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/k/ - Weapons

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452205649K121 Vikhr: The chad missile[View]
45216134hellfire gen 2: are these guys legit? if i order will i actually receive the item? anybody know ship…[View]
45218194Gun Safe General /gsg/: Let's talk gun safes. What do you use? Which are the best? What to look…[View]
45218378TU-22M3M Hypersonic?: Is Russia just pulling this out if their ass now, or do they really expect peo…[View]
45220800What would a practical combat EVA suit look like with today's technology?[View]
45221454What’s the /k/onsensus on vortex optics?[View]
45220722Is the US military a joke, or is Sig Sauer a joke? This thing literally looks like it’s made by fish…[View]
45220921oooo lads i am erect[View]
45219463Space Force: new ad (#4) https://cdn.dvidshub.net/media/video/2005/DOD_107803210/DOD_107803210-1024x…[View]
45214450hellcat vs p365: I am getting a new gun and want either the springfield hellcat or the sig sauer p36…[View]
45215437AR Thread - /arg/: Edition? We Don't Need No Stinking Edition, Edition Old:>>45206980…[View]
45216944has there ever been attempted to make a cavalry unit that fires on the move on bicycles and motorcyc…[View]
45208946Why haven’t they put guns and bombs on this yet?[View]
45220824As a burger, how do I buy guns online without getting corona'ed? >inb4 just a flu bro I…[View]
45221070The tactical and practical application of full torso tannerite jogging vests stuffed with ball beari…[View]
45216110Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45211916OPSEC: How well do you hide your power level anon? Most of my good friends know that I have guns and…[View]
45215856why do rifle launched grenades not explode in your face? isnt it a bit annoying to be forced to carr…[View]
45219291Least Globohomo Gun Company: Which ones should I buy from and which should I avoid?[View]
45213834what is the best way to put on a footwrap[View]
45216528>Lightweight snubbies totally disappear in you pock.....[View]
45219453How many of you could bug out in less than 60 minutes flat RIGHT NOW? I bet less than half because y…[View]
45216872What's the most operator light I can buy for my Glock 22?[View]
45217084He deserved the MOH[View]
45206180Will we ever see 9x39mm weapons in the US at any point?[View]
45209222Are you participating in the extreme CBT challenge?[View]
45219992For anybody who owns a Vepr 12-80/Partizan: Make a video of you or someone shooting the gun. I'…[View]
45219853î guess it's an unorthodox question/thread but i wanted to ask if any of you could provide me w…[View]
45219645I'm debating on which one to get. Which is the better one?[View]
45218248First two Polish Leopards modernised to 2PL standard Polish source: http://www.polska-zbrojna.pl/Mob…[View]
45206399What is the advantage of a mannlicher stock over a conventional sporter stock?[View]
45215105Nationale Volksarmee vs. Bundeswehr: Leaving aside the obvious 'Nukes fall, everyone dies' scenario,…[View]
45218157Retarded Early Design Thread: Post retarded early designs of any type of weapon. This is a steam pow…[View]
45219159Can any previous members of the national guard tell me how your guidelines and ROE differed from tho…[View]
45208012Why does the sexiest handgun in the world have to be a Beretta with a fat sausage hand grip, safety …[View]
45214070War pics collection: Hey /k/ Im building some sort of bar/tavern in my barn. Want to give it a kinda…[View]
45217770Likely Self Defense Situations?: If you own a firearm for self defense what do you think the most li…[View]
45216918College Major?: I'm going to college and want to be able to design or just work on firearms/mil…[View]
45210752If it's not a glock i'm not fuckin with it[View]
45168050Hey /k/ why the hell do the pistols they use in the Olympics look so retarded. Like do all these ugl…[View]
45218460Big hands, big gun?: So /k/ I’m a fellow with fuckhuge hands and I’m really considering getting a ne…[View]
45194454canadian marines: >be me >canadian teen >want to be a marine like americachads and britfags…[View]
45205559gucci cop thread: post pics of gucci cops[View]
45216282You've been tasked with arming the Minneapolis Jogger protestors. The catch; You only have acce…[View]
45217375How are drones going to be weaponized in the upcoming wars? Stuff like fuel air bomb PGMs to wipe ou…[View]
45218619Can anyone ID this optic?[View]
45203867has your country evern been invaded by usa or been at war? how was it like? anyone had to live throu…[View]
45218155Civilian Blinding Lasers: So when do you think we're gonna start seeing IR/UV/VIS lasers used t…[View]
45218410YFW: >'Hey, Anon! Just got in a perfect Finn Nugget, 28/30. Serial number 60974. $300 and it…[View]
45205145Why are M1As being pushed so hard with sales right now? You can get so much better in that price ran…[View]
45207420Sleepy soldiers: Ssssht, quietly post snoozing soldiers[View]
45217968H&K G11: This is a shot in the dark but does anybody have or know where to get actual Technical …[View]
45216827Handheld Laser Weapons: Are these actually practical in any way? Lasers make great anti-drone defens…[View]
45217729Canada General (cangen, kangen): New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/N…[View]
45215768Should I get a 5.45x39 or 7.62x39 ak? I love the early tumbling and less recoil of the 5.45, but no…[View]
45212240Can you get away with liking swords if you have enough muscle? The same applies to anime and I'…[View]
45210571What went wrong?[View]
45208186>Makes 5.56mm redundant for military firearms[View]
45199461Convince me not to buy this gun[View]
45217796Anyone on here know anything about these guys? And do they know about the stuff that was done to egg…[View]
45217714why is Soviet/Russian industrial design so alien looking? Also post birds and stuff[View]
45215301/k/ Tank General: Königstiger edition[View]
45211485EDC 22: Why is everyone against 22s for EDC? I keep hearing that a 22 won't bring anyone down. …[View]
45209511Recent purchases: What do you have in the mail /k/?[View]
45211038Would scuba diving be a useful boogaloo skill?[View]
45181607ITT: Post the best shotgun[View]
45216508At basic while standing in line for soup one of the drill sergeants said I probably was made in a la…[View]
45215621It is the belief of Britroaches on /k/, that the Tornado and Typhoon as British prototypes formed th…[View]
45213780Are the Baltic forest brothers the most /innawoods/ group ever? Also partisan warfare general[View]
45213564Alright /k/ what is the best civilian aircraft that can be refitted with military weaponry , or any …[View]
45204609ITT: Retarded gun design[View]
45203463>he carries a spare mag and some super tactical folding knife but doesnt carry a flashlight or to…[View]
45216755>.40 S&W is shit >10mm, ah now that's a bear killer *zooms* https://youtu.be/ydwXJ2yh…[View]
45216501Armed Security vs CCW: What training do you think would be better? I’ve used guns all my life, but I…[View]
45205391How close are we to building a weaponized suit like Iron Man?[View]
45202326Handgun General - /hg/ - #415: Sexy Italians Edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NUa1miL1 \ Git g…[View]
45206818>all those guns normies panic bought that will probably rust in their closets or drawers until th…[View]
45214670How long is it taking PSA (and others) to get shit processed and out the door? Still looking at 5+ d…[View]
45215678ITT: Your favorite weapon and the proudest moment of your life. For me, my .308 and hooking up with…[View]
45216860How come the military uses this thing that I just learned about five minutes ago and don't full…[View]
45207805Why can't the US fund a Uyghur version of Al-Qaeda to take on the Chinese?[View]
45215606Bolt Gat thread: /BG/: Bolt Gun thread: I dont know dick about shit edition Haven't decided on …[View]
45200086Anime guns thread: show me your anime guns /k/[View]
45209147Is steel quality a meme for knives?: Is steel quality a meme for knives? Obviously better quality ma…[View]
45215767Aluminum Cased Ammo: Due to the 'Rona ammo shortage I have to order my 9mm exclusively online. …[View]
45211411Ammo: Can somebody explain why I'm getting delays on my buckshot order? Is this a matter of man…[View]
45212952What part of the AWP sniper is this???: I know it functions with the bolt to chamber and eject round…[View]
45211556QBZ-95 Chicom Blaster: Can someone give me a design reference to the QBZ-95s magazine? Is it just a …[View]
45210684Explain why people are doing this.[View]
45210539Why don't missiles have sonic booms?: They go much faster than even an SR-71. How come there is…[View]
45215647Space Camo: Post your favorite camo for non-terrestrial operating. I'll start with Martian Choc…[View]
45214607Is there any reason this couldn’t be a race/competition gun that isn’t related to it’s age or the fa…[View]
45215401Groundhog thread! Groundhog thread!: I went woodchucking this morning at the local wildlife area. I …[View]
45209378Name a more overpriced firearm. Hold on, I'll wait.[View]
45208626How'd I do Anons?: I got this guy from the antique store for about 20 bucks, someone before me …[View]
45211228>roman wars beaten to death >Chinese wars beaten to death >crusades beaten to death >Nap…[View]
45213685the 733 is peak aesthetic you can't prove me wrong[View]
45212605Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45212219/k/uz /k/ seems to know fuck all about it, let's talk squad and platoon level tactics.[View]
45214266/awakening/: I'm gonna be 100% honest with you guys. I was anti-gun @ first, and thought that …[View]
45214457How often does /k/ clean their AR? I found a video of a guy explaining the process and it looks like…[View]
45212108Got a nice bonus, should i get a rueger 556 or an sks? Pop some pros and cons in if you want.[View]
45165114/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #68 - Proper Order edition: Buy a FAL and argue about how to say it out…[View]
45182147Glock containment: Other one is dead. I am not linking it or doing it right. What is the best Glock …[View]
45205086Home Security Camera: I want a security camera to record any break-ins to my apartment front door so…[View]
45175432'Obsolete' military equipment still being used after its phase-out date: Post pieces of equipment (u…[View]
45203308just signed an 8 for EM, how bad did I fuck up[View]
45211231>'Wow anon, you have so much ammo and guns stocked up! And you have so much food! We'll be s…[View]
45214524Had a few beers with my dad yesterday. We were talking about guns and he revealed to me that in the …[View]
45206980AR General /arg/ #0296: NO BULLY/NO TRIPS OLD: >>45199249[View]
45213035rate twitters guns: pic related started a twitter gun thread. what do you think /k/[View]
45213262You are shooting you AR pistol like this, right?[View]
45214832Vids of cops murdering people: with weapons or without. https://youtu.be/_c-E_i8Q5G0[View]
45214932Concealed weapons: What are some creative ways to conceal weapons? >https://twitter.com/i/status/…[View]
45210808A E S T H E T I C weapons only[View]
45210146Wood on modern guns: Why does the wood on modern guns feel fake/cheap compared to old guns? Every ne…[View]
45211940Is point a gun at your junk really a thing? I can't but think the people doing it are NYC faggo…[View]
45200120/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Teddy Bear Edition >Thread #1023 Old thread here >>45183…[View]
45209347How hard is it to get a gun in the UK if you're an immigrant?: Asking for a friend[View]
45202286/k/angaroos Australia General: ill make eureka look like a union strike: edition >how to get your…[View]
45209869>straight blowback does not require locking surfaces or other operating components required for l…[View]
45213375Been sleeping with an AK pistol under my pillow. Ask me anything.[View]
45213910Reloading: Stupid question but aren't some guns like the SKS for instance obviously designed to…[View]
45210661Repairing wooden stocks: I just purchased this stock my SKS, and it's a bit beat up, mostly thi…[View]
45203403Man robs store with his feet: https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/man-in-wheelchair-holds-up-jewelry-s…[View]
45213798Is it possible to scale down a Light Gas Gun?: I want to make a Light-Gas Gun that fires .22 at hype…[View]
45212192If you shot a bullet from an AR at 45 degrees? How far would it go?: 20 inch barrel.[View]
45213223USAF tests arsenal plane concept: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33716/air-force-unveils-firs…[View]
45212682>previous war doctrine >kill or be killed destroy everything and everyone, civilians included…[View]
45213531Thug Guns: 2020 Race Riot Edition: Race riots are happening coast to coast. What the guns that riote…[View]
45212485What is the best gun[View]
45210294What's the best FAL clone to buy?[View]
45204053How can I still be /fa/ and concealed carry? I’m having trouble finding ways to carry with more fitt…[View]
45196998Is it just me or are female drill sergeants worse than males?[View]
45193386why the fuck there is so much hype on Taran Butler and his whores? I get it, john wick 2 had some ni…[View]
45193510Help please: >untrained, not gun-savvy or outdoorsy at all young woman >never held or bought …[View]
45204405Heavy Duty Rust Prevention?: I carry in a very hot and humid environment and sweat and sweat vapors …[View]
45204879why does the u.s army have private jets? why isnt this handled by the air force? https://en.wikipedi…[View]
45189383/gq/ - Gear Queer: 'we are not on top of the ball with this shit' edition >General guide https://…[View]
45212884Lancer L5 AWM Magazines?: I'm thinking about buying some Lancer L5 AWM Magazines. Are there dif…[View]
45208150Vietnam Thread: Weapons, tanks, cool pics, anything.[View]
45211994what's the point of the little rubbery handle thingy near a Fal chamber[View]
45198828What cartridge in human history has put the most bodies in the ground?[View]
45210583Is this a real gun or airsoft?: one of my friends sent me this photos, but I can't believe is a…[View]
45197157MLRS: I’m excited for the Marines to outfit their HIMARS with tomahawks and NSM. Posting the current…[View]
45210100canada general: Canada General New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Nd…[View]
45197796If someone assaults your wife/kids and really hurts then but then runs away immediately after are yo…[View]
45209206CCW use of force: Could a person carrying legally see this and decide to shoot the cop under the cla…[View]
45210989Somebody on armslist is selling a tavor for $1000 about an hour drive from me. Are the memes worth i…[View]
45211555Is this bolt ruined? Cam lug looks like its got autism[View]
45201817why does America dump so much money into defense when nobody can realistically invade or oppose them…[View]
45210564caveman remix: What are some melee weapons that are combined with modern technology in some way?…[View]
45209199SHTF Gun?: I currently have a hand-me-down .22 rifle and a hand-me-down, side-by-side 20 gauge shotg…[View]
45208200Anyone got a heritage rough rider? CDNN has em on sale for a buck twenty and I need a little pistol …[View]
45210850Recipes: Does anybody have good napalm recipes? Amounts and materials.[View]
45206723Anyone on here know anything about these guys?[View]
45195111Can we list everything wrong with this abomination?: feel free to post other stuff for us to list of…[View]
45210253Fancy polymer is great and all, but is there anything better than gunleather?[View]
45208167>ooh i hate shooting the s&w 500 it hurts my arms so much Is he a pussy or does it hurt that …[View]
45203827Spanish Armor Thread: Please no Conquistadors[View]
45207222Rock island m260 38 has anybody bought this or shot it? It’s like $230 and I was thinking about grab…[View]
45207787Under pressure shooting drills: Anyone do these? >bring ice freezer full of ice cubes to range …[View]
45173846Space Force Salt: Why are people so fucking petty and pissy about the USSF? Is it seriously all beca…[View]
45179748Anyone else collect militaria?[View]
45207671Post cold war operators Pic related was a Delta member in the early days with Vinning.[View]
45202139Thinking of getting a Hellcat for EDC. Thoughts on this gun? I was previously considering the Walthe…[View]
45202132This is the ideal for a .380 concealed carry pistol. Why is it marketed as if it were only for wimps…[View]
45204098BIG IRON -- /K/utana Edition: As a late birthday gift to myself, in preparation for the boogaloo, I…[View]
45209303Where to get a replacement stock for Turkish mauser: Hi, recently picked up a surplus 8mm Turkish ma…[View]
45209912Got apartment, what do?: I am finally moving out of my mom’s house and got an apartment. I move in J…[View]
45207083Amazon: What's some cool shit to order from amazon? They never reccomend any cool stuff to me. …[View]
45208383What's your favorite gun group?[View]
45208459'broken' sword pocket knife?: Are there any pocket knives that imitate a broken sword or katana? Obv…[View]
45206141Movies that made you love a gun?: Any films or television that introduced you to a gun and made you …[View]
45210227Why is every war after WW2 boring as fuck? Even the Vietnam war puts me to sleep, everything got rui…[View]
45203930bought a used sks: it looks pretty badass and in good shape but i haven't fired it yet. i'…[View]
45208267Do you listen to music while shooting?[View]
45207989What is the ideal age for soldiering? >16-20? >21-25? >26-31?…[View]
45202652What do you think of the emperor arms duke? I never owned a shotgun before and I'm thinking of …[View]
45206528Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45207102Is modern militia like this? It feels like there must have been some degeneration from 50s[View]
45206508Why do sks's even exist? Were they cheaper/easier to make or was it that the USSR didn't w…[View]
45208825What do you think of the M110A1?: I like it. looks cool. supposedly more reliable than the SR25.…[View]
45203852What's a good rifle chambered in 22lr? Never bought a gun before, and a few people said my firs…[View]
45183423>No heel support >No way to tighten outside of custom straps >Constricts your calves if the…[View]
45208029Why aren’t full auto BB guns used for riot control? I’d think some hippy would say “screw this” afte…[View]
45197563'Ideally, keep less than 30 guns.' - Marie Kondo Thoughts /k/?[View]
45205416Post your reaction face for when you shot full auto for the first time.[View]
45194375Gang Guns: Post gangs and their armaments, both past and present. As a side note, if you were in a g…[View]
45208929An LGS had an Ithaca 37 for $250. I passed on it. Going there again soon to pick up a gun. If they s…[View]
45208732What year did Rustington go to shit? I'm trying to buy a 870, I'd like to ideally buy one …[View]
45202436>revolver so it never jams >shoots buckshot so it can hit many enemies >can shoot 45 colt …[View]
45209374/rlg/: Show me what you got boys. Anything different, or obscure rounds you're working on.…[View]
45208740Thoughts on the anarchist's cookbook? I know the language in it is very le edgy but there does …[View]
45203014How much better was the G3 compared to the Stg45?: Hey there, author with an interest in but limited…[View]
45191428So which is the best for Finland: Eurofighter, Gripen, Rafale, Super Hornet or F-35? The EF is best …[View]
45208656Hear me out fuc/k/ers >minnesota nigs camping police officers house >boog niggas roll down and…[View]
45195319is pressing the bolt release without a round or magazine bad for firearms. especially AR platforms …[View]
45196574Mechanized Infantry: Is walking fire still a legitimate tactic when being utilized by a mechanized f…[View]
45204330Detonation cord.: >Hezbollah might literally be the only force in the world with the capacity to …[View]
45208298Hypothetically: you can now have one exoskeleton equipped soldier per fireteam of ten guys. They can…[View]
45206365For me, it's the Ki-61 Hien. What about you, /k/?[View]
45205934/k/, I need your opinion. Should I buy this Marlin 1895SBL. I inherited some old levers from my fami…[View]
45199809>they're only ~1300 dollars Someone talk me out of buying one for cc…[View]
45210382Why is everyone who is pro gun a right winger when the only ideologies that are pro gun are lolberta…[View]
45208177How highly would /k/ rates the Challenger 2 LEP with new Rheinmetall turret and L55 tank gun. https…[View]
45193702J-20 assessment: My opinion Kinematics: Canards could provide some good maneuverability in BVR comba…[View]
45206592I’m new to guns and want to get a handgun for home defense. Is a 40mm good for a first time buyer? A…[View]
45207938bread and butter gun combos[View]
45207983Legendary Weapons: ITT post legendary weapons >Gavrilo Princip’s pistol…[View]
45178660Tally:1 US:0: >Be US >Absolutely blow the doors off Afghani late 2001 >Mad as hell about 9/…[View]
45203149Do you think this was a firearm? Or maybe just a slingshot?[View]
45206277Diamondback DB15: Is the Diamondback DB15 good for a first rifle? Gun store has one for $595 the guy…[View]
45207744Summarizing the Ar/k/: I took a look at the Ar/k/, and I kept thinking 'holy motherfucking cow this …[View]
45207416big gun[View]
45175843What allies can the USA rely upon in a potential war with China?[View]
45207218This is the greatest handgun ever made[View]
45202142Why do other rifles even exist?: Let's get this out of the way first - not a poorfag, I am look…[View]
45203992Armed Robberies teaches us lessons: https://youtu.be/B-g7Bhez9fk What's the lesson, /k/?[View]
45203057Where do you carry on your body and why? I personally carry behind the hip over my right ass cheek. …[View]
45207162With India now having put its second Tejas squadron into service. Can we now say that India Superpow…[View]
45206469Interesting tank photos?[View]
45205126Wings of Russia: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlgs-bz3H7FN-ul1HrBKQUkxSzhXjjhEZ Sharing th…[View]
45203344Alternate History: Battle rifle edition: Let's envision a post WW2 world in which the countries…[View]
45206315Legal shooting on state/not-a-range land in New Mexico: Is there anywhere in New Mexico I can legall…[View]
45206907Was the afghanistan/iraqi war a success for us and a?[View]
45207921What watch do you wear /k/? -f91w for everyday wear -invicta pro diver for 'formal' stuff.[View]
45203694/PSG/ PRECISION SHOOTING GENERAL: We talk about precision shooting. Super long range thread. Can…[View]
45206902whats on the bottom of vid related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAGfXe2pxEA[View]
45206593How the fuck do you rack a slide with sweaty or mildly wet hands?: If I ever find myself in a hot an…[View]
45187188what is the most powerful submarine in the world? for me, it's: Le Terrible > USS Jimmy Car…[View]
45199249/arg/ - what edition? edition: scribbs, please, i forgot[View]
45204385/cangen/ Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu …[View]
45206203Is bore axis important to you?[View]
45199998Today is my birthday: My family are all nogunz liberal fags so I'm not getting any weapons from…[View]
45199248Convince me not to buy this gun[View]
45192148Are palmetto state firearms meme tier garbage or decent weapons? Looking for a decent ar-10[View]
45200256ITT: propaganda movies: How do you feel about this movie, I know in a few interviews with some 90s e…[View]
45203919PDSA Dagger hate thread: >shot show 2020 >cant give out 1 real glock mag >release date will…[View]
45207178As I look at the catalog I see not one but two Canada General threads. There is a point when this ne…[View]
45201738Why not?: I've owned a PT111 Millenium G2, a G2, and a G2c. ZERO issues with any of them, even …[View]
45205910>Live 600 miles away from the nearest A-10 base which is an NG unit > Saw two fly by at maybe …[View]
45203167US to Withdraw From Open Skies Treaty: >The US government announced its withdrawal from the Open …[View]
45191587/RG/ Reloading general: Whatya loading? You can start loading for 180$. https://www.midwayusa.com/pr…[View]
452026505.11: Any stuff from 5.11 decent, or is all mall-operator-core from CHYNA?[View]
45198145whats /k/ experience with outdoor public ranges? the ones in my state are back open but indoor range…[View]
45199272Hot take: Stop sperging over people’s choice of SHTF rifles. Any modern semiauto with 30 round magaz…[View]
45202750>dreamt I was in 2009 buying cheap milsurp rifles The store also had a Tasmanian devil…[View]
45205418Supposing China vs India did become a thing, how would the climate of the Himalayas affect a war? Wo…[View]
45203622I just spent 6 hours cleaning a handgun. Six. (6) Hours.[View]
45203673Ironclad Thread[View]
45202019Where to begin?: Good day to you dearest reader. I present to you today a purely hypothetical scenar…[View]
45204354Where does /k/ buy their ammo online? Lgs’ are absolute horse shit on stock right now and I’m runnin…[View]
45204867Hey /k/ I'm moving in about a month and a half across the country. I sold most of my shit but I…[View]
45200549If a near peer war broke out what would happen? My feeling is that initially there would be massive …[View]
45178288UK or Japan which has the superior ASW navy?[View]
45180284Iranian tanker under escort of Venezuelan F-16s and Su-30s deliver refined oil to Venezuela: In spit…[View]
45191309Things you wish more companies did. Forward cocking serrations. They make press checks much easier.[View]
45196963Sino-Vietnamese war thread: General Sino-Vietnamese war thread. Also does anyone have a source for t…[View]
45204847See this sonny? This is weapon which won great patriotic war! Made of real Soviet steel in Urals. 7.…[View]
45194999Would a Remington 700 in 300 win mag be a good first gun if you can't get any semi automatic fi…[View]
45183489Glock worth it??: Is it worth it to spend the extra $150 to get a Glock vs a budget gun like a Smith…[View]
45200130Ruger 10/22: Good evening /k/, so I have been noguns for my whole life but have now decided to buy o…[View]
45200679ITT guns you don’t have to clean.[View]
45184310/gmg/ Gas Mask General Wear Your Mask Edition: old thread >>45137774 >CDC recommends mask u…[View]
45204627Today, I will remind them.[View]
45204025Why did police baboons go out of style?: They attack the genitals more effectively than dogs[View]
45203770Why does the JLTV have cup holders?[View]
45204252Why haven't you taken the Denny Pill yet?: A Declaration of Position on the Peoples Right to Be…[View]
45201213Excuse me, just being the best solvent on the planet.[View]
45201408Most private security contractors want ex-SOF guys but how do regular infantry and law enforcement d…[View]
45189230/k/ Portraits: https://portraitai.com/ post em[View]
45203988What to look or ask when buying used guns.: Was looking through Armslist and found a nice 870 Wingma…[View]
45199972Most factory triggers are perfectly fine and you people are too goddamn sensitive. Yes aftermarket t…[View]
45196613Hoxha Bunkers: How effective were they? And how hard would it be to build a few around your prepper …[View]
45199749help with identifying all the ribbons: I only only recognize the army service rainbow colored ribbon…[View]
45153969/msg/ - Military Surplus - Milsurp: United States Thread, Caliber .30 Edition. For this Memorial Da…[View]
45200498/cangen Canada General now with more music: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pas…[View]
45203765>s-400's stealth installed in cuba allow su-35's, launched from the kuz, which has been…[View]
45188915If the Germans were so good at technology and engineering why didn't they adopt a semiauto rifl…[View]
45175348How do you find a gunsmith that’s not a complete disaster?: I’ve used four different gunsmiths over …[View]
45203486>'Hey Gunther?' >'Ja, Wolfgang?' >'You know motorcycle mit sidecar?' >'Ja?' >'Was if …[View]
45200274What kind of gun is this, /k/? I want one.[View]
45200965i am a california faggot and i bought to handguns usp 45 beretta 92fs and i dont know why maybe i ju…[View]
45191224I got a VZ58 rifle. Ask me anything[View]
45200593What are Good shoes ?: Hello /k/ im doing the stalker innawood thing with a friend that is way more …[View]
45200407Guerrilla Warfare Thread mk.2: Share knowledge, infographics and ask questions about guerrilla warfa…[View]
45200734I have an AR-15 and I'm looking for a .223/5.56 bolt-action rifle for target shooting at 125 ya…[View]
45202811You've been tasked with making a gun to be sold at 99c/dollar stores all around the US. What de…[View]
45194747Has anyone ever accidentally killed himself with a malfunctioning small arm?[View]
45201382french here, any of you know how can i bypass this shit ? It's a shotgun magazine choked to de…[View]
45202533Give me your best shtf knife /k/.[View]
45197276Best books on war strategies?: As an aspiring leader I'm looking for reading material on war st…[View]
45201750Home Defense: What is the best home defense weapon? Should i get artillery or will that leave me ope…[View]
45195085would you rather have a short barrelled lever action or a short barrelled (manual) shotgun?[View]
45202626toni system: fuck am i looking at, /k/?[View]
45196351Are these things fun?[View]
45196705>it's another thread full of poorfags hating on Glocks What you copelets don't understa…[View]
45176218Air Force Removes Height Restrictions For Pilots.: Context: It's so that more women could join.…[View]
45199488Say it ain't so: Just went to CZ site and see this. I want one.[View]
45201862assault weapons ban compliance: what are some good guns that comply with (((assault weapon))) bans o…[View]
45178558Post military helicopters[View]
45198023Primary/secondary thread: >SAR-1 >TTC…[View]
45187572What camo is this? Wrong answers only[View]
45201637GatCrank: cringe or exceedingly based?[View]
45188657When people say that China is superior in terms of cyber warfare, what exactly does that mean? What …[View]
45202445What's he planning?[View]
45201815Why did bullpup firearms '''failed''' and get out phrased by most military around the world?[View]
45196757Worlds most reliable handgun[View]
45184988What's the most retarded thing you've ever heard from an infantryman?: 'I remember the M16…[View]
45191103Does bore axis matter to you?[View]
45200189/k/ Tank General: AC1 Sentinel edition[View]
45201711So as a total newbie to firearms what's a good general gun to get?[View]
45200139Are PDWs viable weapons in 2020?[View]
45200828backup gun: So all my pistols are in 9mm. My first gun was a Glock 19, and from then on I just stuck…[View]
45197985Gonna' let you /k/ommandos in on an open secret within the military community Heroes are the gu…[View]
45189971/k/angaroos Australia General: 243 is all you need: Edition >how to get your bangs https://www.fi…[View]
45200221Besides the Sharpe series and Waterloo, can anyone recommend me some decent Napoleonic warfare movie…[View]
45196408Thoughts on Brandon Herrera's AK-50 project? Will it be completely shit? Will it ever even hit …[View]
45197549Who looked at this thing and thought it was a good idea?[View]
45194032Soviet Aesthetic thread.: Post your favorites pictures and webms.[View]
45197183Ak shoestring trick: Is this illegal? I'm going to the range soon and want to try it out, but d…[View]
45197870This will never be you[View]
45188770What if Germany invaded Sweden during WW2?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=w941j12XUAs&t=778s…[View]
45200371Good doublestack 10mm?: What are the options out there? Is there anything better than a G20/G29? Pic…[View]
45197742Recent Purchases: Got a good deal on a new C308, with the PTR built lower and barrel, plus almost 2 …[View]
4519681930-06 Springfield vs 8x57 Mauser vs 6.5 Carcano vs 6.5x55 Swedish vs 7.7x58 Arisaka vs 7.62x54R vs 3…[View]
45198934How do I mount this fucker without scratching the shit out of my hand guard? I'm using the buil…[View]
45200618Leaf Bro Here: Going to send in my firearm application in as soon as i figure out how to pay these g…[View]
45192714Growing up with guns in the 90s: So I was wondering, how did you grow up with guns? Things weren…[View]
45199381The SKS Is the Cockroach of Weapons: You just can’t kill Sergei Simonov’s old, reliable, semi-automa…[View]
45200951Build Kit Help!: Pencil Barrel Edition: Doing a retro A1 M16 parts kit build. Need a 20 inch pencil …[View]
45191518Did sub saharan africans ever invent swords? What about aboriginal australians? And did native ameri…[View]
45198893Are the upper handguards of a lee enfield No.4 mk I interchangeable with a No.4 mk II?[View]
45186953>open carry >nobody tells me to wear a mask Do you guys find less people fuck with you when th…[View]
45185549/meg/ Military Enlistment General: Alaska edition LYING ABOUT MEDICAL HISTORY = GOOD LYING ABOUT CRI…[View]
45199985HP or FMJ 556: I need advice for ammo type. I don’t care about home defense in this situation, I hav…[View]
45196348So the WW3 roster is shaping up. Allies: US, Britain, India, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Jorda…[View]
45197871any of you anons made guns at home?: have any of you guys made any guns at home? post pics of em on …[View]
45200473What does /k/ listen to besides gunshots? Give me some good music.[View]
45200267Looking to buy a new handgun but dont know what to get next. I just know it wont be a glock. Have a …[View]
45195980Officer vs enlisted: >mfw an O-1 outranks and E-9[View]
45199799First Handgun Purchase: Hey /k/. I'm looking to purchase my first pistol and was looking at a B…[View]
45200474Have you gotten ready for the 'Bad Times'?: I'm not sure if this is the board to post in, but I…[View]
45198514Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45199952Would would WW3 be like? I know it would eventually end in a nuclear exchange but what would the lea…[View]
45198952Does anyone purchase hunting-specific ammo with the target animal on the box?[View]
45197323What's your power level?: Every time you have pulled the trigger under live fire >Equals +1 …[View]
45195775Marlin 60: What a fun little gun. It was my first and it's still my favorite. Straight shooter …[View]
45183080/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Nicely Blued Type 2 Edition >Thread #1022 Old thread here >…[View]
45193469Is there any reason to buy a civilian version of a submachine gun? They're limited to semi-auto…[View]
45189039Any /k/ anons in Montana? Hows it like out there?[View]
45199387How do you parry a thrust? I'm having trouble getting the point to move offline unless I move m…[View]
45198979Midwest/Iowa /k Discord: Hello ladies and gentlemen, its your one and only #1 man here in the midwes…[View]
45198461Out of state Purchase: Hey question, if I lived in a gun friendly state like Missouri and went to Io…[View]
45195002Microguns, what's the point?[View]
45195866>just get an AR >just get a glock >just get an 870/590 NO, FUCK, STOP. OTHER GUNS EXIST. ST…[View]
45196199>Guns must have a practical purpose “No!” Stop being poor.[View]
45170820Ruger 57: So what’s the /k/onsensus on this?[View]
45186893NEWFAG/BASICS INFOMEME THREAD: Dump 'em, then point them here. >WHAT SHOULD I GET? >DA F…[View]
45190230What do you think about America’s de facto mini carriers? 12-24 joint strike fighters on tap seems l…[View]
45183130I have a serious problem: I cant stop buying guns. Its started with a S&W SD9VE... Then I hated …[View]
45170562Why don't you own the new America's© handgun?[View]
45196031What are /k/ thoughts on the .45 GAP?[View]
45198406Hi /k/, friend of mine wanted to know the best way to work with PMCs after serving his contract, fig…[View]
45198222Ak-74 Parts Kits: I've been on the lookout for AK-74 parts kits, preferably pre-headspaced. I c…[View]
45196988Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previous thread >>45157158 >W…[View]
45198364Who are they? Rangers dont operate like this do they?[View]
45190057Handgun General - /hg/ - #414: Old School Edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NUa1miL1 Git gud gu…[View]
45198312It’s a Ruger security 9 and I’m using Luger 9mm ammo, the slide won’t go all the way forward unless …[View]
45197597Is there ever a good reason to spare defeated enemies or their children?[View]
45193969Why are desert wars so aesthetic? Second only to jungle wars of courses[View]
45195707Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45194010Anyone fired a Steyr A2 before?[View]
45197615Thermal Signature: How would one go about masking and/or altering their thermal signature effectivel…[View]
45196712Two Russian Fighters Buzz Navy P-8A Over Eastern Med: Russian pilots flew in an unsafe and unprofess…[View]
45197385Describe the average drone pilot: Do they have to be nuttinfancy level retarded?[View]
45196537apologize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8-L3PMtID0[View]
45197171Alright /k/ let's settle this once and for all, which golf club would be the best weapon in a f…[View]
45197145Buy?: I have a carrier with ar-500 plates already, x-large. Should I also buy these? It says they…[View]
45195593First gun thread: Masshole edition: Stuck between a beat to shit Remington 10a for $130, and an unis…[View]
45195130how many of you could pass this?[View]
45196734I am getting married, /k/. Do you have any wedding gift registry ideas? Know of any companies that w…[View]
45197328Does anyone have a copy of this video? It was called 'full auto machine gun firing demo'. Clark Hodg…[View]
45193872/k/ humor thread: Make us laugh you faggot.[View]
45190968Why'd Stahl remove the damn under barrel shotgun from this? The ISA feared us in close quarters[View]
45193694Anons fix things/ gunsmithing general: Hello fellow /k/ommandos, today we have a stock repair on a 1…[View]
45196651So in on of Ian's recent vids he uses water to dampen the ground so that the ammount of dust ki…[View]
45196912If you’re building a bunker, how do you keep water from seeping in? I’m not invested enough to use a…[View]
45192834Nepal sets up armed border posts to ward of Indian incoursions: In a first armed guards are patrolli…[View]
45189889What do you think about the blue vegetata?[View]
45195745Model 1873: Hi /K, a couple months ago I was looking at my guns my dad left for me when he passed, a…[View]
45169181WEBM thread.: Supersonic military aircraft edition.[View]
45195550>Forces governments to slash military funding without spending a dime.[View]
45189742How could China beat the US in a war?[View]
45196914vbci or freccia?: and why[View]
45196690where i get gun?[View]
45193152Squeezer: Gaze upon the glory... prolly the first and only time some of you young titty breaths will…[View]
45196506>implying China wouldn't absolutely destroy the US in Taiwan[View]
45178447ITT: propaganda movies: Is this THE most blatant world war 2 propaganda movie that tried to pass its…[View]
45195411Government of Canada being sued by gun owners: >https://firearmrights.ca/en/legal-action-filed-wi…[View]
45195648Did the M16A2 ever see service in Iraq and/or Afghanistan by US forces?[View]
45175419Its Happening: Chinese troops challenge India at multiple locations in eastern Ladakh, standoff cont…[View]
45195600are there any fake suppressors with a Nielson device? Most of the ones that I've seen that are …[View]
45195514Are sub guns obsolete? Also post your favorite sub gun[View]
45192283AR GENERAL/ AR THREAD / ARG / TRIPFAG DEVGRU: /arg/ VORTEX ZONE edition: Talk vortex, no good optics…[View]
45184875Good weapons for home defense when you don't have a gun? I have an aluminum softball bat.[View]
45196075Luger pistol made?: Has any anon come across old films of the manufacture and fitting of the Luger p…[View]
45194465pile of guns: Anything from war captures to confiscations lets see em[View]
45195192/k/omms question: What's the best encrypted handheld transceiver for the money?[View]
45181089How are you supposed to tell western spec ops apart from Russian spetsnaz anymore?[View]
45193087What's the oldest camouflage that is still in continuous use? And by continuous use I mean that…[View]
45187557So Bill Burr is an amazing comedian and generally very pro 2a. He had a bit in his stand-up once abo…[View]
45194708Anyone here know anything about what jobs Navy Divers have nowadays? I just finished a book called D…[View]
45195545When will we stop being nuclearlets?: What the fuck are these pathetic arsenals. We don't even …[View]
45195603>The right to keep and bear arms, for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within …[View]
45193072357 sig vs 9mm: What is /k/'s opinion on 357 sig vs 9mm? 357 has considerably more energy but d…[View]
45192431Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Previous …[View]
45194176Ctrl f: Cockpit thread: No cockpit thread?, Cockpit thread. let´s have a comfy Cockpit thread, if yo…[View]
45194724Adjusting sights: What do you measure when you're adjusting sights? I measured from inside the …[View]
45195137Range vandalism: Why is it whenever you see range vandalism, 9 times out of 10 it's done with a…[View]
45195421About a year ago I built my AR1-5 so i kind of forgot this. I'm changing stocks/grips. When i u…[View]
45186833S35VN steel: What is /K/ opinion on S35VN steel? i'm considering the Ek/Jarosz Boot Knife, and …[View]
45187571I dont know if this is /tg/ or /k/ but im currently running a game and got stuck on this question: W…[View]
45172548Handgun General - /hg/ - #413: American edition Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NUa1miL1 Git gud guid…[View]
45194685Is appendix carry inherently dangerous?[View]
45186116The Gold Standard[View]
45192704What’s your favorite Fudd gun?[View]
45192563Microprose is BACK: Oh my GOD they are bringing back the mighty eighth https://www.microprose.com/ga…[View]
45189359What exactly am I looking at?[View]
45193600Has anyone ever employed suicide bomber zeppelins before? I might have a military contract on my han…[View]
45187711Why didn't canada just buy them? All the other countries that went in with them are already tak…[View]
45194381Ammo thread[View]
45174676How strong is your country's air force? Mine? Not very.[View]
45190957Russkie Mercs fleeing Libya with tails between their legs: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/05/ru…[View]
45189540Why doesn't anyone respect the rear echelon?[View]
45195076The Yemen videos are interesting: https://youtu.be/ysPl4EoMZt8?t=49[View]
45189718Aside from 1911s, what are some other SAO handguns? (revolvers gtfo)[View]
45192852what modern use could an old gambeson have? knife proof jacket?[View]
45193093Need some help: Anyone have a windham AR? Can you post a pic of your receiver shelf? Thanks frens…[View]
45191218Nothing beats the classics. I drive a 78 chevy camaro, and CC a hi power[View]
45193407Thermal scopes: I recently got an ATN ThOR 4 640 2.5-25 thermal scope. I also have an ABL 1000 on th…[View]
45184584Type 45 vs Kirov who would win?[View]
45193602>add double the ammo to cart >the shipping more than doubles…[View]
45193003would tommy guns be as common as AR-15s are now in america if they hadn't been outlawed in the …[View]
45171867would you trust your life to 38special? >have this conversion before the rona >have fudd cowor…[View]
45191761Which one /k/?[View]
4518741120rd Pmag: Does anyone know where to find the straight 20 round 5.56 Pmags?[View]
45192004Why do 80% of houthi rebels carry AKMS?[View]
45191880Construction of PAK DA Strategic Bomber Prototype Begins in Russia: New beast in the making, also Lo…[View]
45181869CHINA DEPLOYS BOTH CARRIERS STAGING INVASION REHEARSALS: >CHINA is reportedly set to deploy its t…[View]
45194343Import Law Nuances: As far as I can tell, it's much easier to import 'pistols' into the US comp…[View]
45188096Worst Equipment: CURSED PIC EDITION: What's the worst guns, equipment and setup in general. Bon…[View]
45184795Armored Car Thread[View]
45194136What is this paper om the side of the gun? What is the reason for it?[View]
45184325Memorial Day: What did all you US /k/ommandos do today. I went for a hike Innawoods set up and did s…[View]
45184967Is there a tactical reason China doesn't turn Cuba into an unsinkable aircraft carrier? Is it t…[View]
45189594alright /k/, what is the best crew hatch for an armoured vehicle? split hatch?[View]
45185868New Su-57 pic with R-77 Vympel Missiles.: enjoy[View]
45175707They just keep shitting out new ships. https://www.navalnews.com/naval-news/2020/05/fincantieri-laun…[View]
45192495Glock hate: Not a huge proponent of Glocks. I do not swear by any brand of any gun. They all have th…[View]
45180045>Ruger Mini 14 >Fightlight SCR >Keltec SU-16 Which choice is best for a ban state?…[View]
45186951This type of jam?: Hey guys. Long time gun user and came across a jam that I've never encounter…[View]
45179141Sks: One gun to rule them all[View]
45182835$1200: You're being dropped in to a completely random piece of wilderness. You have $1200 to bu…[View]
45192502Lesser-known /k/ music: Post /k/-related music that doesn't get posted often, if at all. https:…[View]
45157158Patch Thread: Trade, create, and sell your patches here. >Previous thread >>45103738 >W…[View]
45190439If I were to put a Waffen SS backplate on my glock and shoot someone in self-defense with it, would …[View]
45189841Are guided missile cruisers and destroyers a bigger asset than aircraft carriers? Guided missile cr…[View]
45193498https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Khasham Why did the Russians attack a US base without air su…[View]
45191618what kind of cartridge is that?: Hunters have been shooting this in a forest closeby[View]
45189597Screen Cap Thread: Either laughs or wtfs[View]
45192994What's /k/'s opinion of Q guns and suppressors?[View]
45187826I recently bought a bushmaster aac 300 blackout,any suggestions or things i should know about this g…[View]
45192265Hone defense laws: Why is it illegal to kill or hurt someone breaking into my home? Like why do I ne…[View]
45190049>there are grug who still use club why not grug have bought spear yet? >long >point >thr…[View]
45191799Let’s pretend I was in Tampa Florida with my wife for Valentine’s Day. A group of faggots in an SUV …[View]
45188682Will airships ever make a come back?: I know this probably sounds retarded but when they 1st became …[View]
45191076Alright /k/, time for the 4 Chan post I might regret making the most. I have a rather expansive fire…[View]
45180829What can you do with used steel case shells? I know they might be good for one reload, but at that p…[View]
45163721PRECISION RIFLE GENERAL: Precision rifle general. We can shoot from hundreds of yards away with a 50…[View]
45189100/k/ Tank General: Chieftain edition[View]
45182807How can I learn more about entrenching?: Does anybody have any tips/resources on entrenchment? Not r…[View]
45190157what gun is this?[View]
45190600is there such a thing as a battle suit? shy doesn't any army make a battle suit?[View]
45187143Canada General (cangen, kangen): Dabs on the grabs edition New here? Want a firearm license? Read th…[View]
45191641Gear identification: What is the name of this piece of gear, it seems useful.[View]
45189687War Aesthetics: Let have a War Wave/ War Aesthetics thread lads. Both Images and Videos are welcomed…[View]
45191256So was it 5.56 NATO ball or 7.62 OTM? If it was the former then why'd that woman's eye fal…[View]
45189130If India and China do go to war like the rumors suggest will it be proof that nukes are essentially …[View]
45189863Hello /k/, i don't usually go on here, but since /his/ told me to go here for info, here is: I …[View]
45189152No gear queer thread, so... this one? I want to do a DIY/MYOG gun belt, and I see a lot of them use …[View]
45190817Why will we never get a more kino war? Fuck camouflage, looking cool is all that matters. Tactical t…[View]
45191131Historical Autism General: Swords, axes, polearms, and other melee weapons. Hell, we'd might as…[View]
45188211Wheres the best avenue to buy a gun from where I wont get jewed?[View]
45190873How was this used? Just fire it in the general direction of the tank and hope it somehow stops it? O…[View]
45175346I'm looking for a sturdy knife with some finger guards for /out/ related tasks, I like the ka-b…[View]
45185533>12 years between 1918 and 1930 >this is the best Italy can do Just copy a ZB-26 like PRACTICA…[View]
45190032Operational planning: Do we have any company commanders or higher on here? Whats it like planning an…[View]
45161592just bought one of these with my trump bux what am i in for?[View]
45190785Maritime helicopters: Post cargo, anti ship, anti submarine and AWACS choppers. Post missiles being …[View]
45184007>FIRES WITHOUT MAGAZINE why do so many semiautomatics print this unnecessary ugly text directly …[View]
45188737Would you go for a ride in a North Korean subs maiden voyage?[View]
45184096Can anyone help me confirm the authenticity of this?: Sorry if there is a more applicable place to p…[View]
45190547War is the most destructive thing ever. Pretty much no war in history was 'worth it'. Anyone who wis…[View]
45189865Aspiring AK owner: Hey /k/ im about to get my stimulus check and i think id like to build an AK, I…[View]
45182878AR General /arg/ #0293: LMT1 Anon is the perfect representation of /arg/ and it infuriates /arg/ bas…[View]
45190471This is almost has worse potential for humanity than the atomic bomb. Why are we so power hungry? Th…[View]
45190472GenII Beta C mags: Classic has some gen2 c-mags 99 bucks a pop the improvements sound nice $100 toy …[View]
45182417Best style of tannerite dog?: Gonna make my own tannerite dog, since the only style available online…[View]
45181876is it true that arab and mexican special forces are better and thougher than USA ones because they h…[View]
45189803If I were a woman, I would not respect an institution that I myself can join. I would not see any ma…[View]
45163803if you were a WWII-era partisan, what would be your weapon of choice?[View]
45184661Home invasion defense: Two mischievous looking nogs have been casing my house late each night from t…[View]
45189330/k/ursed guns: >post the worst you got, the worst the better >photoshops are welcome >let …[View]
45187513Does the AR-180B count as me little armalite? It can't even fold.[View]
45177379/EEEEEE/ - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: So how the FUCK do you prevent hearing damage in a combat/tactical situ…[View]
45175561/k/angaroos Australia General: loose springs: Edition >how to get your bangs https://www.firearmo…[View]
45185806Bluing General: I used Oxpho-Blue creme to touch up the bluing on my Norinco SKS. It works quite nic…[View]
45189512Russia Military Strategy: Impacting 21st Century Reform and Geopolitics: http://320.d-books.space/ge…[View]
45185683LVPO or red dot + magnifier?[View]
45188653Semi automatic or Fully automatic Why?[View]
45183736Should i join the military?: What Branch? Can you tell me if I should? Give me the push anons…[View]
45185966Let's talk about obscure conflicts that no one talks about. Pic related, a PLA scout with a typ…[View]
45159493Guerrilla Warfare Thread: Dump guerrilla warfare resources, knowledge, and ask questions about asymm…[View]
45187556whats going on in the universe where the us adopted the f23 and the commanche, and germany adopted t…[View]
45170986Shotgun general /SGG/: Post shotguns Rate shotguns Post ammo Post targets Post hunts Post anything t…[View]
45185962This exists[View]
45181157Any anons here mess around with archery, sling shots, slings, blowguns, knife throwing, or other non…[View]
45189066Will the military use thiss? And w: And why hasn't this been made before? https://youtu.be/sy_b…[View]
45181354Is this legal?[View]
45186115>'How about another joke, Thatcher?'[View]
45182775What the hell is this? The description says its a milled receiver ak shotgun from turkey. https://ww…[View]
45185430Artillery Thread: Discuss artillery. Post pics if you own any.[View]
45187887Any of you have any experience with one of these ? I've heard mixed opinions.[View]
45180563SQT Stupid Questions General: Post your dumb questions here[View]
45176873Hypothetically speaking, let's say there was a Military Coup in Canada that successfully overth…[View]
45179073here's some ideas i had to make 3d printed guns a little safer[View]
45188723sneeds feed and seed formerly chucks feeduck and seeduck[View]
45181608>tfw unironically fell for the .300 Blackout meme: anyone else have regrets?[View]
45160125New QTDDTOT - questions that don't: People who actually used 'I'm up; he sees me; i'm…[View]
45188371.22LRAP: TIG Tungsten, Tapered tip, 3/16 OAL Embeded to match original cartridge OAL Discuss, Predic…[View]
45188061In the recent meetup thread there was an actual lego gun, and someone asked for instructions. https:…[View]
45188467ACOG: >not getting your acog for free not gonna make it[View]
45180879need to buy a weapon for concealed carry. considering the M&P shield, is there any reason I shou…[View]
45172940>bullpups are so silly and ridiculous >giggles like a teenage girl with a crush when he shoot…[View]
45176506hey guys I think I'm gonna get home invaded what do I do now? I have cameras but this group…[View]
45181977Is there a better media authority for AKs than this guy? More and more I feel like he just wants to …[View]
45152327Does cuck related REALLY train cops? I knew standards were low but I still find it impossible to bel…[View]
45182028Post /k/ images from 1600-1900: Most aesthetic era of war coming through. Literature, music, photos,…[View]
45187757Memorial Day 2020 - U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club - U.S.S. Arizona Memorial https://youtu.be/IQOzUqdO…[View]
45185461irish uprising general: https://youtu.be/cdmhyEqCINM begin uprising brothers[View]
45181591Loadout thread: Its that time again /k/ time to show off[View]
45177425Is it a bad idea to leave a home-defense gun leaning against a corner in your bedroom? I live alone …[View]
45187623How often does /k/ water their planes? Is 2-3 times a day too much for my fly guy?[View]
45186519Weird barrel crown: Is this a problem?[View]
45174314Holster Thread: There's a lot of talk today about the M17/18 and pistol red dots. What is the b…[View]
45175712Are OATH slugs a meme?[View]
45168345What's the deal with these? Are they any better than the heritage rough riders?[View]
45178957Documentaries and shiet: recommend me some great military documentaries, particularly/k/ommando trai…[View]
45187586Turknology: thread to discuss turk guns[View]
45186233URGENT NEWS: PFC Chucklenuts reporting from the front, SIR! We have confirmed reports of a sniper in…[View]
45179753>a handgun without a rail is useless for home defence because you can't mount a light on it…[View]
45182057Wu-flu get: Hey /k/, /cm/ here. Just got this neat revolver the other day from my great uncle (the c…[View]
45086689Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical (or not-so-typical) fant…[View]
45186160Grandpa shot my truck: My Grandpa shot my truck. We were out in the back yard at the ranch plinking …[View]
45182850ITT: You have your own army/military force. They are in shape, trained, equipped, etc. However that …[View]
45176239What’s a reliable, cheap .308 that holds a 30 round magazine? I’m close to getting an AR-10, but I w…[View]
45174556Fudd lore vs Tacticool Lore: We've all heard the fuddlore >The AR-15 is useless for killing …[View]
45184482Post gun memes[View]
45184145Special forces: Are there any good special forces books that go in depth about their training/operat…[View]
45185867I’m looking to buy a pair of binoculars that will last. Are there any manufacturers you would recomm…[View]
45183875Canada General: New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu Don'…[View]

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