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55471395Shellback IIIA helmet: anyone know if its any good or chinesium[View]
55471931>ITT: MIdwest Nugget Fest 2022 So I heard guardbro is going to be absolutely fucked on by the Mis…[View]
55472548Are we seeing the end of Russian made military equipment? I don't think Russia can survive USSR…[View]
55460380Post-War AFU Plans: How should the Ukrainian military build itself post-war? Even according to the m…[View]
55466308Is the Russian Army out of Ak-74's? Every video I see of the russian Draftees shows them with …[View]
55470976Northern Kherson front is in a state of total collapse.[View]
55461169T-34s are being used in Ukraine[View]
55471856SAM sites: How do they work? I am a brainlet. How does a Ukrainian SAM know not to fire at friendly …[View]
55452213Annexations backfiring: Now that Ukraine has attacked and taken 'Sovereign Russian Territory' withou…[View]
55470996what happens here?[View]
55471082Why was the Soviet Union able to maintain an army of millions, but Russia struggles to mobilize 300,…[View]
55466170I think Russia is actually going to use the nuke.: Maybe a smaller ''''tactical'''' one on an army f…[View]
55471341Will the necessary nitrates come from merely pissing in a clear glass liquor bottle and leaving the …[View]
55459897A bunch of LNR troops got left behind and decided to surrender without a fight. The guy with the pho…[View]
55468183What states has the least restrictive gun laws, particularly for NFA/Title 2 stuff and aren't t…[View]
55456926IVAN SUCKING EACHOTHER OFF PART II: the fastest threads on /k/[View]
55461628>produces inferior copies of already shit russhit tech is china fucked?…[View]
55470802What is this scope?[View]
55460444UKRANIANS FORCES ENTERED DUDCHANY: GREY ZONE says Dudchany only survived for 2 days, the situation i…[View]
55466480>Syrian rebel wears suicide belt made of 3kg of TNT in case he gets captured by ISIS what are the…[View]
55464037Does Ukraine prove small arms are a meme?: There's been endless talk about what the war has sho…[View]
55468247Intense POV footage from the Kherson front. A team of Ukrainian soldiers on a Humvee was inspecting …[View]
55469188Zsisters, it's happening AGAIN...[View]
55461675m855: I heard alot of talk here about Anon's wanting to find m855.....it it supposed to be rare…[View]
55468022Chinese military corruption: So i've decided to make a series of sorts about the Chinese milita…[View]
55463635Clubs: post or talk about wooden clubs/shillelaghs[View]
55450640How the fuck do people design guns?[View]
55469132Today I will remind them.[View]
55470336Battle of Fallujah: Can /k/ point me in the direction of some good documentaries or footage about/fr…[View]
55469237Catchin Me Ridin Dirty: There's tons of footage of both sides in Ukraine riding on top of vario…[View]
554654829mm vs .45 ACP: Why did the .45 lose the duel despite being the superior cartridge for self/home def…[View]
55467651If he got shot in the face how did he survive it? I'm not a firearms/ballistics expert, I just …[View]
55469862Video Game Builds: Post gun builds based off video games. Currently building the one in the pic, par…[View]
55458305Australian defence strategic review biggest in 70 years: Interesting article from Dr Alan Dupont on …[View]
55468453How did Ukraine defeat an entire army of these?[View]
55467744Reading about ambushes like Tongo Tongo and Red Wings just makes me wonder: Why aren't squad si…[View]
55460963K3 next gen MBT being developed already: > 55 tons > 2 man crew > 130mm primary gun + laser…[View]
55458648Whats the better and more fun novelty gun to shoot? The Tec 9 or Mac 10?[View]
55468292Why didn't any of you tell me guns are extremely cheap? Bushmasters builds alone are less than …[View]
55463644I don't understand how you're an American who browses this board yet does not own a single…[View]
55437690Why do most men dying on the battlefield think about their moms or cry out to their moms? What expla…[View]
55450894Would this be effective?[View]
55469486/Dreaming/: Just woke up from a dream >Hear a school shooting is happening at the middle school I…[View]
55466807what is this tank?[View]
55387659qtddtot: is this a problem? 1975 produced model 67[View]
55461181have any of these been destroyed by russians yet?[View]
55452845NATO should buy 500 of these and donate them to Ukraine. These are the most advanced IFVs in the wor…[View]
55466751why aren't machete bats more popular?[View]
55468697With a mismash of weapon systems deliveted to ukies, how difficult is it to operate/supply/repair su…[View]
55441148For what reason does the US army need to dedicate 8+ weeks for fucking cooking class for soldiers. J…[View]
55466014American Special Operation: What would happen if the USA decided to invade Canada similarly to how R…[View]
55464679>BREAKING NEWS >North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/worl…[View]
55467202So if Hitler was alive today and invaded russia he would've had an easier time, right?[View]
55450260What exactly would be the advantages of using humanoid mechs over tanks? Difficult terrain?[View]
55460761Battle of Mogadishu 1993: So /k/. Its been 29 years already when mighty American forces got defeated…[View]
55460173Fresh Azovstal combat footage from released POW: Have not seen this on /k/ yet Link with sound for f…[View]
55465278What is your favorite bladed weapon?: For me, it's this Swiss Saber from the Wallace collection…[View]
55465735Getting ready to buy pic rel. What am I in for? Are they any good?[View]
55464433Is the Glock 44 still a giant piece of shit? I just need something to practice my marksmanship witho…[View]
55442678>non-nuclear >twin bridges >ramp how are we supposed to take them seriously after this?…[View]
55466008KRAKEN Chronicles of the liberation of the Kharkov region by the KRAKEN special forces There are man…[View]
55464211The new CQB mount has been released only $1500: https://mccloyimplement.com/products/aimpoint-canted…[View]
55461367One of the most decorated war dog and only NCO was a fucking pitty. Why do militaries still hate the…[View]
55460547What's the best long gun for home defense?[View]
55467214So, any news on russian POWs? What is their fate if they get captured by Ukies? Is it Yugo-wars leve…[View]
55462230>it’s October 3rd >no Gothic Serpent posting Gay as fuck…[View]
55467221/nfg/ - Nonlethal Firearms General: 'Yeehaw on A Budget' edition[View]
55465151Talk me out of it[View]
55465859Name a better charging handle: >You can't[View]
55463138Best patches?: what's your favorite website for patches? post good sites[View]
55443985Ukraine may be have the momentum now, but is it really a good idea to back Putin into a corner?[View]
55463262>the year is 2035 >the green lobby has achieved complete control over congress and is making e…[View]
55465967WW3 back on the menu: Why the fuck doesn’t America invent a counter to ICBM’s already?[View]
55466518This is secretly the best build.: For me, it's the Taurus judge for the buckshots, a SCR pistol…[View]
55434186Nuclear powered?: Can someone explain to me why some aircraft carriers are Nuclear powered? It'…[View]
55457858On this day in military history...: US special forces were defeated by malnourished, untrained milit…[View]
55455601Retarded Question about Optics: So I'm doing baby's first AR build. Aero Prevision upper, …[View]
55465223New Kino: Roasted, broasted and toasted roooskies. Artilary, ATGMs, Dronades https://www.youtube.co…[View]
55456937Given recent advancements in battery technology, will we see more experimentation with electro-mecha…[View]
55466009post traps[View]
55463486AR15 General - /arg/: Aero shipped my meme lever in less than 24 hours, that was pretty damn quick! …[View]
55458856/warroom/ - Ukraine 'Special Operation' Speculation Threat: what the fuck is going on? I k…[View]
55453591What is your military plan to cleanse and retake Constantinople?[View]
55452650What equipment do you want to see sent to Ukraine to kill Russians? Bonus points if it somewhat real…[View]
55445064>tfw by the end of this war the Russian shills will be sperging out about how they 'took on the w…[View]
55464400HK416A8: Is it a good gun? Would you prefer it over the G36A2?[View]
55458551Death comes for Ukraine[View]
55464543If the Ukrainian had widespread gun ownership like the USA would there be more significant resistant…[View]
55465144Is NORK small arms industry booming?: Is this the elusive RPK-50?[View]
55459736tb2 bros we did it again[View]
55422990USA BASED!: This trolling or just a 'fuck you do something' post?[View]
55452924Russianbros, I can't keep hanging on[View]
55460954Tethered Drones on any vehicle to provide local ISR, what vehicle would benefit the most from such a…[View]
55465260Post-war, are we going to see Ukrainian PMCs clash with Russian mercs?: I have no doubt both nations…[View]
55465096Are T Drones the Future?[View]
55460261Russian nukes: /pol/ told me nukes are fake, so why worry about something that will never happen rig…[View]
55429262Are they just a meme or are they actually among ukraines best infantry?[View]
55457187The abandoooooner strikes again: >check the maps this morning >pincer attack on Borova, Kherso…[View]
55464738is anybody willing to make an effortpost about North Korea's nuclear program[View]
55453312Need recommendations for a long rance recce backpack: Should have a larce capacity, like 110l or som…[View]
55461668MRE Thread: You can't use your weapons if you don't eat Anon Can we talk about rations he…[View]
55460106are these even viable?[View]
55450978[distant engine noises] ... [engine noises getting louder] WOAH YEAH KICKSTART MY HEART HOPE IT NEVE…[View]
55453543Stop bringing your shitty russian ak's at the gun range, cunts.[View]
55463479Are nukes the most useless weapon today when multiple nations have them? You can't ever use the…[View]
55464142>tests Status 6, fails. >tests RS-26, fails. What will be left for Russia to threaten with? A …[View]
55453023Which country has the most intimidating paratroopers?[View]
55442003Pincher is starting again...: The war is over, isn't it?[View]
55446045If you could own any firearm from the 20th century, what would it be and why?: I think a chauchat wo…[View]
55457104How to sight in a rifle at 200 yards on a 100 yard range: So I scouted for deer season this year and…[View]
55463699>be me, out for a comfy hike in the woods >suddenly, Paul Harrell bursts out of the bushes …[View]
55462805Bump stocks: Anyone ever used one? I got into guns after the ban and am curious if they're cool…[View]
55460693/arg/ ar general ar thread: Old >>55456873[View]
55462668What unit is this? Found this piece at a garage sale and the guy said it was an infantry unit.[View]
5545489810 minutes of first person action of the liberation of Balakliia. https://youtu.be/i-b-hJnMuwk[View]
55462843ZPAP92 Muzzle Devices: Are their any good muzzle brakes/compensators for a Yugo Krinkov. I’ve seen …[View]
55450507What really happened?[View]
55458902Russian here, you guys do realise that the only reason we haven't crushed Ukraine yet is becaus…[View]
55461159why hasn't there been any major naval battle in the Black Sea? do russians and Ukraine just not…[View]
55459702What is the best self-defense weapon in a Yurocuck country for a total noob?: My wife is working in …[View]
55452186Why doesn't Putler invade from Belarus to cut supply coming from Poland? it doesn't make s…[View]
55433912It's almost been a decade: I miss barry[View]
55445946Who is the weakest nation that would BTFO Russia in a war?[View]
55461816How do civillians survive in villages on the frontline?: Aren't there constant artillery barrag…[View]
55448823What is the best poorfag fixed blade for weak side IWB carry?: Picrel: Turner CNC Elvia designed by …[View]
55454100Bravo Two Zero: What really happened?[View]
55453332The reports about the russian troops trying to run in civilian cars weren't an exaggeration. Wh…[View]
55457267When will another wanderwuff army get exposed? Don’t feel so good ameribros.[View]
55444171Perfidious Gaul: >sends Ukraine some obsolete MILAN ATGMs >sends Ukraine 18 (Eighteen) Caesar …[View]
55455301What is the tactical advantage of making washing machine armor?[View]
55459090So what actually happened in Lyman? Were the Russians killed, or did they manage to escape? I though…[View]
55459501Ukrainian vs. Russian commanders: Who has the better leadership in this conflict?[View]
55440830What weapons is NATO providing to Armenia to defend from Azerbaijan's genocide? I couldn't…[View]
55458193Enclosed sisters... We got too cocky...[View]
55460164Sneaky Russians: I think they possess a totally stealth submarine.[View]
55452508Czechs are the first people on planet who crowd-funded a tank to Ukraine. Picrel, it is a modernized…[View]
55448772My girlfriend wants to go shooting: But I don’t want her to behave like another thot at the range an…[View]
55458787>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BF2SuK87Sg >Russian T-80U >has French thermals FROOOOOOOO…[View]
55453052what's the tactical advantage of scaring your own soldiers with reports that gay mulatto NATO s…[View]
55443179Remember how it all started?[View]
55458243SVATOVE KESSEL: New kotel is being formed.......[View]
55456873/arg/ ar general ar thread: Old >>55447997[View]
55458591Now that we've seen how hard Russia's army sucks, I'm curious how China's army w…[View]
55452730Child soldiers????: What is the strategic advantage of having an official openly advocating for use …[View]
55439881There will never be another meme machine for /k/ like this, huh? After this is over, the only posts …[View]
55461756Why did Russia lose so spectacularly and gain nothing? Does this not prove that liberalism creates t…[View]
55462196Isn't he right tho?: >Russia is doing partial mobilization. They go to full war mobilization…[View]
554565682 Russian sources say that Ukraine is continuing to use TB2. One says Russian commanders didn't…[View]
55445672someone please tell me what this means[View]
55459541What the tactical advantage of tea time and why did the brits do it and continue to do it to this ve…[View]
55458358Here’s your kalash bro[View]
55455609If Russia has trouble merely supplying food, medicine and weapons, as well as having 1.5 million mis…[View]
5544880320th Century Handguns: What’s are the greatest handguns of the 20th Century?[View]
55458869Would it work?: Saw this and thought you you, /k/! Post similar if you got em![View]
55457071>Vatnik gets a grenade dropped on him while having his dick sucked by his squadmate Wtf bros I th…[View]
55458257Catching up with the ukr war: I want to be up do take with the war but I haven't followed much …[View]
55453448Petraeus touts nuclear-for-conventional response: The west is getting desperate. Nuclear weapons are…[View]
55439146Canada General - AKA Cangen: /CanGen/ ew here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.c…[View]
55453842This whole war can be summarised with this one sentence, huh[View]
55458396/edc/ Thread: Post yours. Any good keychain knives that don't suck?[View]
55455565Who did it better ISIS or Ukraine: They might as well start using RC VBIEDs to complete the ISIS-Ame…[View]
55438235US millitarism: Surely you must agree America has a military industrial complex problem? Why US mill…[View]
55454661Do conscientious objectors exist in the russian army?[View]
55456779how capable is the chinesium j20 compared to the f22/35?[View]
55449227Darmok and Jalad at the Black Sea: Ukraini, his arms wide[View]
55448121Most wars are named after the belligerents, the location, the thing that's at stake, or the len…[View]
55442335What if russia only used females for their invasion of Ukraine ?[View]
55451135>there are more volunteers to Ukraine from the tiny country of Georgia with a population of 3 mil…[View]
55445603What's the best weapon light for a full size pistol?: Never had one before. Are there ones that…[View]
55455776Wargonzo claims Moldova is preparing military mobilization to invade Transnistria together with Roma…[View]
55456845>buy a gun off gunbroker >seller tells me I should just keep this gun in glass and not shoot i…[View]
55449457Here's my theory: one of the main reasons why Putin launched the war in Ukraine, beyond him bei…[View]
55455194It's obvious Ukrainian military weapons doctrine is lightyears ahead of Russian one: Russian mi…[View]
55440372kherson breakthrough: Reportetdly Dudchany was taken or bypassed. Russian sources say that ukraine 1…[View]
55439042>single sniper can stop a whole platoon why aren't we prioritizing them…[View]
55455425France to send 20 APCs: >France to send 20 Basion APC without Hornet RWS to Ukraine. Its good to …[View]
55457269I've seen things you anons wouldn't believe...VDV crashing into the depths of the black se…[View]
55449325How do counter car bombs? Any technology that can stop car bombs? Anything cheap?[View]
55435652I just found out that the United States has an entire, second Navy that it apparently built as a jok…[View]
55452023Lagging reality: How long until Youtubers realize they should stop using old Russian propaganda numb…[View]
55455536Like pottery[View]
55450445riddle me this: how strategically advantageous is it to leave 25,000 battle hardened troops in a cau…[View]
55440241Le fil français.: >They dug up Paris' cobblestone streets and hurled the rocks at police, wh…[View]
55451371Validity of MUH NOOK threads: I haven't really been keeping up with the nitty gritty of the war…[View]
55455833What is tactical advantage of getting an explosive blowjob from your comrade on the battlefield?[View]
55439592/diy is a slow board: rate my junk armor >>>/diy/2456332 23kg, missing few pieces. Certainl…[View]
55449728A GRU Spetsnaz unit was BTFO in Lyman >Large number of Russian GRU Spetsnaz operators were killed…[View]
55456689Congratulations anon, you have been moobilised. You have stepped off the bus onto a beautiful field …[View]
55448237Russian Appreciation Thread: Post em, especially acrobatics. Their army might not be what some peopl…[View]
55447997/arg/ AR rifle thread: Old >>55444697[View]
55454924Kharkiv Oblast is liberated: Is NATO technology feasible for an autumn campaign in eastern Europe? I…[View]
55447568>before guns were invented people had to hack each other to death like psychopaths These guys mus…[View]
55444313What's the point of building your 4.5+++ gen aircraft using philips screws? They fucking suck.[View]
55456255The big 3 MIC nations: US, France, South Korea: South Korea is currently #2 behind the US for 2022 F…[View]
55451451Has anyone released cost estimates for the Su-75 yet? Supposedly they're planning to market it …[View]
55455191redpill me on the department of energy. an anon on /x/ who posts lenghty rants on mkultra shit told …[View]
5545130016 More Zuzana-2 SPHs for Ukraine: >Germany, Denmark and Norway paid Slovakia 92 million € to pro…[View]
55450857serious questions: >Ukrainian guns with red dots, scopes, etc >Russian guns with nothing Is it…[View]
55455528Winter is coming, NATO forces and EU will not survive.[View]
55439807>I am multitasking like a motherfucker right now. 3 attacks at once is not even the full extent o…[View]
55452918Would these small recon helicopters make a difference for Ukraine. They look perfect for harassing t…[View]
55446866Could Lil Uzi Vert make it as a SEAL? What are your predictions?[View]
55448799The newest Ukrainian ship. Say something nice about it.[View]
55453101Russia made 1:1 plastic Imperial Guard Kasrkin figure: This is the NEW RUSSIA SUPER SOLDIER UNIFORM …[View]
55439711Nato equivalent of Gorka?[View]
55451600Damn, even Monke's body doubles aren't safe from mobilization[View]
55434487If stealth is the future then why do literally zero current or future ships look anything like the z…[View]
55451076>HMS Hebe Umm brits?[View]
55448867How do we kill death /k/?[View]
55449502I love weapons but i cant have them. If i put my hands on one i'd kill everyone on sight. for m…[View]
55453091Gas gas gas: The man is coming How do you defend yourself when the antichrists UN troops are beating…[View]
55449107Problem: Need Help Solving: Finally took the 1300 Defender that I've been working on out to sho…[View]
55449723Mercenaries: How do mercenaries even work? I understand PMCs but the idea of individual guns for hir…[View]
55447526Why don’t they use high strength plastics for body armour?[View]
55444891Post a more aesthetic IFV and tank combo. Both vehicles have to present in the same picture[View]
55421646We've seen in the Ukraine war that half the Russian military if not more is basically non-funct…[View]
55448726So what are the Ukrainians doing with all those captured Russian vehicles? Pressing them into servic…[View]
55445470non bullet guns: Will laser guns or plasma guns or whatever/etc ever be a real thing? Can a storm tr…[View]
55443232Whats stopping a drug cartel from taking over Russia?: lets pretend Im a half white and half puerto …[View]
55435017Russia can still win if..... Bad ideas only.[View]
55449757Where are the 300,000 where are the chechens where are the 1000s of Iranian drones: This isn't …[View]
55452830what's the strategic advantage of ignoring your generals and making military decisions on your …[View]
55452925Yesterday I shot CZ 512 and I had a lot of fun. Are there any better rimfire semi-auto rifles I shou…[View]
55418324It's a slaughter - Kremina direction: Only a few mins here. Ran out of ammo and backed off sout…[View]
55449606how much more effective was using tank riders compared to half-tracks? the US did occasionally use t…[View]
55443973What's the tactical advantage of building small submarines?[View]
55428422post /k/ guys,not soldiers or in combat but insurgency looks and casual looks similar to IRA guys yo…[View]
5541962240mm isn’t a good choice for an IFV, it’s more suited to recon work. There simply isn’t enough ammo …[View]
55443827Russian mogilization and the absolute state of cumscript housing[View]
55427703This is based[View]
55451814pepperspray/bearmace: What do you think? I can't legally own a gun in my country so I carry som…[View]
55452526There have been daily Russian attacks in the Donbas section of the front for the past 6 months and i…[View]
55451936Some kino of random videos with removing vatniks: https://youtu.be/rgppcWYugu4 Enjoy[View]
55447085*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* That's all it takes comrade for a Ukrainian to bust down the door of the …[View]
55448737Been a while since we've had one of these, share your highest grade rusnigger copium[View]
55447729why are some bullets on the belt missing?[View]
55447848>coming back to apartment >carrying pistol >kid and giant dog come out >dog starts tryin…[View]
55451271>age of handheld drone warfare >anti drone specialists still not part of a platoon/squad how l…[View]
55445684What firearms would they use?[View]
55431976UKRANIANS HAVE LIBERATED THE WATERMELON https://twitter.com/revishvilig/status/1576326839831826432?t…[View]
55443328are Russians better equipment in the service rifle?[View]
55439157What went right?[View]
55451394Whats the tactical advantage of telling conscripts to bring their own gear, the confiscating it when…[View]
55439720south korea has about 35 t-80 and 8 t-72. they should donate to Ukraine[View]
55450178Uhmmmm muttbros? Why are our tanks completely shit? I thought the state of the art blow out panels m…[View]
55449597just wear a patch panel as a cape and stop fucking around: I cant fucking stand overdoing patches. M…[View]
55451867>'Called up? Need to equip? Not given anything? Not enough money for a first aid kit?' >'Getti…[View]
55454308Who was REALLY behind the Nordstream attacks and what methods did they use?[View]
55451345The Army of the Russian federation are in a general retreat and will fall back to February border by…[View]
55451177Will hohols be able to use their latest capture? https://streamable.com/0c9oa9[View]
55445858Range characters: Post interesting range characters you’ve encountered. >Yahoo Santa Claus >…[View]
55448520Stalker: talk about the game, your gear or your recent trips https://innazone.neocities.org/[View]
55421140Patch Thread - Spooktober is Here: Design, create, and discuss patches here. It's spooktober. P…[View]
55447633What's the $20 Chinese available-in-the-US equivalent? It's a periscope with 4x magnifica…[View]
55450190What will they do when they run out of bullets and food?[View]
55446654>the Russians are stealing 25 year old Australian tech[View]
55436508Is ocelot right?[View]
55447990Who is the king that dropped these two?[View]
55440270How can Vatniks even compete?[View]
55439925Austrian Army Thread: I think its the best looking modern army The combination of MG3s, AUG rifles,…[View]
55447294I want to start going to the shooting range near my house, but I loathe being talked to by strangers…[View]
55422900Handgun General - /hg/ - #813: range day edition Git gud guide: https://bayfiles.com/96M9Ec9eue/git_…[View]
55438358Does anyone know anything about moving to california with off-roster pistols/rifles? They say to dec…[View]
55444021What are the most informative firearms youtube channels?: https://youtube.com/shorts/0GOWrnoDniw?fea…[View]
55441070How bad is the infighting within the US military?[View]
55437840I don't know anything about guns. Is she shooting right or not?[View]
55448510There are exactly ZERO ways to mount a light on a AUG that aren't uncomfortable or a really shi…[View]
55434774There were lots of threads about russian mobilisation. But what they show is rather a series of exce…[View]
55444686Whats the tactical advantage of being drunk in your military? https://twitter.com/wartranslated/stat…[View]
55448974Walther Volkspistole: Volkspistole how come no one copyed this if it was apparently easy to make thi…[View]
55449073Can you create a nuke from extarcting uranium from coal?: I found this 15 year old article stalking …[View]
55429859Thoughts on Tisas 1911s?: Poorfag here, are Tisas 1911s any good? My local shop has them for $300.…[View]
55446487Why aren't barrel surfaces minmaxed?: How come barrels with maximized surfaces through fluting …[View]
55447696guns and patches thread? yeah im thinking guns and patches thread[View]
55442796what's the greatest outdoors knife and why is it the M9 bayonet?[View]
55445935Would Russia have won the war if they nuked Ukraine’s capital at the start?[View]
55434669Hammer-fired or striker-fired?: Alright, /k/. The ages old question. Hammer-fired or striker-fired (…[View]
55446597Given what we know of the state of Russia's military, could the US carry out a successful first…[View]
55446518Non-/k/fag, got a question about triggers. Is this a 'type' of trigger? Where it basically…[View]
55446036Would you pick up a North Korean hitchhiker?[View]
55413738Is this why Japan is not in the MIC sector?: The F2 is a knock-off of a 1970s F16 but costs Japan mo…[View]
55439931which modern army marches most disciplined and which army marched most disciplined in the past? whic…[View]
55435250Why do reloaders do shit like this?[View]
55434361THEY took this from YOU[View]
55444168This is a map of countries providing military equipment to Ukraine. I want to know what Columbia sen…[View]
55447421*stops literally every bullet*: You can literally just put these on your basement walls and have a s…[View]
55446603what will large scale battles look like in the modern day? will there ever be large infantry assault…[View]
554481279mm HEI for EDC: Would this unironically by the most devastating self defense ammo if it does actual…[View]
55435321Remember the Kherson naval mines people thought were a chemical weapon? Well turns out they used it …[View]
55446212Kherson at potential breaking point today #7: old #1 >>55438096 # old #2 >>55439878 # ol…[View]
55444697/arg/ ar general ar thread: Here’s your Glock brand Glock15 that will be replacing the British rifle…[View]
55438107What Gun is best for starters?: Today is my 21st birthday. I have a dire want and need to practice m…[View]
55447307/K/ing's /k/olors (And military regalia) #2: Now that it's possible to do so again, how wo…[View]
55443208>faggy top 5 video shows thumbnail of cool gun I've never heard of >it doesn't featu…[View]
55444730How important are military youth programs to developing a strong military? Stuff like Sea Cadets, Hi…[View]
55446807Corruption incompetence or equipment: Let's say the roles were reversed. Russia's' in…[View]
55443437Why are Russian generals not dying anymore?: Throughout the war, Russia has lost 4 (confirmed) to 8 …[View]
55434758Ukraine vs Russia: Who is winning?[View]
55305310/msg/ Military Surplus General: for the discussion of military surplus firearms. Crestpost.[View]
55444717what's the tactical advantage of having your soldiers use social media to call in air support?[View]
55445354>'25,000 Russian troops are trapped on the right bank of the Dnipro River' >on map it's o…[View]
55442568Horseless 1400s: Imagine Europe during the 1400s but with little access to horses. For some reason, …[View]
55400834/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: A Based Military Mindset edition Lying about medical record: GO…[View]
55441042Citing increased global tensions amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the belief that NATO nuc…[View]
55448363Do you think China is learning from Russian and US mistakes? People joke and said they're clown…[View]
55436511What does /k/ think of Nighthawk branded nu.Korth revolvers? Is there any valid reason not to buy on…[View]
55435393Is Valeriy one of the greatest military minds of this age?: He appears to have combined the Soviet m…[View]
55436140>2 months in >I am forgotten What went wrong?…[View]
55440775/k/ applications of cyclorotor propulsion: So I've just discovered an entire genera of VTOL air…[View]
55434320Are we ever going to see 'deflector' shields on large ships, like carriers with nuclear reactors?[View]
55445783Retard post: Guys I have an idea. Nukes are powerful and feared because they have a really big blast…[View]
55444800Special Forces gear breakdown videos: Does anyone know of any gear breakdown videos of Special Force…[View]
55440354Hotline Miami 50 Blessings: What does /k/ think about Hotline Miami and the way 50 Blessings operate…[View]
55445646Why is /k/ so obsessed with delta force?[View]
55445729Commander Anon, there's a potential guerrila force of 10 refugees you need to train and equip t…[View]
55445844I am the ghost of /k/, show me a picture of your firearms NOW.[View]
55439511Ukraine's Ada Class Corvette is launched in Turkey today. Ukraine ordered 2x Corvette's fr…[View]
55442981what exactly is the point of them building a new corvette when your one ship navy would be hopelessl…[View]
55436283I don't understand why people have such a bad opinion about boot camp/military school. I went t…[View]
55439205What did he vision?[View]
55432929>there are nips fighting for Ukraine now RETURN KURIL ISLAND RUSSIAN PIGGU…[View]
55444311Kherson at potential breaking point today #6: >get in, Berislav next old #1 >>55438096 old …[View]
55444670Ghost of Kiev, meet the Icemen of Irkutsk[View]
55441015Is it tactically sound to send 18 year old conscripts as a recon force when a war starts?[View]
55440695How do we unfuck his shit, /k/?[View]
55429272The girls: Does /k/ like the girls? Which one is your favorite?[View]
55437969hey fags i'm getting drafted, where can i buy thermal vision goggles for military on the intern…[View]
55438011/arg/ ar general ar thread: >Karl Lewis’s daughter is hospitalized after getting the kikespike …[View]
55437017'If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail' Wha…[View]
55436338Oh non non-binary hohol friends nu-/k/ told us we were winning!!??!![View]
55442106Charles Daly 1911 field grade, chambered in 9mm Worth the cop for my first handgun?[View]
55439586new leaked tb2 footage: Downing of a Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter through the eyes of Ukrainian B…[View]
55443230Kherson at potential breaking point today #5: old #1 >>55438096 old #2 >>55439878 old #3…[View]
55424686What is the tactical advantage of ceding your sovereign national territory to the enemy?[View]
55441859How good is the Iraq military? Unlike the Afghans they're still kicking, so they have to be at …[View]
55443306Post the best kits you seen in awhile[View]
55439368I don't want to spoil your festivities, but if you really think that mobilised Russia can be de…[View]
55441772>.45ACP is the best handgun rou- So if it isn't a FAWTY FAIVE, which is the best handgun rou…[View]
55442197Kherson at potential breaking point today #4: TEMPO TEMPO TEMPO old >>55441045[View]
55440962Why does Russia even bother making these cool military concepts that look good on paper, but they ne…[View]
55415991Home Defense: >Lemme guess, you 'need' more. Post weapons, early warning systems, dogs and dog tr…[View]
55413153What this means in terms of military strategy?[View]
55441373radars: when will we get them mounted on rifles?[View]
55432452Who has the best trained and disciplined soldiers? America has very well equipped soldiers thanks to…[View]
55441453Uhm, ruskis?: Ruski milbloggers insist that not only ukies got Doodchany, but also trying to break t…[View]
55440441How would you weaponize this?: How would you weaponize this?[View]
55437673Is he /ourguy/?[View]
55431210Are there any real need for revolvers now that pistols have become so reliable?[View]
55441045Kherson at potential breaking point today #3: Dudchany edition[View]
55441992Mein Poot...: >General Lapin... >General Lapin didn't have enough forces. >The counter…[View]
55414133interesting video about a Ukrainian surprise attack >boomer tank commanders >special ops clear…[View]
55438483What happened to the well equipped Russian forces we saw in Syria? Were they elite forces or regular…[View]
5542900312 CAESARs more for Ukraine[View]
55433998What's the tactical advantage of abandoooning a >HELIOS-4 communications node to the enemy …[View]
55439299Right handed AKfag here - Someone explain to me why aftermarket 'ambidextrous' AR charging handles a…[View]
55417136Air gun thread: What are you slingin' boys?[View]
55439315Electronic firing mechanisms: Now that batteries have improved so much, will we see a resurgence in …[View]
55440507when santa start[View]
55441675Copeyansk being nasty yet again: Ok, now Kherson shit and this shit at the same time? I can only get…[View]
55440017Is this the best way to transport heavy infantry?[View]
55441582Is telegram posting a reliable form of calling in an airstrike?[View]
55434446how difficult is it to use a semi automatic rifle chambered in .308 like an ar-15?[View]
55440529air rifles: since my local guns laws are gay (+ i got in trouble with the law so i can forget owning…[View]
55437599>you now remember that the ukrops scuttled their flagship: >for no reason Can she be refloated…[View]
55441218There's no way he hasn't got hold of the footage of a Marder finding fleeing troops on foo…[View]
55440051If the US nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not a war crime then why would a Russian 100 megaton …[View]
55440662Shooting on college campus last night: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/xtjl2y/shoot…[View]
55409103Cyberpun/k/: Some gonk just slapped your cyberwaifu’s ass. What gun do you zero him with?[View]
55434236Chances that Moscow gets nuked?: What are the chances that Russia fucks up the nuking of Ukraine and…[View]
55439878Kherson at potential breaking point today #2: Old one reach bumplimit REAL quick[View]
55426708Poor German Weapons Quality is Failing Ukraine: Article: The German defence sector has gone to consi…[View]
55440719Can we do this?: KEK E K[View]
55434620Northern Kherson front is collapsing.: Ukrainians have captured Shevchenkivka, Zolotaya Balka, Novoo…[View]
55436773Oof, that gotta sting for the west.[View]
55397376/ak/ Thread - /k/ooking Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>55348869 'Best food …[View]
55430580Ukrainian logistics: Has there been any reports of the UA army supplying there mismatched of foreign…[View]
55435571Why is nobody buying the chunmoo but there’s a long list of countries buying HIMARS?[View]
55437733seeing Russians being killed without a chance of fighting back: What's the point of footsoldier…[View]
55438205Derya Mk12 220.: https://youtu.be/JNHWCv0je7w Short barreled, semi-auto, AR style shotgun, 12 gauge …[View]
55438480So...what really happened here?: poos claims they killed a bunch of chinks but did they really?…[View]
55440129What happened?: Bongs sent tons of these logistic drones to Ukraine but I haven't seen any pict…[View]
55424394These guys were so lucky, holy fuck: Wake up babe, new Lyman combat footage just dropped https://www…[View]
55435772Polish copelords on suicide watch: I didn't know BAE was a German company and that the country …[View]
55437113AR Barrel Length: Is there any hard data on how dangerous (like dB) it is to shoot a 7.5' 5.56 AR in…[View]
55430283ERA: Wouldn't you agree ERA is basically a meme nowadays. Why wouldn't you just build a bi…[View]
55421750Belbek, Crimea: Zisters?[View]
55431046talk me out of it[View]
55437580I guess we'll get to find out how good the radiation shielding really is[View]
55438437why don't they used double barreled tanks[View]
55437711Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones[View]
55438787Alright what the fuck who prodded the agents . the handlers keep calling me and interrupting my bana…[View]
55439674/k/ humor thread: Thoughts on the MP5k reload handle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bec4FHi8Zm4…[View]
55439251Member of the Russian Duma said that 1,5 MILLION RUSSIAN MILITARY UNIFORMS HAVE DISAPPEARED. HOW THE…[View]
55428944>AK-47 adopted in 1949 >American troops were still using the M-14 well into the 60s despite a …[View]
55432031k movies: what are some good /k movies? anybody seen pic related? how is it?[View]
55436604So let’s say Ukraine did invade Russian territory after reclaiming all of its original territory. R…[View]
55438427Why aren't Russians using the cheap Chinese DJI drones like the Ukrainians do? Or maybe they do…[View]
55438096Kherson at potential breaking point today: >In the coming hours, if no action is taken, could tur…[View]
55439624>Jinkies! Do you guys know where we are? >Like, Moscow I think man! >Now relax, gang. If th…[View]
55436269NATO question: Considering it seems so close to certain (à la Cuban missile crisis part 2) that Puti…[View]
55433740Boiled Peanuts: Boiled peanuts anon, where are you? -R[View]
55411683Bros... Are we closer to a nuclear exchange than during the Cuban missile crisis? What choices does …[View]
55439437Could humanity defeat an invasion from the fallen?[View]
55431727Does anyone in your family/friends have any war stories?[View]
55434504Straight up, /k/. Which is the best handgun? >inb4 it depends on the situation >inb4 it depen…[View]
55438991Law Fags: If anon has a prescription to D-Amphetamine can he still own a gun? Hard drugs and guns ar…[View]
55439172I need advice, /k/. I am thinking about getting a colt delta elite, but I have never shot a 10mm bef…[View]
55422624Where can I find right and proper ACUs in solid colors?[View]
55400676Family foto: Obligatory bed spread edition. Spot the rare one[View]
55435508Crowd Control Discussion: So, /k/... How's effectively shooting a tear gas grenade directly to …[View]
55414707Post webms of the war. The funnier the better[View]
55438024Can someone tell me about or direct me to resources that go into detail about the 2014 Crimean annex…[View]
55425230what are the lore implications behind this ubiquitous western wunderwaffe[View]
55438797best round for ccw to take down a pack of hobos high on crack with knifes.[View]
55435721ITT: Post the most cutting edge military hardware.[View]
55419139What people often forget: there are actually TWO F-35 production lines: • Lockheed Martin's in …[View]
55426452German MoD announced today that IRIS-T slm will be delivered “in the coming days” This is a game cha…[View]
55434112the gloves are coming off[View]
55436842Thoughts about Deepeeka?: Don't know much about them. They have a lot of Roman weapons but the …[View]
55431798uh, does Russia even have nukes?[View]
55420711Canada General - Canadian Firearms General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pas…[View]
55435604I've just made a perfect mountain camo[View]
55436167how difficult is it for women to be as effective in combat as men if they both have guns and trainin…[View]
55435297Sievierodonetsk next?[View]
55431726Is there anything stopping someone from just 3D printing parts to make a gun full auto? https://www.…[View]
55437554Cucked nation cope: How do you cope with being in a cucked country where leo and military are all sh…[View]
55435833what's the tactical advantage of throwing in troops piecemeal before they have time to properly…[View]
55412933China is working on 6th gen fighters Should the US be afraid? https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/…[View]
55436686Why no Drone 40 in Ukraine? Aren't they already in use with the bongs?[View]
55435642What is fiver ammo? https://mobile.twitter.com/wartranslated/status/1576546250304139267 Pretty inter…[View]
55434628>Live in a country where you have mandatory military service, not first world >Tried to act st…[View]
55419110War photo thread: I thought we should have a good old fashioned war photo thread, to take our minds …[View]
55433390How did they not manage to sink this ship?: After everything they tossed at it. https://www.youtube.…[View]
55431454/arg/ ar15 general: >>55428281[View]
55435514Why do people thing Mexicos strategy of making every infantrymen a grenadier is bad? Anyone can knoc…[View]
55430152> bullets are limited by the speed of gunpowder > missiles can go faster why? how fast does …[View]
55436090Why russian-made air-defence managed to prevent russia from achieving air supremacy over Ukraine, bu…[View]
55437123Fresh Lyman Rybar Just Dropped: zisters.... i'm tired of losing...[View]
55436823So /k/...how did you become interested in /k/? >be me >dad is literally a gun engineer >he …[View]
55386176Sardines and canned fish are a pretty popular items found in EMEA rations how come they don’t exist …[View]
55427250Okay, so how do you siege Donetsk? Is it even possible? The city looks like a fortress.[View]
55434734How often does /k/ think you should clean your pistol barrel? Some people say everytime you've …[View]
55431333Is a katana the best non-firearm home defense weapon? >superior reach to a knife >foe can…[View]
55435582When you see videos where more than one grenade is dropped, this is what drops them. It's not j…[View]
55425544Wood furniture ARs?: I disliked wood on ar15s when I first saw it, but it's been growing on me …[View]
55430901how effective were foreign fighters in Ukraine?[View]
55422117>British infantry training was pivotal in the current Ukrainian offensive in the north east. have…[View]
55410125Why is the vz.58 so sexy?[View]
55432625Do Russian understand nuclear weapons?: And nuclear brinksmanship? It doesn't appear that they …[View]
55431515Would you?[View]
55436287Can we bring death cards back? Like Azov death cards?[View]
55435401It is not a recon vehicle if it can’t carry dismounts. Sorry[View]
55429942Leather gear: Post gear made from leather, pouches, holsters, etc.[View]
55424754>According to published data, the total losses of the invaders for 7 months of the war have alrea…[View]
55435875New/old Tank on Tank Footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6TCRGfg6zQ member that closeup tank o…[View]
55433122AMAZING tank vs tank video!: Out today! Video shows two tanks meeting at point blank range. First ti…[View]
55423018Cowboy General: A thread for discussing, posting big irons, little irons, lever irons, break action …[View]
55434601Drone semi A2A kill: Turkish TB-2 drone tracks Russian Ka-52 helicopter from miles away. And records…[View]
5540845010mm Thread: Post yours. What options are there other than the Glock 20/39/40, Sig P320 X-Ten, S…[View]
55418945Do people explode like video game mobs when they're hit with swords from horseback? What the f…[View]
55428561Imagine failing to take a single tiny island 50 miles off your own coast, that's thousands of m…[View]
55418505Lever action shotties: So since there exists lever action shotties, but they are not widely used, I …[View]
55414333Why do americans fetishize castle doctrine?[View]
55432742Would the US military let their soldiers post videos and selfies of themselves in frontline on their…[View]
55430138Underground Tunneling Thread?: I want to build a comfortably sized underground hobo dwelling so I ca…[View]
55430422Do Gas Masks still have any use today ? I think they just useless and bothersome in today times[View]
55400972What is the strategic advantage of posting videos of your dead enemy officers being eaten by pigs?[View]
554296131. Why the fuck would Russia station troops in Belarus? Everyone knows that the chance of a ground a…[View]
55431716>You are transported to the year 2000 and are made the supreme leader of the Russian armed forces…[View]
55414388Anyone else patiently waiting for picrel to come out so you can build firearms all day? t. yuropoor[View]
55432379why not just call the javelin a bazooka[View]
55420753Amazing how far Ukraine has come in a mere 8 years: Apparently they gave Russian 3rd Army Corps a 'H…[View]
55432312Is he the Hiram Maxim of the 21st century?[View]
55433202>gf was an anti-gun hippy when we met >talking like bell bottom owning, pot smoking, acid drop…[View]
55425444Would the use of nuclear weapons even turn the tide for Russia? Or would Ukraine just put on some NB…[View]
55427304>we'll be using M4s on Ma- >*blocks your path*…[View]
55429101Why do people put as much of a focus on reloads and doing them quickly as they do?: With how much ta…[View]
55432799This is the ideal firearm. While you may not like it, this is what peak performance looks like.”[View]
55431703I hate to say it, but fighter planes/manned planes are going the way of the battleship very soon. Mi…[View]
55403907TOWER DEFENCE IRL: A Russian convoy of combat vehicles and stolen civilian transport is now in the v…[View]
55430680melee thread: Why is it so good bros?[View]
55432505Frontline Info: Do you think that russians are checking the internet for current events on the front…[View]
554267531. Are mortars more relevant than MLRS / thick tube? 2. What is the best mortar today? 3. What makes…[View]
55428038>mein monke... >they took Lyman and are advancing and are advancing towards Sieverodonetsk. …[View]
55433967Could PCAPS have had a chance if it hadn't been manufactured by HK?: I watched a video about XM…[View]
55431860documentary: Documentary about various mass killers and the weapons they used coming out: https://fi…[View]
55421131Show off your lightweight builds: Almost done with this one. Swapping away from FDE after changing t…[View]
55432830Do you all degrease scope mounts screws? Mine got some rust.: I usually degrease the screws on scope…[View]
55428121Does this actually work as a combat tactic?[View]
55433438Where do I go to find the russian equivalent of /k/ or 4chan generally, asides from telegram? Imageb…[View]
55433646>IDF is phasing out the Tavor for M4s and some weird LMT style piston rifle Bullpup bros wtf?…[View]
55432901is it realistic -politics wise- for ukraine to use airfields of a NATO country to conduct air sortie…[View]
55426512ITS OVER: ITS OVER![View]
55424942Could a top loading shotgun work?[View]
55432753Argentine Colt 1927 D.G.F.M. - (F.M.A.P.): Thoughts?[View]
55431124I pack my case, I check my face I look a little bit older I look a little bit colder With one deep b…[View]
55425709Any comms specialist here. How significant is this?[View]
55417500>Glock has decided to produce another batch of OD green gen 3 Glocks[View]
55432095JAPAN and TURKEY Edge Closer to Potential Deal for Armed Drones to Safeguard Islands: Turkey sees bi…[View]
55429562I'm going to sere school: I'm heading to level C sere soon, what can I do to prepare? …[View]
55407252Japan's new IFV/APC based on the Type 16.[View]
55424441How practical could a modern 8 gauge pump/semi auto shotgun be, given all the advancements companies…[View]
55432266Titanium Nitride & Black Powder: Are there any downsides to nitriding a black powder revolver? I…[View]
55431010Will the Gay Bois Retarded Squad ever recover?[View]
55431604Trade me a pistol I know one of you has too many.: I know one of you fudds got 15 different glocks s…[View]
55418080Why aren't water-cooled machine guns a thing anymore? Is barrel overheating no longer a problem…[View]
55422781ITT: Cool /k/ related imagery.[View]
55426197Have a Glock 26 want another pistol. Should I get a g19 for familiarity or go for variety? I was thi…[View]
55432252National Guard question: Is a governor allowed to donate National Guard equipment to a foreign power…[View]
55431682Talk me out of it. I want a Trijicon 4x32 ACOG RCO on it with canted Troy HK sights. Everything I…[View]
55420561What's up with the Chechens? Are they still front-line troops are rear echelon to shoot any pes…[View]
55430493artillery question: what is the most robust 155mm gun? like what gun takes most abuse and rounds tro…[View]
55428545Be honest /k/: If you go through life without having ever joined the military or experienced combat,…[View]
55421824Kadyrov calls for monke to bring out the nukes: Even he admits that things are going to shit kek.…[View]
55431688Is this a AN94 or one if the AK-100 series rifles? Game is called Pioner[View]
55431078Please help /k/ me with this 22 rifle: I recently bought this old 22lr bolt action and decided to ta…[View]
55425068>monke pushes big, red button with NUKE written on it what will happen after?…[View]
55426167Poor Krabik lost barrel: Don't worry, Huta Stalowa Wola will bring new one! https://twitter.co…[View]
55428439Name one bad one-eyed general: I'm genuinely convinced they don't exist. Of the handful th…[View]
55428668Nukes don’t exist. Energy output for plutonium is not enough for a useful bomb. It would take centur…[View]
55395720With the crisis in Ukraine utterly demolishing the reputation of the Russian military, just how ahea…[View]
55425200Hello /k/ - Weapons. What is perhaps, your favorite firearm and/or melee weapon?[View]
55427291Krabenstein: What was the thinking behind the Krab. Why put a British turret on a Korean chassis. Is…[View]
55428281/arg/ - Armalite General: Lucas Botkin Edition OLD: >>55423830 Where do I get a pair of overwh…[View]
55430941what's with the cope skirt?[View]
55420675they'll strike when no one expects it...[View]
55425150The last soldiers killed during both world wars were American. >Henry Gunter was an American serg…[View]
55429792Do soldiers finding defensively get PTSD in war? I’ve seen tons of videos and photos of Ukrainians h…[View]
55428604idk which is worse[View]
55416738How the fuck do americans manage to get shit like salad in remote bases???[View]
55428152Revolvers: Can you guys give me a run down on good wheel guns. I don't know whos shit , whos ex…[View]
55429142What are /k/'s honest thoughts on these two gentlemen?[View]
55407667Why was the Mongol art of war so dominant for so long, and why did it fall off so hard after gunpowd…[View]
55379934/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Pilot Edition >Thread #1846 Old Thread: >>55325277…[View]
55429216What guns would they use?[View]
55427622> fielded in ww1 > fielded in ww2 > fielded in korea > fielded in you get the picture,…[View]
55429205Do you think Russia will start fielding the random abandoned prototypes they have laying around?[View]
55427244“It’s a slaughter”: “Battle” for Lyman called slaughter by Ukraine volunteers >Russians fleeing i…[View]
55429712I've made electric tripwire alarm device according to infographic found on /k/ to catch a food …[View]
55429923Rate this vatnik range card[View]
55429583Guns in the UK.: How do I get started /k/?[View]
55393968Camo Thread: What is your favorite camos ? For me its >M81 Woodland >Tiger Stripes >ATACS…[View]
55410961How Much Do You Think FN USA Paid Him?: His latest video is obvious shilling. He uses the same exact…[View]
55421632Let me end the war in Ukraine: Give me 2 fucking weeks and I would truly end this stupid war for rea…[View]
55419562New drone footage dropped. Get it while the vatniks are still warm.[View]
55423249BREAKING: The zombie apocalypse has begun. Share your loadout for scavenging missions. Bonus: Are y…[View]
55428428Just how armed are criminals these days?: I live in a state that has pretty strict gun laws but I am…[View]
55416536Give me your pronouncing: How do you pronounce this caliber /k/? My and my range friends usually cal…[View]
55417723Underrated WWII tanks: I'll start >the Crusader >the Churchill >probably everyone know…[View]
55412222Rheinmetall has 16 of those ready for delivery. They plan on modernizing 30. Would those pose a sign…[View]
55424243force field: is it feasible?[View]
55424272HAPPENING!!!! Recent Footage of the Battlefield in Ukraine happening up close!!!: https://www.youtub…[View]
55428799How would the current French army fare in a fight?[View]
55421536Why does this round cause so much seethe. It’s had a storied career[View]
55413697OH N-[View]
55426556Without the proper tools how easy is it to assemble an AR15 lower and upper now that it’s not kosher…[View]
55425289why are they like this? i dont care about dots i just like irons and am not into tactical stuff. …[View]
55401671What is the best 308 rifle and why is it the AR-10: The AR-10 was literally engineered from the grou…[View]
55418686Australia adopts sig P320: https://news.defence.gov.au/media/media-releases/adf-signs-next-generatio…[View]
55427916Drugs, Mental Health, and Legal Gun Ownership: If you're prescribed a controlled substance such…[View]
55424449>I'll just go innawoods it's not like the government can track us a-AAAACK…[View]
55426694What will 8th generation fighters look like?[View]
55424269I've seen people claim that Romania was more important to the Axis than Italy. How true is that…[View]
55424003daily reminder: Nuclear war is a fucking meme joke and you should know the truth about how easy it i…[View]
55427890Just as a thought experiment to compare the capabilities of the American and Russian militaries, if …[View]
55425486*Reggae music starts playing*[View]
55423830Ash Rifle General - /arg/: >October 2022 >I am forgotten Old >>55416949…[View]
55427416Identification: Can someone help me find out what these new russian vehicles are? Saw them being dep…[View]
55411120Czech anons how good do I have to speak Czech in order to pass your firearm license tests?[View]
55427427>SNIPER BAIT!![View]
55427546Japan & Turkey Edge Closer to Potential Deal for Armed Drones for 2023: Turkey sees big potentia…[View]
55424532war aesthetics: Do military designers universally try to make weapons look cool on purpose? It seems…[View]
55425699It has been truly amazing to see this board transform from /pol/-lite, adamantly opposed to the US p…[View]
55425502Holy shit the pre-2014 Ukrainian army was so shit Literally Somalia tier Thank God they have been s…[View]
55413342Why doesnt america make these?: Wouldnt the US military benefit from have large quantities of these …[View]
55423163da our airports in crimea decided to randomly fire fireworks to celebrate the annexation comrade, no…[View]
55423448>No GRU Spetsnaz >No FSB Spetsnaz >No SVR Spetsnaz >No Navy Spetsnaz >VDV BTFO Did Ru…[View]
55421571the fuck is this?[View]
55425805Imagine you're going to Ukraine to fight: What personal gear are you taking?[View]
55399121Vatnik here, what's your favourite pre-70s jet? For me its the six shooter.[View]
55422051Another smoking incident in Crimea: Explosions at Belbek airbase near Sevastopol, Crimea. Russians a…[View]
55426001there you go guys I just won the war for ukraine: no need to thank me hohols[View]
55424761https://twitter.com/_GIIG_/status/1575948705609306112 >I have never seen so many dead, soon to be…[View]
55414702The eternal debate: These two are the last 2 ar15 manufacturers on the planet and you can only own 1…[View]
55421791How hard is it to reverse-engineer an enemy weapon?: The Ukrainians were the brains of the USSR, and…[View]
55419932Apparently, not all zoomers are anti-gun. Seems like 2A gets to live for another generation.[View]
55424999The big 4 military industrial complexes are >USA >Russia >china >France…[View]
55425876What kind of weapon is this?[View]
55418679More Vatnik Tranquilizers: https://bulgarianmilitary.com/amp/2022/09/30/korea-supplies-arms-to-ukrai…[View]
55404253Ukrainian soldier shows and disassembles a MG3. Pretty neat video. Unfortunately auto translation is…[View]
55424785What's the tactical advantage of withdrawing to more favorable frontiers after successfully reg…[View]
55423331How extreme can countries go without triggering a nuclear war?: Could the US bomb the Three Gorges D…[View]
55421525What is the tactical advantage of buying second (and third) hand F-16 and upgrade them to F-16V stan…[View]
55419225Lyman is OFFICIALLY under Ukie control. https://twitter.com/Faytuks/status/1576150130369396737[View]
55422882Gun buying in South Africa: Moving there for security work soon, anyone here got tips for private bu…[View]
55424993Any eod techs here? Marinefag looking at eod as a lat move. Went to a&s wasn't selected; in…[View]
55414062They were both armed with automatic rifles and kevlar against 9mm pistols. Why did they lose?[View]
55422496How much does the guy that gets issued one of these get bullied?[View]
55412504Would this work today?: >The white feather is a widely recognised propaganda symbol. It has, amon…[View]
55423177Yo was da best clip fo a a r ? I gots dat 300 blackout . I jus pick one up but dat bitch only come w…[View]
55421282>Ukie BMP mortar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiN7purOVwo Lol. How accurate do you think this …[View]
55421050Is the pen mightier than the HIMARS?: Was putin right to think signing a few papers will help change…[View]
55421127How the fuck did the F-16 take out the SU-57??? Makes no fucking sense.[View]
55422123Sevastopol airfield just got blown up: It's over for vatniggers. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
55419999How can America defend Canada in the upcoming water wars? (For free)[View]
55400437ukie here. i have the same eerie feeling i had before feb 24 and in general i see the similar pre-in…[View]
55417391>Germany defeats Russia >America defeats Japan Who defeats Italy?…[View]
55423962At what point can you stop attributing the war failures to incompetence and start assuming outright …[View]
55418332Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to inform you that today makes the beginning of the Lend-Lease to Ukrai…[View]
55420623IFV: Is IFV a dead end? Should it be abandoned in favour of something more mobile or better armoured…[View]
55414612Is this a good morale builder before entering a war zone?[View]
55423821I have been thinking about creating iceberg about war in Ukraine. Below is my initial take, I will b…[View]
55420692Can you imagine any weapon better for cqc?[View]
55409758One of these loadout threads post yours and rate others[View]
55419248Some lost piggies getting roasted in Russian Zaporizhzhia Oblast last night.[View]
55416949Armalite Rifle General - /arg/: DMT isn’t dead Last thread >>55413588[View]
55410676Bang for the Buck: Why does US take ten times the resources and five times the time to produce a mil…[View]
55420728what's the tactical advantage of using cavalry in 2022m[View]
55368106Do we still do /bst/ threads??: I haven't seen one in a while. I have some shit I wanted to sel…[View]
55421744How bad is the Su-35 Flanker?: https://scramble.nl/military-news/future-plans-and-new-aircraft-for-t…[View]
55422696Share your filters: I 404'd my 4chan cookie for some reason and need to make /k/ usable again. …[View]
55422447But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will…[View]
55423026In April 2016, it was announced that the U.S. would be deploying the HIMARS in Turkey near the borde…[View]
55419240Is this the most kino nuclear war documentary ever made?: https://youtu.be/CzRX06Xqu80[View]
55422516I've been hearing that Russian air defence and such was a bluff all along. This is the perfect …[View]
55421372War Time Economies: Can the US keep up with Chinese manufacturing capacity? How long would it take f…[View]
55415045>Man charged with possessing weapon of mass destruction after routine traffic stop >Deputy Jor…[View]
55423230NO PANIC![View]
55424093I pity the Institute for the Study of War: Out of all of the organisations analysing and studying th…[View]
55412548Infamous guns: ITT: unique guns of historical significance. Example: Gavrilo Princip's FN M1910…[View]
55407338What was the point of the Hostomel Airport operation? Like from what I've read it was VDV/etc s…[View]
55401983/k/, I need your help. I'm an aspiring cyberpunk writer who's obsessive about feasibility,…[View]
55420448>Russia is sending literal cadets who haven’t even finished school yet to the frontlines…[View]
55421689Combat drone concept: I've had this idea/concept floating around in my head for a while and I w…[View]
55416474Hohol piggies are fucking done, Russia is busting out the prototype units[View]

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