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107698952>Kills half of all life >Avengers foil his plans >Resolves to do it again but bigger this t…[View]
107713610Nostalgia Time.[View]
107713466Could he redeem Star?[View]
107711123Why’s everyone so mean to him? :([View]
107712170What did Batman mean by this?[View]
107711352A Monster in Paris: This was so much better than Hotel Transylvania and Book of Life. https://www.yo…[View]
107711457Would you let him fuck your waifu?[View]
107704227>literally destroying magic itself and by extension killing all magical creatures is portrayed as…[View]
107713202Are we all still in agreement that 'Doom becomes god' is the peak of comic books, or the shitpost ab…[View]
107709818We need more female symbiotes[View]
107700558Madness Combat: I still can't believe it's back bros. Hopes for episode 12? Fears? Thought…[View]
107712904Why Galaxy? Why not Universe?: Why do they just guard the galaxy? How big is it and what is it they …[View]
107712215What happened to the production of the Hullabaloo animated movie? It's been nearly 6 years sinc…[View]
107711016Forgotten Classics: What are /co/s thoughts on Nicktoons Unite? You would think Nick would've w…[View]
107692886>main idea with her is that she's ugly >isn't that ugly and has a nice voice this ha…[View]
107709249Star and Marco don't really seem to care about the fact that the magical creatures are causing …[View]
107706593Why Is Flash Conservative[View]
107710079>Watching 'Doom Patrol' >Episode 14, Season 01 >Post your reaction when this happened: http…[View]
107701647That chicken was dry, Real Dry![View]
1077125012020s Cartoons: I think we can safely say that 2020s cartoons began in 2016/17 similar to how 90s ca…[View]
107710194Is this the coolest cover in comic book history?[View]
107712253>its the ninja episode again[View]
107685632/co/ swimsuit thread: Summer’s almost here. Let’s begin by posting /co/ characters in swimsuits and/…[View]
107710682Can somebody give me a rundown on why and how did this happen?[View]
107703452>Star: The entire kingdom must be purged: >Moon: How can you even consider that? There must be…[View]
107712195Thoughts on this?[View]
107711425Mary Shelly's Frankenhole: This show is criminally underrated. Not to mention it does the 'assh…[View]
107708239remember that anon who said dr strange was gonna say that 'doom is coming' in endgame? good times. a…[View]
107711534What do they do?: Consumer electronics? Hedge Funds? Do they make weapons? What do they do?![View]
107677013Okay, so... If Catra is going to be sent to Beast Island, and Scorpia is probably going to follow he…[View]
107702888Have you ever done anything to get this sort of reaction, /co/?[View]
107710982>when you dropped Star Vs after Toffee died[View]
107705025childhood is going with Kataang adulthood is realizing Zutara makes more sense[View]
107709631how come batman holds the title of best vidya, animated series, and movie?[View]
107702046Daily Moomin Storytime pt.3: Moomins on the Riviera by Tove Jansson. Yet another one I have to photo…[View]
107710161The man's a fucking great artist, but has he ever made a single good creative decision?[View]
107711638Hey to that Anon who was trying to find out that old Ukraine comic, no clue why the thread got delet…[View]
107705814why did moses allow this to happen?[View]
107688363Please Forgive Me #101 http://gobolatula.com/pfm/comic/101-a-league-of-ordinary-gentleladies/…[View]
107710981Why Do People Like Hawkman?: > Ugly Costume > Shit Powers > Crap Villains Yet I've see…[View]
107710937How does losing your virginity to Zack Snyder's films feel /co/ fags?[View]
107710269Why is everybody always giving the best Robin a hard time?[View]
107708445Top Comic Book Dad and sons.[View]
107710513Nolanfags, THIS is your mindset.[View]
107711111pwn: so in absence of superman, my assumption is that Kara takes over, right? so how come like, say …[View]
107710526>the episode where Randall plants drugs in Vince's locker This show was dark.…[View]
107708931Pingu: Which Pingu episode(s) did you liked the most?[View]
107697782How would Bruce react if his son was gay?[View]
107707731Ed Eddy n Eddy: Were they gay? How come the Ed's never tried to smash the kanker sisters? They …[View]
107710851Terrorism: God is *urp* gr-*urp*-eat![View]
107709333Gorillaz: why are his eyes sometimes white now? arent they supposed to be full of blood or something…[View]
107709546>Oh Norman you're so much better than Peter Wait did Peter even fuck her?…[View]
107709904What kind of Martial Arts would Batman study?[View]
107709037Comic Wars by Dan Raviv!!!FACT!!!: With the massive success of the MCU, it's interesting to loo…[View]
107565047Have you forgotten them already /co/?[View]
107703854Is it possible to kill a female character without it being a fridging?[View]
107697613Which villains, if any, could lift Mjolnir by the worthiness requirement and not some physics/realit…[View]
107710791/co/ do you think I'll ever make it in animation?[View]
107704409Is Lex the most petty villain of all time?[View]
107707931Heathcliff walks to the deli.[View]
107710671I think it's pretty cool that The Brave Little Toaster had a song about suicide that seems to p…[View]
107703018>We will never have this avenger formation in the MCU so sad[View]
107709705I want to throatfuck Rickety Rocket.[View]
107702361Summer Camp Island: Season 2 airs June 23rd. Hopes? Expectations?[View]
107673732Congratulations Nefcy! Worst cartoon ending of the decade![View]
107704359>wake up >see this wat do?[View]
107701850What properties do they have that could be well suited for a cartoon adaption? https://gematsu.com/2…[View]
107683277YEAH, RIGHT[View]
107707372Heroes in Crisis 9 spoilers: Heroes in crisis 9 spoilers Last time I leaked something I got into tr…[View]
107628987Mighty Magiswords: Mighty Magiswords Series Finale (TV Edition) *Featuring Radicles from the OK K.O.…[View]
107701326Filename thread? Filename thread.[View]
107709056Darkwing Duck Talkback: Hi /co/, Disney intern here. We're trying to build hype about a new Dar…[View]
107708615she as thick oat meal[View]
107705663Nova: How do you goes think the Nova movie is going to play out?[View]
107694777Captain Marvel Deleted Scene (Star-Force Kid Recruits): https://youtu.be/CrMwRuT-z8Q[View]
1077094432019...I am forgotten[View]
107706049Apologize, /co/[View]
107709819Does anyone have a video of ralph wiggum from the simpsons crashing a Police car? I need it for educ…[View]
107709413Why I do believe it's time for some bronze age storytime. Avengers #141[View]
107709762Gemusetto machu picchu: Better than perfect hair forever[View]
107709760Characters & Spare Time: What do you think Capes do to unwind? I mean, has Batman ever watched a…[View]
107708551>critic decides to make his own /co/ >its shit…[View]
107709554Why do people think its silly for Batman to have a dog when The Phantom has had one forever?[View]
107688949Gunnerpiss Shit: >Fuck you, retards[View]
107708636Rank them.[View]
107706608There’s a reason people relate to Batman more: Superman has never been as popular as Batman for one …[View]
107703621Why did they skimp on the costume budget so badly?[View]
107708785There's so many comics out there, want to make thread about comics that the average reader migh…[View]
107709573Why isn't Hawkman more popular?[View]
107708273hello /co/ here's my wife[View]
107694212Who are the members of Spider-man rogues gallery who should to be executed?[View]
107705563Did this ever conclude?[View]
107703380Leaked screenshot of how the character stat screen looks for MAU3[View]
107709212Thinking of getting the Marvel app to easy read on my phone, do I read classic secret war or the 201…[View]
107709227Reminder that Lois is just Clark's second choice[View]
107703714okay /co/, bit of a weird question but, anyone remember that goofy song from darkwing duck? its that…[View]
107694715Bittersweet Candy Bowl - bcb: See you next week![View]
107709190/co/ musical numbers: For me, it's the Kuzco Dance. the moment when the heartbroken Emperor reg…[View]
107707672American Dad: >the show is in heaven Beginner's first theory tier, besides, Klaus on the wal…[View]
107708413Aqua teen: Was this the only decent cartoon series finale of 2010's?[View]
107708802Dragon Prince: we must stop this before they give life to some abomination[View]
107701502WHAT'S HIS ENDGAME?[View]
107708011What's his endgame?[View]
107703145Post a better and more iconic /co/ game, that's if you can. Also, who is your favorite fighter?[View]
107708196Static: If Static ever comes back Frieda and Richie should be his friend group.[View]
107705282>The show should have ended at battle for mewni[View]
107697808WW1 in comics: Any recent-ish interesting WW1 storylines/series or issues in the past couple years o…[View]
107707628Mmm sixty four slices of american cheese.[View]
107708322>it's a New Adventures of Captain Planet episode[View]
107682087>all these complaints about a well done romance plot Alright then /co/, how would you do romance …[View]
107708262Space Tree is over here[View]
107708179https://www.neogaf.com/threads/what-is-the-best-ugly-comic-art.1177776/ Prove them wrong[View]
107707406Animated History of Every Robin from the folks who produced Marvel tl;dr. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
107707959>Name sounds like DarkCock How'd they get away with this?[View]
107706959Was there ever a reason given why Donald wasn't a main cast member in the original Ducktales?[View]
107650057Victor and Valentino S01E15 - Cuddle Monster: https://mega.nz/#!iColASyS!4Y-qmpcYRnl2CiWu6FJY87CLJ3Q…[View]
107708067>Star vs the Forces of evil was corrupted and ended horribly >Wander Over Yonder was killed of…[View]
107707938I wanna fuck this bug[View]
107691263Cartoon Network tier list maker: https://tiermaker.com/create/cartoonnetworkprogrammingandshows-2170…[View]
107705941What do you like about The Sword and The Stone?[View]
107705761>We must ensure the survival of the monster race >Heil Eclipsa!…[View]
107705762Harmon Quest: You fucks ready for season 3?[View]
107705770Episode 3 of Spongebob: Bubblestand is absolutely, one of the best stories ever told. Better than th…[View]
107705168>tfw didn't watch season 4 of svtfoe Should I watch it or nah? im not expecting anything so …[View]
107702376JSA Storytime: Gen13: Good evening owls, who's ready for more sexy Coda adventures[View]
107707639>There are actually people out there who want him to be half elf Why? That would be this biggest …[View]
107706596>DC's heroes were constantly tormented by an incomprehensibly enormous reality bending demon…[View]
107706602Are you ready for the sonic movie? It will be an alchemy of talent.[View]
107701514Star has destroyed all magic in the multiverse, billions have died. I've come here to recruit y…[View]
107704738ITT Shows that only you remember[View]
107706701>Show ends with a massive genocide of a specific group thanks to a tyrant who despise them for be…[View]
107706435SnyderCut GoFundMe Scam: https://comicbook.com/dc/2019/05/20/justice-league-snyder-cut-sdcc-gofundme…[View]
107704686What's your opinion on muscle girls, anon?[View]
1077036032020s cartoons started in 2016/17 similar to how 90s cartoons started in 1987 with the release of Du…[View]
107706797Dread it, Run from it...Destiny arrives all the same[View]
107706025Castlevania s1 & s2 spoiler thread: Well. even though Alucard kills Dracula and it's not 1…[View]
107706643New Super Mega Comic[View]
107705647Was his demise the stopping point for you?[View]
107706489>like a whistle is going to stop me >WE PULLED THAT OUT OF KID ROCK'S DUMPTER >I’d be …[View]
107701672>people actually liked star finale[View]
107701699BENFAGS BTFO[View]
107703766Find a flaw.[View]
107705013When was that the show lost it's MAGIC?[View]
107706340How would CW Green Arrow deal with Bullseye the Clown?[View]
107704928Wow, an unconscious kid! I'm keepin' him![View]
107704958The merging of Earth and Mewni: And that my friends is a perfect analogy of the reunification of Kor…[View]
107675479Was such a chad during endgame, makes me excited for his 3rd film.[View]
107705195What the actual fuck was his problem[View]
107703026Interdiminsional Cable: Are these episodes the ultimate plebe filter?[View]
107703661>so many unanswered questions >so many raised questions >bland and unsatisfying starco mome…[View]
107690293Mao Mao - Heroes of Pure Heart S01E01 - I Love You Mao Mao: https://mega.nz/#!yLhUCKoI!I4NkEYBK83bUM…[View]
107700221ITT: We seethe: >tfw can't find a single recent cartoon, comic, or even original written sto…[View]
107704237Book of Life or Coco?: Left or right?[View]
107700966She had a distaste for monsters. That's fair. Why does Mina Loveberry hate shoes & socks so…[View]
107704207Tuca & Bertie: It's been a week or two since this came out, and I'm a few episodes int…[View]
107705635What was the lesson of this show? What exactly were children suppose to learn from this cartoon?[View]
107705157Anthro Deer Show?: Strange memories, I was just a little lad, it was probably... 2004-2006. I have t…[View]
107700851Star Vs: >yfw Toffee did nothing wrong after all[View]
107691966Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your weekend?[View]
107687695So Is Tom King's Batman any good?[View]
107704826What are 14,000,604 wins to one lose? Thanos appreciation thread. No 2014 Thanuses allowed.[View]
107704975this is the TRUE ending[View]
107704654ok wig[View]
107702258Agent 13 and Baron Zemo to return in Falcon and Winder Soldier Series: https://deadline.com/2019/05/…[View]
107703738Was this Marvel Comic’s peak?[View]
107705311Dear students,we regret to inform you that the lecture 'The philosophy of rape' by Commissioner Jame…[View]
107699200Will he be the next big cosmic antagonist of the MCU after Thanos like some say?[View]
107703123Her own film when?[View]
107705087Did the Jedi feel the snap?: Did Thanos bring balance to the force?[View]
107705019Goldie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUduN0MfP_M >little boy has a crush on giant girl So, how…[View]
107702109>died thousands of times to save Earth from Dormammu >helped Thor to find Odin, thus setting i…[View]
107701295>It was me, Barry. I was the rightful king all along. Great Thawne or greatest Thawne?…[View]
107702531Would Johnny hit on a fem version of himself?[View]
107698213They have no life. They just run around Mobius and screw around with Robotnik's plans. Also I t…[View]
107694324Marvel Comics #1001: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2019/05/19/marvel-comics-1001-will-be-followed-by-…[View]
107704731Do you know what I do, /co/?[View]
107704662Do you read any webcomics with odd or different looking characters? http://dontworryteriblokhin.smac…[View]
107701054Conan the Barbarian: What is your favorite comics/ stories of this legendary hero?[View]
107702538I’m assembling a team[View]
107697558Why do Sonyfags hate him?[View]
107695343ITT: Marvel characters that will NEVER EVER appear in MCU.[View]
107701908Which hawk-themed hero is the best?[View]
107675181Cats Don't Dance thread, because it's been a while since we last had a thread.[View]
107672033Rayllum will end better than Starco[View]
107702131I really regret not watching this in theaters now. This was fucking amazing, I bet it looked spectac…[View]
107702093Which is better?[View]
107704095/co/ reaction thread: post 'em[View]
107698024X-O Manowar (1992) Part 14: The end of the road Featuring one of the weirdest last issues I've …[View]
107701909CRISIS: Dare we dream of the kino villain team-up?[View]
107699183I LOVE ADORABAT: She's cute! CUTE What kind of 'woke' episode is this show gonna get? Im bettin…[View]
107681609keep giving tony zettai ryouiki[View]
107703438The future looks bright for Sony Animation.[View]
107689584ITT: we post /co/ characters from all 50 U.S states i'll start with Ohio[View]
107700161Why Is he so edgy?[View]
107690493Bruce Wayne: Let's talk about Bruce Wayne a bit. Not Batman, none of that 'Batman is the real f…[View]
107702014Thoughts on Green Arrow as a character?[View]
107694953Jim Starlin Cosmic Epic Storytime: Part 1 >>107556121 Strange Tales Featuring Warlock >>…[View]
107702481Why does everyone prefer IW Thanos over Endgame Thanos again?[View]
107701115Why didn't they just use kryptonite on him?[View]
107692068Absolute Carnage: So they've announced a bunch of tie-ins to the event, as expected. This inclu…[View]
107699414I unironically like Family Guy[View]
107667692Ongezellig: Episode 2 when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvDrBWHvfeM[View]
107702637Why is there no hype for Spies in Disguise? It's literally about spies whoa re in disguise.[View]
107702423PlayboyBowl: It's the Man of Bats vs the Man of Iron. The Categories are: >Most Heroic Sel E…[View]
107701961Dixie Spidey: A Virginia GMO-cotton farmer got bit by a Roundup juiced spider roaming his fields, gi…[View]
107703148this series is so fucking good that make every other superheros shows look like crap[View]
107703002Who did it better?[View]
107699207Strange Vs. Voldemort: The Sorcerer Supreme vs. He who shall not be named. Who wins?[View]
107695430Did she ruin it?[View]
107702027HE-MAN: Let's talk about He-Man. Do you have any hope for the new movie? Bay's Transformer…[View]
107702140Powers was a Good Show IMHO: but was it kino?[View]
107700158Was this the same species as Toffee?[View]
107668098iron man villains: Who’s your favorite?[View]
107702615What if Star's actions effected the MCU?[View]
107702555What Spin Off of a running/de-funked show would you want to see happen? Mine is an A.M.A.Z.O show w…[View]
107701081You have to power to fire cookies, from the cookie dimension from your eyes. How will you use this p…[View]
107700800/Co/ Bruh moments: Like what cartoon or comic disappointed you? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZIpFy…[View]
107689103Marvel Mystery Comics #2 Storytime: And we're back! Marvel Comics renamed itself to Marvel Myst…[View]
107702096Was she a carpet muncher?[View]
107697559Could be so nice if DC animations made CoIE adaptation: With good looking animation style like in Br…[View]
107702208Legends of Tomorrow Talkback Thread: Today's episode: >Hey, World! Synopsis: >While on a …[View]
107698684Shows Ending: We need to use 'It Was Better Than The Voltron Ending' as a backhanded compliment more…[View]
107702062Is this ever coming out?[View]
107701472Share unexplored aspects in shows that you'd genuinely or unironically want explored. Personall…[View]
107700791Can the Arrowverse be redeemed at this point, /co/? >Flash reuses the same shitty plot every seas…[View]
107701820...really? 'Excuse me, Princess,' that's the best 80s sitcom catchphrase that you could come up…[View]
107700322Make your animated film: >balls to the wall CGI furry girls movie Earth Boys Are Easy…[View]
107688004Devil's Candy: >Quiz Kid on the case http://devilscandycomic.com/…[View]
107693697Marvel and NetEase Teaming Up to make New TV Series, Games, and Comics: https://venturebeat.com/2019…[View]
107700743AVENGERS: ENDGAME Deleted Scenes: >The Avengers meeting Captain Marvel (post-credits of her movie…[View]
107696095When they first saw him, did they know they were fighting time displacement Thanos and not the Thano…[View]
107699130Eternal Idea Guys thread: Post your comic/cartoon concept here. For you're never going to compl…[View]
107701626SCRATCH!!!! GROUNDER!!!! GET IN HERE!!!!![View]
107689998w-what did she do to deserve death...???[View]
107680573What is the edgiest comic you've ever read?[View]
107698239Nova Movie: I think i found your Dick Rider.[View]
107700660What would their dynamic be like if they ever teamed up?[View]
107700100Miraculous Ladybug: I've been trying to match up the spoiler list with the actual episodes. 1. …[View]
107698990I need a cartoon that gives me a sense of epicness and *pounds chest* HMMPH HOORAH[View]
107692353Would you a Wuya?[View]
107700926Hey faggot, why don't you watch a real girls' cartoon?[View]
107700399what if Dexter Douglas got sucked into the internet in the current year?: would Freakazoid become a …[View]
107701168Fox's own shows making fun of the network was the best[View]
107699575ITT: Outdated/Underrated comics that should make a comeback.[View]
107675839>Hekapoo is dead >Glossaryck is dead >Rhombulus is dead >Cloudy is dead >The laser pu…[View]
107697188/co/ reaction thread: post 'em[View]
107700884What's the ideal roster?[View]
107696727>yfw you basically committed a genocide that would make Hitler, Stalin and Thanos blush but you f…[View]
107697392Name a bigger fake news relaunch[View]
107697856Holy shit this is bad why normies love Stan Lee so much?[View]
107694967All these years later, it came true.[View]
107686042Cartoon Endings: Did /co/ EVER ENJOYED the final episode on ANY cartoon since 2012? I really never s…[View]
107700866It was a big dog.[View]
107651628itt : kino moments[View]
1077008072019... I am reborn...[View]
107700116he’s literally the most powerful being in the universe. if he truly wanted to die, couldn’t he have …[View]
107698504They weren't jobbers. They were some of the most powerful villains and were always teamed up ag…[View]
107688133ALICIA VIKANDER Will Play HAWKGIRL In WW84: Always though Shiera was Latina/Hispanic, but whatever.…[View]
107699715I feel like most of you people are missing something >Star Vs and Gravity Falls have multiple tim…[View]
107699953VeggieTales: Somebody recently fully animated the entire Veggie Christmas album. https://www.youtub…[View]
107694309Soon. https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/1130484215060062210[View]
107668975Priyanka Maheswaran: Priyanka thread?[View]
107647683Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
107698212New Summer Camp Island in June 23rd: https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/1130484215060062210…[View]
107690823Enid: Post Enid stuff[View]
107700426Why was this forgotten almost immediately after it was released?[View]
107695432Its come to my attention that you dont know who i am.[View]
107700385Fuck this[View]
107695963Why is this hailed as 'the greatest graphic novel of all time? Not bad by any stretch, but hilarious…[View]
107700071Gildedguy & The Green-Eyed Cowboy: Who's excited for thick stick figures exploding and beat…[View]
107694835Hal won The next battle is more RWBY shilling. Weiss vs Mitsuru from persona 3[View]
107694758Is it really fair to call Spawn the longest running, independently owned American comic, when it’s t…[View]
107697975What comics do I read if I only want to read about Hal Jordon? I don't really care for the othe…[View]
107692557FANGBONE 1080p FULL EPISODES: You shall ignore Star Vs AutismCucks and watch the glorious masterpiec…[View]
107700036I want to get into Daredevil. Recommendations?[View]
107682464Name a better scene from a Disney movie than the hydra battle. I fucking dare you.[View]
107699988What is all this talk about blackmail? Where did the rumors come from? Do you people really believe …[View]
107688312Regular Show is literally the ONLY show from the 10s with a great finale. Jesus Christ why did every…[View]
107699895Who IS the family guy the opening theme sings about and the show is named after, anyway? Peter?[View]
107699014Such a great movie but lame ending(?) What happened to Joker? Police stopped chasing Batman? How?[View]
107694899Leo best turtle[View]
107699467>tries to kill the heroes for a dumb reason like a villain >aktually he is the real hero Wow. …[View]
107695858What's the most healthy couple in comic books? I know comic books like to fuck with relationsh…[View]
107699057Thank god, at least this handsome fella survived.[View]
107697434>THIS SUMMER, WHAT IF THE GRIFFIN FAMILY CAME TO OUR WORLD? Um Lois, I don't think we'r…[View]
107696148Honestly, if you were 13 years old you would be all over this fucking stupid comic.[View]
107695661What the hell is her problem?[View]
107696684I hated the ending when I first saw it. But the more I let it sit, the more I realize it was actuall…[View]
107696844Get fucked Ben 10 fags[View]
107688965What does Thanos still need, /co/?[View]
107698908Should Rhombulus have been a Crystal Gem?[View]
107680907Why the only Marvel character that has a job is the only one suffering financial problems? I don…[View]
107697222So this is supposed to be Hans Moleman 30 years ago[View]
107695834>Previously, on X-Men...[View]
107698476Just saw the trailer on the CN YouTube channel and I got to ask, isn't this the same plot as th…[View]
107696824I can be forgiven for liking a Tumblr bait comic if I'm just in it for the cheesecake, r-right,…[View]
107697855Is she going to get taller and grow a more womanly figure? Otherwise she's gender-ambiguous.[View]
107694061Don't be sad, /co/! At least I'm still alive![View]
107698382>the star vs the forces of evil finale[View]
107698346>Why yes, I do it for free, how did you know?[View]
107698262Why did the show waste so much time with this shitty pairing?[View]
107694043He's gonna die.[View]
107697840100 ULTIMATE CARTOON PROTAGS: https://tiermaker.com/create/100-ultimate-cartoon-protags-8646…[View]
107698243Husbando thread[View]
107698090Who is the oldest/earliest 'badass girl' character in animation?[View]
107695978I don't get why everybody's so mad about the ending of Star Vs. You know the creator'…[View]
107696775>It's a show were the main character is a alpha male chad and meets a pretty Aryan woman to …[View]
107698157>tom what did you put in that cheese ?[View]
107697508Imagine Yellow Diamond with her hair wet. it loses its usual form and drapes down her head.[View]
107698084Are normalfags this easy to please with baiting a ship in place for how weak a finale is? Look at th…[View]
107697907I’ve read up to number 5 of these Judge Dredd collections. At what point does the quality dip to the…[View]
107693713>You'd have x ray vision, and the strenght of five gorillas![View]
107697029Cuck Prince of Crime: Since DC is trying so hard to make Harley move on from the joker in the comics…[View]
107693621this can solve every problem: Why doesn't Superman stick all of his enemies, like Lex, into the…[View]
107697830Would you watch a live-action TEEN TITANS GO?[View]
107695062Make Way! For Prince OP_[View]
107685512Questionable /Co/ntent Thread: imagine the smell[View]
107694820An arrest warrant has been issued for Stan Lee's former manager. He's being charged with e…[View]
107694659From South Park to Big Hero 6 to Robin, why is Japan so intent on lewding /co/ boys?[View]
107695981>walk in living room >see this Wat do?[View]
107693045It kept getting shitposted a few days ago but after Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart and Tig N' Se…[View]
107692002This could have been the BEST finale of the decade. Sadly, Teen Titans GO isn't ending any time…[View]
107694472I still fantasize smut of this nerd. When will we get another cutie like this again /co/? Any other …[View]
107693662Dumbing of Age: blushing lucy is cute. Cute![View]
107676537THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
107696985Do you like Z-T00n comics ?[View]
107696304Wafku: Watching season 3 ive heard bad things[View]
107696945Post your examples or describe what kind of writer/person are you. What would you do if you worked o…[View]
107696968COINCIDENCE?: >Disney cancels movie >Blue Sky releases one with a similar plot…[View]
107675315Did they ruin the legacy of Darkwing Duck by turning him into a villain?[View]
107696986How useless do you like your guns in fictional stories, /co/?[View]
107691783Make it cartoons&comicbooks related[View]
107691187ITT: Things that expose fake fans and nostalgiafags: >WTF is this comedy bullshit, I can't t…[View]
107692768Can he made relevant/popular again or is he just an outdated character?[View]
107696717>It’s a “your best friend becomes drunk with power, and you somehow don’t murder them” episode…[View]
107694570Her twitter is being ravaged LMAO[View]
107687333>Adventure Time ending- SHIT >Gravity Falls ending- SHIT >Star Vs ending- SHIT why are cart…[View]
107695809How's it gonna be?[View]
107693776If you could be part of any superhero 'family' which one would it be? You get similar powers and per…[View]
107693965Joe uploaded again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbTcjJiH9Yw[View]
107673890CITIZENS OF EARTH, LEND ME YOUR EARS Your beautiful world has been ravenged by the actions of the Ty…[View]
107696469Calarts students never make anything goo... https://vimeo.com/335248138[View]
107694462What was his problem?[View]
107680600Is this the only cartoon to have more than 4 seasons and not have a decrease in quality?[View]
107694246What does Hank and the rest of the Alley think of GoT now that its over?[View]
107696262ITT: Comfy /co/ images.[View]
107696103Deepest Lore[View]
107696112>Takes over your body and impregnates his girlfriend Nothing personel, kid…[View]
107693741Daphne or Daphne?: Classic > Always gets kidnapped. > Kind of a ditz > Eye-candy > Fashi…[View]
107695941What is up with Bubbles' hair?[View]
107686039Could a comic/cartoon work for an actual military recruitment.[View]
107690009Disney Itay comics storytime: Old thread >>107513886 A duck story with Gladstone. Title is 'Ga…[View]
107695067Never forget Garfield was an avatar of god. Also post more weird shit in the Garfield Canon.[View]
107692288How come Marvel doesn't do weird shit this anymore?[View]
107692859How high does Telltale's Joker rank on your best Jokers list?[View]
107690170>racism is BAD, therefore...I will commit a huge scale GENOCIDE, delete millenia of my own civili…[View]
107694910I was only trying to help...[View]
107693628People are excited about Mao Mao but I'm wondering why this piece of shit got picked up for a f…[View]
107695149Is this the most useless member of the group?[View]
107695275Does anon know where to buy Shen Gong Wu on the deepweb?[View]
107690144ITT: Bad Character Designs: Hawkman consistently has the worst designs in comics. The helmet is clun…[View]
107693826Haven’t seen this movie in years: Why couldn’t they be friends again?[View]
107695110r8 and h8[View]
107684035which one /co/[View]
107694943Star murdered him.[View]
107690731Batwoman storytime[View]
107691418I...I'm at a loss for words here She was killed...like that... Like, she's gone, poof, bye…[View]
107689944Captain America hate thread: Why is he such a moral fag ?[View]
107692958Who was the brains?[View]
107692066Since his Smash reveal at E3 is pretty obvious for anyone with a brain at this point I wanted to ask…[View]
107694652To whoever predicted that Star Vs the Forces of evil was going to end with the main villain being de…[View]
107694282Reaction BatPics: I need Reaction Pics. Reaction Pics of Batman.[View]
107693870Superhero outfit changes: Why did Thor make the inside of his cape black in Infinity War? He always …[View]
107671439Are there other fans who became so infamous that they’re acknowledged by the show runners?[View]
107694366why doesn't Batman wear a gas mask at all times? Considering that three of his main enemies, Jo…[View]
107693940ITT: Characters that were forgotten and got fucked over[View]
107687111DC Cosmic or Marvel Cosmic?[View]
107694152Underrated waifus thread?[View]
107691095>Dude what if Superman...was a bad guy[View]
107694185Prefect Crossover.[View]
107692473Killing him off was such a waste of MBJ. Killmonger should have been kept around as an antihero and …[View]
107691739What's the appeal of Star vs?[View]
107692856Cartoon Network Unveils ‘Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart’ And ‘Tig N’ Seek’: (See 'Mao Mao' …[View]
107693742Good boys: Who is best boy?[View]
107692527Star Vs. Could have been better if Disney didn't cut cut it to 4 seasons.[View]
107694022Bubby? More like fat and tubby[View]
107693976Just kiss already![View]
107689257Heathcliff and the Nutmegs go for a walk.[View]
107693696Here’s your fat best friend, /co/.[View]
107692893Post your examples or describe what kind of writer/person are you. What would you do if you worked o…[View]
107690541Nu Pogodi: So who here have seen this amazing Soviet era Russian cartoon, happy childhood times…[View]
107693282Is it worth watching?[View]
107688484>Slippery slope[View]
107676988Stupid moments that make you smile: Hey guys, shitty day? ITT just post stuff that makes you smile…[View]
107693298Anyone here seen Tuca and Bertie? I watched the first 4 episodes on a whim last night and found them…[View]
107686210Is it even worth saving anymore?[View]
107692361>so you decided to go to cal arts[View]
107692267Amalgam universe: Wouldn't it have made more sense to fuse Spiderman and Batman?[View]
107692737Demons in cartoons you like and relate with.[View]
107683567Why haven't you moved to LA to become an animator, anon?[View]
107693351I do not believe, it was her intention to kill everyone. She was just in her period.[View]
107693456>Vertigo fallen off to the side >Black Label got neutered >Young Animal barley returns afte…[View]
107692426To this day there are 3 episodes in PPG which remain embedded in my brain for why you do not run a c…[View]
107691496ITT: Moments in comics and cartoons that made you stand up and applaud.[View]
107693385>Witty and sophisticated social and political commentary >layered deep within a consistent bar…[View]
107693078Kudos for ending this children's show on a litteral genocide >Remember kids, your problems c…[View]
107676316so what exactly WAS his endgame? did he want all of this to happen?[View]
107693183So did NO ONE else notice this?[View]
107693240Ske killed millions.[View]
107693061Why is Wonder Woman so perfect?[View]
107692008Does your girlfriend know how to ROCK?[View]
107692643How was this acceptable?[View]
107682765post /co/ gifs[View]
107693038has a joke ever made you cringe?[View]
107689127Coolest villian designs: Post em[View]
107690745Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
107690665Classy graphic novels for the discerning /co/ aesthete: Pic related was pretty good; I usually don…[View]
107692352ITT: Cliches that you hate: >Main character is a edgelord nihilist >Has a tragic backstory…[View]
107692670Here's your CN Upfront. Enjoy: >Mao Mao is going to premiere on July 1st. First episode is o…[View]
107690691Thunderbirds Are Go is back with new episodes, and they finally did it: they gave TB4 its own launch…[View]
107690923>Show has predetermined elements used by the characters to use against each other >It's a…[View]
107679332HITMAN VOL. 6 STORYTIME: Another long one today. In this volume: Vampires, Chinamen, and Deborah in …[View]
107690489DC faggots or Marvel faggots?[View]
107692675Justice League: Hello there, I just back from reading some Berenstein books and watching a documenta…[View]
107685283How Long Do You Think King is Going To Last As DC's Head Writer?[View]
107692441The members of spider-man rogues gallery who in real live get executed?: The killer.[View]
107690503Sonic Boom: This is a good show, just not a very good Sonic the Hedgehog show.[View]
107691871Does Archer pick up or does it stay consistently boring? Only seen the first few episodes[View]
107692202Is he our guy? Also do u think he'll ever make another show with adult swim or with another net…[View]
107689666What are tour thoughts on Disenchantment? Are you going to watch season two?[View]
107691834There once was an Ugly Duckling...[View]
107690862Is Yzma /ourgirl/?[View]
107691812I watched the show just for her and i'm not disappointed[View]
107690810Star vs finally discussion: Killing magic didn't solved the problem,it only delayed. Racists st…[View]
107683521HBO Watchmen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zymgtV99Rko&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0xQ9IZ…[View]
107630552'Okay, Chloe, we've had enough of your crap and we've decided to rape you.' What did Thoma…[View]
107691867What is the closest to gold/silver age comics we have today?[View]
107682063This is Sabrina Cotugno.: She's done working on Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and is now working…[View]
107681472I'm going to storytime my favorite single issue of a comic ever. This is The Punisher #93. A on…[View]
107691539Wait a minute, did Daron Nefcy rip off That Guy Destroys Psionics for the Star finale?[View]
107689195Why was he so angry?[View]
107685886this guy is a fucking moron[View]
107675297Audrey & Victor: https://youtu.be/qbTcjJiH9Yw DO NOT LEWD[View]
107691648Too Good to Use: ITT: Stupidly overpowered characters that will never be seen or mentioned again bec…[View]
107685526DC Magic or Marvel Magic?[View]
107672718Rank the finales: Which one had it better and which had it worse?[View]
107691495They said all they wanted was their money back![View]
107689786(Batman) Elseworlds: Look, we've all had our own version of a Batman set in some AU. Morisson u…[View]
107687082TCM Latenight animation: For night owls, TCM has an animation night starting at 12:30 AM Eastern tim…[View]
107691316Walking Dead accidently released the cover for Volume 32, does this confirm Rick's fate in #192…[View]
107653331Horrorverse: The Locust Horde vs Umbrella: The Locust have discovered a Lovecraftian portal to anoth…[View]
107686439ITT: Cursed cartoon moments and cursed images.[View]
107689988Star vs finale in a nutshell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWcUKpePyf0&t=[View]
107682597HITMAN VOL. 6 STORYTIME (PART 2): Let's get this sucker over and done with. vol. 1: >>10…[View]
107688755this is my wife, /co/. thoughts?[View]
107689950Rimba Racer in Malay: New episode in 15 minutes https://www.xtra.com.my/en/livetv Please make some …[View]
107690625>2019 >I am forgotten[View]
107689143Do you know any comics or cartoons with attractive, wheelchair-bound women or girls? Just asking out…[View]
107690966What if legos become a horror movie?[View]
107688716Oh fuck, he did it! He said that thing from the Batman movie! That means it's on now![View]
107689107Why are stupid, hot girls always portrayed as being super nice and friendly?[View]
107687239Was Robot Vivi killing and absorbing Meat Vivi into herself murder? Why did everyone accept it and p…[View]
107687731any under the radar/unpopular cartoons on streaming services that you wish were more popular?[View]
107690477Worst Decade For Cartoons?: Which network has had a worst decade of animation in the 2010s? CN or Ni…[View]
107680404Who was the best Recess character and why was is Mikey?[View]
107687025You know... Now that i think about it, Star and Marco didn't even noticed that they forgot Tom …[View]
107688692Steven Universe needs a remake.[View]
107690671Jim Starlin Cosmic Epic Storytime: Part 1 >>107556121 Strange Tales Featuring Warlock >>…[View]
107684438>People are unironically watching John wick 3 and Detective pikachu over Endgame What the hell i…[View]
107685823Rick and Morty #1 'I turned myself into a comic Morty!' edition storytime[View]
107689145How do we stop Tom King and what he is doing to Batman?[View]
107690239Remember when that show was all about marco's harem ?[View]
107690312https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sddhH3YBqX4: inb4 batman zur en arrhI'm sorry but in what itera…[View]
107687244ITT lame crossovers no one remembers/cared about[View]
107677751Why don't they give Batman the white eyes in film adaptions? Don't give me the 'actor…[View]
107684420I work WITH Spider-Man, not FOR Spider-Man, keep making that mistake and I'll remake Bambi…[View]
107689920Why is a talentless hack whose last film bombed spectacularly at the box office directing the New Go…[View]
107687887It's time to discuss the only Disney princess with a body count in the thousands.[View]
107689462Andrea Beaumont = Best (Bat)Girl: Bruce x Andrea is the Patrician's BatOTP. Selina is a filthy …[View]
107689838DC Super Hero Girls: #SuperWho? >Overwhelmed by the amount of Superman coverage in Metropolis, Su…[View]
107659508Is Slave Leia even a thing in modern day Star Wars?[View]
107683204/co/ reaction thread: post 'em[View]
107689963Panels out of /co/ntext[View]
107688666Wholesome: Her name is Dawn and she is one of the sweetest girls on Total Drama. What are your thoug…[View]
107675845Curse of the Were-Rabbit now has a blu ray release.: After almost fifteen years, there is now a blu …[View]
107686750LET'S MAKE A COMIC STORYTIME: The last issue wasn't completed before the thread 404'd…[View]
107687103I remember hearing Barbara Streisand's 'The Way We Were' somewhere on Adult Swim, might've…[View]
107686070Black Widow member of the Spider family?: Why have we never Black Widow get powers like Spiderman, o…[View]
107686913Anything taking place in WW1 recently?: Have there been any interesting stories or issues of comics …[View]
107688161SVTFOE: Rafael and Angie, Best Couple: Besides Starco, Marco Diaz's parents, Rafael and Angie, …[View]
107597434/co/ General Drawthread: THREAD GUIDELINES >Provide references for all requested characters and k…[View]
107688241>tfw no Doug's 2nd Movie[View]
107687804>saves western animation[View]
1076883722019: I AM FORGOTTEN[View]
107689314Alternate outfit: AO?[View]
107676840Magical Girls: Who is the better magical girl? Steven or Star?[View]
107683139>ruins your show[View]
107677172>Solarian knights only obey to Queen Solaria >Queen Solaria's ghost lives inside the wand…[View]
107687323Were they psychopaths?[View]
107689111>Monsters will likely take the blue collar jobs from the human males >Will also likely shit up…[View]
107689049Glean Keane = GOAT: This man is based, how Hollywood studios dumped him in his prime is beyond me. A…[View]
107688044Ludo: Thoughts?[View]
107688389https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVzCgx4k6fU Why do cartoons suck these days? What caused the second …[View]
107681689garfield generator thread? https://www.bgreco.net/garfield/[View]
107688787Sonic boom thread: So why is it an overrated series made for zoomers and nostalgia fags ?[View]
107680942>HBO's most successful show (Game of Thrones), Warner's most successful show (The Big B…[View]
107686728Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #44 Storytime Doreen has just found the secret base of the frost giants in …[View]
107681042Feige is only making a movie for Shang-Chi just so he can tie up the whole Ten Rings/Mandarin plot p…[View]
107683266Hotel Transylvania Series Thread: Well it took over a decade but we finally got that third season of…[View]
107597255How's Your Webcomic? #562: What does your ideal comic host/website look like? (Navigation, char…[View]
107616574Could the DC/Marvel universes survive if you dropped every single SCP into them?[View]
107686541This would've been a better ending for Season 4 and Starco: Change my mind[View]
107592790Amphibia: Season 2 already confirmed, starts with new episodes daily from June 17 through the 20th h…[View]
107674040>redeems your show[View]
107682838Jim Starlin Cosmic Epic Storytime: Part 1 >>107556121 Strange Tales Featuring Warlock >>…[View]
107686880What is the LOTGH of /co/?: Guessing it's probably not capeshit, but i'm looking for a fai…[View]
107678372Watch out, she's looking for that spider silk, and she wants it now![View]
107685822ITT: Minor design errors that piss you off more than they probably should[View]
107627749Kamala Khan has given up on trying to play the nice ambiguously-Muslim girl and is out to rape the M…[View]
107687847The real Hero of SVTFOE: He Warned Us[View]
107686386Ukinojoe makes another Audrey and Victor video: The two Jewish kids are most likely to stay for a lo…[View]
107686328I guess we can say that this isn't the fantasy show with the most disappointing ending ever, ri…[View]
107684411Would it have been cooler in Endgame if they'd upgraded Cap's armor with some Asgardian fl…[View]
107687614Is it wrong that I find him attractive?[View]
107684830Can this never be a thing again?[View]
107687462he main villain?[View]
107683982>such a cool pulp science fiction franchise is tied to garbage tier capeshit like the MCU It…[View]
107683875Why was comic art so different let's say 20-30 years ago?[View]
107687242>only 1 stinkin' Focus Episode while your retard brother and cunt of a sister gets several B…[View]
107684159I just watched this movie ... and I could not stop thinking. that this would be an excellent origin …[View]
107681196Whelp, so much for blue genie https://youtu.be/ceSt3bYwP0A[View]
107685151RWBY action is good after monty died?: Some people claim rwby action is dead after monty died. What …[View]
107684133Did we ever learn Bumblebee’s baby name ?: Did we ever learn the name of Bumblebee’s baby ? Was the …[View]
107685104Why didn't Superman ever just ask some ultra-powerful character like Doctor Fate or the Spectre…[View]
107672017>Adventure Time >Regular Show >Gumball >Gravity Falls >Star vs Now that this is the l…[View]
107677088>Starco never fucking happened Fuck you Nancy you fucking hackfraud.[View]
107683258Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3: >Red Skull becomes Ghost Rider 2099. He's free from Vormir b…[View]
107685896ITT: biggest canon sluts of /co/[View]
107680919you know that she should be sent to the chair for treason, anon[View]
107670712Star vs: Can't believe Hekapoo, Glossaryck and Rhombulus are fucking dead. Anyway who is respon…[View]
107682822Anon inferior, Soundwave superior.[View]
107680068gogo bomango: Gogo vs a consistent update schedule[View]
107685086would /co/ watch a don't starve show?[View]
107685970She sure has big reasons to be an avenger[View]
107681864So...given Echo Creek and effectively the US just suddenly got multiple still existing monarchies, o…[View]
107672342So who's gonna win tomorrow? >Ben Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgnhvYlMckQ >Ha…[View]
107682109Unusual occurence: It's weird, with all the violence and horrible monstrosity in this world, yo…[View]
107679650>genocide is OK as long as the right person does it[View]
107685118Bootleg /co/ thread: Last thread died, so lets do this[View]
107679223So he was named after Eclipsa favorite food for no reason at all, bravo Nefcy.[View]
107683197Is this supposed to take place in the Justice League Unlimited universe? If so where is Wally and th…[View]
107672563Marshall Dan Dare has dedicated his life to protecting the galaxy, foiling the Mekon, just as his an…[View]
107672207With Star Vs over what are some other cartoons to watch with cute male characters?[View]
107682931What is the Clegane bowl of /co/?[View]
107682446>You realize that had Marco just trusted Star slightly more and gone through the Earth well makin…[View]
107678155Why didn't you saved her?[View]
107683614You are the one to blame: Maybe it's time for you to move on and stop relying spectations on fi…[View]
107680644So, I heard Star fucked up some shit to save the world and many died? Kinda reminds me of a certain…[View]
107675309So... what were the forces of evil again?[View]
107678055>Blue eyes. >Blonde hair. >Committed mass genocide on a multiversal level. Star is a Aryan …[View]
107681080So how will the eventual movie handle the fallout from the selfish actions of star and fucking every…[View]
107676787Would he fit in more with Marvel or DC?[View]
107679847What is /co/'s thoughts on Stark Raving Dad?[View]
107669907science or magic?[View]
107685070Why did both Genndy and Craig allow him to ruin their cartoons?[View]
107679405Whatcha dooooooooooin?[View]
107683064Jesus Christ, I don't remember her looking this terrifying[View]
107675523Everything's coming up Katia![View]
107682644are u?[View]
107684813Now that everything has been perfectly set up for a comeback, will we finally see a new darkwing ser…[View]
107675395...where is everyone?[View]
107681023Is Steve Smith Bisexual: It seems he wants to fuck Snot for some reason?[View]
107680368This is why media make fun of comic book fans. The show looks EXACTLY like the comic, why are people…[View]
107683905Batman, and by extension Gotham and his lore (but his lore alone, no greater DCU connections), exist…[View]
107674107I really like this crazy girl I love her accent and the way she acts But I do not share her ideology…[View]
107682497>I wanna destroy all humans, but I don't feel like it.[View]
107679235Generation O thread, I guess. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9359PDKPYEk&t=1106s[View]
107682940Is Doctor Doom the only case of a Sacred Cow that is bad written? I know of no other case like this.[View]
107684285Why is he so perfect?[View]
107683154What the fuck did he mean by this?[View]
107683243>Thanos wipes out half of all life to quell overpopulation >Star does it for spanish dick Remi…[View]
107683599ITT: Characters that would get revenge: On this Bitch for destroying magic [View]
107679931>Credits roll >Post-credit scene shows him now as an adult >He dons a new cape costume >…[View]
107682913Which one is the most evil Disney villain /co/?[View]
107683422Star has destroyed all magic in the multiverse and there is only one thing that can be done. Pray th…[View]
107679589>star vs just had the most depressing finale of all time for a cartoon >TLH bomb next week is …[View]
107681414Worst fans: By far, those two have the worst comic book fandoms. But between Batman and Doctor Doom,…[View]
107681429Worse Decade of Animation?: Which network has had a worse decade of animation? CN or Nick?[View]
107683086Toonverse: So Star created the apocalypse in the series finale of SvtFoE. Adventure Time takes place…[View]
107683004>/co/ comicunts can keep their shit together even after torturous capeshit events like CW2 and He…[View]
107681798Any notable examples of /co/ stuff notably different in their pitch phase? All I know is pic-related…[View]
107675107So is the Star Vs. series finale the pic related of /co/ series finales?[View]
107680897Just watched the Ducktales' Caballeros episode...: Say what you will about how they portray the…[View]
107678266X-O Manowar (1992) Part 13: Almost at the end[View]
107680822*ruins your show*[View]
107682221I just finished spider-man vol.3 How do I read 2015-16 secret wars without reading a shitload of com…[View]
107681485What the fuck were they thinking: Do you think the rest of this shit was entirely destroyed at some …[View]
107671728>Marco chose to stay behind without knowing if he'd see Star or Earth again >Star chose t…[View]
107679014Here’s another thread. It’s a good thing generals aren’t allowed for some reason, that would be real…[View]
107681370>Rei ended the world to create a ship to harbor humanity, then ended the ship for a boy who recen…[View]
107679582>'To establish peace between the different races, I must first eradicate the magical race!' What …[View]
107676239I don't get it. Why do you hate him, /co/?[View]
107678920So basically this is what happened: >magic dimension collapsed bringing an end to magic >marco…[View]
107679513Will this show still be heavily discussed on /co/ a year from now?[View]
107676661why didn’t Star just freeze time and destroy Mina and her soldiers that way? would have been better …[View]
107680192At what point did this show get so fan-servicey? I watched a season 4 (?) episode and it felt like i…[View]
107680328Form a Team, make a Pitch: The Big 2 Publisher of your choice breaks down your door and goes >ano…[View]
107681584LoliRock: That show with the weird name that only you Remember (By the same guys who made Totally Sp…[View]
107677595Thoughts on Bart Allen?[View]
107681523What would have the Thanos Avenger movie looked like if it had been written and directed by Joss Whe…[View]
107669109>wake up >see this How would you react?[View]
107678826She killed millions[View]
107677650>fine, I’ll do it myself What the fuck does that even mean? Whedon, you fucking hack…[View]
107681437>We'll never get white Fury ever again[View]
107669684Chad & Virgin Thread: Doomfags BTFO! Where my StarkChads at?![View]
107678291Peridot: Post Peridot.[View]
107678695>'Hey Marco since you'll no longer see Star anymore I can be your flat-chested curveless pri…[View]
107675899Reminder that the heroine of a show for little girls knowingly murdered an untold number of sentient…[View]
107669823Ah the return of the why boner. WITH A VENGEANCE![View]
107680553The whole plot was his death wish: >See random humans wandering into monster territory >Give t…[View]
107680474>Star Vs. finale sucked >Steven Universe finale sucked >Adventure Time finale sucked >Re…[View]
107681122I'd say that the problems started with this autist, if toffee had just killed her instead of jo…[View]
107678722Deux ex machina: On Questions: Unanswered Worldbuilding: Out of the window Comflicts: Ignored Relati…[View]
107681081Are there any other internet smut peddlers that managed to land a gig for a major comics publisher?[View]
107680615THE MIGHTY GRAND PITON: https://youtu.be/v9hbmMkdPzo Besides all of it's obvious as fuck stolen…[View]
107681003ITT: Canon sluts[View]
107674882Frank: ITT: Frank[View]
107677008This was a waste of money[View]
107676999For the Nova Movie, what do you guys think they are going to use Nova helmet or Nova force.[View]
107679709What happened to Mrs. Krabs?[View]
107674497>Was in the front charging with Cap during the final battle against Thanos Why is he such a fucki…[View]
107675732 I miss him already bros [View]
107673508>'Let's give Hercules Superman's backstory, and add black gospel music' But why?…[View]
107655519>yay, I love super-soldiers, cosmic astronauts, magicians, guys in super powerful suits of armor,…[View]
107636779ITT: utterly forgotten[View]
107675747Are you read for the crossover?[View]
107679802why do kryptonians look human?[View]
107679651Movie: So basically my gf is watching Spider-Man 2002 for the first time and hates it. What should I…[View]
107674443Are there any mexican superheroes?[View]
107677757Batman's 80th anniversary thread: Seeing how this year marks the Caped Crusaders 80th birthday.…[View]
107680417Were the late 00s/early 10s (2007-2013) the peak of tv shows, movies, video games and anime?[View]
107677929Give me your worst pages The ones that make you say 'What were they thinking' I'll start with …[View]
107679041There's something wrong with what my Stacy says.[View]
107650415OTP thread? OTP thread.[View]
107678240ITT: Forgotten Moments Of /co/: Remember when Thanos took little Gamora to visit some planet and tol…[View]
107652567Her dad was a rapist[View]
107675342Face It /co/ You Just Hit The Jackpot We were so close to have a perfect MJ. It hurts, comrads.…[View]
107674395You did it Star Butterfly, I'm so proud of you .[View]
107679766Once there was an stupid ugly magical princess. She was so stupid that everyone died. The end.[View]
107677180Amy eternally BTFO How can she recover?[View]
107658660Seriously, Rob Liefeld is not THAT bad. There are worse artists out there and most of his haters are…[View]
107679169Now that the dust has settled, was Thanos correct?[View]
107677647The show's going to be absolute shit. Batwoman is going to be shat on as a character for years …[View]
107679431So I hear you committed genocide too?[View]
107675911>Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gives us a tough Batman, years of experience under his belt a…[View]
107679009Was he an Incel?[View]
107677729千面英雄 (2020) Thousand face hero FROM CREATORS OF UlTRAMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvhIEAg3M9k…[View]
107672720Shows like Hilda: I’m only four episodes in and I’m already loving this show. Can any of you people …[View]
107679013A New Wally West Comic From DC to Follow Heroes In Crisis?: >Coming out of the bar chatter at the…[View]
107679004Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
107677155Getting sick of the star threads so let's break it up. ITT: Post /co/ images you can hear.[View]
107640336Garou goes to the Marvel and DC universe to hunt its heroes. How far does he go til he is beaten?[View]
107674844Daily reminder that Ian Jones-Quartey is the most dapper nigga in the entire animation industry righ…[View]
107665744Did /co/ like this? I liked it. I thought it was fucking hilarious.[View]
107670684Why does Kara PG have no run on her own in the new DC? Isn't she like money printer since DC ke…[View]
107669436Lois Lane loves Superman not Clark Kent.: Explain to me why Lana isn't right here? Lois never l…[View]
107678511I haven't watched star vs, but I see a lot of people pissed about the ending Is the ending anot…[View]
107636494/shelf/: How hard would it be to create your own spines for paperbacks? inconsistent shit like this …[View]
107678552>how long you been celibate >three years >hmm the fourth year is a tough one…[View]
107677149Which are the edgiest teamups?[View]
107676465Anyone else feel like this episode was a bit of an apology for the Quagmire's dad episode? I kn…[View]
107675217What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
107678462>teen Morgan creates a new Iron Man suit and her girlfriend Riri Williams uses it to fight crime …[View]
107677532Can someone redpill me on Dr. Mid-nite[View]
107675586I want to read Wolverine comics, what are the best ones[View]
107674030>Comes out in a little over two weeks >Zero hype, zero discussion $19M opening weekend…[View]
107676337ITT: A-list characters that are still in limbo[View]
107664331This is the greatest love story ever[View]
107678110I saw a velocity wallpaper on /wg/ does anyone knows where to start Reading?[View]
107657615>i couldn't save those people, but I can render their sacrifice completely useless by tellin…[View]
107677892Is it lazy writing to nerf a character?: >Gamora then: Able to take a small army by herself, tank…[View]
107677862Who is the best comic book artist currently still working?[View]
107661597What did you think of it?[View]
107677211Spider Man Cartoons: Spectacular Spider Man = Spider man TNAS > 90s Spider man > Spider Man un…[View]
107658379>The Big 3 slowly walk towards Thanos instead of making sure their friends trapped under the rubb…[View]
107677681If the adventure time was a Obscure soviet cartoon from the 80s[View]
107671374<Two dimensions thrown haphazardly into each other endangering the lives of thousands if not mill…[View]
107676560tfw no crocodile gf[View]
107675891hokay so here's the earth it's chilling damn that is a sweet earth you might say round[View]
107663196>Left with Dad... Too young... Need time?! Forget about me...[View]
107675819So for everyone who has read the novelization of Toy Story 4, is there a twist villain?[View]
107672380>Takes the pre-existing batwoman suit >Add stomach piece >add crotch piece >Calls it Bat…[View]
107676100*SNAP*: Wait wait wait. I haven’t been paying attention because I fucking g hate drama. Did Star s…[View]
107677364And so, Mewni got their dose of FREEDOM.[View]
107676274How much time until nefcy gets what’s coming to her. All it takes is one pissed off fan at a con to …[View]
107671120really, how powerful is this team compared to any other ordinary JL team.[View]
107673850>Archie - Zombie apocalypse >Sabrina - Dark Magic witch craft >Jughead - Werewolves >Ver…[View]
107676930>Aardman will never make a Groo movie Why does it hurt so much, /co/?[View]
107674947I tend to like standalone stories like Earth One. What are the best Year One/Earth One comics?[View]
107674561Nightmare fuel: /co nightmare fuel woop I'll start https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RlbcBEy4ItA…[View]
107673019What's your favorite Tim Vigil comic?[View]
107676213How would he fare in the dc universe ?[View]
107676410wait til you see the OH NO NO NO[View]
107676079If the regular Teen Titans came out today, it'd receive backlash for this scene[View]
107675453Star was right, magic was only fucking things up as it was a metaphor about Atomic Bombs as beacons …[View]
107675608HIYA! So how was that SVTFOE finale? Was it worth my cancellation?[View]
107673660My wife is dead[View]
107675202Could she be a villain?: And when I type 'villain' I don't just mean 'villain' I mean Big Bad o…[View]
107675925Which is more powerful? An unrestricted completely synergistic Infinity Stones working together or T…[View]
107675168Anyone else see it, or just me?[View]
107675786it was so lame that he didn’t even use his own unique spells - he just had cheap knockoffs of Star’s…[View]
107672394>Superhero helps and co-works with police, >Superhero become prosecuted for crime >Police s…[View]
107668871This is my wife.: Please say something nice about her.[View]
107672025IIT: Disappointments: >Steven Universe >Gravity falls >Adventure time >Korra >Star a…[View]
107675512>Arkham >Giant, crazy high security steel door >wonder who could be behind it after they wa…[View]
107669686Supergirl/Power Girl: Why do Supergirl and Power Girl not have the same 'messiah complex' issues mod…[View]
107675264On the subject of finales, how do you think this show will end? They've said that it will expla…[View]
107670330>they didn't kiss Should we be happy or sad about this?[View]
107639728/co/ CalArtified: post CalArts edits or artwork[View]
107656876ITT: characters no one likes[View]
107675581Dumbing of Age: like wash my hands[View]
107675589Cicakman - FIRST MALAY SUPERHERO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCUk_wOViCU[View]
107674931How come there's a lack of well animated Western cartoons nowadays? The most recent cartoon tha…[View]
107675485I still miss him[View]
107668958Only child anon here. Bee and Puppycat made having a bunch of brothers and sisters look fun and supp…[View]
107671189>You know what? Forget what I said before. Have all the half-breed bastards you want rob the king…[View]
107675408Cute https://vimeo.com/336117214[View]
107673454Where's the joke, Buckley?[View]
107670763/co/ lists ways of completely ruining a show: I'll start: >Romantic subplot…[View]
107672408Why do modern cartoons need to have an overarching plot? What's wrong with episodic plots?[View]
107674834Better than Gravity Fails and Star Vs[View]
107675178OH FUCK: STELIOS (and Luis), are the new school bullies at /co/ School! Using only school attending/…[View]
107666050What's the explanation for her not encountering Thanos before? And what happened to those earth…[View]
107672975>'My gut told me she's evil' They should have trusted his gut[View]
107674826Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups: >During the 1970s in a series of lectures at the Collège de France, Mich…[View]
107668855Mabel: Who is best Mabel?[View]
107649332ITT: the best of /co/[View]
107672900Doomsday clock - the big reveal: I just sayin...[View]
107665078So is she a female Conan? Because I could get into a female version of Conan[View]
107672450>Aaah soo beautiful... must destroy. What the fuck just happened?! https://0123movies.gostreams.t…[View]
107672396Recommendations for comics where the protagonist slowly develops his/her superpowers or skills? A ze…[View]
107673469As an Avengers fan, Endgame was amazing. As a Guardians fan, it made me want to hang myself. Anyone …[View]
107672421She THICC[View]
107657849ITT:your favorite mcu characters[View]
107672287The SU villains have better designs but the SVTFOE villains are much more believable. Mina stuck to …[View]
107668852Post characters who were vindicated by history[View]
107673882Goth Girl Thread[View]
107668304X-men: Is there any argument AGAINST a mutant ethnostate /co/? Because as long as the land is obtain…[View]
107674509So based on that reactionary article about Metabarons and rape. I decided to ut the big 500+ page co…[View]
107671957Now that the dust has settled, what's the verdict? Overrated hackette, or misunderstood madwom…[View]
107674479>visit /co/ to discuss funnybooks >every time a cartoon ends this board thermonuclearizes and …[View]
107651199Thoughts on Damian?[View]
107674337Mao Mao's reveal is tomorrow. Its creator posted the last tease, but I merged all of them toget…[View]
107673307Not sure if I already posted this: I'm looking for educational cartoons that aren't boring…[View]
107674060The marine from DOOM gets dropped in a /co/ universe of your choice what happens next?[View]
107672909Itt:We post good character designs[View]
107642100What can they do in Ant-Man 3 that would top this level of BASED?[View]
107657286Is there any likeable version of Cyclops?[View]
107672168Would a cartoon based on Will Magnus and the Metal Men work if it was done in the same style as Migh…[View]
107641348Post kino /co/ posts.[View]
107672347This is a thread for the creation of new recommended charts, the discussing of pre-existing ones, an…[View]
107671642I’m glad this show and adventure time is ending. NOW LET THE NEW ERA BEGIN. Now 2020 will be the era…[View]
107673800Are they related?[View]
107671618Can Steven redeem Star?[View]
107662671adult men read this[View]
107673723What the fuck was their problem[View]
107672869>yes I do apply realistic consequence theory to a cartoon in order to criticise it, how could you…[View]
107673687I am a Dog. A Dog that s incredibly bright. I can talk, read, and write.[View]
107670953Now that the dust is still up in the air and makes you choke on every breath, what did you think had…[View]
107673644Greetings friend, I am Boba Fett, I take it you have no love of current Western animation?[View]
107671611Rank them: HARD MODE: No Batman [View]
107604044Hey /co/! Have you seen Peter?[View]
107673255Yep she won the human army will just kill all the monster in the middle of the chaos, good job defen…[View]
107670184>Illustration from the late-1900s up through the middle of the 20th century was absolutely amazin…[View]
107669443This is Cringer, my fearless friend.[View]
107667752Has the Punisher ever gone against a deity? It seems like that would be his ultimate goal at some po…[View]
107672995From GotG, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, to Ant-Man. And now with Shang-Chi and Eternals movies on …[View]
107672808>Star vs copied the absolute worse twist of Korra in the most garbage season AAHAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH…[View]
107668874how would it have been recieved if they filed for divorce instead[View]
107673144This Star Vs. the Forces of Evil series finale... is NOT GOOD.[View]
107672846Yo man you feeling alright?: Why are you all gay, as in, gay as in happy, stop smiling you bastards,…[View]
107665808Peridot deserves a spin-off show[View]
107672713Why is Star such a washed up slut?[View]
107657934Why do women pretend to like Aquaman?[View]
107655562>Here's your consort, bro[View]
107656605Gun to your head: You've been given billions of dollars and one goal: Make an animated movie fr…[View]
107672132Underrated /co/ntent.[View]
107660354BLACK WIDOW Film Will Take Place Between 'Captain America: Civil War' And 'Avengers: Infinity War': …[View]
107659604Why is this a better crafted horror masterpiece than what's coming out today https://www.youtub…[View]
107672381there is no erotic, sensual animation. at all.anywhere. east and west all you get is juvenile hornin…[View]
107670241CW DC FLASH SEASON FINALE: >Daddy, I don't feel so schway I don't get it /co/. Why did …[View]
107669930>Ladies, I’m here to talk to you about the A-Force initiative.[View]
107656061SU: was she evil?[View]
107658679The final episode's going be a big Letdown isn't it?[View]
107670389ITT: not your proudest fap[View]
107672065Hi /co/, my name is Chad and I have several questions for you. Why this place is full with betas? Wh…[View]
107656452Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Seriously who the fuck asked for this? I thought the first one did poo…[View]
107672002He should've just make a battle tournament [View]
107671669You think there's a Thanos religion somewhere made up of people who got benefited by the snap?[View]
107669431>CHILDHOOD RUINED how do you improve a childhood then?[View]
107671971I would like to download the whole s01-s04 batch of episodes of 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil' now th…[View]
107671757Females of /co/, who is ur fav comic artist?: males and females, which comic artist does the best fa…[View]
107668144Would he really become a frothing mad murder crazy lunatic...: ...if he kills the Joker? Because I…[View]
107655090Why did the people behind the Superman 2000 pitch hate their marriage?[View]
107661765Which color scheme works for Batman more Blue/Grey or Black/Grey?[View]
107641219Man, this is like fate. I was just thinking about Gadget last night and now I find out we're ge…[View]
107671226Lost media: There was this video, posted before or around 2012 on youtube and it has eluded me for y…[View]
107661045What are some others examples of times where the 'villain' is right about everything?[View]
107669240Will they be good?[View]
107614463>17 years after the release of Treasure planet, gaslamp space opera still isn't a thing it h…[View]
107671303The Simpsons: I am really enjoying how these multiple plots connect into one another before finally …[View]
107666823Star vs The End: Thoughts?[View]
107666486Is Superman a more interesting villain than a hero?[View]
107664436Classic Peanuts is the Seinfeld of newspaper comics. Newspapers have to stop showing reruns of Class…[View]
107666113Would you, /co/?[View]
107657438batman vs tmnt: shes got a phd[View]
107670412>camp camp is created by rooster teeth >rooster teeth is owned by otter media >otter media …[View]
107670036Why are there so few fun educational shows like Wishbone?[View]
107669871When will you guys realize that Giancarlo volpe was the reason season 2 of star vs was so good and w…[View]
107667723Just a reminder... Star killed this show... And Star killed Millions to get her pussy wet with Marco…[View]
107670443Can we talk about how many nude/shower/towel scenes Marco gets? Is it fanservice or comedy? Did you …[View]
107670651Great designs and powers wasted on non characters.: I’ll start with a literal who who just keeps dyi…[View]
107667184ITT: Characters that are being pushed[View]
107670202Bertie & Tuca: So apparently rather than creating more furries, Tuca & Bertie is forcing the…[View]
107641979Goddamn Goofy she's only 14![View]
107669693Shitty endings: Speaking of garbage finales, did you know there's one that's so bad it not…[View]
107669472Nothing will ever top this series finally.[View]
107668548Summer's almost here. I bet none of you faggots become camp champ this year either.[View]
107652842Batman vs Shredder: https://youtube.com/watch?v=4a1xE9Yn7ng What did you think?[View]
107655654>only one episode left How are they gonna beat Mr. Nobody?[View]
107668208What is Batman thinking here?[View]
107662627What was the goddamned joke? Is “Hansel” really that funny of a name?[View]
107670403Is there a good site like letterboxd or myanimelist but to keep track of comics? I've tried Lea…[View]
107668348What is the worst comic you have ever read? For me it's either the shitty Bone knockoff or the …[View]
107670228Where were you when Shredder got his head knee'd into a godamn electric console by Batman?[View]
107651231So THAT’S who voices Gumball on the Amazing World of Gumball[View]
107669337ITT: Loose threads What happened to this little nigga anyway?[View]
107664903what did spielberg mean by this ?[View]
107649057Why is she so perfect?[View]
107668048The Lone Ranger: I dunno where else to post about this but it's 5 AM where I live and I just fi…[View]
107664820Sup /co/ So /mu/ has flowcharts for entry level things, is there anything similiar for /co/? I'…[View]
107668716Does /co/ like Archer? Recently watched it all for the first time and saw S10 starts at the end of t…[View]
107669475FANGBONE: AVAILABLE IN 1080p ON YOUTUBE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9H75FhOxjM[View]
107659539The best Batman Beyond girl was Ro.[View]
107667600Mr. Parker, I'd like to talk to you about the Ultimates initiative.[View]
107645012what was the last /co/ related fap you had, and be honest[View]
107669345I am inevitable[View]
107669193Star: >Star was a Force of Evil all along[View]
107669025What the fuck was his problem?[View]
107668496Well only a few hours left before this show dies. Any final thoughts?[View]
107666539Subversion: >show about a magical princess from another dimension fighting evil monsters with her…[View]
107634868When will she get a film?[View]
107668740Would You Have Wanted This, anons?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSYQTDRFw1s[View]
107667878ITT: Unwanted reboots[View]
107659337Good Spider-Man[View]
107661239bart I don't want to alarm you[View]
107656954Daily gay thread, 'lewding the blue elf' edition[View]
107661511>I'm not gonna give you closure. You don't get that. You have to live with the shitty t…[View]
107667635How do we redeem Hydra Supreme /co/?[View]
107650767>Think about it. If you travel to the past, that past becomes your future and your former present…[View]
107660688Jon Kent: What if Bendis makes him gay like Bobby? What if the only reason why Bendis aged him up wa…[View]
107666316Underrated Villains: Hey /co/, how would Thrax from Osmosis Jones fair in DC? A villain with the pow…[View]
107665238Post stupid bitches who ruined everything in their respective series. I'll start.[View]
107667767Heathcliff is walking.[View]
107667464Is this a perfect fusion of old+new?[View]
107663705Why has Tarzan not amassed an outrageously positive cult following on the level of Hunchback? It…[View]
107667286Why do you like Superman? Also Sups Thread.[View]
107655526If you saw RWBY was at an anime con in Atlantas the first time I saw RWBY. Did you like it? It becam…[View]
107653345Are there any Canada anons on /co/? What shows did you use to watch on YTV and Teletoon?[View]
107613900Master Splinter I'm trying to escape my bonds but I'm dummy thicc and the ropes keeping me…[View]
107665434What was with french people 10 years ago making 3d anime shows that were actually pretty good? I rem…[View]
107663813Did you ever force your parents to watch cartoons with you?[View]
107666751Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
107665794I'm frankly in shock at what a fucking calamity that entire episode was. I'm going to be s…[View]
107663829Victor Von Doom lost his memory and is adopted by the Waynes who raise him as Bruce Wayne. The Wayne…[View]
107665314She accommplished full world domination the minute she regains her powers: Chase has been on earth f…[View]
107664858Star vs has ended: >tfw for a split second it looked like pic related was gonna happen Also, F f…[View]
107659189I like this one and you should too.[View]
107660892We Boring Meme-Bears[View]
107664988What was his deal/problem?[View]
107665646Endgame's plot was STOLEN from this movie. >the world has plunged into chaos after an objec…[View]
107667204F. Inside the wand episodes are even more pointless considering Star kills them without a second tho…[View]
107664263What is your opinion about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6Qjj6GL7vU[View]
107665566Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/ffzrkgCC Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
107660780IT'S HAPPENING: >the mega-crossover next fall will unite the entire Arrowverse family of fra…[View]
107659666Are you ready for a future French indie by Studiocanal? >'Around the World” follows Passepartout,…[View]
107662713Where's the MEGA for the Star VS finale guys?[View]
107657051every show's gotta end with two girls kissing now: Will Jackie and Chloe do the deed?[View]
107637942this was the worst casting mistake in the history of capeshit films[View]
107653130ITT: Canonical weeaboos[View]
107650313Please Forgive Me!!! Storytime: It just hit 100 pages, so, I figure, it's a good a time as any …[View]
107666409it wasn't half bad yes, lots of unfinny jokes, had a good message. they should reveal what…[View]
107666156Achewood and other comics: What are your guys' favorite strip comics ? There's so many hil…[View]
107662297New Nickelodeon Cartoon Pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3vLR16xbb8 As you guys know I'm…[View]
107650065Pick a Character/Team, write an Epic: If you could take over any Big 2 Character and write a huge, s…[View]
107616874ITT: Episodes where you could tell the writers dont know what the fuck they are talking about.[View]
107664946rank your top 5 comic waifus: 1. Veronica Lodge 2. Kate Bishop 3. Zatanna 4. Lady Sif 5. Lois Lane I…[View]
107661418Fill in the blank, /co/![View]
107657741How do you kill the Blind Idiot God, Anon?[View]
107665049SO...: 33 knows how to make fire....want me to show you...jejeje[View]
107622962she-ra: Adora is cute.[View]
107656672Which Marvel character would you pair Hal with?[View]
107665757Just took Abilify for the 1st time. Can we have a Abilify Commercial Girl thread?[View]
107664643>The world is about to fall...[View]
107632923You know the drill, gents let's see that autism[View]
107648786Sara Pezzini appreciation thread: damn, I miss her, say something nice about her[View]
107662632barney is way fatter then homer yet no one gives him shit for it[View]
107662921ITT: Place your bets on what the future of the MCU will be: >Nova movie >GotG 3 with Adam Warl…[View]
107664152Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 (embed) Toonami Q&A http…[View]
107661819Star vs is Done: The finale is out for Xfinity customers. I have watched it and all I have to say is…[View]
107645035I'm 3 minutes in, is it even good ?[View]
107654727Reminder that true Animalism has never been tried, and that it would've worked if Snowball stay…[View]
107659370Sorry, Peter. In my world kissing is like saying hi.[View]
107663651Well I guess this is canon now.[View]
107648747Make your ideal X-Men team made up of 6-7 members. For bonus points, feel free to make some sub-team…[View]
107660199When do you think Marvel realized Elixir was too powerful to keep around and had to throw him into t…[View]
107662890Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
107652098Shhh Stargirl and Mary Marvel are sleeping, don't wake them /co/[View]
107663328who was in the wrong here?[View]
107655199Gamora: Let's talk Gamora[View]
107661038This shit's absurdly funny as long as you dont have a stick up your ass [View]
107649229Would you?[View]
107657854'That old Dirty Dawson! That yellow-livered old skunk! I'd like to tear his gizzard out!'[View]
107662306Best moments from Spider-Man films imo[View]
107642107Kill Six Billion Demons: >Ring of Power >There's a reason we used March of the Gladiators…[View]
107661680Just marathoned this, what did I think?[View]
107661023Who could beat Chris Redfield in a fight?[View]
107661659Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
107660830Superman: All Star Superman is my first comic and I think he is too excessive to my taste. What are …[View]
107658192Da 1960s? Happy times, heavy times...[View]
107658126was it better than the comic?[View]
107661033What's GOTG 3 gonna be like?: Consider: >High Evolutionary likely >Adam Warlock all but c…[View]
107662099Comics that creep you out for some dumb reason: I saw ads for this comic when I was a kid reading my…[View]
107655518Batman Black & White: Batty batty bat[View]
107649775Welp, looks like another mediocre year for animated movies[View]
10766140018 years later Shrek is still a masterpiece[View]
107641852Star vs. the Worst TV Finale in Animation History?: One obvious reason is for Star and Marco to be s…[View]
107660559Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
107661237They got sand in the potato salad![View]
107657647What is the point of capeshit having complex story lines when they all ultimately end with cavemen p…[View]
107660359Who's got the sweetest disposition? One guess, guess who! Who'd never ever start an argume…[View]
107658356the least comfy Oswald thread ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FinN3WG0lJ4 Should abortion guns…[View]
107659480Well, this aged well.[View]
107657620Forget Batman and Bruce Wayne never being together in the same place. How come no one suspects the f…[View]
107641265Is abuse just an expected daily thing for her?[View]
107658081What was her name again?[View]
107654899HITMAN VOL. 5 STORYTIME (PART 2): Finishing up the last of this volume, check out the rest here: vol…[View]
107657797Shit has to be one of the best animated episodes of anything I have ever seen. Best episode of Ameri…[View]
107640895Replace the 'web' in Charlotte's Web with another noun, how does this change the story?[View]
107660473wwyd, /co/?[View]
107659492Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
107656749Normie: comic books are fucking stupid Try hard epic geek/nerd: Comic books are an interesting and u…[View]
107659820What super power would you have?: If you could have any single super power what would you have? Pers…[View]
107658363Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/bc0VE8S0 Toonami Q&A http://toon…[View]
107653697Shipping: Why is /co/ so obsessed with it?[View]
107658318Okay, look at this character I just created: He is one of the best at everything. Literally everythi…[View]
107657778>Yep, your mom's super impressed with me. I'm like the son she always wanted.…[View]
107657452What a hideous mermaid! How absolutely revolting! ITT post Ariel and say mean things about Ariel fr…[View]
107653844How was xiaolin showdown anyway?[View]
107657391Blackguard: https://youtu.be/7Dx_KIuC9XM Discuss[View]
107654933Tom King and Andy Kubert Bumped From DC Walmart Superman 100-Page Giant #11: https://www.bleedingcoo…[View]
107655205Alright. It's Saturday night. I have no date, a two liter bottle of Shasta and my all Rush mixt…[View]
107646153Hiro may be a genius, but he sure is stupid, constantly accusing Liv openly. Betting this is a facto…[View]
107656664Why can't vigilantes Like Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow or even the punisher/red hood exist in…[View]
107646541Western animation hate thread: Goddamn I hate western animation they're so lazy so boring and t…[View]
107657768>I used to think my life was a tragedy, but then I realized, it's a comedy…[View]
107656078Chunky thread Post anything chunky, chunky girls, chunky boys chunky couples, etc.[View]
107653749Why Superman is such a degenerate?[View]
107656351Disney after hulu: Here is Disney after the Hulu buyout[View]
107656540Become any hero: If you were to become any superhero i.e the next in line to be their predecessor, w…[View]
107593314ITT: characters that don’t get used enough.[View]
107657203Promotion of unhealthy eating in pop culture (extensive spoilers, particularly MCU-related): I read …[View]
107658128https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ1Rb9hC4JY >tfw I can show you the world >Shining, shimmering, …[View]
107652050What is the Justice League's contingency plan against Bruce for when he goes full retarded agai…[View]
107658048>Two of his best friends die >Everyone is still mourning >All he can think about is getting…[View]
107657951HEY HEY HEY, WHOS READY TO LAUGH!! >honk[View]
107657939Megacon 2019: Anybody else been to MegaCon this year?[View]
107647652Did she deserve it?[View]
107657639Times you wanted the villain to win.[View]
107645213Ahem.... Fuck Deadpool Fuck Black Panther And Fuck Taxes[View]
107654998Toonami General #1: Late TTG yet again. I guess last week was actually pretty good. This week is whe…[View]
107653963Remember when Ben 10 committed Highbreed genocide?[View]
107653084Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
107656971'Kids are great, Apu. You can teach them to hate the things you hate. And they practically raise the…[View]
107657448RIDDLE ME THIS /CO/!!! When silent, I am the loudest, when cold, I am the hottest, when fastest, I a…[View]
107637249CO Recommends: Hey /co/ I found some infographic stuff saved on a old computer. I'ts form 2010-…[View]
107642544What does /co/ think about the classic Universal cartoons, Woody Woodpecker in particular? Even afte…[View]
107650358JUNE 1ST https://twitter.com/CartoonLA/status/1129808489948340224[View]
107656716Give me one good reason why pic related isn’t the best season of South Park.[View]
107638467why is the Astro-Harness the ugliest thing ever designed in the history of humanity? How could anyon…[View]
107657327Leviathan: I'm out of the loop. Barbara lost her legs... again? Or have we shuffled Killing Jok…[View]
107655153Why did Marvel doom him to a life of constant failure? Even when he tries to redeem himself, he alwa…[View]
107652955Peter is going to reveal his identity to the world in the ending of FFH considering how the MCU hate…[View]
107656950Why is he so perfect.[View]
107650565Samurai: Post Samurai[View]
107653322Why is everyone upset about Robert Pattinson playing Batman? Edward Cullen and Bruce Wayne are basic…[View]
107648366New Mickey Mouse Short: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kssoXnSwMSQ I love you, Mick. …[View]
107652858HITMAN VOL. 5 STORYTIME: Let's try this again shall we? vol. 1: >>107562152 vol. 2: >…[View]
107655484Scoob Movie: Who's excited for the Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe? What are your thoughts on …[View]
107610363>OTP thread: OC Edition Have you made anything involving your favorite ship?…[View]
107653971Green Lantern #10: Who’s the “Dark Side of the Moon” looking chick?[View]
107656226Thoughts on the Life is Strange series?[View]
107644692/co/, about the 'other' thread ...[View]
107656429I've been laughing at this stupid frame for the past half an hour and i don't even know wh…[View]
107653029Close Enough: WarnerMedia Upfronts 2019: TBS May Have Thrown In The Towel On Adult Animation ; Adult…[View]
107655185Black Panther 2: >creates vibranium armored suit with blasters and the ability to fly >'My fam…[View]
107650198/co/-Comics & Cartoons Black Girls: I love this kind of threads,let's have a choco grils th…[View]
107656465How many times has she cheated on my boy?[View]
107656619Gothic lolita?[View]
107643819Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse: Why are they so cute anons?[View]
107653881Was 2006 the worst year for Cartoon Network? Here are all the cons of this year >Atomic Betty, Th…[View]
107651671Uh Nebula....who the fuck are these people and why are we walking with them?[View]
107620074Rick and Morty Season 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAJy9DT-KXs Will it be good? Season 3 was p…[View]
107653684this is the only adaption of this series i haven't consumed, at least not in its entirety. if y…[View]
107602696Was it really cancelled? Referring to Glitch Techs of course.[View]
107651699Superman clones: Who is the best blatant Superman copy?[View]
107653048Scooby Doo Turns 50 this year: Have they announced what they are going to do for its 50th anniversar…[View]
107655773>Everyone says that about ‘Batman Begins.’ ‘Batman’s dark.’ I’m like, ‘OK, no, Batman’s cool.’ He…[View]
107654323This comic seriously fucking sucks.[View]
107652472You think Cyborg would be liked more if he was handled like a toku hero? He would still be a cyborg,…[View]
107649238Jim Starlin Cosmic Epic Storytime: Part 1 >>107556121 Strange Tales Featuring Warlock >>…[View]
107656024We all know the reason Joker won't die. It was fine in Under the Red Hood but do the rest of th…[View]
107654880is this show any good? i remember briefly being fascinated with it as a kid but could never catch it…[View]
107655497>Justice League Detroit omnibus who was asking for this?[View]
107651770If Scott's 5 years in the quantum realm were actually 5 hours down there, then why didn't …[View]
107653906JL Civil War: > Who's leading which side? > Who would join what side and why? > Who/wh…[View]
107654891What went wrong?: The first 3 episodes were so kino...[View]
107652205ITT: Underrated /co/ Films: Hey /co/, do you remember Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)?[View]
107653343Now that 99% of /co/ has seen Endgame, any predictions for these shows?[View]
107651050What if Superman.....but evil?[View]
107650499Megan Tandy to play CATWOMAN in THE BATMAN: >The Batman may have found its star,Robert Pattinson,…[View]
107651116X-O Manowar (1992) Part 12: Today we reach the two issue 50s Yes, two[View]
107654366Great movie but I fucking hate Couldn't they make Joker just a clone instead of that DNA micro…[View]
107625406What the fuck was her problem?[View]
107610508From a Brazilian car commercial[View]
107654520Does Miles Morales exist in his universe?[View]
107653338Cartoon Network 2019-20 Lineup Revealed: https://cartoonnetworkstudios1.blogspot.com/2019/05/exclusi…[View]
107649925>It's a time travel episode[View]
107652777Serious question: Would Hank have voted for Trump back in 2016? It's kind of interesting to thi…[View]
107653564WORST DECADE FOR CARTOONS?: What is the worst decade in Cartoon Network's 25 year plus history?…[View]
107652651I think this is the only thing Snyder did during his Batman run that I liked, but they're abusi…[View]
107652207do not fucking hug me: plz do not fucking hug me[View]
107654013ITT: Good post movie Sponge episodes.[View]
107654073What was the last time people recommended you a comic book and it turned out to be shit? What was th…[View]
107651489>It's a body swap episode >'You better not do anything with my body!'…[View]
107654144The chalkzone never existed it was just Rudy using his imagination to escape reality, and Penny felt…[View]
107652619Now who's THIS hunk?[View]
107653393https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF0w2B6DNUE Heres a hot take, the first half of suicide squad wasn…[View]
107653888Dr. Osterman? I'm Forbes.[View]
107652999superheroes based on ancient yoga: I want to write an article about how comic capes heroes are based…[View]
107652462Can't CN make a spin off for Argit? A space criminal who get's accidentally involved into …[View]
107653319Are there any good comic podcasts other than Kayfabe? I rarely watch youtubers or listen to podcaste…[View]
107652545>think minorities are underrepresented in comics >decide to make their own hero's instea…[View]
107651944With how big superhero movies are today, could Pepsiman make a comeback with the Pepsi Cinematic Uni…[View]
107653015Did he deserve fairies?[View]
107648528name a better comic[View]
107651796How well would something like pretty patties do in real life? Could you even use the tongue color th…[View]
1076496882019.. I am forgotten[View]
107652822Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
107640329What does Wayne Enterprises even do?[View]
107652374Give a character a theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsdy_rct6uo post a character and a so…[View]
107653151Imagine making a movie that was such a bomb your studio died, brothers split up, and cursed all movi…[View]
107653142Itchy and Scratchy: Here's the original idea for the Poochie episode: >Itchy and Scratchy ar…[View]
107652584r dey gonna die?[View]
107653092The Little House: https://youtu.be/Y881yjtFluQ[View]
107644301ITT: Bueno Excellente[View]
107648538tfw there'll never be an official Darkwing Duck artwork as cool as this again [View]
107652856>Situation gets serious >loljk >actors wink at the camera >lol our characters and world…[View]
107651656Do anyone have that pic of Daffy on a dinner table while looking at someone with a tired friend? I h…[View]
107650229Swamp Thing: new poster[View]
107644604Frank Miller has never written a bad book that wasn't Holy Terror. Bad reviews for All-Star Bat…[View]
107651327This is the Invincible Iron Man. The most popular superhero around the world until the end of time. …[View]
107626973Doom Patrol: Second to last episode, “Penultimate Patrol” airs today, fellas. Let’s see how they set…[View]
107652721璃心战纪 Glass heart war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvwLZ_N47uk[View]
107629866Fembot Friday: If they could, the fembots would make threads about you. Don't you owe them the …[View]
107644855Let's have a Mega Man comics thread.[View]
107650365Star vs. the Forces of Evil: It's almost over. What went right?[View]
107652337Who am I?[View]
107651579Favorite Superman runs/stories: I recently developed a love of Superman, despite having thought of h…[View]
107650027Steven Universe THE MOVIE Leaked Soundtrack: >1- Rebecca Sugar - We Are the Crystal Gems >2- R…[View]
107648406When will it be his turn, /co/?[View]
107648996This guy fucks.[View]
107652135spare a megalink for this?[View]
107649442You just know...[View]
10764754814 years old: 14[View]
107651806So this show ended its syndication run in the U.S. and is now officially canceled. Was it ever featu…[View]
107647014We need more handicapable heroes in comics.[View]
107651661Is he the greatest??[View]
107648241Why is Mera so perfect when (until last year) she was just a C-List love interest to a B-List hero?[View]
107633058Would he work in DC or Marvel?[View]
107651380Enid: Enid is fabulous.[View]
107651825same va thread: No no, that's okay. Keep talking. Keep talking, Daddy. That's the eulogy t…[View]
107648746I’ve come to make an announcement, Ken Penders is a bitch ass mother fucker. He pissed on my fucking…[View]
107649259What does /co/ think of Venom, and the symbiotes?[View]
107648511A reminder that Fusion fall PPG is best PPG.[View]
107651741Just finished this. What are you thoughts?[View]
107651191Which one was your favorite?[View]
107650076Ugh, /co/![View]
107648076Which was better: King of the Hill, King of the Hill Season 0, King of the Hill GX, King of the Hill…[View]
107628241post cute adventure time images[View]
107637201Anyone have Season 4 in HD?: They aren't in the pastebins I can find with archives and google i…[View]
107649921Pearl: Hey guys, I found a documentary on Pearl's room. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KquFZY…[View]
107650260Two days. Will Mao Mao save Cartoon Network?[View]
107651452Why is Oscar such a fucking grouch?[View]
107651354Bittersweet Candy Bowl: I recently found a couple of those shitty International BCB comics (the ones…[View]
107648607Teen Titans Go new member: Are you excited? guess who will be https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_con…[View]
107650717Scarlet Witch: Why is she so stupidly powerful? Also, why do her powers look like shit? At least mak…[View]
107649834I don't want the mcu to ruin him like they ruined Zemo[View]
107651313whos the kandinsky of comics{[View]
107649216What does she smell like[View]
107639238Why does she wear the horns?[View]
107649237>You know Danny, as much as I love literature, there’s been nothing more poetic than the heroic e…[View]
107649282Flintstones: Despite being 13% of Bedrock’s population, Australopithecus commit 50% of all crimes, Y…[View]
107647205Bon Bon[View]
107630674Why does /co/ support rape comics?[View]
107651076战斗装甲 Steel Wings - China vs USA 2045 CHINESE MECHA BANNED BY AMERICA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
107627676Devil's Candy: >The dog head tilt thing http://devilscandycomic.com/…[View]
107650977What the fuck is his problem?[View]
107648801What is the essential reading for Darkseid and what's the best way to collect it? Are there alt…[View]
107650724anon buy me hamburger or I'll tell uncle Steve you said a bad word.[View]
107649289Ladies and Gentlemen, How do we destroy the CW?[View]
107646466You realize that for years, Western animation has been normalizing the idea of absent or surrogate f…[View]
107650023ITT: The worst redesigns in human history.[View]
107637515CDRR Live-Action/CGI Hybrid Film: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/disneys-rescue-range…[View]
107648145Villainous: Can't believe it's been 2 years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo8NwDptljM…[View]
107650193How likely will it be that they're announcing the Phase 4 films, only for Deadpool to come on s…[View]
107650125ITT: Kino comic writers[View]
107648547Is anyone here watching season 2 of Happy? I've loved season 1 and I've really liked the d…[View]
107649976You all better fucking watch it http://collider.com/the-goon-movie-details-update/[View]
107648117Was Andy really a good artist?[View]
107643041Dark Horse loses Square Enix license: >Square Enix is bringing more of its stories to the page. T…[View]
107649999Camomilla is cute[View]
107648576Which /co/ girls would make ideal mommy gfs?[View]
107650094My kid is a mutant support group.: Beast is the professional on mutants.[View]
107649863What happened?[View]
107650050What was everyone's favourite episode? I thought Ep 6 (the one with the house) was brilliant, m…[View]
107648833What was this again. I have this saved in my /co/ folder but I have no clue what this refers to.[View]
107649945Best Episode Settings & Plots: >It's a bad weather episode. >It's dark and chaot…[View]
107633209That Ladybug show is such a rip-off.[View]
107645854>Doc Ock: Only my friends call me Liv. >Aunt May: Oh, great, it's Liv. What did they mean…[View]
107648231Were these two fucking behind the scenes?[View]
107646278I'm gonna say the 'N' word! I am N Word O'Toole![View]
107649445Which is...The non-space character that has worked better as part of the Guardians series?: And why …[View]
107646382Here’s your MCU Professor X /co/.[View]
107647075What? Audiences really hated her?[View]
107637380Agents of SHIELD Livethread: >Mad Coulson: Fury Road Edition Welcome back agents, for another epi…[View]
107649219>it's a Simpsons or Family Guy thread where people talk as if Matt Groening or Seth MacFarla…[View]
107648687Lost boys comic: >Be me,love the lost boys since I was little >2016-comic comes out,briefly ex…[View]
107647963X-men: >Flatscan scum, you’ve been found guilty of hate crimes against the mutant race, you are h…[View]
107634122Storytime: Aminals: I hope you enjoy this cute story about animals. And yes the title is actually sp…[View]
107643486>iconic character turns gay[View]
107646641FUCK YOU GUYS, It was trash! >The entire plot is just the Iron Giant but with Transformers >B…[View]
107649154太空历险记 Astroplan MACROSS RIP-OFF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cRJ1D6lgxA[View]
107647929Steve dearest, I understand you can't get involved in historic events but would it be that bad …[View]
107613027CW's BATWOMAN Trailer: https://youtu.be/6s1Gld-LHew Thoughts about it?[View]
107645861>OH? Squidward left a note![View]
107649113>souls are confirmed to exist (soul stone, Vormir exchange) >afterlife is confirmed to exist (…[View]
107648527>For the longest time, the Black Widow standalone has been speculated to be a prequel, which we n…[View]
107639955>The Batman Villains Rumored to Be Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler https://www.ign.com/articles/20…[View]
107648938More cartoons need ass[View]
107646136Is there a single comic character that could beat Enerjak?[View]
107648867/co/, I don't want to alarm you but there may be a boogeyman or boogeyMEN posting on this board[View]
107638082>batman best version of him is from a videogame COMICS BTFO[View]
107647265It was fine.[View]
107615759Lisa Simpson: Drunk Lisa is best Lisa[View]
107648189Weird/Bizarre /co/ related stuff?[View]
107648541Books that would make as a great animated series?[View]
107645218Why is tube top + pants such a rare costume style for female superheroes /co/? It’s certainly less r…[View]
107648359Fugget About It: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjzW2S7mB3M what did I just watch and how come it d…[View]
107641340>MJ has been done twice now >Gwen has been done once >Felicia = zero (0) when the fuck is h…[View]
107648623Only 11.99 on Amazon rn[View]
107646862Have shrex.[View]
1076484682019: I Am Forgotten[View]
107647344Say something nice about my daughter.[View]
107648402What does his future hold?[View]
107644525Why isn't she in Suicide Squad 2 bros? it isn't fair[View]
107648279Cartoon plot idea: Cuphead and Mugman receive two magical notebooks that helps them transform in sup…[View]
107641596Isn't this basically incest?[View]
107648332Drool: Post drooling[View]
107639997Why was this cartoon so good ?[View]
107646158loud internal screaming: did she actually change her mind?[View]
107645097EMH Earth's Mightiest Heroes: This is so good. Each episode had a coherent story, great dialogu…[View]
107645276>crossover episode >they both think the other is evil and fight instead of talking things over…[View]

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