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46644933The bastion helmet has side panels that can stop rifle rounds. Doesn't seem to be available to …[View]
46643810why does the military use 556 when 223 is clearly the superior cartridge?[View]
46635927Beretta help/spaghetti general: So I have a wc centurion that has a m9a1 frame that I really like. I…[View]
46643862Black Aces Tactical shotguns: Are these any good? Keep seeing ads for them, they're American ma…[View]
46641132Why hasn't some company come out with a device to perfectly center a bullet in a drill press to…[View]
46645195i just watched a youtube vid that said colt doesn't make the le6920 socom lowers that have the …[View]
46642320Redpill me on 37mm: Suddenly have a weird itch to get a 37mm launcher. I've seen one used befor…[View]
46644858>the UK got rid of their strike carriers to drop a single bomb on a runway and blow up two mobile…[View]
46633484This thing has a payload of 230000kg, or 500000lbs. What would you do with it?[View]
46644917Bad kitty! Put that gun down![View]
46640589>Shkval is supposed to have a rocket-type engine, but in the recent years has emerged publication…[View]
46617510Why do people join artillery? I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong big ass cannons are cool and all bu…[View]
46637434>the year is 2030 >Every nation's military in NATO uses a AR15 variant as their standard …[View]
46601957>new CoD set in 1980s >fucking red dot and a laser I abhor zoomers, they can't even use i…[View]
46635188so there was a tank competition between greek and american crews[View]
46644513I'm just curious, how do gun ranges get machine guns to rent out to people? I'm talking ab…[View]
46642423What are some good light combat flight sims that i dont know about? All i know about is Jane's …[View]
46644564Bubba gun thread to ease my conscious: I'm not sure if rubber-bands count as bubba-tier jury-ri…[View]
466253817.62x39 guns: Why haven't you bought one? 7.62x39 is easier to find than 5.56 and is cheaper. 7…[View]
46644461i herd u liek rails so i put rails on ur rails[View]
4664317780% Lower Trouble Shooting: Just finished milling out my JMT 80% polymer AR-15 lower. The only issue…[View]
46633877How are you holding up on ammo, /k/? Just bought 270 rounds of 5.56 from Academy so now I have 320 r…[View]
46645884Can we have flags or IDs on /k/?: Sometimes i cant tell if im on /pol/ or /k/[View]
466455724 American spies were killed during a spy mission on China: >CIA sent Americunt spies to spy on C…[View]
46637973What's your opinion on pic related? I'm considering selling my pistol caliber carbine to b…[View]
46623258I just like it, bros.[View]
46643594Did I do okay?: Picked up this pump action bad boy recently for dealing with pests around the proper…[View]
46635300arg ar general ar thread ar thread general ar general thread: Niggers get out, this is a white dog…[View]
46637773In a military situation 7.62 is a superior round. Just look at ops in the desert, the arabs stay out…[View]
46631222I'm 33 today, I've been browsing 4chan 15 years. /k/ has been my home board most of that t…[View]
46641456You guys ever make flashlight buddies? Just made one shining across the street, must be a bored secu…[View]
46642377What's the consensus on recreational marijuana and gun ownership in the US? Am I going to get c…[View]
46643478You dont know true suffering unless you have to maintain these things.[View]
46643274150 years later and these are still in the top 20 sniping distance records. What the fuck?[View]
46629742Give me five (5) reasons why /k/ shouldn't settle this place. Keeo in mind it is surrounded by …[View]
46637055Buk missile system destroyer of commercial airliners.[View]
46637900Talk to me about polymer 80's. All this hyper about the PSA dagger has got me looking at polyme…[View]
46642878imagine actually believing this shit is real lol. there is NOTHING in the woods and there is NOTHING…[View]
46636261Is it possible to build a 5inch gatling cannon for putting on warships.[View]
46643122norwegian 1941 dated M1911: I think I saw what is known as a unicorn today, but I don't know en…[View]
46641578The people that let this uniform happen need to be held accountable and be punished.[View]
46643226Who /Big Red/ here? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IAMiTfSU7ZA[View]
46639319AR 15: Guys, best upper mid range to high range AR-15s.Which ones do you prefer? Personally I have a…[View]
46642977PERFECTION: ITT we post pistols with better ergonomics than gl*cks (basically every pistol out there…[View]
46641629I'm flush with money right now and I can't decide whether to spend it on armor/a helmet/ m…[View]
46633327/biz/ here. I have never browsed this board until now and seek suggestions. I recently for shits and…[View]
46640101>its my duty day >can't leave the fucking barracks >just want to go outside so fucking…[View]
46637023.300blk subsonic at 500m: >can subsonic .300blk be accurate at longer ranges. Obviously it will …[View]
46642661Is that how a sailor becomes a seal? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmTZ-R4QM1E I'm tempted to…[View]
46641982Hypothetically, what is the legality of leaving a firearm at a girlfriend or partner’s house? Also I…[View]
46579788/bag/ Body Armor General: Where the Hell is the Hesco 3885 Edition: The general for all things body …[View]
46640462Name a more based and elite military unit[View]
46642387Alright /k/ Cobra has just captured a G.I. Joe and plans on holding him hostage and threatening to k…[View]
46640671Oleoresin Capsicum Delivery: Can OC be delivered by pyrotechnic smoke bombs or will the heat destroy…[View]
46641755>bought 1894csbl Does anyone make a metal butt plate for these? The rifle is great, but the rubbe…[View]
46638650Are shotguns still viable?: Our modern military with a specific doctrine based on long asymmetrical …[View]
46641615>browsing ammoseek for any good stuff >see some Black Hills 77gr >click and see it's b…[View]
46633547I'm a retard: >be me >sign up for news letter at local range >hear about military rifl…[View]
46638187>get in situation >can't hold weapon because then you're 'brandishing' >can'…[View]
46641052Ammo Hoarding General.: who here hoarding up on ammo? how much have you guys saved up? currently got…[View]
46641290Williams sight on a Henry 22: I've been meaning to upgrade the sights on my Henry 22 for a long…[View]
46634934What you guys use for standard solvent ? Hoppes is NON EXISTENT outside of america. Something to do …[View]
46642068is the little bird superior to a normal attack huey for urban warfare?[View]
46639757Could you impregnate wood with some sort of polymer to make it bulletproof? PNW wood armor could sto…[View]
46641977Armslist Thread: post 'em, faggots. https://www.armslist.com/posts/12490083/houston-texas-tacti…[View]
46613113How would you storm and rob an atlas bunker?[View]
46639879CCW vest: Gonna have to go to the city for work soon and it’s really dangerous, would 300$ to a Russ…[View]
46639296poorfag PC: Well guys, I fucked up and shouldn't have waited this long to gear up, with the way…[View]
46641523ANYONE KNOW THE THING ON THIER FACE: any one know the make and model of the oxygen mask[View]
46638938Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
46638754Are HK knives good? Just ordered pic related. Also knife general thread.[View]
46639390What’s /k/‘s opinion on metal frame Glocks? The most common complaint I see towards Glocks is that t…[View]
46640308Pump Shotgun Handstop Orientation: Which orientation do you feel is the most ergonomic? I felt B red…[View]
46638694I know .45 Raptor exists, but it doesn't seem optimal for short barrels. Is there such a calibe…[View]
46635705Pistol Selection DIscussion: Hey, I'm in the market for a pistol; preferably I want to start wi…[View]
46640666Brown bear defense: cz 550 in 375 h&h vs aa12 with slugs: If i go hiking/camping in an area wher…[View]
46638684Can anyone identify the plane on the bottom left? >the cranked arrow with no delta wing /wsr/ wou…[View]
46634436Whats a good pistol to own? i have moderate firearm training (safety, but never taken self defense c…[View]
46641443Music for the day you and your brothers take up your arms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMggvPIeVl…[View]
46636405Fighting, people who 'get it' and people who dont.: Had a pleasant surprise discovering that many cl…[View]
46633962how viable is it for SHTF?[View]
46637861Why is the US DoD so scared of China? If they would just go on 4channel and read threads about how c…[View]
46641306Who would win in a war?[View]
46639885love it so much how much is worth tho ?[View]
46640432Worst position to be in a battleship?: Is it worse to be deep inside? Or on the surface? If you are …[View]
46641260Story time: >Be Jumpmaster conducting JFE >walking by and dude in my chalk is stuffing a 249,…[View]
46640991Uhhh Dugan what are you doing?: WTF I thought you guys told me he was based?![View]
46639785You hypothetical regime is tumbling into war with a foreign nation but depleted all its funds on ove…[View]
46615454>BOOM BOOM CRASH! That's all it takes for a home invader to kick down your door with intent …[View]
46640231>Fuhreeze! (cocks gun) >Gimme your pants, then gimme your other pants! Then you can go free.…[View]
46631588How would urban combat in a modern city play out?: All major urban combat since WW2 has taken place …[View]
46637247Are the parts interchangeable between a Hi Power and the CZ-75.: A friend told me that the CZ-75 is …[View]
46638469USA vs Russia & China in a war. Who wins?[View]
46624334your weapons are inferior, you are inferior[View]
46634812P80 help: Since my state is fucky (WA post 1639) my only option for a handgun until I turn 21 is a P…[View]
46630551so in light of recent events, what gun is /k/ getting in the future? pic related i hope to get a FAL…[View]
46639255How come all these completely polymer guns like the G36 or the XM8 always end up actually being heav…[View]
46631040Where can one obtain a BAR?[View]
46620047Is this beauty going to get a proper replacement?: The Ticonderogas are heading towards decommission…[View]
46635196If only the Germans had made more of these then they would've won the war.[View]
46625616Why so much sperging? They're fine[View]
46635605dagger: got this german butter /k/nife from grandma, more pics soon. it's a bit broken, and I w…[View]
46633901/gq/ - Gear Queer: Village People Edition >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6DGMbVi8 >Discor…[View]
46634102Looking to buy an AK variant Is the Valmet all it's hyped up to be? They seem like cool rifles,…[View]
46633075I want to build a career around guns (preferably shooting them). My plan is to become a cop and be o…[View]
46632431Memes aside, are these actually good rifles? Is there something wrong with the design, or do we hate…[View]
46637446thinking about getting one of these, have i fallen for a gun jew of some kind? cz scorpion btw, the …[View]
46637668I want to do muzzleloader hunting while also larping as a 1700s colonist. What kind of musket should…[View]
46620592Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. Previous Thread: >>46599388 >Where…[View]
46630788Celebratory Gunfire: Celebratory Gunfire Thread >for reasons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kZ…[View]
46637027first purchase after Hughes is repealed: Whats your first gun purchase once 'shall not be infringed'…[View]
46637431Best scope-integrated stadiametric rangefinders?[View]
46638789Are you fucking kidding me[View]
46628181/dg/ - DAGGER GENERAL - The Triggering Edition: The first round of PS9 Daggers have officially sold …[View]
46632514SHTF and Military: Why carry a full size pistol or long slide into combat or in SHTF. Full size pist…[View]
46638430FAL: I'm looking to get a FAL but they've gone so far up in price that my broke ass cant r…[View]
46633707What would be the mechanics of making a full auto black powder rifle?[View]
46635635How practical would an exoskeleton system like what was seen in edge of tomorrow be? I'd imagin…[View]
46636190The Autumn offensive is only a month away and it is reaching the end of the planning stage. The boys…[View]
46633203Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
46638636Weird/Unusual weapons: Post the most obscure weapons. The less it is known the better >K11 >Ar…[View]
46636370Have you or anyone you've known had to draw on anybody, what am I supposed to say and do? >W…[View]
46637851war thunder fag here, are russian tanks (cold war and modern) really THAT good?[View]
46638348have you ever had a real experience with a home intruder?[View]
46619532Post best innawoods guns[View]
46637132Hungarian military: As some of you know Orbán is arming rapidly. He already bought the following ite…[View]
46631761>no dreams >no hopes >too retarded for college >not human garbage to start dealing with …[View]
46636155/k/ino thread: I need some new stuff to watch because i've seen everything already.[View]
46636954Redpill me on optics: hi /k/, so I just put a scope on a .22lr thinking I could 'learn' how to use a…[View]
46634719im /knew can someone tell me if it's possible to take a LMT CSW upper and put non-LMT parts fo…[View]
46622652M855A1: Worth paying $2+/rd to fill a few mags?[View]
46634670>bought a snubbie revolver on a whim to conceal carry >regret not getting a P365 every day …[View]
46620025>destroys your gun and returns it to a barely functioning state heh... nithing personnel, kid!…[View]
46635459Watch this man singelhandedly destroy all myths surrounding the Bren as anything other than the best…[View]
46633603Is there a better camo out there than Alpenflage? It can work surprisingly well in most terrains.[View]
46634710Do I need a bore brush with patches, or will a boresnake with some oil on it do the job?[View]
46629040How effective are these ERA blocks really? Ive seen alot of burned out tanks with holes that just se…[View]
46634592how big was the british military between 1950 and 1990? talking about naval, air force and army[View]
46633699Is there really a difference between the two?[View]
46637412Anybody know what sort of uniform this is? I suspect it's from one of the minor Axis powers dur…[View]
46628490Armoured Dump Truck: Why aren’t really large armoured vehicles being used in modern warfare? Like ul…[View]
4662595130+ year old Boomer thread. Tell us what the seasoned /k/ommandos are doing these days.: Yeeeuh just…[View]
46637111Concealed plate carriers: What are my best options? I’m pretty muscular, low body fat so I could pro…[View]
46635514I kind of want it, bros.[View]
46628060>not training an army of animals to hunt: >army of minks >army of dogs >soon to have an …[View]
46628024How do I get one?: I'm Californian, and I've got a dilemma. I never seem to see 3rd gen Sm…[View]
46637035SHTF Scenario Prep: So, /k/, what are some of the must-have PDFs in my library for when the shit doe…[View]
46636992What should I get bros? Safety Glasses: Wiley X 3m Privo Ear Muffs: 3M Peltor 5XA Walker's Game…[View]
46628667It’s not really enough for me bros[View]
46627843Guns are for fags: the cheapest most powerful weapon is fire + accelerant, fuck your house, fuck you…[View]
46633565Could a subsonic 9mm round go through a human head (cranium+brain) and exit, retaining enough force …[View]
46583620You are out of uniform, soldier! Where is your power armor?[View]
46633207Could a M57 be rechambered in something like 22 TCM or 223 Timbs? 9mm is boring and I want a really …[View]
46634711Antique Arms: Anyone have some cool antiques to show off? I'm in Canada and we have some odd la…[View]
46629846Would the world descent into shit if we eventually ran out of gunpowder? I mean, it is composed of …[View]
46635685Curve the bullet.[View]
46632841spray paint: Curious if I'm the only one that uses regular old krylon - I like the wear pattern…[View]
46636230How fast is MidwayUSA getting shit out of their store recently? I'd rather pay 20 extra bucks t…[View]
46613690siege weapons: whats the coolest siege weapon in history?[View]
46636388Making a partly epoxy gun: I had this idea, make a partly epoxy gun with a folding stock. Not all th…[View]
46631555/k/angaroos: Australia General: Range day cunts, who shooting? >how to get your bangs https://www…[View]
46632434Well, are they ready yet? Do they have a chance of taking Taiwan? If not, how much longer?[View]
46636395>My device presses buttons in a slightly superior manner than your own. >My round is slightly …[View]
46629032So what's the worst possible disaster/war scenario, /k/? One that many haven't thought of.[View]
4663652822 TCM: Is it a good round? I'm thinkig about getting my M57 rechambered if 7.62x25 runs low.…[View]
46632486Loading 9mm with rifle primers: So as I'm sure you guys know, pistol primers are almost impossi…[View]
46633666How come shotguns like the aa12 are allowed to be full auto but smgs and assault rifles arent?[View]
46635691Local store has the FN FNX 45 in FDE for $949. I don't need it, but the price.... what do I do…[View]
46629689/arg/ - AR General: NO CLOWNS ALLOWED Old: >>46624148[View]
46626374Battle belts: I seek a belt /k/, but need to know where to start. I have good pouches and holsters, …[View]
46634125You're kidnapped by the government and dropped into a fenced off section of the Rocky mountains…[View]
46635436Boys I’m dunk as a mother fucker. My grand father fought in the second world for for the Australian …[View]
46627485How long are we away from a DIY RPG?[View]
46630263My .223 Saiga is denting my brass and shitting it out at 3 o'clock 10 yards away. How do I stop…[View]
46635789FSB: Advantages and disadvantages of this l'il nigga? A lot of people hate on them, but I kinda…[View]
46625855>those 30 year old boomers shooting shotguns in the pistol stations at targets 15yds away that sa…[View]
46622913Bludgeoning and axe alliance: Fuck swords. Spears are cool too but they’re independent[View]
46633518What went wrong?[View]
46631488Rate my go to war setup[View]
46634896>4,295 US shermans destroyed in WW2 lol what a piece of shit[View]
46633376Training: Lets say SHTF and you have a couple untrained buddies, you don’t wanna be a dick so you un…[View]
46634305Fighting and surviving with severe injuries?: Pic somewhat related. Does the mind adapt while the bo…[View]
46630207Noob Cuk: So /k/ I'm 30 years old and I haven't even fired a .22lr because I live in disar…[View]
46631614M&P Shield: I just don't like it, bros.[View]
46560276/gmg/ Gas Mask General Protect Yourself Edition: best gun for mask? best mask for gun? asbestos = ca…[View]
46630482Wikipedia said that Oswald struck Kennedy 3 times with this old piece of garbage. Do you honestly be…[View]
46629369Are auto loaders inherently less accurate than other designs?: A few months ago I saw some users her…[View]
46627590If I add a few inches onto the barrel will it make the bullet travel about 50% faster?[View]
46629942Best ammo for Ruger 10/22? First time firearm owner and trying to learn as much as I can regarding a…[View]
4662253810mm or .45 acp?[View]
46631632Armatus 2 PC: will 10' x 12' x 1' thick plates fit in this carrier? It says the medium version …[View]
46633400story time: has anyone on /k/ (that wasn't in a combat MOS, Contractor, ect..) ever actually ha…[View]
46630590I’m so excited bros..... I’m buying my first AR pistol, it’s a 11.5 sig 400 tread for $750. Going t…[View]
46634668What is /k/'s opinion of combo guns? I've seen them mentioned a few times here. Something …[View]
46628474Armslist fuckery: So i've never bought off of armslist before but have always heard stuff gets …[View]
46631510Glock cock and locked: What do you think about carrying a Glock with one in the chamber compared to …[View]
46630911Why do Russians make such durable and easy to fix weapons? Pic related, Bizon is quite possible the…[View]
46635674Airsoft Guns Ban in Australia: Bruh I am pissed that they are banned in Australia[View]
46628089Thoughts on the H&K USC?[View]
46632878Bullpup AR stocks: Has anyone ever made a finished product and sold it? It could be 3D printed or my…[View]
46618576getting into guns: How do i get into learning more about guns and shit[View]
46629345How do l make a makeshift safe to store shit in my house?[View]
46632628rate my weapons[View]
46627928ATF Thread: Alcohol, tobacco,and Firearms Wisconsin edition Whatcha drinking?, Whatcha smokin?, An…[View]
46634202Why aren't double rifles more popular for self defense? If you can stop an elephant charge then…[View]
465999703d printed gun parts.: If 3d printers can only print plastic. And every plastic melts with hight tem…[View]
46634459https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sturmgewehr-44-assault-platoon-pamphlet#/ Does anybody support th…[View]
46630568Hussein and Iraqi forces: Could they have done any better or were they destined to utterly fail like…[View]
46606676ITT: guns only (You) dream about owning[View]
46630846I recently inherited some guns and one of them was a Marlin model 60 with this Kmart scope on it. On…[View]
46633275Moist Nugget thread: Everyone on /k/ has a garbage rod, post yours Just got this unremarkable 1943 I…[View]
46634337So i bought this yesterday: So to preface i got this gun from a layaway program that the gun store h…[View]
46632770What is the specific purpose of MARSOC?: And how do well do they perform compared to the rest of SOC…[View]
46631251Help me remove trash panda /k/. >inb4 dont kill the heckin cute trashbois Fuck off, they pull the…[View]
46634121Are muzzleloaders fundamentally worth the trouble? Does having one motivate you to hunt during muzzl…[View]
46611865/brg/ - BATTLE RIFLE GENERAL - Forbidden Fruit Edition: Post and discuss self-loading military firea…[View]
46628896What would happen if we carved some asteroids into bullets put nuclear rocket engines on them and us…[View]
46631933How To Militarize Motorcycles?: I love the Harley MT500, but they literally only made 500. I already…[View]
46631557I was taking apart my sks and I don’t know where this is from. Anyone know??[View]
46629290I have only 2 boxes of 9mm fmj ammo. I live in a well off neighborhood so crime isn't an issue …[View]
46630852Is this a better choice than a 375 h&h rifle for grizzly bear hunting?[View]
46623740Is the ruger or fn five seven a good ccw? I need something with high capacity for legally defending …[View]
46624942Ballistic Calulator: is there a turn key ballistic calculator for indirect fire? I have a known velo…[View]
46631496I need help with a chest rig: /K/ I waited and now I can't buy any body armor. What chest rig s…[View]
46632208Propeller aircraft: Why do countries use multirole jet fighters that cost exorbitant $$$/€€€ for gro…[View]
46625546/gq/ - Gear Queer: Wuggy Is a Nigger And So Are You Edition >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6…[View]
46629739Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
46619905Uruguay is a bitch about guns restrictions: >is ilegal buy auto,semi, burst rifles-smg-pistols an…[View]
46624249So instead of hating on laser anon, I choose to turn the other cheek whatever and reach out with a q…[View]
46585225Tactical setup with Baofeng Radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x38YwAYXjU[View]
46631906Why hasn’t True Velocity rolled out its polymer ammo to the public? With the current ammopocalypse, …[View]
46617498Can anybody give me any good reasons why I should NOT buy a flamethrower? They cost as much as a dec…[View]
46628553Opting for a new conceal carry gun. Considering a feg pa-63 since it's half the price of Russia…[View]
46631884Realistic Fletchergun: Yo /k/. This might be bordering on /diy/ levels but I want to design and make…[View]
46623743Stug III vs Panzer IV: Which one of these vehicles were better?[View]
46629974Will this look bad if I ever have to defend myself?[View]
46631636I may have impulse bought 60 rounds of 300 H&H today. Help me pick out a rifle. I'm leaning…[View]
46623996I have a daisy model 21bb gun and cant find disassembly instructions any ideas[View]
46631453Offensive Warfare: For offensive warfare in the Civil War, were there any successful offensives that…[View]
46628395/k/: Is making a Moltov cocktail as simple as putting petrol with a piece of clothing inside a bottl…[View]
46631028Realistically, what is a fair price for the Ruger-57? The magazines are pretty expensive, so this se…[View]
46610126Help me eliminate them /k/[View]
46625660What does /k/ think of the P365?[View]
46628600Choose one, and only one.[View]
46603859Why has the US seen a run on semiautomatic rifles, but not on hunting rifles? I was afraid that hunt…[View]
46630245Is this a decent deal?: >https://www.armslist.com/posts/12462176/jacksonville-florida-rifles-for-…[View]
46631019Now you remember it and you shall never forget it. Bubba's gonna Bubba.[View]
46631229Which fiber optic should I get for my shotgun?: I am considering: 'Dead Ringer Duck Buster', 'HIVIZ …[View]
466243961.5x11?: I designed a 1.5x11 cartridge for model airplanes, shown significantly overscale here. >…[View]
46620028Alternate History thread: What would the second world war look like without airplanes. For this scen…[View]
46631103>Never draw on a drawn gun: Chang vs niggers in occupied Rhodesia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
4661594680s Aesthetic[View]
46626813Wood Furniture: Anyone know where I can get the wood furniture from pic related? Also beautiful wood…[View]
46626312RIP MQ25: There are rumblings that they just scrubbed the entire project earlier today. by rumblings…[View]
46627106Is there any validity to this shit? >Our formula is the same as US Army forces used in WW II and …[View]
46628869how much damage?: does 12 gauge trap loads do to meat, is still useful for home defense, because I d…[View]
46630246Fags: Why do fags think my AR is a fucking M&P or DPMS at first glance? I’m sorry I do t want a …[View]
466106331911 thread: Hey /k/, I was thinking about getting a gun I can carry IWB and I was thinking about ge…[View]
46625239Anyone have any luck making their own ceramic armor? I'm not talking about the shit tier youtub…[View]
46617051Scouting Your Area: You have walked around your neighborhood right anon? If there is a class 4 chimp…[View]
46627295MiGs of FIRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l0CefsCQNc[View]
46622703why do I want one so bad bros....[View]
46613536>which is better? Germany, France, Norway all just adopted piston rifles. US special forces seem …[View]
46624462Gun bounties...Neighbor calls cops on you and says you have an illegal gun.: Police get a search war…[View]
46606885BoB: Is Band of Brothers /k/ino? I'm just starting it now for the first time, looking forward t…[View]
46622113How long will the M4 remain in use?: And can we get an 'M4s on Mars' patch?[View]
46629083>tfw I will never be a secret service officer in the communist time that will know all the ropes …[View]
46627146Looking to buy a firearm for home defense, only have been to the shooting range literally a few time…[View]
46624148/arg/ - autism rifle general: Charging handle of the gods edition old >>46617633 No troons all…[View]
46626231Can you walk around in public looking like this minus the firearms and facial coverings and not have…[View]
46626665Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
4662847518 Texas, First time buyer I need a rugged, reliable rifle with cheap parts and ammo that can defend…[View]
46615404Northeast Nuggetfeast?: For too long, our region of the US has gone without a /k/ meetup. For too lo…[View]
46625682Was the M16A1 peak aesthetics?[View]
46626598this is why there is a shortage[View]
46627386firearms $700 and below: im torn. my life is in pieces. Double stack ria m1911 in 10mm? Walther ppq?…[View]
46626842I went somewhat cheap, but with decent reviews: Am I gonna make it?[View]
46625544Hearing loss and Tinnitus: I have hearing loss and tinnitus from shooting guns. I listened to the wr…[View]
46622927Home FFL: I'm seriously considering becoming a FFL holder and starting to do some minor firearm…[View]
46627829Best BCGs?: Getting a new BCG. Which one? BCM? LMT-E? Colt? DD? Others?[View]
46628651I just don't like it, bros[View]
46624441When innawoods how do i make my clothes quieter?[View]
46623882recommend me a scope for my ar in 308. I was looking at acogs but would like more than 3.5 magnifica…[View]
46628170Legality of the AK-74 muzzle brake: So I live in a cringe commie state that has harsh regulations on…[View]
46614714Robinson XCR: Why does nobody ever talk about these guns? Are they any good or are they just a flopp…[View]
46618312I just really like it, bros.[View]
46625207Sks yugo: My sks has the grenade barrel and im wondering if anyone knows a place that sells dummy gr…[View]
46619489>really enjoy plinking with pc9 >COVID >don’t want to shoot 9mm because it’s now $3.75 a ro…[View]
46615223Planes as Girls: What would planes look like as girls? >F8F >shortstack tomboy with great legs…[View]
46622396Whats a good choice of ccw for mountain/urban biking?[View]
46628073Post beams. Mock beamlets.[View]
46627001If you put a gun in a sock you could swing it around and hit people with it.[View]
46613039ITT: actual innovation: What are some modern autoloading rifle designs that aren't literally ju…[View]
46627664G'day /k/ Any of y'all got that bongistan firearm acquisition infographic with the varying…[View]
46616592What's an ideal weapon for home defense?[View]
46628199Here's your FN Hi Power bro[View]
46627921Is carnauba wax an alright choice to protect the wood on an AK?[View]
46624306What knives are these?: grandpa's during ww2 supposedly. Forgot I had these.. please help…[View]
46618836The debate you never saw coming. Government or Commander?[View]
46622755novice to tanks: are there any good databases or encyclopedias to learn about modern tanks' arm…[View]
46622271Do shotguns have any use anymore? Their purpose seems to be nullified since they were primarily used…[View]
46623184How do shotgun chokes not get damaged/destroyed?: Some of the pellets are going to impact the choke,…[View]
46616380Swords and fencing thread: To answer the question of the anon from the previous thread, I found it: …[View]
46627911You do have a trauma kit and know how to use it, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTF5VfdpzE…[View]
46627579/newguns/ general: Containment zone for newguns npc fagits to ask >wHaT GuN shOuld I GeT BroS wi…[View]
4660306945 acp or 9mm: which is better for self-defense?: What is the better defensive ammo: 45 or 9? And pl…[View]
46625066So I've given a few years, a few thousand rounds and a couple different set ups, and I just fuc…[View]
46601374>Lucas thread or >/k/ombat fitness thread…[View]
46609190Trips will decide what will be my next rifle/build: >M16A1 >AK-74 >FAL >G3 Recommend com…[View]
46626783Guns by race: When you read these ethnic categories what gun comes to mind >African American >…[View]
46627536I heard you guys here like Mosins.[View]
46604671Does shell shock really can do this kind of mind damage ?? Soldier fatigue was also associated with …[View]
46623511/dg/ - DAGGER GENERAL: Today is the day. At 4pm eastern the order page is expected to go live. Will…[View]
46615863Wisconsin gun general: This thread is for Wisconsin gun owners. Racine here. How do I get a gun whil…[View]
46626811Merchant Marines: I did some research and the age cut off is apparently 25, but then some guy on the…[View]
46622138Apartment Gun Storage: How do you keep long guns in an apartment? Mine is going to be on the third f…[View]
46626765ITT: Unconventional weapons: /fit/ here I carry a concealed dumbbell handle (without the collars), b…[View]
46616074Any gun rights orgs worth joining?: Or are they all memes to siphon membership fees into the pockets…[View]
46622163So my buddy offered to sell me his 29-2 for around 700$ Is this a good price? Are the 29-2s better t…[View]
46610192Sig Sauer thread: Hey /k/, /fit/izen buying my first gun soon. Looking at full-size 9mm's and I…[View]
46624675Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
46624201Is an ultrasonic cleaner a good investment for a saturday special type gun owner ? I really like to …[View]
46613329Why don't you have one?: >Made in America >Single action wheely under $200 >Replacemen…[View]
46626267Ok, faggots, the game changer has arrived.[View]
46625220Would one single handgun round to center mass cause instant death?[View]
46625995Gonna pick up a CZ455 Varmint in a while when the paperwork is done (Yuro), but the PO's bipod …[View]
46621699unsure of where to buy an ar15: 19 here, i got a glock 17 (pic related) a few months ago, but an ar1…[View]
46626160Cable management threat. Show us your best cable management /k/ommandos. Just finished this up:[View]
46623347How does Mlok work?: How do guys stick there accesories on it? is putting a foregrip on Mlok as chea…[View]
46624939>Long ago in a distant state, I, Agent Smith, the director of ATF, unleashed an unspeakable anti …[View]
46613428Body Armor General: Ancient Edition: Discuss armor, discuss why steel plate is a bad idea. >tfw n…[View]
46621986Bolter: I got an idea for a bolter in 375 h&h how could I make it?[View]
46624698/biz/ anon here: everyone on biz just had a massive payday from the uniswap airdrop. What are some /…[View]
46614412Best mouse gun?: Show your work in your answer. Penmanship counts.[View]
46599040How well does wearing a button up shirt and carrying owb conceal?[View]
46616866Reject Modernity, Embrace Walnut.[View]
46622062I just don’t like it.[View]
46622433Thoughts on the IWI Zion?: Pic related. Also post your AR.[View]
46625240Flying with guns: I am going on a trip to see family next week and want to bring my CCW. My license …[View]
46624746Whats the best optic for a SCAR 17s?: SWIM needs something Robust, Precise.[View]
46623266Semi-related, but what's a good flashlight for 20-30 bucks? I figured /k/ommando's would k…[View]
46622645G44: >be Glock >15rd standard on most 9mm models >Want to make Perfection for small boollet…[View]
46612815Is $400 fair for a pre-80k serial Trijicon MRO?: I can buy a Trijicon MRO for $400 bucks with a Bobr…[View]
46619573Looking for good survival guides /k/: I checked the sticky and have downloaded the files posted ther…[View]
46619524/gq/ - Gear Queer: Remember to Train Edition >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6DGMbVi8 >Dis…[View]
46603650Hunting Rifles and Shotguns General /HRSG/: Post your favorite hunting rifles and shotguns. Discuss …[View]
46605536Melee Thread- Homemade edition: Bust out the home made beatin sticks and other home made self defens…[View]
46622355For me, it's the Fagot[View]
46617947Where do I put a gun on this?: I was thinking scabbard and mare's leg...Open to suggestions. Th…[View]
46624007In WWII if you'd rack up enough kills... Could you at some point have so many meatballs or swa…[View]
46612041If /K/ was a movie...: Like it or not, Tropic Thunder is the most accurate depiction of /k/ >>…[View]
46624063What's going on here? I thought the US made a mistake because they're still using the M4 i…[View]
46620357Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://w…[View]
46623020Sight in thread: I only have access to 25 yard range but mu turret is designed to sight in at 100 ya…[View]
46621318Best LPVO around the $2k mark?: Not quite convinced enough to splurge for the ATACR. But between Kah…[View]
46568568Joint Warrior Thread #2 - Getting the band back together: Carrier Strike Group for NATO strike carri…[View]
46621387>largest airborne force in the world >has never taken part in a major combat jump in its entir…[View]
46608869New assault rifle for the German armed forces: Haenel MK 556 is this a good choice? https://www.thed…[View]
46620121What are the best ultra-poorfag rifles/shotguns for $150 or less?[View]
46622254Post in stock ammonitions that are around or under $1/cpr (or near their normal non-inflated price i…[View]
46618170New Gun Owner: hello /k/, after all the unrest lately you have inspired me to finally become a gun o…[View]
46622679Gun Store on Deep Web: Please d'ont buy guns! Are dangerus! Link: 1 - http://gnshpojuxrioibud.o…[View]
46617633AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ Larperator Edition: ARs larping dynamically in d…[View]
46624049ITT: /K/ Posters: Post them.[View]
46620825Why do soldiers not get issued tactical surströmming? >works as ration >delicious with new pot…[View]
46586479Hello there /k, I recently recovered a family inheritance: an old Japanese sword that was snatched f…[View]
46618642Is it worth using something like a FAL or an AR10 over any bolt action for 300 meter plus shooting?[View]
46622797Why is ordering from magpul so shit?: >expected delivery Wednesday >ordered last Tuesday Not e…[View]
46623665Which model is the bolt action?: I want to know which model of savage is the one in the left[View]
46623339none of these guys at bovington know what they are talking about[View]
46622384steel patina: can I convert a brown patina on steel to a black one without removing material? no, it…[View]
46621417How realistic is this scene, keep in mind it takes place in 1980's Berlin on a US base. https:/…[View]
46612251Imagine getting your shit ended by her. https://youtu.be/IBxOeeS5BCc?t=98[View]
46618962Does /k/ like Liam?[View]
46621299Navy special forces: Why do Navies need special forces unit? Land warfare is the domain and jurisdic…[View]
46622655/k/ Book Thread: Read books Post books Recommend books I also looking for good books on African war…[View]
46618900/k/angaroos Australia General - Gel Chads Supreme Edition: >how to get your bangs https://www.fir…[View]
46622083What rifle is this? How is it made?[View]
46613210Well I finally bought one: I started a thread a couple of nights ago asking about which kinda AK sho…[View]
46610456/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Mag Latch Upgrade Edition >Thread #1088 Old thread here >…[View]
46620656Thoughts on that new US airforce prototype plane? Whatever it is...[View]
46622728>For me, it's the Sukhoi Su-35.[View]
46617206Canadians, what kind of weapons and military equipment can they access in a civil unrest scenario? H…[View]
46622672AK19: How hard do you think it’d be to smuggle this into the United States?[View]
46619919If you were tasked with designing a full body combat suit, what materials would you select? Would yo…[View]
46621437Will slug throwers be outclassed in the foreseeable/distant future? What comes next?[View]
46622519How do the Royal Navy and the JMSDF stack up against each other /k/?[View]
46622449Is lugging a signal set around considered /k/?[View]
46598159What's the appeal of scout rifles? Why not mount the scope properly?[View]
46617260Mountain lions: There was a mountain lion spotted in my area. This is like the 4th town in a year th…[View]
46622044PSA & Kel Tec: The last two true pioneers of firearms and defenders of freedom. You dipshit meme…[View]
46578984PSA Dagger: Just announced it releases this Friday at 4pm est, no pricing info. How do you think it …[View]
46622055During WW1 and WW2, what arts and crafts were made there on the frontline or in garrisons?[View]
46611915I like it bros I just don't know if it's practical these days[View]
46622117weapons: The Ulster Volunteer Force was a Loyalist organization dedicated to keeping Ireland in the …[View]
46598007Hescos: Are they worth stockpiling in anticipation of civil unrest?[View]
46600318T-90A hit by BMP-2 Konkurs ATGM: >T-90A got hit accidentally by BMP-2 Konkurs ATGM as preparation…[View]
46615453Is it here to stay? The premise of 308 level power and ballistics in a regular AR-15 action is cool …[View]
46599691>/k/omanndo dwellings whats you guys living situation like? Are you prepped for home defense and …[View]
46616175type 85: is it true that type 85 better than t72 ?[View]
46617131Serious discussion: Serious argument against buying Chinese only. Pic related is the perfect frigate…[View]
46591577We always talk about WWII tanks, so how about a WWII armored car thread? What's your favorite …[View]
46595498Handgun General /hg/ #489: The ideal caliber edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/gs6mLNik Git gud…[View]
46616141spiral into madness: According to the memoirs of Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader and his defens…[View]
46623733Board Quality - Country Flags: I think /k/ should trial country flags in order to reduce shitposting…[View]
46618624What demographics should be drafted first in event of a real shooting war? Should it be those news/m…[View]
46620627Looking for a compact, suppressed AR: Any recommendations? pic related... what im eying[View]
46617105Technicals: What vehicles would make a good technical? What weapons would work well?(bonus points fo…[View]
46621390Magdump WM-AR: Is this as effective as a bolty? how would one reasonably handle such a rifle in the …[View]
46611879Why is does it say 'Front toward enemy' not 'This side toward enemy'?[View]
46620235RMA Plates: Are RMA 1155 armor plates good to go? I've heard that they are heavy but unless you…[View]
46593410Do you have a plan for it?[View]
46617967Can somebody identify these Magazines?: Purchased 20rd mags for my M1A but got these[View]
46619738Where did all the cool (mostly) accurate media depictions of firearms and their use go? Pretty much …[View]
46620711I was given this sword as a gift. Is there a way for me to restore this reasonably easy in terms of …[View]
46606362Gun company wallpapers: Saw Magpul offering this design on a T-shirt as a kind of 80's homage, …[View]
46617205>be me >checking local gun store for any good deals >cop walks in >store is selling S…[View]
46621080fuck 223/556: what a shitty fucking caliber, both of em. 100% disappointment not even enjoyable basi…[View]
46621123So I bought a used Dan Wesson revolver and sometimes the trigger sticks when I dry fire it double ac…[View]
46620997Can we get a trap/skeet thread? I'm relatively new to this hobby and I'm looking for a goo…[View]
46619251Aesthetics thread: Post your aesthetic operators and /k/ommandos[View]
46608891Who's dumb ass idea was it for the AK to not have any sort of BHO?[View]
46617863What is your favorite gear color/camo? MAS grey here. I just wish more options were available in it.[View]
46620957DIY Sten Semi Auto?: Is there a guide to the DIY Sten out there that has a semi auto trigger group i…[View]
46620714>United States has a problem with a certain group >government issues federal bounties for desi…[View]
46619203talk me out of buying a smith and wesson model 29[View]
46620063Is 45 super as effective as 10mm?[View]
46610571AR 15 Reliability: I want to make the most reliable AR 15 possible. Here is my plan >buy 14.5' b…[View]
46617050Canada General: >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https…[View]
46585502YOU MAY HAVE ANY GUN EVER MADE, BUT...: You are, through magic, able to receive any gun ever made by…[View]
46610672air thread: >took this to range instead of backyard just to test accuracy >consistent headsho…[View]
46602362Black powder questions...: Lost my FID because of felony tax charges in 2008, miss my guns, but also…[View]
46613787Military /k/rate: Can we get a military crate thread? Just snagged this for $50. Looks to be in grea…[View]
46567301/k/ Loadout Thread: Postem quickly. Rate n' Hate too.[View]
46618670/blog post Just witnessed a shooting in front of my car at an intersection. Black guy got out of his…[View]
46613618so a while ago the airforce was looking at getting a light attack aircraft for CAS to supplement/ re…[View]
46599796What gun, or other weapon, has the coolest name?[View]
46618816gnarly weapons thread[View]
46577264ausfag service rifle: Is it good or not bro’s? for me, i don’t like the look of it. I don’t like bul…[View]
46615648Alright guys best way to conceal or hide weapons. >GO[View]
46614568/gq/ - Gear queer: Get some edition. >General Guide https://pastebin.com/6DGMbVi8 >Discord …[View]
46617279How do l make a makeshift safe to store shit in my house?[View]
46618786I'm ambivalent about it bros[View]
46614488What kind of gun is this?: Is it even a real gun?[View]
46618351RMA Armor: I ordered level 4 RMA plates. I’m can’t afford a plate carrier so I’m going to construct …[View]
46619088Do you think they have any crackers?[View]
46614574Is it legal to put a brace on a GSG MP40?[View]
46617544B-36 peacemaker. Notorious for -Exploding engines -killing maintenance personnel -randomly dropping…[View]
46615050>be me >live in Australia >history of ptsd and mental illness >assault with intent to c…[View]
46618740Writing a letter to my friend who's in the military, dubs decides what I send him.[View]
46594630burgers EXPLAIN[View]
46617501The president made an order for more History classes. But he did not make an order for firearm class…[View]
46618525I always thought oil filter silencers were a meme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EExnpnXW7Wc[View]
46599388Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. Previous Thread >>46578844 >Where …[View]
46615015Hi. I have gotten a few knives. These ones are in cases so i assume my grandfather valued them a lot…[View]
46614382how often does /k/ treat their stocks?: i try to oil mine once a year at least, but usually every 6 …[View]
46568927Are all the SEALs memes really true?: Are they really that bad? Have they really been caught selling…[View]
46618176Post the most cursed bubba shit you can find, Pakistan makes the best ones like the AK L85 hybrid[View]
46605169This the greatest gun ever invented?[View]
46593475/meg/ Military Enlistment General: 'Pop hot edition' Edition Previous >>46557962 >studying …[View]
46613680How stupid is too stupid for the Army?[View]
46616655Are DSA FALs the best way to go? I recognize that FALs don't come cheap, especially not in this…[View]
46612673Scope Options for T/C Compass: Looking for a rifle to hunt with and do some longer ranged shooting o…[View]
46615993>integrally silenced guns I'll start[View]
46616707Dumb shit you do at 3am: >be me at 2:30 am >can't sleep >try to fall asleep, think of …[View]
46617713ARs: A .22, 5.56, and .458 socom. I want a high-end 5.56 and then buy a lower or 2 for my kid.…[View]
46612426/arg/ | AR General | 'why do I have to make the new thread' edition: y'all lazy af post ARs not…[View]
46613645Retrofuturistic/dieselpunk weapons: I'm a big fan of weapons that combine the sensibilities of …[View]
46586727My wife is sick and I have to stay home and take care of her. Let's get a humor thread going on…[View]
46613877I have bipolar type 2 disorder and I want to join a shooting range and eventually own a 1911 at some…[View]
46599875Night Vision Mega Thread: Alright, you faggots have red pilled me on NODs, the question is which one…[View]
4661318945 mags: I bought some surplus mags for my father and I dunno if these will fit my father’s Springfi…[View]
46613659Affordable and effective short range weapons: What is the PERFECT civilian-obtainable, affordable ($…[View]
46596101Gun lube is a waste of money.[View]
46617118Guys I want to grow a pair of nuts and carry around a compact .40. Anybody have any tips on how to k…[View]
46613807Drag him out by the socks New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSA…[View]
46602031The Arleigh Burke class destroyer: What does /k/ think of it and how it compares to more recent desi…[View]
46613316>muh yellowstone >muh civil war/ww3 You should prepare for the micronova projected in 2046. Po…[View]
46615324FFL Handgun Transfer?: >Ordered a surplus Beretta 92S >Went to FFL to pick it up >Was told …[View]
46597043Mel Bernstein: How the fuck is this dude so rich?[View]
46609129Why did the RAF sell their harriers for piss to the USA?[View]
46616261Who else told themselves after the Obama .22LR shortage that they were going to fatten their pile wi…[View]
46618776Who should I play as bros? I’m new to grand strategy and so far I’m pretty lost. Something small wit…[View]
46599091Is a shotgun really the best gun for home defense? I don't really have a good place to keep it.[View]
46596157This is John Singleton Mosby. He’s he only Confederate Officer who had his head out of his ass durin…[View]
46615701Cock on close > cock on open[View]
46615475A 10-inch titanium tube (without any baffles or end cap) attached to a rifle is just a linear comp, …[View]
46611063>Bankrupts your military[View]
46614124HOLY MAKAROV!!: Anyone notice that makarovs are becoming exceedingly rare and prices are double what…[View]
46615748>RIP HK[View]
46606639>Leyte Gulf >Kurita keeps on pushing, does not turn north >Steams into US landing force (56…[View]
46611585Wish I had gunz like you guys...[View]
46613436The LAV-25: Why is my guy forgotten ?[View]
46614648The eternal larper: >anon, go out back and dig a trench for that drain pipe…[View]
46609926Will the .308 Winchester EVER be dethroned?: As far as short action non-magnums go, I don't rea…[View]
46610105Unusual looking but 100% real military units[View]
46610841Preparations: You DO have sheepdog decals on your car and a folder carbine between the front seats, …[View]
46612631What does /k/ think of the Royal Marines[View]
46614287Wild boars have been spotted in my town and fucked up a guys leg real bad, what’s the best kinda amm…[View]
46600056Nagant M1895: based or cringe?: >7 shot revolver >no way to speedload >high stopping power,…[View]
46615066Unknown optic: Hey guys, I came across this image and for the love of god I cant find what optic is …[View]
46609438Mossberg Patriot in 300 win mag: Thoughts on this rifle /k? https://www.mossberg.com/product/mossber…[View]
46613861Fav support/2nd line weapon?: The history of non-infantry issued weapons has a ton of variation in i…[View]
46613547post pictures of World War I era American soldiers any branch, any uniform, just as long as they…[View]
46613723get some hogdon-869, reload 308 with loads 50gr of powder. Put reloaded ammo it in wolf ammo boxes,…[View]
46615084Post your gun workbench /k/[View]
46613198How much should I pay for a pump action shotgun?: Its for home defense, $200? Anything else I should…[View]
46608730Armslist finds: Post interesting finds[View]
46611191Mosin nagant rusty barrel: So I have this mosin nagant with a barrel that I didn't clean with b…[View]
46613893Zumwalt: 'I am growing stronger': https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/36504/testing-points-to-rele…[View]
46609941How badly did I fuck up /k/?: Picked this up for 400$, was it a mistake or a hidden gem? AR-12S with…[View]
46611597Sights: What are good red-dot optics for a rifle? Is the Vortex Venom good enough for a home-defense…[View]
46614209guys ruger is putting help wanted signs all over road medians and lamp posts in my town should I a…[View]
46608046Squeezing gun?: So my martial arts instructor said when you fight someone with a gun you grab it fro…[View]
46609133/gq/ - Gear queer: This is a gear role call edition. Everyone post your gear. >General Guide http…[View]
46611883Leopard 1: How would it perform if the Cold War gone hot when it was still in service pre Leopard 2?…[View]
46613434What is a good optic and mount for the SCAR 17s?: Thinking a Bobro mount with a Trijicon Accupower 1…[View]
46575033BEGUN, THE LASER WARS HAVE.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLav0zMHut8[View]
46591657'Anon, you do have medical, right?': so, what medical do you guys keep on your combat setup? should …[View]
46613296Did the Chinese use a directed energy weapon of some sort like a 250kW continuous wave laser on the …[View]
46607477What are the most /k/ films?[View]
46610292What are some good books, documentaries, and quick rundowns on the Syrian Civil War, Yugoslav Wars, …[View]
46607425What do you think of the 2A 'auditors' who go around being reckless with guns in public in order to …[View]
46611070American dependency: Okay /k/ satisfy the curiosity of a Europoor, from most of the videos I see of …[View]
46597430Is a military defeat of the US remotely possible?[View]
46561609Swords and fencing thread: Komm raus Lands/k/nechten[View]
46606472Canada General - TI Bazzar Edition: Federal Income taxation is illegal. New here? Want a firearm lic…[View]
46612782If she had a gun could she have escaped the nazis?[View]
46610516Are bolt actions inherently moar accurate than semi autos? If I was shooting at something really far…[View]
46609456Calico Speaks, will /k/ listen?: Calico engineer speaks (about nothing particularly interesting) in …[View]
46610826How many people could a modern safari weight compound bow (90lb+ with 800gr+ arrows) penetrate if th…[View]
46611552What do we think about them?[View]
46608713In the immortal words of Janet Jackson, 'What have you done for me lately'?: Well /k/? If this organ…[View]
46611189>tfw the 7mm-08 has always been everything the 6.5 creedmore is trying to be, yet isn't near…[View]
46598729Which company will be making the 6th gen fighter?: https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2020/09/usa…[View]
46603835PTR 32 vs AK: Turned 18 half a year ago, just convinced my parents to let me buy a rifle. Been looki…[View]
46584218Youtubers: Pls post your comfy recommendations. I've been enjoying mark novak's stuff http…[View]
46602304Karen rebel with a USAS-12[View]
46611294Best gun for beginner hunter: What's a good gun for hunting deer, if you've never hunted d…[View]
46608595What exactly is stopping manufacturers to put out more helmets that either meet, or exceed true lvl …[View]
46611301Anyone here ever ordered anything from this website? It's been a week and their line is always …[View]
46611831/k/ vidoe thread: >ywn be part of a privatized security force helping retrieve stolen property an…[View]
46606794/arg/ - AR General: Seriously though, libertarians need to fuck off edition.[View]
46604158remind me again why we need to disarm the american public when there are at least 4 large foreign ar…[View]
46589528/brg/ - BATTLE RIFLE GENERAL - Baby Shit Brothers Edition: Post and discuss self-loading military fi…[View]
46608417Have the number of gun deaths exceeded the number of bow deaths since the start of history?[View]
46599746Izmash Saiga .223 upgrade kit?: Hello, since there are not many offers in my country regarding the A…[View]
46570509Oklahoma City Bombing: Not sure if bomb discussion belongs here. It is a weapon so I'll take th…[View]
46600403Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night I can feel my bullets...and my powder...even my p…[View]
46606898Is there nothing on Gardaworld because of Covid? I can't find any decent sites for overseas job…[View]
46610925>gets shot down by a S-400 on take-off whats the point of this thing exactly?…[View]
46611079Is a Vector chambered in .22 TCM a Good Idea?[View]
46604596Soft point bullet effectiveness: I want to move to czechia for their gun laws but apparently hollow …[View]
46610780request +range story thread: Does anyone have other examples like this of unburnt powder going off a…[View]
46609819The Fifth Domain: Is there any argument against the United States standing up an independant Cyber F…[View]
46610152320 xcompact rxp holster issue?: Switched to my 320 xcompact rxp as an EDC recently. Scooped up a st…[View]
46587526Poverty Lowers: Brands such as Spike's Tactical and Anderson (pic related): would you depend up…[View]
46609988What really happened?[View]
46606465Canada General: Price gouging opportunists edition >New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: …[View]
46608424'Fire the nuclear torpedo.'[View]
46609272Optimism thread: When the panic buyers become sellers and noguns again, what will you be looking for…[View]
46607626I got an interview for a static security contracting job in Iraq it's not much....but it's…[View]
46605611Harveys Lake Tahoe: >The Harvey's Resort Hotel bombing took place on August 26–27, 1980, whe…[View]
46594520Space Warfare: How do you imagine space battles playing out? Would ships primarily use guided missil…[View]
46604120Friendly reminder that the USMC authorizes fucking capes as part of its dress uniform[View]
46610092Gee Bill how come your mom lets you wear two set of body armor?[View]
46597843/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Hard To Find Mags Edition >Thread #1087 Old thread here >…[View]
46602683why is milsurp so /fa/? even an image like this of a fat spurdo skinwalker in it looks good[View]
466030352020 - Tales & Trophies: I know this year has been a buttfuck for most, But I know some of you f…[View]
46606968All technology comes from nature, the helicopter was realised by observing the dragonfly it is obvio…[View]
46602650Anti-satellite weapons (ASATs): Current methods - Fighter launched missiles - Ground launched missil…[View]
46604955Favorite Ammo Brands / Hoarding: What Are your favorite manufacturers? What are the best brands of a…[View]
46601664/k/angaroos Australia General: Old thread >>46577084 >how to get your bangs https://www.fir…[View]
46605817Sub 2000: Are these guns actually fun to shoot, or only good for their folding utility? Drawn to get…[View]
46608239Is there a sexier looking AFV than the BMP2? really beautiful aspect to it. BMP3 is shitty by compar…[View]
46596931Is Matt Carri/k/er, our guy?[View]
46603957Why does a sheriffs department need 40mm grenade launchers?: I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but how…[View]
46607866How realistic was Iron Eagle?: Could you really sneak into a US AF base, steal two F-16s with the he…[View]
46598618Satelite hunter: A satellite can be constructed and launched by literally any spacefairing country t…[View]
46604146/gq/ - Gear Queer: Worst Thing To Happen To The Tactical Gear Industry Since The Crossdraw Vest Edit…[View]
46603907Straight stock bullpup: There are still straight stocked versions of a lot of rifles being made to a…[View]
46595463best weapon maintenance songs?: https://youtu.be/fh-TKJTCtnw or some weeb shit?[View]
46594186ITT we make assumptions reguarding eachothers lifestyle choices based a picture the nearest (Non EDC…[View]
46608048New Dan Wesson problems: I recently picked up a new Dan Wesson Specialist in 10mm (already have a G2…[View]
46607794Was it any good? I never hear about this thing. Looks pretty based.[View]
46584164how do you pronounce this gun? pee pee shart?[View]
46606623If I was interested in trying to get into long range shooting, is a Thompson Center Encore a good be…[View]
46603732Bought the last box of 9mm, but these are the filthiest rounds ive ever gotten. >black shit cake…[View]
46608189First gun: Dan Wesson. 357 magnum. Did I do good?[View]
46588382Bizzaro /k/?: Is there a Bizzaro version of /k/ out there on reddit or somewhere where antifa/leftis…[View]
46606119Why aren't these in the $500 range?: american tax payers paid for the r&d afterall.[View]
46605945The pink popper is back in stock and only $120. Why don't you have one yet, /k/?[View]
46605700Older aimpoints: Does anyone have experience with these? They go for cheaper than a holosun at gun s…[View]
46601077Armed delivery man: >pair joggers order pizza to rob the delivery man >robbery attempt fails, …[View]
46599421You DO have a stuffed plushy battle buddy who doesnt need food and water, cant die but still keeps y…[View]
46606525These women could destroy the world[View]
46597633If 55gr 5.56mm will do this, do you really need anything more?[View]
46607144Why do armies keep buying this scam?[View]
46605790/k/ino general: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOsjfaxPzEg Just came back from seeing The Right Hun…[View]
46602684Brent0331: Brent0331, has somebody archived his videos?[View]
46602166How does /k/ feel about Chinese guns?[View]
46604645So lads whats going to happen first, the Sino-Indian war or the greco turkish war? Or maybe a dark h…[View]
46607507My favorite gun?: >Yeah let me show you[View]
46606907Decent online retail sites?: Which sites should I be frequenting to catch good deals on firearms? Ev…[View]
46598263CCW came in the mail today. I'm carrying a USP. What about you guys?[View]
46608975What weapons can be lawfully used for self defense in Nebraska?: This Omaha bar owner was charged wi…[View]
46607100Mx- 991/u: I like it but it could use a brighter LED bulb.[View]
46606269Make a PCC already, fuck.[View]

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