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48445614Pistol optic: Ive decided to embrace the future, and get a red dot for my glock. What are the must i…[View]
48435251The pinnacle of DA/SA pistols.[View]
48453692where I find guns price ? like blue book ?[View]
48453951AK Bros? Is my Zastava front sight messed up? It came from the factory like this, I haven’t shot it …[View]
48453791I need redpilled on Jeep Wranglstar: >See some shit in my recommendation about cold weather >W…[View]
48443215Been at it about 45 days just buying what I see. What should I concentrate on?: Should I wait for th…[View]
48451932Is this a useful training style?[View]
48412724What went wrong?: https://breakingdefense.com/2021/02/clean-sheet-f-16-replacement-in-the-cards-csaf…[View]
48453305ITT: /k/ tier lists[View]
48445806Fal is the best: Argue with my logic /k/[View]
48452574What revolver is J358? Is this customization possible in real life and legal?[View]
48452166>'Do you know why I'm called the Dragunov of the West?'[View]
48446731Is there any point in arming your military with bullpups besides for cavalry forces? The bullpup see…[View]
48450860You go to your LGS in search of ammo. They're out (surprise surprise) but the owner has bags of…[View]
48449480.308 Win: Hey /k/ this year I will be able to buy a gun and I want some tips. I am looking to get a …[View]
48441230No one cares if you operated: Anyone else annoyed with all these operators on Instagram, writing boo…[View]
48452382Absurd weapons thread: Post absurd weapons, IE: Weapons that are overkill, or just impractical. (tha…[View]
48448817thoughts on this homemade pistol? the master mind behind it was a 63yo no guns mechanic it jams tho …[View]
48447794Who makes the best FAL?[View]
48443048Why does /k/ hate the Tavor so much? Is it just because of it's nation of origin?[View]
48446954Ugly Cinema/Video game Guns: Why do video game devs make guns with style over authenticity? Does the…[View]
48438197What gun is in this picture?[View]
48445654F-35 Failed: Why are we incapable of doing ANYTHING right?[View]
48447038Maritime security/combat: How do gear, tactics, weapons/cartridge selection and training on a ship d…[View]
48449590https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PR_5GhfkjHE >remember what they took from you…[View]
48451803What are /k/'s thoughts on bao tactical? Picked up some level 3 plates for a decent price today…[View]
48448857Thinking of getting a 9mm gatling gun for my bedroom defense. Anyone have experience using these for…[View]
48452020War!: Your nation is invaded, How do you challenge the enemy, Post guns bush crafts and other goodie…[View]
48438573This is the US Army's newest helicopter Say something nice about her https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
48451805Bayonet: Anon are Mauser bayonets universal for other Mauser models I was just wondering if a k98 ba…[View]
48449361*shits out drones near your airspace*[View]
48451414So is this thing worth it or is it a big ol piece of shit even for the price?[View]
48447729revolvers > semi automatics prove me wrong[View]
48450050Russian commanders use Chinese SUVs now: Oh how the mighty have fallen...[View]
48451386Who has better subs, India VS China Pakistan Vs Iran? UK Vs France.[View]
48442367Could you defeat your doppelgänger in hand to hand combat?[View]
48448979Is there any defensive validity to putting stab proof IIIA plates in a backpack? My rationale is tha…[View]
48429516Thanks, Germany, I hate it.[View]
48446237Belt fed sniper rifle: Since the marines are using the m27 as both its lmg/saw and its dmr, how woul…[View]
48445128/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Rubber Gun Edition >Thread #1224 Old thread here >>48433…[View]
48442591Besides grip zone why does the HS/XDM pistol get so much hate?[View]
48444781Steve Rinella: Meat Eater: >hunts deer >then has a nice long cry…[View]
48417020Post your favorite military aircraft and other anons will tell you why it's wrong. I'll st…[View]
48442312Which is more badass: USMC in the Pacific or Army Rangers in Europe?[View]
484411276.8 Western: What does /k/ think about 6.8 Western? I’m wanting to pick up a Model 70 super grade in…[View]
48446723Tejas: How’d they pull it off, /k/? https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/02/24/india-tejas-advanced-fighte…[View]
48444183Now this is just LARP.[View]
48449213ITT: Stealth Missiles.[View]
48448332What caliber works best for removing coyotes and other big/medium sized pests?[View]
48444651yeah, it's over The MP5/Q honey Badger videos were the peek Press S to spit[View]
48446909/akg/ AK General: /akg/ AK General Kid friendly edition >Thread #1224 Old bread >>48433073…[View]
48450414Help identifying what kind of VP9 Plate I have: I’ve been trying to find out what kind of red dot si…[View]
48446549Well well well, I see you have returned..[View]
48447001Squrrel-Crow War: I saw a couple of squirrels fighting each other today with rocks and I saw several…[View]
48423757Patch thread: Trade, create and sell your patches here Previous thread: >>48397768 Where can I…[View]
48417362/FNV/ General: Fallout NV Themed GunsN'Shit: /FNV/ General: Fallout Themed GunsN'Shit Why …[View]
48449487locking shell carrier: So the SPAS-12 and Remington Model 11 use a locking shell carrier, what is th…[View]
48440393Why aren't their more guns that use the same recoil mitigation technology as the Kriss Vector?[View]
48447744LMT vs KAC: LMT MRP >Monolithic upper >Quick-change barrels >Enhanced bolt >Majority par…[View]
48448773Worth it?[View]
48448207Remember this island in the South Sea? What could China do out of Israel's largest shipping por…[View]
48449121If the Glock had a pope it would be Johny 'Buscemi' Glocks.[View]
48443889Canada General: >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu htt…[View]
48423376Favorite armored vehicle?[View]
48448631dsa king?[View]
484451249x19mm ammo for innawoods: If I want to go larping beyond the grid with my PCC, what would be the be…[View]
48447579EOTWAWKI gunsmithing: If you couldn't access retailers because they've all disappeared for…[View]
48438460>'ugh, guns...so uncivilized' >proceeds to bash things with a glowing stick until they stop mo…[View]
48442421Suppressor Design: I'm looking into designing and building a novel type of suppressor. I need i…[View]
48445975.338 Federal: This round is criminally underrated.[View]
48436100Ukraine: >War in Donbas aesthetic https://youtu.be/NOCbW1hc6Ng Any kommandos go over there? Got a…[View]
48438327>Pretty much all actual combat footage involves dudes fast walking or just doing a weird half run…[View]
48446374what is the gun equivalent of an Infiniti G35? >hard mode, no .380[View]
48444687/k/angaroos Australia general: MFW we have world-class gun laws edition >/k/angaroos big bible of…[View]
48448758Gun transfer: So I have an interesting question, so in a state like Michigan where you can get a pis…[View]
48419200/ak/ Thread - t h i c c Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread >>48405470 'Thick and…[View]
48448488Imagine being killed by a Fagot.[View]
48441980Fulton Armory: who here has a Fulton gun? either m1 carbine, m14, AR, whatever. I'm considering…[View]
48442955/arg/ TRIPFAG CONTAINMENT / TRIPFAG DEVGRU / BULLYZONE: angry anon replies to this post edition Old:…[View]
48441733Why is building a nuclear powered ship difficult? Russia and China both cannot do it. What is the e…[View]
48442536SA-58 FAL?: Anyone have good knowledge of FALS? Theres a DSA FN Fal copy that recently appeared in a…[View]
48442087Are the French Foreign Legion like a special force? I'm 32 and the max age to join is 39. I…[View]
48446647Hey soldier, do you know who's in command here?[View]
48448186Chest rig question: Does anyone know what these straps at the bottom of my Blackhawk commando rig ar…[View]
48405396Post your favorite gun that you actually own.[View]
48444395>order real trijicon and chinese airshit clone off amazon >refund real model, keep the real mo…[View]
48442769Spaghetti Gats: Post your Italian guns. Italians are a strange culture. When they’re not interested …[View]
48442653US Naval Boat Porn Thread: Simple Pictures of big boats[View]
48429835Since planes were used as weapons on 9/11, did Al Qaeda's plan really make the most of the four…[View]
48447730/lackin/ general: Why u out here playin with out your shit, /k/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eC…[View]
48423841ROLL CALL: All Ohianons sound off! 937 czeching in![View]
48443949ITT: ETC Guns: Electrothermal-chemical technology is most likely going to be the future of MBT main …[View]
48446514/bg/ - Brasil General: Monkeys rejoice, the Supreme Court is trying to remove everything Bolsonaro d…[View]
48396445/BST/ Buy Sell Trade: No girls allowed edition[View]
48431597GA /k/ - We won't get b& again: Georgia thread. The weather is getting nice so it's ti…[View]
48437649Advantages of Aluminum Cased Ammunition: From what I've read, the principle advantage of brass …[View]
48441675ITT, favorite gun you own and what you think it says about you. Pic related. That I want to be able …[View]
48444633Barrels made from materials other than steel? I’m curious about all the crazy experiments over the c…[View]
48447290Step aside SIG, theres a new NGSW in town. Behold, the future of warfare![View]
48447167A third layer of Armor Protection: I was just thinking, could Another thing that might protect the m…[View]
48445336ENOUGH of this Multicam vs M81 shitflinging contest: Post ERDL[View]
48447105Venezuelan weapons: weapons that come from Venezuelan or at least had been on the country? mainly fr…[View]
48446136Newb here: Can i put this patch on this type of shirt? Where abouts? Can i hand sew it? Sorry 4 dog …[View]
48445498/gmg/ I don't have all the copy shit edition: There isn't one around right now so I'm…[View]
48443944>rifle two's critical stuff![View]
48444661Comtacs Durability: Figured I'd ask you folks since there's probably more knowledge on the…[View]
48427459mismatch thread: >.380 in makarov >9x19 pushed into makarov chamber (kaboom warning) >9x18 …[View]
48443269Affordable bolt action .308: I’m looking to get my first gun, affordable as in under $750 complete p…[View]
48441780The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because it knows where it isn't. By s…[View]
48442830M1A: Hey /k/, I just bought this very M1A about a month ago and I'm getting around to the EBR p…[View]
48440682Pa General: Welcome to Pennsylvania Our names too long, pseudo-rednecks rule the range along with fu…[View]
48397972/k/ approved movies: I'll start[View]
48429265This is what a glock with 4000 rounds through it that has been carried for 2 years and showered with…[View]
48435343Italy WW2: What were they thinking?[View]
48437396Compliant guns thread[View]
48445418Would a 5.7 be better in mp5 or mp7?: Someone posted a thread a couple of days ago asking /k/ what k…[View]
48441928can anyone of you /k/ommandos identify the patch of the guy on the left?[View]
48445369Bad Listings: Just the fucking worst.[View]
48444630Thoguhts /k/?: https://www.change.org/p/sylvania-city-council-stop-shooting-range-gun-store-from-occ…[View]
48442450Why did the chinese go to the type 81 over the type 56? The type 56 automatic rifle being 'more or l…[View]
48441818Can this be cleaned? Is there anything I can use to clean it and see through it?[View]
48440906ridiculous: fuck off[View]
48435207In this thread we post cruisers.[View]
48440659Fuck stopping power, fuck capacity, fuck reliability. You should only (open) carry guns that look ba…[View]
48439457Anybody know places to rent nv in arizona wanna try it out.[View]
48424792Black owned gun store: Based on his comments in this article I don't think he actually cares ab…[View]
48434866War Aesthetics Thread: Post genereal aestetika, images, webm, videos etc I'll start off with th…[View]
48430718Does anybody even pay attention to these? Went out to eat with family and the restaurant had a sign …[View]
48423533/brg/ Battle Rifle General: To lazy to take my own picture addition. Previous:>>48400554…[View]
48430996Do world powers actually have any contingencies for an invasion by an advanced alien species, or is …[View]
48427640>HK won yet another legal battle >Haenel to be disqualified This week there will be an officia…[View]
48444159is this a good deal /k/? it would be my first gun. is this gun any good for it's price, and wha…[View]
48425802is it even possible to beat a guerilla army?[View]
48433073/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Sleek Edition >Thread #1223 Old thread here >>48422014…[View]
48433351Good full sized carry pistol?: I'm trying to sell my CZ Shadow Tactical II to get something tha…[View]
48438177/ARG/ - TRIPFAG CONTAINMENT - EUGENE APPRECIATION THREAD: We hate facebook edition old >>48431…[View]
48436835How is this Armscor shit? This was the only reasonably priced .22lr I could find in significant amou…[View]
48439558lgs stories: >go to brand new fun store in town >the owner is the same guy who owns the range …[View]
48441451whats the best 12ga shotgun on the market that isn't sold out everywhere for under $500? no wei…[View]
48443328Sorry Phoenix Anon, they found your stash. Should have dug deeper, and put some cosmoline on them. …[View]
48436105Have a USC. Want to make an UMP45. Good idea? Bad idea? HKaboo thread I guess.[View]
48440559Canada General - VZ58 edition: >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pastebin.c…[View]
48437026/k/'s thoughts on Composite Metal Foam (CMF): Barring classified info, there don't seem to…[View]
48434408MilSim Suicide Bomber: How do you manage to pull off a MilSim suicide bomber without... actually blo…[View]
48440431Gun art that you did: Drew this and sent it out to be laser engraved on my Glock 19[View]
48441364Is or isn’t it practical to carry both a red dot and a light on my handgun? I’m a big guy so I can g…[View]
48442226FN FAL Copy - DSA?: Anyone have good knowledge of FALS? Theres a DSA FN Fal copy that recently appea…[View]
48443174I have just recently been coerced into accepting a lucrative part time job, all money earned is pure…[View]
48440598What does /k/ think of my fictional gun?[View]
48418231What weapon would you bring? https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2021/02/22/chinese-military-shares-alle…[View]
48442948I will be buying an FAL this week. What's the best model or option. I want the best bang for my…[View]
48442206Post your dream ride[View]
48434136Why spend a massive budget to make buggies on steroids while you could just join the Hilux side if y…[View]
48434170Bong-Niggers: What were they thinking? Why can't the bong-niggers design ANYTHING?[View]
48428933/gq/ - Gear Queer: Slopes Edition >General guide http://gearqueer.info >Discord butthole Previ…[View]
48439011A2 Clone: Good afternoon, /k/ I am interested in building an M16a2 clone over the next month, but I…[View]
48435941if you find a bag of guns what would you do https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/video/2021/02/24/homeowne…[View]
48441855GP5 and other masks: So I am thinking about picking up a GP5 for shits and I know the old soviet fil…[View]
48435817POG MOS should not exist: I am the infantry i came from just graduated recently from C 1-50 the best…[View]
48441013NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg - adding solar panels to tanks: “NATO should do its part to …[View]
48441728/srgg/ stolen russian gear general: So heres the deal: I know about the whole embargo thing on russi…[View]
48428693/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Essayons Edition previously on /meg/ >>48419503 Lieing ab…[View]
48440141Hey /k/. Im sure similar threads have been made to this one. But im making it anyway. My gf needs an…[View]
48439166is this a real kel light? the end cap says kel but it seems too new or fake idk takes 3 d cells.[View]
48434335the spaghetti uzi > the original uzi[View]
48427753You get a gun of your choosing for free (could be of any class) and without having to go through any…[View]
48436641How far back could you dial back?: >Bullshit scenario: Insane lawmakers ban anything recent, so Y…[View]
48437612Why do people insist that gun features and modifications that make a difference in competition shoot…[View]
48418769Is there any reason to prefer a pcc over a micro roni? Assuming one has many g19s on hand?[View]
48440455Is applying for a suppressor/CWP basically giving the gov’t a list of who to rekt when they come to …[View]
48439770Big boy bullets: I summon you, giant order of nine angels poster... 10mm and 357 sig are fun and pow…[View]
48433629So I waited way too fucking long to buy an AR pistol so I might as well do it now, how's this f…[View]
48438125What are the best desiccant options that /k/ uses? I live in a humid area and I have to keep an eye …[View]
48438607F-15A (ALPHA) F-15B (BEAST) F-15C (CHAD) F-15D (DESTROYER) F-15E (EVISCERATOR) F-15J (JUDGEMENT) F-1…[View]
48439526What is /k's/ opinion on spending over $500 on wartorn antique guns? Pic related is a 1934 Bere…[View]
48439976ITT: artsty photographs of your guns[View]
48440600if NOAA/NWS had a camo, what'd it be?[View]
48439680Building a CETME L: How's it hanging /k/ommandos, On my recent adventure into building, I order…[View]
48435045>south american militaries finally trade out their FALs for 556 assault rifles (most in the form …[View]
48434312Germany needs living space. Living space in the east. China is in the east. If germany had moved tro…[View]
48440185sarsilmaz: Anyone have any opinions about it? got a box of some 9mm from them today.[View]
48439699ach's are fucking gay: bring back the kettle hat[View]
48436493/cangen/ Canada General - Traphouse Edition: >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: http…[View]
48390320>USP in 9mm Is this the patrician choice, /k/? I know everyone loves to obsess over .45 Auto but …[View]
48438886>Silent >Doesn't require any fuel >Allows you to carry way more shit without fucking u…[View]
48440143ITT abominations to humanity[View]
48440208Nickel Plated Sissy Pistol Thread: >Because Real Men Carry Glocks Edition…[View]
48405965The Sword Thread: Why is there no sword thread? Who is the best sword guy for learning about swords …[View]
48436551Why are operators typically so goddamn sexy?[View]
48419215Wheres that wave of cheap second hand rifles? you guys said all these new gun buyers where gonna reg…[View]
48439868/K/mandos thoughts on the new armalite?: im about to pick up my second armalite ltc. im really diggi…[View]
48437877do you wear a combat shirt?[View]
48399215Beretta General: Just gotta clean her up[View]
48437108Is my Albion knightly sword a good buy? It was about $500[View]
48439629For what purpose[View]
48436235Shoulder holster vs hip one? I'm new to gun carrying relatively speaking, and I need to (legall…[View]
48436669Wood and steel: Post hunting and sporting firearms and other fudd guns.[View]
48439515Jarvis Barrels: Are jarvis barrels any good /k/? seems like it's damn near impossible to find a…[View]
48430964ITT: Post old weapons, made during and before WW2, being used in modern conflicts.[View]
48409365Have you ever convinced someone to abandon their anti-gun ideas, /k/?[View]
48438033Dardo IFV: How bad / good are Italian IFVs compared to other Western or Soviet counterparts?[View]
48425556Buy a FAL: Hey, you should buy s FAL. Get one with wood furniture. Be a man. Take the battle rifle p…[View]
48426708>Here's your new subcompact bro[View]
48437187Is this a decent AR for a newbie?: I’m looking for a AR never had one I only own a Smith & Wesso…[View]
48400612Why aren't soldiers super ripped?[View]
48438082Can I get a handgun registered in my name if it’s already registered in my friend’s name? A good fri…[View]
48426283Post woman cringe[View]
48437719Why Germany, why?[View]
48438653>weather is getting better >snow is melting >soon can finally go back innawoods >can fin…[View]
48438711So we're the South Vietnamese actually that bad or we're they just unequipped and overwhel…[View]
48438031Is there any reason I should spend three times as much on a trijicon for a CCW red dot? I know it’s …[View]
48399880QTDDTOT: Are the beans in the bottom right corner meant to look like 00 B for 00 buck or am I autist…[View]
48437584Hi /k/, /co/ here. I really don't know much of anything about knives, like what makes a knife g…[View]
48429688Bought this paperweight today for $220 locally: Kek or cringe? Should I keep it or try to trade it f…[View]
48426586Training the cheap way: Well, I got an airsoft AK to train bc ammo is high as crap. Who else uses ai…[View]
48437627What if equip the M1 Abrams with a T-90 gun and autoloader and 'Relikt' reactive armor?: Would it be…[View]
48429406If you were the leader of a nation and had to manufacture and arm your soldiers with one gun, which …[View]
48434773REAL NORINCO IRON: We're not talking about small arms sold to obese mutts here. I'll start…[View]
48436448ChemRail when?: Why can't this gun exist? >The ChemRail has a high rate of fire, and its hig…[View]
48437721Do you even run room clearing drills in your house?[View]
48437952Are shooting sticks worth it for deer hunting? Go with a tripod or just a simple monopod? Some say y…[View]
48426251Fuck you: I'm going to hunt deer with my M1 Garand and you can't stop me.[View]
48436351Hi /k/, Former US Army infantry officer here, what do you think about my new piece I just picked up…[View]
48438068/k/ Nevada Division: Warming up edition Previous meet success, future meet planning underway Join th…[View]
48435114/bpg/ - Bullpup General: Poorfag gun in a richfag class edition Reminder to all AR fags who like to …[View]
48412716South African militias: I know how you guys enjoy aesthetics, especially out of Africa. Here are a f…[View]
48416398Whats a good gas mask /k/?[View]
48437614Will the French come back to a more conventional design?[View]
48431468/ARG/ - AR15 THREAD - STONER ZONE - TRIPFAG CIRCLEJERK: Anon thinks we need HUDs to get better at sh…[View]
48436337Left handed AR necessary?: Sorry for the b8 pic, I'm just wondering if I as a left handed shoot…[View]
48435270Single shootz: Fudd tier shite or forward thinking in a time of limited ammo availability?[View]
484365926mm ARC: What's the deal with this cartridge? Everyone was hyping it up a year or two ago. Sinc…[View]
484342745.7 vs 22 tcm: You are on your way to pick up your Jollibee spaghetti and fried chicken Do you bring…[View]
48436841I'm looking to get myself a 10mm handgun for CC. I'm a relatively big guy and was eyeing u…[View]
48437212Survival weapon: Anon, what is a good gun to have for war and for the apocalypse? I fear dark times …[View]
48424413Just admit it /k/, Glocks are perfection. Yea other guns run better in unrealistic conditions slight…[View]
48425045Baby Tanks vs 50 bmg?: I really like the aesthetic of baby tanks. I really hate that so many of them…[View]
48434318>Russian Iskander missile system was completely useless, says Armenian Prime Minister Vatnikbros?…[View]
48435868Want to gift my friend a bullet: Hello /k/ i got my hands on two 9mm fmjs. I want to make a pendant …[View]
48421445Inter-Vehicular Combat: Am I wrong to assume a fair amount of vehicular combat if society were to ev…[View]
48430679Poorfag Helmet: Will I Die With This One?: Mostly plan to use it for night vision but would be nice …[View]
48436842Does the Patriot need a replacement or complement?: In a war with a difficult adversary, US airfield…[View]
48425344What happened to the weapons in Vietnam after the war? There must have been a fuckload of guns in th…[View]
48422680Handgun General /hg/ #541: Peepeepoopoo I dont like having to make the thread edition.[View]
48435907Redpill me: What are the significant differences between 9mm VS 357sig VS 40S&W VS 10mm, and whi…[View]
48431881Man, this may sound extremely gay and also autistic for a thread, however I've always wanted to…[View]
48436594https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZivGjVgXuQ Please post more depressing war videos like this.[View]
48435005Hello /k/ bros: Never really had much interest or knowledge in weapons other than my support for it …[View]
48428620PCC 9mm.: Trying to complete my Gun Safe with a decent PCC 9mm. Can’t drop serious money on a MPX or…[View]
48421577Home made primers: I've posted a lot of my progress with reloading primers recently on the last…[View]
48436302Are there any brands besides streamlight who make good light/laser combos? My LGS has a cheap Amazon…[View]
48429677AMMO INC TO BUY GUNBROKER: >AMMO, Inc. (AMMO), an Arizona-based munition company best known for i…[View]
48434429I recently took my LTC course and I’m waiting to get my license. I’m still looking at holsters and a…[View]
48436154Would it be possible to equip some commercial airliners with simple anti-missile countermeasures for…[View]
48430611Canada General: >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu htt…[View]
48426821https://youtu.be/77j0o_Dh6o0 Imagine being so smart and wise to shoot up a gun store. Has GTA taugh…[View]
48428989How white trash is it to store ammo in drink bottles? You can fit a brick of .22 in a 32oz Gatorade …[View]
48425748.338 Norma Magnum LWMMG: fuck all soul niggers, this has gotta be the most based thing I've see…[View]
48398159Minor Modern Conflicts Thread: Going to post some pics from modern minor conflicts as I find the aes…[View]
48433526>Sears used to sell FN and Husqvarna Mausers and Sako L46s “Greatest” Generation and Boomers trul…[View]
48430727>2nd pair of HAIX boots finally came in after four days and three day weather delay >fit a lot…[View]
48435878Share art for backplates: I drew this one for my Glock 19 Gen 5 project[View]
48422355Gun schematics: Hello /3/ here ! I want to model realistic guns so ... /k/ where can I find or get g…[View]
48434381Pre-Covid I remember hearing stories about the US buying a fuckton of jets that did not work, or cou…[View]
48432342why does anyone in their right mind israeli carry (i.e. without one in the chamber)? just use a thum…[View]
48434536first gun: hello /k/, I just moved to Texas and feel the need to get a gun for self defence, thinkin…[View]
48431264Where can i find cheap walther ppk/s. pretty pls I'm a retard when it comes to gun shopping onl…[View]
48434349greece unvealed their usv project after 2 years of testing 2 versions 1)ecm 2)fast attack wth 8 hel…[View]
48431061So whos gun's are these? They were found in a duffle bag buried in a backyard in Phoenix[View]
48431483Ok here me out here We take one of these increase the friction and put it on the bottom of a gun[View]
48432668Surplus Flecktarn Patch Identification: Ordered/ imported a 2009 Flecktarn field shirt and has this …[View]
48428999Worst military ever: >treat conscripts like shit >paid 500 bucks a month and work to death as…[View]
48431443Wasn’t this the name of some really stupid fucking tacticool youtube channel? I’m not a weapons pers…[View]
48426695ITT: things that make you not want to buy/sell a gun to someone. I'll start. >responds to my…[View]
48434657Why did the Soviets choose a padded helmet over a hard cover helmet? Are they still issued or have t…[View]
48432999Hey /k/, how would you rate this shoot? Pretty sure it's up there with PHYSICAL REMOVAL. https:…[View]
48421721Would people still have bitched about .280 British in the GPMG role?: Pretty much title related. In …[View]
48425096What made him so popular? Why did he have such a huge following?[View]
48425844If carriers are a big target then why not get rid of them and use ships such as more cruisers & …[View]
48428842Caseless: Aside from heat, what engineering/manufacturing/etc challenges stand in the way of mass ad…[View]
48432527Draw a gun Others guess what it is[View]
48434388MYOG: Anyone have any experience with MYOG? I have a few things i want to make, but am unexperienced…[View]
48429403Armslist General: Alright which one of you fags is this?[View]
48428973Is it feasible to use sim rounds for crowd control and live ammo as back up?[View]
48430049Japan: Was it autism or pure retardation?[View]
48431459uk-legal: Amerifags, what do you think of this UK legal 1911?[View]
48427134EOTech XPS2 vs Vortex UH1?: I have astigmatism so I'm looking into getting a holographic sight …[View]
48421851Is it true that weaboos have better guns and gear than normalfags?[View]
48433858I want this thing, or should I get the chinese SAIGA (lynx)?[View]
48433430Finally satisfied my want for a shotgun. Definitely overpaid but I'm happy with it. What do you…[View]
48429740Would you work in the Navy?: Why and why not? Personally I'm thinking of signing up for the Iri…[View]
48432872Were there any rifled firearms that are classified as antiques that were chambered for modern rounds…[View]
48421465America is my home. Call me a burger, a mutt, a fatass, or what you will, but I know what's com…[View]
48433310/k/ you seem to know alot of guns. Is there any more pictures on this? All, I know it's the th…[View]
48433320post your custom home defense shells[View]
48403833How do Russians do it: Economy worse then Italy because of sanctions Still manages to >best SAM…[View]
48417105>open the door >get on the floor >everybody walk the AT4…[View]
48415719Is there a difference between 'Scouting' and 'Reconaissance'?[View]
48428923K, settle this for me once and for all.: Are binary triggers a meme? Would this be a fun mod or woul…[View]
48433178Why are Russian Kirza pouches so wholesome , this is good equipment[View]
48429483What went wrong?[View]
48428400Hand sign for gun owners: Are there any hands signs to covertly show your support for the second ame…[View]
48432908EDC guns: what gun should I put in my EDC kit? I like to be prepared points are : compact size, maxi…[View]
48430755>be Germany >observe Italy's 'performance' in the last war >'Sure, welcome to the team…[View]
48426597120mm isn't enough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8Sa_q-Lz6g[View]
48428391Sellll: Decided im gonna go ahead and sell my 9mm carbine. I've put 3 (150) boxes through it an…[View]
48428451What kind of steel plate was V wearing? He managed to take multiple hits from pistol rounds (submach…[View]
48422748war of rights: Looking to expand my collection of artwork depicting the war of northern agression. P…[View]
48416835ITT Beautiful Guns: All eras, all styles, post 'em![View]
48428292Is there any point in getting tritium/fiber optic night sights if you already have a light? I’m in t…[View]
48425431Life path and other pointless questions: Hello, /k/. I've come with a bit of question and hopin…[View]
48431005is spray on finishes for guns fake and ghey? or is it based and red pilled. help me decide what kind…[View]
48429252What’re your choices?: I’m sure this bread has come up plenty of times before on /k/. haven’t seen o…[View]
48429387Homemade Weapons: Who else has made their own personal death traps? I plan on making a hand gonne/fi…[View]
48422014/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Puffing Smoke Edition >Thread #1222 Old thread here >>48…[View]
48398816Military lies that you wish you knew before you enlisted: >Everything is free once your in >MF…[View]
48424397Lasers: Do you think lasers are a viable option for self defense? a decent one could flash blind som…[View]
48413873Beyond Nuclear Weapons: What technology can replace nukes? That is, how do we maximize blast, minimi…[View]
48430618What are the best tools and pets for removing vermin? The rats are coming and I'd like a air ri…[View]
48427574thoughts on this homemade pistol? it jams for some reason https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9034021/mar…[View]
48427292/arg/ TRIPFAG CONTAINMENT / TRIPFAG DEVGRU / BULLYZONE: /arg/ Alloy Rifle General: Discuss how many …[View]
48426815Over/Under Thread: I'm looking to buy an over under for less than $750. Rn I'm looking at …[View]
484284259x25 Dillion: 357 sig is 40 cal with a 9mm bullet where as 9x25 is 9mm necked to 10mm with alleged n…[View]
48420739When should your finger enter the trigger guard in a combat scenario?: We all know that everyone is …[View]
48422820Is there anything cooler than a little bird?[View]
48430710money laundering on gunbroker?: excuse me but what the fuck https://www.gunbroker.com/item/893183393…[View]
48426746CANADA GENERAL[View]
48416221Fire support app: Alright guys I have the absolute best idea for an app that would let civilians wor…[View]
48419316Woobie zipper mod?: So I have a classic styled woobie that my girlfriend bought me for my birthday. …[View]
48399175Which Glock to get?: Lets say I have a 20, 29, 48, 17, and 19. And for....reasons....I believe money…[View]
48418361Martian Weapons: Any subjective info on martian weapondary especially their capital battleships, car…[View]
48427679WEBM/GIF THREAD: Anything /k/ goes but self-defense encounters and educational content preferred. Vi…[View]
48425896is there a point for countries like greece wanting to buy the A variant of the f35? i mean im not a …[View]
48413016What's the first rule of gun safety?[View]
48417135VZ Appreciation Bread: Leaf or not, post your Czech-Fil-A here. Anyone know any good chest rigs for …[View]
48428657Ever bought anything made by these guys?[View]
48415388ITT Tank Silencers: Though examples were known to have been used in covert operations (at least, tha…[View]
48413307Fuck it, nobody else is doing this so I'm going to make my own semi-auto pistol cartridge. >…[View]
48423509Why is every gun owner such a woman when it comes to gun finishes?: Why is every gun owner such a co…[View]
48427748The true barometer of your local gun scene: What a sad and derelict situation. Dudes unloading break…[View]
48416269Reminder: this is still an option. Findom-35 isn't the only choice. >'MUH VTOL!' Shut up!…[View]
48419603>WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FUCKING OVERPRICED >cuz the boomer who owns that gun is just bidding you…[View]
48424324Will china use Chemical & Bio weapons in event of a invasion?[View]
48423972Body armor has single handedly taken almost all excitement from small arms combat. What's the p…[View]
48418583Nutnfancy Reviews Steiner DBAL A3: Tells his retarded viewers to buy Olight instead LMAO HE SOLD OU…[View]
48419503/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Updated Fort Jackson Diary Edition previously on /meg/ >>…[View]
48416121/gq/ - Gear Queer: Soaked Edition >General guide http://gearqueer.info >Discord fags Previous:…[View]
48425373PCC vs Mini AK: I'm currently deciding between a CZ Scorpion Evo and an imported Mini AK. Given…[View]
48402142Idex 2021 General Thread #1: LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO IDEX 2021 starts today >What is IDEX ? IDEX is …[View]
48413240Small Quad Drones in Urban Warfare: what do you think about this? you can basically make ones yourse…[View]
48425817i dunno why but i wanna share this picture with you guys of my dog and gun-jesus. Manta passed away …[View]
48425330>want to practice with new rifle before going hunting with it >all ammo is sold out except for…[View]
48407410Killdozer 2.0: How would you make it /k/ This would be my plan[View]
48409335dumb myths about WW2 about their corrections: >germany started the war by invading poland britain…[View]
48428028Idk if anyone saw the thread but I found and converted AR7 files to stl. now you fags gotta buy em h…[View]
48427431/IG/ Israel general: Canada has one, here's one for the few israeli anons here, Share what you …[View]
48410095Outside of lapring, in what real world scenarios would body armor be useful to civilians? It kinda s…[View]
48422753My country just received its first HIMARS system from the US. Was it a good purchase?[View]
48358072new innawoods loadout what do you think? https://innawoods.net/[View]
48427142Ammo Scrounging General: Report any locations near you that have ammo. Let's beat the Boomers a…[View]
48423510I’m in the market for a fiber optic set of sights, what should I get? Truglo looks cheap but I see s…[View]
48425845Becoming a private military contractor: Okay guys so I'm sick of jerking off all day and wastin…[View]
48426285Is this site legit?: Is the site, South Africa military surplus.co.za a legitimate site to buy milsu…[View]
48389008BRNO PSD: Any reason I shouldn't buy one aside from fucking expensive? They have all the featur…[View]
48422619Where do I get one?: Money is not the issue, I just need to know where to get one.[View]
48426581Why is it difficult for civilians to acquire fully automatic weapons? How to get an AK that is selec…[View]
48417783Does anyone know where I can get a stripped or complete BCM lower?[View]
48422523Is it normal to sweep my house?: Always in the morning, and before I go to bed I sweep my house if t…[View]
48425424Visiting from /v/ for a question about a fictional character's gun. What model of firerm would …[View]
48411543The top US Air Force officer has likened the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to a Ferrari that should be d…[View]
48426035Under the castle doctrine and peaceable journey clause, can I legally carry a loaded handgun in my c…[View]
48426709I miss when I was young and my grandpa would take me into his backyard and we'd shoot revolvers…[View]
48422321hey /k/ how do you feel about this 50 bmg converted 1911[View]
48410782be honest /k/: When's the last time you used the forward assist?[View]
48397191Halo General Thread: Bought it for 800 credits, how did I do? The barrel is a little rough but the d…[View]
48420783Post surprisingly old equipment that's still in active use. I'll start. >buff >68 ye…[View]
48421319How Viable is Pocket Sand in a fight?: It seems like it would be a better diversion tactic than some…[View]
48423186Any HEMA fags around here?: How valid is that baldie's opinion? https://youtu.be/aBaSuw5iXLA Sh…[View]
48426032Alternate Bullets: Hey /k/ would a gun be able to fire bullets it isn't made to fire if the bul…[View]
48426126will fighters that launch missiles be rendered obsolete within a couple decades by this kind of shit…[View]
48411584Hypothetical: If you could rechamber a gun, what cartridge would make the best pair for it?[View]
48419598Paramilitary Training: How do paramilitary's train and organize? Everything from the YPG to Ukr…[View]
48422786Canada General: >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu htt…[View]
48420097/arg/ - ASSAULT RIFLE-15 general: You're not in the military. You're not being backed up w…[View]
48426031I need a cleaning kit what a good one, is brass better than aluminum ? what about bore snakes[View]
48420002Im going to get a 20' upper and Im almost set on an HBAR upper but everyone says theyre unwieldy and…[View]
48368819black powder general /BPG/: thread dedicated to all things black powder[View]
48425966Lipstick on a pig: Digging through an old folder of shit from 10+ years back. Here's my .40 cal…[View]
48411531If the germans had simply focus on the production of armored car destroyers, we would of been speaki…[View]
48418721post that tfw when no ammo[View]
48420982Should I trade?: Help convince me to trade or not to trade my 9mm carbine and shotgun for a 308 rifl…[View]
48409727How to learn about guns extremely fast: Hi /k/ I sort of fucked up. I lied to someone about my profi…[View]
48423375The Romanian Ak: Did you know there is a weird Romanian AK with a weird handle?[View]
48424659How sick is this optic combo?[View]
4841964478 years ago today, the USS Iowa was commissioned into service. Say something nice about it.[View]
48425654Is this book still useful/relevant?: >On Guerrilla Warfare is Mao Zedong’s case for the extensive…[View]
48423646For me, it's the gunspear.[View]
48420611Legality of Shoulder Brace on AR-15?: Hey about to buy a sig m400 ar-15 rifle. Can someone explain t…[View]
4842299864gr m856 vs 62gr m856a1: I know the A1 has a copper core and is lighter but is there any other bene…[View]
48422791Did taurus make a tracker without the logo on the barrel?: Im kinda glad its clean, but im trying to…[View]
48425019>police and military personnel go around saying that they're pro-2A >police enforces anti…[View]
48407600Left: Soul Right: Soulless[View]
48416419QTDDTOT: New thread because last one is almost kill. My uncle gave me this Winchester model 12 from …[View]
48424360Tools As Weapons: What would be your first choice of hand tool to defend yourself with? I'm thi…[View]
48424306Benelli M4 Military Version?: Where can i find the fucking military version of the Benelli M4?? All …[View]
48403547If you could legally own a tank or military vehicle and use it as your every day vehicle which one w…[View]
48410126SAM Thread, post your favorite system and critique each others choices[View]
48377986Infographic Thread: Post infographics and helpful information.[View]
48416958I'm probably the biggest EU shill on this board so i'm not saying this just to be a Lockhe…[View]
48422279Mil Shotguns: Aside from the WWI trench shotgun meme, are shotguns viable for use on a wide scale in…[View]
48424470parts kit general: hey guys i was wondering about getting this parts kit https://everygunpart.com/sa…[View]
48424171>Mogs your favorite bomber Nothing personell, kid[View]
48419885Bankrupt Gunshops: So we are now a year into the plandemic and its only obvious things arent getting…[View]
48408789Would you buy a gun someone committed suicide with? https://www.gunbroker.com/item/893107213[View]
48423367What would be the best type of oil to dump onto a winding mountain road to create a death trap?[View]
48414444ANON HITS THE AMMO JACKPOT: >go to casino >end up breaking even >come home >see ammo del…[View]
48423933Why doesn't the army just modify troops who have lost limbs to take weapon attachments? You…[View]
48422681WTF PALMETTO STATE ARMORY: Last time I got an email alert that the AKV9 was in stock? It was in stoc…[View]
48410614Represent Brothers: One is a real man's gun, the other is for beta cucks![View]
48418665Taurus?: Hello /k/, I'm from a generic third world country and I'm interested in getting …[View]
48419434Im bidding for a wasr but its creeping to over $1100. I just want to get some imports before theyre …[View]
48423544And I'll take a 1903; nickel plate.[View]
48423549What scope is this on the fn fal?: Help k[View]
48416452RTO: I just got my deployment roster for a future deployment, and I’ve been made the RTO. Does anyon…[View]
48419705Does black stick out or actually blend in when it’s dark? I’m looking on getting a kit like this but…[View]
48421526EDC Thread: Every Day Carry: r/roastme edition[View]
48422890/k/odex: Hey, is the codex still around. That massive archive we had going on? I lost my link and ba…[View]
48422805Can someone explain this for me? I've been noticing a trend of shooters with this really exagge…[View]
48414080'There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.': 'You cannot invade the mainland United States.…[View]
48416533Would you send your kids to a military school?[View]
48422222rate my rifle: I think it's cool[View]
48421965AR-7: I just like it, bros.[View]
48422665If I were the ATF, and I wanted to fuck everyone, I'd change the barrel measurement method to i…[View]
4840668712.5 mid length reliability?: Anyone have any experience with them stock or with an adjustable gas b…[View]
48422483Alright guys, I come to you.from the very /k/ realm of 'Waterworld'. The ice caps have melted and vi…[View]
48413525ultra light air support: what the is the point with this shit?[View]
48422311which type of barrel is the best? chrome lined non chrome nitrated I got to make a decision and id…[View]
48416061why were gatling guns not used in either world war? It seems strange to me how this type of weapon w…[View]
48422313I'm AWACS Wongbi of ROKAF Ask me anything. I'll in be charge of the Korean Airspace tonig…[View]
48411260should i get a pencil or a bull barrel?[View]
48415750titanium suppressors: Are titanium suppressors with the first couple baffles being stellite retarded…[View]
48397643Ugly guns: Show me some ugly guns[View]
48410347Why is this allowed?[View]
48421563What are the best books on guerilla warfare and paramilitary strategy?[View]
48416963Knife Play tips: Hello, I was wondering if there are any tips/ communities for this subject. Things …[View]
48404196ITT: we post shit in movies that makes us seethe worse than a poorfag.[View]
48414947Compact and durable Thermal Rifle Optic?: Can you guys recommend me a decent quality Thermal Scope, …[View]
48418334Canada General - Stay comfy: /cangen/ >New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pas…[View]
48409375So when will Wal-Mart's ammo contracts run out and the trickling in of reasonably priced ammo e…[View]
48421985SafariLand 5196 vs 5197 holster?: I don't understand the difference between these two holsters.…[View]
48416627Rate my new rifle[View]
48421289you wear NODs to see in the dark. I use an eyepatch. we are not the same.[View]
48417172Realistically, for self defense in an urban setting, katana > gun. My reasoning: 1) In order to a…[View]
48416414/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ Classic AKMs Edition >Thread #1221 Old thread here >>484…[View]
48417816How much does the chassis matter in precision shooting?: So I'm building a precision rifle. Not…[View]
48411097Realistically aren't first aid items a waste of space in your kit since chances are a bullet or…[View]
48410137Will it sell?: Buddy sent me a picture of this just a few minutes ago, posting it from phone. What d…[View]
48417818What's the best way to get into AK's? I've always used bolt, lever, pump, and single-…[View]
48419934Came home from work. My battle buddy is no longer with us. F[View]
48400554/brg/ Battle Rifle General: I have no image of my FAL edition. Brevious: >>48376415[View]
48421133Is there any point of fiber optic night sights if you already have a laser/light? My stock Glock sig…[View]
48416016NGSW vs QTS-11/OICW: which concept will rule the battlefields of the future?[View]
48416560How hard is it to remove a pinned gasblock?: So I'm no professional gunsmith, but I have an upp…[View]
48421134Is this a good group?: I've never shot at 100 yards before, after experimenting with this range…[View]
48416889>1.50$ PPR Convince me that 7.5 FK is or isn’t a meme compared to something like 9x25 or 5.7…[View]
48420409Can you take on the Boston Dynamics dog?[View]
48411187Who else is simply not shooting and/or not even touching their guns? I actually cannot afford to pa…[View]
48399416Why doesn't the USA celebrate it's defeat of the Spanish and Mexicans? is it because it…[View]
48397768Patch Thread - Moon Worshippers Still On Holiday Edition: Trade, create, and sell your patches here.…[View]
48415212What's a scout rifle?[View]
48410989How come the United States hasn’t kicked North Korean ass yet? I mean it would be a blood bath; it w…[View]
48417885The 'F' means 'findom.' >'Yeah, you're my little paypig bitchboy, aren't you? Throw me …[View]
48402878How well trained is the average member of the North Korean Workers & Peasants Red Guard?[View]
48419653boomer guns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pY_2TmiiW0A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJQ8_pu3lHk…[View]
48415344Australian FAL: I payed $1725 for an Australian FAL. How bad did I fuck up?[View]
48419375Need some quick info: Hey k got this motar from a old guy just wondering if anyone knows anything ab…[View]
48400274bolt action 22lr with irons and a threaded barrel: I'm looking for a bolt action 22lr with iron…[View]
48414982/arg/ AR-15 General: Post ARs, AR-styled weapons, and talk about them. OLD: >>48409395[View]
48414291I'm not a gun fag, so I just found out about the Glock 44. I am a Glock fanboy, I have the kni…[View]

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