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50902163Hungarian Firearms: To celebrate the Hungarian National Kill-a-Commie Day, post Hungarian guns. It c…[View]
50896958What is /k/'s IDEAL concealed carry gun?: What would be your ideal year-round concealed carry g…[View]
50894528* click * * click * * click* > * click *[View]
50892075Recommendations for shooting sticks? Would prefer not to go too cheap because 30-06 full house loads…[View]
50901237Anons who ccw with 30+ rounds of ammo, what kind of confrontation are you expecting to get into?[View]
50896240/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Closeup Edition >Thread #1559 Old thread here: >>5088595…[View]
50901282Canada General: New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https:/…[View]
50845276QTDDTOT - so made it anyways: This intrigued me and i wanted to do a real build not an ikea build so…[View]
50882603What the hell was Lee thinking?[View]
50900137Am I going to jail?: So I'm 19, I live in OH and I bought a lower. I set the billing informatio…[View]
50893661Is the IVAS really the future?[View]
50898971Canada general /cangen/: KINOsuba edition New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://past…[View]
50879535Night Vision Thread: Stargazing edition. Have you frightened any hikers recently, anon? I have.…[View]
50899894Creating a uncensored combat footage site, need historical content: As the title states, I plan on m…[View]
50899053Gonna make an upside-down cake.[View]
50900712Will any mauser upper handguard fit a turkish mauser: bought this mauser that had the top handguard …[View]
50903075China Russia Fleet encircling Japan: This is how it should be: Chad nations stick together https://…[View]
50897417HOMEMADE FIREARMS GENERAL THREAD: the AK was essentially invented in a fucking garage whats the best…[View]
50889968Excess steel plates: I ended up aquiring these and have no use for them. What can i do with them bes…[View]
50899966Georgia /k/ommandos: Anyone coming to Clybel tomorrow? Am currently blasting rope into the brownies.…[View]
50886185Do I send it?[View]
50891324Ive spent over 2k on guns and ammo in the past month. Why am I such a compulsive person. This is sch…[View]
50897835Railgun hybrid: Would it make more sense for a portable handheld railgun to have both conventual gun…[View]
50899036Inherently Accurate Cartridges: .204 Ruger makes you feel like you are cheating. What are some cartr…[View]
50894993Ruger MPR or PSA build: New ar15 fag here, trying to decide on what to get for my first ar. Don…[View]
50899676Can I get some /k/ certified noob tips on range etiquette: Just what the title says. My bro just got…[View]
508980222lbs 1.9oz: Yep. Totally worth the weight.[View]
50899147What Does /K/ Think of my Pistols?: -Springfield 1911 -Chiappa Rhino 60DS .357 -HK P2000 .40 (EDC) -…[View]
50899330Smoke Grenades: What are some of the best smoke grenades available to civilians in the US? Can we ev…[View]
50900802>muh gunz >allows every right they have to be eroded Why are there so few counties where gun…[View]
50896850Was there a reason why smaller planes in the Pacific Theatre usually had flat open noses while the E…[View]
50897359EDC THREAD: post loadouts flex on anons am officially hazguns as of a few days ago - picked up beaut…[View]
50894145>A Chinese Air Force fighter jet returning from prowling over Taiwan's air space ran out of …[View]
50899510She's too sexy[View]
50891792Post shitty AR builds: I'll start with two I've seen on here in the last 24 hours[View]
50894465Thoughts on Ebay ballistic fabrics?: Do you think these could be used to make a suit capable of stop…[View]
50897255PSA: PSA: you can buy Austrian m65 field jackets from Walmart with free shipping. It's sold by …[View]
50897737Can anyone help me identify this gun, please?[View]
50894788HOW THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN? /k/ doesnt have guns with live rounds in them lying around, do they? …[View]
50895882Assault rifle general /arg/: Manlets rise up edition Old>>50891007[View]
50896440The Laser Technical: Hello /k/ I am inexperienced in the modern techniques of war. Has anyone here d…[View]
50892058How do you win a war against your government without guns in pubg: I get that you shouldn’t throw aw…[View]
50896173Canada General: New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https:/…[View]
50897650Okay, hear me out...: > 5.56x45mm. > 55gr solid copper bullet. > Loaded to M855A1 pressures…[View]
50877628'The Missile will Always Get Through': In the context of nuclear attack capabilities exceeding nucle…[View]
50883348What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on a firearm? Paid $2k for this shotgun a few months back.[View]
50897959What are the best sources to find replicas of guns from counterstrike im looking for the scar 20 (FN…[View]
50892683Combat of the elemental kind: How do you protect yourself from the rare and deadly weather phenomeno…[View]
50898673Master Archive: Im trying to research as many guns as possible and the minute differences between th…[View]
50895965Would this type of cage armor work?[View]
50898539My review of the canik sub compact: It's fat. But I like using it. it's cheap and reliable…[View]
50880016The m16 and its varients have been owned by civilians since the 1960s. Why are there so many mass sh…[View]
50894787>run soaked patch through bore >scrub scrub scrub scrub >another wet patch >still dirty …[View]
50893669What shotgun should I get as a Vietnam-era LARPer?[View]
50898341>passed my chl background check >application status: print pending…[View]
50897844My goal: Understand wars and battles. The strategies, logistics, opponents, technology involved, inn…[View]
50896547Approach March: Why is the approach march and small unit MTC not emphasized or trained at all? Espec…[View]
50894006Who had the better guns? >Harris: 10 shot 9mm Hi-Point 995 Carbine Savage Springfield 67H 12 gaug…[View]
50892498How fucked was poison gas during WW1? Was it the worst weapon to die by?[View]
50886948/gq/ - gear queer: Thread #1053 Mutt helmet edition Previous: >>50871613[View]
50895793How good is the Challenger 3?[View]
50867472SHTF thread What's a good solar power generator for when shit hits the fan? my dad had his eye …[View]
50892898Will attack helicopters be viable in the near-future or will they be rendered obsolete by drones or …[View]
50892300>do some room clearing with my shotgun >click tailcap on my chink LED flashlight >my eyes w…[View]
50896681Night Vision: so I got to play around with some gen 3 night vision but I am too poor to buy it right…[View]
50893918Let's be honest here. If the military were to go door to door they wouldn't use safe crack…[View]
50891086Buddy of mine wants to make a 17L but he's nogunz and I don't have a Glock so I'm not…[View]
50897175Do any private military companies have a navy or an air force?[View]
50880768Would there ever be an irl situation where you’d take a 9mm pcc/sbr/smg over an intermediate caliber…[View]
50866603Collection thread[View]
50893311Pros and cons of Mexican Carry?[View]
50891490Rate my pointy stick[View]
50896858How I buy a mondragon rifle.[View]
50845966/msg/ - Military Surplus General (Firearms): Glorious Nippon Steel Edition Recently came across a Ty…[View]
50890716Help me decide /k/. I want a semi-automatic rifle but I can't decide. My basic requirements ar…[View]
50891495I went overboard and bought too many AR’s because I panicked about gun control. I bought 2 BCM’s, 2 …[View]
50890684Budget PCC's: I plan on getting a budget PCC for home defense, most likely in 9mm. I've be…[View]
50895445Washing gun parts: Is washing gun parts with soap and water okay? Do you do this?[View]
50890097Are they as good as I hear? Thinking about picking up a DD AR15 this weekend.[View]
50895417Robot dog with gun?: What is the best caliber gor taking out picrel with a range of 300 yards or hig…[View]
50890481Fellas, I got drunk and bought a demilled Vz61 scorpion parks kit from fuddbroker and now I’m wonder…[View]
50885957/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Lovely Optic Edition >Thread #1558 Old thread here: >>50…[View]
50891905Canada General: New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https:/…[View]
50894091So. If airburst rounds are expected for the AK. What about the STG?[View]
50872356Handgun General - /hg/ - #630: The PSD should never have had a rail edition. Git Gud Guide: https://…[View]
50892977Armored cars: How good will they be when SHTF?[View]
50891007/arg/ assault rifle-15 thread: post builds and be nice to each other edition >>50886646[View]
50895328Thoughts on converting Tank hulls into Heavy APCs?[View]
50891735How the hell...: ...do you kill 2 people with a prop gun? Scenario 1: 1 shot fired, magically hits 2…[View]
50892651Fellow poorfags/semi poorfags what's your most treasured gun you own. For me it's a toss u…[View]
50894596I have a brand new rifle with American walnut stock. What is the best polish?[View]
50835046buy sell trade: Checked the catalog, didn't see one. BST thread![View]
50895121Give me the quick rundown on prop guns.[View]
50864164LGS Stories: Anyone had any weird/good/bad experiences at their LGS that they want to share? >be …[View]
50895073303 ammo: I have 10 boxes of pic rel I bought for $18/box. Now it costs like $50/box. Should I hold …[View]
50894140Thinking about picking one of these up. Gen2 pistol in .45 What’s the general opinion on these? Are …[View]
50893728In forgotten weapons he'll often mention *tooling* I don't really know much about guns bey…[View]
50888273Aircraft in unlikely air forces: ITT aircraft models in air forces you wouldn't expect them to …[View]
50894697India shocks China with video footage of aggressive training, vigorous exercise, and meditation by I…[View]
50894645Left or right?[View]
50892883What went wrong?[View]
50885869What’s so bad about it apart from price?[View]
50894609Wood Grip: I got picrel, and I'm trying to clean it up and I'd like to give it some wood g…[View]
50891491Zombie knives: What did the U.K. banning zombie knives actually achieve other than getting rid of ch…[View]
50889229Do you think massed archers would fare well on the modern battlefield?[View]
50885657Hypersonic Missiles: Why is no one talking about this? It seems really important. Do these make airc…[View]
50892101Am I a slavaboo for thinking Ratnik kit looks pretty aesthetic and comfy?[View]
50873519>average hands-me >hear about the infamous hard-to-reach M92 release >think to myself 'Nah,…[View]
50862676Alright guys, loadout time: No Template Edition 2.0 Only things you own.[View]
50894084will we ever get full autos back ? from the 1986 ban: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTi_KvzNEPs…[View]
50890471Can anyone detail me the model development timeline of the CZ pistols? With the new CZ-USA bullshit …[View]
50889226The top strap of my revolver has some kind of scratch marks on it. 29-5 Is this normal? Any other re…[View]
50893982The SCH.: Seriously, whatever happened to this thing? Does anyone remember?[View]
50890613Scratches Blemishes and Impurities: Do imperfections on your firearms bother you? Do you tolerate th…[View]
50872766/ak/ Thread - France Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>50855928 >Please rep…[View]
50874136bass pro: whats the /k/onsensus? based or cringe[View]
50818975/k/ommando sightings: Was at work one day and saw some skinny lookin hwyiteboi in thick rim glasses …[View]
50893452I kind of have a hankering for a .223 bolt action that looks like the one from Resident Evil 4. The …[View]
50891591Defence of Taiwan.: What are some weapons and equipment that could be bought to help increase Taiwan…[View]
5089309210/22 upgrade: Mostly shoot intermediate calibers but got a sweet deal on a used Ruger 10/22. Planni…[View]
50892783What should I get?: I'm a new gun owner. I'm thinking I should get something that eats 5.5…[View]
50883503What would you guys think about setting up a fund for newfags or poorfags to arm themselves? I wante…[View]
50892528Is this the coolest 22lr rifle money can buy right now?[View]
50878596thoughts on shotsell in handguns?[View]
50892636Red Dot+Magnifier/Optics Thread: I'm looking to buy a G43 for my EOTech but there are very few …[View]
50886293Cheap reloading: I've been considering getting into reloading lately because I don't like …[View]
50871688/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Naval Aviator edition Previous >>50847247 Lying about cri…[View]
50860056Your reminder that unless you can point to a documented home defense or concealed carry shooting tha…[View]
50888719Arg general: If i don't make the new thread, that other guy will. Geraldine? Who knows[View]
50888347>ywn be a Widerstandsnest MG42 gunner on D-Day firing tens of thousands of rounds in a last ditch…[View]
50880021Why retire the b1b but not the b52? They are only going to drop a few ordnance and cruise missiles s…[View]
50885110Morning, fellas. How is everyone today?[View]
50885876You do some form of martial arts right?: You're not totally dependent on high technology to pro…[View]
50891311Does anyone have any pictures or maybe links to videos that might show what a Russian Designated Mar…[View]
50891482>this whole fucking thread: https://old.sage.moe/k/thread/2370957/#q2370957[View]
50890272Any reputable Mossberg dealers online with good deals and shipping? My FFA charges only $15. >Tri…[View]
50890819What make and models of firearms can endure extreme abuse and stand the test of time?[View]
50887795I love it when bathroom stalls have a dedicated gun holder[View]
50869188What else do I need?[View]
50872385Why exactly does high end 'tactical precision' bolt action rifles cost so much? I mean theyre manual…[View]
50883559>'Hey Anon, can I crash here?' :3[View]
50889586Knife with chloroform: What would happen if you get stabbed with a knife that's fully drenched …[View]
50889621Canada General: New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https:/…[View]
50890907Bespoke BDUs: Has anyone here thought about getting custom ordered BDU's? I have a reasonable a…[View]
50891457Poorfag General: Post charts, we need an update no bullshit guide, somebody make one, we cant keep u…[View]
50887281Why don't more guns use an internal hammer similar to the ruger security 9? You rack the slide,…[View]
50885776/OIL/ Gun oil General: Solvents welcome, whaddaya usin? whadayya thinkin of tryin?[View]
50890889Recently found a springfield m1 garand I'm interested in. Its serial number was something like …[View]
50884887Any reason not to get one?[View]
50890085I want a Savage Axis in 5.45 and 5.8 Chink just to say I have them.[View]
50887882Roast my plate carrier setup: Hey guys, what do you think of my new setup, I just got it from evike.…[View]
50888775Am I allowed to buy a gun? When I was 16, my parents sent me to a mental institution for several wee…[View]
50879310https://yewtu.be/watch?v=qqG3qfKPnKU Teach me about riot and crowd control, anons. This vid left me …[View]
50879561why are they like this[View]
50888374What do you guys use to hunt piggers? My Maverick 88 has eliminated several sounders over the years …[View]
50889523Hi /k/, what type of gun is this? https://youtu.be/Qv2qw3n_INo[View]
50890962Stop right there. Where did you anons get all of these tactical firearms with high capacity bullet c…[View]
50884845what would /k/ do ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SMlcQPrpMI[View]
50889557Are ACOGs still worth the price in current year?[View]
50885224Best value striker 9?: Between the cz p10, APX and the Steyr M series? Aftermarket is not a big conc…[View]
50890502Would dumping a 20 round clip from an m16 to a pissed off grizzly bears face kill it instantly? I ai…[View]
50890257Meanwhile, on 1921 /k/...: Headin' out to Bannerman's for some of that sweet, sweet cheap …[View]
50889463Is this ideal for walking through black neighborhoods?: My neighborhood has recently turned into a s…[View]
50890062>he didn't saw off his red ryder[View]
50889814There any good book’s on improvised explosives in minecraft?: Not planning anything dumb just intere…[View]
50890526Conversion to Heavy APC: What's /k/s take on converting older tank hulls into heavy armored per…[View]
50865126PSACHADS win again: cheap US made steel case ammo coming in 3.2.1. PSA world domination incoming, G…[View]
50884621I’ve been gone 5 years. What did I miss? Pic related squishy squishy was when I left.[View]
50887572What would a modern version of the WW2/Korea/Vietnam OD Green uniforms look like? We've seen re…[View]
50887957Saab Gripen: Why are Swedecucks so desperate to get other countries to buy this piece of shit?…[View]
50884571What bizarre traditions does your army have? >During the Battle of Vitoria in June 1813, the 14th…[View]
50884684SHTF thread: >a thread to discuss and LARP about what SHTF scenario will happen, and how well sur…[View]
50889911Baby’s first paint job: I’ve never used spray paint for anything and I don’t want to send my guns ou…[View]
50885977Best combat knife: What is in, your opinion, the best combat knife ever made? Preferably something t…[View]
50884423do you own any heirloom guns, /k/? i do, picrel.[View]
50884510Super Hornets: I see these niggas everyday, this one was quite close. I’m sure y’all will have some …[View]
50880857Police Loadouts: You are in total control of a city of your choice of size, you have an unlimited bu…[View]
50879919It was a a pretty big scam[View]
50887307Canada General: New here? Want a firearms license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https:/…[View]
50885550Recent Accusations Thread: Show me what you've got[View]
50881476Guns you want but you will never have a chance to own. >VHS K2 >MP443 Grach >Bizon >cur…[View]
50867230Chinese, Russian navies jointly traverse Japan strait: China and Russia traversing the Tsuruga Strai…[View]
50888028Is the AR15 similar to the STG44 or am I tripping?: Both have buffer springs Both disassemble with p…[View]
50883620California thread:: Name the best hand guns you can get in CA. Go![View]
50887805I’ve an autistic obsession for DoD PowerPoint slides like this. Why are they so chaotic and infodens…[View]
50879886I've always fantasized about having a Nagant, but are they even worth it? Is there a better WW2…[View]
50881675Why are SxS shotguns so uncommon in gun shops these days? All I see is generic soulless over under s…[View]
50885480You do know his explosion videos are fake... right /k/?[View]
50887377I'm in the market for a dagger: Sup /k/, Got any recommendations for a twin edged 'dagger…[View]
50887687Small and tiny militaries: Post and talk about militaries you rarely see posted, starting with some …[View]
50883235How do we weaponize Jack O' Lanterns?[View]
50886804Please help bros: Ever since i sold my p3at Ive missed it. Id like to replace it with either a p32 o…[View]
50825208bullpup thread: Im bored of AR 15s. Im thinking about picking up an RBD, they were around 1k before …[View]
50884456Trafalgar Day: Happy Trafalgar day, post age of sail stuff. >Firstly you must always implicitly …[View]
50859151Funny military stories: Milfags, tell the funniest stories from your time in.[View]
50887725are homemade firearms legal in the us? specifically NY?[View]
50881782Oldest weapon: The human body is the oldest weapon In existence. Not Mastering your body should be a…[View]
50888629I bought this enfield rifle but I've never seen this kind before. It's a carbine but looks…[View]
50886646/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: kenosha kid edition old: …[View]
50884387OC cruiser: Sup, /k/ my internet was down for 2 days, I was bored so I made up a design for an inter…[View]
50875259Rate his stance.[View]
50885662Typhoon vs Rafale: Which one is better and why?[View]
50885712is the mind the most powerful weapon?[View]
50887009FMJ for hunting: Going on a hunting trip but my usual rifle isn't read just yet. I decided to t…[View]
50883390How’s the Ruger Wrangler .22?: Q boomer operated LGS advertised a couple of Ruger Wranglers and I re…[View]
50880646Am I gonna regret buying 750 rounds of this?[View]
50852125fudd lore: post your deepest and darkest fudd secrets >just the sound of a 12 gauge being pumped …[View]
50883110/triggered general/: What is a good duty trigger for an AR? I have what I assume is a standard mills…[View]
50887786>If the chinks will just use tripl-[View]
50882721/k/'s thoughts on the Norwegian military?[View]
50887028Alright, I feel like I'm gonna get roasted for this idea but want to get other peoples thoughts…[View]
50887260What went right?[View]
50884220Ruger EC9s Semi-Auto Pistol - 9mm: Hey guys, Don't come to this board often but it's where…[View]
50882262What is the kicking equivalent to brass knuckles: >be me, a muy tia practitioner and a martial ar…[View]
50887398why the fuck wont someone recreate the heat shield/stock/ foregrip for this gun? Nobody would sue th…[View]
50881102Always remember: the Lee was invented in America because Bongland cannot into small-arms development…[View]
50882879Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://…[View]
508493443D Printing General: Talk about 3D printed and DIY guns previous >>50800322[View]
50887078Help, what is the mod called for ar15 platform: I've seen them posted here tons of times and dr…[View]
50884073Make yourselves useful, autists. Rogue Kiwi Law Enforcement here. The media wing decided to take the…[View]
50881717I'm putting together a team.: A team of 100,000. You look to be a perfect fit for my group of m…[View]
50883265Ultimate /k/ringe: Worst object capable of pushing other objects at a high velocity, that youve ever…[View]
50879937vz thread: post vz's and rate pic is my century vz2008[View]
50884254welcome to fudd's gun shop, what can i get ya sonny?[View]
50884357The telescopic baton user fears the rebar with rubber bands and tape.[View]
50885036/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: Fuck chest rigs and GayQB…[View]
50884203Redpill me on 10mm: I am currently a 40SW enjoyer Why should I use a 10mm over a 40SW? Why is it cal…[View]
50877025What caliber of regular ammo would a hawken rifle be close too? 9mm, .45 acp, 5.56?[View]
50862109how old were you when of losing innocence about combat?[View]
50867939The German Navy is getting four of those big bois.[View]
50882321What do y'all think of .45 Super only getting 7.5' to 9.5' of penetration? So much for competin…[View]
50871613/gq/ - gear queer: Thread #1052 Basedtacs edition Previous: >>50860941[View]
50878991/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Combat Female Edition >Thread #1557 Old thread here: >>5…[View]
50885704will hoppes universal solvent attract critters when you have to clean in the field?[View]
50883364/k/ knives: Hello awesome anons of /k/ I am looking to get into knife collecting, where should I buy…[View]
50863794What are your thoughts on non lethal home defense options?[View]
50884115Mirage 2000 fighter crash: Well would you look at that! Its Thursday again. Time for another IAF air…[View]
50863445Is this the most realistic spear fight? https://youtu.be/tCoAdQAfKJk[View]
50882149Any common misconceptions about guns that get on your nerves? For example, most people think AR-15 i…[View]
50862648Whose side will you be on in an hypothetical insurrection in America and how would it play out? What…[View]
50883436I have a crazy idea: I mean this is retarded. This is really really dumb. Let's say hypothetica…[View]
50878363What was this thing?: This was Russian footage from the early 90s or late 80s. What did they mean by…[View]
50873761Why the fuck is it so hard for slavs and the likes to make a proper rifle?[View]
50885547Would it be a bad thing if a super power had the ability to shoot down ICBM warheads when others don…[View]
50880186Will this ruin my gun? Will the casings get stuck in the barrel? I want to shoot and not spend $25 f…[View]
50875612Anyone remember the weeaboo maid-costume girl that used to do shooting reviews on youtube?[View]
50883730Russia’s Interior Ministry has accepted the latest 9mm Lebedev compact pistol developed by the Kalas…[View]
50880493'Booped on the snoot with 8 pellets of flight control buckshot': Why do gun-related channels not run…[View]
50880478What are the Toyota Camrys (decent, durable, affordable, but a turn-off since anyone can own them) o…[View]
50884439How the FUCK do I find a SIG MKMO rifle? I am willing to spend 10,000 usd for it.[View]
50884979Let's play a game: So /k/ you have to participate in duel. The duel is including guns and take …[View]
50878695Getting into longer ranges: There is a new range opening close to me with up to 1800m range. The fur…[View]
50883994I am satisfied with my MultiCam product.[View]
50883498First Aid: What's a good first aid kit to keep with your gear? What's a must and what…[View]
50879558Reloading trouble: Been realizing 9mm and used a crimping dye. Don't know if this is safe or if…[View]
50879799I hate foreigners, whats the best gun for me?[View]
50882810K31: How do I shoot pic related without having to sell one of my organs off? I'm buying a K31 h…[View]
50884949Stop right there. Where did you anons get all of these tactical firearms with high capacity bullet c…[View]
50881788Have ATF agents ever shot a persons dog that wasnt attacking them?: I just saw the movie john wick a…[View]
50879068/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general: Idk anything about aliens…[View]
50879722There's 'idiot-proof' and then there's 'soldier-proof.'[View]
50881354What's a fun gun I can get for under $400 US? Doesn't matter if it's a shotgun, rifle…[View]
50884335Can any of you /mil/itary fags identify what rank this Navy guy is supposed to be?[View]
50876817Morale Check: >favorite gun >tell me what troubles you anon…[View]
50879398Will there ever be another firearms innovation on the level of strikers again?[View]
50874932Old guns thread: Let's see all those rare/old guns. I'll start with my Schwartzlose[View]
50882368Jason Bourne is pretty based right?[View]
50879053How do we call this grip ?[View]
50882681Hello what is the Illinois discord? Sorry for asking this if against the rules be light on ban pls.[View]
50873366I'm thinking of buying a Glock 19. I own other handguns just never a Glock. And only one strike…[View]
50879611erryday carry: everyday carry thread empty those pockets anon >buy gf purple pepper spray, saber …[View]
50866429What are your top 3 'holy grail' weapons? Something you really want, but will most likely never obta…[View]
50882175Is 8 mile realistic? Do revolvers really cause you to shoot your own leg? Would he have been better …[View]
50872178.44 magnum - 6 inch or 4 inch barrel?[View]
50866449looking for a decent fixed blade knife since getting robbed at my shitty job, i wouldn't defend…[View]
50877531https://twitter.com/Springfield_Inc/status/1450839237922799623 Predictions?[View]
50876698Is it as good as the legends claim?: Some say it might be the best sight ever made. How true is it?…[View]
50873709Citizen's Arrest: Have you ever detained someone while waiting for the cops?[View]
50882001Post some video game guns that are actually respectable and accurate[View]
50873765Why in the absolute fuck does a pedersoli Brown Bess cost 1000+ dollars? I understand that it’s “cr…[View]
50869335What's preventing you from flying to Africa or the Middle East and doing some private security …[View]
50879145are Smith and Wesson knives any good? I know S&W doesn't actually make any of them but I ju…[View]
50874436*best weapon of all time in you're path*[View]
50875116So. I was reading a thread elsewhere on the subject of high-yield nukes and things to do with them, …[View]
50882556>Can't find a handgun anywhere to see the ergos >Thinking of ordering a $30 airsoft model…[View]
50878220Tank MOA: What is the average MOA of a tank cannon? Are they as accurate as a rifle?[View]
50880955Could a slingshot somebody? If so, why aren't more people doing it?[View]
50854434What are the most accurate rifles still in production?[View]
50880167the sphinx is a fossilized war machine left behind by t he nuclear fallout of an ancient civilizatio…[View]
50876405There any tube/mage fed shotguns that fire 4 gauge or 4 bore?: Potentially dumb idea… but I wanna tr…[View]
50883057How do I not kill myself?: Genuine question. How the fuck am I supposed to find the will to keep on …[View]
50880931Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://…[View]
50842238Redpill/bluepill/blackpill me on the Sig SG 550[View]
50880618K music bread?[View]
50880007>armory/glownigger honeypot thread Post your funs, rate other peoples funs. Here’s my modest coll…[View]
50879927Anyone got the Isle MFG Picatinny to Zenitco adapter? are they any good? anything I need to know?[View]
50878853What makes 'special forces' special? Is their ability to sneak behind enemy lines,conduct recon and …[View]
50882127QTDDTOT: what is this belt?: Got this belt with my folding shovel. Wondering what the name of the sy…[View]
50868291What's the ultimate strategy for dealing with 'zombies'? When the hordes of 'zombies' descend f…[View]
50881229where is the military surplus: is there any cheap stuff left, I don't care where from all i fin…[View]
50816162Your mission, if you choose to accept it. >your older brother is being a dick and has taken host…[View]
50880335How often do bullets actually kill people? It seems like lots of people survive from getting shot, s…[View]
50880659Why are shotguns so fucking cheap? I went to Academy today and they had a Mossberg 500 sitting on th…[View]
50879113ECW Outer Layers: What is the greatest outer layer for winter in the prairies where it gets to -40 r…[View]
50880853Practical Shooting Drills (for longer range): I need some practical shooting drills, no... not what …[View]
50879917Effect of grip on accuracy: I was just dry firing with my double action revolver to try and git gud™…[View]
50872165>moggs the M-14 in every way And we still had to go into Vietnam with Garand+. Why?…[View]
50878624Live in US (AZ) Any nice automatic knifes for poorfags?[View]
50879023/akg/ Ak General: AK General /akg/ Zombies have taken over the world edition >Thread #1557 Old th…[View]
50876819Suppressors general: >In the jungle your suppressor must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8 What ca…[View]
50875766What would be best for (((self-defense))) out of a bolt action[View]
50871734What are the best handgun + light combinations? Aesthetically, I mean.[View]
50877823Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://…[View]
50869064Looking for suggestions for a good truck gun. Any suggestions? Was considering picrel, but something…[View]
50860819Condor: What do we think about condor carriers? Looks cool and I want one. What's a good altern…[View]
50863324What’s the most likely SHTF scenario?: Old: >>>50834896[View]
50865340Learning to quarterstaff for Self-Defense?: https://youtu.be/AoKUf1kMv_g[View]
50880206is BE Myers 249f worth it? I live in a suppressor restricted state and just ordered an 11.5 upper fo…[View]
50875662whats that acrid smell, when i get home from shooting i can smell my guns and they always smell the …[View]
50876826SK VS AK: I believe the SKS to be the superior platform to the AK, Or AKM as most people have. SK is…[View]
50879977Reasons to perform corrosion tests under uncontrolled condition? >2nd night and heavy rain flushi…[View]
50830921sup retards, it's time for our annual progress report on the best fucking thing /k/ has ever do…[View]
50878953what attracts boomers to drive up the price of this gun?[View]
50863836So much for Xinnie's new weapon: Turns out it was just a failed spacecraft.[View]
50877839I want to move to a state, county, town, etc. that respects gun rights to the fullest degree (basica…[View]
50874218>these trick or treaters walk into your work/home this halloween what are you supposed to do? htt…[View]
50879870What are fav. books of /k/ made for learning how to build your own firearm and on the topic of firea…[View]
50879274I need some help: Can you guys please identify the gear the soldiers in picrel are wearing? Most pa…[View]
50856447Would you sign up?: Six months in the Congo for the equivalent of $100,000 today.[View]
50877629How to build stg clone for cheap with full size calibber. Please tailor advice for retard[View]
50872979/Oklahomies/gen: >Based state >Cheapest major cities left in country >almost ruined by boom…[View]
50875768Is it possible to put wood furniture on a Maverick 88?[View]
50834726What's your favorite /k/ game?: Which do you think is superior in terms of realistic gunplay an…[View]
50859145HEEELPP MEEEE: You hear someone screaming for help outside your door and you open it to see this. Wh…[View]
50876362thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc5IbWtkU78 What would you actually do in the event of…[View]
50861607What are some unique or obscure weapons you know about /k/ i'll start. PP93[View]
50879563Does anyone have a high res image of Stoner and Kalashnikov together?: Im looking for something like…[View]
50855928/ak/ Thread - Italy Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>50830409 >Reminder to…[View]
50878765Kevlar is better than plate carrier[View]
50877714Heres your CMP service grade you waited 6 months for bro.[View]
50870817I picked this up at a yard sale for 35 dollars. Can anyone tell me what model/officer level this is?…[View]
50879222I like shooting this gun. what guns do you like shooting /k/?[View]
50857959The PLCE Who used/uses the black PLCE? Also what is the best setup for PLCE webbing? Do you use PLCE…[View]
50879363Long time lurket, Went to the range today: Never shot a handgun before, my recoil control was impecc…[View]
50877318How would the ATF feel about a firearm modified so the action is cycled by a linear actuator instead…[View]
50879240>400kg >55 mph >50kg payload >immune to 14.5mm API all round How would you weaponize thi…[View]
50873815What's this loadout called? It's so fucking sexy.[View]
50866074/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Combat Male Edition >Thread #1556 Old thread here: >>508…[View]
50878894Where can i get a high quality plate carrier in atacs fg? The only ones ive found are from greyshop …[View]
50877858why aren't subterrenian missles a thing? Nobody excepts a midsole from the ground. The military…[View]
50843891books: post good reads discuss reading[View]
50878704post cute things[View]
50878782Battle trucks: Post and discuss your favourite battle truck/cars here. bonus points for homemade an…[View]
50870999Small Arms in Axis Victory: I know that the CETME was designed by ex-Nazi designers having fled to F…[View]
50877183Dylan and Eric: Why’d they do it? Also why didn’t their le plosion go off?[View]
50859155What was the last year that the Soviet Army stood a chance of being able to conquer West Germany, ca…[View]
50878010100% fatality rate in the 3 times it was sunk the 2nd of which killed it's inventor. Imagine be…[View]
50872806AR15 general /arg/: RIP Chadpat Old>>50868632 https://pastebin.com/d7f55Bii[View]
50866727Why hasn’t someone made a vape pen gun?: If guns disguised as plain pens were taken semi-seriously a…[View]
50877307Kashmir Selfdefense Force neutralizes 9 radical Hindu terrorists infiltrating Kashmir from neighbour…[View]
50861987>Mag dump in a bitch, twice >Oh bother, I've been shot, 36 times The absolute anemicness …[View]
50869200Is this a practical instrument of war?[View]
50872105Presenting the Lock, and the Gluger. Would they fire? Also, cursed images thread.[View]
50873092Anons who own exactly 1 firearm. What did you choose?[View]
50877882Savage 24f: I have a couple Savage 24's. A .22mag over 20ga and a .30-30 over 20ga. I really wa…[View]
50850041Why do a majority of you not own any firearms...?[View]
50865590m202 flash: Was it ever used in combat? Will it ever be?[View]
50870128Retard AR Builders: Who is telling the retards they can assemble an AR? Post your best AR build fuck…[View]
50874955I just like it[View]
5087560250mm: It's too much. Why isn't 25mm enough?[View]
50871170You've been falsely accused of aggressively sniffing a popular female politician. The feds and …[View]
50873635Canada General - Slavaboo chads rise up: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pasteb…[View]
50873240What are the must have essentials for societal collapse?[View]
50871993>.357 magnum shooters[View]
50876961Never got a gun before: Hello /k/ im about 18 3/4 old and what should i get as a gun that would be g…[View]
50871203Non lethal weapons: So, I was thinking about getting some non-lethal weapon, but I don't know w…[View]
50872684>here's your extended mag bro What the FUCK were they on?[View]
50877370so uhh we've heard stories of people being shot in the balls and dick but what about the pussy?…[View]
50876623>The Chinese navy is considering the purchase of three dozen Russian Kamov Ka-52K helicopters, Ru…[View]
50869654Were they really putting something in the powerade that makes it impossible to get an erection?[View]
50871309Have you taken a girl on a date to the range? What are some tips for this?[View]
50876295Is the PDP any good?[View]
50872807Reminder: this is what peak /k/ aesthetic looks like[View]
50875779Not sure if this is weapons-related although is made by Winchester. Does anyone know what this is?[View]
50867949Did the Soviets Really win the War?: Yes, they took the most casualties, but does that really equal …[View]
50866357I used to hate SIG like many other anons here and then realized what a stupid meme it was. I bought …[View]
50876887Can you also clean with grease? Like a general purpose GCP (grease clean protect) like how CLP is oi…[View]
50875771What was the mightiest, toughest, most fearsome ship afloat in 1890? Pic unrelated.[View]
50871721help me pick parts for my ar?: I'm keeping looking exactly as pic related save for maybe a b5 s…[View]
50864826Is there any point in getting a extreme cold weather mask if I already got a balaclava? They look li…[View]
50876209Any new updates?[View]
50822364Patch thread: Trade, create and sell your patches here >Last thread >>50783785 >Where ca…[View]
50874475How do external compensators affect how I should change spring rate. Shooting 200g 10mm with externa…[View]
50875845what is this flag patch: help[View]
50876266So when can we expect to buy a cheap chink IVAS from AliExpress?[View]
50872328What would be more incapacitating to someone with arms reach: A shot center mass with 9mm (any gun a…[View]
50866306Crye Leaked 300 blk mp7 clone. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/10/15/pdw-crye-patent/[View]
50874973Buy me a gun. Maybe general.: With (CURRENT EVENTS) I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking…[View]
50872366Man Finds 900 year old Sword: Unfortunately it was off the coast of Israel so (((They))) they are ta…[View]
50870748In their hour of need: Yamato when???[View]
50873843Retarded people and politicians: How do we tell them that people hunt with ak and ar rifles? Im tire…[View]
50867880Is 9mm good enough for self defence? >blah blah people arent bulletproof now Yeah I know but is …[View]
50873770Who would win?: allah's finest rock fighter vs thicc Magach[View]
50873316Place to shoot near Melbourne: I recently bought a straight pull 12G shotgun. I want somewhere to go…[View]
50875427Weapon Of The Month: Weapon Of The Month : AR-15 A Semi Automatic Firearms Manufactured For Civilian…[View]
50871821/NGSWG/ Textron and the shabos goy or the chosen people: Obligatory NGSW thread. Let’s gooo fags I’m…[View]
50872217So do the sailors who were on the carrier or in the seal team care more about their pensions than th…[View]
50873457my Omega 9K silencer wont fit on my FN 509 compact tactical. It's too big. What do I need to do…[View]
50873478what does law enforcement carry ?[View]
50865747How long did it take you to confidently say you're 'competent' at shooting with a han…[View]
50874577Would it be worth it to build a PSG1 sort-of-clone using a CETME, g32, etc? Would just be a fun and …[View]
50874694Obviously, this is the way that windage is adjusted on the AK rifle, but does a non-centered post bu…[View]
50874859Another look at the new Chinese rifle: Looks to be free floated, wonder what the accuracy potential …[View]
50870563My best friend passed away and I have his knife to remember him by. Don't know much about knive…[View]
50874813Stoddards?: Anyone ever been to Stoddard’s range and guns in Atlanta? My local gun store is lacking …[View]
50872461>On September 5, 2007, a PG-29V hit the side turret of an M1 Abrams in Baghdad, killing 2 of the …[View]

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