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20914012I'm moving to a small rural town (3000 people) in about a week. How do I make frens?[View]
20914278My dad fucked off to a different country to go raise another mans child when I was 10. How do I fix …[View]
20913892Working out to lose weight: Which is the better choice for losing weight? Elliptical- I can manage 6…[View]
20914010realized today that i’m only making $12 an hour working 50+hr/week. how do I just quit a job for no …[View]
20913811How to re-start the internet?: just how?[View]
20914250Past mistake: Basically manipulated a 13/14 year old girl to send me nudes when I was 16 and 17. She…[View]
20913880How the flying fuck are you supposed to use these squishy rubber style ear buds? I have trouble put…[View]
20914211Im wondering if what I did was stupidly crazy: Basically I was playing w/ a group of players i met o…[View]
20913592Nobody wants to be my friend and I don't know why. I haven't had a friend since high schoo…[View]
20913661I am feeling sad lately quitted everything to focus on studying and study aboard don't really f…[View]
20914031>> Finish college. >> End up with clinical depression for a while. >> Get shit som…[View]
20913272Meeting new women?: I have a hard time meeting new women to even try to date. I have never been part…[View]
20914172What do I do about persobal bad memories?: How do i make them fade more?[View]
20913185How do I stop seeking validation?[View]
20914163Got memed on by my girl: Shiiit here we go again >Sad anon. Sixteen. Crippling low self esteem …[View]
20913384Does any guy feel like you have to dumb yourself down to interact with women? Like you’re just askin…[View]
20914147Easy licenses to obtain?: I need easy licenses or certifications to put on my resume because i have …[View]
20911389How do I ask him on a date if I can't ever get him alone?[View]
20914039What should I work on first over the Summer, my lack of physical fitness, or my crushing loneliness?[View]
20914081Life is not worth it anymore: Went to college full time all year, graduated with an AAS with Honors …[View]
20913494Guys, what's the socially acceptable way of finding out if a girl is a virgin before you ask he…[View]
20914021So I plan on moving to canada soon to be with my girlfriend again and I need help getting an open vi…[View]
20914001I lose the spark: I'm attractive...i think i used to be attractive. I'm just 20 years old …[View]
20913480I've been dating this girl for about a month and we both just went home from college. I'm…[View]
20910551I'm a filthy fucking weeb: So I'm trying to get out there in the online dating world, but …[View]
20913705Should I take my suicidal ex to the ER: Every day my ex calls me threatening suicide because he miss…[View]
20913921Does anyone else have a hard time relating to their parents? I love them and all but I just can…[View]
20913888Currently drunk. Visiting a friend 8 hours away for the weekend and he just wants to sleep in the ho…[View]
20913746Really need some input on something. I met a girl and we really hit it off. Like on all levels. She …[View]
20912287Chipmunk thing stuck in pool: I emptied my pool and this morning I went there and found this little …[View]
20913533How do I not fuck up my date tomorrrow and avoid being friendzoned or awkward?[View]
20913598if ive opened a wine bottle, whats a good way to re-seal it? is it acceptable to just use some tin f…[View]
20912015Overcoming insecurities: How to deal with the fact that my gf, to whom I lost my virginity had other…[View]
20913770Feelings: I am starting to develop romantic feelings for one of my friends. I believe they are also …[View]
20913729My friend: I think my friend wants to kill me[View]
20913094How well do I have to know a girl before asking her out?[View]
20911729Grandmother: My grandma throughout my life has been a source of constant stress and negativity. She …[View]
20913420>show two year old niece the Gremlins movie >she's taken to saying 'Gizmo so cute... Gizm…[View]
20913664I am a college freshman. I have a friend who is a senior in HS. She is pretty anti-social, basically…[View]
20913018How do you turn people down who want to hang out with you? I'ts not that I dislike them I just …[View]
20913618Life going down the toilet: >Be me in secondary school >Big fish small pond deal, no need to r…[View]
20913768choosing good or bad: So, i find that when i choose to feel good about stuff, life looks nice, but o…[View]
20913710>be outlier latino with aspergers and an above-average IQ >too intelligent to date latina girl…[View]
20913301I just can't seem to get out of my comfort zone. I was so happy as a kid. I don't wanna le…[View]
20913474Am I stupid for feeling this way?: I feel as if I crave intimacy but I don't really know why or…[View]
20913692>was given a management position at work >have 0 leadership skills or people skills It has bee…[View]
20912975Roommate Caught Me Having Sex: 19 y/o college girl. I have 2 roommates, and no where to have sex exc…[View]
20913646Company Hasn't Called me Back: So basically I got hired by a restaurant. I'm added into th…[View]
20913280How bad is it to masturbate 2 times a day every. single. day. ?[View]
20913630Triad: How do i start a triad in a place like Mexico?, How do you manage to convince people onto it…[View]
20913264Too much: So I usually do the elliptical for a workout for an hour and its nothing too crazy. Today …[View]
20913552Crossposting from /an/ because I want multiple perspectives. >family dog is 15 >only sleeps an…[View]
20912600Moving Abroad: I'll keep this as short as possible Current stats: >turning 30 soon >MSc i…[View]
20913500How do I follow through and commit to a girl without being creepy or obvious?: A couple of my close …[View]
20913548How do I quit an addiction? My addiction consists mainly of playing gacha games and masturbating to …[View]
20913432Am I a Asshole?: So here is the story. Sorry for the horrid english. >My sister is in her last da…[View]
20913138>tfw 1990 was 30 years ago >tfw memes have become reality…[View]
20913539Way off here but now everyone is done with the whole karen thing who they hating on now and why?[View]
20913047I think my brother just saw me fapping. Feels bad man. Cheer me up bros?[View]
20912369Hate Grinding at Clubs: I am tall, work out, dress well and am at least of average attractiveness. A…[View]
20911327>girl added me on whatsapp last night >added me to a group with 14 people >they're con…[View]
20913039I never got bad grades in math at college(A in Multivariable Calc and A- in some senior-year crap fo…[View]
20912503i was molested when i was 13 i was on a camping trip with my neighbor's. on our second day ther…[View]
20912922Memory anxiety: I may sound like a retard but let me explain, I have a huge fear of the idea of losi…[View]
20911800How do i make my life better?[View]
20913298Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. For those of you returning, we…[View]
20913037anyone know how to get myself a shag bag: by that i mean a woman that i could have constant sex with…[View]
20912089been in love with the same girl for almost a year i asked her out 5 months ago and she claimed to li…[View]
20912544I asked a girl out and she told me that she wants to be just friends, but I'm really into her a…[View]
20912939I noticed that I have a chain of thoughts that lead me to doing unreasonable things. For example I b…[View]
20913142What's next after a good first date?: yesterday I went on a first date with an acquaintance of …[View]
20913084So there’s this person that I like, that I also confessed to and they said they felt a little the sa…[View]
20913152Fiancee browsing site: she says she loves the site and she's seen worse on the dark web... how …[View]
20913175Long distance relationship: Las year I met a really beauty, maybe the most beautifull girl I have ev…[View]
20913304How do I become a morning person if I've been a night owl my whole life?[View]
20912045How can I expand my social circle?[View]
20913003Kicking someone out of my place because of her FWB's: I own a home and I let a girl move in who…[View]
20912550Sold a laptop to a friend who isnt paying me: I had an older laptop laying around and at the time my…[View]
20913091My ex physically abused me resulting in life-changing injuries and I told some friends. They freaked…[View]
20910379GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Imperfect views.[View]
20912533No contact with ex: Had a fwb setup with a guy (I'm also a guy) and started to develop romantic…[View]
20913119my brother keeps taking my underware. I know he is calling with if because I can hear him through hi…[View]
20910377I don't know what the fuck to do with my life in terms of a career. My friend keeps telling me …[View]
20912960interacting with kids inside of my AoA: So I have no problem interacting with boys outside of my AoA…[View]
20913166Looking for a roommate: Would anyone want to be my roommate, I am looking for someone to live with d…[View]
20913225How does one deal with Separation Aneity in a healthy way? I recently got into a new relationship an…[View]
20912317Anyone who's lost a parent: Does it get better? I got let off work for a month to mourn but hon…[View]
20912780what the fuck is wrong with me if I make plans on tinder, nut and then lose interest and cancel[View]
20912670How do I stop having so many conflicting thoughts and feelings?[View]
20913077How to get a gf past college? Seriously where do I meet girls now?[View]
20913005'Gf' wants to take things slow.: I asked this girl out from uni about a week ago. We've gone on…[View]
20912978How to convince GF to do anal? Provided there is lots of lube, does anal actually feel good to fem-…[View]
20912983How long should I not write her?: My girlfriend of a year and I recently had an argument. She wanted…[View]
20912989Ripping off Amazon: I'm a total cheap ass. Bought a phone and it got delivered in front of the …[View]
20912982Can anyone figure out this email address Can anyone figure out this email address: Can anyone figure…[View]
20911558So I just tried chatting with a suicide hotline, but they aren't responding. How to I prevent m…[View]
20912863Can't seem to get anything done. How do I stop being so lazy all the time?[View]
20912676Nofap forever: I want to stop being sexually attracted to anything and become completely asexual How…[View]
20911962hi /adv/ I need your help. got a final exam this monday. I was supposed to read five boring as f*ck …[View]
20911761Do I got exploited or is this normal? So I went to a tattoo parlor I used to go to many times but t…[View]
20911307i’ve never had thoughts about killing someone. i’m I in the minority?[View]
20912927Self-improvement: How to be more busy and not dependent on women(and people in general) to have a ha…[View]
20912832I need your advice.: Me and my girlfriend had a break up, a horrible one that almost got her killing…[View]
20910105Weddings?: I’m 28, and I’m going to my first wedding ever in a few weeks. Honestly, I’m really dread…[View]
20912291being yourself is the greatest contribution you can make to the world, don't get caught up in t…[View]
20912736What can I do on a saturday night if I want to go out but don't like bars and am sick of going …[View]
20912185I think my girlfriend might be interested in her guy friend: So I've known my current girlfrien…[View]
20904492GF of 5 years wants to 'find herself', make some 'experiences with others', sleep with an orbiter an…[View]
20912864Hit my knee: I'm helping my parents move. I jammed my knee into the sharpend edge of a side tab…[View]
20911915I can't grow up. I moved out of my parents place, am going to school, working... I'm miser…[View]
20912806I need advice on letting go of the past and approaching women.[View]
20912776My gf and I have been arguing for a year on and off about “my past.” I love her and I don’t know wh…[View]
20912848okay, I'm really tired of those fixed vs growth mindset cunts, so fuck them and listen to me. I…[View]
20912325Does anyone else here have really stupid parents? My mother is a nice person but she's just so …[View]
20912818Why do I get turned on by white guilt?[View]
20912807I have no one to talk to about my feelings. Before you say therapist I; A. Can't afford one, an…[View]
20911747tired of it all: I've often been depressed, usually for some weeks at the time. and sometimes I…[View]
20912540Can someone help me gain insight: I get tuned into a place, environment, crowd, event and it influen…[View]
20912683Virginity Lie: So guys. My girlfriend (19) and I (20M) have been dating for 6 months. She is awesome…[View]
20912601no jobs and im broke. how do you even compete in life?[View]
20912404Why people constantly shame me into giving them POSITIVE affirmation. I become a part of problem whe…[View]
20911302Why is being quiet and reserved seen as something to be fixed?: > oh don't worry anon, we…[View]
20912655I want to watch a Japanese movie on this plane but there's an older chinese lady watching drama…[View]
20912040Is what they say about wine true, that a glass a day can improve memory and cognitive abilities? I…[View]
20912626Is that okay to buy plastic collectables?: Or any collectables in general? Whatever plastic things I…[View]
20912561Do my friends think I'm dumb?: >'The other day it was funny cuz we all were talking and she …[View]
20912625I have been living with my mom, younger sister, and occasionally my older sister. My dad passed away…[View]
20912618I just found out a small trust was made in my name that my family never told me about. What should I…[View]
20906695My crush wont go away??!: Ok so i got a crush on some guy that i met roughly 6 months ago. He worked…[View]
20911988uh: So I met this chick on OKC. Married but ethically non-monogamous. We start talking and hanging o…[View]
20912596>grew up in a pretty average wealth family >Always wanted to be wealthy thinking that would be…[View]
20911889What kind of job that fits for socially inept person?: Quick rundown. Male 23, living in shithole co…[View]
20912441My university career center doesn't seem to have an interest in helping me, who do I turn to ne…[View]
20912520how do i take care of a kitten? my mom got one for my siblings and i have to take care of it. it…[View]
20912499how do i become popular: be me feel sad idea go on reddit post nokarma.jpeg sad how do i become popu…[View]
20910367I want to have a normal relationship with my sister, need advice: Hey, so, looking for /adv/ice. My …[View]
20911600have any of you anons ragequit a job? >be me >get hired on to work in some deli at some groce…[View]
20910025Cannabis Addiction: I have to undergo a drug test during the first two weeks of August and I quit sm…[View]
20911830I suspect my aunt of being a narcissist. She has two kids and she has the “golden child / scapegoat”…[View]
20912420I just found out a ugma/utma was set up in my name that my family never told me about. What should I…[View]
20912176Attracted to beta females: So I found out that this girl in my philosophy class messaged my friend o…[View]
20912406>be me > living with my mom, younger sister and occasionally my older sister >dad passed aw…[View]
20912402I think my relationship is falling apart. I love my gf so much but I can't stand 5 minutes with…[View]
20912276What was meant by this?: >be me a couple months ago >20, in college >have a very close grou…[View]
20911451Hey first time poster here and i have a serious anger problem. I started having this anger problem s…[View]
20911649I (m) am not averse to giving oral to my (f) partners. Every girl I've been with I've kiss…[View]
20912151My Friend: >are you and Anon dating? Oneitis >I don't know What does this mean?…[View]
20909867Gf avoiding me so we don't break up?: >Gf acting distant and cold >plays it off >gets …[View]
20912323Lost my virginity: Worst sexual encounter so far. I’m deeply embarrassed because of what happened. I…[View]
20912250Never Orgasmed no sensation in Penis: I am 24 years old and I have never had an orgasm or ejaculated…[View]
20911959Could anyone identify this rash? Its underarm and its really starting to bother me.[View]
20912266Any advice may help My life is falling apart I have cpps which means i cant use my dick and i have p…[View]
20910191Is coffee worth drinking?[View]
20911997Gf started ignoring: I have a girlfriend.. For 1yr she is talking to me continuously regularly. She …[View]
20912060>Constantly jack off to pictures of coworkers >Feel like a pervert every time I see them irl H…[View]
20909967why are all girls on tinder instagram model types? you know that thing where girls say men think th…[View]
20910635How do people have the energy to socialize working full time jobs? I just can't give a shit abo…[View]
20912059Finding a Dog/Puppy: Why is it so hard to find a decent dog for under $1000 these days? Even mutts a…[View]
20912207House share / room mate advice: Anyone able to offer advice on house sharing? I'm currently sav…[View]
20912113I did something stupid during a DnD campaign and the players chastised me for it. I feel like I…[View]
209094552 years into the marriage. Sex and dates all but stopped. No more cute messages to wake up to in the…[View]
20912181A few months ago I started hooking up with one of my best friends. Shes in a long distance relations…[View]
20911896I am 19 and went on my first ever 'date', and it went as well as you'd expect for someones firs…[View]
20912153help: I saw a girl like two weeks ago. Don't know how, but as I saw her, I tought that she is p…[View]
20911887Looking for some advice. Will try to keep this short. Essentially, I came home to my crying girlfrie…[View]
20911964how do I meet women 29 years old Live in southern Florida in a filled with retired boomers no you…[View]
20910726Nice=problem?: Girls and boys, will you be friends with a genuinely nice guy. Someone who doesn…[View]
20912133Sure-fire way of getting arrested?[View]
20911103I was in an abusive relationship for four years and finally broke away from that. I’m now with the m…[View]
20911946Should I hook up with a 24 year old who still writes like this and deliberately puts this on her soc…[View]
20909363>have gf >never gone to third base before >finger her, fantastic >eat her out, fantastic…[View]
20911806Is there like a version of a prostitute without the sex but she will just hug me and tell me everyth…[View]
20911910I recently hit it off with a lady in my area and love the way she makes me feel. It's obvious t…[View]
20912012>find random girl on tinder >her snap is in her profile >add her >mostly tumblr-tier sex…[View]
20911999>Be me, wageslave at retail store >Arrive to time clock less than a minute before my break …[View]
20910201need help in minesweeper: what should i do in my game of minesweeper? i cant find any moves that wou…[View]
20911919Dates ruining self esteem: >be socially anxiety ridden fuck >get job and make friends >beco…[View]
20911903Why is it so hard to get a job out of state?: I'm trying to apply for jobs out of state and I…[View]
20911702Any Legalfags familiar with PA DUI? I was pulled over at a check point omw through Erie. I was comin…[View]
20912033How to forget??: How to forget someone who is on your mind 24×7 ? She is the girl in my neighborhood…[View]
20910963What the fuck do I do now?: >be me >a week ago, friday >drinking with friends >one chad …[View]
20911553LITTLE BITS OF BROKEN GLASS: I know 4chan is a terrible place to ask, but please help me... I have a…[View]
20910107Any chronic pain sufferers here? How do you deal with it? I have a herniated disc in my neck (C4-C5)…[View]
20911961Kitten asthma attack and i don't know how to help it: Long story short, i got myself stuck with…[View]
20911862I work at an urgent and I have begun to be attracted to my boss, who I think is also attracted to me…[View]
20910336Hi guys. I came here for advice, I'm really sad and frustrated. I've been watching porn si…[View]
20911715Amoral dating: >22 y/o >Talking to 19 y/o >Has very similar interests to me >But looks 1…[View]
20908270Should I go meet my kid?: I had unprotected sex with a girl several times when I was 13 years old an…[View]
20911755I want to quit caffeine forever. Is there any supplement that will ease the pain?[View]
20911864>feel like i fit in nowhere or with anyone >always have reasons to hate someone >jaded and …[View]
20911736My gf has this teasing fetish that's really annoying sometimes She gets me hard, like I couldn…[View]
20911851Respectfully Rejecting Job Interview: I've been receiving invitations for job interviews, howev…[View]
20911794>Mom cuts out multiple people in her life and makes no attempt to solve any problems, just cuts t…[View]
20910334Neighbor's pit bull on my property: My neighbor owns a large pit bull and its been coming onto …[View]
20911591Talking to a girl I like but she shares pictures of herself online to other men >Find hot girl on…[View]
20910563How easy or hard is it to get rid of intense self loathing?[View]
20910591I’ve been talking to a girl who turns out to have a boyfriend..: So last August I left for school wh…[View]
20911058How to earn money? I’m a 30 year old NEET from the Philippines. My mom is a doctor so we are not poo…[View]
20911823Hello ladies and gents about like 30 to 45 minutes ago, I beat the fuck out of my dick so goddamn ha…[View]
20911486any medfags got a clue what this might be?: it's spots that are darker than my skin and feel ro…[View]
20911447Is it too harsh to tell a guy your breaking up with him because youre not attracted to him anymore? …[View]
20911262Am I doomed to be alone because of my kink?: So... Im like hardcore in to more like all kinds of it …[View]
20911775How not to be lonley: I only have 2 online friends and no irl friends and I really want to find more…[View]
20909603Would it be awkward to ask a girl out whose older than you? I'm 20 and she's 26. She looks…[View]
20910366I'm addicted to spending money on girl streamers/strippers/call girls. Pretty much my entire ch…[View]
20911654I'm 24 years old 5'11' 180 cm 70kg and I'm thinking about leg lengthening surgery bec…[View]
20911719I hit my wife because she approached me about my cocaine use. What should I do now?[View]
20909646Why Are So Many Girls Into Licking My Balls?: My past 3 gf's alone have been way into licking m…[View]
20911253My ex-girlfriend who I had an ugly break-up with two years ago committed suicide last night. She wro…[View]
20911665Anyone know some money transfer apps that don't require SSN or photo ID? Circle Pay used to be …[View]
20911522I thought I would be able to bear it, but the loneliness is too much after all. So, how do I make my…[View]
20911532Need advice: Was playing D&D last night,'friend' across me started smoking pot,the room had a bi…[View]
20909916How do I apologise to my parents for being a piece of shit as a teenager: When I was a teenager, I t…[View]
20910393Anyone else have matte teeth? Or parts of teeth that have become matte? It's making me really s…[View]
20910668>girl has crush on me >I have crush on her >our mutual friend (I've known him longer) …[View]
20911021How do you get over heartbreak?: I got dumped a little after spring break and I just can't get …[View]
20911484Feels obvious but not certain: >Talk to cutie on campus >Start talking to her on facebook >…[View]
20909339this guy asked my teacher as a joke are the girls at some high school cute, my teacher agreed and sa…[View]
20910952Confused about alcohol: I just turned 21 last week and ive been testing out different alcohol. How d…[View]
20910896Gf has some sort of Stockholm syndrome towards her ex: I just can't explain it otherwise. The d…[View]
20911226what do i do if i need ungodly amounts of sleep? like I need NEED 12 hours of sleep. not 12 hours of…[View]
20911164Sexual abuse problem and feeling all alone and suicidal: I was in a 1,5 year old relationship before…[View]
20909932HELP! WHY IS MY ASS SO ITCHY?![View]
20911344how do uncoddle myself at 19?[View]
20911094My parents tell me constantly to get out and interact with young people like me but honestly after a…[View]
20911377My breath smells like shit, I brush and floss properly but after an hour or so (without even eating …[View]
20910222Need career advice. I'm 22, ex banker and recently started working as investments and finance m…[View]
20910735What the fuck do I do. I have a chance to get my life together with a job but to get it I need to sh…[View]
20910844My gf recently learned she's pregnant with her ex's child, and is due in a few months. She…[View]
20911453Need phone advice: My phone camera has not been working for over a month and I can't seem to fi…[View]
20911333Is it bad to think that 90% of parents are idiotic assholes because they keep bringing their 3-6 y/o…[View]
20909530Lluvia de ideas: Hola, ocupo su ayuda. Primero les contaré un poco de lo que ha pasado últimamente. …[View]
20911394How to get a girlfriend in college.: I am getting older now, I just started college at age 23 this s…[View]
20911410How do I stop being a slave to weaker emotions? All my life I've been so focused on jealousy, r…[View]
20911355Friends with benefits: any advice on fwb? is that shit too risky >talking to this girl that'…[View]
20911070Anxiety Q/A: Hey folks it time for another anxiety Q/A, Where we share our experiences to help us ov…[View]
20911360Meh. I feel so stupid at times. I don't think I can do much about it other than accepting mysel…[View]
20911359Sauce: How do I find the background picture? Any tips on finding originals with higher quality so I …[View]
20909465what do I do if I have unbearable chronic fatigue. no one fucking believes me. NO ONE. everyone just…[View]
20911259My face looks like it has too much stuff on it, bloated, acne, acne scars... Like it just looks dirt…[View]
20911119Expensive apartment, shitty service: So I'm paying 825$ a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. I ca…[View]
20909493Is it possible to get a girlfriend if you are scared of rejection? or are you just doomed to be alon…[View]
20911076Taking loans out for trade school: >have degree. >Get job with degree. >It's the worst…[View]
20910498What just happened?: Hi, Something just happened and. I cannot understand if there was a scam or no…[View]
20910494Can someone explain the 'hyperarousal' symptom of PTSD to me? My boyfriend has Complex PTS…[View]
20911067Finishing my ma and getting motivated: I wonder how to get motivated for finally finish my studies. …[View]
2091099233yo Virgin today: mmm, when do I meet somebody that's not a stranger. Cause I don't go me…[View]
20911026Nure thinks I'm racist but I'm African: >be me >be in hospital browsing 4chan >bl…[View]
20910787I want to stop drinking coffee because it makes me palpitate and a lot nervous. but the thing is i f…[View]
20909391Need help on mental health: So I've been feeling nothing but sadness for the past year. I don…[View]
20908194Facing Homelessness and Financial Ruin: Okay /adv/isors, I need some serious help. At this point it …[View]
20906801My life is basically ruined, so I figured out a 'nice' way of killing myself >drive my car into a…[View]
20909346My brother joined antifa, stole a bunch of my video games that he deemed 'problematic', and routinel…[View]
20910867If there's a grumpy and bitter adult who >Grew up with a druggie father that brought prostit…[View]
20910012Told my girlfriend we should go on this special date next time she's free. She seemed super exc…[View]
20910948>be fat and ugly most of my life >finally get handsome >find a good girl who is cute, fam…[View]
20910786Okay boys, this is an unusual request to say the least. I’ve started to notice that as of late, eve…[View]
20910906My mom thinks shes 20 ... dilema: My parents have this stupid arguement over some dumb shit; My mom …[View]
20910543Am I crazy?: >run out of antidepressants right before uni finals >try to tough it out till I …[View]
20909686My friend got super drunk and was grabbing my neck and then punched me in the chin, after that I tol…[View]
20910503Is it wrong that i'm constantly asking people what they are doing and how they discovered some …[View]
20909629I have a problem...: I'm 18 getting ready to graduate and never had a gf, Everytime I'm in…[View]
20907551How afford divorce & maintain child custody as stay at home mom without sucking dick ???[View]
209101431/2 From 7th to 10th grade, I was bullied in a weird kind of way. This group of stoner losers, that …[View]
20910125Okay that's it, I'm out; out of being depressed and blaming myself for not making life as …[View]
20910241Any ideas for hobbies that can make some money? Not looking for a full career but just something tha…[View]
20910560Coping with none actually caring: Over the last few years I've been trying to cope with my depr…[View]
20910754Talking to girls at a club/bar: How do I do it? Whenever I go to a club or bar, I end up talking to …[View]
20910520Goodbye message?: So I have some online friends that I've been talking to ranging from the past…[View]
20909542I have no friends, aside from a few people I talk to online. Doesn't help that I live in the mi…[View]
20910657actually need euthanasia soon...: Today I had my lung spirometry it's a kind of test used to as…[View]
20909565>set up date/hangout with qt from online, 6 days from now How much should I talk to her in the me…[View]
20909845>20yo >virgin af >met 34yr woman on kik >she seemed succesful, great, funny >would ne…[View]
20910460How do you write a resume?: I've only ever had one job before (my current one), so I didn'…[View]
20909760My insecurity of never having a relationship at 25 is starting to affect my life pretty hard. I…[View]
20910510About to be homeless: I'm 24, I have 4k saved up and my parents are kicking me out in 3 months.…[View]
20910672How to approach girls on facebook?: I already know it's a big no-no and borderline creep tier b…[View]
20910557how to make alexandrite: put your piss in the hot sun for around 2 days and is will make a yellow ga…[View]
20910166Anyone detox of a small benzo dosage? I've been taking 1MG of Ativan since November of 2018, us…[View]
20909630>'Ephebophilia is the primary sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19…[View]
20910512Psychotherapy: Is psychotherapy just a meme? Will it make any difference for me? I have really reall…[View]
20910418I ran away from my abusive household with a guy I met online. He took me in but now he is saying I o…[View]
20910534Ps2 plays in B&W: My ps2 was working fine for a brief moment until the screen blacks out for a w…[View]
20909809My birthday is soon, about to become 24.... What would be the best advice on life you could give me?[View]
20910571Feeling a lack of intimacy.: I must preface my in-depth grievances by stating that my partner and I …[View]
20910340How to 'be' in the real world ?: Hello people, I tell you that I have been fighting against my own m…[View]
20910528My life is becoming a bad teen novel: I started hanging out with this girl through a mutual friend, …[View]
20910362I'm a college student and just got a jury duty summon today. It's mid August, well before …[View]
20909673I know I shouldn’t be coming to 4chan for this but I’m broke and I want to get some knowledge before…[View]
20910381Any /adv/ posters that have overcome Borderline Personality Disorder? I've been with my boyfrie…[View]
20909406Tinder date anxiety: Matched with a real cute girl on Tinder last week, first girl I've even bo…[View]
20909645Sex with cousin: How should i go about building a sexual relationship with my (F) cousin? We aren…[View]
20909399There's this girl at my job, we've been working in the same floor for a month now and we b…[View]
20909384My teacher for a subject in Uni specified that we'd take our exams in groups of up to 3, I join…[View]
20909169Feelings for FWB. End it, quietly enjoy it or try tie her down?: I'm 27 in a friends with benef…[View]
20909966I don’t know how to finish my study. I’m so unmotivated. For one thing I know I have ADHD my whole …[View]
20909839What the fuck do you even do if you're not attracted to wen your own age? I'm 31, almost 3…[View]
20909752Body Language Experts: My fiancé is a local small time mma journalist. She was covering a small loca…[View]
20909029So I’m a manger at a restaurant and a girl who works there wants to fuck me. But I’m technically her…[View]
20910284>text friend who I havent talked to for a year or two with intention to hookup >we do, but I q…[View]
20910310Isolation: I crave intimacy, but at the same time I am afraid of it. I am afraid that after becoming…[View]
20910252Writing advice: I'm working on a comic and I kind of want some advice in writing something that…[View]
20909947I'm 29 and I've always had a thing for gundam kits. Would it be weird if I had one or two …[View]
20909477So I got a girl pregnant and she is going to carry it to term. But she wants to give it up for adopt…[View]
20909981i did two mistakes in one day, i cheat on my girlfriend and my dick failed with the other woman. im …[View]
20910294I've played music for over half my life, but have become almost completely disinterested aside …[View]
20910291Failure to Communicate: I seem to be experiencing repeated failures to communicate. For years I have…[View]
20910116Over righteous sense of honor: Does anyone else have this problem? (Degenerates need not reply) Like…[View]
20910081I think I might be a sadist.: I take great joy in emotionally destroying women; especially if they a…[View]
20909600Should I join the police?: I'm in my late twenties and physically fit; however, despite going t…[View]
20909850How long is it possible to survive without food,drinking only one's one urine and saliva before…[View]
20910181>Bouta go take a shower >feel the urge to poop >always heard that it's better to poop …[View]
20910128how do i protect my neck on a bus: moved to the city. and i don't know if it's just me, bu…[View]
20910084How do I remove the feeling of emptiness?: I'm a senior in high school and lately I've bee…[View]
20909159Would girls mind dating a mentally 'creepy' guy if he doesn't show it? If I was already dating …[View]
20910085sites that sell prepaid debit cards with I assume more money on than you pay in BTC to get the card.…[View]
20909926How do I become a bloomer?[View]
20910080I don't think I will self harm, but I realized recently I fantasize about pain and agony, about…[View]
20909907Hey /adv, I scored a 90 on my ASVAB and I'm a junior in HS right now. I really want to be infan…[View]
20909889I really love cheese and mayonaise subs, but I can never order them at restaurants because the cashi…[View]
20910015I just sit here avoiding doing anything that matters. I can't even watch TV, read, or play vidy…[View]
20908418>get pushed into college, try a stem major and fail >options now are going into nursing degree…[View]
20909954Where do I go to talk about podcasts here?[View]
20909577Femoids, you do prefer physical strength or intelligence in a mate?[View]
20909912/adv/ I need some pretty urgent help. >got a roommate off of Craigslist >he's pretty muc…[View]
20909150Need good jokes: Give me your best please[View]
20906351Finical Domination: Do you have a financial domination fetish? Have you ever been a sub or a Dom/Dom…[View]
20909724Is Craigslist a good place to look for roommates or is it as bad as I hear.[View]
20909718i have a rather noticeable bump/pimple in between my eyebrows and it has no pore. what should i do? …[View]
20908268>Meet a cute and shy girl at a student party >She's in a group of three other girls, two …[View]
20905660GIOYC: Bitch away[View]
20909826I need help to be social: Continuation from a discussion on /tg/[View]
20909010Should I be bothered by the fact that people look down on me because I'm dating a chinese girl?[View]
20909829How to get butterflies ?: How to fall in love again ? >19 yr old guy in uni >Keep pumping and …[View]
20909167Would it be a bad idea to pay for my sister's breast implants in exchange for sexual favors?[View]
20909463>23 years old >Friends don't care about me, don't invite me to things >Never even…[View]
20909683girl anxiety: A new girl at work kept approaching me and saying hey and it gave me a panic attack. W…[View]
20909046How can I stop being an attentionwhore? I feel extremely needy and whenever someone ignores me I sta…[View]
20909492So I was thinking about starting with archery for almost 4 years. This year I said fuck it Im gonna …[View]
20909242Shoud I continue to pursue an apptenticeship at AWS or should I attend my college of choice? I only …[View]
20909531How do you know if you are actually ugly or not?: How to tell if you are ugly in adulthood? Nobody i…[View]
20908306How do you get rid of plantar warts without going to the doctor?[View]
20907652Is it realistic to find a girlfriend if you are diagnosed with autism?[View]
20909508Finding good housemates in cheap accommodation: Next year I'm going to be starting a PhD and ha…[View]
20907622Is 22 years old too late to join uni[View]
20909444Is it true that women get hit on 24/7 by men all the time and that men only want to have sex with wo…[View]
20909438>moving to new city soon, will pretty much have a clean slate >my resume gets scrutinized for …[View]
20909567BRAINSTORMING: Hi, I take your help. First I will tell you a little about what has happened lately. …[View]
20909560Okay boys Little backstory I once had a convo with my crush a few monthe back where she said shes ne…[View]
20909004How does 18yo guy like me get a girlfriend?[View]
20909552I fucked up. I work as a substitute teacher. Just started. Three weeks ago, I requested off on an on…[View]
20909483Is coffee worth giving up?: I've been drinking it for a year now because it feels like I'm…[View]
20908747I know english and spanish. I am going to work to learn french. Im 21 with a bachelors Is there a wa…[View]
2090951124m Thinking about pulling loans out for school: >Got bachelors >think Engineering work is shi…[View]
20907466I'm a 25 year old male and I'm currently dating a 38 year old female. I like older women. …[View]
20903864>Hapa here facing identity crisis. >Anyone else mixed race? Where the fuck do I fit in and ho…[View]
20908088How to stop jumping from one thing to another?: I have a lot of energy, but I keep jumping from one …[View]
20907561Anxiety Q/A: Anxiety is something we all go through but if you are unclear about something that pert…[View]
20906773how to stop being overly sensitive? i think way too much into every little thing particularly in a r…[View]
20909454First time I ever had a girlfriend for more then 2 months. Hitting month 5. Is it normal to feel a l…[View]
20908820How to be romantic and shit My gf likes to make small surprises for me. Making a music playlist for …[View]
20908793What is it actually like having a gf? What happens in between all the cuddling, passionate and lovi…[View]
20909282how do uncoddle myself at 19?[View]
20909421Physics Project Help: My lab parthner has done zip to zero work to help me this semester, the best t…[View]
20909108The skin on my right leg is suddenly turning white with small bumps on top of it and extremely itchy…[View]
20908873How to kill my ego? I feel my arrogance and pride is holding me back. And frankly it's unwarran…[View]
20909359She fucked me up real hard: There was this girl, shit. I want to talk nice about her how she's …[View]
20909298I can't get excited about anything right now, I'm usually a pretty upbeat person, but for …[View]
20908854Girls: Male here. I never had a good girl- friend. I don't know how to talk with girls. How ca…[View]
20909289Used to be shaggy haired skinny kid who played minecraft all day. Got tired of never having a gf. Go…[View]
20907844Tips on dealing with SJW gf: I date this girl for quite a while and she’s really nice and sweet, but…[View]
20909238How do i live in the woods and build a cabin?[View]
20909285>added girl from tinder on Snapchat >she complains about me just looking to fuck >unmatched…[View]
20906219Anons, I am not sure where to go now. I've 'made it', but I feel like I have imprisoned myself.…[View]
20909309>friend invited me to her birthday party tomorrow night >haven’t been to a party since high sc…[View]
2090661418 years old,blind of one eye,not rich nor beautiful,but i got osteoarthritis a 'sickness' that in a…[View]
20909226Just a quick thought here. I just read the Mother's Day card my brother gave to my mom. He clos…[View]
20909255I have a question stfu[View]
20909126Acting Chad: Do the lads who say 'just act like an asshole and treat women like shit' actually have …[View]
20909117Is there any way I can use my shortness to advantage? And I'm not talking about the being short…[View]
20909115Well ... Got a good GF. Really loves me to death. Funny, accepts me like I am etc ... Live togethe…[View]
20907517how to find brothel?: Hello, do you k ow technics to find where are the brothel in spain or in gener…[View]
20909134I have torendo 2mg and kventiax 100mg medications how many would you need to mix into liquid so you …[View]
20909107Are driving lessons worth the money? Adult over 20, never learned due to a combination of laziness a…[View]
20904783ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
20908727Five year ago, when I started uni, I met a girl, a we became pretty soon close friends. She got enga…[View]
20909061Etiquette when buying weed?: Someone I know sells it. I'd like to get some from them, but becau…[View]
20906764So I met a girl. She is absolutely gorgeous and stunning. She is very smart, and very caring. She ma…[View]
20908826I have no libido and rarely want to fuck and I think it's negatively impacting my relationship.…[View]
20908691I need a full refresh of my mind and, a complete return to factory settings and eraser of all past h…[View]
20909040How do I get a gf when i have very little emotions and like people who are dickheads?[View]
20908960I got one of those letters in the mail for illegally downloading torrents. How can I keep downloadi…[View]
20908980What should I tell parrents?: >go to college since everyone told me I was special >barely grad…[View]
20908576Does life get better or worse after highschool? Asking because I hated everyday of highschool and if…[View]
20904284My girlfriend is going to break up with me: I am 99% sure. When I text her yesterday she says that w…[View]
20908866Currently broke, lost my previous job and recovering from serious trauma,chaos, disassociation and I…[View]
20908796I am virgin and I want to hire a prostitute to have sex with her but I am quite anxious about sex. s…[View]
20908946i'm 26 and have been in monogamous relationships since my first gf at 20. I became single about…[View]
20908469Happy Endings: How likely is it that an SO would ever learn that you got a handy from a massage? Any…[View]
20908734Dance floor tips for the retarded and autistic: As the title says anons I know I'm not bad look…[View]
20908011Can you make friends at university as someone returning to it in their mid 20s? If so, how? I went t…[View]
20908706is anyone experienced in taking pictures of their cats making faces? I have several kitties and woul…[View]
20908651Am I depressed?: I never have the energy or social battery like I used to in University. I've b…[View]
20908688Anon drinks own piss: Drank a beer at 8 in the morning. Decided to piss in the empty beer bottle. I …[View]
20908522How to really resolve to do something? I want to do something all the day before but when it gets do…[View]
20908686>Accidentally slept through an important final exam Uhh... Am I fucked? I can't stop panicki…[View]
20908499I hope you all find whatever your heart really needs and please go away.[View]
20908786Curious about sharing: My gf and I have always got off on hearing about each others sexual experienc…[View]
20908549>meet current girlfriend >totally enamored, shes the perfect girl, ask her out within one mon…[View]
20908577divorce(????): My wife of 2 years just left me. How do I feel ok, man? Things have been on the rocks…[View]
20908563should I delete her number?: ONLY MEN'S REPLIES WANTED I met a hot woman on a dating app. She…[View]
20907365Wisdom teeth removal experiences: Hey anons, advice on getting wisdom teeth removed and what to expe…[View]
20908452FoMo: How do I deal with the Fear of Missing Out. I hardly go outside and only when I really need to…[View]
20907318My ex gf told me we’re not on the same page and I’m not the kind of person she needs. I’m fucking he…[View]
20908690Sup /adv/, im studying to become a musician, currently playing the piano and getting pretty good at …[View]
20905696LTR: Long story short, I'm 22, been in a LTR for more than a year. The girl is amazing and i lo…[View]
20906498>20 yrs old >never had a job >hate my major and don't know what I want to switch to …[View]
20908605Tips for getting a black gf when you are a schizoid white man?[View]
20906961Girlfriend likes to be treated bad: My girlfriend who I’ve been with romantically for almost a year …[View]
20908225Autist here: >meet girl on language exchange app >surprisingly forward of her, we set up a da…[View]
20908310Is writing a meme?: I know that writing is technically real. But why do people act like they are wri…[View]
20908467Bypassing workplace’s restricted WiFi: Hey /adv/. I’m trying to browse 4chan on my work computer so …[View]
20907392How does one get their personality or 'mojo' back? I've been on a decline for a while now, lost…[View]
20908535Single Life: Hey /adv/ how do you deal with the fact that you're single and gonna be single for…[View]
20908330I always try to improve myself by listening to people here for years but it keeps on degrading my me…[View]
20908431Need to lose 2kg: So I have an amateur fight saturday and I need to lose 2kg until then, what do?…[View]
20907177Passionate arguments?: I have developed a bad habit of watching those shitty youtube videos of coupl…[View]
20908548Anon possible alcoholic: I work a lot of hours. On my little time off, I usually sip beer and read o…[View]
20908429I've asked for haircut suggestion by a handful of people, and they all said 'two all around', o…[View]
20908447Talking to people: How the fuck do I actually talk to people? I mean all I see online is advice abou…[View]
20908221Had intense orgasm, can't recreate: >A few weeks ago >did nothing unusual, nothing differ…[View]
20906849How to memorize shit quickly?: So, I have two exams, one tomorrow and another one the monday. The on…[View]
20908451Do artists get any money for listening to them on spotify? Could someone explain me how it works ple…[View]
20907007I've came to somewhat of a high point in my life, but i lack a lot of interest and motivation t…[View]
20908410>normal day at the ballpit >see this what do?…[View]
20906507Foreplay: Is it possible to get a girl very wet without eating her out or fingering her? I dislike b…[View]
20908297Dog ded: Just put dog down and I feel nothing. Is this normal I liked my dog as well so it's no…[View]
20907147I regret becoming an actor. Its not even a 'fuck you dad, I'm gonna follow my dreams!' story. B…[View]
20908414I have no friends.: My only fren is 4chan. It has been this way for years. I cut myself off from one…[View]
20908412Suspicious phone number: Quick alert im not sure if this is the right board for this so do not conti…[View]
20907763Pls: Ok how do I get a gf?. I've had sex before but I don't know how to meet girls in Scot…[View]
20908138Guys I got locked out side of my dad's house. I tried to take the knob off the door than this h…[View]
20908030Roommate issue: >Start of 2018, move in with girlfriend and my friend >girlfriend and I exclus…[View]
20908161Give me super specific instructions on how to date as a man where do you ask out where do you date h…[View]
20908347Are all romantic relationships temporary? Nothing is truly forever after all, especially with people…[View]
20908355Loneliness and Social Interactions: I'm 21 and I'm a shut-in. I've been like this sin…[View]
20907982how do you keep a conversation flowing[View]
20907316Is it illegal to tell someone that you attended a college which you did not? My husband has some fri…[View]
20906170Do girls turn into their mothers?: So I've been with my girlfriend for a while and it's th…[View]
20908281Mental health and dating: I have an anxiety disorder (diagnosed) and possibly BPD and/or OCD (self-d…[View]
20906949Does being helpful to women lower their attraction towards you? I tend to be very helpful to people …[View]
20906975People say i look like a school shooter. Its been going on for a few years now and its starting to m…[View]
20906556I was about to have sex with a girl that I've been going out with for a month. We had great che…[View]
20908050I'm moving into my own apartment at 23 soon(turning 23). Bought it quite cheapily after it was …[View]
20907093>be me, lonely virgin >meet girl, kinda cute,similar interests, slightly autistic >check he…[View]
20907162Thoughts of incest? If it’s even considered that.. send help. Pic for attention: >Yes unfortunate…[View]
20906621Depressed as fuck: Please, help me overcome these toxic thoughts: There is only so much you can do, …[View]
20907277Lying on my Résumé: So I’m a thirty-year-old man who has been unemployed for over thirteen years. I’…[View]
20907578Can you please explain why you think your penis is the best penis and every other anon's is not…[View]
20906247Money or Passion: I'm 37 and I'm a microbiologist. I work for a university in one of the m…[View]
20907890Dog: My dog broke her collar and ran to another dog biting it and it's owner, knocking him over…[View]
20908082I was overpaid on my paycheck this week. The pay period covers two weeks, but it says I worked 65.75…[View]
20908186I never posted here, I just lurk all the time, so I'm sorry for some fuck ups. I've met t…[View]
20904146I need friends: I have a Discord server and I need to fill it with friends. But only with good peopl…[View]
20907549No girl seems good enough: Was wondering if anyone can relate to this. I broke up with my ex 8 month…[View]
20907099I plan to kill myself by starving my body. How long will it take for my body to succumb to this? I d…[View]
20908005I think I lightly damaged someones car and drove away. What do?: Anons help. I was trying to park my…[View]
20907741What am I doing wrong?: Seems like everywhere I go I'm doing something wrong and am being avoid…[View]
20907510Help with VPN: Is there any free vpn hat doesn't require me to enter some payment information? …[View]
20908067Mid-/Prelife 'crisis': My storry of my 'Mid-/Prelife 'crisis''[View]
20907530>Been lifting for a year >Made good gains >Planning on enlisting in the Army >Girls stil…[View]
20908027I love this girl, I love her so much But she’s kind of a pseudo celebrity and it’s hard for me to ge…[View]
20905870Good Navy ratings?: If anyone has any prior experience in the Navy, what are some good rates and wha…[View]
20906384Comparing advice?: So I typically ask multiple sources for advice on the same thing. I would normall…[View]
20906169Wife is extremely lazy. Gets very emotional when it is brought up, swears she will fix if and often …[View]
20907772I don't understand why some people have to be so competitive all the time while flaunting their…[View]
20906488>texting girl in not my native language >this is not a dating app, it's for language exch…[View]
20907314is it aids?: I think i have aids. Pic unrelated I got swollen lymph nodes a week after dicking some …[View]
20907676Is it possible to get rid of acne? Tried everything for several years except medication for it like …[View]
20907115How do I cope with a total lack of female attention? I wish I could put it behind me, but it is putt…[View]
20907640i have a problem with being perfect. if i wanna learn how to play chess, i cant just play it. i have…[View]
20907653>2019 >no one has tried to end the world Like wtf how, we see it all the time in movies, one p…[View]
20898630What is Anons biggest regret in life? Is there anything you wish you could have done differently or …[View]
20907661>broke up with girlfriend almost a month ago >break up was complicated but it wasn't expl…[View]
20906036How do I convince my gf to let me fuck other women? I'm at the point where I dick her down good…[View]
20907781Increase the penis size: How does OP increase penis size naturally? Has any method confirmed work…[View]
20907783what do I do if I have unbearable chronic fatigue. no one fucking believes me. NO ONE. everyone just…[View]
20907665I haven't pooped in 4 days and I am having trouble passing gas. Should I just kill myself now?[View]
20906383How to deal with this situation?: My mother constantly takes sleeping pills and drinks alcohol, ends…[View]
20907034So this guy I'm seeing told me on our last date he has a kid. He's a great guy but I reall…[View]
20907567What are some drink alternatives for a soda/junkfood addict with acne at 24 that is quitting it enti…[View]
20905378How do I become more psychopathic?: So I'm an extreme empath but I wish I was more psychopathic…[View]
20906429HOLY FUCK: I'm a 27 year old virgin and I'm gonna get laid this weekend!! I have no idea w…[View]
20907515So I had an epic stoner fuckup. Was cleaning my silicone bong which has a glass beaker like bottom a…[View]
20907563>have friends over from work >we're listening to music shooting the shit >invite a gi…[View]
20907423Hi, how can I be 'worthy' enough adv? The last three girls I went out with cheated on me and I was t…[View]
20906729I need serious help. I will classify the people in this situation with letters. I dated a girl who I…[View]
20907575I got a ticket from a motor cop, he says i cut him off. How do i go about this? It was bs and i kind…[View]
20907566I live in a 3rd world shithole, the salary fucking sucks, I'd like to make money from the inter…[View]
20907453>tfw my neighbor literally wanted me to help him fight some asshole >tfw he's 38 and i…[View]
20906985Never really had a crush before. I'm 22. I'm in a big city with a college known for having…[View]
20906977How to be 'good enough': Cutting to the chase I've had many girlfriends. All of them, about 6 m…[View]
20907519Ok so I know I’m probably overthinking this but whatever. Basically there’s this girl I like and I’m…[View]
20907360which pill for relaxing?: i drink most nights but i walk a fine line between 'just right' and hung o…[View]
20901745My gf and I want to add some mild tasteful domestic bdsm stuff to our relationship, basically I get …[View]
20907395Where does advice go to seek legal advice? I think i will take a trip to the free clinic at social s…[View]
20907040I think I have hemorrhoids: I have this purple lump around the outside of my anus. There are other p…[View]
20906810Is there no hope in becoming a doctor if you have no social skills? I'm a quiet, introverted, p…[View]
20907317Why do girls do this?: /CONTEXT/ i broke up with my ex in jan because I just couldn't stand her…[View]
20906554Drug addict brother: I live with my mom. My older brother is staying with us for the week before he …[View]
20907292Getting a US bank account?: I need to open an account. I am a citizen living abroad with no plan to …[View]
20907275male role models: the past is chock full of idealists with a strong moral compass but past lifestyle…[View]
20907201Spending time on 4chan instead of calling a suicide hotline or seeing a mental health professional. …[View]
20904533Sorry for the long post ahead, but I need some advice. Got diagnosed suicidal depression 7 years ago…[View]
20906968I'm in high school and there's this girl I think I like. We've only known each other …[View]
20906439How To Stop Caring About Human Beings Over All: This may be a stupid question because we ARE social …[View]
20906996My dick.exe has stopped working. I went almost immediately after the first fail to sexologist, but h…[View]
20907127Credible medical proof: I'm on my last year of law school, and on the bring of getting expelled…[View]
20906859I added a girl awhile back on Facebook, and she accepted. I saw her in high school a couple year bac…[View]
20906770How do I bypass instagram phone bs?: I dont even a phone. Or want to use it.[View]
20905201Im losing my mind because of college. It's too hard for me. When Im studying really fucking har…[View]
20906561would it be bad to start dating a girl then convince her to go the gym with me to lose weight? she w…[View]
20906334Just the easiest way[View]
20907166This is .001 percent: picture this, your parents are passive aggressively keeping you at home. They …[View]
20907017Curious about something. Why do all traps/trannies not have big asses?[View]
20906552Well, I'm sure in a tight spot here. I have a test tomorrow but im not very ready for it, no re…[View]
20907024what are some things I should use my money on when I become a billionaire?[View]
20905751I need a place to study. My home is too chaotic. I was thinking of a library but I can't stand …[View]
20906225I kinda stuck my finger up in the ass. Didn't enjoy it, didn't hate it. Should a man ever …[View]
20907125How to come into terms that my best friend who is left crippled (And can't talk or walk) from a…[View]
20907195what should i be bringing up during an interview as far as future growth or raises if i become a per…[View]
20906740My girlfriend is a pretty productive person. She goes to school, she works, and she learns Japanese …[View]
20906788Coworker has it out for me: Sup lads, I'm 95% sure I'm fired tomorrow because of a co-work…[View]
20907026OBSESSED WITH TRAPS: Hey anons, straight white married male here. So wife is on Instagram and shows …[View]
20905860My 5 year old niece's pet parrot, Barry, recently got sick and his head fell off. My niece was …[View]
20906928Stop posting and everything else.[View]
20906646Is dating actually harder than it was before, or is it an incel meme? I've tried online dating,…[View]
209052502016: I miss 2016 so fucking bad, it was the best year of my life. Nothing has compared to that year…[View]
20906767Girl never texts first: If you text a girl often and she always talks to you, never ghosts, but she …[View]
20906916Addicted to porn: Hello /adv/, I have a serious problem and I need your help. I'm addicted to p…[View]
20905314ITT: Social Anxiety Disorder: Can we have a social anxiety thread? We never had a thread about it, b…[View]
20906827> be tech guy > have project that took off > making great money, building up a decent follo…[View]
20906790I have no friends. The only girl I know is a co-worker. We're on very good terms. Is it weird t…[View]
20905776life advice guys: you need to do things and accept that rejection is going to happen. don't be …[View]
20906789LOVE: Love is like champagne. It comes along every once in a while. But don’t expect it to last.…[View]
20906808Video ideas: I’m starting a YouTube channel and need video ideas.[View]
20906857How is it that men enthrall women?: I have seen some friends who can get women to stay with them eve…[View]
20906742>16 junior in his >asked to prom by this really cute senior that I'm familiar with >sh…[View]
20906771How do I become more comfortable asking people for help? Specifically over the phone. I have chicken…[View]
20905636Motivation: How do I stay motivated all the day from the start of the day until I go to sleep? When …[View]
20906210Whats a good way to remove a large amount of body hair? I heard something about some sort of shave p…[View]
20903561How does a handsome but poor man find his equal in a society where beautiful women all want rich dud…[View]
20906717i need some advice/help. im a lurker on here mostly so i do apologize for anything i fuck up. I…[View]
20906686Where is this going?: Pretty good first date, I paid. Really awkward second date, she paid...yet we…[View]
20906427Why even live if you're ugly like me?[View]
20906079gf: My gf is a little gamer girl. All of her 'friends' are 5ft 7 and under skinnyfat mexican guys wh…[View]
20905926Scam or not?: I'm a college student and I keep getting e-mails from this group called HonorSoci…[View]
20905168I borrowed my moms car for ten minutes without her asking, I scratched her bumper against a column i…[View]
20905549Hey /adv/ I'm currently a college student that is graduating next semester in the Fall. I am gr…[View]
20905336I need career advice: I'm about to go to uni and I don't know what major to pick, but I do…[View]
20905308Hello, I would like to hear what others have to say about my relationship problem with my wife of 3 …[View]
20905598I got hired for a job back in April. Now that 1 month has passed, I realize its really not for me; I…[View]
20906136Fetishes: Anons , How do i get rid of a fetish and i dont wanna live with it anymore , i get disgust…[View]
20906572What are the latest apps to download?: Yubo and tik tok and what else?[View]
20906173I accidentally got a farmers tan last summer and it's barely faded. I want my skin to turn ligh…[View]
20904676breaking up: So I've been seeing this girl for 7 months now and im trying to break it off, we h…[View]
20906242I'm on the fence on whether or not to pursue a girl I work with. She's super cute and we h…[View]
20906538Help I’m confused lmao: I’m not sure if I like one of my friends or not. We’re both girls and I’m co…[View]
20906405Yo legal help: I made a huge financial mistake last year. I got a car loan through lobel financial(t…[View]
20906530My best friend always complains about her situation, and how shes gonna end up being like her parent…[View]
20902471I've been in an interracial relationship for about a year and a half now, and within the last 6…[View]
20906540How do I get an asian girlfriend?[View]
20905654This has to stay vague for reasons, sorry How do you cope with the pants on head retarded mistakes …[View]
20906113Bet mentality: I need to find a way to get out this bullshit beta male mentality whenever a girl sta…[View]
20906511emotionally drained: I fap like 8 times a day I feel like shit[View]
20906446My gf turns into colossal cunt when she's on her period. She'll start fights, complain, te…[View]
20905935Love Lost: I can't decide whether to break up with my girlfriend or not. Our relationship is gr…[View]
20906458I'm extremly toxic: I use idiot, retard etc all the time, i wasn't like this but I became …[View]
20906353I'm very low energy. How do I keep up with my black friends all dancing around and shit?[View]
20906209Is it possible to get someone charged for rape even if there's no physical evidence and the eve…[View]
20906007Anyone else hate cellphones?: Imagine how much more of an effort individuals would have to make if w…[View]
20906183how do I find a good lawyer if I live out in the sticks? im on probation and I need to get off it. I…[View]
20906376law school: Why shouldn't I try to get into a T14 law school once I'm done with undergrad?…[View]
20906239I've got a horrible regular customer that I want to fuck off forever. How do I tell her to do t…[View]
20906083Hi, the frequencies I hear have been lower since I stuck both of my fingers in my ears at a psych wa…[View]
20902928does anyone have super super annoying parents? holy Christ stop my dad fucking comments on everythin…[View]
20905567Can a female still be considered a virgin if she got fingered previously? I'm currently in a re…[View]
20906167how do i deal with having fucked up teeth?[View]
20904874Should I break up with my gf?: Last time I was with my gf and my friend she was constantly talking t…[View]
20905980Is this a good band name to attract women?: I know that women like a man who is a good listener and …[View]
20905682How to get over her: Hi /adv/ I am trying to get over a break up and I am having an incredibly hard …[View]
20904439anxiety/depression rant: I'm kidding, fuck that shit. I'm working in a warehouse after lea…[View]
20905851i have a dark secret that's lately been eating me up but i'm afraid i'll get in troub…[View]
20906062I might be a Narcissist , how do I confirm?[View]
20901097My sexual fustration is driving me insane: Im a virgin 19. never gf or anything. rejected 3 times. o…[View]
20905913How to compliment this girl?: There's a 10/10 qt I've been texting and we are both going t…[View]
20905606I cause body odor: Been living with my roommates for about 50 days. They just now told me that there…[View]
20904818Ayuda: Tengo a varias personas que me molestan en la escuela, trato de no tomarles atención pero lle…[View]
20906094Time loss: How do I overcome this feeling of time loss. To give a quick rundown, years of despressio…[View]
20906052Is it possible that I have social anxiety?: I'm 18 and have asperger's. Each time I talk …[View]
20905041Tumbling down: I broke. In a moment of weakness I broke and finally tried it. I got on Grindr and me…[View]
20904320where do i find girls to experiment with sexually? my bf thinks i should test the waters more just f…[View]
20906024>sort my life out because I was a loser >exercise, eat healthy, practice social skills, get jo…[View]
20905832taking me back: the girl ive been dating for over a year left me 2 weeks ago because i'm an alc…[View]
20905635Anyone else going full slacker mode?[View]
20902914Hey, /adv/. My teeth are getting a bit yellow. Do teeth whitening strips work? And if so, which stri…[View]
20904871How do I stop longing to exist in the spaces of her heart where no one has ever been?[View]
20905591If a girl asks you, really out of nowhere, what you think of her friend ( that you've met befor…[View]
20901721How do I get a girlfriend like her when you're average in looks? I constantly feel sad that a l…[View]
20905954I'm applying for a computer repair/installation job but my resume is currently set up for softw…[View]
20904604Boils and Acne: Wtf causes this shit. I drink more water, I improved my diet yet they still keep com…[View]
20905946Spice things up: Life is growing stale. What are some exciting and kind of dangerous hobbies to try?…[View]
20905416Hi advice, A girl I am having consensual sexual relations with is interested in another girl's …[View]
20905801How do I become more social around women? I have no problem starting and keeping conversations going…[View]
20905843My breathing is fucked up: I dont know why but i forgot to breathe out this leaves me with foggy low…[View]
20904823Should I pierce my ear?: I'm on my last year at school, and I got a lot of friends, but most me…[View]
20905081Flirt: How do I flirt with the girl I like and knew for just under a year?[View]
20905872(Image unrelated since I need an image to post this) This kind of post has likely been posted here c…[View]
20905820Need help: My highschool crush is marrying the guy she left me for during our prom[View]
20905846I am a brick wall in conversation help me: Conversation topics, anything fun to speak during a conve…[View]
20905033Went to an interview at a big company, college friend recommended me. They said for work I needed 1 …[View]
20905771what does it mean if a girl says she is insatiable when it comes to sex[View]
20905814Been sort of seeing a girl now but she has a boyfriend. She has a kid (not with the BF) and I do of …[View]
20905343Hi advice, This girl I am having consensual sexual relations with is advising me to say no to all ot…[View]
20905767I want to spend too much time alone and my GF is getting tired of me. I love her, I really do, but m…[View]
20905758Any good websites to find and hire prostitutes in the US? And how do i not look like a cop? How do i…[View]
20905663Hey /adv/, my friend has been suffering from depression for years now and theyre a bit younger than …[View]
20905462Hi advice, How can I make decisions independently?[View]
20905714What's the fastest way to get sex that doesn't involve talking to a woman for days or week…[View]
20905515Asking neighbour on regular walks: My neighbour is 20 or so, and I often see her out running, cyclin…[View]
20905160need help getting over ex: i really need help to get over my ex girlfriend. she was the first person…[View]
20905548In what size category does a 6.7 x 5.5 inch dick fall into? Big, med, smal? Honest answers plz[View]
20905369How to get over being dumped?[View]
20905257Hey, I need some advise. I went to two separate doctors under the same parent company. First medical…[View]
20904703Why should I put any effort into self-improvement when it's much simpler to just kill myself?[View]
20905405HELP ME: My finals begin next week. I've had a rough year and a lot to catch up on. I'm mo…[View]
20905592So there's this girl I like. She's two years younger than me and started studying in the s…[View]
20905411suicide: I don't want to live anymore. i'm ok with leaving this world. i don't serve …[View]
20904664Girl at school: I got a crush at school but I'm wondering if I should even try. She's real…[View]
20905492Weekdays are shite: I'm so bored during weekdays and always can't to go and drink with my …[View]
20902349>dick precumming when sexting or on a date How abnormal is this? How to fix?…[View]
20905487Is it normal to feel unfulfilled in one's daily life? I know I could be doing more to get out i…[View]
20905180Is it possible to become sexual if you’re asexual? The thought of sex and the obligation to have it …[View]
20902801How are all streamer girls so hot? They don’t seem like they go to the gym just seem like lazy hoes…[View]
20904574is it bad that I'm not into fit girls, like I mean a 10/10 girls I've never been big fan o…[View]
20905418Typical girl problem number 1 billion: So there is this girl I'm into, but we haven't real…[View]
20905012Not over a tinder thot: >2.5 year dry spell >Start to take control of my life a little >Mee…[View]
20903002Jesus FUCKING Christ, I have had four (4) girls unmatch me today after having a normal fucking conve…[View]
20901005Going on a date this night,how do i know when i should kiss her?[View]
20904752why does this video make me so depressed?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQAhv7hushw She's so…[View]
20905194How do i achieve apathy? I have already given up on my hopes of having normal relationships with peo…[View]
20905186For a limited time Morbo will answer your questions with respect to life, love & relationships.[View]
20904460Laminate flooring or tile?: Moving into new home and can't decide which is better. I want to te…[View]
20905115I am a big fan of football (soccer) and have supported my local team my whole life, since my father …[View]
20902438>meet girl at school over a month ago >we get close and i flirt with her >she gets comforta…[View]
20905297There’s this new girl in my class that’s pretty cute and introverted but I don’t know how to hold an…[View]
20905216How to get started making indie films?: I've always wanted to film shit and make movies, but I …[View]
20903280How many of you have hit your mother? I grew up with a single mother and where we moved a lot and we…[View]
20905265ok adv im ready to die: I'm drunk and young what are the best things i could do. Seriously why …[View]
20905051whenever my dead brother appears in my dreams I never question how he could still be alive does this…[View]
20904536what it means to be dominant?[View]
20904002what do I do if my dad has nasty ass feet? his feet always stink like shit and he tracks it everywhe…[View]
20902557How gross is it honestly (personal views or society's) to be sexually interested in an 18 year …[View]
20905149What's wrong in being a nice guy?: Hello fellow comrades, I'm 18 yo and for me, a nice guy…[View]
20904776Why do people drink coffee?: I feel stupid and anxious and just want to fap after 1 cup.[View]
20905167so i just got a job at dominos through a friend, but i get fucking terrified about going there. i fe…[View]
20904899What is your best advice for completely give a shit what others think of you![View]
20903589Anxiety Disorder Q/A: Some of you guys say you are suffering through this problem? Then let's h…[View]
20905025Hey /adv/, 27, male, and I'm looking to get experience talking to girls, in real life. Are ther…[View]
20905133Is it safe to assume that girls with big boobs have strong back muscle?[View]
20904605How do I tell my gf I like wearing her clothes: Also taking requests https://onlyfans.com/humankitte…[View]
20905122What is with girls and fat people?[View]
20904839Benzo dependence in the USA: Why do people mask their fears/insecurities/pain with benzo prescriptio…[View]
20905104How late is too late to repair a friendship? Ours was badly mangled by the end and didn't end w…[View]
20901685GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: These past few weeks have been exhausting.[View]
20905019Is there a way to clasically train yourself in singing through videos and books? I want to be an ope…[View]
20904761Is there an acceptable point by which one should move in with their SO? Is 2 years together too long…[View]
20904107Am I gay or I just don't like looking for a girlfriend?: I had never feel the necessity to go a…[View]
20902532Is 4chan unhealthy? How?[View]
20905036So I was seeing this girl for about a month, we got together a few times a week over that time perio…[View]
20905000im going through one of my worst depression phases rn, and idk what to do everything feels like its …[View]
20904800My gf sometimes says when another guy is cute to me and sometimes makes jokes that she likes them an…[View]
20904963How to live life on my own terms?: My whole life, my family always told me what to do instead of sup…[View]
20904183How to be more stoic and cool / mysterious I feel like I'm seen as the class clown and I really…[View]
20904396How to deal with loneliness: We were together for 1,5 years. That was the best time im my gross life…[View]
20903563It's weird. /adv/ always says that confessions are creepy and are only a thing in anime, but th…[View]
20904848Fight with Parents over Drugs: My parents caught me smoking weed. They found my weed (and other drug…[View]
20903381If energy cant be destroyed just transformed this means if we die we wont actually die. We live in p…[View]
20904954Trying to get two friends together: How do I get two uni friends together? They're a nerdish gu…[View]
20904380How do I get to have casual sex with people?: Up until I was 23 I never kissed a girl, I didn't…[View]
20903075work situation: As I was leaving the law firm I work in, the secretary who is a middle aged lady int…[View]
20904599GF's crazy mother: My GF's mother isn't really traditional crazy, more of a narcissis…[View]
20904679Why is browsing 4chan so damn addictive?: Need help, I want to stop visiting this website for good. …[View]
20904554Why is life hard? Why am I here just to suffer?[View]
20904575I want to fuck my teacher but in two days it's the last day of high school, I have her WhatsApp…[View]
20904875Posted this thread a few days ago but wasn't specific enough so figured I'd give it anothe…[View]
20904653For 4 years I am the same weight. Ever since I was 14 I have been 45 kilos, now at 18 I'm 47. A…[View]
20903848It was late night, I had my headphones on, I didn't hear it, my mom walked in while I was fappi…[View]
20904748I broke down during an online quiz and basically e-mailed my professor about being depressed. Now I …[View]
20903053how do as buy a girlfriend? how much do they cost?[View]
20904214Can 'broken' people be 'unbroken' back?: All I've ever seen is an anecdotal evidence. I fear th…[View]
20904352Anons , this June I won’t be a NEET anymore God willing. I used to major in Communication but I want…[View]
20904466i thought that driving myself away from social media would calm myself down. but the fear is still t…[View]
20904517Alrighty, so theres this girl that is basically like pic related. She is 22 and we get along extreme…[View]
20903467Cousin is a 7/10. She wants to bang What do?[View]
20903310Relationship Advice: My current gf has some serious mental problems, and 70% of the time I spend wit…[View]
20904068I'm a hot chad and I've yet to find a girl who doesn't try and use sex to lure me int…[View]
20904036I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and I scored an internship shadowing an Architect / Civil …[View]
20903154Have crush for 2 years: So I have a crush on some girl that lives nearby and now I have The First ch…[View]
20904548whenever i talk to normies i start feeling insecure about my social skills and hating myself. becaus…[View]
20904641>important meeting in the evening >brain: 'f-fuck you gotta be stressed about it period' >m…[View]
20903315Should I get back into eve online? I never really got anywhere it felt like to me. After 2 months of…[View]
20904445How do i ask a girl out over snapchat? How do i tell she likes me?[View]
20904379why do girls hold on guys arms like this?[View]
20904557Are Pasante condoms good?[View]
20904252where can I get an omega female gf? this means one who has no friends. my therapist said that omegas…[View]
20904421I am only attracted to girls who dont have any friends where do i find them?[View]
20904519What can I do about my friend group? the group consists of me and two others, we'll call them M…[View]
20902665So I've been dating this girl, 21 virgin for a year now. She's in for sex and stuff, but s…[View]
20903143How do I stop looking?: Everytime im single after a few weeks i enter a dark place mentally that kee…[View]
20902082/fit/ women: So, i met a girl, she has a job, goes to the gym, studies, etc For some weird reason, s…[View]
20903798Explain stoicism and why should I bother with it: >Hurr durr bro, so what that you live a horribl…[View]
20903859Depression, I guess: I can’t live. I can’t continue to exist for another x number of years, be it 25…[View]
20898746My dad divorced my mom a couple months ago and he is now in a sexual relationship with two girls. On…[View]
20902337How to cure social anxiety ?: Is it possible to cure social anxiety alone ? And if so how ? I can…[View]
20901556G-Guy... do i have to be worried if my gf talks about how cute kids are, how her girlfriends are hav…[View]
20904435How do I become a sexual person / generate sexual attractiveness and tension / desire? I ain't …[View]
20903118I'm suicidal but I have no way to get therapy, and I'm afraid even if I went I'd be s…[View]
20902979I'm deteriorating: >I literally can't talk to anyone I know about the problems I have r…[View]
20903796What do women want?: Christ. I dunno.[View]
20899260Advice needed: Is there anyone on here that's older? If so, are you doing now what you thought …[View]
20903132Lazy narcissist: Literally all I want is to be the best at stuff. I'm stalling going further i…[View]
20903613I have a date in a few days with a girl and it'll be the first date I've been on. She had …[View]
20904342Awkward Promotion: My dickhead manager has finally been caught up and has had some of his responsibi…[View]
20904277>Imagine being able to talk to people >imagine having faith in anything >imagine trusting a…[View]
20904324How do you use this: I've had short hair for most of my life and now that it's medium leng…[View]
20903973Give me the rundown on asian women. I only want a pure virgin like her or nothing.[View]
20904089I hate living my life: I don't want to kill myself, in fact digging into the thought I'd b…[View]
20902263This is herpes, right?[View]
20904225I recently got a fucking machine, but yet i cannt cum what am i doing wrong? what are the best posit…[View]
20903713I keep having these dreams...: Every night since I was a child I have had night-terrors of strange, …[View]
20903094I feel massively disrespected by a friend and I don't know what to do. We've been friends …[View]
20902469virgin hunt: i've been trying for several years but i can't accept any girl who's not…[View]
20903254Statutory rape: If you have sex with a girl who is under the age of consent, but you were mislead to…[View]
20904206Some girl I met on a certain blogging site says that she might drive over to my city to see me. We m…[View]
20904029Hi, where do I find depressed girls with traumas.[View]
20899216ghosting: when if ever is ghosting someone in any sort of relationship acceptable? I want to hear so…[View]
20903876This will probably sound obnoxious. Dating a girl for 9 months, she's great and I genuinely lov…[View]
20903420Racist Preferences: >Mixed-raced >Can't feel attracted to other race women even though I …[View]
20902998Is beauty a curse?: Pic is...I don't have many pics to use. Everyone thinks there are only endl…[View]
20903229My best friend of nearly a decade is moving to New York in a week, 15 hours away, with a guy she mar…[View]
20903489How to become not completely empty? Most of the time I work and sleep. Fucking hookers twice a week…[View]
20904061After coming to the conclusion that real life is not for me, I’ve decided to immerse myself in my ho…[View]
20903580anniversary gift: what do i get my bf for our one year???? he's a man of simple tastes. he love…[View]
20904066This may sound cliche but whenever I try mentally get closer with a woman when I know she is interes…[View]
20902269mother poisoning me, need help: I'm 20 & born severely disabled. I'm mobile but wheelc…[View]
20903159Who is wrong here: >wife uses credit card to pay for netflix account for her brother in Brazil …[View]
20903284girl I'm talking to turns out to be a pretty hardcore communist should I care? any advice or wa…[View]
20903142Should I fuck her?: 33 years old, has 3 children, but those children aren't in my country and s…[View]
20903900I am absolutely addicted to porn and can't give it up, it's just too delicious to me. I ha…[View]
20902647Hey /adv/ I am in a conundrum. I have a family member that gave me a signed vehicle title over a yea…[View]
20903357'Something Went Wrong': Why does this happen when I try to delete posts? Been here for years and I s…[View]
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20903812>broke up with epic gf >relationship became shallow, we became demotived >cheated on her in…[View]
20902513People in their mid/late-20s with a terrible sense of memory: My brother is beginning to concern me …[View]
20902869My brother, while we were both stoned and telling each other secrets (he's 10 years older than …[View]
20903828Shoulder pinching pain: When i have my arm in a similar position as pic related and move it up with …[View]

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