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23660499What am I supposed to hope for?: >spent life in a cycle of abuse since I was a kid >haven…[View]
23661171I live in America and I’m studying Japanese. I saw two Japanese girls so I said something in Japanes…[View]
23659352Boyfriend acts like he's horny and feels me up then when I reciprocate he's not in the moo…[View]
23658626Are internet chatrooms inherently shitty and potentially dangerous? I feel like most of the people …[View]
23661353How do I get good at doing difficult things?: How do I get good at doing 'difficult things' or 'thin…[View]
23661495Long story short. I play some vidya with my longtime friends on the weekends, but lately, with all t…[View]
23659244What's it like to turn 30?[View]
23655145friend keeps saying racist things to me: He doesn't say the n word or anything and at first I d…[View]
23661188I've been bored and lonely for the last year. Before quarantine I didn't have any friends …[View]
23661438>be me in December 2020 >got into the Amazon 'earner' business where I buy off Amazon's g…[View]
23660497PTSD from bullying: When I was in school at all ages there were friend groups that seemed to put lot…[View]
23660534can u get over someone and remain friends with them?[View]
23661410>constantly horny from not fapping because every time I cum I get a migraine that lasts for 30 mi…[View]
23660463I consider everyone born after 1989 to be a zoomer. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but for s…[View]
23660985Been addicted to heroin for about 4 years. I don't pin it, I smoke it, although I have pinned i…[View]
23660965How hard is it for a 6-7/10 guy to get a feminine bottom boyfriend on grindr?[View]
23660296My GFs farts smell so fucking bad. Its a genuinely ungodly stench and she wont fucking stop. When I …[View]
23661105Am I a psychopath? >ferequently meet men online >have vaginismus so i always say i'm a vi…[View]
23661110How to find a transphobic girlfriend? I hate trannies and would only want to date a woman who also t…[View]
23661230so i just matched with this girl i have a history with on bumble. it never worked out or happened in…[View]
23661256reply to crazy girlfriend guy: >>23656565 forget about diagnosis and the truth about what…[View]
23660678Should I take this girl I've been fucking on a cementery date or nah[View]
23661060I'm terrified by the passage of time, is that normal?[View]
23659190Preferences: I’ve recently discussed with my crush the type of figures he’s into and by the sounds o…[View]
23661214i am french canadian: ask you question i have bad english[View]
23656320Ive reasons to suspect that my silbings (sis 17 and bro 19 years old) have a secret affair, last nig…[View]
23661157z e n e m p t i n e s s: is not thinking the true success method stop thinking just do it don't…[View]
23660049Suicide deadline (day 8): I have promised myself that if I (23 yo autistic NEET) don't get a jo…[View]
23660962How do I accept how my face looks? Every time I look at it, I always find something to hate with it …[View]
23660419My friend's mom named there daughter after that game of thrones character who controls the drag…[View]
23660316I walked in my apartament and i found my sister (which lives with me) sucking off the breast of her …[View]
23658143I am madly in love with a girl at work who has shot me down and who treats me like crap. Despite con…[View]
23660116ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - ONE MORE TIME Edition Previous: >>23657248…[View]
23659993Military: Last thread was dead. I have wanted to go to the Navy SEALs when I was in middle school, b…[View]
23659821i feel like im too much of: a loser for my bf i was a femcel and found a bf but that doesn’t make me…[View]
23651185>I am at this party and I seriously need to poop >I hold it because there are girls there and …[View]
23660522How do I get a cute latina gf?[View]
23659469what's a good website to contact escorts?[View]
23660184I want to upload r34 but I am worried people will recognize my art style: I dont want my regular acc…[View]
23660804Arms experiencing some sort of jolt/pain when high planking or doing pushups?: Anyways, I've fi…[View]
23659903Military officer: My mom and siblings have been making my existence hell for 2+ years, and put an as…[View]
23660579how do i go about prostituting myself: what's the best way to go about prostituting myself onli…[View]
23658344Should I date a single mother with 2 children if she is very attractive?[View]
23659717Should I help expose a sex offender on here or nah?[View]
23659697I like the girl that works in the bakery but I don't know how to talk to her.[View]
23659267Life choices: I'm conflicted. I'm pretty damn smart, I've been told that I'm 9.5…[View]
23658150Does a women's past matter?: If so, what kind of sexual history would prevent you from entering…[View]
23659714Guys: I took like 500 redpills, probably fell into a wormhole, and nobody is telling me what the fuc…[View]
23660154Is this normal?: Im a lesbian and most of my friend group by chance is lesbians and bi girls. While …[View]
23658962Open relationship: I suggested an open relationship to my boyfriend because he cheated but he doesn’…[View]
23659627My retarted little brother destroyed a battery pack in the bathroom and i can't get rid of the …[View]
23653017Why do people like weed?: It just make me paranoid[View]
23658925How do I stop my brother from becoming a /pol/tard: >Be me >Have 16 yo brother I'm worrie…[View]
23659794Are there any jobs/fields where I don't have to put up a fake act/face to survive day-to-day? I…[View]
23655586I just found my son and daughter performing oral sex on each other in bed... they are not old either…[View]
23659797Why do people keep cringing at my jokes?[View]
23660169how do you make peace with the fact some people are idiots and won't listen to what you're…[View]
23658472Roastie/escorts economy: I'm bored, hey /adv/ let's scout the escort and roastie economy. …[View]
23660130Becouse /mu/ is useless I want to ask someone for help. How do you properly learn writting lyrics wh…[View]
23657765First-time job interview: After a year of applying I finally have an interview scheduled next week f…[View]
23660077Am I a failure for doing cold calling sales at 40? I mean, there technically is unlimited earning po…[View]
23660091'Friend' constantly makes everything a 'me vs him' I have no idea why he's still in the group a…[View]
23659974What are some valid ways and countries to move to, I want out of the United States and just want to …[View]
23660068pic metadata: pretty much i want to find metadata on a pic in facebook. I need to at least know when…[View]
23659341dont search this on youtube: dont fucking search (.... ø·ø ̈ùšù„ø© ... ø£øoù†ùšø© ù„ù„ø£ø·ù ø§ù„ ...…[View]
23660033Changes: Anyone else here have odd eating habits? > be me > fat fuvk > in uni > despera…[View]
23659989advice on removing raised acne scars? mine look like pic related but not as big, at a certain angle …[View]
23658296Am I an asshole for being tired and annoyed of constantly having to validate my friend? More often t…[View]
23659094You're all pathetic: This board is full of shit advice. I will have pity on you, ask me for adv…[View]
23659976how do i cope with having a pet given away?? I just found out that my mother is thinking of giving a…[View]
23659830Seeking psychology anons because I can't afford the real thing: >be me, female in twenties …[View]
23659855i feel lost: I have no purpose i feel totally lost in this world. was thinking about buying meditati…[View]
23657741When i breathe during an excercise (esp. stuff that includes upper body movement) i feel like someth…[View]
23657956My wife like watching youtube makeup people. One night she wanted to watch Alexandria Ryan and I wan…[View]
23659862I accepted absurdity and that life is just meant to be what it is but god there are these fucking da…[View]
23659746please help srs: I have my first bf and I’m just randomly brought to tears thinking about all the ot…[View]
23658100Advice needed on lying wife: I posted this last night, sorry if you’re seeing this again, I promise …[View]
23659774Might be a retarded question, or at least one that will get insults as I think Ive already seen here…[View]
23659535TOEFL Test Advice: Anons, I am going to take the TOEFL test in 30 minutes. Is there anything you can…[View]
23659749How to stop being a choker in your everyday life: Be me >Get a new job. >Get hyper anxiety, f…[View]
23659372what to do if I don't enjoy anything, nothing interests me, I don't like doing anything? I…[View]
23659737How do I stop horniness?: Or at least channel the energy??! I do intermediate fasting and I found th…[View]
23656953One of my friends who I haven’t talked to in a long time contacted me and told me he wanted me to ha…[View]
23659649I am really fed up my bad English is ruining my experience in this site. Anons quickly identify I am…[View]
23658071My attempts at choosing a career have mostly been a matter of ruling out things that I am simply inc…[View]
23657484Filmmaking: I want to get into film making, but I don’t know where to start. Currently in Philadelph…[View]
23659544Im a millionaire but am virgin. I would like to get a wife and have kids, how to achieve this?[View]
236595425 years left until wizardhood: I'm anxious and worried that I won't be losing my virginity…[View]
23658033How to get over my gayness.: I jerked off to gay porn and shemale porn since I was 12. I am 24 now. …[View]
23659513Make an easy choice to improve your life and those around you. https://www.easypeasymethod.org/inde…[View]
23658475What charities are the most benevolent and less likely to fuck up everything for everyone? If I had…[View]
23659262I'm 30 and out of a job again. I'm tired of the cycle. How do I get neetbux?[View]
23659404How to effectively deal with bad organization and procrastination. I'm starting to go somewhere…[View]
23659394Is there any situation in which it's not unconvenient for the man to bring up exclusivity?[View]
23659215Online classes: >be me >start as levels thinking ill learn something new >corna starts hitt…[View]
23658273Are women even attracted to men, or just their status (job, wealth, social standing)? Can a woman ha…[View]
23659277Faking a negative pcr test to fly: Do they really check with the lab? Or can i just alter a negative…[View]
23658014What do you call this feeling?: I am not sure if it is envy or not, it definitely feels related but …[View]
23659307My hair are very puffy, how can i solve?: My hair are A LOT and very puffy. I'm a male and i do…[View]
23658334Should I become an actuary or go to medical school?[View]
23656565gf was in horrible relationships before and she was molested as a child. She is really paranoid now,…[View]
23659171Dizziness: Yesterday morning i took acetaminophen with codeine for a horrible exertion headache i go…[View]
23657226Getting Rid of Too Many Dogs: I live with my parents and since my dad lost his job, money has been t…[View]
23656206Should I apologize?: So I'm 23m in college and I tried to go sober for 2 weeks and lasted barel…[View]
23658129My online friend bought me a game I didn't ask: I hesitated to accept the game but he kept sayi…[View]
23658101How to find out someone’s last name?: How would I go about finding someone’s last name presuming all…[View]
23657269hitting cervix?: How big must my dick be to hit my girlfriend's cervix? No matter what position…[View]
23658741Am I going to be able to take driving test if I have -12 diopters ?[View]
23657629Is it weird to be in a relationship with someone who looks like you? Or is it something only incels …[View]
23659017H o r N y[View]
23656652College Dropout - Options?: As a college dropout, what are my options? I'm not planning on goin…[View]
23658203how to stop being boring and getting bored by everything?[View]
23658609if a girl is rumored to be lesbian and she is always hanging out with her female 'friend' But does s…[View]
23658084The world I grew up in no longer exists: Really struggling to cope with this feeling lately. I'…[View]
23657047Roping methods: What are the best places to rope yourself? What are the best knots to hang yourself?…[View]
23658805Introverted girls: What are your experiences with them? I met one 10 days ago, fucked her 3 times, b…[View]
23658767Jerbs and interviews: I'm 45 and an ex-civil engr, due to mental health reasons I can't ha…[View]
23657992/adv/ I was recently moved from a marketing position to an analytics position due to a reorg. I have…[View]
23657635Would a potential girlfriend lose respect for me if they find out I’m still a virgin at 20?[View]
23657577What should I prioritize? Getting a car? Or moving out? I’m 21 next month, living in my dad’s house …[View]
23657747Small ween: Guys I just got my first girlfriend and we were going to hang out this weekend and I…[View]
23658795my mom is looking for some headphones on Amazon to get on the treadmill with, something affordable a…[View]
23658761dont like doing kinky stuff with girls i care about: basically if i meet a girl to date her and shes…[View]
23641872Lost virginity to my biological father: First thread: >>23607481 Well guys, get ready to be ex…[View]
23655311is seeking wisdom and life advice from trap and drill rap music lyrics a good idea? seems to me it o…[View]
23656932Art girl crush: I've been close to this very cute girl for more than 6 mounths now, we both got…[View]
23658233Video Editing: How do you cut parts out of a video without it turning into a giant file size? I got …[View]
23658125How do you tell the difference between the times when you need to dig your heels in, ignore how it h…[View]
23658518as a 5'11' guy with a 5.5 inch erect penis should you even consider pursuing sex or is it bette…[View]
23657521I like being alone is it bad ?[View]
23658463Sadness and rage by thinking of women: Whenever i look at a woman i keep thinking that they have a b…[View]
23657892stinky: Girlfriend left me and all my friends hang out with her and tell me all about her daily. Abo…[View]
23657247help identify a song: can any bros help me identify a song? I only know a melody and I've manag…[View]
23656861I accidentally sent drunk pictures of my flaccid penis to several Whatsapp groups, including one tha…[View]
23656775I want to die but i know it will destroy my husband. But in a way i feel like it's better i get…[View]
23655927How do normies believe in God?: >Not an Autist The concept of someone/something that created the…[View]
23655910Anyone out there making money without a college degree? I'm a freshman attending uni for physic…[View]
23658050>I got myself into a situation where I currently work. >Bosses are reviewing my case. >Hav…[View]
23656059My mum is threatening to take my electronics away because i sleep during the day even though I bough…[View]
23658312I just can't be around and talk to people. The past few weeks I've been trying my hardest …[View]
23657732A lot of simple obvious advice really is the best: ...In many cases, sure, there are these cynical p…[View]
23657778Friends: > Am a guy > Am 22 I got 2 girls as friends that I hang out more than my guy friends …[View]
23651083Do women like dicks or do they just like the idea of dicks?[View]
23658095Chinese scam?: This looks like a copy pasta. What do you think? She is an HK asian in the UK. Profil…[View]
23655469If a woman found out a decent looking guy is a virgin, would she be turned off or interested in givi…[View]
23657248ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - Shy Boys and Lewd Girls Edition Previous thread: …[View]
23657018how to break up with someone with bpd ?[View]
23658231How do I talk to girls?: I'm a late 30s virgin. This happened because I was a depressed NEET wi…[View]
23650747Gioyc: LOL >>23650720[View]
23655106why do i feel so guilty after jacking off to a hot classmates fb pictures[View]
23657083Non-drinker hanging out with friends who drink.: To keep things brief, I'd like advice or tips …[View]
23650398Does Therapy Even Work?: I'm sick of having depression but my depression makes me so utterly fu…[View]
23657187Hi everyone, I hope everyone is okay. I don't exactly know how I feel, just a mix of anger, sad…[View]
23658169im completely out of options >no irl friends, they either fall in love with me or use me >no o…[View]
23657133Dick size for bbws: I’m super attracted to BBWs that look like Asstyn Martin and I want to date one,…[View]
23657995First time going out with a gril tmrw: What the hell do I do. I already seen her in company with oth…[View]
23657966Why are women so heartless?: Not an incel rant post, I just broke up with my ex-girlfriend of 2 year…[View]
23657260How to recover from emotional/alcohol hangover: cheat my diet yesterday, got drunk at home, called m…[View]
23655599How can I stop my homosexual lust?: >no father >no masculine role models >absolutedly hate …[View]
23656743Why are young/new parents so obnoxious about having a kid and try to push it on other people. I unde…[View]
23658021how do i get over my voice?[View]
23658010How do I turn people down without hurting them and feeling bad about it afterwards? I sort of just t…[View]
23657780What's the best way to get my energy back? I have been sitting inside for a very long period an…[View]
23657013What are the best work from home jobs? As in, a job that my boss will want me to be remote for, or a…[View]
23655766What the fuck do you even talk about over online dating? Everything from how matches work to the cov…[View]
23656682how to stop being scrooler?[View]
23655305Joining the military at 23: I'm 22 now, I'll be 23 by the time I leave for basic in April …[View]
23657010how to comfort my gf whose cat died today? It's really bad, she treated him as her son[View]
23657880>you need to be outgoing and sociable with friends to have a girlfriend It's fucking over fo…[View]
23656107Why does it hurt when you know you have no one to talk to, that no one is concerned with actually tr…[View]
23653972Is college worth it in current year? I was planning on going but I keep hearing that universities ar…[View]
23657508My father is 60 years old and was diagnosed with esophagus cancer a little over a year ago. He'…[View]
23652293domme w/ bf: how can i get my bf to be more willing to experiment and try being submissive stuff in …[View]
23657478What should I give my dad?: My dad is a simple man, he is virtuos and doesn't really care about…[View]
23656327I’m genuinely insane for this girl: So this girl who I’ve known for a bit, around 4 years, I’m compl…[View]
23657702Is it weird to start with college when you're already26 years old? Will people bully me?[View]
23657667Why don't I see women as beautiful anymore? Are they getting ugly? Or are my standards too high…[View]
23657297I was Texting my family how funny this one movie is and my sister responded with this: A lot of whit…[View]
23657259how do i stop deviating from the conversation's subject so much?: i was talking about dnd to a …[View]
23655210Music: Is it actually odd that I do not like rap music? I know this seems like a retarded question, …[View]
23657664How to approach girls during zoom class?: Title explains it, I'm trying to approach as many gir…[View]
23657246I genuinely feel hate for women, and I don't know if I can go back to how I was as a child. The…[View]
23657092How do I learn to accept what I can never have and be happy with what I have? I know that I'm m…[View]
23656053I want to join the military but here my concern. I'm about 5'6 and less than 110 pounds. W…[View]
23654595>28yo gf Amanda, slept with 50+ guys since 14, drinks on the regular, freaks out about the most m…[View]
23657057What does it mean if a girl I'm seeing and fucking doesn't wanna sleep over? We've se…[View]
23654889was I abused?: >be me >late 20s >couple of years ago >a very old and hidden memory emerg…[View]
23657164Wage gap in relationships: Met a really great girl. Very attractive and down to Earth. She earns 6 f…[View]
23657363Apologies if this isn't the right board, I figured this place would be a little quicker than /t…[View]
23657504My Girlfriend.: Fuck this, my girlfriend still clearly has feelings for her ex. This is pissing me o…[View]
23657460Does no gap work at all?: I have been trying to go on a nofap from a while now, but it doesn't …[View]
23657192I'm a 25 year old living in the UK. My passion has always been English - I love to read, I…[View]
23655344I truly don't understand women, my gf got angry at me out of nowhere It went like this >you …[View]
23657544Is there any hope for me?: What should I do to better my appearance? I’m already planning on losing …[View]
23657241I don't know what job I want: Every job I would like either costs a shit-load of money to start…[View]
23652101Threesome with gf and her sis: Yeah yeah, I know the title sounds like a porno. But my gf is getting…[View]
23657397Anyone here rubbing minox all over their face every day to try and grow a beard? Does it actually wo…[View]
23655134Dating: I've dated many women, some several times, and nobody wants to fucking commit, or even …[View]
23657429Career change: About to graduate from law school and I’ve honestly just had an existential crisis. I…[View]
23656539How stressful is being an engineer? (electronic): I am planning to be an electronic engineer who des…[View]
23657412Healthy young boyfriend obsessed with going to doctor: Is there a psychological reason behind this? …[View]
23657312Starting to resent my friend for having success: I don't know what I can do to make this shitty…[View]
23657406I've noticed lately that my attention span can be really shit. If I'm not doing something …[View]
23657103How to stop being a narcissist?: Hi guys. I have been very depressed for a few months and just mana…[View]
23655438is it normal to not want to date a girl when you know your friend or even friends have fucked her or…[View]
23656493I recently made out with a woman at a party. We texted afterwards and met up again. I wanted to make…[View]
23656447What should I do with my life?: I don't think I'm going to go to uni. I've seen a lot…[View]
23657198Learning disability.: I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with me, I have to try so much harder than …[View]
23657060Hi I need to return a pc to its owner and I want to make sure there are no clues that I took files f…[View]
23656203Some of you may remember this from last time. Anyways, I wormed my way back in, I think - what do? I…[View]
23656977URGENT sexchat advice: I met a 20-years-old chick on Omegle who wants to make me send audios in exch…[View]
23655268A couple of weeks ago, my sis told me she was pregnant: The second thing that I thought was, 'If I c…[View]
23656195My girlfriend had an abortion and didn't even asked me about it, i had to know just because of …[View]
23656755Can a femanon explain the process fo getting a gf to me? When do I get to have sex witht the female?…[View]
23655817I'm retarded and posted this on /qa/ due to being tired and nervous. That said, I had a call on…[View]
23656872lost interest in school: i'm going to college and honestly i lost all the energy to do assignme…[View]
23657059Getting a doctor's note in UK: Any Britbongs here have any experience getting a doctor's n…[View]
23656155Is there a way to locate records of your own traffic stops? I got pulled over by a cop today who let…[View]
23656526Does anyone else feel suffocated so much by society that they become a hermit? What should I do to a…[View]
23655183How do you approach short-tempered, stubborn people? My father, sister, and brother can snap from 0 …[View]
23655254Is there a free site I can use to check the owner of a phone number?: Please respond. Thank you…[View]
23656845Can I punch a woman in her stomach during sex? I love seeing women in pain, how do I find a woman th…[View]
23654054I got out of an abusive friendship 4 months ago and have now accepted that it is finally over after …[View]
23656417Now or wait: Hey /adv/ so this guy I care about recently is going through some hardship. His adoptiv…[View]
23656620i'm soon to start a mathematics degree in the UK and when i'm done i want to move as far a…[View]
23656918My family hates me. I tried to kill myself 3 times. Cutting. Taking pills, cutting again. The the th…[View]
23656460Why can't I get over myself? Why am I being so dramatic and prideful? I'm like an opera ch…[View]
23656919>get crippled in an accident >lost job as a result >need housing because temporarily moved …[View]
23633580I asked the goth loli cashier for her number and she gave it to me. Now what? I did not think she wo…[View]
23656880Dream interpretation: plane crash/explosion; trying different outfits next to my wardrobe: So I just…[View]
23653560A girl in my college turned me down for a date because she thinks that my voice/accent is too gay. W…[View]
23656712arm pits sweat problem: yeah I have this nasty problem of excessive arm pit sweating, multiple times…[View]
23654227How to act around a girl you’ve fucked but are not in a relationship with: Last weekend a girl from …[View]
23655236whats something you can do tommorow morning that you usually dont do that you know would improve you…[View]
23654715How do you know if a girl you're fucking is also fucking other guys?[View]
23656114Is it gross to have sex on the couch?: My girlfriend and I had sex on my family's couch and I…[View]
23656126The last 12 months have made me question literally everything about my life (except my anime waifu, …[View]
23651872How to transform from a CHUMP to a CHAMP? I'm a 25 year old loser attending a community college…[View]
23656217How do I accept that I am not that smart? I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm just n…[View]
23654030Why does evil need to exist?[View]
23652973I know, This is very random. Is it a good idea to go for a third child, if I am financially well so…[View]
23656706Why does so much shit: revolve around me playing video games. Fucking scared to do anything, addicte…[View]
23656659At this point I am truly convinced I can't even have sex with a girl: Not because I can't …[View]
23656603My girlfriend is super pissed with me, who is in the wrong here? We were drinking and cuddling one n…[View]
23656616I have trouble focusing on myself: Long story short I play WoW with online 'friends' got into argume…[View]
23655209Internet addiction[View]
23652029Does your overall 'vibe' make people hate you?: Do you ever get the sense that you give off a vibe t…[View]
23656296where do i learn ta be the bestestest artist comment critic welcom praises especially i need 10k peo…[View]
23656193am I a schizo?: this video represents how I think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl_IzfULoqo any an…[View]
23656476My YouTube video stopped playing and I can’t get it to play. I’m very frustrated what do I do?[View]
23655909I bet after the pandemic, I bet there will be sex infested parties. How should a male prepare for th…[View]
23656282I'm losing my virginity in 12 hours Anons. Please give me ANY advice you have. >Questions I…[View]
23656208Diaphragm'n'shit: I'm trying to look a bit less like shit, so yesterday I went for a …[View]
23655500'Weed non-addictive': Haven't had it in about a year cuz broke, in college and parents practica…[View]
23655568Should I kill myself: I suffer from autism and OCD. Every single day of my life is a battle against …[View]
23656233how do u get a gf?: i cannot seem to find the balance between coming off too strong or too weak in s…[View]
23655721Help me with fleas, please: I caught some fleas in the woods. I immediately washed my hair and cloth…[View]
23655363ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
23656162I want people who would genuinely want to be around me, cherish me, and love me. I'm so tired o…[View]
23656159I want to go out camping, catch some fish, kill it and gut it, cook it and eat it. Does this make me…[View]
23649342How do you cope other men busting their load in your wife?: How do you cope when you know that your …[View]
23656147rollcall: anyone know the new site opiaterollcall moved to? it was like erowid or something. I just …[View]
23655994So do you still have to play that 'Should I, shouldn't I' bullshit the first time you kiss a gi…[View]
23657572Why do women have better lives than men?[View]
23655628Should I follow a cute girl from class on Instagram: I go to uni, and bc of the pandemic most of my …[View]
23654621My girlfriend keeps leaving because she feels she isn't good enough? My girlfriend and I have d…[View]
23656104i need to get over my ex gf: just that anons, she has became famous (not gonna mention her) and even…[View]
23655381How do i write a 3 page research essay in a day?: I've been slacking off for the past 2 weeks i…[View]
23655762These Audio Technica headphones are too fucking tight. I've put them between a box about the si…[View]
23655357Scholarship advice: give me some advice, I'm looking for a way to go abroad and study anywhere …[View]
23655641How do you break up with someone you've lived with for around a year?: I'm just so lost ri…[View]
23655139Help me get /out/: Bros. I've gotten to the point where I hate most aspects of my life and the …[View]
23655870Red pill me in DNA: Which tools or specialist would you recommend me to look for. To get my dna full…[View]
23655600I think my therapist put Lexapro in my water: It tated different and on the drive home I felt my hea…[View]
23655789>meets a girl from uni class >she initiates to talk to me every 2 to 3 days >talks about pe…[View]
23655841I have a lake very close to my house <1min driving. I've been thinking of buying a kayak and…[View]
23655419Post relationship trauma?: It’s been almost exactly a year since I broke up with my ex gf yet I stil…[View]
23655387Why do I have to say words to people? Why do they need me to talk?[View]
23655582air force: is joining the air force a bad idea? 23 yo here and sick of living at home. I have a usel…[View]
23655867I'm 26 never been in a long term relationship up until now. Moved around since 21. Have been li…[View]
23655848Laziness is leaking into my professional life.: What the fuck to do??!!![View]
23655729I didn't know about the gamestop stocks thing going on today until it was too late. I was payin…[View]
23655761What does it feel like to have sex?[View]
23655812benzo tolerance/withdrawal: Google isn't very helpful for this type of question. I use benzos o…[View]
23652722I didn't get many responses yesterday so I'll ask again. How do I give up on women and ro…[View]
23654540How to fool myself to think it's not over yet? After I accepted it's all about looks I can…[View]
23655266Has anyone ever had success getting rid of genital warts? I have had it for over a year and am getti…[View]
23655239Should I quit smoking weed?[View]
23653883My wife lied for 9 months about being pregnant. I just found out a few hours ago. She tried to kill …[View]
2365553427 yr old Virgin male (lol): 27 yr old Virgin dude here, trying to put myself out there on online da…[View]
23650758tips on self harming: mainly for people who have done this before. do you have any advice? Items to …[View]
23653982My psychiatrist said I could call my pharmacy and ask them to request a refill of my Adderall from t…[View]
23651750how do you fix >sperg >bipolar >childhood trauma >attachment issues from said trauma …[View]
23655440Music Advice: Can I get advice as to how I can improove my music? Gracias senores https://www.youtub…[View]
23655165Starting a new life: What should I do if I am seeking a fresh start and have $35k? I lost my job, I…[View]
23655426pic unrelated. sorry if this is a bit of a blogpost I have a drinking problem. I partially drink bec…[View]
23654919I was supposed to meet up with a guy but the weather got bad and now I can't. I feel really bad…[View]
23654907Okay /adv/, I need some help here, since I don't know where to go next: >Be me, never dated …[View]
23651330Whats a good birthday gift for my mom[View]
23654431What is the best way of losing a fatty stomach and bitch tits as a male? I used to be always extreme…[View]
23655265I don't get it, why have I never had a gf? Is it because I am 5'8 and Indian? Is cause I d…[View]
23655282What should you do if you suspect a family member of yours is cheating on his wife?[View]
23653354How do you cope with laziness, depression and suicidal thoughts in a way that isn’t some hoax like '…[View]
23654749obviously give up: so uh, i rarely make good hits with my art and design or music.... and trust me i…[View]
23655328My best friend from work, who I’m really good friends with to the point where people constantly thin…[View]
23654349I told my BF that I'm not a virgin: 25 year old femanon here who has never had a boyfriend, bas…[View]
23651841My 3rd daughter is about to be born...BUT: My wife has not given me a son yet. I'm not so lucky…[View]
23655256I'm threatened by my spouse's relationship with a mutual friend. She barely ever talks to …[View]
23655061Should I delete all my social media and go ghost: Title. For some reason I’ve noticed people have be…[View]
23655170do gay people have their own version of the 'friend zone' where they want to fuck their hot straight…[View]
23655000>12 years old >developed bladder problems since teachers were used to me skipping class, didn…[View]
23649811Why are women so confusing.[View]
23655022How do i cope after being banned from /qa/[View]
23654819Making money through internet as a third worlder: Hey anons, I would really like to make cash online…[View]
23648091I am a black zoomer and I have been making fake profiles of white people on facebook (legit looking …[View]
23654742https://www.additudemag.com/brain-stimulation-and-adhd-cravings-addiction-and-regulation/: Read this…[View]
23654753Coming back to social media?: Need some advice from anons I had a friend group I really enjoyed hang…[View]
23655097Recently I started an onlyfans with my girlfriend and now my ex wants to have a threesome with us? W…[View]
23654929So, I was on OmegleTM(don't question it) and I came across this person, we have a VERY normal c…[View]
23654949How to accept your own ugliness?: I can't help but feel ugly and fat looking at myself in the m…[View]
23654812This might be rambling but I just kinda want the outlet and people in my life don't need to kno…[View]
23654980high school at 18: im going back to high school after a few years off at age 18. going to 11th grade…[View]
23653273Since I was young(13) I have viewed most people as obstacles. Women are obstacles to anal sex, deept…[View]
23654385Found the identity of my scammer: As the title states I have found the Instagram of some guy that sc…[View]
23652975my coworker texted our group chat saying he left hs airpods in his locker and no one had better take…[View]
23654866Help with memorazation: So I have this math exam tomorrow night, and I think that I've been rel…[View]
23647214How do you cope with and accept your life of inceldom? No amount of socialization or attempt to will…[View]
23654693When people say 'I want to fuck that ass' do they mean anal sex, doggy style, or just stating that …[View]
23653919Is the trad wife meme a lie, or am I just in a bad situation?: Probably opening myself up to be shit…[View]
23654047Depressed for the past 3-4 years. Been living in my car the past 5 months. I have no friends and don…[View]
23652528How do I get rid of a foot fetish/ Advice: Hey Anons so about 3 years ago I developed a foot fetish …[View]
23653478How do I learn to be more expressive with the arts?: There's been a constant pattern through my…[View]
23651288How do I like a women again after being incel for many years?[View]
23652867Making friends: How do i make friends? 20 year old kissless friendless guy, not really interested in…[View]
23654633Is it possible to fuck my huge ass girlfriend doggy style, even tho my dick is average and curved up…[View]
23653455How do you make your life valuable and meaningful when you can’t hold a job, can’t get an education,…[View]
23654101Can I clean a down comforter in the washing machine? If not, how else should I clean it? I should ha…[View]
23654152>spend hours accumulating the best ressources in the net >spend more hours imaging my self do…[View]
23652507Is it normal to hang out with my ex?[View]
23653123Need your advice: how does a woman achieve a butt like hers?: For me it's an amazing 8/10 one. …[View]
23654557my gf is a Karen should I kill myself?[View]
23654632Sengoku planning: Recomendations for an heroing using carbon monoxide?[View]
23654144book suggestions: i’m about to head to my universities library. what is the best philosophical piece…[View]
23653473How do i get over fear, hatred and disgust of women? I dont want to see them as human because they w…[View]
23654505I cannot handle losing at any game. I am not angry or mad but every mistake I do makes me hate mysel…[View]
23654524is wattpad a good place to make a living writing? if yes any advice on how to do so? if no what bett…[View]
23651136How do I be more interesting and charismatic? I am around my friends but I am utterly unable to be o…[View]
23654568Bruh fuck women!: I'm finally at that point where I can't stand bitches!! I'ma be sin…[View]
23654533My ex gave me Herpes-1 on my genitals. How to cope, live with this, and live a normal life without i…[View]
23644181Suicidal deadline (day 6): I have promised myself that if I (23 yo autistic NEET) don't get a j…[View]
23654527If given the chance to sleep with a married don’t pass it up, just don’t catch feelings and treat he…[View]
23650699How to fix bad posture: Pic related is me. Exercising by myself doesn't do shit. Should I hit t…[View]
23654519How do you cope with sheer loneliness: 22 neet and very sick of myself. Have to rewrite shit cus pag…[View]
23654419Is there any benefit to being a friendless permavirgin?[View]
23654348Loneliness: How do you guys deal with bouts of loneliness[View]
23653491How do I make two people who can't stand each other get along again?: There are two people in m…[View]
23654423is it normal to be bitter?: i have no clue if i was always this way, or if it's just gotten wor…[View]
23653723Shrooms for anxiety: I’m an anxious bitch and I want to stop this before my life spirals even furthe…[View]
23650895How do I cope with having wasted so many years? Even now, that I'm finally moving forward, I ju…[View]
23652413How much should you be spending on going groceries? For me and my bf I usually spend 70-100 weekly I…[View]
23654078How to Get a Grip: I feel like I'm going insane, anons. I always over-analyze anything anyone s…[View]
23654410How do I stop being creepy without sacrificing my personality?[View]
23654370How can I get sex tonight?: How do I unironically have sex tonight? Tinder will take awhile and visi…[View]
23654141If a woman tells you you're everything she wants in a man, should you ask her out?[View]
23653990Girl who said, more than once, she can't see us together and won't be together with me. Gi…[View]
23651565Its killing me please help im a 20 year old and i have a cuck fetish and i hate it it ruined my last…[View]
23654103Hello! Does anyone know where I can find detailed info on how to successfully commit suicide by each…[View]
23654041My social life is one big tragic miscommunication. I want to live an exciting life, one full of adve…[View]
23653080Is my fonger healing okay?: Been like this for 2 days.[View]
23654240Suicidal baby-faced male: >turning 25 in a few months >still have the face of a literal 17 yea…[View]
23653958Shill me some hobbies thy attract tumblr girls and berlin art hoes please![View]
23654159Should I GTFO or enjoy: So basically I'm on vacation but the person I planned this with had to …[View]
23654153Should I start adding people on Snapchat? I removed a good 90% of my “friends” on Snap a while back.…[View]
23654131Took time to breathe. Took more time to think. I promised my dad before he went to store for cigare…[View]
23653626Do you think it is unpolite going to talk with your boss accompanied by workmates instead of going a…[View]
23653482What is 'dating'? I see people talking about it all the time but have never understood what it actua…[View]
23654066How to be more horny: I haven't masturbated in 9 days and I haven't felt even a little hor…[View]
23644951How do I conquer the fear of buying protection? It's legitimately one of the number 1 reason I…[View]
23652983I'm bothered by my girlfriend's family history and her apparent flippant attitude about it…[View]
23652987I want to move to another country, but i am scared i wont be able to make friends. Is this a real co…[View]
23650468I've been told I'm racist, but I'm not. I hate people for the culture with which they…[View]
23653041>fucked her 3 times >after the deal she's cuddly and lovey dovey for 20 minutes but after…[View]
23645841You know what bothers me the most? I don't understand why everyone else isn't as angry as …[View]
23654018should i start a blog? y/n i’m a loser with a shit personality, if that matters[View]
23651536Porn Addiction: How do i conquer my porn addiction without just going cold turkey? Like, I want to j…[View]
23653920I hate my girlfriend: Im almost 30 and I've got the male wall: I'm tall and in shape but I…[View]
23653315I’m on the run from some people due to a personal dispute, and I need never to be found again. At le…[View]
23653773Need help identifying a strange object: I found this plastic container inside of an old stuffed pand…[View]
23653497I'm having a call with my ex tomorrow to talk about things, is there anything I can do to try t…[View]
23653399Am I a narcissist?: According to people I’ve asked before, the fact I’m asking that question means t…[View]
23652037How can I lower everything ?[View]
23653825for the last six years I’ve constantly been trying to kill myself. It never gets better. The only th…[View]
23651905I find everything boring and I hate life how to fix it?[View]
23653316I want to work on a volunteer farm to meet women: I made a killing in crypto, and I decided I want t…[View]
23653154how do i recover from a breakup?: online dream gf of 8 months i got really into turns out to be a du…[View]
23650063Joining Military for Self-Discipline: >be me >hate college and realize I have no self-discipli…[View]
23653572is it possible earn the forgiveness of a friend I was cruel and toxic to?. I was younger and I had a…[View]
23652613How can you have multiple wives: How would you keep up having lots of children and multiple wives wh…[View]
23652142/ATOGA/: Business Professionals Edition Previous: >>23650986[View]
23653438I'm 28 years old and very low energy, basically: I'm a little bitch, I take zero risks and…[View]
23653440Promotion/job advice: I've been with a company that has one central location, and a second loca…[View]
23653420I'm more attracted to anime girls than irl girls: I'm worried anime has spoiled me so much…[View]
23653162Relation: Background: I'm 15 years older than my sister. For the vast part, I've raised he…[View]
23653532How do I play this ?>[View]
23650164are antidepressants worth giving a try for depression, anxiety, no motivation, low self esteem?[View]
23653459I don't want to cry or show emotional distraught in public anymore. How can I become more stoic…[View]
23653175My wife ditched me for a black man. What do I do now?[View]
23652981>be a middle level manager >boss says our building having weed around makes it look ugly >…[View]
23653480How do I stop hating my dad? He's a retarded manbaby.[View]
23652841(1/2) I've been feeling guilty lately. I've been 'dating' a guy for almost 3 years now. We…[View]
23652003Bipolar +weed smoking: Is it this bad?[View]
23652660What's it like to have kids? Should i have some or not?: >raised in disfunctional family, no…[View]
23652485I feel like ive run out of energy: I am a 28 year old mature student seeking a career change, severe…[View]
23650446I have two bosses. One doesn't get along with me very well as we miscommunicate often. I don…[View]
23651973How do I stop getting so jealous over people who are way more successful and better than me (which i…[View]
23652924HOW TO GET OUT OF A RUT!?!!?: >In a rut >Shockingly unproductive >Can't focus on unive…[View]
23652315What should I do if it feels like I'm constantly speaking out of line. I have a desire to artic…[View]
23652947got covid last week, right now i cant smell or taste shit! i'm recovered already it wasnt more …[View]
23652675Girlfriend advice: Hey adv, I just recently started dating this girl and so far I feel like its goin…[View]
23653032How do you block out anxiety and stop giving into depression when you know that objectively speaking…[View]
23652962How to disappear from social medias and peoples lifes forever?[View]
23652484TAMU or UHD: pick one[View]
23652958Medical record: I know this is a long shot- but worth a try. I am active duty US Army. I just got h…[View]
23650636I can't really picture myself with anyone. I am a little goblin looking skinnyfat stuttering au…[View]
23652449Man, its Wednesday 8pm and all I did this week was putting up with my frustration of work and no tim…[View]
23647018Supervising an Intern who was a Nurse when I was in the Psych Ward: I used to be a psychologist. I h…[View]
23652787Is there any drug or medication that’d give you like consistent narcissistic delusions of grandeur? …[View]
23652798Good Women: Where does one go to find good women? I guess you could say I'm somewhat of a misog…[View]
23651961I need to tell somebody how I feel in this moment: I feel like a pice of shit. 5 years of college an…[View]
23649318Let's say you hook up with someone and get them pregnant. How do you avoid taking care of the b…[View]
23650189how to stop being 21 years old scrooler?[View]
23652636Girlfriend: My girlfriend isn't been coherent, according to her friends something is going on i…[View]
23650654what are the signs of becoming sociopaths and narcissicist ?[View]
23650732I did some embarassing stupid shit few years ago and I am paranoid as fuck since then, how to deal w…[View]
23652136Dont know if this is the right board for this but anyways heres my problem: My hp spectre x360 conve…[View]
23651348I am starting to get insanely stressed about college.: I have a bunch of exams coming up next week a…[View]
23649715If I were to consider putting a large sum of money into an annuity, what are the biggest and most re…[View]
23652342It's time to end my shit. I'll spare you the details but I've ruined my own life and …[View]
23651358I'm sick of constantly being reminded that i'm lonely. I'm sick lf there being no onl…[View]
23652761I don't want to die, I enjoy lots of little things in life. However I feel really guilty about …[View]
23652729If a girl asks you to study with her at home, how likely is it that she wants to hook up?[View]
23652476plz help: plz help, been biting my nails since i can remember. its getting harder to meet people…[View]
23652373Is Organic Chemistry a dead career?: I'm interested in doing a PhD in Organic Chemistry but fro…[View]
23652711Why does it seem like people tend to think it's okay to ghost other people? Why are people okay…[View]
23652705Been with GF for over 2 years now and I love her a lot but I recently have been fixated on the idea …[View]
23640050Been offered the vaccine. What do I do?: I’ve been offered the vaccine this week but the possibility…[View]
23652499Talking to women: >Talking to girl >She's retarded How do you find girls that are actuall…[View]
23651990How to calm nerves before sex? Help me quick!!![View]
23652279I'm a fucking retard.: I didn't learn my lesson before whe I did something like this, I tr…[View]
23651870Doing shit that matters: I feel like no matter how hard I try, no career in my future will be import…[View]
23651438Tell me what's bothering you, can I help? - III[View]
23650525i never needed more help, please redpill me: i just found out i have gw (HPV, a std basically) while…[View]
23652565Was supposed to meet with my new gf today, but fell asleep after work and didn't how up Now she…[View]
23652610Radiation Therapy: Can any anons shed some light on this profession? Would you recommend it? Would y…[View]
23649384i somehow stayed indoors for e months straight, worked two shifts at work and now i got the rona: I …[View]
23652277What do I do about my parents suddenly becoming anti-vaxxers late in life? My mom especially believe…[View]
23650119My fiancée has no personality or opinions. She feels like an NPC most of the times and just reflects…[View]
23650002>gf lately constantly says that she wants to suicide Wat do?[View]
23649373Least Painful Way?: Long story short, have always had a shit life. Unwanted child and only used to g…[View]
23647458Why is it so hard for us, INFJs to find a partner? Is it because of the extremely high expectations?…[View]
23651963Musical Instrument Advice: I can play basic guitar...really basic, like chords and basic strumming p…[View]
23650996Headache: I been getting intense headaches when i jerk, exercise and wake up, this headaches last up…[View]
23651424eye contact: I'm considerably autistic and automatically avoid eye contact because it makes me …[View]
23651803Fail: I couldn't become the superior being I fantasized about becoming as a child, and because …[View]
23651081How do I start caring about school? I want to work in the field im in school for but I can’t bring m…[View]
23651681would anal be a viably better option than birth control/condoms. more girls are open to it, but they…[View]
23651821should a guy fake during sex, my cumface might scare the hoes pic related[View]
23651409I recognized I spend too much time on 4chan and it's effecting my mental. How do I stop using t…[View]
23652032Sometimes I want female attention so I try to ask online, it takes a while to work. Are there any al…[View]
23652421eepic drugerinos! amogus!: Whaddup anonymers. Its me, just checking in with yall. I am going tomorro…[View]
23652420How do I obtain sodium nitrite in Canada? I don't work for or own a meat processing plant and h…[View]
23650904Rape: Has anyone experienced their girlfriend being raped while being in a relationship? How'd …[View]
23649254I seriously, unironically, want to move to a different country. I do not feel like I belong in my co…[View]
23650113>marry Asian woman >kindest and best woman I've ever met, 10/10 relationship >daughter…[View]
23652220What would you suggest to someone who is unremarkable but interesed in STEM to select a field. I lik…[View]
23650593Is there any place online that is like OnlyFans, but without the no-meetups cuckoldry? Like exactly …[View]
23651605alcoholism and paranoia: I'm 25, I'm an alcoholic. I drink atleast 6-12 beers every day, t…[View]
23650943I can't help but feel that everyone around me is literally perfect. Never a bad decision, never…[View]
23650842How to deal with a bragger?: This guy constantly brags to me and tries to belittle me, yet he seeks …[View]
23650484Shrinking a polyester shirt? Pic kinda related, bought a decently expensive shirt because my buddy …[View]
23650236Alright /r9k/, ask a US based lawyer anything I've done a bit of everything over the years: -Pe…[View]
23651044Fixing Sleep Schedule: I'm on the brink of flunking college (good grades til now, but I've…[View]
23651304What do if minimum wage is both unlivable due to costs of living, and the only jobs who would accept…[View]
23649273How do I go about hitting up a hooker in the US? I haven't had sex in 2 years and I'm gett…[View]
23651648Before I waste time going to a doctor(I live like an hour away from the nearest hospital), I'm …[View]
23651414How can you tell a person actually wants you to hang out with them and doesn't just pretend to …[View]
23649324I don't know how to talk to my boyfriend about how shitty I'm feeling without him feeling …[View]
23651966Getting a second job?: I work a dead end job, and honestly I don't need anything more, but I…[View]
23651874Finger suckin: This girl I'm seeing is new to casual sex and she's a sub but she seems to …[View]
23650221I'm gonna be having an online job interview in a couple of hours. I've been on many interv…[View]
23649401How do I make my former highschool bullies remember me, so that my revenge against them is more sati…[View]
23650588Hi /adv/. Recently I got a DUI charge along with a Marijuana pipe charge (paraphernalia). These two …[View]
23651336How do I cope with being unable to solve P vs NP?[View]
23651882Going back to my wagecage after enjoying two weeks of uninterrupted holiday. The anticipation is kil…[View]
23651854Hi /adv/, I was recalling my childhood and I noticed something really strange: I used to talk with i…[View]
23651827How to get into (watching) Boxing?: A lot of enjoyment of sports is knowing the context behind the t…[View]
23650986/ATOGA/ Ask the opposite gender anything: Last thread >>23648855[View]
23651740I just woke up from a dream about breaking up literally just woke up and it's too fucking hard,…[View]
23651774>have a Samsung smartphone >have a custom built electric bass guitar and a bass amp >have a…[View]
23649086Degree in economics: So I’m not very good at many things and I’m a bit of a retard/underachiever but…[View]
23651725Dating this girl: Hey so, I've been on a few dates with this girl. She ticks all my boxes so fa…[View]
23651526/adv/ my job history is as follows: >interned and was then worked full time at a mid sized compan…[View]
23650249I can't exist without her: I literally live for the weekends and the few weekdays I get to meet…[View]
23651149Should I take the Hyde-pill and chase after unattractive girls?[View]
23649563What do you guys do for Socialization/meeting new people? I'm 24 and have been a shut in for pr…[View]
23651474How am I supposed to make friends in college? All classes are online, there are no bars or pubs open…[View]
23650292Weight loss: TL;DR - I started dieting a couple months and I became increasingly obsessive with my w…[View]
23651515Aight’ guys. How do I get rid of Dudley McDoodoo? And if not, when can I get spare parts? >Bluste…[View]
23651394I met someone at the wrong time: I am suffering from BPD and I am currently getting help, but I met …[View]
23650870My left eye has been twitching for the past three days. I haven't taken any drugs or anything, …[View]
23651096I hate my mom's food: I hate my mom's food, it's so fucking boring and bland. Because…[View]
23648521Met her 3 times in a week, fucked her and spanked her ass, she hugged me and said things like 'I mis…[View]
23651387Why is it that i have so many likes on tinder but i still get sad when i get rejected by a girl[View]
23650210I hate my history's art teacher, he is angry 24/7 and is always arguing with everyone, he knows…[View]
23649205I can't take it anymore: I can't stop laughing hysterically.[View]
23651217I am considering quitting my casual dead end job because I've fallen in love with a girl who tr…[View]
23651155My best friend from work, who I’m really good friends with to the point where people constantly thin…[View]
23650726Hello job /adv/isers. My company is freezing pay rises this year because their financial situation h…[View]
23649851Gf is deciding to move out in 2 weeks. I can't bring myself to tell our daughter. I'm pret…[View]
23648899OCD makes me want to kill myself: I’ve recently been diagnosed with OCD and it has completely ruined…[View]
23650953Is it completely possible that some hobbies are not meant for retards like myself? I was thinking of…[View]
23650940Are relationships supposed to be so tiresome?: I'm very very late to the dating party. Got my f…[View]
23650778How do you overcome this feeling that you are sapping the energy from everything? I find it incre…[View]
23649180How can I keep the fire burning? I went on a date with this girl, set up a second date, but now she…[View]
23650742How do I make a friend?[View]
23647533Why exactly should I stop being a NEET?[View]
23650772Can’t tell who the asshole is here. My two housemates were college cool but one of them was definite…[View]
23650270Gf is delusional or have been sexually harassed by everyone she knew as a kid. The problem is that s…[View]
23650476reset sex: I was in a looong relationship during which I had only one sex partner. I fear I'll …[View]
23648172>be me >live in eastern european country >growing up only really met girls >primary scho…[View]
23648303Conscious rap: Is it too late for conscious rap because I want to slowly introduce my life experienc…[View]
23650933not sure why but feeling down right now. i feel that everyday passes very quickly and I find that I …[View]
23650655Useless fucking 23 year old brother absolutely worthless at protecting his little sister from being …[View]
23650952Guy here. I relate to Paul Rudd’s character in this movie. What’s a good way to meet guys to have a …[View]
23649553Dealing with Regrets: How do I get over my regrets? In high school I was a bit of an oddball, never …[View]
23650129Should I cut my younger brother out of my life?: My younger brother since we were kids has been the …[View]
23650243Is my friend at risk of reinfection?: A friend of mine had COV19 a few months ago (I think in late N…[View]
23649452trauma and exs: ive been thinking about my ex again shes moved on and its been a year and a half. i …[View]
23650177Friend is going to commit Suicide: I'll cut it short; My friend is extremely suicidal. Just rec…[View]
23650273I don't feel attracted to my girlfriend. I realize it's not just the physical aspect, beca…[View]
23650789How to stop being scared of women?: I'm 6' 4/10 white in Scandinavia, I'm KHHV. How d…[View]
23649896How do I give up on women and romantic relationships altogether? How do I purge myself of all hope? …[View]
23650455I have a fetish for girls in burkha, and Arabic and Muslim girls. My girlfriend is attractive and al…[View]
23650483How do I stop being NEET?[View]
23649276hello /adv/, in the last 3months i keep dreaming about one of my girls from high school all the tim…[View]
23649669Can't stop porn: Life has been really rough since the pandemic started. Lost my great job, have…[View]
23650411Harder sex: Any tips how to be more Domination and rough toward her?[View]
23650557Does it make sense to just avoid women? I just texted with a tinder match and we set up a date. But …[View]
23649608Let's assume I want to build a cabin in the woods and live there alone for a year or two. But t…[View]
23650474[s]how[/s] <s>do</s> <strike>i</strike> [strike]strikethrough[/strike] [stri…[View]
23650274im a highschool student so i guess im a really young guy. i want to be author have nobody to show my…[View]
23649892Out of curiosity, if a friend or family member was convinced you were going to kill yourself and the…[View]
23650610Lie on a Resume?: I've applied to a lot of jobs in my area that match my skill set and hardly e…[View]
23647591How long after my mother's birthday should I wait before I kill myself?: It's her birthday…[View]
23650565Am I wrong for thinking what this person said to me is incoherant? I'm person 2. Person 1: I…[View]
23650380I want to break up with my boyfriend of 9 years but all of his shit is intermingled with my shit and…[View]
23647285Do women really suffer from their own mental gymnastics?[View]
23649258My dad died and I hated him and I hate acting like I miss him.: So my father died a couple of months…[View]
23649949I have low empathy and it makes me sad. I feel like such a narcissistic self-centered piece of shit.…[View]
23650281Hello, after talking a bit with my girlfriend, we finally decided to try anal sex. We’re both have n…[View]
23650211>want to break up with gf cause she refuses to work or at least go to school even if I offered to…[View]
23647874My mood changes several times a day between constant numbness combined with indifference on the one …[View]
23650306my girlfriend has seperated from me. she is japanese and we haven't met for over a year, we tri…[View]
23650193Alright this is a gay thread but whatever I haven't been able to get weed due to moving to a ve…[View]
23649881Lost everything. Might kill myself: Well, I lost everything. So much that I can't even cry anym…[View]
23650118What the fuck is the point of living I can't enjoy anything anymore I'm an empty shell of …[View]
23649961I literally feel it is impossible for me to score with a woman. I either get no response, or blocked…[View]
23649779Is wattpad a good place to make a living writing? if yes any tips in how to do so? if no, any better…[View]
23650016God h8s gays: i have 2 friends that i have known since middle school that have started acting progre…[View]
23650140whats the best way to publish a comic? both digitally and in print. Also, if the comic is based off …[View]
23643587I have sex with a teen: >21yo male I have sex with a 17yo in my car 1 year ago. I think nobody kn…[View]
23649232I've been thinking about breaking up with my girlfriend. We've been together for a little …[View]
23643169How do you stop giving money to women?: There are a couple women who I have a connection with and al…[View]
23648200What do I do?: Been working at McDonalds for like 5 months and wanna quit cus I fuckin hate it. Prob…[View]
23648855/atoga/: Ask the opposite gender anything! A place with an abundance of crazy cat lady namefags! Pre…[View]
23649449wtf: My little cousin has been living with us ever since the rona started. He owns an old ass laptop…[View]
23649731I find it hard to message tinder matches. I don't know what I want. Do I want a relationship or…[View]
23649828I want to have a kid, even if I have to adopt one. My problem is that I think the kid needs both a m…[View]
23649043If I jump in front of a train will I really traumatize the conductor? It's not his fault, it…[View]
23647931NOPORN: One and a half week on noporn and last night I had a dream about the type of porn I’d watch.…[View]
23649860What should I do there are too many things I have to do I don't even know where to even begin?[View]
23648764Boil on my ass can't sit on my bum: I have a big boil on my butt and I have been unable to sit …[View]
23647831I've an unbelievable drive to engage with opinions online I disagree with. To the point that ev…[View]
23649602Parents are splitting: I'm the oldest kid in my family: currently at uni. Financially I'm …[View]
23649066Should i go to a psychologist or to a psychiatrist to discuss my life issues and find a solution?[View]
23649268what should i study if i like ride longboard, play videogames and draw?[View]
23648574>live in illegal state >live in poor black neighborhood where everyone just smokes weed on the…[View]
23649593Anon makes amazon harem: I’m a guy that loves big butts and jerks off to amazon videos and growth po…[View]
23649784leaving internet: how do people just leave the internet? like the guys online 7 years ago?[View]
23649806how to get motivation back for school: I've lost my motivation for the past 3 and a half years …[View]
23649249Am I a destroyer of lives? I've had 3 serious relationships over the last decade and despite th…[View]
23649551Why do I still feel so sad even though my life is going pretty good?[View]
23647626Here's an advice, stop being a faggot[View]
23649626I really, really need someone to talk to right now. Please requiem#1126[View]
23649496How do I remove this old wine stain on my curtain? Or at least make it less obvious?[View]
23649689My best friend/roommate has become a lazy piece of shit: Okay, so me and my friend got an apartment …[View]
23649655I have dermatillomania and it’s ruining me. I can’t afford therapy and the healthcare system fucked …[View]
23648369Wrist Issue: Idk if this is the right place to post this but I've been feeling with this for ne…[View]
23641958How deep must the cuts be to get scars like pic rel?: And should I use a razor or something else?…[View]
23647175alcohol, hangovers, and anxiety: lately i think i've been noticing more and more how much alcoh…[View]
23648820Do you think jobs will be in high demand by mid march or something? This trend makes it look like co…[View]
23649606I have high anxiety to the point it impairs me and makes me think very slow a lot. What kind of shri…[View]
23645697What the fuck. Everywhere I go there are young girls who are single mothers. Now I'm afraid to …[View]
23649428how the fuck do i be funny i just wanna crack jokes and write stories that people will laugh at, but…[View]
23649451/mental/: Bros I'm a diagnosed massive depressive and I don't know what to do. I have no m…[View]
23649382Is it better to travel alone or to travel along with someone?[View]
23648757What am I doing wrong: >get boyfriend >we talked often >told him I wanted to take it slow. …[View]
23649150Going to a goth nightclub tommorow night to pick up girls. Im 335 pounds, and six foot three. What s…[View]
23648652What can I say to someone who doesn't want to live anymore and can't let go of a past trau…[View]
23649489Should I feel bad about this?: I'm fairly handy and have volunteered to help friends with proje…[View]
23648968Thinking of making a Tinder account: Is it even worth it if you're just average looking? What a…[View]
23647947how can i help my sister with self esteem and fatherly abuse issues? i understand how much it can fu…[View]
23649319Meeting Polish Women: As an American, how can I meet Polish women who qualify as wife material and m…[View]
23649370:waah:: Been thinking about killing myself lately but In small impulsive bursts like I’ll be watchin…[View]
23649291Is it consider “cutting someone off” if we both just stop talking to each other? I didn’t follow the…[View]
23647918Why do I believe women are inferior and how do I stop it?[View]
23647624If You Don't Have Money You Can't Make Money: >tfw no money to invest in crypto >tfw…[View]
23649314Can someone recommend me a good computer chair for chronic back pain? I have an ergonomic chair at h…[View]
23649050Advice on women needed: So how do women want to be approached? How tall do I need to be to approach?…[View]
23648985Dieting Advice for anons: i put this in ck but i think this should also go here Hey /adv/ I have bee…[View]
23649063My whole life should be ahead of me (19yo), but I'm falling into greater and greater depths of …[View]
23649118Attracted to coworker: She’s studying law enforcement and just graduated and about to change jobs. S…[View]
23649102I regret having sex with a person I don't find attractive. How do I get over this? I lost my vi…[View]
23647182How to clean IPS monitor?: i have a monitor that has a lot of residue streaks and lately it’s been b…[View]
23649193How do I stop treating other humans as obstacles? Are they obstacles?[View]
23649253how hard is it to get a gf when you are working long hours each day and travel alot for work... like…[View]
23649053career goals: Anyone else here content with an entry level office job? I have worked at the same pla…[View]
23648237Can you get in trouble for prank calling scammers?: So today I got a call from a toll free number fr…[View]
23648279how do you stop overthinking over pointless shit, especially if it's someone you like?[View]
23645099GIOYC: Get it off your lovely chest anon. https://youtu.be/EPPxGhYJlx4[View]
23648863I didn't spoke with someone aside from my family for the past 3 years. And I think it's do…[View]
23649099>gf had a bit of a slutty past, with a very promiscuous phase (including gangbangs) >date her …[View]
23649032does anyone here have experience working in a amazon warehouse? I'm going to start working ther…[View]
23648059How do I know if I am a narcissist or just autistic?[View]
23648504how to escape the 4chan: bros /pol/ is leaking into my irl and i dunno how to stop it. i work at a s…[View]
23649025Blind date: Going on a blind date. What do? What expect? I haven't been on a date in almost a…[View]
23648932I've been thinking about doing it. I know I'll regret it as soon as I do it. But I just do…[View]
23642024stunted loser, need some help: first things first, I don't want this to be whiny so I'll t…[View]
23647337>born in '95 >don't fit in with millennials >don't fit in with zoomers What…[View]
23649078I'm having a breakdown currently I think. Its been nearly a year since me and her broke up. Her…[View]
23648830What do?: Alright, there's this teacher i used to have years ago who was a cunt to me and all o…[View]
23648535Fuck buddy hit me up: Last time we talked she lost her shit because I didn't want a relationshi…[View]
23647740If a woman says 'my pussy is yours' does that mean she wants to date you? Or just fuck?[View]
23648842I feel sad that the girl i am with right now is my first relationship. She is the crush of my life, …[View]
23648111Any architecture major: What do architects actually do? I chose it as a career because I like buildi…[View]
23648952My college installed a vending machine on my floor while I'm trying to eat healthier. How do I …[View]
23649017Big mommy milkers: I’m a dyke and when a big tiddy lady walks past I feel guilty for looking. I don’…[View]
23648744cute female friend: >be me >have attractive female friend 9/10 >walking to class with her …[View]
23648826kitten of about three weeks old started to get weak. his voice has started to hoarse and his body is…[View]
23648933US Forest Service seasonal summer job: I'm interested in getting a seasonal summer job with the…[View]
23648572My girlfriend and I just had a talk about sex and it's role in our relationship. I'm a vir…[View]
23647142How do I attract Bad Girls?: I only attract pious, quiet conservative women. It's absolutely in…[View]
23648919Socialising: Hey, everyone. How to meet people in a foreign country, especially in Japan? I speak th…[View]
23645901Am I a faggot for wanting to leave a suicide note? I'm just tired of existing, wanted to leave …[View]
23648846Shit Coin: Wanna make a shit coin that prints money. What would you do if it was your responsibility…[View]
23648774How do I stop jacking off?: It leaves me so fucking exhausted and sad but I can't stop getting …[View]
23648646>dating a girl >I find her kind of annoying and think about breaking up with her >she break…[View]
23648782idk what the fuck is wrong with me. I can’t stop watching this faggot. Whenever I need to enjoy some…[View]
23648287>Believe ex gave me HPV. >Go to her house during the day to confront her. >Have a birthday …[View]
23644362Ever since my gf sexually assaulted me the other night I've been feeling somewhat anxious when …[View]
23648606My ex gave me Herpes-1 on my genitals. How to cope, live with this, and live a normal life without i…[View]
23648211F, 24, 0$ in bank account How fucked am I?[View]
23648661hey you yes you how do i stop wanting to hug, cuddle and kiss that one girl who hugs and is sweet to…[View]
23648759How do I explain to people that my parents were verbally abusive to me and that I prefer not to be a…[View]
23641982Absolute degenerate: One of my mother's cousins has come to visit us. I never knew her before, …[View]
23645284One of my biggest insecurities is my ass. I hate my ass. Aside from having a low to average sized as…[View]
23648786“I Love You Man”: Guy here. I relate to Paul Rudd’s character in this movie. What’s a good way to me…[View]
23647561So basically, if you happen to be born a male in modern American society, you have to be tall, good …[View]
23645003I am a 23 yo female neet. i desperately want to be independent, it's my only goal, but i can…[View]
23647914Today I was talking to my coworker after our shift and right before we said goodbye she started bitt…[View]
23647926Not Turning Into Parent: How do I stop myself from gradually turning into my toxic, angry, narcissis…[View]
23645552Constant 'need' to piss: Over the past few days I have this sudden constant feeling of needing to pi…[View]
23646782How can I stop being a fucking coomer? How can I train my willpower to stop myself from touching my …[View]
23648592tl;dr: it breaks my heart knowing that I have to break this girl's heart. What do? Long story: …[View]
23644658Humanities degree: If you study humanities(history, philosophy, sociology, political science, litera…[View]
23648402I live with my mom and she has ulcerative colitis/IBS. Its gotten worse over the oast year where to …[View]
23648297If you post something unimportant and some autist starts trying to debate you (pic related) the best…[View]
23647065Wife pregnant and babby going for a noose: Alright so my wife is about 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant, s…[View]
23648462Friend acting noncey: My friend (18) was drunk talking to a girl online that he said 'looked 16'. He…[View]
23640064should I buy a house?: I'm a 26 year old virgin making 32k per year in a factory, it's a v…[View]
23648263why is my mom such a misogynist: why is my mom shocked that my brother is basically more feminine th…[View]
23648310family help: >mom left home when I was 8 but still kept in touch with the family >she moved to…[View]
23648291ive fallen pretty hard for one of my online friends. we live close to each other but still have neve…[View]
23647474booba: How do I get a gf with big boobs?[View]
23647891Do you get addicted to cocaine after one snort? I did my first cocaine last weekend and I'm af…[View]
23648207How do I meet women without tinder: College male, 21, USA. Used to use tinder but only for like casu…[View]
23648404What does flirt mean? What are some examples of flirting?[View]
23648324mother keeps telling everyone that Dad is a chronic coomer. I think hes depressed[View]
236484012 years NEETdom and counting. Is it even possible to find a job and build a respectable life at this…[View]
23648301/adv/ the best time of my life is here and I dont know what to do. I lost a lot of weight during the…[View]
23647400how much time should you spend on devices[View]
23647471Should I cut off my mom for supporting my abusive ex over me?: 24 yo male here. I left my wife over …[View]
23648128i feel disconnected from life and reality: since the pandemic i spend most of my time at home in my …[View]
23648289What website do you go to to get this rotating 3D card effect?[View]
23646408What makes life worth it for Anon? Even walking and eating is getting hard now. This game is only fo…[View]
23645359Question for Femanons M29 I can't have a relationship my life is fucked and I can't suppor…[View]
23648186>talk with random girl on discord >she is sweetiest girl ever >her voice is like angels sin…[View]
23648260If you make value judgements on experience you are not human: No wonder you people are so miserable,…[View]
23647975Is it possible to trigger a heart attack on myself?[View]
23647103Issues with sexual relationships?: So what actually is a sexual relationship? I have negative feelin…[View]
23646863Is it normally to still occasionally think about the girl you lost your virginity to. I don't k…[View]
23646869How do I deal with two narcissistic divorced parents who hate each other extremely? I have regular c…[View]
23647997Please help me. I want to kill myself. I've told all my close friends and family. I screwed mys…[View]
23648148Dating Apps: Which app gives you the must success, anons? I'm a guy, and Tinder and Bumble have…[View]
23640467CRY FOR HELP: I've been able to quit porn for a couple of months at a time at most, but always …[View]
23647611Horse girl thread: >be me >be in a group of friends for God knows what reason >be spamming …[View]
23646857I have a zoom class with a girl that involves random groupwork and frequent discussion. I think the …[View]
23644966You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immediately cut off contact wi…[View]
23647059How do I stop glorifying women? I clearly have them on a pedestal since I feel weak in the knees if …[View]
23647124How long should you wait before texting back a woman?[View]
23647637Financially independent: Hey anons. I don't want to be a wageslave all my life. I would really …[View]
23646885Tell me what's bothering you, can I help? - II[View]
23647696Decide if I start therapy tomorrow. >Can still quit tomorrow if I want >Once a week - 1h for 3…[View]
23647580Would I be an abnormal person if I choose not to relate to women or marry, so that I don't stre…[View]
23647572How to stop social interaction?: How to I stop needing/wanting social interaction? I've managed…[View]
23640712anyone use to love weed but now hate it?: don't really know if this is an /adv/ question but fu…[View]
23647086Should I post this photo on instagram?: To get girls[View]
23647845Please someone help me: So, let's say one of my brothers was depressed and experienced mental b…[View]
23647144/atoga/: Ask the opposite gender anything Also girly pillow talk. Old pillow talk thread: >>23…[View]
23644788Anti-hunger pill?: Anything new on the market that actually works? I was using phentermine/topiramat…[View]
23647229Taking credit for my ideas: I shared some unique insights on an assigned reading in a study session …[View]
23645774Hi I'm 20/M i feel so overwhelmed lately my parents think i'm some kind of boy genius, i…[View]
23647578Fucked my dream girl twice last week, asked her out again and she ain't replying. I legit feel …[View]
23646220should i just give up on hoping to have relationship and just focus on lifting and videogames. Those…[View]
23647558tips on creating fake woman profiles on instagram/facebook? just for fun.[View]
23647155Intrusive Thoughts: How do you stop intrusive thoughts? They ruin my fucking day and bring up shit t…[View]
23643394Tricked into smoking salvia: 3 years ago I was in a bad place. My home life was bad and I was very p…[View]
23644500How do I get into dating: Thread says it all. How do I get into dating. Context. Woke up a few month…[View]
23647090Ghosted my friends and now I cannot face it: If it matters I'm a 18 year old male. Prior to the…[View]
23647291Please explain to me in which cases it makes sense to ask someone on a date or be honest about one…[View]
23647449I have an interview tomorrow for an entry level Jr front-end web dev position. I'm still in th…[View]
23647276Bros is it okay to lie on your job application? I applied to drive semi trucks and shit but I told t…[View]
23647289Where to buy generic boner pills?: In Los Angeles and can't find a legit answer. Every website …[View]
23647407This board broke my mind: It's over, I thought it would never happened, but you finally did it.…[View]
23635692Virgin and whore: I'm a 23-year-old virgin. I have met this hot girl who is a slut. She has los…[View]
23647133cope or hope: >Though I'm a failure. I hate my country, and that will never change because o…[View]
23645264how to stop being pic rel? I struggle with it my whole life[View]
23644307Im unironically a chad, but have little social experience.: Hi, I know many on this board talk about…[View]
23646432How the FUCK do I create a Twitter account anonymously? I already have an anonymus email but signing…[View]
23647102how do I stop guilt tripping everyone around me? I find pleasure in being the victim and it's r…[View]
23647122Health anxiety: I bumped my head lightly on a table and got scared I was dying. My heart speeds up a…[View]
23647140There's this chick in my class I talk to sometimes, but she always acts like a cunt to me, in a…[View]
23644829How to become soulless.[View]
23646445How do I cope with having wasted so many years and graduated 5 years late from college? Am I basical…[View]
23643462How do I find a girlfriend when I'm 5'6 and babyfaced with almost no visible body hair? I …[View]
23646467Good Game Advice?: Hello my anons, I'm pretty good looking but haven't interacted much wit…[View]
23647047Employers Breaking Law: I used to work for a store that broke some of my province's employment …[View]
23647056I think I should leave my bf because we both know I'll probably move cities to go to another un…[View]
23647025>be friends with girl >she buys me stuff, I sometimes go over to her, we hold hands, I spoon h…[View]
23646718Wanna dump my gf even tho I love her: To depressed to do any relationship stuff or get out of bed mu…[View]
23642720I am so excited. I posted last night about someone who's been trying to catfish me on and off f…[View]
23644656Broke up with 16 months LDR gf over porn today. She did not feel like she was enough to satiate me a…[View]
23644182How do you break up with a gf who did nothing wrong?[View]
23645963How do I get my life together: I have been doing incredible with nofap and I have been dedicating my…[View]
23646672Sperg: I can't stop fucking up. I'm a sperg, and my gf broke up with me because I was insu…[View]
23646241Tips/advice for getting and having a GF: I've had womxn interested in me before but I've n…[View]
23646519I am failing my classes beyond return. Is my college career over at this point?[View]
23646780Hey guys, got a serious question. 26yo white male. Pretty much a complete loser, live with my mom an…[View]
23646402have an old friend, recently got in contact with him. i missed him a lot. he changed a shit ton and …[View]
23646682Pain: Got dumped after 3.5 years. No reason. She just 'doesnt see me in her future'. Does the pain g…[View]
23646765How do I cope with the fact that I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life? I do not need advi…[View]
23646284So I brought home someone that apparently looked like a crack head and my roommates woke me up (we h…[View]
23645116Suicide is the answer: >Working dead end job >cut contacts with family but miss them >in a…[View]
23646623Want to be a father but have a genetic disorder: I want to become a sperm donor but I'm worried…[View]
23646386>dude just ignore the girl to generate more attraction in her showing that you are unavailable (s…[View]
23638150Can everyone here who's successfully gotten married give a detailed account of how they found t…[View]
23644407Modern Day Dating Tips?: I'm kind of new to the dating scene, not a chad so i've only been…[View]
23645632Part 1/2 Bit of a problem here. My girlfriend is per default a complete bitch to my guests or people…[View]
23645953EZ/Quick ways to make money: I’m currently getting a full time job while I’m finishing up college. I…[View]
23646056>faggot >at one point started on hrt but quit after 7 ish months >dating a tranny >been …[View]
23646484HEADS UP: in 6 weeks time this forum will be moved to /me me me me me it's all about me/[View]
23644413How do you cope with wanting to fuck half the girls you see while in a monogamous relationship? (23 …[View]
23646429How do I concentrate in online classes? Currently starting college over here but through online clas…[View]
23644668I really hate anything social and have incredibly retarded social skills: Life is pretty much all ju…[View]
23638318how to stop overthinking, stop having so many negative anxious thoughts, be more laid back and relax…[View]
23646345>be married for 5 years, I'm in my 30s. >wife can't watch porn with real people beca…[View]
23646283>been trying to find a job for 2 months >nobodies hiring because lol corona >finally got a …[View]
23646337Hi /adv/, I got a decent job in November. It covers my expenses, comes with benefits, and for the mo…[View]
23640617How to trick women into giving me sex?[View]
23644018Earlier today my trashcan broke. I was throwing out some leftovers from my dinner and about to go to…[View]
23644091Farted but sort of shidded?: So.i was taking a shower. And I've been bloated all day because I…[View]
23641432Caught gf texting other guy: Background on myself: I am a male who was molested at a young age and h…[View]
23645419Let's say I want to order dope from the darknet What do?: I want to know what I am supposed to …[View]
23646113Fuck this shit: Any advice anons?[View]
23645881I want to complain about something I absolutely have no right to complain, greentext is the best for…[View]
23644196Let me say pre-emptively, no I'm not posting pics. I've always been self-conscious about m…[View]
23645458i gave a speech on zoom to my class, like a presentation but i was so nervous, i was trembling and …[View]
23645967Should I fuck my ex: The whole story begins a few months ago when I found my ex sleeping with one of…[View]
23641407Sex with 10,000 women: Currently 23 years old and the only goal in life I have right now is to have …[View]
23646096I fucked it. But I need to do something. What now?[View]
23645817Why is even basic human interaction so hard for me while others can do it so easily? How can I be af…[View]
23644925How do you get better at speaking and writing? I'm fed up with being mundane, I keep going for …[View]
23645619retrain completely or just do nothing?: >be me >do a degree with some economics courses but no…[View]
23645153If I have a gf but sleep with some other girls while studying abroad does that technically count as …[View]
23645591Help, Please...Im a married guy of 3 years but now my ex wants to fuck: Idk what to do, Ive been mar…[View]
23644013How to upset pedo uncle?: I found his contact info online, called him about a month ago at 3am and s…[View]
23639858What can I have as a source of income as a neet with no previous job experience or any certification…[View]
23645666Seeking Advice for Ongoing Heart Issues: I wasn't quite sure where to ask a question like this,…[View]
23642343Follow your dream or go after money?[View]
23644266How can I persuade someone pay me free money[View]
23645641how do i stop overthinking when people im messaging dont respond to me? i hate texting over snap, sm…[View]
23645430How can I learn to be turned on by normal sex? Right now I literally cannot be turned on unless ther…[View]
23645683Salsa Dancing?: I want to learn salsa dancing and have some concerns, you guys are probably gonna sa…[View]
23642789how can I convince myself to believe in god?? i wanna be saved bros[View]
23643916I'm a little depressed about this girl.. I've been talking to her for a while. We agreed t…[View]
23644824ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - GIRL BOY Edition Previous: >>23642710[View]
23643531Do you ever get over first love?: Dated girl for a long time, friends before that, trauma bonding. W…[View]
23645681Do any of you feel schadenfreude towards your own children and enjoy their suffering? I'm tryin…[View]
23640349How do I stop thinking about embarrassing thoughts?: Should I even try to stop them (is it unhealthy…[View]
23645529A Job for the OCD Insomniac: I can't get a normal 9-5 shift-based job because of my OCD insomni…[View]
23645512Asking out my sexting friend: Pls forgive my broken english, it´s not my 1st language. I just starte…[View]
23645553Should I jerk off, or go to an asian massage parlor?: I've got the horny, and want to hear what…[View]
23644661Close family member adopted extremist views and keeps extolling them: I used to be very close to my …[View]
23644298What do I do: About a year ago I went down the road of self improvement. Mostly to work on my social…[View]
23645464Dominant in bed?: Hewwo uwu I recently got a gf (my first serious relationship) and I'm not th…[View]
23645472How do I use my physical attractiveness for being a handsome and tall guy, in my favor to have a gf?…[View]
23645024Help my girlfriend with her low self esteem.: So I've been dating this mtf(male to female) that…[View]
23643020I think my work is about to replace me (they've hired someone for the same job role; I have a f…[View]
23636678How do I cope with virginity? I hate myself, I hate my body, I hate women, I hate everything because…[View]
23644054Gender Warfare: My girlfriend and I keep getting into an argument about genders that I feel are not …[View]
23644433I have a pathological, paralyzing fear of failure: How do I cope?[View]
23645230no social: How do I stop using 4chan and just have a socialise free life? This is only place I speak…[View]
23644694I hear you guys talk about fucking your gf's and wives daily. Do women really let you have sex …[View]
23644872Nacho Swap: Get in early[View]
23644728Is a beard like this okay?[View]
23645194Why do I feel really annoyed when a friend ask me to hang out ?: I remember being excited when my fr…[View]
23644660I'm 26 years old and I wanna know how I should feel about my wife's interest in adding ano…[View]
23644532Got a garbage man job I'm starting at in an hour. Blackpill me, how bad is it[View]
23644560Seducing my dad: Hi I am 18 years old so it wouldn't be a pedophilic relationship. How would I …[View]
23640874What type of body do I have?: My BMI is only 20.1 but I still look kinda fat. Why do I have so much …[View]
23642514Anyone here do graffiti? I want to start tagging shit with picrel for autistic reasons. I thought ab…[View]
23644558Interview questions: What are some good questions to ask as the interviewer? My boss is letting me s…[View]
23643328how do you date ]shy girls? i assume be friends first and let them slowly relax with your right. als…[View]
23644545I want to be manly, stop giving a fuck, achieve my goals, but I am anxious and overthinking pussy th…[View]
23645093guys, how am I supposed to get over my lockdown online friend of over 6 months, who I just recently …[View]
23644355>go on a date with 9/10 girl >she friendzones me >I say thanks for everything but I dont wa…[View]
23643714are you cheating if you sleep with your best friend's girl?[View]
23644971how do i excel asap: we studied alot of materia since child and that makes us diverse af and multita…[View]
23644612I'm a 24-year-old virgin. I have heard that women get more interested in a man that has a girlf…[View]
23644309Dating Girls even if you're not their type: I was just wondering what you guys thoughts are on …[View]
23644582how do I stop ghosting/friendzoning women im scared of attachment and commitment I can chat them up …[View]
23644218jealousy: im officially seething I have suspicion that, one girl(21) which I(28)asked out and got re…[View]
23643921She NEVER has a preference. Doesn't care where we eat, what we watch, what we play, where we go…[View]
23644369I can't stop overthinking since birth It ruins my life How to stop overthinking?[View]
23644497How do i force myself to build back a sense of routine? I always fuck up exercising and showering an…[View]
23643443How do I stop wanting my parents approval for everything? The thing is... they aren't even push…[View]
23643743practicing vomiting: I'm gonna rush a fraternity soon and I have it on good word that they make…[View]
23644747What to do: It’s been a year since I’ve talked with this girl. We had a big fight and we parted our …[View]
23643259Everything feels like such a tall order for me. The simplest of tasks seem monumental. To make thing…[View]
23644205I want to try my luck and try making youtube videos just for the sake of it but I have some question…[View]
23642768i want gf and me to both cut our wrists and then mix the blood together. then we will swallow each o…[View]
23643774I found the first love of my life on Instagram and I don’t know what to say, I don’t even know if sh…[View]
23643731I'm tired of trying to fix everything myself. How do I fix this.: I'm a woman who's i…[View]
23644370How do i go off grid?: I want to take up a new hobby in things like network security and intelligenc…[View]
23644005Working in insurance sales?: I'm considering getting my insurance sales license and getting a j…[View]
23643388I think I should change friends. I've known my friends for 15 years and I really love them but …[View]
23641680muslim gf, what do?: i know this muslim girl in Belgium and we both are into eachother. i'm goi…[View]
23642018I'm an 18 year old female. I decided to start dating (because I never have) and I've met a…[View]
23644563>be me, tall handsome chad, /soc/ rates 9-10/10 >like to have hookups on tinder for fun >w…[View]
23644109Richness: How much would you have to earn to have a comfortable life and be considered rich? Traveli…[View]
23643395How do I get my girlfriend to suck my dick? She loves me entirely but she thinks sucking dick is gro…[View]
23641312Should I hide multiple hickeys?: I'm 21 recently lost my V-card and my GF gave me a bunch of hi…[View]
23643963when are antidepressants worth giving a try for depression and anxiety?[View]
23644320Hi: I’m going to be having my examinations in a few days so I’ve been studying a lot lately. Once I’…[View]
23644375Work interview: I'll be having work interview for a job I'm really interested in this week…[View]
23639734Dad saying traumatizing shit to me: In an argument with my dad right now. When I was 10 he said to m…[View]
23644546Is a bachelor of environment a troll/meme degree? I guess I should say that I'm the most indeci…[View]
23644327Think I've made a bad career decision: Last year I qualified as a teacher. I began the course i…[View]
23643861Do Americans really like anime, or is it just a phase to fit in?: Are people really interested in an…[View]
23639767GIOYC: Get it off your chest lovely anon.[View]
23637606Help. My boyfriend is 31 and he still listens to rap. He plays it in his car, when hes working out, …[View]
23644268Snowrunner issue?: I dunno if I should post this on /v/ or not, but, fuck it. Last year, bought Snow…[View]
23644292Natural ways to raise test?: I am not going on gear. What are some ways of raising test that are nat…[View]
23643817I used to have severe anxiety. This anxiety is gone, but physical symptoms remain. So some days I w…[View]
236441684chan not good: Getting bored with the same things getting talked about over and over again on 4chan…[View]
23642893Trying to quit porn and I'm having withdrawal symptoms which usually involves painful self-refl…[View]
23644315How do I treat an infection under the scalp? I got it from wearing headphones for too long I'm …[View]
23644288Had sex with a friend. We agreed to be FwB. Tongot was that first night. Went fine for me (f), but h…[View]
23644237My boyfriend got a new haircut and it looks really bad. I loved his hair before, but now he looks li…[View]
23642664Any other Anons been diagnosed with genital herpes? I contracted it recently and I dont know how im …[View]
23644158>women prefer men with options >I have no options Wat do? I get more attention from women when…[View]
23640339My father officially stated today that he thinks my so is obese and frankly not my type. He thinks I…[View]
23643190Im not in a relationship right now, well i dont call it a relationship, there is this cute girl ive …[View]
23643719The pandemic has pretty much ruined my life as well as the economy. I’ve been working as a security…[View]
23644094what should be done to become smarter in conversation ? I mean how to make someone squeal secrets an…[View]
23642055Addicted to Live Feeding Animal Videos: I have posted about this twice before but I always find myse…[View]
23644012My girlfriend and I have been dating for 9 months, but I'm going to be long distant for a perio…[View]
23643522I feel like I lost my edge in life: Currently, I'm 23 years old and I've been working in r…[View]
23643786HELP. What the fuck did I do and how do I prevent this.: I am a 19yo college student, and I did some…[View]
23641295How to be happy being an autist?[View]
23643108Intense Rage: I am twenty-five years old and spend most my time on my own. This life is ok from chil…[View]
23643699Hand pain after gaming: So, I was playing a rhythm game where I had to consistently and quickly tap …[View]
23641705How do people get into relationships and not be worried that she's fucking someone else the min…[View]
23643802Museum: Can you guys think of many places to go to talk to girls right now? Normally it'd be ea…[View]
23643801How do I stop making so many poop jokes and basing my life around toilet humor?[View]
23642646I don't really think much about my parents or family throughout the day. Is this normal? I…[View]
23639079premature ejaculation: How to deal with it? I tried premature ejaculation and thinking about some sh…[View]
23641948AMA millionaire: Ask a Multimillionaire anything. I’m 25 years old with a net worth of ~$40 million.…[View]
23643728how to overcome evil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcdN4IDLN88&t=213s[View]
23643558How bad of an idea is it to include memes that I find funny on my Tinder?: I’m trying to have some f…[View]
23642710ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - The Phantom of the Atoga Edition Previous Thread: …[View]
23643163I can't stop thinking about my crush but I know that this is going to hurt badly in the end bec…[View]
23642724how do we get rid of cucks .. ?[View]
23642474I've been a burden on my friends and i've only just now realized it: >had zero solid fr…[View]
23640267Two moms jealous of each other: My biological mom gave me up for adoption because she was too young …[View]
23643477My parents are one of the only positive things I have in this life. I am wanting to take an opportun…[View]
23642701My jimmy johns has been out for delivery for 90 minutes now. How do I ask for a refund without being…[View]
23642880I can’t sleep at night anymore because every time I lie down in bed my head decides to play every ba…[View]
23643640Advice on raising funds: Hey /adv/ how can i help raise funds for my dying mother? I started a GoFun…[View]
23643380>bartend at a banquet hall on the weekends >see former co-worker there last weekend, it'…[View]
23642980Being ugly: How do I stop hating myself for being ugly? People like me. It really doesn’t effect my …[View]
23642673Break up with gf because of move?: I’ve been dating my gf for over a year now, and I love her to dea…[View]
23642332So my native language is Spanish but I want to write in English and publish in English because there…[View]
23641429Dating advice: I need some dating advice. First some facts about me: - 30yo dude, a bit autistic but…[View]
23643507gf is belimic?: Just caught my (kinda fat) gf trying to throw up after a meal. I agree that she shou…[View]
23642431How could anybody suggest that dating somebody who's your polar opposite in almost every way a …[View]
23643500Diabetic Parents: I have two obese, diabetic parents and I don't think it'll get any bette…[View]
23641869Where i can find a good platform/videos that teach JS (HTML/CSS is appreciated) and suggest some pro…[View]
23642462How do I get women to notice me I'm 5'2 btw[View]

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