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121162185how should the Airbenders be brought back[View]
121163242Heathcliff is sitting on the garbage can.[View]
121163418Hippolyta as Wonder Woman was actually pretty fun. Why did they never revive that idea?[View]
121161933THE LAST AIRBENDER: Now that Avatar is becoming the next Star Wars for Paramount... Will they do ano…[View]
121160211It’s confirmed: Avatar: The Last Airbender >> Hunter x Hunter Avatar: The Last Airbender >…[View]
121163199Would you be Slades Apprentice?[View]
121163174Most Red-Pilled Characters: Who are some of the more red-pilled characters, /co/?[View]
121140063PARAMOUNT+ STAR TREK PRODIGY: First look at new Star Trek animated series. Kurtzman also got his dea…[View]
121162040Is Superman a Mary Sue???[View]
121162946Will we ever see her again?[View]
121161200>I can't believe my little brother has super powers too! He needs a name though. Well, he…[View]
121153058How would she fare in DC?[View]
121161228>had to kiss all those boys to un-plant-them >said she thinks Robin is REALLY cute Is... Is th…[View]
121160706Pitch movies like Cruella and Maleficent where you turn the villain into a 'misunderstood character'…[View]
121162794This guy is the best villain .[View]
121162009Why is he such a dick?[View]
121161961ITT: Post fake Wandavision episode 8 spoilers. Wrong answers only, etc. I can't believe the bi…[View]
121162562the newest episode of The Simpsons was real sweet, do you guys like any other modern ones[View]
121160144ITT We pretend it's 2007: Anyone feel like this episode is going to create a lot of fetishes…[View]
121162292Social story part 55 and 56: Sliding down Sorry guys. A baby took my internet[View]
121162028Post your favorite /co/ kinos ITT: >haunted world of el super beasto >rango >the pirates ba…[View]
121154932>genderbent ATLA is it a better or worse show?[View]
121159400ENA: I love this series as much as the next guy but it seems to have exploded. I thought it would ha…[View]
121159985Homestar Runner replaces the main character of the last series/webcomic you've seen. How does h…[View]
121161755Garfield is thinking about pizza.[View]
121159259ITT worse characters of shows: >It’s another fucking episode about asexuality…[View]
121161487Bad cartoons: What the fuck even is Adventure Time and Regular show? What happened to GOOD writing a…[View]
121153510Whats a good way to write characters coming back from the dead?[View]
121161188what's his deal: idk anything about comics cuz i don't know how to read but like what…[View]
121154089>Chris! Give me some privacy![View]
121153674Does she even have some decent villains? Like for real, when I was looking for them, it seems like m…[View]
121159803Could one say that Vandal Savage is the Slayer of the DCU? Whenever he is 'defeated', he has merely …[View]
121153064>still no Netflix Fallout cartoon[View]
121158931How are they going to be brought into the MCU? What post credits scene will they show up in?[View]
121161210>characters are antropomorphic animals but the fact they are antropomorphic animals is never rele…[View]
121155435What did /co/ think of this film?[View]
121161314Codename: The Boy - Episode 5: >Subbed by me >Translated by a German friend of mine, XRA >E…[View]
121045849What did Schulz mean by this? Anyway PEANUTS THREAD[View]
121156573hey guys, I'm 1 year out of the loop. what are the best ongoing comics? big 2 or otherwise tha…[View]
121153547Who is the best LATINX character in DC?[View]
121158452Why is Trixie so perfect?[View]
121153143THE FLASH: WB is casting a female of open ethnicity in the 25-35 age range to play the lead villain …[View]
121158872Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life at Disney+: >“Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life” follows two tiny troublemakers t…[View]
121120340What was Seth thinking with this scene?[View]
121161205Close Enough: Watching this and I didn't even know it was related to Adventure time. It's…[View]
121160703trying to build massive artstyle or content thats as good as cory loftis, kimjunggi, ryan lang, poke…[View]
121148223Name one (1) MCU character worse than this one. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
121156574How the fuck did MTV get such a great cartoon?[View]
121161165What if? ATLA edition: Azula gets Joo-Deed after Crossroads Of Destiny. What happens in Book 3?…[View]
121147696AVATAR STUDIOS: Pitch me your Avatar show. Paramount+ wnts Avatar to be their Star Wars, whay shows …[View]
121161061What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
121157189SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS Adds Rachel Zegler: She is playing one of the Three Faces of Evil. https://…[View]
121157316Cruella De Vil: Post Cruella[View]
121159405Marianne and The Bog King: They deserved to be in a better movie[View]
121161013/co/ toys: What are some toys of cartoons or comics that you own? I really love this spymaster figur…[View]
121160902Oh no. Oh fuck no.[View]
121155916Why is this cartoon so cancerous?[View]
121158728why were the writers so horny for Harley?[View]
121157674all this wanda vision shit has brought Tommy back into my mind. the fuck has he even been up too rec…[View]
121149124Snowfag and Safecuck: What happened to them? It's been a very long time without any updates, an…[View]
121158818Are the Simpsons writers aware that pensioners paid INTO the social security system before extractin…[View]
121158676LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Season 6 Premieres On May 2, 2021: The show will now air on Sundays at the 8/7c …[View]
121158784>'brainless' >French and knows what expectorating means If you think about it, Gaston is actua…[View]
121137062Almost all of these voice actors are going to be replaced.[View]
121152183Who’s your favorite member of the Smith clan, /co/?[View]
121158483Barney is way fatter then homer yet no one gives him shit for it[View]
121132362Amphibia: We live in a frog society[View]
121157602What if DiC didn’t stop at SMW and continued to make more Mario cartoons?[View]
121160320Feels thread: Time to feel /co/[View]
121159047BCB bonus comics: I found out Bittersweet CandyBowl has a bunch of bonus comics for people who pay $…[View]
121157017WandaVison: This was posted the Tuesday 23 in /tv/ and Looks real Wanda did not steal Vision's …[View]
121158430This movie is the best comic book representation put of all comic book movies[View]
121155925So do we know who he is yet?[View]
121159798Still best episode.[View]
121158598Is this the most disturbing piece of /co/ media?[View]
121155987Hal, Ben, you two need to stop. Rex told me about your little rivalry and it needs to end now. So I’…[View]
121157424>Shouldn't you anon's be groveling?[View]
121158187Remember when Smallville had Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Dessad, and the Female Furies /co/?[View]
121145806was this scene really necessary?[View]
121156747Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: >Spongebob and Loud House is still going >TMNT will be rebooted aga…[View]
121159168Why did the Doomslayer attack Superman?[View]
121157038When is the next original western magical girls cartoon coming?[View]
121139883WANDAVISION LEAKS: NEW WANDAVISION IMAGES LEAKED White Vision confirmed. S.W.O.R.D. still has Vison…[View]
121158642'Hello, Homer. There's a man here who can help you.' 'Batman?' 'No, he's a scientist.' 'Ba…[View]
121153037Would there be controversy if Waterbenders are blackwashed in the live action Netflix series?[View]
121154077Superman & Lois /S&L/: OHNONONO are twitter users this braindead?[View]
121158193You know who ELSE committed deicide?[View]
121157502>be horsemanbro >want to discuss the inate sadness in life, the feeling of emptiness that neve…[View]
121156789Mr. Morris is the former janitor for Lakewood Elementary School. In 'April 9th', the school was dama…[View]
121159061Lost media thread: -1 man 1 equine -2000's HBO Sandman adaption pilot -lost 'racist' Superman c…[View]
121158980>cartoon made for kids >is actually more fun watching it as an adult Other examples of this?…[View]
121156677Was Bojack redeemable?[View]
121156706Elvis Presley was a model citizen.[View]
121156926Yeah could someone explain this one?...[View]
121156247Was The Shining even considered a classic when they made this parody? I know it was widely disliked …[View]
121155674Is Dale a Sovereign Citizen or did he just try that nonsense once in an attempt to get out of troubl…[View]
121147627Which of them was the superior Pixar knockoff for you ?[View]
121157328Fucking around Youtube and found this series. Thoughts on it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJvHB7…[View]
121153472Mutant League all episodes are on CTV throwback: To anyone who interested. All 40 episodes are avail…[View]
121156796BLACK ADAM Adds Marwan Kenzari As Sabaac: >The descendant of a pharaoh murdered by Black Adam in …[View]
121158739I wouldn't go for a ride on Marmaduke, girly. His reputation precedes him. Just saying is all.[View]
121153216Do you still watch Family Guy?[View]
121156757Been a bit since I've read X-Men. I want to ask a few things that hopefully lead to discussion …[View]
121157758How are they going to make a live action series out this ?[View]
121152764Why was this the only Cartoon-Cartoon to not have started out on What A Cartoon? What deal was made?[View]
121151176Classic designs chads, we're winning![View]
121155428That's MISTER Potato Head to you![View]
121158508What does she smell like?[View]
121157447She said 'crack.'[View]
121148004Blood Sun Vendetta: Episode 2 just dropped. How come /co/ never talks about this masterpiece? https:…[View]
121158121>Jackie Diaz just got hired as head writer at Nickelodeon's Avatar Studios what now?…[View]
121077356Bertstrips thread?: Bertstrips thread.[View]
121146060>we could've had this kino instead of a poorly aged cheesy early 2000's flick In retros…[View]
121156684Do you think you can take them /co/?[View]
121155641Try to piss off /co/: I like Korra and nothing you will say will stop me from liking it.[View]
121156400As /co/ went on we've seen waifus, FotMs, and dames come and go like the dinosaurs. I had a dre…[View]
121157709Cute: Post cutes[View]
121146211What are the best and worst Family Guy episodes?[View]
121157949How come no one has made a flaming carrot/mystery men cartoon? I b4 the 2002 movie[View]
121156389So the whole thing about Tid Pao calling Bobby a pigfucker (with a bleep censored) but then being re…[View]
121157452Best episode.[View]
121094016/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
121156270Is this show worth watching? I've only seen the movies and Mandalorian and am in the mood for m…[View]
121157643>Ursula will never eat you >You will never be a tiny fish being helplessly devoured as part of…[View]
121157521Avatar the last airbender/fallout[View]
121153519Is Final Space still good?[View]
121154964Fuck you for not watching OK KO[View]
121154281Ben 10: >Streaming has allowed countless of old IPs being brought back without worry of air times…[View]
121154579Someone Finally Gave This Dude A Sammy: Still has way too skinny legs but that a congenital white bo…[View]
121141074Post /co/ stuff you're certain has zero fans.[View]
121157127Tentacles: Mmmmmmm.... Tentacles...[View]
121156070Who is older son, Tim or Luke Fox?[View]
121156422>That's No Moon...[View]
121134619Rugrats reboot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNky0GJG1x0[View]
121155348Why was she best girl? Also general reminder the new show is shit.[View]
121156386Will they say his mask is inspired by Thanos?[View]
121150838John Allison Thread: I saw a bunch of people recently asking for uploads of stuff and I feel like th…[View]
121155282Both are wally, both are sprinters if both are romantically involved with Asian girls, is the new wa…[View]
121151383New Beavis and Butt-Head promo: They're baaaaaaaaack! https://twitter.com/paramountplus/status/…[View]
121156580Poor jobbing bastards. It's tough being a fan of the Celestials.[View]
121153868Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121123847Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: Playing this as a bombshell I guess.[View]
121153048I want a Mabel puppet[View]
121110020Ruby Tuesday: Rubies are cute.[View]
121155545I'm not confident it'll last any longer than two seasons, since this is fucking Nickelodeo…[View]
121155492BEN 10000: Would HBO MAX do a mini series[View]
121155392Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: Scott Pilgrim thread. Post any and all things Scott Pilgrim[View]
121154506How come humans don’t just rewire or mind control the transformers into serving them? It would solve…[View]
121155494What are your thoughts on this?[View]
121147566I hate that I'm so attracted to girls like Azula[View]
121153968Deadpool Nerdy Thirty Virtual Event: Marvel has a virtual event happening in a half hour with a whol…[View]
121152948I am unleashed 10,000 capuchin monkeys into the Justice League Watch Tower. The heroes have only 15 …[View]
121154211>Animaniacs crew said if season 3 was approved they'd bring back Slappy It's happening…[View]
121152305All superheroines are exhibitionists. Just look at the way they dress. It purposely emphasizes their…[View]
121155940Name a better cartoon character than John McGuirk. Protip: you can't.[View]
121149007For me, it’s Evil Morty.[View]
121154091Why don't all the Marvel Villains just team up? A massive army. Brood, Sentinals, Skrull, Shi…[View]
121058684Sumdac Sunday: Bday episode thread: A special day for a special girl. What present did you prepare f…[View]
121155281Can we have an Iceman thread he’s my favorite X-men[View]
121154450Punisher before Ennis: I'm reading through the first couple issues of Punisher War Journal and …[View]
121145524Dan Mandel is now posting erotica art of 16 year old Hortence on the official show Facebook: Is ther…[View]
121143615Why are weebs so hostile towards any Western animation and act like Japan is the king of it? Is ther…[View]
121155651What did they mean by this?[View]
121155287Anyone else remember this? It's on Netflix. nostalgia hit me like a train[View]
121154274>20 years since that cliffhanger ending Will this series finally get a reboot that it deserves?…[View]
121150967Legion is what Wandavision would be if it was actually good.[View]
121152931Spiderverse 2 Concept Art leaked: Will this be for real? A firend of mine sent me this file since sh…[View]
121019606Raya and the Last Dragon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsspVxkMrLw You are gonna watch their movi…[View]
121154267Oh you just wait, kiddo. Wagecuckdom will come for you eventually.[View]
121147291Would it work?[View]
121155089Why did they do this?[View]
121151639Luca.: It’s The Shape of Water... but you know... for the kids.[View]
121150656For me, it's Sam Manson[View]
121148359Hear me out. Everyone always talks about Wandavision this and Wamdavision that. And a hundred thread…[View]
121143856aw fuck[View]
121142298This was shit.[View]
121152180Why did they stop using him?[View]
121152012Did these two have the worst relationship in the series? Every other Titan gets along pretty well wi…[View]
121153370Why do people like the Batman and BatFamily so much?[View]
121148869Did it ruin the industry?[View]
121155002So how does /co/ feel about Titans? Just finished the first season and I'm not sure how I feel …[View]
121154429tom king batman: i'd like to apologize for hundreds of posts i've made in the past defendi…[View]
121152853What does the title have to do with the spatula[View]
121155064I'M B1 AND IM TONS OF FUN[View]
121154628No One's Going to Talk About It?: Fine. I will. What do you think? Do Italians really hate sea …[View]
121154719I listen to the soundtrack of this while driving.[View]
121154817at what season did The Simpsons lose it's charm?[View]
121154834The new Tom and Jerry movie comes out tomorrow. Will it be good?[View]
121154935Wouldn't it be funny if Rogen's DankWeed Duck ends up being more genuine and respectful to…[View]
121154651What was her fucking problem?[View]
121135639Neopets: Apparently this is still coming this fall season. There's been no news so far, though,…[View]
121154693SUPERMAN DAT HOE[View]
121153028ITT: We reunite a dream team to make the worst cartoon in history. I begin. >written by Ken Pende…[View]
121154334Villains who did nothing wrong[View]
121153927Im Zach Snyder's Secretary, AMA[View]
121137629MK Ultra Girls: Say what you want about the show's concept or the artstyle as a whole, but I th…[View]
121151044>replaced the directors >replaced the writers >replaced the artists Spider-Verse 2 is not l…[View]
121151222so is South Park going to be an 'annual cartoon' like Homestar Runner?[View]
121139412RWBY/RT General #2106: Raven Is Stinky Edition: > Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us i…[View]
121147884You fucking lied to me /co/: You told me it was shit but it's quite enjoyable also post Susie…[View]
121118657Wazzo Wednesday: Once again it’s time for a thread celebrating everyone’s favorite intangible girl a…[View]
121154065>Gravity Falls concept art Do you think if we got the art style on the left, we would've bee…[View]
121149978'I don't get you. First you're hot, then you're cold.' 'Bart, there are some things y…[View]
121140876When's the show coming, Nick?[View]
121151288ITT We make up ideas for a B-Negative solo comic book.[View]
121126443Warhammer 40,000 - Marneus Calgar Storytime: Last chapter came out, so let's catch up on what M…[View]
121153966meg abuse thread: I dont hate meg, but I hate cartoon reviewing sperg faggots and their fans so here…[View]
121153905Any Scooby Doo model sheets that AREN’T just turnarounds?: bonus points to anyone who finds characte…[View]
121148476Hobie Brown: Should hobie have my more of a role in the world of spider-man? And why doesn't he…[View]
121151101>Zoomers are now nostalgic for Out of Jimmy's Head, blissfully unaware that it was the prede…[View]
121152391Characters in situations above their pay grade: What are some good and bad examples of this. The las…[View]
121151573What are your predictions for the Gumball movie /co/? and at least TRY not to be retarded this time…[View]
121151647>hated this as a kid >realized how much of an idiot I was as an adult This ending is one of th…[View]
121150355The Buzz on Maggie: Why did it flop? It was pretty good[View]
121151480Hey Mary.... I can see your panties[View]
121150345How would a conversation between these two go exactly?[View]
121152673Explain Catwoman's armpit suit to me again? Only reason for it to exist is to appeal pitchads, …[View]
121135195ITT: Shorts/Pilots that probably won't/will never get a show[View]
121151884Disney Channel's Schedule back in April 1997: This was when they basically rebranded, with new …[View]
121151220This looks fucking awesome It’s how a live action darkseid should look Why are you guys hating on it[View]
121150668Name the exact episode when death battle went to shit[View]
121153210How do we make Batwoman interesting? Also for whatever reason I find it hilarious picturing Kate as …[View]
121153237https://youtu.be/IC-tUY1l_6E How did a cosplayer found and hanging out with Dan, the creator of P…[View]
121152055Why did Beavis and Butthead get a movie but King of the Hill didn't? Beavis and Butthead segmen…[View]
121149098If Doom actually called himself God Emperor, then the question is; is he a 40Kfag, a Dunefag, or bot…[View]
121151177ITT: Fuck yall, it wasn’t bad shows[View]
121149493Which superheroine has the best breasts? Not biggest, best. There's a difference.[View]
121151748BLUE_CHANNEL: THALASIN: Not 100% sure if this counts as /co/ but what does /co/ think of this? https…[View]
121151531M.O.D.O.K.: Trailer for Hulu's MODOK show just dropped https://twitter.com/MarvelsMODOK/status/…[View]
121150733I need some examples of black best friends.[View]
121152883The Harold show: >My name is Harold white >and I am proud to be >friends with people that s…[View]
121150898Bros does anyone have any experience on publishing your own comic in a western country? Is it diffic…[View]
121152395East dub: What western cartoons sound better in Japanese than they do in English? I had this thought…[View]
121146728This was pretty generic and I don't understand why it was praised so hard.[View]
121150734what are some shows that rip off the Spongebob and Patrick dynamic with the main characters? >mai…[View]
121147845Batman B&W: John Ridley & Olivier Coipel[View]
121142505bruh... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w150ANabGMQ[View]
121148401Apparently SGC2C is in higher quality on HBO Max: Can anyone confirm? I saw another screenshot that …[View]
121147554BFDI/OSC Thread: Battle For Dream Island/Object Show Community thread? I can't believe we'…[View]
121152477How would Dave react to the subsequent Spider-Man film reboots?[View]
121151420Searching for a character: Hey /co/, I'm in a struggle and you're the only one left to hel…[View]
121140554Nickelodeon announces Avatar Studios: Guys..[View]
121148331Why not phase through his hands[View]
121152075Thoughts on Future State? The only ones that I enjoyed were Wonder Woman, Superman Wonder Woman, and…[View]
121148862What did she mean by this, /co/?[View]
121136452Look at how they massacred my boy.[View]
121149637Thomas Ligotti's Nightmare Factory[View]
121150061Are /co/ companies moving away from new original IPs in part due to how terrible the new ideas are? …[View]
121149760How should Aang polygamist marriage work if the point is to make airbender we want the wives.: And k…[View]
121145363Simpson in underwear[View]
121152046ITT: Good designs wasted on background characters[View]
121150907This is Katana. She's got my back. She can cut all of you in half with one sword stroke, just l…[View]
1211479982021, I am forgotten...[View]
121149858Rereading past issues of the Spencer run and one thing I don't get in issue #40 is why Chance d…[View]
121151415What are some must read John Walker comics? Priest's run has me interested in the character.[View]
121148173>My favourite comic book character is Daredevil What kind of person do you imagine?…[View]
121149477Around 2001, a rumor started of an Ed, Edd n Eddy episode called Scarecrow Boy. In the episode Sarah…[View]
121059094Adventure Time general thread: While the shipping threads have been comfy, if we keep it up it is go…[View]
121148484For me, it's Adrena Lynn[View]
121127255Hasbro Investor Stream Tomorrow: What Ips do they have to make good shows?[View]
121150219Falcon and The Winter Soldier: New trailer dropped...of sorts. They added a little thing between buc…[View]
121151612THE GREAT DEBATE: Who is /ourguy/ so far and why is it Jordan?[View]
121145727Stray Dogs #1 Storytime: Look, a new indie comic. Let's check it out.[View]
121150136andy has a younger brother, i hope he doesn't and become his enemy, for the brothers' hist…[View]
121150416100 SINS LEAVES YOU DEAD WITHIN 100 NAILS THAT PIERCE YOUR SKIN 100! 100! 100! 100! 100!!! 100!!! 10…[View]
121149199How's your cartoon coming along, anon? Does anyone here actually make animations?[View]
121150504I was on the fan-made Marvel wikia the other day to look up something, and I hit the 'Adventurer' ta…[View]
121150913CN kids will never understand this. The superior shorts. https://youtube.com/watch?v=QjzMFdrVeF4 htt…[View]
121145215>Be Disney >Give generations of children TF fetishes…[View]
121150957Were the Tiny Toons kids or adults? Why didn't they have parents except for the Plucky flashbac…[View]
121150939He literally did nothing wrong: Why the fuck would he sell a donkey and why was the kid a retard?…[View]
121150679Can you believe: Can you guys believe this? What’s next?[View]
121150839For me, It’s Lucy daughter of the devil: She pretty good[View]
121149752What are your favorite canon /co/ crossovers?[View]
121147341>adopted loona a year before she became 18 but why?[View]
121141059I find it so funny that Marvel writers only ever use Jean when they are pretty much forced to, while…[View]
121150184I love this cartoon. it takes place where i live[View]
121150535How was this allowed on a kids show? He is literally naked Satan walking around on his butt. How did…[View]
121149206Thoughts on Archie Sonic Online?: Is it better than IDW?[View]
121149780For me it's Jojo.[View]
121149591What the fuck does Wolverine know about a English literature?[View]
121148973MR. POTATO HEARD[View]
121130860ITT: kisses: ITT, post canon kisses between characters. They can be OTP, one-offs, or even stolen. O…[View]
121149597mercifully non-canon[View]
121137964Gwenpool: She was always a fad. She's never gonna make a comeback.[View]
121149415>Pearl covers Stevens eyes when Amethyst and Garnet fuse and calls it inappropriate >Jasper h…[View]
121149079Why does Seth think a gay child incest marriage for the purpose of inheriting a large sum of money i…[View]
121142411Does anybody else on /co/ read Valiant? What do you make of it?[View]
121147478How's your comic coming along /co/?[View]
121148926Could a series on Wolfwalkers work? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vulture.com/amp/2021/02/wolfwal…[View]
121140402Has there been a romance arc in the 2010's era of cartoons that didn't drag down the show?…[View]
121141549Hey look: It's the fifth teletubby![View]
121150315Why hasn't there been a DC vs Marvel game yet? 2 decades ago when they were still doing crossov…[View]
121147687Was this the best Superman run in recent ages?[View]
121144127For me it's Kimi.[View]
121124728Priest's U.S.Agent Storytime: Issue #3 came out today, let's catch up.[View]
121148336Shocker set to reappear in Ms. Marvel: Not a big role so no full suit yet, but new gloves. Working w…[View]
121149995JUPITER'S LEGACY TRAILER ON FEB 27: The first trailer for the long awaited Netflix Jupiter…[View]
121147294I want to marry Charlie and live a happy life with her[View]
121147510>this is the part where you snap, kill Darkseid and take over the Earth >wait, am I mind contr…[View]
121134735>has straight shit >has gay shit >has lesbian shit >has interspecies shit >has furry …[View]
121145255Greg's mom[View]
121148453No wonder why AT&T wants to sell DC Comics?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CgubNuwUZw…[View]
121135336Does the race of the voice actor matter?[View]
121144076Did he really fuck Jack Kirby's wife?[View]
121147471things like this[View]
121143186Tom and Jerry Movie: It's tomorrow, so why tf is no one talking about it?[View]
121145599Blue Diamond hates cross gem fusion.: Blue Diamond hates gems of two different kinds or color fusing…[View]
121148843Why does everyone like to pretend Cartoon Network died after Steven Universe ended?[View]
121145702Disney golden age: What are your thoughts on the golden age of Disney tv animation (2012-present)?…[View]
121147101Anybody else like those gag comics from the 50s[View]
121146073Here's your live action Esmeralda[View]
121149458What went right?[View]
121135154Did Cartoon Network forsaken Clarence?: Even since the show ended almost 3 years, Cartoon Network ac…[View]
121144958>'Oh no, that was Timmy's last life! Hey, if Timmy's gone for good why is his score sti…[View]
121149107I will NEVER foregive Joker, my best friends' Dad from highschool had a framed potster of Jared…[View]
121145672>incredibly racist >favorite comic book is Spawn…[View]
121149235What did animaniacs mean by this?: >dot eats a cupcake >Everything becomes cuter and happy …[View]
121149205For me, it’s Patrick Star[View]
121148775Fantastic Four: Don't get me wrong, I like these guys a lot. But when was the last time they we…[View]
121145151Ultimate Marvel Storytime: Reading Order: https://community.cbr.com/showthread.php?659-Ultimate-Marv…[View]
121146569What are /co/'s favorite funny animal comics? Do you consider Cerberus the Aardvark to be a fu…[View]
121099511A Comic Idea: Hi! I have no idea if this is the right board or not, but I've been having an ide…[View]
121148930Scientist. Philosopher. Artist. Writer. Comedian. Dreamer. Internationally-famous celebrity. x…[View]
121148218Superman TAS is coming to HBOMAX in High Def in March[View]
121147213What do you think of the three eras of Ren & Stimpy?[View]
121148723what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
121146128When did you realize this was a guy?[View]
121143692Red Sonja: Remember when Red Sonja was raped in The Savage Sword of Conan # 78[View]
121148720>Charlotte! No! I can explain![View]
121144562Is there any chance that this show comes back?[View]
121137651The beast[View]
121145553Zorak thread[View]
121143495Why the pig nose?: Everyone else seems to have a normal nose. So why mar supergirl's face with …[View]
121148013>live in worlds where the most absurd shit happens everywhere every single day >culture is pre…[View]
121145328Why are Youtube losers hating on these movies so much?[View]
121146780What if Superman didn't look human?: Basically what if Kryptonians didn't look so close to…[View]
121147405Does DC know that Blackfire isn't actually black?[View]
121148397what kind of mom keeps 'pink poopy purple pumpkin' as a pet name for her daughter?[View]
121147826I don't understand this movie's plot structure. It feels like a bunch of short films glued…[View]
121145601It felt like the W.I.T.C.H show wanted these two to be together early on[View]
121147727Did Arcee suffer the most out of all the Autobots on Earth?[View]
121140969What are her tax policies?[View]
121147099Have you ever rubbed another mans rhubarb in the pale moon light?[View]
121124111Are you excited for the movie luck?[View]
121145024>his entire pitch was just a single piece of paper with three characters and a tagline >demand…[View]
121140084/S&L/: What a good fucking pilot. That's all I have to say.[View]
121147764Was it kino?[View]
121146379Ben 10: Someone in the writers room took a look at the Ultimatrix's gimmick and said '…[View]
121147616Is she a good Aunt May?[View]
121140714This bitch is fucking nuts[View]
121146228How is it that all of their latest announcements caused more fear than hype?[View]
121147403CalArts Wolf[View]
121138221Knick knack thread[View]
121142813She was the hottest female Disney character[View]
121140520Is there a cartoon that's isn't adult themed that portrays firearms in a correct way? I…[View]
121146467did they do it?[View]
121097805Tuesday Carolthread: >THIS WEEK IN CAROL Captain Marvel #26 Marvels Snapshots: Captain Marvel #1 …[View]
121143535Marvel Puzzle and Dragons Colab: The ancient japanese phone game, pushing 9 years old is doing a Mar…[View]
121131840Is Bojack Worth Watching?: Redpill me on this show, me personally >disdainful millennial progress…[View]
121145868Who would win?[View]
121144504Who’s been messing up everything?[View]
121143441Over the Garden Wall: I know it's too early for an OtGW thread, but it's chilly and very f…[View]
121146539Climax >“Au Vam chose his royal guard thus: he would whip the men fiercely for two hours. Any man…[View]
121144398Wait a minute who the fuck told me this movie takes place in 'Peru'???[View]
121146462Doesn't Sinister turning himself into a mutant mean that the U-Men had a bit of a point?[View]
121145123Bob thread: ITT, characters named Bob[View]
121144437what would a futurist cartoon be like ?[View]
121139372How far are we away from cartoon robots?[View]
121139037Heathcliff performs with his band.[View]
121145680Did Raimundo feel ashamed for doing this to an old lady?[View]
121144728Do Americans really?[View]
121130978Today I will remind them[View]
121146049Man of Murder posting ruined /co/[View]
121143778bob burger: was he a pedophile?[View]
121142641ITT: Best /co/ girls[View]
121143043Should Aunt May have stayed dead?[View]
121145340You think they fucked?[View]
121143331After seven years Kingdom Hearts x is finally coming to a close in April. https://twitter.com/kh_ux_…[View]
121145825Live-Action Fairly Odd Parents Series Confirmed: Who's hype?[View]
121145757Ya think the upcoming game will acknowledge this version of Ash in any way shape or form? I didn’t p…[View]
121143453Why is she so beautiful, bros?[View]
121144000Reminder, Spongebob has outlived EVERY single kids cartoon from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.[View]
121143566What’s your opinion on Zig and Sharko?[View]
121133694Xilam Animation Positions ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ Franchise for Long-Term Growth: https://xilam.c…[View]
121144949Weird bee animated film: Ok so basically I'm trying to find some old 3d animated movie, probabl…[View]
121140512The only reason I'm going to watch the 2021 Rugrats reboot.[View]
121142383Wolfwalkers: So Cartoon Saloon has another animation and an animated series in production? Sweet! 'M…[View]
121134955>Laura spent 500 years in the Vault getting double teamed by Sync and Darwin spawning a race of i…[View]
121138386Crisis on Infinite /co/ storytime: Some of us at the How's Your Webcomic thread have been worki…[View]
121121751Amazing Spider-Man #60 Storytime: No exits.[View]
121144998I love her so much.[View]
121143067>there are genuinely people on this board who are STILL unironically filtered by Sheep In The Big…[View]
121143565>20 minutes of A/B plot, cut away jokes and farts “Hehehe. Isn’t that whacky? Now for our last 5 …[View]
121145166Will these fuckers ever update this piece of clunky service? Not to mention the unlimited service st…[View]
121143060Andy will have a younger brother and he will be his mortal enemy, is that unique to the Atlantean si…[View]
121145091Vaggie is the editor for Oneyplays? Epic[View]
121141782>Steven? Pathetic[View]
121142841Gravity Falls[View]
121136050Kim Possible thread[View]
121142794This was the last (non-comedic) action-adventure cartoon like you always wanted and you slept on it …[View]
121142789>Quickly, what's the worst thing that's ever happened to you? >Um... I saw my mom...…[View]
121143443What did Peter and Raimi mean by this?[View]
121140080Wood Man walks into your home (bearing wood for your fireplace, regardless of whether or not you hav…[View]
121137431How does he fare in Hazbin Hotel[View]
121144436Can we get a mega thread for jimmy neutron?[View]
121142387ITT: Post good character designs: pic unrelated[View]
121142738What are some fun omnibuses. I am new to comics.[View]
121142570Villainous: New hero revealed, and it seems like The New Dawn already started. So much for 'episodes…[View]
121144560I fixed it: Here's how to completely FIX Korra entirely. Pre-Korra, Aang FUCKS his Air Acolytes…[View]
121142872/comu/ - comics, cartoons & music: >Devo & Black Francis made songs for PPG >Coolio …[View]
121144103MCU Spidey: My last thread was deleted for some reason so here I am again: Calling MCU Spidey 'Iron …[View]
121144418Did franklin lose the ability to use the m-word?[View]
121127836Why is this reboot so shit?[View]
121143215No one's ever gonna believe you saw Bigfoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTy8n9Bro_k…[View]
121140505You see a family in Yellow skin, in fear, they don't recignize you, what would you do?: Decide…[View]
121142598He got away....[View]
121134327>tfw you unironically get filtered and lost by cartoons made for children Any other fellow low IQ…[View]
121142156Which Family Guy dog you like more? Brian or Vinny?[View]
121144100You think Marco would bang Bronwyn?[View]
121141213Would you make Adora a loving wife and mother after her abusive relationship with Catra? >Adora g…[View]
121144005Subtle /co/ clothing you own[View]
121143906Thom Thursday: Once again it’s time for a thread celebrating everyone’s favorite gravatic guy and hi…[View]
1211436359:11 to 9:12 Think about 9/11[View]
121143651TCj Robert Boyd on Optic Nerve[View]
121137912I honestly don't understand the hate this show gets. Many people treat it as one of the worst c…[View]
121142989So this is gonna be a two sided question because it has been something I've been thinking about…[View]
121124841The next Death Battle[View]
121141728Is it true this movie just feels like a filler episode of an anime? Nothing really happens, characte…[View]
121143384Who's his archnemesis?[View]
121143163>Have 10 oneshots planned out page by page on your harddrive >Never start paneling any of them…[View]
121136291Big Hero 6: The Series: So this just recently ended, not with a bang, or a special, or anything. Tho…[View]
121142562NO ONE RIVALS DOOM![View]
121143252I don't Wanna Feel bad for the damn Joker: Why wasn't the movie about a a mentally ill guy…[View]
121140003Who is your favorite Fairly Oddparents Character?: And why is it Juandissimo?[View]
121138982What if Mephisto IS the Mujltiverse the way Eternity IS the Universe? >Feeds off your regret …[View]
121142304Viacom needs to die.[View]
121136786Why are furries like this?[View]
121143037ITT: Biggest character wanks: Post where characters were unnecessarily OP for the plot[View]
121140034>Calls himself The Joker >Doesn't tell any jokes What were they thinking?…[View]
121139696There hasn't been a good Pixar since Ratatouille. There hasn't been a good Disney since Zo…[View]
121142539The movie at the end of Chicken Little should have been the actual movie[View]
121141775/co/ Creator Salt: We all know pro creators are mature, level-headed strongholds of professionalism.…[View]
121142490I miss Venture Bros :([View]
121137226Helluva Boss: >Real or not, people love me! Does anyone love you, Anon...?…[View]
121137716Was his life THAT bad?[View]
121141764FABLES: Is this good?[View]
121141615Man Bat thread[View]
121142178Anyone else invest in books?: Or just me[View]
121142001Amazing Spider-Man Issue #60: I've never felt more pumped about a comic book in my life[View]
121139986You know it's neigh impossible that he traveled with her all that time without at least thinkin…[View]
121139409So honest question. Do you guys think Tina is supposed to be pretty or ugly for a 13 year old girl? …[View]
121136276What are the absolute worst /co/ ripoffs you can think of?[View]
121139337So when's Quicksilver going to get that MCU synergy in the comics?[View]
121087545Story time. Come read and discuss 'Frozen 2: Anna's gift', one of the few post-Frozen 2 stories…[View]
121142548>11yo bunny girl is about to get ravaged by clamchad in their 'honeymoon' >turns out their mar…[View]
121141501Cartoons I discard immediately: >CGI >isn't based on a book >made after 2015 >creat…[View]
121142360Why were they so OP?[View]
121141749Wanna go into animation...have concerns: I wanna go into the animation industry and then I heard abo…[View]
121142381April and the Extraordinary World: >liar revealed >the movie doesnt mope about it for the enti…[View]
121142297Legend of Genji will be canon.: The only reason why the producers/writers gave their blessing to mak…[View]
121104821You think he'll actually show up or the surprise appearance they've all been teasing will …[View]
121140556Why is the director so angry that fans like this character?[View]
121121860Cinnamon Twist is kinda cute.[View]
121097528'She's crazy and needs to go down.': Seeing as Bryke is never going to give us a definitive can…[View]
121140008What is she looking at?[View]
121139716Why didn't you protect her smile?[View]
121138923Dumbing of Age: dun dun dunnnn[View]
121135493Can I get nurse gifs and images? I know a lot of people still like Minerva but when I was a kid it w…[View]
121140037South Park Thread: Why did he demoted from his protagonist role despite being more dynamic than his …[View]
121139302Big nate: Big Nate model leaked. What do you guys think? I personally think it looks like he’s about…[View]
121130397What are your hopes and fears for Zack Snyder's Justice League?[View]
121136012scott: scott[View]
121141787Space Ghost thread[View]
121141277so this is the power of John K[View]
121141646Invader Zim: Literally put the fucking thing you are talking about in the subject line mf goddam how…[View]
121137164ITT: Retired Animators who don't do commissions: Regardless if they retired, and/or blacklisted…[View]
121127295Thoughts on this couple?[View]
121140524>2019-Mid 2020: i mean Craig of the Creek is not for everyone but it's just a decent show on…[View]
121140885Will footage of HGS also get leaked like MK Ultra Girls?[View]
121134557ITT: /co/ 'villains' who did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
121138831Hey can we have one of those editfag threads where p[eople post characters with photoshopped titties…[View]
121130456/co/'s tavern[View]
121140438Is the book any good? And what does /co/ think of it regardless? Its synopsis makes it sound annoyin…[View]
121136358Questionable Content: The terrible secret of the juice[View]
121140576What if the coronavirus was a character in Osmosis Jones but he was male instead of that degenerate …[View]
121139493Trust me, I do that too when my old lady is blah blah blah-ing only my fantasies are way more NSFW.[View]
121140884MagiTech: How come there's so few MagiTech characters around? The only major one I can think of…[View]
121140867Evil British Tooth Fairy: How based is she?[View]
121120017I wonder how Viv feels knowing she’ll never measure to the success of animators like Alex Hirsch and…[View]
121134022Is this gonna be kino?[View]
121130410ITT: Unconventional Ships: post 'em[View]
121111696IDW Sonic #37 storytime: New arc feat. surprise TSR reference[View]
121140389Tom be pimpin'[View]
121135735Where were you when you realized Seasons 3 and 4 of the Legend of Korra are better than anything els…[View]
121134688Spongebob: So, are the recent seasons good now or what?[View]
121139505their made for each other.: Post Cricket and Tilly shipping[View]
121133335SKULLDIGGER AND SKELETON BOY STORYTIME: The sixth and final issue of my favorite recent comic finall…[View]
121096731Power Girl: A thread for everyone's favorite titty monster.[View]
121140399LOOK AT THIS DUDE: LMAO[View]
121121428Is Steven Based?[View]
121140365How come we don’t want to have sex with her?[View]
121139336What do you think they talked about?[View]
121139003What did he do besides provide the characters?[View]
121135376Crisis On Two Earths/Crime Syndicate: I love this movie, probably my favorite DC animated feature to…[View]
121139922Garfield is sitting on the couch.[View]
121139536Snoopy, Come Home: 'Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like a…[View]
121138149Is there anyone currently making stuff similar to early Adult Swim or early MTV Liquid Television st…[View]
121131372What went wrong with the animated movie Strange Magic, /co/? Why was it such a critical and commerci…[View]
121138673Happy Tree Friends: Am I the only one who unironically likes this series? Maybe I'm biased beca…[View]
121137622Why are you guys so angry about kids cartoons?[View]
121139359Why do comic writers even bother killing established characters off anymore? They have to know that …[View]
121139444hey, now we's be trippin: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1rJMSyF_dmpL1kmse7Rm9TurjihJ_…[View]
121136743Post official /co/ crossover stuff.[View]
121121448>mermen Dropped[View]
121138012What was his problem?[View]
121139029>take gross character Oh God that’s sick. I’m about to vomit! >give it girly long eyelashes, l…[View]
121134146Is Canadian animation dead? Are there any good Canadian cartoons from the 2010s or 2021? Or is it al…[View]
121139240The BEST movie of this year, It isn't allowed in this board[View]
121136376Okay seriously: Why does DC have so many gorilla characters?[View]
121139104Post only the chaddest chads[View]
121138489Cates Crossover: I don't get it, who is this going to be? Is anyone liking this? Which other Im…[View]
121136040Gwen should stay Gwenom.[View]
121130630BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD DO AMERICA SEQUEL HAPPENING: >Mike Judge is making another Beavis & Butt…[View]
121138511Post fe/male objectification in /co/ media: Equal opportunity after all.[View]
121134003So... Do you guys think it will be good?[View]
121124626Love the costume, but can anyone really justify Huntress’s exposed abs? It just screams “shoot me”, …[View]
121134791Is Disney over?[View]
121135150Remember liking The Owl House when it wasn't just one of a million other Harry Potter ripoffs?[View]
121136961This episode was too much of a redpill Boondocks thread I guess[View]
121132149More Avatar coming: >“It’s hard to believe it’s been 19 years since we created Avatar: The Last A…[View]
121137352>Hey there handsome.[View]
121136478Cringe girl: Tee hee I am not like the other Mandos[View]
121128143Can we have a thread for the buff and the gorgeous?[View]
121136878When did you realize that your hobby was actually just pathetic and juvenile? Also Eltingville threa…[View]
121136529Its a Muscle Growth Episode: Why are they so common?[View]
121135365How would Dan fare if he was Japanese, or if it was anime?[View]
121131444*distressed cow noises*: LET US COMMENCE THE MILKING[View]
121137647These two canonically had an affair and cheated on their lovers. Is SheRa based?[View]
121133107Should Black Cat be in 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' /co/?[View]
121138241Welcome to The Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?[View]
121137271Kite-Man? More like Forced Meme Man.[View]
121123348RWBY/RT General #2105: Fishing Edition: 1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's g…[View]
121136363Did you ever get a McDonalds cartoon with your Happy Meal?[View]
121130293Arthur is going to punch someone’s lights out again in an upcoming episode[View]
121126987'Come on, Nelson. You must think and feel things. I mean, look where we are. A rolling green hillsid…[View]
121137883Who wins?[View]
121136367Are we all just going to ignore the fact that LeFou sang the F word?[View]
121043113What's the /co/nsensus on Danger Mouse's reboot show?[View]
121136976How did she learn wandless magic?[View]
121131525First look at Rugrats Revival for Paramount+ https://www.thewrap.com/rugrats-original-voice-cast-ret…[View]
121137370Post fanmade /co/ animations that were better than the source material at the time https://www.youtu…[View]
121136202The warning signs were always there...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nazd-KgCjVI[View]
121135221Rugrats reboot: Fan Art alert . Looks like mean loli is back on the menu boys , this time in CG ...…[View]
121100850Are they related? She has his mother's maiden name and they look exactly the same. If they are,…[View]
121136431What's the home life like?[View]
121137580Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack are both created by one talented man, and when compared, they are…[View]
121128181Name a superpower that isn't listed in the Superpower Wiki: https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wik…[View]
121136667A spider man is what?[View]
121137144What will make you buy this book?[View]
121135017>ctrl+f Nubia >0 matches Why is /co/ so bigoted?…[View]
121137064Best stories: I need the best stories of Aquaman (or specifically Black Manta) STAT![View]
121133705Get hyped: > The launch of Avatar Studios means that the fantastic universe of Avatar: The Last A…[View]
121126834I just finished this, was it based?[View]
121136496Can you make a new GI Joe cartoon?[View]
121134983Who will win this boxing match?[View]
121136899ITT dragon characters.[View]
121113264'Thanks, my mom made it for me.': Best Superman since Reeve confirmed. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
121133523Is this ship the only reason Korra was popular or even remembered as a show?[View]
121124347MCU KEVIN FEIGE PANEL: Going live right now, some info: >She Hulk set to start filming in a few w…[View]
121134015What is the general opinion on pic related?[View]
121135865What did /co/ think of it?[View]
121131925What is this attack called?[View]
121134413Is she pixar's best waifu?[View]
121133953fanmail: did you ever send any letters to cn, nick or disney as a kid? if so you get any responses f…[View]
121136349Avatar Studios was right in our face: > Avatar studios is born. > Legend of Genji still in de…[View]
121130195>you have a date with the crust cousins What do you decide to do for the date?…[View]
121135106Describe what their fight was like[View]
121136295yooooo, this bitch be WRITIN[View]
121136102Reminder that RIGHT NOW is the moment to make noise about Ehasz. You’ve got ONE CHANCE to grab Viaco…[View]
121136157What messages/themes need to be conveyed in a new cartoon? either for a movie or tv series? Or does …[View]
121135761Fuck you say about my Superman movies?[View]
121125155Why are the mutants working with the villains on Krakoa and even letting them have a majority contro…[View]
121129150How do I motivate myself to draw more? I'm trying to learn art so I can make my dream cartoon, …[View]
121133922MLAATR thread: coomers not welcome[View]
121134429MLAATR thread:: Coomers are welcome[View]
121136135April O'Neil[View]
121135435Here is your official Spiderman 3 title.[View]
121136056Here’s my 6 favorite marvel villains what’s your opinion?[View]
121131438Rugrats 2021: The first clip just came out, thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNky0G…[View]
121129253Take acid[View]
121131498>*badmouths him the entire movie* >*keeps treating him like garbage* >*never admits she was…[View]
121127005Meanwhile at Klay /ko/....[View]
121135821Sup guys, Derek Moreplatesmoredatesdotcom: And today we're looking at Batman's steroid cyc…[View]
121128344Will it ever be topped?[View]
121135380Would Superman be able to fix the marvel earth if CV e got teleported there? From what I know he’s …[View]
121130461Who can defeat him in the boxing ring?[View]
121117487She Ra : Princess of Power thread[View]
121135558FUCKING KINO: Why the fuck isn't /co/ talking about the best internet animated series out in ye…[View]
121123838Reign of X Storytime Thread: New Mutants #16, Wolverine #10, X-Men #18: THE VAULT H E V A U L T…[View]
121128039Xolo Maridueña from 'Cobra Kai' might be playing Blue Beetle in the live-action movie. https://heroi…[View]
121130725Why did South Park spend the entire 90's unfairly demonizing Saddam?[View]
121129943>Helluva Boss >Episode 3 >About the time range from 4:20 to 4:30 >Blitzo enters the room…[View]
121130741Russo Brothers are working on a new superhero film, but are not saying for whom. Could it be some DC…[View]
121128754I know I've watched this episode but I have absolutely no recollection of what happened in it …[View]
121133983Riverdale Talkback?: You know you love this shit /co/[View]
121132990What is a good Marvel cartoon series? Hard mode: Has a good ending finale that is satisfying.[View]
121117615Why did he throw it all away? He had a chance to literally save the entire cartoon industry and brin…[View]
121127671why is everyone in Gotham so fucking insane?[View]
121132830The last /co/ show you watched becomes part of an episode for 'Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan', what happe…[View]
121135172Can we have an iceman thread he’s my favorite X-men[View]
121134725Would you?[View]
121134789/co/, look at me! I'm writing profanity on the wall![View]
121092196/co/ tropes you hate: >comedy relief actively hinders the group[View]
121124705Webtoon Wednesday: It's Wednesday my dudes Let us discuss Korean and Chinese comics of the web-…[View]
121134484Has anon seen Kitty Bobo's new cell phone?[View]
121132630Live-Action 'Dora,' 'Fairly OddParents' in the Works at Paramount+: >A pair o…[View]
121130598Post endings that make more sense than what happened.[View]
121128536I forgot Azula voiced this character.[View]
121131858Holy Shit! Run /co/! Patrick has a gun![View]
121127315El Tigre: I used to love this show when it first came out, but looking back, it doesn't really …[View]
121130527Bleeding Cool Calls Out /co/ by Name: Gloats over SHAZADAM >On February the 4th, Bleeding Cool re…[View]
121119674MK Ultra Girls: 26 episodes of this were fully completed and WB is just sitting on them.[View]
121101048>It's a Steven rapes Kipo episode[View]
121130992>royalist wazzock >never trust a tory Why does Marvel think basing a character on that guy dow…[View]
121116468You are now Harley Quinn's sidekick: What do you do now?[View]
121133438So they were just turning any old bullshit into a cartoon back in the 90s, huh?[View]
121104968Total Drama Island revival: 2022. The 15th anniversary of Total Drama. Fitting time to air this.…[View]
121132080Avatar is becoming its own cinematic universe now. >Nickelodeon is launching Avatar Studios, a di…[View]
121126308Damn, looks like Ariel developed an eating disorder[View]
121128487Could a She-Ra live action movie work?[View]
121131207What was Jimmy Carter doing in Texas? I thought he was from Georgia?[View]
121133777If ATLA weren't a kids show Ozai would've had a lot more wives, Concubines than just Ursa,…[View]
121130521god damn[View]
121133568Just another day in the life of a boy ... (Johnny Test!) Just another day in the life of a boy! (Joh…[View]
121132410Bros its finally happening....[View]
121133243Forgotten classics and hidden gems[View]
121130943Star Trel Prodigy first look: Good to see some alien shapes in there, but it'd have been nice t…[View]
121131440SUPER-SONS: Thoughts on them, /co/? >Who is best boy? >Who will inevitably go evil first? >…[View]
121129302BLACKFIRE tomorrow.[View]
121130732What is their ship name, /co/?[View]
121130574Why are Martians so busted?[View]
121130975its a Prof Nimnul episode[View]
121130589hello Dum-Dums! i'm the great gazoo and if you gentleman didn't noticed it, i will make ev…[View]
121100574You promised you wouldn’t do this again /co/. That when WoY was ended early, you would not ignore a …[View]
121128663Milestone Cinematic Universe In Development For HBO Max: >Warner Bros Pictures is developing a Mi…[View]
121129240Batman Appreciation: Before the Synder cut ruins the character in film for a short while, what does …[View]
121132250>be yuropoor >draw cartoon >get shot…[View]
121097619Amphibia: Darla Edition[View]
121130678Consider the following:: The entire Batman character is such a white vigilante justice fantasy, it…[View]
121130679How did Spongebob get away with this?[View]
121123418Finally an actual title https://youtu.be/iqyPvdsOWKk[View]
121127621>'It's funny, because if someone asked me, 'In a million years, could you have ever pre…[View]
121129181ITT: /co/ Chads, I’ll start with Conan.[View]
121129711This movie is singlehandedly responsible for causing western animation to be seen once again as a jo…[View]
121125826Which streaming service will be the best destination for animation in the future?[View]
121128666Interstellar Ranger Commence: IRC comes out next year. Will you watch it, /co/? https://www.youtube.…[View]
121128206JUCIKA IS CUTE[View]
121130153>It's The Muppet Show with our very special guest star Robert E. Lee yaaaaay! What the fuck …[View]
121130547What can you do to fix it or replace this stupid thing /co/? I would turn it into a Schwerer Gustav …[View]
121122681Black Panther #23 storytime: Well the book is almost over. Which means it is perfect time to jump in…[View]
121127073Why doesn't anybody care about this: >amazing music >good character designs >great vis…[View]
121130255Will Caline Bustier get a Miraculous?: She's proven she's got heroic willpower.[View]
121129213Filename thread?[View]
121130424Why didn’t they use Quicksilver a lot more in the X-men movies?: He could’ve solved all the problems…[View]
121129335Tom Holland quitting being Spider-Man! >>'I’m going to take a break and travel the world,' Hol…[View]
121108947SUPERMAN & LOIS PREMIERE TALKBACK: Tonight's episode: 'Pilot' >After years of facing meg…[View]
121127639Are they both incels?[View]
121113369KSBD K6BD KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS: BREAKER OF INFINITIES 1-33 “Au Vam chose his royal guard thus: he…[View]
121128942Hypothetically if you were tasked with writing her how would you structure her shorts to be funny?[View]
121100649Comfy 'EarthWorm Jim' thread[View]
121130235Truebuggy the scumbag: >Name:truebuggy a.k.a jay goldstein >reason for punishment: Doxes a di…[View]
121130740Who dominates the fight?[View]
121127419>You loony loofah, he's the impostor ! Spongebob really was ahead of its time…[View]
121130448>Whiny bitch wants to save the universe but can't because his favorite hero said so…[View]
121129222https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93jlNfOGc4c >devo, black francis of the pixies and shonen knife a…[View]
121126410Sinister Six: Any favorite moments or do you have a dream roster?[View]
121121020Black Cat #3 storytime: Felicia gets offered a deal[View]
121128583It is such a fucking shame: That despite loving to picking up Disney leftovers Warner Bros won'…[View]
121120051Wilhamena thread[View]
121126877So, what’s next for these two creative hacks? Another lgbt comic?[View]
121120939The Baby-Sitters Club: Storytime #3: MARY ANNE SAVES THE DAY by Raina Telgemeier Book 1: >>121…[View]
121129109What if It happened to a character YOU created, /co/?[View]
121124262Which /co/ characters do (you) think would've been Daft Punk fans?[View]
121129546Based grandpas[View]
121130041I like Patrick Star for his personality.[View]
121129914/vwt/-Vintage Waifu Thread: Hey /co/, do you think these two would be good friends? Also Vintage Wai…[View]
121127445>Here comes a thought that might alarm you Uh... wow. Let's unpack this. First off, what kin…[View]
121124815DEATH BATTLE: First episode of season 8 is Yoda vs King Mickey (Kingdom Hearts). Least it wasn’t Yo…[View]
121128262Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated: this show had no right to be this good, best scooby doo revival sin…[View]
121126500What are the essential Miracle Man runs, /co/?[View]
121124696Let's be honest, there is no way to bring mutants in the MCU without feeling convoluted as hell…[View]
121127172Why does /co/ hate shipping?[View]
121129431This show is almost as shitty as Teen Titans Go[View]
121129301Hey co, if the less powerful/classic SCPs existed in the Marvel or DC universe without a Foundation …[View]
121119891This would make a decent action cartoon[View]
121128326Left or right?[View]
121123404assigned male's creator came out as a little and was outed as a babyfur.[View]
121125167Thoughts on Princess Bubblegut?[View]
121120890Y'all Need Jesus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iljjS7I8qzQ[View]
121121292ZORRO: How would you adapt the Zorro in an animated series?[View]
121128923You just know.[View]
121120459Who was better in their prime?[View]
121116460American dad needs to reappear more as one of the all time cartoon greats[View]
121128325WILL IT BE KINO?[View]
121123219'Mr. Simpson, I appreciate how much you love our big blue trousers, but I'm afraid we just don…[View]
121127126Is Watchmen relevant anymore?: It would be nice to discuss that under any criteria anybody feels lik…[View]
121127449would you i know i would[View]
121127385What would you do to create a Spawn film?[View]
121124221Gargoyles Boardgame: Disney has officially announced another project with Ravensburger (a private bo…[View]
121127133Overrated cartoons[View]
121128623demigod + Kryptonian = vulnerability to magic?[View]
121113424WANDAVISION LEAKED STILLS: Leaked stills for the next episode of WandaVision. It's Agatha showi…[View]
121128054and our superman made a son with Circe, how did wonder woman feel about that?[View]
121126988So cartoon eyes makes things fuckeable?[View]
121126335Mitchells vs Machines: >movie is literally completed and ready to be released on netflix >no t…[View]
121128480you can do it[View]
121121537I've coming to make an announcement: Genndy Tartakovsky's a bitch ass motherfucker, he pis…[View]
121127904The main characters of the last cartoon you watched has just started a session of Sburb: How does it…[View]
121127755ITT: Scumbags: Really? Destroying a HOMELESS SHELTER ON CHRISTMAS?! What the actual fuck is wrong wi…[View]
121126979how do we fix the Wanda problem?[View]
121125034What if Agatha and Zoom were friends[View]
121126667JUPITER'S LEGACY TEASER: The first trailer for the long awaited Netflix Jupiter's Legacy a…[View]
121124408Psy/co/analysis: You post your favorite characters and whatever, and the rest of the anons play armc…[View]
121127582Is beast boy immortal?: Doom patrol spoilers Niles Caulder caused all the 'accidents' that lead to …[View]
121122951Magnificent Ms. Marvel #18 Storytime: Final issue.[View]
121126577who asked for this[View]
121102002Ultimate Marvel Storytime: Using this reading order: https://comicbookreadingorders.com/marvel/event…[View]
121127651I really wish they would put Rhino in the next Spidey movie, and not retarded mecha-rhino version li…[View]
121123066SPIDERMAN NO WAY HOME: The official title is No Way Home. Tobey and Garfield are in. Also, villains …[View]
121127647Heyyyy Whats the data theta!??[View]
121125203>his show is full of stupid comedy and gross out humour >has the most pretentious and hostile…[View]
121125327Do you guys have any stuff like pic related?[View]
121127512ITT costumes we will never see again. I'll start. I miss her so much bros.[View]
121085365GOD I want the Monkie Kid animation team to work on a Bionicle animated series SO FUCKING BAD[View]
121125070What's the most you've ever paid?: What's the most you've ever paid for a comic …[View]
121124113Marvel voices legacy #1 storytime[View]
121119994hello based department[View]
121126166Now that the dust has settled, was it a good message?[View]
121125343Toonami Ratings for 2/20/21: Food Wars S3 will start on Toonami on this Saturday at 1am. Assassinati…[View]
121080986He didn't deserve it[View]
121114051Questionable Content: >Juice? Okay, it's finally managed to get a laugh out of me again. Sti…[View]
121119043SHARE YOUR /CO/ WISHLIST!: Anything you want to see happen in comics, cartoons or adaptations of the…[View]
121118623How did Rigby shits ?: I mean, fucking how ? Any other cartoon character with strange asses ?[View]
121126101Jack genocided an entire timeline,why is he so mean and rude?[View]
121078309Who's the Osaka of the West?[View]
121124270Stone fruit season[View]
121126512Archie Sonic pre-genesis wave is the peak of literature.[View]
121125993Ninjago Thread: thoughts on the decade-spanning lego animated series? I genuinely didn't expect…[View]
121126356Who’s gonna be the runaway hit character, and why’s it gonna be King Shark?[View]
121125511ITT /co/ characters Steven can’t redeem: I’ll start[View]
121126194Road Rovers DVD: Anybody in possession of Road Rovers DVD? Cannot buy in EU and rips are interlaced …[View]
121125722Caption this, /co/[View]
121122320Animated Allstar Batman and Robin film when bros?[View]
121121048Was he in the right?[View]
121126151Cutest mom on /co/[View]
121122181ITT: Controversial Opinions: I find that Doom works far better as an Iron Man antagonist than an FF …[View]
121123333HBO Max /co/ Highlights March 2021: >March 1st Final Space, Seasons 1-2 >March 6th 12 oz. Mous…[View]
121124909This show was hilarious: I suggest you check it out, people upload subtitles of it on YouTube. The s…[View]
121117520Future State: Suicide Squad #2 storytime[View]
121124433The writers were smart by making the 'soapboxing preachy environmentalist kid' a teenage boy. Simps…[View]
121114716Are the CalArts bean mouths the new generation Seth MacFarlene art style: > Oversaturated use in …[View]
121126021Venture Bros: What happened to the Venture girls thread? General show discussion is welcome. So is …[View]
121122925People always talk about how great Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were back in the day, but Disney …[View]
121125030Gemma Chan leaves ETERNALS sequels: Apparently Gemma Chan was a pain in the ass to work it so Feige …[View]
121119671Any thoughts on Cousin Mel?[View]
121069784I miss spongebob charts[View]
121122962Art Thread: How about some some quality /co/ art. Just anything you think is neat.[View]
121106716Today I will remind them[View]
121107547Spider-Man Phone Home: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpwqkqFaiS/[View]
121125818Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life Premieres Friday, July 23: Chip ‘N’ Dale: Park Life follows two tiny troubl…[View]
121122221What if the Joker was a dog?[View]
121125591>spin off of Mr. Pickels gets a second season >Ballmastrz season 3 nowhere in sight Where did …[View]
121124667RAITINGS!: Let's talk raitings! What do you think of them? How are they going?[View]
121123605Today is the birthday of the best comic writer to ever live: https://youtu.be/5fqj51SK8ms[View]
121122813Who are the MCU Avengers?: This can only be answered tentatively since WandaVision is still airing, …[View]
121125462Does anyone care that Gumball is finally going to get its movie?[View]
121121585>It's a Bill episode[View]
121112277Weird Foreign Translations: >I Want to Be a Chef But I’m a Rat, so I Control a Human Puppet to Co…[View]
121125384same character but different STYLE[View]
121125298>What i have to do now, its not for civilian eyes.[View]
121123461I may be to retarded to ask but will try to put it as clear as possible. Alot of the time, It seem c…[View]
121117449more like Miraculous ASIAN FEVER[View]
121123891Oh boy I can't wait for Iron Boy Jr. 3: Great power? Responsibility? Nah, let's just have …[View]
121102356Final page of tomorrow's ASM: What do you think, co?[View]
121105859On the whole, were the 90s a good or bad decade for comics /co/?[View]
121117365Is this show worth watching if I just want some comfy Reeve-esque Superman? Or is it just a slog to …[View]
121124188He was selling Krabby Patties. Why didn't Krabs just threaten to sue?[View]
121120522THE BATMAN to reboot DC: Matt Reeves is taking the reigns of the DC Universe with his own version st…[View]
121119337Ultimate Marvel Storytime: Reading Order: https://community.cbr.com/showthread.php?659-Ultimate-Marv…[View]
121124286Why does Superman love Lois?[View]
121097316What would you do?[View]
121123143Disgraced Comics Creators?: Like most readers, I loved Mark Waid's work on Kingdom Come. Howeve…[View]
121124077how about instead of neil gaiman he's neil gayman and he loves sucking cock ehehehehehehe[View]
121097449>little boy falls in love with an older girl why is this trope so common? and where do i find mor…[View]
121122766BRAVO NOLAN[View]
121122400Im not takin' my sneakers off, I am Sneakers O'Toole![View]
121123371Was it a good or at least interesting idea to have her be a part of the Avengers?[View]
121121269> but muh roided out cavill > but muh alien genes > but muh physique…[View]
121107759Which of her bandmates has she slept with?[View]
121123325Road Rovers DVD: Anybody in possession of Road Rovers DVD? Cannot buy in EU and rips are interlaced …[View]
121123798X-Men: So storytime when? I want to see the race of super kids Laura had with Sync and Darwin.…[View]
121123212Song name: https://youtu.be/M3riiZDlV50?t=844[View]
121122019>Oliver Queen is alive.[View]
121123579She unironically did nothing wrong. The race war was one hundred percent necessary because the Lions…[View]
121115718ITT: shows that everyone hated but were actually good >pic related[View]
121123491I’m sorry to end our duel Princess Bubblegum.: But I think you’ll find Darth Turner will become far …[View]
121121151JUPITER'S LEGACY TRAILER ON FEB 27: Thw first trailer for Netflix Jupiter's Legacy adaptat…[View]
121123465The Dragon Prince: I feel like Callum barely did anything in the third season. Hopefully they don…[View]
121121944>it’s an episode starring BMO[View]
121122146Well /co/?[View]
121113776Now that the dust has settled who was truly best W.I.T.C.H girl?[View]
121108327https://niftygateway.com/profile/insanecritters Smiling Friends is dead, now Zach Hadel and Michael …[View]
121123180What are some continuity-driven cartoons that were working their way to a conclusion and either reac…[View]
121121931How?: What the actual fuck?[View]
121110210Nobody likes this show except for /co/ntrarians. Admit it. You only say you like this show because e…[View]
121121415Redheads: Post redheads[View]
121120749>/co/ scenes you’re pretty sure only you fapped to in the entire planet…[View]
121120880Was he a pedophile?[View]
121119701Vie De Merde: Aux sports d'hiver: I'm looking for this comic but I can't find it anyw…[View]
121113385why pigs?[View]
121122263THICC vs STICC[View]
121118830Defend this[View]
121118074Who was your first cartoon crush /co/? Don't judge me.[View]
121111562what do you think /co/?[View]
121119428So, when did showing guns, blood and violence became unacceptable in children's media?[View]
121116494Still the best[View]
121113986cue screams of the damned: https://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Ben_Gen_10[View]
121120999https://youtu.be/zRBliiY9CTc I had slight SLIGHT hope this would turn out to be another Back in Acti…[View]
121120923Ed Edd n Eddy: imho Eddy was based, those who say Ed and Double D should have ditched him and hung o…[View]
121122655Smart: Post characters being intelligent.[View]
121117154Are they actually going to go through with it, or will this just be a ruse that will be over by the …[View]
121103982DC's NAOMI Character Breakdown: >NAOMI McDUFFIE (Female, Black, 16-18): A modern-day Ferris …[View]
121118747Huey is the best triplet. Anyone else agree?[View]
121104351Venture Girls: Venture Bros. had some good girls, post them[View]
121118323Peacekeeper01: Why was he just some nobody instead of Ghost Maker? It would have been kind of obviou…[View]
121023657She was the best villian and carried the whole show, it's a shame that she didn't have mor…[View]
121107022ITT: Unpopular opinions: I'll start. I think Bob's Burgers is worse than Family Guy. I alr…[View]
121119981popular Richard Williams infographic: Hey has anyone got that infographic that gets posted on 4chan …[View]
121077235helluva boss: >WELL /co/, DO YOU WANT TO FUCK THIS ONE TOO?[View]
121098612Is he /ourguy/?[View]
121121924why don't they take their meds?[View]
121102807RWBY/RT General #2104: Weissfags in shambles Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't t…[View]
121121879What if these two met each other?[View]
121120566BASED Groening![View]
121118717You excited? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.indiewire.com/2021/02/wolfwalkers-team-teases-13-episo…[View]
121119998>gets cucked by his former best friend >takes it with dignity based or cringe?…[View]
121114661What did I think of it?[View]
121120233Jupiter's Legacy Teaser: Are you excited foe this adaptation? https://twitter.com/mrmarkmillar/…[View]
121117810ITT: good moms[View]
121120212Was she a genius?[View]
121121170Amphibia Season TWO: So, thought on the return...? It was nice to see Mabbie one last time..but I d…[View]
121121219What If...: Is Superman had never landed on Earth, how do you think life would’ve turned out for Lut…[View]
121115348what the fuck is even happening in this?[View]
121121329If the trunks 'don't work', why do they always work?[View]
121118726So those Twitter retards are now accusing Darrel for beign a 'pedo'. That's fucked up[View]
121121249daily reminder we got the sisters arc instead of this[View]
121119739Was Scott right to battle the 7 evil exes to date Ramona?[View]
121108942Why did he never talk?[View]
121120498I need more Yara[View]
121120244What do you think about my show anon?[View]
121119780Recommend me Conan: It's in the titles, I've read some Dark Horse paperbacks written by Ti…[View]
121120184Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: What was the point of making her a psychic?[View]
121118319Could he be the next Thanos?[View]
121120775Hey, I need on trying to find a Kids Book that I remembered reading as a Kid It was about this Black…[View]
121120296>be me >thirdie paki >grow up with wealthy family >born 2000 but grow up watching 60s-80…[View]
121101417Finally watched this. What the FUCK were they thinking?[View]
121116736Gunnerkrigg Court: zzzmmmmmm gggggmmmmm rrnnnnrrrrd[View]
121120414Heroes Reborn & Heroes Return: Is the reading order in this mega good? It differs somewhat from …[View]
121119574>”I am the most restrained human on the planet” >fucks bitches daily >it’s not even for cov…[View]
121120399Why Don't They Make New Comics: Why don't writers try anything new? I saw this and it look…[View]
121119014Literature: What are the best adaptations of literature in /co/ stuff? comedy or otherwise https://y…[View]
121116907Lanternchads, what's your favorite version of your favorite lantern? pic related, followed by j…[View]
121120300'SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES' hits HBO Max on March 17: https://twitter.com/thecartooncr…[View]
121106690this is official[View]
121086842I refuse to believe I am the only one who cannot stand the Autobots. They act so morally high and mi…[View]
121118192>Watching smurfs on boomerang >Gargamel mentions to his assistant that he has to catch the smu…[View]
121112968Bee and Puppycat thread?[View]
121119929Reminder that he didn't do anything wrong. I mean the stuff with Vision's corpse was admit…[View]
121119426How do you cope with the knowledge that you'll never have an entrapta?[View]
121116978Cinnamon Twist is kinda cute.[View]
121114527Write the Kevin/Connie romance[View]
121118582Would you rather: live in the Steven Universe timeline Or live in the Amethyst Princess of Gemworld …[View]
121116803Whats the most gross / disturbing thing youve seen in a regular Cartoon?[View]
121119648How come it got toned down so much after the first season? Considering there's shows like KotH …[View]
121119642TCJ Scott Nybakken on Spawn and Youngblood[View]
121110140Bat-wank: This film is commercialised bat wank in its distilled form. Everyone involved should be ab…[View]
121118913>Carl Barks >Don Rosa >William Van Horn…[View]
121116345Are you a gamer, /co/?[View]
121116254How will it end?[View]
121118751Do you still miss vertigo?[View]
121117396What other cartoons would you like to watch a chibi version of?[View]
121118797>Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse is responsible for the creator-driven animation revolution in t…[View]
121116577The hate that Steven Universe gets is both well deserved and not nearly enough.[View]
121113630Deep down, do you think Bruce and Clark love each other?[View]
121115959Why aren't we discussing Glitch Techs ?[View]
121108247Who is the best female Batman villain /co/?[View]
121118016What the hell was the appeal of this film?[View]
121116401>they don't like pizza, they like HAMBURGERS Legally different from the Teenage Mutant Ninja…[View]
121103834The Baby-Sitters Club: Storytime #2: THE TRUTH ABOUT STACEY by Raina Telgemeier Book 1: >>1210…[View]
121111512Who's the bigger edgelord manchild?[View]
121078930Why aren’t there more boys made of pure estrogen in cartoons?[View]
121115572>tfw no MGS x SHIELD Crossover >tfw no Stark going against Senator Armstrong and Ocelot Mandar…[View]
121112690M.O.D.O.K. Head Games #3 Storytime: Rematch[View]
121116989Coming back home to Steven: Immagine having this Sweetheart face waiting for you at home > Has al…[View]
121118650Why did they kill her and did she deserve it?[View]
121117177Spider-Man 3 titles[View]
121112002Why do you guys give Zack so much shit for making edgy Superman when Evil Superman has been done a b…[View]
121104867It was meant to be.[View]
121118188KOTH: Im have a mega upload for all of king of the hill. thought i would share it with people, check…[View]
121115708You'd think there'd be more musical heroes in Marvel, I can only name two.[View]
121117438Why are LanternChads so Based?[View]
121117942because barry's kids always make short appearances, they say iris will be pregnant after the fu…[View]
121115251Cuckold in Tom and Jerry: Anyone remember Tom would always be cucked out of the girl in Tom and Jerr…[View]
121110467>racist superhero >name is Stormfront Wow! Garth Ennis is a genius!…[View]
121100611Why does Squidward work at the Krusty Krab when he's a talented musician and painter?[View]
12111752220/co/s: When you think of the 2000s, which characters and series would you say best reflected the e…[View]
121114804>who invited the darkie?[View]
121115004Heathcliff flies a blimp.[View]
121115208why are boys built differently than girls? How come in western media, you can depict naked males wit…[View]
121107360Unironically excited for it.[View]
121113728don't mind me just posting peak south park[View]
121117417Naked episode[View]
121109924How should the MCU introduce the X-Men /co/?[View]
121117829>oh, I don’t care about the heroes, I just read for the villains What kind of person do you imagi…[View]
121117558>'You know, Marge, getting old is a terrible thing. I think the saddest day of my life was when I…[View]
121115823Soul Soulless[View]
121113970Tushy Tuesday: I know, I'm late. I worked all day.[View]
121117330Garfield is holding a paper.[View]
121117104Am I being gaslighted? Was there a Simpsons gag where Mr Burns was at his desk and he pressed a butt…[View]
121104579This scene had no right being THIS GOOD: Soud: https://funnyjunk.com/Graven+skinny+lively+kudu/lzcxM…[View]
121117165Why does WB keep screwing up DC. It is a major IP, that could be sold for billions just for the movi…[View]
121109722Mortal kombat ultra girls: Apparently, this was going to be a thing and looks like pan pizza did the…[View]
121115655To those of you who’ve left capes behind, are there any that you still have a soft spot for? Are the…[View]
121116940Which superheroine or villainess should get this as their new costume? No cheating by saying 'all of…[View]
121116831the chad TTG unkindness vs the virgin FS unkindness[View]
121116087give me Lian back or I'll kill Yara[View]
121108694I hate this comic but I love these two together.[View]
121108777Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes Issue #2: No one wants to storytime this huh? Guess it's b…[View]
121115051Ducktales Thread: New Episode aired 'Beaks in the Shell' What'd you think?[View]
121115349Was this design a reference to anything? I know his truck form was a Mad Max reference but his human…[View]
121115731Social story part 54: Sliding down. Enjoy yourself.[View]
121112346Jupiter’s Legacy first teaser: https://twitter.com/mrmarkmillar/status/1364213455520075778?s=21 Are …[View]
121112376What's the /co/nsensus on water tribe girls?[View]
121099979Give me the lowdown. Just how powerful is he, and what sort of impact would he have on the MCU, if i…[View]
121115521Was it good?[View]
121112466He did literally nothing wrong.[View]
121115749What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
121113648So why haven't some super villain kill Waller yet?[View]
121114567Injustice General: Was it the greatest storyline DC put out in the last 20 years?[View]
121067425El Chavo was Calartsonized ;_;[View]
121113474Oblongs Thread MKII: One more time, with feeling; also post more Peggy and Velva.[View]
121107349This is DC comics officially published art of Wonder Woman. Say something nice about it![View]
121104297You ever see something so funny it breaks your ability to laugh?[View]
121105235The Eternal Question: Right or left?[View]
121103197DeadEndia: Has a comic ever made you shout out loud... >YOU ARE H*CKING VALID!…[View]
121114291How do you write a “serious” Superman story that isn’t depressing? Is it even possible? should peopl…[View]
121102123Hoops cancelled: https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1157481-netflix-cancels-jake-johnson-led-hoops-a…[View]
121114813what the hell even is summer camp island?[View]
121115189MCUbros, BH6bros, it's over...[View]
121114327Is it bad I rooted for him?[View]
121111238ITT: Tropes you like >Character has a lookalike that's never seen again…[View]
121108701Filename thread, keep it /co/[View]
121108770Do you think president villains with amoral goals should be more common in animated films ?[View]
121104550Non Sequitur: Danae is weird she's weird! WEIRD![View]
121103185Charlie Adler will not voice Buster in the Tiny Toons reboot: Already off to a great start https://t…[View]
121112695Can cookies be for breakfast? Is that healthy?[View]
121111459Which Pixar movie universe would you most like to live in?[View]
121110256>Family Guy can get a VA that sounds like Cleveland >Simpsons can’t get a guy who sounds like …[View]
121106603Moana: I'm not a regular of this board so I want to ask, what does /co/ think about Moana. I wa…[View]
121113719The blatant MCU synergy was disgusting. Specially compared to how good 3's roster and character…[View]
121112640Why does reddit make fun of him when he invented their favorite character?[View]
121106014This would have been more emotionally compelling if they had, at any point, made an effort to make M…[View]
121114408Scissa Seven: Seven is super cartoony along with a majority of the cast so I'm putting it in he…[View]
121108232He-Man 2002: Why isn't it well remembered as TMNT 2003?[View]
121112442Hi, Bingo...[View]
121097180>Johnny's actor should be no older than Tom Holland >Reed needs an experienced actor who…[View]
121107532underground comics[View]
121111969Archer thread: post best girls[View]
121108990>Stupid, fat and lazy kid who never does what he’s told with a criminal record who annoys people …[View]
121108056Wendy's pits.[View]
121112798Let's Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDeEIK5JsxY[View]
121102158What is the most obscure /co/ fact you know of?[View]
121098638They actually, legit, non-ironically condoned conformity to the whims of one's friends. I don…[View]
121108790What did anon think of And Then There Were Fewer?[View]
121075602Will it be better or worse than ThunderCats Roar?[View]
121102396How come Fairly Oddparents have barely been referenced in pop culture despite being on for almost 20…[View]
121111678Star Trek: Do you like her?[View]
121111357Batwank in media: So it seems ZS wanted for Batman to bang both Wonder Woman and Lois Lane in his mo…[View]
121095289Why don't you guys post French comics?[View]
121110306He's my friend and a whole lot more![View]
121112914Don't worry Is 'Fake'[View]
121080995Wandavision Thread: Post predictions for the final 2 episodes[View]
121104631Black Lightning deserved the Justice League movie push instead of Cyborg: Prove me wrong. You can…[View]
121108778Dormammu, I've come to bargain.[View]
121112651Batman ruins Spidey: Spidey can never be as good as long as he exists[View]
121108639I really want to make my own Marvel Universe: Start and reboot from the beginning and introduce my O…[View]
121112935Help identifying a character: Noticed this girl in the banner for CN's Twitter and YouTube, wha…[View]
121103720THE SNYDER CUT: >Features a sequel-baiting Martian Manhunter cameo that was never part of the ori…[View]
121112217What show is this character from? I saw it as someone's icon and was wondering, it's oddly…[View]
121112850Who was the best girl of 2020?: Out of all the cartoons to come out in 2020 Wich girl was best girl?…[View]
121111220Was it faithful to the comic /co/ or utter schlock ?[View]
121110543Who is the best girl /co/?[View]
121108895Seriously: Cleo is prime kid-sisterfu material, but she's a really shitty person. She has absol…[View]
121104722Where do people watch cartoons online? It's strange to me that anime is widely available but to…[View]
121111699Why is this guy so liked by fans? He's very annoying and far from being 'cute' or 'funny'.[View]
121112363How long until Diane rewrites Ivy as a body positive fatty?: We ALL know someone like Diane would be…[View]
121111499I have a very good idea for a cartoon: Ok hear me out. Lex Luthor but GOOD![View]
121089843Why aren't people given the mutant vaccine along with the other vaccines they received as a chi…[View]
121107033Croods 2 is one of the highest grossing movies in America. How does that make you feel?[View]
121109701I haven't read a lot of superhero comics but I feel like Alan Moore is above everyone else, eve…[View]
121109687/pol/ writing letters to Marvel's editorial back in 1974. Btw, the letter is from Marvel Team-U…[View]
121103106Why didn't Reverend Putty just adopted Orel?: >He knew that his parents were assholes and St…[View]
121108992Does it still look like shit now??: I think it looks decently better than that unfinished first teas…[View]
121111089Guys..: What if its not a joke and there actually is two spider-man movies? Like the two Matrix sequ…[View]
121103207What is the Eva of /co/?[View]
121108743How would you fix She-Hulk /co/?[View]
121109014>It popped.[View]
121111310Fred Seibert created a new production company for streaming video content and got a first look deal …[View]
121096808Future State: Superman - House of El Storytime: Damn, Superman banged alot of chicks.[View]
121109752Does Hank McCoy regularly shave his ass to avoid dingleberries? Does he have Logan help?[View]
121100935When did you stop watching South Park /co/?[View]
121110715You know what comics need more of? Sassy A.I. girls. Lyla a cute.[View]
121110416What is her fucking problem[View]
121109729Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121107687Hey, How come I didn't knew the whole Futurama series was coming on Disney+?[View]
121109813It was either this or that 'better place'ending to 'Squidward the unfriendly ghost'...yeah -_-.[View]
121108565I FEAR NO MAN[View]
121106428Series that you wish would get a /co/ adaptation[View]
121108423Teen Titans Go spinoff: Night Begins to Shine: Is this going to be on CN or HBOmax? Do we know what …[View]
121108848I know Madeline in the US once aired reruns on Playhouse Disney, but if it aired on Nickelodeon, do …[View]
121108154I was planning to get my niece a TTG comic, are they any good?: She said she likes the old seasons b…[View]
121108113Batman: Soul of the Black Guy: Has anyone seen this? Recommend, don't recommend? Thoughts? Same…[View]
121107041How would Alucard handle himself in the Marvel/DC universe.[View]
121106181Why did Hackas change Grievous from a fearless, ice-cold British terminator into a cowardly, mustach…[View]
121107866What's this hairstyle called?[View]
121109644Post weird shit.[View]
121105231Is this going to address the fact that the hero who inspired them decided to throw away the prime of…[View]
121107355Disney Rumpelstiltskin: How would it go.[View]
121104878Did he see Netflix She-Ra?[View]
121094447>ITT characters you were supposed to hate but ended up liking[View]
121108513Name a toon with better music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4Jq_ELdniI&ab_channel=GamingSound…[View]
121097055THE CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE IS ON YOUTUBE IN 4K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct8nmHIQRpk holy based…[View]
121104488Premieres tonight Clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0alHLYrXURw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
121109219Perfect isn't easy..[View]
121108920Do people really buy digital comics/access to digital comics?[View]
121103803What are your predictions for the Gumball movie,/co/?[View]
121104105thoughts and questions on this?: biggest question here is: is this gonna be like the next dr horribl…[View]
121108737who writes this shit?[View]
121108634Who will win this battle?[View]
121105416Pitch your Spider-Man 4 idea /co/[View]
121106143Post things to pure for this world[View]
121093285WANDAVISION: Anyone else likes this character? Monica Rambeau has become my favorite MCU character n…[View]
121107308Who is the Naruto of the West?[View]
121106700Why do DC writers hate Dick Grayson so much?[View]
121104511How much Scooby Doo content is out there and how long would it take to watch all of it? I know 90 pe…[View]
121106631Why does DC have the best waifus?[View]
121104116'But since we're both free, why don't you and me hit the town?' 'A pity date from a 10 yea…[View]
121108335because the twins do not become more fixed flashes, now that the dust of the future state has passed…[View]
121107946Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0FSQPl8JPY (Why no YTP based off of this yet?)[View]
121099117>build interesting world, characters, magic system, ect. >Make conflicts >set up for a good…[View]
121106993Superman & Lois: Why they look so weird looking? They look like bug people. Why would you shoot …[View]
121106391>Always yelling and raising his voice >Uses fear of getting fired to get his employees to do w…[View]
121097403From Hell: What does /co/ think of this? It's Moore's best work imo[View]
121101556Behold, the absolute most retarded fucking thing in the X-Men continuity that effectively makes ever…[View]
121107831Google search any co character and post the first image of them that shows up[View]
121100587Superman: In short, Superman being granted the embodiment of hope when other characters have done a …[View]
121107533Reminder: PG doesnt exist.[View]
121107718Any single issue/floppy comic collectors here want to share stories, grievances, and the like? >S…[View]
121106980I can't draw but i'm still writing out a comic anyways[View]
121107503Is this Disney’s Joker?[View]
121103804ReBoot: On a scale of 1 to 10. How hype was ReBoot Season 4? Cartoon Network aired it as a 4 part m…[View]
121107343Consider the ranking of cartoon series, from #1 onward. The exact ranking doesn't matter here, …[View]
121106750>It's YOUR fault we have so much crime in this country >And it's YOUR fault we have …[View]
121105777What are the best Aquaman comics?[View]
121100313Remember 10 years ago when this was considered misogynist?[View]
121107187Where are all the euro horror comics?: I know of the sci-if, fantasy and western stuff, but horror s…[View]
121104307Her growth was the best part: ......character growth of course...hehe, what else would I mean?…[View]
121107103Is there anyplace where we get to meet Pooh's cousin Looh? I'd love to see the adventures …[View]
121105334Anyone else find episodes about kids getting a crush on an adult really creepy[View]
121106882MUTANTS GOOD[View]
121106458Frozen 3: How likely is it to happen? There’s no way Disney is going to sit back and let the billion…[View]
121099580ITT: Conservative Characters[View]
121106945She is Cool![View]
121103553“George Shrinks” was the story of a ten-year-old boy named George who one night dreams that he is th…[View]
121106885In honor of Superman & Lois airing tonight. Lets post some Super kino.[View]
121103761Watching Big City Greens for the first time, get to this part[View]
121106567ITT your first /co/ crush[View]
121106252Reminder that Batman would not only straight up fuck Lois Lane in ZS's JL original plans before…[View]
121103673Who is older twin?[View]
121096943GENERATIONS FORGED STORYTIME: Becasue you decided to repeatedly make Linearverse threads without pos…[View]
121102813Post DBGs[View]
121106525The Final Thread on Arthur's Big Hit: Arthur's Big Hit is a Season 1 plot, it works better…[View]
121106433What if the Joker was a dog? Or had a dog henchman?[View]
121106221Was it rape?[View]
121106071>Thanos's murder plots made more sense when he was just trying to impress a girl…[View]
121104558Did you guys had faith in that Nimona movie?[View]
121106287Why did they stop using so much Polynesian music and start having more rednecks? It's like it s…[View]
121106146Infinite Frontier Batman: I'm not very enthused about the future Batman writers but getting bot…[View]
121106145Which /co/ character is the most similar to him?[View]
121103366would you or… use a bug spray[View]
121103598>/CO/! YOU'RE FIRED![View]
121106282Why are symbiote girls so alluring: They say not to stick your dick in crazy, but I wanna. I so wann…[View]
121105782Lex Luthor and Lexcorp are canon in Reeves' Batman.[View]
121106089SUPERMAN RETURNS: Apologize. It's kino.[View]
121096991MARVEL'S ETERNALS IS THE BEST MCU FILM EVER: >This film is oscar worthy, Marvel has no idea …[View]
121102883*revitalizes your mcu* heh nothing personnel, kid[View]
121100950Daily reminder Rebecca Sugar copied Harry Patridge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCTbFN0EsDM[View]
121105538What was their last good movie? It seems like now all they make is preschool shit.[View]
121103482is mao mao dead ? what happen is it gone ?[View]
121105847Anone remember that show?: Does anyone remember that show where the a bad guy had penguins(?) as his…[View]
121102762'The ventriloquist goes to Heaven but the dummy _doesn't_.' 'Oh oh, me!' 'Bart?' 'What about a …[View]
121104480BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT: Is it canon with Cristopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy? Just rewatch…[View]
121100203Angel Manuel Soto To Direct BLUE BEETLE For Warner Bros Pictures: >'Charm City Kings' director An…[View]
121104641ITT: /co/mfy Places, events, times, what have you[View]
121101692Whatever happened to this series? Did Weaver disappear into his own anus hole or something?[View]
121105478How different would Ben 10 be if hundreds of Unitrixes crashed to Earth alongside the Omnitrix, each…[View]
121089205How did they get away with a PG rating?[View]
121105408What do you guys think about Superman, Batman, and Lois Lane being a poly couple?[View]
121101049Spidey #60: Did Kindred win? Is Peter alone after a breakup> Did he have to be saved a by a stron…[View]
121101523batman doesn't train legs, as shown by his home gym[View]
121104749Is the Image Universe really coming back?[View]
121100974who’s your favorite girl in Family Guy /co/[View]
121103433Total Drama Insanity: New cast was leaked on Cake Entertainment's website.[View]
121104419>it's a boys vs girls episode[View]
121101994What was his problem?[View]
121105062Autism Kino Core: >Tails gets trolled >Tamers12345 >Richard the imaginator >That comic w…[View]
121100071John Boyega is in Wandavision: He plays Blue Marvel, he is Monica's space engineer friend. Epis…[View]
121104011made for sex[View]
121104955Did you laugh when you first saw it?[View]
121104839/co/ I'm starting a webcomic series. What do you think about my characters? They look bland?[View]
121101166Ragnarok is the only MCU movie where Hulk is explored as a character, we get to see a full personali…[View]
121089495Is it true?[View]
121104747Some comics about Aliens?: I mean yeah Xenomorph ones are cool, but what about other ayyyliens comic…[View]
121102441They weren't that bad[View]
121096314Why is she the only girl who gets fanart ?[View]
121098875>every discord for every cartoon in existence is either full of actual children or is the most cr…[View]
121104495Rick and Morty season 5: https://youtu.be/sPAw95c_AOE It's been six months and still no word, I…[View]
121101810>No Garth Ennis, I don’t think superheroes are bad. Also don’t ever make fun of my Cape-Kino or e…[View]
121101967Batman B&W: What are you favorite issues or moments from batman black and white?[View]
121104404The only time Black people and white people can agree on something in a Marvel comic book is when th…[View]
121097863>CGI Tinkerbell >sweet >caring >has plenty of friends >OG Tikerbell >jealous >m…[View]
121104188I recently read someone say Disney is a branding company and not an entertainment company. I found i…[View]
121104156Wandavision: So my threat got achieved? and i dont know why? but basically if anyone knows what it m…[View]
121095219I get goosebumps everytime I read this[View]
121103719What was that comic, with the kinda ugly, Klasky Csupo style art, about the two friends that talked …[View]
121084349The Linearverse: >On Tuesday, February 23 DC is introducing the Linearverse - a new way to look a…[View]
121102517>Doom has splinters of the True Cross which was said to be the Cross where Jesus Christ was cruci…[View]
1210882252022 Total Drama Island cast so far: >Owen, Heather, Lindsay, Beth, Harold, Alejandro, Lightning,…[View]
121100523Neal before Zod![View]
1211020882021... I am Forgotten...[View]
121098511What Azula needs to do is to become the father of Ty Lee babys.[View]
121101852This movie is singlehandedly responsible for causing western animation to be seen once again as a jo…[View]
121103053>The king's advisor is the villain[View]
121100771Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121103571DC Legends: I dunno if any of you guys play this game, but the new characters are pretty coomer-bait…[View]
121086267how you go from this[View]
121103306Reincarnation or Stillborn Twin Sister?[View]
121082007Will anything even come close to topping the DCAU. No there isnt. Dont even try.[View]
121103386Johnny Test 2021: Are you excited for the return of Johnny Test? It has improved animation and the s…[View]
121086955>LOBOTOMY BAD[View]
121055880Work on your art: Batman says: Work on your art. Leave some work, leave a comment, don't have …[View]
121084661NEW TAMERS IN 10 MINUTES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eRNIVPEKeo https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
121102453Mario Cartoon Expanded Universe[View]
121101279The virgin shortstack Wonder Woman vs the Chad loli Wonder Woman[View]
121096641Isn't it funny how times never change and people will always accuse new shows of pushing some k…[View]
121100879I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT![View]
121099270Given his whole MUH HOMO SUPERIOR MUTANTS FUTURE HUMANS R GAY schtick, why would Magneto even have a…[View]
121101986Billy and Mandy: Post Mandy[View]
121099734How popular are Amphibia and TOH in Japan?: With their creators being weebs, and their shows having …[View]
121101297> her budding sexuality[View]
121102795ROBOT GIRL THREAD[View]
121102104Epic tales of captain underpants: Do you like the characters introduced in the show. eg- MelvinBorg …[View]
121098495...Beyond the last WHOOMPH Bush...[View]
121101353Chadward Brock, sir, I work for the Daily Bugle.[View]
121020086Round 3 >Go to www.heroforge.com >Make a /co/ character >Post it >Have fun previous thre…[View]
121102321Would you anon?[View]
121101265what is best Hot Wheels CARtoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZrttdOlMxw&t=26s[View]
121101611litterboxcomics.com: I never played warcraft. Can someone translate?[View]
121100347L O L https://www.ign.com/articles/zack-snyder-pitched-a-batman-and-lois-lane-romance-plot-for-justi…[View]
121101406hat if The Punisher made this comparison of Magneto to a Nazi?[View]
121097632>They’re allowed to have guns in the crappy ongoing mobile gacha game but not in the actual carto…[View]
121102384help me steal this fuckin paintin and if we manage to nab it i will share it with you all or burn it…[View]
121101802When you really think about it. If somebody were to rape The Joker, Who's to say he wouldnt lik…[View]
121101975you get his powers but you become severely mentally retarded not like aspergers kind of tardation bu…[View]
121072728The Baby-Sitters Club: Are these books any good? I know they’re probably for kids but I was thinking…[View]
121099119What would a Banjo-Kazooie cartoon be like?[View]
121101110>Victor von Doom is Roma >Roma came from India >Hollywood has a part-Indian actor with the …[View]
121101883ITT: series with HUGE autistic followings[View]
121101415Reminder Frankie is middle aged now, and probably aging like milk with all the stress.[View]
121099601Principal Lewis replaces the antagonist of the last cartoon you watched? How does he do?[View]
121099981Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: What are the odds she has a penis?[View]
121092016we come up with a new TMNT animated series: ok bois, what ideas do we have to make a good animated t…[View]
121101407This episode... did things to me as a kid...[View]
121101275Scarlet Witch / Wandavision: So, i was reading something about the scarlet witch, that she is a nexu…[View]
121099250Troq Hate Thread[View]
121101238monster high: Nickelodeon will broadcast a new animated series that will launch in 2022, are you rea…[View]
121099472Who is the /co/ equivalent?[View]
121101225Where has he gone?[View]
121084078RWBY/RT General #2103: Wooby Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it's…[View]
121101583>Night Begins to Shine is getting its own series Does that mean these three are official DC super…[View]
121096926Goodbye Omniverse, Hello Linearverse: >A natural assumption about the Generations story in wake o…[View]
121093172So how much of /tv/ is seething over this?[View]
121096826Why is his movie suck and why does he look like canadian Scout?[View]
121100916Voltron: Legendary Defender: This show only exists now as a cautionary tale right? Like, say what yo…[View]
121100350ITT: Bunnies[View]
121101276Looks like a jorb for Coach Z and his stando 「THESE PEOPLE TRY TO FADE ME」[View]
121087286JSA Storytime: GO JOE: Good evening owls and robofuckers, I think we're here[View]
121098334Just stop. They’re not worth it.[View]
121098832Future State: Aquaman #2 Storytime: Aqualass lives.[View]
121101039Post the best of DeviantArt.[View]
121100105>“Charm City Kings” director Angel Manuel Soto is set to direct “Blue Beetle,” DC Films and Warne…[View]
121079923Forgotten Ships: Your favorite moments from dead ships that sometimes don't make sense[View]
121100144What are your predictions for the Gumball movie /co/?[View]
121100063S1 – S4 >Adora barely mentions Catra unless the other is on screen. Isn't showed to be missi…[View]
121098559Why didn't you guys tell me this was so KINO?[View]
121097716Bridget's butt[View]
121094154Stories That Never Were: So we have threads for forgotten characters, storylines and ships. So let t…[View]
121088156So what benefits do symbiotes actually provide their hosts exactly? A mild healing factor, a boost i…[View]
121100803Just a quick superhero ID: Who's this? >Humanized Lockheed?…[View]
121099470What’s his endgame?[View]
121099172Do I have potential, /co/?[View]
121100750You ready lads https://twitter.com/deadline/status/1364243982079823875?s=21[View]
121052384Your favourite pages from recent comics[View]
121018680How did Penguins of Madagascar avoid Spongebob?: >ran from 2008-2015 >had 150 episodes and a m…[View]
121100300>Don't worry Sokka! Where we're going you won't need any pants! Where were they go…[View]
121076860Star Wars Rebels Ezra: Did Ezra ever get to fuck before he made that ultimate sacrifice or whatever …[View]
121099552At what point did you realize he was a shit character?[View]
121099352Need help finding out an Easter Egg: So I was watching Cow and Chicken and noticed in an episode tha…[View]
121080029>Flapjack gave us Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show and Gravity Falls >Chowder gav…[View]
121097312I want to pet Steve Smith.[View]
121097042Would they make good friends?[View]
121097214Even if The Jungle Book was Walt's swan song, the only good thing about it was the constriction…[View]
121086041>ruins your show[View]
121098814When Cap throws his shield, is he throwing it from the edge like a frisbee, or from the straps in ba…[View]
121100358The Lion of OZ: >Courage to be 'friends'[View]
121076729Fusion is the most degenerate thing I've ever seen.: Inspired by this Steven Universe fan anima…[View]
121098387Garfield vs Heathcliff: Who wins?[View]
121091236Wat's your goodest giggles you've gotten on Newgrounds dot com, /co/?[View]
121098672What did you think of the movie Deep?Also deep thread.[View]
121096203>My Wife Died, So I Tied Balloons Around My House and Flew to South America Really, Japan?…[View]
121098818What was the name of this feminist webcomic? All I remember is it's about a woman who brutally …[View]
121092267Why didn't woody have any memory of his character's backstory? Was it age-related memory l…[View]
121088986Wanda, I wish our creator didn't have a big ego that eventually ruined his career and respect t…[View]
121088567This comes out next week and hardly any hype. You couldn't stop hearing people talk about Rebir…[View]
121099905Based on recent trends (as demonstrated by pic related), Blossom is going to be black in Netflix PPG…[View]
121099727THE WORST YEAR FOR ANIMATION: Was 2020 the WORST year in animation history? https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
121097116BREAKING: Zoomers are crying about Futurama now that it's on Disney+ international[View]
121088280Frankie is 22[View]
121099075Missing portion: I like FFH but after rewatching Homecoming I realize that FFH feels a lot more like…[View]
121099415Why did they never interact in the series? like seriously come on.[View]
121098564/co/ Reaction Images Thread: Post reaction images[View]
121099252If tens of thousands of responses were made for the BH6 in MCU hoax and Baymax sells merch 24/7 why …[View]
121099606should HFG have remained a mute character?[View]
121099442What superheroine would make the best girlfriend?: And I’m not just asking who’s the hottest, I’m al…[View]
121096594Can someone who has seen this episode explain the context of this image, please?[View]
121094512Why does Disney hate this so much?[View]
121095131How come there's never been an F4 anime? It could easily lend itself to the medium. Hell, why a…[View]
121099420look what I'm watching[View]
121098172If Sunfire was brought into the MCU, how would you modernize his backstory? He can’t be in his late …[View]
121095049This is the official ending of the Marvel Univese. If you dissagree, you're a Pleb. It's p…[View]
121099150ITT: Fuck you I liked it[View]
121098317Well where the fuck is it nyugga?[View]
121087455Strange how people consider Kyle and Cartman frenemies when they're just straight up enemies. M…[View]
121096090Look at this cutie[View]
121097207Any thoughts on Ms. DiMartino?[View]
121097818So bit of a weird question: Do you think its worth making animation for public access television now…[View]
121096650Post interesting webcomic panels/scenes.[View]
121087068He’s obviously the best choice to take the role of Black Panther for the future of the MCU.[View]
121092324Was he trans?[View]
121096506ITT:Things that didnt age well: Starting with this willie[View]
121095387House of M: so with Wandavision going on I've heard a lot about House of M. Supposedly Wanda ca…[View]
121097709Oh look, Jeph is parading the corpse of our favourite character in front of our eyes again.[View]
121096404Batman gets more girls than Spider-Man: Despite not having any powers.[View]
121087169So, we all realize this character assassination is all a marketing ploy, right?[View]
121096948why'd they have to ruin Stitch bros?[View]
121088437Why do I want to fuck Jonathan Crane?[View]
121098411Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 4th Week of Feburary, 2021: Previous threads: https://desua…[View]
121092680This show had surprisingly amazing background music. What other cartoons had comparable soundtracks …[View]
121097933Someone on Quora told me that Malekith was the Marvel equivalent to the Joker with magical powers. I…[View]
121098103>Native American protagonist >Competent female love interest >Somewhat tragic villain that …[View]
121097516What's /co/mrades think about non american superheroes? Who is your favorite?[View]
121094912What did he mean by this?[View]
121095696Why?: No, seriously. Can somebody tell me why? What was the point of turning Hera black? Why would y…[View]
121094800Marvel Studios Reportedly Planning Big Hero Six Characters For MCU Debut: https://thedirect.com/arti…[View]
121096231>I love Doctor Doom but am completely indifferent to the Fantastic Four, and prefer his relations…[View]
121094392BlindMan is my favorite superhero.[View]
121095705Why are LanternChads so much better than Batfags?[View]
121089973Superbeard: Should Superman have a beard? Why? Why not?[View]
121078961Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: No, it does not.[View]
121023479>slithers down your chimney in the dead of winter night and starts cackling like a chipmunk what …[View]
121089472Zim thread: Tenn edition[View]
121097571Endgame right here duckbros.[View]
121089438Maurecia Monday: It's officially maurecia Monday, plus the last thread got archived[View]
121097694You know Barry would be less boring and shitty if he still did shit like this[View]
121097215I used to think, wouldn't it be cool to see how much better the iron man tech could have gotten…[View]
121094785Let us see what cartoon projects you are working on, /co/.[View]
121096849zoo day was yesterday: Here's a new Q&A from the team https://www.corndogcentral.com/top.ht…[View]
121060149Amphibia: So I heard you motherfuckers were passing my upcoming episode around here without my conse…[View]
121097265Post a character without actually posting him[View]
121096769Was Orko the best comic relief character of the 80s?[View]
121094724This movie's character designs are so fucking ugly it makes it impossible to watch.[View]
121057154What are some comics that irreparably damaged a character?[View]
121091713Why are so many people afraid of someone who can't even kill?[View]
121091609This is just PG female Joker then isn't it?[View]
121097078You have all failed Superman: Hoe does it feel being bigger villains thab Lex Luthor, or worse just …[View]
121096649How to easily recognize a self-insert All the characters of the opposite sex are madly in love with …[View]
121095733Name ONE good cartoon written by a millenial[View]
121097004You don't like Craig of the Creek, do you?: You know that's CRINGE, don't you?[View]
121094539Characters you feel that dont get recognition: By nsfw artists despite being popular. Zuko and Robin…[View]
121096979>the wheel of time turns Will history repeat itself, or will that article from 2010 be proven rig…[View]
121087892Is it weird to anyone else how lovable Mister Burns is? He's obviously horribly evil but he…[View]
121095864Bueno thread?: Bueno thread.[View]
121094720See, I told you guys Snyder’s imagery was considered subtle by normies[View]
121094196Ren seeks help: Was it as bad as they say?[View]
121088483Is the SVTFOE fandom gone?[View]
121087025So what were Raven & Starfire planning to do to Aqualad?[View]
121065259>It’s a girl power episode[View]
121091116Why do people shit on the down to earth comfy and realistic tone of Craig of the Creek but not the s…[View]
121094449How would you make a Killer Croc comic?[View]
121096676Is blitzo a pedophile?: There have been a pedo joke related to blitzo is episodes 2 and 3.[View]
121095134How Gareth Evans Envisioned Deathstroke: https://sports.yahoo.com/gareth-evans-deathstroke-movie-det…[View]
121076421KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS KSBD: WAR FOR RAYUBA: This is (another) thread for round one of Abaddon…[View]
121096539What happened to Hook's old crew ? Why aren't they in the main films ?[View]
121094333For someone who doesn't read comics, bluepill me on sandman[View]
121094468Who was in the wrong here?[View]
121091380Has peter ever acknowledged the fact that he is straight up the bad guy when it comes to the venom s…[View]
121058853First time? Huh? Is Simpsons rehashing old plots now?[View]
121091683what the fuck bros why are the songs in this actually good. like even Uncle Fucker is super catchy[View]
121096439>it’s the murder mystery episode[View]
121094729Reminder: Batman makes Superman look bad. And steals his agency of him being the greatest comicbook …[View]
121094182Heathcliff has a taco.[View]
121089194Questionable Content: The joke is that Tannelore is no longer capable of human emotion and cannot pu…[View]
121092142Is Batman a true hero looking for justice and to save Gotham or just a traumatized manchild dressed …[View]
121081983YOUNG AVENGERS: The cast so far. All we need is is Wiccan, Speed and Hulkling. Also, I imagine they …[View]
121089627William Joyce is directing an adaptation of The Great Gatsby https://variety.com/2021/awards/awards/…[View]
121028996FORGOTTEN CHARACTERS/STORYLINES: Remember Faith, /co/? She was one of the main characters in Joe Kel…[View]
121091146Darkseid will destroy any character of your choice. Who is it? Doesnt have to be cape related.[View]
121089116What is the Heaven’s Gate of /co/?[View]
121086448>'Wallace... you have the curse of the were-rabbit!'[View]
121093741Why did he do it[View]
121095291Any recent cartoons that are similar to Adventure Time? Looking for something comfy[View]
121093663goodest coolest webcomic/webtoon/manhwa: something on par with ragnarok hyujinlee or recast[View]
121095999Regular Cover to Cant: When PREVEIWS website included Vault Comics' May 2021 comics without cov…[View]
121095613al columbia thread :3[View]
121095244A challenge for you all: Watch at least >1st episode of rugrats or >Band Geeks of spongebob Wa…[View]
121094002I just want her to appear again, man.[View]
121095783Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom[View]
121085489Oh look at the time, it's Mighty Endowed Monday[View]
121093703We were past cringe by 2016 This is just lame.[View]
121093482ITT: Talentless hacks[View]
121094178take the art style of a particular artist and boil down it's essence: bitch fartman[View]
121095423this is so fucking stupid. Why would you take the biggest mistake of a character in the 90s and try …[View]
121095031I'M MR. MEESEEKS! LOOK AT ME!![View]
121083962What would the JSA be like if they debuted in the 1980s?: Same characters, same origins, but they de…[View]

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