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27398996ghosted: i went on a date with a woman. we went out for dinner and went for a walk. she was holding …[View]
27399649Best place to let my body rot and never be found ? im planning to od on 90 xanax + 2 quarts of my fa…[View]
27401406I'm addicted to cuck and blacked porn and I think too much about porn in my day to day life. Wh…[View]
27400840is this site worth it if I want to learn a foreign language? self study is hard and slow so thinking…[View]
27393859I'm scared of death[View]
27401444How often do you jack off?: 20 yo. I usually masturbate out of boredom or as a study aid. I can…[View]
27394230/GIOYC/ - Get It Off Your Chest: Sarah Gadon Edition Volume 2[View]
27401400How do i get rid of my 5 'o clock shadow? I don't want to grow a beard out cause my stache…[View]
27397053How do I go from an avoidant sperg to a based normie at 25?[View]
27379138/HTGWG/ #11 - How To Get Women General - Tfw no pale gf Edition: HTGWG is for men, about women. Anyt…[View]
27401227Advice regarding female behavior: I like this girl a school a lot. Grow some nuts and talk to her, f…[View]
27401522I've not been feeling too well over the past years. My heads hurts a lot. I feel very paranoid …[View]
27399658There’s this girl I’m on again/off again with and for the past 9 months she wouldn’t let me see her …[View]
27398837I was bit by an insect on my neck sometime either yesterday or this morning. I've felt like to…[View]
27400939Should I just zoomermax? I am 18 in highschool and I am very different than most people, the way I t…[View]
27401310Would it be weird if I broke up with my girlfriend because she has an anus? It's very unfeminin…[View]
27401165So on these dating apps, is it better to set what you're looking for as ambiguous or nothing se…[View]
27401416Will girls like it if I tell the that my primary hobby is frogposting on Four Channel?[View]
27401380I hate my job so much to the point where the anxiety is killing me and affecting every single aspect…[View]
27399639Day 34 of wishing you all a good day: I make prayer for you all, and hope you and your family are an…[View]
27401353What would you do if you had more free time?[View]
27400998Am i exaggerating ? (HELP): Me and that girl were best friends for a year now,she's really nice…[View]
27401142>decide one day I want to be skinny instead of borderline overweight >diet and exercise and my…[View]
27400152i'm gonna end it all: So anons, me (f19) has the best boyfriend ever. He is the most beautiful …[View]
27400927my belt broke, specifically the belt buckle. the metal thing just fucking snapped off when I was put…[View]
27399644American vs European salaries: I just watched a video, and this guy said he's doing Doordash as…[View]
27399625Are sleeping pills (ambien or whatever else) and alcohol a peaceful way to go? at least relatively, …[View]
27398238I'm in college, but every time I get a bad grade (like a C) or see that I haven't done wel…[View]
27401246People here bash the 'newfags' for not being in line with the current meta of this site…[View]
27394421Am I getting mixed signals?: So I met this bartender girl a month ago. I am a regular there, she has…[View]
27400628/dtp/ - Dream Interpretation General: CARL JUNG EDITION >Dream Study Resources https://dreamstudi…[View]
27401033study help: >have chinese as my second language >test in a week, still have ~200 words to memo…[View]
27394108Where do you hang out online, anon? I use reddit, youtube and 4chan daily. Theres no cool websites t…[View]
27400164How to bear with ruined relationship: Yeah so I ruined my relationship that lasted a few months beca…[View]
27401113>Be me >Guy next to me in class (Uni) is always watching tiktok or some shit >Quote America…[View]
27400807Is this platonic?: A girl I haven't seen since middle school recently direct messaged me. How d…[View]
27397212Talk me out of casual sex: I kinda want to break up with my gf and fuck around. I am 26 and she is 2…[View]
27400238need legitimate advice >meet girl off tinder >have 2 dates >second one we fuck >we talk …[View]
27400957Jesus Christ: Why are women now talking to me I want to be left alone and focus on my body this is k…[View]
27400153ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA Wheel of Time edition. Be like Rand 'The Chad' al'…[View]
27400783Why have I never been hacked how to get hacked?[View]
27400816Girlfriend Becomes a Downer When Stressed: I met my girlfriend last year. I’ve noticed that she’s no…[View]
27400866Im done.: Look here is the deal. I dont really want to live, gods I am just done. I have a job I hav…[View]
27399417Is it wrong for me to jerk off to pictures of another guy's girl?[View]
27399867Is it normal I only have 1 friend in my second year of university? I don’t really care about finding…[View]
27399871>Girlfriend said she has a sister with down syndrome What do? She's really pretty and nice a…[View]
27400499is there anyone here who has learnt MS Office by themselves at home and got an office job? i'm …[View]
27400434So whats your motivation for relationship guys Isnt having money and roofs and running water are goo…[View]
27399661What personality should I adopt to be respected as 23 ear old male?[View]
27399209>talking to old coworker I used to have major crush on >She's single now >Somehow conv…[View]
27400786How do I quit homosexuality?: Im only attracted to men and can only feel towards the same sex. I hav…[View]
27400191Anons familiar with bpd, how much of what a bpd person says is projection? If she says 'i think your…[View]
27400804I'm a student at my last year so I decided to get an internship to have some experience by the …[View]
27400590Your thoughts and opinions?: so my EX broke up with me in 2018 and I’m still grieving. I can admit I…[View]
27400749yada needs advice: how to deal with my vanity about constantly showing my face on 4chan link below …[View]
27396991How do I politely encourage my gf to shower more than once a week and shave? I love her either way b…[View]
27396530Should I learn Japanese? I'm thinking of doing grad school on robotics/AI there (OIST) and then…[View]
27400168Help about rejection: How do i cope to be rejected by 4chan members 'is it due to my face' or my per…[View]
27399938How do I permanently alter my gaba receptors? To make it be like I’m always on Xanax or booze withou…[View]
27400099I met a girl recently, we were waiting in line at Walmart and I thought she was pretty so I started …[View]
27399530>rawdogg girl for days, she is affectionate and lovely >Comnfess my emotions to her, try to de…[View]
27400092Becoming paranoid schizophrenic: I think I'm becoming that. I refuse to believe that what happe…[View]
27399882What’s the thing about blue eyes?: I hear it all the time. Blue eyes = 100% attractive Tbh. I like h…[View]
27399486Accidental replyall: A few hours ago I accidentally hit reply all to a huge email sent by our depart…[View]
27400421Autistic Feelings: Alright anons, i need help >be me >be a reasonably high functioning autist…[View]
27399748Is it weird that me and my girlfriend are comfortable pooping in front of each other? I've watc…[View]
27398693Is a woman less likely, or more likely to cheat if she’s been cheated on multiple times in the past?…[View]
27398565Is leaving a letter creepy?: I'm leaving my apartment next week and there's a girl I have …[View]
27399706Why are my friendships failing? This is in a discord group I'm a member of. People tend to beco…[View]
27399497I had some adderall and it changed my life. I need a prescription. What is the most efficient way to…[View]
27399448so I had sex for the first time and I saw her shaking a bit while I was doing missionary, what does …[View]
27399115Suicide is not the answer! I will give you the solution to your troubles![View]
27399277How do I get out of the mind set that it's too late for me and I don't deserve a girlfrien…[View]
27399432Older women: I met an older woman who's interested in me (I'm 24). Obviously, she only wan…[View]
27399492Help me choose Job 1: >Lax schedule >Chill position >Close by >Never done such a thing b…[View]
27400132Do I have to drink and do drugs to make friends? Bars, clubs, recreational clubs if I get accepted b…[View]
27399040How to curb sex drive: I'm 27 and I can't keep my sexual impulses under control. Just got …[View]
27394138How do I cope with not being attractive enough for dating? I'm 5'2 and ugly but it makes m…[View]
27399697Im trying to make money with youtube. Anyone here who did this already? How? Explain your success[View]
27400125What do you do to cope with mindnumbing, repetitive jobs?: Mine isn’t that bad, but sometimes I get …[View]
27399956How do I stop this cycle?: > be me > see qt while outside > start fantasizing about her …[View]
27399548Can’t make friends in college: I can’t make friends here even though I’ve made friends everywhere el…[View]
27395436Is it wrong if I want my son to become like Dan Bilzerian?: I just don't want him to become lik…[View]
27398067Girl completely whack in bed: First time I saw her >met a 21yo girl on Bumble (I'm 25) >s…[View]
27399819To the anon who posted this before I could respond. I hope you see it.[View]
27399957How do help people without turning into their personal assistant?: Sorry if this is trivial, but my …[View]
27397315Should I date a non-white girl?: I'm white and I'm only attracted to white girls, but here…[View]
27398362I like fat girls up until the part where I blow a load and get disgusted from my post nut clarity. H…[View]
27399993advice replace Duckstagram: is vero better than instagram since mark lost $29.8 billion his zucksta …[View]
27399866Salty because I paid some e-thot top dollar for some custom content and bitch hasnt delivered in ove…[View]
27399960Im still getting regular long,intense boners,Im on semen retention,,but I just lost interest in p0rn…[View]
27399255Bored of media: Is it sign of depression to not find media enjoyable? I live a boring life with no f…[View]
27398571Relationship advice: So, I've been dating this girl I met at uni for about a year now. It'…[View]
27398448Weirdest interaction i ever had: so i'm walking in college and pass by me 3 other guys, 1 of th…[View]
27399796How could I stop my addiction to porn and fapping?: So, I’ve always been a porn addict, or at least …[View]
27397260Is posting black and white pics on social media a sign of anxiety? I've read somewhere long ago…[View]
27399655Not Happy: Fall 2021, I had to leave uni during my first semester. I got massively depressed towards…[View]
27398892I just had a random idea to decorate the perimeter of the upper walls of my studio with tarot cards.…[View]
27399454need a doctor but bad google reviews scare me off wat do[View]
27398138Old self best self: How do I get my old self back? Two years ago when I was at my best and strongest…[View]
27394891Would it be possible to make a long and informative video on something that interests me (Similar to…[View]
27399067How do I stop resenting women for having it so much easier? They can easily walk into 5 relationship…[View]
27397496Best COVID Recovery Regimen?: This omicron or whatever isn't shit, but I want to get over it as…[View]
27398807Is life easier to handle when you get steady pussy? Should I be actively pursuing getting laid?[View]
27397811How do I dress better?: I always wear checkered shirts (almost always blue) with jeans, and I always…[View]
27399072Friends GF asked me for my number and has been hitting on me. What do[View]
27398242Do you share your feelings? Is it ever appropriate to do so?[View]
27398642I dont know what to do with my life: Im 22M and living with my mom and receive some money sometimes …[View]
27395610How do I become smart? Give me a thorough, detailed answer.[View]
27398479I'm 23 and have never worked in my life. I live with my mom, but I get money monthly from my da…[View]
27399395How do I stop being so bitter about my current place in life?: I hate everyone and everything around…[View]
27399469I turn 20 years old in 7 days. How do i avoid fucking up this next decade in my life?[View]
27399727How do I get a curvy freckled girl?[View]
27395837Voicemaxxing: Fuckkkkk guys, I forgot about my last thread >>27389882 and it died before I cou…[View]
27399534I want to make a hyper-politically insensitive AJR number 1 stan account: My end goal is for moderat…[View]
27398426I’m a failure of a man and a human being: Guess I need /adv/ I miss how I was when I was kid. >…[View]
27397576cheap temporary living: I want to have a quick temporary living situation prepared for when I get so…[View]
27397733Health-wise, how many bottles of water are you supposed to drink a day? I've heard so many diff…[View]
27398487Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Online Dating: I'm sure plenty of others have learned it a…[View]
27398707There's a woman who's about eight years younger than me (I'm in my 30s) who is a mode…[View]
27398550What should I do?: So, for a bit of context; I've been taking shit jobs here and there, tried s…[View]
27399357job interview: I've been NEET for 2 years. Have no references and a big resume gap but I someho…[View]
27399048What if I setup my first date to be dinner with the main dish being raw cup ramen noodles my date wo…[View]
27398589Why do people get mad when you say girls like this are fat? They pull shit like shes not fat, she…[View]
27398322what's it called when you're scared to learn new things, not general factoids and memes bu…[View]
27399564i’ve been using discord for a while and i don’t like it anymore and want to quit but i reinstall it …[View]
27397931So, after spending a year wagefagging at a restaurant that treated me like shit with low pay, shit h…[View]
27396870Why tf every girl ive been with tells me i got a big dick when its not even that big. Do girls view…[View]
27399228Windows Update problem: So on Saturday I was using my computer without updating it because yes. I th…[View]
27399365Am I going bald?: Finally cut my hair after a summer mullet. I wash it out like once a week or so an…[View]
27399112WANT TO BECOME FUNNY: My humor as I've been told growing up is...stale, dry, monotoned. How do …[View]
27399261How do I cope with having to wake up early while being a complete night owl?[View]
27397577I just had some dark and sobering thoughts. For half a year now I've been on meds and going to …[View]
27398518Waiting to date until after reaching looksmaxxing goals: I want a boyfriend so bad but I feel like I…[View]
27399338I live in central florida: Everyone around me is worrying about hurricanes but I’m feeling pretty ap…[View]
27399253>aspegers >ptsd >bpd >psychosis >anorexia b/p >ex opioid, pregab and crack addi…[View]
2739739520 cubic ft of argon good enough?: i'm worried that it won't be enough and i'll get s…[View]
27398538ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA I asked a girl out edition ylsuoiverP: >>2739574…[View]
27399178emasculated: Hoe do I avoid being emasculated and/or cope with it?[View]
27398680need insight: Here's one for the femoids: >open Instagram >chick I know has new story …[View]
27399050I dont know what I want. How do I figure that out?[View]
27399103Does it ever stop or get better?: Throughout random periods of the day, I constantly get a twinge of…[View]
27395601What the hell is wrong with me?: My shit has looked like this for 18 months, doctors have been usele…[View]
27398990I got this uni physics assignment that requires me to bring a scale to a mall elevator Thats kind of…[View]
27398873Is a pro-life march a good place to meet some trad women?: Never been to one but it seems like I cou…[View]
27395907tips to get over the afternoon fatigue without napping or using caffeine ?[View]
27388057Why can't I find a girlfriend?: I don't get it. I'm white, above-average height, and …[View]
27398794What is fun? What would you define it as? What do you do for fun? Is fun something you can only have…[View]
27396057I'm not lactose intolerant, so why is yogurt giving me stomach cramps?[View]
27398568Is this kind of bald spot normal? I'm 20 and my dad is bald but not my brother who is eight yea…[View]
27398687what dο I do about having a new boss that's given me a lot of opportunity (such as paying for m…[View]
27396011frustration: How do you cope with frustration?[View]
27395999I have a bunch of neighbors who dont know how to discipline their dogs. Every day the animals bark l…[View]
27397262How much money should I have before moving out of my parents house?: My parents are super welcoming …[View]
27396460Jobs: What's an easy to get job that you can work less than 40 hours a month at?[View]
27398434Wtf is wrong with me: Ok so this has happened to me about 4 times now. A girl catches my eye for wh…[View]
27398582Where/how the fuck do you find clubs? Preferably casual shit where I can find weird splatoon fujo as…[View]
27394367Did you have fathers?: I've noticed a lot of the young males here don't have basic social …[View]
27395743Need to rant: I played my BPD ex's game and lost hard. After she cheated with me, I tried to do…[View]
27398498Ideas to help a neighbour: I have a really kind hearted neighbour that I believe is really strugglin…[View]
27397976Why do I think everyone is stupid but me? I've felt this way for a long time. I don't like…[View]
27398512I spent the first 20 years of my life obese, with an autistic fashion sense and disgusting, greasy h…[View]
27395418How do you deal with people who use >'Lol first world problems!' As an argument?…[View]
27393003what's something you can tell the internet but not your friends/loved ones?: i'll start …[View]
27396344How do I learn to drive when the whole world seems to be against it?: I am currently 21, going to be…[View]
27398378How do I get 18-21 year old pussy as a 30+ year old man?[View]
27398399Previous Friendships: I had two main friends after high school. We mostly met online almost every da…[View]
27396760I came across my little sister's friend's 18+ cosplay account on Leddit. Her face is obscu…[View]
27398371femel fembot: > 25 > diagnosed. agoraphobia/gad why continue to live really? i feel like my li…[View]
27397805Why guys don't approach me easily?are they afraid lol: So it's been a long time since I…[View]
27396433how hard is it to educate yourself on coding and then get a well paying programming job?[View]
27397970How can I get mean things people have said to me out of my head: It's something that I feel my …[View]
27397725How much of my dignity do I have to surrender, before I get a gf?: I've tried money, drugs, sel…[View]
27398127Is sales experience something paramaunt to every career? Im really not good at following up with a c…[View]
27397994Am I supposed to learn something at uni?: >be me, 2 years ago >start uni, business IT (bastard…[View]
27391880>want to learn a trade that won't destroy my back What are my options, bros?…[View]
27397265A good friend is slowly becoming a NEET and his birthday is coming up. What are some practical gifts…[View]
27396039What sorts of questions should I be asking interviewers in job interviews? Usually only end up askin…[View]
27398012any homebuying advice to move up north near canada? pref idaho or mt. didnt see much for fsbo or mls…[View]
27398003Happy Wine Wednesday: College student looking to buy a fake ID for booze. Anyone know a vendor that …[View]
27397295ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: Planet Terror Double Feature Edition Previously >>>2…[View]
27397194what's up with my ex begging for me back while she makes herself uglier and uglier: like puttin…[View]
27397187Never addicted to nicotine: I'm from Eastern Europe. The first time I tried cigarettes? I could…[View]
27390122Help me /adv/! I'm 33 years old and over the pst few years I have been slowly but surely starti…[View]
27380907How do I get a black girlfriend as a shy, skinny white guy?[View]
27397394Meatworld Immersion Broken: I can't get over the whole 'you are programmed to like someone…[View]
27397519I have clinical chronic depression and for a little bit now I've been sliding into a depressive…[View]
27397269Whats the consensus on rave/concert girls? Been wanting to go more social events while also looking …[View]
27392225making male friends?: how can i make real friendships with guys? every time i think i'm getting…[View]
2739398517yo loli confessed to me: I'm 21m. I don't feel like dating rn, let alone a 17f.she is th…[View]
27396949Discuss and give advice: To me working is a purpose, if it ain't that then it's worthless.…[View]
27397748I made a friend a few months ago, we have a fairly normal friendship, play video games etc except I …[View]
27397308Kids are weird: Am I the only one who's weirded out by the fact that kids mimic people? They st…[View]
27397003I've been dating my girlfriend for 3 months and I said I love you around one month in of dating…[View]
27394545Lots of weird companies: In my country, company list is public. Majority of companies release every …[View]
27397606Anyone ever (or known anyone) who did a coding bootcamp? Was it worth it? I'm thinking of doing…[View]
27397515Sleeping schedule that better suits mental performance: At evening and night my brain works high, I …[View]
27397272No matter what I do, my life always feels empty at its core. Even if I'm being really productiv…[View]
27396866Some girl send me a heart shape: And I had no idea who the fuck she is but she was hanging around wi…[View]
27395158how many apple seeds do I need to kill myself and how can I hide the apples once I extract the seeds…[View]
27395562What's a good place to catfish dudes online?: I like to pretend I'm a girl online when tal…[View]
27397361(EMOTIONAL DAMAGE)Is revenge worth it ?: I'm not a revengeful person,I forget completely the ha…[View]
27390011What’s the best language to learn?[View]
27396463has man a future: i am constantly struggling with what i want out of life. for argument’s sake am Go…[View]
27394579Why do people always assume things about me.[View]
27395222What's her deal? >cashier girl locks eyes with me for a long time while I wait in line >t…[View]
27396064Any experiences with shoplifting?: It might seem like a weird question but i truly want to try steal…[View]
27396893What do with free time?: So I got injured severely at work and i have 2 months of paid neetdom, what…[View]
27397230Building Tolerance to Spicy Foods: I want to be able to eat ghost peppers in front of my friends to …[View]
27396861I've been sick for over a week and I'm now paranoid I'm permanently sick now because …[View]
27396985Should I move out?: I'm almost 25 and I have 21k saved up. Since I graduated I've been wor…[View]
27395783Suffering: What is it? And how is it both the answer and the problem at the same time?[View]
27396756How do you do nofap or semen retention if you are bisexual? I’ve been addicted for like 10 years now…[View]
27395574about mars exploration: If you are the first person to step foot on Mars, what do you say?[View]
27395002>4Chan ban >'You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates lo…[View]
27396775Best companies in EU to work for as a developer: What are some of the best companies to work for in …[View]
27396504Where are the best places to meet new people? I am reasonably sociable. Unfortunately events in my l…[View]
27396325I don't want to be afraid of cancer anymore, but can't help it. I get stressed and anxiety…[View]
27396066I have a fear of misrepresenting myself in online dating profiles: My teeth usually look good in pho…[View]
27396302I'm lonely. How do I meet people like me? For both friend, new best friend and girlfriend purpo…[View]
27396792I can't seem to keep a friendship going for more than 3 months or 2 years, what the fuck is wro…[View]
27396826what are some fun and easy ways to express yourself on a computer[View]
27396759Hi guys, im trying to find any traumatic experience i could have had with my mother figure that woul…[View]
27396044>tfw 'just be yourself' was the right advice the whole time life is too short to pretend, pretend…[View]
27396023Failing sideways in life: > be me > 30 > dealing with ADHD and depression entire life > …[View]
27395828Step dad pissed at whatever I do: >be me >23 >stepdad pissed at whatever I do >tells me…[View]
27394903Hey frens, im having grill problems. Basically this girl and i went to the same two parties these la…[View]
27393762Looking for dandruff remedies..: I have a rather severe case of dandruff, and I'd really like t…[View]
27396224What do thirst traps mean?: Started talking to this girl and wanted her to be my girlfriend and ever…[View]
27396528God fucking damn this week has been unbelievably good. It feels like a cloud has lifted from my mind…[View]
27393816Is seeing an escort worth it? I'm a 26 year old hhkv virgin, white, tallwith a good jawline but…[View]
27392565Need a new hobby to replace video games. Any suggestions that aren't the gym? Or leaving my hou…[View]
27396582I don't plan on killing myself, but I'm indifferent to whether I live or die and I don…[View]
27394488What places is it okay for me to go alone and possibly meet a female? I'm 32, male and not a so…[View]
27396017My whole life, the things that I cared the most about and that made me actually feel happy were my d…[View]
27396535How feasible is it for a 34 year old man to move from Europe to work as a ranch hand in USA with no …[View]
27391636Guys, how do you stop developing feelings for every attractive woman you become friends with? Would …[View]
27396201How do I find and get a cute femboy twink to suck me off? I'm only interested in banging one, n…[View]
27396356What do I do with this friend?: He's just moved back to our hometown a few months ago after lik…[View]
27396239How do I find good things to say about myself?: In an effort to try to understand who I am, for the …[View]
27396193how do you stop worrying about accidentally being annoying?: I've been in situations where I…[View]
27395529>be me in college >watch people around me have interactions with one another >go home feeli…[View]
27395824Surviving 2023 while being european: Since nuclear war is now a realistic possibility. Do you have a…[View]
27392108Social media for a social life?: I am considering whether buying a moderate (<1000 followers) Ins…[View]
27394396grocery store cashier, storage worker or industry job? I don't care about getting rich and I do…[View]
27395745ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA Death Proof edition ylsuoiverP: >>>27393958…[View]
27394453How to socialise with normalfags?: I like books. A lot. Ask me about books, and we can talk right up…[View]
27395034Is my worldview wrong?: Seeking advice and anon opinions on here. So basically I feel like everyone…[View]
27396271Where do I go from here?: I recently saw a therapist and she says that she thinks I suffer from exis…[View]
27394208How to talk to family about drinking too much: My father is in his early 60s, his son and my brother…[View]
27388477Therapy is weird.: Kinda forced into Therapy. First day: Therapist says I'm full of shit and th…[View]
27396118How to be better at english?: I wanna write better. I notice I make a ton of mistakes whenever I typ…[View]
27396067How do I cope with the fact that I am mediocre?[View]
27396073How do you add snaps to a place?: How do you add snaps so that they show up when someone searches a …[View]
27395079Nipple pasties safe to use?: I bought some nipple pasties off of Aliexpress for my gf, but now that …[View]
27394089I just got news that my 7-year gf just got pregnant from a 'rapist'. The rapist part is in quotes be…[View]
27394995Should I break up with Boyfriend?: I thought I found the perfect guy. He always pays for the dates, …[View]
27395778How many times can I bomb MDMA powder a month: In 250mg doses each time without brain damage and to …[View]
27395652is this a soft no: asked a girl out on like a 3rd date she said 'i'll get back to you on what d…[View]
27395726Should I buy a Juul to vape once ?: My friends got me into vaping and hookah, and I liked the flavou…[View]
27394895what is abuse?: I feel like my brother's always been a cunt to me and the family. He's fre…[View]
27392059What’s a good excuse or comeback when a girl says she is too old for you? I want to ask out this gir…[View]
27395037How do I ask a girl to smoke weed with me?: I 21m am studying for a compsci degree at a small school…[View]
27395106I saw my 14 year old brother having sex with our 11 year old neighbor. Their both minors so no laws …[View]
27395647I need to know what is this guy about?is he crazy?: what does it mean when a guy jokes around about …[View]
27393672Spoke to a defense attorney for a free consultation. Got super nervous and did not disclose that wha…[View]
27395101Is ghosting the new trend?: So basically I've been talking to that one guy,we shared a lot of t…[View]
27390955Self improvement -- For who?: Why is self improvement always peddled to men? When a woman is struggl…[View]
27394975My close friend of years who I’ve done a lot for sent me a letter months ago in which he talked abou…[View]
27394542>try texting girlfriend earlier today >She was busy so she texts a bit dry, one word or two wo…[View]
27390649Anyone else have chronic pain?: Does anyone else here suffer from chronic pain? I don't feel my…[View]
27384749Is there any way to make your boobs bigger? I’m an a cup and I’m pre insecure about it, also gaining…[View]
27394370Subject: /YOLO-THEORY/ - Get It Off Your Chest: Miss Tetanos project Volume 3[View]
27395579What am I even supposed to do in a club?: I'm 19 and never went to a club or anywhere similar n…[View]
27395558Lightheadedness When Looking at Computer?: Can someone explain the treatment to this? Google comes u…[View]
27394998Ladies, is it true that you need to “concentrate” during sex to reach orgasm?[View]
27395254I need to spend my savings beause the world is going to end within a couple of decades or I'll …[View]
27395216Companies that sponsor youtubers: What are the chances of their products/services being good? I tend…[View]
27395214Breaking up when not dating: I have not been officially in a relationship with my ex for the past 6 …[View]
27393917How go cope with being an idiot? I study and read but never learn anything.[View]
27394667Is it better to just accept that I'll never have a romantic relationship?[View]
27393070In the past 2 days I've gotten wrong number texts that somehow end up with the sender telling m…[View]
27394348>having sex >pull my dick out her mouth and start rubbing cock against her nostrils >she la…[View]
27392417Literally can't stop drinking every weekend, how do i stop?[View]
27395470>Wife turns up to my workplace last week jokingly mad >Tells co-workers that were there (inclu…[View]
27395433Dumped my ex a year ago this month and since 4 months ago have been dating a new girl. However I fe…[View]
27391933am I ugly? what can I do to improve my situation? honest rates only[View]
27393016My bf wants to marry me because he found out I'm pregnant. Our families are also pushing us int…[View]
27395374I just woke up having a panic attack from a dream about my waifu from an anime. Literally about a gi…[View]
27393737Starting career in hospitality.: Should I just bite the bullet and become a chef? I'm turning 2…[View]
27393293Why do women ghost me and then get cunty with me when I stop talking to them? Seems like an unlikely…[View]
27395275Pain: How do I up my tolerance for pain? Physical and emotional too.[View]
27394917How to train/expand your memory Or study/master 3d engineerings(orwhatever) to reach minimum wagie s…[View]
27384022How do i accept the fact i lost the love of my life: i found someone who treated me exceptionally we…[View]
27394456How do people end up with cracked screens? Is it genuine accidents or avoidable carelessness. No one…[View]
27395186Good resources on tulpas?: Interested in getting in it. All other ways have failed so I want to stay…[View]
27395171Grill question: Last year i started developing feelings for a classmate because she was really into …[View]
27392524Premature Ejaculation: Any tips on how to overcome it?[View]
27393706Why am I really awkward when it's just me and one other friend, but less awkward when it's…[View]
27394012Need help with revenge: Had a shit hairdresser that was a complete cunt, and was super unjust to me,…[View]
27394974paranoia: im a musician whose trying to get their career off the ground and so far it seems like the…[View]
27394695Choosing a Doctor: I'm a 30 year-old male who is also a bit of an idiot. I'm trying to set…[View]
27394997I constantly view a group of people as enemies and then I decide they're okay at times, but non…[View]
27388418My parents want me to pay board: How to i stop or slow this process?[View]
27395063Should I buy multiples of the same plain black t-shirt: I like it, but I hate doing laundry just so …[View]
27392473Step mom wants me to move out: I've never had a bf or a job, and I've been living with my …[View]
27394258I have a 5 inch penis and I look like Danny Devito with hair. What hope do I have of finding a woman…[View]
27395050church sampling: hello. I've just moved into uni and there's some nice historic Catholic c…[View]
27394681How bad is it to eat an ice cream bar a week?[View]
27390496I'm writing a short story where one of the characters kills themselves. What's the quickes…[View]
27394642>lying in bed, my bedroom door is pushed opened >i get up, grab my pistol from under my pillow…[View]
27393950Social life: How does one have a social life in HS? I'm in way to many classes. An average day …[View]
27394819Should I finish learning French (done with B1, moving to B2), before starting to learn Italian and P…[View]
27392812Crazy mood swings: I've been having a lot of mood swings this week. I've lost two career o…[View]
27393748Struggling to cope with my moms nightmare of an existence: So pretty sure my mom has notable autism …[View]
27393324I accidentally signed a bad lease. It was my understanding that I was subletting. Both of my roommat…[View]
27391658How to neg a girl: Chads of 4chan, now is your time to shine. What are some ways to neg a girl?…[View]
2739320126 yr old woman. I’ve noticed a big source of my insecurity is I don’t have a career. I think becaus…[View]
27393942A guy has been treating me like shit: A guy has been treating me like shit I’m not a chad chaser I j…[View]
27394711Telling people to be patient about finding a relationship is the worst advice possible. It is intent…[View]
27394586I'm fascinated with psychology and neuroscience. I have a degree in psychology and started to g…[View]
27393958ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA etc. Previous episode >>27391614[View]
273933112 years ago, when a cute, shy, petite girl sat next to me on the school bus, I told her ' You need t…[View]
27392199Overactive bladder: I just got back from the doctors. They reckon I (F25) have an overactive bladder…[View]
27392283How do I fix this interaction?: I matched with this girl on Hinge and she decided that she didn’t wa…[View]
27390818People with experience in relationships?: Hello, I'm a guy who is going thru a recent break up,…[View]
27391853>match with cute girl on tinder, first match in a while >her bio is 'send me $5 and see what h…[View]
27394217How can I get a girlfriend if I don't even love myself?[View]
27393697How to not worry?: How do I simply stop worrying? I am always overthinking and worrying over stuff a…[View]
27393878how did you find a job?: i keep getting rejected even though i already have 3 years of experience…[View]
27392863Asking only men So this bitch I met outside a club wanted to meet this Friday but now she hasn'…[View]
27392787Is it safe to take heroin if I have a cold the flu or coronavirus?[View]
27390702I have almost no chance of ever getting a good house: Almost 4 years ago I bought a house in the ghe…[View]
27392898Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t kill myself as an ugly autistic male.[View]
27392114discord alternatives? what are some popular chat apps i could use instead of spycord, and are there …[View]
27394220Why do i feel so weirs outside? I dont have trouble doing social things like going to bank or dentos…[View]
27391774>i keep dreaming i need a job but i can't do it because i never had a job and don't kn…[View]
27393634Why cant I fall in love? There's women who have fallen in love with me but I feel nothing back,…[View]
27393203should i as a man ever be sorry to a woman?: i ignored this girl for days until she asked me what th…[View]
27393478I made a rather insensitive joke (apologized for it tons of times) and now my boyfriend won't t…[View]
27393925Ear wax removal: How do I get rid of it? One of my ears is clogged real bad[View]
27391782Told my fiancee that a girl at my work place is giving serious fuck me vibes to me. I told her i’m s…[View]
27393641How to be a man?: I’m 23 years old but I have a lot of issues people a lot younger than me would hav…[View]
27393964Worth it to try selling erotic writing and male sexy audio?: >pic not related Broke man here. Doe…[View]
27394133How can I fully embrace my inner asshole and stop caring so much about other people and their feelin…[View]
27393948Too blackpilled on life: Life, right at the genetic level, seems to be literally built around lies, …[View]
27392618I'm going on my first date tomorrow. I need advice. How do I not fuck it up? We're having …[View]
27394084How do I get pic related for free or an extremely reduced price?[View]
27394088>meet friend at his uni >get a few looks from cute guys >they wont approach me because he…[View]
27393154Is it wrong for me to jerk off to another guys girl?[View]
27392771>do you want to hook up What do you speculate is the success rate of this line on Tinder if you’r…[View]
27393230>when you're accused of treating a guy like shit just because you don't return his feel…[View]
27393590trying to adopt someone elses interests?: i had a huge crush on this guy in school and we recently s…[View]
27393440weight 202 height 5'1 How do I lose weight? I really don't want to gain more weight. Any …[View]
27393757Probably too niche and pathetic of a question, but where would one go to find a partner for vanilla …[View]
27387276I have big boobs. I like button down shirts but should I even bother with them? Tailoring seems expe…[View]
27393758Ocarina Help?: So I've been looking into a new hobby to move away from vidya because I don…[View]
27393636I had a dream last night: My mother was naked in that dream and she wanted sex with me. It’s disgus…[View]
27393800I turned 25 recently and the skin around my eyes has become dry and the small wrinkles under the eye…[View]
27390408I HAVE LOST MY REASON TO LIVE: >always wanted to be chad and fuck girls >never will be I know …[View]
27392999how do u convince autistic friends other people aren't dumb: my aspergian buddy is kind of brig…[View]
27391854Is Discord a good place to make friends?: Are Discord groups a good way for me to appease my crushin…[View]
27393600Is therapy worth it? For those that went, did it help you at all? I never really understood why peop…[View]
27393709Should I go back for a physics degree in my mid 30's? I probably only really want it for vanity…[View]
27392716If you had 0% chance of failure, what would you do? Not that life would become easy street, but like…[View]
27391828Just started work at a bar 2 weeks ago and it's been going well and I settled in well, manager …[View]
27393696I'm pretty sure I'm autistic or have some kind of mental disorder, people have been callin…[View]
27391450why feminism: >get in a fight with gf >go play classic wow >she sends me this fucking comi…[View]
27390482I have twitter and news addiction: I refresh all the news sites, twitter accounts I follow all day l…[View]
27392616How do I ask for my job back? I left it bc I was fucking up a bit too much for my liking, but my bos…[View]
27390989I fapping every week at the same time/day a bad thing? Should i stop?[View]
27393469career and passion related bullshit: >23 >never had a job >enjoy being creative yet not goo…[View]
27392096Am I blessed to have a well off family, with a mom who’s a federal employee and my dad who’s a forme…[View]
27392134I work remote and recently I was put under a new manager for a new project. I can't stand this …[View]
27393532>always organize things and initiate parties for friends >used to always call event and lead t…[View]
27393111I missed a message from my boss at 5:30 asking me 'got a moment to chat?' and I've fucked up ma…[View]
27391153So this girl rejected me but we're still talking and interacting and i'm contempt to just …[View]
27392418My daughter is scared of her aunt: My brother has always had an interest in the weird and odd stuff.…[View]
273932194chan addiction - HELP: Far out, this website is so addictive! Bros, any advice for me to moderate m…[View]
27393223Social media has lost me: Don’t know about any other anons but I’ve realised I’ve been been posting …[View]
27392051Is it good to not want to be around your parents?: Is that good in a growing up maturing kind of way…[View]
27393074Femcel problem: pleased read the whole post. I flirted with someone online and we had a rocky relati…[View]
27393142Just want to vent. I think that in part, I built my life around doing the exact opposite of what my …[View]
27391559Best apps for one nighters: I've been doing tinder and bumble and there are no girls swiping ri…[View]
27391216I go by the name Godhand. I had helped billions, you could be next. Don't be afraid to ask, I k…[View]
27393010I have no real problems and like to make up terrible situations to make people feel bad on imageboar…[View]
27392502i have a habit of imagining myself in a bad situation/state very vividly and getting completely anxi…[View]
27393125Im lazy but also a workaholic. I dont know the definition of moderation. Im either balls deep all in…[View]
27393279>Be me >In constant suicidal contempt for 10 years >On a cocktail of psych meds >Does no…[View]
27391388Ive been putting off this for a lo g time, often reverting back to my neet tendencies and not doing …[View]
27393176Weird health issues: Im not sure, I feel like there is some weird health anomalies with me. I see a …[View]
27392790My husband is bipolar, addicted to marijuana, and just generally an unhappy pain. I got with him bec…[View]
27393069I know I am going insane and I'm not sure what to do: What medicine will help with this and is …[View]
27393032How do you deal with a schizo spamming porn in a thread when all the mods are asleep?[View]
27390847Day 32 of wishing you all a good day: Another day, another prayer for you all. I hope you have a goo…[View]
27392932>dont want gf >break up with her months ago >miss her >win her back >she comes back f…[View]
27391471I think I'm hotter than my tinder matches: Am I just being arrogant? I feel like I'm out o…[View]
27393027>30 >work 2 jobs >disowned by family >burned many bridges >generally regarded as cra…[View]
27392962I need to jerk off every night or I will feel I wasted a day, what should I do?[View]
27392931Hatred: I'm a really vitriolic angry ball of hatred all the time. I speak the unspeakable nonst…[View]
27392916has anyone been molested by a family member when they were younger? How do you work through it as yo…[View]
27390487>26 >developed fetishes as a result of cartoon exposure when I was young >unrestricted inte…[View]
27391640Mental health and money: So I am 25 livings with parents and working as a cashier. I try to be as us…[View]
27389859How do I ask the comic book guy to only pull standard covers for me? I started buying comic books fa…[View]
27390629Is there any prostitution in Toronto?: Is it even legal? And is it worth it? Should I try to save my…[View]
27391911I can't text people: i'm neurotic as fuck and overthink every response, because it's …[View]
27392446What are your thoughts on ASMR/hypno whatever stuff? What are your thoughts on it, do you use it? I…[View]
27392077You west guys still have the chance to make it better, I live in morocco, africa man! It's alre…[View]
27390678>be quiet nerdy kid in middle school >one aggressive popular girl is constantly viciously bull…[View]
27391191Tinder Bitch left me on delivered: >Be me >Match with cute girl on tinder >talk than exchan…[View]
27392774Changing jobs: I’ve been working as a bookkeeper for a non profit for a little less than a year and …[View]
27392765Representation: Be careful who you send.[View]
27392591Someone I know was hacked and I have no other way of contacting them: I believe that a girl I know o…[View]
27390782why as a male i can't be upfront about wanting casual sex my female co-worker has shown me tons…[View]
27392397Employment and therapy without money or insurance: I'm in a mentally bad place and need help. I…[View]
27392100Should I move on?: I broke up with my girlfriend a few months ago, I came to the decision after maki…[View]
27391614ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: FAQ: >WHAT IS ATOGA? A place for simps and sluts to congre…[View]
27392427how many cherry pits do you need to kill yourself? Is that the best way to make poison? Thanks[View]
27392235How big and expensive of a ring?: What kind of ring, what gem, how large of a gem, what material sho…[View]
27391697What's it like being gay abroad?: Like UK, Germany or the Netherlands? I just watched some vide…[View]
27391937To the gay anons: Have you ever gotten to 25 and suddenly experienced a rapid uptick in the amount o…[View]
27392167I have to buy something for my job, but my boss is too busy to approve the sale. If I don't buy…[View]
27389785My cousin is a humongous Tolkien fangirl, she's read the hobbit, the lord of the rings, the sil…[View]
27376629/GIOYC/ - Get It Off Your Chest:: Sarah Gadon edition[View]
27391453Is it weird that I'm okay with being a stay at home dad/working part time while my girlfriend w…[View]
27392525Next step to make more money: Looking for some advice to logical steps to making more money. Curren…[View]
2738176033 never had a GF: Who do I deal with fact my height at 5'3' means no woman will give me the ti…[View]
27392016Is there a Disney movie with themes on par with a Ghibli movie?[View]
27391927I compiled evidence against a previous slumlord of mine firbtax evasion. They rented several propert…[View]
27389109Do you guys know how to read cursive? I heard Gen Z doesn't. How will they interpret the past?[View]
27392180Why should I even buy a car?: It seems like one of the worst investments out there. I get around by …[View]
27391503Immigration stuff.: Not sure if this fits on the travel forum but oh well. I used to say id like to …[View]
27391930Does being a guy just mean constant failure?: 18M, black, 5’10, 130lb. The last time i got laid was …[View]
27392289how do i find a gf that shares my interests?: m21, I have been in a relationship before I moved to a…[View]
27388528anxiety: I have come to realize I have really bad anxiety, to the point where I forget the most easi…[View]
27391057Camgirls: Is it cheating?: Do you think masturbating to webcam girls is cheating? If you only watch?…[View]
27391101ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything: The gynecocracy isn’t real but should be edition. Previously on…[View]
27392185I don't know shit about money and I just got my first job a year ago. I'm a contract worke…[View]
27391784A calculated decision to commit suicide?: It dawned on me today that killing myself is a logical dec…[View]
27392159I might have a nasty genetic disease and the government mandates that we talk to a psychologist prio…[View]
27391992What do?: >turned 33 today >never been on a date or had a gf or had any girl show interest in …[View]
27392147Ugh I hate getting motivated in the evening but every other time of day I'm hopeless. Whenever …[View]
27390078How can I earn money with minimal human interaction?: I'm a NEET and have gone to many job inte…[View]
27391990Why are women retarded: >Be me >Gf always talks about how men should talk about their feelings…[View]
27391384I'm unironically going to end it if I'm still a virgin at 30.: Just over 3 years left. Wha…[View]
27391677I'll be going on a trip to Greece for a week tomorrow with my girlfriend and although I am, of …[View]
27389830I am 18 years old and I don't have close friends, never found love, etc. I know that many young…[View]
27390888Becoming worthy: I'm working on as many aspects of myself as I can. >gym >career advancem…[View]
27391832I have lost all motivation to do the things I used to like to do. Video games, content creation, goi…[View]
27391756How does one motivate themselves to do something, specifically learning something, every day? I feel…[View]
27389532Asshole hurts: >Take a shit >have to wipe a lot after the fact >it starts to hurt >still…[View]
27391691convince me that isolation isn't the key to happiness I want nothing more than to move to some …[View]
27390706Why do I feel anxiety?: I feel anxiety whenever I go outside, i still do and many times i just feel …[View]
27390909I need advice. I quit smoking weed a year and a half ago, and haven't looked back since. I used…[View]
27391626People telling me that I’m retarded even when I’m doing nothing wrong, why? Am I autistic?[View]
27389146Why do I feel like I'm the greatest person who has ever lived AND a complete loser at the same …[View]
27389411Advice for speaking up against my Dad: He's an asshole that invades every corner of my life and…[View]
27389956How do I quit being a narcissist? The combination of a father that made me feel little and bullying …[View]
27391726Relationship with my parents, Am I sick?: I almost daily have the urge to tease or annoy my mother w…[View]
27389277Did I fuck up by pursuing software engineering? I feel like I was promising a safe and high-paying j…[View]
27391661I hate contact lenses but I also hate my goofy ass glasses (not as much as contacts, but still), so …[View]
27390344How do I get rid of the feeling of filth? I clean and check places daily but still I feel like there…[View]
27384035What's eating you?[View]
27390438Social cues n stuff: Central euro dude here who is too autistic to understand a few concepts, talkin…[View]
27388812HEAVILY chlorinated tap water: It’s taking a toll on me. Even when I wash my hands they smell like a…[View]
27388894What did I do: >be me >femanon >dating a guy for 5 years >saw a thread about some guy’…[View]
27385727I decided to give up porn a few days ago after daily masturbation since I was 12, and I feel so much…[View]
27387565Working out in confined space: I am a hoarder and my rooms are full of literal and figurative garbag…[View]
27378348>you should become a monster and learn how to control it Kermit dad says this quite a bit, but I…[View]
27390430Should I leave?: This might be long but I’m laying everything out there so hopefully you can provide…[View]
27391214body hair kills my desire to approach women: 28m here, I've had issues with my body hair for as…[View]
27388014i posted a dick pic in a discord for meth users: i dont do meth myself but im in the discord cos i l…[View]
27390428Ive been taking 0.5mg xanax once a day for 3 months. Would there be any withdrawal symptoms if I sto…[View]
27390784>30 year old male >average to below average face wise >6'2 230lbs, muscular >cant f…[View]
27388868Men lose interest whenever I show any. For example if i ignore them for days etc. they will keep cha…[View]
27391024How to recover from my low self-esteem?: By nature, I am an introvert. From first grade until I grad…[View]
27382800Foreign (outside of US) dating: Is the grass actually greener on the other side? Damn near every whi…[View]
27391194Where can I download in bulk the entire high-resolution works of an artist? Have used WikiArt but ca…[View]
27391140Love: I'm completely in love with an artist. I can't stop thinking about her, how talented…[View]
27389926help: >be me >be in highschool >Just talking to some friends >3/10 girl that's in m…[View]
27389596How do I stop looking so autistic when I stand? Pic rel is me with my girlfriend. I notice I look re…[View]
27390761How can I be less of a chad?: Everytime I open my phone theres about 30 DMs of women begging to have…[View]
27388597how do I calculate my cancer risk?[View]
27389882Voicemaxxing: Guys, I am a voicecel. I fucking hate the sound of my own voice. My voice sounds muffl…[View]
27389317My father tells me the most successful and happiest people aren't wagies, but people who start …[View]
27387543Yes, I have autism: What do you do when you're walking down a sidewalk or other walkway (by you…[View]
27390877Texas CAL loans: Can you get student loans for cost of attendance that goes beyond tuition? Like for…[View]
27384704How do you deal with family members spending their money recklessly and then coming to you for help …[View]
27376909This AI art shit that is everywhere at the minute has literally made me straight-up, blackpilled, su…[View]
27390696Behind: I’m an Auburn engineering freshman and I have fallen behind in most of my classes by roughly…[View]
27389326A girl at uni gave me her number and even talks to me first when we are near each other. Should I gi…[View]
27390594How do I become more technologically advanced in real life? > pic related…[View]
27389929ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA Winner gets me edition. old >>27388106[View]
27390468How to stop auto-sabotaging myself ?: Hi, i dont know what to do because when i try to work towards …[View]
27390542Obsessive thoughts: How do I overcome obsessive thinking and ruminating I’ve had it my whole life an…[View]
27390003Is it necessary to make friends before getting a girlfriend?: I know being a loner without friends i…[View]
27388349I started a new job a few months ago, and have become friends with a co-worker my age. Only last wee…[View]
27389878Do addicts deserve any sympathy?: Currently living with two ex heroin addicts and they’ll just talk …[View]
27390299Everything is so disappointing: Anyone else feel this way in life? Everything I engage with is just …[View]
27390447How to contact my ex: Help me find a way to contact my ex. She hasn't blocked me on WhatsApp or…[View]
27389262I was mutilated as a innocent baby.: And I am a virgin now. I was mutilated without consent by a wom…[View]
27390407how do i lower my libido/stop being a slave to my cock/forsake my nature as a man[View]
27389922I don’t get along with most people: I don’t mean that people hate me or anything. I just find it ver…[View]
27381581What's a femcel like? I know I know you say they don't exist BUT to those who know one i…[View]
27390343FUCK: How do I win this shit? I don't want to place or lose. Fuck this bullshit, I need to win …[View]
27389533In desperate need of advice. In an uncomfortable situation right now with no one irl to turn to. I c…[View]
27384551I have a hiking trip planned for the whole weekend w/m friends but I had some painful external hemor…[View]
27388319how to sound attractive?: when i speak i sound like a scared child. how can i improve this? also i …[View]
27390290Alternatives to society?: What are some good alternatives to society? Is joining a cult alright and …[View]
27390154nigger shit: how do I stop being a being a pussy and become tough and whatnot?[View]
27389911My roommate has become a violent sadist with anger outbursts that he takes out on me. Rundown: >E…[View]
27386836I'm fucking terrified I was putting it off cause I was nervous. What the fuck am I gonna do. Sh…[View]
27388441when i was 19 years old (im 20 now) i went to shit dad all the time, as it were accidentally spun ar…[View]
27389875Should I meet strangers on meetup ?: I want to make new friends and it seems to be one of te ways to…[View]
27385650I spent this summer with my best mate. It was a great summer and I'll never forget it. He did p…[View]
27388461I can't deal with my own mortality. It freaks me out. Already doing CBT but results are yet to …[View]
27389372What are the consequences of covering your car license plate with a fake one ?: Given that you rarel…[View]
27389849I have a friend I've been catching up with over drinks. My bf was fine with me going out to mee…[View]
27389725cope: How do I cope with so many people being better than me and using it against me?[View]
27387206Why do I feel like I'm not worthy of love?[View]
27389486I always wanted to belong and to be around people, but now that I do have people who care about me, …[View]
27388048How do you handle people who disrespects you, or steps over boundaries?: I've had some people t…[View]
27389152Is it wrong for me to jack off to another man's wife?[View]
27389795Why are video games shit now to me? Not just new ones but old ones? I'm perfectly happy to wast…[View]
27389046>finally got gf >she's depressed 24/7 what do bros ?…[View]
27389899I was talking to a girl last night and she asked me what do I do besides work and gym. This really c…[View]
27389711Autistic, feel like I’m not cut out for a professional career: I’m mid 20s now and was able to gradu…[View]
27388712Is dyed hair on a girl a red flag?[View]
27388622How do I be more.. funny?: I've no problems coming up with outlandish or absurd things to say. …[View]
27389858Afraid i might get beat up: A friend of mine who is an avid supporter of his favorite football club …[View]
27389142How do you manipulate your parents into giving you money?[View]
27388701Dinosaur dreams.: Does anyone else have dreams where dinosaurs are going HAM on everyone? I have bee…[View]
27389415How do I get away from dogs? I hate dogs more than anything on this earth but I can’t get away. The…[View]
27386962How can I fuck with religious people in a low effort way? I mostly want to target christcucks but mu…[View]
27389245How do motivate myself/get a will to live/change: I started going to therapy recently and my therapi…[View]
27388510I'm 18 and there's this girl in my gym who I know for a fact is 16 (her friends told me) b…[View]
27389814How do I get revenge on a neighbor that’s made my life hell since they moved in? I’m thinking of pi…[View]
27389185Feeling like everyone hates me and I’m a total bother. For example I struck up a text convo with a c…[View]
27389727What should I tell my professor?: Due to my shit mental health and toxic family situation, this has …[View]
27389686I live in New York and EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY THE STUPID GYM IS ALWAYS CROWDED: 11 AM on a Tuesday…[View]
27388666is pic related a good major[View]
27389490Living for others gives me motivation. Taking care of others, like women and children gives unending…[View]
27389703How do I get over an addiction?: I'm 19 and my addiction is buying prostitutes. I started 3 mon…[View]
27389695I have a job interview for a pizza place. This will be my third interview, I want it to be the last.…[View]
27386669I'm a little drunk. I am so in love with my coworker. We work together every day. She sits with…[View]
27388970Ive been rated 5.1 in photofeeler with more than 100 votes, of which most were probably men and ever…[View]
27389099do you think it hurts to od on fent? i want to kill my self but i don’t want to feel pain. if yes le…[View]
27389049Is it a cute/romantic gesture to make someone a meal and bring it to them? like picrel. Hoping to do…[View]
27389381Career choices?: I am a bit lost for my career. I feel like all that ever happened to me is that I g…[View]
27388281Anon’s legal revenge: >be me, newcomer to area >work at electric utility >someone gave me r…[View]
27388432Should I be worried: Hey guys, so basically im friends with a guy and his gf. 4 days ago we got into…[View]
27389608Anyone here ever do sales for this company? What did you think?[View]
27389591How do I stop being overly jealous? I get jealous and feel hurt or irritated when I see my best frie…[View]
27389398Advice for healthy human relationships: >Raised mostly by single mother >Occasionally saw fath…[View]
27382877Stress and anxoety cause me to lean forward into a Gollum stance. Anyone know what such a thing is c…[View]
27389138The art of the grift: I want to learn to grift money online because my parents expect me to pay rent…[View]
27389425How can I cure myself of insecurity by being manlet? I've been rejected and embarrassed so many…[View]
27383673Has anyone read this? I want to improve my social skills. I have severe avoidant personality disorde…[View]
27382074>be me >have slut friends for years >never cared about her whoreness >we often talk abou…[View]
27389472Should I buy a tablet?: To read books on (z-library/library genesis) and use to watch shows while in…[View]
27389471What do I talk to my friends about?: Most of the time we just silently stand around Unless there…[View]
27385492Im being blackmailed and extorted: Im being blackmailed with an explicit photo after trading photos.…[View]
27386876Is this forgivable?: >gf admitted that at one point during our relationship she had feelings for …[View]
27386057Should I check if I'm my dad's son?: Ever since I turned 18 (few years back) my dad (kinda…[View]
27381294Help: I don't want to die[View]
27388826How do I make friends if I have social anxiety and depression? I barely leave my home[View]
27389275Always remember: Thank your friends for spending time with you. They choose to, but they can also ch…[View]
27389249Whenever I try to interact with my family I end up annoying everyone and getting annoyed by their re…[View]
27385233my wife has been pegging me for the past 2 years Does this make me gay[View]
27385929How do I meet an actress like Milly Alcock and date her and make her my wife?[View]
27389216Immigration stuff.: Not sure if this fits on the travel forum but oh well. I used to say id like to …[View]
27389173My brain is constantly replaying past events in my head to either make me depressed or angry Sometim…[View]
27387783I'm a charisma black hole How do I develop charisma or 'people skills'?[View]
27386445If I get a ticket while my car is registered under a dead person and I transfer the title to my name…[View]
27389065How do I get girls to send me nudes? I've had like two IRL girls do it before but my buddies al…[View]
27389118Ey /biz/ thanks for reading I am starting a loan company, business loans to be exact. We got everyth…[View]
27383831How Do I Diplomatically Get My Girlfriend to Work on Her Ass: >Dating 9/10 >She's hot, ge…[View]
27389096do you spank your gf/wife on the bum when she misbehaves? roasties, does your man spank you when you…[View]
27377538Emigrating to USA: How do I move to the USA after graduation as a Canadian computer engineering stud…[View]
27388991>has extreme anxiety >feels sleepy enough to not do any work >overdoses on coffee >fee…[View]
27388106ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGAy Jordyn Jones is the hottest girl on the planet edition…[View]
27388240Do women feel horny differently than men, like in their whole body? I never realized that but I was …[View]
27386946die: how many pills do I need to kill myself[View]
27386917How to be a hottie?: What should I do to be considered hot in bed? Sorry, but anal sex does not appe…[View]
27387105I WILL escape NEETdom. Join me.[View]
27388885I NEED to talk to this girl: how do i talk to this girl in my english class? Context, i go to this r…[View]
27383717My boyfriend wants me to stop using 4chan, do I just hide my usage of it? I can't stand social …[View]
27388779Can foids explain to me what exactly are 'daddy issues'?[View]
27387118I confided in my bf that I thought watching two guys having sex was really hot. He looked disturbed,…[View]
27388654Got an interview what should I do: I got a text asking me if I would like an interview for a well pa…[View]
27387914how do I stop being boring?[View]
27388205I am not good at anything and this makes me want to kill myself. Any advice?[View]
27385998Helping GFs Libido: I've been with my gf for almost 2 years now. It's a nice wholesome rel…[View]
27388451brain damage: The other day I got ridiculously angry for an extended amount of time and I'm 100…[View]
27388694Stop caring. That’s literally all you have to do. Just imagine this pepe everytime you get mad, sad,…[View]
27387238What to do? Moral Dilema: Ill make it short im a tech person that fixes phone and one day i fixed my…[View]
27386702I think I might have been drugged at a bar and idk how to deal with it desu. I was with friends, I d…[View]
27386465When I’m raising my kid how explicit should I be in my support for Hitler and National Socialism? On…[View]
27387671Advice on how to solve this lol[View]
27386993Ideas how to help?: I am a woman and there is a man in my town who was abandoned by his wife, she to…[View]
27387592>28 years old >being black and suck at dating >i have disappointed my ancestors >btw …[View]
27386086what do you do when you have no dreams or aspirations?[View]
27384216Asked this girl out on Sunday (we've been to 2 dates already), she said shed let me know if she…[View]
27388401any dentists here? is it possible that a tooth that erupted very late (because the milk tooth that w…[View]
27383825I am not sure if I should cut complete contact with my grandmother: For some context, I have had bad…[View]
27388538How do I stop obsessing over a person? It’s been weeks of me not being able to think about anything …[View]
27388416Gf started posting videos on Tiktok, on a private account she shared to nobody that ha less then 200…[View]
27386236Death penalty: Why is the death penalty looked down upon? Why shouldn't criminals who commit va…[View]
27388456Driving anxiety: I got my drivers license 15 years ago but I never owned a car so I only drove very …[View]
27383706GIve it to me straight, /adv/. Is it possible to date a woman with a high body count?[View]
27387622Behind: I’m an engineering freshman at Auburn and I am 3 weeks behind due to laziness and an interne…[View]
27377867Canada: How do I cope with being born in Canada as an engineering student? I understand that I may e…[View]
27387679How to deal with people being cunts to me because I need surgery?: Took a job at a factory and despi…[View]
27386865should I fap tonight?: >nοfap for a week or so >have amazing nut >repeat there are some wee…[View]
27385402how do I date my dominatrix?[View]
27388327I'm in a weird situation and don't know what to do. There are famous people that know who …[View]
27386360>kissless virgin loser in high school >0 positive attention from girls >'oh it'll turn…[View]
27388038Should I ask my finacee's permission to keep and preserve the blood stained sheets when I take …[View]
27387282Texting anxiety: This guy who I’ve silently had a crush on for years has just started talking to me.…[View]
27387800am I ugly? from a 1-10 how do I fare? hopeless? ive been bullied all my life for my face and weird v…[View]
27388129Some guy wants me to have a mmf threesome with his Asian gf. He said there's not going to be an…[View]
27385425Vagabond lifestyle: I so wish to live like that. I never have, but I wonder what's it like. Ham…[View]
27388239Do people irl just not have interest? seriously every time I interact with someone, they do nothing …[View]
27388227How do I find scary or unsettling videos on the internet? Mainstream places like youtube just push y…[View]
27388152Girlfriend loves being called a “Good girl” she becomes instantly turned on and submissive no matter…[View]
27385691Gf seems to have a real disdain for Asians, more specifically Asian women depsite me being Asian. It…[View]
27388134Help!!!: i've bee in a relationship with a girl for 4 yrs now, we loved each other deeply and h…[View]
27388060I've had low libido my whole life and I never saw the appeal in sex, and my girlfriend knows th…[View]
27378094Euthenasia: I booked an appointment for euthenasia and somehow my mom found out and she's getti…[View]
27388154How keeps brothers as Prisoners: they stole my sort of card collection and it's a;most impossib…[View]
27388155I’m just wondering why do I feel like shit, nothing really comes to mind, it’s not lack of gf or too…[View]
27386128Sexual Advice General?: Lets have one. For all questions and advice about anonymous's sexual pa…[View]
27383537How do I release anger from my ex? Its been 1 year since we broke up and I still get intrusive thoug…[View]
27387849Any anons here deal with dissociation, derealization especially? Looking for ways to cope while at w…[View]
27387976About 8-10 years ago I got a referral to a psychiatrist. I've always been very weird and can…[View]
27387996All my girlfriends were virgins when we got together. I told them all that I would take responsibili…[View]
27387564I'm too ugly for my boyfriend: He means the world to me, I think he's so beautiful and cha…[View]
27384627Does anybody else just not want kids?: I'm 35M, and just don't really feel like having kid…[View]
27387657Anyone heard of treating adhd increasing sex drive? Bc I started taking vyvanse today for my adhd an…[View]
27387974I felt like sending out CVs.: Luckily I haven't pressed the submit button. It's really fun…[View]
27387573I'm 24 and this bad, is this still salvageable if I see a dermatologist?[View]
27387894My girlfriend is cheating on me with her own twin sister. She says it’s ok because it’s lesbian ince…[View]
27385251Mushroom farm advice: Anyone here who previously attempted to grow gourmet mushrooms? Any advice for…[View]
27387509It's my birthday and today I'm 29. I have a few decent friends, had one gf when I was 21 t…[View]
27386136help with dating and health issues: I’m a 31 year old man, I have an autoimmune disorder and it real…[View]
27387814How do I get a xanax prescription (srs, not for recreational use)? my life has gone downhill the las…[View]
27384725Still thinking about my EX after “5 years”: Still thinking about my EX after 5 years want to believe…[View]
27387337How do I become a Chadlet (Chad Manlet) like my nigga Tom Cruise? What’s the secret?[View]
27383835can I like sell body parts/organs I don't need to earn money? How much is it worth? Stuff like…[View]
27387408>hr just ignored my request for reasonable accommodation via a doctor's note: How likely am …[View]
27386301Is it possible to get rid of your feelings?[View]
27385348genome comparison: hi /adv/ I'm looking for a way to compare 2 genomes online and free. do you …[View]
27387092I just don’t have good luck with work: I have strong work ethic, I never take advantage and I’ve alw…[View]
27387369how I can be more present: hey ah, so I'm at school and my first year in another country, I…[View]
27387016How the fuck do I stop drinking on my days off from work? I don't get hungover but I can't…[View]
27386439a minor I know was pressured into sending nudes, would she face charges too?: For context, both the …[View]
27384168. I’m the anon who had that hot girl lead him on at work. I’m also the anon that was talking to the …[View]
27387262How do you make friends irl? I am 26 now. I became a part of an established friend group, but it imp…[View]
27387336parents found out I am gay: I never posted on my Instagram story for like 8 months and I forgot my p…[View]
27383435>have sex for first time >dick too short 3 inches now what do i do?…[View]
27387363How do i stop procrastinating: I had 2 assignments due today (or yesterday 11:59pm) and i waited til…[View]
27386531ITT : Asking jewelers advice to test gold at home. What's the best way to tell at home if a gol…[View]
27387297Day 31 of wishing you all a good day: Hello friends, I make prayer for you all to have a good life, …[View]
27384142alt right guy blacked: i know some guy that is alt right and posts shit on pol about other people. i…[View]
27386919>Sad and upset all the time >borderline delusional >wake up one day and decide no more sadn…[View]
27387171I found love, but it just doesn't seem like it will work out: Met a beautiful and intelligent w…[View]
27383400Teach me how to live my life: When do I wake up, what do I eat, how do I workout and etc...[View]
27385578what is the easiest way to get permabanned from all boards?[View]
27387194I am drunk, what do I do with my life. I’m so lost and I don’t want to end up alone[View]
27386978How many anon can stay hard after cooming? If so what's your secret/advice?[View]
27387047How do people keep going? I've been working for a little over a year now and it's dawned o…[View]
27385892Car loan?: I've been wanting an Acura TSX for a few weeks. It runs from 4-7k used but I only ha…[View]
27387011I'm going to a concert and want to take alcohol with me, since I don't want to spend $10 f…[View]
27378658>Watch anime >Characters having interesting experiences, earning money, pursuing goals etc. …[View]
27386745So uh how do you grow your subscriptions on sites like twitch or ko fi[View]
27381322How do I quit 4chan?: Do note that 4chan is THE only thing I have going for me in my life. I love yo…[View]
27386736Is nofap actually real or is it just a meme? I've tried it and i honestly can't tell[View]
27386857I have trouble with not thinking before I speak, and shoving my foot far inside my mouth. How do I f…[View]
27385247>tl;dr dont want to call it depression unless thats what it is. For the last few years I've …[View]
27386295Starting a Business: Dear 4chan, I was thinking of opening a food cart. I have plenty of food servic…[View]
27382909is it possible to pick up a relligious street preacher? she wasn't a grazy person going full sc…[View]
27386484I am at the lowest point in my life (so far) and I need help now more than ever. I am 20 years old.…[View]
27386633>It's the recurring 'girl falls asleep with her head on my chest' dream again I'm a 31 …[View]
27379766NoFap day 46, can't take it anymore: All i ever think about all day is sex with women, i even d…[View]
27381159Looking to kill my self but I'm pretty fat and thats complicating things as far as hanging is c…[View]
27383461How do I become more of a family man? I wanna be someone who enjoys hanging out with kids and can be…[View]
27383516I don't understand sport: I was never into sport as a child, I was surprised that an adult woul…[View]
27384670How can I have a romance like in White Album 2?: Or other visual novels. Something that actually gra…[View]
27382782I want to give some advice for the incels here: stop hating women because they have easier lives. Ye…[View]
27385766Is it bad that the only thing i enjoy doing is watching anime?[View]
27386674Premature Ejaculation: Any tips on how to overcome it? Or cum over it?[View]
27384552The hell is wrong with my body?: Whenever I fix my sleep schedule, it doesn't last for very lon…[View]
27383813How many matches should the average guy on tinder be getting?[View]
27384407I'm 26 and have never held a girl's hand romantically: I haven't even had my first ki…[View]
27384415I think I'm getting infatuated with my coworker, how do I stop before developing actual feeling…[View]
27383010Smacking children thoughts?: There was this annoying piece of shit at the grocery store at self chec…[View]
27385841I’ve been talking to this guy for a while now and it seems like he has no soul. It’s like everything…[View]
27383921I have wasted my life, all my formative years, allt the time of my life that matters, doing nothing,…[View]
27385696/atoga/ - Ask The Other Gender Anything: Previous: >>27383512[View]
27385990So as a 5'7 160lb muscular Indian male with great facial hair genetics. What are my options? Wi…[View]
27382367How do I get guys to stop treating me like I'm delicate? Every guy I've dated treats me li…[View]
27381142how to say R: cant say R, cant raddles it, and its fucking embarrassing, also my name has R in it an…[View]
27382520What type of bar is best for a first date? Dive bar? Hotel bar? Cocktail bar? Pub? etc[View]
27384154I cut my throat open and went to a hospital: I cut open my throat and went to a hospital and they he…[View]
27381471How do I make up for all the years of being an atheist?: I started believing in and I feel bad about…[View]
27386200My radicalized friends: >I’m terrified of some of my old college friends now >back in college,…[View]
27384765My room and house Is filled with roache. Does anyone know how to get rid of them? I tried cleaning, …[View]
27386084How do I get rid of a completely irrational psychological complex that makes me kinda unhappy/neurot…[View]
27381694Is it normal to join college at 20 to build a career?[View]
27386029>be me >5'10 >8 1/4 inch penis Which is more important - the con of being a manlet, or…[View]
27384743why don't white people get arranged marriages anymore? I only see this happen mostly with musli…[View]
27385573my neighbours are having the loudest fucking party on a monday night, im trying to get to sleep prob…[View]
27384105Love or Sex?: I’m a CS student at a Public Ivy who’s on track for a high paying job. After graduatio…[View]
27382285I’m so sick of this cycle bros. Every time i try to improve myself I set goals and for a few hours i…[View]
27385165I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy anymore. I’ve been a strung out bratty man child the past tw…[View]
27385216My aunt wants to set me up with a girl: The girl is an 8.5/10 and is going to start at a prestigious…[View]
27384301will girls be more attracted to you if you're really good at a video game?[View]
27385212Should I wait awhile before trying to find a new girlfriend? My gf of 4 years and I broke up a coupl…[View]
27386116Hi /b/ long time no see less than a month ago I was very functional and healthy. Physically and men…[View]
27385922My girlfriend of +1 year is getting deported soon: How do I cope with this fact? The only thing I ca…[View]
27381131Autogynephilia: Acting like the opposite gender makes me feel so good about myself - not in the sexu…[View]
27384178Is it bad to like to stay at home over hanging out with friends[View]
27386041How to stop being retarded?: How do I stop being retarded? I took an exam today and during the exam …[View]
27383485how do I cope with the possible fact that any girl I try to build a relationship with will have done…[View]
27385396Hypersexuality: guys, i have been hypersexual since my ex fucked me over. she ruined my mind to the …[View]
27382976Going insane - please help: Once a day, anywhere from 5 to 9 AM, I am awoken by what I can only desc…[View]
27381145I don't get Sam Hyde's (MDE's) humor: I like SH. I like his derangedness and confiden…[View]
27385957You can buy car insurance if you're unemployed in the USA Can you buy health insurance if you…[View]
2738226833% of all humans will get cancer: How do I cope with these statistics?[View]
27385919>be 22 >sexually frustrated >toying with idea of being bi-curious >go on Craigslist conf…[View]
27385192>Be somewhat active in random Discord server >Friendly with a few dudes there >One dude inv…[View]
27385549>on a date with my boyfriend >in a silly mood >point at this one guy and shout 'Look how ba…[View]
27383327>fired last year >haven't been able to get another job ever since what do?…[View]
27385811/adv/, how do I write a good best man speech? Buddy of mine asked me to be his best man; only issue …[View]
27385801How does OF work for someone from abroad?: Can I pay with my country's currency? Will it cause …[View]
27384655Thinking of deleting my entire online presence and going full anon. Should I do it?: Let me explain,…[View]
27385452Is talking to random women really the right choice?: I have such a hard time doing this. I had a bru…[View]
27385271How do i make an imaginary gf in my head?[View]
27382502I probably give my gf $1000 a month and she never pays me back for anything. I kind of don’t feel ap…[View]
27385502Wtf?: Why am I getting fucking ads like this?[View]
27385472Tinder is a fucking joke: >set my dating preference to within 80 miles of my area >swipe right…[View]
27384868Why isn't murder with consent legal and morally acceptable? I want to kill myself and you want …[View]
27383399I am in a committed relationship and I am planning on marrying this girl but I still think of sex wi…[View]
27385434I feel like I have no place in this world. Nobody I fit in with. Nobody who shares my values. What d…[View]
27385447Where to get input for looksmaxxing?: I'm not gonna ask people in real life and don't want…[View]
27385412Fuck this country.: The healthcare is garbage in this muttland. No wonder our country is such a shit…[View]
27380580Porn Addiction relapse: Anyone got tips for how to get back up after a slip with porn addiction? I w…[View]
27383508>ex follows me on instagram >post an image from this weekend as a story >ex 'likes' my stor…[View]
27383880Is it inherently unethical that I hooked up with a 17year old girl as a 22 year old? She lied initia…[View]
27385305Why does my friend ask me for advice and then get pissed off when I'm honest? I'm not tryi…[View]
27382335>new co worker >cute Asian girl >visit her office during lunch for the past few months >…[View]
27383001Anger: So I got so angry I'm pretty sure I damaged my brain last night. How do damage control t…[View]
27380099How do i stop feeling resentent towards women for having such easy and privileged lives?[View]
27384417What signs do guys usually give when they like a girl? I like this guy and he’s doing things that ma…[View]
27385257How do I stop messaging someone who doesn't care about me? The problem is I don't really w…[View]
27385215I think I have food poisoning, how do I stop the cramping?[View]
27382588Not looking into being a trans just trying to have feminine features. Estradiol or cyproterone[View]
27384752To get a furry wife: How do I meet a single furry woman (female) in the Republic of Finland? It seem…[View]
27384416Self improvement thread: I have a year of time on my hands where I can improve myself and try to be …[View]
27384349Wasting my life: >25 >stuck in a devops job I don't care about >spent few years living…[View]
27384945Should I date this girl?: Met a woman who seems perfect. Only qualm is the fact she lives 2 hours aw…[View]
27385105>acceptable income >8 hour office job but I usually work overtime because... How to have some …[View]
27382675Ok here's a silly one but I might as well ask for advice. Thanks in advance. >be me, hang ou…[View]
27382381I'm here to help, really!: I'm a 50-year-old man who just starting stalking /adv/. I think…[View]
27382391Where can I go to get away from LGBT?: Genuine and sincere question. I just want somewhere I can go …[View]
27383670I'm not really looking for advice, just want to vent. I'm at the end of the line, I don…[View]
2738416623 and not sure what to do with life: Basically should have finished college by now but I'm sti…[View]
27380010Ive been fucking a milf for like 6 months and recently she's been asking me for small pocket mo…[View]
27379163Shy: How do I stop being shy once and for all?[View]
27383070Gonna pick up some girls at a campus today: Any tips?[View]
27380031Girlfriend is boring: Hey anons, let me tell you a bit about my current relationship We are both 22,…[View]
27384419Hello /adv/ Recetly, every now & then, this arrow in a black circle appears & disappears out…[View]
27383512/ATOGA/ - Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: Bikini car wash edition Prev >>27382482[View]

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