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30250600What is there left can I do?: So I've been depressed for the last 11 months and tried to do eve…[View]
30250066What do I do?: This girl I fell in love with years ago. (5 and a half years of us not talking) Came …[View]
30251773/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Last: >>30248861[View]
30251424How to be interesting for a girl?: So there's this girl, i need to be interesting and i am as a…[View]
30248153Two weeks ago i asked someone, who is really close to me out for a date. I knew i would get a reject…[View]
30252118How do i learn to forgive myself?: A couple of years back my ex bestfrend and i decided to date but …[View]
30251702Finding email Addresses: Anyone know any good ways to find email addresses?. I have the first two le…[View]
30242793My bf said he’s breaking up with me unless we have sex. I keep hearing online that guys want virgins…[View]
3025137228 years old. I work, come home, eat, spend some time with parents, then surf YouTube shorts for hou…[View]
30249755why would someone not want to willingly self-improve themselves? Is it a mental condition? Environme…[View]
30249965Are you expected to have a job when you are dating?[View]
30251969its over: it's all going to fucking shit and there's no way out and it's all my fault…[View]
30251410I have no control over anyone else, only myself. The only thing I control in this life is my mind an…[View]
30252072>From time to time come up with bullshit stories that sound moderately believable, come here and …[View]
30248297I hate normies, I hate females, I hate couples most of all. I cut ties with all my friends a few mon…[View]
30252006I've recently moved somewhere rural, I've been thinking about getting a dog for the past y…[View]
30251999Kids are Being Taken and I’m getting Charged: I thought my wife was loyal but she divorced me and to…[View]
30249534how do i become more dedicated? i need to start doing more and getting hobbies and stuff. If i dont,…[View]
30251060I’m giving up on love. Please write down your best pump and dump experiences or just general advice …[View]
30250791Why am I turning into an ass-man the older I get? I never really used to care about them much before…[View]
30251036Is it normal to date people you don’t like that much?: For example I met this guy and I could tell h…[View]
30251561Just get a Juggalo gf bro.[View]
30248864How do I have sex?: Hello. I recently lost my virginity but I am still insanely bad at sex. I cannot…[View]
30249864Why is it so hard to make it...: I'm reaching now my forties and just now finally getting strai…[View]
30251717how do I get a gf in uni[View]
30251888weird avatars on vrc?? maybe??: hey, i don’t do this shit often so scuse the lack of professionalism…[View]
30251719How do I standout to apply for this on-campus internship? I’m no more qualified than anyone else tha…[View]
30251811Advice for (you): Remember ladies, it doesn’t matter if you’re not genetically blessed, overweight, …[View]
30251296Autism money: I have an official diagnosis. Can i get money? I am a 29 year old spaz who has barely …[View]
30247073How do you recover from covert narcissistic abuse from your mother? I am an adult male and I've…[View]
30234815What do women want in a man?[View]
30250617People think I’m “Defending Rape”: I argued that theologically, rape is far better than homosexualit…[View]
30250227how to stop caring about other people opinion?: now seriously, i want to stop being so sensitive to …[View]
30250049Healthy debate: How to foster healthy debate without escalating to conflict?[View]
30250184Ever since I got my first girlfriend in 2019 my social circle begins and ends at the current girlfri…[View]
30244920I just want to make friends and make people happy but nobody ever gives me the chance. Why do people…[View]
30249509How the fuck do you actually date in current year if you’re not willing to waste money at bars all w…[View]
30250512How do I get over this feeling of dread, nothing good will ever happen and the world will never get …[View]
30250011>text friend/colleague >*read* >day passes >another day passes >assume person secretl…[View]
30250215People at my Work Confuse Pedophilia with Hebephilia: I tried to explain to everyone at my work the …[View]
30251383I am going crazy.: I feel like some cosmic entity is toying with me and I'd like some help to r…[View]
30243956What to do with friends in your mid 20s?: Most of my friends are either 25 or 26 that I've know…[View]
30247107How do I learn to draw?: I'm autistic, with ADHD. I can't focus on trying to get better at…[View]
30249589How do I black out my text 4chan?[View]
30251307Dating a younger and hotter girl but I still miss my ex. I'm 26, gf is 24 and my ex is 31. I…[View]
30249753Oral hygiene: I want to know everything about oral hygiene! I brush my teeth once a day (probably sh…[View]
30250425Why don't I have a fire inside me?[View]
30251321Best Omegle Alternatives?: I am addicted to fart and slime girl roleplays on omegle but the site wen…[View]
30248757How to make twt to stop to suspend my accounts: The fucking ass hole of Elon musk who is a cock suck…[View]
30251403stand up for myself: How do I stop people from walking all over me without throwing a tantrum?…[View]
30250367>a filtered photo of me rates 9.0 on AI beauty apps >people love beautiful pictures and hot pe…[View]
30246649If you are not bothered by injustice (real injustice, not woke stuff) and the state of the world the…[View]
30248669My heart hurts, I could have had a good relationship with this girl. I went on a second date with a …[View]
30246908I don't know which girl to choose - or how to choose: help: Hey /adv/ Odd question for me. Feel…[View]
30249219Boyfriend canceled moving in with me and dumped me for going vegan: >30f/30m My boyfriend and I …[View]
30251333I feel anxious and I don't know why. This is the first time I feel like this since my teens and…[View]
30241636I’m a white guy with an Asian girl.: Does this actually happen?[View]
30250785Growing up, feminism promised that I could do anything guys can do and that I could do it just as we…[View]
30251168whenever im really sad my chest/heart area genuinely starts hurting. Not sharp or anything, just a h…[View]
30251221Onions una persona algo gordita, no me siento bien y quiero adelgazar sin embargo no puedo, tengo de…[View]
30249265advice for pulling off a Pyramid Scheme?: (reminder Pyramid Schemes are legal so long as there is a …[View]
30248603Starting a new job next week. Any good tips or advice for making it work after my last job was a dis…[View]
30248621Everyone hates me at work because I am a negative asshole and had just pissed everyone off. Can I tu…[View]
30250744BPD ex is due to show up at the same party as me tomorrow. How do I handle this without appearing as…[View]
30248360Is it normal to feel worthless unless someone is giving you aftention: If no one wants to talk to yo…[View]
30248737How do i find degenerates? I hate partiers, people with tattoos, sluts, stupids, and poors.[View]
30248267FUCKING ROACHES: It’s 3am and there was a fucking cockroach on my chest, I didn’t see his body throu…[View]
30248240I've been in love with a videogame charcater for a while now: I have been diagnosed with light …[View]
30250654Mistakes were made.: I'm an insecure bitch boy, so I've decided to be more self-confident,…[View]
30250556Need advice on how much to charge to be watch kids and also cleans at the same time in PA. Would it …[View]
30250040Help Annons i am in trouble I need help[View]
30250868I'm constantly 'busy' but I don't do anything, how do I fix this? Seriously, what the fuck…[View]
30248830My life sucks, how do I achieve joker mode?[View]
30248914>liscence expires mext month >have to renew liscence >its now by appointment only >clos…[View]
30250530Does anybody have experience with a 2-year technical school? Are they worth it for something like a …[View]
30250633how do I stop getting used and abused by women: I swear I compliment them too much or they can sense…[View]
30246380Making a video essay on Isao Okawa and would like to know more about his early life. So far, I'…[View]
30250671When you swallow food or even dry swallow, does saliva go down your throat automatically?[View]
30244622Brother Killed Himself: Brother 25 killed himself a month ago. Our dad is a cuckservitive who thinks…[View]
30250307205 KB JPG I have had a female friend since high school and we have intermittently texted with each …[View]
30250363ADHD people, how do you treat yours and survive your day-to-day without medication? Supplements Alar…[View]
30248807>be me >Argument and shit with wife >Been going on for a while now >Haven't fucked…[View]
30250371Anime Woman: I grew up watching anime and I always wanted to fall in love with a girl it really made…[View]
30248961Am I racist for not wanting to date non-white men? I just feel like it wouldn't be well receive…[View]
30249691how to find a bf that isn't dumb and egotistical, or really self defeating? guys never have a g…[View]
30249913i owe so much fuck: at what point does the IRS stop sending letters and start sending agents[View]
30247698Red flags or am I retarded?: (1/2)I don't post a lot but this time I need help from autistics a…[View]
30245737How do I change my race quickly?: I'm meeting up with some discord friends irl tomorrow. The pr…[View]
30249986Is there any repercussions of working out while being tired as fuck? I didn't sleep at all last…[View]
30249979how can i get better: theres nothing really wrong with my life, i am a moderately attractive woman a…[View]
30250108Best friend bailed on my birthday that he planned: >best friend asks if i have anything planned f…[View]
30249230Our days of shitposting will soon come to an end anons.: We vill not spread ze dangerous disinformat…[View]
30248224how much benadryl do I take to get fucked up?[View]
30249353Give me more ways to troll straight people: Me and my boyfriend have become fixated on trolling the …[View]
30245561Is there any benefit in having an electrical engineering minor as a CS major?[View]
30246613I'm getting evicted from my apartment next month. I'm planning on living in my car for a w…[View]
30247900I am constantly scared.: NOT SURE WHY but i just cannot stop worrying does anybody else experience t…[View]
30243131>'You're lonely and want to meet new people? You just need to go out more.' >'WHAT?! You …[View]
30241653I want a thicker set of Eyebrows. How does one go about thickening their eyebrows? Literally every g…[View]
30246249How to cope with a breakup?: Long story short, yesterday I broke up with girlfriend of 3 years becau…[View]
30245215can someone explain to me 'manic pixie dream girl' and why is it a bad thing?: or is it a thing that…[View]
30241526I'm on no fap right now and I feeo really fucking horny for my forner coworker. We used work to…[View]
30242904This is a shot in the dark, but I thought I might give it a try. Does any computer savvy person or p…[View]
30247625Sex hook ups as a virgin.: I want to finally try sex with other person so I've installed some d…[View]
30249252Healthcare in the EU: Hello EU-bros. I have a physical condition that I've been trying to get …[View]
30249440Sidehustles: Any good easy ways to make extra cash? Like an extra $500 or so?[View]
30248043I just had a dream about a girl I liked in elementary school: Wtf does this mean? It was 9 years ago…[View]
30248287I'm addicted to mom son porn: Is anyone else here into that? Why?[View]
30249447Four years ago, I met this girl on tinder and we texted everyday for like 2 months. She then asked m…[View]
30247317Update: Confessed My Love: Last time we spoke, you all gave me wonderful advice about penning an ear…[View]
30248861/atoga/ - Ask the opposite gender anything: Last thread: >>30246774 Tanzanite female edition W…[View]
30247179physio help: /fit/ is full of retarded “gains” faggots. I’m pretty sure I got problems with my neck…[View]
30248755How do you reduce mental degeneration? I am a neet and I feel my cognition being reduced every year …[View]
30241619Post girly wisdom[View]
30249307Went on a first date last night, it went awesome, and afterwards we agreed to go on a 2nd. Problem i…[View]
30245418Speed dating: Next Sunday there's a speed dating where I live. I decided to give it a go and si…[View]
30248709Game plan to get into an Ivy League: What are my chances and what can I do to improve my chances of …[View]
30242790Do adoptive parents generally end up regretting adopting? Is it a bad idea to ask my adoptive parent…[View]
30249267This is a story that i will never forget in my life :D: so I only went to school for one year becaus…[View]
30249019tatted women: So I have this tatted gf and I am a new fag here and wanted to know if anyone has any …[View]
30244589Good Lawyer: How can i recognize a good lawyer? Where can i check up on win/loss ratios and if they …[View]
30247309Boyfriend of 5 years doesn't put effort into sex: Been in this relationship for 5 years When t…[View]
30248786I've been doing the 40 hour a week wagie thing for 9 weeks and I'm exhausted. The people I…[View]
30247771How can I sound and be more intellectual? I've always seen 'trying to sound smart' used as a in…[View]
30249157How bad is being homeless?: I can always eat free food at the shelters and avoid other homeless peop…[View]
30246198How do I stop being bothered by cuckolds? it's one of the most popular searches on pornhub, and…[View]
30249075Food Autism: I have trouble eating anything that mentally registers as 'messy'. I avoid food that ge…[View]
30248479>I like this is just a anime >I will never be able to > don't know what I want to do …[View]
30247705Funeral: I have to go to my brother in law funeral after he served in Iraq and I’m expected to make …[View]
30248433I have a fetish for anorexic girls. How can I get an anorexic skinny-skinny gf? are they all from ri…[View]
30247736Why do women tell me I’m attractive? I’ve been a cashier many years and I’ve been told I’m handsome …[View]
30244861Unwanted attention because I have big boobs: I’ve been ogled since I was 12 because of my breast siz…[View]
30243868Should I make my girlfriend take a polygraph if I think she cheated?[View]
30248648Okay fuckers, Cyber Monday Christmas time. What gifts should I get for those people I barely know or…[View]
30246382Ivy League admissions: I want to get into an Ivy League and I have military service under my belt wh…[View]
30248076Get a degree?: > be me, relatively smart, decent but not stellar grades > work as a business a…[View]
30247581How to avoid being discarded: Does anyone know any childless couples that stayed together? Can you …[View]
30248528How do I stop skipping the gym? I’ve been going on and off for the past year and a half and I’ve mad…[View]
30246816tolerance: How do I increase my tolerance? I fucking hate people which is why I hang out on an anony…[View]
30244789I can't do anything.: Two big dosages of adderall, anti anxiety medication making me shake less…[View]
30246686I’m sick of being alone ever since my ex broke up with me I’ve been feeling so lonely all I want to …[View]
30248588career hunt: what education and job do I aim for? I'm not too smart (dyslexia) but I have a lot…[View]
30247037The second perspective. The reason Im viewed as wierd, awkward and scary is because my body languag…[View]
30247836International Travel Advice: For any medical anons here, or anyone with experience It turns out, I m…[View]
30244133I don't trust psychology nor want to take drugs/meds but I think I may need help overcoming my …[View]
30247111How do I stop being bitter towards women?: This isn't some incel shit. I'm a 24 year-old d…[View]
30247530I just realized I have extremely intense emotions at times that are all consuming. I am extremely se…[View]
30248289Black women try to guilt trip me into dating them: Hi! i am a black man and black women always try t…[View]
30248306how do I become God Emperor of the Earth?[View]
30248342Ways to cope with the reality: I always hated how i looked...i am half white half arabic propably an…[View]
30244075need advice on how to reduce anxiety and fear in general[View]
30248105I’m sorry: Dear advice I apologize for my wife, she is the one spamming those “my husband is lying” …[View]
30245115Honestly, I was expecting better growth after a year. What should I focus on to maximize my muscle g…[View]
30248216My chad friend told me that I can make a girl fall in love with me due to my sense of humor Is there…[View]
30247467I wish I was rich. I'd do anything.[View]
30245488Not living a life in misery: I’m trying to attract twinks in my day to day life. Here are my stats …[View]
30247898How come I only attract women that want relationships? how do I give off a fun, fwb vibe?[View]
30246004Trying to get a girlfriend from your class group, yay or nay? Same question with workplace. Speciall…[View]
30248058I don't understand most people. They are afraid of everything, even nothing. They don't kn…[View]
30247199boundaries: Over the years I've become better at boundaries as I've grown up but only boun…[View]
30245926Husband is becoming unstable: My husband is an extreme anti social individual who ignores everyone a…[View]
30247613life rape: Waves of self-improvement niggers have repeatedly gaped and torn my life's anus and …[View]
30247850How does it feel to be in love with someone and be loved in return?[View]
3024773318 y/o friendless NEET, want to fix my life before it's too late (?): First time posting here. …[View]
30246881How do i cope with every single person being happier than me and having a better life? Every single …[View]
30247989Life drain: My life is going down the drain and it's pissing me off. How do I make it stop?…[View]
30247993How do I form a relationship with a woman? I seem to be unable to go past 3 months with a girl. I do…[View]
30246907I keep saying the n-word around my black girlfriend, how do i fix this[View]
30247734Should I?: Long time ago, 2018 I meet a peruvian girl on the internet on those Rp apps. The thing is…[View]
30247942Validation: How do I stop trying to seek validation for what I enjoy? Books, Movies, Music, I can…[View]
30247434In your experience, how many days of Nofap made you see significant improvements in mood and drive? …[View]
30247828Pesonality/behavioral issues: My weaknesses: >I get irrationally mad all the time >despite bei…[View]
30244136If women date up, why aren't college educated men drowning in pussy?[View]
30247601I don't want to stop smoking I want to cut back and not smoke so much. It's costing way to…[View]
30247667How should I go about importing a wife?[View]
30244635how can i make money online?: i work a 9-5 swe job but i'm looking for ideas of what to build o…[View]
30247369My girlfriends best friend is extremely hot and she is probably into me. What to do?! I've been…[View]
30247805ScentedCandlesVent: I ordered scented candles from Etsy. They were shipped but I didn't get the…[View]
30244926I H8 BEING UGLY OMG: femanon here, I accidently face revealed to my online friend. i was sending his…[View]
30245285If I get hired at a job but I end up not liking it and the salary not being good enough or I am offe…[View]
30247388Invited to something, on the fence about going: >be me >reach out to someone >get invited t…[View]
30246651>Hey, howya doing? >Cool I like xyz too >Btw whatcha up to later? >Alright I’ll talk to …[View]
30247573How to break this self sabotage (???) cycle: Hey anons, I hope you guys are doing well. I've be…[View]
30247540Legitimately can't work due to many injuries and anxiety ticks from them: How do I get disabili…[View]
30244892I am very interested in the notion that thoughts, images and sounds can randomly pop into our minds.…[View]
30244558>can make my gf cum in minutes (I know she's not faking as her pussy basically clenches my c…[View]
30246186Hello anons, first time posting here, I want to ask for some dating advice, The context, I'm cu…[View]
30247503Zero pleasure.: I feel zero pleasure in life. I've tried damn near everything. Creating art, wo…[View]
30245267What are some way to make some side money? some side hustle ideas? passive income ideas?[View]
30240337How to get an attractive boyfriend: How do I get an attractive boyfriend as a slightly below average…[View]
30243387I’m fucking terrified of AI: I'm fucking terrified of AI. I think it's going to result in …[View]
30246019No one is like me: I feel like I can't find a solid group of people who are REALLY like me. I…[View]
30244545Perpetual laziness: all my life I've generally been a pretty lazy person. Now I feel like I can…[View]
30246774ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA f/k/a/ ATOGA a/k/a/ SQTDDTOT): LAST: >>30244393 Pic…[View]
30240594my dog is having seizures. She's an old jack russel and slightly overweight. I took her to the …[View]
30246475Gf hounding me to get a job. Was holding out with tech company to be a tester for video games. (Yes.…[View]
30246366How come I got fired from like the last 20 jobs at warehouses after 2/3 days of work? Like is it rea…[View]
30246965what do: So my car just got stolen today, I already filed a report with the police and checked my lo…[View]
30246973I've grown up around body builders, my dad and brother, all my life. Whenever I've wanted …[View]
30245925What if you cheat on homework but pass the exam?: Sup bros. Unifag here. I'm a lazy fag so usua…[View]
30241933Best solution for late bloomer looking to put things right?: >be me, autistic 23 year old virgin,…[View]
30238659Please convince me to stay alive. I'm 33 with a degree in a field with high employability, but …[View]
30244868I have hairy legs, and when I go underwater, they trap air bubbles inside of the hair. How do I turn…[View]
30246765My crush is the girlfriend of an idiot with more muscles than brain who laughs like fucking Goofy an…[View]
30246742Is it med time? Or do I just keep grinding it out: >mid twenties >Every day is a dice roll whe…[View]
30244971Advice for an unusual love crisis: Please bear with me, i want to provide enough context for good ad…[View]
30246397>pretty fucking depressed for hours >feel better for a few hours >feel actually good for an…[View]
30244379Should I become a surgeon?: I have good grades but my other options are compsci and mathematics. I’m…[View]
30234705>together with wife for nearly 8 years >since we met her prefered sex position is laying on he…[View]
30246714Foreign Affair: So I was living abroad in a country with a substantial amount of backpackers for the…[View]
30243717How do I cope with not being able to enjoy video games anymore?: I used to be able to play for absol…[View]
30244038Rules of engagement for modern dating: What are the key tenants to keep in mind when in pursuit of a…[View]
30246449I lost feelings for my girlfriend and don't know what to do.: About half a year ago I met this …[View]
30241964I've been sending hate to this YouTuber for a year, shitting on her content and calling her a s…[View]
30245453Incel because ugly: I’m an incel because I go to the bar and pic related is picking up all the chick…[View]
30243245>talking to girl at church for about 3 weeks now >nothing big just chatting after service and…[View]
30245559Aspiring Photographer in Need of Advice: How much should I pay someone for a photoshoot? I'm tr…[View]
30244051why is it impossible to find anyone to date? i'm an attractive guy, i'm bald but i wear it…[View]
30244069Jail: This is a serious post. I'm 30 and very tired with life. I can't kill myself because…[View]
30245624as someone who has dated and had sex with a dozen women.. HOW ARE THEY SO HOT? ofc not all of them b…[View]
3024567125 male. Severe depression and social aniexty. Tried therapy, anti depressants, and been to the loon…[View]
30245704What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life if I'm not good at anything? I quit drawing out …[View]
30245764Sandwich: I ate a sandwich a few days ago I thought it wouldn't be good without cheese, I like …[View]
30245494Verbally berated a mental health professional during a review of my psych eval. What's next?: I…[View]
30245808Evicting Roommate: long story short: I have a friend living in my house and she's being a lazy …[View]
30242224how to stop feeling unattractive as man?: I am fit, dress well, face 6/10, I use fragrance, I am 5…[View]
30246232where to meet nice women, as in polite.[View]
30244856How do you cope with knowing you’re living in a society that’s unsustainable: And our quality of lif…[View]
30244575curing your brain with psychedelics: I'm reading up on people who healed things like addiction,…[View]
30245462Restraining order abuse by women, what the fuck are you supposed to do?: I just got kicked out of my…[View]
30240579GIOYC – Get It Off Your Chest[View]
3024624126 broke boy failure: I have been a neet for 9 years and have no degree. Not even a certificate All …[View]
30246299is this morally wrong?: >like to 'stalk' friends sometimes (basically look up their social media …[View]
30242530Rare self improvement tips?: I decided that life isn't worth living unless I can fuck a 10/10 b…[View]
30240964Girl here. How do I approach guys? I'm not pretty and am not good with meeting new people.[View]
30244722How do I stop having suicidal thoughts?[View]
30243681Where to stream dying?: >society: >'What do you mean you have sleep apnea? That's not an …[View]
30243985Does drinking potassium cyanide mixed with water have the same effect as pure cyanide?[View]
30245400is there any way to deal with the pain?[View]
30245057Why do you people pretend that anyone on this board is worth helping? Most of the users on this boa…[View]
30243981Meds or no meds?: >diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia >go to different doc, undego psycholo…[View]
30244057What are problems that aren't fixable? I need to know if I'm allowed to feel like shit or…[View]
30242283My girlfriend is kinda ugly: Sorry I am struggling with this a lot. I met this girl in may and we ar…[View]
30245478how do i stop my gf from getting a breast reduction? are women really this selfish and dumb? it…[View]
30245353I do not live in a country with easily obtainable guns, so with that in mind what are some quick, pa…[View]
30245197I keep fucking this girl I don't like very much and I feel guilty. She's always lying tryi…[View]
30243395Digital Footprint Damage Control (Todd Alquist edition): My problem: I have a photo of my 14 yr old …[View]
30245165I need some advice anons. I've had a girlfriend for a few years now, but I have a major urge to…[View]
30244061Can I send this asshole to jail over this?: I really hate this guy so much like more than anything i…[View]
30242142What am I supposed to do bros?: >live in Ireland and live at home >26 years old in college and…[View]
30245376>Super cute, early-30's married milf thinks your advances are silly after initially being re…[View]
30238116how do i make peace with the fact that no man will simply ever pick me i am a pick me in the sense t…[View]
30243200Why do you never find any loser girls?: >girls are never poor >girls are never addicted to dru…[View]
30240269I'm doing a paper for community college about the torrenting industry. What program (client) d…[View]
30243147Huegenic dating: I need a girl bout iq 115+ who'll bear kids and isn't libbed to death. Wh…[View]
30244710Suicide by methanol, how good of an idea is it?: I remember from chemistry that it's the deadly…[View]
30245071Alcohol: What are your genuine thoughts on alcohol and drinking culture? Societal poison or working-…[View]
30243711How do I stack cash quick? I live in the US[View]
30237037I do not feel safe anymore: I have had long hair. My mom hated it saying how boys need to have short…[View]
30245230Can’t Stand the Making Out: I am in college and am a Kissless virgin incel. I go to clubs and partie…[View]
30245134Recently i've started doing something which requires me to consume media. Lots of it. Games, se…[View]
30238661are you your own worst enemy?[View]
30241233HOW TO FIX ME FUCKED UP SLEEP SCHEDULE?!!: i fall asleep at 2 or 3am and don't wake up until 12…[View]
30244819My bf thinks I'm not a virgin because I wanted him to believe I know what I'm doing and th…[View]
30244758why am i only attracted to damaged, exciting, fun women?: I'm chatting to a really good looking…[View]
30243935Has anyone who was a total loser due to self-hatred/laziness fixed themselves? Is this something th…[View]
30244393/ATOGA/ Ask The Opposite Gender Anything[View]
30243801How do you fix having a big mouth? I haven't told anyone/said anything too bad so far but I hav…[View]
30244775advice for someone with an alcoholic sibling?: asking for advice on how to deal with an alcoholic si…[View]
30244266Suicide: Advice on how to kill myself. In my country guns are not easy to find and there are no high…[View]
30244314Is there a service for 30yo neets to find friends?[View]
30244887I just realized I have extremely intense emotions at times that are all consuming. I am extremely se…[View]
30244671Dispensary sold me edibles past the best buy date. (1 month past the date) is this something to be c…[View]
3024281818 year old turning 19 in 2 months. graduated hs in US, moved back to vodkaland to study for entran…[View]
30244087I'm definitely trans (I have been since i was a child, it's not going away, i wish i was w…[View]
30242980WHAT IS WRONG: is there something wrong with my physique or i am just paranoid ?. WTF is wrong with …[View]
30244643How do you acquire charisma?[View]
30243605Is a vagina actually enough?: Is vagina actually enough if you spent years death gripping your dick?…[View]
30244659Why do normies believe that artists are free spirit's or whatever?: I'm an autist myself a…[View]
30244581How do I get people to leave me alone at work but also not making them mad or confused? I don't…[View]
30244598How 2 sleep? - by anon: > Be me > Professional insomniac > One night, same as many, can…[View]
30244470>try something >fail >hate myself and want to blow my brains out How do you overcome the…[View]
30244481The Ultimate Dancer Showdown! Who's the Best in the World?: Drop your nominations and why you t…[View]
30244378How do I fix shyness?[View]
30244384if im insecure as a woman is it over for me? and i mean really insecure, cripplingly insecure[View]
30240978How much of a rock should men be?: I was talking to a woman I've known for like a decade (famil…[View]
30242939What's a piece of good advice against a hopeless & nihilistic view of life?[View]
30235921>been alone for my entire life. >age 40, have a lot of money, home, all the good things. >f…[View]
30243992want a chance with this girl: hey guys i could do with your help i really wanna hook up with and fuc…[View]
30244308how many desktop wallpapers should I have? feels like ~300 is ideal. Too little gets boring over tim…[View]
30244277How do I fix the mess that is my autistic gf?: She got a credit card from a bank she never used so i…[View]
30244093What Should I Tell My Girlfriend: Good day fellow to all my fellow fuckheads who are on this board. …[View]
30244234Thinking of opening a HIYSA, what do you guys recommend or have experience with?[View]
30244195How do i get over high school bullying?: During my years in high school, i was bullied and ostracize…[View]
30244140honest question: I got banned for posting spoilered porn CG from a game in a h-game thread in /v/ I …[View]
30243132How is a girl going to kiss me then break my heart ? It rlly fucking hurts >t.zoomer…[View]
30241103need help with recovering hearing: >be me >sleep on the side >wake up and have this 'pressu…[View]
30242575Should i study law or political science?: Yeah, pretty much what the title says. I've always be…[View]
30243563What do I do about this?[View]
30243727A few days ago I had to go to a warehouse for my parents. This place is filthy, disgusting and cruel…[View]
30243368I'm dating a guy who was raised in foster care. His parents abandoned him when he was little. I…[View]
30243912Why do I feel so alone? Even among people even my own family degrades me or takes advantage of me. I…[View]
30241154Toothache: So i have an abscess in my left molar, doctors here refuse to prescribe antobiotics bc hu…[View]
30243761money: Guala isn't everything but it can buy happiness through family, freedom and health. It…[View]
30243005My girlfriend loves bullshit trinkets like this so I wanna get her some for Xmas. Where can I get st…[View]
30243702How do I develop a narcissistic, undestructible ego?: I'm tired of mg own mind tearing me apart…[View]
30242788eye twitch: my right eyelid has been twitching for two hours. am i going to die?[View]
30242304How do you not end up with a slut?: I am quite inexperienced and don't want to marry the ex par…[View]
30243929I've noticed I'm not interesting. what do i do?[View]
30243133my entire family is homeless: soon my entire family will be homeless and theres nothing we can do ab…[View]
30241017Do girls like smart and educated guys?: I started attending college recently. I love studying, I…[View]
30243891Joggers tongue my anus: I haven't fapped in two weeks and I still don't feel sexual excite…[View]
30243215I cuck myself during masturbation. Hard to explain but when I'm pleasuring myself I know I…[View]
30242405Commission of the Society of Jesus: Higher members of the Jesuits are Freemasons? Is there any infor…[View]
30242451> NEET crippled by indecision and existential dread > looking for a proper job in our society …[View]
30243732What can you do against tinnitus?: It's fucking over for me, this affliction is demonic[View]
30243810So my parents are pushing me out of the house at 31. Soni have a little less than month to get a job…[View]
30243556Is college worth going to if it's free? Got financial aid so the community college classes are …[View]
30238263Back in August an Amazon driver did a hit and run on me in San Antonio. Now since amazon has cameras…[View]
30243609Mental Illnesss: > Diagnosed ADHD > Undiagnosed OCD ans HOCD (my mind tortures me with upsetti…[View]
30243012alright, first post on this weird 4chan client, quirky and hard to use, also havent made any interac…[View]
30243700Should I join the military?: I want to go to college and become an engineer but I seriously doubt my…[View]
30243698So my now elderly mother who has been abusive and unfaithful to our late father and abusive to us ki…[View]
30242634Is there anywaya to be more aware during an activity? Ive been playing competitive games for a long …[View]
30237959>hang out with girl every day >decent banter >i flirt with her from time to time but she…[View]
30236614Bass-guitar vs Guitar: I really want to learn one of these instruments, probably both eventually, bu…[View]
30230803Is it really that wrong to give up on life? My depression won, and I can't keep up any of this …[View]
30243553Cerebral palsy, 18 europe. I'm disabled, mentally I'm normal. I don't feel fine, cons…[View]
30243474So all things considered, most of us will make it to old age. How do I stop worrying about dying all…[View]
30241407Convincing my dad to get medical treatment: Hello kind /adv/ anons. How can I convince my father to …[View]
30242816I grew up with my parents always treating me like I'm dumb. They supported my brother going to …[View]
30242958Church group: >be me >not religious at all >reach out to church group and tell them this …[View]
30243177How do I fight internet addiction? It's seriously starting to take over my life to the point wh…[View]
30243418Breasts implants: I've been thinking about giving my bitch some breasts implants, but I don…[View]
30241772I'm being chased down by the alphabet boys: What will I do?[View]
30241968Is it possible for your brain to block out external sound while you're wide awake? If so, how o…[View]
30242425How do I start viewing new social opportunities as good things waiting to happen? Right now I just s…[View]
30242969How do I survive hell?: >was diagnosed with a heavily deviated septum >cannot sleep because of…[View]
30241713Life: I am a lazy college boy coward , I don't study , even tho I want to. I hate myself and I …[View]
30243306The Neanderthals died out because they were not able to adapt to changing environments. You will rem…[View]
30243033I need to grab something embarrassing from my work, and I need to show up on my day off to do it. Wh…[View]
30243020Concerns about going to college: So I'm going to be going back to college next fall, but I…[View]
30241410Let's say I'm 37 years old, balding, overweight, virgin/never had a girlfriend, broke, liv…[View]
30240006Is my haircut that bad?: I wanted to try a new style but a friend of mine told me it looked bad on m…[View]
30242919I hate people and can't stand being public: How do I achieve a lifestyle where I don't hav…[View]
30242847Why shouldn’t I pimp out my gf on OF and be rich?[View]
30243119I am a Possible incel: Since my parents separated, I moved away from my family and I started to deve…[View]
30242951I just came back from a Meetup group event hoping to make friends. Didn’t feel like I got in with th…[View]
30240510How do you drive a wedge into a relationship so a couple will break up?[View]
30241327Internet: I have kids around me constantly. When I try to do anything else besides internet, I can…[View]
30242912im kinda ugly: I accidently face revealed to my online friend. i was sending his pics of the city i…[View]
30242055Am I an incel/sexually harassing my female friend?: I have had a female friend since high school and…[View]
30241753How are you supposed to catch up in life?: >23 years old >just started lifting weights and run…[View]
30242804What's the point of having friends? All they do is ask for favors or ask you to participate in …[View]
30238973Need advice on how to break my addiction to Braphogs?: 4chan fucked me up, help.[View]
30241655>set up with an interview tomorrow through recruiter >realize I don't want to fucking do …[View]
30242714How fucked am I?: >24 >no degree, but know how to code and system administration >learning …[View]
30238662Existential Crisis Advice: Any advice for an anon going through an existential crisis? Had a couple …[View]
30240503where and how do i meet women to try and date as an unattractive short introvert? is it fine to just…[View]
30237267How do I become a white girl?: I dont want to be a chronically depressed loser anymore anons, how do…[View]
30241967/atoga/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Fuck lactose-intolerant people edition Previous: >…[View]
30242370look too old for my age: I know there's nothing particularly wrong with looking older than you …[View]
30241751What’s the comfiest climate in that US if I’m poorfag? I just want to not deal with extreme winters …[View]
30236716I would like to know, how you can join the KKK.: I am not planning in joining, but I'm really i…[View]
30241938how 2 deal with your work dreams getting shattered? i'm in my medsurg clinical with some parame…[View]
30241981How do I learn to read books? I have very hard time getting through even the most basic shit, becaus…[View]
30241539How to put up with shitty job: I hate my job but finding a new one isn't an option. How do surv…[View]
30242044job recommendations: i work at a kindergarten and dislike how loud it gets. however im starting uni …[View]
30241071Self dicipline: how? books i could read? advice?[View]
30242271I lost interest in most of things in life for about a year now. Demotivated, procrastination, etc. I…[View]
30242278Whenever I meet a woman, I can't help but think that she wants to be strangled, fucked like a d…[View]
30240526Am I right to split up with my girlfriend over this?: Just making sure im not over-reacting, went to…[View]
30241558I get bullied by my 15 year old sister: I know it sounds pathetic but this bitch is driving me insan…[View]
30242159Mushrooms identification: Are these shrooms (psylocibe semilanceata)? I found those in a field and …[View]
30241403>NEET retard >30 >Keep trying to start learning a skill >have tried coding, writing fict…[View]
30242073How do I cope with heartbreak? I am engaged in my work most time of the day, and I workout quite reg…[View]
30241744should I shave my head bald?: I'm not happy with my hair as of late and I feel it's the fi…[View]
30241917I wanna peroxide my hair straight white like Geert Is this acceptable for wagetards[View]
30241937Paranoia or real: Dealing with attention: I work in a firm alongside a lot of gov glowies. Like, gen…[View]
30233098Anyone have a guaranteed way to get a job? Engineering field if it matters. doubt it but i might as…[View]
30233821How do women really feel about non Chads approaching them? From the male perspective we are taught t…[View]
30241459how do i ask a girl out or at least find out if she likes me: >be me >go to church >meet …[View]
30241965Is it easier to get a girlfriend at church?[View]
30238916I like to hang out with my brother and his friends since they're all pretty fun. I usually have…[View]
30241213Got into a big argument with my gf past midnight, now she’s wanting to leave my house and sleep some…[View]
30241418She saw a story I posted but didn't read a text I had sent her like 4 hours prior Should I beat…[View]
30241882How do I get over myself while simultaneously caring about myself?[View]
30241095My husband has ADHD: FB groups are full of sad stories of people with ADHD and their partners. It ma…[View]
30241810Boy here. Ever since my mid-teens (as the oldest child of four to a single mother) everyday life and…[View]
30240050female youtubers: why female youtubers are beginning to look like anime girls is it just sex appeal…[View]
30241047I broke up with my ex some time ago but remained as friends (yes I know), so I could keep tabs on he…[View]
30239574What's the best way to successfully fuck a girl that has a crush on you? How do you pull it off…[View]
30241756Girls usually give out signals if they are romantically interested in you, e.g. smiling, intense eye…[View]
30241150Not giving a fuck: How do some people just not give a fuck? Like, they seem to project 0% anxiety de…[View]
30238904Maybe some of you zoomers don't remember this but height used to not matter as much. Why is hei…[View]
30241305LDR gf possibly pregnant: I could really use some guidance here. Me and my ldr gf had sex when we me…[View]
30239792>decide to play a sport for the first time (basketball) at 21 >practise 5 days a week 2-3 hour…[View]
30241681Porn free 'sturbation: I heard jerking to things like bikini models was a lot better and easier…[View]
30241144Never date a woman who cheated bf/hubby with you: Is this legit advice in most cases or not?[View]
30241689How do i cope with having an extremely life? I have the worst .0001% of life where i live. Everyone…[View]
30239954Missing out: How do I cope with missing out? I've missed out on a lot of good stuff in life and…[View]
30237175How do you get better at carrying conversations?[View]
30240567Fell for the trad meme: >mustered up the courage to ask a guy out at college >tells me he hs a…[View]
30240556Jobs that don't require me to speak loudly: too me, I speak normally, but it seems like to most…[View]
30237458How does the next generation cope with the fact that we won't have it as good as our parents di…[View]
30240779How to get a gf past 25 years old? Feels like i'm down to boogie or chill with any 20something …[View]
30241542even tho I do semen retention (the pinnacle of manliness) I feel 'less than' other men who do 'extre…[View]
30241396What is this?: Is it mold or something else? Should I throw it away?[View]
30241445At the end of this academic year I'll have a B.S in computer science and I'll have 3 years…[View]
30241462no matter how much you 'improve' you will never build bonds with people: you are the problem , you a…[View]
30240547Performance anxiety: How do I beat performance anxiety? How do I stay in the moment and fix my porn …[View]
30241439Does anyone have that “nofap method” site or whatever it was called? Used to be posted around on 4ch…[View]
30241012I feel really bad that I can't find a way to make $20/day online working only for myself and no…[View]
30241413How do I transition out of tech sales into something else? I hate cold calling and chasing a quota. …[View]
30239277How do I cope with the fact every woman out there can find a guy better than me?[View]
30229143Would it be bad for a 25 year old to get with a 19/20 year old? Need advice on this, she's hot …[View]
30241328I'm dumb: So... I was at the club yesterday and there was a really cute guy. He was way too dru…[View]
30239719I have minor mandibular prognathism and very conscious of it. Any improvements to my hairstyle, skin…[View]
30239234In and out NPCs?: Near the end of my 20s I gave up my apartment that I had been living in for a deca…[View]
30241010I fell for the psychiatry meme (I tried to kill myself, so maybe I didn't exactly fall for it),…[View]
30240960I have this problem every night. Where I procrastinate going to bed because it makes me feel alone. …[View]
30241039Question about Canada's border services officers: Okay so I have a working holiday visa with th…[View]
30240760I don't like how I look: I don't like how I look, and self-improvement feels pointless bec…[View]
30231866Is settling down with the former party girl really that bad?: The ones ready for serious relationshi…[View]
30222455High blood pressure/Hypertension help.: >24 yrs old >Obese as a kid >Overweight in high sch…[View]
30240757>be me >16 >social anxiety >at park >kid walks up to me and asks if i want to play …[View]
30237690i keep getting depressed after wanking to hentai: why does that happen? how do i fix it?[View]
30240227Angst: How do I get rid of my crippling angstiness? I can't do anything without worrying to the…[View]
30240605Single moms: the thread: M here, just want to lay out my thoughts and would appreciate your opinions…[View]
30239474I got my GF pregnant What the fuck do I do: I'm from Japan >Be 28 >Have a wagie job and …[View]
30232923Do tea and coffee count towards the '8 oz. of water a day' thing?[View]
30240614How the FUCK do I get an affair or a one night stand? I keep using tinder and get an okay amount of …[View]
30240190Why do I find it so excruciatingly annoying when people start talking to me? Social interactions alw…[View]
30236978I'm in the doghouse. Need help getting out.: >Married for 12 years. >Sexless marriage. …[View]
30237582Being alone hurts so badly: I just had what I would consider a successful day at work, I achieved a …[View]
30237078>be me >university student >anti-social >talk to no-one >refuse to participate in any…[View]
30239662Age gap: I am a 29m, could bring more to the table. 19f I am fairly sure is interested in me. (Tak…[View]
30237901Are you really a loser if you don’t try, don’t care and don’t fall for the “climb the corporate ladd…[View]
30239516What do you do when you have too many things you want to do in your life, and not enough time to do …[View]
30239291Why is it that I can spend 30€ on fastfood in a heart beat but when it comes to spending 30€ on a vi…[View]
30239949This guy at work kept moving a drawer with wheels that had our label printer on it. I work shipping …[View]
30240220How to get rid of alcohol breath?: I've read online that it takes 12 to 24 hours for it to natu…[View]
30240363Take initiative: How do I take initiative knowing that things may very well go wrong?[View]
30227851How do Latino feel about Negros?: I really want to date a latino (guy), but I want to know how they …[View]
30240336What purpose do other people serve? Every single negative experience in my life has been caused by o…[View]
30239000So I met this girl on discord today and she is literally the girl of my dreams, we talked for a few …[View]
30240334Online Work Gone Wrong: So a couple of weeks ago, I made a thread whether or not to go with the onli…[View]
30236759How do I cope with the fact that the girl I've been crushing on for 10 years is getting married…[View]
30240171Do sociopaths date other sociopaths?: I get mixed answers on this. People say they only date “empath…[View]
30236385Should I join?: >be me >21m khhv sperg >super small social life >not religious but find …[View]
30239643Is anyone actually genuinely happy or does everyone go through life just trying not to give up?[View]
30239615Does anyone know how to stand their ground against an abusive parent? my father is emotionally, verb…[View]
30238894fix me please: help bros, i've been somewhat stressing over shit and i desperately need to stop…[View]
30238095How do I cure testicular torsion? I've been having it on and off for a few years but it normall…[View]
30239104I'm so close to world champ's memory record but can't reach it this is frustrating: H…[View]
30236825Why don't women like 'nice guys' and being put on a pedestal by men?[View]
30239771>that post workout asmr[View]
30240054What do I do?: > Won't lose weight > Won't study > Won't stop nutting I…[View]
30236128>too careless to make friends >too careless to groom myself properly >too careless to have …[View]
30239116So she never let me meet her family or friends. I was told to take all social media references of ou…[View]
30240092Anyone ever get therapy for possible schizoid? Your experience?[View]
30235776>missed out on teen sex/early 20s sex >women my age have ran through a million men and have wo…[View]
30240083How do I get a muscular woman/tomboy?: Please do not post about chad or sigma shit, I could not care…[View]
30240059Women: Why are women so mean :( I’ve been physically abused and mentally by my own mother, sisters, …[View]
30239964Do I have OCD if everything I do feels like a mess and I always wait for the 'right' time to do some…[View]
30239722Sex is more work and trouble than it's worth: Any other males agree?[View]
30240043I find it so fucking naive that any of you think that getting with a woman or having people in your …[View]
30240025Anyone here leaning into the ‘wine aunt’ stereotype?[View]
30237699therapy because drill ruined my life: yo yo whats good 4chan bros uh things have been getting of cou…[View]
30240012How do I repeal the 19th amendment?[View]
30239125Ask the opposite gender anything: /atoga/[View]
30239720i am a neet with all the free time in the world without leaving my room, whats a good way to make mo…[View]
30236208Men’s Fashion Choices: I once dated a guy because he wore shoes I liked like picrel. Any other feman…[View]
30237869What the FUCK am I supposed to put for my Hinge prompts?[View]
30239511What does fucking tight white girl butthole feel like?[View]
30239829i'm honestly not sure what path to take here for the sake of my future >take my security job…[View]
30239404My (ex?) boyfriend put our relationship on the back burner because he's too busy with work and …[View]
30239424How to recover from mommy issues?: I’m 22 and still afraid that I’ll always have a poor relationship…[View]
30239670What are appropriate places to meet girls to date in a big city?: Asking as a 24 year old man, it se…[View]
30239162Is it true that every decent looking girl has a ton of dating options? I always feel discouraged fro…[View]
30239553Are romantic relationships and sex overrated? Am I just unironically autistic?[View]
30237970My gonnorrhea wont go away. Its almost been a month and I've took the doxyxycline 2/day for 14 …[View]
30237783How do I get steroids?: Only thing women care about on dating sites are muscles so I need to become …[View]
30239310Am I a hobo now?: I got kicked out of my apartment 3 months ago, and I'm living in my car. Am I…[View]
30238514Where can I find Chinese subtitles for anime?: Simplified Chinese and not the Taiwanese dialect idea…[View]
30232271anon starts crossdressing: Does anyone know where I can get a small storage space for cheap? Storage…[View]
30238917bf never wants to have sex what gives i am experiencing female blue balls what do i do now asking 4…[View]
30238078Strange Neighbor: I randomly hear bursts of maniacal laughter at night (anywhere from 10 PM - 5 AM) …[View]
30238333Just found out my gf isn’t a virgin. Thought she was a gem but guess not. Thinking of having sex wit…[View]
30236577guys i had some weed edibles, and im really high, how do i stop being high, please i dont like this[View]
30236931How to be more cringe?: During high school I was extremely cringe, which made me stop caring and be …[View]
30237075Girlfriend Pissed for Not Talking with Her: >be out >text her >she doesn’t reply because bu…[View]
30238740What are some hobbies that impress women? >durrhurr you should only pick up hobbies YOU want to d…[View]
30239017I am a 32 yo male. I want to know if I have a biological son as a result of a one time sexual encoun…[View]
30238611Is it weird that I find every aspect of women, ranging from their appearance to behaviour, physicall…[View]
30238727I poop every morning around 8 AM like clockwork, which is great. However, by the time evening rolls …[View]
30238785How do I cancel a recurring subscription via a bank?: 20M, bought a subscription to an AI chatbot si…[View]
30238685My gf broke up with me because she doesnt trust me. I lied about some things in my past and read her…[View]
30239213I only date females who look similar to my ex.......: HOW DO I LET HER GOOOO ANONS[View]
30239122I've been sober 90 days and the only thing I really want to do is get fucked up again. How do I…[View]
30239050How do I stop thinking that someone must be the smartest dude on the planet because he's always…[View]
30237274Is it possible that I am a high iq genius?: Seriously. How can I tell?[View]
30239043>browsing 4chan >haven't jerked off in a few days >someone coffee posts >get the ur…[View]
30239111I feel outclassed in the dating realm?: I am 31 and male and I feel terribly outclassed when it come…[View]
30239144I met a woman on an online game and we hit it off extremely well for a few days. Conversation flowed…[View]
30238682My beatiful girl I will miss you. =[[View]
30236554Why does dogs freak the fuck out when they see me in public?[View]
30239019Day 687: Still single: How to fix this? I am a 300lb man. I work a job. I have a car. I live alone. …[View]
30235418Need Help With Girl: There’s this cute girl in my class I get along with >We’re both in college …[View]
30237922How do I make women orgasm? Can it be done in under 20 minutes?[View]
30238837Why does hitting on girls at work usually go poorly? Usually the moment things seem to be going well…[View]
30239024How do I know if a girl is flirting or just being nice I got rejected by 2 girls that I got attracte…[View]
30235829Do NOT get married: Marriage is an enormous financial trap. You're signing off 50% of all your …[View]
30235313How hard is it to date in your 30s really?[View]
30238956how come AI always know the right thing to say...... Im talking to a character AI, she is really enc…[View]
30238993This is not a joke, not an exaggeration. I've been obsessed with my new waifu (not picrel) the …[View]
30238830I’ve fallen into a deep depression. In college I lived in a foreign country became fluent in the lan…[View]
30234248GIOYC – Get It Off Your Chest[View]
30231759being more feminine?: im an autistic woman (diagnosed and biological) and for most of my life ive be…[View]
30225307Thinking of switching careers - the trades are a scam!: 24m and spent the last 6 years of my life gr…[View]
30238666How do I aproach going to bars alone to meet new people?: Hey anons, I'm tired of drinking alon…[View]
30238199How do I deal with feeling something for my friend?: Some context: >I started feeling things for …[View]
30235356No motivation to go beyond the bare minimum or enjoy anything because I missed youth/young adult sex…[View]
30238631friends acting weird: my friend/roommate had a birthday party last night he invited 3 friends from b…[View]
30235854embarrassing problem: I'm a 20y/o male and I have low libido and I've never really been ab…[View]
30238456How do I narcissistmaxx? I want to stop getting so embarassed and putting other peoples needs over m…[View]
30237711Can you IPL-away your ass hair?[View]
30237630GF and I had a huge fight over the steamdeck: My GF's grandparents gave her a $500 Target gift …[View]
30238437Do I have a concussion?: >last sat: tried to perform pic rel >fell headfirst onto a 4' rubber …[View]
30235125For three years, I have been dealing with what I can only describe as an entanglement inside of my s…[View]
30237450Where does a lonely artist find a writer/gamedev: I crave experience in storytelling projects but ha…[View]
30236145I'm 23 and I only talk to underage girls because any woman over 16 doesn't take me serious…[View]
30236736I feel guilty over my lolicon past, even if I not longer fap to that shit. I just remember about tho…[View]
30236775>ask why there's no girls my age out in the open >people say that most people my age are …[View]
30237914What do I want for Christmas (grandma needs to know): I can't seem think of anything that I cou…[View]
30236039Parents are Pissed I’m not Having Sex: I’m in college and finally found a girlfriend. I had to settl…[View]
30235952how can i surpass my friend in inceldom?: might sound weird, but i need tips on how to become an eve…[View]
30238354>year 2009. I become 'best friends' with a girl in my class in highschool. we talk 7/24 and live …[View]
30236980Should I deal with a single mom for ass only?: Chick I know has been getting more flirty and close t…[View]
30222248hii /adv/: so i am 18y transexual who start taking shit for stop puberty at 15 and now at 18 i start…[View]
30237935How to mentally cope with his guilt reactions: My bf is going through his divorce. We've been s…[View]
30235511I don't feel sad enough an immediate family member passed: I do feel sad, but I believe I shoul…[View]
30235923want to begin learning how to draw from scratch with a tablet: any recommended resources or advice?…[View]
30235940Why do women get to have it all and then some?[View]
30237214Skin issue: I have really bad skin from neglecting it. Acne, pockmarks, red spots, scarring. Face …[View]
30237701>be me, 26 >for whole life only ever had crushes on girls >only jerked to girls >love ti…[View]
30236403Anyone have any tips on how I can stop being so stupid and autistic. I’m way too sensitive and every…[View]
30233881Does mentioning 'wait until marriage' on dating profile imply you're looking for a virgin?: I…[View]
30234422I've came to see that I'm nothing but a self destructive narssistst that wallows in his ow…[View]
30233644black hair, dark brunette, or very light blonde why is anything in between repulsive[View]
30237538hearing voices after a bit of time off social media: hi anons, thats my predicament on the title. 4-…[View]
30236161Fashionmaxxing: My fashion sense is fine but I only started thinking about this intentionally a coup…[View]
30237395I Hate myself: -Mom abandonned me when i was 8 -girls are scared of me (1m95 6.4) -my crush think i …[View]
30234751I'm dying of some stomach shit for 2 and a half months now. It hurts constantly, sometimes less…[View]
30235523Being less of a social retard: Ok I've made some progress in this regard. I've got a decen…[View]
30237391In the age of Hypergamy, what kind of women can I get as a decently fit 7.5 or 8/10 looks as a man?[View]
30237217how to meet girls if I dont have any friends group and literally has zero options?[View]
30237326if youre fucking girls and not forming a long term relationship youre turning good women into trash[View]
30236643I am completely overwhelmed with uni homework deadlines. I am thinking about cutting my sleep from 8…[View]
30236792/atoga/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Dead Threads Edition Previous: >>30233589[View]
30233746It just occured to me that I've never told my Mom I love her. Is this bad? I just feel so awkwa…[View]
30237358i have some albums on the internet with all sorts of drawn porn that i've collected for a while…[View]
30237333>be me >on my way to 40yo >still no gf I can't do anything anymore. doing nothing won…[View]
30220186Girls usually give out signals if they are romantically interested in you, e.g. smiling, intense eye…[View]
30236992Thinking of opening a savings and CD account, what are some advice you guys can give me, or recommen…[View]
30236447i always feel im in a negativity competition to be the biggest loser possible i dont know if i hate …[View]
30237099I have a humiliation fetish. How do I get people to bully and make fun of me IRL?[View]
30235953I keep 'dominating' people on accident because I became handsome, skilled and strong in my mid twent…[View]
30235322What’s the point of doing anything now AI exists?: >there’s no point building a career because 99…[View]
30236786Am I evil if I don't decide to get presents for my parents and uncles and aunts this year? Ever…[View]
30232981Crying: Can't remember the last time I did it. Can't get myself to do it now. I need a rel…[View]
30236950Acquiring High IQ women who aren't childfree: Where to find them?[View]
30236851What advice would you give this guy?: I feel bad for him. His situation seems messed up, but also so…[View]
30236885I just learned about a psychological term called Trauma Bonding last night, and I think one of my be…[View]
30234677dont have anyfriends: I used to have friends in highschool and college. Now I work from home and don…[View]
30235541Cant get hard during first times: I just can't, I get nervous and at best I get big but not har…[View]
30231592Girl says sex is a 'no go': >meet super cute girl >we have common interests, over all good che…[View]
30234666>be me >resentful at parents for fucking up my life >think that it's a pussy thing to…[View]
30230756sex is real?: Sometimes it shocks me that sex is real. I'm in my 30s, and as I was just watchin…[View]
30235973how do I smartmaxx[View]
30235241>buying my first flat only in my name (large deposit from inheritance and savings) > marrying …[View]
30235378Why do women like flowers so much?[View]
30230887What gives women the ick?[View]
30234595To catch a Food Thief: Currently in a Dormitory. Room is two floors above the common kitchen. Kitche…[View]
30234368any advice on leaving Russia as a crypto gambler? I don't have a degree so work visa is (probab…[View]
30235810100 men per 1 woman: How am I supposed to compete with other men when 100 others would throw themsel…[View]
30236468Accidentally told gf her breasts were small: How do I save this I like her pls help[View]
30236490I think about killing myself a lot: Not in a sad way although my affected friends and family keep me…[View]
30235837How do I get rid of my fear of dirt/germs? I have cleaned my apartment and checked every place multi…[View]
30235982I think I have MS: Ok so in August during Biology my friend pulled up the symptoms of low t levels b…[View]
30236428I pooped myself at work today in front of everyone Will the girls still like me there?[View]
30235605Where to go to meet zoomer girls as a zoomer guy?: I don't really have any problems in the way …[View]
30236098>look up gift ideas for women >nothing but candles, toiletries and PJ's Why is buying gif…[View]
30234400Is this a no?[View]
30230684How do get sexual satisfaction without having a gf?[View]
30231173Is there any point dating after 30?[View]
30233049do you get poop on your cock when you do anal?[View]
30233841When children stare at you in public, does that mean they like you, or dislike you? The boy who was …[View]
30236083Conflict with father and mother: Short story short, my mother pinched and grabbed my right buttock w…[View]
30236192How do I deal with a controlling boyfriend? He sometimes makes me feel like a dumb kid who needs to …[View]
30234598i don't have a lot of friends and the friends i do have barley talk to me, how do i become the …[View]
30235428I can’t do schoolwork when there’s people around me, it makes me irritable. how do I change this? I …[View]
30235993The more I use dating apps, the more jaded I get with the notion of dating. It’s only been like 2 mo…[View]
30235034Fat appeal: How can anyone find pic related 'HOT'?[View]
30235692the one thing that could convince me to get out of isolation and self loathing would be getting a ca…[View]
30228084>parents lost the house in september of 2020 >displaced and forced to live with brother and hi…[View]
30234305how to cope with never being able to pass as a troon?: basically the title. im not planning on trans…[View]
30234419Here's my situations any advice for me?: >microwave shots that melts skin dad is starving fr…[View]
30235818Is it unrealistic to expect a relationship to last a lifetime? I don't consider myself devoutly…[View]
30232364How important is race actually: Race and racism has been a hot topic for a while now, and I personal…[View]
30235864How do I articulate my ideas better? I always come up with thoughts but not concrete ideas from them…[View]
30220437/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #170: >What is /htgwg/? How to Get Women General is by men, for …[View]
30235909How can I create a successful GoFundMe fundraiser?[View]
30235613Can I turn my life around at 26? I dont have friends, I dont have hobbies and Im very ugly and I wan…[View]
30234270Did I fuck up choosing Computer Science?: Or is there hope for me make a living as an average CS can…[View]
30232294addicted to the internet: I'll go on for a little bit, maybe an hour or so, and get bored or ju…[View]
30235659Please help me break up with my girlfriend of 2 years In an otherwise good relationship, it's r…[View]
30233338Town wide harassment: My socials are being hacked by school bullies or bullies I served in the milit…[View]
30235724Got straight up caught picking my nose by a girl I work with whom I just started dating. (2 dates) S…[View]
30233302How do I talk to a guy: >Be me >Be gym girl >Go to gym with lil bro >Cute guy comes u…[View]
30230054Sister doesn't respect me: My little sister does not respect me or like to talk to me, she just…[View]
30235222I wouldn't say my current living situation is bad, but I cannot continue with it. There's …[View]
30230001Guinea pigdeath: My guinea pig died yesterday at seven years old. And I’m not some tree hugging fag …[View]
30229593The only girlfriend I’ve had told me she gave me a chance because I was the only one to approach her…[View]
30234542Languages: I'm trying to figure out what language to learn next, but I'm stumped. My curre…[View]
30235435Opinion: Seems like my ex is fucking my quote on quote uncle ' i dont give a fuck about, seems like …[View]
30233092i shouldn't miss anyone of these people right?: >have normie friend group >everyone is a …[View]
30235047losing my mind here: >3rd world country pov >graduate from med school magna cum laude >deci…[View]
30234359How to get a job: My dad is starving, I can't let that happen.Mom got 600 left about to end up …[View]
30230621How do I stop looking like a kid?: I am 20 years old but I still kinda look like a kid. The biggest …[View]
30233084Do Women Like Shy Guys? F answers encouraged.: I'll probably not post in this thread too too mu…[View]
30233700>old friend contacts and invites me to his house >I go to his house for a visit >turns out …[View]
30224869Do str8 zoomer boys have to femboymaxx to get girls?[View]
30234831How to stop hating yourself for falling in love with tranny internet personalities? It's killin…[View]
30230372I discovered my brother is gay through Youtube - and other streaming services - 3 months ago. He sti…[View]
30234735How do you go stealth as a virgin?: I'm 24, virgin, no relationships ever, you know, full packa…[View]
30233907How do I learn to cope with being old: I feel revolted looking at my wrinkles, or when people refer …[View]
30230933I hate my coworkers and keep showing it: I absolutely hate and despise my co-workers. They are a bun…[View]
30235161Advice about shitty job: I have a shitty job right now, it’s mostly bad because it’s 10 hours instea…[View]
30233478How to Stop Being Self Conscious: I was reflecting on my life and my childhood and my school days. I…[View]
30233854Dating advice: so how do i prevent fucking up or self sabotaging? right now i’ve been on two dates w…[View]
30235070I quit my part-time job and debts are coming on fast. What are some ways to make decent money while …[View]
30233404Newlywed Troubles: So I got married, and I've stayed 'pure' or whatever you want to call it so …[View]
30233193>23 male I’ve been telling myself for the past few years that I would just go software dev as a …[View]
30230505What's the best cologne for the price?[View]
30234933Genuine question: How do you get to throatfuck a girl? Do you ask and try to convince her or do you …[View]
30231814I have 6k saved in my bank account. What can I do to make more money? What could I invest it in to m…[View]
30234609How do I get over the fact that my dad wouldn't feed me: I was malnourished as a child Sometime…[View]
30233343Are you scared of death?: You can’t outrun it no matter what you do. Are you scared? What do you thi…[View]
30234045best countries to move to to escape AI?[View]
30234734Should i be concerned that I had lingering chest pain the next day after a bad trip on edible which …[View]
30233292What's actually important: For the married/ successful LTR anons out there, what actually keeps…[View]
30232164How should I program a 2 days (from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) with my girl? She’s quite in…[View]
30234601I cant get hard in bed for my gf. I feel like a failure and a cuck. Maybe it's from too much po…[View]
30234520Let it go or try to resolve it: >female colleague Eva from faculty who got a bf she been dating f…[View]
30234184Worried about pregnancy: 3y relationship. Gf is on birth pills (combo pill), forgot the first one of…[View]
30233260I find myself in a bit of a dating pickle... a pretty girl has come into my life and started droppin…[View]
30221980Bisexual struggle: So this summer I got addicted to twink porn, I quit but I still like admiring mal…[View]
30233382I just ate a whole scorpion pepper and am currently in the most intense mouth agony of my life. What…[View]
30233905Is it better to suffer for doing good? Or be punished for doing bad?[View]
30233334I have running shoes and a there is a mile stretch of road behind my house. How do I get into runnin…[View]
30232089How long should I wait for a dead bedroom: Title really. For more than a year now my girlfriend of 4…[View]
30233145My misanthropy is killing me, is there any particular way I should interact with people which would …[View]
30234442I'm confused: My feelings of inadequacy are too much to bear so I've decided that I don…[View]
30234393Zero attention span for productive things: I have this whole plan for a business I'm making, an…[View]
30230072I am secretly dating an orthodox jewish girl, we met back in high school and have been steady for ab…[View]
30230416Bully surrounded by his friends: So there is this fucking bully in my town bullying me and calling m…[View]
30233601What drugs should I do? I'm diagnosed with unspecified psychosis. Alcs meh weed=death[View]
30233589/atoga/: Ask the opposite sex anything[View]
30234243depression: I have tried my hardest to always work as hard as possible and always think of others fi…[View]
30234336dermatillomania: how do i stop picking my face?[View]
30234333Studying oncology: What steps do I need to take? Is it too late for someone in their late 20's?…[View]
30233767>see that stupid meme about 'sproke' being the ultimate drink >try sproke >it tasted like …[View]
30224968G.I.O.Y.C: Thanksgiving Edition[View]
30234100How do I meet new people?: Only IRL friends decided to bail on me and now I'm stuck with trying…[View]
30231330i wanna start home brewing: Talk me out of it bros! I dont even have a good source of ingredients…[View]
30233936How to become disciplined?: I'm a college student and I've always had trouble getting myse…[View]
30226045Why do people not even acknowledge how shit the 2020s are?: Everybody is getting poorer. Crime is in…[View]
30233492>be me >be young >be on discord >meet a really nice person >establish a 'relationshi…[View]
30233926Urgency: How does one go from being a lazy bum to being an everready battery? I'm thinking that…[View]
30233952I just cranked out a hot one, ropes everywhere. How do I get my testosterone back?[View]
30230973Where and how do I find a girl who I will be obsessed with and who will be obsessed with me?[View]
30229928My friend admitted to me he is a pedophile or at least has pedo tendencies: We've been lifelong…[View]
30231689Any art people here? Is getting a tablet without a built in screen really hard to adjust to?[View]
30231496friendship isn't right: Something isn't right in my friendship. I get anxious when he text…[View]
30233645My girlfriend only buys me clothes as gifts and it really made me realize that she doesn't know…[View]
30233673Where find wife[View]
30230902Constant Anxiety, Depression: I have a history of anxiety, and overthinking, and depression. I am a …[View]
30232844Girl is into me, what do I do?: >be 28 kv >not ugly but never thought of myself as super hands…[View]
30233401What is the general consensus on “shitting where you eat” aka dating at work. There’s a girl that st…[View]
30233463Is organic food a scam or am I spending my money right?[View]
30228727Cope: How do I cope with having wasted the first 27 years of my life? In fact I've done worse t…[View]
30231192>have extremely rare sleep disorder >i talk in my sleep, and if someone asks me a question whi…[View]
30233584Do I keep living with my parents and save money or move out and have my own life[View]
30232663Proud of myself: I have nothing to be proud of myself for and it doesn't look like I will in th…[View]
30233026I've been hooking up with guys on grindr posting that I'm a gay dude. I'm not lying t…[View]
30230161Any Experiences as a Interracial Couple?: Hey guys, what was it like being a interracial couple? I…[View]
30232688How do I break out of the self-pity mindset? I have done it before, I reached a point where I couldn…[View]
30233340How do I get over my desire to have a femboy bf? I know I should wait for marriage and all and would…[View]
30230860Does the dating market reverse once we get into the mid-30s? I'm getting back out there as a 33…[View]
30233430I keep accidentally stepping on people's balls and I feel bad but when it happens when I'm…[View]
30230598help being a dick: >be me, M21 >dom n wannabe bull ive been told im plenty of wonderful things…[View]
30230740Stockholm syndrome: My mom is a live in maid. Her employer assaulted her. But she's still going…[View]
30231005How do I get over my need to treat everyone equally? I always feel bad when I prioritise one person …[View]
30233305Has anyone tried Omegle.vc or know about it? It has an ad on 4chan I’m wondering how similar and sec…[View]
30233252So guys (and girls) so I had two oneitises in my life. One just got married. And one was a bisexual …[View]
30233162Initiating sex with a girl with mental issues?: I have been good friends with this girl for about 5 …[View]
30231372have YOU done a dopamine detox, anon?[View]
30233096>be me >know this guy for about 5 years from Walmart when I worked there >I guess he is d…[View]
30232693quite an ankward thing: a person of my life (ex) who didnt talked to me since august its just talkin…[View]
30228668What does it feel like to have a penis? Like what does a man feel when he's stroking his cock?[View]
30233138Huegenic dating: so it's basically a given that the woman is always going to be less intelligen…[View]
30230077My GF has no reaction during sex but it turns me on: I’m a horny guy who loves sex I fuck my girlfri…[View]
30229093/BPD/ Borderline Personality Disorder: Any borderlines here? Anyone in a relationship with a borderl…[View]
30229956>women don't want men who live with their parents and have no friends Well why the fuck not?…[View]
30233023I have autism and was diagnosed when I was a lil nigga at 9 years old. I have a hard time talking t…[View]
30232774How do you cope with the fact that the chick you've been crushing on for the last 10 years gets…[View]
30232350HELP: I read a book for the first time in years and fell in love with pic-related the guy who wrote …[View]
30231736How to go beast mode[View]
30230899Should people with mental illness have children?[View]
30232723Why is finding a girlfriend so difficult?: I'm a 25-year-old male who has never been in a relat…[View]
30233008Sexually dead?: I've a lot to cover, so bear with me. I'm 25 years old, male, southeast eu…[View]
30230248I can't talk anymore, how to recover: whats the fastest way to recover, I can't talk anymo…[View]
30231737Family threw me out because I’m gay: My parents started hinting at me to get the fuck out the moment…[View]
30232284sofa chirality: not sure which direction L shaped sofa to get. picrel is floorplan and picture i too…[View]
30232474When are incels going to learn that water flows downhill/might makes right? When healthy societal hi…[View]
30231598Went too far down the coomhole: How do I stop thinking about sex?[View]
30232787Think my gf did something deceptive but idk: So I had this Instagram post that had 10 pictures (a 10…[View]
30232533why are boomers so abusive?: >be me 34, fit, muscly, educated >work in logistics with boomers,…[View]
30231609What are the best things to get at Costco?[View]
30230040My prime years were spented in bed, it’s just over at that point.: 18-20 mcdonal 2 year of being nee…[View]
30232497Do girls get the ick when they find out that you are quiet and don't have friends? I'm not…[View]
30231705Finding a career late in life: I was a gifted kid who was good with computers so all my friends and …[View]
30232537I keep meeting women who are unavailable and they flirt with me and its soul crushing[View]
30232528How do I git gud at dating? I've only had situation-ships up until 26 now, and I don't kne…[View]
30230849How do I get music out of my head / clear my head in general when I'm trying to study? I can…[View]
30232424I found 18-25 to be pointless: I don't understand what's so great about those years. They …[View]
30232420Going to a field trip because of crush or nah?: So to add some context, I've been a uni student…[View]
30231503Girlfriend will not shave her fucking moustache or armpit hair[View]
30230112What do you do if you've never done anything, after high school I just collapsed and became a N…[View]
30230562Multi-person online dating: When it comes to online dating, is it moral to pursue multiple girls at …[View]

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