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122949017ITT: Looney tunes quotes: IMMA RU-RU-RU-RU-RU RUB YOU OUT SEE[View]
122960420Making a books series for a hero for mutants who is not one.: I know he's evil but he's th…[View]
122958148How well does Flash deal with being underwater? Does the speed-force grant him air bubbles?[View]
122960535She's a big girl.[View]
122951190How would Dr. Bees do in the DC universe?[View]
122958766Thoughts on Star Sapphire aside from she's hot?[View]
122955200would you /co/?[View]
122945665Unsounded: >Do you think she’s telling the truth?[View]
122908087THANK, MARK[View]
122958626Authority X: >we never got an action blockbuster X-Book in the vein of the Authority in the early…[View]
122954500Post diverse characters you actually like[View]
122941874Disenchantment: Is it going to be cancelled? Netflix cancelled three series (The Irregulars, The Duc…[View]
122955314>cute chubby dilf >thin anorexic legs Why?…[View]
122960278Birdgirl Begins: WTF, Now I actually WANT a second season!?[View]
122958427All we are trying to say is giiiiiive Jellyfish Fields A chance[View]
122959588What do you think /co/? Do we delay the merger or proceed as planned?[View]
122955235Is The Incredibles just the reverse Mob Psycho 100 when it come to it's message?[View]
122960027How long will this last? Marvel is going to kill Skuttlebutt ain't they?[View]
122957550God I feel bad for all those Marcy fans on twitter, god they're in for a world of pain.[View]
122957701Price for Freedom: >Nameless looking out for Sasha and trying to help her I want this to end well…[View]
122954505MS. MARVEL Full Cast Announced: KAMALA KHAN / MS. MARVEL (Iman Vellani) >A Pakistani-American tee…[View]
122959673Would an animated adaptation of Watchmen work?[View]
122949390Who was Bart's best love interest?[View]
122954387Here’s the thing /co/, you guys don’t have to make threads for stuff like Invincible or Steven Unive…[View]
122957054Why don't creators so terrible at planning out their stories?[View]
122938714A-Force: Why didn't Marvel's Birds of Prey take off?[View]
122959303Villainous: I cant believe Penumbra just died[View]
122959640In retrospect, this was a pretty shit movie[View]
122947099What made this succeed where almost all of Netflix's western 'anime' attempts fail?[View]
122957978How do you feel about normies seeing Venom as 'le quirky monster'?[View]
122959473There was a diaperfur and his wife...[View]
122957435Which scenes would you remake on live action?[View]
122957315>come up with a new character >get screamed at by them for days afterwards…[View]
122959399Short new Tamers12345 video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcrnkRrVAuc Does anyone know what prog…[View]
122950733ITT: Shitty artists that aren't shitty people[View]
122946697He represented us for so long Now he’s just a fallen hero RIP Ben The Looney 1990-2021 Our Loon[View]
122895334Did this character deserve the popularity she got?[View]
122944942Who is this for?[View]
122959059>Arrest criminals as Daredevil >Become their lawyer now they're arrested as Matt Murdock …[View]
122959040Have you apologized yet?[View]
122956783Here's your Carnage, bro.[View]
122959063And my heart won’t beat again[View]
122958072I can't believe how lucky I was to have friends who put up with my nonsense: When I was 10, I…[View]
122952129Really? Again? https://www.newsweek.com/disney-fans-shock-discover-animation-reuse-classic-films-159…[View]
122957402So what was the original plot of Wandavision: Its obvious that shit changed due to covid right at th…[View]
122952645She was never good. Secret Six was alright.[View]
122954982Do you guys think Bojack went too far in the whole 'holding accountable' department? The sentiment …[View]
122947078Why does she like gangbangs?[View]
122924156What do you think Reed said /co/?[View]
122958845Sushi pack: Hello /co/ wanted to ask this,Was this show a wasted potential? did it have a chance to …[View]
122948126I just started this and am suprised i liek it since i typicaly hate capeshit. just finished episode…[View]
122958746If blue balls was a TV show[View]
122946542ITT: Scenes where you had a boner[View]
122943265I just watched Hilda season 2 and I got one word for it: Kino[View]
122953779I read Tech Jacket's 6 issue series a while ago and I didn't consider it very impressive. …[View]
122947024Is this attire really appropriate for a 16 year old superhero?[View]
122954699His mask needs to change[View]
122958070Was it rape?[View]
122955423can we have a robowaifu thread?[View]
122956155Do any of you guys have recommended readings for Jaimes time as Blue Beetle. I'm curious if any…[View]
122954625>blows western female designs out of the water[View]
122955798What are some blonde /co/ characters?[View]
122957296Jeff Smith thread: So what do you guys think about Jeff Smith and his work? Apparently he has a kick…[View]
122913437'Tell Mark I'm sorry--that I didn't understand what I was doing... but that I... I don…[View]
122954603This show is so perverted... yet better than 90% of the shows thats currently airing[View]
122885979BCG: Genuine question here, what does this board think about Big City Greens? It’s fellow show time …[View]
122948763So... she’s a furry officially now? I mean, we knew she was a pony freak, so I guess this shouldn’t …[View]
122953326Makeover Monday: Here’s the game: Each week a random comic character is selected, and the goal is to…[View]
122955135is he a legit cartoon critic?[View]
122958019How would Umbrella fare in Marvel? What kind of crazy stupid bullshit would they create?[View]
122907968ITT: Only kino pairings[View]
122954468Would your waifu survive alone in the wilderness?[View]
122957113Why isn't this costume used anymore bros?[View]
122957897Where or how the fuck did the Brothers Chaps come up with these names: Trogdor Prancibald Crackotage…[View]
122957534i love hal jordan: post hal jordan, it's hal jordan monday![View]
122957549Just finished pic related, and despite all the shoe-horned anime references, it's quickly becom…[View]
122957295Are you going to see her movie?[View]
122956863dc round robin: oh yeah, this is a thing. i'm surprised green lanterns and blue beetle are winn…[View]
122942731big city green thread: why they get divorced?[View]
122940300JSA Storytime: GO JOE: Good evening owls and robofuckers, to cap our spreed of reading, time for mor…[View]
122956433ITT: shows that deserved a lot better[View]
122954941Tomb Raider: Arabian Nights Storytime: Some anon was pining for the days of Top Cow Tomb Raider, so …[View]
122955296Has the world gone mad?![View]
122954097What does /co/ think of Venom not being a straight up bad guy in the movies, now? Looks like they ar…[View]
122949280Lastman: Just finished pic related, and think it's pretty criminal I never see threads about it…[View]
122954914What in the fuck was his problem? He really hated the Guardians[View]
122953514What is the early history of Beast Boy and Raven Creation in comic books ?: Like before 2000s cartoo…[View]
122956543>Bad guy has gender studies degree >has literal brain damage How did they get away with it?…[View]
122954552I thought we were friends /co/...[View]
122954207So, when it comes to female leads who are entirely likable and well done, the very top two ate Kim P…[View]
122949521What do you guys think of Mike Judge? I’ve always loved his sense of humor and art style, especially…[View]
122956538>obscure adaptations thread Anyone see the Spirit made for TV movie with Flash Gordon and Major K…[View]
122945438Birdgirl: SEASON FINALE TIME GET IN HERE[View]
122956137Why did Noelle hire a LGBT activist instead of an actual voice actor (or at least an actor). I belie…[View]
122956410What does /co/ think of J.H. Williams III?[View]
122954161*ruins everything*[View]
122953720Why do they insist on constantly ruining this character design?[View]
122951800comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting May 5, 2021: Previous threads: https://d…[View]
122956154Did Arrow have an intended end its final season?: I'm pretty behind on the Arrowverse on differ…[View]
122943933Rate comics cover: Itt post a comics cover and anon will rate them. I'll start Rate this cover…[View]
122955930>Finishes saving people from the Twin Towers. >Goes on a rant to the press about how Bin Laden…[View]
122949770This movie is shit but it’s just dumb fun I guess, but if it had the MCU logo on it you would all ca…[View]
122945252All shitposts and memes aside, does /co/ actually think invincible is a good show? If yes or no, why[View]
122950737ITT: Moments that made you cry[View]
122955701She's Alive. Ok. It looks like Joshua Williamson deserves an apology from me.[View]
122955685What are some good crossovers that make sense but haven't been done yet?[View]
122954067Why aren't people buying comics?[View]
122953396let's welcome Eric and Deborah to the special club of adorable glitchy sentient robots[View]
122955510>Avengers in newspaper of the new Venom trailer oh no it's happening…[View]
122948824What are some good Christian comics?[View]
122954531Would a 'Scooby-doo-esque' kind of show with more realistic and elaborated plots work? An investigat…[View]
122954049Will she ever find a boyfriend?: Hey folks! Went on https://philosopherai.xyz/ today. Asked AI if Fi…[View]
122953286Beast Boy joins Fortnite: Thoughts? Which outfits will he have?[View]
122951570What does /co/ think of Gods and Monsters?[View]
122949876Mutants are Supreme!: This is our world. We merely permit you to live in it. Do not forget that!…[View]
122938858ITT: Post as many parody covers and photos of Action Comics #1 that you can find[View]
122953775I love this girl like you wouldn't believe.[View]
122948430Amphibia: Comfy AU edition.[View]
122936434>haha wouldn't it be funny if we paid someone to make our show look good for a few minutes…[View]
122953691Iron Thread: As a 20-something Zoomber, between Ultimate Marvel, Civil War and the MCU, I actually g…[View]
122952445Anyone here do their own custom binding of comics? (Or have a pro do it) Just wondering if it’s wort…[View]
122955082Is Venom this goofy in the comics?[View]
122955037Star Wars: Why was Ezra so dumb?[View]
122951018I did not care for All Star Superman[View]
122954578anyone on /co/ read poop?[View]
122952411Venom 2 Doesn't Take Place In The MCU: https://www.ign.com/articles/venom-2-mcu-spider-man-movi…[View]
122952383Thoughts on Jupiter’s Legacy? 1929 storyline was great. Modern storyline was CW tier shit Seriously.…[View]
122954612The answer is Orange: Who was the best M&M?[View]
122954293>Superman in the 90s >Cool >Big muscular hunk with a hairy chest >keeping up with the la…[View]
122953892Ben 10 saga: The world building is actually super interesting. It would've been a lot better if…[View]
122950468Why is this? Is Superman outdated?[View]
122953498Archie Crossovers: Pitch me your idea for an Archie crossover. Also talk about the ones you like.…[View]
122949204Call me weird but I find him to be very handsome.[View]
122954464It literally looks like they are standing in front of a green screen, the low quality shit art does …[View]
122938849Life with Kurami Storytime (Part 2): Continuing the Mother's Day celebration with more Ana. Pre…[View]
122942621Questionable Content: I scream into the void and Heph Whacks, covered in shit, screams back at me…[View]
122943440The new toys are creepy as fuck. Short shorts. https://www.cbr.com/disney-pixar-luca-mattel-action-f…[View]
122951100Is the Superman Family Religious?: I mean I know they worship Rao. But like how religious are they? …[View]
122954215Which comic character is the most inconsistent?: Which is the most consistent?[View]
122954174ITT: Canon nudists/exhibitionists[View]
122953748I can't believe they already released 67 shorts and they're all so lukewarm. I was expecti…[View]
122954010Was he right?[View]
122930273Who should voice him in the show?[View]
122939565Battle beast: Was he the most based character in the whole comic?[View]
122948376I watched a cartoon today and it was ok[View]
122952564Power level: Which dc hero has the most inconsistent power level?[View]
122949726Season 40 >Homer is a teenager in 2007[View]
122949252So was Lex Luthor right all along and Superman is a monster?[View]
122953755>'Style' Your opinion, /co/?[View]
122946285One of the best characters in western fiction, all the common 'criticism' are usually nitpicks from …[View]
122930419Happy Mother's Day!: Time to post your favorite Mommies, MILFs and maybe even some adopted Moms…[View]
122948924I don't like the Death in the Family storyline. I think Jason Todd's death should signal t…[View]
122951575Scenes that will haunt your mind until you die.[View]
122950351When is someone going to put him in a fursuit?: A real one.[View]
122953062Krypto: So...is he sterilized or not? Does Krypto have puppies? Because he is a dog and eventually, …[View]
122953230Autobot or Decepticon, choose your side, vote if you please https://www.strawpoll.me/45253899 Say IT…[View]
122948035Gunnerkrigg Court: Jeez fine, I'm make the thread then! >Sorry if you saw this page before, …[View]
122953406Conan gets magically transported to Middle Earth. How does he fare?[View]
122952120Genuine question: how the fuck would technology match up to the x-gene? The x gene can let you bend …[View]
122952281Are there any ancient Greece themed comics that doesn't include slavery and rape of women?[View]
122949785Is this good costume design?[View]
122951692Her show is is ending next month. Say something nice aboiut her.[View]
122951185What's her western equivalent?[View]
122949558Can this board stop autistically saying that Omni-man 'is more like vegeta' than superman? Every par…[View]
122947392>A guy perfectly recreates a commercial he saw as a kid in lego >This lead to the lost commerc…[View]
122947562For me it's Django[View]
122947118Ending never ever[View]
122952979This show is actually fucking great[View]
122950420I AM GOING TO SAY THE M-WORD![View]
122943650>The charges, officer?[View]
122951499Remember when DC killed off the New 52 Superman and replaced him with the Pre-Flashpoint one?[View]
122951186train scene: Does anyone else feel as though the scene on the train was too much? Spoilers for the c…[View]
122946668I am ready for ze date, Anon.[View]
122952610Is Todd Chavez gay?: Or is he really asexual like the creators say? 'Cause I have seen some epi…[View]
122951056What went wrong?[View]
122947692Thoughts on the 2004 Punisher movie? Was surprisingly accurate to the comics IMO[View]
122930451Primal: That fucking ending, holy shit. What did /co/ think of it?[View]
122948743What's Frank Miller's best work?[View]
122951833so is this real or am i a fool[View]
122952392Well, congratulations /co/ The Viltrumites wrecked Planet Vegeta and left it in ashes. They won, yay…[View]
122952438If he saw her as a pet then why in the tarnation did they fuck?[View]
122948608Robotboy Discussion: One of the best cartoons from Cartoon Network's last days of the Golden Ag…[View]
122936752Star - Master of the Forces of Evil: Would you watch Star - Master of the Forces of Evil, a spin-off…[View]
1229524503x3: /com/Mic time, rate, hate, recomend whatever[View]
122951358Why is Joker so popular? Is it just because of Batman?[View]
122952299yellow bear dog rainbow girl[View]
122951681ITT post your favourite graphic novels: Series or specific volumes welcome[View]
122951949When will Wonder Woman go back to wearing this? Superman and Batman are wearing their classic costum…[View]
122950320Why did they Disneyfy this character so much?: Even the Mark Millar run was better then the current …[View]
122945501>Luz/Amity are the endgame What is with Hollywood and ignoring the best ships?…[View]
122951270You just KNOW the Robins got diddled to hell and back during their time in the Wayne Manor.[View]
122940736>literally just a show about regular kids with no talking animals, traveling around the world, or…[View]
122947972If Mark went along with things and Nolan DID conquer Earth for Viltrum, what would have happened to …[View]
122947159ENA Thread: Bonzi buddy is endgame boss[View]
122940039Which Rogue is best Rogue?[View]
122951325What's the closest /co/ equivalent of this?[View]
122951166What's your favorite comic book adaptation that isn't capeshit?: Mine is The Extraordinary…[View]
122946234How come nobody talks about this show?[View]
122950199>6 years later I am forgotten.[View]
122945012Family Guy: Meg Edition: So uhhh did this show get weirder in a good way? Also why was this scene ho…[View]
122950339Oh no bros, how horrible, an absolute tragedy. How do we save poor mark from this disaster?[View]
122947873Will these two shows finally usher in a new era of kino?[View]
122949655I miss good guy carnage.[View]
122947636>Face it tigers, you just hit the jackpot >Guys, I just got the biggest story >You guys are…[View]
122950663What do you think of her /co/? Do you think she will appear again in the reboot series after Pepe Le…[View]
122947691Ben is cute. CUTE![View]
122945977What are some comics/western animation that accurately portray hopelessness[View]
122949391>Dammit Bobby, why did you make me do this? You’re fighting so that you can watch everyone around…[View]
122945148ITT: crack fights Who wins?[View]
122948977Lost Simpsons episode???: I swear to god when I was a kid I saw this episode of the simpsons where b…[View]
122949441Please help me out. Who is this character?[View]
122950481This is the sexiest cartoon villainess ever change my mind[View]
122804465How’s Your Webcomic /hyw/: QOTD : What is the height gap between your tallest and shortest character…[View]
122947143Dr.Bees: Why this guy doesn't have a series yet? No, seriously[View]
122950166monster high: pussy[View]
122949502Between the two, who would you say is more naive?[View]
122949477Thoughts on Invincible Issue 40#?[View]
122944736ITT:Strong-Fat: post them thicc[View]
122942318Justice Society: World War II: Just watched this. Tell me what opinion about it we're allowed t…[View]
122948451simpsons thread: favorite simpsons episode?[View]
122949747I miss him bros. Just think if he lived, Korra never would have happened and the final season of Sam…[View]
122948267Heathcliff is getting a tattoo.[View]
122949355Films before 00's dont have soundtrack in most scenes, but now it seems like films can't h…[View]
122948808now this is cartoon with diversity done right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSQamlph1Vs watch and …[View]
122949632TCJ Letters; Bagge, Wong, Fingerman[View]
122949685previous thread No.122936005 Hi, I want to draw a soft femdom comic about catwoman cockteasing young…[View]
122944834>still a better Transformers story than the live action films >still one of the best /co/ base…[View]
122939961Post the greatest rape scenes in comic history.[View]
122949263any superheroes that exclusively use boxing?[View]
122948834so this is what the average millennial teenager was like[View]
122947744Someone else having problems hearing what the name of this species is?: Vul-Tro-mites? Vir-Tro-Mites…[View]
122949328ITT: underrated and obscure Marvel babes: Starting with Alice Gleason, from AXIS: Carnage.[View]
122939919What did he say, /co/?[View]
122949214Why didn't Doom and Magneto cry bitch tears after this?[View]
122940032Do people not like this show anymore?[View]
122940470post horrifying looking animation like this[View]
122944067any bungholes out there who like, have a rip of this or something?[View]
122944587Would puffy Arthur and Yumi work as an adult show?[View]
122946294Outsider: New chapter sometime before the heat death of the universe[View]
122948971Does anyone know what Text-to-Speech program Tamers12345 uses for his videos? I want to make Bartleb…[View]
122946371You may laugh at me but I actually believe there's a non-zero percent chance that the showrunne…[View]
122946397Thoughts on Power Rangers? If asked thrice, I will delete this thread and bring it to /tv/[View]
122946632mao mao: mao mao[View]
122941916Thoughts on the 03’ Teen Titans[View]
122945312Live with Yourself AKA Shen's 'other' Comic: IS THAT A-[View]
122948641Social story part 128: Sliding down baby.[View]
122947482>my serum makes you completely unkillable >but only when it's convenient for the plot whi…[View]
122940960hey /co/ what's that movie you watch when you feel down and cheers you up? for me it's bal…[View]
122946905Some student shorts came out recently and haven't seen them posted here. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
122947401Is Azula right or wrong to hate her mother?[View]
122947506How feasible is it for a young writer with no degree and no experience to get a historical fiction c…[View]
122947275This show got too popular, so I hate it now[View]
122948139ITT: QUALITY wtf why does the professor look so weird?[View]
122947776Schzio Thread: Post characters who suffer from schizophrenia or some allegorical equivalent to it.…[View]
122941787Amphibia: How was their relationship?[View]
122946944WildStorm-X: I’ve always heard the WildC.A.T.S and by extension WildStorm, were just X-Men expies, a…[View]
122947781So Invincible is actually heavily shilled by paid shills: I read this post >>122942428 and was…[View]
122947884Can we Fix it?[View]
122946477FF/X: Now that they’ll be joining the MCU at the same time, will there be any significant overlap be…[View]
122938921Who did it better?[View]
122947887I feel like there was two shows worth of premise here: The “School of Sidekicks learning to be Sidek…[View]
122909918Is coffee good for you?[View]
122946206Who is this fucking 'my friend' guy? I'm not your friend, buddy.[View]
122947408>Had Jon Hamm film a scene as Mister Sinister to set him up as the villain for future movies Wish…[View]
122946029Guy on the right meets guy on the left and finds out guy on the left routinely makes pacts with demo…[View]
122940930>After FG's revival Brian became the mouthpiece of Seth's political views >The scen…[View]
122945942Male superhero >killing is morally and ethically wrong. I will be no better than the villain if …[View]
122947539Was unironically invested in this show once. I Was about to leave to get something but an episode ke…[View]
122947505Lord Momo of the Momo dynasty[View]
1229466163x3 Comics Thread - 2010s Edition: Dust settled, post your favorite comics from the past decade (201…[View]
122944810which one of you sickos commission this[View]
122946525Timon and Pumbaa: The best thing to come out of Lion King franchise.[View]
122946741>I’m sorry Sam. But John Walker is a better captain America than you >do the right thing Sam. …[View]
122946499Confirmed a furry.[View]
122940816Futurama: How was it so good?[View]
122927373Lois Lane is best.[View]
122940390Here's your The Authority, Bro. oh, so they're like all Heavy Hitters[View]
122945584Do you think a Touhou cartoon could work?[View]
122943486I'm making my own cartoon: I'm making my own cartoon. It's going to be 3D animated th…[View]
122940692What are your honest thoughts on Dreamworks Animation?[View]
122942644Let’s say they try to revive Batman Beyond for at least one more season: How would you handle it? Wh…[View]
122946824What were the quintessential 2000s /co/ titles/shows/characters/media in general?[View]
122938460Chubfags of /co/, do you find Carl from ATHF hot?[View]
122933748How would Ciaphas Cain do in the Marvel universe?[View]
122918965Final Space Live Thread: Apparently things aren't as low as they can go yet, how bad is shit ab…[View]
122932785Why did /co/ hate this show again? It seemed pretty okay to me, and I thought the animation was damn…[View]
122934335Cyclops: Great character, if you dont like him you are: A. Passive Beta Male B. Edgelord C. Depresse…[View]
122910373quick rundown on this movie?[View]
122946104New to Comics: Hey everyone, I really want to get into reading DC comics, the only history I have wi…[View]
122938336Invincible season 2: So, what do you think season 2 will cover, and what will be changed/completely …[View]
122938163The era of (almost) faithful adaptations?: I know it's not perfect, but man does it feel good t…[View]
122946239You there, fill it up with petroleum distillate and re-vulcanize my tires, post haste[View]
122944017He didn't deserve so much pain, guys.[View]
122943185You now remember Crysta from Ferngully. I forgot how sexy she was.[View]
122942264For Ernie...[View]
122937565Aliens, monsters, anthros, and animals: Post non-human /co/ characters with cool designs, the more o…[View]
122944580Ever since that V.A. suicide thread and tom kane's stroke. I have been thinking. What Voice act…[View]
122940877QUALTY faces[View]
122944330What happened to all the Disney magic?[View]
122938389Could he have stopped Omni Man?[View]
122940244What's with all the Marvel fat boys[View]
122939851These shows are exactly the same, right?[View]
122939079Sexy: In the era of wokeness, the people behind comics and cartoons try their hardest to make the ch…[View]
122940715Am I alone in not liking Guardians of the Galaxy? It surprises me how many people on 4chan love thes…[View]
122945798Why didn’t he just tell his friend about the candever curse[View]
122944409Time Batman was a complete asshole to his friends and family and acted like a complete hypocrite?[View]
122945087I fucking hate modern American cartoons so goddamn much. I was going to explain the current situatio…[View]
122938500Eve's Father: Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck was his problem?[View]
122936156Mother's Day comics[View]
122945120Characters in comics that can withstand the heat of 10 Billion Sun?: Name them.[View]
122932178Why are they so cucked as a company? Why do they push feminism and gynocentric properties and wokene…[View]
122942733What the fuck was the point of this comic[View]
122939925Dipper Pines: He's cool[View]
122945296>Hulu offered to finance a new season of Metalocalypse but Lazzo declined So is new management of…[View]
122935104What did they mean by this, /co/?[View]
122931703DEATH BATTLE: We all know Po wins so what battles do you want to see next? Also reminder that Death …[View]
122942258Do you think he'll a decent animated series one day? One at least trying to mimic the Mignola s…[View]
122932907INVINCIBLE STORYTIME: Can you believe it's been a whole week already? Volume 7 - There's C…[View]
122942052So apparently the Invader Zim comics are going to end after this issue. How very sad.[View]
122943464>The only times when his dick can emerge for urination or sexual intercourse, is when it is neede…[View]
122945338Star Street: Star Street[View]
122942790ITT: characters who have suffered too much[View]
122930311Female Lobo: Yes or no?[View]
122938299/co/ Mother’s Day thread: Who gave you your mommy/milf fetish /co/?[View]
122938134Who are the worst /co/ moms?[View]
122942563BOOOB jokes[View]
122944571What is it about the Bad batch design's and animation that doesn't look like stilted, Wood…[View]
122940175Spider-Man/Deadpool Vol. 5: Arms Race: I would have done this earlier but I had to do the census wit…[View]
122937463MCU tierlist: Here's mine here's the link to make yours https://tiermaker.com/create/the-o…[View]
122928534Why is Connie such a cunt?[View]
122937281This movie felt like a pilot for a TV show. You don't think...[View]
122942101>come on here asking for a place to pirate graphic novels >people just tell me to buy it or sa…[View]
122920294ITT-post your /co/ wife or husband. Pic highly related[View]
122943559Why do they keep releasing new comics of this shit but literally nobody likes these fags?[View]
122917653What went wrong with Jupiter’s legacy[View]
122942652>that one time a long-nosed servant of Aku gave a violent alien immigrant permission to conquer a…[View]
122937606ITT The best version of a character[View]
122942217The waves were high upon the sea The wind blew up in gales I'd rather have drowned in misery Th…[View]
122943160What Comic/Cartoon fills you with adrenaline?[View]
122943823If only /co/ was as good as /co/nrad.[View]
122941200What are cartoons that have an anime artstyle, regardless of how bad or good they are? Off the top o…[View]
122942455he did nothing wrong[View]
122943524How would Heathcliff fare in the DC Universe[View]
122943572all the worst way possible i could come up with such brilliant dialogue[View]
122938236Firestar is so hot[View]
122943359Camp Camp Thread: Dark Elf edition.[View]
122939579Hello /co/, it's time for your weekly Puppet Theater starring the bizarre 'Marionette-mation' o…[View]
122942158>MUMMY'S ALIVE IS BACK ON TV >awww fuck, it's not…[View]
122941486this is trash: I've noticed everyone is going crazy over this which is proof that everoyone is …[View]
122942451Is this IGN poll right?[View]
122942170I'm a really...good...[View]
122940746>Leave omni-man to us[View]
122927120What is the better depiction of batman ? >I prefer the BTAS version[View]
122941823>Why didn't he know who Steve Jobs?[View]
122938754Thumper, what did your father tell you?[View]
122943721Daily reminder that since robots dont have human rights it is perfectly legal to rape and/or mollest…[View]
122938233Animation Domination General #1: Mother's Day Edition: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY. Disney…[View]
122940916Did they ever reveal what the fuck this was about?[View]
122942178Redpill me on invincible is it worth reading or should i watch the show?[View]
122901629JUCIKA THREAD: i need more of this commie qt[View]
122939233So that's why he is wearing the Fleischer suit in this sequence.[View]
122931963This is the best drawn modern Superman >clothes look like clothes and not bodypaint >Superman …[View]
122941909Virgin Rex Splode Vs. Chad Monster Girl[View]
122938544Why WAS he wild about Harry?[View]
122942069Imagine ...[View]
122942064How faithful is it to the book? Is as shitty as the 1994 movie?[View]
122942042This would have been more relevant 20 years ago.[View]
122930235Why is this shit so fucking generic[View]
122941843Why didn't they just make a Golden Age Wonder Woman movie? It's not like 'Justice Society'…[View]
122935733Objectively the best version of Terra in DC. Not even a debate.[View]
122939734How much can You get away with an 'expy ' character before it becomes a ripoff? Is that why most sup…[View]
122940422>Fanservice:the show[View]
122941621Best Jewish mom in cartoons, definitively.[View]
122940139Oh no hes hot[View]
122941473Big missed opportunity by not making a Justice League Beyond show after Unlimited ended[View]
122927856Do Viltrumites have any weaknesses or are they truly Invincible?[View]
122941645Ghostface Killah isn't even dead.[View]
122931683>Tags: Fat ugly bastard, bukkake, mind break https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJsGGsPNakw…[View]
122940719Why was Superman Returns so poorly-received with audiences, /co/?[View]
122939566Thoughts on the DC snagglepuss comics?[View]
122936005I want to draw a soft femdom comic about catwoman cockteasing younger male heroes like Dick Grayson,…[View]
122927633You get to write a new Snagglepuss cartoon but the only requirement is he’s canon gay. What do you d…[View]
122937542Why girls in cartoons are always depicted with longer eyelashes despite in real life there is basica…[View]
122941011>Bro, what if we made teen titans but, like, gory and bloody[View]
122939825What accounts does 8 actually even use nowadays? Most of his stuff gets reposted by fans The most re…[View]
122932377>makes you play dungeons and dragons for no reason[View]
122939610Eve: Not once not twice but FOUR is the number of times Eve thought Mark had died in the line of dut…[View]
122936513ITT:Kid characters who actually act like kids.[View]
122933510Life with Kurami Storytime: It's time to celebrate Mother's Day with the best /co/ mom. Pr…[View]
122932433Amphibia: Will this happen in season 3?[View]
122940955Jasmine thread[View]
122940947this was a weird movie[View]
122882964Helluva Boss: Opening a new Helluva Boss thread, because I'm bored.[View]
122939366Dormammu, witness the superiority of mutant magic and bow before your superior! Your dimension belon…[View]
122940272How are Archie's capeshit books? What's their best character?[View]
122937424This has been quite the interesting read, I must say.[View]
122940730>2022: Cartoon Character's Catchphrase Is 'Gimme That Stimmy!'[View]
122940583Post canon cartoon penises[View]
122930749The official spiderman timeline: This is canon and you know it.[View]
122852570The account that hosted the 4chan house shimmie got suspended. We just lost about twelve years of bo…[View]
122935933I don't understand how he views his gifts as a curse? Dude is a city destroying tier cyborg.[View]
122932644INVINCIBLE: Invincible has to be one of the best Comic Books (Even including Manga) I've had th…[View]
122940500Another thread died for this: Bacteria[View]
122937406>IT'S GO TIME! Was it REALLY 'Go time!'?[View]
122934036She is coming back in the comics soon isn’t she? With her movie coming out the comics will “force” h…[View]
122939564Post comics you think deserve a television adaptation[View]
122938655When can we expect to see this on HBO Max?[View]
122931098would you be her pet?[View]
122938910Which /co/ related character would you punch in the face?[View]
122933577Would I?[View]
122939622Is Spongebob be the last cartoon character to be a worldwide phenomenon?[View]
122939217Shit was cash[View]
122937059If Pepe Le Pew got cancelled why didn't Ice King? Since he's also kidnapping women and a m…[View]
122939914What's up with these Oggy and Zig and Sharko cartoons I keep seeing?[View]
122938178So is this just a ripoff of Kingdom Come[View]
122939627Need kino. Which one of these should i watch first [View]
122938164Where are the pictures of this bitch serving burgers after failing her art degree. We all know the '…[View]
122939375Which season of Ren & Stimpy is your favorite?: For me, it’s the first. Sure, the animation was …[View]
122939656Katara: Katara fucked Jet, right?[View]
122929249Oh God. Lucky Luke going woke. I thought French comics were safe from this shit. I hope Asterix won…[View]
122939113[as] thread: Remember the yeti bump?[View]
122930691Would you?[View]
122938480how is the comic compared to the show ?[View]
122937546>Marvel's Dave Bautista says he won't play Drax the Destroyer after 'Guardians of …[View]
122939452If I had kids, I'm definitely not gonna let them watch old Warner Bros cartoons, because of how…[View]
122937369Thoughts on Avengers Academy? Should they get their own Disney+ show?[View]
122938031side-characters you love for some reason: Dedicated to those random characters that you can't h…[View]
122939298Which one is the best Superman clone?[View]
122938996Patrick is telepathic.[View]
122937843How fast would it take for Batman to stop him if he started operating in Gotham?[View]
122915342Raya and that long blue thing: Did you enjoy this movie?[View]
122937250Comics/Gate/: Discuss what comics you're currently enjoy reading or backed from CG or indie.…[View]
122939300Based Axe Cop tells it like it is.[View]
122936536Would you talk about dinosaurs with him?[View]
122938756Why are they such sad girls?[View]
122938510>villain is a bad version of the superhero name a worse trope[View]
122936341When where you when Usagi Yojimbo had given up on medieval Japan setting and went full Independence …[View]
122927305>40-something mother >one of the faces of superheroics >dressed up like a stripper What di…[View]
122938523Robin should be blonde[View]
122938901All the recent discussion about #FinishInfinityTrain reminded me of this: What ever happened to thes…[View]
122937915 Will they show her going native and impregnating a flaxian using her monster form like in the comic…[View]
122938850>It's a Dale episode[View]
122937621What reason would Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman stand by to create the new universe by, after t…[View]
122920993Is it the perfect graphic novel?[View]
122938715Shout out to single moms and deadbeat dads.[View]
122938707The Muppets' Sweeney Todd: Would an official production work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k…[View]
122935256HITMAN STORYTIME: Was busy yesterday, let's read volume 2 now Volume 1 - >>122888222…[View]
122930291First Look At Iman Vellani As MS. MARVEL: Thoughts, /co/?[View]
122938503Would you read a Tron/X-Men Crososver/Comic?[View]
122937775Even though I liked this comic, the phrase 'For god's sake' is used way too many times It'…[View]
122938280I did not care for North by North Quahog[View]
122937956>Disney Animated film show down: >Does not include Chicken Little, Saludos Amigos,Three cabrer…[View]
122938264This is pretty edgy[View]
122938205Why they hate this character so much?[View]
122936993Why haven't you watched Tales of Alethrion yet?: It's better than most series running toda…[View]
122931846Is marvel even capable of using Galactus without having him job anymore[View]
122933442ITT: Unpopular Opinions: I grew up with 90s Spider-Man, Raimi Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man. De…[View]
122938074I’m vengeance.[View]
122937260Did he deserve it?[View]
122937050What did Latin CN mean by this?[View]
122916863So uh..... does this get good or what?[View]
122928601How would an X-Men x Evangelion crossover work? Would it be a good match?[View]
122936547the great debate: short ears or long ears?[View]
122929948>What if Supergirl but EVIL?[View]
122935209Even when there was literally nothing better to compare this to it looked like fucking garbage.[View]
122913291>Some people have genetic traits that make them objectively better than others >Everyone else …[View]
122936765Would an animated, tv show version of Authority be based?[View]
122933791any exosquad fans here? Was watching the second episode, and suddenly there was a 2015 tumblr tranny…[View]
122937403Is The Real Ghostbusters considered an anime?[View]
122935853>watch this 11 years after everyone else has already seen it >literally just copy-pasted the p…[View]
122936955quotes you use from cartoons[View]
122928385Do they ruin media consumption?[View]
122936247So how badly is tom ascheim going to get blacklisted after his plan to turn CN into a preschool chan…[View]
122928724Enid: Post Enid[View]
122927734ITT: we're 2012 /co/[View]
122937494Were they supposed to be a couple?[View]
122931579/2099/ - general thread: This thread came from the future. Discuss all things relating to Marvel…[View]
122935404Riddle me this, and see what ensue I have some puzzles, and among them is a clue But beware, for wha…[View]
122936934>I’m putting together a team[View]
122928873Korra or Katara?: Please choose yours Water bender slave lieutenant. You can pick only one . You are…[View]
122936661Remember when the guy who pitched and produced Shrek made a film about homing pigeons fighting Nazi …[View]
122937231Why are there so many shows with rural families as the main characters? Rural characters are so bori…[View]
122937193What does RR stand for?[View]
122937263Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica: Is this book any good? Does it feel like old Harley or is it…[View]
122934819Did you know Babs Bunny had a mom?[View]
122922871Alternate Superman: Favorite Alternate Superman? And I do mean Alternate Kal-El's. Not Plutonia…[View]
122930242Could he carry a 3 phase MCU arc like Thanos? Or just one phase like Loki? Or is he just one-off vi…[View]
122917495>get dragged into a feud of two clans by one of your team members >find out one if the clans g…[View]
122933595Preview: The Joker 003: Written by: James Tynion IV, Sam Johns. Art by: Guillem March, Mirka Andolfo…[View]
122936036Comic Making Reading Material.: I finished the script for my comic, I just want to get comic composi…[View]
122931018*boner activated*[View]
122934890Fat Retarded Duck: Hello /co/, I am wondering if anyone else remembers the Baby Huey parody comic, I…[View]
122930933SOCIOPATHIC SUPERMAN: They've been around since the golden age of comics.[View]
122933674Best girl[View]
122931767Ultimate Spider-Man: What worked here that they couldn't quite replicate?[View]
122937057How come NONE of you have HEARD of any of these OBSCURE shows?[View]
122936951Pool thread: RADDABALLLLL![View]
122929502Do we really have to dislike Rorschach just because Alan Moore told us to do so?[View]
122936571Why is it nearly 2 god damn hours ?[View]
122935976Gif/webm thread: Mom Edition: Post what you got.[View]
122936914Pulp Comic Books: im just a mere anon in the hunt of Pulp histories in comic books, it can be anythi…[View]
122936802These two pieces of shit were really creepy. It wasn’t until 27 years later and when I realized it. …[View]
122936686ITT: non-english dubs https://youtu.be/n3aNf5mK5gs https://youtu.be/3xWQdwNyfC4 https://youtu.be/TZy…[View]
122916479Lupin's Tales: Apparently there is new episodes airing in France but no rips of them yet, still…[View]
122914174Wanna see what Calarts students have been up to this past year?: https://watch.redcat.org/landing/RE…[View]
122935613>the episode where Sheen got aids[View]
122919674Star Vs The Forces of Evil: What went wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8gxXLBMskI[View]
122935352Why doesn’t Peter ditch MJ for Felicia?[View]
122927066Why does Marvel trust Aaron so much?[View]
122936336Dream, the sandman and also the stealer of sandwiches and fried chicken.[View]
122931602Could Zuki work as a relationship?[View]
122935994The last cartoon/animated movie you just saw got a crossover with Kingdom Hearts, how do the interac…[View]
122933215Will Iron Man be a sugar daddy to all of the Spider-Men in No way home?[View]
122935448What did Omni man mean when he said he considered Debbie his pet?[View]
122935740Tame this feral kitty[View]
122829051Wazzo Wednesday: It’s that time once again where we discuss everyone’s favorite intangible Gal from …[View]
122923683Was it Kino?: Yes... yes it was! The fact that the only home release we got is cropped full screen i…[View]
122929447One week ago, True Colors got leaked: Do you regret watching it against Matt Braly's wishes…[View]
122931814Happy Mother's day, /co/!: Post your favorite comic book mom[View]
122935724So any news on what Jason Latour's doing now?[View]
122928667Did anon ever storytime The Sigj this week? I can't find it in the archives.[View]
122931354Raven: Best Raven[View]
122935347Why did the west* stop making anime, /co/? *disney and friendos[View]
122934435Another thread died for this: Bacterial sucm[View]
122933463>Everyone says that about 'The Avengers.' 'Black Widow's dark.' I'm like, 'Okay, no, Bl…[View]
122914791On one hand, fuck Joss Whedon On the other, it seems like he's only been rude to minorities, wh…[View]
122934652JOKER Sequel In Works At WB: Rooney Mara in talks to play Harley Quinn[View]
122934303>ditches red riot for rad Why?[View]
122935311He put Fire Ants into my hand.[View]
122933944Diana is the only woman that should be able to lift Thor’s hammer.[View]
122934891Show that is just boring. ( i found this show boring not bad the artstyle. The only thing i like abo…[View]
122893317Return of the Cursed Art Thread: Post the most cursed, cringest art you can find[View]
122935022Batman Beyond's rogue gallery was lackluster, but I always thought Terminal was somewhat relata…[View]
122928144Why do people like Futurama: I don't really understand how people like this show. It's ove…[View]
122931888When's Invader Zim getting a crappy CGI reboot?[View]
122934748What where they thinking?[View]
122935059Why is the most powerful character in DC comics just a universe-buster?: I keep hearing about univer…[View]
122932774Background Characters: Post background characters that you want to fuck[View]
122932175Supergirl is for ___________[View]
122934703Where Marvel abs DC events and stories in the 90s really as good as most people claim them to be? We…[View]
122930735>homecoming: I understand poor people but revolution is not the way >black panther: I understa…[View]
122932309naked: Does it ever bother Transforming heroes like Jake long, Ben 10 or Beast Boy, that their Super…[View]
122920918>loses more and suffers more than Izel >decides to kill god on her own Why isn't Zyanya …[View]
122928923Do you think Captain Marvel is worthy of Mjolnir?[View]
122928169Disney ruined Pixar.[View]
122934562Whatever happened to the DHMIS series we were supposed to be getting?[View]
122931655Would Azula be a good mother?[View]
1229302242021...I am forgotten.[View]
122913666Infinity Train: Were they written to be gay but it got rejected by the network?[View]
122934474Jupiter's Legacy: So I just read it and if I was Utopian's grandson every single one of th…[View]
122930698How would an Asian japanese loud family work out? And before anyone says the amazing chan thats just…[View]
122933535Remember Firkin?[View]
122930457Would you?[View]
122929765How many of these OBSCURE shows do you RECOGNIZE? I bet none of you remember any of these shows[View]
122930803With this year’s relaunch of the Disney Princess line, the princesses are allowed to physically touc…[View]
122875728/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
122927503What's the name of this comic?[View]
122933819>this of all things got adapted in current year they did water it down considerably but its fucki…[View]
122882954Let's have a thread about the cutest Batgirl[View]
122927631The Amazing Spider-man King's ransom #1 and Spider-man: spider's shadow #2 preview[View]
122924701Cosmo! Wanda! I wish my penis got 1% smaller every day![View]
122933666When can we expect to see this on HBO Max?[View]
122933639Wtf is this?[View]
122931260Who should be the next group of mutants for Peter to mentor?[View]
122932643>There's 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it >So the annua…[View]
122929775As an artist, this fucking thing is my biggest question.: Everytime i zoom up in some cartoons, i se…[View]
122927146Thoughts on Young Justice?[View]
122921326LMAO what the fuck?[View]
122914160Post your favorite version of any character[View]
122933375Someone else having problems hearing what the name of this species is?: Vul-Tro-mites? Vir-Tro-Mites…[View]
122930544post hal jordan[View]
122933285>Kim Possible >XJ9 >Katara Why does Western animation have better female characters that o…[View]
122931324it would have been better[View]
122932385So someone made a pictureless comic revolving around winter/christmas. I find it pretty interesting …[View]
1229312132000AD & Heavy Metal: Is it worth reading them properly, the whole magazine, or is it better to …[View]
122929685Riddle me this, Batman: Just like me They’re known for their pranks They call you “oppressor” Yet ow…[View]
122930720Rogue Thread: I had another Rogue dream. It felt so real bros. Her pussy spams felt too damn real...…[View]
122932286Comic recommendations: Pic related[View]
122932991So its treason then.[View]
122932937Got called a 'Jack Spicer lookin ass nigga' today[View]
122930887Todd was never good[View]
122932854>A New Legacy Lola is no longer hot I hate her now How? She looks exactly the same as before >…[View]
122928325Why does Stan Lee insist on giving all of his characters first and last names that start with the sa…[View]
122913454/co/ Moms: Who's your favorite /co/ mom, anon?[View]
122927876>it's a TF episode >the transformation actually somewhat changes the character for the re…[View]
122928711Let's have a thread about best girl in comics[View]
122932376Is it just me, or does season 9 of the Simpsons feel... off? There's this weird feeling while w…[View]
122925161Is comics!Azula unfairly demonized by the narrative?[View]
122929922I am attracted to Maude Flanders[View]
122930930How did they go from this[View]
122928700Ravens bosom[View]
122924570Omni Man: So. I have a question. Did Nolan just think Mark was going to be.. cool with all of it? Ki…[View]
122931957Shhhh, be quiet /co/. Marmar is sleeping.[View]
122931539Happily Ever After - The Three Little Pigs. Three scrumptious piglets work to keep themselves dirty,…[View]
122931072Even the Joker knows an army of Robins is crazy[View]
122928495There, i fixed Invincible[View]
122929270It's That Time Again!: I'll start: >Title is Blake and Harlyn >The show's about…[View]
122921894Amphibia: You know something, I think the finale being treated like crap by disney was a blessing in…[View]
122931721Who should voice him?: I'd honestly think Kevin Conroy but that's my taste.[View]
122920646>Ugh, Ultimate Ben is the worst Ben 10000, why doesn't he transform?…[View]
122928488Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why weren't the Michael Bay movies successful?[View]
122929604The age old question. MJ, Felicia or Gwen? Who should Peter choose.[View]
122931427ITT: Characters that won't be celebrating Mother's Day[View]
122931250Bebop and Rocksteady: Are they gay?[View]
122929899Could she seduce Omniman?[View]
122920709Worst romances on cartoons? I think Catra/Adora is #1 at this point, but Star/Marco is also garbage…[View]
122930765In honor of Mother's Day, are there any recent comics about pregnancy worth sharing?[View]
122931216The definitive Catwoman?[View]
122930616Amity Blight; The way to write a bully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96JMfxQnmzQ[View]
122924479I love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe: I love this little nigga like you wouldn…[View]
122866876LEGO Friends: Which Friend is your favorite?[View]
122928733Hey anon >>122930000 , do you want to talk about dinosaurs?[View]
122929724Could batman beat Omniman?[View]
122930898Who should voice her?: My picks are Claudia Black, Susan Eisenberg, or Nika Futterman.[View]
122922291GI Joe the Movie: >the best '80s animation money can buy >voice talent of Burgess Meredit…[View]
122929921I think it's bullshit how people constantly say 'Uh kids nowadays don't know who The Flint…[View]
122927580What was his fucking problem?[View]
122927954/co/ reaction images: Post reaction images from comics and cartoons here.[View]
122925781It would've made more sense for her to be the non-mutant phoenix host.[View]
122928866Pat Ventura Thread #1: What does /co/ thinks of Yuckie Duck?[View]
122930407Thank you Marvel, for finally giving EthnoNationalist Racial Supremacists like myself a book that’s …[View]
122929413Black Panther: >Black Panther has had his own books for almost 50 years >The Legacy numbering …[View]
122923250LGB /co/ Characters: I love them.[View]
122928553Thoughts on him?[View]
122930113Who should Stephanie cheat on Tim with?[View]
122929343would you /co/?[View]
122924508Imagine the smell[View]
122927682Just finished the first season. How are the comics? Worth it?[View]
122925072She sees your penis[View]
122930132Social story part 127: I was hit by a flying dog. ANYWAY! Sliding down.[View]
122929988What is the deal with this Invincible show. It just completely comes out of nowhere, never even hear…[View]
122929073What happened to sidekicks?: Why did sidekicks go out of style? Did you like sidekicks?[View]
122928939Hey S/co/tt![View]
122928609TMNT: Is this a good ship?[View]
122922479Would you kiss the witch?[View]
122892511Who wins[View]
122929017Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter was so cute before he mutated.[View]
122743120Twelve Forever: Reggie in Tokyo 3[View]
122929247Itt: post your henching stories: >Be me >Henching for Scarecrow, typical fear toxin delivery r…[View]
122919154This was heartbreaking[View]
122928681So why did Bobby join the GDA?[View]
122927724Spider-Man beat Falcon and Bucky easily in Civil War so how come he got his ass handed to him by Vul…[View]
122927216The Mitchells vs The Machines: What did I think of this movie?[View]
122929602who was in the wrong here?[View]
122927671The Black Brick Road of OZ: Does anyone remember this webcomic? I don't recall it ever being o…[View]
122928136The X-Men Anime was unironically great. The X-Men fit anime in general. Fight me if you want, but yo…[View]
122927686Pig Goat Banana Cricket: this show is fuckin nuts. its a shame it never caught on.[View]
122929508DUCK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HutIm6SoOI0[View]
122929412Security system TAKES CONTROL OF SQUIDWARD'S HOUSE and begins ATTACKING THE CITY. Leaving the m…[View]
122926065Are the Flaxen the most retarded Alien invaders?: >Sends in an entire battalion into a population…[View]
122925615Scott Summers should just supplant Dick Rider, and Marvel should retcon Nova to be Cyclops' Sol…[View]
122865210well /co/?[View]
122927885First episode was pretty good, how the hell did the quality drop so fast?[View]
122920714Invincible VS cyborgs: OK I think the show officially has gone insane at this point. Do the writers …[View]
122929283Who was in the wrong here[View]
122913017Why didn't Jim Lee's Wildcats become as big as Jim Lee's X-men? Did you ever read it?[View]
122926457Why does /co/ never talk about Batman/Bekka? It's such a fun idea for a relationship and i…[View]
122916361Death of the Everyman: Do we really need an everyman character in shows anymore? They barely have a …[View]
122924168why is this so overrated?[View]
122925078Does /co/ like Histeria?[View]
122928715Why exactly did people lose their shit over the amphibia season 2 finale again?[View]
122928891Cyclops: Great character, if you dont like him you are: A. Passive Beta Male B. Edgelord C. Depresse…[View]
122920890Fun Runs: What is your favorite short and sweet run (under 20 issues)[View]
122926067>Hugh Laurie >David Tennant >Rob Brydon >Emilia Clarke Can't believe it took this l…[View]
122923643Who's hotter?[View]
122898566Star Wars - The Bad Batch: Will they be each other’s endgame /co/? Remember Omega has accelerated ag…[View]
122923349Was she the best Rugrats mom?[View]
122928048There's a new Space Jam teaser with 2d Bugs animation, I'm just confused why he has a socc…[View]
122924172Nomen Omen Storytime: Bored, so I am storytiming the recent issue of one of my favorite ongoings, No…[View]
122928583What are some comics and cartoons similar to Zeno Clash?[View]
122907982INVINCIBLE STORYTIME: Day six, Volume 6 - A Different World Volume 1 - >>122783353 Volume 2 -…[View]
122926880The screencap that saved /co/.[View]
122927767>they do a modern reboot a cartoon from your childhood >it's either another animated show…[View]
122928429Man comics used to be so cool and unique. them going all woke and broke really sucked out all the cr…[View]
122928121Why does johns hate batman so much[View]
122927555Hello, it seems you missed an off-topic and low quality thread that should be deleted >>122923…[View]
122928197>go to local video rental hut >walk to the anime section >Western cartoon front and center …[View]
122898150Why is he such a fucking asshole?[View]
122919588This thread is for Marcy Wu lovers only Only post in this thread if you love Marcy wu >all five o…[View]
122915813JSA Storytime: GO JOE: Good evening owls and robofuckers, How will Larry Hama hurt us tonight?…[View]
122926736Why do writers always make Batman 'right and correct' all the time? Even when it's a evil versi…[View]
122928137TCJ How The Comics Journal Gets Made[View]
122927556Martial law: Bacteria[View]
122926608/co/ Maps: Preferably official, but anything goes as long as it's a /co/ related map surely i…[View]
122927386It's time. Post /co/ moms.[View]
122908004post comics that makes you feel[View]
122927832Say no to frozen icecream. Say yes to Tang. The other one is cold and lifeless sugar. The tang keeps…[View]
122916198>German >Literally described as an alpha male >is a homosexual What did they mean by this?…[View]
122927604Birdgirl Thread: I don't know if the original writing started doing coke again, but Episode 3 h…[View]
122927745/co/ in the 60s: DC's gotta stop doing this shit, at least Barry and Hal had the same powers as…[View]
122916463What is his tax policy?[View]
122926937mmmm cow[View]
122924298Let's talk about Chalky.[View]
122927579Is Yuckie Duck good or bad?: I've been hearing mixed opinons on it saying it's good or bad…[View]
122917880Does /co/ recognize any of these shows?[View]
122927128Top 3 Greatest: Easily top 3 greatest comic characters of all time.[View]
122926886Is it wrong to think that outdated stereotypes are kinda cool?: Sure, blackface looks absolutely hor…[View]
122917633How hard is it to kill this dude? Not too familiar with Constantine, is he your typical 'glass canno…[View]
122919657How accurate is this still? Was it ever accurate?[View]
122925387tom hangs dong[View]
122917793>Casually shits on Death Battle's animation I'm thinking sprite kino is back…[View]
122925886Was it kino?[View]
122927156Was it kino?[View]
122921694>Oldest child is a trouble maker >Middle child is normal >Youngest child is a genius >F…[View]
122927412Ew that's gross, haha[View]
122919431Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
122913155Simon Laurent: He did (almost) nothing wrong.[View]
122919578>Oh... what a very... um, creative, drawing of me you've made... thank you for the Mother…[View]
122924033Heathcliff and his mom use gum.[View]
122922651This was an amazing scene. one of the best scene in a superhero movie.[View]
122927069Is this going to be just blockbuster syfy fun, or will it suck like his Marauders? How did Duggan go…[View]
122910998Leave Omni-Man to me.[View]
122910648>Dude >Black Canary but evil.[View]
122915133Is /co/ guilty of overhyping media and then getting mad when it's not as good as you made it ou…[View]
122926574Miami seems like a nice place.[View]
122926975This was the only funny part of the movie.[View]
122926846>Dad walks in[View]
122926793How would his mask work in a live-action film? I mean, the mouth portion. As is already, how does it…[View]
122926785What does /co/ think of Freemasons?[View]
122863872There's always waifu posts but never husbando posts, post your husbando /co/[View]
122914169Qubo: It deserved a better send off. Now PBS kids is the last oasis.[View]
122926609why does teen titans go, a show for retarded children, have better animation than invincible?[View]
122926417Thoughts on the supervillain known as Bullseye?[View]
122925140Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.co/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto story http://…[View]
122923430Every Episode of SpongeBob S11 Reviewed: It's finally happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
122925739If Superman and Batman offered to take dick pics and sell them for charity. How much do you think th…[View]
122926272Don't mind me, just posting the best Captain Marvel.[View]
122915390I want to kiss her cheeks[View]
122926295Next to JK Simmons, he would also make a good match for Omniman. Also possible cast for Invincible:[View]
122925394Franco-Belgian > American Comics: Honorable mention: Italian[View]
122924068Who can beat him?[View]
122919452Was he in the right?: https://youtu.be/YChrtF2_Bmg Also, RANT TIME: But why the hell are Youtubers s…[View]
122922072Have we ever had a video game cartoon that had the same writing of a video game rather than that of …[View]
122923767which /co/ character has crossed-over the most?[View]
122925780Make a new LOTR (quadrilogy - one long ass movie for the hobbit instead of a trilogy) and make it 3D…[View]
122926080Don't worry. Leave Omni Man to me.[View]
122912222Create a starting justice league team Try to keep it under 7 >batman >wonder woman >flash(…[View]
122922404What if Superman was a dumb blonde who accidentally did bad things that made people think he was evi…[View]
122918492>Guess I wasn't the only one lied to[View]
122919241Is Morrison's run the best Batman run ever made? Any others that come close?[View]
122918092Preferred Length of Comics by Issue: What's the preferred length for comics? I've been not…[View]
122923947>Very impressive Clark, you've put down the imbecilic and childish Goku down twice. >Now …[View]
122915782ITT:Space stations.[View]
122924084Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.co/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto story http://…[View]
122924925Wtf was his problem?[View]
122924710Why there's almost none pierced characters in cartoons?[View]
122915314Best pairing[View]
122924555How did you feel about Linkara's review of Dark Knight Returns?[View]
122920784Come on fellow anons. It’s only one Samurai and he doesn’t look too tough. There is more of us. We c…[View]
122922936Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.co/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto story http://…[View]
122923418Does anyone have the comic page screencap where Superman is being judged and they point out he'…[View]
122916612In Star vs the Forces of Evil, why is the amount of $650.00 always stipulated when money is concerne…[View]
122920487'The Citizen Kane of animation' Do you agree /co/?[View]
122915437why wasn’t he in shrek forever after?: You’d think shrek would’ve passed by duloc in rumplestiltskin…[View]
122920286Does anyone else feel like there was something 'off' about Spongebob Season 4? Like, take this joke …[View]
122920733why did he steal all those vibranium?[View]
122922097>Superman but if he was an alien Where does Jiren stand?[View]
122920989Noah x Raquelle forever[View]
122918696Cover homages: What comic book cover gets the most homages throughout media?[View]
122923062Actor for Omni-man: Who would've you casted for a role of Omni-man in a movie adaptation?…[View]
122915941Billy West is too good for you people.: Never knew a voice genius. These cunts stab themselves. Erro…[View]
122922773Mr Freeze Batman would be a thousand times better than Batkek[View]
122921350There should be more characters like this in Disney films.[View]
122879470ITT: Shit caused by petty editorial in-fighting: So one writer created the Hobgoblin with the idea o…[View]
122922305>show starts with a 'how did i get into this mess' situation >entire series is events happenin…[View]
122907677>in the comics the guardians are assassinated in two pages with 0 difficulty >Amazon drags out…[View]
122922537Did anon ever storytime The Sigj this week? I can't find it in the archives.[View]
122916717Everyone be complaining about evil Superman and want evil versions of other heroes...what about evil…[View]
122917300Why did you hate it?[View]
122921822Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
122922642Is Ace still in the Gorillaz?[View]
122915308Amphibia: Looks like we got good news on the horizon. The episode may not even be censored after all…[View]
122921523Can a cartoon be kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IXELHbSKoo[View]
122913267name ONE flaw[View]
122921784is this the greatest comic strip crossover ever?[View]
122893669ITT-describe your life with a /co/ related image[View]
122920290What did she see in him?[View]
122919572Atom Eve: Holy MAMA!!!![View]
122920972>You really think... one man... in a silly little costume... will make a difference? >*chuckle…[View]
122917551Shows with virtually no rule 34.[View]
122912900Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Been watching this show and about to start Season 2, really…[View]
122920323>The most well written super hero in all of comicbook history. You can't even name one bad …[View]
122920194If you think about it skeletor is just an edgy guy that likes to play evil, so why is he so dangerou…[View]
122917559What was his problem?[View]
122920552Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
12291973630 year old boomer here, used to watch cartoons as a kid but as I got older found them obnoxious and…[View]
122912947If Futurama ever came back from the dead, is there anything you would want to see? >Follow-Up on …[View]
122898822What non cape, non cosmic entity, non toon character could take down Omni-Man?[View]
122915827Codename: Teens Next Door[View]
122916312Why doesn’t Disney use Pooh anymore?[View]
122919104Did you like it?[View]
122916904Spawn: What do you think of Proto-Spawn?[View]
122921100Peak 80's design[View]
122917254>Characters that did basically everything wrong[View]
122916732Not even in the face of Armageddon. Never compromise.[View]
122920819Victor and Valentino is a underrated show[View]
122916500What Batman should do with the Joker.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ9gkYOOzoI[View]
122918487ITT: Predictions to what this is going to be about? Or what characters will be like?[View]
122903298Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Morning everyone, happy Saturday! We have another new comic this we…[View]
122920652How do I work on lettering?[View]
122920626>'Hello operator, get me eugene o' happy hands[View]
122905490THEY SWITCH VILLAINS: What happens?[View]
122920615Image Comics: So I've been looking at the other big superheroes in the Image universe and a lot…[View]
122916823what level intellect would Dr Doom have by the standards of DC? I'm thinking 10-11th level. the…[View]
122918905Hey all 5 of you that still watch this. Ready for a new episode in a couple of minutes staring Yours…[View]
122920506invincible s1e8 lel[View]
122918507The show ended in 2013. If it came back now, how bad would things be in terms of writing and charact…[View]
122917917New He-Man Series info: Here's some info on Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe Revelati…[View]
122917488FLASH VILLAINS VS. SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS: Who wins the fight?[View]
122892796Now that the dust has settled,can we admit that best duck Louie did literally nothing wrong,ever,in …[View]
122919894THE GREATEST CARTOONS EVER MADE: 10. She-Ra 2018 9. Ben 10 8. Samurai Jack 7. Looney Tunes 6. Danny …[View]
122900404Looks Like Amphibia 'True Colors Is Banned Indefinitely: It will not be airing on May 15 or May 22. …[View]
122920130Jupiter's Legacy: So I guess we can all agree that this would've been better off had it be…[View]
122919921I wanna get into Cassandra Cain's comics. What are the definitive stories for her?[View]
122919411TV Walter feel more likeable He has more depth than his was just evil ,in the show he felt more huma…[View]
122917111Let’s settle this: Coal or propane? Is propane really as good as Hank says it is?[View]
122913387Bee and Puppycat: For me, it’s Bee.[View]
122919712>muh humanity >muh life is so hard because my dad made me smarter and stronger >muh I alw…[View]
122918017>Lucius Fox's son Tim Fox will become the first Black Batman, DC Comics. The estranged son o…[View]
122919558ITT:Romance plots that came out of nowhere: what the fuck[View]
122912013Man of Steel: Was this the beginning of the end for Superman?[View]
122910175MMMM MY FETISH: post tits, post ass, post lesbians, post straight, post shota, post skinny, post fat…[View]
122915591Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Naruto story http://pastebin…[View]
122914250I love 'The Boys' and 'Invincible', they are very deep and subversive deconstructions.[View]
122908067Donna Troy should be Wonder Girl[View]
122919506What do you think of the Superboy TV series? I've never seen anybody talk about it.[View]
122915961Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?[View]
122919324How would you of liked it to end? Also, Duckman thread.[View]
122919227I'm in love with this character.[View]
122913751Based Reign: Dark Reign was the last time Marvel was genuinely fun and interesting. It was a fun sta…[View]
122906877How long would Catradora last?: The rest of their lives or just a few years?[View]
122916366Ever have one of those days where you wanna have a muscular superheroine just hug you?[View]
122917956SHE-HULK Set Picture: Jen is cute.[View]
122917205I just got around to watching all of Gravity Falls and I'm kinda underwhelmed. What exactly is …[View]
122918639How do you like the 2020's cartoons so far?[View]
122917080I'm obsessed with this character[View]
122903007Aw shit, it's on now. >Reed already pissed with Xavier >Doom will be at the Gala and is …[View]
122915707I want to fuck that girl.[View]
122916753Is Bruce right?[View]
122912008IDW's Marvel Action Spider-Man got another relaunch, but this time it's a reboot! Let…[View]
122917474Whats this guys deal.[View]
122918840Homelander vs Omni Man: Homelander vs Omni Man. Who are you betting on, /co/?[View]
122902091Red Sonja movie: Who's hyped for it?[View]
122909607Ignoring all the bullshit about the Penance Stare suddenly stop working. Would it work on someone bl…[View]
122917353So how didja like the latest batch of Looney Tunes Cartoons?: Four episodes in and while not devoid …[View]
122918015It's weird enough when Donald does it. WHY DOES DAFFY TRY TO COVER UP WHEN HIS MALL PANTS ARE R…[View]
122915626ITT: post boy sluts.[View]
122916440lol so true[View]
122914224Let's talk about it.[View]
122907048Post /co/ related characters that make you happy[View]
122913832It’s bad when they take a title another character made popular: And just use to try to make a bad ch…[View]
122915548Miraculous Sucks: What do people over the age of 10 see in this shit?[View]
122908669She warms my heart[View]
122917243For me it's Kimberly Harris.[View]
122916852For me, it's Grampa.[View]
122916502what is this ?[View]
12291765912 Ounce Mouse meets Spigot, what would they say?[View]
122917796THINK MARCY[View]
122914637Water Tribe girls are for _______?[View]
122912520This was not good.[View]
122910782Thoughts on punisher max by ennis?[View]
122911496What were they thinking?[View]
122917290Poopeye the shitter man *brap brap*[View]
122917147Do you think it would've been more successful as a TV show on CN or Nick?[View]
122912611>anon you can't call me cute I'm your scout leader[View]
122915498There is only one king at nickelodeon.[View]
122911850Is 'Carnage In C Minor' truly the worst episode of The Transformers?[View]
122914842/ckfg/ - Cartoon Kiwifarms General 3: Winner of the last thread was Caillou's Dad. Let's s…[View]
122915674The Muppets' Sweeney Todd: Would an official production work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k…[View]
122914722Is this going to be just blockbuster syfy fun, or will it suck like his Marauders? How did Duggan go…[View]
122916847Fall of Cartoons: I never have had cable, but by chance I have twice seen two episodes of Teen Titan…[View]
122915317Comics for this sort of feel?[View]
122909987Watching Monkie Kid for the first time: Just 1 question why is the English Dub so bad?[View]
122911633Best characters: Post characters that you consider the best.[View]
122914855Me in the middle[View]
122912358Pixar mom lustposting[View]
122914956Alright, I'm sick of this. Why the FUCK is an episode that's ALREADY OUT taking so goddamn…[View]
122911239>Multiple instances of death, both implied and onscreen >Blood >Shows the mummified corpses…[View]
122916328Eight years. Not a word from the feds, nothing from those Halloween costume-wearing bozos up there o…[View]
122915010>try and watch spongebob reruns on nick >get barraged during the commercials with bumpers talk…[View]
122916243Hey guys has anyone remember the lego show mixels? Yeah I watch it when I was a kid and it was fun. …[View]
122915888Are any of the comics Kevin Smith wrote actually anygood?[View]
122916144Who was the Jannetty?[View]
122911456How do Viltrumites cut their hair[View]
122903957ITT: Movies/series reproducing classic comics covers/panels: Post 'em.[View]
122915415>Paul Terry released an Aesop's Fable cartoon called 'City Slickers' in the year 1928 S n e …[View]
122913785What if Superman.... but Italian.[View]
122912681Steven Universe: How come Steven didn't hook up with Kiki instead of Connie?[View]
122909300This is a Heedposting thread[View]
122909398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoYB1Zn6lR4 here's your cheapquel, bro.[View]
122912042Amethyst: What do you think of Amy?[View]
122915194Man the Millerverse is amazing! his stuff is raw and gritty and sort of realistic but also over the …[View]
122915667For me it's Robin.[View]
122915586Cadichon: Are donkeys racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnAWtDFxJ-8[View]
122914091Would Arlo make for a good purse or wallet?[View]
122915232Stupid sexy muties.[View]
122915441ITT: We come up with/pitch cartoons for toylines that didn't get one: You're a cartoon exe…[View]
122914058Mayday Parker: Her editor-retconned death in Earth-616 and everything after is non-canon and you kno…[View]
122914501Why did pikachu not wear pants?[View]
122905097>Trash that wouldn't exist without Gravity Fags: Steven Universe Star VS FOE Clarence We Bar…[View]
122911841'Dad, how come you never gave me any encouragement? Maybe I could have been something more than I am…[View]
122914625Marcy Abuse has only just begun: If marcy some how makes a return would she have been better off dea…[View]
122914019Who was more influential to comics?[View]
122913772Edit Thread?: Political Cartoons can be fun[View]
122909886The Utopian is what Superman wants to be when he grows up: >Upholds the ideals, even when everyon…[View]
122912856Remember what they took from you[View]
122909648Jupiter’s legacy: >whole series only covers the first two issues of the comic What the fuck, no w…[View]
122913364Is Gravity Falls actually a good show? I love Amphibia and want to watch something else. How come it…[View]
122913520Invincible VS cyborgs: OK I think the show officially has gone insane at this point. Do the writers…[View]
122912938Post covers.[View]
122915231>Maddicks No wonder he ended up a villain.[View]
122906963Amphibia:: Our last thread before being moved to trash[View]
122913092Is there a bigger chad in the DC Universe than Lobo?[View]
122912350Let's talk about the greatest animator on YouTube.[View]
122912833Lois: What makes her so hot bros?[View]
122901771Why is it always evil Superman? How come we rarely get evil Spider-Man or evil Batman?[View]
122910616>that time in the 90s when Dick Sprang returned to make some edgy covers for Batman Amazing…[View]
122877139Miraculous Ladybug: >>122868730 There is no way Marinette doesn't have a cocktease fetish…[View]
122912371>we’re superheroes for over ten years by the time WW2 started >didn’t fight the Nazis or Japs …[View]
122910859Just admit he was right[View]
122909894Why did this make people upset? It was funny.[View]
122913865Lyrics: >You might be able to stop time, birthday girl (uuwaah), but you can't stop me. >…[View]
122910130/co/ What Lantern Corps would non-DC characters to become?: Assign any character from any TV series/…[View]
122912180Are capes outdated?[View]
122914368How would the Titans be able to stop this thing even with Beast Boy's help[View]
122912905So the New Gods came about after the death of the old gods (Odin, YHVH, Shiva, etc). So who or what …[View]
122913922>South American cartoon >Everyone is white >American Cartoon >Everyone is brown…[View]
122914347we were robbed[View]
122913496TTS chibi shorts: What is the /co/nsensus on these?[View]
122914266>Be me >Be tired of Injustice, DCEU and Justice Lords making Superman an ass >See Batman Wh…[View]
122914155>No one's big like Gaston, fucking big like Gaston! How did Disney get away with this?…[View]
122913329Was this the peak of the show?[View]
122910355When does the domestic violence start?[View]
122906460What was the point of Dory Mclean if practically nobody outside of Rockzo talked about her, even tho…[View]
122807662Infinity Train: This is my Japanese boyfriend Ryan Akagi, say something nice about him.[View]
122913588what's this art style called again?[View]
122895778Does Judge Dredd ever take his helmet off in the comics?[View]
122913158Can someone explain this to me? Just read it but I am still wondering what the point is[View]
122909598Disney’s Journey To The West: Let’s say hypothetically that Disney makes their own animated adaptati…[View]
122913326What was his problem?[View]
122913886Shows for this feel?[View]
122913372>tfw no cute intelligent flying lemur[View]
122912370Why is John Byrne so horny?[View]
122912911Manifest Destiny: I finished reading the first two volumes of Manifest Destiny It's alright so …[View]
122912346Does anyone remember a 30-60 short from 2000s, probably 2003-2006 range It had a '2000sy' kind of lo…[View]
122912962Soul: I feel like Pixar really went up it’s own ass with this one[View]
122904908What went wrong? Why aren't they likable?[View]
122913009Regular Show: Did anyone else have a crush on Mordecai?[View]
122903452Deeper meanings, 'lore' and overarching storylines suck. Slice of life, and monster of the week will…[View]
122907644SMG4 Anniversary Movie: https://youtu.be/WmJflHh78hY Thoughts?[View]
122912817I want realistic cartoons written by intelligent badass people and not idiots and betas without a sh…[View]
122909010Justice League Infinity: Are you excited for the return of this universe? What are your expectations…[View]
122904647What did you think of time Jam: Valerian Laureline?[View]
122913103Name a comic character that can actually beat prinny[View]
122907860Here's your new LGBT hero: Say something nice about him[View]
122912684Reed Richads: Is he really a bad person or is it just fan projection?[View]
122912891alright /co/, I know a guy who works on The Simpsons, and he has leaked new episode ideas for us the…[View]
122911488'Another day...'[View]
122902354>Hey Anon, I just broke in and ate your beans How do you react[View]
122903823>The superpowered nerdy young hero is mentored by an powerless suave rich older hero who essentia…[View]
122899038Iron Man: What was the lead up and release to Iron Man like? How did /co/ react? How did you react?…[View]
122908548>'I know how to destress steven'[View]
122906095What do you think of J. Scott Campbell's artwork? What his best comic that he's done inter…[View]
122911207>Comic Takes place 1000 years in the future >Society isn't ruled by godlike A.I. >Huma…[View]
122912617Ultimates 3: One day I’d like to hear the BTS story of pic related[View]
122911523Been a while since I read, but did that whole Invisible Light Lantern bullshit ever go anywhere past…[View]
122912608Isn’t this pretty bad optics for the Justice League? Mind or control not, he was on a murderous ramp…[View]
122912602I would give anything to attend cdms[View]
122910941ITT: /pol/ as fuck cartoon characters.[View]
122912513The showrunner for this cartoon is a Totally Spies writer.[View]
122910285does this nigga ever stop getting his ass beat? probably the most pathetic mc ive ever seen.[View]
122912339How did he get his Geology degree?[View]
122906343>unfinished comics you’d like to see get a proper ending Yes I did take this idea from Cartoonis…[View]
122912396Mickey Mouse: >Three years left[View]
122906840Thiccer than a peanut butter milkshake.[View]
122907770>Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Regular Show wouldn't have been picked up if it wasn…[View]
122908062ITT: Characters that are heroes because it's fun instead out of any sense of altruism or respon…[View]
122902532They should get a real chance to be together instead of getting set back to the Status Quo again and…[View]
122897916>Anon? Did you make a film about me? Can i see it? >... Why am i naked in your film Anon?…[View]
122904594So now that we know DC intends to start a new Animated Movie Universe what do we want to see in it?[View]
122911334I’m disappointed King Andrias didn’t turn out to actually be a good guy[View]
122900120What is the appeal of Garfield exactly?[View]
122907581Cerebus thread: Finished this. It was really good. Ending was unexpectedly touching. I gotta go back…[View]
122912132ITT: comic reliefs[View]
122911972Woody no![View]
122904535FACT: xkcd is the most powerful comic in the world. Is it even possible to stop Randall at this poin…[View]
122909617Venom God: Can any currently living Marvel hero even compete with King in Black Venom? Enigma Force,…[View]
122908780Preview - Rorschach 008: Written by: Tom King. Art by: Jorge Fornes. Covers by: Jorge Fornes, Jim Ch…[View]
122911393I really like the animation style from the 80s and 90s[View]
122904944What is it about this character that turns people into sadists? Why is there such a lack of empathy …[View]
122911801Legend of Hei: >When the Chinese copy Japan and the west so hard they do better than both What ha…[View]
122889575It's up!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hBZmQdFbVcY[View]
122908605With black Superman on the horizon cast the rest of them.[View]
122908110You lie to me /co/, it's a wonderful show, i thought its going to be bad, yet it turns out to b…[View]
122909233This is actually a really cool Impulse costume. If the actor had big hair full of volume, it would l…[View]
122911702South Park: >There are times when you get suckered in, >By drugs and alcohol and sex with wome…[View]
122904680Would Rose/Pink have been a good mom?[View]
122906940Good show. Forced meme[View]
122910579What happened to cartman’s pet pig, fluffy[View]
122911242Where would Disney be in 2021 if Eisner wasn't ousted by shareholders under Roy E?[View]
122908970>it's a Canadian epissode[View]
122911424Wel/co/me to the ancient bush cave of Uncle Larry[View]
122903661Could Steven redeem her[View]
122905315I've seen many people refer to the Flash as 'DC's Spider-Man'. Do you think that's an…[View]
122910851So Skyfox is clearly inspired by Ozymandias, right?[View]
122909931Why tf was Shane replaced?!: Shane's chill demeanor combined with Reggie's energetic, curi…[View]
122911226Is this worth reading? I like when pretty girl hits bad guys and I see Mike Barr wrote some stories.[View]
1229102063D environments in 2D cartoons: Why can't more cartoons have good looking environments? This is…[View]
122885011Is this accurate?[View]
122910655Who is for you?: Goth Clown Tiddies or Yara?[View]
122903135Would /co/ recommend Wakfu? And is the dub any good or should I stick to subtitles?[View]
122902900Was the twist a bad idea?[View]
122907458Black Panther: >Ahhh! I yield, Hippo-Sama![View]
122910927Super villains who want kids.[View]
122902879Pearl: Are the fangs canon?[View]
122909945What If Invader Zim Was Actually Competent, But He's Also My Dad!?[View]
122910344So this is Barbatos, the demon-god that gives Batman so much trouble since Morrion's run?[View]
122905262How do you feel about the Young Justice version of Terra.[View]
122902645It's nearly June. Where's the announcement for Season 4/Season 3.5?[View]
122883653What’s stopping KC from being iconic and talked about as Hilda, Kipo, Owl House, Amphibia, Infinity …[View]
122910508ITT: excellent covers[View]
122908565Would Owl House be better if the character where teenagers and got into more 'edgy' situations?[View]
122905246I love this comic[View]
122909103Katie is cute![View]
122880525It won't stop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-kZGaWu4wU[View]
122889439Mavis thread?: Mavis thread[View]
122909941>Zim is again over forever[View]
122909441Star Trek: Why is earth such a terrible place?[View]
122909111Apps: Ok i am tired of the ads of readcomicsonline.com, so, please, someone have the app to read new…[View]
122910090So, um, what was supposed to be the lesson here?[View]
122907053Would you?[View]
122893931Thread: Comment that is clearly sexual in nature, but just vague enough to give me plausible deniabi…[View]
122908294Anyone else feels like Marvel wanted to make an Iron Fist and Inhumans movie but went on to make Sha…[View]
122900220Rorschach was the good guy.[View]
122902883Discount Superman one-shots Galactus: >Marvel fanboys claiming Galactus >> Superman Meanwhi…[View]
122909479Itt: crackships with actual fandoms around it[View]
122894743ITT: post your favorite and obscure star wars characters pic related[View]
122907781ITT: Post characters who did nothing wrong and should have won.[View]
122909258Who is this character?[View]
122906816Can someone explain what is the point of Daxamites? They just seem like kryptonians but weak to lead…[View]
122908328Moana and Princess and the Frog are terrible films. Tangled and Frozen are way better[View]
122909709The site Cartoon.com doesn't exist[View]
122909526Sherwi: So,gerph will never finish this or what?[View]
122909407I wanna make a short comic in which a normal person with no super powers defeats 3 heroes with diffr…[View]
122905778Are we enjoying them? I liked the 90's era story and Pirate story this issue. The comic con one…[View]
122907624Which is your favourite art style?[View]
122908889Honey? Where are my paaaAAAAAAAAAnts?[View]
122909155I miss her bros[View]
122907783what do you think about Lord and Miller's movie formula? >rapid, fast paced jokes >moral …[View]
122906909For the love of god, can someone please just tell me, could people understand Garfield when he talke…[View]
122905898ITT: 'Villains' who did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
122897408Here's another new Cap. https://youtu.be/Rk_sAHh9s08?t=94[View]
122908971>Be me >Henching for Scarecrow, typical fear toxin delivery run. >He said to be careful of …[View]
122903685Disney Reportedly Getting Cultural Representation Help For Ms. Marvel Show: https://thedirect.com/ar…[View]
122907985Star VS: So why did star vs fuck up so hard in the last two seasons? Did they just not have a set di…[View]
122908874'Oh hi. Omni-Man is trying to kill the Justi... the Guardians of the Globe at their base. Make sure …[View]
122904615Congratulations /co/, you have just won a free date with the last female /co/ creator whose work you…[View]
122906133So did the comics end up taking aspects from movie Miles?[View]
122905455Collin And Moxxie Thread: Are they the only 2 good characters in this show so far? And yes this is a…[View]
122908217Dr Doom and the Fantastic Four: How Doom managed to beat the FF on popularity so hard? Like, a lot o…[View]
122906537Will this be the next big 'What if Superman BAD?' comic to be made into a movie/series?[View]
122907850This is the funniest comic ever made.[View]
122904364>Superman but good Who wrote this?[View]
122903905Why did she do it?[View]
122902795TCJ The Great Paperback Book Glut[View]
122906518Green lantern rings are not special when you can make bootleg versions of it.[View]
122908263How much do you think Time Warner values DC at? Ten billion? Twenty? If Bezos decided he wanted to b…[View]
122893298THE WORST ANIMATED MOVIES EVER: 25. Cool World 24. Pokémon: The Movie 2000 23. Happily N’Ever After …[View]
122908190I'm right here to stay! when I'm old and gray, I'll be right in my prime![View]
122907333Sony Pictures Animation: Why are they’re kino game so strong?[View]
122906377Titans season 3 is coming in July[View]
122906894>used to love this show >can't stand it now because of annoying nu-fans Why am I like thi…[View]
122906307Power Girl’s boobs: I always hear her boobs are big because the artists made them slightly bigger ea…[View]
122883552Moxxie Appreciation Thread: Hes got so much going for him >loving wife >good with guns >the…[View]
122897867>Watch hilda >Feel happy And people try to say modern western animation is died.…[View]
122903485A Redtail's Dream: I finally got around to finish reading it yesterday. It was really good. I r…[View]
122906529One of them will fight alongside you, all the others will fight you. Who will it be?[View]
122899642/co characters who are unaffected by the talk no jutsu[View]
122896667WORST ROMANCE STORIES IN ANIMATION?: 1. Catra/Adora (She Ra) 2. Tom/Star (Star vs S3-4) 3. Finn/Flam…[View]
122907576How does he fit it in both of them?[View]
122906694This Thread Kills Kirkman: Let's judge >Omni-Man Not omnipotent at all, just super strong a…[View]
122907312What was its problem?[View]
122907338Why was spectacular spider-man in young justice?[View]
122898511Fairly Odd Parents: Does anyone remember the anti-communism(grey blobs) episode?[View]
122906337Family Guy: >Red Skull vs Ben Grimm[View]
122904966Marinette's walks in.: Who should say what? This is Marinette's viewpoint[View]
122904731Is this worth watching?[View]
122902535was making darth vader an incel as part of the canon a mistake?[View]
122906796Inanimate Insanity Invitational - Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B5aaXoHEIQ[View]
122789303Mega Thread: Old one got archived, so I'm making a new one.[View]
122907155What would you do?[View]
122905918I get that Zarda The Power Princess is supposed to be a jab at Wonder Woman (like the rest of the Sq…[View]
122907082>listen Señor Spielbergo, Schindler and I are like peas in a pot: we're both factory owners,…[View]
122897024may 7th, 2021...I AM NOT FORGOTTEN.[View]
122905484anyone else rewatching Amphibia after true colors?: One of these days,she's gonna get herself k…[View]
122891628Why do y'all hate each other? And where do a start as a new gal?[View]
122905157The characters in this movie were just as awful to Emmet as they were in the first. I was starting t…[View]
122897891Amphibia: Why you lose friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQodsxu8z7w[View]
122905823turtleman, out!: what did you toomgises think of the most recent episode?[View]
122904707>The charges officer? >Surely you’re not going to base your case around circumstantial evidenc…[View]
122906101She Hulk: What happened?[View]
122906618FoP thread: Why didn't Cosmo let Timmy go pee?[View]
122905253God damn this comic is retarded[View]
122905612>'THERE IS SOMEONE AMONG US WITH A GUILTY CONSCIENCE.' Wow The Simpsons predicted that…[View]
122904691*saves your movie*[View]
122906357>a cartoon of your choice now takes place in former soviet states what happens ?…[View]
122906249Why is he so hawt?[View]
122904218onyx equinox: uhh anons,,,,,[View]
122905261I was cleaning up and i found this rocky gibraltar action figure. Also, /co/ toys thread[View]
122900263Spider-Man was good from Big Time up until Superior I like superior too[View]
122904292If there was one old Hanna Barbera cartoon you wanted to see make a comeback, which would you pick?[View]
122906042Do you ever have /co/ related dreams? Last night I dreamt that I was watching a Flash cartoon where …[View]
122905870Booster Gold.: Booster Gold. Give me a better episode of JLU than the one with Booster Gold.[View]
122905443Superhero transformations: The kind which involves from their civilian identity to their superhero o…[View]
122905889Every once in a while I see this opinion pop up in animation discourse. Do they have a point? Is it …[View]
122901744Your waifu got fat, /co[View]
122905881Do you think a Scott Pilgrim animated series could happen? Would that lead to a revival in interest …[View]
122900534Hellfire Gala: Thoughts, predictions, hopes. I'll start; since Kitty is officially bisexual and…[View]
122903827Avengers Fantastic Four and Inhumans save the civilian population of now destroyed Krakoa.: When ask…[View]
122899612How are they going to tackle him in the MCU? Seriously, are they going to keep milking >muh six g…[View]
122893442Boobs, I don’t feel so good.[View]
122905476So... Anyone has seen any good movies lately?[View]
122903931Why does CARNAGE speak to me so much?[View]
122901699Are there any worthwhile cartoon reviewers out there? I can't seem to find any.[View]
122905512'evil superman? whats next? evil wonder women?[View]
122889552why does Owen, the largest and strongest of the competitors, not simply rape Heather?[View]
122901603why doesn't /co/ read good comics?[View]
122904501King: King is best Demon[View]
122896825Why do you hate this show so much?[View]
122903493>new American Dad episode is a Steve and Jeff episode hype?[View]
122901891>'The big city is full of Superman sightings, but here in Metropolis Grove? Every kid in this sub…[View]
122898923I thought this was decent, but good for a kids show, was surprised by how much love it gets. Am I mi…[View]
122898497Well?: Is it?[View]
122904872Disney Channel's Schedule from October 1998: Feel old yet? Weekdays 6:00AM Mickey's Mouse …[View]
122901257How the zoomer will react to this?[View]
122905044invincible: Hello, /a/non here. I've recently watched a non-japanese cartoon called invincible …[View]
122905022da buoys: was Bucher this much of a... you know in the comic version? talk about getting destroyed m…[View]
122904780>*is the only good protagonist of the 2010s* Ninjago chads never lose.[View]
122903288What kind of person eats fries like this? This is not normal.[View]
122899766There’s no way the series can match the same high as the end of season 1. Now that we know Omniman i…[View]
122887854ITT: characters that look like you[View]
122903074Adventure Time: Just remember that a lot of the villains in this show have a better sense of moralit…[View]
122904906>Bubble Guppies? Now that’s a great show.[View]
122903087I didn't know we are still relevant[View]
122903515*jobs in your path*[View]
122904853How are they doing down there?[View]
122904229Simpsons edits/shitposting thread: post your favorite ones (or any you can find)[View]
122893882ITT Superman copies that AREN'T 'What if Superman bad'[View]
122904736>captures the essence of 90s Marvel perfectly[View]
122901663Mr. Majestic: Don't mind me, just posting the Superior Superman.[View]
122897140>Why can't we just go back to the time when cartoons weren't filled with politics and p…[View]
122888305You only hate this character because he’s ga- Yes.[View]
122900989Who did it better?[View]
122875298Disney working on animatronics that can interact and free-roam around the park.[View]
122903248IT: The WORST excesses of cape character design. Any Rob Liefeld character qualifies but I'll j…[View]
122904434Honey? Where are my PAAAAAANTS?[View]
122902990Black Panther: >Shuri's ringtone is Let It Go.[View]
122903601It’s okay /co/, bodies are nothing to be ashamed of.[View]
122903489Invincible: OK. So this is rely bothering me no spoilers please its orthogonal to the plot. You know…[View]
122903575None of the human looking Invincible girls are attractive. What the fuck coomers?[View]
122899747How is this sjw propaganda? The gems are literally agender alien who identify as female. So beside L…[View]
122904113Is this SFW?[View]
122900602>tfw stuff like this gets you more hard than actual porn these days[View]
122902511What /co/ character could even stop Wonder of U?[View]
122900101>protagonists have to compete to sell generic brand food for their school >protagonists have …[View]
122903138>the 'main catch' of the series didn't happen in Season 1 They are REALLY going to drag it o…[View]
122903382Who was in the wrong here?[View]
122865938So who's your favorite Dinobot? Do you prefer the original origin, or the retcon that they were…[View]
122901255Animation smears is the funniest shit I've ever seen, each time I pause a frame, there's a…[View]
122903961Why did Joker go from The Clown Prince of Crime to Le Society Man? Is Nolan to blame?[View]
122902884How many of your friends watch cartoons?[View]
122903755Barbarian and Troll: This is the good version of 'Enchantment' I didn't know I wanted…[View]
122896987>Guess I wasn't the only one lied to >Says this like what Mark did to her is the same as …[View]
122896208How do we fix the Star Wars franchise?[View]
122903202Alternate Spider-Man: Why does Marvel keep pretending that people like the Virgin Miles Morales when…[View]
122896377Let's settle this, who's the hottest one?[View]
122902544Star vs.: Marco should've had an evil arc.[View]
122903350Why did he do it? He had multiple options to play it safe and keep his cover but he just ignored the…[View]
122901698What the fuck is the point of this?: Superfags don’t care about the Authority. Authorityfags don’t c…[View]
122893678JSA Storytime: GO JOE: Good evening owls and robofuckers, NINJAS!!!!![View]
122902725I give up. Nicktoons Network will never be as good as it was when it started out as a legacy channel…[View]
122901772Ben 10: What direction do you want the franchise to go next? I want a Ben 10 game from Insomniac.…[View]
122901637Was it kino?[View]
122897403>'It's Saw Gerrara!' Sigh[View]
122896879Invincible Terra: With the Animated series blowing up will Kirkman do the smart thing and finally ma…[View]
122901320It all seems same to me: How does capeshit differ from other superpowered genres?[View]
122901662HASSAN CHOP![View]
122897376Shows people pretend to like because they are /co/'s sacred cows.[View]
122902531Everyone is talking about Dr. Bees but WHERE THE FUCK ARE THE STARBARIANS!?[View]
122894932Hulkbros...why the fuck do we keep winning?[View]
122902073who takes it?[View]
122901657>current year >still no action series about all the mad shit Cú Chulainn did…[View]
122898961Anyone else tired of all the COPOUTS in shows like These??: >' LMAOOO Youre right Maeve, I wont d…[View]
122902145>I don't know want to die with my sissy son who 'loves' me. You gonna bring me roses because…[View]
122902104who was in the wrong here?[View]
122902720i would've pick the blonde[View]
122902245it's so sad that steve jobs died of ligma[View]
122901628Princess Wars.: Post your best princess.[View]
122899061If you could redub any 4kids show to be more faithful to the original, which one would it be and wha…[View]
122900124Heathcliff hit the ball.[View]
122895916What are some shows that nobody on /co/ is aware of? Pic related. I guarantee you that nobody here h…[View]
122902114https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=804vmBS8WYs Am I the only one that wants this relationship to worko…[View]
122900519So is Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon really that bad or are the people hating it are just puss…[View]
122899448ITT: good fanart you've seen lately[View]
122899153New Harry Patridge up https://youtu.be/hBZmQdFbVcY I am definitely not Harry[View]
122901248Thoughts on the FNAF comic?[View]
122902278I’ve come to make an announcement Scar is a bitch ass mother fucker. He threw me off a fucking clif…[View]
122902299X-men: Looking back; was Eve of Destruction the end of the ‘classic’ X-men era /co/? After that it …[View]
122890873What if Lapis Lazuli was a boy?[View]
122840442Why would a female transformer fall for a male human?[View]
122901778Romita JR pose: Nuff said[View]
122902152Will they show her using her monster form to fuck Flaxian pussy?[View]
122900179Would someone who isn't into capeshit but likes action enjoy this? What makes it different from…[View]
122875302This is not normal behavior[View]
122901956What are your favourite fanta comics?[View]
122901875I see London, I see France[View]
122898768Deeper meanings, 'lore' and overarching storylines suck. Slice of life, and monster of the week will…[View]
122898878>watch cartoons as a kid >protag is annoyed by fan girls >rejects them >grow up to be a …[View]
122901471It was trash. I don't care about his mother and wanted watch a cartoon, not hippies ramble abou…[View]
122890121>i never thought getting eaten would be a bad thing haha what the fuck did she mean by this ballm…[View]
122897282How do I make a good post apocalyptic cartoon without ripping off Fallout/MadMax?[View]
122897771Has a woman ever been more beautiful?[View]
122898325How would they take on Omniman??[View]
122901664>put a fag in a dress >wHy aReNT yOu IntImIDatEd!?1? When will this meme end?…[View]
122901571They were lesbians, right?[View]
122900149Not joking, those insect ladies makes my peepee really hard[View]
122896516/ckfg/ - Cartoon Kiwifarms General 2: Same as last time, ITT: Cartoon characters that are probably b…[View]
122901488Dumbing of Age: A real thespian[View]
122901390Anyone remember a video called 'WORLDS FIRST CARTOON - 1912': It was a strange parody video that cir…[View]
122894475It's a good ass show and you people know it. So, why the fuck are Primal threads so scarce?[View]
122894823Superman is better as a villain.: >Henry Cavill turned Injustice >Brightburn, elseworlds evil …[View]
122826693Biollante: Biollante[View]
122893998Shared Universe?[View]
122900981Him being an Ice Giant has never been retconned, correct? Why hasn't he ever used those powers …[View]
122836970What does /co/ think of Mulan the character?[View]
122901093>FILL UP THOSE DIAPIES what did he mean by this?[View]
122894447What was PB's best look[View]
122901029CHECKMATE SAM[View]
122901003Doc Seismic still being alive was foreshadowed earlier in the season. I don't have a screenshot…[View]
122898876Admit it, you've never heard of this cartoon[View]
122900853>S.W.O.R.D. #7 >AL EWING (W) • VALERIO SCHITI (A/C) >Variant Cover BY IVAN SHAVRIN >THE …[View]
122897022Spider-Man No Way Home cameo: Buddy worked on set of NWH. Not gonna be one to post plot leaks, but o…[View]
122897829This movie looks like a fucking Grubhub ad, why is everyone acting like its breaking the mold for an…[View]
122897326Comics & Cartoons: >Invincible is a success >Skybound has a deal with Amazon that will lik…[View]
122899402I want to see her suffering[View]
122899958Why WERE there chicken bones on the streets on Detroit?[View]
122899232How would Beast Boy be able to help the Titans beat this white absorbing thing? Even finding its sce…[View]
122883997What if PB was the main villain and the show didn't pretend she wasn't?[View]
122887923THE TRIAL OF MAGNETO begins in august: So what will he do, bros?[View]
122898716I miss this show.[View]
122899844Should Enid and KO be endgame for each other?[View]
122900158Character ranking from most pure to most evil. Honestly, I think Bill might be the biggest piece of …[View]
122895358This show, this show of less than 50 episodes singlehandlely killed western animation. If only we co…[View]
122886793Priyanka: Is she a good doctor?[View]
122898353How would he react to being funneled enough alcohol to get him shitfaced?[View]
122895207Opinions on Diesel?[View]
122882440Why is Western Goten such a cunt?[View]
122897683How come nobody remembers this puppet character Remember /co/. Puppets are /co/[View]
122897933Still the greatest team of directors in a Dreamworks CG project[View]
122897826New images of Madagascar A Little Wild season 3 were released on Google before the trailer. The anim…[View]
122899962I'm in love[View]
122898165>its a lola episode[View]
122896638What's the point of characters like this in cape comics?[View]
122893877Why is the Dad a 'bad guy'?[View]
122893728Is it good?[View]
122899788Jesus fucking christ...[View]
122897989What would today's version/counterpart look like?[View]
122898942Ask by your boss to made these two the newest 'Disney princesses' All of there characters stay the s…[View]
122899536>Lesbians in my cartoons are forced and unrealistic.[View]
122898811Does a female hero have any morals against killing? I started watching a lot of superhero stuff and …[View]
122898808Why does she want to bang Regular Sized Rudy so bad?[View]
122898650why the fuck did they shift to puppet shit the animated version was kino and already cheap af[View]
122823791What if she boxed against Steven?[View]
122883647Teen Titans GO!: Raven or Starfire?[View]
122884490Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: Lucy turbocunt levels at an all-time low?[View]
122860522Astrid Thread: Astrid Bred[View]
122891475New Monkie Kid and other LEGO media: The next episodes of Monkie Kid season 2 are going up at 10AM S…[View]
122895600First Look At Stephanie Brown In BATWOMAN: >In this Sunday's episode, 'I'll Give You a …[View]
122894972Would you?[View]
122898749i don't HATE it, i guess.[View]
122893704Are lesbian relationships really as cute as cartoons told me?[View]
122889410Topolino Magazine Thread: I download the latest Topolino issue '3415' after Disney Junior released 4…[View]
122898683Social story part 126: Cooling down[View]
122896191Which Doom guy would win in a fight?[View]
122880247Amphibia thread: Do you think they'd always be friends no matter what world?[View]
122894716Why does Magneto hate his only magnetic mutant daughter compared to the other two?[View]
122898114Gunnerkrigg Court: Look at this Annie, strutting around, presenting. If she were a cat, she'd b…[View]
122898261What if superman but he has family problems[View]
122895935Superman: You know /co/, for a guy you keep saying is irrelevant, people sure like to have someone l…[View]
122896035Calarts thread: I fucking hate calarts style Enjoy the new Calarts BasedWojak[View]
122895330Boomer comics thread[View]
122892797Episode six of The Barbarian and the Troll airs at 7:30pm EST (ten minutes) Stream: ustvgo.tv/nickel…[View]
122896256Why is CARNAGE so based?[View]
122896791Any idea what's gonna happen in season 5?[View]
1228925046 years Millar spent crafting this cash grab, and this is the result?[View]
122894959ITT forgotten Marvel heroes[View]
122896849>'/co/, what happened to you?, you don't use me in your threads anymore'…[View]
122895720How’d he fare in Marvel?[View]
122897356What does /co/ think of Phineas and Ferb?[View]
122895076Why are both their final seasons so boring?[View]
122895575Remember when comics weren't poli-: B BROS?![View]
122864461Would you?[View]
122897851You wouldn't like to talk to human resources would you?[View]
122895934Dave Bautista Reveals James Gunn Had Talks With Marvel About A Drax & Mantis Spinoff Film: >'…[View]
122894338How much influence has manga had on comics?[View]
122895293First Look At Guardian In The CW's SUPERGIRL: Thoughts, /co/?[View]
122888311>male power fantasy >female power fantasy…[View]
122897773Can we have a She Hulk thread, pretty please: When will she finally have a good writer again?[View]
122788226genderbender thread[View]
122896327>Had fun working at Disney >Had fun working at FOX >Felt like he was treated like shit at N…[View]
122897585Where's the episode where the police bang on their door at 3 in the morning and it turns out th…[View]
122893381what happened to this cartoon ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-4tM6RDLig[View]
122870767Post the /co/ related THANK MARK memes, let's have some fun.[View]
122865678THE FLASH Original Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj0l7iGKh8g [Embed] >All the people i…[View]
122895914Frozen is fucking gay garbage. Tangled is where its at.[View]
122894175Curt Swan > Jack Kirby[View]
122896592I think everyone will agree with me when I say that Tangled and Frozen are WAAAAAYYYYY better than T…[View]
122896536Do you feel like there are too many fantasy cartoons?[View]
122897150RIP Elmo Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbBxSH5XXrg[View]
122893861they do be the same tho[View]
122896939>Kingpin pays stuntmen to dress up as his enemies so he can beat them up What the fuck is wrong w…[View]
122896764Rate and review these shorts![View]
122896221Why did they decide to turn Ralph into a transwoman? Also, is there any modern cartoon that does no…[View]
122896761Why did Mrs. Tweedy never question the fact that they were wearing scarves?[View]
122896307TOP 20 BEST CARTOONS OF ALL TIME: 20. Steven Universe/Gravity Falls 19. Infinity Train 18. She-Ra (2…[View]
122894328Gahan Wilson's Diner (1992). I feel like this is the sort of thing someone would see as a kid a…[View]
122896426what was her end game?[View]
122896151Feels good when she died. I love it when people get what they deserve.[View]
122891065Left or right?[View]
122892999What did Reed say?[View]
122894125THE AYER CUT: Would you watch it, /co/? >More serious tone overall - Less jokes, more drama, no p…[View]
122892246I never got why some people are so against those 2 old farts moving on and dating other old people.[View]
122893394Clint is a useless, boring, garbage, dumb, pointless, cocky piece of shit distraction that just gets…[View]
122876735Star Wars: Bad Batch episode 2 comes out in 5 minutes: Also are these threads allowed? They were fin…[View]
122896184I thought spider-man was for kids?[View]
122896222Redesign Thread: Post any good redesigns and/or fanart for characters.[View]
122882420Why is she so cute bros?[View]
122894665Rick and Morty: What’s their dynamic?[View]
122891640You and whoever you get paired up with when rolling your powers are given the task of killing all he…[View]
122895956>yfw the Age of Preminger is here https://youtube.com/watch?v=5otYUHbaJX8…[View]
122895875Growing around: Itt /co/ writes a episode of growing around[View]
122895887>Oh no guises!!! Jewsni screwed owerr anower cartwooon Yeah, just like with every fucking cartoon…[View]
122894857THE GREAT DEBATE: Who had the best trailer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYMMOjBUPMM https://www.…[View]
122895838Chloe sucks[View]
122895264Why did Disney's fired 2D animation department have to resort to making educational cartoons fo…[View]
122885474INVINCIBLE STORYTIME: You know what's up Volume 5 - The Facts of Life Volume 1 - >>122783…[View]
122895643My Wall Needs A Body: This mark on my wall looks like a smug face. Can someone give him a body? I wa…[View]
122895661My waifu.[View]
122894735>>122852725 Storytime went by so fast. Tell me this is a new retcon and not canon so I can ran…[View]
122895351Black Panther: >The 'meteor shards' are clearly broken technology >The 'meteor' also infected …[View]
122895311What /co/ character takes the gnarliest shit? Pic possibly related?[View]
122850082Which one is your waifu?[View]
122892705Millie is unwatchable after her voice change, change my mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INGLbY2…[View]
122891058Batman is outdated: Prove me wrong Pro tip you can't.[View]
122894605Well, /co/? Are they?[View]
122894759I'm from the future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PoLaX4IA_0 >Marvel Studios logo >sw…[View]
122892522Who are your favorite teen characters[View]
122895133Spongebob: DESU, I was expecting more fish when it popped[View]
122892035Would you?[View]
122893578Where the MCU went wrong….[View]
122894384What was the point of Bojack Horseman?[View]
122888066Was this forced? It felt kinda awkward[View]
122890944Amphibia: Old jeans edition.[View]
122890270>Meanwhile, at Bizarro /co/[View]
122889795When I first saw Beauty and the Beast as a kid I thought 'No! Turn back into a beast!' when he trans…[View]
122894885>Tony Stark but evil parody >is less evil than Tony Stark…[View]
122892580Australia has more drug addicts per capita than any other country on Earth. The average IQ is also s…[View]
122891350nolan did nothing wrong[View]
122893564I want to hug Steve[View]
122882501why do comics look like shit now? Why can't they look cool like in the old illustration days?[View]
122894551Why don’t they make good Christian shows anymore?[View]
122881446I wish Marvel would just retcon the Maximoff twins as not being related at all. Quicksilver should b…[View]
122890854Hey, tubby! Want another pop tart, tubby?[View]
122888222HITMAN STORYTIME: Because why not, let's read the first volume today. I'm going to be usin…[View]
122873496gender reversed beauty and the beast: How would you go about making it anon?[View]
122888513Have you see Angel's Friends?[View]
122889640I was reading (more like revisiting the 'best of's) Hickman's F4/FF & Avengers/New Avengers…[View]
122894395In Star vs the Forces of Evil, why is $650.00 always stipulated when money is concerned?[View]
122890922What comics would you share with your kids, /co/mrades?[View]
122888551Why doesn’t DC do cool stuff like Solo or Wednesday Comics series anymore. Maybe it’s just my bias, …[View]
122894329>its a blackmail episode[View]
122892593Do you think Sauron's ever gotten in trouble with the Tolkien Estate?[View]
122890901Joker isn't supposed to be funny, he's a pure evil lunatic This also doesn't mean tha…[View]
122894167>The meta/crass humor and gratuitous violence of Deadpool >The le cwazy and randumb sci-fi hi…[View]
122888982It's time for Drake memes.: Post something related to Drake Hotline Bling memes, which you thin…[View]
122892046Who is /co/s favorite waifu?[View]
122881602Anyone else think Dale is sexy?[View]
122891442what's your favorite star wars lgbtq+ character?[View]
122893951I want somehow these two guys to do an act together.[View]
122893011Peter Chung on Space Adventure Cobra: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/the-animation-that-changed-me/the-…[View]
122891347Fairy Friday[View]
122891696Muppet content incoming: https://deadline.com/2021/05/muppets-haunted-mansion-disney-plus-muppets-ha…[View]
122886953This is the most realistic and viscerally uncomfortable portrayal of a mutual, bitter hatred between…[View]
122890398Was this kino?[View]
122880603South Park: Is this a good ship?[View]
122892109New BadPhroggy comic[View]
122889905This is beyond science.[View]
122890247How did we get to this point of degeneration ?[View]
122843018Why the fuck was he so based?[View]
122891996Catradora isn't that bad, guys.[View]
122869124Disney is Censoring Amphibia's 'True Colors': Despite being reviewed multiple times in producti…[View]
122870754Steven is canonically a psychopath murderer[View]
122893097>Finally, I have become Jupiter’s legacy What did the Utopian mean by this…[View]
122893504>he isn't watching Invincible right now[View]
122893457>”You may want to close your mouth” What did he mean by this?[View]
122892621What superheroes would you follow on social media if you were in the DC/Marvel universe?[View]
122889189What's this? A 4chan board with an underabundance of bee-related discussion? A new Dr. Bees car…[View]
122889384Set pics of CW Impulse: Thoughts on the costume?[View]
122883406Why does this make people seethe?[View]
122890333>Wandas halloween costume is better than the PPGs main costumes[View]
122893065FUCK OFF[View]
122891468shrek is dat nigga[View]
122890949is he j jonah jameson[View]
122892555Whats the deal with Nocturna amd why is she all over 80s batman? Like batman whonlaighs or gotham gi…[View]
122892466So how are they going to deal with Fu Manchu being Shang Chi's dad in the movie?[View]
122892887ITT: characters /co/ never talks about[View]
122891549Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness: >Loki and some TVA agents have a cameo >Doctor …[View]
122892545New York Time Posting about Hot Cartoon Dads: The New York fucking times ran an article today about …[View]
122889110Every time: >magical girl parody >the only joke is a sailor moon transformation…[View]
122890655Pic attached is unironically the female power fantasy and why they hate male sexual and power fantas…[View]
122890188Left or right?[View]
122888955I relate to daffy more than bugs[View]
122887907If westerners here think the east has better manga and anime, then what do Japanese people think of …[View]
122880934How do you feel about people doing this stuff?[View]
122870964ITT: Cartoon characters that are probably being made fun of on Kiwi farms in their universe[View]
122854677https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9wtz9ZKV34 >tfw the Zoomers made Pico gay nothing is sacred…[View]
122890111((In Stereo))[View]
122891116i drew the mc of my first comic he's called chad because he's so goddamn beautiful. he liv…[View]
122890473ITT “I am forgotten”: Shows only moomers remember[View]
122891084Who was in the wrong: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
122890374Ben son.[View]
122856521ITT: Cartoons that nobody on /co/ has ever watched[View]
122866064They're cute together.[View]
122891389I love korra. She is badass, empowering and cool. but my friends hates her. She mention how this mom…[View]
122891799Is there a mega?[View]
122891629>Founding Avenger >Zero solo material >Only notable moment over the decades is getting slap…[View]
122890156was the handi quacks b-plot secretly genius/ahead of its time[View]
122885811Yasuke: Just another Batman Ninja garbage with a fantasy light novel worldbuilding.[View]
122890857>/co/ thread from 1989 Personally I think it’s overall kill to have a 3rd Batman book. Love Batma…[View]
122891387ITT: /co/ Characters who were robbed of justice In the original run was originally recruited to be t…[View]
122886961Ta-Nehisi Coates: How will he be remembered by the comic book community?[View]
122889214Edit Thread: Give me your best edits Lads[View]
122856328>If you're Invincible why can I see you? Think Mark, think![View]
122889517Black Panther: Who is the best Black Panther and why is it the one with tits?[View]
122889559Who is the best star wars /co/ character and why is it general grevious[View]
122890482New Harry Partridge vid is out (finally) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBZmQdFbVcY Low quality OP …[View]
122879709>mocks trannies >mocks political correctness >worships capitalism and DMCA Is this our prom…[View]
122889269Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy[View]
122879568Amphibia: Have you apologized to Matt yet edition[View]
122890135Late to the party but I finished Gravity Falls :)[View]
122889197ITT Your favorite design for a character: Dunno why, but I really like this Matsumoto as hell Mercy …[View]
122889380If he can afford teleport watches why doesn't he buy a toupee?[View]
122890743Is he?[View]
122882934It wasn’t that bad.[View]
122889134Yoo, Dr Bee is back https://youtu.be/hBZmQdFbVcY[View]
122887722>9 'Invincible' threads Finally it has fallen off below 10 threads after a whole fucking week! C…[View]
122888865ITT: Moments that changed the cartoon community forever for good AND bad reasons[View]
122890366Does 1970s animation have a name besides just Hannah Barbera style, even though HB wasn't the o…[View]
122889668Was it Berenstein or Berenstain?[View]
122875857Give me the 'must-read' stories for Batman, I've only read pic related thus far.[View]
122889378Marvel Universe reset button?: Ok guys I am new to this marvel universe stuff. I just wached Avenger…[View]
122890346>I only have one problem with Yogi Bear... Alas, he's a reluctant lover. The only satisfacti…[View]
122879754How long are we going to let this happen[View]
122863132Here's your Native Captain America bro.[View]

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