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108873907Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your weekend of P…[View]
108876700You come home and you see these two embracing each other and looking at you with half-lidded eyes. W…[View]
108876051Reminder that Batman is the best superhero there is. He might be a bit racist, he might might be mis…[View]
108877593ITT-post fusion waifus[View]
108876819Yep, that was The Lion King but worse.[View]
108877289call me guy[View]
108850365Drawn Together: What was the best episode, and why is it Clum Babies?[View]
108876602Terrorist bus.: I'm looking for a comic book where a hijab woman takes a bus hostage and get li…[View]
108873368Why doesn't America get any of the crossover stuff?: Is it just that other countries care less …[View]
108871805Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 72: Page 9 It's just a simple trick he learned on the job.[View]
108876349What are some 80s cartoons that aged well?[View]
108876376My ultimate marvel universe: Being a superhero can be a Job. The X-mansion is where all the young su…[View]
108877018Was he in the right?[View]
108875610Meanwhile at the the most bombed place on the earth x-mansion[View]
108876583na its cool he doesn't bite: >Its a good dog/cat it wont scrach you. Pic related…[View]
108875654From rewatching the original Lion King, I found a bunch of great reaction faces just from Ed alone. …[View]
108868939lol: Imagine taking so long to complete something you'd supposedly been planning for years that…[View]
108850369Omelette du fromage.[View]
108875430What did Popeye and Bluto see in her? She was ugly as sin and a total bitch most of the time.[View]
108875345Why was Mai so shit?[View]
108876437>Joker: kills Jason Batman gives up his no kill rule and legitimately tries to murder him the res…[View]
1088524742020 KING • SHANER • GERADS https://twitter.com/DCComics/status/1152941759602671617?s=19[View]
108874138Is she indeed a rotten kind of cute?[View]
108865668>wake up from 10 thousand year slumber >see this wat do?…[View]
108870694Where's Waldo: >The first episode has a major plot point about how ticklish the brown loli i…[View]
108870529What were your thoughts?[View]
108876581>Blade >Skrull coming back. Marvel's setting up a MI 13 film with Captain Britain.…[View]
108873183What are the chances of it been announced at d23 or NYCC?[View]
108869497Please Forgive Me!!! 111: There Was Once a Neon Glob of “Something” In My Taco Meat[View]
108875781 [View]
108850532ITT: Forgotten waifus[View]
108871448>this is supposed to be a nerd I was always baffled by this version of Peter. He has the body of …[View]
108869257I don't understand why so many people think he's a terrible boyfriend/character.[View]
108863791Storytime of Pain: Marville: A wise man once said: 'Did you forget about me?' A bet bewteen Peter Da…[View]
108875387Where does Professor Venomous rank in the realm of Cartoon Network villainy?[View]
108874256What are Best Moon Knight runs?[View]
108876017I'M A CODFISH[View]
108870589John Kricfalusi: Just a reminder that John K was 100% right about the animation industry. https://w…[View]
108875454Will there ever be a blond male Robin ?[View]
108875597It stinks![View]
108870609Name a more iconic animated duo. Protip: you can't[View]
108872624Will it be good?[View]
108872689What’s this face supposed to mean ?[View]
108869634Fun fact: Captain Marvel is in the fair use.[View]
108873966>”mrs bitters, is there REALLY an underground classroom?”[View]
108875054There are too many spiders in main Marvel Earth nowadays! >Peter Parker >Miles Morales >Mig…[View]
108860616Was Randy in the wrong?[View]
108865074Is Lower Decks going to be kino?[View]
108875280So when are they getting an episode together?[View]
108875397He's pretty much the true and final boss right?[View]
108870612Young Justice 3x19: Anyone who saw the episode early at sdcc wanna give spoilers?[View]
108874005Storm Hawks: >Betrays and destroys your entire offensive with 1 magic crystal Nothing personnel, …[View]
108872489Why do French cartoons do that?[View]
108869289Unsounded: Everyone's playing the blame game.[View]
108874954I'm always on duty![View]
108873637ITT: /co/ waifus only you have[View]
108874842Tell me /co/, what are the essential spiderman readings?[View]
108871254Nova: Soon![View]
108873622What the fuck? I thought Endgame was supposed to be the last one. How are they still making more Mar…[View]
108874601Is he the biggest loser in comics?[View]
108872919Golly, Lisa, that's so...not like you.[View]
108874711How bad is OK KO's choreography?: And how could it be done better?[View]
108870895Animated muisc video thread Hard mode: No Gorillaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUgMpG1I_o8[View]
108874930so whats the talk on this? we constantly hear snipets of info like that the show follows the AoS GR …[View]
108870456oh boy lord I sure am in a pickle now. i’d been skimming through megathreads trying to scavenge any …[View]
108874105How would he fare in DC/Marvel universe ?[View]
108874744/co/ you gotta hear this. I just had the greatest idea for a comic ever. Hear me out. This is possib…[View]
108873114Redpill me on this character /co/. Is she really the bitch everybody talk about?[View]
108872553Heathcliff is holding a phone.[View]
108871265We're currently living in a timeline where Aquaman and Black Panther movies make more money tha…[View]
108873129Summer Camp Island: >Inside Hedgehog is an angry bullfrog That's deep, Pott.…[View]
108871681Is mr bean autistic?[View]
108869719What phase 4 omissions did you feel the most?[View]
108873625What are your favorite beta ray bill.moments? What about favorite uniforms?[View]
108867915Which one had the best character arc in your opinion?[View]
108872318What is he trying to tell us?[View]
108873987Such a good soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-cLs35Uicw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
108873612van kleiss appreciation thread: >Despite being a terrorist somehow gets granted diplomatic immuni…[View]
108865337So wait, Pyro is alive again and he's gay now? I heard he's banging Iceman.[View]
108873317MCU since March 2019: Captain Marvel - $1.12 billion Avengers: Endgame - $2.79 billion Spider-Man: F…[View]
108873818Give me some animated movies and cartoons which will make me FEEL anything.[View]
108860527Teen Titans GO! Vs Teen Titans: It just premiered on SDCC.[View]
108870828Good old cartoons: Post good cartoons that don't treat kids like retards. Also why are there n…[View]
108870830I AM DROWNING[View]
108873318What are the chances of it been announced at d23 or NYCC?[View]
108867743>Here's your new Star Trek bro[View]
108873237ITT: cartoon tropes that you hate.: Post cartoon tropes you hate >Mom smart. >Dad stupid. …[View]
108868923Avatar: Water tribe girls are best girls[View]
108856123/co/ reaction images: It's time. Post your best ones. Please?[View]
108873160Hawkeye: Why the mouse does not make the greatest Hawkeye run into a movie? Because it criticizes ge…[View]
108858805Is this run really that bad? I mean, I get it the entire SJW agenda bullshit with Jane Foster becomi…[View]
108858586Modern Animation Industry The animation industry sucks for several reasons: **Incompetent showrunner…[View]
108870644You are not a separate species.: Homo superior is junk science. Two mutants can make a non-mutant ba…[View]
108872776Three friends and Jerry: This show was messed up[View]
108870686Do you like sulfur?[View]
108869785Post WOMEN Tha can defeat this Bitch[View]
108870862Why would he choose such a lame gimmick? How is anyone supposed to take him seriously?[View]
108869068>So people are afraid of your power being randomly spontaneously activated, maybe there will be l…[View]
108870070One will protect you, one will kill you Which one do you choose, anon[View]
108859423Rocketeer teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bULoqJqylL8 Is she going to be fighting Hitler You…[View]
108871291maisie williams is a great choice for Rahne sucks how the New Mutants movie got butt fucked so hard[View]
108870177Batman Brave and the Bold: this show had no right to be as good as it is like how the fuck do you ma…[View]
108872858I REMEMBER A TIME WHEN REBOOTS USED TO BE GOOD. https://pastebin.com/T4FvQaYa[View]
108870928Who is the most popular black /co/ girl?[View]
108831383Dawn of X announcements at SDCC: X-MEN #1 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by LEINIL FRANCIS YU …[View]
108872405Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: >that lovecraft/old horror novel inspired logo >b…[View]
108869468Simba or Kimba? Who would win in a fight to the death?[View]
108865944What do you think of Brazil coming to Epcot? https://wdwnt.com/2019/06/breaking-brazil-pavilion-will…[View]
108872814People talk about the art shift from Batman The Animated Series to The New Adventures of Batman and …[View]
108871273What made the Avengers winning so unlikely anyway?[View]
108865335OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes: I guess the remainder of the season will be solely TV premieres from …[View]
108872575Mr Mind: > caterpie over Black Adam Was it a good idea /co/ ?[View]
108869337Mike Tyson Mysteries New Episode: 7 MINUTES UNTIL ALL NEW MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES. THIS IS THE THREAD!…[View]
108872664You get to meet in person a /co/ character, not their VA or their creator, the actual character them…[View]
108872096Where's the new episodes MEGAnon? It's been hours![View]
108866163Could it be? Is it finally over?[View]
108870230I am so done trying to find fanart of the Simpsons online. All I find is Lisa or Marge bullshit. I c…[View]
108870162/co/ has been pretty quiet over the triumphant return of Thor. Turns out just about every major stor…[View]
108869410Post green characters[View]
108870056So is James Gunn a pedo or not?[View]
108871275Steven Universe The Movie: Movie wallpaper[View]
108870903It's a bird, it's a plane, it's, uh...#ReleasetheSnyderCut in the sky.: >Justin Ja…[View]
108869096X-Men: how would you make the Friends of Humanity more relevant to the present day socio-political c…[View]
108871624Marge! Who is this handsome man?[View]
108863736find the name of a comic: Help me find a comic about a postapocaliptic eldritch horror, where people…[View]
108871873Injustice 2 comic ending?: Whats up with the ending? The game seems to continue the story the brania…[View]
108845503If you had to be the henchman of a Batman villain who would you work for? I'd work for either H…[View]
108868037Who's a better master at Talk no jutsu?[View]
108871740Son of the White Mare re-release: All handful of you who have been waiting for this, rejoice. The 19…[View]
108871468Oh, cosplaying as OCs, it vexes me so... DO NOT DO THIS, ROASTIES. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU AS DEADPO…[View]
108870347>daily reminder that Disney will fuck this up too and no amount of Chinese box office pandering w…[View]
108867593Pictures of Gumball Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball looking sad.[View]
108869241What was his fucking problem?[View]
108866974ITT:We redsign miles so he's a better and more unique character What traits, personality, power…[View]
108866885Name one race/army that can beat the Irkens. I'll wait. Keep in mind these niggas are like 8 fe…[View]
108871106She looks better without pants.[View]
108859491whats her deal?: Why doesnt she care that her nephew is Spiderman? Or the fact that he literally die…[View]
108870948What would you do if you met Kamala while she was dressed like this and Bruno was nearby?[View]
108870465Toy Story 4: I loved Toy Story 1,2 and 3 and Toy Story 4 is leaving theaters tomorrow where I live. …[View]
108871092It wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was worst [View]
108871078Hey /co/ I need your help. I'm been looking for a webcomic I read once and have never been able…[View]
108869694>blushmallet has returned from exile Time to celebrate everyone[View]
108870430>Tfw you'll never have a robot GF[View]
108865966Name a more perfect slice of life show[View]
108870439Remember that time steven joined the hitler youth?[View]
108824089Infinity Train: First episode is going to be available today on CN's app https://twitter.com/Av…[View]
108868504Thoughts on Kim Deitch?[View]
108870373>not only tracing a stock image for your comic, but a noted 4chan meme as well…[View]
108825348He's right you know.[View]
108863292What would you do with it?[View]
108868515ACK ACK ACK[View]
108869715Terrorist on bus: I am looking for a comics where a woman terrorist in a bus get lift in the air, by…[View]
108855945How come Western cartoons are always low budget and use ''''lore'''' in order to fill the lack of ac…[View]
108864456Storytime of Pain: Nightwing & Robin OYL: 'One Year Later' was meant to be new status quo and ne…[View]
108840077ARROWVERSE SDCC ANNOUNCEMENTS: THE FLASH >Season 6 will be split into two story arcs, Pre-Crisis …[View]
108865597How did you allow baby boomers to brainwash you into enjoying this franchise for 50 years?[View]
108862547Get a job? Were they serious? I didn't realize it at the time, but a little bit of my childhood…[View]
108870052Spidey Super Stories: The Spidey Super Stories comics are a fun read if a bit simple, what do you th…[View]
108858979Here's your Taskmaster, bro.[View]
108869186ITT: Filename and early boners[View]
108864980Reminder that Disney owns this scene now.[View]
108854620Here's your new Blade bro[View]
108869709What did he mean by this?[View]
108836282Antman BTFO: >no 3rd film ANTMAN BTFO ANTMAN BTFO ANTMAN BTFO[View]
108868019How would you rank them in terms of relevance/importance to the show?[View]
108859468Storytime Weekend of Pain: Maneaters Part 2: Due to this comic not quite fitting within a single thr…[View]
108862326We have Shazam, but how come there isnt any notable little girl superheroine? You`d think comic auth…[View]
108866700>that episode where Peridot and Ame started an experimental noise rap group only for it to become…[View]
108862666Storytime of DEEP HURTING: Star Trek - New Visions #22: Well, boobies, our revels soon will be ended…[View]
108839076https://www.cbr.com/doom-patrol-renewed-season-2/ >The misfit heroes of Doom Patrol will return f…[View]
108863012What will it be about?[View]
108864786>s-stop staring at my _lekku_ what do?[View]
108858504Scooby: >It was all a mass hallucination fools,there's nothing paranormal, Lmao.…[View]
108851613Cho/co/late appreciation thread: Husbandos also welcome[View]
108860291I’d like to purchase some of your finest beer.[View]
108864888Please kill the MCU.[View]
108861494What the fuck drew this horrifying thing?[View]
108869106This is a God Damned Hulk Thread.: PAD fans, not invited.[View]
108865312Celestial concept art from 'Eternals': If you had told me we'd be seeing Celestials in a blockb…[View]
108868638Hey kid! want some free Demon heart?[View]
108864094OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
108859746Zatanna thread.: AnnataZ daerht.[View]
108868011Sherlock Holmes himself is in the public domain, there are just a few books that haven't expire…[View]
108866504One of those shows is good the other 2 are trash.: Choose wisely.[View]
108867305Is Castlevania the new Avatar?[View]
108868548Who the hell has the re/co/mmended reading lists for individual characters on the internet nowadays?…[View]
108866790Who would you cast to play as Doom?[View]
108861509Rank the MCU Phase 4 announcements: God Tier: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Shang-Chi …[View]
108867979>2010 >Cancel nearly everything to make way for AT/RS, CN Real, and the 'older boys' demograph…[View]
108868040cliches you love: Cliches and jokes that are hardly one-off, but you love them every time. >char…[View]
108864700At what point is diversity forced and unnatural? For example pic related has mutants of all skin col…[View]
108814592DC Comics publisher Dan Didio revealed a VERY interesting fact at SDCC. Makes you think.[View]
108867749What did they mean by this[View]
108864081Apocalypse: So I heard this guy pulled a face turn and now he's part of the revived Excalibur? …[View]
108867341Mysterio Almost Turned Out To Be A Skrull In SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME: https://www.cbr.com/spider-m…[View]
108863937What SCPs would make for a good cartoon? There's the ongoing youtube series of course which has…[View]
108866927Chris Hemsworth Almost Played Gambit In X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE: He dodged quite the bullet. https:…[View]
108864370>no dark arts-practicing baker's daughter frog gf[View]
108865418Mavis Dracula redesign: Because I feel like the actual design of Mavis is a little bit lackluster,I …[View]
108866605Magnet: How can this motherfucker ever lose to anyone really? He is the very definition of OP.…[View]
108857890Storytime of Pain Weekend: BratPack: Full of angst and edge, rick veitch, recently fired from dc, is…[View]
108840547'Summer Camp Island returns July 21st': New season starts tomorrow boys What episodes do you want?…[View]
108867785Why are the asylum staff so fucking incompetent.[View]
108853775Overpowered? Yay? or Nay?[View]
108867826/shelf/ thread: Sunday Shelf thread homies! Post shelves, recent purchases, POs, and news. Don'…[View]
108851970>Blade? That's a Marvel character??! Why did so many people not know that…[View]
108847357A-Z best cartoons ever list.: ITT We list the greatest cartoons ever made for each letter of the Alp…[View]
108867722Hawkman movie when?: Look at this! How can we not have a Hawkmanovie. ?[View]
108864554i bet in Wanda Vision, Scarlet witch is gonna do some crazy shit like create another dimension/multi…[View]
108858975i thought i was finally able to rest after endgame but marvel studios are the legal mafia at this po…[View]
108866944What's the name of the Kim Possible episode where Kim lets tons of people die just so her and R…[View]
108867469What is some of your favorite /co/-related stand-up comedy routines? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
108864722Transformers Kino is back!!![View]
108855519AI Portraits: Get in here aiportraits.com[View]
108856100>*invents Leather Jacket over superhero costume decades before animal man* based black canary…[View]
108862508>tfw won't be able to say I liked Shang-Chi on /co/ anymore[View]
108866621Post Ditko Peter Parker here![View]
108858234Lucia thread also don't forget to check this out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO32wiNh5EE…[View]
108866189What does /co/ think of Dr Stange? I just started reading his comics to get into him. Ive read the I…[View]
108866783So, did anyone attend this? Did they reveal anything interesting?[View]
108866533I love the epic feel of films like Lion King and Black Panther. Are there any other /co/ films like …[View]
108861363New animated series by netflix seis manos: Thoughs?[View]
108863077Alan Moore was trying to tell us that superheroes are linked with the dream about a masterace, linke…[View]
108861589Who'll become Valkyrie's queen? it can't be Jane because Thor's suffered too muc…[View]
108866346How do we stop it?[View]
108862546G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #264 STORYTIME Probably one of the last noteworthy things that hasn…[View]
108866140>Hottest female hairstyle >Least common hairstyle among female superheroes Why are ponytails s…[View]
108863414ITT: Poochies[View]
108865921Why is WB trying to make a Cat in the Hat movie? Even if it's leaps and bounds better than the …[View]
108860585X-man members who have good qualifications to be on the avengers unity squad?: Working with non-muta…[View]
108864957Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go: I just remembered this show earlier today, does anyone else …[View]
108863404Is this the angriest Spongebob has ever gotten?[View]
108865088Who can overpower Ed in a physical fight? Hard Mode - Ed is angry again[View]
108863805Why did Nickeloden give up on Sanjay and Craig?: > Tons of promos and ads before it's releas…[View]
108864790Meanwhile, in the Batcave...[View]
108862856In the last fifty years, has there been a /co/-related character even approaching Velma's sexin…[View]
108857632Isn't names like 'Duckberg' and 'Mouseton' a little on the nose for modern Disney? What's…[View]
108864515>We're getting the actual Mandarin >Zemo is wearing the mask >Doctor Strange in Multiv…[View]
108864777Please tell me everyone in the world loves her because of her movie. Please, I beg you. Everyone lov…[View]
108862002Incel hero[View]
108863396What's the funniest cartoon that isn't Spongebob, Xavier, Ed Edd n Eddy, Aqua Teen Hunger …[View]
108861668When the fuck is the sequel coming out[View]
108862776Seeing as how the Riddler is one of the most difficult character to write as a Batman villain, how w…[View]
108864258Why? Why doesn’t the writing staff even TRY to be good? Why are they ALLOWED to butcher comic charac…[View]
108854622what are the chances it will be announced before comic con is over?[View]
108863283/co/'s thoughts?[View]
108863395I miss when comics actually had good humor in them.[View]
108862623We know an Oswald series was worked on a few years ago and are assuming it's coming to Disney+ …[View]
108862268What girl is best for Zuko?[View]
108862931Will this be good?[View]
108863531Did anything happen with this or was it cancelled? I haven't seen anyone talk about it anywhere…[View]
108849425Its so accurate that it hurts[View]
108863929Should BP2 adapt secret Empire? The only reason why BP1 didnt win best oscar was because the bad guy…[View]
108856679Abrams Spider-Man pictures from SDCC: Starting with the cover for Issue #2[View]
108859669His rings are going to be Stark tech or chitauri tech?[View]
108862350NO MORE MUTIE SCUM![View]
108862938CN Scheduling sucks: Why is CN always like this? The only time you ever know when a show is on is if…[View]
108861614Would they be a cute couple?[View]
108859588>Fat Gay Kid that thinks about nothing but food. How did they get way with this? Would sjws let …[View]
108823932Boomer comics: >tfw you didn't spent your childhood building shacks instead of playing vidya…[View]
108860274>Let's just dump our shows on the app and air it at an ungodly hour, who gives a shit. >…[View]
108863527>You will never have a werewolf gf.[View]
108863350That's CANDLEJACK, Snake. He steals people during the night, but only if you say his name out l…[View]
108857932Dammit, I don't care about what some Youtube clickbait schlub says about a blueberry man with D…[View]
108863520>Be Marvel civilian >Hear news about how world famous billionaire Tony Stark shut down his wea…[View]
108862013It's so goddamn boring[View]
108852296So I read this three issue Adam Strange mini-series from 1990, and I've got to say: wtf were th…[View]
108851122Why do you want cartoon characters to kill their villains?[View]
108863052ITT: comics that should be collected in a nice omnibus[View]
108862566what did they mean by this family tree?[View]
1088623318 more days guys (:[View]
108859273Homer did nothing wrong[View]
108861807>pic related Comics are dead. Change my mind.[View]
108855464>Mandarin fixed >Zemo fixed Can Ultron be next…[View]
108862127Could he beat superman?[View]
108860915Whoa these aren't your regular Doritos! These are Spider-man far from home/homecoming cheesy na…[View]
108854215>works with an Avenger >is there to discover Thor >is on the Avengers >dies >comes ba…[View]
108855210What's the closest western cartoon to Serial Experiments Lain?[View]
108862457Cyka Blyat[View]
108859874Who ya gonna call to solve your ghost problem? Rank them: 1. Extreme Team 2. Original Team 3. Girl T…[View]
108862478J. Jonah Jameson appreciation thread No praise of that menace Spider-Man allowed.[View]
108825021Watchmen Comic Con Trailer: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1yKq1PRvPJQ[View]
108862407final space thread![View]
108852609Ed wood of animation: So who’s the Ed wood of animation? By that, I mean low quality, but persistent…[View]
108853245I for one think drawing hair is a lot more challenging than drawing hands/feet[View]
108857806Pitch me your snail inspired character. It can be either hero or villain[View]
108850998Tell me how this is good character design?[View]
108862260TOMORROW I'LL[View]
108851653I'd never heard of Shang Chi before. Can I get a basic gestalt?[View]
108861757Is Doom 'Tard Rage: The Character'? I mean, seriously, he's basically an incel that REEEEEEEs a…[View]
108862007I hate Mon-El. Prove me wrong. [spoilers]You can’t, Mon-El sucks objectively[/spoilers][View]
108854651Storytime of Pain Weekend: SoP Classics: By the looks of things nobody has done War Machine 2.0, Our…[View]
108852699All memes aside. what's our honest opinion on her movie?[View]
108856410Pennyworth Y'all homies watch this?[View]
108852948>I HATE CAPESHIT![View]
108861649What went wrong?[View]
108861289Serious Mode: how would everyone have taken it if at SDCC, WB announced they and Zack Snyder made up…[View]
108853829Animal Theme Heroes/Villains: Let's talk about a common, go-to gimmick when creating characters…[View]
108856673What are some definitive SpiderMan villian stories? As in, Kravens Last Hunt is the definitive Krave…[View]
108861633>They're actually adapting the awful, massively unpopular, tranny pandering new comics into …[View]
108861598Phil Elverum Action Cop Extreme: Phil Elverum Action Cop Extreme[View]
108857718Storytime Weekend of Pain: Maneaters: Well. This is it, /co/. For a time, I excused this book as jus…[View]
108861188>making my own comic >Never even read a comic before…[View]
108860659So whos' gonna play her in the movie? Yes I know Portman is gonna play Jane Foster, but Jane ph…[View]
108818005>65 episodes planned >Only got 26 >Will probably never get a good Spiderman show again Why …[View]
108860511Cap/MCU thread: >tfw based Steve will never get the third movie he deserves >tfw Iron-Man Hi-J…[View]
108823874Do you guys like teenage robots?[View]
108852631HULK THREAD: Talk about Immortal Hulk, Hulk stories, Hulk in cartoons/movies, etc. Kind of sad that …[View]
108852672Ultimate Marvel Storytime of Pain Finale: What could be worse than Ultimatum? Back2Back Bendis Part …[View]
108859536I just don't get it.[View]
108854553I've read All-Star Superman and I've read Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, For t…[View]
108858996hoping to see this in the next wonder woman movie[View]
108855938Batman and Catwoman: Despite DC pushing this as the equivalent of Clark/Lois and Steve/Diana; why do…[View]
108844996>artist/drawfag whose style involves him going out of his way to avoid drawing stuff that gives h…[View]
108860533Have you bowed down to your mouse overlords today? Remember, they keep doing what they're doing…[View]
108859037Remember the series finale of SVTFOE where Marco turned Super Saiyan to stop some alien invaders to …[View]
108858534Did she face any consequences for putting Tony in a coma?[View]
108856194So, the feeling ai got from these announcements is that Phase 4 is a cool-off transition phase (2 ye…[View]
108858997Teen Titans GO vs Teen Titans: The cover art looks so fucking good, why did DC fuck up the art and a…[View]
108860729Thought Robot: Could he beat Goku?[View]
108819090Ongezellig 2: https://youtu.be/-tt2ZmH-3uc?t=339 It's here. Remember to turn on English subs. W…[View]
108859991Does Zone count as being /co/ related?[View]
108856337As a huge fan of Jane Foster’s Thor, I feel so vindicated that she’s getting her turn with the MCU[View]
108857876So was he really a good chef?[View]
108860432This is the worst piece of shit ever produced: >Exit the opera house through a side entrance into…[View]
108858522Harvey girls: Richie Rick on the show. A white , blonde , capitalist kid . What could be wrong ?…[View]
108860503What could've been a more humane punishment used by Homeworld towards rebellious gems? Shatteri…[View]
108860144What went right?[View]
108855946DC gets it.[View]
108844612>Be antelope >Be loyal servant to the king >Attend coronations and all royal events >One…[View]
108837872Are there any examples of get woke, go broke? I can only think of a couple of comic examples, and ev…[View]
108857786Hey guys guess what?: It's summertime and you know what that means Gonna head down to the beach…[View]
108856966>little to no hype coming out of Comic Con >a prequel How do we see this one performing?…[View]
108849357So are they going to fix her character or just go full Captain Marvel with her[View]
108838239Is it actually possible to make a Fantastic Four movie without it being shit?[View]
108857311RIP MCU: >Phase 4 Press F to pay respects[View]
108836617Are you hyped?[View]
108858535>Double Feature being hosted by ASIFA Hollywood of Enter the Florpus and Static Cling. I'm s…[View]
108857719This comes out on Friday. Is anyone interested?[View]
108855400Post characters that took their love interest’s virginity[View]
108851776Hawkman needs a redesign: Sheesh, that's terrible[View]
108855059OH SHIT[View]
108836979Storytime Weekend of Pain: Heroes in Crisis: I'm back, /co/! Time for the Eisner Award Winner, …[View]
108854839Why isn't she the Female Thor?[View]
108855248You fuckpumps better start posting some top-tier cartoon intros or we're gonna have a real prob…[View]
108856495What does /co/ think of Skids?[View]
108858759This is why we need feminism.[View]
108849840MCU THE ETERNALS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNav-xkY7h4 CRINGE![View]
108857023>What about us braindead Slavs? Huh, I didn't even know Gumble was a Slavic name.…[View]
108856388>'Why yes, I do think Book 3 is the best season of The Last Airbender. How did you know?'…[View]
108857827Just finished watching this. It was pretty fun. I wasn't expecting the last three or so episode…[View]
108858170Tell Cyclops I made him a convertible.: X-Men fan-casting thread? Post your picks.[View]
108857092So... If kids were considered deadly toxic sulley would’ve killed boo when she escaped It’s like a p…[View]
108851250Symbiote Sunday: It's that time again so let's get the ball rolling with some delicious sy…[View]
108856974>Subtle cartoon character makes both heart and cock throb >Log into R34 to see the goods >0…[View]
108856916Who wins?[View]
108855949>o no, Marvel Zombies DC Edition is selling really well >So let's start copying them but …[View]
108857600Why didn’t Feige hype this up at Comic Con? It’s coming out soon. Plus, it’s a Disney marvel movie …[View]
108853287The French theme might be better on a technical level but it lacks the soul and raw grit of the orig…[View]
108858106So no Deadpool 3 in the MCU ....[View]
108849926Dance Thread[View]
108857995>DOOM PATROL S2 CONFIRMED >https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/20/20702271/hbo-doom-patrol-dc-unive…[View]
108851198Did anyone go see it? How was it?[View]
108848504Kamala thread Post lewd and cute Kamalas Discuss how she can be introduced into the MCU and why Moni…[View]
108856211What would Peridot be like if she was black?: Pic related[View]
108851186>* Other half of phase 4 in your path* What will be shown.[View]
108841207Harley Quinn Animated trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LQtkLUwlPYM[View]
108850896Pick 3. They will protect you while the rest try and kill you[View]
108852172Avengers: Endgame: This is the highest grossing movie of all time. Apologize now.[View]
108848738God, how miserable do you think Legion of super-heroes fans must be these days?[View]
108796681I for one, really enjoyed the new take on Domino[View]
108852618Storytime Weekend of Pain: Mockingbird: Welcome to Day Three, of the Pain Experience. You may feel s…[View]
108850171Here's your new blade[View]
108812480I really really like this cat: Bruh, look at this thing[View]
108856668WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!: >tfw you know that you will be fucked by the new Queen of Asgard for centuri…[View]
108850887>Vampires will be a product of a failed science experiment by Tony Stark >Blade will be a Waka…[View]
108855800how does a complete newfag get into Hellboy? should I just start with Seed of Destruction or are the…[View]
108848554She-Ra: What did they mean by this?[View]
108855757Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh how do I know if I I'm writing superhero stories the right way?[View]
108839954What-If? Marvel: From a post in the comic-con thread what kinda storyline do you want to see from th…[View]
108789530Story Time of Pain Mark Millar: Hey /co/. It's time for a Mark Millar Triple Pack! Let's r…[View]
108855332Was anyone else freaked out after seeing this episode as a child? Pretty dark stuff for a 9 year old…[View]
108855361What ethnicity is Hawkgirl?: Also, what's her personality?[View]
108855877Who would be their Legion of Doom?[View]
108839178The Eternals: Is anyone here even looking forward to this?[View]
108855561what are /co/s thoughts on “Where The Dead Go To Die”?[View]
108849676Dalmatians 101 everything: What did you think of the movies, the books, the live action movie, the v…[View]
108850096ITT we post only the finest plot[View]
108854724What do you think of BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB, /co/?[View]
108855267>end FFH on a massive cliffhanger >don't announce the third movie in phase 4 wtf?…[View]
108855326Why is Ghostbusters the only /co/ related property that uses any Mesopotamian mythology? Is it just …[View]
108855298The bOMB: im desperately searching this comic steve mannion is a genius help me /co/[View]
108855102The Shaggs of animation: So who’s the The Shagg sof animation? By that, I mean some one who didn…[View]
108853750dora the explorer movie: less than a month away guys[View]
108830451HAHAHA /CO/ on suicide watch[View]
108852223Play Peter Griffin[View]
108840646Robin is for Raven![View]
108855300Star Trek: Below Decks[View]
108834803SDCC STORYTIME OF PAIN: CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD -- The Last Battle: Some of you said this series wasn…[View]
108854853I bet if I blocked out the logo and a main character, nobody can tell me based on the art style what…[View]
108855101woah, calarts people can draw. What happens when they graduate? too much drugs? https://www.youtube.…[View]
108855136>mutants can’t get aids Truly, they are homo superior[View]
108852409Write or Draw Something[View]
108852538Natalie Portman Will Be Taking Up the Hammer as the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder: https://i…[View]
108855063Post a cartoon without posting it[View]
108811331Really makes you think[View]
108854568Scrooge McDuck Employees on a emotional from 1 to 10 , 10 being honorary family.: Fist Launchpad McQ…[View]
108850915When is she getting the spin off?[View]
108848260THREAD POSTIN'[View]
108854090I love making threads on /co/, it reminds me of the hunt![View]
108851328Is Gwen a virgin ?[View]
108853855> Wanda solos Thanos > Wanda gets her own tv show > Plays a big role in Dr. Strange I'…[View]
108823667Amphibia thread: Waiting for Part 2 Edition[View]
108853762What's the point of Justice League when Superman is so OP he can BTFO the rest of them put toge…[View]
108854269>Young Justice season 4 is going to focus on a smaller group of characters They're going to …[View]
108851269So, could being featured in MUA3 finally act as the springboard to take Elsa into the major leagues?…[View]
108853827I tried looking for her but can't find anything.: Who is the girl in the front?[View]
108853150Could a female batman rape the joker? Also post more bryce wayne for research purposes.[View]
108853773lets settle this once and for all (not that the dust has settled) who is the best clock/time based D…[View]
108852269What are some /co/ characters able to toss people into orbit?[View]
108852879Rann Thanagar PTSD Adventures: By Tom King and Mitch Gerads. Look forward to Strange drone striking …[View]
108846885Tropes You Love: >Character gets possessed/mind controlled >The possessing entity/character i…[View]
108840852thoughts on phase 4 (without the tv shows)[View]
108749122bros, why is she so ugly?[View]
108848004Dumbing of Age: >He Created Us jesus christ this is awful[View]
108849005https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQtkLUwlPYM Thoughts?[View]
108833535When these shows first started, did you think they would end this way?[View]
108852595Aha! Here's the problem! Too many Toastmasters![View]
108846833Spider Man 3: So, here's an recent interview with Feige >'We have wanted, for years, wanted …[View]
108850189If Blade is already in his mid forties, he must have been active for years Why didn’t he help out in…[View]
108853044Let's have a conversation about BODY MASS Hellboy is a pretty big guy, but something has been n…[View]
108836065MCU is cancer[View]
108851395What was his problem?[View]
108852456This is Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, say something nice about him.[View]
108851495>we're unironically getting a FemThor movie: Fucking based[View]
108852037Show me some wholesome /co/ntent[View]
108852393Was Nolan's Joe Chill genuinely regretful of killing the Waynes?[View]
108852720I just finished the third episode of season 2 and this show is getting bad, fast. Does it actually g…[View]
108851511Wow I cant for the Addams Family movie I asked for.[View]
108852504>from gorgeous fully illustrated pages to screenshots of 3D models What the fuck happened? Why ca…[View]
108840514>MCU Blade Movie >No swearing or over-the-top violence What’s the point /co/?…[View]
108753333I think Mao Mao might be new favorite currently running cartoon.[View]
108850697Why did they do this?[View]
108852435Based 90s comics cartoons openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAkL2-vh2Sk https://www.youtube.c…[View]
108850489Ultimate Alliance 3: This game me uncontrollably horny at times[View]
108839611Will it be yuri?[View]
108851088>I simply refuse to star in superhero movies. the based ryan gosalyn telling nerds where it'…[View]
108830691Is it agreeable that there are too many Spider-Men in 616? Is there a way to fix this problem?[View]
108838607Taskmaster: He's gonna look better than this...right?[View]
108849191B b but Based Disney Was Supposed To Buy DC From AT&T Once They Cancelled DC Universe???: >Th…[View]
108841082Why didn't he just make everyone immortal but sterile?[View]
108810173The DCAU Hush movie is out. You think it's any good?[View]
108848448>I too enjoy interracial foursomes, how did you know?[View]
108813570YOUNG JUSTICE OUTSIDERS: Didn't see that one coming. Seriously what is with modern cartoons goi…[View]
108851756>no news about castlevania season 3 this comic-con wtf we already almost a year since season 2 an…[View]
108839192A /co/ related problem that has been bothering me and I need to address.: Why have western cartoons …[View]
108847864guys, I FUCKING LOVE THE CLONE WARS do any of you feel the same way?[View]
108851108Bring him back, Feige.[View]
108851194Why is The Ponytail such a rare hairstyle among female superheroes /co/?[View]
108851184Why can't they be friends anymore?[View]
108850652Would a live-action remake franchise of the DCAU actually beat the MCU ?[View]
108850845ITT We post examples of non-pozzed comics and cartoons[View]
108847882Far From Home: Did u like Ned + Betty?[View]
108849744Who would win in a fight between Captain Marvel and Master Roshi?[View]
108850980Tom Cruise should play Bruce Wayne[View]
108840987Hawkeye: >CONFIRMED they’ll be exploring his time as Ronin >lone edgelord Clint hunting down c…[View]
108850875The three-way rivalry in the Disney Renaissance: Among the Disney Renaissance films these three movi…[View]
108850737Rogues Gallery Challenge: Invent a new and interesting foe for Spider-Man, without it being too simi…[View]
108843721Umbrella Academy: I was away when Umbrella Academy landed. So sue me. What did /co/ think? I thought…[View]
108849849Heathcliff is posing.[View]
108847054Star Trek: Below Decks[View]
108848796Who else completely not interested in Marvel let alone MCU? Yeah I killed a marvel thread for this[View]
108850394Ultimate Alliance 3: Want Captain Marvel to release big gas on my face BRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPP[View]
108849237So, uh, is this still happening?[View]
108850291>So wait, you're just going to melt down your own property without asking for our (Two peopl…[View]
108850276I really want to like this show. It can be funny, the voice acting is good, and the comedy eh. It ju…[View]
108837820Holy fucking based[View]
108837040Favorite Coatumes: This thread is devoted to your favorite costumes of characters. It may be their d…[View]
108846024SDCC STORYTIME OF PAIN: Power Lines: From Eisner Awards 2019 judge Jimmie Robinson! Will this top Bo…[View]
108849495Matt and Trey are still faggots for turning this villain into a hero.[View]
108847895Look what they did to our boy! Look what they did to him...: >lost home >lost father and mothe…[View]
108850103ITT: Shitty retcons. The shittier and more unneeded, the better.[View]
108821479Was this the best spider-man story outside of the comics?[View]
108840553How do you read this?: Since animated stuff is basically avoiding this how do you read this? Supris…[View]
108847098>People still don't realize this is a soft origin story for the X men as well as Thanos…[View]
108850052Post Soviet Russian Simpsons couch gag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1u7XZ9c8fI&feature=yout…[View]
108849998/gif/ me your best /co/ related gifs[View]
108849149What's some other good channels for the types of content that DefunctLand offers? Already throu…[View]
108844886Is he gonna be okay?[View]
108780597Is it bad that I'm half expecting her to be in an amphibian version of feudal Japan with like s…[View]
108834889Hey /co/, Wanna ask what are some fan-made works that you should be cringing at but for some reason …[View]
108849863Tropes that you hate: >Watches a animated series >Gets erected from some fetish episode…[View]
1088310352019 Animated Movies: Honest thoughts?[View]
108849760Isn't 'my little mermaid' a public domain story? Why there were so little adaptations compared …[View]
108849743Marco, my boy![View]
108840950The Tick died so you could have The Boys: No matter how much I begged Destiny to save them[View]
108822612Storytime Weekend of Pain: Batman - The Gift: Welcome to Day Two of the Storytime Weekend of Pain. N…[View]
108844858>theyre introducing whor into the MCU Well i hope disney likes the prospect of killing off their …[View]
108840112Rick and Morty Live in 10 mins: SDCC Rick and Morty Live is about to start live streaming in 10 mins…[View]
108848061>Why don’t you get a real weapon? What are you gonna do with a hammer, build me a table? Ouch, t…[View]
108841193Name a character that can touch Superman. Let alone defeat him. Pro-tip: He one shots your favorite …[View]
108820618Weekend /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki:…[View]
108840992Why didn't DC create an actual elseworld story about this version of Redhood? Seems like you co…[View]
108848910>Toho is coming to the Comic Con for the first time. >Bringing everything Godzilla related. I…[View]
108845973Okay but seriously, you go with the mystic deer kid, not the fucking cyborg with terrible fashion se…[View]
108843914If Superman's powers come from the sun, why doesn't he go everywhere naked, thus increasin…[View]
108839887The Flash Season 6 Trailer: Featuring Mohinder Suresh from Heroes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R…[View]
108827629Send her home. Send her home.[View]
108848748This your Shang-Chi for the day. Say something nice to him![View]
108833358Now that it's been cancelled, what did we think of it /co/?[View]
108846301Jesus Fuck, who thought this was a good idea?[View]
108848982How the hell did John get the Surfer's board?[View]
108847772>swinging in NYC to pick up MJ >walk on building that looks a lot like the place the Osborns w…[View]
108828449What would be the perfect version of miles?[View]
108847284>DLC is more than 4 characters and features stories >data for over 40 new characters found …[View]
108841167Here’s your Monica Rambeau: https://www.deadline.com/2019/07/teyonah-parris-elizabeth-olsen-and-paul…[View]
108842171Why is that all these shows save for Kim Possible have aged like rotten milk?[View]
108838884Hi. I'm your next Villain of the Day! I appear in the next MCU film, Black Widow. I hope you ha…[View]
108848306I'm going to raid area 51 just so I can get a gentle femdom alien gf like pic related[View]
108847415Toonami General #8: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108835195For me, it's Peter B. Parker.[View]
108843595Are Asgardians gods or aliens I don't get it[View]
108848340>Marvel announces it's Phase 4 slate with some nice surprises like Blade and F4's hopef…[View]
108844974ITT comic characters that were introduced in other media before being introduced in comics.[View]
108838942It was fun. Fuck you. Hellboy thread![View]
108837729Thor: Thor 4 was announced. Let's talk about this guy and his best runs. Pic unrelated.[View]
108845205Crossover thread?[View]
108843650Are there any good web cartoons? I remember liking pic related but I'm not sure if it was good …[View]
108837098Has anyone heard of this new upcoming nicktoon called glitch techs? Cuz I have, and if you haven…[View]
108833363How did Scooby-Doo survive 50 years while other shows aping it like Jabber Jaw and Captain Caveman a…[View]
108845601Are they finally going to adapt this scene in the new thor movie now?[View]
108847465Every Comic-con, it's more and more bitching about every little detail. When are you all going …[View]
108847242>I think /co/ sucks! Why did Fred say this?[View]
108847442does anyone have that panel where Harley gangbanged a bunch of Joker look a likes? asking for a frie…[View]
108831918Why doesn’t Marvel just hire a good writer for The Amazing Spider-Man?[View]
108845904Thoughts on Dexter's lab?: I mean the first 2 seasons of course, does it still holds up? https…[View]
108830224Spider-Verse: How did such a masterpiece even get made? And by SONY of all studios?[View]
108839432What did they mean by this?[View]
108812332Ducktales at Comic-Con: So why hasn't the panel been uploaded yet? Been waiting for the fucking…[View]
108845851Toonami General #7: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108847158ITT: Unexpected kino[View]
108847128>Do one episode where Valiant fights a dinosaur. >The next forty are about life lessons about…[View]
1088396152019....I AM FORGOTTEN: >been around LITERALLY since the first film >since IM2 if you want cou…[View]
108834924Is this good character design..?[View]
108845677Are there any hot/attractive comic writers[View]
108841641'Ok, so maybe the trampoline wasn't such a good idea. But you know what? At least I'm out …[View]
108843858Thoughts on the Arcadiaverse?[View]
108844767Remember that episode of MLAATR where Jenny commited worldwide genocide just so her and Brad could b…[View]
108846211The Incredible Herc: Is Hercules still going to appear in The Eternals movie?[View]
108842824so, one of the powers of the motherbox is able to upgrade and control all technology available to it…[View]
1088418093Below: Is Aja the sexiest alien in all of /co/?[View]
108844020> There are people on /co/ who think he won't be in Thor 4. I knew /co/ was dumb but come on…[View]
108844692Toonami General #6: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108841215Animated Megatron was the best Megatron[View]
108843856FULL BRAZILIAN[View]
108814123Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal clip: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mKp1hOmF0G8[View]
108840805Will Blade's daughter finally become important? its the only way to make Blade different from S…[View]
108840867What was her problem?[View]
108844639Hasbro-DuArt partnership.: Hasbro is in talks with DuArt film & Video for the latter company to …[View]
108844309I just realized Marvin was the referee because he was both a Looney Tune and an alien, making him ne…[View]
108843519Toonami General #5: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108841022What should I read for the Fantastic Four, /co/?[View]
108822881Story Time Weekend of Pain NEOKOSMOS: PART 2: Take a seat, gather round, and find out what happens w…[View]
108843320Name a boys vs girls episode that isn't shit[View]
108844465Aroused Father: >When you look at hentai[View]
108843830>Stan Lee, Jack Kirby Joe Simon and Steve Ditko had to wait 70 years to see their stories in movi…[View]
108828830STORYTIME WEEKEND OF PAIN! So you're a cartoonist by Son of Dob PART TWO: I'VE RETURNED, W…[View]
108824101Are the /co/ntrarians ever right about ... anything?: >“The Lion King” will record the second-bes…[View]
108826587How would you right a new Superman movie, whether live action of animated?[View]
108841988Why the fuck is this character everywhere[View]
108833107>show prides itself with a female lead who's ugly and doesn't fit into normal gender st…[View]
108841960Starfire.: How would you rate Starfire's feet in a scale from 1 to 10?[View]
108842024Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108831981Do you think love can bloom, even on a battlefield?[View]
108832781https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlMZXtATye4 post a better song from and written for an animated movi…[View]
108838753ITT: lowest point of a /co/ franchise.: And yes, pic 100% related.[View]
108838815Why has the skill level for TV animation artists gotten worse and worse over the years? We used to h…[View]
108842537>*shows up in your reccomended*[View]
108839046He's now the main character of the last cartoon you watched. Does it improve?[View]
108842559What a great time to be alive, /co/![View]
108840291Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108831880>Ok guys, ok, get this >What if... we made this character eat SO MUCH FOOD... that- that they …[View]
108831600>They can't use the Superman Returns costume, so @BrandonJRouth will be wearing the Kingdom …[View]
108839261I guess from his perspective sure, 'cause it was like 20 minutes before the final fight, but he…[View]
108818791Was he really an an abusive parent?[View]
108837686How will the MCU introduce mutants?: What are your thoughts and theories? Here is mine: a percentage…[View]
108833085Storytime of Pain: Amazons Attack!: Part 2 Part 1 >>108829614[View]
108837871>Marvel announces Phase 4 >Still no Howard the duck movie What do they have against the duck?…[View]
108829614Storytime of Pain: Amazons Attack!: Grab a drink or two or ten because it's time for man-hating…[View]
108838760Marvel Zombies: Hey guys, I have a story to share >Be me >About 8 years old, maybe older or yo…[View]
108834738Are there any hot/attractive comic book writers?[View]
108818711so the diamonds literally just decide to dismantle their own empire for really no reason?[View]
108840872TEN MORE YEARS![View]
108825838How did this show get overlooked on Friday?[View]
108840538>comic con >is all about movies and tv shows Why?…[View]
108840421>character chases other character >dust cloud comes up >character doesn't realize they…[View]
108838310>Killmonger WHAT IF? confirmed OH BOY.[View]
108838522Crossovers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRKY-rmlLvk[View]
108840289Boi isent it good to be back brother.[View]
108838778Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://pastebin.com/c2AqvR2y Toonami Q&A http://toona…[View]
108832423Rank the Bat-family[View]
108833144Are You Enjoying Hawkman By Robert Venditti?[View]
108835186Out of all the gems why is she best girl? Steve Universe Thread[View]
108839327>Steven climbs up the injector and finds the evil gem huddled up, crying >'I-I just want my di…[View]
108821349Mr. /co/! Mr. /co/! 17.3 seconds to curtain, Mr. /co/![View]
108835550I genuinely liked Colossus before this. Was this considered okay back in the 80s? It's as if th…[View]
108839391My mind was my script and my brain...my only writer...[View]
108831435Seriously, why the fuck did they turn him from the tuff badass to an Autistic Retard? And not only t…[View]
108828254Is SU the best show of the 2010s?[View]
108837717KING & GERADS' NEXT SERIES: Mitch Gerads just posted this teaser on Twitter, hinting as rum…[View]
108821347Camp Camp thread: There's a thread I know that's tucked away! New ep today[View]
108839131Did you cry for TC in 'Preacher'?: It was pretty moving I felt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXY2…[View]
108835688SHANG-CHI & THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS Cast & Release Month: Marvel Studios have pulled bac…[View]
108837733Pick One[View]
108836608Marvel SDCC Hall H Panel Thread #3[View]
108836236IT WAS HIS TURN!!![View]
108816656Is this a good character design?[View]
108827199Thanks for not supporting this movie, you ducking faggots. I guess that Disney propaganda worked wel…[View]
108823679Sports Cartoons?: So, serious question, but why aren't there sports-specific cartoons in Wester…[View]
108809820It's really mediocre.[View]
108837822>Hey anon, can we play checkers? I heard some pretty bad news today and i wanted to clear my mind…[View]
108826599Wonder Woman: Bloodlines: So, this is coming out. The cast is: >Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman …[View]
108833480Will Hickman let them be bros again?[View]
108767569Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
108836572First Look At The Anti-Monitor In CW's CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: RIP the budget.[View]
108838166What if Kim Possible committed worldwide genocide just to be with Ron?[View]
108837557Joker is looking better than anything in Phase 4 of MCU: How did that happen?[View]
108828139Is there any hope at a Green Lantern TAS revival?[View]
108838339Yeah, OK Disney.[View]
108834418So what's the big deal with comic book nerds shitting on superhero films? Literally the movie t…[View]
108820585Storytime of DEEP HURTING: Dan Dare Part 33, West Indies 78: There are many great stories about Colo…[View]
108838043so what the fuck was even the point of this? to butcher one of the greatest spidey comics of the pas…[View]
108828979So, Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go can both get a movie but Adventure Time can't? I remembe…[View]
108838157>2019 >still no movie about best girl in all of marvel…[View]
108837340Hey /co: Remember the time mysterio fought felix the cat?[View]
108837868>Chad Stark leaves the MCU >it immediately becomes bloated, boring shit Say “thank you Tony”.…[View]
108837910Adam Strange-King/Gerads: So the new Tom King Mitch Gerads series is gonna be about Adam Strange. Ge…[View]
108827745Was he /ourboy/?[View]
108835608Why are the French so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_b_AHYeQng[View]
108836495>whor movie (no beta ray bill) >GOTG3 MIA >disney+ shit everywhere >no spiderman >no …[View]
108837218>Phase 5 confirmed for Spider-Man, F4 and X-Men It’s going to be a long fucking wait...…[View]
108837597Think of a /co/ character. How do they post and browse /co/?[View]
108837657Let's play a game /co/ >Take elements of Dragon Ball >Original, Z, GT, Super, and Movies.…[View]
108823231DC Super Hero Girls| New Episodes[View]
108834381Who would you cast as your high school bully?: You can only choose one character[View]
108805962SDCC STORYTIME OF PAIN: CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD: The edgiest book to ever edge, from the man himself:…[View]
108824887Most overrated animated movie of the decade?[View]
108831081What do you think of her design?[View]
108836279Anyone else excited for this iconic moment in Thor 4?[View]
108837293She cute. But why wasn't it Baxter Stockboi?[View]
108832592Toonami General #1: TGG is late. New show is Fire Force starting next week. Demarco has said they wi…[View]
108836975>cracked magazine was worse than Mad magazine >Mad didn't have John Severin…[View]
108810427Flaky thread: Discuss[View]
108828820>Tens of Thousands have died because he refuses to kill a handful of villains Why does he deserv…[View]
108825119Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Thread: Because why not, I'm hoping the upcoming OK KO crossov…[View]
108835075ITT : characters you've DESPERATELY tried to make flavors on /co/ with no succession[View]
108835626/Co/ Reaction images: Hard mode: OC images[View]
108827563Which one is best mesje?[View]
108802802Got the intro here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqE6KiijtH0[View]
108836273Ring Ring[View]
108747897I heard Magiswords was bad, but I'm watching it and it's pretty ok so far. I like how spas…[View]
108827893ANT-MAN & THE WASP: What did we think of it?[View]
108834898Marvel SDCC Hall H THREAD #2[View]
108795501Storytime of DEEP HURTING: Discovery - Succession: Well, boobarinos, the weekend starts early! Remem…[View]
108804763I'm on the 3rd episode of this shit At least Shun's cute, what's with the Transformer…[View]
108832822JSA Storytime: Gen13: Good evening owls, let's read at least one before I go curl up in a ball…[View]
108829699When is she getting her own movie?[View]
108831609What do you think about cape writers who completely ignore a previous writer’s work? Do you think it…[View]
108825323The Great Debate: Which Star Wars CGI show is the best: ‘The Clone Wars’ or ‘Rebels’: Which do you l…[View]
108831153DA comic storytime of pain: Yu-Gi-Oh D-Stortion Part 2: Going fast makes me feel alive, my heart bea…[View]
108835138Looney Tunes Cartoons: Apparently this series is now coming out starting in 2020 and only on the pre…[View]
108828652Comics >Peter riding his wrestling television superstar fame deems the robber not worth his time,…[View]
108831783Batman Beyond blu ray removes grain: They're doing it again. How could the panel host even say …[View]
108831327>It was a recipe for disaster[View]
108832585Is Young Cable any good? Also, why did they bother with this guy instead of just using Nate Gray? Di…[View]
108828063Storytime Weekend of Pain: Kirby Krisis: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what might just be t…[View]
108830876Weekend Storytime of Pain: Antarctic Press mashup. Comics from the strangely named comic company co…[View]
108835175ITT: Use SpongeBob caps to describe shark-jumping moments from other shows[View]
108826202Is Beth as smart as Rick?[View]
108827505Who is next?[View]
108832985Marvel SDCC Hall H: 10 minutes remaining. Let's contain all the excitement in this thread.…[View]
108832012Boy's Club: Memes aside what are your thoughts on the Boy's club comic?[View]
1088308142019 WE are forgotten: Sequel when?[View]
108832457BITCH LOOK AT MAH DAB[View]
108829226Since Zack Snyder killed Superman and Batman, what weirdos from DC should fill out the rest of the J…[View]
108833057Are you using any comic book reader? I know cdisplayex used to be popular, but now it seems malware …[View]
108824363>No non-disney movie has done well this year[View]
108834004Why is /co/ full of party poopers?[View]
108834012I wanna see Frozen 2 crash and burn. I hate normies and I want to see them disappointed.[View]
108808769Kill Six Billion Demons KSBD: Regrets >'Angels are very single minded beings. I once heard of an …[View]
108832754MODERN CARTOONS SUCK!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liJDwFOzAY0 What went wrong?[View]
108831969>Cartoon starts characters 9-11 years old >Look, sound, and act like they're 14-16 years …[View]
108829936ITT: comics that unnerve you.[View]
108827302How is the MCU gonna ruin Kamala?[View]
108830210A Superman: Red Son Movie is On the Way: Why is no one talking about this? https://www.dccomics.com…[View]
108832616>same guy who wrote this mini story is in charge of Doom's new solo I like it. His Doom was …[View]
108814893Anne thread:: Post any pics of anne that u saved on your phone or computer /co/[View]
108828250Roger is crying.What do?[View]
108830493Harley Quinn: >Harley cheated her way to her M.D. Makes sense.[View]
108831466What new caper can the V.I.L.E boss come up with?[View]
108832744How the fuck else are you supposed to translate this scene if not like this?[View]
108820210Storytime - DC Poster Portfolio - Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau[View]
108828326Which is stronger - Vibranium or Adamantium?[View]
108826708Here's your Star Trek cartoon bro.[View]
108827943Avengers Game: https://youtu.be/HJQKiOXlHgw Avengers game footage. Who you maining /co/?[View]
108830838>Hey I just found out the OK KO episode with Sonic and Tails airs August 4th! >I was working …[View]
108806650Storytime of Pain Weekend: Liberality for All: Have you ever wondered what would happen if Al Gore h…[View]
108821651Ultimate Marvel Storytime of Pain: In 2011 the Ultimate Universe was relaunched with Jonathan Hickma…[View]
108832298Please don't bring all of Stan Lee's ideas to life. https://deadline.com/2019/07/amazing-s…[View]
108831486>'What? Doctor Doom just murdered Scott Lang's daughter for no reason? Well, guess we have n…[View]
108830270Who from the crowd has the chance of becoming a champion?[View]
108829468Where's my fucking money, Dracula? I know you're in here.[View]
108831528>korra defense videos what are these avatar youtube faggots doing?[View]
108832013What did he do wrong, exactly? Yeah, he might have developed a dangerous,illegal, chemical weapon. b…[View]
108821982I fucking hate this guy so much. His writing is boring at best and absolutely cringe worthy at worst…[View]
108830614Invader Zim: Am I missing something? This should have happened already yet there is no news. Where…[View]
108829667Man, it's messed up that the one guy was named Round John Virgin.[View]
108831321Why did they kill them off? :([View]
108810845The fuck? It's this supposed to be the wuzzles?[View]
108826276Well, /co/?[View]
108831064CN is gonna play an hour of SU episodes, all from season one. Anyone wanna get /comfy/?[View]
108827763>Good guy is better at being the bad guy than the other bad guys I fucking love this trope. What …[View]
108828207Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing Info Thread: Just to be helpful. Expect mostly X-Men-related informati…[View]
108829581is she a alien?: /co/ xeno thread[View]
108830306ITT proof that writer-driven > storyboard-driven: I’ll start[View]
108823691What the fuck was their problem? They had almost everything one could ever dream of. Was it mental i…[View]
108827210>tfw no sequel or modern update to pic related[View]
108824893Ultimate Marvel Storytime of Pain: Continuing Young Ultimates Part 1 >>108796682 Part 2 >…[View]
108830799>Entire planet at war for years >Multiple opportunities to kill opposing factions leader >'…[View]
108821483Storytime Weekend of Pain- Dumbing of Age: To Those Who'd Ground Me: Alright, I promised yester…[View]
108830692if superhero's were real, how old would robin be before he becomes a sidekick?[View]
108829086ITT : characters you couldn't get /co/ into: Be honest anon, we won't judge https://youtu.…[View]
108830586When did we have threads going on this comic? 5 Years? 6 Years? Wow.[View]
108828300What went right? What went wrong?[View]
108828539Make an SCP cartoon Hard mode make it ok for kids to watch[View]
108828198It's actually a shame this movie is doing well. Virtually everyone involved with it is a repreh…[View]
108828843Find yourself a woman that welcomes you back home from a hard day at work like this.[View]
108816198How many people does she kill when she activates an injector on beach city?[View]
108822621>this is a French teenager[View]
108824632In a nutshell, DC is a universe filled with superheroes that are all SMT type heavy hitters, that ke…[View]
108830272What's the most comfy Disney series and why is it Winnie-the-Pooh?[View]
108830085>War ravaged Cybertron to no end, leaving their species no choice but to abandon their homeworld.…[View]
108827947I'm in your house.[View]
108824422>Sexual harassment is okay if it’s a woman doing it NO IT’S NOT OK , FUCK PUCCA AND FUCK THE CREA…[View]
108818534Why are the new Scooby-Doo movies so sexual? Who do they think they're appealing to?[View]
108827729Why did the Simpsons stop being funny?: What went wrong with the writing after Season 9?[View]
108827919Imagine being the guy who cleans Spider-Man's webs off the buildings.(Pic unrelated)[View]
108828824How do you go from this https://youtu.be/XkU23m6yX04 to this??? https://youtu.be/nvtqKjEnEiM[View]
108827672'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
108829632>2019 and I am forgotten[View]
108824681Friendly reminder that while your favorite cartoon is dead, the frog show no one watched is getting …[View]
108827513>second bad guy is THE DARK AVATAR >third and final bad guys are just wind dude who likes anar…[View]
108827593Swiggity Swooty. I'm coming for that booty.[View]
108829156Waifufag threads get hundreds of replies, but no one loves our boys in blue[View]
108816884Summer Camp Island: /CO/, I'M BACK! AND I GOT A NEW TEASER FOR SEASON 2. https://youtu.be/uMFCd…[View]
108829307>go to Rebecca Sugar's house >she has a humidifier >pour two liter of rootbeer into it…[View]
108828749Do you guys like giant robots?[View]
108825153.....Ok... .....Ok that it....I'm done, I don't care anymore. It's over, the MOUSE re…[View]
108825106Do you think when 'Phineas and Ferb' is rebooted in ten years Phineas and Candace will be black?[View]
108815700Kek https://twitter.com/wolfhard/status/1152323734226661376?s=19[View]
108829233>You know, Peter, with great power comes great responsibility. Ole Kirk Christiansen called it 'L…[View]
108829171More I need more I need more Dean Venture more Dean Venture I need it I need more of the Venture Bro…[View]
108827692LEAVE THE SPIDER TO ME![View]
108827156TIMES YOU FELT LIKE A SUPERHERO: >At a bar. >Hear a woman shriek, alerting me to danger. >S…[View]
108818026Nick didn’t greenlight modifiers: Why nick is so retarded? He likes getting buttfucked by CN and Dis…[View]
108791732Clean Tangled Thread: Curb the smut please, for discussion and information.[View]
108827209What is his endgame?[View]
108825556Superman isn't invulnerable against anti-matter!?[View]
108812152Why aren't women more muscular in comics It would make sense if they were all super fit like th…[View]
108828302Smoking: Are Marvel characters allowed to smoke again?[View]
108825229Watchmen SDCC Trailer: https://youtu.be/1yKq1PRvPJQ post your anger[View]
108827381Hey everyone it's ya boi Zack and today we destroy SJWs with FACTS and LOGIC[View]
108827434Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: How do you feel about Sophie Campbell taking over the scripting?…[View]
108820048Far From Home > Into the Spider-Verse = Homecoming > Spider-Man 2 > Spider-Man 1 > TASM1…[View]
108820837Who is Marvel's 'Wonder Woman'? It certainly isn't Carol, as nobody ever gave a flying fuc…[View]
108823948Disney's Next Movie After Frozen 2 REVEALED: A poster for Dragon Empire got leaked[View]
108828190>Marvel is going to use SpiderOCs that both fans and comic creators have made and put them in a 6…[View]
108826473Who's the bigger cuck?[View]
108826512why is it that every damned cartoon story plot has to include love and romance? stop forcing that sh…[View]
108826183ITT: Works hated by their own creators.[View]
108827348Which one has a better chance of not being treated like dog feces by their respective company in the…[View]
108825342Batgirl v Supergirl: choose /co/[View]
108799159Tyler Hoechlin & Brandon Routh To Suit Up As Superman For Arrowverse Crossover On the CW >Las…[View]
108823787Pick one: >The Mask >The Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak >The Helmet Of Fate >Quantum Bands …[View]
108811310When did you give up on the MCU?: When did you give up on the MCU? I stopped after GOTG 2[View]
108827300ITT: GOAT antiheroes[View]
108824613Does he rank above Saturday Morning cartoon villain or is he right there?[View]
108827439*saves disney channel*[View]
108824808Has there ever been a superhero whos death was actually permanent?[View]
108820895>https://twitter.com/SouthPark/status/1152215262738964480 New Season of South Park Announced for …[View]
108827315new book never[View]
108826940DAMN IT PARKER! Stop giving me pictures of Spider-Man! There are more important things to cover, lik…[View]
108814679Spiderman: I am completely new to reading comic books and wanted to start with Spiderman. Where shou…[View]
108824702What does /co/ think of this project?[View]
108825744>Being a filthy Homeworld symphatiser after the trailer Don't forget what happened to her. A…[View]
108814894It’s kino[View]
108824803I can't imagine a scenario in which he doesn't chew Fury the fuck out for the revealed ide…[View]
108827125Why this faggot ran away with bo beep anyway??? It’s not like he can fuck her or marry her, leaving …[View]
108825750/co/ its been nearly 2 years why havent she gained an actual show yet?[View]
108822950Naive Robot: Which character pulls off the naive robotic soul learning human emotions thing better…[View]
108823568Why are there actual normal animals in Zootopia?[View]
108787892Story Time Weekend of Pain NEOKOSMOS: First time reading this. First time doing the Story Time of Pa…[View]
108813830Less than 24 hours til Phase 4 is announced. Place yer bets![View]
108824405Daily reminder that Stan Lee was a hack who became famous off the work of much better, more talented…[View]
108826043>this triggers /co/[View]
108769679itt cannon /ss/ moments[View]
108825600This show was fucked up[View]
108823452This show will be garbage: To anyone who's excited to see this show, I want to let you know it…[View]
108824484Why does he look so... troubled?[View]
108826452What is going to happen?: WMG[View]
108826114Re/co/mmended Thread: Want to get into the GL comics, where do I start.[View]
108823774 [View]
108822274Theoretically could Poison Ivy beat Magneto? Poison Ivy isn't a telepath you fucking dumbass, s…[View]
108822477July.... I am forgotten[View]
108824816whats the best catwoman costume?[View]
108821745Doctor Le Doom By Cantwell: Place your bets: How will Doom become 'Le God!11!' in this new masterpie…[View]
108824777you are dropped into the universe of the last cartoon you saw wearing nothing but scp 1388, how do y…[View]
108825880Spider-man battle harem.[View]
108825877YA thread. Anyone ready Impactor yet?[View]
108811450ITT: things you've always wanted to eat[View]
108820753Giant Days: Giant Days beat Immortal Hulk, Batman, Black Hammer, Gasolina, and Runaways for best ong…[View]
108824652why does he look so smug?[View]
108819714Batman v Superman: >People went into this expecting a light-hearted movie Did 2016 audiences not …[View]
108825345better than Dumbo at least.[View]
108822726Moon: >Today is Apollo 50 day, Moon day Ducktales Thread Because of Della…[View]
108819689Why was he so popular among the female audience?[View]
108816964For me, it's Luan.[View]
108823396So kamala khan in the game but inhuman are on the moon?[View]
108809353What were its flaws?[View]
108824781Infinity Train: SDCC apparently aired the first episode of the show, and from the looks of it, CN is…[View]
108821237why is thisallowed[View]
108821183Making a better Azula with her still being villain princess azula.: Make her an idealist, convinced …[View]
108819955>Batman Who Dads[View]
108821496Eisner Awards: >Best Short Story “The Talk of the Saints,” by Tom King and Jason Fabok, in Swamp …[View]
108820238I have an idea how we can save 2d animation: Theirs a hand drawn animated film coming to Netflix thi…[View]
108797470What would it be like to have Kamala khan as a girlfriend?[View]
108824523''Disney Hamlet, starring Donald Duck'' Finally an official version in english. …[View]
108824323>We'll never get a 6teen reboot called Twenty6 >We'll never get to see where the gan…[View]
108824364>Tarkin in the next 'Tales from Vaders Castle' miniseries because of Peter Cushing Based Ventres…[View]
108824333Marvel is going to annonce a new comic line aimed terrorist jihadds[View]
108823277Ideas for Bob’s Burgers episodes?: I call mine “Ground Control to Major Frond”. That’s all I got so …[View]
108821136John Redcorn was more cucked in the end than Dale. Normally, this wouldn't be the case, but thi…[View]
108820720Superman: Red Son and other 2020 animated movies announced: https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2019/07/19…[View]
108823721PLEASE BE REAL PLEASE BE REAL: [spoilers] >Fantastic Four was special code name for space mission…[View]
108819549Age of X-man Ending: POWERFUL.[View]
108824226Excuse me /co/ I have a brief announcement to make. Ed Edd n Eddy is trash, Jenny is a shitty waifu,…[View]
108821201So how do you think would Amphibia end? >Final episode of the show involves Sprig who is now Hop …[View]
108823209Imagine a Green Lantern costume like this[View]
108823658Oh my god, Peter is dead.[View]
108821694It’a cool that you are able to meet Sonic K.O. Just don’t look up the fan art on deviantart tho.[View]
108810541Duck Dodgers: What do you think it would've been like if they actually ended up together? Also,…[View]
108822598What's the /co/nsensus on these guys?[View]
108809562Cassandra Cain thread: I believe she deserves the mantle of the Bat.[View]
108822635>Batman: Hush Animated Movie comes out. >It's Soulless like The Lion King Remake. >Bot…[View]
108819186Now that the dust has settled what are your thoughts on Scott Pilgrim? Was it ever good?[View]
108823520Is this just unfortunate timing, or is Marvel's turnaround time for art and story this fast?[View]
108820389How do you rate Archer seasons?: Season 1: 8/10 Season 2: 9/10 Season 3: 7/10 Season 4: 4/10 Season …[View]
108820997What does Daria bring to the table besides apathy ?[View]
108823249Attention /co/ browsers, testicles, that is all.[View]
108819741I think i downloaded the wrong Toy Story.[View]
108809463The great debate[View]
108732365husbandos: ones you'd never admit to being in love with IRL edition femanons and my fellow fagg…[View]
108823494Immortal Hulk Thread: Betty is a Harpy, and Harpy is best girl[View]
108812103Why are all cartoon 'main' families portrayed as upper middle class?: Even when the parents are port…[View]
108804568Wow, for the longest time it was just a joke after Civil War II but they're literally making An…[View]
108822744Whats the consensus of boys who cry, were they a good boy band?[View]
108817054Post characters who you want to step on you[View]
108816189SHARE YOUR TEAM IDEAS!: Asian DC Heroic Team... > Peacock Chinese vigilante who appeared in a Bat…[View]
108814501I love Marco so much.[View]
108823407>Hello Plumber?[View]
108821748Why don't we get to see Spider-Man with the X-Men more often?[View]
108823029I'm genuinely scared how much this film is going to change society.[View]
108809078>People actually believe Wonder Woman could take Superman in a fight[View]
108823262ITT: Marvel Earth-3 counterpart: So, what if marvel had an evil counterpart just like marvel ? I kno…[View]
108800538We are now entering an age of animated films where the entire point is to say they are not animated:…[View]
108816529>literally the most well-designed character of the series in terms of appearance >dies a virg…[View]
108807328Stop right there operative. Prove you're not an adult.[View]
108822111>You will take the forms of the three most ignored and invisible life forms on this planet >A…[View]
108821838Will there be more info about this at SDCC? If not, when?[View]
108761265/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
108814133age old question[View]
108811416New Dark Crystal trailer: Is that a motherfucking running Skeksis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
108822889DC Super Hero Girls: Three unexpected, subversive DC Super Hero Girls episodes dropped yesterday …[View]
108821171Here's your new favorite Spider-Man villain /co/[View]
108822789Post beautiful shots from superhero movies[View]
108821894So is season 3 going to be the last season of OK K.O.?[View]
108817686Heathcliff is holding a banana peel.[View]
108805758surprised to not see one one. be helpful if you're critiquing.[View]
108806378Julia Vickerman already confirmed that the Butt Witch has the ability to turn people to stone (but o…[View]
108819971Okay real question, are gingers and redheads destined to be completely erased of every single piece …[View]
108822548Your favorite toy now becomes a character in the next toy story film, what happens[View]
108822179So uhhh...what was DC thinking letting this happen?[View]
108822484hold on, like all television viewers our first priority before deciding to continue watching a show …[View]
108819773Roxanne was best girl[View]
108822461I need some help finding a family guy cutaway gag that I cannot for my life find anywhere on the int…[View]
108820240So now that the movie came and left can we finally have normal discussion? What the fuck is her orig…[View]
108819619Rare Morals: What are your favourite teachings from cartoons and animated movies that aren't ge…[View]
108779999This week, Kara is terrified to learn that after freezing him with her ice breath and thawing him wi…[View]
108820957How do you write a successful ending to a comic or show? I've seen a million flops, but how do …[View]
108820724ITT:Post comically Edgy characters[View]
108821816you guys didn't forget maya did you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tt2ZmH-3uc[View]
108810459Pick One >Klyntar Symbiote >Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak >Helmet Of Fate >Green Lantern Power…[View]
108819838In 2011 the Ultimate Universe was relaunched with Jonathan Hickman as the writer of The Ultimates. I…[View]
108817396Tsk, tsk, writers, stealing the idea of roid Milhouse from that autist's shitty Simpsons fanfic…[View]
108766422Transformers/Ghostbusters #2 Storytime: The one where being Starscream is suffering beyond death.…[View]
108816941If all the Godzillas showed up when Galactus appeared on Earth, who'd win?[View]
108819586Haven’t seen the first episode, catching up on the last season of all the other shows, Is the Batwom…[View]
108821374Popeye cartoon: So throughout my memory of Popeye. Whenever he ate the spinach and it showed his bic…[View]
108821306It wasn't that bad[View]
108821270Invader Zim: The panel is today. Who wants to bet we're getting a trailer and confirmed release…[View]
108774357How is she so perfect?[View]
108818514Batman is literally a Janny while the Joker is a based shitposter[View]
108820851Why didn't she just turn the water off at the beginning of the episode?[View]
108818510what makes spider-man such a fantastic character? hes only street level but it feels like hes always…[View]
108817835>Villain is bad >Gets redeemed despite committing genocides and destroying historical artifac…[View]
108818926Miraculous:: Felix was confirmed to appear in a future episode, but what about Bridgette ?[View]
108819583why is she so perfect , bros ?[View]
108819407Hotel Transylvania the Series season 2 set to greenlit next month: Aunt Lydia makes an arranged marr…[View]
108820416Kids, help Dora to find exit from helicarrier.[View]
108813392A reminder that Alan Moore is another insufferable, self-important Boomer who thinks that Nixon resi…[View]
108811478Amphibia: SOME TIMES IN OUR LIVES[View]
108813359the fuck was her problem?[View]
108819908You know, for a lion who had literally just gotten trampled to death by hundreds of wildebeests, Muf…[View]
108808108Steven’s Strong[View]
108794236Gunnergunner Bananafanafofunner: >that guy[View]
108805368STORYTIME WEEKEND OF PAIN! So you're a cartoonist by Son of Dob: That's right fags, we…[View]
108819939Ah yes! Saturdays are made for Dads![View]
108819904ITT: Kino Cartoon Settings[View]
108819282All I want is a comfy Spider Man animated solo movie that has the protagonist being muscular and bad…[View]
108809971Scoob and Shag: The Coward King: Part 5 >huh huh[View]
108819791Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
108810141Who was in the wrong here?[View]
108813429What are the implications of this technology for animation? We can now do almost photorealistic anim…[View]
108795833Alcoholic: Post characters being drunk.[View]
108791083Redpill me on Cheetah.[View]
108818770Can't wait to see this in the MCU[View]
108819476/co/ just hates this because they wish they were the kids making a cartoon with the creator of Danny…[View]
108805733Have you guys heard about the newest cartoon coming to Adult Swim? https://twitter.com/Clarknova1/st…[View]
108801873OK KO Sonic crossover: THE LEAKS WERE REAL https://youtu.be/a7tFU4sABhM[View]
108819259More of this old flavor of the month: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tt2ZmH-3uc It was just posted…[View]
108818939>We do these Facsimile Editions where we reprint older issues of comics including all the old ads…[View]
108810756Previous Thread: >>108807927 The end is here. The inevitable end of everything. Of all of thei…[View]
108819154What's this show's fetish with shitty catchphrases?[View]
108819006Why can't she get the fucking spin-off movies instead of the fucking retarded yellow rats known…[View]
108819149Spoiler: What would a proto/beta version of her costume look like?[View]
108752925How's Your Webcomic? #578: How and where do you prefer working out ideas, or writing them down?…[View]
108817185ITT: Great shows with awful first seasons[View]
108818353Would you watch genderbent Amphibia?[View]
108816734Inspired by the announcement of Annihilation II by marvel and the return of 2099, let's make a …[View]
108813632AND YOU... YOU'RE A LOSER[View]
108810767Waid/Wieringo > Hickman > Stan Lee/Kirby > Bryne > Everything else Sorry Boomers[View]
108818666So the new villain is coming to Earth to destroy all organic life and has a unique plan, she's …[View]
108817765Why is /co/ filled with people who obsess over superhero movies but make no attempt to actually read…[View]
108800078Netflix value drops $17 billion after 126k subscriber loss.: How did this happen?[View]
108818013So is this worth watching? I thought this shit will be dead after a year (and it was almost i think)…[View]
108817046Wally West: Can he be redeemed at this point? Would you even want to see it? I can't drudge up …[View]
108813082This was the Cats we almost got.[View]
108813972aiportraits x /co/[View]
108818355THE INCREDIBLE HACK: Create a superhero origin for him[View]
108818368This is your theme song now bro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6iRNVwslM4[View]
108812639https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_ThCqUqoXA >Glomgold >Magica >Don Karnage >Mummy Waifu …[View]
108814413Black Moon Chronicles: I would like this comic a lot more if it didn't inject horrible humor ev…[View]
108800889Why does this comic trigger /co/ so much?[View]
108812455What did Garfield mean by this?[View]
108816808Hey you jerks, I got rabbits foots, four leaf clovers, horse shoes, and lots of other stuff free if …[View]
108815424Dylan is a cute little boy.[View]
108814541Panda-Mania got into the Spider-Man cartoon. Say something nice to her.[View]
108813548what the fuck was the point of the gobbowl inferno[View]
108813421Storytime Weekend of Pain: Kirby Krisis: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you what might just be t…[View]
108816147Theoretically could Poison Ivy beat Magneto?[View]
108817692So did frank and lins body have two penises for each head, or did they share a penis where one side …[View]
108815177Anyone here genuinely excited for Hickman xmen and this new 'era' of xmen. Or at least intrested[View]
108805484SDCC: new x-titles: https://mobile.twitter.com/JHickman/status/1152296060837982209 Hickman is teasin…[View]
108743013Legion of superheros: ok Lets try this again We interupt your regularly scheduled /co/ntent for a le…[View]
108813031Eisner Awards 2019: Time to come together as a community and bitch about terrible winners and robbed…[View]
108812878So what's her motivation?[View]
108816618Look what i discovered while fucking around ebay tonight[View]
108797267They fucking ruined her! Thanks Square Enix, you fucking humongous hacks https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
108816426I heard 12 oz Mouse was getting rebooted or just going back into production. Is this true? What have…[View]
108813096Is he the hero of the 2010s cartoons?[View]
108815392Have you ever imagined that mixing the destructive power of a Dragon with the sexual urge of a donke…[View]
108817109Can any anons help me?: I’ve been searching for this animated YouTube channel for the past hour and …[View]
108816405Clowns are a real threat, Mr Lincoln. Raping them is something of a hobby. I'll give you names …[View]
108808813will disney+ crush all other streaming platforms?[View]
108807927Previous Thread: >>108804167 The league are in a brave new world. Some are adapting better tha…[View]
108742435Where's the fookn /shelf/ thread ?: /Shelf/ time boys. Show off your purchases and aquisitions.…[View]
108811141SHARE YOUR WISHLIST!: For comics, cartoons & comic adaptions. > Jon Hamm Space Ghost movie.…[View]
108816670Will this be 2019-2020 kino? https://youtu.be/mKp1hOmF0G8[View]
108816655Does anyone else get serious Captain Gantu vibes from Grime? Not complaining though, they're bo…[View]
108816443Admit it, Rocket Squad is better than Duck Dodgers.[View]
108813662Steven University: *teleports behind your insults* >No U BASED[View]
108813240>Why yes, I collect every deadpool crossover miniseries. How did you know? >Ofcourse, my favor…[View]
108815395I made a funny[View]
108812490Comicgate: Why did it happen?What is the solution?[View]
108815306A little boy named Presley found a secret out this year that he was once a Pharaoh when Egyptians ru…[View]
108814861Disney announces they have acquired the rights to your favorite animated film and Jon Favreau and th…[View]
108815895Ok /co/ i need help finding a cartoon from Nickelodeon in the early 2000's I vaguely remember t…[View]
108812529A ball of giraffe shit.[View]
108814208genuinely curious: is Daphne the engine of the Mystery Incorporated?[View]
108815563Y'all like the older Barbie movies?[View]
108800726Previous Thread: >>108797714 The end of the century is coming fast. And the start of a new one…[View]
108804167Previous Thread: >>108800726 Heading halfway through the century. The winds of the end are rus…[View]
108797714>England Has A Place For You... In the 19th century, Britain needed heroes. What it got were five…[View]
108811000Which wave of cartoons was the best one, /co/? What did you think of this era for cartoons overall?[View]
108814624Just saw Batman Hush 2/10. I wondered if anyone else also hated how far they strayed from the comics…[View]
108812714>comic cover art is amazing >actual comic art is shit…[View]
108768693Transformers #9: Featuring Hank Pym as Sixshot![View]
108812148Sleepless Domain: How dead is this mahou?[View]
108812058Should they get Roseanne back for the Live action photorealistic remake of this kino?[View]
108814073This actually existed: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HCX0CoU4QAY[View]
108812922Will we ever get Felicia in a live action Spider Man film? I know she was originally going to be in …[View]
108814174So we've seen it a million and a half times in every form of media, there's a big long bel…[View]
108811290‘Archer’ Renewed For Season 11 On FXX: Key point: >“We are incredibly excited for our 11th season…[View]
108803068post cartoons[View]
108812653Will we ever see another Disney Renaissance in our lifetime? Will this company ever restart the trad…[View]
108810857Young Justice: Greg did nothing wrong.[View]
108814028Please move on from your nostalgiac childhoods and let other studios have a shot at doing something …[View]
108811258Would you put your brain in a robot body, /co/?[View]
108814050Coming this fall: https://twitter.com/adultswim/status/1152428101793701889?s=19[View]
108812669When will we see another western cartoon where girls are actually sexy?[View]
108813543So... How's MCU Pete gonna have to win back the people?[View]
108809668Hey buddy, my name is Christanon and what you did there wasn't very wholesome. All this garbage…[View]
108811382ITT: /co/ in 2003: >Gen X Transformers, Bravestarr, Thundercats, Silverhawks, He-Man, Inspector G…[View]
108810605What Comics Does He Like?[View]
108810971Imagine falling in love and living romantically with a Gargoyle. Imagine the deep connectivity, sen…[View]
108803454*ahem* Fuck Peter Parker and fuck Spider-Man![View]
108804840https://mega.nz/#!lsggRSgB!dKKQXRQWYIREmd7dy73DNZSI34-CGaqIpbcub7XnhqU Is out[View]
108813236Is this the most kino final battle in western animated history? https://youtu.be/8I_hl2WFQI0[View]
108803434Marvel Retailer and Marvel Comics #1000 SDCC announcements/info Thread: First up, Doctor Doom is get…[View]
108812281Will Hickman let these two hang out again?[View]
108811462Who can possibly defeat him?[View]
108812885Yeah, I prefer MCU Spider Man to Raimi's Spider Man, how could you tell?[View]
108812701>you spics...on The Day of the Rope you shall all swing from the elm. We will have all Mexican…[View]
108811140James Corden tries his hand at joining the big 3 at Fox. What should Fox do about finding a 4th anin…[View]
108812841Help me find out what all its characters sound like, /co/! I'm at my wit's end!!![View]
108811823>'I've come to make an announcement: Pink Diamond's a bitch-ass motherfucker, she pisse…[View]
108779405Kirbopher: well, his career's probably over https://twitter.com/Kirbopher/status/11515985148135…[View]
108812215>That time when the Hyperclan captured and executed DC’s version of Wolverine and Dr Doom…[View]
108810973July 19, 2019... I am forgotten...[View]
108812214This is better than she's ever looked in Aaron's Avengers run[View]
108811424I don't care what you think, this has got to be the best time cards in spongebob history[View]
108810264Lion King 3: How would you do Lion King 3 /co/? I would make it a prequel showing how Taka became Sc…[View]
108811466How did DC get away with this?[View]
108809832Why DC characters keep getting stronger and stronger? Superman couldn't even fly, now he is the…[View]
108811772What's your idea for Madagascar 4?[View]
108808499>has the opportunity of crossing over with a very popular Japanese franchise. >not going with …[View]
108812068Which Homer is the best Homer and why is it season 3 Homer?[View]
108804260I never asked for this but i'll take it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7tFU4sABhM[View]
108809803shitty cartoons that could have worked: does /co/ have any cartoons they believe would have been goo…[View]
108811232What does it matter?: They're just gonna beat her with TALKING![View]
108810969Moore writes Sonichu: What would Sonichu be like if Alan Moore wrote it?[View]
108810403ITT: Underrated DC villains https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dassIbtR4ns[View]
108805096Far From Home Betty: Thoughts on her? I think she is sweet. tfw no betty gf[View]
108811702Please tell me at the end he got hugs from all the moms.[View]
108802319/co/ VOICE ACTING/VOICEOVER VOCAROO THREAD!: ITT: Anons and Femanons Record Comics & Cartoon-rel…[View]
108811690Anime Inspired: “GOMU GOMU NO... Elephant Gun”[View]
108808714“I’m burning Rome!”: Hey everyone, I wanted to post this because this has been bothering me for the …[View]
108810741What did /co/ think of it?[View]
108808821Agents of SHIELD Livethread: Agents of CANCELLED Edition Welcome back agents, for another episode of…[View]
108808144Wtf, they should have gone through with it >According to Markus and McFeely, they toyed with the …[View]
108803801Now that the sonic crossover is happening what are the chances of a JoJo crossover?[View]
108806463Spider-verse: Peni Parker has an On-going. Sort of. Looks like she'll make regular appearances …[View]
108802170Have you finally accepted that animated television is entering a new golden age?[View]
108798617Storytime Weekend of Pain: The Ruff and Reddy Show: Alright, let's do this. I promised I would …[View]
108808014FUCKING DROPPED[View]
108811282https://twitter.com/i/status/1151540260058177536 did anyone else get cancer from this[View]
108808521ITT: We discuss the newest episode of Earth[View]
108811090 [View]
108804943guardians of the galaxy #7 preview[View]
108796797Why is it that Sonic avoided her, is he speciest?[View]
108804070Why does Tangled have a cartoon series but not Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia or Moana?[View]
108810640Is season 10 classic Simpsons, zombie Simpsons, or 'transitional' Simpsons? On one hand it's wo…[View]
108801417Story Time Weekend of Pain Sonichu #4: Wherein we continue the nightmare that is the Idea Guy issue …[View]
108798262Ultimate Marvel Storytime of Pain Part 2: Keeping the pain train moving Part 1 >>108796682 …[View]
1088037332099: Boy, they 'bout to do it![View]
108795890No context /co/ stuff[View]
108810875Events in Comics: what the best best events[View]
108810834What are the guidelines to making a story and writing characters? I don't know if my story is m…[View]
108804934Reddit and Morty Season 4 Clip: The brilliant humor you've been waiting a year and a half for i…[View]
108799393Storytime Weekend of Pain:: Happy Friday, /co/! It's that time of the year again, where we beco…[View]
108810614Why are people scared of this? pure tv kino[View]
108798417The Owl House at SDCC 2019[View]
108799860Why does Gwen’s Peter look like he’s in the same age range as the Peter B? Wasn’t a major part of he…[View]
108810395Kek https://youtu.be/n6ljnioSC4A[View]
108802401canon ships thread[View]
108809633he is just going to defeat her by talking whats the point?[View]
108807474This is Andy. He has a 3.2 GPA and has to go to state university to study economics, which is why he…[View]
108808413Yawn. Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Superman? Let alone defeat him. And I…[View]
108789443Weekend Storytime of Pain: Lady Castle: >What is this? A comic made by Boom about a castle that o…[View]
108788874Are you fucking kidding me?[View]
108807164Literally me. Intelligent, nihilistic, and a wicked sense of humor.[View]
108810226When is Damian going to sell his soul to Darkseid?[View]
108806642How does he fare in the DC universe?[View]
108806096Ren & Stimpy are fucked forever. But can Nick do a spinoff with Powdered Toast Man?[View]
108810101Totally flawless.[View]
108796537Story Time Weekend of Pain Sonichu #3: Passing the long hiatus we enter now into Modern Sonichu and …[View]
108805392What was he thinking? >Fox Tail: took away all freedoms of the community that he loved, made his …[View]
108785332Why are elves so disgusting?[View]
108809279Find a potential flaw.[View]
108809829Anyone have the deleted scenes for this?[View]
108806139>hahaha I will destroy Earth cuz I’m so evil xD >please don’t, we can be friends >ok >*h…[View]
108796436This was incredible What are some hidden gems like this among DC and Marvel?[View]
108807937https://twitter.com/themysteryofgf/status/1029834884544716800?lang=en So I'm guessing this just…[View]
108790737The Lion Guard: Looks like they're aging Kion up a bit and giving him a scar, based on this ima…[View]
108806566Just heard this show has an overarching plot. Should I go for it?[View]
108808591All of these people are getting into med school, and the one person based enough to quote Avatar did…[View]
108802420How do you grow to hate your own brother this much?[View]
108782732Exactly how autistic is Anne?[View]
108808202Legend Quest: why do so many great artists like this show[View]
108808418>both have movies in the early 00's >both are limbo over the MCU and other studios. >b…[View]
108784583>that episode where jimmy builds a wet dream machine[View]
108800950ITT: MCU phase 4 speculation: So, will there be x-men included in the list ?[View]
108808401Who is the red head and what episode is she in? Real question. Can't find her in the wiki.[View]
108788444What did /co/ think of She-ra S2?[View]
108807535Assy McGee: Was it kino?[View]
108804209Is Tom Holland more /a/ than /co/?[View]
108805945Has anyone read Chains of Olympus? It's a surprisingly good Dr. Who comic.[View]
108788100What the fuck was his problem?[View]
108808784Wakfu thread: This show (and the whole franchise really) went away with WAY too much shit that it sh…[View]
108805355>Lives in city of 9 million people >Entire rogues gallery has a connection to his personal lif…[View]
108807695>*kills your wallet*[View]
108802984Ducktales: Rescue Rangers, Daisy Duck, Goofy and other new things revealed at the SDCC panel[View]
108806269Thoughts on this book? Is it worth reading?[View]
108808421Superior Spider-Man needs to be the antagonist of Into the Spiderverse 2! Fact! >first film was a…[View]
108801553Name a better writer/artist duo than Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely.[View]
108807023Why is it so unsettling?[View]
108801354>muh not muh Peter muh uncle Ben muh Tony Stark muh Iron Boy muh Iron Lad Alright, Jesus Christ, …[View]
108807926Whenever I think this show can't get any worse, it gets worse[View]
108806427What if Disney was to continue the Lion King with an adaption of 'King Lear' with Lions? What is nex…[View]
108806978this is a childrens cartoon, this is not okay[View]
108793985Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre Lettered Preview: ABSOLUTE CARNAGE prelude![View]
108807894ITT: Shitty cartoons that later turned good[View]
108800142What is with the irrational hatred of this animated webseries while waifu, company wars, /pol/ threa…[View]
108806842Name one reason why this show is good other than the rock lesbians. Hint: you can't[View]
108805234Doc Shaner should be the artist on Legion of Superheroes[View]
108807280>Hello Andy, how are you do- wait, what? You want to talk to Bonnie about whether she still has y…[View]
108805023Now that we have seen the teaser for the OK KO crossover, can we agree this was kino?[View]
108788676What an incel![View]
108807632 did Superman fucking create our universe?[View]
108805125Meow morale thread: It is like a normal miles morale thread but with a animal theme.[View]
108807582Nuggets: > Mandy what's a shadow? > Don't talk to me anymore?…[View]
108807501>there will never be an episode where Tootie gets a fairy and Timmy has to show her the ropes…[View]
108806243Since Steven universe is confirmed to be ending after season 6 what show do you think will be the ne…[View]
108806104Will they fuse?[View]
108807275Why is this movie so perfect and comfy? And what can other studios learn from it?[View]
108801811So, what did we think?[View]
108807136Apparently the french, Italians, and spic countries are mad. What does /co/ thinks?[View]
108792554Why did so many cartoons in the 90's have episodes making fun of their neckbeard fans?[View]
108806450What the fuck was her problem?[View]
108805126Impressionist artist Auguste Renoir used to say that art should be beautiful, because there are enou…[View]
108798351What do you think of the current run of Superior Spider-man? I like that slowly but surely Otto is g…[View]
1088064282019.... I am forgotten[View]
108799064Is he fixing the DCU behind the scenes?[View]
108779596Has been any actual plot progression so far?[View]
108806471Pennyworth is a Gotham prequel >At the Pennyworth panel held at San Diego Comic-Con, series creat…[View]
108794266What if she didn't want to un-fuse?[View]
108803439>Batman is stuck in the cold harshness of the snowy mountains far far far from Gotham. He is brok…[View]
108801699how the fuck is the writing clever again? shows are suppossed to get worse and worse, how does this …[View]
108805283Pale white moon shines down on Colorado Hide my dirty secrets down here in the shadows Where the qua…[View]
108796091With that scream you'd think that moment falling down was more painful than being trampled by a…[View]
108795278Mary Jane or Gwen Stacy?[View]
108792542What's your expectation for the trailer tomorrow?[View]
108802920Who sentences a couple to share a prison cell? Isn't having all the time in the world to have s…[View]
108804579Why does captain marvel have any fans? She's literally wasted potential. She could've been…[View]
108802824Do you guys have any hopes for Space Jam 2?[View]
108793274it wasn't that bad[View]
108804685So did /co/ ever decide which was the best cartoon to ever come out of the 'Cartoon Cartoon' era of …[View]
108800173THIS MOVIE IS SO BAD https://youtu.be/w7qjnJ6gJjw[View]
108802517Swamp Thing Thread: Are you there, Swamp bros? New episode just aired.[View]
108804992Do you have to be into capeshit to enjoy this?[View]
108793992Ok, hear me out >hulk spends 5 years after the snap as an actual superhero for once instead of an…[View]
108803676What was the fucking point of this? Gay shit for the sake of gay shit?[View]
108799951ITT: 10/10 comic characters in 5/10 series.[View]
108800912Welcome to /co/, how autistic are you?[View]
108783481Have any moments in superhero movies made you cry?[View]
108804117Now that CN is getting buddy with Sega, can they pick this up for a full series? https://youtu.be/pu…[View]
108799408the simpsons: Will it ever be canceled?[View]
108804587Let's have a ding-dong diddly Prince of Egypt thread Fedoras need not inquire[View]
108803587Redpill me on this guy, why do people even care about him?[View]
108796816Whatever happened to this?[View]
108801283Can anyone explain the hype behind Hickman to me? Secret Warriors fizzled out after 30 issues instea…[View]
108803289So here I am Doing everything I can Holding on to what I am Pretending I'm a superman[View]
108803428>go see movie >dead silence throughout the entire thing >no reactions from any moment whats…[View]
108800005how bad will it be?[View]
108803181Literally just a better Clarence.[View]
108757273Legend Quest S2 when?: 'You wanna do what in my Honey Pot?'[View]
108803556Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is now.: Is this about kamala khan being Muslim?[View]
108801890Can comics return to being a niche hobby? It's all so tiring[View]
108804008How well would Batman fare against Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery?[View]
108801373I always felt like trying to do 'world building' and 'deep lore' with a team of multiple writers ove…[View]
108801753Tales of Arcadia really got better as it went on[View]
108803678Your favorite underrated /co/ movies: ITT - your favorite lesser know/appreciated /co/ films I can…[View]
108796799Shrek retold is the greatest YouTube Poop in history, prove me wrong.[View]
108794173ITT characters who look best with BOOTS and NO PANTS Storm always looks weird when they give her pan…[View]
108802789W-what’s Batman gonna do?[View]
108797468Are you listening to her album, /co/?[View]
108800436Tfw you’re a plant god[View]
108800835Cartoons that have some undeniably very solid elements but ultimately suck[View]
108803162 I told you to shut up but you didn’t listen [View]
108802469Anyone know who this is?[View]
108802442At the end of the day, capes and battle manga are stories about people who endlessly fight and strug…[View]
108796888What the fuck was Nickelodeon thinking greenlighting these shows? They rejected Adventure Time, but …[View]
108730434Marge Simpson thread: Post Marge.[View]
108801100Here's the sneak peek of Tig 'n' Seek (formely Tiggle Winks) https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
108797761From which comic is this guy ?: Who is this guy ?[View]
108802687>it’s not fair[View]
108796127Could you beat Pearl in a fight with her morals removed? The goal is to knock the other one or in yo…[View]
108802828Since the Doom comic ended up being a meme for generations to come how would you handle an animated …[View]
108800831What are some good Bane stories aside from Knightfall? I enjoyed that (the first third, at least), a…[View]
108783875ava's demon[View]
108800536>GoTG Vol. 3 post credit >Beta Ray Bill shows up, optionally with Lady Sif >Asks for help d…[View]
108799507Do you think they'll say anything about the backlash to this book at SDCC?[View]
108770268/waifu/: Post some of your waifus.[View]
108796780Boardtans thread: Who is your favorite board tan?[View]
108800977How did Stan Lee get away with rehashing Jekyll and Hyde stories so much?[View]
108793228What went wrong? Why did Hellboy 2019 flop?[View]
108800300Yarob 'someone dies today' edition: no subs though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o69Tawc…[View]
108800777>This is a Titmouse show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNFwcO7PXYc 3 New Waifus?…[View]
108797889DA comic storytime of pain: Yu-Gi-Oh D-Stortion: Alright, the weekend of pain is here, so let's…[View]
108794503https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGzQu2uICXA >'Ain't got time for pink and lace.' >literal…[View]
108796435Did superhero movies becoming a billion dollar industry kill comics?[View]
108795479I want them to make an episode where Reggie is dealing with getting breasts and wide hips[View]
108789341Story Time Weekend of Pain Sonichu #2: Wrapping up Issue #8 and continuing further Previous threads …[View]
108784771Story Time Weekend of Pain Sonichu #1: Continuing the epic saga of the electric hedgehog pokemon and…[View]
108801543Best Ends?: el fin...[View]
108786501>People f*cking hated [Heroes in Crisis] so much. I've never written something someone hated…[View]
108801674Walking Dead: 1. How fucked are the trades due to that odd number of issues? 2. It was aliens all al…[View]
108796405Bewaaaaare: Is there any other shows with such memorable vilains as Danny Phantom's?[View]
108801663This is a representative sample of the shows on Cartoon Network in 2019 and going into 2020. The Fun…[View]
108799300Teen Titans GO vs Teen Titans premiere: Sunday, July 21 in the San Diego Comic Con[View]
108797532What comic had Superman standing in all-white room or something: and had him saying something like '…[View]
108801490Post /co/ art that makes your dick hard[View]
108798484Carol, do you bleed?[View]
108800280Why does Gotham still have a working mental health asylum in 2019?[View]
108783774>why yes I do own the bionicle comics I stopped my subscription to lego magazine after it ended…[View]
108801379Were the callers /co/ before /co/?[View]
108801269Post characters that will return...eventually.[View]
108800355AHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! (France's Manou the Swift) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfFYf9P9i2I[View]
108800988ITT: Characters with convoluted out of universe history[View]
108797273Sophie's Campbell's Glory (formerly Ross'): What went right?[View]
108766814What the fuck was their problem?[View]
108800571Did anyone go to the Banana Splits panel?[View]
108789517Why didn’t he simply produce infinite resources?[View]
108801164When are the Brothers Chaps going to stop shilling their board game and go back to making cartoons?[View]
108798761I love this scene because it represents Octavius's motives really well. He wants to be a father…[View]
108801064French Claymation Zootopia? >Fox & Hare follows the bright and cheerful adventures of two unl…[View]
108796168This video did not age well.....: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wxjajj3GTG4[View]
108797748Adventure Time ratings over the years. How did a flagship show fall so far so fucking fast?[View]
108799030What should the final episode be?[View]
108798962>on the eve of betrayal[View]
108800075Post C listers. People who are lucky to even be mentioned in crossovers, but you love anyway.[View]
108797046South Park returns on 25th September. The theme is: 'Find out who's inside you.' https://www.yo…[View]

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