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126517518Looking for series/runs on comics with a shit ton of fanservice[View]
126537115DCEU Infos: >Warner Bros wants James Gunn to direct a Suicide Squad 3 project, and only James Gun…[View]
126535610This is the artist of the current Robin series, say something nice about him.[View]
126538581Why Boomers so against violence in cartoons?[View]
126536251ITT: times when Futurama predicted the future[View]
126539063never noticed how nice this art was.[View]
126538701>take away prime arcees tits and giving her a nose and shrinking her eyes so it ruins her OG desi…[View]
126538342The newest episode of The Harper House. Episode 8 was actually good. Like Me and my buddies had deep…[View]
126537999Grey Griffin > Tara Strong[View]
126536354So exactly how is an invisible jet useful?[View]
126531762Favorite season 1 alien?[View]
126535538Moderately /co/ related, but Transformers is getting a crossover with Smite. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
126534019COULD IT HAVE WORKED?: >In 'The Story of Marvel Studios,' producer Jeremy Latcham confirmed some …[View]
126511777Aquaman - King of Atlantis: Thoughts on the new episode?[View]
126533761WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?: >The Marvel Creative Committee - which consisted of Marvel Entertainment …[View]
126538361What if the Metro-serum bullet hit Roxanne instead when it ricocheted[View]
126536607why is this a trend in comics at the moment?[View]
126535378Season 2 when?[View]
126537750>Dumb costume instead of the t-shirt and jeans >No helmet >Lightning and chemicals instead …[View]
126535411characters who were done dirty and deserved better[View]
126512982Animaniacs season 2 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ysZiNi_0Kg Dot is so smart!Did not see…[View]
126538104Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze: Is this miniseries really as bad as people make it out to…[View]
126503227>Arnold has to watch his dream girl hook up with his ugly, creepy, autistic lookalike cousin What…[View]
126532303THE FLASH: ARMAGEDDON Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkeKc0pEQ60 Looks pretty fun.…[View]
126536371>I'm going to go back to the past to prevent my own creator from becoming an inventor! Fuck …[View]
126537836Comprehensive South Park character ranking!: 1. Butters Stotch 2. Randy Marsh 3. Eric Cartman 4. …[View]
126526748Tonight is your night My oily ball of dance delight It's time to be free The answer to your dre…[View]
126533672Who wins?[View]
126536273Leave Darkseid to him.[View]
126531092Maya and the Three: Jorge Gutierrez's new miniseries came out today. Is it Latinx-core kino?…[View]
126535406Megamind turned him into a gigachad. He could have been Metroman 2. Instead, he started robbing bank…[View]
126536860You have to eat all the pizza.[View]
126526835Apparently this ends with the Riddler's plan to destroy the Gotham City Dam succeeding and it f…[View]
126519858If its good enough for Herbie... It's good enough for us![View]
126533560Twas the week before Halloween: Hey Anons! It's a week out from Spooky Day, you got your costum…[View]
126536343What are some obscure cartoons with no rule 34?[View]
126527802is there celtic myth superhero?: There are Thor(German) and WW(Greek), but i haven't seen celti…[View]
126537336Is it bad to say I'd date him?[View]
126533354BTAS or Beyond, which do you guys prefer?[View]
126535328Remember when this series was good? https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/819143[View]
126535681Does she have a single good story after Fraction?[View]
126535916Wow Dimsdale is filled with very creepy people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqZFX-qxm2M…[View]
126533437ok /co/: Left or Right?[View]
126525273Gunnerkrigg: Cute![View]
126533431Matt Fraction's FF: Oh yeah, that happened.[View]
126533268Total Drama Revenge Of The Island: What were your thoughts on it? Rewatching it again, it was a lot …[View]
126531769I think thor should have gotten his ass kicked by his sister here, tbf. hes been acting way to arrog…[View]
126489231Blacksad 06 - They All Fall Down Part 1: After several years, 7 years to be exact, Blacksad returns …[View]
126535881NEW NWH INFO: Guessing the trailer will come on or before the 28th[View]
126534501Was this the first bad Simpsons episode?[View]
126533630I don't get why people say Johnny is a virgin. From the second episode on, it was very clear he…[View]
126534632Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Probably the only good thing to come out of Metal. What were the goo…[View]
126532225Punchline: She only has 2 more months of relevance once Tynion leaves DC, her character will become …[View]
126535279DRESDEN FILES - NEW OGN: >Dynamite Entertainment has announced a February release for Dresden Fil…[View]
126532521What would he think about DUNC? I find it very likely that Doom would be a book Dunefag.[View]
126534315Is this most revolutionary animation of modern time? This invented 3D animation, so you can blame th…[View]
126533290Green Ladies of /co/: Post your favorite Green Ladies, /co/[View]
126534695I have never seen nuktuk and bolin In the same place at the same time. Hummmmmmmmm?[View]
126534409What I realized about the [superhero] but evil trend is that it's reflecting the 'modern mythol…[View]
126529400This character is the personification of the hypocritical, lesbian, man-hating, radical feminist tro…[View]
126534558He is annoying[View]
126535267Remember when Billy Dee Williams played Harvey Dent in Batman Returns?[View]
126531140Forget Jon Kent. Is Yara Flor queer?: That’s what I want to know.[View]
126523692Who comes up with this shit?[View]
126535022What are this puta's good books?[View]
126439948There's something comfy about the 1st Season of Spongebob compared to the other seasons..[View]
126521992All these souls, lost and alone. I can save them.[View]
126534815ITT sexy ladies with hot man voices: idk why but they fucking do it for me post em and dear god i k…[View]
126528552Mystique: Why didn't Xavier mind fuck Mystique so she wouldn't want to resurrect Destiny?…[View]
126532450Marvel revealed 8 events, will they be kino?[View]
126530806The next DC character to come out?: Should it be Arsenal and Cheshire’s daughter Lian?[View]
126530985>ask my lcbs to get me second coming volume one and two >'that's that religious one right…[View]
12653430504/14 All-New Ult #1 - 30,308 ( 39.6%) 05/14 All-New Ult #2 - 24,165 (-20.3%) 06/14 All-New Ult #3 -…[View]
126533491monster high: Awooo[View]
126523886OK KO: In retrospect, Enid’s design was a little sexist.[View]
126529883Do you think a limited animated series (Maybe twelve episodes) about Terra's relationship with …[View]
126517521Steven has a valued skill in today's day and age.[View]
126519730What's her beef with Boba, it is because he's a Clone or it's about Jango?[View]
126533047>they replaced a literal monkey with a black girl What the FUCK were they thinking?…[View]
126535569What happened to this franchise? Where did it go wrong and full retard?[View]
126527098Mark the Tapir: Will he ever return?[View]
126520615What's with the makeup? Does she actually WANT to be a sparkledog?[View]
126517374What's your favorite episode of Saturday Morning Watchmen[View]
126532591ETERNALS 'Meet the Eternals' Featurette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04O0195Bdr8[View]
126533841>But now Gunn has revealed that the Stan Lee cameo we saw in Doctor Strange was just one of many …[View]
126533717Support Indie comics![View]
126529088Illustrated Romance Library Storytime - № 15: >ACTION PICTURE LIBRARY 1-4 https://boards.fireden.…[View]
126503937Whatever happened to proper rednecks in mainstream cartoons?[View]
126529938File name thread[View]
126522651What's the best non-capeshit adaptations of comics into live-action?[View]
126529056>20 years have passed >yet I do not age[View]
126525658scissor seven: it's pretty good, for ccp propaganda anyway.[View]
126530044Remember that time Clarabelle had a whole shrine in her home dedicated to Goofy? She took pictures o…[View]
1265334447 days until Villainous release on CN and HBO Max[View]
126528780Who best Lois and Clark?[View]
126532369Why do people claim this cartoon is racist when the main character is designed to be so attractive a…[View]
126533305Do you think Disney will ever make a live-action 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire' /co/?[View]
126529434What moment in cartoons made you shed tears of happiness, /co/?[View]
126533226'I knew if we got up early enough we could sneak away from Bart and Lisa.' 'Kids don't beat me,…[View]
126529396Frankelda's Book of Spooks: October 29 on CNLA and HBO Max LA Here's the new trailer: http…[View]
126529494Why have people set their standards for animation (and cartoons in general) so low? I'm well aw…[View]
126533063They holidays are coming... How Will your celebrate your holidays, and how will they celebrate in Ar…[View]
126532951I've heard of a rumor nuktuk isn't a water bender IRL? Is this true? There's no way h…[View]
126532233Which one is the best boy?[View]
126532742What's an opinion that you've only heard on /co/?[View]
126532785I miss Genndy Grievous.[View]
126532067>what if we took deathstroke and made him a cute teenage girl Ravager is fucking stupid.…[View]
126528691ITT: scenes that turned you on: Even if it was just a little bit.[View]
126532011Who wins?[View]
126531331https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCY1jwOXkHc After RWBY, Avatar and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles …[View]
126530069Post rare Boops[View]
126532416Why won't she wear an actual superhero costume again?[View]
126526275This costume is awful. What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
126532199Deadshot has a point, ya know.[View]
126520652Steven Universe: >Simps will forever say Steven is ungrateful and that the Gems were good guardia…[View]
126524459thoughts on this fat kid?[View]
126505754Jellystone! Halloween Special: >Jellystone S01E11 - Spell Book https://mega.nz/file/SXpAVJQA#RtOq…[View]
126530233TCW DISCUSSION THREAD!!: In this thread we discuss what went so right/wrong[View]
126527606Why do you all hate Kid Cosmic, /co/?[View]
126528117Lilo: How come we got Stitch spin-offs but no Lilo spin-offs?[View]
126529021Hoagie is best KND member, prove me wrong.[View]
126532075Any chances on a third one?[View]
126532094/co/../co/...What is that chocolate face girl doing to the Princess?[View]
126532057Are the Sandman deluxe editions recolored like the Swamp Thing absolutes?[View]
126531739Haha what if Andy was playing with his toys and he made Woody and Jessie kiss haha that would be pre…[View]
126530110rec thread: I want a series I can watch that can be enjoyed without the use of a single brain cell. …[View]
126531536What do you think of Mavis' new pet?[View]
126530348>shoots you[View]
126531868>child character >has the voice of a 36 year old weed spinster…[View]
126526360Does Superboy being half Luthor ever come into play in his stories?[View]
126529625Are there more instances of Superman being planet level or of him being explicitly being below plane…[View]
126521469i have a MIGHTY NEED to play patty cake[View]
126528775What does /co/ think of this show?[View]
126531311How did Disneyfags react to Shrek and it completely almost destroying Disney? Bet that ogre made the…[View]
126529353Who’s your Ducky Momo /co/?[View]
126522405Get woke, sell out your print run.[View]
126528605Spending time with Jor-El make you gay[View]
126523863Why do people like this show?: I always thought the animation looked cheap compared to something lik…[View]
126531022This is my Danger Mouse background character tier list to showcase the rareness of the background ch…[View]
126530856Ciao Alberto: Alberto you Rascal, what did you just do son? Thinking about Luca a bit too much?…[View]
126527663GOG 3 Daniela Melchior Moondragon?: Woke Costume or Kino Costume?[View]
126517221Death Battle: Will they ever do it[View]
126529496ITT shitty /co/ media- but only the funny bits: heres a thread ive been wanting to make for a while,…[View]
126528568Ken Penders Art Thread, preferably bad art[View]
126530720Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?: The Shadow Knows.[View]
126528495She is such a bad bitch tho[View]
126530382So...Sandman Confirmed too? Then the Six should be >Ock >Gobby >Sandman >Electro >Li…[View]
126529558Lord, I was born a ramblin' man Tryna make a livin' and doin' the best I can And when…[View]
126528370The only man keeping Ben 10 relevant: Is he autistic though?[View]
126529754which issues of Superman/Batman should get an animated movie?[View]
126498094Centaurworld: Just finished it. I went in expecting CalArts bullshit but was surprisingly impressed …[View]
126527804Webtoon and Web Comic: What type of online comics has /co/ reading lately?[View]
126527341ITT: /co/ related spic memes: Mostly facebook shitposts[View]
126530129Injustice: I haven't read the comics but just saw the movie so I dont know if the depiction is …[View]
126526218Warrior U (and other comics forgotten to time): who remembers this comic? you can still read it on …[View]
126526982No Evil: New No Evil. Oh Hey Corn...AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view…[View]
126528481Gumball: Was it good?[View]
126509505TMNT #122 Storytime: Let see if this series is getting better or worse.[View]
126528448Flapjack? Hey Flapjack![View]
126529387Will the upcoming Ms. Marvel mini give Kamala the energy powers she is going to have in the Disney p…[View]
126527264What would Mort think of current state of Superman comics ?[View]
126527805Can anyone beat him???: Nuktuk HERO OF THE SOUTH[View]
126528761What about a Bass Reeves cartoon?: How would people reacted they announce the cartoon about a Former…[View]
126524022>get back into comics after 10 years >no idea what the fuck is canon random pic but kind of re…[View]
126501476Stop right there anon!: Post your work ITT, whether it's a comic, a sketch, art or simple draft…[View]
126528287one team protects you the other two try to kill you choose wisely[View]
126527542Alvey,we can't both exist.I'm going to become half of you.And I need you to know that ever…[View]
126529129It has never been explicitly stated that she DOESN’T have a penis, right?[View]
126520102what the FUCK was this promotional campaign?[View]
126526743Treasure Planet: While this might seem like beating a dead horse but i wanna discuss things that are…[View]
126528805What do you think of these two?[View]
126524759Power Ring: This is the most powerful weapon in the universe, but it needs to recharged with a lante…[View]
126525981TOMORROW I'LL[View]
126449842ITT behind the scenes: post storyboards, concept art and just fun art made by the creators of the sh…[View]
126528236Was he a good Scarecrow /co/?[View]
126523431Pregnancy in DC Comics: Whats the point of pregnancy storylines in DC comics when they are guarantee…[View]
126521776Would a crossover between grim adventures and steven universe work? I mean you can actually make old…[View]
126516921>tweening animation is ba- https://youtu.be/GPPHcAmCSIY[View]
126517516Catwoman: Would you, /co/?[View]
126479959STARGIRL / SUPERGIRL TALKBACK: STARGIRL: 'Summer School: Chapter Eleven' >FACING THE DARKNESS - A…[View]
126528010>Quits being Batman >Asks another hero to fix Gotham's shit >Goes back to being Batman…[View]
126527689How will Disney Showcase the inevitable gay sexcs?[View]
126528396Scooby Doo Vs Freddy Kruger, Annabelle,Sam, Pennywise,Jason, Gremlin,Norman Bates,Wicked Which of We…[View]
126520032'Good comics exist. You just aren't looking for them.': I never understood this. Why do I, the …[View]
126516089Amphibia: New clip released for the upcoming episode! What's your expectations? https://www.br…[View]
126513905Titans: Season 3 just ended and what a wet fart of a season this has been[View]
126525401IMMORTAL HULK: Was it Good or Bad...or Was it Both? Favorite Arc? Hated Arc? Favorite Cover? Favorit…[View]
126528060i wish Ena was my GF.[View]
126525536Would Pixar Cars be more interesting if the cars were like this?[View]
126521906Who would be the first to use Superman once he's public domain?[View]
126523020What did Peyo mean by that?[View]
126527630Does anyone remember a webcomic by the name of Astro Al? I'm pretty sure it was real but, part …[View]
126525902racism and mental illness B'aad.[View]
126518138they're legitimately good voice actors what would a cartoon staring the red letter media crew b…[View]
126526960Dumbing of Age: the stain's in your favour[View]
126526578TCJ Christopher Brayshaw on Optic Nerve[View]
126515204>/co/ hates the Cal-Arts style > loves Don Bluth Why?…[View]
126523716Can we have a The Best of DeviantArt thread?[View]
126527347Name's Dennis. I've been hired to exterminate you.[View]
126522457Why'd he do it?[View]
126524043Atom Eve: She's used goods.[View]
126519036Why does she make me so autistic?[View]
126523521I made some dumb comics real quick for no reason. 1/3[View]
126526762Honest question. Is Toy Story 1 a good ending? Could they have stopped the franchise there?[View]
126526468Opinions on the empire of Wakanda arc?[View]
126526681Was it autism?[View]
126525622Minerva Campbell thread: Can we talk about her?[View]
126525186Re-cast spongebob VAs ITT: >Jess Harnell as Spongebob >Frank Oz as Squidward…[View]
126525459Family Guy: What do you think of Peter's secret second family?[View]
126523417what make big city sneeds so succesful? Is basically disney channel biggest cash cow right now[View]
126494483They're bringing back The Cleveland Show![View]
126514823MLaaTR finally gets a revival. However, it is now intertwined with the last cartoon you watched. Wha…[View]
126505871Inside Job:A.V club review reveals episode premises and details: https://www.avclub.com/global-consp…[View]
126525067Revan = a furry: This dude really went on a crusade just because Cassus killed some cat people.…[View]
126516691Who is the target audience for this?[View]
126521206storm is white mans property[View]
126515406So... agents of shield is officially not canon to the MCU What went wrong bros? They literally have …[View]
126525570Does anyone have a link to one of the PrimeTime Death Metal storytimes: I remember it being hype as …[View]
126525870ITT shitty /co/ media- but only the funny bits: heres a thread ive been wanting to make for a while,…[View]
126516715ITT: Your Parents Walk In On You Watching Cartoons: >Watching ATHF >Mom walk in >Sees Carl …[View]
126476289Blacktober thread: Blacktober thread number 5. Different shades of black edition[View]
126524911Did the ending of a show ever make you cry?[View]
126516800GET OFF MY LAWN![View]
126525590For the other main characters (such as Slappy Squirrel), though there were plans for them to return …[View]
126523518Will it be good?[View]
126524381Heathcliff flipped over a garbage can.[View]
126525478Cal Dodd was a better voice for wolverine? Why didn't they hire him again[View]
126524511What does he see?[View]
126525193why are they doing this?[View]
126519136JSA Storytime: Promethea: Good evening owls and robofuckers, Let's just see where this goes at…[View]
126508723Star Trek: Lower Decks post-mortem: Kurtzman made him do it[View]
126524899are you kidding me?[View]
126524955Archie crossword: This is from this week's Archie Jumbo Comics so it's on-topic I can…[View]
126502424Over/underrated (or hated) shows: >rewatched foster’s for nostalgia, still like it >want to ha…[View]
126521806Do you guys have any nachos? I like nachos. Yes.[View]
126521809Limitation Breeds Creativity: Post your favourite /co/ examples of creators being limited in some wa…[View]
126522590Nostalgia: ITT we post nostalgic classics[View]
126517530Why are comics still considered a medium for children when even 30 years ago they were making storie…[View]
126522061God what the fuck is this show problem >hottest chick (dawn) gets no screen time >red hood i…[View]
126521982Archie Sonic Storytime #143: Eggman's Dozen: It's time! Eggman has summoned his elite team…[View]
126517437Yt animators: Unfunniest animator that ever existed. Only the lol so random enjoy his trash.[View]
126524638/co/ moments that didn't age well: https://youtu.be/KmNnNKIMxQg[View]
126523393Name a more useless weapon.[View]
126523938Batwoman: Why did the Wayne Enterprise board choose a homeless ex-con to be their acting CEO?[View]
126524521Simon Sharp[View]
126524296>Scooby Doo gets countless reboots and spinoffs >Not one mention of Scooby Dum or Scooby Dee S…[View]
126524162superjail thread[View]
126524177whats your favorite episode of south park?[View]
126524248Good going, FAG You really made the world a better place, didn't you, FAG?[View]
126520874Johnny Test: What are your thoughts on the Johnny Test Netflix Revival, or just Johnny Test as a who…[View]
126524074Eddsworld: wtf was his problem? Please don't throw a tantrum on Tomska and his shitty decisions…[View]
126523667yoloswagstudios thread[View]
126523502Do you think he has a good aim?[View]
126520168Why the fuck is Disney's Greek mythology movie a critique of celebrity atheletes in an abstract…[View]
126514614Goblins: Those two are so cute together, do you agree /co/? How are they going to defeat the dwarf?…[View]
126523540Is this show obscure?[View]
126466086How do you like your goth girls?[View]
126518304First look at Winnie The Pooh Broadway musical: https://www.playbill.com/article/check-out-new-photo…[View]
126522463The latest Tex Avery Classics set came out this month. What are your favorite cartoons and gags from…[View]
126490268It's Gwednesday everyone. Talk about everything Gwenpool![View]
126519833What does it say about a Flash movie when the biggest draw and talking point is Michael Keaton repri…[View]
126509762Why are earthbender women so sexy?[View]
126523735What are the political consequences of running for Human government with the platform to kill all Ra…[View]
126520208Give me one reason why this isn't the best Disney movie[View]
126507153What does /co/ think of this show?[View]
126499426Korra is the Last Avatar permanently?[View]
126523435This show is fucking awful[View]
126522195I blame the current society for ruining studio ethics[View]
126523043Is there safe place in gotham? No gang, no gun.[View]
126522929Superman Eats Goku: Can Goku beat Superman at eating? If not, Goku literally loses to the Blue Boysc…[View]
126523487>it's a vampire episode[View]
126522224Come to Hulk's planet? Suck Hulk's Dick!? CALL HULK GAY!? HULK SMASH[View]
126523331Post women with huge muscles![View]
126512313500 characters who could beat Superman: Let’s see if we can find them. Bonus points for canon victor…[View]
126521239Batwoman: Why is she the only the only woman in Gotham immune to becoming lesbian /co/?[View]
126520486Matt Groening had this self insert character. He kept trying to shoehorn into the show. Believe it o…[View]
126495344What went wrong?[View]
126523047I don’t get it https://youtu.be/KeTtPg6AV-Y[View]
1265178865 years.[View]
126522879Comics/cartoons that /co/ recommended you that were complete shit[View]
126522431Any other panels like this where a heroine gets horny for a villain?[View]
126521752Why does Jackie Chan get away with self inserting himself as a character in a cartoon but yet when o…[View]
126514678How the fuck was it so good? Don't get me wrong; Moore and Gibbons are talented, but with Watch…[View]
126519523Since it has been proven that magic can change gender in DC how could Batman become a woman? Would y…[View]
126520955In such a Jewish industry how come there are almost no comics about Jewish mysticism/folklore? Is …[View]
126521961Is he crazier than his rogues gallery?[View]
126515533Spiderman Villains: Why so many? How does one even keep track of these guys?[View]
126522587I miss Kila Ilo and Smackjeeves.[View]
126514999Here’s your Ms Marvel bro https://www.reddit.com/r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers/comments/qaev75/comment/hh6…[View]
126517911Disney is shitting bricks now: >Raya is forgotten >no one cares for Luca (except shippers) …[View]
126506655Why wasn't Jimmy Neutron as popular as Dexter's Lab?[View]
126521619Melvin Sneedly[View]
126522177ITT: gay /co/ characters you actually LIKE: felt appropriate in light of recent events. i'll st…[View]
126522200No Evil: NEW NO EVIL 42: PATIENT HASTE GET IN HERE. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/819143…[View]
126522142Is this the most underrated supervillain of all time?[View]
126521865this movie is awful >society of mice that helps human children >the animals captured by the vi…[View]
126513599What are the best Vertigo series?[View]
126519904Cassie Sandsmark & Donna Troy: Will they avoid the curse of the lgbt DC sidekick /co/?[View]
126520541How much do you think Viacom pays zoomerfag eceleb Vailskibum94 to shill nuSpongeBob.[View]
126516746'If TV writers were clever enough to be stand-up comedians we wouldn't need shows like the Simp…[View]
126439211Transformers Regeneration One: My tummy hurts, here's the prior thread. >>126222023 It…[View]
126518932this is LITERALLY the only time racebending has worked in a live action adaptation. the ONLY time. s…[View]
126491564Cleavage Thread[View]
126521910Motion interpolation is the animation equivalent to emulators' HD filters[View]
126488189Tell me I'm pretty.[View]
126519619There are trans amazon women now, born from the souls of the 'women' who died to the patriarchy. Not…[View]
126520931Looking to get into Spider-man, my only real exposure was the PS4 and the '90s cartoon where Pe…[View]
126520668Pete seemed to enjoy that kiss a little too much.[View]
126517999Its WW birthday: Please love her[View]
126518911Halloween Horror Night's Maximum Carnage: In hindsight, was it really a bad idea to make a marv…[View]
126509516Connie Maheswaran: Why so horny?[View]
126515496I love him so much bros. I want his body.[View]
126506845DC Comics is really struggling. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10113889/Former-Superman-c…[View]
126515404I think Cartman is kinda rude[View]
126513403why isn't batman allowed to be happy?[View]
126518317Was Quagmire's speech on why he hated Brian a major turning point for the series? After that Br…[View]
126519963Who's the hero doesn't have friend? No team. No buddy. Only Solo[View]
126521053Was 17 the last great season? Also, new episodes when?[View]
126509063>mfw a comic uses digital coloring Stop[View]
126518893Avatar: I'm new to the ATLA fandom. Can anybody explain why Zuko-Katara or Sokka-Azula are such…[View]
126510055More batkino on the way batbros: https://www.polygon.com/2021/10/16/22728126/batman-caped-crusader-n…[View]
126519319i like her and think she'd be neat to add in the comics[View]
126520685why did retep do this!?[View]
126520436I'm searching episodes of Little Rosey. I know it's very hard to find them and there are a…[View]
126516938ITT they did nothing wrong[View]
126507882Warrior U (and other comics forgotten to time): who remembers this comic? and is there anywhere to r…[View]
126520400Wait, how come you didn't come to our funeral?[View]
126519201scott vs ruby: They both live in worlds with crazy powers, who do you think would win in a fight?…[View]
126518349Now that the dust has settled Who is more attractive it's bolin [View]
126518276>comic starts with narration[View]
126518014What the fuck was Kirkman thinking?: This bitch was so out of place. Way too wacky for The Walking D…[View]
126517207Should he come back for a third film?[View]
126519583Would you have read it?[View]
126519026We’re they supposed to have sexual tension here? Or was it accidental?[View]
126519430>sexy women like psylocke is objectifying women. >women getting wet over pics of the hulk and…[View]
126519642/CO/ I GOT A AAAAARM![View]
126514894*filters /co/*[View]
126499884Harper House bikini: Episode?[View]
126511056Why aren't there more capeshit comics, movies, etc. about a family of heroes? The only ones I c…[View]
126490051What other villains do you want to see in Matt Reeves's Batman universe?[View]
126518146ITT Disabled characters[View]
126517245I feel like this episode should’ve been a two-parter. Like, Hank and the gang have to rescue Peggy a…[View]
126517979>Apple & Onion premiered 2018 I thought this shit came out last year?…[View]
126515575I want candy, bubble gum, and taffy Skip to the sweet shop with my sweetheart Sandy Got my pennies s…[View]
126513827Why don't people just put these images through a VHS?: This isn't convincing at all.…[View]
126516575ETERNALS Clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3qsQgMhndc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4kvEgLL…[View]
126484534Questionable Content: Allah forgive me, I actually laughed[View]
126518666Rimba Racer: So, season one got pulled from Netflix and season two still hasn't had new uploads…[View]
126514660How many times do you think she let Bonnie fuck Ron?[View]
126430478Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
126518526Rekkit Rabbit: What does /co/ think of this show?[View]
126518589>NOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST STOP GENOCIDE Does Batman really?[View]
126516760The true bromance: You fucking incels crying over your sunken ships need to learn the only couple th…[View]
126509938Is there other cases where crackships become popular in fandoms because there’s no one else to ship …[View]
126512643Bojack Horseman: ...I liked it.[View]
126516031Why odd the original Teen Titans fail while Teen Titans Go is a huge hit?[View]
126518325Why doesn't Batman just rape The Creeper?![View]
126518264>get back to work Mr. Squidward[View]
126518065>at some point in Marvel's history, they've had all their usual groups and villains, bu…[View]
126517945Comics & Cartoons Child characters you want to adopt?[View]
126517906Why doesn't anyone make blended, well proportioned animation anymore. Avatar, teen titans, etc …[View]
126517579Miles, what the hell, man?[View]
126514973Thoughts?: https://www.cartoonbrew.com/series/foxs-tubi-picks-up-the-freak-brothers-its-first-origin…[View]
126514602Is it gay if a girl likes reverse traps?[View]
126515218PK2 - WEEKLY STORYTIME PART 2: Previous thread: https://desuarchive.org/co/search/subject/pk2/ (Cont…[View]
126517889What do you think about Jane from Peter Pan 2?[View]
126515967Aren't all long running comic series essentially just fanfiction? When the original writer/crea…[View]
126512173Name a single show out there that’s doing what The Owl House is doing. I’m serious.[View]
126515591Anyone read it?: Or better yet, anyone got a scan of it[View]
126509926THE BATMAN NEW INFO: He is mentally ill. >Bruce actually narrates parts of the film and our sourc…[View]
126512491>take a character who's a blonde-haired white guy >make him into a deaf Afro-Latina woman…[View]
126517333>you just angered katara in the rain[View]
126500875love this gremlin cunt[View]
126486733What does /co/ think of the Powerpuff Girls episode Equal Fights?[View]
126500908Archie Sonic Storytime #142: Face of the Enemy, Hidden Costs, and More!: It's Wacky Wednesday o…[View]
126497321Virgin Mary: Thoughts on her?[View]
126512153ITT: Post funny little comics.[View]
126515084https://www.instagram.com/p/CVNLGXlA4JC/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link What can we expect to see from …[View]
126513180ATHF thread, I guess: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzmOAFXTMFk >three in the morn >I'm…[View]
126510759Question Dune: Sup co, I wanted to know if there is a comic or animated series of Dune? I have read …[View]
126512175Trans Amazons: https://twitter.com/Steph_I_Will/status/1451220690431057922?s=20[View]
126509173Don't care if she's crazy, still want to have sex.[View]
126502382>thor loses his hammer >needs help finding it >goes to throg >uses his hammer to telepor…[View]
126513968Do they keep in the zionism?[View]
126513078Poor She-Ra[View]
126516421So I followed your advice and took my meds but Super Grover still holds a strong resemblance to Grov…[View]
126496169Best/Worst Batmobile: Let's hear it. Best/Worst Batmobile. No one is right or wrong. Comics, ca…[View]
126501925She does things to me[View]
126507996>ITT: Insanely relatable /co/ characters I love him so much. He captures my childhood angst perfe…[View]
126514347>spends four seasons trying to kill her without remorse >'I love you, I always have' Does this…[View]
126515595Iron Man: Armored Adventures: Why does no one remember this show?[View]
126514390Steranko appreciation thread[View]
126515909I actually am watching the little mermaid TV series and Ariel had became my waifu[View]
126504768Death Battle: It was nice seeing Lobo getting his ass kicked huh. DC characters need to lose more in…[View]
126470686What is the relationship between Cassandra Cain and her mother Lady Shiva?[View]
1265158688 days until Villainous release on CN and HBO Max[View]
126514990Super Sons: I finally decided to give this a read since /co/ gushes about it so often. I really don…[View]
126511537Why is Black Widow the most beautiful woman?[View]
126515864>Tfw no Nova game, never ever[View]
126513356Who currently at DC is the most to blame when it comes to approving shit ideas that have effectively…[View]
126515647Ed Edd N Eddy is the funniest cartoon of the last 60 years and it's now close.[View]
126514222ITT shitty /co/ media- but only the funny bits: heres a thread ive been wanting to make for a while,…[View]
126444014Young Justice: Who’s she? Expectations for the season?[View]
126515615>turns two hot chicks into dykes[View]
126506504Okay, Batman is against killing, but what's stopping him from crippling villains so hard that t…[View]
126512824>you will never have a friend as loyal as Beta Ray Bill Life is unfair, /co/..…[View]
126507251What did you think of this show?[View]
126507173Amphibia: Are we ever getting a training arc for Anne?[View]
126507378Is Starfire a femcel?[View]
126511547just saw the first episode of this trash and its pure cancer[View]
126503367Hey /co/. I've been watching some lost media videos, and I remember something in nickelodeon th…[View]
126512435'Come on, Muhammad! Let's get some tea!'[View]
126455606Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland: >Featuring George Lucas ,Hayao Miyazaki and Chuck Jones !…[View]
126511580Is Lian Harper next?: Roy Harper and Cheshire’s daughter. She’s a teen now. Aged up. And hanging wit…[View]
126506739Lost cartoons[View]
126502343That's not how fucking bullets work. Do modern artists just pull shit out of their ass without …[View]
126512184ITT: Adult jokes that went over your head as a kid: >Pic related is named after slang for tranny …[View]
126506312ITT: Superhero designs you only like[View]
126491775Herbie Popnecker: A thread dedicated to the Fat Fury[View]
126511341Do you think S1 Star would hate S4 Star?[View]
126513070continue thread of ren and stimpy: Ren and Stimpy is one of the most revolutionary works of art ever…[View]
126501633This chart/list sucks dick. We absolutely need to redo this. Anybody up for coming up with a better …[View]
126506895Witches: Post Witches[View]
126513513OCs From Deviantart: What's your favorite legitmate OC? Mine is pic related[View]
126512507Aren't they the only Disney couple that actually had chemistry[View]
126509330Savage Avengers finally ends in January 2022: SAVAGE AVENGERS #28 GERRY DUGGAN (W) • PATCH ZIRCHER (…[View]
126513124Lin Beifong (LOK): > Around 6 feet tall > In her 50's >Still more capable then people …[View]
126511256Do you prefer the idea that Deathstroke is attracted to Terra and sees potential in her, or that he…[View]
126508831So, like, what does Superman see in that purple haired zoomer exactly[View]
126511980Is he the Alan Moore of our generation?[View]
126509964Timxie thread[View]
126510276Doomguy vs Hellraiser's hell: Could Doomguy defeat Pinhead? All cenobites? Survive Hellraiser…[View]
126512868Deviantart cringe thread[View]
126508609You are allowed to dislike Steven Universe and She-ra, He owl house, etc. Hell, you're even all…[View]
126512662Does she stand a chance at defeating Thanos?[View]
126511608Animation: What?[View]
126512291Tell me /co/, were you able to take control of your life and suppress your urges? https://youtu.be/5…[View]
126509269Halloween Storytime Day 21: Pocket Chiller Library № 102-3, 105, 107: >Day 1 (Thriller Picture Li…[View]
126511488Alfie: >blushing while thinking about her mom[View]
126506282Commando Storytime - № 3487, 3501, 3524: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/1235…[View]
126509883How come this shit couldn't even make a good theme song?: TAS guitar riffs mogs the crappy intr…[View]
1265023593x3 thread >make yours at either of these sites: https://www.befunky.com/features/collage-maker/ …[View]
126507511scotland yard Storytime - № 15, 20, 22: 2, 6 >>126490432[View]
126511823Mebh: *drinks a full gallon of milk and briefly gains a slightly larger stomach* Fat fetish artists:…[View]
126500925CBR is doing its once-every-4-years poll for the Top 100 Comic Book Storylines. If you want to vote …[View]
126511805Babydoll: I fell in love like a fool...[View]
126506431how many illegitimate children does miles have?[View]
126509007characters that can be a global threat but never do anything[View]
126501377The Greatest Covers of All Time[View]
126506110If Zootopia has racism, then what would the racial slurs be?[View]
126480738“You paying attention, Anon?”[View]
126499012>“You can make your superhero a psychopath, you can draw gut-splattering violence, and you can ca…[View]
126509693Infinity Train: How good will Book 5 be?[View]
126507007This was a good movie. I actually liked how it was darker and a prequel. It's not often you see…[View]
126500818Sandman Mystery Theatre Storytime: Part 1:>>126245647 Part 2:>>126276804 Part 3:>…[View]
126510085Anne and her friends are now digidestines, what happens?[View]
126508564IDW Transformers Order: Wanted to see if anyone here had an updated reading order for Phase 1 & …[View]
126509297New ongoing or Limited series?[View]
126509230Does anyone know the name of that Avengers comic series from I think around 2010 that got cancelled …[View]
126510962Ren And Stimpy: Bros will we ever experience that one ray of hope again?[View]
126507917>villain is the only good character and the one who makes it worth spending time on Why does this…[View]
126491700Kipo: why does /co/ love this show so much?[View]
126508237Greetings, this is President George Washington. My good fellows, what plagues our /co/untry this tim…[View]
126510123Usagi Yojimbo news: >IDW Publishing has announced two milestone events for Usagi Yojimbo for 2022…[View]
126510802cartoons & comics with this art style?: cartoons & comics with this art style?[View]
126507362>it's just a skin condition[View]
126510653Was King of the Hill yellow peril propaganda?[View]
126491256Reign of X Storytime Thread: X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #3, X-Men Unlimited #8: Where the investiga…[View]
126490250DC's waifu Thread[View]
126510559Rick and Morty: I like Summer[View]
126505595Where is Catra supposed to come from in the reboot? Original Catra was from Purrsia, grew up homeles…[View]
126510299BLACK PANTHER ANNIVERSARY: >January 26's Black Panther #3 will also mark the 200th overall i…[View]
126507735ITT jokes u didnt get as a kid: post em bonus: did u rationalize it as being a different joke? as a …[View]
126510443Power Corrupts: and Darkmatter general https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jduMIUt9M3M[View]
126505620Realistically, can comics actually do anything to become relevant with the kids for the first time i…[View]
126506780Damn zootopia is getting dark[View]
126510158>He-Man Makes sense >Skeletor Got to have him if you have He-Man >Evil-Lyn She's evil,…[View]
126507548Daredevil: end of days: This is really GOOD it's underrated in my opinion[View]
126510037Growing Around: Will you be watching the pilot when it comes out?[View]
126501450This shit sucks[View]
126508730I actually am watching the little mermaid TV series and Ariel had became my waifu[View]
126502139Who has the worst dialog? Which text bubble make you cringe?[View]
126496335Thoughts on this, /co/?: Grace Randolph's is usually unreliable, especially when it comes to Ma…[View]
126507928It was kino[View]
126506658Mearl: What do you think of Mearl[View]
126509444What's the explanation behind this? The dialogue and then seeing a smug Moon Dragon in the back…[View]
126506807Dippers character development and his ending: The protagonist from Gravity Falls, What did you truly…[View]
126509401Big Picture Show will be 12 years old this November.[View]
126505205>I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today Is there a better negotiator in comics?…[View]
126502316Avatar: So what's next? Modern day Avatar with computers and shit?[View]
126507617why does she keep doing this?[View]
126508210Shows with unique appealing art styles: I've been trying to find some more shows with distinct …[View]
126500999Molina - Ock Dafoe - Goblin Keaton - Vulture Foxx - Electro Gyllenhaal - Mysterio? who else could be…[View]
126503799Last comic was in june. Are the rumors true, he has a girlfriend now?[View]
126508041ITT: Shapeshifters[View]
126507190Did she get cuter during the break?[View]
126505941Mafalda Thread: Mafalda is cute and some of her comics are funny[View]
126508166Buff Chick Sunday[View]
126508870Make an Avatar 3 pitch: >Cyberpunk Avatar future >MC is the discovers they're the avatar …[View]
126507912STAR TREK: PRODIGY: One week left.[View]
126505580Every show I like is on hiatus[View]
126503862/co/, in your esteemed opinion, which episode of family guy was the most kino?[View]
126505767The big reason Owl House was canned the way it was is because Disney has big future plans for Hocus …[View]
126504256Season 9: Y'know, if it wasn't for this blatant Poochie, season 9 would have been somewhat…[View]
126496884Crack ships thread: I always thought these 2 would make a nice couple[View]
126501059Squidbillies final season promo: Looks like they actually did recast Hinson despite most of the seas…[View]
126508244>Oh boy, United States of Captain America is finally over. Maybe now Priest can get a proper ru- …[View]
126505674Apologize: Even Mr. Enter doesn’t think it’s bad[View]
126494107I can't believe it guys: I sat down and watched it And i.... thought it was pretty okay.…[View]
126500648The Hex Girls: Which one, /co/?[View]
126508039So, what's the best Sonic cartoon and why is it AoStH? >charming cast of characters >all …[View]
126507525The future of Adult Swim: So the last 3-4 years actually five years we've had to deal with Vent…[View]
126505124Women love me. Fish fear me.[View]
126504188Can we have a camp weedonwantcha thread for old times sake?[View]
126507748Jim's girlfriend[View]
126506509Gaturro Thread: BOOK GOOD PHONE BAD[View]
126507582Is she still /our/ princess?[View]
126458741Miraculous Ladybug: New episode “Dearest Family” coming out tomorrow! >in portuguese >airs a…[View]
126439793>watches you do human stuff[View]
126507253Why do they hate redheads so much?[View]
126504875Why is the MCU so afraid to adapt The Sentry?: Why are they being chickenshit about The Sentry??? Ar…[View]
126507327How can DC make Wonder Woman great again?[View]
126506376Marvel’s Kevin Feige Talks ‘Eternals’ Ambition and That ‘Venom’ Surprise: >Marvel Studios boss Ke…[View]
126499878Rank them[View]
126503540I don't get the hate for the movies and comedy central seasons[View]
126502748big powerful paws[View]
126504162Ren and Stimpy is one of the most revolutionary works of art ever made. practically a Renaissance in…[View]
126500607looks like eternals is a masterpiece[View]
126506683'Black Panther' Celebrates 200th Issue with Giant-Sized Spectacular: >This January, the…[View]
126506892>guys this film is a masterpiece >this series is a masterpiece >this is the most masterpiec…[View]
126495529What did Black Widow gain from defecting?[View]
126500497Injustice movie: How did you all feel about it?[View]
126505724comfy prequel thread. remember to be comfy and browse with the ost at all times.[View]
126506276What was the point of this movie, honestly?[View]
126506645The music in Onyx Equinox is some of the best I've ever heard. We're almost a year on and …[View]
126505762LEAKED: Phase 5 of The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Pic related is the leaked titles of Phase 5 of the…[View]
126506825Anybody else feel bad for Ozai?: His father spurned him and mentally abused him since he was a child…[View]
126506698I miss him bros[View]
126478196Damn boy, those are some big guns.[View]
126504121Is there any hero who has never cheated on his/her lover?[View]
126505478Does the Mad Hatter even get depicted as a pedo outside of arkhan asylum a serious house on a seriou…[View]
126505680For me it's Anna[View]
126504312Why did they make Dracula such a pansy?[View]
126503907Dumbing of Age: run walky run[View]
126492620Most retarded take you ever heard from fans: I'll start > Superman inspires people to be bet…[View]
126501693Random Felix thread because why not?: >what's the best iteration? >is there an obscure sh…[View]
126495781Does anyone else feel like they're trying to have their cake and eat it too with Kwannon? She…[View]
126504666What would happen if SCP-682 landed in the middle of Metropolis, /co/?[View]
126504732>Simpsons podcast >run by two white guys in their early 30s >thry just spend an hour quotin…[View]
126504585Heathcliff is sitting on Mr. Nutmeg's head.[View]
126503154'Mother Simpson' isn't a good episode. It's such a dumb premise, Homers mom being on the r…[View]
126482409Y the Last Man CANCELLED after 7 episodes: Well /co/ I hope you're happy.[View]
126505963Callum's girlfriend[View]
126498290World War Hulk movie entering production in 2022[View]
126504953Look at this dude.[View]
126505182Atla: You know, zutara isn't actually that bad of a ship. And I'm willing to admit that it…[View]
126499073What do you hope/expect to see in trailer 2? I think they haven't shown a poster yet because wh…[View]
126481151Our daughter is in bed and it’s only 7:30![View]
126501615Comedy Central: Is Comedy Central a smart place to pitch an animated show /co/?[View]
126497362Blatant Self Inserts: Post characters that are obviously meant to be the creators self inserts. Bonu…[View]
126505461>arrrrrgh lotta scumbags out today[View]
126503531Why did a good chunk of Marvel heroes couldn't defeat him, yet She Hulk defeated him?[View]
126505466We're reaching levels of comfy that shouldn't even be possible.[View]
126481193Star Trek Lower Decks: Whats the point of introducing this dynamic so late in the show? Is Boimler g…[View]
126498994>TFW steven universe came out 8 years ago[View]
126461787I want to marry Charlie Magne.. I want to hold her tight against me and look into her big pretty eye…[View]
126487406Black Cat: What do you think of Black Cat?[View]
126499044Diary of a Wimpy Kid LLB Storytime Thread #2: Previously on the a very special Thread of LLB Storyti…[View]
126496654Was he based?[View]
126505073Dude wtf[View]
126470428Tuesday Carolthread: >THIS WEEK IN CAROL Phoenix Song: Echo #1 Last week's thread: >>1…[View]
126498935A > E[View]
126504963For me it's Norah[View]
126503588>super hero but le edgy[View]
126504760Ken Keeler: Such a good writer!!!![View]
126503662LA based studio to make an animated movie based on mascots for a water park/ resort chain. https://w…[View]
126498560Amphibia: >18 episodes Is that really it or are we getting a finale special/movie?…[View]
126501217Titmouse is working on producing a new NFT cartoon in collaboration with Magic Machine. https://www.…[View]
126504689The first co character that comes to your mind is now a front end courtesy clerk/utility clerk at yo…[View]
126482899Is this movie an accurate depiction of Ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica?[View]
126503232Children love the meat tank.[View]
126502634Post the first /co/ moment to...do something for you[View]
1264551242000s cartoons: If there was a song associated with this era, it’d probably be “Little Dark Age” bec…[View]
126500259>bro it's a parody you're actually supposed to root for the bitch ass faggot retard: wh…[View]
126498558East meets west ship: Alright, lets go full fat chick and talk about shipping, but this time we…[View]
126499045Laugh with me /co/! LAUGH WITH ME![View]
126502956>All this from a slice of gabagool?[View]
126503514is this panel supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek joke it feels like a joke but im also retarded. pls h…[View]
126474412Why was Rebecca Sugar afraid of Grearl?[View]
126500391Should Helen just relax and let herself go?[View]
126503424Squidbillies final Season.: Pine cones go in here, party liquors come out here; fights begin, finger…[View]
126503201Stevonnie: I just got done with the Stevonnie episode and i have one question /co/ Cock pussy or her…[View]
126498019Why are there so many lesbians/bi slut women in animation now when 10 years ago it was mostly guys i…[View]
126503234What are some good Halloween movies, episodes, or general Spooky related animated stuff?[View]
126502763B A C K[View]
126500143>Make a pig deal of Loki being bi >Still ends up with a girl Why?…[View]
126500736Is she coming back for real? Bless MCU synergy for once.[View]
126503167I have a good idea for a cartoon but I’m scared someone is going to come up with the same idea and b…[View]
126501595>second season never[View]
126503589https://huggingface.co/spaces/bipin/image2story: beautiful face and a strange look. One of them is a…[View]
126501097Silence is okay, but I wish she was Scream again.[View]
126500847How does /co/ feel about Flork? I see his strips around here occasionally, but I've never seen …[View]
126503347So, does this mean, Gargoyles takes place in the same universe as Rick & Morty?[View]
126502999Was Terra a victim of psychological abuse or just too ambitious for what someone her age was capable…[View]
126503207Overrated as fuck[View]
126501535Damn, I can see why god choose her to be his baby momma.[View]
126503138Kamp Koral (2021)[View]
126502321Why did he want Robot to take a shower so damn badly? For a teacher, does he not have common sense a…[View]
126503071>Laura cackling in the distance as Maria and Fernetriana try their damnedest to stop Laxatia…[View]
126501999Thoughs on Charlie Gavin?: Do you think his comics are insightful look to the instdury? https://www…[View]
126493062King Tut: Does he have any potential as a character?[View]
126502645What hairstyle do you like the best?[View]
126501155Name a better halloween toon. I'll wait.[View]
126496138Are there any bisexual comic characters who ever date outside their own gender? It seems like all 'b…[View]
126488510Death of Doctor Strange #2 Storytime: The only one who can solve the murder of Doctor Strange is...S…[View]
126502479What're some good Halloween Specials /co/?[View]
126483382>go to Neural Blender >type in a cartoon or /co/ related thing >others have to guess what i…[View]
126498062I don't get it[View]
126474176Steven Universe: What’s his kinks[View]
126496786Death Battle: >Alucard absolutely running circles around Dio Swan was the head writer for this, g…[View]
126500621The idea of not killing people as a vigilante is really fucking stupid. The sort of people that supp…[View]
126501246Jellystone Halloween Special: Is it gonna drop at midnight? How long do you think until we get a meg…[View]
126487399Gunnerkrigg Court: >Cheer up! >Hey! It would appear that Gunnerkrigg Court has won a Reuben Aw…[View]
126499735ITT: Perfect Casting Choices[View]
126501083It's so embarrassingly obvious that this isn't how they originally intended the show to en…[View]
126500910Vampires Bites is a webcomic about vampires. It's been on hiatus since 2019. They usually have …[View]
126500058Is Jen good wife material?[View]
126492306Ongezellig, and why it sucks.: Ongezellig is the result of the brainwashing of our youth with this s…[View]
126499029Why did people in the park hang around Mordecai? Dude was a complete asshole and terrible friend.[View]
126490899Should people be sued for spoiling Marvel movies?[View]
126498239Did Pacifica truly fell for Dipper?: And if she did would Dipper would have stayed in Gravity Falls …[View]
126487883Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogles batman run: This was peak batman. Why was it so good?[View]
126498267Eternals: New Clip 'Ikaris': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4kvEgLLJ2s Wow, it really is a visual …[View]
126499785Help me understand this joke: In the I Am Weasel episode 'I.R. Ice Fisher' there is a scene where We…[View]
126494955WORST 2010s CARTOONS?: >1. Family Guy >2. Big Mouth >3. Problem Solverz >4. PPG 2016 …[View]
126501268Puppet threads: What are some of your favorite obscure show? Why do we have zero adult puppet shows?…[View]
126501213If this had been presented instead of Spongebob back in 1999, it would not have been picked up.[View]
126496926It's going around that Kamala in the MCU is going to be a genie[View]
126494802Archie Sonic Thread: Talk about anything of this comic, or anything else of Sonic, really. Enjoy pos…[View]
126500173Comprehensive South Park character ranking: 1. Butters Stotch 2. Randy Marsh 3. Mr. Mackey 4. Kenn…[View]
126453320VILLAINOUS IS COMING OUT ON HBO MAX: its finally happening[View]
126498773Why do people join Hydra in 616?: It's obviously evil and you're seen as expendable.…[View]
126500694Buy your /co/ girl a WALL-E hoverchair this Christmas!: Trust me, she'll 'grow' to lo…[View]
126500810Halloween is 11 days away. Post /co/ characters in different costumes[View]
126443043would you hug a energetic busybody?[View]
126496981I disagree with the many people who say this 'makes the prequels better'. If anything it makes them …[View]
126479784Here's your Lois Lane bro[View]
126499089Why are people like this?[View]
126497338Disney TVA is making 31 animated tv films right now Almost all of them are likely based on their exi…[View]
126496501IT'S HAPPENING[View]
126450198post your favorite Spider-Man costume[View]
126495520Don-don-DOOOONN!: Why doesn't Captain Chaos have his own comic book yet?[View]
126496470Why is she every X-writer's favorite?[View]
126496774Have they produced anything good when it comes to animation?[View]
126487452If you read or are still reading IDW TMNT, what do you want from it? What do you think of the curren…[View]
126500394>goes from manly respected cop to doormat even his own wife wants to see dead In his debut episod…[View]
126489133I felt a great disturbance in the Loud House fandom... As if millions of Lilyfags suddenly cried out…[View]
126488455-: Let's make Jade-chan more popular.[View]
126492286>ITT: Insanely relatable /co/ characters I love him so much. He captures my childhood angst perfe…[View]
126499166Pixar: Will we ever see Pixar make sequels or to their early shorts before they started doing films?…[View]
126497542Aw yeh?[View]
126499666Lydias gonna fuck a guy again[View]
126496696>We're putting together a team.[View]
126499078Why wasn’t this show as popular as Animaniacs or Tiny Toons?[View]
126499216Bob's Burgers Thread: Is anyone else excited for this movie? Simpsons Movie wasn't as funn…[View]
126498070Kino cartoon jokes that just hit different[View]
126499779The Black Canary story in Action Comics weekly is one of her best outings. The entire ACW series sh…[View]
126472871Jellystone: Halloween Special: basically, looks like it's gonna be a poor musical parody of The…[View]
126496772'Wait a minute, Phil Collins sucks ass!' 'Yeah, what were we thinking?'[View]
126492774What did Gabriel mean by this?[View]
126497311ITT-characters you like from cartoons/comics youre not very fond of: I think dyke she ra is a tumblr…[View]
126499654>Why yes, my favorite cartoon on the air right now IS The Ghost and Molly McGee, how could you te…[View]
126496521Dipper Pines: Should he have stayed with Ford?[View]
126497476He's got a point you know[View]
126431872/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? Advanced Spooky Edition: Thread Question: What does your MC decora…[View]
126498606Expectations?: They'll probably release in 2024 based on the timeframe.[View]
126498673>2008 >third grade >parents get premium cable just in time for making fiends >love the s…[View]
126491006Can a unicorn have sex with a cenituar? Asking because I am making a comic about that.[View]
126495029DRAGONS: THE NINE REALMS: Dreamworks & Hulu WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
126498484Religious holidays in the superhero community.[View]
126495370Mom Thread: On the flipside of the Dad Thread, I think we should discuss who is the best /co/ mom of…[View]
126486290Dad Thread: Yo, show me some /co/ fathers. Not all of them have to be good, and not all of them hav…[View]
126487542CGI He-Man: >reject Technology >fear Magic How did the Tiger Tribe manage to still exist is a …[View]
126494078itt: autistic characters[View]
126495162Gurihiru is one of the most overrated artists on this board. I get that /co/ is obsessed with circle…[View]
126496741Thoughts on Stressed Eric,[View]
12648789710 YEARS[View]
126493822I will never understand what's keeping writers/directors from having the same heavy atmosphere …[View]
126496640What do other DC characters think about Gotham City? Do any of them even bother helping Batman, or d…[View]
126496425They're called 'the diamonds' because that's what they do to muh dik[View]
126491593Halloween Storytime Day 20: Pocket Chiller Library № 94-5, 99-100: >Day 1 (Thriller Picture Libra…[View]
126490432scotland yard Storytime - № 2, 6: >ACTION PICTURE LIBRARY 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/threa…[View]
126488527Commando Storytime - № 3448-9, 3451-2: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/123547…[View]
126497931>90's indie comics >hardcore experimental underground stuff was all the rage and people w…[View]
126496875Squidbillies final trailer: https://youtu.be/UDQoid_fOWM[View]
126496938I used to think this was a good show[View]
126497821Was Family Guy ever good?[View]
126489307Fantastic Four #37 Storytime: This anon >>126175827 claimed that Dan Slott's Fantastic Fo…[View]
126496963Why was he considered the 'sidekick' when he accidentally won 9/10 of the time through random bullsh…[View]
126496026Why did they stop making the League of Assassins as a concept based on the Hashashin, the ancient or…[View]
126497676Venom is so hot.[View]
126484032Amphibia: Who would win?[View]
126495948He'll be in the public domain next year. Anyone will be able to do their own version as long as…[View]
126491320How do you feel about Mavis Dracula?[View]
126495275What was this all about?[View]
126495578So apparently there's not 1, but 2 AvP ANIME series which Disney is holding hostage. Anyone ha…[View]
126483984Unsounded: What a wonderful time for a nervous breakdown.[View]
126467791Post comics made by narcissists Yes I know this a poem by Shel Silverstein, but the comic was drawn…[View]
126486681>'man comics suck! What they really need are my infinitely worse fanfiction ideas!' Why does this…[View]
126492368What are the new story possibilities for Jon Kent? Are you excited to see him take up the mantle and…[View]
126496937I finished second season of this show and this bitch really pushes my femdom fetish buttons. Holy sh…[View]
126496199Spiderbros... I don't feel so good...[View]
126497014All three of the Warner siblings always seemed like flaming bisexuals.[View]
126496817He deserved better than leela[View]
126496760I will drop capeshit movies if it's bad[View]
126496643Why are two of the kids Chinese?[View]
126496481Why people don't like her?[View]
126495950HAWKEYE SERIES: Leaked images of Vincent D'Onofrio returning as Kingpin: Here is these exclusiv…[View]
126495210>Ghost Rider Grindhouse >Hellboy Gothic >Spawn Emo - Which one do (you) prefer?…[View]
126489346Katara: Why does she get so much hate?[View]
126496437Was Ollie Williams a fan of Bonnie Pink?[View]
126482496Death Battle: Will Hulk ever get out of the oxygen club[View]
126494695inside job thread: isn't their something coming today?[View]
126491311What does /co/ think of this cartoon?[View]
126493723Why didint anyone tell me this was kino?[View]
126494191I'm just....still shocked that she's finally back. 6 years of torture over. She-Hull bros …[View]
126496063It's over, Beastie! TACO BELL IS MINE!!![View]
126494274catwoman: annnd dropped[View]
126493582The Aquabats full animated episode: The Aquabats full animated episode https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
126492179Disenchantment: Why is it so bad?[View]
126495935After rewatching LoK I have zero faith in the next series if it continues to pretend it has the chop…[View]
126490855Phoenix Song: Echo #1 Storytime[View]
126489529Totally Spies: Are they virgins?[View]
126473893So apparently, Eternals is a Marvel's answer to Zack Snyder's movies and there's like…[View]
126495131what do korra hugs feel like?[View]
126458588Two Episodes just dropped why no mega? why no thread?[View]
126494369Sprig is the main character of Amphibia.[View]
126494771Fuck you I liked it.[View]
126478428What if a female super villain got pregnant from a one-night stand?[View]
126495434I'm the avatar you gotta deal with it![View]
126453138Primal: >actually good looking adult cartoon that isn't anime or anime-inspired for once …[View]
126492702What's the show that you just don't understand the hate for?[View]
126491357The Adventure Time Finale was pretty bad: Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzCY9iLIPMM…[View]
126492812/bcb/ - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Do not read this comic[View]
126488867Batwoman's Ruby Rose Reveals Horrifying Set Conditions, Slams WBTV Chief, Berlanti Productions:…[View]
126490322How To Train Your Dragon: What the flying fuck went wrong with this franchise since day 0 ? (that cr…[View]
126490825Steven Universe: So why does everyone on this board shit on Greg like hes a bad guy but no one ever …[View]
126492551were the early 2010s the final era of decent western animation?[View]
126492628How do you feel about Rocafort's art? I think he's fantastic. I remember when he was more …[View]
126495177Get Retro With The Bronanaz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW4nKUfYivk[View]
126494936https://youtu.be/fFgufDut8gM people arent allowed to come up with their own concepts or ideas becaus…[View]
126489422Why is this the best Scooby-Doo show?[View]
126494762This made boomers piss and shit their pants.[View]
126495807> 'Mmm-mmm honey, don't play with me. In between white supremacy AND the patriarchy, I don…[View]
126495540>TFW the new therapist compared me to the joker during todays session Welp…[View]
126495133>gypsies good! >christians bad! why are americans like this?…[View]
126493579Was it really that bad?[View]
126493530Peacemaker: >Peacemaker isn’t even in the center of the power walk Man, this series is going to s…[View]
126489083who'd be carol's black bf in her movie? rhodey is too old.[View]
126494946How is it even in the early days of digital puppet animation, Craig McCracken knew how to make it wo…[View]
126494554Makes sense.[View]
126488421Hello /co/. I is back[View]
126494573How well do you think a comic book about George Armstrong Custer would go over?[View]
126493286What comic have you reread the most?: Mine would be either *From Hell' or tdkr probably.[View]
126494050Sleepy Hollow: Is this the only time a Disney Villain won and got a happy ending?[View]
126494346Why is every /co/ movie identical Same characters archetypes, same story beats, same twists, same mu…[View]
126493966It's Gwensday.[View]
126491405ITT: things you can’t believe they got away with. I’ll go first. >pic related is named after sl…[View]
126491119The Zeta Project: It deserves a remake.[View]
126491717How did the Horny Unicorn do at the box office? Did the critics like it?[View]
126492883Why did he become such a prick?: Why couldn't he just chill?[View]
126492740Superman and Lois were more popular when they were given obnoxious personalities . Why DC thought re…[View]
126493937Illmatic is better.[View]
126490300Fairybend Storytime: Get ready for some Rule 63 Disney Princess action. From a Russian lady.[View]
126490891Jessica Cruz: Left or right?[View]
126493965How would you feel about an arc where reformed Harley and reformed Riddler had romantic feelings for…[View]
126488062Imagine the sex…[View]
126488201Steven Universe: He should have remained buff[View]
126491610'Hey, remember the '50s? Remember television, Coca-Cola, and Dick Clark?' 'I remember televisio…[View]
126491404Why are Gems so perfect?[View]
126484079Archie Sonic Storytime #141: The Shattered World Crisis Act 2!: Welcome to The Ride 2021! Tonight st…[View]
126493282What would have happened if Katara wasn't able to calm Aang down in time and Aang killed Zuko?:…[View]
126491247Thor #18 Storytime: Ribbit.[View]
126493555What if the final show looked like this?[View]
126492335High Guardian Spice: https://youtu.be/9y8zeoHBd6w New Trailer and I like it. It really feels like a …[View]
126450965Victorian Aesthetic Cartoons: Any cartoons where there is some victorian aesthetic or to be exact vi…[View]
126488669How the fuck did this get nominated for best animated picture over[View]
126487834>Villain bad because… he’s ugly[View]
126492106Movie is so disgusting with the vomit color palette but oddly something about it keeps me watching.[View]
126492963Blueberry Storytime - Thunder in the West: We left Blueberry in Fort Navajo, cut off from al hope of…[View]
126488608At some point, we have to address the fact that Superman doesn't actually care as much as he cl…[View]
126491354Mind Controlled Heroes: How do you hold someone in their situation responsible for their actions? Pi…[View]
126488072Steven Universe: Did kids actually watch Steven Universe?[View]
12649283011 days until Villainous release on CN and HBO Max[View]
126487485DC VS MARVEL: OK honestly tell me your opinion /co/, do you hate 1 or the other or do you just act l…[View]
126489410Martin Mystery is better than Totally Spies. Totally Spies isn't bad, though.[View]
126492704Why dose /co/ never talk about this comic?: It's cute and funny.[View]
126492636It's that time of year. What are your favorite Halloween specials/episodes?[View]
126492566Jim Cheung Variants cover: >MARVEL VARIANTS: Marvel Comics has unveiled Headshot Sketch Variant C…[View]
126488643So, is this show worth watching?[View]
126478582Wait a minute... /co/...[View]
126492392Hey /co/, newbie here. Where can i read free batman comics online?[View]
126490977Sluggo is lit: Sluggo is lit[View]
126478182Share your pitch for a show, or post any drawings or animations you've made if you are working …[View]
126479390It might not be cool but I like the writing of Peter 'PAD' David. Hulk and Young Justice were both g…[View]
126490705Bo-Katan is the most JUSTED character in Star Wars. >Loses Mandalore to her hippie sister >Lo…[View]
126491046Can Goku beat 30,000,000,000 Spongebobs?[View]
126486703What's his endgame /co/?[View]
126489868How would Quailman do in the Marvel universe?[View]
126492022imagine the smell[View]
126492004ITT merch: the good and the bad. what u own and what u wish you owned. and of course, the funny boot…[View]
126479424Superman x Wonder Woman: So now that Jon is gay and has a boyfriend, does he no longer get together …[View]
126484163Sing 2: https://youtu.be/izqU1WlrUis Dayum[View]
126475315Japan is making a Batman Ninja musical. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-10-18/batman-ninj…[View]
126478928Team Galaxy: Remembered all of a sudden, what's your thoughts, co, on this forgotten piece of c…[View]
126486153Grublins: Bonerip: Sup /co/ Every year sometime in October I drink 3 beers and I post the entirety o…[View]
126491533Snoopy and Woodstock in 4K UltraHD: Snoopy and Woodstock in 4K UltraHD[View]
126486827Comfy Fairly Oddparents thread: Comfy Fairly Oddparents thread[View]
126490970Gundam reference?: Is this supposed to be a nod to the opening of the first ep of gundam?[View]
126488376I love this elf?[View]
126489478Alex Hirsch's new show comes out in 2 days and I don't see any discussion. What are your t…[View]
126489467Frank Cho's Fight Girls #4 Storytime: >Ten hard-as-nails women face off in an ancient contes…[View]
126490956Garnet is the best gem.[View]
126489045How does she make you feel?[View]
126491131Does it even need to be explained that LeFou was being sarcastic? I thought that was just kind of ob…[View]
126488828When did you realize that Doom Patrol is overrated trash?[View]
126486496You see Zahra out in the streets minding her own business What do you do ?[View]
126485800STOP BULLYING ME!!!!!!: I'm being serious here and I did nothing wrong.[View]
126488399Steve is the worst character for WW. Unlike lois and cat, he is boring and weakness. I wish the writ…[View]
126489821Ahsoka's arms: Alright.[View]
126490445Why do people find this show mean spirited?[View]
126489296ITT:: Post cartoons or comics that are overrated by /co/[View]
126490027What fresh new ways of shitting on and humiliating Peter Parker will they find in the ITSV sequel[View]
126490560the deconstruction of the superhero genre to use it as a medium to convey critics about society is a…[View]
126481102Best SP character?: For me it's Butters of course.[View]
126489330Glitch techs: They had a great dynamic and chemistry[View]
126489710Was Mark Antaeus right or wrong?[View]
126489893Why doesn’t Superman do the right thing to make the world a better place?[View]
126487330What are some examples of GOOD character design?[View]
126487893Did they fuck up by telling a story about the last man on earth than emphasising that actually he is…[View]
126487976Sven Höek is the best episode of Ren & Stimpy. Stimpy's Invention is good, but Sven Höek is…[View]
126487203Don't you know? I'm Electro.[View]
126479987Obligatory alpha bitch thread[View]
126483622Here's your new Sorcerer Supreme, say something nice to her[View]
126489818This whole Spongebob hidden meanings hunt Nickelodeon or someone on the Spongebob crew started (I ca…[View]
126486338Why is Zuko so frustrated, anons?[View]
126487285How often do you think Black Widow sleeps with the bad guys?[View]
126487684Bluey: Who is the best pupper and why is it Chloe? Also S3 when[View]
126478833PEACEMAKER | Official Teaser | HBO Max: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OODneEUWUQY This looks so fu…[View]
126482827so you're a young little clark kent... parents have to go into town... they leave you with this…[View]
126486797Original Character: Here's my original character named Tess. Tess the rabbit.[View]
126486926>Trey and Matt unironically thought that Tobacco Corporations were the good guys.…[View]
126484640Lunter: Do you think this ship might have been more popular if artists hadn’t gotten threatened with…[View]
126489112Is there any marvel western worth reading?[View]
126488986arthur: did arthur have any good halloween episodes[View]
126489194How and or why is 'The Phantom' is most popular comic in Australia to this day? I live her…[View]
126484809Why do so many creepy fuckers love this movie?[View]
126489263I love Tress Macneille's voice for Penelope. It's so classy.[View]
126488684Will they get married in future?[View]
126480857>Ah anon! My dearest friend. I trust that I have your vote for my presidency secured? >if not …[View]
126488562What the fuck is this wokeshit? Why is Clark being such a cuck? Why is Lois saving herself?[View]
126488415TCJ Paul Wardle on Bizarre Heroes[View]
126488058Post S-tier /co/ movies[View]
126475669Are we ever going to see a cartoon with a guy as the main protagonist again? It's always brown …[View]
126486862Sequel when?[View]
126476659Opinions on the Bat Family? How would you change it?[View]
126488412Salem isn't scary[View]
126488084turn the page, wash your hands turn the page, wash your hands and then you turn the page and then yo…[View]
126475398Inside Job: 3 days left https://twitter.com/insidejob/status/1450537534769991680?t=ZGayx2WqpCSoYENuR…[View]
126488150Just bought some zooper dooper[View]
126487222What is going on here?[View]
126482539>Could have used the Infinity Stones to travel back in time one week before Thanos stole the Powe…[View]
126487497Alternate outfits: Post characters wearing alternate costumes[View]
126476669HBO Max's BLUE BEETLE And BATGIRL Concept Art: Expectations, /co/?[View]
126487228that's an awful lot of indian lolis for a show that doesn't take place in india[View]
126487687Peter, what are you doing?[View]
126475476Molly McGee and her girlfriend[View]
126487588Death Battle: Who is the perfect match-up for the king of toon force.[View]
126486559Was it poor form to devote an entire episode of a children's TV show to railing on a mentally i…[View]
126474238Today in Shazam! (2021) Freddy died!: Why is no one talking about the death of this classic characte…[View]
126485234Teenage Lily Loud[View]
126485114The Simpsons: This makes me angry. The Chinese baby is a toddler and Maggie is still a baby. What th…[View]
126484569cringe/autism thread: Post /co/ related cringe and autism[View]
126486830>Story has an interesting character with complex motivations and though their actions are wrong, …[View]
126478054SUDDEN JT NEWS DROP, BOIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRxNSmn2OjU&ab_channel=NetflixFutures…[View]
126486340I HATE AUTOMATION[View]
126487144Did you like this show, /co/?[View]
126486663Megatokyo: I'm probably the first person to have thought about this comic in half a decade, but…[View]
126473378Which of the Warner siblings do you think is the 'nicest?' As in, the nicest person?[View]
126487415/co/ hypnosis thread[View]
126477194Does anyone else often check out at those big CGI army battles that superhero movies insist on havin…[View]
126468310Marvel: Why did they succeed where others failed? The DCEU is a shitshow, the Monster Universe is ir…[View]
126486880Heathcliff is walking away.[View]
126485608What do you think of Kirby's Justice League?[View]
126485925Why do anons believe that Zuko actually wants to help Azula?: For he left Azula in an abusive instit…[View]
126487240Hello, fellow 4channelers. This character is my dad. Please hate him. Thank you.[View]
126487191South Park: In the episode Red Man's Greed, Chief Runs With Premise calls white people 'round e…[View]
126480720Grim and Evil: what exactly was the reasoning for splitting Grim and Evil into The Grim Adventures o…[View]
126468368Clarabelle is underrated.[View]
126487042Well, what would you do with a Yoodoo Doll?[View]
126479759>you must marry your hot big titty cousin as punishment OH NO[View]
126481583Honestly, what the fuck were they thinking with this movie? Seriously, what was their goal here? It …[View]
126485498Kirby Eternals: Worth reading?[View]
126474997Infinity Train: How can people hate Book 4? After 4 seasons we finally got not only one but TWO whit…[View]
126351982Why is Flame Princess so darn hot?[View]
126482439american dad: >episode about gay neighbours wanting to raise a kid >francine, its UNNATURAL! …[View]
126483133Enid Is Bi... All Girls School? Please tell me you wouldn't the Ed Edd Eddy versions.[View]
126477501THE FLASH Sneak Peek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqKajas0uJ4 >Jumping straight into Flashpoi…[View]
126486728The Patrick Star Show, “Terror at 20,000 Leagues” Sneak Peek: It’s up https://youtube.com/watch?v=gB…[View]
126458804Space Pack Chapter 3- Storytime: Finished the third chapter of my webcomic, Space Pack, and would li…[View]
126480008Could Eminem have made it as a Marvel artist? It was initially his backup career if he failed at mus…[View]
126485124Hurry Anon, we're going to be late for class.[View]
126482887THE SUICIDE SQUAD Director James Gunn Reveals Dark Alternate Ending: >'At the very end of the mov…[View]
126486415I'm watching the original French rips of Miraculous Ladybug and in every episode she has a funk…[View]
126482813WTF Yzma was hot?!?![View]
126483887>take shitty story >somehow make it even worse…[View]
126486574Why you didn’t buy Nafty?: Tell meee!!!! Why you didn’t buy Nafty???[View]
126486552Chip Zdarsky is a hack whose comics are boring at best and I'm tired of pretending he's no…[View]
126471740Why do people care so much about shipping?[View]
126482275>afraid of his own mechanic[View]
126437296How do we fix cartoon network if /co/ was in charge?[View]
126486360>Jesse Bonds Weaver Jr., better known by the stage name Schoolly D was born on june 22 making him…[View]
126484268Dumbing of Age: the return of the lesbian[View]
126483778Redpill me on Dr. Fate. What are his best runs?[View]
126482104What character was the original goth girl?[View]
126481899Tushy Tuesday: Post impressively round posteriors of the female variety. Keep it /co/.[View]
126486164Do we really need more Romani (Gypsies) in Avengers?[View]
126482445Who's been coming out on top of the streaming wars these days when it comes to new /co/ related…[View]
126479241Could ANY /co/ character defeat all of them?[View]
126485998If your heart goes >BOOBA BOOBA[View]
126480128let me get this straight (...): >Introducing the NEW Superman >DICK BENT Does Superman being g…[View]
126482070So now that it's over was it really that good[View]
126484427>Spider-man 2 and Wolverine are still years away >Arkham Knights will be a disaster >Suic…[View]
126482783What are some of your favorite and most hated tropes/references/cliches for cartoons and comics touc…[View]
126481241Sandman Mystery Theatre Storytime: Part 1:>>126245647 Part 2:>>126276804 Part 3:>…[View]
126482017First Look At The CW's NAOMI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k5SxeCP4A0 >DC's NAOMI f…[View]
126485450I miss WBB[View]
126479752Rugrats Without Rugrats, Season 5: Everyone knows the best part of Rugrats is the parents, so I remo…[View]
126483350On this week's CN schedule: help us all[View]
126477994Diary of a Wimpy Kid LLB Storytime Thread: Wanted to do a storytime of some LLBs for a while now, th…[View]
126482416attic thread: look what i found in my attic while i was lookin for my old ninjago toys show off some…[View]
126484735>FXX didn't remove the gag advertising Adult Swim[View]
126485466Which was the best season?[View]
126465911Archie Sonic Storytime #140: Good evening /co/! Tonight on The Ride 2021, we will be doing 2 episode…[View]
126484176They’re all trapped in a room and only one Batman can walk out alive, who you got!?[View]
126480665Why did they never show Adora missing Catra?[View]
126481750The non-comic book reader comic book nerd: >Hella be a normie with a full-time job, girlfriend, w…[View]
126483588THE MARVELS Director Nia DaCosta Addresses Her Plans For The Movie: Does she get it, /co/? >For T…[View]
126481094i have a question: is this satire?[View]
126478165European Visual Novels: I like Requiem Chevalier Vampire. It made me appreciate Heroes of Might and …[View]
126472202It's over...the Bat Chads won!: https://screenrant.com/batman-fatigue-not-real-dc-comic-sales-u…[View]
126481787No really, why should he be in public domain? Is Disney doesn't own Mickey Mouse anymore, they …[View]
126481580BLACK ADAM First Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV85_ClXAQg Looks litty.[View]
126460909>'Mandalorian' >Takes her helmet off This isnt the way…[View]
126480562He should get a spinoff[View]
126483080ETERNALS 'Ikaris' Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4kvEgLLJ2s[View]
126478390Is The Simpsons actually funnier in Spanish?[View]
126460671Press F for the Snyderverse[View]
126482863Anybody heard of this cartoon called Tara Duncan? I think it's French but don't know Frog.…[View]
126483243>Korra corners you in an alley wat do[View]
126480917Would you consider the Teen Titans as classic cartoon network characters now?[View]
126481883It's bizarre how Daredevil is the only Marvel character with several runs whose good runs outnu…[View]
126477688PREACHER: Worth it? Without spoilers guys because I'll read it anyway[View]
126476841Halloween Storytime Day 19.7: Pocket Chiller Library № 84, 87, 91: >Day 1 (Thriller Picture Libra…[View]
126460882Has there ever been a cartoon to grace Cartoon Network shittier than Camp Lazlo?[View]
126484237Who do you think deserves to be WW's BF?[View]
126467818If you could have sex with any cartoon voice actress who would it be and what character of theirs wo…[View]
126473801I wish Star was this thick bros: It’s not fair[View]
126470634Amphibia: Don't want the extra carbs, eh?[View]
126457615What are some underrated 'sexy' costumes? No Invisible Woman suit, no Goblin Queen, just obscure one…[View]
126480359Vampirella: Think she’ll ever get a good movie? One with her classic costume[View]
126473599Poor Eustace.[View]
126479952wario if he homeless[View]
126480108She deserved everything she got.[View]
126479159Did anyone here ever get the opportunity to personally meet Stan Lee like at a con or something?[View]
126477830Amogus comics are funny Post them[View]
126472186Fusion: Post fusion[View]
126479210I hate this bitch[View]
126481336I hate this episode.[View]
126431197Give me one reason I shouldn't turn you inside out and dip you in salt.[View]
126481259Why has no modern artist tried to make Zamaronian Queen Star Sapphire work? I think it's more i…[View]
126481342How would you introduce him in the mcu?[View]
126481749How would you introduce two gun kid in the mcu? Some people think he will be in loki because of the …[View]
126479906Would he find rape funny?[View]
126481754This episode fucking sucks, it's all an excuse for an eye-candy fight scene. At least The Duel …[View]
126480484Lets be honest /co/, Clark should had be gay/bisexual instead of Jon.[View]
126481326Dio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTT-AAshWDw Alucard https://streamable.com/breon7 Place your bet…[View]
126481546Who's your favorite MCU director?[View]
126476316Fox streaming service Tubi to turn underground comic The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers into an adult…[View]
126478842why couldn't he get the girl in the end?[View]
126480783>'Superman was never real' Fuck this movie[View]
126479221are there any writers from the 60s/70s still writing today?[View]
126480627Why is Miles so black?: Isn't he half latino? He looks too black for a half latino. If you told…[View]
126477875I ship them[View]
126469577Catwoman: Lonely City #1 Storytime: Cliff Chiang writes and draws Catwoman[View]
126475438Post a comic issue or book that came out the same year you were born: Title says it all.[View]
126472384Do you collect merchandise?[View]
126479287This is how Raimi's Ironman would look like, would you like it?[View]
126477541Its weird that they wanted to marry a 12 year old girl right?[View]
126480894how do you go from THIS[View]
126480767Whatever happened to Mark Millar? The last comic I read from him was either that downie Superman one…[View]
126449445Arthur: Aardvark cum will freeze yo ass, Aardvark cum is frigid gas[View]
126462375based or cringe?[View]

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