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133250109Simpson parodies: What are your favorites? https://youtu.be/quR9gFvUTpw[View]
133250966>PG-13 Blade movie starring an actor who isn't actually a martial artist Why are people exci…[View]
133248632This is my Goddess. Bow down and worship her?[View]
133248756BLADE Details: >The movie is PG-13. >Focus is more on Dracula's Daughter, not Blade - whi…[View]
133250027Monster High thread[View]
133251184dios mio..[View]
133248405The notorious pinkeye episode was seemingly never dubbed into Swedish. Both of the times I saw this …[View]
133249616Simpsons Continuity: Why so controversial? I mean isn't it known that >apu married and is a …[View]
133250436Dan Slott appreciation thread: Dan Slott is my all-time favorite Amazing Spider-Man writer. Having t…[View]
133174057Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
133250149Mary Jane is the kinda thot who would make an onlyfans and that's a good thing[View]
133249169'Lisa. Lisa...'[View]
133244312It's time to use the force. Let's have an Enforcer appreciation thread.[View]
133247795What odd things in cartoons that are 100% real?[View]
133249057Can I have something to eat?[View]
133247361Space Ghost thread: Are the spin offs Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show c…[View]
133243660Mary Jane the cheating whore and slut, Peter's biggest mistake ever: MJ is such a whore for che…[View]
133250421why did so many shows have fetishes in them?: what was it with mid 2000s and early 2010s shows putti…[View]
133247408Geoff or Bendis?[View]
133241518She-Hulk: Attorney At Law: >It's an Abomination becomes a sex cult leader episode…[View]
133249011I know there is already a thread about this but I remember attending the release convention for Brak…[View]
133249334Literally me[View]
133248494*Lust provoking image*[View]
133249820All-Star Batman: Okay, so after one of missions Batman has sex with Catwoman, a former prostitue, an…[View]
133248529Shorts: Post characters wearing shorts[View]
133244766One more week: One more week[View]
133248653Why americans can't animate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYFmflmkUhg Why does a random flas…[View]
133249263/co/ that goes HARD[View]
133249875westaboo thread[View]
133249686What do we think about the new M&M? They is trending.[View]
133246110Why is it so frustrating to make cartoons for tits? Why bother?[View]
133249001Are you ready anon? Just take my hand.[View]
133226565Destiny of X Storytime: A.X.E.: Avengers, X-Men #15: JUDGMENT DAY PRESENTS: The Judgment of Tony Sta…[View]
133247953Best Disney Straight to DVD sequel? For me? Kronk's New Groove[View]
133245468This was peak Superman design, and I'm tired of pretending it's not[View]
133248967So this is the narrative that Marvel decide to advocate this.[View]
133249378Fugget Cheerleaders.[View]
133248325'Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedadiah Springfield came west in 1838. Along the way, he killed a bear …[View]
133248646Is Johnny Test really one of the worst cartoons of all time[View]
133247299RoboCop: The Animated Series must be really unpopular because I didn't know who RoboCop was unt…[View]
133248319Start writing your dream projects NOW. AI VIDEO made by prompts is here. EVERYONE will make their ow…[View]
133248385Fusion: Post fusions, preferably interacting with other characters[View]
133245005How do you become a cartoonist nowadays? Where do you start? What do you need?[View]
133249259>'tonight you'[View]
133243237Some motherfucker's are always trying to ice skate uphill[View]
133247538Rick and Morty: I want to see you guys talk about Rick and Morty New Sneak Peek: https://youtu.be/bI…[View]
133245951>'/co/ I'm telling you slade was right there we have to stop him!'…[View]
133246045Why do Americans love juvenile humor like pic related? I'm French. A few days ago, I was on a v…[View]
133249143>please Jean, step on me, please just whip me with that hair, please just a single red pube What …[View]
133247708Daily reminder when people pissed themselves over this[View]
133243934Coolio: RIP Coolio. The man behind Gangsta Paradise and theme song to Kenan & Kel. Let's al…[View]
133248968Lego Monkie Kid: So what's the chance of there being a fourth season? There seemed to be someth…[View]
133245969Infinity Train: Did she deserve it?[View]
133248363>Superman can't even have just ONE epic scene in the finale without being BTFO Why was this …[View]
133248480big lunguz: big lunguz[View]
133245744Hands down the most definitive depiction of Spider-man, in any medium, ever.[View]
133248651Favorite tropes?: >hero and villain used to be best friends Any other kino that does this?…[View]
133248569When exactly did Mr Krabs go from a money obsessed yet lovable oaf to PG rated Cartman?[View]
133248625Filename thread[View]
133248583>it's a 'Swiper succeeds' episode[View]
133246308>would you rather tear off your penis and have a three-way >FOUR-WAY!…[View]
133245901Sun-Spider: Proof you can be both a fruit AND a vegetable[View]
133248490For me it is Goth Wonder Girl[View]
133247211Need your help, /co/. I know how this is going to sound, there's a million opportunities to rip…[View]
133247137ITT: /co/ lesbos[View]
133248189He's like dangling keys at this point. They trusted the show so little that they're saving…[View]
133246929Deathstroke vs Deadshot: My first thread btw ,who would win Deathstroke or Deadshot?[View]
133246713The _______ and its consequences have been a disaster for Comics & Cartoons: Complete the senten…[View]
133244461Bill Green is a loving cartoon father with great plot and character development[View]
133242405Avatar thread.: Post about ATLA and LoK.[View]
133247997These movies take so much money, so many man hours, so many actors. All just to say nothing.[View]
133238686This is Miko Kubota. Main character of Glitch Techs. Say something nice about her.[View]
133247848Metal Slug: Why do so many people prefer Fio?[View]
133246213dumb idea: *hits j* we should have a /co/ tournament but instead of like voting for shows and charac…[View]
133243715KILL SIX BILLION DEMONS / KSBD: What’s the consensus?[View]
133242031Thunderbolts #2 Storytime[View]
133247677>family guy dark humor compliation[View]
133243523Bugs Bunny’s Howl-O-Skreem Spooktacula: A new Looney Tunes Cartoons Halloween Special just came out …[View]
133247638/co/ monkeys. Post your favorite: What's a bad miracle? There's a word for that[View]
133246940how do you come up with ideas for cartoon characters? Ive always had cringe oc characters, but I wan…[View]
133247531Usagi Yojimbo, a lone ronin >masterless samurai<[View]
133246770He did nothing wrong[View]
133243136> Joy to the world > That Barney's dead > We baaaaarrrrbequueeeeed his heeeead > Do…[View]
133247786Why does he hate TF?[View]
133241023>photographer >lab assistant >science teacher Why is Peter Parker so terrible at making mon…[View]
133244557'Hey, Now.'[View]
133247668>You can tell I am a very smart and humorous individual because I make sarcastic comments on Fami…[View]
133244658What’s your serious opinion on Dickie Duck[View]
133244297Why did Hades not simply kill the Hercules? He never stipulated in the power theft deal that he wou…[View]
133247197This is what manchildren consider 'dark' LMAO[View]
133244926Clerks (the cartoon) will likely never come back[View]
133241828Rogue: Who is the best looking Rogue?[View]
133241855doja cat needs to dress up as chel and put out an el dorado themed music video[View]
133247130Where is 2 part[View]
133247407ITT: /co/ PSAs: https://youtube.com/watch?v=7P27smM8Jlw[View]
133246347Gem wife: Post yours[View]
133243964I don't like the toxic positivity angle this show pushes. It's intellectually dishonest to…[View]
133246823Deadshot vs Deathstroke[View]
133244930Isom: My favorite part of the comic was when he said 'Prepare to witness the power of Isometry!' and…[View]
133244506Why is Spongebob so fuckable?: Think about how soft his asscheeks are, how spreadable they look. Loo…[View]
133245683Sue Storm's Mandatory Weekly Post[View]
133246981Thicc Thursday: Time to get down with the Thiccness /co/mrades[View]
133238680Aaaaand dropped: After the shit fest that the Disney's Star Wars Why the fuck are creators stil…[View]
133244646All-Star Batman: Okay, so after one of missions Batman has sex with Catwoman, a former prostitue, an…[View]
133237773Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
133244021Undefeatable Capt. Rockman: seriously who can beat him?[View]
133244401How to make/ASSURE strong comic debut Like 6 digit attraction Where how and when, what exactly are t…[View]
133242630Action War Picture Library Storytime - № 1, 8-10: >ACTION PICTURE LIBRARY 1-4 https://desuarchive…[View]
133243328Itt: wholesome incest kissing[View]
133246379Anyone want to help an anon out? Trying to look for an obscure European cartoon about a family of fo…[View]
133242726Remember when Judge Dredd predicted AI art?[View]
133246037Beavis and Butthead: Waiting about the new episode? also really appreciate this person uploading the…[View]
133245645When the fuck did Teen Titans Go get so Family Guy/South Park-esque?[View]
133231636Death Battle: Will Archie Sonic enter the Oxygen Club?[View]
133245989where can i buy or what are the means to get a physical copy of Thunderbolt Fantasy with english sub…[View]
133242466thought on the animated black dynamite show? I think it is underrated[View]
133246052>Gee I wonder what /co/ is like toda-[View]
133235716SHE-HULK Clip Introduces Man-Bull And El Aguila To The MCU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC3qPzRd…[View]
133245849>It's Teen Titans vs British MK Ultra guy episode[View]
133244359P2 thred[View]
133245818>all the wax figures from this episode are now of dead and/or fictional people…[View]
133243880How did you let it get to this point?[View]
133238086Lazor Wulf written off by WBD: >Lazor Wulf confirmed written off for taxes by WBD >will never …[View]
133245820This image should be a meme[View]
133241917Hordak and Entrapta: She-Ra is worth watching just for them.[View]
133244974>mfw BTAS women[View]
133240309>Disney’s ‘Strange World’ Imagines ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ by Way of ‘National Lampo…[View]
133245518tank thread: give me the best /co/ tanks you have the dumber the design, the better starting with a …[View]
133244406I hate Civil War so fucking much bros The movie was better in every way[View]
133243820Will it come back? Which hero should be next?[View]
133244319War Hero Picture Library Storytime - № 53, 80: >ACTION PICTURE LIBRARY 1-4 https://desuarchive.or…[View]
133215787Eltingville thread?[View]
133240970Transformers Beast Wars: Was it good?[View]
133238873Recent Purchases: What are some recent purchases for you? Attached picture is this week's Wedne…[View]
133244901The west will never be able to do comics/manga like Japan does, not with its obsession with color. T…[View]
133244731There are 5 earth unknown in the DC universe, 2 destroyed/rebuilt and 1 we only know there is a femL…[View]
133220307I’M DEALING WITH IT![View]
133238524Marvel Previews #13 Storytime: Solicitations and preview pages for upcoming marvel stuff[View]
133231979>buy show >CEO says word >show stolen woooow…[View]
133192158Nora Universe: Would you?[View]
133244995Relatable comics that you can relate to and are so relatable.[View]
133244962Anime is literally just Disney: Why can’t we come up with a lawsuit against the anime industry toget…[View]
133244600What if John Walker killed Karli in Finale ? Will that save the show?[View]
133239910SHE'S BACK: Surprising no one.[View]
133244681Popeye's voyage: Was it good?[View]
133243706Do you prefer the Hanna Barbera cartoon or the Ghostly Adventures show?[View]
133244672medieval /co/: did he deserve it?[View]
133244627Who is in the wrong in their conflict? https://slovobooks.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/last-alan-moore-i…[View]
133244311How would you made her a villain again? >Joker brainwash her >She was also an abusive and bad …[View]
133239624CAPTAIN AMERICA: NEW WORLD ORDER Adds Mark Ruffalo's Hulk: https://www.screengeek.net/2022/09/2…[View]
133244420Why are American cartoons so pussified?[View]
133243757Ed, Edd n Eddy: Did Danny Antonucci really say this or is this fake?[View]
133244530What's been happening with fantastic four lately?[View]
133244485Dark moments in Cartoons ...: Well , kids that day learned that all animals need to eat....[View]
133232540>absolute sociopath who would hurt and kill anyone who got in his way >tormented ben and gwen …[View]
133244143Realistically speaking would you?[View]
133216344Captain America Thread!: Who is the plainclothes & blonde guy? The guy next to Cap is The Spirit…[View]
133241367>family guy humor[View]
133241682What is going to happen in Nightwing #100? Feels like DC is setting up for something big.[View]
133242565>another characters joins the cartoon dyke club[View]
133242537SpongeBob SquarePants vs Family Guy: Which show is more likely to die first?[View]
133242425Each fucking episode of Tiny Toon Adventures feels like Sneed's Feed and Seed stretched out to …[View]
133243939Outside of the big 2 so many comics are manga inspired: What happened bros?[View]
133239986>Characters that are considered cool but would be lame in real life.[View]
133243610The best thing about oddballs is that you can see the characters snowpity.[View]
133192124/hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? #851: /hyw/ - How's Your Webcomic? - Overused Tropes Edition …[View]
133242900>Gepetto, a good catholic, asks God in prayer to grant his wish >A pagan deity appears WTF??? …[View]
133237700Can i get a source on this? I really like the expressive cute art style. Is it an edit or is it the …[View]
133243453Should we make a 4chan themed Disney logo to celebrate our 20th Anniversary?: It would be the ultima…[View]
133243689It was shit, John kricfalusi is a fucking hack[View]
133236702This looks painfully unfunny[View]
133240420Swat Kats: Revolution: Toonz is gearing up their marketing efforts. They're advertising the sho…[View]
133221134turns out she was the villain all along[View]
133243499Are Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Cartoon Planet and The Brak Show truly Canon to the Space Ghost univ…[View]
133201808I got accepted into university in the Netherlands! Let us celebrate with a Zellig thread[View]
133225523'I have all your powers plus my own. IM KEVIN 11' >Ben already has 11 aliens by this point >Ke…[View]
133234420Do you agree with him that Tiana is the hottest piece of ass this side of the Mississippi?[View]
133241978>decent cult 90s character >somehow gets huge during the 10s >goes from sociopath Spider-Ma…[View]
133241401AI: Why should cartoonists fear AI again?[View]
133225084Usagi Yojimbo thread?[View]
133241996does /co/ like the boondocks?[View]
133209158Tuesday Carolthread: >LAST WEEK IN CAROL Avengers Forever #9 >>133110647 A.X.E.: Judgment D…[View]
133243119Why didn't they have the same effect that Uncle Ben does on Spider-Man? (if he does exist in th…[View]
133223436Boomer comics: You all know the drill by this point.[View]
133223792Why is height difference so adorable?[View]
133243031If one were to put more bones on a rig than normal, and only move it bit by bit, would it look more …[View]
133242230Big City Greens: Here's Billy! https://twitter.com/TheGabiType/status/1574890174378520577…[View]
133242825You know it's true, especially with the creators of the new Tiny Toon Adventures sequel putting…[View]
133239506When was the last time he's slept?[View]
133240460The one in beige has a French accent, right? I mean, just look at him. How could he not be French?[View]
133240927Heathcliff is looking at the garbage can.[View]
133234154Was this supposed to make the male audience horny or something?[View]
133238341Who's your favorite GI Joe character?[View]
133242390ITT: Bad Redesigns[View]
133203631Helluva Boss: This thread is dedicated to the cutest couple on hell. Millie and Moxxie from Helluva …[View]
133239613Deadpool 3 & Wolverine: What are the odds that they'll establish that the Deadpool films ar…[View]
133242611What race is this?[View]
133238967Is there a 1080p version anywhere? Deserves a blu-ray[View]
133233826Outside the context of FY and assuming MJ, Gwen, Harry, Flash and the rest of Peter’s cast are there…[View]
133242402Fantomex was great, fight me faggots.[View]
133241353Have you seen this man?[View]
133197844>No threads talking about the new episode Damn this show is fucking dead…[View]
133239272BLADE New Director Shortlist: >Bilall Fallah & Adil El Arbi (“Ms. Marvel”) >Gina Prince-By…[View]
133227693GRIM #5 Storytime: Issues 1-4 were storytimed here >>133142299 >The truth behind Jessica Ha…[View]
133240046One day, I saw a child playing with a ruby the size of a tangerine. The bandit had been throwing the…[View]
133241948>That episode Daffy took everything Porky owned just to buy a yacht Is this the worst thing he’s…[View]
133240738So how long before they shoehorn in a Ukrainian super hero into the marvel universe? Are there any U…[View]
133229781Why was it so divisive?[View]
133241895Deadpool 3: For some reason it didn't occur to me to check /co/ yesterday. What was everyone…[View]
133240003Assuming he keeps his ability to gain cult-like disciples who will take over for him, how does John …[View]
133240703How does he do it?[View]
133240545I love vampirella: Just wanted to share that.[View]
133239786>it's another topical episode >it's also another episode where characters act like a…[View]
133241562What the everlovin' FUCK is his problem?[View]
133240857Ok hear me out lads, what if it's Ghostbusters but they have a gorilla that can drive?[View]
133236743Does this guy put Latinas in his shows for diversity representation or is it his fetish?[View]
133233719Because You Demanded It:: Seth Rogen Presents FIGMENT >EXCLUSIVE: A Disney film is in the works f…[View]
133237589C & D list villains you like. You know, the guys who just show up to cause trouble, earn a livin…[View]
133223185>Are yo- are you seriously- no, you can’t be serious. You just can’t be. You’re /actually/ asking…[View]
133238631>The Virgin Smiling Friends vs the Chad Megg, Mog and Owl[View]
133241253/co/ blingee thread?[View]
133241185Lost 'Shpidah' cartoon: 'Shpidah!' is a pilot pitched to Nickelodeon in 2002. Cr…[View]
133235894Can you handle his style /co/?[View]
133240889Favorite anthro females?[View]
133240955ITT: Shitty /co/ characters being pushed by their respective companies as of recently: Pic is relate…[View]
133240897Why does he not like transformations?[View]
133229991Captain America: Symbol Of Truth #5 Storytime[View]
133238708Comics and Cartoons are so freaking cool[View]
133238738Who's the best character in Futurama? And why is it Scruffy?[View]
133235818He coming to save ASM: Looks like someone is going to be announced in the future to fix the broken A…[View]
133238688I do envy them somehow They live in a costal city surrounded by a gorgeous forest, there is even a r…[View]
133238297Kevin Spencer: Why is this show suddenly a meme?[View]
133240166Should Disney fold Gargoyles into Marvel?[View]
133225405Blade is done = MCU is done: >She-Hulk is dead >Blade is announced dead but Wolverine announce…[View]
133240349Is it a good idea?[View]
133240053What the fuck is his problem?[View]
133238384Shaggy gotta sneeze[View]
133240229Strange World: Will Disney’s newest film be kino?[View]
133240160This guy is kind of an asshole[View]
133239183This turned me on as a kid, and gave me a fetish.[View]
133237936What was this about? Also, why does shazam have a kino George Rockwell look?[View]
133238180>Haha bro... what If we make an entire AU just to set up a pun for a twist ending? That would be …[View]
133238792You know what I like on my hotcakes?[View]
133228599House of Slaughter #9 Storytime: >Edwin finally comes face-to-jaws with the legendary monster he…[View]
133237322Anime is the result of western influence (Disney, capeshit) in Japan post-WW2, whether you like it o…[View]
133239902What are some good operator comics? Just played the MWII beta and in the mood for some military acti…[View]
133239404>Tell them about the tournament. >I won a tournament, didn't I? What tournament did Duck …[View]
133239335ITT: scenes that made you question you're sexuality Pic VERY related[View]
133239562Little do they know, I have my OWN plans for these clones, plans that don't involve these shado…[View]
133233266Hey /co/, post more examples of comics that are not porn but it seems like it, preferably indies.[View]
133231158Surely this won't get any backlash. https://kidscreen.com/2021/06/08/cartoon-network-orders-its…[View]
133226659Genis-Vell - Captain Marvel #3 (2022) storytime: The story of the real captain marvel continues…[View]
133237831Just how powerful is Space Ghost compared to other space/cosmic heroes?[View]
133235610Miles Morales: Spider-Man #42 Storytime: Time for the REAL spider-man book of the week [LEGACY #282 …[View]
133229499Thor #27 storytime: Al Ewing is on the row today. Also venom?[View]
133231120Marvel's Voices - Community (Comunidades) #1 storytime: Taking a bite for nova[View]
133212730Saturday Mourning Cartoons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bux83X6G99Y AVGN made a video about Satu…[View]
133230602What if Honeysuckle as poison ivy sidekick into other media ?[View]
133237075I hear the Stepford Cuckoos have a crush on Spider-Man.: To Emma Frost is that true?[View]
133239250No really, why isn't she in the fucking trailer?[View]
133238091I genuinely can't tell who was supposed to be in the right here. Are they making fun of Muslims…[View]
133232081>Bluth, Spielberg and Lucas originally wanted the film to have no dialogue, like The Rite of Spri…[View]
133233123Why is she bald[View]
133237211Butchered Characters: Who did they ruin, /co/?[View]
133235518How come ecelebs don't hate Invader Zim for being le mean-spirited?[View]
133230821Director Bassam Tariq Exits Marvel’s BLADE Due To Scheduling Conflicts: https://www.hollywoodreporte…[View]
133236650Why is selfcest so popular when it comes to western cartoons?[View]
133232726I fucking love babs I want to see her winning the dickpool and having bat-babies with dick Fuck the …[View]
133236682Who is taking over in 2023 for Spider-Man: It's clear that Wells time is up after Dark Web conc…[View]
133233196China Il: why is it so forgotten? (besides it being ugly)[View]
133237369Captain America: Is he a good superhero?[View]
133225292Gentlemen, it appears Dethklok has created their gender. Deeming the masculine gender 'not brutal en…[View]
133238239Would you watch Jeffry's cooking show?[View]
133237839World War Hulk even possible in the MCU at this point?: Hulk fan here... Is it even possible to do t…[View]
133236720Why is Mordecai such a creep?[View]
133238073Will Tim Blake Nelson be a great Leader?[View]
133235367They are so not straight.[View]
133235212Was she hanging out at 9/11?[View]
133237614>artist puts their poorly disguised fetish in a cartoon[View]
133235812Creepy Simpsons series: There are a few of these, which is best? Bart The General: https://youtu.be/…[View]
133237146I love my daughter wife! The species must go on![View]
133236018Remember when Cow&Chicken: Have made a weenie armed old guy make 3 boys into men, in a secluded …[View]
133237736>1-2 minute scene where the characters are literally describing everything they are doing >no …[View]
133236268Catdog: Does this get any better? Watched the first season and its mildly amusing but I'm alrea…[View]
133237685>Somehow becomes the biggest badass overcoming threats such as Chase and Hannibal Roy Bean just b…[View]
133236812Would Pibby fit well in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared?[View]
133235223Stillwater #15 Storytime: >It’s a new day in Stillwater. Lives have been changed, and the world i…[View]
133234857>almost all of them are recolors of other characters Why the fuck do they keep doing this…[View]
133236317*runs over Mario*[View]
133219192Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Twitter Comics #5: Previous Thread: >>133202543 Pastebin: https://…[View]
133227599Why is he called Gorgious when he is the ugliest alien of the bunch?[View]
133233402i hate it here.[View]
133236742There is a severe lack of male Asian self insert character in /co/ media. The beaners have Marco, it…[View]
133235244BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER Will Be The Second Longest MCU Film: 2 hours and 41 minutes. https://…[View]
133235380I keep thinking I need to change my daughter's school outfit what do you guys say?Some reason e…[View]
133236827What about an AU avatar The Last Airbender Total War game?[View]
133236039Pitch an animated movie: Hard mode: It has to be suitable for at least PG For example, this one I ca…[View]
133236663Was it really that bad?[View]
133226206What is wrong with these people?[View]
133233874Guess the plot and the cameos[View]
133231136Treasure Planet was such a bad idea: >Jim Hawkins is…. le epic skysurfer!!! Watch him fly around …[View]
133232547ITT: 'Oh yeah, that existed.': Previous Thread: >>133206021 >produced by former simpsons cr…[View]
133231832Originality is dead[View]
133199920ITT: Post wholesome ships.[View]
133236355Just Aqua Teen for British people[View]
133228926Jawbreakers: I’ve been reading more creator focused comics recently and I’m curious about this serie…[View]
133226008what if poker night at the inventory was a tv show[View]
133232760Old Dog #1 Storytime: >Old Dog follows Jack Lynch, a once-promising CIA operative. On the eve of …[View]
133234185Why are they demons?[View]
133229208The Department of Truth #21 Storytime: ALL THAT GLITTERS >Cole Turner's loyalties to the Dep…[View]
133232646Encanto: >somehow completely missed Encanto when it came out >heard all the 'we don'…[View]
133233916Avengers: Marvel Celebrates One of the Greatest Super Hero Friendships in 'Avengers Two: Wonder…[View]
133234063Hanna-Barbera's response to Ren and Stimpy[View]
133231056TimKon: They made Tim bi, but made the wrong Superboy gay. That's it, that's the post.…[View]
133233997Epilogue isn’t canon to Batman Beyond[View]
133235267Damn this was good I hope we get another season like this[View]
133235816Bring it back dammit[View]
133231916When it comes to ginger and redhead /co/ characters, are there any who are established to have freck…[View]
133206504Was Jimmy Jew Shoes good as you remembered it? we can turn this into a waifu thread if you want idc…[View]
133232889/shelf/: Posting /shelf/, because after several years of piles of books and sealed boxes, I have one…[View]
133235634What about a spider princess AU comic for little girls?[View]
133228917I Hate This Place #5 Storytime: [END OF STORY ARC.] >The girls have finally left the woods you…[View]
133230638Why is Arcane obsessed with making this character suffer? Nothing good ever happens to her and she…[View]
133232563NewThink #4 Storytime: >This Black Mirror-style anthology examines the rapid proliferation of tec…[View]
133227456Your thoughts on detective chimp[View]
133233991Daphne > Velma[View]
133218352Look what actually exists, faggots[View]
133229482When word of God is Overruled by a sequel.: The article said that it was a matriarchy and the queen …[View]
133227370Why doesn't she have wheeling minions in most incarnations of her?: You figure she be an enviro…[View]
133234358Characters that should use guns: Starting with an obvious choice[View]
133234450Can you believe that she has an eggplant that looks like Fred Durst?[View]
133230647Anyone got any good convention stories? I'm thinking of going to New York Comic Con this year f…[View]
133228164Thoughts on Steve Ditko as an artist?[View]
133232900>Korrasami was an absolute asspull Imagine not seeing to coming, kek[View]
133232877>ywn attend Doom’s Fascist Marching Music Festival Why live?[View]
133233421How would you fix him?[View]
133230159He will write ASM next year or in 2024[View]
133232400What's Gumball's body count?[View]
133232529What the fuck was her problem honestly[View]
133232199>this show is gonna be a musical Oh no[View]
133233674Depresive Panel thread[View]
133230766Disney should cast Doja Cat as Kida in the live action Atlantis remake[View]
133228606Catch-up Storytime - Air Ace Picture Library № 352-6: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/12427161…[View]
133224128>Still seething 20 years later Let it go Zutarafags...[View]
133209401>The finale is bad because the main characters didn’t get a completely happy ending! What did /co…[View]
133232404IT IS NOT A PHASE , MOM[View]
133230633Red Canary. Who is she?: Her identity.[View]
133232166My Father's Dragon Trailer: 2d animated film by the same people behind Wolfwalkers https://www.…[View]
133226558The Amazing Spider-Man #10 Storytime: LEGACY #904 | A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY TIE-IN It's time for S…[View]
133232295Would you let her brush your teeth?[View]
133232060How many of these subcultures are still alive, endangered or extinct today, /co/?[View]
133231542ITT:: Supposed 'bad' guys who only later in your life did you realize were in the right all along an…[View]
133232030Alright, you're forced to watch one of these two shows for the rest of your life. Which one of …[View]
133231301name a better couple in cartoon history you can't[View]
133229568I hate how much apathy and nihilism this show has led to.[View]
133229194This show actually has a toxic mindset when you stop and think about it. It’s basically saying if yo…[View]
133113927Official Win-O'-Thread: >What is this thread? Every Wins'day at Win-O'-Clock we ga…[View]
133228367Over the Garden Wall: I watched this last year with my ex-fiance for the Fall/Halloween season to ge…[View]
133228451Whats your favorite type of joke/gag in animation?[View]
133232559Here's the pitch: Secret Wars ends up being a crossover between the MCU and the non-MCU movies …[View]
133224828You have to choose which pregnant girl you will focus on and become the father of her child. Which o…[View]
133231859Huh? When did this happen? I need to see it. Does anyone have a link to it? Also, really sad tha C M…[View]
133207781ITT: post role reversals[View]
133231730Belos genuinely never felt like a threatening or powerful presence to me. He has a cool outfit and a…[View]
133232218>the characters of the last cartoon you watched now have to fight against the thing how fucked a…[View]
133229268Blue Beetle Is Reportedly Going to Be 'Really Important' to DC Films Universe: https://comicbook.com…[View]
133227880This is my post: I posted it.[View]
133228570Moon Knight[View]
133232262Was there any show nearly as HAFNIM as this?[View]
133232048Comics: That's a sexy loli[View]
133222556Aged like shit or aged like wine?[View]
133230276Pray for Ashley folks, I hear Ian is particularly a bad'un[View]
133231412'Neddy, Neddy, he's gaining on us!' 'I'm scared!' 'Come on, Ned, move this thing.' 'I can…[View]
133228812/co/ makes a Cartoon Character: One anon makes the upper part of the character while the other makes…[View]
133180671THIS SUMMER: 1 week, 3 days, 22 hours, and 56 minutes until Mario dies. https://twitter.com/NY_Comic…[View]
133228082What does it mean?: https://twitter.com/Sony/status/1574832472004722689[View]
133230066WEREWOLF BY NIGHT may very well end up as Phase 4's highest rated entry: Reality really is stra…[View]
133226666Imagine Family Guy jokes about the 3 kingdoms.and related media .[View]
133229619Hilda: What is she thinking about?[View]
133228069The only difference between Bernard and Titan was that the former was conventionally attractive. Rox…[View]
133229918TCJ Ng Suat Tong on Gangland[View]
133230340Netflix's WEDNESDAY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di310WS8zLk https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
133224583Fleetway Super Library: Secret Agent Series Storytime - № 21, 23: >FLEETWAY SUPER LIBRARY >Fan…[View]
133225239Fleetway Super Library: Secret Agent Series Storytime - № 24-6: >FLEETWAY SUPER LIBRARY >Fanta…[View]
133227057ITT: your first /co/ love interest[View]
133231020Are you dead, /co/?[View]
133208307Death Battle: Dexter? Dexter who? >Go Jimmy, Jimmy that's the voice I hear inside~ >Strai…[View]
133229479My favorite member of the Fantastic 4 is Herbie the Robot.[View]
133230811Has anyone ever leaked assets used in cartoons?: What I'd give to get my hands on that PSY mode…[View]
133226134Geoff Johns Bibliography Storytime: Geoff Johns Storytime Continuing JSA. Previous threads: >>…[View]
133227630The Loud House: Lori will appear in Movers and Fakers, right?[View]
133230551Wolves of /co/: How many do we know about ? Ralph Wolf[View]
133229914Are you hyped for the upcoming DTVA shows? >Kiff (2023)Created by Nic Smal and Lucy Heavens >P…[View]
133228407Who wrote it?[View]
133226186>Inserts him into your Netflix show 5 years earlier. What were they trying to say?…[View]
133206021>ITT: 'Oh yeah that existed.'[View]
133229390damn this show is actually not bad any others like it?[View]
133218802James talks about how he pitched his show 'Oddballs' to Netflix and succeeded in getting a cartoon s…[View]
133229255Here I am doing everything I can holding on to what I am[View]
133229586For me, it's watching cute girls reacting to Avatar episodes.[View]
133119958ROBOT GIRL THREAD: post cute robots[View]
133229776>it's a golfchad episode[View]
133229284Halloween related shit thread: >First one >One of the best Hate Nostalgia fags: but how…[View]
133229730I will never be a memory.[View]
133228823ITT: Shows that gave you your fetish: T. brapfag[View]
133209953Confirmed cock lover (DO NOT POST ANY LEAKED MATERIAL HERE, and use spoilers when talking spoilers)…[View]
133229636now that the dust has settled: who's gonna clean the dust off? >pic unrelated…[View]
133226680Satana or Suprema?[View]
133229375I wish The Brak Show gave us an episode where Brak had to deal with bullying. Given his personality,…[View]
133228842The haunting of Norman Osborn by celestial Gwen Stacy has begun: Celestial Gwen will cause Norman to…[View]
133228741What if some lunatic had managed to bond someone with Vaatu and kill them before Aang was unfrozen, …[View]
133228501BB Beagle Show: https://youtu.be/NSWZGd5yNqg Hannah Barbera’s attempt at a Muppets show. Hear the vo…[View]
133225598What series/minis (that will never happen) you want to see after Dark crisis and AXE: For Marvel …[View]
133219360Is it just me or is something missing from the new Avengers?[View]
133209100JackalCHADS assemble: Unrionically one of my favourite Spidey villains, even ignoring the 90s. I lik…[View]
133228646Why did Final Space fail to catch on?[View]
133173887Villainous New book Edition: So I got the new hoose your own Adventure book and I'll storytime …[View]
133227203Anyone here ever read Private Iris? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbCi_0yFGQY[View]
133223952I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard. Always taking care not to break something, to break…[View]
133228187Streaming and VOD: You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy.[View]
133228419It was shit, joe murray is a fucking hack[View]
133228996Star Trek: Was it ethical to leave the Warp 10 babies on that planet?[View]
133227524>Tfw you meet a Ben 10 fan[View]
133228483Why are there no gamer girls in /co/ media?[View]
133201223ITT: characters with shitty rogue galleries: Dick has almost 350 solo issues including Dickbats and …[View]
133226343Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: April or Karai?[View]
133226547ASM #10 storytime[View]
133217829>'I should watch a Batman movie.' >Reach for the Keaton movies, then Bale, then Battinson >…[View]
133228322What went wrong[View]
133225527I will save Western comics and animation: Hello all. As some of you may or may not know, I have been…[View]
133228087Big City Greens: Here's Billy! https://twitter.com/TheGabiType/status/1574890174378520577…[View]
133223449Post your comic idea. >Deathless It's about an immortal man, originally an Amorite in Mesopo…[View]
133217433Why do you hate Female Turtles?[View]
133226274Another sublime hot take from yours truly[View]
133226580Wholesome superhero moments?[View]
133227491Drunk: Post Drunks[View]
133221904/co/ webm?[View]
133227794Why did Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy get criticized for the 'Quagmire rapes Marge' gag, to the poi…[View]
133225291do you have weird/uncommon movies you like to watch whenever youre feeling down? for me its sing 1 a…[View]
133198607New Monster High Series: Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aN_VecfyPhM[View]
133225894How would she react if someone called her dumb/stupid/retarded to her face?[View]
133220361Endgame right here, brothers[View]
133224725Luke Cage is a southern man nightmare.: Big black dude that's bulletproof. Also fucks da white …[View]
133227072Smiling Friends: I finally watched it. What did I think?[View]
133223738it's a cucked episode[View]
133225693So where the fuck is she and what has she been doing for two years?[View]
133226483Companies Doing self-deprecating humor in Comics and Cartoons: A joke about how childish both sides …[View]
133223264Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 86: Page 27 Somethin's a comin'! https://www.gunnerkrigg.com/…[View]
13322694425 years ago today, The Simpsons episode 'The Principal and the Pauper' first aired, revealing that …[View]
133210052Superman: Space Age #2Storytime: BOOK TWO >Superman has arrived and he’s out of sight! Right? The…[View]
133227189When and how did superhero comics transform from action yarns for boys, to soap operas for boys?[View]
133225867My Father's Dragon new trailer: https://www.animationmagazine.net/2022/09/new-my-fathers-dragon…[View]
133223006>Barbatos is behind everything ever >And he's only a pawn for Perpetua alongside most oth…[View]
133211665>dude vaping and fast food are le bad! >muh dopamine rush >god saves everyone in the end Th…[View]
133226620We heard you liked Big Mouth, so we made another Big Mouth![View]
133227143Netflix Live Action Avatar castings: New Avatar castings >Avatar Roku C.S. Lee >Mai Thalia Tr…[View]
133225714I don't get it, How does Bruce Wayne get all these chicks? What does he have that I don't?[View]
133224272>implying Anakin didnt know what her asshole tasted like[View]
133209945The genius part is that she technically never killed anyone. They could charge her with trespassing …[View]
133221014This is my GF, Claire Nunez. Say something nice about her.[View]
133223747https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r_W6Y3ZBs_A Holy shit this is bad. This is genuinely one of the worst …[View]
133226928I broke the pipeline.[View]
133226889Any comics or cartoons with this vibe?[View]
133224006when is Disney gonna do a live action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire[View]
133226052My favorite part of the new series was when they told Jared Leto to 'stop morbing' and he said 'I…[View]
133225849You think daddy Feige is gonna pull off turning this into the MCU Hobgoblin?[View]
133224698imagine not being straight.[View]
133225105dogisaga thread[View]
133215403Hugh Jackman up for one more capeshit paycheck https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd47Z8HYf0Y[View]
133221680Holy shit. Has anyone read Joe vs. Elan School? Started reading last night and this shit is the best…[View]
133225868Was it really necessary for this scene to go on for so long? https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=59&…[View]
133226267'Hi, I'm Lincoln Loud. And lemme tell you, living in a big family isn't always easy.'[View]
133222491What was your favorite button in Megas?[View]
133224305Barthood > Holidays of Future Passed[View]
133225010https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REicHG5ZR3U Thoughts on Gotham Knights? I can't wait to co-op w…[View]
133223157Did they just use stock footage for the Staylongers? It certainly looks like it.[View]
133225589Alfie: The milf wrangler is here[View]
133209191Tim Drake: Robin #1 Storytime[View]
133225363Say my name.[View]
133226012The bad[View]
133225571Harley Quinn: This was better than I thought it'd be. I like what they did with the characters …[View]
133225258The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004): Discuss.[View]
133224808What comic or cartoon is this describing, /co/?[View]
133217076Task Force Z #12 Storytime: CHAPTER 12 JASON TODD’S FINAL SECOND CHANCE. >Red Hood and what remai…[View]
133224045Why is her voice acting so off? It's like she forces herself to do a British accent and fails a…[View]
133224251I miss her.[View]
133218799lost kingdom hearts cartoon pilot may soon leak: https://twitter.com/sethkearsley/status/15749173934…[View]
133224841Miraculous Ladybug Movie first teaser: https://miraculousladybug.com/en/movie/#home[View]
133200848There is literally nothing to look forward to[View]
133214885>Episodes only 10~ minutes long but still entertaining >Incorporated surprisingly mature theme…[View]
133219828>how to fix the xmen in one page...[View]
133225316How much should an artist do for 6 digit sales hypothethically in the comoc industree[View]
133220324what quantifies a cartoon as being 'mean spirited'?[View]
133224871I've heard that the French dub of Space Ghost pretty much just changed everything. They would b…[View]
133224457HoIy Smokes![View]
133215953Oh, haha that's embarrassing lol[View]
133223596Haven't read the nightwing book but are they officially fucked ? When I dropped dick was still …[View]
133224783really miss Rick and Morty's old supporting cast, Goldenfold and the others had a grounding eff…[View]
133225979Opinion of my OC?[View]
133221117We’re they still funny in AGU?[View]
133225055I love them <33[View]
133198140ITT: Shit caused by petty editorial in-fighting: So one writer created the Hobgoblin with the idea o…[View]
133225049You get to choose one (and only one) 2D cartoon to give it animation on par with 2D Disney movies fo…[View]
133213442Blonde /co/ Ladies: Post your faves.[View]
133224967I love her[View]
133216254Reminder that Hulk is the only MCU lead without a PoC best friend: Steve Rogers -Sam Wilson Tony Sta…[View]
133195791New X-men/Academy X: What are your thoughts on this generation of characters? What would you do with…[View]
133194108Did he achive anything worth while?[View]
133222861ITT: we discuss spidey's hoes: which one has the > best ass > best tits > best head ga…[View]
133224068What /co/ characters would make good warframes? My vote is for Azula becoming a Mag.[View]
133224506>best and only good character ages and dies in the first 10 minutes of the film, but not before '…[View]
133220027Who is coming /co/?[View]
133224575Hello my name is Molly McGee and I am really really really really really really really really really…[View]
133224542MINE!: <latex sounds>[View]
133224551Is russian/soviet animation a form of animation or anime?[View]
133217992OK KO: Enid should’ve gotten with Melanie instead[View]
133223620Heathcliff is smiling.[View]
133224405ITT: POST Wholesome incest kissing[View]
133223697What's his catchphrase?[View]
133222567If Deadpool somehow got sliced up vertically from head to toe would every slice regenerate into a fu…[View]
133222197When's she gonna get off that rock?[View]
133216766>Tfw nine days: It’s interesting how Treasure Island has gotten so much attention as of late. Bei…[View]
133220640Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
133223736Hidden fucking gem or piece of shit: Shit looks like something out of 12 oz mouse, but I laughed a f…[View]
133218207Archie Power Rangers Zeo crossover storytime![View]
133223559I watched an episode of The Simpsons where Homer said 'Doh!'.[View]
133218856I miss him bros...[View]
133216139Netflix presents Lookism - Blackpill: The motion picture: Lookism - KOREAN webtoon, now animated htt…[View]
133214146DC vs. Vampires #9 Storytime: A STILLNESS AND A STORM >Road trip! Our heroes split up and spread …[View]
133216560DC: Mech #3 Storytime: PART 3 A BATTLE FOR THE STARS! >Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and…[View]
133219462Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales Storytime: A new Deadman anthology came out today. It seems to be tar…[View]
133203421Here's your new Black Panther, bro. FLOP INCOMING. All those little black boys looking for a su…[View]
133222523The Invisibles: Is it worth reading?[View]
133212667y'know toad had pretty good taste[View]
133222691animated films with misleading promo posters: post them[View]
133219781Alright /co/, this is a bit late but there was a survey on the TBS website related to American Dad. …[View]
133215944Will it be good?[View]
133221543What does /co/ see in this stupid show?[View]
133221284>Batman lost to Amy Rose How will he ever live this down.[View]
133221968The best Titans: The best Titans[View]
133216652Post churchgoing characters[View]
133220838Could your favorite character defeat him?[View]
133223328What /co/ character cooks the best McDongers?[View]
133223231About time writers started wanking off Darkseid like he is Doctor Doom.[View]
133220577Pottyhorse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYFlS5rBKhs Pottyhorse[View]
133218434Comics for literal 12 year olds: I work at a school and just got a small budget to spend on comics f…[View]
133222590Cupcake and dino: Now that the dust has settled... What did you think of this show? I thought it was…[View]
133214698Park did nothing wrong[View]
133222462World's Finest 2022: Is this the best DC book rn?[View]
133221160Mutant domination has begun[View]
133220870Tell me about Saturday morning cartoons, /co/.[View]
133223052How do u plan story: Like how does writer plan out stories for their comic where can i see some maki…[View]
133215407Justice League vs. The Legion of Super-Heroes #6 Storytime: Bendis bros, get in here! THE GOLD LANTE…[View]
133221202How the fuck was she a 'basic average girl', when she was a superspy cheerleader?[View]
133222644Post /co/ringe.[View]
133214421The Nice House on the Lake #10 Storytime: >The plan is in motion. The pieces are in place. The tr…[View]
133209477Batman: Beyond the White Knight #5Storytime: BOOK FIVE >Gotham’s most wanted, Jackie Quinzel, has…[View]
133221245What went wrong? No seriously, this should’ve still played in NY next to Evan Hansen and Hamilton as…[View]
133222814> Tats in the middle my head like I'm Avatar > That's the reason that I ride on my A…[View]
133196862>“You can take Atlantis from Greek myth, or you can adapt from a real culture,” argues Huerta. Ra…[View]
133221481ITT: /co/ adult jokes that work regardless of age.[View]
133220330Do you consider puppets 'Cartoons'?[View]
133219633and then Dexter said…[View]
133210648Irony and sarcastic humor stem solely from insecurity.[View]
133214648Harley Quinn #22 Storytime: [CONTINUED FROM HARLEY QUINN 2022 ANNUAL.] WHO KILLED HARLEY QUINN? CHAP…[View]
133221153OH NO HE'S HOT[View]
133216562Fenabros... we lost[View]
133217727Disney's Leo: How will Disney react to the fujo drawings of Johnny Bravo & Samurai Jack fro…[View]
133221105>fire department >underwater[View]
133222038Pippi Longstocking: I just watched the first episode and... I-I like it. It was fun, Pippi's un…[View]
133220904Dude what the fuck why are you fucking here man? You're so old. where's your wife? Go home…[View]
133220878Do i just post my whole comic or should somehow slowly grow my audience first Whats my tactic best T…[View]
133217866ADGTH is pretty cool. Why does /co/ never talk about it?[View]
133217523TLH #16 Loud and Clear storytime[View]
133221222Why did Knives or Ramona never show any hostility toward Kim? She's Scott's first gf and t…[View]
133218506What's about the upcoming Brazilian show 'O Menino Maluquinho'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
133220376What's all the hullabaloo?[View]
133217029My Life as a Teenage Robot: how about a good 'ol XJ-9 thread?[View]
133208776Why did they make Mirabel and Bruno related when he’s the only male she interacts with[View]
133216217>read non-marvel/dc comic >it's capeshit, not even obscure >the shithouse that publish…[View]
133198528Post Indie Animation: So many threads are about the same mainstream shows over and over again. Post …[View]
133221185How many copies will Rippaverse sell?[View]
133220339>Gar, I explained this to you earlier. I'm dating Connor... *I know, but we can hang out aft…[View]
133200569How can we bring toons back to relevancy? Not even kids watch them these days.[View]
133221302Dua Lipa in talks to star in MADAME X: Can she pull it off? They're shopping the project to oth…[View]
133207568Action Comics #1047 Storytime: Kal-El Returns: Part 1.[View]
133216017She didn't deserve to suffer so much[View]
133155200man's greatest /co/mpanion thread. post your favorite /co/ dog[View]
133220470Big long guns with ivory handles Go well with my scented candles[View]
133215992How does comic artist decide their 600k story before going to editor/publisher Making the basic of …[View]
133213424Please respect Dragon's pronouns.[View]
133217546>Wayne Boring’s Superman >Dick Sprang’s Batman This was the peak for those characters. No one…[View]
133220587hi i'm a cheese headed bean boy[View]
133215780Is this really as good as everyone says?[View]
133215425Deadpool 3: Coming Hughn >https://twitter.com/VancityReynolds/status/1574865217141481477…[View]
133218322I decided to get back into Care Bears and finally checked out this modern reboot thing. Does /co/ ha…[View]
133220268What was her problem?[View]
133116218stop thinkin about boxmore![View]
133217775Was anyone else expecting the thong in the laundry to be some sort of plot point? It's weird th…[View]
133219846Spandy only existed in Season 1 right?[View]
133217427why does every single western cartoon animal character look like this?[View]
133209949What’s your first impression of her?[View]
133219911can't believe I got baited into reading this dogshit. honestly who even enjoys this fucking tri…[View]
133215426>Hugh Jackman to return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3[View]
133217194Little Demon: Considering what the main character of this show is, I'm kind of surprised people…[View]
133212043How would you write a story including Teresa Parker? Assuming we’re portraying her more as a normal…[View]
133210140The DC Universe by Geoff Johns Storytime: Continuing JSA. Previous threads: >>133101282 >…[View]
133213909They're kinda cute together[View]
133207839Detective Comics #1064 Storytime[View]
133215239Gay shit from fujo[View]
133218984>Family Guy season premiere was just 3 segments of 90s movie parodies >Just felt like 3 long …[View]
133202543Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic Ball Z #2: Previous Thread: >>133185174 Pastebin: https://pa…[View]
133215897Treehouse of Horror: Why was this particular segment so mean-spirited and violent[View]
133209783Would you? Be honest.[View]
133197522Duck is best[View]
133213515Keith Stack: Do we get to see these lovely ladies in swimwear?[View]
133217537Why can't he draw[View]
133172133Fuck people who criticize 90s: I will defend 90s with all my might. Go fuck yourself, you fucking zo…[View]
133218764Old Comic Exploitable thread: >ID,what do you need an IV for? >HELP! A MADMAN IS TRYING TO ST…[View]
133218613Do you think that Janna dyes her hair dark blue?[View]
133212929The only objectively bad scene in this movie is the memory store scene. Everything else is okay to g…[View]
133216534Any cartoons that have cool battle sequences?: So many just have a bland setting, a group of heroes …[View]
133215127Deathstroke Inc. #13 Storytime: YEAR ONE, PART 4 DEATHSTROKE YEAR ONE CONTINUES! >Deathstroke…[View]
133216063MALL MUMS: This is legitimately the best youtube cartoons I’ve seen in a long time. https://youtu.b…[View]
133216021What was the big deal?[View]
133218367How did the Pines become the most popular kids over Pacifica and Wendys Gang?[View]
133213076Beast Boy: What are the limits to his powers?[View]
133217561So baby, let's just party toni-ight Baby, let's just party toni-ight[View]
133213508RIP Netflix Animation[View]
133218235what would KOTH be like if it was mean spirited like the good family. hank was an actual redneck, bo…[View]
133218262Tried watching it again after being disappointed with the shit show that was season 3. >watched t…[View]
133215630Disney shills will defend Avengers ASSemble[View]
133218204ENA: Where the fuck is she[View]
133216912Supergirl Red and Blue are a universe apart, but with an updated designer I think they would look at…[View]
133215341Superman’s Secret Identity: Did they walk this back or what?[View]
133212940Wonder Woman[View]
133209493DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #1 Storytime[View]
133216802Marvel should retcon the smack. They shouldn't, however, retcon all the decades of fallout for …[View]
133216132Made an outlaws team: Members >Red Hood >Bizarro >Artemis >Deadshoot Villain >Bloom …[View]
133193533Compare and contrast the evolution of Pacifica and Chloé[View]
133214814What Happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bux83X6G99Y[View]
133216314I read myriads of X-Shit, and to this day I only love Morrison’s run. It’s the only one I plan to bu…[View]
133215690Explain to me how this is considered the standard for storyboards when it's basically fucking k…[View]
133216429Mary Jane is the kind of thot who would make an onlyfans[View]
133208312>Krass, Evil-Lyn, Catra Is every MOTU show forced to have a girlboss that almost destroys the wor…[View]
133195886BCB - Bittersweet Candy Bowl: What a bitch Edition[View]
133159462cringe thread[View]
133215852>Today.../co/ goes.. BLUE. >But your blueness, /co/ is already blue! >BUT IT'S NOT MEA…[View]
133203705Attention freaks, it's me.: We’re supposed to be starting our new DHMIS thread any moment. How …[View]
133213208April O'Neil: I Like April, don't you?[View]
133213749She's up to no good.[View]
133210711>Hahaha it’s funny because it’s Nixon. Why were a lot of 90s cartoons obsessed with using Nixon s…[View]
133213398GI Joe: Is there a reason the modern GI Joe franchise tends to pull more from the Marvel Comics seri…[View]
133216350Marvel 2099: Have any of the comics' predictions for the future come true?[View]
133206855Why is rape so common with male superheroes?: >Spider-Man got raped by Skip >Bruce Banner almo…[View]
133215909Is emulating an art-style for the gag worth it in the end? Or is it dishonest (as in pulling from a …[View]
133215201Remember when the Today Show hosts dressed up as Peanuts characters?[View]
133214774What are your thoughts on the voice acting in Space Ghost Coast To Coast? There are some voices such…[View]
133214615>an attention-seeking tryhard loser who's obsessed with pranks and enjoys making his family…[View]
133215704Fuck Modern SMG4[View]
133213858Anyone know this cartoon?: Hey /co/. October coming up sparked a memory of a cartoon I saw waaaaay b…[View]
133213518Dr Octopus: How do you feel about Carolyn Trainer?[View]
133215232Titty Tuesday > Tushy Tuesday: Prove me wrong[View]
133213368How do I ask the comic book guy to only pull standard covers for me? I started buying comic books fa…[View]
133214044Secret Fetish Character(s): Wonder Woman is a fetish character. She was made by a feminist guy who w…[View]
133215267You guys completely forgot Guava Juice season 2 was out, huh?[View]
133211966Harry Styles apparently decided to quit acting now that his two back-to-back starring vehicles are f…[View]
133213382Verosika: This is Verosika[View]
133206725storytime -Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever: Thread 2 Previous thread >>133191704 We will con…[View]
133215154tried looking around online but couldn't seem to find a good straight forward answer that uses …[View]
133214454Bric-a-brac-a! Firecracker! Sis-Boom-Bah! Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny! Rah! Rah! Rah![View]
133214316I remember watching adventure time to the sound of active free style DJ vapour wave with my Mac dema…[View]
133213683https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYIAynSM7ZI I want to go back[View]
133213962I don't like Wayne Enterprises being this thing Bruce inherits It should be the company he star…[View]
133203915Spitting Image: Do you think the John Major years were good, or should they have just axed it after …[View]
133215173What the FRICK?[View]
133215148Kevin Spencer: no circlejerking this time just talk about the show like normal people you unruly fag…[View]
133210124The Hulk: Why has he stood the test of time What hasn't been done with the character yet What w…[View]
133200414What DC ongoing comics are you reading right now? I'm dropping Zdarsky's Batman but contin…[View]
1332150741999-2004 SUCKED for Cartoon Network >Mike Lu and Og >Sheep In The Big City >Time Squad …[View]
133203455Bluey thread? Bluey thread[View]
133213821Why do people keep saying the late 00s were a dark age of cartoons? 2007-2009 was pretty great hones…[View]
133212111>that pajeet Bumi how bad will this be?[View]
133214547https://youtu.be/7fVQOTPuo0k?t=3434 Post some terrible, terrible /co/ voice acting.[View]
133211900Beavis and Butthead: What did she see in him?[View]
133210213>'Stan Lee came out with a kind of formula, where he would give a personal problem to his charact…[View]
133212759What are some fun fantasy comics?[View]
133210678can't believe I got baited into reading this dogshit. honestly who even enjoys this fucking tri…[View]
133214178Was 2009 the best year for animation? >Coraline >Up >The Princess and The Frog >9 >A …[View]
133212702ITT: cartoons about life and death[View]
133214644The Netflix adaptation just got cancelled[View]
133205362why did spongebob have such a hard time learning how to drive[View]
133214246They’re such good friends.[View]
133214390Why was Nick at it's lowest during the early 2010s >Fanboy and ChumChum >Planet Sheen …[View]
133210933What's the deal with him and public domain?[View]
133212925Grolton & Hovris: Here we are Hovris, we have reached /co/, this calls for a celebration my boy!…[View]
133210351SHEEEEEEEEESH ngl this new Superman is lowkey bussin fr fr, no cap ong[View]
133208245>peak animemania Evangelion Fantastic Four with Y2K aesthetics and even more waifus Fuck you fagg…[View]
133214231TCJ Kent Worcester on Mutts[View]
133213871vacation thread: Post a /co/ related image The last digit of your post decides how many hours you ha…[View]
133213145The Beths: So what was in that Wine?[View]
133212867Incredibles: How come Incredibles never quite took off as a franchise?[View]
133213759She's still so cute bros[View]
133212133comfy South Park thread: who's the comfiest character?[View]
133213262Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Who is best Purple Dragon?[View]
133196538ITT: golden age Simpsons episodes that couldn't be made today[View]
133213011Common theme: What do all of these characters have in common?[View]
133209428>Balkan gyppo dictator who’s also a supergenius sorcerer >he hasn’t ethnic cleansed the closes…[View]
133210304Power Girl: Do you like Power Girl?[View]
133207602I'm oddly glad this actually sucks beyond any reasonable doubt: I was afraid the movie would be…[View]
133211627…Did anyone else think Rhombulous was kind of attractive?: Like unironically[View]
133163735Ben 10: Apparently, there is going to be a Gwen 10 anime with Ben as the main role in it, according …[View]
133209483>Series peaks with the pilot Are there any other examples of this?[View]
133201532The MCU pre-Phase 4 wasn’t high art but it had smart writing. The Matt Damon scene in Ragnarok doubl…[View]
133211991Marinette Dupain-Cheng![View]
133195709Evil lin: Who can defend this ugly crap? Worst idea ever.[View]
133201292What's the easiest way for one to get into the Tacklefordverse? Besides Bad Machinery (already …[View]
133210360>Black Adam came onto my radar when I was a kid. I loved comic books and I always gravitated towa…[View]
133213100>your setup is 'cosmic adventure w/ the Guardians' >you want to do the Multiple Thors plot …[View]
133136046Infinity Train: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
133209017i think she looks pretty nice like this actually[View]
133206613Patrol 03 English dub: So came across this show again recently, have vague recollections of watching…[View]
133209812My favorite part of Miraculous is when the akuma said 'IMA COOM' and coomed all over Ladybug.[View]
133213232This show is boring. Do people seriously watch this just for the occasional shipping moment that occ…[View]
133212462MARVEL’S VOICES: COMUNIDADES #1: This will save marvel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsseZNpwZsk…[View]
133211268Is War Machine cool? Is he a good character[View]
133205042The animation on Woody in TS1 is a bit odd[View]
133212904She's fast![View]
133212157Why can’t westerners make good indie action comics?: All of them are so shit or have #terribad art…[View]
133205133what went wrong? last season is the worst it's been in ages[View]
133210684Was he right?[View]
133210856Gumball: Kinda racist to have the black character be the pet to the white family[View]
133212136Will the show reference Multiversus?[View]
133208487Mrs Cartman: Is she a good mother?[View]
133205688>is just a growing boy >naturally drawn to things that are cool or weird, the way boys his age…[View]
133212375WEDNESDAY Clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUZd3OAD3Vc Wednesday VS. Thing. Looks pretty good.…[View]
133210776New cartoon from the creator of Hommer Simpson https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPDDP1hzffaLwA…[View]
133211341YOLO season 2 announcement: >Adult Swim returns to the weird world of Wollongong when YOLO: Silve…[View]
133211541What does he think of Lightyear?[View]
133203206Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
133199797Me personally, I would've killed this nigga.[View]
133192866Zutara: Discuss.[View]
133211724Woman beating up man.: Post em[View]
133211060What I wouldn't give to someday get an edgy, R rated Gravity Falls series with a protagonist wh…[View]
133209766New Asterix album set in China (same as new live-action movie)!: The live-action movie is going to h…[View]
133208016Why did primal have such a bizarre ending? It felt like someone came in during the middle of the epi…[View]
133208816X-Men is for redditor plebs with no taste and a victim complex. FF is for genuine chads with a stron…[View]
133193698Unproduced Episodes of Cartoons: Name unmade/unproduced episodes of various cartoons. Starting us of…[View]
133211537Is it normal for comic shops to put variant covers in your pull box without you asking for them?[View]
133208373Butterfinger Simpsons: What made the Simpsons a good ad choice for butterfinger? Also why is Lisa …[View]
133209597Grunkle Stan is the best character on the show[View]
133198265>'Coming soon to theaters....'[View]
133209260Watching The Thief and the Cobbler again. It's better than I remember.[View]
133207444Why do they keep fucking him up?[View]
133211081What I wouldn't give to someday get an edgy, R rated Bluey series with a protagonist who's…[View]
133208193KOTH thread: write an episode of this show, it doesnt have to be set today or in a hypothetical rebo…[View]
133209593Can anyone give a valid reason this wouldn’t be the perfect existence we should strive for?[View]
133153832The moment that ruined Spider-Man for decades.[View]
133211039Iceberg Lounge: Would having seals inside a night club really work? The whole place probably stunk a…[View]
133210984Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 4th Week of September, 2022: Previous threads: https://des…[View]
133209840Batman: Fortress #5Storytime: >With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Batman and Lex …[View]
133210533New Spongebob or Old Spongebob?[View]
133208493Fleetway Super Library: Secret Agent Series Storytime - № 18-9: >FLEETWAY SUPER LIBRARY >Fanta…[View]
133203627>they calartsed eddy[View]
133210668Elinor!: She wonders why.[View]
133206871Would it have been good, /co/?[View]
133209395For me, it’s Meilin Lee’s dad[View]
133208229The Human Target #7 Storytime[View]
133210391Do you think this might have been a subtle reference 'The end of evangelion' film?[View]
133207699My two favorite gothic weirdos.[View]
133210203South Park thread: Is Trey Parker right to hate the first three seasons? https://screenrant.com/sout…[View]
133209729I am so glad I never grew up with any emotional attachment to these films or characters.[View]
133210028somehow in spite of the new episodes she remains as best girl[View]
133204341Post your bullshit theories: Only bullshit is allowed in this thread I start >Don't Hugh me …[View]
133207039LONG AGO[View]
133207278Fleetway Super Library: Secret Agent Series Storytime - № 16-7: >FLEETWAY SUPER LIBRARY >Fanta…[View]
133208920ITT: franchise killers: This killed Looney Tunes as a video game franchise, having games yearly from…[View]
133207403Why was this completely reviled but then the version of Yasuke depicted in Nioh was loved only a few…[View]
133207468Why does Zorak change color in several shots?[View]
133206557Shows /co/ loves you hate: >sacred /co/ws you don’t like[View]
133207249Otto schimidt: Since his career as a comic artist is basically over what will be his endgame ? Will …[View]
1332054175 years later how do we feel about Spider-Man: Homecoming[View]
133203313steven universe: what. the. hell.[View]
133209507Top 3 best Simpsons episodes. Go![View]
133208032Why does the DC comic subreddit have 800,000 members when the average Batman Book sells 100,000 and …[View]
133180683Rippaverse: Did you get your copy?[View]
133192142Best part of the 'Job' episode is when Red Guy sang 'I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no way-a…[View]
133201663Thoughts and hopes for Fionna cartoon?[View]
133206184I had a dream last night where Judy's parents stripped and gave each other a sponge bath. Then …[View]
133207419/co/ makes a Cartoon Character: Thought of this earlier. One anon makes the upper part of the charac…[View]
133209238You didn't look up the answers, right anon?[View]
133193669Why do people hate the concept of people crying or relationship issues in cartoons? Maybe kids could…[View]
133203579EMH!Carol is purty[View]
133207462Are blonde /co/ gals the best gals?[View]
133209077i'm the easter bunny's twin brother. darryl![View]
133207162Marge Simpson: Is she a great mother?[View]
133207247how did these two learn to act well enough to improv constantly for years in two very demanding role…[View]
133207062W-why isnt she in the trailer, bros?[View]
133161933Amphibia: New journal pages, featuring Marcy missing her girls and bonding with Andrias over their d…[View]
133139708Edit General: All requests should begin with the word “Request”.[View]
133208034Say Hello to the first bad theatrical show: >Bigger emphasis on pop culture references, celebriti…[View]
133207360>artist has cute OC >which is also horribly tortured in some of their other artworks…[View]
133208649So how many seconds do you think Matt Groening took to design The Simpsons?[View]
133204181ITS OUT[View]
133203512BRAND NEW American Dad on right now. http://mz.freestreams-live1.com/tbs-tv/[View]
133126796>I don’t want a harem >I just want to be happy…[View]
133206176Random Panel[View]
133205780Why is the show called “Rick and Morty” and not “The Smiths”? Also how come every character besides …[View]
133205845Genuinely some of the most atrocious dialogue in any show I've ever watched. I get that the ani…[View]
133207277>that episode where Grim started lurking /cgl/[View]
133199041What I wouldn't give to someday get an edgy, R rated Owl House series with a protagonist who…[View]
133208247Avatar Korra: On episode 5 of this show and I fucking hate the characters so much. Why is the romanc…[View]
133204929Why don't comics do weekly releases instead of monthly?[View]
133205849New Tamers is probably some of the best he's put out https://youtu.be/LitNAci_6F0[View]
133207786Rick and Morty: >tfw it's a Beth episode[View]
133207541Heathcliff is carrying mice.[View]
133205920So, that's it? I'm just going to die as the only person that has ever known about the deep…[View]
133208160ITT: the most overrated episodes[View]
133185856Cute food mascots[View]
133205453Was it good? Cosgrove and the Huntsman never fail to make me smile.[View]
133205865>Locks his entire comic archives behind a paywall. Why?[View]
133205667Alan Moore spoofs Frank Miller's Daredevil[View]
133200654Everything about this.[View]
133207427To me The Joker is just a normal guy[View]
133205139You know how Fox has a weird way of counting Simpsons episodes? They refuse to count a couple of the…[View]
133198182Space Jam 2 should've looked like this[View]
133204205Write Your Episode: You're given the opportunity to write and direct an episode of any cartoon …[View]
133192662Reggie: a cute![View]
133207218Where to study art style/technique that ll 6 digit ,everytime you post, kinda like how the pro does,…[View]
133201209Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Who is Best April?[View]
133202886Maybe he just expresses joy different than us[View]
133204162Who was in the wrong here?[View]
133202952Give FalCap his own confined space to fight in: Hard mode: No elevators.[View]
133203022Remember Foamy the squirrel?[View]
133207130/co/ neets: itt: post /co/ neets/hikkis[View]
133205444Goodnight /co/[View]
133204000ANY character can be made truly sexy.[View]
133205433That was a good ending.[View]
133205464Do people unironically think stopmotion is scary?[View]
133077742It’s my birthday for another couple of hours. Let’s have a Raven thread perhaps?[View]
133200544This is the only way of saving Spider-Man comics[View]
133203991Man, Finn is cute![View]
133206324Don’t hug me I’m scared: Have no clue whether this counts as cartoon or not. Fuck it ig[View]
133177607Are you ready for Owl House Shippuden?[View]
133204855Turbo: thoughts on this movie and cartoon series? personally, i think its a pretty solid franchise t…[View]
133139180Post you’re husbandos[View]
133187557Why was he so willing to die?[View]
133202565Electropolis Storytime: >Menlo Park is a reprogrammed janitor robot working as a private eye on t…[View]
133191877KOTH thread: How different would the show be if all the characters were genderbent/r63? I don't…[View]
133203347who should be in his MILF harem[View]
133205341i miss courage[View]
133203079Star Trek Lower Decks: This show is horny and the best trek since DS9[View]
133203941Come Worship your Queen, /co/.[View]
133198090Death Battle: Next fight is Xeno/Heroes Trunks vs Archie Silver, coming out Oct 2. Trunks Preview: h…[View]
133200114Name their show[View]
133200823U.S.Agent - American Zealot Storytime: >Described by writer Christopher Priest as, “a morality pl…[View]
133206360So when is Darkseid going to get the Helmet of Fate, the Spear of Destiny, the Starheart, the Scarab…[View]
133192413ITT: We write the worst Spider-Man story: Let's outdo Slott and Quesadilla and write the worst …[View]
133204036Let's start some fake /co/ rumors I'll start: >Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Tim…[View]
133192555What anime would you like to get a dumb 90s American adaptation?[View]
133204070You'd be a good father to Steven after you marry Garnet right?[View]
133201556>Cute main character >Tons of pop culture references >Great designs >Good setting >…[View]
133202485WILL IT BE KINO?[View]
133205556What made Foster's Home so successful?: Say what you will about Foster's Home For Imaginar…[View]
133205654>TFW they wrote off gloria from big city greens WHY THE FUCK COULDNT SHE HAVE GONE TO LIVE WITH T…[View]
133205625Theron would have been a good Clea if 1. She fixed her makeup and 2. They fixed her costume[View]
133200330Looney Tunes: Back in Action: I never got the ending as a kid[View]
133203975Why does Superman call San Francisco 'Gay City'? Isn't afraid of looking like a bigot?[View]
133202360Post unclefuckers[View]
133202417Based on the pathetic 30th anniversary of Cartoon Network what can we expect from the 40th anniversa…[View]
133204307Cyclone is cute and I'm tired of pretending she isn't: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cG3…[View]
133200746Just watched an early screening for Werewolf by Night: And man is it fucking kino[View]
133204659So, what do YOU think Mr. Frog said?[View]
133204526How would Batman have handled this situation?[View]
133203267If it got another season were could the story go?[View]
133184204Name your reasons why you love Gravity Falls.[View]
133204788Is this really the average W.I.T.C.H.fag?[View]
133204728Tenoch Huerta Confirms Namor Is A Mutant In The MCU: https://comicbook.com/marvel/news/black-panther…[View]
133204838Don't hug me I'm scared: They're into incest, aren't they?[View]
133198340He's like a parody of every selfhelp bodybuilder on youtube. Up to the dysphoria on their own b…[View]
133203968The Filth: wtf did I just read? I think I liked it but I don't understand it[View]
133145646Funbag Friday: Battle boobies.[View]
133198873Doggyland: These were all animated anthro technicolor dogs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNANGIQh…[View]
133197246/co/splay thread?[View]
133199050Spider-Man Storytime #17 ASM 62-65: Yesterday we learned the mystery behind Peter Parker's pare…[View]
133203183Rick's Quest for Epic Loot: Rick's Quest for Epic Loot https://youtu.be/NaCpgQWT3Zw[View]
133142902Terra is pretty fucking hot.[View]
133203367Winnie the Pooh? more like Winnie the Brainlet! This fucking retarded stuffed animal gets fifteen fu…[View]
133204343Lapis Lazuli: Let's talk about best Gem[View]
133203444How did it happen? Was the hate for him not loud enough?[View]
133204298New cartoon from the creator of Hommer Simpson https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPDDP1hzffaLwA…[View]
133204080Would you watch an animated Game of Thrones spinoff?[View]
133178616Hunter: The Parenting: Please ignore the last thread I fucked up New audiolog, it's got Markus …[View]
133201815[as]: What the fuck is going on at adult swim? >futurama airing at 2am during the week >king o…[View]
133203453When I was a kid I watched a lot of anime but almost no cartoons, now I watch more cartoons but just…[View]
133203353please post opossum cartoons.[View]
133203480Is she suppose to be overweight or?[View]
133195121Rick and Morty: This is it, the one true Rick and Morty thread. No more disjointed discussions, if w…[View]
133201602Name his favorite Comic[View]
133201015>Time to die, fly!!![View]
133203933seconds: Katie should've gotten with Hazel or at least Andrew instead of the generic hot guy ex…[View]
133201105The Dragon Prince: New season coming this November, what do you expect will happen?[View]
133203847>the villain gets away with EVERYTHING Who the hell thought this was a good idea for a children…[View]
133198635Between 'Terra' and 'Titan Rising', Slade taught Terra to control her powers. Now imagine how Slade …[View]
133202859Why are the French like this?[View]
133158208post spooky girls[View]
133196375So, what did we think?[View]
133200162Now, back to GI Joe![View]
133203301Don't mind me. Just waiting for the next drawthread to start up.[View]
133202307Lisa & Kolos: Rate this new cartoon created by some of the people who worked on Gumball https://…[View]
133088363Post ships you like: Bonus points if it's underappreciated. (Not to infer this picture is, I fe…[View]
133152617Alright, let's dribble some balls[View]
133163978Bunday: >https://nationaltoday.com/international-rabbit-day-2/ The UK decided today should be Rab…[View]
133201659WHERE THE FUCK IS KOTH?[View]
133187695The Ghost and Molly McGee: >Everyone jerking off to Molly getting a boyfriend >When it's …[View]
133197403But I don't have to save you.[View]
133199354Starscream: What are your COMPLETELY, ENTIRELY honest opinions on this character?[View]
133201219>create a pollywog character >name it polly BRAVO MATT…[View]
133202900Ahem I'd like Pokemon creatures.[View]
133202582silly twin and serious twin![View]
133200741What the fuck is their problem?[View]
133202820Cerebus is the peak of the medium: The writting, the art, the paneling, the lettering no other comic…[View]
133196890Princess highground: Do you like this comic?[View]
133179826Anyone else find her unnecessary and cringe?: Evil Morty was the same way[View]
133182001are there any good Muslim religious cartoons?[View]
133202261First look at MCU’s Kang in Antman Quantamania: Thoughts?[View]
133200501Cuphead: >main character is mean spirited and a worse mc than the deuteragonist Did we return to …[View]
133184418>That's right, DUPAIN-CHENG, I'm sick of you gooks ruining my beautiful white country a…[View]
133200405I want to comfort Korra's mom[View]
133185174Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic Ball Z: Previous Thread: >>133165295 Pastebin: https://paste…[View]
133193779 Was It kino? [View]
133201360Why was it so forgettable?[View]
133202283Could they have made it work?[View]
133201190why do disney cartoons look the same?[View]
133194895Is 'Sandman' Too Sophisticated for Netflix?: >Media-streaming veteran Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) may …[View]
133200920Why is it that I could get entertainment from the PPG Beetles parody but was bored by the Die Hard R…[View]
133199871>rAaAaAaAaAaAaA how do you respond?[View]
133202148The enigmatic Canadian character Do you ever wonder why god created Canadians.[View]
133201895Bob's Burgers: >'Evil' rich landlord character is the MC's friend and is extremely leni…[View]
133201287Lightyear: This movie has got to be the most anti anime that the mouse has ever done. Aside all it f…[View]
133200729“This is one of those moments that makes me think, what if we’re all not going to be mortal and prog…[View]
133137285Helluva Boss: This thread is dedicated to Loona part 2[View]
133201511Favourite sports episode in any show? I liked the Boondocks one, but this 1 episode of South Park is…[View]
133201098>Scott Pilgrim makes 2000s Toronto look like a fun, cozy wonderland >Turning Red makes 2000s T…[View]
133196520Gummi Bears thread[View]
133199838Batman Beyond: How would you make a live action adaptation?[View]
133197433Oh shit the jaybabs rumors were true after all, dickbros ??????[View]
133200644Grrrrrrrr, eighteen hours![View]
133201613what do you think they did while they were in space?[View]
133200786Why are Canadian cartoons like this?[View]
133201595>silver age Wonder Woman was terrible Its actually pretty enjoyable. Don't get the hate. Not…[View]
133200263How did they get away with this?[View]
133191391Megg Mogg & Owl complete rip: Can we have a Megg Mogg & Owl Thread please? I even compressed…[View]
133198442Marvel's BLADE will be a period piece: Thoughts?[View]
133199586Is it really that bad? I plan to read at some point, but was stupidly hyped for it but haven’t heard…[View]
133200996Masha won.[View]
133188538>rick and morty is my guilty pleasure >too embarrassed to tell anyone because of the stigma ar…[View]
133197777I miss them.[View]
133198781Can they pull it off?[View]
133194975I love kids, /co/, I LOVE KIDS!!![View]
133153986Comics are kinda lame now.: And they used to be fun and good to read. But after reading bleach and s…[View]
133198158So were they like in love or something…?[View]
133199158Is /co/ still mad?[View]

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