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135267366>Blogs, YT personalities, left-wing & right wing influencers, and cartoon critics bashed this…[View]
135271460Cartoon and anime quicksand scenes: Yeah, I know, it is a strange fetish, but I like cartoon and ani…[View]
135248348ITT-/co/ Scenes that hit too close to home[View]
135269458why did they make the monkey so hot?[View]
135267550Le Ching Chong in le cartoon Drawn Together is honestly pretty good with some of the episodes.…[View]
135268829Tinkerbell if she a boy[View]
135270202he cute tho[View]
135271529Monday Mary Thread: Post Mary, expectations for her future?[View]
135263777Why is Cartoon Network showing Twister?[View]
135272455Spongebob is so cute and erotic, I want to rape him so bad. I'd get close to him only to grab h…[View]
135245193TMNT Thread: >be Tom Waltz >every single idea you've ever had is just copied from someone…[View]
135261854Not trying to bait contrarians who pretend the MCU is bad. I just want to know why he didn't sa…[View]
135272447How do you get an artist girlfriend into comics and cartoons?[View]
135263917Thoughts on Clover and All hail king Julien?[View]
135261501Fuck the 'Interaction between Good and Bad': How would these two utterly irredeemable characters int…[View]
135270216Why did they allow a random one-off writer to character assassination Ned?[View]
135271916Why is Dick hotter as Batgirl than Babs?[View]
135272160Combining Puss in Boots 2's character developments, abuse trauma, accepting death and psychopat…[View]
135269361Strange World: >ripped off Final Fantasy with a functioning high tech city with airships >Proc…[View]
135241316Best Comics of the Decade: Let's discuss what we think are the best comics of this decade, the …[View]
135270379Can we admit this movie sucks now?: The writing in the show is Tom preston/Johnny KricTest thier tra…[View]
135267976Tiny Toons Looniversity: This shit fucking sucks https://litter.catbox.moe/v11d6d.mp4[View]
135267188Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
135264075Nora Universe: Would you?[View]
135264010AI is going to change the game for voice acting. It’s going to be insane, you’ll be able to plug in …[View]
135235218Battle of the Super Sons: Why does Bruce sit like that?[View]
135270129Comic book shop: So lately ive had the idea of either opening a comic book shop or sell them online …[View]
135270848Is this true about nu-FF?[View]
135267687>New season >'It's actually good again, guys! Really!' >It never is. It happens every …[View]
135269374My favorite sort of comic is when where funny animals shoot the crap out of each other. Especially i…[View]
135268263Am I a joke to you?[View]
135267858Metahumans/Mutants: Why is DC's civilian population less retarded when it comes to super-powere…[View]
135266145Twelve Forever: I'm convinced Regina is Asuka but cringe x10 and her mother is alive as well, …[View]
135260964You just know[View]
135269894What's your favorite Kaput & Zosky episode?[View]
135270195Was this movie really a true story or was it made up for awards/propaganda?[View]
135268412This might just be the worst show I've ever watched. Like, I've laughed at bad shows befor…[View]
135265028Kick-Ass Storytime: We'll be going through Kick-Ass this week. >Dave Lizewski, regular high …[View]
135256308Velma: How big and strong will Fred become after he goes through puberty?[View]
135269604When are Disney heroines going to look like this again?[View]
135264085She was honestly too good for him.[View]
135264125>AI is gonna take the art out of animation and VA work and turn it into some preprogrammed vendab…[View]
135266988i really really hate his voice[View]
135266174StarClan's Chosen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpYvOaiwAdA A bunch of youtube animators got…[View]
135269346Thomas the Tank Engine Racism Lore: https://youtu.be/_6C8lg_Vcgo Watching this ranking of Thomas the…[View]
135269617>have Dick's dad be in a relationship with a trafficking and abuse victim right after rescui…[View]
135269498If we all had listened to Sam Eagle, things would be a lot better[View]
135268303Marvel >literally hundreds of unique z-listers with unique powers and lanes like cosmic, street l…[View]
135256575Donald Duck: Why can't he win?[View]
135269217I don't get it. Is it the sword of lies or not?[View]
135269334What was the most interesting Batman from the Dark Multiverse?[View]
135257392Justice League Gods and Monsters: I miss them.[View]
135255887So...what would Ian JQ think of K.O having an unusual amount of femboy art?: Would anyone dare to te…[View]
135232731You can only save one.[View]
135264701poast comics[View]
135269106Don't worry everyone I shall defeat them with my telepathy.[View]
135268743>no motorcars[View]
135263076MCU LEAKS: From MTTSH >Captain America: New World Order is a “mini Avengers film” like Captain Am…[View]
135268605MLaaTR: I liked the early-mid 20th century art and animation influence this show had. There were ele…[View]
135267582https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfOX_3JK2Fc >That sissy scream Uh... Kangbros?…[View]
135265886What did Pepsi mean by this?[View]
135267234ITT:: Cringy episodes[View]
135253891Inside Job: Why did it fail?[View]
135262813Story Time X-Men 2013 series focusing on Jubilee gets in the baby.: Part 3 X-Men Vol 4 13 -17 This t…[View]
135268472If Doc Ock was soooo smart, you'd think he'd challenge people in the Marvel universe much …[View]
135265210What did they mean by this?[View]
135265815Rick and Morty: NDA time[View]
135268283>The creators of these aren't a piece of shit as Roiland and VivziePop... HOW?!…[View]
135266858It's a complete mismatch of concepts. Just because we 'understand' the concepts, that does not …[View]
135266702Euuggghhhh. Illumination has got really good animation, and they've gotten really good at art a…[View]
135267894What the hell are these things on her head?: It seems like her head tentacles are part of her body b…[View]
135264122>first Harley and Ivy >now Daphne and Velma How long until pic related becomes a thing?…[View]
135267892>AW LOOK ITS MCBUEAN[View]
135264319Will it suck?[View]
135239577Clone High Reboot: It looks good in stills but in motion it's fucking awful. Nothing inherently…[View]
135260963How come Alan Moore doesn't get the same amount of shit everyone gives Frank Miller? Sure Frank…[View]
135267242Why didn’t Big Jack Horner just bang the Serpent Sisters?[View]
135262728/co/ reaction images: I need to freshen my stock. post your favorites[View]
135267683Soranik Natu: I miss my Korugaran waifu[View]
135265174Illumination made this: Has anyone seen it?[View]
135239857Name a single thing she did wrong. I'll wait.[View]
135266712https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3pbFmly2iE IT'S TIME ZBROS[View]
135267355Who has a better supporting cast? Aquaman or Namor?[View]
135262235I'm not autistic enough to spam the shit out of something to get attention for it: But I'v…[View]
135258555CatDog or Catscratch?[View]
135267323Rise and shine, you sleepyhead! It's no fun to stay in bed, in bed, in bed, in BE-E-E-E-E-E-E-[View]
135260475He was just a big baby[View]
135256784I don't know how they got away with the scene where Queen Tyrahnee is in the sauna naked only c…[View]
135266525This is the only correct Shrek tier list.[View]
135240711Some Velma artists and crew members are asking people to stop being negative on there comments :([View]
135266564Cartoon Leaks: Any recent leaks from upcoming or currently airing shows/movies? Anything DTVA would …[View]
135261198How do you think Clone High will handle Hitler if he ever shows up? Will they make him a rabid lefti…[View]
135261397Are the digital editions of Jupiter's Legacy censored like Kick-Ass 2 and American Jesus were? …[View]
135266159Recommend me some comfy 60's cartoons. Also where I can to watch online, I've found some o…[View]
135265444What is the allure of /co/ for kids, bros? Why do they keep watching the same movies over and over?[View]
135265372Why didn’t you give him a chance?[View]
135263514Is she show any good?[View]
135266482What the FUCK is wrong with Hank Pym?[View]
135262403>haven't seen this in years so rewatched it because why not >great animation >well wri…[View]
135265122Itt cartoons that aged poorly: Jesus, I can't believe something so mean spirited can exist.…[View]
135253795What was your favorite couples in your favorite childhood shows?[View]
135170521Edit Thread[View]
135266384Randy Cunningham Ninja Thread[View]
135265290Transformers Animated is the only TF toon that has escaped me (aside from the most recent which I ju…[View]
135258021>Deltarune animated show Would it work, /co/?[View]
135265052ITT: Parodies[View]
135264293What's a good design for grown up PPGs?: If you could design the PPGs to be older, how would yo…[View]
135265399How exactly would this work?[View]
135260084What does /co/ think of the Superman villain Parasite?[View]
135264683The fundamental difference between DC and Marvel is evident in their first characters and core title…[View]
135263921I fucking hate the MCU more then the next guy but im curious about modok being in the next ass man m…[View]
135265639Kevin Spencer was about Native Americans: Don't @ me, I know what I'm talking about. https…[View]
135260261Winx Club: What's your honest opinion on Winx Club?[View]
135265545>The comics are atrocious >How do cartoonists have jobs? >The only one that was half dece…[View]
135262364Image Comics: Why do so many of their comics feel so generic?[View]
135228166ITT: Retcons that made the characters worse: In 2018 in an attempt of MCU synergy but more important…[View]
135241933Death Battle: Goku and Superman. That is all that matters.[View]
135265051TOP 20 LEAST FAVOURITE CARTOONS: 20. Uncle Grandpa 19. The New Scooby Doo Movies 18. Breadwinners 17…[View]
135263847The Super Mario Bros. Movie: https://youtu.be/-Aq7ilIgN2I I would protect Cat Mario with my life.…[View]
135261141Robert Kirkman's World of Invincible Storytime: Despite some rough patches I overall enjoyed wh…[View]
135262094The fuck was this kid's problem?[View]
135264078Shows that are underrated? https://www.theilluminerdi.com/2021/12/22/smiling-friends-review/[View]
135236348He has the most useless power ever and is a liability in combat.[View]
135246917Failed Pilots: What's your favorite pilot that you wish got a full series.[View]
135262947X-ray vision: So I get that Superman can't see through lead, but does it have to be elemental l…[View]
135264818What would you say was the most soulless decade in animation? The 80s gets my vote >The Scooby an…[View]
135261104/co/ Nerds, Geeks, and Glasses: There's never enough old-school style, unashamed, glasses-weari…[View]
135264289Please Stop, Please give reboots to actual compitent people please: I can't fucking take it any…[View]
135262648I prefer when Hulk is drawn as an actual giant and not an extra large dwarf midget[View]
135258089Geoff Johns Storytime: In the penultimate thread of our storytime we finish Geiger, do the Geiger 80…[View]
135261541What's your preferred period of Ed Edd n Eddy?[View]
135263593>When he planned to steal our sunlight, he crossed that line between everyday villainy and cartoo…[View]
135256337Me on the top left.[View]
135262246Today is Bust a Groove’s 2th Anniversary!!!: What did you think of the game? /v/ won’t talk about it…[View]
135263239How do I convince someone Puss in Boots is superior to Pinocchio? The latter is melodramatic and lac…[View]
135239626Clone High reboot discussion thread[View]
135262212Iconic Pages Thread: Post legendary or personal favorite comic pages[View]
135263772Relatable Comics[View]
135263300Hickman's Ultimates: Wanted to get a discussion going again about Hickman's Ultimates run.…[View]
135257734>Voltron reboot shit >She-Ra reboot shit >Teen Titans Go shit >Thundercats Roar shit …[View]
135257326I'm not autistic enough to spam the shit out of something to get attention for it: So I'll…[View]
135262628Cartoon Network is currently showing the movie twister[View]
135258007Killing Thought Balloons Killed the Industry: Joe Quesada inadvertently started the decline. Joe man…[View]
135244222Avatar Studios Phase 1: Are you excited about the Avatar Universe, /co/? Isn't it both exciting…[View]
135260317Grandma! Can you come out and play?[View]
135263283New voiceline leaked for Rick and Morty season 7: https://vocaroo.com/15r3Y5ZXhn1M[View]
135253739Princess Bubblegum: Rate her evil.[View]
135256100I love Gravity Falls because its a great show AND caters to my cute chubby guy fetish[View]
135259549The perfect man[View]
135263223Millarworld Annual 2016/2017 Storytime[View]
135262210Her feet look like dicks[View]
135261409Is Velma the new Rick and Morty?: This is WB's biggest hit show now[View]
135256087ITT character assassination episodes or moments[View]
135251582This show had disastrous effects on action shows and animation as a whole. There’s nothing for boys …[View]
135147242Infinity Train: He did nothing wrong[View]
135253421>'ugh DC's characters are superior because they're archetypes and paragons not stupid e…[View]
135246127Endgame right here, brothers.[View]
135247855The Venture Brothers: Man, Season 7 just adds a different context when you rewatch the series now. A…[View]
135240572Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Twitter Comics #13: Previous Thread: >>135222609 Pastebin: https:/…[View]
135256678TCJ Carl Barks Tribute 2: Correspondence and Interview[View]
135261869Would DC be as relevant as Marvel if they didn't have Batman? Feels like Batman carries DC a lo…[View]
135258284Mary and Max (2009): What do you all think of this movie?[View]
135262207Will there ever be a better Lex Luthor than Michael Rosenbaum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzHa…[View]
135258344From Fred’s love of ‘traps illustrated’ to Daphne asking Velma to lotion her up, mystery inc will ne…[View]
135259244None of these bastards wished for World Peace or to end World Hunger. But hey, as long as they aren…[View]
135261903Was the donald duck show the quintessential Walt Disney cartoon show? Was there never a Mickey Mouse…[View]
135258514He did nothing wrong. Cope and seethe about it, fags.[View]
135261527Damn, that’s Lisa Simpson?[View]
135261906>Dude, what if tools were built by cows. It'll be fucking hilarious!…[View]
135237584Vox Machina: Grog continues to be the best character on the show. Loving him and the sword this seas…[View]
135259568Is this the best /co/ has to offer for giant piloted mecha? How sad.[View]
135260254Post endearing and wholesome art in this thread. And list other wholesome ideas you want to see.[View]
135258861Could it be that people hate female characters being used solely to actively displace, replace and d…[View]
135259381What characters made you think 'I'm not gay but...'[View]
135261105are comic book characters the original furries?[View]
135259683DC: >2 days left >will probably announce movie slate through shitty tweets instead of a real p…[View]
135260699Disneyfan01: What happened to her? I liked when turbo-autism of her artwork were being posted in aut…[View]
135259997Penis: They ever found out who scribbled a weewee in Fievel Goes West?[View]
135259985DON'T CHEW[View]
135257222>comic relief character opens his mouth[View]
135259706Does Boba Fett have a mother?: Or is he just another clone[View]
135260957Kida: Friendly reminder she is a Disney princess.[View]
135256201So you got superpowers. Which hero do you become a sex pest to? How do your powers help you? Hard mo…[View]
135257747I'm your only friend. I'm not your only friend. But I'm a little glowing friend. But …[View]
135260971Which was more unnecessary?[View]
135258875Anyone can cook anon anyone[View]
135259173Ill only watch a new cartoon usually if it has a hot female character in it. The only major exceptio…[View]
135256167Combat Picture Library Storytime - № 239-42: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/133496939 5-8 htt…[View]
135257114Does anyone remember wow wow Wubbzy?[View]
135246957Is he just too based for the modern industry?[View]
135235754Who won/lost the hardest?[View]
135260017Call me Jorgen Von Strangle because of how I'm beating up fairies[View]
135238592>Comics aren't sexy any...[View]
135260290>“I was obsessed with Noddy,” David Tibet recalled in a 2011 interview, in reference to the album…[View]
135260376>Villains who are portrayed as good: >Forced a chubby nerd into going on a date with a monster…[View]
135260420Why don't you touch my prickly muffin?[View]
135258931Is there anything more creatively bankrupt than distaff counterparts? Just the same character, but n…[View]
135257754I hate John Kricfalusi physically, I dislike that kind of man. He has the Woody Allen Disease; that …[View]
135259184ITT: Canonic chuds[View]
135223056/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
135258002DUCKMAN: >warm hugs, straighten my ear muffs, and got me through metal detector mornings; and if …[View]
135257091Steven Universe: https://youtu.be/_KqSb8oeR48 Why do some Steven Universe fans try to cope about how…[View]
135259969PUSS SWEEP[View]
135247845Monster High thread: What's the consensus on Frankie Stein and the whole of the Monster high se…[View]
135255008ITT strategically timed screencaps[View]
13525065819 episodes left: this was not NEARLY as bad as you guys are making it out to be[View]
135254179Sisunday: Water catch[View]
135258281Fucks up your unicorns.[View]
135257280Far Side: let's have a far side thread. I am actually trying to find a particular strip in part…[View]
135257869The Bad Show, I mean, Batch: With the exception of Crosshair, this show sucks donkey balls. I just w…[View]
135258040How did we go from this[View]
135257941How would Princess Marco work in the genderswapped AU? Boy!Star definitely looks gay enough to be a …[View]
135255120Left or right?[View]
135250630Kyle is cute[View]
135257687Bee and Puppycat: Why did Bee's weight fluctuate so much with every new installment?[View]
135250198Lightyear bombs, Puss In Boots soars: DisneyPixar makes a spinoff movie starring an iconic character…[View]
135165788DCAU thread: DCAU thread[View]
135258600I don't understand it.[View]
135255441Adult Swim is going to use A.I. voices to replace Justin Roiland, I'm calling it now. They have…[View]
135258650LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, February 7, 2023 f: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li9Mx8B_hNs https://www.…[View]
135254367Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
135196649I could've fixed him[View]
135244217/co/splay Thread[View]
135257830New breadheadcomics[View]
135258123I really, really hate CG suits for these movies. They spends hundreds of millions of dollars on thes…[View]
135226153Tyzula: Anyone else think Azula is Her Own Worst Enemy when it comes to people?[View]
135254946Which is the best girl?[View]
135245106Star Trek: Are you looking forward to the next season?[View]
135210620Okay, okay, one more number. I call this one 'Puss in Boots Threads Will Never Di-ACK[View]
135256886Jellystone!: What went wrong?[View]
135241048Why was this so much better then any toy cartoon from the 1980s and arguably any other cartoon serie…[View]
135256106A SNAKEHEAD[View]
135256768So why exactly did Veggietales depict Jericho as some sort of brutalist starship hangar?[View]
135256332Anyone hoping we get a MCU Marvel Snap movie or show on Disney+?[View]
135254164I love stevenXpearl because it caters to both my mommy fetish and my slave girl fetish and my live i…[View]
135257639MARVEL COMICS WOMEN'S VARIANTS: >Marvel Comics has unveiled all five of its Women's His…[View]
135251872Kids' Cartoons: Weird question I know but what cartoons do kids watch these days? Like 10 and u…[View]
135254277Will they ever return?: I miss my boys.[View]
135256871https://voca.ro/1kLEk7PFfxJi What did Crosshair mean by this?[View]
135254557Bally is so cute: Space Pack is a cute webcomic with cute girls[View]
135256981Can any /co: character beat him at full power?[View]
135255396ITT: /co/ media that features anthropomorphic animals but aren't super popular with furries.[View]
135256824>Great writing >Great animation >Basically TTGo 2.0 This didn't deserve any hate…[View]
135242995>if Family Guy was chronological, Stewie would be 23 now[View]
135254544Bowja: Just imagine the noises they made while fuckin[View]
135256314Will cartoons ever be this good again?[View]
135256215My dad hates animation, but Shrek is the only fictional character he genuinely enjoys and he hopes t…[View]
135254443What are the best French cartoons?[View]
135256521what do you think of my favorite internet creator? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2f_esqctMi4 https…[View]
135246053any of you ever watch superted? Whats the story on this cartoon? I went back to it after not seeing …[View]
135245236Marries a DOG[View]
135253365Legend of Vox Machina: >Have access to prime Elven Ginger pussy. >I'd rather be fucked in…[View]
135255803Kevin Spencer Fanart Thread: I'm making a folder of Kevin Spencer fanart, and I know for a fact…[View]
135253338If you laughed at the car farts joke in Family Guy congrats, you have a soul.[View]
135239634What is the scariest cartoon?[View]
135201902The only thing I remember about this movie is that it got Lindsay Ellis exiled from the internet som…[View]
135253833April O'Neil: With the sad news about what Seth Rogen has done to her in the new TMNT movie, le…[View]
135253557Combat Picture Library Storytime - № 235-8: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/133496939 5-8 http…[View]
135252914Ok, boomer.[View]
135234929ITT: Love at first sight[View]
135253067Porsha: A cute[View]
135248984How many issues of Amazing Spider-Man have you read, and why did you stop?[View]
135255935This is what Hungarian cartoons were like in 1980: https://youtu.be/si4MU2-KlfU[View]
135251200Shrek 5 will never happen: Puss in boots success is the worse thing to happen to Shrek. At first I t…[View]
135254820>'This guy is tragic! Are you sure he isn't a Kennedy?' Clone High S2Ep01 is a solid 7/10 an…[View]
135251201Is this the only cartoon with fappable designs and good waifus/husbandos?[View]
135246781Crossover Cosplay: Post /co/ characters dressed as other characters.[View]
135255523He is cute: Why do many of /co think he is a child? > at least 400 years old > is older than …[View]
135255318MCU movies are epitome of goyslop. They are simple (almost braindead), easy to consume, colorful and…[View]
135236114Why did people hate it? also this movie came out 7 years ago holy shit[View]
135255435How much do you guys appreciate the more lighthearted adult moments in cartoons? Seems like a lot of…[View]
135255433Ben10 alien force thread[View]
135246732>Anon…you want me to shapeshifter into a…what?![View]
135255299>castrated by a killer whale in a cutaway gag >relieved he can no longer become a family guy…[View]
135252817Did Bobby deserve it?[View]
135255253Why are superhero properties allowed to be both edgy, hard-core action films or video games with gor…[View]
135255246ITT: Worst cartoon baits: This entire episode[View]
135230049(hfj)ONE Thread?[View]
135254673Was Peter REALLY in the wrong here?[View]
135250751Sinbad Thread: It's 2023. Am I forgotten?[View]
135253611are animated mascots /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HbCKgLrtUQ[View]
135253348PEACH MOMOKO'S marvel variants: Marvel Comics has unveiled the first batch of Peach Momoko…[View]
135253966Transformers: Miko or Sari?[View]
135252677Cyberverse was cool, yet so overlooked. It just came and went.[View]
135254630What's his tax policy?[View]
135245651King of Spies Storytime: >The world's greatest secret agent has six months to live. Does he …[View]
135253361>Wassup Justin Roiland, I heard you were looking for a job, bitch should Tamers12345 give Justin …[View]
135240911Spider-Man Storytime #90 MTU 107-109, ASM 219 and a PSA: Yesterday Spider-Man beat up some some samu…[View]
135253471Is this show full of innuendos or am I seeing things?[View]
135245129Calvin & Hobbes storytime : Theres Treasure Everywhere[View]
135143181Peanuts thread: why is it okay for a child to do this?[View]
135252681How the fuck was this allowed[View]
135253662Tearing: Post characters tearing their clothes.[View]
135244607>hurrdurr akshully Incredible Hulk, u may as well skip it, it doesn't really count as part o…[View]
135245467If Seth MacFarlane turns out to be one of the fewest Hollywood people who isn't a pedo or rapis…[View]
135239219Are they right about Velma? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIhcWcYlRAs[View]
135252475Serious discussion only: Now that the dust has settled, is Velma a daring and dare I say it ironic s…[View]
135245220Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
135235024Lady Wayne or Lady Kent: Ok, /co/ which one is better?[View]
135249610Could a human take Supergirl's virginity?: Or even have sex with her at all now that I think ab…[View]
135240208Would Spider-Man get along with the Brown Widow?[View]
135247083You can always find villains in media who often will cackle or do a maniacal laugh, but never any he…[View]
135253309What did the Kankers see in them?[View]
135252945The ancient pharaohs weren’t too bright, they say. But they made ONE contribution that I live by to …[View]
135246729Wings of Fire reaction images: I'm trying to build up a collection, the panels out of context a…[View]
135253570if brian could fly he'd be flyin' griffin[View]
135253701Much better[View]
135241786I want more of the New Reichsmen. From the little we got to see of them, they were very interesting.…[View]
135250676why did it feel different in the later seasons?[View]
135253362I just started this thread to see if anyone shares my opinion about Richard Corben. I don't lik…[View]
135205243Lowest, most depressing moment in a series. I'll start.[View]
135251892Post funny/weird comments from /co/ videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=7P27smM8Jlw[View]
135195183Give us your best jackposts[View]
135235318>Show only exists cause someone at CN liked the band and wanted everyone else to know about it Ba…[View]
135253503/co/tism thread: images that provide absolutely no context- edition[View]
135193484Anne is still the cutest and hottest[View]
135254464movie gonna flop its black adam all over again[View]
135252113*Squee* I finally paid my parking tickets, Totally not my fault!, Anywho party at Anon's house![View]
135192851/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #883: Thread Question: What makes your comic different from the ot…[View]
135251901Heathcliff bought a drink.[View]
135252497MARVEL COMICS RELAUNCHES ALIEN: >Marvel Comics has announced it is relaunching Alien on April 26,…[View]
135253216Is he the modern Parallax Hal Jordan?[View]
135239712Is into the Florpus Cancelled now too?[View]
135178937Ben 10: There should have been more space racists and casual space racism in general[View]
135248450Sword and Sorcery Comic suggestions? >inb4 Conan and Red Sonja There has to be more than that ou…[View]
135237709The Owl House: What changes?[View]
135247708was he a good superman[View]
135245675ITT: Forgotten kinos[View]
135245981Eventually, we are going to see demand for fully-2d animated features rise again.[View]
135252725What objects are on a similar level?[View]
135252894Do you wish to be a member?[View]
135246694Mr Z Episode 1 webcomic[View]
135247026Expectations for the new Titans book?[View]
135251289>TRY AND CATCH ME BITCH![View]
135245730Why did the movie try so hard to make Ramses sympathetic? Just departing from scripture for the sak…[View]
135238131Lego Monkie Kid: All episodes of Lego Monkie Kid Season 4 aired last week in Chinese streaming servi…[View]
135251878bart pimpson[View]
135251889Is basketball good for you?[View]
135251802Handsome Sokka[View]
135250414How would the show be different were the genders swapped?[View]
135228653Supercrooks Storytime: >One last heist. That's what they all say, right? Just one final scor…[View]
135248400Me and my friends get no respect what does Scooby Doo that we neglect? We be keeping all our foes in…[View]
135221152Murder Drones Episode 3 & Glitch/Gooseworx Collab: >Murder Drones prom episode confirmed for …[View]
135235505>cartoon does something that has already been done by anime 30 years ago >everyone calls it fr…[View]
135251443Is there a show or comic everyone seems to hate that you actually really enjoy, /co/?[View]
135244074Goodbye, Roiland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaB9_kNEOgo[View]
135242741What was his plan again?[View]
135239961>Bit by a SPIDER >Name is SPIDER-man >Does all the things a SPIDER can yet >can't m…[View]
135250779Adventure Time was just Dora the Explorer for 6th graders.[View]
135249847Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
135205777I can't sleep: New ep fellas, it's....well it's something? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
135250677What's his tax policy?[View]
135247522Helluva Boss: Who's the best at killing?[View]
135239558Why are RoTMNT fans 99% women?[View]
135244475Robot Jackie:: >Do you think you could get away from me, Star?[View]
135250489I miss them so much bros.[View]
135244682George lowe sure did some werid shit before making it big https://youtu.be/YQsOvma5W2E[View]
135250384Do you have a favorite Avengers lineup that doesn't include the big three?[View]
135247266Is A.I right about Superman?[View]
135171135Cringe Thread: Give me your worst![View]
135232956Would you marry her?[View]
135246359I like the new Frank[View]
135248324Uh, Dick?[View]
135241512Why can't whitey really do magical girl stuff properly? Whenever they dip their toes into it yo…[View]
135248837Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
135249038Sexo con Heed: Quiero[View]
135233961Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Good morning, Nandroid enthusiasts! Unfortunately, once again there…[View]
135245385Comics that deserve more: ITT: Comics that deserve more love/praise or recognition for the common ey…[View]
135241412What was the MORAL of this episode?[View]
135245676DC Super Hero Girls: There aren't enough lewds in the world to satisfy my desire for this versi…[View]
135248594If you could make a cartoon about this character…: What would it be about?[View]
135242570What was his problem?[View]
135216020Cartoon Cartoons shorts: In case anyone was wondering about the status of these, it seems the first …[View]
135237636Fred Thread (Fread): Discuss any and all versions of Fred[View]
135247288Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
135232057The ultimate debate.[View]
135236557what are some essential european comics? i've barely read any.[View]
135239550Shitty Newgrounds animations are what gave birth to shitty Calarts libshit media. You're deludi…[View]
135248138Post funny comic stuff[View]
135243085Literally lost to time..........[View]
135246030IIT: Post Fanmade AUs[View]
135247851Why does he do it for free?: And how does Spongebob sustain himself without monetary compensation? W…[View]
135238940How do i tell my therapist all the weird thoughts and issues and feelings towards cartoons more then…[View]
135245783>finds out everybody thinks he’s boring >goes on an adventure where everyone belittles him …[View]
135240631These girls do things to me.[View]
135246529Memory holed comic plots: Does anyone remembers Punisher stealing War Machine's armor and makin…[View]
135182834Favourite animated movie OST's?: To clarify, I don't mean movies that have a song you like…[View]
135234893What If? comics: What would you say are the worst issues of What if? It feels like a lot of these is…[View]
135245652funniest shit i've ever seen[View]
135246867Batman and Moon Knight are similar, but very different[View]
135243875How Zuko and Azula turn out with Uncle Fire Lord Ozai and Mom raising them: Iroh becomes Fire Lord a…[View]
135235455Is this really bad or woke? I personally think its good satire.[View]
135246790I hate this fake burrito like you wouldn't believe it[View]
135245089Can someone tell me what's up with this? Is it a TV show now? Didn't they recast everyone …[View]
135230748DJ GRAY THREAD[View]
1352439642003 /co/: It's Saturday morning, 8AM. Don't remember HOW I woke up or had the motivation …[View]
135246548Why did they obediently jump into apokolips invasion?[View]
135243759Remember that time Tomasi had Batman ready and willing to kill and only didn’t because Damian was ri…[View]
135242662DC Asian Milfs: Who is your favorite?[View]
135243615Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
135244867Why havent we gotten a new planet of the apes cartoon yet? There was one in the 70s. I feel like an …[View]
135244619Justin Roilands Last Role: Will you be tuning in to Justin's grand goodbye this February?…[View]
135242405ITT: kinos forgotten to time[View]
135239368The one true Batkino[View]
135244429'Concept Characters': ITT we're going to talk about characters that have had so many interpreta…[View]
135222763Kill Six Billion Demons ksbd k6bd: >Thanks for reading. >Book 5 of KSBD started on October 7th…[View]
135232795Homer Simpson: What are the funniest Homer moments?[View]
135243148ME SO HORNY![View]
135240676Whats the best Family Guy episode?[View]
135244593Problem solved: I honestly don't give a fuck about Justin leaving. R&M is my comfy show, my…[View]
135233397Which way, Western man?[View]
135237440>you got isekaied to your favorite show What now?[View]
135240701ADHD vs ASD[View]
135241531>Homer used to be a Boomer who went to high school in the 70's, now he's a Millennial w…[View]
135245709Why there are boomers who think disney old 2D animation style is the supreme style when modern cheap…[View]
135241378Literally has “ROT” in it’s acronym (ROTTMNT): Yet everyone acted surprised that the show and the mo…[View]
135244855Is the hatred of 'edgy' things purely on the rise of manchildren?[View]
135243014Did he deserve being cancelled?[View]
135237400What would Hogarth Hughes' life been like after the events of The Iron Giant?[View]
135245317I miss these two...[View]
135239694Which one will win at the Oscars? There is a correct answer. >InBF4 Pussy lol…[View]
135245422Wreck It Ralph: Thoughts?[View]
135231106One-T: This probably fits more into >>>/mu/ then /co/, but we technically have Gorillaz thr…[View]
135239850art has become completely divorced from the reality that the average person experiences I don'…[View]
135181887poison ivy: Let's talk about this character. I just think she's neat. What do you think ab…[View]
135244025What do you guys think of old movies being converted to 4K?[View]
135244037Paulphisto: Will Paul and his kids just be forgotten or will he die a tragic death and Peter will be…[View]
135239934Invincible Season 2: Sup faggots, first time on this board. Whos ready for the Conquest fight[View]
135229549It's not too late. Not yet.[View]
135237649The Owl House: What did you do, Luz?[View]
135243171Would you coach this team?[View]
135239600What the fuck was her problem?[View]
135240859Moomins: What makes this franchise so charming?[View]
135241640>When you run out of ways to milk the same franchise's story while keeping it progression to…[View]
135242468You are going to look directly into my eye and tell me this show is not funny and mean spirited and …[View]
135243477And that is how much college will cost for Maggie.[View]
135241380Will American comics ever attempt to try to be exceptional or boundary-pushing ever again?[View]
135239431TPOT 3 is here!: Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two episode 3 is here! 'Getting PuffBall To T…[View]
135240764>steal the visual style developed by white people just because it was used for a cartoon with a b…[View]
135238338I really wanna talk about the IDW Back To The Future comics.[View]
135240374Could they beat Superman: The Penguins have 24hrs & Lex's resources to take down Superman. …[View]
135240608>spend over 35 issues to finally reveal the identity of one of the main villains of your run Shit…[View]
135240460Are kids cartoons still allowed to show depictions of the devil?[View]
135240456Why did Cooke make Selina boring?[View]
135238951Cartoon Cartoons: Get Hype weasel Bros!!![View]
135229606Gays: Why are there are a million lesbos in kid's cartoons these days but no gays at all? I lit…[View]
135240985Why did this panel get so popular with the internet?[View]
135242628THIS is what 'they' took from you[View]
135234932Robert Kirkman's World of Invincible Storytime: Despite some rough patches I overall enjoyed wh…[View]
135239217Are there any feminine twink male characters out there that's not LGBT trans shit[View]
135234687Remember what they took from us. FUCK cancel culture[View]
135236093>Superman got raped >Batman got raped Is the DC universe a place for cuckolds? Are DCfags DCuc…[View]
135241161'My wife's boyfriend' Comics.[View]
135241826Watchmen and Sonichu Similarities: >Originally was going to be about pre-existing characters. …[View]
135232840Geoff Johns Storytime: Today we finish Flashpoint Beyond, read Batman: Three Jokers and begin Geiger…[View]
135241784Anyone out here actually collecting classic cartoons?: have some figures/books/game shit mixed in bu…[View]
135212230Death Battle: Who wins this[View]
135241554Who was in the wrong here?[View]
135234702Welcome to The Cuphead Show![View]
135232847Vampires: Post some blood sucking monsters.[View]
135238785Why is American Dad so inconsistent in quality?[View]
135239115Write The Crossover[View]
135235501Is this proof you can be off-model: but still have good animation? Or does it only work for fast-pac…[View]
135140826>Zuko wants me to be his secretary?[View]
135238514Who was the best /co/ TV reporter?[View]
135222609Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Eisenbrave Comics: Previous Thread: >>135206308 Pastebin: https://…[View]
135228925What went wrong with Mr. Pickles?[View]
135239002Any way to level grind batman in Batman arkham knight?: Or make Batman the riddler underground cave …[View]
135238678What's the best ending for Bruce?[View]
135183782What do you think about mable?[View]
135225604Which was superior?[View]
135239994We lost[View]
135237244>Shows up for the first time in 1942 >Only gets one more short before banishing for half a de…[View]
135238423/co/ webm thread: postem[View]
135236418Surge the Tenrec: Would Surge still get bullied if she fought characters other than Sonic[View]
135239183>DUDE WHAT IF SPONGEBOB WAS ACTUALLY DARK AND SCARY good job nickelodeon…[View]
135234937Normal Words: but a Horse Guy![View]
135239767Charlton heston sponge[View]
135239280Pantheon: I miss her bros[View]
135238364What the hell went so right?[View]
135227783Why exactly is a weird thing for Bruce to be with Barbara? Barbara is a fully grown woman[View]
135235203Clone High Season 2: It's out https://gofile.io/d/HsCtX2[View]
135235745Is it possible to make a cartoon that contains anthropomorphic animals but avoid being latched onto …[View]
135237366ITT: relaxing /co/ moments[View]
135227448Canonical incest couples[View]
135239136Does Spawn ever get good?: I feel like Spawn is the last major character I’ve never tried, so I’m di…[View]
135237282The Lego Movie 2? more like The Imoutofag Movie 1[View]
135233525How do you call fans of this thing?[View]
135238939ducks and pucks[View]
135237767What are some shows that deal with the occult?[View]
135237451>teen paranormal romance >girl falls in love with vampire >boy falls in love with ghost Why…[View]
135238574Before it was found out he was cheating and tried to commit murder, he wasn't really the bad gu…[View]
135236327TCJ Carl Barks Tribute 1: Cartoonists' Tributes[View]
135198274Spider-Man thread: Waiting for previews. Dark Web finale is upon us. Predictions on how it will end?…[View]
135233944The Venture Bros thread: Even with the backlash from Justin Roiland and the awful lasts seasons, sti…[View]
135238359Is this the only cartoon to do flanderization correctly?[View]
135235250>could've had Leto as Namor >instead he went and did Morbius and we got 'El Nino Sin Amor…[View]
135232912>Trans female chars are cuter than Cisfem chars Why is that?[View]
135235728Combat Picture Library Storytime - № 231-4: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/133496939 5-8 http…[View]
135197955Why is it every male Batman rogue works better as a woman? Their obsession with him would be so much…[View]
135233222Combat Picture Library Storytime - № 226, 228-30: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/133496939 5-…[View]
135233542Abominations: What are the most horrible abominations brought to screen through animation?[View]
135234166Characters are addicted to caffeine[View]
135198564Velma thread[View]
135236086Phineas and Ferb-haters, I get you now. Although I don't really agree with you. While season 1 …[View]
135237515Happy Saturday, /co/! What’s on your canvas right now?[View]
135236641Why aren’t there more got mommy’s in cartoons?[View]
135237817The Owl House: What do you think of Luzity?[View]
135237789It's Saturday! What are you watching?[View]
135223210>ruins your tv animation division Nothing personal adult cartoon fans.[View]
135235965Disenchantment: Where the hell is the next season??[View]
135237455Puss in boots plot hole thread: I can't forgive what this movie done to Shrek. Honestly it…[View]
135227003South Park: Any predictions for the plot of the first episode in the upcoming new season? Is the te…[View]
135236568Hickman's Ultimates: I know I'm late to the party, but what did /co/ think of Hickman…[View]
135236319What was the point of Amethyst as a character?[View]
135211959Legend of Vox Machina: Can I enjoy this if I don't play D&D (but I have an understanding of…[View]
135229439Dumbing of Age: seriously, what the FUCK gave willis the idea this is a good idea for a storyline?…[View]
135232651>'Made by and for people who hate Shrek™'[View]
135233218Gaz: Gaz thread?[View]
135231883The kids from room 402: I remember watching it but no details. Can I get reviews from people that kn…[View]
135236878What doth life?[View]
135233152Bikers: Post Biker Girls[View]
135237328Why are all human mind control using villains such utter wimps? Seriously, the only non wimps in tha…[View]
135222679Would you rather get a laptop and a drawing tablet or a screened drawing tablet if you want to start…[View]
135234638Death's Head: Can we have a thread about him? I wanna get more into the character. What are his…[View]
135225836The Owl House: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
135217398Katana: It's Friday, time for a Tatsu thread.[View]
135232839Trolls: Post trolls.[View]
135235118Wtf, why did Marvel try to have synergy with Raimi?![View]
135236793The Corrective Rape of The Joker by Batman: So Batman won't kil lthe joker, but is he morally a…[View]
135229286Why did these children have a strip bomb?[View]
135233544>longest >sex sequence >ever…[View]
135234311Western entertainment is so bad now because the people behind projects care more about stupid meta s…[View]
135235394What is the unedited version/context of this?[View]
135228999I want a Batman tv series. I am sick of all these awful Bat-tangent shows. How can they make them bu…[View]
135235209New Caillou Gets Grounded video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_qltwYgr-k[View]
135232356Looney Tunes thread[View]
135235894Beavis and Butthead are in the last cartoon you watched, if the last cartoon WAS Beavis and Butthead…[View]
135233410Foster's: How'd you like Frankie?[View]
135230077>They've been laughin' since I can't remember but they're not gonna laugh any…[View]
135233676TMNT: >Reminder that April O'Neil will be a fat school teacher in the new movie.…[View]
135231257Why do some people hate him so much again? I hate Nu-Park as much as the next guy, but he has had co…[View]
135234061Has there ever been a Batman continuity where Batman is younger than Robin?[View]
135199779helluva boss: >more than 3 months since the last episode is the production in trouble or somethin…[View]
135233765She was too pure for this cruel world[View]
135235451How did Disney get away with this?[View]
135235199>>135198914 >leaks said Shaggy's girlfriend will be called Scoobi >turns out she…[View]
135235418Scooby Doo film title leak.: The yearly direct to video Scooby Doo film is gonna be called 'Scooby D…[View]
135235415How did Brenda Chapman go from making kino like PoE to forgettable shit like Brave?[View]
135233908I have never read a Flash comic and I have a question: How can any non speedster be a threat to the …[View]
135230624Oscar is a retard for rejecting this[View]
135232786Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Will Karai be in the new movie?[View]
135234538Hawkfags...: we won :) https://www.gamesradar.com/hawkgirl-andor-hawkman-and-a-new-wonder-woman-seri…[View]
135234880Hey, /co/. Can you help me remember a comic book story line? All a remember about it was that it was…[View]
135230091>the villain is evil because... HE JUST IS?! WHOA!!!!!! HOW FUCKING INSANE IS THAT?…[View]
135232940Garfield: What is Garfield's problem?[View]
135233817raven with white hair should have been a permanent thing[View]
135234479Rank the Disney Renaissance TV shows from best to worst[View]
135234406Will you be watching all the gay latinx actors in the adaption of the powerful Mexican representatio…[View]
135232047did this REALLY come out of nowhere[View]
135222633I think it's safe to say at this point that this didn't work[View]
135227436Why does /co/ never talk about Recess? Does it just filter zoomers that hard?[View]
135234255what was mj like before she met peter?: did she smoke mary jane?[View]
135224811Thoughts on Stella from Baskup?[View]
135234049AWOOGA! humina humina humina... *wolf whistle*[View]
135232677Can…Can I say I enjoy Ren and Stimpy without certain “unique individuals” schizoing up my thread? I …[View]
135233274The upcoming kelley Spider-Man mini arc might be the only good Spider-Man issues in 2023[View]
135233799>Basically becomes the most powerful thing at the end of the series >Still lost to two twins a…[View]
135234034I cannot name a single worst cartoon critic or someone with worse animation taste[View]
135229320ITT Goth girls: Goth girls are cool, post goth girls.[View]
135193534Are they really gonna make Bob's Burgers a 20 season show?: Just let it end already, the movie …[View]
135233603The Chipmunk’s Adventure: This movie is legitimately beautiful. Why is the animation so gorgeous? Mo…[View]
135232925TMNT: Why is the space arc so great?[View]
135231789What's with Andy?: >wha-wha-what's with Andy? >Woo- woo >what's with Andy …[View]
135232931>over the top mystery story event of 2000 >Lore dumps across multiple titles because why not …[View]
135232647why does she wear this every episode?[View]
135233277Monster fights: Don't you just love a good monster fight?[View]
135233804Teen Titans GO: >Reminder that this show has been going for 10 years.…[View]
135233049Time Travel: Time Travel is always a good idea[View]
135233036You now remember that Blade is half-white, his father being a Latverian, which means he's Doom…[View]
135233032Parasites: What do you think of the use of parasitic characters? Both figuratively and literally?…[View]
135223407Thoughts on PBS Kids newest cartoon? https://litter.catbox.moe/p4ksxp.mp4[View]
135229727>cartoon has mild gross out joke >'Erm yikes is this the authors barely disguised fetish?'…[View]
135230293what do you think cartoon network meant by this?[View]
135231701Manlet representation[View]
135229753They should make a spinoff cartoon of this movie where the kid in the end grows up to be a detective…[View]
135231974Elliott from Earth: Remember what they took from you[View]
135232569Found this screen when Luke did an AMA on instagram. No more marras on the animated series probably.…[View]
135232526>Stolas is an abuse/rape victim and a traumatized soft boi >Blitzo is an abuse/rape victim and…[View]
135233091What are the worst shows to have aired on Cartoon Network? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUb-bSpQH…[View]
135232095Eliot Kid: Was it as bad people make it seem to be? >le twitter zoomers and le considered big shi…[View]
135228715Biography /co/mics: What are some biography comics you'd like to see based on /co/ creators? I …[View]
135233117How does Corto Maltese rank in the /co/ husbando chart?[View]
135233069Mornin' /co/[View]
135229103It's real: Shark Bros our response?[View]
135187201AJ is an ugly hag and every simp who lusted over her is a closet homosexual who thinks having no sta…[View]
135227559Write the joke the writers will inevitably do at Roiland’s expense using his former characters[View]
135229153Apparently Justin was persona non grata for quite a while now Guy talking is the head dev of Squanch…[View]
135232846Are there any examples of a character with a no kill rule that actually makes sense? What's the…[View]
135230867What happened here?[View]
135231241I love how you can pinpoint the moments Beauty and the Beast started running out of budget[View]
135232816Theme Park Thread: Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway has opened at Disneyland[View]
135232904Wheb exactly are we going to learn about Shrek 5 now? Have we been given more info when I wasn'…[View]
135226849Best non-Dredd 2000 AD comics: As the title says what are the best comics from the British comic mag…[View]
135232895>The Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai I wonder if, after they found out about the conspi…[View]
135230518/co/ Foods Thread: >Our planet has been through so much, this past year; wars, droughts, impeachm…[View]
135219065So is he now THE guy in adult western animation?[View]
135227303NEETcore: Recommend me /co/ stuff that has themes of NEETdom[View]
135228305Anyone else an Archie fan? i feel like the only person on the planet who knows archie, theres gotta …[View]
135232078>Face it, Panda, You just hit the jackpot[View]
135232749My Impossible Soulmate: The Scream (1893)[View]
135232732> face it tiger, you just hit the jackpot[View]
135231830Ruber thread: >A Dragon starts approaching >Gets rid of his sword >Kills it with his bare h…[View]
135231242Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond Storytime Part 3: Welcome back to Beyond's storytime. Today we take …[View]
135230345Cartoons and Fetishes: Why are there so many zoomers today with Fat Fetishes stemming from cartoons?…[View]
135193435Dexter's Lab Thread: Okay fuck Rick Sanchez, let's have a Dexter's Lab thread and tal…[View]
135231997Achewood, a classic: Post your favorite Achewood moments[View]
135232408It's absolutely CRIMINAL how many background cuties there are in this scene alone https://www.y…[View]
135227386baby Luz was built for playing patty cake with and being headpatted and hugged and then being scared…[View]
135229503Le Edgy hot topic XD: I’m so glad everyone on /co/ hates edgy goth shit. Only edgelord teens like Jh…[View]
135129234Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
135230309I think Miles is a good character and not this is not a bait I'm 100 prevent genuine.[View]
135230100Who's the least evil of Batman's rogues gallery?[View]
135230633Is there any writing that can compare to the phoned in shit from futurama after season 5? so much of…[View]
135228780Clone High Season 2 Leak: watched episode 1 of Clone High season 2 anonymously for a survey and i…[View]
135229211Why doesn’t /co/ talk about Deadpool more?[View]
135221269Glitch Techs: Was her show good?[View]
135225047There are two kinds, ones who like Waspinator and ones who don't like Waspinator. Which are you…[View]
135229971Everybody always talks about Fox Kids and Kids WB but literally NOBODY remembers UPN Kids.[View]
135231364Funniest jerkasses: Unlike everyone else on /co/ who wanted to cuddle and coo him and call him a bea…[View]
135229265>El Nino Sin Amor >U R L Rata Alada which one was more retarded?…[View]
135230572i wanna find the creator of the new bullshit velma show and cut off their fingers with a rusty mccul…[View]
135225716Post obscure songs that KICK ASS: https://youtu.be/VCgnxKS_SXI[View]
135228629Anyone else not a fan of the Chuck Jones era of Looney Tunes? Just never found them to be as funny a…[View]
135229695Instead of belching, Rick's speech tics should have been farting and shitting his pants mid sen…[View]
135230257Big Nate Show the Lizard Episode: > I Lose a bet and am forced by my friends to watch every episo…[View]
135228565Are Matt and Trey feminist?[View]
135228013Batman Spider-Man: Why is it so hard for audiences to believe they can face bigger threats than stre…[View]
135230514Why does DC hate Green Lantern?[View]
135224661>Flashback to an earlier scene >Contains details that wasn’t there the first time the scene sh…[View]
135213723Fuck Muties: I’m not racist /co/, I just don’t like them.[View]
135226994you would.[View]
135230380Perrito really knows how to calm you down.[View]
135223008Is palmy from digital circus used goods/virgin Do you think she was raped?[View]
135228195Watch this shit, /co/. You’re gonna love this.[View]
135224365ITT: We post Hmong characters[View]
135165147Randy Cunningham Ninja Thread: Smoke Bomb Bitches[View]
135230256Heathcliff is standing still.[View]
135221079>Rick and Morty slowly dying >Aqua Teen comes back The earth is healing.…[View]
135229578Would Toontown make a good cartoon? Which Cog is your favorite?[View]
135228769'Hi there, wanna sign my petition?'[View]
135230153Seems like the Oscars saw that everyone else was nominating the same 4 movies and didn’t want to be …[View]
135228603I know it's always had references, but when did it become full blown reference show?[View]
135230016Why did they blow up the bank after clearly getting away with no issue?[View]
135230452Sonic underground: Why is sonia such a poopy butt bitch and doesn't just fuck aleena already?…[View]
135220030>Why did it fail?: Could the series have been saved if he actually let his characters grow and ha…[View]
135230275>meanwhile, at the local /co/mic book store . . .[View]
135223441Is this the It's Always Sunny of cartoons?[View]
135222279Did the people who made puss in boot the last wish watched Shrek? He told Shrek that 'in one of my n…[View]
135231440After Guillermo Del Toro and Wes Anderson, what other auteur should make an animated movie? My pick …[View]
135224294ITT-post /co/ characters as edgelords: *pumped up kicks starts playing*[View]
135230307ITT: Fuck you, I hated it.[View]
135230007Muzzy In Gondoland: I think I might have been a little retarded as a kid. Muzzy In Gondoland is a la…[View]
135228016Lego Monkey Kid: Where's your 4th season Owl house?[View]
135215338ITT: Plot points that took forever to be resolved: Dan Slott set up the Reckoning War in his She-Hul…[View]
135227243Talia: Was she ruined or was she never a good character in the first place?[View]
135230004Season 1 was classic and always makes me smile. Season 2-3 had uglier designs but great jokes and ch…[View]
135214870Funbag Friday: Titania edition[View]
135203491What's it about the teenage alpha bitch aesthetic that is so pleasing to us?[View]
135227142Alexandra Vasquez <3[View]
135222349Velma crew: >mostly woman >mostly white, only like three black people in the picture For a sho…[View]
135217050Animated movies that means a lot to you: You know when I watched this movie for the first time in 20…[View]
135220517Black Canary Thread: While I like her relationship with Green Arrow, I hate that now she is stuck be…[View]
135192848Off Model Art of you Beloved /co/rtoons!: Hose out the portfolio tards.[View]
135208429Well, guess now we know why there's so many sexual scenes of Summer despite her being a minor[View]
135224138Medusa: Lets have a thread about Marvel's best queen, redhead and Inhuman[View]
135190903Mascot: So you know that e621 has that cat mascot right, i mean I know there's that green haire…[View]
135090257>Mother gains super powers that have the side of making her increasingly more horny the longer sh…[View]
135228834He's right, skinny mermaids are not realistic.[View]
135226107I want to share Abejita with the Zeeta...[View]
135220743Very self- Follow it To love that I call trouble[View]
135227834Probably the worst show I had ever seen.[View]
135226467Alright Dr.Wily! Take this! My all new Kamehameha Kannon![View]
135228997He's such a laugh[View]
135228380What are your honest thoughts on Arthur? What season did it peak?[View]
135226973I miss 2D western animation.[View]
135226393The Wingfeather Saga: New trailer, 2nd half of the season starts on February 10th https://youtube.co…[View]
135228385he did nothing wrong[View]
135205408Everyone in this show was so fucking ugly[View]
135225814It blows my mind watching Looney Tunes from the 90s to now, and realizing that you have five, ten, f…[View]
135227355New ENA stuff: So this just came out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLurAhsqXWc[View]
135228120I think Star Vs would have been better if Marco was a girl.[View]
135222658Superman Thread: In spite of recent headlines, discuss the Man of Steel, hopes for the movie, favour…[View]
135227022DC Bombshells: I was looking through my local comics store and came across some of the Bombshell cov…[View]
135226797now watch him and the scrapniks never appear again after this, lol[View]
135228360What's the convention of a good scene, composition of a good image? I personally find the infin…[View]
135224774>tfw no May wife[View]
135226959Too many Sonic fan series? https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/872055[View]
135227255More people care about Puss in Boots now than in any point in human history[View]
135226064It's not bad in the slightest[View]
135227912>remaking old kids cartoons and targeting them towards adults is LE BAD…[View]
135225251Is there any characters you feel that need a costume update? pic related. trenchcoat with hoods are …[View]
135221460Your thoughts?[View]
135226724Funny Farm Comics is still running?[View]
135227989Why are indie game fans more receptive to good animation than actual cartoon fans?[View]
135214499>If you kill the guy who nuked your city and tricked you into killing your pregnant wife, you tur…[View]
135227637Emmy the Robot: Damn, they got fucked up. ... Everyone is fucking dead[View]
135216999Janna from Star VS: What's her sexuality? I can see her dating men and women too[View]
135226462Hey! A new No Evil just dropped! 045: Make Like A Tree https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/872117…[View]
135221473Obscure characters: Remember to post name (if they have one) and where they come from. Starting with…[View]
135223113will /ourguy/ Yogi ever get another shot at the lime light?[View]
135215014She's so fucking perfect bros[View]
135206702Shazam! Fury of the gods second trailer: It's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIc671o9yCI…[View]
135225398Do mutants deserve happiness?[View]
135226539Can any show surpass Velma's SEO?[View]
135227661>Anne: “Hey, Sprig,” she held the phone out to him. “Remember this?” >She turned to face him w…[View]
135227487Why would the 'bat brand' get criminals killed in prison? I would think, none of the criminals would…[View]
135225213Post a screenshot of the current banner you see on the top of the site right now, whatever it is for…[View]
135223770Spider-Man Storytime #89 ASM 218, SSM 53-55, MTU 106: Yesterday Spidey racked up some Ws against the…[View]
135225732Quicksilver and Crystal Can they ever do anything together again ?: (Why did he not do anything in t…[View]
135225175why does this board hate Lisa so much? >'in season 16 episode 11 she did-' why are you even watch…[View]
135220016Feeling good, Pussbros.[View]
135223971Moon Girl is serialized loreshit: The story-driven era of DTVA is not dead yet[View]
135211482Why is this show so popular?[View]
135227257>it's a 'side characters do something plot related' episode[View]
135225989Have you ever fallen in love with a cartoon character?[View]
135226564Is it weird to find her kinda hot?[View]
135214178>hey folks! Before we get into it, I just wanted to let you know that today's thread is brou…[View]
135210366so dib is the protagonist and zim is an antihero right[View]
135226191VILLAINOUS: will they ever reunite?[View]
135226956Here's a tip to make a good cartoon character: Get Lance Henriksen to voice him.[View]
135223360I don't get it. Where's the joke?[View]
135226605>Dont miss another episode of Invincible this thursday! >*Screen cuts to a clip from the show*…[View]
135221228Will Jed MacKay be able to make people like Carol?[View]
135226187Why is there still organized crime in Gotham?[View]
135219543Crazy love couples: Crazy love couples, where one of them is madly in love with the other person, an…[View]
135223618Why didn't you save her I'm sorry are you in line too[View]
135216910You only truly realize the value of something when you lose it[View]
135226174“Oh Mrs. Diaz, you’ve gotten so thin…”[View]
135223089Cancelled cartoons: Will cartoon creators get humble after most of their projects get canceled?…[View]
135225582616 What do other species think about their X-Men mutant population ?[View]
135220395Duolingo: the Series: Picked up for 2023![View]
135225415What was his problem?[View]
135224879>not a single good cartoon in the past 9 years[View]
135226057Mighty B! Thread: This show was so kino[View]
135183470/bcb/ Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Date time[View]
135225112Sue and her role in Marvel Events[View]
135221886What went wrong?[View]
135225897Hey, how’s it going?[View]
135226030I like Photon. Do you all like Photon?[View]
135220658DC chocolate edition thread: Who is your favorite black female from DC?[View]
135225753but didn't he voice half the cast?[View]
135221380BRUH?????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYz36aVbsgo[View]
135224629'You're fucking me in the stab hole!'[View]
135224082New episode of SpongeBob tonight at 7. The Salty Sponge: >SpongeBob works the grill at the toughe…[View]
135223333wtf i love dutch people now[View]
135212471Did something come up from this?[View]
135225348Which should I check out? Conan or Savage Sword? If I did just normal Conan does he still at least g…[View]
135224304This show wasn't that bad and I actually like the new art style. I especially like that Bruce i…[View]
135224852>pick up random Superman comic from 1 bin >its light years ahead of any Superman comic in at l…[View]
135225522>Did you know Lisa Simpson? I heard she was pretty cool. >Lisa? Oh yeah, we totally had a thin…[View]
135222923Sideshow Bob really got screwed over here. One of the most infuriating cases of maintaining the stat…[View]
135223424How to write for comics?: Are there any resources for this? I assume writing conventions like basic …[View]
135212308The Owl House: Was Amity a good character?[View]
135209483OCs who need their own show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfr3JyHSXfg[View]
135225075Could it be true? A cartoon that’s rebooted endlessly, having a reboot bad enough for people to comp…[View]
135211474I miss when Harley was a cute, airheaded bimbo who was misunderstood instead of the bullshit she is …[View]
135223186The lightbringer now has the speed force, what happens?[View]
135213318Why do the houses look like this?[View]
135223678>a 5-7 episode action miniseries adaption of Castlevania II following a sickly and gradually dete…[View]
135218181Beano Comic Library Storytime - № 34-5: 8, 101, 174 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/123881954 189,…[View]
135224732Remember Babyface from Batman The Brave and the Bold? Well, now you've met his distant cousin.[View]
135224534Ed, Edd n Eddy: Eddy and Lee were the leaders of their groups Ed and May were the dumb ones Double D…[View]
135222924reminder. no one actually cares or thinks about the arbitrary ages of fictional characters. only ter…[View]
135222804Name a /co/ character that suffered more. Bonus points: Name a character that deserved it more.…[View]
135219494Robert Kirkman's World of Invincible Storytime: Despite some rough patches I overall enjoyed wh…[View]
135223542Will new comicbook media be absolutely cringe inducing to look back on? Snyders Superman is insanely…[View]
135224531Comic songs: Do you guys connect songs with comic book characters you read? For me >Plastic Man h…[View]
135184911Destiny of X Storytime: BEHOLD THE POWERS OF ESSEX! SINS OF SINISTER BEGINS! Comics in this thread: …[View]
135213177Buffy: The Animated Series: Had it been greenlit, do you think it would've been popular on /co/…[View]
135222573https://twitter.com/StudioYotta/status/1619086889599787009 Are you going to apply?[View]
135220917Post images that are both /a/ and /co/![View]
135214179comfy South Park thread: Matt and Trey sure have been stingy with characters these last few seasons,…[View]
135191374>Gwen's distractingly large Gwen[View]
135224144Here is what will be on CN on Valentine’s Day[View]
135224266post /co/ images you can hear in your head[View]
135223074Why is he in hell? He's a genuinely good person.[View]
135222180>kills BoJack Horseman >outlives Rick and Morty How do they keep getting away with it?…[View]
135213288Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 88: Page 3 Paz brought lunches. https://www.gunnerkrigg.com/[View]
135223108You know what's been neglected in comics as of late? Criminal organizations. The evil networks …[View]
135221973Betsy Lee's No Evil: New episode of No Evil just dropped today: https://www.newgrounds.com/port…[View]
135223579One more episode left and it's over. No more LGBT stuff pushed into kids, no more half-cooked l…[View]
135206308Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic and the Freedom Fighters and Werehog AU: Previous Thread: >>…[View]
135190448pacifist vs irredeemable villain: aka the /co/ version of an unstoppable force meeting a immovable o…[View]
135192846TYR'AHNEE BTFO[View]
135216091Are you happy with the way Justin Roiland's reputstion has tanked, /co/? I'm assuming ther…[View]
135219923I saw this all the time at my middle school/high school book fairs and the actual in school librarie…[View]
135213565>It's time to bring back Hal again Why is it always like this? Why did Jo and Keli fail to a…[View]
135223342>*intense music starts playing*[View]
135219967Sam And Steve Battle For The Right To Lead In CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR: >CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD W…[View]
135219921Combat Picture Library Storytime - № 221-3, 225: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/133496939 5-8…[View]
135223443Have you ever watched a show as a kid then rewatched it when you're an adult (and older than al…[View]
135222242Remember that cancelled Rugrats movie? Well…[View]
135222111POV: It’s November 2004 and you’ve been taken to a book store. This is the first and only time all 3…[View]
135209628Is it morally reprehensible to have naked high school students in your fictional cartoon?[View]
135223011Would Zim and Gaz be in a stable relationship?[View]
135223052Wey wook! It's Widward![View]
135221022>Shows up >Declares war on humanity >Sinks a couple of buildings into the ground >Robs …[View]
135222343It's coming....[View]
135222108oh and look at the time: you guessedd itt, it's time to give ouuutt the freeeee, tame imapalaaa…[View]
135218151Kek it really do be like that sometimes[View]
135220173>You're gonna put the shopping cart back in the store, right Jack? You're not just gonn…[View]
135222862:’( https://youtube.com/watch?v=wouKI_myXxk[View]
135222744Smiling Friends: Where tf is Season 2[View]
135222672Good Evening. Just a lonely thread for friday evening As usual, just let it die without replies Than…[View]
135215055What is DC's equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy should they ever push something similar?[View]
135189240Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
135220318>'You are now a beautiful strong flower who must protect her delicate petals and clean them regul…[View]
135221241If they DO eventually finally do a GKND series, there are some things that I hope they bring up: …[View]
135218566Boomer comics general: ![View]
135220881It's even more funny when you look at Jack Horner as an interpretation of Disney itself, becaus…[View]
135219854Who the fuck greenlights all these soulless and forgettable children's cartoons? Why can't…[View]
135219194Anyone else think that IDW TMNT has become an unforgivable mess? This current arc with every single …[View]
135220065How do these shorts from the fucking 1940s have better animation than modern DC cartoons, and modern…[View]
135221801Qubo Thread: Favorite Qubo Cartoons? I enjoyed watching Scaredy Squirrel, Cosmic Quantum Ray and the…[View]
135141190/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
135222144Women on the lower side are sisters, twins?[View]
135218824I love him[View]
135209818So think we'll ever get another voltron?: Or is the series now gone and done with?[View]
135215581Commando Storytime - № 4891-4: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/123547564 194, 21…[View]
135217505Aquaman Rogues Gallery: Outside of Ocean Master and Black Manta, what other Aquaman's villain w…[View]
135220538Who remembers this show from the early 90s?[View]
135221763I wanna rape Spongebob so bad: Spongebob is so cute and erotic, I want to rape him so bad. I'd …[View]
135220459ITT: Hard truths: The Cuphead Show does everything it could REASONABLY be expected to do to imitate …[View]
135220916Did they seriously forgot, that there already is a female Warlock in 616? For like 40 years now?[View]
135220393Get in line for some magic potion, /co/![View]
135214220>write out purple wagie character >immediately drop the show as a result Reap what you sow hou…[View]
135217355>Supers are outlawed and your idol that crushed you is now a fat loser with an office job while y…[View]
135209050>TFW no son[View]
135219605ITT: Pitching a cartoon to /co/: Can our 'quick sketches' evolve into kino if given the chance? Show…[View]
135220678The Internet Flash era was the actual golden age of animation.[View]
135218515Cute design[View]
135217882What do you think about this show? Should it come back and if so what changes do you think they shou…[View]
135221421>Miss me?[View]
135215172Frogfags, Owlfags and Matt Braly have been having mental breakdowns on social media about this[View]
135219431ITT: 'villains' who unironically did nothing wrong[View]
135211568Unsounded: Just a flesh wound.[View]
135219615ITT characters who's faces/part of their faces aren't seen: Post characters who's usu…[View]
135221196The Amazing Digital Circus: The new Glitch X Goosewerx show, pilot in late 2023 https://youtu.be/cHB…[View]
135219219Print or Digital Comics?: The age old question. Do you prefer paper comics or digital comics? and if…[View]
135220298Down and Dirty Duck: What do you guys think about this movie? I think it gets written off as riding …[View]
135216099RWBY Volume 9 coming February 18th: It feels super weird that whenever RWBY ends, RWBYg will be the …[View]
135219942Everybody loves Spider-man edition: Because how can you not?[View]
135219021How long has Season 2 been on this random streaming platform yet? Feel like it will become lost medi…[View]
135216436Fairy Friday[View]
135216776Who the BEST super pet? Is it's lockjaw?[View]
135215611Guys I think he might have been talking about Dan Povenmire. It all lines up with what he said.[View]
135206217Face it, tiger… you just hit the jackpot![View]
135217044I literally live my life thinking like this everyday and cannot fathom why the comics/raimi films tr…[View]
135220834>I'm sorry but how are shoes scary? >Dude, have you smelled yours? Man i love how Tuck ca…[View]
135216954Who's the alpha, who's the beta and who's the Omega?[View]
135219586Frosty Fridays: Gather around darlings, it's time for a Mummy Emma Thread. >favourite look …[View]
135217014>creators let joker live through his shenanigans because he is popular >fags will come up wit…[View]
135216240Sexy art needs to be sexy if it doesn't want to come across as gross: I think one big reason wh…[View]
135219130TCJ Constance Kwinn on Queen's Day[View]
135212616How did comic designs go from being memorable for decades to being all generic looking in the last 2…[View]
135220051If there's one silver lining from the Rick & Morty scandal, at least it made the creators …[View]
135216312ITT: cartoon creators that are NOT sexual predators or degenerates and will never be canceled dispit…[View]
135215236Bros? What happened to western animation?[View]
135213724Would you give her what she wants?[View]
135219885ITT: Post /co/mics: Try posting something new.[View]
135218053>heroes regularly deal with mind control, curses, overlapping conspiracies, aliens, ghosts, demon…[View]
135212437Tell me, /co/, what's your favorite Fantastic Four run not drawn by Jack Kirby?[View]
135218182She’s so perfect…[View]
135219725>there will never be a new Maximum Ninja 4[View]
135208989God, Arthur was such a dumbass: Instead of staying with a sex crazed horny squirrel girl who would m…[View]
135207100>ruin everything and every single character in a couple of episodes just why…[View]
135216820Geoff Johns Storytime: Today we continue Doomsday Clock and begin Flashpoint Beyond. Only four threa…[View]
135219069DISNEY's Slacker Cats: This is the only show where I saw a writer admit he completely forgot a …[View]
135219155>Jon, I think it's time we had a frank discussion about why you put me on these crash diets.…[View]
135216504We should all be hoarding Rek-Rap's first appearance. He's going to be a huge character in…[View]
135213216Remember Lee Price?[View]
135218297Am i the only one who firmly believes Zuko had already surpassed Azula after his journey of self-dis…[View]
135212227There she is!: I can't believe this is turning 20 next year. Do you still like it?[View]
135219036Vimanarama: I don't fucking get it Vimanarama How does it end???? the battle was not over, he g…[View]
135216093What’ll be the show’s legacy by the time it finally ends?[View]
135214914Question for Zoomers: Did you ever get nightmares from watching Spongebob Season 6? It was fucking d…[View]
135215749Why has he never had his own theatrical movie by Disney's main studio?[View]
135182255Amazing Spider-Man #18 Storytime: I really wish I weren't here right now.[View]
135216247Who are some non-comic book characters that you feel would make entertaining comic book villains? I …[View]
135212992Slim Shady Show[View]
135210665>lives in an opulent palace while there's literally starving children right outside his gate…[View]
135214709So what's the actual best comic issue/run of all time, superhero or otherwise?[View]
135212962Why was she not actually a lesbian?[View]
135214996Post characters who like a bad vagina.[View]
135211552You're locked in a room with nathan explosion how well do you handle yourself in a fist fight?[View]
135218172I want to attend this. https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1618712872460390400[View]
135215870How do you do fellow kids?[View]
135216300Bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, /co/.[View]
135213597Kingsman Storytime: >The Secret Service >The Big Exit >The Red Diamond…[View]
135213524Is he gay?[View]
135216003¡Larga vida al Gato con Botas![View]
135211991What did Morty mean by this?[View]
135209766So what are /co/'s thoughts on the South Park Games? Me personally, Stick of Truth was better S…[View]
135217482ylyl short animation comedy. Fucked up ones. feedbacks are welcome https://youtu.be/oLh-Z_4JceM[View]
135214305How can you fix Spider-Man lore/mythos without a hard reset?[View]
135209796Does Marvel have a Batgod equivalent? Does the franchise have a 'normal' human who can easily solo t…[View]
135213429>NO MONEY MEANS[View]
135214888Kaiba 2008: >Is a better Steven Universe your way https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1Dy0Zfw6Qs…[View]
135217607Pick one HARD MODE NO LILO OR EMPEROR: Never seen Atlantis or Treasure Planet, Dinosaur and Brother …[View]
135217660The weak must fear the strong[View]
135215854>Amerika sherpa sherpa...[View]
135215674How does D*sney feel that Simpsons is their most popular IP?[View]
135215558Caption this image based on Dan Slott and Reggie Hudlin's respective interpretations of these c…[View]
135216864Goodnight /co/[View]
135134262Udon Darkstalkers Felicia: Udon has announced a second single character-focused Darkstalkers comic, …[View]
135212980Do you like the current direction that Benjamin Percy is taking Beast?[View]
135216250It's been two weeks since the disappearance of English actor Julian Sands.: What are /co/'…[View]
135216128where do the spidey-hoes rank on the hot-crazy scale?[View]
135213156Is Allison Barrows a good cartoonist? What do you think of her comics?[View]
135183196Why must they demoralize us Superbros.[View]
135215722What the HELL is their problem[View]
135215464>The movie is considered a box office success, grossing over an estimated $42.1 million (in USD) …[View]
135208632>the only jewish comics character >has the perfect power to steal coins What does Marvel mean …[View]
135213683Post your mfw when her movie wins an oscar[View]
135201464Robert Kirkman's World of Invincible Storytime: Despite some rough patches I overall enjoyed wh…[View]
135208565GOTHAM KNIGHTS Adds Ethan Embry As Cluemaster And Sunny Mabrey As Crystal Brown: >Embry will debu…[View]
135210636What was his fucking problem?[View]
135215257Yolo: Silver Destiny: Sarah is so cute bros[View]
135214313is perfect hair forever a good cartoon? i haven't watched it, but i never ever see it discussed…[View]
135211593Rare: Now here's a cartoon that you've likely never heard of at all unless you grew up in …[View]
135212774It's a good thing they changed the monster in Multiverse of Madness from being her, because tha…[View]
135215277What did you think of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish (2022)?[View]
135215036Wait... who the FUCK is Clark Kent? Google says it's some reporter who works as a reporter for …[View]
135206432Spider-Man Storytime #88 ASM 213-217: Last time we saw the star-studded debut of Dazzler's solo…[View]

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