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130693828What is wrong with japan?[View]
130713387I could fix her[View]
130712618Hey /co/, are there any (good) webcomics about mages? Something I can really binge and obsess over w…[View]
130711222I liked it, but: The Riddler was written really inconsistently. So we first see him sneaking undetec…[View]
130713169How do you spell ugly /co/?[View]
130713110They can't catch a break[View]
130697442Stargirl (Earth Prime)[View]
130713490The hate for this season & era of the show was so fucking overblown.[View]
130700505Marvel really loves Captain Carter.[View]
130693846You're given the opportunity to be showrunner on a 4th season of DuckTales What happens? Hardmo…[View]
130712964https://twitter.com/philvischer/status/1526645940198719489 it's over veggietalebros... and yes,…[View]
130712679/co/ has no reason to exist.: This is fucking ridiculous. Does everyone on this board just straight …[View]
130708047Why do editorial cartoons and newspaper comics all look alike with that same art style?[View]
130709137Why does Anne love Sprig more than Sasha and Marcy?[View]
130712871spongebob lost episode: holy shit /co/ someone found a lost spongebob episode https://www.youtube.co…[View]
130712828Does /co/ like Latchkey Kingdom?[View]
130712787Eclipsa and cleaved: i think about how a second spell with no name would cause a lot mless damage th…[View]
130712533I drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and snort lines of cocaine. What else can I do?[View]
130704460When will it be enough for them?[View]
130711419For me, it’s The Dark Knight. Still an undisputed masterpiece, the reigning king and champion of com…[View]
130704021What would phineas and ferb be like if phineas' head was a dodecahedron?[View]
130712507I hope they dial up the kinkiness in the new season.[View]
130708991Why isnt stumo(stewmo) more canon?[View]
130709244I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would be the best way. The Old Republic Vol. …[View]
130700487Batman: One Bad Day by Tom King and Mitch Gerards: A 64 Page OGN about Riddler https://twitter.com/M…[View]
130712443It's A Cold Day In Hell!!![View]
130707816If you die and in the afterlife you can have one /co/ character as your personal sex slave, who woul…[View]
130710047Something tells me if you're publicly begging for animators on twitter a couple months before y…[View]
1307107102022, I am completely forgotten...[View]
130712324I am gonna love these two[View]
130712254Cannibal Fuckface.[View]
130712230Do people actually argue over their favorite Shulkie artists like there's a contest?[View]
130711799Are puppets /co/?[View]
130712160Tonight, on ToonHeads[View]
130711527Is this the best-sized Chungus?[View]
130711276Probably should start my project today but cant help thinking the niche i am picking is just not goo…[View]
130710650Batman Fortress: Is /co/ excited for Batman Fortress? >When an unknown alien ship enters Earth’s …[View]
130711817DAH DAH DAH DAH[View]
130701461John Redcorn is one of the most vile characters in all of fiction[View]
130711564This Luna Loud does not exist.[View]
130710545Actually kino as fuck as an adult. How did they do it?[View]
130707675How the fuck did he lose?: >Be Lex Luther >12th level intellect >Knows Superman’s weakness…[View]
130703257How do you think Hank and Nancy would be as a couple?[View]
130710168What if this was called Crazy Fucked Up Shit Show?[View]
130708366check out this cool new poster i got[View]
130711708Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart: If it really is cancelled, then why won't Cartoon Network just s…[View]
130711610I hear the Rescue Rangers movie made some Sonic-style last minute changes to a set of cameos from pa…[View]
130709999Why didn't DC ever make any Phoenix Joker comics?: >DC loves milking the clown over and over…[View]
130711165She-Hulk: Part of me hopes that he's the secret main villain.[View]
130692577Would you stick your dick in crazy if there was a guarantee about you not being harmed?[View]
130704600Raven: Raven has a nice body[View]
130697410I miss social justice Superman.[View]
130706680I wish I had a dog like Nana[View]
130709126Where do people actually find comics online these days? It feels like it's gotten a lot harder …[View]
130711331HORSE LIVES MATTER: Why this mf not get arrested?[View]
130710518>animation artist has private nda content on their portfolio publicly available >someone leaks…[View]
130710654Almost 5 months ago, it was announced Hazbin Hotel would be opening “soon”.[View]
130690132I’m sorry but the helicopters can wait, those dinosaurs are in trouble and it’s the right thing to d…[View]
130710893Thoughts on Nature Girl?[View]
130710944Underrated waifus with less than a minute of visibility: post dem[View]
130705784Simpsons season 34: Honest question /co/ when do you think it should have stopped?[View]
130707614Harriet is spying on you.[View]
130709419How would Hank deal with them if they were his neighbor?[View]
130695941Female characters are people too, not tools for the author to use. With that being said, how do you …[View]
130705753Frank Miller launches his own independent publishing company: >FMP will be run by former DC Comic…[View]
130704629AIM OF HAWKEYE[View]
130695546This Lupin is better than the weeb one.[View]
130706942The MCU is dead: The horrible quality from the she hulk series and their upcoming projects is going …[View]
130707621Batman challenging the enemies and smiling before outwitting their plans was badass.[View]
130710329So comics in America are bust, Manga is fine, but are there any other comic industries that are wort…[View]
130709469Fuck this comic. This piece of shit permanently stained the mere idea of CG comics. Any time it…[View]
130679421Gorillaz: Do you like their new look?[View]
130710138What was the better one?[View]
130709783Milf thread[View]
130709757>they were gonna put a literal toddler in this thing what the fuck[View]
130701418The Phantom fentons.: The idea of turning the family into a team of superheroes. If anyone got some …[View]
130709609I love how they turned the best MCU villain into the lamest hero. And how they turned the lamest her…[View]
130702808Why are kids shows nowadays so terribad? I don't mean CN or Nick, but the stuff on youtube kids…[View]
130707119How come Paw Patrol never caught on as big as MLP despite being vastly superior?[View]
130709726Meanwhile at TUBI…: https://www.animationmagazine.net/streaming/tubi-snags-three-exclusive-movies-fr…[View]
130707191What do non-American viewers make of King of the Hill?[View]
130706951What if the humans are gems or at least part gems, and that's why they are able to fuse???[View]
130703161Amphibia: I'll miss them bros[View]
130705927She-Hulk: https://youtu.be/gim2kprjL50[View]
130699527What did people do in 2002 for fun[View]
130687335wtf why did nick put the jenny porn parody audio in their official smash clone game[View]
130703616How daaaaare you![View]
130702422Netflix has canceled the Wings of Fire animated series: seeing a fresh new wave of tweets about Netf…[View]
130709533Why do people say King-of-the-Hill is a goodly when he always threaten to kick people's asses? …[View]
130702907What if Butch Hartman created Adventure Time?[View]
130707220>/co/ meme becomes canon[View]
130705100Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130708269There is this French artist who uses the exact same artstyle as Vivziepop. She has a ton of sharp to…[View]
130709310>ITT: Villains ONLY you like for me? its Professor Ivo[View]
130708982Rick and Morty: What if Rick was a woman?[View]
130708326New Beavis and Butt-Head movie[View]
130706353>25 years ago...[View]
130707643Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of May, 2022: Previous threads: https://desuarchiv…[View]
130707140ITT-post the best character from their respective show/comic[View]
130704250How the fuck did she lose?: >Be Azula >blue fire is hotter >only 3 people to shoot lightni…[View]
130707585Is it starting to become more understandable why they didn't wanna give Kamala her stretchy pow…[View]
130706105Was this shot really necessary?[View]
130697892/HYW/ - How's Your Webcomic?[View]
130708538Punisher: Are any Punisher comics worth reading? I saw a montage of the guy working out on /fit/ an…[View]
130708519How badly would have Meat curbstomped Mandy if she didn't have the chicken ball?[View]
130705311Neat!: Batmobile thread?[View]
130697024Nightwing #92 Storytime[View]
130707484What is the king of cartoons stance on rule 34?[View]
130706201Turning Red was a mistake: There's grown men spamming this Disney cartoon 20 times a day with t…[View]
130701541ITT: Cartoon Dogs[View]
130703219So are we all in agreement that this is one of the greatest Disney cartoons of all time? It's r…[View]
130706783I'm disappointed in you, Adrian. I'm very disappointed. Reassembling myself was the first …[View]
130690928Evil Superman >NOOOOO, STOP IT, YOUR RUINING THE CHARACTER. Evil Batman >WOW, Batman enslavi…[View]
130695201With DC making Tim and Jon bi, will Marvel follow suit by making Miles bi?[View]
130665283Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
130704742>amphibias over >the owl house got cancelled and is ending probably soon >cartoon network i…[View]
130672403Can we have a Gadget Hackwrench thread? The Rescue Rangers Movie is coming out in a few days[View]
130707627>Gwen on the 'log ![View]
130707620Alright bros no more Miriam threads promise[View]
130707491If Ben shows up Multiversus, what aliens do you think he’ll be using the most?[View]
130697814Adventure Time, c'mon grab your friends.[View]
130707487What were they thinking?[View]
130707174Big Idea has officially fired Veggietales creators Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki. Here’s a video of…[View]
130707066This is Disney's most obscure cartoon ever If anyone here has heard of it, consider yourselves …[View]
130706356Cartoon vs Comic: Which is the better version? Which one is more influential to later comics and car…[View]
130705830Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai: This comes out next month, does anyone actually care enough to watch…[View]
130707124Will any MCU show ever top this?[View]
130700306Shrek. Where are my balls?[View]
130705552Gargoyles: I've just ended the first season of gargoyle, how can a 80's cartoon be so base…[View]
130707071>She Hulk >yet another fetish to add to the collection…[View]
130706857does anybody here have good rips of Ren & Stimpy that aren't missing shit? I bought the 5 s…[View]
130697502The Flash #782 Storytime[View]
130682530This would have worked better if the characters were closer to the originals. I hate this version of…[View]
130693514ITT: Art degradation[View]
130704328Everything is illuminated: >>130681813 Oh no it's a long chapter[View]
130706615Why did Cloak and Dagger never get a modern reinvention that took off? All they got was a Runaways c…[View]
130704720I don't get this character. Can he see or not. Some comics show him clearly having a picture in…[View]
130705630How come there are no supervillains who behave like serial killers, most of them commit their crimes…[View]
130706546Did you think Matt ever live up to his father?[View]
130704726What does she mean by this?[View]
130699818You wouldn't download a Libby.[View]
130701736‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ Reboot in the Works at 20th Century Studios, Hulu: Apparently it…[View]
130695241>eternals flop >Shang chi flop >Strange needs at least a billion to break even Marvelsist…[View]
130699743Why did they choose such a goofy character to be the frontman for the MCU, and more importantly, how…[View]
130705181Holy motherfucking shit.[View]
130705781ITT: Characters who would probably have a mugshot in real life[View]
130698806>disguises as a female eagle to steal a mouse: >eventually becomes the eagle's wife and g…[View]
130705671Tom & Jerry: ...so, they're fucking, right?[View]
130682505Starscream: What would happen if Starscream was actually successful in his attempts to take out Mega…[View]
130704114crackships be like[View]
130706007So why Disney are groomer for putting fetish shit here, but Wonder Woman, it's okay?[View]
130699252So now that Marvel is losing the Conan License, what will they do Savage Avengers? Will they do a Fu…[View]
130704835Wonder Rapist Double Standard: Remember when wonder woman raped a guy, and no news outlet talked abo…[View]
130700529Which fun teams or dynamics could result if they were on the same universe?[View]
130704073test tube babies![View]
130689054I feel so bad for Raimi. The media is blaming him for Waldron's shitting writing.[View]
130700507I can't comprehend how people are against this.[View]
130702783Does /co/ like Poison Ivy?[View]
130703780Edit Thread?[View]
130705054Was this actually a lost episode or some bizarre marketing stunt?[View]
130704989Jewish Characters?[View]
130704447Flash of White eyes makes me nauseous. He's not from the batfamily![View]
130703032>get shit TV ratings >get shit online engagement >get continued renewals, spinoffs, movies…[View]
130694849Shadow War Zone Storytime[View]
130704524>writing red batman >also started writing real batman…[View]
130693465>Wholesome swf webcomic artist sells his soul and starts to draw coom What are some examples of …[View]
130695788Why did Batman '89 not raise Vicki Vale's profile and make her an iconic Batman love inter…[View]
130702977Amphibia: Anne DIDN'T DIE. Her old body is gone, but she woke up in a new body that, for all in…[View]
130686149Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Chaos Diamonds #1: Previous Thread: >>130663638 Pastebin: https…[View]
130701242Remember that Daria spinoff about Jodie?: It has a cast now[View]
130701084Courage the Cowardly Dog: What made this show so good bros?[View]
130705179Journey to Center of Earth: Just finished this. Very good movie. Its a shame that remakes look worse…[View]
130705136I hate this fucker like you wouldn't believe.[View]
130701056>watching new loud house episode and this comes up Alright which one of you faggots did this?…[View]
130702865How would Maguire's Peter feel about Holland's Peter activating Instant Kill in Endgame? W…[View]
130702350Legion of Super-Heroes Storytime - Part 6: >Part 1 >>130550420 >Part 2 >>13057717…[View]
130692889>Steven Universe: finished >Amphibia: finished >Owl House: cancelled >Regular Show: fini…[View]
130674379They took this away from you[View]
130704838Would they be a good couple?[View]
130704943Best animated capeshit?: What are the best animated tv shows or films based on superheroes, primaril…[View]
130652541Reggie: discuss[View]
130699707Duo #1 Storytime: >PART ONE >Nanotech engineers Dr. Kelly Vu and Dr. David Kim are committed t…[View]
130704734Bros: Steven's Bad RoadTrip YTP!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGFVkjAEuIk[View]
130703735Now that Amphibia has ended on a high note, and TOH is still improving its quality season 2 continue…[View]
130700175Itt heroes winning with words.[View]
130700592Furries creamed themselves over this.[View]
130704355AW JIZZ RICK[View]
130703842Ray William Johnson has been arrested on Turning Red Porn Charges[View]
130702170SEX with Kamala![View]
130703949Can we have a Middlemost Post thread?[View]
130702707Was Uncle Grandpa supposed to be a mascot character?: Something about his goofy design, overall sill…[View]
130700485Brickleberry: What does /co/ think of Brickleberry? How does it to compare to Family Guy and South P…[View]
130703107Literally me[View]
130701949Black Shirt Donald > Blue Shirt Donald[View]
130703098Give me some /co/ examples of elder god tier.[View]
130702810The only thing that i did not like of the Amphibia ending: So they decided to make Sasha Waybrigth, …[View]
130701251>it's a body swap episode >the character's voices also swap and everyone else notice…[View]
130703676What are some pre 2010 cartoons, that if they came out today, Teen Titan Go apologists would bash fo…[View]
130703628You know guys i like ren and stimpy but if YOU guys say shit like this >BAHAHAHHA Y-YOU WANNA GE…[View]
130703109Are the Godzilla comics any good?[View]
130676642The Owl House: King would be 1000% more appealing as a character if he actually had a child’s voice.…[View]
130700463How do you make your art look like 2D Disney/Dreamworks/Don Bluth? The lineart it's easy to get…[View]
130702451Give it to me straight /co/? Is Taz and Marvin more relevant than daffy?[View]
130700543Why are female characters becoming flat chested?[View]
130703408What did Lorna see?[View]
130702651https://youtu.be/dl312Vxv2Tc Do any of you fancy artist types also like to add sound effects with yo…[View]
130696779Starblazer Storytime - № 106-11: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/130073394 5-8 https://boar…[View]
130695305>mfw i do, in fact, air on pbs kids[View]
130703137Is this a trans allegory?[View]
130682041whats his endgame?[View]
130702814For some reason it’s hilarious to me that Steamboat Willie has only a 7.5/10 on IMDb.[View]
130687616Ok anon. A truck hit you, you meet god and now you are Zuko in the first episode of avatar, what wil…[View]
130697715Who is black Superman villian?[View]
130702870I liked this comic in your issue 1, I don't know how the quality will be from now on, but I hop…[View]
130701131My wife is dead[View]
130702802Junkee Ranked Every Pixar Movie Mum Who Has An Absolute Dump Truck Ass: 8. Mama Imelda 7. Mrs Davis …[View]
130702758>a tattooed lady with a horse pecker What did Jonah Hex mean by this?[View]
130698432Amphibia: Why the fuck didn’t they build him a new robot arm?[View]
130702666Why did Slade dream so much of fathering a version of Damian?[View]
130702267ITT: In-Universe Copes[View]
130702584TCJ Kent Worcester on Scary![View]
130662871DC Super Hero Girls: >Air almost exclusively TTG in anticipation for the crossover >Not even a…[View]
130698686The Bob's Burgers Movie: You already bought your tickets, didn't you?[View]
130700654KSBD: been reading it on and off for ages but only recently decided i needed it on my shelf. is ther…[View]
130700978More Shadowstone park by Filmcow: https://youtu.be/eAT-kLnKc0Y[View]
130699508Skating In Cartoons?[View]
130699615HOLY MENSTRUATION Chávez thread: We haven't had one in a while. Post her best moments and have …[View]
130701098Mystique: Why was she in contact with the Supreme Intelligence?[View]
130702055Can we talk about how this is a good redeem? Because yeah, he helped save the world but he didnt get…[View]
130695572WandaVision seems like even more of a mess now that Multiverse of Madness has actually come out. Why…[View]
130702079>You are who you choose to be >2022 Goku____…[View]
130700979Why doesn’t Marvel gets called out for copying DC?[View]
130667888Polls just closed for the Round Robin. He won in a fucking landslide.[View]
130697227Fables #151 Storytime: Once Upon A Time, One More Time.[View]
130701120You wanna get to him, you gotta go through me.[View]
130679900DC Comics makes Batman Bruce Wayne into a Homosexual: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/a-bi-curious-b…[View]
130693796What if Connie and Bonnie swapped series[View]
130701523Post what you're wearing to this year's Hellfire Gala.[View]
130700862Has this ever happen to Superman?[View]
130696889Why being able to move and having an attitude are considered positive personality traits?[View]
130676262Death Battle: Make your own DB season (And ignore shitposters and spammers)[View]
130696166Freddy from TOTS: >notice voice changing alot in newer seasons >didnt know the VA was a black …[View]
130694562Batman: The Knight #5 Storytime[View]
130698939Wings of Fire dead: Another one bites it[View]
130698258SECONDS thread: A thread talking about one of my favorite comics.[View]
130700522Catwoman #43 Storytime: >VROOM VROOM! We all have that friend we call when we want a wild girls…[View]
130699223Echo: Let's go. Who is hyped?[View]
130698382Alt cartoon art: Here are the Power PUFFY girls ...[View]
130701363>oh boy time to browse my favorite cartoon fourm- >haha look at all these funny threads >he…[View]
130701352>I don't want to be Ozma. I want to remain Tip.: >Don't be sad, being a girl isn…[View]
130701332Alex Rider: What does /co/ think of Alex Rider?[View]
130698581Transformers IDW humble bundle: Is this worth picking up? I'm mostly interested in anything Bea…[View]
130699938This is just getting sad at this point.[View]
130700064Wonder Woman – Evolution #7 Storytime: >PART 7 >On trial for the fate of humanity, Wonder Woma…[View]
130700943Who's your favorite podcast/comedy youtube animator?[View]
130689355Which is the better High?[View]
130700530Are dumb girls allowed in animation any more?[View]
130697804>still no verosika mayday plushie or loonas human form plushie FUCKING GET ON IT ALREADY VIVZIE Y…[View]
130699885>wishes to become a real man: >magically turns into a girl Never gets old.…[View]
130700468What (tragically) went wrong? Daily reminder that this is a based /co/ musical that was a metaphor o…[View]
130698966Is it comic accurate for Batman to lack any interesting personality traits whatsoever?[View]
130700435How did he not get arrested?[View]
130688826Was he a creep?[View]
130673036What does it say about a character if they sleeps naked?[View]
130697294How do i systematically define what makes this sort of numbers around the internet? based on, every …[View]
130699205Oh boy a package[View]
130699402Me and my close people are the only fucking people that matter. The rest aren't even really peo…[View]
130694132Just finished reading that Rogue vs Captain Marvel tpb. Where do you think their relationship will g…[View]
130690831'Well, well, well. It seems we have some neighsayers in the audience.'[View]
130694584Come up with a cartoon show premise designed to piss off the most amount of people possible while st…[View]
130694857sawyer <3[View]
130696485We looking forward to this?[View]
130689307How did they get away with it?[View]
130697213Is this true? Have this happen twice?[View]
130696937Why did the Avatar franchise have continuations or adaptations that suck donkey shit? Avatar could h…[View]
130698743Name a character that suffered more[View]
130698093This show had the same problem Martha Speaks had: After the first episode the premise fizzles out an…[View]
130693010The Boys: Season 3 Trailer: It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-8VYKUZYiw[View]
130660846She ra and the princesses of power 2 year anniversary: 2 years ago today, the universe was saved fro…[View]
130699430>The cartoon has slapstick and other humor at the expense of certain characters in it, proving th…[View]
130698372Super Pets: How do you feel about animals with superpowers? Marvel and DC both have their fair share…[View]
130698495Did he die when the castle collapsed?[View]
130690763Superheroines exist primarily to fail in the most fetishistic and humiliating way possible.[View]
130697320avatar aircraft: could a modern military aircraft take a fire ball/blast/thing from a firebender? ho…[View]
130692214YOU JUST KNOW[View]
130698831EDIT THREAD: post your favorite edits[View]
130697131Do they have a chemistry?[View]
130697343Favorite Woody Woodpecker show/incarnation?: What's your favorite show of Woody Woodpecker? Mos…[View]
130697062DC Nation: I miss it, bros.[View]
130676726H i l d a: What did you think about Hilda?[View]
130688060Dr Fate: such a cool character the fact that Kent was the original physician magician...DC should be…[View]
130693485Thor Thread!: > How is the current run? > Creative team ideas you would like to see in the fut…[View]
130683913Fairly Odd Parents: Why did the pilot look much better than the show? She was such a downgrade.…[View]
130698923Why doesn't Miles Morales just change his name? Gwen has her comic named 'Ghost Spider' and she…[View]
130698803How can we stop jinxes homophobia?[View]
130697308You've been given the opportunity to be showrunner on a 3rd (and maybe 4th) season of Harvey Be…[View]
130696373Did the movie manage to salvage America Chavez?[View]
130691798Come up with a cartoon show premise designed to piss off the most amount of people possible while st…[View]
130679592ITT: characters with disabilities[View]
130696467The shill bots have already formed their agenda to promote this shit film[View]
130695515>movie takes place in May 2002, twenty years ago this month >May is Asian Heritage Month >t…[View]
130695087Could Jack survive in the Avatar world? Could Aku?[View]
130696925Moon Knight: So, I just saw this, and the scene with the belt beating caught me by surprise, but not…[View]
130697077>DELAYED AGAIN[View]
130692985>he's not to scale >he's not a 'fighter' >he doesn't belong in a game like t…[View]
130693246>This made boomers shit their pants in wonder and amazement[View]
130694774ITT: Shows that /co/ has no idea exist[View]
130694290>Bruce Wayne is the most relatable superhero because he's an everyman…[View]
130693982Amphibia: PLAY THE FORBIDDEN NOTE[View]
130688855Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130694282Why they hate gingers?[View]
130697734I wonder where do all my weird fetishes come from.[View]
130697496Is there any torrent or download link for the 3rd season of Moominvalley? I can only find it at this…[View]
130697678>17 days until Avatar adapt or die #2[View]
130697629>mobie called.MOM >there is a MOM in search of her sons >there is a daughter in search of h…[View]
130695178>Dear journal,[View]
130694373All I want is a sequel to Shyamalan Last Airbender directed by Sam Raimi. With Azula as the main vil…[View]
130696813Make it a quick haiku[View]
130693715What is the worst instance of a cartoon using memes and trends?[View]
130691952>New 3D cartoon movie >Main character isn't just a bland self-insert who maybe likes draw…[View]
130695480Transformers Storytime: IDW's Hasbroverse >>129537789 >>129655661 >>129677478…[View]
130696076Teen Titans GO!: This is what Black Manta looks like in TTGO.[View]
130687160Dune - The Waters of Kanly #1 (2022) Storytime: >In the aftermath of the battle of Arrakeen, lege…[View]
130694078Caption this, /co/[View]
130695946Kappa Mikey[View]
130673372What's her endgame?[View]
130695338Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
130682602How are those sales going, DCbros?[View]
130693713I remember when I was dad[View]
130694955Do you think we can hope for an Atomic Robo series? Invincible got one after it was gone for years. …[View]
130696351On all levels including physical, i am the clown from spawn[View]
130696603/bo/ Bone thread: Phoney edition[View]
130695476Why did Disney chose to animate the fat sea witch villain this way?[View]
130696048Dinorobot, something something Kids show: Howdy /co/, I recently became a parent and I am trying to …[View]
130697961Damn Mirabel looks like THAT?[View]
130685571VOTE FOR BEST!: https://strawpoll.com/polls/PbZqoGdVBnN[View]
130695826Since dreams in the MCU are people experiencing their lives in another Universe, does that mean Nigh…[View]
130694609Punisher: Hypocrite?: >Claims to protect the innocent while punishing evil >Was involved in wa…[View]
130686153Tomato Crate: Here's the mid May Tomato Crate, every /co/ related film so far this year. What…[View]
130693380Zoomer nostalgia thread: Come here fellow Zoombros and let us remind how based our lives were as a k…[View]
130696082>The Marvel No-Prize is a fake or satirical award given out by Marvel Comics to readers. Original…[View]
130692939Plankton is getting his own movie: https://www.mediaplaynews.com/its-a-spongebob-squarepants-vision-…[View]
130657764/co/ male thread. No lewds[View]
130695385MJ >Happier without Peter. Has a family and lives a better life when he isn't around Gwen …[View]
130694936Official Apologize to Batgod Thread: >Bleeding Cool (read: Rich the Leech) makes an article point…[View]
130694202Heathcliff is using gum.[View]
130694459Why can't producers, executives, directors just fuck off from a cartoon show and let the writer…[View]
130695890Silent Interlude: Doesn/t dhe “sexy librarian” Baroness from “G.I. Joe” look a little bit like Melan…[View]
130693908Here's your rulers of the Golden realm of Asgard bro[View]
130695797Don't you guys ever think of how funny it is that Marvel and DC both say their target audience …[View]
130678452/HYW/ - How's Your Webcomic?: Monday Funday Edition Thread Question: Haha retard there's n…[View]
130695117Tom & Jerry: ...So they're fucking, right?[View]
130693480>>Cartoons as a kid >OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME THE COLOURS AND ART STYLE ARE AMAZING >plot …[View]
130690417Best & Bester: Wondering what /co/ thinks of this upcoming Nickelodeon show https://gigglebugent…[View]
130695614Ultimate Spider-Man is objectively shit compared to The Spectacular Spider-Man.[View]
130662236What's your favorite Family Guy cutaway?[View]
130688445Avatar Prequel Movie Coming Out: And also a Zuko movie. https://avatarnews.co/post/68445494540099584…[View]
130669137Have we ever seen Tina's ears before?[View]
130695180Guys, don't you know what day it is today? It's Tuesday the 17th! The unluckiest day of th…[View]
130695207Could any /co/ native speaker voocaroo the gotham accent described in alan moore's swamp thing?[View]
130691262>Watching cartoons >Dad sees it and grabs remote to change it. I bet you little betas did noth…[View]
130693087Warped Kart Racers: Who is hyped?[View]
130694773Shadow War Zone - Talia: Ayo Talia's former best bud, she can be Damian's new Step-mom. Lo…[View]
130681886Why is Britain no longer considered a big player in the comics industry?[View]
130693660Here’s your next /co/ based broadway musical, bro.[View]
130682443Amazing Spider-Man-Man: >Batman is now a homosexual >”Superman” is now a homosexual >Robi…[View]
130676742BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: Best girl edition[View]
130694546Movies like the emperors new groove, Atlantis, treasure planet, and Hercules don’t feel like Disney …[View]
130685234Marvel: Ultimate Alliance: What did /co/ think of this game? Who do you want to see playable in a po…[View]
130694276He finally met Superman.[View]
130691113Cyclops post #37 General Discussion: Should Cyclops be the like the professor X of the champions?…[View]
130692916Lamezine: What the fuck did I just read[View]
130692193Marvel Comics loses Conan the Barbarian License this summer: >https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/m…[View]
130692188Amphibia: True bittersweet hurts more than downer endings, now i know this. Fuck charlie brown this …[View]
130691549Is this the only good thing to come from nu-Simps?[View]
130685934How did such simplistic, forgettable designs become profitable enough for 4 seasons and a movie? If …[View]
130639912Every piece of media should have a character like this[View]
130693429Was there a backissue where Moira's replacement decoy alien golem went to hell and played cards…[View]
130691813Remember when the 3 stooges cartoons[View]
130686585Oh no rocko! What happened to your face!?[View]
130693405Anne has a whitewashed Siamese twin.[View]
130693131Best show on Cartoon Network since Ed Edd n Eddy[View]
130693365Looking for some ways to draw geometric correctness; though the only issue is actually just two line…[View]
130692525how would you verbally describe the kind of qualities of comics that will, make at least a few thous…[View]
130660359Story time Marvel Team-Up vol: (2 team up stories with Kamala Khan involving a different hero in eac…[View]
130689640>halfway through Asian month >literally zero threads was made. Why is that? Black month alway…[View]
130690656ITS ME GREAT SAIYAMAN!: Crossing over here to ask us it true? Did they make Bruce a faggot or its ju…[View]
130691498CAPTAIN PLANET![View]
130667714I know you're here, you son of a bitch. When is Smiling Friends season 2?[View]
130687230GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 Set Pics: They're finally doing the suits. 1/10[View]
130691870What's wrong with it?[View]
130692416>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexuality_in_the_Batman_franchise Are you guys for fuckin real…[View]
130691980Fuck dreamboat Thor. Bring back fat dudebro Thor. He managed to kill Thanos just fine as a pudgy alc…[View]
130689250Moments in comics where incels get BTFO?[View]
130688950Why is The Secret Show so underrated?[View]
130690295Bros since they’re getting rid of Antman after the next movie our last chance at giantess kino in th…[View]
130689673YEEN, FOX OR NOOK? https://www.rayfoxthecomic.com/[View]
130685517JSA Storytime: Cerberus: Good evening owls, back for more[View]
130690662I'm like Doctor Strange except i get zero bitches[View]
130684651Will they address Batman's newly discovered sexuality in The Flash movie?[View]
130691087what the fuck am I reading?[View]
130686314Who was in the wrong there?[View]
130688404IT'S HAPPENING[View]
130685643If you guys love comics and cartoons so much, why don't you guys actually work in the comics an…[View]
130689792Ren and stimpy is a good show but john k smells like Fucking garbage[View]
130688236Amphibia: Anne's body died. Her soul, mind, and consciousness didn't. She wakes up in the …[View]
130683730Bingo!: ITT: Best dog only. Muffinposting acceptable in moderation. Anyone know when the later half …[View]
130688568Batman was always hiding who he truly was: https://youtu.be/4hePHN2XvYw This scene gives me chills b…[View]
130686756They brought this show back...as NFTs??? https://www.awn.com/news/bluescape-partners-bureau-magic-cr…[View]
130689595The state of the big two[View]
130690628What are the essential Wolverine runs? Not really interested in grandiose marvel crossover stuff, r…[View]
130689283Final thoughts? I thought this fucking blew. CGI and fight scenes were shit and it felt like the wri…[View]
130687338Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
130689774MOON KNIGHT Producer Explains Why Bushman Was Cut From The Series: >'Bushman was in my first coup…[View]
130689703GodDoombros...: ...they're stealing our spotlight.[View]
130690076DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS Deleted Scenes: >Mordo attacks Wanda with a magic cro…[View]
130653837ITT-post cartoons you irrationally hate: This show represents everything wrong with modern cartoon n…[View]
130677864absolute kino[View]
130684941>Welcome Home, Anon[View]
130690878>I'm not dead[View]
130688972How did they get away with this?[View]
130681055Why did they keep the “she comes from another dimension that’s a perfect utopia where everyone is Hi…[View]
130689823Immortal /co/ series: Ben 10 was the last show on Cartoon Network to have multiple reboots, new cont…[View]
130680643what are some DRAGGGGGULLLAAAAAA comics and cartoons[View]
130682936FruityBat: Finally, Batman fans will feel the pain us Cyclops and Superman fans have felt. They all …[View]
130689428Daniel Craig almost played Balder in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Reports that he wa…[View]
130686348A NAKED PETER APPEARES! What would you do in this situation?[View]
130687911>Amphibia's finale was the first time the Korean animators have been credited by name since …[View]
130690534From time to time I send Boltagon faxes. From himself. From the future.[View]
130691489Are the Rugrats comics worth checking out?[View]
130690405Me, Iiterally.[View]
130689757L O L It’s real.[View]
130673352Multiversus: New Multiversus trailer is out, seems like they're adding Taz and the Iron Giant. …[View]
130688290What does this mean for the future of Aquaman movies? Will they recast her? Who should they hire?[View]
130691356Batman does not eat X: 'I do not eat Pussy(woman)! I do not eat Dick (Grayson)! So stop trying to co…[View]
130687695can ur waifu do this[View]
130687681Right! Dean, Sirena, Welcome to Introduction to Science of Horticulture 111. Rather a smaller turnou…[View]
130688344Reminder Cotton Hill was 17 when he hit this: And he'd killed fiddy men before his 17th birthda…[View]
130690050Dumbing of Age: bullet dodged[View]
130688476Why is this the only Disney show in the last five years to have a satisfying conclusion?[View]
130683973Anyone else think Judge Dredd 1995 was actually a good judge Dredd movie except for the part where t…[View]
130687615MS. MARVEL New Trailer, Posters And Stills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8usJNFvVS4[View]
130688949>It’s another Inside Out[View]
130689063Conan leaving marvel: Conanbros...[View]
130673730Cass' abs are for Stephanie's enjoyment EXCLUSIVELY.[View]
130688022For all the mistakes he may have committed, he keeped Batman straight throughout his entire tenure a…[View]
130654569This is what superhero fatigue looks like.[View]
130686922The signs were all there: >Batman: “you wanna lick nuts? Come on, let’s lick nuts” >Batman Ret…[View]
130683770How is Matt Reeves Batman sequel going to work now that Batman is a ‘bisexual’ only attracted to men…[View]
130686148Who fucks timelines harder? CW Barry or MCU Strange?[View]
130689208Hello. My name is John Michael Morbius, and I'm a werewolf.[View]
130689178How many Super Heroes are in the mainline MCU universe now? Enough to have an Avengers Vs Mutants mo…[View]
130688118ITT-/co/ crossovers more epic in scale then endgame or no way home[View]
130685960if only he wasn't so obnoxious. Hopefully in the new season they get along better[View]
130688410Let's make a project /co/.[View]
130684879Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130687487Hazbin Hotel: >No mention by FOX on their upfront today after unveiling those new adult animated …[View]
130680009Batbros not like this. I thought DC cared about its number 1 franchise[View]
130686668How the fuck did he lose!?: >Be Thanos >Acquired all 6 infinity stones >Killed half of all …[View]
130669777Summer Camp Island Oscar: >Turns from a neurotic yet competent leader into a childish idiotic bab…[View]
130688257>Anime Parody Episode >Still thinks anime is Speed Racer/Astro Boy By the time this aired Evan…[View]
130685041Oh no bros[View]
130679876THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
130688215I'm in love bros[View]
130688353How did shows like wild thornberrys get merch while other nicktoons like el tigre and MLAATR never g…[View]
130684816Who do you ship Isabella with? For me it's Heffer Wolfe[View]
130688218What would he be like if the show took place in 2022[View]
130623652Why did he do it[View]
130684903Redraw thread: Redraw thread[View]
130585950Discussion: What are your thoughts on Disney making 'edgy' versions of their characters?…[View]
130686614For me, it’s The Dark Knight. Still an undisputed masterpiece, the reigning king and champion of com…[View]
130687586How can classic video game characters stay relevant to kids through cartoons?[View]
130682805ITT: Post /v/ that would make great /co/: What video games would you want to see turned into cartoon…[View]
130684844Amphibia: Reminder that these 2 characters are now canon straight by omission[View]
130687676can you specifically, verbally specify the minimum quality(and quantity, i suppose) of a comic issue…[View]
130686212Post characters who are confirmed/probably great in bed[View]
130681906Is Thor even needed anymore?[View]
130686607Why did they do her so dirty?[View]
130685255What's his name again?[View]
130681072what the fuck nickelodeon[View]
130686844Centaurworld: This show was so fucking good bros.[View]
130684840Why are truly actually complete evil tier female villains not a thing? Will media get to that point …[View]
130687067No excuses now[View]
130686117How the hell is Kenny the Shark a pre-school show?: It pushed the boundaries of what you could get a…[View]
130686980How the fuck did he lose?: >Be Yakone >Can bloodbend >killed Avatar Aang >Jobbed to Aang…[View]
130686258Angel Dust is supposed to be Italian yet he doesn't have an Italian accent in the pilot (same w…[View]
130677114For me, it’s Jin Lee.[View]
130685838Who was in the wrong here?[View]
130685093Remember when Characters were allowed to be straight?[View]
130680312What are your hopes for this years…: Infamous and widely “beloved” tourneys for /co/ female and male…[View]
130683413How the fuck did he lose?: >Be Lex Luther >Smartest guy alive with lvl 12 intellect >Engine…[View]
130677249Why did she need a secret identity? Other kid heroes of this era either didn't bother with one…[View]
130680006How to piss off fans with its continuity.[View]
130685263Itt Sequels that you want: I unironically want an Iron Giant sequel that is similar to the Micheal B…[View]
130685975Reminder that Heffer canonically leads over a group of scouts just like Isabella[View]
130683651Who wanted this?[View]
130683197BVCK: BROKEN[View]
130686612Would you?[View]
130674034What does /co/ think of Sticks from Sonic Boom?[View]
130685015Why can't Paw Patrol figure out if they want to give her a redemption arc or not? They've …[View]
130678998I n f i n i t y T r a i n: What do you think about Infinity Train?[View]
130681135>we could if we had time for 20 more adventures OUCH[View]
130607481comfy South Park thread: Happy Birthday Jimmy!![View]
130664412>Joker killed Bruce’s parents >Joker has name, doesn’t wear red hood >suit is black instead…[View]
130685023>MFW there are several Superman stories only released in Europe >Also several Superman stories…[View]
130684800Are either of these bundles worth it, /co/? Already picked up the Transformers one.[View]
130676186Why is this so common now: why do gay men not exist but lesbians are everywhere?[View]
130663638Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Shock and Awe #2: Previous Thread: >>130632585 Pastebin: https:…[View]
130684240There's is one word to describe this show: Trash. Ren and stimpy is an overhyped piece of shit …[View]
130683828Saturday's Amphibia Q&A Predictions, Hopes and Questions you want answered?: Will anyone he…[View]
130683844>show returns with present day references https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j98B-qb-fgM…[View]
130685924Adventure Time: >Seibert: We asked Pen, “So what do you think this series is?” He said, “Well, I …[View]
130668207For me, it's Pidge Gunderson[View]
130684520What was the name of that old short film that used to be on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon around Ha…[View]
130682353I love her so much[View]
130684945Stick a fork in it: Any form of media that comes out these days no matter the genre is irredeemably …[View]
130685398THE HEART OSBORN[View]
130682043So what do you think /co/?[View]
130685156DC animated movies: Which are your favorites? Which series of movies do you think is the best? I ma…[View]
130683411Tom King: Miss Me, Losers? We could have had a nice comfy Batman run with Bat and Cat. Now you will …[View]
130682879Is there any torrent or download link for the 3rd season of Moominvalley? I can only find it at this…[View]
130684888When does the inevitable disney+ show come out[View]
130684967This scene made me terrified of military physicals.[View]
130684327Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake: So now that both Bruce Wayne and Tim Drake have been turned into homosexu…[View]
130684551What if Wanda had “offered” America a place in her family instead of trying to kill her[View]
130683502Superman: >gets butt raped >still straight Batman: >never gets butt raped >turns out to …[View]
130681268DC Women Gagged Thread: How come there aren't any great gagged scenes in comics anymore? All I …[View]
130680894ITT: Canon bi/gay male characters: It feels everytime this stuff is in /co/ it's bi females in …[View]
130682997What the FUCK is the obsession with Ren & Stimpy Gross Out Sequences?: >https://www.youtube.c…[View]
130674084Pixar's next film in June 2023 is Elemental >'In a city where fire, water, land, & air r…[View]
130478034Edit General: Any requests should have the word REQUEST capital letters at the beginning followed by…[View]
130680691Last man season 2: https://youtu.be/7hrX-vsmnn4 https://youtu.be/WDAlhZ9fHGM https://youtu.be/bWSJj_…[View]
130682064Amphibia: How did they get away with this?[View]
130684454Is this characters entire purpose being a huge bitch?[View]
130684340>Your weakness is the color yellow Wait, you serious?[View]
130667341>I’m sorry Strange and the illuminati. But a woman without kids over the age of 30 is literally m…[View]
130679044(DC) Dead Company: How long will Bi Batman last before their decline in sales will forced them to un…[View]
130684065KYLE, KENNY, ERIC AND STAND ARE SUCKING EACH OTHER OFF: The Simpsons would be funny if every episode…[View]
130682855Superman: Why is everyone today so fucking fixated on making Superman this infinitely complex charac…[View]
130681122Batman v Joker: >Chip Zdarsky reveals that Bruce Wayne is ““bisexual”” aka a gay homosexual Does…[View]
130684276Mother of goat, guys! Stay whelmed and feel the aster or else you'll have a moded time. Are we …[View]
130677521Who was the 'better' parent?[View]
130683757Can some anon give a reading order for Shadowman after the Book of Death event? I'm currently c…[View]
130680146Behold….The only straight Male in Gotham[View]
130680954Reminder they were canonically dating in Fusion Fall.[View]
130683344Is he overrated?[View]
130683927All I have in this World is my paws and my word: And I don't bust either for anybody[View]
130683672The Boys: Why didn't Starlight say no?[View]
130681435>>130500342 >Comic books have always been retarded in treating clones like they're th…[View]
130681813Everything is illuminated: Previous >>130658279[View]
130682843Remember when the Chameleon was gay for Peter? Well, now you do[View]
130674943Judgment Day Looms Over the Marvel Universe in New 'A.X.E.: Judgment Day' Tie-Ins: >Thi…[View]
130682839It seems like there's a lot of Bat/Supes family shipping. Why are there never crossover ships b…[View]
130683571Why would you to be sent to phantom zone even to escape death?: Why, would you want to go the Arkham…[View]
130682862Hows the adaptation?[View]
130683444Well now maybe we can finally admit Chip's Daredevil run was unfocused and a complete mess lack…[View]
130681624/co/ Characters straighter than Batman: Also accept characters less than Batman. Post em![View]
130676406I want her to fucking choke slam me through the roof of a hell in the cell like undertaker vs mankin…[View]
130683070Does Joker now have a chance in winning Batman's heart?[View]
130681730This goes out to my sissy bois, Drake and Joker!! YO YO YO YO!!! My name is Batman and I am here to …[View]
130678284What was the best poster?[View]
130676127Who do you choose, /co/?[View]
130674647Name a better cartoon protagonist, I fucking dare you[View]
130681905How will moviegoers react to Fem Thor?[View]
130683116She's in.[View]
130682487Pizza time![View]
130682941ITT-post /co/ related song kino: Bonus points if its something you listen too when you wanna kill yo…[View]
130572142OTP: Post 'em.[View]
130678110I want to stick my dick into this little goblina and spray my DNA into her bowels[View]
130682399Imagine the smell[View]
130680545ITT: Blatant Cash Grabs[View]
130682863This is just awful.[View]
130681045Why is the Miraculous fandom like this?: I know it's not the only fandom to deal with this shit…[View]
130681011She’s next. Are you ready?: For bi-curious Mary Mabel.[View]
130679596So no one likes the leaders? Reading the 'favorite powerpuff girl' thread I was shocked to…[View]
130678462It must be so embarrassing to be a Raimifag now. For decades, they have obnoxiously worshipped him f…[View]
130662078>Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: A scene that comes right the fuck out of nowhere; has little to no …[View]
130681155How would you adapt it as an animation?[View]
130681077Would you read a Superman and Iron Giant comic or watch an animated a movie with these two?[View]
130678485>30-something year old guy >antisocial >borderline terrorist >sociopathic >tax evader…[View]
130680552When did DC lost the way, /co/?[View]
130682379Why is Teen titans so kino as an adult now that i'm rewatching it?[View]
130682389Uhhhh, what are your superpowers again?[View]
130679860BATMAN IS GAY NOW: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/a-bi-curious-bruce-wayne-in-batman-the-knight-spo…[View]
130676830Mark Millar: What went wrong?[View]
130677021WOULD YOU WATCH IT?: I unironically would, the MCU actually managed to make America cute and fun.…[View]
130682161So…the bat is out of the closet, eh? ….Good….Good…. Now it is time for Batman to fulfill his destiny…[View]
130682252Who is Batman protecting by hiding his identity? Alfred?[View]
130675624Does Superman run a totalitarian surveillance city? Like he will attack you if privately handle your…[View]
130682318Would I have liked this more if I had read the daredevil run its attached to?[View]
130682239Do you have any favorite voice actors?[View]
130680178Superboy won his Robin! Here's a storytime of the first issue from his upcoming digital-first s…[View]
130680605Multiverse of Madness: Seems like there is a pretty clear divide between those who expected more Mul…[View]
130676165Transformers Storytime: IDW's Hasbroverse >>129537789 >>129655661 >>129677478…[View]
130680505Based Jay Lender. SpongeZoomers btfo.[View]
130677208Amphibia: Are parallel realities a thing in amphibia[View]
130680395>female villian's fantasy is having a family Seems unrealistic[View]
130681471ITT: Non-DC Characters you think would do well as members of Young Justice or the Teen Titans[View]
130666655What is /co/'s favorite thing about Cadpig[View]
130680840MOON KNIGHT Almost Featured Echo As The Love Interest: >“For a time, Echo was ging to be our love…[View]
130680136>'I may have murdered my brother to usurp his throne, but at least I'm not hyenaphobic. Mufa…[View]
130677637Moon Knight bros.... What went wrong? https://youtu.be/7XyveO5vn4g[View]
130679616Epithet Erased: >2022 >I am forgotten…[View]
130675727Is he the cartoon character that has generated the most salt?[View]
130679693Why has the west only been able to make one good cartoon over the last 20 years?[View]
130674657Can a show be created to have tbe same aestheticc and tone of Bioshock?[View]
130679685Perry White solo book by the Jimmy Olsen creative team: >Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen's B…[View]
130678141Fast-Food/Promotional Tie-In Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjGuh2Fbic4[View]
130680833Why is he so based, bros?[View]
130680284Damn, Maggot finally got an entire story all about him[View]
130680479Is Pixar the Ghibli of the west? they are big in the industry but they barely have waifus[View]
130679695Why did it fail?[View]
130679335You lied to me. You told me this was going to be the evil Dr Strange from What If, but it was just s…[View]
130676839How is this supposed to feel compelling?: >isn't strong >isn't intelligent >doesn…[View]
130681018>they put a shitty deviantart-tier traced image of monty in the rescue rangers movie https://www.…[View]
130674953What videogames would he play?[View]
130607423/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
130680075>2022 >No ones talking about Bruno anymore Was it overrated?…[View]
130680462Ben 10 villains: Forever knight. What was their problem?[View]
130677812Asians: Post asians[View]
130664126ITT: Female characters voiced by dudes[View]
130676725>Early cuts of DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS reportedly revealed that America Chave…[View]
130650894>52 episodes >no movies or specials >no merch >rarely brought up Why did this show fail …[View]
130680116Here's your YA adventure fantasy woody I really hope they don't pair him up with w littl…[View]
130667199Mummies Alive: Why did it flop?[View]
130673765She's up to no good.[View]
130680701The Battle of Mount Rucropolis: Thoughts on this animation /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmK…[View]
130677912Z o o t o p i a: What do you think about Zootopia?[View]
130676632Would you unironically watch this?[View]
130677389Did they?[View]
130672699Drunk: Post Drunks.[View]
130680601Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130676088thank me later[View]
130673281>a show advertized as directed by and/or aimed at females >the story is a metaphor about fight…[View]
130680362If you think today's TV shows for kids are retarded, remember this TV show from 2001[View]
130677571TMNT: Post Fastforward.[View]
130674560Coding: https://www.pride.com/geek/2020/2/05/10-queer-coded-gay-villains-our-childhood#media-gallery…[View]
130675087What is the best way to get people in to X-Men? I just started working at a comic shop. I want to ge…[View]
130676591Scooby/Scream crossover when?[View]
130673319Why did Anne Boobchuy not live up to her name?: I thought if they had a time skip in the finale, she…[View]
130678423Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why is Casey so stupid?[View]
130677650Let Evil Tremble HEYOOOOOO: How will Lex Luthor stand up to this my sisters?[View]
130679228Criminals in this town used to believe in things. Honor, respect. Look at you. What do you believe i…[View]
130678197Ghosts: This is a thread dedicated to the disembodied undead.[View]
130678356Bland of the Bleak: Craig of the Creak is bad. You cannot prove it is good. It is everything you guy…[View]
130679691Gender swapping is b-[View]
130670548FAMILY GUY NAME DROPS 4CHAN: GET IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaGtTrlUjuw[View]
130677617I wish I had love like that as a teenager[View]
130674082hey let's just hope this isn't another Good Dinosaur fuckfest[View]
130679047How would a meeting between these two have gone.[View]
130677997Ninjas: Time for a ninja thread I guess?[View]
130671869Pardon me, but could you help out a fellow American who's down on his luck?[View]
130661453Why does this book imply that Anne Frank caused the Holocaust and Hitler is an embodiment of her ang…[View]
130669696>Good riddance human scum, the world is better off without you![View]
130661259>mogs wonder loli[View]
130677936Why did they force Cassandra Cain into Birds of Prey and then make her nothing like Cassandra Cain?[View]
130634355this is my waifu. Bally Williams. say something nice about her.[View]
130675108>Triangle man, Triangle man >Triangle man hates particle man >They have a fight, Triangle w…[View]
130678314Why does every single modern interpretation of Power Man immediately remove the most interesting asp…[View]
130678036Why didn't they just become lovers and a coleader power couple?[View]
130671202Would you have stayed?[View]
130676820>Even though they killed my Lord >I need a Jew Immediately cancelled.…[View]
130678556What was her problem?[View]
130679110do you think this show deserve the hate that it gets.[View]
130678987Does it have even a single redeeming quality? Her mom was the only truly sympathetic character, and …[View]
130672700Three dimensional characters are always better than two dimensional ones. Two dimensional character…[View]
130651306Fuck did I just read?[View]
130678984>So no one told you life was gonna be this way[View]
130678516Lena Headey reportedly has a secret role in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER: Which goddess to be butchered by…[View]
130675779What makes the Teen Titan YA graphic novels so successful? Are they even capeshit, or are they just …[View]
130676994You will never have...this happen to you: Oh, real life. Why must you deprive me so? Please please p…[View]
130674298>muh lantern[View]
130665846Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
130677415What's your favorite cartoon at the moment? I feel like I ran out of /co/ stuff to watch. Pic u…[View]
130677254Why is She so Mean?: And how come her humiliating defeat failed to humble her?[View]
130675092What are your thoughts on President Gwen Tennyson?[View]
130678803So, what 'big' cartoons we still have?: Fandom-building, with continuous story, worldbuilding/lore, …[View]
130677559I cant get into DC comics at all. I understand the multiverse stuff but I just don't find any o…[View]
130674994>that's it guys >I'm TURNING RED (2022)!…[View]
130678806TCJ David Rust on The Replacement God[View]
130677453HBO Max’s THE PENGUIN Casting Calls: >ROBERT (30-45, Open Ethnicity): A handsome, charming, very …[View]
130678451Elemental: Pixar just announced their next movie that everyone can get really mad at for literally n…[View]
130676187MOON KNIGHT Producer Reveals Alternate Villains For The Series: >'Bushman was intiailly going to …[View]
130674469Any notes on how animators give human poses to non-human objects?: Like the flour sack but with anim…[View]
130677103If Zee were valued, she would be more or less popular with Wanda![View]
130670106Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 85: Page 9 Jinkers! https://www.gunnerkrigg.com/[View]
130675661Your favorite tropes: Mine is 'character does good thing for the wrong reasons'[View]
130671525What even is a lore show anymore? It has become such a fucking Buzz word[View]
130658802ITT: Unpopular /co/ Opinions: The vast majority (99%) of western animation is garbage. Anatomically-…[View]
130677131Amphibia: Can ANYONE defeat him?[View]
130674781Oh boy i cant wait for garnet to meet and interact with alex delarge, immortan joe, and shao khan[View]
130670765Legion of Super-Heroes Storytime - Part 5: >Part 1 >>130550420 >Part 2 >>130577173…[View]
130659788Escapism is good and rational.: This final bit ruined the show and ruined my day Yes, i don't h…[View]
130676167Y'all can fuck off with the Snyder hate, I grew up on DC and Zack Snyder's Justice League …[View]
130676499This moment destroyed a legacy.[View]
130670850Really weird choice by Disney to throw Tony Montana in Turning Red[View]
130672848Shouldn't he have looked at least half white?[View]
130675932Why can't producers, executives, directors just fuck off from a cartoon show and let the writer…[View]
130673384Spider-Man OTP: Now that MaryWhoKek is done, will Peter come back to his true love? Or will he start…[View]
130664104He's more sadistic then Jerry and Woody, why do people don't give him shit for never losin…[View]
130676451The Boys Season 3 trailer: https://youtu.be/K-8VYKUZYiw[View]
130672650Judas Traveller: Why the fuck is he in X-Books now? Shouldn't he be fucking with Spider-Man aga…[View]
130674733How would /co/ characters fell about their fanbase? How will Superman fell about his fans mostly bei…[View]
130676837ITT: Best cartoon: Or just good cartoons in general.[View]
130671583tfw no Ewoks gf[View]
130673518Amphibia: What do you think is on the undiscovered continent?[View]
130676173>fatherless child (had two moms) >is helpless to stop the villain from taking advantage of her…[View]
130665125Warner has their big upfront in a few days, what are you hoping or expecting them to announce or sho…[View]
130673710How do you make something this bad?: I'm not even talking about them changing some of the shen …[View]
130676723>wandavision portrays Wanda as the hero at the end >movie just immediately has her as a monstr…[View]
130662320Do you know why I personally think he should have been in the movie?: So that Wanda could fucking de…[View]
130675094Finally broke and watched Toy Story 4. Bo Peep used to be such a cool whore. What happened?[View]
130674197I'M GOING TO JUMP![View]
130672844I'm thinking about going full in on a comic character. Like start from the beginning and get as…[View]
130674815Smart things Zoomers say about cartoons: >Morbius aged gracefully >Morbius holds up amazingly …[View]
130659223THE Owl House: Goodbye fellow frogs[View]
130672858Mind Control Monday, post mind control Bonus points for canon[View]
130671586ITT: Characters that didn't deserve redemption[View]
130675808Best ninja going through[View]
130673948Lotta fake Iron Giant fans revealing themselves today[View]
130672821[melodic whistling] WOOOAAAHHHH! Here we go, cause we're Fanboy & Chum Chum! A little cucko…[View]
130672063Catwoman: Why isn't she a member of the Justice League?[View]
130674645Since Muhammad Ali beat Superman, how come Muhammad Ali isn't in the Justice League?[View]
130676178Realistic alternative endings: Frogshow ending gave me deep vein thrombosis so now I am obsessed wit…[View]
130673389Transformers Storytime: IDW's Hasbroverse >>129537789 >>129655661 >>129677478…[View]
130675859Your Favorite Martian Bros... we're coming home[View]
130673956Agents of Shield: So what's your guy's thoughts?[View]
130675674The most based superman[View]
130675022I THINK I LOVE YOU MORE[View]
130654086DEATH BATTLE: Homelander is gonna fuckin die.[View]
130675169Who's James?[View]
130675210Here’s your Sandman bro[View]
130665374>Polly, why arent you wearing a shirt under your overalls?[View]
130675662Could she beat goku[View]
130675218>retains its throne as the best animated series after 14 years[View]
130671281SOUTH PARK: It wasn't supposed to be a documentary.[View]
130672336>people upset that they didn't make him more Jewish in the show >people mad that he throw…[View]
130672614What are the main reasons this wasn't as successful as SpongeBob?[View]
130671838 give him an actual superhero name he deserves it [View]
130673565I hate his speed effects so much. The only one I've seen do Super Speed well is Quicksilver in …[View]
130670701A lot of people claim that Dipper became Mabel's bitch. If so, what does she do with him?[View]
130669370Why is it so bad? I can't quite explain it.[View]
130672881It's been a while since I read this, but... I don't get it. >Everything is back! The w…[View]
130674977Post yfw Your Favorite Martian announced their revival[View]
130673520>too based for the MCU[View]
130674651>>130500342 >Comic books have always been retarded in treating clones like they're the…[View]
130674910>I can fix him![View]
130673628This was gay as fuck and we all knew it. And we liked it![View]
130673175STATIC: Does it still hold up today? Was it ahead of it’s time, and should it be commended for touch…[View]
130672796Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Should we see more of her?[View]
130673742>This is the coolest most anime thing that’s ever happened to me? Did they fuckin really?…[View]
130673524OK how the hell did this song become the chart-topping hit? It doesn't even make sense outside …[View]
130674470WHY is MY DOG Not iN this SMASH GAME???[View]
130613126>magical furry creature is colder than a human Doesn't even make sense…[View]
130674172Shitty Redesigns/ Bad Costumes: Remember when Beast Boy was red?[View]
130673446What was the best big lipped alligator moment[View]
130671967>go to see a capeshit film at the cinema >sit through the entire credits roll expecting a fun …[View]
130674032I would have done the same: >Every single stage of your life is defined by strife, betrayal, and …[View]
130674164King Andrias: How did Keith David do?[View]
130671095Why do niggas love Doom?: Seriously every nigga I meet they always tell me Doom is their favorite Ma…[View]
130673146Who was your favorite Ninja Turtle: Leo for me.[View]
130673085Cassonova (the comic): Is Cassonova good suitshit? Or is it too Brazilian 4 me?[View]
130673937Yes! only bakers have 'The CAKE!'[View]
130673059What made Steven Universe so successful?[View]
130671579What does /co/ think about comics using Japanese IP?[View]
130670009>Bugs, frogs, newts and toads! Gonna be a bumpy road! You bitches don't even know the meani…[View]
130661387>should’ve gotten a MED GOD >could’ve had a HapaChad >ended up with a Mexican manlet Litera…[View]
130670728How do I stop my cat from googling immoral stuff?[View]
130671106ITT: post characters who are definitely Planeswalkers[View]
130673438>18 days until Avatar adapt or die #2[View]
130670216Amphibia: Am I the only finds the discourse around the timeskip to be dumb and pedantic?[View]
130670137>Batman should be dark and gritty, like his early stories! Batman's early stories:…[View]
130672482>inhumans, a show so bad it got cancelled before season 1 ended, is made canon >agents of shie…[View]
130670717South Park did better LGBT rep in 2007 than any shows do today and Creek is a better gay ship than a…[View]
130672449>The story of Wanda Maximoff, one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics history, losi…[View]
130667283A remake of the first Toy Story is coming in 2025, just in time for the 30th anniversary. It will be…[View]
130672736Crossovers have never been done right.[View]
130617396>Azula >Ty Lee >Suki >Katara >Jin >Mai…[View]
130671779Indeed: Indeed[View]
130671929>abuses her friends and her brother physically and verbally >shown to be more sociopathic than…[View]
130671759Setting aside the sex and crack addiciton, is Liane good trad wife material? She seems to be the swe…[View]
130602754The Bad Guys: Movie is now out digitally 'officially'. Also a short and 'more' are confirmed in the …[View]
130672178Club Spongebob is one of the worst Spongebob episodes. I hated that magic conch. It was a bitch. I h…[View]
130660221Please stop doing this, corporate overlords: >Ducktales: Cancelled >Amphibia: Cancelled >Ow…[View]
130672786Worth reading /co/?[View]
130671776Commando Storytime - № 4654, 4656-8: 80, 124, 141, 188 https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/12354756…[View]
130668830JP: Best boy[View]
130672149Miss when inquisitors could be main antagonists and had their own secret plots and ambitions to over…[View]
130672643The OST for this game sucks[View]
130672644I'm sorry. I've never read a Green Arrow comic. Why does no one know Oliver Queen is Green…[View]
130672297>Rewatching golden era Simpsons >Lisa episode comes up…[View]
130660674This is my newest waifu, Daisy the bunny. Say something nice to her.[View]
130671528The only time a new Simpsons episode ever gets discussed is when there's some sort of gimmick.[View]
130667067Why did Morbius fail? Was it because /co/ hates comics with Vampires?[View]
130672289What was his fucking problem?[View]
130672513I hate torture porn episodes.[View]
130665690Marvel Comics of July 1957, part 0: Hi anons, let try out a new type of storytime. As most probably …[View]
130666542Comics characters modeled after real people: What are some examples? Gary Frank notoriously modeled …[View]
130660431Amphibia sequel or spin off discussion: In this thread we discuss possible ways in which we can see …[View]
130672296Kyle Broflovski: Why does Kyle have so much sand in his vagina?[View]
130667819If you could make a cartoon about this character…: What would it be about?[View]
130669970To answer the question of why they chose to leave Lizard in the van: He’s a fucking Lizard who lived…[View]
130671562I was talking about superhero movies with my cousin and he told me (without trying to be funny) that…[View]
130671303It's kinda interesting that Black Hammer is essentially an imprint designed to be the next DC/M…[View]
130667479>Currently in college >Parents want me to do business so I can make a shit ton of money >I …[View]
130671938/co/ characters that only you are attracted too: I want to pump a baby into this dopey little retard…[View]
130665477Is it H-E-double-hockey-sticks?[View]
130663207Rewrite Amphibia Ending: What about this ending? >Marcy is a wandering hobo that gives advices …[View]
130669754Starfire is constantly wearing those long-ass thigh-high alien stripper boots even when she's j…[View]
130664972How is it ethical for Superman to use a person property as a weapon?[View]
130667159Why did this movie suck and why are people spamming it[View]
130645272when will Marvel stop milking Gwen Stacy? I don't think even uncle Ben gets this much bullshit …[View]
130668502Live action sitcoms that could work as cartoons: I’ll start. The nanny could 100% work in an animate…[View]
130671720Does anyone else here /co/llect any toys from cartoons and/or comics properties? I found this rare t…[View]
130667060Mr. Krabs gets to eat out his daughter![View]
130671695not even a friend, just companion Is this why villain cannt use power of friendship?[View]
130671780Please stop doing this, corporate overlords: >>130660221 >Shitty show: Cancelled >Crappy…[View]
130671130Itt: Art styles you like: I love this style, the lines and colors are nice.[View]
130659351Rescue Rangers 1 Minute Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VKgV2txuoM[View]
130671362/HYW/ - How's Your Webcomic?: Bad Case of the Mondays Edition[View]
130668026Post Characters who listen to THIS PROJECT IS REBORN[View]
130654879Reminder the original Steven Universe died in S1: The Steven we follow for the rest of the series is…[View]
130663381Why did it fail?[View]
130668829So I'm aware that every Batman movie has him wearing black makeup around his eyes and The Batma…[View]
130670751What if...Scratch but a young adult?[View]
130671473Will we ever get quality Amphibia figurines?[View]
130670851what if a superhero had a retard for a kid?: lamo he wnats his hat[View]
130667213>Este wey no habla español?[View]
130667226What was your favorite show on here growing up?[View]
130663616Bluey: Bluey is coming back in a month! >featuring Muffin Dammit.…[View]
130668820So far I am loving this Superman/Batman book[View]
130661315Why did it fail?[View]
130658134Moral of the story, never fight an Aussie in hand to hand combat.[View]
130668812Things That Bug You in Cartoons: ITT We talk about minor grievances with cartoons. For me its Texas …[View]
130646830How could Thor have won?: Intro: Galactus and multiversal feats*: The claim is that Thor's God …[View]
130669886what cartoons do yall watch stoned? I like Boondocks and Adventure Time.[View]
130668953Adventure Time general: Write one sentence episode plot Discuss the upcoming series Wonder about t…[View]
130650476Left, Right, or Middle?[View]
130669413>is stuck doing mediocre direct to video batman stuff for the rest of his days…[View]
130631995Sasha is canon bi: >Another original fucking 'bi' girl Thank you Amphibia, now you are no differ…[View]
130669816Heathcliff is cheering.[View]
130668463>Twitter being overrun by cancelmob. Big evil ringleader What do I do? Search search search!…[View]
130659741She looks like she listens to MF DOOM[View]
130668218Toph has been replaced[View]
130667735it's now been 2 years since this thing came to air, do you still think this manchild is the wor…[View]
130669262How did Dale know Hank was gay?[View]
130668137Amphibians: Holy shit bros. This is definitely one of the best western cartoon finales in a while. O…[View]
130657860Which one?[View]
130662556what does /co/ think of him, and why does DC hate him so much?[View]
130670029¡Esto está mejor todos otros de disney películas! Miriam esta muy comico y creo que Disney va a hace…[View]
130669721Netflix India Movie ‘The Archies‘ based on Archie comics: >Netflix’s upcoming Indian musical dram…[View]
130666459inside job: Gravity falls + Bojack Horseman = inside job I just watched the first episode and while …[View]
130587932Multiversus: Is this a good roster?[View]
130656706Why did Hawkgirl fall out of popularity from the Justice League?[View]
130669373plague dogs: any other opening sequence as disturbing and amazing as this?[View]
130668395When it comes to Superman versus Batman, we all know Superman is Goliath and Batman is David. That’s…[View]
130667763Martha was an average dog[View]
130656209Burton took our world and turned it into Batman's through movie magic. Contemporary capeshit ca…[View]
130656537Villainous: New Carlos Ramber >'I can't believe I've spent two week's worth of wag…[View]
130667578¡Escuche Brendon! Yo Dije a menudo que busco mujeres pero no dije necessiten estan real. Estoy feliz…[View]
130665129Good Characters Have Masks: Spider-Man, Batman, Rorshach, Iron Man, Venom, Black Panther, they all h…[View]
130668448Are these really the only modern childrens' cartoons that had decent endings?[View]
130661962Cyborg: >is a fan favorite amongst the teen titans cartoon fans >everybody thinks the comic ve…[View]
130658532Animation Domination General #1: Part 1 of 2 Threads (Not Really) Edition: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUND…[View]
130658450ITT: Shows that nobody remembers[View]
130582692/HYW/ - How's Your Webcomic?: Dead already but let's twist the knife for funsies edition …[View]
130668447>Why didn’t they stay friends forever >Why did they have to say goodbye to their frog friends …[View]
130668774What is the most outlandish and far-fetched plan a supervillain ever had?[View]
130656304It's up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp9fZGqG0Qo[View]
130668038Hazbin Hotel is so popular it's got a huge non-English speaking fandom. The Japanese fandom is …[View]
130667243I for one will miss the Boobchuy memes.[View]
130663239What is /co/‘s thoughts on Taco Man?[View]
130667021Goku vs Superman: DISCUSS[View]
130667908Did he deserve it, /co/?[View]
130668259If Cartoon Network continued using the CN City bumpers to this day what would the look like if they …[View]
130661951Would it kill them to write 'done in one' stories in comics?[View]
130668388got any smokes?[View]
130666795Why is she in everytning: She ain't such a great actress[View]
130666292>literally 'perfect the character' Yes it was annoying and she's an awful character.…[View]
130668185ITT: perfect /co/ casting. capeshit, voice acting, or otherwise[View]
130662932What's his fucking problem[View]
130666545Since the Arrowverse is dying, what are some of its most squandered opportunities? Pic related[View]
130660203Hostess Fruit Pie/Snack Cake ads: These are fun, post em if you got em[View]
130665614Amphibia: Are you working on an Amphibia project? the ride never ends[View]
130667466Vampirella Strikes #1 (2022) Storytime: >Having fulfilled her role of savior in Vengeance, Vampir…[View]
130664667This is so laughably bad, why does it have good reviews? Literally every other line is some boring u…[View]
1306399442000 AD Comics: I'm kind of comics-illiterate but I'm a fan of some 2000 AD stuff thanks t…[View]
130667802howdy Mrs. K[View]
130661303Scar: Character Analysis and Discussion: This character is a really profound conveyance of evil, spi…[View]
130662665Come up with the school shooter story[View]
130651487ITT: scenes that traumatized you as a kid[View]
130666578Can they pump out another Shazam movie without Billy feeling too old?[View]
130666010How would Nolan Joker and Nolan Bane has interacted[View]
130667248Sidekicks: Multiverse of Madness just got BTFO https://youtu.be/ilPEQCuQCDQ[View]
130666648Doctor Strange: M.o.M: How does /co feel about Christine cucking Strange in every universe? Not to m…[View]
130667167It's crazy how Dark Crisis is going to be a worse event than Death Metal.[View]
130664652Could this guy beat Goku?[View]
130667156Now that the dust has settled, will the movie perform well critically and/or at the box office?[View]
130665833>Wanda is evil because she's a gypsy PAD was right![View]
130600024Soon Hunter: The Parenting - Chapter 3: Hunter's Hunters Hunted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
130666920I would be surprised if anyone on /co/ remembered this show[View]
130663230What's the line between 'taking something seriously at all' and being 'self serious'?[View]
130665271Can I get a briefing on what attracts autists with Thomas the Tank. Explain it to me like I’m fuckin…[View]
130666153Was Morrison's run a good Supes origin?[View]
130667003Gorr will be: Kino[View]
130662857What are some /co/ alternatives[View]
130637348What Impact Has Amphibia Had on Your Life?[View]
130662247What are the best horror animated movies/TV shows?[View]
130665521What does /co/ think about the White Knight-verse by Sean Gordon Murphy?[View]
130664337What's your favorite art style?[View]
130664270What's next for Disney[View]
130663592Super hero ideas: Dont usually do /co/ but this seems like the place to do it. Post your ideas for s…[View]
130583369obscure /co/ waifus: post them[View]
130665440Why was issue 4 delayed? The art is kind of sexy but nothing has really happened since issue 1. Is i…[View]
130657926>/co/ hates this show religiously >watch it expecting complete and utter shit >it was lite…[View]
130665858Archie Comics welcomes two new characters!: >Eliza Han — a bi-racial pansexual teen with a remark…[View]
130661325I just picked this and the untold tales of spider-man omni up (the untold tales omni is on sale for …[View]
130664314I still can't believe this happened.[View]
130662845Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130661959Gargoyles appear in Disney animation for the first time in 26 years! Lexington appears for like 5 se…[View]
130653085An ending with balls: Such a rarity nowadays. Most would have the girls either stay in the magical w…[View]
130658332Coolest Mr. Freeze Design. Prove me wrong.[View]
130657375Favorite character from Taz-Mania?[View]
130665587Hey /co/, what if Hitler was a cute femboy?[View]
130652677How does making a bad adaptation in any way ruin the original work?[View]
130661401Why is the no killing rule only a rule for the snyderverse?[View]
130659981This was a huge letdown. But unironically, who should Doom realistically marry?[View]
130661481What are /co/ thoughts on the old marvel Conan comics? I want to get into comics with swordsmen.[View]
130660692Slylock proposes a problem. Can you solve it?[View]
130661323JJ Abrams Superman (LEAK): There are two versions of the script for the JJ Abrams produced Superman …[View]
130656977>MOTHER OF GOAT! wdhmbt?[View]
130656000Comics will never be the same.[View]
130664148Hilarious people are complaining the MCU is directionless. You all liked the pointless scenes with I…[View]
130661717Phase 4 of the MCU is just a mess right now, I liked MoM but other than that, it's going to tan…[View]
130663725thank me later[View]
130661531Amphibia: The biggest crime is that the show didn't focus more on all 3 girls and their relatio…[View]
130664259>NEPTUNE'S BEARD! wdhmbt?[View]
130659228Make a good WW cartoon.[View]
130662255Why kill her off?: In her first appearance no last?[View]
130663509Can we have a thread for horror comics? I've been reading some Creepy lately and want to know y…[View]
130661655Monkie Kid: Let's have a Monkie Kid thread[View]
130664479>Why were the Illuminati so dumb in Dr Strange? They should've been smart enough to not over…[View]
130627852Why does (good) animation rarely exists outside these countries?[View]
130651515AU Fire Regency Ursa.: What would be different? How do we justify it?[View]
130661649SHE-HULK Disney+ Series Reportedly 'A Mess': https://comicbookmovie.com/tv/marvel/she-hulk/she-hulk-…[View]
130656875Now that Amphibia has ended, Infinity Train is dead in the water and The Owl House is nearing its en…[View]
130663954Out of place scenes in /co/ media.[View]
130656226I have been putting off watching this show for a long time because I was waiting to see if they were…[View]
130662020Say something nice about her /co/.[View]
130659188it has zero postie white male representation and overall depicts man as weak and stupid to make wome…[View]
130661152Spongebob Animated Rap: Is this kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GA4BE018JI[View]
130658024Superhero comics be like: >oh yeah Greek and Norse mythology is real by the way but please don…[View]
130661326As miserable as squidward is he will always have something that I never will. Two friends who genui…[View]
130662278Jon Kent sucks my dick[View]
130660919Hysterectomy is so funny guys[View]
130660712>Portrays Rorschach as a pathetic individual who has to put on a ridiculous mask and maim people …[View]
130653413Here's where we stand, Nickbros.[View]
130663204Funny GI Joes story .: You are the baroness has son from when she was an older teenager and Desco is…[View]
130659229>WAAAAAAAAA IT'S MEANSPIRITED It's funny >B-BUT- It's funny…[View]
130663092Why did they only have one episode set in the Fire Nation? They explored the Water Tribes, Earth Kin…[View]
130647366Why was this so controversial? She literally had no choice.[View]
130660290>Wally stops being the Flash >Comic starts becoming mediocre >Wally becomes The Flash again…[View]
130661118BLUE BEETLE: Where do you start with him?[View]
130610194Alternative Ships that you like: I've always liked Fry and Amy more than Fry and Leela[View]
130656310Have your /co/ opinions changed?: I use to thought that Superman was overpowered and boring because …[View]
130661816Canon /co/ simps: Who /co/ favorite canonical simps? Is there anyone who can out simped Agrretsuko H…[View]
130655458Who is older twin?[View]
130632585Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Shock and Awe #1: Previous Thread: >>130608286 Pastebin: https:…[View]
130657008Did you rike?[View]
130662462Simpsons: Will Lisa grow up to be like her father?[View]
130660411>amphibia ends >sashafags can still fuck their waifu (now legally) >yunanchads can't I…[View]
130660860>I can’t move too fast now that I’m. >PREGGERS!…[View]
130656732/co/ and the western animation give creators too much attention. In most cases, they're just id…[View]
130655864Does anyone remember Oban Star-Racers? It was one of the first great western animations of the mid-2…[View]
130662281Ben 10: Refute this You can't.[View]
130655608webm thread[View]
130658521They got away with having both the words 'copulate' and 'sexual intercourse' in an episode of Jimmy …[View]
130661443What if Anne was just really high the entire time and it was all fake?[View]
130662098This could be made into a great animated movie[View]
130658905What's the difference?[View]
130658900Imagine being such a beta, I mean such an absolute gigacuck, that you completely ignore the 3 differ…[View]
130650264ITT Wholesome thirst: >Robin: ...and we'll have six children? >Marian: (giggling) Six? Oh…[View]
130660724Write and episode of Spongebob with him at the DMV.[View]
130656990What was so bad about telling people to mix ammonia and bleach? She was just trying to help them cle…[View]
130661579Why do some variants look exactly the same while some are drastically different?[View]
130654592Did Anne really love Sprig more than Sasha and Marcy?[View]
130648853Sticc Sunday: Post skinny /co/ girls (and guys, if you prefer).[View]
130657500>I love you. >I love you in every universe. It's not that I don't want to care for s…[View]
130653590Hypothetically, let’s say that Azula became a magical girl with a transformation, new powers, forces…[View]
130660414>the real reason why Doom is so angry at Reed Doombros, we got too cocky and couldn’t back it up…[View]
130638858Why didn’t he just cut his mouth open[View]
130658390What was his problem?[View]
130659843Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why did the 1987 cartoon depict the Utroms like this?[View]
130657946>All these cartoon lesbians in current year >Courtney had the worst ending in AtbG She was mad…[View]
130658014Amphibia: I want it![View]
130660619GUYS LOOK: A BIRDIE[View]
130654668The 'Sing' franchise: The species the characters represent barely played a part in the story at all.…[View]
130660788>Remains the GOAT /co/ friendship[View]
130604801Comic Book Art thread: Who are your favorite artists ever? How about your favorite newer artists? Po…[View]
130652361>There are still children on this board who believe Adventure Time was an excellent cartoon show.…[View]
130639906>Lacey Shadows! Yaaay! My favorite![View]
130655989Jurrassic League: When I first heard this pitch I rolled my eyes like it was the same tier as Death …[View]
130659604>omg spongebob fans...remember the perfume gag we had in a season 2 episode? well..we brought it …[View]
130659111How bad is the CGI gonna be?[View]
130658306Ducktales 2017: Fuck you, it was good[View]
130658602The idea that the X-Men should be parceled off into their own universe is midwit pleb shit. Having t…[View]
130660056Beast Boy transitioned, it's over[View]
130658279Everything is illuminated: Previous >>130627673[View]
130651138Was Kamala's potential really that high?: You see a lot of people claiming she could have been …[View]
130648903The scarlet witch is 900% BS !: Age of ultron >Gets owned like trash by le robot man Thanos 1 and…[View]
130660258Why are Superboy and Superman treated as separate characters? I read a lot of silver age collections…[View]
130660287>Rejected by the network over a retarded reason >Porn parody completely overshadows it >Cre…[View]
130656722Why did they do my boy freeze like this?[View]
130658812Post cartoons that will no longer be talked about on /co/ after it ended[View]
130659960I havent watched the frog cartoon yet but now that it ended, was it good and did it have a satifsyin…[View]
130658578Post a character, reply with what music they listen to[View]
130650782What is your defense for her? Aside from, 'She's cute.'[View]
130656392Anyone can be an animator on YouTube[View]
130659773Post characters with long faces[View]
130651577Legion of Super-Heroes Storytime - Part 4: >Part 1 >>130550420 >Part 2 >>130577173…[View]
130647813Does /co/ agree?[View]
130659134is it normal I watch cartoons now that Im 30? I swear to god, life is heartless bitch and unforgivin…[View]
130652183ITT: Body Snatching[View]
130659524Whatever happened to him?[View]
130658737Itt facts that are important to a character mythos: I'll start. Harley is a huge Wonder Woman f…[View]
130658080Why do so many people consider Superman boring?[View]
130647627Steven Universe (Future) was not fatphobic. Steven didn't lose weight he just had s growth spur…[View]
130658685I think the one thing that pisses me off the most about Star vs tonally was the flippant nature of e…[View]
130658143What/who is to blame for the current state of the big 2?[View]
130658468Where does it rank among Disney Channel's best cartoons?[View]
130655953Which /co/ character has the strongest stand?[View]
130629981Owl House, The: Do it for him.[View]
130658412Write the crossover.[View]
130647371Which way, grilling man?[View]
130658051Amphibia: Can’t wait to see how Darrell will cram himself into the series finale.[View]
130657633The girl downstairs: I generally don't know how to feel about the ending. I think it could…[View]
1306568252022......I am forgotten: No seriously this show came and went about as fast as a Netflix program. D…[View]
130656939Cyclops post #36: Thoughts on the first X-Man.[View]
130655756da fuck is this shit? This must be the darkest ages of animation. https://youtu.be/fmh-OmhUYsc[View]
130641955ITT: Tropes you love[View]
130658633ITT: Shameless rip-offs[View]
130655904/co/, what are your recommendations for cheesecake comics that actually have good writing?[View]
130656746The Simpsons is still going on strongly despite complaints from oldfags about 'declining in quality'…[View]
130656569It still blows my mind that for a long time, lots of people believed the vendor was gay He was sayin…[View]
130658406new comic, true story comic series, the ballad of punk rock brock (part 1): comments? replies? i nee…[View]
130656075https://twitter.com/DisneyChannel/status/1525883914723774466 Wow they really went and forgot BH6 exi…[View]
130656178Holy based![View]
130658262Okay this actually made me laugh.[View]
130653816Do you consider this canon? Or does the story stop at BTTF3?[View]
130654940Amphibia: Don't know about you /amph/ but i'm just so glad it happened, despite everything…[View]
130656145I do think Surge and Kit are the last IDW characters to make a big splash. The comics are going to l…[View]
130654160How do comic readers cope with the characters powers being inconsistent? Like I don't even know…[View]
130620278Artists you can’t stand and why?: Can be comic book, twitter artist, animator, YouTube, etc. and why…[View]
130650551Claim two of your capefus (one for Marvel and one of DC)[View]
130614498Is this going to be the Simpsons Movie again? At least the part where 'it's just a 2hr episode …[View]
130650581This stereotype is still a thing 30 years later[View]
130655886flavor of the month ?[View]
130651469Catch-up Storytime - Air Ace Picture Library № 322-3, 329, 331, 343: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/…[View]
130653311Is being spotlighted in Nick All-Star Brawl the last time we'll see Jenny?[View]
130651011Why CN hates our girls?[View]
130649439How do you tell a serious story that takes itself seriously with an 'out there' or fantastical conce…[View]
130648487Catch-up Storytime - Air Ace Picture Library № 309, 313, 317-8, 321: 1-4 https://boards.fireden.net/…[View]
130657133I was watching some old Nick bumpers until I stumbled upon this: Is this an actual show? Or are thes…[View]
130622631This is the ideal cartoon cat body. You may not like it,but this is what peak character design looks…[View]
130657352Book the story if it was written today[View]
130650174A hunka hunka love, swing it baby[View]
130657320TCJ Jim Ottaviani on Bliss Alley[View]
130654616Monkey Prince Storytime: Storytiming issue the 4 issues + issue 0 that are out so far >Marcus Sun…[View]
130656980Everyone please help I am looking for a comic I remember seeing when I was younger. I was convinced …[View]
130657073If you had a portal gun pointed at your head that would transport you to the DC universe or the Marv…[View]
130656261I'm glad western animators have moved on from ripping off sailor moon to ripping off rayearth.[View]
130630998Why don't they make cartoons about cool stuff that kids actually like anymore?[View]
130656753If you could have the emails of any /co/ company (Disney, WB, Marvel, DC, IDW, etc) which would it b…[View]
130656395Since a clone is living on earth, does that mean that Anne 1 now can live on Amphibia forever?[View]
130655374Previously on X-Men[View]
130656579What was actually wrong with the show, objectively?[View]
130616824Conan leaves Marvel: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS https://bleedingcool.com/comics/conan-license-to-move-on-fr…[View]
130623540The only people who like her are coomers or underage redditors. Ahsoka ain't particularly well …[View]
130655861I heard a rumor that their days are numbered[View]
130647422What now for Matt Braly?: After the Amphibia show ended. What next for Matt Braly? Will he make anot…[View]
130656265Why is The Flash the most hype hero in the DC universe? >TFW he runs fast…[View]
130648811Star Wars Epic Collections Storytime: I always wanted to get into the old EU, I figured this would b…[View]
130652630ITT: Only the most based /co/ characters[View]
130656112So, is the movie universe 616? Because that's come up twice now.[View]
130651570>Pretty much all old animators are either doing let's plays now, or are still making animati…[View]
130656055>crossover thread[View]
130655424Zoomer here. Has anyone else found that younger audiences don't watch traditionally syndicated …[View]
130656004>How was Hawaii Barry? >That wasn't me, Barry…[View]
130655017Are there any comics or animation that really capture feelings of depression and existential dread? …[View]
130655967Feast For A King: New page up[View]
130649530What does /co/ think of Brandy Harrington?[View]
130654352She looks like she listens to Insane Clown Posse[View]
130646211Netflix India Movie ‘The Archies‘ based on Archie comics: >Netflix’s upcoming Indian musical dram…[View]
130652672ITT: /co/ where the protag is a self-insert of the writer/director[View]
130653683How do we fix cartoon lesbians?[View]
130651854Super Mario Movie End Credits Sequence: https://youtu.be/JFu4aJ4NJsU[View]
130653910Is there a silver-age/bronze-age comic that gives off the feeling of a Jimmy Stewart film? I had a w…[View]
130631272Scott Derrickson left Doctor Strange 2 because...: He wanted to tell a Doctor Strange movie, not Wan…[View]
130652004Bumblebee: Did this character have any fans before DC Super Hero Girls?[View]
130652715Would you fuck?[View]
130620749Who will step up to save the MCU?[View]
130655602I'm not really into shipping, but I really like Cyclops and Storm being together. I like the id…[View]
130537632Now hear me out…[View]
130651052Which is the superior Furry Heist Movie?[View]
130655202Do you have any idea who you're stealing from?! You and your friends are dead![View]
130654818What is your /co/ guilty pleasure?[View]
130652823I did not care for Smiling Friends[View]
130637248Be honest now. You read Misfile and loved it.[View]
130655378What makes Lisa Simpson so underrated?[View]
130650843Why is it so timeless?[View]
130645085What do we call this genre of film?[View]
130648880Most Evil /co/ character: Who is it?[View]
130604150Jellystone: What bachelor in town do you think Jabberjaw should get with?[View]
130651157Aqua Teen Hunger Force: How did he get hair?[View]
130648743Smurfs 7 deadly sins: Are the smurfs representing sins ?[View]
130651454The greatest actor to ever grace a comic movie, period. This is the equivalent to getting Brando to …[View]
130654771Is he /our/ family guy?[View]
130652442Amphibia: Boy i sure feel great to be a frogchad right about now and not investing in the calamity t…[View]
130635525Ethan Van Sciver: What's your opinion of him?[View]
130652184Season 4 sucks: “Hey Anon, would you like another B-plot about Islam for the 15th time this season a…[View]
130653232Should DC retire the trinity?: Wonder Woman and Superman have no good runs and provide no competitio…[View]
130651784What was the peak of comics, and why was it DC rebirth?[View]
130635164How would you fix it? First thing I would do is fire the terrible Zack Synder rip off director.[View]
130651753Gigachads: ITT: Blatant and shameless depictions of self-inserting.[View]
130654083Death Battle thread: when are we getting the out-of-the-box stuff they promised?[View]
130654408ITT: we appreciate milfs.[View]
130652435Will he be a better Superman than Henry Cavil?[View]
130654379Bryke: what are your thoughts on the hacks?[View]
130648590Zor and the Invincibles: I thought we'd agreed on Sunday threads, but we've missed several…[View]
130651725Frankie: Post Frankie.[View]
130653931I was not aware Blue's Clues had such a big underground following. They're all donned in S…[View]
130648388*doesn’t show up at all in Doctor Strange 2* Why?[View]
130637646Who or what is responsible for its downfall? And what could they do for it to finally end?[View]
130652847the new President of CN tells you to pick three shows to revive with new movies: in the fashion of t…[View]
130652744Connie Maheswaran: What do you think of Connie?[View]
130653498>it’s a Harlem Globetrotters episode FUCK YEAH[View]
130653455what should i draw to fill in my /co/ncept art portofolio/site to attract regular(-ly high) traffic …[View]
130644411Why was it so forgettable?[View]
130651787I know MCU is pretty shit at romance most of the time(if not all the time) but: I just want these tw…[View]
130652188Any news on a sequel?[View]
130652954Shezow.: Is it kino? Should I watch this?[View]
130652161>novelization based on an older script has optimus and megatron make peace in the end >movie …[View]
130652840where do you usually go to read comics if you don't want to or can't buy them?[View]
130652506Have you ever wondered about this animation cel? I wonder where it is. If it's still around I b…[View]
130651622Would you /fluffit/?[View]
130652278Which one is worse/more annoying[View]
130650026Amphibia: Post comfy.[View]
130639968ITT: Bi characters: They'll fuck anyone![View]
130649802Who is the protagonist of Family Guy? Peter or Stewie?[View]
130652093Why does the creator of Flapjack look like a biker?[View]
130632447Imagine how smug and proud they felt about this at the time. Little did they know it would blow up i…[View]
130651114Hey guys I fixed Berry, no need to thank me. It was pretty easy too, it only took me 3 minutes.[View]
130645855What is the #1 problem the comic book industry currently faces?[View]
130648315Wildstorm Comics: What was so good about this universe other than being Jim Lee fapbait?[View]
130648300How did they do it?[View]
130649147>Game on, You Stinky Neckbeards![View]
130647519Finish the sentence: Andrea wouldn't be Andrea without...[View]
130649472The Hardest Thing: >Why did this finale have consequences and not have a generic happy ending whe…[View]
130634465So now that both shows are over, 3 years later Who won the tribe wars in the end?[View]
130642291She looks like she listens to Insane Clown Posse[View]
130650342How long is Jessica Cruz going to be a yellow lantern? Would you read a yellow lantern comic starrin…[View]
130629921Why is Ursa Such a Shitty Mother: 1/2[View]
130648067Was this Movie better than The Lego Batman Movie? Both came out the same month[View]
130630551R E D E E M[View]
130650485It’s sad that Jared Leto joker could have been good if they just removed the dumb tattoos and had be…[View]
130649331ITT: Moments before disaster: Post em[View]
130648791What am I in for ?: I thought it was some generic cartoon like Trolls or Hotel Transylvania but I wa…[View]
130650294Can i give my lil cousin this comic or is it gay?[View]
130621428should i skip archie comics and just read IDW ones[View]
130651245‘Eda vs. Hanover’: Write the transcript for this crossover.[View]
130648395Am I the only one who hates the dumb jerk jock sterotype?[View]
130599016Pick one /co/[View]
130649084ITT: Video games that would make for good cartoons.[View]
130642922What episodes of COTC have the horse girls in them? Because i think this girl is cute[View]
130650999>19 days until avatar adapt or die #2[View]
130625335Tim: Fix him[View]
130618253Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Good morning again Emmy fans and nandroid enthusiasts! We have the …[View]
130646737I hate Wandafags: Wish that Wandavision was never created[View]
130650213[SPOILER FOR DS2]: Since DS2 confirmed that one of those universes are indeed animated, would that i…[View]
130650085I don't care what it takes, JUST GET OUT THERE AND ____[View]
130649329>Immediately starts working on a portal to reunite with his animal friends after they return to t…[View]
130648669Why did marvel never retcon the death of captain marvel? Seems like one of the only deaths that stuc…[View]
130644097Why doesn't anyone remember this show?[View]
130648269I'M MAD[View]
130649094I miss him[View]
130649515Pete the Meat Puppet: A puppet of meat![View]
130647494Apologize, /co/: Now that the show is over, do you view Anne's power up differently?[View]
130650641Who was the Jannetty?[View]
130648989Star Trek: I do like Lower Decks.[View]
130650103Leslie and Brianne: Brianne looks cute in this one.[View]
130638314ITT: Ships you used to like that you're now embarrassed of.[View]
130647602Amphibia: >none of it meant anything, they drift apart three months later AHAHAHAHAHAH BRAVO MATT…[View]
130649673Sherlock Holmes // Mycroft The Lighthouse: What do you think of animation, /co/? https://www.youtube…[View]
130643349post crossovers[View]
130643915Heathcliff is kicking.[View]
130649639Who's your favorite superhero, /co/?[View]
130639068what the FUCK was this guy's problem?[View]
130648560What animal makes for the best anthropomorphic characters?: Pic related.[View]
130605838Hey, look! A happy bunny family![View]
130639576After watching Sing 2 a thought occurred. These movies are both light on plot, and use familiar pop…[View]
130648165Superman: Red Son: Was JMD really that butthurt over the way Wonder Woman was treated in the origina…[View]
130649005Was it lean?[View]
130648755Rick and Morty: Who is best Rick and Morty girl?[View]
130648330That's it, I've got to say it I LOVE GARFIELD. I LOVE this fat cat. I don't care who …[View]
130644269What do you think about Dilbert getting a love interest?[View]
130648676Hash bringing doordasher![View]
130648292Foster's Home: Sex with Berry!!![View]
130600224BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: OTP edition[View]
130648285Episode(s) That Killed A Show: Lost support due to the wedding.[View]
130636496Transformers Storytime: IDW's Hasbroverse >>129537789 >>129655661 >>129677478…[View]
130648128Why doesn't she just quit?[View]
130645716Amphibia: Now that it's over, what went wrong[View]
130642386Yup down with the clown[View]
130641971How would you have reacted if the amphibia finale ended with the Qu showing up?[View]
130636556Oh boy~[View]
130648223We will never get Vivian in mcu.[View]
130644062Reminder the original Steven Universe died in S1: The Steven we follow for the rest of the series is…[View]
130636083Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
130646145Why did they have to bring Anne back?: Just let her stay dead ffs[View]
130644285I just realized Bruce Timm drew porn of Harley and the Joker when do you guys find out the first tim…[View]
130643013Azula: I unironically could fix her[View]
130647007Reminder that Anne Boonchuy is dead. Like FOR REAL DEAD.[View]
130624264Has a cartoon ever actually taught you important skills or good life advice?[View]
130641535How would it be written today?[View]
130642730So why was this show a big deal back in 2007? Yeah, it was Survivor for Kids, but that was already …[View]
130643257Hey Owl Friends... what dod you think of our Frog Friends' ending?[View]
130634851Sniz and Fondue: Remember these fellas?[View]
130647267I didn't know Big Left Hand Guy from WordGirl was real...[View]
130645398Just started watching the first season what am I in for?[View]
130647156Toralei, prove me wrong[View]
130602215Can I just say that, in my opinion, Amphibia is the best story-driven show? The short version of the…[View]
130643310It's all so tiresome.[View]
130645298Amphibia: >our friendship burned so bright and beautiful sprig that only pure white ashes remain…[View]
130626019With the current iteration of DC Super Hero Girls seemingly nearing it's end, will it get anoth…[View]
130646686Garth Ennis is a terrible writer and it's baffling that so many major studios want to adapt his…[View]
130630626Tropes you absoualtely hate: >dude we have this characters from different countries but how can w…[View]
130646558Why are they both mary sues?[View]
130646358Name 1 (ONE) Character Even CLOSE to Miriam[View]
130641215They're far from great, but they really illustrated how allergic MCU drones are to mixing up th…[View]
130644109This simp is supposed to be Shazam's greatest nemesis? LOL! I think not.[View]
130646400https://www.queup.net/join/r9k play songs with us!![View]
130635398Red Death: >Evil alternate Batman >Has super-speed >Comes from a nightmarish alternate dime…[View]
130633127how would have 4chan written Korra?[View]
130645007The event literally no one read[View]
130644795https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuMpYTyRjw Could they defeat Wanda?[View]
130645425I miss him.[View]
130634920i do cocaine[View]
130645664Why capeshit never end?[View]
130643365Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
130637928why did adding gender change to ralph for one movie change anything? It's still the same fuckin…[View]
130640769Oh no, Lynn appears to be broken! How to fix her?[View]
130643321These are Spider-Man's new supporting characters.[View]
130642639Amphibia: Will you remember them anon?[View]
130633963I Hate Fairyland[View]
130622214Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers: Less then a week until the worst film of the year[View]
130641155Twelve Forever: Bored, how would Regina Abbott move on with herself if we had a season 2? The final …[View]
130639210Why didn’t vision show up at all in doctor strange 2? I get Wanda was all “muh kids” but why not her…[View]
130643928this book is great when its actually about erica[View]
130631477Best Amphibia pairing[View]
130642928I am tired: I am tired of cartoons telling me not to dream, not to hope, not to want something beyon…[View]
130644542Illuminati Thread: Reminder that they were forgiven for what they've done[View]
130639030>you ever been to the candle section at Walmart Brendon >it's beautiful there's scen…[View]
130629306The Owl House: Frogchads… I KNEEL[View]
130637678This movie sucks and has a terrible message why is it so popular?[View]
130641157https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEbpPP-_1Ig Nobody asked for this[View]
130643583What were the wars?[View]
130643331I can fix her...[View]
130644007Welp Owlsisters... at least it's not like our show can end any worse than Amphibia did.[View]
130636038Octopus Pie at 15: Octopus Pie turned 15 years old today. What do you have to say about Meredith Gra…[View]
130643750Well that was a big fucking waste of time. At least the movie made it less shit. What does /co/ th…[View]
130643917>Fantastic 4? >They're ok, cosmic rays amirite? >Dr Strange? >Magic, it's cool…[View]
130627085Earth 7624 Thread[View]
130637179Tom Cruise's IRON MAN Script From 2004: Would you have watched it, /co/? >Tony Stark is the …[View]
130642360>Beloved series centered around the relationship between a human and an animal character. >Hum…[View]
130642621ITT: cartoon shows with intro songs that they don't deserve[View]
130637390>Return The Slab!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfHfFxSkgDk[View]
130634472What's the next logical direction for the Ben 10 franchise?[View]
130641583Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
130593038Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: /co/ only ever talks Scarlet Witch and the cameos, in t…[View]
130636497Sad frog hours: There is no meme Amphibia is over. Be sad.[View]
130640905https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini Post whatever results you get plugging in /co/ r…[View]
130640191Amphibia: Favorite part?, nothing ever is going to top this for me[View]
130619271>failing in the ratings >gets beaten out in streaming by Amphibia and Owl House >ultimately…[View]
130640479Grounded thread general: What do you think of these Caillou Gets Grounded videos? https://www.youtub…[View]
130637575Crash Bandicoot CN Leak: Do you think this is real? It has been said the original original poster ha…[View]
130637841It should say 'Fat Guy cherry picks 25 voices he or anyone else can easily do'[View]
130642063Think before you post.[View]
130642043Do you think Omnitraxus Prime, Gem Deity and the Guardian ever get bagels together?[View]
130642328Built for ICP (Insane Clown Posse)[View]

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