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110179784What happened to Avatar press?: -Uber just halted at Uber Invasion 017 in November last year - http:…[View]
110177570IN THE LAND OF THE DEAD[View]
110179187Will the MCU ever embrace the quirky esoteric side of its source material, especially when it comes …[View]
110175868how will Disney fuck her up /co/?[View]
110178112lads I love comics so much[View]
110165814This shit isn't eligible to be nominated for an Oscar, right? Cause the last thing I wanna hear…[View]
110175515Let's say that the creators of both shows switched jobs for a day and wrote a episode of eachot…[View]
110169673WHO IS THE WORST 'ARROW' VILLAIN?: Everyone agrees that Merlyn, Deathstroke and Prometheus were the …[View]
110178998DC Comics: What's a good TPB to compliment my purchase of GM's first Green Lantern in hard…[View]
110178601This is Lexi Cowden, the English voice actress for Shouko Nishimiya in the 2016 anime film A Silent …[View]
110178435>'you could never give her what she needs.' what did Slade mean by this?…[View]
110169404What is the greatest cartoon mystery?[View]
110176343I don't understand the Mortis arc[View]
110178930It's been ages so I don't remember, did this show ever explain what was up with some episo…[View]
110177985Just finished this series. Falls off near the end but most of it was pretty good. Any more covert sh…[View]
110170342what did we think of it?[View]
110177946I'm not shitposting, Spongebob just referenced Squidward's Suicide. https://spongebob.fand…[View]
110074768Amphibia: He's going to be the final boss isn't he?[View]
110172566Arsenal is moving to 'Legends of Tomorrow': https://fullcirclecinema.com/2019/09/02/major-arrowverse…[View]
110167067Will this be enough to kill off the UPA mimic/Tumblr/fake anime shows? We know Disney will kill off …[View]
110176866Let's do a storytime of a lesser known comic known as Masked Heroes Times Strikes! This is issu…[View]
110178427Dumbing of Age: haha just kidding unless?[View]
110175425/ourguy/ is coming back for the final season of Agents of SHIELD right bros? R-right?[View]
110176166/CO/, Walt Disney was an outspoken anti-semite[View]
110139928Transformers: Post Miko[View]
110147615Before Liberals ruined Archie comics[View]
110170107Due to budget cuts, raids by the justice league, and an unfortunate incident involving GIR and a toa…[View]
110174541So she’d probably end up fucking Billy when they’re older, right?[View]
110172185By the power vested in me, and this infernal court, I sentence you to[View]
110175387Cursed pics thread.[View]
110167222>bean will never forcefully take your virginity why continue living?[View]
110176398Dynamite: Dynamite has been putting out good comics recently, does /co/ read any of them? I'm a…[View]
110175996>Prisoner dumping ground is so filled with loose criminals that they've formed their own soc…[View]
110174118>God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murde…[View]
110175962Let's settle this debate once and for all >who wins between them >who is smarter >who …[View]
110164835Describe this man with 4 words or less.[View]
110174871Post good comics that you like but /co/ never talks about. Can be print or digital or Indian smoke-s…[View]
110177393So what's the best site to torrent comics? Specifically complete collections or entire runs[View]
110177660I know it's too early to speculate but given the confirmed Nightwing costume in set, do you thi…[View]
110177096The thicc women in dem cartoons and comics...where they be at?[View]
110158353Here’s your fat best friend, /co/.[View]
110160075Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics! But enough about me, what've you got pl…[View]
110177328A raccoon talks to Heathcliff.[View]
110177385How are you celebrating Batman’s 80th birthday?[View]
110171660What do we think of Squilliam Fancyson?[View]
110157170>According to the plot synopsis for December's issue, Carol will have shown she means busine…[View]
110176986Power Rangers/Ninja Turtles preview[View]
110176925Am I a pretty girl?[View]
110174160Captain, I'm detecting a Star Trek comics thread approaching us at Warp 3.[View]
110168159Would Daredevil still have managed to make the impact he did in the '80s under Miller had he re…[View]
110176184BATMAN IS 80![View]
110171702Greg Cipes: Is he a stoner?[View]
110160208TRANSFORMERS (2019) #12: Its Nautica time![View]
110176552Why didn't Bo join Woody's gang? Look at those ass size[View]
110102307Cliff jumper is a new mascot instead of bumblebee ?: What happens ?[View]
110176283Sneeds feed and seed? More like your parents should never have been conceived.[View]
110175895Left or right?[View]
110157333Paranatural Thread: AAAAAAAAUUAUAUAAAAGHHGHGH[View]
110154943Psiconautas / Birdboy Story Time: Birdboy was among my other favorite /co/ movies from this decade. …[View]
110171666>person is distant and cold >has ice powers Bravo Disney…[View]
110173317Movie time Choose from one of these below. Astro Boy Mad Monster Party? Gumby Or pick whats in one …[View]
110168580Meanwhile, at the Iceberg Lounge...[View]
110175631How the fuck does one get into western comics?: How much can Batman or Thor develop and grow as a ch…[View]
110165044>more Nudity Thanks, Hickman[View]
110175575ITT /co/ in Bikini Bottom: Did anyone see that new Mermaid Man v Manray movie yet? I thought it was …[View]
110175541What if Ma, Pa and Clark Kent raised Goku?[View]
110175872Flash Forward: Alright /co/, how do we save Wally?[View]
110170962WORK ON YOUR ART/OC DONUT STEAL THREAD: Alright, candidates. You have 45 minutes to prepare your sig…[View]
110171748>Hey, any idea what Amethyst is up to? >I have every idea what everyone’s up to. What the FUCK…[View]
110175071When's another instance of a series aknowledging it's fanbase/theories/garbage?[View]
110175412>She wants to fuck and/or suck.[View]
110175569Filename Thread[View]
110173836Top Big 2 Ongoings: List (in order or otherwise) what you believe to be the 10 best current Big 2 on…[View]
110173472All my friends are heathens, take it slow[View]
110175363I enjoyed the Civil War film and I generally like widescreen comics so I'm thinking of checking…[View]
110174163What do you think of the greatest Avenger and founding member, Voyager?[View]
110171185>>110160075 This amazing thread has me thinking. What are the best DC Silver Age TPB?[View]
110173328Duck Tales: what the fuck was his problem?[View]
110169401Will he ever return?[View]
110175165Which of them had the best TV movie specials?[View]
110174699That better be your leg, kid.[View]
110174902Cannon Busters: There anyone with a worse fate than jojo? Being immortal at a kid's age can be …[View]
110171662cybersix looks kinda ugly in the comic[View]
110174955Wakfu is dead and is never coming back.[View]
110175028Early 2000's was the peak year for Disney cartoons, prove me wrong.[View]
110174990Pink Daahmind? Kinda weird name, but I reckon me 'n her'll be best pals forever![View]
110174833this is the end, Rolf[View]
110173679Battle Maiden Knucklebomb: looks like its out, anybody back it?[View]
110171894DuckTales (2017) Season 2 ENDING: What the F?[View]
110173045This cartoon about a narcoleptic girl who dreams her way into classic novels is surprisingly charmin…[View]
110168216Is it kino?[View]
110169372Thought's on Brian Henson's magnum opus Puppet Up Uncensored? You did go to Knott's …[View]
110171505Who scores the knockout punch?[View]
110170541SUPERGIRL Adds Gamemnae & Rama Khan: >Cara Buono ('Stranger Things') and Mitch Pileggi ('The …[View]
110171349Willa Holland To Recur on Final Season of ARROW: Best girl is back. https://tvline.com/2019/09/18/ar…[View]
110174273Here's your Lord Dominator[View]
110172900So remember this episode /co/?[View]
110168306Rick & Morty delayed till 2020.[View]
110172212What are some good Golden Age, Silver, Bronze age comics?[View]
110171884ITT: Pilots you're surprised weren't picked up. Pic related at least has so many that it m…[View]
110170115ITT: Dropped Arrowverse Plotlines: Remember Accelerated Man? Neither do The Flash writers.[View]
110169731>Right about 'Polymorphic Sentient Rocks' >Right about Diamond Authority >Right about Gempi…[View]
110173489What Jack Kirby TPB do I get with the Grant Morrison GL V1 HC? I was thinking New Gods, Mister Mirac…[View]
110173465Tiny Titans Storytime: Better late than never[View]
110171896Post the exact moment a webcomic jumped the shark. I'll start.[View]
110171143Going to Disney World tomorrow. How do I get an Elsa gf?[View]
110173519Suicide squidward is canon[View]
110173757Scream Queen is cute! Cuuute![View]
110169319Kelly does it again[View]
110171680She looks like boy Star.[View]
110171082The spit-curl: the single most heroic hairstyle of all time[View]
110167651What should being a mutant be classified as legally?[View]
110169355So why haven't they made any progress on that GLC movie yet?[View]
110172773Did Superman take this fight this far just because of Luthor??[View]
110105197Flash Foward #1: Let’s see how they retcon King’s Shitsterpiece[View]
110169542Mystery solving kids with a wacky mascot >Who did it best? (excluding the Scooby Gang) >Who di…[View]
110172214What was the best era to be a kid /co/? https://www.strawpoll.me/18671211[View]
110171459Could you imagine the havoc they would cause together?[View]
110172782From the moment she walks in to clumsily pounding her crotch into her boyfriend's ass, this wom…[View]
110154394ONE: HOUR[View]
110156901Mao Mao: New episodes: https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/mao-mao/sugar-berry-fever-episode.html h…[View]
110170710What are the best Batman comics since 2000? I know the Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Metal, an…[View]
110172648He was right.[View]
110142917It must be tougher for you, Spinel. At least people like jokes![View]
110163889My little gator can't be this cute~! Lindsay and Alex Small-Butera/Later Alligator thread?[View]
110171262Dook! Dook! Dook![View]
110166987Valkyrie: Jane Foster #3 storytime: Why? Because of the lore and the double pages will make this sli…[View]
110169575The boy ain't friggin right[View]
110167485THE FLASH INTO THE SPEED FORCE: Would be kino.[View]
110172135What was her endgoal?[View]
110157845We've all seen male mantles passed to female characters. Has there ever been a non-comedic exam…[View]
110171932once you go orange...[View]
110166668Voice acting thread: Weekly Vocaroo thread. Pick a panel to be voiced and voice other peoples panes…[View]
110159972>Fellow mutant brothers and sisters, the time has come. We, children of the Atom, shall lay waste…[View]
110163353Will we ever get another show like this?[View]
110154029That new kid's weird.[View]
110171207Is there such a thing as 'the definitive Joker'? To me every version feels like an alternate take o…[View]
110156327So, Leah Williams is Lurking here and taking Requests for her Gwenpool Run? Alright... I want to see…[View]
110166875>characters names does double time as a description of their power but also as a term for how sex…[View]
110171112>yfw it's the nutshack[View]
110171098I think I can still smell your daughter’s pussy stink on my gun... hope it doesn't rust the bar…[View]
110168057How’d they drop the ball this hard?[View]
110150512Holy shit this is a thing that actually exists. Who in the hell is the market for something like thi…[View]
110170082Has 'Hell-Bent For Election' ever been released in HD?[View]
110171325>it’s a “Tony gets shitfaced drunk, films himself trying to fuck an incomplete sexbot who looks l…[View]
110171161Remember that big rumor that SpongeBob would be cancelled in 2014? Even news outlet made articles ab…[View]
110167696Steven Universe S6 plotline: >Jasper is distraught after learning her Diamond was Rose Quartz and…[View]
110155060Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 72: Page 35 Don't know what Idra is talking about? Head here and rea…[View]
110167274What a bunch of nerds.[View]
110151429https://powerlisting.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Random Xavier offers you a place within his mutantdom, …[View]
110170252Final Space Thread: Season 2 finale 'The Sixth Key' airs in a few days and I haven't seen any F…[View]
110153824Channel edits: Friday Frenzy: ITT: Channelposting, Channel art, and Channel requests. New at this th…[View]
110168902If their modern stories were actually good and the ABC TV show wasn't a low-budget dumpster fir…[View]
110151588ITT: Cursed AUs[View]
110157343Tropes you hate: >Villain commits atrocious crimes >But it's okay because he's got a…[View]
110169617Reminder that Eris is better than any lesbian space rock.[View]
110166111How would you write a story to make him a legitimate threat and THE Anti-Batman again?[View]
110169453What's the name for rape fantasies where the it starts rough but it ends loving and gentle? Whe…[View]
110170218/TGIF/ - Thank Gnome it’s Friday General: What ya watchin' or readin' today /co/?[View]
110165426How effective was it?[View]
110167377Which of them is worse?[View]
110162082Ben 10: New episodes of Ben 10 have been released on the app https://www.cartoonnetwork.com/video/be…[View]
110167756The MCU Will Use Hickman's Evil Xavier: Screencap this.[View]
110166925>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZfgPLKMEvQ Is this peak Star Wars soul?…[View]
110167539Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 5 (Part 3): Round 5 Thread 2: >>110164491 Round 5 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110169009Who are some of the most iconic cartoon characters from this decade?[View]
110152036Unsounded: The salt lizard continues to be full of surprises. And smaller lizards.[View]
110170095Cute owl assistant[View]
110158635DC Comics to Announces New Batman Writer Tomorrow on Batman Day: POLL: Who will it be?? >Tomorrow…[View]
110166777The Amazing Spider-man #30: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbr.com/excl-amazing-spider-man-30-prev…[View]
110146747Was Telltale Batman a good adaptation?[View]
110169838Unlike Disney, Dreamworks movies are aimed at guys way more than girls: How come I'm the first …[View]
110169752Well, Tough Toenails. Willie Slackmer is next.[View]
110169016>FUCK MUTIES![View]
110167972Why was he so incompetent? His second solo fight with Sypher was a disgrace, just teleporting direct…[View]
110165964I think the idea of a season 6 in which Jasper uses her influence as a 'homeworld celebrity' to star…[View]
110169521Are e five issues of Endsong worth $10? That's the price at my lcs, I love Jean but I hate Land…[View]
110169517>I know how difficult ghost chasing must be Scooby, but if you're out there listening >SC…[View]
110165756Who is your favorite non-Goblin, non-Octavius Spider-Man villain? And who is the best?[View]
110167289Homer did nothing wrong[View]
110155930>Pearl remembers Greg before Steven, thinks she's his servant. >Her memories literally g…[View]
11016858712 Issues in 12 weeks for Hox/Pox!: Meanwhile Doomsday Clock is, maybe, gonna squeak that last issue…[View]
110165460You now remember the imperfects. You are welcome[View]
110164176Frozen II: New trailer coming this Monday https://twitter.com/DisneyStudios/status/11751073569269964…[View]
110163076This is just mean spirited[View]
110167743The Cuckoos are best X-girls![View]
110166178>makes the best waifus despite not knowing male perspective How does she do it, /co/?…[View]
110167586Reminder that she could beat your favorite character... at video games[View]
110165347We got a Steven Universe Movie, but when are we getting a live action remake?[View]
110168457How many accidents does Batman cause on average? Speeding through the city streets, running red ligh…[View]
110159702Will it be good, /co/?[View]
110159366He is[View]
110163712>Here's your MCU X Men director, bro[View]
110161013its a shrinking episode[View]
110104022Abrams Spider-Man #1: Let's get this over with[View]
110164939Hey /co/ remember the Emoji movie?[View]
110146376Miles is fixed[View]
110164991New Marvel's Spider-Man episode preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pxfGXcs7_w >'Criti…[View]
110164890What are some /co/ heroes who wield Katana? Katanas are the coolest weapons and more heroes should u…[View]
110167752Earth 8311 (Spider-Ham verse) Post your favorite animal-pun re imaginings, and brainstorm new ones G…[View]
110167732I need that edit /co/: you know the one[View]
110161405How important is a character's ethnicity to storytelling?[View]
110161600Who's more worser in being greedy, who would you rather work for?[View]
110167280Please stop flirting with my cousin, btw (seeing as it's HIS phone you're invading). I dou…[View]
110167270Remember this episode, where KO realised that his world isn't real but nothing more then a crea…[View]
110161087Rich the Leech: Tynion will write Batman #86-100, then the title will be relaunched afterwards: It i…[View]
110166468>Show has a flash forward where everyone is an adult[View]
110166923What superhero teams are the best at being a family?[View]
110160887Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Isn’t Good?: First of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman doesn’t make sense. I mean Neil do…[View]
110160749hope you saved screenshots and webms from the unreleased s2 episodes, because they're essientia…[View]
110163444ITT: Gone too soon[View]
110166830RWBY 3D Models?: Where can you find 3D models of the RWBy characters, particularly of Team RWBY? I a…[View]
110154522It’s my 5 year 4channiversary, so I’m reposting the first bait thread I ever made: >If the Jugger…[View]
110126754So this happened...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPdMkwLYL3w What do y'all think? >pic u…[View]
110158866Can someone give me a rundown on Captain Atom? I like his design, but is he a good character?[View]
110164491Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 5 (Part 2): Round 5 Thread 1: >>110161785 Round 5 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110160605I want to watch Korra for 2D thots. Is watching old series mandatory or skippable?[View]
110165632https://youtu.be/91RvfIrRHYI Hey /co/mrades. I fully voice-acted the new Spider-Man #1 by JJ Abrams+…[View]
110158065Due to specific raids going on today: Post some ayylmao characters, waifus or just favorites.[View]
110134793SCOOB: >SCOOB will kickstart a Hanna Barbera Cinematic Universe. Thoughts?…[View]
110164713We can't all be wide-eyed kids forever.[View]
110160397So your daddy has enough clout to get you to do any comics project you want with someone's IP. …[View]
110165171Nightcrawler: Is Kurt an East-German or a West-German?[View]
110162092Non cape comics thread What are you reading now? What are your favorite genres?[View]
110145296Who was this change meant to be for? trannies? tumblr? Who really wanted this aside from that one au…[View]
110164454What did he mean by this?[View]
110154142Does /co/ like fish sticks?[View]
110159541WATCHMENSCH Storytime in FULL COLOR: It is a Watchmen parody by Rich Johnston (Civil Wardrobe) and S…[View]
110160123Every bad decision or character design from the past decade has been his fault.[View]
110165790Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. 1/2: Okay /co/, I have a question. How well do you think an event…[View]
110165439Brainlet cartoons[View]
110165724How do you conceptualize what Rebecca sugar has drawn relative to everything?[View]
110157494Hey guys, I've developed this character and his name is Jorek. Basically he's a criminal b…[View]
110165450What do you think about a Men in Black and SU Crossover, were the MIB going on a mission to investig…[View]
110159309Epic Mickey thread: How much potential was wasted[View]
110165403And then it happened: he took out the chomp If Mario Kart was a Reality TV Show. Youtube it bitch.[View]
110161323WHO'S GOT A CLUE?[View]
110133644Why does Sugar not see potential in this?[View]
110159098What does /co/ think of a Malaysian made cartoon called Akis? Here's an episode of it. https://…[View]
110163235What are you gonna watch or currently watching /co/?[View]
110160558thoughts on the groke? the scariest character in a childrens cartoon ever made[View]
110164002gimme your thoughts on Disney's House of Mouse[View]
110161698Tempest Lamar[View]
110164262>we got a Mr. Doo here? I gotta call for a Mr. Doo[View]
110164647It's dangerous without this, /co/.[View]
110161234Is their World peace in the world of Uncle Grandpa: If Uncle grandpa dose that mean their is no chil…[View]
110100594ITT: Post panels or pages you enjoy[View]
110160160>its a /co/uple rides the Ferris Wheel episode[View]
110162131>It's another Tommy is evil story seriously?[View]
110163502Is this Loss?[View]
110160204Which duck does it better?[View]
110160376>Hispanic Female characters And why are the best?[View]
110145159This show is fucking garbage.[View]
110161854https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P21XET3Yggk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGtL1zComqQ What did the…[View]
110153720...did they actually rip off Candlejack?[View]
110159591DOOM: Why is Victor doing that pose? What did he mean by this?[View]
110139976What are some cartoons that have been ruined by memes and now discussion has been rendered impossibl…[View]
110159444I'm excited for this because of the lineup but don't know anything from the writer other t…[View]
110163817MADE in Georgia[View]
110161622Meanwhile on /co/ in 2008... >Using a C list character general audiences wouldn’t know about inst…[View]
110160770MIDDLEWEST ISSUE #11: 1-10 storytime here https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/109632081/#109632668…[View]
110162251The hottest comic of all time: The hottest comic of all time[View]
110163699Gary Larson's The Far Side May Be Returning: Looks like comic kino is back on the menu, boys. h…[View]
110157159Post waifus: Whose feet we never get to see.[View]
110145043Finally watched Ikari Gozen and Kagami is hands down best girl.[View]
110159076Her name was Lola She was a showgirl...[View]
110159518How are they so perfect?[View]
110157328>Minding your business, having a nice day on Earth-4965. >This smug bitch unmake your reality …[View]
110161785Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 5: Round 4 Finale: >>110159631 Round 5 Poll: Countdown: https://itsalmo.s…[View]
110163014Like it or not, Rick and Morty is THE high-concept science fiction cartoon. No other animated show c…[View]
110146857Left or right?[View]
110163460How come whenever controversy/corruption/mistreatment happens in a Western studio it becomes a hot-b…[View]
110158306immortal hulk: this says a lot about our society[View]
110160074Don't you get it anon? You see the hat? I'm Ms. /co/ 2019.[View]
110163160Why the fuck is Matt and Trey shilling a Chinese conspiracy? Did Trump finally managed to break thei…[View]
110162180CartoonMania the Movie: Is it kino? https://youtu.be/kUvdNAb-r74[View]
110159716What did you guys think of Mister Miracle? I was watching this comic review called Zack. He was a ve…[View]
110161343What are some changes you actually like from Post-Crisis to New 52? I'll start with one. I neve…[View]
110111122Dark Crystal COMICS thread: Let's talk about the official sequel comic series to the Dark Cryst…[View]
110162060Does anybody know were these Venom and Carnage pictures originated?: Does anybody know were these Ve…[View]
110094848You know 'Pulling a Star Butterfly' should become a phrase that means genocide on a multiversal scal…[View]
110161641Jenny and Gadget decide have to team up. How does the team up go?[View]
110158825I think my respect for Kyle Carrozza just went up.[View]
110159091Can you tell me which are the x-men comics to start ?: Neal Adams or jack Kirby ?[View]
110160961Spider-Man: How many pages of the Amazing Spider-Man are there between issue #1 in 1963 and the late…[View]
110159631Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 4 (Final): Round 4 Thread 6: >>110152372 Round 4 Poll: https://docs.googl…[View]
110157860How would you describe Adam Warlock's personality, his motivation? (Also, if they bring him int…[View]
110146818>Welcome to the Fursona Dimension >Your fursona fights a corrupt government and also demons…[View]
110157785>Jon is upset he isn't allowed into Teen Titans >His Dad Superman signs him up to go to L…[View]
110156851Could he lift Thor's hammer?[View]
110161082LAZARUS Greg Rucka - RPG book: can anybody help me get a pdf of the world of Lazarus - it is expandi…[View]
110143662The protagonists of the last cartoon you watched are now the protagonists of the last anime you saw.…[View]
110151996man they dropped the ball hard[View]
110154039TTG vs Teen TItans: Thoughts Anyone? You still interested or are you all not gonna bother with it? h…[View]
110158993Cast the MCU's mutants: If the rumors about Xavier being black are true, I think David Oyelowo …[View]
110160088Clark Kent?: more like Clark Cuck[View]
110160423>Inhumans >Asgardians >Vampires >Eternals >Skrulls How many nonhuman societies exist …[View]
110159315New video from Pilotredsun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFdE__2OKc8[View]
110159476I'm makin a hard right at Saratoga[View]
110156236I'm a bus Where do you wanna go?[View]
110125725Castlevania: Was it any good?[View]
110142192ava's demon[View]
110154858Why are Tamaraneans seen as inferior?[View]
110158681Thoughts on anon-lurker?[View]
110126520Rise of the TMNT: Rise of the TMNT made its debut one year ago. (While I had to look to tumblr to fi…[View]
110151355There, i fixed she ra, wasnt so hard[View]
110157279You kid is a mutant.What do you do?[View]
110156948Does this mean Logan has bone claws now?[View]
110159811You're dealin with a few true villains: Who stand inside of the booth truth spillin' till …[View]
110149626>Welcome to /co/'s Corner. What are you looking for?[View]
110159692>hype up Flex for like 5 episodes >does fucking nothing This whole time I was thinking that we…[View]
110152190Damn, rewatching. The Incredible Hulk opening sequence introduces a lot of info.[View]
110149368What does it take to make a ship ?: How do ships get popular ? What does it take to make a ship popu…[View]
110158277Super Incel: No waifu can stop him.[View]
110139559Why does everyone hate organic webshooters?[View]
110159396Whoa there's more crocubots?[View]
110159370MUST...SAVE...THE BRAIN![View]
110157838Is Peter Parker addicted to heroism? Or is he a slave to the Spider-Sense and just can't walk a…[View]
110158901Who is your favorite superhero: Mine is ironman https://youtu.be/k3kYms1Yhmc Remember when they had …[View]
110156952Area 51 time: post alien-related /co/ moments[View]
110157867Zatanna has gone rogue. Using her magic, she has enslaved Power Girl, and after becoming bored with …[View]
110153218Dogisaga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpKraFVIS5U Did she invent her own language?[View]
110153280Want half a Mounds bar?[View]
110158703Buster, why are you buttering your hand?[View]
110158966Is this kino?[View]
110154413Will Mickey ever appear?[View]
110151928Explain your fucking selves: Just got caught up on Bendis's Superman and Young Justice. It…[View]
110158666Marco and The Forces Of Rock Thread: Haven’t done one of these in a bit.[View]
110154982Winnie the pooh is an asshole. Discuss.[View]
110152164Growing up in comics: What are some big 2 characters that actually age? Spider-Man and Nightwing com…[View]
110151865I am darkness...I am the night...I...am...[View]
110156186the Batman Beyond retcon 'Bruce was actually Terry's real father the whole time!' is awful stor…[View]
110157759What are some good books about animation? Theory, history, technique, philosophy, whatever.[View]
110140513Whoever draws Empowered needs to go back to art school or get a real job. That ain't what the h…[View]
110152990Uhh this is wrong guys[View]
110143985> > > > l o o k . . . . Luke Cage…[View]
110157117ITT: /co/ moralfags[View]
110148078filename thread[View]
110156407Ultron's whereabouts?: >Ultron, as last attempt to save himself, hijacks the quinjet that Hu…[View]
110157814What are some good comics featuring Nuclear Man?[View]
110154531If you were turned into a female dragon, what would you do /co/?[View]
110139825Contenders for the worst cartoon series of all time[View]
110157734All the criticisms of SU aside, this is a really well drawn expression. It basically summarizes her …[View]
110144871Based Sucrose: Madwoman so based it gives you feels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbBaGRboDVs…[View]
110157091Quitely sketch: >Almost have a Damian in an adorable tiny Earth-2 hybrid Bat/Robin costume >Do…[View]
110152372Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 4 (Part 6): Last thread: >>110148653 Round 4 Poll: https://docs.google.co…[View]
110151803What is Arishem's problem?[View]
110157372Post Rita[View]
110147352Prove me Wrong: Prove me Wrong[View]
110156551What would happen if Goku existed in the Ben 10 Universe? How powerful would Ben be?[View]
110156260/tv/ here can spider man fall to his death?[View]
110157208Rick and Morty: >.emit lla fo wohs krowteN nootraC lufsseccus tsom eht si ytroM dna kciR snaem si…[View]
110155712Which is the best origin story for Sandman? Do you like the freak lab accident on sand origin story …[View]
110154045Does Xavier's whole thing have a plan for when he dies? Did I miss it[View]
110157047Fusion: Post fusions that make perfect sense.[View]
110156053Cartoon idea: Say, There’s a guy who’s autistic, kind of a slob, likes to play games, look at memes,…[View]
110156635Would this series work if the gender were reversed[View]
110153669'Our nation's capital was founded some 200 years ago on a stagnant swamp. And in some ways, ver…[View]
110138025Not many cartoons have an overtly racist bully character. He literally calls the mixed-race protag a…[View]
110156491'Can you guys help me? I keep hearing this loud, irregular ticking noise.' 'That's your heart. …[View]
110154777Spooky Shorts: To get in the season I've been going through a lot of stand alone and short grap…[View]
110156865What DC comics are you reading today? I'm considering reading up the preview to Legion of Super…[View]
110152664Who is Wonder Woman?: Can anyone answer this question once and for all?[View]
110156235Why do all the analysis posts on how Spinel is toxic result in someone identifying with Steven and i…[View]
110144413/MoVHS/ - Madagascar on VHS General: Discuss Madagascar on VHS[View]
110139921Animation Dark Age: What caused the dark age of cartoons that lasted from 2009 to early 2012? Fanboy…[View]
110153679ROBOT FUCKING[View]
110142383So has Hank Hill ever been wrong about anything, or is he the chad, white conservative, flawless, MA…[View]
110155828Loki vs Dr Strange: Its not fair that a 40 yr old person is much greater in magic compared to a 1500…[View]
110148006Steven Universe: GUN: The melee weapons in Steven Universe are replaced with guns from episode 1. W…[View]
110138104>Illegal Batman (fan comic, 1989): bad guys kidnap a woman and cut off her face. Batman goes to r…[View]
110155111Heathcliff teaches the mice.[View]
110153866Just read this. What did I think of it?[View]
110142445I literally love Star Butterfly: I don't even know how to explain it, but I am deeply enamored …[View]
110156158Hello there /co/! I am a perfectly normal human worm baby, you have nothing, absolutely nothing to f…[View]
110154098Hey /co/, would you watch a cartoon starring George Liquor, American Hero?[View]
110156190Rugrats: JBHifi had this on sale, when does it turn shit? Just got up to the episode where Spike run…[View]
110068040How's Your Webcomic? #595: What's beautiful to you? Do you have trouble depicting it the w…[View]
110154031What would happen if Zim lost his voice? For a month?[View]
110136985Some Other Day: So, let's recaptulate. Amazing Spider-Man current writer, Nick Spencer, is slow…[View]
110146085Visiting from /m/ here, How would the Marvel universe deal with the 'special creatures', most import…[View]
110155518Whole Steven Universe lore is just Sapphire and Steel rip-off[View]
110153796>Nathalie, you must never use the peacock again, it's too dangerous! The plan doesn't m…[View]
110154431Why do plebs like his writing so much?[View]
110155539>CURSE YOU, VERONICA! >why is your pathetic female mind INFATUATED with CHAD when I, the SUPRE…[View]
110104092Thoughts on channel awesome[View]
110145280>IT’S TIME FOR[View]
110155375Scooby: How'd you like Scooby Doo: Return to Zombie Island? Also there's going to be a new…[View]
110154649Wayne Boring appreciation thread: >read Superman comic >”wtf this is perfect, who illustrated …[View]
110144446The Fireman and the White Lodge replaces the Presence and the TOAA in DC and Marvel respectively. Wh…[View]
110153656Ramona Victoria Flowers is my wife![View]
110148623Would she have been desperate and smitten enough for a relationship with Bart if he admitted it?[View]
110140259CEREBUS STORYTIME: Part 19: This is it, the part we've all been waiting for. This thread contai…[View]
110147579Short animated films: Any kind of animated short film is welcome. Stop motion, 3DMM, traditional ani…[View]
110152631A scene like this should be in Space Jam 2[View]
110149867Star Skipper: Because Paramount Animation decided it needed a mascot for some reason. https://www.yo…[View]
110154981Stardust the Super Wizard adaption when?[View]
110130207What does /co/ think of mao mao ? Personally i really like this show, we finally get to see a actio…[View]
110154485What is Moon Girl's mother staring at in the first panel? Is she having Nam flashbacks?[View]
110153422I just bought pic related.: What am I in for? Why is this roster so fucking god-tier? I have no idea…[View]
110135648>ITT: interesting or rare /co/ Pic: Mignola drawing a cover for Morrison (if only a parody comic)…[View]
110150806>effectively serve as glorified cannon fodder for the X-Men >somehow in the alternate timeline…[View]
110154423Have you ever designed a weapon or an armor?[View]
110152230Claire Kent - Super Sister storytime: That time Superboy’s sexism got him forcibly transformed into …[View]
110152081ITT: your favorite characters that get little recognition[View]
110136868What if Zim landed in Japan?[View]
110150601Zatanna has gone rogue. Using her magic, she has enslaved Power Girl, and after becoming bored with …[View]
110147086Hyped as fuck, just picked this signed copy of 2099 Unlimited. Anyone else buy any recent floppies?[View]
110152986Which one has better movies?[View]
110147240CAST THE ROGUES[View]
110148309Well that explains a lot.[View]
110141758who here has read MM&O? is there a site to read them all?[View]
110152994Should I take mine out of the shrink wrap? Picked this up to celebrate the event. I'm wondering…[View]
110153521Did she look better with black or blue hair?[View]
110133893DC Super Hero Girls: new short aka pam is best girl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1ATWXlEo80…[View]
110153004'What a terrible waste. Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such driver's ed …[View]
110152325The pink bird was obnoxious and the 3 baby birds kinda ruined the movie Apart from that it was a gre…[View]
110151313>Gets away with committing genocide[View]
110151300Can somebody on /co/ do me a huge favor?: Some guy started dumping scans of this rare comic in a thr…[View]
110153160Can you believe this was drawn by a tranny? I even think they are one of the /co/mblr spergs that in…[View]
110152985Something sweet: Does this have meme potential /co ?[View]
110152108are batman fans just really dark and edgy teenagers? >note that he is not the best superhero…[View]
110153104Crikey /co/ how was my top bloke Eduardo able to find his old mate Bart in that bulldust pit. It was…[View]
110149935Good looking food from cartooons[View]
110153043>no 500 years old loli TFW no legal loli concept exist in western media, only in chinese cartoon…[View]
110152280Dylan is sleeping.[View]
110148915>I'm Baman! >I'm Piderman[View]
110151434John 'Roch' Upchurch to make a proper comeback this December: LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #1 WRITER / AR…[View]
110136940Channel edits: Thursday trouble: ITT: Channelposting, Channel art, and Channel requests. Reminder to…[View]
110131569Is Superman a Gary Stu?[View]
110150791It's almost that time of year again, /co/. Are you excited for your annual rewatch of OTGW?[View]
110152609Here is your Kamala Khan /co/[View]
110138938This is Lex Luthor from Earth-47. He uses hallucinogens to experience the lives of other Lexes in th…[View]
110151097>he eat egg >egg come from bird >he bird cannibalism?…[View]
110151785Hulk...he wasn't happy.[View]
110152358Ivar Timewalker: This is great! I loved it! Sheer imagination, nice considerations about time travel…[View]
110152310Why does this movie get it? It took literal feelings panicking in fear saying >parents are stre…[View]
110150511Is leni the perfect /co/ waifu? I think so.[View]
110152244wallpaper: Share some of your fav comic panels[View]
110152200Why live in a society when you can Smash society?[View]
110150602Someone in the writing room actually thought this character was funny and also worth using in episod…[View]
110143898It wasn't that bad.[View]
110152059Can someone give me a rundown on the Superman family?: Or link me to one? I don’t know if I was read…[View]
110147644>”It’s popular so I hate it.”[View]
110145560would you?[View]
110152009Maya and the Three: Are you ganna watch the new show by Jorge Gutierrez? it looks like its gonna be …[View]
110050031Cute /co/ boys: Post'em[View]
110145790So, is there any Spanish Disney Princess? Since they're supposedly trying to represent every ra…[View]
110149420Anyone got scans of this comic? Some guy started posting some in another thread then abruptly stoppe…[View]
110140486This is Death: say something nice to her /co/[View]
110129935Disney's first Jewish princess?[View]
110148214How am I supposed to do the activity page if I pirated the comic though?[View]
110140408How are you supposed to care about the characters from the New 52 when they've lost decades of …[View]
110145822How would they fare in the MCU?[View]
110143258why don't you people ever talk about good comics?[View]
110150979Does Wolverine respect women?[View]
110149766I like the art of Alex Toth[View]
110133300What kind of character will it be? Will they make her stereotypical?[View]
110146935WI SU was a fantasy series?: With Elves and shit.[View]
110151130Comic Re/co/mmendations: Is issue 76 a good place to start the bronze age GL run[View]
110149503How owuld he fare in DC?[View]
110150485Mr Ratburn being gay is weird. Even though this episode came out 4 months ago.[View]
110148419>dude Disney is just a sequel machine now lmao Walt Disney Animation Studios, to date, has only m…[View]
110147185Reminder the biggest characters in this series are fags[View]
110150118Name 5 Disney films where you see a church.[View]
110147059Do you own any valuable comics?[View]
110118847Apparently, this never happened[View]
110150474What went wrong?[View]
110149883Area 51 raid: Tomorrow morning gonna be like[View]
110148653Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 4 (Part 5): Round 4 Thread 4: >>110145854 Round 4 Thread 3: >>11014…[View]
110139856Meta Runner: New episode is out after 3 weeks: https://youtu.be/Oqer6IjxsrQ This time we got a new g…[View]
110137345/co/'s thoughts on robert sugar creator of steven universe[View]
110143236How would you feel if Dc started a Super Team made of Alan Moore characters? Promethea, Swamp Thing …[View]
110148818>kindhearted oblivious character is actually super evil and more of a threat than the main villai…[View]
110147786So by any chance Clethus obviously survives like the country cockroach he is, how fucked is Peter…[View]
110142999Remember /co/co/ ... Good times[View]
110139050How come Batman can make the no-undies look work but he can't?[View]
110139499Thoughts on Bling Bling Boy as a character?[View]
110140257ITT: Status quo changes that lasted a surprisingly long time: Kara Zor-El was gone for almost 20 yea…[View]
110147284Are cartoons still made just to sell toys? Do kids still even buy toys?[View]
110149504ITT crossovers that should have happened[View]
110148255Give a list of fall feeling cartoons.[View]
110137393Dont know if this has been done yet, cant find anything in the archives so why not[View]
110148817Death to all cats.[View]
110145844I wonder if Universal would try to follow Sony's example and make a solo Hulk movie not set in …[View]
110148472choose /co/[View]
110145989>EVIL: >JEW >POOR MAN What were they thinking…[View]
110147394What are some good comics about the post apocalypse?[View]
110146251Tiny Titans Storytime: Time for best boy[View]
110148379Why do Avengers members that used to be villains do a better job at staying reformed than X-Men memb…[View]
110143154who was in the wrong here?[View]
110141597Owl House vs Glitch Techs: Which show do you feel will be the better show of next year?[View]
110146891HOW WOULD YOU FIX IT?: HARD MODE: You still have to do both Dark Phoenix and the mutant cure. NIGHTM…[View]
110146761Steven vs Everyone: How would Steven and the Gems deal with a villain that can't be beat by sin…[View]
110146512... Even as a kid, I never knew what was going on with the second picture from the left. What was it…[View]
110141779The Area 51 raid is tomorrow. What kind of comic books or cartoons do aliens from outer space like?[View]
110079707What a FUCKING BRAT[View]
110145809Horror Comics Thread: Since we're getting close to spooky month lets all discuss/post panels fr…[View]
110146362Holy shit this was awful. Why the fuck is this dopey child writing Marvel's flagship character …[View]
110145854Round 4 Thread 1: >>110135366 Round 4 Poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdV8SCSv…[View]
110147956>everyone suddendly hates this trilogy Why? I find the 3 parts, like with any Dreamworks trilogy,…[View]
110147832What are some alternate versions of Bat Man you like/you've made?[View]
110147607Woot: Look what just arrived. It's playtime.[View]
110122447its bad. not good: Okay so the influx of Daria thread recently(?) finally motivated me to get off my…[View]
110145780you shouldnt abuse the power of the solid[View]
110146398Undone: Just got done watching this. Anyone else here seen it? What did you think?[View]
110146966Netflix in Latin America accidentally leaked the release date of Bojack season 6.[View]
110144523/co/ lets get down to business to defeat...[View]
110142102DC - /mu/ Edition: If the Joker is David Bowie and Harley Quinn is Blondie, who's Batman? And t…[View]
110144067Why these mofos so important? They practically lead every team and know everyone.[View]
110147039Looking for American comics: Ideally an optimistic, bright young boy protagonist who goes on adventu…[View]
110136573I want to read Powers of X/House of X, but I haven't read X Men in a long time. How did Profess…[View]
110145463Post your deepest /co/-related lore. >Bugs always gets away because rabbits' feet are lucky…[View]
110141081what does /co/ think of damien?[View]
110143689'To me, my X-Men'[View]
110136095So is Noah Smith pretty much the indicator that Stan is not Hayley's biological father? Because…[View]
110109200G.I. Joe #1 >Tyranny is on the rise as Cobra topples governments and spreads its ruthless power a…[View]
110138674Mario, look what i made![View]
110137943Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns to co-star in animated feature “Rumble”: https://www.wwe.com/article/ww…[View]
110107547Supergirl #34 storytime[View]
110143313Will Disney/Pixar ever get out of their comfort zone and make an animated movie for adults?[View]
110135992Anyone looking forward for the Red Son adaptation?[View]
110137426Is there a single character more based than him in the entirety of the DCAU?[View]
110141904Aye, since it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, who is yer fave captain to eva rule da seas? For me, it wou…[View]
110143199TEAM THREAD!: > Share your favorite official team line ups. > Share official teams you would l…[View]
110144411Batman vs Valeria Richards: One can defeat Kryptonians through prep-time since he was 35 years old. …[View]
110126270does /co/ like alvin & the chipmunks? I remember liking the frankestein & werewolf movies[View]
110141083>cartoon character wears the exact same clothes every single day[View]
110136566Obscure Waifu Thread[View]
110139447Oswald thread: Mickey is a shitbag Oswald is based[View]
110056283/co/ General Drawthread: >> 110040524 Provide references for all requested characters and keep…[View]
110144466>tfw you don't have a cool uncle to teach you how to crush puss, a stern dad to teach you re…[View]
110143798recommend capeshit comics that make you cry.[View]
110142154What's the best season of this show, /co/?[View]
110142218Went to a garage sale and got all 4 of these for 4 dollars. Pretty good i'd have to say.[View]
110138199DOOM CARES NOT FOR BLONDES: Based, or Cringe? Is Doom, dare I say, literally, I say I say literally,…[View]
110140491>the killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents did it because of the joker What does /co/ thinks about this…[View]
110136082What do I need to do to be as cool as Thanos irl?[View]
110144293SHAKE! Did you pay those bills today?![View]
110145086Steven Universe the Movie: nothing is happening. nothing is happening. nothing is happening. the f…[View]
110143280Round 4 Thread 1: >>110135366 Round 4 Poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdV8SCSv…[View]
110144112I hear the Promethea comics are really acclaimed. Why? What kind of comic should I expect?[View]
110144445I really liked MCU Thanos. Wbu anon? Which thanos do you prefer?[View]
110139800Was she justified in her anger?[View]
110135122This post contains minor spoilers for Batman #77-#79. There’s an underlying tragedy about to rear it…[View]
110108449Boondocks is headed to HBO Max with 2 new seasons in 2020. Aaron McGruder will be involved in the re…[View]
110138068Which one?[View]
110134999For me, it’s Valentino[View]
110144189First time voice actors who nailed their performances.: Say what you will about the SU movie. Sarah …[View]
110140172What does /co/ think of the flintstone comic?[View]
110136853The Current State of Western Cartoons: Cartoons are in another dark age like the 70s what would you …[View]
110059764OK KO: Why did it flop?[View]
110143674DC Super Hero Girls: I didn’t have time to move away from the new Wi-Fi spinel, when the beta girl f…[View]
110137843The great debate[View]
110138239Thank you so much Xavier for forgiving all the times I've tried to commit genocide, I swear I w…[View]
110139320NINJIN: Anyone on /co/ watching Ninjin? Portuguese: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDgm57uVL…[View]
110142011NOOT NOOT[View]
110109036Pesterquest dave route is out: New content so this shouldn't get deleted It actually implies Br…[View]
110143011Admit it if this KINO came out today, completely unchanged, you would dismiss it as SJW pandering ga…[View]
110138594uploading animation to youtube cannot be one's major source of income. Maybe it used to be, for…[View]
110113613>The Animated designers create two nameless female Autobot just to pad out crowd scenes >Only …[View]
110140571I've been thinking. Who is the best villan on in a cartoon here? For me it's Slade. >Al…[View]
110126632What am I in for?[View]
110141158I'm not into comic books or graphic novels a lot but I've been reading Conan short stories…[View]
110126819People were saying Snyder is the new Johns in a thread, can we create a timeline of popular hacks? S…[View]
110141922Teen Titans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yxnW_VeuV8 >Cultural appropriation.…[View]
110140828Would Hal and Carol be a good couple?[View]
110111029Huh, I was expecting this to be released on 'fuck you it's January' like the first season. Didn…[View]
110143207How about we try something new for a change. Lets imagine one of the new titles that Bendis is on an…[View]
110143047Are you excited for the stealth JSA series?[View]
110105394SRMTHFG 15th Anniversary: Today is Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go 15th Anniversary! Hope Ci…[View]
110139265What some good puppet based content out there that you guys would recommend?[View]
110142822How many would you kill for her /co/?[View]
110142804Gwain Saga: This show genuinely baffles me. It gets hundreds of thousands of views. It's still …[View]
110137949Is it bestiality if they fucked?[View]
110136778What was his fucking problem?[View]
110139042It's become abundantly clear that Steven Universe is the Naruto of /co/. Everyone knows it…[View]
110131332Who was in the wrong here?[View]
110140453CLONE SAGA: How do you fix it?[View]
110140148Heka thread: Give her your love and support lads, shes gonna need it. Going against raven is not gon…[View]
110141046Does anyone else enjoy this run? Slott basically had the Surfer get a cute gf and take her on cosmic…[View]
110135943Ongezellig Thread: >Hey anon, just finished playing that eroge you sent, good stuff. I don't…[View]
110141558What is he listening to, /co/?[View]
110133959I'm still mad: Why the FUCK wasn't it Patchy the Pirate?[View]
110141605>gather the wolves, I want all of them out >you mean...everyone? >E V E R R Y U A N N N ! !…[View]
110132059Pictures of Nightwing's costume (and Ravager's) in Titans have finally leaked. The back lo…[View]
110133280Wait, I forgot we already had the LoSH in the New 52. Hwo does it work with Bendis' LoSH? I nev…[View]
110141399What did his royal majesty think of cartoon porn?[View]
110140159Is Spider-Man a Gary Stu?[View]
110141153what does /co/ think of Jason Todd?[View]
110140690why did the fairly odd parents add retarded cuck shit to their childrens cartoon[View]
110141611>Wirt never found out that he missed out on a qt gingergf[View]
110137318west tree hero force: Detour episode!: Woah! new episode of West Tree Hero force just dropped! http…[View]
110138167Prez: The First Teen President storytime[View]
110141546Justice Society Member Ages: according To Paul Levitz: Each of the JSAers is a tremendously complex …[View]
110139154Here's your wife bro.[View]
110115844>the entire mutant population has now seen Cyclops' cyclops[View]
110141375Is this the most kino character reveal in the history of /co/?[View]
110140927Are you ready for the upcoming new generation of cartoons?[View]
110140618Which one of them is fucking Marvel the most: Slott or Aaron?[View]
110133858Black Canary thread: WB butchered her looks in the upcoming BoP movie and Dinah is sad say something…[View]
110141070Just kiss already![View]
110139892What the fuck were they thinking with that original cover?[View]
110140925I want a sequel to this awesome animated film.[View]
110140441What was the most ambitious period in the history of western animation?[View]
110139858Do you believe that one day Disney will actually do something productive and interesting with The Mu…[View]
110139010>read Batman comic >”wtf this is perfect, who wrote this?” >Grant Morrison Every time…[View]
110100944How do you feel about this image?[View]
110136459Liō thread: If you’re a Liō fan, get in here. If you’re not, get in here anyway. You’ll like this, t…[View]
110133892What was the best Cape comic since Watchmen? Did Doomsday Clock live up to the hype?[View]
110108100You're put in charge of Nick, /co/. What's your first order of business?[View]
110076764(puts hand on your shoulder) ... Hey[View]
110140070https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6fgKZBkQ04 thoughts on Squidbillies?[View]
110138740>'Computer animation bad! Hand drawn good!' This little jab made me do a fuckin double take. I th…[View]
110138958So what does /co/ think of once and future?[View]
110137598Could he beat Thanos?[View]
110129542Why was this controversial? It's just trying to improve on the super simplistic cheap designs.[View]
110131836Just started watching this show with my gf. On season 2 now. When does it go bad?[View]
110136613Hey /co/, what cartoons do you watch when youre depressed? I really feel like i want to die and need…[View]
110139550What would happen if the idealized Seven from the in universe comics and films suddenly came to life…[View]
110135569Is Batman a Gary Stu?[View]
110129535Now that the dust has settled, I think we can all agree that: >the animation and Peter B were goo…[View]
110122334this was a pleasant surprise[View]
110135676What do you think of Invincible, by Robert Kirkman?[View]
110138979How do people not realize that Spinel is the gem equivalent of a shooter?[View]
110135595Why are professional voice actors so fucking terrible so often? Brilliant animators have their work …[View]
110139009MOTION CAPTURE: Are there any other Motion Capture animations besides Monster House that used a cart…[View]
110138334Talking Tom & Friends: The hiatus is over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShtmFVyC30s…[View]
110133829Here's your finale bro[View]
110136882How does /co/ feel about Male!Spinel?[View]
110124545Drawfags of /co/, when did you start drawing?: I feel like every artist I’m aware of started as a te…[View]
110135038Excuse me what the fuck[View]
110138921Transformers (2019): What do we think of it so far? Is it worth a read?[View]
110138905Why can he never have peace?[View]
110135246Was this also your tought on her name?[View]
110137891Smallville thread[View]
110138657So, I've heard there were screenings recently, what leaked?[View]
110135428So, will she be, you know, changed in the upcoming SCOOB movie?[View]
110138570Space lloyd: The only thing I remember is this thing,the love alien and the genderfuid alien.[View]
110138580Would they be good roommates?[View]
1101379585...4...3...2...1! WE /ASP/ NOW. >Paramount announced on Thursday that it is teaming up with WWE …[View]
110062312>still no info of thundercats roar and animaniacs 2020 Why WB are so incompetent…[View]
110133942>'Lisa, can I see you for a minute? >'Yes, Mr. Bergstrom?' >'Your homework is always so nea…[View]
110134096So /co/, What is The Plot for The Amazing World of Gumball Movie?[View]
110136070ITT: Things you forgot about.[View]
110132247comic books with dragons as the main character?[View]
110138154The New DC Super Hero girls short is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1ATWXlEo80 I understand w…[View]
110136638BOOM IT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cK8FPdYiKQ[View]
110134773You niggas who's up for some hoops?[View]
110135193Don't ask for much: I like putting stickers on stuff because I'm one of those sticker shit…[View]
110137935Rick and Morty could just as appropriately be called Dick and Morty.[View]
110127098Was Rorsach autistic?[View]
110128889Cut /co/ content: Let's start with music from the cut Jungle Book score https://www.youtube.com…[View]
110111790According to Jenny Nicholson, the only good Star Wars comics were Alan Moore’s pre-ESB comics since …[View]
110136753What a dirty book this is[View]
110117397CEREBUS STORYTIME: Part 18: In which the three aardvarks finally meet. Part 1: https://boards.firede…[View]
110136507Cartoons Suck Nowadays: Cartoons suck nowadays, what would you do to fix these three networks?…[View]
110137669Stacey: Post cute Stacies[View]
110123768Why tho[View]
110133621Could the Hank and friends beat the Monster House?[View]
110132385So it's confirmed right? Genlock killed Rooster Teeth? Good[View]
110132413What are your thoughts on Vengeance (specifically Badilino)?[View]
110136530Why were they so thirsty?[View]
110128318Were looking for the form A39[View]
110098999Unsounded: Shaensigin's down here dropping plot bombs all over the place.[View]
110131138Would a Celestial be able to lift Mjolnir?[View]
110137068johnny cockroach[View]
110130522Custom Pearl: >Select personal preference[View]
110133156https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbmKuBrDhow Has anyone played this yet? it came out yesterday It…[View]
110135675Is Golden Batman stronger than Batman?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP3GVbYi6Es[View]
110136441What does /co/ think of Margaux Needler from the upcoming animated Addam’s Family film?[View]
110133643WW's family: WW family team book? WW, Artemis, Donna and Cassie. With a good artist and a decen…[View]
110129729Is there any other show that upgraded from flash to traditional animation?[View]
110134673What X-Men is worth reading past Claremont? I'll post below what I've got in my to-read li…[View]
110131759Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
110134642Girls group movies: So , I just saw about the Winx club live action. With the second try on Birds of…[View]
110132787DC Cosmic is AMAZING. What are some DC Cosmic stories I'm missing?[View]
110131260>in order to fit in with a new generation of superheroes, golden age magician Zatara uses his mag…[View]
110133821Does anyone knows what comic this is? I have no fucking idea[View]
110118461He would be more interesting to see return than Tak. Prove me wrong.[View]
110131342>Thomas the tank engine >Good Also Thomas the tank engine thread…[View]
110134829What are some animated films women enjoy?[View]
110133498If this show removed these two characters it might actually be bearable to watch. Fuckit take out Be…[View]
110135483MAGNIFICENT MS. MARVEL #10: While Doctor Strange tries desperately to save the life of Kamala's…[View]
110130959How come they just do contract work and produce no animated content of their own?[View]
110134392DC Super Hero Girls: Is it just me or does Jess suffer more than the other girls on the show? https:…[View]
110119659Channel edits: Wednesday war: ITT: Channelposting, Jannelposting, Spinelposting, and so much more!…[View]
110134891Dumbing of Age: love triangles are forming[View]
110134446Red Hood Outlaw #38 Preview[View]
110130784THE REAL LUDMILLA![View]
110133047ITT: Semen demons[View]
110130618ITT: Characters voiced by singers who don't sing in their show[View]
110132590Fantasy Henches Thread: There was a thread like this a week ago. No one seemed to make a new one so …[View]
110128498ITT: painfully mediocre.[View]
110130830what gave Mr burns the right to send homer to an insane asylum for wearing a pink shirt[View]
110133098What are some characters from other media that would easily fit in x-men team?[View]
110132508Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3 (Final): Round 3 Thread 5: >>110125749 Round 3 Poll: https://docs.googl…[View]
110133689Hey, it’s Zaheer[View]
110124741So volume 11 released today. Anyone got there hands on it yet? Anyone else like empowered?[View]
110132545Did robot morty become sentient because when copying morty's mind, rick recreated how smart mor…[View]
110130714Is it healthy for a little girl to have a spider as a friend?[View]
110133602Mario Kart: And then he did it, he took out the chomp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knM_f2OXkRU h…[View]
110087851So how would Hank Hill do if he was the one to marry Rose Quartz and have Steven as a son?[View]
110133926And even when your hope is gone MOVE ALONG MOVE ALONG JUST TO MAKE IT THROUGH[View]
110134209Bark Kent, Daily Planet.[View]
110133506>Prince and heir of the most awesome and richest and powerful civilization of the Universe >No…[View]
110131730>he was more awesome in the LA dub, because he shared voice with Wolverine from the 90s X-Men TAS…[View]
110130159Modern kids TV needs to be more extreme.[View]
110125620How come DC never introduced the Legends or a Legends-like team in the comics?: Seems like an obviou…[View]
110134054>Character dies in a comic a well meaning way >Gets brought out of nowhere…[View]
110122687Lex Luthor? more like Lex Puto.[View]
110124035Winx Club thread: Here’s your Winx Club bro. The live action Winx show sounds awful.[View]
110131866Left, right or center?[View]
110132405Are the X-Men even technically heroes any more? All they seem to do is fight and/or have sex with ea…[View]
110065335Would peridot have been better if they kept the asian influences going? She seems pretty popular in …[View]
110131224Power Girl has gone rogue. Zatanna has disintegrated her using magic, Power Girl's one weakness…[View]
110131646What would a slice of life 2099 Spider-Man be like?[View]
110130729Why is he so unbearable to listen to?[View]
110131408No seriously, is JG blacklisted from the industry because of whatever shit going down? What happened…[View]
110132913From the Jack crossover, hanging plot points got written out unceremoniously while new plot developm…[View]
110129924C'mon, Cartoonnetwork. You gave us a bunch of crossovers the last couple of years. Just put out…[View]
110132763what if Disney announced they would adapt pic related into a full feature film and keep it 2D?[View]
110130870Why is the Garfield website not updating? I need my daily fix of Garfield[View]
110130981What was his problem?[View]
110132740Meanwhile in the Early kino 2000s....[View]
110130271Marvel solicits today?[View]
110125203Why didn't Barry hook up with Caitlin?: They have better chemistry than Barry and Iris and it…[View]
110132616>it's been over 2 years since Pickle Rick: >https://youtu.be/BmJQWRw7Yvw…[View]
110116915Lex Luthor Year of the Villain #1 STORYTIME: You've read Riddler's tale about how he needs…[View]
110131079fuck you I liked it[View]
110130645'Well, only one in 2 million people has what we call the 'evil' gene. Hitler had it. Walt …[View]
110130634Denzel Washington Rumored To Play MCU's Magneto: http://epicstream.com/news/JudithAnneDelaCruz/…[View]
110124937Steve, this isn't right. You should go back to your friends. I love you, I truly do, but you…[View]
110121922Puss in Boots Series: Honestly the ending to this Netflix series was really disappointing[View]
110130450Awful Awful character[View]
110131222>Be me >Be 6,2 ft >Tall women fetish >This will never happen to me It's not that I …[View]
110129756Webshooters or Organic Webs?[View]
110120969Next on the Netflix chopping block: >Tuca and Bertie: got woke, went broke >12 Forever: got wo…[View]
110129901Gotham's crimelords enter a gangwar with Marvel's NYC crimelords the heroes decide to sit …[View]
110130262Which one did a better job of the whole time travel shtick?[View]
110131805She shouldn't have been standing in the middle of the street.[View]
110131870Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why didn't they renew this show for a sixth season?[View]
110130909Whatever happened to this?[View]
110131611What’s the /co/nsensus on Carrie Kelley?[View]
110125616my show hasn't even come out, why does everyone hate me i am just babey[View]
110129090Just to let you all know. When they fuse, those 30 mins they fuse, they are unstoppable. Imagine th…[View]
110080820What are your favorite art books?[View]
110130722MCU Wolverine. Phase 5: Potential spoilers for the future of the MCU. According to my source Marvel …[View]
110127475I've noticed that a lot of Millennials tend to defend Batman Forever from haters, due to childh…[View]
110091953what do you think the odds are of a tiny toons reboot ever happening?: >topic title…[View]
110129108Why wont he do naruto run? It would be faster[View]
110128143Requiem: This is never going to get finished, is it?[View]
110129443Can we have a thread dedicated to all the cartoon canines, felines, rodents, dragonesses, etc. out t…[View]
110124019A reminder that the entire plot of Batman: Europa is essentially just Bane aggressively shipping Bat…[View]
110131142Dear marvelfags and spiderbros, I grew up watching Spider-man TAS. In my europoor country we did hav…[View]
110131529>ITT: shows that are only remembered for their waifus[View]
110114957Tony Stark: Iron Man #16 Storytime: 'The Ultron Agenda' Part One. Long Live the Social Flesh![View]
110130517The Superior or The Amazing Spider-Man: Which Spider-Man do you guys prefer?[View]
110128103If Star vs. The Forces of Evil just ended with its first season finale, how differently would it be …[View]
110130926Pete gets his own show what happens ?[View]
110131169Not you too, Batman![View]
110131137C O N S I D E R[View]
110120398I have the insatiable need to fuck Pam's brains out. It's bullshit how she's treated …[View]
110131051Season 2 airs tomorrow, are you excited?[View]
110131026They're gonna revive the idea into a movie right?[View]
110104818History of the Marvel Universe #3 Storytime: History lesson time! Last month's thread: >…[View]
110125749Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3 (Part 5): Round 3 Thread 4: >>110122089 Round 3 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110117524Savage Sword of Conan #9 STORYTIME[View]
110128885Your OTP could never[View]
110130417Unironically based[View]
110130554Lucifer: Well this certainly isn't as bad as the first sequel, has some legitimately good momen…[View]
110128749She was not evil. She wanted her place of employment to remain clean of animal filth. She was doing …[View]
110123981'Hey landlord, some clown padlocked my apartment and put an eviction notice on the door.' 'Yeah. Tha…[View]
110130040Best of /co/: Lets post the best /co/ has to offer[View]
110130392Why does Francine carry around Steve's severed head a lot?[View]
110126547BEST SUPERMAN RUNS/STORY ARCS: >watched plenty of animated Superman >Never read a comic run or…[View]
110130005What does /co/ think of her[View]
110128279Which series had the better credits song?[View]
110129938>It's an 'Elena expels the conversos from her kindgom' episode[View]
110130136What you doing today Anons?[View]
110130068Where the idea that villains have to be sympathetic or relatable?, It's okay to a straight evil…[View]
110129473Storks (2016 film): Imagine a world where, for millions of years, the alternative to having a baby t…[View]
110122005How do you think the heroes from the Big Two would fare against Candlejack? I don't think he…[View]
110129640>Make R rated gore fests >Warner Bros hires you to be the head of PG 15 Superhero movies >H…[View]
110125922Sad Aquaman: Hey anon why people dont make storytimes about my book anymore? Im the only character t…[View]
110129454Heathcliff wants to eat fish.[View]
110126498I'm a God, Kal-El. How can you kill a God? What a grand and intoxicating innocence.[View]
110126640>Hey Steven, why don’t you ever take me and Carl on any space adventures with your weird alien sp…[View]
110128991Infinity Train Disscussion: Curious about what /co/ thinks about Infinity Train. I personally love t…[View]
110129805With only 5 more episodes left and we head closer to the finale what are you expectations? Apparentl…[View]
110129515Azzarello's Birds of Prey now Black Label: TL;DR from Rich the leech >All orders of the seri…[View]
110109566House of X 5 discussion thread continued. Storytime and previous discussion >>110103871 >…[View]
110126071Now that the dust has settled, was Shrek Forever After a good movie?[View]
110126461>incompetent >female slapstick >outsmarted by animals frequently How can she be so perfect?…[View]
110103698Absolute Carnage Storytime: Today's Absolute Carnage titles >Absolute Carnage #3 >Absolut…[View]
110127956I've got bad news, everyone.[View]
110119742'Voice acting' isn't acting, prove me wrong you can't[View]
110127399Whose horse was it?[View]
110114158'Come, friend Donald. To the Galar region! Adventure awaits!'[View]
110126642>read Batman comic >”wtf this is perfect, who wrote this?” >Jeph Loeb Every time…[View]
110129014Are modern cartoons are good or bad?[View]
109991896ITT: girls with canon big tits[View]
110124260Is Superman’s power a factor in why many people currently struggle to connect with him?[View]
110127164Name a better couple.: go ahead, I'll wait.[View]
110129092When's he gonna put out something new?[View]
110125587Power Girl has gone rogue. Zatanna has disintegrated her using magic, Power Girl's one weakness…[View]
110123636>We haven't made anything with this film. >There's a reason for that.…[View]
110075605/Shelf/ + Recent Buys: Last thread died too early and I couldn't wait to post my newest haul ed…[View]
110129064Remember that time Bender kidnapped Jessica Rabbit?[View]
110128969I thought this was cool and want to share it with ya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzBrfW7Ipzg Was…[View]
110124517Since 2020 is around the corner, what will his story be?[View]
110127875>Bulkhead vs One Vehicon Barely beats him >Bulkhead vs 1,0000 Vehicons Bulkhead fucking bulldo…[View]
110115646Sunny Miami[View]
110090064This is out. What do you think? >inb4 eww jewflix hide Here's the first 5 minutes on youtube…[View]
110125891What are some comics where the lead gets a cute manic pixie dream gf like pic related?[View]
110053466how the fuck did he become so smart[View]
110123987Would their relationship work?[View]
110122197What a depressing fucking film. I felt like I was dying along with them.[View]
110116997For me, it's Giganta.[View]
110127319>The dalmatians get covered in black soot >'We'll have a dalmatian plantation' How the fu…[View]
110111812>He's the gay gargoyle >Nobody cares >Gay people loves Brooklyn more What happened?…[View]
110127422>that time Batman had a cute ebony gf straight from the third world[View]
110108418Tell me about Black Mask. Why doesn't he wear the mask?[View]
110126615What was the idea behind Sixsix having an older brother named Sevenseven?, Why not just have them as…[View]
110127984What are some good one-shots to keep an eye on? manga and European too I guess no more than 48 page…[View]
110125491Where in the world are you, Carmen Sandiego is here: Season 2 is almost here, time for more geograph…[View]
110128048Meanwhile in some school or something[View]
110124100Will we ever make comics again?[View]
110111021Alex Hirsch under investigation for tax evasion: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/lanow/al…[View]
110123265Digeri Dingo and Wendal T Wolf[View]
110111689Whats the difference in their characters? I hear DC is gods pretending to be human and marvel is the…[View]
110119530RIP Cyclops: Now he must watch from hell as his clone lives adventures in his name. He will never co…[View]
110126151Can't stop wondering if Selina ever farts in front of Bruce. They are practically married.[View]
110125870>El Tigre! I will crush your head between my thighs of destruction![View]
110127177WHY DID IT END ANONS![View]
110123673Comfy Family Guy thread.[View]
110122133Childhood thread: Let's talk about the shows and channels we watched when we were kids. >Wha…[View]
110091561Kill Six Billion Demons KSBD: Dusk >The Great Outdoor Fight begins…[View]
110126777Tank Girl Thread: Tank Girl is for __________[View]
110126862Even before Rick and Morty, how did pickles ended up being the meme food of cartoons?[View]
110124513What if they had a father/son dynamic instead?[View]
110126936fuck jasper when's her episode[View]
110126652Disenchantment: Why is the guy visibly naked and not the girl? It's sexist.[View]
110124033>white emo kid fresh out of art school decides to create a children's tv show >makes the …[View]
110104677Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom..[View]
110124695Does anyone here give a shit about animation as form and the specifics only it can accomplish or are…[View]
110126602But really, how sociopathic do you have to be to try to tell the first human beings you've seen…[View]
110125271Comics and cartoons? More like, homosexual baboons![View]
110123958WB Developing 'Justice Society of America' Movie: Cast it. https://dccomicsnews.com/2019/03/15/warne…[View]
110121216Is he based or cringe?[View]
110086657web animation waifus: Post animations with good waifu material warning: there is some gore https://w…[View]
110122317>'You're the last Kryptonian' >'Actually there was this girl' >'And a dog'…[View]
110122444PIXAR DOES IT AGAIN: This scene wrapped up Woody and Bo's love, Woody and Buzz's friendshi…[View]
110123977amazon squad comics by joe bennett: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/512059320/joe-bennetts-amaz…[View]
110114641Twelve Forever Canceled: Fuck, first Tuca and Bertie, now this... https://twitter.com/shadipetosky/s…[View]
110125720>went over budget with Genlock >took money from other shows to fund it >killed one of their…[View]
110125437>IT'S A SHE... >IT'S A SHE... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXKLcClzTIs…[View]
1101242552019 I am forgotten[View]
110125605if everyone knew that alien weaks to kryptonite why noone ever using it ?[View]
110124963How would the Young Wizards fare in Marvel/DC universes?[View]
110124998Hey /co/. I bought into the recent Red Sonja Humble Bundle, and looking at the list of stuff I'…[View]
110125105Who was in the wrong here?[View]
110125077What went wrong?: >won’t be released in America for another 2.5 months >already has shitty rev…[View]
110125233Male empowerment![View]
110122925animation writing: has anybody here ever done it in a professional setting before? what's it li…[View]
110125432Name me a better bro you'd love to live next to. No waifus allowed You can't Ave Caesar!…[View]
110122143How would Old Man Henderson fare in Marvel or DC?[View]
110124429Find a flaw.[View]
110122472Miracle Man 19[View]
110118630What if Steven went to school?: What if Steven actually had to go to school? Also, just to make this…[View]
110115676>the plan is simple >we friendzone the Batman…[View]
110119137Year of the Villain: Can anyone else not fucking wait for this year to be over?[View]
110120233JSA Storytime: Top 10: Good evening owls, on this slow train[View]
110123199Could Steven redeem him?[View]
110111628when did south park jump the shark? I feel like it's around the time Cartman's voice chang…[View]
110113736Too Loud!: Guess who's back Back again Too Loud's back No-one cares https://www.youtube.co…[View]
110124973Have you ever fallen in love with a capeshit character?[View]
110120262Who’s stronger? Thor or Hulk?[View]
110095142So what should we expect from the next two episodes of mao mao?[View]
110117639I get that Tony has to be in the suit so that fight scenes can have some tension but is there an in-…[View]
110120646Hey there, /co/. Y'all mind talking about Squidbillies with me for a little while?[View]
110119810I haven't watch super hero films since DP2 and got to ask any hardcore Marvel fans: Now that E…[View]
110121792Which one is Dick’s true love?[View]
110118773Why the fuck should anyone care about what Bendis is doing?[View]
110124564Titans' Nightwing[View]
110124191With the revelations in Batman 79: Was getting caught part of his plan?[View]
110124424Eat the pennies,/co/.[View]
110122035Why is French-Canadian animation so much better than everyone else's?[View]
110122269Is this really the first Cape comic that realistically examines PTSD and depression?[View]
110121929Jo-o-oe? He's lulled you to sleep again, Joe...[View]
110123378Riddle me this toy storyfags: If woody is REALLY the main character of the toy story series, then ho…[View]
110122428I always wondered, was Mim originally planned as a part of the main cast? She only got one big part …[View]
110120879YouTube Animation General: > youtube recommendations are terrible > searching 'animation' only…[View]
110107974Making a Supervillain for ms marvel kamala khan.: Making a Thematic Rogues Gallery for ms marvel kam…[View]
110123729Is the War of the Realms trade any good? Its $5 on Amazon now and I'm interested.[View]
110121032Test Animation for 'Me & My Shadow found: https://twitter.com/cartoonbrew/status/117439566935803…[View]
110124160>MILK MAKES YOU REALLY HARDCORE I dont get it[View]
110110298THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
110123340Is he right? Is it really the best Cape comic since Watchmen?[View]
110122089Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3 (Part 4): Round 3 Thread 3: >>110117061 Round 3 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110102238Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #3 Storytime: I mean, the cover says it all, doesn't it?[View]
110123600What does Jameson have against Super Heroes? Why does he spread so much fake news?[View]
110122226Why do people adore this character? He's such an unlikable asshole piece of shit, and in some u…[View]
110121374Does Tony Stark exist anymore?[View]
110123509>Today these ratings would be considered fantastic What will happen to CN?…[View]
110121897>'Let me just appear in one panel to confirm that I do, in fact, exist in the Old Man Logan timel…[View]
110119268ATLA/TLOK: >An answer for the fanfic writer question- Edition[View]
110122769I personally think that Sony should just let Spiderman go to Marvel so he can stay in the MCU on the…[View]
110119107Here's your sister bro.[View]
1101225762 more months guys and The Book of Pooh will be legally available again. You ready?[View]
110119771Amphibia's first season was essentially burned off in a month during the summer. What makes you…[View]
110121505Why was Captain Pronin so hype? It's better than it has any right to be. I want an HD remaster …[View]
110120851'Member Jetix?[View]
110117315Say something nice about Thor from Old Man Logan universe[View]
110121730Why couldn't Fry just marry Bender?[View]
109999426Horrorverse Thread: No Horrorverse thread on Friday the 13th? Let's fix that.[View]
110038100Sublime Sonichu Sub-Episode Sunday Storytime:: A lot of people who storytime Sonichu waste their tim…[View]
110118169>FOX hires an actual lady named Lisa Simpson to run talent relations. Is she friends with Doug Bo…[View]
110122242Tiny Titans Storytime: I think I caught the flu, so no storytime yesterday Let's see how much I…[View]
110120929tfw you realize shes a gen x power fantasy[View]
110118384Sonic Underground the movie - Showdown with The Boys - Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/AjCIAeo2u7E …[View]
110117894Someone died for this. Bruh, that’s so cringe.[View]
110115790William Stryker is attacking the X-Mansion. Dubs to see who escapes.[View]
110121833JJ Abrams brought back Star Trek and Star Wars and they were both huge hits. Do you think his Spide…[View]
110101269why is pink so awful?[View]
110119308Death's head #3 storytime: With future king of Space Teddy[View]
110113286>Anti Monitor is a hero now are you fucking shitting me?[View]
110102115Superman #15 Storytime: The Fate of Jor-El and the House of El. 'The Unity Saga' Conclusion![View]
110118541what are some good, active webcomics, /co/?[View]
110118863Would this work?[View]
110115288I am not particularly well-versed in Simpsons jokes, so will anyone please explain this one to me?[View]
110105103Just FYI, Marvel's Spider-man is back, and the Superior Spider-man arc is pretty fun so far.[View]
110117186you have five seconds to explain why this cutie isn't your favorite gem[View]
110118825Steven! You gotta come on. Jus'... you gotta come with me. I got a surprise for you, Steven. Co…[View]
110116487Jeph Loeb era of Superman For All Seasons >>109858567 Part 1 >>109885883 Part 2 >>…[View]
110119546Why is Peacemaker so batshit insane? The guy seems like every single cliches of an Objectivism combi…[View]
110119241ITT: worst moments in /co/ history: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flBw1ELNDr0 >it has been 10 y…[View]
110107212The Current State of The MCU[View]
110118811>No one cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman[View]
110109084>some peoples have mistaken character for a female[View]
110110309The Muppets: What went wrong here?[View]
110106287She Ra: Do you still love catra, even after s3?[View]
110120116How would you adapt this into a TV show like The Boys or a movie like Deadpool or whatnot. If you wa…[View]
110120307Who's there?[View]
110111199'Annihilation Scourge' Event Full Solicitations Revealed: Decided to make a new thread about this be…[View]
110120177Your client is charged with the crime of acting gnarly. How do you plead?[View]
110115430More Details On Disney+'s LOKI And How It Connects To THOR: LOVE & THUNDER: >LOKI center…[View]
110111566For me, it’s Ned Leeds.[View]
110119492>Tfw the good guys win, getting the villian to give back the company, and rescuing the planet in …[View]
110117452>Been watching Ducktales and loving it >autistic dipshit in my DnD group trys to be relevent a…[View]
110119885>ywn live in an universe where Wonder Woman had her own 90's animated series…[View]
110098277Terra is for forgiveness![View]
110119752/co/‘s thoughts on GamTav: Could this ship have worked?[View]
110119583BoP: Test Footage: https://youtu.be/ptLZlrE8MrQ Trailer: https://youtu.be/Zk_LJzZr5i8[View]
110119642ITT: Marvel/DC universe ideas: A version of DC Earth where everyone's a wrestler, everyone…[View]
110111352Would you?[View]
110119577Who's next after hot Mim?[View]
110101604Gunnershit Fuck: Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh[View]
110117061Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3 (Part 3): Round 3 Thread 1: >>110109786 (Cross-thread) Round 3 Poll: ht…[View]
110119280Does Anne listen to Death Grips?[View]
110118840The only VLD arc that was good.[View]
110113362Wouldn't it have been better to release this closer to Halloween?[View]
110112573I've only been familiar with this character since Superior Foes and the current Spider-Man. Pri…[View]
110063976NO! FUCK YOU!: http://archive.is/ziS8F[View]
110111918So in the world of RWBY there are Cat, Monkey, Rabbit, etc Faunus', but are there cow girl Faun…[View]
110115961Itt: underrated gems: Batman kino https://youtu.be/G8-OO6TPj7Q https://youtu.be/Jsr7az0Uhsk https://…[View]
110117193>fuckhueg state of the art submarine >stuffed to the brim with awesome weaponry gadgets and ve…[View]
110112009This week's Star Wars comics >Age Of Resistance Rey #1 >Age Of Resistance Rose Tico #1 …[View]
110097616>a world where even the Jocks are goth[View]
110101650We got another one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg06xOuLjf0[View]
110103346Channel edits: Morning minutes: ITT: Channel edits and edit requests.[View]
110116255VENTURE BROS THREAD: Favorite season, episode, character, joke, one off character? What will Dean an…[View]
110116794What was their problem?[View]
110111933Retcons you actually agreed with in comics and the MCU/DCU movies. I’ll start: >successful busine…[View]
110118015You have to plan an pleasant evening with these two including dinner and entertainment. You may chos…[View]
110105587Magnificent Ms. Marvel #7[View]
110118029I haven't made a thread in a while, haven't i?[View]
110112099Custom Pearl: What does your Pearl look like?[View]
110115233Is this the right option?[View]
110114141So you know what would make Fairly Odd Parents really weird? Realize Cosmo Wanda and most of the fai…[View]
110117707I miss the Military-Action Supes genre of the 90's. Why'd it die? It was like GI Joe mixed…[View]
110113686The Eternal Debate[View]
110116715Wtf happened to Cartoon Hangover? It used to be a channel with their own content, several cartoon se…[View]
110113826New Batman game incoming?[View]
110117438Got to peep the Shang Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings cast list: >Steven Yeun is cast as vil…[View]
110117351If I saw Emmy do this with my pipe, I'd disassemble her.[View]
110112642THE BOONDOCKS: We’re getting two new seasons (24 episodes total) on HBO Max. Aaron Mcgurder will be …[View]
110116858New 52: >Bendis coming to DC >Tom King on Batman >Cancelling Batwomans marriage >The Jus…[View]
110108561ITT: characters who absolutely, positively did nothing wrong, contrary to the writers intent or in-u…[View]
110115842Super Skrull from Captain Marvel XXX Parody. Thoughts /co/?[View]
110111281So, do YOU know?[View]
110100616Adult swim exec here. Any ideas for new shows?[View]
110116498Why is she so perfect bros[View]
110116327If the people of Adventure Time live in the land of Ooo, does that make them Ooomers?[View]
110116617Chubby guys of /co/: Bigger is better. Post em[View]
110115266What the actual fuck was his problem?[View]
110104234Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Storytime: Good morning... Grab a cup of coffee and come get your dose of…[View]
110115337>Great cast >Impressive fight choreography >Immense world building >Unique character des…[View]
110115283NEVER MISSED.[View]
110087342Rogues Gallery Challenge: Make a new and interesting Aquaman villain that provides a unique challeng…[View]
110111322An animator on the film just posted animation tests for this cancelled Dreamworks film. https://www.…[View]
110105347You are resurrected as one of these characters, which one is it?[View]
110114013Don't worry folks. I got this.[View]
110114988In their neverending chase for srs grimdark edginess, do you think DC movies will ever get rid of ca…[View]
110116374Let's be honest, this is what happened to /co/ when Steven Universe introduced Spinel[View]
110116289Worst Episodes.[View]
110115004Holy Roman Empire, Batman![View]
110114618Stylization thread: Could also be a redesign thread i guess, just post characters in styles theyre n…[View]
110114931What's the biggest comic you own? Do you ever double dip on different editions?[View]
110114789Did you guys like this show? I'm 20 years old and I used to watch it when I was really young. S…[View]
110105852Why is he so cute?[View]
110107530Ahsoka is a slut.[View]
110113556Comics you wish they existed.: picture related I am great fan of Tin Tin. My absolute favorite was T…[View]
110116015Has anyone actually published an actual In Universe photo album rather than a themes cover? I really…[View]
110111017So, now that we finally have the bigger picture. What exactly was the point of this character?[View]
110090850Can we have a thread dedicated to all the cartoon rodents out there? Who are some of your favorites?…[View]
110103199Bronze age DC thread: Alright, post your favorite moments from what many consider me included the …[View]
110066350Batman Beyond thread: Batman Beyond thread[View]
110102001Batman #79 Storytime: City or Street? The definitive answer WITHIN! 'City of Bane' Part Five.[View]
110114387scooby doo thread[View]
110113645Does any other gay people get really lonely when they see gay characters in animation and comics? I…[View]
110094159Channel-Tans > Channel Edits[View]
110103314Post shit that makes you roll your eyes[View]
110114657Hiii anon :}[View]
110115132Dont know if this is the right place to ask but what's the name of that one black & white w…[View]
110113388Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3 (Part 2): Round 3 Thread 1: >>110109786 Round 3 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110105659I mean I get that it's a comic and it's required to tell more of a story than a video game…[View]
110112771Cast her for her new show.[View]
110112519Hey, it’s Zaheer[View]
110107129Teen Titans #34 STORYTIME: There's a traitor amist the team, but who!?! The revelation will Sho…[View]
110108058Why are we getting a grim take on Adam Strange when we've already had a few of those already?[View]
110113472We're going to argue whether or not I'm allowed to post this here. And, failing that, reco…[View]
110089421Channel The Movie TRAILER: >Channel The Lucky Gem, left by her best friend must find new friendsh…[View]
110097326Can we all agree that this was the best Steven Universe song? https://youtu.be/5ZtclwrcdOY[View]
110104195Inferior Five #1 storytime[View]
110113347What's the /co/nsensus on the Fable comics? What is the best entry point? Which are the best bo…[View]
110113934i was watching over the hedge the other day and this scene seems off to me, because my memory is tel…[View]
110113933JUST BE URSELF: I'm looking for serious answers here because I honestly can't think of any…[View]
110068562Miraculous Ladybug - Startrain Thread: Thoughts and discussion over the latest episode.[View]
110112927What's her fucking problem?[View]
110097926Should cartoons teach patriotism?[View]
110100377Were you satisfied with this ending? Also, Futurama thread.[View]
110112315Story Time - Predator: Primal: Gonna be posting the best bad Predator comic.[View]
110109429I. AM. THE. ROBOT.[View]
110101791Was it good?[View]
110113405If Steven went into another universe and started singing would the inhabitants ask him why he is doi…[View]
110113107Another issue of Vampirella by Priest is out[View]
110106167>Wait a minute, there's something bothering me about this place...…[View]
110107776YOUNG JUSTICE OUTSIDERS: Is this the biggest monkey paw of all time? >I want Young Justice to co…[View]
110106268Why are the character designs in Hilda so appealing to look at?[View]
110092013How do you fix this show?: >Season 4 has Kuvira as the protagonist, with Korra and the main chara…[View]
109992815Reggie Forever: She will get her shit together! Maybe. Believe in Reggie![View]
110111084Is Cars franchise dead? Is it still profitable?[View]
110097960Is it okay if a show or movie is 'offensive'? People have been complaint about It 2's homophobi…[View]
110095018>The creator of one of the most successful ongoing cartoons started out doing cringe OC invader z…[View]
110112309Why does every show include that one annoying character nobody likes?[View]
110111768In Arthur episode S168A, Buster's Book Battle, Buster starts showing signs of psychosis and hal…[View]
110110449>Teen Titans GO! is the longest running superhero cartoon HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
110102067Justice League Storytime: Here we go. Hold on to your butts![View]
110108460C10udy with a Chance of Meatballs: 10 years have passed. What's your opinion on the franchise?…[View]
110106944Is Wonder Woman a virgin? I need to know. I’m writing a paper.[View]
110063284What are some genuinely good comics?[View]
110111729Are cartoons finally getting good again? They seemed to have seriously ramped up in the past couple …[View]
110109679I don't get Peanuts. Am I supposed to like, read shit from the beginning for an elaborate backs…[View]
110110329ITT: villains that got what they deserved[View]
110103466Absolute Carnage: Lethal Protectors #2 storytime[View]
110109277Damn Ginger looks like THAT?[View]
110079681this is a comic in the year 2019[View]
110111119I'll just leave this here...[View]
110097550If you could turn a villain into a hero in the canon DC/Marvel universe, who would it be? >pic re…[View]
110109086How did they get away with this?[View]
110110531How does he stay under the radar when his office is a giant building in the middle of the city calle…[View]
110103357What were the general feelings on the War of the Realms event?[View]
110096748>Absolute example of a man >/fit/, healthy lifestyle >Extremely self confident go-getter …[View]
110111043ITT: Villains driven by pure autism[View]
110111127Rick and Morty: What if Rick was a witch?[View]
110109786Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 3: Round 2 Thread 5: >>110107537 Round 3 Poll: https://docs.google.com/fo…[View]
110106043>It's 2017 >Rebirth has just come out and everyone's excited about Wally, but there…[View]
110110730Yeah, we're really going to rape Marty in 3 weeks.[View]
110100245A real Hulk scenario: I’m currently playing through both Hulk and The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destr…[View]
110107501Have you ever been to a comic convention? Why do people want pictures with celebrities at comic conv…[View]
110083547ITT: Status quo changes that lasted a surprisingly long time: It turns out, Wolverine losing his Ada…[View]
110109916ITT: Characters that would join the fight club[View]
110109831Miraculous: Call me Banana Noir: How come they didn't recognize each others voices? They were n…[View]
110098358Foetus Comics: Who thought this was a good idea?[View]
110104518Why does it feel so right?[View]
110104347Wonder Woman is iconic but not nearly as iconic as Superman and Batman, despite being the third memb…[View]
110100938Watchmen: Who was the most correct? Who was the most autistic?[View]
110107537Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 2 (Final): Round 2 Thread 4: >>110098330 Round 2 Poll: https://docs.googl…[View]
110106982Anyone watch The Last Kids on Earth?: How did Book 1 compare to its novel counterpart?[View]
110104657Choose your fighter[View]
110107946>SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN: ALIEN REALITY #1 >Written by PETER DAVID >Drawn by GREG LAND >In t…[View]
110106761Night monkey thread 2: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l6WEvHsvzOQ >love interest >villians >…[View]
110107274Will he ever stop being Batman? He deserves peace and happiness after all those years of crime fight…[View]
110106211ITT: old villain that started out great and we're ruined when new writters brought them back: I…[View]
110069844Cyberfrog Is Shipping!: Deal with it anti-cg Hail WarCampaign![View]
110107900>pic related got rejected: >they approved that ugly chinese-tier design but why…[View]
110108486What do you guys think of this album?[View]
110103871House of X #5 storytime: Wherein we rename our heroes from muggas to podies.[View]
110102934I love digital cartoon characters. Post more. This is not a puppet thread.[View]
110103240What was the point of saving everyone from their fate in Last Stand if they were just gonna kill the…[View]
110102595>old man going turbo >wrong >young girl going turbo >acceptable feminazi…[View]
110103612Why, I do believe it's time for some Silver Age! But enough about me, how was your day?[View]
110059981Sleeping Beauty thread[View]
110107708Are there any high profile 2 artist collaborations? (Besides the standard pencils-inks-colors partne…[View]
110107634overrated shit: I'll start[View]
110107669>one woman's personal journey to stop being a total fucking cunt I'm 2 episodes in and …[View]
110036261Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
110103610Doom 2099 thread[View]
110107540Looking for American comics: Looking for American comics with a boy protagonist going on adventures …[View]
110095548Find a flaw in Batman's perfect AU villain.[View]
110102780What the fuck was turning Albedo back into Ben supposed to accomplish anyway? Just to rub salt in th…[View]
110105862Can anyone recommend me some comics? I've read Fables, a ton of batman (and a bunch of DC in ge…[View]
110103470Steven is dropped into the Middle East. Could he get them to make peace?[View]
110102358ITT: post comfy old IZ fan vids: https://youtu.be/zhQ-TTgr6ck https://youtu.be/IMPVtrFv7nA https://y…[View]
110106565man BAD! woman GOOD![View]
110098151THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
110093217Birds of Prey official poster: What does /co/ think?[View]
110103968Sooner or later The Simpsons will end. The question is how would you /co/ end it? Me personally if I…[View]
110090742CEREBUS STORYTIME: Part 17: In which Cerebus loses a chess game, Roach indulges in some giantess unb…[View]
110106243What would've happened if Tim Burton merged Batman 89 and Batman Returns into one movie? https:…[View]
110106133Imagine DESPERATELY trying to stick your cock in a bare ass butt fucking NAKED Spinel but she keeps …[View]
110105928The current Cheetah design sucks. Prefer her as a sexy catgirl.[View]
110098458You think this would make a good series?[View]
110104890Will Dredd ever retire?[View]
110103691i have a question about this board's culture. are generals banned on this board? i see a lot of…[View]
110096429Questionable Content: Good news- back to May Bad news- Sven is dead, meet Svën[View]
110105848Last time i watch the simpsons was 2009, did i miss any good episode?[View]
110098527so who was correct here?: Janet or her son?[View]
110098751Pups of Liberty: Wouldn't it had made more sense if the dogs were loyalists and the cats wanted…[View]
110094944Who's suffered more, Hulk or Spider-Man? Or someone else?[View]
110103025Evil Marvel Universe Thread: Cuck your number system set alternate. Duck your shill preset dialogue …[View]
110098784Out of all of the spongebob characters which would nick most likely make gay?[View]
110105403Chuck E and Clump[View]
110101417Anyone see this? Anyone like it?: I found out this youtuber I liked made a tv show. I just discovere…[View]
110103487were Homers human rights violated when his boss sent him to an insane asylum for wearing a pink shir…[View]
110103365Got to peep the Shang Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings cast list: >Steven Yeun is cast as vil…[View]
110098945comfy south park thread: shhh, don't wake up the comfy boys[View]
110101325Can anyone tell me what comic this is from?[View]
110072102Disney+ List of Movies and Shows: We got a list here, they says it's subject to change. What do…[View]
110101377Far From Home Deleted Scenes: >the population at large in the MCU is fully aware of the circumsta…[View]
110099087>Bayformers is racially and culturally insensitive[View]
110098330Ms. /co/ 2019: Round 2 (Part 4): Round 2 Thread 3: >>110093639 Round 2 Poll: https://docs.goog…[View]
110098861ITT: Well-written female characters: >Freaks out a lot >Isn't afraid to get involved in s…[View]
110089464So what would you wish for, /co/? Remember, you only get 3 wishes, you can’t kill anyone, make anyon…[View]
110099447TCJ Grand Design Review: http://www.tcj.com/reviews/x-men-grand-design-second-genesis/ This is the h…[View]
110099806Was this a kino moment?[View]
110103753This was Disney Channel's /co/ (Puppets/Cartoons) Schedule 15 years ago Weekdays 6:00AM The Ne…[View]
110099541So the joke is that he's retarded?[View]
110104019Avengers - Electro Swing Remix: Hi ! We've made an electro swing remix of Avengers Theme. Link…[View]
110068668Random explosm generator: Let's get to postin' boyos >explosm.net/rcg…[View]
110095477Did they fuck?[View]
110103035Why is he so unbearable to listen to?[View]
110092276>Only 4 more issues left how's it going to end folks?[View]
110102808>YWN have a billy and mandy themed birthday again >YWN watch the spongebob movie in theaters f…[View]
110103166We want form A38![View]
110101007X-23: What is her appeal?[View]
110103437Mysterio: We're havin' a Mysterio thread ladies and gentleman![View]

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