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49265127Can anyone tell me why would South Korea even need aircraft carrier?[View]
49267159Autism: I'm a noguns who doesn't have any guns but do you guys find guns relaxing? I alway…[View]
49267675Wadcutters for self defense: Do wadcutters make good defense rounds?[View]
49256443its the city's problem now.[View]
49261759Garand Thumb: >When reloading rifle have to make sure you are holding bolt back or thumb gets rap…[View]
49254960Who manufacturers the best phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?[View]
49254792Horses: Do/does horse cav have any place in modern conflicts?[View]
49270008Why does everyone seem to hate the Springfield XD (Formerly HS2000)? It’s like a Glock had a baby wi…[View]
49269271I'm a retarded boomer who is interested in a Sig handgun but I know there's some issues wi…[View]
49257656This Nigga: is the best also lol @ his beef with Colt[View]
49267798Leopard 2A7V with Trophy. Is this the best tank in the world?[View]
49266526Any explosive license holders here? I am very interested in playing with and making high explosives …[View]
49259103> The FN SmartCore is the firearm’s life memory as it acts as an electronic logbook of the mainte…[View]
49267087What is this: are the us armed forces really playing jetpack joyride now[View]
49269513Anti-ship missiles: Does pointing the launchers toward the front of the ship better or worse than to…[View]
49244291/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Military Doggos edition Previous thread: >>49223351 Lying…[View]
49264019How useful would anabolic steroids be for soldiers?[View]
49263553Small home defense Gun: I need help choosing between a small pistol caliber AR or AK. Or should I bu…[View]
49269034ID on this firearm?: Saw this pic on another board and I didn't have a fucking clue was this wa…[View]
49260491I want to buy a spear and it is seemingly a bitch to find one: Hello /k/ i want to buy a spear, one …[View]
49263416/k/ approved, mk2?: does /k/ approve of this knife? what are the pros & cons? recently got one. …[View]
49261375Don't visit /k/ much but i've been watching alot of this guy and want to know you guys opi…[View]
49267091What pistol caliber carbines/braced pistols would you guys recommend? Looking mostly for something n…[View]
49268819I have a question. If I live in a stand your ground state and a home invasion occurs while I am enj…[View]
49258302How much longer until the military starts using Boston dynamics robots? IIRC they canceled the roboh…[View]
49244207Patch Thread - We Live In A Society Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. Previous Thr…[View]
49266540Doesn't this render tanks obsolete?: If a toyota truck with a tow missle on the bed could kill …[View]
49266204Gunbroker: T-this is a joke, right? Tell me this isn't real, bros[View]
49266503Why is it called a cheek WELD? There is no welding involved. Was it once a “cheek wield”? (Makes mo…[View]
49267827All right, you so-called '/k/ommandos,' listen up. See this guy? This smilin' little fucker rig…[View]
49265512Magnum pistol optic: Whats the best red dot for a magnum handgun? I want it for 50-75 yard hunting s…[View]
49252036Royal Regiment of Scotland: Are they based or not? Thinking of joining their reserve regiment.…[View]
49268591Is there a glass ceiling in military technology because of sheer quantity?: I am talking about thing…[View]
49254861Weapons seized: Huge weapon shipment seized by the USS Monterey. Where do you think it was going?…[View]
49267459Meme or legit?: https://youtu.be/ec7dZv_dJ28[View]
49236298Your front door is breached in less than 5 seconds(le glass meme) How fast can you react and what ca…[View]
49264650What's going on here, /k/? Why are so many muzzleloaders/black powder weapons out of stock at m…[View]
49259497I got a fun thought for you guys How would you modernized a trebuchet? I'll go first, instead …[View]
49262558Buy gun with threaded barrel and suppressor sights. >Won't cycle reliably with a suppressor …[View]
49236596>Beretta is going to import Manurhin MR73s >not one ounce of hype We got too cocky revolverbro…[View]
49263678What's the best camo and why is it chocolate chip?[View]
49248552Daily Reminder that AR500 is Garbage: NEW CONTENT ALERT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsF7VmyXtNo…[View]
49267080Are binary triggers practical? Is it worth $400? Everyone says theyre useless but it sounds like it …[View]
49267652inheritance question: Quick question: there was a death in extended family and there is a gun to inh…[View]
49259915does anyone know this helmet ?: i wasent sure what board to post this in seeing as how im a bit new …[View]
49262280Screen/k/ap Thread: Post 'em if you got 'em.[View]
49260151I found a Ross rifle for only 200$, I know it’s useless, but rare and good as a collectable. Should …[View]
49263924/cangen/ - Canada General: >tfw no gf edition >be newfag >want a firearms loicense Prolly t…[View]
49262417What trigger would you recommend for a Glock 43?: What trigger would you recommend for a Glock 43?…[View]
49260703Forearm Aesthetics: Do the aesthetics of a firearm play any significant role in the design of a fire…[View]
49261738Why it took so long to ome fuck to figure it out you could put a double stack magazine into a pistol…[View]
49263531Hyperwar: Are you prepared for hyperwar? https://www.afcea.org/content/hyperwar-coming-faster-you-th…[View]
49266303I cant believe they managed to make the PPQ better. Seriously the trigger is so smooth. Why dont oth…[View]
49259397Is Soviet/postSoviet military vehicles any good?[View]
49261116anyone else partial to the 3rd world/too small to justify military spending look that seems like the…[View]
49265163A glownigger posted pic related on /pol/. What sight and weapons are these?[View]
49262302Now that this stuff exists, is a snub nose revolver in .22LR a viable choice for self defense? >1…[View]
49253574Where can a brother find a stainless steel 1911 for under $1500? (in-stock)[View]
49265972how effective was the Red Army in WW2 and the Cold War?[View]
49262426Space Station Guns: Is a revolver the best sidearm for freefall? >5-7 shots before any cases star…[View]
49264098*turns your aircraft carrier obsolete* Nothing personal, american.[View]
49260158/k/ I’m looking for woodland camo bdus that aren’t going to glow like a federal agent under NVGs, wh…[View]
49264534Any opinions of korean special forces.[View]
49265614boys I know it's cringe to larp with militia guys and trust me I don't want to. but how el…[View]
49263333How it was going[View]
49259832>Trusting your life to 9mm Please don't do this /k/. I care about you too much…[View]
49264970n00b shooter here, i just finished my AR build and am wondering if feyachi rs30 is a decent reflex s…[View]
49262525Hi guys Not sure where I can ask this Anyway, I m in Canada cucked commie mutt country and almost n…[View]
49236639/gmg/ - Gas Mask General: Welcome to /gmg/! If it seals, it fields! fight China! wear a mask! old th…[View]
49259865Hey kid, wanna play some Halo? https://www.foxnews.com/auto/gm-defense-electric-infantry-squad-vehic…[View]
49262980/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Transparent Receiver Edition >Thread #1346 Old thread here …[View]
49265801Jew or Spaghet as my first hammer-fired?[View]
49260198What's the maximum moa a rifle can do to be acceptable for high power? Is 1.5 moa with good amm…[View]
49264296State Hiring Conservation Officers: What am I in for should I take the plunge and is it worth it? An…[View]
49265392What kind of shady low-quality bootleg ammo and guns will we see popping up before the great gun cri…[View]
49254581Does this really beat the ACOG/red dot combo?[View]
49264521Is the Desert Eagle .50 a scam?: The bullet looks nothing like we see soldiers firing from the WW2 s…[View]
49257004Ruger American x39 vs Howa 1500 mini .300blk: Anybody have experience with the Howa? Local shop has …[View]
49256603Fallout/STALKER/Metro thread post the best guns and gear from the series[View]
49260569/arg/ - AR General: AR Thread Bullyzone Cancer Containment Tell Your Mom You Love Her Edition Discor…[View]
49253124Ghost ring sights on a shotgun are stupid and inferior to a bead. Discuss.[View]
49260637Century Arms: I ordered a parts kit for a Cetme Model C, I plan to build one. However, the order is …[View]
49262040I dunno... some thread about glocks n shiet: Introducing... the Sega Saturn by Glock We call it... …[View]
49253708Myosin nagant: If it’s good enough for sumo, it’s good enough for me. A rail tack driver.[View]
49257743Book and pewz: Most recent book you've read, and your most recent gun purchase.[View]
49255948Is anyone noticing more of these cringe airshit reloads videos? Is there never an airshit fag that a…[View]
49254437I saw Paul at a Gun store in Oregon yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but…[View]
49263475Why were the TB2s horrible?: Pantsir-SM will have twice the radar, missile and speed range than the …[View]
49254937/gq/ Gear Queer: BSAA edition Fuck the guide, fuck tripfags, fuck discord and fuck you Previous …[View]
49260774Why did the Russians go from 7.62 to 5.45?[View]
49245820Anyone know where I can find a good quality replica of pic related for a decent price? Also name a …[View]
49260758577 Flex Mk2: This is the conclusion of my testing with printed cases for the .577 snider. A working…[View]
49262555What will convince the military to opt out the 556 virgin caliber?[View]
49259830Gunbroker question: I am looking to buy a high dollar value gun off gunbroker. I tried asking the s…[View]
49249130What's that weapon called?[View]
49261280Hello again /k/...I was looking at this and a similar ruger yesterday and I wanted to get some feedb…[View]
49259906Canada General - /cangen/: /cangen/ >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Prolly too late, but re…[View]
49251313A 6-round shotshell card is about the same size as a 30 rd magazine, and will fit in a standard maga…[View]
49261003I don't anything about guns. Why was the Luger so distinctive-looking?[View]
49261363Meme Product list: Lets create a meme list. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR_fWpFgzEE…[View]
49263273Post reddit memes[View]
49253953Chad guns: Sup /k/, Chad here. What's a good gun for me? What guns are /Chad/?[View]
49263147>but anon, why do you NEED a super-heavy battle tank capable of launching a nuclear missile?…[View]
49258515SIG P238?: This is my first post, Ive never shot a gun unfortunately, but I absolutely love guns. Iv…[View]
49259694Long Pistols: what does having a long slide actually do? Is it mostly the sights being better, or do…[View]
49261844Is there any *need* to decock a non-external hammer gun or is it just overkill safety?: Pic related,…[View]
49252673Roast me: I own a PSA AK-E and enjoy it I like the abuse, give it to me[View]
49259285FULL AUTO: Does full auto have any purpose on the modern battlefield or is it more or less a Hollywo…[View]
49250696Turkish navy reveals new drone ship ULAQ: ULAQ has an operational range over 500 kms, 40 knots speed…[View]
49262044Why didn't the Nazis just mass produce their own Sherman's and T34s?[View]
49262848Did Iran ever secure a land route to Syria?[View]
49246445What is wrong with the ruger mini 30?: From reading about them they get as good reviews as the mini …[View]
49262174Oh a handmade gift certificate for a trip to the range. Um...thank you sweetie.[View]
49258365Talk me out of it bros. 95% sure it will be a shitter, but it's pretty.[View]
49244652>be you >live in West Germany, 1985 >Gorby gets impeached by commie hardliners >USSR is …[View]
49255586where i live bullet proof/stab proof vests are illegal and i live in a relatively bad area so i was …[View]
49258577Military Cargo Drones: baserd or cringe[View]
49254098Has anyone here ever attempted to join a special or elite military force? Success or failure, how wa…[View]
49261460Adams Arms has the best piston system on the market[View]
49250947Why do people think ACOGs are irrelevant these days? Its still a very useful optic. >CQB lol, you…[View]
49243603What is the best firearm optic?: And why is it Trijicon?[View]
49254831Are Double Barrel Shotguns Legit?[View]
49260223Help me fix my shitty knife: Sup cunts, I have this awful fixed blade knife as I got as a gift a wh…[View]
49260606The State of The Army: With the way things are going for the US Military personnel-wise, is it bound…[View]
49256204/akg/ AK general: AK general /akg/ Sidefolding WASR edition >thread #1345 old thread here: >…[View]
49259149Have there been any interesting naval battles/campaigns on this sea, /k/? There was a pirate named S…[View]
4923152425 Dead in Brazil's Favela Police Raid: >At Least 25 People and Police Officer killed in Bra…[View]
49236012What’s the deal with the Bradley IFV? Why does everyone hate it?[View]
49261602When will this be available for commercial? I want one.[View]
49261558best of hungary: is this a famas?[View]
49259427Best tank evar!!!+[View]
49256740/abg/ - Ammo Box General: bros when did the US stop using wooden ammo boxes?[View]
4926098245-70 game: Hey faggots. I plan on buying a Uberti Springfield trapdoor repro pretty soon. I've…[View]
49261406EAA 612 Tac mods?: 12 gauge roach blaster from Turkey called 'The Churchill'. I heard it takes benel…[View]
49258947The manager of Turkish SAGE weapons development institute; >Unit price of the JDAM for Turkish Ai…[View]
49259921Looking at building a helmet from Metro: Exdous. I'm just curious what helmet type this is? It …[View]
49256419Redpill me on the Springfield saint pistol. It’s affordable, compact, and beautiful. I’m really thin…[View]
49258752Will we do a secret santa this year ?: Do you think we willl have a secret santa this year ? What do…[View]
49259214why are they so fucking expensive bros[View]
49257204How would the US deal with insurgents that were equivalent to the Chechens in Russia? They'd be…[View]
49256848Coolest tonk thread[View]
49258306Is staggering ammo in your magazine a bad idea?[View]
49255947My neighbor's washing machine quit so she curbed it, so I grabbed it, gutted it and found this …[View]
49258239Siege tower: How effective was it?[View]
49255562/arg/ assault rifle general: >big chungus scar edition Somebody else link the old thread…[View]
49255899I have been wondering you could probably modify a airsoft m203 thats a fullmetal replica to fire re…[View]
49255233A FUCKING BOOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWYOrXny_v0 >PKM is just an AK turned upside down…[View]
49254925Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP: Anyone here owns one or shot one? Are these worth the 600 dollar pri…[View]
49254202more retarded tacticool ww2 era firearms[View]
49259241Where do I get step by step guides on how to do squad and platoon level infantry maneuvers? People k…[View]
49256375What does /k/ think of the PDP? I hear its better than glock[View]
49248254What is the most reliable gun EVER? >Makarov >Mk23 >MR73 These are the first three that co…[View]
49259975What's your favourite grenade/explosive device, aesthetically? Or because of its history/effect…[View]
49247820Bad Decisions Thread: Just bought a Chiappa Rhino 60DS. Not sorry. What dumb shit have you bought la…[View]
49249411> Rio de Janeiro Military Police massacred 20+ drug dealers in a favela and Twitter is mad Based.…[View]
49255867/akg/ Anime, Manga & Weapons: Anime and manga characters with weapons.[View]
49241444Here's your challenger 3 bro: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-shropshire-57025266 Leo 2a7…[View]
49259822It's Fucking Official: LMT is #1 — the answer to all AR related questions that cannot be solved…[View]
49255772/k/ approved haircuts: I need one to get rid of the covid haircut i gave myself last year...whats co…[View]
49255013Finally got some glass for my Savage Axis .30-06. Monstrum 2x7x32. Weird choice for a long-action bo…[View]
49254880Wait so they f 32 wouldn't have been ugly? Video of renders https://twitter.com/Aviation_Intel…[View]
49243421i'm guessing the b-29 probably killed more people than any other prop plane, but what is the je…[View]
49232114Post the biggest fagotry lies you've ever heard in the entire gun industry: >Its a great gun…[View]
49256661Ok I hate to be that nigga who-, actually I don't. Why aren't full powered cartridges such…[View]
49218285What are some /k/ misconceptions that you had as a kid? >thought gas operated meant firearms some…[View]
49244104ramps are beautiful they are giant metal dongs thrusting a countries manhood towards it enemies[View]
49259075Didn't know where else to ask and cba making a plebbit account, figured there would be at least…[View]
49250864Was it kino?[View]
49257190Arquebus Thread: Post arquebuses and other matchlocks.[View]
49255468What are some important counter-sniper facts should one know? Can you counter snipe with technology …[View]
49238075Sword thread.: Post swords. No fake and / or gay swords allowed, only real swords made in the days o…[View]
49251075Underground bunkers: How feasible would it be to dedicate a week to digging a deep hole by hand with…[View]
49245246BLACK POWDER GENERAL /BPG/: post smokey gats[View]
49258398Knife identification: Can anyone identify this knife for me? Was used in the 2017 Portland stabbing…[View]
49258751>$2000 >https://www.gunbroker.com/item/899761976 The scama are getting bad…[View]
49252525Ok, so /k/ I’ve never owned a gun before in my entire life, and I plan to make my first purchase a t…[View]
49243360Could a 155mm howitzer destroy a MBT with a direct hit in case of an emergency (when being overrun)?[View]
49176728Oh god oh fuck: we're back[View]
49249887Suppressed EDC: How has /k/ solved this problem? Pls share your tips and pics of chunky girls smilin…[View]
49256715Why is it that all of the Glock carbine kits originate from Israel? I hate myself for buying one of …[View]
49258181Is there any adapter that would allow me I to fit this stock on a rifle like the BRN 180[View]
49254301Canada General: redditors frig off >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Prolly too late, but read…[View]
49253996Hey /k/ recently I was trying to remember some dumb guns, and theres one that comes to mind but I ca…[View]
49258082What AR and mods is this?[View]
49257800Gravity knife: Are there any good quality gravity knives on the market today? I know there more of a…[View]
49256979Do 1911 fags really?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct8aJw-y_Qk[View]
49257935Tell me about the G36. Is it a good service rifle?[View]
49257170COIN Tactics And Strategy: Violence, fear, and logistics are what wins COIN, not hearts and minds. T…[View]
49248000Favorite Handgun: GO!!![View]
49257768Korea ROK: Do any of these fuckers actually see any action? I see ton of photo ops from these guys b…[View]
49255700The most useless rifle cartridge...[View]
49249227Hey anon you have a 3d printer now? Whoa, will you print a gun with that? You should totally print a…[View]
49249731NICS Background Checks are gay and the lack of transparency is fag shit. For those of you who are no…[View]
49255512This is my rifle.: There are many like it, but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend, it is m…[View]
49256666Ok, be honest with me here, no shame in it, Even though the AK platform has a variety of practical u…[View]
49197386Sweetheart grips: I know there and dozens of options for meme grips on 1911s but are there any place…[View]
49204902Can we have a black projects/experimental weaponry thread? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARAUDE…[View]
49222272Shotguns and Shotgun Accessories: >General shotgun discussion Red dots with shotties, yay or na…[View]
49240381GQ /GQ/ GEAR QUEER: Giddy edition It's neoprene not leather No guide, it's not good anyway…[View]
49243226/k/ BTFO turns out it wasnt the serbu rifle's fault that scott's gun blew up but it was th…[View]
49250378>bruises your cheek nothing personal kid[View]
49254511Are there any resources on the plans for retaking Europe had it fell to the Russians during ww3? Peo…[View]
49256255170mm Koksan?: Is this thing any good? From everything i've read from the Iran-Iraq war they wo…[View]
49256210Today /k/ makes up shooting drills: Today I made up a shooting drill while I was burning 9mm. I call…[View]
49256287Beer can launcher AR-15: So, there is screeching from both sides about the legality of these things.…[View]
49251428Private security: The downfall of the US is shaping up to look like something in between the Trouble…[View]
49255942/k/ fails: /k/ fails[View]
49256300It's confirmed, I'm a tard.: For the first time in a year, I found some real 12ga ammo loc…[View]
49253376fully or semi-automatic rifles are soulless. i miss classic fighting with bolt-action rifles, back w…[View]
49249519is paul harrell becoming loco in the membrane?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQOTUnf9lZ4 why is t…[View]
49255044Tacticool: What's the most tactical pistol one can buy?[View]
49248225/akg/ AK general: AK general /akg/ AK12 edition >thread #1344 old thread here: >>49242303…[View]
49249373I have revolutionised small arms as we know it.: Only through the synthesis of tradition and moderni…[View]
49252482war music videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZivGjVgXuQ Post some good ones. Try to avoid le 8…[View]
49238333The U.S. never lost a major battle in Vietnam >-Barack Obama Is this true?…[View]
49253666Crossbow general?: A thread about crossbows. WHAT are they, WHY are they, and WHERE can I find one? …[View]
49251622What are the highest value military targets in Israel?[View]
49205930So it's no real secret that the majority of antigun sentiment comes from women and their orbite…[View]
49254879can one aqire a greener GP in the US?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WetAEi8iyOM&ab_channel=9-…[View]
49252626Teeth operated gun?[View]
49253945Someone might kill you at any moment for any reason, and the only thing you can do is try to react f…[View]
49239046Cool and efficient[View]
49252853highpower: Does anyone here do highpower? My range has an NRA league. I want to shoot service rifle …[View]
49255062Why yes, i am an ammosexual: How did you know?[View]
49255026Maybe that 12 gauge and 9mm/357 Blackhawk were the true survivalist weapons all along?[View]
49252802What's the point of this?[View]
49239573Is the F-22 really better than the F-35? Wouldn't the obsolete electronics make the F-22 a sitt…[View]
49254947>.223 is dipping below 50-cents per round: Did... did we make it bros? Are we safe (at least unti…[View]
49253997FFL: I'm considering getting my FFL so that I can sell them on the side I'm 20 white, mal…[View]
49254935There is no replacement for displacement.[View]
49245477Is hearing protection a meme?: It's not like these guys were wearing ear pro and they didn…[View]
49250361Realistically how would a midwestern police department handle a scenario like this irl?[View]
49254109Can someone give me a QRD on K9 armor? Can I get AR-500 armor for my GSD?[View]
49243893When the b**g happens and all the tactitards throw themselves a ZOG doing their quick reaction drill…[View]
49248216>I know let's drop bombs on Pierre that's gonna be so funny What is wrong with people i…[View]
49245370Why aren't PCCs more popular?: Particularly in more powerful calibers like 10mm, .357 sig and e…[View]
49237772Ammo prices just went UP: Bros... I don't feel so good. I thought things were getting better ht…[View]
49252749ATF busts guy for full auto: https://youtu.be/B5zboT75VGU Guy tells about getting busted by the ATF …[View]
49254142merkava mk4 loader here, AMA[View]
49253583what would you call this type of ammo?[View]
49251272Would you comply with a red flag order on you?[View]
49249256Basic bolt-action for deer: So for someone who has zero gun experience and wants to learn and buy a …[View]
49252065Canada General: stalker gf edition >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Prolly too late, but read…[View]
49250692Pocket jewelry/ cutlery/ knife general: Alright so I've been selling all of my pocket knives as…[View]
49251745I own and enjoy shooting my Hi Point C9. :D[View]
49242026Are Green Tip trash ammo?[View]
49253741>paint it in discrete colors >put a ATGM launcher on the crane >hide behind trees or buildi…[View]
49240907Tempest: Britain's New Tempest Stealth Fighter Has a Big Problem: Cost https://nationalinterest…[View]
49253696Whats a good .410 shotgun for hikeing qail gun[View]
49252777Recent gets: Just bagged a model 19-5. Very 'hype'. Anyone else have any recent wins. Brag here.…[View]
49250400What a pretty plane[View]
49251945FAB defense accessories: Why do europeans or russians like this shit so much, I mean you can talk sh…[View]
49223585/k/ loadout thread - globalist edition: post your GOD TIER loadouts[View]
49250526If you ever filled out any of the ATF forms for 'approval' you just jinxed yourself for the future o…[View]
49244773CMP out of Garands: CMP has officially sold out of service grade garands.[View]
49250547Anyone ever try a c-clamp to seat bullets?[View]
49229712So why isn't this chambered in 10mm Auto yet?[View]
49249089French armed forces: redpill me on french military a lot of their shit looks unique compared to othe…[View]
49248879What is ammo shortage?: Just treat yourself every now and then to a bit of ammo :)[View]
49249734Good Morning /K/: What are your weekend plans[View]
49230441The Ancient Greeks had a theory that if the men of a unit were to all regularly have sex with each o…[View]
49233052Are tactical pens worth it? If so does anyone have any suggestions?[View]
49252352MLRS thread: Steadying with the GOAT[View]
49252242This might be a question with an obvious answer, but I was curious. Does increased chamber pressure …[View]
49217266Stalker thread, Anyone had any strange experiences while out in the woods or exploring ruins?[View]
49219527So /k/, the Vietnamese just make this huge paronama mural to commemorate the Battle of Dien Bien Phu…[View]
49252392Anyone here have an NG? What's the story? Did you or anyone else get hurt? not me personally b…[View]
49251469Was his warning of the military-industrial complex right? Will unwarranted influence be our demise?…[View]
49246289/arg/ - AR General: AR Thread Bullyzone Cancer Containment Go Outside Edition Discord: meatspin.com …[View]
49250345327 magnum?: Bros i reaaaallly like what i am reading about the 327 mag, but have never fired one. I…[View]
49248566Fabarm SDASS Shotguns?: European here, whilst I want a mossberg 590 ideally they are pretty price in…[View]
49248656question about tax stamps to americans, why do you bother if you own your own land and such? or even…[View]
49242626I think its hilarious how zoomers are paying $900 for makarovs: It feels good to be a 30 year old bo…[View]
49247699I like the smell.[View]
49251987It's an .88 Magnum. It shoots through schools[View]
49251434Every war seems to make the US more competent at evading air defenses. How come the other side isn…[View]
49242224What kind of gun is this Chinese hunter using, /k/? How difficult is it to legally own firearms in t…[View]
49251957Why doesn't Iran do this?[View]
49245089>Best edged weapons ever made.[View]
49251446Gforce cit12 AR: Is it trash?[View]
49240143Body Armor/ Plate carrier tips: Looking to put together a body armor set up so I can operate operati…[View]
49248162What if I just made my own out of some black pipe /k/? > pic related.[View]
49247938Who would win in a Battle? The American 7th fleet or the British fleet that we saw with Jutland but …[View]
49246878Canada General: /cangen/ weapons edition >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://…[View]
49237165Why haven’t you purchased a Ghost Gunner yet? worried about your dogs or something?[View]
49244109/k/ Music Thread: What does /k/ listen to? >What ever even happened to /k/ Radio? https://www.you…[View]
49249393What roles do you think these things could possibly have in the military? Seems kind of useless outs…[View]
49250421Post dream guns that you'll never be able to own. >Mp7 >Factory M16a1 >M60 >Beretta…[View]
49248496Spiritus systems Microfight question.: Recently bought the Spiritus systems Microfight Mk4 with the …[View]
49236934Why are they so ridiculously expensive?[View]
49246365What's the hottest commercial load of birdshot? I'm trying to get something that will cycl…[View]
49230214Who's ready for more panic buying tomorrow when the ATF announces their plans to redefine what …[View]
49245755Is there any assault rifle that is as good/dependable as a kalesh but prettier and easier to use/mai…[View]
49246584The jew fears the 20mm home defender[View]
49247248Maybe this is just too cheap and simple for NATO procurement, but instead of a big and heavy underba…[View]
49250945Books and guns: Post Most recent book and EDC[View]
49244860How do you survive a redflag gun confiscation? How can you know a home invasion that you are cleared…[View]
49229907Beretta making and taking over GIGN revolvers! https://youtu.be/_3KmMUpJP9Q[View]
49249341are there any hunting tours/programs/centers for tourist in the usa? or shooting ranges for tourism …[View]
49248960Hey /k/, I know this sounds kinda retarded, but why didn´t the whermacht or any other world war powe…[View]
49243579Opinions on brass knuckles? I feel so safe whenever carry them with me.[View]
49250123F-15EX would ASSRAPE a typhoon any day. Any euroshit fighter is dog shit.[View]
49247552So how come not many militaries post WWII adopted similar aesthetics or color scheme as the Nazis fo…[View]
49242632Military chaplains: What are your experiences with military chaplains /k/? Are they based or cringe?…[View]
49246465Painted gun Thread: Painting my AR, need some good patterns[View]
49237368Why do 1911s have the best triggers?[View]
49233328Four die as Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan armies clash on disputed border: https://www.theguardian.com/w…[View]
49247799Single action army without 4473?: What's stopping me from buying one of pic related and then or…[View]
49247070how useful would a 'firebase on wheels' concept be to a modern armed forces? what would be the reali…[View]
49235612p365 safety delete: Just bought this thing at 2am the other night and didnt realize it has a safety.…[View]
49224243/ak/ Thread - Containment Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread >>49193114 Our job …[View]
49242674Why didn't somebody tell me?: There is 9mm and 9mm Luger.[View]
49230638>F16 blocked by britain >rafale blocked by britain >gripen blocked by britain >last ditc…[View]
49232487> ITT: Girls smiling after their first shot(s)[View]
49248662Do the Japanese really pay like 5 bucks for a single shotgun shell?[View]
49244282/NFA/: Post footage of your two-stamp guns and/or registered machine guns and DIAS’.[View]
49244245Drugs and Criminals in the Navy SEALS 'We need help': America wages war for profit and now they…[View]
49211550ITT: guns you will never to get own, regardless of legality or price[View]
49245053You don't have to keep your tax stamp on you when using a suppresor, sbr, sbs right? And I…[View]
49234993Bad Gunbroker Stories: Well, fugg. I gotta file BPP with Gunbroker. >find $349 PX4 in this market…[View]
49248586Pic unrelated Guys how TF do i get started in precision rifle shooting? Im talking more or less abou…[View]
49248273A part I don't recognize fell out while stripping sks I just bought: I was stripping a russain …[View]
49231431Braced handguns: Talk me out or in of buying a one for my Glock 20, has anyone here ever bought or s…[View]
49247157Does anyone know where I can find an ares scr with, here's the catch, a pistol grip and adjusta…[View]
49237629Is the Mini-14 a good rifle? Got a surprise stimmy check and I want to pick one up. I like the model…[View]
49243645Gentlemen, what material could I use to build a flintlock from scratch? I'm only working with h…[View]
49248004why does lieutenant general come after major general when a major outranks a lieutenant?[View]
49244477>10/22? >No, I'm more a model 60 fan myself.…[View]
49247528Ambis are not worth the memes: My PSA lower is just as good and as smooth as say some 3rd rate alumi…[View]
49245150What's a good learnin' gun, /k/? My wife wants to get into firearms, but I can tell she…[View]
49244298I took my imouto out to the range today. It was her first time at the range and she enjoyed it Overa…[View]
49247261I've really fallen in love with S&W products over the years. >Revolvers Hands down, IM…[View]
49245928This may be a stupid question so I apologize in advance, but why do Beretta pistol barrels stick out…[View]
49247626/k/ lit: What's /k/'s recommended reading for books on guerrilla warfare and insurgent tac…[View]
49238801nu-sig haters:: If you found a 226 or 229 at a pawn shop for an unbelievable price but it was made i…[View]
49247468RULE: BRITANNIA[View]
49244021>ATF REDEFINES FRAME AND RECEIVER DEFINITIONS https://www.atf.gov/rules-and-regulations/definitio…[View]
49247398Thoughts on the incoming new FB Radom Pistol?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4Y9Ye855wY https://w…[View]
49242303/akg/ AK general: AK general /akg/ SBR edition >thread #1343 old thread here: >>49234531…[View]
49246481Steiner MX8i BTFO: Imagine spending $3k+ for such a shitty LVPO. Spendfags on suicide watch. https:…[View]
49244270I’m putting together a team.[View]
49247232Anyone remember that story about an anti-gun activist from Seattle getting shot and killed in his ho…[View]
49246433Why do glocks explode while Walthers dont? The PDP is a beautiful gun that has improved on the PPQ[View]
49246444ITT: car holsters does anyone live in an area/have an occupation to where these have come in handy f…[View]
49244311Using a flash can to make a form 1 suppressor: I'm look to make the dirtest cheapest most pover…[View]
49237995taurus tx22 competition: Is this the best bang for your buck in .22lr pistols?[View]
49245060I have a couple guns, I don't want to spend $300 on a safe plus I don't want a safe that r…[View]
49246822>only 3 kills recorded >all of them are from civilian aircraft…[View]
49246845Breaktop thread: revolvers of a bygone era: Schofields to Ranger II's, what's your poison …[View]
49246839For high power shooting, is there a difference between service rifle and match grade? Like are they …[View]
49246561Air rifle for survival: Would an air rifle be good in a survival situation for both hunting and defe…[View]
49231959Big Green: BIG GREEN IS BACK![View]
49229294ITT: soulless ARs[View]
49232028PSA Daggers shipping out now: Finally[View]
49245882new round: hey anons i made a new round today[View]
49242460Percussion caps: Where can I find percussion caps for black powder revolvers?[View]
49242975canada general: /cangen/ cool looking uniforms edition >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read …[View]
49244413What would you tell your younger self before enlisting in the military: ITT we discuss what we could…[View]
49245510>200lb trigger dream[View]
49245556LWRC: Opinions on LWRC, their DI line, retailing at 1799 USD, 1300-1500 on Gunbroker (before the COO…[View]
49242961do you need to be shape to fight ?[View]
49244522with the completion of this build, I am finally become hasguns[View]
49245222Don't mind me, just the best woodland camo pattern ever made coming through[View]
49245695Military cringe thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n7_MQww0fU&t=419s this has got to be th…[View]
49239063Super Soilders: What country has the most advanced program?[View]
49241128CIWS performance: Has a gun - based CIWS ever successfully shot down a missile?[View]
49233819Is it worth joining the UK army reserves for SHTF skills?[View]
49242731>'Zwei Weltkriege, Mein Sohn'[View]
49243524I love the simplicity of friction folders, Post some.[View]
49245574GEW88: just picked up a Gew 88/05 barreled reciever and like 90% of the misc parts that go with it, …[View]
49239251/arg/ AR General - Bullyzone - Tripfag DEVGRU: New Trip Edition. Post AR Discuss AR Previous: >…[View]
49240674Best method of conceal carry in formal attire?: With a 2/3 piece suit, what's the best way to c…[View]
49245025How much armed security is on the average live audience show set?[View]
49241988what if we just upgrade m16/m4 uppers for 6.8?[View]
49240351Is the shortage coming to an end?: Even here in one of the top 5 most heavily armed and reddest stat…[View]
49187733/bst/ - Buy Sell Trade: RULE # 1: DON'T BE A FUCKING JEW!!! RULE # 2: IF BUYER/SELLER GHOSTS AN…[View]
49243838Let's say that /k/ had been in charge of Armenia's armed forces during last year's di…[View]
49243217Yo chat whatcha think 'bout this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAvqDF3Wujc https://www.yout…[View]
49240944why are new guns so ugly?: >pic related, the same gun, separated by 100 years of '''product impro…[View]
49235087NWU Type III Phoneposter here, what do you Anons think of NWU Type III, since there is no /Camo/ gen…[View]
49240792any advice for making guns at home?: anything helps but preferably quietly[View]
49243616the final solution to the NWU problems[View]
49233848Say something nice about him[View]
49215334/icg/ Intermediate Caliber General #16 escape the bully edition: Welcome to /icg/, come in take a se…[View]
49243150Retrofuturistic Aesthetics: the best kind[View]
49223351/meg/ - Military enlistment general: Budget edition Previous thread:>>49193196 Lying about cri…[View]
49220208Handgun General /hg/ #571: Handgun General /hg/ #571 Vive La France Edition. Previous: >>49200…[View]
49239211Thoughts about the Kord?[View]
49243946Can anyone help translate?: This is written on my katana. I am really wanting to know what it says.…[View]
49240549Why did militaries only want massive calibers for their rifles back in the day? No one had any form …[View]
49163877Lever Guns, post em.: Hey guys, just got this lovely .357 yesterday. She's wonderful so far. Ha…[View]
49240791dremiling the mag follower: I just got these smg 33rd glock mags and the hold open is a bit taller t…[View]
49237846Magazines and OCD: So I have OCD/OCPD which means a lot of attention to detail and perfectionism. I…[View]
49233953How relevant is the m1 helmet in a modern situation? Not saying i would but considering if you just …[View]
49194343What are some /k/ approved video games?[View]
49242883how can the US under performance in the Vietnam air war best be explained? Political management? Re…[View]
49241990Air rifle for hunting coyotes: I've been getting into air rifles, and have a Diana EMS 22. Was …[View]
49236932>fades into obscurity and vanishes from shelves forever merely weeks after introduction: I'v…[View]
49224237Patch Thread - Covid Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. Previous Thread: >>49…[View]
49206235What the fuck is with the military recruitment ads lately? https://youtu.be/bCjEV75F2tM[View]
49240419Armed Anarchist Militia Robbery: https://twitter.com/canadarcho/status/1390398793913290752 Apparentl…[View]
49241741larger calibers: Given the reality of ammo shortages going forward, is there any reason to continue …[View]
49234653Alternatives for BCM ?[View]
49238962Gents, may I have your attention. The bong carrier strike group has left port and in a month or so …[View]
49241712Oiling ammunition: I bought a SVT40 and it sometimes will fail to extract, not to often, the officia…[View]
49242572CQB Sight-in distance: Hey what's the optimal CQB sight-in distance for hybrid sights?[View]
49242659EOD: Anyone know about Navy EOD? I'm taking the PST next week. SO only has 2 fuckin contracts, …[View]
49233239whats chance of me fooling myself into liking it?: realistically, I'd be using my upcoming AR b…[View]
49240238Alright guys: So let’s say hypothetically Biden officially bans both the AR and AK platform. I know …[View]
49236303Hey /k/, I'm looking for anyone who has experience hunting or shooting with Airguns here. I hav…[View]
49242315T H I C C[View]
49237374canada general: /cangen/ stalking season edition >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: …[View]
49242467WTF happened to 'zero launch'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnstAkV63Dk [Embed] Seems like better…[View]
49234655should Germany have even bothered with BBs in WWII?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP-0d7Ypko4…[View]
49194031QTDDTOT: Previous thread: https://boards.4channel.org/k/thread/49149384/ Are there any muzzle device…[View]
49239264Argentinian Bolt gun: >designed in 1942 >performed well enough that Germany stole it and imple…[View]
49235151What's the best revolver for home defense?: I've decided to buy a revolver for home defens…[View]
49241077how is air superiority established in the modern era? what factors tend to decide aerial combat?[View]
49240625.22. Three rounds to fire, unlined paper, no guides. 7 yards to the target. The binder has to close …[View]
49234531/akg/ AK general: AK general /akg/ Yugo bolt hold open edition >thread #1342 old thread here: …[View]
49237728Laser weapons will never be fielded because they can be easily defeated with corner reflectors. The …[View]
49241237I ordered some 5.56 the other month and the UPS driver just left it on my doorstep, now I order some…[View]
49235944I shot 150 rounds of 185 grain ammo through my mosin, My shoulder is so sore, I'm just laying i…[View]
49239436Let's talk NFA wait times.: Okay, all I fucking see when I search up why it takes so fucking lo…[View]
49239795What’s the easiest way to clean threads inside a silencer? Mine has carbon on it and it’s incredibly…[View]
49237156Is it any good?: I have heard mixed opinions on the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 as it already is, mainly becaus…[View]
49240123/arg/ ar general: Old: >>49234563[View]
49224061What will you be carrying with the passage of constitutional carry in the last few minutes texfags?[View]
49240884Rate the Hound Wolf Squad[View]
49239109I will now buy your gun[View]
49235861Left handed bolty: >be left handed >looking to buy bolty >see several decent ones for $500 …[View]
49237877What's the point if I can't pick my boot size? What the fuck?[View]
49231344China to build massive airbase in the Pacific: >8,000ft runway >former US military base >Ha…[View]
49229580CCW options for women?: To put it simply, I’m only 4’11 and came to the realization if somebody want…[View]
49227961So how much of /k/ actually owns NOD's?: https://www.strawpoll.me/45234865 Let's find out …[View]
49240997is it possible that no one develops cool shit anymore and hasn't since the 50s because the US g…[View]
49237338American hypersonic weapon: >A booster flight test of ARRW took place in April 2021 at Point Mugu…[View]
49232111how do I protect myself from a capercaillie attack?[View]
49240558Other than Banning the Draft & using citizenship as a the carrot for forigners to join the US ar…[View]
49239886Anybody got know where I can find me some sexy shorts for roundhouse kickin' commies?[View]
49238060is there any footage or example of modern combat between similar opponents? i mean real high level s…[View]
49211648What's your edc knife today? Carrying my CRKT m16-01s.[View]
49234765the way of the future: what is going to be the next great advancement in conventional firearms, /k/?…[View]
49217450I KNOW WHAT I HAVE![View]
49233880targets: Post em Google image search has turned into useless trash. Need some stuff to print out.…[View]
49235702Anyone else ever wonders if the guy at their gun store browses /k/? for me, he doesn't really s…[View]
49230470/gq/-gear queer: Previous thread >>49218337 Fuck the guide and fuck discord[View]
49239642What happened to just putting armor and a gun turret onto a car and calling it a day?[View]
49236144Prove me wrong: A .22lr / 20GA over under is the best survival gun >Protip You can't…[View]

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