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59654052theft: >be me >normal guy >no mental issues >have shot plenty of firearms before without…[View]
59651929Hear me out..... What if you pour gasoline into the cavity of a shaped charge? Will it work?[View]
59653484“Clean your gun after every use” This is a sentence that could only be uttered by someone who rarely…[View]
59653438>2023 Anno Domino's Pizza >every single fucking move fight portraying giant spacecraft en…[View]
59645671if you're wondering why the 300% increase in vatnik shilling... the ukies hit the refinery and …[View]
59649833can /k/ explain me how exatcly different loads of the same cartride work? i always assumed that it w…[View]
59650067Miniature Gun: What would getting shot by this feel like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIq3JkoABY…[View]
59650705So with the benefit of hindsight, how'd you conduct trench warfare?[View]
59631980Shrapnel nuke: Could shrapnel nuke be a viable weapon?[View]
59642048Glock trigger safety: What the fuck is the point of this nonsense? The purpose of a safety is to pre…[View]
59654008AGS: Oh, you want to do some shelling of shoreline targets? That'll be $800,000 per shot, plus …[View]
59648873/arg/ - we're debating which duty ammo is gonna make it edition: old>>59645887[View]
59653272Lasers are underrated[View]
59638215What makes a technical vehicle a technical? Do they have to be civilian vehicles first or does putti…[View]
59626012Why is South Korea so much more advanced than Japan?: > South Korea builds the most advanced jet …[View]
59652873I want to bring back a blackpowder rifle from the US to my south american country. Legally I should …[View]
59635218MT-LB Thread? MT-LB Thread: So I'm taken to understand that the MT-LB is like the Hilux of the …[View]
59651661>Iron Dome Boxer: Holy fuck, is there anything the Boxer can't do?[View]
59648680the Royal Canadian Navy held a little ceremony/parade in my city earlier in the week. Why do they lo…[View]
59651287Quick rundown?[View]
59651124Serbian false flag: Looks like the serbs planned to organize a false flag against Nato forces.…[View]
59638594I accidentally the whole thing[View]
59653275Does the American, or any military, have anti drone weapons? Surely militaries around the world are …[View]
59639902Krag–Jørgensen: What went wrong?[View]
59645638Frankenstein vehicle thread: Post improvised vehicles of the Ukraine War. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
59653077So with Sokolov and most of his support command structure killed, will this have a long-term impact …[View]
59650627ITT: Operators. Posting everyone's favorite.[View]
59647483What's the ideal form for combat? Suppose you could design a creature solely to fight well, wha…[View]
59635318Have you ever NDed?[View]
59652833>D-Do I really need to wear the plug? >///<[View]
59621747Guns for degenerates: Bad guy / sicko guns. What's your favorite guns for looking like an evil …[View]
59649612You can instantly win the money to buy your favourite gun. Or you can double it and give it to the …[View]
59646018How do I best defend myself from pit bulls?[View]
59652342what kinds of suicide drones are currently in service in the US other then switchblade?[View]
59646696Could rocket-propelled fighters have been viable? Is it possible to throttle a rocket engine to burn…[View]
59648785>.264 Win Mag[View]
59648269What's the ideal rifle for a fantasy dwarf or their irl equivalent a man under 5'11?[View]
59652553Meets?: I'm from Idaho and some of my friends invited me to a /k/ meet. As far as I know, the o…[View]
59628900OFFICER ATTACKED by 2 DOGS, 2 rounds of (probably) 9mm stops the threat: 'One of the dogs died right…[View]
59644870Do wizards and clerics have a place in modern combat? What value do they provide a military? Are the…[View]
59646138Design the 7th Gen fighter jet: Let's make it /k/ino[View]
59640320F-4: I would trade the F-35, F-16, F-15 for this in a moment.[View]
59642695/k/lothing thread: How do you dress to prevent everyone in a 5 mile radius immediately knowing that …[View]
59651858Is it just fuddlore that if I cut the tip off a fmj it will push out the lead and squib?[View]
59651528ITT: actual facts with reputable sources: The Australian Defence Force pollutes 1,705,000 tonnes of …[View]
59649062fpv drone supremacy: How do you cope with the extreme cost effectiveness of FPV drones and autonomou…[View]
59651413>The helicopter drop went wrong; four SEALs were lost at sea and their bodies never recovered, ca…[View]
59639689First pistols: I’m turning 21 in a few months and I think I’ve decided on a Glock 42 and a 45 auto T…[View]
59650235What weapons and military equipment are hard to operate when pregnant? What is the tactical disadvan…[View]
59624211Can we have a samurai thread they are almost not talked about here. The last samurai was kino but in…[View]
59646431Strv 122 Tank: The Strv 122 Tank, just suffered its first combat loss on ukraine this week but every…[View]
59641316How to 'take cover' against drones?: Title. I see lots of Russkies just dying to drones. They crawl,…[View]
59650664What do I do with this?: Inherited this 16' M1942 bayonet from my grandpa and I'm not sure if I…[View]
59646728Ukraine forces have advanced past several defensive lines and 'dragon teeth' in the south. Are they …[View]
59648915All the Shells Somaliland Fired into Somalia[View]
59650152if ca successfully removes the magazine ban for being unconstitutional could it be used as a precede…[View]
59651127Counter UAV: Assuming you don't have the technological capability to deny the enemy use of the …[View]
59632045Why did they fall out of favour? >Doesn’t require fuel >Minimal upkeep >Can traverse rough …[View]
59647417Wasn't ECOWAS supposed to slap the shit out of Niger's coup military? What the fuck happen…[View]
59643065Shooting Safety Vids: Absolute Gems: General Shooter Safety Video Gems https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
59650088International military friends: post soldiers from different militaries being bros[View]
59638742/k/ gun owner opinions thread: I'm sick and tired of all the noguns, war tourists, and other je…[View]
59650310No F-15 ever crashed on my house: no f-15 ever cost 1.7 trillion dollar. f15s can fly through clouds…[View]
59636776Total carnage https://files.catbox.moe/mpg3aw.mp4[View]
59640828CYPRUS WAR THREAD: Didn't really care for it until youtube recommended me some kino and now i…[View]
59648560Given an all out hostile situation but bar military involvement, how many US federal agencies would …[View]
59644912Good day everybody, I was looking for something extremely small as an EDC, preferably very discreet.…[View]
59631996>The long-term loss of the only three major dry docks available to the BSF in the Black Sea has l…[View]
59649835zombie weapon virus: think it exists in a lab somewhere, cdc lab? area 51 lab? what happens if it…[View]
59649647area 51 weaponry: we got ufos at area 51 you really think america would lose to china or russia lmfa…[View]
59595468This is a Camo thread. Furthermore, EVERY SINGLE CAMO PATTERN, OTHER THAN M81, IS COMPLETE AND UTTER…[View]
59648462Army mnemonic for PID: I'm trying to remember a mnemonic for PID/describing people which is bas…[View]
59643230This week on Perun >Drone fighters? Might be sooner (or later) than you think. >Gen 6 fighters…[View]
59646284Haiti gangs show off m1 garands[View]
59638479Tomahawk vs Machete: You have to survive for 3 months, you can only pick one GO[View]
59643646He finally explained himself: So it appears he’s not greedy he just has his hands tied behind his ba…[View]
59645116why did lever-action pistols never take off?[View]
59648730when the fuck are they gonna make more of these lil niggas?[View]
59639204VHS-2: I have always thought bullpups were pretty gay. The P90 and AUG are kino but other than that …[View]
59634377New abomination just dropped: May I present to you a MT-LB with a 213 mm caliber Soviet anti-submari…[View]
59640832Which IFV would you rather be in whilst crossing a minefield and under artillery fire?[View]
59644052How does T-posing help your SMO? Shoigu! Please explain.[View]
59647806What was it?[View]
59644061Cheap Gas Mask Recommendations: With Halloween fast approaching, I'm searching for an affordabl…[View]
59646627Did ukraine get c-ram? https://files.catbox.moe/ob0p8b.MP4[View]
59635932Azerbaijian Shows off Captured Armenian Weapons: Here's the weapons captured from Armenian back…[View]
59647509Is it /k/ino? >Motorcycle >Power wheel in the back, saw at the front for grip…[View]
59647037What are your thoughts on the H&R 999 Sportsman? Was thinking about trading in my shitter cheape…[View]
59643371>Sevastopol plastered again Operation TZD is progressing according to plan.... https://twitter.c…[View]
59646317Just bought myself an 1884 Springfield. What kind of ammo should I get for it? I know these older gu…[View]
59624891>*THUNK* >drops next to you post yfw /k/[View]
59645887/arg/ assault rifle general: assault rifle general- klarna edition previous >>59640124[View]
5964132445acp concealed carry pistols?: it seems like 9mm has the whole concealed carry market cornered unle…[View]
59618104Turkish military effectiveness: How effective is the Turkish military? And are they setting themselv…[View]
59630138You are now Chinese. How do you successfully invade Taiwan knowing full well the Americans will prob…[View]
59646684What makes the F-18 such as good Air-to-Air Fighter compared to other planes?[View]
59642443Why is American technology so hard to copy?[View]
59636057Moon's out, goons out.[View]
59634048Are you pro-skub or anti-skub?[View]
59642635I ND into my fish tank last week. All of them died. I am very fucking sad.[View]
59636868Is the P322 a good gun?: Is this the one with the bendy mag well?[View]
59645647Lego guns: Opinion on Lego guns? I like Legos and I like guns, but I don't live in the US. I co…[View]
59646449>finish gun collection >tfw when[View]
59646338X-Files “Knives”: Anything that operates like it irl? I know the Guardfather auto spike is a thing, …[View]
59642171Powder coating and gas checking: If I double powder coat my cast hardened lead 44 mag loads do I nee…[View]
59645952this is the Elcan Spectre DR: say something nice about it[View]
59646856How to reload in the Future USA metro: https://youtu.be/kxv0xfaQBN4 I'm looking to get into loa…[View]
59646799What if nagumo launched his second wave of fighters at the American fleet instead of having his firs…[View]
59642544Are short-barreled .458 SOCOMs a dumb idea? I was thinking of a 7' suppressed pistol just for subs. …[View]
59642530Street gang signal jammer: What the fuck is this? It was seized in a Latin American prison for gang …[View]
59648786>yfw its over for the kokhols The only thing cheaper than my apartment in Kyiv after the war wil…[View]
59617824>2 hours of WW3 anime /k/ino >just one grainy upload on the entire internet >mfw Here'…[View]
59623317Which European 6th Gen Fighter will be better?: Will the Tempest(GCAP) or the FCAS be better and why…[View]
59632346What are their militaries like?[View]
59635654How much do rangers actually run? Is 5 miles in 40 mins every morning actually true? It's very …[View]
59643367Can you help me identify these old rifles? also they look like they have alot of rust, do you think …[View]
59626563Post/k/ images that make you laugh[View]
59643772How do i slay a very large and fat target with a small gun? What techniques do I use to make up for …[View]
59645971I love long barrels and i can not lie: You lurkers can't deny That when an AFV drives in with a…[View]
59640124/arg/ DEVGRU best rifle general: LT660 delayed until Monday. RC2 at 250 days. SOG clone edition Old:…[View]
59645607Thought about Mulberry Harbours used during D-Day?[View]
59644607Thoughts on the cz bobwhite (particularly g2)? Looking for a grouse and rabbit gun, and these seem l…[View]
59643595Tactical advantage of creating armored vehicles via Mad Max logic?[View]
59642374bipod options: what's a good sling stud bipod option for bench shooting? I'm looking to sp…[View]
59615431What gun would you choose to use to defend yourself from Judge Holden?[View]
59642113So does Ukraine use NATO weapons better than NATO does?: We've never really debated this before…[View]
59642183Serbia-Kosovo clashes: A group of 30 armed and masked men ambushed Kosovo police this morning and ki…[View]
59628441/cangen/ - Canada general: >New here? Read this https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://howtogetagu…[View]
59638229If you were a cop in the city how outgunned would you feel having an MP5 as your patrol long gun ove…[View]
59643817bowman arms has STGW-57 kits in stock now. Are these kit builds hard/worth it? Can you convert it to…[View]
59643117Who wins?[View]
59644630Is this a good choice for a hit?[View]
59641920>The Winter Line was a series of German and Italian military fortifications in Italy, constructed…[View]
59635541What does /k/ think of Cugir's new assault rifle?[View]
59644343Uhhhhhhhhh: >be me me on Friday night >taking all my WW1 surps out of the safe for an oiling a…[View]
59631684How brutal are wars in Africa?[View]
59641646.410 Bore: Is it effective enough for use in home/self defense?[View]
59638698Should I be using 00 or #4 buck in my HD Mossberg 500?[View]
59640585Mom, can we have some air defence? No, sweete, we some air defence at home. Air defence at home: htt…[View]
59635243So what will it take for Ukraine to be able to blow it up?[View]
59643182What kind of targets are the different sides hitting in the different places? For example, what is R…[View]
59636907Wait a second If people use those fancy .22s for target shooting competitions (50 and 25 feet slow a…[View]
59630851TV documentary from 1991 about Soviet ICBM Forces: Found this little gem here last night. Wonder if …[View]
59643594hey, it's anon from >>59590711. Having finished warming up my cousins Mosin, I have some …[View]
59630674seems very inefficient and fuel wasteful[View]
59637695Should I join the British or Australian infantry? Have a passport for both. Currently living in Aus …[View]
59639229so is it even any good?[View]
59638471canada buying reapers: soon you'll all be sorry... https://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/defe…[View]
59632206What's the point of air assault units? Sending light infantry with no artillery or armour and s…[View]
59641494how would a modernized A-4 compare to an A-10??[View]
59641105It was so cool: Why didnt the soviets improve on the MiG-19? The MiG-21 doesn't look nearly as …[View]
59634928So uh anyone know how to adjust timing on a S9-A1?[View]
59642526What if Stalin invaded Poland at the same time as Hitler?: What would have happened if Stalin invade…[View]
59629959>German weapon naming why do they do this[View]
59631738Blockhouses against cannons: How would Blockhouses (or wooden fortifications in general) fare agains…[View]
59631990>take t-14 >look inside >t-72…[View]
59631039>you can't dodge bulle-[View]
59635663Gruppa krovi: Soviet Afghan War thread: Does anyone have books or movie recommendations about the So…[View]
59641784I am bad with a specific gun. A hammer fired .45, the USP specifically. I am good with all striker f…[View]
59642423Logischtics Hörse Ausführung A[View]
59636123>Don Alejo Garza Tamez >Rancher from Mexico >Dozens of Los Zetas cartel faggots arrive on h…[View]
59636894Hugbox general: >at pistol competition today >electronic targets at 25 meters >doing differ…[View]
59640991>Now, this baby is the latest entry in our FlintLite© series. When compared to it's predeces…[View]
59642238>fav range run by cool boomer 'nam vet >he died in a car accident [rip harold, you slotte…[View]
59616969Lever action general: Tacticool edition[View]
59633776Anyone ever used credova? I’m thinking about using it to get an AUG.[View]
59634489Is the only effective way to fight partisans and guerillas to commit war crimes? Maybe if a thousand…[View]
59619580TOTALLY CORRECT AND OBJECTIVE MILITARY RANKING 2023: As usual : Cope if you must (and you will)…[View]
59626479how would you arm the space force?[View]
59639409Navy SEALs: Navy SEALs in the field manuals: >highly capable special operational force that, whil…[View]
59634893If you have the industrial capacity to build mecha, you should, because you'd have infinite hig…[View]
59636755What is the Svenska flygvapnet equivalent of this?[View]
59625771Law Enforcement: Where the fuck did we go wrong?[View]
59638400Why is the Abrams so much more aesthetic than russhit tanks?[View]
59640289>https://drukarmy.org.ua/how-it-works I found this sure where you can volunteer your 3D printer t…[View]
59632989why do we use the AR-15, would the AR-16 not be better?[View]
59631693ID on this plz?: Weird not seen one like before, help me K[View]
59640358How many point defences are too much?: >Nork Frigate >4000 tons >Only a frigate not a corve…[View]
59616085The one that got away: You guys have any guns they almost got but didn't for some reason that s…[View]
59609864How good is BOPE?[View]
59632423Firearm identification for The Walking Dead (Season 2): Humor my autism please; given the new Daryl …[View]
59623044ATACMS confirmed: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russia-ukraine-war-atacms-biden-zelenskyy-long-…[View]
59557920Airgun General: Looking to get an air rifle to shoot rats/squirrels and other garden pests in a subu…[View]
59633831Why didn't he have his army dig in like they are doing in Ukraine?[View]
59639840Backyard plinking: Anyone have their own shooting range? How did you make it? How big does it need t…[View]
59636531I thought Gary Powers U-2 spyplane was the only one shot down during the Cold War?[View]
59638099Theory: The Ukrainians plan to keep all their tanks in reserve until spring of next year while keepi…[View]
59640129/arg/ autism rifle general: New /arg/ for you autists Variety on a theme of prism optics Old >…[View]
59637127I know kamikaze was late war but did some special attack units launch from carriers to attack the en…[View]
59634270>bombing of hospitals and blood storage facilities what impact would this strikes have on the wa…[View]
59637056**DEVGRU armalite rifle general /arg/ DEVGRU** tripfag containment zone: Comfy Continuation Saturday…[View]
59637877DPRK mystry SPAAA: North Korean AA tank, it's been around for a while but no good pictures of i…[View]
59633043Why did /k/ overemphasize tank vs tank battles?: >Would tank X or Y win on the field? >Could t…[View]
59613868/k/ Art Thread: More like this[View]
59639674THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!: Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun. Take it on the run,…[View]
59633788It is September 2021 and you are Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces (taking Gera…[View]
59633216Ukrainians are mounting M2s on top of their M2s so they can fire an M2 while the M2 fires.[View]
59638259how many guns do you need before its 'enough'? are you done buying them or will you keep k…[View]
59630834Sevastopol hit by Shadow the Edgehog once again after the hits on Black Sea Fleet HQ.: I thought Rus…[View]
59626608>can withstand an ied or grizzly bear attack why didn't the armed forces adopt it?…[View]
59637253Close Combat Uniform thread: I have a small autism for the CCU. Post CCUs, either ones you own or ju…[View]
59626014Rate the setup of the security guard at my local gas station[View]
59618654>Anon, your carry gun is so big![View]
59635441>gives up on QC in your path what happened?[View]
59629515I just got one of these. What do I think of it?[View]
59632235How did a tv show manage to make VZ look cool?[View]
59618829Why Zombietools get so much hate on /k/?: Is it JUST the (admittedly) 'tistic marketing? Cause …[View]
59629923morning, /k/ How good would you say the ruger 10/22 is for hunting? I own one but I've only use…[View]
59622948Flux raider: Retarder zoomer/redditor/guntuber hypebeasting aside, how is it? Is it actually useful?…[View]
59634420Why dont ukrainians just shoot down drones using shotguns with birdshot[View]
59623786Handgun General - /hg/- #1065: Disturbing Lack of Thread Edition https://files.catbox.moe/9g5sv2.pdf…[View]
59636820Is Rudel, Demon King of the Blue Sky, the most /k/ manga there is?[View]
59634802>tfw you will see cluster ATACMS destroying dozens of aircraft on an airfield…[View]
59631780us vs other armies training: how much better is the training in the Us armed forces compared to othe…[View]
59631402What is the best firearm for self-defense against non-human entities?[View]
59634518How will drones affect future armored vehicles? Will top armor become more emphasized?[View]
59632114**DEVGRU armalite rifle general /arg/ DEVGRU** tripfag containment zone: GGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOO…[View]
59633895>France is taking over Russia's spot as the main arms dealer to thirdies…[View]
59632010T-14 Armata: Discuss https://twitter.com/stakmaskin/status/1705534716487602642?s=20[View]
59636564Arming of the M74 grenades is accomplished by the spin action which is induced on the individual gre…[View]
59636589I hear /k/ likes technicals... https://twitter.com/visegrad24/status/1705625075456565569 Also Tuareg…[View]
59634073Ukrainian sniper showing his gear. Barrett bros, we won. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Yl1_gtNv60…[View]
59636155>Always have to keep your eyes on the skies Modern war a shit.[View]
59623075ATACMS CONFIRMED FOR UKR Hmmmm zisters, what is our response? Oook oooook again? Source: https://www…[View]
59632870weather underground: I was looking up insurgent groups in the US and stumbled upon the Weather Under…[View]
59634719Why would you need a vehicle to launch nucleur missiles, cant silos do that?[View]
59636153Using butterfly swords for self defense.: Own swords for home defense, since that's what the an…[View]
59622437Oof. Big if true.[View]
59623120Taurus for Ukraine: No?: A few weeks back there was a lot of hype around Germany sending some Taurus…[View]
59634416Is there any other aesa radar close to this?: KF21 aesa is already better than the F35 aesa, obvious…[View]
59627502Most overrated military unit: It has to be the fucking Spartan soldier: >Most famous battle is on…[View]
59626103>Houthi military has trucks mounted with giant qurans fucking why?[View]
59625613Why did trench warfare make a huge comeback during the Russian invasion of Ukraine?[View]
59635001When is F-35 be scoring? This game be a drag yo.[View]
59634635Looks like the US is going with ROK land weapons too: > In a significant development for the defe…[View]
59631616Could a war be fought on the continent of Antarctica or would any force collapse and be eaten alive …[View]
59632783When will we see it in action?: It's all I'm waiting for. Just can't wait to see it …[View]
59581747AK General /akg/: AK General /akg/ King of The Hill Edition >Thread #1973 AK Buyer's Guides …[View]
59634155MRAP Kirpi took the hit well https://files.catbox.moe/dmeo9a.MP4[View]
59608971Alternate History: Russia received NO Lend-Lease: The United States and Britain decided propping the…[View]
59632176Mad respect for the singaporean special police[View]
59630442Iraq is buying the Chinese CH-5 drone after using the lighter CH-4 for some years now. Will we see d…[View]
59624627What happens if Russia does nook but the warhead turns out to be an ill-maintained dud?[View]
59607835Realistically why did the japs lose midway, what have should have done instead ?[View]
59622286This aint your daddys mini 14 boy[View]
59619676Hey so I have a request. I have a fetish for handguns and hands, but there is a dearth of guys with …[View]
59634490Worth it?[View]
59630255Train falcons to take down drones: Train falcons to take down drones[View]
59634333/k/ designs a space gun: You have been tasked to design and build an infantry rifle for interplaneta…[View]
59626380Why are they so bad?[View]
59624726Are these portable ECM guns actually effective? I haven't seen a single video of these drone ja…[View]
59621539Why is the M1 Garand more fondly remembered than the Carbine?[View]
59623542Is the MGCS project dead?: There was news about Germany working with Spain, Italy and Poland about a…[View]
59614189uh, why would they waste expensive missiles to target the enemy's Pepsi factory?[View]
59630157The United States Of America!: Johnny, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun. Take it on the run,…[View]
59630629I know you're supposed to replace the crush washer on an AR-15 compensator but what am I riskin…[View]
59633688Will Crimea be rendered ineffective as a basing location for Russian military operations by end of y…[View]
59615893/k/ webm thread[View]
59625148>mount a laser on the belly of an aircraft >it can shoot not only forward targets, but targets…[View]
59629868Could the USSR at its hight have managed to launch an invasion of the US?[View]
59622994ATACMS in ukraine? did they send them after all?[View]
59621030ww1 mess in ukraine https://files.catbox.moe/h70y0v.mp4[View]
59633316How do you keep loosing shit?: >8 nuclear bombs >a 87 super heavy tank >a multi billion do…[View]
59630358How safe are you at night? If an intruder managed to sneak into your house and got the drop on your,…[View]
59630008I want a big functional axe. Yes, it’s an impulse purchase caused by mount and blade. Anyone have on…[View]
59616157Why is MacArthur always the general used to depict US martial might in overseas countries?[View]
59632673Will the F-35 turn out to be dangerous junk like the V-22?[View]
59606371>be a wolf >see a flock of sheep >suddenly this dog crosses your path What do? How is a wol…[View]
59632774Where do you shoot?: I live in Ocean Gate and I have no idea where I can go to shoot my guns without…[View]
59630125Why arent exoskeleton war machine suits not a thing yet?[View]
59632356Can the S-64 Skycrane really power itself out of vortex ring state?: CH-54s were awesome. Dunno if t…[View]
59624193There are people posting on this board who didn’t know that airborne infantry is largely obsolete in…[View]
59629303thoughts on telescopic ammo?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lgk_uVErhcA this stuff looks pretty co…[View]
59631647J-20 blocks your path: You guys are jealous because we have better design, better quality, and bette…[View]
59623736Who Pays That Much For Such Shitty Ammo?: Are people retarded for even entertaining the idea of payi…[View]
59628683Henry Big Boy X 357: Is this based or cringe for a lever action? I don't have one but this caug…[View]
59619876This isn't even my final form: Post weird variants, modifications, or lesser-known versions of …[View]
59610773One of Paraguay's representatives wants to go to war with Argentina. What weaponry does Paragua…[View]
59631695P51 crash landing: Question: was the air intake a particular concern of flipping over the nose when …[View]
59628755How does the M1 Abrams compare to other tanks like the T-90 series?[View]
59628380This is Betty: She’s fat[View]
59620312why isn't sound used more often as a weapon in modern warfare? Imagine a drone that screamed li…[View]
59629169Neck Knives: Why not just use a pocket knife? The fuck?[View]
59627786Is this HK's newest Mascot? what should his name be?[View]
59631505>romania has only 3 frigates its over[View]
59620493ITT: South American guns: Post unique firearms/equipment from South America[View]
59604062What's the most /k/ JRPG?[View]
59627476Used vs new: Does /k/ buy new suplus gear or old ones? Which do you prefer and why?[View]
59627907radar is obsolete[View]
59625059/arg/ armalite rifle general /arg/: Old: >>59618715 Taking powertools to firearms edition.…[View]
59632931What weapons and equipment does Ukraine need for Glorious Winter Offensive?: We're the West. We…[View]
59630137Are shotguns better when a jury is involved?: Surely assault rifles are scary and can lead to convic…[View]
59621849How dangerous are nukes really? In terms of nuclear winter king of shit. Wouldnt all that radioactiv…[View]
59626101How long does it take to learn to fly an Mi-8 in the USSR?[View]
59623839Akeron MP: Why is a NLOS ATGM such a hurdle for the Western militaries since only France can field d…[View]
59617440How hard is it to get into the gun industry?: I made up some random gun designs that have caused me …[View]
59618956Am I looking for a unicorn?: >compact optic >etched reticle >lighting options >no prisms…[View]
59626020CA mag ban stuck down by Saint Benitez: Takes effect in 10 days https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnys…[View]
59625558A combination of these will be as sci-fi as C-T/caseless https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/citations/ADA4339…[View]
59626673how would you defend yourself here?[View]
59628256What's the difference between this and an Infantry division? Going off Wikipedia they seem to b…[View]
59618576how would you rate the redditor red dot optic?: i rate this cringe/10[View]
59614961Ninjas: Were 'ninja' weapons actually used? Are they effective?[View]
59623870Lesser Known Armored Vehicles: Post your faves. >2023 >still no GuP Turan I suffer.…[View]
59613292What's even the point of the tiny Finnish navy now that they're a NATO member?[View]
59627084Why isn't caseless ammunition used in favor of cartridge ammunition? >cheaper to produce onc…[View]
59625434>Ukies knock out Russian surveillance/EW tower? Any idea what hit it that has able to knock it do…[View]
59629237So when are we gonna witness actual fully AI-controlled kill bots being deployed in both urban and o…[View]
59618988Child soldiers. Yay or Nay?[View]
59629427Anybody got that 'Why don't takes have two guns?' image with the book citations? Thanks[View]
59623073US enemy miitary problem: So, we all know that russia's military sucks fat nuts, that's be…[View]
59627506Compgen: Talk about the comps you're running this week/end. Post gear, mock gear, whatever. …[View]
59629323M16/M4 rifles in Ukraine: Just how widespread is their use now? The Karpatska Sich battalion seems t…[View]
59607119What war movie should I watch tonight? Something realistic.[View]
59628883Anyone have the screenshot of the thread earlier where there was a wikipedia gun article found where…[View]
59624501This thing ruined plenty close trench battle footage which could have happened, but did not happen[View]
59627611how much money do you think was spent lobbying for DOE to choose this over the mp5?[View]
59624061What hand guns are Indian state assassins using in Canada?[View]
59629038would i get in trouble legally speaking if I magdumped a home intruder or someone who was justified …[View]
59627091G42 Appreciation Thread: let me guess, you need more? >muh capacity 6+1 is enough you faggot, you…[View]
59624425What are the chances that this thing with Russia escalates to nuclear war.What are the chances they …[View]
59627903reason #54 on why the USMC is better than the Army.[View]
59628488Why do all the world's militaries provide such abysmal pay compared to basic private sector car…[View]
59613331What annoys you at the range?: What things do you see at the range that annoy you? For some reason g…[View]
59606212Can someone demonstrate on this map which territories changed hands?: Regarding the ongoing armeni-a…[View]
59621893how do i find good areas to camp (real camping) and shoot targets? i live east of mobile alabama. ve…[View]
59617548CFG - Canada General - Cangen: >new here? Fuck off. Jk read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu …[View]
59615892What is the strategic goal of assigning your submarine commander to a landlocked country?[View]
59570846Why do gun owners do this?: Why do most gun owners have almost zero variety in their 'collections' I…[View]
59625396why are suppressor manufacturers such niggers with the prices? like its maybe 200 bucks in parts and…[View]
59624341impact video of Storm Shadow/SCALP on blacked z fleet hq https://files.catbox.moe/h7aq09.mp4[View]
59620100New Sudoplatov FPV drone kino dropped: 4 minutes of clearing trenches with FPV drones https://files.…[View]
59624440I read that Chinese fighter planes like missile pods more than Western ones do. Why?[View]
59625765Are there any durable LPVOs that also don’t have dog shit functionality? >good 1x >non retarde…[View]
59626521You have a minute or two to have a 1on1 argument about ANY /k/ topic with the president of the Unite…[View]
59616676Latest naval power tonnage just dropped: Includes only combat vessels: Submarines, Destroyers, Friga…[View]
59625633are there any ways to stop nukes after being launched?[View]
59620772Shower gun: Someone kicks down your door and invades your house while you're showering or takin…[View]
59625794Are cyberattacks often used immediately prior to land invasions? Or is it just a Russian strategy? …[View]
59553643ITT: Post your most interesting weapon: I'll start us off with a J.C Higgins model 583.20. (bol…[View]
59619817How does India's military compare to Britain? Does India stand a chance against its former colo…[View]
59624597Best /K/ Tubers?: They don't have to be specifically from /k/ but I need military/weapon youtub…[View]
59615809Has anyone here tried living off the grid? What kind of weaponry is best suited for it? Would have …[View]
59564218/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: PLA edition LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY: GOOD (YMMV) LYING ABOU…[View]
59620309Doesn’t the Saudis have like 200+ F-15s? How the fuck are they allowing this to happen?????[View]
59621512>Copper fouling literally just doesn't exist at all >I know this simply because the milit…[View]
59586360/nvg/ger Night Vision General: Looks like we forgot edition Previous >>59516099 Resource on wh…[View]
59607248Personal experience with these?: I'm not so concerned if they will work well, but do they work …[View]
59612249FK BRNO Field Pistol: >The 7.5 FK Brno Field Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol developed by the C…[View]
59621807Anyone have the updated model? How is it?: So a year ago they updated this with a new locking mechan…[View]
59621947redpill me on running with 2 foregrips[View]
59622606Does CSTO exist on paper only now? How did Azerbaijan pull off a 2-day special operation and Russia …[View]
59625415Why russians destroyed their own Black Sea HQ?: Rocket, which hit Black Sea fleet HQ came from south…[View]
59622950What are some realistic steps the Indian military can take in the short term to upgrade its equipmen…[View]
59624704Are well-maintained 200yo firearms worth buying?[View]
59622832The only realistic book about nukes and nuke survival: If you don't own a copy of this book cha…[View]
59618715/arg/ CSGO ruined a generation of gun owners: Old>>59614950[View]

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