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433512975 inches is the perfect length for a revolver. Aesthetically, it is the most pleasing. Sure, its bet…[View]
43366732/bsg/ Ban State General: Holiday (No) Fun Edition: If you're from CA, IL, NY, NJ, MA, CT, MD, o…[View]
43362475Thinking of buying a .45 ACP handgun.: Right now I'm thinking of getting a USP Tactical. What d…[View]
43365317meme wepons[View]
43339635> be wounded > not gonna make it > one last stand against the enemy what song would you go …[View]
43363367Nylon v. Polyester Bag Tearing/Holes: I have a duffle bag that is made of polyester and after 6 mont…[View]
43364777Suppressor thread: I’m planning on Form 1ing a multi purpose suppressor for my AR. I’d mostly use it…[View]
43365205>germany on the brink of collapse >people start finding repeating bows, crossbows, slingshots,…[View]
43367412Should this be my first gun? >tfw can't buy a handgun until i'm 21 in my shit state…[View]
43364917So can you buy this stock anywhere?[View]
43367070.22lr woes: Pros >cheap >lightweight >capable >fun >low recoil >low noise >subs…[View]
43367142Oh god oh fuck[View]
43367030Is poc/k/et sand effective for self defense?[View]
43358978What's the biggest fuck-off caliber of weapon you can >fire with one hand >carry at your…[View]
43364460Canadian Hunting: So I've recently wanted to get into hunting. I was wondering if there are any…[View]
43365067break action or bolt action?: found two nice rifles at a gun show for the same price. one is break a…[View]
43364581Scope thread I have a Leupold VX-3i 3-10x40mm What are you using?[View]
43360435Best Battle Rifle: What's your favorite .308/7.62 battle rifle and why? M14/M1A? FAL? G3? …[View]
43366901Did the Soviets have better AFV than Americans from 1945 to the early 70s? For what I've been r…[View]
43363676ITT design features that always just do it for you. For me, it's Mannlicher stocks.[View]
43358362>MAKE WAY Wwyd?[View]
43362865What do you out on your custom dust cover: You've been taken hostage and they will let you go i…[View]
43347241Handgun General - /hg/ #344 heaters & beaters eidition: Post wheels and pistolas Pastebin: https…[View]
43366282They found it!: SMS Scharnhorst, legendary German flagship of Von Spee https://www.google.com/amp/s/…[View]
43353453Naval Photos: Post cool naval photos. Try not to post text, you cant be trusted not to fuck the thr…[View]
43363728What kind of bayonet is this?: The traveling bayonet salesmen came to my door and offered me this. …[View]
43365339Yeh: Pls[View]
43359085What does /k/ think of the US Army moving from 5.56 to 6.88? Which rifle do you think will win the c…[View]
43363609Hey /k/ I'm going to the range with a bunch of my friends returning from the army in 2 weeks. I…[View]
43360009Somehow you've gone back in time and the top brass of the US military is looking at adopting a …[View]
43364671What would you purchase if you had an hour in a gunshop of the mid 19th century?[View]
43363847My Greatest Dream is to Own a Buisness Like This.: https://dealernfa.com/ But I don't know wher…[View]
43355725Why has he never reviewed a shotgun? Does he fear the recoil?[View]
43341953Hello, I'm the M24 Chaffee, I'm the sexiest and greatest light tank ever made, I put all o…[View]
43364977QTDDTOT:Questions that don't deserve their own thread: First,does anyone know how effective m3 …[View]
43364795Oh hey dere /k/, So, I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights. I'm thinking of making a …[View]
43361136So /k/ I was just laid off after 13 months with my company. What should I do now? I went to school t…[View]
43363941Hello /k/: I'm writing a book which has detailed guns, this is a small description of an bubba…[View]
43363808>WHAT I LEARNED ON /K/ TODAY IS..[View]
43360736Psa New in box magazines are not allowed in carry on Also They really do use the shitty school foldi…[View]
43358514So when Im cowboy larping with my 6.5 heritage rough rider 22, and im suddenly threatened by a bunch…[View]
43351363>had a family member tell me 'I'm buying you a cheap ass gun for Christmas, either you tell …[View]
43359660ITT: We write a letter to Santa Claus one word at a time describing the guns we want for Christmas.…[View]
43337378Why are soldiers required to have short hair?: I don't get it, in ancient and medieval times it…[View]
43359962Why did the Soviets downgrade?: Why did the Soviets adopt a what's basically a 1900s handgun in…[View]
43333094Revolver General: This timeline sucks balls edition. Old thread: >>43305860 http://www.sixguns…[View]
43349199Anyone own a VSS? How is it?[View]
43341663ITT: shitty meme knives.[View]
43360836/k/ related Books recommendation thread: >This is a book from Yefim on the MiG-25, 143 pages only…[View]
43361695What good are modern fighter jets if they can't even beat old WW2 shite in a dogfight? https://…[View]
43333469Do you have hearing damage from guns?: Tell your story.[View]
43360772Need help identifying: Can you please help me identify this duel/target shooting set? First of all …[View]
43360424Im trying to be a gunsmith I emailed keltec: This is my design what does /k/ think of it?[View]
43361255Are rimfire cartridges like 9mm Flobert ethical for deer hunting?[View]
43346382*sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip* *sip…[View]
43360411which military helicopter has the greatest chance of survival on a modern battlefield? (against regu…[View]
43350687Who makes the best gun safe?[View]
43352247What was the worst theater to fight in during WWII?[View]
43362486Equilibrium: Why does /k/ love this movie? The Gun Kata should be cool, but it takes all of two minu…[View]
43356883All-gun Ships: With the advent of railguns and relativistic point defense weapons is it possible tha…[View]
43361428how effective can be a regular leather belt in CQC?[View]
43353543Post your controversial gun opinion. Revolvers are inferior to pistols in every way possible and are…[View]
43322466Just saw some flamethrower videos up in youtube and I'm seriously overwhelmed at how cool they …[View]
43351167High Capacity Magazines: Do high capacity magazines serve a purpose other than drive by shootings?…[View]
43356977>be 22 >be poor >be german >be never having a kriss vector…[View]
43362234What’s the most cost effective way to clone a 416 in 5.56[View]
43362291AR Pistol: I'm thinking about building an AR pistol. Should I go ahead and write to the ATF req…[View]
433571947.62 bandolier?: my brother bought himself an old sks and I want to surprise him with a bandolier so…[View]
43362379sup' /k/ommandos. Finally out on my own and would like to purchase a 12 gauge pump action for b…[View]
43340878What gun is this: My grandad just died and we're going through his stuff. Never seen a gun like…[View]
43359043I wanted to buy my brother a nice knife for Christmas, what’s a good one in the 1-200$ range?[View]
43353277Mig-35 near space.: Is this kind of altitude normal for a light fighter like Mig-35? or it´s a speci…[View]
43362917Simple trigger designs?: From May 19 - June 13th, I was working on an improvised gun (semi-automatic…[View]
43359628Plausible design or not?[View]
43362879make your own militia threat: If you had 300 men and $200,000 how would you arm and equip them inclu…[View]
43356811Midwest Industries AK muzzke brake literally BTFO: Me and my friend were shooting his Cugir M10 (lik…[View]
43360629Hypothetically speaking, what advantages would a submachine gun chambered for .50 AE have over a low…[View]
43354317Nogunz info thread: What information do you wish you knew before getting into guns? Ill start, dont …[View]
43357716I kind of think less of people if they haven't had a negligent or accidentally discharge. Well …[View]
43342928How does /k/ plan to battle the Mole People?[View]
43359985Let’s think outside the box, /k/ There’s binary triggers out for ARs, HKs, and AKs. Are there any od…[View]
43359754I m going to lose my shotgun >Be french >buy a shotgun in category C >because it s new rule…[View]
43361492Zip Gun thread: You wake up one fine morning and discover that all firearms in your possession have …[View]
43357111M1 Helmet as Multi-Use Tool for SHTF?: There are a number of uses for the M1 steel pot helmet beyond…[View]
43359447Rifle ID?: I'm guessing an AR shaped .22lr? One piece poly receiver? https://www.klfy.com/unca…[View]
43357477.50 Caliber Thread: I've been thinking of getting a Serbu BFG-50. Does anyone know anything abo…[View]
43357709Anyone ever take MOAB training? I just took it as a requirement for working in my hospitals ED. The …[View]
43362218LMAO >patents expired decades ago >Thompson Center makes an improved 10/22 >Ruger complains…[View]
43356777Shooting indoors part 2: fridge edition.: Prev thread: >>43348338 So anon asked me to shoot a …[View]
43358543battle of the tritium/fiber optic 1X optics: Trijicon Reflex vs Meprolight M21? Do you have one? Do …[View]
43357891>apocalypse happens >move to country with extremely strict gun control >be the only guy wit…[View]
43356380You now possess a 3 pin machine gun lower. What build do you make from it?[View]
43358203Found this really good shape 1909 Argentine Cavalry Carbine for sale. Although it’s got some rubber …[View]
43349817/arg/ AR thread: We still comfy edition old thread: >>43341039[View]
433617363D Printing General: Fuck Makerbot edition: A place to discuss digitally transmitted freedom dispens…[View]
43346990Su-57 Felon. Official /k/ thread: Russia’s Air Force to Receive First Serial-Produced Su-57 Fighter …[View]
43361339Why isn't .30 carbine more common? Why was it replaced by Real Fuckin' NATO?[View]
43348971Reminder that Chris Kyle was a jobber when it counted.[View]
43349916Small Unit compositions: Always hear faggots talk about shtf and what gear they're gonna bring …[View]
43329906Are intermediate cartridges like .223 and 7.62x39 ethical for deer hunting?[View]
43352168Hypothei/k/al: Weaponize corgis, or maybe other dogs too: How would /k/ do it.[View]
43363418*sips tea*[View]
43354444Have you made your yearly pilgrimage to the holiest of /k/ surplus stores?[View]
43353822About a week ago I picked up in this sightmark ultra shot m spec from dunhams for 31.98 after tax...…[View]
43356795What’s in your bedside cabinet /k/ I also think I need to get a weapon light. Any recommendations f…[View]
43346033A 10,000 ft-lb levergun: part 2: Cowboy boogaloo https://desuarchive.org/k/thread/43282337/ (previo…[View]
43348338Shooting a gun indoors experiment.: Shot the nightstand gun in my room to see what it was like. …[View]
43321348/gq/ - gear queer: Reconsgiving™ Edition >General guide https://pastebin.com/9WAeRYA8 >Discord…[View]
43350095Desert or arctic: Which one is a more challenging environment?[View]
43360516Textron AirLand Scorpion: 1.2:1 payload to empty weight fraction. $2000 per flight hour. 5-10 flight…[View]
43360507/k/ approved - https://youtu.be/LzqPSoMXAig[View]
43326426What's your Boogaloo loadout?[View]
43346461Is it legal for a civilian to own a missile?[View]
43353342this timeline sucks[View]
43347433Company to pay $1M for selling Army subpar grenade launchers: https://apnews.com/9c71ff56894842f3851…[View]
43342427Shooting is the thinking man's sport. Coffee is the thinking man's drink.: What is your fa…[View]
43359415Assault rifle found in unopened baby toy at a Florida Goodwill store: Alright, which one of you did …[View]
43358117Rate Bobby Shmurda's guns[View]
43359064Goodbye /k I could write you a faggy blogpost, but i won't. Fuck every one of you with strong p…[View]
43322841Cowboy Hours: Alright, fellers time to post your shootin irons so we know you aint yelleh.[View]
43357311Most beautiful metal guns: I'm bored and tired of my polymer striker handguns. They're all…[View]
43358585Has anyone done a statistical analysis of which areas are most frequently hit by gunfire in a shooto…[View]
43355345Evening /k/. My dad and his brother are down in bama at the CMP store picking up a 1903 or two and t…[View]
43358775Good morning reje/k/ts i am looking at russian Gorka 4 suits to buy and use as a overcoat for campi…[View]
43357564cheapest way to get into shooting rifles?: im a newfag and a poorfag. i want to get into shooting ri…[View]
43354152Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu baby it…[View]
43358972>the M14/M1A is both the most aesthetic battle rifle and the most useless battle rifle Life is a …[View]
43356440tips for long distance walking?: also ways to increase muscle building FROM hiking? i read that stre…[View]
43358446Steel: I recently bought a blue stainless steel sword it's kind of sharp but it's slightly…[View]
43358330lel: >mfw cucks bought a 200 dollar tax stamp for their short barreled non firearm Watch them me…[View]
43357983Recent Aquisitions: Self Explanatory, post what you've recently aquired. I'll start with m…[View]
43347220Rust inside my barrel: I noticed a little rust inside my ar barrel, what do? Is it ruined?[View]
43353164Scout Rifles: Poast your scouty bois. >inb4 muh bubba - First, she's a mixmaster with a CMP…[View]
43337120Gonk here, will come up with updates and backstory. Guy died.[View]
43356941bamboo + carbon nanotube stocks?: would this be a good idea? also are there any 'truss' style frames…[View]
43358094Russia reacted on expansion of NATO: Russia will not get involved in an arms race and a race to incr…[View]
43334433Do you think the tacticool trend will come to an end and be replaced simple/ minimalist builds?[View]
43346672Bear Creek Arsenal: I'm going to start. I got a Bear Creek Arsenal 10.5in completed upper that …[View]
43354972Why don't they make an AR lower with an adjustable angle pistol grip Like you press a button an…[View]
43355414Hey K, dumb question here. can a primer create enough heat to ignite thermite? and if not, what is r…[View]
43352585How unwieldy would an 8-shot .44 magnum revolver be?[View]
43326549Would you trust Ivan with a deposit?[View]
43351849Poorfage cyberpunk posters are about to get unbearable: $350 with optic. I'm getting one. Shut …[View]
43357586Walnut vs Laminate: I've read that laminate is more strong and less likely to break at the tang…[View]
43338449/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Drums, Dongs, And Dracos Edition >Thread #920 Old thread here …[View]
43357345What happen if you dont engrave your SBR? Is it a big deal? I shoot on private land only so I dont h…[View]
43353625Do any units/spooks deploy for a month or two at a time?: I have a neighbor who never talks about be…[View]
43355994Is there any reason I can't just shoot rifle and let the cosmoline come out of the wood on its …[View]
43356676Hello /k/, nogunz here. What types of items typically wind up becoming milsurp? What sorts of items …[View]
43356402Is this any more fun to shoot than .22 LR?[View]
43353960So I have a cabin northern Kentucky where my family and I go hunting. last time I visited was about …[View]
43357069Networking Thread :Who In The Name of Milosevic Is Even Counting Edition Let's have a fucking s…[View]
43355121I’ve recently finished reading Heinz Guderian’s book, “Achtung - Panzer!”, on the early developments…[View]
43355632>7.62x39 is 7.92 >5.56 is 5.7 >.357 magnum and .38 sp are both .357 >.45 colt, .454 casu…[View]
43351444Rusweapons.com: Scam and cringe or legit and redpilled? I've been looking around their site and…[View]
43354713Soviet 1941 counteroffensive summarized: Soviet high command in winter 1941 > We need fresh troop…[View]
43356713Post yfw the Covenant invades Reach: https://youtu.be/ZJ9QrQ1j4sU[View]
43334995Thanksgiving special removed: Did anyone download his thanksgiving video and knows what happened? It…[View]
43333604Enemies reconciliating: What is your favorite example of veterans going like >sorry I shot at yo…[View]
43353927Robotic and computerized snipers: Why aren't there any robotic snipers? Just punch in the data…[View]
43353660Whodunnit?: Okay, which one of you magnificent bastards did this? https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida…[View]
43356078Hunting Doomers for sport is the only way to get into Heaven.[View]
43347061With all this technology, why haven't we already developed fully automated sentry guns?[View]
43355658Lead exposure from shooting: Today I received my bloodwork test results and indeed my lead levels ar…[View]
43352022Panzerfaust: how much do you think it would cost to mass produce Panzerfaust 100s today. I'm th…[View]
43348363U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon aims itself: U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapon aims …[View]
43350654Canadian Army Thread:: Disillusioned edition Anyone else desperate enough for a tour (anywhere) to c…[View]
43355723Where do I buy a gun online?[View]
43352398The zone: How many of you actually live in an area with even the possiblity to be irradiated? T. sir…[View]
43355905I have a question that is hard to ask just anyone /k/. I've recently 'stumbled upon' some milit…[View]
43352754Old guns: Unpopular opinion: old firearms like the M1 and M1911 had terrible quality control and fai…[View]
43356011Women in the Military: Heya /k/. Recently had my machine shit itself and lost basically all of my fi…[View]
43334641Post Some Aesthetic Shit: 1980s-2010s preferable[View]
43354182Scopes and Scope Rings: So I was looking at picking up a ruger american, and after 15 minutes of goo…[View]
43350932These are obviously mostly ridiculous, but the idea of hanging one from your neck in the event that …[View]
43344268Why is the used gun market such hot fucking garbage?[View]
43355351Is this a prime example of weapons knowledge and war superiority?[View]
43345488Is this the worst weapon ever?: >Inaccurate as fuck >Kills more people building than in use …[View]
43354619GONK: thread deleted but never forget GONK[View]
43345510post your loadout[View]
43352311Why are guns the main talking point here? Is it because swords are for virgin neckbeards or am I mis…[View]
43353095/k/ buys an ammo press: Hypothetically this board raises the €10,000 to purchase a vintage Manurhin …[View]
43354954Foreign Volunteers and Weebs: Why are there weebs inside the Donetsk volunteer force? Hell why do we…[View]
43353731what do you think it is, /k/?[View]
43355058Ghost gunner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsvIBeGbJDA Anybody have any experience with it? Is it…[View]
43355085>we could have had 7mm NATO if it weren't for the Amerimutts https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.…[View]
43354990Ok /k/ whats the likelihood of the good will AR being fake? I i'm going to say 100%. just read …[View]
43310798/k/an’t Join Thread: What’s holding you back from joining your nations’ military/ law enforcement th…[View]
43342117USN Submarines: what's up with the USN and it's aversion to diesel-electric submarines? yo…[View]
43354750Looking at a used M1A. Listed at $899 as having 'light corrosion' but pretty sure I could talk them …[View]
43351043Why don't you operate a Belt-fed Backpack, /k/?[View]
43352352Why in the military superiors treat you Bad?: I mean in police and military superiors like drill ins…[View]
43354501>tfw will never pilot an su 25[View]
43330304>There are two types of ships: submarines and targets Is this true or just submariner chest beati…[View]
43353027Kral arms?: I may drop some money on a kral arms xp12 ak style shotgun. Does anybkdybhave experience…[View]
43331646Which one of these will win? https://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/u-s-a-assault-rifles/ngsw-…[View]
43352950Why did the AR-18 fail to sell, even though its design was copied by so many platforms?[View]
43353864Martians Are Attacking!: Oh no! The martians are attacking the USA (Jeff Wayne edition), but they…[View]
43353803Is aiming more of a luxury than a reality?: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying no one shou…[View]
43353829Anti-materiel rifle and Anti-materiel rifle accessories: AMR thread and why auto and semi-auto AMR i…[View]
43343640Are there any other affordable longbois? 5.5' barrel minimum.[View]
43353252Whats better a BRNO 21H or a Mannlicher–Schönauer 1903?[View]
43353578Destroyer thread!: I'm searching for heroic actions performed by destroyers and their crews dur…[View]
43349381Shotguns vs handguns: /k/ Would a handgun be a better first firearm Purchase or would a shotgun be a…[View]
43352006Snap-cap/Dryfire thread: What do you guys thing about dry-fire training aids? There seems to be tons…[View]
43353537Weapon Building/mods: What essential tools do i need to modify/build guns at home if live in a apart…[View]
43345550Should modern militaries be investing in light attack aircraft?[View]
43333926Body armor for big guys?: I'm trying to find some body armor that will actually cover a decent …[View]
43337071/brg/: Battle Rifle General #42: Big Boys Edition: Post your full power gats here. Prev: >>43…[View]
43352482Hi-Capacity 45 ACP’s: I’m thinking of getting a Para Ordinance (not Para USA) 14-45. The gun can hol…[View]
43348973Duck Gun: Hi /k/ I am on the market for a new 12ga duck gun. I am trying to keep the budget under $6…[View]
43352040Forts, castles, and fotifications: Post forts.[View]
43352657MuH WuNdErWaFfLe: Reminder that the biggest postwar aviation disappointments, i.e. the F7U Cutlass, …[View]
43347982Any strong opinions about semi auto shotguns? I want pic related but it's sure pricey.[View]
43339828Okay /k/ommandos >Everything in your country has gone to shit. >People are dying in the stree…[View]
43352833hypersonic glide vehicle weapons.: https://sputniknews.com/military/201812301071105294-russia-us-hyp…[View]
43352561/lit/ here What are some good books about military strategy? Want to read something that isn't …[View]
43352565What's this plane?: I came across this aircraft as visual filler in a bad YouTube video, so dis…[View]
43352677Is this worth? Seems expensive for the product I get[View]
43351400Is the US in a war right now?: How risky is it to be a US army infantryman?[View]
43327445'Unit 777 is coming to rescue us!': YFW[View]
43343952Thoughts about this ?: Stinger tactical whip.[View]
43350453Necessary tools for AR and pistol: Building cleaning/armorer kit for my guns, what are your recommen…[View]
43335802What does /k/ think about how The White Death holds his rifle?[View]
43338192Trench Art/Carvings/Stickers Thread: Saw this beauty at the gun show in Knoxville this past weekend,…[View]
43341702>Take a seat /k/[View]
43334248Finally: the era of combat diver underwater gunfights has arrived: The new CAV-X supercavitating .50…[View]
43341114Anti replicant guns: Would 10+1 rounds of 45 AARP be enough to stop replicants? Also post replicant …[View]
43346464UK anon here. I'm looking for a new gun Can't apply for a shotgun licence since I move aro…[View]
43348398Mercenary Aesthetic: Postem boys[View]
43349717/K/ringe thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05x8XddRcvQ Post it. I know you got some…[View]
43343890Good Gloves: Hey /k/ommandos. I'm looking to buy some gloves I can use innawoods and, ocassiona…[View]
43347931Anti-ship missiles (AShM) thread.: Are those the best weapons to dismantle a navy?[View]
43343928Are SMG-sized rifles chambered for intermediate cartridges better or worse than true SMGs?[View]
43342150It's out bros[View]
43349378Need some new reloading supplies: So my brass tumbler broke so I need a new one. Should I go with an…[View]
43351626Disregarding everything except the dimensions of the bullet and the dimensions of the barrel, could …[View]
43350449/rlg/ Reloading General - .223 Timbs Edition: Reloading general. Also I'm looking for load data…[View]
43328323How long would a war with North Korea last? I'd say they'd be wiped out in 2 days.[View]
43349484>A bolter is just a bigass Gyrojet with a kicker >We have the material science to make a bolte…[View]
43351060how dangerous was it to operate ww1 era artillery? I mean if we were to disregard all the other dang…[View]
43348949Thinking about a PSA ar10 gen 3 upper on an Aero Precision lower. Would it be worth it? As in would …[View]
43351533Security Alert: S&W Hacked!!!: >If you recently bought something from Smith & Wesson on B…[View]
43348167Is there anything more aesthetic than this?[View]
43340736Hey fellow gun guys! Just making sure you are all safe and have your clearing bucket handy. Hate to …[View]
43345282AR10 or M1A?[View]
43348923>magdumps an SBR and Benelli in a small tunnel >no earpro How does he not have hearing damage?…[View]
43346091What should he have done differently to win WWII?: The 3 rules of playing armchair general for WWII …[View]
43338673*save milsurp collecting*: PRVI is unequivocally based.[View]
43330192Boots General Thread - /bgt/: Thread about boots, whether it's combat boots, uniform boots, hik…[View]
43351283What's the most bizarre malfunction you've ever had? It wasn't that bizarre, but tod…[View]
43348421beginner gunfag: I want to get a firearm for self defense but I've never even seen one in perso…[View]
43346656Knife Thread: post your knives[View]
43348147Why is only 22 a rimfire? Why not a 9mm rimfire?[View]
43341154This is NOT a destroyer. Japanese dogs are liars by nature, we cannot be deceived.[View]
43347463A knife and pepper spray are necessary for every self-defense package: The former, because it's…[View]
43346035How do i get this[View]
43348820Guns you have, but haven't shot yet.: Have you bought guns you haven't shot yet, but you w…[View]
43342410I dare you to find a camo that matches this. Bet you won't. Also camo/militaria thread bc there…[View]
43346928Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
43349967Interesting guns: Can we have a thread about guns with very unique and/or just generally interesting…[View]
43349034ITT: Guns that have themesongs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8wgrZ6t5BA[View]
43350779I bought a clamp on style Front Sight / Gas Block combo for my AR im building, do any of you guys ha…[View]
43349093How to weaponize electric arc lighters: Does /k/ know any interesting ways to make these things usef…[View]
43347515tfw i finished building my minigun from parts kits: The ATF can eat a dick[View]
43346546>Do you feel lucky /k/. Well do ya punk?[View]
43348965Hey guys with the police stealing guns after HD scenarios whats the best bang for your buck flashlig…[View]
433409961x6 budget scope: Looking for a good 1x6 budget scope for my AR, was thinking primary arms anyone ha…[View]
43343480GSG STG 44: Does anyone have one of these? How are they? Only issues seem to be that it's a lit…[View]
43348407Is Frank Dux the embodiment of /k/? Is he /k/ the man?[View]
43346078Condition 3 carry: For those of you who cc a 1911, what condition are you carrying it in? I've …[View]
43350031Why aren't there more options for 1911s sans grip safety? Only other contemporary modern handgu…[View]
43347132Post scary sniper/soldier aesthetics. Where they have a mask that makes them look more like a mythic…[View]
43349859ITT:BUBBA'D Military antiques[View]
43349631Anyone up for some arma 3? One of my old pcs which my brother used freed up, and now I'm using …[View]
43342713Urban camo: What lengths do you go to blend in/obscure you're power level?[View]
43346131Why is this arm-extended-thumb-on-top grip so popular with larperators?[View]
43306773Has /k/ ever regretted a purchase?[View]
43342533Quiz thread: >Favorite gun >Favorite drink & food >Favorite side hobbies I'll star…[View]
43341039/arg/ AR thread: Comfy outdoors edition old thread: >>43336128[View]
43346249Am I tripping or is this a swastika on the Yugoslavian M59 helmet I just got[View]
43348244Ballistics Question: I'm thinking of building a PDW SBR or Pistol. With Kevlar being cheaper wh…[View]
43349427Shooting blind from cover?: They do it all the time in the movies, and in video games (GTA V). Is sh…[View]
43344062Do you guys think he was right ?: After the attacks of 13 November 2015, before the National Assembl…[View]
43349292What's the verdict for using animal traps as a home alone type alarm/nuisance? Was thinking of …[View]
43349309Moscow Nights *Feat Ukraine Edition*: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sh6MDFJdNU https://www.youtub…[View]
43337453You get to send twenty of any one gun from today back to one nation in any period of the past. What …[View]
43344197Are martial arts /k/?: I’m already fit but I want to get into boxing or bjj for street fights, I don…[View]
43346612Deep down, you know he's right.[View]
43346239Tax Return Thread: Tax season is almost upon us. How will you waste your tax return this coming year…[View]
43344053NEETBUX+GUNS: So I’m on disability for severe OCD and anxiety. Does that mean I’m banned from owning…[View]
43347123Do you guys fight/lift? Can you still defend yourself even if you can't reach for any weapon?[View]
43347162VZ52: Debating picking up another one of these in shitty condition for $250. I’m all out of x45 and …[View]
43346868SoFlo AMMO PROCUREMENT/ General ammo site thread: Looking for gun stores in the 954 to 305/786 area …[View]
43334533/PCC/ Pistol Caliber Carbine: It's happening edition[View]
43321192lets play a game /k/: ok so we describe an Aircraft as a Woman and other anons guess. She is an extr…[View]
43345777was this a meme or did it actually work?[View]
43340440Theoretically speaking, if guns were never invented what would be the best weapon for home defense?[View]
43327223Best of /k/: Can we have some of the best/funniest moments of /k/?[View]
43338715is there such a thing as bootleg guns? if so any pictures of them?[View]
43347104Arms of America is not getting anymore AIMS-74 parts kits. Cugir most likely isn't making them …[View]
43342646What's up /k/ Is it worth it to risk playing games with the alphabet boys to get a automatic ri…[View]
43344997>be me >friend's mom just went through the police academy >friend's mom bought sh…[View]
43343675Police operators: Why do the U.S marshals look and act more professional compared to city and state …[View]
43342694.357 snubbys: Is there an advantage to using a .357 magnum cartridge out of a snub or is it just a m…[View]
43335771/k/ Fallout Vault: >congratulations you have been accepted into vault 556 >you were chosen bec…[View]
43346314What does /k/ think about the FLC vest? Anyone using one? I have one and I did the modification wher…[View]
43338794Fitness thread: What is better for guerrilla larping. Long distance cardio or short interval sprinti…[View]
43347110Infographics thread: /k/ material general Infographics, greentexts and the like are very appreciated…[View]
43347010Where can l find the do/k/uments?[View]
43344211Are there any places in east/southeast Asia with half-decent gun laws or a shooting community?[View]
43341068Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
43340872overpressuring 9mm to make SMG's useful again is such a brilliant idea, the russians truly are …[View]
43343299Swede here, ordered a box of these out of curiosity. What am i in for and which one do you recommend…[View]
43345632What's /k/'s opinion on this plane? Could it make more of a difference if it was used by m…[View]
43342733The Sp5 is garbage, like wtf H.K. >Can't legally SBR the gun >has an inner tit so you can…[View]
43343437what does /k/ think about turkish uav's being in best 3 uav and turkey making it without any he…[View]
43319466You've been given enough money to puchase any weapon in the world. What will it be?[View]
43345831Range day: You guys did go to the range right? Today I played with my 10mm hi point and my .45 cal p…[View]
43343939Is the XD 45 any good. Looking to buy for home defense. Pic related[View]
43345444PDF General: PDFs to save. Guns - Explosives - Etc.[View]
43341990>SR-15 complete 14.5” upper >MARS-L lower i’ve been saving my money up for the end all be all…[View]
43344287SAS aesthetic thread[View]
43339700Body Armor Is A Meme: It's not that it doesn't work at all, but there are seriously people…[View]
43338607What are these explosive artifacts called? My country is in a lot of turbulence and right now, a lot…[View]
43342949Question About Firearm Registration Laws.: When I turned 21, my father gave me a couple of guns he w…[View]
43337718EMAL's?: https://defence-blog.com/news/leaked-photo-general-atomics-offers-possible-japenese-he…[View]
43345220Tokarev Question: Is it possible to load other .30 caliber projectiles into 7.62x25mm Tok cases? I k…[View]
43323874Handgun General - /hg/ #343 Holsters Edition: Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik (embed) Git gu…[View]
43303316/msg/ - Milsurp General: Best and worst deals edition[View]
43334558SP5 is in the wild: Looks like H&K had some major succss with their SP9 pistol or they're t…[View]
43345392ENEMY AC130 ABOVE[View]
43337495So i have an idea for a new cartridge and im not sure if its been done before Essentially my idea is…[View]
43335996Break Action 50s: Okay I know barretts are cool and all, but is there a break action 50 bmg rifle ou…[View]
43308459Sniper! Sniper! Everyone get down ther-[View]
43341967/k/ has been called to contain an event that happen in the New Mexico desert at the Black Mesa resea…[View]
43345225What weapons might a hobo in 1932 Massachusetts be realistically able to own and keep long-term? Tha…[View]
43340158Just watched Waco and was wondering if anyone knew what the tanks were supposed to be: Like I get th…[View]
43338168You can only own two guns...: You have to choose two guns for the end of time. You can't own an…[View]
43345178meme guns: What is a gun you own or have used that you feel is unfairly labeled as a “meme gun” Som…[View]
43343705What would happen to the Suez canal if nato and china (or Nato and russia) started hostilities?[View]
43338537Have to hang lots of fucked up places so I carry a knife. Stabbing somebody can get me in big troubl…[View]
43313942/ak/ thread - Comfy Winter War Edition: comf comf, kimochi~[View]
43343971New HK SP5 coming back to Americans market!: So now that HK is bringing back a German made real deal…[View]
43342583Chimp edition Previous >>43309664 LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY = GOOD LYING ABOUT CRIMINAL HIST…[View]
43343002Post your boogaloo theme https://youtu.be/JmcA9LIIXWw[View]
43344868Canadian army aesthetic thread?[View]
43339629Anyone own a bersa plus? Are they g2g or pos? I love the aesthetics, but im not sure about bersa and…[View]
433421941st CCW: So /k/ how badly did I fuck up? >be me >everyone has a pocket gun >buy one also …[View]
43317700What would /k/'s dream armor/suit to operate in when the Happening finally happens be?[View]
43342933Why is digital camo plastered everywhere?[View]
43343877This is the end of the Wiesel in the German Army. The Bundeswehr is planning to replace the 20mm Wie…[View]
43329408When SHTF why is it recommended to wear boots rather than just putting on comfy pair of sneakers? I …[View]
43344048How does it feel knowing that 380 is just as strong as 357, and yet still better than shitty 9mm[View]
43342792Military, as a whole, is a waste of $: Change my mind Most of the fighter jets I look up battle scor…[View]
43326951Meme calibers: I happen to be a fan of meme calibers and want to know what meme calibers /k/ owns. H…[View]
43329123Combat Shotguns: How effective are they actually? Also, post any combat shotties you got.[View]
43342288MG-43 used for executions: First post here. Got to hold this while on a tour at a execution museum. …[View]
43329378What's the mininum requirement for your country's respective militaries?[View]
43342310Well /his/?[View]
43343992https://heavy.com/news/2019/12/oshkosh-school-shooting/amp/ >armed cops thwart 2 school shootings…[View]
43343979Post your full power gats here. Bepis edition TRAPS NOT WELCOME Prev: >>43285697 Pastebin: ht…[View]
43343184How does /k/ rate him?[View]
43329299Whats /k/s opinion on paying for 'training'?[View]
43339727How do I make an 760 Tacti-Cool?: I just inherited a Remington 760 GameMaster (Pic is Similar). A pu…[View]
43337083What are some of the more interesting weapons you have bought? My personal favorite of mine is a 20 …[View]
43339170Is 5.11 clothing for faggots?[View]
43341455Is it true swiss fags get a free SG 550 after finishing conscription. Pls swiss fags, tell me if you…[View]
43338406Does it make sense to get a gun license if I still live w/ family and I can't afford to buy a g…[View]
43332282ITT: /k/ is in the post apocalypse[View]
43341772how do i get this[View]
43335338>go to outdoor range >wearing bdu pants, olive drab >wear plate carrier and meme helmet a…[View]
43341655Protection Level of PASGTs: What is the protection rating of the PASGT vest and helmet in the First …[View]
43342515Absolute brainlet when it comes to red dots (historically I’ve always either used irons or magnified…[View]
43336602war photos thread: war photos thread[View]
43342842How /k/omfy is the West Coast?: Is there anywhere on the West Coast besides Alaska that isn't p…[View]
43341183Hearing Protection: I have a pair of Howard Leight muffs that are great for outdoor use, but don…[View]
43329132>turn 21 >buy handgun (first gun) >Wear it in a holster around the house to get used to it …[View]
43326703JF-17 Thunder: Judging from the preview videos of the DCS version of that plane, it really seems to …[View]
4334117022 y/o American male here Should I join the military? Just bored atm. Currently a corrections office…[View]
43333172EDC THREAD LETS GO[View]
43341291>got a cap and ball revolver a few days before Thanksgiving >day after Thanksgiving my roommat…[View]
43332288Tank Plinking: What happens when a 500lb bomb hits a tank?[View]
43334585I'd like a variable scope for my ar15. Ideally starting at 1x zoom but I'm not dead set on…[View]
43339112Cross Section of Tanks: Need more of these.[View]
43319692Who is your favorite gun or weapon-related Youtuber? I'll start. My current favorite is DonutOp…[View]
43341964Upgrade vs. buy new AR-15: I have a 16' PSA AR-15. Should I focus on upgrading it or should I build …[View]
43340752Getting an optic for my AR and im torn on style. Red dot, dot with magnifier or an lpvo. I have a 16…[View]
43336739Help me design a rifle! / Neat Ideas!: Howdy Anons, been a while since I've last posted but tod…[View]
43337720I'm very torn and need internet validation. Should I save up and buy a real mp5 or go cheap and…[View]
43327763/k/ombat fitness: Itt discuss how get in shape for the happening Last two digits is how much pushups…[View]
43339027Apartments: What guns won't break through my thin-ass walls and kill people I don't intend…[View]
43321531Hello /k/, I’m making an 80% Glock 19 for Black Friday. What parts do you recommend? Have you seen a…[View]
43336547Help me, k: I am a 6’10” 330lbs man I was jumped on my way home from work and I cannot let this happ…[View]
43340582/k/ does Home Alone: You are put in the same situation as Kevin McAlester, you are a child and 2 bur…[View]
43334396I probably should have asked before buying 700 rounds.... is this ammo any good? Ah fuck it I only p…[View]
43340166>these guys are patrolling down your street What do?[View]
43341633tell me about your favorite SMG/PDW[View]
43332541/k/nife thread Post your pointy bois[View]
43333354Post hardcase inspo. I have been buying up gold recently, and am thinking of doing a bugout case lik…[View]
43341508Can anyone give me a quick rundown on these Russian battleships?[View]
43336256Seems like some decent Cyber Monday deals, I'm broke but feel free to share weapons related dea…[View]
43337537AR15/Rifle Training Manuals: Buddy is getting his first AR and wants to train and become proficient …[View]
43340901Do you plan for thermal imaging? what are the best ways to conceal a heat signature with today…[View]

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