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50044696Is a self defense gun in 357 a good choice or is mag capacity king? Also post hammerless revolvers[View]
50042722Milsurp stores in Italy: I live in Italy what are some good milsurp sites where I can buy some camo …[View]
50041313The great debate: 55g or 62g 556? Well anons?[View]
50046418Are back-mounted mag pouches used/viable: Or is this just another example of Japs knowing nothing ab…[View]
50036366Family Photo thread: Family Photo thread: Also, recommend me some firearms that would complement my …[View]
50021889/gq/ - Gear Queer: Too early for something clever edition Old thread: >>49998778[View]
50046176Personal defense knives: If you were to carry a knife as your primary means of defense instead of a …[View]
50040122>You will never be this cool Also post neat Desert uniforms[View]
50043005Bong here: How effective are repeater crossbows for home defense? Pic related, you can fire off 7 bo…[View]
50045606Irregular Tactics Thread: ITT we discuss from and Educational standpoint Irregular tactics and Organ…[View]
50033459Batons, because a little bit of excercise is healthy: Do you own a telescopic baton? Which brand do…[View]
50032310Why are hunters obsessed with rifle weight: Where is this push coming from, I don't get it. A 4…[View]
50045920Look at that subtle navy blue coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a litt…[View]
50044397CW Accessories 22 conversion: Anyone have a CWA 22 1911 unit? Do you like it?[View]
50043543Is the M4 Carbine basically an American AKS-74U?[View]
500415848×33mm Kurz Modernization: Can this cartridge be redesigned to be viable today? Better powder chemis…[View]
50035600>It's just two holes on the chamber that push gas against the slide Why gas delayed blowback…[View]
50044238Is it MP44 or Stg44?[View]
50036232The cuban army are this primitive or are they hiding something?[View]
50041687Does North Korea have any modern equipment?: I just watched this video: >https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
50034891We aren’t going to war with China or Russia.: With the invention of the nuclear bomb in the 20th cen…[View]
50034982here's your fighter jet bro[View]
50043962It's a literal cropduster, /k/. Why is this thing still flying, gets repaired, upgraded and imp…[View]
50042587bost service rifles[View]
50043784Tank discussion: It’s all but dead here now >no treadhead general >nationalist shitflinging …[View]
50044985Why don’t you own the best weapon?: https://youtu.be/bgLj11A8UgI[View]
50035708White Papers: Think turkey planned out how to take over US nuke sites? At what point would the US ic…[View]
50032218Russian LMV 'Iveco' blew up in Syria. 1 Dead 3 lighlty injured. The capsule of the armored car remai…[View]
50044792redpill me on the ts9[View]
50042898>Want to join a shooting club in Germany to get my loicense (tm) to posesss firearms >Most are…[View]
50041578Viable design?[View]
5004402460s-70s was peak air combat where missiles were unreliable and gun fights were still a thing. Name a…[View]
50042731How do you retrieve your ammo at the indoor range?: I'll be going to an indoor for the first ti…[View]
50040625Composite rounds: what do you guys think, about this new development on ballistics?, I personally l…[View]
50038447/arg/ AR General: إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللّٰهُ • Edition Prev >>50034680[View]
50045417How worthless is pepper spray? How worthless is pepper gel? No don't tell me to get a gun that…[View]
50044143German military superiority: How did Germany take on the entire industrialized world and almost win …[View]
50043690Submarines... holy shit. Why would god create such OP shit? How do we defeat them?[View]
50043669Budget option vs saving up: Is it better to buy a budget pistol like a S&W M&P or Taurus G3 …[View]
50043186Why did the 30 carbine fall out of favor so hard ? It seems like a better choice over 5.56 nato >…[View]
50043913Sling general: Trex arms sling or Vickers sling for a 20 inch A2?[View]
50042487How is it that no company can recreate this simple fucking gun for $2-4000 in the original caliber? …[View]
50044001Wich one of you saved the pics from the restricted manual before they got deleted off the forums?[View]
50039732Navy Planes: I think Navy planes are cool[View]
50037165/akg/ AK General: High Impact Polish Operating Thread #1454 Old Thread: >>50029230[View]
50041817How sharp should a sword be? I appreciate this sounds retarded, but how sharp should a sword like th…[View]
50042885Straight up, how the fuck do people argue that the 2nd amendment is for giving the government the co…[View]
50043996Post police formations, era doesn't matter.[View]
50041821Eastern European states alongside Batlic ones got invaded by Russian Military. I guess Belarus, Serb…[View]
50038807Canada General - GOAT edition: Get those tactical goat New here? Would you like to legally acquire a…[View]
50042862Act Of Valor: How accurate are the tactics used during the combat scenes in this movie?[View]
50039815prole tells: >unloads firearm >pulls trigger to decock Is there a bigger prole-tell than this?…[View]
50042962How practical was the Mark 1 Trench Knife and fighting? If it was so effective, then why was it stop…[View]
50024076M1917 Enfield hate thread: I hate the M1917 Enfield. It is the most reddit gun of WWI. Everybody who…[View]
50042934challenger 2 armor research thread: Post what you have[View]
50035008Just Joined the Level IV Gang: Seriously guys its a great time as a poorfag to get some decent entry…[View]
50037015knives vs. dogs: I moved to a rural area and there are a lot of loose dogs running around. I like to…[View]
50041586/meg/ - Military Enlistment General: Best timeline edition Previously on /meg/: >>50026648 Lyi…[View]
50028971/ak/ big slavic tiddies.: >>50011013 Previous thread. We hit the bump limit like we're su…[View]
50040551Is it possible to weaponize musical instruments? What if your marching band gets ambushed? Affix bay…[View]
50039017American revolvers vs Euro revolvers: Who did it cooler?[View]
50029618New Hobby in Archery: Hi /k/, I was recently recommended I try to find a new hobby since I've l…[View]
50040773I live in Malmö. What knife should I purchase to keep on me at all times?[View]
50036876The last generation digital camo US Military uniforms were atrocious. However, I think the Air Force…[View]
50038943WEBM: Post videos of firefights between terrorists/militia/rebels and Military/Law enforcement. Vide…[View]
50031842Theoretically, if the Pope called a crusade, and all of Latin America declared war on the USA, would…[View]
50036757>ruger wrangler >aguila colibri >soda cans >innawoods Name a better combination for int…[View]
50039854Show me your make it loadout[View]
50037239/k/ humor thread[View]
50016654Hey /k/, I've recently acquired a source of neutrons. Do you know what drillbits have the most …[View]
50042236>The senate of the Czech Republic has approved adding a right to self-defence with a weapon to it…[View]
50038725Just moved to california, want to buy some cool guns show me what cool stuff I can own in california[View]
50042053Say someone gets the drop on you and holds you at gun point within your own home for an hour. They g…[View]
50036583What helmet is this and where do I get one? Looks like a ballistic version of the Stahlhelm[View]
50025716Is a cobalt bomb really possible?[View]
50036181There are people on this board right now who didnt buy thousands of rounds of ammo when it was cheap…[View]
50041745Revolver Thread: Post revolvers[View]
50036577Shovelman’s Creed: This is my shovel. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My shovel is my …[View]
50040757Swishers & Welfare[View]
50041814Do Mexican cartels even have thermals? It seems like they’re investing in everything besides thermal…[View]
50033051Carrying innaocean: >going to the beach this weekend >haven’t been to the beach since before I…[View]
50041785Alpenflage,Does it really work so good in fall/winter as people say ?[View]
50040585/k/ humor thread: post 'em[View]
50040865Why was the Mirage F1CZ so outclassed by Cuban and Angolan MiG-23s? Aren't they supposed to be …[View]
50035156/bag/ - Body Armor General: Eastern Helm edition NIJ CPL: https://cjtec.org/compliance-testing-progr…[View]
50039056I just need it bros.[View]
50041350How do I recreate this topfolding stock?[View]
50039372Why do so many of you /k/unts support governments? >ohh its based when they genocide a bunch of f…[View]
50026648/MEG/ Military Enlistment General: Previously on /meg/: >>50015923 Lying about criminal histor…[View]
50002922NGSW: any news on these?[View]
50017702Which is the best high BC cartridge and why is it the .25-06?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP6CX…[View]
50029731Hard-use watch thread. I’ve worn this for 7-years.[View]
50038230Who makes these breakdown images?: Was looking for the one for the FN SCAR, but I cant remember the …[View]
50041111Kamikaze Logistics: It looks like in WW2, the whole idea behind kamikaze pilots was to make use of o…[View]
50037755How sturdy does the table Im mounting my reloader have to be??: I have a solid wood table with two l…[View]
50040929Does anyone know the accuracy of the average olympic air rifle? Is It at least 1 MOA?[View]
50037652post your pointy sticks[View]
50036835Special Forces Ariel Insertion: Will a HALO/HAHO jump work for inserting special forces against a pe…[View]
50030735How would one go about building a rifle-length 7.62x39 AR they all seem to be carbine length.[View]
50037471Is there something like Forgotten Weapons for common guns? or any other good resource on how differe…[View]
50025843mud test: this test has ruined most guns for me. a gun that can't survive getting shit poured o…[View]
50039160Somehow the only leader of an Irish political party to get popped[View]
50036199Bang Sticks: In Florida, does anyone carry a Bang Stick for snorkeling or fishing in fresh gator wat…[View]
50035473>want to fap >hands still smell like clp and brake cleaner…[View]
50040516Why doesn't someone make a space suit for earth: Something light enclosed has AC and heat, you …[View]
50032815Was the green goblin project viable?[View]
50039512Double barrel magnum-sized 12 gauge pistols[View]
50015521ITT favorite misuses of weapons in movies: >that trigger discipline fail lmao stupid Jim…[View]
50028686Whats the best caliber and why is it 9mm?[View]
50040143Hey guys sorry I tried, Dads go that bug in his ass from mom: And we took a shitload of cashola to p…[View]
50036627forbidden plastic: In light of this ammo shortage and the implications it has for future shortages, …[View]
5003862222lr Subsonic: Is .22lr Subsonic quieter coming out of a rifle barrel or a revolver? Let’s say a Sav…[View]
50020513FN FAL: what do you think about this rifle? And is this rifle worth buying?[View]
50042442US troops suicide rate rises due to China: I will never understand this. I get it that soldiers are …[View]
50032858Need help /k/ what unit should I join.: Former Airborne Infantry, I wanted to attend SFAS but I got …[View]
50027016What are /k/‘s thoughts on the PC carbine?[View]
50038933Gear Queer Recs, Long Range Patrol/Amateur Sniper Edition: I'm watching Tiborasaurus Rex's…[View]
50027071war general/war thread for adventurous anons of fortune: special edition: legion fags fuck off im no…[View]
50031178Favorite weapon?: My favorite weapon is probably the Mansion Mauler from Payday 2.[View]
50039085assembling feels wrong: Just bought a semi auto shotgun, the beretta a400 xtreme plus and am having …[View]
50036569/arg/ - AR General: AR Thread Bully Circle Cancer Containment Real /arg/ Thread Edition Enough of th…[View]
50039239Be honest /k/: do you actually own guns?[View]
50024660I love her so much bros: Take the .30-06 pill anons[View]
50022346Why don't they put magazines (chargers) on the back of the rifles?[View]
50039077FG camo: Thoughts on FG? Most of the people in my country fuckin love it, but I want to get your opi…[View]
50030227importing an Anschütz silencer: >Want to import an Anschütz 1761 Whisper (integral silencer) >…[View]
50028381Remington is back on the menu boys: Remington has resumed production as of April this year and the n…[View]
50038364/k/ I wanna start up a gun museum in Missouri that has a shit ton of class 3 guns and rare stuff how…[View]
50027080What does /k/ think: of my daily carry?[View]
50037990Why aren't any army using the katana as an official weapon?: Imagine if on the sword fight of C…[View]
50018476Thoughts on a 22lr rifle for home defense/self defense? now i'm no home construction worker but…[View]
50038647Post guns that have killed / will kill other guns. Pic rel, Winchester Wildcat does everything a 10/…[View]
50037771hello all is an m21 period correct rifle legal for import in CT? I have one being built and due to m…[View]
49931660Backpack General /bpg/ #13: Post packs. Day packs, Assault Packs, Rucksacks. All packs welcome. A ge…[View]
50035370Canada General - take your meds edition: /Cangen/ New here? Would you like to legally acquire a fire…[View]
50025131should i buy an antonov an2 for shtf?: it could carry me and all my shit to a peaceful country in th…[View]
50036663HAHAHAHA: YES I will carry a .22lr for self defense YES I will carry it in my pocket only, with the …[View]
50035637Went for the ADF, just wanting to do a basic line army job (was listed for combat engineer and mecha…[View]
50029717What is your oldest gun?: Doing okay for 125 years old[View]
50034680/arg/ assault rifle 15 general: No melanin edition Old >>50029798[View]
50038139>>search STALKER >>No results STALKER thread Post STALKAN /k/ Guide https://innazone.ne…[View]
50029319Retro AR 18 inch barrel: Is anyone currently making a retro furniture drop in kit for an 18 inch bar…[View]
50037767Of the 415 German Wermacht who served in the Condor Legion Panzer units, did any see subsequent serv…[View]
50015296Was the British Chieftain, really the worst major MBT of the cold war?[View]
50037137>Shits all over the Deagle in your path[View]
50032641Nuclear reactors in war: How much of a liability is it to have nuclear reactors to provide your ener…[View]
50024968Are NV affordable now?[View]
50004917Friendly California general: ITT: Post your experience with California's gun laws and what you …[View]
50037168AK General /akg/ Some rifle edition >Thread #1454[View]
50034324If you need sights to hit your target, you are unironically NGMI. Nobody is gonna stand around waiti…[View]
50036479instead of tilt-rotor, why not tilt the whole flight angle? Not EXACTLY like the FW picrel, but clos…[View]
50037484Where the fuck do I find one of these[View]
50037392ATF still going to ban arm braces?: considering getting a scorpion or ak pistol.[View]
50025737Admit it. Unless you’re *larping as* a designated marksman, the only reason you prefer the M16/AR15 …[View]
50031767Pidorashkas are really damn orcs.: Even when taking off, their planes emit clouds of poisonous deadl…[View]
50034576I'm a very poor 23 year old living in commie NJ, recently got my FID, I plan on spending a lot …[View]
50031456When will the US-China war start? I want to kill some chinks.[View]
50035349is it even possible to tell all these retarded modern AR15 copycats apart by eye anymore?[View]
50034161US tanks vs Israeli tanks. Who wins if they fight each other?[View]
50034227Best weapon against home invasion?: What is the best weapon to counter a potential home invasion? I …[View]
50031381made in russia: russian F-35 Killer prototype. gen 5. Look at that nicely blacksmithed bottom. V age…[View]
50034910Why does this gun make people seethe?[View]
50027326To that fucker that said I was dumb and too late to find an 1858, go eat a dick. Got an Uberti one o…[View]
50032831Why does 3' seem to be the maximum length for 12 gauge shotgun shells? Why does no one make a 6' she…[View]
50035334Argie bros, we lost.[View]
50031866Cleaning your gun : Ballistol or WD40?: I'm getting tired of that bullshit, for one person sayi…[View]
50036598Shrouded/hidden recoil springs. Based or cringe?[View]
50035030How do you defeat HK-47?[View]
50031353Today i found out that a AAA battery can fit inside a .410GA shell[View]
50032141What Are You Lookin' At Ass Eyes?[View]
50019638Full Size Metal Handgun 9mm: Took my new girlfriend to the range and had her shoot my collection of …[View]
50036079Browning Buckmark poor quality finish... WTF?: Am I being too nitpicky here? Just picked up a new bu…[View]
50012989Let's have a based Czechnology thread to celebrate this great day for are Czechland friends[View]
50025482Since CZ threads are dead and nobody post about them anymore: were they just fotm meme guns?[View]
50034176Reminder: The Russian AK100 series are the best standard issue rifle class ever made[View]
50033102DIY thread? Bubba General?: Knocked out a sweet little holster for my LCP, the OEM little guy was li…[View]
50035725>ywn be a mercenary fighting communists in the 1970s why's the world so boring these days no…[View]
50020637Magnum Automatics: I've got a hankering to get my hands on a Magnum-caliber automatic just for …[View]
50029789RIP HK and Turkroach clones when this shit drops.[View]
50035792WWIII will be fought this this[View]
50035568I've seen people use lego heads as projectiles.. but anyone ever tried 3D printed projectiles?[View]
50032529Wake up at 2:00 A.M bro.[View]
50034337WEF: 8 predictions for the military world in 2030: >You WILL use ze AR-15 >You WILL wear ze Mu…[View]
50033612How many hours would Israel last in a ground war against the USA? But in this scenario Israel has no…[View]
50014400I like Russian Aircraft and I'm not Armatard. As a matter of fact I am an American Nationalist.…[View]
50011083Everyone shoots your guns, no one gets their own: >Take multiple friends shooting at clubs and fa…[View]
50031919Royal Navy Dick Swinging: THE Royal Navy (there are many other royal navies, yet ours is the only on…[View]
50034214HKS-33: Am i insane?[View]
50034391Is it illegal to wear OD Green in the Desert? I want those early cold war nevada/nm vibes[View]
50028593/k/ I have a question which do you prefer g3 platform or ak platform[View]
50030450Canada General - Cold War edition: /Cangen/ New here? Would you like to legally acquire a firearm in…[View]
50034917do you have any guns with sweetheart grips?[View]
50020225Glocks suck.: 1. Plastic. Easily broken. 2. Plastic. Easily blown up in your hand. 3. Not ergonomic.…[View]
50034421Kel-Tec P50 Review Is Out!: Military Arms Channel reviews the P50. https://youtu.be/zK7RWIcglB0 Disc…[View]
50032195what rifle?[View]
50012107>he lives in a rural environment and builds an SBR for his defensive rifle because that's wh…[View]
50022761did military aesthetics peak in WWII?[View]
50029230/akg/ AK General: AK General /akg/ AMP-69 Edition >Thread #1453 Old thread here: >>50024175…[View]
50029186EXWB is cancelled so I don't have to deal with the Australian hellscape but I still have to dea…[View]
50032097>only allowed to own black powder guns legally >is concerned about some near war coming soon …[View]
50029774cucked: my side arms permit expired before i could find a handgun i liked[View]
50021625post obscure tanks[View]
50032419cringe china: why do we have to fight such a soulless and disgusting enemy as china bros? at least t…[View]
50034483Was Operation Danube, dare I say a masterfully executed plan?[View]
50032541administrative results = dugan ashley? the parallels are there. i wouldn't be surprised if duga…[View]
50015026>UK MoD and GDUK give update on ‘troubled' Ajax programme >“I describe Ajax as a troubled…[View]
50029798/arg/ ar general: Correct edition. Old:>>50025899[View]
49999063Actual cyberpunk/future of violence: drone weaponry and other developments like weird futuristic sma…[View]
50034322Uhh Chechen bros? >They combed the huts to make sure there was no one left behind... The soldier…[View]
50003201Scoped Rifle 101: I'm looking at buying my first scoped, long range rifle but don't know s…[View]
50034177https://youtu.be/Vmw2hFUCsVo?t=588 haha, when you be shootin' .22 amirite muh niggas?[View]
50032745Supernatural Prep: There are actual silver bullets available out there for nightspawn. How’s your an…[View]
50031811What is the purpose of this shit?: It seems as if the Russians just stole this element from some kin…[View]
50034111SENYU: SENYU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmjdUD2Vk9Q I berive in u birry san![View]
50026626protecting your ammo stash from super storms: In light of recent massive downpours reaching up to al…[View]
50023924If you could design a tank for WW2 how would you design it? Personally i'd just grab a sherman…[View]
50033728I mean was what they did really *that* bad? I mean sure it was unethical and a violation of internat…[View]
50029483Tokerev appreciation. Post em if you have em[View]
50018393>Invade a country where the vast majority of the population supports the terrorists How exactly d…[View]
50027991Music from Songun Korea and Songs about the Army: I hope jannies will allow this on here since it…[View]
50031494Why the amphibious military truck concept never took off? They don't need bridges to cross rive…[View]
50022312What does your gf think about your guns?[View]
49971280.22 pistol thread: What is your favorite handgun chambered in .22lr?[View]
50008595What is your societal collapse gun of choice?[View]
50032104VMX-3T MAGNIFIER: This a good magnifier to go with my Aimpoint pro anons? >https://vortexoptics.c…[View]
50031989How long till polymer casings return to their original attempt at being the same thickness as their …[View]
50033264Military related music thread: Starting out with a few bangers https://youtu.be/-M4JIh2dxYg https:/…[View]
50033202Thoughts on the BHP? I just like them.[View]
50020635Range stories, ND stories, Open carry stories >Greentext General Thread /gtgt/…[View]
50011394So it's looking like Sukhoi is explicitly looking at exporitng their new obese F35 to Argentina…[View]
50032651BOGO BravoConcealment Holsters: Hey /k/ommandos. Been meaning to post this. I bought me an IWB/OWB …[View]
50033012Mid length vs Carbine: Is midlength worth the hype? Help a broke brother out /k/. I’m putting toget…[View]
50030585>muh invincible abrams: LOL[View]
50032750Are the flat bolts and round bolts interchangeable in receivers for the m1 carbine?[View]
50018997Am I a pussy for feeling naked or unsafe without my gun? I'm naturally a very paranoid person a…[View]
50019581STALKER thread ? STALKER thread[View]
50002119Why the fuck were the Japanese so unhinged during WWII?[View]
50028249Would pic related be a good EDC knife? D2 steel if that matters.[View]
50026043Legion Etrangere: from what i've read about French Foreign Legion training and from a neverserv…[View]
50030370What does he use for home defense?[View]
50027364super light single shot 22 rifle: Savage Rascal and Chiappa Badger are the two main single shot 22 l…[View]
50028582Cursed Gun Design Thread: Post your cursed guns, could be funny or disgustingly awful[View]
50018668Anyone else notice that Walmart finally raised the price of their .22LR?[View]
50019274whats this vehicle?[View]
50031999How effective would an antimatter bomb be compared to a conventional nuclear bomb? https://www.youtu…[View]
50031469Can some anons help me with the X3 sights? Which part is supposed to go over the target? It seems ob…[View]
50023454Design a gassing device for a punitive campaign Requirements: Fast Painless Environmentally friendly…[View]
50031566should I buy this?: How would this compare to other fighters on the market? Should I buy this[View]
50024455Why are 40mm launchers illegal and sold only to LE?[View]
50024762The UK made it a crime to possess dangerous weapons in private last week.[View]
50030452Will they ever return ?: I miss these little niggas like you wouldn't believe mate[View]
500275053D printed weapon: Does anybody know a good site for 3D weapon plans ? With functional guns like rev…[View]
50007034how the FUCK is the military gonna function when zoomers take over?: I mean these retards get killed…[View]
50024335F-35 the redeemer: The F-35 has redeemed itself. It is and will continue to be the most capable and…[View]
50022036Best country to be a paramedic: EMTs and Paramedics frens, where is the best country to be a Paramed…[View]
50028386Need a forward grip: I have a AR-15 and have no idea what I can mount for a grip? Pic is the bottom.…[View]
50019580/k/, if you could take 1 military aircraft for a joy ride what would it be? pic related. What I woul…[View]
5002844582 Pb: Get Some[View]
50030875How would you add a sling to this?: I want to add a 1.25' sling to this, problem is it didn't c…[View]
50027390For me it's the PPSH. Hell of a shotgun.[View]
50006949>modern .30 carbine rifle what the fuck[View]
50022482Sword Thread: If swords were still useful what would they look like and be made out of today? I want…[View]
50023997I have my doomsday stash of assault weapons. Sick of talking about ARs and Glonks. Let's talk a…[View]
50026691Scenario: >In WWI widespread deployment of organic autocannons (think 2lbr Pom Pom guns) made ai…[View]
50026716Best .300BLK suppressor host?: Looking for something I can fire subs and supers without messing with…[View]
50027651To the anons in the Army, what was one MOS that you wish you'd gone with?: I am a prior service…[View]
50026532So what kind of operations did US/NATO soldiers usually do in war theaters like Iraq and Afghanistan…[View]
50021248>I wouldn't use 9mm to protect myself with it seems like everyone is coming around to the su…[View]
50026923Canada General - Thursday Night Edition: New here? Would you like to legally acquire a firearm in Ca…[View]
50027916Marine Air to Ground Task Force: What makes them any different from regularly amphibious and airborn…[View]
50030218What does he carry?[View]
50029584War Games: What would it be like if China invades Israel?[View]
500239451911 Grip Saftey: Why do people even bother with using the manual safety on 1911s? The grip safety m…[View]
50028545Would it work?[View]
50029689SBR or Pistol?: Huh?[View]
50025899/arg/ assault rifle 15 general: WBS21 edition. Post a kit and a fit Old>>50022421[View]
50030893How useful would fantasy races be in modern warfare?[View]
50026269Fastest Optic: Doing some testing on fastest optic. Eotech vs Aimpoint. Specifically the EXPS3-0 and…[View]
50023516Where my olive oil exporters at?[View]
50013432This guy is knowledgeable as hell and has a lot of skill, but the one thing I don't like is how…[View]
50018194What should I buy with gambling winnings? Always wanted at a C96 Mauser but what would you get?[View]
50024175/akg/ AK General: Party with Buds Thread #1452 Old Thread: >>50017613[View]
50028649I like them[View]
50022060What's so special about buying US made guns and optics?: people complain about holosun being ch…[View]
49998200Handgun General - /hg/ #593: Stolen homework edition. Git gud guide: https://u.pcloud.link/publink/s…[View]
50025952Knife recommendations: I’m thinking of getting the Ontario rat 1 but I don’t like the blade shape, c…[View]
50028692Marines: I was going to join the army but until recently i found the marines more interesting and up…[View]
50028495>war-winning wonderweapon[View]
50011057Can you say Opium Wars 2.0?: China finna get dabbed on[View]
50028126What are these? Someone told me they're grenade launchers and somebody else told me they'r…[View]
50011263Been watching a lot of SG1 lately, How good is a P90 really, Pros and cons please[View]
50026630Anyone know how to take apart these proprietary mags? This is a 10/30 mag for the KR-9 from K USA. …[View]
50021423Old/reloaded amoo: what to look out for: Sup /k/, I just bought a s&w 686 a few weeks ago and al…[View]
50022173Artillery thread[View]
50013942Congrats Czech bros but Im still not gonna buy a CZ.[View]
50015737What is the most American rifle you can buy, and why is it the M14/M1A? >%100 mechanical improvem…[View]
50017730All I can get for seldefense is a 7.5 joules BB. How fucked am I??: Eurofag here. I might apply to g…[View]
50011013/ak/ Thread - Drum Magazine Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>49996203 'Forbid…[View]
50024604Could an ATGM crew do real damage to a frigate?[View]
50022178im a schizo and cant buy guns: Whats the best type of sword/non-gun weapon for home defense? how wou…[View]
50022401Benefits of a semi auto shotgun over a pump: Besides the obvious that is. Are there any cons or cave…[View]
50026509Air supremacy: Bros… I kneel to the jet autists… I was playing Conflict of Nations WW3 (per suggesti…[View]
50027118M1A-TARDS: What sort of fucking CHUD would waste their time on a heavy-ass, cumbersome, 2 MOA RELIC …[View]
50020381What is this weapon?[View]
50025580Forgot Lock Combo: I've never felt more embarrassed than I do now. I even sat down and tried al…[View]
50027079Comfy tank thread: Comfy tank thread[View]
50013058/K/ursed Loadout thread: Ill go first[View]
50022958What use does the blue helmet provide on the battlefield?[View]
50021608what's the plan, /k/ommandos?[View]
50019348So what the fuck happened with this thing? Is it kill?[View]
50000866ISIS: What went wrong? Is airpower really that effective in destroying a state?[View]
50023688anon, why don't you have an rpk-74?[View]
50023808A400M fags BTFO!: https://twitter.com/Team_Luftwaffe/status/1418126443649847297[View]
50022215Were any US/NATO SPAAGs or land based anti aircraft gun systems used in combat since Korea prior to …[View]
50025585Army is paying me $10,000 in back pay for meal deductions when I was married. List what gear and eq…[View]
50025333>top speed: 230 mph JUST[View]
50021545MODULAR SCALABLE VEST: https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2021/06/08/new-body-armor-carrier-pl…[View]
50019930Weapons against catalytic converter theft: Post your preferred weapons for combating theft. I'l…[View]
50025584pic is first knife i ought myself just graduated navy bootcamp what next?[View]
50025498I need an holographic sight. What would you guys recommend ?[View]
50023766Iwo Jima, Stein and His Homemade Machinegun: Nicknamed “the Stinger”, Corporal Stein would take this…[View]
50025884>5 year always on battery life: >suffer permanent burn in that's a big yikes for me man.…[View]
49991347Xtreme defenders mog hollow points[View]
50025823which weapon? Beretta Model 38? It's in France 1945[View]
50020066Taiwan Samson Option: Why doesn’t Taiwan develop a submarine based nuclear deterrent as a Samson opt…[View]
50022421AR Thread - /arg/: Respect your fellow posters edition. Old: >>50018372[View]
50023313Was it actually good?[View]
50025543Biden has previously suggested that a “rational policy” would be to one that “that says you cannot h…[View]
5001563410/22 General: Anything goes - how are the builds coming? Recently replaced my volq extractor with a…[View]
49989698The Italian Military: What are they hiding?[View]
50017923French Foreign Legion: Ok guys, I'm actually considering it. What do you think about the FFL? W…[View]
50024996I would pay a lot of money for a PC carbine barrel mount, that doesn’t replace the rear iron sight. …[View]
50023358Would the Japanese have had a better chance in the war if the carriers were at Pearl Harbor and were…[View]
50024990Thoughts on a scaled up Raufoss round for autocannons? I read some reports of APFSDS rounds going t…[View]
50015145Individually, the JMSDF and Royal Australian Navy, are both more powerful than the People's Lib…[View]
50022336Post your prettiest gun: So far I'm torn between my 1920 Commercial Luger and my Bulgarian Maka…[View]
50016818Are 16 inch ARs obsolete Talking about chambered in 223/556 of course >16 inch LWRC I’m gonna se…[View]
50011496>An RPG-29V hit the side turret of an M1 Abrams in Baghdad, killing 2 of the crew and wounding 1,…[View]
50006855Never has there been a more sufficient combat handgun. Glocks have stone cold reliability with zero …[View]
50024191>Deleting a Pro Terran /k/ thread Janny is a confirmed gun-grabbing Martian. Go back to Phobos, f…[View]
50021013I'm looking for a whore gun,: but I don't know shit about small pistols since I'm a f…[View]
50017750Has ever been a functional weapon that fused the best parts of the sniper, the riffle, the machine g…[View]
50022951Historic surplus handguns seem to be available at a decent price now. Do you think they'll appr…[View]
50024541I’ve been thinking about the ammo shortage and how to maneuver around it. How practical would a reco…[View]
50023067>Russian navy rulez da waves. >Orthodox Jesus approves. Watcha gonna go bongs?…[View]
50015923/MEG/ Military Enlistment General: Previously on /meg/: >>50002177 Lying about criminal histor…[View]
50023647Redditor Builds a Revolver: FUCK I love building guns and now I'm searching for autistic shit l…[View]
50023874What was the most aesthetic war in Iraq? You have four choices. >Iran-Iraq war >Gulf war >O…[View]
50023725Ok guys hear me out. Roman Legion Tactics...But with bayoneted long rifles.: Would this work? If so,…[View]
50022318Anti-armor thread. Starting with the most aesthetically pleasing, CAAT platoon[View]
50022832Legality of selling 80%: Whats the legality of selling a 80% build. Built one during the hype train …[View]
50021730is it just me or do most posters here have no interest in actually being in a war? i think it would …[View]
50024018You may only own one jig: What is it? I suggest picrel so that /k/ can take a giant autistic shit al…[View]
50018420Why didn't the spear lance gun catch on in the army?[View]
50014109/gog/ gun owner general: Unless you own a gun and post at least one picture of it your opinion i wor…[View]
50017613/akg/ AK General: Tanker Edition Thread #1451 Old thread: >>50010463[View]
50023388MAN AFTER WAR: A VETERAN OF THE FIRST CHECHEN CAMPAIGN.: >A few weeks ago, we broadcasted a video…[View]
50023364Poseidon torpedo: Opinions on the new Russian torpedo? Actual threat or propaganda message?[View]
50020284https://youtu.be/g2jRwp19csA What do you guys think of Hickok45?[View]
50020763/diygen/: Excluding the process of rifling and chambering a barrel, are there any intermediate or ma…[View]
50021814If you were stranded on a white sandy beach island in the middle of the ocean: How would you defend …[View]
50019379/sksgen/: In this thread, we post bubba’d/riced SKS’s. Also, a general SKS thread.[View]
50017710Apartment Storage: Best method of storing rifle (AR) and handgun in an apartment. Hidden methods pre…[View]
50020798INNAWOODS SCENARIO: Your deep innawoods carrying your rifle and side arm, minding your own business …[View]
50018018Which assault rifle should I get?[View]
49993862>chinlet >stealth[View]
50017480Thoughts on AK platform 'pistols?' Been doing some research and have found Zastava zpap to be the mo…[View]
50020071Should I Buy?[View]
50020778noguns retard here whenever I see people long distance shooting, they always lay down and rest their…[View]
50011212Why is this over 500 dollars[View]
50019472About to fall for the Scout Rifle meme. What am I in for?: What is the purported advantage of mounti…[View]
50022695when did you realize guns don't matter and all you have to do is outbrain your opponent to win?[View]
50022914'Cinematic' Gun YouTube channels: I'm looking for channels with videos like this that are small…[View]
50022521Would it be too tacticool to add a suppressor to my SPAS-12? It does have a threaded barrel, and ngl…[View]
50012904/k/ Animals: I'm setting up my homestead as a young adult. It's my first time and there…[View]
50019899Gain Of Function: How likely are we to see future wars employing biological weapons?[View]
50021890Where to cop a cz p10c iwb holster in Europe?[View]
50009895What kind of gun would he carry? I think either a Bren Ten, some variant of metal framed S&W aut…[View]
50008430How far can you push black powder before it becomes a regulated firearm? >suppressor >rails …[View]
49989957Would this stop Tyrone the future doctor from stabbing me if sewn into a jacket? Could I weave somet…[View]
50019190Roark's Drift with Modern Rifles: >Be you, modern rifle grunt >Not a diversity hire soldi…[View]
50014711How is this possible - Racoon Handgunning: What is the best handgun to shoot racoons with ? When th…[View]
49991903Is this the start of the end of Tempest? https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/uk-cuts-gbp3…[View]
50021585Do Scout Snipers really?[View]
50021899Greece just received its first Rafale, calling it a 'game-changer' How would a fight between a Greek…[View]
50009759They're a fucking anomaly: I genuinely cannot comprehend how these guys have 5,000+ in numbers.…[View]
50020378shit you only find on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOe6HPJUGLg how do these people manag…[View]
50016512I don't get ramps.: I could only see a ramp making sense if the plane would lose altitude and w…[View]
50020122UN MI 24 in Africa[View]
50018765Do you think that killing is in human nature and should be seen as normal? Could a society where kil…[View]
50019069Blueprints: Post blueprints frens :) 1911 >https://d2t1xqejof9utc.cloudfront.net/files/71651/m191…[View]
50015553/k/ommando music: /k/ music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45aAQMJwZas[View]
50012339murder weapons thread?[View]
50021663Rhodesian War Stories: Just shilling for what seems to be a cool old lad on jewtube: Five Romeo Rome…[View]
50019684I have found a rifle I love very much and desire to put a scope on it. I have no experience with sco…[View]
50021430ever vigilant: >330am >be me >watching anime in bed >wearing kimono with nothing underne…[View]
50015079Canada General /K/ANGEN/: New here? Would you like to legally acquire a firearm in Canada? https://p…[View]
50006728Why the hate for lpvo?[View]
50020212>Turns you into buller proof Rambo for 2 minutes[View]
50019831Where to buy quality dummy ammunition?: My nephews wanna shoot but I want to teach them the basics b…[View]
50004174can they finally be trusted[View]
50005782Light tanks: VGH… There’s nothing like them. Post light tanks >starting with my tankfu…[View]
50021029Nearly eleven years later, I am forgotten.[View]
49980614What kind of gun should a person like this own?: I just awoke from a fever dream in which I was read…[View]
50020878Looking for parts: Good afternoon 4chan i am looking for the recever for a crossman 760 pump master …[View]
50020592He gets transported into the modern day right before the climax of the original. What changes? How w…[View]
50018372/arg/ AR General: Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for…[View]
50016550glowies are too poor to afford a proper holster: And apparently have no trigger discipline either…[View]
50006451Alpenflage: Opinions on Alpenflage?[View]
50015136/wa/ - Washington thread: Topics of discussion: >shootan >stalkan >campan and hikan >upc…[View]
50010631NAA Mini revolver: t-talk me out of getting one for ccw /k/ I'm really fucking tempted to…[View]
50014198America had regressed[View]
50019726How do you find a GOOD place to shoot if you don’t live in bumfuck nowhere? One where you can do lon…[View]
49987725.32 ACP Bros: Were making a comeback lads .32 is the chaddest caliber[View]
50010019What is the point of optics as a civilian: >If you engage anyone past 30 feet you are going to pr…[View]
50020265Best carry option for basketball shorts? Not going to the gym I'm just fat and lazy.[View]
50017128FB Radom Beryl 5.56 bros...is this Mil-Spec?[View]
50007867Does this picture represent the best do-it-all handgun possible in 2021?[View]
50020203Nuclear disarmament: If all countries agree to get rid of their nuclear weapons how would they stop …[View]
50020096Would this have been better to armor than the killdozer?[View]
50020223Have you guys seen this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFMJleLOzsw I'm seething. I literally…[View]
50018352If you could have a conversation with one deceased /k/ type antihero, who would it be, what would yo…[View]
50019309Why are berretas so fuckn ugly?[View]
49995924Right now, their only legitimate criticism is that they generally have poor triggers. Will upcoming …[View]
50017972Handgun only fag here. Do pistol grips and/or vertical (or nigh vertical) foregrips really make that…[View]
50018892Newfag: Newfag shooter here this group is from 10 yards with my pellet gun. I fired 10 pellets and t…[View]
50016994Sup /k/. Can anyone tell me anything about this muzzle loader? It needs a replacement lock for sure,…[View]
50018692I now know why people put their flashlights on the left side of their rifle: My muzzle device just b…[View]
50019584Poorfag ceramic plate: I got these iiia panels for cheap a while back, if I shove some leftover cera…[View]
49999265Using Tannerite Without Shooting It: So, I have read that in order to explode, Tannerite needs to ge…[View]
49998778/gq/ - Gear Queer: >tfw no pasha gf Edition no previous, discord is for trannies, paste bin is sh…[View]
50009003Why aren't helmets the most bullet proof part of the gear?: You can hide your entire body behin…[View]
50005061Is ArmA 3 /k/ approved?: Would this game be considered the top of the current milsim genre? Is it th…[View]
49996203/ak/ Thread - Australia Edition: >Image Limit Reached >Last Thread>>49985540 'Oi! It…[View]
50010783What does /k/ think of Chechens?[View]
49997592Redpill me on the TR3-B[View]

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