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116175708Today I just learned that there is a fetish based off this trope. My life is complete.[View]
116175473Kind of event is ABSOLUTE CARNAGE?: It have multiple tie ends with books a read ( Peter Parker, Mile…[View]
116169086Defend this[View]
116174230Garfield Thread: Reheated: What do you all think of our glorious boy Garfield, and what are your hop…[View]
116133647Why is he so handsome?[View]
116171056Tig N' Seek, Cartoon Network's next show, is coming to HBO Max on July 23. https://www.you…[View]
116173678What fantasies do cartoons fulfill for you? >Girls thinking I'm cute and going out of their …[View]
116171916Cringy SJW moment in comics: Ill start with this mega cringy shit[View]
116165836Danger Mouse: It's weekly DM thread time dangerbros. Question of the day is: What's behind…[View]
116173783>Avengers can't kill Ultron so they shoot him off into space where he slaughters literally b…[View]
116173111Looney Tunes[View]
116169466Storm Thread: Have you prayed to your chocolate goddess today?[View]
116173801I just started this and it's very good[View]
116174385What's that, Vic? I'm sorry I couldn't hear you complain about being a cybernetic mon…[View]
116172172I loves G-MILFS. I uhhh admits it.[View]
116167919What's the massive appeal of this character? I get Batman, but I never thought about why people…[View]
116169793They noticed that all of their female characters were gay so they had to add a straight woman for th…[View]
116173933A Marvel event idea.: A lot of super-baby A group of evil super- genetic scientists start making ba…[View]
116174758'Oh, I'm tired. I'm hungry. Red plastic sandals are not great running-away shoes.'[View]
116145767Cartoon moments that scared you as a kid: I’ll start with Linka becomes a drug addicted[View]
116174777Hey /co/ I decided to continue my Blender learning after two years of focusing in other stuff. So I …[View]
116174075Futurama: Think we’ll ever see a comeback of this great show? Is there a petition we can start to br…[View]
116174231Steven Universe fanart and AU thread. Post fan art or AU stuff[View]
116172895Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that despite how shit modern SpongeBob got, it never onc…[View]
116169620LOL: ![View]
116170807his entire arc was being a cuck: seriously why? he's maybe the best bear because he's real…[View]
116168999out of context: share some no conext panels[View]
116174450>New Batwoman is black >In the comics, Kate Kane frequently wears white greasepaint >The Ba…[View]
116171782>saves western animation in 31 minutes how does viv do it bros?[View]
116164629I don't post here often but what are /co/ thoughts on indie comics these days?[View]
116172956Damn nature you scary!: Why is nature so scary?[View]
116163901Would you be okay with Disney buying TMNT?[View]
116172163i liked it[View]
116166791SpongeBob vs The Fairly OddParents: Which show do you feel is better, Spongebob or FOP? And which sh…[View]
116173291The Boys Season 2: New trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVHwlqyMyhM[View]
116173266SWAT KATS for modern audiences: What do you guys think about a SWAT KATS revival. I loved the show a…[View]
116172282Are you hyped for the Extended cut off this classic?[View]
116163976Can we all agree that this dude is super fucking based? Does not surprise me one bit that he's …[View]
116133911Owl House S1pt2 teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joXZBYcGIbE[View]
116173497Which /co/ character can defeat 80s Hulk Hogan in front of thousands of screaming Hulkamaniacs?[View]
116173020regardless of your opinion of the movies, the guy has vision[View]
116172922I don't get it, is Skyla based and redpilled or cringe and bluepilled?[View]
116172444The ending was shit[View]
116167370Transformers: This is Miko.[View]
116172252What´s the best Hulk video game in your opinion, /co/?[View]
116171850>tfw this scene was literally my first fap Why the hell did they have to make homers ass so hot b…[View]
116170520>Villain is evil because...he's schizophrenic[View]
116165780Kikiroki thread[View]
116173406The CMRO: Anyone uses this site? http://cmro.travis-starnes.com/[View]
116172335Is John k around ?[View]
116167412Wht everybody hate Butch Hartman?[View]
116172943Same as it ever was[View]
116170094Allowing a child to become obese is a form of abuse.[View]
116173074I know you'll excuse me if I say goodnight I've got a promise to fulfill Thank you for lis…[View]
116173023What does /co/ think of The Screaming Barrel? Is it any good?[View]
116171934Where's the modern remake?[View]
116172572Unsounded: >TOOKIMSHA EFH GLAUTIG RET. CHINNAL SSOME LLALA TOKI ALMAL SSOM... what did he mean by…[View]
116165135In light of the news, let's have an Alien/Predator/AvP thread.[View]
116170808>biologically male character is referred to as female[View]
116171376This show is so fucking stupid, why doesnt any of these stupid kids talk after they got jinxed[View]
116169085You have a time machine that allows you to change Disney's history. What do you do?[View]
116170988What are some cartoons about homelessness?[View]
116078375Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Let's have a Foster's thread. What was your favo…[View]
116172609HELLO ENCINO[View]
116172082>that time jenny met donald trump[View]
116172355>'Now, here's the part of our deal Adora. I'll make it nice and simple, there are untou…[View]
116171459What is the appeal of Tank Girl? I've read Classics and some other short runs but I can't…[View]
116165173I just realized I never watched this. Was it any good? Does it feel like classic Disney?[View]
116169865She was a good friend[View]
116171275Who would win?[View]
116171369Peter Griffin is NAKED!!![View]
116166881so he wanted Bruce to steal the kryptonite the whole time right[View]
116172063>watching Tangled series finale >big bad has been vanquished >Rapunzel takes both the Sundr…[View]
116170388TALK TO ME BABY[View]
116171481Need Help Finding Comic: So, on Deviantart a long ass time ago, I found this really funny comic with…[View]
116171720Why didn't future Danny just go into the Ghost Zone and bring back everyone who died here? They…[View]
116170939What should I read next Cerebus or Bone? What are their strengths and weaknesses? All I know is that…[View]
116166661Supermans son is In Love with a Pedophile and Rapist.[View]
116152158No fucking way[View]
116170145/co/ the last characters from a comic or cartoon find themselves on the death world of catachan how …[View]
116168560Here's the list of every award ever won by Jonathan Hickman: >Winner of the Reddit /r/comicb…[View]
116169583HBO Max has picked up a pilot for Chinos, an animated series idea from Eddie Huang (Fresh Off the Bo…[View]
116165177'Disney's worst trait is his bland and stagey 'acting.' It is completely generic—noth…[View]
116158406Agents of SHIELD Livethread: >COULSON HEADROOM Edition Welcome back agents, for the final season …[View]
116070485/co/ will you PLEASE put your pants back on and help me over here![View]
116171208DC/Marvel Cosmic: Which one do you think has a better cosmology?[View]
116163186What are your feelings on the possible return of the Image Comics Universe?[View]
116168810Was there ever a definite explanation for what was weong with Frank Miller 5 years ago?[View]
116165711What was the worse thing you have ever witnessed on this board?[View]
116169807Took a break from comics for a while but now I have no idea what to read anymore. What's good …[View]
116166132I like that it shows how being a Conservative Christian in the country living freely is better than …[View]
116167641Steven should of turned evil[View]
116170672How did JFK get my spaghetti video?[View]
116149955I for one welcome our pansexual polyamorous mutant overlords.[View]
116168408Factions General: /co/, what are your favorite factions from any media?[View]
116168594Why are they the ANGRY Beavers, if one of them is super-chill all the time?[View]
116170871All Donny Cates OCs are the same shit: If the villain in his 'Thor' run isn't a red and black g…[View]
116169800What does /co/ think of Real Life Comics?[View]
116170215Comic characters that should be a big deal, yet aren’t for some reason: I’m surprised Psycho Pirate …[View]
116170937/co/'s thoughts...: on Dave Sim's Glamourpuss?[View]
116170818Adult swim is better than it ever has been before: Thank God they've stopped giving this fucker…[View]
116170287THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
116169341Insomniac Spider-Man: You guys interested in this universe? How about the spinoff game focused on Mi…[View]
116168935Ava's Demon: So is this thing dead or what?[View]
116164273A plead to storytime anons: Please start storytiming weekly comics like you used to before Corona-ch…[View]
116169950Ah but for the days of borderline creepy Lisa worship sites, many of them run by Euros.[View]
116168628I want to recreate this episode of Animaniacs but with a hot girl instead.[View]
116154405Kill 6 Billion Demons / KSBD: Heed this well: the princes of the world are no strangers to iron. You…[View]
116170077How would an Animal Crossing animated series work?[View]
116170701Alastor 's fetish is basically this : a flapper who needs to pee really bad being forced to hol…[View]
116167112Was Doug any good?[View]
116167703>mfw there are people on /co/ that haven't read Planet Hulk You can't be serious, can y…[View]
116158600Questionable Content: Is Whiff suggesting that billionaires can be decent people? How dare he. Also,…[View]
116168135Is it common practice to use 3D modeling software to assist in drawing comics these days?[View]
116167276She went to college.[View]
116168014Why do the Cybertronians continue to fight? Their war has continued for so long that the causes of w…[View]
116166382How would Soldier Boy fare in the Marvel and DC universes?[View]
116161961Storytime Jim Henson's Storyteller Ghosts: this is a brutal one[View]
116056661Connie Maheswaran: Post Connie.[View]
116167671Why was he being such a dick about the take a penny/leave a penny tray?[View]
116156819Aggretsuko Storytime: Its that time again. Another issue of everyone's favorite little basket c…[View]
116168623Holy shit that was a cute moment.[View]
116166993Who's the best MCU black friend?[View]
116162650Disney will pay for what they have done to her. Jackie was sweet, innocent, she did nothing to dese…[View]
116167957>offer to include your close family member in your show >make them fat and retarded…[View]
116167507I want to get into Comics: Where to I start? No SJW nonsense please. This is to replace my tv show h…[View]
116169723Speed comics: Comics are fast to read or that have a fast pace or that have speed as a theme Hard mo…[View]
116150001Woolie liked my show, Anon. Why won't you?[View]
116149146The BOYS season 2 new trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVHwlqyMyhM Kino is back[View]
116169601>show ends what did they mean by this?[View]
116154602she’s so perfect[View]
116169418Remember when the Pizza man bodied John Gay?[View]
116159566The cast of the last cartoon or comic you read has to face off against michael myers, how fucked are…[View]
116168963Did he sneed a domino effect, or do you think we’d still be in the same position now if he’d never s…[View]
116166084How do these two shows compare to each other?[View]
116168907What /co/creator has the most soul in all of their work? I unironically think it could be Rebecca su…[View]
116161230Unpopular /co/ opinions: I find Loona from Helluva Boss overrated, especially with her attitude bein…[View]
116168139How is it possible to look so natural in Superman’s clothes?[View]
116167206'New' or original ghostbusters?[View]
116158456>https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/batwoman-javicia-leslie-series-lead-ruby-rose-1234701651/ BWAHA…[View]
116168903Birds of Prey: You know what, for the time this was released it wasn't that bad. This was comin…[View]
116163208Remember us, /co/? Want to go make another movie with us, anon?[View]
116168759What went so fucking right ?[View]
116167851Bulls are a made-up species. I live in the countryside and have never seen any[View]
116163736Les aventures de Dipier et Mabèle[View]
116168694Will it be kino?[View]
116153291Mega Man Archie: It seems like they really wanted to expand past the Classic series. The issue where…[View]
116131355The machines did nothing wrong[View]
116167377CW's Crisis Storytime[View]
116165835This scene gave me PTSD[View]
116167416is just me or i feel like there are way less cartoons nowadays?[View]
116164862Did anyone actually like this show? Doug was such a loser.[View]
116166718Will you watch The Old Guard /co/?[View]
116157692Hi there, I'm Booster Gold. You've probably heard of me. I just wanted to stop by to say t…[View]
116165468Did anyone play Heroclix? Does anyone still play Heroclix?[View]
116155868Watchmen: So we agree that Rorschach mindbreaking the shrink was bad writing?[View]
116168098I recently got into Camp Camp and I keep seeing this bitch everywhere, she has total of 7 seconds of…[View]
116166128looking for Cartoon helium voice episodes?: (Inflation optional)[View]
116164191What was the point of this character ?[View]
116157008Shouldn't characters that have superstrength also possess superspeed due to their superhuman mu…[View]
116167987Oh wow, this is the best twist ever. I love Eddie Brock so much.[View]
116167970'Where's Homer? And to think I spent all afternoon baking him this cake.' 'Mmmm....uggggh.' 'I …[View]
116161945Tony Stark was right. Superheroes are unhinged lunatics and need to be mandated by the government to…[View]
116167750>Superhero codename is the same as their real name[View]
116167246ITT cartoons that had no right being as good as they were[View]
116166148Never watched Johnny Test. Should I watch it? I like the art style of it and the whole kid and dog d…[View]
116125612MEANWHILE ON /co/ CIRCA 1939[View]
116166049ITT: Post characters with tiny dicks.[View]
116167165Did Monsters University just ripped off pic related or is it a common concept?[View]
116166747/co/ in the 90's: The 90's. How old where you? What was your favorite show?[View]
116166196Shrinking prisoners and making a tiny jail for them is unethical.[View]
116164613What did they mean by this?: What did they mean by this?[View]
116167238What do you think about animatics?: stuff like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEbBEsfrkBA or https…[View]
116165922this episode got me hard as fuck[View]
116163951How do they shit?[View]
116166991'The Book of Revelations tells us to watch for the seven signs of evil.' '...sign of evil number fou…[View]
116165072‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Imagines a World Free of Whiteness: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/18/…[View]
116164757>goes on Avatar state >gets trashed by a pleb spirit Why is she so low tier?…[View]
116155748All I ever did, I did to make you PROUD, Shifu! Tell me how PROUD you are! Tell me!!! TELL MEEEEEEEE…[View]
116166962Are there any graphic novels with nice art that focus on the 30 year war? It has to be my favorite p…[View]
116157746What did Charlie Brown mean by this?[View]
116166037Classic threads: Remember when /co/ was good?[View]
116166366Will she suit up in the PS4 sequel? I want to see her again, it's been 5 years[View]
116150916Crossover art: Post em’ and discuss em’.[View]
116163475>Well, I know your soil PH is up around 9.6 and you need 7-8 max[View]
116166606Is he Saitama of wild west cartoons?[View]
116162384You don't need good animation to be a good show: Reminder that one of the best western cartoons…[View]
116165048Why didn't Kung-Fu Panda attract as much attention from... certain circles as say, Zootopia? Or…[View]
116159687Im making a comic, I have friends that work in CN right now and they said if I storyboard one they c…[View]
116163460why do Invader Zim and Danny Phantom still seem to out class this show in terms of cult-classic popu…[View]
116156820Characters more interesting and likable than most of the main cast[View]
116166160So where/what was 'Nowhere'?[View]
116164518https://www.thefarside.com/new-stuff Larson's discovered digital tablets. The age of newspaper …[View]
116158842Disney+: What's worth watching on Disney+? My friend gave me their login, and I'm scrollin…[View]
116164717Dawn of Eccch’s worst atrocity: The overrated Hackmangina just made 616/Prime Universe-Scott Summers…[View]
116165603In the upcoming 'Avatar The Last Airbender' Netflix-remake. would you prefer the actors to speak th…[View]
116160404Why didnt Marge just work at the Kwik E mart instead of Homer? Marge doesnt even have a job[View]
116162536what are some examples of comics blatantly ripping off manga?[View]
116160840Dumbing of Age: nobody talks like this, shut the fuck up[View]
116164936R. Fiore on Brits, Jay Cantor and Mad[View]
116162717>Be me >Find an artist that you like >They’re incredibly skilled and draws art for your fav…[View]
116154983Esquadron de la Salud: Let's defeat Corona together![View]
116162864leela two eye[View]
116165665'My father's name is Homer. My mother's name is Mom. My sister's name is Lisa, but ev…[View]
116165162Let's play bingo /co/[View]
116165495A little something as we wait for Mousie's next lesson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Btm58-f…[View]
116161364Wow! I fucking hate this movie. Like, even I'm astonished at how much I disliked it. Did anyone…[View]
116165798Fuck you, I liked it[View]
116164011Is she the best princess?: Bohemian Punz or Nerdpunz?[View]
116159865Which series do you think is better, /co/? Tangled or Frozen?[View]
116164865'Now kids, instead of candy I thought I'd serve an array of healthy fresh fruits.' 'Ohhhh...' '…[View]
116159106ITT: costume redesigns and alternative costumes you like[View]
116160193Imagine being Beau in this situation. Imagine taking this prime geek cutie to the back of your garde…[View]
116163146incest in fiction: Is it just me or do sibling tensions when reviewed without the sibling part becom…[View]
116161881Heathcliff is playing pool.[View]
116164213Why do Americans find chicken legs attractive?[View]
116150943Let's have a comfy MLAATR thread.[View]
116160477> 'Duh, I just told him that his face was [long bleep]. That's all' Man, did this show rock.…[View]
116162785What’s your opinion on fiverr? Have you used it on your /co/-related projects?[View]
116160166I'm getting caught up on ASM, currently on issue 11 of the current book. I assume I'm gonn…[View]
116156458JSA Storytime: Astro City: Good evening owls and robofuckers, at least a bit more of this[View]
116152560Ay fucc dat nigga ben[View]
116163576When are they going to start releasing singles again, everyone's already started back up. Are t…[View]
116161826What are some jokes in kids shows that surprisingly passed the censors?[View]
116108775Once it found it's voice this was one of the best interpretation of Batman outside the comics[View]
116160660Was the Comics Code right for not allowing too much skin in 'kids superhero comics'?[View]
116162709OH GOD OH FUCK THE EDGE I actually thought all the superheroes dying in an apocalyptic ending was …[View]
116163668What's your guilty pleasure escapism show?[View]
116163913The characters from the last comic, cartoon, or movie get teleported to catachan how to they fair ?[View]
116149600Why is it that every female villain has to be reduced to an emotional crybaby? Why is it that male v…[View]
116161758Are the Nightwing comics good? I'm a zoomer trying to read some during quarantine, I've re…[View]
116163307How did this go so wrong?[View]
116159995You know we don't get many of you molten rock men in here[View]
116161247Lame ending[View]
116162181It's bedtime /co/.[View]
116162264Who liked this shit?[View]
116161867>shill I know, but I really liked this scene. It made me accept MCU Peter is his own incarnation,…[View]
116163451The Secret Missing Episode Of Spongebob: https://youtu.be/lSbd8iXWOQY?t=58[View]
116152373How would you rewrite Steven Universe if given the chance, /co/? What would you change if down the …[View]
116161030Camp Refooge[View]
116160254>I would never toot shame >Oscar stripping down in front of Hedgehog, Lucy, and Susie >Osca…[View]
116159795>be in third grade >it’s my turn to tell the class what my book report is going to be on >b…[View]
116157777Who did you like more?[View]
116162335Unordinary: I KNEEL[View]
116151367Anyone got an English translation for this?[View]
116108834Transformers: NETFLIX TRANSFORMERS TRAILER https://twitter.com/RoosterTeeth/status/12801847385238569…[View]
116162686Is he the next to get cancelled?[View]
116160546>Duckworth >isn't a duck Why?[View]
116151026So who the fuck was he?[View]
116162286So she came up with Plan Z, right?[View]
116163153>going to draw a picture of Timmy Turner being torn like paper >think 'oh, I'll go look f…[View]
116161773foster home for imaginary friends: I hear people give “everybody knows it's bendy” shit, but no…[View]
116162097>And you could have it all...[View]
116153224Is this the most iconic /co/ couple ever?[View]
116159085>Character talks to another character name one cartoon that does this right…[View]
116161944I hate that they air this at night. it makes me hungry, and eating late night isn't really heal…[View]
116156518>Korra, I’m thrilled you’re happy! >However, our culture is very conservative and isn’t as ope…[View]
116162337>tfw you kind of miss canadian flash cartoons[View]
116159121The protagonist of the last /co/ media you consumed has to bear the One Ring to Mount Doom in Mordor…[View]
116160930I'm your #1 fan Scobs![View]
116162364Well fuck you too[View]
116162151Tim Drake should be Red X. Gives him something to do, and a better name then Red Robin, or Drake. Ye…[View]
116160890So Batman and Spidey are widely accepted to have the two best rogues' galleries in capeshit, bu…[View]
116162094RiotRebel: Does anybody have any of the art that the user RiotRebel created? She deactivated her acc…[View]
116157310HELP ME :(((: Is from long time that i am trying to remember this cartoon that i was watching when i…[View]
116157219The show was very funny and insightful to me, I have to say my favorite character is Rick with morty…[View]
116161683Why is so common in cartoons & comics to see prison bars that are separated too much that you ca…[View]
116158499/co/ bros, I need help finding a way where I can watch Ruby Gloom on 1080P instead of shitty 480P …[View]
116148098Powerpuff Girls D: Decided to see what was going on in this shitshow universe? Join me[View]
116158624Why is this film the biggest normie filter in regards to really well known animated films[View]
116127907She-ra: Wholesome Relationships: Why were the relationships in this show so good when they're n…[View]
116128291Judy from 12 Forever: Discuss.[View]
116158271Are there any cartoons like this? Fun with no hint of politics[View]
116161279Daily Reminder[View]
116157139>character gets tased >wakes up yawning, oblivious to the fact he’s in a prison cell…[View]
116160185Fucking Hugo's Hot Dogs, they make their hot dogs out of actual weiner dogs.[View]
116160341Was Peter really in the wrong here?[View]
116160436Ya know, Angelica was a real cunt[View]
116161185This fucking sucks.[View]
116151216>Zoomers aren't nostalgic for All Grown Up, blissfully unaware that it was one of the greate…[View]
116155677Female Heros: Does DC have the best female heros? Because in Marvel you only can pick from X-Men …[View]
116159675This fucking idea i had based on this pic: What if BD also had the power to see many dimensions and …[View]
116159911Does he work better as a hero or a villain?[View]
116161263Doom's Charisma: Is Ol' Vic supposed to be charismatic and able to draw people in, or is h…[View]
116160852Fuck Marry Kill Also amphibia thread[View]
116158254Who would win in a fight, J. Jonah Jameson or Perry White?[View]
116158306Wiggle wiggle wiggle[View]
116155151Top NPD Bookscan Comic Sales 2019: https://www.comicsbeat.com/bookscan-2019-analysis Rank Titlle Aut…[View]
116152479When I lost my virginity at Nickelodeon hotel to a milf, i imagined sheen and Carl cheering me on wh…[View]
116159151Best april.: Truth[View]
116148099Empyre fantastic four #0 storytime[View]
116145883Bookscan 2019: Marvel ain't doing so hot, bros. They are at 10th, behind DC, Image and even Dar…[View]
116159875Why bring back Krypto but not the other super pets?[View]
116160990>'Get dunked on, Luz'[View]
116161036Itt: The best version of a character. Buff scumbag reporter Eddie Brock from the 90's Spider-Ma…[View]
116155360NO! GIVE ME MY CAREER BACK![View]
116154517New episodes of both Amphibia and Owl House come out this weekend. /co/ is going to be insane.[View]
116161022C L I C K[View]
116154541>Timmy should wish for Trixie to be unpopular, and watch as she descends into madness.…[View]
116160959How does he feel about the lantern corps?[View]
116152179Death Battle thread: Who wins? Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxGrCTxd8Vw[View]
116160187It''s me, Peter! I turned myself into an A.I![View]
116160237>NO FREAKIN WAY[View]
116148911Why was this an Amazon Prime show? Doesn't Dreamworks have a deal with Netflix? That's whe…[View]
116158184Post the most based chads in comics and cartoons[View]
116155995Post the most pathetic losers in comics and cartoons[View]
116158437What are /co/'s thoughts on Jungle Cubs?[View]
116155799>Why yes, I do consider myself a connoisseur of Chris Claremont and John Byrne…[View]
116155319Huntress and Robin: If Damian and Helena were born on the same Earth would they make good siblings? …[View]
116158305Wendy is a slut.[View]
116157133Moral orel: The show was very cathartic to me, I have to say my favorite character is Orel with clay…[View]
116158547Thoughts on pic related? Worth watching? Just finished the first episode.[View]
116155377What was the point of this goddamn episode anyway?[View]
116159481I bet if Wildstar had just been a straight action/adventure cartoon it would have been huge.[View]
116157949Flash Forward[View]
116154890Given enough time, do you think there will ever be an adaptation of Anne Frank’s story? Do you feel …[View]
116107132/co/ General Drawthread: Prev: >>116066265 >Provide references for all requested character…[View]
116126654Duck Thread: >ctrl f >no duck thread Post Caballeros being cute…[View]
116158178How strong is the Disney Kingdom?[View]
116159582Times that you felt the feeling: That got me fucked up.[View]
116153983Cow & Chicken: What do you think about Cow & Chicken?[View]
116155431LODGER STORYTIME: The time has come, /co/, for us to read David Lapham (of Stray Bullets fame)'…[View]
116157235Betty's gaze is transfixed on Fearless Fred's chiseled jaw line and perfect hair[View]
116156966Robin Hood? He never happened.[View]
116158146I miss her....[View]
116158006Terriful #1 storytime: I'm working on an original series. Looking to get some actual feedback. …[View]
116154007Simpsons Reaction Images: I need them.[View]
116139550IDW Sonic Annual 2020 storytime: This got delayed a bunch too, let’s get it over with[View]
116157652Who is best Bob's Burgers girl and why is it Marshmallow?[View]
116155059In hindsight it's funny that she decided to go vigilante over being a cop, and Spider-Man went …[View]
116124070Amphibia: thread New season will air in 4 days trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDvMMgGbeKM …[View]
116149191Why didn’t he just make more resources?[View]
116148889Figment is next[View]
116157193Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: Why the fuck is this becoming a television series? It would be like giving …[View]
116154336What makes a good heroine?[View]
116154399Why does it matter if it wasn't meant to be Sonic entirely? if it was a good show/comic shouldn…[View]
116154041are the marvel anime worth checking out ?[View]
116154140>that episode when Ma'am stole Matt's ticket for a vacation trip and everybody blamed h…[View]
116157953Do most comic artists work in digital these days?[View]
116153105Jacob Lenard: What are /co/'s honest thoughts on him? In my opinion, he relies on limitation an…[View]
116158180>”here peter, i got you a new present for your room”[View]
116157789Unfinished Kino: With Cosby behind bars, could we maybe pick up where we left off?[View]
116158122HOW THE FUCK DO WE FIX IT: What the fuck man I was enjoying vendittis run Goddamn it, justice leagu…[View]
116156998Screw all the haters, TDKR is the best that bane's been done in years: Ignoring the memeing abo…[View]
116152234Was Butters a good addiction to South Park?[View]
116158076New Albi episode just dropped.[View]
116135120Has Iduna taken too much unjustified flak for choosing to remain silent about her past? Feels like a…[View]
116143300'We are a town of lowbrows, no brows, and ignorami. We have eight malls, but no symphony. Thirty two…[View]
116151221Today we had God Loves Man Kills extended cut published. Uncensored, pic related. The question is, s…[View]
116157141I've got yer pay-off right here[View]
116157791Non-americans, what was the biggest puppet tv show in your country? On Brazil i think it was TV Colo…[View]
116155182>it's a Penny goes off-model episode[View]
116152913Zaheer should’ve killed KORRA.: >Avatar Not reincarnating is a good thing because the world doesn…[View]
116157365>suck my balls SUCK MY BALLS![View]
116143059Gunnerkrigg Court: 8 Jul 2020 | 12:00 AM Chapter 77: Page 7 Well![View]
116150283Umbrella Academy Season 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me0eoCwLj-A[View]
116153202How different would the Animation landscape be these days if Seth hadn't missed his flight back…[View]
116155170WOTS WRONG PEPPAH[View]
116124286Bat Moth Thread: Bears Edition[View]
116154635Fixing Miles Origin in 616: Miles is in a weird place as far as his origin is concerned. His univers…[View]
116151617The Incredibles: >2020 >still no incredibles cartoon What are you waiting for Disney?…[View]
116151661MCU Ghost Riders: Hey to anyone that bothers to look at this I greatly appreciate your time, I want …[View]
116152398What did Cybersix mean by this?[View]
116145192>surprise Joker buttsecks[View]
116157241Todd and Riley were oh so sad...[View]
116121889I think the cutest fictional girls are spunky freckled redheads. I don't know why this is a not…[View]
116149860Which member of the Justice League would fare the best in Marvel?[View]
116154360Did anyone else really like this show? Am I crazy for really liking this show?[View]
116135834Peter Arno Thread: He's been a reoccurring staple in the 'Old Political Cartoon' threads, so it…[View]
116156798>comics and cartoons[View]
116153362I forgot, what was this guy’s name again?[View]
116148846Comics you want an adaptation of no matter how unlikely[View]
116149875Honest question; why is he thicc? Was it for comedic purposes or?...[View]
116154879>Antagonist manages to become just as/more likeable and entertaining than the heroes Bonus points…[View]
116156381So hey, am I wrong for thinking Season 1 was fucking great and should've stood on its' own…[View]
116154772Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 2020) Storytime: More Goblin Previous threads https://desuarchive.org/co/…[View]
116156665It's true.[View]
116156469I wowk so vewy hawd aww day wong. I stawt to dweam of you befowe I get home.[View]
116155436What is /co/'s thoughts on Pauvre Pierrot?[View]
116155293What's a cartoon I should watch or a comic I should read if I like cheerleaders? Is there anyth…[View]
116156383>Oh, You READ those?? What did he mean by this?[View]
116154591>reading Preacher >it's a dialogue between Jesse and Tulip scene Yeah, guess it's hi…[View]
116150852The Proud Family: Will the reboot be as based as the original?[View]
116155389That Sam i Am, that Sam i Am, i do not like that Sam i Am![View]
116156169Best cartoon of all time. A classic[View]
116141873Why did Iroh give up on Azula but never gave up on Zuko? Favoritism?[View]
116152751*blocks your path* Hey Funnie, you writing in your gay little diary again?[View]
116094890PreTeena: Teena Keene makes me smile. It't a wholesome comic with nice art.[View]
116150773Was this a good origin story?[View]
116155701Moon Knight Disney Plus Show: Bushman will be the main villain and working for a group of people tha…[View]
116155789Thanos vs Apocalypse: Thanos and the Black Order (Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, SuperGiant, Ebony…[View]
116155122What are some similar comics? I love the literary allusions and some of the surreal and emotional vi…[View]
116154952Who's gonna be the love interest? Yelena?[View]
116153297How would the Disney Kingdoms fare against the 3 superpowers from George Orwell’s 1984?: Would they …[View]
116155354Moon Knight Disney Plus Show Info: I got some interesting potential content for the Disney+ show fro…[View]
116154260I didn't remember him being such a whiny pissbaby all the time[View]
116154790Goofy dab: Goofy dab[View]
116153780Come get your food /co/: Come here[View]
116151750>Oh no! Bart doesn’t get to continue his jazz career that he was never gonna keep anyway after th…[View]
116155265So we have the regular South Water Tribe shithead Korra. We came up with a fun Swamp Water Tribe hic…[View]
116154477Damn I really liked this. I thought Teen Titans Go was terrible? Is it just the series?[View]
116153972>character gets tased >wakes up like someone being awakened by their alarm clock…[View]
116153836Who cuts his hair?[View]
116140050Why exactly is Chloe supposed to be not-redeemable?: Apparently the main off of the show says Chloe …[View]
116154257>helps Syldavia become the first country to put a man on the Moon >very next adventure Syldavi…[View]
116152147So when is there going to be a season where Randy gets canceled for saying the n word 13 years ago?[View]
116151625Good ol' fashioned CalArts reboot thread[View]
116153783How do we save save The Simpsons? Don't cop-out and say 'cancel it' either, we all know that…[View]
116154748Wow, 2020 can't possibly get any weir- >Gary Larson starts drawing Farside comics again >…[View]
116154623All the best, most clever, character defining Rick and Morty scenes are post credits.[View]
116149963why are there so many simpsons memes but no futurama memes ?[View]
116154654Who eats cheese?[View]
116154620>/co/ Characters that are beach bod ready[View]
116151206I don't get the joke.[View]
116152371>single handedly saves the entire franchise was Thrawn the last good SW related comic book series…[View]
116154480am i the only one enjoying this shit? also new mutants thread[View]
116154479Do you guys like >Episodic Villains Or >BBEG Villains best?…[View]
116153075Moral Orel thread: What was your favorite episode(s)? Your most disliked? Which was your favorite an…[View]
116152937Friendly reminder that he did nothing wrong.[View]
116153347stinky uncle mustard![View]
116153356Animator320: Another general Cartoonmania thread, you know the drill, first one who posts IT gets a …[View]
116154247Who was the best Looney Tunes director, and why was it Friz Freleng?[View]
116150531Did Black Bolt's reputation ever recover from this loss?[View]
116144849Westaboo Fanart: Post them lads.[View]
116154195I think Genndy would do a perfect Superman/Daredevil animated movie/series given all the /co/ influe…[View]
116150672>Zoomers are now nostalgic for post movie Spongebob, despite being considered vastly inferior to …[View]
116152198Will you watch her anti-mask episode?[View]
116150313There needs to be more Warhammer 40k /co/ properties.[View]
116151349Whatever happened to animation shorts? Nicktoons used to do them and even did film festivals for the…[View]
116151945Rob Liefeld's SNAKE EYES: DEADGAME Debuts with 36 Covers: Which are you picking up, /co/?…[View]
116153130What if Homelander was a better person.: In spite of the way Vought raised him, homelander turns out…[View]
116151384yes goku IS stronger than superman but when was the last time goku inspired someone? that is what ma…[View]
116153339Les aventures de Dipier et Mabèle[View]
116141355Damn! The Clone Wars was really hardcore.[View]
116153768http://archive.md/VouKJ Will you be buying dynamite comics, anon? You do support the right side of h…[View]
116144712From the bottom of my heart, thank you Humphries for the absolute SEETHE this caused. And exposed ho…[View]
116070302You forgot about me, didn't you anon?![View]
116153626Comics and cartoons that did characters development right. Pic unrelated. Only way i found to repres…[View]
116139208>Movie made for adults gets a cheesy kids cartoon I love this kind of shit, I wish it would have …[View]
116151480Enid: Post Enid to the extreme[View]
116152495Bravo Savino![View]
116151166Get we get a show about Disney Villians again?[View]
116147799What do you think he's doing before getting the mastercontrol?[View]
116127551post your favorite /co/ character[View]
116149958You can submit questions at DC Fandom already: What will you ask, /co/? >I can ask Harley Quinn w…[View]
116153321Any good comics about revenge?[View]
116146063Swamp Thing.[View]
116147112Dr Strange #5 storytime: Where Tony's baggage makes an appearance[View]
116152461Has Batman ever impregnated her? Has Robbin?[View]
116151848This miniseries is the cringiest 90's shit I ever read. I feel ashamed of reading it, I just ca…[View]
116135951Name one good reason why Miles shouldn't be gay[View]
116151379Cartoons you absolutely hated as a kid but everyone else loved[View]
116152134>You will never be Mabel's drunk abusive grunkle[View]
116150794When's it coming?[View]
116152726Rapunzel's Show: So, after some considerable delay, partly of my own making, I finally finished…[View]
116150912I rather have gay cartoons than more of this dogshit[View]
116149544Little Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on your chin...[View]
116150720you are a nu male jimmy[View]
116150833Westaboo thread[View]
116094406What About Mimi?: It's a nice, wholesome show. Cute, good natured, and funny. How come people d…[View]
116149093>protagonist is losing the final battle >gets a flashback >stands back up and defeats the a…[View]
116143927Hoodwinked!: Even in 2005 I thought this movie looked uncanny.[View]
116152316Total Drama: Rank the seasons from bad to worst. Personally I feel season 3 & 1 are best with 4 …[View]
116115272Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch brings back the Mystery Shack, sort of, via Disney Channel’s Amphi…[View]
116146664Ed Edd n Eddy - the school arc[View]
116151526Bojack Horseman: I’ve been binging it so far. I like it. >What do you like or dislike about the s…[View]
116152212Aqua Teen Slim Jim Ad: It's so weird seeing them in fluid animation https://youtu.be/08vtd4kYIf…[View]
116147338Peanuts: I never understood this show as a kid. Was it supposed to be funny?[View]
116150060I'll tell you why Spawn is a great concept, and a greater concept than any 'hero from hell' bef…[View]
116152192Raava and Then Vatu should’ve permanently died: >The fact that Avatar has to rely on OP deity Ins…[View]
116151806This show is too pure and good-spirited for a shit degenerate platform like HBO max[View]
116149721Western /co/: What are the best Western comics out there?[View]
116149202Annie Taylor bought herself a trailer, And headed for the Golden State.[View]
116151985KORRA and other victims should’ve lost their bending permanently: >The fact they got their bendin…[View]
116139020Which one is your waifu?[View]
116151795The perfect Spiderman villain: I dont mean the best utilized one, but the one what would the perfect…[View]
116151900Post your simpsons episode playlist: >Rosebud >Homer the Vigilante >Bart Gets Famous >Sw…[View]
116101307Stargirl Talkback Thread “Dragons in The Water Edition”: >>Shiv Part 2 >> After Courtney…[View]
116137458Can we get a curvier and bustier edit thread around?: Larger butts, huge breasts, & belly morphs…[View]
116150458ITT: wasted potential[View]
116146337X-force #10 storytime: Otherwise known as 'The Happening'[View]
116151692Oh fuck[View]
116151066Chris McLean is a faggot.[View]
116147367Can someone tell me what is happening at 0:42? https://youtu.be/uG2ohi3C3rI[View]
116150115How does Superman fly in space: Superman: Up in the Sky In this story Superman saves a girl in outer…[View]
116151473ITT: /co/ dreams: name a cartoon you have recurring dreams about and tell us about them.[View]
116151445itt we post characters that are WEAKER than superman[View]
116137527Kill Six Billion Demons: King of Swords 10 - 154 >God King Heed this well: the princes of the wor…[View]
116148795Watchmen was actually a magic spell to end the Cold War.: >http://www.eruditorumpress.com/blog/th…[View]
116147535How strong is a single Parademon?: I know in comics character stats can fall all over the place, but…[View]
116150116Was shoving in the Sinster Six really necessary? It feels like a last minute decision. The story sho…[View]
116146936>sleep spares him pain! awake, HE SUFFERS what did he mean by this?[View]
116150426Kim and Ron: I am not sure id this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually really liked their relati…[View]
116135907where were you when Bojack was eternally BTFO?[View]
116151184Crossovers: Post crossovers[View]
116113766/shelf/ thread: I just like talking about our shelves edition. Don't know where to buy? Try the…[View]
116149686What would Satan and Hell be like in Veggietales?[View]
116151108You gotta die if ya wanna be saved, Peteru-san.[View]
116145281Why are black super-villains so rare? There's way more black heroes than there are black villai…[View]
116149303Post Bad Funkos[View]
116148829How did you honestly feel about how gay MTMTE/Lost Light were.[View]
116144442How the fuck am I supposed to watch this when he has Zuko's voice? What was Nick thinking here?[View]
116149373>Literally 'my wife's boyfriend' Is this the peak of Cyclops' humiliation?…[View]
116150820Which Adventure Time episode should be turned into a show next[View]
116139426ITT-post good post movie characters[View]
116147610>Well anon, how do you plan to defeat me? When you're not even wearing pants!…[View]
116150140Would the Penguin be better if they made him Batman's version of Fantomas rather than just anot…[View]
116148866Left or right, /co/?[View]
116122176This series makes the hottest boys and girls[View]
116150297They had absolutely no right to do this to her. She did nothing to deserve this.[View]
116148181WOLVERINE RUNNER-UPS: >Russell Crowe was the first choice, but turned it down. >Keanu Reeves, …[View]
116148540Why does Spiderman always smell?[View]
116145948Ghost Rider #7 Storytime: Dunno what the trackrecord is for the storytimes on here for this run, but…[View]
116145749Gogo Bomango a Gogo: Van started posting again. Still in the crater.[View]
116129798Dceased Dead Planet #1 Storytime: Taylor's ride never ends[View]
116149156DBX: Danny Phantom vs. Ben 10 is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxGrCTxd8Vw[View]
116140518Lobdell’s FCBD story is in the Flashfoward trade: DC’s free generations comic book day book was canc…[View]
116150109Why did the Wakandans worship Hanuman and Bast? Were the writers too lazy to make up gods or referen…[View]
116149986Singing actors: >Hire a singing actor / actress for your characters >Never make them sing Why?…[View]
116149062I'm 100% sure that Kindred is Carl King/The Thousand. >Obscure villain of Spider-Man that sh…[View]
116149966hello /co/ sry for my bad english im making 'cartoon' but i have little problem OwO so i have fantas…[View]
116149823Who do you think is going to be the first straight Looney Tunes character?[View]
116146647ITT: licensed music in /co/[View]
116147487Kanye West Plans to Model US Government After Wakanda: Could it work? https://www.forbes.com/sites/r…[View]
116149834Curse of the Bloodmoon?: Lesbians win again[View]
116142323Why can't Americans depict 'realistic American young people' in cartoons? The lifestyle of cart…[View]
116148785What are some comics for this feel[View]
116148346Who is going to be the first lgbt Looney Tunes character? Will they be a well known character or an …[View]
116145803Did he do anything wrong?[View]
116142784Is this real?[View]
116146165Voices in the Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song: If you listen around the five second mark you can hear …[View]
116149568What the fuck???[View]
116145653Rainbow Brite: Reboot when? How should it be done![View]
1161431802020....I am forgotten...[View]
116149304>series about Mickey being a human pet Could it work?[View]
116147291Logan Please fuck my wife,wow what a cuck[View]
116140901WONDER WOMAN Animated Series Possibly On The Horizon From Patty Jenkins: >While speaking to Empir…[View]
116148859Did cartoons look better in the past?[View]
116149397Imagine if she was your mother[View]
116148707>Avatar comes out in 2020 >As a result, Katara would've rejected Aang's advances and…[View]
116147264>is supposed to be an alcoholic >is such an alcoholic she's neglectful and regularly driv…[View]
116149252Rap battle: Who would win in a rap battle: Lisa Loud or Moonman?[View]
116147815What would've changed if he was restricted solely to studying 4chan instead of the entire inter…[View]
116149188Would you read this comic?: Its a post apocaliptic brazilian comic supposed to be released November.…[View]
116147275The year is 2045. The Animation Industry lives under DYKE RULE. All waifus are lesbianized. Straight…[View]
116136397Sarah Andersen[View]
116145238Remember Get Ed?[View]
116149108Carrot and Pepper: I love this comic but it takes a long time for new chapters[View]
116124059Mods are asleep, post rare Korras[View]
116147481Jude Law to Play Captain Hook in Disney's Live-Action PETER PAN & WENDY: >David Lowery, …[View]
116141620Who thought this short was a good idea?[View]
116146830CLOSE ENOUGH: Tomorrow’s the day. Will the rest of the show hopefully be better than the 3 that were…[View]
116148799Potential Spoilers for Moon Knight Disney Plus Show: I got some interestingpotential content for the…[View]
116127113Would you fuck fat lois?[View]
116148122For me, it’s Pixar animator Peter Sohn[View]
116148652Why did candy society collapse?[View]
116145996Its so boring[View]
116139862Disney movies are now officially allowed to have one f bomb BoJack Horseman style. ITT: improve a Di…[View]
116148709Ava's Demon appreciation thread: Good webcomic, but currently in hiatus, fucking love the Odinx…[View]
116146725>You will never be Betty Quinlan's drunk abusive father[View]
116131626The Far Side: >> I don’t want to mislead anyone here. This corner of the website—“New Stuff”—i…[View]
116131861Gravity Falls Girl Thread Which is your favorite?[View]
116148406>Disney tries to do the 'cast only VAs of that ethnicity' for Moana >Majority of Polynesian ac…[View]
116138839What would they be doing as adults?: Power puff girls: What do you see them doing once they grew up?…[View]
116146253Is this good?: The art looks incredible.[View]
116142248It hurts guys: Watching reruns of Family Guy on Adult Swim and knowing Cleveland will never sound th…[View]
116146635Rick and Morty: Rick or Morty?[View]
116146959Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Post Karai[View]
116145731How would the Homelander (and probably also Vought American) fare in the Marvel and DC universes?[View]
116145776What does /co/ think of Pogo?[View]
116146754Ok someone really needs to kill this cruel power mad sadist piece of trash ass bitch.[View]
116146916Do animated films have a chance of being better now that Disney is getting fucked by COVID?[View]
116147928worst cartoon stereotypes.: mine is the tomboy who refuses anything girlish because she is so wicked…[View]
116135325Wonder Woman 758[View]
116139882Dog City: I remember this show from my childhood in the early 90's but I've never seen any…[View]
116146168Looks like we now have 100% tangible evidence that Jean and Logan are doing it.[View]
116146660Anything similar to this?: Don’t normally read comics/graphic novels but I really liked how epic eve…[View]
116144976Discussion: Who is the best Total Drama girl and why is it Dawn?[View]
116146328Red Sonja Thread!: > Who would you cast? Pic related: Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) > Ho…[View]
116144629Old superhero costumes and new ones look terrible when put together[View]
116141106Required Reading Thread: So, I have never read anything from DC - at least, no runs and no major eve…[View]
116145548Video games with Sheep coming soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWNHSynkrcQ[View]
116147346This is $100 cheaper than it normal is. Should I buy it?[View]
116147214Dangiraffe: Post Dangiraffe[View]
116142217What the fuck even was this show?[View]
116147028Why has Disney abandoned creating new villains when the old ones sell and are so popular? Disney Jap…[View]
116144624Which was worse?[View]
116147488True North Korea animated movie: Has anyone watched the True North movie?[View]
116136813Superman has no counters for Ultra Instinct.[View]
116146955Should she have died?[View]
116147339My nigga being outted for making shitty christian cartoons and putting satanic message in Fairly odd…[View]
116140891Unsounded: For an uneducated street thief who was raised by the scum of the earth, Sette makes for a…[View]
116147266You gotta die if ya wanna be saved, Peteru[View]
116147001what are some examples of comics blatantly ripping off manga?[View]
116145193Hello /co/: I'm lookin for the legion of doom base[View]
116146312damn Marvel[View]
116124751The Green Lantern - Season Two 05 Storytime[View]
116143659Marvel Comics[View]
116143008Bratty girls thread:: Rich, spoiled, pompous and arrogant.[View]
116145900Now I realize they’re kinda the same movie[View]
116146658Jeff always fucks up the endings. I hope they fix it on the adaptations.[View]
116144326Can she be a meme?[View]
116146377Would Danny Phantom have worked if it was genderbent?[View]
116143158Looney Tunes Cartoons HBO Max: Where the fuck is the new batch of episodes? We were told we'd b…[View]
116140690was the chicken really dry?: what did he mean by this?[View]
116127310DUDES WTF !!!!!!!!!!!: I was listening to the Fairly Odd Parents intro with my headphone on, and the…[View]
116146579Tell me about faceless joker. Why doesn't he wear the skin?[View]
116142745Finally got around to reading the kickass comics and ended up really liking em. Got done with the fi…[View]
116129183LOOKING BACK ON CASSANDRA CAIN'S ICONIC RUN AS BATGIRL: >When Cassandra Cain first appeared …[View]
116144540Remember when Time Squad aired really late at night for what seemed like forever? It used to be the …[View]
116119680>tfw there are literally 0 plot driven cartoons right now What the fuck happened?…[View]
116145950watching this episode as an adult really hurts[View]
116146012Dan vs Furries. How do things play out?[View]
116145927Any other stories with a setting quite like Amphibia? How do we call this subgenre? Swamp Fantasy?[View]
116142221Is Mandy cute?[View]
116139823Hey /co/ do you remember that goofy 90s Dinasours show?: You know the show with this? https://youtu.…[View]
116135810What do you think she's doing now?[View]
116145728Thoughts ?[View]
116145876pfft sea mammals who needs them. this country would be a whole lot better without 'em[View]
116144371>But the numbers that led to the eventual growth was not exponential. It was a gradual and minima…[View]
116145455Is Jonny Quest too dark for modern children? Or is Hadji the problem?[View]
116145694WAKANDA FOREVER!: Who would've thought a few years ago that Wakanda from Black Panther comics a…[View]
116144828Letters from Steven Grant, Max Allan Collins, Rick Oliver, et. al.[View]
116138794XJ_9: Looking to expand my XJ_9/Jenny folder for reasons. Anything helps! >Also first waifu thre…[View]
116141821>PnF is unironically more culturally diverse than MML that has more diverse skin colors kek…[View]
116143754You're the Birthday... You're the Birthday... You're the Birthday... Boy Or Girl![View]
116140605Is the hate towards Bob's Burgers on Family Guy ironic or unironic?[View]
116141058Lois: Nice S Clark: Lois, this is a children’s show![View]
116143104Attempts to make a shared cinematic universe with Universal monsters has repeatedly failed, but I th…[View]
116141902IF YOU GO IN ME, YOU DIE![View]
116144688Is Marvel still able to convey impressive feats of power these days?[View]
116137597>How do I open pdf? Terrible[View]
116141326Alleged plot details on Ezra Miller and Grant Morrison’s Flash movie pitch: The source is sketchy, b…[View]
116144576Which one would win?[View]
116144493Who was in the wrong here?[View]
116141083Dumbing of Age: lol so quirky[View]
116138760What do you think Jones is going viral for?[View]
116141442When will you learn, /co/? Your superhero shits are dead and buried. I will forever kick your little…[View]
116142327What’s his ethnicity[View]
116144195So did the 8th issue of The Bellybuttons ever get a translation? I've looked all over the inter…[View]
116141892The time Green Lantern went to the planet of the Jews: Seriously, how would the economy even work?…[View]
116142477Is Goomer a Coomer[View]
116137389Ms. Marvel (2016) issue 13: I heard a lot of people complaining about stuff that never happened in t…[View]
116142253Is Wander Over Yonder worth watching, when you’re only interested in Lord Dominator?: Full disclosur…[View]
116135653Which cartoon video game would you like to see getting the remastered treatment?[View]
116137710What does /co/ think of 12 Oz Mouse?[View]
116140245Why can’t Harley just wear this?[View]
116140568Are those Hanna Barbera comics any good?[View]
116141743So the fucking is going with Superior?: I just discovered this character and read his introduction r…[View]
116141673What common mistakes trigger your autism into the dirt?: For me it's when people spell Spider-M…[View]
116143371Remember when Sandy wouldn't go out with Spongebob so he dressed his friend up as a girl to dat…[View]
116143656DCAU: Rank all the shows For me it’s >BTAS >JL >BB >STAS >JLU >SS >TZP >TNBA…[View]
116140056He killed thousands[View]
116139656Plank is fucking cool: Where do you think this legend is now?[View]
116133107Why is there so much Gravity Falls/Steven Universe crossover stuff?[View]
116132685If you had to write a story about an established hero being outed as a rapist, who would it be? Pic …[View]
116142909If the flash is more widely know and liked than Wonder Woman than why does no one give a shit about …[View]
116131652'$130 dollar cartoon'[View]
116142038Heathcliff paints himself.[View]
116142169ITT:: Cartoons that share animation studio[View]
116143303Quick /co/, post children show characters who have canonically, intentionally killed people[View]
116139827How do they make this comic more LGBT-filled then it already is for a show adaption?[View]
116141475Penny For Your Thoughts?: Which Penny would win in a cute contest?[View]
116141332Post cartoons with soul.[View]
116131915CHARLIE'S VA SANG HOW BAD CAN I BE https://youtu.be/qZ79abyitEM[View]
116139343comicsgate is winning bros..[View]
116138329ATLA Episode Tier List: alright fellas, what does everyone's list look like? https://tiermaker.…[View]
116139843Mini-series when?[View]
116136035http://www.benreillytribute.x10host.com/LifeofReilly28.html > It was Harras's vision that No…[View]
116138672ITT /co/ creators self-inserting their fetish[View]
116141370Just what, exactly, did Gary Larson mean by this?[View]
116140092what went so incredibly wrong?[View]
116137589ah shit here we go again[View]
116139261its been a while since i've been here has there been another great moment[View]
116139847https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Batman_comics Ok, out of these mini series and one-shots, how …[View]
116140361Why were there so many shows about sheriffs in space? >Galaxy Rangers >Star Sheriffs >Silve…[View]
116139218Gary Larson, author of The Far Side comicstrips, has uploaded his first new comics in over two decad…[View]
116141617Clone High reboot: Its happening.... https://www.ign.com/articles/clone-high-reboot-revival-mtv-seri…[View]
116140061Dan Vs. Eric: Who would win?[View]
116140660This is Good Stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvJDoI699rU[View]
116134014Zatanna appreciation thread: I really need this because I can't stand the thought of WB fucking…[View]
116133686Why is Bart such an asshole?: All he does is cause problems for his family and bitches about his sis…[View]
116141111this picture makes me very upset[View]
116138553are there any cartoons that aren't filled with gay shit besides F Is For Family and French cart…[View]
116138927Why doesn't the green goblin act more like an actual goblin? You know what I'm talking abo…[View]
116130609Will there ever be a better general audience show that's as original as the angry beavers?[View]
116131293Not only did Humphries give us a good Harley Quinn run with meaningful character progression, he jus…[View]
116141570What's the difference between the remaster and the previous trade(s)?[View]
116124145Batman #94 Storytime: Last one before the Joker War. Ready?[View]
116141671What are some comics about kneeling to black kings and/or queens?[View]
116123638Who was in the wrong here?[View]
116139763Iron Man: The Game: >Tony crash lands in some shit hole country and is cut off from the rest of t…[View]
116137143why is steve so retarded that he needs kids to point the clues out to him?[View]
116112774Why doesn't Captain Marvel, aka Shazam get more respect in DC? Usually whenever he appears, he …[View]
116138109Star Trek Lower Decks: >Release date in 2 months >Still no trailer They're holding back.…[View]
116130287>We need more female protagonists in cartoons like Mai from Next Gen and less like Luz from The O…[View]
116139429Why is Phineas and Ferb frequently called out as being formulaic when there are other formulaic cart…[View]
116140155I love Jade.[View]
116091050It's sad we'll never get any decent dinosaur animated movies that aren't solely targe…[View]
116136323How come no one ever talks about this show when talking about Studio Mir's works?[View]
116110631Meta Runner season 2: >Picks up 6 months after S1 >New characters and more information on the…[View]
116129004Should western cartoons have more yuri couples?[View]
116128286>the Zombie arc is still going on[View]
116136220JSA Storytime: Astro City: Good evening owls, a bit more of this[View]
116140334ring ring. look, there's only two choices, anon. take your pick: there's a path on the lef…[View]
116140366Say what you will about the bad art and the bad animation and the bad voice acting and the bad camer…[View]
116139551The prophecy persists.[View]
116138841ITT: Who are your preferred voice actors for Mike and Booger?[View]
116136864ITT: Deathbattle: Starting with actual kino matchups. Dr. Now (My 600lb Life) vs 'Doctor' Basso (Hea…[View]
116137280Is he the only gay representation we need in /co/ content?[View]
116134705Spongebob Tier List: Post em https://tiermaker.com/create/spongebob-episodes[View]
116136041Bitch's Lessons and Road Rovers - Walkies[View]
116137051ITT: Edit this: Edit Mike saying stupid shit with this pic.[View]
116137750>watching adult 'comedy' cartoon >episode is about why America is 'bad' and 'evil'…[View]
116139194>now you can call me Ray >or you can call me Jay >or you can call me R. J. >or you can …[View]
116139769Why is this board so obsessed?[View]
116114171Why aren't there more nudist superheroes?[View]
116138871Is there any other hero vs villain combo as good as this?[View]
116134639Hellboy & the Mignolaverse: What’s up guys, how you doing so far? >What are your favorite Hel…[View]
116138874Space Race Comic I've been thinking about: Here's the idea I've been working with: Al…[View]
116135872Detective Dini Storytime: Greetings true believers! It took me a bit longer than I would have liked …[View]
116129503Why is Brooklyn such a popular character from Gargoyles? Judging by the amount of fanart and general…[View]
116136898This is mine and The Joker's new girlfriend and second in command, Alexis Kaye aka Punchline, a…[View]
116137165Who wore these?[View]
116139377Was he a member of HEAT?[View]
116109474Zootopia fans, what kind of animal do you imagine yourself being if the film was real?[View]
116137127Is UBER Cancelled?: >Best World War II superhero comic I've read in a while. >Last releas…[View]
116137424*sip*: the warners ain't shit without me[View]
116125630Clown episode thread?: Again (sort of)[View]
116136694>Character is riding a bike or motorcycle >Animators throw in the 'Akira Bike Slide…[View]
116136336Holy fuck I wish the world will calm down and things can be somewhat less hectic by the time Spookto…[View]
116137383Heed this well: the princes of the world are no strangers to iron. You may wish it bite them but it …[View]
116135455Oh Snap, Pixar!: >Made outside the strictures of the studio system, these six features are free t…[View]
116137947Frank Cho artist: Mooooooom, he did it again![View]
116127624what did he mean by this?[View]
116135967'The Danny Test': You know how people are constantly bitching these days for LGBT whatever represent…[View]
116132914Growing up, I always figured John Stewart was THE Green Lantern. It really saddens me that DC had th…[View]
116133369Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 2020) Storytime: Featuring an insane Spidey Previous threads https://desu…[View]
116135291Post good comicbook covers[View]
116132367Favorite female characters: Post female characters that /co/ actually likes[View]
116132901ITT: comics that use 6 panels[View]
116135506Midnight gospel: Hey what do you fuckers think about this show? Made by those fucks Duncan Trussell …[View]
116137837You think the Chum Bucket would be popular with sharks, right? Considering sharks irl are crazy abou…[View]
116133994Lets dance /co/![View]
116128436KND thread: Why the fuck wasnt this made canon[View]
116137772UNPOPULAR Opinion Thread: I think Elongated Man is the best stretchy dude in all /co/[View]
116131102Why does this make people mad?[View]
116137043Teen Titans Go: a daring synthesis: I hated this trash for YEARS, the main reason? I LOVE THE ORIGIN…[View]
116128538If Wally is so great, why did Morrison and Didio bring Barry back? Checkmate atheists.[View]
116138051Another season of the orginial Teen Titans: Why is no one talking about this? The original teen titi…[View]
116128229https://twitter.com/DRMovieNews1/status/1280412128676102145?s=20 BREAKING: Disney confirms that ‘Tro…[View]
116136993How would Stormfront fare in the Marvel and DC universes?[View]
116129843How Ba-ba-based can i be?[View]
116134023Do you think she would have grown up to date boys, or as a misandry-filled lesbian?[View]
116135445With so many Ben 10 fans growing up to be adults and shit, you'd expect that Warner Bros/CN wou…[View]
116137469Reminder Superman can beat Goku (and every other shitty anime protag)[View]
116137574Reminder goku can beat superman (and every other shitty comic protag)[View]
116137625is that new roiland rick and morty ripoff show any good?[View]
116097053Imagine this being your daughter.[View]
116137495https://youtu.be/5qBrPtrVbCQ?t=603 I don't see your favorite cartoon getting play IRL. Honestly…[View]
116127875Which actor do you feel has captured superman the best?[View]
116134379Is he ever going to be a mentally healthy adults?[View]
116128226LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! IT'S...[View]
116137273Rocket Raccoon's Random Orgy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl6NMbUZAcY[View]
116137291é a união flasco[View]
116134936>Zoomers look at Food Fight with disgust, blissfully unaware that it was one of the greatest movi…[View]
116131790Anyone know anything else on Space Jam 2/Space Jam: A New Legacy?: The movie thing looks like it…[View]
116134460Megg, Mogg, Owl, and Werewolf Jones get jobs at the park. How do things play out?[View]
116126057Looks like another franchise for DC movies is dead.[View]
116136760The Legend of Calamity Jane? More like the Legend of CalamaFEET Jane.[View]
116136757Is Clone High the most perfect time capsule of the 2000s? All is missing is a Borat cameo[View]
116136676Planetary by Ellis and Cassaday: >completely blows out your favourite comic book Name a single fl…[View]
116136152What is it about Superman that makes people seethe?[View]
116133933That fucking duck...[View]
116134438You wanna see some ass? I'll Wiggle It.[View]
116133601When is cartoon network going to realize that this show was lightning in a bottle? Every time CN tri…[View]
116134373>Millennials are now nostalgic for The Moxy Show, blissfully unaware that it was pointless and un…[View]
116134861What are some good coomer shows[View]
116134363Wakfu: Who was in the wrong?[View]
116135823Ferris lived on a funky farm where happiness grew with an ant and a goat and a dodo too. When he wen…[View]
1161359682 things 1) I highly appreciate Studio Massa. Not only is he proving that online animation can be he…[View]
116116327Hop on in, anons[View]
116134302What does she say :?[View]
116107537So how does Superman shaves his ass?[View]
116134329Gwenpool: Why does Gwen get so much merch in Japan? Nendoroid when?[View]
116135319What went wrong?[View]
116133821post everytime a cartoon got the gender of an animal wrong, id start the bird tower(pretty boring bu…[View]
116133617Would you fuck her /co/[View]
116135685The Justice Alliance!!: Are they back? Who wants a Black Supergirl ongoing?[View]
116136003What is your favorite cartoon commentary track /co/?[View]
116135099Spider Rangers: by Dan Mora[View]
116134805It’s over[View]
116132281What are some comics with tomboys?[View]
116124644Harley Quinn #74 Storytime, aka the dyke destroyer: They're gonna kill Humphries for this. I…[View]
116135843Captain Underpants: I kinda like this. A little too ADD at times (fair I suppose, given the original…[View]
116132106Why is the best /co/toon banned on /co/?[View]
116130434Is it weird to think about the fact that all the characters in downtown would now be in their late 3…[View]
116135728Did MCU burn down the capeshit genre: Let's have a discussion, /co/. MCU started in 2008. All S…[View]
116135383Is Comics batman ok with shooting and killing Parademons or other non humans?[View]
116135585Sum up these characters in 1 line of their dialogue. Original included for reference.[View]
116135058In terms of /co/ material what is considered the cleanest, best pleasure?[View]
116135078Hey remember this?[View]
116135107Board looking ugly as fuck tonight, post good /co/ related art[View]
116135253Need a little help finding something. I saw on twitter a while back that members of /co/ made a comi…[View]
116135166Superman is a Batman fanboy?[View]
116128491Snyder explains what’s terrifying about the new Robin King: >There seems to be one Robin that the…[View]
116132351Things that happened: The more batshit, the better[View]
116133360Would u?[View]
116132172Why are canadian cartoons so unfunny and obnoxious? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITx32oDmkbo http…[View]
116131647This game is basically the Iron Man 3 we never got.[View]
116132715Do you think the artist knew Peej is immune to kryptonite?[View]
116134532Don't Hug Me I'm Scared TV Show: They're making a TV show.[View]
116134573>it’s a humiliation fetish episode[View]
116130183I'm usually consuming the cartoons half of the comics and cartoons label and so i'm wonder…[View]
116134596Why does Brad have a mustache in this? Totally ruined the character[View]
116133934Left or right?[View]
116132469Is Ralph Bakshi the closest thing to a western animation auteur?[View]
116131812How will they defeat Star Butterfly?[View]
116131051What BIPOC heroes would you like to see get film adaptations next?[View]
116123090>DVD commentary is mostly the writers sitting in silence or coughing nervously >Matt Groening …[View]
116130814Westaboo thread.[View]
116131503>People simultaneously complain that she is too unlikable and loses too many fights while also be…[View]
116131121What the fuck was his problem?[View]
116134305>comic book movie opens with kid reading comic book[View]
116131611Brian Griffin: Anyone else want to gouge his eyes out? He is really unlikable and possibly one of th…[View]
116128582Why is he such a dick?[View]
116132754>classic material is reissued for the first time >it's been recolored…[View]
116128454Boomer Comics: Its that time again! Time for Boomer Comics, water edits, and wholesome edits.[View]
116133314>me when I see Lisa Simpson[View]
116133869>comic about a cartoon animal turns into (literal) schizophrenic essays about religion and life k…[View]
116131595When did /co/ as a medium begin?[View]
116133954Left or right Ma Beagle?[View]
116129947You know, it wasn't that bad.[View]
116133824What the fuck was her problem?: Why did she hate Mung so much? Is it because he's a better cook…[View]
116133817META RUNNER SEASON 2 THIS FALL: https://www.reddit.com/r/MetaRunner/comments/hmxayo/get_ready/…[View]
116127767Wizards: Tales of Arcadia: This comes out on August 7th and according to Del Toro, it's a one s…[View]
116131214I read somewhere that people think Pacifica was like Mabel before her parents 'straightened' her out…[View]
116133645Is that Danzig? why would they use a manlet as a basis for Superman[View]
116131855WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: >Paul Bettany and Mark Ruffalo were the runner-ups for the roles of Joker a…[View]
116133450Without my hammer I can't, Gordon.[View]
116128859Who wins tomorrow?[View]
116126506Was Lawrence Limburger modeled on Trump[View]
116131747Why did kid me want to be kidnapped for Hacker by these robots so bad[View]
116099895'Some things never change' or 'Home' Which song works better as an introduction for Frozen 2? And wh…[View]
116132783So I just found this random video and I fell in love with this creature but then I saw two more vide…[View]
116128991i demand more scenes like this in my media selection. It's so visually stunning but feels so om…[View]
116132194LoTR thread: Is the animated movie worth watching? I just finished reading the books and watching th…[View]
116133126Because of this little dumbass bitch Barry had to kill billions[View]
116131775In the Simpsons episode 'Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore', why is it implied that its a bad …[View]
116131639Im in love[View]
116131870unOrdinary: WTF WAS HIS PROBLEM??[View]
116128573Local comic shop: Do you have a LCS /co/?[View]
116127220Me and my friends get no respect[View]
116120674Dumbing of Age: orange you glad this isn't froot loops[View]
116129028>Literally all of Batman’s fears are based off his assumption everyone else in the DC universe wo…[View]
116124598Superman 023 Storytime: Brian Bendis introducing The Menace of XANADOTH![View]
116127524Joker Killer Smile: Holy shit this was fucking awful, and double fuck me for going digital because I…[View]
116132084Why doesn't Disney have faith in (cute) male protagonistes ?[View]
116131512>blushing What did RS mean by this?[View]
116132635Fox made Porky's Disney bought Fox Beulah Balbricker (Ballbreaker) is a Disney princess[View]
116132317So, /co/, does it get any better in season 2?[View]
116131452You think he'll ever make it into the MCU?[View]
116129983What is /co/'s evangelion?[View]
116130392Was he really that bad?[View]
116131283ITT: Stories that have original characters as a stand in for other characters or archetypes.[View]
116132110Who was in the wrong here?[View]
116126359Tuesday Carolthread: >THIS WEEK IN CAROL Empyre #0 Fantastic Four Hopes/expectations for post-Emp…[View]
116128722Matthew Cherry’s ‘Hair Love’ Becoming HBO Max Animated Series: They seem to be going all in with ani…[View]
116132125Look, guys, we’re having a casual conversation in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Isn’t that craz…[View]
116128769>Rewatching childhood movies as an adult I now appreciate them for different reasons.…[View]
116123917>your agents listen to me now because I'm a spoiled brat who's had everything handed to…[View]
116130854Why Timon and Pumbaa don't age?: They seem to look the same for years.[View]
116130127Comic writer here! How to pull off this trope without coming across as fetish-y?[View]
116131819Leave Superman to me[View]
116121679>be sweetest, kindest, smartest, and most helpful character on the show >for some reason, /co/…[View]
116059250Lego Media Thread: A place to discuss all kinds of Lego stuff. Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Lego Movies (Bat…[View]
116131342>boomers IP are lame, cringe and sexism >and so we will only use only them instead of creating…[View]
116128521Why is barely nostalgic for The Book of Pooh? I doubt it's because it was short lived (It laste…[View]
116131171What are some good fatherly role models in cartoons?[View]
116128155Green Lantern Corps vs Irken Empire: Who would win?[View]
116131359Do you even bother talking about cartoons irl? I think people will judge me for watching scooby doo …[View]
116114549Does anyone even like this character? All I hear is how the comics never sale, but I see her always …[View]
116131258We have a new movie from Germany called Dragon Rider based on Cornelia Funke's novels. https://…[View]
116129269How was it so good?[View]
116120970How do we fix Thor?[View]
116112819What does /co/ think of MonStar?[View]
116131278Puma Pride: Fuck Skinner.[View]
116126903I miss when Superman was written well.[View]
116127451I applaud the autism representation in modern cartoons. Autism is less common in girls than it is in…[View]
116129808Teen Titans Go: *Breathes* CN:[View]
116127689Which one was best girl ?[View]
116025949Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
116130916>Remember when life used to be simple and cool? >Not really.…[View]
116129640I'm sure most of us got fetishes from watching cartoons as kids, but what scenes in more recent…[View]
116127877Do you like transmetropolitan?[View]
116130843Far Side is back[View]
116130743>Not if you’re planting gummy bears![View]
116128894Why aren't you more grateful to this guy, /co/? If not for him, you'd all still be watchin…[View]
116067911Rule 63/Genderbender thread: Keep it /co/ related[View]
116126733ITT: post characters you want to beat the shit out of[View]
116129200Does this retard think that the guy whose hopes and dreams blew up needs further mockery?[View]
116114456The /Co/omer Critic: Helloooooo /Co/. I am the Coomer critic, and I coom over it so YOU don't h…[View]
116127586Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong with the ultimates?[View]
116128865/Co/ Bootleg: Post your best nightmare inducing /Co/ Bootleg[View]
116128760Will we get more of Livewire in young justice?[View]
116126501*Ahem* Knock knock[View]
116128943Here's your next Storm /co/[View]
116127771/co/ characters you hate >hard mode: no Peggy Hill[View]
116128049Don't Hug Me I'm Scared TV series picked up: https://www.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/…[View]
116129314Where can I read: This absolute unit’s stuff? Please[View]
116130173Who was in the wrong?[View]
116116301Netflix Cartoon suggestions: Please suggest a show for me to watch, I've seen all 4 shows in pi…[View]
116124491The Flash 757 Storytime[View]
116130116ITT: Adaptations you want in puppet form: Pic related[View]
116127991What are some cartoons that changed drastically from how they were originally envisioned?: The Iron …[View]
116129911Picrelated, Labyrinth and The Storyteller were Jim Henson's ideas of puppets for adults. Would …[View]
116129395Was Bojack a bad guy?[View]
116128745New Far Side is here: https://www.thefarside.com/new-stuff … So a few years ago—finally fed up with …[View]
116126608Roger Rabbit sequel ideas: >Who killed Miss Hanna Barbera? I know its 2 guys, but i think it wou…[View]
116128620Adrien or Luka, Anon[View]
116124858This episode proved that Craig McKracken has an Omorashi fetish[View]
116127437Is Carl an accurate representation of a new jersey man?[View]
116116096>*Azula confesses her genuine (Yes, really. Just roll with it.), undying love for you* How do you…[View]
116117206QUICK RUNDOWN ON ALL FAILED DCEU FLASH SCRIPTS: Phil Lord & Chris Miller >Flash VS. Rogues. L…[View]
116129010Since I saw the Mario 64 iceberg, I made my own iceberg using SpongeBob theories[View]
116129628>TV-Y7 How do you go from THIS...[View]
116106960Infinity Train – Season 3: Glad we finally have confirmation. https://io9.gizmodo.com/exclusive-infi…[View]
116129368This might turn out to be one of the best things to ever happen to the animation industry[View]
116121787You're not Numbuh 1![View]
116124165Looks like Pandora’s box has been opened boys.[View]
116127724Can someone explain this scene for me seriously? Why is he dressed in a purple suit? Why is he talki…[View]
116129280Which one, /co/?[View]
116126813What does /co/ think of doomer ''animations''?[View]
116116595Who was in the wrong here? Also cursed short animated films thread[View]
116129361ITT: Realistic yet appealing and expressive animal characters in animation[View]
116128312Adventure Time Girls thread: This will probably end badly, but let's go. Other girls like Fionn…[View]
116128555Sakimichan is now doing animation?: Thoughts?[View]
116124394Batman & the Outsiders 014 Storytime: Cover is misleading again.[View]
116128196Hector looks like he's winding up to bash the fuck out of your face with that hammer.[View]
116128210HELLO THERE! I am Dr. Rabbit! The world's only rabbit SCI-EN-TO-LO-GIST![View]
116126814CHILDHOOD MISCONCEPTIONS: I thought Seal was one of the villains of Batman Forever because of the 'K…[View]
116109776Ben or Kaine?[View]
116127647Come on guys. His dick wasn't that small.[View]
116127260Has Barry ever fucked Lisa[View]
116128432>'God is watching everything you do!'[View]
116128444What is with Wonder Woman/Diana Prince's character: I'm talking about everything she'…[View]
116090546Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
116127758Minions: The Rise of Gru: I need it.[View]
116114909>Warner Bros Pictures has begun development on a live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE: REBIRTH film, which …[View]
116122135Honest opinions?: Love it or hate it you can't deny people are giving it attention even now.…[View]
116126918>Let's kiss.[View]
116112643>CalArts even managed to ruin Battletoads How can it be stopped?[View]
116124710>They are actually bringing Jason, Wonder Woman's half brother nobody wanted, back Why?…[View]
116126674Justice League #48 storytime: Where the justice league violate the prime directive[View]
116127223Gold Rush: I’m never getting over this. WHO THE FUCK IS GOLD RUSH?! Tell me, Geoff Johns. Was there …[View]
116124411Spongebob Squarepants: the Movie or the Musical?: So I finally got to watching the musical and ended…[View]
116127560Is this accurate?[View]
116125655Superman Thread!: Oh mother of God pic related edit is nearly god damn perfect. Perfect blue, fully …[View]
116124256Detective Comics 1023 Storytime: Prelude to Joker War.[View]
116127082Who is ready for Close Enough? (Don't forget your drugs!)[View]
116115501CONSTANTINE MOVIE REBOOT IN THE WORKS: >According to a reliable source with industry knowledge, a…[View]
116127089You know what time it is. Clone High thread time. P.S, Toots is objectively the best character in th…[View]
116117055scenes where the animators were totally erect when making[View]
116125088wot if superheroes: but they do profanity and murder innit?[View]
116127048Just watched pic related after Hamilton hit D+. The Spongebob Musical > Hamilton There. I said it…[View]
116127557Searching for a Teen titans Issue..: Ok, here's the deal..i love teen titans. i was browsing on…[View]
116116194What makes an animation 'good'?[View]
116127420Meet your next Nicktoon. >Nickelodeon has struck a multiplatform deal with James Corden and Ben W…[View]
116124704HOLY SHIT /CO/ Creepy Live Action Mexican Stage Show Jasper is coming to KILL YOU. The main charact…[View]
116100076Post your husbando[View]
116122545What did Disney mean by this?[View]
116118537>villain has valid argument >instead of addressing it or even attempting to refute it, the her…[View]
116126928How even?[View]
116125795The Simpsons Charlie: How come this guy never became as big as Lenny or Carl?[View]
116124006Any Wasp fans here? >inb4slap[View]
116127234Why did ariel need to get legs from ursula?: She could breathe air just fine. Sure, getting around w…[View]
116125988What hero is the Sbarros of Marvel?[View]
116125715SJWs am I right? What are some good cyberpunk comics? Running a 2020 session later this month and I …[View]
116123888Did anyone else have a crush on Sandy as a kid?[View]
116117048If literal 13 year olds can crank out 10-minute complex animations on a monthly basis using flash, t…[View]
116124305>Yesss... look at it... drink it in... The fact this is actual dialogue for the scene still astou…[View]
116127245There is nothing wrong with that tv.[View]
116126564When was the exact moment that MARVEL comics died in your eyes?[View]
116112846Is it?[View]
116124986Admit it, Billy and Mandy was the second most popular Cartoon Cartoon behind Ed, Edd n Eddy >Had …[View]
116126663How could one of the biggest hacks ? Rob liefeld still has his own fandom after almost 30 years ?[View]
116127037Comic purchases: Tell /co/ about the last comic you bought in a shop /co/.[View]
116125641The year Disney died.[View]
116125103Guys this is our chance to show that Rick and morty cant defeat venture brothers, the winning show g…[View]
116126635Why did she do it bros[View]
116069051Heterosexual She-Ra thread: Last thread died of gay aids[View]
116126806OTP Thread[View]
116125257The character desing, creature desing, background and prop desing, is pretty good but very little gi…[View]
116125044Is there something like this graph but for animation?[View]
116125182>Showrunner Bill Oakley recalled that Marge, while not hated, was the least popular of the Simpso…[View]
116118615Which spongebob game do you like the most?[View]
116126157>The Far Side is finally back >no thread until now https://www.thefarside.com/new-stuff/ >'…[View]
116125582Mojo is hired by 4chan to be one of the jannies: What's the result ?[View]
116125052Why has mr. A not received more popularity in the dc universe? Also mr. A story time.[View]
116126250Has there ever been a precedent of someone killing themselves because they don't have a cartoon…[View]
116084045ITT:: Obscure waifu thread.[View]
116125572How do you measure evilness? Also >charisma 3 With that voice lol no.[View]
116125746>Scenes that would be better if the genders switched[View]
116123901You've learned with Mousie, now get ready to Let's Play with Sheepie. https://www.youtube…[View]
116124703MILF Jinora is best Jinora.[View]
116125830eeeee NORBERT[View]
116125219Steven Universe Future: Has someone access to SU Future? heard about it but never successfully watch…[View]
116125813ITT lord dominator coolest character amirightguys ok now that ive fooled the mods youve got to liste…[View]
116126316comiXology's Best-Selling Comics for the Week Starting July 1, 2020: Previous threads: https://…[View]
116126274Went nowhere: Post things that were brought up but never really adressed again and might even contra…[View]
116125815CAST IT![View]
116112564Zutara still should had happened: Hey all. Anyone agree.[View]
116124233How to Not Go Crazy[View]
116098278ITT: Post your cartoon ideas: or post art or animation made for your idea.[View]
116123245XJ_9: Can we get a XJ_9/Jenny thread running? My image folder for her is remarkably light, mind lend…[View]
116124833>Superman becomes a fascist oppressor Why him? Is it his powers? Batman seems like more like the …[View]
116120769>People defending Calarts cartoon with poor excuses like 'They're cheaper to be made' >Ig…[View]
116125875Why is meg unattractive again?: When I was younger I'd regularly jerk off to meg from family gu…[View]
116125904ITT: Characters who would most likely shoot up their school.[View]
116125949ITT: Comics that only you follow.[View]
116111013The State of Comics: When did you stop reading comics anons? What was the exact moment that made you…[View]
116113131ITT: Draw Hellboy[View]
116119642Why are so many characters drawn in the loud house style? Also post some strange /co/ crossovers[View]
116118508Switched to digital only mid run, why did it fail?[View]
116115066Outfits & Redesign Thread!: > Favorites? > Most Hated?…[View]
116125550Am I nuts in thinking there was more variety in the cartoons released during the 90s than during 10s…[View]
116109314Stargirl moves to CW for Season 2: >DC’s Stargirl is returning for a second season on the CW. …[View]
116124384BONE: has /co/ read BONE? what do you think of it?[View]
116119493Why is this so good? Compelling characters who can barely speak a sentence, so much emotion from a R…[View]
116119312Is every cartoon reviewer the same person? Literally all of them have the exact same opinion about e…[View]
116124879What are some of your favorite crossover episodes/specials?[View]
116125111What was the point of this B plot? It ends too soon and it is just a few scenes[View]
116125439Generation Alpha: What cartoons will generation alpha be nostalgic for?[View]
116124114Draining the Swamp by R. Fiore[View]
116112902ITT: post pictures. Pictures of Flame Princess.[View]
116125009If the majority of the discussion regarding your show is about lusting over waifus or shipping chara…[View]
116123065Best comics to start with supposedly the best Marvel villain?[View]
116123008This design looks more goth than Evo Rogue, who looks more like a rivethead or something. This is go…[View]
116124962I dare you to name even ONE stronger character.[View]
116124526This is Tugs[View]
116124945>TFW Giffen gives the Gentleman Ghost a spunky young black girl as a sidekick in Ghosts #2 after…[View]
116124633>had at least six TV movies that could have been good finales >instead it got moved to Nicktoo…[View]
116119897Was that as bad as i heard it was? Give me some highlights[View]
116125085We must stop this bloody psychopath once and for all![View]
116122831This is the best thing about owning a cat[View]
116121142Why does everyone love cute brown girls so much?[View]
1161222051 will protect you the rest will try to kill you who do you pick?[View]
116116602Why does Spider-Man have so many embarrassingly bad stories?[View]
116117198ITT: Mt. Rushmore in /co/ media[View]
116121523Attention, /co/. I am Star Colonel Nikolai Malthus of the Jade Falcon Clan. A full Trinary stands re…[View]
116124706>Proper ending for SVFOE: Marco crowns himself the Emperor of the First Butterfly Empire and beco…[View]
116112522Thoughts on the Ben 10 reboot?[View]
116077206Why are alpha bitches so perfect?[View]
116124674dos watterson have a point? winnie the pooh has consistenly been treated with respect, capitan under…[View]
116117211Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
116124621https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0Td48JLgow This annoys the shit out of me.[View]
116122890You know, its funny. If Spyro had never gotten himself & his name slapped onto the first Skyland…[View]
116107842The Owl House: So new episodes are airing sometime this month. Are you ready for your favorite milf …[View]
116124567hola buenos dias: <script>alert('hola')</script>[View]
116124426>that artist who's been at it for years and still never shows any signs of improvement…[View]
116122787Alex Ross' superhero art is max comfy. Like looking through a window into those worlds where th…[View]
116124382Unpopular Opinions Thread: loonatics unleashed isnt all that bad[View]
116123774Why is Batman such a bad father?[View]
116117986No girl will (ever) love you as much as Helga loved Arnold[View]
116124086i am not affiliated with the disappearance of darwin[View]
116122073What was his endgame?[View]
116118120>'bro instead of making actual characters with unique power lets just give a bunch of people the …[View]
116094472f is for family: What happened with the most recent season of this? The show was never the best writ…[View]
116113152Is the rest of this run worth reading? Its impossible to find online and the collected editions are …[View]
116115338How bad can I be?[View]
116123763Why the FUCK hasn't Nick released Eureeka's Castle on streaming?[View]
116120845Will DC ever accept change? Or will we forever be stuck with guys like Barry and Hal forever?[View]
116123707>You, of all people, have the gall to ask me that?! >You RUINED my LIFE!”…[View]
116122933Ummm... Guys?[View]
116121289It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?[View]
116123063Ideal speedster body: What body type should speedsters have? Buff? Stringy? Shredded? Huge fucking l…[View]
116123593Wow, I just realized that The Fairly Oddparents, a bad cartoon with toilet humour, obnoxious voices,…[View]
116119458Anybody has the expanded version of this graph?[View]
116120504Who would win?[View]
116118666Post Comics that could never be made today Red Hood. Superhero that KILLS villains with GUNS. Imagin…[View]
116120182She-Hulk: What if there had been a She-Hulk show in the 80s? Would it have followed the same formula…[View]
116121935ITT: We post descriptions of Comics/Cartoons we remember sparse details about but don’t know the nam…[View]
116122491If this species existed, would you be afraid of it?[View]
116123206>his French name is SIMPlet: https://disney.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Simplet What did they mean by this…[View]
116123176Why are little sister characters always such shit?[View]
116116409>You stink! >You stink you stink you stink you stink you SMELL. SO. BAD! How do you respond to…[View]
116074607How come Shirley was the least popular of her trio? Babs and Fifi are beloved characters, but nobody…[View]
116121295>character orders an absurd amount of unhealthy food >”And throw in a diet soda/salad, I’m try…[View]
116112250What ever happened to Cartoon Hangover?[View]
116123144What was his name /CO/? Could he be human?[View]
116122332Paula is a seriously underated MILF: Dem hips. Kinda reminds me of Coralines mom[View]
116114119There is no villain that can top Mojo Jojo. Just look at his monologuing.[View]
116114325I'm going to FUCK your wife, MEGATRON! You're going to sit in the corner like a little-bit…[View]
116122877I demand a Stacy cameo.[View]
116123058Do people actually enjoy this character?: Because of this thing, I do not want children in fear of h…[View]
116118512You have just become the new CEO of Cartoon Network. How do you save the company from its decline?[View]
116122819Was bugs bunny the first cross dresser?[View]
116120486Will it be good?[View]
116122711>If it takes forever, I will wait for you[View]
116122366Even in the zombie apocalypse, priests are fucking young boys. Lets talk about zombie comics please…[View]
116121430Heathcliff is playing the bagpipes.[View]
116121633seriously, what's her fucking problem?[View]
116121267/co/ videos: Oldie but a goodie edition https://youtu.be/5AKzJ7M7BvA[View]
116122172It's funny sometimes, then isn't.[View]
116120151Where do you usually watch your /co/ shows?[View]
116120210Gal Gadot's stunt double unironically looks better as Wonder Woman[View]
116120747Who's going to win on Wednesday?[View]
116099520Why is Harley Quinn more popular than Dr. Doom?[View]
116121836The Onceler: In the movie the Lorax there used to be a song called “Biggering” which got scrapped: h…[View]
116119453Do you think a show can succeed on aesthetics alone?[View]
116120394Whos the best internet animator and why is it Jamie R? https://youtu.be/f6H0x3OtuX0[View]
116118969Recommendations: So /co/, can you guys share your picks for comics to read? Including comics, graphi…[View]
116114731How can one show be so based?[View]
116121136After re-watching the first season of Spongebob it has become very clear that it was implied that Sp…[View]
116111807Clown Girl image thread: Again[View]
116122072>now you see Joe, all i'm saying is that a monkey looks just enough like a human that they c…[View]
116121871Roxanne's voice actress really looks like her hahaha[View]
116120930No, no no. Sorry, boys. I don't sing[View]
116121600Lets deconstruct comics: Hello internet. Lets deconstruct superhero comics and fix everything that a…[View]
116116549BLACK WIDOW Is Bi/Gay In The MCU: thoughts /co/?[View]
116119268Godzilla could kick superman's ass: Change my mind.[View]
116108549So when is the game coming out? I've seen this shit spammed in /co/ for a while now, so there…[View]
116114736IM PICKLE THICC[View]
116114471Is science better than magic?[View]
116091355What did Brian mean by this?[View]
116119381Victor and Valentino: This character has the worst voice acting I've heard outside of a dub in …[View]
116118352What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
116118306How do you fix this movie? I really don’t think it’s that bad. Low-mid tier MCU adjacent. Most criti…[View]
116111803Is official now: Cassandra Can is Batgirl again![View]
116108164Florence Pugh is officially the New Black Widow[View]
116121397MCU Spider-Man/Women: If Marvel/Disney end up being unable to buy back spider-man from Sony in the f…[View]
116118039>then she had low standard I mean... She's kinda right really[View]
116118291When did we become so cynical? Why? Why is it we can't enjoy something without criticizing ever…[View]
116119459Post your favorite Gir quotes: >BUSH DID 9/11![View]
116117623>People thought Suki died young. >In reality she just became a housewife and did nothing notab…[View]
116110019Who is the best Story Time youtuber?[View]
116120916Fables thread: Been checking out Fables. So far, I'm really liking it. What's your favorit…[View]
116111119The Fire Lord needs his bodyguard.[View]
116120854>This is the closest we'll ever get to having a male gem[View]
116114515If superheroes are supposed to be inspirational, why are the fans the complete opposite? How do we i…[View]
116108794Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: The return of gym class to air grudges[View]
116112102>baby on board, something something, burnt ward Why did they make light of burn victims?…[View]
116096159It's an Abhorrent Admirer episode[View]
116119898Is this the only good piece of media to come out of the pandemic?[View]
116114259So why does Tiny Toon Adventures have so many detractors now?[View]
116112218what do you think about Dipper?[View]
116114108Has /co/ watched soviet Treasure Island?[View]
116117997Tex Avery Thread: Post anything to do with one of the greatest cartoon directors of all time.[View]
116120120Will Netflix follow through with Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio? https://fullcirclecinema.com/2…[View]
116119115>Watched for Etrigan >Incrediby disappointed Had some fantastic moments, but overall pretty ba…[View]
116119914Lois, look I’m in Hazbin Hotel Nyehehehehehe[View]
116117633why do people call him a simp?[View]
116118578I dislike gay rocks: I dislike gay rocks[View]
116114772>40 years old >no kids >single >crazy cat lady >hit the wall hard KWAB https://www.yo…[View]
116114732ITT: 2000's troupes. Not 2010 troupes, 2000's troupes. Remember when the rest of the world…[View]
116112728>TFW can't have conservative super heroes from the big 2 any more Why? People claim 'comic b…[View]
116115161> New batch of Looney Tunes shorts are supposed to come out every month > First batch came ou…[View]
116117324What are some cartoons that you can watch if your life is falling apart?[View]
116118719Who is this?: Reading Doomsday Clock, wondering who this lady is. Couldn't find via tineye or G…[View]
116118922I still remember playing this game as a kid...: Also samurai jack thread.[View]
116118932Well /co/, dinner is served.[View]
116118026HULK THREAD: Ewing confirms that we unfortunately won't be seeing Blonsky in Immortal Hulk. Sor…[View]
116107022How would Gwenpool do in the DC universe?[View]
116118706Will it be good?[View]
116113599Rango: Just watched this movie again last night Holy shit the animation looks beautiful, the backgro…[View]
116114924Amazing Spider-Man (1962 - 2020) Storytime: Featuring stuff, because there's no unifying theme …[View]
116116546>Tfw reading the mail segments from old comics and seeing how enthusiastic the fans used to be ba…[View]
116117175How would duke nukem fair in steven universe[View]
116108097Is this a perfect season of television?[View]
116117635ITT: Cool artists you got to know through cartoons: This is by the guy who did Giffany for Gravity F…[View]
116118115Foreign shit: Decipher this for me.[View]
116113695Let's have a thread on the smurfs[View]
116116495If the milk world version of superman is a milkman, batman is a padre, and wonder woman is a stepfor…[View]
116092210Red hood: . https://twitter.com/thedcuniverse/status/1234644797383561217[View]
116115658Punchline still looks Asian to me.[View]
116116683Remember AOL?[View]
116114397Animated Commercials: https://youtube.com/watch?v=Md_uz1dKMTM[View]
116116851Iron Giant thread: Let’s discuss Warner Bros 1999 cult classic animated film The Iron Giant in this …[View]
116036811Why did people love Peridot again?[View]
116117513I've been playing sfv since march 1st and I still don't know what the fuck a v-trigger is[View]
116116982Was it gay for Cartman to put Butters' wiener in his mouth?[View]
116111016AQUAMAN 2 Updates: - Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Willem Dafoe, …[View]
116117358X-Men: Here are the X-Men movies that were planned but will never be made: >X-Men / Fantastic Fou…[View]
116116331/co/ i'm looking for a show from a gif i used to see posted on here occasionally. it was from a…[View]
116074181Does /co/ like the new Ducktales show?[View]
116108774>'Clark Kent is Superman's critique on the whole human race.' What the fuck is Tarantino tal…[View]
116117254Thoughts on black comic book creators?[View]
116108591Oh no! What a predicament![View]
116109804Why is Canada so incapable of producing a good show?[View]
116112880>DC is doing all the 80 year anniversary comics >Bat related characters get 3 or 4 >JSA is…[View]
116111606Why is Powerpuff Girls considered the most popular Cartoon Cartoon back in the day, when Ed, Edd n E…[View]
116108464Why does Jaime never get shit for being a minority legacy?[View]
116115100any other comfy late 90's period shows like this besides Downtown and that one show set in coll…[View]
116109274Prince of Egypt: This shit was hardcore for a children’s movie[View]
116104954How come Bart has a regular bunch of friends he hangs out with, but Lisa doesn't get any except…[View]
116117083big 2 comics would be INFINITELY better if characters were self contained in their own universes and…[View]
116116524Harley Q: Where was the rest of the Justice League?[View]
116115482Gentlemen, it's time to agree that it's comics turn to die. The world shall be better off …[View]
116113486Reminder that TV Tropes thinks Lots-o Huggin' Bear is worse than Hitler.[View]
116111347Is “Mouse vs Cat” the most iconic cartoon pairing of all time?[View]
116116789werewolf jones has aids? is it possible to be as sexually savage as him without becoming a living cu…[View]
116116689Write a sentence that sounds like something he'd say: I'll start >'This place has been …[View]
116110243How would you have handled it?[View]
116116570This is White Jaguar, the villain of Black Panther 2[View]
116111668Mass Effect: Are the Mass Effect comics decent? I saw Dark Horse was releasing them all in one trade…[View]
116113101https://twitter.com/doctoruwatson/status/1156201220358283264 So the 1978 Sadao Tsukioka Littte Nemo …[View]
116102406Why do basic bitch humans get all the focus when there’s a dinosaur Green Lantern?[View]
116109049Total Drama All Stars: What was this season? It was complete garbage. What were the writers thinking…[View]
116113676www.AllStarComic.com fully funded Graphic Novel on Kickstarter! :)[View]
116054041ITT: post cute /co/ girls Also who is the best /co/ waifu, objectively speaking?[View]
116116297> Hawkman inspired Adam Strange to be Rann's champion > Hawkman founded the Blackhawks a…[View]
116110959Name a bigger cuck, I'll wait. Also Good old fashion Marco bully thread.[View]
116111977*triphop music starts playing*[View]
116116150This made me cringe >00:50 https://youtu.be/ofCKYmjdJlk[View]
116112868Did you know the AD boys are just alike/copies of Stan and the group Steve = Stan Snot = Kyle Barry …[View]
116115547is it so bland /co/ won't even talk about it?[View]
116108062So when are The Guardians going to Defund the Green Lantern Corps?[View]
116115554Cats and rabbits...[View]
116113196Still true, 17 years later[View]
116114886Horde hierarchy states that only Horde Prime gets to show off his titties.[View]
116115697So tired a' this. Friggin' go away, you freak.[View]
116113466Everything he said about capeshit was true.[View]
116110929It's 2020, time for a redesign.[View]
116113948ITT: We make a new Marvel Team: Alright /co/ Our job is to make a new marvel team. Post your C-Liste…[View]
116109449What is her backstory again?[View]
116097665bellybuttons thread? bellybuttons thread: other than She-Ra this comic is the best thing /co/ ever…[View]
116111457House On The Borderland Storytime: Just found this comic that I can't quite remember the plot o…[View]
116113607How long have you been reading comics? I've been reading comics since at least 2002, read my fi…[View]
116105394>create the coolest redesign of Captain America I have ever seen >barely use him in the movie …[View]
116113986Team Faboulus Reanimated: It's out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPV_3jkEpqI What did you th…[View]

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