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119306789Why isn't it the behemoth it used to be? It feels like it largely faded from the public conscio…[View]
119311491so where were they before the reboot if they weren't living in the water tower?[View]
119312091What is /co/'s thoughts on C-Bear and Jamal?[View]
119313483Who takes the knockout?[View]
119278724How K.O should have grown up: While the OK K.O finale was fine, I honestly think he should have grow…[View]
119312934I noticed a shift in conflict within primal recently.: It went from man vs nature to man vs man (or …[View]
119307245Hey don't mind me. Just being the worst speedster ever.[View]
119311827I want to animate and draw again. I used to have an interest when I was in 5th grade, but I'd l…[View]
119311867I feel like DC as a whole has more classic stories than Marvel. I like both companies but I find mys…[View]
119304213We complain a lot about the animation industry, but what would you do to fix it if you were actually…[View]
119312425The animated DC capeshits have been a bit hit or miss for me. Is this worth 90 minutes of my time?[View]
119311546Ryonafags: What does /co/ think about ryona in cartoons. I know ryona is sort of a Japanese thing bu…[View]
119312957Do you like clowns, /co/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smV7l9bNuyk[View]
119302430Finn....? Put. The gun. Down.[View]
119312069Is Grandpa, in fact, gonna sue the pants off of Santa?[View]
119305670Hi. /x/ anon here. Any good cartoon about evil little monsters?[View]
119310467BUT I'M A CREEP![View]
119311997dormammu: So in the MCU, what happens when he finds out the Infinity Stones have been destroyed? Cou…[View]
119308263The Last thing you ate: the last thing you ate gave you super powers based off it. What did you get?…[View]
119303280BATMAN ENIGMA (FAN-COMIC) #01 STORYTIME: Welp, let's see what fan-comics have to offer, shall w…[View]
119312146It's a pet play episode[View]
119307859Has it happened to you yet?[View]
119312092Remember, if you read and/or enjoy capeshit you're part of the problem that's stagnating t…[View]
119294833ITT: let’s redesign Camila Noceda[View]
119289417Monkeys 'R' Us: Eyy new Oney cartoon. https://youtu.be/3xXsWuLqYpM[View]
119309986Last thread was fucking weird: Let it be known that /co/ really knows their disaster lore[View]
119301250I genuinely hate this show and I despise the fact that you people are too stupid to see why this sho…[View]
119311755>universe full of magical and monster girls >best girl is a normal Human makes you think…[View]
119295983Emmy the Robot - Official Comic: Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! Today's comic is 'For t…[View]
119311669Wobble wobble wobble[View]
119307369How do i find my art style?[View]
119311497What's her name?[View]
119309759>its a 'one of the MCs get replaced by a robot' episode?[View]
119307467Was the elf mom and the manticore ship the only good thing to come out of thing? Also, what even is …[View]
119306762Did Scar sleep with Nala?: After he killed Mufasa and ran Simba out of the kingdom he became the Alp…[View]
119310872So it's obvious that dyke haircuts are unattractive. So why do modern comics keep pushing them …[View]
119309541Did anyone ever watched this show,or do manchildren just like to shit on it for no reason?[View]
119304898Diane really GREW as a character throughout the show.[View]
119309360So I just tried it out, and it's not the worst thing in the world; But it still has a lot of pr…[View]
119311300Note that also Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Aquaman would also be able to beat the s…[View]
119310606Rapunzel is maybe the only waifu who looks better with short brown hair than long blonde hair.[View]
119308527>Then let them eat cake[View]
119310945They should make a movie about this comic. God, what a great read. Truly felt like a horror story.[View]
119309558Wonder Woman Thread!: > Opinions on the current run? > Hopes for the next creative team? > …[View]
119308273This felt so empty. I can't take this pairing seriously anymore.[View]
119268984Will Disney make an African princess?[View]
119306764>no calarts >no lore >no tumblrshit >just comedy why do we hate this, again?…[View]
119310008Hi, I'm actor troy mcclure. You may know me from movies such as 'you are reading this in my voi…[View]
119307959What is /co/'s thoughts on Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?[View]
119307214how do i get a summer gf[View]
119280989Best lesbian representation in a cartoon ever. Change my mind.[View]
119307473RWBY/RT General 1940: Best waifu edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, grope Jaune >2. Read the p…[View]
119307268What happened if this episode aired today? Would people be upset.[View]
119307676>Al Jean retires and they choose you to be the new showrunner. What would you do with the show?…[View]
119300987edits General.[View]
119298941BATMAN/CATWOMAN #1 preview: fan-favourite batman writer Tom King is back at batman with Clay mann at…[View]
119310153Thoughs on Harpy Gee?[View]
119309233>So Lisa... you wanna see Dracula dance?[View]
119283523What does satina eat?[View]
119303848This drought of shows is killing me, what are you guys even watching[View]
119310358what's your favorite Peanuts strip? i always find that anything with Lucy's psychiatric bo…[View]
119310123What does /co/ think about Recess?[View]
119310273Post webcomic panels you like.: This is NOT a shill thread. You got the other thread for that.…[View]
119310233The Minions will be back in 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCSnxXtjFL0[View]
119293823>'You know what, thinking about it now, it really was Steven's Universe.'…[View]
119310244Tis the season for a Christmas video! Please take 21 minutes of your time to watch 'The Junky's…[View]
119308386Why does Lindsay Ellis hate Hercules?: Something about anachronism and failing wants vs needs?…[View]
119309253Trisha Talk-a now-a.[View]
119309384>humanize How can you humanize a human character?[View]
119309559they're baaaaack[View]
119305363What is /co/'s thoughts on Animaniacs?[View]
119303266Why didn't Mighty Magiswords get more support?[View]
119305366Whats the 'token sexy goth girl' of today?[View]
119309648What is /co/'s thoughts on Spider Man: The Animated Series (90's)?[View]
119309733Phil is the superior baby with all the best lines in the 2nd movie.[View]
119308846Uh oh[View]
119302170ROTTMNT Thread: Brother Dynamic!: What dynamic you saw between the brothers in the series that you l…[View]
119309244What is /co/'s thoughts on The Tick: The Animated Series?[View]
119305552Is he right?[View]
119309195Why do critics and award shows love Disney and Pixar so much?[View]
119308309>think of a cartoon >it now takes place in siberia what happens and what changes ?…[View]
119307356/co/ I just vaguely remembered a cartoon character that screamed 'OWIE' in a pathetic manner Am i nu…[View]
119305122Is he the most based cartoonist?[View]
119309082Has anything similar ever happened in comics? Someone blocking the use of a character due to 'likene…[View]
119307389What is the /co/ equivalent to rey?[View]
119309147Would fucking any iced based superheroes/villains feel like having sex with a snowman?[View]
119307144Azula: >You have failed me anon >Are you ready for your punishment? What do anons?…[View]
119303500*stares at you and loudly slurps drink*[View]
119308091Looney Tunes Thread: The Great Debate: The Crusher vs Nasty Canasta. Who deserves more shorts? Who t…[View]
119307052What's the best /co/ setting, and why does it suck less than it's siblings?[View]
119308501>Anime and Manga are shit and not my thing >Live Action movies were never my thing >Video G…[View]
119308965>Finally decide to watch this >It's just another 'You LIED to us!' plot Why do people sti…[View]
119308838I will gladly ______________________________ for a hamburger today.[View]
119303044STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES by idw publishing: >IDW Publishing has announced a Feb. 3…[View]
119308728Spider-Man Activity Thread: Post Spider-Man related content, thoughts, favorite pages, costumes, etc…[View]
119302771smurfs thread?: I was going to say it's been a while since a Smurfs thread... but I checked the…[View]
119307339Will it ever be surpassed?[View]
119301678DC chads... We won...[View]
119306613Amalgam comics: Out of all these, what would make the best movie? That's if DC and Marvel got t…[View]
119308591What do you think of this future film from Paul McCartney, Gaumont, and Netflix? >McCartney is pr…[View]
119307235Disney Afternoon Thread: rank em (best to worst) >Gargoyles >Darkwing Duck >TaleSpin >Go…[View]
119306054>Zoomers are now nostalgic for 2005-2010 CN shows, apparently blissfully unaware they were hated …[View]
119304897How strong is this lady?[View]
119306479What's the deal with pointing the arms forward while flying?[View]
119304221We need employees! Come work for us before they turn the lights off! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
119302107Buy our DLCs[View]
119295964>cast an attractive black woman for a black coded character >have great results Did disney fin…[View]
119307527>nerd simps for tough woman[View]
119300183this is Jessica Williams. say something nice to her.[View]
119307099Who can fight him in the boxing ring?[View]
119307172What if he compromised at the end?[View]
119301173>not even out for a week >already forgotten…[View]
119307324whats his end game?[View]
119303230Would you a Star x Jackie lovechild?[View]
119303007What do you think of Jackiepoo?[View]
119300850What was the worst era for the x-men and why was it this? Follow up question. why does anything Ben…[View]
119291987I like groaner comics. Sue me.[View]
119306144anyone have a gif of this transformation from Primal? can't seem to find one[View]
119299050>November 2020 >I am forgotten[View]
119306299Why did Spongebob make Squidward wear a salmon suit? Just to humiliate him?[View]
119307032Is this version of Batman supposed to be a sociopath?[View]
119307269ITT: Post cartoons that remind you of your childhood[View]
119306196DC new movie ideas: Why does DC just keep redoing old shit over and over and not use older character…[View]
119304746W.I.T.C.H.: Elyon was way more cute in the TV Series. Can you name some other things that series di…[View]
119299848What went wrong[View]
119306794This man is not our enemy.[View]
119304235Who the FUCK are those guys and why shoud i care?: Yeah i know they do lets plays and one is an anim…[View]
119301294Press the Button?: >Disney will be tried under anti-trust laws, Marvel is free as an independant …[View]
119306929How do you think the fathers of popular /co/ waifus such as star butterfly, miko, mavis, etc feel ab…[View]
119302551Do you like stoats?[View]
119304165What's he up to these days?[View]
119300493She was kind of a bitch[View]
119306519It's a 'gang's all here' issue: God I hate this kind of shit.[View]
119300352Bumbi’s mom...she’s....[View]
119303691What are the essential AGD stories?[View]
119305270Lackadaisy character model sheets for the upcoming animation has been released. Will it be good?[View]
119299614ScorpiaxCatra had more development than this shit. Adora never was hinted to be in love with Catra a…[View]
119303912Cartoons we didn't deserve[View]
119302915Is he totally irredeemable?[View]
119304665Is there a better evil Superman?[View]
119303329Oh, I frequently think every now and then of the glorious fruit of the internet Memes, memes, M, E…[View]
119301089What is /co/'s thoughts on Dog City?[View]
119302690Jack Kirby Thread: What do you think of Jack Kirby?[View]
119304574>Starts a superpowered civil war because she wants to put young African Americans in jail without…[View]
119305187i love this troq /co/[View]
119301643Ships aside, were they ever good characters?[View]
119303305RWBY/RT General 1939: Handshake Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't make a deal wi…[View]
119301428Superman: Man of Tomorrow: What did my fellow /co/mrades think of this film? I thoroughly enjoyed it…[View]
119305376>barely legal in most systems[View]
119305624/co/: why do a lot of people hate /co/ with a passion? i think /co/ is one of the best boards on 4ch…[View]
119299086Create A Villain Thread: Daredevil Edition: Come up with an original new adversary for Matt Murdock.…[View]
119305665What is /co/'s thoughts on Droopy, Master Detective?[View]
119285013why does this segment look like it is drawn by a lolicon?[View]
119287872Extremely overrated piece of shit[View]
119305281What Happened?: Why is it that zoomers don't seem to appreciate the loony tunes cartoons compar…[View]
119303784Which of Batman's villains is most likely to molest Robin?[View]
119303859He did it, the crazy son of a bitch actually did it[View]
119304995Riddle me this, Batman. Can we meet at Robinson Park in 20 minutes? Hm, better make it 10. I will be…[View]
119285425Theater experiences you'll never forget: Everyone in the theater cheered when Farquaad got eate…[View]
119304203Finn and Bubbline shit aside, this finale sucked ass >First half and PB's revelation and Fin…[View]
119272114JLA/JSA - Virtue and Vice: Not letting Thanksgiving end without this being posted.[View]
119301002He just never shuts up[View]
119300292The queen of cartoons has spoken against the Animaniacs reboot!: Kotoe Hashimoto, the daughter of Sa…[View]
119303734The big question is what did Darth Vader want to do with Ahsoka ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a…[View]
119301550What was built here?[View]
119304368What's the best song in Central Park and why is it First Class Hands?[View]
119303854GigaChud: How does /co/ feel about new online comic/cartoon character Lez 'GigaChud' Armstrong?…[View]
119303135So, when's the next episode?[View]
119275213/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #1: The days are growing colder and the nights are getting longer. Final…[View]
119301871Yes, Brothers Warners, we! >And the Warner Sister! You'd like her if you kissed her!…[View]
119303276When you are obsessed with your skin color[View]
119303907Will she ever come back? Or is it too late?[View]
119299286>Lucky there's a Family Guy >Lucky there's a man who >Positively can do >All t…[View]
119296751how did they get away with making this scene so hot?[View]
119296891best king of the hill moments/quotes[View]
119300663How would you modernize him?[View]
119303695'what is my purpose?'[View]
119303679We don't have a market of 'Westen' animation: What we have instead is just your typical Anglo/A…[View]
119303939Tell us that one /co/ quote that you can't get out of your head.[View]
119304310> Be 11 years in music > Mock teachers in Bug Bunny > A girl said 'Is that Ace Bunny?' >…[View]
119304301Who was in he wrong here?[View]
119302731What is /co/'s thoughts on X-Men: The Animated Series?[View]
119303835Ren & Stimpy Thread[View]
119303503Croods 2: it was fun, kinda short tho.[View]
119303082Chris Parnell: Jerry or Cyril?[View]
119301846Why don't cartoons have the hero get infatuated with the villan anymore?[View]
119302850I will gladly ______________________________ for a hamburger today.[View]
119303294What if they bought DC?[View]
119297598>MC was a boy >his best friend is a girl can they make it any more obvious?…[View]
119298403KING-SIZE CONAN comic book trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01x0IownUbg >Celebrate the 50…[View]
119288488Post The Worst Comic By Your Favorite Creator/Best Comic By Your Least Favorite Creator[View]
119303068i accidentally made some hot chocolate in my pants...but no one is here to clean it up..[View]
119297411THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
119302404>/co/ material that takes place in the early 20th century (1910s to 1930s) i like the setting so…[View]
119303130Grandpa Lou, cease this inane activity at once. Charles and I are to esplore the backyard, and you a…[View]
119298131Post underrated works by popular creators I'll start[View]
119303020Tom & Jerry: Well at least I don't have to see these two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k…[View]
119298128its a brainwashing episode: 'Just a little bit of harmless mind alteration, that's all.'[View]
119302842hello, who is this ?[View]
119295755Has he done anything relevant in the last 5 years?[View]
119300570How's that comic coming along /co/?[View]
119302102EBay still exists? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RFWQDu34CA https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/…[View]
119297302Is this true?[View]
119301685>Finn is a /co/ombrain that draws characters off model[View]
119295861What was his deal anyway?[View]
119292531What are you picking up? Are you excited for the new DC status quo where everything is canon and the…[View]
119300887What the fucks her problem?[View]
119302312What is /co/'s thoughts on The Plucky Duck Show?[View]
119280794Death Battle: Biggest stomp this season[View]
119289954She was perfect. Why on Earth would they have them break up.[View]
119287974>female character has a midriff in their design[View]
119301342For the love of god, Montresor!![View]
119296724Marvel finally addressing the big questions.[View]
119301489ITT: rank the best shows[View]
119298232DogRigby better be a fudging main character in season 2.[View]
119300683https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poI5dBNien0 based or cringe?[View]
119301392Jedi powers: Can Jedi turn water to ice, by compressing it so much it condenses into a solid.[View]
119298702what if she ra was a girl[View]
119294394Did she deserve redemption?[View]
119300079RWBY/RT General 1938: Neo poppins editio: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't tell us it…[View]
119301915Post unauthorized cameos.[View]
119289749Was Jenny too mean to him?[View]
119301714Why does Dale look so comfortable about it? https://youtu.be/4FrJfeo53PI[View]
119289956Why is everyone so ugly?[View]
119301156ITT: Panels that trigger /co/[View]
119297433Who did it better?[View]
119298334Speaking of #better cartoon, you guys every heard of Red Origins? It's a nigerian comic that…[View]
119301619Ghost Rider: He can't keep an ongoing, well, going, and I think the root of the problem is that…[View]
119300936What's she smiling about?[View]
119300038Christmas is coming[View]
119299283>/co/ hates edgy shit that kills off characters in a grim and gorey manner yet loves Old Man Loga…[View]
119300907>Adventure Time >About a boy named Finn and a dog named Jake >Theme song says the fun will …[View]
119282043I really wouldn't put anime above cartoons on average. They're both vast majority shit for…[View]
119287697The John K respecter[View]
119298331>TFW the latest Simpsons THOH had COVID-19 depicted in the opening what else does the Simpsons ha…[View]
119299011Steven Universe would have benefited from taking a more communist/anarchist ideology in it’s later s…[View]
119300743It's Saturday. Lets make a line up of fun /co/ content to watch till 9pm. Like the old days. R…[View]
119298664Question for drawfags: When you draw non-commissioned art and post it on your social media accounts,…[View]
119300752Holy fuck, this scene is SO MUCH unlike everything that they made in the last 7 - 10 seasons. The jo…[View]
119297812Who would you wife?[View]
119297083Now that Thanksgiving is over Who wants to celebrate Christmas now[View]
119300502Disney Live Action Discussion: I’ve never seen any of the live-action adaptations of Disney movies, …[View]
119299777I’m putting together a team[View]
119299725Who is Cassie Pines?[View]
119296236Carl Barks the king of ducks: Carl Barks is the creator of Scrooge MC Duck. On this thread,let'…[View]
119297344I thought MJ was supposed to be hot?[View]
119299967From Marvel Universe 616 James Jonah Jameson it's going to interview?: Please keep it to people…[View]
119299476Adult Swim published my Animated Music Video: Hello friends, I know it's distasteful to shill y…[View]
119296208The End of A Calarts Era: With shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Star Vs, Gumball, PPG 201…[View]
119294372What would you change about Cartoon Network in its current state?[View]
119265261#bettercartoon: Puck and the Magic Flute Hecking adorable[View]
119293048Why didn't he just make a deal with the devil in order to resurrect his dead wife and son? It w…[View]
119253649X-THREAD: We're coming off of X of Swords and going into the Reign of X (ROX). Still worth disc…[View]
119298971>spongecuck is playing second fiddle oh no no no no no no[View]
119297422>Ugly sjw hair >talks in ebonics >stronk female who don't need no man >literally ca…[View]
119296220HALT!: >(YOU) there Peasant! >Yes, come hither >DOOM has the most URGENT of missions FOR (Y…[View]
119299281>wild west live action segment with Snoop Dog and zombie cowboys What the fuck is this movie? Why…[View]
119293971Who would you invite to Thanksgiving[View]
119297732Stardust: Can superman beat him?[View]
119298135WHO WINS IN A FIGHT?[View]
119285994>it's a 'zeus rapes someone' episode[View]
119295344Heathcliff is full.[View]
119298911This is epic[View]
119299085Left or right?[View]
119297781He was right about ideologues ruining the comics industry.[View]
119298951How would mark millar or garth ennis write the red titan?[View]
119290543would a cartoon series based on these commercials work?: what would the premise be? https://www.yout…[View]
119298173ITT: Best Jokers[View]
119293315>Boomerang's TV channel finally starts airing H-B cartoons again >This is how they'r…[View]
119298024Sideshow Bob and another interesting side character(let's say Hank Scorpio) are now replacing B…[View]
119295959Yes, another Animaniacs thread: Since the reboot came out and looks completely unappealing, I decide…[View]
119298178> Be 11 years in music > Mock teachers in Bug Bunny > A girl said 'Is that Ace Bunny?' >…[View]
119265633Worst Villians: Can we have a thread dedicated to the absolute worse Villains or Heroes? Ruber is de…[View]
119292992Thoughts On Infinite Crisis?: Pros -Good interactions betwern the Trinity -Phil Jiminez was the perf…[View]
119288983Incel friendly /co/ cartoons: I need help finding cartoons without any romance content. I am trying …[View]
119293401Find a flaw.[View]
119293457> TJ: Man oh man, I've always dreamed of finding a big bag of money on the playground. A dre…[View]
119295886Who's your daughteru?: Pic related is mine![View]
119297188Can we have a thread dedicated to sticc girls?[View]
119297623What are some authors that gives you weird vibes? Like, you know they have some hidden content that …[View]
119298412Who would win in a fight between Hannah daigle and vivziepop?[View]
119292600RWBY/RT General 1937: Blinding Supply Truck Light Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don…[View]
119298086God I wish that were me.[View]
119296859should TTG adapt classic Marv Wolfman stories?[View]
119297130GotG: If you were in charge, what would your team be? What stories would you write? Hard Mode: Pitch…[View]
119288108Yakko's Secret Autobiography: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG6dzixqOIg[View]
119297911did the massive amount of ugly simps turn women off male characters?[View]
119297685>39 days until Avatar the next shadow[View]
119297444Imagine this being your mother[View]
119296218How did they get away with it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJll_D2o1KY[View]
119297294What happened here exacty? The first season was very tight, the second season was great, but the thi…[View]
119293600Animated commercials: Post funny/weird/cool commercials. Apparently the american version of this one…[View]
119289053You all know that one day it will happen in an alternate universe, right?[View]
119289355Why is DCEU so violent?[View]
119293811>kitty phases into your room as you're jerking off[View]
119297332About to go and see pic related this afternoon what am I in for?[View]
119295881>That time when John Constantine got a golden shower from a hobo Kinnda funny seeing him palling …[View]
119293855Playlist Thread: Post a character and a song: https://youtu.be/UCYM9nIFceE[View]
119292898This single episode fucks the lore raw. I can't believe it didn't hit the cutting room flo…[View]
119294965Why did they make her butt so big?[View]
119174383Sumdac Sunday: Season aesthetics[View]
119297112*blocks your path*[View]
119277303Hopes for the upcoming illumination Mario movie?[View]
119283519Why the double standards? Honest question, no pedo[View]
119292252explain this to me[View]
119296645Cringe Dialogue?: I want to become a better writer /co/ do you know any examples of god awful dialog…[View]
119205863Unrealistic Tropes: >kids hate broccoli![View]
119295289*bursts into the room*[View]
119296855Test. Your might.[View]
119295853The Question is based!?: https://youtu.be/cfkNY-XBdOc[View]
119294824MFKZ: /co/, have you seen MFKZ. One of the best movies I've seen this decade (Which isn't …[View]
119290908She doesn’t look that bad desu[View]
119295498>Finn saves FP life >FP saves Finn life >obviously care about each other >oh no Finn lie…[View]
119296503How would you relaunch such a title?[View]
119278675What's next for the Scooby franchise?[View]
119296204HiveSwap 2 is out: Homosuck thread.[View]
119292699i just want to go back[View]
119291794What is up with this dialogue[View]
119293443Why is it more kino than Nu-Super Hero Girls?: I’ve been watching the 2015 DC Super Hero Girls serie…[View]
119263645What kind of guy do you think Mabel would date?[View]
119292977Forget how to kill superman: Gentleman, how do we kill the most powerful being in Comics... BATMAN?…[View]
119296394why didn't this show get renewed? i really liked it[View]
119295575Early morning dick flattening thread[View]
119296445Was he the /Our Guy/?[View]
119296414TCJ Frank Young on The Carl Stalling Project[View]
119294596>Be 11 in a music >Music teachers make a Bug Bunny joke >One girl said 'Is that Ace Bunny?'…[View]
119296306Will we ever get a masterpiece as Amerika?[View]
119294309Anyone get any good black Friday deals? I got btas for 50 off amazon and big O for 15 off of sentai …[View]
119292933>Now I'll tell you what.I likes ya and I wants ya. Now we can do this the easy way or we can…[View]
119293105I recently remembered the part of 'Wacky Delly' where Ralph finally confesses that he hate…[View]
119293352Recommendations for European comics?: Just read Kairos and Blacksad, both were pretty great. However…[View]
119295597You guys like this show?[View]
119293438azula's friday[View]
119291772Oh no! This whale needs help![View]
119293794Who was in the wrong?[View]
119295432>baka at all of the threads who think rise is shit cause they forgot to get high >seriously it…[View]
119294642Ennui Go: Looks like Max is the new lead now that Izzie's story is wrapped up.[View]
119293889THIS SUMMER[View]
119294620I want to be a spider-head.[View]
119290940What did Jaiden mean by this?[View]
119295305what WAS pinky pondering?[View]
119294851Was yesterday the first day he hasn’t done an update since the corona arc started?[View]
119294241Ram V is the best writer working on capeshit atm.[View]
119294409In light of the soon to be festive season...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Hj3U18FHgQ --- You…[View]
119252501Will Disney ever retcon the fact she is Hittler?[View]
119295169Does it still hold up after a week?[View]
119294645Storytime: Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story by Peter Bagge[View]
119289082Animaniacs: Rewatching the entire old series now, how the hell did we not get Slappy back as a regul…[View]
119294261Grandpa Lou, please stop this nonsense.[View]
119293070childhood Status = ruined[View]
119266566>The Titular Mandolorian and the adorable Baby Yoda take a sideline in this weeks episode titled …[View]
119288889Who do you like more as a character?[View]
119284845Epic Mickey recently turned 10 years old Thoughts?[View]
119293109Rabbits are the saddest race from Arthur’s dimension. Aardvarks live up to 100 years while rabbits l…[View]
119289526Shrek Musical: This was KINO.[View]
119288558Could Black Widow carry an animated show /co/?[View]
119287774Things/plots that annoy you: >The main character has a best friend of the opposite gender >Sho…[View]
119294489Huh huh huh. Po has two daddies.[View]
119294192What would make you stop liking a character you previously liked? What evil thing would they have to…[View]
119292129On November 8, 2009, Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show was released, putting an end to the last…[View]
119291807>Jimmy apparently never set up a proper hazardous chemicals disposal protocol for his lab, leavin…[View]
119293017ITT: sonbandos, or is it sonfus, sonnus?[View]
119293164'R' as in 'Robert Loggia'[View]
119287428Not many people watched Megamind, but the ones that do REALLY enjoy it, and part of the reason aside…[View]
119294137>it's a boy crossdressing as a girl episode[View]
119289706Characters /co/ has burned to the ground[View]
119291066>/co/, you’re in charge of the last of Truffula seeds. And Truffula trees are what everyone needs…[View]
119280398>No Esther that plan's not good. I don't wanna go stealth and shoot them from a far wit…[View]
119293879>Stop using the standard attacks[View]
119289208Te lo juro por Dieguito Maradona[View]
119292560Max Modell Maximum Venom: The one above all.[View]
119292922Reminder that Aang not only held his own against comet-roided Ozai without his avatar state, but lit…[View]
119134998Imagine this being your daughter[View]
119267188ITT-post your cartoon watching stations[View]
119291481Why did Murray let Arthur continue to talk, instead of just calling the police immediately?[View]
119293172>5/9 with chokers[View]
119290608Has anyone noticed mental retardation seems to be a recurring theme in Season 8 of Family Guy? - Bi…[View]
119292793It's not a tumor.[View]
119291679best rogue[View]
119291242Spider-Balls: Spider-Balls[View]
119293423Send help /co/, I've fallen in love with a twitter artist's OC[View]
119292236Harrassing a cat for being lazy, what an asshole.[View]
119293206>k-kitty? w-why are you looking at me like that?[View]
119293134You know that scene in Citizen Kane where he trashes the room? That's me every time I see a les…[View]
119204580Bump limit reached on Onyx Equinox thread >>119147405[View]
119292730>Papa Smurf leaves the village for like five minutes >Brainy immediately seizes power and decl…[View]
119242356Brown girl thread: Let’s go to brown town[View]
119291340'It's a Gertrude gets Star Butterfly to help her burn Fairyland to the ground episode: I feel l…[View]
119292223ITT: Meanwhile, in 20,000 BC: Grug used like cave paintings full of mammoth. Cave paints good many q…[View]
119291512>first episode of the show immediately hooks you in[View]
119289097>Look everyone! His head! That is so not normal! I was right all along, he *IS* an alien! You nev…[View]
119291251Disney/Pixar’s SOUL: Oscar-worthy or Overrated? https://youtube.com/watch?v=XiF8yDkhfDU[View]
119288048Animaniacs WB Character Casting: Choose any Warner Bros. owned properties to replace the missing Ani…[View]
119292988Awhile back Pan had Maxwell Atoms on his podcast and they mentioned that her was offered some reboot…[View]
119290993How do I get Zatanna to sit on my face? inb4 ANNATAZ, TIS NO YM ECAF[View]
119290927It's Friday Night![View]
119274611Gunnerkrigg Court: >Chapter 78: Page 18 >Something behind it all.…[View]
119291137Frosty gave me frostbite in a bad place, /co/![View]
119288960Invincible: >the viltrumites terrorize the universe for thousands of years >no one can stop th…[View]
119291404Who else here loves Gotham Central?[View]
119292663Hey on Earth 23 right now who do you think the president is? I personally like to imagine Alan Scot …[View]
119289202What other Clone Wars or Rebels characters do you want to see in live-action /co/?[View]
119290716Sci Fi: We need more modern Sci Fi cartoons. Rick and Morty is the only notable example as one.…[View]
119292417Does anyone here like the SimSams?[View]
119284622New Kelly cartoon[View]
119257129Why's he so perfect /co/?[View]
119290229whats your favorate hyper combo in marvel vs capcom? >also what does /co/ think of the marvel ch…[View]
119288343How exactly did Jason Todd resurge in popularity with fans after he was killed by popular vote decad…[View]
119289633>Main character is openly bullied for being mixed race >His friend's main conflict in dee…[View]
119232316ITT: post /co/ shotas: Nothing pedophilic. Only wholesome.[View]
119288153The bearer of the ring...[View]
119291595ROTTMNT Thread: What you guys think of donatello? Have somethiv you like/dislike about him?[View]
119287461Meta Runner Season 2: New episode is out Evelyn in full bitch force https://youtu.be/JGBRPIf9ZLQ…[View]
119291978What was his tax policy?[View]
119289509Arthur Thanksgiving: What's the /co/nsensus?[View]
119292098kinda weird they all went to the same school as the bad guys[View]
119285063Why does it feel like there's something political about this art style?[View]
119292045Would Wojak memes be looked back on with the same cringe we look back at Rage Comics now?[View]
119286801Solo movie when?[View]
119287841>Hey there Jake it's me your dear old daddy. I made this tape to talk about Finn! >The li…[View]
119290600>Palpatine was my deadname >I identify as a Skywalker…[View]
119289024Heh....that's a nice new show you got their kiddo...sure would be nice if I took it under my wi…[View]
119287693What was his problem??[View]
119288475Write episodes for the revival: >Hank catches Bobby doing the peanut butter trick with Ladybird…[View]
119284883>November... I am forgotten while Steven, Star and She-Ra live on[View]
119291081Do people still buy single issue comics?[View]
119287830Yes, it's time for another Eltingville thread! The comic is a classic here on the board and the…[View]
119290125>moral is change is always inherently good no matter what I cant name a more bullshit moral from …[View]
119288337What does /co/ think of Dr. Buck? And SCP animated: I really am starting to like the show. It's…[View]
119284733RWBY/RT General 1936: Division and Conquest Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, just don't te…[View]
119290994Easily Alan Moore's best work[View]
119291500Would you let Misty Meadows have her fun anons?[View]
119289524Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer: Your favorite Christmas special is about to start on the CW! Get…[View]
119290063How would the events of Regular Show change if Rigby was buff and just as tall as his relatives?[View]
119291320Too Smol. http://fatecomic.com[View]
119282399>It’s a superheroes go harder at heroes who kill than actual villains episode…[View]
119289414Did it live up to the hype?[View]
119291015How come no other sprite animation can surpass this?[View]
119285197Is anybody else starting to get tired of her?[View]
119285458Legion of superheros #11 Storytime: we have had many things to be thankful for this turkey day past,…[View]
119291110That's nnnnnno good[View]
119291076Kill Six Billion Demons/KSBD: “The perfected art – when a man and sword are made one. The poison of …[View]
119282840>infinite speed >infinite strength >literally the center of the DC multiverse and is the s…[View]
119290290she looks like she fucks animals. if dark magic uses life energy, could sex magic be a thing in dr…[View]
119287072Are there too many symbiotes /co/?[View]
119289568Dessin Animé thread: What are your best (or even worst) memories of French animation? Spotlight is o…[View]
119288828Why does Netflix wrongfully call their /co/ series an /a/nime?[View]
119288780>When Slade isn't around[View]
119288203Now that the dust has settled, who saved Animaniacs?[View]
119281665>that time when the DC version of Jesus was Gabriel's secret rape baby No wonder they tried …[View]
119289277>Make a sequel to the 1964 special >but give it Peanuts art and animation and Rugrats music wh…[View]
119289727LEAK!: The Tame Impala episode of Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus has Leaked! https://y…[View]
119287459What plan to they have to stop Star Butterfly and her genocidal plans?[View]
119288512Onyx Equinox: Ready for more izel bullying?[View]
119287712Make a good Punisher and Magneto one Volume 5 to 6 comics paperback. book[View]
119285339This is the most underrated show during the cartoon network renaissance[View]
119289564Why don't comics feel like this anymore?[View]
119289750Fucking what?[View]
119289831How much to hire Lobo?: You hire lobo to capture someone, how much does he charge? I haven't se…[View]
119287141Ed, Edd and Eddy: Who could conceivably beat him? Mind you this is angry Ed, probably his strongest …[View]
119289823Oliver & Company: >The film that's financial success convinced Disney to go forward with…[View]
119285805/co/ can't refute this[View]
119279235I miss classic Starfire[View]
119289585A daring synthesis.[View]
119288113Still best girl[View]
119288398Kikyo Mikage from Earth 101001 from the Wolverine anime: If you could include it in the main marvel …[View]
119289469Post a /co/ show or movie that you love but have accepted that you will never get another episode of…[View]
119289456Marz & Lanning writing Black Adam & Swamp Thing taking on Santa Claus. If Darkseid can'…[View]
119288973>That was the Joker, and you raped him without mercy >Yeah I did, and you know what? You watch…[View]
119286695Anyone remembers them?[View]
119285145What is /co/'s thoughts on Tiny Toon Adventures?[View]
119285525Could an animated Warcraft series made in the same style as the cinematics work?[View]
119276634When did cartoons start becoming garbage and why can we pinpoint it to the date steven gayniverse ai…[View]
119286890#1 side character comin’ thru![View]
119287225Who is your favorite green character?[View]
119286047>that time Rouge was an info broker on the side Is this still a thing in IDW? Cause it should be.…[View]
119288588Best Omnibus?[View]
119287482For me it's Susie Beagleman.[View]
119288633Why don't more people talk about The Hobbit and Return of the King Rankin/Bass movies? They…[View]
119287811Mike Reiss: How is it that despite being the show’s longer serving writer, Mike Reiss has consistent…[View]
119288281Just how powerful would these three be in the Marvel universe. Street, planetary, or cosmic?[View]
119270331The new Animaniacs: Are the new Animaniacs any good or did they add trannies and other wokeshit?…[View]
119287856Concept Art Thread: Post concept art you enjoy[View]
119287855Miraculous Ladybug: What went wrong?[View]
119288485KSBD: >It was not very effective! “The perfected art – when a man and sword are made one. The poi…[View]
119282728>Dude be babies again[View]
119288417Who would dominate in a boxing match?[View]
119271792Why was the DCAU so horny?[View]
119284503VOTE FOR WORST!: https://www.strawpoll.me/35235338[View]
119288316What are some cartoons like The Animals of Farthing Woods or Watership Down? Enjoyed these nature ca…[View]
119286794sherk 2 retold coming soon[View]
119282011Why do people ship rick and morty together?[View]
119286118why did they remove the herculad scene in the disney+ version of hercules?[View]
119285483Hot men deserve bitches: Can someone explain to me why male characters who Are successful in sexuall…[View]
119283093We didn't listen...[View]
119288209Space Goofs: Who remembers this show and how it literally had a trans character in it? The Game was …[View]
119284594OFF episode 2: https://youtu.be/8ymGnWpC3Mo[View]
119287128What's your most overrated cartoon?[View]
119288172why does it sound so easy to breathe on TV, anon?[View]
119287245>Disney 18+ coming in April 2021 What is Disney thinking? Are they bleeding money so bad they nee…[View]
119287477> IS violently choking to death what do?[View]
119282623Let's have a comfy Billy & Mandy Thread.[View]
119286721What does /co/ think of UPA animation style?[View]
119282199How long until it goes the way of Patreon? Whe do artists go for audience outreach now dedicated art…[View]
119285223Tonight's the night! Is she going to be a good friend in live action?[View]
119286720Who's stronger?[View]
119287753*Motivates You through a mishmash of Cartoon and Anime Music Videos*[View]
119284834What is /co/'s thoughts on Eek! The Cat?[View]
119281144could spidey get free anonymous sex whenever he wanted from the grateful women of new york?[View]
119286076I watch the show but i don't read the comic. Does he fight everything by running around it in a…[View]
119274273How would a conversation between these two would go?[View]
119287631Who wins?[View]
119287616What Marvel characters that were born in another universe, ended up joining the main universe (earth…[View]
119285451ITT: your favorite /co/ flash games.[View]
119263309Characters that make you anons Scaroused?[View]
119282551>Kids next door >Adults were the bad guys >but it was made by adults wtf brooos my world is…[View]
119287462ITT-post your suicide squad line ups[View]
119284595Why is there a dinosaur Ghost Rider? When did a dinosaur go to hell?[View]
119279601She was a fucking tease. She must have given Mordecai such blue balls.[View]
119287296Let's discuss everything that went wrong with the DCEU, from Man of Steel up to Justice League.…[View]
119280990whos a better character: And more admirable?[View]
119281848Does Coco fall on the left side or the right side of this image?[View]
119286986So, we agree Hulk's gonna rape Supes in the boxing ring?[View]
119287180Underrated /co/mic girls: >gwen has no personality >people only remember gwen because she died…[View]
119281559This show ruined western animation for at least a whole decade. Prove me wrong.[View]
119284633>called Overly Sarcastic Productions >they aren't overly sarcastic What gives?…[View]
119283008What is /co/'s thoughts on Batman: The Animated Series?[View]
119278359Would it be weird it Frankie and Mac got together?[View]
119285970Is he german?[View]
119286283What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119279152What would you do?[View]
119264720Why aren’t cute boys ever allowed in western animation? Why is it always lesbians?[View]
119283326I want to lift the torn part of the painting so fucking bad.[View]
119283575What is /co/'s thoughts on Super Dave: Daredevil for Hire?[View]
119286487All of WOY will be available on Hulu on December 1st: https://www.hulu.com/series/wander-over-yonder…[View]
119286641Are the panda's going to be very important to the plot of Steven Universe: The Movie 2?[View]
119285008Heaven or Hell, /co/?[View]
119269065Here's your trinity bro[View]
119286655Did Death in the Family retain the SOUL of UTRH?[View]
119281907>see your character trending on Twitter >tfw it’s just people shitting on him Did they deserve…[View]
119284613I'm still mad.: I'm still mad.[View]
119283130post obscure quality: off-model frames, animation errors, wonky animation preferably ones people hav…[View]
119286468When the world is against you, where's the safest place to hide?[View]
119284696GIVE THANKS!: Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. What recent /co/stuff are you thankful for? …[View]
119285079Would you anon?[View]
119286332I did not care for Fragments[View]
119277361>So anon, I couldn't help but notice that you're in the illegal possession of a waifu. …[View]
119284544>Somewhere in an alternate universe, sonichu is not actually an autism incarnate comic but a hila…[View]
119286204South Park: Why is he still pretending to be straight in current year?[View]
119281258What is /co/'s thoughts on Beetlejuice: The Animated Series?[View]
119270367ITT-/co/ that make you seethe: 7 years later and im still mad[View]
119285232Why the fuck did she not join Adora in season 1 again?[View]
119283144Probably more of a /v/-related question, but what would an ideal game starring them be? Platformer? …[View]
119284086What’s her story?: During this Superman skit apart of me got curious and wondered; who was this woma…[View]
119281015Is it ethical to sabotage the show you're working on as you're leaving to make your own sh…[View]
119285895the last kind word I heard my diamond say lord, the last kind word I heard my diamond say if I shatt…[View]
119283245Gravity Falls: So I just re watched all of Gravity Falls for the first time since it ended in 2016, …[View]
119279388Bruce needs a hug, guys[View]
119282701ITT: we post the best dads: This guy is great! Everything a dad should be.[View]
119285020Mega Thread! Help Me!: I said this in another post and I’ll say it again. I need DVD or Streaming Ri…[View]
119277801Why Netflix doesn’t have Tweek x Craig episode of South Park season 19? Are only lesbians allowed?[View]
119279478THE FLASH INTO THE SPEED FORCE: >Punished CW-esque Barry as Peter B. Parker. >Wallace West as …[View]
119282617You look like the child of a malnourished amoeba and a blobfish[View]
119273231Happy Flyday, lads!: Open Your Window Won't you let her out wave goodbye to the butterfly she…[View]
119265618Why is DareDevil the most based comic-book character but gets no love other than from underground fa…[View]
119284441How in the fuck they got away with this?[View]
119236518Post qt asians[View]
119285137Can we get a thread of dinosaurs with guns going?[View]
119248884Will you watch Soul?[View]
119284546Communist TV: What are some cartoons that promote communism?[View]
119277351Post girls made for breeding.[View]
119281093Where is kida? And what is pocahontas thinking?[View]
119284389You know how Fox has a weird way of counting Simpsons episodes? They refuse to count a couple of the…[View]
119284487Hi, Opal[View]
119281477ETERNALS comic book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyWWfobQcc0 >NEVER DIE. NEVER WIN. E…[View]
119282265This game dies is a little over a month with Flash stopping. Press F to pay respects.[View]
119281453Is he a better father than his dad was?[View]
119208684Frozen: I just rewatched Frozen 1 very carefully. Hans should be forgiven. Elsa wanted to kill wease…[View]
119282800Why do people consider this one of the greatest episodes of TV ever made?[View]
119280473>Kid in 2007. >Go to the cinema. >This trailer starts. >Get massively hyped thinking the…[View]
119282790Happy Tree Friends: How traumatising was this for you?[View]
119282158What cartoon had the greatest influence over your perception of gender and sexuality? Why?[View]
119279757Riddle me this Batman, I’m currently being stalked by my psychotic ex girlfriend, yesterday I came h…[View]
119280943You don't say?[View]
119281734Well that was easy.[View]
119280542>What do you think of the theme from jack Spicer criminal boy genius?[View]
119283583Turn to Comedy Central[View]
119278046What charges and punishment would Kent have faced for his actions in the movie? Keep in mind he isn…[View]
119281331Why are there so many black people in this show made by two white guys? Also why is this show so bo…[View]
119255885Genndy Tartakovsky has revealed concept art for a Superman cartoon that never took flight. Would you…[View]
119283455Should I buy this or hard pass?[View]
119279275>Daredevil is arrested, but is allowed to keep his mask and secret idendity while in prison What …[View]
119280227I'M BATTY!![View]
119269685Recast him.[View]
119279190Will she be back?[View]
119279503Disney puts disclaimer in spider man episode: https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/disney-adds-disclaimer…[View]
119282743Meanwhile, at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters....[View]
119276786So Seymour was tough guy and also a puma fan in early seasons and then for some reason he became a l…[View]
119273510RWBY/RT General 1935: Wrath Of The Paladin Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, tell me where the f…[View]
119276644Steven Universe: The boys and I are thinking about watching. Based or cringe?[View]
119281926ITT: 10/10 husbandos noone ever talks about on here.[View]
119283220Look into my eye, you bloodthirsty thing.[View]
119280969Fail co projects: What’s a co media that failed that you wished succeeded. I’ll start. I wish the ca…[View]
119281706I've always been more into DC than I have Marvel but I wanna try and change that. Does anyone h…[View]
119283027Who wins the boxing match?[View]
119282026God-Tear /co/ music only[View]
119281284How many people you think he fucked (or got fucked) by growing up? I like to say he reaches maximum …[View]
119282641Gotham High is a GOOD idea with a terrible execution.[View]
119282166Have you guys seen that axolotyl cartoon? it's pretty awesome.[View]
119259334I hope nobody still thinks Superman wins, right?[View]
119193929Preteena thread.: It's at least a week since we had one, so let get going. Preteena is a comfy …[View]
119280674What is /co/'s thoughts on Peter Pan and the Pirates?[View]
119282414Pierce: A part of me always wondered whatever happened to this guy? Did he die? Does Thundergirl hav…[View]
119270899Disney+ adding 18+ Adult only option?: https://www.piratesandprincesses.net/disney-18-plus-adult-dis…[View]
119280032Mr. Boop #200: I love my wife, Betty Boop. (We're married)[View]
119256816Kissy kissy smoooooooooooch kissy kissy kiss schlop schlop yes we are lesbians, so what?[View]
119280906I loved the constant fourth wall breaks in this show.[View]
119276858damn, this show sucks.[View]
119281864She can't keep getting away with it[View]
119281544Why is dark humor so much funnier in early SpongeBob than it is in most adult cartoons?[View]
119281213>Hate you? I don’t hate you, Brian. You’re a talking dog! How could anyone hate a talking dog? I …[View]
119278048There's a new French Disney cartoon. It looks kind of ugly. >Chouette, pas chouette! centers…[View]
119281211What if Pepe won the Battle For The Cowl and became the next Batman?[View]
119279967EEnE: How did they manage to make a cartoon character so cute?[View]
119281565Why yes. I am the rightful king of Atlantis How could you tell?[View]
119263225WTF, Chuck?[View]
119281569Have You read Oh My Ghost Webtoon~?: Just binged this webtoon, kinda meh art but the story is so who…[View]
119281520New HD Mega.NZ Cartoon: (No TV Rips) Any Rips of HD Verison (English) of These Shows The New Woody W…[View]
119281376what happened to this channel[View]
119279527ITT: We become as 2000's as possible[View]
119281463Same Voice Actor Thread: >'I have eyes, you know. They're right under MY EYEBROWS!'…[View]
119275328This show was the start of Zoomershit and CN's Dark Ages. When they cancelled the Millennial Ca…[View]
119275845Star Wars: Looks like orange butt cheeks are back on the menu boys! Mandalorian/Star Wars thread any…[View]
119279044>did the “teen superhero protégé team” concept better than MHA before the first issue was even ou…[View]
119280092what does this expression convey?[View]
119279269I don't know what you heard about me But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me No Cadillac,…[View]
119274024What would be 4chan version of this?[View]
119276004If Harvey Beaks wasn't canceled, what episodes would you have liked to have seen from future se…[View]
119269716What would you do if you were Lisa?[View]
119275716The bad reviewer thread: Rip on bad cartoon reviewers. Like this guy. He praised star vs. mostly imi…[View]
119281044ITT: Shows you are happy aren't getting a reboot[View]
119279900WOYA Work on Your Art - Friday of Color Edition: It’s Black Friday, so Batman says you should fight …[View]
119279360>La perfección no existe. Eres hermoso como eres, Coraje. Con todas tus imperfecciones lograrás l…[View]
119274572>Be hyped as one of the greatest and most feared admirals in the galaxy >Only to be shown as a…[View]
119280884What is /co/'s thoughts on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures: The Animated Series?[View]
119280165times when shows spat in the face of loyal viewers[View]
119280819X-men: Well .. it was an awesome ride, and Blade was pretty good too. X-men and Blade have been the …[View]
119278130When Disney inevitably makes more X-Men films, which stories should be adapted? No Dark Phoenix, Age…[View]
119280064Is this ship really that bad?[View]
119278282DIC Mario: What do you think of DIC Koopa?[View]
119274786>2020 >There are still people who thinks Superman beats Goku…[View]
119280141Gravity Falls 2LP Vinyl Soundtrack: https://www.iam8bit.com/products/gravity-falls-soundtrack-2xlp…[View]
119276294ITT: Disney-owned properties other than Song of the South that we'll never see on Disney+[View]
119274177I just binged this on hulu. Adding Elmyra did add a new dimension to their repetitious adventures of…[View]
119277842Why is it that shows pre 2010 have a higher quality than shows post 2010? It seems to be the general…[View]
119277275post /co/ content where girls are losing[View]
119280209>Rapunzel is barefoot at the start of the movie >then she puts on shoes Disgusting…[View]
119279413>after they killed of Chef from South park they turned the cartoon into a political mouth piece f…[View]
119280069Here's the only good thing about Toy Story 4[View]
119271555Would the show be better if it was fully in this art style?[View]
119277562https://youtu.be/DRelC2gCSCw Best boy is up.[View]
119265366Pricing on animation: How much does animation cost if I hire some Koreans to animate my shit in Toon…[View]
119275179How would you rank them as fighters? For me: Cass Bruce Dick Jason Tim Damian Jean-Paul Kate Helena …[View]
119279529The great debate.[View]
119275370New Animaniacs? It's..... its kinda shit yeah. Don't wanna be mucking about with old shows…[View]
119278444So did she make him a shrine, you know, Helga style?[View]
119271371I noticed this board has a problem with thinking there's some 'big cartoon' CEO pulling all the…[View]
119272000Mask mutant is adopted into the DC universe, how would you write about her//him ? Explore his/her or…[View]
119276487MAD Dr Doom is the best version of the character ever made. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woiy83X2…[View]
119276447alfies gonna get blue balled i guarantee it[View]
119277241You wake up in your bed and see this. What do you do?[View]
119279362How much hamburger debt do you think this man is in? It's gotta be neck-deep at this point.[View]
119269607Holy shit, what the hell did they do to Filburt?[View]
119275353Considering that the animaniacs reboot appears to have been a success (regardless of the quality of …[View]
119277125Is he sneed?[View]
119275038What's the fate of #comicsgate now that He lost?[View]
119276832Why can't the MCU and DCEU embrace the spirit of comics like this movie?: It's like the pe…[View]
119278771Opinions on X-Men TAS?[View]
119277822Hey Peter remember the time?[View]
119276322The aborted Twin Peaks comic from ~2007 that was to adapt elements of the original season 3: >Twi…[View]
119277637Gutsville: For those four and a half Anons who still give a shit, Si Spurrier and Frazer Irving…[View]
119264930INFINITY WAR / ENDGAME Unused Ideas: >Thanos destroys Xandar to obtain the Power Stone. The World…[View]
119275560When does it gets not good?[View]
119277120> It's a boys vs girls episode[View]
119241082Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comic adaptation CANCELLED!: Press S to spit on its grave. https://…[View]
119273269How do you feel about this character?[View]
119278629What was her problem?[View]
119278476What are some comics or cartoons that have bad art? I’m insecure about my art.[View]
119274439How would they interact?: >both DreamWorks Animation girls >both voiced by Renee Zellweger …[View]
119278389What is /co/ policy on Franco-Belgian comics?[View]
119278694Shelf Thread: Black Friday Ed.: Where is in stock trades Black Friday selection?[View]
119278596Now the gate has been unlatched. Headstones pushed aside. Corpses shift and offer room, A FATE YOU M…[View]
119276707Rob Liefeld: What are your opinions on his artwork? A lot of people who do art for a living fuckin …[View]
119275765Darman & Etain: How many times did you think they banged?[View]
119277969This was a really cool reveal.[View]
119274118Batman that Copes: Is the Batman Who Laughs the biggest fucking Copper in all of fiction? >Loses …[View]
119276537Lumberjanes cartoon: How would you feel about a man possibly leading the effort to adapt Lumberjanes…[View]
119277097Barney is way fatter then homer yet no one gave him shit for it[View]
119277264Left or right?[View]
119273748I can't place it. Why are the Matt episodes of Eddsworld so much better than the Tom ones?[View]
119264975>Princess of the Amazons >Ambassador to an entire island nation >Walks around in star patte…[View]
119276988Rewatched this recently.: And it actually aged pretty well compared other superhero adaptions based …[View]
119237633What a horrifying way to go.[View]
119276672GUYS PLEASE HELP These two weird videos got added to my playlist despite having never even seen thes…[View]
119270666Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims[View]
119276575Fuck yer fastball special - here comes THE JUGGY BOMB!: It took Conan the fucking Barbarian to think…[View]
119275212are smear frames based or cringe?[View]
119276710Eckstein was Ahsoka in the concept art: Looks like the original plan was to have her play the charac…[View]
119277032Sasha: What is her problem?[View]
119272836A Time Machine....[View]
119276002Tails Gets Trolled: New chapter! http://tailsgetstrolled.org/ch24/pg2.html[View]
119272883ITT: Characters that awakened something in you[View]
119268733Could the crystal gems be the machine elves that people encounter when tripping on DMT?[View]
119273218>look who came out of his cave![View]
119276373Infinity Train: Grace hate thread[View]
119276131>no superpower >mental condition This guy is no superhero. He is a subhero. Bottom human, if …[View]
119276460Little know/obscure cartoons thread: It can be just about anything The history of the potato https:…[View]
119275201>Noooo don't shoot we're Batman's mommy and daddy[View]
119276303Who's a cuck?[View]
119274237Marvel Animation Women:: Besides the fact that these shows aren't very beloved by most people, …[View]
119272973DC Anniversary Collections: So I was going through Amazon and saw a 50th Anniversary Collection for …[View]
119263027Imagine your leftoid Suicide Squad run sucking so much dick they have to cancel it at #11.[View]
119276551TCJ Rob Rodi on Why I Hate Saturn[View]
119275401What are some good stand alone graphic novels or 'volumes' of a series that collect a good story arc…[View]
119276056>MC parents start fighting >get flashbacks…[View]
119275164They were just throwing ideas at the wall, right?: Currently reading this in the collected volume, t…[View]
119269330And just where was Hello Nurse in the Animaniacs revival?[View]
119275954HEY MISTER! LOOK AT ME, MISTER, LOOK AT ME! Is there something wrong with meeee?[View]
119258688Could your favorite king fend off double king?: If double king were to walk into the castle of your …[View]
119276362She's so funny![View]
119276259New iteachvader poop. https://youtu.be/94sSGdV_KkM[View]
119272044What Future Shock issues are we picking up?[View]
119269800What was their single edgiest moment?[View]
119273206Why wasn’t this show picked up?[View]
119270177you know I think we all learned something today......[View]
119248612/co/ 2020 Thanksgiving Lantern Thread: Happy thanksgiving, Sorry I forgot Halloween this year. So yo…[View]
119261825Why didn't this cause as much butthurt as Hal vs Ben? Is it just that the fanbases of these are…[View]
119272105Eddsworld: Eyy new eddsworld came out today. https://youtu.be/H-_qv3gioes[View]
119271954Disney is dying.[View]
119273000Can someone explain to me why a third rate support carpet munching hussy got her own show before the…[View]
119269587Why did Marvel ruin Vision's eyes? It seems like no adaptations of ANYTHING ever go for solid e…[View]
119273154What caused him to be so hated by people to the point that it's common to call new, unlikable c…[View]
119274200>*rejects the Presence in your path* Nothing personal, DC.[View]
119274574Are you ready for her live-action debut?[View]
119264860compare: why do I like TMS's more? Even when they're even less dynamic (the running on the…[View]
119270267You're Rabbit and you see this bouncing on your crops. What do?[View]
119264424finland: what is it like to be a /co/mrade in current year finland? what was your childhood like for…[View]
119275449anybody remember how strangely melancholic and creepy this show was?[View]
119274229>visible nipples How did it pass censor?[View]
119272613Heathcliff is outside the store.[View]
119270488Steve Ditko Thread: Best characters? Best stories? Thoughts on his career as a whole?[View]
119271284NO SPRINGS![View]
119272339Meanwhile....at the Legion of Doom.[View]
119270863Millenial CareBears: Where did we go wrong with this generation?[View]
119269522What’s your favorite episode of American Dad?[View]
119270097Super Best Friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdig6RqFkP4[View]
119274929Street Level: What are some good crime-fighting shows, like BTAS or Batman Beyond? So much cape-shit…[View]
119269833Wendy looks so ugly in profile.[View]
119268617Your favorite show DOES NOT have a Thanksgiving Special. Why?[View]
119237700I have not read either but judging by DC favoritism it's gonna be Batgirl right? Any of you com…[View]
119274724Not gonna ask. I know better.[View]
119270861Croods 2 is out: So this came out today, anyone actually see it or are we all waiting on a rip? Look…[View]
119266300ITT: jokes you still don't get: Any jokes in shows you never understood?[View]
119265639>people make 'strong female characters' like it's something new and making a difference in t…[View]
119267905How would Gwenpool do in the Totally Spies universe?[View]
119272639'AND WHAT ABOUT THE TATTOO ON MY YOU-KNOW-WHAT?' So, where is it?[View]
119254055How the fuck this fat fuck managed to get such a bombshell?[View]
119268631It's Thanksgiving, anon. You didn't forget the gravy, right?[View]
119274210>she cute[View]
119271728'It's great of you to come over, Lisa. I really want us to be friends. You're a wonderful …[View]
119272170Why isn't there an /a/ equivalent of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?'[View]
119274404indie cartoon renaissance?: hazbin, long gone gulch, helluva boss, satina, AND the promise of more t…[View]
119254081Is there anything you're looking forward to being in the public domain?[View]
119266883Will Cartoon Network ever create a reboot of Jonny Quest?[View]
119273428How was your Thanksgiving /co/?[View]
119273301I hope nobody still thinks Gocuck wins, right?[View]
119273232why did they turn yakko around?[View]
119272933Why are there so many freaking heroes in New York?[View]
119273866why are russians so based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqj4joaIrAg[View]
119263535Total drama island but awesome[View]
119270520Your favorite /co/ characters attend a Thanksgiving dinner with other /co/ characters: Who or what d…[View]
119270314Seriously, why didnt Woody just jump out the window? He would literally survive. He is hard plastic …[View]
119256486Meanwhile in quahog[View]
119273351What would a cartoon about cheems be like?[View]
119273207>Entrapta. That is all. Thank you for your attention[View]
119273209You look like someone here to kill me and dance on my grave[View]
119273342Favorite Moment: Your favorite moment from any /co/ show. It can be heartfelt, funny, or artisticall…[View]
119273316Who is this?: Who is this?[View]
119270695COACH Z, YOU JERK![View]
119271368This reads like torture porn of beloved characters. Like a fanfics oc on deviantart beating up marve…[View]
119272828Why does she sound hotter now?[View]
119262554Leaked casting calls for several Disney+ Marvel shows: MS. MARVEL >AMIR KHAN (Male, Pakistani-Ame…[View]
119270324Imagine if this was your wife[View]
119272898Storytime: Rough Riders by Harvey Kurtzman and Ric Estrada from Frontline Combat[View]
119267699This triggers /co/.[View]
119272732Cow Tools: Cow Tools means _____[View]
119267163Is Nathalie a wasted character?: She could have been far more conflicted.[View]
119269435Don't they all have wit?[View]
119260111Ok ok here’s something that’s funny. Here’s John Wayne at the first thanksgiving. IM JOHN WAYNE AT T…[View]
119272410Meh... It was okay. Not sure about getting Vol 2.[View]
119272328Latest episode was the longest I saw them go without a cutaway in so long and I found it okay and I …[View]
119267967RWBY/RT General 1934: Turkey Day Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, fist a Turkey. >2. Read th…[View]
119245478How do you guys feel about porn parodies of your favorite Superheroes.[View]
119272177What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119271817What were they thinking?[View]
119270821How did Kirby make so many great designs, and then think Black Racer was intimidating?[View]
119267285Comic Relief - Drawings from the Cartoonists Thanksgiving Day Hunger Project (1986) storytime: It wa…[View]
119241837Why is this ugly character pushed so fucking hard?[View]
119257588Has any other major cartoon been forgotten as fast as Disenchantment has?[View]
119265606So exactly WHY does lobo use guns anyways?: The dude's as strong as superman, there's not …[View]
119270550What would you argue are the most important stories for each of the Big 2?[View]
119271545yea thomas was cool as fuck trains are cool as fuck ya heard[View]
119267815Hypothetically, what kind of effect would Superman's penis have on the average human vagina or …[View]
119271796“She’s heeeeeere...”[View]
119271048>You may not know it, but every one of you can fuck like a goddamn gargoyle. The real question is…[View]
119268499Aside from the Moebius comic The Long Tomorrow what are some other cyberpunk comics /co/?[View]
119268059Which franchise was dreamwork's best?[View]
119271335I honestly didn't think this movie was that boring. Inaccurate and kinda simplistic in terms of…[View]
119271562Why is the new Iron Man book so......blah? In fact, why is it so hard for Iron Man to get a decent b…[View]
119266018Who has the better Thanksgiving episodes and why is it King of the Hill?[View]
119265731ITT: Ways to kill a toon without using the DIP.: Anon, you go first.[View]
119252264its dead[View]
119270338/Scott Pilgrim Thread/: Feel free to talk about the comic or anything related to it.[View]
119267731Threads that prove /co/ is doomed: Screencap Thread[View]
119268384What is his problem?[View]
119266060Genndy's Sketches for a scrapped Superman short[View]
119270770did you enjoy your thanksgiving dinner, /co/?[View]
119267007Is it even possible to have gun wielding heroes these days without having some hang up about them us…[View]
119270412I'll probably get banned for posting this on either /a/ or /co/ because it's Asian but not…[View]
119269758Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Thread: What are your thoughts about Klasky Csupo's 2nd Nick cartoon?…[View]
119269923Would you take the candy /co/?[View]
119269805Top 10 Times South Park Tackled Serious Issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLBJ6slttcM…[View]
119270174I returned to Earth to see his movies three times and I knew if I returned a fourth, I'd never …[View]
119269659>deathstroke was fucking 15 year old pussy Based[View]
119269717What do you think of Matt's run of Eddsworld so far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-_qv3gioe…[View]
119266604https://www.thevulcanreporter.com/scoops/lynda-carter-the-flash/ Actress Lynda Carter is currently i…[View]
119270100>When Beast Boy,Starfire and Cyborg aren't around[View]
119270053>Thor reaches his peak character development by giving up his throne to a strong black woman Pret…[View]
119266978Boomerang Thanksgiving Schedule: So for anybody who missed it, Boomerang's airing a special sch…[View]
119265062Getting real sick of seeing dyke representation in media. Getting sicker of seeing zoomer betas defe…[View]
119269806What is next for her?: I want a 90s comics writer/artist or even a mangaka to make her cool again.…[View]
119266388What would you do?[View]
119267925Show me some good Lesbian representation[View]
119267018Still thinking about her.[View]
119266461Rest in peace.[View]
119261251Nativember: Nativember thread. Post, discuss, love your favourite native characters from /co/ medias…[View]
119269580Mordo and Rigs founded the SCP foundation.[View]
119269647Better than Aladdin and Live Action Aladdin. Change my mind.[View]
119268054JSA Storytime: Astro City: Good evening owls and robofuckers, happy turkey day, comics[View]
119266538Sessions with Stan Lee: https://youtu.be/DScnnorHEuw[View]
119228122Kill Six Billion Demons k6bd ksbd BOI12-14: > it was not very effective! “The perfected art – whe…[View]
119265873>'I will make more specials!' >No halloween special >No election special >No thanks givi…[View]
119265740ain't she pretty[View]
119262377Lo and behold, lesbians again[View]
119265748What, anon? You like 'Your favorite character from your favorite cartoon'? That character is stinky…[View]
119264505Dawn of X Storytime: The Dawn of X era of Hickman's X-Men has concluded, lets catch up. >…[View]
119267747How did he not get frostbite from being encased in ice for so long?[View]
119269410>You know what this show needs? Crappy CGI that eats up the budget and production schedule. >O…[View]
119265476What do?: It's morning, and this man slaps you in the Ass. What do you do?[View]
119267320>That time Johnny fucked a deer....[View]
119268671Did he deserve redemption?[View]
119262911let's talk about the scene: ive noticed in a lot of modern cartoons, the overall environment fe…[View]
119267470How can 3D girls ever hope to compete?[View]
119263365>watching Disney+ with my cousins all around age 10 before Thanksgiving dinner >Pocahontas is …[View]
119267876So this is never going to actually happen?[View]
119268935>Actually goes outside regularly >Is implied that she made friends in the arcade >Can have …[View]
119263177Which Kanker is the best long term investment?: After all, they aren’t young forever.[View]
119267902ITT: Animanaics characters no one misses[View]
119262685WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: Crisis on Infinite Earths: >Michael Rosenbaum was approached to return as L…[View]
119267072in all seriousness, what did they mean by this?[View]
119260108What went horribly, horribly wrong?[View]
119264949Screw a reboot. I wanna know who's bra is that.[View]
119265773he sexy[View]
119264348IIT: Autism Kino: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IITaJIX-XHg https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NhPYMWwqA0…[View]
119267872name an animated movie better than 'Cat's Don't Dance'[View]
119265299What the fuck was his problem?[View]
119266671Toonami Aftermath is streaming Thanksgiving cartoon specials in eight minutes (7PM EST), starting …[View]
119264671THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
119268109>yo dawg we heard you liked the CN schedule being the same 20 episodes of TAWOG being played all …[View]
119264709Anyone remember this show? I kinda thought it was a fever dream but it did exists. Nothing particula…[View]
119264600Alright losers and losettes. Give me a fun kino cartoon to binge watch. Streaming service doesn…[View]
119247067Wow, isn’t this punching down a little? >haha you got mentally and physically abused >fuck you…[View]
119265569>2020....I am forgotten....[View]
119267392And now, the nations of the world, brought to you by...Yakko Warner![View]
119262990Storytime: Big 'If' by Harvey Kurtzman from Frontline Combat[View]
119264474Discussion: Happy Thanksgiving /co/, what are your thoughts on Free Birds? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
119267127A million miles from nowhere a dragon lance burns hot, while a fire of a horses ghost a minnow would…[View]
119264520We're from Burger World. Uh... We have some food for you.[View]
119265960were any superheroes weak to organic matter? i swear i thought the flash was when i watched superfri…[View]
119266889Green Lantern is my favorite superhero. What’s yours?[View]
119263671Wait a second, wouldn't giving all the Buns to the Dingoes result in Dingoes having a monopoly …[View]
119265092Why did they kill the roboqt?[View]
119266949And the number one dog on my fictitious dog list is... BRIAN GRIFFIN.[View]
119264731>We're Animaniacs >Dot has wit and Yakko yaks >Dot has wit Since when? I thought Dot…[View]
119262843What’s next for Franklin now that he’s not a mutant?[View]
119266544What would change if Squidward went with Spongebob instead of Patrick?[View]
119266256>show reminds you it's french[View]
119257356RWBY/RT General 1933: Cute Jaune Edition: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, hug Jaune. >2. Read the pa…[View]
119266689Basic vocabulary but an equine individual?[View]
119264569Why didn't mulan's live action remake include mushu?[View]
119263524Um hello. Hoot hoot department?[View]
119254339Could a show about two incels of both sexes work?[View]
119236353ITT: Times when /co/ was kino.[View]
119252948thoughts on nu-SpongeBob?: Post-Movie can be applied, but we're far beyond that and have been o…[View]
119266276Post fusions: Top dad material right here[View]
119264496What would you do?[View]
119245167What are they discussing?[View]
119263003>The owlhouse is ba- No, fuck you. Fuck you all. This was one of the best fight scenes I've …[View]
119263837ITT: Daughterfus I like how they don't make her a mary sue. Inb4 bluey is a boy retards.[View]
119262926THE GREAT DEBATE[View]
119264747>'Anon, this is Mena Zor-El...' >'Cadmus made her in one of their sick experiments using both …[View]
119265745assume that you have the copyrights for anything made before or during 1992 (anything includes comic…[View]
119263637I have a theory about puritanism (sex-negativity) in feminism in comics. And that is not to generali…[View]
119258834Happy Thanksgiving!: To all of my loyal Cobras, enjoy your Fucking Turkey Dinner!![View]
119265795To the Swollen Eyeball Network: Well, it's finally happening. Tonight, I'm going to livest…[View]
119262754someone explain this comic to a brainlet like me[View]
119263382Rank the protags[View]
119265318Why did Hal stop wearing the will ring, a power ring he forged with his own willpower?[View]
119264849Rick and Morty: Are the comics any good? I’ve only seen season one and the unity episode so far…[View]
119264700Why are Snyderfags retarded[View]
119265529What is your favorite Valentines Special /co/?[View]
119264211What does /co/ think of Black Hammer?[View]
119260800Happy Thanksgiving: Post things that you're thankful that are happening right now in comics…[View]
119264727Smurfette is perfect.[View]
119265190Why does he wear the mask?[View]
119264351Why did Marvel get rid of Hawkeye's awesome costume? Who cares if it isn't practical they …[View]
119264705Does satina fart?[View]
119254736<3 - Valentino thread - <3: Holiday Edition[View]
119260228Dawn of X-Men Storytime: The Dawn of X era of Hickman's X-Men has concluded, lets catch up. …[View]
119257236What does satina eat?[View]
119262696couldn't make it past five minutes. good thing I had klaus.[View]
119264701Anyone read Werewolf By Night? Thoughts? Personally I found it pretty boring. Cool to see Red Wolf a…[View]
119254614Young Justice: Why is this show so awful? Who the fuck is responsible for shit like the timeskips an…[View]
119263466What do you want from Camp Cancerous season 2?[View]
119263813Is Superman Rebirth a good (re)starting point?: So DC's Black Friday sale is going on and I…[View]
119264548I know a song that could help /co/ out https://youtu.be/PjEqVlcgJyE[View]
119263793Adaptations and spinoffs of /co/ franchises thread?[View]
119264506/co/ I don't want to alarm you, but, there is a big SKULLASAURUS on the loose.[View]
119261355cute russian waifus and husbandos: or otherwise of soviet origin both ones from soviet cartoons and…[View]
119249510this is the modern cartoon fan[View]
119254145Boondocks: Boondocks thread nyukka >favorite lines >favorite season >favorite episode >f…[View]
119248283What is it about Kamen America that makes /co/tumblr seeth so hard?[View]
119263876What are /co/'s thoughts on the Beetlejuice animated series?[View]
119251380Thanksgiving episodes: What are some you liked?[View]
119235816Sexualization of men in comics: Is it good? At what point it's enough? Also bring back the sexy…[View]
119256883Catra finally is happy. What a great ending[View]
119264311You bought your turkey at buck mart right?[View]
119255685Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2020: Hey guys, happy Thanksgiving! It's that time of year agai…[View]
119264279Daily reminder that Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical is a based /co/ broadway musical. Turn Off Th…[View]
119259364CN shadow drop theThundercats Roar X'mas special: Well, that's all... I bet CN will write …[View]
119253881Why people love this ship so much? It's just another Catradora-tier toxic mess[View]
119253667would be better if Tula's rival turn out to be cute flower girl: Rosa/Rosita instead of annoyin…[View]
119260991>destroys your heterosexuality[View]
119261431What is your opinion of seniors in cartoons?: Do tell.[View]
119262641why is this so good? will western animation ever create something this endearing ever again? doesn…[View]
119260728List of characters Superman can always beat: >Goku >Hulk >Batman >Saitama >Jiren >…[View]
119251435Might is Right: >[Mr. Incredible] I was wrong to treat you that way. I'm sorry. >[Syndro…[View]
119234066Amazing Spider-Man #53 Storytime: Nothing really happens (again) and somehow the sin-eater is still …[View]
119263186Has /co/ read Beasts of Burden? Did you like it?[View]
119260626Damn SJWs and their forced diversity.[View]
119261300I love Gwen![View]
119261958How fast would this green cuck die in an actual, unbiased battle?[View]
119260525For I am a poor and a wretched boy A chimbley, chimbley sweep.'[View]
119263563Rember the last time John K. drew a female who was old enough to post?[View]
119246422This shit was so fucking amazing. Its the ultimate pay off to being a fan of Spider-Man and having t…[View]
119262900Warner Bros.: Looking to watch some classic Warner cartoons. Is this a good release? If so, what…[View]
119250421Which /co/ character can soport all humanity sins?[View]
119262489 Did she die? [View]
119263107Say what you want about the modern seasons of family guy, but this scene was great[View]
119261331What's his problem?[View]
119244076MCU SPIDER-MAN RUMORS: - Spider-Man 3 is not Spiderverse, but features the Multiverse and might incl…[View]
119263268I am more and more losing my interest[View]
119263242It finally happened, /co/. He did it.[View]
119263074Holy shit this show is based: I can feel the power of my indo European Scythian ancestors surging th…[View]
119259402Star Wars Storytime: This week's Star Wars comics: >Star Wars: Adventures #2 >Star Wars: …[View]
119261931What, it’s just an ordinary Daria Threa-OH MY GOODNESS!: Anons what the fuck is going on with Daria …[View]
119262082ahah,, you frogot the GRAVEY dumass[View]
119257597Eddsworld - Casting Call: https://youtu.be/H-_qv3gioes New Eddsworld[View]
119261078Just read this...: What the actually ever living fuck I just read, no... really who greenlite this? …[View]
119262123What do you think superspeed sex is like?[View]
119255550Left or right?[View]
119263083Had Deadpool's daughter have any obsessing about being a mutant?[View]
119263047Look, we've heard the Superman vs Goku question a billion times, but here's the real quest…[View]
119259394I marathonned the show over a month, and it really feels like the 'magic must be destroyed' plot cam…[View]
119245990HE HAS A GUN!: In a world where humans can literally wield the powers possessed by the gods of myth …[View]
119262384spongebob is married to a man: canonically since season 1[View]
119255043This year on this month makes it the latest G.I. Joe Cartoon's 10th anniversary: say something …[View]
119230210Is it normal to feel enraged whenever your waifu is kissing another character? I want to crack this …[View]
119262774>Peter Parker gets bit by a spider, does a wrestling gig for moolah, let's a criminal go fre…[View]
119258281Aurora: Why is she the least interesting thing in her own movie? What would you change about her?…[View]
119261257'You wanna come over to my house tomorrow and watch tv?'[View]
119261774Be honest, would you Shuma-Gorath?[View]
119256565>YOU’LL NEVER BE A GREAT HERO Was he right?[View]
119246147>tfw your superhero date demonstrates how easily she can kill you[View]
119261708LOL: Thanksgiving Edition[View]
119259099Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119257958Could he sell a cartoon based entirely on his own? Without a whole expanded universe or synergy? He …[View]
119254828Why does every cartoon fuck up Bane's design? How hard was it to draw this?[View]
119258867so you earned the position of director to a new asterix and obelix cartoon whats the pilot gonna be?[View]
119261778Want to come over to my house for a nice Thanksgiving dinner?[View]
119254565New YA Green Lantern OGN: WHATS WRONG WITH HER FACE >Acclaimed author Lilliam Rivera and artist S…[View]
119217419ITT: fan art you like That's it, just /co/ fan art[View]
119248958ITT: Jobbers[View]
119261815Can you believe all the blatant bullshit what this bastard woman saying?![View]
119257205Tangled: Come Tangledbros, and pray with me for a Cass spinoff and the return of AIanon.[View]
119258856Happy Thanksgiving /co/: what are you thankful for? Also what are you reading and/or watching?…[View]
119256516Atlantis is my favorite Disney movie. Does that make me a pleb?[View]
119259825Is Brian’s dick really that good?[View]
119259849Bottom of the barrel animated movies thread: So last week I was going through amazon prime to look a…[View]
119260627Post sonnus, son-fus... I dunno[View]
119261828hilda comic: this is what happens when hilda is alone[View]
119259673hypothetical Live action casting thread[View]
119256394Thanksgiving with the JSA: You're invited to the Thanksgiving dinner with JSA Who do you choose…[View]
119256207Does he still represent Truth, Justice and the American Way?[View]
119261700You are ben.: What do you do if you got this offer?[View]
119254938Why did it flop?[View]
119260690Highest rated animated series episodes on IMDb: Discarding anime obviously and keeping it /co/. Here…[View]
119197402Why are Gems so perfect for lewding?[View]
119243799Woody turns 80 today Say something nice[View]
119255303Post Daughterfus[View]
119261461What should somebody say Edition.: Uploading a image and wait for someone to make them say something…[View]
119261130genuine question:: to whom does this appeal to? in m college class the only people who are talking a…[View]
119221653Is she a self-insert?: Or some weird shit. She barely has an arc and personality at all besides some…[View]
119257683Today is the 8 year anniversary. Please pay your respects[View]
119258161Why is there an Avatar theme park?[View]
119258174Why Disney love Foxes so much?[View]
119260773Hey I'm looking for the name of this old show I seen when I was a kid. I believe it was claymat…[View]
119255255So I don't get about CLASSIC Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics: ACCORDING TO KIRBY Is Donald Blak…[View]
119253331Why is animation today flatter than it was in the 90's: given that we now have some of the easi…[View]
119260084So, about she ra: >You guys were saying the truth...[View]
119253372What cartoons are you watching today?[View]
119261038Sing me a Wassanasong[View]
119255975Rigby was objectively right here.[View]
119260540*blocks your path*[View]
119130690/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #700: Question: Webcomic are for fags. Zero respect for people who…[View]
11925651850 MILLION VIEWS: SHE DID IT AGAIN BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlmswo0S0e0[View]
119257383How to improve this reboot comedy series? Hard Mode: You can't cancelled this.[View]
119255778Can someone explain why we have become extremely puritan in animation? Wasn't the sexual revolu…[View]
119260436How rich are his parents? Came from Chezch Republic to start a writing career in L.A.[View]
119257207>'Anon, this is Mena Zor-El...' >'Cadmus made her in one of their sick experiments using both …[View]
119244179>look at me >ew quit looking at me perv[View]
119246765What is /co/'s thoughts on Tom and Jerry Kids?[View]
119260386Are you serving a Panchito for thanksgiving?[View]
119254439What will save the DCEU first? I don’t really care much for the Snyder Cut but I’m hyped for The Sui…[View]
119254380Brother Bear: Was it good?[View]
119252330Characters that were supposed to be good-looking in-universe but you find ugly[View]
119234329'Clifford: The Big Red Dog' Movie Teaser: ...Yeah. https://twitter.com/CliffordMovie/statu…[View]
119259960What is /co/'s thoughts on Little Shop: The Animated Series?[View]
119258676Why is her singing voice so hot now?[View]
119259748Characters that disappeared after the first/second season[View]
119256723Wow I know I'm late to the party but did anyone else feel like this show shit the bed in season…[View]
119259277Why did she do it?[View]
119259405What is /co/'s thoughts on Taz-Mania?[View]
119225707IDW Sonic Bad Guys #3 storytime: Wherin things go south for gay duck[View]
119257278Reminder that Harley and Ivy's dynamic only works if Ivy is abusive.[View]
119258804How would Dave hold up in Adventure Time if he somehow ended up there?[View]
119259263Hanks truck: Why didn’t hank just replace all the internals and keep the body? If he loved the truck…[View]
119252298JUCIKA THREAD[View]
119255257it's okay /co/: mommy forgives you[View]
119256812What is /co/'s thoughts on Piggsburg Pigs?[View]
119253817Hi folks, this is Staying Positive in the Apocalypse. I'm your host, Plague Roach, and I believ…[View]
119259133characters taken before their time[View]
119258647So... Stewie’s bi growing up? If so, he must’ve been fucking throughout his school years with guys[View]
119257296>Sending out an APB for this suspect. He is a stocky white male in his teens, drives a Dondai. He…[View]
119230824Gunnerlame Trash: FUCK YOU[View]
119254599Storytime: Lost Battalion by Harvey Kurtzman and Johnny Craig from Two-Fisted Tales[View]
119258622Post a obscure cartoon from you grandfather ages[View]
119258673He had to kill thousands because that bitch Rapunzel refused to help him.[View]
119256221What are some Comics/Cartoons with crazy premises like pic related?[View]
119257602What is /co/'s thoughts on Swamp Thing: The Animated Series?[View]
119254243Bo-Katan is a dumb bitch: Why do people like this bitch? >stuck up and corrupt militant whore who…[View]
119258452Problem Sleuth: Unironically one of the most kino webcomic's there is[View]
119256947Any good porn of her? She's cute, and bubbly, and fun, and I want to see art of her being gangr…[View]
119255643is this show even good?[View]
119258109Eddsword Recast: So /co/...[View]
119249730The Looney Tunes Show: The Looney Tunes Show was easily the best modern incarnation of the Looney Tu…[View]
119257338One of the 2000 GOATs: LIVING HERE IN JERSEY[View]
119255014Mike Judge Tales from the Tour Bus’ Tame Impala episode has leaked. https://youtu.be/sg5VDvbL7Vg[View]
119243516>Steven Universe Theme song >That's why the people of this world believe in Garnet, Ameth…[View]
119250102Satina hate thread.[View]
119256411cowabunga my niggas[View]
119256313Sessions with Stan: https://youtu.be/DScnnorHEuw[View]
119256511Why are Legion and Flash the only silver-age comic worth reading? All the stories feel so timeless.[View]
119243801I hate that this cartoon got entirely overshadowed by the horse show. It's genuinely good and b…[View]
119257198We can all agree that Xavier's School was a terrible school where students didn't learn an…[View]
119244204why not use regular scissors?[View]
119246326Stuck in it: You're trapped in the last cartoon you watched, how fucked are you?[View]
119256039Who is the best Stalker with a Crush /co/?[View]
119254937Since it’s Christmas now, post your favorite specials[View]
119256452Can someone please explain this comic? Why does Batman act like a complete lunatic in this?[View]
119164361Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
119256072What is /co/'s thoughts on Peter Pan and the Pirates?[View]
119256473Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.[View]
119168120/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
119254335TCJ Darcy Sullivan on Harvey Kurtzman's Strange Adventures[View]
119256426Remember https://youtu.be/LtLRY7ou1nU[View]
119248974name a character more cucked by his writers[View]
119252571Power Puff Girls 2016: I've seen a lot of people bitch about this show since it came out. There…[View]
119256288How would he fare in DC?[View]
119250256This is indisputably the best series DC has ever published and will likely never be surpassed.[View]
119255195so how do you think the sex was the night they conceived Suyin[View]
119255968The fact that so many books still name the Simpsons as 'the greatest or most significant or most inf…[View]
119246836RWBY/RT General 1932: BORGAR: >1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, make sure Weiss is fed or else. >2. Re…[View]
119250738Oh yeah, Damian bros. I'm thinking we're back.[View]
119250904Dumbing of Age: good notes[View]
119242441New Alfie: God damn that outfit is doin something to me boys.[View]
119242100>Pixar makes a tweeest villain >so clever! adds so much depth! did not see that coming! >Di…[View]
119255929Happy Thanksgiving /co/! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVdgmkc-xJA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
119251016Heathcliff is walking.[View]
119253600Literally did nothing wrong.[View]
119255724Hey. You might not know about me, but I am the most fearsome monster in all of capeshit. A regular 1…[View]
119255396Rick and Morty: Are the comics better than the show? So far, I have only seen season 1 and that unit…[View]
119254453I wish Freakazoid is getting a Reboot series[View]
119252101Why is this soulless cash grab being defended by so many people? Half the characters are gone and th…[View]
119254722What did they mean by this?[View]
119255614How do you explain the difference between good acting and bad acting? It's really subtle. Belie…[View]
119254842ITT: characters who could beat Thanos[View]
119245279You now remember JIBJAB.[View]
119255464Why the fuck did I laugh to this shitty joke? I don't know why and I fucking hate myself. https…[View]
119255279>41 days until avatar the next shadow[View]
119254146Who can love them?[View]
119255349Who was the last truly iconic cartoon character?[View]
119253735Hilda: Considering it’s nearing December 14th, the official release date for season two, I decided t…[View]
119255316>all of the cartoons in Boomerang’s thanksgiving retro cartoon marathon are cropped and stretched…[View]
119243264What went wrong?[View]
119238746Toonami Ratings for 11/21/20: SSSS: Gridman will begin airing on Toonami sometime in January. Prima…[View]
119247481It's up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQu_Xi6aoFo&ab_channel=SrPelo[View]
119254787So how's that fanfic coming along, writefag?[View]
119246697ITT: Shows that actively imbue children with autism[View]
119252199Supergirl Villain Ideas?: Wanted to make a fan comic and I wanted to ask you /co/ for some ideas. I…[View]
119254473>Are you listening? Good. From now on, when I talk, listen - and follow instructions >Play stu…[View]
119253849Could Marvel still use Rom if they gave him a new name, armor and weapon?[View]
119254405Comic and Cartoon Trivia: Post whatever facts you think are neat. If you learn something new, neat. …[View]
119249173*saves your cartoon*[View]
119254687I’m patchy the butt pirate, president of the spongebob squarepants strip club![View]
119254225Wanna party /co/?[View]
119254630Gobble gobble... you're in TROBBLE![View]
119245780The Last Kids on Earth: New video game announced for Spring 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V…[View]
119243797What did Dipper mean by this?[View]
119247607ITT: Shows too smart for /co/ to get[View]
119253776For me, it's Overman.[View]
119249469Charlie Brown: Which is the best of these specials? And why?[View]
119253346The Incredible Shrinking Day: Was it canon? Also EEnE thread[View]
119254263Daily Reminder Lex Luthor was the first Superman[View]
119252046>Turns on his creator because she didn't like his condo idea >Is BTFO >Comes back for …[View]
119252669Why/how is this terrible show still on the air? It’s not even remotely funny. Like not even a nasal …[View]
119251702Why does her tail look like a chicken wing?[View]
119236362Avenge me[View]
119254211Dot Warner thread.[View]
119253770What if Teen Titans Go was tonally and structurally more like the zany comedy episodes of the 03 sho…[View]
119249781Have you added Any Malu to your Best Girls List yet, Anon?[View]
119252484Would people actually even remember them at all if they weren't the precursor to the Fantastic …[View]
119250603Fast and Furious the cartoon: Was Echo best girl or something?[View]
119253686Chu #5 Storytime We come to the end of the volume and the first storyline.[View]
119248295Rigleen is best ship.[View]
119252287Worst possible attempt at spinning off these two they could have done: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
119251684With a live action Lilo and Stitch on the way, which animated film should Disney make into live acti…[View]
119252744I'm currently writing for a show and will include ONE suggestion from this thread. Your only hi…[View]
119253160I want to read the bionicle comics but i'm also a sperg and need to have the book physically in…[View]
119252851Grandpas gonna sue the pants off of Santa[View]
119250397When are we getting a Dynamite! Cinematic Universe /co/?[View]
119251811Bakshi: what's your favorite Bakshi movie?[View]
119253618this is all your fault /co/[View]
119250419So is power puff girls dead forever: Or do you think it might get rebooted someday?[View]
119251910How would other nature/plant related characters react to his bullshit?[View]
119252714ITT: We make up finales: I'll go first: Mr Bean the animated series, he wakes up from a nightma…[View]
119241484SHE-HULK Leaked Casting Calls: >LUCY (Female, 30s, Open Ethnicity): The antithesis of Jennifer Wa…[View]
119252606Korra a cute[View]
119252119The last series you watched/read has gotten an infestation of monsters? How far up the escalation tr…[View]
1192512852020...I am forgotten[View]
119250850Who was in the wrong here?[View]
119253098Planet Forever: What are your thoughts on this animatic? https://files.catbox.moe/oav8vn.mp4…[View]
119241133WTF Sandy![View]
119252638ITT: post characters only you think are attractive[View]
119238422X of Swords Discussion: So what did you think of the event? What are your thoughts on the upcoming R…[View]
119252088Who is noobmaster69?: I'm still convinced its alternate timeline survival Loki trolling Thor.…[View]
119251944Turned myself into a PS5 Morty! BOOM! Big reveal! I'm a PS5! What do you think about that? I tu…[View]
119242947Reboot when?[View]
119233560#bettercartoon: Hobo A Gogo Honestly I love this pitch[View]
119252769God, Disney is such hacks. >Hey, let's retell Jim Henson's the Christmas Toy and reuse …[View]
119245459Ballmastrz 9009: Are you excited for season 3?[View]
119250468Reminder that capeshit sucks and will never be taken seriously as a genre: You are an autistic manch…[View]
119248212Preschool Shows: What were your top 5 favorite childhood shows? For me: Little Bear Blue Clues &…[View]
119244849Sexual attraction is the enemy.[View]
119249537>te lo juro por Dieguito Maradona[View]
119246433Do you like Elise? Or would the show be better with just Dan and Chris?[View]
119249532>here's your beach towel, bro[View]
119252062Why didn't he just give everyone weapons? Seems like the perfect solution to me, no more having…[View]
119249162>tried to rid the world of fiat currency and the global banking cartel and return to the gold sta…[View]
119252406AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!![View]
119178416Villainous: New heed https://www.instagram.com/p/CH6QGsGA1AL/?igshid=a3qtijk29yuo[View]
119244864/co/‘s obsession with this show has gotten out of hand at this point. It’s not even good.[View]
119251875Family Guy Scat Porn Moments[View]
119249479Were characters like this more likeable 20 years ago?[View]
119248243/co/'s thoughts on BFDI?: >Fandom is full of literal children who get into weekly drama >…[View]
119251912Crossovers that shouldn’t work but do: Personally, I’d like to see Hellboy rawdog Charlie as the int…[View]
119251904Storytime: Wake by Harvey Kurtzman and Gene Colan from Two-Fisted Tales[View]
119250951What is your favorite episode of futurama?[View]
119251439Why was Kim and her mom so perfect?[View]
119244529Shes coming back: how does that make you feel?[View]
119248084Dik Browne, you will never fail to impress us with your superb wit and sense of comedic timing.[View]
119250528Alexa, how do I self-fund a new Terrifics ongoing that'll run for at least 100 issues no matter…[View]
119251549What the fuck did she mean by this?[View]
1192479995 years Later: What do you think of my fan fiction?[View]
119251453ITT: Characters that think they are great shit, but are really just nu-males >Got his nose broken…[View]
119249103>It's a Jimmy episode[View]
119245853How I made Bronwyn unattractive with one simple trick.[View]
119251442Thanksgiving episodes: What are some you liked?[View]
119242066Post Deviantart Cringe[View]
119250347/co/ I don't want to alarm you, but, there is a big SKULLASAURUS on the loose.[View]
119249090now is the best time to get into animation: So... SO many professional animators today look like bad…[View]
119249314It's over Everybody. 104 episodes already wrapped and ready to burn down the DC Girls.[View]
119229505>gif thread? >gif thread Please keep it /co/related…[View]
119245625>'Cosmo, Wanda, I wish Tootie turned into a hot babe!'[View]
119251284>And why do you look and sound so much like my friend Squidward? You know this is his house, righ…[View]
119249629Cartoons that are nightmarishly overrated[View]
119250551Did she grow up to be a slut[View]
119247181What is /co/'s thoughts on Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?[View]
119244807Daredevil 24 Storytime: in which Matt gets burned hard by his brother[View]
119249089Would he survive Infinity Train?[View]
119247709The reason Wonder Woman is my favorite female superhero is because she manages to be a superhero wit…[View]
119246842Did you guys actually prefer the sequel? I think the first movie was way better. Enlighten me.[View]
119246522>there’s only one God ma’am >and he doesn’t dress like that Wouldn’t get away with this nowada…[View]
119249394Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
119247074So let me get this straight >Has no relation to Spider-Man at all >Doesn't spin a web lik…[View]
119249270>almost exact same origin and family situation as Peter >all of Peter's powers plus extra…[View]
119250226'Oh, the Amish are so industrious... not like those shiftless Mennonites.' I don't get this, ar…[View]
119250374There hasn't been a good newspaper comic since. What happened to the medium?[View]
119245733What is /co/'s thoughts on Bobby's World?[View]
119247592ITT: Unpopular Opinions: I enjoyed this.[View]
119249165I hope you're happy Bart!: You've ruined Thanksgiving![View]
119246045Name one thing he did wrong[View]
119249615>'Nations of the world' >mentions several islands like Sumatra, Borneo and Crete >mentions …[View]
119249616Snyder may be a crayon chugging retard but he's entertainingly insane[View]
119233733What are some non-cringe LGBT /co/ characters?[View]
119246662Can we agree them buying Dreamworks was a mistake: >How to train your dragon 3 project was the la…[View]
119249904Surprised people love JLA as much as they do, when it was only 30 or so issues, not including 1mil …[View]
119246267Fucking Richards needs to leave the poor man alone. He was doing fine until Richards got into his he…[View]
119247733Please let us have a normal Daria thread[View]
119227920How did the trend of a new thing of the franchise shitting on fans of the franchise start? Is it a p…[View]
119247139Why do superheroes use domino masks?? They just seems inherently retarded if you want to keep your i…[View]
119249708Alan Moore is such a hack...[View]
119246136Why does modern writing not just in comics and animation, but everywhere in current mass media feel …[View]
119245910I miss him bros[View]
119244632Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz story: >Acclaimed author Lilliam Rivera and artist Steph C. reimagine o…[View]
119249289How would it end?[View]
119246796ITT We post when cartoons peak[View]

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