Elysium be practical in real life?: The Chemrail gun from Elysium is it a goo…[View]
42663090Kel-Tec: Whats /K/'s opinion on Kel-Tec?[View]
42660448Anyone have an AKM built from a parts kit? I'm trying to get as close to a real Russian AKM as …[View]
42664364https://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/argument_calendars/MonthlyArgumentCalDecember2019.pdf Wi…[View]
42664272Primary and secondary thread.[View]
42660701Which is safer to use? A Liberator 3D printed gun or a Glock 7 made of Porcelain?[View]
42662807Just Post The Most Aesthetic War Photos You Have.: Photos From The War On Terror Preferably.[View]
42660953Why hasn't firearms development kept up with other tech like electronics? Why aren't there…[View]
42663362Where do I find a ak74: Im am looking for a ak74. Is there any under 1,000 dollars and if so where f…[View]
42654282West Papua: Should Australia, New Zealand and the other island nations make a coalition to kick the …[View]
42657210Why aren't moon-sized space battlestations with planet destroying capabilities a thing yet? Wha…[View]
42660494What went wrong?[View]
42663190Glcok owners pls report: I've googled my dick off but cant find a straight answer anywhere, cou…[View]
42662782For me it's 10mm, the BEST conceal carry cartridge[View]
42661615Firing Pin Impressions: Need some help, /k/, as this is not my area of expertise at all. I've b…[View]
42658362S-300 and S-400 failed to detect kike planes over Syria: >Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems…[View]
42641008Should I get a .357 lever action as my first rifle? If so, what should I expect to pay for it?[View]
42660730Target and Distance: First time going to the range in almost a year. I'm rusty AF. >10 yards…[View]
42663267How come the patriot system was BTFO by mere drones you get from amazon?[View]
42660596dem drones: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTDYsyHvg4I >birds are on the way to 'apprehend' …[View]
42658401Why dont more specops carry one?: Seems like you can eliminate a few tools with 1--spade, bayonet, h…[View]
42656494How do YOU plan to handle a misfunction in a defensive shooting?: Do you just practice clearing malf…[View]
42662172Why aren't drum magazines more common for light machine guns in supporting elements? Why does, …[View]
42662423UTS 15: /k/, did they fix the top rail yet?[View]
42663242What the hell is this thing /k/?[View]
42661680What are the gun laws like where you live? Here there's a law making it necessary to own a gun …[View]
42660777MP5 clones: Hey lads I wanna get a MP5 clone, but I am only 18 is there anything I can do to get one…[View]
42653271Which one of these big choppers should I use as my innawoods knife? I'm in the pan handle and w…[View]
42624457/gq/ - gear queer: Then I Freaked it Edition >General guide https://pastebin.com/9WAeRYA8 Previou…[View]
42650763Free Men for Free Booms: https://www.atf.gov/explosives/binary-explosives?fbclid=IwAR34n0b_VPAahOiY_…[View]
42658284I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
42663009ITT: Empty mar/k/eting buzzwords: >tactical >milspec >aircraft-grade >military grade…[View]
42661902SIG P365: I'm looking into getting a compact pistol for concealed carry and it seems like my lo…[View]
42662650https://www.rmf24.pl/fakty/news-mazowsze-zolnierz-zaatakowal-siekiera-ciezarna-zone,nId,3211698 Poli…[View]
42662588How does 7.65 Argentine stack up against other common first generation smokeless boltgun rounds?[View]
42661501What do you guys think of the Meprolight? My local gunsmith is milling out my 1911 slide and install…[View]
42657854is this a viable concept?: could there be a reloadable lightweight twin launcher? does such a thing …[View]
42641288Patch Thread v. Slaving Away in the Patch Mines: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Prev…[View]
42662633https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1X5eJPNZYM&list=WL&index=122 Since when do pigs use suppres…[View]
42661505Work Place Firearms: > be me > Finally get job > Gotmoney.mp3 > Live in bad neighborhood…[View]
42661794How important is height and muscle in war scenerio?[View]
42656622What is the appeal with anime x guns?[View]
42662456Best weapon for Honourable Mountain Lion Melee Combat?: I will be going into the area of Mountain Li…[View]
42659706Gun painting: Hey I'm looking to get a Gucci paint job on some of my guns, no homo. I never had…[View]
42662394Osprey Publishing books: Anybody ever read these? Are they worth the money?[View]
42634463Trusting Your Gut: Ever had that sinking feeling that something wasn't right, and it turned out…[View]
42658197What is the right way to carry and walk with an assault rifle?[View]
42660233hello '''/k''' i'm making low poly gun models for a game i'm developing, this is the mp5k.…[View]
42646827Is stolen valor a meme: >tfw veteran fag said 'stolen valor' in walmart for me wearing camo pants…[View]
42658103What's /k/ thought on 10m ISSF target shooting ?: What are your thoughts on the equipment and t…[View]
42661334Unconventional war is the standard now. Conventional war is no longer the convention. How does this …[View]
42651772Canada General: Arabian Nights Edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebi…[View]
42647707/meg/ Military Enlistment General: ENVG-B edition LAYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY = Rooty Tooty LOYING …[View]
42639740best recruiting ads: Post GOD tier recruiting ads that make you want to join up RIGHT NOW https://y…[View]
42661308Lets get some quality military grade waifus goin /k/omrades[View]
42658259I own a bunch of pistols and a few rifles with iron sights but don't know a single thing about …[View]
42661500>twist rate is faster than 1:56'[View]
42656417/k/amping: Howdy /k/, I haven't been here in a longass time. I've been wanting to go campi…[View]
42661307turned 18 a few months ago I have no experience with guns and want to buy one to shoot for fun what …[View]
42645432Would you want to work as a bodyguard, /k/? What would your service pistol be?[View]
42661267What are iran defensive tactics and military equipment in case of war?[View]
42658031>Place steel core 5.56 into 7.62 sabots >Load sabot into .32 SW long cartridges >load the c…[View]
42660911I want a draco or a baby k with a cooling system on it what do I get[View]
42656359What does /k/ think?: https://youtu.be/ENw2y0ek1Jg It’s several days old but i’d like to know what y…[View]
42640403Red Pill me on Lever Action Guns: Looking at a Henry repeating lever action, probably one of the che…[View]
42660869Why no break barrel bullpup?: A break barrel single shot bullpup with skill can be reloaded and fire…[View]
42661033Which 12 gauge is best?: Hello /k/ommandos, I’m looking into buying my first gun and have decided on…[View]
42657667AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ - Gone Swimming Edition: Post wet rifles Old: …[View]
42659913atlantic m10: how are these rifles? Ive heard good things about atlantic and was considering getting…[View]
42660564What are the defensive capabilities of Yemen versus the saudi army?[View]
42660331Wearing in an over/under shotgun: So I bought pic related in 20ga for pretty cheap to lend to my gf …[View]
42655453Belgian F-16 crashes in France: https://apnews.com/fd5a26b550a94edb964b16edf3b6b0b5[View]
42654130What's objectively the best MBT in current service?[View]
42632274Australia announced finalists for the Land 400 Phase 3: >The Commonwealth has shortlisted Rheinme…[View]
42652883Is it okay to shoot .22LR in the house?[View]
42640313Knives thread: The absolute peak of knife design[View]
42660043How effective would this technique be in real gun warfare?[View]
42651630How many of these should I own? How many ruger 10/22's should I own? serious question btw I don…[View]
42660487Finland decided today to proceed to buy four Pohjanmaa-class multipurpose ships, which are supposed …[View]
42660542Colt ending AR productions: Colt is ending AR15 productions which sounds like caving into the 'AR15 …[View]
42652351How do you prepare for not SHTF but a slow deterioration into gangland Brazil/Mexico?[View]
42653005im moving into a bad neighborhood soon and i want some protection but im not tryna kill anybody, i…[View]
42660210you got a a loicence for that gun?[View]
42658973Post your sword collections, swordbros.[View]
42649954Realistically what are the chances of Colorado lifting the mag ban? I've been wanting to move o…[View]
42660165What are some Greyman /k/inos?[View]
42659821Uts 15: Was thinking about buying one, did they fixed the problems they had with earlier gens?…[View]
42645301Stone Age: How would you arm yourself if you were sent back to the stone age? you DO know how to wor…[View]
42659838Panzer 12 gauge: Worth $530 USD Anyone have one?[View]
42656491me and a friend are thinking of opening a medieval weapons virtual store, any anon have experience w…[View]
42657653Seriously though, why do Belgians keep wrecking their F-16s?[View]
42659180FREE WA I1639 Training for /k/: So WA bros now have to live with I1639 at best for the near future. …[View]
42659326Blank Fire M16: Hi, I want a blank fire gun for a movie and for general messing around with. I know …[View]
42659496Timpa: Post Timpa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAtu6vMqIxjFOAuegwpPYNA Timpa is a crazy fin on Y…[View]
42652822Are screwdriver tips memes? They seem incredibly effective for handgun rounds, even Paul 'Green and …[View]
42656183What's the consensus on muzzle devices on carry guns?[View]
42653454My angled foregrip irritates my wrist. Are they this un-ergonomic, or do I just have onions wrists?[View]
42656187the world of double guns is so vast and complex how does one find something specific?[View]
42643056Russia to build Helicopter Carrier: https://tass.com/defense/1078606 I didn’t think they could downg…[View]
42628171Tell me about the Type 99: How does China's Type 99 tank measure up against other modern MBTs?…[View]
42657232What would be your perfect long-range riflescope reticle?[View]
42653321What is your most fun gun?: Which of your guns do you have the most fun with?[View]
42658556Post guns you've shot but don't own: >buttfuckly rich bubba at the range let me shoot h…[View]
42658649Semi-Automatic Shotgun: I've been thinking of getting a semi-auto shotgun sometime, and I'…[View]
42643804HOW THE FUCK IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!?: https://youtu.be/yqzZRgbt8rs This fucking guy must be have no…[View]
426588289/19: Today's 9/19! Say something nice about one of the worlds most popular rounds[View]
42639753medical marijuana and guns: according to federal law, medical marijuana card holders are barred from…[View]
42658750https://youtu.be/Km0PF108KEI Start about 7:42 What would cause a baffle strike on a muzzle device?[View]
42658575Britfag here, what can I salvage for a weapon?[View]
42653357What pistol does Chad use?: Self explanatory. Post cash money pistols only true chads would use.…[View]
42656716Would the Pipe Pistol from Fallout actually work in the real world?: Discuss.[View]
42649236/k/ Humor Thread.[View]
42653468can someone ID this?[View]
42654657What will be your primary and secondary when the boogaloo hits?[View]
42651377How true is this?[View]
42646933Offset Sights: Are offset sights a meme? I was thinking about putting some (non-Chinesium) 45 degree…[View]
42627408Welcome to Hi Fry the Sci Fi gun shop: How can I help you?[View]
42649386How would I go about Liberating a 155mm cannon Display: Remembered this post https://desuarchive.org…[View]
42656249ever do a private sale and find kut the guy is a /k/ommando? i always end up baneposting with people…[View]
42657593The weapon I found: Hello /K/ommandoes, I've found this weapon when I was cleaning my granpa…[View]
42651465Why aren't hovertanks a thing?: All terrain vehicle. Concrete obstacles aren't a real chal…[View]
42657434ITT: Autistic Home Defense methods: Alright thundercunts, lets have some fun I'll start >Be …[View]
42657448>Be Saudi Arabia >get attacked >make the US military your mercenary army for hire >sit b…[View]
42651748Why the actual FUCK hasn't anybody made one of these things yet with an M16 trigger group cutou…[View]
42651481guys, what the hell is a personal resource center? is this all the gear I would need? apparently you…[View]
42648169Purchasing the first: Which one of these three in pic related is best option? Or should I go for all…[View]
42653077Is 25 too old to join the Navy?: Pic related[View]
42640804Does anyone have the image of a screenshot of a story about someone's discussion with their col…[View]
42656841Anyone here work for a defense contractor? What should I expect? I figured I'd ask here since …[View]
42650718/arg/ AR General Tripfag Development Group: Hot off the Press Edition OLD >>42647887[View]
42656095*crack* *sip* >Now Able Archer '83... ZAT was close call, comrade!…[View]
42641212Lets play a game /k/: Ok so i'll describe a firearm and Other /k/ommandos can guess. It wasn…[View]
42656270Happy 9mm Luger Day: Wishing everyone a happy 9mm Luger day. To celebrate,post all the finest crafte…[View]
42641829Innawoods loadouts[View]
426560775.45 mags: Where did all the quality 5.45 mags go? I can't find circle 10s anywhere in stock, …[View]
42650997For $199, is this the best budget set of NODs? How do they compare to the real deal? Anyone have the…[View]
42655598/k/ Loadout: Post your loadouts, /k/omrades[View]
42656082So I thought these YouTube gun trainers were some special operations unit dudes from the 90's T…[View]
42654206Gun Books Thread: What are your favorite books and authors for guns? Bonus if they are better writer…[View]
42655989/k/ please help. I'm a chairforce box kicker in Afghanistan and my shop keeps flagging me with …[View]
42651804>be in basic >mail call >bunk mate gets a picture of a cowboy in undies in a letter from hi…[View]
42650066This is a really nice round.[View]
42655771What can you tell me about the West German military during the cold war[View]
42655109*BOOM*: >POLICE GIVE UP YOUR GUNS wat do /k/[View]
42654102I'm too old to join the police?: I will turn 22 the next year[View]
42647925Buy Glock 19. Perfection.[View]
42642323What do you guys think about my grey man load out?[View]
42600194/bsg/ Ban State General: Locked In Here With Me Edition: If you live in CA, MA, NY, NJ, MD, IL, CT, …[View]
42642730Anyone here like itty bitty guns.[View]
42645323Black Panthers Arsenal: Anyone have how the Black Panthers got their weapons and what they usually u…[View]
42651937Why is this shit always backwarbs???[View]
42655689Hello comrades its russian gun manufacturers holiday: Give your russian guns nice pat and show them …[View]
42643776Is this good for home defense?[View]
42651278/k/ Music: Post your most /k/ommando music here. TFW you realize that Take Me Home, Country Roads, r…[View]
42655489Barrel length and gas systems: Can somebody explain to me how shortening a rifle's barrel affec…[View]
42637334This thing is a fucking dream. I thought it would be a gimmick because of the robocop esque design, …[View]
42640516Armor Piercing Handgun ammo: What exactly is the legality of armor penetrating pistol caliber ammuni…[View]
42635346>work started 1999 >launched 2013 >in service 2023 Why does it take India 24 years to make …[View]
42655010I've heard alot that the m14 is trash but never why. I can see that reliability could be an iss…[View]
42641567This is a hypothetical question. How can one man armed with AR-15 with body armor escape the SWAT te…[View]
42650353PMC: Congratulations Anon, You are now a Private Military Contractor, your Mercs now have access to …[View]
42654927Which Battle Buddy do you pick?: SHTF and it’s even more violent than you feared/hoped. The plane ju…[View]
42649184My bonus: Boss sent this as a bonus Heavier than expected and lots of hand engraving[View]
42652658>mfw I tell people CZ P-10C is just as good as Glock[View]
42650704Is there any reason not to choose a quality bullpup rifle over an AR15 or similar conventional rifle…[View]
42654667Muh Herse Logo: Press S to spit on this company's grave >was the driving force behind 'Smart…[View]
42627552What’s your opinion on homemade NVG, Good enough for boar hunting?[View]
42654611How are you prepping for the boogaloo?[View]
42647120Flash hider vs Muzzle break.: Can someone explain the difference between these two? Is one better to…[View]
42647423WASR: Is it >W.A.S.R. >Was-R >Wah-sir >Way-zer >Wa-ser >Wuh-sir >AK47 Help me o…[View]
42654353Just bought a LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit and billet lower. 4-6 months on back order. Does anyone have …[View]
42644504/Gear Fear/- Vietnam Edition: Stuff from the late 50's to 70's early 80's stuff is al…[View]
42654208Warzone live part 2! Go to snapchat, go on the camera screen, pull down from the top of the screen, …[View]
42634666Walther PPQ: Best striker fired handgun ever made?[View]
42654202Facepaint: Saw this video where they discuss facepaint. https://youtu.be/YpzUr3twW4Q The South Korea…[View]
42646084MSNBC wants your opinion. http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/poll-do-you-think-people-should-be-allowed-carr…[View]
42654016When considering aim and stability: Why do so many people ignore the largest muscle in their body? W…[View]
42637478Based boomers: Lots of boomer hate on here let's talk about the good ones >be a zoomer >…[View]
42653049Meanwhile on 1949 /k/...[View]
42650732>retarded but still gives you a diamond-tipped boner What's here name and likeness /k/?…[View]
42652732FYI, RPG doesn't stand for Rocket-Propelled Grenade.[View]
42650841>he doesn't own at least 1 sword[View]
42650326Tell me why I should or shouldn't get one of these[View]
42652798Yeah...I'm thinking he's based[View]
42653474HK45 tactical or USP 45 tactical: What is the better gun?[View]
42643041How much should I pay for an AK? What type should I avoid?[View]
42632420/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Railed Raifus Edition >Thread #890 Old thread here >>426…[View]
42644255PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW[View]
42647908Less lethal: I do security for private dancers, usually peaceful, and when it isn't it's u…[View]
42653230>he talks about 'losing my guns in a boating accident' if any bans pass >he talks about holdin…[View]
42625221/ak/ thread: Kissable Lips Edition Previous thread here >>42597833[View]
42650009If a gun is listed as gas operated, do I need to change out the gas on it? Is it hard to do?[View]
42652784What is a .22lr Ithaca Lever Action made in West Germany worth? Have been given one via an uncle I d…[View]
42646698Had a blackout half an hour ago which only lasted 20 Minutes but now im somewhat paranoid it could h…[View]
42651903You do not deserve 'veteran' status unless you were in during a major conflict, and you were infantr…[View]
42651288Assembling my first lower: What tools do I need to make my life easier when I go to put a lower toge…[View]
42652102What is a good age for a parent to introduce their child to guns? What is a good age to get them the…[View]
42645827Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
42651812>The only gun-store in the entire city is a home-based one by appointment only…[View]
42645349/k/ Creepy Pasta[View]
42649330Benelli M4: I want to buy a Benelli M4. Where's the best place to get one? Where does one get t…[View]
42640442US Military force and power is unmatche...[View]
42650862subsonic 9mm characterization project - part 2: Old thread went to archive, but we've still got…[View]
42643047Are gunshows overpriced or can you find good prices on mags and stuff at them>[View]
42619649>ywn be a cowboy fighting apache in the dragoon mountains Does anyone else have these feels? Also…[View]
42615256/msg/ - Military Surplus / Milsurp: United States Thread, Edition of 1917. Post 'em 'surp…[View]
42645701I like butchered rifles: Quit sperging out over cali and ny rifles, jesus it's better then noth…[View]
42650359Hey /k/ I am building an AR-15 and I was wondering what calibers i can use with a standard 5.56 lowe…[View]
42645954Was FPSRussia /k/? Does he represent an ideal aspiration of a /kperson/?[View]
42646563Pic related was seized in an arrest in London today. Any one know what it is?[View]
42639527This would be you in a warzone. Don't act tough or tactical. You'd shit yourself you LARPe…[View]
42641371how does a hitman have the balls to pull the trigger on an unsuspecting target? i imagine every inst…[View]
42646032Americans made an RPG7: How does this make you feel?[View]
42646887What are the cheapest optics that aren't complete garbage?[View]
42649898Need help building an AR: /k/ i need your help Im trying to 'build' or AR-15 or least put together …[View]
42640548US army picks SPIKE NLOS for AH-64E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDaCzCKd9x0 >Army Future Com…[View]
42645985hey anons, so basically I found this one during my archeology expedition around here: 45.277045, 36.…[View]
42648154What's the ost beautiful carbine and why is it the AR-10[View]
42648611>itt things you would do to start WW3[View]
42649500Finally decided that I will buy my first firearm, but I am completely clueless when it comes to buyi…[View]
42650391WWW: Weebs With Weapons: Post weebs, comic book guys, fedoras, Trekkies, nerds, dorks, dudes who Fuc…[View]
42647887/arg/ AR thread: I ain't linking the old thread because its fucking trash edition Old thread: …[View]
42649581Pistol carbine kits when rifles are a no go: Recently I learnt that in Aus, pistol carbine kits are …[View]
42647972/k/ literature: Tried in pol but no results. I’m looking for literature about conflicts and such. I …[View]
42645147What would your dream carry gun be? Mine would be a bond arms bullpup chambered in 10mm with a porte…[View]
42647087Infographics and How 2 Thread: Havent seen one in quite some time. >post fortification guides …[View]
42643364.22lr: Discuss.[View]
42646841Anyone here have firsthand experience with the 930 SPX? I read nothing but good things about it and …[View]
42649497How do I attach these two together? Do I need some kind of bracket?[View]
42649711What are some of your fav /k/ shows? I found this on Prime and it's short but well made. Docume…[View]
42639742Mall ninja thread? Mall ninja thread[View]
42636536What are some good self-defense weapons for people under 21?: Hi, /k/. I live in a state (CA) where…[View]
42649453Is there an a .50 BMG AR? Like semi-auto, not bolt action upper like this. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
42648193ITT: we write an email to Hi-Point one word at a time and then someone sends it. I'll start. De…[View]
42652652White House and DOJ Gun Control Document leaked!: Expanded background checks on the docket https://w…[View]
42645089Is there any better weapon for home defense than a suppressed short-barreled AR-15 with a flashlight…[View]
42642610Self defense stories >be me I go to gf’s house to pick her up to hang out at my place, but first …[View]
42648381Hypothetically if I wanted a gunsmith to build a 30 carbine and or 300 blackout AK which parts kits …[View]
42640263I need to be a better shot and I can't teach myself well enough. Anyone know any good instructo…[View]
42643832How does an Automatic Firearm work?: outting myself as a newfag I was curious on how an automatic ri…[View]
42646829Machine Gun Aesthetics: I miss the look of stamped steel guns. Everything is so polished and ergonom…[View]
42648415BCI Defence: Does anyone know anything about these guys? Im just looking at stripped lowers[View]
42620459do you love the m1 carbine?[View]
42636664Talk me out of it, /k/: I know it's mall ninja shit, but omg it's the most dark eldar thin…[View]
42644675Armor and plate carrier thread - Big Juan edition: Let's discuss armor and carriers Soft armor …[View]
42647663Double-stack single-feed magazines: I have a question about thread subject. In most WW2-era SMGs you…[View]
42633798All-Purpose Rifle: >already own an AK and SBR’d AR-15 >want to buy an all-purpose rifle to rou…[View]
42644056Favorite firearms from post-Gilded Age up until pre-WW2? I need recommendation for my classic collec…[View]
42646337If it weren't for the torpedoes would the Japanese ships still be a treat in a fight? The Yamat…[View]
42616561Tacticringe Theatre Presents: LAHNER Tactical Concepts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_x884RLBPQ F…[View]
42644168WTF! Eye dominance switched (cross dominance shooting): I used to shoot a lot as a kid and young adu…[View]
42631334Hey /K/. I'm currently building an AR-15 and can't decide between a Faxon BCG or a Lantac …[View]
42646010What's the best military strategy and tactic book for an average person that has knowledge whic…[View]
42646297Only acceptable pistol for a real man.[View]
42645722First AR-15: What would /k/ recommend for someone's first AR-15?[View]
42645248Armor piercing ammunition: General thread for concepts, historical designs, DIY's, and operatio…[View]
42646888Inexperienced and need help: So I want to start out letting you know that I have no experience with …[View]
42623885Does anyone else specifically avoid NFA items because it's basically putting yourself on a firs…[View]
42618301What's your favourite WW2 Soldier aesthetic?: Gonna have to go with the Paramarines[View]
42643126/arg/ AR thread Assault Rifle General AR15 Assault Rifle 15: Short gAyR Edition Old: >>4263889…[View]
42645663I want YOU to stop replying to and report/sage anti-military posts.: This board is under attack by a…[View]
42631910What's the most damage that a single man working alone has ever managed to inflicted in any con…[View]
42630894Honestly can you imagine seeing this fucking thing before it was public? Like everyone is so desensi…[View]
42624778/meg/ - military enlistment general: climb to glory edition LAYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY = Rooty Too…[View]
42646659GUYS I FOUND AN IED![View]
42643620So this guy says the Taurus Raging Judge is better than an ar-15. Would you be able to defend yourse…[View]
42643856Is this piece of shit real?[View]
42643528First handgun: Okay I'm between a m&p 2 9mm and a sig service model, what would you all cho…[View]
42627070Frankenplanes: F35/Flanker[View]
42638789I've been very suicidal but I don't wanna act on it because I just bought my first AR (Col…[View]
42645338Where does /k/ get its henchmen? Asking for a friend[View]
42634487How effective are nunchucks are for self-defense?[View]
42645015ITT: Campus Carrying: For all you 'Murican /k/ommandos that have a concealed carry permit and a…[View]
42645177So guys I was cleaning some stuff in the attic and I found this old carbine. It has no serial number…[View]
42629515What do you have in here?[View]
42645576Why does NATO legitimise adidastan's LARP by giving badass names to their wunderwaffen?[View]
42645490Lesser-known gear that bring a massive increase in capability: XM1156, a simple $10,000 nose fuse th…[View]
42643744Rhodesia thread: /pol/ not welcomed edition[View]
42640027Is he actually knowledgeable, or is he just a relic preaching his own methods?[View]
42645752is this the best duur hunting rifle/all animals? it seems good for mag ban states and general tactic…[View]
42637736>Be mall ninja >Boogaloo occurs >Trot out into the woods with plate carrier, nods, gucci AR…[View]
42640757Improvised Weapons and Equipment Schematics/Infographics: anyone have any good infographics regardin…[View]
42645154Saw a thread about stealing a howitzer out front of a all VFW hall: Any idea remember what was poste…[View]
42630287You may not like it, but this is what peak aircraft design looks like[View]
42639068Hypothetical local big blue choice your own adventure: You're sitting in your comfy suburban ho…[View]
42644601How manny rounds do you guys think it can hold its alot bigger than a 30 round mag[View]
42645267Can some one tell me what gun is this?[View]
42645049DOes anyone own the big scar?: Scar H: I dont mean on this board, i mean overall, there is no way s…[View]
42647059“What do you consider an assault weapon that you want to ban so much” >it doesn’t matter just ban…[View]
42641312Finally found the hands down best HD gun and ammo: This stuff 10mm ammo clocks 2600 fps out of 6 inc…[View]
42636705Boycotting retailers: Where do you shop for groceries now that shart mart and kroger have become ant…[View]
42637670Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu previous …[View]
42644127Breast seperation from firing big bore rifles: I booked a hunting trip through a guide, I asked him …[View]
42643827How fucking long does akfiles take to activate your profile??![View]
42637688Suggest Me A Rifle: Suggest me a rifle for squad automatic weapon / boogaloo fire superiority meme. …[View]
42635063Okay here's one for you /k/: if two concealed carriers are responding to an active shooter in t…[View]
42623334Anybody else suddenly want a wheelgat?: I never really had interests in revolvers aside from old sch…[View]
42644144Massachusetts: https://www.newburyportnews.com/news/regional_news/tougher-gun-laws-pushed-for-mass/a…[View]
42643489Good books on the history of firearms?[View]
42627594Weaponized viruses are military tech.: Blast & fire hits major virus lab in Russia, where HIV, E…[View]
42639504>Central Missouri Machine Gun >doesn't sell machine guns…[View]
42643677What is the best carry gun for an atheist?[View]
42642331How do you react?[View]
42642819buyback raid: Lets say there is a buyback incoming how could i profit off of cheap guns would zip/pi…[View]
42643656My mom keeps on saying she doesn't want me to do anything 'weird' with my gun. I replied 'Like …[View]
42642531Is this a good gun for someone who makes lots of farty caca and is unemployed?[View]
42641052I live in a really shitty part of town, but I all I own in terms of defense is a 12 gauge single sho…[View]
42643957I have a Question: what is the legality of me buying a gun from another state. I’m 19 but FL gun law…[View]
42642535What is the best firearm for removing hot pockets?[View]
42638449Break in Scenarios thread: >It's 1 am on a Tuesday night >A clawing metallic sound coming…[View]
42621665Combat or defensive webms please. Lost my folder[View]
42643577Did every boy want a walk in safe like this when they were grown up?: But why does he grab the G3?…[View]
42634417Talk me out of bying this piece of shit[View]
4263949320mm: Is it dogshit or no?[View]
42610993You did go shooting today, right?[View]
42636075Why does the USA suck so hard at ground vehicles?[View]
42623063>examples of something being replaced by something objectively inferior 7.62x25 being replaced wi…[View]
42643592Combat Armory: What do /k/ommandos think about this site? I read their products are most likely BCA …[View]
42640377Where does /k/ store their notes?: https://youtu.be/jFWOphLsSlg?t=129 pretty based if you ask me…[View]
42641809Inheiritance thread: Okay guys i have some gats coming to me in the very near future. These include …[View]

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