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139756901Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 91: Page 23 There's a memory in there somewhere https://www.gunnerkr…[View]
139752225The Lich: I think at this point we have to accept the character was never going to be treated as a c…[View]
139751137What's the most obscure cartoon you've ever seen?[View]
139760353>Who said they had to be living? Top tier Doctor Strange moment[View]
139758775How to fill out the Fionna shaped hole inside my heart?: >Modern kids cartoons are brainrot made …[View]
139762085I'm the cat in the hat.[View]
139759690>Wants to reveal his greatest enemy’s secret identity >Makes it look gay as fuck What was his…[View]
139753510What are other shows that slowly drifted away from their original premise over time?[View]
139718005Big City Greens: New episode today: Cricket becomes Luan Loud![View]
139762032Reagan Ridley: I miss her like I wouldn't belive.[View]
139749649>show about toddlers goes on for 10+ seasons, 3 movies, and a CGI reboot series I seriously don’t…[View]
139723621STORYTIME: Adventure Time: Marcy and Simon #1-6 by Olivia Olson & Slimm Fabert: Yesterday to mar…[View]
139760350They were a joke back then.[View]
139721339JLA/Avengers 20 years anniversary Storytime: For this month marks the 20 years since its release and…[View]
139760322Are bullets Wonder Woman's criptonite?[View]
13975948670 years later and you still can't refute this[View]
139745951/coCT/ - /co/ OC Tournament: === THE FINAL ROUND === === DEADLINE: OCTOBER 10 === Previous Thread: …[View]
139707032Another buck bites the dust...[View]
139759639Was the only reason it pushed the boundaries of what you could get away with on a network targeted t…[View]
139755258Why are shows/movies made for mass appeal considered a bad thing?[View]
139757052Miracleman: >Dickie is really a man, not a tranny >Dickie is not gay, he was raped and moleste…[View]
139760846>comic has a gorilla[View]
139760892Was she raped by Amon?[View]
139753096Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
139751430This...this is just demon slayer...[View]
139759470Total Bliblie Death: Kill bliblies. Behead bliblies. Roundhouse kick a bliblie into the concrete. Sl…[View]
139760929ITT: Funny storyboards[View]
139746072Death Battle: Next fight is Freiza (Dragon Ball) vs Megatron (Transformers) on October 9. https://ul…[View]
139687371JLI/JLE: Justice League International and Justice League Europe thread. What were your favorite stor…[View]
139742508Was he?[View]
139752970ITT: characters who are terrible boyfriends/girlfriends: You get bonus points if the character is tr…[View]
139758456I just binged the show and comic at the same time and my only question is how did they fuck up butch…[View]
139760719Was she raped in prison?[View]
139759707Why capeshit is failing and continue to keep failing: Trash comics, trash characters, with trash sto…[View]
139743794Turns out Tiny Toons Looniversity is doing pretty well in ratings even when the whole season is alre…[View]
139751899Wizard Magazine Top 100 Issues Storytime: Wizard Magazine published a list in early 2006 (it was com…[View]
139707424>Another time >Another place >Another world >The couple still falls in love with each ot…[View]
139758010Fact: Batman comics work better in black and white.[View]
139759596Thoughts on this cute sassy cat?[View]
139760176>Townsville >kids and women goto jail. >they share the cell as big guys.…[View]
139751410I know this question is asked every few years but do people actually hate when adventure time starts…[View]
139739967>turns your cock into a tetris block[View]
139733669I see a lot of discussion about F&C and the mid-to-late seasons, but i don't see much discu…[View]
139744931Now that it's October let's have a Ruby Gloom thread![View]
139749232Cartoon Network 31st birthday: Share your memories[View]
139751438So, did you like their show?[View]
139759393Batman is giving Vanellope a bath[View]
139756317Why do people still act like he wasn't the hero?[View]
139755697Hahahaha? Get it? The joke is Americans are too retarded to pronounce a word correctly.[View]
139759866What's her kill count?[View]
139759817>Americans finally do anime justice and produce a good adaptation >Proceed to fuck it up immed…[View]
139759808Prismo is starting to get a little tired of all the threads about his fanfiction[View]
139759736In appreciation for our wonderful jannies who always ALWAYS do their job just as they should Post so…[View]
139757612I watched all 172 episodes of Rugrats, the 3 theatrical movies, the 2 fairy tale spinoffs, and 55 ep…[View]
139759619We should’ve gotten more Willow fanservice[View]
139758428WH40K: PARIAH NEXUS: /co/ Are you enjoying the series?[View]
139753206Is this show any good? I'm drunk and about to lay down, I want to try something besides America…[View]
139759451>i go to baskin robbins every night and treat myself a little treat[View]
139752018Did you like Scarab?[View]
139757615This couple should have been the endgame[View]
139753422>one look at this and you know the cartoon is going to suck I'd pay MeTV not to ever air the…[View]
139756947The Flash: Is he the most poorly written character in all of fiction?[View]
139752378TMNT Cartoon:: What's next for the turtles in the realms of animation?[View]
139757106What is the ultimate Parallax Hal reading order?[View]
139757773Could pic related ever become a cartoon?[View]
139754184Local Comic Shops keep closing[View]
139742491AI Batman comic creates controversy with copyright protection: >The four-panel comic shared by Am…[View]
139756941god I wish that were me[View]
139755714>they only made one Saw comic >it sucks With the new movie will we get more or do studios not …[View]
139750722so why did the teddy bears want to stay in that monster's stomach?[View]
139757177>hype Tony and Emma's wedding >everyone knows it's an in-universe sham, but are curi…[View]
139758222Starbutterfly thread: I've meet a few US girls kinda like her, they even sounded the SAME! and …[View]
139757962The only reason Batman is so popular is because of his rogues' gallery. Prove me wrong.[View]
139754263unsounded: First page was long page from the last chapter http://www.casualvillain.com/Unsounded/com…[View]
139753787What's the greatest fantasy comic of all time?[View]
139748598>Calls himself The Joker >Hasn't done anything that is even considered remotely funny Be …[View]
139743721How come we don't get anime and cartoon crossovers? People would watch it. Either in comic/mang…[View]
139748661TODAY IS........ Sunday Post any spongebob meme/reaction images here[View]
139757965Prince Ivandoe: Seems like new episodes of Prince Ivandoe are out today. Can somebody record them pl…[View]
139753415I thought only families with preschool children liked this cartoon.[View]
139757280In the early to mid 2000s I saw a page of a Fantastic Four comic where Mole Man breaks through the f…[View]
139752728IIT: We all live in the city of Townsville...[View]
139757631>In 1927, McCay attended a dinner in his honor in New York. After a considerable amount of drinki…[View]
139750154>still no V10 greenlight It's finally over, isn't it?[View]
139757551Cartoon video games are hella depressing, man.: >Makes mobile cash grab game with minimal effort …[View]
139754757What's with all the product placement in Nu-South Park?: >RDR2, Alexa, Disney Plus, Playstat…[View]
139757194Spooky Season: Spooky season is officially upon us, post some spooks. >TQ: What's your favor…[View]
139755759Post your dogisagas[View]
139749550Does this prove that Cuphead's straw is his penis?[View]
139750107Batwheels: So, they did a recent episode where they had Adam West 'guest star' as an old Batmobile. …[View]
139756972What makes for quality in the market nowadays, like the ones that sells, or expectedly will sell to …[View]
139755912The tone shift this show has on the second is wild. I remember trying to watch this show as soon as …[View]
139752765Why did media and critics act like The Batman was some big success? >box office wise underperform…[View]
139753124The fuck is her problem?[View]
139756843Is it safe to talk about my wife yet?[View]
139754113Happy birthday /co/ Also thoughts on grendel series My favorite is eppy Thatcher[View]
139754645Why is Robin in so few live-action Batman adaptations? Did picrel ruin it? Do they think the idea of…[View]
139752011PRIMAL: season 3 is confirmed. are you hyped?[View]
139753744these kind of glasses always looked so cool in my head. i dont remember any other characters using t…[View]
139756685>it's a thinly veiled mechanophilia joke[View]
139756176What was his last big comic story? Face the Face? He just feels so underutilized for such a big nam…[View]
139755166It's been 16 years. I feel cold...[View]
139755783Summer a cute[View]
139745232>Starting with the boring ass O5 It's already over.[View]
139727950DALL-E 3 Image Generator: >https://www.bing.com/images/create The /tv/ thread about it was pretty…[View]
139754398Hey Lee? Marie? ...What's 'anal'?[View]
139755738>Is arguably one of the greatest adventure time writers of all time >Never wrote a single epis…[View]
139751057>marvel makes ben reilly a hero again >but he keeps the chasm identity and suit >him and ha…[View]
13975350420 years have passed[View]
139754631OH Shet /co/! Patrick has a gun.[View]
139754499This game needed more slice of life moments and less focus on the action; closer to Persona and how …[View]
139747466Help me understand this. Wish is meant to take place in Spain, right? Why are there asians?[View]
139754661>Be honest, kid. Am i hurt bad?[View]
139755911'GOLB is good,' 'GOLB is great,' 'Thank you for the food we eat!'[View]
139755903I don’t get it.[View]
139753527This wholesome blue bitch needs her own book. I can't believe I'm enjoying reading a moder…[View]
139755103The shapely female form has no place in art[View]
139755851is anyone here an old enough oldfag to remember the webcomic 'gimptard'?[View]
139746870ITT: We write a sonic says PSA one word at a time: KIDS[View]
139742365Second Coming Storytime: The third volume of Mark Russell's Second Coming has reached its concl…[View]
139740328Elves are for-[View]
139729150ScantyBad: TFW no 150ft tall zombie goth Ultrawoman GF[View]
139753419>narration boxes are in cursive[View]
139755571Do you think there will ever be a crossover ?[View]
139752718I have in fact not used 4chan in 20 years, what was /co/ like pre-2010s animation?[View]
139754099Name it /co/[View]
139755310Snapper Carr: Opinions on Snapper Carr?[View]
139727302Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel: She looks tired. Why is that?[View]
139751379With how popular Elden Ring was, people can definitely get behind the “normal guys killing gods” tro…[View]
139746801I always wondered what a zoomer version of this show would look like. after re-watching the entire s…[View]
139752507>Member the Alamo baby, Member the Alamo baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-dXomWrLHI…[View]
139714628Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
139753770Did you enjoy Candy Queen?[View]
139746705>Come Along With Me was shit >Casper & Nova was shit >Cheers was shit Its like when the…[View]
139754036>we will never get a story of Clark having to deal with/raise teenage Kara as his own daughter It…[View]
139734168Darkwing Duck! When there's trouble you call DW! Darkwing Duck! Let's get dangerous! https…[View]
139752580Helluva Boss but set on earth.: if Helluva Boss was set on earth with mutated animals instead of hel…[View]
139754180One of the worst Bat stories I’ve ever read: Who the fuck thought on any of this was a good idea? Wh…[View]
139752193Garfield Thread? Garfield Thread: Happy Birthday, /co/! <3 <3 <3[View]
139733279Why is cuck shit with Connie so popular?[View]
139748979Animation Domination #1: Happy 20th Anniversary 4chan: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY. Disney's An…[View]
139752675Honestly, we could have got a kino cartoon that was the animated version of something like Star Cont…[View]
139729358He's right, y'know.[View]
139735051SPOOKTOBER 2023 - Day One: Welcome, boils and ghouls, to the first thread of Spooktober 2023! The /c…[View]
139645665/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic: The actual /HYW/ thread without whiny drama built in Post and discus…[View]
139753275homr simpman[View]
139745899South Park Thread: I love Butters so much! He is so cute![View]
139753163Did Vee deserve it?[View]
139747538Sisunday: Happy Birthday to all of us![View]
139752567I'm buzzed. What cartoon/animation should I watch to feel nice?[View]
139752024ITT: /co/ projects announced but never made[View]
139750996I'm the Highwayman.[View]
139752560TELL ME, B.G., CAN WE FUCK IN A TREE?[View]
139749274BFDI Thread: New episode of BFDIA just came out!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTcfak9R-ok&ab…[View]
139752703Megas XLR: >Leave Beast Boy and Raven to us.[View]
139748190Where did she go?[View]
139746552Over the garden wall[View]
139752556Marceline: Have you ever felt like you been alive so long and you just want to not wake up in the mo…[View]
139752434still overrated[View]
139750626Thoughts? Looks pretty slick The purple rabbit's gonna have annoying fans tho[View]
139752417South Park: What do you think of Randy's taste in girls?[View]
139751486before the anniversary ends, did you hate her show?[View]
139751443Smallville: What does /co/ think of Smallville? I remember enjoying up till season 4 on the show…[View]
139751252More cartoons should have cute bunny boys.[View]
139749179>...awkward silence[View]
139741151What the fuck was his problem?[View]
139748893What went wrong?[View]
139749271Name a bigger downgrade.[View]
139740923Across the Spider-Verse Concept Art: Starting with White Jessica designs, drawn up before production…[View]
139749450Naughty pets![View]
139744208Superheroes and Guns: Why are guns utterly neglected in superhero stories? Like 90% of capeshit stor…[View]
139749652Archie Sonic Storytime #2: Previous Thread: >>139729666 Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/pnWPy4g…[View]
139748716Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: https://nordic.ign.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-idw/73562/feature/…[View]
139729469Spider-Man Villains: Is Sandman arguably the worst from the 'A list' or recognizable cast of Spider-…[View]
139725116Talk about my show, without saying Adora is better![View]
139751824Was it warranted?[View]
139751721I caught the cat, now what?[View]
139747943Fuck is this damn cartoon's name: I used to watch this one cartoon when I was a kid but it was …[View]
139747483Raven: People will keep denying the fact that the only reason why they like Teen Titans is because o…[View]
139739610Fionna and Cake: Now that Betty's gone, who could be Simon's new love?[View]
139749923What the fuck was his problem[View]
139743251Rate the Disney Princes, purely by physical attraction[View]
139740129Castlevania: I dont understand, the show has had prominent black characters onscreen since season 1 …[View]
139747887Not gonna lie... Mystique pretending to be a british goth schoolgirl works for me: Risty Wilde...mmm…[View]
139747211Second Coming Storytime: The third volume of Mark Russell's Second Coming has reached its concl…[View]
139750961Is he right about African comics?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OulMhPgnRZw[View]
139686659itt: your delicious brown/black /co/ waifus[View]
1397500472D animation is BACK: Why does no one seem excited that Disney’s Wish is bringing back 2d animated f…[View]
139750716W.i.t.c.h. Reboot: New pages up on Italian site. https://www.mondadoristore.it/WITCH-Reboot-cuore-Di…[View]
139750511Is it worth it to pitch to image?: I heard that image really only helps you if you have a fan base a…[View]
139748822Will there ever be a time when a cartoon has been 99% made with AI voices or art and no one can tell…[View]
139745166/co/nfession thread: i always hated ben 10[View]
139750028Is it the perfect /co/ home?[View]
139747583Robots: What does /co/ think of this movie? I wanted to find concept art about it.[View]
139744555Why does Batman just not use his wealth to solve the root causes of crime instead of investing in mo…[View]
139740798what does he have against crows?[View]
139748393Starfire needs to be restrained in Adamantium and savagely violated by dozens of human men[View]
139750014Imagine this water pressure on genitals[View]
139750006What if Catra had been the one to defect to the good guys instead of Adora? How'd that turn out…[View]
139749326Miss me yet?[View]
139748774Is this supposed to be Rebecca Sugar and her husband?[View]
139728385Explain how this pairing is any less obnoxious than Kataang[View]
139745725Is it true?: Is CBBC kill? What happens now?[View]
139744410ITT: Post a Disney character and /co/ tells you if they'll be one of the 500 or so that are fea…[View]
139748090Finn needs to tap this Marcie[View]
139746752Kurt Russell Rumored For Jor-El In SUPERMAN: LEGACY: https://comicbookmovie.com/superman/superman-le…[View]
139747401Things you can say about /co/ but not your girlfriend.[View]
139747010Goofy villains[View]
139739088>Whoa, anon. That word is NOT okay. Apologize right now.[View]
139748414it's da spooky month![View]
139722819Can't wait for the inevitable 'Phineas and Ferb should've ended in S4' Why can't cart…[View]
139748390/co/ Magical Girl Thread (Revival Attempt): Apparently the last one happened all the way back in 201…[View]
139748600Shrek 2 is an overrated, boring, unfunny, visually unappealing, vapid piece of garbage with horrendo…[View]
139747918movie is called Captain Marvel 2 in China[View]
139748296Bender Rodriguez: it's safe to say that this guy is probably the coolest and most iconic cartoo…[View]
139747170Feet thread: Footfag here :)[View]
139743578More comics like this? Also, is her chest actually clothes or no. I never figured if she literally j…[View]
139748007What if the protagonist of the last cartoon you watched was replaced with comic Jason, who's ba…[View]
139737002>Rooster Teeth just privated every episode of Camp Camp on YouTube with no explanation though a p…[View]
139747755she's so HOT[View]
139747645Would Dr. Doom be a good rapper?[View]
139710076Spider-Man: what the fuck is happening with symbiotes? How did they go from fighting with spider-man…[View]
139745582>Female hero >Not once does a male villain try to rape her…[View]
139747215this is without a doubt the most american cartoon show ever.[View]
139746195Futurama: It's the year fifty million.[View]
139727415ITT: post villains with the worst endings[View]
139745046WandaVision writer Jac Schaeffer is reportedly spearheading a 'magic corner' of the MCU with Agatha:…[View]
139743294What's your opinion on HappyLikeAwall? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_jJ5C--FJ4[View]
139746304I don't think I want a season 2 anymore.[View]
139746481Is there a compilation of ed talking about all the movies/shows with retarded titles? Nothing immedi…[View]
139744089Why did Turning Red get a 12 rating in Hungary? Equivalent of PG-13. Lightyear got the same treatmen…[View]
139745481Can we have a Rita thread?[View]
139746949There's got to be some way to connect Martian Manhunter to the roman God of War[View]
139745070So Rainbow Rowells' She-Hulk is getting relaunched as Sensational She-Hulk soon. I gave up on h…[View]
139745104What made him be such a charismatic character?[View]
139741312Comics/cartoons/games that were once a copy of something, but deviated into its own thing 2: Previou…[View]
139744117>2023 >Party hats are still huge as fuck making the board a sore to look at This is why phonec…[View]
139746798What is Judy looking at, /co/?[View]
139744961Who will run DC next after he fails[View]
139747050hateful fart cartoon: if the show comes back, i hope they at least show an alternate scene of grim k…[View]
139743655Martin Mystery premiered 20 years ago today[View]
139745285Are you hyped Wondy fans?[View]
139745443Visionbros...: We took another L.[View]
139746540Cover Art Thread: What is your favorite cover art?[View]
139746880Dinner's ready. Where's grandpa?[View]
139746852Do you love Reagan?[View]
139746584Is there a better example of Adventure Time going 2deep4u than Gunther? >wacky little penguin …[View]
139742386Doom Patrol is a good book and I wish more people were reading/talking about it. Only 7 issues? Cmon…[View]
139746683Remember what could have been. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5xnRnSdYZA[View]
139742671Oh yeah, that Modok show exists. What were they thinking making this?[View]
139746292If you guys really wanted sincerity you wouldn't be hating Kevin Smith.[View]
139746227I'm David Pumpkins! Any questions?[View]
139744561Timmverse Darkseid didn't seem that strong, I feel like the government could have just thrown a…[View]
139744706How come Ed, Edd n Eddy never gets compared to Hey Arnold? Both are cartoons about a group of kids t…[View]
139731911Batman 138 Partial Ghetto Storytime: Some guy on leddit leaked damn near the whole issue. Enjoy.…[View]
139740534Why is Adventure Time like this?[View]
139726033Death Battle: Next fight is Freiza (Dragon Ball) vs Megatron (Transformers) on October 9. https://ul…[View]
139743756/co/ was created 17 years ago. who, in your opinion, was the most relevant cartoon girl autists here…[View]
139743343>every cartoon in the early 2000's had at least 1 episode making fun of pokemon/yugioh/dbz W…[View]
139745882Stay away from the chamber pot of secrets![View]
139744286so let me see if i understand the first part of the movie. charlie and carface once became business …[View]
139743988LOKI S2 Reshoots: Apparently Kate Dickie is no longer playing old Sylvie, but rather an evil TVA gen…[View]
139743414>watch Fionna and Cake >it's total dogshit >come to /co/ >people are actually DEFE…[View]
139720100Miraculous: Anyone miss the era before seasons 4 and T?[View]
139743929>Did you make Hitler proud today?[View]
139727684Fionno Thread[View]
139745176A comprehensive list of all the female /co/ characters I have jerked off to: >Raven >Gwen Tenn…[View]
139733394MC2: Was it a good idea? Why did nothing but Spider-Girl catch on?[View]
139742130Why is Black Manta a her now?: Black superheroes thread[View]
139742102>it's another 'Hickman makes up some bullshit so that he can be keep writing Reed, Doom, Sta…[View]
139743536Lion King 2 had some bangers https://youtu.be/rkWo5vO8S-c[View]
139744959https://twitter.com/PearlteaRizzy/status/1708022460069888023 American 'humor'[View]
139743103Why'd he do it?[View]
139736148It's not like 4chan's 20th birthday is as important as Christmas![View]
139738634>no 600+ replies thread celebrating 20 years of 4chan with old memories and shit…[View]
139742865>Molly Mcgee and 4chan share anniversary dates (October 1st) Funny that…[View]
139664095I love how a '2006 lost flash game character' reeks of late 10's soft e-girl Tumblr anime style…[View]
139742684Shermy is literally Deku: >freckles >whiny bitch voice >ADHD+autistic behavior >Powerle…[View]
139742431/co/ screenshot thread: Post happenings and memories of these past 20 years Today is a day of celebr…[View]
139744646What's your favorite /co/ birds[View]
139742726Villains who would be heroes in other universes: Agent Bishop in the Invader Zim universe[View]
139725031Murderdrones Doll & Lizzy: No thread? fine I'll do it myself[View]
139740456Pantheon: 2 weeks until best /co/ girl returns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj4zqd3k3yg…[View]
139741939What did 90s and early 2000s kids think of The Flintstones? I noticed that in the 90s, it still aire…[View]
139742953>Time to give ol Over the Garden Wall the annual rewatch anon[View]
139739479sugar doot do dootdoot do dooo[View]
139741833Vápnthjófr saga: Page 594: The saga of the Weapon thief Well, it looks like the gang is arrested. An…[View]
139743711Raven: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJnTdNCOfvs&t=34[View]
139740363If they were to make a new Steven Universe game, what genre do you think it should be?[View]
139716401How the hell does a 'Paw Patrol' movie have a PG rating?[View]
139739360I miss best girl...[View]
139743658Jessica's Big Little World: Meet Small Uncle: https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/1708512…[View]
139741152Vee: Vee[View]
139728454The Great Debate[View]
139742523>My Life Me came out in 2010 WTF??? I could have SWORN it aired in 2006 or something Also, you ha…[View]
13974354719 years since Shark Tale premiered. What do you think of this film?[View]
139738671How come AI can make cuter comic book art styles than real 'artists'?[View]
139743206When does it become pathetic to post about cartoons and games on an anonymous image board?[View]
139742874The big 2-0, huh?[View]
139743619TCJ Sean T. Collins on Mother, Come Home[View]
139743338A toast! To 20 years of 4chan![View]
139737005Why didn’t this mofo have a religion centered around him? He should’ve been to the Pacific Ocean wha…[View]
139742516so was it shaped like there's a bite taken out of it or was it 'shaped' like there's a bit…[View]
139741606Comics That Predicted the Future: Jack Kirby really predicted the Amazon Cry Closets https://www.yah…[View]
139741182Watch the skies, he's coming at you![View]
139740200Star Wars: The High Republic Storytime: Phase 3 of The High Republic begins next week. As such I tho…[View]
139739323I-it's my birthday?[View]
139739840Bring back 2D Disney: Back when Disney had sovl[View]
139743116>They’re talking about my what?![View]
139733253Remember what you fight for, Fire Nation man[View]
139634278Stargaze and the Sentinels of Starlight: Stargaze Monday Thread #23.5 – 'Taking aim more carefully' …[View]
139742988Cartoon Network: How do you think the channel has fared in recent years?[View]
139740872They want to throw him into the fan: So I want to know! Why did they put him in the hole so he could…[View]
139739758Will there be birthdays cake?[View]
139741261Santa Inc. IS BACK!: You can watch it for free on Tubi right now[View]
139742441I would like to raise a toast to our twentieth anniversary of being here and on this board! I would …[View]
139741920Madame Web movie comes out in 4 months: Still not a peep about it. No advertising or anything. Spide…[View]
139742649Dynamic character change[View]
139742295Why did they remove pepe from tiny toons looniversity?[View]
139739890Weird merch: Post merchandise that is just odd, either in terms of appearance, concept, or just obje…[View]
139721543Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Good morning, Nandroid enjoyers! Following what must undoubtedly ha…[View]
139741254It's over.: A fucking AI draws a strong, competent-yet-sexy Carol Danvers in a PC costume that …[View]
139742190Lil Abner: >> once popular from the '40s-'60s >> hits rock bottom in the …[View]
139737569Who else grew up watching Teen Titans in the 80s?[View]
139739226I am unironically crying. This might be the greatest piece of American animation ever. Total kino. I…[View]
139742158I'm glad Pete's not popular :)[View]
139741385HE'S SUPERMA--: *cough* *cough*[View]
139739273References in Su: I was watching this show and I came to the realization that nearly every 2nd or 3r…[View]
139740306Good morning /co/? Hey any of you guys got some images of /co/ characters waking up?[View]
139729994Has anyone watched this? Is it any good/worth my time if I'm a casual godzilla fan?[View]
139719604Infinity Train: Still can't fathom that out of all of the guys in inftrain, the trannyfags deci…[View]
139739403Prettiest /co/ character of the 2020s[View]
139740069Rayla thread: I am not starting a rayla thread just to make my waifu wear the birthday hat......…[View]
139711638She needs a human man[View]
139738745Storytime: The Spider and The Fly: Happy Anniversary /co/! Not just for 4chan, but for the 21st anni…[View]
139740217Which one was the one that awoken people to male toon bondage?[View]
139741485Lower Decks: I mostly just wanted Tendi to get to wear the birthday hat[View]
139737469>First episode has a suicide bomber in it Based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qb5TOBt8Ry0…[View]
139740067Even if its a kids show, why do they fucking job so much?[View]
139736945ITT: comic pics that go HARD[View]
139662467Comics/cartoons/games that were once a copy of something, but deviated into its own thing: Apologies…[View]
139739827Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Would you?[View]
139740589We need more goth girls in comics and cartoons.[View]
139740737>Hyperborea but for deer-foxes just casually exists in the Hildaverse[View]
139736624Jesus fuck, you guys.[View]
139740080Characters who must always be wrong or the universe is horrible and deserving of destruction?[View]
139737029Only (You) can prevent forest fires.[View]
139741013What it could have been[View]
139740252We need more goth girls in comics and cartoons.[View]
139740935Did she honestly deserve it in the end?[View]
139730501I like mickey mouse[View]
139739034MIRACULOUS GALETTE: She's Marinette... >Just a normal girl.... >With a normal life... Who…[View]
139732200Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
139729576Wizard Magazine Top 100 Issues Storytime: In 2006 Wizard Magazine published a list of their 100 favo…[View]
139714400Wizard Magazine Top 100 Issues Storytime: Wizard Magazine published a list of their favorite 100 sta…[View]
139739224Was rewatching some Molly McGee and I only now notice that the Ghost Council serves on a giant skull…[View]
139732496>'smart character become a stupid one' episode >that's just an public humiliation episode…[View]
139734327Netflixvania: Don't post Dracula X[View]
139740025Looking at the ratings for Disney Plus, it's absolute garbage for their originals. Once they st…[View]
139740150No cartoon should last for 20 seasons. It stops being good after a few years, then continues to rot …[View]
139737412Any thoughts on Spectacular Spider-Man[View]
139738786Oliver knows stuff![View]
139738231I'm still mad[View]
139737115Cool dudes 4chan is 20 years old! Can I be a meme now?[View]
139739451>man entering a woman's (presumably) private cottage at night >makes this pose Did I just…[View]
139738180Hurry up Sulley, we are late for 4chan's 20th birthday![View]
139739950>look, there- there he is! >get him- get him out of here get him the Hell out of here! >thr…[View]
139738998what are your thoughts on nostalgia-baiting in the industry? will it ever stop? if so, when?[View]
139739837ITT: /co/ characters who's birthday it is today Either within canon lore, or just their first e…[View]
139727515>wins >loses all his money right after I refuse to acknowledge that shit ending as canon…[View]
139737922Hey! If you're going to be gay about this, you can't play![View]
139722974/co/ gilf thread[View]
139739627Who cuts Eddie's hair?[View]
139736792>lol what's your name bro >dr otto octavius >LMFAO WHAT THE HELL DUDE WHAT LOL THAT…[View]
139739446cow tools[View]
139733236Rugrats: Now that the dust has settled and seething has stopped, Did anyone even bother to watch the…[View]
139737007Giganta: She alone is the reason I would pick up a WW book. I don't care that she's fetish…[View]
139728119He's definitely based[View]
139738935I wanna protect that smile[View]
139738961DC Super Hero Girls' version of Livewire might be my favorite take on the character ever. How d…[View]
139738567>Wonder Woman, when you revealed the existence of Themiscyra, the island's new EEZ extended …[View]
139739211ITT reaction images: Bt only ones that can wear the hat[View]
139736337Daria: He was right[View]
139735478Why is Velma so smart?[View]
139733372archie but stone age.[View]
139734584>Trailer drops >Looks like Shrek in terms of detail and rendering >Disney apologists start …[View]
139736896>Savage City >Endgame >City of Bane >War of Jokes and Riddles >Joker War >Fear Sta…[View]
139737119I like Black Manta[View]
139736136If you could make your own cartoon channel what would you put on it? I'd make an emo/goth chann…[View]
139708171Campbell is leaving TMNT after #150: https://nordic.ign.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-idw/73562/f…[View]
139721161Fionna and cake: is this really the end for Simon? lose his wife lost his magic and eventually die t…[View]
139734867How this man fell into oblivion?[View]
139734969Brother? More like broXer![View]
139734257Opinion on the Lich King?[View]
139670820Bunny Thread: Post /co/ gals dressed as bunny girls[View]
139737449Were the animators actually overworked or is this just whiny L.A. millennials being whiny?[View]
139721242Fun-Size Dandy Storytime - № 128-31: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/138667772 5-8 https://des…[View]
139736639Star is cute, CUTE[View]
139734648I thought the ending was alright[View]
139738256Heathcliff is playing football.[View]
139736201>Kickass returns after Joe Biden begs superheroes for help Anyone else reading Mark Millar’s the …[View]
13973534720: 20 years. he's still waiting[View]
139736024Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
139635899Storytime: Felix the Cat: Hey, fellow Felix fans! Get comfy, the graphic novels have shipped, so thi…[View]
139737314Another 20 years of misery Cheers[View]
139735715'It seems like you guys are just like ganging up on me.'[View]
139735600Why is the 'just get two guys to write, direct, and voice-act everything themselves' such a popular …[View]
139724683Fun-Size Dandy Storytime - № 132-5: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/138667772 5-8 https://desu…[View]
139720164Star Wars: The High Republic Storytime: Phase 3 of The High Republic begins next week. As such I tho…[View]
139733149>interesting and good location >appears only for one episode in the entire series…[View]
139736800Many years of good work![View]
139736402Shark Tale is now 19 years old[View]
139734019I always wondered if they wanted him to be a regular background character, he had a few random appea…[View]
139729483What would Raven's browser history look like?[View]
139729023ITT: characters that have killed millions if not billions[View]
139732792ITT: /co/ characters that are literally you: He's a fat retard just like me[View]
139733166so did they get out of his car or not[View]
139727347Would you hitchhike with a harpy mom?[View]
139736206Happy 31st Birthday Cartoon Network![View]
139733689time travel scenes/plots in cartoons: what are your thoughts on them?[View]
139735613What do you prefer, female characters who use magic or female brawlers?[View]
139732658>it needs to be updated because... it just does, okay?[View]
139735007Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
139690392What are you reading right now?: You do read comics, don't you, anon? bonus points for sharing …[View]
139735926'Do you like my hat?'[View]
139735838>it's a leela and fry are soulmates episode[View]
139731205Terrible Eye: Sara is so fucking cute. Shame she will never appear ever again.[View]
139732144how do you write such erfect dialog I really think it's something you cant teach or learn[View]
139735734...wha-evar ![View]
139589201Spider-Boy: Cover for issue 2 of Spider-Boy got revealed. We are getting a Captain America team up.…[View]
139723578SHARE YOUR DC COMICS WISHLIST!: > Superman - E1 gets a 4th volume with another notably revamped v…[View]
139735378Its ridiculous how ugly faces are in comic books. How do we fix this?[View]
139729186Hasbro should make a second season[View]
139734226Papercraft Prismo Time Room: Hey, 4chan folks! Check out my cool Fionna and Cake papercraft. And the…[View]
139733734This is Reagan after the cancellation of Inside Job.....: How this happend to her?[View]
139731539So, Cake got pregnant of this black horse in their universe or what?[View]
139725029Who was in the wrong here?[View]
139730322Do Davey and Goliath fans exist? And if so, where are they?[View]
139730073Naughty naughty pets![View]
139731886What was his name again?[View]
139730581She Hulk: How does she get fumbled so much? From comics to TV shows, it's astounding how fucked…[View]
139725526SHARE YOUR MARVEL WISHLIST!: > Marco Checchetto is put on a Storm or Domino series (If him taking…[View]
139731169Will I hate this? >t. chud[View]
139734276Is it good?[View]
139734425>and nobody would know Broseidon's pain >and his pain continued forever >and that is w…[View]
139734407Wow, every 'mature' superhero comic really has just been rehashing this for the past fifty years, hu…[View]
139728601The funniest part of the 'thing you like was always woke' cope is how it misses the satire. All thos…[View]
139734297What a cute little boat![View]
139726915Who is the best super pet and why is it Lockjaw?[View]
139730450Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
139722939why are all of peter's love interest whores?[View]
139733730ITT: Your Personal Favorite Iterations of /co/ characters: Just your favorite version of a /co/ char…[View]
139733729She cute, actually.[View]
139726522I would kill myself if I could only watch Canadian cartoons[View]
139733748I'm still baffled to this how this show dropped the ball HARD from season 3 onward: Season 1 …[View]
139716363DCU LEAKS: Pre-strikes, don't know how much of this is still valid. Superman: Legacy >Skyler…[View]
139727924I'm real happy for them[View]
139721415Castlevania: NOCTURNE: last thread hit bump limit >leave that jive turkey Blackula to me…[View]
139729688Why in the absolute fuck did Nick think giving one of Dan Schneider's shitty sitcoms its own ca…[View]
139733590Would Stewie and Rick get along?[View]
139731093/co/ architecture: ITT: post rooms, background paintings, and /co/ buildings[View]
139733505Was he speaking shill until the arrest?[View]
139727180/co/ you haven't said word since you scrolled down[View]
139732940Russian Magical Girls https://twitter.com/moonmistblue/status/1707251623632716241[View]
139729141Ralph Bakshi's Spicy City (1997): Anons thoughts on it? sucks how it got cancelled so abruptly.…[View]
139725679Cheerleaders mind controlled into being evil: So like, what exactly is this trope? Is it some form o…[View]
139729433What would a Carnage show be like?[View]
139730507Wouldn't being conscious 24/7 eventually make you go crazy?[View]
139732636>stop all that coon shit >early morning cartoon shit…[View]
139732785Eww! You like Allan Sherman?[View]
139732189Post your favorite /co/ depictions of The Devil.[View]
139727857Literally me[View]
139731421In the next 15 seconds, she shows up at your door with a battalion of Cadmus foot soldiers. What do …[View]
139730069Just watched it. Much better than i expected.[View]
139729564Had a dream where a farmer captured him and kept him as a pet/son. Wonder how he would react if it a…[View]
139727508remind me again why translating a comic book design 1 to 1 for a movie or show is bad again? people …[View]
139727820Who's your new roommate?[View]
139730320What did he mean by this[View]
139725976ITT: Comfiest /co/ places[View]
139729666Archie Sonic Storytime #1: Previous Thread: N/A Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/pnWPy4ge Password: yG…[View]
139729543The Amazing Digital Circus: Are you gonna watch this when it comes out?[View]
139728866Please tell me I wasnt the only one experiencing this nightmare when I was growing up. Also post som…[View]
139730818Let's talk about the Inhumans Alpha Primitives: Are they sanctioned? Are they slaves or livesto…[View]
139729406What do you think of the new Flash run?[View]
139730375Why does only few media like to portray WW as a huge amazon that doesn’t like no for an answer?[View]
139622324For me? It's still Ultimatrix. Best alien tech ever.[View]
139726659Why is Nickelodeon like this?[View]
139719176Was High Guardian Spice just some bizarre money laundering scheme?[View]
139713651Your thoughts on Redwall? Did you read the books too? Favorite moment and favorite character?[View]
139731242They're going to make Harry Osborn into Venom just like in Ultimate Spider-Man. What a joke.[View]
139709873/ksbd/ k6bd Kill Six Billion Demons WHEEL SMASHING LORD 2-48 to 2-49: Departure >Alea Iacta Est…[View]
139730496Finding out what Flapjack's voice actor looked like was such a mindfuck for me[View]
13972749497 was a great year to be born: The 2000s was the last great decade for cartoons. Millennials will n…[View]
139729870Itt: Cartoon Backgrounds: Post Them.[View]
139721257>Tea, anon?[View]
139730411The animation hasn't really aged the best, but I really liked a lot of the designs and concepts…[View]
139730058Have Finn and Simon ever ... you know ..[View]
139727284Will baby Finn grow up or will he just stay a baby forever? I mean, he comes from a baby universe.[View]
139726617Disney had two shots at giving the PotC treatment to the Haunted Mansion, and they made absolute dog…[View]
139729679>spent years making Dick Grayson burst into crazy people's hideouts twice a month Why didn…[View]
139727234Remember that time after Joker killed Jason Todd, he met with Ayatollah Khomeini and became the amba…[View]
139729271The Women Who Saved Sony Pictures Animation: If you’ve ever wondered how Sony Pictures Animation wen…[View]
139729814Why does /co/ think Ed edd n eddy and billy and Mandy are better than they actually were: Like both …[View]
139728832ITT: Characters who are stylized but canonically deformed: Like how the powerpuff girls are stylized…[View]
139729053I think Ben 10 is a trans metaphor[View]
139722591Swat Kats: Radical Squadon: Is it true this show was cancelled because the producers was salty that …[View]
139725826Are you ready for the Dark Ages of webcomics?[View]
139723485>people online, including well known online animator Harry Partridge, are making fun of the new D…[View]
139724911Skyla: 'Dawn of the Cute Hearts'[View]
139721798Western comics that should get the Invincible adaptation treatment?[View]
139726884ITT: Bad Years For Animation: 2013 has to take the cake >Escape From Planet Earth >Planes >…[View]
139728773>Webcomic creator has to do mandatory military service promised to come back >Never heard fro…[View]
139724254TCJ RIch Kreiner on Louis Riel[View]
139728260MIRACULOUS WORLD PARIS: Only 21 days away! The countdown begins! Who's excited?[View]
139727583Give ONE reason it wouldn’t work[View]
139707455>Marvel: Ben Reilly can't be a hero because there's just no more room for more Spider-P…[View]
139725967post comics like this[View]
139727225Looks like another perfect casting![View]
139727888Does it make sense for Disney to keep pumping out more Simpsons episodes? I'm not talking about…[View]
139728404Transmetropolitan: What is it that I don't like about the writing style of Spider in particular…[View]
139723825could a character like this exist today?[View]
139721830YouTubers Cinematic Universe: A YouTuber wants to use a group of public-domain superheroes to create…[View]
139720608ITT essays and theories: Share some fun cartoon essay and theory videos with your fellow /co/ mates …[View]
139728483The incel chud chemicals should’ve been permanent.[View]
139728288What is the animation industry equivalent of playtesters? Games have dozens of people that play them…[View]
139728248Why are there so many Lion King clones? Tofauti Sawa - Single male lion and single female hyena adve…[View]
139727960>That one period in the early-to-mid-2010's where Linda Cardellini did voice work for all th…[View]
139726657It’s almost Inktober. Are you working on your art? Did you know that, with enough prep time, Batman …[View]
139726952Which characters could benefit from corrective rape?[View]
139727564One thing I don't understand, Lola Bunny was created for the female audience but it seems the w…[View]
139728121A good Superman needs to be Superman not just because it's the right thing to do, but because h…[View]
139727925There is a new No Evil. #047 Stable Needed Corn is full snake now. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal…[View]
139724851Characters that were BUILT to be bullied.[View]
139727641Catwoman Caturday[View]
139713888Since Kevin Conroy is dead, and Mark Hamill has retired from doing the role, who should voice Batman…[View]
139724964Angel Hare: It's over...[View]
139727281What went wrong: > Originally from Oak Park, Illinois, he lives in New York City with his wife, J…[View]
139727320Futurama: Why did Mom kill Amy's best friend?[View]
139725996Raven: How did they get away with this?[View]
139723791All these posts about AI image and no talk about using AI for voices of /co/ characters. /wsg/ gets …[View]
139725308Disney+ and ESPN+ to stream Toy Story Football Game: >On Sunday, Allstate is trading in its famou…[View]
139727379In all honesty, was Batman the patient zero?[View]
139727309>Doom Stare >when an American says something so Richardsian you have to hit them with the Doom…[View]
139725824LOLIROCK: Has anyone else seen this masterpiece? You did watch the greatest western made magical gir…[View]
139723953So they fucked in the end?[View]
139726817Been rewatching classic Pixars, surprised at how poorly this one holds up[View]
139726810Edit thread: Images, video, even audio... Just post funny edits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-yz…[View]
139727053Why are DC's godlike species so incompetent? The Kryptonians settled on a planet with a red sun…[View]
139724690>Peter taking the symbiote and it altering his personality to be cruel to those closet to him. He…[View]
139719481What happened to LoSH? Once upon a time, they were popular enough to get a cartoon. Now they are utt…[View]
139725606>completely mogs the original protagonists of the 200+ episode show they're based off of in …[View]
139719094What 90s cartoons probably wouldn't make it on TV if they were pitched for the first time in th…[View]
139726828>Klaus NO![View]
139724616Hungarians vs popular media: Updated with Báthory Erzsébet(won't mention the retarded Castlevan…[View]
139711133Post the exact moment a show you liked became unwatchable.[View]
139726445What’s your first impression of this chick?[View]
139725516Dumb dad trope: Before I never understood it and I still laughed. Now that i have it irl, I get that…[View]
139706472GEN V: Anyone watching? Thoughts so far?[View]
139707416Name the show /co/[View]
139723693Non-depressing non-cape books?: I was having an imagined conversation in the shower (as one does), w…[View]
139726180What are some good original cartoons that came out this year which aren't a >Reboot >Rema…[View]
139725219Clay Butler: y/n?[View]
139724479You now remember Pucca.[View]
139726454Dora Reboot First Episode: They've uploaded it to YouTube early https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
139726296I don't get it, /co/, can you help me?[View]
139666925Usagi Yojimbo: We're back at DH, baby! The newest issue is finally out and it sets up the first…[View]
139721351>He's perfectly fine with having about 10-20 propanes cluttering his tank at all times of da…[View]
139697148Tiny Toon Advetures Thread: Since the reboot's too mid to have any lasting discussions about it…[View]
139724685Modern Spongebob: Is it actually worth watching? I adored early Spongebob, season 1 was peak but se…[View]
139724669I think he is cute and better than the originall Peppermint[View]
139717230i paused at this moment[View]
139724294ITT: Underrated waifus.[View]
139725071Jack Skellington is an isekai protagonist What do you do with this cursed knowledge?[View]
139725760How tf did these two retards get their shit together before Mordecai[View]
139725588What was the point of this episode?[View]
139706707Death Battle: Next fight is Freiza (Dragon Ball) vs Megatron (Transformers) on October 9. https://ul…[View]
139688496If you could give one internet artist the vivzypop treatment and curse them with mass attention and …[View]
139716027Hey Double D! I just touched a boob! And it felt like happy![View]
139723800Jessica's Big Little World: New interview! https://youtu.be/wembOEQK8ZU[View]
139677239Pitch your cartoon ideas: Got any fun and cool cartoon ideas that you would like to share?[View]
139635938GIF thread[View]
139721887hard boiled and works by geof darrow: i dont buy comics all the time but this one caught my attentio…[View]
139724902How come this never gets brought up when people talk about successful indie animation?[View]
139725514Favorite episode? For me it's The Question[View]
139724882Is there a worse anniversary episode to any cartoon than Truth or Square?[View]
139724150looking for a niche comic from the 2010s or so had similar art style to pic related or ashly wood it…[View]
139714608How did an intelligent critique of the comic book industry get turned into 'White Man Bad: The TV Sh…[View]
139725356So if No Heart is 200-300 years old, how is his niece like 10? Was Shreeky's father or mother b…[View]
139720577Wings of Daera Chapter 4: 'Desires.' I'll dump it. This one is about the protagonist finding a …[View]
139723767what drawing tools did people use for the earliest rubber hose animations?[View]
139724647whose the /co/ equivalent of Jack Hanma? https://files.catbox.moe/1puny5.mp4[View]
139725341Obscure and cryptic stuff in cartoons: >The Milk Song I don’t get it.…[View]
139722246Another Rainbow Bubblegem Thread: >Good Purple Star Images Thread As usual, we do another thread …[View]
139724149>Why are you letting my husband die? What does this have to do with baseball? >Death is a part…[View]
139724781Series that own the libs.[View]
139723182What are you ordering?[View]
139724597DoomStorm: Such a kino ship. Why don’t we get more of it? I wanna see them fuck. It’d be so hot.…[View]
139704915I can't believe bunnicula was the last cartoon ever[View]
139724039I thought this might be fun, but I don't know how many anons will be interested. Marvel is doin…[View]
139724884>Look at you? >Why don't you Have A FUCKING LOOK at this! >AAAND have peak of this!…[View]
139705266STORYTIME: Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake #1-6 by Natasha Allegri: Since Fionna and Cake just e…[View]
139724737Did you like Fionna and Cake?[View]
139724799FIONNA AND CAKE SEASON 2 INTRO SEQUENCE REVEALED! >during his therapy session Simon gets told t…[View]
139570169Hildas: Hilda. I know a guy who went to the event last night. Won't say a thing because 'Parson…[View]
139721832New show by HBO Max: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOsZVmVPn4E[View]
139722656Do kids like romance and love triangles? I'm thinking ages 7 - 12 range. When you were that age…[View]
139723189She died.[View]
139637584Genderbender thread: Genderbender: halloween-ish edition[View]
139723652New project that might not go anywhere just dropped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2tPWRZcJmw…[View]
139720264How long until Michael Owueelen gives Adventure Time another unwanted spin-off? It appears Cartoon N…[View]
139721256It wasn't that bad.[View]
139724380Tiny Toons Looniversity: As a guy who has never seen the original Tiny Toons, a huge problem I have …[View]
139724366Walten files update: So basically our chilean god emperor martin wake up and start posting teasers f…[View]
139722935How are there heads of people who died long before Fry's time, like Lincoln and Nixon and every…[View]
139705422>Simon is now selfish and evil for making Betty turn into a demon in order to keep him safe from …[View]
139723840Victor Timely is a 'nice guy' in LOKI Season 2: Oh, the ironing.[View]
139723938I'm a little disappointed they didn't fuck[View]
139723753This was the best shot of Unicorn Warriors Eternal[View]
139719320Post indie games you would like to see as a cartoon series.[View]
139717031What does Scarecrow use for his fear gas? Would it be possible in real life?[View]
139719652Remember when Cartoon Network made their own shows, and where big enough to have bands come in and r…[View]
139720475Opinions on the 'Autodale' series by David James Armsby? Episode 1 'Being Pretty' https://www.youtub…[View]
139722134Spider-Man-Spider-Woman team up. Classic Stuff!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63dV2RmeE4E&t=1…[View]
139721098Teen Titans GO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZxGITH7xbw&ab_channel=DCKidsInternational…[View]
139719838Just realized that Miles' mentor is White and he's Black while Gwen's mentor is Black…[View]
139722036How would the Pumaman do in Gotham City?[View]
139720755Do you like basketball?[View]
139708057I miss this bitch like you wouldn't believe[View]
139723594>There will never be another DC vs Marvel crossover Why even live?[View]
139721626Why is he called Racial Ghoul? He doesn't commit racially-themed crimes.[View]
139722776so, why are Disney comics coming out through Dynamite instead of Marvel?[View]
139723434>Object all you want, it’s cephalopod tonight[View]
139705393Ultimate Invasion Storytime of Bore: Having trouble sleeping? This should fix you right up.[View]
139723395So, what do we think of Absolution?[View]
139709345>not even one episode released yet >mogs Hazbin >mogs Helluva https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
139723497Mickey and friends vs Looney Tunes: Which roster do you prefer character-wise?[View]
139718131>'Glorious You are O God, and with Your praise, and blessed is Your Name, and exalted is You…[View]
139715809unshaved bush and armpits[View]
139720698Why does she have a bitchy attitude?[View]
139718293Any thoughts on Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja[View]
139721175joann d'arc more joann d'cute[View]
139717074This guy is going to fuck Fionna's cat[View]
139713477I kinda feel bad for babs, she's basically the DC version of Meg Griffin.[View]
139723052Is he right?[View]
139720088>'could take at least until next Halloween to start wrapping up' >posted nearly 9 years ago H…[View]
139708318I want her to berate me...[View]
139715478>White male King with loving wife decides to use his godlike powers grant wishes to his citizens …[View]
139721781Police! This Gypsy stole my heart![View]
139722702What are all of them up to these days?[View]
139715828Immortal Sergeant Storytime: Absolutely loved this comic and want to finish sharing it with all of y…[View]
139722816Ullman shorts, Christmas show, Marge's fling, Homer's bro, Bart in well, Flanders fails, W…[View]
139722944Alex Hirsch destroyed this[View]
139673249Fluff Thread: Let's have a thread for our favorite /co/ characters who are fluffy. And species …[View]
139722901What was your favorite song? https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBKadB95sF44oQX0bffOd9_1mdKuQtDrZ…[View]
139722813For me, it's XJ6[View]
139721167Thoughts on the current Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy run?[View]
139703524Giant Woman: Did Steven have a fetish?[View]
139696495Can we have a /co/splay thread?[View]
139694376Those frenchies really thought nobody would notice what they were doing[View]
139713464Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Ghosts of the Future #4: Previous Thread: >>139693575 Pastebin: ht…[View]
139648518Who's the hottest irrelevant side character in Disney?[View]
139716358Autism Thread: The more unbearable, the better[View]
139716191What's your pitch?[View]
139721665Random idea I had for Batman villains: So I was thinking how Clayface is like clay right and Poison …[View]
139721117GIF thread[View]
139719972Shrek reboot when?[View]
139721057hey /co/ what spiderman comic would you recommend to someone who never read comic. some manga ive re…[View]
139721393>Captain America is so gay, he's looking for a girl between 10 and 14…[View]
139717733Well /co/?[View]
139721279Why is this show often compared to Caillou?[View]
139718751Distant Lands is messing me the fuck up, bros. It was all I could do to hold back the tears and shov…[View]
139721345Fionna and Cake: Now that Betty is gone, who will fuck Simon?[View]
139720752Disney park thread: In the original movie, the whole appeal of the 'Grey Stuff' was that you weren…[View]
139719326Story of my future show that i am trying to develop as 1 person: Basically a combination of: >Ben…[View]
139716862LOKI S2 Featurette: 'Meet OB': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUVvNnB14WY I can already tell /co/ w…[View]
139720790unironically what did dreamworks mean with the female horse expression? >inb4 yjk…[View]
139693040>Wow, you kiss just like I imagined you would when I was playing Symphony of the Night back in th…[View]
139721001Name cartoons that make Americans simultaneously both the bad guys and gigachads.[View]
139656455/coCT/ - /co/ OC Tournament: === ROUND 2 - FINAL CALL === === DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 27 === MIA: Callie…[View]
139721157Which /co/ girls should be 'showing the feet'? Not counting any who already are.[View]
139720438mick mouse[View]
139720221Let’s answer the question once and for all: Is Smiling Friends neopuritan?[View]
139720974Was she a good berry, /co/?[View]
139720988murder drone Oc or not: hello fellow worker / dissassembly drone i was wondering about what you guy…[View]
139717947Shezow is a pretty cute heroine all things considered.[View]
139718332ITT: Characters that remind you of yourself[View]
139716568ok, so what's stopping an animator from like making some grease pencil shapes in blender and ju…[View]
139719871Why did Nickelodeon acquire the reruns of Tiny Toons in 1995 after it stopped airing on Fox Kids? Th…[View]
139714281What are some of the best classic (pre 1958) episodes?[View]
139717915>joke side-character is the real hero[View]
139720445Uhm based?[View]
139720791>Phases 4 & 5 tank >strikes, Zesty Buck's Trial, everything gets postponed >nobody…[View]
139718906April O'Neil Thread:: Mikey:'Yo April!' 'Check out this new trick I learned!'[View]
139720514Anyone else getting annoyed at indie series' release format?: >first episode comes out >c…[View]
139711969Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel: The Vivzieverse is in excellent health. We will get a new Helluva Boss ep…[View]
139710153Maybe mutants are not all bad...[View]
139716296Minecraft Movie leaked concept art[View]
139708894Wish is confirmed to be making a billion dollars minimum[View]
139719272YouTube animators: Scoot was the based version of Scott Falco[View]
139719426do you prefer this design or the walking peanut one, /co/?[View]
139606624Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
139720252Anyone remember The Meth Minute 39?[View]
139717065Ninjago: How did he survive 15 fucking seasons?[View]
139711532What have you guys been saving for October? What are you going to re-watch?[View]
139720014Look at my horse[View]
139700675Why the FUCK didn’t you guys tell me about this kino?[View]
139719644Do you think they fucked?[View]
139716697HOO! HA! HOO! HA! HOO! HA! HOO![View]
139719736I just want to say that being mean-spirited doesn't make a show bad. Sometimes mean-spirited ca…[View]
139718973Family Guy Songs: I feel like Family Guy is at its best when put into a musical context. Lots of enj…[View]
139716180Would you like their couple more if Jackie's girlfriend was hot?[View]
139718763I thought this issue was fine, but it's hard to take it when a lot of what made the previous ru…[View]
139717104How would you write a Marvel Earth-3 like world?[View]
139716149why does he even do the trial by stone[View]
139719466Dreamworks The Wild Robot announced, directed by: >We are pleased announce that Chris Sanders has…[View]
139719372So the rumours the numerous delays were because they were desperately cutting and reworking Captain …[View]
139719261from you twerp that is: why does some art or style gains the benefit of the traffic more easily than…[View]
139714444I miss George Pérez[View]
139715977I feel like the Lich, while getting his just desserts, didnt have a great narrative save for the beg…[View]
139718472Would it even be possible to make a cartoon that the /co/ audience (and /co/ on the rest of the inte…[View]
139717777Did the writers hate marco?: >Loses Jackie for a cape >Everyone mocks him, he realizes he is n…[View]
139714498Hot claws. Ooh, so hot.[View]
139643689Tuesday Carolthread: >LAST WEEK IN CAROL X-Men Annual #1 >THIS WEEK IN CAROL Avengers #5 Aveng…[View]
139703854Disney XD giving Wander Over Yonder a marathon: 11 AM to 3:30 PM, consisting of Season 2 episodes: T…[View]
139716410The end of the multiverse saga, According to an insider,: Doctor Strange 3 > After the post credi…[View]
139712664What do you think of Big Mouth?: It is now on Season 7.[View]
139706021murder drones: predictions for the next episode?[View]
139718082DANCE OFF, BRO[View]
139716065>Where’s the show Hirsch >I need that show Hirsch >Disney said you get for it WHERE’S THE S…[View]
139716864>BullFUCK you're good![View]
139717765Welcome to the Krusty Krackhouse™ How can I help you?[View]
139714593Was he just a boomer version of Shadman?[View]
139718064Unused tmnt designs from the 2014 movie by Aaron mcbride.[View]
139713881Smiling Friends S2 Hype: The announcement of a Season 2 showcase at Comic Con has my wangus quiverin…[View]
139715185Final Space: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlmW0eaUjuI I'm trying to get into this show, I li…[View]
139703442Castlevania: Nocturne: Just finished it. I liked it.[View]
139716757Old Disney documentary from the 1980s https://archive.org/details/1981-04-26-disney-animation-the-il…[View]
139649555Left or right?[View]
139716952At what point did the big two give up in terms of writing good stories? I feel like 2014 was the poi…[View]
139712228Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake series: >Vomits up a universe Depressed Simon is an anomaly to be…[View]
139715156Fan art with text: (I know what anime and what episode this exact line came from in English.)[View]
139717583Steven Universe: It needed more kaiju fights in it[View]
139717507Playlist thread: Add a page, panel, or a bit of art, and a track to go with it. https://youtu.be/W6…[View]
139716434What are some comics with similar art style to this? Ignore the fingers.[View]
139710936Checkered Past - Day 25: Milestone Edition I didn't have time to include Ed. I'm so fuckin…[View]
139715417Why was this barely picked up on? It would fit right into those old E3 cringe compilations. https://…[View]
139714671why doesn't marvel just do this? are they cowards?[View]
139712650what's the secret to his success, skill or luck?[View]
139715381We're the underdog, right? Krapopoo thread. From the creator of Rick and Morty. Come on dudes, …[View]
139716804Cartoons you have vivid memories of seeing on their original airdate/run: For me it was DCAU stuff: …[View]
139714704>Giantess/Vore >Ultraviolence >Lusty barbarians What other thinly veiled fetishes does Gail…[View]
139712795Littlest Pet Shop: It was a fun series.[View]
139715961Does the lesson Simon learned from Betty imply that Golb was both sentient and hostile before the me…[View]
139716472What Steven Universe gem is this?[View]
139716459What if Ice Queen was Betty?[View]
139706711What was going on her mind[View]
139708544>character has mommy issues[View]
139712931Why don't movie Jokers act like Cesar Romero anymore?[View]
139715220Cartman deserves better: Cartman is a child, a mentally ill child at that. he’s got time to change. …[View]
139714150>character A told a joke that sounds really good and fun >character B start to laughing >jo…[View]
139714204>is the shittiest comic known to man in your path[View]
139714479So why didn't Prismo summon him to kill the final boss? He's like the Brock Sampson of kil…[View]
139711883Batman's Love Life: How can Batman be a paragon of virtue yet at the same time be so easily tem…[View]
139712934Now that multiverse is confirmed: There are at least 126 timelines where this is canon. Prove me wr…[View]
139715890Aside from the English recast, will it be good?[View]
139715968Is there a single good Carnage story?: I just read 'Death of the Venomverse' up to date and while it…[View]
139715855Tired of corporate, woke animated movies? Then you better support this film.[View]
139689963Would you a single possum mom?[View]
139699925>forever neglected by CN to not have a disappointing sequel series WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
139713731Big City Greens: New screenshot from Gracenote! https://ondemo.tmsimg.com/assets/p25502257_e_h10_aa.…[View]
139715776ITT: Ships that only you ship[View]
139712930Immortal Sergeant Storytime: Absolutely loved this comic and want to share it with all of you. >O…[View]
13971076497 was a great year to be born.: The 2000s was the last great decade for cartoons[View]
139713186/co/ talentless hacks thread[View]
139714227Is it just me, or is Rick basically Rule 63 Hello Nurse?[View]
139713043I'm tired of multiverses, time travel was the trope for a while now it's multiversas. It w…[View]
139697845You want me to believe this handsome fella had to settle for a fatty?[View]
139714085I mean it was probably always going to be shit but still basically confirms it, doesn't it?[View]
139711563Why did it fail?[View]
139712186Fear not, our HEROES are here[View]
139712817Thank you, /co/: Y’all have blessed me with Murder Drones. Pretty new to /co/, I kept seeing you gu…[View]
139714496Kissing: Time for a kissing thread.[View]
139707590This would have been alotsa better than we got.[View]
139714906>Those time they made Donald and Daisy but hot[View]
139714271Is it impossible to get one's comic book idea made?: I've got one for DC ('Batman' univers…[View]
139712130>Peter, what are you doing?[View]
139715008Are you liking Action Comics?[View]
139714935If fionna and cake season happens, what would you want to happen in it? I’d personally want it to be…[View]
139711121name 10 modern cartoons that aren't trash[View]
139714404So why did he wish for a world without zinc?[View]
139708608The Lion King: Will you be watching the re-release next week?[View]
139712388What /co/ shows never got a (cool) vodeo game adaptation?[View]
139714097>mogs every other Family Guy episode[View]
139712789>Hello there, young child. I'm here to inquire about your spooooons What's the best res…[View]
139713388>Your face when he grills.[View]
139714452What's your thoughts and opinions on Disney's Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur™ …[View]
139714357Now that I think about it, the concept of an afterlife that incentivizes you to form a giant family …[View]
139664799NEW DAN HARMON INTERVIEW: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-features/dan-harmon-interview-rick…[View]
139714212PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie is out: We saw it. Decent 6.5/10. 7/10 would be generous. Gotta say, pu…[View]
139709922SpongeBob SquarePants Renewed for Season 15 at Nickelodeon https://variety.com/2023/tv/news/spongebo…[View]
139712645This probably going to get me in trouble, but I’m really curious: What would the Eizouken girls thin…[View]
139708914What your favorite cartoon says about you: >The Simpsons You’re over 30. >Family Guy You’re …[View]
139708549i think shaggy is pretty hot[View]
139701984When do you think the show went downhill in terms of quality?[View]
139713991A new challenger enters the indie animation sas: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PoPtxHEAqBE And it’s …[View]
139710247>Layoffs on the entire department of feature and television Aangbros..[View]
139713837There hasn't been a decent non Elseworlds Batman comic since before the New 52. Just endless re…[View]
139707338In the wake of Spider-Boy's relative success Marvel is doing a line of variants where they desi…[View]
139702747Fall of X Storytime Thread: The Wedding of Tony Stark and Emma Fro- I mean, Hazel Kendal! Comics in …[View]
139711559>W-what do you mean I'm not gonna appear in the show?[View]
139712042Tired of seeing this bitches art in every ad[View]
139713324The Marvels: >112 minutes Damn, why’d they cut almost an hour of content?…[View]
139709635Alice Never After #1-2 Stoytime: Written by Dan Panosian. Art by Giorgio Spalletta, Dan Panosian. Co…[View]
139711860Void Rivals #1-4 Storytime: A new issue of Void Rivals was released. We will now catch up on the sto…[View]
139711347>has shown nothing but unflinching virtue the entire show, and carries zero guilt of ever doing w…[View]
139713258Jon and Kori are best friends! They love to go flying together![View]
139709168Hey, /co/, something came in the mail today. I wonder what could it be?[View]
139711546>makes zoomers shit and piss their diapers: Seriously, why the hate? Is he perhaps the most based…[View]
139712993>this made boomers laugh and piss themselves[View]
139712377Siobhan thread[View]
139712571I think i just found a way to bring back the old Gamora that died in 2018 with all her memories, and…[View]
139701584Greta Gerwig is defeated.[View]
139704289Lower Decks: Why would they have hijabs in the 24th century when all human religions were gone by th…[View]
139709420New Cover And Artwork From Hickman And Caselli's 'Ultimate Universe' #1: >This wee…[View]
139708123Is Jock a good artist?[View]
139710879>MCU/Comics Thanos but well-written[View]
139712660Nimona: What is this Trope called[View]
139693575Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Ghosts of the Future #3: Previous Thread: >>139671376 Pastebin: ht…[View]
139675700It was a beautiful journey[View]
139624786The raccoon boogie[View]
139710770is there's a similar yet a better series?: >*enemies appeared* >Shinsu beam >Shinsu be…[View]
139708070Smelluva Boss[View]
139698927>wastes his entire life praising and worshiping a god immediately gets cucked and turned into a …[View]
139712269Is a severe lack of hyenas in Western culture: More about this hyena, is she from a comic[View]
139710816Hilda and Twig.[View]
139691648Disney Animation head Jennifer Lee thinks 2d animation 'has too many limitations': > Walt Disney …[View]
139711878Good riddance Roiland: Honestly what are y'all even complaining about? Rick finally sounds his …[View]
139700329Fionna & Cake: Judas son: >Would it be ok if we just joined you >Would it be ok if I just …[View]
139709337The original Finn died slaughtered by bad OC: What did Muto mean by this?[View]
139711303Disenchantment: What went wrong?[View]
139711729This poster was so bad I didn't feel like watching the movie Why did they do this[View]
139711855> Making Chibi versions of characters that already have big eyes and heads Why are westerners…[View]
139708763>Batman: Catwoman is wrong to train people to steal from millionaires and will lead to bad outcom…[View]
139710575Conan The Barbarian #0-3 Storytime: A new issue of Conan The Barbarian was released. We will now cat…[View]
139709779What happened to Adventure Time?[View]
139704785Tintin in the Congo: >2019 >new colorization based on the original, B&W version of the boo…[View]
139705085I'm starting to think it was Ice's idea to have a bit of a vacation in Smallville.[View]
139710889>Shen would be defeated by a Warrior of Black and White Was I the only one expecting a plot twist…[View]
139711531‘Member The Alamo: This deserves a /co/ adaptation. It’s already basically a cartoon. https://youtu.…[View]
139704055I like metv but...: WHY ARE THEY ADDICTED TO T&J CHUCK JONES CARTOONS!? There are a lot of other…[View]
139707283Why do artists draw this long line from the belly button when drawing stomaches?[View]
139708314how do you'll think some of the princesses 'toot'?[View]
139708405That bell sound. . .: I've been watching Rescue Rangers and I keep hearing a bell sound that…[View]
139710377Was Fionna supposed to be depressed?: I'm not really feeling like myself today Hated every job …[View]
139643886>What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we gather here and post links to t…[View]
139711023A city of justice, a city of love, a city of peace[View]
139711030>2023.... I am forgotten...[View]
139710907>Bento Box Into the trash it goes[View]
139709541Was KND a good cartoon?[View]
139706860Void Rivals - storytime: Welcome to the Energon Universe[View]
139710470Was it endgame?[View]
139692910So what is next for Scarab and Prismo?[View]
139705102James Gunn: You won't have to follow all DCU movies: What's the point of trying to do a ci…[View]
139701744I looked up the prayer that the Lich was chanting, and apparently it's from an Orphic hymn to P…[View]
139710845Courageanons, John finished his short Howl. Anyone gonna watch it? https://youtu.be/hyYmHWXPyKw?si=9…[View]
139706976>People unironically did in depth character analysis and discussions on the backstory and themes …[View]
139702624Does Mickey live in a house or in an apartment make up your minds.[View]
139707801Season 17 is when it went from a good show to a bad show and Season 27 is when I stopped watching.[View]
139704096Original X-Men one shot to leave one member in the present, place your bets https://aiptcomics.com/2…[View]
139705943Sonic SatAM: Antoine sucks, why do people say he's their favorite character?[View]
139710661Old battle Anime vs Cartoon: Some of you have an example of western productions making a fun anime c…[View]
139709892you don't see people making animatics with characters from their fandom acting out john mulaney…[View]
139705954Ten Titans: What did the 2003 Teen Titans series have that today are so beloved and remembered but a…[View]
139688076Hey Ed, Double D... Wanna see something PG 13? Hire a secretary, boys... Google 'boobs'. W…[View]
139692592>Ohh let's just copy Japan but you know, we make it worse.[View]
139699820Miracleman The Silver Age 06 Storytime: Let's do it![View]
139703683Any thoughts on Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja[View]
139706764TCJ Mari Wood on Kramers Ergot[View]
139708734Pencils vs. Pixels Documentary: New documentary about 2d animation and the future of the industry ht…[View]
139707872>This is the DJ-3000. It plays CDs automatically and it has three distinct varieties of inane cha…[View]
139708430What's next for hamsterviel?[View]
139667948WGA lost. Many writers will be jobless: >In terms of minimum room size, the guild in May asked fo…[View]
139706980If you are, in any way, disappointed by Jen Lee's decision to make Wish 3D, here's your so…[View]
139695842Shrek 4 ended things off just fine and I don't know what a Shrek 5 could accomplish[View]
139708696So was this going to happen if Toffee succeeded in the end?[View]
139708460>tfw no spineless gf[View]
139703436So...is this wrong? Do we want heroes in fiction that don't pull punches and do what has to be …[View]
139705771What was her name again and what the fuck was her major malfunction? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
139709810Today i will treat.myself with some good fuckin classics...[View]
139701368Punisher: >change his iconic symbol >immediately fades into irrelevancy and fans abandon him B…[View]
139708406>2023... >I am forgotten...[View]
139708795Pasta monsters: I just really miss this era of the internet.[View]
139659174Precious angel who did nothing wrong.[View]
139703327Ultimate Invasion: What was the point of this?[View]
139691952Wizard Magazine Top 100 Issues Storytime: In 2006 Wizard Magazine published a list of their 100 favo…[View]
139706574Marvel is planning a new X-men movie.[View]
139709104Why do people act like this is so badass, when it's actually really cheesy and out of character…[View]
139705032Pixar SUCKS: Why does every movie in the past 13 years have that awkward smile?[View]
139704604Rank these series/franchises[View]
139708351ITT characters who would be better off in a different genre: America Chavez should have been in a co…[View]
139695064New skibidi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnzJFx2vDBY[View]
139707339Star Wars Storytime: Didn't get to post this week's Star Wars comics last thread >Docto…[View]
139708700Why it is Craig McCracken's weakest cartoon?[View]
139700464Avengers Annual #1 Storytime: Contest of Chaos: Finale.[View]
139703497There has been 4, soon to be 5 attempts at adapting the Fantastic Four into a live action movie and …[View]
139706807How did Loeb get away with blatantly ripping off this Two-Face origin?: He just added a shitty 'murd…[View]
139699339Its all so tiresome: Fionna and Cake had male nudity but no female nudity at all despite being an 'a…[View]
139708408Ben 10 Omniverse Thread: I miss this show like you wouldn't believe I want to go back to 2012…[View]
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