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137569822>Loved and defended by every single male on /co/ >Loved by every gay man ever >A mascot fo…[View]
137571759Upon thinking about it Invader Zim might be one of my favorite cartoons in ever.[View]
137564497I want his private to be public.[View]
137570973Did Hank make the right choice?[View]
137575551>Literally part of a conspiracy to mass abduct and torture children for energy >Doesn't g…[View]
137576138Web animation videos that you thought was a fever dream?: the picture related is BUKOWSKI, a web vid…[View]
137575856ITT: Happy Endings Only[View]
137575882>want to read a series >Realize I need the proper context from an unrelated series before it t…[View]
137573044WOLVERINE THREAD: Talk everything about this hairy Bub. Like the game for example; when might we get…[View]
137522311You now remember this kino existed[View]
137575643So did anyone see the new transformers movie? do they hint at nightbird being played by a tranny[View]
137575465The Flash (2 New Clips): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfFw_kf8xhE - they should just straight up …[View]
137575737How do they do it[View]
137575386Why didn’t she bloodbend firebenders to death? Is she retarded?: >Be Katara >Can bloodbend Fir…[View]
137574710Can I get a haha double krustyburger with extra fun dip and some jumbo elephant fries?[View]
137575598https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1P50OmrCYU why did this show have such amazing music?[View]
137574194Did you guys like this movie?: What would you have changed? I would've liked to see Peni Parker…[View]
137575128First Look At BLUE BEETLE Main Villain Carapax: https://thedirect.com/article/dc-blue-beetle-movie-v…[View]
137573732Why are so many web comics like this[View]
137575300AGATHA: COVEN OF CHAOS Synopsis: >After a mysterious boy (Joe Locke, 'Heartstopper') wakes her fr…[View]
137572873Top 5 spongebob episodes: In no particular order >Krusty Towers >Squidward In clarinet land …[View]
137574273When did Spider-Man become synonymous with suffering? The themes of perseverance through hardship an…[View]
137574392Reviewer made content thread: Basically, a thread to discuss any /co/ projects made by former/curren…[View]
137575298>10 years ago Craig Bartlett pitched Sky Rat to Nick. I don’t think it would have stood a chance …[View]
137574560What are some examples of cringe-core comics.[View]
137575212I miss my scalie bitches...[View]
137574252ITT: /co/ arguments where no one is right[View]
137570868What the fuck was his problem?[View]
137574112What's YOUR excuse, anon?[View]
137574193Look at what they've done.: They stole the life of a good man. A man with a loving daughter and…[View]
137573965Could they get away with this character today?[View]
137572801Have they visited your /co/untry?[View]
137574513Now that it’s been proven that Bendis’ creations are box office gold, will James Gunn adapt his work…[View]
137567443The Spot: I love this nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137572313Why does Don Rosa hate Daisy so much?[View]
137489034SCP: Confinement: So it's been almost 3 years since the Episode 8 trailer dropped and my balls …[View]
137562554What is /co/'s opinion on Rayla?[View]
137574240>These 2 had the same budget What is wrong with Disney?[View]
137573642Did the show ever explain why Pops was the only one who was allowed to eat at the snackbar for free?[View]
137574398LONG LOST GREY DELISLE INTERVIEW FOUND?: 2012 Grey DeLisle Interview by EmuEmi: https://youtu.be/gqQ…[View]
137561385Has Peter become out of touch with 'friendly neighborhood'?: What this twitter username says is true…[View]
137574668Would other Spidermen be able to handle the Iron Cross Army?[View]
137574745Now let me watch my Godzilla movies.[View]
137574652What webtoon site can I use to upload some anime waifu loli coomer shit.[View]
137573073What did he ever do that was so bad? Bunch of ungrateful little mutie brats.[View]
137574625do kids cartoon characters hate their shitty jobs anymore?: putting aside adult animation about mill…[View]
137574329Okay...bare with me on this one /co/but WHAT IF SUPERMAN...: but good![View]
137548847Who's the Strongest Spider?: 2099 jobbed to Miles. Wouldn't MCU Peter beat him too? He too…[View]
137570003So go any Spectacular Spider-Man fans, what would this version of Pete actually do when hearing Mile…[View]
137574222>You know I can't really get a job anywhere anymore, looking like this, so I've turned …[View]
137574210So is Ravage and the other animals that work with Soundwave jus the transformer equivalents of furri…[View]
137566724Was it kino?[View]
137568857Why is he so based?[View]
137570440Captain America: Symbol of Truth/Sentinel of Liberty Storytime: Thread 1 >>137555952 Thread 2 …[View]
137572998Can they redesign Miles Morales in the comics please for the love of god. He's so cute in the m…[View]
137571853This is why animation will never be taken seriously.[View]
137563439If this were a standalone Spider Man 2099 film I'd watch it.[View]
137572113Wtf was his problem?[View]
137573798Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137572928New information about Ruby Gillman dropped. Aslo new concept arts and lore revelated. https://twitte…[View]
137566458So if the Super Soldier Serum made him a peak human in all aspects, does he also have peak human mag…[View]
137570363How would you write a Gargoyles movie?[View]
137565744I'd Park in her Willow if you know what I mean[View]
137573587My Cage was a thing. A thing that was supposed to save the funny pages.[View]
137571671>june 2023 >i'm... forgotten[View]
137571029Heathcliff is riding a horse.[View]
137567459Pitch a Cartoon!: Share any ideas you have or are currently developing for a cartoon?[View]
137571155300 Storytime: >The armies of Persia—a vast horde greater than any the world has ever known—are p…[View]
137564671They weren't a part of my childhood. I always thought they were extremely cringe.[View]
137573339>My adventures with Trannyman[View]
137571720>This is considered a boy Why do non Americans make male characters so feminine?…[View]
137570827Robot Girl Thread: post cute robots[View]
137569817Katz Cafe: The show will get an official announcement at Annecy[View]
137573302What would you do?: And before you ask I made this before the third series at the managed to the mov…[View]
137570495The Late 2000s Weren't Bad: 006-2009 wasn't that bad for cartoons, it not even close to th…[View]
137572983>takes Peter's C-grade villains for himself >takes Peter's long forgotten girlfriend…[View]
137554170Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Hydro Comics #2: Previous Thread: >>137533762 Pastebin: https://pa…[View]
137571622Spiderman Across The Spider Verse: What was your thoughts on the movie? It was a bit fast paced but …[View]
137570540Wonder Jobber[View]
137569214Knock knock: Hi there[View]
137571752Can twitter really affect the media we consume: How that certain discussions that started on twitter…[View]
137572533So we all know Marvel loves to make Peter Parker suffer. But what's the longest he's gone …[View]
137572726Did Disney and Pixar just decide to swap each other's movie concepts in 2012?[View]
137556216Rick & Morty: I'm watching it for the first time. Seasons 1 and 2 are bretty gud. Season 3 …[View]
137569510What If...: ...Guts and Griffith/Femto became displaced by time and space through battle and ended u…[View]
137568790Last /co/ property got you like this?[View]
137565607english women look like THAT?[View]
137570505>That man won't quit as long as he can still draw a breath. None of my teammates will. Me? I…[View]
137559153Principal Waxelplax: What if she was Timmy love interest instead of Trixie Tang?[View]
137570023How do you feel about Nick Fury leaving and passing the torch to Nick Fury Jr?[View]
137544905Gwen Stacey looks like THAT!?[View]
137570603Review embarago lifts tomorrow: Predict the RT score >85%[View]
137571819Neo Gotham... Dark deco Gotham... Home.[View]
137572247When Disney was magic: Late 1980s-Early 2000s was when Disney was at it’s best >new digital inkin…[View]
137572164Dulcinea my beloved...[View]
137572019He was one of the highlights of the movie for me especially when he started being a sketch monster[View]
137569503People say nu-PPG killed them, but in truth when the artstyle went digital in the original series it…[View]
137566008Short horror film: https://youtu.be/IyhoT3smJEQ I'm confused. What was the Kipsneed?[View]
137569284I need to study every single person who unironically enjoys musicals.[View]
137570126“You only hate this reboot of (insert beloved property here) because it’s different!!!: No dumbass, …[View]
137571194Who is your favorite /co/ character to watch die?: Please tell us in this /co/-related thread!…[View]
137568813How does the whole Mickey Mouse public domain actually works? Everyone is free to use the version on…[View]
137571446Look what we got in the mail![View]
137568573Whats under the mask?[View]
137567918Have you ever watched a /co/rtoon just because of a single female character[View]
137568481What was his problem?[View]
137568702>best Robin, coming through >emo boys, swerve…[View]
137543301Happy Birthday, Linda!!!![View]
137570847Why do people hate 2009 so much when it comes to Tv animation? I know it's the year when CNReal…[View]
137569547Were the 2000s the best decade for animation?[View]
137571125Does anyone here read Slack Wyrm?[View]
137571097The Fantastic Mr. Frump! (Spider Man and His Amazing Friends episode 3): Your thoughts on this episo…[View]
137568248Put him in Injustice 3 and give him a eight way dash. Also, who do you want in the next game?[View]
137566412The writer of the Batgirl movie is now writing the next Batman movie: Leslie Grace Batgirl fans, is …[View]
137566993Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go: Is there anywhere where someone can watch the full HD version…[View]
137570021The most sympathetic chad: A character every single person on /co/ loves, especially gay /co/ men! I…[View]
137570943Whats the most successful or informative cartoon PSA you ever watched? For me, it's Karate Kids…[View]
137565317What would be the optimally best villain for a big Spider-Verse storyline? The Inheritors sucked, Sh…[View]
137569384If you like the movie, that's fine. But why do you have to justify liking it at all to those wh…[View]
137563049Honestly, if there was any doubt about the level of media literacy in this board, this movie has cle…[View]
137560797Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 89: Page 22 Kat doesn't know if she should be flattered or offended.…[View]
137551789Spider-Man Storytime #106 SSM 74-76, ASM 239, MTU 126: Yesterday the Hobgoblin was introduced Today …[View]
137570699Why is Disney failing to do Mario numbers?[View]
137569737Batman & Robin was kino. DC should continue the Schumacherverse.[View]
137561823Captain America: Symbol of Truth/Sentinel of Liberty Storytime: Thread 1 >>137555952[View]
137567935WEIRD CHARACTER ADAPTATIONS: >Arrowverse Stargirl is a stoic adult government agent from the 1940…[View]
137570165Stolas: I’m actually shaking right now. I can’t take it, I need to protect him. Stella keeps hurting…[View]
137563729Spider-Man would never sacrifice one person to save everyone els-[View]
137562856He should come back(or Justin Hammer or mandarin). Is insane that Tony most well known enemies are a…[View]
137570080The New Dark Age of Cartoons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJmozgZusnI We're currently livin…[View]
137570111Failed comic characters: Are there any comic characters that either completely disappeared or have o…[View]
137568337Avatar: Just finished this They should have given more time to the fire nation characters, they were…[View]
137557596Death Battle: Current fight is Chosen Undead (Dark Souls) vs Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim). Fi…[View]
137565134/co/ background characters: Comic background characters also welcome.[View]
137567476Is this accurate?[View]
137562788ITT: Post a cartoon, other anons guess what it is[View]
137566614Real talk, were they in love?[View]
137568784Hello my name is Drew Pickles and I'm really really really gay[View]
137568090This series deserves to be remembered more.[View]
137569186>My uncle was nasty What did he mean by this?[View]
137563695>she gave up her individuality for a boy I'm so proud of her! What did Paulina mean by this…[View]
137562297TMNT was a dull, poorly animated cartoon: It is watchable in an ironic way but only the comics and t…[View]
137566302Battle Picture Library Storytime - № 1385, 1388, 1400, 1412: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/1…[View]
137563942MJ should die since she cheated on Peter with Paul: MJ cheating on Peter with Paul is inexcusable th…[View]
137569116Remember when the 'UPA' style was popular in the 90s-00s (like Calarts in the 2010s)? While many lov…[View]
137566092THE FLASH Movie Clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSbtu9f5ZIk[View]
137567356Is getting an iPad Pro worth it if you want to read and make comics and cartoons?[View]
137569481So why didn't Baloo have a tail in the series?[View]
1375620332023: >I am forgotten.....[View]
137566274Forget the Justice League, I want to know who you'd put on your dream Suicide Squad/Task Force …[View]
137569388Doctor Fate: For what is effectively DC's Doctor Strange (yes I know Doctor Fate comes first), …[View]
137551759If things go back to normal for the mutants with Kamala was made and still being a mutant. What is s…[View]
137569039I know that if a Japanese Spidey ever appears in one of the Spider-verse movies it'll definitel…[View]
137564946> cartoon makes an anime/manga/vidya reference[View]
137551745>They killed her smile and her soul[View]
137567010THE FLASH 2 Already In Development: >The studio already has a finished script from David Leslie J…[View]
137565376>Across The Spiderverse opens at Number 1 Wew, it’s almost like black people existing doesn’t aut…[View]
137566639Trizia: For me, it's Trizia![View]
137568344>Introduce new legacy character/make change to established character >Comics fans hate on the …[View]
137567375New Supergirl clip and trailer from 'The Flash': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMGkHCk3cBA https:/…[View]
137568983When does this run become good? Boomers and Titans fans talk highly of it yet I'm 18 issues in …[View]
137568829>Has a fucking stroke every other scene Whose your fav ai_sponge character.…[View]
137561921Why are there so little universally acclaimed comics compared to other media? Anytime someone praise…[View]
137560465I don't get it. Where is the joke?[View]
137567463So was Adrian trying to make Dan and Rorschach think the three servants' deaths were an acciden…[View]
137558889rank them from most evil to least evil[View]
137568470When will this multiverse fad blow over? I'm sick and tired of it[View]
137567094Since it’s Pride Month, what does /co/ think about this cartoon about a gay couple? https://youtube.…[View]
137567645Judy Hopps, Dulcinea, Gadget Hackwrench: What do they all have in common?[View]
137567192Gwen is cute and sexy![View]
137568341Villainous: Did you guys see the dub yet?: I finally got the chance to watch the dub and I was surpr…[View]
137568024Why was flashpoint Thomas Wayne already built like a tank even before becoming batman?[View]
137568684Crossover team ups crossover team ups[View]
1375659332012 Grey DeLisle Interview (by EmuEmi): The Interview: https://youtu.be/gqQuxlhi7h4 [Open] Hello, I…[View]
137565615I know how comics can surpass manga. The answer was right behind our noses: an Among us comic done b…[View]
137568204MCU and Spider-Verse leaks: >Marvel and Sony were in communication for the reveal of the multiver…[View]
137568007Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of Steamboat Willie?[View]
137555952Captain America: Symbol of Truth/Sentinel of Liberty Storytime[View]
137563783Catch-up Storytime - T.V. Picture Stories № 15-6, 25, O.S.S. № 6: O.S.S. № 1, 1-1a https://desuarchi…[View]
137568327How were they even remotely allowed to do this? Wouldnt this be a cut and dry lawsuit win for Hank?[View]
137564505Wait a second... if spongebob characters are canonically tiny, then doesn't this mean Mindy is …[View]
137562952Duncanville Cancelled: Duncanville is getting kicked off Fox and having its final 6 episodes that we…[View]
137564658The Backyardigans: sex with pablo[View]
137568056How do i get a Ivy gf?[View]
137567165What was your favorite era of online Flash animations?[View]
137548649How is spider-gwen in the comics? What's she doing?[View]
137562525Legit question but does she do anything in the movie?: I haven't heard people talk about her…[View]
137568110What was the Ed's best scam/prank?[View]
137568078Lord and Miller: I like these guys but why do they keep making the same movie over and over? And why…[View]
137562680Catchy ass theme songs: Share em https://youtu.be/pXtYNQqpND8[View]
137560976Thoughts on the berenstain bears?[View]
137558192Dexter's Laboratory: What was your favorite episode[View]
137548813Okay debate time, who here thinks that this version of Prowler is the hero version of him?[View]
137565891Can She Have Children?: Can Laura have kids or was she made as a disposable clone who if captured co…[View]
137558530Psi Cops: Adult Swim Canada first non-French original series premieres tonight. Who's gonna wat…[View]
137564949I don't get it, so this character is basically only talked about by gays now, right?[View]
137561109>Wells cucking Peter and ruining ASM >Slott doing Spider-Verse again, plus Spider-Boy and now …[View]
137459669The Loud House: We have a new short today. New promo for 'The Really Loud House': https://…[View]
137560708Why does this ugly ass art style still exist? Does it actually appeal to anyone?[View]
137563154With the success of Spider-Verse, how about an animated full length Static Shock trilogy?: How about…[View]
137543546Why did show start diminishing Finn's abilities when in early episodes he was shown to be stron…[View]
137566922After the popularity of anime/manga dies out in the west thanks to the current boom ends, do you thi…[View]
137566937I can't believe pic related unironically has better writing and direction than Spiderverse. It…[View]
137565210Saint Matthew of New York: Is there a What-If future where Murdock retires as Daredevil and becomes …[View]
137565868>earth 42 is doomed without a hero due to Miles stealing the spider's powers >Miles turne…[View]
137566846How has there not been an episode yet with Steve quantum leaping into his dad 9 months before he…[View]
137553717If Disney gave you billions of dollars to burn what would you do?[View]
137555940New episodes of Housebroken tonight at 9. Who Got Burned? >Wildfires force the group into an emer…[View]
137535374ITT: Shows only you remember[View]
137566718So what are the Teen Titans YA graphic novels like? Are they even superhero books, or are they just …[View]
137565025Who else liked Connie's chicano cousin?[View]
137562575Catch-up Storytime - T.V. Picture Stories № 10-1, 13: O.S.S. № 1, 1-1a https://desuarchive.org/co/th…[View]
137553317Who at Cartoon Network was like 'let's make a bumper of Ben naked in the shower' what the fuck?[View]
137565585>redhead >canadian >bisexual Name a more perfect waifu.…[View]
137557184Who Vicky would choose eventually? You can name anyone else[View]
137561574What Went Wrong, Spider-Bros?: >ASM by Wells and JRJR FINALLY ended the mystery box plot that no …[View]
137566404Well, there's somethin' I've been meanin' to tell ya 'Bout the college on …[View]
137565291The Men who killed animation: These are the men who killed animation, how do you feel about it? What…[View]
137563284We were warned.[View]
137564794Hi there! It's me, Neil Gaiman![View]
137565773Which is the way to go for /co/ creation?: >learn to draw/animate or write even with no natural t…[View]
137559930We're overdue for another Land Before Time movie. What gives?[View]
137558630Would you swipe right on frankie?[View]
137566178TCJ Mark Campos on Hong Kong Comics[View]
137563963Canonically, they're straight, but I ship them. Do you also ship two straight characters togeth…[View]
137559149Why does this show make /co/ seethe when they never watched past episode 1?[View]
137566107What does /co/ think of Noodle and Bun?[View]
137565129Why is it considered bad to like cartoons over anime here? I much prefer the format of 11 minute sel…[View]
137564694HOBO-HERO (le TROPE'): They Last Jedi-d Michael Keaton, amirite? Retired, doesn't want to …[View]
137565774What do you think Doom's Coat of Arms/Heraldry Symbol should be? >Lion >Eagle >Gryphon…[View]
137557254mimes: I collect cartoon mimes. I'm looking for popular mimes in cartoon/comic media that isnt …[View]
137565904proud family car[View]
137565322Why would she do this?[View]
137561728Pavitr Prabhakar: Is Pavitr from the comics similar enough to the Pavitr in ATSV (especially in term…[View]
137565048>The Big Two How do we make comics based besides just Marvel and DC?[View]
137561285Cannot believe this mongoloid gimp got a speaking role[View]
137442091The 4chan /co/llaboration Animation Project: /co/llaboration thread part 3 previous threads >>…[View]
137562324Annoying Orange bros...[View]
137558485It’s ogre[View]
137564725After 8 years does it still hold up? I'd say it is better than ever considering what has been o…[View]
137561959This episode is so out of place compared to other Winnie the Pooh episodes[View]
137556669Ed Edd n Eddy: What was your favorite episode?[View]
137564555cow tools[View]
137551675Jackie Lynn Thomas: what's her appeal?[View]
137564636Can we all just talk about how great Looney Tunes actually is. Like what are your all's favorit…[View]
137535917Unicorn Warriors Eternal: This past episode was easily the best one and I think it's of the sid…[View]
1375616892023 I am forgotten: What went wrong?[View]
137564511retarded excuse for lazy parents and groomers who can't do the bare minimum for their kids with…[View]
137553149He was unironically right why is /co/ reeeing over him?[View]
137558705Unsounded: Blessed Ssael, how horrifying.[View]
137563296> Character gets sexual harassed the whole episode As underwhelming as recent animation has gotte…[View]
137552824Without any bias, tell me which adult cartoon house is the comfiest.[View]
137562373>Yeah, I fucked Zuko >So what?[View]
137555983Sumdac Sunday: IT'S SUMMER TIME!: A teenage technorganic gal wanna be playin' Under the su…[View]
137563732Outside his deadpool has he wrote anything good?[View]
137563797Are any of her runs worth reading?[View]
137564046We will never be able to have a normal discussion about Gwen and Miles ever again, won’t we? They we…[View]
137559706dumbtard Sonic Underground prediction: I rewatched the Sonia/Flora fight episode and that episode…[View]
137564338>You will never be a mother[View]
137562652god I wish that was me[View]
137561802>I was only trying to help, Bob![View]
137563882WWYD in this situation?[View]
137563951What's wrong with Alfredo, seemed like a nice guy?[View]
137563646You know what? Evil Superman is overused, but do you know what Evil version of a superhero would be …[View]
137426535>No Jesse, I will NOT keep this costume[View]
137561723How would you react if you saw an alternate dimension version of yourself who was hotter and cooler …[View]
137563725underrated kinotoons itt[View]
137563721>Post character >Post song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzVbFBRnk_s…[View]
137559539>character gets a new voice actor >other characters in the show point out their voice sounds d…[View]
137562751If she had bigger tits she'd look like a girl I know[View]
137560177A freelancing writer joined to Kiff. Kiff - “Attention Detention” Genre: Comedy Age Range: 6 - 12 Le…[View]
137563241ITT: Tv cartoons that unironically have movie quality animation. You're legitimately retarded …[View]
137555375What’s your first impression of her?[View]
137563002Little mermaid: Which mermaid repersents what sea/ocean?[View]
137563158Squat your emotions: Swole tear ducts[View]
137562526Gets Married in Vegas like a cheap whore.[View]
137562807>paneling technique is abused by amateur artists[View]
137557442This was a stain on the later seasons. Some old man wanted to self-insert and bang Luanne.[View]
137558274Who is your favorite Spider-verse hero?[View]
137548481Spider-Man 2099 Storytime: For all of those who are now interested in reading 2099 thanks to Spider-…[View]
137561249Puss in Boots: the Last Wish is the only animated movie that uses variable framerate correctly. They…[View]
137532381Did you ever have a tree house as a kid? I feel like I missed out[View]
137560547He did nothing wrong.[View]
137560128Why hasn't Duckman gotten a second wind or renaissance like other cartoons? It seems weird that…[View]
137557722ITT: Rare Ships: The obscurer the /co/tp, the better![View]
137546638This movie is nothing. It’s just nothing.[View]
137562275>Spider Man will forever be a manchild in the comics >Spider Man will forever be a teenager in…[View]
1375489082012 Grey DeLisle Interview (by EmuEmi): The Interview: https://youtu.be/gqQuxlhi7h4 Hello, I run an…[View]
137510751husbando/beefcake thread it's that time bros >post husbandos >discuss husbandos >r8 hu…[View]
137556755Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
137551455What is some /co/ lost media that doesn't deserve to be found?[View]
137558367Why did leotards go out of fashion in comics?[View]
137558299Why don't you like her?[View]
137551179Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken: I want to fuck Not Ariel.[View]
137544839>'Oh no Mijo, you were supposed to bring home a beautiful latina women. Instead you bring home th…[View]
137561364What do you expect to happen in this movie? >Scarecrow will appear >will help Arthur make Jok…[View]
137560664Any simpsons fan know where this music video came from? I've been searching for days to no avai…[View]
137561492Mr. Steal Your Girl[View]
137550064Why is it cool to hate The Boys (comic version) now?[View]
137561473This cartoon actually feels like a return to form Ed edd n eddy is worthy of being called a loony tu…[View]
137558208Lapis is a slut[View]
137554520The West hasn't produced a love story as wholesome as this.[View]
137561314Oh gee I guess everybody was EXTREMELY punk all along, who'd have guessed.[View]
137555203JSA Storytime: Cerebus: Good evening owls, We are likely to get WORDS tonight, yet again[View]
137561268>Ruins a billion dollar franchise for brownie points from 0.1% of the population I honestly don…[View]
137561248Hello Co heard you have a Italian problem allow us to introduce ourselves[View]
137561229Monkey’s Paw: Sure you can have peter finally be a dad. Just he needs >to wear a pink bathrobe an…[View]
137558594Which comics have the best style? Pic unrelated[View]
137557266Does /co/ like Megg and Mogg? I just reread Go To Amsterdam, that shit bummed me out[View]
137561011The reason Miles is better than Peter[View]
137553607So, what was his stance on literally anything? He wasn't just anti-establishment, he was just a…[View]
137535327SPIDER-MAN 2: The game universe Insomniac created is pretty fun, and probably the only spider relate…[View]
137557717Cinematic Multiverse: >What If >No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness >Loki/Quantumania and…[View]
137558852I know this has been said many times before already but I just saw this and holy fucking shit this m…[View]
137559686Press S to Spit: Ultimate 'Drake Bell' Spider-Man didn't even get a cameo unlike Spectacular, U…[View]
137473229Little lulu: I found a channel that actually has good scans of some little lulu shorts. They’re very…[View]
137560634Could MOTU be brought back in a better way than what She-Ra tried to do? Who could do it best?[View]
137554364What do you think of the 2006 french film Arthur and the Minimoys?[View]
137560615>character can't remember what happened on last episodes >that means that any new or old …[View]
137556979Bye Bye Bunny: When is it going to come out?[View]
137549687RANK the Spongebob Seasons!: I fell off after Season 10. l'll describe my opinions on the first…[View]
137558272Post weird comic crossovers.[View]
137559021Felicia: Will she ever get to be in a movie?[View]
137545661Why haven't raccoons become mainstream pets? Would you have one as a pet?[View]
137560273Pride webcomics[View]
137556889>Immortal Hulk was The Old Testament >Immortal Thor is The New Testament What did Ewing mean b…[View]
137557297Every single boy that wore this in middle school/high school suffered copious amounts of suffering j…[View]
137559310Kappa Mikey[View]
137558152If Mufasa was king, why didn't he just tell the wildebeests to stop?[View]
137558491Calling it now: It will neither flop nor be the billion dollar hit Warner wants and needs, instead t…[View]
137560089comics where this happens?[View]
137559852how many of his enemies could Batman rehabilitate by just fucking them?[View]
137556875The Summoning full series when?[View]
137553559So they're definitely bringing this back right? No way they place so much emphasis on it in the…[View]
137552737Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime: Part 1: >>137530620 Part 2: >>137536609 Part 3: …[View]
137559676>We are making homemade Mayonnaise![View]
137557758Death Battle: When’s the next Transformers matchup?[View]
137555790Helluva Boss: Are you looking forward to seeing this beefy demon again?[View]
137558196What was your favorite era of online Flash animations?[View]
137556376Does anyone have Doug Uncensored? https://lostmediaarchive.fandom.com/wiki/Doug:_Uncensored_(Triff51…[View]
137558571Do you think they'll change Spot up to make him line up with the AtSV version like how they bro…[View]
137543772How did Shaggy not end up as a fat fuck even after eating so much?[View]
137555648Unironically who's fault was it?[View]
137542867Why are goblins so popular in media recently? https://twitter.com/zangeiti/status/16332868381181296…[View]
137555752We were robbed![View]
137556960Knock knock[View]
137556605wasn't there a video of Tom Kenny reading the pilot's script with Stephen Hillenburg and h…[View]
137495417Ben 10 omniverse: Caption this[View]
137555545Does Miles have ANY good comics?[View]
137555866The Super-Stretchin' Adventures of Dough-Mutt Storytime: Not my comic! Just storytiming somethi…[View]
137557911So when the Fantastic 4 kids return from the alternate dimension….: Franklin, Val and Thing and Alic…[View]
137558230Has a show ever made you hungry for the food they're eating?[View]
137557358FemWoody is cute! CUTE!!![View]
137558418Why can't we all get along?[View]
137558247I am trying to find the source of a wav file given to me by my cousin it was supposedly from some ki…[View]
137553982What will the big new 'thing' be in superhero movies be after the multiverse stops being f…[View]
137556784Hear me out, an action-comedy spinoff cartoon starring these guys as reformed heroes. Would it have …[View]
137557676If you had seen this commercial for a local fast food joint would it make you want to eat there?[View]
137557004What was his problem?[View]
137555324THE FLASH Full Spoilers: >Begins with Barry Allen at a sandwich shop in Central City when Alfred …[View]
137556229WHO JOBBED THE HARDEST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SJ2P0tdfLw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
137557533>you're not quite my Gwennie are you Did he know?[View]
137555643clone high: In all the years since this came out, has there ever been an edit of it?[View]
137555259Who would win?[View]
137552169Disneys downfall happened so fast.[View]
137518381Life is not usually fair.[View]
137549918Death Battle: Next fight is Chosen Undead (Dark Souls) vs Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) on June…[View]
137551785WTF Babs is wearing a SUIT?!?[View]
137557382Madame Web Film: Her movie was confirmed almost a full year ago. What will it be about?[View]
137554949The most submissive character in animation history[View]
137550845So is that supposed to be a beard or 5 o clock shadow?[View]
137557164>is the worst multiverse movie in your path[View]
137554892What do you think about this type of character?[View]
137528919She-Ra: >commits war crimes >gets away with it…[View]
137542044Which cartoon was girlier and why? W.I.T.C.H. or Winx?[View]
137554842What's the bluest cartoon?[View]
137553621it's jaime time[View]
137550995>Jackie was a bitch in the pilot Why couldn't she stay like this?[View]
137550760'ZELLIG DOE[View]
137556698I need more of this attitude.: Can you please post examples of female cartoon characters who conside…[View]
137556623Pixar layoffs: What is next for Pixar and other Disney animation/CGI employees? Will performance imp…[View]
137556133Ryuji Masuda thread?[View]
137549606>Never watch Rick and Morty >See /co/ post this girl for years, assume she's a main chara…[View]
137545656Star-Lord/Nebula are the future of the MCU.[View]
137508244Does /co/ like older women?[View]
137553233If I had a nickel: for every artsy film made within the last two years that featured a minority teen…[View]
137556486>The archer episode where Lana dates a middle aged white man with a fetish for black women Whose…[View]
137555842english women look like THAT?![View]
137552862Rank the Disney sequel shows. Which are great, which are worthless? If you don't remember them …[View]
137535015Jucika: Any Jucika fans here? >'Jucika' is an Hungarian comic that ran from 1957 until 1970. It d…[View]
137554703Alien #2 Storytime: >BETTER OFF BURIED! Talbot Engineering Inc. is under new management, but the …[View]
137551093What's the general consensus on this show?[View]
137533762Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Pandora AU: Previous Thread: >>137518310 Pastebin: https://pastebi…[View]
137547951SOVL vs SOVLLESS[View]
137554171>Nobody acknowledged the giant alien being that visited the planet and kidnapped people people …[View]
137554661King of the Hill only Dale is competent and 100% entirely correct about everything he believes. What…[View]
137533422Hank Hill gets isekai'd into your typical anime fantasy world, what happens? How does he adapt …[View]
137552138Why is one loved and the other hated?[View]
137520338French Christian Tomboy......[View]
137555485Is Beast Wars really that good? I’ve seen G1, Prime and Animated, like all of them, but I’ve never a…[View]
137554250YOU FAGGOTS LIED TO ME: >Watch it bro, it's so good. If you like fantasy you are gonna love …[View]
137536759>Best Disney film >Worst Disney film >Most overrated >Most undrrated: >Best Alice in …[View]
137503394'The loli must stay' -Phil Lord & Chris Miller[View]
137554340Nothing I love more than a well written Captain America.[View]
137551894For me? It’s the comics of John Stanley[View]
137551924Pibby's premise is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too similar to what Gumball was alr…[View]
137554927Tim Daly is terrible, and I hope he's the next to join Kevin Conroy[View]
137552086Who was in the wrong here?[View]
1375515282008 really was a different time.[View]
137555090Heroforge Thread: Been a while since we had one, post what you made, guess what others made, bonus p…[View]
137553695Boom chakka chakka[View]
137503631Mayday Parker: She’s cute[View]
137552714Shows for girls that you secretly watched as a kid: I liked the crying girl quite a bit.[View]
137551350Meatcrayon: What do you think of his animations? Found his channel today and it's entertaining.…[View]
137550817>'Spider-War' section of Beyond the Spiderverse >Miles v. Miguel >Gwen v. Jessica >Peter…[View]
137525112Was Quack Pack a bad cartoon?[View]
137529031Spider-Man 2099 Storytime: For all of those who are now interested in reading 2099 thanks to Spider-…[View]
137551617>From Season 1, episode 7 onward, Jimmy and Cindy are still in each other's bodies, they jus…[View]
137552775He HAS to be the best /co/ dad, right?[View]
137554746YA ALI MADAD - Joker[View]
137533741You know what? He should have just let Miles go. Let him save his dad, let him utterly break his uni…[View]
137527172Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Good morning Emmy fans! Unfortunately, at the time of writing it is…[View]
137550975Did he deserve it[View]
137535391Disney starts Pixar layoffs >Galyn Susman -- the longtime Disney producer who's credited wit…[View]
137553370How would you make Kara interesting?[View]
137552736You know I am a righteous cop Of my virtue I am justly proud Then tell me, Barbara Why I see him dan…[View]
137550635What If??: This Couple... but actually being a Happy Couple[View]
137553835What if Hell was...le quirky???[View]
137550822Why does he never fly or do anything else birdlike? Rigby behaves like a real raccoon (he runs on al…[View]
137550769What were they doing before the creation of everything?[View]
137530618Superior Spider-Man: It's coming back, how does that make you feel? Expectations?[View]
137543723Who's the most powerful villain they could defeat?[View]
137549511Kevin Conroy.[View]
137551344Happy happy joy joy! Happy happy joy![View]
137549526Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime: Part 1: >>137530620 Part 2: >>137536609 Part 3: …[View]
137546454If Cartoons from the 30s-40s-50s is called the 'Golden Age' then whats the term for 60s-70s 'to…[View]
137552955How does it feel to be in the 'studio resurgence' era of Pixar?[View]
137536695Now that the dust has finally settled..: What did we think of this?[View]
137552959Warhammer comics green green skin edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zlOIEKs-GA[View]
137548631So where these two apart of the society/cult or not? If so, why didn’t they appear, if not, how will…[View]
137550320Robin looks kind of different today.[View]
137552767what's the best run for understanding superman and lois' relationship?[View]
137551513A dark day for america when they run out of the broodwich burger buns at BK[View]
137551251>blond girl is best girl why is this always the case?[View]
137551530Battle Picture Library Storytime - Monthly № 1: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/135580905 5-8 …[View]
13754946910th Edition is right around the corner. When are we getting an animated 40K show?[View]
137549090>but anon… are the feet really meant for the licking?[View]
137552647Alright /co/, since it’s returning soon, say only nice things about the ultimate universe.[View]
137552642why are their melody lines so similar? https://files.catbox.moe/b3p0mb[View]
137547318>'NOOO YOU CANT HAVE HER FIGHT WHILE PREGNANT!' It's a cartoon. Common sense doesn't ap…[View]
137550613Who would win?: Frozone in the Artic or Sandman in the Desert?[View]
137548591Is it?[View]
137551673Since we are not related it will be ok[View]
137548124refute this /co/ and batmen enjoyer[View]
137531011Director and producer of Lightyear fired[View]
137550672Zamn! Patrich looks like THAT?!?![View]
137537305the Spider-Man franchise now is the 90s but worse: has anyone realized that everyone made fun of Spi…[View]
137527041>Millions of girls will grow up thinking that this is the right way to act--that they can never b…[View]
137551579Let us not forget that Greta was the hero all along. She was just trying to give all living things t…[View]
137544673What does /co/ think of the CN short 'Prickles the Cactus'?: It was one of the pilots shown at The B…[View]
137549465Still better than Miles: Where is his movie?[View]
137551674How many of you are looking forward to the end of this terrible run? They can't seem to give th…[View]
137551529Do you think Seth and Butch still talk to each other nowadays?[View]
137551488Did anyone else think Cosmic Chin was a boring power up for the Crimson Chin?[View]
137551268going to make some isekai shit now.: Time to make some weeb KINO now.[View]
137545575Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime: Part 1: >>137530620 Part 2: >>137536609 Part 3: …[View]
137547028I don't know why people can't stand this line of thinking. You cannot please everyone. You…[View]
137548330It's not THAT bad guys come on[View]
137550397Do I need to graduate CalArts or SVA to get into animation or be someone’s sibling/friend/significan…[View]
137551107Is she going to eat the baby?[View]
137550469Why did Animaniacs 2020 fail while Powerpuff Girls 2016 was a huge hit?[View]
137545653What is your favorite Supervillain origin story?[View]
137544701Flash Comics #1 storytime: i will only be storytiming the flash portion of this issue and not the ot…[View]
137550939Are stuff like this actually aimed towards shippers?[View]
137544710Childhood is believing Homelander is the realistic character. Adulthood is realising Superman is the…[View]
137545104Kitty Kotty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLXVwHStKW0 In space Dont want to play like that…[View]
137550367It's literally over for Pixar: This won't be their last film but it will be the catalyst f…[View]
137547844TCJ Jeet Heer on The Doom Patrol[View]
137539278>200m dollar budget HOW?[View]
137549755Old Ariel and Eric reference actors look hotter than the live action movie versions.... kek[View]
137550086Imagine if the roles were reversed and Robin lusted over Blackfire's butt.[View]
137548057Post shows that straight up mentions S*GGS words[View]
137537187X Marks The Aardvark: Neat little student film (very little, not even 3 mins long) https://youtu.be/…[View]
137547374Bendis must be making a fortune off Miles Morales royalties[View]
137548667Showcase Storytime Part 1: For a while, I've wanted to get people to talk more about DC's …[View]
137536483What went so wrong?[View]
137548997I love Superman so much, I wish he was real and my friend[View]
137545737She’s angsty and horny now[View]
137550105Star and the forces of Evil PILOT: someone found the pilot for the Star vs the forces of evil https:…[View]
137545569Will people remember this comic if that game never existed?[View]
137550017What is with this man's fear of cats?[View]
137545586>https://youtu.be/EYEO6n8-u7o?t=37 In Spider-Verse did Miguel only hire bad Spider-Men who aren…[View]
137537656Just watched this, loved it, ash was my fave character but I felt the ending was a bit too happy. Th…[View]
137548682Why did they make Robin and Marian look exactly the same? The look more like siblings then anything[View]
137534025I'm really happy that Babylon 5 is now officially /co/ material and we can talk about it here[View]
137543607Death Battle: Next fight is Chosen Undead (Dark Souls) vs Dragonborn (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) on June…[View]
137529491The State of Milesgwen: They're gonna end up platonic. Too many red flags in the movie.[View]
137549765Jed Mackay's 'Moon Knight' #25 Marks the Beginning of the End: https://www.marvel.com…[View]
137544804Why'd they make him so hot: I'm not even into black people usually[View]
137545252>Over two hours long >Still feels like half of a movie It was sll set-up no payoff.…[View]
137549327What did they mean by this?[View]
137545996Wiil there be any future about stories about the Punisher's former wife: Okay we know Marvel go…[View]
137545864Opinions on John Walker?[View]
137549514What the FUCK is going on at hollywood Its like they found some Art God animator or someshit[View]
137547254Do you prefer Xerox or CAPS?: Which is better?[View]
137537603Who is the king of reality TV and why is he Owen?[View]
137547081Have you seen Burkle and Spay? They are a series of animated shorts on youtube. Just by looking, gue…[View]
137547347Post your favorite DC couples.[View]
137546883Has pic related ever been acknowledged by Nick after its run? It seems to be one of the shows they n…[View]
137547725ISOM PDF?: The recent Eric July and Dick Masterson Isom drama has really made me interested to see h…[View]
137548724Do people really think Scrappy-Doo was annoying?[View]
137527418Who's your favorite redhead?[View]
137547965Hey /co/?: Guess who’s outdated. [Spoiler] Superman is…very much so. You can’t ever argue against it…[View]
137545626Logorama: how was this even possible?[View]
137548614I recently finished watching Villainous. Do you think there will be a season 2 or is it as good as c…[View]
137545898They're showing Tom & Jerry Kids on Cartoon Network right now: Anyone remember this show?…[View]
137507477Post characters who have been irreparably by bad writing[View]
137544077Is the point of widespread fusion between western and eastern styles approaching? How many years do …[View]
137548505Pamela Isley was affected adversely by FF7.[View]
137548358ENA Thread: Will Dream BBQ ever come out?[View]
137543926There’s a Tom and Jerry marathon on Cartoon Network right now. The classic cartoons are pretty much …[View]
137548199Is this actually worth watching? From the trailer and synopsis it looks incredibly Oscar-baity, like…[View]
137547040Have you ever learned anything from a /co/ related show?[View]
137545257I will never understand the preggo shit direction they took with jessica drew[View]
137547960I don't get it.[View]
137547121>have popular superheroes like Nobody and the Justice Force >freely running around >never a…[View]
137547328I need a good thread. Pitch ideas for new episodes/issues of The Eltingville Club.[View]
137544857What went wrong?[View]
137547683The Disney sequel shows: Queen La commands you to rank the Disney sequel shows! If you don't re…[View]
137547678Remember when everyone made fun of him?[View]
137525391ITT: Shows you discovered through Rule 34: What are shows you've never heard of, only until you…[View]
137547316>Alfie, our dog, is dead![View]
137547160So I just started trying to get in to buying comics. Here's my biggest question. How do you kno…[View]
137545761Post underrated comic runs.[View]
137544799Goofy movie: Was this scene intentionally cringy? Does Max really think he's somehow become coo…[View]
137545658The only problem with Spider-Verse is that they didn't use the 2 hours to fight The Spot. They …[View]
137539085What did he mean by this?: >Sure I'll make your Superman movie with no spitcurl, a father wh…[View]
137533923Why do internet animators have such a short shelf life? How many have actually managed to keep somet…[View]
137546123I actually don't like Soul. I found it boring Honestly, I don't care for any of Pixar…[View]
137448697ATLA: How would you fix Mai?[View]
137528421Redesign Thread: Good or bad, just make sure they're worth talking about.[View]
137546478This is Reggie. Say something nice about her. Isn't she cute?[View]
137543736Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime: Part 1: >>137530620 Part 2: >>137536609[View]
137546243How do I best appreciate Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I'm gonna marathon the entire series, but I fe…[View]
137505028Starfire and Blackfire: They are now your servants/guardians and do whatever you ask of them without…[View]
137524175Venom is cool i like Venom[View]
137546647Beavis and Butt-Head: this season has been great[View]
137536566Questionable Content: Terrible(?)[View]
137543342Star Trek: Prodigy: This show is proof you can make a good Star Trek cartoon.[View]
137546337In canon, all of spider-man have to be touch by a symbiote.[View]
137543454>Told that classic Simpson was good >*Watches older seasons* >Gets bored after a random sel…[View]
137544700Companies/Writers being honest: Post instances of corporate figures dropping pretenses and admitting…[View]
137545275The worst part about Dr Light is the hypocrisy.[View]
137544895Why is she so annoying these days?: Remember that episode from season 4 where the kids frame their p…[View]
137545298made this to prove a point[View]
137545516What's your favorite season of Spongebob?[View]
137532906Retarded Animal Babies: Remember Retarded Animal Babies? What was your favorite episode?[View]
137544610What is your type of waifu? For me I like tomboys but I also like those Tumblr art hoes[View]
137545484>Hero Factory gets a TV show >It’s not a proper TV show >One of the coolest designs (Core H…[View]
137543576I hate to idolize him in any capacity or imply he did anything in decades, but it seems like after h…[View]
137536936Spider-Man vs Wolverine Storytime: An anon requested I post Spider-Man vs Wolverine by Christopher P…[View]
137537620Beyond The Spider-Verse will probably introduce symbiotes: Otherwise it'd be weird Sony held ba…[View]
137544910Why are there so many anime references in this movie?[View]
137544599What /co/ shows would you recommend to your parents?: My mum has seen a ton of /co/-related movies a…[View]
137545579>dead or alive you're coming with me 89p13[View]
137541890How would you rate the Simpsons comics? From a scale of 1-12[View]
137545559I love these li'l fellas.[View]
137545508The director said he was in it, so where was he?[View]
137535870Was this really appropriate for a comic tie in based on a kids cartoon?[View]
137544581Does anyone remember the issue of Baby Blues where Wanda sees another child being slapped by his mot…[View]
137545105I love Snoopy, and my heart flutters with his cuteness! His adorable appearance and cute character c…[View]
137529858British adult cartoons: I hear a lot of British children's cartoons. But are there any good Bri…[View]
137539142Summer wear thread: It's summer vacation! Post characters in summer clothes![View]
137494353Hazbin Homotel: New sneakpeak released[View]
137545208What would you do in her situation/co/?[View]
137545217Rally Road Racers: pretty good score for something that looks like korean knockoff[View]
137545043Hey guys! I'm a bit embarassed to say this but I have a problem. See, I've been balding si…[View]
137542381How do they go “beyond” the spider verse?[View]
137545080Is she a better version of Harley Quinn when it comes to female minions obsessing over their boss? A…[View]
137533433Reminder that canonically there are two (2) Masonic lodges operating in Bikini Bottom. 3 if you coun…[View]
137543699With hindsight and the last 20 years of comics in mind, would we have been better off if Ben had pro…[View]
137543618Death Battle: >Two losers in Death Battle >crying >Talk-no-jutsu >HE IS SORRY Who wins…[View]
137530221Replace Jenny with Sari and Kim with Gwen and it would’ve been perfect[View]
137541449Mr. Krabs gets to eat out his daughter![View]
137542717>that Halloween/Thanksgiving/A Christmas Carol episode[View]
137541230Not that anybody cares, but we're apparently supposed to see Spider-Boy unmasked this Wednesday…[View]
137522664/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #909: >TQ: It's pride month! Do you have a character who c…[View]
137539876How did they get away with it?[View]
137540797Shazam #2 Preview[View]
137537212i would love to eat a Fred Flintstone pizza IRL[View]
137544387>James Cameron’s Aquaman movie became a runaway success. How does this change the course of the f…[View]
137538296Imagine if this was your daughter,[View]
137544487Please,consider this cat[View]
137544438ITT Quacked /co/uples[View]
137544303Did anyone else notice him in the background?[View]
137527798Was the Punisher's wife right? Did Frank go too far when he started killing people in her name …[View]
137540574Well bros? Do you Understand?[View]
137543638Where's my elric animated film about the different aspects of the eternal champion getting toge…[View]
1375436672099 so hyped now. Will we get batman beyond ?[View]
137537384She wouldn't stand a chance without her suit.[View]
137543873Star Wars Sunday: Featuring Star-Lord and Tales of the Watcher! Star Wars Sunday is your weekly spot…[View]
137535020I just want to nibble and fondle her antennas and lick all over her face so badly Guardianbros.[View]
137542172So how come Rennaissance era Disney princesses never had moms? Wouldn't that give all the girls…[View]
137543434What's your favourite character from anything?[View]
137544186Clone High (for the caring): It’s weird that I’ve gone from vehemently hating Abe in Season 1 to fee…[View]
137543084Imagine if this was your daughter[View]
137538958So is there a reason why this movie or any other multiverse movie avoids mentioning the comics compl…[View]
137543774Sneed: why does everyone post the unnamed yokels instead of the man himself?[View]
137543523Would ps4 Peter Parker agree with Miguel? He let her die for the greater cause[View]
137542699Umm my Jessie doll is saying weird things >yee haw buckaroo imma ride you! >shooo wee you’re …[View]
137528693Where should I start with Judge Dredd? I've read the apocalypse war and a recent(?) run that ha…[View]
137543154I really love the idea behind Rot Lop Fan but if the Green Lantern ring can do anything (including D…[View]
137543629Where does he land in the list of the people who fucked up the MCU the most? He still isn't Ben…[View]
137541582Eddie, let me go back to my home! Without me, everything's all wrong! Eddie, let me go back to …[View]
137532798As a Benfan I gotta say some of y'all overreacted to his portrayal in the movie. He was a parod…[View]
137543242Face it, tiger… you just hit the jackpot![View]
137531881Hypothetical: You get hit by the Isekai truck, and are now in the Marvel or Dc verse, your preferenc…[View]
137542666>Never liked by the show's creators >Sent to prison by Bruce >Never gets with him Woul…[View]
137542741Why is Stolas so sweet and innocent? He’s perfection, I love him, he reminds me of myself. He’s an a…[View]
137543226What do you think of Western East-inspired media?[View]
137542914die toonami[View]
137491776Clone High 2023: The new episodes are about to drop. You watching?[View]
137541164Why did DC/Warner basically decide to put all their eggs in the Batman basket after the movie? It wa…[View]
137540154Why does the ‘the rescuers’ sequel look so much visually different from the first movie? Why does it…[View]
137539249Zuko belongs to Earth Girls.[View]
137536885Did Across the Spider-Verse make the Flash movie irrelevant?[View]
137528355Death Battle: Will they ever reuse Hal Jordan?[View]
137532643Spider-Man Storytime #105 MTU 125, SSM 72-73, ASM 237-238: Yesterday we saw the introduction of a ne…[View]
137534141All memes aside, what was the last good episode?[View]
137542389Heathcliff and Spike have masks.[View]
137537819I like MeatCanyon and I think if he dropped the 'Spooky Cartoon Parody' Schtick he'd be more re…[View]
137534760Lets settle this[View]
137531689Baby Cakes is now included in the last /co/ you watched/read. What happens?[View]
137542714Did anyone save the Coyote Vs ACME trailer that leaked two days ago? There's screenshots online…[View]
137426996Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
137538139I really REALLY enjoyed this but did anyone else have a bit of trouble hearing the lines? Especially…[View]
137534499Why the fuck does this shit feel so unhinged? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXLLYCWATfE[View]
137533684Left or right?[View]
137459441Name a more squandered series than Adventure Time.[View]
137541100How do I get started with Carl Barks' comics? I want a comprehensive knowledge of his work befo…[View]
137537518>FDR is in the White House, ice cream costs a nickel a cone, and a hot new tune from Benny Goodma…[View]
137537784ITT: well-written trans characters[View]
137542109Can you imagine Disney going THREE STRAIGHT YEARS without winning this? It’s literally unprecedented…[View]
137537892The concept behind this show annoys me.[View]
137539632Post /co/ jobbers[View]
137538641Where is now Frank's weapon[View]
137536609Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime: Part 1: >>137530620[View]
137534871What did Spongebob do differently then other Nicktoons?[View]
137533527Why were they so aggressively stupid?[View]
137541547He’s right about Pixar, y’know.[View]
137541633Hilda: I haven't seen this. What age range is it aimed at? I don't tend to enjoy toddler c…[View]
137531425Shows with scenes like this.: Or shows that would improve having scenes like this.[View]
137535393hey /co/ I gotta take a massive dump, can you watch my baby smurf for me? thanks.[View]
137458857Why didn’t you watch his show, /co/?[View]
137541628ITT best live action /co/ adaptations[View]
137533487Golan the Insatiable: The 6 episode pilot web series was vastly superior to the Tv show produced by …[View]
137541123hi i'm the best scene in the movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MokxwHbscQ8 saw it for the s…[View]
137528865Finally sold me on the idea of multiple Spider-Men by showing each in their own universe doing their…[View]
137541697What kind of AU Spider-man/woman would you create?[View]
137541566Who is the best Simpsons character and why is it Bart?[View]
137535661How do you fix her? and no 'dick' and 'rape' isn't the answer, she's from LA theres alread…[View]
137541418*foghorn sound*[View]
137538810Into the legoverse: Spiderman into the spiderverse is about a nobody who gets graced with something …[View]
137535513What are some good Lovecraftian comics?[View]
137540120Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
137530620Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky Storytime[View]
137538935Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
137537844Zoomers these days won't know what a chalk board is.[View]
137527984Catch-up Storytime - T.V. Picture Stories № 2b, 4a, 6: O.S.S. № 1, 1-1a https://desuarchive.org/co/t…[View]
137532480Is there a marvel writer more pathetic than dan slott[View]
137517541What was the point of this story[View]
137522096BENDIS WINS AGAIN[View]
137537450The shitty live action Disney remakes have given me new appreciation for the originals.[View]
137537104She's not dead... she's just trying to sleep...: But she just can't... though she…[View]
137534312Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
137537736Marvel Ultimate: Is any part of the Marvel Ultimate setting worth reading?[View]
137538325ATSV: who was your favorite background spider? for me it's firestar jess[View]
137535452>The trend is for sequels to take 2 or more years to come out >Arcane, Invincible, Andor, Hous…[View]
137534411/co/ in the 70s: Does Marvel really expect us to think that they are gonna permanently kill off the …[View]
137534780Tin tin good edition[View]
137531137Anyone find it weird that Ben, out of all heroes, doesn't have a no kill rule? He killed a lot …[View]
137530025Lesser known animated films: This is a thread for reccomending movies that aren't from the bigg…[View]
137534864Why does he care about his dad so much?: Earlier in the movie he wants to pretty much be pretty fly …[View]
137537588Which is objectively worse at this point? An entire multiversal army of Spider-men, or the glut of h…[View]
137534540Post apocalyptic cartoon: I’m currently working on a cartoon set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, pi…[View]
137533385This is Pixar's most underrated film. Very nice script.[View]
137532520Syd Hoff, cartoonist for the New Yorker and author/illustrator of Danny and the Dinosaur, began his …[View]
137534621Why is everyone falling for the doomposters?[View]
137535169What are the chances it bombs in the box office?[View]
137537189Rio thread: Let's talk about the best character in Across the Spider-Verse, her scenes with Mil…[View]
137528181Hey, what's your favourite pinocchio adaptation?: There are so many Pinocchio adaptations that …[View]
137536522They did nothing wrong. Zandale deserved to fry. Tyrone won.[View]
137522193Craig of the creek:: >Best design of the show >voice by luna loud >just two episodes in all…[View]
137536859[spoiler]WHEN I WAS JUST A BOY[/spoiler]: MY DADDY SAID TO ME[View]
137534491JSA Storytime: Cerebus: Good evening owls, Welcome back to 'shit's getting explained, kind of' …[View]
137529354YOU Replace the protagonist of the last cartoon you watched. How would you fare? What would you do,…[View]
137533511I'm working on a rewrite of HGS, but I have no idea what to do with Thyme. Any ideas? I want he…[View]
137533974>defeats racism[View]
137535150>watch the simpsons for the first time in years >check out last episode that's on D+ >…[View]
137533013Disney has fallen: I Starscream am the new leader of the American Animation industry.[View]
137503986Unicorn Warriors Eternal: Episode 6: 'The Mystery of Secrets' premieres tonight on Adult Swim >Me…[View]
137535717>Homer, we need your acrobatic skills. Only you can prevent this riot and save our glorious commu…[View]
137533851DAREDEVIL THREAD: Last thread had some neat discussion, let's explore them a bit more. How can …[View]
137481625Superman Thread: Post all things related to the Man of Steel.[View]
137527892Why are women never satisfied with anything?[View]
137535141I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
137533395>Hey what's the big deal about going to some building every Sunday? I mean, isn't God e…[View]
137535950this is a small comic that i was working, trying to learn new skills, i'm open for suggestions …[View]
137496335Why are modern cartoons so bad? Here's your answer.[View]
137500565Steven Universe replaces the protagonist of the last cartoon you watched. How does he do?[View]
137530713Battle Picture Library Storytime - № 1367-8, 1376: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/135580905 5…[View]
137528878This show was kino[View]
137450940MIRACULOUS LADYBUG: LILA IS A PSYCHOPATH 2: (Continued from >>137418523) First of all, YES, PE…[View]
137535776Do you want woast duck, /co/?[View]
137535671what's a cartoon that suffered when it transitioned to flash animation? picture related(while n…[View]
137534155>Everyone saw Cinderella >Everyone saw Jungle Book >Everyone saw Beauty and the Beast >E…[View]
137534704Someone PLEASE stop them!: They are destroying Children's animation and haven't released a…[View]
137533887The Legend of Calamity Jane: So why did it fail?[View]
137531966>Shhh... How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
137534506Rippaverse: >Rippaverse issue 2 coming soon >Established writer for Yaira and Alphacore >3…[View]
137522880No more punisher: I know I wasn't buying anything from Marvel but goddamn they reall want the b…[View]
137531323Looking for comic recs I'm more of a cartoonfag, but I want to read more comics to gain knowled…[View]
137529952How is it that a Spider-Man, who at this point in his life was all about making sure that NO ONE DIE…[View]
137531794WE'VE GOT TO HAVE[View]
137535033ITT: Faithful Comic Adaptations: Hard More: no origin stories https://youtube.com/watch?v=v07KMQUAg-…[View]
137534997is family guy still relevant?[View]
1375344012099: >replaces a dead man in another universe and abandons his own So what exactly was his thoug…[View]
137526704Metalocalypse: Let's have a brutal thread everyone[View]
137531486How is it that Futurama achieved a nearly seamless blend of CGI and traditional animation in fucking…[View]
137531923Jimmy Two-Shoes replaces the protagonist of your favorite cartoon/anime, what would change?[View]
137531181I just saw pic related for my first time and absolutely loved it. Are there any other cartoons that …[View]
137534474Admit it /co/, Recess is the GOAT[View]
137534467Heloise replaces the protagonist of your favorite cartoon/anime, what would change?[View]
137532366The protagonist of your favorite cartoon, and the protagonist of the cartoon you hate the most swap …[View]
137534295>when a kids' show gets a special or movie where they get to push the envelope on how dark a…[View]
137526326Catch-up Storytime - T.V. Picture Stories № 1b-2b: O.S.S. № 1, 1-1a https://desuarchive.org/co/threa…[View]
137531132I think Robert Crumb is the greatest living American cartoonist, his vintage style and attention to …[View]
137531002Shnih shnih![View]
137533203What's the most questionable comic / webcomic you read? I remember once I tried out this webcom…[View]
137534060You are in charge of making all creative decisions related to the development of a new Nicktoons gam…[View]
137534017When did you cease reading modern comics? 2018 for me.[View]
137534024>Well, now. And who might you be, me lotus blossom? Rowrr. >Me, Dragon Lady. >Indeyd, now. …[View]
137533854What did you guys think of the Roger Rabbit comic book series?[View]
137523052Snoopy is the cutest cartoon character ever drawn. I love Snoopy, and so should you[View]
137533160What the fuck did I just watch: https://youtu.be/MO9_GFI0gQY[View]
137530948why would a tomboy be wearing tights?[View]
137518310Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Two Broken Souls #2: Previous Thread: >>137503313 Pastebin: https:…[View]
137531949What kind of woman does Bill need the most?[View]
137470026/CO/ GENERAL DRAWTHREAD: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
137529513post moments that makes boomers, millennials and zoomers cry[View]
137529328Imagine a Beavis and Butt-Head crossover with Daria, and the “la la la la la”s are replaced with the…[View]
137532091The Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj Thread[View]
137532810How to practice computer art skills before you can draw worth a shit? I was thinking maybe electroni…[View]
137499167Work on your Art: Been awhile I think so I'm making a new thread. What have you guys been worki…[View]
137464503Do you miss her /co/?[View]
137524232Peter Parker was raped. Thoughts?[View]
137525612Finn the Human: Finn replaces the protagonist of your favorite series, what would change?[View]
137514993She's so fucking perfect. What the fuck.[View]
137532898Which Future Gwen did it better? Seductive ponytail or sexy short hair tomboy?[View]
137533242Across the Spider-verse felt like it lacked focus: I went to see this yesterday and compared to the …[View]
137528580Can Pixar be salvaged?[View]
137529562>You’re getting bwc, whether you want it or not[View]
137532783>only rated PG >when the live-action Spider-Man movies are all PG-13 Why, because it’s animate…[View]
137528514Did they play the dialogue at 15fps as well? Will Spider-Verse fans call this 'style' too?[View]
137528378Frank has officially been retired. Since we’re not allowed to have media with morally complex charac…[View]
137528623>when this originally came out, /co/ loved it and couldnt stop dickriding John K >zoomers disc…[View]
137532585Ed Edd n Eddy: SHUSH. My yeast is rising[View]
137529245I was thinking for All Grown Up instead of Tommy squirting milk out of his bottle to transition to t…[View]
137531315Do you think Doom works best as a hammy, Palpatine-esque guy, a tortured Byronic anti-hero, or... du…[View]
137527400ITT: characters that love da foods[View]
137532219i don’t get it[View]
137531984The Simpsons: >Frank Grimes' adult son tried to avenge him in (what we can assume due to the…[View]
137531991Were they fucking?[View]
137532032Who is actually in the wrong?[View]
137529193ITT: Villains who have fallen on the wayside: The Silver Samurai is one of Wolverine's most ico…[View]
137532251Who is the best Robin and why it's Carrie Kelly?[View]
137531501Are they actually good?[View]
137528762he should be Batman's nemesis. him or Riddler.[View]
137526606How do you pronounce his name?[View]
137530926Current run of the Amazing Spider-Man is really bad: The ASM #26 was one of the WORST books I have e…[View]
137531487It's kinda weird, but the only people I'm seeing talk about this more is on /co/. All the …[View]
137531914>Oppression only works if you forget the oppressors are usually outnumbered by the oppressed No …[View]
137528709When are zoomers gonna start calling this a masterpiece now that Sony Animation is cool?[View]
137528394come home trailer man[View]
137530992>mah threads baby[View]
137531744Who wore it better?[View]
137514958So why this movie flopped in South America and Africa?[View]
137396849Katana Friday: Tatsu Yamashiro is a milf widow samurai. She's the foster mother to a energy bei…[View]
137526628Post that /co/ characters/show.[View]
137501890Bravo Mondo Media!: HAPPY TREE FRIENDS IS COMING BACK... As NFTs) https://www.veve.me/post/happy-tre…[View]
137522410Faster than Miguel Smarter than Miguel Better Origin than Miguel Better looking than Miguel More lik…[View]
137530427Jurassic Bark is overrated as hell. Luck of the Fryrish is by far the best Futurama episode.[View]
137530414Just watched this.: I didn't get it. What killed the Lone Owl squad? It seems to brutal to be …[View]
137530305/co/ men you would fuck into oblivion: >inb4 hurr durr faggit get out of muh comics…[View]
137530487Who was in the wrong here?[View]
137531339It already won. Another loss for Disney and Pixar.[View]
137529591Fuckers, i'm working on a sexual fanart when cartoon mooses are fucked while fucking each other…[View]
137498931Clone High reboot: >breast expansion I take back everything I said, this reboot is perfect in ev…[View]
137523831They fucked up Gwen. I feel like they were trying to emulate her VA but it was very inconsistent and…[View]
137527704>Doesn't have an Uncle Ben moment >Doesn't have a Captain Stacy moment…[View]
137529353This is so fucking random.[View]
137530782>joke villain becomes a serious threat You love to see it[View]
137530939>what if we take the most developed and interesting character, and we just ruin them >complete…[View]
137530324jenny wakeman: Jenny replaces the protagonist of the last animated series you've seen, what wou…[View]
137530841What did Cotton and his war buddies deserve?[View]
137528846This is worse than the first film. Quite worse.[View]
137529770Donjon: Any Dungeon (Donjon) fans here? I think it's a very impressive and ambitious series/uni…[View]
137529237Bendis: He's winning, /co/[View]
137527827Post shows mocking Dora.[View]
137530522You and I both know that it is time for comic book video games to embrace the Spider-Verse style. No…[View]
137525602What’s the perfect jar for a Yootoo?[View]
137529418>open door >see frank What do?[View]
137529150G1<Animated<Prime I haven’t seen the other shows, if you disagree cope and sneed[View]
137530353>dude what if Fairy Tales but Superheroes and Cthululu![View]
137529958why didn't the superstar ship take off? clark and kory would make a good couple.[View]
137530386Finished pic related, what did I think of it? This is actually my 2nd time reading it and it reads s…[View]
137528061>”Prepare yourself, Captain America. A New World is about to come to fruition!” Fucking seriously…[View]
137505361The worst Spider-Man movie of all time[View]
137529733Would you vote for Steve?[View]
137530112Swords: You give your character a pair of swords as weapons , on a time were you CANT cut people . U…[View]
137530021What is some good /co/ntent on AI and the dangers of AGI? Is 'Age of Ultron' good? I've been re…[View]
137529181WHO WOULD WIN IN A DEATH BATTLE!: We know that Miguel already lost to Miles in Across the Spidervers…[View]
137526895Transformers: Who is the best Transformer?[View]
137523068Sesame Street/Muppets: What ruined it Bros[View]
137525060Why does DC make their continuity so needlessly convoluted? Most of their heroes are pretty basic co…[View]
137529597AI Sponge: This is genius. https://youtu.be/EOgXUqrNVCM[View]
137528522Imagine if Batman fucked Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn into dick loving bisexuals instead of dykes[View]
137527566Despite the flaws of the movie, we can all agree The Spot was...[View]
137517545>So how about we get together in my room? Same time as usual.[View]
137525662What does it taste like?[View]
137528834*ruins your show*[View]
137528187Why does she hate Christmas and joy?[View]
137529137lowering the framerate on anything animation wise on purpose looks terrible how did people get memed…[View]
137527302Why did they decide to make Coach Z into Senor Cardgage in the later years of Homestar Runner?[View]
137477308Hailey's on it: Only one more week Haileybros![View]
137527317Will they be together in the revival?[View]
137526523Now that the dust has settled, was barracuda a bad person???[View]
137526057Is Superman outdated: I think he is. We don’t need him anymore.[View]
137528772>NAH, I'MMA DO MY OWN THING![View]
137527890Spider-Man 2099: What's the perception of Miguel going to look like moving forward?[View]
137527080First glimpse at Avatar Roku (unofficial selfie) from the upcoming live action series. Thoughts?[View]
137528816What did zuko mean by this?[View]
137518355Am I the only one who thinks she's cute?[View]
137525103Catch-up Storytime - War At Sea Picture Library № 22, 33, 35: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/…[View]
137527901What are your expectations for Flashpoint and the DCEU reset?[View]
137528280If you live in Los Angeles county, congratulations, you have potential to be the strongest Earthbend…[View]
137528225Death Battle: Should Goku's returning battle be against Jin Mori?[View]
137528717Cartoon villains[View]
137528729TCJ Tom Spurgeon on Bogus Dead[View]
137417778Why didn't Sasha get a diary?[View]
137527684What did he mean by this?[View]
137525163Summer Camp Island: >Looks after some jars for a few hundred years What a klutz!…[View]
137527981/co/ bros, what are some good example of safe horny characters? Post safe horny only[View]
137527196Your response?[View]
137528422Why do Marvel and DC make it so obvious when they try to manufacture hype over a character?[View]
137523082If you like this show you're super gay.[View]
137527897It's been 11 years. What do you think of Avatar the Legend of Korra?[View]
137524792>Hey guys it's 2023, get it? >Did you know it's 2023? Do you get the joke? >It…[View]
137527214>fuck yo dad, Miles. Come fuck me instead. She could have solve the whole movie just by saying th…[View]
137528453What would an interaction between these two look like?[View]
137528431ITT: Single-appearance characters[View]
137524763DHIS: Am I missing something? Shit’s not scary in the slightest.[View]
137527782Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal: I just finished the last episode. Why the fuck did they have to ki…[View]
137525171What killed off the kid superhero fad of the 2000's and early 2010's? It seems like they w…[View]
137518484Spider-Man Storytime #104 MTU Annual 5, ASM Annual 16, MTU 124-125: Yesterday we spent a good while …[View]
137528156Kelly Hu's voice makes me hard.[View]
137527101When did you realize Owlman is the greatest Batman villain?[View]
137509717Death Battle: Should it have been Miles vs Deku?[View]
137521969https://deadline.com/2023/06/box-office-spider-man-across-the-spider-verse-1235398807/ How did this …[View]
137526653Spider-Man: Let's have a nice peaceful thread for a change shall we. Be sure to post any news o…[View]
137527470HE'S ORANGE[View]
137527741So what's the current status with pic related? Is still in development? Was it cancelled?[View]
137527839The council should have also raped Miles' mom to give him his 'Gwen Stacy moment'.[View]
137527807It's kind of funny how they canceled this over fear of 'right wing threats' when most of the th…[View]
137523771If Navigator Black loved fish...: Why did he serve so many fish dishes in his restaurant? Can you lo…[View]
137526127It's chibi Moon Girl time: https://youtu.be/xjHrclOEhL8[View]
137513964J. Michael Straczynski Returns to Marvel in 'Captain America' #1: Announced earlier by io9…[View]
137526093Why are animated latinas oversexualized?[View]
137521589Is this what Disney cartoons are like now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ySTzvfqKGE[View]
137527448Imagine this show?[View]
137525192What went wrong?[View]
137525796If the trunks are so bad, how come they added them on his costume to introduce Superman to a whole g…[View]
137519666How do we feel about Adam Paloian?[View]
137524079>Hello? Testing? Is this thing on? >*tap tap* >Ahem. >The Industrial Revolution and its …[View]
137526011He's cute! CUTE![View]
137527045There is a torrent with Oblongs AI upscaled but can't find any image. Do soembody watched it? I…[View]
137517611Scenes that made you walk out of movies: I literally did a 360 and walked out when this happened. Wh…[View]
137526026So, who would win?[View]
137525791The Kanker sisters block your path.[View]
137528192Get woke, go broke strikes again!: The trad pro-cop family values movie 'Across the Spider-Vers…[View]
137526138Batman and Spider-Man: These two could carry a comic universe by themselves. No Justice League, no A…[View]
137525393Milesbros, people were dumping for Peter. B after the first one and now they’re dumping for Miguel[View]
137526254Heppy Lemon: \\[View]
137525962How many years left?[View]
137526847If the boxing ring scene in Zootopia was realistic[View]
137525208When is there going to be a Marvel board already? Half of the catalog is just Spider-Man threads now…[View]
137526443Why do people whine so much about Amphibia or Gravity Falls when 2000s DTVA shows were so incredibly…[View]
137526600How powerful was he in the AT multiverse's power scale?[View]
137525704>plot revolves around spidermen trying to kill a black kid's dad because a black kid having …[View]
137524667MeatCanyon is everything I hate about modern internet animation[View]
137522835Don't feel like watching it. Can somebody please spoonfeed me what happens, and if I should car…[View]
137526431Hey guys look its me a spiderman thread!![View]
137526386Let's make the multiverse more inclusive.[View]
137523491Unironically the best character[View]
137521491Why didn't he show up in Across the Spider-Verse?[View]
137525554Video games that would make for great TV Shows: Video games that would make for great TV Shows…[View]
137524418What do you think are Squidward's tastes in women?[View]
137524259Cannot believe this mongoloid gump got a speaking role[View]
137515089Make outline of a new Spider-Man cartoon.: He doesn't need to be a high school or college a stu…[View]
137525670Now that Paul's cuck children are going to be erased from marvel canon, and he soon. Is it safe…[View]
137526285Early designs: Post early designs for characters.[View]
137525518I want a series with Banner and Tony being bros[View]
137525001Pilot for a Disney show made a few years ago that never released. The idea ended up getting reworked…[View]
137524282red goblin #5 preview: havent seen anyone post these here. bump if youre reading or whatever[View]
137522652Comfy Spiderverse Thread?: Can we clear up some misconceptions about the movie? I just saw it, and t…[View]
137523737Are rule63/genderflipped alternate realities a cheap cliche/trope in comic/cartoon plots?[View]
137521578Cartoons nobody watched: Obscure cartoons that you maybe saw once.[View]
137476459SPIDER-MAN VILLAINS: Let’s take a break from the usual Spidey topics and talk about the web head’s i…[View]
137525561I would really like to see himwriting black panther. How do you think that would play out[View]
137523342If you could make a cartoon about this character…: What would it be about?[View]
137525777What Element got the best Physiques?: I'd say Firebenders[View]
137523596Last Airbender.: We have to ask the big question. What if Zuko killed his father during the duel in …[View]
137523176FLASH: WB finally makes a Flash movie. It's all about Michael Keaton's Batman... *stop pl…[View]
137525375ANY LAW OF TALOS FANS HERE?!?!: just curious[View]
137525304Miles morales: Another /co/ record . 24 hidden treads with the black spider boy .[View]
137525355>I know you[View]
137524791VivziePop: Is she destined to become the next big animation failure? She's already starting to …[View]
137524817Would she approve what Miles is trying to achieve?[View]
137524184Spider-Boy: >Already forgotten Lmao[View]
137519425Real talk though /co/ Was Aaron-42 getting up in those guts?[View]
137525162What are some comics with this same art style?[View]
137524477Haven’t seen this cartoon, this shit any good?[View]
137523792What the fuck even is zurr-en-ACK?[View]
137515971This is unironically the worst cartoon ever made. Incomprehensible animation, the worst CGI I'v…[View]
137522639>Proceeds to ruin one of the most beloved comic book universes of all time New 52 is a fucking tr…[View]
137524788I have sex with actual women, /co/! My girlfriend's not equal parts the Internet, a tube of Ken…[View]
137524489“The black spidey movies are better than LOTR trilogy”: Do you agree?[View]
137524468Power and responsibility? Nah, Imma do my own thing *listens to his homicidal uncle instead of the S…[View]
137524519Why was flashpoint Thomas Wayne already built like a tank even before becoming batman?[View]
137524801Werewolves: It's a werewolf inside another werewolf is a double wolf[View]
137524388Which one was the best?[View]
137524597>rated PG >when the live-action Spider-Man movies are all PG-13 So because it’s an animated mo…[View]
137524700Using NEET time to create fan content: I’ve been unemployed for a while and recently started making …[View]
137524616How was prototype Alastor like? I am very curious how different he was from current Alastor.[View]
137523623Spider-man Thread: This is the official /co/ Spider-man thread! Isn't it cool. Talk about the m…[View]
137520886I'M A SEX SYMBOL![View]
137524413Animatics for the upcoming 'Coyote vs. Acme' film just leaked, looks like it'll have a test scr…[View]
137523093>Disney will go three years in a row without an Oscar or a box office success…[View]
137522707>Mindbreaks your entire fucking board Any other examples?[View]
137524233I'm not even angry any more. I'm just tired. Just please fill up the pothole.[View]
137524481Who is the best Guardian, /co/?[View]
137515568Will animation ever be able to move beyond the stigmas and damages this company has caused? Or will …[View]
137524004What are the best Superman films (theatrical or direct-to-video) that don't involve his origin …[View]
137521573Dare I say based?[View]
137524263SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER SPOYDER SPDRE HOLY SHIT: Oh my fucking god, why are there suddenly so many Spid…[View]
137522687The comic site i use to read comics on my phone is now using captcha every other page when ad block …[View]
137522984>200 million budget Why?[View]
137524114Pitch family friendly adaptations of mature media: We had one like that a while ago and it was prett…[View]
137523986So why don't kids want to play with Miles Morales? He should not be on discount the day his mov…[View]
137455310>CHEATING IS BA-QUACK[View]
137523632Just a reminder: > Toby lost uncle ben and harry > Andrew lost gwen and uncle ben > Tom los…[View]
137523843Was he really that bad?[View]
137515622>Someone was able to make a hand drawn cel animated film in 2023. Why can’t you do that /co/? htt…[View]
137523864Any good or underrated anthropomorphic comic recommendations (webcomics are cool too)[View]
137519035What will Alfie's mother have to say about her daughter's startling weight gain?[View]
137522075ITT characters you wanna eat: How would you cook em and how do you think they would taste like and w…[View]
137523745The Ghost and Molly McGee: Returns to Disney+ this month![View]
137523437 >When Gwen teleports to Peter B. Parker's dimension she types '616' into the watch >This…[View]
137523489Spider-man Fuck You: I'm making another low-effort Spider-man thread because fuck this stupid b…[View]
137523540The Last Polar Bears: This Canadian cartoon is so innocent and cute. I wonder whatever became of Har…[View]
137522517Who has generally better stories, Batty or Supey?[View]
137519066So was this a failure?[View]
137523173>film has painstakingly rendered, objectively incredible animation >the dedicated animation b…[View]
137522349Itt post your favorite fan comic?[View]
137513174RIP: >Every single Spider-Man is the same except for Miles who is ackshually the most specialest …[View]
137523507What would Hazbin Hotel be like if they stayed at the hotel for the entire season[View]
137516498Has any cartoon ever given you a sense of unease and melancholy?[View]
137523461The X-men are studying ducklings to try and figure out to get better appeal. I didn't really ha…[View]
137523453The Flush vs. Derp-Verse: Across was so bad it got me wondering if the Flush (despite rotten 2 cans …[View]
137521284Rule number 1 of Spider-Man: Let innocent people die if destiny demands it especially Uncle Ben[View]
137520071Gumball should have focused on character relationships more. Gumball/Penny, Darwin/Carrie, the relat…[View]
137523309Any news on neo-Germania translation?[View]
137520883Was it kino?[View]
137523185>'and I found a way that worked for me!' https://youtu.be/abjK56AQZm0[View]
137520370So there’s a large ship out at sea during a nights storm, braving heavy waves and a scared crew. Non…[View]
137517540Gwenpool x Prime: official crossover comic when It might be a fun story. With both just falling in l…[View]
137521671remember when Superman was stripped of his powers and anally raped every day for 8 months in a Russi…[View]
137516500What's next for finnick?[View]
137517342A relative is visiting the United States, will stay there for a few months, is there something /co/ …[View]
137521962I did not care for Spiderverse.[View]
137522857oh by the way, I'm gay[View]
137522889>what if Miles Morales was a woman Who can we turn black and make a cartoon about next bros?…[View]
137518213>Oh no there's some multiversal bullshit that is going to destroy the multiverse what ever w…[View]
137522764Intervideo game family.: A adopted mother from a shooting game.A adopted dad from a construction gam…[View]
137521370Star´s feet are cute: I'm curious that these 2 scenes are the same, only that in the concept ar…[View]
137522748Now I just realize this... But it also makes me wonder... If Gwen's cousin is identical to her …[View]
137517774Finally gave Beware the Batman a shot. I actually quite liked it. It was a unique take that actually…[View]
137522692Tower of Babel: Waid's got such a hate boner for Batman in this story and yet he ironically has…[View]
137514666>Gets mogged by DreamWorks, Illumination, and now fucking Snoy It's over, isn't it?…[View]
137522611>'Face or balls?'[View]
137520130It’s unironically over for him: The peter DOOMfags were correct, hes been turned into a complete jok…[View]
137521527You now get to write one episode of R&M what do you do? Also Morticia[View]
137518613Kinda funny seeing John K worshippers get mad at this.[View]
137518196DAREDEVIL: How would you fix/improve Daredevil and his books? When is he getting his own AAA video g…[View]
137515234Miles Morales - Gary Stu: >Entire multiverse twists into a pretzel to make him look good Face it.…[View]
137519999>Peter this >Miles that Who cares? I'm more angry about the fact that a bunch of people w…[View]
137522399ai_sponge is still funny, fuck you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOgXUqrNVCM[View]

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