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24132371Am I a virgin?: I know labels are stupid, but I'd like to know if I'm being disingenuous b…[View]
24131787How do I stop being so insecure about tfw no gf: I haven't dated in about 5 years now. I have a…[View]
24128712How to get a good job: I just need a job that pays $20 an hour. I have an IT cert and an associates …[View]
24131937How do I find something I enjoy doing?: I have no friends and people have told me the way to make fr…[View]
24132823What to talk about with a grillll!!!: I got the chance to talk with a qt 3.14 during one of my class…[View]
24131384scared of driving: I got my license and even though I passed I still can't get used to my car. …[View]
24131734I applied for a job 2 months ago, and in that time changed my mind and decided I probably don't…[View]
24132800We are going to fucking die and need some fucking help.[View]
24131703Gf wants to be a stripper: So my gf of a year & a half wants to start stripping because of finan…[View]
24131264I feel so lost.: What am I supposed to do in life? What kinda job am I supposed to have, what consti…[View]
24132106A while back when I first made my steam account like 8 years ago, I gave them a fake birthday. Can I…[View]
24132641to fuck or not to fuck fatties?? i prefer normal women or slightly chubby but fatties are so comfy, …[View]
24132666Relationship advice. Need help: Coworker of my gf was sending her sexual messages and memes. My gf d…[View]
24132603How to get some IG followers?: I will start working next week. I have no friends and just want to ap…[View]
24132361How do I cope with losing the genetic lottery? How do I cope with knowing I will never experience lo…[View]
24131007How do I get out of this?: >Be me 19 year old virgin >Get escort to lose virginity >She giv…[View]
24132480Is it over? Is this what actual adulthood feels like? I soon will be 24 years old, since last month …[View]
24132252Suicidal With A Plan: I don't know how to convey this but I'll do my best. I'm seeing…[View]
24132583Unemployment: Hey /adv/ I work for a company that cleans laboratories for major industrial producers…[View]
24132192What happened the first or last time you 'put your dick in crazy'?[View]
24132333>graduating uni >haven't lined up a job yet Am I fucked? Is it gonna be even harder durin…[View]
24132446looking for anon who couldnt add a few things later because thread got archived >>24100851 the…[View]
24131015Trip to England cost, wanna be actor: So, Ive done few horrible short films and I like acting and im…[View]
24132440fuck my life: Lost hair at 16 been doing multiple surgeries to get it back 30 now it's getting …[View]
24130915Got a good job but unhappy and want to become a neet: 30 years old Male In fit shape Eats well Goes…[View]
24132124Might have to resit a year, due to being heavily depressed for a long period of time. Anyone here re…[View]
24127595Is it bad that I coom to ASMR more than actual porn?[View]
24131983>be dating a girl >Just See her once a week or less >Everyday do different plans alone like…[View]
24131212This happens literally every day >A old woman will walk and hit on me >Never a girl my age …[View]
24131909I'm in pain: Anons, I don't know what to do anymore. I do a loads of different activities …[View]
24130377Need help with consistency and motivation: Hi, I'm an university student. I'm struggling t…[View]
24127189GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
24123682Hello adv. music prod anon here. I'm depressed/sad thinking that I will never make good music. …[View]
24131359can /fit/ help me get over break-up depression?: It's been a month and I've been so fuckin…[View]
24125658Eliminate sexual Desire: Is there any way for me to get rid of all of my sexual desire? All it does …[View]
24128951>like girl, ask her out >she says yes actually but the date gets canceled >I kind of get se…[View]
24131275I feel depressed and anxious I constantly feel like crying how to fix it?[View]
24130701should i do it ?: this is the worst place to talk about this but hopefully, /adv/ is better. ever si…[View]
24131223Was this normal parenting or abuse?: So i'm a bit confused, is this normal for older generation…[View]
24130853How to stop being a retard: How do I stop being retarded? I keep making mistakes after mistakes ever…[View]
24131302/ATOGA/: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Previous thread: >>24128457[View]
24131677Afraid my gf is gonna leave because of PE: I've found my dream girl and we've been dating …[View]
24131891How do you feel when someone addresses you by name?: When someone calls you by your name or casually…[View]
24132014Intrusive incel thoughts making life difficult: >doing anything necessary, constructive or enjoya…[View]
24131927Do I have the 'tism?: Lay it on straight to me /adv/ after years of calling anons autistic I fe…[View]
24131319What jobs can I do with a Master's in English, that will actually pay? I went to a foreign (UK)…[View]
24129812Life with a small Wiener?: If you have a small wiener, how does this affect your sex life?[View]
24130491I hate the condescending tones of people who think they are better than me. Either by moral or socia…[View]
24130276> be me at the age of 16 > start an apprenticeship as electrician in small company bc no idea …[View]
24128785I will be getting $1800 a month from VA for disability due to a medical discharge in the army, and i…[View]
24131372Does the 'your self-image is a reflection of what people think of me” is true ?[View]
24131421Women is shit: I speak with women very naturally, as if they are my friends and I do not give them A…[View]
24131462How do I stop being one useless faggot?: > interview with a new customers > basically went thr…[View]
2413133829M here. I don't need a gf for consolation because I have my mom.[View]
24131821Why is there so much loneliness in the world?[View]
24131661How do I socialise and make friends with people, if everyone just sees me as an autistic loser and e…[View]
24131825How to quit my job: I am 25, I have been residential painting for almost 11 years. My step dad made …[View]
24130281picture this Lets say you were attending a (STEM) university that it is considered a 'hidden gem' in…[View]
24129492how to stay strong? how to deal with feeling stressed and overwhelmed?[View]
24131527Got into really violent and degenerate pornography at the age of 12 to vent my frustration (parents …[View]
24127417How fucked am I?: >Be Polish fag in Bongland >I'm 29 >In a rut >Crappy minimum wage…[View]
24130140>after two weeks talking we meet >It goes well but we don't kiss >Keep talking for wee…[View]
24131346I'm developing this self-therapy app: ...to help people deal with negative thoughts. And since …[View]
24131160wtf is all this acne: >be me >work out for 2 weeks after a 6 month hiatus >come back after …[View]
24131618I don't love her: I'm in a relationships with a tomboy.At first i thought she is really sp…[View]
24130429Is it possible to build confidence and appreciation for yourself after trauma when you’re already in…[View]
24130166tl;dr a net friend of mine is suicidal and dooming on the internet I don't know enough about he…[View]
24130904I want a steady relationship and a loving girlfriend but I'm not content with just fucking one …[View]
24131506I have crappy life and i like it: Yo my apartment is shit and the rent is and my job is hard as fuck…[View]
24130929I fucked up at work, tried to cover my tracks but a manager found out something suspicious and is an…[View]
24131322An hero: I don’t see how I could ever be happy at this point of my life. I’m 28 and my best years ar…[View]
24129843Just got told by a scammer that my sexual video is going to be sent to my friends. Is that true? Or …[View]
24129342Im always going through such a cycle. I have a crush on a chick, never make a move, get friend zoned…[View]
24129457Fuck my ex-boss: My ex-boss and I recently started talking dirty to each other through messenger. We…[View]
24130942How do I fucking stop: I've been fighting with this porn shit for 3 years. I always thought tha…[View]
24128695Are there many fags in the millitary? As one going to be, just curious.[View]
24131162How do I meet people? I'm studying so I can't get a job, I've always been afraid to j…[View]
24131236I started a wagecuck job a few months ago and am working as a cashier but the management has said I…[View]
24130232>>24127016 Whoops. I had written a whole essay for this but now i don't feel like rewriti…[View]
24130283how do I get my fwb to let me cuddle and kiss her again? I know she's upset at me because I am …[View]
24131249getting into crypto mining: any advice for a poorfag anon trying to get into mining right now? at th…[View]
24130824UPDATE: I left them a bit less than a week ago. I have felt much better mentally, but also very empt…[View]
24130843There's this girl I went on a date with from tinder, who I had coffee with. Now this was a year…[View]
24130833Tomorrow I have an interview for web developer postion and exam. Please help me what typical questio…[View]
24131033If I walked out on a job with no notice is it a bad idea to list it on my resume and LinkedIn? Just …[View]
24128249Bad people: How is a person supposed to function once they've realized the badness of other hum…[View]
24130677Woman accused of me hurting her: Even though I have never touched her and have protected her from pe…[View]
24131064I'm reconnecting with an old friend of mine for the first time in about five years. He's a…[View]
24129534sorry for the wall of self-pity, but I just need to get this off of my chest and i have no friends o…[View]
24130470How do I make people accept that I don't want a partner?: People in my surroundings constantly …[View]
24127722cyberstalking: Any advice on cyberstalking a girl I work with? We pass by each other sometimes on di…[View]
24130655I fucked up: I fucking said I love you to a close friend and they got weirded out. How the fuck do I…[View]
24127781How to endure abuse: I work in a toxic workplace with a relatively small set of people. My superior…[View]
24130332which supplements should i drink as a college student who lives mainly on pizza, instant noodles, an…[View]
24129149I... - am 28 years old - have around 50k AUD (~39k USD) in the bank - live with my parents - dont ha…[View]
24129310I have to move out of my current home at the end of the month. I’ve been calling and emailing and me…[View]
24130364How do I, a 30 year old white male, join MS13? I work as a business drone and want to do something n…[View]
24129165Is there a point if no return when it comes to being traumatized? Not talking war trauma just talki…[View]
24124303Sex sets the hierarchy between couples: Different sexual positions and acts are generally seen just …[View]
24130088Porn is destroying my already non-existent sexual confidence: Viewing amateur porn makes me feel lik…[View]
24127987When I was 13(20 now) I let my mind go to a very dark place(thinking women like rapists, murderers, …[View]
24129363Looking for jobs: Is it normal for people to look or apply for other jobs while working a job? And g…[View]
24128637tits: My friend caught me staring at his girlfriends tits and he didn't say anything afterwards…[View]
24122436thugs and hooligans in the streets: How do I deal with thugs and hooligans in the streets without be…[View]
24130554>girl starts speaking to me out of the blue after 5 years >hear loads of baby daddy issues …[View]
24129746I literally can't be productive and follow a schedule to save my life. What do?[View]
24129952Theme parks: Looking to go a a theme park in the next few months but with me living in Scotland I do…[View]
24129921I didn't sleep last night: Is it safe to take my ADHD meds?[View]
24127558why do my parents hate twitch streaming so much[View]
24130542How do I spam someone's number? If I could specific methods instead of more general ones that…[View]
24129331I'm 20 and I already feel likes it's over. I just want to have sex.[View]
24130290I got an offer at company A that wants an answer at the end of this week. I’m interviewing with comp…[View]
24130398Since I've never had sex in my life and I'm still a virgin at 22, I plan to fuck a differe…[View]
24130480Is it too late toake friends if you're 20. Because I literally don't know how to and feel …[View]
24130304so why would i want to be a normie: they dont make money. they dont use gear. they dont even fuck th…[View]
24126849Anyone else having a sad Mother’s Day?: My mom disowned me when I was 16 and I haven’t spoken to her…[View]
24129678Dating a goddess: Can an average looking dude date 10/10 perfect girl like picrelated or is it alrea…[View]
24130087>live in a city hundreds of km away from mine >Know nobody here >Start dating tinder girl …[View]
24127786>Faustina was so infatuated with the particular gladiator that she actually fell ill. She admitte…[View]
24129589How do I cope with being diagnosed as autistic late in life? I'm 30 and was just diagnosed as b…[View]
24126106How do you learn to be good with children?: I am 21 years old and whenever I encounter young kids, I…[View]
24128822hey /adv/ , this is my first time posting on this board so im sure similar post like this get made o…[View]
24129033?: what does “the road to hell is paved by good intentions” mean? i’ve heard this quite often, but n…[View]
24129935should i ask her about her weight?[View]
24130262What to do for fun: What can i do with my money I have to make my life more exciting? Like the rest …[View]
24129306Any app were i can read fourchan threads and archive easily ?[View]
24129302How do I quit smoking? I smoke about a pack a day usually in 6 hours. Used to smoke menthol now have…[View]
24126453probably not the right place: i dont know where i am supposed to ask this so i will do it here at wh…[View]
24128445Is it wrong to feel like im 'growing out of my friend group'. I am not trying to sound like an assho…[View]
24124408How do you find a girlfriend?[View]
24128388>be me >23 >18/19 year olds seem to immature and young to hang with >27+ feel to old to …[View]
24128474What are some jobs for people with a passion for helping others, particularly individuals? I've…[View]
24129527my gf is sad because i told her racial purge is fine[View]
24128533What's a cute animal nickname for my GF? She cares me bear, I wonder what's good for her?[View]
24127997Should i be concerned about my tits? Should i try something to reduce the size of this shit? Looks u…[View]
24129716How do you convince yourself to do shit and make something of your life when rationally, you know th…[View]
24129394>Turned 18 around 3 months ago >6'1, 180 pounds kinda fat but I had never watched my weig…[View]
24126965Hey guys so I'm confused about my guy friend. So I've known this dude for about a year now…[View]
24129003My asshole persistently stinks. I wash it at least twice a day and it still smells terrible. How do …[View]
24129471I went over a girls house and I didn’t even smash: How much of a loser am I[View]
24129780How do you cope with being truly ugly?: I did everything to fulfill my genetic potential like gettin…[View]
24129816You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immediately cut off contact wi…[View]
24127423Becoming a gangster: Should I become a druge mule for my friend who's a big dealer, connected w…[View]
24124532How do I fake confidence? >Just act like how a confident person acts Ok, but whenever I try to do…[View]
24129824dont know what to do: > be me (afab) > always been feminine but never felt like a Girl > me…[View]
24128026backstory >am gf >medicated depressive, bpd, probably autistic >see a therapist, great supp…[View]
24129728>tfw studying industrial engineering >took the calculus series, lin algebra, statics/dynamics/…[View]
24129511I'm fucking lame: What do I do about my shitty personality? I get told I'm attractive cons…[View]
24127264I found myself in a cringe compilation on youtube. Should I be worried? Is my life over? The origina…[View]
24129034is there any forums where i can find actual funny dark videos[View]
24128457/ATOGA/: Ask the Other Gender Anything Previous thread: >>24126262[View]
24128976My penis gets in the way of everything: What kind of underwear can I use to mitigate this?[View]
24125151I'm stuck in a city with nowhere to sleep: What should I do? I have no friends, it's only …[View]
24126944Yesterday my neighbor knocked on my door crying. I opened the door and she said that her BF hit her,…[View]
24129584Human connection gives my life meaning, but I'm a paranoid shrew with an inferiority complex an…[View]
24129525Welcome to my Penguin Party.: Killing people is not a Penguin Party. Who am I? You will see one day.…[View]
24129017I'm sleeping with my older colleague. She has a boyfriend and is filthy in bed. The more I fuck…[View]
24128816What kind of job should I get if I hate being around people?[View]
24129520I'm 24, and have been a depressed NEET for the majority of the past 3 years. I have a degree, b…[View]
24128851How do I make better YouTube videos: I don't really want to show you guys my channel because...…[View]
24129477I took a nightshift working 9pm to 5am, how do I get my schedule back to normal? I tried sleeping at…[View]
24128769I can´t get motivated: I don´t want to do anything this days, everything seems pointless and i have …[View]
24129454Damp balls: Hey, intro: my crotch area was just as any skin part-dry, 3 years ago if I masturbated e…[View]
24129222>be me >29 >birthday yesterday >hot bartender I’ve been talking to >friends gf is f…[View]
24125635G I O Y C: Your daily insessent bitching thread.[View]
24128409I just got absolutely DECIMATED in Poker with my family. I'm talking sent to the fucking depths…[View]
24128020>friends with girl for 2 years >end up trying out relationship >didn't work after ha…[View]
24128634Is it bad if I prefer dating a modestly attractive, chubby girl who treats me like a king? I'm…[View]
24125281Please help me understand dating dynamics: How exactly does asking a girl out work? My friends who h…[View]
24127750>Awkward conversations with my boss >Mostly him talking to me and me saying 'uh huh'…[View]
24128390best friend moving across the country: My best friend I’ve known since I was 5 (I’m 26 now) is movin…[View]
24127729delusional ppl: there are a group of people from diff backgrounds that are ganging up on me thinking…[View]
24129231Somethings gotta give: Story time!! In 2019 I was going through a sever dark time in my life after a…[View]
24129102How do I get single moms to stop flirting with me as a joke at work without getting fire?[View]
24128645how to not care about anything.: how do i 'Don't let anything get in the way of your impulses a…[View]
24128594I'm a broke 27 year old living with his parents with no college experience. All of my friends h…[View]
24128947Friends: Any advice for making friends maybe online or in person? I've been pretty much isolati…[View]
24126956The rationalizing game: What's up with people always trying to rationalize people's deal b…[View]
24129027EX wont leave: My ex of 2 years wont leave me alone. My ex, who i've dated for 2 years and have…[View]
24128837how do i get over ex?: the feelings just wont ever go away, they keep haunting me so much about what…[View]
24128019Trapped: I was born and raised in London UK, but when I started university in another city, my mothe…[View]
24129080Quitting makes things easy: I quit school because my grade went from a 99.92% to a 99.82%. I am also…[View]
24129048Does work suck less if you believe in whatever you're working on?: This is a total melodramatic…[View]
24127367Living in a ghetto: I recently moved to the big city for new career opportunities, unfortunately I l…[View]
24128683I don't want to know women unless I have a chance to fuck them, is there anything wrong with th…[View]
24125242I'm dating this qt3.14 for a few months now, and a dude messaged her in Instagram asking for pi…[View]
24128847How can I become successful as a 'content creator' (I don't really like that term). I'm ti…[View]
24127085did my mother seuxally abuse me as a child?: i used to lie in bed hugging my mom for hours just play…[View]
24127469>shitskin in the 1st world >always have had interest in guns >cannot join mil of neither ho…[View]
24128966Another thread aboot girl sysndrome: I am stumpped. I haven't had a gf in a while now. Single m…[View]
24126953Any of you want to be my mental health fren?: 29M, lawyer, latam (chile), never had a gf, ideologica…[View]
24128606>Be me >Get Horny >Come under the idea im trans for some reason, wanna be big tiddy gf, who…[View]
24126770what remote job can i get where i don’t actually have to work?[View]
24128604Why are mostly dark skinned women attracted to me? I look like a Jew irl so this has been always str…[View]
24128627my ex texted me recently after a few months of silence said she forgives me and wants to hang out ag…[View]
24128667Was a virgin incel and was tired of being one so I went and saw an escort Sex was shit and I lost mo…[View]
24127988What's the quickest and most painless way of suicide: I want to die in peace[View]
24127501Do I have chance guys? >Go to a private Christian school >there is this girl, we’ll call her C…[View]
24125218>walked in on my little sister violently schlicking off to my 1tb of incest porn I don't kno…[View]
24126310How to increase my power levels: I want to increase my power so I can rule more as I see fit and ben…[View]
24128751How do I stop finding a kink hot when I know it's gross and abhorrent?[View]
24128771If I get a GF how do I avoid disturbing her when we’re sleeping together and I have to use my bed ur…[View]
24128659Why do I watch porn even knowing the risks and disadvantages?: 22 male, been addicted to cooming sin…[View]
24126036I have alopecia, which givens me bad hairline and bad temples. If i trim all the hair of and start a…[View]
24128527If a girl on a dating app says 'you look like harry potter' is the correct response 'wait until you …[View]
24128662How do I start a tutoring business online? I'm a foreign grad student in the USA and I'm …[View]
24128167I've come across a few grand I didn't know I had. How should I blow it? About me, I'…[View]
24126087I fucking hate being autistic. I would have struggled in a more normal world, but now the world arou…[View]
24127508Depression and academic work: I've been depressed for a long time. With anxiety. Getting assess…[View]
24127533Ever have a friend that doesn't show you respect but reaches out like everything is all good? H…[View]
24128568My girl had a portable mirror that she used all the time and it broke. It's her birthday so I w…[View]
24128047Is it bad to like being closeted?: It gives me anxiety when I remember some people know I am bi-curi…[View]
24128583How do I make connections with interesting people: All my friends are boring with nothing going on i…[View]
24126013Going to the movies alone: So I am thinking about going to the cinema to watch the demon slayer movi…[View]
24127969I have no passion for tech but got a degree in computer science. I currently work at mconalds. Wtf s…[View]
24127312Should I do neck bridges? I do kickboxing and plan to use them to strengthen my neck, Doctors advise…[View]
24126840I can’t focus on anything because I’m hyper focused on my breathing, body positions, blinking, etc. …[View]
24128148Why do women take a guy's number and then ghost him later? This is the second time this has hap…[View]
24128407Need a pastor to do my wedding that won’t pry to much: My fiancée and I believe in God and everythin…[View]
24127552>male, almost 22 and virgin >very introverted >5'8' white and at best average looking…[View]
24127084How do you deal with the trauma of having been groomed and abused at 13 by a pedophile online? I tho…[View]
24127409How do I suppress my hatred for people? Everywhere I see is just constant hedonistic materialism, ev…[View]
24127016Feels like nobody cares about me and my work, every day I give my all to learn and make shit. I deal…[View]
24125974How do i cure my self from the mind-virus known as catholic faith?: I was raised as catholic and it …[View]
24126332plz help i drank too much coffee: hand shakey and i cant draw properly. how do i stop shaking?…[View]
24126863How does getting abs work for girls?: So people say getting abs will make your stomach look better b…[View]
24127760Do you have any advice about my shitty yt channel?: I was tired of seeing shitty videos on yt, shitt…[View]
24126075being average in most things you do sucks: I believe everyone is skilled in something that others wo…[View]
24128177Lmao fuck this, life is such a pointless joke, there's no point in doing anything. Can't e…[View]
24126486How do I protect my job from this witch?: does this person have a problem with me or am i just imagi…[View]
24127565Help: How do I stop being sexually attracted to anime characters? I'm attracted to this anime c…[View]
24128123Alright, my drug habits are getting out of hand for real. How to curb the one thing your existence e…[View]
24124085Is this a real thing?: Anyone with some psychology background,pls answer. Ive never heard of this in…[View]
24127650How do you write fiction? I mean, how do you come up with anything at all, even if it's not goo…[View]
24128160Focusing better when reading: Any tips on having better focus and being less distracted? I have so m…[View]
24126431How do I go about getting ready for Basic Training?: I'm joining the military, and I wanted adv…[View]
24126414whenever im interested in a girl (and this is always because i see her as a mean for pleasure) i hav…[View]
24128096This stupid ass fucking notification DOES NOT GO AWAY. Does anyone know how to get rid of this trash…[View]
24127089Can't Stand Housemate Making Out with Girlfriend: I'm a 22 year old kissless virgin (had s…[View]
24126517When did you realize you where an asshole and overall a shitty and unlikable person and how did you …[View]
24127190Skinnyfat: My body type is skinnyfat and I would really love to just hack away the fat instead of lo…[View]
24125385Asperger boyfriend and shutdowns: /adv/ how do I help my boyfriend during a shutdown or burnout when…[View]
24127975so i keep trying to set myself up to work on a big project but i am always never able to finish them…[View]
24127828What is the easiest way to meet women?: I've never had a girlfriend. I don't care if it…[View]
24127238How the fuck do I actually study? I always give up after like five minutes, because I hate doing it …[View]
24124547J.A: hey, if a JA is reading this, is there any way you can check either Discord or the website begi…[View]
24127738The Gamecube was an.....awkward console.[View]
24122581gf with other guy: Caught my gf with another dude in her car after 6 years relationship. I called he…[View]
24127782Tired of being pathetic, Gonna give life a try Any suggestions on fixing: -Very dry cracked lips -…[View]
24127049Obsession with weak chin: I have a weak chin (slightly like pic related but mine is a bit weaker and…[View]
24126288Where to find women looking to fuck?: >Be fit >Super autist though >Decide to look for some…[View]
24124512>>24121275 Anon who candidated for ESA What country are you from, when did you candidate and w…[View]
24127588How to tune out noise?: Parents are on the TV watching some news channel 24/7, dogs bark outside for…[View]
24126905No personality: How do I stop revolving my life around movies/tv shows and video games? Outside of w…[View]
24127357I don’t feel smart enough for the world I'm going to keep this short so I don't waste all …[View]
24127497Fixing a cynical mindset (Feat. confidence issues): Really haven't been on 4chan much, But it s…[View]
24127223Are you always supposed to try to kiss in your first tinder date? Let's assume you both are loo…[View]
24127486bitching thread: >be me >be a shy virgin >afraid to talk to women >somehow find a qt 10/…[View]
24127608How to stop thinking about awkward/embarrassing moments?: I stay up at night thinking about all the …[View]
24127512How to stop wasting my life on computer games? What are alternatives? Mostly I just replay my old fa…[View]
24127520I feel like dying, but I won't kill myself. Any last words you wanna tell me before I keep on …[View]
24127265I have a long-time group of internet friends (10+ years) and over the past few years, 2 of them came…[View]
24121172>talking to tinder girl for two weeks >She agrees to meet on Thursday >sends me a long long…[View]
24127276should i do it ?: this is the worst place to talk about this but hopefully, /adv/ is better. ever si…[View]
24127195How do I avoid thinking about the forthcoming deaths of my grandparents when I visit them? I want to…[View]
24126602How to cope with missing two front teeth: I’m too afraid to smile or even talk, I look hideous…[View]
24124715How do i work with someone who isn't a very good team player? They keep on insisting on doing e…[View]
24124560hey i just broke up with my gf, did i do the right thing ? >be in a relationship for almost 2 yea…[View]
24124845I used to text this girl for a few weeks, but we never actually met up. We stopped talking to each o…[View]
24125178I have a criminal record from an incident a few years ago, where I beat the shit out of an Indian ma…[View]
24125337Girls who don't care about their own looks: I've met the perfect girl as in she does not g…[View]
24125513Buying a House: Please give me the redpills on home ownership /adv/ I am a total asexual autist lone…[View]
24127120hi /adv/ I'm a beta male and retarded. and I'm actually really shy and prude and really ba…[View]
24127135gift ideas: my mom has birthday soon and ive never bought her a gift my entire life, we are 3 brothe…[View]
24126262/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything Mommy GFs Day Edition Previously on ATOGA: >>24…[View]
24127134What is objectively the best thing to say to start a conversation and keep it rolling on Tinder as a…[View]
24126960how to develop the confidence and motivation needed to talk to women?[View]
24124973Sleeping Problems: So for about a year or so I've been having sleeping problems where I cough a…[View]
24127075working the night shift - health advice: So, starting tomorrow, I'm changing my work shift from…[View]
24126896I'm going to compete in muay thai (fighters only wear shorts) but have a problem in that I…[View]
24126949>finally go to a shrink and talk about me not being able get anything done >basically tells me…[View]
24126848Any anons have any 1st hand advice for caring for a parent with dementia/Altzheimers? Give me cancer…[View]
24115474How do I bond with my long lost daughter I didn't know I had?: >be me in highschool >I ha…[View]
2412550130+ Absolute Loser: I’m turning 30 soon and I’ve been a total loser since I was about 25. Just wanna…[View]
24126732> Be me > Play Sports in hs but was only average never the best > Grew up in a sexually re…[View]
24126792I like wearing sweatpants, but I have an obvious buldge which makes me self-conscious. What do.[View]
24126846Question for the ladies: I met this girl, we went on a date, she's just started trying to be a …[View]
24125915I'm looking towards a job interview tomorrow. Drop some word of wisdom on how not to fuck it up…[View]
24126279Do you guys have any advice for overcoming sex addiction? I am a massive slave to obsessive sexual t…[View]
24125957What would you do?: What do you do when something goes wrong with you? You understand that in the fu…[View]
24126667How do you cope with knowing you should have done something, having every reason to do so but insist…[View]
24122242Took the vaccine yesterday and it's got me absolutely fucked up. Whole body in pain, headaches,…[View]
24126519Would anyone be interested in this?: I know how to do basic editing, record gameplay and have a micr…[View]
24126745Planning to get into streaming/youtubing, don't have anywhere to record: It's been on my b…[View]
24126467My ex girlfriend told all our friends I'm an abuser and rapist. How do I live with myself for t…[View]
24125113unironically became an ape today I should unironically kms I've never, even in my early teens, …[View]
24126249How do I cope with the fact that I am a shitskin Slav?: >have one chance at life >be born in a…[View]
24125927Does this bitch like me and do I go for it? She has a long distance bf who lives over 3000 miles awa…[View]
24126172how do I stop taking penis photographs[View]
24126565what's the best way to shoot your shot?[View]
24126312Is there something wrong with me if I find women's relationship aspirations very irritating? I…[View]
24126562hello /adv/ - what is a good cheap male fragrance/cologne or whatever so I may smell nice at work an…[View]
24124934Sad GF: My gf's birthday was yesterday and everything was going great until her best friend did…[View]
24126520How to ask out friend who is a girl: >be me, high schooler about to graduate >talk to girl ver…[View]
24126264Hey, 19 year old here. Recently got my first real girlfriend and started having sex. I have a big p…[View]
24124639I'm a 21 year old failure: People never reply to my threads when I start with a greentext but a…[View]
24124987Hey how do you become the kind of a person who’s capable of keeping up regular routines when nobody’…[View]
24124985Does the desire to clap whore's cheeks while in a relationship ever disappear? I have a great G…[View]
24126425Let me start off by saying I just finished a 4 year intensive rehab program for drugs. Ill skip most…[View]
24126199im depressedand i want to become treansgender :D!: so u have to take estrogen pills and stuff, but a…[View]
24124900I met a woman on tinder and I thought she was marriage material. And she's talking about her mo…[View]
24126257I Hate how our world is globally connected: Social media needs to stop and we need to go back to the…[View]
24126417Does anyone have some tips how to overcome or ease a general feeling of constant uneasiness and rest…[View]
24126134What should I do?: I just need an advice yet still I know that won`t help me, but at least I will te…[View]
24126400Adults who struggle with being good with kids: I couldn’t find a psychology or mental health forum h…[View]
24125573I'm 18 and had a snapchat for sexting this girl I added said she was bout to turn 16 and we bee…[View]
24126367What are some witty remarks I can come up with whenever someone is trying to scam me on apps like Ti…[View]
24126360I just genuinely don't have a reason to live.: I don't want to live because life is painfu…[View]
24126277Dear Femanons: Do women actually care about what kind of ring you get them and the cost? I'm go…[View]
241255771980 >Do something stupid whilst drunk >You become the laugh of the town for a couple of weeks…[View]
24125264What should I do, if I was shit at every subject in school and I'm too clumsy to do trades?[View]
24125049Is there any way to view old Facebook accounts that were deleted? Like an archive?[View]
24125895Is 'no shampoo' a meme or does it work?: I've been watching some videos on YT in which random p…[View]
24125134how do you deal with moral/religious fags and rational fags in your everyday life sucking the fun ou…[View]
24124602How does one become more charismatic? Sometimes I just don't speak right. I might stutter, I m…[View]
24125609So my girlfriend is mad at me because apparently she thinks we “aren’t enjoying each other as much a…[View]
24126155what's the word for giving up to something: like a politican giving up to a news station and ag…[View]
24113897How often is it ok to masturbate? I cant help but masturbate at least once a day, is that too much?[View]
24125993I am already 28 Been unemployed for a year Got tired of my career where i have 3 years experience of…[View]
24125298I'm about to fail my school year because I think education is bullshit and boring.: Kick me in …[View]
24125898Hello guys. I've just been thru a break up with a GF of 5y. I'm 28. It was mostly my fault…[View]
24126001>Femanon >Bimbo in training >Always wanted a new name, one that fits my new lifestyle Any…[View]
24125676How do I not turn into Elliot Rodger?: >turn 22 in a few months >kissless virgin who has never…[View]
24122776How can I force myself to become asexual?[View]
24125042How do you find good stocks to invest at a fair price?[View]
24119832Do men see friends in women? (Not online): Or are they never interested in being friends and only se…[View]
24122620What could happen after we die? (SERIOUS): If after brain death you get reanimated, would that be co…[View]
24124988Mental issues leading to ED: TL;DR: My dick goes soft when I put it in my girlfriend. Started happe…[View]
24126030Fear from My father: When I go out with my friends, .I always feared that I would be late so that my…[View]
24126046Should I start shit over a raise?: Everyone at my retail job got raises today, after discussing with…[View]
24125154is Ted Bundy a good role model to look up to?: nobody liked who i was during grade school, when i wa…[View]
24125860Baby fever in women: Does this shit really exist? How would you go about identifying if a girl has b…[View]
24123809How do I fix it without having some Jew doctor mutilate me? For a long time it didn't matter be…[View]
24125727GF Isn't a Virgin: Second time this has happened and its getting annoying. So should I just dum…[View]
24123352How do I get this motherfucker to hit me?: Long story short there's a dude that's pissed a…[View]
24121989Easy ways to die without access to guns?[View]
24125963How do I end a friendship with someone I recently reconciled with?: I knew this person for half my l…[View]
24123138Heart 'skipping beats': Every evening for the past few weeks, I get a periodic sensation in my chest…[View]
24122279Vaccine advice: Alright, i need some genuine advice. No retard shit. My family, gf, etc is pressuri…[View]
24125871Anyone else in a rush to make memories?: I am about to finish high school and I literally have no fr…[View]
24125114hoe to not get triggered and reply to crossboarding bait threads[View]
24125854Do I have a mental problem?: I have a problem with the size of my penis, I feel inadequate about, it…[View]
24125342How to overcome depression and anxiety? I exercise daily, have good sleep, good diet and still depre…[View]
24125143What is wrong with me? It feels like whenever guys around me are talking about >literally any spo…[View]
24125074mom says i was rude, was i?: background: im pursing an MD. my sister is trying to get an associates …[View]
24125193Move in with mom or be poor: I rent a house for $1200 a month. My lease is up in july. I dont have m…[View]
24123942Is it feasible to be successful in math self-studying it?: Over the course of the past few months, t…[View]
24125813The same shit every year: Hello anons, I grew up without a Mother in my life and i believe this has …[View]
24125415Is it possible to successfully lie about not being a virgin? I'm 27 and I feel like I am legall…[View]
24123057My GF 100 percent insists on having male friends including her ex who has a bigger dick. Theres no …[View]
24125359Is it really normal for a woman to (playfully) slap a male friends ass?[View]
24124764I am only sexually attracted to Asian women. Where should I move to in the US with a lot of asians t…[View]
24124995Should I take my girlfriend shopping?: I am together with her for four months now and over the time …[View]
24125773Is there a guide to full body workout/stretching/fitness at home with no equipment at all whatsoever…[View]
24124423I want to call my mom today because it's Mother's Day but it just so happens to also be my…[View]
24125381I have no motivation to do anything. I wanted to finish SaGa Frontier 2 but I haven't started t…[View]
24125767Anxiety over life in general: So im 19, study a career that I like and I workout regularly. But I ge…[View]
24125375life is boring: Life is so boring. Nothing impresses me anymore. I don't feel like doing anythi…[View]
24125666how to train a Rottweiler puppy: what are some tips to get it hardwired in them to listen to me.…[View]
24124688I am going to send a love letter to a guy I have been seeing wtf do I write[View]
24121209Investments making me depressed: Since April 2020 I’ve managed to turn my $1200 stimulus check into …[View]
24125546College?: Is going to college really worth it? A fuck ton of my friends are going exept me i just pl…[View]
24125554i cant feel orgasm when cumming..what do[View]
24123676Insecurity: Alright so I’m 27 and I’ve never had a gf etc. I’m pretty bad at socializing & small…[View]
24124704/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything Sundays are for Hankposting. Previously on ATOGA - …[View]
24124820Career Advice?: Basically I'm 21 years old and doing a process engineering degree, but I have n…[View]
24125103I keep having dreams where I'm a victim of pedophilia I often also enjoy it I'm usually ab…[View]
24124912How do I make sure a first date goes well? We're just getting food and going for a walk. Should…[View]
24124419I can't tell if my gf is actually narcissistic/abusive/manipulative or if it's just all in…[View]
24123730Stop Escapism to get life back: Escapism has become such a staple of my life to be detrimental to my…[View]
24125332>interned at content production company in Summer 2019 >start working for them in February of …[View]
24122313How to fall sleep instantly?: I cant fall sleep at the right time cause i got insonia, Help anons…[View]
24122859How do I stop being an incel?: I want to not be incel and become chad what do?[View]
24125162Dick Trouble.: I have this pink burn scar on my dick from jerkin too much when I was 14, I'm 19…[View]
24125161Friendship: Is it normal to feel completely alone all the time? I have friends and I think they care…[View]
24124873The Point of change: From today I will start going out, eating healthy food, playing with the neighb…[View]
24122185>19M >5’3 Is it officially over? Women tell me I look like a young boy and literally everyone …[View]
24124867I have social anxiety and it makes me extremely awkward everywhere I go. Having to go to work for 8 …[View]
24124800Why aren't you just get a driver's license and buy a shitbox? It changed my life.[View]
24120635How do I make friends, if I have basically no interests or anything to talk to people about?[View]
24122730i have f*cked up sexual fantasies: hi all i'm a female (real, biological), and i've always…[View]
24124625>invite girl from tinder over >solid 5.5/10 with 4/10 body >fuck her for almost an hour, cu…[View]
24122972How do I cope with pic related as a 23 year old male?[View]
24124280I was asked at work to take responsibility and be the leader for a new project. I said yes without t…[View]
24124713bf wants me to humiliate him for his penis size: So I've been with my boyfriend for almost two …[View]
24123340System Requirements And Apple M1 For World Of Warcraft Retail: I have a question about the system re…[View]
24121127I genuinely want to kill myself.[View]
24123679Uni: I'm 19, don't know what to study so took Civil Engineering. Had to bust my ass day an…[View]
24110577Clearing up my virgin fantasies: If you have a girlfriend does that mean you can ask her to show you…[View]
24124714I want to fuck my cousin: So my cousin looks like pic related only shes way prettier. We grew up tog…[View]
24124248I am in a position of pretty extreme social isolation other than online contact (which has been the …[View]
24122462I have a girlfriend, but I can only ever talk to her in my head. She's a real normal human bein…[View]
24124197How do I get an aspie gf?: Normal girls are boring but they're the only ones I can meet. Just l…[View]
24124020Help me understand what is happening here: Be me, suggest going paintballing to group of friends, no…[View]
24124665Men aint shit[View]
24124023What's wrong with this?: I'm currently in a fwb situation with a girl I find extremely att…[View]
24124724this might be dumb question, but can you run .exe and other application files if they are stored on …[View]
24123623How can I induce a sex dream? Maybe this sounds like a weird question but I’ve never had a dream abo…[View]
24124554What is there to do if one catches clamidya[View]
24123978Why can't I fit in? Even on 4chan my threads never get any replies.[View]
24124673I'm really poor at the moment. I'm 17 and have no contact with my parents. I need to last …[View]
24124527>have narc family >have stack of mint rare and original pokemon cards >they go missing >…[View]
24122500Body hair removal: What's best: shaving, epilating, waxing, etc.[View]
24124521I am about to get married: Hello I am a man and I am 22 years old, and I am now considering marriage…[View]
24124638Nowadays most of my interaction with women, specially in the beginning are done by chat. Bars are cl…[View]
24124486it normal to wear the same jeans on most days as guy[View]
24124110nsfl, women issues: i've been tested for stds and came back negative, i bathe/shower every two …[View]
24115310Wife cheating on me with a celebrity: My wife is cheating on me with a celebrity and I don’t know wh…[View]
24124145Saline Solutions: Anons, I had a problem, doctors are useless and dismissive, and I found out the so…[View]
24124392GIRLFRIENDS: Why is everyone obsessed with a girlfriend? I already had one and it was annoying and c…[View]
24123940Voice in my head or is it just me, when I think of suicide it's usually me saying in my head yo…[View]
24123875>be me >without a gf >feel depressed >go to sleep >dream about getting a gf >life …[View]
24123634How can i turn $100 into more money?[View]
24124402It’s over: I genuinely have no hope for the future. For the state of society, the country, the peopl…[View]
24124487How do I stop fearing effort so I do the most basic of tasks without wanting to quit?[View]
24121870Does anyone know how to turn on a car with this type of key button without the key fob thing[View]
24124122do people believe you?: I've been a pathological liar over a decade now because nobody believes…[View]
24124425FOMO: I'm a 25 year old virgin because I lacked confidence in my youth about my appearance. I l…[View]
24124414Escalating physical contact on a date: When I'm on a date with a qt, how exactly do I escalate …[View]
24124413I have a strong belief that anybody should be able to say whatever the fuck they want to say. But wh…[View]
24122762I feel completely and utterly unfit and undeserving of a relationship. In my early high school days …[View]
24118182So I found out that I am a female incel How should I proceed with this information now?[View]
24124350where should I be at in life at 31? haven't had a gf in 10 years work retail live with parents …[View]
24121950i dont wanna do this anymore: >be me >21 yr old virgin >literally never held a girls hand b…[View]
24123292Who else has learned to leave your GF alone when she's got headphones on and is concentrating o…[View]
24123205Shaving: I don't know the correct terminology so pic related. Every time I get a haircut, I lat…[View]
24123645is this psycho behaviour: > have argument with bf > we stop talking, distance ourselves to ste…[View]
24121583This girl who I had a thing with almost a year ago texted me this. How do I not fuck this up. What …[View]
24124277I just want to die, but i'm a fucking pussy and can't bring myself to do the deed. I am do…[View]
24124013Easiest to acquire poisons?: SN and N aren't easy to get. What can I get as a substitute?…[View]
24123394(listening to woman): Question for guys who have girlfriends and wives. Or even if you live with any…[View]
24124257How do I get my friend to open up to me?: So my friend went through a really really bad patch in his…[View]
24116592Old one hit bump limit, you know what to do.[View]
24124048I didn't show up at work today. I was too tired. Boss called me and I told him I quit because I…[View]
24124187In a dilemma about my virginity: I grew up very insecure about the way I looked because of birth def…[View]
24124125Any sociopaths?: How do I cut contact with someone without making them feel angry or worried they di…[View]
24122129I can't coom: For the past three days my orgasms were completely numb. I feel a normal amount o…[View]
24122673My little sister is severely depressed: Anons, how the fuck do I help a depressed teenage girl with …[View]
24123719YOOOOOOO hung out with a girl today. we went bowling and we hung out at in n out for a while. How do…[View]
24124099without getting too into it, im going from sleeping with one girl to sleeping with 2 girls. everyone…[View]
24123690Need honest advice anons. >Be me, poorfag from US >in 2017 at 20 met older guy off tinder whil…[View]
24123824Delete it all?: Should I get rid of my entire online presence & situation, effectively die a sil…[View]
24124011How do i learn to be an adult: Im 18 and have social anxiety and autism. My parents never pushed me …[View]
24123909How do I stop being an awkward bitch: I would appreciate some help, I think I like a friend, we have…[View]
24123920Dating someone with no emotional attachment .. Is it possible: Are open relationships beta or alpha?…[View]
24123950How to fix eye contact if you have autism (level 1 asd) and severe anxiety?[View]
24122265Is it wrong to touch a girl's hair on the train without her knowing? I'm always real caref…[View]
24123902Why do girls like penises? I profoundly want to put my penis inside girls.[View]
24122481wat should i do parents are forcing me to go to lake while house is being sold to move into condo. i…[View]
24123749So guys, i'm finally going to do it: I want to feel listened because i'm a narcisitic f wo…[View]
24123561How do I cope with my cat being gone?[View]
24119968Gf threatening suicide: Me and my girlfriend have dated for 5 years (with a break after the first ye…[View]
24123816Is this mf a bot?: Just talk with this person and he talks like a bot[View]
24123772i feel like im asocial but i sometimes hyper obsess about people (every mundane detail of their live…[View]
24123525Why do I have to move to Dallas can't I just stay here and stay on unemployment forever?[View]
24123713Changing Jobs: Should I quit my job and get a better one? When I started (during corona lockdowns) I…[View]
24122804Advice for a script I’m writing: In the script basically one of the students in class ends up being …[View]
24123758Has anyone here ever had a heart attack? How did it feel?[View]
24123765I recently subscribed to some guy's patreon on a whim and I want to cancel but I'm his onl…[View]
24123123Escort Advice: Ok, I'm tired of not having any sex, seeing uglier guys than me get laid is infu…[View]
24121404Have any of you guys ever had an experience with 'limerence'? If so, what was it like? I'm expe…[View]
24122452Art commission: Ive been drawing porn for degenerate fucks in aco for money cuz its easy but i feel …[View]
24122617>im feeling weird after confessing to you even though we know each other for such a short period …[View]
24123627Is there anything I can do about hobos/crackheads camping out in their cars on the street by my apar…[View]
24122159Should I force myself to play a sport, to improve my fitness and social skills, if I hate literally …[View]
24123665I wish more adults actually acted like adults.[View]
24123672advice on relationship: my boyfriend and I have been dating a year. 6 months before I started dating…[View]
24123660why do i keep believing that i can do everything? I have been in this cycle my whole shitty life whe…[View]
24123372Afraid of dying, but suicide seems like the only way: >26 >the coof ruined everything I had be…[View]
24123540how do i stop letting people walk all over me? im constantly the butt of jokes at work, i try to not…[View]
24123022How to Make Friends: Anyone else here have 0 friends + haven't talked to a girl in years? I…[View]
24120928How did you stop being an incel, or at the very least feel no hate/angst towards women?[View]
24122319My GF stopped taking birth control. She missed one and it messed up her cycle and she quit it recent…[View]
24123114I want to be beat up by a hot woman in a fight. Why am I like this?: Is there any way to stage this?…[View]
24123599how do i enjoy things again[View]
24123118I am going to break up with my gf because I cheated on her. I never had sex or even kissed this othe…[View]
24123528Can't reach orgasm, GF upset: >25 yr old virgin >finally get gf >sex is clumsy at firs…[View]
24123465>been applying for jobs for a while >really excited about this one potential place that I thin…[View]
24122343How do I stop caring? I mean, in general - about everything. No drugs.[View]
24123335Insecure about my degree: I've been working really hard toward's getting a bachelor's…[View]
24120811Outalpha'd by a fuckboy?: There's this fuckboy who lives in my neighborhood who maintains …[View]
24122187How do I cope with the fact that cancel culture is absolutely ruining everything I love? My favourit…[View]
24120639Divorce strat: I know I want to leave my wife. No kids, I'm 30 she is 27. I have no real reason…[View]
24123485I recently came to the realization that I am a psychopath. Not the movie kind, but just a general ma…[View]
24123389I swear I'm not being ironic, yes I know I was a bit naive >be me, 22m studying masters degr…[View]
24121477Should I stay or should I go?: How's it going /adv/isors? I'm at a crossroads in my life, …[View]
24123059Ok, how much truth is there in the red pill? The men's rights/sex one.[View]
24123230Retard wants to buy property: Guys, please help me, who (i.e. what type of professional/company) sho…[View]
24123112I'm getting worse and losing hope anons Everything is supposed to be great, I just earned my ba…[View]
24117878Is there any saving this[View]
24122689Flue like symptoms but no sore throat, coughing or sneezing: Is this even possible. Currently in bed…[View]
24123150How do I cope with the fact I wasted my Highschool years on stupid shit like videogames and surfing …[View]
24123297Some 3rd world whore told me I'm not handsome... What do?[View]
24122406Can't stop loving a bad person.: I dated a dude for 5 months and I always thought it was weird …[View]
24121295Please help me because I'm panicking. A girl I knew moved 1000 miles away 6 years ago and despi…[View]
24123037What could be linked to anger and impulsivity?: For around the last 5 months, I’ve been dealing with…[View]
24121777ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - Handymen and Hairdressers Edition Previous thread: …[View]
24122966What builds competence?: i've spent many years of my life doing the bare minimum; C's get …[View]
24122649How do I stop obsessing over the idea that there are certain events in my past were I could have com…[View]
24122133I'm too fucking mentally unstable and have anger issues: I have no idea what to do or where to …[View]
24122916I'm meeting a person ive been talking to for a while now for the first time, and I'm going…[View]
24122000How to hide misery?: Keep repeating same pattern with toxic gf of 12 years. Walking/working through …[View]
24122025yes: How do find people who want to get drunk on weekends with a socially awkward weirdo?[View]
24122201drunk chat: Where do i talk to people online that isn't omegle ?[View]
24118813Who is the most attractive woman from your cunt?[View]
24122733should i start dating this girl?: Girl 3 years younger than me seens to really like me, we know each…[View]
24122295If single dads posted pics of themselves with their kids, would it attract or repel women? Genuinely…[View]
24122800Good day, gentlesirs, I have several questions. >How do you talk to people when your paranoiac te…[View]
24122059I'm a literal autist. How can I deal with the impostor's syndrome? I'm happy but it…[View]
24122632How do I become a famous leader like Octavio or Napolean?[View]
24122230Hi, is there any method to use with 90% of efectivness to fall sleep fast, therefore at the time I w…[View]
24121447>Be me >Have had /d/ tier fetishes' for as long as I can remember (Vore, size, feet, etc)…[View]
24122541I can't stop harping on the past. Every time I indulge myself in fantasies of 'what if' scenari…[View]
24120885I am 28 .I am working in a foreign country and I have been here since 19. I failed pretty hard at in…[View]
24122591Why would she send this and then not text me again after I told her I would give it back? The device…[View]
24122552I need to stop loving her: This is fucking up my life. I can't stop crying everyday, hurting my…[View]
24121791Guys of /adv/, how much booba on display is too much for you? At what point does cleavage go from ta…[View]
24119495>talking to girl for a week via text >she started with full paragraphs, detailed and thought …[View]
24122369How to make 10$/hour online?: I watched every single YouTube video yet I can’t even make a single do…[View]
24122397Do girls care if you're a skinny twink? Some girl made fun of my thin legs, and I'm feelin…[View]
24121138why are the only girls who are attracted to me single mothers? i am only 19, but the girls i meet fr…[View]
24122352you guys told me... I didn't listen: you guys told me... 'Don't date a partier' 'she's pro…[View]
24121091How do I stop pissing in juggs?[View]
24119886How to recover?: I feel so abandoned and alone, i know i can only count on myself, I feel really low…[View]
24122403Don’t drink in public: I don’t like getting drunk or high in public and all of my friends think it’s…[View]
24119940I ruined my life: I'm not like you larping wanna-be badasses. I'm a full blown thug. I dro…[View]
24119335How the fuck am I supposed to get 'comfortable talking to women' if I can't meet any. I've…[View]
24118379what do: gf has 'any pronouns' in her instagram bio and now wants me to call her like a boy. Also sh…[View]
24119051Astronaut: ESA astronaut candidate requriments say you need a STEM degree and be a test pilot. I can…[View]
24120985how do I stop thinking about her? she broke up after 4 years and im down bad. I diet and train every…[View]
24122338That phase where you get a tinder matches snapchat. People say trying to meet up soon is the way to …[View]
24122339I'm recreating a NASA spacesuit and i'd like to know where i can get interlocking rings th…[View]
24122268I think I might have a disorder: Just as the title says; I think I might have a disorder, when peopl…[View]
24121274>after two weeks talking we meet >It goes well but we don't kiss >Keep talking for wee…[View]
24118960Asked my mom to make a barbers appointment for me. How do i stop being such a pussy. I am literally …[View]
24120924Is it normal for me to not want to contribute to society at all? I mean, I know it's not '…[View]
24118519Everyone always says not to just stay inside and use dating apps. They say I need to get outside abd…[View]
24121723I am trying to grow my discord. I know 4chan user hate discord but could you guys help me!? Its a ba…[View]
24121768On of my friends has done something very heinous and got busted for it. He has been my best friend f…[View]
24122147Is it worth turning to religion to cope with my wrecked excuse of a life? I don't want or expec…[View]
24122180I can't watch porn without feeling suicidal anymore... I am filled with dread for the guys that…[View]
24116877Why do women like to travel so much?[View]
24120859What do I do?: I finished high school with good grades in a programming course, I didn't know w…[View]
24118278Help! I’m in love with my sister. How do I get over these feelings. She looks like pic related.[View]
24121978Girlfriend's sexual photos: So, in college my girlfriend was in a semi-consensual relationship …[View]
24122044I've been talking to this girl for 3 weeks now pretty often on a daily basis, and we recently d…[View]
24120557What's a good trade that doesn't take too much training? My cousin has been an artist his …[View]
24122086>Work as an IT consultant >Rented to a customer from my company and occasionally go around h…[View]
24122076Parents might divorce: Hey /adv/, for a couple of years now my dad has been kind of losing connectio…[View]
24121895So there is this hot older lady staying at the same motel as me, we only just talked a moment ago an…[View]
24121695How do I stop getting startled so easily?: I have a problem where almost any loud noise will make me…[View]
24115869Why keep going if no girl could ever like me?[View]
24121644I keep fuckin up guys: I like this girl so I keep trying to impress her by bringing up random and we…[View]
24119557>dating girl for about a month >things going ok >she wants to have a party >invite all …[View]
24121888The more days go by the more I am starting to feel like I am not alive anymore and that everything i…[View]
24120359Removing dating obsession: TL;DR I can't seem to get my mind off relationships/sex. Pls help. H…[View]
24121965Things have never been great between us. Few months ago he left us for the 3rd world to 'help' famil…[View]
24121957How to Stop Feeling Insecure Over College?: I'm graduating next fall with a degree in computer …[View]
24120660Do i change psychologists?: >He says we will do a persoanlity test with 200 questions >Next mo…[View]
24121651I have a job interview tomorrow. If during the interview, as they describe the job to me, i feel lik…[View]
24121833Good jobs?: Finishing game design career, Most of it is designers coping I think, I wanted to focus …[View]
24121662Asking girls out: Where are good/appropriate places to ask woman out on a date? For example: I often…[View]
24121585What is this feeling called?: > 2007-2012ish: best years of my life, old Steam UI, online friends…[View]
24119658How do I tell my girlfriend I didn't cheat? Trust is the foundation of all relationships right?…[View]
24120299Should I just go to a hooker if I'm not going to have sex any other way?[View]
24121897SWF files: since flash player no longer works how do I open swf files? I like browsing /f a lot…[View]
24120504How much does getting your shit together help getting a girlfriend?: I know that you should not impr…[View]
24121788help: my gf is constantly wanting to talk. shes phoning me multiple times a day and I honestly have …[View]
24116650How is porn unrealistic and fake?: Common advice for men, especially virgins, is to stop watching po…[View]
24120780I'm Officially 18 Today: Peace be upon you I want to know what you are doing? how are you?? Goo…[View]
24120914Girlfriend making me worry due to her accomplishments: I’m 100% sure my girlfriend will get into med…[View]
24121486>be insecure for years >get over it >still fear rejection >summer mania washes away wint…[View]
24121713Glasses: Does something like pic rel make man look like nerds/incels? I mean, every1 I know with gla…[View]
24121491Korean Qt: How much money do I need to attract and WIFE a NATIVE Korean qt like pic related?[View]
24120480Chadfishing ex yay or nay: I found my ex on a dating app. Should I chadfish her and mess around with…[View]
24121703texting a girl, how do I move the conversation on from exams/uni plans to normal conversations[View]
24121687>my friend is currently hailing with girls outside whilst I'm @ home depressed from society …[View]
24121686Hello. I have this advice that is gonna make you like, just a little bit better. You know, I'm …[View]
24121648Attractiveness: What are appealing / unappealing personality traits ? I want to see if I'm doin…[View]
24120880I want to chat with girls online but they just skip me on chatroulette everytime and a lot of fags p…[View]
24119050I have TMD and I can’t find any fix, only thing I do is take pain killers to alleviate the pain, I b…[View]
24118882Is it still possible to find a decent partner 'organically'?[View]
24120426University isn't for me, but everything else sounds worse and I don't wanna do it. What do…[View]
24121298BALLS deep in ETH: Should I go balls deep on ETH? I have $30k sitting around, and I need atleast $1m…[View]
24121535I think I may be legitimately traumatized by a series of events. It's hard to explain but I thi…[View]
24121589How do I kill myself. Ive tried suffocating in a plastic bag but I never manage. Ive tried stabbing …[View]
24119394there's too much going on: Hi /adv/ I feel very anxious about modern life in general, the overe…[View]
24120561I really struggle with envy, and the desire for more. It's so bad I often talk about it with my…[View]
24120476brain reboot: How do I completely reboot my brain, stop thinking about unnecessary shit, lose all my…[View]
24121426The harm of Smartphones: Is the idea of replacing smartphones with regular phones A good idea? Beca…[View]
24121369How to be myself again?: My biggest challange is being fine who i am and being fine alone and doing …[View]
24121339Law School Advice Please: Can anyone offer advice on law school admissions? I'm deciding betwe…[View]
24121250Should I have invited old coworkers to my wedding?: So I’m getting married in 2 months and just sent…[View]
24121266How do I stop being so enraged when people brag/humblegbrag about themselves? When I see someone bra…[View]
24121292Distractions: How do I stop watching Twitch and instead focus on school work? I play it on my right…[View]
24121265My girlfriend knows that disappointment is my biggest fear in the world. Now that she knows this she…[View]
24121293At a Crossroads: Need some advice from successful anons. Im about 3 years too late on everything and…[View]
24118617I’m 21, have been out of high school for 4 years and I feel like in that time I haven’t progressed t…[View]
24121230White women are attracted to me but they are only interested in a quick fuck or at best a short term…[View]
24121203After what time of day should you not drink coffee?[View]
24120344Nutting on faces: I like nutting on female faces. The thing is, it’s hard to convince most of the wo…[View]
24120876Hello /adv/ just like 99% incels on this board i need fucking help with asking a girl out or even ta…[View]
24121048How to stop thinking I'm stupid all the time[View]
24120894Been in therapy for 4 months and it seems like I’m not able to recall anything from my past that has…[View]
24120452Stuff to do before oof?: I'm going to commit die soon and I want to know about some dramatic sh…[View]
24121128A couple years ago I picked up a nasty habit of involuntary saying things like 'I hate myself…[View]
24120287Is applying for a bunch of jobs at one time a bad idea? Does it look better to apply for just one at…[View]
24118406hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right board for this, if it's not please point me to…[View]
24120067Did anyone here have a very important life plan or goal and you later had to accept that it was lite…[View]
24119821Undiagnosed ADHD, tired of coping: >super confident i have undiagonised adhd and it's been a…[View]
24119899how do i make myself more masculine (like a chad)?? btw im short and ugly..[View]
24120857How do I find japanese girls on onlyfans? The site doesn't have a good fucking search feature.[View]
24119895These are things that I did wrong : -I have been a neet for 2 years -I stayed up till 7 and slept 1…[View]
24120955Being put on Trazodone for suicidal ideations? Anybody have any experience with them? Thank you.[View]
24120731Life is goooood lately for me, hope you all are doing good as well and moving forward. We all going …[View]
24120856How do I message this girl anons: This girl started following me 6 months back and I guess she rando…[View]
24120899Should I move to a shittier for the cost? Where I live now I like it a lot better but it’s crazy exp…[View]
24110350Does it get easier friends?[View]
24117681How do I stop thinking about suicide?: I haven't done anything in my life that would make my pa…[View]
24119948Realistically, how often do police actually solve murders, especially when the victim has no relatio…[View]
24107414I’m a virgin at age 28.. I’m so unhappy and nobody finds me attractive except weird old and gross me…[View]
24120322The management at the warehouse I work for is awful. Not awful as in they're bad people, but a…[View]
24120623How to Get Rid of Dust: I am in a constant war with dust and my room is the battleground. It seems l…[View]
24119779ok bros i need your help, I'm trying to get into a university and they want me to write an essa…[View]
24119521Update: Continuation of this thread, and the previous: >>24111641 Alright, I managed to get my…[View]
24118652I have not showered in a year because: I realized that people only care about how 'alpha' you look. …[View]
24103097Should I shower: I have not showered in almost a month. Because I do not sweat, it is undetectable. …[View]
24117132Acne scars treatment: Yoyoyo what are some good diy acne scar treatments? Or even sumn i can get for…[View]
24118836what's the appeal of Kpop male singers and anime boys among girls nowadays.????!! i thought gir…[View]
24118287Wanting a baby in early twenties: I am 21 years old and I want to have children so fucking bad. I ha…[View]
24117334I heard somewhere that some weed helps you to focus. Is this true or bullshit? If not, is there a ps…[View]
24120260How the fuck do you know if roommates suck ahead of time? I fucking hate this guy so much I wish he …[View]
24119142I visited my parents house this week. Sister caught me sniffing her panties. She sperged and wont li…[View]
24119738Is it bad to turn down a gf I've been with for only 3 days when she asks if I want to do someth…[View]
24120349why using 4chan on phone is looked upon ?[View]
24120316Idiots: Some idiot keeps following the train?? He's flying?[View]
24120607How to overcome internet addiction?[View]
24118686I'm 20, I have neurotic and controlling mother Is moving out a good idea?[View]
24118517Why can't I just chronically binge drink until my liver fails?[View]
24119817How do I cope with the fact that I'll never get girls as hot as these? Backstory, I'm 22 a…[View]
24120208what are some facts about women that i need to know??? t.never talked to a woman in 2 years.[View]
24119889I have a match with this girl on Tinder. In her description she has only „fwb?”. How tf should I sta…[View]
24119710Breaking the topic of incest to my sister: How should I go about telling my sister that I'm int…[View]
24118118How do I stop being a degenerate coomer?[View]
24119759/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Previous: >>24117005 Cards Editions[View]
24120046I posted this on somewhere else but it got removed, told me to go here >texting with this girl fr…[View]
24118063I got “rich” and my life got worse: What do you do when you become rich in a short amount of time? I…[View]
24120166Can someone confirm this is a legit iphone screenshot taken from the french version of tinder today …[View]
24120080Heres your daily 'I suck at dating so I need advise' thread. Dating apps don't seem to work for…[View]
24120455Had a redpill overdose: >tfw 19 >my last teen year, foundation decade is ahead of me, and I…[View]
24120107What to do when you meet your father's family daily for whom you are not accepted due to the co…[View]
24120270How to be fine alone?: I feel like i join discord then its just people playing but im not even part …[View]
24120250I work from home Monday/Friday and go into the office the middle week days. My GF has been living wi…[View]
24118920Broke: I'm broke as fuck, 2nd year of college studying econ (I know) I really need money I…[View]
24120291I have two jobs as a research student while having a fuckton of classes and assignments + fear of fu…[View]
24120319Hey /adv/ I need some help, I'm filling out a Declaration to Dismiss Civil Assistment to hopefu…[View]
24118977>match with a girl >most likely has tons of messages >a sea of replies >mesaage her afte…[View]
24116274I want to draw and I enjoy it as a creative outlet but my drive just seems not to be there for it. H…[View]
24118490Gf slaps me with a 'hey let's go [place that's kinda far away]' out of nowhere. Told her I…[View]
24119898Does being indifferent really attract girls?: Common advice, especially for desperate men, is to be …[View]
24120135How to cope with trans degenerate ex?: The first girl I dated and my first love. After we broke up s…[View]
24118921I'm handsome and in good shape but kinda unpopular with women, especially good looking ones. W…[View]
24119892How good is Just Dance for learning how to dance?[View]
24120114Please remove yourself from my current trajectory, Nubian king[View]
24117598Working at gamestop: Currently living at home with parents, I'm young and I want to save up cas…[View]
24116197I unironically think interacting with people gave me CPTSD. Where do I go from here. I have a job bu…[View]
24114562Got my gf's best friend pregnant: So my gf was at her great aunt's funeral a few months ag…[View]
24116975Is it actually ok to just approach random women and ask them out? I've been told by so much wom…[View]
24117644The only woman I love has abandoned me, and I can no longer love anyone else: I met a woman online, …[View]
24109967Okay fags, break it down for me: Going to college, what should I study to make some fucking money?…[View]
24119234how can I stop giving loser vibes? Some examples: - posture slouched shoulders ... - no eye contact …[View]
24119265where can I meet new people: as a 33 y.o. boomer. >tl;dr mode I recently just put my life back to…[View]
24119852good short anime to watch: just asking[View]
24118717Do all girls care about romance and romantic stuff? Is it a dealbreaker if the man don't do thi…[View]
24119637Today i proposed a girl but she said ewwww first then did vomit face and then said sorry u are good …[View]
24116245Was it a good date?: So this is my second date with this girl. First one went very well, we drove ar…[View]
24117953>be me >31 y/o American khv loser stem guy >agnostic/deist, whatever you wanna call it >…[View]
24118404Post sex clean up: I shower every morning and night but I understand a lot of people don't show…[View]
24119764My ex (from like 2 years ago) just messaged me with videos and text or her being sad and shit, what …[View]
24115189everyone has guns now: How to deal with the fact that literally everyone in Amurrica has a gun on th…[View]
24110119If a woman who was honest about her sinful sexual past, sincerley repents, and acts in a way to be a…[View]
24119483Normal?: I work a 9 to 5 currently in construction. Kinda think about my ex I dumped over her not ge…[View]
24119556>be me >have trouble with relationships >usually, during the early stages of it >when it…[View]
24118750How can I break my fucking routine? I feel that my life is lost and every day is a copy of the other…[View]
24117910Should I turn on the office or funk music when I fuck my gf? I usually turn on the office, but I wan…[View]
24119091Should i lie about having been in an relationship to my upcoming employer? After all, having a stabl…[View]
24118605I just finished my first semester of university and now I'm trying to use my holiday to find a …[View]
24118958I met a new girl at my college, between classes we actually had a pretty good talk. Had a lot in com…[View]
24119059How to sort porn?: Gday boys. Ever since websites started deleting certain content or just disappear…[View]
24119285>never want to be one of those white guys that date asian girls >asian girls are the only ones…[View]
24118904Aspergers and science career path: I have aspergers,so I dont do well in social situations. I unders…[View]
24119411Can you friend your way into a relationship, or does it have to be an instant asking out? I kinda wa…[View]
24118818Im an idiot, please help: My gf is pretty jelaous person, and sometimes she gets upset of little thi…[View]
24116859I'm wasted at work currently because a GIRL is SPEAKING to me and interested. but what I need a…[View]
24116249I think I’m realizing fully just how emotionally abusive my relationship was. I’ve loved this man f…[View]
24102963COVID+ support group: Has anybody gotten the coof? I might have the coof. Can't smell anything …[View]
24111424Do I ask a cashier out?: >last wednesday I went to the liquor store and bought a whiskey, the gir…[View]
24114971How do I stop objectifying women? My issue isn't so much that I see a hot girl on the street a…[View]
24118296>be me >21 m >Never had a gf >Work out and work on myself >Start looking better >G…[View]
24119306I won’t ever be able to stay in a relationship: I have been diagnosed with CPTSD a couple years back…[View]
24117367Netflix: is this the right board to ask what I should watch?[View]
24118790looking for frens: I have no clue how to make friends, i have no social skills IRL but I do know how…[View]
24119192How do I stop my little bro from turning into a useless neet: >little brother (15) has been hit b…[View]
24116241My gf is incapable of making decisions. I don’t mean like answering “where do you want to eat tonigh…[View]
24101038Virgin at 24: I'm thinking of paying an escort.[View]
24118787Single life: How do I learn to care about what other people are saying? I'd rather be at home d…[View]
24118414Solo life: How do I truly become a hermit and accept having no friends as my future?[View]
24117398First hook up advice: How do I ask a girl to hook up? In my early 20's in a suburban area. I am…[View]
24118983is it a good sign when a girl gives you her number without you asking for it?[View]
24118934Feeling sleepy after 1 hour of work: I even take regular breaks, yet I feel sleepy every times. Fyi,…[View]
24117703I used to like this guy at work five years ago but he didn't care for me. Then last June, he al…[View]
24118677help: bit long[View]
24117585Is this a medical emergency?: I have literally no one else to talk to so please help me out. Around …[View]
24112414Caught my kids (twins boy and girl) kissing in the lips, my wife says that is normal for silbings do…[View]
24118604Unsolicited Money Gifts: My mum transferred $500 into my account today for no reason at all and I to…[View]
24118286My gf literally will not stop crying: I don't know if Im even looking for advice here or if I j…[View]
24116173Guys how do you feel about woman's leg hair?: Pic very related[View]
24116464Questions about 4chan: I have some questions like: How do I get rid of the porn ads? What is /r9k/ …[View]
24118653I love my smell. I think I fucking smell great, like my natural smell is great. Several girls alread…[View]
24117897i have $170, should I buy a cheap pc or Switch Lite? With a switch I can play the newer games but wi…[View]
24117107You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immediately cut off contact wi…[View]
24118630Literally me: How do I cope with being very stupid? I don't understand most things[View]
24112823My ex cheated on me and deleted all of the hearts on our profiles. We used to do a blue heart/gold h…[View]
24118248how the fuck do I cope or make peace with premature graying? I'm 25 and my previously pitch bla…[View]
24118051Why would my ex like me on Tinder? What would her motives be?[View]
24117219Have had toenail fungus for 10 years. I am tired of hiding my feet and being embarrassed all the tim…[View]
24117320buy large house and rent out rooms: in the past i've had house mates who helped pay off my mort…[View]
24118250>be me >grow up on the Chan’s and snes >had a hot redhead bitch and dirty blonde anorexic …[View]
24118331How the fuck do I leave her alone?: So the wife and I have stupid fucking arguments over nothing tha…[View]
24118317>oh look more daddy issues Things have never been great between us. Few months ago he left us for…[View]
24113507Getting a housewife: What does a man need to have and be so that a girl chooses him to be her husban…[View]
24117846canadian obsessed with the south: im obsessed with american country culture. im from toronto, canada…[View]
24118527Being the side-dude: Maybe this is the wrong place because I’ve never been interested in cheating de…[View]
24116836Getting a dog: How big of a commitment is getting a dog? I mean I know you're committing to tak…[View]
24118276What's the best dating app to meet quality, intelligent women on? Save me the bullshit about yo…[View]
24116073Do humans NEED friends?: Do humans need friends to thrive? Throughout the pandemic, basically for th…[View]
24116469Woman older than me: I met this girl at university she's 31 and I'm 23. Should I ask her o…[View]
24117856how do you tell if a girl is using you as a simp for attention or if she really likes you? if she li…[View]
24117305I may still be fapping to pictures of my ex[View]
24117221How does a good looking but autistic man in his 30s gets a gf?: I'm tall, white, been told many…[View]
24117005ATOGA: Ask the opposite gender anything Old thread: >>24114629[View]
24116516My Voluntarily Celebate anons. How do women who try to seduce you react when you turn them down beca…[View]
24117437Help me wake up man: I've had CFS for maybe 3 years now and I'm really struggling. It hasn…[View]
24117575You to recover from a burnout: So, last semester I busted my ass off like I've never done befor…[View]
24116674How do I cope with knowing an ex is doing so much better than me?[View]
24117841Please: Nine (5-2) (5-0) (10-1)(8-1)(10-1)(1)(9-1)(9-1)(7-1)[View]
24117751Turbovirgin for life: How much will it hurt emotionally to never kiss a girl or even go on a Date wi…[View]
24116182Anyone else have maladaptive daydreaming? any tips on getting rid of it?:[View]
24117512How do I stop acting like an egomaniacal psycho at work?[View]
24116520i know this probably gets asked frequently here but what are some commin/obvious signs a girl is int…[View]
24117588My bike had a little bit of a braking problem, but it wasn't enough for me to be concerned abou…[View]
24108375FUCK I JUST PUNCHED MY GIRLFRIEND OUT OF ANGER, please this is serious. i was way too mad and had a …[View]
24117472Please rate my voice acting https://vocaroo.com/11s1fWBPL0aQ This is supposed to be a 'if an incel w…[View]
24117212What does it take to find someone you can fall in love with? I'm sick of meeting people I have …[View]
24116344Gun in my mouth: I keep having sudden thoughts about a cold gun in my mouth and I'm about to sh…[View]
24115097What do I do if I'm 21 years old but still mentally a teenager? This is ontop of having zero te…[View]
24117478Any advice you wish you could tell your younger self?[View]
24117488Is it okay to cut out a friend you have known for 10 years or more?[View]
24112033Serious question: would you date someone with thinning hair? Person I’m dating has a similar hairlin…[View]
241173825 years ago my girlfriend at the time was raped by my supposed best friend. I never acted on it as I…[View]
24116899How to hookups work? Can someone (girl or guy) experienced with lots of them tell me how it goes lin…[View]
24117504I went to a KKK meeting in Tennessee , ask me anything[View]
24117061Is fantasizing about suicide normal? I'm a relatively moody guy but I always come back to this …[View]
24116080How do I do sperg shit?: I hear a lot of people here talking about how they spend like 8 hours on co…[View]
24117485How do you approach trying to fuck a CNA chick?[View]
24117020my gf of 7 years broke up with me after having a breakdown and depression over lockdown - now im ask…[View]
24117452This is the advice forum right? Well here is some advice. This is Gusto/Gus beating the shit out of …[View]
24117422Peaked autism: Yes I am posting this multiple times because I am just a bitch hollow at this point. …[View]
24117330How do I stop being a creep?: Long-story-short, I'm kind of a creep. I stare at women without m…[View]
24117384I got addicted to scrooling on imageboards again, the urge to keep scrooling was as strong as a coke…[View]
24114257Moving out of parents home tips? taxes hard[View]
24116900are chins like this just a meme? what is so hot about them if anything to me it just looks like a sa…[View]
24117317only problem with women is that they like fun: I'm good looking enough, problem is I don't…[View]
24116145Am I an asshole for frequently rejecting my friend's invites to his house now that he moved lik…[View]
24117204where do you go to meet people? thinking friendships and/or dating[View]
24114850I'm a guy and... I'm not enjoying sex. I'm 32 and have only started having sex recent…[View]
24117262Islam message: 'In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Peace be upon him, who seeks truth…[View]
24110955girlfriend is a repressed lesbian: I started dating my girlfriend about 8 months ago. Last monday sh…[View]
24117251How the fuck do i stop pulling my hair: These past few months i've gained a weird attraction to…[View]
24116725Is it worth starting to learn Chinese for a leg up in the corporate world?[View]
24116931>No dream job or aspirations >No interest in dating >No interest in making friends >Stra…[View]
24117239what's the use: >tfw you'll never do the walk of Shame after crashing blackout at a fri…[View]
24116930Worried about 'rona in Wyoming: Yesterday and today i've noticed an increasing shortness o…[View]
24116206Cuddling positions to feel small?: I am a little spoon, my GF is a dommy big spoon. What positions f…[View]
24116561If I haven't been in a relationship and am still a virgin at 22, does it mean something is wron…[View]
24116715I have a lot of time on my hands and I would like to learn something new, like a skill or language o…[View]
24116863is it bad if my place looks like this complete with rooms that aretootally empty and i dont use at a…[View]
24115306boyfriend's anxiety is turning me off: My boyfriend is 22, I'm 21. We've been dating …[View]
24117032What's an easy part time job that will pay my bills and nothing more? Bonus points for not havi…[View]
24115742What is God's greatest gift to humanity? I don't necessarily mean in a Christian sense.[View]
24115911Where do I meet manly girls?[View]
24116744Marriage Advice: Probably the wrong place to get advice but I'll shoot my shot... My partner i…[View]
24116264Female Cousin said she would marry me if we weren't cousins..: What the fuck? We blood related …[View]
24116639Hypothesis testing for qualitative questions: Help!! If you have a qualitative question that doesn…[View]
24116757When I submit this paper, do I talk shit on one of my group mates for not pulling her weight, or mak…[View]
24116940Gradually losing it: >Finished my semester of online classes >Got a tugboat cause I'm re…[View]
24116897Packages lost - how to deal with with refund?: Who should take the burden for lost packages? Am I en…[View]
24116683Girl keeps flirting with me, has a boyfriend: >new girl starts at my job, blonde, essentially sam…[View]
24116857>be me -hermit since 2016(was) -lost hope in family -lost hope in friends -lost hope in society -…[View]
24116846Trying to figure out my life: I have a job changing oil at a major chain, and I make OK money consid…[View]
24115384My mother died of an overdose yesterday. My dad wasn't home and I was the one who found her bod…[View]
24116359Best copes: What are the best copes? I have never tried alcool or drugs, I moderate passtime that co…[View]
24116658>turned 18 and got a roofing job for the summer >paid 20/hr cash what do i do? >i don'…[View]
24116724Gf with high body count: My gf’s high body count has started to really bother me. Today it’s left me…[View]
24115916Resume: Should I include the position as the CEO of a failed startup software development company in…[View]
24115183I've either fallen out of touch or completely cut all of my old/life long friends out of my lif…[View]
24116572How to fix eye contact if you have autism (level 1 asd) and severe anxiety?[View]
24115332I cried when I left my job today. Ive been there for 8 months, mostly boring reception work. I thoug…[View]
24115440how the hell do you get promoted in your company/office? in all my jobs, i have clearly demonstrated…[View]
24115171from suicide to hero. Please help me/critique my routine: >masturbated today(male), feel awfully …[View]
24116668I'm sure people have asked this on this board before but how do you unfuck yourself sexually if…[View]
24114251I dont know why Im posting this on 4chan, but I dont really know where to go. Ive got a pretty strai…[View]
24115730can't be a normal person: I'm too retarded to keep up in conversations with people that my…[View]
24114717Hello /adv/. I need some advice. I am a loser. Have been for a very long time. Im not sure if I can …[View]
24112016I'm in love with a girl that doesn't give a fuck about me: I did everything for her and th…[View]
24116551About Private Twitter Accounts: Hello guys! I was wondering, is there a way to see someone's pr…[View]
24116333stop talking to a girl whitout being an asshole: i´ve been dating this girl for 2 months already, th…[View]
24116470Idk where to start but a old friend of mines true priorities came to life , he was found to be in a …[View]
24114051Any advice on how to leave my girlfriend? I know it's time to leave her but every time I'm…[View]
24116282God hates me: I think God fucking hates me. I have big tits(prolly gynecomastia), excessive body hai…[View]
24115452How do I cope with FOMO? I'm a 22 year old kissless virgin who has never hugged nor held a girl…[View]
24116351Western dating habits are abhorrent. Sex in the first few dates where marriage isn't even consi…[View]
24116248Is journaling worth it?: Always though journaling is just meme for fags and women. What is the benef…[View]
24116271Advice regarding a woman: I spent a day with a woman that I was previously romantically involved wit…[View]
24114650Interested or no?: Got a weird read on this one. Asked girl if she had plans this weekend. She’s app…[View]
24113097negative experiences with marijuana: hello, I've tried both joints and edibles. Both times I ge…[View]
24115138How to find a hobby I like?[View]
24113914how do I use fitness/bodybuilding (fit wont let me post this there) to get a mature/milf gf? im 25 a…[View]
24116053I'm hanging out with this girl but she asked if she can bring her ugly ass friend along who nev…[View]
24116055Am I the asshole here?: A female coworker gave my socials to one of her single friends and she follo…[View]
24116152A few months ago my two best friends since childhood went off to another country, ever since then I …[View]
24116234I'm good looking but am a complete social: I'm good looking but am a complete social retar…[View]
24114277How to treat body fluids: This is going to seem like a really stupid question but what is the proper…[View]
24115410Should I just get my masters? I got my BS a few years ago and I haven't gotten any consideratio…[View]
24115378Unlimited time, whats the best I can do: So for the past 3 months and for the next 3 months I have u…[View]
241127377 classes per semester: If I take 7 classes this coming Summer('21), Spring('21), Fall (…[View]
24114841I put a penny in the part of a lamp were the light bulb goes and electrocuted it a few times but now…[View]
24113856I can't say it: Please help me say it. Pic not really related[View]
24115100I'm a male with only female friends. Where do I find male friends?[View]
24114142Should I get a body pillow so I feel less alone when I sleep?: Okay so just to clarify I don't …[View]
24115542What's the best way to prevent ingrown hairs? I keep getting them on my face after a nice shave…[View]
24113587What does it take to go to an engineering school and get an engineering degree?[View]
24114575How can I stop wanting to get my ex back? It's been 4 months since she broke up with me but I s…[View]
24115620In what site can I get my dick rated? I'm being completely serious btw[View]
24116004>just woke up at 8 pm How the fuck do I fix my sleep schedule? Every time I do an all nighter it …[View]
24115870fs: How do i fully become a schizoid and stop even speaking to people? I can't connect wither o…[View]
24113164Friend not responding to text?: I sent a friend (not super close, but still definitely a friend) a t…[View]
24115939Im a virgin lesbian. I'm scared of underperforming in bed when/if I find a gf. Should I hire a …[View]
24112455How to help my bf: My bf is really depressed these days. About his situation >We live far away (h…[View]
24115602Should I go?: My parents are guilting me for not wanting to go away for the weekend for a Mother…[View]
24111863I’m an early twenties British first year medical student very seriously considering moving to the US…[View]
24115486Should I break up with my gf?: So we have been going out for over a year. Since then we've move…[View]
24115932Terrified of pursuing girls because of thin penis: My dick is a literal pencil at 5 inches length bu…[View]
24115356Making a Party: So I have a chance to make a party with friends and even few of them can take girls …[View]
24113849Why do I want to be sad?: I’ll often find myself happy over something and my mind will automatically…[View]
24115324so what are you supposed to do when somebody is raging: for unvalid or pesky reasons? obviously they…[View]
24115826message: I messaged on LFM I really hope he sees it soon I'm not doing so well by myself here…[View]
24108940how do i deflower my girl without hurting her? I'm well endowed and she's way tight. We…[View]
24113809Boyfriend never wants me to see him naked: We have been dating for three months now and I never saw …[View]
24115889I've been a long term relationship since college. 10 years. Now divorced (im going to call it a…[View]
24114584It's alright to call me a wussy for this, but how do you deal with phone call anxiety? I get re…[View]
24115565i need to shit very badly but there is a big spider behind the toilet what do i do:??[View]
24114289tips for daytrading?: My strategy: Monitor 10 coins If green for >15 minutes Buy If red for 1 min…[View]
24115583Why am I forbidden from having sex?[View]
24114377I'll be honest with you, I genuinely distrust and have no actual respect for women. Maybe I ove…[View]
24115634I have a huge crush on a girl that works at Chick Fil A. Is there any way to score a number in the d…[View]
24114093>tfw I look like the penguin should i just kill myself?[View]
24115628Accepting my ADHD diagnosis: Today I was diagnosed with ADHD by my therapist after a couple days of …[View]
24115325How do I make frens?: I just want to make some loyal frens! I'm homeschooled and I have no one …[View]
24114998Is it me? Or are a lot of younger men, particular in Gen-Z, who were initially on the side of femini…[View]
24108435Roommate claims he is still not feeling well even though he jacks off: I have a roommate situation. …[View]
24113382I fundamentally despise office jobs: What do? Been working 5 years and its just soul crushing[View]
24112721Dealing with an extremely unprofessional colleague: I’m on a surgical rotation and the attending I’m…[View]
24113753Going out alone: Why do I feel like I need people to go out with to bars or clubs ? Do any of yall g…[View]
24115554Stay calm: I just did something which gives me stress. How to stay calm for now? I really need it. S…[View]
24115235How do I prepare my loved ones for my likely suicide?: I've held back from doing so many times …[View]
24115304I think I won over my avoidant personality and am ready to go out drinking with people, actaully try…[View]
24115466Can someone tell me what animetorrents.me is like?: Please Pic not related[View]
24114070Why does every single job posting specify that they require experience? Even for the most menial, en…[View]
24115354drunk: Where can i go to speak to people online? I.m drunk right now and to speak to people[View]
24114629/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the other gender anything Previous thread: >>24112325[View]
24112857What dating app is the best for someone looking for a relationship and not necessarily just casual s…[View]
24115375My friend's gf just quit her job. My friend just got a new job and is going to support her. She…[View]
24114375Any tips on how to deal with stress? feel like its eating me alive[View]
24115289Imodium and lsd/dmt: Short and simple question- can i take imodium to keep my shit where it belongs …[View]
24108950First time going to a party: So I’m 18, and I’ve recently been invited for to a party by my acquaint…[View]
24114639I need help with my chronic procrastination: Holy shit, I actually need help, guys. I have always ha…[View]
24113734Do you think dressing slutty is empowering? I was talking about this with my bf and he said I was c…[View]
24114505I am being ostracized by most of my class because I sit with the biggest Aspie at school (Ed). Ed ha…[View]
24115195/biz/ friends: How can I get people on /biz/ to respond to me jokes and not just my ideas? I feel a …[View]
24115001I want to start being rude to people in public. Not randomly, just when it seems appropriate, like w…[View]
24113665My friends won't let me come on a trip with them in a few weeks unless I get fully vaccinated. …[View]
24110552>meet girl off dating app >fuck 3 times >she acts hot and cold (like from super affectionat…[View]
24112868Not sure is this is the correct board but I'll ask, almost a month ago on April 11 I had sex wi…[View]
24114663how to stay sober: been struggling with addiction for years now. Addiction never had an impact on my…[View]
24098740Where can I find non-basic women? Women on OLD have fantastic interests like drinking tequila on the…[View]
24114278I look like the lads in pic related. Especially if i go outside, because i tan well. What to do?[View]
24113766What should you major in at university?[View]
24114516Is It worth getting into a trade?: I hate wageslaving but I'm too low IQ for any career that re…[View]
24112273I am moving out of my family house and I am scared a bit How to stop worrying?[View]
24114480Coping with neurotic parents: >be me >21 >last one of my siblings to move out >parents a…[View]
24114785I had a nervous breakdown at work today[View]
24112146GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: Get it off your ever loving chest dear anon. Thank GIOYC it’s Friday.…[View]
24110088i'm sure there's a decent amount of people with similar shitty feelings but how are there …[View]
24114319how do i get over being molested as a kid, i have so much anger and constant mood swings from it. i’…[View]
24113540I would do anything to go back in time.: I masturbated in a very bad way for a decade and I killed m…[View]
24114596>tfw a bunch of old ladies keep staring at me when I get my mail It's pretty fucking annoyin…[View]
24114332How do I get a boring office job?: I would really like a boring office job, but they seem impossible…[View]
24114021How do I be interesting to a girl? How can I click with someone and not being ghosted 100 billion fu…[View]
24114378Rate my song: Can y’all rate my song? Rate my voice too? Any other criticism would be great too!! ht…[View]
24113865loud kids upstairs, help me cope: I live in a cheap student condo and a week ago some asian women wi…[View]
24114145How do I remotivate myself?: Thanks to remote learning, the lockdowns and OCD I got fucked up and ca…[View]
24114352Found a really cute girl on a dating site, but she lives over 60 miles (an hour drive) away. Just lo…[View]
24113618How do I start an Onlyfans?: I’m a twink and I wanna make some money. I’m slim, smooth and I can be …[View]
24114000My Dad is in the later stages of leukemia. I am at University and I am unable to visit him, since hi…[View]
24114408Hi Anons, I want to ask out a childhood crush of mine, but I don’t know what to even say. What do?[View]
24106466>everyday is getting worse >mood/motivation significantly lower each day >can’t focus on wo…[View]
24114144should i go outside today? it is very nice weather[View]
24113796is 4chan haram[View]
24113727Shoot myself in the head: If I shot myself in the head with a pistol, what are the odds that I’d sur…[View]
24111843Lonely Neighbor: My elderly neighbor got some bad news recently that she had a TIA (Transit Ischemic…[View]
24114239How do I convince myself to dress up and experiment with another dude or never think about this agai…[View]
24113958I am a college student and I don't really know how to spent my free time. I do studying and I h…[View]
24110442Will Everything Be Okay?: Generic 19 year old KHV chink male faggot here, diagnosed with ADHD and As…[View]
24113720People think that I do drugs?: People think that I do drugs and I'm not too sure what to do abo…[View]
24107609Eating pussy: I refuse to lay on my stomach and eat my gfs pussy because I feel like laying on your …[View]
24113521What are some meds to stop mood swing? Or should i do drugs instead?[View]
24112074Lads...I think she likes me! How do I make sure I don't waste this awesome opportunity?!?![View]
24109165Okay....so how much do i look bad? I put this picture because it is clear and I never take picture…[View]
24114106Can anyone help me? I feel like I'm in a hole I can't get out of and any advice would be h…[View]
24111490How do I even out my facial skin complexion? Certain parts like my nose look slightly red in compari…[View]
24110183>may, 2020 >meet this girl through instagram, we have a couple of mutual followers >start t…[View]
24113015Should I stay in one of my dream cities or move to an option b city cause it’s cheaper. I really wa…[View]
24113785my mother doesn't love me[View]
24113894What am I supposed to write on my scholarship apps?: >Why do you need this money? So I won't…[View]
24113947Hello everyone, I recently RMA'd a 5700 XT to ASRock after dealing with consistent crashing iss…[View]
24106826Avoiding the friend zone: How do I get a gf and avoid getting into the friend zone? I can befriend …[View]
24111474Why does not being a teenager anymore sometimes make me want to commit suicide? Does anyone else get…[View]
24113283Failed exam: In lawschool and I might have just failed my criminal law exam... Honestly feeling suic…[View]
24112007should i kms on my bday i realy dont see a point in life[View]
24109721How do I stop having intrusive thoughts[View]
24113400Financially illiterate mom: >be me >help mom with her paypal >see weird transactions >l…[View]
24113772Selling Fanart?: I'm thinking about opening a webstore and selling merch that includes fanart. …[View]
24113783Indian culture question?: Long ago I had some indian friends who where here (murrika fuk yer) on vis…[View]
24113451do school marks count for anything?: answers, need them im planning on getting a apprenticeship but …[View]
24111932my ex broke up with me in june of 2020, we broke up mostly because i had an issue initiating and hav…[View]
24113028I originally posted on /fit/ but maybe this is a better place... What do I do I had a failed suici…[View]
24112689Tips to look for next potential partner: Last one failure and not going to dwell on it and simply do…[View]
24113683any ideas on how to give yourself a nose job?[View]
24102793How can you tell if a girl just wants to be your friend or is genuinely interested in you? What are …[View]
24113614Hair Transplant: Do you think finding people to date will be significantly easier after buying 15K h…[View]
24111752Work problem: I’m doing a part time COVID/public health related job and it’s flexible. However, even…[View]
24113126How to make friends as a literally autistic housewife?[View]
24111819do girls like cute boys?[View]
24113331How do I stop a biting habit? I have a tendency to bite my nails, fingers, lips and inside of my mou…[View]
24112328A bit lost: Hello everyone, I wanted your opinion: In which case should I try to win back an ex who …[View]
24110619How fucked are my chances at a relationship now that I'm 21 and balding? I'm into the nerd…[View]
24113361Just spent 3 hours lurking /biz/ looking at shitcoins. Is this the start of my gambling addiction?[View]
24113549What is wrong with me, guys? I get easily anxious when I upset people. Like when I say or do somethi…[View]
24113524There's this girl that keeps teasing me when I go to the park with my kids. She sometimes wears…[View]
24108029I can´t win, I give up: About a year ago I decided I had enough. I went into turboautism overdrive a…[View]
24111171Where/how the fuck do I find a good honest woman who won't cheat on me?[View]
24112142how do I get gf to stop treating me like an abuse victim? she kept bugging me about past relationsh…[View]
24112429do Schooling marks count for apprenticeships?: instead of people bitching about relationships and ho…[View]
24112651Where is best place to buy used current generation video games?: I want to get overpriced Nintendo g…[View]
24113453Is it possible to get a girlfriend who's not interested in sex? I have a condition that makes s…[View]
24113444Addicted to masturbation (NOT PORN). Help? I'm going fucking insane[View]
24110975how to have more positive energy? I have good diet, good sleep, I exercise[View]

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