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124626346Storytime of Pain: Liefeld New Mutants Part 1: There are runs that dwarf what the original creators …[View]
124624762Storytime Weekend of Pain: Tom King's Batman Part II: There's no breaks on this train…[View]
124630950In 616 Marvel continuity Kamala on her wedding night belongs to?[View]
124630499Late 2000s chads... it took some years... but we finally won... and we just can't stop winning.…[View]
124631156Bad things just tend to happen to those who don't drink Wilkins: How do you take yours?[View]
124614788Was Anne Boonchuy a good main character?[View]
124626859Anyone got the leak? Also what are your thoughts on the new season.[View]
124623375Why didnt Shadow have any love interests in comics?: You think how hes the most mature anti hero typ…[View]
124617919>Loki gets cucked in his own show >He-Man dies in his own show Why can't men be men?…[View]
124618318Storytime Weekend of Pain: WAR MACHINE 2.0: You know it and it's fucking terrible, it's Au…[View]
124630555Can I get examples of a perfect quality old comic book scans? I've seen people complain that cu…[View]
124627077Our 2nd match of the 10th Anniversary World Cup is now live! After a 2-3 loss to /r9k/, come cheer u…[View]
124628226When the best you got to show for western animation is trying not to look like western animation and…[View]
124630192ITT: characters only you are attracted to[View]
124624599Rednecks look like THAT?[View]
124620948Goddamn it Duncan[View]
124630638I was afraid of how well it would translate to the new standardized cel-shaded artstyle of the new m…[View]
124585524>tfw your dad is a controlling piece of shit who doesn't explain shit >and your dad'…[View]
124628284How did he become a true hero?: Implication is that the willingness to sacrifice his life to save an…[View]
124627587>best finale of the 2010s >it's a 2000s cartoon What did they mean by this?…[View]
124629425Cartoons were better when they still had hot goth hoes.[View]
124619659Rambamboo: Would you /co/?[View]
124630163Is Super Grover a vigilante?[View]
124630127Masters of the universe: How did they fuck this up so bad?[View]
124627623Who the fuck is this bitch and why am I suddenly seeing her everywhere[View]
124622476>1st review trailer >focus on He-man >'I HAVE THE POWEEEEEEEER' >'I need a HERO' >mor…[View]
124627452Based aaron long (sublo and tangy mustard) had to lock his account for daring to make fun of consoom…[View]
124628587This is the cutest and best 2d girl of all time, try and change my mind[View]
124627948What's his endgame?[View]
124624475Reminder to be kind to your neighbors, even if they seem weird. All people deserve to be treated wit…[View]
124629625You can pick ONE episode from each season you consider to be the golden era to keep from being destr…[View]
124629557hay fever?[View]
124629544Somedays you just can't get rid of a me.[View]
124629501INFERNO #2 (OF 4): Secrets. Lies. They have a way of coming out and biting you when you least expect…[View]
124628371The reviewers didn't do I Feel Sick justice: I'll start. All, but one of the reviewers of …[View]
124629150Steven should have gone full Bateman on their asses[View]
124629258There’s so much stuff happening in the Hawkeye tv show, I can only assume Renner is officially retir…[View]
124628597Itt, comfy tv shows[View]
124629267This is it, boys Realjims did his season 11 video and the general vibe is beginning to really grow …[View]
124628627>Mom, can we have Captain N >We have Captain N at home Captain N at home…[View]
124624092The Joker: I fully expected this book to be shit but so far it's actually been pretty good. I j…[View]
124628988This is Stan. Say something nice about his new season of American Dad.[View]
124625361Baroness Thread: Hail COBRA. Let's all join.[View]
124619204What level of seethe do you expect when this movie isn't a Spiderverse movie at all?[View]
124626052Could you guys recommend me some decent comics that work better as a sequel for the original show th…[View]
124628819Invasion of the Lava King was the best Spongebob flash game: I legitimately would not be mad if they…[View]
124628472What’s on the /co/ consensus on the Shi series by William Tucci? Does it still hold up or is it just…[View]
124623368Hey so it turns out Rick Remender is an asshole that doesn't pay his artists.[View]
124627718ITT: Rank the episodes of this Rick and Morty season For me Ep 5 (One with Bruce Chutback) > Ep…[View]
124627434he-man and the masters of QUALITY: 1. every perspective shot looks fucking incredible you thought he…[View]
124611762You wouldn’t like my body, it’s all circuity and metallic![View]
124625837Enjoys training kids to fight crime: Who will stop him?[View]
124614023Mao Mao Heroes of Pure Heart: Whoah Mao Mao when did you get your own video game so quickly?[View]
124628529NEED FOR HEED[View]
124622739Best boy[View]
124628385Speaking to NPR, Bob-Waksberg explained that the bizarre world of humans casually interacting with a…[View]
124617998Shocking Suzy: Whatever happened to her? I don't see many threads about this.[View]
124618725ITT: post ideas for girl cartoons[View]
124620627Star Trek: We finally have full trailers for Star Trek Prodigy and Lower Decks Season 2. Getting to …[View]
124625742Final Crisis: Just finished it. And you were right It was more disappointing than I expected…[View]
124618295Central Park: New episode dropped today. This show is so based[View]
124626763Shows you normally would hate but somehow really like.[View]
124622104Adventure Time: Fuck the other threads. Here's the Comic Con panel. Wizard City is coming soon.…[View]
124626846Why were the D+ shows shit and what would have made them better?[View]
124619115Here is part 1 of an interview with the Derrick J Wyatt, the art director of Ben 10 Omniverse.[View]
124625237https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqhLn76kCv0 Why wasn't this the He-Man show we got?[View]
124624506>from a race of gods >is black >is fast >named black racer This is why comics are dying …[View]
124626689Salty about shitty He-man?: Well, somebody was already replacing him before Revelations revealed it …[View]
124548031Tushy Tuesday: You know what to do by now, unleash the booty.[View]
124613113This really says something about our culture that it’s ashamed of all of its most popular properties…[View]
124626486She-Ra and The Princesses of Power: >sips Boy it's funny watching all the Kevin Smithfags se…[View]
124627023gwenpool: gwenpool is just a female deadpool with the difference that she thinks she's real.…[View]
124624785When did visuals stop mattering?[View]
124622015Jesus fucking Christ. I just started the fifth episode. Teela has literally just seen Adam again who…[View]
124626391How many times has it happened to you personally /co/? It seem par for the course of most re-makes n…[View]
124609507Who is the best comic book writer of the 2000s and why is it Geoff Johns?[View]
124625284I'm sorry /co/ I actually want to see more buff Teela art. I think her design is kinda hot.…[View]
124625048there are actual young adults on YouTube with autism that passionately discuss adult animation. i fe…[View]
124626446Remember when this was the worst thing imaginable for a rebooted IP?[View]
124626633I missed everything. Can someone post the first thread were all the seething started?[View]
124626576Why did he do it?[View]
124624537What is your personal blue-armed-Sonic? For me it's Wonder Woman with brown eyes[View]
124624418What was his name again?[View]
124621544Teen Titans gets a bad reboot >/co/ mocks it, but overall moves on, some even appreciate it due t…[View]
124624985ricky gervais show: Why did Ricky have to interrupt Karl anytime he made a point?[View]
124623197Was Hickman ultimately good for the X-Men brand?[View]
124625259New Superman story idea: >Clark dies at the beginning >Kara replaces him for the rest of the …[View]
124625791more like cuteika[View]
124602102Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why make her a reporter? What was wrong her being a computer programme…[View]
124622362Nobody except people with too much peace and leisure time get a cumbersome attention-whore hairstyle…[View]
124625705Seeing as today's western comics may as well be dead, what are your favorite stories/runs/arcs?[View]
124623686>Who is your favorite character? Kevin Smith: Has to be Prince Adam Mmh, I wonder why the show is…[View]
124623507Spider-Gwen: How long before this character slides out of active use?[View]
124625455Magneto the X-Man: Can someone explain to a dum dum retard like me how Magneto, who is arguably the …[View]
124624578I find it a bit jarring that Revelation is the sequel to the old Filmation cartoon, maybe as much as…[View]
124618134Raven: I like Raven's tits.[View]
124625540High Guardian Spice!: Fuck He-Man Edition. Good trailers are overrated.[View]
124625030>Wow, cass, you look... really...[View]
124623374Truly, a design that came before its time.[View]
124622493return the slab[View]
124615756Storytime of Pain: Sonic Disruptors: DC have put out many, many miniseries over the years. However, …[View]
124623588Just posting Ladybug to remind everyone that you can make female led action cartoon that everyone li…[View]
124621304Because of her guidance, Peter had the strength to do the right thing.[View]
124625253What Do You Think of Stephen A. Smith's Top 5[View]
124623939What are the biggest bait and switches in animation? Does the new He-man cartoon top that list?[View]
124603939Why does everyone act like Finn is miserable as an adult just because he isn’t given a family[View]
124623143Michael B. Jordan Developing His Own Black Superman Project for HBO Max: https://collider.com/michae…[View]
124618853This episode of The Rugrats was kinda dark[View]
124624321Nolan! On the front page![View]
124625028>ruins the televised animation industry Nothing personal, kiddo.[View]
124622787>You all only hate Amber so much because she's black what's your excuse now?…[View]
124617482ITT: weird references in /co/ related media It's weird that we reached the point where LPers ar…[View]
124617802Good Reboots of Mediocre Old Cartoons[View]
124622435I'm sorry /co/ but the fact that you're not more financially successful is not my fault.[View]
124624921will they return?[View]
124620945I am going to make my own comic (maybe even short 3d animated movie) about a cool white male knight …[View]
124620447Weird /co/incidences thread: >Be me >Be one of a couple Mao Mao anons trying to push him in 20…[View]
124621881Are there any popular 80's and 90's era IPs left to ruin? Are they going to go after Brave…[View]
124621534Would you date Meg Griffin if she was real?[View]
124624001Stolas: What does Blitzo have that Stlla doesn't?[View]
124623727Anyone else find it strange that the Crimson Chins sidekick suddenly shows up one issue with no back…[View]
124623047Why did superhero comics turn into romcom and romance? Whatever happened to the action, adventure th…[View]
124580463should i watch glitch techs?[View]
124607877is ren and stimpy actually worth watching at all today?[View]
124619132>here's your Star Butterfly bro[View]
124623930Dippers cheeks.[View]
124621577>Skeletor is an incel. Bullshit, all he would have to do is start a rock band and he would be dro…[View]
124613580What did the Chinese audiences think of this?[View]
124609777What went wrong?[View]
124623877You know guys, I remembered a time when the worst Powerpuff Girls THING were the post-movie seasons …[View]
124623070Loki: >Draw inspiration from a version of the Kang most people are too young to know about >Ev…[View]
124618451Personally I think The Owl House has an interesting plot development[View]
124623225Legit one of the funniest Spongebob moments[View]
124623598Mao Mao last aired in CN in the USA on July 17th 2020: Nothing since. Not even a rerun on the main c…[View]
124581432After endless waves of bad reboots and worse yet to come, is this one finally considered kino?[View]
124622847Are muties a little too blatantly queer-coded nowadays?[View]
124622216Is Thanos black: Nigger nigger... While researching, it came up that Thanos, comes from the planet T…[View]
124623408Galatea: Those she shits?[View]
124622013What's going on with Warner Animation Group?: They were on top of their game with their Lego Mo…[View]
124619736He-Man Episode 2 from someone who never watched it growing up: Thread for episode 1: >>1246178…[View]
124618831Olympic Mascots: Which one’s the best? And the worst? https://scoutlife.org/features/4560/olympic-ma…[View]
124623213Westaboo thread[View]
124621982Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the weight-gaining Master of Darkness, unleashed an unspeakable …[View]
124623054Anon, watch your camera.[View]
124622372Character Assasination: The Teela Show: Remember the episode of He-Man where after he accidently tho…[View]
124619016Any thoughts about how Season 3 is going to be?[View]
124621531was he based?[View]
124620947Chair: Why did he refuse to get out of that chair?[View]
124619559Aliens Vs Predator thread: I bet fucking /co/ can come up with a better reboot/video game/story for …[View]
124622812Fooled you! Bet you didn't expect Teela to be the main character, did you? Women are the REAL m…[View]
124622530'I hate animation too' -Lars Von Trier[View]
124600437This show worth watching?[View]
124602362marvel October solicitations: VENOM #1 AL EWING & RAM V (W) • BRYAN HITCH (A/C) VARIANT COVER BY…[View]
124618425Did Ralph 2 legitamally have something that Space Jam 2 didn't or is it just disney dick-suckin…[View]
124622300The Modifyers: So... Did you find out about it only because of a... parody?[View]
124620209Was it kino?[View]
124622171Futurama: This is pretty funny.[View]
124622323>*dicks over your artist and runs away with the profits under the guise of being creator-owned* n…[View]
124617706>Disney closing down all shows and not getting new ones due to the pandemic >Cartoon Network f…[View]
124618777Who has it worse[View]
124607551Do you like Vanellope?[View]
124616299the cat from open season 2: what the fuck was his problem?[View]
124617193>/co/ RESPECTS me[View]
124616129>starts as an autistic asshole who'd beat up humans in a boxing ring, bully Jimmy 24/7 and t…[View]
124619948Why do so many characters feel entitled to knowing someones secret identity now a days? First Amber,…[View]
124620154How do you feel about violence against women in /co/?[View]
124604421New psychicpebbles interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3SPnm43q3E >season 1 is 8 episodes…[View]
124615043Why do these three shows seem to attract the same audience?[View]
124618382Has there ever been a spinoff series or sequel that surpassed the original?[View]
124620145i liked the comics. they were well written and funny :3[View]
124619698>Even though (((they))) killed my lord I didn't know Seth was based…[View]
124620590You are watching these ndie shorts being premiered in fortnite right /co/? https://youtu.be/M2KvJKl9…[View]
124620524Why is ryona so popular with physically strong females?[View]
124617692Better He-Man sequel than Revelations[View]
124599048Well, /co/?: How do you like me now?[View]
124618502What even is she? Is she a hellborn or a sinner? How powerful is she? Will we get to see her often w…[View]
124616746No one remembers the real new He Man series from Netflix?: Which was revealed 2 series: revelations …[View]
124620884hey /co/ is it true that cartoons and comics are watched more by women nowadays? i'm zoomer and…[View]
124608545Is Jessica the Most Tolerable Character?[View]
124610885I’m going to leave this glass of ocean water here and go. I’ve got some traps to create for Batsy! T…[View]
124601145Did people find this funny in 2020?[View]
124583203What is the actual ideological reason for the conflict?[View]
124615523/co/, I need your help, I need to make a 'deep' analysis of this movie for a class asap, any interes…[View]
124609289Watch Ainbo[View]
124608957>WHAT IF SUPERMAN BUT DUCK will this trope ever end[View]
124600476This is your new starfire and you're gonna love it![View]
124619891Y The Last Man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aTHGWAji_k Will It Actually be Good? Or will it jus…[View]
124612780Hannah Barbera: Are Hannah Barbera cartoons that bad? Blue Falcon, Space Ghost, and Birdman look coo…[View]
124621209For me, it’s Barley Lightfoot.[View]
124619579J. Jonah Jameson tried to warn us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb9NiT-1Gi0[View]
124617724Does /co/ like Cyborg He-Man?: https://youtu.be/aK7zZd1Mvms?t=30[View]
124543497/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
124618878Other than trying to eat Starfire, she did nothing wrong[View]
124619248>two netflix productions >two 'reboot/sequels' of a 30 year old series with an established fan…[View]
124616785/shelf/: Thank god it's Friday! Shitty Captcha Edition Don't know where to buy? Try these:…[View]
124620204Is this 4chan/4channel’s favorite episode?[View]
124600256Talespin: Did Baloo move out of the jungle to become a pilot, or did he move into the jungle and bec…[View]
124611664ITT: Perfect shows cancelled too early.[View]
124618844The time has come[View]
124607607Adventurebros... what the FUCK happened to our show...?[View]
124617318I like these videos. It's 99% le funny faces and screams, but it has a unique energy to it.[View]
124614874Royal/Alumna Waifus: A thread to appreciate some of the classics, the influencers that shaped a gene…[View]
124617320Why is every version of daffy funny?[View]
124608228The Owl House: What is Sprig doing on Hunter's bed? Why are they together?[View]
124617342Glasses Thread: Post /co/ Characters that wear glasses. Especially those who aren't supposed to…[View]
124612643How would you fix her character?[View]
124616928SECRET INVASION Character Details: >Emilia Clarke plays 'a smart, skilled and confident spy with …[View]
124619528Nickelodeon Brawl: Did any of you ever play the Flash games that the upcoming game is based on? So m…[View]
124603406What was his Endgame? Was it all just an overly expensive prank on fans of a beloved series in a mar…[View]
124618599What a cunt.[View]
124619118San Diego Comic Con 2021: SDCC is once again doing the 'at home' livestream panelsl, but many things…[View]
124619215Alright you sanctimonious boobs, the time has come again after so long. Reveal you Skeletor rule 63!…[View]
124615802Why does it seem every straight white male is dying in /co/ media?[View]
124618634So Fisk had Emma trick everyone into thinking Matt killed that guy right?[View]
124616888Look, I understand that you can be a bit disappointed or feel unfulfilled about a cartoon's end…[View]
124617971uiy: kdfh[View]
124574095BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: >open bcb website >see madison >day ruined…[View]
124619021Was this the first Nicktoon with any notable anime influence behind it?[View]
124604063Laika: What's their next move?[View]
124617820He-Man Episode 1 from someone who never watched it growing up: I decided to figure out how the show …[View]
124617663Did anyone watch this? What did you think of it?[View]
124617250All God's creatures[View]
124603361ITT: Times sex appeal actually mad a comic worse[View]
124610463>“It’s ok everyone, Jasper said sorry!” > “Thanks Roger! I feel much better now…” /co/ serious…[View]
124617207Hunter x Luz: Best ship? Don't worry, Amity can watch them from a closet while wearing Superman…[View]
124613124He-man bros.....[View]
124618728Supergirls: Who is best girl superhero?[View]
124610333daily nutshack thread[View]
124611829Gunnergarbage Shit: Total trash[View]
124614426What are some shows that are highly rated yet underappreciated? Ugly Americans deserved so much bett…[View]
124617983I'm watchingthe first seasonand it's just not funny. The art style is ugly and Huey is Liz…[View]
124609052What is the purple pill of /co/?[View]
124616028It really wasn't that bad: Though, it really wasn't that good either. Both critic and aud…[View]
124618265I like comics, but when I think of comics I like, I don't think of superhero shit, I think of s…[View]
124608216Why dis nigga always droolin[View]
124613741Post cartoon protagonists more competent than He-Man[View]
124605632Mary Suki: Why do people like her?[View]
124616399what is the /co/ version of this?[View]
124615257Gunter, who told you Can fly![View]
124610440Is there a more useless move than the Penance Stare? Everytime Ghost Rider attempts to use it on a n…[View]
124615287He needs a new comic.[View]
124616337So... they're guaranteed to get a movie, right?[View]
124610370Is anyone else getting tired of the 'Analog Horror Youtube ARV inspired by FNAF'? It was cool for a …[View]
124614522What's your guilty pleasure series?[View]
124613445What were your honest thoughts on Courage the Cowardly Dog?[View]
124617976When a Fan Episode Is A Better He-Man Sequel Than MotUR: No, seriously, it is. Sad that only the fir…[View]
124615595Is Optimus a good character in IDW 2019?[View]
124617619homo superior[View]
124614082He-man bros...: Spoilers... they...[View]
124611497Do you prefer to watch animated movies or tv shows /co/?[View]
124602462Dipper and his girls: Post Dipper and Dipper Girls wholesomeness.[View]
124611053For me, it's Martin Mystery[View]
124615831swimsuit thread[View]
124617239Sandcastle Storytime: Hey, /co/, let's read Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeter…[View]
12460982540YSX: What's done is done /co/, we can't change that and its natural to be sad about that…[View]
124616208What did you like about this show?[View]
124616989Oooooooh, now I get why people draw her so off model, it's a melon lord joke.[View]
124615064For me, it’s Chief Wiggum[View]
124616344Why were all of the main characters male? I call sexism[View]
124613570Still the best version of Masters of the Universe[View]
124616514Theorize the smell. Draw up a hypothesis about the odor this image pertrudes.[View]
124616614This is dope[View]
124616547This show is really good.[View]
124614911Storytime of Pain: Winebibber: You know, I've been looking forward to Storytime of Pain Weekend…[View]
124614123Modern writing[View]
124560071adventure time stuff: talk bout the show, post memes, or like art idk just finished the last few sea…[View]
124602367Only a few hours left until almost all unlisted content from before 2016 is privitized Hope you down…[View]
124616159Well this was crap, I've seen parody shows like Harvey Birdman feature a well established Hanna…[View]
124607848Imagine you're a normie. You've just watched the Spider-man 2 or whatever and you think 'I…[View]
124616276Cute Critters! Oh Ashley Nichols has a yeti OC.[View]
124616552Is he the show's main character?[View]
124605201Which Cobra Commander do you prefer? >Used car salesman gone crazy after the death of his brother…[View]
124612639So I was imaging beating up the Crystal Gems, like full shadow boxing and getting in the zone. Midwa…[View]
124614545Is this just the manga claymore done badly ?: I never read a work of fiction where the people have 0…[View]
124614626I want her so much.[View]
124616259ITT: We laugh at Kevin Smith and Masters of the Universe.[View]
124616155He-man comics: Since the new show is out, do you guys have any comic recommendations, any favorite m…[View]
124612307Do you remember dumb ways to die? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw[View]
124614378>Godspeed was an Indian all along How could this be????[View]
124605617Why are these two so obsessed with each other?[View]
124610116So you like the Bernstein bear cartoon?[View]
124610955i've always wondered what this guy must've looked like irl. snail makes sense cuz she…[View]
124595929>two netflix productions >two 'reboot/sequels' of a 30 year old series with an established fan…[View]
124615706Endgame would be far better if they didn’t kill the thanos responsible for everything in the first f…[View]
124614370It's been a while, reaction image time[View]
124614778The Flash: My wife's son is really into The Flash TV show, can /co/ recommend some good Flash b…[View]
124614174How could this happen?[View]
124615437She's still a slave.[View]
124614001How the hell did he do the loaf of bread trick? The wine into water could be achieved by hiding a ta…[View]
124608776Ben 10 or Gen X?: For me it’s the latter.[View]
124609514Who is the best attractive girl love interest plot device? And why is it Jackie?[View]
124614684Atleast it didnt lie.[View]
124614898Hypothetically, let's say I owned an animation studio and I hired a blacklisted person - not bl…[View]
124608839Wtf was their problem?[View]
124601326Mary Jane Thread: Who is your favorite MJ's artist?[View]
124590236Rick & Morty 5/7: Why did she name the incest baby fucking Naruto?[View]
124599996What are you expecting from the upcoming MCU Blade movie?[View]
124610683I've been trying to watch all the classic Disney movies and it is torture. The singing is unbea…[View]
124611929In fact, you have to be mentally stuck at age 10 to love and appreciate Superman.[View]
124614983Is this actually good or just fetish/fap material?[View]
124614524Undeniable proof that men have shit taste while women are based.[View]
124612964>How's that reboot working out for you, anon?[View]
124605076Who are your favourite /co/ blondes?[View]
124606265I unironically think race-bending for cosplay should be acceptable when it's not a degrading ca…[View]
124605629>”Stop calling them terrorists.” This isn’t what I wanted.[View]
124605494Looney tunes ban in china.: Why does China hate looney tunes? Is it because bugs bunny is trans or d…[View]
124605422I like Silver Banshee and wish she was used more in Superman material. Livewire too. Anyone else lik…[View]
124612992Heathcliff is staring at the birds.[View]
124593982ITT: bad messages in kids show: I am the only one who thinks that in hindsight many Nicktoons have i…[View]
124613583Invincible turned out to be gay.: 150 issues almost. DAYS of straight rapt reading. only to come to …[View]
124595156Is he our new /co/ king of suffering? Because as bad as Finn had it, he didn’t have to die twice to …[View]
124600462SUNSTONE STORYTIME: This is a very stupid idea, very fucking stupid Christ let's see how far in…[View]
124607249Space Jam 3: The director of Space Jam 2 is already working on a third movie, which will feature Dwa…[View]
124612632>The He-man Reboot: Unceremoniously kills the male main charters (He-man twice) and decides to re…[View]
124609626Unsounded: Uaid's got some moves.[View]
124614361If the most campy gay dude in cartoons ain’t safe from getting WOKE’d then what hope is left for the…[View]
124606257Only a few hours away: The meltdown will be something else[View]
124614260This is offensive[View]
124599660Beta Ray Bill by Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spencer Storytime #1- #4: Earlier this week I promis…[View]
124610551Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans: So /co/, What did you think of it?[View]
124613774TCJ Ray Mescallado on Death[View]
124609362Reminder that Captain N did a better job of representing Castlevania than the Netflix show did.[View]
124611397Watch more soul brotha vids[View]
124613579Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
124608386Unpopular opinion, but I liked it more than the original. The Looney Tunes were more involved, and s…[View]
124589909DC Super Hero Girls: Best/worst episode? >best >Working Stiff >worst >Burrito Bucket Sea…[View]
124604030WORST ANIMATED MOVIES OF ALL TIME: 25. SCOOB 24. Pokémon: The Movie 2000 23. Happily N’Ever After 22…[View]
124575081/croc/-Creator Owned Comics: Thread for discussion creator owned western comics including webcomics …[View]
124610323>'I'll do my best' >Immediately gives it away…[View]
124609067Congratulations Zach, I raise a glass for being one of the most successful Newgrounders ever (not th…[View]
124532267Helluva Boss/Hazbin Hotel thread: The end is near https://twitter.com/IMPmurderpros/status/141620867…[View]
124610509Did he and Caroline had sex?[View]
124609535Does anybody own the Gotham 1919-1939 unofficial history book? Looks great and the lore sounds cool.…[View]
124609090>Removed from the movie alongside Pepe. They might be gone, But at least they got 'memory holed'…[View]
124609524ITT: Favorite Tropes: >Character is tied to a familiar/demon that hates them but is forced to aid…[View]
124602827Scarlet Witch & the Vision: do you like them as a couple /co/?[View]
124609459>Skinner, with his crazy explanations >The superintendent's gonna need his medication! …[View]
124592266Imagine you're a normie. You've just watched the Avengers or whatever and you think 'I rea…[View]
124596986Got bored one weekend and decided to check this out. I liked it okay. But what did /co/ think of it?[View]
124607152>Back to the Future ripoff became one of the most popular cartoons of our generation You guys wer…[View]
124607520Is Shi comic any good? Has anyone ever read it?[View]
124608073A She-Hulk TV show would just be Ally Mcbeal but with super powers.[View]
124612058Belzebubs?: honestly I'm just here to ask if anyone's scanned and uploaded the pinup calen…[View]
124590840who would win in a fight[View]
124611304imagine the smell[View]
124608396Was it racist? I don’t think so. They even specifically cast a white actor to avoid being accused of…[View]
124611778Post characters women will never understand[View]
124611086Could Jackie the Nacho Girl feasibly work as a spinoff series?[View]
124611807Cantwell's Iron Man: Why does everyone from Tony to the Human Torch talk like college girls in …[View]
124607925These two ships work much better[View]
124608434I work in the animation industry and hate it. Ask me anything. I won't give any identifiable in…[View]
124610009Mars Attacks comics from the nineties?: How are these remembered? They were put out by Topps Comics …[View]
124610301>tfw no qt 9.5/10 twink bf who wants you to rail him Husbandos?[View]
124610634How OP is He-Man supposed to be?: Bloodlusted Superman jumps him and hits him with Heat Vision strai…[View]
124583868So why are people saying this is a good movie now?[View]
124608475Aquaman/Green Arrow Mini: For the Aquabros and Arrowbros, what do you think about this team up book?…[View]
124602922Random superpower thread For this one it's a team battle royale for the infinity gauntlet and …[View]
124600553Holy shit this movies fucking great I never watched it because I expected it was gonna be some cheap…[View]
124607349Apologize for being wrong.[View]
124606462holy shit what went wrong?[View]
124587156Jellystone: New interview with C.H. Greenblatt is out. The show debuts July 29th and the first batch…[View]
124602540What do you think about starkie?[View]
124584403Thoughts on Gadget Hackwrench?[View]
124595749Lasagna Cat is nothing but a pretentious, vitriolic attack on the creator of a harmless comic strip,…[View]
124601310What do we think about Korra's mom, Senna?[View]
124607843ever after high: LOL[View]
124606730Why does king of the hill have the reputation of being so boring[View]
124608665Why did they turn her into a clueless retard?[View]
124609898Comic book movies should be set in the era they were written in, the late 30s through the 60s especi…[View]
124601262Storytime Weekend of Pain 2021: Reminder, tomorrow SDCC begins, and thus /co/ continues its annual t…[View]
124609721Uhhhh, what are your superpowers again?[View]
124599833Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 119-20, 123: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/12427161…[View]
124596143Alright /co/, give me one good reason why this isn't the best Adam Strange story to date. >p…[View]
124604139This is the best animated Superman.[View]
124609620BoJack Binge Thread: S3E6 woooooooo! Emily come back to me! Suck a dick Tod![View]
124602106My Adventures with Superman: You guys can bitch and moan all you want about the new designs but I’m …[View]
124605543Is it doomed to flop like Black Widow?[View]
124602994Archie Sonic Storytime #53: And we're back! Time for Penders Echidna Bullshit to get Btfo'…[View]
124606359The movie was pretty shit, but the theme was a banger[View]
124606110name a villain with better backstory protip: you can't[View]
124603605Think of a /co/ character, got one? Okay Now which board would they browse?[View]
124601885Wtf Wasp?: Cap was absolutely in the right.[View]
124605603Dreamworks Dragons Series: >Dragons: Riders Of Berk >Dragons: Defenders Of Berk >Dragons: R…[View]
124601815Priyanka: Haha, time for Priyanka[View]
124605707HAHA Awards: Have you casted your vote yet?[View]
124609700Watch Patrick Star’s musical.[View]
124609663Can anyone tell me the name of this series? Google images didn’t help.[View]
124604641BoJack S3E1: I actually do like this show. The binge continues.[View]
124607519And so what we have learned applies to our lives today And God has a lot to say in His Book. You see…[View]
124603115LITTLEST ZOMBIE STORYTIME Quick 3 issue storytime of one of my favorite little comics[View]
124606349He became real[View]
124604821Does catra have a chance to do better in miss /co/ this year?[View]
124606422Why do people like this show again?[View]
124583391Kevin Smith made an He-Man response video to explain some things to you chuds and incels. https://ww…[View]
124607239Why is Nickelodeon making a game where SpongeBob can beat up children? Stephen Hillenburg would be f…[View]
124608771Superintendent Chalmers! https://files.catbox.moe/ckmr9p.mp4[View]
124598050Le Disney Princess Tier[View]
124606131Anyone else a fan of Joelle Jones?[View]
124602472Why is General Zod in so many Superman movies? You'd think just by probability we would have go…[View]
124605028Shang-Chi = Iron Man: First, you stole his archenemy. Now, you're stealing his armor?!? WTF…[View]
124608741Why was Stan Lee obsessed with undermining Kirby's female characters? Follow this sequence with…[View]
124608336I'm not a religious man... but I've read bits and pieces over the years. Curiosity more th…[View]
124605309How come there is almost nobody do eugenics for mutants? It doesn’t make sense. Sinister is the only…[View]
124607922It looks like a 4th Open Season film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN6TgXnNVGQ[View]
124604854Where did all the small time villains go? Can audiences just not find any fun in someone who doesn…[View]
124592232Are you gonna read it? It stars Zuko's side hoe.[View]
124608213Does Terry have any decent comics? I've been rewatching the cartoon lately, and I love it. I wa…[View]
124608335How did /co/ feel about Kang/Immortus acting like a clown in X-Men:TAS as part of his keikaku?…[View]
124605013A fate worse than death.[View]
124599582The Owl House: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
124607944Tom Holland would make a pretty good Ben 10[View]
124599214How dumb was this?[View]
124547370Frozen 2: Frozen 3's separation will be between Anna and Olaf at this point. Imagine an entire …[View]
124607660Itt Fucked up moments in /co/: Remember when a chick discovered Superman was Clark Kent and she got …[View]
124605206Thoughts on this?[View]
124607809A.I/Phalanx War: With all the stuff going on with A.I in the X-books, I wonder if they're ever …[View]
124607696It's Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3SPnm43q3E[View]
124605763>Kevin has mistaken me for that dickhead, Clarence. It seems logical because Clarence is also an …[View]
124606580What should she say?: Is this blue board safe?[View]
124604375So she caught her Mom having an orgy?[View]
124604278post characters nobody hates[View]
124606661Why did Dr. Manhattan decide to make himself blue?[View]
124607432So what are the most bizarre, starfish aliens in Comics and Cartoons media, or just any media in gen…[View]
124607419It sucks that we are stuck with T'Challa / Storm interactions for the rest of our lives: They a…[View]
124604965Fucking dorks: I miss them so much....[View]
124594499Pixar rating: I have not actually seen Luca but they would not let me put it back https://tiermaker.…[View]
124602087Could he have pulled it off?[View]
124599379Was he genius or retarded?[View]
124603310Is Stanley S. Squarepants the secret identity of infamous supervillain, Stanley. Messy Messerson?[View]
124606178>okay you can choose any character out of batman's massive rogues gallery of interesting cha…[View]
124601201Is there even one good person in the entire cast?[View]
124606160Didn't introduce (1) sister in season one and now its dead. Damn.[View]
124602688I've been meaning to start reading Busiek's avengers run. I'm almost done reading the…[View]
124606490Are they our last hope?[View]
124602000You're missing make baroness obey GI Joe: You are a member GI Joe with 24 hours to make barones…[View]
124605779>almost everything is a reboot, remake, or sequel now >but they aren't making S6 of Teen …[View]
124586178M.O.M Mother of Madness #1 storytime: Emilia Clarke wrote a comic[View]
124601029https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12915960/reviews?ref_=tt_sa_3 >nothing but 1s and 2s across the user…[View]
124580703SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN STORYTIME: Let's get to it Previous thread >>124555929…[View]
124600862Milestone comics: Does anyone remember (except from static)them?[View]
124605384the REAL Nickelodeon Brawl game: THIS Nickelodeon Brawl game was god-tier. Not so sure about the upc…[View]
124605843can't believe they exposed children to gay porn[View]
124596333What a dork.[View]
124605098It's true Noelle confirmed Adora didn't love Catra until S5? I want to believe it's j…[View]
124593063Guillermo del Toro, you magnificent bastard, did you just put some Pacific Rim in my Trollhunters? B…[View]
124600760|•X•| Thread X-Men Thread General: Let's have a thread to discuss the ongoings of our favorite …[View]
124603576What the fuck was his problem?[View]
124596361just watched this and I cried[View]
124603622Here is a fun Ben 10 fact : Psyphon was originally supposed to be a woman. They only changed it beca…[View]
124591970Witchervania: this gonna be kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83o8_ZuKMik[View]
124603944RWBY: the faunus are doomed to extinction?: If racism against fauns ceased to exist, it means that m…[View]
124605120Comic books about straight white man being Heroes.: Provide example somebody(not me) believes comic …[View]
124593072The Life of Hilda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFRsg_ijTQY[View]
124605268>Old Man Daffy[View]
124605237animatrix: all the shorts really could have been their own movies[View]
124605232You didn't think Andi would survive THREE Carnage events, did you?[View]
124604901>Bubblegum's uncle >Was created by her Fucking hell this is so rage inducing, I didn…[View]
124595648Why do 90% of the hero cast, composed by old men, behave like fourth-graders in the face of danger? …[View]
124590949Show me what you've got.[View]
124602446Why don't we have a Disney princess isekai? A guy transported into the Princesses world just wr…[View]
124604979What is the lore behind these guys? One resembles the Plankton we know but the other 4 I haven’t see…[View]
124602186What is Milo showing Tarzan?[View]
124590873Such a shame Joseph: King of Dreams has been mostly forgotten. It serves as a nice companion to the …[View]
124601979When's the last time a cartoon or comic made you cry because it was so beautiful? please no bit…[View]
124602024even a little girl can do it: Why haven't you made your own cartoon show, /co/? (specifically S…[View]
124603730/co/ makes a character: We are going to make the most BASED character there ever has been in america…[View]
124595918>My wife RESPECTS me[View]
124594088This show would have been better if they toned down the gore. Why do redditors and millenials cream …[View]
124602740Itt: Upgrade characters[View]
124591867ITT: Cartoons that have no fans: Has anyone ever come across someone who said 'man, I loved watching…[View]
124592215Now that so much dust has settled you'll need a vacuum cleaner, how would YOU have rebooted the…[View]
124600784What was Agatha doing with Ralph before we saw him impersonating Pietro?[View]
124602051>Batman: Caped Crusader >My Adventures with Superman >Aquaman: King of Atlantis When is W…[View]
124600224>Starts laughing >Just >Like >This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgflCE7zRpc >Want…[View]
124596451Its crap: Please for the love of creativity bring back the beauty of Eurocentric fairytales with str…[View]
124602161Remember that episode of Flapjack where that guy was in love with Bubbie? Yeah, that was weird. Any…[View]
124594515The Eternals Face Off Against the Avengers of 1,000,000 BCE in 'Eternals: Celestia' #1: …[View]
124604196should Odlulu get her own show?: I don't give a fuck about Waldo/Wally I just want more Odlulu,…[View]
124595941Why does the animation suddenly go to shit at episode 9?[View]
124601775What would he have done if he found about about Nancy an John Redcorn?[View]
124602800There was this Romanian dubbing studio that was universally known for their bad dubs. They were resp…[View]
124604014>say they want to desexualize lola bunny in space jam 2 >also have her repeatedly tied up by a…[View]
124600276What's his name?[View]
124603855Me on the right.[View]
124597533Pretty white princesses: We will never see this again in Disney[View]
124599716Fuck, Marry, and Kill?[View]
124598191Artist's self inserts in cartoons: You hate to see it /co.[View]
124603341Is this why the DCEU failed?[View]
124590650>Todd would rather build a sex robot for his girlfriend to fuck than even TRY having sex ONCE Ase…[View]
124603199What were they thinking?[View]
124593000This is Thea Silton. Say something nice[View]
124592035>You're going to get it you little twerp![View]
124598732Kamp Koral: 13 new episodes of kamp koral came out today, discuss them here[View]
124600268Nubia should be dark as fuck, Grace Jones dark. They are rare in capeshit.[View]
124597444High Guardian Spice Release Date in 2 Weeks[View]
124599957Goths: Post Goths[View]
124599677How would he fare in the Marvel/DC universes?[View]
124599375GI Joe or Cobra, which side do you join?[View]
124579650IT'S OVER: Kevin won[View]
124591521Cleopatra has a harem[View]
124595062There is many many complex characters in anime a very underrated example would be Will Vandom from W…[View]
124600924I put it back to not forget[View]
124599736Why doesn't Marvel or DC hire Andrea Cofrancesco to draw their comics? Pic related[View]
124599956>That's under the assumption that season 24 will consist of 10 instalments – which has been …[View]
124575562>that spoiler lmao what the FUCK was Kevin Smith thinking??[View]
124598318>26 episodes total >maybe 3-4 worthwhile ones for animation and 3-4 for story >very little …[View]
124600179>goddamn Bamm-Bamm, you had one job[View]
124602348Is a vegetarian Hunts for sport anyway What a chad.[View]
124601711Hanna-Barbera: early 60s > 90s & early 2000s > 50s > 80s >>>>>>>…[View]
124602040So, when exactly did Adora fall in love with Catra? She seemed far more in love with Huntara in one …[View]
124599571According to X-Men Evolution >he doesn't teleport per se >he actually goes through some d…[View]
124589509is this what they mean by overanimation?[View]
124596821>Greetings, cartoon connoisseurs, welcome to KaBlam! I'm Henry! >That would make me June.…[View]
124599094Almost done with the first season, what did I think of it?[View]
124600626Connie Maheswaran: What if Connie was evil?[View]
124599239I hope they spend an entire episode of just her raping mark[View]
124602063First two episodes are great, the rest is fucking shit. what the FUCK happened?[View]
124594542I miss her so much.[View]
124595545New Luke Cage mini >'In the new series, a shadowy rogue group named the Regulators are terrorizin…[View]
124600142Why don't western artists like Tim Lochner draw comics? Pic related is his art[View]
124594059THE DUCK AVENGER - WEEKLY STORYTIME PART 7: Previous Threads: 1)https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/12…[View]
124600674What's everybody's favorite Tamers? For me it's that one Christmas special where the …[View]
124599227This looks like the moment before Maury reveals the DNA results.[View]
124601763'99 zoomer here. looking for toons with this feel https://youtu.be/jw6-LzuEvb4?list=RDjw6-LzuEv…[View]
124600487Why are characters like this popular to men anymore?: I could have sworn they get the most rule34 al…[View]
124599428would you watch?[View]
124599285ITT: /co/ guys you'd turn gay and sub bottom for[View]
124590330>this is a 10/10 according to women[View]
124596938Emilia Clarke wrote a comic. Well, she CLAIMS she wrote it. I'm pretty sure an algorithm is res…[View]
124572524Captain Marvel #30: Been a while since I storytimed anything, may as well re-pop that cherry with th…[View]
124601531League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: I absolutely loved volume 1 and volume 2 -- how are the rest in t…[View]
124590538When will they release a new episode ?[View]
124600535Cartoon shorts about three pieces of talking vomit: Does anybody knows the original name of a cartoo…[View]
124599232Why can't wonder woman wear something like this? At least for a bit[View]
124599291I don't remember this episode of As Told By Ginger[View]
124599857>Black cop named Bulletproof >In a show set in 2020 Wow…[View]
124601240Who is this shit even for?[View]
124582157Yooo, check out my anime reference in my mediocre western beanmouth cartoon.[View]
124601185Reminder that a thankful heart is a happy heart. Practice gratefulness every day to keep sight of wh…[View]
124600019>Most of it's humor is built off pop culture and celebrity references and warner bros studio…[View]
124601047>Cotton didn't know it was a State Trooper. He just saw a man in a hat pointing a gun at Bob…[View]
124599263What's up Mista W?[View]
124596687Appreciate the snake[View]
124598582Do you think the golden guard will sacrifice his new friend?[View]
124598319So why do we never talk about Wish Kid, Jungle Cubs, ProStars, the Dumb and Dumber cartoon, Santo Bu…[View]
124598824It's a complete mismatch of concepts. Just because we 'understand' the concepts, that does not …[View]
124600053The age of goths is over[View]
124568911Archie Sonic Storytime #52: And we're back! Time for another early ST. Sonic 135-138 thread th…[View]
124563781Leaked Owl House Pilot: https://youtu.be/YIRmrhYHjfQ King's design looked cooler with the orang…[View]
124599752>Let's not be Skeletons >The Power is Yours I don't normally call things propaganda…[View]
124594168Maggie: >could she have gotten as strong as Anne or Sasha (because Marcy is still weak) if she we…[View]
124597483I miss it[View]
124586248Batman The Brave and the Bold: How the fuck was it so good bros? And why the hell did anyone think c…[View]
124599630What are some /co/ stories where the good guys are traditionalists and the bad guys are revolutionar…[View]
124592707Beavis and Butthead revival: Is /co/ excited?[View]
124581379Danny Phantom: We're getting a new graphic novel by Amulet. It comes out on Spring 2022. https…[View]
124592782Why does /co/ have such a monopoly on cute goth girls? >Raven from Teen Titans >Gwen from Tota…[View]
124573267Surprise Surprise....: But isn't this basically just good Doom vs Luthor?[View]
124598845what happend to the movie? I'm waiting so long[View]
124599393Simpsons Season 33: The Star of Backstage Treehouse of Horror XXXII Bart's In Jail! The Wayz We…[View]
124597639Join the mutant sex cult[View]
124590585The Owl House: Are Hunterfags ready to get BTFO'd?[View]
124596214Teen Titans Go Spinoff: The Night Begins to Shine: Will it be good?[View]
124598916We need more villainesses in animation like her.[View]
124597455Why don't you eat your spinach? Don't you wanna grow big and strong?[View]
124595036Who Would Win?[View]
124594308It was ME Barry[View]
124598905I actually thought big cheese was disgusting as fuck the first time I saw him. Look at this shit, he…[View]
124597566will bendis' black adam fight future state' black adam once he escapes from rock of eterni…[View]
124597498Why has there still not been a better Batman comic?[View]
124597874What alien would be the most useful?[View]
124596783why is her name vaggie[View]
124594186What are the edgiest comics of all time? I want to test myself.[View]
124598006cancelled Dino Stamatopoulos pilot: https://youtu.be/elsBo-567hU[View]
124590933OH NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA The Suicide Squad is gonna flop[View]
124598632>revolutionizes the industry in your path Kneel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fMWOSU3iQ8…[View]
124597994Old Spongebob was absolutely kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRBxyB7ghic[View]
124598391What did /co/ think of The Kirlian Frequency?[View]
124597306Underrated Rogues Galleries: There’s always threads about Batman, Spidey, X-Men, and Flash’s rogues,…[View]
124598550Why didnt she just tell Fern to act as an ambassador for the animals?[View]
124594887Do you think an animated series based on pic related could work? It certainly has the potential.[View]
124595422Not Lenny![View]
124594228>yup. I caught you with a cigarette so I’m gonna make you smoke a whole pack >I caught you wit…[View]
124597095Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 116, 118-20: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/12427161…[View]
124597587What the heck Benson!? It's okay for you to cúck me and Rigby by eating our burgers that are on…[View]
124597096Will the big comic publishers finally stop pandering to SJWs now that comic sales have effectively b…[View]
124598296Anybody enjoying capeshit AU's more then the mainline ones ?: I'm really enjoying seeing t…[View]
124584910Rangarok #1-3 by Walt Simonson: Bump if you want to read homie.[View]
124597331Let's make the most BASED cartoon there is, /co/. Through the power of tropes. 0) Dark comedy, …[View]
124597436Are they actually trying to wage war against wage war against the fans animation?: Can this affect s…[View]
124569423Guardians of the Galaxy #16 Storytime: Dormammu will ANNIHILATE them all![View]
124567707Monsters at Work: Have you watched it? What do you think of it? Watched the first three last night a…[View]
124598178I need some help finding an old european comic that my grandad collected. It was poking fun at ww2, …[View]
124586330Can we talk about how this hour-long musical special was in hindsight really darn neat and cool? Mos…[View]
124597454>Bah, why don't non-capeshit comics ever win tournaments? Fucking talk about them. Support t…[View]
124596061What does /co/ thinks of Superman and Lois[View]
124588466Claremont: What's his fetish?[View]
124529124For me, it’s Teddy.[View]
124594464Fuck, Marry, BDSM, Kiss???[View]
124547718Moonbeam City was worth it just for Pizzaz. Post Pizzaz[View]
124592462/co/ Billion dollars dreams: Alright /co/. If you got a billion dollars in your hand, what would you…[View]
124597664GOTTHEM, a Batman parody comic series is funding on Kickstarter. I hope you like it! ;-): www.GOTTHE…[View]
124596423>character gets badly injured >lol >'I'm okay!' >pic rel…[View]
124597492>villain is the hero from the future >villain is the mirrored version of the hero…[View]
124597364why did he get cucked so hard?[View]
124596189Was Morty retarded? He had it all, and he gets cold feet from some dead miners. What a fucking retar…[View]
124597244ITT: Shows you think are getting shilled[View]
124592956ITT rare examples of synergy actually benefiting/adding to comics. Pic related for example is Lady O…[View]
124596719what's the worst experience you've had a your LCS?[View]
124593337ITT: Characters you find strangely cute: I think most of the panda designs in KFP3 are fucking hideo…[View]
124591079Would it have been good?[View]
124568809Work on Your Art: Post your work/progress. How's it been going lately?[View]
124593133Skeletor bros, we won.[View]
124596955When Tamers12345 inevitably releases the sequel to his feature length Sonic Underground film 'Battle…[View]
124595481Why were the Comedy Central seasons so awful?[View]
124595584Samurai Jack: How strong is this foolish samurai warrior? Could he defeat any Steven Universe gem? (…[View]
124593560REMINDER: Kevin Smith was a fan of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson, and how they treated Luke Skywalker:…[View]
124596680If I was in charge of Simpson’s, I would have the writers de-flag series all the characters. The nex…[View]
124577210come up with a good cartoon idea with a medieval setting[View]
124595184What went so wrong?: How would you fix this movie?[View]
124596263Which series would you like to see ruined by a remake?: How would you change or adapt to current tim…[View]
124585357>went from having multiple comics, being the focus of several events, having his own movie, carto…[View]
124590063Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl: So it's clear that we can't discuss this game on /v/ or the t…[View]
124593431Belos vs Andrias: Between these two villains, which one do you like more and who would win in a war …[View]
124595534Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 63, 66: 1-2 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124268419/ 3-5 ht…[View]
124593383Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 60-2: 1-2 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124268419/ 3-5 http…[View]
124592146Commando Storytime - № 1455-6: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/123547564/ 194…[View]
124593662Stop it guys it's upsetting her[View]
124594494Why did Family Guy ruin Brian?: >Openly acknowledged that God was pissed when the household is af…[View]
124596348Is Jack Wolfgang as good as Blacksad?[View]
124596310Be cool Scooby Doo: And...was he cool?[View]
124593486Disney Parks: https://wdwnt.com/2021/07/figment-statue-coming-this-fall-as-part-of-disney-fab-50-col…[View]
124590018Who is the best girl of 2021 so far?[View]
124586421Sentinel thread: These guys used to be incredibly iconic, but they don't seem to get much love …[View]
124594967What if Cartoons are bad?[View]
124593388This vile movie is hateful and mean spirited and has been exposed conclusively as a hoax but yet it …[View]
124595808Better than Space Jam[View]
124571029Reign of X Storytime Thread: Marauders #22, New Mutants #20: Where Lourdes Chantel (sort of) makes a…[View]
124595854Central Park: For me, it’s Birdie.[View]
124584121How do we revitalize the GI Joe franchise?[View]
124595587Um, Spongebr[View]
124591051Kevin Smith lied He-Man died[View]
124592490What would you do to him?[View]
124595167How to kill the X-Men?: Hey /co/, Today i want to ask what you people know on killing the Current X-…[View]
124595108American Comics are a joke and are garbage: They're nothing but a money grab with no considerat…[View]
124591226I hate the Bat-Family: Anyone else here completely mentally check out the second they're readin…[View]
124586299Waltz with bashir.: Anyone like this?[View]
124594379unaired pilot from moral orel creator: Dino just posted it on facebook but I can't post a link …[View]
124593255Why is it the only 80's cartoon that can get a modern reboot without pissing off everyone?[View]
124590551>no woke shit >has been a decent to great run since 2016 >Wally is the main Flash again Fla…[View]
124594520Grrl Power: >Wake up >Check RSS feeds >Half of them are dead >QC is getting gayer >GC…[View]
124593680I don't know if I should discuss this on /co/ or /tv/. But since it's a cartoon web series…[View]
124591999>'A radical return to Eternia, Revelation is a direct sequel series to the classic era of Masters…[View]
124592463/co/ in the Golden Age: Why did they put this guy on the cover when it's obvious Tex Thompson i…[View]
124593435Good news everyone...[View]
124563273they won[View]
124594337Characters who would fit in other shows perfectly: I think the Comedian would make a great villain i…[View]
124593273I think Murderface is the best representation of what a human 4chan would end up being[View]
124594155America: the motion picture: This was unabashedly fun. Only question is how the fuck did such a high…[View]
124583890Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How come we got to see this much skin on this April but hardly any on …[View]
124586344What a shit ass ending[View]
124589872What's up with the massive increase of collateral damage in season 5? Past few episodes just ha…[View]
124593127Jesus: Is it biblically accurate to depict Jesus as and alien squid-lobster hybrid monster?[View]
124593507Boomer comics: I made my own one. r8. Also, post boomer comics.[View]
124589900The best Spider-Man story written in the last 20 years is a non canon short story, how'd they d…[View]
124592558What should the next Ben 10 series be about?[View]
124575267Has anyone else noticed that the characters the fans like the most in a lot of these recent marvel p…[View]
124593433Why do these 'dark' Euro comics so often replace humans with anthropomorphic animals for n…[View]
124593614Noh-Varr was high test in Morrison's mini. What happened afterwards?[View]
124593438Why did they never adapt this into the Main continuity at some point? Shit was better than Spider-is…[View]
124585576Family: Is it inevitable? Post the strongest /co/ families.[View]
124592484Need help figuring out if this was a real cartoon or just a fever dream >stop motion show from th…[View]
124586459It's just not the same without them, anons...[View]
124593350?: Who is older Hephaestus ir Apollo?[View]
124590865>MASTERS of the Universe So much toxic masculinity just from the title alone. Why is this allowed…[View]
124589163Savage Avengers: Is this good? It sounds good on paper.[View]
124573383Next DC animated movie is Injustice: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/injustice-g…[View]
124591864Zoidberg is the FFVII of cartoons, he was once so over rated he got hated on like mad that he looped…[View]
124590049>[Voltron] wasn’t as strong of an “eighties nostalgia property,” the way Transformers, He-Man and…[View]
124592577This picture has a better artstyle than anything right now.[View]
124587421Is The Lightbringer really that bad?[View]
124576920Michael Jordans First Draft for Space Jam: Found this here: >>>/tv/153877290 >>>/t…[View]
124585474What was the best Batman cartoon?[View]
124590708why does Tim Drake get to have his own harem?[View]
124591631Things only you have read/seen: How many of you know what this is? I had one with no record as a kid…[View]
124590332Why are people so impressed with subverting expectations?[View]
124586173I KNEEL[View]
124591987Thanks to cartoons, I now realized ravens are the coolest birds.[View]
124592358>character is extremely badass/has supernatural powers >is piss-poor and lives with parents/as…[View]
124574803Why did he do it bros? Was it the thirst for power? Was he just one of those people who are destined…[View]
124591772TCJ Christopher Brayshaw on Peepshow[View]
124591330So how come we never talk about this show?[View]
124588168I have dreamed a dream. And now that dream has gone from me.: :([View]
124586838Shouldn't this show be about Tilly?[View]
124570140Moon Knight #1 Storytime: >'Welcome to The Midnight Mission. My name is Mr. Knight. How can I hel…[View]
124592250ITT Comics that will never get a trade[View]
124589373Ajimbo: Why was TJ such a fucking autist about everyone playing a card game and kept demanding they …[View]
124588041Post /co/ thread creations that made you chuckle. (The less context, the better.)[View]
124591450Was it good?[View]
124592053Titans: >both season finales are anti-climatic dogshit i think it just suffers from a lack of a p…[View]
124592148Discussion: What are your thoughts on Disney Mirrorverse /co/? A lot of Disney waifus are ready to k…[View]
124591288Edgy Early 2000s Cartoons: What are some cool edgy early 2000s cartoons? Anyone know some cool newg…[View]
124591336Is he OP?[View]
124578500Usagi thread Story time: Konichiwa, aibos. It's time for the Usagi Yojimbo story time, thread.…[View]
124585786Black Dynamite: It's almost embarrassing /co/ doesnt talk about this show[View]
124587493Highest graded Action Comics #1 up on eBay: For just $3.5 million you can be the lucky owner of this…[View]
124591177Let’s post cute /co/ creatures[View]
124591592ITT: Nerds[View]
124591813post childhood kino, remember this being the first cartoon i saw upon emigrating to pipebombs and r…[View]
124560180>its an actual good internet animation for once[View]
124588521I completely forgot there was a 'Carl' in Cindy's group of friends in this show. Her design is …[View]
124591775Evil Superman: https://ew.com/tv/tv-reviews/evil-supermen-men-of-tomorrow/ >In last year's e…[View]
124590338Do you ever try to recreate /co/ characters in video games? Show me your creations.[View]
124586782any Good G.I. Joe comics?[View]
124591494yo, where's the season 2 at ? I need that green pussy rn[View]
124588584>tfw you realize Netflix has almost exclusively made underwhelming forgettable or straight up gar…[View]
124588931Patrick Star Show: So... It's just more episodes of spongebob, but worse? Like, the whole …[View]
124589286This Captain Planet is far more pitiable than Planetina, who only gets a pass for being female.[View]
124591498>got woke >went broke How could this happen, yuribros?…[View]
124588945Who wins?[View]
124589097I just found out that Alan Moore’s favorite superhero is Herbie the Fat Fury. Are his comics any goo…[View]
124575125Rebels would have been astronomically better if it was just Kanan and Hera.[View]
124591247What did they mean by this?[View]
124577420Be honest, how good was Sonic SatAM[View]
124586992About to read this, what am I in for?[View]
124582293The red mist is coming.[View]
124584714Don’t mind me, just a based /co/ broadway musical passing by.[View]
124587776I legit don't get this joke. Did he really have sex hookers or did he not understand the questi…[View]
124581491Astro Boy: This is objectively one of the most sophisticated CG films ever. Very wholesome. Timothy …[View]
124588937Is batman a homophobe?[View]
124590167Heathcliff is looking at the judge.[View]
124588679g lo is CUTE: need moar slime babe[View]
124589605Why is the best written cape stuff in animation and not in live action?[View]
124586452Why wasn't he as iconic as Conroy Batman?[View]
124588338Dumbing of Age: is he that kind of friend?[View]
124587533Youtube Animators: Share your favorite independent channels. I'm into anti-woke/PC comedy conte…[View]
124567338What would Osmosis Jones Coronavirus be like? How would she view Jones bringing up his take down of …[View]
124572999The Owl House: I wanted to turn you on. My favorite song.[View]
124586251Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
124586585Kree girlfriend or Skrull girlfriend? Choose. >Kree woman pros: tall, fit, weapon enthusiast, sn…[View]
124587636Why didn't he just work harder?[View]
124584558Space Jam 2 thread: >Be me >Watched the first movie >New Sequel comes out >Ready to watc…[View]
124590077The Ed's get transported to the last cartoon/comic you watched/read: what happens?[View]
124570162ITT: Characters who were done dirty Poor Kim…[View]
124590051'99 zoomer here, toons with this feel? https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=jw6-LzuEvb4&featur…[View]
124587955Any /co/ media with a Wizard x Knight thing? Vidya and anime ain't giving me enough of it and w…[View]
124587315Jeannie Thread: So far in the Hickman era, what do you think of Jean's character?[View]
124587821Why was he so retarded?[View]
124589735This was a good thing right? She went from being a passive drone to active and helpful[View]
124588578What could have been[View]
124584184Netflix He-Man is a bait and switch: >Because it’s a direct sequel, Revelation wastes no time in …[View]
124571937Would Star have a problem with other cartoon protagonists who use magic?[View]
124529281>make a new He-man Cartoon >He-man is a secondary charatcer >Teela is main character >Or…[View]
124576358Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 111, 113-5: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124271611…[View]
124572451Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 107-10: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124271611/ 5-…[View]
124571716muscular males of /co/: ITT post male /co/ characters with large muscles.[View]
124588859Her name is Marceline[View]
124582661Why did Jack dress her up like this?[View]
124586940What is Azula's endgame?: And do you think Avatar Studios will ever show us on screen?[View]
124579039I Am NOT Starfire: When is Starfire not thicc? Also, I’ve read a few pages of the book, and it’s pro…[View]
124589296Am I making progress?: Hey /co/, I've spent the past year learning 3D animation and writing my …[View]
124579470He did nothing wrong[View]
124587114Can anyone beat Stiltman?[View]
124585504Western animation is done for isn't it? We couldn't even do what we did 30 years ago and m…[View]
124586805Masters of The Universe: What'chu talkin' 'bout, Tv Tropes?[View]
124583684At my wits end with the animation industry >Studying animation in Australia at uni >Basically …[View]
124585781'Hard magic' is not magic. Pic unrelated.[View]
124588880Not like this. ¡NOT LIKE THIS![View]
124562646Why is edge so often made fun of? It was cool as fuck back in the 2000s. Making fun of edge is only …[View]
124584974What're the Invader Zim comics like now?: remember being very excited for the comics when they …[View]
124588390>That’s Mr. Bitches B-I-T-C-H-E-S Bitches, yes I’ll hold.[View]
124547047Imagine getting mad Finn grew up to look like an actual human being than a generic male power fantas…[View]
124586156They should have do the whole damn movie before disney shits out the live action one[View]
124582646Why are zoomer comic artists obsessed with muh mental health?[View]
124588489Favorite Richard Ayoade /co/ role[View]
124588282Buy Flantasy Flan.: Buy Flantasy Flan.[View]
124586618Now that the dust has settled, can something historically inaccurate still be kino?[View]
124575598This show is unironically fucking kino. I wish it got the finale that it deserved.[View]
124585756fetishes in kids show's: this topic really interests me, can you guys post examples of obvious …[View]
124585298Would people actually care about SU at all0 if it didn't pander ferociously to homosexuals and …[View]
124587143Opinions on Ditko Rhino? (Not drawn by Ditko)[View]
124588096Crocodiles eat people and Loki is a murderer[View]
124587419HE FUCKING DID IT! After 40 years he finally did it![View]
124583130Galatea thread: Could Steven redeem her?[View]
124585727The Comics Code was actually based[View]
124526780bros... I want an Irken girlfriend. Do you think they're as xenophobic as their male counterpar…[View]
124587511What did he mean by this?[View]
124586889Batman in 2034: Batman enters the public domain in 2034. How do you expect various pre-existing fict…[View]
124585483Is Infinity Train good?: I'd never heard of this show until it popped up in my YouTube recommen…[View]
124583361Schway: This is a schway thread. Post schway posts. Don't post schwarbage.[View]
124587170>mignola does batman >the best batman story yet yep, i'm thinking he's based.…[View]
124586850>I wish I could see Skeletor defeat He-Man and get the Power Sword![View]
124585005I love to singa about the moona and the junea and the springa[View]
124585314Would Star be a good wife to Marco?[View]
124586762How to have a character inspired by another character without being called a ripoff? There are a lot…[View]
124586791Superman kills Shazam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5TK3zBqdQw superman vs Shazam incredible end…[View]
124583470Andi bros post if you are okay[View]
124572096Looks like Kevin Smith did lie about the show.[View]
124587137dancing cartoon bug[View]
124587044Jesus christ, Chuck.[View]
124587076you stole money frOM THE CHRUCH COLLection plate[View]
124578849lol we own every fucking thing ahahahahahaha[View]
124583380Why was he so evil?[View]
124585969Wheres my fucking trailer Netflix or did you viacom can the movie too?[View]
124586911Post some cute shows with cute girls.[View]
124585017>”I bet you wish you could go back to your little homecoming, Parker, but it’s too late! You’re f…[View]
124586010>I do everything they say in the video >people still say I'm not cool Why Nick India lied…[View]
124581423What do you think about Disney Broadway musical?[View]
124577246Huey Duck: Why is he so cool?[View]
124584187Toshi's original mom: Toshi's original mom[View]
124585130Its getting a series so i guess the movie itself did well. too bad its most likely not going to be h…[View]
124584479>revolutionizes the industry in your path[View]
124585744So the New 52 Gods are KINDA back?[View]
124584812America is cute. CUTE![View]
124584521Brother and sister: What are the best Brother/Sister teams ever?[View]
124584182Did they decided to give this to a bunch of angry X-Men fans to make?: It seems like they were tryin…[View]
124577662why was every bad 2010's cartoon filled with these archetypes? Could they be done better?[View]
124583916It wasn't a Space Jam movie. It was a commercial for HBO Max.[View]
124583636>Tamers12345 takes over the last comic/cartoon you watched what changes?…[View]
124581112>anon, you’re not into movies just because they have cute little girls in them, are you…?…[View]
124583867>NOOOOO EVIL SUPES BAD SUPERMAN HAS TO BE A GOOD BOY NOOOOO!!! Why can't they just accept th…[View]
124584332I thought this guy was hot as a kid I still think this guy is ho[View]
124581916MARVEL STUDIOS MIDNIGHT SONS LEAK: [spoiler} Marvel studios is developing midnight sons as a movie, …[View]
124585446Duncanville: For me? It’s Jack.[View]
124546475>takes your hard earned wakfu thread and runs away with it[View]
124578268Leslie Grace to Star as Batgirl in HBO Max Movie: https://www.thewrap.com/leslie-grace-barbara-gordo…[View]
124575881Ha! Fag![View]
124582214So now that the show is confirmed dogshit, what are the chances this movie will be good?[View]
124585282Season 33 Titles: The Star of Backstage Treehouse of Horror XXXII Bart's In Jail! The Wayz We…[View]
124577914Which OC captain america has the best look?[View]
124582883What happened to Qubo?[View]
124584154/co/ dub ideas: Had /co/ ever tried this before? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6b0wWU0Jmc If not…[View]
124573814Witcher cartoon: why do Netflix insist on calling their cartoon anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
124493426Genderbender thread[View]
124582629who should be Thor's romantic interest?[View]
124584987what do I think of it?[View]
124584577You're an animator at dreamworks. For their next movie they assigned you the dance ending scene…[View]
124582630Does anyone remember this show?[View]
124582504/co/ I believe it is time for a change in management.[View]
12457093713 years ago this episode aired: Avatar final boss fights Say something nice about it[View]
124583042Post some characters he can't beat in a pure fistfight.[View]
124567543It's insanely wild to me how hard Marvel assfucked this Spiderman. >all of his character dev…[View]
124583192>nigga moment nigga nigga nigga the white man nigga you gay African-American ''''''humor''''''…[View]
124584860I'm gonna STICK MY BALLS-inside your rectum, Kyle.[View]
124583822How’s the reboot?[View]
124555929SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN STORYTIME: After a year or so of hearing nothing but praise for th…[View]
124575473Gamma Flight #2 Storytime: Our beloved Gamma gang is back into action, and just in time for the retu…[View]
124577734Radiant Black Issue #6 Storytime: Now for Radiant Red's origin story[View]
124584040I will be enjoying the new MOTU show no matter who the main character is[View]
124579893CGIbros we won[View]
124582977>big strong guy is actually smart[View]
124583474Will they show up in the MCU?[View]
124583365We meet here today to honor the life of HE-MAN. We give thanks for his life and ask God to bless him…[View]
124582777Is it weird that I see a correlation between these two? Just finished the episode 5 of the second se…[View]
124584334Housebroken: I'm only watching to see where they go with the coyote. Which kind of feels like I…[View]
124583812'Woke up this morning, with a girl in my bed...'[View]
124582938Black Widow Thread. Drop your favorite stories. I'll recommend a few for you Bizarre Adventures…[View]
124581617>Watches The Falcon & The Winter Soldier >'Who's this bitch?' >Googles her >'Oh…[View]
124574589He stood for equality, for being kind to people, to being a member of your community and family. And…[View]
124581195HE FUCKING DID IT: Skellybros...40 fucking years and we finally won[View]
124583929Anyone think they: might have been planning on with you and these guys are actually biologically clo…[View]
124583879What were shows that you watched when you didn’t have cable?[View]
124569877Space Jam 2 has WB making the Tunes want to be like Mickey & Friends characters. The whole 'they…[View]
124580211How would Billy's parents react when they find out that he fucking dies at the end of the episo…[View]
124583017todays mix: my fave shop was having a sale so i picked up some new 'mix[View]
124580020Make /co/ angry: Post things that make /co/umblr angry. Evil Superman archetypes are enjoyable.…[View]
124583652Oh no no no[View]
124577313Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124582360Michaela Coel Joins BLACK PANTHER 2; Rumored For Storm: >Variety reports that the I May Destroy Y…[View]
124582511How do we make American cape comics profitable again? My ideas are: >print them on cheaper paper …[View]
124582447What will he do with the Cosmic Coconut once he defeats Thor Kong and steals it from Oden Kong'…[View]
124581418ITT: gay[View]
124582256.: What do you think of Joaquin Sorolla?[View]
124583373How many cosplay has this character had that /co/ remember?: ¿Zero?[View]
124582886>red room removes her ovaries and uterus >still has big and firm booba and butta Did they exp…[View]
124579365No one talking about this anymore: Kek what went wrong?[View]
124580689Archer Season 12: Yeah, I'm thinking it's back[View]
124581954Animated Commercials: chug a lug, chug a lug https://youtu.be/nDt1EVUvl3I[View]
124583055This was the only time Thor was written well, in Avengers EMH. In everything else he's ether DB…[View]
124578380Thor Annual #1 Storytime: Infinite Destinies: Part 5/8.[View]
124575402Now that 'Superman but evil' is basically its own genre, what makes examples of it good and what mak…[View]
124581519You now remember the Zeta Project[View]
124578604Insultingly bad cartoons thread d: This is not a 'popular thing bad' thread, post cartoons that were…[View]
124582746What're the Invader Zim comics like now?: remember being very excited for the comics when they …[View]
124581305>Scarlett Johansson explains how Black Widow became Marvels #MeToo movie Powerful... Dreykov was …[View]
124582642Interpretation of 'What a meme,huh?': Huh?[View]
124581268What is the worst golden age Simpson's episode?[View]
124580251Something that seriously just came across my mind: was the Kids Next Door 'S.U.P.P.O.R.T.' episode e…[View]
124575142Belated Happy Birthday, Marcie!: FIRST APPEARANCE: July 20, 1971 Marcie enjoys school, nature hikes,…[View]
124580994Name it.[View]
124580558Why do people care about this stupid bear?[View]
124579890What was the point of this theatrical entrance?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OqQokqg1vg…[View]
124578511Who should be Nubia's boyfriend?[View]
124576584THE FLASH Season 8 Information Round-Up: For the few that still care. >Episodes 1-5 of season 8 w…[View]
124582282Dark Crystal comic books: Are the Dark Crystal comic books any good?[View]
124578211Why do the Nippons like Tom and Jerry so much?[View]
124581587He deserved better.[View]
124581446Better off as Magneto's kids or as their own thing?[View]
124576220Web/co/mics: Web/co/mic thread Hastily made OP edition. Post and discuss your favorite or least favo…[View]
124581791No other superhero is as good as the OG[View]
124575494Skybound X #3 Storytime: Rick Grimes 3000 continues In this issue we are joined with Murder Falcon, …[View]
124579901Fusion: Post fusions[View]
124500267European Comics/Cartoons thread: Bang bang[View]
124581901Was he Disney's first gay character?[View]
124579552/co/ creator that draws better than Butch Hartman[View]
124580502I'm looking for comic runs, or one shots, or whatever, that have a similar feel to House of M…[View]
124577878Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl: Hopes? Expectations? Reality? Also, new announcement when?[View]
124576922Is Speckle from Tuca and Bertie the ideal man?[View]
124581336I feel a breeze inside the realm Where soldiers face their fears I know a place where we go And you …[View]
124574755ITT: Cartoon Openings: Post cartoon openings Discuss cartoon openings I love the What A Cartoon! the…[View]
124569930This ws a year and a half ago.[View]
124579548do you except the burger from luz /co/?[View]
124578977How do you prevent characters you design from accidentally becoming shitty self-inserts?[View]
124578050SuperMAN, SpiderMAN, He-MAN, AquaMAN Guys how long until we lose the Bats?[View]
124555149> This Artist Has Gone Viral For Giving Disney Characters Gen Z Makeovers…[View]
124581280Damn Ajak looks like that![View]
124580986S2E1 Fuck season 1 took forever! Okay got to get another booze and we're off.[View]
124577387High Republic: >We aren't even finished with 'Episode 1' >Already easily the best content…[View]
124571027Insomniac Spider-Man: This is probably my favorite Spidey adaptation, putting movies to shame. Now i…[View]
124577277what is this art style called and where can i see more of it?[View]
124577540Rebecca Sugar is suddenly the showrunner of the Ben 10 franchise. What changes?[View]
124576065Disney Animation Tier: This is the most updated one I could find but a few are missing. Song of the …[View]
124579488kipo vs kraven: Who would win?, also Crack Ship.[View]
124571941Miles Morales spider-man #28 storytime: Time to draw this clone business to a close[View]
124574424>Scarlett Witch mind fucks whole town >”Sorry” >well shhhhhiit it’s ok bye bye! >Black W…[View]
124577031what show do you like more /co/?[View]
124578650MEGATHOT!!!! BEGONE!!![View]
124571561lol im glad the gays got their show taken away[View]
124577114>adult swim fighterz never[View]
124580222Kinda crazy how lesbians take away shows from even the gay guys[View]
124577497Lemme make it simple. He-Man was a character and toyline created for little boys. It's in the t…[View]
124576127stickman animation: In my opinion they are the best of the animation of the 2000s and it retain its …[View]
124579198Shadecraft #5 Storytime: I storytimed the first four issues yesterday Today we wrap up the first arc…[View]
124578074Realistically, how WILL Mephisto be utilized in the MCU[View]
124580143Who are you favorite under appreciated characters?[View]
124579117Jenny Wakeman is For ________[View]
124519544Miraculous General - Good Faces Edition: Miraculous has a large number of Good Faces™, post them her…[View]
124579934/fag/ - Fat Albert General: reeboot with a more diverse cast of characters when?[View]
124579888ITT: spiderman villains you want to see in the mcu: ITT: spiderman villains you want to see in the m…[View]
124575222Is it just me or is this show getting boring? They always frontload the big events into single episo…[View]
124579142Is this really worse than today's calarts?[View]
124576032Post shows better than Masters of the Universe: Revelations[View]
124579711There is no man like Superman and there never will be.[View]
124523767Is Steven Universe that poorly animated?: 1. Had the EXACT same animation checkers as Powerpuff Girl…[View]
124578172>fantastical magic journey ends with a return to the status quo and normalcy name a shittier trop…[View]
124573414Bassam Tariq To Direct Marvel Studios' BLADE: >Tariq, best known for the indie drama 'Mogul …[View]
124579408Are there any other action cartoons I should be excited about?: I know about this and that show Genn…[View]
124576015Would Onyx Equinox have done better with gay pandering?[View]
124574102Witcher cartoon: he won[View]
124574644Caleb McLaughlin Eyed For HBO Max's STATIC SHOCK: >According to industry insider Daniel Rich…[View]
124578728What's the point in these youtube channels where some manchild soys out exclusively over shows …[View]
124578904ITT: Romantic subplots that didn't ruin the show or turn to shit[View]
124568860Remember when Samurai Jackasses got so mad over a April Fool's joke?[View]
124578189All these years and I never realized Stacy's wearing bellbottoms.[View]
124578283BoJack Binge Thread: We're looken at S1E10 bitches! Let's keep it rollen boys![View]
124578628Catwoman is for ______.[View]
124575392DeviantART cringe/autism thread[View]
124578020>take dead franchise >add cute little girls ummmm based?…[View]
124578139>The biggest meme in the world. >Not one SINGLE reference.…[View]
124573818>gets creative freedom from Nickelodeon for Ren and Stimpy >immediately fuck that up >scare…[View]
124576594Netflix. Like fucking clockwork.[View]
124577143Water Tribe Girl Wednesday: Would you want a water tribe wife?[View]
124577848Where do I find the pastebin with the order to read the Alien and Alien Vs Predator comics?[View]
124578371Was this scene mandated by Perlmutter?[View]
124573570How come we never get anything like this in cartoons?[View]
124577287Remember Daniel Kibblesmith.: The dude that created the comic book masterpiece that is The New Warri…[View]
124575844must save tomi[View]
124578153What did Gaz mean by this? Also will she be in the game?[View]
124571111Rise of the Titans: Did you guys watch this? It was so good. >male pregnancy >awesome normal f…[View]
124576350Here's your sexy secretary bro.[View]
124546008Superman and the Authority #1 Storytime[View]
124571220Timothy Hyde Harris turns 75 today. Let's have a thread of the only CG movie written by him. Wh…[View]
124575170>no Tiny Toons cameo We were this close to greatness[View]
124577909What series do you think Marvel/DC should do crossovers with?[View]
124577517Excluding Cartman, what are their personalities?[View]
124577471Growing Around: What are the chances that it will get picked up by a network?[View]
124577691>We need a British sounding guy[View]
124569450Are these sorts of makeovers cringe? Do you prefer it when a 'sexy' character is made less sexy like…[View]
124562946Please end this show[View]
124577635This is just pathetic.[View]
124575734Why do people care about a romance sub plot in a action cartoon or comic? It's literally boring…[View]
124575321Danny Antonucci: >make gross-out adult animation >get dared by your friend to make a kids show…[View]
124573872How did Space Jam 2 beat Black Widow? Is the MCU over?[View]
124567222Much like Jesus, Smithers is actually black[View]
124577487Savage Avengers 22 storytime.: Conan vs Ghost rider of Hyborian age . [Spoiler] Its Nightmare [/Spoi…[View]
124575745>had to wait 48 minutes for Lola to finally appear Garbage movie[View]
124574208>When we're alone, you can call me Bonald Was Bonnie a tranny all along?…[View]
124577296Not all is lost, He-Manbros, there still is hope...[View]
124577251Masters of the Universe Revelation REVIEW: CHAPTER TIMES Those Twists... - 00:00 Worth the Drama? - …[View]
124576241I'm drawing a comic book atm. There's 7-8 characters that are in their 50s (the comic has …[View]
124567521Post old commercials from comics[View]
124576699Well, he wasn't lying when he said this[View]
124576743I miss these niggas like you wouldn’t believe[View]
124563145Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
124575512Is there any way to save comic books?: Im just tired anons, i figured that maybe after all those art…[View]
124576596>Female humor[View]
124573685VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE Leaked Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOkKci_V8Go Expectations…[View]
124576610so are they Disney's current mascots?[View]
124568071Thoughts on this film?[View]
124575359Dont mind me, just posting the best MCU character[View]
124573784Who is your favorite Superman Villain? They don't have to be in this picture. For me its Metall…[View]
124576057Any webcomics out there with a really original premise?[View]
124562382Boomer comics.[View]
124576157>Wonder Woman...in a kimono?![View]
124574957ITT-post /co/ related broken bucks[View]
124575733What would you change?: Casting, storylines, tone, etc.[View]
124575044Ennis who never fought a war in his life, who also dissed IRA, and other factions in Ireland fightin…[View]
124574859The Man, The Legend: Anybody miss Dwayne McDuffie here I was just going through some old shit and i …[View]
124571606The Witcher: nightmare of the wolf, a cartoon prequel film to the live action tv show, just dropped …[View]
124555147What are your hopes and expectations for Seth Rogen's animated TMNT movie /co/?[View]
124575799X-CORP? More like S-NORE[View]
124575790With the love for superheroes but evil at an all time high: It’s time for Supreme Power to be adapte…[View]
124574701Destroys 2-D: heh, nothing personal kid[View]
124571857LOKI BTS: I am surprised to see many woman there and series turned out to be ok. https://www.youtube…[View]
124574439let's face it /co/ bros.. 2-D animation isn't popular with the mainstream anymore. it…[View]
124573917Once upon a time, around 2013 or so, there was a man who drew comics. He had something akin to a men…[View]
124569037Post comics about kobolds.[View]
124571237B-Negative should have a comic.[View]
124575362so what's the consensus /co/ ? was edd a rapist??[View]
124575519Superman is the best hero, friend, father, partner. Watching him impregnate your wife and then raisi…[View]
124570751Vivo: The first animated movie featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sony's Vivo, will drop on Netflix …[View]
124570065Why tall girl + smol guy: Why it's So kino?[View]
124573413Awkward /co/ boners[View]
124573851>literal monsterfucker[View]
124574837>Not in the film >Overtakes the entirety of the conversation about it How did he do it…[View]
124573139What is the consensus on fanboy and chum chum ?[View]
124570847>'This character is unlikeable.' >'This character needs to have likeable traits to balance out…[View]
124564608IDW Sonic #42 storytime: Where Starline is hijacking the arc already[View]
124575166Who was in the wrong here?[View]
124574747Francine sex garden: How can someone as traditional and conservative like Stan fall in love with som…[View]
124566530Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 81: Page 23 That's all![View]
124574910>not even out yet >Most we have of it is a trailer and some press releases >Already a massi…[View]
124571576Aliens Vs. Predator: Come up with a unique idea for an AVP comic book, animated series & video g…[View]
124573132ITT: Best /co/ arch-enemies Going to kickstart the thread with Abomination, one of the most underrat…[View]
124569535>shit talk your boss >get rekt >cry about it What did she think would happen?…[View]
124573497>its a weight gain episode[View]
124557679Oh Yeah Cartoons VS What A Cartoon!; which was better?[View]
124568389Adventure Time: Hey, Remember when this ship... Existed?[View]
124559243THE FLASH TALKBACK: Tonight's episode: 'Heart of the Matter - Part 2' >SEASON FINALE - Barry…[View]
124574515What would you actually like to see in a DC or Marvel animated movie?: I probably want to see a orig…[View]
124572002By far the best film Pixar has made since 2010.[View]
124568038Heathcliff has a fork.[View]
124570199This movie needed about ten times higher stakes, blood and a few deaths. Then maybe it would have be…[View]
124546709Nightwing #82 Storytime[View]
124572944wtf I love her[View]
124572080wonder woman: Just how strong is wonder woman supposed to be? She stronger the superman,darkseid ect…[View]
124568183can someone tell me which comic THIS panel is from?[View]
124571152Sniz and Fondue: It's amazing that Sniz and Fondue had two major chances of getting a full-fled…[View]
124574155Can /tg/ be /co/?[View]
124572430I can't believe they referenced gangster spongebob in the patrick star show[View]
124571709OK KO: I honestly liked how juvenile the art style was, although it did sometimes go a little too fa…[View]
124572542TRUE and HONEST Spider-Man No Way Home spoilers: >one of Spider-man's first battles in this …[View]
124570268symbis: Let's post symbis and read some comics about them together.[View]
124568764Forget Lola Bunny. Babs Bunny was always better.[View]
124572865How did we go from Rescue Rangers to....this... When did Animators forget how to draw[View]
124562537Mutant women are for ______.[View]
124555478Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl: Are you guys going to buy Lucy Loud's Game?[View]
124568436>is robot What does he really want?[View]
124569899Oh I feel it coming on![View]
124561441Worst DC titles out right now?[View]
124570943Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 58-9: 1-2 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124268419/ 3-5 http…[View]
124572545Solar Opposites: Molly is here to brighten your day![View]
124566803Commando Storytime - № 1453-4: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/123547564/ 194…[View]
124546083ITT: 'Oh yeah, that comic thing happened': Remember that time She Hulk became gray and also edgier b…[View]
124568698Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 55-7: 1-2 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124268419/ 3-5 http…[View]
124569056Tell me this, /co/, why do I always have to stop from enjoying being rich as fuck, drive in my Lambo…[View]
124572572https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yukYC6ixVO8 where is this from i always knew south park was written …[View]
124573283ITT:Sci-fi shows.[View]
124573373Teen Titans ruined a generation of cartoon watchers.[View]
124570138Why didn’t Steven end up with a Gem[View]
124572893>be Bruce Wayne >secretive, enigmatic, middle-aged billionaire >constantly hanging around w…[View]
124570114New Age of Heroes: Why did this fail again? I'm reading Sideways and am currently enjoying.…[View]
124565467Garnet: I love her[View]
124572601Any Malu: It’s up https://youtu.be/p2BjD1WHpYI[View]
124559736Shazam! #1 Storytime[View]
124439289Jellystone: New Poster has been released! Also, I’d make to make a formal declaration with this thre…[View]
124572586/co/ dragon thread[View]
124571213Yep, I'm thinking they are a canon couple[View]
124569024Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem Storytime: It's time for more Jupiter's Requiem! I thought …[View]
124565646The Owl House: How can we save the show?[View]
124551857/croc/-Creator Owned Comics General: First thread went pretty well >Currently Reading >Plannin…[View]
124567247honestly I expected worse from a direct-to-video movie but it was okay[View]
124572570Fuck Pokemon Starters: Which Experiement do you stand?[View]
124569085dem or heed?[View]
124537147Unironically. Why did the writing for Rick and Morty go downhill so quick?[View]
124567980Now that the dust has settled, would Olyphant have been a better Tony Stark/Iron Man than RDJ?[View]
124571739How come they never got scooped up by a network?[View]
124572408Was it supposed to be Roger Rabbit?[View]
124572691American Dad excerment now?: The show has reduced itself to this now?[View]
124570363looks like /ourguy/ won[View]
124572482Why do people get so pissed off at It’s a Wishful Life: And not Beavis and Butthead Do Christmas? Wh…[View]
124569555/co/ is full of boring old biddy’s[View]
124568543Why is Iron Man so popular in the films but not really in the comics?[View]
124572597The mangaverse is actually really good , at least while the artstyle doesn't devolve into somet…[View]
124567724Is this the comfiest cape show ever? The answer is yes.[View]
124571441>I dunno, this isi pretty strong >I'ts expresso >It's like coffeezilla WHAT…[View]
124562849Favorite Pixar villian? Chick Hicks is mine.[View]
124567004Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans: It's out.[View]
124572022>The Bugs Bunny Show >The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show >The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show >…[View]
124571118She is odorous[View]
124569212adventure time in korea: what's up with this? I don't speak gook but I do play kmmos and I…[View]
124571828Oggy Oggy First-Ever Look and Release Date: Out of the fucking blue. Will it release in parts becaus…[View]
124566474Were they a good couple?[View]
124566804What if the morty in season 5 is evil morty? No not his origin story what if president morty kidnapp…[View]
124563811X-Girls: Which mutant female would be your ideal government-approved breeding partner?[View]
124571147When was the last time you bough a comic?[View]
124559229There is no man like Superman, nor will there ever be.[View]
124569479troll face fix everything: it was just a troll[View]
124560174>Disney buys Fox and destroys FoX-Men >Pearlmutter’s Shithumans failed >Iron Man dead >X…[View]
124571057King of the Hill died for this[View]
124560129Why is Monet such a bitch?[View]
124571196why is Clayton so fit he's like 50[View]
124570465The best Amy[View]
124564153Is it just me or do most of the Big Bads in cartoons have a 'Hoyt from Far Cry 3' Syndrome?[View]
124570853spectacular spiderman: was it kino?[View]
124570623'So this is the thanks I get for killing aku'[View]
124568855Hey what's going on[View]
124544233Post cringe[View]
124567993When did this show jump the shark?[View]
124568568>Hey Rick, you still working on that machine to stop the CHUDS? Why did they do it?…[View]
124566134Tropes You Love: >the dad is the best character[View]
124570714This episode seemed a bit unrealistic. Like these people wouldn't actually exist right? Also pe…[View]
124567529Kablam!: What did /co/ think of it? I'm watching it again and i'm loving it https://www.yo…[View]
124560675what is she then?[View]
124567632Did he deserve getting constantly cucked?[View]
124561347Redhead waifus: Who is your favorite?[View]
124570329Smiling Friends: Why are they just NOW hiring people for a show that's supposed to come out in …[View]
124570415rick and morty: What do you think of this meta?[View]
124570219So this was on the whiteboard during the making of Loki >doing crazy mischief aka sex What could …[View]
124570100Wtf?: You mean to tell me little girls don't care about lesbian soap operas?[View]
124567333Left or right?[View]
124559807Finally got around to watching this: >Finally a Cartoon where MJ was written well and had actual …[View]
124570249Who should Red Beetle hook up with, Ted or Booster?[View]
124565237How did WB get away with this?[View]
124568599is this /co/?[View]
124563889Unsounded: You can call Jivi a lot of things, but he definitely isn't a coward.[View]
124568243TCJ Jeffrey Winbush on Spawn/Batman[View]
124567563What're the Invader Zim comics like?: I remember being very excited for the comics when they re…[View]
124568644/co/ properties that would make good vidya: Preacher would make a kick ass retro style fps game like…[View]
124567920OK, now that we have the unpleasantness of Space Jam out of the way, can we go back to Lola being go…[View]
124566578Panels and pages you've wanked to: Come on, you sick fucks. Lets see 'em.[View]
124569098Joker is a TRUE CHAD: https://youtu.be/69bZmd1Vvss[View]
124561727Shadecraft Issues 1 to 4 storytime: The last issue of the first arc is out tomorrow Gonna try and ge…[View]
124562698Man, come on. Come the fuck on, now. ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. I don't care if…[View]
124569668You're depressed? I'm fat! I'M THE FAT ONE[View]
124569334Male equivalent of tomboys: Are there girls who enjoy cute/prettyboys just like men enjoy cute tombo…[View]
124548163Smoking: Post smoking characters[View]
124569515can't sleep, clown will eat me[View]
124566141>Heheheh >fuck and suck[View]
124566099ITT: Non-human /co/ waifus[View]
124567625Let’s write our own Family Guy episode, but this time, in style. I’ll start with the title. >Life…[View]
124567849HEY /CO/ LET'S DANCE[View]
124535495DC Super Hero Girls: What did you think of this cartoon's interpretation of Mitchell 'Condiment…[View]
124462706>Charles, you are pooping on my butt? How do you call yourself a man and not know the rules to ba…[View]
124563375Are there any comics/creative runs that are generally well liked on this board but you yourself don’…[View]
124566135When did Rick and Morty officially surpass Futurama?[View]
124568755Is there more WWII germany side comics?[View]
124568535itt: /co/ that existed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmZZG80TmME[View]
124568426Post shows you liked as a kid but grew to think were bad as you grew older, but turned out to be eve…[View]
124566836Are beanmouth cartoons finally becoming a thing of the past? What will replace it?[View]
124568287Status Quo: >Arthur and the rest of his class move on to the 4th Grade >Mr. Ratburn is still t…[View]
124557352Chris O'Donnell was a good Robin and doesn't deserve the hate. And yes, chicks dig the car[View]
124565200what are some good cartoons that I can watch while drinking?[View]
124567735Avatar: Is Korra canon homo, /co/?[View]
124565364Is Titans actually good like Doom Patrol? or is it the same as the teen drama CV shit[View]
124568070symbiote thread[View]
124566826Marco Diaz: Marco is cool[View]
124556934What would be the correct way to fix this?[View]
124554911What the fuck is his problem?[View]
124561742Who the fuck is this?[View]
124561132Is she good Afro-Dominican representation?[View]
124543188If you could make a team of heroes in marvel or dc who'd be in it and why? Here's my dumb …[View]
124559250Is Kryptonian culture fascist? Communist? Technocratic?[View]
124566914ITT: Jobbers[View]
124566783havent watched the movie yet but send your best douxie react pics[View]
124563541Storytime: In our shadow [Thread 1/3]: A 2010's oldie but it's a goodie. Am reading/postin…[View]
124567728Sigma Six itself wasn't really good, but it's Cobra Commander was great[View]
124567690Was Louise supposed to be retarded?[View]
124564745What was his problem again?[View]
124564856Kino moments in cartoons: I saw. You. Dance. From the corners I caught. Your. Name. In a conversatio…[View]
124555046Post the crackiest ships[View]
124565273Feminist show general: It so refreshing to see a show with a male majority with no TOXIC masculinity…[View]
124563356Please be quiet. The kitty is sleeping.[View]
124566427The New Johnny Test is a Huge Hit: Buckle Up, Johnny's here to stay for a very long time.…[View]
124564699Why is it that the female villain twist worked surprisingly well in this movie, but the female villa…[View]
124567462Daria Thread: Was it ever explained why Kevin always carried a football? Also, would Daria work toda…[View]
124567040Show style art: Show of art that'Ws in any shows style[View]
124547296Filename Thread: Filename Thread? Filename Thread[View]
124567276Does Batman the most evil rogue gallery in the big 2?: Think about how many members there are serial…[View]
124548205What a disappointing set up.[View]
124539048I've noticed a trend that alot of Zoomers who watch Daria tend to hate her and mainly care for …[View]
124561755I genuinely think King Loki would’ve have been a better ending to season 1. Even if it turned out to…[View]
124561012Marvel’s Victoria Alonso Teases ‘Mini Studio’ for Animation: While Marvel’s next show, “What If…?” w…[View]
124564643How do we fix Hellcat?[View]
124561712Spiderverse Thread: Good moOOOOOOORNING /co/! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another day close…[View]
124566473If Magneto is NOT Polaris’ biodaddy, can be be her babbydaddy instead?!: After all, the X-Office tri…[View]
124557514model sheets[View]
124553310Connie Maheswaran: Why is Connie so big?[View]
124565596Do right wingers have a cartoon online? I'm kinda surprised nobody made a pepe animated show.[View]
124566784How the fuck does Donny Cates attract fans like these?[View]
124537401Twelve Forever: What if Reggie started to share BW perversion idea of adulthood latter on? Like for …[View]
124555339owl house is over[View]
124563571His creativity is astounding. How does he come up with all of this extraordinary original content??[View]
124566334the man who tricked the storm[View]
124556362Villainous: Almost a month with no Miss Heed updates and this is what she posts? >Crystal Cove is…[View]
124564300Are DC and Marvel comics really both in as big a sales crisis right now as people make it out to be?[View]
124565410Rest In Pieces: What's your favorite comic death, be it real, faked, imagined, AU, visually ico…[View]
124532298How would you fix this film? Hard mode: elaborated beyond making Lola’s tits bigger and adding Pepe …[View]
124566025thoughts on my collection of comic book and cartoon related underwear?[View]
124565901I did not care for Bob’s Burgers.[View]
124566275Will she come back tomorrow?[View]
124560395what went right?[View]
124564663Hank, there is a TILE in the BATHROOM that I think we missed.[View]
124565474what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
124550789How did she do it?: How did Spinel managed to destroy Connverse so hard?[View]
124560595overrated shit show[View]
124561983Ballmastrz: Do you think it'll get another season?[View]
124566002What the hell is his problem?[View]
124562945>book always get rebooted because of low sales >movie adaptation flopped twice >4 people wa…[View]
124553489Death Battle: Azula gets clapped doesn't she?[View]
124565565Strippers: Recommend some comics with strippers. I already know about Sin City[View]
124556288Why does /co/ hate their show again?[View]
124563822We have until July 23rd to download any unlisted video made before January 1st, 2017 as youtube will…[View]
124565344How would you feel if they did a final episode of Teen Titans Go and revealed that the Robin on this…[View]
124558630>was featured tons in the promotions for Space Jam a New Legacy >wasn't even in it, not e…[View]
124562197>”Hey.” >”Hi.”[View]
124552059BLUE & GOLD #1 STORYTIME: >Jurgens[View]
124561583If the Black Widow movie was about her Budapest mission, you wouldn’t be bitching about it at all.[View]
124561609Ummm... bros??[View]
124561490>'Wow, Loki became a hero because he watched a mixtape of another version of himself dying! Such …[View]
124564586Haha, classic American Dad[View]
124560109>*celebrates killing a facility full of prisoners and innocent prison staff*…[View]
124560589What could have been: 5G edition: Apparently it was just going to be another shitty Batman vs Superm…[View]
124564843When will we get the Pep! Comics Cinematic Universe?[View]
124565096Coach Z: >Since 4chan will go ham on anything, here's Coach Z…[View]
124565140My head hurts.[View]
124548882ITT: Things that happened in a cartoon/comic that you will never, EVER stop being angry about as lon…[View]
124549490Tuesday Carolthread: >LAST WEEK IN CAROL The Ultimates by Ewing (Complete Collection) >THIS WE…[View]
124529328Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: You done goofed up Mike[View]
124561889>Posters are leaking already OH SHIT! OH SHIT![View]
124560617If they removed her uterus when she started her period. How did she grow tits and ass like that? The…[View]
124519965Could Steven redeem her[View]
124553101The Owl House: Do you think Belos is slowly becoming a better villain than Andrias?[View]
124562418>>James Gunn says he's done with Marvel after GOTG 3 >>Bautista says he's done…[View]
124543938Does anyone else feels like it was out of place to give Steven PTSD? Feels like an asspull especiall…[View]
124559063Post your unpopular opinions here: Korra is better than 9/10 of the shit /co/ sucks dick for on a da…[View]
124564550>oversized hardcover[View]
124559665Abusive ships thread: Which is your favourite abusive ship? What do you like about abusive ships? Wh…[View]
124557716What's he looking at?[View]
124538294This show did so much gaybaiting[View]
124545490Apparently this movie was removed from HBOMax a few months ago. Meanwhile Space Jam gets to stay on.[View]
124563173Best and worst fan castings thread?[View]
124556784Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 102, 104-6: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124271611…[View]
124552737Air Ace Picture Library Storytime - № 98-101: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124271611/ 5-…[View]
124551013Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 53-4: 1-2 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/124268419/ 3-5 http…[View]
124563817>destroys oggy and the shitroaches[View]
124561327Dude those farmers are so fucking funny, They make me want to plant gummy bears without looking[View]
124564090Dumbing of Age: Pants Euphoria[View]
124564049EoS avatar state Aang: Is there anyone in both TLoK and ATLA who could beat this?[View]
124564065Higgidy Hobbity Poggity Poom[View]
124550468Here me out, a series about Sideways called 'Spectacular Sideways' and have him voiced by Josh Keato…[View]
124563186Superman is defeated: I was thinking about making Superman in his normal standing position but i fel…[View]
124548111Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2 Storytime[View]
124560237that'll hold em awight hehehehehehe[View]
124563671Controversial opinion: I don't like lola bunny, /co/.[View]
124560069>throw empty soda at trash can >miss >Frank shoots you in the head for littering >”Based…[View]
124563593Why did it suck so hard?[View]
124559460This moment was bullshit, and retconned Thing's moment as the only one who could stand up to th…[View]
124560065I just want him back bros[View]
124559638How would John Rambo do in the G.I Joe universe?[View]
124560972>as a teenager read Watchmen and root for Rorschach >grow up and realize Ozymandias did nothin…[View]
124557357ITT: dishonest animation[View]
124557278I guess the sperm episode turned a lot of people off.[View]
124548812Wonder Woman's Virginity: Why was Diana's virginity such a big deal before the New 52? Lik…[View]
124561091Do you prefer him as the pet rat of Hamato Yoshi like in the comic continuity or actually being Hama…[View]
124560828is he the most based character?[View]
124563339What if a billionaire were a cop?: What would be the ramifications?[View]
124562200What was the point of this character?[View]
124563261Galatea thread[View]
124560863Are there any good resources to learning the history of why American cartoon leaned into, 'Simplicit…[View]
124560941Are reboots bad?[View]
124563087How was this series? I never heard anyone discuss it but it looks decent[View]
124555959At a recent event I attended, the creator of a popular cartoon said a controversial thing.[View]
124562837Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel: What are your hopes and expectations for the next two shows /co/?[View]
124548834Dandy Comic Library Storytime - № 50-2: 1-2 >>124268419 3-5 >>124288892 6-8 >>1243…[View]
124562357What happened to the quality of comics?[View]
124560190How true is this?[View]
124556067The Raccoons: What was his problem?[View]
124559418Is it safe to say that Max is an asshole to his father? Is Max a bad son?[View]
124558797Why didn't Thanos just turn half the universe into food?[View]
124562625Obscure waifu thread[View]
124552780Say something nice about my autistic wife.[View]
124551745Why is Batman always seen as the Underdog?: When against Superman, despite being allowed to counter …[View]
124562430What is this big blue idiots problem?[View]
1245586801930s settings in 90s films: Cover of Jessica Rabbit: https://youtu.be/H9WZMMe3h1E https://youtu.be/…[View]
124562633Mordecai didn't pick CJ or Margaret. Ohmygod. >You're the best around and nothing going…[View]
124548799Creators you're surprised haven't been #MeTooed yet.[View]
124562611'I can't believe Randy Quaid, gets to eat like this everyday.''[View]
124534093Why did so many people hatebomb this movie?[View]
124561665Is Kid a better protagonist than Dipper?[View]
124560043ITT: Characters with canon short shorts[View]
124560303ShE Ill Sladlu Shay uo UEdayz for shamSheMer ZuezAYS[View]
124556175Archie Sonic Storytime #51: And we're back! Time for death from bordom Sonic 131-134 Thread the…[View]
124558422Trese: >Filipino comic gets animated >Detective taking on supernatural shit >It's actu…[View]
124560760Smiling Friends: When is it, Zach?[View]
124559965Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character: >apple.co/drawlikepeanuts >https://youtu.be/b0nWcBVvhd0 …[View]
124561010Ms Marvel Kamala Khan MCU: What has officially been said and what has been rumoured?[View]
124547758It's an abstract kind of feel[View]
124559516>2021 >Still the best SpongeBob movie What went right?…[View]
124554994Batman hates rock[View]
124560351anyone else really like this costume?[View]
124545137You'll never see this version of Star Wars Rebels.[View]
124556104The only reason you guys hate The Wacky World of Tex Avery is because E-Celebs told you to hate it[View]
124560796Should I wait for reprints before jumping on?: Been a MK fan for a while now but wanted to start col…[View]
124552398What does /co/ thinks of the hbo max reboot of the looney tunes?[View]
124560500Why did this series had so many great villains? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx0HX0xTA0o[View]
124549250Wow, I just found out this. At this point, it's basically a contest on who can come up with the…[View]
124560674Kill da wabbit kill da wabbit[View]

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