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22277487Hey /adv/, I think I might have fucked up: So we got to bring our work computers home and I might ha…[View]
22277751Is it ever safe to have absolutely *any* sexual interactions with a woman who has had any amount of …[View]
22276428Is there any social website where I can say nigger and faggot without beimg muted/banned?[View]
22277161Advice on telling your parents that you want to go to therapy: Help[View]
22277176Military questions: I'm seriously thinking of joining the US Military but whether that's a…[View]
22277185Am I the only one who is becoming discreet? I had never thought that way but now I feel like is not …[View]
22277973Is software engineer a bad career if you like having free time? I have about a year of experience co…[View]
22277936Am I wrong?: Today I told a very close friend that I think I seriously need help. He has known for a…[View]
22276718no response to post 1st date text: this morning i sent a girl i went out on a date with a text that …[View]
22277792how do I stop being so dumb? I feel like I'm dumber than the average person even though people …[View]
22277759How to get a girlfriend if you're short? I understand that women view short men the same way me…[View]
22276658I' m staring working in 1 week, in a job which I think I will really enjoy. I think I have a cr…[View]
22277592Week 3 since my gf left me. 3 weeks since I've had any heart to heart conversation with anyone …[View]
22277559>*say stuff* >femoid's one-size-fits-all response: your 'boring' literally who cares ? do…[View]
22277694I may have consistently behaved in way that would lead people to believe that I'm mentally disa…[View]
22277265I cant get my ex out of my head: I dated a girl I'd consider a 10 for a few months around 2 yrs…[View]
22277355How do I know if my friend's girl is tryna get with me because she's attracted or just bec…[View]
22265594How do I stop hating myself? 21, never had a job, can't drive, socially retarded, bad health, n…[View]
22277436Sort of in an online relationship and confused: I’m 24 and never been in a relationship before. A co…[View]
22276684Should I leave university?: I'm a 20 years-old male from a small ex-communist country which is …[View]
22276420Winning back an ex: Has anyone ever had luck in winning back an ex girlfriend? This girl and I dated…[View]
22276187How do you not compare yourself to others when it comes to finances and career success? Yeah I earn …[View]
22277219Attend College Online or In-Person?: As the title says, which should I do? If I go to college in per…[View]
22277556How does one become a professional while in university? I'm starting to realize uni is the same…[View]
22276573Rock bottom: >Wake up >Post on 4chan >Sleep >Repeat How do I stop this. How do I get out…[View]
22275083How do I find a place to rent that isn't 90% my paycheck but isn't located in a place infe…[View]
22277187>meet new person >hang out with them in person a few times >become comfortable around them …[View]
22277231Found out I have a little half sister that has been looking for both me and my sister for the last 6…[View]
22276662So my friend gave me some weed he was trying to get rid of because he's moving. However the hig…[View]
22277144I don’t know if I’m capable of having romantic feeling towards others. Every time I think I might ha…[View]
22277165Disconnected from Outcomes/Positives: I think I've narrowed down an issue I've been having…[View]
22276562Is there nothing I can do?: So my friend's gf has been suicidal for a good while now due to a t…[View]
22277389Unsure and scared about future: I've been out of high school for 3 years. I worked various part…[View]
22276120So I had sex for the first time last week. I was fucking for 2 hours in different positions, but cou…[View]
22277162How to stop worrying about what others might think of you IRL and just say or do whatever you feel l…[View]
22276171Reading difficulties.: I've been trying to get back into reading but I'm finding it very d…[View]
22277414how to trick an old friend of mine to open a keylogger (not detectable by av) i made via e-mail?[View]
22276067Looking for some sort of advice on how to best utilize the layout of my small studio apartment. Pic …[View]
22275678Being mentally ill: Everyone seems to forget I have a mental disability, because I don’t wear a helm…[View]
22277311How do I become more charming and funny? And without becoming more attractive. Basically I want to s…[View]
22277305I dont know what to do anymore. Afew years ago an asshole started a rumor about me at work. I ignore…[View]
22277212FUCK JANNIES: Just kidding guys. I just wanted to say thanks to the jannies on this board for not be…[View]
22276882How to stop self harming: I been struggling with self harm for a bit now. I really can't find a…[View]
22276151How to deal with super embarrassing pictures?: About a year and a half ago I begged a few girls for …[View]
22275150Should I continue renting an apartment I'm not staying in during this covid stuff? I live and w…[View]
22274904Where to find socially awkward, introverted women? Where to find dorky women with nerdy interests? W…[View]
22276885I got drunk and as a result I woke up with a black eye. I've no idea how I got it and it's…[View]
22264872I need to become straight.: To make it short, I am gay, homosexual. Not even bisexual, I've alw…[View]
22272632>385k 2bed/2bath condo in the greater Seattle area >3% down >Monthly mortgage is 2500 >O…[View]
22273942Any good job for someone with *a back injury(disc herniation) *Been out of work for 6 years *only h…[View]
22276596Therapy: At 28, I just reached out to a therapist about the depression I've been dealing with m…[View]
22276935i can't sleep: there's too much shit on my mind, i've been busying myself as much as …[View]
22276379my best friend is a raging chad with girls, i’m a confident sarcastic virgin. he wants to bring me t…[View]
22274518How to stop cussing: I began cussing as a way to alleviate my anger and also stop getting treated li…[View]
22276828I keep wasting time here and being a faggot instead of knuckling down with productive things in my l…[View]
22276664how do I tell the nice old family friend that I'm getting my old job back without feeling like …[View]
22276112ITT: ask the opposite sex anything: old thread: >>22273972[View]
22276869>Get inspired to change my life >Eventually quit because it's too hard Is a strict routin…[View]
22275566If you're a gay bottom but you managed to ejaculate to this image 6+ months ago does this mean …[View]
22274634Why do I like people being mean to me? How can I have people be mean to me and hurt me?[View]
22273191Will my music get me anywhere.: Hey advice. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I …[View]
22273671Is it weird to fall in love with your 3rd cousin that you met on 23andme? Messaged them about family…[View]
22276716How do I stop being obsessed with having a hot girlfriend and get mad and sad everyday when I can…[View]
22276266i took an advice from here a while ago i had a problem with communication and after posting it 4chan…[View]
22275617Why is there not a single girl that I like in my 27 years of life?[View]
22273101Should I bother texting a girl goodbye see you never or should I just go away silently and never tex…[View]
22276324hello beloved ones so i went to buy a pair of shoes today and the girl working at the shop was drop …[View]
22272078How do I stop getting angry at zoomers? They're all over the internet and even on 4chan now, an…[View]
22276560I'm dateable. 24, slightly above average attractiveness, quite intelligent, spiritually aware a…[View]
22276750Translation help: Hello, can some translate the title 'The Offering of Death' Into Japanes…[View]
22273447Horny: How do you pick up girls on omegle so you can show them your cock? Any specific tags or thing…[View]
22272756overstimating my potential: I always overestimate my capacity of doing things in times, so I always …[View]
22276098I'm 22 unemployed looking for a job but no one is hiring. I'm kinda scared, what do?[View]
22276365dating advice bread: i think getting a gf might be a good move in my life, i really need to get my s…[View]
22276037I don't like and I don't enjoy anything why?[View]
22276603Afraid to go out: I've noticed it's not safe to go out anymore. I can't go to a park …[View]
22276358I’m fucked: >be me >retard , can’t even do green text >uses cousin’s laptop >let it cha…[View]
22273201In your experience, have you found work to be more time-consuming, difficult, and stressful than sch…[View]
22276137Top universities: Are top university is even woth it, or is it just regular university with good mar…[View]
22276029How is it moving to another city past the age of 25? Is it possible to get new friends there (beside…[View]
22274283which STEM degree is worth pursuing?[View]
22274567Help with Gaming problem: Hi/adv/. This is my first time here. I have a problem that's cripplin…[View]
22273552I know what needs to be done, I know the present is the only time I have to get it done. But I keep …[View]
22276458I lent a friend a suit, he gave it back today and I’ve noticed semen stains on the trousers...how do…[View]
22275948how do I find passion and become good at it and make money with it? I am so jealous when I see peopl…[View]
22274286I can't take this any more. I'm really paranoid and scared about how people will respond t…[View]
22268786I recently got diagnosed with ADHD, but I dont fully believe it. I just feel like my 'symptoms' are …[View]
22273737Having trouble with how I view my girlfriends body. Please help.: To preface: Shes 22, used to be ve…[View]
22276421Pre-quarantine FWB is still nearby...: I was hooking up with a girl before all the corona bullshit s…[View]
22276371I'm lonely: how am I suppose to get friends ? I do a lot of stuffs, I try to be fun and cool bu…[View]
22276400Is it strange that I have 0 (zero) romantic experience as a 24 year old? When people ask me I usuall…[View]
22276366Non-MBA Masters: Pretty straightforward question, are these programs worth the price tag? -Yale SOM …[View]
22273944What should I use as an avatar?: Hello /adv I am working a on a project where I need an avatar. I p…[View]
22275440Aerospace Engineering: Anyone into aerospace? I graduated back in 2018 with an Associates in MIS but…[View]
22273841What should I do?: Currently 19, image related. Just finished my first year of college and I have li…[View]
22271316should i reproduce: hey /adv/ i have a dilemma. so my gf is totally white. pure bred anglo. i, on th…[View]
22275527What's the secret to success? Or is there no secret?[View]
22275959How do people study? Do you just sit down and read? Why can I not remember anything when I do that?[View]
22276238I've unlearned how to make friends: Hello, anons. I'm a guy, 26 y / o. In 2019, I had a la…[View]
22270983How do I prevent a fetish from ruining me?: I'm going to get right into it by saying that I hav…[View]
22275984why do realtionships fail?: I have my first serious girlfriend, a little later in life than the norm…[View]
22276088How do you tell someone you're dating about the things you love that they do (so you can make t…[View]
22274029Advice on dealing with full on depressed and suicidal pregnant wife? We are both looking forward to …[View]
22275853How to not seem like a loser to a girl. Met this girl on insta she said “when can I come over hehe” …[View]
22274324Hey /adv Today I have recieved a warning from 4chan. The warning consers the post I have never writt…[View]
22276132Girl advice: Roommates gfs sister came over last night with roommates gf. She is so hot. Kinda got s…[View]
22274431I just want to get away from it all. No internet no boss no commute no consumerism Just me and natur…[View]
22275773Any /social-anxiety/ bros here? >can't look people in the eyes when talking >intense fear…[View]
22274712Ive been fantasizing of having sissy sex since I was 13 years old. I dont get horny from sex with fe…[View]
22274192How do i learn to improvise on guitar anyways? Do i just need to learn songs and techniques until it…[View]
22274228How do you ask a girl for her phone number?[View]
22273512Is physics a good degree? that what I'm considering my major to be I was wondering if anyone ha…[View]
22273935This might be something females never consciously thought of, but today I was in the store, waiting …[View]
22275857The following happened 3 times this year: >Work, sitting at my desk >Everything fine >All o…[View]
22275752how to cope with the fact that I could study Math or Computer Science hard in high school and take p…[View]
22275543i really dont enjoy video calling my girlfriend. its quite boring and i feel like its waste of time.…[View]
22274934Dating apps: Is it normal to have an extremely poor experience on dating apps? I haven't been a…[View]
22275845How do I take care of those I leave behind when I will kill myself? Can I just write a note saying w…[View]
22273251So, I'm meeting with my ex girlfriend from five years ago in a week or so. We've kept up a…[View]
22275852Should I go see a doctor: I have been having blood along with my shit lately. Enough to make the wat…[View]
22275631How do you cope with the fact that there are no good women anymore?[View]
22274514Helicopter parents: >21 year old male >have a license but not allowed to drive unless to colle…[View]
22273808meeting milfs: Im 19(m) turning 20 soon, is there any easy place/method to picking up attractive mil…[View]
22273632Exposing an affair anonomously: i'm friends with two people who are dating. They are currently …[View]
22272493my boyfriend gets too nervous (?) to have sex and idk what to do: hi ppl this sounds so stupid but h…[View]
22273435I can't stop jacking off to videos of my ex. I hate her yet can't stop thinking about her …[View]
22275603How do I pretend to look and feel okay so I can make it through the day around people? I legitimatel…[View]
22275129I need some help deciding between some headphones I'm not sure if either of these are any good?…[View]
22275535How challenging is it to find an unskilled job(grocery store, retail etc) as a NEET without a resume…[View]
22274931is it ok if i refused to get involved in a cheating operation during my online exams ? so a group of…[View]
22275539How to reconnect with lost culture?: I am mixed growing up in a european country I want to reconnect…[View]
22275246Has swiping culture forever damaged the dating scene? Tons of women are not even interested in actua…[View]
22275399Pretty heavy one here. My grandma has been in and out of hospital for six months and has been suici…[View]
22274823Is it possible to achieve this lifestyle or is it only for the top 0.001% of men? How would you do i…[View]
22273717What's the best job to get if you have anxiety and panic Disorder? Lost my benefits from my las…[View]
22274294how to be confident?: I'd like to improve my confidence over this quarantine. how do i do it?…[View]
22275633Is it a good idea to get a degree in English Studies and then specialise as a translator? Do they ge…[View]
22275613What are some things I can do during NEETdom that are more productive than shitposting and playing v…[View]
22274210Tonight, someone I do not know liked one of my instagram photos from a year ago. I check the account…[View]
22274686How do you become more emotionally resilient? I was super depressed before corona hit but didn'…[View]
22274550How do you explain to someone that taking precautions to avoid bad things, taking precautions to avo…[View]
22268620Accidentally stumbled upon some upsetting things on my friend's laptop.: >friend's comp…[View]
22274488boyfriend suddenly says he never loved me: i'm 24. I've been with my boyfriend for the pas…[View]
22274203So how safe am I from the Feds on this site?: Not using Tor nor Onion...... Been posting lotta shit …[View]
22275570Empathetic: How can I feel more empathy for others? People being suicidal and killing themselves ann…[View]
22275175Can't find a good hobby: I tried not using the internet recreationally for a day and I realized…[View]
22273066Help with understanding 4chan?: I've lurked a bit here on and off for a couple years now, i jus…[View]
22275549Okay /b/ sad boi hours As of last august/September I broke up with the gf of accumulative 6 years. T…[View]
22274732Why do people I tell that I want to lighten my skin look down upon the decision? I've been told…[View]
22273934What's the most effective way to isolate myself from porn?[View]
22269350Do you fear mediocrity?: To never accomplish anything remarkable and spend the rest of one's li…[View]
22274421Are gfs worth it?: Is getting a gf even worth it? Every few days I chop and change thinking I want a…[View]
22271429I've been with my (first) girlfriend for about 7 months now. We're each taking a one week …[View]
22275349Generational wealth: If I hear one more 'I'll run away from home' I'll fly to your country…[View]
22273908Is it considered normal for Colombian individuals of the female gender to flash their boobs at a str…[View]
22275183running out of things to talk about: bros, 3 months in and it feels like I'm starting to hit th…[View]
22274731Can't Sleep What do I do?: Am 19, going to community college in Texas to do my basics before tr…[View]
22275160How doable is it to literally just move out to a random village and get a job there? I should say, I…[View]
22270428she has a boyfriend but I'm going in anyway how much of a bad person am I?[View]
22272748Is CS degree vs trades: Is a CS/Engineering degree worth the time and effort compared to going into …[View]
22274590does my hair look like im homeless?: hi friends, femanon here. be 100% brutally honest, do you think…[View]
22274808Is the saying that if you want loyalty you get a dog really true? My gf ran off with another dude.[View]
22273972ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22274400robotics: Need some advice on how to move forward 28 year old burnt out musician here. Talented but …[View]
22274628Mundane Mediocrity: Growing up, I have always listened and taken onboard the advice of my parents an…[View]
22274826I'm insecure about my choices and beliefs and think that everyone besides me is smarter than me…[View]
22272189Living together with dads new girlfriend: So first some context. I grew up with my moderatly(time to…[View]
22271090Long-term Relationship and Marriage is ending, not sure what's next?: To make a long story shor…[View]
22274495Life advice general - /lag/: Hi. I came to give this board an advice as a thank you for all the advi…[View]
22273668I am so scared and stressed out about existing. I am scared of perceiving and being aware. I am afra…[View]
22272364I like pretty girls (like everyone else) but I'm pretty ugly myself. Now I'm not dumb enou…[View]
22273189Work advice: Hey, I’m a 21yo full time uni student currently doing full time work as a landscaper at…[View]
22274755Making fri the first 2 weeks: Every time I start in a new place the firts few weeks everyone is real…[View]
22273994I think I take life too seriously and I am afraid of what other people would think about me, externa…[View]
22272416Partner count: Does the amount a girl sleeps around before you important? I really can't decide…[View]
22272844Have you people ever got to be friends or acquitainces with people who work delivery? I once became …[View]
22272313Do I have middle eastern looks if my nose is very similar to this?[View]
22274692I’m tired of faking emotions to distract sadness: > don’t be me > in bed at 4am listening to l…[View]
22273938I finished high school and most of the time I surf net or lay in bed, sometimes I try something else…[View]
22274220what are the chances that i will fuck up suicide attempt shooting myself in head at shooting range? …[View]
22274414I work in web development and my boss wants me to come in to the office that has 0 windows and one d…[View]
22274354Has anyone else ever had this experience?: Look, Susan, we're all here in group therapy because…[View]
22274099How to stop giving a fuck about embarrassing photos of me that my friends have?[View]
22274425I took an aptitude test and scored very low on numerical reasoning. Like, bottom 10%. I didn't …[View]
22273794How to stop beating myself up?: Almost everyday I think back to a specific thing/event and I spiral …[View]
22274052What should I do? I take IGCSE and can easily score As. I live in Malaysia. Should I go for a appren…[View]
22274427How do you get motivated? I know it’s a tired question at this point, but I’m struggling to find mot…[View]
22272990Almost a year, and I still can't get her out of my mind.: Hello. Like the subject states. It…[View]
22274298How do I get rid of my two roommates? This fag and moron duo decided to turn our dorm room into thei…[View]
22274073I’ve had sex already just to clear that up in case anyone ask since it relates to what I’m about to …[View]
22274258Havent to talked to psyc about this yet but when ever me and my gf break up or fight I feel hate for…[View]
22271913how to handle being tired: 32 yo loser here, im trying to get my life on track so that i can at leas…[View]
22271541Career and Education redpilling: redpill me on the best careers and educational paths for a young ma…[View]
22273839after first date: does a good first date necessarily have to feel like sparks are flying and OMG in …[View]
22273244Looking for general feedback for reflection. Through middle and high school and the first three year…[View]
22269428How do I get past the fact that a lot of women have bad breath and just aren't enjoyable to kis…[View]
22274116this summer i will out of compulsory military service back to my life. i live in large russian city,…[View]
22274061How to become a successful person?[View]
22274002How do I stop being so clingy towards getting a reply? It really bothers me when a girl takes hours …[View]
22272353Girls dating: Hello /adj, I know this one philippino girl and she seems like she likes me but she ha…[View]
22269545Would you allow your gf to hang out with her male friends alone?[View]
22273056autist here I agreed to do some housework for a family friend but I cant get a ride to him I feel ba…[View]
22273850Hey /adv/ I've been in a long distance relationship with this girl, going on 4 years, and have …[View]
22273967How to be more successful with dating apps? I've got two pics, both are mirror selfies, and me …[View]
22273138So last night one of my only friends essentially accused me of trying to pursue his underage kid sis…[View]
22270001Didn't see one in the catalog.[View]
22273716All of my relationships follow the same script. What can I do differently? For starters, I use the t…[View]
22274008Got mail: Why would guy randomly tell me he has a PO Box. Wants me to send stuff?[View]
22273999Part 1:This is probably a rant but I would appreciate your opinions Things seem to be getting worse …[View]
22273874Where can I find a bwwm community online?[View]
22273911Saving virginity for marriage: I've had plenty of partners before that I've performed sexu…[View]
22273945I'm worried I flirted to boost my ego/confidence while I had a partner. Like, to get a kick out…[View]
22273954how to stop nightmares?: hello adv. i'm hoping someone has some advice for how to keep nightmar…[View]
22273450Anyone have any job ideas where I can work my own schedule like Uber and DoorDash?[View]
22273010Hair length: How long does it take hair to grow at its max? Is there different ethnicity that can gr…[View]
22272453How would I best kill myself? I plan on alcohol + benzos. Will this work? Thanks[View]
22273673I just realized why I want a girlfriend, I want someone to care about the little mundane intricacies…[View]
22273688So the other day I was driving home, and the weirdest fucking thing happened. I was driving on a two…[View]
22273253DP/DR: Hello /adv/, For the past six years now I've been suffering from really bad depersonalis…[View]
22272252I've started a home business but I can't get things I need to run said business because th…[View]
22273669People think im too innocent. i did a mistake yesterday but the guy i work for didnt comment at it, …[View]
22272172How do I get over a very close friend that doesn't care about me/won't reply to my DMs any…[View]
22273456Quick question /adv/, long story short I'm currently working in a back office job for a big ban…[View]
22273760What do I do about my fear of commitment? I constantly find myself finding reasons to not pursue thi…[View]
22273706Jokes: I wanna make short funny skits (same vein as vine or youtube) and I have an idea that makes m…[View]
22273109how do you know if you are banned?[View]
22272591How do you mend a broken spirit?[View]
22273666Hey adv, This maybe the wrong time to ask lol, After 5 years of hard work to achieve my dream I fina…[View]
22269814My friend ignored my cry for help for 4 days, do I cut them out of my life?: So I have borderline an…[View]
22273368My hair hasn't been this long in my life. Time for experimenting. What kind of haircut should I…[View]
22271995Get in shape fast?: Can anyone point me in the direction of the best method to get in shape as quick…[View]
22272384My boyfriend says that we don’t fight enough. We disagree on some topics, but for the most it’s all …[View]
22273620Insurance Question: First time on this board, so I just wanted to ask something. My parents decided …[View]
22273523How do i push myself to succeed instead of holding myself back?: i honestly really hate myself and i…[View]
22271067is my foot gonna be ok? i cut it badly awhile ago and it looks like skin grew over a blister. I mana…[View]
22273091What age is appropriate to start using dating apps like tinder? I've been 18 for 170 days, but …[View]
22267252im a woman, but i hate women: so yeah im a cis woman, but i hate women since i remember. i feel like…[View]
22270432Have you ever tried a cuckold fetish out in person? Not a troll. Just curious. I bet it doesn't…[View]
22273526Looking for a mentor or just some help on being a pua or at least a way to pick up women when I want[View]
22273395Why is it that every bisexual/queer girl I run into is super manipulative? I've thought myself…[View]
22272540Should I Take Anxiety Meds?: Started having panic attacks this year. Had one last week that lasted f…[View]
22273108How to land my dream girl: >This is my idea of a 10/10 >Seems resonable >Be white, 6'…[View]
22272003I was eating meat and bit down on a piece of bone accidentally with my front tooth. It really hurt f…[View]
22271837How do stop overthiking in a relationship and being so insecure? Please I need help..[View]
22273014how long is too long to make someone you want a long-term relationship with wait until you have sex …[View]
22263372Incel: Can anybody explain to me what is exactly wrong with being an incel?[View]
22272536I can't stop: >coooooming I'm literally a p0rn addict since I was 13 abd I slowly becam…[View]
22273019Hi / adv /, I'm going through a very strange situation and I want advice. Lately I'm on Ti…[View]
22272184How to overcome fear of failure?: Fear of failing prevents me from doing anything. My whole life I h…[View]
22273162How to deal with all this attention?: All my life I have gotten clout daily. People vaguepost about …[View]
222732780 Matches on Dating Apps - What to do?: I am not disabled, I am not overweight, I do not have cystic…[View]
22273095Should I lower my standards? >I work out >make 60k a year for a 23 year old >Do all the nor…[View]
22273228Anyone got real advice on overcoming computer addiction? I'm thinking it is an issue of depress…[View]
22273133I hate my college major: I decided to major in industrial technology for college at a vocational sch…[View]
22273177Covid-19 CAREs PUA: So as an individual(In my case worked multiple part-time jobs and did some freel…[View]
22273135For those that don’t get girls... or feel like no one loves them you ever try widening your range of…[View]
22272968How do I put yourself out there?: Fuck it. I'm actually going to try and get a girlfriend. I ne…[View]
22273107For the last few months I've neglected my vyvanese (like adderal) pills. I'm supposed to t…[View]
22272974What can I do if I am an actual necrophiliac? I am hardly even attracted to living people. And when …[View]
22273037I need serious advice, I live in a small city and I have a chance to get a job (same conditions) in …[View]
22270082how to stop being anxious and worried?[View]
22272835Do a lot of women appreciate corny / “dad” like humor? Like dad joke kinda shit.[View]
22272933Need advice getting income: Hello fellow chan friends. For many, it is not a surprise that the curre…[View]
22272832Discontentment With Peers: >Try dating apps and not getting the connections I truly want >Star…[View]
22272786Im all alone: I crave the touch of another human being, but I cant get anyone to like me. I thought …[View]
22272083How large a dildo is safe to use during pregnancy?[View]
22272978The first girl I've ever loved ridiculed my feelings when I confessed to her. I was 14 back the…[View]
22272837I want to thank /adv/. A week ago or so I asked about how to ask the girl I was dating to stop cooki…[View]
22272969always bad at breakups: for the last 2 serious relationships ive had, ive been handling breakups so …[View]
22272834Unhappy with current situation: Hey anons, thought about posting this somewhere else but I think thi…[View]
22272366Are girls really this easy[View]
22270773I fucked up so hard yesterday. I was with my brother and his friends and we were having a good time,…[View]
22271805does being a musician actually help in getting girls or is it a myth?[View]
22272900How do I grow an afro fast?[View]
22270315Socializing feels like more trouble than it's worth. I don't even enjoy socializing becaus…[View]
22272865should I bother with university?: >just got my associate's degree in economics >universit…[View]
22272879I'm really not sure I like this game of life. I am very successful career-wise given my age, bu…[View]
22272681How to be happy?[View]
22272747I’m almost 24, and for the longest time up until recently, I didn’t use lube to jerk off. Is there a…[View]
22272892Should I even care for the fact that I'm unintelligent, a loser, and lazy? I would've figu…[View]
22271020I think I have an unhealthy view of relationships. From my point of view, women can only not be in a…[View]
22272363incel neet who thanks to the corona bonus has some disposable income if anyone can help me achieve a…[View]
22272420Go to sleep, children: Every time you're going to sleep, listen to the same or similar audio. i…[View]
22271433ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22268779Is it I have fantasies of having a dominant gf?: Not like being whipped or humiliated or any of that…[View]
22272708Screening my Back Porch: So no idea if this is a good idea or not, but looking for advice on how to …[View]
2227202629 wasted my life on video games. How do I cure my depression?[View]
22272341This might be a rant, we'll see how it goes. I just want to know what you would do if you were …[View]
22272020I’m worried that the girl I’m starting to date isn’t my ideal in looks. My type is a really thin blu…[View]
22272340When starting to date, what's a good cadence to go out on dates? Once a week? Twice a week afte…[View]
22272528FOR THE LOVE OF GOD how do I stop drinking so much on lockdown? I had 22 beers yesterday. I have not…[View]
22272665in my field, if an employer likes your application you're given a test, then a set of two inter…[View]
22270126What would the average 18-25 year old cis woman do if gradually over a few months her bf grew out hi…[View]
22272600Engagement Ring Help: Hey everybody, I am currently looking for an engagement ring to pop the questi…[View]
22271150How do I find true love? In the last two years I have fucked over 100 hookers but I still feel empty…[View]
22269907How to move on from being an animal abuser: Hi /adv/, I've been battling depression for years a…[View]
22272500[Question] Distilled 96% ethyl surgical alcohol and had a mouthful any potential medical repercussio…[View]
22271203I don't know what to do anymore, I have autism and adhd and I am such a fucking moron, I can…[View]
22272128Renewing a lease: I have been renting an apartment in NYC since last year and my lease is up at end …[View]
22271609How to cope with the fact that I could have studied hard and now I would work at Jane Street or Goog…[View]
22271669cheating: Preface: This is all over the internet I was talking to a girl back in November 2019, we w…[View]
22268251Pain Thread: Tell me about your pain, /adv/. What kind of pain do you have? Emotional, physical, spi…[View]
22272335I've been sitting in quarantined NYC w/o a job for over 2 months now. If this place just doesn…[View]
22272451A girl that I used to fool around with and kinda dated has been hitting up me again. I'm guessi…[View]
22272461New friends: I want to find new friends. I live in a relatively small city, and everyone I meet and/…[View]
22272415What's the likelihood that if I wait long enough, eventually I'll be approached by a woman…[View]
22272444Phone problems: I'm getting a new phone, because of this shit. Got a phone 6 months ago, and I …[View]
22268206I don't know what to do: I know this is a weird thread but I could use any kind of opinion righ…[View]
22272140Are there any anons who have experience with SSRI's? I have been taking sertraline for a good y…[View]
22269956Advice For Anyone: Hello everybody I'm GoodGuyGreg and I'm here to help you with you lives…[View]
22272242Bad behavior at work: today at my job, i got angry and threw some products on the floor ..in front o…[View]
22272386Approaching women online: How do you start a proper conversation with someone you don't know? I…[View]
22270852What type of body do I have?: Could someone guess what my fat percentage is? I'm 140 lbs with a…[View]
22272379SOCIAL MEDIA ADVICE 2 QUESTIONS EASY: Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm uninformed a…[View]
22270002I need a bit of moral guidance. Ok so back story. > Be me, single for 6 months > Partying for …[View]
22271646I beat my girlfriend. She's gone to a friend's house now and won't answer my calls. H…[View]
22271979Why is my gf pulling this shit We video call sometimes (i dont really like video calling but because…[View]
22272039I am a hermit. I was hospitalized a while ago for mental problems and ended up not needing to wprk. …[View]
22271575Relationshit: Have you ever dated an anon? What boards did each of you browse and how did it turn ou…[View]
22271479How do I stop procrastinating?[View]
22270794I feel stupid: The more and more I learn about race realism, I am starting to think I am dumb, I am …[View]
22271921What's the point of having sex if the women keep aborting the babies? Is there some way I can m…[View]
22264474>meet girl >talk for a while >start flirting >mutual interest >ask her out >go on …[View]
22270413purpose/what to do in life?: How do i search what is my purpose/ what i want to do in life? almost e…[View]
22271958I'll start off with i'm 24, I started to pay for sex, because for about 10 years i was obe…[View]
22271047How to smash and dash without hurting a girl's feeling?[View]
22271946Is there anything wrong with escapism to deal with a shit life? I find it extremely difficult to wat…[View]
22270390What kind of image of myself (male) should I use on tinder? I feel like a professional one is pathet…[View]
22269197Advice seeing a therapist for the first time: So I've had a really rough year or two. I recentl…[View]
22271952How to abandon humanity: I wish to become a machine. Not literally though. Or maybe yes, but for now…[View]
22270338Girl(26) that I (21M) met on Tinder while ago is living with his ex who is threatening her to come b…[View]
22271918Resume Help: I'm currently touching up my resume (Pic related isn't mine, just for the rec…[View]
22269312I'll get depressed typing about it, but my dad shot himself in the head with a shotgun today. T…[View]
22271793How do make my fetishes go away? I don't want them anymore[View]
22270532Sad: Hey, I don't know where to post something like this so I'll say it here since anonymi…[View]
22270403I gave my phone to repair but I am afraid they will steal my data, what to do? I did factory reset b…[View]
22270422I like showing my cock off on omegle, but rarely get the chance to: Just want some advice on what ta…[View]
22270723I have zero knowledge about politics. maybe it was me fucking around in highschool but I don't …[View]
22271617Normie: Is being a normie worth it and if it is how do I become one?[View]
22271559What do I do if all I can think about is that soul mate shit but it just can’t happen. I just wanted…[View]
22271369How to send text from your phone to your computer? Like if you have to copy some text on your phone …[View]
22269800why is everyone so distant, why is everyone only for instant gratification, why is most of society s…[View]
22268212>ex unsuccessfully monkey branches me >ghosted her for a few months until I told her to move o…[View]
22271607First Breakup: Im a 20 yo m and i have just broken up with my longtime partner, i am literally shatt…[View]
22270588i get bullied at school as im a 5 ft 1 black male in majority white trash school ive been in constan…[View]
22271640How can I stay up well past my bedtime, even after my exhausting night shift job, and remain coheren…[View]
22271342So if my friend always whines and complains about suicide should I just ghost him to see if he truly…[View]
22271568Need help with a childhood friend: The qrd is that one of my childhood friends, 23F managed to get i…[View]
22271220This girl says she doesn't like me in 'that' way, that I am frustrating and annoying. In spite …[View]
22271298How to achieve power?: I'm tired of feeling weak. And I'm tired of being weak. I want to b…[View]
22269322Question for the guys who were successful with women in college: So prior to the hook up, did you as…[View]
22269825I've recently given my life to Christ. What now?: I've recently accepted Jesus after sever…[View]
22271501Post Graduation Depression: Just two years ago, I have experienced what I thought was my lowest poin…[View]
22268107'Girly' Women: I'm talking with this cute girl and her cultural tastes seem sort of basic--mayb…[View]
22269758My last friend is finally finished with me: So since graduation of high school 7 years ago I've…[View]
22269430What am I?: I'm a Male and I know it but recently I've been wondering if I'm a femboy…[View]
22266328Profile Advice: I have good luck hooking up in person, but since all of my spots are closed I'v…[View]
22270374I have an overbite that I inherited from my dad. His parents made sure that he got braces to fix his…[View]
22270209Bipolar Disorder: How Do I deal with bipolar disorder? I don't want to be medicated and have be…[View]
22270943161cm (5'3) 49kg (108lbs) long face and skinny people always mistake me for a girl a girl was …[View]
22265556Hey my /adv/ friends, my name is soul brother here to give you late night advice, or just to hear yo…[View]
22269327How do I get out of this rock bottom?: I can’t be productive for more than 3 days without relapsing …[View]
22271060What would you do if your girlfriend doesn't have sex with you?: I'm with a Japanese girl.…[View]
22268402I have like I have so much potential, but I'm lazy and I play games all day. And I can't s…[View]
22271089I am really anxious that people will share my embarrassing photos or videos how to get rid of this a…[View]
22271253What the hell do subliminals do?: First of all, I know this seems like an odd / stupid question, and…[View]
22268649fat gf: my girlfriend, now fiance, has been gaining weight steadily for about 2 years now. when we m…[View]
22271248I know it's extremely stupid, but what to do if gf of 2 years doesn't interacts with what …[View]
22271299Can you feel that you are somehow connected someone if you have never seen them or even heard them s…[View]
22270135Loans: Can I apply for multiple loans at once? If I currently have no loans and I have a good loan r…[View]
22271171Why the fuck do I always stay the same. I'm sick and tired of not improving in anything, despit…[View]
22271247Worried about upsetting someone.: recently Iv'e been looking for deals on kijiji for a game. Af…[View]
22270024My upper eyelid shakes randomly throughout the day. How do I stop this? It's not normal.[View]
22271033Who even frequents this board? I refuse to believe there are people sitting on here waiting to give …[View]
22271041>Get GF and laid just before turning 30 >Been with her for about a year >Both introverts …[View]
22270394how long exactly does it take for a 4chan post to expire? does it depend on the overall amount of re…[View]
22266262How to cope with having no culture?: Hi. I'm Ghanaian born in the USA. I feel like I have no cu…[View]
22270505Say it: If I constantly ask an individual what's the issue but never get a direct answer. Shoul…[View]
22268851Im pan and idk how to feel: like idk how to feel or act like is there a way can I just carry on or l…[View]
22268158How does this look like to you?: >reach out to girl I used to fuck >she suggests we meet and c…[View]
22271128Being better: How do I become a nicer person? I'm always thinking the worst of others and somet…[View]
22271024Will getting a dog help me cope with my loneliness?[View]
22271027Any builders/contractors on here? I was looking into buying a small plot of residential land and att…[View]
22268918how to leave a relationship: I have lost all romantic feelings for my boyfriend because of recent an…[View]
22270294I'm staying with my parents over the summer since colleges have emptied out everyone and it wou…[View]
22271076For those who have a food blender at home: Why did you buy it? Since you bought one, have you notice…[View]
22265980Thinking of living here, is it a good idea?: I'm 19 and saving up money so I can move out of my…[View]
22268610What does it mean to be human?: I feel like I am not even human sometimes. Emotions like love or aff…[View]
22270939I fucked up pls help. I work a full time job I hate rn. Pays good but the trade off is my sanity. A…[View]
22271010need advice: hey guys I just had depression, I quit college and now I make chicken farm, but it cost…[View]
22269486Federal Reporting: Anybody had any experience with federal agencies? Morbid curiousity got the best …[View]
22268747so how do i fix this?[View]
22268506moving out: I am living with my cousin's family who are shit scared of corona, so much so that …[View]
22270033Why is it so hard to initiate anything sexual. I know she'd interested in it, like she's d…[View]
22269966I need help getting more pussy bros, what do I do? My body count is only 1, I'm a 6/10 but I…[View]
22270986Just woke up from a nap, likely had a dream about my ex gf and now I feel like shit. It's been …[View]
22270475What would happen if you just kissed someone like in the movies? like https://youtu.be/sd2pBde6gkw?t…[View]
22270367Not over an ex after more than a decade.: So I dated a girl in high school well over a decade ago an…[View]
22270747I'm 20, how to forget and disconnect from the past and start living new life with the knowledge…[View]
22268869When people say that looks don't matter (not just for dating but for everything) and that you s…[View]
22269926>feeling invisible >unimportant >struggling with self-esteem How do I break out of this?…[View]
22269214I have a thing for pure, innocent, almost angelic like women. Someone who you could share your deepe…[View]
22269965I’m almost 24. Can I gain back the sensitivity in my penis, or is it impossible?[View]
22270499I think I am paranoid I have symptoms (without anger) anyone here has paranoid personality disorder?…[View]
22269038Hi guys i don’t usually post here but I need some advice on how I can help. I have a friend of my si…[View]
22270368if I catch my wife hitting me on camera how do I sue for money?[View]
22270654im worried , i mean all i have to show: my facebook and cared for, posting the dankest and most desp…[View]
22269462Help me get the licence plate on the car: So my gf's dog got stolen around 8:50 in Orlando, FL.…[View]
222697364K YouTube Downloads: Is there still a way to download 4K videos from YouTube?[View]
22269755A guy try to steal my money, how can i make his loge miserable: So this stupid old guy thought he co…[View]
22270224anger issues: how to deal with anger issues? i easily get mad, like breaking furniture type mad…[View]
22270431Have feelings. What do? >Not in the same school year so only really 'met' him about 8 months ago …[View]
22270513I don't know how to talk to girls because I don't relate to them at all: I don't care…[View]
22270199so I'm a socially anxious retard or I was and now I'm finally fixing my life i finally go …[View]
22266813How to protect your son against the psychological impact of bullying when you can't be next to …[View]
22270462Hey so I don’t really no how to start this crap so I’ll just get it out of the way. I’m a straight g…[View]
22270217Computer Science & Fiance or Computer Science & Economics[View]
22270466i got 2k in back pay from ssi and 4k from ssdi is this normal? what can I spend the money on? i dont…[View]
22262554So I'm a pretty short dude, and for some reason I have thje idea that no girl would really ever…[View]
22268879being on 4chan actually makes me feel less depressed and lonely. am i mentally ill?: like seriously,…[View]
22270355Am I weak?: Am I weak? Why do I feel bad / guilty? Yesterday I went to the police to file charges. A…[View]
22270034where to meet girls in public? have tried tinder, internet hookups just arent my way. Am also 20, so…[View]
22269189I've been experiencing some cognitive issues for the past week or two. The symptoms come and go…[View]
22267686close friend doesn't want to speak to me anymore. they said it's not my fault. i know it t…[View]
22268481ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22268667How can one surpass those whose personalities start and end at school and career? Creativity doesn’t…[View]
22269195College: What is the most practical college major? Should I fall for the trade meme?[View]
22268947https://www.apa.org/science/about/psa/2017/04/adverse-childhood https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/b…[View]
22269541I am seeking mental stability and a way to grow my character but I have a few questions. >How do …[View]
22270245Well, I just graduated & I don’t know what the hell to do with my life now...[View]
22270210Can fake GPS be tracked?: Long story short, my office now allows us to 'check-in' for work via inter…[View]
22267479Tinder help: How easy is it to get laid using Tinder? I'm average looking and I'm not afte…[View]
22268783>think I have a normal life and friends >Quarantine starts, yeah, 2 weeks without having to wa…[View]
22268220Can I sue the judge that gave my parents joint custody over me when they divorced, or failing that s…[View]
22269831Crashed friends golf cart: Today my friend let me drive her golf cart around the neighborhood and I …[View]
22270188can someone explain validity and reliability to me? I have a review paper due tomorrow and I can…[View]
22267580Should I ghost this girl over her height preferences? I met a girl on Bumble last night and we talke…[View]
22269816What's the best way to cause a significant leak in decades old galvanized pipe without making i…[View]
22269963Be me 24 in 2014 >slip and fall fuck up my back Two herniated discs that doctor say You'll n…[View]
22269538How to deal with my coomer housemates? I live with two degen bong rats. They sorta lied to me before…[View]
22269713I've fallen in love with a best friend. >She already has a boyfriend, who doesn't mind …[View]
22269686>tfw finished HS in 2013 then did a bunch of shit til 2016. >tfw took sophomore modules at my…[View]
22270044How do you be good at conversing with someone you've known for an extended period of time? Afte…[View]
22270124how do I manipulate a girl into staying with me forever?[View]
22269748Is it normal to have daily thoughts about someone you fell in love with (mutually) but haven't …[View]
22269983indesicive: I'm hesitant to join a fandom because I'm afraid that I'll end up coming …[View]
22269873gf seems to be distancing herself for me, there wasn't any catalyst but she's not as respo…[View]
22268147How do I keep from losing friends that are frustrated with me for not coming out now while they…[View]
22269912I was accused of cheating in one of my online classes due to changing questions too often on one exa…[View]
22268665Books on war strategies?: What are some good books for aspiring leaders on war strategies?[View]
22269918I filed my taxes online in January, it was accepted by the IRS the same month, got a letter in Febru…[View]
22269129Can I call the police on my neighbour for not social distancing?: My neighbour is very clearly flout…[View]
22269690petty people: This has always bothered me but why does it seem some people are really petty with me …[View]
22268744Am I over reacting? >thinking of visiting hometown and seeing friends and family >Small rural …[View]
22268868Only attracted to a small pool of women due to trauma and don't want to die alone.: >get sex…[View]
22264973>Reunion Edition Vent frustrations and life issues that don't deserve their own thread here.…[View]
22268724Is my same-sex best friend into me?: So my best friend knows i like girls, and ive known her for aro…[View]
22269531Just became homeless living in my car. Currently finishing my bachelors and classes this summer are …[View]
22267920Gf: Can someone convince me that having a gf and having casual sex isn't worth it? I've no…[View]
22268676Having gynocomastia?: I have gynocomastia(man boobs) I am pretty sure. It sucks ass because it makes…[View]
22268448How to be hated in the internet successfully?: I read about Hana Kimura's suicide recently. She…[View]
22269611Any nurses here? Thinking about pursuing it and was wondering what it was like. Oh and please fuck o…[View]
22269480NEED HELP ANONS!!!!!: I'm about to slide into the DM's right now. Fuck it... I'm dyin…[View]
22269474where do you meet people in their late 20s? im in my late 20s and now that I think about it, I haven…[View]
22268214>don't want to pick up random girls I just met >girls I've known for a while always …[View]
22269319any tips on looking more native american/canadian? i'm a lighter skinned brown guy but i want …[View]
22268316Does anyone have a discord where virgins can meet up and help each other get dates? I think I could …[View]
22269332How do I deal with chronic pain that's derailing my entire life: So I have fucked up knees, spe…[View]
22269383Girl is normie af so Idk if it’s just something they do but she keeps calling me shit like this, cal…[View]
22267884Is it normal as a 21yr old man to hate sex/masturbation? I'm bisexual but not interested in sex…[View]
22269451wondering if I should apply to jobs and go back to work?: I got sick two years ago. And I stopped wo…[View]
22269308>have a huge tickle torture kink >never had a chance to indulge kink >am a sub and straigh…[View]
22268841how do i compensate for the lack of a father figure[View]
22269266im confused and worried if i should take things further with a female coworker of mine. She always b…[View]
22269313..............help: umm, my Granpa Unit got sold. My cousin still has her items in it. But the landl…[View]
22269209I have a Norma Bates for a mother: I've done battle with her my whole life trying to fend it of…[View]
22269304tired: im fuckin tired all the time. What can i do? like to stop procrastinating[View]
22269175How to get over old friend group that betrayed and abandoned you after depression?[View]
22269194hey /adv/, i'm looking for guidance. for context, i'm a rising sophmore student in uni, ma…[View]
22268669Advanced job interview tips?: I'm not asking as some NEET retard who doesn't know how the …[View]
22268605Life choices: Hey /adv/, I'm on the verge of switching my life course and I need help deciding …[View]
22269251any advice on how to get patreon posts for free? I use Yiff.party but they're changing the form…[View]
22269120Anyone into e-music producing? I began producing with a friend last year and lately has been studyin…[View]
22268916Can someone explain to me how Briana had 70% match rate and 54% message rate? I don't understan…[View]
22269127PLEASE HELP How do I stop getting mad or stop thinking about things I can't control? Things tha…[View]
22268903Issues while working out: TLDR, When I work out at all my body itches really bad and my breathing g…[View]
22268579I'm trying to be less ridiculous. What are some embarrassing things I should avoid doing or bei…[View]
22263348I’m going to kill myself: >be me 22 yr old dood >have taken 4.5 years to graduate from college…[View]
22268518Alright bros I've got 4 grils to choose from but am not sure what course of action to take, inb…[View]
22269114Reconnecting with best friend. One and a half year ago, I left my country to study without saying a …[View]
22267033There's so many things I want to do, there's so many books I haven't read, so many mo…[View]
22268381How do you combat the feeling of complacency you get during a relationship? I recently got a girlfri…[View]
22268803How do I balance the amount I communicate with someone I just met on a dating site? Four hours of te…[View]
22268250I fell in love with the best guy I ever knew. He passed away more than two years ago. I never fell o…[View]
22268296Recently started working as a gardener for a new company. How many red flags is enough? The tools ar…[View]
22267946I don't know what to do anymore, I have autism and adhd and I am such a fucking moron, I can…[View]
22267797Crazy world or me?: Hi, I don’t usually come here but I feel a little crazy, so let me just get stra…[View]
22268627I don't feel attachment to anything and anybody, I don't have values, I don't feel en…[View]
22268400work: I keep getting jobs that have a probation period of out 6 months, when the period is over they…[View]
22268700How do I take days off from vaping weed? I have to clean up my act. I microdose, so am never really …[View]
22268912Anxiety and lazyness: I've been on therapy since february and I found out I have gad (general a…[View]
22268824Now what?: I've been having a few quality conversations(very receptive to what I'm talking…[View]
22267656What's the point of having a gf if you have to do a lot of normie things that you don't li…[View]
22268821NEED YOUTUBE ADVICE!: Where can you go (Website) to post/promote your YouTube Channel? Any other awe…[View]
22268759I fell in love with this girl that is a lesbian and I want to wait to see if she's bi but I fee…[View]
22264688Stop complaining that you're 5'8: I see this thread on advice where the guy is just insecu…[View]
22266601A good friend of mine told me yesterday that he was touching a girl we've known for like a mont…[View]
22268349mda: i work at israeli ems computing dep volunteer in place of military enlistment recently studied …[View]
22268639How frequently should I text my new gf? Its long distance for now until she comes back this Fall for…[View]
22268594What's a nice download manager for Firefox that automaticaly sorts downloaded files in folders …[View]
22268167I feel like everything I do is wrong. I also feel like everything others do is wrong. I feel like th…[View]
22268336How do you stop being a perfectionist and over analyzing everything?[View]
22268599What does one do about friendships where you used to get along really well and had fun with a person…[View]
22268057Gf and I taking a break: How do I make her miss me? I wanna make things work but she's still th…[View]
22268680So there is this girl I have been flirting a lot with lately, but im not sure if I should go ahead w…[View]
22268623There is a guy I work with that is the complete polar opposite of my personality. I hate working wit…[View]
22268636What's the fastest and easiest way to sell your possessions?: Has anyone had any luck in sellin…[View]
22267036My grandma died today and I don't feel much: is it weird to not feel very much when a family me…[View]
22267351how do you help someone who deals with depression? everything I seem to say to my gf only makes it w…[View]
22267543Anyone of pof: Do you just message chicks from nearby or use the match system?[View]
22268604I always felt 'depressed' I am not constantly sad, more like apathetic I never had real suicidal tho…[View]
22267876How do you take decent pictures of yourself for a dating profile by yourself? Does anyone have any t…[View]
22268591Hello /adv/ ive two silbings, and im im the older one, i have always acted liked the big bro for bot…[View]
22266979What causes nightmares? I have nightmares every fucking night. I've reached the point where I…[View]
22266552severe deviated septum: I have a small nose and a deviated septum.. I barely get any air through one…[View]
22268398I'm starting to hate my life?: Life has been good for ten years but my relationship has lost th…[View]
22267386Is it better in some occasions to just accept that it's pointless trying to argue with certain …[View]
22267739My PhD project hasn't been producing publishable data for 2 years. Should i get out ASAP? Grad …[View]
22268476I need help with my perversion: I feel like I'm perverted when I chat with people online. I pri…[View]
22266430Two leaked batteries have been rolling around on my desk and floor for god knows how long. I'm …[View]
22268469anyone here grew up in a life of privilege and luxury?: I always knew my family was very well off bu…[View]
22268201>gf asks why I don't ever get jealous >say I trust her >she gets mad at me she's…[View]
22267704Is anyone else’s libido very intermittent? Normally my libido is very low for someone my age, early …[View]
22267122How do I obtain humor: It doesn't even need to be great humor, just ok humor would be fine. App…[View]
22268412How to get rid of dandruff: I've had this worst case of dandruff for a long time I've trie…[View]
22266340What kind of image of myself (male) should I use on tinder? I feel like a professional one is pathet…[View]
22267401So here's the situation >Go out on New Year's with friends like 4-5 years ago >One f…[View]
22268224I don't know if my mistakes are made while subconsciously being in bad faith or are actually ge…[View]
22268329I’ve enjoyed this one really much. What do I read next?[View]
22268275How do I cope with bleakness of the world?. I feel helpless and hopeless and can’t do anything to he…[View]
22268369Grad school advice: I don't know what to do here. I was admitted into a few Master of Public Po…[View]
22268360how to make new friends: how to make new friends anons? ever happened to ruin some rapport/understan…[View]
22265778hey guys 19 f here. i live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with my parents. i dropped out of colle…[View]
22268027What to do with my life?: I'm a grad student studying math, but I don't know if I want to …[View]
22266587resistance to effort: how to overcome it? there are things i know i should be doing but i just can…[View]
22267958How to screenshot without displaying subtitiles: >in b4 use VLC How do I make MPC screenshot capt…[View]
22265706How to find a drug dealer when you have no social-connections?: Yeah, basically that.[View]
22267423Why are people like this?: Alright /adv/ I got one for you. >meet cute girl on bumble >she com…[View]
22268294making your own thc carts: So I already know how to do it, but I keep getting contradictions on the …[View]
22266295Do employers care if I don't have all the requirements?: I'm specifically asking for resta…[View]
22266119Gf for a weird guy: I literally can't get a gf at all. I've stopped trying since people cl…[View]
22265371Why do people do this shit? It literally has a place to make food, a place to piss and shit, a place…[View]
22267360Dick spot: >red spot on my dick >can't see doctor because of corona Fuck. I really hope t…[View]
22268205Is it possible my friend has a mental disorder? >got extremely upset with me when I used curse wo…[View]
22265164Why did my ex send me 'Happy birthday'?[View]
22265863Help: Boyfriend is a weeb. He watches a lot of porn with anime girls that are super slim, no fat, lo…[View]
22266063Everything is artificial: I’d like to think i’m an honest kind hearted and genuine person who truly …[View]
22268053I'm nearing 30, I don't have too much in savings I could life off them for a few months, b…[View]
22267871How do you become mentally resilient?[View]
22267806How do you cope with genuinely despising your personality type? I just recently found out i'm a…[View]
22265724high body count: I'm a virgin guy who wants to go very slow in relationships, and this girl I…[View]
22267555Is college necessary?: Bros, I'm a high school senior, 18. I want to work in advertising/market…[View]
22268160I dated this chick I work with for around 8ish months and she cut it off 3 months ago. I thought I w…[View]
22268029Making ameds with my brother: Just had a fistl fight with my brother. Basically he was getting high …[View]
22267914In love with another girl.: I met a girl and after several months as friends, I realised I have genu…[View]
22262370I found out that my friend and his 'wife' are brother and sister!: Holy fuck. My friend that I'…[View]
22267875I think I was sexually abused by my aunt as a child. What are some ways to know, I am unable to brin…[View]
22267997Forgetting embarassing memories: What is the best way to remove embarrassing memories from my mind?…[View]
22264041Marriage: I've been dating this girl for over 3 years now and naturally the topic of marriage h…[View]
22268101Failing to figure out what to do: How do you figure out what to do in life? I'm 23 so I'm …[View]
22267708I'm never going to finish college (or at least I won't at this point in my life, 20). Kind…[View]
22267687Family Finances: >Been living a year with my parents after I got a job >they pay for pretty mu…[View]
22267971What could I do for self employment? What are some niche jobs I can start doing? Stuff like cleaning…[View]
22266910Can't get a job in my career field: >lost my job a month back because no one wants anything …[View]
22267293I fucked up: last year I joined my states Air National Guard, and for the past 5 months of being off…[View]
22266379Friend is lesbian: One of my friends is lesbian and I dislike that a lot. She also wants a trans gf …[View]
22261098My boyfriend is staying friends with someone who beat up his girlfriend, who is another friend of ou…[View]
22265178>mom's home for memorial day weekend >having trouble with her smartphone >calls me to …[View]
22267904What do you think about me?: I am a 20yo (personally I think I'm not ugly) computer engineering…[View]
22267882How do I change myself? I'm tired of being me and I feel like doing drugs only fucks your menta…[View]
22267822Advice on how to talk to family on being single and not dating: I am a 22 year old man with average …[View]
22267744How do I know when to kiss a girl for the first time? In the past with prior girlfriends etc I…[View]
22267800Does anyone fucking know a board that I can talk about video making and editing here? I'm genui…[View]
22267810Should I give up?: >18, indian ,skinny as fuck >Shy like a girl and very introverted >Going…[View]
22265479Moving data between drives: What's the best way to move a large amount of data from a hard driv…[View]
22266242I cracked my phone, It's not the first time, it look similar to one on the pic, I am afraid my …[View]
22253336I'm a 26 year old kissless virgin guy. Can I still find a girlfriend or is it completely hopele…[View]
2226594940 and single: Oldfag here, divorced with no kids and relatively successfully. Currently live in the…[View]
22266592How do I cleanse /bant/ of the slav niggers and britmutts that its infested with?[View]
22266759As a member of a racial minority in my polity, why is it that I have been assigned a public defender…[View]
22265711Yo /adv, what phone do you recommend to me buying and why?[View]
22266797How does one socialize and make connections and friends I'm an aspie, just never really learned…[View]
22266023Cult: I want to join a cult. I want to be apart of a collective where I don’t need to worry about th…[View]
22266208Should I study literature or theology? I have been looking forward to studying literature ever since…[View]
22266708Why does my gf like touching my nipples so much?[View]
22267228Does anyone wanna play TF2 with me? We can play pubs or whatever, just looking for someone to play w…[View]
22267453at what point should i stop chasing a girl?: at what point should i stop chasing a girl? there'…[View]
22267263How to write a good résumé?: I hate my writing and I think my current résumé sounds dumb. What is th…[View]
22267313will my life change after moving out from parents and finding a job?[View]
22266369ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22265006I go the extra mile for all my friends, and because of it, I hold them to a very high standard. When…[View]
22267117How do I get over my bpd ex? its the usual story, great at the beginning and cycle of idealization a…[View]
22267250Give me one good reason to why the current assisted suicide method is good. It takes a while for you…[View]
22267551I've slept 15 of the past 96 hours I feel completely normal too alert to sleep Am I finally bra…[View]
22267042how to become mature and man up and stop being afraid of other people? (including my mother)[View]
22266355I don't hate women; I hate the entire human species.: But as a cis-het male, I feel like every …[View]
22267504What should I do with my summer?: I'm 20 yro and my final year of college is in the fall I lost…[View]
22265429I think I have bad friends. Not bad as in being assholes. But I've come to realize that I'…[View]
22267444hey adv - no moralizing here please. im flirting with this chick who had a bf. its going really well…[View]
22266042Just got banned from Facebook, Reddit: So my accounts on both facebook and reddit got banned inside …[View]
22267215coomer autism: so i fell for the tranny pill and took anti andro and estrogen like a commer retard. …[View]
22267268First Job: I'm extremely afraid of having a job. I've been a NEET for 7 years. I want to m…[View]
22265492Advice on starting a new life please.: >Be me, 10. >Been thinking about the eternal death for…[View]
22266294So /adv/ my gf of one year broke up with me. And it was almost our anniversary. I want her back and …[View]
22267007How do i get over my abusive ex? I was dating some guy for about a year now, and im pretty sure he h…[View]
22265158Is Models by Mark Manson a good book for an early 20s virgin who has his life sorted but is mentally…[View]
22266897/adv/ is useless and a trap: Its just people whining all the time,i noticed that when i stopped comi…[View]
22267000Where do you go for support when you don't have a family?: my brother and my sister grew up in …[View]
22267203Stimming: I can't stop stimming and it's annoying the fuck out of me. Whenever I'm in…[View]
22265081I need a tomboy in my life, how do I find one?[View]
22266786Travel to France from other EU country: Any French anons here? Teach me how to skirt the confinement…[View]
22266046I've lately had very beautiful dreams, to the point where I dread waking up and actively oversl…[View]
22263615I can’t enjoy video games anymore: I’m suffering from OCD and I literally cannot even get past the L…[View]
22261565Upset about circumcision: I was talking with my GF the other night and someone in her family joined …[View]
22266780I sometimes find myself speaking out loud when remembering situations or actions that I find embarra…[View]
22266984It's 20-year-old you. What do you need to tell yourself?: Is it normal to be 20 and have life r…[View]
22264441Snooped around and found out my ldr gf might be avoiding me: Last night me and my gf were texting, s…[View]
22267001I often can't concentrate because I'm too happy, my thoughts have a life on their own. Any…[View]
22264557R8ML: I've been lurking here for a while now, and I've been feeling like I need to get thi…[View]
22265159looking advice to stop jerk off: im 21 years old, and im doing this for over past 6 years, there man…[View]
22266668Hot do i get her pregnant: She has pcos. Basically her there's a lot going on with her hormones…[View]
22263152How important are astrology signs, are they real? How important are they in things like relationship…[View]
22265833Codependent GF: I really like this girl but this is getting out of hand. We've been together 6 …[View]
22265592I want to be loved and protected by a man but im too disgusted by myself to find anyone. Im so bad. …[View]
22266354I have a very close friend and we've been talking for around a year. I think he likes me, but w…[View]
22248181Is 25 too old to be going to university and trying to make up for lost youth?[View]
22265334Everyone says dating a girl with bpd is horrible but what about dating a guy with it? >new bf jus…[View]
22266545/adv/, I think I'm becoming a misogynist. I get extremely annoyed at women about every single t…[View]
22263068hey lads 25 yo virgin here so I've been emailing escorts near me and they dont respond.. what t…[View]
22266238could you help me understand this dream? I'm at a party in a mansion, see a cute girl and I sit…[View]
22265978How do i get to sleep more than 5h a day? and feel less tired I tried : >Sleeping between 10 pm a…[View]
22266050I cant cum as much i used to be able to: yo, so i used to be able to cum up to like 4 times while ja…[View]
22265470Physical Contact on Quarantine Date?: I'll be going on a date with a girl in a couple days. The…[View]
22266583What's a good age to have kids? I'm a 26 year old guy and feel like I want to do so in the…[View]
22264754Getting a job: I need advice, as I've been unemployed for a year and my self of worth is at an …[View]
22266290My life, I hate it: I have aspergers. My family was abusive until 8 months ago. Now they believe my …[View]
22266311Where all the tomboys?: Where did they go to? Are they all just lesbos and country girls now?[View]
22266427>gf comes to me saying we have a relationship problems >don't see anything wrong >this…[View]
22262992Best drugs to overdose on: Title says all. In the Netherlands the only painkillers you can easily ge…[View]
22264838Real talk. That applies to the real world, not 4chan. If a black dude calls a white guy cracker, is …[View]
22266416how the fuck do i motivate myself to study for uni exams when im not even sure i want to work in sai…[View]
22263445How do I get the energy to work 12 hours a day? I'm always exhausted. I'm getting enough s…[View]
22266409Feeling angry: I feel like I'm starting to develop anger issues or a short fuse and I'm no…[View]
22266287how to stop being anxious?[View]
22265741Escape Retail: >Leaf >Mid 20s >Have a savings of 20k >Moving from small town to big city…[View]
22265099I can’t eat like a normal person: I am always either eating extreme amounts (3000+ calories a day) o…[View]
22264533Is it true that as a male I should avoid female therapists?[View]
22265841How long do I have to take a break from fapping to restore feeling to my dick?[View]
22266310How long can you overwear contact lenses?: I have a pair I opened back in February I think. And supp…[View]
22264213Does anyone else reject girls for fear of what they can do if you succeed in dating them? I'm n…[View]
22266249Vaginismus: there's this condition called vaginismus where your vaginal walls contract, making …[View]
22265694I'm pretty stupid, I make bad arguments and have bad logic most of the time. What can I do to f…[View]
22265839Does anyone else have this issue of women saying you look better with something while you hate it? I…[View]
22265455do men like sexual inexperience or is it just inconvenient for them? I know having a low body count …[View]
22266084So this really sketchy guy started dating this chick I was just about ask out. She has a history of …[View]
22264365in a relationship for years. at someone point she stopped shaving her legs. we talked about it but s…[View]
22266013I want to just submerge myself in water but I don't want to drown. I want to feel baptised, but…[View]
22260107South Africa is fucked and I want out: How do I get out of here? Its been 26 years of the black gove…[View]
22265985straight up, shoved a plunger handle up my ass to masturbate. blood in me shit, small chunk also cam…[View]
22263430I had an epiphany when I took acid some days ago. I've noticed there's a void in my life b…[View]
22265486This girl begged a friend of mine for money, he refused and called her out over text, then she poste…[View]
22264491How do you break out of a very long stretch of being a NEET, /adv/? I'm talking almost 10 years…[View]
22264090/suicide/ Why do you want to die?: If you don’t, why are you depressed? Or how are you lucky enough …[View]
22265940Meeting people online: Can anyone suggest any websites where I can talk to people ?[View]
22263947what should I do if I lack confidence and I have low self esteem?[View]
22264965I sit on my ass a lot, be it at work or at home. I hate the idea of putting so much pressure on my b…[View]
22264781darking: People, please, I need help urgently, the girl I like is being mistreated by her father and…[View]
22265474I need help with my life's trajectory.: I'll answer any questions that will help give advi…[View]
22265686Are these stems enough to do a personal edible? I know it's not much but due to fucking corona …[View]
22265722I'm addicted to a Minecraft server and I can't stop playing on it because I've grown …[View]
22264005Stop liking someone: 5-6 years ago I had an ex, shit was good, we broke up and went on-off for about…[View]
22264785Aussie here, I didn't finish year 12 and have no A-TAR and I am sick of labour work, i've …[View]
22263923Really wish I just had someone in my life to hold me.: I usually never act this way, but I'm ti…[View]
22265712Autism be acting up: Buddy of mine convinced me to give tinder a whirl a while ago, wasn’t really us…[View]
22264141Homeless: I am 18 and going to be homeless is a weeks time. I have no idea what to do, Everything ha…[View]
22265577Mistakes: I lost my dream job and came back to my hometown, took my things into my car and drove. At…[View]
22264848darking: ok, I must clarify something, I've been meeting her for two years, and we both liked e…[View]
22265683Grants and scholarships: Hey /adv/ what's the best site I can use to apply for grants and schol…[View]
22264943Possible cheating gf: I haven’t seen my gf in a long time cause of quarantine. I think she may be ch…[View]
22265629jealously: tips on dealing with jealously? specifically in a relationship[View]
22265333Im so so lonely I feel like I'm dying[View]
22265559AH level Pyscho: I know this person who has baby trapped 2 guys, made fake rape allegations, abuse a…[View]
22261960fear of past internet life bleeding into real life: i've taken steps to distance myself from so…[View]
22265144>jack off every day for 2 weeks straight >have sex with gf again >still cum in 5 minutes IT…[View]
22265554Are there any valid coping strategies for a male with body dysmorphic disorder? I grew up as an ugly…[View]
22265526They changed the recipe: Oh well I guess[View]
22264451My sister is constantly on call with her boyfriend. I know the lockdown is tough and she misses him …[View]
22264294>browsing okcupid >qt tomboy pops up >reading through profile >nice >read that she wo…[View]
22260622Please help me /adv/.: I have a crippling fear of hell. I'm so terrified that I'll end up …[View]
22264833Gf I've had for 1 month so far is mad at me because I told her I might have a uti and might not…[View]
22264930What are some coping strategies one should utilize rather than attention-seeking?[View]
22265313How do I stop crushing on a girl? I can't think straight and this has been going on way too lon…[View]
22264028How can I ever find peace and happiness knowing that I will never make my family and friends proud? …[View]
22263871Accused of cheating: Timeline of how our class received final exam: >Put out quizzes on Canvas …[View]
22265273how bad is it to drink alcohol instead of eat? i took an adderall today and have pretty much no app…[View]
22264655Stomach pains every time I eat: For the past five days I've been getting pretty uncomfortable s…[View]
22264440>ITT: Ask The Other Sex Anything[View]
22264336Getting Back Into Reddit: I need some advice. So I'm trying to get back into Reddit despite my …[View]
22264301Anyone else has a feeling of constant unease? As if you need to get something done 24/7. I started t…[View]
22265202Feelings for best friend: Whats the best way to tell my best friend I've had feelings for him p…[View]
22264855i don't get it, i always used to get replies and decent discussions in my threads, now whenever…[View]
22262962I feel like my arms are going to fall off whenever I get hot, so whenever I go outside in the heat. …[View]
22265257>23 now >just wish i could be 17 again AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT'S N…[View]
22265214How to get over my objective inferiority to Chad/inability to attract women?: How many hoops do I ha…[View]
22265237do you know the name of this book: i can't remember the name of a self help book which was abou…[View]
22263956ZOOM college advice: >taking a public speaking class that requires me to use zoom >parents bot…[View]
22265020Can someone solve this dilemma for me?: Normies says that you should befriend a woman before getting…[View]
22264315Reclaiming my comedy: So after a good ten or so years I can safely say that memes have ruined my sen…[View]
22264832Why the fuck is it that people who suffer from depression have friends, a college diploma and a resp…[View]
22264081Is it normal to jerk off from 8 PM all the way until 4 AM? Addiction or not? Sometimes, when I know …[View]
22264018Dream Advice, please help: Okay, so bear with me, this is going to sound really crazy but I want hel…[View]
22264733I’m not trying to put anyone into any kind of category or condemn anyone to any kind of judgment Bu…[View]
22264939I (M) normally weigh 145 pounds and I am 5ft 6. Since quarantine I gained 10 pounds and I calculated…[View]
22264068My grandmother died and I recently attended her funeral. I haven’t seen her in 2 years and I never f…[View]
22263174Friends don't want to hang out anymore: my friends that I've been hanging out since second…[View]

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