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53566842Does it have a purpose anymore?: Ukraine is holding off like 80% of the Russian army by itself. If i…[View]
53589379Give me 1 good reason I should not buy a Glock 32: I am looking for a conciliable pistol with some p…[View]
53589458Can someone here identify if this is a real glock?[View]
53589441Proxy wars general Nanny edition: /k/ why is Russia so good at fighting proxy wars but suck at conve…[View]
53589097nonhuman mobilization: is it a good idea?[View]
53585177Combat Drugs: Something I've been thinking of are the practical effects of methamphetamine in a…[View]
53586428Camo and You: I see a lot of people larping with full camo outfits and kit. In the event you'd …[View]
53568607Difference between US Army and US Marines?: What is the difference between the US Army and US Marine…[View]
53586151/arg/ - assault armalite rifle 15 general: reparations edition old>>53581726[View]
53581334How powerful would a European Army be?[View]
53584800Where are those 40 000 syrians that Russia was supposed to send in Ukraine?[View]
53586254US vs NATO: Invasion of America: Assuming no nukes and military neutrality from outside countries, h…[View]
53582767The UMTAS missile features 'fire and forget' and 'fire and update' infrared guidance with a tandem a…[View]
53585445Wanna get a classic, steel-frame 9mm: Been thinking about the old S&W Model 39. Maybe a High-Pow…[View]
53586493Post you're (you are) groupings.[View]
53583307/Canada General/ PLA in BC edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.co…[View]
53582005There used to be what i thought was a pinned thread on this board that was full of survival/combat/m…[View]
53586317The terrorist attack in Buffalo make us thinking.. Should've the mall Security Guard were equip…[View]
53588416A couple days ago I asked a question: if Hornady Critical Duty (meant for full size pistols) will fi…[View]
53580566Pontoon and 70 Russian vehicles at Bilgorvika was BTFO by M777s: Murica, fuck yeah https://twitter.c…[View]
53582848Would opening up NICS for civilians to use really be a bad thing? I see no real negatives.[View]
53588281Are gun-launched ATGMs a meme? I've not seen or heard of any being used in the Ukraine war by e…[View]
53584736I don't give a shit if I'm called a weeb, but how would I go about purchasing an authentic…[View]
53583685Kydex vs Leather holsters: So I’m in the market for a holster for my G 43X. I picked up a kydex hols…[View]
53587726Defusing naval mine: https://youtu.be/Y5Gpm2p04j0[View]
53564619What's so good about F35? I'm french and my countrymen love to complain about it and claim…[View]
53571458Russian troops seem to be getting a lot of new cool stuff. This thing is similar to a drone, but doe…[View]
53579180Are wheeled tanks better suited for moving long distances?: At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, …[View]
53583186So, is it safe to say it will die in the unobtanium op video game weapon niche with the XM8 and G11?[View]
53587149If lend lease supposedly mattered why was it all used for friendly fire?[View]
53560997/k/-entertainment: I am in dire need for /k/-entertainment, very moody and feeling today, sorry. I t…[View]
53585415Can someone redpill me on auto canons?[View]
53584750Is there an issue with firing a bullet that had a crooked crimp like this?[View]
53567476QTDDTOT: Looking to buy a set of Peltor 500s as I hear they have good protection/amplification and I…[View]
53581565SV-99: Was it ever used in Chechnya or Ukraine?: I know for a fact the Russians have developed this …[View]
53586155Are fake rockets a thing?: E. e. a rocker without any payload as cheap as possible meant to exhaust …[View]
53584333Was the MAC 10 any good or was it overrated?[View]
53585511Imagine that we isekai'd a Leopard 2A5 Tank with 100 Bundeswehr soldiers to protect it into 20 …[View]
53546928Does acting cartoonishly evil like in Western propaganda help the Russians in this war??: I'm n…[View]
53572109why not just use these?[View]
53579605Noodlearm manlets btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEf3ZlUkOCg[View]
53579876Fresh Kino: burn bb, burn edition https://files.catbox.moe/cdxw6g.mp4[View]
53582262Prototype tank versus: How does Altay compare to T-14 Armata?[View]
53582713Rare pepe spotted: I'm pretty excited to see more videos of it in action. I really like the de…[View]
53582940Rate my new bear gun[View]
53575002When you realise 'Speshul Forces' just means 'Capable Fighters'.[View]
53559456TFW you and your whole squad are issued iron sight Mosins in 2022: https://twitter.com/archer83able/…[View]
53584598Stop lewding the planes /k/: Even the fat ones. It's a plane, not your Waifu.[View]
53557485How did they lose?[View]
53559866>Just 3 months ago, people were seriously claiming Russia could take Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, an…[View]
53580959Why is the middle of the shirt not also camouflaged?: Really just seems like a waste[View]
53586374electronic range janny hate >electronic range janny loses one of my shots on rapid sitting after …[View]
53576609Ukrainian M777: So bottom line: >No FCS >No Excalibur >No outranging MSTA or Malka/Pion So …[View]
53585862>Artillery is going towards a major counteroffensive Vatniksisters....[View]
53583986Eurostan handgun thread: What's the best handgun for multi purpose? (sport, fun in shooting ran…[View]
53585320Looks like old the tradition of stealing watches is alive and well in the Russian army.[View]
53583756I’m ready.[View]
53585970Will Ukraine please buy some Korean K9 artillery?[View]
53581726/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: old >>53572253…[View]
53585756Garand Thumb reviews the poorfag: >*aaachem ggrrach* sorry guys my neck's a little fucked up…[View]
53583134Just made a new gun at home. No biggie, just an absolute master of the craft. I work on it during my…[View]
53577196I love wheely bois: post wheely bois[View]
53584602>do nothing >win[View]
53577085Armchair General Thread: Pick Your Attack Route: Pictured are the main counterattack routes to Izyiu…[View]
53567239How does this video make you feel, Anon?: Fierce fighting in Izyum district. And a silencer, for som…[View]
53583231Interesting or Weird Guns in Ukraine: Any pics and info of oddball, craft produced or just out of pl…[View]
5357796510/22 vs Bolt action 22: I have both a 10/22 and a CZ 452 and recently started thinking about what I…[View]
53563235Will the Ukrainians be able push into Mariupol?[View]
53584455Why did we stop using them?[View]
53585006Can anyone find a picture of a STG58 specifically in conflict? I have seen about every other FAL typ…[View]
53584708ITT you post your rifle, her name, and how much she weighs fully loaded. I’ll start: >Julia >1…[View]
53584254Why Russia isnt using them ? All those years bragging about having Tigers but we saw zero Tiger in U…[View]
53578475cool or ghey[View]
53546354tell mea bout the finish army is it any good?[View]
53582938Why are side swing revolvers preferred over the pop top revolvers ? The side swing seems more likely…[View]
53583999Must be using the magazine.: 3 grenades dropped from the same drone picrel https://twitter.com/donik…[View]
53581859How relevant are light tanks nowadays? I had no idea the 2S25 was even a thing until a few weeks ago…[View]
53559697LCS's: Abandon ship edition: >The U.S. Navy is restricting the operational capacity of the I…[View]
53569166Is Russian gear reliable?: So the meme for many years has been: Western equipment is expensive and f…[View]
53562639they can't be this stupid right? there's no way they would waste even more units on this r…[View]
53583391More kino footage: https://streamable.com/g2spkz[View]
53566468New Leopard upgrade kit: What do we know about it?[View]
53584064pistol ammo that goes through 3a: was wondering what brands of 9mm or 40sw go through 3a soft armor …[View]
53581718What is the best name you have seen given to a gun, real or fictional[View]
53575663CHORNOBAIVKA #20: The strike confirmed at 12:00 EET. The detonation is still going on. https://t.me…[View]
53559211End is near: Fresh reportage from deoccupied village near Kharkiv: https://youtu.be/OPnOqQUAuqQ…[View]
53570725I cannot express how much I hate that this is what shotguns are now walk into gun store >edgy pol…[View]
53571686Retard here Why do they call the 50 Caliber '50' when its actually 12,7 × 99 ? Same for a lot of ot…[View]
53579461Why did the US Army destroy Iraq's super rare Lamborghini SUVs out of spite?[View]
53582666>The one plane that Jew-S-A refuses to sell >Even to their greatest ally Israel >A fucking…[View]
53578693retard here why are they (ukrainian su-25's near izyum) firing rockets up to the sky? https://t…[View]
53573944Everything Indirect: All future armor programs should be designed with indirect fire as the primary …[View]
53577646So how realistic was the BOPE boot camp scene? also what is some other kino that has boot camp stuff…[View]
53581292Anyone able to identify this? Found it in my great great grandparents attic.[View]
53581199Russian tank blown up by a drone under Izumi: Looks pretty cool https://files.catbox.moe/vzpcea.mp4…[View]
53579447Seversky Doneck disaster - final proofs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9OoSaTUiUY&ab_channel=…[View]
53580609Who would win in a war[View]
53577218Does holding a grave digging competition (winner for 20,000 roubles) improve a country's milita…[View]
53578283how does ramp help?, seriously: shouldn't you NOT want to decrease airspeed and your best effor…[View]
53582320America here. Why is Europe's military so pathetic? Do faggots enjoying having to suck our cock…[View]
53582010Are there any benefits to having a bull barrel on a 10/22?: A Ruger 10/22 with bull barrel costs app…[View]
53571263azovsteel celebrating eurovision 2022 victory[View]
53576513GOAT: What is the best family of infantry fighting vehicles, and why is it the CV90?[View]
53579669Man with flamethrower threatens SWAT: Most civilian built flame throwers lack range. Standards have …[View]
53579382Weapons confiscated from the territorial defense in the kharkov region, date unknown[View]
53580021Stock position: What position are you supposed to run a collapsible stock? Does it just depend on yo…[View]
53581005I know an actual Russian shill in real life. Here is what I’ve heard: >The Russians were forced t…[View]
53579935It really is quite kinda baffling that the Russians retreated from such a large area of the operatio…[View]
53572138/cangen/ - Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSA…[View]
53582301what are the military implications of winch launch aircraft?: Given that the Pentagon can't fig…[View]
53575196The Phantom, exterior like fish eggs: The interior like suicide-wrist red[View]
53579101Where can I get a 20 inch 22lr barrel: Yes, I know 22 doesn't gain anything past 16 but >pi…[View]
53569567BEST?: DRAKEN vs FLAGON?[View]
53580243Am I right in thinking that battery technology is the only thing stopping Gauss Rifles being an actu…[View]
53556338Aparently the M777 given to Ukraine had their digital fire control systems removed[View]
53575854idk anything about guns. what is the best pistol money can buy, is it something like this?[View]
53579024>while you were partying I studied the NGSW >when you were having premarital sex I mastered th…[View]
53581256How Ukraine is laying pontoon bridge: https://twitter.com/i/status/1525900641440342016[View]
53553472What would you do in this situation?: >The woman who we aren’t identifying says she was inside he…[View]
53574201Chinesium: What are some GOOD and CHEAP Chinese equipment? Serious answers please.[View]
53579265The fuck is this?[View]
53580766hey /k/ do you like my sks i’m pretty sure it was used in the kosovo war[View]
53567630/hg/ i like my 1911 edition: I been fingerfucking this trigger for days. Never owned anything but st…[View]
53557700Do you reckon it's comparable to other AR-18 type designs? Wonder if any popular Westerners wil…[View]
53554810How would you defend the US southern border: What means would you use to defend the US southern bord…[View]
53581149Daily dron-drop video https://youtu.be/nptuYi7xUGY[View]
53575981Cudgels: Let's talk about cudgels. Should the length be relative to the user, or an arbitrary l…[View]
53534505/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Skyking Edition >Resources: >Free ASVAB Practice Tests ht…[View]
53580109So at this point what can russia REALISTICALLY achieve with their military operation? For me it seem…[View]
53580808A spear and shield is all you need. Who needs a fancy crossbow or greatsword when you can use the we…[View]
53563395How is her posture?[View]
53572253/arg/ - AR enthusiasts and Federal Agents only!: Previously on /arg/ AK poster gets upset that his 2…[View]
53573060How come a town that was defended by 1500+ men was captured by a few dozen infiltrators? Note: 1500 …[View]
53579038Wouldn't soldiers have to sweep every house in an urban sprawl, and apartment complex anyway? H…[View]
53580280Smith and wessons agreement with clintons HUD: https://youtu.be/gar3QGsQ_-U 7:34 Smith did a lot mor…[View]
53580362WTF didn't they use 757 for new tanker AND ASW AND AWACS?: when I was working at an airport all…[View]
53579545Is this how i clean my HK416?[View]
53557199Girls with Guns: haven't seen one of these in a while[View]
53578848Is hiring mercernaries and a building a private army really that easy ?[View]
53551791Post your planefu[View]
53570317How fucking short is he? I am a 5'8.5' manlet so I put that 12 inch hogue manlet stock he sugge…[View]
53578060what's the best EDC gun belt? Pic rel is blade tech[View]
53567690/k/aturday: RIP Randy Weaver Edition[View]
53561315Cat piss lmao: So my buddy's cat pissed in his ammo can. He's now rinsing his cartridges o…[View]
53573812>year 2023 >Russian army completely demolished, demoralised and unable to perform any duties. …[View]
53554713/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ WBP Fox AKM Edition >Thread #1750 Old thread: >>53534096…[View]
53524585/k/ gaming: Other than the usual array of STALKER/Metro/Tarkov discussion, what other /k/ vidya do y…[View]
53556446>Lose every war against real enemies >Can only beat meme countries like Panama or Czechoslovak…[View]
53555026Hyundai offers Poland rights to produce and export K808&K2PL: https://defence24.pl/sily-zbrojne/…[View]
53578715Greetings /k/: I’m about to buy my first firearm. I’ll be target shooting as we can’t carry in my th…[View]
53579220Very very dirty.: Must clean must clean must clean. Post ur dirty hogs. Where are the guys saying th…[View]
53574895modern artillery is ruining war aesthetics: gone are the days of long sustained artillery barrage, a…[View]
53578945The Armenian Air Defense extensively employed 9K33 Osa missile systems during the 2020 Nagorno-Karab…[View]
53565741I'm assembling a team.[View]
53578669Is this REALLY what happens when you get shot in the head with a 20' barrel 5.56?? No blood? No wate…[View]
53577938The last transmission 'Moskva' flagship. >I'm sorry Neptune https://t.me/insiderUKR/32858…[View]
53575875Nigger Whipper 4000 deployed in Ukraine: What does this mean for the conflict? Some have already bee…[View]
53562558What is /k/'s opinion on south korea's arms industry and it's products?[View]
53578011>Terminator >Arnie carries a .45 >Absolute murder machine >T2 >Arnie carries a 9mm …[View]
53574525Sheep to the slaughter: Normies/cucks believe that if a mass shooter enters a public place, to shoot…[View]
53573674Well this is it. It's Sunday today but Monday first thing I'm getting involved in the proc…[View]
53578179I want to own the most reliable, easy to obtain, easy to maintain, easy to use jack-of-all-trades gu…[View]
53571642Do officers get in trouble for executing poorly conceived battle plans that gets huge numbers of the…[View]
53559404Can revolvers be used for self defense?[View]
53575154Battlefield First Aid: Do they really equip soldiers with powerful painkiller autoinjectors IRL, or …[View]
53573846shooting tips general I feel that when I shoot my glawk, my grip needs to be corrected after a coupl…[View]
53571230Literally a 10/22 chambered in 9mm[View]
53576207The US military might be more like Russia's military than you think: In the twenty-first centur…[View]
53577677Dear /k/ings, I come to you with normietier questions. I am a brainlet when it comes to military te…[View]
53572850Ukrainian S-300 dies: Russians claiming that this is a Ukrainian S-300 (launcher or reload truck) co…[View]
53577517how would iran perform against turkey, azerbaijan?[View]
53577446Why is last 24h FIRMS data suddenly so quiet over Eastern Ukraine? heavy rain/clouds?[View]
53562631Cleaning Your Guns: How often do you clean your guns? After every range trip, after every few weeks …[View]
53567079What does /k/ think? Assuming Putin is either deposed or dies before the Ukraine war finishes, will …[View]
53573977Guns don't exist, what is your kit.[View]
53575585First gun as a CC: I think I'm going to go with this. Any last minute opinions? Thanks[View]
53561306pantooning: New video of pantooning attempt #2 artillery shelling while crossing https://m.youtube.c…[View]
53573302self defense help plz dont ignore: be me an eastern eurofag need self defense weapon for conceal car…[View]
53571572Which historical army/battalion has the best color scheme/style?[View]
53576497How useful is the M777 howitzer in ukraine? What makes it different from the ukrainian and russian s…[View]
53574838Why do blown up vehicles look like they rusted to death? What's the reason for this?[View]
53567503>No Optics >No pansy fancy sissy rails[View]
53575734You are the minister of defense of a backwater east euro nation. You expect to be attacked by an arm…[View]
53563606Scott Ritter: Finland will be destroyed by Russia: Well, /k/, is he right? Is it over? https://www.y…[View]
53572945ERA: so the best way to defeat it is just to shot it twice right ? so, when will tandem firing ATGM …[View]
53575217Snek Island footages: Told you to wait for it. Javelin spotted. Looks like Ukrainian Special Forces …[View]
53571440Mass Shooting Defense tactics: I saw the video anons. This was a very different type of shooting fro…[View]
53548654Post em[View]
53558195how do you not lose your hearing when shooting your gun in a self defense situation: especially for …[View]
53546153When will the airforce switch to skintight bodysuits?[View]
53573464>one third of troops destroyed Oof...[View]
53573097What is /k/ opinion about Chinese drones DJI Mavic3 FlyMore Combo? Whether these drones are an okay …[View]
53575075Artillery: What do you use artillery for?[View]
53574820Why is green hated again?: They were fine up until Cold War and now its for redditors?[View]
53573125How does /k/ feel about the fictional AR-CL from Far Cry 5? I like it. Wish I could mod myself one.[View]
53574692.44 Magnum is objectively better than .357 >429 caliber (big) is better than 357 caliber (tiny) …[View]
53562904How fast do you think he's rolling in his grave right now?[View]
53572536Uh guys?[View]
53569672will Serbian imports be banned?[View]
53572185If you were transported to the old west of the late 1800s/early 1900s, what firearm would you carry?[View]
53574109Would security checkpoints have saved the grocery store?[View]
53570378Why do people take photos like this?[View]
53568038H&k SP5: Is this thing still worth getting? I've shot one once and was amazed at how accura…[View]
53561554On the subject of lazy firearms shoppers....: If you come into my store without doing any research o…[View]
53572865what gen glock 22 should i get?: I'm thinking of getting a Leo trade in glock 22 what gen shoul…[View]
53566985>meme our allies into dumping the FAL so they’ll buy tons of 5.56 ARs; mostly US-made from Colt, …[View]
53572948The media's talking about the GRU so it's time to make fun of the tomahawk backflip again.…[View]
53570140>Outnumber the Turks >Outgun the Turks >Outlogistics the Turks >Have the support of the …[View]
53569361which is quieter suppressed between a b&t spr 300 and a 22lr with a good monocore suppressor?: N…[View]
53562525I DOR'd BUDs: AMA. I just left BUDs prep. Hopefully I get a another rate, I want SWCC or EOD…[View]
53572252>Aimpoint Comp M4 stops turning on Fuck I spent like over 900$ on that thing. I'm absolutely…[View]
53568779More Guns: Let us resume our normal discussion about guns, shall we gentlemen?[View]
53571102>like guns >Go to range >Point gun at target >Pull trigger >Bang! >Hole in target …[View]
53569680post gun control/anti-gun cringe. as much as possible, if you please, I cannot get enough of it.[View]
53572987>people will invest thousands in gear >people will invest thousands in gucci firearms >they…[View]
53573421How many people crying in their soup tonight even know that picrel happened? It won't even mak…[View]
53575235Putin confirmed terminal illness: https://news.sky.com/story/ukraine-war-military-intelligence-chief…[View]
53576376Say all guns are illegal, and trashed. Guns are treated like hard drugs, where only a handful of org…[View]
53552133Is this enough firepower for a squad to clear out a few goat herders in a cave in mountains? What wo…[View]
53573194>No /k/ino pics thread why?[View]
53569934What style of swordsmanship should I learn?[View]
53558928I like it, but I'm not sure I like it for $1200+. Has anyone here got one of these boys?[View]
53559331M777 KINO from Ukraine: https://streamable.com/2o7acm[View]
53572258380: Its just so /cozy/[View]
53552310>we didn't NEED to win the Sixth Battle of Kharkiv[View]
53572362Did you go shooting today?[View]
53544779Post the sexiest looking guns: Part deux[View]
53572712Post your /k/ino's Starting with mine. >DEAR AMERICA - Letters Home from Vietnam (1987) >…[View]
53568126/k/ in the Wild West: Lever action rifles will never catch on. Wasting all that ammo what are the Br…[View]
53572545Want to 3d print a few lowers for my glock 45 but I'm an idiot and don't know what kind of…[View]
53552957Striker vs Hammer: If you could only own 1 handgun would it be hammer or striker fired?[View]
53561650So now that russia pretty much lost the war we know that their air and ground forces are useless tra…[View]
53569085Just finished shooting this: It fucking sucked.[View]
53571609which one, in your mind, is the post 'prototypical' weapon for each of these categories? >pistols…[View]
53571248Is shooting both barrels out of a SxS shotgun louder than shooting one at a time?: Like the title sa…[View]
53571639How much of a disadvantage is it to have a basic no frills sling instead of a modern quick adjust sl…[View]
53569879What happens if you were to bring an NFA item here?[View]
53563567Say it with me![View]
53557419Could you really own a M72 LAW in the 90s in America[View]
53570289Will a .22 handgun be enough in a self defense situation? I can't shoot 9mm :c[View]
53570971Light Infantry: Watched a video recently by Christopher Larsen (the One Shepherd/light infantry tact…[View]
53571535Frequencies of Root: solfesshio super ultra mega deep sub bass so vrrrrrr vrrrrr vrrrrrvrrrrrr…[View]
53569582how much of a dork am i for wearing boot blousing straps as a civilian? it makes my pants look taper…[View]
53540240>Ukrainians dig trench >Find priceless national treasures >Russians dig trench >Find rad…[View]
53565876/cangen/ Canada General- prohibited double rifle edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read thi…[View]
53566692First Aid Kit General: OD Green Edition Where and why do you carry your IFAK? What's in it? …[View]
53568885Can you carry a loaded rifle in your car?[View]
53568799Does new york have weapon laws about carrying a sharp shovel?[View]
53569365Rugar SP101 .357: I just Bought a Rugar SP101 AM I FUcked? Am I Stupid? Was this an Awful Decision? …[View]
53568418ITT: ban era 'Sporting Rifles': Things aren't looking so good. I hope that this will be enough …[View]
53569404/arg/ - Autistic Retards being Groomed by feds: post your GLOWING recommendations for lower parts he…[View]
53567261Ranger green. What's the point?: Does this actually work as camo at all? Even if it does, why w…[View]
53521560How /k/ is Adrian Shephard[View]
53540989>A Ukrainian Artillery regiment is now accepting purchases of messages to be written on shells an…[View]
53563191Why does Britain still employ foreign mercenaries? >inb4 'Gurkhas as badass' >Gurkhas have a …[View]
53568998How does Altay compare to T-14 Armata?[View]
53563868Bilhorovka ground pictures are emerging![View]
53569097Do Dogs and other Animals in general still have any use in todays Warfare ?[View]
53566290Yet another newfag with a quick question: Given recent events, I figure I'd better get a rifle …[View]
53565687Ukrainian T-80 has highest tank-on-tank kill numbers in the war: When will T-72 incels (they can…[View]
53565765Considering its vast expansion, will Ukraine's military surpass Russia's?: Considering Ukr…[View]
53569505What do you think the 3d printards should really be doing?: Pic related- I seriously think this woul…[View]
53568424Two weeks to Athens! Trust the Plan! Spaghetti Z!!![View]
53558819Does anyone know what this family gun is?: We've got an old family gun that's been getting…[View]
53564549Russian state media been saying they're going after us next, how do you rate our chances agains…[View]
53556533What's the Russian twist on this operation?[View]
53569671Good Books for Learning about Firearm Design: Just looking for some good introduction books for the …[View]
535652069mm: which one would you carry and why?[View]
53569577if an internet person you dont know tells you to shoot random people dont do it what should i replac…[View]
53569262Kharkiv, Kherson, Odessa, Mariupol: Wow, Russians must really hate Russian-Ukrainians. The brunt of …[View]
53565564VDV drop and London will fall in under 48 hours[View]
53568643is this a good gun?[View]
53537286/gq/- Gear Queer: Surprise belt edition Old >>53515713[View]
53542214Life of a Russian Soldier/Infantryman: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIZIspwem2s >gun jams …[View]
53553318Neck Knives: What's the point?[View]
53558294Comparison between 40 s&w and 9 mm para.[View]
53565103/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: MK18 mod HENK edition Old…[View]
53564832random range zoomer said that my daniel defense upper on my psa lower was 'cringe' which o…[View]
53565060Guns: Let's have a normal thread where we talk about guns[View]
53560400Should the US institute mandatory gun ownership to protect against invasion?[View]
53562966What method should the ICC employ when executing Russian war criminals?[View]
53567255What states let you buy a gun without a backround check? like i'm fine with one i just want to…[View]
53553979Polish Defence Procurement: >Fast track purchase of M1A2 Sep3 Abrams making it the THIRD family o…[View]
53562523Mk18 or 416?[View]
53556474Have Javelins and NLAWs really been making a difference? What is the main tank destroyer in this war…[View]
53566386How much Ukrainianian logistics is damaged? Russians fires 1,200 ballistic missiles and cruise missi…[View]
53565126sniper rifles: What rifles were used by snipers in the old days? For example in the revolutionary, c…[View]
53567790So, what are some things this conflict has taught us about warfare in the 21st century?[View]
53566728Where is it now?[View]
53562373Mechanix mpact - gloves thread: Based gloves Pros: They protect my hands very well, no scratches and…[View]
53540742Western and European bias on /k/ is so prevalent that the Irish Defence Forces, NZDF, and Estonian/L…[View]
53559635Where is the Russian Air Force[View]
53560410It's over for handgunlets: A .308, is literally far more powerful in terms of kinetic energy th…[View]
53565027Anyone here make DIY perimeter alarms?[View]
53564242>Russians still haven't captured Mariupol[View]
53562355Has anyone noticed the amount of territory Russia occupies is almost the same distance from the bord…[View]
53566880Has anyone every geardo'd up a medieval handgonne with picatinny rails and ACOG sights and all …[View]
53563829sightmark is based?[View]
53562157What are the advantages of airburst munitions?[View]
53566018>0 proven kills >0 footage Is this the most useless weapon ever?…[View]
53563053Vidya battles: What multiplayer map would you never want to fight in irl? It can be from any game. F…[View]
53540512Getting Russian gear: I decided to make a little collection of gear from different contries for myse…[View]
53562204Russian news...[View]
53560624Ukie kino, heavy trench firefight https://files.catbox.moe/b7urch.MOV[View]
53557631Homemade panzerschokolade?: You can go on Amazon and buy it, but it is essentially either milk/dark …[View]
53566190While the war rages on between Russia and Ukraine, one aspect that isn't getting much attention…[View]
53543447Is .22 a toy caliber?: It seems closer to airsoft than 'real' ammunition (law enforcement, hunting, …[View]
53559743Snek island surrounded by smoke of downed Bayraktars: Damn. The Ukrainians really cant stop can they…[View]
53562167You have been captured by a member of the elite along with a standard Bong. He tells you that you mu…[View]
53560151This is a Russian canteen during the war. Show me something better than this![View]
53565681>a fuckin reaction channel has better coverage and analysis of Russo-Ukraine war than most 'exper…[View]
53564498Combat atmosphere https://youtu.be/7z-x4eZfP4g[View]
53551743Serious Alternatives to picrel: What is a legitimate, cost saving and more effective option that the…[View]
53561525Which country in the world has historically the worst military leadership, while also being the most…[View]
53559851HEY POLAND: *rolls over and sinks*[View]
53555360/cangen/ Doomsday is coming edition: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.c…[View]
53559216>the hohols fell for 2 feints in a row XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA[View]
53561410So, could Germany 1v1 Ukraine?[View]
53549456You just can't make this shit up...[View]
53554981How would you fight this guy? Using melee weapons only. What melee weapons would be the most effecti…[View]
53554138/arg/ - lewd edition: old >>53551299 captcha A2G0Y[View]
53560969you are a russian commander in pskov: you are a russian commander of VDV in pskov, monke has given y…[View]
53562658Ukraine to mobilize 1M soldiers: https://twitter.com/KyivIndependent/status/1525215553408860161 Is t…[View]
53561367retard encounters: >asian guy telling me that knives are better than guns because 'they're s…[View]
53561109So, could the bongs have 1v1'd Ukraine and won?[View]
53558807Are airborne troops a waste of resources? When have they done anything good?[View]
53558052M113's spotted in Ukraine[View]
53467959/k/'s thought on snub nosed revolvers? What caliber do you prefer?[View]
53557008Shooting range fuck-ups: Any horror stories from the range? Also made thread on /gif/ feel free to p…[View]
53557350Trenches need to be upgraded.: But stupid generals do not understand this, so history (when most gen…[View]
53548127Brehs: Guys my heater is giving me heat rash or something on my wittle tumtum. It's not the jus…[View]
53552209Why are modern tanks moving away from rifled barrels?: The Leopard II, the Abrams, all of the Russia…[View]
53562952Should I SBR my SP5K?: Should I do it bro? Train is already going down the track, I just ordered the…[View]
53562953>a handgun in capable hands is enough gun for any situation you might come across where you need …[View]
53556984Why aren't big bore wheel guns more popular?[View]
53563298It is January 1990 somehow you ended up in Kabul. Najibullah wants you to help him draw out an plan …[View]
53563263how often do you dry fire, anon? it's good for practice, you know[View]
53563223New coomer appeared: > Pontoon bridge (Infantry Mobility Vehicles): abandoned IM GONNA IM GONNA A…[View]
53562973What's the best way to deal with these?[View]
53560384185º Reggimento paracadutisti ricognizione acquisizione obiettivi 'Folgore': its an incursor/intelli…[View]
53556994Are the french still working on the SMX-31 sub?[View]
53561297Can't wait for the videos using these: https://www.reddit.com/r/ukraine/comments/uphetl/a_compa…[View]
53562926Make video, rate https://youtu.be/G0lLF2mWnKo[View]
53540325Does China or Russia have anything equivalent to the Brimstone missile?[View]
535613684CC: The 3rd phase of the spring offensive is upon us! Today we are trading /a/nime for /a/mmo! In a…[View]
53561085Russia captured the guns of the Ukrainian Volkssturm in the Donbawe Kessel, 1943.[View]
53562619How effective would a loitering munition along the lines of the Tall Man's spheres from Phantas…[View]
53561735Does anyone carry Hornady Critical Duty in CCW size pistols like the p365/XL/9 shield? I've bee…[View]
53559283Could something like Militaires Sans Frontières, Diamond Dogs, Outer Heaven etc...... exist and surv…[View]
53516270/ak/ Thread - Handgun Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>53465030 'Pocket Rocke…[View]
53551040Snake Island: ROUND TWO: The Vatniks have landed at least two Pantsir-S1 systems on the island. Wil…[View]
53537258What the FUCK were they thinking?![View]
53548101What is the most hated firearm by the paying members of /k/?[View]
53559067VDV Reinforcement: Where do think they are sending the VDV this time? https://twitter.com/200_zoka/s…[View]
53560210Light strikes on rimfire rounds: Why do rimfire guns still suffer this issue? Couldn't you just…[View]
53559220>Terminator >Arnie carries a .45 >Absolute murder machine >T2 >Arnie carries a 9mm …[View]
53559370What happened to Ruger?: I'm browsing Cabelas and noticed a few bad reviews. >Lousy Quality.…[View]
53549638“Biological” Warfare: Instead of dropping one RPG at a time with drones, Ukraine should simply aeros…[View]
53560548I can't afford to go to a range but what I do have is a roach infestation, a bug-a-salt, and a …[View]
53537276Handgun General - /hg/ - #725: Sigger appreciation week edition. Pastebin https://pastebin.com/gs6mL…[View]
53556416What really happend at Bilhorivka: >The number of lost IFVs/AFVs suggest elements of 2 BTGs cross…[View]
53561614What was your first sword/knife in your collection? Mine was a shitty replica of the Sakabato used i…[View]
53558084They are sending 700,000 of this to Ukraine: >pop pop pop[View]
53549250LCS hull cracks at +15knots: >speed limited to 15 knots or the ship will crack up Are we still tr…[View]
53561431iraq war 3: slav edition: gotta catch them all[View]
53556337Is this the most realistic movie about russian military?[View]
53559634Why don't you have a standoff device /k/?[View]
53559909How many MLRS systemd does 1 Ukrainian btg or brigade has?[View]
53555851Korean squads be like >no optics >no anti-armor/anti-personnel rocket launcher what is this, j…[View]
53524094The gloves are closing. Cauldron is off.: It begins. Czech republic is first Nato country to officia…[View]
53527899New Azovstal Combat Footage: Azov raiding Russian positions https://streamable.com/1ahirq[View]
53557131>The first phase was the invasion on 24 February. The second - when the Russian army tried to tak…[View]
53559026Where are the heart beat sensors?[View]
53557451The ideal firearm shape[View]
53547784Russians getting killed with mortars from hot air balloons now LOLOLOL https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
53540762RIP Randy Weaver: The king is dead, long live the king. Don't forget the name of the rat basta…[View]
53557760The long gun as a melee weapon: What platform and setup is best suited for bayonet use? And what abo…[View]
53559854One time I accidentally hit a R*ssian with a baseball bat and felt good. This is an underestimated w…[View]
53559961Vatnikbros... the Kharkiv feint...[View]
53552584>manual loading with 3 round clips what the fuck were the bongs thinking?…[View]
53498201>BAY-RAK-TAR >Buy it. Fly it. Break a Buk or two.…[View]
53559787What happened to the VDV?: Why such a bad track record in Ukraine? Pictured is a Ukrainian ambulance…[View]
53557474How strong is the Indian military? Are they capable of defeating China?[View]
53555611Russian Military Automobile Testing Program: This is official footage of the Russian program for the…[View]
53551409what would /k/ have done in this situation to survival?Also what gun is he using and how do I get th…[View]
53554903Which one of you did this?: $10K reward offered after trailer of firearms stolen outside Portland ho…[View]
53552027Such helicopter, lol[View]
53552580I thought the /k/ femboy meme was just a joke, now im discussing the finer points of goonin with a s…[View]
53543323Would he have done a better job of invading Ukraine than Putin?[View]
53475202Knife general thread: Trad knife edition. If it's something your granddad would have carried, p…[View]
53557969WHY WAS RANDY NOT PINNED: Fuck this board. Why was Randy’s death not pinned on /k/? What is happenin…[View]
53551005Is a functional 16th century Matchlock musket worth it for $500? I was supposed to spend it on a 8mm…[View]
53558018Randy Weaver dead: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/13/us/randy-weaver-dead.html F[View]
53559212has there ever been a bolt action rifle made with a telescoping bolt? this would allow you to work t…[View]
53557978Is Zastava as a brand overrated ?[View]
53558801PALMETTO PSA 5.7 ROCK COMPLETE PISTOL $499 https://palmettostatearmory.com/palmetto-5-7-rock-complet…[View]
53531706Retard here. Why would Finland and Japan alone coordinate their course of action with Russia? Are th…[View]
53549422What really is NATO's nuclear doctrine?: What's the planned nuclear response to what kinds…[View]
53554718strategic relocation for surviving 2020s and 2030s: Looking for an area of the country to move to to…[View]
53553749Post NATO wave https://streamable.com/uj3t0o[View]
53545610Something big about to happen: Pic related just got posted on LiveUAmap. ALL black sea fleet submari…[View]
53557932Shotgun recs?: so i just beat a court case and am allowed to buy guns again without the background c…[View]
53556938Could you use the pressure from a rifle's gas system to phase change cool a barrel?[View]
53554684Imagine getting thrusted into the future: Just to find out your bow can shoot further and more accur…[View]
53554501Chinese Hook Sword Recommendations/Melee Weapons General: Anyone know where to find a good pair of h…[View]
53552590yep, i'm thinking he's based[View]
53550161Should I buy a .410 lever gun or a .22 lever gun? I know in a shotgun round, 12 gauge would be a bet…[View]
53550284Indoor ranges: Redpill me on indoor ranges. The closest outdoor range is an hour drive but there is …[View]
53557902I miss you robo fren, where are you...: Post robo anon, and if you're here... We need you.…[View]
53552642Russian Bayraktar Video: https://streamable.com/te2ags[View]
53545204Tactical Mixed Reality: what are your thoughts on the use of augmented\mixed reality headsets to let…[View]
53557697How long until the special military operation to denazify Mongolia commences?[View]
53557352Why do the Russians continue to operate the BMD despite it being a continuous failure for decades? E…[View]
53548983With top attack being so effective in Ukraine, do you think there's any potential for top-attac…[View]
53557284what the[View]
53557246Anyone of you shot the Glock 48 yet? What’s the verdict?[View]
53545420Russian territory: https://youtube.com/shorts/watch?v=OiUcZO7w8gg[View]
53553075It has been 72 years. 72 years. USA still hasn't made a rifle that surpassed G3 and its models.…[View]
53551343RDS for Pistols: Based or Cringe?[View]
53554417Post improvised armor, technicals are welcome.[View]
53549086>Makes you and everyone else nearby go deaf Nothing personal[View]
53552673>all of the strengths of bullpups but none of the weaknesses Rifles have been SOLVED…[View]
53555070Unfathomably based: Who would win? -The entire Soviet intelligence apparatus -Like 100 angry Polis…[View]
53538185Xenomorphs: How would you fight a xenomorph in this situation?[View]
53531377QTDDTOT: questions that don't deserve there own thread no qtddtot so here is one also tank thre…[View]
53555082Thoughts on the new sig?[View]
53538989How come the japs were so incompetent? >ooh noo the mean americans landed on an island we control…[View]
53547448I just purchased the H&K MP5 in .22 LR. It's my first gun so I'm wondering which ammo …[View]
53556175The Russian army is the egg: The egg is a short speculative science fiction story where one human is…[View]
53553657Why do 30 year old boomers cum themselves over goldeneye weapons? Literally shit tier vidya desu.[View]
53553202If Ukraine wins the war, defined as taking the contested territories and giving up Crimea, does it j…[View]
53552544Gun memes thread: How about a thread for gun memes?[View]
53552622I know it’s probably a stupid idea but how many rounds can I full auto out of this?: And do you reco…[View]
53551390The fuck is covert mobilization?[View]
53550998What's the best carry ammo?[View]
53553968shooting webm's: why are they so kino, bro's?[View]
53550135would you feel good about your chances against a grizzly at like 30m only armed with a glock 17? wha…[View]
53551028Whos gonna count all these? https://mobile.twitter.com/RALee85/status/1525182648838238210[View]
53552002So how would a conventional war between NATO and Russia actually look like. Let's say the Russi…[View]
53548322Six Day Myth: Except in the fertile imagination of a comic book illustrator. Not before or since has…[View]
53553395When to buy plates/ what order to purchase stuff: When to get plates? I got: >Rifle with light sl…[View]
53554878What are some rifles that I can buy from Sub Saharan African countries? I dont want weapons that wer…[View]
53530082Ukkies have new toys >https://twitter.com/serhiyprytula/status/1524785631116906498…[View]
53555097If you were to challenge one gun law in court, what would it be and how would you go about it? And d…[View]
53516749Vatniksisters, our river crossing IVAN POST THE TANK VIDEO[View]
53551263/asg/ a redditors general: Look Muh Elemtee Edition Old: >>53545656[View]
53549159/cangen/ - Canada general: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSA…[View]
53550353I ND'd a V-Max point blank.....: To my knee..... My MMA dreams gone, my foot kicking popo job g…[View]
53550413how is Iran's military and domestic production capabilities?[View]
53542197LPR troops stuck at the Russian border after retreating from Kharkiv, they aren't being allowed…[View]
53545327What is that screw thing for and those yellow holes?[View]
53545272Snek Island ZZZZZZ: Hoholsister?[View]
53549143>Lewis-cooled AR Not a bad idea, especially with an FRT.[View]
53551064Anyone else think Paul has kinda gone stale?: 4 or 5 years ago he was an absolute breath of fresh ai…[View]
53543467Redpill me on the Japanese SAT /k/ Do they accept filthy gaijins[View]
53534096/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Engine Friend Edition >Thread #1749 Old thread: >>535071…[View]
53542869Post guns that are fun but impractical[View]
53551228R8 the branches strictly on their kino factor.[View]
53550012Is 9x18 a viable carry round?[View]
53554023so, how good are Holosuns really?[View]
53551299/arg/ Ass Rifle General: Cerakote vs Rattlecan Edition Old: >>53545656[View]
53545834gunfags btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk59imFr6yI[View]
53536286Surely, this will turn the war in Russia’s favor, right guys? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/artic…[View]
53538106Russia reportedly going full Soviet on Kherson: https://www.twitter.com/JosephStash/status/152467602…[View]
53544305.308 longfudd: >requires the same action length as .300 WM >utterly outperformed by .300 WM …[View]
53553525is bcm still meta[View]
535389185.56 sisters...: It's over. We're killing ourselves.[View]
53549095could the AR-57 have a second chance?[View]
53552643Is the bushmaster m17 a good gun some guys love it some guys hate it idk what to think[View]
53541680I just realized how similar NATO and the CSTO's emblems are.[View]
53552849Why did the Austro-Prussian War, which lasted one month and had very primitive weapons, have way mor…[View]
53543753A non political ukraine thread: Let's put the war and it's politics aside. Assuming ukrain…[View]
53552807Are there any places that have 20’’ fsb barrels in stock? I’m trying to finish my C7 build and that’…[View]
53527371Can you count how many mistakes were made in this image that were leading up to the negligent discha…[View]
53552611FUCK: Is it that bad in the Donbas? Simultaneously read the Ukrops are sending out morale officers t…[View]
53545762Infantry: How do you use mechanized infantry units? Like when they're employed in the field wha…[View]
53552268what went wrong?[View]
53544923Were Viking warriors actually as good as their reputation implies?[View]
53545251What are the legalities of owning a recoilless rifle? I know any type of explosive round is consider…[View]
53546570wake up honey, it's time for new drone video: better quality: https://streamable.com/6ukcf3…[View]
53538876What to do after watching Band of Brothers? I've seen the Pacific and it seems to focus too muc…[View]
53551688Should i buy a semi auto belt fed for SHTF, or is that kinda retarded? I plan to mount it in my hous…[View]
53544306What happens now?[View]
53551216how do you find anyone that cares about k stuff? here in italy where i live no one cares about guns,…[View]
53543472Meet Passer domesticus This invasive species, better known as the common House sparrow has been slat…[View]
53551646How much military equipment has Ukraine captured from Russia?: We got photos of 'liberated' Russian …[View]
53535969So let's say that Russia decides to attack Finland before their ascension into NATO: What would…[View]
53550423How much will a gun be worth in the post apocalypse? We see rare limited production guns go up to 80…[View]
53551287Modern Trench Warfare: How do modern militaries train for trench warfare? Video is from the Donbas f…[View]
53532356What tank is this?[View]
53544841Polish - Russian war imminent?: Russian Duma (Parliament) proposed Poland as next target of denazifi…[View]
53544059Could Finland last in a war with Russia?[View]
53515852Why didn't samurai use shields?[View]
53541938what is the purpose of aircraft carriers?: it seems to me that the main reason for aircraft carriers…[View]
53533365>No scouts to warn about Rohan's approach >Zero preparation on the flank >Has to perso…[View]
53547101Are any of you in actual military analysis/threat assessment or military academia? If so, how realis…[View]
53548237Should dogs serve any purpose in military/police roles outside of using their sniffsnoff sense? When…[View]
53550658Paintball gun but better: Think of a revolver, with a bullet. Now, think of the bullet exploding int…[View]
53547043ukrainian trench[View]
53550608What does /k/ think about Accuracy International rifles? Overrated or are do they make decent rifles…[View]
53550359https://youtu.be/fVqXNUlBOsY >average man shoots by the time an attacker is within lunging distan…[View]
53549692Is the french foreign legion what the UN-Peace keepers should ideally be? A mutinational hifhly effe…[View]
53541154When are we retiring this piece of shit?: I'm disgusted just looking its dumb needle face.…[View]
53548900Soft points for edc?: Anyone use these for self defense? Are they a little too prone to over penetra…[View]
53546897Close combat using grenade video: https://youtu.be/pIw5Ig6OsRY[View]
53546236Ukraine issues General Mobilization order: Looks like Ukraine is starting general conscription.…[View]
53549469What are they thinking right now?: Do you think Shoigu and Gerasimov have a plan to win this war?…[View]
53549829hohols admit they lost: It's over.[View]
53527661Can you stop calling random spec ops guys “operators”?: Only CAG guys get called operators. Everyone…[View]
53545656/arg/ amralite rifle general /arg/: Friday the 13th spooky edition. Old: >>53537079[View]
53538417What would change for Finland when they join the NATO? They are already in the EU, and the EU alread…[View]
53521289Binland weapons/systems: HATO edition: Patria 6x6 is the newest version of a Finnish classic https:/…[View]
53542804.32 calibre: Is a smol revolver in .32 be viable self defense option?[View]
53547992Russian tank graveyard in Nizhyn, Chernihiv: https://twitter.com/RALee85/status/1525182648838238210 …[View]
53544250Why are Ukrainians only loosing T-64s?: According to Wiki, they had about 250-400 T-64s, 120-300 T-7…[View]
53540033KAI FA-50 wins tender for 18 Malaysian fighter jets: https://mediapakuan.pikiran-rakyat.com/internas…[View]
53541740Canadians Back to WW I Style Balloons?: Over Czech land: https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=c35010…[View]
53496847Guy who has been saying Russia would win for 10 years now admits Ukraine will probably win: https://…[View]
53549282Ammo Supplies Go Boom: Can anyone figure out where this happened? Russians had some ammo trucks stas…[View]
53544365M777: I've heard you guys like M777s. Some fresh photos posted by UA General Staff - presumable…[View]
53546627self-adhering camo tape: anyone ever tried this? looks like a great way to camoflauge items and be f…[View]
53548987How much gun can you get up your ass right now: I'm going casual with the LCP since dealing wit…[View]
53545334How do you think the sequel to 2008 is going to go?[View]
53532974Should I go for it: $450 out the door[View]
53548572Awesome, but Impractical Weapons: Would they have worked? How would you improve their design to make…[View]
53545580>commanding officers are getting so drunk they piss themselves The absolute state of the Russian …[View]
53546173Russia and fifth generation warfare in the Ukranine conflict.: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth…[View]
53547882and you said the area of masyaf was impenetrable because of s300 maybe s300 isnt as good as its said…[View]
53527980Italian military export: How can a country like that have their hands in so many programs and equipm…[View]
535472536.8s are coming: Sup gais, whaddya you think of the xm5 and the xm250 replacing the m4 and m240 and …[View]
53548220That is the weirdest 'and we also sell guns' store you have ever been to My local comic book store …[View]
53543993Do you carry on the job site?[View]
53548079What is the leathality status of these: Because I did hear that historical policeman’s batons where …[View]
53528734Does your local police department have a Facebook page? If so, post an image of some guns they'…[View]
53545571Strelkov confirms 'PonTROONing' incident was indeed a Russian failure: Russian shills have been tryi…[View]
53546933With drones and loitering munitions becoming more prominent in warfare, has the percent of deaths an…[View]
53542664Psychological Warfare: I was just watching this video from the Army’s 4th PsyOp Group and realized I…[View]
53537123How to turn gf into battle buddy: Me and my gf have been dating for quite some time now. I'm pr…[View]
53547985wtf i thought they're suppose to be little green men, why is he tall?[View]
53543915Is the 21-foot rule a meme or legit?[View]
53543181Do you need to go to a military academy and become an officer to have a deep understanding of milita…[View]
53544287What went wrong?[View]
53547173Is there any battlefield role more fun that the quadcopter bomber? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U…[View]
53536149/cangen/ Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu …[View]
53511902ITT:: We appreciate the best caliber for hunting ever made.[View]
53547180Will we see ukrs shelling snek island with a grad?[View]
53536196Destroyed pontoon aftermath https://youtu.be/TDAl50WWsWE[View]
53543695Same army size and tech, just competent: Ukraine is attacked by modern, competent, NATO-grade army. …[View]
53545967Simulators: What are some good strategy/tactics simulators like armored brigade? I would like someth…[View]
53546484Hey /k im here to ask u guys something but first i gotta tell u guys a little story. >B me >J…[View]
53543654How valuable would having military bases in Rybachiy and/or Guadalcanal be to China?[View]
53540468We did it, lads. 100% of tanks, 100% of armored vehicles.[View]
53546680Another dron-drop video Looks like montage for me Your opinion? https://youtu.be/yJaeKQKF-_c[View]
53542161Sweden is phasing out Carl Gustav (Granatgevär m/48) after around 70 years of service where it will …[View]
53533346My build > your build[View]
53545165Leave it to vatniggers to take an instance of their premiere MBT getting fucking trounced by a recoi…[View]
53544991Old and new: It looks so fucking cool[View]
53543876How impactful would these air defense systems be for the ongoing Ukrainian effort?[View]
53459990/NFA/ Thread: How are you guys holding up? >filed form 4s in Nov >e forms come out in Dec >…[View]
53541436Why did the Bar Lev line fail?[View]
53545949What is the mortality rate in cases like this pontooning?: How many russkies, in theory, could survi…[View]
53537221Toy guns thread?: Thread about toy guns/weapons, wether more outlandish or very realistic, chinese b…[View]
53538684Would this thing be more capable military power than russkies?: There were A LOT of memes about Ital…[View]
53543283How high is the killstreak required to unlock this?[View]
53545096How do you call this aiming technique?[View]
53545601Hey, does anyone have that webm/ know the video where it's almost asmr style footage and sound …[View]
53536035U.S. Marines with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment are photographed on April 6, 2003, as they move…[View]
53537441Riders of /k/! What news from the Azovstahl?[View]
53521513Why is this fucking guy so dramatic in his videos? He's basically a woman with how faggy he act…[View]
53545067To the US Armed Forces, does the mission come before the fallen comrade or after? Or is it the circu…[View]
53537079/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: I'm RETUUUUUURNING e…[View]
53543691are stratosphere stations the future?[View]
53539656ocтpiв Змiї́ний (Snake Island): Why is Russia so desperate to hold onto Snake Island seeing as it…[View]
53536880How much killing can a warrior endure, even in a just cause, before his mind breaks?[View]
53544809/VG/-BROS, WE'RE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!: >See how gamers are outwitting and helping to kill …[View]
53544804destruction of the asiatic fleet: Who let's Dutch admirals command anything? https://youtu.be/_…[View]
53543534>my holster caught on my jacket and I showed my handgun to half the city…[View]
53542350Some hunters say that 308 winchester is for girls and 300 win mag is for men: Does it mean that 30-0…[View]
53541295Is the Montgo-9 Upper compatible with totally legal NFA registered full auto Auto sears?: I would ne…[View]
53543397What is the strategy behind equipping your Russian heli with a washing machine. https://twitter.com/…[View]
53520935fictional weapons: Post weapons that don't exist but should.[View]
53540211what compass do I want?[View]
53541686>Russia gets BTFO by monkeys in Afghanistan at the height of their military power >somehow it…[View]
53542900Guys, for 12 USD you can have Ukrainian artillery deliver a personalised message to the vatniks. t.c…[View]
53541717>huge fires right outside Izum at only road leading out of it west It's over Vatniksister, c…[View]
53541947What would you prefer: Being shot with 45 FMJ or 380 JHP? Being shot with 380 FMJ or 12 gauge birdsh…[View]
53532245How do the Mariupol defenders still have ammo?[View]
53540471Which do you love more, guns or shooting?[View]
53540092RIP Randy Weaver: https://cdapress.com/news/2022/may/12/randy-weaver-dies-74/[View]
53534321Russia has now suffered over 2000 vehicles confirmed destroyed. And through this massive investment …[View]
53539942Would an MBT sized land carrier be a sensible drone platform?[View]
53541149brenton tarrant's guns: Does anyone know what ar 15 brenton tarrant was using? optics etc.…[View]
53537855Tfw we can't have a great /k/ game until Russia loses.: How would you speed run the Ukranian vi…[View]
53526980New footage by Kraken Azov unit https://streamable.com/pit2ym[View]
53541861You must be blind or delusional to not accept the reality that Russia has Ukrainian military exactly…[View]
53538330So, what the fuck is Russia's flagship now? Do they just not have one or is the Kuznetov the ne…[View]
53538337SU-34 Keychain: Tell me why this would be a bad financial investment, $1000 is steep but this shit i…[View]
53539723Russian SAMs fail to track and impacts the ground: lmao are they jamming their own AA? here's t…[View]
53524676Noooooooo frogbros they killed our camo[View]
53543252Sukhoi LTS Patent: RU2770885 --> Description of the plane's features https://disk.yandex.ru/…[View]
53539005here has been lot 'can Russia take Finland 1v1 now before joining NATO?' shitposts recently. Lets po…[View]
53542662>Ohio class submarine >doesn’t patrol Lake Erie.…[View]
53540396NATO chucks BTFO again!: HA HA fuck you NATO western dogs. you were laughing at Russian soldiers st…[View]
53541167GAMERS RISE UP! Our time in the military has come. https://youtu.be/b166ecyNBCw?t=242[View]
53533918is he alive?[View]
53542243Ghost of Kyiv doesn't exis...[View]
53541560666 Russian tanks gone: That's 24.8%, or about one quarter of the tanks that the Russians had i…[View]
53539180>the Ukrainians haven't lost yet because they're actually Russians! https://www.kp.ru/d…[View]
53542309Millerovo air base: How would you strike this with Ukraine's current positions and weaponry?…[View]
53530801It's crazy to me how /k/ simps for these budget Turkish piece of shit drones. They're junk…[View]
5353710741 heli losses, no medevac: Russia has lost 41 helicopters, about one heli every two days, while as …[View]
53539699HABBENING: >Geprad >Dachs >Fuchs >Bison >Puma >Kodiak >Wiesel >Keiler >Bi…[View]
53524596Post your shipfu[View]
53540315>Italy reviewing what weapons to send to Ukraine >a fucking SPAS-12 this war is like /k/‘s wet…[View]
53539766Hey k, do you guys know any places in the US where can one get proper weapons training. I'm pla…[View]
53536273This might be a dumb question but i need help. I was playing around with my gun today and decided to…[View]
53531008Retard here can someone explain why russia is losing. /pol/ won’t give me a straight answer.[View]
53536606Hey, not exactly weapon related but this seems like the best board for this question other than mayb…[View]
53541346I went to the range the other day and was shooting pretty good (for me) (pistol, 9mm, hitting bullse…[View]
53536804Any Maryland bros here that wanna do a range day ?: So im from Maryland and i would like to link up …[View]
53537903I've been on /k/ for 16 years. ask me whatever you like, or share in your own experience of bei…[View]
53530691How common is it with T-72's jamming?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIZIspwem2s Here's …[View]
53539685Holy SHIT! Swordsisters, how do we recover from this? I'm about to cry ngl.[View]
53540393M27 IAR: What's its purpose? Why use it instead of m4 and m249?[View]
53539034Tigr APC: This only costs $60,000 according to Russia. Are they bullshitting or how did they make an…[View]
53540449Noir Detective guns: Give me some recommendations for some guns you’d see in one of the old detectiv…[View]
53512723Is it really better than a stryker[View]
53507614Locker: >open locker >Cat jumps in…[View]
53540019Did he handle this the correct way? After everything is done, does he beat the shit out of the guy w…[View]
53507251What are the military capacities of Mongolia and could they defend themselves from a Russian invasio…[View]
53540680Seriously, Russia?: The cauldron has been downgraded to a teacup. >Russian forces may be abandoni…[View]
53533251In terms of military power, is Ukraine a near-peer of Russia?: Has it reached that level of badass?…[View]
53534517The future of warfare: The tank is dead. That is unless it's a T34. That is why the T34 is the …[View]
53535967Cursed Weapon Mega Thread[View]
53535663How many tanks does Russia have left?: Eveyone is throwing random numbers but is there an actual goo…[View]
53525708Unironically why are the Russians still in Ukraine if the Ukraine military is so much superior and t…[View]
53539464Russian equipment invasion losses: Apparently, as of today, russians lost entirety of their tanks an…[View]
53538018Would it be a good idea to create an ammo stockpile as society is steadily going downhill? Also, how…[View]
53539570/k/, who's name is legend, tell us what is best in life![View]
53537964Knight’s armor: So….what kind of armor was standard issue for knights? I mean, actual knights — sons…[View]
53539858Dedication: >be part of the slavic legend of Lech, Czech and Rus >bash your heads in since lit…[View]
53537902Im Dutch. I can't find out what sort of guns I am allowed to own once I've become a gun cl…[View]
53538785My first boomstick: Recently, I stumbled apon an auction of once deactivated guns that were rearmed.…[View]
53533705The fuck was their game plan?[View]
53536139How do you fix the Russian postions in Ukraine if you are Putin. >Time isn’t on your side and you…[View]
53527557fighter jets can be controlled by one person, so why do tanks need a crew of 4? People are able to c…[View]
53538200its over[View]
53538155Why are they so hell bent on taking snake island?[View]
53535980Corruption in Russian Military: Honest question here, if the Russian high command and officers weren…[View]
53534130There’s no reason for Infantry OSUT to be 22 fucking weeks[View]
53525113How do you counter this using European 13th century technology/strategy? My best guess would be foot…[View]
53528168>be canada >have handful of working towed artillery >donate it to Ukraine because you don…[View]
53537614Foids and frens: I present you the T-72 “cope house”[View]
53539105Our glorious Tsardom Empire infantry outnumber you 1-10, you simply can't stand to that ma-ACK[View]
53531646Describe utopia: What is the perfect world for gun laws and all laws?[View]
53533580Are wire guided missiles still relevant?: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1524822167011172352/p…[View]
53536388Redpill me on Sverodonetsk /k/. Will the Russian push into that city change anything or will they ju…[View]
53537985Lend-Lease makes vannies and jannies seethe: >jannies ignore vatshill trolling and porn/gore on a…[View]
53483122Patch thread: Post patch walls and ideas Thread theme Https://youtu.be/7ICObEdRM1Y[View]
53537506currently inside the azovstalingrad complex: when the tunnels start singing prussia gloria https://w…[View]
53524304Is this the new Siversky Donets crossing attempt or the old one?: I think it's new lol better q…[View]
53538325The next episode is out!: The destruction of the asiatic fleet. https://youtu.be/_oKLSVvRsQY[View]
53537996What is some good paint for glow sights?: Saw something like this and figured it would be good for a…[View]
53535626Who is this guy, and why russian shills claims him as reliable source?[View]
53530504Mogami: >Japan >make cheap but modern frigate class as work horse >growth potential Is thi…[View]
53536277How can someone get a ghost gun off the street?[View]
53533451kids doing /k/ shit[View]
53538140Kind of a strange question, but bare with me /k/. Let's say you had the technology to create ne…[View]
53530264holy shit. how stupid can the russians get? https://streamable.com/8b0ynk[View]
53538142Wyoming: Pretty sure I'm gonna move to Wyoming next month. From rural Iowa, so I wont be bringi…[View]
53536861What's the best bear, moose, boar, mt lion, etc. handgun.[View]
53537923When it comes to inches, where do you stand?[View]
53538046I would call Russia 'the sick man of Europe' but that would be inaccurate. Russians are neither Euro…[View]
53537846Does anyone here own this dumbass pistol?[View]
53512404Why does every retard who owns a gunstore try to sell casuals/mee maw a snubby Is there some kind of…[View]
53532762Future APS tank: It's the year 2050. There are so many drone swarms, loitering munitions and sh…[View]
53537365Gun myths: blatant lying edition: iFaggot has some golden fudds and tactical zoomers but you have to…[View]
53530103Have you noticed how similar are todays rifles? In 20th century there were Ak47 which looked differe…[View]
53535736>going up against M1 Garands, Thompsons, 1911s, Springfields, and flamethrowers >send sergeant…[View]
53505807Chinese aircraft carrier conducts drills near Japan: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/2022051…[View]
53511688lol: lmao even[View]
53536750is the FS2000 a good gun? Thinking about buying one, what does /k/ think?[View]
53537371Operation Runk 'em: With the current political landscape looking bleak, I think it's safe …[View]
53526300Gun price vs ammo price: Pic related is from the 2019 PSA memorial day sale. An AR kit that could re…[View]
53529032Is/was this a bad idea?: I already did it, but was it a bad idea to pressure wash an AR upper and a …[View]
53523208REEEEE PCCs ARE OVERPRICED!!!!: Serious question: Why does everyone complain about PCCs being overpr…[View]

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