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21152871Tard siblings: How do you deal with autistic siblings? I accidentally drank my sisters sparkling wat…[View]
21154598How to tell if she’s only dating me because she wants a Passport?: Met a cute Indian girl at uni. Sh…[View]
21154328Dominatrix: My friends bought me a session with a dominatrix for my birthday. What am I to expect? A…[View]
21155713People who have never been employed before for 5+ years, is there still hope in finding one?[View]
21155645If one lacks a moral compass, what are some risk-free and profitable things he might do that moral p…[View]
21155256What the fuck can I do about birth control?: I've been on hormonal birth control before and it …[View]
21155345Is it possible to make yourself used to an electric shock? daily shocking yourself so you get used t…[View]
21154946How can I get an ADHD medication prescription? I seriously hate myself. I can't ever sit down a…[View]
21155232i dont feel my dick too much, i hate the smell, i hate the embarassment of being naked, i think both…[View]
21155462What the fuck do I do with my life? 20, no job, no friends, parents are getting tired of me living a…[View]
21155603Probation for being black here. Why does no one leave my shitty town? Literally everyone is here doi…[View]
21155396Has anyone here ever tried a life coach? Was it worth it? I'm a 26 year old male and I'm i…[View]
21155381a girl has her status as single on fb, her workmates say she's single, but one of them says she…[View]
21154690My senpai has literally fucked up my younger brother so bad he's on a path of self hatred and m…[View]
21154830Fucking model from Onlyfans?: Hey guys, I have seen a really hot girl called Gayana_model and she h…[View]
21154938I've lost everyone: Hey, as of late i've lost all my friends been stabbed in the back so m…[View]
21155449Why did she have to ruin what could have been a nice thing? All I ever did was care about her. Who k…[View]
21155190Love: Is love actually real? How do I love?[View]
21155137Time: The feeling of time passing sucks, especially when you notice it and the weeks are just going …[View]
21155120I'm 22, working a dead end job, living with parents, have very few friends and no future prospe…[View]
21155540how do i get girlfriend[View]
21155475I generally don't have problem socializing but when it comes to the 'game' shit's rigged f…[View]
21154215Is this normal for friendships post college? I'm currently a mid 20s male. 1. About 99% of the …[View]
21155181I've successfully overcome my 4chan addiction, AMA: Was afflicted for something like 10 years. …[View]
21155470I work at a fast-food restaurant as a dispatcher, and I've finally become comfortable with the …[View]
21155493I have no idea what I am doing: New here and first meme.[View]
21155443Please don't get me wrong in all of this. I'm not trying to boast but I feel like I needed…[View]
21155041Is coffee good or bad? Worth drinking?[View]
21154449How to get up in the morning?: While going to sleep and falling asleep is easy for me, I find waking…[View]
21154192I need advice for killing myself: I need help with getting over my fear of death so I can stop being…[View]
21154234How do i stop being insecure about my intelligence? Ive done an IQ test and got 128, but i still fee…[View]
21150610For almost 2 year i have been inna relationship with my boyfriend, i truly loves him also if he…[View]
21154604Best way to kms?: I got stood up last night and it feels bad >be me, 22 >sister wants to get m…[View]
21155438Why shouldn't I seek to punish women for not loving me? It's impossible that every girl I…[View]
21154057Marriage/prenup alternatives?: considering marrying my gf just so that we can live in the US togethe…[View]
21155357Why are people degenerate?[View]
21155350Is it wrong if I fancy my gf's identical twin? They are almost the same person after all[View]
21154290I’m re posting bc i need more advice: Ok so I’m a dumb ass teenager so bear with me I am a pretty s…[View]
21153942Why don't i find anything entertaining anymore like when i was a kid Video games boring movies …[View]
21151267ABA - Ask a boomer anything: Im 32. Grew up on movies and vidya gaems...never ending story, Ghostbus…[View]
21155079>be me >madly in love >bf lives in another town >can see him only on prolonged holidays …[View]
21155144Hate my ‘friend’: My gf broke up with me two weeks ago. She is now flirting with someone who I thoug…[View]
21153311What tr o do with a math major: I want a 9-5 job in where I make decent money, like 60k, enough to b…[View]
21154734I'm 18 from Bulgaria graduated a good school, from a good family, smart, shy, tall and funny bu…[View]
21155203Whats the best way to tell a girl who's way more into you that you don't wanna go on more …[View]
21154004Sexual Harassment of Men: 52 minutes in she says women dressing immodestly is a form of sexual haras…[View]
21155297For a week I've been watching videos, reading articles and doing tests about ADD/ADHD, and I…[View]
21154786Suicide advice: What's the best way to commit suicide with little chance of kids finding your b…[View]
21154795Should I worry about getting hard for sex?: I’m 18 starting college in the fall. My question is when…[View]
21153768Guy I like is super smart and is into science and shit. I want him to think I’m cool But I’m dumb as…[View]
21154606Not sure what to do: I've been working and living in my gf's house for a while and I want …[View]
21153644Is there such a thing as a pee laxative? The first person to say 'water' dies.[View]
21154904How do I last longer while jerking off? My uncut penis is very sensitive and I can cum easily after …[View]
21152376Should I shave my head?: And yeah I will do my chin too, lol. I’m tempted to do it but would I suit …[View]
21140428Ask me anything: college girl edition: I’m ready to give advice or answer anything else that comes t…[View]
21152195How do I love myself?: Everything I do (especially the hobbies I enjoy) is to please other people or…[View]
21154992Anxiety/stress at work: I work a pretty standard retail wagecuck job part time and the stress of cer…[View]
21152520Jobs with low human interaction?.: On the job scene i'm a shut-in gloomy fuck that cant hold an…[View]
21155077I like busting people's chops and giving them shit. Just part of being alpha. People just can…[View]
21154759how do i start a facebook conversation with a girl i like?[View]
21154660Over 65 and Still Bleeding?: My mom is 68 and still hasn't gone through menopause. I already kn…[View]
21155049Penis to balls ratio is not in my favour: Penis looks tiny because of big balls. I know I cant make …[View]
21153303Text From Ex: This is probably pretty stupid but its been on my mind all day and I just want to put …[View]
21154665Startup not in public?: I'm not an EU citizen and I want to get a job in Germany. I applied a j…[View]
21154901how do you find out where someone lives and works if they dont seem to update their facebook?[View]
21154762Would I be a massive asshole for fucking a tinder slut while I'm away from my gf? For context I…[View]
21153593Fat GF: I have a great GF, she's caring, funny, interesting, smart, generous, and always there …[View]
21155031Governmental fines: In Singapore, there are officers hired by the national environmental agency(NEA)…[View]
21154942People say you should 'talk to someone, anyone' when you are depressed. But is that true? I feel lik…[View]
21151515First date with r9k anon: Need advice on dating. Had my first ever date last night. Exchanged discor…[View]
21154837> Older Brother wants to write books for a living > Spend his life from 18 to 26 shut in writi…[View]
21154417There's a forum I post on regularly that basically forbids one or two-word posts like 'Yes', or…[View]
21155002Can’t meet a woman so Beard or no Beard? Which razor is best to shave it? Gillette vs Schick: Not ge…[View]
21153438RANT: I feel so unloved rn and vegetable i need attention cause I'm literally having the worst …[View]
21154327Advice for a chronic procrastinator? I’m in college taking up medical technology which isn’t my firs…[View]
21154523I'm on vacation abroad. When I landed I couldn't withdraw cash at ATMs with my bank card, …[View]
21154618So I have a close group of friends who are also my coworkers. One of them is a girl that I really li…[View]
21154906what do i do if I’m non stop tired? Like totally fucked. The only time i feel slightly awake and whe…[View]
21154854Wtf do I do?: Boyfriend is conservative Family is liberal I am center-right cuz idc about radical b…[View]
21154304Money vs Power: What's /adv/ advice to the age old dilemma? I'm stuck in a similar situati…[View]
21154789I have a very autistic question. Texting a girl last night. Pretty long texts back and forth respond…[View]
21153821Do men like women who are more feminine, submissive, into cleaning up messes, into doing dishes, and…[View]
21154213>go hiking >get bitten by a bunch of insects >havent felt right since General fatigue and l…[View]
21152492>be me >attempting to beat porn addiction >start exercise >start playing guitar basicall…[View]
21154076Keep dreaming about my ex-girlfriend: My ex broke up with me a little while ago. I miss her like mad…[View]
21154669Gave my first kiss to a girl I am not in love with. She wants a serious relationship but I want a FW…[View]
21154339Underbite Surgery: Anons, I am scheduling underbite surgery (upper jaw only) in the next month or so…[View]
21153672No idea what to do >uni student >Broke up with my abusive girlfriend of 3 years 4 months ago …[View]
21154662What can I do about people’s tendency to assume that I’m retarded when I don’t know what causes it? …[View]
21154300Anons on SSRI's, how do you handle the sleepiness that actually does not lead you to sleep ( La…[View]
21154478Honestly, /adv/ needs to have a sticky with suicide hotline number since every 4th post is about a b…[View]
21154492how to friendzone: ok so I've been hanging with this girl recently who's kinda gotten a li…[View]
21154666Ever had hemmeroids lads?[View]
21154619Friend isolated herself: A close friend [30 years old] isolated herself 5 days ago, stopped replying…[View]
21154646So I knew a girl in school who left for another school in 8th grade. I didn't have a crush on h…[View]
21153778Looking at pictures of Grace Kelly is turning me asexual. I'll see a woman who I would've …[View]
21154613(new) girl of my dreams(gomd) (very scared....): so yeah basically I found a super cute girl to obse…[View]
21154042friend sees my text and won't answer: i feel i want something bad (non-lethal) thing to happen …[View]
21154583how to take the red pill and become a mastermind: all my friends have betrayed me on different level…[View]
21151547Hey guys is it me or why is it that all the girls I talked to have boyfriends? I mean maybe I'm…[View]
21154569How can I tell if an international dating agency is a scam? Like I know it costs a lot more money th…[View]
21153605Defence against the Machiavellians, how?: The polite, caring, concerned protecting sweet veneer of u…[View]
21154462I cannot remember what it's like to be free of medication. I don't want to take these anym…[View]
21152691For all the kisses I’ve had so far I’ve felt nothing emotional. It just feels like I’m pressing agai…[View]
21154557Porn: I jius qmms suvk[View]
21152423Femanons, how do I give my girl the best head ever?: I will take pro tips from guys as well. My girl…[View]
21154251my friend of 8 years killed himself last night i don't know what to do, anons, i don't kno…[View]
21154400I feel like I’m addicted to my phone and it feels like it has significantly affect my life in a nega…[View]
21154311>texted a qt3.14 while taking a massive shit on the toilet She won't find out, right?…[View]
21153713First date advice Well the scenario is simple im a 30-year old kiss-less virgin collage dropout i do…[View]
21153226Lads, I need your guidance Me and this girl I know have decided we're sick of morbid obesity a…[View]
21154402Sexual: Can you lose all sexual feelings after awhile of being single? I only fap 2x a week to get i…[View]
21153550Looking forward to life: Does passion come back after you've lost it? Just got over the hill re…[View]
21154383years of being outcasted left me broken. i cant recall the last time i felt happy and only remember …[View]
21154333I want advice on losing weight through minimum thinking. I have a terrible memory and it literally e…[View]
21154366Using Cybertip to report CP on porn sites: And this has nothing to do with being a moral fag or not,…[View]
21153636How do I 'exercise' my brain?: What can I do on the daily to become smarter and maybe train to retai…[View]
21152514Ending my existence: Please any one here know a website or can send me link where i can find people …[View]
21154265thoughts on being in a relationship with a depressed person (who became like that after the relation…[View]
21153583My friend says he wants to “keep me up all night long”: Is this just some weird way to invite someon…[View]
21152694Asperger’s: So I almost certainly have undiagnosed asperger’s. 20/m I’ve always struggled with soci…[View]
21154269So I'm in a relationship with this girl and things are going great, met her on tinder s month a…[View]
21154252am i suicidal or ocd?: sometimes my chest hurts a lot like theres a black hole. when i feel like thi…[View]
21151773I've never been a really feminine girl when it comes to my appearance. I don't wear make u…[View]
21153511I fucked up. I am 27 (halfway to 28) and I'm stuck in a dead-end job. I have two worthless degr…[View]
21153790>gf used to come over after I got off work >she’d bring me homemade food/baked goods >take …[View]
21154079Anyone know a good place to get tranny escorts? Like dick girls, not post op[View]
21153946Is it considered a date if a guy asks you out to dinner (1on1).[View]
21153861Is too late study again?: I'm on my late 20's and really want to study another thing but i…[View]
21154106How am I supposed to keep caring about anything when I have nobody in my life, and I've fucked …[View]
21154024car trouble: My car window isn't going up. Goes up about an inch, then comes to a hard stop. Th…[View]
21152840How long does it take to die from starvation?: I wanna end it and starvation seems like the way to g…[View]
211541074chan is a mistake: Because of this shitty website I changed into worse. Now I have problem interact…[View]
21149670What's the best way to humiliate a woman?[View]
21152762I'm finally dating a girl for the first time in my 24 years of life. Last night we both slept o…[View]
21154062>tfw your skillset doesn't align well with your personality >tfw introverted graphic desi…[View]
21153394A few months ago a girl broke up with me. >me mid 20s, her early 20s >date for about a month …[View]
21154033>have to win over people to make money >despise most of them what the fuck do i do?…[View]
21153934I have been putting myself out lately to try and lessen my anxiety and it's just one embarrassm…[View]
21153992y is dibisibness bad[View]
21153935weak chin: How to fix a weak chin?[View]
21153951How do you reconcile living your life as just another cog in the machine? How can I make more use of…[View]
21152670The reason why 4chan is like this, is because when we go outside and exposed to stuff, our minds rea…[View]
21153792Is my relationship going nowhere? I'm in a long distance relationship. We've been dating f…[View]
21153761Life, and the daily struggle of wanting: Hi everyone, there are no attractive girls at the universit…[View]
21153857Political Science: Is majoring in political science useless? I want to be a politician one day. I lo…[View]
21153873Dear diary: I can only reflect the current status of my relationships. I can't take steps to im…[View]
21152693My girlfriend was looking through my history and saw that i watched porn a few months back and left …[View]
21153843i installed imgburn to make images of some dvds for archival purposes and now my computer is ruined …[View]
21153786How do I improve myself?: I've realized I most likely have depression. I don't really have…[View]
21152760I have no friends, everybody hates me an I find it very hard to sympathise or relate to anyone. Besi…[View]
21153793Just hypothetically speaking, if I did burst a blood vessel and create a clot in my neck, should I b…[View]
21152357Tips for getting a black gf?[View]
21153537PLZ HALP: Hey guys, I really need your help. I'm trying to rebuild a good attention span/abilit…[View]
21153545Helping someone: How do I help someone whose ego is keeping them from getting help or improving them…[View]
21150553Lesbian good friend, 2 years younger, me a dude. She is objectively attractive (i am an average dude…[View]
21153704Being black and dating?: I feel as if I am at a disadvantage when it comes to dating. Mostly because…[View]
21153702I found out that I have herpes, even though I've legitimately never done anything sexual before…[View]
21152927i'm a 30yo kv i encountered a 36yo mom of three who named her first born son after me after not…[View]
21153706So I have to take an English aptitude test due to the fact that I didn't read some book 13 year…[View]
21153676How to make friends: For the majority, I've been going to a small private school bc the educati…[View]
21153612I was at a party with a guy I like. One of our friends mentioned that I’m transgender. He had no ide…[View]
21152490How would you rate this guy?: I think my ex is seeing him i think he is ugly but i don't know…[View]
21153587Going to a concert with a girl. need tips: I'm going to a concert with a girl I kind of like in…[View]
21152095How do I treat this?: I think I might have yeast in my nails, because my nail had an open wound unde…[View]
21153524Help: I'm having a mental breakdown I have just realized that every mirror is a used mirror…[View]
21150916Does complexity = interesting?: I’m probably the most straightforward, low maintenance, simple guy m…[View]
21153073Acid Trip Advice?: So this Tuesday I'll be taking acid for the first time, 2 tabs. Looking for …[View]
21153497i cum into containers and freeze my cum but i was wondering how i can shoot more so i can pile up fa…[View]
21152266What's something cheap I can put on my walls so I won't get depressed?: Something out of p…[View]
21152992I'm pretty young (22) and while browsing the darknet i found 'The Pedophile's Handbook', i…[View]
21152603what's the most assured way to cum buckets?? is it even possible like in my doujins?[View]
21150041My bf is german and obliterated his accent when speaking english because he hates the way it sounds.…[View]
21152640What do normal people talk about on a daily basis? How do they bond?[View]
21152769How do you have sex after you have a gf?[View]
21153423She's gone bros. What do I do now[View]
21153030Anyone no how to get rid of a body pls help fast[View]
21152584Trying to install Cracked Adobeware: After some years of being legal, I'm going to try to insta…[View]
21153480Incels and the slutty, hot women they detest for 'going after jerks' I think are both shallow types …[View]
21153008I'm so fucking lonely, but girls don't like me. Why even bother living?[View]
21152959I haven't posted here since 2009 so I decided to come back and ask a question to you, as you wo…[View]
21152272Have you realized that you should look for a female version of yourself instead of trying to improve…[View]
21144570i may be a pedophile: Im 23 and like/have a crush on a girl that recently turned 13,but i thought sh…[View]
21153403Tarot Card Games: Tarot cards were originally made in 1500's Italy to play games, only to be ru…[View]
21153322need help with teacher: What's up guys. My high school band teach was a huge dick to me. He tri…[View]
21153332does my voice sound good or not? Trying for a voiceover slot and don't know if I'll get it…[View]
21153307Yesterday I started talking to a girl and it was all going well, at the end of the day she said she…[View]
21153331Talking to strangers overseas How? I've felt like there were times people would've been h…[View]
21153132Why can't I let her go?: A year ago I met a woman and we fell in love together. We were so comp…[View]
21149554Is it bad to look at girls' asses on the internet when I'm in a relationship? My gf is bas…[View]
21153037I was thinking doing my masters in 'Robotics and automation', but problem is I have degree…[View]
21150166>Tfw my girlfriend and I want to get married and buy a place to live so we can have a child but c…[View]
21152751What is your honest thoughts on introverts?[View]
21153140Mania: P sure I'm in the middle of a manic phase rn. What do I do? I'm doing things and ma…[View]
21153118summer has been boring since my friend left for vacation and we aren’t able to hangout anymore. how …[View]
21153148if i get drunk or high with another straight person of the opposite sex alone what are the chances w…[View]
21152722What do people talk about at bars?[View]
21153099Going to college. Books.: I’m finally going to college. The college I’m going to is really really fa…[View]
21151150Doing Porn: Has anyone ever done porn (as a guy)? I am decently attractive, and pretty lean and /fit…[View]
21152732What is considered 'sexually healthy': I am trying to stay away from the incel stuff and I will admi…[View]
21152483Mechanical or electrical engineering? And why[View]
21152924Barber fucked up my haircut and now I look like I'm bald on the side with very thin hair, how l…[View]
21153000Hair Removal: Planning on seeing my SO of a few years after some time spent apart for work. want to …[View]
21152475Why is it so hard to get a gf? Fuck this gay earth.[View]
21153011personal realtioship qestion: I know a women who I worked alongside for 5 years. she has given clues…[View]
21152906My dog just died an hour ago after a day of apsolute suffering and she was the last important thing …[View]
21152926So lonely: Hello /adv/, I just want to confess how i feel about these times, i have literally almost…[View]
21152860How do I stop missing her? About to go on a date with a qt and I still can't get that fucking w…[View]
21152881If you have a friend who habitually attempts to ghost you every few weeks you, blocking you out of t…[View]
21152704>tfw always hated tattoos, piercing and faggotry >currently interested in a bi tattoo pierced …[View]
21152904What will happen if I don't get into a relationship or have friends, and just focus on myself a…[View]
21152908Why are there spanish people always speaking spanish not english, just like they were french baguett…[View]
21152768I'm being stalked: So I met this coke dealer chick, and we hit it off on the condition that it …[View]
21152873rechazo: onions bastante sociable pero la gente que se hace amistad mia con el tiempo se aburren de …[View]
21152781So ive lived a sheltered life. Never liked it. I started a new job where I can transfer to anywhere …[View]
21152820How does one sneak into a bar[View]
21152515trouble quitting weed: Part of me wants to quit weed but I'm really bad at acting on the extern…[View]
21152502Emos/goths: i fucking hate male emos/goths, but love female ones, can you help me coop with them to …[View]
21152617Should i vote guilty or not guilty: My jury vote will be decided by your answers. Go.[View]
21152596commanding respect: I have a friend who is a decade older than me. he is fat/ugly/short and an assho…[View]
21152700Coughing: You know when someone coughs in movies and they say under their breath, “fuck you.” ? Do p…[View]
21149987Going back as far as my first girlfriend back in 2010, I've always kept old photos/videos/chatl…[View]
21152636tips?: how to stop smoking when youre 4 weeks pregnant and just found out yesterday?[View]
21151367How can I get an ADHD medication prescription? I seriously hate myself. I can't ever sit down a…[View]
21152653>summer vacation >alone and bored >start thinking about my life choices >tfw How do I ge…[View]
21152592Why Do Most Girls Like It Rough?: I've been with different girls over the years and they all se…[View]
21148415How to turn a guy on: I’m rather shy so whispering some sexy words to him is out of question. I real…[View]
21152627Please help: Ok so I’m a dumb ass teenager so bear with me I am a pretty shy guy for context but I …[View]
21150551how do i deal with bad acne?[View]
21152352Should I delete my porn?: So here's the thing: I've been trying to quit porn since April w…[View]
21152591How do I get more youtube views/subs?[View]
21144328How can an INFJ girl find a qt ENTP boyfriend? pls help frens[View]
21150691GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Previous thread >>21148756[View]
21151852How do I suggest to my gf that a person can get a low-impact boob job just to even them out and make…[View]
21150473I need to cut someone out of my life, but there's complications involved. One, he lives with hi…[View]
21151570I've hit rock bottom: My ponorgraphy addiction is now worring me. I know dozens of pornstars, p…[View]
21152069Semen/Cum taste improvement: How to make cum taste sweeter? A lot of normie articles says that you…[View]
21149735Can a girl love you if she isnt willing to swallow your cum?[View]
21152059What's the best android app to stop using phone?: I'm searching for an app that makes me u…[View]
21152267How do i get women to look at me like this?[View]
21151661Looking for hope: I'm old, lonely, broke as fuck, in a deadend job, all of my wages are going o…[View]
21152428I'm 23, I've basically been a shut-in for 7 years, I hate my life and my family, I'm …[View]
21152435Post-acne: Maybe it's not an appropriate board but I haven't found any /medic/ board anywa…[View]
21151984how to flirt?: guys I have no problem talking to girls but I have no idea how to flirt with them??? …[View]
21150015So me and my gf started dry humping. >naked dick rubbing on her pussy while shes wearing underwea…[View]
21151162how do women cope with feeling like an object towards men? I feel like every woman I had a relations…[View]
21150708Myers briggs type: Whats your type? How much stock do you put in it? I'm a weird mix of ENFP, I…[View]
21151489How do I overcome a wasted youth?: I'm 22 by now and my past felt like prison due to many event…[View]
21152283lonerlism: there's something I don't get about relationships /adv/ I never had friends, I …[View]
21152284Why am I a shitty person?: I lost a lot of weight in the past 2 years (borderline obese to skinny an…[View]
21152388I've had a hard lump below both of my knees for as long as I remember, apparently it's cal…[View]
21152070Relationship advice: I am 20 Slightly above average looking guy and I am alone. Never had a girlfrie…[View]
21151487Voice recorder or body cam: I'm a male returning to college, in the event that I get accused of…[View]
21152244What do I do if I live in a small town (trapped by god) and we don’t even have proper power. 5 times…[View]
21151501The FBI just called me (local office): I forwarded the call called back when I googled the number wh…[View]
21152193Got a tattoo and I think it's infected. What do I do?[View]
21152180How can I tell when my girlfriend is cumming when we have sex? How long after she’s finished should …[View]
21151669What're some activities that are enjoyable and can be done on your own, when feeling lonely[View]
21149052ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21151233Is it worse for your eyes to spend the day looking at a phone screen or a tablet screen?[View]
21151887I am a virgin failed chadlite AMA[View]
21152223>none of my old hobbies interest me anymore >cant concentrate on anything >even my favorite…[View]
21152233I have a dog in watching for my brother who's not going to be back until September. I really ju…[View]
21150987I need opinions about my life: I realy need some help and opinion about my life, any comment would b…[View]
21150944>someone tells me something little aggresive, be it banter or not IRL or not Tears start to flow …[View]
21150882What do I do if I think everything gay besides being a famous rapper? Like everything seems gay to m…[View]
21148965In a Rut: Hey, /adv/, 23 year old male here and I'm really struggling. Basically, I fucked up m…[View]
21151901What's the best way to study history quickly?: I have an exam on the 30th of this month, i have…[View]
21151822Im a highshool dropout. I dropped out with one credit left to finish. I am determined to change my l…[View]
21152184How do you tell when a girl is sexually interested? So not too long ago I’ve been overcoming my anxi…[View]
21152106Hi /adv/, I'm your typical roided bulked out gym rat, the ton of rice and a kilo of meat a day …[View]
21151252my penis stinks like fart: what can i do[View]
21151107I can't keep a group of freinds: >have no friends in high school >no friends in community…[View]
21149749How can you tell if you're ugly.: I was never told I was, but I feel like I am. What are the te…[View]
21151136Complicated Woman Problems: I have been seeing a woman for about 3 months now. We sort of hit it off…[View]
21152130Should I get physical.: Should I beat my brother up. He’s taken advantage of me so many times the la…[View]
21152104Should I break up with gf of 1 year or scale back to FWB?: Hey. So, I’ve been dating this girl for a…[View]
21151506I'm a fucking loser. -Depression -Social anxiety with panic attacks -Weak -Zero confidence, fee…[View]
21151946Birthday: So a girl I’ve been casually dating (4 dates haven’t decided or talked about being exclusi…[View]
21151793Mommy issues: So I think I might have a toxic mother and I dunno how to handle it anymore. She’s bas…[View]
21150534I've been smoking gobs of kief for hours and a minute ago my vision went black when I stood up …[View]
21151995I really need y'all's help regarding my grandpa. >Some backstory He's a Vietnam ve…[View]
21151617How do I approach this girl and what I could talk with her about once I start to?I just startes to h…[View]
21151871I (19m) have most of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder, and I don't know what to …[View]
21151867Waking up with a sense of despair/knowing nothing: I am just curious if anyone else gets this or kno…[View]
21151904I can die out of boredom, but feeling lazy to do anything, need to force myself, everything seems bo…[View]
21151373Dreams: I keep having the similar dreams about two girls from my childhood. They are usually in sepa…[View]
21151623Sperm count: I went to go donate sperm and I found out I had a sperm count of 2mil per ml, the avera…[View]
21151905Establishing relationship with a professor I attended a (US) community college for 2 years before tr…[View]
21151500Literally... Start losing my sanity. Haven't had a normal social contact (on a regular basis) f…[View]
21151828Lonely Delta male, I lost my last girlfriend because she cheated on me before disappearing for a ful…[View]
21151327Where should i look for a girl in the internet that will write message on her boobs for free for me?[View]
21151716This girl i talk to every day always hides specifics from me when I ask her “what are you up to” or …[View]
21151742How can I work if i have neurological disorders?[View]
21151700Am I a sociopath?: I've been pretty numb for about 6-7 years now, but before I was an annoying,…[View]
21151639Should I get a felix the cat tatoo ? I really like the animation designs from the 30's and I th…[View]
21150517Infected to stop valedictorian: In the 10th grade I was the smartest kid in my AP world history clas…[View]
21150895I haven't posted anything on 4chan in a long time, but I honestly just really need to get this …[View]
21150108I dont speak english so much, so sorry I live in a fucking third world country, when i ever get a ba…[View]
21151781Whenever I go to this page, it starts to load normally (top picture) but then it ends up looking lik…[View]
21151533I’m desperate, help: I’m a young, attractive virgin, that wants to have sex, but cant find the right…[View]
21150539Is confidence the same as narcissism?: If you feel more 'confident' because you're dressed nice…[View]
21150455/adv/ I am having trouble getting and maintaining erection. I'm only 25 and it is like my dick …[View]
21145200Why do women love badboys?: I can understand dating a guy who's successful with money but 'bad …[View]
21151582I looked at the facebook profile of my childhood friends, and I saw the photos, where they traveled …[View]
21151220First time on 4chan: Any tips?[View]
21147205Im so in love with the girl on the left. I think about her every day, every hour. I can't get h…[View]
21151457I slept for 15 hours, how do I get rid of this headache?: I've tried salt, sugar, drinking lots…[View]
21151059My family doesn't accept who I am. Back to 2018's december, I started studying mathematic…[View]
21149941Holy fucking shit, I have a bad habit of spending money on video games: I'd like to buy a car a…[View]
21149997I'm only capable of having sex with a strong emotional attachment to the other person. I can ge…[View]
21151644Ugh... Have a friend (call him Z), that was unemployed, lazy af and did nothing unless it was playin…[View]
21150617I want to buy ram for my pc and I need help, how risky is it to buy ram separately and not in kit? I…[View]
21151619How to be a better kisser?[View]
21151371So I asked a very innocent question on my favorite board on 4chan, the first only reply was that I s…[View]
21150648Is this true?[View]
21151296Hello to any who reas this so my bank has had a hold on my work check for over a week now due to it …[View]
21150604> single > part of me wants a gf > part of me doesn't want one > care enough that i…[View]
21148308I spend so much time on my daily commute around so many amazingly beautiful girls, but I cant have a…[View]
21151054Advice: >be 16 year old me >Skinny beta >0 self confidence >Go to towns local fall festi…[View]
21151550I've felt incredibly depressed for the last week or so. I'm in another country doing an in…[View]
21151417How abnormal is it to genuinely hate your parents? >born >mother has post-natal depression an…[View]
21150322...: guise. i really like her, i do-- she makes me happy beyond belief and waking up next to her is…[View]
21151525Jobs for schizotypals/schizophrenics/autistics: Hey, /adv/, I'm not sure what my official diagn…[View]
21150344My mom wants me to take care of her since she lost her job. Would I be an asshole to demand sexual f…[View]
21151520how to deal with the misery of employment: i have a very meh job. i am a programmer, i have always b…[View]
21151476Asperger: What am I supposed to do when a stranger is literally staring at me in the eyes and won…[View]
21150398What are the risks of having a pornhub account with my boyfriend if we don’t show our faces ?[View]
21149966how do I get a girlfriend who is a friendless virgin? no criticism or bullying. just answer my fucki…[View]
21151163Has anyone here found the love of their life past the age of 30?. Im 29 and I desperately want to en…[View]
21148628Dick size: Dunno if this is the most appropriate board for this or what since it's kind of NSFW…[View]
21151113I work full time. I don't have any friends. I'm not complaining; that's just the way …[View]
21150383Anons of /adv/ who have dated much younger women:: Serious question, how does a much older man go ab…[View]
21148952Since when is having no friends a 'red flag' in dating and a red flag for what?[View]
21151419Hi everyone, dork dude in need of advice here. There is that girl in the shop near my flat and i ca…[View]
21151100Stuck in ‘Casual Dating’: A friend recommended me to come here but I’ve been stuck in the casual dat…[View]
21148640Is my friend trying to steal my GF?: A friend of mine, not an incredibly close one, seems to have a …[View]
21149808this meme is the worst fucking stupid garbage on the planet. how do i kill literally every single pe…[View]
21151222i work in a restaurant. ive got several co workers all snitching on me the past few months for 'not …[View]
21143754racism: How do I deal with my boyfriend's racist family? They haven't outright told me to …[View]
21150117Do i look like a school shooter?: Soc is no help so ill try here People always say that im the most …[View]
21148835What do i do if i wanna always kill myself because im not a rapper? Everyone else has to do demeanin…[View]
21151138>Not gay, but know gay sex is an evil, terrible thing >Want to engage in it just to control so…[View]
21150327Him: >Barback one night/week at my bar >Bartender elsewhere >Single >Attractive just shy…[View]
21150774How do I stop being a cumbrain? How often do you masturbate? For me its at least once a day. How do…[View]
21150897How do I remove pubic hair from my vagina without waxing?[View]
21151153I've known this girl for about 2 years now. She randomly approached me at school and showed int…[View]
21150222i dont know whats wrong with me pls help[View]
21150173I think this guy wants me to be his female orbiter: I’m a 20 year old girl and he’s 26. We matched o…[View]
21150856Saving a Skunk..: So I woke up 10 minutes ago on my way out to the gym I see a skunk with its head s…[View]
21150631Tried to cheat on my gf: I tried to cheat on my gf and my dick didn't work, i didn't even …[View]
21150197what the fuck am i supposed to do if i've developed social anxiety so bad that i can't fun…[View]
21150409I've been on SSRI's for 4 months and I can't get aroused or get decent erections. I d…[View]
21149485How do I keep my girlfriend around in a long term relationship? Should I do the red pill thing and e…[View]
21151074where is my cock how me the block its huge as fuck still no luck girls dont wanna suck brok is a fag…[View]
21151064How should I stop the awkwardness: Hey adv, So I've been working with this 9/10qt for like 7 mo…[View]
21150986>be me >18yo active, tall bonde caucasian male >moved in here about week ago >go only fo…[View]
21150886>have sex what do i do?[View]
21148772How do i become chad?[View]
21147877My girlfriend is worried to stay over at my apartment because she's 20 living with her parents …[View]
21149925>Girl (19) I know from class and talk sometimes invited me to a date >I'm older than her …[View]
21150579Long-Distance Fuckbuddy: I can't believe I'm coming here for advice, but hey, what possibl…[View]
21150991Going to the London Aquarium today & wanted to use the NationalRail 2for1 ticket. Can I use a na…[View]
21149333Am I justified in disliking my mom? A list: I made a list of everything I dislike about my mom. Can …[View]
21150978Recovering Life's Vitality: I really, painfully, miss the times of my life, now years passed, w…[View]
21150249I'm in love with the idea of being in love. It leads me to pursue toxic women and it's sto…[View]
21149545How do you feel with seeing/being around people that are more attractive than your partner ?[View]
21146415I have been with gf for 4 years now and we have a decent sex life but for some reason I'm bored…[View]
21145027Is my BF cheating on me?: The other day my boyfriend asked me if an earring he'd found while cl…[View]
21150779Is it gay to make a fake account of chicks to sell their nudes? I dont flirt or sext with dudes but …[View]
21148653This may sound weird, but I got ghosted by a long time gf, who became long distance in our last few …[View]
21150836How to finally have someone give me a gf..?[View]
21150324Are women wired for Polyamory?: Heya Anons I've been thinking for a while on how our physiology…[View]
21150859How do you get friends and likes on instagram to be socially approved when you're an incel with…[View]
21150808Asking out timing: Hi folks, would appreciate some input here. Long story short there is a really cu…[View]
21150537I fucking hate my job: I work as a CNA at a nursing home and I hate my job. I can't stand deali…[View]
21150805how do i fix my laziness?[View]
21150737What are some good resources for help with getting on your feet that aren't therapists or psych…[View]
21150641free lifehack.: ok so i just discovered that if you're going to the toilet and you sit forward …[View]
21150760I have stability in chaos. I want chaos in stability. I know it's sometimes best to not fight a…[View]
21148747Should I give her a second chance?: I’m 27 now. We met when we were 20. Note: we’ve never lived in t…[View]
21150048Is it ok for me to start lying about who I am if it is to detach myself from my need to be approved …[View]
21150601>31, shit job, virgin, anxiety etc >i still want mommy gf cause being alone is killing me How …[View]
21150680VLC screen flickering: I've been using VLC for about 7 or 8 years now, but since I switched to …[View]
21150209How the fuck do you work hard?: I swear I'm such a lazy fuckwit. How do I just put my head down…[View]
21150646Does anyone else get a really sharp pain in their upper back after eating certain foods? For example…[View]
21150402Annoying Player: One of my friends made a character named 'Mario Zucchini' who is a plumber (even th…[View]
21150180I want to record my boyfriend and I having sex; just audio because I’d rather not see my naked ass i…[View]
21150503I need a good alarm app: I'm going insane. I work security and I need to do rounds every half a…[View]
21149489I'm worried I'm pregnant no no no no it can't be happening no way no how. I'm ju…[View]
21150562>Went out with date last night >Bantered so much, and teased her so much, i think i broke her …[View]
21150574Help a lonely bastard.: Hey/adv/ imagine that you recently met a cute girl that works in a convenien…[View]
21150467I feel empty, and I don't know why adv. > Good job, great benefits > doing masters next s…[View]
21145192> college done >Still don't know what I want to do with my life >Need to figure it out…[View]
21150465Have at it: I'm a recently divorced 28 year old father of three, veteran in college trying to p…[View]
21150475How to feel proud.: I am 24 years old and I have done quite a few things that I could be proud of. F…[View]
21150247How do i start a conversation with a girl?: I need advice on how to start a conversation with a girl…[View]
21150290Feeling inferior than other men: I feel less of a man. Im not tall and don't have manly facial …[View]
21149995Are normal familys verbally abusiv?.[View]
21149880Drug Test: I have been a heavy chronic smoker of marijuana for almost a year now. Moving on to a bet…[View]
21149536I think a supermarket milf customer is hitting on me. I work at a supermarket, am 20. A few months a…[View]
21150216Emergency Radios: With multiple blackouts across the country, a week long heatwave in this area (ove…[View]
21149944Sup /adv/ Lost my dream girl a few weeks ago, or at least my perception of my dream girl. She was ki…[View]
21150318Durex condoms like these?: Anybody seen durex featherlites coming out of the box like this? No foil,…[View]
21150379I'm doing my degree in CS atm but I have major anxiety and depression around physically attendi…[View]
21150385>be me >be walking home from school >find dead cat >ohshit.gif >grab stick >poke i…[View]
21150114Where can find cougars?: I really want to fuck older women but I’m having trouble finding them.…[View]
21148909Why do normalfags dehumanize people who they deem to be mentally ill? You are more cruel to them the…[View]
21149634why don't you guys just block 4chan.org as well as all porn sites and start nofap? i only allow…[View]
21148858Why do women want me to not have sex?[View]
21150263How do I stop feeling neutral everyday and return to the childlike innocence I once held and viewed …[View]
21150203oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck: My boyfriend is gone for 2 weeks at an enrichment course, it’s been a…[View]
21150228chest hair: im 19 with a decent physique going to a pool party soon. do girls my age like a little b…[View]
2115023119 year old male 7/10 chick at work constantly flirts with me should I go for her she flirts with ot…[View]
21150103How do I shave my dick?: How do I shave my dick? Where can I find a decent video about it? All I can…[View]
21150034Can I get people's input on a career in HR? I just graduated 2 months ago and been looking for …[View]
21150244Is there a good way to tell a group of kind-of-casual-but-not-real-close friends you are having a ha…[View]
21150054I have called off work once every other week for the last couple months due to anxiety and panic att…[View]
21149959Worst day of the year so far: >Be me >decide that 18 months without going out with 'friends' i…[View]
21150206How can I treat my remaing mentall illnes: Symptoms?[View]
21149972I like a fat girl and she likes me but I am too embarrassed to be judged: If I date a fat girl I fee…[View]
21150104I HATE HAVING AUTISM: I appear rude and people hate me every time because I don't know how to c…[View]
21148900how do I enhance my poor social and communication skills? I always stutter when talking to other peo…[View]
21149012>School holiday started >Have no motivation and energy to do anything >Even when I try to d…[View]
21149111What's a good way to be ok with how you look more.: From the title it probably sounds like I…[View]
21148910Indications of interest (aka IoI's): So there is this girl I've recently been working with…[View]
21148615how to lose weight?[View]
21148808Female friends: So here's the situation , I barely have no contact with girls nd i am very bad …[View]
21148987Ways Drugs have ruined life/fighting tips? > Be me 27 > Staying with Aunt cause I'm going…[View]
21148158What is it like to sleep next to someone post-sex while they're covered in baby oil, sweat and …[View]
21149104Getting past study block: I have a Physics exam coming up very soon. I didn't put in all my eff…[View]
21148041Mental Health/General Advice: Firstly, I'm not a doctor so I can't give you medical advice…[View]
21149692Guys I’m so lonely Why am I alone? I don’t have a single friend, never had a boyfriend. I don’t know…[View]
21149006How can i be happy and motivated in life if i dont have any friends? Can someone who is financially …[View]
21149586I have a major problem: I enjoy being hated, I enjoy making other people angry and getting a rise ou…[View]
21148767Welp,i am stuck: I need to stop smoking it's killing me and making me poor more than i am now I…[View]
21149949I want to ask this girl out, but I'm severely out of shape from months of withdrawal after a Ta…[View]
21149167Help get unbanned from tinder What technology can I use to make a new account? I tried those throw a…[View]
21148742How can I stop looking down on my girlfriend?: I've been with this girl for almost ten months. …[View]
21149902A kind of neoludite, I've some ideas to run in my city, but don't know where to find peopl…[View]
21149905Comming back home after success: >Left my small town to work in another country >Admired by fr…[View]
21149530If you've never seen a healthy, functional romantic/familial relationship. How are you supposed…[View]
21147940Paramedic and weed use: So I’m going into paramedics/firefighting. I quit smoking weed over a year a…[View]
21149833Should I give my bi friend and current crush, who is into bdsm, Dom/sub, etc, the keys to my chastit…[View]
21149857I looked at the facebook profile of my childhood friends, and I saw the photos, where they traveled …[View]
21148670Regretting my first Kiss: I had my first kiss a couple of days ago. It was with a girl I am friends …[View]
21149805>be me >at gym on treadmill >0/10 gril next to me >begin walking >walking speed 1.4 o…[View]
21149754Help: I don't know if any of you will remember me based on a thread I made about it a week back…[View]
21148002>gf left me for another guy >a month later she apologizes and comes crying to me saying she lo…[View]
21148098Can you have anything close to a serious relationship without complete trust? The girl I'm curr…[View]
21149392Going to a trip but afraid of consequences: I'm gonna be very breif so if any more details are …[View]
21148974PLEASE GIVE ME QUICK ADVICE: my best friend A recently cut off ties with my other friend B due to hu…[View]
21149747>be me >have a one year long crush at middle school, when I was 13-14 >I knew that girl sin…[View]
21149723How much drinking does it take to ruin your looks?: I work out, my diet is good, and so on but I lik…[View]
21147981how many times a day can you jerk off without breaking your dick? I believe in the principle 'use it…[View]
21149297Am I mean if I never want to play with my cousin Im 20 and shes 8 and everyday I see her she wants t…[View]
21149310translation jobs: How do I get a job as a translator? can it only be done online or are there IRL op…[View]
21149631How do I know if my crush likes me? Sometimes he would look at me, but when I look at him he looks a…[View]
21149304Is there any cure for bitch wrists(besides getting fat) ? the bracelet is ironical don't judge …[View]
21149394So a month ago, after a falling out with a roommate, he moved out early (without any notice) and rob…[View]
21149331I will be attending community college in the fall. Post survival tips and tricks.[View]
21149637I just took a long hiatus from masturbation, how do I reintegrate it without it being unhealthy?[View]
21149627Even after over a decade out in the real world I still get intense feelings of envy when I see peopl…[View]
21149625What is a good forum/place to practice commie Mandarin? I constantly lose motivation to self teach m…[View]
21149231Would I be a complete dick if I stole someone’s girlfriend and ended there relationship because I wa…[View]
21149380becoming a sissy: i have identification problems anons and i need advice i am a 5 11' 135 lbs a…[View]
21148334>tfw I still hope for a gf. What's the best way to become hopeless?…[View]
21149272anyone here watch/donate to male camwhores?: sometimes i (boy(male)) like to stream myself having a …[View]
21149366I'm tired of being alive: Anyway i can send myself to a home or coma?[View]
21149266Good ways to become more independent whilst living with parents ?: Basically I'll have to live …[View]
21149551What to do after Identity theft: Had my debit card stolen and lost a chunk of money. Is there any re…[View]
21149518Are big dicks a meme?: Luckily, I'm well endowed but I get mixed reviews about whether it'…[View]
21149353Am I a cuck?: Rewind to January of this year, had turned 18 a few months prior, decide to download t…[View]
21147944>tfw friendless and no social media How do I get by in the normie world if people find out im los…[View]
21149346How do I human? Do I have to pretend to be a normie in order to have reproductive success? Is it pos…[View]
21148547My ex-fiance cheated on me years ago and sent me a text saying that she's now pregnant with his…[View]
21149125My gf wants to meet my my family. This wouldnt be a problem but shes... fat. She has a pretty face, …[View]
21148915Guys please please I need advice: I’m 27 and it’s another Friday. I’m in a real bad shape. I’m just …[View]
21149192Hi, please help me develop my hobbies Currently, I have : Watching films and write reviews online Wa…[View]
21149368i have no ability to do anything and can't sleep either just keep moving between my bed and my …[View]
21149138Missed the deadline to get into university. Last year of school I studied so hard I lost weight to t…[View]
21149375best advice that is hardest to accept: just be confident bro[View]
21148441How do I pay my taxes? I need tax forms to apply for Medicaid and I am literally dying like my healt…[View]
21149431How to do online dating profile, or social media profile in general? I have no pictures of myself.[View]
21147692How can me and my friends go shopping in an environmentally friendly way?[View]
21149193I started talking to this girl I like in calls (after months of very close texting) but I have no id…[View]
21149171Are there any high achiever here on /sci/? Can you tell me your achievements and age? I wanna know i…[View]
21148412Boyfriend doesn't like TV: Femanon here, I've been with this guy for about two years. He…[View]
21149362If you’re afraid of anything can you be called suicidal?[View]
21147806Disease risk from bootlicking: I have a fetish for licking the treads of dirty boots and sneakers. I…[View]
21149017I want REAL FUCKING HORROR: If there is anywhere I could get good horror suggestions it would be 4ch…[View]
21137730Been in a 'relationship' with a guy for 3 yrs Realized I'm a lesbian. Pretty obvious. Not sure …[View]
21147368> I met this guy at my math call a while ago and I feel like he’s somewhat fancies me > I lik…[View]
21149262Need advice, is college a rip off?: Hey guys was wondering if i should continue with college or not.…[View]
21147733ASKING MEN ONLY I will travel abroad for a week. I can't tell women what I really do for a livi…[View]
21147533Why don't I care about sex or anything: Why does nothing happen inside me when I am with a beau…[View]
21148193I have ended up getting a crush on a girl outside my race but my parents are your typical racist Sou…[View]
21143070Is it possible for cheating to be forgivable?[View]
21148820Dealing with unrequited infatuation: I'm in a psychiatric hospital and there's this woman …[View]
21149186Nothing turns me on anymore. I guess I used to consider myself bisexual but now I can't seem to…[View]
21149252Does anyone here have a bad relationship with your siblings? It went sour as you guys getting older…[View]
21148000studying doesnt payoff, the world is full of injustice: >study daily, 8am to 9pm, with pomodoro t…[View]
21149161I jut got approved to start driving for Uber. Any drivers on here have any advice for a newbie?[View]
21145898AMA: Autism Therapist: I work as a behavior therapist for children with autism. Ask me anything.…[View]
21149139YouTube Channel: I've been trying out this YouTube thing for about a good year now, doing it as…[View]
21145393What is this type of girl called?[View]
21148853I've been on several dates with this girl and nothing too serious has happened. Personally, I r…[View]
21148390How do i stop liking boys?[View]
21148023how the fuck do i get a job i'm applying, calling in and getting there physically whenever i ca…[View]
21148146I'm a 21 year old male, about to turn 22. There's a girl my age I've been steady frie…[View]
21148416Any former incels wanna give advice to an 18 year old man.: How did you change yourself radically fr…[View]
21148811UK University Graduating with a 2:2: Hi all, To sum it up I essentially didn't get the standar…[View]
21146816If it's 7am now, how feasible is it that I (a 23 year old khv who's never had a gf) get…[View]
21148748I’m on probation for being black. I got a letter for a questionnaire and I forgot to do it because I…[View]
21145410Give me one reason why this is too much to ask!: All I want is to date a girl who is 1.) Kind and d…[View]
21148266Is it wrong if I don't want to live by myself? Living with my parents is comfortable as hell. I…[View]
21147570I’m going to a party to meet a girl, who I like, what’s the best way to start a conversation with he…[View]
21147711I drank so much that I can't come by fapping. What should I do?[View]
21148619Cat on porch: Guys there's a stray pregnant looking almost dead cat on my back porch what do I …[View]
21143151Showing you're interested: Hey /adv/, what's a good way to show interest in the opposite g…[View]
21148862Getting older and still retarded around girls: So the short version of this story is that I met a gi…[View]
21148792I got some pretty good /adv/ice from you guys, regarding approaching and starting a conversation wit…[View]
21145768What happens when you try all the usual self-improvement techniques, have friends, a social life and…[View]
21145932I achieved all of the big life goal I had for myself or anyone else had for my at the age of 23. …[View]
21148075I feel like I am slowly started to loose my sanity, It's barely noticeable but I feel it, Some …[View]
21148768texting: how often should i text girl i like and im meeting with? we're pretty close in person …[View]
21148674parental relations: >first time using da chan >am tard >18 years old >has libmom >ge…[View]
21148738Boomer Alienation: Does anyone else feel alienated by boomers? I feel like my parents drain the life…[View]
21148269I'm 100% sure it's going to look like shit but I should just shave the crap off right? Bee…[View]
21147527No friends irl, everyone even online leaves me, no matter how close we get. Searched for friends a l…[View]
21148320>look at girl >she looks back >automatically look away keeps happening all the time, I dont…[View]
21146569Is my gf cheating on me: Need some help bros if my gf is cheating on me i was just fingering my gf w…[View]
21148132y do ppl get angry easily?[View]
21148494Where in the mediterranean?: From Barcelona to Genova, where would be the best place for summer holi…[View]
21147324High anxiety when talking to girls: 22y old male who can't talk to girls without stumbling or t…[View]
21147664Is it OK to open with 'i think you are cute' in 2019?[View]
21148405I met this guy online, but never got to meet him in real life. How do I get him to take HIV test BEF…[View]
21145384How do you deal with parents needing old people help? My dad retired a couple years ago, mom has bee…[View]
21148149That friend with a really hard life: I’ve been getting to know an acquaintance of mine and he’s real…[View]
21148083What is the point of even trying? >be 31 >anxious as fuck >5years into terapy >have 3 ro…[View]
21147095Is wanting 50/50 out of a relationship selfish?: Like this girl We talk the past two months We say…[View]
21148474why am i bitter about my female coworker having lots of friends and having enjoyed her 20's and…[View]
21148398How the fuck do you call that thing girls do when they are lying on the bed and moving their legs up…[View]
21147522'anon, i'm concerned that you're not socializing enough.' is what my girlfriend told me th…[View]
21148245Looking for good advice: Is it foolish to stay dedicated to weightlifting if I solely want to improv…[View]
21148463How do I get a life?[View]
21147453Why do girls match with me on tinder and then not respond to my messages? I'm finding that I ha…[View]
21148380How do I get a gf as an ISTJ dude?[View]
21146639Sex logistics and ergonomics?: I have obviously never had sex but if I ever do, I want to be ready b…[View]
21146290What's the male equivalent of showing cleavage? I workout and wear tight shirts, not sure if it…[View]
21148180Revision , i'm i doing good...??: i never revised anything in my entire scholarity . i just tri…[View]
21147967Can seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist help with improving social skills? I'm thinking about se…[View]
21146406One of my female friends gave her friend my snapchat and is trying to set us up because she thinks w…[View]
21148184Is it more shameful to have a waifu or dating a doll than date a transgender girl? A...asking for a …[View]
21146547Does a smart artificial intelligence exist? I'm sick of being alone, i wanna talk with someone …[View]
21148302>like and message girl on OkCupid >she likes me back but doesn't respond to my message Wh…[View]
21148194Have you ever been cheated on? How do I make sure I dont end up with a cheater?[View]
21148069If you're at a caloric deficit while maintaining a regular/above average protein intake can you…[View]
21146363>be me, mid-to-late 20s >finally get mse and banking it >one of the go-to engineers in this…[View]
21146725Inmature 17 Years Old Girlfriend: My girlfriend is 17 years old and even for a teenager she act like…[View]
21146939I found out today that my boyfriend (I’ve been with him for six years) cheated on me. I don’t know w…[View]
21143785ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21147834Is it shallow not to date a person because of their appearance or weight? Shouldn't romantic lo…[View]
21148047have I screwed myself over?: >be me >meet qt3.14 in class >very guarded and quiet, the phy…[View]
21147801Racist GF?: My gf seems to have contempt for white people even she's white passing, mixed white…[View]
21144274I found this on my bfs head (21) where the hair meets the forehead. We had just came out of the sea …[View]
21144027I’m So Fucked: I shaved my head with zero guard thinking it would look cool but now I look like a ne…[View]
21144821What do I do if god is cursing me? God is personally attacking me and destroying my life and trappin…[View]
21146479Help me understand this: I think I may be way too autistic to understand this on my own. Why is maki…[View]
21148006Most people who come to /adv/ are only here because they never took advantage of the advice they hav…[View]
21148007Hey people, I was in Facebook and I hide some posts of my friends. Now the problem is when I go to …[View]
21142591A 16yo girl fell in love with me. We met each other at language exchanges. I'm 25. I like her. …[View]
21147076>be me >right now >smell something foul >something s o u e r >eventually find it >…[View]
21142413GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Complain at life, beware larpers.[View]
21146920How do o do anal without getting a hemorrhoid every time? I know it’s graphic but porn has lied to m…[View]
21147960what do i do: my f classmate has grabbed me, touched my hair, talked about how we bonded over school…[View]
21147027>Because you're an adult virgin with the mind of a child who feels too inferior to take the …[View]
21147583Why wont girls talk to me?: I gained a good amount of mass and shredded to where im somewhat big and…[View]
21145183I've been living with my mother and my sister for 10 years because my parents divorced. Thus, I…[View]
21147817Today at work they are doing drug testing in the bathroom. I don't know for who or why. I'…[View]
21147452So this girl I’ve been talking to for almost 2-3 weeks has a major crush on me and she admitted it l…[View]
21147858Wife left because dick too small. I'm average, 5.5-6 no estating. Fit, not lazy with sex, only …[View]
21146237sexual frustration - aloof women: every time I'm attracted to someone we always find fault in e…[View]
21145784Getting real tired of these shitty teenage hormones. One second I’m as happy as a priest in an orpha…[View]
21147777Forex Trading: Begginer forex trader here, any thoughts?[View]
21144038Explaining lack of work experience to an employer: I'm applying for jobs right now and I feel l…[View]
21146447How to stop normies from stealing my organs when I kill myself?[View]
21147754Theres a girl I liked, I asked her out, she politely turned me down, took me about a week but I got …[View]
21147769I was having a wet dream and everything was going fucking well until I woke up. I want to go to bed …[View]
21145845how do i stop worrying about my past mistakes and move forward with my life? i get so caught up in t…[View]
21145282Should i get this checked out?[View]
21147389Unintended consequences of body dysmorphia: I am 38 years old. I am 6'3, I used to weigh over 4…[View]
21147682Help My foot What wrong with it[View]
21147065>love gf >think about day and night >have wank >feelings of love go away >its been an…[View]
21147305How do I get my parents to stop pestering me about my academics? When I was 20 my dad got really sic…[View]
21147149Losing weight is pointless: Fat man here, so whats the point of losing weight when youre too ugly fo…[View]
21147504I keep frequenting night clubs to satiate my sexual urges. I haven’t gotten laid in forever because …[View]
21147189Do you like my new puppy, /adv/? What should I name him?[View]
21144943How do you know when you really fall in love?: And is there any ideal scenario to actually say …[View]
21145132Getting most out of therapy: So I've decided to bite the bullet and try therapy. It's 130$…[View]
21146462Excessive Secrecy(?): Am I autistic or does revealing your true self to somebody feel like you'…[View]
21147207How do I learn to be patient?[View]
21147499Cheap Custom Shirts: I need 100 shirts with the same design, but I can't afford pay over $4 eac…[View]
21147308My spiral towards eventual suicide. I can really feel my life getting lower and lower no matter how …[View]
21146008I don't feel why people are interested in each other. My question is: How do I? I was a quintes…[View]
21143388I want to stop drinking alcohol. It's easiest for me not to drink when I'm on medication t…[View]
21147400>work 50 hours this week, picking up extra shifts when I can >Ask me to work Sunday, my only d…[View]
21147455>Just got dumped by girlfriend I have two choices: Be a bitch and stop making gains or fuckin lif…[View]
21147292Nuclear Revenge on Lying Ex: So, a backstory for yall: I was with this guy for close to a year, it w…[View]
21147439I'm 18, i just moved from a shithole place without shops, any ppl in my age, lot of stereitypic…[View]
21146372I got banned on tinder and I flirt with these same 4 girls on instagram who are in relationships. I …[View]
21146516Why do low IQ men love showing their genitals to random women online so much? Do they genuinely thin…[View]
21145968should I shave the sides of my eyebrows? I usually shave the middle of them so my unibrow doesn…[View]
21145076I found a video of my boyfriends ex giving him a blowjob on his computer. It's in his porn fold…[View]
21146559I have poor mental health.: I need help.[View]
21146625Depressed? Never give up the fight!: Never and never! Follow his exemple ! https://fieretlibre.com/2…[View]
21146843I'm going to major in philosophy-- but I plan on using this to jump to Law School or at least g…[View]
21147145>laying in bed with girl I'm seeing >feeling her body up and talking casually >we have…[View]
21145939i find myself considering the notion and idea of suicide more and more. i'm not really suicidal…[View]
21145742online friends: So I've been down a spiral of friends to strangers real quick friendships with …[View]
21147156>be me >madly in love with girl I work with >we hang out a lot, drink a lot, occasionally m…[View]
21147329I kissed a girl once. Do they always moan, am I the reason for it or was she?[View]
21145625Alright wtf do I do bros: Never been in this situation before 19 khv how do I not fuck this up…[View]
21147265Ok: Sorry for the shitpost this is my first post on here >so l like this one girl but she wants t…[View]
21144712Me and my gf are both virgins and I want to have sex but she doesn’t think she will be ready for ano…[View]
21147158I find anime and hentai much better than normal tv and porn: >Started watching Mob Psycho 100 sin…[View]
21145688I fucked up, /adv/. Gave too much trust to someone who revealed themselves to be a nutcase with a pr…[View]
21147124How to have fun alone?: >all the boys are going on a lads holiday >gf is going on a family hol…[View]
21146585Seeing a ton of people trapped in a cycle of negative energy on this board lately, so this is a spir…[View]
21147097I am thinking of transitioning into a long term relationship with this girl. I am attracted to her a…[View]
21145620hey all, just got my first used car td. invested like 6000$+(got a hyudai 2009 elantra if those are …[View]
21143695Should I share awkward or embarrassing things about myself with my S.O or is it better not to tell t…[View]
21146663Anyone here got any experience dating Korean girls? Met a girl fresh off the boat and while the firs…[View]
21147121i dont know what to feel: this chick ive been friends with for almost 2 years now very recently told…[View]
21145326>girl at local sandwich shop always flirts with me when I go in >she’s probably a 7/10 >las…[View]
21145382I drunk fucked a 50 year old woman and gave her my number and now she won't leave me alone. She…[View]
21146317As a guy , whats the best way to get/ meet FWB's of the female variety? I feel like it be cree…[View]
21146491My girlfriend has broken up with me eight times now but I still love her. Most of our break ups happ…[View]
21145806Advice for girlfriend complex with her exzma: My girl has started showing signs and went to the doct…[View]
21147025I just asked my crush out and she rejected me: I don't really know what to do. I knew her for 4…[View]
21146011How do I close my tinder account?. I can't find an option for it anywhere.[View]
21144623GIOYC: GIOYC[View]
21145880I just went to this music festival and saw one of my favorite artists for the first time (it’s tippe…[View]
21146774im going on a foam bubble party today for what should be I prepared I hope the grills will be going …[View]
21146938I'm turning 27 this year and I'm slowly realizing that I'll never be a young, thin, c…[View]
21146962Me and GF moved in about three years ago. Things went well at first but, to be frank, we moved in to…[View]
21145529So I was at a family reunion today, my dad asks to use my phone for a second and I say 'Ok go ahead.…[View]
21147024wat do when u love someone, but the uncertainty is crippling your chances at leading a healthy, func…[View]
21145483Whats the difference and how many are there?: So recently ive become confused with the names of so m…[View]
21145442Should I find a new job?: I’m a full time college student, who’s graduating in 3 semesters. Right no…[View]
21146376Why can’t I help but feel jealous and angry about most of the women and pages my boyfriend follows o…[View]
21146878>Closer the time ticks to where i will be heading out to see my crush for drinks >The less int…[View]
21146895I have a repaired hernia but every time i have sex and dont cum it starts hurting. Anyone else get t…[View]
21146432just venting about my breakup: So I was dating this girl for a couple months, and we were having a g…[View]
21144733How can I make living my life as fun as leveling up in games? Dumb question, I know. I just want to…[View]
21145055I'm a 20 year old virgin, should i just fuck a prostititute? If I do should I tell her I am?[View]
21146767Birth Certificate: I'm planning on putting my name on my daughter's birth certificate. The…[View]
21146801Advice for bluepilled normalfags: pleasure =/= happiness no amount of pleasure can cure repressed tr…[View]
21146700I'm moving into a new place with some friends who already live there. The landlord sent me this…[View]
21145553insecure men: might come off as pompous but this is too important to cling to that point; i'm a…[View]
21146604>found the 'perfect' girl >found out she has a tattoo it was one of my red flags. it…[View]
21146548Not fapping for an entire week + working out regularly turned me into a monster at work. I find my f…[View]
21145270Is this fixation normal? Is something wrong with me?: I tend to get hyperfixated on specific fiction…[View]
21145658Inability to stay focused: As subject suggests, i can't focus on any one subject. Every time so…[View]
21144759How do I cope with the fact that I’ll never be white[View]
21146673The hair on the back of my head is lighter and shorter compared to the rest of my head appearing to …[View]
21145181>First year of college done >Still don't know what I want to do with my life >Need to …[View]
21146669Question for entrepreneurs, or just self-starters in general. I have a commercial project I want to …[View]
21145038Whats the proper way to enjoy a cigarette? youre supposed to breathe in after you take a puff so it …[View]
21145715addicted to porn and vidya to escape real life and pain, help[View]
21146494I tried shopify, that was a load of bullshit even with stealing and reclipping successful ads, narro…[View]
21145987How do I convince myself the world is getting better, not worse?[View]
21143047Why do some guys fall in love so fast? I've noticed this trend where guys develop a little bit …[View]
21146413Obsession?: So I recently went through a major breakup..and I guess to pass time I started reading t…[View]
21145364I feel like Im swimming in a swamp of mental ailments. Im often depressed, low energy, unfocused, ex…[View]
21145140What the fuck: So I was horny and my gf was sleeping. Not wanting to wake her I went to the bathroom…[View]
21145446Backstory: I've had to deal with depression and anxiety attacks for a while now. This year in t…[View]
21144702I keep having nightmares about the joker and they are really unnerving me, I’ve had nightmares about…[View]
21146291First car: Looking to buy my first car soon, but I’m not sure what a good budget is for a reliable u…[View]
21145237job hunting: I'm a shut-in who hasn't opened my mouth to talk or been outside in a year. N…[View]
21145520I don't have any real friensd: I don't have a real frenship. (English is not my native lan…[View]
21146214>tfw flew past a 50mph zone today going at 190mph on my motorcycle splitting past cars >Tfw it…[View]
21144898What's wrong with me: So I've been really depressed lately and decided to write down a ton…[View]
21145953friend cant banter bring up something funny that he did, he cant take being in the bullseye and alwa…[View]
21145922When it's really quiet I hear a quiet chatter, as if people were talking in groups, is this kin…[View]
21145791Need Helpful advice: My Girlfriend left me. She’s already with another guy. How do I take my mind of…[View]
21145022How do i last longer in bed?: >Asked gf to do weird shit i'm into in bed >Fully expected …[View]
21145759Red flags: So I got this list of things I just can't get over when considering relationshiping …[View]
21146310Live advice: Is there any hope for a farmer to get a girlfriend? I'm working 60 to 70h/day at m…[View]
21144160GIRLS- do you like it when a guy sucks on your chest/bites your nipple? It’s the first urge I have w…[View]
21145189Anyway to help mental clarity/motivation?: I started running every night and I feel a bit better, I …[View]
21142335How am I supposed to react?: What's the best way to react to someone who purposely tries to mak…[View]
21141354Is it possible to come back from owning a sex doll?[View]
21145651NEETs, how do you find contentment by yourself? I haven't been enjoying my free time lately.[View]
21146082So I just had a tonsillectomy and after all of these years of living, have finally been given the ab…[View]
21145937breakup thread where do we go from here edition: my girlfriend of four years just left me i guess it…[View]
21145582Should I go back to school for a masters? My mom's been encouraging me to go back to school and…[View]
21142790I'm too short. 18 yo male and I'm 1m71 (5'9?) tall. I just want to gain even a couple…[View]
21145386How can I become a workaholic and a hustler and increase my productivity like... fucking tenfold bro…[View]
21145252Do you think my shorts fit my physique?[View]
21144662I feel weird with my gf. I feel that we are so different, and I feel that the relation is boring. I …[View]
21145360I think i just had a had low blood sugar after training: During very intense training, I suddly got …[View]
21141976>just improve ur social skills bro I feel like this is a meme. How do you even do this?…[View]
21145720I made sloppy joes last week and used dinner rolls for that with an usual online recipe. Is there a …[View]
21144907My gf says she can't feel anything during sex or that it hurts when I fuck her. Anything I can …[View]
21144780Is this a bad idea?: I highly suspect that I have ADHD, Type Inattentive. Well, I know I have it. I…[View]
21144137does weed cause insomnia? i've been a heavy smoker for years now and in the past few months i…[View]
21144540How does one use egg vibrators anally? are you supposed to stick them as deep as possible or next to…[View]
21145440I was using the university wifi on my phone and posted on 4chan from it to find out the ISP had been…[View]
21145550Afraid of bots on dating websites?: I think dating websites have fucked me up bad. I have gotten rea…[View]
21145294Why are women so evil?[View]
21145487me and this girl dated for about 18 months, then broke up for 2 years, then saw each other 6 weeks a…[View]
21145414What do I do if I always get pissed off at nerdy faggots? I always get nerdy faggots being snippy as…[View]
21145285How the fuck am I supposed to do anything after working a 40 hour week? I nearly fucking kill myself…[View]
21145161Should I stop calling my best friend 'Big Nigga' or 'Boss Nigga' in public? Hes black. Im white.[View]
21145138Hey there /adv/! ah for the longest times during long periods of poor sleep schedule right before I …[View]
21143297What to do when got nothing to do?: I started uni last fall but haven’t been there for almost 7 mont…[View]
21145136Requesting perspective: I just want other perspectives on what you guys think I should do so here…[View]
21143449Do I get another motorcycle: >got in motorcycle crash and fucked my life up and basically cripple…[View]
21145108My birthday is coming up and I have no clue what to do. I want to enjoy it, but my depression keeps …[View]
21144981Why does my brain look for things to worry about? Seems like if I somehow manage to defeat my worrie…[View]
21144586Medic!: Is there any hope for a man with a severed spinal cord to walk again? Pic not related[View]
21144660any financially savvy people here? specifically in regards to real estate? i own a house worth about…[View]
21145216My life is spiraling.: The past few months I've been living and surviving on autopilot. I was …[View]
21144757How to come to terms with your terrible choices in life? I'm 21 and I'm nowhere near where…[View]
2114287918 yo, male, kind of nsfw question I have a little problem with my penis. Its not about size or that…[View]
21144382What to do now?: Yesterday as I lied on my bed, staring at the celing, trying to sleep. I heard my r…[View]
21145131Relationships?: Ever since my best friend and i addmitted our feelings for eachother we started to a…[View]
21143419Lonely bruh out here Ideas what to do[View]
21145049I am male, 184cm tall, 97 kg, 29 year old german kissless virgin. Totally shy. Only when blackout dr…[View]
21145258I'm 21 and I can't get an erection while masturbating (I don't know if I could being …[View]
21145256Legal age to buy DXM in NC?: Hey guys I've been doing a lot of research and I can't find a…[View]
21144741Reading at the park: Is it weird for someone to read books in a park? I figured out it could be a ni…[View]
21143657How can I get an ADHD medication prescription? I seriously hate myself. I can't ever sit down a…[View]
21144808how to make tooth gap wider: I have a gap in my two front teeth I don't want to fix it I want t…[View]
21144381Substance-Free Housing: Did I mess up by selecting substance free housing for college? I just wanted…[View]
21144563Killing my fantasies: I drift off into fantasy land where I'm king and nobody can hurt me. It…[View]
21144654How do I stop insulting myself?: I have developed a real bad habit of constantly insulting myself. S…[View]
21143943Want to get my friend off the booze: My best friend in the world has been on a downward spiral for y…[View]
21145097A friend/housemate asked me if I want to fuck his girlfriend (average girl, neither ugly, nor hot). …[View]
21145048I've grown to like a cashier, how do i start a casual chat with her to get to know her better?[View]
21144710meh: 300 kms away from bf horny as hell poor in social interactions Could you please explain to me h…[View]
21144212What should I do with my hair?: I've been growing it out for quite a while now and am anxious a…[View]
21144855I'm starting to doubt if my therapist has my best interest in mind. I was seeing her before be…[View]
21143122Gf won't stop trying to fuck me: It's not a flex I swear, my gf always wants to fuck, lite…[View]
21144021I just found out that my ex-husband is marrying the woman he cheated on me with. He emailed me and t…[View]
21144962Tips for going to thailand for some tranny banging?[View]
21145000>getting intake done before getting a therapist >intake lady asks me my height >tell her I…[View]
21144370how do i stop being a little bitch there's this window cleaner that my cat was curious about, a…[View]
21142956Where to fuck my gf for the first time: I'm not even going to pretend otherwise, I want to take…[View]
21144857At what point does counting calories and macros turn into an eating disorder?[View]
21144673Anons please help, I have a girl coming over and she wants to fuck. I told her I wasn’t a virgin. Wh…[View]
21144333None of my coworkers ever invite me to anything. I express that I want to go out to places or hang o…[View]
21142963Hello. I broke up with my ex-gf 2 weeks ago. What's worrying me is that i don't feel anyth…[View]
21144080Depression: You privileged kids asking for relationship advice don't know how good you have it.…[View]
21143703Mother hatred general: Just a place for you to open up about your issues with your mother. I'll…[View]
21143568Is living in NYC a meme? Have been thinking about moving to Queens. Can anybody share their experien…[View]
21142967I like this guy in my class. I always thought he was gay/bi. We started talking some months ago but …[View]
21143718My mother is a verbally abusive person. She'll say anything to get a reaction out of me. The fo…[View]
21144203I'm going to travel abroad. Could I take these shoes and wear them to a bar/club or do I need t…[View]
21142371The backup friend: Anyone have experience being the 'backup friend' or any stories? I'll go fir…[View]
21144345>be me, in college >found a super cute gamer gf >we get along well >we started dating ou…[View]
21144081Am I being ignored ?: If someone said they don't mind having messages from you, that they alway…[View]
21144491Was I really alone the whole time?: Me and my highschool friends had a conversation a few weeks back…[View]
21144056Should I text? When?: >hook up with girl a few times during uni autumn term >she's pretty…[View]

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