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117827569This is Ed. Say something stupid about him.[View]
117835368How do you feel about the two Guillermo del Toro-directed Hellboy movies?[View]
117835299Bad shows with good theme songs: Whoever sang the sonic underground intro song really putting all hi…[View]
117840362Batman Day: favorite batmen? Favorite Batman arc? Favorite animated project? Favorite batman artist?…[View]
117839908Romance comic thought[View]
117839046> are you just going to keep catering to batfags? DC Comics:[View]
117838142>No good cartoons on cable anymore >now i have to watch it on premium services whenever i feel…[View]
117821671THIS SUMMER https://vocaroo.com/1dfB3GMi9mDZ[View]
117835174Just finished The Boys after the shitty amazon show piqued my interest. Jesus Christ, bros, why…[View]
117793666What kind of teachers does /co/ like?[View]
117838744DC Comics has a lot of young heroines that I want to molest[View]
117831715So, considering the suit can fly at extremely high speeds, fire powerful beams of energy, and all th…[View]
117836998haha EYEphone, get it?[View]
117824157Lets have a comfy golden era Simpsons thread >Favourite Character? >Favourite Episode? >Fav…[View]
117789492ITT: Who The Fuck is Kindred?: ITT: We guess and state our Predictions of who Kindred is. It seems l…[View]
117838710What the fuck is his problem?[View]
117838423Bad Boys for Life have been picked as showrunners Ms. Marvel.: >>>/tv/139586467[View]
117838297Y the Last Man: Is this series worth checking out? Judging by what I know about Runaways and Saga I…[View]
117838487Leon Hunt on Impact and Psychoanalysis[View]
117807162So will Viren die or get redeemed?[View]
117837785>has a hot grandmilf teaching her anarchy magic >decides to go to hogwarts school for shitty s…[View]
117835618Is this show any good, /co/? I haven't visited here much since the early '10s, so I don…[View]
117839252/co/ characters that are most definitely retarderd,: autistic, crazy, challenged of otherwise mental…[View]
117834691>in the future, billy is a 60 year old stuck in the body of a boy and is dating a teenager Who…[View]
117835520Why wasn’t Hank upset about Bobby peeping on Luanne?[View]
117837611I hate love I hate you I hate me....[View]
1178330933x3 chart thread: Post your favorite Marvel characters in chart and other anons will make assumption…[View]
117832774Big Mouth: Well Netflix is apparently a goldmine for pedo shit. I don't know what everyone else…[View]
117836933This year is Chris Claremont's 50th anniversary as a writer. Let's celeberate by rememberi…[View]
117831149Best Comics of the Decade According to IGN: Even though we're nearly through 2020, I found this…[View]
117836601Those gauntlets have a way to be remotely disabled right? They didn't just give a bunch of teen…[View]
117836626>You see, BoJack. You actually sexually assaulted and raped all those ADULT women because women a…[View]
117835450A remix of some cartoon main theme.: I have recorded a fragment of what I believe to be a remix of a…[View]
117810016Would they all make good friends?[View]
117834927Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 7|Finals): Part 2: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/UNL8…[View]
117827514Old comic style.: Can you feel nostalgic for a time that you never lived?[View]
117835267How exactly does he have a rogues gallery when he has the power to erase existence by just running. …[View]
117837770who do you think got more of that lutefisk-tasting-ass scandinavian pussy[View]
117830077Steven 10 and Connie 17 are my favorite ship[View]
117836037PICKLES 2020![View]
117837111>capeshit movie/show name drops things from popculture, ignoring how the comic the movie/show is …[View]
117836540Air nomads are for: ____ Finish the sentence.[View]
117830465I just read this. What did I think of it?[View]
117837085American Dad: What do you think of Patr.... I mean Bullock?[View]
117821146Lets finally settle this[View]
117836984how shoud heavily stylized characters be adapted into live action?[View]
117831288A character in the last show you watched has just commissioned some artwork from Ramsey Murdoch Who…[View]
117835298HELLO KINO DEPARTMENT????: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOhMdSiu1dA[View]
117836617why homer have so many jobs[View]
117808457>what if we pinned all the bad things that happened on a character that was dead before the show …[View]
117835291... so why did Kid Miracleman just be content as a businessman for 25 years and suddenly chimp out w…[View]
117835892What other movies do you think Peter and Betty have watched, if they to try to watch any movie on th…[View]
117835860Pitch your comic book ideas, lads. I'd like so see a comic starring a group of superheroes who …[View]
117833111Will SOUL be able to top this?: Disney might lose next year: no one cared for Onward and Raya got de…[View]
117822127Did he know or find out?[View]
117820042Amphibia: What was the King doing in the basement? also Marcy confirmed chestlet[View]
117832203Big butt, so what?[View]
117835169Harley Quinn officially renewed for S3[View]
117834999This actually isnt bad. Why did it bomb?[View]
117817988Clone High Thread[View]
117835827Ahh, the French[View]
117835366So, what was his problem?[View]
117835694>It's on >It's off >It's on >It's off >It's on >It's…[View]
117824956Questionable Content: You'll notice this is Renee, not May, and that's just terrible.…[View]
117827069People in my country are too retarded to undertand baby's first satire[View]
117831632Heathcliff goes to bed.[View]
117835167/co/ in a nutshell[View]
117835137Alright /co/ it's dinner time! Tonight I'm making my special! Spapeggy and meatballs!!![View]
117827436Why doesn't Black Widow get in trouble for Open Carrying her guns?[View]
117821975This is Sari: Say something cute about her.[View]
117824514>Kyd Wykkyd Someone needs to slap this kid.[View]
117827935ITT: The dumbest most DBZ shit in comics: BATMAN WHO LAUGHS YOUR TIME IS UP[View]
117828537would you watch an comedic alien spin-off?: I always though that a good space comedy about alien wou…[View]
117833346Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Tweeting Info http://pastebi…[View]
117830698>yfw you see it Seriously, though. I forgot how much of a chad that kid is, even in his worst ser…[View]
117830587It went to shit around the time they stopped showing anime[View]
117822211Be honest /co/, you would have laughed[View]
117826059Where is the closure for other shows?: Just finished up watching the final season of Samurai Jack. T…[View]
117824945I know I'm going to regret asking this but is there any canonical reason in-universe (I know th…[View]
117833649ENTER BAT JOKE[View]
117830556ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
117834033Thor: Son of Asgard: Did you like it? I actually enjoyed it more then expected.[View]
117821614Let's be realistic, Katara should die in the earthbender prisión, the fire soldiers only needed…[View]
117823614Jucika thread: Here’s to our Hungarian hottie, and congratulations to her for making it so far in th…[View]
117824464Do Caecilians exist in Amphibia?: They have Frogs, Toads, Newts, and Salamanders, so Caecilians are …[View]
117768076so Solar Opposites confirms that he was a hack all along and Rick Morty was only good for the first …[View]
117824703Hey /co/, /a/ wasn't interest so dumping this here. Reads L to R[View]
117829112MCU RELEASE DATE CHANGES: >Black WIdow: February 12th, 2021 (previously November 6th, 2020) >E…[View]
117821868Is Hellboy overrated?[View]
117831851Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Tweeting Info http://pastebi…[View]
117828731Mr. Krabs gets to eat out his daughter![View]
117832818Nooouuuu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caFQiGI2HtY[View]
117818518Does anybody here read Back?[View]
117832516I love Jake![View]
117832393How would he fare in the DC universe?[View]
117828888Do yourself a favor and watch Stewie Griffin: The Untold Kino[View]
117829741Does the new art book ever explain why SU’s animals are kinda weird?[View]
117816948Is Owl House the new Steven Universe?[View]
117830867Cartoon shortstacks: Little guys who take up a lot of space in our hearts [View]
117823151Why doesn’t any other hero have this problem? Is Superman outdated?[View]
117830591This is your Mom[View]
117830482Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Tweeting Info http://pastebi…[View]
117830786The meme made me watch this scene and holy shit that's intense. https://youtu.be/nlLgKBsJ4NQ Sp…[View]
117831605Anyone have that KC Green comic where this chick fucks a robot, but its dick flies off like a rocket…[View]
117819988> Dragon's Dogma Netflix Adaptation thread. This shit was great. It was really faithful to t…[View]
117829020supermeh is a blatant ripoff of the kamishibai character Prince of Gamma, down to the arch nemesis b…[View]
117827597whose this girl ?[View]
117831163'With all respect and honor, I would not be saddened if both you and your father went to hell.'[View]
117829186Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 7|Finals): Part 1: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/UNL8…[View]
117830869I reached a reddit milestone! What internet comic creators do you hate with a passion, /co/?[View]
117827981So he basically won and ultimately tricked Star into destroying all magic for him?[View]
117829524What Does /co/ think of Punisher: Platoon?[View]
117820025Post those 'what would you do moments'.[View]
117807270WORST ERA FOR CARTOONS POST 70s?: 2007-2012 was the worst era in carton history since the 70s >Ba…[View]
117828175What is her personality[View]
117776362Owl House Concepts: Looking at all the concept art Dana showed off on stream, do you think a time sk…[View]
117828401Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Tweeting Info http://pastebi…[View]
117827354We should get a bunch of Nielsen boxes to make Family Guy like the first five seasons again.[View]
117814441And /co/ thought Zack Snyder didn’t h derstand Batman[View]
117826797What are your favorite Image comics? Pic somewhat related[View]
117814387I completely forgot Juggernaut is getting his own solo book now. Can we talk about this? Does Cain w…[View]
117829352The fujos won, bros[View]
117823837Reminder, Spiderman has been raped TWICE in his entire life.[View]
117797261>Hi anon, what video game are we gonna play?[View]
117824827How gay is Joker?[View]
117828909What the fuck was his problem?[View]
117828851It was never good[View]
117823868Hey /co/ name my band[View]
117828828What are some fanworks based off of /co/ material that you think are better than the source material…[View]
117822486Caption this pic.[View]
117823675Did . . . did Disney+ actually turn the volume way down every time she speaks in the first movie?[View]
117828691What do you think about this animation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGBkneu30Aw[View]
117828703ITT: Tropes you love: >Villain and hero team up to stop an even greater foe…[View]
117823233Space Potato thread: Yes.[View]
117806259I'm 30 years old, I watch cartoons, and I feel bad about it. How old is everyone else on /co/?[View]
117823362>No, I'm not a lesbian[View]
117826115Who wins?[View]
117824246Anybody here remember Zac Gorman?[View]
117824698I need a feel good thread. I feel like there are too many threads on here at each other's thro…[View]
117825357The origins of Sody Pop has now be revealed!: >Pic-related In case anyone is wondering, Sody Pop …[View]
117824034this is my new favorite /co/ ship[View]
117828279https://youtu.be/PRQP-UPy6cQ Is it zoomershit?[View]
117812607THE FLASH Production Details: >DCEU’s Barry Allen got his powers from a “Speed Force engine” crea…[View]
117825496Flash family book soon lads: Daily reminder that Williamson is writing a Flash Family book after he …[View]
117824931Is this the greatest end credits theme in a /co/ show ? It's definitely up there. https://youtu…[View]
117821462Mary Marvel: Why a character as pure as Mary has such a strong sexual appeal?[View]
117823351Best standalone Batman comics from the last 10 years?: I don't want to read something that has …[View]
117825034So at the very heart of the DC dark multiverse lies the Profound Darkness, the unending eternal sour…[View]
117827231aero comic: so is this comic any good and is this marvel's version of /a[View]
117824487This show was kino.[View]
117803798Star Trek: >The Cat didn't like the Dog so she had it thrown out Makes sense.…[View]
117818749>no cartoons about lifting weights, getting fit and dominating. its all about gay shit like feeli…[View]
117823605Where does one find animators to collaborate with?[View]
117782242What would you want in a third series?[View]
117823561What would superman do in his situation?[View]
117822887Degenerate Thread: >>117822339 What cartoon character you wish there was more Rule 34/Fetish A…[View]
117816937Was this ship well done?: Just finishes the show. Imo, it was a bit rushed, but still well done. But…[View]
117816604Screenshot Edit request.: Can someone think of some sexual banta between the two?[View]
117827080Have you seen the green diamond animations?: Green Diamond versus Steven and Green Diamond versus Wh…[View]
117827330Frumpy bitch. I wanna hammerfist this cunt in the collar bone. Have her saying 'Jinkies!' when I put…[View]
117825827Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 7/Results: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://fo…[View]
117824990Haven't read a comic in almost 2 years. Last I remember, DC was doing Metal and Civil War 2 end…[View]
117826621Maggie: >There is always a Maggie[View]
117823490I've made so many Pinwheel threads and all of them get so few replies. Why is life cruel?[View]
117823484Do co/ know any place where I can upload my comic without it being censored? Unfortunately most of t…[View]
117824152>Danuta... >Danuta... >Will you go there? >Do you eat?…[View]
117822670Toonami General #1: I don’t see him, here’s thread 1. Nothing special tonight, regular lineup[View]
117817234Bill Clinton plays the sax[View]
117825609Post covers you liked[View]
117824196When is this going to be addressed? A character was fucking murdered for a shirt that's placeho…[View]
117825853If he was German, He would've basically been Klaus from American Dad but more diabolical[View]
117824989>wife went missing so he dedicates his entire life to trying to kill literal gods >wife cheats…[View]
117824115>tfw you catch a whiff of Jean's pussy juice on Cyclops' crotch area Sorry Slim, I did …[View]
117825072Just finished this week's episode. Am I being worn down by the show, or was that episode actual…[View]
117817823you guys told me to read this but it's just one deus ex machina after another and the plot make…[View]
117822643What does /co/ think of Melissa Chase?[View]
117821455Infinity Train tread: just rewatched book 3 and the ending was really mediocre. I get what they were…[View]
117824964What is this art style? I love how it looks and I'd like to get a tattoo in this style, but I n…[View]
117825170Vintage /co/: I bought a comedy book from 1951 and scanned it. Let's check it out![View]
117824353more thrills[View]
117810522Queen Tyr'ahnee: Is she the perfect anti villain?[View]
117818978Dipper.: He cute. That is all.[View]
117824182One of THOSE episodes: Post THOSE episodes you remember from being a kid (the last time any of you a…[View]
117821286'Member JetCat?[View]
117820558From the latest Elinor Wonders Why. It's downright surreal to see a joke in a preschool cartoon…[View]
117823512Leak: Big Chungus will make a cameo appearence in Space Jam 2.[View]
117781981New DCSHG up. Sorry HawkBee fans, his heart belongs to another woman [View]
117824177I just realized that Transformers: the movie is basically the real life version of a lost episode cr…[View]
117822484I honestly don't know what lessons some stories are trying to tell when they make stories of vi…[View]
117819226It was a simpler time.[View]
117798802Hey /co/, /toy/ here. Settle a debate for us that this one autist refuses to drop. Does Carnage have…[View]
117822795Meta Runner vs. Glitch Techs: Could Tari defeat Miko in a fighting game?[View]
117823863How does her phone still work in Amphibia? Where is the wifi connection? How is it not destroyed com…[View]
117820380>Literally calls himself a social justice warrior LMAO I'm fine with politic in comics and …[View]
117821480Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 6: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117822322Could Wonder Woman really defeat them in boxing?[View]
117823150Was all the abuse she got justified?[View]
117823771Who was in the right here? https://youtu.be/ZF_Dhgisbys[View]
117805318The New Mutants 2020: Saw it. It's good. Discuss.[View]
117819163Beat this, Pixar[View]
117811505Time for this weekends Chronological Mignolaverse Storytime Previous threads >>114687504 >…[View]
117820242Is it bad that I fine the first panel funny for some reason? Vicky is just super formal for some rea…[View]
117822772Tangled is the BEST Disney Movie and you can't disagree with me[View]
117823111Can’t wait for Batflecks HBO max series[View]
117823243Drawn Together: The show was hilarious and I miss it! Definitely wish we had gotten more of it.…[View]
117823159>Besides Princess Prom, the romantic attraction between Catra and Adora was barely ever shown ons…[View]
117817645Any more examples of older women with younger men? They're best and most famous example I can t…[View]
117823220How come he doesn't have any good standalone stories?[View]
117819038Sôyga: >bro this is real MATURE SHIT!!!!!! Look, she's having an orgasm while giving birth, …[View]
117800141She ra: Now that it’s over was it good?[View]
117818843Storytime of Pain: Crash Retold: Hello, /co/. With Crash 4 on the horizon, I figure it's time t…[View]
117820154Fuck this penguin.[View]
117821582Vicky thread: Post best babysitter[View]
117815922>Canada rips-off Pokémon/Digimon >does it poorly OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND…[View]
117817655No cartoon has a worse balance of filler episodes than Steven Univ-[View]
117811250FORGOTTEN MOMENTS IN COMICS: Remember electric blue Superman, bros?[View]
117820402Twitter hates this man. Guess why.[View]
117820813Who'd win?[View]
117820587when will best character finally be animated?[View]
117812380So what's this messy bitch up to now?[View]
117822499Jesus CHRIST[View]
117805006Jungle ladies: Does anybody what was the point of the story Why did he go back to the fat ugly woma…[View]
117822409Can they take down Thanos?[View]
117822339European Toons: Has anyone here watch Purno de Purno and/or Kaeloo? If so what are your thoughts on …[View]
117815287You know I actually like the first two post cancellation seasons. It's to me 'what if zombie Fa…[View]
117817149ITT: extremely unexpected and unusual guest stars/cameos[View]
117807553Merida thread.: Post merida or either feisty redheads[View]
117819324I'm going to miss them: Post your favorite moment so far of the Dark Trinity[View]
117814672Happy Batman Day: What's your favorite caped crusader story?[View]
117805696Boss Baby is getting a sequel and Megamind still doesn't have one...[View]
117820235Reminder of things we know potentially about MML S3:: >Elliot involved in main story arc in cleve…[View]
117822060Simon don't look at me like that, it wasn't rape I gave her candy and everything.[View]
117789976Tomboy Thread 2: Tomboy Boogaloo: Last thread >>No.117726806[View]
117812653She is too good for /co/[View]
117817188what is the second best cartoon to come out in the past 10 years? is it one of these? i say second b…[View]
117820303What did Disney mean by this? >Gravity Falls 'I'm building a portal to reconnect with my los…[View]
1178220162020...I am forgotten[View]
117796560>Its a Hank episode >Its a Dean episode >Its a Brock episode feels good brehs…[View]
117820678Are the Avengers groomers?[View]
117804747Post comics with no context.[View]
117795550How did you react to racist jokes in classic animation as a kid? Or did you only see edits?[View]
117818050He deserves to be in a more popular series. The Turtles don't deserve him.[View]
117795111Meta Runner Season 2 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scZJ83xnqio Premiering October 16. Tho…[View]
117806214For me it's Psi[View]
117819676FORGOTTEN STATUS QUOS IN COMICS: What's your favorite? For me it was the Fifty State Initiative…[View]
117821205>uhuhuhuhuh ..... This board sucks ..... uhuhuhuhuh[View]
117821167>Did well in the ratings >Was the first Animated Series produced for Disney Channel (Rather th…[View]
117820340Well well, Look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy Krabby Patty[View]
117821434I really hope they don't make Homelander totally nuts: He's less predictable (and more int…[View]
117740507/Shelf/: Post your recent purchases, shelves or chat about shit you want. Don't know where to b…[View]
117821343What does /Co think of Something is Killing The Children?[View]
117816628What happened?[View]
117815848Let's have a comfy 'John Kricfalusi' thread.[View]
117821267Biker Mice 2006: Is it worth watching? I've seen the first three episodes and the new villains …[View]
117819679This show (And 6teen) gave twelve year old me a piss fetish.[View]
117811982Emmy the Robot webcomic: New comic, new thread. Discuss, draw, write.[View]
117820720>comics cant be ar-[View]
117810381Why did she need to be lesbian?: Seriously, why? Couldn't they have a sister like relationship …[View]
117814601ITT: Bronze Age kino[View]
117789902Aesthetic /co/ locations: Why does Steven Universe have some of the most pleasing locations to look …[View]
117820886Earth-7642: >New York's newest Federal Prosecutor has already made some waves and a certain …[View]
117814071Hulk Thread: Oh shit, looks like Ben is back[View]
117818676>This planes going to Miami![View]
117820451You may be...[View]
117818617Imagine getting this much angry[View]
117819530Hey kids, we had a great time today. But, you know what's not great?[View]
117809188You are Jerry Lewis for the next 24 hours, what will you do?[View]
117815207Where did this still come from? This is 138th episode clip show, S7E10, yet the original episode it…[View]
117816499it wasn't the fact that there was lore it was the fact that it kept going 'actually no it didn…[View]
117810134Is she Bi[View]
117813345Make a character apart of the lantern corps.: If you could make any character from any show/movie/vi…[View]
11780109812forever thread: What would a rebuild season two Reggie become like? Also, any chance of another …[View]
117817334STORYTIME SEPTEMBER: FANTASTIC FOUR: UNSTABLE MOLECULES: I'm storytiming something every day in…[View]
117817079Is there any reason for it to be an isekai? Do the 2 realities interact with each other on any meani…[View]
117815379We nippose as fuck now boys!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voYG2NrU5iQ >dat Vaggie voice tho…[View]
117773789Unpopular /co/ Opinions Thread: The 1997 JLA kinda sucked. >Cast of 7-8 characters, none of whom …[View]
117817671Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 5: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117819481Post true love[View]
117818384Why does 2D animation looks fine at 12fps but 3D doesn't?[View]
117819649Come on, go for it[View]
117807607Amphibia: What's next for the season?[View]
117819442Are there any good cartoons with mermaids that aren't The Little Mermaid?[View]
117818800>Batmanfags complain about Batman's no kill rule resulting in the Joker killing maybe a coup…[View]
117813830ITT: /co/ material where the villain wins[View]
117818065Pre-movie episodes that have that post-movie feel: Are there some seasons 1, 2 and 3 episodes that f…[View]
117793940Forget Andy Dick and Elon Musk. This was the worst thing the Simpsons ever did. And it was almost a …[View]
117816011Who made better Snow White fanart: John Wayne Gacy?[View]
117815712How does Sandy legally own his ass?[View]
117818011Aardman Thread: Rank them from worst to best[View]
117818877'Hey jerk, disco is dead!' 'What? When? Boy, you learn a dance and then 14 years later they change i…[View]
117810529For what reason?[View]
117818752ITT: Conservative Characters[View]
117816902Remember Goatse?[View]
117818127I feel like reading some Thor. What's the re/co/mmended reading?[View]
117818019How are there still people buying modern comics from the big 2? Like who decides they want to pay ac…[View]
117818544How can you take this seriously?[View]
117818271Was Xmen Tas good?: I remember it being very dark, i also remember never being able to see the secon…[View]
117813685>Nickelodeon greenlights Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, and Doug >Ralph Bakshi produces Mighty Mou…[View]
117815913Hardbody, are you really with this loser?[View]
117816055Who fares with the other's powers better?[View]
117817428Cage to play Superman in flash movie: Holy kino[View]
117811207reminder star vs is a rip off of His dark Materials[View]
117816970Why people like this story? It's pretty much a DeviantArt fetish story with bad art, plot and d…[View]
117817792hokay so basically we've got china france india israel pakistan russia the uk and us, with nuke…[View]
117817193'My dad used to play that when I was a boy. It's beautiful.' 'Do you play?' 'No, I guess musica…[View]
117815797Underrated animated villains: Post them[View]
117817614Who wins?[View]
117811401Where exactly was this place? It gives me the creeps[View]
117815512ITT: /co/ characters you personally identify with and why. Pic related. I struggled to fit in as a k…[View]
117789660What did Connie even add to SU?[View]
117814183How do you afford all of these comics?: Like what should I major in here guys? What job do I need to…[View]
117812849So I just discovered this movie. I used to play the video game years ago, but I didnt know the video…[View]
117816493what does /co/ think of the Pelinal Animated Opera?[View]
117808235When will the Simpsons end /co/? It's close to 700 episodes now.[View]
117815257Happy Punchline Day!!![View]
117808920At what point do we say: Enough is enough?[View]
117815920Thoughts on Coates' run for Captain America? I'm not done but I'm really impressed so…[View]
117805397So he has all these gem chicks around him. And he didn't even attempt at least once to court on…[View]
117816825Don't forget to vote for the first survey for the 2020 Autumn Babby Cup! We're also winnin…[View]
117806224Could Indie animation even feasibly work: I've been doing some number crunching, and from my re…[View]
117816686Flash x sonic: Cross over when?[View]
117813194Why doesn't DC push these two more?[View]
117815661I'm not calling it good but this wasn't nearly as bad as everyone said[View]
117816847Idhun Chronicles: Spotted this spic cartoon on Netflix. Is this for girls?[View]
117762469Who is your favorite online animator and why is it Egoraptor? Also discuss animators and animating.[View]
117813643Cop: >The girls've been missing for over two months now... Deputy: >Likely dead by now.…[View]
117796631Sari deserves what the Witwickys get. She deserves to show up in more than one continuity.[View]
117813107THE NIGGA CHIN[View]
117810882Stella and the Metal Men: Another week, another Stella Saturday.[View]
117815941Squadron supreme: Whats the general consensus about this team and is the original run worth reading?…[View]
117810920Young Justice: Now that the dust has settled. Was it good?[View]
117816587>TNC Cap has Selene as villain >think bc the book started before Hickman X-Men No Prize the TN…[View]
117814378Im putting together a team.[View]
117813506Whether you like it or not, this was the closest that western animation ever got to Evangelion in te…[View]
117816160Clone Wars: What did it do right that the prequel movies did wrong?[View]
117816113I want to fuck brunette white Korra[View]
117812453Is the root of all problems in DC tied to the speedforce?[View]
117807342It's never going to be finished, right?[View]
117809871If Ned is sober for moral reasons, why does he have a sick ass tap room?[View]
117792390Which show do you prefer, /co/?[View]
117812868ITT: Character shilling gone wrong: Remember Spider-Man's sidekick Alpha, heavily marketed as a…[View]
117815897What does /co/ think about Tails Gets Trolled?[View]
117815330what's wrong with having a stamp collection?[View]
117814453Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 4: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117790062Weird crossovers only you think about (probably): I feel like this could work. Jenny and Ruby? Heck …[View]
117804555Doesn't it ever get weird for Kurt fighting his mother?[View]
117809222Why did DC change to an eastern style with zero expression? It felt like the writing took a hit when…[View]
117813905I just watched Korra season 3 and 4 because I was drunk and heard it was better than seasons 1 and 2…[View]
117789536The great thing about Miles Morales is that unlike peter, Miles is a Spider-Man for EVERYONE. A Spid…[View]
117799925You know how Fox has a weird way of counting Simpsons episodes? They refuse to count a couple of the…[View]
117815194How do we fix Wonder Woman's rogues gallery?[View]
117808865>Grayson is great >Grayson is one of Dick's best stories >one of the best things to c…[View]
117812300whats your favorate cartoon creepypasta /co/ regardless of quailty? for me its lost tapes https://y…[View]
117797106Amazon's The Tick: Did you like it /co/? Did it deserve another season?[View]
117814969Holy BASED[View]
117814646anyone have a link to VTM comics?[View]
117815013So, could Wonder Woman really defeat the four of them or is this just fetish bait logic?[View]
117814985Kappa Mikey: thoughts on this show?[View]
117811101Have you ever pulled a mordecai?[View]
117814430Which writer do you think is the best at writing Bizzaro-speak?[View]
117812398Xiaolin Showdown: Is this worth going back to watch? Is there certain filler I should skip or point …[View]
117796271Why is Mary Jane best girl /co/?: also Carlos Gomez is based[View]
117811809Time to add some text. General.: Upload images with text not from the original series.Or upload an i…[View]
117799179She is too good for /co/[View]
117808609'Mr. President, are you concerned that your approval ratings are now nearly as low as the Avatar…[View]
117812289Shouldn't we be backing up VHS tapes? There's so much rare /co/ media that's not onli…[View]
117810068Name a more terrible show[View]
117811255Change my mind[View]
117810801What if they got the Golden Ticket instead of Charlie?[View]
117811622>Roy G Biv Seriously?[View]
117795496ITT: Nickelodeon's Weekday Schedule in September 2000: 6:00AM Various Educational Shows (x2) 7:…[View]
117809115Heroes Need Goals: Why the hell do so few heroes have long term goals? Capes especially only ever se…[View]
117798586Iron Man Thread: Will the new 'back to basics' run do Tony some good? Where do you think it's h…[View]
117812944Darkest episodes of kid's shows: What are some of the darkest/most mature episodes of PG rated …[View]
117807699batman who rolfs[View]
117813591A CRAB! THEY LOST TO A CRAB![View]
117813230Am I the only one who was introduced to the DuckTales cartoon through the NES game than the cartoon?…[View]
117781279Post references to other animation[View]
117813628Would they make good friends?[View]
117813508What /co/ thinks about Hillhouse Comics?[View]
117813547You guys ready for the Scott Snyder reboot of Wonder Woman?[View]
117796040>is a mad scientist who invented mind transference technology >this never comes up because 'hu…[View]
117807861Girls that would kick your ass, and you'd like it.[View]
117810338The Bishie look really suits Shang. He should stick with it. How are y'all feeling about the la…[View]
117794753Why was Pacifica so perfect?[View]
117812952Similar artists to Tradd Moore[View]
117807499Lego cartoons thread: Revival when?[View]
117805939Fine you fucking faggots. I watched it, and I liked it. Are you fucking happy now? When's more …[View]
117809989THE GREAT DEBATE: Which is better?[View]
117806005The pic that saved/co/[View]
117811506Imagine the bush Rolf has got.[View]
117785085Why are people like this?[View]
117812153dog nigga thread: Anyone read this?[View]
117810146Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 3: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117811777Haha my wife is so cute :)[View]
117765550We got new clips for 'Frozen: Once Upon a Snowman' as part of a promotional video for D+ (webm relat…[View]
117811110>Super Strength >Super Speed >Super Intelligence >Levitation >Invisibility >Te…[View]
117793387Positive Thread: This board can get a bit negative sometimes. So let's use this thread to talk …[View]
117811211Adventure Time thread: >What is your favorite episode? >What is your favorite season? >Favo…[View]
117810577I miss her, bros[View]
117810075Todesco: >Glitchtechs >Lolirock >Cleopatra in Space >Baskup Why are this Frenchman’s cha…[View]
117798639Why was Inspector Gadget so frigin' stupid?[View]
117810909Rocko's Modern Life: Happy 27th birthday Rocko!! 27 years of one of the greatest cartoons of al…[View]
117810307Chanel 52: What is your opinion on the Channel 52 segments at the end of the books during New52? Did…[View]
117809328So did he actually do anything wrong apart from having to clean up what Yangchen left behind?[View]
117786582You are Timmy Turner for the next 24 hours. What do you do?[View]
117808796References to Rumiko Takahashi‘s work in western animation[View]
117807735>support class >No heals,no buffs, no CC >Just big sword and guns The fuck is she supportin…[View]
117809102ITT:Shows where you really felt the death of someone working on it.: Henson would have had at least …[View]
117799972I assume it has been explained but... how does he see?[View]
117786839Season 3 announced https://twitter.com/hbomax/status/1306973250954489857[View]
117810432Jannik Hastrup: Are his movies overlooked gems?[View]
117656701why are transformers hot now?[View]
117810003How did they manage to make this look like cheaper than the original Flintstones? what art style are…[View]
117805956would you?[View]
117808088September 2020... I am forgotten[View]
117804424God I love her character design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0W--PX1M3w[View]
117809408I miss her so much bros....[View]
117805150Ken Penders: >A comic book creator who actually managed to wrestle copyright to his characters fr…[View]
117805623So what happened with the magic school bus reboot? I haven't seen anyone ever talk about it sin…[View]
117808107What do you think of retcons that amount to 'I pretended to be dead for years and never bothered tel…[View]
117809727Is this creepy[View]
117805464Queers have been demanding for years to have a homosexual main character and now that they have one …[View]
117796270SaTAM thread: Seeing as it’s the anniversary of SaTAM. What are your honest to god opinions of it. B…[View]
117805038Was it ever good?[View]
117809281What's the best way for comic books to convey a musical scene?[View]
117805978Harley Quinn S3 Confirmed: What will Season 3 be about /co/?[View]
117805781Where Should I Start?: So I kind of missed out on South Park. I realize I never watched an entire se…[View]
117807624is he gay[View]
117809562What went wrong?[View]
117808903B.N. Duncan on Crumb[View]
1178094422020...I am completely forgotten[View]
117793436Will she do anything this season?[View]
117801719Who is your favorite muppet?[View]
117808552>The Screwtape Letters is a Christian apologetic novel by C. S. Lewis and dedicated to J.R.R. Tol…[View]
117809157How could she not fuck him?[View]
117808938Here's your Azula bro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TCdjbMWrzQ[View]
117805849Hgs: What happened to this?[View]
117806487Superman vs Flash: I think at this point Wally is likely more powerful than Clark base form.[View]
117801601What's the best Claremont X-Men lite series?[View]
117805587Why is his name Bizarro instead of something like, Namrepus?[View]
117788422Rainbow Brite: Where my Rainbow Brite reboot at?[View]
117796754LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Adds Lisseth Chavez As Esperanza Cruz: >Lisseth Chavez ('Chicago P.D.') has j…[View]
117802984AHOY THERE, SAILORS! It be the early morn' o' tha 19th of September an' ye know what …[View]
117808600Kyoshi: What do you think about her extended lore?[View]
117806527Good: 1) Lucifer, 1.59 billion minutes viewed 2) The Legend of Korra, 1.25 billion 3) The Umbrella A…[View]
117795296Why do americans hate Caillou so much? I watched a few episodes when I was young and most of the tim…[View]
117808374What do you think about it /co/ ?[View]
117808067>didn't need to have a smallville season 11 >got it anyway And it was great.…[View]
117801582Ah yes. Saturdays are made for dads. Post /co/ dads[View]
117805323Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 2: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117807780reject owl house and shitty dykes waifu embrace tradition and culture[View]
117805685pizza party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJ7eVndpkp0[View]
117798451This is your wife's mom What do you do?[View]
117799075Mogg is back and WWJ has a gun[View]
117807582> are you just going to keep making Hawkman threads? Hawkman:[View]
117807024Big Mama[View]
117776236>2 seconds of animation >4.5 mllion views in 3 weeks >Hundres of variations…[View]
117805192Why was this run so based and high T?[View]
117802949Amphibia: It's time[View]
117804473Heathcliff is kissing.[View]
117807274Would he-she be considered too problematic today?[View]
117806244THE WORST THING ABOUT STEVEN UNIVERSE?: What's the worst thing to happen on this show? >Conn…[View]
117793743Captain Atom: Is it possible to salvage him and make him something more than a bomb? Or will he alwa…[View]
117804401Anyone watching Adult Swim right now?: Joe Pera and Home Movies marathon on tonight[View]
117788373“/co/, what would someone want to stick up our butt?”[View]
117804962Thank you mega Anon, bless your heart[View]
117794137How come Remy Boydell's comics are mocked on /co/ while comics like Megg, Mogg & Owl or Hab…[View]
117804324And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, sayin…[View]
117805306Thinking back on it, she'd have been great for picking the worms out of my asshole. Thumbelina …[View]
117796425THE FLASH Season 7 Will Explore 'The Mystery Of Godspeed': >'I don't like spoilers', said ex…[View]
117805533favourite heavy metal issues?: looking to get a little into heavy metal, was wondering if anyone had…[View]
117798133WHO DIED BETTER?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQTdhw7UjyU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q93dQ7…[View]
117804617>watch Dawn of the Seven, the origin story of the Seven >A train leaves in the same movie WHAT…[View]
117797758Pilot Dipper is adorable but I’m glad they changed his design.[View]
117805425Who made better Snow White fanart?: John Wayne Gacy[View]
117805007Refreshing executions ideafag thread: What are some interesting ideas that haven't been properl…[View]
117803265>When Mr. Krabs revealed that the secret krabby patty ingredient was fentanyl…[View]
117794623>No-name theater actor. >Cast as the 'heart' of JUSTICE LEAGUE in sure-to-be breakout role. …[View]
117795831Daffy's a chick?: https://twitter.com/C_A_P_/status/1306960771063197699 He gave birth to a ton …[View]
117805703Little Audrey: Quick! Describe her using just one adjective and a general shape![View]
117794855BLOODSHOT: What did we think of it?[View]
117799485Why does he do it?[View]
117805586Will my boy Kilowog ever get a solo run?[View]
117783067Amphibia: >Mid-season finale tomorrow >One month hiatus until the next episode and then anothe…[View]
117805217you're gonna vote for him in Mr. /co/, right anons?[View]
117798395>The two longest-running superhero TV shows ended this year Now that the dust has settled, who ha…[View]
117798499>teenage boy superhero >shoots sticky white strands is there a subtext?…[View]
117804043How would you save the DC multiverse?[View]
117803853Who would win?[View]
117792869ITT: Characters only one writer cares about: Literally nobody but Gail Simone (Or people with goth f…[View]
117804073Meanwhile on rule 63 /co/...[View]
117785375Calling All Villains: It seems some snot nosed brat has gotten wind of my plans to cancel Halloween …[View]
117799376Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN 4 Story Details Revealed: If this is real, we dodged a bullet. https://www.th…[View]
117771299Is it shit or good?[View]
117798273Who is Shulkie facing in the boxing ring?[View]
117799431Lapis was perfect for Steven.[View]
117800922Ongezellig thread?[View]
117792919tomboy thread Missed connections edition.: Post tomboys and if you like tall guys i had to step out …[View]
117801742> Pronouns are he/him Why are you doing this Marvel?[View]
117799271Is it finally time for a heroic Green Goblin? Maybe something more antihero? I mean, green and purpl…[View]
117792527Comfy thread: post characters relaxing and enjoying their lives[View]
117797127You know, it's a pretty decent show if only the alphabet gang wouldn't set it's eyes …[View]
117796709Bro, this is all war propaganda?[View]
117793439Day in the Life of Boy - Vox-Logs: Fresh off the presses! Boy is back! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
117801702Another Hafu Original[View]
117783411>/co/ hates Peggy when Nancy Gribble exists[View]
117787169Is Angel Dust too gay for his own good? Just watched Hazbin Hotel and I thought he was kinda funny b…[View]
117803152Nighthawk, you need to rape Whiteface[View]
117802946Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh Not now anon i'm making...[View]
117801270i want tofuck the gay out of her[View]
117794231I had a panic attack at work the other day thinking about this motherfucker.[View]
117795803STORYTIME SEPTEMBER: Y: THE LAST MAN STORYTIME PART FINAL: I'm storytiming something every day …[View]
117800066Her live action show is going to spawn so many fetishes.[View]
117799327>Go into a comic book store >Ask if they have something specific that doesn’t have Batman/Sup…[View]
117763873What if Star was sent to Beach City instead of Echo Creek?[View]
117796808Why does every Star Wars related comic has to rely on this asshole regardless of the timeline?[View]
117793652'Homer, what have you got against gays?' 'You know...it's not...usual. If there was a law it…[View]
117799696The boys thread: I really think the tv adoption is far better than the comic, is this an unpopular o…[View]
117787959What was his problem?[View]
117801775Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 6|Semifinals): Part 1: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/…[View]
117796786Michael B. Jordan Eyed To Star In Netflix's PRODIGY: >Based on the comic series by Mark Mill…[View]
117799751Hyper realistic, monster mouth Ty Lee is the best. Ty Lee is the best. [Spoiler]She should have ende…[View]
117797545ITT: Movies everyone on /co/ likes[View]
117800523This is good imo[View]
117800698HOMO SHITSON[View]
117797542Why were old cartoons so crazy and many times they didn't make sense or half way the plot it wo…[View]
117800430reaction images tax time. post your best, /co/.[View]
117798793Fictional birthdays[View]
117799959Biker Mice Sigla / Ita Episodes: Can anyone provide a link to a site than can stream legit episodes …[View]
117738822RWBY V8 Teaser: https://twitter.com/OfficialRWBY/status/1306292590900391937 Release date is November…[View]
117800884Daily reminder to laugh at Bojackfags https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nGAWoAAz8M[View]
117800546NO. FUCKING. WAY. How did I not see this before? It all makes sense now![View]
117800875'On top of spaghettii/All covered with cheese/I lost my poor meatball when...' 'If you don't mi…[View]
117799806>Character is a nerd >Has no common sense social skills…[View]
117798567Stuff comics should adapt from the games: I'll start: Penguin should always accompanied by henc…[View]
117798541So basically if Riley is having a raunchy sex dream one of them has to just sit there and watch.[View]
117797888Post some overrated cartoons[View]
117796463Finally... FINALLY... After all these years... After all I've done... I am now become.... The D…[View]
117799558For me it's Crystal Meth.[View]
117800940It's fine if someone prefers trunks over trunkless, but to purposefully deny character evolutio…[View]
117794495For me? It's Judy Jetson.[View]
117796418What is the best western animated film of all time, and why is it Fantasia?[View]
117798251Did one of the female writers get a pregnancy as a teen? It would be nice to know why they joked alo…[View]
117800765She ra[View]
117799185ITT ask a question thats on your mind and get a answer and a /co/ related media suggestion from anot…[View]
117800336Is Rogue too sexy?[View]
117783982ITT: Funbag Friday[View]
117760569Star Trek: new episode was fun and entertaining as usual dont let the haters stop you from watching …[View]
117791946He cute[View]
117799063New Cartoon Pitch: So um basically instead of Star we now have Ruth Bader Ginsburg who is a magical …[View]
117795740Wow! What a deal! You get to date the /co/ girl of your dreams anon! But in order for this to happen…[View]
117798556Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 6: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117795951When will DC go back to being fun?[View]
117799840I may be an old man, but i can still kick you butt, Superman.[View]
117798296>dude what if we mashed Lola, Lana, and Lisa into one girl?[View]
117798408Alright, /co/, you can make one cartoon related wish if you just sign this contract right here. All …[View]
117794255Well, at least the show is gone so nothing could ruin them[View]
117798961Do you find this ableist?[View]
117796504Didn't they have a kid together?[View]
117779680DC Future State Promo: What is DC planning?[View]
117794918>Zoomer dating[View]
117798228Are cartoons even an industry worth defending anymore?[View]
117787657Post the villain you would work for.[View]
117792852Why am I enjoying the dynamic between Harley and Bats in these last 3 issues than the whole last 5 y…[View]
117795969Do you have any characters where you think 'She's my waifu' when you think about them in concep…[View]
117797749So, there is a storyline coming up about the marriage of Tony stark and Emma frost. First thought of…[View]
117785215Censorship of TOH overseas: Southeast Asia censored Willow's two dads. How do you think they…[View]
117795879>People think this rich bitch could be Batman. Dude looks like a twig. Too self centered and arro…[View]
117798518How would he fare in the Boys?[View]
117798159'So what did everyone do today?' 'Appointed a Supreme Court justice.' 'Bewitched marathon.' 'Searche…[View]
117793526Lex thread: Real nigga shit[View]
117795411>You're wrong, Zuzu. The inevitable tide of Islam is the only destiny you need mashallah.…[View]
117788619Was Grant Morrison’s Batman run the last time Batman was good? Obviously there are better Batman com…[View]
117796921I like it when the stereotypical evil bad guy treats his minions nicely. I can only think of few exa…[View]
117798224Tomboys funeral: They're gone bros....[View]
117792020Come up with definitive Wonder Woman backstory: >What is the backstory of the Amazons and Hippoly…[View]
117797226Pick One to marry.[View]
117797428How would Clone High JFK deal with the CoD Zombies?[View]
117782714I would have preferred is she had stayed as angry school bitch instead of lovestruck fool.[View]
117798027Biker Mice 2006: Is it worth watching? I've seen the first three episodes and the new villains…[View]
117789234Is there a gaydar for cartoon characters? How can you tell a female character will turn out lesbians…[View]
117797974Kek is this shit confirmed cancelled yet?[View]
117796984France Cartoons: ITT: what are some good Frenchie toons[View]
117768804Emmy the robot maid: Thoughts on Emmy the robot maid[View]
117797779Okay, /co/, I have a question. What are the chances that the actual source files from a CG animated …[View]
117766146So how does Superman shaves his ass?[View]
117797702So, why does she surpass 616!Carol in every aspect?[View]
117797802Who wins? >No killing, only knocking unconscious >Neither are on home turf so no advantage …[View]
117797644I know it's not the right accent and that he was modeled after Simon Pegg, but fuck me I could …[View]
117797385The Geekend: It’s here! The geekend! Do you know what that means? Post your favorite nerdy, dorky, …[View]
117795198Why do people shit on 80s batman comics? I've found some gems and none of it is really low-qual…[View]
117796023>watch pic related >kind of boring but thought it was pretty >'guess there still is some t…[View]
117788051How do we make Rogue great again?[View]
117795784WE'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY[View]
117794815Why is she so hot lads?[View]
117796452Is she into white boys?[View]
117790727RIP Roger Carel: Roger Carel, legendary voice of Astérix (among others), just died. Press F to pay r…[View]
117796140Why did they never bring her back?[View]
117780893I want Aaravos to ______ me.[View]
117796925ITT: Movies you've actually seen in theaters.[View]
117785552WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ANIMATION CHANNEL?! https://youtu.be/Loqa5-LW0_8[View]
117794506Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 5: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117792822Bittersweet/Emotional Comics Thread[View]
117795102How do you feel about Mignola's approach becoming more and more stylized? Has he declined as an…[View]
117793976Devil's Candy: >Just wanted to say sorry for being so quiet lately! I've been strugglin…[View]
117796630So, how was It?[View]
117786237Post furfags[View]
117792386>'Happy to announce Netflix asked me to helm the official Cuties animated series adaptation! I di…[View]
117794483hey /co/mrades last time i hung out here was around the time of gravity falls and korra season 4 fin…[View]
117795273Aunt May is underrated and HOT. Why nobody talks about her?[View]
117796302Don't you know who WE are? We're Chan and Ruon Jian[View]
117794219She is too good for /co/[View]
117787983DCUniverse becoming a comic app: Shoe's finally dropped https://www.cbr.com/dc-universe-infinit…[View]
117792488>quiet, naive, sweet introvert >costume is so tight and skimpy you can see her pelvis and half…[View]
117786724With all that crazy people in the cartoon 'industry' trying to cancel the Ren & Stimpy reboot be…[View]
117791795Director Olivia Wilde Hints That Her SPIDER-WOMAN Movie Is Set In The MCU: https://www.comicbookmovi…[View]
117760029>Can survive a nuke >Swords tied to his soul >Broke through Deathstroke’s Nth metal armor C…[View]
117795785Make a Magneto and Punisher team-up story.[View]
117795065ITT: Your favorite innuendos: >His constant talking about Double D made me a little uncomfortable…[View]
117793161“Show us your penis!”[View]
117795639If Flash=Sonic, then who is his Tails and Knuckles?[View]
117795628Do we even know who is that? I don't know why, but i always thought that mystery person was a p…[View]
117795560Y'all parrot about SOUL vs SOULESS yet sided with Homer here when Flanders' method had SOU…[View]
117794851Do you think Little Bill will be on the upcoming Paramount+ streaming service next year? Ren and Sti…[View]
117773552New Episodes starting on Monday, idc. Maybe I'll binge this shit if I get Disney+ again.[View]
117791520Does he even have a dick?[View]
117792932So the Cartoon Media Forum has just finished their pitch meetings for various films/shows in develop…[View]
117793936Hi /co/. Got a question. When's the last time that Power Girl showed up in a comic? It wasn…[View]
117794355Harley Quinn has never been an interesting or original character: >Classic Harley = Columbia (Roc…[View]
117793988How many times has she made her family suffer?[View]
117793185Opinion on Kelly?[View]
117790105STORYTIME WHO KILLED KENNY: >Story and art by Alessandro Pera Perugini. (You) too can be a detect…[View]
117794800What are you reading /co/? In this thread we discuss what comics we are reading / we just finished r…[View]
117779751Happy Flyday, lads!: In the summertime when the weather is hot You can stretch right up and touch th…[View]
117704025Damn, Black Canary has a pretty nice butt[View]
117783598>kicks off the renaissance of animation: >The show was actually a major gamble for Disney, as …[View]
117785582>tfw there will never be a better Disney movie than Tangled Why even live…[View]
117793616>Sorry fat boy but your 30 minutes are up buh bye![View]
117794491I must get back to building my fort.[View]
117792084How did the autistic furry end up the patriarch of a large extended family and not the family values…[View]
117793300'Hey, America. Why not let some of the other countries carry their share of the load? You can, with …[View]
117794320What's his power level?[View]
117790741remember windows 95 3d movie maker?: it was a thing on windows 95 with really primitive graphics fro…[View]
117787383Whats with the brown spot in her hair?[View]
117793145Dipper Fics: Any good Dipper x Reader fic recommendations[View]
117793302How come Pinwheel barely gets discussed on /co/?[View]
117786025Will New Warriors ever see the light of day?[View]
117788829>Ben. I just wanted to say I’m sorry, for how amazing I am. If I wasn’t so incredibly powerful an…[View]
117793721>have you ever noticed how perps always claim they're innocent? That's the joke.…[View]
117790535Sometimes I remember this comic exists and it throws me for a loop every time[View]
117789821Not enough glasses girls in /co/, we need more glasses girls[View]
117793326How would this do in 2020?[View]
117785768So...thoughts on season 11 thus far?[View]
117793486SRMTHFG Thread: Geez. Time surely flies.[View]
117789848Another Messageboard Thread: Because the last one did well and we can't let Discord and Tumblr …[View]
117713093'Ugly' characters: Those characters that someone clearly designed to be unattractive, but you'd…[View]
117779375Which show fell harder?[View]
117774347ITT: Monkey’s Paw: Make a /co/ related wish and it’ll come true, but it comes with a price[View]
1177926082020 I am forgotten...[View]
117789248Okay but where are child services?[View]
117762990It's weird how pre-cancellation Family Guy was more corny and cute ('Who touched the thermostat…[View]
117787112ITT subtle references in /co/ media[View]
117793608I'm bored /co/: here's a crappy comic I made.[View]
117788434So what happened to all that shit about making a movie for this show? Did Noelle ruin everything and…[View]
117789817Is Black Noir supposed to be The Boys version of Deadpool in the tv show? (I know who he is in the c…[View]
117790454Why don't cartoons make ant-drug PSAs like they used to?[View]
117792997Are his comics really even that good?[View]
117792970I started watching Frog Show. Why does the Ann sound like a 40 year old woman?[View]
117786579Do you know which holes this tongue has penetrated?[View]
117790432What’s Megg looking at?[View]
117791611This ship doesn't make any sense. The headcanons of the showrunner are terrible. Like, she basi…[View]
117792827Did he do it?[View]
117786249So how DOES the law handle homicide in self-defense in a battle to the death between two private bus…[View]
117778098Any Egyptian Queen aesthetic in comics & cartoons? Bonus points if she uses seduction.[View]
117785325Superman thread: Can we get a Superman thread? >favorite run? >favorite story? >favorite a…[View]
117792798ongezellig thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsvg_WatcaE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tt2Z…[View]
117790469Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 4: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117783510We have cum for The Golden Ass![View]
117791172>There are people who unironically think that the show version of “The Boys' from The Boys show i…[View]
117792482Has an animated movie ever given you a fetish? Picrel for me (scat)[View]
117789328Hello police? There is a gay mutant in my house.[View]
117782509Why are underaged lesbians depicted as being so thirsty? Isn't that little creepy?[View]
117785806I have to say, I was really looking forward to this show. I thought I would love it. It honestly too…[View]
117786086What was it like to watch the Spongebob movie in theatres for the first time?[View]
117791053How did they get Michael Turner to draw these covers nine years after his death? They're credit…[View]
117787915>HBO Max has 6 currently airing animated series, one being a shorts series, with 15 upcoming >…[View]
117781662Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 77: Page 38 >Various things happen on this page.…[View]
117792097Comic book artists and manga artists should fall under the same category Cartoonists[View]
117791478Was Zoey the worst Total Drama character?[View]
117787089>Is introduced as interesting character with agency >gets turned into a lescuck few episodes i…[View]
117791829Men in Black - Cartoon series: Was it kino? The intro was pure swag https://youtu.be/mVAePIyC4kQ…[View]
117788676Dave the Intern is unironically the best sonic villain.[View]
117756470Reply a comfy picture[View]
117790715welcome to mcdandols: what do you want?[View]
117788193Can we have a thread for the buff and the beautiful?[View]
117788304Canon Pimps: Pic related[View]
117788650Describe this character's personality aside from gay and Benson's love interest.[View]
117788181The Mask animated series: Why does nobody ever talk about this? It's like it disappeared from t…[View]
117787376I'm both glad and regret discovering this show. On one hand, it's cute, adorable charming,…[View]
117790578How did Pixar get away with this joke ?[View]
117788894Why Mother's Milk?[View]
117788319Here's your sexy lifeguard bro.[View]
117786431I'm seeing more and more random mentions of this show now on the bird app. Did /co/ finally wat…[View]
117788861I just had an epiphany that zeros in exactly on what this episode did wrong: It both supposed to be …[View]
117791306What do you think about the explosion of animated music videos especially during this pandemic? I…[View]
117761140Marvel Comics December 2020 Solicitations: KING IN BLACK #1 DONNY CATES (W), RYAN STEGMAN (A/C) Dark…[View]
117790852Pretty Cool: This Venus Space Rainbow looks like Superman's shield. https://earthsky.org/todays…[View]
117782416This is your school bulli/love interest now.[View]
117788766Would G.I. Joe follow an executive order to quell protesters in American cities?[View]
117791054Why won't /co/ shut the fuck up about her?[View]
117781331One of Popeye's nephews is named Poopeye.: Weird /co/ facts thread.[View]
117787106How do we fix Hawkman?[View]
117787826Is there a reason we don't talk about this?[View]
117787549Ben 10: Was he a fuckboy?[View]
117789954How would he fare in the Marvel Universe?[View]
117785763Harley Quinn Season 3: Is it happening?[View]
117758461Watchmen cartoon general: What was your favorite episode of Watchmen? For me its where Rorschach lea…[View]
117786447ITT Rare OTPs[View]
117782877Name a more precious character than Adora go on I'll wait there is no rush[View]
117790430>it's set in modern times goddammit[View]
1177855458 Eddys are about to attack you, wat do?[View]
117784264Attention all telepaths! I'm putting together a AAAAARRRGGHHHH[View]
117786401My dog died yesterday. Can you guys post some funny pictures to cheer me up?[View]
117772482>Luz's feet[View]
117750076What are the most forced and underdeveloped romances?[View]
117786214Reminder that in the span between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, Dreamworks birthed, milked and ruined…[View]
117787825Name a more overrated cartoon.[View]
117785971What did she mean by this?[View]
117789422Does he not get enough credit for why the first three seasons were so good?[View]
117782798Why is there no Static Shock live action movie?: Would be kino[View]
117787884Fuck you I liked it[View]
117786312>arab character >gets power of Egyptian gods >calls herself the name of a goddess >runs …[View]
117726806Tomboy thread[View]
117779547Who could possibly defeat UI Shaggy?[View]
117788200>gf left I guess it's time to reread Scott Pilgrim and learn nothing again…[View]
117786324ITT: Child groomers[View]
117777820This is the sort of arrowhead that Green Arrow and Hawkeye use all the time. Why are these treated l…[View]
117788892Mabel of shorts is the best Mabel?: She is more funny, trashy, cute and self centered! Am I right?!…[View]
117788646What is the worst premise for a cartoon and why is it this piece of shit?[View]
117784197Why does he want to be the ruler of all mousedom? He's a rat[View]
117786770Was this intentional?[View]
117788512simon hanselmann seeds and stems: Hi, could anyone re-up it on mega?[View]
117786334Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 3: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117788578Cartoons for depression: Happy cartoons[View]
117785576https://youtu.be/-eJLyTBkCsQ Dayum. Reminds me of these Callie Briggs customs.[View]
117786426Superman: Man of Tomorrow: What did /co/ think of this movie, particularly in comparison to previous…[View]
117788264Simpsons: Why can't they just let this show die already?[View]
117786590I don't like this cartoon.: But I dont want to elaborate why I just want to say the creators su…[View]
117788298Hey mods instead of insta-nuking my Big Mouth bait threads ATLEAST do something about the samefaggin…[View]
117788098>Is introduced as interesting character with agency >gets turned into a lescuck few episodes i…[View]
117781651She's packing a lot[View]
117788035What is with people saying supes is boring cause hes 'too powerful' like do these people just suffer…[View]
117787857Opinions on this gremlin? Why is she so horny?[View]
117749699Why did they wait four years until the third movie was out and nobody cared anymore to start giving …[View]
117787918if you don't clean up the dust, you'll get the Dirty Gene Dirty Gene, made up of dust http…[View]
117786868What stories and fairytales could Disney base a new movie on at this point?[View]
117772285This movie still holds up after all these years. You can tell it was made with a lot of passion and …[View]
117755001Today I will remind them.[View]
117787392Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Karai or April?[View]
117787389Sidekicks: do you like them? Any favorites? Should dc phase them out? Or should they progress in to …[View]
117783386POST AMERICANA #1 (OF 6) (MR) IMAGE COMICS OCT200014 (W) Steve Skroce (A) Dave Stewart (A/CA) Steve …[View]
117785934>What's up, anon. You got a pitch for Adult Swim?[View]
117787483Why did he expect a drink with his pizza when he didn't order one?[View]
117785262Darkseid is such a boring ass villain, pretty sure the only people who like him are power level auti…[View]
117781803Oi, what's your problem, m8?[View]
117769871Give me your crossover ideas, /co/! The more batshit the better.[View]
117786637Justice Fruit Pies™: Can Justice Fruit Pies™ solve America's school shooting problems?[View]
117688153I know you want to post mommies, don't you? Ara-ara, what a naughty anon.[View]
117781649Literal perfection[View]
117784004Why did this cause so much seething?[View]
117782723If they were brother and sister, what the fuck were they doing sleeping in the same bed together?[View]
117788545Why is it ok for there to be 50 threads up at all times about 30 year old trannys fantasizing being …[View]
117785992/co/ is Liz central![View]
117777746>I-is that SWEAT?!?[View]
117784118>Margot Robbie voiced a cgi dingo that is lost forever You may now press f…[View]
117786084Question for animators: Why don't your reference forgotten obscure cartoon characters no one gi…[View]
117770321I'm back at it again: Why is she the best classic waifu? She's perfect in every way[View]
117786081I don't get it[View]
117784437What are your thoughts on numbah four?[View]
117786576>this aired on PBS kids Jesus Christ[View]
117786675Self Loathing/Depressed Characters Thread: An ode to the suicidal/mentally ill characters.[View]
117786499Whoa is what Owl House is like?![View]
117780586>don't like most cartoons nowadays because they try too hard to appeal to teens >this is …[View]
117783383/co/ give me some Lex Luthor recommendations I've read >President Luthor arc >New 52 Jus…[View]
117785565So is Luz like Milo Murphy with a little bit of motivation?[View]
117732539Lips or no lips?[View]
117782726I know /co/ is and has always been an extremely contrarian board, I am not here to argue if Steven U…[View]
117785796The great debate.[View]
117763204What a talentless pile of shit.[View]
117786235How does the leader of the six heroes fare in Marvel/DC.[View]
117764006>Remember that episode where Carl lost his virginity to a Alien Jellyfish and his ass was pregnan…[View]
117784068Let's have a Pinch Raccoon thread[View]
117774261Jungle Ladies: Which do you like? Mariem, Shaana, Sheena or other. Which one is your favorite? My is…[View]
117786067For me it's Jam.[View]
117785461Hypothetically, MMO gets greenlit for a TV series. Who is your preferred voice cast? Bonus points if…[View]
117783327Honestly though, what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
117784989Books or series you want cartoon versions of[View]
117779528Why isn't anyone else wearing a mask? Dilbert's doing it[View]
117782837What purpose do the narration boxes serve here?[View]
117776081Why is he better than abe?[View]
117785728What's the grossest panel in a Big Two comic in your opinion?[View]
117773519Im putting together a team.[View]
117785727That is just Korra lol[View]
117784905Doug Walker has this fucking image of Wile Coyote on the 'I wish you were here' album cover on his w…[View]
117783212why is every nu-disney show: minority girl gets sucked into weird world to live with 3 weird family …[View]
117784015Will they get together?[View]
117758940I want to dick the lez out of Vaggie[View]
117778697Ralph Bakshi materialises into your room (don't ask how, the man is not bound by the laws of ph…[View]
117783492Is this what Superhero fucking would be like? 'Cause damn. I've always wanted to be able t…[View]
117785320Why would anyone be so arrogant when speaking to these superpowered pychopaths? Just say 'Vought wan…[View]
117785431Borger Reblog if you agree[View]
117775266Thoughts on viva piñata?[View]
117783612ITT: draw a /co/ character poorly: and others attempt to guess the character[View]
117785334Black Noir: Why is he so cool? He must’ve done things to be this cool.[View]
117782543Worst Kid Shows: What the fuck was Sugar smoking? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti3eEXaFdS8&fe…[View]
117783219Paranatural: gimme gwasses Any bets on what we're about to see? Because I feel like if it was j…[View]
117783399The Boys: I feel that, in adapting the comics to the show, these two have switched in terms of the q…[View]
117780006Pretty shitty story for a character with such potential[View]
117785039I love her so much.[View]
117784202THE BOYS SPOILERS FINAL ACT: I had early access to the final eps Supes: -Lamplighter is the final vi…[View]
117782040Today I will remind them.[View]
117784800Reminder that 'Fragments' lost an Emmy for this thing.[View]
117768520Here's Your She-Hulk Bro: https://deadline.com/2020/09/she-hulk-tatiana-maslany-marvel-series-1…[View]
117772020Should Dark Avengers be the next big thing for the MCU[View]
117769075Joss Whedon's abusive behavior on the set of JUSTICE LEAGUE: This is not okay, guys. >During…[View]
1177848193x3 and recommendation thread: Rate and recommend >what are you currently reading right now? …[View]
117784742ITT: /co/ characters who did nothing wrong: I'll start.[View]
117771347Vote - Mos2 or Reboot?: https://www.strawpoll.me/20959399 Dc Movie General![View]
117782518Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 2: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117784657I loved this cat. She was so cute and cool. What are some other cute /co/ kitties and cats?[View]
117775949'___ the _______ ____!'[View]
117784357Peter Cashwell on Omaha, Miracleman, Fires, and Sam & Max[View]
117759978The Raccoons: What was his fucking problem?[View]
117784361Let's have a thread on Doug Tenapel's comic, Bigfoot Bill. What do you guys think of it?[View]
117675287PreTeena: Exactly a week has passed since the last comfy and wholesome PreTeena thread reached the b…[View]
117784267How powerful would their kid be?[View]
117781607Why doesn't Batman act human in current mainstream comics ? In the DCAU there's a scene wh…[View]
117780138I haven't watched a video in years. And yet I'm compelled to see this one.[View]
117781621Silver era thread[View]
117782562So, that taco bell promo comic where Carol is called Captain Marvel while wearing Ms Marvel Costume …[View]
117783798I just realized, if the DVDs of this show still do well on Amazon and the show was a big hit back in…[View]
117783362Why do people hate this episode so much? It's pretty funny.[View]
117772939Next time, baby.[View]
1177839053x3 chart thread: Post a chart of your favorite cartoon series and other anons makes assumptions abo…[View]
117774694Need more selfcest in media.[View]
117783472Dexter's Lab Reboot In Works At Cartoon Network: https://deadline.com/2020/08/cartoon-network-g…[View]
117783667Superchads Thread: >Superman Death and Return >Superman Doomsday >Lex Luthor: The Unauthori…[View]
117781646ITT: Shows you never watched as a kid and missed out on.: I found this show kind offputing for some …[View]
117783334>hate Hazbin Hotel >hear it’s airing on TV soon >don’t believe any of that scum >A24 c…[View]
117773910You know what this thread is[View]
117782276that episode of billy and mandy with the dinosaur toys made me horny as a kid. it was the scene wher…[View]
117763406ITT: Post random out of context stills form cartoons[View]
117781196Stewie is Now a Worst Character Since He's Gay: >Character is no longer an evil sociopath …[View]
117773225>Boss Baby 2 is now real >Croods 2 is also real >Madagascar 4 was (almost) real until it wa…[View]
117779490Cartoons You Thought Were Fever Dreams: just found out that this wasnt a warped memory and that its …[View]
117754874Amphibia: Sleepover episode this weekend What do you all think is in that secret part of the castle …[View]
117777751I want to release myself from the bondage of individual freedoms, /co/.[View]
117777154Here's your new bIron Patriot bro[View]
117782143Whats happening here?[View]
117777941Ruby Gloom: I wanna see the Bright Side of the Dark Side.[View]
117774438Would you live in Gotham City?[View]
117779727Why was he a manlet[View]
117780604Cyclops vs Magneto: Who would you want to win in a fight to the death?[View]
117773124A Boss Baby Sequel? OK Then. >In the sequel, the Templeton brothers—Tim (Marsden) and his Boss Ba…[View]
117774527wait didn't Futurama comics show Leela's uncensored booty?[View]
117771562Xilam Animation Thread: One of France's most popular animation studio alongside Zagtoon among m…[View]
117771175The Joker? More like the Cuckeder!: >In THE SUICIDE SQUAD, Harley Quinn has flings with several m…[View]
117782261>tfw he’s probably dead as of The Mandalorian[View]
117778802/co/ shipping thread: post your favorite ships[View]
117781158Heathcliff uses bubble gum.[View]
117767649Disney Italy Storytime - Duck Cousin Ensemble: A selection of five stories where Donald, Fethry and …[View]
117769444The Fall Of Steven Universe: What went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti3eEXaFdS8…[View]
117771476Animated Music Video thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3RHLh0e2AM[View]
117742576>Creates an entire universe with theoretically as much lore and story potential as star wars: …[View]
117775221You ever think about the fact that O 'Malley essentially fucked every girl in Scott pilgrim? Th…[View]
117781460Please talk about comic books, not cartoons[View]
117779081Woody is he real[View]
117777801Let’s discuss Grant Morrison’s Batman run ITT[View]
117780524For the first time I have zero interest in any cartoons airing the last thing I cared about was Prim…[View]
117766448The Cuphead Show: Will it be the return of animated shows to quality?[View]
117775335Ballerina: How is this movie /co/?[View]
117759787Thoughts on the Madagascar trilogy?[View]
1177756674chan as represented by (insert /co/ media): Whatever happened to these?[View]
117782196>Henry Cavill confirmed to appear in upcoming DCEU movies >James Gunn says Bloodsport is in pr…[View]
117779977Gloria's Ass: How the fuck did they get away with this? It's not even just something about…[View]
117775149What type of engine or system would be best for a Superman fighter? Something like Street Fighter or…[View]
117775515I’m in the middle of season one but I’m confused about something. So it’s established the general pu…[View]
117782119what's there to explain?[View]
117730200They took THIS from (YOU). Is there at least one alternative reality where Spiderman and DP are bfs…[View]
117718055Star Trek: There's an Andorian named Jennifer.[View]
117775884Post characters who could rape the Joker.[View]
117776943Where are his organs?[View]
117781409Why do people hate the Avatar comics again? I get Korra but what's exactly wrong with the comic…[View]
117779618What is the best adult animated show of all time and why is it Bojack Horseman?[View]
117781105Where these two ever part of the dc comic universe? I feel like that guy, STRIPE, from Stargirl is b…[View]
117773522Post your dream mario cartoon: Bear with me >Epic Mario Bros >Main cast consist of Mario, Luig…[View]
117762120CROODS 2 IS REAL: I REPEAT, CROODS 2 IS REAL https://twitter.com/Dreamworks/status/13066089622052905…[View]
117773223ITT: /co/ stuff that used to be REALLY popular but has now fallen into obscurity[View]
117778877Devil's Candy: >beep https://www.devilscandycomic.com/[View]
117771399Black Flash Will Be The Main Villain Of Ezra Miller's THE FLASH: Thoughts?[View]
117780398Double-layer: Post characters using other characters.[View]
117777241I miss Tiny Toons[View]
117696009/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
117779813Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 1: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgA…[View]
117781005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcNCSP-xh-M Based Ross[View]
117775421>$200 million dollar budget >mulan reimagined as a wuxia movie ala HERO, Crouching Tiger Hidde…[View]
117733208Transformers #23 and Galaxies #10 Storytime: Sentinel Prime's controversial speech at the Senat…[View]
117774797Max peaked here: Everything since this video has been kinda shit, why?[View]
117774430Where do I start with The Spirit?[View]
117778504Unsounded: And so, the secret laboratory of evil is breached.[View]
117747946RIP: We just killed the club[View]
117766401As DC embraces the multiverse more than ever, they announced a 2021 Batman comic featuring a Black m…[View]
117769316Tamers1345 Kino imminent.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v2vmJan4Qs&ab_channel=Tamers12345 Ge…[View]
117762665Why aren't there any cool black characters anymore? Who actually likes these loser nerds?[View]
117777583Why are people afraid of Superman more than Flash again? If Superman goes rouge, you would still hav…[View]
117779249This version of the Green Goblin needs to be in the MCU. https://youtu.be/5RgR0-EWuNY[View]
117774782WarHams - Episode 6 'Song Halls': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6jfxAZc4F4 Was anyone else kind o…[View]
117778861Remember when mordecai killed his best friend? That was a cool one.[View]
117779192Barney is way fatter then homer yet no one gives him shit for it[View]
117779367redpill me on batman who laughs[View]
117775556>character has country accent >is always dumb or evil :/…[View]
117773475What the hell's his problem?[View]
117772435Fictional Others: Does anyone have fictional others on here?[View]
117764286>no way fag[View]
117775906That Ponce guy is such a character! Everyone is lucky to have a friend like him![View]
117776907Anyone have this but his pee is yellow? I need it[View]
117764081I miss Achewood.[View]
117779058>little boy voiced by an adult woman no one gives a shit >poc or whatever your ment to say now…[View]
117776955You know, for someone with “bad social skills” she was too friendly.[View]
117777158Guys > Church and State > High Society > Minds > Women > Flight > Cerebus Vol 1 …[View]
117745313People are going to fight over this, so let's just get it out of the way now. When it comes to …[View]
117777042What are some other examples of successful propaganda in mainstream Western animation?[View]
117771945What is your favorite non-Disney 2d animated movie from the 90s?[View]
117663089Sunny Miami: I made this for a Sunny Miami thread a couple of weeks ago, but when I finished and wen…[View]
117774405Which do you prefer, old and fat business mogul Lex or the cool and handsome brilliant scientist Lex…[View]
117777259Did Aladdin not deserve a proper sequel instead of a remake?[View]
117778160Animation little house movie when?: It's gotta be soon before the liberals burn down all of our…[View]
117775894ᴵᴹ ᴬ ᵂᴱᴮˢᴵᵀᴱ[View]
117777780What was /co/'s opinion on it?: Thanks to all those to attended the stream[View]
117770466Her personality turns me off also post american dad girls[View]
117775925Think of an animated series. Write an episode about alcohol consumption. Go.[View]
117776078Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 4): Part 7/Results: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/1zx…[View]
117774600Another sun sets over the swamp, not a sign of our beloved hero in 2020...[View]
117775333So, what are Mary Bailey’s policies?[View]
117774717>show ends in a cliffhanger[View]
117763543For me it's Claire Wheeler.[View]
117775780Forky Wins Emmy NOT SUF: The SU fandom is spamming the Disney Twitters talking about the Emmy with t…[View]
117773939STORYTIME SEPTEMBER: Y: THE LAST MAN: I'm storytiming something every day in September, and tod…[View]
117770976What are you reading /co/? In this thread we discuss what comics we are reading / we just finished r…[View]
117773433Can we have a musclefu thread?[View]
117737571This is total cringe.[View]
117776647IT WAS ME, CRIMSON CHIN![View]
117774533ITT: /co/nvenient catalogs[View]
117776116GI Joe thread? Do you remember and shit.[View]
117773567Who would win?[View]
117766635The DVD for this came out, Thoughts? (Velma is just as shitty on it as she's been in the last 3…[View]
117771441Official japanese PPG DVD cover[View]
117759974What do you think of his new armor, /co/?[View]
117776229>DUDE, what if the guy who made regular show grew up, got married, and had a kid? Why would he th…[View]
117775463God I wish that was me.[View]
117774788SU Fandom's WORST: What has been the worst to take form from this fandom?[View]
117766956This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
117771229New Sonic Underground https://youtu.be/_v2vmJan4Qs The plot thickens[View]
117776370Would you be corrupted by the golden turd?[View]
117763811STILLWATER #1 STORYTIME: /ourguy/ Chip Zdarsky (Daredevil, Spider-Man Life Story, Sex Criminals) has…[View]
117771340ITT Post one of your favourite /co related characters and anons will assume one thing about you[View]
117772062OMG, LANA SOUNDS SOOOO OLLLLLLLDDDDDDD! Also visit your goddamn kid already, fuck![View]
117772706Vicky thread[View]
117773708How do you even get fat from village food? During a war no less when supplies are probably limited.[View]
117763527Why is Shazam less popular than other superheroes?[View]
117768511Alicia Vikander Eyed To Star In SPIDER-WOMAN: https://movieweb.com/spider-woman-movie-alicia-vikande…[View]
117772541Why is it okay to like DC movies but not Marvel movies?[View]
117774444itt lines you cant believe were actually put on tv https://vocaroo.com/o3GBQmGHIsP[View]
117733382What are some things Luz likes?: Hardmode: No Amity.[View]
117768302Quests: What are some comics and cartoons about an old school quest? Adventure party, dungeon crawli…[View]
117774182Why so many people hate this ship so much? What does exactly make it bad?[View]
117764274That smile.[View]
117762792Meta Runner Season 2 trailer tomorrow: What do you think of the new style[View]
117774154When I first watched this I busted out laughing at the first five seconds. Who takes this seriously?…[View]
117770989Was there a way to make this episode work without fully retconing the whole show and them pretending…[View]
117773885Out of the loop: What's going on with Peru Why do people hate peruvians I'm out of the l…[View]
117773927>Marvel event story >the main cast is only MCU characters and well known mutants Every fucking…[View]
117763890Odin: You do enjoy music videos based on aesir deities don't you? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
117768439Poison ivy and kids.[View]
117773817So did they have a fling before he betrayed The Commission, or was she just a pedo? On one hand I co…[View]
117769138This little shit.[View]
117771957Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 4): Part 6: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/1zxrCA6cYjK…[View]
117769732The batman who laughs is easily the most badass character DC has ever made. Everything from his desi…[View]
117768792Why are Marvel telekinesis users so shit? You would think that they would at least have some sort of…[View]
117768882Noelle's comics are kind of bad. They're just blank white pages with words and a vague dra…[View]
117764239>YHWH dies like a bitch, executed while helplessly begging for his life >YHWH dies like a Lee …[View]
117761138Erin Kellyman Reportedly Playing SONGBIRD In ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’: https://www.comicbookmov…[View]
117773004Will Legends Of The Dark Knight Ever Be Republished?: With the death of Denny O'Neil this year …[View]
117765930Why were 90s cartoons so nightmarish and horrible? This is some fucked up shit.[View]
117772898How would he go in the Shin Megami Tensei universe?[View]
117767754Sonic Underground: Why was Knuckles on the show but not Tails?[View]
117767343Since bendis' run is coming to an end how do you think the next writer is gonna clean up his me…[View]
117772761>Dino short for dinosaur? Remember to Ask Jeeves.[View]
117771047Now who will play him?[View]
117764965Star Wars: Fundamentally what is wrong with this franchise?[View]
117771924Did Injustice 2 give us the best Damian Wayne costume of all time?[View]
117764492You now get three Amitys[View]
117772515Ayy, man. The women that- The women that-[View]
117763219Cartoon Forum 2020: It's been a rough year for the industry but Europe is still having its annu…[View]
117764515Does anyone actually think she's pretty or only lesbians?[View]
117769042It's crazy how evocative a 'simple' facial expression can be. Because of John K., everyone (in…[View]
117772159'Hello, I'm Mrs. Pennyfeather. I understand you're looking for a nanny. Pleased to meet yo…[View]
117772153I made a board inspired by an angel version of HIM from The Powerpuff Girls.[View]
117771455Okay I'm waiting for the punchline.[View]
117768140So this retard became a terrorist on purpose, just to push a stupid narrative that is contradicted m…[View]
117766900Meanwhile on rule 63 /co/...[View]
117771797'You promised to stop watching that telly and take me on holiday!' 'Shut uppa your mouth.' 'Ethnic M…[View]
117680824What is the point of elf horns? For decoration? And what do they feel like?[View]
117769108Reminder that Japs saved PPG not once, but TWICE How does that make you feel?[View]
117763872What a wholesome family[View]
117771081Why dose CN no longer Spam this movie in October anymore: To me it's not Halloween until CN spa…[View]
117771846I'm ok with this[View]
117766999Why DID the 90's Renissance happen?: Why did all these companies suddenly turn to more experime…[View]
117769829Lady and the Tramp: Ever watch something that just breaks your heart because you know we'll nev…[View]
117760941>Batman sees lower-class criminal commit a crime because he needs money to live >Beats him up …[View]
117752784>Go to discount Hogwarts >See this What do?…[View]
117771073Fry is such a likeable protagonist, the kind that adult cartoons don't have anymore.[View]
117770636If this doesn't make you go D'awww and hate humanity just a LITTLE bit less, you are truly…[View]
117768865Any /co/ related media about bullying?[View]
117763651What did she mean by this?[View]
117767199Post characters who’s scenes you always skip[View]
117768950Pluto's Christmas: I love how tortured he looks because Mickey is so clueless[View]
117766038Does /co/ like GILFs?[View]
117764565What is Luz showing?[View]
117771181https://app.monopro.org/pixel/ Do your worst /co/[View]
117767586Cringe thread[View]
117770943IT WAS ME MERMAID-MAN[View]
117769280Carmen Sandiego season3: The trailer dropped https://youtu.be/JEvemAZnl0I[View]
117756048Is this show a failure?: Is star trek lower decks a failure?[View]
117769947Cute /co/ boys.[View]
117767131Why won't you acknowledge an obvious conspiracy?[View]
117769387her voice makes my PP feel funny[View]
117765081Oh Sheldon...[View]
117756434Did Stan lee create any of the characters he's credited with?[View]
117770845So, when you said 'steal wool' you meant 'steal' like robbery, not 'steel' like the plate in my head…[View]
117770637>the moment where mavisfags got btfo[View]
117768339My god. 7 months later and they still look fuckugly and generic. Not to mention they only appeared t…[View]
117768710Dyk he was Disney/Pixar 1st gay main character[View]
117766133Nightmare before christmas: Would you watch a CGI sequel or stop motion?[View]
117770550Why is the audience in Mojoworld so weak? Couldn't even handle Daken.[View]
117769996what are your thoughts on BPRD. Not Hellboy or the greater narrative, but the BPRD specific works? I…[View]
117767010>quantity over quality[View]
117760355Why is she so popular on /co/?: Seriously, I haven't seen this many people taking about her sin…[View]
117767735Across the 2nd Dimension > Night of the Living Pharmacists > Summer Belongs to You > Star W…[View]
117768524Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 4): Part 5: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/1zxrCA6cYjK…[View]
117679012new PRIMAL promo/trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THsObn8BNHo[View]
117763984What went so wrong?[View]
117760623Teen Titans #45 Storytime: Why the hell not[View]
117761154any autists who can identify Tom and Jerry animators help pls: i was watching the scene of Jerry dan…[View]
117745579Never judge a show by it's screenshots: This was actually really good for a modern show[View]
117766649ITT: Smoking in cartoons[View]
117765433They are girlfriends![View]
117766380>built in headpats[View]
117768553Latch key kid cartoons: I was raised on public school church & cartoons. Church was nice except …[View]
117764912Dumbing of age: I'd watch Joyce Tik Tok[View]
117768261How would their relationship play out in canon if they got together romantically?[View]
117754319How prophetic was Judge Dredd?[View]
117762578How would you fix it?[View]
117768127Will it happen this season?[View]
117766577What would our opinion on He-Man be if the cartoon wasn't made by the world's gayest carto…[View]
117753251Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
117756816Do cartoons have moe?[View]
117764347Who was in the wrong here?[View]
117766552Dork Diaries: Does anyone know if these are good or not?[View]
117761528Is this actually worth reading? Or do you have to be into little boys to enjoy it?[View]
117767469Why does everyone hate her now? >She's a extremist Christain, her apology video was a sermo…[View]
117760388'Secret' identity: So, how many villains now know that Batman is Bruce Wayne?[View]
117766296Is a Quicksilver and Crystal Team up Limited,: Make a story about Quicksilver and Crystal having to …[View]
117763689I love Reggie so much, guys. More than anything in the world. Why isn't she real: We will never…[View]
117764106>Disney acknowledging Chicken Little >Disney acknowledging Buck 'Mother Fucking' Cuck Based D…[View]
117759936Would you watch this version of gravity falls?[View]
117761399story board: what does /co/ think of my story board for my animation class?[View]
117761817Lilith > Owlhag: Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
117765111Is anyone else re-watching the Mickey Mouse shorts since the new series is coming out in a few month…[View]
117763388Animinacas: Yeah is back https://youtu.be/vdAFeG8pg4o[View]
117767404Got Milk?[View]
117766343Lilo and Stitch, but its you Anon!: What would you do if one of the experiments ended up in your lif…[View]
117765929They did him so fucking dirty.[View]
117767335Do you miss em?[View]
117742475Amazing Spider-Man - The Sins of Norman Osborn Storytime: In this issue: Spencer BTFOs Dan Slott onc…[View]
117731351Who is it going to be /co/?[View]
117766385Is this really kino Star Wars content? I'm a few episodes in and not terribly impressed so far,…[View]
117766515Holy crap Lois, it's Stonetoss![View]
117766905What're some good comics/cartoons about alchemy?[View]
117765308Don't worry. She's got help[View]
117754964Beautiful and Kickass Women Thread: With great beauty comes a lot of butt to kick. No pun intended…[View]
117764501Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 4): Part 4: Keep all tournament talk ITT. ►►Vote: https://forms.gle/1zxrCA6cYjK…[View]
117765752Do you think 2D animated films forever gone ?[View]
117766130Here are your results: and yes this is your test![View]
117748299You are Lisa Simpson for the next 24 hours. What do you do?[View]
117760851can someone tell me what's the appeal of this cartoon designs? every character is thin, with no…[View]
117739036Hellions #4 Storytime: Time to bring the house down.[View]
117759357Is he the Jack Kirby of our time?: >high concept ideas that make normies go crazy >no writing …[View]
117763844ITT: Shows not even you remember[View]
117764444Darkseid is...: What, exactly? I always see 'Darkseid is' everywhere but never anything after. So wh…[View]
117760423How did Beavis and Butthead afford the house? This show literally does not make sense.[View]
117763464>Has top-cute thots at his side 24/7 >Still chooses to rape gay spider Why isn't Valentin…[View]
117760180Instances where a snooty female cheats on/cucks an inferior guy[View]
117760684Is it time for DC to turn Superman bad but this time for good?[View]
117764859>feminist drop the act and take the dick why was old disney so much better?…[View]
117765461Pardon the weebshit, but why is there no equivalent of MyAnimeList for western comics and cartoons?[View]
117750748Archer thread: NEW SEASON you are watching it right anon?[View]
117765741Superman sees these two and let’s them walk away Batman would’ve beat them to a pulp That’s why Ba…[View]
117760520Explain this: So I came across this cartoon a week ago, and was curious as to how others interpret i…[View]
117763248Carmen Sandiego Season 3: Here's the trailer. Season 3 comes out on October 1st. https://www.y…[View]
117765744Deep down, Kc Green wants to be Matt Furye.[View]
117763842What are the best Star Trek comics[View]
117764673They made Black Panther a pedo[View]
117763036Twisted Tales of Felix: wtf, /co/ didn't tell me this show had so many cute obscure waifus, it…[View]
117757361Open 24 hours a day, what a stupid idea! Who wants a Krabby Patty at 3 in the morning?[View]
117748127Redesign Thread: Good, bad, anything that gets folks talking.[View]
117761215Would a D U N E reboot work as animation?[View]
117764654Would you fuck her /co/?[View]
117763307Who wants my SU custom special les Paul?[View]
117763384A New Croods movie?: i thought this was canned but apparently a trailer is coming out in Monday. wha…[View]
117764219I love Star so much, guys. More than anything in the world. Why isn't she real: We will never g…[View]
117732657Iron Man #1 Storytime: Let's see how good this series is.[View]
117764708Batman and Joker unused cover: That's pretty heartbreaking[View]
117761594VOTE FOR BEST!: https://www.strawpoll.me/20575817[View]
117757210We will NEVER see a Marvel property animated this well again[View]
117668994Bob's Burgers has now more episodes than Futurama: As of 2020, Bob's Burgers has officialy…[View]
117764351Villains who raped women[View]
117764620say something nice about zuko[View]
117757087Don't masturbate to Troqs[View]
117759951Would you /co/?[View]
117759819Narrative Types: Hey, shit-for-brains. Which is better, in medias res, or starting from the very beg…[View]
117762382Who is your favorite cartoon young lady? No lewding allowed, it's not about that.[View]
117707314Azulafags are insane and delusional: This bitch was just crazy Ozai or no Ozai[View]
117760484Why is his design so inconsistent with the show's character design?[View]
117763054Panda Delgado anyone?[View]
117758090It's funny to me when the whole joke about propane goes over people's heads and they actua…[View]
117763477Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/ttArr90NvWo[View]
117758226Thicc Thursday: It’s Thursday meaning show off your thicc-ness[View]
117763809ITT: probably isn't worth the hype. still want to see it anyway.[View]
117732356>create new female character with big tits >she’s instantly popular and boosts comic sales Why…[View]
117745434I miss him so much why is he so perfect and amazing[View]
117739543Filename Thread! Post them![View]

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