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21379815How do I hack mobile games?: I love messing around with cheats but I have no idea how to go about it…[View]
21379792Adv: Hello anons , why do I feel disgusted about fat girls ?? It’s because I used to be fat myself a…[View]
21379811How do you find some kind of motivation to make the constant struggle worth it? Some sort of goal to…[View]
21379800STD anixety: had sex with a girl who only had unprotected sex with one partner. Used a condom but am…[View]
21378892Should I go to college if i'm actually retarded?: I have a genetics class today with a lab and …[View]
21379329So guys, I have a dilemma. Current 21 y/o KHV. My best friend fucked this chick a few times but he w…[View]
21379782Talking is just so hard: posted this on /lgbt/ but it’s probably more suitable here. I’m absolutely…[View]
21379767Not sure what to do: 19 and currently going to community college. Getting an associate's degree…[View]
21378529I rapped girl, what do I do? I'm saat in bed waiting for police to arrive I know they know helk…[View]
21378336Homeless because abusive parents: My abusive stepdad started fights with me, kicked me out of home …[View]
21378900School's counselor called me in for a meeting. What exactly does this mean?[View]
21378941Is it true that you can get better at maths with lots of practice?: Today was the first day of my ma…[View]
21379609I’m 19 and I want to move out and rent my own apartment. I heard that landlords will check if you ha…[View]
21378540Shit test?: Girl I’ve been fucking for some weeks now asked me how tall I am and after I told her sh…[View]
21379727I'm losing my virginity soon, but i don't know how to kiss. Like, what motions am i suppos…[View]
21376194What are some red pills about male nature I need to know as a woman?[View]
21379564How do I accept being diagnosed with Bipolar 2 with psychotic features? I'm not even sure I …[View]
21379428My first girlfriend just broke up with me because I told her I haven’t came yet within the first 3 t…[View]
21376270I just shit myself at work. I am currently hiding in the bathroom and I don't know what to do. …[View]
21377464Just a question. Most of those whiny forever alones (like me) who can't get a gf, are you being…[View]
21379348What is this rash on my underarms and thighs?: Unbearably itchy rash all over my thighs and armpits,…[View]
21379208I met a girl at the bus stop the other day and got into a pretty good conversation. We work near eac…[View]
21379653Can I be considered depressed if I'm only sad whenever I'm at work or school?[View]
21379364How do you overcome insecurity and build confidence?: After I assumed my post was removed, and I was…[View]
21378571Alpha male strategies book: I'm looking for this book in pdf format. Anyone has it?[View]
21379659So I've been friends with a girl for a year now, every time we personally talk she seems like a…[View]
21379497my biological brother is a douche: Im here to vent im sad since he lives down the street from me and…[View]
21379650Trying to receive services from a former tutor.: Good evening everyone, I was wondering if I could g…[View]
21377957Everyone keeps calling me weird and keeps treating me like a girl. I try to be normal, presentable, …[View]
21379582another thread about picking up grills: Sup /adv/, in a club/party I can talk to grills for hours, b…[View]
21379032>talking to a girl who's obviously into me >at the same time she is constantly talking ab…[View]
21379404Life advice to start adulting: M22, college student Getting a new car because car accident. Never ha…[View]
21379132I'm in between life and death.: I need to die because some bad shit happened as a kid that I ca…[View]
21379113Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. Welcome to the Lunar threads. …[View]
21379585How the fuck do I stop talking in my sleep? I'm so fucking done with this shit.[View]
21379362i have had aspergers added and removed from my diagnoses several times. right now it's removed.…[View]
21378248I'm planning on starting boxing. Reason being is that I enjoy the sport/mma and I just want to …[View]
21373470If my coworker sometimes touches my shoulder when passing or after chatting with me and says semi ro…[View]
21379414>match with extremely cute fat girl >brief conversation with a few jokes >oh shit, I don…[View]
21379319So I found this cool girl on internet with who I got into a romantic relationship. We are going to m…[View]
21379521Onychomycosis: How do I get rid of toenail fungus? I've had it pretty much my entire life. It s…[View]
21379184How easy is it to have a child without being married or in a relationship? I mean, who do I even hav…[View]
21379412I think I'm living in a society.: Now that I think about myself, I have a reason to believe I '…[View]
21379434How do I attune my body to waking up earlier? I have no problem actually getting out of bed but if I…[View]
21378506is there any way to stop having schizoid-like fantasies? i often imagine myself with a lot of girls …[View]
21378137Im a girl, pretty sensitive emotional and shit. New class and im scared to fuck up everything by sho…[View]
21378543What's the best job to get as a doomer? I have a high school diploma and attended a bit of comm…[View]
21376481>graduated with a degree in computer science but really fucking hate it >only wanted it for mo…[View]
21376571The coom meme has really gotten on to me: I can't masturbate or watch porn anyone without think…[View]
21378279>Manage small advertising firm >Yesterday, one of my employees goes missing an hour and a half…[View]
21379269Is Pinkeye enough to call in sick for work[View]
21379244Jealousy?: Help me out here I've been friends with girl A for 3 years now. I asked her out abou…[View]
21378680Hobbies to meet peepo: Guy 29 single All of my hobbies and interests are solitary and almost exclusi…[View]
21379064Stoicism for a happier life: 1) there are things you can control and things you can't. The thin…[View]
21378821Hey /adv/ how do I purposely find a sexual relationship in person? I’m not a virgin tbqh I’m just ki…[View]
21377952My chest feels weird, I have periodical pains in my left chest, my left arm is feeling weirdly numb,…[View]
21379084I got a new job, but before I get to get paid I have to do an unpaid internship that they said would…[View]
21378667antidepressants made me asexual. i was a slave to porn before, jacking it 3 times a day. am i finall…[View]
21376832My girlfriend has Crohn's disease and pretty much never has sex with me. I'm giving her th…[View]
21378855My 'gf' has this dramma addiction and control obsession. She's made me block all the girls I ha…[View]
21378152As a french tourist, Where do I hook up/find hookers or one night stands easily in LA?[View]
21378033I constantly feel empty, hopeless and sad since I got dumped by ex. Entire relationship was toxic, i…[View]
21378893I love another girl: so I've been in a long distance relationship for 5 months with an amazing …[View]
21377129I just got out of San Quentin prison after 15 years for a bank heist. What should I do to get employ…[View]
21379080Why do women laugh at my jokes when they're not really funny[View]
21378398I feel short, I feel unmanly: I'm only 180cm (5 foot 10 inches). When I was in school I felt pr…[View]
21378793Relashionship anxiety: How do i get over the anxiety over my relashionship with my new gf? Basically…[View]
21378331I'm at full breaking point. I need to have sex, or I will succumb to full insanity.[View]
21378826I got a place in a dorm. That means I have to share my kitchen and bathroom with several people. How…[View]
21379020I owe everyone $10: I'm contractually obligated to pay everyone $10 because of a foolish mistak…[View]
21378496Dating below your league: So last night I was watching porn and I came across a series of amateur vi…[View]
21379007Hey adv, this girl at my work is really nice and like me alot, but shes kinds ugly but like right on…[View]
21378661Adv: For the guys that been rejected from their crush . You think you will feel better if you talk t…[View]
21378633Is it really unacceptable to beat dogs or throw them through the apartment? My mother's husband…[View]
21378786How do I stop being angry at my mother?[View]
21378951I want to try a prostitute/escort but I have no idea how to proceed or how it works I plan to make c…[View]
21379012I want my hair back so I can be a confident 8/10 again. How I get my hair back? >inb4 transplant…[View]
21375783how to dress for club? I'm 18 years old man, I want to get bitches at club Is this fit good? so…[View]
21375351roomies gf moved in: My roommate's girlfriend essentially moved into the apartment. Sleeps here…[View]
21379000Munchies: https://youtu.be/YnEb-JO47Po Is there a way to get a fraudulent Go fund me page? This lady…[View]
21378963Thought I was bi for about 6 months when I was younger and this lead to having sex with a few femboy…[View]
21378923Driving 6 hours for Vegene?: >Be me >I have an Asian milf ex gf >I moved cities, and now li…[View]
21378942Is she fucking with me: A girl I dated briefly, who essentially ended it by being distant until I br…[View]
21378410What's the fastest way to learn to dream lucid? I want to have full control in my dreams. So fa…[View]
21378927I'm really fucked up about breaking the physical barrier. I've been on two dates with this…[View]
21378846Is there any hope?: Just turned 18 last month, undiagnosed but definitely have autism, literally can…[View]
21378878Anti social: Supposed to be moving soon to a city. I don't have any friends where I'm curr…[View]
21378415Matched and chatted with this girl and had a very deep conversation with her. asked her out and she …[View]
21377968Is it possible to keep a woman happy in the long term?[View]
21378784Do people think you are a loser if you hang out with people 5-7 years younger than you?[View]
21378804Any other methods of study?: Currently right now im studying to be a Electrical Engineer and for som…[View]
21378711What happens if you hit on the actresses/actors at Disneyland? In front of everyone? I mean they’re …[View]
21374637My wife, then girlfriend confessed that 9 years ago she hung out with a mutual friend outside of my …[View]
21378242>Meet girl >Date her >6 months in - start feeling like there's some distance forming b…[View]
21378717How do normies categorize things into their largest encompassing concepts? IE Autism: Trees + flow…[View]
21378533Hey guys just a quick advice question regarding contact lenses. I use -10.5 at the moment on both e…[View]
21378659How to know if I should leave gf or stay?: We fight all the fucking time now, and I can tell shes bo…[View]
21378567Candy: Ok so I have like 25 kg (55 lbs) worth of sweets (chocolate, biscuits, oreo, etc.) and I don…[View]
21377114What do girls feel if they knew that someone was masturbating to the thought of them[View]
21375764Parents that won't let go?: How do you handle a parent that just never let's go? I have a …[View]
21378201Breaking up with someone you no longer love: I have been with my girlfriend for a year and a half no…[View]
21378305Help I texted my ex the day after we mutually(?) broke up. I miss him hella bad and he didn’t even s…[View]
21376714severe derealization: i was basically the worst looking person in my school the majority of the time…[View]
21377316How do I convince my mom to stop being an abortion doctor? I’m a recently vegan Hindu and this is ba…[View]
21377613How do you realistically (without going full isotretinoin) get rid of pimples: Any pimple anons out …[View]
21378443/adv/ is it normal to think of your own funeral? Sometimes I measure my progress in my life by how m…[View]
21377885How do you proposition casual sex to a girl who's fairly shy? There's this cute girl-next-…[View]
21377142I'm very casually seeing this nice girl right now, we met on Tinder. Think friends with benefit…[View]
21378402Should I return this or buy them a new one: About a week ago I was playing some games with some frie…[View]
21378116Dating dilemma: I've posted here regulary regarding my college crush i havent asked out and kno…[View]
21377157Oldfag story: As a washed up, burnt out 30+ year old boomer, I know full well the tragedy of lost ti…[View]
21377912Fuck customer service.: I have an online video interview for a remote customer service job in two ho…[View]
21376663What do: Hey vros, what are some good pickup lines on a girl named 'madeline'[View]
21378437Deepfake discovery: Has anyone heard of a non-famous person finding out that someone has made deepfa…[View]
21376922>homie is seeing this girl >tells us shes had multiple partners, apparently all of them have b…[View]
21377183How to break up Been dating a girl for years. Recently cleaned her moms house Roach situation was li…[View]
21378322Hi I have a lonely friend on kik that spent the majority of his life on that app, he claims he roast…[View]
21378309ESL here. Sometimes I can’t put my thoughts into words properly and sound like an absolute retard. T…[View]
21377203What's the best way to shave one's balls? I've just been using a regular pair of clip…[View]
21378351I have bagels in my cabinet that had a 'best by' date 20 days ago, but they look totally fine, no si…[View]
21378383Meeting someone irl for the first time?: Been talking to this girl that goes to another uni for a fe…[View]
21377557Girfriend broke up with me two weeks ago, can't stop having nightmares about her Could I have b…[View]
21378382After finishing Law School, I'd like to study Aeronautical Engineering: Hi all. Currently I…[View]
21378339why is it so hard to find a gf that has the same interest I do for making movies?: I'm in colle…[View]
21376202wtf is wrong with me: im a disaster of a person and live my folks. i want to fix myself so ive been …[View]
21378212Is it normal to lose almost all your friends to jobs, money, life changes, kids, marriages, etc. by …[View]
21377008Hey /adv/, I'm having trouble deciding on my future. I believe the main reason is because I…[View]
21378310Throat pain = LOST MY VOICE: I had a throat pain in the last two days. I've been taking anti in…[View]
21377304I'm a software engineer and I hate it. It's mindless, heartless work. I want to work in so…[View]
21376941My dad is sexually abusing me. What to do? I’m 19 year old Texan girl. I don’t want him to go to jai…[View]
21378251can't meet up and/or see the cutie who showed interest in me because there's no fucking wa…[View]
21378245Confused: So like a month ago me and my gf started a swinger relationship with another couple, at fi…[View]
21378240Help me out please: In my whole life I've only loved one woman. It happened years ago...many ye…[View]
21377745this has always been how i've approached life /adv/, but the other day someone attacked me and …[View]
21378077Why does being male and alone make people so uncomfortable? Why does doing things by yourself have a…[View]
21378154How do I have to live if I survived cancer as a 18yo? Is it worth putting in the hard work if I…[View]
21378183Is there any way to get over the shame of dating an ugly slampiggy to get s.e.x.? I haven’t done it …[View]
21378039I got sooo tired of being an incel. Going to a pub tomorrow, any advice on how to pick up pissed gi…[View]
21377427How to confront her about something I shouldn't be knowing: Hi /adv/. My gf likes to do online…[View]
21377255I'm pathetic, I have been texting this girl for 4 years now, I met her in college but she went …[View]
21375222Cheating?: How do I know if I my girlfriend is cheating on me? what are signs of it? how can I make …[View]
21377947There's this girl who really cares about me BUT is extremely needy and sensitive/empathic. Mean…[View]
21378011How am I supposed to not feel jealous of decently attractive young (28) women who party heavily and …[View]
21372648Warning signs of a thot?: How do you know if she's a thot? What are red flags you look for?…[View]
21376322Girl advice: Hi, I'm the 30 year old boomer in college. I finally talked to that girl in my cla…[View]
21378070I can’t maintain meaningful conversations with people around me. It feels like I don’t have any comm…[View]
21377873There's a literal old fag harassing me on the streets and stalking. He would cross me on the st…[View]
21373695What's a standard drink I could order in any bar? I like screwdrivers but I don't want to …[View]
21376890How do you talk to people? I'm quiet and rarely have anything to say. I don't contribute t…[View]
21377895Toxicity and Pride.: How appears to you the differences between a girl/guy going out with friends wh…[View]
21377701How do I hack a Wikipedia admin account of an admin I don’t like and delete it?[View]
21376161My manager suggested that I should quit my job and see a psychologist. But I'm afraid of the s…[View]
21376874I just cannot stop masturbating. I am in my mid thirties. I have a job and a girlfriend even thoug…[View]
21377797feeling out of it sometimes: previous post got archived for some reason, dunno why am newfag so will…[View]
21376413ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21377861hi /adv/ I am introverted male. My father lately are pressuring me to talk to him. He often talked a…[View]
21377199How do I stop drinking? Keep telling myself to stop but don't seem to have any self will[View]
21375859Is getting a PayPal account worth it, or is it a trap door waiting to go off?: I've been thinki…[View]
21377186I'm been thinking about applying for an English teaching job in Japan. It's not something …[View]
21377280So I have: >a sore throat >consistent pain in the lower right side of my stomach >ball sore…[View]
21376918I often get pretty hard lows when I'm with women. I'll feel really happy and flirty but on…[View]
21376612I wish this thread didnt need preamble I dont want to /pol/ everything up but I just want to ask an …[View]
21376936cloudy urine: My urine has been cloudy for a week straight, and it's been on-off cloudy for mon…[View]
21377346>graduated with a philosophy degree >4.0 GPA >no philosophy jobs Please tell me advice?…[View]
21377419My granpa just had a hearthattack and he ended up on a coma shitty part is my grandmother doesnt kno…[View]
21377662I drink regularly and I drank way too much last night My liver is hurting now Should I be worried?[View]
21377541Is it better to love and lose, or to not love at all?: I'm a 24m dateless kv. For the first 20 …[View]
21377368Is it ever appropriate to send a dick pick?[View]
21377842Is industrial engineering the same as engineering of product and systems design? What are your thoug…[View]
21377632How do you make RL friends when you don't have any? Particularly non-NPCs. Back in school it wa…[View]
21377682How do I make myself buy groceries? I'm out of bread, I woke up 4 hours ago and I had nothing t…[View]
21377829What to do when you hang out with a girl: I am going to be hanging out with a girl soon. We are goin…[View]
21377688>cat's suddenly friendlier than usual >all happy and purry and meowy and playful and rubb…[View]
21377621what do you do if you wasted 4 years of your life getting a shitty art degree?[View]
21377728Is religion brain virus nationalism?[View]
21377780How can I get my gf feeling more comfortable when we're having sex? I'm not a big initiato…[View]
21377788What would you do if you >Failed university 5 years in a row >Lost 5+ year relationship >Pa…[View]
21374785Religion completely raped my mind: How do I completely recover it?[View]
21377785So I'm kind of having issues with my height. I'm 5'9-5'10, and it's not tha…[View]
21377798Rebound Sex: So I just got out of my first serious relationship and while I'm pretty much over …[View]
21377247Taboo dating: So I recently posted about this but I met this smoking (at least imo) hot 61 year old …[View]
21376366What program do I use to extract RAR files on windows 7, I don't want to accidentally get some …[View]
21377112How to stop overthinking?[View]
21375851Transcendental Meditation: I just finished his book Catching the Big Fish, and honestly TM sounds li…[View]
21377240What is the fastest and easiest way to get laid with an average girl (I'm average myself) so I …[View]
21377678Hello frens, do you guys stream? Do you guys have some wisdom to share with me? I wanna stream just …[View]
21377672Is this romantic or cringe? A description of my perfect experience with my crush: My heaven is a rag…[View]
21375283Help: So I met this girl playing online vidya. We clicked almost immediately, and we've spent n…[View]
21377124Does anyone else get really sad looking at old pictures and comparing yourself to now? Sad in the te…[View]
21376943Quick warning. This might be gross. Made a thread about this a few weeks ago. Thought I had an eczem…[View]
21377292My life is hell: I am late 20's graciously living on my brother's couch. I cut off contact…[View]
21377238I get looks from women IRL, but barely any matches with women I find attractive on Tinder. What the …[View]
21377450Inferiority Complex: Help, my inferiority complex is taking control of me, I always feel inferior to…[View]
21377471>sees qt girl >'do you wanna go out?' >'i think you're really cute and i would like to…[View]
21376654How to remove genital warts?: It’s probably HPV warts. What the fuck do I do to remove those god dam…[View]
21377214????: Real talk- straight up confused abt my sexuality, I find both men and women attractive, I don’…[View]
21375672I look too young for my age: I am a 25 years old man stuck in a 16 years old boy body. People tend t…[View]
21376435I really want to talk to her: We used to be friends with benefits and then friends. I wanted her a l…[View]
21377394Meeting someone thats just down for sex feels impossible, Imcurrently in UNI and I don't have t…[View]
21375844how do i stop myself from developing feelings towards a decently attractive coworker who is into me …[View]
21375390Can/will a dentist fix this?: I'm 18, a couple of years ago I briefly mentioned to a dentist th…[View]
21377333Hey guys, I need some advice since I wasn't sure if I should post here or on /tg/. I'm rea…[View]
21377332Should I ask my friend's ex to attend wedding party with me? I have no one else to ask for comp…[View]
21376777Living alone: How do you cope with living alone? I'm a 20 y/o zoomer who is on their own for th…[View]
21377106How do I become more fuckable/arousing to my gf? We have a good sex routine but it’s mostly me comin…[View]
21377105Does anyone have any good recommendations for products I could use on my curly hair? Its always knot…[View]
21377037I'm a philosopher and I want to go into the cognitive sciences/neuroscience, I've just cha…[View]
21377291help, Life advice to be independent Human. Actually need advice: M22, college student Getting a new …[View]
21376471My son is 10, almost 11. Is this childhood depression or normal kid shitty-ness? >he OFTEN doesn…[View]
21377054Is it normal to mentally coach yourself? It's a debilitating scream at this point. It encompass…[View]
21377121My neighbor, in her 70's (or late 60's) has many health problems. She's very obese, m…[View]
21377010Neighbors keep dumping boulders on our driveway.: We moved into this property a few months ago, and …[View]
21377093How do I get an older girl to spoil me?[View]
21377197At the existential 'point of no return': I can't get 'immersed' in life lately. It seems like I…[View]
21376363For those of you who have cheated on a significant other and been caught, was it worth it?[View]
21375927Should I tell my girlfriend that I was once convicted of rape? We have been together for two years a…[View]
21377113Advise of the day >Melee players smell like cows embodied in x64 stacks of Minecraft shit…[View]
21376369Ending LTR: I'm in a 10 year relationship, the last 2 of them living together. I'm feelin…[View]
21376911How to get rid of toxic autistics out of our table/group?: So, my friends and I are part of this Gam…[View]
21377089Blogpost: >>21375465 Years have passed and I’ve made substantial improvements in my personalit…[View]
21376971Is it time to break up?: My girlfriends birthday is Sunday, she's having a get together Saturda…[View]
21376996I’m super sad that I cannot make my own decisions in life. My mother is forcing me to study a major …[View]
21376993I have no idea how to have a girlfriend, I have what I need but I don't know how to use it, I a…[View]
21376784People either think I'm retarded or that I'm a genius. I've also been told by others …[View]
21376992this keeps popping up when i sign into one of my gmail accounts (right before it redirects to my mai…[View]
21375664Is it terrible of me to have not been into a girl that really liked me until she just lost a ton of …[View]
21375520How do you get Asian girls?: Hype me up for my 2nd-year of uni anons I'm looking to smash as mu…[View]
21376691Does circumcision helps to tackle premature ejaculation? I really need your advice, fellas[View]
21374396I hadn't had sex in years so this 10/10 was in my bed naked just with panties on I kept trying …[View]
21376720I was born poor and have been crawling for every cent I ever made. I'm used to no electricity, …[View]
21376900Why doesn't my oneitis want me to buy a motorcycle?[View]
21375836Home school: Long story short. My parents had a home teachers come to my houe to teach me all my lif…[View]
21373514I have pointy elf ears that people sometimes make fun of. Is there anything I can do about it other …[View]
21376745How do you fake enthusiasm? In my last job, I had to put up with a lot of bullshit. I had one boss w…[View]
21376847So I'm alone and 24. Never been in a relationship more than a month. Recommend any other way t…[View]
21376809Haven't had intimacy with a woman in over ten years, should I just get an escort or my dick suc…[View]
21376034I'm extremely insecure about my ears to the point where I have grown freakishly long hair (at t…[View]
21376329Is there anyway to lie about my race on grad school applications? some of the schools don't giv…[View]
21375167How can I stop being a mentalcel? I feel I'm too socially retarded sometimes.[View]
21376556Good places to find nerdy girls?[View]
21376627distant bf: i have a bf who lives in the usa, i live in mexico. how can we make it work so we can be…[View]
21376584i need advice inb4 yea no shit: So i started a job at a factory with a 3 year contract,the first yea…[View]
21376680Should I change my accent?: I'm a FilipinoFag with a semi distinct accent that is going to live…[View]
21376630>join fandom in 2015 >keep active on near daily basis >put hundreds of hours into fandom …[View]
21376600Old laptop: I started up this old laptop that still runs windows 7. I want to update the laptop so I…[View]
21376684Therapist hate crime?: I think my therapist committed a hate crime against me because I have ADHD, b…[View]
21376087Is there any hope to find qt gf if: >above average height >above average body >above averag…[View]
21376594We are in Los Angeles, 2 guys, after bad business surprises we are broke and sad. Please tell us whe…[View]
21373449What Are Some Conversation Turnoffs?: What common things do people say that makes others think less …[View]
21376427Was I pissed with?: So I’m beginning to suspect I was bamboozled or played by my friend. This happen…[View]
21375731So I need some advice on whether or not I should talk to my father, who has sent me two emails after…[View]
21375335So I started seeing this guy. He is super nice and cute. I find what he does for work interesting so…[View]
21376008I feel like I need to be a perfect guy to get a gf, that all girls demand a lot, and that I never ha…[View]
21375241Would getting rid of my sex toy motivate me to interact with girls?[View]
21375467I took a WAIS–IV IQ test and was told I have a full scale IQ of 88. 80-89 is below average, 90-109 i…[View]
21376339Help me please: How do i deal with anti white shit as a white guy thats one the urge of braking…[View]
21375961first time: having sex for the first time soon. What am I exactly supposed to do? any suggestions ot…[View]
21376595Is One Piece an acceptable first date?: So I’m friends with this one girl and I want to pursue a rel…[View]
21376476I need to fucking sleep but I'm constantly kept awake by stressful or depressive thoughts. This…[View]
21376098Best questions, preferably uncommon ones, to ask someone to really see into a person's soul?[View]
21376565>21, college student I keep putting off dating cuz I want to get a job/general life skills before…[View]
21375279Why do women hate me? Before I even get to properly talk to them I get instantly rejected. Is it bec…[View]
21376470How the FUCK do you learn to dance /adv/ ? >get invited by female coworker to salsa class >beg…[View]
21376497Limits between friendship, friendzone and something more. I think i'm liking a uni friend.I…[View]
21376370Y'know, I don't really know like the best way to phrase this, but for a long long time, I…[View]
21375988How can I find friends of my age and get a girlfriend when I'm into a new country and at my wor…[View]
21369246Oh shit what do i say[View]
21375931Hello /adv/, how to talk to normal peoples ? What to talk about ? I'm a KHV autistic loser who …[View]
21375556Pursuing crush: So I really like this girl and she's in my Chemistry and in my Math class, so i…[View]
21376330Go with my heart?: >be me >in college >chubby italian girl likes me >we've kisse…[View]
21376255>be out with 3 friends (all female I'm the only guy) >one is in a relationship (Sally) a…[View]
21376047Suicide: Why does society lie and and say you shouldn't commit suicide? Sometimes it is perfect…[View]
21370948What does it feel like to be attracted to someone?: As a girl asking other girls: What does it feel …[View]
21376276My girlfriend cheated on me. Yet I didn't do anything wrong. Why do girls cheat on men while in…[View]
21376181What are the appropriate and inappropriate times to go up to a girl and start talking to her? There …[View]
21375066Is it possible to be addicted to a person? My sobriety is completely centered around her, too (156 d…[View]
21376254There was a guy at work who pretty aggressively wanted to be friends with me, but we had virtually n…[View]
21376213What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life? Everyone is always miserable with their job, pay, fa…[View]
21375906>Be socially liberal, atheist, and white >Co-workers are mostly 'black rednecks' very socially…[View]
21375784What are some good RPGs to get for a child celebrating their first birthday? I'm thinking of ge…[View]
21376002For people who have had poo problems - What the FUCK is this?!?: https://i.imgur.com/3G4gqGx.jpg I…[View]
21376056The company I work for has had declining sales for two years now. The board replaced all of the exe…[View]
21376206Life advice for 21 year old: >be me 21 >hate my job >hate living with my family option 1: …[View]
21375466Simple Question how much rope do I buy to hang myself: I'm thinking roughly 3 meters? There…[View]
21375734Image resizing: I'm retarded and cant make a saved file display itself at the correct size. …[View]
21374941Prayer Request Thread: Good morning, anons! This thread is for giving and receiving prayer for each …[View]
21376108Depressed for decades without suicide thoughts. I'm doomed to drone by way to prostate cancer a…[View]
21375825How do i give a girl a hint that i like her ? Preferably subtle hints[View]
21376124Hey /adv/ So, I've been having thoughts about contacting my ex to catch up, and I was wondering…[View]
21376089Is ritalin worth the risks? Should I try to get a perscription? >senior year of college >week …[View]
21375624What's the best way to meet up with the girl I like? I went to highschool with this girl and I…[View]
21375008Chef's Knife vs. Santoku Knife: I want to get my first proper knife to learn proper cutting tec…[View]
21376113How do I get my head to shut up The overthinking kills what little is left of my will to live[View]
21375298I've been diagnosed with psychopathy, and I'm asexual to boot. I feel literally nothing, i…[View]
21376093Sometimes I feel like just leaving everything behind, booking a ticket to Tokyo and spending the res…[View]
21375960I'm considering running away from my life. I'm 23. I'm very easily hurt with a consta…[View]
21376027This is gonna come in two posts because the character limit is a bitch here. I'm a 25 year old …[View]
21373678Is there any point in existing if I haven't been able to attract a mate? Any other accomplishme…[View]
21375955Half breakup: My girlfriend says she no longer can offer me what a girlfriend should and wants to ke…[View]
21376067>tfw not physically attracted to gf and girl I lost my v card to 2 years ago at all anymore >t…[View]
21375331Polish salute relationship advice: Hello, I need advice. There’s this boy, my friend, I have deep cr…[View]
21376036I have issues please help: I came back from i hate everythings 4 chan video and im seething because …[View]
21375273Cougars: I'm a fairly good looking 24 year old guy and was curious if there was a easy way to m…[View]
21375950Has anyone ever been in a situation where you've liked someone and you've ended up getting…[View]
21375236how to get rid of suicidal thoughts: hey anons i rlly need some help ever since i was maybe 12 i’ve …[View]
21375944Can't stop seething: Around 6 months ago I messed up, and she's just like a stranger to me…[View]
21374175Academia: I've been suffering from school for a while now, but i somehow managed to overcome it…[View]
21375765Where do I seek for positive affirmation: I just feel so lonely, like nobody actually needs me. It…[View]
21373373>girl keeps putting her feet against mine (does this count as playing footsie or is some other ac…[View]
21374085My sister took my virginity when I was 13. She was 18. How do i move past this and have healthy sexu…[View]
21375718I want this 17 year old girl I know to be my goddess and mistress. My cock just fucking needs her. S…[View]
21375908Making new Friends: Hey, /adv/ how do you make friends in the adult world? My only friend doesn…[View]
21375793>tldr: How to get my shit together? blog post: I'm about to graduate high school(?) in my c…[View]
21375896I was chosen to represent my college in a big national conference. Around 1000 students will attend.…[View]
21375863how do i get a tomboy gf that isn't a nutcase or drug junkie?[View]
21375364Girlfriend gone off to uni: Sup /adv/, I've had a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend for…[View]
21375800how does one differentiate an extrovert from an attention whore are they actually just the same thin…[View]
21375814My friends don't like going on nights out. Is it possible to go on a night out alone without lo…[View]
21374541Should I hide the fact I'm a virgin from girls? For context I'm 27 and I've been seei…[View]
21374113How would you feel if someone you knew and liked (SO/friend/boss... anyone), possibly respected, use…[View]
21375612How do I deal with strong suicidal thought and urge? About me, I am 18 and have a girlfriend that I …[View]
21375758How do i rid of my lust for girl in pic? (Reposted)[View]
21375733Why am I sexually turned on by the idea of being humiliated by men of other races/countries? Like, e…[View]
21375316Is there anyone who has used Naltrexone for alcohol abuse before? My doctor just prescribed be some …[View]
21374544Which jobs paying above minimum wage are easiest to bullshit you way into?[View]
21375308what exactly do you do in a nightclub?[View]
21375619>get drunk >fuck girl >weeks later girl starts fucking my now ex-friend, let's call hi…[View]
21375248I walked in on my girlfriend sucking off her dog. Was she cheating on me? She says it isn't che…[View]
21374019The number 6 keeps showing up in my life. I cracked after looking at my percentage, which just happe…[View]
21375574Girl aproaches YOU!: So I have been working on a physics for all event today. And I was telling peop…[View]
21375607how do you tell if a woman is a whore[View]
21375252Suspecting someone’s going through and stealing my shit. What’s the best chemical I can put on one o…[View]
21375451No attractive women in my classes: I go to college, a very liberal one, so I should have no problem …[View]
21375353Why are some women calling me short at 6'1?[View]
21375566I've been trying to cut back on cheese due to the absolute horror it causes to my bowels.I am a…[View]
21373673ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21375522How in the fuck am I supposed to explain my empty CV during job interviews? I’m a 23 year old ex nee…[View]
21373260Best way to protect yourself from being fired: I've been fired from four of my last six jobs, e…[View]
21375190Why am I so fucking weak? 28 year old worthless, unloved man. The pain is unbelievable.[View]
21373901Can someone explain to me what exactly is so important about Israel? Everyone talks about it everyon…[View]
21372766I want to be a normie. What is the most normie board on 4chan?[View]
21375477Ritalin doesnt affect me: I have bad ADHD and recently i got my driving permit and lemme tell you, i…[View]
21375160Security Interview: I have a job interview for a security place later today and a few more next week…[View]
21375397University Love: 20, sophomore in uni. I go throughout my day based on a loose routine of class / we…[View]
21373311So I'm in a jazz band at my community college, and they allow ages 13 and up. I'm 18 and m…[View]
21373704How do I stop having anxiety/panic attacks?[View]
21374103Attractive anon here to answer anything and help: Hey anons, I'm back. Been a while since I…[View]
21375385I cant stop smiling and I dont know how to stop it: I smile when I don't want to and I don…[View]
21373942To the grills of 4chan : if an ugly guy come and start conversation with you how you gonna feel ?? Y…[View]
21375425i feel out of it sometimes: am newfag so will do this in plain text back when i was younger i was al…[View]
21375421Social life late 20s: What's a successful social life supposed to look like for someone in thei…[View]
21373580NEET; worth it to wait until the end of October to start looking for another job?: I just want to en…[View]
21366887Does having a more extensive sexual history than your partner intimidate men? I'm 33 and have h…[View]
21371470As a 5'6', dark skinned, ugly with facial deformity, and small hand, wrist and dick, what can I…[View]
21375237How do I stop my Facebook friends from sending me Farmville notifications? Do I have to approach the…[View]
21375328I have no money and need train fair to get home tonight. My bank account is negative 450 and they wo…[View]
21375284So there's this air conditioning unit outside my house, and I don't really know how it wor…[View]
21375329How do I stop feeling dead inside?[View]
21374778I have to organise an event for the company I work for. I have literally never organised anything in…[View]
21375356I don't know what to put in my curriculum /adv/, I am actually scared. I am 24 and have basical…[View]
21375319My vocal cords feel really sore for the past two days, constant lump in my throat. Should I see a do…[View]
21374290Suicidal Ideation: I think the worst advice people give when others express something that makes the…[View]
21374366Hey /adv/, I feel like I'm at a crossroad of my life. I feel like I have a chance to turn mysel…[View]
21375000I'm going crazy over here. Can anyone help out a dumbass with his assignment? I'll also ap…[View]
21375137i how i motivate myself to eat more? i'm 20 yro male but i'm 5'4 and 110lbs and dropp…[View]
21375225My hard drive just died and I had all of my fucking music on it and most importantly a lot of old Yo…[View]
21374767My girlfriend told me we shouldnt see each other during the week anymore because were both busy and …[View]
21375103How the fuck do I escape this capitalist hell? I work in HR and although I'm paid well, I long …[View]
21375226I'm so fucking tired of being awkward and anxious around people. >Be me >Recently transf…[View]
21374722My employer fired me earlier because I wasnt 'advancing fast enough' but in every review I received …[View]
21375031Trouble getting up: I can get asleep at decent hours easily, but when it's time to get up it…[View]
21375195Do I make a saving throw and transfer to community college? The party culture of university has scre…[View]
21375038I accidentally pushed my external hard drive off the bed while it was running. It will start up some…[View]
21374952superficial relationships: I'm almost a charisma god to people, and colleagues and everyone say…[View]
21375074I was sick last week with the flu or something and it was pretty brutal, I live alone didn't fe…[View]
21375036university assingments: what should i do when i don't feel like doing my university assignments…[View]
21372466>talk to guy for months >he finally agrees to send me a pic of his dick >my unironic face w…[View]
21373920How can I rid of my lust for the girl in this image? (Reposted)[View]
21374999How to become famous?[View]
21372950I wanna change career fields, but I have no job experience or education in it. I'm 25 with a jo…[View]
21374984How do you know if a girl likes you and is down to fuck? I started at Uni this week and I talked to …[View]
21374234I used to be a decent web developer (no degree). Months ago I burned out completely. Aside from a hi…[View]
21375059Is it possible to recover from a severe case of image board brain? I want to pretty much quit the in…[View]
21374479There's a girl that I'm not really into but I could easily fuck given some time. She'…[View]
21374499One of my teachers at trade school Is freakishly hot How do I seduce a teacher?[View]
21374880Assertiveness?: Hey, so, how do i become more assertive? I mean, ive been raised to 'be always nice'…[View]
21370636GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Tell us where what’s on your mind, anony.[View]
213734762nd Date postponed because of Her grandfathers death. How to approach this situation?: We went out o…[View]
21374905Is it okay to be weird?: Is it okay to be hated by someone or some people just because you act diffe…[View]
21374651What do I do if my infatuation in one girl hasn't gone away even after 2 years? And I haven…[View]
21373914>been a porn addict for 6 years >masturbate almost everyday >get extreme anxiety when i don…[View]
21374465Hey guys I managed to score a date tomorrow at Starbucks, problem is that I have literally never had…[View]
21374932Besides just typical ol' messaging what's a good way of managing long distance friendships…[View]
21373613has anyone here ever been to a therapist or a Psychiatrist before?[View]
21374881Do I apply for better jobs while I have a job or do I quit and then start searching? pls help im new…[View]
21374981Need Dating Advice Please help: Long story short, I'm 18 taking NEET year before I start uni. A…[View]
21374845How to stop being jealous: So I got friendzoned (t.b.h. not 100% sure, I haven't made a move on…[View]
21373946Text game: How do I move from small talk to sending a text for her to let me suck them titties…[View]
21374093This girl in one of my classes looks really adorable and warm, but I feel anxious approaching her si…[View]
21374953I was a serious porn addict: >29 years old >6’ 1”, 185lb gym regular >“swimmers build”) …[View]
21374902Ive been dating this girl for over 3 months now and we became an official couple around 3 weeks ago.…[View]
21374950Listed me as an adonis: https://imagenet-roulette.paglen.com/ Up two separate photos. Listed me as a…[View]
21374223I have issues: I came back from i hate eveyrthings vid on 4chan and im seething i always obsees abou…[View]
21373646I think I want a career in psychology but at the same time I know it's a pseudoscience full of …[View]
21373184Handling people and life: >be me, 20yo >work my ass off at my wageslave deadend job >work m…[View]
21374385How do I cure my OCD? Please help[View]
21374886Project: As a medical student I would be really pleased if you could answer the following survey abo…[View]
21372886Ask an 18 year old man who just got married anything.[View]
21374016The idea of putting my actual dick in literally makes me feel weak in the knees im a 21 year old vir…[View]
21374708My girlfriend just broke up with me and I have absolutely no one to talk to about my feelings. I nee…[View]
21374548Going to Area 51: Going to Area 51 tomorrow, any tips for the road trip and thoughts on what you thi…[View]
21373563so i may have deafened my friend dylan so in 4th block I took my water bottle and twisted it up and …[View]
21374818what should I do when a friend suddenly stops messaging in all platforms for 3 days? i don't ha…[View]
21374527Advice on thesis and failure: Hello, I have been working in my university thesis and recently my tut…[View]
21374278Help with withdrawal: This is pathetic, but I've been on prozac for a long time now because it …[View]
21373994My lips have been constantly dry throughout my whole life no matter the season, I used to solve this…[View]
21373439Can I Make Myself Less Clingy?: I have an opportunity to be in a relationship with a girl I really a…[View]
21374751I'm two years in Uni and can't make the difference I can't even make good grades whil…[View]
21373505what should i do: I used to use a shit-ton if dating apps in an attempt to find some quick effortles…[View]
21374213I have a fucking problem I have bus boners everytime I go on the bus I go on the bus to get to and f…[View]
21373630Reoccurring nightmare: I keep having the same reoccurring nightmare. I thought about posting it in /…[View]
21374706I feel like I starting to lose interest in relationships in general. The only thing I can think of r…[View]
21374539If I numb the area where my Cartoid artery is with an icepack and stab it with a knife, how long wil…[View]
21373653>go on a few dates with girl >click well >sex is good >ffw a week or 3 >turns out we…[View]
21373883I finally got to have sex with the girl who I have a crush on Should I cum inside her the next time …[View]
21374451How do I rid myself of existential anxiety? 'I' can't stop reminding myself that 'I' am just t…[View]
21374563Sick: I'm going to need a vent. My grandparents basically own my family. Or rather my grandma. …[View]
21374619A PhD in classical composition?: >be 27 >be a composer and performer with 10 published composi…[View]
21374610How do i talk infront of a large audience and not be a faggot with the nerves. I have a presentation…[View]
21374557What would you guys do with 40k~ USD a year guaranteed for pretty much life? Consider if you were 30…[View]
21374595A bit of backstory : I lost my ex two years ago. I've dated since then and ended things when I …[View]
21374503I'm a moron. Stayed up too late yesterday, also smoked weed (like I always do every day like a …[View]
21374575>take double dose of blood pressure meds >doesn't do anything to lower it >keeps stayi…[View]
21373419Side-hustles: I’m trying to work out a craft or service I can provide for extra money alongside my j…[View]
21374530Why do I feel so lonely? Whenever someone agrees to spend time with me, I can't get enough of i…[View]
21374192Depressed after learning the truth about the world: So I’m 20 years old and for the most part attrac…[View]
21372730What types of knowledge should any well-educated person have?: What sets of information can one lear…[View]
21373224I need your help, adv My feelings of stress and depression have lately turned into constant anger an…[View]
21374014On June 15th, the girl that I thought was going to be the one that I was going to love the rest of m…[View]
21372196How do I psych myself up for a roller coaster? I'm scared but I can't look like a pussy in…[View]
21374357Hookups: Someone explain the concept of hookups to me. Why would I try to hit on a hundred girls at …[View]
21373936How do I cope with a low IQ?: I found out that my IQ is 90 and that makes me feel like I'm hope…[View]
21372858Is it good to be a jerk sometimes?: I’ve always been kind of a pussy since I was a kid, I’ve never w…[View]
21372901So a good friend of mine’s recently-ex bf is going to prison for possession of child porn. She has a…[View]
21374300Is it true that employers see short term job history as a big red flag? A lot of the companies I wor…[View]
21374328Im a male in college and was planning out to ask this girl out. I finally got her full name so I loo…[View]
21371419How hot does crazy have to be to date her?[View]
21374121Today I peed yellow instead of the normal red what should I do[View]
21374380Never let anyone tell you otherwise. There are some legitimately Socially retarded people out there.…[View]
21374109I'm 21 and I'm deep in the closet, have had girlfriends over the years mostly to keep peop…[View]
21371895Would you date a bald girl?[View]
21374165Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 30. Extremely suicidal. Can't start a family anymore. Life…[View]
21373987Tinder help: Red pill me on tinder. How do I get matches? What's the best way to set up my prof…[View]
21374172How do i stop wanting a GF?: i have friends, im in uni and while i should be happy, i cant be happy …[View]
21374280How do I let go of regret?: Regret over not studying hard enough, regret for letting go of the only …[View]
21373842Grossed out by porn: I know 99% of people masturbate, but why do i feel so grossed out by porn? I re…[View]
21374089Who here has cared for aging parents? My folks are getting older. They're divorced, but work to…[View]
21374138I just want to keep spiders away from my home, guys. How the fuck do I do that?? Please help me. I c…[View]
21373856Give criticism?: What can I do to look better? Be brutally honest.[View]
21374228So I’m 26 years old. For a while in my early 20s I was decently social, saw friends, occasional part…[View]
21373717I would never feel comfortable making a move on a woman, even if she had her hands in my pants and w…[View]
21373750So I was walking in my neighborhood today when a former teacher came up to me and said they just mov…[View]
21373927Feel bad after hooking up with an ugly girl.: Anyone feel bad about hooking up? Yesterday I had sex …[View]
21373923>no goals >no interests besides reading and... listening to music? not sure if that even count…[View]
21374132So I'm an exhibitionist, and I recently made the mistake of shaving myself bare. The feeling of…[View]
2137334027 dating 18: I'm 27 looking for input on how to talk to 18-20 yr old girls on apps without sou…[View]
21373913What's the best way to get shitty upstairs neighbors evicted?[View]
21373167>met qt femanon in uni class >she's actually really cute >she's outgoing and talk…[View]
21373938So I told this guy I liked him a day ago and It went well. But he hasn’t talked to me? What happens …[View]
21372202My gf has a vampire fetish. What are some fun things I can do for/to her? I'm inexperienced wit…[View]
21373566I want to kill myself but can't do it: I don't want to be alive anymore. Every time I try …[View]
21372359Do black girls like white guys?[View]
21374047>Be me, 19yo >Never had a girlfriend before >16yo brother starts dating someone How to cope…[View]
21373823Does anyone here have that one passion? I wish I had it. I wish I had that one thing to do that defi…[View]
21372810Exhaust fumes?: So my cars engine blew and I use the bus to get to work, I have to walk about 20 min…[View]
21373970I have a sprained ankle and want to try LSD as Im in a point in life where I've deemed it neces…[View]
21373596I don't want a girl to fuck around with, I want a serious relationship. But lately all the wome…[View]
21373893My sister [12F] got suspended because she took my advice for dealing with a bully. (Padlocked the gi…[View]
21373558Dating in college?: I'm a junior in college, but my dating knowledge / experience is pretty muc…[View]
21373932I am Male, 24 years old. Starting from mid 2016 I started to notice a decrease in hunger/appetite, a…[View]
21373709need essay help: shits due tmw and im stuck on the idea of how early childhood development contribut…[View]
21373929so when I post my tinder pics clean shaven, I got matched with multiple bisexual girls and usually q…[View]
21372211hey /adv/ i've lived in southern appalachia my whole life, in the same tiny holler. most of my …[View]
21373786Am i an incel or a volcel? I'm not that much interested about getting a gf because i know that …[View]
21373509Whyare girls laughing at me?[View]
21373561tl;dr Don't know if I like a friend and whether I should broach the subject with her >became…[View]
21373466lone cook: Background Info: I currently live in a house rented by me and 2 other people. We all work…[View]
21373028Law enforcement related question: Without going into the long story, a couple years ago I was backer…[View]
21373130At what point does one decide to seek therapy.[View]
21372543>jerk off 3 times a day >play vydia during all of my free time >don't go out >no fr…[View]
21372294What's the easiest, best and fastest way to earn like 10$ a month ( or in less time ) on the in…[View]
21370585Moving on: Do you guys have any advice or tips for a former victim of abuse on how to move on and le…[View]
21373638Hobbies recommendations: Other than jerking off and playing vydia I don't really have any hobbi…[View]
21373592I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS ASSHOLE: This guy posted in /soc/ with my friends information pretending t…[View]
21372867How to stop laughing all the time: So long story short, I'm really into this one girl and we…[View]
21372355Will she make time: Met a girl recently, things have been going unusually well, she gives me lots of…[View]
21373522I have feelings for a female friend of mine who is in already in a relationship: I'm not going …[View]
21373289Rich girls: Are they even worth asking out? Im a poor college kid, my dad is unemployed, my mom work…[View]
21373584If you're someone who's had no relationships and very little success with jobs or friendsh…[View]
21373020Tinder: >Installed Tinder 2 days ago >set radius to 5km >only use Tinder at 20:00 or later …[View]
21372492How to make good money without college degree? For example, you have money to live for month and you…[View]
21373121I just received an email from my bank. Due to some regulations that have changed, I have to update m…[View]
21372954Help please: Hi all. Recently, someone i considered my mother just passed away. She took me in when…[View]
21372716A few months ago I met a girl is a 9/10. Quite nice. I like her. I have spoken to her but I feel her…[View]
21372679Can I put letters in a girl's house and be her secret admirer? This is ridiculous?[View]
21370880ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21373433Halloween: Me and my SO are dressing up for Halloween as a neckbeard white knight and a twitch thot …[View]
21373323Hey /adv/ virgin faggot here. Now I want to start off by saying I dislike all these 'omg help me get…[View]
21373415Has it ever happened to any of you that the girl you like ends up fucking the guy u dislike the most…[View]
21373408>be asshole >emotionally bereft >enjoy being alone and doing my own thing >have to force…[View]
21373007Hey /adv/, lets talk about HPV. My gf recently got a positive test for a strain of HPV, yet she was …[View]
21369991Its either magnesium supplement or coffee causes depersonalisation: Anyone had experience with this?…[View]
21370195>hung out with girl 5 times, fucked a couple times >she's cool in person and sometimes t…[View]
21373155What's proper etiquette when dealing with phone calls from businesses you've applied to? …[View]
21372597I feel like a failed as a human being: Adults always told me I had remarkably high intellectual abil…[View]
21372421Should I leave my GF?: I had a couple close friends, me and my gf were friends with these people. Re…[View]
21372706What do I say to a girl when I ask her out? I've gained the courage to ask her but I don't…[View]
21369933How do I overcome my big ego?: How do I overcome my big ego and my feelings of inferiority? Whenever…[View]
21373345The 'I just need a break' meme: A couple years ago this girl told me she had feelings for me and tha…[View]
21373329I want to bake a penis cake, but I don't want to pay extra for the batter required to make the …[View]
21370085Femanon here. I just got a job offer at a very large tech company. The problem is... it's too g…[View]
21373319hey /adv/ i built my first Rig and have a question about Aura Sync. it used to work but the color cy…[View]
21373255Happy person who overcame depression and anxiety offering advice: Hey I made a thread a few days ago…[View]
21372830I can’t get over a girl: It’s been 3 months and we only dated for a month. I’ve tried to date other …[View]
21372556what the fuck is this dumbass question asking? can someone rephrase it[View]
21371549Why do girls find middle-aged men attractive? My sister was born in 1982 and she wanted to fuck Harr…[View]
21372475Will I ever find love again?: I've only had one relationship in my life so far. And that was an…[View]
21369010>me >huge fucking loser who's never had a gf >have a stacy friend >sets me up on d…[View]
21372664Why i have no friends?: When i started secondary school (high school) i had friends an entire group …[View]
21372835Ok faggots My first time on /adv/ (i only go here for /pol/ and sometimes /b/) So, from where i am …[View]
21372727I need fucking help with directions in life, i'm in community college and this shit stresses me…[View]
21371999State of you: How do you fix your lack of empathy?[View]
21372741How do you train to be stronger minded ?[View]
21372754Most of the KHVs on 4chan seem to value lovey-dovey shit and companionship like a bunch of faggots. …[View]
21372760Asking for science: What's the name of the biggest thot, whore, or retarded bimbo you know?…[View]
21372406Girlfriend Thinks I Only Want Her For Sex: Been with her for 1.5 years now, things have been amazing…[View]
21372369My parents aren't home and I have this weird feeling, like something is wrong. I'm anxious…[View]
21371218Red pill me on girls who have served in the military. Is that positive that I should seek out? I lik…[View]
21373173HELP: to put it short, im late 20's and fucked in the brain. make sure to remember this as you …[View]
21372977Hey, I need a little advice just to clear my thoughts. I'll keep this as brief as possible. Bac…[View]
21373058How bad did I sperg out /adv/ >be me >have been working out consistently now and have been ge…[View]
21372902What is the next level stim after caffeine? Amphetamine?[View]
21373138All my life i instinctively know some people and their habits are bad but i'm too open minded, …[View]
21373087I'm old and I keep trying and I keep failing. My family still believes in me but im at the poin…[View]
21371898Am I the only one who thinks this rich model has an average face?[View]
21372887/adv/ I really need your help. 2 months ago I totaled my car and even though I wasnt at fault I stil…[View]
21371494⟨Prayer Requests⟩: This thread is for giving and receiving prayer for each other. Please feel free …[View]
21373085Neeto problemos: Long term unemployed(4yrs) jackass here, have applied to a metric shit tonne of job…[View]
21372338Brother Just Saw My Porn Collection: So, my brother just saw the porn I watch on occasion (I typical…[View]
21369176Should i tell my friend-crush i'm bisexual before confessing or not?[View]
21372575Should I text my ex?: I got drunk with some friends last weekend. Called my ex up and I don’t rememb…[View]
21372878How many capsules of 10mg THC should I take to get high? My friend gave them to me. I’m 6 foot 200 l…[View]
21370663So I'm the photographer in an amateur nude photoshoot and the model is my friend I'm reall…[View]
21372808Tried to order somethin on amazon.co.jp (amazon itself selling it) and all the products from it have…[View]
21371679have you wrath problem? how can i control me? how do you control yourself? this is my problem, im a …[View]
21371048What is the difference between a single edge razor and a double edge razor. Which is better for my …[View]
21372731when i open up to my friend about a flaw i have had: she just, keeps bringing it up. at any given op…[View]
21372584using regular shampoo gives me dandruff using dandruff shampoo makes my hair feel dry and brittle us…[View]
21372903First of all I'm sorry if I make spelling mistakes I'm not a native English speaker. My GF…[View]
21371175Had a massive argument with the gf because she doesnt like that im listening to a rapper who was acc…[View]
21369981What is something your parents did that, even as a child, you knew wasn't good parenting?[View]
21372857My penis is being moody: Ok, so I have been with my gf for a few years now. Lately when we have had …[View]
21372130My upper head is like a giant fucking balloon. i have litterally never seen anyone else with this od…[View]
21372312What do you think about CBD oil for anxiety?[View]
21372728What should I do?: Hey boys, I'm wonder if I should just drop out of college and do something e…[View]
21372799How do I stop comparing people to myself if I am completely alone and going crazy for it[View]
21372789Tricks on being dominant with a very dominant and bossy but virgin girl? She wants me to be the one …[View]
21372676How do I avoid the shame?: Long story short, this morning I saw a snapchat from a girl that basicall…[View]
21371614Whats the best way to sleep on the job without getting caught?[View]
21372735Is it okay to add someone you just met on social media? Should I wait a day to pretend I found them …[View]
21370188My niece just accused my dad of sexually abusing her. I know she is lying, she has been a liar since…[View]
21371390How do I stop beating myself up over the regrets of life, like not studying when I should've, o…[View]
21372056my gf is too alpha help: she started going to the gym about a week ago, and her ass n thighs got rly…[View]
21372720I'm interested in a girl who is either lesbian or bisexual, though I think she's the latte…[View]
21372663good text conversations: Im having a hard time texting girls. they obviously like talking to me over…[View]
21372207euthanasia with drugs I am allergic to: I have a neurological disorder for over 4 years that has bee…[View]
21371872I've always had a weird white plantar wart looking thing on my dick for almost as long as I can…[View]
21370933Dating Girls looking for an escape: >match with chick on Bumble >goes off really well, she…[View]
21372631Is it okay to live with my brother and his girlfriend for a year, to save money in housing expenses?…[View]
21371279Today i had this thought, 'what if i dont really like my passion,hahaha no its impossible...right?' …[View]
21370346How to make new friends. I don't really fit in with any of my current friends. J just likes to …[View]
21372351Should I date a really dumb but cute and caring girl? Since I'm 19 i don't think that I wi…[View]
21371854Job for Meeting people: Has anybody had or known somebody that had a job where you got to make a lot…[View]
21371929Please help me cope: Hi, this might seem stupid but I am seeking real help. I hate myself so much, I…[View]
21372609How do I accept and let go that most people I have met around the world have not been very good peop…[View]
21372571Anniversary gift for bf: I want to make my bf a painting from one of his favoutite games: dark souls…[View]
21372482How to improve my relationship with my 63 year old boomer mom? She doesn’t hug or kiss me. She didn’…[View]
21371528Life choices: I wrote more than I thought and it won't fit in one post. Don't wanna make t…[View]
21372534If a woman that looks very clearly intellectually disabled went to the Royal Gorge alone would that …[View]
21372183I'm 5'5'. How exactly is one meant to be confident when they're short? If you have hi…[View]
21372520Advice for getting a job: I've been trying to get a job for a few months now. I had a seasonal …[View]
21372073How do I make my mother leave something for me in her will? She is 64 and I’m 31. She hasn’t retired…[View]
21372347I'm 18, last grade of highschool, what should I do to make good money? I'm afraid that I w…[View]
21372398Is it true that if I get good at oral girls won't care that much that I'm only a pathetic …[View]
21372494Tips: to help teens and children get through their parents divorce.: How would you help teens and ch…[View]
21372342I'm in undergrad for wildlife ecology and I have to take a lot of handwritten notes (field note…[View]
21372261Eyebags: How do you guys get rid of them?[View]
21372332>grandparents died during the 2010s >they were all in their 90s >watch a home video from 19…[View]
21371744What are non-screen activities i can do alone? I want to limit my exposure to pc/tv and phone screen…[View]
21372271Good ways to earn some extra cash?: I know this sounds cliche and something similar was probably pos…[View]
21372247Does coffee make people smarter?: Does coffee make people smarter?[View]
21372231Ffs /adv/ I’m so lonely how do I meet a gf tonight in person to end this bs reee[View]
21370828My advice is eat rice, tuna and mayo. WHY RICE, TUNA AND MAYO ? It's easy to make, cheap, filli…[View]
21372237Tired of life: I want to end my life each time something goes wrong. I'm pretty good at univers…[View]
21370590Should I consider moving out of my parents house if: >I help with the bills >I keep them comp…[View]
21371806How can I accept myself: I have accepted how I look but I cannot accept myself as I am. I'm tir…[View]
21371957>try to watch movies or tv >everything the characters say sounds like mumbling >turning the…[View]
21371718I got kicked out of server and I have no idea why: Someone help me I can't stop crying my eyes …[View]
21371566I'm 18, I'm anxious loser, I have problems with concentration, I am socially awkward, I ov…[View]
21372197Instagram fake account: I have been sent follower request from the same burner account every single …[View]
21371725Has anyone here ever got back with an ex girlfriend? If so, how did it happen?[View]
21371746Will I die if I drink a beer after taking some lorezapam?[View]
21371398Words are my only gift. I can type something like 140+ wpm if I try. I've typed 156 wpm at my p…[View]
21372174Weirdo: I honestly don't see myself ever starting a family despite wanting to. Too weird for pe…[View]
21369262How to stop overthinking everything?[View]
21371514Internet relationships: Are internet relationships valid ?[View]
21372120>move to new city at 29 >don't know anyone >high paying job but no real social life ou…[View]
21371424i just broke up with girlfriend 3 days later she fucks her co-worker and tells she loves me and want…[View]
21371939How important is it to lay off for a minute and allow your gf to reach out to you so that it doesn…[View]
21371817How to un-stupid myself?: I am super fucking stupid when compared to other people. I have no skills,…[View]
213720418 Year Old Sister: Hello. I'm not sure how to summarize best and after 5 years of really diffic…[View]
21371376Probably retarded: I've made the thread before. I'm BPD and ruining peoples lives includin…[View]
21371468Is honors program worth it?: Hello, /adv/, I am in my first semester at college after graduating and…[View]
21372001Give me a gf or kill me[View]
21371651Friends changing: its gotten to a point now where I no longer express any of my opinions that are no…[View]
21371935I have no energy. Almost every day I barely have enough juice to get through the day. My diet isn…[View]
21369578Does she look white or asian? If I were to have children with an asian, what’s the likelihood they w…[View]
21371256I took advice from this shitty board and now I'm depressed what do?[View]
21372062Do I call her out or keep my mouth shut? I argued with a girl because she told me she is using a guy…[View]
21371791What happens if you let depression and suicidal thoughts untreated? What's the next step in the…[View]
21372010How does one safely buy nudes on the internet?[View]
21371688Does she want the D?: There’s this cute girl at work who I hardly talk to. We’re friends on Facebook…[View]
21369738How do I start a conversation with a stranger and not be awkward? I’m a Christian who lifts, eats go…[View]
21371978Why are hot girls mean ??: Serious question[View]
21370713The delusions are getting really bad. I feel like no one believes my expressions of my thoughts, I f…[View]
21371971How come my GF hasn't lost weight? When we met, I was in fair shape and my GF was obese. She at…[View]
21371861Should i break up with my gf for not putting out?: I have sex about twice a week. How often should a…[View]
21370812Should I just kill myself anons? I have no friends, my family cares about me a lot and I kind of spi…[View]
21371920Weird: How does a weird guy non ugly guy get a gf that will match him?[View]
21371401Does medical marijuana cure schizophrenia, autism ( Asperger kind) , bipolar 1 and anxiety? My frien…[View]
21369965Anons and femme anons , do going up to girls and saying “ hey i think your cute, can i get your phon…[View]
21371045ants, they’re everywhere, how can i get rid of them?[View]
21371884Im pretty bad at casual conversation and I feel like it's impacting my career. Any advice on ho…[View]
21369988>work in office with mostly middle aged men (engineer) >some girl apparently starts (sales) …[View]
21370568Best way to break up with someone?: I've been dating this girl for about 5 months and it's…[View]
21370447Anon, if you're looking for a sign, this is it. Life does unironically get better. Sometimes, i…[View]
21371446Is it true that all women are bar sluts that only want chad and have limitless guys at their disposa…[View]
21371418What are some things a person can do to pass the time without internet?[View]
21370547Fuck spiders: >finally move out of parent's house >everything is going great >except t…[View]
21371303How do I find out who the father of my baby is? I think I had sex with 5-6 guys. One of them was a o…[View]
21369845Hello guys... I'm a 22 yo guy from Brazil, Law Studant, have an internship in a big bank legal …[View]
21370555I have bad anxiety issues and my GP says I should get cognitive behavioural thereapy: Not sure if CB…[View]
21370173Am i overthinking this?: >been dating this one girl for almost 3 months now >we became an offi…[View]
21371694how do i finance two more years for my university even tho im kinda poor (university of law),is it i…[View]
21370990I'm 20 yo and I literally can't do simple arithmetic without taking a long time counting w…[View]
21371238Getting motivated about something you don’t want: Most motivational posts and such are about achievi…[View]
21371021I got so drunk last night I messaged 5 girls I barely know and asked them to fuck. All left me on re…[View]
21371678Why does ex girlfriend avoid eye contact?[View]
21371590seeking wisdom from experienced anons: >just broke up with gf >she's 20, I'm 25 >…[View]
21371591Please Help: Im afraid, /adv/. I'm so lonely, and I'm afraid it's never going to end.…[View]
21371601Hi adv, I'm a female in my late twenties. I've been obese my whole life and I can't l…[View]
21370182Im nearly 100% im a full on narcissist. Im 19, is there anyway that I can fix this? I am this close …[View]
21370613My girlfriend's best friend is weirdly clingy and affectionate with me and I don't know ho…[View]
21371435How do I stop being racist and misogynistic??: I've been afraid of women my whole life. I find …[View]
21370667Chad advice hours: Let me help you nerds out. Ask me anything that's on your mind.[View]
21371353>move to new university >really struggling to make friends >join society >mostly weird c…[View]
21371586I ordered some real spicy food 15 mins ago, but I suddenly got the urge to shit and *BOOM*, diarrhoe…[View]
21370069i might need help: I've been fantasizing about beating the shit out someone every fucking day f…[View]
21371257Why is the grass always greener Months ago I was a broken man bc she left me. We’ve been back in the…[View]
21371431I'm seeing an EDM artist next week. I've never been to an EDM concert before. I had some q…[View]
21368752Female therapists: On /r9k/ you would often see threads complaining about female therapists, claimin…[View]
21371079Where can I find a long term partner as an autistic girl?[View]
21371354'Where do you see yourself in 5 years?': How should I answer this question at work? I'm extreme…[View]
21371359I’m depressed. What to do? Im 31 and still live at home. My Asian mother wants me to finish a degree…[View]
21371360airpods: i just find someones airpods but i don't to be caught what should i do?[View]
21370725I went to see a psychologist after a year later after i started feeling depressed again. He immediat…[View]
21370670i really want people to know how much i appreciate them, but i'm always either >afraid i…[View]
21370643Please help me anons, I'm so sad. Me and my boyfriend were watching a show and one of the chara…[View]
21370018Could I become a jewler as a sort of side hustle? I really like precious metals and stones although …[View]
21371250>watching bird box for the first time >fourteen minutes in, a woman hops into a burning car an…[View]
21369911I really hate how my life is going right now because I feel less and less in control and achievement…[View]
21369827Where do i go to find people like me? I feel so alone at college. It feels like to me every person i…[View]
21370982Can anyone show me successful “sliding into dms” screenshots?[View]
21370949Funeral Processions and the Aftermath of a Loved One's Death: What are the steps that need to b…[View]
21371150Is it a good idea to call the police if your girlfriend is being violent?[View]
21371155I feel like a horrible person: I'm 20 years old and I feel like I have never formed a meaningfu…[View]
21370637Any of you fags have advice on asking out your work crush? I work in retail and neither of us superv…[View]
21369892Depressed in life. I don’t want to do productive things anymore. A college degree doesn’t guarantee …[View]
21369417Interest in video games: I used to be very interested in video games and could play them for hours o…[View]
21370139I always try to be a player pretty unsuccessfully, i don't really ever fall for anyone and usua…[View]
21370234Can't see myself having sex?: I honestly just don't think I can do it. I don't unders…[View]
21369946What should I do?: Been employed at the family business and lived at home my whole adult life. I nee…[View]
21370423Muslim and Christian relationship?: Ok anons need some advice here. for the TDLR's out there, c…[View]
21371107how to flird: How do I approach/flirt with/talk to and with a girl? I'm not some incel supervir…[View]
21369566Help guys I'm not a normie I swear: I need really need help here. A while ago I had sex with a …[View]
21369171Why is suicide taboo?: The world is full of suicidal people, but everyone is trying to stop them fro…[View]
21370480Confess: What’s the worst thing you did to your SO?[View]
21370065Holy fucking shit I'm lost.: Hey guys. To put it simply, I have no clue what to do. I'm do…[View]
21370060Any former NEETs who broke out of it in their late 20s/early 30s outthere? How does one get out of N…[View]
21370074Goal for the year: This is my goals for this year and advice to improve my list or recommend how I s…[View]
21370987Obsessed colleague: This woman is always floating me with her toxic ex stories, than she blamed me f…[View]
21370754> F, 19 > Currently unemployed > Desperately needs to get a job > Horrible Social Anxiet…[View]
21370906Hey /adv/ Last year I had to say bye to a friend I had known for 3/4 of my life. Since 2004, we had …[View]
21370392My fellow normies talk too much, I can't fit in with their subject and I keep quiet, nothing co…[View]
21369864Where do I go? What can I do?: >Jobless >Dropped out of college >Lack of goals >Depressi…[View]
21371028No references: What the fuck do I do? Looking for a job, haven't gotten a single callback in 2 …[View]
21370504Is it possible to lose the ability to truly fall in love? I spent the last decade in emotional roman…[View]
21370201>See a black female teacher make racist tweets against whites on her account >Want to report h…[View]
21370646I hate having chronic depression. It so horrible. I take my meds at 7am and a second dose at 12pm. I…[View]
21370925I don't know what to wish for. Yeah, first world problems, seemingly(although I do not live in…[View]
21370650I'm a girls first relationship Any advice not fuck it all up?[View]
21370619Good men and bad men: How can you tell them apart?[View]
21370779Positions to blow her mind and get her obsessed with me?: >Met a cutie from some other university…[View]
21370683Cute girl on Tinder: Has cool purple pink hair and like artsy shit on her fingers. How do I engage?…[View]
21370017Falling in love with my sugar baby: Hi 4chan, don't really know where to ask this...so here goe…[View]
21368742Need help asking out this girl: >meet girl at bar >spend night talking to her just the 2 of u…[View]
21370722I dont have time to socialize: Hello guys. I have started my business and other projects and I dont …[View]
21367162ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
21370491Hey /adv/, I need help. I want to blacklist certain sites on my computer to help with an issue I hav…[View]
21369815>family pressures and hypes you up for interview >sweat bullets, forget important information,…[View]
21368287How to get white gf pussy as a brown Filipino guy? How does white pussy compare to Asian pussy?[View]
21370110If someone doesn't reply to you do you just move on or send another message? I don't reall…[View]
21370687Ok, so heres the thing > Matched with girl on tinder > Pulls a good intro message > Gets re…[View]
21369937Over the last 3 years I gained 40 lbs. Because of this, all of my shirts are too small for me. I onl…[View]
21369413My mom's boyfriend has worked at this grocery store for 30 years. They got a new manager(black)…[View]
21370374should I do it - ex gf moving on: to preface im 18 and im going to be talking about relationship bs …[View]
21366572How do I get laid on Tinder. HOW.[View]
21369881if I have taken 2 doses of a medicine I was supposedly allergic to and nothing has gone bad yet then…[View]
21370284Base of penile tissue messed up?: Okay, I need advice. I had morning wood earlier this morning and w…[View]
21369606How do I stop my obsession with God. After I got depressed at college I sought solace in the Judeo-C…[View]
21370529I have a friend that truly believes there's no such thing as being straight, obviously he'…[View]
21370226Can a boyfriend and girlfriend have a relationship like a mother and son one, especially when the wo…[View]
21370617AAA: What does it take to cure depression or whatever? I am looking to enlist in a branch in the US …[View]
21367331GIOYC: GIOYC[View]
21370561Making money in an absolute pinch: What would you do if you were stranded in the middle of a city th…[View]
21370216I believe that one of my friends likes me ( using cutesy language when we text, not wanting to hango…[View]
21369385Wtf is this? Is this eczema? I've had a lot of other symptoms of auto immune disorder then I fo…[View]
21370418I'm getting a bit worked up...: So I stopped smoking weed and I'm on the 3rd day! Pretty g…[View]
21367311Pretty sure my coworker is going to be a mass shooter.: Pretty sure my coworker is going to be a mas…[View]
21369792Need help, cause i fucked up pretty bad: Hello guys... I'm a 22 yo guy from Brazil, Law Studant…[View]
21370383>dream (realistic, not MIT or some shit) university got rid of the one thing that would have got …[View]
21369546Friendship Breakup: A recurring thing in my life were friendships slowly dying out until the point t…[View]
21370323Did I come off as a stalker?: I recently met a girl who was working as a cashier and tried to talk h…[View]
21370401How do I get over the humiliation of being beat up? I was mugged (strongarm robbery), and I feel pow…[View]
21370398Getting Started Selling Panties: My wife wants to sell her panties online for some side cash, but we…[View]
21370450How can I tell that the prescription drugs I ordered online are legit?[View]
21370426hlep: >Be Me >Parents want me to do a job involving computers >Not all for it but okay I gu…[View]
21369432I just want things to get better. They do for a bit then get worse then before. It's getting re…[View]
21369598Web of Lies - help: I have no idea what the fuck to do. I am so lost, and need some advice. Any advi…[View]
21370334>Back in the end of 2017 i was having the shitty generic attention starved feels all the time. …[View]
21369203Is it cringe to have to invent reasons to talk to people? For some reason, I can't muster up an…[View]
21369917Am I ready to begin dating?: What are prerequisites to dating? Should I get my drivers license first…[View]
21370294I screwed up: Today my father gave me the talk about why he is leaving and I kind of over reacted. I…[View]
21370322The woes of girth: I recently measured myself, and discovered that while my length is pretty average…[View]

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