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24624047/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Boogie Nights edition[View]
24626153>about to be 30 years old next month >don’t want to hook up or have casual sex >had a gf a…[View]
24625986Hey /adv/ sorry if my post doesn't make to much sense I have paperwork fatigue, so I'll gr…[View]
24622696spanish learning help: i need help there's alot of spanish speaking immigrants in my area and t…[View]
24625193If I'm too nervous to even call the psychiatrist office to set up an appointment is it too late…[View]
24625259Where am I native?: Took a dna test and I'm 92% anatolian (province antalya), but have been tol…[View]
24624439Is it true that all women have to same personality, like the same things, and want the same type of …[View]
24623953Can I hear some stories of how you anons got your life together. 26 here, feel empty and like a side…[View]
24626150What’s it like to have a girl sit on your face? How to make it enjoyable for both parties?[View]
24625770abdominal pain: I noticed how I can flex my arm fully and it just feels like a flexed arm, but if I …[View]
24623096How do you guys stay healthy when using social media? I get the impression that being online, contri…[View]
24624505How do you cope with the fact that if you have a small penis you will never experience love, sex and…[View]
24626025Movies Only You've Watched and Enjoyed: Post 'em, /tv/ stars![View]
24625887I just had a painful realisation today. The amount of years in isolation has severed my ability to b…[View]
24625564Is the only way to get tough to make my life as miserable as possible?[View]
24625940Need someone to write a Tinder message for me: So this girl on Tinder really seems to be interested …[View]
24624451Used to be a normie, became a loser, can’t go on: How do I move on is my question Basically I tasted…[View]
24625877Work stuff: How do I stop caring about work so much? I work in customer support, I'm just a cog…[View]
24624314My wife fell into those pyramid schemes. I tried to reason with her and she ignored me. I asked help…[View]
24623628how to not fuck up?: been a while since I haven't visited this board but I need your help anons…[View]
24625791Help quitting smoking? Currently vaping, but I've in no way quit nicotine. I tend to chimp out …[View]
24625746I am afraid to tell anybody what music, video games I like, political beliefs, etc to anyone outside…[View]
24623362GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your chest. You might feel better.[View]
24625329is life worth living after 45 or 60?: im 25 now but depending on how long I plan to live is the way …[View]
24625805Saw my ex. I am far away from home and i am 100% certain it's her. Haven't talked with he…[View]
24621105Women Always Cancel Dates So Last Minute: What's the point in even trying when a girl can liter…[View]
24625464I got caught for cheating on an online exam. They emailed me and told me to confess. What do I do? I…[View]
24625729>meet girl during pandemic >rich lithuanian parents >she lives in us >wait for border to…[View]
24625591I'm sick with the flu: how do I feel better and recover quicker?: Symptoms >sinus pressure …[View]
24624269Life expectancy of wizards: I am on my way to become a 30 years old kissless virgin wizard and was w…[View]
24625571Where can I meet women who don't have insipid personalities and interests? Online dating has be…[View]
24625688I just broke up with my GF, but I don't feel much except for some pressure being lifted off my …[View]
24624213she said 'not now' advice request: hi there i know this women for 5 years. she is my private teacher…[View]
24624252What advice would you give to someone who never had any friends in school and got bullied everytime …[View]
24625488Is it cringe getting a manga tattoo?: Not Megumin or any weeb shit on full color, that's obviou…[View]
24625620I'm looking for a lawn mower: Can't be too large but has to get the job done. I don't…[View]
24625096im autistic, and the biggest loner in the world never had a friend, didnt go to school didnt go to p…[View]
24625113How to cope with working a clock in clock out job? I'm constantly short and frustrated with my …[View]
24625236If looks are everything, why don't I have a girlfriend? Is it because I don't leave the ho…[View]
24625526If I almost always find everyone boring when they talk, except sometimes when they talk about me, do…[View]
24624779looking for a job: I'm a student and I am looking for potential jobs. I'm looking for a jo…[View]
24625505What should I do?: >Live in UK. >Studying policing and forensics, completed 1st year, and did …[View]
24625294Should you force yourself to exercise, if there's no form of exercise you enjoy even slightly?[View]
24624573my brain is full of fuck: I literally cannot control my thoughts or my emotions. It's to the po…[View]
24622146BPD: Any anons here have BPD? How do you manage it? What do you do when you go into a manic episode?…[View]
24625011cheating: >be me >cheat on gf >hoe i cheated with ghosts me >sad what do?…[View]
24625338How to flirt, understand body language and use it to your advantage and keep conversations flowing?:…[View]
24625178Im trying nofap but my gf is too horny: I started nofap as ive been masturbating at least 5 times ev…[View]
24625220How do you compliment and flatter a grill without being a wimp about it?: Women love compliments, bu…[View]
24625226Hi I am a 22 year old adolescent who's getting royally fucked by the government of my country. …[View]
24624670I need a routine please help me form one.: Ok so I'm 20 still live with my parents and are abou…[View]
24625187How do I abandon my humanity?[View]
24623141Dumb question: Why in the hell do manlets get so insecure about their height and see it as a negativ…[View]
24625093G.A.D: Anyone else here suffer with generalized anxiety disorder? I'm not talking about that pu…[View]
24624360Edward Jones acct: Someone made an Edward Jones account for me when I was a baby and now it's t…[View]
24625158Work avoidance and exploits: I’m dumb as shit and got a job at a fairly expansive call center type e…[View]
24624780How do I quit being a NEET, degenerate, parasite?: I think it would be better to off myself rather t…[View]
24624708Give me some advice[View]
24625150In a week or two I may have 3 or 4 job offers: How do I decide which one to choose?[View]
24624133How to hack somebody's instagram: My girlfriend's ex is out of jail and is a sex offender …[View]
24623632Look at this hot piece of ass How do I stop jerking off to moose? The look, sound, stance of them ju…[View]
24622591Gf had group sex with two other girls and a guy I disliked. Makes me feel hella uncomfortable and cl…[View]
24625112I'm dating a girl now but the problem is she's not a tomboy. So I find myself befriending …[View]
24624701I cant get out this depression and its killing me. Past decade ive been on edge. No energy, no happi…[View]
24625067I've been having a bad week, sleeping too much, no motivation, etc etc. So I decided to just dr…[View]
24624218How to math: Hi, I’ve realized that never really caring about math and not bothering to learn it has…[View]
24623035Dont kill yourself. It gets better[View]
24624811Any Japanese speakers that can read Kanji?? This is more of a request rather than advice. But can an…[View]
24624341I love being alone but I've felt like shit ever since I moved out. Always on the verge of cryin…[View]
24623933Treating a blister, please halp.: I got a blister, 12mm x 10mm. I've popped it with pic related…[View]
24623429How do you politely get someone to stop telling you about their favourite subject? There are probabl…[View]
24624532When is it too late to get better? 20 yr virgin and with no friends really, failing school and life …[View]
24624681Working out how to Approach Goals: I'm a 28 year old assburger and have had social anxiety and …[View]
24623832I wanna make my mom over the moon: She literally does so much for me, I really want to make her smil…[View]
24624645How to sim swap: Does anyone know how to sim swap? I want to take over someones number who has been …[View]
24624533How do I deal with regret?: I have loads of things I regret to this day. Not just 'I was uninformed …[View]
24623754How do I filter out whores on Tinder?: >Install Tinder >Swipe left on obvious thots and degene…[View]
24624627>Meet anon on /trash/ >We get really close to one another, feel like we can talk to one anothe…[View]
24623900would it be too far to tell the lady i'm dating that my grandma is excited to meet her?[View]
24624365i moved to a new town to start an education i dont know anybody here and i dont start in school for …[View]
24623682Stuck pic related up my ass: I can barely touch it with my index. How do i get it out?[View]
24624440Why are you such faggots lol[View]
24624214As a 34 year old man past his prime (well I turn 34 in a few weeks), how do I return to being as hot…[View]
24624542>she doesn't even want to have a coffee with me >She doesn't even answer my Whatsapp…[View]
24624583Social anxiety with entering other peoples homes: I have an irrational fear of entering other people…[View]
24621721>make gf take a brisk walk in the woods during 35c day. >ambush her by a grassy knoll >lift…[View]
24624461I have a big penis. 7.5 inches. How do I get girls using this? If a girl is ugly but she has big tit…[View]
24624397>have forgotten what happened exactly on Saturday due to being drunk >Know a girl came to my H…[View]
24622726feeling disconnected: so i am fighting with this “new” feeling lately im a girl i’m smart and beauti…[View]
24623486What's tinder like for an average woman?: What's using Tinder for an average woman like? A…[View]
24620293>Walked around for hours >Approached 10 girls >Zero phone number >they are all in relati…[View]
24623886How to increase social capital as man?: >men see you as competition >women won’t acknowledge y…[View]
24624323Every time i tell someone i'm a a feminist (who just so happens to ve male) they use it as an e…[View]
24624333Is it supposed to feel like shit when you try to be more social after never really being popular and…[View]
24620840How can I find love as a fat guy?[View]
24624099How to get naturally perfect skin, Tried eating healthy, not using products to help, using products…[View]
24622782Femanons, am I a desirable husband?: Pros: tall, athletic, blond with blue eyes, charismatic, vision…[View]
24624272How long can you hold your breath for /adv/? My friend got 55 seconds and that seems pretty low. I g…[View]
24623068Guilt for not being upstanding.: So something happened today, /b. I was out fishing today with my wi…[View]
24624237how do i get out of this hibernation: ive been sleeping late 3-6 and wake around 2-3 its summer i ha…[View]
24621689everyday feels exactly the same: I live in a shitty rural area with no one around my age. I've …[View]
24624087Loneliness: What are the inevitable consequences when a 21 years old guy sits in his room all day an…[View]
24621767Pencil skirt lady: Hey so There's this woman i work with. She is slim and always wears these …[View]
24624040Permanent retainer fell off: >permanent retainer finally fell off >two ringed teeth in danger …[View]
24624127If only ugly girls ever hit on me, does it mean they consider me on their league and that I'm u…[View]
24624116Should I take a part-time job to a full-time job?: I work 40h/week as a software engineer. The hustl…[View]
24622563I have a job interview next Thursday. It's for an apprentice locksmith position in my town. I r…[View]
24623728Will NoFap kill my desire for a girlfriend who wears cute panties? I cannot cope with the fact that …[View]
24623547How do you develop a personality that girls like to be around?[View]
24621673Should I be worried about past social media? | Can I quit social media and have a good career?: (Fro…[View]
24624029Just curious: What's the aftermath usually like when a son (only child) kills himself? Does the…[View]
24623793Holding grudges: Most people call this holding grudges, but I never forgive nor forget if someone wr…[View]
24623484How do I quit 4channel? This place is entertaining, but it's mostly an addictive waste of time.[View]
24622541I'm going to sleep now. It's 6 o' clock in the morning. I'll probably wake up at…[View]
24623972embarrassed talking to girls: Im a lonely 29yo retard that feels uneasy talking to girls. i dont kno…[View]
24623368>sweet gf turns into turbocunt after moving in: how do I fix this? She has never had another part…[View]
24623973Do women date men who earn less than them?: If so, how do I cope?[View]
24623855How do I get my sister to forgive me? At a family gathering, my two year old nephew (who really like…[View]
24623695What are good careers to pursue? I've tried a couple and only ever feel like I'm caught in…[View]
24618320literally, just list how/where you meet women[View]
24623576Are there a lot of women like pic on Taiwan? I'd say short haired Asian tomboys are my weakness[View]
24623718My only real requirements for a partner are not being abusive, and actually wanting to have a relati…[View]
24620401cope with average IQ?: How the fuck do I cope with the fact that I'm average intelligence? Ever…[View]
24617269Having trouble with my faith: I’m Catholic and recently have been trying to take my faith seriously.…[View]
24623207why can't i get good at videogames? i spend all day playing them, easily 6-8hrs a day between a…[View]
24621571Why are there so many single moms on tinder and why are they the only ones that like me? Also why do…[View]
24621196job stuff: >be me, 26 yr old dumbass whos been doing mindless helpdesk stuff for 5 years and maki…[View]
24623495>talking with girl >try to be a bit flirty >we're talking about the gym and workouts s…[View]
24623181I don't have friends and I feel lonely and I hug my plushie and imagine that panda: being my gf…[View]
24623339I keep on having thess thoughts when i'm outside. >jump infront of that truck >beat the l…[View]
24621681suicide: >just wasted 30 dollars on bumble boosts and premium. no matches. > cant hold down a…[View]
24623657I'm a male gold-digger AMA[View]
24623689What are the best coomer jobs that don't involve you actually having sex or doing porn (i.e.: n…[View]
24623596Serious sex advice: Me and my girlfriend had sex tonight twice, both times using a condom. I washed …[View]
24623603leaked dms: say hypothetically you had a lover and you and him exchanged a ton of super kinky bdsm t…[View]
24620539A masseuse sucked my dick without candom, how can I be sure that I didn't catch something? Plea…[View]
24623491Wet dream: >Be me >Dream from time to time; some are good; others are bad >One night, dream…[View]
24623407How do you know she's the one?[View]
24623551dumb question, but what time would be the latest acceptable for a meeting?: so, lately i signed up f…[View]
24622527Afraid of getting wisdom teeth pulled: My dentist tells me I should get my wisdom teeth pulled but I…[View]
24621205How do i grow on youtube?: I want to be a youtuber who plays games but actually make money off of it…[View]
24623543Serious sex advice: Me and my girlfriend had sex tonight twice, both times using a condom. I washed …[View]
24620233Boyfriend can't get hard: We are in our early 20's & our sex life is non existent, whe…[View]
24623327I have a crippling addiction to gay shit, including anal penetration and prostate stimulation. I don…[View]
24623444Considering to get dermal fillers. It’s kinda expensive so just wanted your advice. Is it worth it ?…[View]
24622671I was supposed to go see a concert today with a date and it was the most excited I’ve been for anyth…[View]
24623398Talking to these mom colleagues makes me upset up to the point where I want to cry. They talk in a w…[View]
24623399How do you ask an online friend to be your gf[View]
24622424I have a desire to express myself but have no artistic talent. Ive noticed lately that im also negat…[View]
24623438Tinder for women: w[View]
24623473>Narc partner is taking me for granted: I've had some issues with my partner for a while now…[View]
24622751Need help understand: Ashitaka and princess mononokes initial meeting, she cut his throat nearly and…[View]
24622548How do I stop being a coward? I've always been a coward, I lost all chances of dating people wh…[View]
24621481How do i measure objects in a video game? All i have is the door.[View]
24623122I'm supposed to tell my parents if I want to self harm but I don't want to wake them up at…[View]
24621574>25, live at my mother's house >Make relatively decent weekly pay, about ~$1000+/week …[View]
24623285After vomiting from an alcohol binge this mucus shit pours out of my nose and mouth for like eternit…[View]
24622549first job interview tomorrow: Can you guys give me the cheat codes? Like, i'm able to come up w…[View]
24622628What do I do for two months?: I was late for registering in my summer classes for University, so now…[View]
24623241Living location trumps everything: Me and my girlfriend are moving in together and we've both d…[View]
24621547Tell me shit about scientology that I need to know: ED is a great site[View]
24620943Why do I have anxiety about getting my first covid shot? Every time I drive there I end up turning b…[View]
24621193How do I cope with being Chinese in the West?: Everyone hates Chinese people. Everything nice I do i…[View]
24620982thoughts on anger as a man: is it normal to just feel a constant rage inside you, like you try to bu…[View]
24621935first time here. should i go to college? i dropped out of hs at the start of covid because of the on…[View]
24622456Small tits: I find that when it comes to flat chested girls, they have to maintain a slim and toned …[View]
24622953gf cheated: so my 1st gf ive ever had at the time cheated on me about 6 months ago, we split up but …[View]
24621960How do I reach her?: My mom comes home from whatever she was doing out, and the first thing she says…[View]
24622855I have a degree which my parents paid for. How do I avoid getting into debt?[View]
24622152Not really advice request but more of a curiosity, I've noticed that I get asked out by white g…[View]
24621533I've been wondering what to do with my life. I really don't like working, but neeting 6+ m…[View]
24621764Moroccan Girl: So I figured out this Moroccan Muslim girl (is pretty and doesn't wear hijab) ha…[View]
24622721>been on 3 dates with a chick >fucked twice and slept over >we chill at her apartment and w…[View]
24617902How do I get a gf like pic rel?: All the people I have been attracted to look Mediterranean. It help…[View]
24617131Last semester I stopped going into university and missed all my assessments and exams. I haven’t con…[View]
24622985I'm thinking of taking a 5 week photography course in September. Should I go for it?[View]
24621639How do I stop hating women?: I just can't stop hating them. Everything they say is pathetic and…[View]
24622732sex drive: So sex feels great. But every time after nutting with my s/o I feel a little sad thinking…[View]
24622983How the FUCK do I stop watching YouTube It's literally the single boss that I can't seem t…[View]
24622984So I don't know where to post this thread so I'll post it here but I was wondering what is…[View]
24621305ITT: Mention or post scenes from movies or shows that show good examples of 'cold approach' or just …[View]
24622957Eating makes me horny: For the past few months, every time i eat dinner or another hefty meal i get …[View]
24622475I want love: I know I've done nothing to deserve it but the nights alone are getting to be too …[View]
24621312Gym Crush Problem: >Have gym crush >I started flirting with her and we got better relationship…[View]
24622931How do I stop edging when I masturbate? I'll beat off for like 3 hours so I cum so hard I go bl…[View]
24621610Alright my brothers of the internet, I'm going to need some REAL genuine advice here because I …[View]
24622861It's over: Exercise does not help my mental health in any meaningful way. I browse this website…[View]
24621708Im 24 I was going to school but dropped out 2 years ago due to anxiety attack and have been neeting …[View]
24622825I feel my life is going to turn upside down again: When I ended a three-year relationship a few mont…[View]
24622806Being court mandated to attend 6 mounth military academy at 20 with a nicotine addition. I have to b…[View]
24622341Career trouble: I live with my grandmother, she is my source of income and shelter and she is probab…[View]
24620542Why do people with fucked up lives give out the most advice?[View]
24622750Should i tattoo myself over a underskin fat tissue?: Title says it all... I was thinking about getti…[View]
24620381Talk me out of this: I plan on having leg extention surgery in the next month or so, I've been …[View]
24620655Is there anywhere to go to find available women 22-32 who aren't woke commies, jesus freaks, or…[View]
24620670How to make eating more enjoyable: >no mental desire to eat, despite being hungry >like the op…[View]
24621699Military Question: Did I fuck-up getting enlisted? If not, how can I save my self here from losing o…[View]
24621064Oh god guys I really don't know what I'm doing with my life. >Still trying to learn eno…[View]
24621601ITT: Masturbation tips: Drink a lot of water and right when you feel like you have to pee, masturbat…[View]
24621666>have adhd >don't take my medication >don't get anything done >I don't wa…[View]
24622556Would you date a girl who had 3 kids that at least all had the same dad? I have 2 of my own and she …[View]
24615692How do I stop hemorrhaging funds into OnlyFans? I scroll on tiktok looking at big titty bitches and…[View]
24620269Super cucked or super in?: I'm into this girl and I'm 100% sure she's also into me (o…[View]
24622458Lamictal itches making me crazy, help!!: I say my psych yesterday and said it wasn't it itching…[View]
24621115ATOGA: ATOGA - Ask the opposite gender anything Previous, >>24617957[View]
24621895Sugar baby->GF: Is this possible, and should I do it? I started seeing this girl once a week two …[View]
24622520Anger: Anyone have tips on how to calm done when infuriated? See below: Not the Google shit. I'…[View]
24621852I don’t know where I’m going with my life I just work until the weekend then drive around at night b…[View]
24622449Am I weak for regretting being mean to my ex upon breaking up?: My ex was abusive to me. She control…[View]
24622394>send dick pic to married woman after she says she can't cheat >Her response is 'Wow. How…[View]
24622019Social media is destroying my girlfriend's mental health. She doomscrolls the news the moment s…[View]
24621755I probably got my girlfriend of 7 months pregnant. No blood just cramps for more than a week and dre…[View]
24621916This kanye album is so garbage im going to actually blow my brains out. Advice?[View]
24619720Do guys really have to pay for dating apps to even be seen? I always get antsy and delete it after a…[View]
24621883Where to best get my Master's between these two options?I am an American with a BS in Internati…[View]
24620621How do I stop feeling the need to isolate myself, and feeling completely unworthy of anything good i…[View]
24621511Watched some Brazilian prison videos on Live Gore. Now my world is plunged into darkness and my fait…[View]
24622362Minor medical advice needed: Doctors of /adv/ I need your help. Warning: Kinda Gross I had a wierd p…[View]
24622074Is it creepy to ask a girl from HS out?: I haven't talked to this girl IN about 3 years but i w…[View]
24622281fren: realized my friend is changing into a different person because of tiktok influences and love i…[View]
24621952Break up: I am 24 and dealing with my first break up. We dated for close to a year, and she turned o…[View]
24620790Wut: What do i put this stuff on? I got a bottle and it's gonna expire.[View]
24621956alone: >Have always been anxious about social interaction >Used to be mildly insecure and anno…[View]
24618667>constant fatigue for the past few years >literally nothing fixes it not even caffeine >NO…[View]
24618483GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your lovely chest, anon. It's your right to do so.…[View]
24620192Having sex with coworkers: Got drunk with a female coworker last night who’s bisexual. She was reall…[View]
24621857I have crippling anxiety and IDK how to cope. The medicine I'm given doesn't help. It…[View]
24607257/atsga/ - Ask The Same Gender Anything: ITT you can ask people of the same gender for tips, opinions…[View]
24621731Am I a job hopper? Do I need to stay at my current company longer? >after my masters stayed at th…[View]
24620756I am an 18yo virgin in the closet homo who is really horny and also terrified of actually meeting ot…[View]
24621845I want to go to bars solo but I'm too scared I am horny but also kinda handsome Also I only hav…[View]
24621021i just had the biggest women moments of my life and i want to fucking kms. i’m so embarrassed. i ove…[View]
24620933crazy gf help: found Risperidona Arena empty pill sachet in my garbage bag. i googled it and shat br…[View]
24621783Recently single and interested in messaging someone I don't know on normiebook. I came across t…[View]
24618152Health effects of blood donation: Are there health benefits to donating blood? Someone I met at the …[View]
24621194I regret declining an opportunity last year because I thought I would crash out and end up in a wors…[View]
24621655I can’t take it anymore: I used the PDFs he gave me. I don’t think I can be a C# dev anymore.[View]
24620937What can I do about this?: I've made two posts about this before but got one or two useless rep…[View]
24618003Angular cheilitis: How the fuck do I cure this shit? I need it gone by tomorrow. I’ve tried taking b…[View]
24620940I haven't talked to or even seen a woman my own age in 10 years. I'll be 20 in a few mont…[View]
24621622When did you know who you were?: I'm 20 and I don't even know who I am or what I enjoy. I…[View]
24620299My girlfriend is about to move in with me. Part of me does not want her to because I enjoy my indepe…[View]
24620550ex instantly messaged me after i removed her: i broke up with my ex a little over a month ago. we bo…[View]
24616396How do I get rid of this in 48 hours or less?[View]
24617268Need Femanon Advice: Femanons, can you help me with some girl problems? I keep getting friendzoned, …[View]
24621339Lost work ethic especially after covid: I was a very gifted and motivated student in school. After g…[View]
24619903It's been 10 months and I still miss her dearly. When will I completely forget her and not thin…[View]
24621542Marines: I was going to join the army but until recently i found the marines more interesting and up…[View]
24620564I'm being thrown in the loony bin next week and I can't stop dreading it. I can deny it b…[View]
24621357/sig/ Self Improvement General: This thread endorses both physical and mental fitness in order to pr…[View]
24621517What are some motivational / inspirational movies or books?: Without a stench of 'self-help…[View]
24620215Omfg I hate having meetings its so fucking stressful. I work remote and have around 6 meetings week …[View]
24621215How do I grow up?[View]
24620560How do I get friends and GF: >be me >18 yo >crypto settled me in 99% of the richest people …[View]
24620782LDR relationship advice: this is a >5y relationship, our 1st ever different countries.excellent c…[View]
24621488Being cucked: I fell in love with a girl in rehab. She went off to do porn and we stopped talking. I…[View]
24621299She’s not taking the hint: I want to end things: >bump into an old coworker, we used to get along…[View]
24621186Gym Crush Problem: >Have gym crush >I started flirting with her and we got better relationship…[View]
24621325Maybe not appropriate for this board but I know as well as a lot of you guys on here that working ou…[View]
24621101Family and people think I'm gay: It's irritating what do? >I have sex with escorts.…[View]
24620525Shitty dad never spent time with and i ended up being a depressed: How to cope? All of my life i spe…[View]
24620107How do I get recruiters to go away?: Had an interview yesterday that I passed, got one for another c…[View]
24620964I am so fucking horny right now, here at the middle of the street. Triggered for only God knows what…[View]
24619796>start a graphic design job in February WFH >job is temp but will lead to full-time >I’m st…[View]
24621267can someone explain festivals to me every thot has festivals as one of their few interests on dating…[View]
24621145Literally how do you detach without marijuana: Yo I've tried it all, exercise, dieting, meditat…[View]
24620524Why is it impossible to have a relationship with a girl based on sleeping together, crying to sleep …[View]
24620451Stop tying your self-worth to sex: Stop basing your self-esteem and validation as a man on your succ…[View]
24621210How can I make myself more comfortable to be around?[View]
24620887I can't heal my broken heart...: I can't forget about her. Things felt so perfect and magi…[View]
24621041To the anons in the Army, what was one MOS that you wish you'd gone with?: I am a prior service…[View]
24621098How in the fuck are you supposed to live on a doomed earth hahaha? Like what the fuck, this is the f…[View]
24619768Losing my virginity with a twist: Sup /adv/ Gonna be losing my virginity next week, but prolly start…[View]
24621033reloading: recently stopped beating my dick for good. been masturbating since high school and it use…[View]
24620654How do I restart a convo with a girl on tinder who is looking for a fwb? We talked yesterday, but I …[View]
24620287Girlfriend dumped me like 2 weeks ago. She said she still has a lot of love for me and she always wi…[View]
24617502Is it disrespectful to send someone an ad for a job without being asked to? A family member of mine …[View]
24612259/tgs/ - The Good Shit: Back for a third time, the only thread that actually gives advice.[View]
24618376What would you do if you were me?: >early 20s uk sperg >live with parents in rural area >fi…[View]
24619911Did he kill himself?: I knew this guy on Discord and we used to talk a lot together. He shared a lot…[View]
24618768Does not masturbating really make your chances of getting prostate cancer increase?[View]
24620243first date ideas? >burgerstan >northeast >close to beaches…[View]
24618982My ex left me last year and started seeing someone else. Eventually she found out that he was lying …[View]
24619743>have horrible childhood experiencies >my entire personality is based around fear of criticism…[View]
24618828Oneitis?: I have oneitis to a girl I've never been in a relationship with and we rarely speak. …[View]
24620861lonely: if you're a 27 year old man with no friends and a job where he works alone, how would y…[View]
24620932I'm gonna give you guys some solid advice NEVER do cold approach on the street unless you'…[View]
24620231Is it possible to get a shy and introverted girlfriend as a shy and introverted guy? How? Also, does…[View]
24620652How do I stop being a shut-in?: After graduating high school(It was home school) I decided not to go…[View]
24620428Wtf does it mean to like a guy but not want to date him? >be me >caught word that this girl li…[View]
24616909Acne: How do I get rid of acne? And dont tell me to go to a doctor because I already did that and I …[View]
24620439my friend told me he saw my gf flirts with alot of men when im not around. Should I be worried?[View]
24620769how to avoid being raped while homeless: Im not poor but I want to make a big experiment/art perform…[View]
24619464What the hell happened to the driver's side door of my car last night? Legit don't know wh…[View]
24617841>5 year unemployment gap >have not left my house for the same time >no friends or social li…[View]
24620450In a dating app profile, is it a bad sign if you don't post your body? I don't avoid it be…[View]
24620311How to talk to a girl i like: >Noticed cute girl at university >Really been thinking about her…[View]
24620674Guitar: So over the last half year I really got into rock and metal music. I thought it would be coo…[View]
24618348Moral dilemma: 23 year old shut in virgin here. I'm considering becoming a whoremonger, fucking…[View]
24620711What are some good date ideas for a husband and wife who are trying to turn the wife's friend i…[View]
24617810I'm now dating my long term online friend from Japan. But I haven't met her in real life y…[View]
24620468Can I throw some salt in my freezer to defrost it?[View]
24620226How long should you wait to date a girl again after the first date? A week? I have to get to third b…[View]
246202002 days ago my now ex threatened to break up with me because I'm getting fat. When she first met…[View]
24617247My family suggests that I take Tylenol or other pain relievers whenever I have aches or pains. I usu…[View]
24619999The girl i meet on Tinder dudn't text me back I send them a message saying 'Ted bundy was…[View]
24620526It will be raining next month so I have to do my pick ups in doors. How do you lurk around? How do…[View]
24613095I'm losing all interest in porn. How do I regain my interest in it? Please help![View]
24620258Why do I have this latent dislike of women when objectively speaking they have never done anything b…[View]
24618839How do I fix and maintain a proper sleep schedule?: I’ve always struggled with maintaining a sleep s…[View]
24620413I know we get a lot of relationship threads on this board, but: Recently, I have been having thought…[View]
24618275Letting go: How do I detach from my wish? I want something very badly, I think God is speaking to me…[View]
24619996How do I solve anger issues: every time somebody makes me angry, I want to stab them in the face. Bu…[View]
24619100my kid won't speak: Guys my situation is weird. I have a one year old son, and he's not ta…[View]
24614804How does cold approaching works exactly? I understand that you walk up to a girl and try to pick her…[View]
24620357Anyone knows meaning of these laundry symbols? From German BW field shirt.[View]
24618999IT technician: I'm considering taking courses for information technology at my community colleg…[View]
24620352how to spend less time on my computer: I spend around 10 to 12 hours a day on my computer on average…[View]
24619055I'm being fired from work, but contractually, I'm required to work for 30 days before the …[View]
24618118(Twin) brother doesn't like me interacting with his friends, that'd be fine by its own, bu…[View]
24618652how do I stop looking away when I make eye contact with a beautiful girl?[View]
24620265How to get cute loving japanese gf?[View]
24620156How do I tell people on discord that I DON'T want to talk to them without being mean about it? …[View]
24618117How do I make friends?[View]
24620118Do someone have a tutorial guide or something for ' how to get a traditional wife' . I consider driv…[View]
24620097So /adv/, I have a bit of a weird anxiety thing, long story short, whenever two names are mentioned,…[View]
24619982>turning 30 this year >live several states away from dad and stepmom, both vaccinated >been…[View]
24619878Auditory Hallucinations?: for the past couple of months ive been hearing strange noises, sometimes e…[View]
24616875how do i not let anything faze me and become mentally untouchable?[View]
24619759I'm a straight guy, dating someone for 4 months now, due to the pandemic it all stayed pretty '…[View]
24619812I am a pussy and i am not able of making bold decisions. How do I cope with that? Should I off mysel…[View]
24618487Anyone have IBS secrets? >Made it through my 20's >now I shit razorblades each morning …[View]
24619471Is it more moral to marry a girl and cheat on her sparingly behind her back while being a provider a…[View]
24618761How do I get shit done? How do I start something and finish it? I seem to have never learned it so I…[View]
24618894Low Libido Suddenly Returning: Okay /adv/, if I'm turning to you then I know I need help! I lef…[View]
24619469What are some career ideas for a creative?: I can give you several different theoretical solutions t…[View]
24619873Relationship: So I've been seeing a guy for about a month now. We're texting on the daily …[View]
24618871Does atonement for a wrongdoing ever outweigh the original act: Maybe not much of an /adv/ post but …[View]
24619773grindset thread: I am tired of being alpha. I have come to realize alpha and beta are both coomer ti…[View]
24619859I get way harder to anime/drawings girls than real life women. So much so I feel bad getting hard to…[View]
24619931>be 6'2 tall >bald (shaved head) >32 years old >probably 5/10 I walk with couple of…[View]
24617957ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - Gamers and Geezers Edition Previous thread: >…[View]
24619452How do I avoid getting accused of sexual misconduct in 2021?[View]
24619884Hey /adv/, don't know if this is the right place to ask but help me out if you can, but any imp…[View]
24619731Do I have the personality of a serial killer or something? I've been depressed for 10 or so yea…[View]
24619813Can't finish with a condom: Whenever I try to put a condom on I basically lose my erection imme…[View]
24619675Help My Cock: For some reason, I can't feel shit when fucking. I can get hard and I can cum fro…[View]
24618680Are girls with a body count of around 130 okay with most guys or do guys not care so long as we…[View]
24617534What do I do?: :-/ For real What is the best solution for a terrible past? Ever regret an absolutely…[View]
24617501I was a virgin before college. In college I lost my virginity to a hookup, and then had casual sex w…[View]
24618335Can you go to a massage if you are ugly?: There are only female practitioners in my city and I am sc…[View]
24617127hey /adv i need some help im getting $600 a fortnite and my rent is $220 what are some things i can …[View]
24619640Hello /adv/ I have a issue which i feel is common. I really dont like how I look, whenever I see pho…[View]
24618651How do I keep talking to people after 'exhausting' all topics? So let's say I've been on a…[View]
24619001I am tearing away beard hair: Hi folks. I have a huge problem with my beard. I use to have medium le…[View]
24618753What advice would you give a 21 years old incel (kissless virgin ofc)?[View]
24619619if i kicked the shit out of my coworker, how long would i go to jail for?[View]
24618715SSRI induced erectile disfunction: Took these garbage pills a few years ago and not only did they no…[View]
24619610Best gigs on fiverr: Has anyone here ever tried fiverr? I'm looking for something that is not o…[View]
24617585Big dick in pants: How am I supposed to wear underwear/pants when I have a big dick? Sounds stupid, …[View]
24618947Does a valuable Masters degree in engineering and a good job actually help you get a girlfriend or i…[View]
24607214My country is sexist.: I'm a 19 year old female in Iraq, but being an adult here apparently mea…[View]
24619393Should I major in Finance or Information Systems?[View]
24619545Bros… I’m in Marbella for about a month on vacation, and I’m looking to lose my virginity. How do I …[View]
24619521I never left hometown at 25. Is it too late for me? I commuted to uni. I feel like I missed out on …[View]
24619472I can't take this degenerate shit.: For almost 7 months now, I have been experiencing disgustin…[View]
24617306People keep breaking into my house: has been happening over a year. they have stolen some collectibl…[View]
24619428>don't feel attracted to the looks of women over 30 >don't feel attracted to persona…[View]
24619072Pic rel, woman sharing shit like that pisses me of for some reason, like if they actually had some1 …[View]
24619412Preparing for work in SEAsia?: I'll try to keep it short, I'm 26/M graduating with a degre…[View]
24618232Grill advice: Hello, 34 y/o male here. I haven't dated anyone in a very long time (26), but I s…[View]
24619021How to deal with anxiety?[View]
24619342Do you actually need a girlfriend to stay healthy?: There are too many benefits of being in a loving…[View]
24619253I finally got a girlfriend: Now what?[View]
24614608Advice.: I started working with this girl 8 months ago. We seemed to get on really well, we both lik…[View]
24618236How do I get a work ethic?: I'm at trade school and we have to do assignments. Whenever I have …[View]
24618417Help in the bedroom: For the past month, my fiancee refuses to have intercourse. The only sexual thi…[View]
24617637How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife?: I'm the owner of a software bus…[View]
24615832fwb: 19/F I've been close friends with this guy for 2 years now I know that he was talking wit…[View]
24617602How do you confront an autistic person who is being unintentionally rude or cynical in front of a gr…[View]
24618962My life path is fucked.: I am a 25 year old masters student, almost done with it. Wish I wasn't…[View]
24619025Anons who went to IT or coding, how did you do it? What tools did you use to study and prepare? And …[View]
24618550Chooooooores niiiiick This is the spirit of your wiiiiife niiick. DO YOUR CHOOOORES, NIIIICK. YOU ST…[View]
24615602Gay question: Is the LGBT community just gay[View]
24616740Maybe I shouldn’t be asking you guys this but I don’t really have any other place to ask. My city ge…[View]
24616423Called up the local Winn-Dixie today and got the hiring manager on the line. He said they “weren’t r…[View]
24618847How to stop focusing on others and do what I would like to do?: Recently I've been feeling like…[View]
24618780I'm turning in my resignation from work today but I don't know what specific reasoning I s…[View]
24616366Recording of some shady shit: Pretty sure I'm a cuck What does this audio sound like to you? ht…[View]
24615686How do I build a good personality?[View]
24616442Political talk show host struggling bad: Guys I need some advice and this is the only place I can re…[View]
24617289Becoming alienated from people: Help me out frens. I'm 21 and have already lost all interest in…[View]
24617380Brother in trouble: Hey Anon, I have a massive problem. My brother got fucked over by some bitch big…[View]
24618876im thinkin bout ending things now bros what do i do these thoughts are scary, i can even picture mys…[View]
24609593Pfizer Vaccine concerns 32 very healthy, fit and ideal weight, I had my second pfizer shot over the …[View]
24618546So I recently started a new job as a shop assistant and due to medical reasons I only wanted to work…[View]
24617321Is dating in your 30s really as much of a meme as 30-somethings make it out to be? I seem to be doin…[View]
24618820Is Becoming Rapper/Entrepreneur good career: Well, Im well educated guy who got interested in rap fo…[View]
24612215financial advice: just turned 18 and I dont know anything financially I dont know how to calculate a…[View]
24617717Is there an end to autism?: The sheer pressure of being around the average folk (specifically in pro…[View]
24618088Chill out.: Remember guys, we're on a floating space rock in one of a trillion trillion (yes th…[View]
24618504I've had an unpleasant sensation in my right testicle for three days now, it doesn't hurt,…[View]
24618346Motivated by rage: Hey /adv/, this'll be in part a rant but I was looking to see what you lads …[View]
24618314I have a pinkish blotchy scar on my dick shaft, it doesn't hurt or itch or anything worrying, b…[View]
24617477Why are shy and introverted girls so much more attractive?: Confident as well as outgoing women, esp…[View]
24617801How to forget large spans of time: Planning on restarting my life somewhere else and I want to forge…[View]
24618466Well I'm feeling like garbage /adv/ I have [had] a best friend since childhood. He was the type…[View]
24617408what the actual fuck is the point of bumble if even the whales i match with don't want to messa…[View]
24618658WAGIE RAGIE: >Work tells us we have to start coming back to the office 1 day a week >ok sure …[View]
24618106How do you grow old with someone: Every time I imagine my crush and me in old age, I get really scar…[View]
24618017I'm being forced to 'recover' from my ED: Ive had an ed for a number of years now, but it was o…[View]
24618632How do I stay in love with my girlfriend even though she's a verbally abusive mood swinger that…[View]
24618661Jobs with Contracts: Here's my general question/what I'm actually looking for advice on: I…[View]
24618469>sees sexually suggestive image online >starts jerking off >'Ohhh yeah baby!' >3 hours p…[View]
24617587I'm about to fuck a high end hooker: She has huge tits, ass and insane curves. Blonde, and beau…[View]
24618612uh: senpai how r u? he didn't answer me so that's why im asking here[View]
24618363I was prescrived some antidepressants a couple of days ago. I didn't take any yet cause I'…[View]
24618523First trip: Going to take 2-cb tonight while on a night out. The only thing I've done before th…[View]
24617857how to recover from cooming?: bust a fat nut in my sleep and now i have no energy and a really foggy…[View]
24616481My erections have never been rock hard since I started anxiety meds 5 years ago. I’ve been on and of…[View]
24618351Whenever I am in my bedroom I feel a sense of spikyness in it. It seems if air fresheners help and a…[View]
24615826I've known my best friend since my high school days, we are pretty close but yesterday he surpr…[View]
24613872My gf doesn't want to suck my cock?: I got together with this girl about two months or so ago, …[View]
24618279How soon will the climate collapse be? I’m 20 now will I have time to become a post apocalyptic warl…[View]
24614719I haev a lone long very blonde hair growing on my chest (my normal hair is thick and dark) is it a m…[View]
24617668TINDER HELP: Help guys. This babe messaged me first on tinder. She just said “wow” Her bio is “I h…[View]
24618064am I a dead man walking?: As the subject suggests there's a chance I should've already die…[View]
24617288(A bit of a read, Some may remember me) Did I fuck up anons?: Here's a bit of background: >B…[View]
24615314How to get my ex back after she dumped me?[View]
24618215Sensitive Acquaintance: >best friend for a few years >friend starts resenting me over my behav…[View]
24616068Getting into the armed forces: For a variety of reasons, I've made it my goal to join the ADF (…[View]
24618169Does facial appearance change in any meaningful way after 25 years of age? My face/expressions are v…[View]
24618142Is it neuroticism, anal-retentiveness or OCD? I consider myself a disorganized person who struggles …[View]
24617894girlfriend says she does not feel as woman nor man and gets smad when I refer her as woman how do ch…[View]
24616680Gun Purchase: What is the easiest way to purchase a gun, without going through a background check. C…[View]
24616535What should I do to boost my immune system? Will eating vitamin D supplements every day help?[View]
24618022I got a job two months ago that I fucking despise. It actually scares me having to go there every mo…[View]
24617763The more I get /fit/, the more I can beat the shit out of inferior human species, or 'Wömen'. I make…[View]
24617628Am I a failure?: I always considered sex to be something weird and unnatural. A few years ago I got …[View]
24615073fuck man, I feel zero motivation to do anything. Nothing feels worth the effort or interesting. Not …[View]
24617904I am a man with severe chronic flatulence issues and wish everyone would lose their sense of smell s…[View]
24617617>Have gf I met when I lived and worked overseas >Was together for a year before I had to go ba…[View]
24617769I'm a 25 year old KHV: Now that I'm becoming old, how do I cope with the fact that even if…[View]
24614904GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your chest.[View]
24617696I never ever masturbated in my life. People are telling me this is unhealthy, is this true? I genuin…[View]
24616451am I a creep If im staring at a hotgirl outside? I only do it to see if shes checking me out[View]
24617699How much faster is an electric scooter than walking: >live 2 hours walk from town, no public tran…[View]
24617429>be friends with incel >guy is not bad looking could be a 7/10 if he took care of himself >…[View]
24617338Nobody has ever liked me before: I’m just not likable No, I’m not an incel or a man. I’m a woman. I’…[View]
24617667Is it fine to grow apart from old friends?: It feels so strange. I live a different life now. I feel…[View]
24615419Girl just asked me out and I turned her down. Mistake?[View]
24617217How to wake up in the morning?: I always have such a hard time waking up in the morning. When the al…[View]
24617374Emotional Stability: I have been emotionally unstable at points of my life. Should I cut everyone of…[View]
24617691Phone and Email revenge: First question is where would be the best place to post this question? So m…[View]
24617287Should I become a porn star?: I'm legit thinking of becoming a porn star. I've been into p…[View]
24615363I just turned 31. Almost every sleeping position causes me to wake up with back and shoulder aches, …[View]
24616382You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immediately cut off contact wi…[View]
24615809How the fuck do I stop drinking?[View]
24616576Weird Voice: one of the reasons i barely talk in my life at all is because I have a fucked up voice.…[View]
24614921How do I get a white wife as a Hispanic male? Living in Utah, would it be worth it to become Mormon …[View]
24616639Had long distance gf we will call J. Broke up because of a breach of trust on her part. Stayed frien…[View]
24614607Strange cop encounter, need explanation: I'll summarize. Awhile ago, a cop rang my doorbell (pl…[View]
24615410Voice over as aside hustle: So I need to make money without disturbing my already tight studing sche…[View]
24615997Moved in with my gf, completely stops having sex with me: Been with this girl for 2.5 years. We have…[View]
24616402My pops been living with me for several weeks now: He just got out of prison after a decade and a ha…[View]
24616664My older sister is having her wedding in two weeks. I have never attended one before. What should I …[View]
24614025Mom said something that bothered me: >be 23 yrold anon who moved out last year cuz I’m self emplo…[View]
24616311I Am Faced with the most difficult decision of my life: Help me please anons, I've been giving …[View]
24617404Suicidal thoughts friends: I'm aware that there's only so much one can do when it comes to…[View]
24616332Tinder Girls: What's tinder like? I need to get laid in the next two days. How soon can you get…[View]
24617392Is there any way to tell you if someones blocked you on this piece of shit app. I just noticed someo…[View]
24615975Anyone else have a parent with BPD? My mom has BPD and she treated me like absolute shit as a kid. T…[View]
24617133How do I stop being a hermit: I am 30, don't have someone I can legitimately call a best friend…[View]
24616565What is the real life equivalent to a female barbarian typically found in fantasy genres?[View]
24614420Why do people pretend like beauty is subjective?: It really isn't. Everytime I've found a …[View]
24617250It's my second night after taking sertraline (Zoloft) and o can't sleep. What can I do so …[View]
24617142How do I stop trying to find love in the wrong places? All the girls I have been attracted to have u…[View]
24604992How come more men don't adopt this life style?: So I'm a 30 year old male working in IT I …[View]
24617099What's up bros. Basically I want your input on a decision I'm very close to pulling the t…[View]
24615922weird dynamic with my sister and my gf. I've tried googling this and stuff and cant really find…[View]
24617161>on first date with girl >She mentioned she heard a guy I hate has a small dick >tell her …[View]
24617173ITT: Tips on how to give yourself a clean slate?: New haircuts, redecorating your room, etc. I have …[View]
24615746ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - Crashers and Smashers Edition Previous thread: …[View]
24617027I find the concept of 'pursuing' women incredibly abstract. I have no idea how to 'flirt'. I have no…[View]
24617100no pussy: 19 year old uni student who makes a living translating Japanese porn. Otherwise average in…[View]
24613469How to get my life back on track: Hey anons, I think I got to a point where I need help. Even if it…[View]
24613910Microdosing mushrooms: I got a high paying programming job and starting tomorrow and I don't wa…[View]
24615860I peaked in highschool. How do I get my life back on track? I’m a NEET.[View]
24616854loss of apetite: Hey anons , I started eating once a day to lose weight , and now Im only hungry onc…[View]
24614950Told gf she's getting very fat, on her way to obesity and I'm loosing my attraction to her…[View]
24616304FWB or one night stand ??: Me and this guy have been talking for 9 months we would talk everyday and…[View]
24616887I feel like my life is spinning out of control. I left my gf, I drink a lot, my porn addiction is at…[View]
24615804How do i grow my own food?[View]
24616955Need advice: What's the difference between a psychopath, narcissistic, sociopath or anti social…[View]
24616853What do you guys use to make memes? I need better meme software and not sure what to use. Would pref…[View]
24616517Scared of making an Instagram account: I'm in my early twenties and never had an Instagram acco…[View]
24616190Girl rejecting me because of my age: Like the title says. The worst parts about it are that although…[View]
24616679First Date Advice: I hired a hooker to meet me after the first date. The hooker looks EXACTLY like m…[View]
24616167How do I talk to a therapist without using my identity? Ideally I could talk to a professional over …[View]
24616658Why did I have to be born ugly? What did I do to deserve it?[View]
24616490pink pill yeso r no?: is it easier on the other side of the dating pool? that is, im thinkin of gett…[View]
24616320ayo what are some stereotypes associated with white boi/black girl couples[View]
24616283Help: How to solve Complexes and Insecurities which came from traumas from Childhood?[View]
24616443Does romance truly exist?: So at long last, I might have stumbled upon something eternal. A cyst of …[View]
24616566What do i do if I need Xanax to literally exist >can tak and not look retarded >happy and fo…[View]
24616600Worried about Janny: Hey, it has been awhile since I've seen janny. Anyone know where that fool…[View]
24615603i have an uncle in law that my family and i are all very close to, since he's always lived real…[View]
24610881I'm 5'5 and the majority of women are taller than me. I know there are taller women out th…[View]
24616581I'm never going to get over my wife.: It sucks but it's true. I let her go back to school …[View]
24616243>be male 27 >dont want sex >dont want marriage >want a child should I just adopt one?…[View]
24614814My ex says he's planning on dying soon: He's basically dealt with severe depression and dr…[View]
24616282who hires 32 year old worthless unemployed awkward dumb losers with no transportation and a big empl…[View]
24614073I have a recording of my girlfriend with a male client. She sat between his legs on the bed, put her…[View]
24616223How to fix my hairline?: >be 18m >have shoulder-length hair >always wear it down, but had t…[View]
24616242Envy has taken over my life. I can't do anything or make plans without thinking about how pathe…[View]
24613954How do I stop spending so much time on the Internet? I tried to get other hobbies but most stuff is …[View]
24615213Traveling the El Camino part 2: Pic rel is my previous post, I wasn't able to get any connectio…[View]
24607111hey guys, I've been having really bad luck on tinder lately. Seems like all women want these da…[View]
24615297How do I self immolate myself?[View]
24616425Conversation: How do I get people to want to engage in conversation with me and have a good time?…[View]
24616369>read distressing thing >visual symptoms increase >crt like strobe, static, moving walls, i…[View]
24616323Kid won't speak, wife won't talk to me: >me 27 >My wife 37 Guys my situation is weir…[View]
24615353Social Alternatives and Connecting with People: Britbong here. 30. Went out to meet a friend after a…[View]
24615989My boyfriend of two years is cheating on me, and I think he will likely leave me for her. That'…[View]
24616221I want to smoke weed (hash) but I get nervous when my heart rate increases. Does anyone get the same…[View]
24616020Intense oxytocin release, I think I'm in love... again.: anons, I've known this chick from…[View]
24616210so.... i girl friend just send me this do i respond anything? honestly i dont know what to answere l…[View]
24613529My gf has BPD and I think it’s making me crazy, I’ve been having thoughts on leaving her. Before her…[View]
24615888>tinder ho invites me over in the first few messages >go to her place >she's all over …[View]
24615637How do I manage to get any of the ten or fifteen mid to long term goals actually done? Prioritizing …[View]
24615822I hate people so much. I don't want to interact with them, Talk to. I get tired of seeing the s…[View]
24615284Does it make me a douchebag if I prefer to talk about myself than ask questions? When I was younger …[View]
24615141what should i do: started talking to this girl from tinder. We're both looking for the same thi…[View]
24616125My 10 year old niece (not by blood) has a step grandpa, a frail 80 something, who we just found out …[View]
24615990I ordered a computer from best buy because I am too sick to go into the store, I checked all around …[View]
24616058i can feel time fleeting and i can feel my motivation slipping through my fingers. what the fuck do …[View]
24615966i have really bad anxiety what can i take that isn’t meds anything i can buy online?[View]
24614211I sincerely believe in God and Lord Jesus Christ. But I am very conflicted on how to live my life. T…[View]
24615808My last partner kind of was a liar: Since I was vulnerable with them it seems like being vulnerable …[View]
24615441My ex texted me: No clue what to say. We broke up September last year I think. Was a simple call, we…[View]
24615907how do I know if I'm losing my hair[View]
24615138How to deal with asexuality: So my gf has let me know that she has never had an orgasm in her life p…[View]
24615855One beer after detox?: I know how fucking stupid that question sounds. But during my time in those s…[View]
24615421Joining the Military in 2021: 25 yo white man here. Broke and uncertain of my future. I’m at a cross…[View]
24615474What shluld i do to prevent the pains that come with growing old? By pains i mean phyisical pains, n…[View]
24613197So my fiancee is a cuckquean, meaning that she likes watching me having sex with other women (no thr…[View]
24613995It's over: 9 years of life progress all gone. This was the week that destroyed my life. I tried…[View]
24615867TikTok Content creator Jorobe facing the serious allegations is Grooming allegations. >A Youtube …[View]
24615820I've been listening to some songs i used to hear when i was in middle/high school and a questio…[View]
24615777Is going to Moldova to Find Girls a Good Idea?: I have an 8 figure net worth (19 million after i pay…[View]
24614857Salvia: Do any of you fine lads know how I can make this fine bee friendly plant into something that…[View]
24614556Best resources for getting over being dumped? Had my first therapist session on Saturday, for this a…[View]
24615673I want to live all alone in the woods and go insane, how do i do it? How do i get internet? Any book…[View]
24610527finding a cool hobby: does anyone know any cool hobbies to start? im interested in music but i suck …[View]
24612956>need to do historiographical paper in my meme degree (note: NOT history, look up what historiogr…[View]
24613028What's a good excuse for getting out of some gathering that my friends want me to attend but I …[View]
24615311Am I the only who checks my phone hoping someone texted me, but the latter never being the case?[View]
24613803I feel trapped in life: I feel trapped in life and I don’t know who to talk to. I can’t talk to my p…[View]
24614348How do I make women cry in a legal way?[View]
24615712What major should I pick if I'm terrible at math?: I know some people might say school isn…[View]
24615649How do I quit drinking coffee? It's making me lose sleep and I can't read books or stay on…[View]
24615636Is it worth burning my flame for a job so I could have the oportunity of being a permanent worker?[View]
24612769I've always wanted an azn gf >got an azn gf Now I'm dissatisfied that she's not Ja…[View]
24615529i am viscerally disgusted by my sexual impulses and horniness. why?[View]
24615360Why is itogether? you fuck, suck and fuck like rabbits or you don't even touch each other hands…[View]
24615528Seeking Help for revenge...: Trying to not give too many personal details until I need to, sooo... S…[View]
24614094Hikkikomori: I work from home. I don't groom myself. I'm not afraid to go outside, but gen…[View]
24613765Been with a girl for a bit over 15 years now and I met someone else that made me realize how miserab…[View]
24615539How do I deal with meanies? I'm autistic. When people are mean to me I usually go silent or hit…[View]
24612091Medfag advice: >inb4 doctor Already been hear me out. >in Thailand >eating almost exclusiv…[View]
24613688.: What do you think of this idea?[View]
24614449Is it worth it to force myself to play competitive sports as an adult, to teach me the shit sports s…[View]
24614726I have to choose between two artistic passions, both of which I have an affinity for, but I don’t kn…[View]
24612841When will covid end?: It's been a year and a half and counting and there's still no end in…[View]
24614287Everyone at work is miserable and it’s slowly making me miserable. Should I keep my head up or start…[View]
24615023How the FUCK do you git gud at building in games? I just can't build for shit and have no visio…[View]
24608908Do girls develop an abnormally strong bond to the first man they love, or the first man they have se…[View]
24612433Does visiting prostitutes actually help as an older khhv?: I see the 'just see a hooker' meme posted…[View]
24612495How do I get into the SIGMA male billionaire grindset?[View]
24612835How can I talk my girlfriend into having a threesome? I lowkey miss new pussy :(. I've tried br…[View]
24614964Dealing with Being a Late Bloomer: I can't stop fixating on how old I am compared to how slowly…[View]
24615299Has anyone her broken up with their gf cuz they were too horny and they wanted to sleep with more pe…[View]
24612789I approached a woman in a park. She seemed to like me. I got her number. Later that day I texted her…[View]
24613446My gf of 6 months has basically stopped wanting anything sexual. At first we had sex every one or tw…[View]
24615181Ever since I was young no one wanted to talk to me My parents were divorced & I lived with my mo…[View]
24614537How many real women and men are actually on here?: Trannies need not reply. Comment whether you…[View]
24613491>match with tinder girl >going well, don't spill spaghetti >wants a fwb Lads I'v…[View]
24614279What are some good strategies to create and stick to a routine for exercising, hygiene/showering, wo…[View]
24614739psychological/autism issues - what's wrong?: Think I'm starting to realise that I have som…[View]
24615003I overheard some female co-workers: Talking about how they would wanna have sex and even date me. So…[View]
24611946wtf is up with tinder: >get zero matches for weeks >change shitty profile pics, still not grea…[View]
24613953how do i kill myself and make it look like an accident i could eailsly take down some mass transit -…[View]
24614547How do I get rid of a insanely toxic weirdo?: I’m straight and h the is dude straight up stalks me a…[View]
24613032daygame approach - how does it work: I'm interested in trying it but have a few reservations. …[View]
24612317shadowbanned again: why shouldn't i kill myself again? Don't expect a dime from me bitch. …[View]
24613200My girlfriend cheated but won't admit it or own up and I haven't confronted her about it e…[View]
24614786how do you mentally get out of depression when you’re at that stage where you don’t eat or shower[View]
24614911Anyone have experience working as a mail handler assistant for the USPS? Would you recommend the job…[View]
24614909My bf who was childfree and wanted a vasectomy before we started dating: told me last week that he w…[View]
24614501I recently had a conversation with the 10-year-old daughter of a friend of mine. For some reason, sh…[View]
24614277>my assistant at work told me she enjoys spending time with me more than with her boyfriend >k…[View]
24614643Some bitch is trying to look smart. I said covid death chance here is 0.99% and she just said 'it…[View]
24613005ATOGA: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything. Previous: >>24610561[View]
24613822is it normal that most of my day is spent staring into space doing nothing but thinking?[View]
24612325How to get rid of fantasy daydreaming: I didn't socialise much as a kid and ended up growing up…[View]
24614576What’s it like to not be angry and consumed with hatred all the time? I just called my dad a fucking…[View]
24614742>go to a club for the first time >awkwardly dancing >ask a cute girl if she would like to…[View]
24614712Family concern, grandad dementia: Trying here first before reddit as this platform seems more deviou…[View]
24614689rage: Well I don't know where tu start but in a nutshell This year has been really hard for me …[View]
24614381When I was young my father died of a lung cancer and few years later I've got a stepfather whic…[View]
24614586How do I shrink down these retarded stupid fucking muscles? They look idiotically out of proportion …[View]
24613766How do I reclaim my manhood?: So long story short I let my (ex) wife treat me like a bitch when I wa…[View]
24614334>be me >thinking about ex lately, have weird dream after taking 60mg of Xanax before bed >s…[View]
24614494Do not take relationship advice from /adv/: Why does everyone here think their gf has BPD? Unless sh…[View]
24612659Need some advice: I have been with my girl for 9 years and to be honest it doesn't even feel li…[View]
24605595Where can I meet 18-20 year old girls as a 27 y/o guy? Girls my age don’t look so good anymore and I…[View]
24612251Pharmaceutical/clinical intervention, yes or no?: >23m sperg >depressed, low energy and attent…[View]
24613846Prayers please: Hello anons. I know that 4chan is not the place for a personal blog entry, but you a…[View]
24614284How do you stop buyers remorse? I do a lot of thrifting online and sometimes I will waste $90 on abs…[View]
24612134How does it feel to live with a woman? I am 33 and haven't lived with one. Multiple girls on da…[View]
24613769I'm a virgin but handsome, and only ugly/average girls want to be with me, should I accept them…[View]
24614222How do I get over social anxiety? I'd like to stop being a shut in. Even at work I can't e…[View]
24613950I want to change jobs, but I can't. I work a 9-6 office job in a room full of boomers (military…[View]
24613827Is IT worth it?: Is IT worth going to college for? Is it suicide fuel? Does it makes good money? Do …[View]
24612949Dealing with a kinky woman: This girl I am now fucking is into rough sex but I never did that kind o…[View]
24608388I'm 5'10, she's around 6': Can you date a girl about 2 or 3 inches taller than y…[View]
24613020I walk with a limp for no reason: It's subtle but it's there. There is nothing wrong with …[View]
24614102Music making retreat: I am planning on essentially locking myself in my room to solely make music fo…[View]
24614272sorry for bad english it the first time i write in english since the high school. . Since the covid …[View]
24607226>Decide I'm tired of being a loner >Download Tinder >Learn there's a limit of 100…[View]
24614207how did YOU meet your current gf/bf and how do i increase my chances and odds of finding my own?[View]
24613448Between short, average, and tall girls, can you rank them in terms of heightism, on average?[View]
24614255Technological literacy: /adv/ ive come for your help. im a newfag to most of these subs other than b…[View]
24612850>ex seeing other guys, living her best life >I still think about her everyday, even when I…[View]
24614084I'm trying to understand/fathom what's going on here I went on a few dates with this girl …[View]
24613861Should I stop collecting n33tbux?: I'm a 29 year old schizofag. 5 or 6 years ago I was complete…[View]
24614200how to deal with rejection / obsession / depression?: long story short >meet qt grill at work …[View]
24613133How do you completely stop caring about women? I hate that they live rent-free in my head all the ti…[View]
24606391What does it take to get a girl to kiss you?[View]
24613880Why does my brother never want to talk to me or hang out[View]
24613966Movie pitch: How do you pitch a movie idea to a studio and get paid while remaining anonymous?…[View]
24613427I have a fetish for public nudity, exhibitionism, and sex. Are there nude beaches or resorts that ar…[View]
24611863hmmm: Why is being alone being so much better than hanging around others? I would literally stay in …[View]
24613147Is it worth it to be gay knowing that only another man can understand you?[View]
24613870I deleted my social media and dating apps: >Be me >18yo male (not a virgin) >Get up, be on …[View]
24611867My flatmate went through my room and computer while I was out yesterday. I slept on it and feel angr…[View]
24611322GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your chest, lovely anon. Try your best.[View]
24613121Is it autistic to only want kids with someone with traits like yours because you don't want you…[View]
24613955Is it normal to feel like you never have enough time or energy for the things you want to achieve? I…[View]
24610639I need your help and insight. Help me understand. If you have a good girlfriend and you tell her …[View]
24610521How do I become kind?: I've been improving myself over the last few years. I quit swearing, I q…[View]
24613754Gf has a past. Was engaged to a man and fell in love with a girl. Girl got gf into a sex group with …[View]
24612648Feeling weird on coffee what to do?: I drink espresso and i feel like im not in control of my body. …[View]
24613270How do I tell my manager I'm quitting?: Started a new job in sales 8 months ago. Barely sold an…[View]
24613394As someone who in the eyes of other has achieved so much. I can tell you its not worth it. I'm …[View]
24613662Any tips for making side money/a little bit of an income stream without much work? I'm quittin…[View]
24613158Quitting after a month: I got a job a month ago as a Director for one of the largest global marketin…[View]
24613719Hope: I always believed in hope. Figured as long as I had hope I could get through anything. But my …[View]
24610485Overwhelming Stress: I'm working as a STEM student technician and I'm finally getting expe…[View]
24613530I unironically do the virgin walk from the meme. I can’t stop no matter what I try. I can’t “auto-wa…[View]
24609936‘just friends’: >go on a few dates with girl >have a good time, we like each other >plan to…[View]
24609284Ex gf won't stop harassing me for dating younger: She(30F) broke up with me when I turned 32 be…[View]
24613483I've had these bumps around my nose for a long time, and I'm wondering: Is it acne? Also, …[View]
24613590My gf and i haven’t had sex in two weeks and i am no fap (can’t masturbate) or watch porn (former po…[View]
24612168I'm 23 and my youngest half-sibling will apparently be born January next year. He's engage…[View]
24610582affection makes me hate myself: i'm a 24 khv (kinda a guy once forced me to kiss him but it was…[View]
24613580I'm an autist. My life is in order, except socially. I have many friends I see from time to tim…[View]
24612900How old is too old to still be on these/ addicted to them?: When I first heard about them as a fresh…[View]
24612703>Me, a PhD >Teaching master students every day for another 3 months >Students becomes fluen…[View]
24613521>match with qt on hinge >she says hi >she's cute but absolutely nothing I can comment …[View]
24612832i’ve never been a talkative but i wouldn’t call myself shy. however i’ve realized i struggle with ar…[View]
24612163Black womyn: I don't know what y'all are on about with that racism shit. Sure, a lot of bl…[View]
24613176I'm obsessed with my breathing how to stop?: I'm obsessed with my breathing how to stop?…[View]
24608629Is it immoral to keep having sex with a girl who wants to date you even though you have no desire to…[View]
24612967>be me >20 minutes ago >went to grocery store near my neighborhood to buy 8+ ph water bottl…[View]
24613054professional advice: I'm a soon to be former professional baseball player. It hasn't been …[View]
24613076I'm an abuser: I've had 3 girlfriends in my life. I beat all three of them. It started wit…[View]
24611763How do you get a semen demon girlfriend who wants to milk you every day?[View]
24610401Get girl out of mind: Cheated on wife with a girl. It's been 2 years but she still crosses my m…[View]
24613303How to be happy?[View]
24613149Has anyone ever reverse architected (made their fatty go to slim)? The girl I'm dating right no…[View]
2461065230/M - Feeling behind in life, am I?: Feeling insecure about where I am up to in life. Seeing people…[View]
24612808Cannabutter: Hello, Me and a couple of friends are going to be making brownies for the first time. I…[View]
24610692Help me not be racist: So my brother has a black daughter. It’s not biologically his, but he has giv…[View]
24608158is it a good idea to an hero if i am attracted to 12 year old girls? i've thought about it for …[View]
24613241There's no actual way to get off night shift besides hard quitting and eating the cost of trans…[View]
24611110How do I stop needing my parent's approval for the choices I make in my life?[View]
24612164Boyfriend who was childfree and wanted a vasectomy: told me last week that he wants kids with me and…[View]
24610810Parent advice: This is really typical but I'm not sure what to do. I love both of my parents to…[View]
24610605Where I can find sites that genuinely hate 4chan? I fucking despise you cunts with every fiber of my…[View]
24612701Anons who married the girl they wanted, was it worth it to get home and see her in bed? I'm thi…[View]
24611385How do I grow an instagram account as a 19 year old male looking purely to boost followers in hopes …[View]
24604133Should i cheat on my wife?: I have a co worker that has been flirting with me recently and i don…[View]
24611442Tips for family reunions: Hey guys could you give me some /adv/ice on how to handle family reunions?…[View]
24611638WFH jobs that even I can do?: I'm having no luck finding a real job and don't have a car s…[View]
24608419I'm going to do it by hanging but I don't have access to rope. What kind of belt should I …[View]
24613036...: why does it make me happy to make my mother angry and frustrated? i'm 27 though[View]
24613012I realized: How fucked you are if you are in a rural part of the world. and just how much of a detri…[View]
24613018having some fun before going out: I want to commit suicide(reasons=I cant get sex without paying a h…[View]
24612846how do I stop using 4chan and reddit ?[View]
24608668why am i such a quitter?: For some reason when I applied to my job along the way I promised i would …[View]
24612954when does it get better i tried everything: love sex working out travelling partying is it over[View]
24610948Are there any actually good reasons to rope?[View]
24611579Any literature about this stuff?: Been recently thinking about the experience of life and how we are…[View]
24612266Ladies and gentlemen, I present you a rather pressing conundrum, how do we control the world?[View]
24606892Are there any internet forums for self hating blacks such as myself. I honestly hate being black.[View]
24612740My mind is fucked: I keep focusing on others, but they do not care about me, I guess I need attentio…[View]
24610966going crazy in the desert: since 2015, I live in total isolation out in the new mexican desert. Im s…[View]
24611073Does anybody else feel as if reality is a little off? I've have this experience where for as lo…[View]
24611712Are tattoos and piercings red flags?: I have never met a girl who had tattoos and piercings beyond n…[View]
24610232How do I sleep less?: There is a lot one can do in a day but sleeping takes a lot of time, and I was…[View]
24612591Water in ear: i am freaking out. i have water in my ear for 24h already. i read up many advices but …[View]
24608752Is there anything I can do to reduce my libido that doesn't involve a prescription? I've b…[View]
24612595Premature Ejaculation: >lose virginity last year, at 27 y/o >have sex with the same girl aroun…[View]
24610768Are there any repercussions or downsides to lying about the type of Bachelor's degree that I go…[View]
24610532My wife is going to black panther night at the club where only black gents and ladies get in. Black …[View]
24612739Wtf is this thing I found outside?: Is it a new species? I've never seen anything like it... It…[View]
24611960Getting a cow gf: What type of guys do girls with big milkers date?[View]
24602459How do I get over having a beefy pussy? It's affecting my self esteem I didn't know guys d…[View]
24612245Women: Whenever I see women, mostly slutty ones, I tend to get a combination of sexualized and aggre…[View]
24610685Is there a service where i can pay someone to be my friend? I want to experience what a friendship f…[View]
24612645Joker is a TRUE CHAD: https://youtu.be/69bZmd1Vvss[View]
24611083Traveling to Spain for a week, how do I meet chicks?: I'm trailing through El Camino with my tw…[View]
24610840how do I stop being apathetic?: >adopted 'pretend to not care' as coping mechanism as a kid >d…[View]
24610829How the fuck do I make my tits smaller: Am I doomed to have big tits that are unfortunately kinda sa…[View]
24609648Will becoming an alcoholic help me solve my crippling loneliness and directionlessness in life?[View]
24612478Feel like breaking it off with girlfriend: My gf and I have been dating for a few months. She’s from…[View]
24610139That's it. That's enough now. I've officially come to the conclusion tonight that I n…[View]
24604192Need help with my girlfriend: For the past year and a half I've been dating this girl. Really c…[View]
24611377How the fuck do I get a girl to fuck me? No I don't wanna do faggot escorts.[View]
24611286After leaving a group of abusive friends, I have become a changed man. And these were my closest fri…[View]
24612060Today is the 5th anniversary of my brothers death and I still feel nothing about it. I've never…[View]
24611518Should I meet up with my friend?: My friend of ~6 years friend-ghosted me more than a year ago becau…[View]
24609872I need help. I'm a porn addict, and, as a result, I've not been able to find a girlfriend…[View]
24609368what are 14 years old girls into? what type of boy do they prefer?[View]
24612175Online dating for zoomers: I'm 21, live in Europe in a very lockdown and restriction-happy coun…[View]
24611739How do I stop feeling existential?: Sometimes I just think about the vastness of the universe or the…[View]
2460992919 year old autistic femanon here. Been friends with this guy online for around 6 months, and I thin…[View]
24611686>you WILL not kill yourself[View]
24612139meeting people:: i just woke up 5 minutes ago from a dream where i was about to meet some people at …[View]
24611871How do you deal with a kissing fetish?: I love kissing more than anything. With my ex girlfriend I c…[View]
24611724I want to be a mathematician; is college the only way? I know I can do the autodidact thing but how …[View]
24611981how do i stop stalking: > 17 yr virgin > crush on stacy (classmate) for over a year > stacy…[View]
24609495if you're a shut in neet, how do you get out? Assume you get a job in the place you want to lea…[View]
24610648How do you live like this?: I'm a POS 23 yo millennial kid who has a masters degree in engineer…[View]
24609642Does anyone have guidance towards seeking exemptions from vaccines? My place of work has made it man…[View]
24611928Is leg lengthening wort doing? Im 180 cm and i want to be around 185 cm[View]
24610077How do I find roommates in a city near me? I want to move and rent is expensive as fuck in my state.…[View]
24610730Low effort job to hide out in?: Are there any good jobs that are as close to “doing nothing” as poss…[View]
24611449Are amalgam fillings ten+ years bad?: Picture unrelated[View]
24608799what's a suicide method that doesn't look like suicide but an accident. In this extreme sc…[View]
24608407Cleaning teeth phobia: Hi there /adv/ I have 'Odontarrupophobia' which is basically fear of cleaning…[View]
24610812I can't get past the feeling of being stuck: I'm 27, and completely lost in life. I'm…[View]
24610694My friend is becoming a Far-Right Conspiracy Theorist: This was what he recently said in our discord…[View]
24611115Moving to LA to amass wealth: I'm 25, $1000 in my pocket, a pretty decent resume(bachelors and …[View]
24611488Can someONE (1) explain the ONE (1) meme to me? >inb4 wrong board /b/ is filled with disgusting c…[View]
24611649Why are people racist[View]
24611336I used a racial slur over the phone and I’m afraid it will come back to haunt me.: I was physically …[View]
24606868How to recover from fa/inceldom?: How have people gone from not even being able to get a text back u…[View]
24611889Any advice?: https://youtu.be/w3j6gKzT2S0 I just won the regional golden gloves y'all.[View]
24610252where to meet hapa girls?[View]
24610561ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - Witches and Bitches Edition Previous thread: >…[View]
24611774Hey anons.How to stop act/think like retard? How to have good/based mindset[View]
24611529So my GF has had BFs before me (i'm her 4th) and it gives me horse cock when she talks about he…[View]
24610395I just turned 27 two days ago. I've spent the last three years of my life doting on and financi…[View]
24611688>post a picture on my Instagram story of me playing a game with friends >girl I don't kno…[View]
24610059Trade School: I've asked this before but no one responded, but I'll just ask again sorry. …[View]
24610762Is it wrong for me not to want to talk to a male psychiatrist[View]
24610600I either drink or smoke weed most days. Struggling to get by with the average day just being myself.…[View]
24610651>Spend most of my day just kinda waiting till the day is over and scrolling/posting on 4chan >…[View]
24611643After my brother died 6 months ago ive completely let go. I'm just waiting for my life to be ov…[View]
24610638How do I get a girlfriend in college? I'll be a college freshman after this summer. I want a gi…[View]
246093112 questions.: 1) By how much average sex is better than a good masturbation? If masturbation is 0 on…[View]
24611583Piano: I would like to learn how to play the piano but I don't know where to go in terms of mor…[View]
24610985I desperately need to fix this.: Does anyone here know where I would find a student loan that does N…[View]
24605327What advice would you give to someone in their 20's, who hasn't socialised in like ten yea…[View]
24610007Should I meditate tonight or should I get drunk instead?[View]
24610389I don’t want to be like my Dad. I hate being compared to him, I hate having facial hair like him, I …[View]
24610505Family Troubles: Just found out my Aunt knew about me being molested multiple times by my brother wh…[View]
24606273I got this girl in my friend group, she blows up my phone 24/7 about wanting to talk or hang out. An…[View]
24609023how to wash and dry pillow[View]
24611068how do i get good at drawing?: i tried to get started with draw a box, but i assume it also wants yo…[View]
24608287>meet tinder girl >Fuck her >Ask her to meet again >She doesn't want How normal is …[View]
24611285How to get over girl ghosting you?: This girl has pretty much been the only one to outright say she …[View]
24611354How to make friends in college that have the same sense of humor?: I’m moving to college in a few mo…[View]
24608827Caught white handed: I accidentally walked into my little bro jerking off today for the first time. …[View]
24604793How to have a life?: All my days are the same, i do the same things. I just stay home on the compute…[View]
24610174Where do I find girls?: My university is full of boys. Bars are full of whore girls. Girls that are …[View]
24611293How often are you supposed to shower?[View]
24610946Do girls like guys who are active on social media or guys who barely use social media/aren't on…[View]
24610952A Separation: My GF and I are separating after 6 years together. We lived together most of that time…[View]
24610408How do I reconnect with a girl without becoming a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?: >be me >off to college I go…[View]
24609448Gf's anger issues: I don't feel like I can speak to anyone I know about this without it ca…[View]
24610819start youtube: I want to start youtube and for my first video i want to become part of a fucked up c…[View]
24610525What is the best advice anyone has ever told you: One advice I got was Doing the easy things in lif…[View]
24609876$15k in savings, 23 years old. Any general advice for moving out?[View]
24610543i have a problem of my own making: Hello /adv/ i was writing a long post but in writing it i think i…[View]
24610854For people who grew up in strict households, how did it feel to move out and live on your own? Did l…[View]
24610303Data Analysis: Does anyone have an idea about the salaries in this field? I'm thinking if I sho…[View]
24610579I hate my friend and she hates me too but for some reason we stay friends: 26 male here. I have a fr…[View]
24610732Is this rude to my mother? Or somehow else wrong? I have a good relationship with both of my parents…[View]
24610463Anons, I am a retard. How do I cope with having been sextorted? Honestly from minute to minute my mo…[View]
24610434Masturbating to gore: Is anybody else masturbate to gore? Are you doing this? I only do it at home. …[View]
24605107girlfriend did weed, should I end things?: I've expressed to my girlfriend of four years that I…[View]
24610320How can I be more extroverted to aquire cooler friends? I had an extrovert friend a while back who c…[View]
24610344I just want to retreat to the countryside and live my life in peace. What kind of jobs are comfy and…[View]
24609462Info from mutual: There's a guy who I have mutual friends with, I want to ask him abt dating at…[View]
24610522Social club? (A rant): Autistic here, I'm 21 and have had trouble making relationships because …[View]
24610084What is a good sperm bank to go to.[View]
24610510My life sucks: I turn 20 next month and rather than setting up my dorm for college, I’m working at f…[View]
24609956How do I breakup with my psychiatrist? I've been on 20 mg ritalin, don't want to use this …[View]
24610438Over the last 48h I have slept a grand total of 2 hours. My head is spinning, my body is aching but …[View]
24610276How do I unironically get a gf or have sex? Is it literally really easy and you simply walk up to a …[View]
24610414How do I stop laughing at women crying?: Its been a really common occurrence since I was a preteen. …[View]
24610402Hey dudes. Need a good EOL alt to pentobarbital. Suggestions appreciated[View]
24610369So basically I knew this person back in 2015, we met in a video game and we were good friend, he the…[View]
24610188I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth. I can pound back king size Hershey bars no problem. For those that ma…[View]
24608787Tinder for Cuddling?: I'm an smart and attractive guy who'll be in town for another month …[View]
24610035I am spending hours every day learning multiple new languages so i can creep - is this wrong? I have…[View]
24610241What will help me stop thinking about unresolvable issues? Should I have half a handle of vodka ever…[View]
24605304What vaccine should I get as a straight, asian male with a healthy BMI?[View]
24610246Is there 'healing' pornography?: Can I trust some genres? I'm Christian so I'm j…[View]
24610227Dad's man: I Revealed to my dad yesterday about me being molested as a kid then he proceeded to…[View]
24610119Useful dancing: I want to learn moderately easy dancing. The kind of dances you can do at raves, nig…[View]
24609987I turned 20 today. Am I too old now? I feel like I missed half of my life because I never went out o…[View]
24609102How can I keep living being autist? I don't want to be 'pretentious' but being sincere, I'…[View]
24603585Why didn't you go up to her anon?: It's too late now[View]
24609937Should I lie on my resume about unemployment dates? I haven't worked since December but I'…[View]
24606907Help.: Ex Gf of 3 years, but I moved away to another state once it flared out last summer this time.…[View]
24609942help with a friend: i have a friend that im really worried about, he became really depressed these f…[View]
24609814Is it true that all women go into a fuck spree with random men to beat depression?[View]
24609512What are some obvious and not so obvious signs that a girl is 'easy'? How to spot a girl l…[View]
24608288help me find a username: I've spent like two months now trying to figure out an internet handle…[View]
24608895Any WFH jobs that don't require higher ed qualifications or prior experience? I have a regular …[View]
24609828>for the first time in my life im in a relasionship with a girl that genuinely loves and cares fo…[View]
24602751How do I cope with being short. I'm about 5'7.5 or 5'8, and live in the southwest Uni…[View]
24609441How to improve my social skills and be funny?: I made a thread before about this but I only got one …[View]
24609243Ive been considering for a long time if there is any point in me being moral. Do I get anything even…[View]
24609600What's the best career path / job if I'm unskilled and avolitional? My life is unfulfillin…[View]
24606902Ghosting: >matched with girl on Hinge >she's 26 years old I'm 24 >get her number …[View]
24609658Is it worth it to date a vegetarian?: My girlfriend is a vegetarian for 'ethical reasons' …[View]
24609438I want to lose my virginity to a MILF. How do I go about doing this? Is this reasonable, and if so h…[View]
24609506what are the odds the cashier girl at the hardware store was giving me fuck me eyes and not looking …[View]
24607431TL;DR: What's working at a cinema like? >blogpost ahead Gonna finish university soon which i…[View]
24607757how do i prevent my son from becoming an incel?[View]
24608568/atoga/ ask the opposite gender anything: >>24605651 Previous thread[View]
24609547Nickname: >Be me >Wants cool username >Finish with 0 >Called Cringe >Sad Can you giv…[View]
24608905Friend is a pedo: Have an internet friend i have known for years that i was super tight with and has…[View]
24607018Guys, how would you feel if a woman told you, while initiating sex, that she started taking the pill…[View]
24608618My mom has always had memory issues like forgetting where she placed her phone or keys. But the othe…[View]
24608638How do I convince and start sex with my girlfriend?[View]
24608996I'm afraid of intimacy with women. Will lifting help me with this?[View]
24606554GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your chest, if you dare.[View]
24609094How do I get a call from based Department?: My whole life I’ve been a loser. I need a calling.…[View]
24608194How to become Chad- Seek out Chad Be friends with Chad Work out with Chad Do Drugs with Chad Party w…[View]
24609270At work, I just saw the cute waifish black haired girl with a nice butt having lunch with a acne rid…[View]
24608772Escort called me Ugly and I don't Know How I Was Suppose to Respond: This story may sound super…[View]
24609048I live in the UK. Need to restart my life somewhere new due to certain reasons (No I'm not in l…[View]
24607304How do you stop caring about girls and start focusing on your own life?[View]
24605402The prison I'm going to Won't Let Me Kiss my Partner: Apparently I won't be allowed t…[View]
24609021Gonna be living with my dad and brother for ~2 years. What's the best way to hide my sexy stuff…[View]
24607051How do I become a straight male pornstar[View]
24609267Someone close to me in a different country is really really down and depressed and having difficulty…[View]
24608457How do i get out of my loop: I've been playing Tarkov like a madlad, i wanna make things and pr…[View]
24609234if i dont care enough to really do something about it then why do i get sad when it inevitably makes…[View]
24604143College degree: is one fucked nowadays without a college degree ?[View]
24608930Why is it so difficult to find female friends as a 25 y.o man? In high school you approached a rando…[View]
24606614Should I join the Air Force? I'm a 30 year old failure, and just want to be alone, to move out …[View]
24609182>I have to decide between buying or renting but I dont know if I will stay in this city >I don…[View]
24608239What can individuals do to prevent permanent restrictions?: The next few months will be a pivotal ti…[View]
24608621How do I into trashily autistic 18+ ERP shit?: How do you proposition someone, presumably male (beca…[View]
24609117>start dating app >add 2 selfies >100 matches in first day >6/10 invites me over >fuc…[View]
24608221Chess and girls: >Be me a chess legend >low key unofficial chess master >student seeks my a…[View]
24605340how to break this cycle?: >wake up >wash my face >turn my computer on >have lunch >go…[View]
24608634Wife and her previous partners: How many previous sexual partners are you willing to accept max. whe…[View]
24609038Anons who married the girl they wanted, was it worth it to get home and see her in bed? I'm thi…[View]
24608763becoming a buddhst monk: Would doing pic related be a really stupid idea? I've read copious amo…[View]
24608175I hate blowjobs - what is wrong with me?: Seriously, it feels like she is just chewing on my dick. I…[View]
24608951How do I come out as gay to my conservative, eastern orthodox family? They've never really show…[View]
24607880VACCINE HELP: So I am thinking about getting one of the COVID vaccines. But I am somewhat worried ab…[View]
24607048Good non toxic online communities?: Are there any good non-toxic online communities left worth dabbl…[View]
24606237Why cheat: Should I reach out to my ex and ask him why he put me what he put me through and why did …[View]
24608823Male equivalent of tomboys?: Are there girls who enjoy cute/prettyboys just like men enjoy cute tomb…[View]
24608215How do I make friends, relationships and network while in college?[View]
24607791How do I stop worrying about everything?[View]
24607630fuck people: >Be me >wagecuck at clothing store >shift consists of folding t-shirts for 4-8…[View]
24608802How to get a job: Going to be a wage slave again, what are some valuable / good soft skills to put o…[View]
24608767What's it like having a friends with benefits situation?[View]
24608650As children, why do girls act out to boys they like? Either they ignore them or say left field thing…[View]
24607887Am I a lesbian?[View]
24608337how do i get my bf to stop telling me he thinks i'm smart without sounding petulant i'm ge…[View]
24608338how do i get rid of teeth plaque without a dentist?[View]
24608456How to resell clothes: Is it easy to resell clothing to make some money? Anyone have experience with…[View]
24608366Hello, I'll try to keep this as brief as I can. I'm a 19yo french soldier(soon to be corpo…[View]
24604025> 20 > 6'2' > Blue hair, blond eyes > Avg score of 7 on /soc/ > Joining the a…[View]
24606923>always wanted a serious relationship, a long term gf, a wife >it keeps blowing up >it…[View]
24606445Destroy your computer. Disconnect yourself from the internet. You will be far happier. Trust me. htt…[View]
24606945Drinking too much water?: This morning I had extreme hunger pain (which is regular for me) so I dran…[View]
24607318Is a graphic design degree worth it?[View]

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