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114079022I LOVE EMMY[View]
114087915>Harry Shearer whines about the quality of the Simpsons for decades to everyone in listening rang…[View]
114088662/co/ characters that are literally unsellable to a modern audience: I'll start.[View]
114088531Has anybody read this? Is it any good? What are your thoughts?[View]
114042480New Ducktales clip, Trapped In A Sitcom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=emb_title&v=0Xg-K…[View]
114073599He destroyed vampire pussy. He also destroyed his self-respect.[View]
114089093Looks kino also Valiant thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOUVVDWdXbo[View]
114089210What are some movies and shows ABOUT comics? Not ones based on them.[View]
114089282Princess disney thread[View]
114088398I've heard that Goof Troop is cropped on Disney+: Is this true? (This image is from an Amazon D…[View]
114083743Gravity Falls: Dipper is cool[View]
114088453Why is she so perfect?[View]
114087000What does /co/ think of Dark Simpsons? https://youtu.be/1H7bHdld5bA[View]
114085358Ms Marvel vs Magneto book.[View]
114084077meet your new flavor from an old Hanna-Barbera movie: Meet Laura from Rock Odyssey.[View]
114078815Based or cringe?[View]
114088634His VA is dying of throat cancer.[View]
114063918K I N O[View]
114087730>re-releasing an animated movie with deleted scenes animated back in why isn't his more of a…[View]
114087364any other decent conspiracy type comics, loved invisibles[View]
114079731How a Chinese Batgirl would defeat the Trumpvirus?[View]
114087206>he doesn't sleep nude in an oxygen tent[View]
114086624They had to know, right?[View]
114073606Is she actually “gone”?[View]
114087944>Not everybody heals as fast as you, Logan. Say what you will about the rest of the movie, this w…[View]
114080150>Birds of Prey is nowguaranteed to be the number 3 box office hit of 2020 and the number 1 comic …[View]
114087890>nobody liked JJ Villard's Fairy Tales[View]
114084799Does the joker fuck? Like does he actually bone punchline or harley?[View]
1140881312020, I am forgotten: Seriously though, Season 2 when[View]
114051936Soviet cartoons>american cartoons[View]
114086034https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZtaxuzlhN4 Is this better than xavier?[View]
114084234>Leonardo leads >Donatello does machines (That's a fact, Jack!) >Raphael is cool but r…[View]
114075886Why isn't Hawkman more popular?[View]
114086925>Lean on me, when you're not strong >And I'll be your friend >I'll help you …[View]
114085094Rate the diamonds: Thread theme https://youtu.be/BNnfbvu_Q5M[View]
114087358YABBA DABBA DOO MAN[View]
114087585Batman Animated series’s: Ok, rank all Batman Animated series in order, (First is worst, last is bes…[View]
114087287ITT: Crossovers that you think should exist[View]
114086451Pocahontas: It sucks[View]
114036971Transformers: How do you feel about the Japanese side of the franchise?[View]
114085907Based or Cringe?[View]
114087512Maria and Domino slap[View]
114081776Ant-Man 3 Finds its Writer With Rick and Morty Scribe: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision…[View]
114085391Post webcomics that make you LOL out loud[View]
114085644Smiling Friends on adultswim: I just watched this pilot and really enjoyed it. I’m hoping this shit …[View]
114084716Sin: How do you like your Sin /co/? Normie-tier ginger with hideous freckles in revealing, impure d…[View]
114087350Maria and Domino slap ass[View]
114085235Ehm.. Looks like things have finally calmed down and the fuzz is gone. Time for a Shocker thread.[View]
114085671THE GREAT DEBATE: Who’s the most annoying little shit?[View]
114086847'Look, Grampa, I'm fine. I really don't need anymore home remedies.' 'Oral thermometer my …[View]
114087141Don't you get it people? His name was Windu and he went out a window![View]
114082357Name one made-for-TV cartoon with actual great animation. Pro-tip: you can't. Theatrical anima…[View]
114084341STORYTIME Batman: Gotham Adventures #8: The Hunchback of Notre Dame[View]
114082439You know what the world needs? More weirdness.[View]
114082095>make good show >Kill it because it hit an arbitrary episode number WOW…[View]
114085572Who's your favorite cast character, and why is the correct answer Bane?[View]
114077822What was the climate like at CN that got execs to be so open minded about projects like Courage the …[View]
114082243Can we have a thread for the buff beauties of /co/?[View]
114086855>reading crossed >countless issues filled with graphic violence >shit i've never even …[View]
114076706>fusions are literally meant to represent romantic relationships Why did CN allow incest?…[View]
114086719>its another girl power episode[View]
114078501Disney Movies new release dates! >>BREAKING! >>•Artemis Fowl will move to Disney+ >…[View]
114086716Remember when Cartoons used to represent nerd culture perfectly?: How do you teach your viewers that…[View]
114083345Is every marvel superhero a 12 now except Hulk?[View]
114082125Anyone gonna check this out? https://www.google.com/amp/s/ew.com/tv/the-last-kids-on-earth-season-2-…[View]
114065205So what's next for him?: Does the guy even have enough Ren and Stimpy money left to last him in…[View]
114064096Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Happy April. >How are you enjoying the mutant town stuff so far? Pe…[View]
114083457Would you a ghost?[View]
114059130>Marvel enters into Desperation Mode[View]
114085917Opinions on Jeff Lemire: I've read some of his work (Moon Knight, Old Man Logan, Sentry, etc.) …[View]
114083769How can Peter Pam be so ruthless? Not only does he chop off Captain Hooks hand, but then feeds it to…[View]
114073971Space Ghost reboot WHEN[View]
114084922Could they save the world?[View]
114085414He Man Thread: Haven't seen one in a while let's fix that.[View]
114081492>Zoomers are now nostalgic for the Garfield Show, blissfully unaware that it's terrible comp…[View]
114085874Why do all these girls have blue twintails and transformation sequences? Is this a design trend?[View]
114030562Have you accepted Channel into your heart yet?[View]
114085946>Hold On, Let Me Laugh Harder... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3-kzz4UyE…[View]
114085421>What you truly want, only I can give >You can't give it, can't even buy it, and you…[View]
114084399How did this get so popular? It’s good enough not to be awful, but not good enough to be beyond medi…[View]
114085521Who would win?[View]
114050156Does anyone know or know the whereabouts of the artist Starfan18? She was insulted by her inspiratio…[View]
114081500Thoughts on the 2007 Brave and the Bold comic? I really liked the Lords of Luck storyline, but I nev…[View]
114084194Describe his character[View]
114078557Venture Bros: Venture Bros is basically /co/'s Rick and Morty. They pretend it is this incredib…[View]
114085565aaaand it's probably canceled[View]
114085320Cartoon ideas with Asian leads: ITT: Write a cartoon plot that revolves around the lives of a group …[View]
114084857Henry Rollins Versus Hipsters: Kree Larson does not need a 40-year-old Narc to tell her what didn/t …[View]
114077266Cartoons for this feel?[View]
114084965Why did they frame this shot like this again, /co/?[View]
114075265Top tier kino[View]
114082927Rock and Rule: An Underrated 80's Gem: Rock and Rule was an adult animated film from the 80…[View]
114081417Was she really that weird?[View]
114084153Fuck/Marry/Kill: Explain your reasoning.[View]
114083116Remember how when Rock Dog was released, China pulled 99.7% of its screenings because they didn…[View]
114084185We cab agree that most of /co/ is the one on the right?[View]
114078924>I don't feel too good Anon... What was it again? The common cold?…[View]
114083391Where is Clarence set? Where was Home Movies set? We've got a regular Tommy Westphall situation…[View]
114076961Down shit, whats your fucking problem!!??[View]
114080818Wolverine is based[View]
114080520DARK PHOENIX Original Two-Parter Script: Would it have been kino? Part 1 >Jean Grey is possessed …[View]
114070549>turn on Cartoon Network late at night >see this What comes on next?…[View]
114084762Batman for starters: A friend of mine is interesed in reading Batman so I'm making a reading or…[View]
114084748A good read. It was recommended to me after reading another French comic called Beauty. I've r…[View]
114083568>Amelicans >Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Hilbelt,etc >Eulofags >Tintin, Lucky Luke, Snuff…[View]
114077377what are some moments that really got you feeling things?[View]
114084913Most of us comic fans have been around long enough to experience multiple EVENTS. Some were cool, a …[View]
114081830Anyone have any scans or a pdf or anything from the bee and puppycat easy eats cook book? I want to …[View]
114066416Do you prefer Cartoon Network 1992-2006 or since 2007?[View]
114084681I don't get this dude's appeal. His videos aren't funny to make up for hos grotesque …[View]
114084959>Yes I read graphic novels >Superhero shit? >No I'm not a fucking child you need to g…[View]
114082694>'Lisa, Let's play a game'[View]
114063421Mega Thread: Mega Thread? Mega thread. Post Mega's, trade Mega's, Request Mega's do w…[View]
114068973Lmao this show >Slavery In the show it is shown that dog people exist, simultaneously 'pet' dogs …[View]
114083938Best doom patrol comics, please[View]
114079559does anyone still have that screencap where they swapped places? would it work? Aang grows up in Rep…[View]
114047465Captain Carrot thread.[View]
114080251IT'S UP LEGALLY: https://www.adultswim.com/videos/smiling-friends/smiling-friends Let's ge…[View]
114084753ITT: Characters who just do not give a shit[View]
114083941Brendon, take a look at my chest[View]
114084596Meet your new Kings /co/: DCSHG and TTGO 24/7 NAO[View]
114077298Tangled AI: cheering the anon is better than some dumb jokes about the virus.[View]
114079009Spiderman 2099: What does /co/ think of Miguel O'Hara? Is he a well liked iteration of Spiderma…[View]
114077519THIS MOVIE IS UNDERRATED: >Great cast, particularly Jackman and McKellen. >Great score. >So…[View]
114082208Livewire shoulda been a main character and Superman's wife. fucking fight me you queers[View]
114084280If you could make a cartoon about this character...: What would it be about? Yes it’s all one charac…[View]
114081046Biggest Douche Finals: This is it.... We have our Top 4. Now is your time.... to vote who is the big…[View]
114076780Connie is such a thoughtful young girl, we should have an appreciation thread for her.[View]
114071870Why does Western animation today never use Western music? Anime is better even at this, how is that …[View]
114080531>tfw you will never be in in middle school in 2015 staying up late to watch King of the Hill, Fam…[View]
114084074Why cant we get instant digital access: Why dont comics bundle instant digital access to their tpb p…[View]
114083265The most forgotten Scooby-Doo Spinoff: I can't think of any other Scooby-Doo spinoff that has b…[View]
114078075Hercules's Muses: They are underrated. Rank them.[View]
114063194>be Amon >decide to take away everyone's bending >crime rates soars since the police c…[View]
114081487ITT: Shows or comics with cancer fanbases[View]
114083919I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of this. It could've been better, but the lore, setting, c…[View]
114083830Quarantine? ME? Screw that noise. I go where I please WHEN I please thank you very much! *cough*[View]
114083554What would other /co/ characters feel about being unemployed during a lockdown?[View]
114081752I've read most of the 'big' Superman stories, what are some lesser know ones that are really go…[View]
114083676Is he the strongest lepton?[View]
114075538from all the characters in the show, she had the most wasted potential[View]
114005202Who should have one the Dipper Bowl? Also post Gravity Falls girls.[View]
114078936Normal words but a horse guy[View]
114081465Its like they were designed by 4chan artists in order to parody tumblr character design: https://new…[View]
114067520I will now buy your comic book.[View]
114076685More of this please[View]
114038763Can we have another Avatar thread or is there only enough interest for one a year?[View]
114083299Would Defenders have been better had it loosly adapted Shadowland?[View]
114081892>acne >no gf >creates his own waifu >manifests a fake reality for himself is Wayne The M…[View]
114082067Why is quorra so perfect bros?[View]
114082812You know destroying humanity with a deadly virus really shouldn't be as difficult as the League…[View]
114075005What kind of new outift is that? She looks hotter with the skirt on, Why couldn't they just kee…[View]
114081682Did nobody else like this?[View]
114079342when is amphibian coming back? there's literally nothing to watch! and no, I will not watch of …[View]
114082917Will there ever be an adult market for comic books again?[View]
114082142If she's dumb then how is she a nurse?[View]
114082069Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: What the FUCK is his problem[View]
114082699Post books or comics that should get animated adaptations[View]
114080563Today the New Mutants was suppose to come out. Then again you can say that about a lot of days. I do…[View]
114082428its them[View]
114058633>character is getting their soul/spirit/life force sucked out >it goes on for quite a while an…[View]
114082244Remember that time Finn forced a Duck to get raped?[View]
114082553What do you giys think of this? It's got a great variety of character designs, but holy fuck is…[View]
114082485how did toph know where the metal ball was?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccqhi7FzG0I[View]
114078039Adult Swim: Anyone have a link to a rip of smiling friends? I've already seen it but I wanted t…[View]
114080422Reminder that one time Iron Fist's dead mother was resurrected and transformed into a kung fu h…[View]
114076675>Leave Disney to US ![View]
114082085Name a more perfect kids show[View]
114063381Chaotic: Anyone else remember this show?[View]
114076502Is Transformers Animated worth watching? 10 years ago or so the toysgot me into collecting Transform…[View]
114074419Is it wrong for a female superhero to show off her curves with her costume?[View]
114081808Was this supposed to be funny?[View]
114081396How does media and pop culture change in a world where superheroes exist?: In Superman: Birthright, …[View]
114080857How did this get a second season?[View]
114065178Are wedgies something bullies actually do in real life or is it just a weird cartoon trope?[View]
114075016One thing I never got about this cartoon is how it made the Xavier institute seem like it didn'…[View]
114060335Astartes - Part Five: Its finally here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoCcpMW8fSs[View]
114075854kek, 2 years after they finally admitted who's the audience for this show[View]
114080214>Orange-skinned >Tall >Beautiful >Charming Give me a logical reason why we got an africa…[View]
114081301Why didn't Johnny tell the other kids that the Eds didn't do this? His ears aren't co…[View]
114081357Uh-Oh but for reals this time.[View]
114080989BASED: BASED[View]
114079683How would Megas fair against the forces of chaos?[View]
114081288>see-through clothes[View]
114076733Stella and the Metal Men: Hopefully returning on weekly schedule. Post, discuss and, most importantl…[View]
114078450>Hmm...Corona Virus. >Lousy way to go. >No cure, you know. >THE NAME…[View]
114078179I lover her, anons[View]
114079432Lets assume that nobody could uncorrupt Steven. What was his endgame?[View]
114079956I feel bad for all the boomers and gen-x’ers who had to sit through this crap.[View]
114080006Why did it lose Academy Award for Best Animated Film to Toy Story 4 ?[View]
114076930LEO ROA STORYTIME: In light of Gimenez's passing, I thought I'd storytime Leo Roa, his sex…[View]
114079027Gotham High looks like shit but this Bruce Wayne looks so fucking hot[View]
114079327What the fuck did I read Did anyone understand this?[View]
114079523Paranatural: I wasn't gonna let you guys miss this >Mr. Spender reflects on his own past and…[View]
114080300>Kids cartoon >Character is represented as deep because muh dark story…[View]
114076242Were there any bad episodes?: I haven’t watched every episode, but I wonder if there’s an actual epi…[View]
114079722Duck Thread: Quack Pack was in fact based. Latest duck news: >Ducktales: Season 3 debuts tomorrow…[View]
114074940Star Wars The High Republic: >Stellan is an optimistic and well-respected Jedi Master. Stellan ca…[View]
114080415What do you make of this: Is Way-pool back to being the norm for this dude?[View]
114080175Hackposting aside, what is /co/ HOPING to see Hirsh make at Netflix? So far there are no details. Bu…[View]
114073642Devil's Candy: >Pandy time https://www.devilscandycomic.com/…[View]
114079996Masks: It's now legally required you wear a mask in Laredo and San Diego. When did you realize …[View]
114077003There hasn't been a single good cartoon since the '90s ended.[View]
114071000When was the last time cartoons had a good fight scene?[View]
114076764_ ____ __ ____ ____ _______[View]
114080187>hey I’m the big nice bear but actually I use religion to run a cult Had I just evolved past this…[View]
114078870Is this the worst Easter movie of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDRvzSlCSzk[View]
114079548Beach thread[View]
114068330What made S1-S3 Spongebob so great?: Aside from 'it's been running long enough that the jokes i…[View]
114078736Captain Marvel 2 release date: The #CaptainMarvel sequel has been officially announced for a July 8,…[View]
114079811Black Widow, Mulan Land New 2020 Release Dates, Jungle Cruise Delayed a Year: https://www.hollywoodr…[View]
114080063DC and Marvel Comics will get bailed out by Warner Bros., Disney, and the Government. They will prob…[View]
114079851Why does blade have tattoos: How did he even get wit his advanced healing[View]
114076117Pet Alien: This show has the ugliest fucking CGI animation that i've ever seen in my life. Butt…[View]
114074258Seeing how much live-action shows dominated the ratings compared to animation on their competitors, …[View]
114077933I've decided I'm going to binge this show while I'm social distancing: What am I in f…[View]
114075723The great debate.[View]
114078107FFS Don't Threaten People!: Why are people in the comic book industry so mentally deranged that…[View]
114079071What's his power level?[View]
114062476Who are some /co/ ghosts[View]
114050591Primal (plague) Talkback: What did everyone think of the new episode?[View]
114077698Normal words, but a demon guy![View]
114075713does Marvel have anything like this?[View]
114073204Naughty and Nice by Bruce Timm: I really want to have these fucking books, but they're expensiv…[View]
114075761I did not care for Steven Universe[View]
114079043>Don't touch me![View]
114077407What went right UG bros?[View]
114070395Gunnerkrigg Court: 3 Apr 2020 | 12:00 AM Bonus Page 75: Body Building Thanks for reading! I hope you…[View]
114073503Trolls World Tour to be released on VOD in six European countries this Monday: >Universal’s “Trol…[View]
114075916They added Deadpool to Fortnite. But apparently its bugged so nobody can right now lol :/ https://ww…[View]
114078332Ben Grimm's Rocky Nuts: does anyone have the edit of this comic where the Thing shows Namor his…[View]
114078196Would (You) bully Sarah?[View]
114078570Haven't found a single thread about it, but there's a sneak peek of Pendleton Ward's …[View]
114074347Let's have thread where we try and deduce Larry boy's identity, who do you guys think it i…[View]
114078162WHERE'S THE JOKE, SHEN?[View]
114073268Never forget where you came from[View]
114070383pulp: so, what exactly is pulp, and what are the quintessential recomendations to watch? favorites?…[View]
114076399Do you prefer 2000s capeshit or 2010s capeshit?: 2000s capeshit: >X-Men >G-Men From Hell >B…[View]
114061054>Zoomers are now nostalgic for the Nostalgia Critic, blissfully unaware that he was never fumny a…[View]
114077874what does /co/ think of max steel?: hardly anyone on here talks about this show even thogh it is qui…[View]
114075694Which capeshit character would be best suited for a Souls-like vidya and why is it pic related?[View]
114077083Simpsons easter egg thread. I'll start, in intro logo the cloud covers up the last three letter…[View]
114077817>Lore fags (losers) will bitch and complain that the show doesn’t have a plot even tho it doesn’t…[View]
114077502Demon Bunny Girls?: What is this scene from?[View]
114077832Where the heck is season 2?[View]
114073365Adventure Time Distant Lands: Special Announcement coming on Twitch this Sunday. Hopefully a trailer…[View]
114071920Star Wars The Clone Wars S7 E7 Discussion: LITERALLY POINTLESS edition The episode starts and ends i…[View]
114077586Heh heh heh! I'm going to spread my newly made virus and no one can stop me, even The Big Red C…[View]
114076580Fuck it, post Lio strips.[View]
114075536The Biggest Douche in the /co/niverse FINAL ROUND!!!!: This is it.... We have our Top 4. Now is your…[View]
114070370Juan Jimenez died: https://comicbook.com/comics/2020/04/03/acclaimed-comics-artist-juan-gimenez-dies…[View]
114076949Batman: Arkham Plague: >Due to the recent and sudden outbreak of the virus known as COVID-19, Got…[View]
114076201do acid[View]
114076867How would Ooo handle the coronavirus[View]
114076948/co/, I think something truly abhorrent just got memory holed. Do any of you remember a cartoon tha…[View]
114076730HOW CARTOONS BRAINWASHED US WITH JEWISH STEREOTYPES: So I was unaware cartoons used to be so darn ha…[View]
114075110>Tell me I'm good.[View]
114077069It's been a long road, sir. Long and hard and discouraging. For all of us, but mostly for you.[View]
114075914Why do you guys want to fuck Fuddonna?[View]
114076405>'I want a bloody costume!' >Never gets one. What did they mean by this?…[View]
114076573Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. I have sinned A LOT.[View]
114061539SPIDEY NO[View]
114073227Who would win?[View]
113978882Tangled: voice generation fucking WHEN[View]
114076982American Dragon thread[View]
114074678Ed Edd n Eddy ended over 10 years ago.[View]
114030308Beach thread, anyone?[View]
114075436>Expecting a top tier final battle with punches, atomic breath and all that shit >Show suddenl…[View]
114069728What happens?[View]
114076823I missed the [as] April Fools stuff: Does anyone have working mega links? I tried looking in the arc…[View]
114076777I just realized that Johnny current 'suit' looks like a cenobite from Hellraiser.[View]
114039440SUFF: GREG NO![View]
114076732I just finished watching the show and out of anyone in the show she is my waifu https://youtu.be/wxw…[View]
114069407If you could work as the sidekick/main henchmen for ANY comic villain/hero, who would you choose? Pi…[View]
114076694Toonami Aftermath has saved my brain: This quarantine is really fucking me. I don’t know what came o…[View]
114070490Fuck you this was great[View]
114075480So why didn’t they just ask Death or Father Time for a solid and just bring Pops back?[View]
114073195Nickelodeon says 'pedos rights'[View]
114075954Name a more based character[View]
114069099'Hello. I'm collecting for the Brotherhood of Jewish Clowns. Last year tornados claimed the liv…[View]
114073761Anyone here read Wilde Life? >Wilde Life is a supernatural adventure/horror series set in a small…[View]
114075008I would follow him[View]
114071896>Once, while at a party in London, the editor of the literary reviews page of a major newspaper s…[View]
114072599Punisher: What do you think of Punisher comics?[View]
114064676Biggest Douche Semi Finals: This it folks. Meet your Top 8!! Now get them to Top 4 (Current Poll) ht…[View]
114067800Smiling Friends exploitable: What shirt is he wearing, /co/?[View]
114076271Do you guys want to do something productive since we're all stuck at home over this COVID-19 cr…[View]
114075311For me it's Maya Santos.[View]
114067984Amalgam Comics: should they bring it back /co/?[View]
114072931other than the art this was one of the worst comic i've ever read so let's talk about how …[View]
114074705Ultraman Belial is now the main villain to the last cartoon/comic you watched/read. What changes?[View]
114076130Why does Jaiden Animation fans ship her with that random Scarf Kid so much?[View]
114058219If Ivy gets a boyfriend then Harley should too[View]
114072171So what the hell happens when Steven finally dies? Will his gem just stop working? Will his gem se…[View]
114067870Unsounded: Poor Duane's getting PLAAAAAAAAAAAAYED.[View]
114073571Is Mark Millar just a poor man's Garth Ennis?[View]
114075965“Harlan Ellison Runs Amok” by Gary Groth (1989)[View]
114073861Please Forgive Me!!!: 164: We Ain’t Too Pretty, We Ain’t Too Proud[View]
114061509New Emmy Comic[View]
114075835It's like God saw Marvel phase 4 and went 'you know what, I'm good'.[View]
114074454What would you do if your vagina was haunted?[View]
114075477the fuck is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CajjpdHYneM what next, superman kills hitler? fuck…[View]
114072539Batman Reveal: So, how does everyone feel about the fact that Batman revealed he is actually BRUCE F…[View]
114055197Ok Quarintine has given me time to check on stuff I had not seen. What am I in for with this?.[View]
114074716MvC wishlist thread: This year marks the 20th anniversary of MvC 2. Evo was supposed to have some th…[View]
114075624Sardine in Outer Space: It'll finally premiere a month from now, on May 4th. https://www.youtub…[View]
114075331/co/ cosplay thread: Post your favorite character cosplaying[View]
114073795https://twitter.com/_gabrielpicolo/status/1245757503406833664 >'Heroes, help! Villains are trying…[View]
114074081Are the Warcraft comics any good?[View]
114070615Thinking retrospectively, how could other girls in the show even compete?[View]
114074847Look how they massacred my girl: Those 3 episodes with Ahsoka were pure garbage[View]
114075294perfect specimen[View]
114075330Is it me, or has the average skill level of artists for cartoons and comics gotten worse over the la…[View]
114068549Was this casting as perfect as I assumed it was?[View]
114070546'Could you put on the baseball game?' 'My kids are watching a movie!' 'Oh come on, help a brother ou…[View]
114075069>“The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square ro…[View]
114028198EVERYONE, I HAVE A IDEA Make a new thread to social distance yourself from others[View]
114061390Wow. He's in the show now. https://youtu.be/uFT6zv1KXN4[View]
114060953Hopes for THE SUICIDE SQUAD? Mine... > More serious then Gunn's Guardians films. > Especi…[View]
114071496How would Starlight fare in the Marvel or DC universe?[View]
114069761Tell me why I'm supposed to hate him again? Because I'm enjoying everything I read.[View]
114074859How do you think it would have been? Also hot teen cheerleader poison ivy is peak fap material[View]
114069310Fuck it, nostalgia time.: Post your favorite cartoon creepypasta images/fanart. Live-action shit lik…[View]
114068956Heathcliff pretends to be a lawn gnome.[View]
114057305Why is a character holding a gun to their head the entire episode such a good fucking gag, it never …[View]
114061141Was thrilled for the revival, but when I actually tried to sit down and watch season three, I only m…[View]
114073837Human Versions of Cartoon Characters: Mr. P sure looks feisty.[View]
114071376Guys, hear me out!: Who owns Bat Burger franchise? What if CEO of Bat Burger is BATMAN HIMSELF?…[View]
113945106Bluey S02E13 - Dad Baby: https://iview.abc.net.au/show/bluey/series/0/video/CH1903Q019S00 https://me…[View]
114073323ZONE thread: sup bitches! post em if you got em[View]
114069581Post Disney Renaissance Movies: It's not bad. I might dare say it's pretty good. Which one…[View]
114065036>Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Twerp. I wish for it so you don't have to.…[View]
114073631>It is also known that Stephen Hillenburg himself said he hated the idea of SpongeBob having a sp…[View]
114073771Google kept advertising this to me so I checked it out and holy shit it's horrible, watching th…[View]
114073155I love Alucard, he sucks dicks and he isnt afraid of anything[View]
114073958What's a good Spice comic involving Two-Face?[View]
114072492Would this make a good Batman story?[View]
114073822Did you have a cartoon fixation at the level you could name every cartoon it appears in? Is it becau…[View]
114073850Glitch Techs: brought to you by Post Alpha-Bits cereal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA-OOAtwjqM…[View]
114070631Homestuck 2 Upd8: https://homestuck2.com/story/170 One allowed thread, etc.[View]
114070415Annoying fatass piece of shit retard[View]
114015858Kill Six Billion Demons: >Final Round >“The ruling king must know the lay of his law as the li…[View]
114066032Villain Workshop: It's time for another round of villain workshop. ITT we examine C and D list …[View]
114049307Underutilized girls.: ITT: Underutilized /co/ girls.[View]
114073338Whose art is this? Zaffino? Sean Murphy?[View]
114020295Rick and Morty: New episodes start May 3rd https://youtu.be/qPDqQDTnJKE[View]
114071572Whats your favorite TTG episode[View]
114072961What exactly is wrong with this art? Like I can see the problem with the no outlines man, and the gu…[View]
114068202Since comics are gonna be fucking dead soon, where do we go from here? Webcomics? Manga?[View]
114073265Logical progression of late 90s Titans? Impulse or Tim Drake next?: Another day, another opportunity…[View]
114063512What went wrong?[View]
114059173>'Okay. I'll tell ya. You are the worst person I know. You constantly hit on your best frien…[View]
114069328>Banner and Hulk are undergoing a crisis in IW >Hulk is completely eradicated offscreen >No…[View]
114071586The great debate[View]
114072922Should Wonder Woman make more of an effort in trying to reform her male villains?[View]
114059749So can we all agree that Janet deserved it?[View]
114071215What are some comic book matchups where both characters are so broken there's really no possibl…[View]
114066904There is just something so pure and wonderful about HB’s action cartoons. They’re almost like Silver…[View]
114067884Reminder that this guy had more character development than Garnet.[View]
114066333'I can't believe you're giving up church, Homer.' 'Hey what's the big deal about goin…[View]
114072836choose your favorite[View]
114067939Why do they call it a 'cockpit'?[View]
114065415Your Susie Doozy: I'm back. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?[View]
114072423Sealab 2021: Do you think that they're under the sea in 2021 because it's the only place y…[View]
114059316Wonder Woman v Captain Marvel: who wins in a fight /co/?[View]
114068513ITT: /co/ slampigs[View]
114072224'Lincoln, did you forget to flush the toilet yet again?'[View]
114071423What was he like before he saw the pictures?[View]
114062439The fuck did I just watch? XD[View]
114071543So what's the deal with this? Is season 4 coming out or nah?[View]
114071272lmao what a fag[View]
114070306Wtf bros? Why'd he do it? Why didn't he just talk to his dad? He didn't have to kill …[View]
114070074What was the climate like at CN that got execs to be so open minded about projects like Courage the …[View]
114061771The Harvey Weinstein of animation. Why is this cunt allowed to work at some new studio when he sexua…[View]
114049166So she's been totally solidified as DCSHG best girl now, right? Not only did she win the popula…[View]
114069335>Hahahahahaha. Ha![View]
114044799Post shows that were unironically groundbreaking, whether they were good or not.[View]
114064028How in the hell did this get so much praise ? One of the most boring and prententious animated films…[View]
114066434Who wins?[View]
114068407The Thief and the Cobbler: What's your opinion on The Thief and the Cobbler /co/? Will it ever …[View]
114069722this nigga could have been smashing a new princess every day but he fucking obsessed over some pink …[View]
114070462Could Steven redeem him?[View]
114065534Rich Johnston’s plan to save comics fails after 48 hours: http://archive.md/MMLy9 Pleas anon, come j…[View]
114071523what is up with japanese transformers?[View]
114070465Fred Thread: Hello, new friend, this is a trying time And as such, there is need to rhyme And since …[View]
114063188Venture Bros: This show has everything. Diversity from a sexual, racial and handicapable standpoint.…[View]
114065754>The Grail of Immortality Bitch, please.[View]
114070600ITT: Shows that are better than the PPG reboot, even if just barely[View]
114068930Wrong earth is amazing: What were your favorite parts. Also what other ahoy comics you into?[View]
114069537DREAMophrenia: Somebody watching it? What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7CV6iFHkS4…[View]
114070051Which is worse, Ren and Stimpy season 3 or Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon?[View]
114069154Why was Peter able to memorize all of this complicated shit in one second?[View]
114068768Only her can save us from COVID-19[View]
114066853But seriously, why do people hate him so much?[View]
114070204Ah... 3 o'clock! Just in time for Chopper Dave.[View]
114069652I’m in love with this E-girl /co/[View]
114068230Oi mate, I'm Warren Ellis, and I 'aven't written anything good in 30 years.[View]
114069138>gives enemy HIV on hit[View]
114067244CAST THE DCEU JSA: https://fandomwire.com/exclusive-dcs-black-adam-to-feature-epic-jsa-battles-with-…[View]
114069043When X-men comes to the MCU this song being the theme is a MUST. This was the first superhero hype s…[View]
114066482Dumping graphic novel[View]
114068264Was it kino?[View]
114063407JSA Storytime: L.E.G.I.O.N.: Good evening owls, a reckoning is at hand[View]
114068617making comics need help. wat do i add for first panel of next page https://riccy.fandom.com/wiki/Cat…[View]
114056410Well /co/, is he right?[View]
114066971SUPERMAN & LOIS Adds Dylan Walsh As General Sam Lane: >Dylan Walsh ('Nip/Tuck', 'Unforgettabl…[View]
114065939What is the new-Mutant religion?[View]
114064358>the fucking 'NURSERY RHYME BUT EDGY' made by the people behind King Star King gets picked up ins…[View]
114069160When a Grounded Batman witnesses the Dawn of the Superman: Okay, I feel like I've been cheated …[View]
114068466what happened to Frank Miller /co/?[View]
114068244tfw your best girl is a minor character nobody remembers and the author doesn't even introduce[View]
114065511Which is better IYO?[View]
114068018The CW's AMAZON: Would you have watched it, /co/? >In 2012, The CW tapped Allan Heinberg to …[View]
114066472Anyone have the episode?[View]
114066178Please don't dirty my waters, senpai.[View]
114065332redpill me on how alex hirsch and justin roiland fucked around so much it actually affected the grav…[View]
114065877Barney is way fatter then homer yet no one gives him shit for it[View]
114067098Why hasn't Adult Swim put this on their Youtube channel yet? It could be a legitimate viral hit…[View]
114045869Hulk Thread: Proper Hulk Thread. No shit-posting.[View]
114035653Now that the dust has settled... She was best girl right?[View]
114063321>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Chowder, blissfully unaware that it was never good and is widely c…[View]
114066207Offensive Comedy: People often criticize the offensive comedy of shows like Family Guy, Paradise PD,…[View]
114031621Hey, I know it’s a long shot, but did anyone record this? I’d really like to see it and I can’t seem…[View]
114068210FORGOTTEN STORYLINES OF THE ARROWVERSE: What are some examples? I was rewatching the first season of…[View]
114067140Story time. Let's read the original Joker story![View]
114066480What is /co/'s opinion on this[View]
114066449Cartoons we never talk about: > 12 ounce mouse[View]
114067852> 13 finished episodes ready to air. >Still shelved. Why has Disney not done anything with it.…[View]
114063790Castlevania (Netflix): I know I'm definitely late to the party, but I just marathoned all three…[View]
114067471Am I the only one that knows about bfdi/bfb?[View]
114066082>When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, 'Come…[View]
114061387Gravity Falls: Dipper is canonically straight in the show. Is there any possibility of him becoming …[View]
114066595Johnny Bravo 'Witch ay Woman' episode: This episode totally have me thinking: What if this show were…[View]
114067754>action scene >it has shaky cam[View]
114067846I hated this bastard so much when i was watching the show. FP and Finn should've worked out.[View]
114065761Where do I start with X-Men?[View]
114060649When did non-DC and non-Marvel comic companies start getting relevant exactly? The 90s? What are som…[View]
114066049I don't want Steven Universe to be fucking over. How the fuck do I cope? AT is gone, GF is gone…[View]
114066948So, who would get the KO?[View]
114064835So he was the leader right?[View]
114036823Toonami Infections for 3/28/20: Because of Corona-chan, Funimation has cancelled all their current a…[View]
114064393Best princess.[View]
114062319In the episode 'Hand Me Down Ed' we only saw how the magical boomerang affected Jimmy, Sar…[View]
114064372Would Milo Murphy's Law look more interesting had Cavendish and Dakota looked like this?[View]
114061154First cartoon faps thread[View]
114061733What the fuck was his problem[View]
114065392Who is the dad supposed to be?[View]
114063675>Zoomers are not nostalgic for Paddy the Pelican, blissfully unaware that it was always good and …[View]
114065157Would you watch it?[View]
114066850Fight thread: Post your battles[View]
114065413How would he fare in Marvel/DC?[View]
114066592How based was he?[View]
114056784>gives an idiot who has no experience in making cars full rein in the development of his newest p…[View]
114045724>10 year later GUYS, IM BACK! wyd?[View]
1140579302001: A Space Odyssey storytime: THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/T0rDBncLS6k[View]
114059730How female superheroes should dress?[View]
114066156As a Brit, I must apologise for the ugly cartoons we keep releasing[View]
114066283How to respect for people significantly save the planet multiple times?: And mutants are human being…[View]
114064295What did he do wrong?[View]
114065102>Wonder Woman villains will remain a joke forever[View]
114065529'Come on Ned, move this thing!' 'I can't! It's a Geo!'[View]
114063221>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Billy and Mandy, blissfully unaware that it was never good and is …[View]
114058212‘Yogi Bear Show’ Voice Actress Julie Bennett Dies At 88: https://deadline.com/2020/04/julie-bennett-…[View]
114043466only post ITT if you're infected[View]
114062872Hickmans Xmen: Alright. I love XMen always have. Its been shit for a long time. And just recently I …[View]
114065947> CHOCOLATE[View]
114063998Rock and Rule is available free on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knENwlh0FFA&feature=…[View]
114064251>My mom just died. Hello? I guess I'll just be alone now. *Cries*[View]
114064660ITT: post Chads[View]
114065452What’s Joker’s sexual orientation?[View]
114065855Is everyone in this show a sperg? Who can he not see that going into towns in North Africa and Euro…[View]
114064345Could Steven redeem him?[View]
113998623/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
114065677For me, it's Bart Allen.[View]
114058387So in the end does Ethan have the last laugh?[View]
114063964You have four choices who to pick for your cartoon harem, who is your 4?[View]
114064146mystery inc.: didnt the whole happy ending in mystery inc. negate the whole story thread of fred co…[View]
114064199/co/'s bizarre's adventure: What were their STAND names again.[View]
114061716/co/ merchandise[View]
114061746Do what now?[View]
114065305It was alright. What did you think of this film? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsRDJe6jEpg Dave an…[View]
114063081If you could make a cartoon or comic about these two characters...: What would it be about?[View]
114064189any comics about cats?[View]
114057959ITT: Canceled/In-Limbo Animated Movies[View]
114062584>Boomers are now nostalgic for the Looney Tunes, blissfully unaware that it was never good and wa…[View]
114063750Best /co/ ship. Prove me wrong.: It’s even better than Ben x Gwen.[View]
114062981This cartoon had some rather interesting episodes.[View]
114040492drawthread time :)[View]
114064910All three Punisher live action movies were better than the MCU series[View]
114061234what does /co/ think of jason shiga?: ok ive had it with the non stop capeshit time for some actual …[View]
114064837What kind of retards are at the DCAU where they thought it was a good idea to change this scene?[View]
114063091Are there any good dubs of ATFH in different languages? I don't know if this show even had the …[View]
114063034>The last cartoon you watched becomes a 90s Shonen What happens?[View]
114059284Just the best Green Lantern passing by.[View]
114061368Enchanted Portals New Extended Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEgUXjdwei8 The two guys who…[View]
114055073The things he does for love...Yet never got a girlfriend? WTF?[View]
114064328Tiger King: The Animated Series: how would such a thing turn out?[View]
114062861ITT: Oh yeah that happened[View]
114063812What are some forgotten waifus? I remember Shreeky from back in like 2007.[View]
114062504Reminder that not only do the Simpsons exist on Marvel's Earth-616, but the show also exists th…[View]
114046475Annual Usagi Yojimbo Storytime part 11: Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai! We're Grasscutting, baby! …[View]
114064063>trying to surf the web using experimental internet gas >the page I’m on dissipates into the a…[View]
114062865Mr. Pepe is so cute. Why isn't there a cartoon of him yet?[View]
114061759Coronainferno: ITT: Post yfw the comic-industry is finally burning down[View]
114059289So why is it that this board will shitpost about Superman being OP constantly, yet seldom says anyth…[View]
114061642/co/ characters who's last names begin with the 'Mc' prefix[View]
114060008Captain Hero replaces the protagonist in the last comic you read. How would the story change?[View]
114062822Currently watching Hanazuki on TV as we speak. What every happen to this show anyway?[View]
114063596Skyland: Anyone remember this? I remember it gave me Feel Good Inc vibes because of the setting.…[View]
114061469Another one bites the dust...[View]
114058649What are some comics similar to Prince Valiant? I don't care if it's newspaper or not, but…[View]
114058536LET'S GO TO HORSELAND![View]
114063144>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Rob Liefeld, blissfully unaware that it was never good and is wide…[View]
114063249Favorite character?[View]
114063128Ugly People Thread: Post ugly nu-comic book and cartoon creators! You post 'em, we roast '…[View]
114061625How long do you think til' we get another animated series with such notable alumni? >Pen Wa…[View]
114062890What the fuck? This is actually way better than it has any fucking right to be.[View]
114059286Will the world get another cultural phenomenon like Garfield and Peanuts? What would it take to reac…[View]
114062423Does anyone remember Bratz and how ugly their cartoon was?[View]
114062013For me, it's Gleb. This little nigga is based.[View]
114061316I really want to see the Concept of a Marvel Version of Young Justice and want to incorporate the id…[View]
114060136Out of all the disappointing things in this show, the most disappointing is how we didn't see a…[View]
114062660Is he a bad guy?[View]
114060661LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S...[View]
114062960>My Diamond wait for me! I've been waiting outside this human establishment for weeks and yo…[View]
114061440>its a fireside girls episode[View]
114055056ITT: /co/ makes a cartoon they actually enjoy[View]
114050091... >:([View]
114059840Is Alfred right? Is Batman a bad person because all he does is bully the poor and the helpless with …[View]
114062759Does Shark Tale have the greatest voice cast for a CGI animated film ? They really went above and be…[View]
114046931Ah, Perry the Platypus, I am glad you can see the effects of my Stay-at-home-inator. You see, it was…[View]
114062760The timing of this books release is kinda funny: This book.coming out right now almost feels like a …[View]
114059856The City of the Future: Ladies and Gentlemen, in this time of troubles a new solution is required wh…[View]
114062652Does anyone know who did the artwork for FX Fighter? The style looks very familiar and shitty.[View]
114053775How would you address the Joker Paradox? By that I mean to say the fact that the Joker is supposed …[View]
114062387Are they immortal?[View]
114061366>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Pixar, blissfully unaware that it was never good and is widely con…[View]
114061683Why does she want to fuck him so badly?[View]
114057861Why do people hate this episode so much?[View]
114062298So /co/ What's in the bag?[View]
114060909Cartoon Network is going to do a livestream to celebrate AT's 10th anniversary, They're al…[View]
114060464Ok Marvelfags of /co/, is it true that black heroes always get crippled? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
114054897Any good DC mini-series from 80s-90s?: I recently read pic related and they've been fucking gre…[View]
114061475FOOLS: Doctor doom white ranger is powerful[View]
114055976Left or right?[View]
114061408Who was at fault here?[View]
114034115left or right?[View]
114060700Billy makes sure him and his crime fighting partners are one big happy family[View]
114053420Who'll patrol this nasty thot next season?[View]
114049319Would you cuck Steven?[View]
114061532What does /co/ think of this skit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvSIoGbU2cc[View]
114061557How would the JLA deal with the Corona Virus? Would they be helping Chinese civilians even when the …[View]
114061551Coronavirus? More like *cough*...Oh excuse me. As I was saying. Coronavirus? More l-*COOOUGH* Blaeg…[View]
114055899The Biggest Douche in the /co/niverse Semi Finals: This it folks. Meet your Top 8!! Now get them to …[View]
114059546which south park character is the cutest? and why is it kyle?[View]
114060495Who was best girl? Personally I think Melody but I want to hear what others think. Not just restrict…[View]
114061498Why is he such a fucking simp?[View]
114058843ITT: References in kids’ shows you can’t believe are real[View]
114061542So what's with DC pushing these two together?[View]
114059146Why did Buzz know to act like a toy with Andy if he thought he was real and not a toy?[View]
114054551Be honest, how did you react when the original creator of the first version of the DC multiverse was…[View]
114061018HE DIED FOR OUR SINS![View]
114060337>characters playing video games >atari 2600 pacman sounds…[View]
114057905Congratulations, Earth! You have just given me my one millionth case![View]
114056967post TRUE zoomercore[View]
114052733What the entire fuck. I read this comic expecting a cute Borrowers-style story based on the cover, b…[View]
114040055It's back?: Shipwar AU seems to come back since a long time, How is Moringmark going to solve t…[View]
114061330I miss Fry[View]
114061230So does this exist yet?[View]
114061303Is he a lazy bastard? >Jon is literally a self insert character[View]
114055519Tara Strong Mommy Dragon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcYZBFBE6pw[View]
114059365Chad Steven should have stayed his final form, not obese Pinkzilla[View]
114061158Are there any swashbuckling renaissance/thirty year war set comics with rapier & main-gachue / m…[View]
114059238Dr.Pig here I heard some of you are sick with Corona Any chances of what the symptoms are[View]
114060542Post new series you know that will never be renewed for a second season[View]
114038891Is '87 April really the best April?[View]
114057666SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run delayed Late Summer: https://deadline.com/2020/04/top-gun-maveric…[View]
114057217my favorite comic: is anyone like same??[View]
114059849How the fuck could his hat do this? When I was a kid, I thought hats like this must exist. This kind…[View]
114059776ITT: Good characters trapped in shit shows.[View]
114057724>have read Watchmen countless times >skip the gay pirate shit every time still haven't re…[View]
114060973Asartes: Part 5 is up brothers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoCcpMW8fSs[View]
114045786New52 Lobo: You know what I really like him[View]
114058819when was the last time a cartoon show gave you anxiety?[View]
114037503Can this lineup work in the Main DCU as ongoing team book?[View]
114053977How would you have made Stevens corruption arc better? Frankly I wish we saw him slowly become more…[View]
114059038How many animators you know of that have been infected?[View]
114059758>Truly... They were... An Aqua Teen Hunger Force[View]
114059832What are some good comics/cartoons with bold ladies and plucky boys? What would you like to see in a…[View]
114058542SU was shit. But it had potential. Since the show is over, and Sucrose can't potentially leech …[View]
114059263greetings earthlings. Let's have a thread with commercial characters. I'll start with Redd…[View]
1140547574 MORE MONTHS UNTIL EPISODE 10: I cant take it anymore[View]
114056495HEY PAISANOS[View]
114059813/img/ - Iron Man General Thread: So, the last issue of IM2020 comes out in June. You think they…[View]
114060373BALLMASTRZ: new promo >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8k5aH4IAf4…[View]
114060740>Pirates of the Caribbean is to be rebooted for Disney+ as a series of animated YA Fantasy-Horror…[View]
114057980Assuming they had no powers or secret crime fighting skills and actually were exactly who they said …[View]
114056711Thoughts on this show?[View]
114056098Is it just me or is this show basically care bears with rock people[View]
114059282Left or Right?[View]
114060109So at this point in time (2020) would Homer and Marge be Boomers, Gen-Xers or Millennials?[View]
114057782Where to get an artist?: Any anons ever hired an artist for a comic project? Where did you get them?…[View]
114057777>Marvel censors a cover of classic comic with Logan smoking https://m.imgur.com/a/jA6Ntaf…[View]
114059733Why are Whisper and Gold so similar? Does Evan have a type for his furbait, or is it just similar wr…[View]
114044443They don’t look or act 12 at all[View]
114027237Aero Storytime: Remember those Chinese webcomics that Marvel would later republish in English? Me ne…[View]
114038387Why did everyone at Marvel hate him?[View]
114060472Could an adult cartoon of Ice and Fire song work?[View]
114056169Cartoon Network should really stop rebooting his old shows.[View]
114035519/angela anaconda/: this is the type of person who personally identifies with angela anaconda. Why is…[View]
114058964Why does this board hardly discuss comics outside of meme shit (JOKERS NEW GIRLFRIEND, CAPTAIN MARVE…[View]
114055916gorillaz: It's Coming Up It's Coming Up It's Coming Up[View]
114058636Oh boy /co/, a package[View]
114055849PBS Kids > Nick Jr > Playhouse Disney[View]
114059685Batman lmao: Batman https://youtube.com/watch?v=RwPC4G1rjdc[View]
114045377Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: TMNT time. How do you feel about the current status of the comic? Whic…[View]
114047148They still could’ve remained friends even if she didn’t remember: Just saying, they could’ve started…[View]
114057025How would you react if the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was revived with a ongoing narrative?[View]
114046886Now that the dust has settled. What does /co/ think of Ultimate Spider-man?[View]
114055415Do you buy any memorabilia and merch based on /co/ properties?[View]
114055141modern cartoons are so bankrupt when it comes to ideas they have to pander to anime fans: https://st…[View]
114059089Dr. Pig and Otis didn't stop these two. Why?[View]
114052561What sort of songs and music do you suppose capture the ambiance of Gotham City?[View]
114054097Is it actually worth a watch? Besides the fact that series has a theme of heavy metal and janky anim…[View]
114030314YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS !!!!!: https://www.dccomics.com/comics/batman-the-adventures-continue-2020…[View]
114034710SU fanart thread.[View]
114056521>cute dickgirl is still taboo in the comics industry And these people call themselves progressive…[View]
114059185Alt realities and Elsewords reinventions are nothing new for big superheroes, but why does this read…[View]
114054947So I've noticed something in comic books, and I wonder if there is a name for it, or if anyone …[View]
114051217'We are a town of lowbrows, no brows and ignorami. We have eight malls, but no symphony. Thirty two …[View]
114058915This show is so AWESOME! What do you like about Fanboy and Chum Chum guys?[View]
114055468WOOD DAVERS[View]
114056755Fanboy and Chum Chum: Now that the dust has settled, can we admit Fanboy and Chum Chum was the best …[View]
114054484Everybody likes to jiggle.[View]
114058571Is this the highest production value shitpost?[View]
114049867I’ve never waited so impatiently for a reboot before, especially knowing for a while that the origin…[View]
114057607I miss the comics[View]
114058761Storytime, kids! Now what did Caillou do today?[View]
114055274Why does he want Apu to assimilate so badly?[View]
114057588Alignment thread. Place characters from a comic/cartoon into each alignment.[View]
114050626> 'There is energy all around us. The energy is both yin and yang; positive energy and negative e…[View]
114058268ITT: Bad Character Designs: I'll start with Hawkman - just look at him...[View]
114058465Why are French superheroes like this?[View]
114058467Why isn't there actual love/romance in kids/teens shows, /co/? They show brutal wars and murder…[View]
114016401The Owl House Thread: When can Luz learn new magic, hell what about alchemy? Luz just going in circl…[View]
114057393/co/splay thread[View]
114057337Its a “side character was a late blooming bang-baby” episode.[View]
114055775Hi, I'm Glenn Quagmire[View]
114054853Harley Kino returns tomorrow[View]
114055884Anyone knows what cartoon this from?[View]
114057964Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: What do you think of this Russian jew's cartoon Primal? Perso…[View]
114049938Ballmastrz Thread: Can you enjoy Ballmastrz without being into anime? I feel like I'm missing o…[View]
114055008Why does he hate Mondays?[View]
114057986Why does looney tunes/meets dc have essentially the same story twice?: Is this an older version fo s…[View]
114048129Smiling friends: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114057350>TFW no Nora GF[View]
114053953What's the general opinion on Big Hero 6?[View]
114043216April fools day Arkham Asylum storytime: In this great first Batman book by the inimitable Grant Mor…[View]
114054420When did it become uncool for heroes to be Patriot?[View]
114057720DC UNIVERSE: Who uses this, how do you like it and why can't I remove comics I'm currently…[View]
114057392Why is Rusty so hard on Hank?[View]
114056730So about moral orel..: It was said in show that Orel was too pure to be corrupted , but as he grew u…[View]
114056636Post characters that got ruined forever.[View]
114057631Cops are bad?! I thought cops were good![View]
114057212With this new status quo for the X-Men, why can't writers come up with any new unique villains?…[View]
114057300Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Somehow I went onto this Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers nost…[View]
114052744who are some co ghosts[View]
114053064ITT: shows/comics overlooked by /co/ for just one reason, whether fairly or unfairly Be Cool, Scoob…[View]
114056081THATSPIDERMANBOOTH, HELP?: Hey guys, just got back in to comics (worst time right?) and order a few …[View]
114056299Thoughts on intentionally ugly cartoons?[View]
114055987MCU X-Men: Leaked concept art and roster[View]
114056571Could your favorite /co/ character defeat him[View]
114053266Smiling friends - asking for a friend: So what's the consensus around here? I saw a few threads…[View]
114057022Why were these scenes even in the movie[View]
114056303What was your childhood/preteenage obsession and how bad did it get? For me, it was pic related. …[View]
114050152Post your face when Unalaq said: >I will become... the Dark Avatar[View]
114056685Are there any cape cartoons where the cops aren't utterly and completely useless?[View]
114055418so, this show is only popular because everybody want to fuck at least one of the sisters, right?[View]
114055655>Make Joe Chill >Call him the Joker >Make Killer Croc >Call him the Penguin >Make Mad…[View]
114056344Who is this with America? Thanks.[View]
11405279512ozmo: How did y'all take the ARG way back in '05?[View]
114056760ITT: funny comic pages[View]
114053766Team Any of the DC women but Harley Quinn: Alright, guys. Since there used to be a lot of negativity…[View]
114046938Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
114056652Was it ever explained what being 'Worthy' actually means?[View]
114055443#PencilsDown is one of the few good things caused by Coronavirus.[View]
114056402The Man Who Has Everything: Van, when you were born, it was the happiest day of my life. When I firs…[View]
114056282Anti: Who are your favorite Anti-Heroes in comics? Also, questions about Ghost Rider. I've read…[View]
114056274I hear the next Spider-Man MCU movie have Daredevil in it.: Is that real?[View]
114054948What are the best Short Comics?: Moon Knight was short and so good. What are your must read?[View]
114056078IT'S HAPPENING[View]
114055522I feel like I hear nothing but disdain from /co/ for Slott so I was wondering who is the best writer…[View]
114052285Celebrity show that age badly[View]
1140552222000s capeshit > 2010s capeshit Pic unrelated. I just wanted an excuse to post it.[View]
114055962I WILL get my kissie, Sarah.[View]
114055718what is next for them? none of their current shows except TTG, I guess, have any following, Nick has…[View]
114052122Recommend me comics and manga pls: I like to play chess, think about computers, read shakespeare, li…[View]
114048772Which characters did Zombie Simpsons ruin the hardest? My vote goes with Bart since he got turned in…[View]
114055225Can you guess all of them?[View]
114055753Digital comics: Hello there, /co/. I have a question about comics, since I am not that well informed…[View]
114055127Art comic?: Name of the artist/ web series? Cant find any info on this graphic novel[View]
114050380I love Gwen. She's kinda stupid and evil, and these make her so adorable. What a cutie.[View]
114048418AND I SAID[View]
114055437The definition of interesting concept, Gay (quite literally) execution[View]
114052279The Infection... it's spreading. People turning into the worst version of themselves, tearing u…[View]
114053594this is the main character of the single best cartoon of the last decade say something nice about hi…[View]
114055378Truly they really were a Steven universe:future[View]
114053721Are there any other moments in movies/shows that are unintentionally funny? Pic related. The scene: …[View]
114054790I kinda stopped reading DC around 2012 and it seems like the continuity is somehow a million times m…[View]
114054531it's nearly been a week since it's ended, what will be the next /co/ related media that…[View]
114052162Was this kino? If not, why wasn't it?[View]
114015685pinups: Shit's depressing, let's cheer each other up with some art friends. I'll star…[View]
114055140>it's a Team Fortress 2 episode[View]
114037415Only immune anons can post in this thread.[View]
114054102Is this real? I don’t remember this.[View]
114054658ComicHub Save the Comic Industry: Comics are saved! http://www.multiversitycomics.com/news/comichub-…[View]
114043540So if IDW shows go belly up, what will happen to the comics? I only read like two things from IDW an…[View]
114054465Growing Around: Crosswalk, Sally![View]
114053161Give me a /co/ equivalent: Somali and the Forest Spiriy[View]
114049718Flintstones thread.: Yabbadabbadoo me in the balls let's have a Flintstones thread. Let's …[View]
114048163What's the worst episode of Aqua Teen? Catching up on some episodes I missed on, and Rubberman …[View]
114054163If a Youtuber makes his own manga. Do we call it 'manga' or 'comics'. For me, pic related is a comic…[View]
114048551>evil/dark/villain version of hero: You know them. Your Reverse-Flash. Your Dark Link. Your Negad…[View]
114054482What's their personalities?[View]
114052813The Asian CN channels are getting a new show based on a 2014 CN Movie. Monster Beach is made by the …[View]
113980460Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
114043154Ollie's Pack premieres on Nickelodeon next week. Are you gonna watch it?[View]
114054265How much do you depend on your childhood nostalgia for happiness?[View]
114050515I call it the 'Star Butterfly effect'[View]
114026103Gunnerkrigg Court: 1 Apr 2020 | 12:00 AM Chapter 75: Page 17 Let's hope it serves them well. Th…[View]
114052440Hey Hey! I've been in self-isolation for the past 24 hours. Did I miss anything?[View]
114054373Rate em[View]
114052963episodes of cartoons that catered to your fetish exactly pic very much related[View]
114053250what did they mean with this?[View]
114054297Eh, what's up, doc? You got a tight little manpussy, don't cha? *sniff* *smacks lips* Ahhh…[View]
114054048Motorcity: This was kinda cool. Sad it got axed[View]
114028616Adult Swim April Fools Thread #7: West Coast Discussion/Talkback/Hangout thread Since this prank onl…[View]
114053710'How come the Smithsonian need to be sponsored by a cell phone company?' 'I can answer that. Uncle S…[View]
114053429“Wap!: The Freelancer Newsletter” by Gary Groth (1988)[View]
114053965Here's your new Judge Bro[View]
114054120Was it kino?[View]
114043476>These motherfuckers did all of that shit just to tell Jim Davis that his cartoons are not funny…[View]
114053950The perfect organisms. Their structural perfection is matched only by their hostility. I admire thei…[View]
114051700>Look at this dude... oh, nononono, oh, no, no PHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
114053518Does /co/ like The Beter Show? I think it abused the 'Gamer meme' too much but still a solid show[View]
114052788Need Comic Suggestions: Quarantined at the log cabin inna woods, need some comic suggestions. Here…[View]
114052696Yellow>>>>red and green[View]
114052027>Show is really really good >So good that it makes everything else airing at the time look fuc…[View]
114049685Dumbing of Age: Joyce is sad[View]
114055187wojalk: brainlet with tumor[View]
114053737Why did Disney turn Hades into a villain? In the original myths he was just stuck with a shitty job[View]
114052367ITT: shows only you watched[View]
114052534Was he Big Man ?[View]
114053343Race swap thread: Post character in a different race[View]
114048569>This piece of shit has a higher score on rotten tomatoes than fucking who framed Roger rabbit A…[View]
114052426/co/ It Is Time to Accept Nurgle's Gift: Enjoy the pestilence and plague accept him and be free…[View]
114050240It's Over, isn't it?: Now that Steven Universe is over(for now), I'd like to hear how…[View]
114047011Was she too stupid to have fairies?[View]
114051888Anyone else actually seen this show?[View]
114051024Get in here, you mintz...: ...these graves aren't gonna fill themselves. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
114051922God I wish that were me.[View]
114052735So you're telling me all we needed to do to beat the virus was...[View]
114052115Say 'good night', /co/.[View]
114050170Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
114043597Is this the biggest cockblock in all of /co/?[View]
114044693Which is best femdom vamp waifu? and why is it striga[View]
114043993Mfw fucking immune[View]
114051563Are there any cartoons like Billy and mandy or is it one of it's kind?[View]
113992231Why are cartoons getting worse?[View]
114052366Underrated kino thread Sinbad is one of the best animated movies[View]
114050041Bet you can't infect Cure-chan. She's ready to beat Corona.[View]
114044222I want to make my own comic but I can't draw: >inb4 tutorials I just can't draw, I trie…[View]
114045731when will charlene get her own show[View]
114050154This was a fun episode, but the twist that the puppet show she started watching was mind controlling…[View]
114045805Go ahead, try and infect me.[View]
114043771The only way to get the cure is to suck Steven's dick. You have to let him cum in your mouth an…[View]
114043908Only Green bros are allowed in this thread[View]
114052168You now remember this was a thing[View]
114049589Heathcliff stops by the fish market.[View]
114047097Describe /co/ in one image[View]
114052180>night of premiers >no Metalocalypse[View]
114049497What are you looking forward to the most with Growing Around?[View]
114036531You may only post in this thread if you've recovered.[View]
114050582Out of context /co/ images.[View]
114048415What was her body count like after 6000 years?[View]
114049416In the Kanker sisters' first appearance, they dress the Eds in a set of robes, and Marie says, …[View]
114048763Ngl guys, this was pretty lame https://twitter.com/MikeBoggsy/status/1245368758358679552[View]
114051006Could Dexter's mom fix this crisis?: Wasn't she a Germaphobe?[View]
114051576What was the moral of mutafukaz?[View]
114051128https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYadXQv-9r8 did nobody like JJ Villard's Fairy Tales?[View]
114051470Just watched it, I now want a Disney princesses movie.[View]
114049973The Meek: Following The Meek is suffering. It finally comes back, after so many, so many hiatuses, a…[View]
114051332>cartoon fart scenes compilation part 5[View]
114043751Which 2010's cartoon had the best ending?[View]
114049400Biggest Douche Round 3: Due to me being at a meeting and there are fucking ties. We are extending it…[View]
114047915You gotta put this witchitty grub on ya cock. That'll cure the virus. it's the only way.[View]
114050047Now I'll gain super powers![View]
114044444Legion of Super Heroes: Whats is deal with them?[View]
114041570>[AS] premieres new episodes unannounced >CN finally FINALLY airs something else best april fo…[View]
114044453Is Disney going to die?: /tv/ says the pandemic will cause Disney to sink and go bankrupt. What does…[View]
114050910I remember when things were better.[View]
114050841Can we all make sure she stays immune?[View]
114050116How could Frollo deny THIS?[View]
114050625>that episode where The Simpsons tried to predict 2010[View]
114047088Joker_Thread:_April-Fools-EDITiON: You know what April Fools is really about? JOKES! PRANKS! PRACTIC…[View]
114049309>So the only way to defeat Ares is to flash him? I don't know about this... But if you say s…[View]
114050614Only those who are green of heart can join the Corps[View]
114045028>Cosmo! Wanda! I wish I was Vicky's younger brother![View]
114050478'Camp Lazlo' a 'Spongebob' rip-off?: >Recently someone had posted that they w…[View]
114048848I need some of that virus you guys invented.[View]
1140445242 years avoiding Marvel and its bullshit, then life things happen, ended picking this one and now im…[View]
114035336Monster: Monster cartoons you spooks[View]
114042003Rick & Morty Comics[View]
114046290What the fuck was his problem?[View]
114048440bee and puppycat full series livestream starts in 3 minutes, join us and dont forget to bump We star…[View]
114045680Carnage and Shriek were a better couple than Joker and Harley[View]
114042086This is how the people defending BVS and TLJ sound: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r-AvP6nkmwA…[View]
114037038ITT: Best versions of /co/ characters. >Ah, the rat! So it has a name... It HAD a name.…[View]
114049115Who do we ship Rocket with ?: Who are we shipping Rocket ? I’ve seen people shipping her with Static…[View]
114048599Log: Was there a thread about this yet? >After making a name for itself with popular Adult Swim s…[View]
114048639How many more 'fresh' DC movies do you think there has to be for the stigma of the earlier movies to…[View]
114047308Reminder that this happened and we let this happen.[View]
114049636ITT: Oblique /co/ references: I'll start.[View]
114044985DouHong AU: What their personalities would be like?[View]
114048257Should Joker be gay?[View]
114048436>Don't eat bats. What did God mean by this?[View]
114049406Screentime has both internet gas powers and the coof. Thus, he can give you all the coof just by you…[View]
114036445Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom....[View]
114049256Captain Flamingo? More like Captain Flaming Faggot[View]
114044232>we're told throughout the entire episode that Homer's a popular guy who lucked his way…[View]
114047519This board is over run by degenerate infected. Keep your hands to yourselves![View]
114047449>what the hell is that?[View]
114047007Don't worry, /co/, your ol pal kronk is here with the cure.[View]
114049006Oh my GOD, Mini please step on me[View]
114047084wat u think of my comics[View]
114037348Glitch Techs: I hate April 1st so fucking much.[View]
114048913scooby dancing[View]
114047390If Man-Bat dressed up as a man to fight crime, would he be Man-Batman?[View]
114046440Hot girls aside, this show is massively overrated and it's really cringey how it tried to apply…[View]
114044332I will infect anyone who whiteknights calarts with coronavirus[View]
114046433Donald: Was it ever a good show, or is it just memes?[View]
114044403/co/ reaction image thread: Post your face when you have a good immune system.[View]
114043608In July 2019, Judge again reiterated interested in a potential Beavis and Butt-Head movie further re…[View]
114039915You wouldn't mind being my pet would you /co/ I mean, it's just a woman wearing the pants…[View]
114048112This is Natalie, she's a satyr. Say something nice about her[View]
114046172Should have ended with Steven embracing his Diamond side and enforcing that onto Little HS with Jasp…[View]
114047812Know what would be cooler than a giant snake? A giant parrot![View]
114047956What's the best Witchblade story/run?[View]
114045876'So, what do you think of today's popular music scene?' 'I think it distracts people from more …[View]
114046837SHIT JUST GOT REAL https://twitter.com/HBOMaxOfficial/status/1245380903821426693[View]
114047599Why is Hob Gadling such a great character?[View]
114045277Good... evening, /co/. My employers have... authorized me to... nudge things in a particular directi…[View]
114047578Honest question: does the Lantern Corps celebrate April's Fool?[View]
114037139Cartoon Feet: I always thought it was interesting how different people draw/animate feet. What are y…[View]
114045973The CalArts curse continues...[View]
114044980JSA Storytime: L.E.G.I.O.N.: Good evening owls, he did what[View]
114047447>TFW no dino GF[View]
114046162Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
114047348Spread the virus on the trolls[View]
114047284/co/ -specific /co/rona-chan: This year's April Fools' waifu (the /co/ design is the best,…[View]
114045275BROS /v/ is done for barricade yourselves up, save your comics and cartoons, /co/ is next[View]
114040567>/co/ would seriously let their mom die just so they can keep fucking a super model…[View]
114046954Great krypton!!: A Superman thread![View]
114039602Sequential Art: >topical 2 https://www.collectedcurios.com[View]
114046199What comicbook runs would /co/ say are essential reading for newcomers?[View]
114045396I know this is a long shot, but would anyone here please post the ad pages for Daredevil Yellow #5 i…[View]
114040702ITT: Corona Comics[View]
114037664What did Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo mean by this?[View]
114043334>Check some 'Justice League Action' videos on Youtube >'This artstyle is pretty cool. I'm…[View]
114045665ITT: Character that don't practice social distancing[View]
114044089Good news, /co/ I've determined that, as long as everyone practices distanced posting and stays…[View]
114043917I've been cured Get fucked infectards[View]
114028805The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Apreciation thread: The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest great cart…[View]
114045288Are you saying i'm stupid?[View]
114046597Hello Birdman: New video up https://youtu.be/_0d4sgF2dWU[View]
114040304New flinstones cartoon: >focuses on the kids >cheapest flash animation possible >ugly ass s…[View]
114046424>missed out on the Cerebus storytime last September >go to archive to see if I can read some i…[View]
114046419For me, it's post-Crisis Mary Marvel. i.e. not Johns & Franks Wonder Woman Mary Marvel.[View]
114046411Litterbox: I know this might be wrong, but I'm in love with this kitten's mom.[View]
114034227Goddammit why isn’t she my fucking girlfriend bros it’s not fair[View]
114046331who is the best /co/ big brother, or at least your favourite?[View]
114043449>Sony wants Spider Ham to be popular with kids enough to get a spin off movie. >Removes all hi…[View]
114046057Well... Here I am.[View]
114046055Spawn: This is about spawn comics and appearances in other media’s[View]
114045018Rebecca Sugar: >wrote the best Adventure Time episodes >wrote Adventure Time's songs >…[View]
114046007>Mask with red and black being the main colors >Sarcastic fuckhead or totally grim edgelord …[View]
114043879Our Founding Fathers... guaranteed us certain protections. The freedom of speech, freedom of religio…[View]
114035696You can only post in this thread if your image is a character wearing protective gear[View]
114045683Daredevil v. Green Arrow: Who wins?[View]
114044540Drawfag thread: Rate my Spider-Man /co/[View]
114044385Invader zim moved to a quarterly book: How yall feeling about this. Gunna miss it monthly ngl[View]
114045423Was TripTank the worst show AdultSwim ever aired?[View]
114045469This is a thread to discuss the Phantom Blot, the most kino Disney villain of all time[View]
114014218This is America Chavez. Say something nice about her.[View]
114045531Where were you when ComicHub swooped in to save the entire comic industry? http://www.multiversityco…[View]
114045403Horrible Animation: What cartoon/animated movie has the worst animation? Pic related Is an example…[View]
114044140But Castlevania is full of funny accents?? What a fucking hypocrite[View]
114038622>Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth >Batman: Gothic >Batman and Son >The B…[View]
114043791PUNCHLINE: >Batman 92 wasn't able to be printed/get released today Well that sucks. Today wa…[View]
114039469WATCHMEN STORYTIME: PART 2: Continuing on with /co/'s favorite comic! Part 1: >>11403347…[View]
114041928I wonder who in the Secret Museum can help us stay healthy from this virus[View]
114040303Serious question; if the modern era of sexless, ugly, joyless protagonists and SJW pandering crashes…[View]
114043500We’ve all seen smiling friends now but how can we watch the YOLO pilot? Anyone got a link???[View]
114045132Yakko's world meme: https://youtu.be/vvjMgiQEeTk[View]
114036789Cleopatra in Space: Great news everyone! Cleopatra in Space is officially confirmed to premiere on P…[View]
114040377Godzilla & Kajiu Thread: Found some of the rare Godzilla Mangas translated... 1st is a loose ada…[View]
114045039You're all so worried about the latest thing that you've forgotten about the REAL threat.[View]
113984887SU being over is making me sad, let's have a Amphibia thread[View]
114044573Fuck, Marry, Kill: Also who would be the best for the WW's mantle?[View]
114044924Contrarian opinions on /co/: Im going to start, I really dislike Rogue as character I find her reall…[View]
114043598http://archive.md/hTtmL >loses direct market >two of there netflox shows get shitcanned >to…[View]
114044002Opinion on Hilda and her moms?[View]
114044840Was this John K's magnum opus ?[View]
114041225Now I get why licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.[View]
114044623I BRING THE CURE: 𓀀 𓀁 𓀂 𓀃 𓀄 𓀅 𓀆 𓀇 𓀈 𓀉 𓀊 𓀋 𓀌 𓀍 𓀎 𓀏 𓀐 𓀑 𓀒 𓀓 𓀔 𓀕 𓀖 𓀗 𓀘 𓀙 𓀚 𓀛 𓀜 𓀝 𓀞 𓀟 𓀠 𓀡 𓀢 𓀣 𓀤 𓀥 𓀦 𓀧 𓀨 …[View]
114043726He did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
114033055Batman The Adventures Continue 001 Storytime: Batman will fight this disease.[View]
114044632How do you feel now that they've saved the comic book industry?[View]
114043123Was his redemption good?[View]
114041611Do people still watch this? Why is it still going?[View]
114041595What did /co/ think of the new episode of pic related?[View]
114043655Who was the statue supposed to be of at the end of Adult Swim's April Fools? Is it a Lazzo refe…[View]
114043576The only way to prevent further spread is to cull the infected[View]
114028083I'm gonna take this board down in 48 hours! Get my own chapter in the medical book![View]
114040639Why is Miko so thicc[View]
114041522Don't worry, anons. I The Absorbing dad will take care of you and absorb all of your coronaviru…[View]
114043533What is /co/‘s thoughts on The Non-Family?[View]
114044003Will we ever get to see it?[View]
114043965>Skottie Young wrote legal loli[View]
114035831Are they assholes?[View]
114041918Cartoon cliches thread[View]
114043309>Ed’s skin is turning green. >HE IS NOW INFECTION MAN!…[View]
114001426Frozen II/Frozen 2: I have some questions about the Northuldra. What was the point of creating a com…[View]
114040555What would happen if Batman started kidnapping his villains and taking them to his batcave where he …[View]
114041894How'd you react if Batman and John Constantine came out as a gay couple, and this was made cano…[View]
114043569Was Iroh a baddie back then?: WTF I hate Uncle Iroh now[View]
114043623It's the green, It's the green, It's the green that I need.[View]
114043376There is no fucking way a bot wrote those lines, they are better jokes than anything Deadpool ever s…[View]
114040559My name is Retep and I am evil.[View]
114043317Great movie, but holy shit why did Mia marry that guy if she doesn’t love him. I mean the poor fool …[View]
114035414Invincible storytime: Because there is no new comics this week[View]
114042716Careful, I'm contagious.[View]
114043034Why is this show so cute?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99JR1MaZSA4[View]
114043442Steven Universe: Future Is a Writing Failure: WHAT WENT WRONG?[View]
114042518GLITCH TECHS: Miko's mom is so thicc[View]
114040733>laughs at all the people still infected We have transcended, bros[View]
114043038You have to rape the Joker to stop the coronavirus, Batman.[View]
114043438Post cartoons that had multiple good season finales that would have been great sendoffs for the enti…[View]
114043090I know of a place where you never get harmed~[View]
114041883So what the fuck is going to happen now to the comic book industry with no new releases for the fore…[View]
114042598wonder woman[View]
114040047SMBZ thread: I have great hopes for this serie but I kinda miss and love the classic one.[View]
114041802Based Luiz[View]
114042685you'll be better in no time[View]
114042350W-what did you *cough* do to my drink?![View]
114032773Biggest Douche in the /co/niverse Round 3 continues: Round 3 begins Bitches!!! What did I tell you. …[View]
114039333Anyone else tired of this shit?: I don't even like storytime animators but there's no way …[View]
114043130I've got no green To hold me down To make me fret, or make me frown[View]
114042215>the most powerful mind on Earth >wrapped up in a physically weak body and an arrogant and nai…[View]
114030232We need more doctors and nurses to deal with this infection.[View]
114042890Why don't more /co/ properties pander to the pee fetish crowd?[View]
114042758*coof* *coof*[View]
114042672So ware katedo, sumero SUMO DO WA[View]
114040646Characters that could stop the Coronavirus[View]
114037931Was Spiral Zone a good show?[View]
114036424which cartoon mother can take of you if you get sick and feed you chicken soup?[View]
114039353Here's your pill /co/. You'll be healed by taking this suppository. But first you must say…[View]
114028980Ah, my infection is spreading nicely. It won't be long before Ladybug and Cat Noir show up, and…[View]
114039682Name one /co/ character who can defeat him[View]
114041021>we may get a standard pay check for most people Did judge dredd predict our future…[View]
114040773'ave you 'eard ze word?[View]
114042033RWBY Thread: How would /co/ fix this disaster of a show?[View]
114039762I wanna do things to this duck[View]
114039545Why was she the only leopard in a huge ass jungle fucking things up for Tarzan?[View]
114041477>slaps uppity women >btfos muties >chains femoids to his sex dungeon >puts nignogs in th…[View]
114040505Buy Bendis book[View]
114037025What do we think of it?[View]
114029279Psychicpebbles pilot: Did /co/ see psychicpebbles' and Michael Cusack's pilot? What did yo…[View]
114040246Hello, italian dude here who mostly reads manga but wants to start to collect eurocomics in general.…[View]
114030259THEYRE BACK[View]
114039552BILLY DILLEY THE WORST DISNEY CARTOON: Billy Dilley is one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen. T…[View]
114040503VENOM 2 Is Keeping October 2020 Release Date: >Pandemic subsides by then. >Movie breaks a bill…[View]
114039473adult jokes in cartoons thread[View]
114040420Why didn't he show up?[View]
114041671Pleb here. Is comixology on Amazon worth a look at all?[View]
114037102[melodic whistling] WOOOAAAHHHH! Here we go, cause we're Fanboy & Chum Chum! A little cuck…[View]
114040849Did batman actually kill in TDKR?[View]
114036876Gender swap thread: Female to male edition[View]
114035951>'A human should not be able to defeat White Martians with prep-time! DC is so garbage and unreal…[View]
114040874Space Post[View]
114038686we all know how much blue hates green. get in here.[View]
114034082Prepper thread: So, what /co/ media are you stocking for when Corona-chan finally crashes the intern…[View]
114040058Have you forgotten the face of your queen, already?[View]
114039911>fry missed the corona virus Lucky frozen bastard[View]
114033471WATCHMEN STORYTIME: Since there's no new comics out today, I thought I'd storytime this cl…[View]
114039924Brian probably could've sued for assault.[View]
114041229MNT Gaiden: Um ok so I am probably the latest ever but I haven't checked up on this webcomic in…[View]
114036930What happened to this poor bastard? His character development went down the drain as he became a tok…[View]
114039466I love this fucking bitch[View]
114041176We are one with The Green... *coff coff*[View]
114038569Show you /co/ related fetishes.[View]
11404107225 cents is all it takes, /co/[View]
114039225Totally real Zootopia 2 leak: Zootopia 2 is becoming a thing and it already has a completed cut >…[View]
114038797Who /green/ here[View]
114036668I love Safespace now[View]
114039305Into your house, into your bed Into your streams, into your streets Into your drink, into your bread…[View]
113948354Twelve Thread: Will Reggie ever move on with her insecurities, would she close herself off to her lo…[View]
114037311Is there a good youtube channel or blog about comics and cartoon criticism?: I'm not talking ab…[View]
114040292Anime for MEN -Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi -American Dragon Jake Long -The Loud House -Astroboy -The Casagra…[View]
113981197BRING OUT THE TIGER[View]
114037628What do you think western animation has over anime? What does it have that anime should adopt?[View]
114034935Another Moral orel thread: Who do you think was the most immoral/evil character Clay Puppington or C…[View]
114039701Don't any of you schwoogies have jobs?[View]
114039685Meanwhile, in South Park...[View]
114038499Rats, rats, we are the rats! Celebrating yet another birthday bash! >ANON It's your birthday…[View]
114025646Hi, /co/! We wrangled up celebrity help to get the word out about social distancing to stop the spre…[View]
114038358What would a world were Beth was never bore be like?[View]
114039867WHERE IS IT?!?!??[View]
114039862>appears in your recommendations tab[View]
114039505>write dumb Doom comic on commission >comic goes on to influence Doom 2016 and Eternal Any int…[View]
114039741So what kind of impact do you think Corona-chan will have on the MCU? Will an extended gap between m…[View]
114038460OH NO, THE CORONA BOYS![View]
114036217Creme for life. Never give up, never surrender![View]
114037565>Time to go HERO[View]
114037392>Oh didn't I say? I've spent weeks shipping samples of my blood to emergency rooms all …[View]
114036582Minions: The Rise Of Gru, Sing 2 Set New 2021 Release Dates: >Last week, Illumination/Universal’s…[View]
114037826Are you fags ready to fight off the infected?[View]
114034090its live babey[View]
114000304thoughts on the black caludron?[View]
114037425Coughing as usual I see...[View]
113940424Horrorverse: It's time to add more fuel to the pyre, and more nightmares to everyone's dre…[View]
114037398Why did China betray him?[View]
114038222Clarence hate thread.: Boy, I really hate that little retarded brat.[View]
114039256What do we think of this cartoon?[View]
114039073X-Thread: A week without any X-Men comics. Cheer me up.[View]
114037885WOAH WHAT THE FUCK DUDE DON'T TOUCH ME Dude what the fuck why are you fucking here man? You…[View]
114019192Unsounded: Featuring Dhampyr as the Human Torch[View]
114039169Oh no[View]
114039039CRAIG OF THE CREEK: Craig of the Creek is one of the most boring cartoons I’ve ever watched, though …[View]
114036608Where my bros with immunity at[View]
114033510Tell Raven, my wife that i love h[View]
114038017Disney forces pass holders to keep paying.[View]
114036203What if Alex Hirsch made Steven Universe?[View]
114038354In a world where the evil is defeated, what will your superheroes do, now that they are no longer ne…[View]
114033358Villain Rehabilitation: I want more instances of villain rehabilitation. It's a necessity in al…[View]
114038837Why should I cure you, /co/? Every post you've ever made ends in dead memes and low quality. Pe…[View]
114038703Why doesn’t Marvel have a “no trashing fans on Twitter” clause for their ‘creatives’ to sign so lead…[View]
114036358Who's excited for Mr. Enter's Growing Around? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99JR1MaZSA4…[View]
114036934You didn't just cough did you?[View]
114038635Friendly reminder: tHaT hEr DaYs Of PrOtEcTiOn ArE nUmBeReD. AlL dReAmWoRkS cHaRaCtErS mUsT bE oFfEr…[View]
114034998Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
114007144IT BEGINS: http://archive.md/YpaMs >Diamond Comic Distributors is holding previously-cheduled pay…[View]
114036853Man-Wolf Movie: Are they going to recast John with a bigger actor? Will the Stargod aspect be includ…[View]
114035632Adrian was such a bitch, If Humanity required a massive Tentacled Cthulhu attack to be saved, Then t…[View]
114037783Admit it, it was kino[View]
114038086Why is Ken Penders basically the worst ever?[View]
114035685>Your favorite /co/ male is now married to your favorite /co/ female. How does it go?…[View]
114037740What's Morbius' relationship with the true vampires of Marvel?[View]
114037884Infected Green Posters! Merge for the kill![View]
114030638Guys, the cure is big, warm, soft, boobs. Spread the word. Boobs will save everyone.[View]
114028925Shake my hand[View]
114036020Just watched through Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs. Outside of the animation its not bad. Cute, Fred and Bar…[View]
114032948there's no sickness on the world of twelve[View]
114037584Age of bronze #19 storytime: good evening one and all. why not read some age of bronze?[View]
114036413Ahoska Tano: We all know it's gonna happen.[View]
114037570When is DC going to bring back Nightmare Nurse? She was a cool character, and a nice addition to the…[View]
114037556Steven Universe cosplay thread[View]
114037554Cate Wurtz/Lamezone: Cate Wurtz/Lamezone thread? Anyone willing to dump any of her work?[View]
114036161S2 character design was a major improvement, now she actually looks gorgeous.[View]
113996901Fuck, marry, kill?: Fuck Azula Marry TyLee Kill Mai[View]
114037497>Hey, Scoob, man, this curse is, like, a total bummer, dude, huhuhuuhuhu >Yeeah, rou said it, …[View]
114032859Reminder that Superman is a terrible dad.[View]
114035340Quick /co/, assemble a team of characters that can help us fight CoronaChan. InfectedFags and two di…[View]
114037228>mfw i see infectedfags[View]
114033775Costume Thread: Quarantine Edition: Post /co/ characters that are prepared for the pandemic.[View]
114036927What does /co/ think of metal family?[View]
114035072Why's there been a big push for Female superheroes lately? People realize that most of the audi…[View]
114036812>You all Laughed at me. You mocked me. You made me into a joke >Suddenly, the ability to chang…[View]
114037173Gangreen Gang rise up[View]
114034394>Encountered? Boy—I am covered in COVID blood and puke, and eyeballs, and twenty other parts I do…[View]
114037143aheago thread: Safe For Work edition[View]
114036254give it to me: i couldnt care less about coof, give me the smiling friends.[View]
114037115We must all get ready now![View]
114035263Kek dead nigger. Pretty based ngl[View]
114033744https://bleedingcool.com/comics/today-the-comic-shops-direct-market-was-saved/ >Bleeding Cool has…[View]
114034184Think of a comic character. You are now introduced as a member of their core supporting cast. How do…[View]
114033841All right /co/fags, this is it. You either gotta post you hazmats to show you're ready for this…[View]
114036786hey it geg[View]
114036700>YEE HAW *coof*[View]
114036665>Thor/Doctor Manhattan/Darkseid is literally a god! Of course he'd win! I hate when powerlev…[View]
114032665Which one would stop Corona first?[View]
114036298/co/.... c-c-come closer, /co/...I..I have to t-tell you somethi-*cough*something...I'm...I-I-I…[View]
114036474Viral thread: I found her being forced into becoming Cyber-shredder hot[View]
114036423Give me a good coof![View]
114036069Good news everyone! Infectious Lass has the cure for the virus inside her vagina![View]
114036389Emoji Movie Thread: ITT: We Talk about the Emoji Movie and Emoji Movie things[View]
114035998How can Batman and his sons be so goddamn fucking sexy, /co/? They're like a boys band. They ge…[View]
114036287Bone is being adapted as a netflix series: i just saw this yesterday and I'm genuinely pretty e…[View]
114035828Horrorthots: How would a show with the horror bishoujo work?[View]
114035458Star vs the Forces of Evil would've been better if Dave Sim was writing it.[View]
114036047¡Lavaté las manos! ¡LAVATÉ LAS MANOS! There, you fucking spics. Did I get it right this time?[View]
114036042Recovery thread: Post here for treatment.[View]
114034545T-this...This can't be... Its says I'm a 102% Infected...With a 2% Margin of Error! WHY LO…[View]
114036067/co/, I have a serious question: is Redwall really one of the best TV animated series or is it my ch…[View]
114036066Bojack: Stupid piece of shit[View]
114028508Post sick /co/ characters[View]
114036022Only one man can save us now...[View]
114034404DESTROY US ALL!: They wanna be the dominant species on the planet and they'll destroy us all to…[View]
114031521Nowhere to run now Ben 10 fags[View]
114035910Adorabat is so cute. Right?[View]
114032177>tfw Greenest motherfucker around[View]
114035775[as] April Fools Prank 2020: So what did you think of the April Fools prank as a whole this year ano…[View]
114035851Milkykau Thread[View]
114028605*blocks your path*[View]
114033880theres a bat.. in my soup... and I ate it?!?[View]
114034422WARNING: limited supply of toilet paper on sale Now Please Don’t Push[View]
114032691Shit you would have never watched if it wasn’t for the channel shoving it down your throat[View]
114035659#4 on indefinite hold because of the rona?[View]
114033921>2020 >we are forgotten[View]
114035625Teacher gals Threads[View]
114035637/co/ related April Fool lies: I will start: Dr. Doom is the best written character in all literature…[View]
114029699>I'm Not Infected, I'm Not Infected, I'm Not Infected, I'm Not Infected, I…[View]
114035430Was Mummies Alive any good? I love these designs[View]
114035088Is this how the world ends? In sickness and fire?[View]
114034640melting garfield[View]
114035370Just would like to reminder you >Brak: Sticky >Tranny Universe: Zero (0) stickies >Adventur…[View]
114035351Can you, run? I think not..... I think not~[View]
114035078Boomerang 20th Anniversary: 20 years ago today we were graced with a 24/7 vintage cartoon network, w…[View]
114033067Do you think Steven could produce enough healing spit to counter the ongoing infection?[View]
114029926Will he save us from the virus?[View]
114035244Anyone got a unikitty mega thread ?[View]
114035207>But I'm only a cadet, version one. >Yeah, but you're clean.…[View]
114035159I don’t feel so good /co/...[View]
114035181>Clone Wars Season 7 stops focusing on Clones, Jedi, the CIS and characters we actually give a sh…[View]
114034469We haven't had an active Hellboy thread in a while /co/. So let's change that. What did y…[View]
114034786ITT: Green /co/ characters[View]
114016593DuckTales thread: Season 3 starts on Saturday. are you hyped? Any theories or things/characters you …[View]
114026838FEAR NOT I have created Nurse Channi, to attend all your infected needs. All you infected anons can …[View]
114035000The cast of Golden Wind has been infected with COVID-19[View]
114034261/co/, I gotta FART super BAD![View]
114034653Irkens reign supreme over germs: There's only one person on this board who can save us from Cor…[View]
114033742>STILL not infected Imagine being a infectedfag.[View]
114034732>Wednesday >No new comics God this sucks. Why didnt they get put on Comixology or DC Universe …[View]
114034400>ahahahahahahahah! In 43 minutes all my corona bombs will go off and unleash my covid all across …[View]
114031839YOU'RE GREEN WITH IT[View]
114030781I managed to socially distance myself for these dire times. I'm a survivor, a dieing breed[View]
114024553All users have an infection severity. Replying to users who have fucked up names may randomly cause …[View]
114034622Is popeye the strongest cartoon character of all time?[View]
114034667You’re getting a promotion![View]
114034580https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocm8QdNR_d8 COME MY MINIONS RISE FOR YOUR MASTER LET YOUR SICKNESS S…[View]
114023504Why did Steven never went to school anyway?[View]
114032084Who are these guys!?[View]
114034528Would you sex Divine? She is the cure.[View]
114032770I want to take care of my star girlfriend why is life so unfair[View]
114034398Is this a true or a fake?: https://www.cbr.com/covid-19-diamond-shutdown-comichub-temporary-distribu…[View]
114033130Batman! You have to infect the Joker![View]
114032358Yeah. I'm thinking it's based.[View]
114031852Im sick /co/[View]
114034213The prophecy has been spoken![View]
114033975Open your cartoon folder. No matter how it's sorted, find the 19th file listed and post the ser…[View]
114033749Get In!: You'll be safe from the infected in here![View]
113944676My name's Aerrow, and I'm a sky knight![View]
114034235How we dealing with this global apocalypse, anons?[View]
114034185>episode is called 'Panthro plagiarized' >it plagiarizes Infinity War Eh. Kinda funny.…[View]
114002191* saves Disney+ *[View]
114033890GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR: Boardly reminder; GREEN IS NOT A CREATIVE COLOR You ARE creative, are…[View]
114032442Infected chads joing me and post green chads![View]
114033927failed heroes: let's have a thread dedicated to heroes who became total failures at being heroe…[View]
114033725>the episode where squidward joins an ethnostate[View]
114032710YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YEEEEES!!!!! Soon this entire website shall …[View]
114033605What is the appeal?[View]
114031630POST YOUR IDEAL DREAM /CO/ PROJECTS. Can be comics, animation or live action adaptations.[View]
114033537Crossed Thread?: Crossed Thread[View]
114032043Why was this given a theatrical release ?[View]
114032559>No one disrespects Homer Simpson! Especially not an ugly little punk like you. That's right…[View]
114033700Green Lantern thread: /co/ already has four lantern threads now, but we need more[View]
114033575This wouldn't have happened if you had just listened to her /co/.[View]
114031514What do you think they'll do this year?[View]
114030528This fat fuck caused it all. Roast him.[View]
114033624Everyone! The cure for the visor is inside the Joker’s sperm, if you wanna get cured you have to rap…[View]
114033413No! The Ed's got it too![View]
114031207Prove you're not infected: Alright /co/. The situation has become critical! Only Dubs, Trips or…[View]
114033034I gotta tell you /co/, this pandemic? I am loving it. Loving it my friends it is like the third best…[View]
114029555Mmm, all this green is making me feel so alive~![View]
114033527I've got a strange disease[View]
114032261Don't worry, Anon! everything will be alright![View]
114030082>called the 'Scarlet Witch' >is not a redhead Explain this.…[View]
114033462*sniff* I don't feel so good, y'all... got me a case of the shanghai shivers...[View]
114031939So I heard the infection level was low here. I don't wanna post on the boards I normally do... …[View]
114027354Infection Free Discussion: Get in here quickly before the infected find us! Also bring some comics t…[View]
114029514THE JUSTICE LEAGUE HAS ESTABLISHED A QUARANTINE: >All infected will be killed at sight >Postin…[View]
114033212If I were green, I would die.[View]
114033329Godzilla thread.: All this green and no respect for the Monster King? For shame.[View]
114031451In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil'…[View]
114033101JOKER ATE CHINA[View]
114033208It's beautiful... Release the spores![View]
114031419You gotta run 'em over: I swear to god if these coofers don't get out of this cartoons boa…[View]
114033023>Go forth and spread the green my loveliessssss.[View]
114030121Nom! Ha ha ha[View]
114032101I need some experimental internet gas[View]
114019405Which episode of Tiny Toon is this from?[View]
114031951Are YA graphic novels the future of comics?[View]
114030606HENRY CAVILL OFFICIALLY OUT AS SUPERMAN: https://variety.com/2020/film/news/henry-cavill-out-as-supe…[View]
114031887anyone else thinking this April Fools kinda sucks 2017 and 2018 were better I was barely around for …[View]
114031833At last, my time has come.[View]
114032456Why does Hellcat's boots have toes on them? That just looks strange.[View]
114032781Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good.[View]
114032759stop the spread of Corona, no touchy touch![View]
114032273Hey guys, What is Cartoon Network’s April Fools Prank?[View]
114032293So, are people who are infected getting B& for the day or what? What are the consequences of get…[View]
114031312Is it wrong that the thought of Bart Allen being HIV+ only makes me want to fuck him more?[View]
114032254Infected GreenCHADs rise up![View]
114032575Did you miss me Donkeh?[View]
114026692Into the spider-verse.[View]
114032476>Don't worry /co/, the Legion of Substitute Heroes is here to help!…[View]
114032146Well, howdely doodely /co/. Should you all be in your shelter-enies by now?[View]
114031800I, Charles Xavier, hereby grant the mutant virus amnesty and asylum in among his brothers and sister…[View]
114029623The mods are busy fighting the infection! That means i can finally say it right here, RIGHT NOW![View]
113984066Please Forgive Me!!!: 163: Dynamite Headdy Was an Underrated Classic HE'S HERE[View]
114024526>>114022921 >>114023464 >>114023905 >>114023998 >>114024193 >>11…[View]
114031153He's right, you know.[View]
114023406PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP[View]
114032050Have you guys met my wife?[View]
114031989Would you willingly be infected by the Korra-navirus?[View]
114032032Principal Moss's cocksleeve.[View]
114032025JJ Villard's Fairy Tales: >https://mega.nz/#!XpYAwQCQ!DkXxBaVZqMqOkgtP-Sv3kjq1ibFU-w-IWPPjqB…[View]
114030687I love emojis[View]
114031923Based skele-doots https://mobile.twitter.com/Worthikids/status/1245205828497530887[View]
114031905We should have listened to Sid[View]
114031446Just accept it[View]
114031459Let's have a party!: Everyone not infected get in here. We'll have a party safe from the v…[View]
114031860How are you going to cope with not getting your floppies today, /co/?[View]
114031845Do you know Jesus as your lord and savior?: You'll never guess where I've been![View]
114031837And through an open window came, like Sinatra in a younger day, pushing the town away.[View]
114031812> Hawkman cured Coronavirus[View]
114031804101 Dalmatians (1996): Owned the VHS as a kid, saw it on Disney Plus today for the first time probab…[View]
114031685>DC Super Hero Girls S01E37 - #LivingTheNightmare >DC Super Hero Girls S01E38 - #AllAboutZee …[View]
114026340I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD DOC[View]
114002689Iron V. Bat: Dawn Of Money: Which one do you prefer? Who's got the better gimmick? Which one…[View]
114031590Graphic Novels like Fables, Y The Last Man,and Preacher may be written decently but why is the actua…[View]
114028489Why doesn't Flapjack get as much appreciation as Chowder? It's just as good if not, better…[View]
114029674Plague Widow Storytime: Let's read some comics before infection kills us all.[View]
114030237Hey Batman: *cough*[View]
114031325What are the best Films set within a Animated Series?[View]
114025439No infected filth allowed[View]
114031391Attention Citizens of /co/, I am Leezle Pon, Green Lantern of Sector 119. The guardians have informe…[View]
114031462You know what would be cool? If we had a story where Batman and Cheetah became a couple The Cheetah …[View]
114030976Oh no[View]
113995886CLU: TRON[View]
114025516ARE YOU INFECTED YET?[View]
114029848Something is wrong... with the Green. I can feel it... spreading. It's growing stronger. With e…[View]
114030239Green is the color of my boyfriend. I want to be green like him.[View]
114030092KINGDOM OF CORONA: Infected chads report in[View]
114016179Soul vs Sponge: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/feature-film/sponge-on-the-run-and-soul-are-now-the-only…[View]
114028880>Hersey is alive This better be not an drokking April's fools![View]
114029662JUST HOOK IT TO MY VEINS![View]
114030016Why prolong the fear? Accept the green into your soul, and you'll be guaranteed to feel no pain…[View]
114030431It's the green, it's the green, it's the green you need! And when I look into your fu…[View]
114029736Posting my favorite /co/ mom, please share yours.[View]
114029269Batman I found a way to stop the corono virus and it involves you![View]
114031131How would the DC Super Hero Girls defeat the infection?[View]
114031076Suggest, other than superheroes: I'm in a kind of military quarantine and need to read smth. If…[View]
114021534/co/.... c-c-come closer, /co/...I..I have to t-tell you somethi-*cough*something...I'm...I-I-I…[View]
114031145he's going to die to save us all: F[View]
114030079give me a hug bro[View]
114029798What happened? is this a pilot?[View]
114027136The next Marvel movie should be Gwen Stacys from several multiverses where they are the Gwen version…[View]
114026054Now this is my kind of day.[View]
114026052Could he redeem covid-19?[View]
114030894>*gasp* What is Rapunzel looking at?[View]
114029307Yes YES, into the Corona! Quickly now, go you fools ![View]
114030360Can you name them all?[View]
114022494IT'S JUST A FLU-[View]
114027293Doctor venture!! A great danger has befallen us! Evil spirits have brought a disease so foul! We mus…[View]
114030830Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew![View]
114023019Attention, everyone, stay in your homes! Coronavirus has taken over the world![View]
113991744Kyle Carrozza re-pitched Moobeard the Cow Pirate in 2019/2020 but nobody was interested: Anyone reme…[View]
114029160OH NO IT'S SPREADING[View]
114030292Everybody get in here. https://youtu.be/tzSkG40P2oc[View]
114030711has anyone seen flow?[View]
114023151>changing anonymous tags this is the april fools joke? lame.[View]
114027165Doctor: It's safe, get in here and talk about your favorite infection comic books among other t…[View]
114030394Corona fight thread: Who would win?[View]
114028577Green is not a creative color.[View]
114028230Leave Corona to us[View]
114028568Around Wongs, prepare to be wronged[View]
114030071who wants free kermit voom[View]
114023699What do you think the other infected aliens would be like?[View]
114028710You cannot run fast enough[View]
114018500This is fucking horrible man. When's the life support plug being pulled on this one?[View]
114012640One last time for old times sake?[View]
114029634Cure for corona: Ok look here co, your old buddy kronk has a potion that cures this 4chan virus. But…[View]
114029125I will travel back in time and prevent the Coronavirus pandemic from ever happening![View]
114029579>That time you got the Kung Flu? That was me.[View]
114029469Favorite Disney movie? ONLY IMMUN CHADS ITT![View]
114028959>FOOLS! >DOOM cannot be infected! >BOW before DOOM, and (you), too, shall be spared…[View]
114028739State of comics discussion: Bros, i don't think this will save the comic industry. Especially a…[View]
114028018Fiddle dee fee! That will require a tetanus shot.[View]
114028046Your favourite /co/ character is green now. Does it make you love her/him more?[View]
114029336TOUCH ME[View]
114027909Hey /co/, shake my hand[View]
114027971Stay away from green things /co/! Just like Finn[View]
114027725HAHAHAHA. pandemics always bring back the best memories. here's to hopen you all get fraged.[View]
114023095*comes after you with the virus*[View]
114029113What does /co/ think of Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs? Why is Pebbles so sexy now? https://mega.nz/#F!pDpGDA…[View]
114028503Is there somewhere to watch classic Boomerang? There new app doesn't have Thundarr, Space Ghost…[View]
114029045Do I live in fear of the green? Of course not, Chuck. Good question, but I'm immune.[View]
114027270Is Red vs Blue worth watching?: Should I watch the new seasons of Red Vs Blue? I only watched the fi…[View]
114028968It’s okay guys: He’s here to help us.[View]
114027380Hey, guys, I have a vaccine for that virus in this bucket. All you need to do is let me get to page …[View]
114026767Who was in the wrong here?[View]
114025448I'm still ok.[View]
114024518I miss this animation style.[View]
114028801GREEN DOOR OPEN UP[View]
114023574how do we unite the races? all bets are off tonight.[View]
114028213Infected? Am I...dying?[View]
114028799Care for a crumpet, /co/? I promise I *coof* washed my hands before cooking them.[View]
113991850Let's have a thread where we try to guess who Steven gets married to at the end of Steven Unive…[View]
114021364Hope you survive this 4chan spread meme flu ducktales, three caballeros and duck comic bros[View]
114028477Keep your cooties outta my thread![View]
114027984Leave the Coronavirus to me: .[View]
114028582The real Doctor Strange here. I am throwing a party, you guys are all invite.[View]
114027599So what are the odds of them actually falling in love with each other?[View]
114028520How many of you smoke cigarettes while watching cartoons?[View]
114019228Dumbing of Age: Finally we know what happened to Mike.[View]
114028447Join the Corps. But only the eligible may qualify[View]
114028442Carlos More like, Co*coof coof coof*ronalos[View]
114024228/co/ Sneeze thread.: Did this scene give anyone else a weird fetish? *Achoo*[View]
114026404adult swim prank fool april thread 6 1: stay safe[View]
114025683Virus-safe thread: I will protect you, /co/!! COME HERE, THIS IS A SAFE THREAD![View]
114026867Eeeeeaaaasy, /co/, that feeling in your ass is all part of the testing process. If you're infec…[View]
113989956>steve purcell works for pixar >directed brave >still no monkey island or sam & max mov…[View]
114028205OH NO MOTHERBOARD HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH THE MEAN GREEN Here's the antidote recipe.[View]
114025944Quick, use this hazmat on your favorite /co/ character to save him from the virus[View]
114022206Why were 70’s and early 80’s cartoons so shit?: https://vimeo.com/399470139[View]
114020696Don't touch me, I'm sterile![View]
114026975we'll all go together when we go.[View]
114027311>doing a storytime of my favorite comic >nobody else responds, so it’s just me in the thread …[View]
114026037Brian, LOOK OUT![View]
114027851What cartoons and comics should I go through during the quarantine?[View]
113980395INFINITY TRAIN THREAD: Because the old one got archived and the new one isn't gonna start itsel…[View]
114014052Think of the last /co/ related show/movie you watched or /co/ related book you read. Got it? You now…[View]
114027604The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities[View]
114026740>Me so solly ! Wah Soh, Me like-a da fly bat. Wah Soh, Wah Soh, Me infecty /co/ rong time…[View]
114026206Will accept Papa Nurgle as your patron deity now, /co/?[View]
114022993Dance Party Thread: Get in here uninfected anons, these dance floors are clean.[View]
114027319In this thread- /co/ related pandemic advice https://youtu.be/m-9tl5GzsMw[View]
114025863Post in this thread only if you're green with it https://i.ytimg.com/vi/llAh_iywMAQ/hqdefault.j…[View]
114027045ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
114027133Tom and Jerry thread: Post anything tom and Jerry related either the OG cartoons, Gene deitch, Chuck…[View]
114021742i brought a friend from /v/![View]
114022726Anyone else just not getting infected? I still haven't caught it and been replying the whole da…[View]
114026418/co/fess thy sins before you depart[View]
114026855Did they ever meet Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Hippocrates, Jonas Salk, Florence Nightingale or an…[View]
114025111Let's hug, not hate: Hate will not divide us! We must show our chinese neighbours they are welc…[View]
114026725What was that? : the cartoon[View]
114020280Post random panels/pages from webcomics, the rarest the better.[View]
114023897Don't worry, Chomper's Mom will protect us![View]
113999075ITT: Cartoons that canonically take place in the same universe.: I'll start with these two: The…[View]
114018997Based on the cover alone, this looks hella tight. I'll be bummed if it's not.[View]

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