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23181189What could I do with the time when I'm not learning? Alternatively, how could I get myself to l…[View]
23179588What is the best way for me to invest and make money? Having a very beautiful daughter to marry a ri…[View]
23178838I have a very quick question: can i be sued if, after a verbal fight with a person affected by depre…[View]
23180580My buddy has dmt and acid. Can we do both in one day or would you recommend spreading out the trips?…[View]
23179845Itt ask the opposite gender anything[View]
23180547>Stuck in the countryside because I can't get a job >Can't get a job because I'…[View]
23177610GF's nipples pierced: Gf got her nipples pierced and I didn't care initially but now she k…[View]
23179750> my life is not exactly squeaky clean, i live with crackheads (factual, but they are my friends)…[View]
23180877How do I stop obsessing over missing out on making like at least 30k on crypto? I was invested. Got …[View]
23180750bumped into my ex at work, we chatted for a bit and just asked how we were and that sort of small ta…[View]
23180494Anxiety via life ruining secret Mindfuck: I'm mindfucked into feeling that a secret is defined …[View]
23177236What are these women doing?: >mid 20s guy >generally seen by people as 'that really smart guy …[View]
23180092I keep pulling on my lips: Do i have anxiety ? Do you guys do it too ? How do i stop this ?[View]
23180391Hi /adv/ I don't really browse this board so I don't know any of the lingo so sorry for th…[View]
23178403I have no culture. I'm going lone wolf: I'm a black American with no Caribbean or african …[View]
23178530GIOYC: Get it off your chest Old: >>23174431[View]
23180115I'm sure some of you have paid for essay writing services online. What is the best one, based o…[View]
23180037Any advice on how to subtly flirt with and possibly have sex with or get nudes from my photography t…[View]
23179723is it weird to share woman with your dad?: It's happened more than once where me and my dad tea…[View]
23177668How can you tell if someone likes you? What if you're both following the no chasing rule?[View]
23178883hey bros im 24 and the idea of having kids is forcing itself to come near my life as usually where i…[View]
23180555Lame question, how do i ask a co-worker out?: Co-worker has been giving me signs she's into me …[View]
23180292how do i get in touch with my own feelings? i dont even know if im suffering anymore.[View]
23178987I invoke the power of the greatest minds of /adv/!!!: I need help with carrying conversations. Five …[View]
23180254Should I get plastic surgery for my nose bump? I'm not as attractive as Margot, but it's m…[View]
23179190How do I know If I need a support system?[View]
23179850How the fuck do I spend less time on my phone?: >check weekly phone usage >80h in the last 7 d…[View]
23179202I've gotten pulsatile tinnitus from wearing faom ear plugs inside my home and at work. It start…[View]
23180077ok...i was happy today i really was i went to a japanese place and had my fav katsudon and gyoza i w…[View]
23179218What's a good excuse to cancel a date? Seemed like a good idea yesterday but I just can't …[View]
23180069What should I get my step mom for Christmas? She hinted that she's getting me something so I ne…[View]
23178811Pickup line advice: I'm using a pickupline that goes as following: >hey are you good at math…[View]
23179698I honestly don’t see a path forward for me other than suicide. For the past year I’ve become a NEET,…[View]
23180344tl;dr - GF of 4 years broke up with me, i'm a mess but have been building myself up for a few y…[View]
23178718losing weight: whats the fastest way to lose weight as a 20 year old male? everytime i try to workou…[View]
23180236Fear of Cuckholding: >Get GF, all goes well, we having amazing chemistry. She tells me she had a …[View]
23180006I need advice: I love my girlfriend so much, and I think she is so gorgeous and cute, but holy shit …[View]
23180329How to break up: I come from a poor Muslim family in the middle east. I started seeing this girl ov…[View]
23180244Teenage little sister throwing tantrum and yelling at herself at night. What do? A little background…[View]
23179516I like technology and i am good at mathematics, but i also like money. Should i major in Electrical …[View]
23175224How do people work full time without wanting to kill themselves?: 40+ hours a week 8am-5pm doing sem…[View]
23180247How to forget someone?: He has never given me the good look, isn't that atractive, we had half …[View]
23177217The koofening: I have the koof lads. Got it from my gf. Just seemed like a cold at first but it got …[View]
23179479Insecurities: >be me, average girl from middle class family >22 year old kissless virgin, weir…[View]
23179804K2/Synthetic Weed How long should i have a t break? Im currently on 5th day of t break because even…[View]
23179265Every fucking 'bitcoin' video, news article, talk show segment talks about it's history, but no…[View]
23180023Best site or app for hookups?: I match with a decent amount of girls on bumble, but they are always …[View]
23179782Anyone know a good place on the internet to learn actual math and science[View]
23179807picking a martial art to learn: I've been thinking for weeks and can't decide. >self-de…[View]
23179906I posted that shit on /lit/ but those cuckolds helped me by calling me a nigger, so I will post here…[View]
23179490Disregarding all mental illness what causes someone to always feel empty, alienated and uncomfortabl…[View]
23178775NNN GENERAL /NNN/ DAY 28 EDITION: PREVIOUS: >>23173855 This general is reserved for all discus…[View]
23177925>travel to country for cheap shopping >ask 2 friends if they want anything >friend one: ans…[View]
23179571Moving out of my parents' home: Hey, 25 yo, work at a private school, no partner, no children. …[View]
23175767What do I need to learn in order to master the guitar?: Probably not the right advice board to ask t…[View]
23179149I feel bad because I don't think I ate a girl (Jamie) out during sex when I was drunk. I told …[View]
23179614i would be alright with her as just my friend but turns out she was looking for chad for sex all alo…[View]
23179669is it alright if i call a date something that officially was 'just' a 'casual meeting with a girl'? …[View]
23179565Ok I'm a guy bit a few times I have a dream where I'm a brutish tomboy and throughout the …[View]
23179697Impulsive Idiot: I’d recently reconnected with an old flame from back when (about 6 years). We were …[View]
23179191What is love?: So I never really thought or gave a shit about this stuff before, but since browsing …[View]
23178956What's the difference between dating a teen and a 21 year old, how different should you behave?…[View]
23179162Fuck I hate being in love it's so painful. I just want to disappear. I'm just drunk and wa…[View]
23179204Im so tired of everything. Whats the point? Everything has been the same, the future will be the sam…[View]
23178749>our fluid conversation ended around 1 pm >her last message and response to a message i sent a…[View]
23178154How can I stop self sabotaging or be less of an aspie?: I'm 99% sure based on online tests and …[View]
23178699i stole chad's girlfriend and now im getting death threats but man this girl is hot she's …[View]
23179436Smoke a cigarette every 76 days to improve your immune system. (Look up hormesis)[View]
23179178when you fall asleep after cum in 5 mins, and she be like but what about me?[View]
23173739the girl that i wanna fuck (and who wants to fuck me) is getting fucked by another guy today/yesterd…[View]
23177275Abortion: I'm having an abortion in 2 days. It was postponed a week and I was so relieved. The…[View]
23175303I feel like I'm getting old: I'm turning 24 in December. I know that's not that old, …[View]
23178832I work for the benefits department of the government, and a person in my caseload is going to be hom…[View]
23176263>quit smoking almost 2 years ago >still crave them as much as the first day what the fuck do I…[View]
23179387Why is it so hard for me to confront my s/o? I need to. I need to either get some reassurance or to …[View]
23177672>got into a ldr at the beginning of covid >a few months in we starting ERPing with each other…[View]
23179003Help: Hi I'm 22m, and I rarely find myself attracted to women anymore and I dont feel any pleas…[View]
23178994jealousy or red flag?: My girlfriend likes to have a lot of friends, and thats totally cool and I su…[View]
23177638has anyone ever tried putting one of these things on your dick yet[View]
23179148Can't feel love: I struggle to feel any form of love but I do not know why. I feel numb and emp…[View]
23178205Any advice for narcissism?: Alright so I would say I tend to have some narcissistic tendencies, rath…[View]
23178647(Pic not related) I need some advice because I'm not entirely sure on what to do, and the infor…[View]
23175270apethy: I dont know how to bring myself to do anything. its so hard to get up and do anything. there…[View]
23177263Copy and pasting from /k/ because mods keep deleting morale check thread on there. Im just not feeli…[View]
23177049any tips on overcoming social anxiety? i.e. anxiety specifically around being around people? I'…[View]
23177102Holy fucking shit how do I stop overthinking? I've only just realized that I've done this …[View]
23179130>Was an autist back in highschool >Only had one best buddy >The group increasingly expanded…[View]
23178939Good computer chair: I've been through two different computer chairs in less than two years. i …[View]
23175539Python advice: Hello, /adv/ Because of the current situation of the job market in my country, I have…[View]
23178258How to get gf: Tl;dr what should I improve to get a gf? Yeah I know, this is probably the 1000000000…[View]
23178885I finished my bachelor's in Accounting and finally got a job in my field, but it turns out I fu…[View]
23178975I haven't found anyone after 1 year of my break up. At the same time my ex is already in her 2n…[View]
23179011Guys, how do I become an A student? Do I have to sacrifice meeting girls by deleting my tinder (i ba…[View]
23178370My gf of 4 years is an incredible person. She is quick-witted, extremely good socially, reads other …[View]
23179004If I somehow managed to clone my waifu and sped up the aginng process atrificially how would I go ab…[View]
23178157how do you get someone to respect you and fear you[View]
23177767Do I need to watch porn today?: subject[View]
23178965>30 years old >have 150k in savings >don't really have any RL friends to do things wit…[View]
23170792As a 18 year old poorfag on highschool who can't work, do I have any way of making money? I…[View]
23178948I’m a late 20s guy in the UK who has recently hades my resignation in because I got fed up with a my…[View]
23175766Is it normal for A students to do entire group projects themselves because failchildren don't m…[View]
23178846How do I get a gamer girlfriend if I don't play video games[View]
23178911Quick question and it’s stupid but I’m new to dating. Went out with a girl last night. Told her I ha…[View]
23178771What are some good jobs for someone with severe social anxiety? inb4 'stop being a pussy'[View]
23178893How do I get a gf if I have autism? I could talk for hours about stuff like 3D modeling and anime w…[View]
23178074Both my knees are pointing forward, are my feet ment to be angled like this? How do i fix it if not?[View]
23178843is dark and demonic two different things? Im trying to organize my music by the way they feel and id…[View]
23178872peepee feeling: There's a weird feeling around the very bottom of my pp around where pic relate…[View]
23173528I am a 31 year old virgin incel. How can I realistically change this. Only constructive advice pleas…[View]
23178514Bipolar Diagnosis Ignored.: Title says it all really. Got diagnosed February last year while in inpa…[View]
23178151MY EAR HURTS SO FUCKING BAD PLEASE HELP My earbuds fucked up one of my ears and it's 5 hours ti…[View]
23177501How do I stop thinking dirty...: F 23 I have a really hard time not being flirty or thinking dirty f…[View]
23178858Neck Injury: Figured I'd ask incase anyone on here has a modicum of medical knowledge or simila…[View]
23178689What does it mean when girls text you first?[View]
23176751Advice on how to increase sex appeal for men: I am interested in what women find sexually appealing.…[View]
23177926ATOGT: Ask the Opposite Gender Thread[View]
23178492At a low point fellas: Tldr ima keep it short: floridanon how do i get out of this contract for my h…[View]
23175661I will marry my filipina gf (which I love more than anything) and fly her into my country (haven…[View]
23178729Hard time connecting with others: Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and what they’v…[View]
23178448Should I text her?: Long story short we were to become FWB but we got into argument. She says that s…[View]
23177771Girl sending mixed signals?: Im 18 and never been in a relationship before Just finished first semes…[View]
23177073Is it just anxiety? I get this existential feeling of dread when I feel depressed. Like do other peo…[View]
23175685Toilet: My dorm toilet has been clogged for 2 days while I wait for the maintenance dude to come fix…[View]
23177241Why does people replying to my posts/comments in threads make me so nervous? My heartrate goes up a…[View]
23174489Need advice on buttsex: I need help coming up with a program/system to train my friend with benefits…[View]
23178409I feel bad because I don't think I ate a girl out during sex cause I was blackout drunk. And I …[View]
23177372>never had friends irl only 1 online friend >always a loner and secretive/shy >meet bf …[View]
23178251Hi /adv/ersaries, not sure if this shit works here (board tourist - sue me.) I have just woken up fr…[View]
23177254Help with crippling generalized anxiety: Every single day even if I'm just at home I have this …[View]
23177432How Sustainable is my substance use?: Wondering if anyone can let me know what the effects will be l…[View]
23176162How can I build a successful social media page on IG now that I'm an ascending incel? I've…[View]
23176165Confidence with Talking to Girls; Getting Past a Fear of Rejection: How the fuck do you get the conf…[View]
23175879Help: Despite my socially awkward behaviour in my prebubescent years i managed to be 'semi' normal i…[View]
23178484Yo Relationship/opposite sex advice please I started off talking to this girl earlier in the year. W…[View]
23178476Finally worked up the courage and asked her out for coffee. She missed the damn train and lucked out…[View]
23177839How do i talk to a girl? there's this one in my college psych class. we went to high school tog…[View]
23178422My(19) gf(18) just broke up when I ended things today. We'd been together since Feb 4th and thi…[View]
23177785>20 yr old male >first relationship in 3 years So I started dating this girl a month ago. She’…[View]
23174505How can I cope with loneliness and/or get rid of the desire to have a romantic partner? Basically, …[View]
23178216Why cant I fall in love?[View]
23175695Howvto stop doing things in fear?: >play wow because of online friends >dont even like them th…[View]
23178143Work shitty part-time job >Get tired of it and get a full-time job while working the part-time jo…[View]
23176551I over-regulate myself and I don't know how to be comfortably normal. Inevitably, I end up exha…[View]
23176110Last Saturday I posted about my dad threatening to beat me for 'disrespecting my mom' by not going v…[View]
23173854Where can I find 30 to 50 year old women who want to have pandemic sex with me?[View]
23177746How do I find a career path?: How do I determine what career path is best is best for me? Ive been r…[View]
23176685Real talk: I don't know if I have what it takes to be successful in any capacity. lately I…[View]
23178158Hey everyone, I'm Australian and moving to a rural community work for six months to a year. I …[View]
23176102i started abusing bromazepam and i do not know how to stop. i started using it to fall asleep and th…[View]
23177280aromatherapy: I've been looking into it because I want my room to smell nice, to seem more matu…[View]
23178113bumped into my ex at work, we chatted for a bit and just asked how we were and that sort of small ta…[View]
23176748LDR GF rather stay on social media all day than hang out with me anymore: Yeah yeah, LDR. I know. F…[View]
23177495Where can I find somebody to talk to?: I’ve been feeling a lot more anxious and depressed than usual…[View]
23176972What are the best jobs for people with literally no social skills whatsoever?[View]
23175762I should prolly post this on /sci/ as well but amy tips/books for a Signals and Sytems course? Midte…[View]
23176112I have a family member who smokes pot almost daily, and it's causing them to make stupid decisi…[View]
23176844I stopped wearing my retainers for upwards of a year, I have no idea why I did this. I'm so emb…[View]
23177182Scared of getting killed when going outside: How do I stop this shit?[View]
23177468Japan is trying to release their contaminated water from Fukushima into sea, and I really want to st…[View]
23174852I think porn is degenerate in a relationship. My bf does not feel the same way. I expected that when…[View]
23175484So I was seeing this girl that couldn't make her mind on what she wanted with me and was always…[View]
23177666Where can I go?: I feel like a nomad wandering without any place to settle. Every place I go on the …[View]
23177625Advice for buying Waifu: I’m going to buy a Waifu Pillow but I don’t want my parents to find out I o…[View]
23174431GIOYC: Get it off your chest Old: >>23171238[View]
23176879How do, I get myself a tall girlfriend? I don't like to bother with tinder, and every girl i…[View]
23176986My girlfriend has turned into this bitchy, nagging attention-whore who has outstayed her welcome sev…[View]
23176990this guy is always spamming fat fetish porn in my general and nobody else will report him so he neve…[View]
23177210Seriously considering attempting suicide I'm very mentally ill and trying to get back in treatm…[View]
23175462part 1 >be me, f, four years ago at 14 y/o, no meaningful friendships, going through life without…[View]
2317719318/F was in a really bad spot mentally and physically a few years ago. I decided to work on myself. …[View]
23174103Accidentally used college WiFi to search for porn while working, while employed by said college: So …[View]
23177216Ex girlfriend keeps parking near my house. Is there anything I can do? >broke up a month ago …[View]
23175121Friend texting my BF: So I have been with a guy who 2 years now and I recently found out my best fri…[View]
23177335Is my life even worth turning around?: My life has been a trainwreck and I don't know if I shou…[View]
23176624My ex wants me dead: My ex boyfriend has expressed the desire to kill me. He was always kinda edgy a…[View]
23174782I'm sorry, I think Ive already seen these kind of questions some times ago but back then it was…[View]
23176131Do women hate men that show any emotion besides happiness and justified anger? My ex was always tryi…[View]
23174442I was playing CS 1.6 with a friend last night and after disconnecting he messaged me. He confessed; …[View]
23177171Am I supposed to like what I do or is discipline and forcing myself to do shit I don't like the…[View]
23175039How realistic it that a sexless marriage will be successful?[View]
23175112A little advice from yours truly: >everything is boring / pointless. what should i do? Here are m…[View]
23176923can someone help me understand what happened and if it's normal for a girl. so my gf ghosted me…[View]
23176595Constant Fear: Any advice on dealing with constant fear? Mentally I have a clear understanding that…[View]
23171306Gf acting weird: My girlfriend of 4 years, who I love very much, has been growing increasingly colde…[View]
23173810Am I a bad person for falling in love quickly after a 5 years relationship breakup? 2 months ago my …[View]
23175226How do you cope with getting older? I look in the mirror and I see a completely different person tha…[View]
23176744Tinnitus: How do I cope with tinnitus better? Is there a secret to this? It's been a year and …[View]
23177001HELP: My African Dwarf Frog has a weird spot on him: hey guys! I've looked online to try and fi…[View]
23177061Hahaha, no but seriously, where do I meet people online? I just want someone to play DOTA 2, WoW, C…[View]
23176940Really want to date this hardcore republican country girl where I live, shes about a couple of hours…[View]
23176123Getting over ex fiance: My fiance and I broke up last week. I miss them terribly. The worst part is …[View]
23176017Best college major if the only thing i care about is making as much money as possible?[View]
23176520Why can't a girl just like me and only me? That's all I fucking want but every girl I…[View]
23175588First Date advice: I'm going on a date with a girl I know nothing about. I literally saw her on…[View]
23177000How do I stop obsessing over a female: When I was 14 I met this girl and she was cute and cool and s…[View]
23176836Converting from Agnostic to Religious: I want to read religious texts to see how wise or ridiculous …[View]
23172985How to get over having a small penis?: So I'm objectively ugly and I have a small penis (7.62cm…[View]
23176856I'm diagnosed Bipolar 1 with psychotic features and Pure OCD. At what point do I mention this t…[View]
23176860Novel Video Ideas: What are some novel/unique videos I can create for YouTube? Every time I try to t…[View]
23175098is it wrong that i am going to fuck a fat semi ugly woman just to lose virginity and this entire vir…[View]
23176822I need your advice on a very particular topic. I'm going to have a meeting with someone who I h…[View]
23176790I get sad unless my boyfriend is around me 24/7... is that clingy? If so, what do?[View]
23176820How do I get myself to throw away my fleshlight?: I use it 3 times in the morning and then at that p…[View]
23176085New tripping session: I had a 200ug acid drop on wednesday and 0,4 grams of 2cb yesterday. Could I d…[View]
23175841I’m 11 months into a 12 month internship with a firm consisting of two partners. They’re two married…[View]
23173515How to cope with women being driven by attention and gratification: My gf, like all women, is driven…[View]
23175146>be me, 30 y/o male >gf of 4 years broke up with me >lived together for 2 years >I never…[View]
23176704hey anons, heres a sob story for ya was friends with this chick for awhile, maybe a 6 or 7/10 but go…[View]
23172287Do ex's ever come back? I was dealing with so many issues when this guy came into my life and I…[View]
23176336Nobody told me having a gf would be so tedious and annoying She needs so much attention What am I s…[View]
23173021My gf is several years older than me, she's pushing 40 but I want a younger woman to have babie…[View]
23176567feral cats?: >landlord tells me 'dont feed cats anymore' >i stop 2 weeks ago due to fear of be…[View]
23173699cant stop thinking of fucking my roommate: femanon here, quarantine has me reaally sexually frustrat…[View]
23173700How do you stop being needy? When I start flirting with a girl I can be pretty witty and confident b…[View]
23176611How do I enjoy things Places like Reddit are terrible noises filled places And I can’t explain the p…[View]
23173158How long 3 way relationships can last?: Asking for a friend. Imagine a situation. You go to a club w…[View]
23175851Girl is always texting first: What does this mean? On a more serious note, how can I take advantage …[View]
23175882I hate having ASPD: I fucking hate this disorder and being forced to fake having a normal life. I ju…[View]
23175024I got perscribed escitalophram SSRIs for my anxiety and I'm too afraid to take them. I just wan…[View]
23176157How do I become more ambitious and stop being lazy? I feel like I am wasting my life[View]
23176066bumble is superior to tinder. when I was 18, it didn't work. but now that it been two years, it…[View]
23176448Hey guys I need help. I did this embarrassing thing back in high school and I've been graduated…[View]
23176468Does anyone know what font is this? I need to find it asap[View]
23173512Am i witch-LARPing despite being male?: >be me >write a text about why super-hero comics and m…[View]
23176119What does hanging out means?: I am 24, never had friends, grown up pretty reclusive family. Move out…[View]
23176301Boofing?: Is it worth it to boof MDMA? Any advice on doing it correctly?[View]
23176253IDK how many Asians are on this board, but does anyone else feel kind of an ageing dissonance? I…[View]
23176229Appropriate Christmas Spending when Jobless: Any thoughts on how much is appropriate to spend on fam…[View]
23175850This is basically my background. Now I'm the least functional in my family, isolating for years…[View]
23175940How can you get a temporary working visa in the US as a non US citizen? All the advice I've lo…[View]
23175076Itt ask the opposite gender anything[View]
23175506I just need help with interpreting this because I am legit struggling to understand what it means. …[View]
23176115Any advice on letting go?[View]
23174923Hello, I'm a teenage boy and I don't know what the fuck is up with me. I am kind of in lov…[View]
23173960How to stop feeling worthless?: Hello frens. I don't do anything all day except drinking cheap …[View]
23175867Currently working in retail and I need out and a good salary ASAP. What’s the better option, a colle…[View]
23176055Is whispering to myself out loud normal?: Sometimes when I'm thinking I quietly whisper the wor…[View]
23171849Any advice on a hair style: I don’t know what would look good on me.[View]
23175629Sup /adv/ I have been with my significant other for about 10 months now. We haven’t been seeing each…[View]
23175833The top part of my molar tooth just broke off. Can it somehow still heal with dentist[View]
23175906Am I wrong?: I posted about a week ago on here about a problem I had with a now ex. I need some more…[View]
23175991Corrupt bargain.: The current page for my 200 weapon mod(and lots of other things, of Xonotic) doesn…[View]
23175865i need some advice anons: >met a girl a year ago let's call her A >A starts giving me sig…[View]
23172666How do I rid myself of my negative mentality?[View]
23173358I hate my life, I am avoidant and lazy, I barely can do anything to improve myself, my day looks lik…[View]
23175881Final REDPILL about /adv/: Face it lads deep down all of us know it, advices, questions it's al…[View]
23174965everything is so boring. i was watching anime and i felt nothing. games, movies, its all so pointles…[View]
23175666My best friend is dating the girl I’m in love with. He knew how I felt and went out with her anyway.…[View]
23175861Blocked IP: I can't access this website from my main IP. I get the 'DNS_PROBR_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN…[View]
23175815How do I become the cool uncle? I really want to have a good relationship with my nephews and nieces…[View]
23173944How do you ask a stranger if she wants to have sex with you, without being locked up?[View]
23174824Got new neighbors. Sarah and Jess. Sarah is my friend. Jess is her hot roommate. I just got out of a…[View]
23175458How hard is it to actually become rich, and will most people every be rich or just fall into the wea…[View]
23174069I cant fucking get myself to study, i really need help my exams are in a month, this online educatio…[View]
23175773I'm currently pursuing a masters degree in pure mathematics with possible intent to go onto a P…[View]
23174953What is this next to my groin area on my upper inner right thigh? 1. It doesn't itch, hasn…[View]
23175686How do I make sure I don’t ejaculate prematurely during first sexual encounter? I haven’t masturbate…[View]
23174494How can I be more social at parties or events? I wouldn't say I'm an introvert or really s…[View]
23173666How to stop thinking about death? No matter what I do, I am haunted by the thought that I could die …[View]
23175616Help anons. >been masturbating almost everyday for i'd say 2 and a half years now >don…[View]
23175313Need advice thinking of getting Christmas gifts[View]
23175538How do I know if I am skitzo?: Are any of you people skitzo and how do you know if you’re skitzo?…[View]
23175414Futa: I’m a femanon whose really into 3D futa. But my boyfriend is really turned on by me watching i…[View]
23175255I am procrastinating playing video games, reading fiction, even posting at 4chan at this point. How …[View]
23172131Asian Fetish Help: >Realize I have a raging Asian fetish >Only see myself settling down with a…[View]
23175062cat poo: i live in a studio and just started fostering an adult cat. shes very friendly and nice and…[View]
23173987>slept through my team meeting again >haven't messaged back anyone in weeks >feel fuck…[View]
23175104There's a chick that moved in my building recently and I've ran into her a couple of times…[View]
23174895One of my best friends has unfortunately used this lockdown time to turn into a full blown alex jone…[View]
23175363Wife's heritage is dragging her down.: My family is mostly anglo German and we love our culture…[View]
23174108>Little brother is trying to become a gaming youtuber. >Has been uploading videos daily for a…[View]
23175482How do I get in touch with my feminine side?[View]
23174984I have a guy coming over tomorrow. First date but I don't want to put out. Do I tell him this s…[View]
23175439I wake up and find my phone missing and my mom going through it. She sees all my videos. How do I ki…[View]
23175239Bars are closing tomorrow in my country. Should i take the chance and show normies what i do for enj…[View]
23174755How do I stop holding grudges forever and ever and ever and ever? I never forgive anyone no matter w…[View]
23175426what did I do wrong?: Theres a new girl on my coach and I heard she had an interest in films so natu…[View]
23175408Fuck. I just realized why i can‘t quit 4chan and find such good arguments on why it‘s not that bad a…[View]
23173688Bisexual men: Is being a bisexual guy a dealbreaker for most women? From what I read online, I shoul…[View]
23175378>Be me >Have cousins who I believe I'm good friends with >Used to come over and play W…[View]
23173867My penis and ballsack: I have injured my penis heard a snap and it was hurting but not too much. Bee…[View]
23175342Please be patient I have autism: How do I act more excited when people give me gifts? My birthday is…[View]
23172256Happiness/Suicide: I severely lack happiness and can't see it in my future. I've felt suic…[View]
23173842My ex and i broke up a while ago but had always ignored me bringing the issue of getting my clothes …[View]
23175192Falling for my Project Coordinator: So, a little background: I am a 4th year med student enroled in …[View]
23174715I feel there's nothing inherently wrong with not wanting to do anything, and the only reason I…[View]
23175241I´ve had a feeling coming and going away since many years, I believe it started back at highschool w…[View]
23174933Yell at me until I clean my apartment pls Can lost pics[View]
23175137If I've always been weak, is there any way for me to get strong?[View]
23170836My dad died this morning. We were very close, but I've been away for school and haven't se…[View]
23171640Going to bar alone: Any tips for how to pickup women whilst alone at the bar? I haven't actuall…[View]
23172037I’ve had this strange experience lately: I’ve had this female friend for about 3 yrs. We didn’t have…[View]
23173208Normal to not desire relationships with anyone?: I grew up in an upper middle class household, went …[View]
23174734my gf has been going down a dark path lately. she had a full on depressive breakdown a little more t…[View]
23173465My manager at work told me that he has feelings for me. He has a long term GF. Now I feel more lonel…[View]
23175085how to do what i have to do instead of following my feelings and moods[View]
23172257What degree burn is this? It's from grabbing a tea kettle: What degree burn is this? It's …[View]
23171573My girlfriend was born and raised in Japan and moved to the US six years after finishing high school…[View]
23173780Something very bad happened last night: >be me >Thanksgiving night >entire extended family …[View]
23174976What is the best way to get funding to start an organization dedicated to providing true justice to …[View]
23174575Someone who actually has their shit together, add me and tell me how to get my shit together... Squi…[View]
23175028>be me, 20 >masturbate and watch porn for years now >incel and virgin until last month when…[View]
23174842Pretty sure Roomie is cheating on his gf: Me (and everyone else I live with) is pretty sure one of o…[View]
23173995guys i want to fug girl but i dont have a sofa or a tv just a bed, laptop, table and a chair.. dont …[View]
23173859How do I go about salvaging this?[View]
23174601Looking for advice on where to move (and happy to share what I found out).: Looking for advice on wh…[View]
23174882Sup /adv/ So today my roommate brought a chick over. He'd gone on one date with her previously.…[View]
23174005Why do people go to things like astrology? Women more often then men fall for it and they usually ju…[View]
23172812Tempted to cheat: My ex has recently came back in my life. I've been with my current girlfriend…[View]
23174956Identity: I've always hated how I looked yet joked about my appearance to my friends to make fu…[View]
23173694My gf is hot but she doesn't want to hear it: My gf thinks that she isn't thick, with no a…[View]
23173560i keep getting told that i seem more like a friend than a boyfriend by girls i've dated and als…[View]
23174834Hi anons I’m posting here again because I feel awful and everything gets worse and worse every sing…[View]
23173130How do you guys keep yourself from ripping your hair out when working fast food: i work mcdonalds wh…[View]
23174893I'm not lonely you are.: I Think I've gone insane because of my loneliness I'm only 2…[View]
23174862ignored ex-boss' message for a week, now im thinking of getting back to him because hes offerin…[View]
23173091How do I find the next big goal in my life? After many years of striving I've finally obtained …[View]
23174562Bf keeps looking at other girls: I doubt it'll change, should I just try to accept it or feel b…[View]
23172832What do I do?: >Be me. >25 years old. >Quiet sperg. >Lost connection with old friends. …[View]
23174659How do i cope with bad genetics and schizoid personality 22 btw[View]
23173774i'm hanging out with a girl i'm seeing 1:1 in one of our flats this weekend i've neve…[View]
23174660i want to go back how do i go back[View]
231747313rd year failing uni student, alone and depressed: I'm moving into my third year of college nex…[View]
23172738Some girl keeps on telling people I sexually assaulted her even though she was the one that initiate…[View]
23174726Should I format my computer and factory reset my phone before I die? Can my family find a way to byp…[View]
23174669website: Is the website game.co.uk safe and trustworthy to buys from? << Pic not related >…[View]
23171206GFs friends are all mentally ill: So my gf has 4 friends who are all mentally ill in one way or anot…[View]
23173406Becoming increasingly clear I have no shot with the girl I'm into or possibly anyone else ever.…[View]
23172429what are signs that a relationship should end? what have your experiences been?[View]
23174387Dating Japanese: What’s it like considering most of them in the US are liberal leaning? I have a fee…[View]
23171788how do yuo give people compliments on the food they cooked at thanksgiving dinner???[View]
23173746Escape: I might be getting charged with 2nd degree felony for choking someone which is bullshit but …[View]
23170778When to hold hands/kiss?: Long story short, I managed to never have any kind of intimacy or a gf. I …[View]
23174087How bad is masturbation? I left porn after reading about it's awful effects on the brain and th…[View]
23172503small date dilemma: I'm supposed to be meeting a guy in person on saturday for the first time. …[View]
23174001I have a very bad friend.: I know it might sound strange, but I’ve had a very cancerous friend for a…[View]
23174556Had a Nightmare - What Does It mean?: I had a nightmare that directly involved me for the first time…[View]
23169570I got a girlfriend 2 days ago and I'm really happy. She was a friend of mine and I was over at…[View]
23173331ON SCHOOLING: School is a conspiracy to teach you as little as possible. It proceeds at a pace inten…[View]
23173257Powernapping: Do powernaps actually work? Are they worthwhile? What's the optimal length for …[View]
23173718How do I figure out what I want to do in life?: I really don't know what to do after high schoo…[View]
23174030will all the bad people ever have to answer to the universe for their sins?[View]
23174388Stool problems: Well, I'll keep it simple. Since monday I've been feeling pretty constipat…[View]
23173487How do I deal with these emotions: > Back in August I closed off a relationship with a friend ove…[View]
23174409So wtf is this and how can i post again? I don‘t have cryptocurrency.[View]
23174398PS4: I live in the UK, have waited for about 3 weeks expecting there to be ps4's in stock for b…[View]
23174427Don't enjoy things that I am good at: Is this normal? Since I was young i've been good at …[View]
23174402How do I get over face mask anxiety: Just the feeling that everyone's looking at me if I ever h…[View]
23173807How do I into conversation? I desperately want to be more social, make friends, meet women, etc. but…[View]
23174092i m supposed to start my projects and i already have like hundreds of idea but i cant seem to start …[View]
23173194When I think about doing something, I calculate it it's worth an effort and realize it's n…[View]
23173954Is lowering your standards a bad idea?: I am an average dude. I never went for very attractive girls…[View]
23173885Anon’s stripper party: Got three strippers for thanksgiving, for my boss and coworkers. Did not real…[View]
23173916How do I become a well adjusted person in college? Should I read self improvement books? Currently 2…[View]
23173747What are small things that could improve your life?: Is meditation good for you? How do I stop worry…[View]
23173721I have a girlfriend but I think I have some incel type mind traits. I dint gage women, but I hate so…[View]
23173704Taking father's advice: I have been using the internet actively since I was six years old, and …[View]
23171581I could potentially ruin someone's career and loose them their job tomorrow. Wut do? Story: was…[View]
23173760Where to buy shit like clothes and posters and and stuff like other consoomers. I have no personalit…[View]
23173855NNN GENERAL /NNN/ DAY 27 EDITION: PREVIOUS: >>23168918 This general is reserved for all discus…[View]
23171701Confronted “gf” on being distant: >7 dates in with this girl so I guess she is/was my gf idk >…[View]
23172860Why do I feel like I'm being burned whenever someone touches me?[View]
23173782How do I get over my imposter syndrome?[View]
23173713Need some breakup advice anons: It's been a few months now since the breakup. I can still feel …[View]
23173559Quick question on contraception: Hi folks, so I coomed in my gf last week when we were pretty sure s…[View]
23173680How to come to terms with the fact that I'm destined to be alone forever?: It's been over …[View]
23172416So I met this girl at a park where I jog every other day now, she takes her dog to walk there and on…[View]
23173635Anyone else here diagnosed with GERD or feels like they might have that shit? What have you done abo…[View]
23172629No more family christmases: I went home for the holidays this year and my family has gone to shit. F…[View]
23173674>get email saying they want to hire me for an internship >tells me to call him for more inform…[View]
23173126Annoyed at Bumble: I met a woman on bumble recently and things went well. After a first date we mess…[View]
23173523le porn use thread So bros I woke up this morning and had a wank just using my imagination, no porn.…[View]
23173605Is not wanting to pay using a browser an irrational fear? I really don't trust websites or my a…[View]
23173603Being horny sucks: I hate it. Takes away from my day, wastes my time, and whenever I have sex it can…[View]
23169497How do I love unconditionally?[View]
23173241Does quitting masturbation and porn really work?: I've seen many make the argument that cutting…[View]
23171859ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
23173213Need to find a new fetish.: I used to watch a lot of porn as a kid and got into the whole 'step…[View]
23173070How do I become more ambitious and stop being lazy? I feel like I am wasting my life also my mother …[View]
23173517How bad is it to my sight?: I watch my computer or phone 19/24 hrs a day now that we have lockdown. …[View]
23173360>i don't want to lose in life anyone know this feel? is it bad to think this way?…[View]
23173264How do I make my soon to be ex to move out of my apartment?: Hey friends, This might seem a stupid …[View]
23172514is 4 hours and 30 minutes enough time to do a 800 word uni essay?[View]
23172327i am not sure what to do: i am a high school senior and this dimepiece freshmen girl want the pipe, …[View]
23170185Should I buy an anime-body pillow?: I am considering getting a dakimakura with a cute anime girl to …[View]
23173366I am slowly losing my family to politics. I've always never liked politics and i know if i got …[View]
23170098>be white with white mom >have step dad who has been there since I was 3 >am 19 now >ste…[View]
23173322Hi, I'd like some help/other eyes on this about a girl: Well, we're classmates, met 2 week…[View]
23173011skool: So, my first semester of college is coming to a close, and honestly, I'm feeling like sh…[View]
23171918I'm a guy, and I'm really, REALLY bad at sex. I'm in the middle of a very long dry sp…[View]
23171695Some advice in getting famous?: I write and im learning to draw so i want to gather people first to …[View]
23171536My mother lied to us kids when we were growing up. It wasn't until I was 25 that I learned I ha…[View]
23171116Hi, retard here whose made it: Just started a very high paying job. I found out that the reason why …[View]
23171703Chicks with kids: I'm approaching my 30's and the dating pool is honestly quite shit and a…[View]
23172369I’m a 30 year old working retail living paycheck to paycheck in a roach infested studio apartment wi…[View]
23173260How to create an imageboard?[View]
23172988hi /adv/ i made a promisse to my uncle in his deathbed and i neglected it...i promissed id look afte…[View]
23172555signs a woman will be a bad mother?[View]
23172977Are full teeth replacements worth it? My teeth are fucked, and its stressing me the fuck out[View]
23172653I don't know anymore: It all feels like it's over now. Everything coming crashing down. I …[View]
23171012My father is currently in the hospital and he only has a few days to live. All my life he shit on me…[View]
23171238GIOYC: GIOYC[View]
23172647How do Me and my buddy scheme a way to get out of the navy with honorable?[View]
23173253Are there any good colleges in Texas that I could get a full ride to attend for being hispanic? Curr…[View]
23172797I need to leave my husband cuz hes a gaslighting prick that cant even wipe his own ass. And he’s inf…[View]
23172776Should I care about what other people are thinking?: Most of my decisions are based on other peoples…[View]
23170947I have an atheist gf who I know I'm going to marry one day. to people who got married to or are…[View]
23171201What to do with someone trying to wind you up?: I am 30 and currently working on catching up social …[View]
23172935At what age does it become questionable not having a GF?: I turned 23 in October and a good sum of m…[View]
23173146Need to find a new fetish.: I used to watch a lot of porn as a kid and got into the whole 'step…[View]
23173120Why can't I get over my ex? I mentioned to him that I was feeling depressed and suicidal and he…[View]
23172445Just turned 23, all I do is sit on here, vidya, and Youtube. I work part time, don't really hav…[View]
23169799my bf got mad at me and said he wouldn't want to marry me if i wouldn't cook for him..?[View]
23172716DPDR Thread/Help: it is hard for me to type right now as it is attacking me hard so please refer to …[View]
23172265How often do you shower? Brush your teeth?[View]
23172961I’m seriously considering suicide for the first time in my life. I never wanted to be the disappoint…[View]
23171443I can't stop procrastinating.: I eventually get work done, but I always feel guilty for leaving…[View]
23173092hello, never posted in this board before but i'll go for it, i feel like losing the person i mo…[View]
23171372GF and I have been dating for almost 10 years. She doesn't hug or kiss me without prompting any…[View]
23172454Every single day I miss the feeling of being in the hospital pushing the button to inject myself wit…[View]
23172288Is industrial design a good major?[View]
23171428How to hang yourself without fucking up: Google is of no help[View]
23172947Depression/suicidal cope: What's the best cure for depression? How do you remove the 'i ne…[View]
23172347what do i do with my life? I'm in my second year of community college that im going to for bas…[View]
23172867How do I shave my balls and trim my pubes correctly? I might be getting sexsex tomorrow and my cock …[View]
23171460What is and isn’t starfish sex?: I hear guys complain about starfish sex all the time, but I’ve neve…[View]
23170695How come I never mentally grew up?[View]
23172466Girlfriend didn't get her period yet: My girlfriend and I stopped having sex for a couple of we…[View]
23170350Piano by ear: Anyone got that skill? Because i really want to know how to play specific part of a so…[View]
23168587How bad is my jawline? Can exercises help?[View]
23172807How do I become a better person? Will reading religious texts help me?[View]
23172349Gonna call a girl to ask her out. Should I a) call out of the blue; b) text a few mins b4 calling; c…[View]
23171851Have to force leisure but don't feel depressed: I don't (( feel )) depressed but I have a …[View]
23172694What's the best way of handling humiliation? It's stuck like a fish bone since weeks[View]
23172326I have likely 25k in Warhammer 40k models. My family is moving and they are like you should chuck th…[View]
23170902I've been listening to ASMRs of girls who pretend to be your girlfriend and provide you with co…[View]
23171856Should I post this photo on instagram?[View]
23172212How come /adv/ is the only board that won't let me post or view images unless I'm in incog…[View]
23171633Post Cum Clarity. I matched with a chubby girl in Tinder, we talked and stuff. We got along, nothing…[View]
23172620Blocking someone on discord: Need some help. I'm using discord but not too familiar with it. I …[View]
23171349How do I keep my slaves from trying to run away?[View]
23172556Why are good experiences inherently sad?: It seems like good experiences that are short are really e…[View]
23172486Unsure if I want to start Dating yet: I'm 21 and somewhat attractive. My friends and parents te…[View]
23171944Meeting older girls: Once this COVID cancer is over, I want to start a serious relationship, not int…[View]
23167961Stuck with childish girlfriend: 25 year old dude here. I began dating a 18 year old girl (now she is…[View]
23172175Facial hair: Hey guys, Keeping it short, I didn’t really grow up with my dad, as I’m trying to keep …[View]
23172352Morality or Depravity?: Is it worth it to spend my 20s just fucking about? I have a super addictive …[View]
23172223i think my stepsis is going a little nutty today was thanksgiving, and when she was talking, she had…[View]
23171933Other people catfish as me and spread my wrong information: Hi everyone, I had a internet presence f…[View]
23172333Not really sure how to help a bro out: A real close friend of mine recently broke up with his girlfr…[View]
23172173language exchange: worth the effort? I'm not good texting people i don't know[View]
23172360is it even worth dating at 19-20? seems like every dime a dozen jezabell has the depth of a kiddie p…[View]
23172316Should I call to ask her out? I'm inviting a girl to a fancy NYE party, and I'm going to d…[View]
23172109Sup /adv/ So today my roommate brought a chick over. He'd gone on one date with her previously.…[View]
23169419What are some good topics that have a geographical political influence involving events that date ba…[View]
23172260What's wrong with me?: These last two months I feel like I got out of my 'automatic' mode in li…[View]
23172012I need immediate help. I was eating alone at a bar. Suddenly, I have the sudden need to take a shit.…[View]
23171780dumped over text: Ever since she dumped me over text, I’ve felt very low. It’s been well over a year…[View]
23171430My crush is a horrible person but I still like her: We met because her best friend had a crush on me…[View]
23172220Is my dick gonna fall off?: >just got home >all of a sudden had to pee >no way i make it to…[View]
2317215825 y/o semi-NEET. Are there any jobs that don't require tying yourself to a company for decades…[View]
23172142How do you deal with self-loathing? I hate people who remind me of myself, because I hate myself. I…[View]
231718472 weeks ago my opener on tinder was 'hey (name) how ya doin?' and they replied 70% of the time. Now …[View]
23170302>Multiple e-mails everyday from companies telling me I'm not good enough to work for them …[View]
23168866No body to talk to feeling sad: Someone who I thought was really close to me just suddenly told me t…[View]
23170088I always feel like I'm in a bad mood, like an angsty person in general. I tend to be very flipp…[View]
23172064I’m unsure how to word this post. I’m in a very negative space right now, and I feel like all of th…[View]
23171873how do you smoke and not worry about cancer?[View]
23170668how do i die in my sleep? looking for a medicine that i can inject in me so i can die in sleep. too …[View]
23171916Being stuck at home all day every day is driving me insane. I have no routine or structure and my fu…[View]
23170387How do I cope with the fact that other guys approach the same girl?: I always feel immediately defea…[View]
23171938So I posted that thread the other day about being a complete social retard but because I'm gene…[View]
23171352I have been falsely accused of rape. >friend I've known for years has breakup with her boyfr…[View]
23171959Fail life: Ok so i started a fast food business and it was going ok but because of the pandemic have…[View]
23171832How to be a proper boyfriend and keep her for the long run?[View]
23171783Schizoid Thanksgiving: When you have a PD that falls in line with social aversion, you end up not li…[View]
23170249Hey, anyone can help me?[View]
23171921Keep Chasing Toxic Women: I wasn't a very socially adept person for most of my life. I've …[View]
23171218Girl trying to get attention: So a female friend of my homie is an attention whore, who is known for…[View]
23166100To cheat or not?: So I’ve been with my gf for 6 years now, we are engaged and have a 3 year old son.…[View]
23169931i think i have an internet addiction also i not studying like i should be doing i didn't take …[View]
23170868ACT: >take pre-act course >corona happens >pre act course is now virtual, and there is now …[View]
23171562So I've made some pretty life-destroying incidents and problems in my life to really continue o…[View]
23171794Why do I dread being alone? I always have an urge to hang out with people rather than working on mys…[View]
23171791Increasing hate for my dad: I have a terrible relationship with my dad. He never shows any affection…[View]
23171664Need Advice: >be me walking near a park >>>there's a phone in a bench >phone is …[View]
23171757Talking with a girl again: Gday anons recently I’ve gotten outta lockdown and I’ve been able to go o…[View]
23171050How do I prevent girls from falling in love with me?[View]
23171155Attachment styles: Does anyone have experience with avoidant girlfriends? Mine broke up with me aft…[View]
23166807Anyone have experience with dental implants in the US? What sort of pain would I be looking at? Unfo…[View]
23168640I can either A. Change my major to CS, graduate one or possibly two semesters later. Really really e…[View]
23169504Uni student here. My brain feels full from doing school stuff. How do I stop my brain feeling like t…[View]
23171567I'm so lonely. I haven't so much as shaken someone's hand since this stupid pandemic …[View]
23169677For the ones born in between 1990 - 2000s A. K. A >crackbabies Is it normal to not have found a p…[View]
23171577>mom has a friend a few years younger than her >she's a chronically single BPD dogmom hip…[View]
23170534Is self-kindess a meme? Have any of you tried it? I read about it and this girl said to write a lett…[View]
23171252Sup /adv/, I don't usually post here but I'm at a total loss of direction in my life. I…[View]
23171586I want to die painfully: >I like a girl >She likes me >She tells me >Literally still fee…[View]
2316958122 my first girlfriend broke up with me. She has been brainwashed by discord twitter trannys for yea…[View]
23170175I was introduced to trap porn at a young age. This fetish arises every couple of months. I try to re…[View]
23171415How do I wake up living another life? I haven't slept more than 10 hours since I was like 8 yea…[View]
23170186Gimme reasons not to kill myself. There's nothing I enjoy and I'm unlovable[View]
23170898picking between two job offers: i did a bachelors in computer science. the first company is a local …[View]
23169586How do I get my 13 year old cousin to stop looking at his phone? Everywhere he goes, no matter where…[View]
23171509Hi, I'd like some help/other eyes on this about a girl: Well, we're classmates, met 2 week…[View]
23171499My friend is dating a 9/10 blonde, last week I had a dream that I fucked her. Last night, every time…[View]
23171289How do I become more ambitious and stop being lazy? I feel like I am wasting my life also my mother…[View]
23170011Am I autistic/assburger?: My whole life I've been terrified about changes, whether they are min…[View]
23168835I was bored and unmotivated and depressed, so I thought I'd stimulate myself with some coffee. …[View]
23168879Severe tinnitus is literally destroying my whole fucking life. I want to die every second of the day…[View]
23171369Should I see a therapist? I've quit college after 5 years and just want to have someone to hold…[View]
23171185I was and still am lacking of social skills. I had a realization a while ago, basically I had quite …[View]
23165719The HOA for my condo are fucking retards: What recourse do I have? >They towed my car with no war…[View]
23171115It's ok to think that women are npcs? I mean by npc, they're not interested in male topics…[View]
23170527So, let's say I've developed an unhealthy relationship with porn. I have been making an ef…[View]
23169940so guys...ive been severly depressed, i have no family or friends to speak off,my only actvities are…[View]
23169459Is this false positive? or this girl is retarded: Please read this post entirely I seriously need an…[View]
23171175Phenibut is so fucking good. I had the first good date in 10 years on this magic powder. How do I no…[View]
23169056I have never smoked my entire life and recently I have started smoking around 1 to 3 cigs a day but …[View]
23171324Is accidentally pulling all nighters a sign of adhd? I have a tendency to stay up all night if I am;…[View]
23170903I'm ashamed to ask that, but I can I stop having sexual fantasies about my auntie? It disgusts …[View]
23169355Work problem: I have a problem at work and I can't seem to find a solution. There's this g…[View]
23171143plagiarism: >need to write my graduate thesis >contact a professor who offers me a thesis topi…[View]
23171287that feeling when you shart your pants because of some undiagnosed bowel issue and then have your um…[View]
23168376You’ve heard this story before. Guy meets girl, they fall in love. Guy loses job (pre covid). Girl h…[View]
23170224How do I enjoy sex with my girlfriend?: My gf and I have been together for about two years, and ever…[View]
23171191I would like to know whether that thing that happened to me some years ago is somehow normal or comp…[View]
23171052Heading to nowhere: I don't know what to do with my life at this point anymore. Have no friends…[View]
23170930Dr dr give me the news: Is dr.squach shit worth the prices that are listed for, even the discounted …[View]
23170683Why am I not my girlfriend's point of contact?: I've started to get pretty annoyed at my g…[View]
23171132Recent events have made me feel lonely after a long time of being comfortable single. I deleted all …[View]
23170788My Dad not talking to me: I am 18 years old, throughout my childhood my dad would stop talking to me…[View]
23171119I always have my head on the clouds and I have childish behaviour, lack of discipline and I feel a l…[View]
23171123How do you get along with autistic people? I have like 3 autistic friends and they all seem some deg…[View]
23170601bf always horny around me and he feels bad about it: ok /adv/ is there anything i or my bf can do to…[View]
23170769Panic Attacks: Anons I think I might have panic attacks, my heart start racing sometimes, I feel lik…[View]
23170117>I'm a negative pessimistic prick >so I'm unlovable >since no one can love me, th…[View]
23170913Sad realization.: In the past few days I have come to realize that almost everyone actually don…[View]
23169486How do i stop seeing neutral signs as completely negative. Ie someone could comment on what i'm…[View]
23171039Death: Hey yall I'm ready to end my life It's good nowhere I have no friends and I'm …[View]
23171037I'm your stereotypical lazy unmotivated anon with a lack of a true father figure. I just wanna …[View]
23170620>girl sent me message that I was annoying I honestly don't really believe that what I did to…[View]
23170144What does this call? And how to fucking fix this.[View]
23170850How do I convince myself that other people don't know what I'm thinking? I have some kind …[View]
23170864don't be a stranger?: What does it mean when she tells you to not be a stranger? Women have bee…[View]
23169618Getting married at 21: I'm 21, my boyfriend is 24. We've been together since I was 17 and …[View]
23168183gf jokingly asked for 'permission to cheat': So yesterday me and gf were talking and she brought up …[View]
23169899How do I fight an urge to commit crime?: 24 year old plumber here, I live a simple life but ever sin…[View]
23170650IT remote/freelance jobs to get independent: I'm 26M and generally I'm good at computers. …[View]
23170495How to stop caring?: People say things that hurt. I don't like that I feel hurt by these things…[View]
23169897My husband married my co-wife because we were told I was infertile. I’m from a culture where it’s ok…[View]
23166016Appropriate Thanksgiving Dress?: Having a little bit of a dispute with my girlfriend. She wants to w…[View]
23169907Does anyone here have any managerial or supervisory experience for any type of company or team? I…[View]
23168407I always have to worry about something, I can't just do anything, I analyse, overthink everythi…[View]
23170894How do I become a high-functioning sociopath, or better, a psychopath? I'm convinced this is th…[View]
23170455I am a 20 something y o Eastern Europoor. I have a HS degree and I am working on my English skills. …[View]
23170555Lack of happiness and affection: Been depressed and asexual most of my life. I find it hard to feel …[View]
23170791I'm tired of her and I want to try someone new. What better reason should I give her to break u…[View]
23170420i have a weak father, hes the oposite of what a man should be, he didnt raised me and didnt taught m…[View]
23170625How to get past the Occupancy Limit?: We're a family of 5 and are looking for ways to get ahold…[View]
23170581itching/burning sensation: Why does my body itch and burn when I walk? It makes shopping and just ge…[View]
23170414How do I invoke the emotions that make girls invested and attracted to me? I've been hearing a …[View]
23170220Please help me with this guys.: Serious post. So basically my dog is a rescue dog and has been abuse…[View]
23167966GIOYC: Happy thanksgiving anons. I for one, am not celebrating this year. Are you? Get it off your c…[View]
23168511Why does sex make me feel bad?: When I used to have sex with someone I love, i would always feel so …[View]
23170595Unironically I have autism And now my entire life makes sense Thirty years of misery being misdiagno…[View]
23170571unironically what the fuck do I do if I have a cousin who I'm attracted to? please do not say …[View]
23167498How to approach tomboy / ftm? So I have an interesting situation and need some advice for an autist.…[View]
23167129how do you deal with the severe lifelong regret that you missed out on sex when you were a teenager …[View]
23169004When did this love and tolerate all bullshit become the norm? Everyday I'm seeing how some rand…[View]
23170566Depression: How can I try to see the world as better and a more of a positive place? There is fog in…[View]
23170579Is going into a little debt to flip black friday sale items a good idea?: I just need to buy deals I…[View]
23169691This girl i know abit always asks that we should get together so she can try my skateboard.. is she …[View]
23170310Canadians who neet, how do u do it?: I already tried applying for basic financial assistance, and th…[View]
23170293Just venting: >be me >get a gf >lovey dovey. Gif >she is afraid of sex /having sex outsi…[View]
23169238Why don't I dream about anything? Why don't I pursue anything?[View]
23170478How do I participate in a group discussion without becoming emotionally exhausted near instantly? It…[View]
23167899>Lose in multiplayer game >Think ¨n*gger¨ in my head in anger How do I stop doing this? I…[View]
23170466How to stop going autopilot?: I have this horrible thing where my brain sometimes go autopilot and I…[View]
23169324ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: No bulli edition pls, read the faq jks there isn't one, …[View]
23170113What is the best site to torrent series?[View]
23169738I miss the past. I miss being a kid. Back then in those times when everything was alright. 2020 has …[View]
23167585How one can increase their height?: I am 18 male currently 5'7. Every male in my family is arou…[View]
23170246Age gap relationships: Are relationships with a larger a bad idea? I'm a 27 year old guy who ha…[View]
23169233I literally laid in bed for 7 hours and didn't get a single hour of sleep. How do I tell my fam…[View]
23168903How to be a pussy slayer chad as an INTP in college?[View]
23170319She called me daddy?!: Been talking to this girl for a couple months. I always had this preconceived…[View]
23169962How do I study?: So I'm 30 years old, could never afford to study after high school. After 10 y…[View]
23169513want to upgrade PC but completely inept working on computers: Hello, so I've noticed my PC is b…[View]
23170163Baking anons: I'm making a banana cream pie and have my vanilla custard cooling in the fridge. …[View]
23170173Online school advice: Anyone got any tips for dealing with zoom classes instead of in person? I…[View]
23168040Days 27 of nofap. How the fuck do I continue? I'm going insane[View]
23169808How do I use an EQ meter? I've looked at a few videos, and tried it myself a few times. I don…[View]
23170172overwhelmed (school and relationship): I am studying a rather challenging and work-heavy field in un…[View]
23167525Thirtysomething late bloomer here, have dated and sexed girls here and there since my early 20s but …[View]
23167318Bad thoughts: Sometimes I start having homicidal thoughts. I just hear kill kill kill in my mind and…[View]
23169561What's the most effective way to kill a toad?[View]
23169885What is 'that thing' called on Youtube: when you scroll over a video before clicking on it and it sh…[View]
23170063How do I learn to properly control my emotions? Probably my number one problem since I have constant…[View]
23168687Is economics a good major if i want to make money?[View]
23167503Australian Defence Force: Which branch should I join? I've done the aptitude test and qualified…[View]
23169995So I have been trying to pick up programming as a hobby since 11, but to this day only know the very…[View]
23169073mouth herpes: I think I have cold sores and now I feel less than. I'm still not 100% sure becau…[View]
23167945Where to go from here?: >Get GF, she gets weird says she needs space and is too young for a serio…[View]
23167596I need money, im already working as much as I can to make money the normal way. I had the idea of do…[View]
23169508I'm about to lose my job because one of the bosses fucking hates me for no reason. He forced th…[View]
23169983a circle of satan, if you like: >be you >your inner self tells you to overthink such thought …[View]
23169766How do I abstain from masturbation?: It disgusts me and I feel horrible afterwards. I feel ill on th…[View]
23169304How do I fix a relationship >inb4 letting go I need to fix it[View]
23166114What haircut should I get?: This is the longest I've ever had my hair and don't know what …[View]
23168845PHIMOSIS / PHIMOCURE dick advice: Does anybody else have/has anybody HAD phimosis, where the foreski…[View]
23167638How do I get a job?: Literally how do people get jobs? Where do you look? How do you apply? I am 24 …[View]
23169644So I've known this girl for a couple years now. We've been really close, and we almost ent…[View]
23169114How do you deal with the terrible fear, anxiety, and flashbacks after your first time getting drunk …[View]
23169158does jerking off before a test help with focus? and also normally when i bust i desperately want to …[View]
23169779How can I possibly get this story of mine written if I'm autistic and suck at expressing my tho…[View]
23169407I injured my back and lost everything: Hurt my back last year at work, and the girl I was dating at …[View]
23168858Know my name?: Help, a former peer initials P.H. has my brains and threatens to torture me for etern…[View]
23167591How can I be more social and make new friends in quarantine?: I feel stuck with the same 3 old frien…[View]
23168429I let my gf peg me now she won't have sex again: My gf and I live together. She always said she…[View]
23169428Whenever I’m not painting or thinking about art, I feel awful. How do I make this a career? Because …[View]
23169860What not to say to a girl or dodging a bullet.: I really fucked up with a girl. First time with 4cha…[View]
23169411How do you not give up when math assignments get hard?: I am at a point where I just want to give up…[View]
23169832I want to beat up any random stranger.: On days when I walk past people I have the strong urge to be…[View]
23169446For 3 days I have 37.1-37.1 sometimes 36.9 temperature but no other symptoms. Can this be a Covid ev…[View]
23168594I need an advice: Im a 34 years old man, recently i divorced my wife because i found out she cheated…[View]
23169725Gf of 6 years keep mentioning marriage and kids. I have no interest in either. She’s become more per…[View]
23169178What am I even supposed to talk about with girls? They usually have zero interests so it's not …[View]
23167477Bros, I really need your help I am a Canadian citizen who wants to move with my gf to a relatively s…[View]
23169303Alone on thanksgiving: Hello /adv/, I just had an emotional breakdown in my car a moment ago. I…[View]
23169520Is there any chance that I'm not unattractive if I'm almost 29 and I've never even be…[View]
23169098I always get bored. I'm low IQ and can't commit to anything. Is roping the only solution? …[View]
23169668I'm in a great relationship with a wonderful girl, but I'm starting to feel like I have a …[View]
23168919Should I take medication to treat my adhd? I'm tired of being unproductive and all of the 'natu…[View]
23169377Why do I get lightheaded and pass out after sex? I’m a male of that means anything[View]
23168207How do I 'get over' being 'triggered' by alcohol? My wife and I are 35. She's an alcoholic. Bet…[View]
23169354I'm 20 and I feel childish, pathetic, avoidant, anxious, I dont have hobbies and interests and …[View]
23167911need help bros (bible and christianity) [repost]: im kinda in a crisis and im confused... i'm e…[View]
23168967So...: Gay dudes: You're a dish Me: Thanks. I'm not gay, but if I were, I'd totally f…[View]
23169555girlie suffocating me: >me, 27 year old >girlfriend (23) and I cant see each other (covid) …[View]
23168525Is there such a thing as a suicide preparation guide? This is not a bawww thread, I'm just morb…[View]
23167644How do I develop a habit of showering?: This is gonna sound really disgusting and embarrassing, I kn…[View]
23168172Anyone else having trouble posting on /adv/? I can post in other boards fine but this one is bugged …[View]
23168832last friday i met a really nice girl on the train from my normal route back home from work, i went e…[View]
23169470funny website i need help: When i was in 3rd grade or so my mom took me and my brother away from my …[View]
23167336I only like masculine/butch looking women with square jaws and thick eyebrows. Once I slept with a g…[View]
23167587boring...: ive heard lots of stories from girls about guys being boring. my 6'3 brother had a d…[View]
23168990how to deal with an addict: one of my closest friends has been struggling with an amphetamine addict…[View]
23169404Discipline: Friends often ask me for advice even on dumb little things, and tell me my answers are h…[View]
23169302How do I reprogram my brain?[View]
23169382I've always had problems with talking to people, but over the past month I've noticed that…[View]
23168397Dont know if it's the right board, but do you guys know what are good things to get into which …[View]
23168861How do I stop spending so much time on the internet? I'm starting to think I should throw away …[View]
23169212How do you become more sociable when people suck?[View]
23168236For the past 4 months I've been experiencing lonelyness to the point of absolute exhaustion Any…[View]
23169130Suicide 'attempts': So recently just by chance 2 different people connected to my life hav…[View]
23168492Opioid addiction: Gonna have a major surgery in a few months, and my surgeon has prescribed opioids …[View]
23167491Am I a bad person for starting another relationship just a couple of days after ending a year long o…[View]
23168961>procrastination has become so bad that you even procrastinate shit like playing vidya and watchi…[View]
23167472kill myself, go live with dad or try my luck: I can't stand this shit anymore so I've narr…[View]
23168064I'm an aspie and in my junior years of college. I entered a science course because it's th…[View]
23168515How do I stop wanting to be so perfectionist? I almost feel bipolar it's getting hard on my min…[View]
23169029Should I quit my soul sucking IT call center job for a less paying job that is unrelated to my degre…[View]
23167338Empathy?: Do people actually care about people they don’t know? I’ve never really cared about other …[View]
23168909Need help making someone realize that they're being manipulated: Need help with some internet b…[View]
23168928How to get rid of my inferiority complex?[View]
23168965I was too promiscuous in my first two years of college: I had sex with six women. The problem is, I …[View]
23168918NNN GENERAL /NNN/ DAY 26 EDITION: PREVIOUS: >>23164455 This general is reserved for all discus…[View]
23167818my dad lies to our faces and shouts back louder when confronted so, me, my mom and dad were at an ev…[View]
23168341How to not be boring?: Title says it all. How to not be a boring person in your personal opinion?…[View]
23168849>im happy and satisfied! finally found a good fuck anon, at last! >its incredible how much can…[View]
23167135I'm thirty-years-old, I've been on this site since the late-Bush administration, and not o…[View]
23168677coming to tearms with what will eventualy happend: how do i come to tearms with that my mental ilnes…[View]
23168452ASTROLOGY SHIT AND MANIFESTING: im lowkey desperate for this dude bruh, is manifesting and astrology…[View]
23167450No girl will answer my snaps: I've added close to 100 or more girls over the last months from t…[View]
23168574SHOULD I GET BACK W MY EX?: im young asf loll. but i really thought he was the one. we didnt even kn…[View]
23168611How to start taking action? I can't take action, I analyse everything and overthink and don…[View]
23167039usanon here. About to graduate uni and parents pressuring me to get a job: I'm trying to make i…[View]
23166269How do you develop a thick skin?[View]
23168621Hello friends. I met a girl recently on my local discord. She doesn't know me at all, other tha…[View]
23168809I believe that people are more malleable than they think they I are. I got a job at a grocery store …[View]
23168526I don't wanna be angry anymore: Hate is literally consuming me. In May, my ex girlfriend broke …[View]
23167612whats a career that i can make good money in without getting fucked over with debt?[View]
23166341I feel like I’m always wrong, /adv/. Morally wrong, factually wrong, scientifically wrong, etc. Even…[View]
23166380I need a new main board. So far my main boards have been >/r9k/ >/g/ >/tv/ >/int/ It see…[View]
23168678Learning to drive: Does anyone have any advice on learning to drive? How do people normally learn to…[View]
23163551is there an easy way to get woman to have sex with me?: im a female, live in a small town, and i wan…[View]
23168054Me and my friend are traveling to Compton from where we live in Studio City, and I was wondering whe…[View]
23168639I'm sad when I'm not being overstimulated. I'm talking 5d chess with multiversal time…[View]
23167811This semester was supposed to be mine: I had plans to get my shit together, work hard and get my gpa…[View]
23168618What are your guy's methods of talking to girls whether be it romantic or platonic? I'm a …[View]
23168204How to find the right bulb?: I have been trying finding the right bulb for my lava lamp. The caution…[View]
23168387If I had any buckshot handy I'd just fucking kill myself. I've been seeing my coworker for…[View]
23168039Is the law of attraction real? I always thought it was fake but now i'm fucking desperate just …[View]
23164331desperate to leave london/bongland but don't know if i should wait: hey lads. i'm slowly d…[View]
23168527are any of these people autismo? i don't know what kind of facial expressions and such are norm…[View]
23168337I'm about to start a new job which involves client interaction and teamwork. I'm not the b…[View]
23168395how do i legitimately have sex with a girl? like how do i imitate sex with a girl and what do girls …[View]
23168132I want to learn to 'code'. I would be starting completely from scratch. What would be the best langu…[View]
23168094bros we have some mice problems at home and set up one of those traps. we just caught the first one,…[View]
23168109Women of today are extremely entitled: Just because a 5-6/10 can use make up doesn’t make them hot s…[View]
23165490Tinder thot: Met a tinder chick she’s 18 and been with 50 guys she said.. she lost her virginity at …[View]
23162734Recently single after an 8 year relationship. How do I get used to not wanting to hit on every girl …[View]
23167297Today was my sister birthday, she recived 7 boxes of chocolates, 12 bouquets of flowers, im not even…[View]
23168310How to stop overeating?[View]
23168329Girlfriend Roommate Breakup: How Should I Handle A Breakup With My Girlfriend As A Roommate? I want …[View]
23167958Mechanical engineering advice: >major in mechanical engineering because i hear how versatile it i…[View]
23168301There's no board that I can post about podcasts on so I'm asking /adv/ What's a good …[View]
23168013If the mind is a byproduct of a flesh computer, does that mean getting angry with yourself, another …[View]
23167888How do I convince my family that I'm not going to get Covid by going to a bookstore?[View]
23166658In love with my aunt (incest warning): She's my dad's younger sister, 57 years old, I…[View]
2316817419 and homeless: Hi this is my first post a fortune and I don’t really know where to go elsewhere ad…[View]
23167878Longtime Crush: Bros, I want to know: do I have a shot with her? We’ve been friends for years and ta…[View]
23167027How do I talks to girls on apps like Hinge? Whenever I match they ghost. If I ask them right away fo…[View]
23165772How do I get over the fact that time is progressing so quickly and that everything I enjoy will soon…[View]
23166866Looking for tv shows, movies and vidya that can occupy me during a month long lockdown[View]
23168067Is it possible to reconnect with old friends of the past? How to?[View]
23167805The fact is I'm enormously horny and I don't care for a relationship. I think this might …[View]
23154829What advice would you give yourself from 10 years ago[View]
23167201How do I get a mother to beat her adult son? I want my own place but I don't have any appreciab…[View]
23166571anxiety and panic: I am 26 years old, and have had to deal with panic and anxiety disorder ever sinc…[View]
23168015starting to get addicted: long story short >download LoL >been playing like a week now >i c…[View]
23166890I'm doing a secret santa on reddit. The person I have doesn't really have any specific int…[View]
23167989I think sometimes about overnight completely changing my personality just to see what would happen. …[View]
23167873Why do so many women seem to never want to have sex with their partner anymore?[View]
23167923How do I stop finding happiness in women's approval/admiration. It is all that makes me feel go…[View]
23167667Strange Anon: I basically use a con artist’s list of ten rules of executing a sale to get people to …[View]
23168016Can’t stop drooling: I drool all over my boyfriend when we sleep. When I sleep alone I don’t drool a…[View]
23163521Different lingerie: Me and this girl were exchanging semi-nudes, she sent one photo where her linger…[View]
23163024I cut off all contact with my abusive family 7 months ago. I don't regret it a second. Life is …[View]
23165655Should I just keep waiting for a partner that has everything in common with me to appear?[View]
23167742Hentai order: >be me >pre-order limited 'art' collection box >covid happen and I move back …[View]
23167810So I’ve been going to college in NYC and have been using my parents address to pay for in-state tuit…[View]
23167128trying to get a girl out of abusive household: been talking to this girl online for 2 weeks for hour…[View]
23167823Am I Stupid?: Am I stupid to stay in a relationship where he talks to people who disrespect me? How …[View]
23167490Photo scenario for most tinder matches?: Idk what to post on my tinder profile? I only post pics of …[View]
23167829What's the best way to deal with body acne? I can't afford to see a dermatologist right no…[View]
23164837GIOYC: GIOYC[View]
23166803girl using me: >girls says she will never leave me >dry responses >takes hours to answer my…[View]
23166811should I keep trying to grow facial hair. This is all I managed after 2 weeks[View]
23165847Girlfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me two days ago: She broke up with me seemingly out of nowhere…[View]
23165859Itt ask the opposite gender anything[View]
23167676>be focused on academics in high school, no emotional support from parents >sister is a drug a…[View]
23164916Do you consider an 18yo old dating a 15yo old, im this case, a 3 year ag gap, to be creepy? I'm…[View]
23167549Local ebf misconception: I edated someone who definitely lives near me, there's always a chance…[View]
23167654>Learn new coworker did a few porn movies >Shrug because I’m not fourteen >Dudebros in th…[View]
23166239Lied on CV and got the job and now they are checking, what should I do?: I think I'm pretty fuc…[View]
23167673What should I do for a budgetish sound system Is it worth it to try and source speakers, amplifiers,…[View]
23166988if some femanon is reading this i especially like your opinion: She's kind of my neighbor(i don…[View]
23166718I like the song 'Club Can't Handle Me' by Flo Rida ft. David Guetta. What are some other songs …[View]
23167649Job where I can study?: I just got accepted into nursing school starting in the fall next year. I’m …[View]
23167224Relationship advice: Should I leave this girl for refusing to have sex and for telling me I kiss her…[View]
23167471how do I stop feeling so lonely: I've never had good friends, and recently I've begun to r…[View]
23166910Almost killed: Almost got killed by three guys today while waiting the traffic light, they came shoo…[View]
23167068Is it wise to get guns if you have anger issues?[View]
23166603Tinder thread: Are tinder threads allowed? What do I say to make this work? For context I put I like…[View]
23164252what should I get for Christmas? my mum asked me what I wanted. I thought I should get an electric g…[View]
23167329How do I convince my transgender sister to go back? She clearly joined them to feel better about her…[View]
23166728How do I stop being a coomer: How do I literally erase all attraction I have for women without castr…[View]
23167013Political career Chapter II // Salvaging a dying party ?: Follow-up to this thread : https://imgur.c…[View]
23167521I don't work well in groups. I don't like authority and I don't like team's. Wha…[View]
23167131is it a normal occurrence to become significantly less emotional from ages around 17 to 20?[View]
23165014>gf likes to be choked and slapped during sex >not my thing but hey happy to make her happy …[View]
23167362Hookup advice?: Posted in another thread but I may as well make my own, because I'm anxious as …[View]
23164546Months after the breakup: It's been several months since the breakup. I'm feeling much bet…[View]
23167439i have this serious procrastination issue of 'i have time, il do it later' i was going to …[View]
23167084hey guys. im pretty bummed. it feels as if i dont have anything in common with girls i meet. Ive be…[View]
23167305How do I fight my tendency to decline in life?[View]
23165618Where should I move?: Grew up currently live in Philly Suburbs. 25 years old. I have a remote softwa…[View]
23167389Does living alone motivates you to do better ?: Hello people, i have been unenployed since 5 years n…[View]
23167395Anyone here know shit about finances, tax returns, employment background checks, etc? I go to colleg…[View]
23167164How do I gain weight?: I’m 5’9 and 115 pounds. I’ve tried eating a lot but always feel sick, or I re…[View]
23165930how am i ment to initiate a convo with a girl if shes sitting behind me? this female always chooses …[View]
23165887How do I learn Japanese without making an ass of myself?: I want to visit Japan eventually because o…[View]
23167298I really hate my mother: I really hate my mom for throwing me on Xanax when I was 15. She denies it …[View]
23167273Im not getting the job right?: >Be me >Lost job due to a stupid ass zoomer >apply at a reta…[View]
23167170i need to harshen my voice for a voiceover on a indie film project please tell me ways to harshen it…[View]
23167163Is it true that you can convert a woman to your ideologies or viewpoints if you can make her fall in…[View]
23165744Share your wisdom anon: Hi Anon. Have a seat. Share with us the wisdom you learnt throughout all the…[View]
23166663Social norms: Is it weird to wish somone a happy Thanksgiving? Feel free to use the thread for othe…[View]
23165584How do I stop crying about Maradona's death?: Rest in peace, Diego Armando Maradona[View]
23166873ED: I’m talking to a girl I really like and it’s going super well, the problem is that I can’t keep …[View]
23167155How can I have someone explain what I did wrong: A woman attacked me and I defended myself and nobod…[View]
23164900How do I stop Consooming: Now I ain't that bad. I ain't one of those Ps5 or NeW iPhOnE mot…[View]
23166901What to ask an employer before/at interview: Applying for jobs, want to know about what it is like t…[View]
23167010fun hobbies: what fun group activities do (some of) you guys do where you can make friends/meet cute…[View]
23164962>be abused by a much older girl at 11 years old >tell mom >mom saves me from the abuse …[View]
23165192How can I stop feeling hollow?: I am depressed, but don't share it with anyone because I don…[View]
23166891Best friend threatened suicide and now won't speak to me since i told her parents: >be me, 2…[View]
23166982General Advice: DESU I have no idea what to do, I'm behind on 26 assignments, I have insomnia, …[View]
23164265What do I do if one of my employees is in prison? Do i need to fire him? Treat it as unpaid leave? I…[View]
23153696Married: no sex: Been married 6 years. 2 kids. Sex has always been rare, but it's been totally …[View]
23165232Relationship idiot: I'm gonna try and make this as short as possible because I have a habit of …[View]
23166946How to read eye glasses prescription?: I cant tell which one is my left or right ....[View]
23166218how do i learn what's normal: I was chastised for everything as a child and so now I'm ash…[View]
23166483Improvement Thread: Be honest anons, i want some constructive roast so i can improve myself.[View]
23164791I fucked a date up we were supposed to go to a cemetery, have fun, then go urbex at another location…[View]
23166564I used to play a lot of GTA San Andreas, and I really liked this one pedestrian named Benny, I can…[View]
23165226my GF hits me: My GF hits me every other day. She kicks and punches and throws things at me. She cal…[View]
23166093do girls literally only date guys older than them?ive been rejected by every girl my age and above, …[View]
23164003I always have to worry about something, I can't just do anything, I analyse, overthink everythi…[View]
23165343Fetish caused by molestation: I was molested around age 12 by a group of girls older than me by 6 or…[View]
23165839I have a butt grape (hemorrhoid). It's really ugly and kind of hurts. How the fuck do I get it …[View]
23166784Life is going very well and I feel empty: >be me, 19 > great work ethic in and out of school …[View]
23165830Should I text always first?: There's this girl I met playing and we exchanged numbers. Dunno if…[View]
23165751is it a bad idea to get into a relationship with the sole intention to breakup after a year or so be…[View]
23166177I just found out that my little brother uses Reddit. He browses subreddits like r/wholesomememes and…[View]
23166813How do I stop being too nervous to speak during zoom calls?: Like I know it's pussy shit but I …[View]
23166735>always wanted to try titfucking and paizuri because it looks really hot in porn >actually try…[View]
23166743Hey! I am A twentysomething male. I have tendinitis on both of my hands And I can't use them fo…[View]
23163243What are some good vids to get better at chess? I tried books but they are boring. Or just tell me h…[View]
23164337I have a relationship with a girl who has problems with alcoholism. She has been receiving treatment…[View]
23166444Hi anons. Today a guy threatened me with death after a little argument in the comment section of a y…[View]
23166688Unironically how do I talk to a girl to make her just hook up with me, not outright falling in love …[View]
23164552Hey I know this sounds so crazy, but is there some way to make my girlfriend more pear shaped? I lov…[View]
23164812how do I get more alpha? I can't get angry, can't get engaged in anything, I am so calm al…[View]
23166113Me and my band are filming a music video with some film students on the weekend. I’m really nervous …[View]
23166650/sci/ jannies are niggers: this is a general /sci/ career thread. asking for career advice. I'…[View]
23166263My girlfriend decided to implement a system in my life, and I messed up, what do I do? My girlfrien…[View]
23164455NNN GENERAL /NNN/ DAY 25 EDITION: PREVIOUS: >>23159850 This general is reserved for all discus…[View]
23166610Am i the problem?: All of my friends have been in a bad mood due to covid shit or mostly bad communi…[View]
23165608New Name, Who Dis?: Hey /adv/! First time here because I thought this post belonged here more than m…[View]
23166560Helplessly addicted to porn. I eat healthy i exercise i meditate ive tried to make all the lifestyle…[View]
23166129My rollies keep putting out. Like, I light them up, pull and everything and less than minute later i…[View]
23166270When she needs time...: Alright /adv/ buckle up for a story... >be me >25 >have relationshi…[View]
23164574Am I living right?: How do I know that I am doing well with my life? I have never really had the fee…[View]
23165680Why are my dreams so violent? I have to kill somebody in like 1/4 of my dreams, always in hand to ha…[View]

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