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28634271I’m an eighteen year old Bri’ish autist thinking of necking myself. I know that I’m young, but pleas…[View]
28636801Neighbour's kids: I'm witnessing some of the saddest shit ever. >be my neighbour's…[View]
28638533How do I learn to draw? Do I just draw until I'm good or should I follow some meme tutorial/tec…[View]
28638509what are some good gift ideas for my grandma?[View]
28637221Moving out: I am 27 yo friendless careercell and because my job turns to fully WFO now, i have 4 hou…[View]
28637328How do I deal with cunty coworker?: >Work in a burger restaurant (not fast food but only 1 step a…[View]
28634761Hello /adv/. I am dating an escort and wish to share some advice with you ATOGA style (there was a m…[View]
28637277College gay experience: So I'm a guy in college and I've been kind of curious about my sex…[View]
28637059>grew up with a broke single mom >lived in an awful single bedroom house for a while >cosl…[View]
28638458Karpman/Narcissist's Triangle: Has this ever happened to you, how did you deal with it, how lon…[View]
28637292if you had a therapist, would you tell them everything or refuse to tell them anything?[View]
28638442What do i do with myself?: I'm 24 i live in a deadend town with a deadend job refuses to give m…[View]
28638387How can i enjoy my life if i will never get what i want: I was super rich and lost all my money. I g…[View]
28637194How can I be revered as a god by my family? I especially want my 2 older siblings to see me as super…[View]
28637078/ATOGA/: >Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Last thread >>28634727…[View]
28636624How to be more entertaining when texting?: So i'm talking to a girl through instagram and I fee…[View]
28637734Can you really get in legal trouble for sending a threat online?: Basically, this guy who lives in a…[View]
28638041are dating app dry spells a thing? I get phases/weeks without a single like/match and then get weeks…[View]
28637958Quitting Porn: I quit porn 3 weeks ago and haven't masturbated or looked at it since. Things ha…[View]
28638069Is this girl testing me?: I am 25, and moving halfway across the country in 6 weeks. A female cowork…[View]
28637794I am a 20 year old female and I am currently working as a housekeeper. I want to attend college but …[View]
28633387Can ChatGPT report you to the police?[View]
28633226>sex with wife >condom broke >we both felt it >I didn't pull out >she didn'…[View]
28637945I have no motivation to do anything in life. I genuinely want to care enough to actually put in the …[View]
28636066How do I know if I'm a crazy person?[View]
28637930not used to affection from women: There's a girl who approached me and said that she likes me a…[View]
28638059I suddenly became extremely resentful at my mom this year more than usual. So much so that I've…[View]
28638060>get notification from Tinder that I matched with someone and they sent me a message >log into…[View]
28633625How do I avoid being a massive cunt to my bf?: I don’t respect him at all, he annoys me a lot and di…[View]
28637974any ex-military anons have recommendations for a dude about to get out and go to college? i fear the…[View]
28637926does smiling in pictures make you more attractive?[View]
28637818HOW THE FUCK DO I MOVE OUT??? I have $12,000 saved up[View]
28627015I'm a weak willed, lazy, self centered person, always have been. I'm too weak to be myself…[View]
28631336How do I convince my wife the best way to get back at my ex is rape?: The only way I’ll be happy is …[View]
28637897Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It's only after you've lost everything that you…[View]
28637724getting over ghosting: M/21 One of my biggest pet peeves with modern dating is how people ghost. Don…[View]
28633874I haven’t smoked weed in a year since the end of January 2022. If I have a single smoke session this…[View]
28633436Shit grades in college: I'm finishing my second year and my grades are pretty terrible. I'…[View]
28637418I'm currently 26 years old, should I defer graduation (bachelors degree) for another year since…[View]
28635164Christian without church: I'm a Christian but don't particularly like going to church beca…[View]
28636869Is this just a phase or is our relationship running on fumes? >Gf of eight years >Been living …[View]
28637493How to ask out a naked girl?: >24 M >WFH wagie >takes art classes for fun I’m interested in…[View]
28637747Does focus mode appear if you’re blocked on iMessage?[View]
28635570Did an entire project by my fucking self: College is an insane blackpill. I hate most of humanity an…[View]
28636882ok, so i quit my day job 3 days aga without having any clue what to do next. i have approx. 100k in …[View]
28636628Going back to uni: Alright kings wat do >23-25 year old khhv loner who missed out on high school …[View]
28636094How do I fix my life? I'm 22.5 years old, jobless, no friends, no reliable family, barely a hig…[View]
28635400so much responsibility is being thrown at me: I've been told countless times I'm 'capable'…[View]
28637566Full body daydream: Sometimes when I'm having a bad day, or if I think about or am reminded of …[View]
28637482Do I REALLY need that degree?: I just finished college and all that I have left to graduate is to pr…[View]
28637499Ive lied to my parents about my college attendance. Im on the verge of exmatriculation because I don…[View]
28633658how do I stop giving girls the ick?[View]
28637407Tomorrow the day: I have decided, tomorrow I shalt ask a girl that I really like out. I was thinking…[View]
28637431Is an Ivy League MA in Political Science worth it?: I was accepted into an Ivy League University…[View]
28636576Changing careers: I'm a boomer (32) who has worked retail management for his entire career. As …[View]
28636755When i was a kid i could remember entire movie story,game story,characters names,same with books.: I…[View]
28634381Let's say you've done horrible things in the past and you're wanting to atone and bec…[View]
28635816do i just end it?: Ive asked a lot of people regarding this, mostly on here and i usually get no res…[View]
28637160Help me flake a friend: I don't wanna meet my friend this Saturday. TL;DR is I'm too depre…[View]
28636627How do I date when I have a specific idea of marriage I want that is probably not popular?[View]
28637279How to forget a girl?: Girl I liked for years got engaged to her bf from another country last Christ…[View]
28635107Physical Assistants here won't let me skip yearly blood test: So this is very strange. For my j…[View]
28636033how do shutins get laid?: i havent left my house since 2014. im extremely pent up and want to get la…[View]
28635902is it EVER ok to buy from pawn shops?: We've all seen Pawn Stars. Thats the tippytoppiest nices…[View]
28635502confuse.: I don't know what to think of this. so I'll just lay out the facts and hopefully…[View]
28636320Stop giving a fuck: How do I not give a fuck anymore?[View]
28636601How do I overcome my instincts?: Every time I’m horny, I try to resist but can’t and masturbate Eve…[View]
28635675Girl I like is dating another guy. She's my only friend, knew each other since elementary scho…[View]
28637108How do I fit into society if I can't shake the sensation that I'm a sexual deviant?[View]
28636306Why can’t I succeed at nofap?: No matter what I do I can’t get past 10 days I’ve tried every single …[View]
28636187Bachelors degree with little Math?: So I’m using law of attraction and know that I need to combine i…[View]
28633956Should I keep smoking weed if I have family history of mental illness?: My grandmother on my dad…[View]
28637104How can I have energy to do that: I'm 21 and always tired. My routine until now was waking up …[View]
28636938Why am I so reliant on external validation for what I enjoy?[View]
28636566ADD or burnout?: Whenever anything happens (someone DMs me, etc) I lose the ability to do anything f…[View]
28633560Did you fall for the college meme? I missed the first 2 years of social contact due to online class…[View]
28635851What jobs pay well when you only went to community college and have no direction in life.[View]
28635433My longtime childhood friend started dming rapey texts to my sister - what do?: My longtime childhoo…[View]
28636741How do I stop being unintentionally funny?[View]
28631812working too much for a while-for money: I have the possibility of working between 100 and 140 hours …[View]
28636209WHERE do i actually meet single women in real life?[View]
28637046Dead End Job. Careers. Workforce in 2023.: I am a married boomer (late 20s) that has been working th…[View]
28635666I'm currently in a manic phase: How can I stay like this forever? I'm incredibly productiv…[View]
28636928People are getting more sociopathic with each day: > Heard about those girl 'icks' or w…[View]
28635593My dads giving me his inheritance: Since he saw how everyone has abandoned me and treated me unfairl…[View]
28634417Hi I'm 24 years old. How can I get an older woman gf? I just can't connect with women my a…[View]
28636778Why are they doing this?: My mom and sister keep asking me when I’m gonna get a girlfriend and it’s …[View]
28635849Has telling a friend you love them ever worked?[View]
28635051How do you guys deal with hairloss: I hate it. I tried the treatments that are out there but I'…[View]
28636953I want to talk to this guy but I can never find the right opportunity. he’s always with a friend or …[View]
28635586high school senior (18) needs advice anons i moved to a new school directly before my junior year. a…[View]
28633755how to stop saying cringe things without being a mute?: the shit i say is not right. its technically…[View]
28636849i have issues w/ my best friend: I am a senior in high school with only two months left to go, and i…[View]
28635124trying to learn chinese for my gf, already using duolingo daily and am wondering what else i can use…[View]
28636400My crush and my acquaintance are friends. How to ask them if they are JUST friends?[View]
28634827>gender dysphoria >either you try to repress it with therapy until you have a mental breakdown…[View]
28635767is it valid killing yourself if your life is just a series of getting cucked and mocked?: title. (me…[View]
28636660Should I have kids?: I was almost sure that I should get married and have kids, but recently I watch…[View]
28631726How do I escape loner lifestyle?: It seems so hard to escape this lifestyle once you start living it…[View]
28633169Why are christians such awful people who barely follow their own book?[View]
28633135guess i should share some serbfeels i guess, important warning tho: severe autism ahead >have no …[View]
28634298How to get laid at a music festival: I'm going to a music festival in a few days, there will be…[View]
28636574I'm a christian but it seems that I only attract alternative girls: I don't understand it,…[View]
28634181How to get my friends wife alone so I can fuck her? We do a board game night around once a month and…[View]
28635935Wait so can you apply for welfare before 21. I ask since I don't think I can manage a job anyti…[View]
28636513I need advice about getting over breakup/heartbreak from the most emotional person.. It's been …[View]
28636454I stopped using Tinder in 2019 and started using it again in 2022. In 2019 I didn't see any Onl…[View]
28636158brainrot over my ex: I miss my ex. He uses 4chan but he never goes on /adv/, I think. All I've …[View]
28636458Browsed /x/ and now I am scared as fuck of vampires killing me and my family. Please help.[View]
28635482How do I stop obsessing with an online girl I barely know: I've been obsessing with this girl t…[View]
28636121Please like me: I have started doing hobbies to try to get people to like me. eg. I have started pra…[View]
28635232How do I explain my feelings when the way I feel keeps changing so drastically? I come off as a fuck…[View]
28636417Is it a good idea to message girls on Facebook and try get a girl or a date from there or just go st…[View]
28635670I'm so pathetically lonely: I have nobody in my life. I come home to an empty apartment every n…[View]
28626129I need some advice. I'm just not interested in 'normal' girls. Instead I like the idea of attra…[View]
28635901Learning Mandarin Characters: How are you supposed to memorize the meaning of Chinese characters whe…[View]
28636345I don't care very much about anything. I spend all day either distracting myself with the inter…[View]
28636275How do I communicate with people who are less educated than I am? I feel like everything I say is wr…[View]
28635515How do I stop getting bullied in college[View]
28636056Is it too late to become more like your father if you are in your 30s? How do I take on his personal…[View]
28635814Just got fired what now?[View]
28631779i'm so fucking sick of this fucking asshole. he's some richkid who brags about beating his…[View]
28634431Repent of your sinful lifestyle and worship Jesus to inherit eternal life. It's not a cliche, J…[View]
28635921>30 years old >severe anxiety, sweat through my clothes if I'm around people too long …[View]
28635699i bought concert tickets on behalf for my cousin on the condition she pays the total of the ticket p…[View]
28635899I'm just so fucking depressed, I'm either void, or simply angry (when you have no emotions…[View]
28634263How do I stop having wet dreams? I'm trying nofap but I end up having g a wet dream every few d…[View]
28634626is it over?: >be me 19 m >schizophrenic (i am guessing) >huge disgust with big bugs, snakes…[View]
28635736Bad books to cure intrusive thoughts.: I have OCD/intrusive thoughts. Some kind of disorder where I …[View]
28633793Feel like my pussy belongs to my ex?: I broke up with my BF 4 years ago, and recently got into a new…[View]
28630702Serious question: How are you guys fine with having girlfriends who arent a virgin? Where's you…[View]
28635631how to recover and heal brain from damage?: I took a lot of psychiatric drugs, and dealt with a lot …[View]
28634052no matter how bad it gets, just remember to hang on.[View]
28635805Ignore: How do I get better at ignoring people?[View]
28635903i feel my depression hurted my future: I left my old university as i got dismissed from my dream maj…[View]
28635564Working options?: I work as a sub janitor for a school district and recently our pay went from $15 t…[View]
28635748Incel at Uni Orientation? HOW DO I PREPARE FOR FUTURE MASS SHOOTING?: I was at my Uni orientation an…[View]
28630565You are not your job, you’re not how much money you have in the bank. You are not the car you drive.…[View]
28635656I'm 24 and recently been through a breakup. That combined with my alcoholism led me to fail a s…[View]
28635591How do I deal with having a monotone voice & a lisp? I sound like an idiot.[View]
28634727Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /ATOGA/ - FEMDOM EDITION >>28632439[View]
28632557How do I get rid of my gross fetishes? I can't stand them and I've had them since childhoo…[View]
28633802>pornstars are married with children >I'm still an HHKV female I'm not fat, I go out…[View]
28635554I want a family. I want a wife and kids to come home to that genuinely loves me. I don’t know if it’…[View]
28635609I suddenly became extremely resentful at my mom this year more than usual. So much so that I've…[View]
28634630I'm a Catholic girl who fell in love with an Atheist guy. We agree on a lot of the big moral is…[View]
28635573My new boyfriend treats me like I’m his pet. When we agreed to become boyfriend and girlfriend he sa…[View]
28633338Anyone know how to download from Amazon the Kindle books if they just want to download to pdf I trye…[View]
28633673Help: I recently got married about a month ago to my wife who I dated for 4 years. We both work and …[View]
28629991Age advice: I was born in 1994, so now I am 28 years old, soon to be 29. The issue is, that I dont e…[View]
28634255I want to learn a very deep meditation system which involves a system of writing and mathematics. I …[View]
28635434Hair follicle drug testing: Is this thing possible to beat? Anyone got any advice? I recently nailed…[View]
28634895Anxiety: How do I completely eliminate all my anxiety forever?[View]
28633717Computer science: Is it at risk of getting over saturated? Or is the field stable as of right now? J…[View]
28631442Small Talk General /stg/: This will cover the basics of Conversation This is NOT Game, NOT PUA wanke…[View]
28635346Is it worth pursuing?: Met this really charming and beautiful latina, we instantly hit it off and ta…[View]
28633857Older woman attracted to me?: How can I know if an older woman is attracted to me? I work at a mid s…[View]
28634947>got girls in college but after graduation become a shut in >spend like 3 years desperate for …[View]
28634230My ex never wants to see me again, and I don't have interest in anyone else. I see no reason no…[View]
28634906Can't decide on the OLED Switch or the Steamdeck: The games on the Steamdeck run at a way highe…[View]
28635273how do u avoid getting back pain i do moderately physical work and take care of lifting techniques a…[View]
28635060Do push ups help you lose belly fat?: Just curious[View]
28634343I'm going out to my first bar. How do I not piss off my bartender?[View]
28633383Tldr, my dad died and left me money. Is it reasonable to give some to my mom to help with her mortga…[View]
28634192How do I separate my emotions from my rational thinking?: I have been diagnosed with ADHD and it…[View]
28635017>meet girl from tinder >have 2 great dates where we spend the whole day together >have se…[View]
28635093feelings woozy/off-balance: >drank sports drink mix and just a little diet soda today >ate a s…[View]
28632700I made a very wrong decision that it is too late to recover from. How to cope?[View]
28633437I want to live a virtuous life: I've decided to give up un my degenerate ways. What can I do fr…[View]
28634979> 23m > Spent the last 10 years pretty much constantly wearing a headset > Grew out long ha…[View]
28634955acting career: Bros gimme the tips w break into acting I got the chops just need 2 figure out the be…[View]
28627910Adderall and life improvement: When I was a kid, I was very socially awkward and constantly anxious …[View]
28620362Before we started dating, my girlfriend had sex with 14 men, including 4 black guys. I was a virgin …[View]
28633459All throughout week I think of games and things I want to do and make then Friday hits. I'm so …[View]
28634524How can I show my friends that I appreciate them? I'm usually very quiet and introverted, and I…[View]
28634700So what's this idea about having friends? I go to a friend's house and he wants to do some…[View]
28624722/htgwg/ how to get women general#82: HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to gett…[View]
28634778I am presented with two choices: Kill myself or continue suffering for the next 50+ years of my exis…[View]
28634767Others betray me?: I just woke up from sleep and im fucked. I realsied im being abused and taken adv…[View]
28631040How gay is it to confess to your wife?: Sometimes, I like to talk to her and tell her everything tha…[View]
28634574why so serious?: Just a rant. Don't mind me. Today I called out for taking things 'so seriousl…[View]
28634677How to get the most out of your white skin?: We are attacked from all sides. Like colonization was s…[View]
28633301How do I get over confrontation anxiety?: In my mind I know there’s no logical reason to care, but s…[View]
28630681Do bigger balls mean increased semen production? Is it like lactating boobs?[View]
28627620What presentation/debate topic can I use to piss off my mostly conservative class?: I’m in a mostly …[View]
28633637Never Vaped or used Delta-8/THC before. Anything I should know?[View]
28631781Hey I’m a cis guy, been seeing a trans girl for about a year. I’m thinking about dating her (I only …[View]
28633926Looking to finally get a weighted vest. What should i be looking for and what weight? I often see th…[View]
28633907Two years ago, I was hanging out with a girl. We were watching a movie and cuddling and she had her …[View]
28634550advice for dealing ADHD: >finally get put on low doses of Vyvanse and adderall >feel a level …[View]
28608312Approaching girls at bars: How do you do it? I'm terrified of getting rejected. The only time I…[View]
28634450How do I deal with never ending sibling bullying?: My sister has held a grudge against me for over a…[View]
28632292You know that drowsy feeling you have when you just woke up? It lasts everyday for me. How do I fix …[View]
28633320>found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with some guy on Snapchat >tell her why >she sa…[View]
28633405I am a lonely man in America and I want to kill myself. Should I do this? I have a fantasy about tur…[View]
28634364How do you be with a partner that is much much smarter than you? Like I’m no slouch, I’m definitely …[View]
28634246are you supposed to go in when you wipe or stay on the surface? i usually put the paper about one ce…[View]
28634293Dead or crippled: How do I avoid getting murdered or crippled or my family getting murdered or cripp…[View]
28634178Fit women make me insecure: How do I stop feeling so insecure? They make me feel like a failure of m…[View]
28632783My girlfriend recently told me that my penis isn't big enough to satisfy her sexually. She stil…[View]
28633389girls are mean and scary or I am hypergamist/gay?: Does anyone else think that most girls are mean, …[View]
28633202Gf almost 300 pounds now: I'll admit im a but of a chubby chaser but my gf is crossing the line…[View]
28631613Why do people insist that normies have it as bad as /us/? Sounds kinda like a weird schizo cope to m…[View]
28630645Is it possible to unsuck a dick? >Friend tricks me into sucking his dick >Don't want to b…[View]
28631684>don't enjoy anime >don't enjoy tv and movies >don't enjoy gaming >don…[View]
28634140Help: Guys help. I know this is irrelevant and nonsense but I have this one Discord Server and there…[View]
28633992If I wanted to move to Canada. How would I do that? I have a working spouse and kids.[View]
28633335'Same' note in another Octave: >same note in different octave sounds the same, that's why it…[View]
28633381why does she keep replying when she's clearly not interested She's just writing 'I don…[View]
28633432What's a good amount of likes to get on Tinder as a guy? I made an account and got like 20 in a…[View]
28631883Anyone else grow to enjoy limerence/oneitis/the friend zone? There's something appealing and co…[View]
28633609How to get over my father having a second family?: He cheated on my mom back when I was like 10, and…[View]
28633623trying to find a decent community: I came here from Ifunny, mostly just trying to find a place where…[View]
28633064all i want is a family why is this so much to ask for at 30? im handsome, fit, polite, confident, ha…[View]
28633327>be me >early 2022 >autistic 16yo w severe bpd >fresh out of a breakup >pretty beat u…[View]
28631652Single Mothers: lose lose everytime?: Have a chance to fuck this hot single mother I've been ta…[View]
28631831This is gonna go south isn't?: I'm friends with two guys that are boyfriends But they have…[View]
28633430Why am I so unmotivated: I just don't want to do anything. I lay in bed, play video games and b…[View]
28633359Eating problems: I've always had problems with eating on time, mostly because I just forget/fee…[View]
28633619hookers: I've become addicted to killing and eating hookers every day and it's starting to…[View]
28632345How do I escape the rat race?: Have you escaped the rat race of 40 hour jobs working for somebody el…[View]
28630916Does having an infidelity clause in your pre-nup mean that you don't have to pay alimony if you…[View]
28633165How do I cope with having had some of my best years stolen from me? Everyone else is already so far …[View]
28632816Will drinking an adequate amount of water every day fix all my problems?[View]
28633205>be me >2018 >best friend jealous of me for dating the girl he likes >gets revenge by f…[View]
28633337>The course of history is determined by the strong man of action >I'm a timid incel and a…[View]
28631836I want to shave my head because I'm racist, but when I mentioned it to my family they lost thei…[View]
28629471There's a massage parlour near me where the Thai girls give you a little extra. First time I we…[View]
28628586Tobacco Pipe Smoking: sup, /adv/ I've been a pack-a-day smoker for the past 16 years. I've…[View]
28632214Guys, how do you do a handjob?[View]
28633239I am a shut-in and would like to find a gf who is similar. I spend time online in male-dominated spa…[View]
28631628How do you obtain a working holiday visa and what should I expect? I feel like it could be a good op…[View]
28632698Should I move out?: Okay guys I really need your help on this so I'll just try to simplify it w…[View]
28631765What happened to me? >I was never a stud >not much of a lady's man >college I never ha…[View]
28632100Is confidence a choice or a privilege?[View]
28629542I'm suffering from a heavy porn addiction that started at age 11 and has involved a lot of edgi…[View]
28633206Lately I’ve been facing a lot of difficulties trying to communicate with my mother, as she’s always …[View]
28632439/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything:: >>28630388[View]
28632360>Be me, 18 >School is hosting a disco. This is my last year in school so decide to go >Noti…[View]
28632517I hate myself I want to kill my fucking self but I'm a weak pussy ass nigga so I just trudge on…[View]
28631690I can‘t get over how easy it is for women to have sex. I met a girl and we were hitting it off. Good…[View]
28633147How do I get tamiflu in the US?: Can I buy it online or something?[View]
28627060My sister isn't able to have kids so I'm a surrogate. I'm currently six months pregna…[View]
28631350>gymming about in the gym >see a qt mirin >talk to her for a bit, she asks for my number …[View]
28630704How to stop getting JUST'ED?: >lift myself out of depression and alcoholism at 27 >first …[View]
28630646How do I avoid the typical adult life of never having any free time?[View]
28633094fetish?: >be slightly injured >crush asks me what happened Why do I find this extremely attr…[View]
28631343im vengeance (pathetic): be me >22m >5'8 >150lbs >trained in boxing and wrestling …[View]
28633108On the verge of doing something to myself: I think I have no prospects in my life and the best optio…[View]
28630426Is it weird to date 18 year olds when your dating pool is straight garbage? I’m 26 and every girl in…[View]
28632422Do you give your partner random flowers ? Goes for both genders. Women especially, do you like recei…[View]
28630870I figured out my problem: The reason I hate most people and they annoy me so much is because they’re…[View]
28632061Tips for dealing with my gfs boomer father: So I got my gf pregnant unexpectedly and we want to keep…[View]
28631491Brother found the Sodium Nitrite I planned to use to catch the bus. Now he's taking me to some …[View]
28632812Salsa vs Bachata: Hello, please help me decide which one I should learn. I don't have a prefere…[View]
28632166my mom was trying 2 hook me up with a girl I didn't like so I fed her lies ab what I liked and …[View]
28626365i’m an ugly girl: 19f, sw engineering student. i know i’ll die alone. it’s strangely comforting and …[View]
28632259Girls asking for nudes: fake accounts?: So at least 2 times I've encountered girls on Tinder th…[View]
28628209/gif/ has made me fall for the bbc meme: not even a full year ago I always laughed at the interracia…[View]
28632121How do you get over your hate for people? Overtime as I grew older I realized people like to make ot…[View]
28632891What tags can I use to find weird emo autistic girls on tinder?[View]
28632112I'm about to move out. Do I report my parents to the IRS as a 'fuck you' for making my childho…[View]
28629970I need to text this woman back. Basically we matched on Feeld (hookup app) and she told me she wante…[View]
28632298this is going to be really convoluted and retarded, so just bare with me 10 months ago >new cute …[View]
28623346I've been a NEET for almost a decade (30 now) and I'm starting work for the first time on …[View]
28632294Urban Exploring Survival Tips: I'm planning on exploring the underground tunnels beneath Las Ve…[View]
28631137wat do?: Im unemployed and im just going to embrace it idagf anymore i cant get hired. Should I gol…[View]
28629175Is wearing condoms really that much a difference? Whenever me and bf have sex he often tries to do w…[View]
28630833Am I in the wrong side of this?: I am 20 (male) and for most of my life, I have been living with my …[View]
28631766Be me (36). Meet girl (34). She clearly has some mental illness going on but I'm putting up wit…[View]
28631006I feel like shit every day all day but my therapist acts like it's no big deal. Is it really no…[View]
28631681I dont like existence, how do i enjoy being and existing, please advise, i just dont like this exper…[View]
28631788I live in France, I went to see an escort girl 6 months ago because I needed to feel a woman's …[View]
28632058Religious OCD: About a month ago I started having weird thoughts, mostly 'blasphemous' thoughts agai…[View]
28631464Should I try to fix my bluetooth headphones?: I'm not tech savy. Is wifi headphones falling asl…[View]
28630441Help with distress: I'm a 21yo terminally online autistic woman. I obsess over stuff. The prob…[View]
28632357Tips on how to last longer apart from jacking off beforehand? I don't suffer from premature eja…[View]
28632199Is it bad that I've never had a gf in my late 20s but have banged around 60-70 ish girls Brothe…[View]
28632176Is it ethical to mock /x/?: I used to care but now I just post movie quotes on it to see if anyone c…[View]
28632284In-state residency for college: >be me, 19 >applying to transfer to another state college >…[View]
28631182best the shit out of my alcoholic father: Now im homeless[View]
28629672need friends: is there something like meetup.com that isn't exclusively boomers[View]
28629364I need to get out if this house: Before I give context, no I don’t want to talk shit out. I’ve been …[View]
28631742why are women like this? >”hey boyfriend/husband I really know you like doing this thing that doe…[View]
28630887no motivation to do more than needed to survive: any advice how to spend free time I don't feel…[View]
28630675How do I stop viewing attractive women as a different species? I talk to them pretty often but still…[View]
28632086Sometimes don't find GF face attractive.: when we first met I thought she was all cute and I li…[View]
28631520I have to give a senior capstone presentation in two weeks, do you guys have any tips for how to pre…[View]
28625947Statute of limitation: 12 years ago I assaulted someone in Alabama. This is beyond the statute of li…[View]
28628539I'm a fag and I went out on the town with my bf in femboy mode. I was grabbing on to his arm. B…[View]
28630735What are my chances of getting a gf like this?: I'm average looking and 6ft but I think girls l…[View]
28631991How do I stop overthinking and caring what others think It's such a fucking impulse[View]
28631923how to betray biology and become academic god?: > be me > chronic procrastinator > probably…[View]
28631776How do I continue being a stoner without prioritizing it over my family? Yes I know I'm a weak …[View]
28631426How can I get an apartment like this being 19yo: Is there any way to get rich quickly? I hate workin…[View]
28626318Is having a son really a dealbreaker for most men? I never wanted to be a single mom, his dad died o…[View]
28631881What can I do about my upstairs neighbor?: For months my upstairs neighbor has been bothering me in …[View]
28631668What hinge prompts work for you guys? I’m trying to make my profile and can’t think of any answers t…[View]
28631686will I be alone forever: hi. everyone around me seems to either be fucking all the time or just gett…[View]
28628651What would your ideal partner be like? Let me rephrase this, what are the qualities you look for fro…[View]
28631630how do I cope with the fact that the women in my family, who I love, would call me a pedophile for d…[View]
28630963Does deleting and then restoring pics on Google photos lower their quality?[View]
28630953what are you supposed to do with your feels as a dude? I have so many and I just shove them down so …[View]
28631165How do I get a whitewashed black gf as a whitewashed black guy: Previously posted on r9k, but very l…[View]
28629816>be me >be 23 m >always been a pussy >never has worked hard in my life >always been …[View]
28628894Should I vape?[View]
28630022I have a question about applying for jobs. There are two places I am interested in applying to. One …[View]
28631153Bussy changes since going gay?: (if your not LGB friendly you can stop reading here) Is it normal to…[View]
28631243How do i learn to drive stick? I live in america and nobody in my family drives stick shift nor owns…[View]
28622724How do I seduce a married Mexican man?: Okay someone please help me. I’m in love with a trad Mexican…[View]
28631705What's a good amount of Tinder likes to get? I just made an idle account to try to see how good…[View]
28631593Asking a chick out?: So I got an issue. I really really really want to ask this chick I like out, bu…[View]
28631434I've been dating a girl for a little while. We're now official and I'm going to tell …[View]
28615729lie about religion?: so I'm muslim but have never practiced the faith properly ever - I think m…[View]
28629071How do I flirt? Just had a date that seemed to go well but she said I gave her more of a 'friend vib…[View]
28626654How did tou find your purpose in life? How did you build your self esteem?[View]
28628770How many kids is the optimal amount? Too few means you’re not helping your peoples fertility rate bu…[View]
28629919I feel cornered and don't know what to do anymore. Talking to someone doesn't fix anything…[View]
28631244After thinking it over I applied for a Cybersecurity degree at a college I'm being allowed to t…[View]
28629500My bf is very jealous of my cat. First of all he strongly dislikes pets. Especially cats. Secondly …[View]
28631402Pope: Why is there a Pope? Is he biblical?[View]
28629117How can a man make sure his daughter doesn’t grow up to be a whore in todays world? My niece is 7 an…[View]
28630779How do I stop the virgin act of being uninteresting?: Every fucking time I interact with a woman I a…[View]
28631397I was doing research to help my gf reach the big O more often more easily [she even struggles alone]…[View]
28627991What are the reasons men keep women in the friendzone?: Why would a single man keep a woman in the f…[View]
28630388/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: >>28627182[View]
28629664Traumatized into being a twink: When I was a kid, my cousins and I would wrestle, and I was a lot yo…[View]
28629962slave morality: How do I stop having slave morality and be like the white man?[View]
28630938what can i do besides browse 4chan if i’m a hikkineet with no friends? i’m convinced this website is…[View]
28630204This is so weird but how can I make my voice deeper? I normally have a deep resonant voice, but som…[View]
28630240I’m Just Not Over What Happened: I’m married now, but the girl that I was head-over-heels for in hig…[View]
28629315Are /his/ and /x/ safe if you want to avoid porn?[View]
28630791I got her back guys.: I fucking got my X girlfriend back, and we love eachother. Any advice on how t…[View]
28630422Scabies: I got scabies. Permethrin treatment fail. Does Ivermectin works ?[View]
28630042Not everyone goes through the college experience right?: I can't afford the college experience …[View]
28627414how do i break the loop?: 21 m spent my whole life masturbating overeating and playing vidya last y…[View]
28629260cooler: How do I get cooler?[View]
28630141Why keep doing it?: Hello Anon. I keep asking from 4ch thy to do things I do regularly but only get …[View]
28626802So my autistic depressed gf can't handle a job, can't really handle living as an adult at …[View]
28630893Am I shallow for not wanting to settle with any girl less than 7/10?[View]
28630997Going to Punta Cana DR: For my first international trip I'll be going to Punta Cana. On the evi…[View]
28630941Depreshin: I just met with my LDR last week, we spend the entire week together and now we both have …[View]
28630635>Me(M23) and gf(F23) are together for 5 years >We want to have sex the same number of times, b…[View]
28629158it's over: they say height is v important but I'm a 6'3 virgin what gives[View]
28630834I'm attracted to someone at work, she's not available so that's the end of that, same…[View]
28628034Need to get jacked quick without meat: All the protein I have at home is as follows: Turkey Peanut B…[View]
28629989another one lost idk how to do more bros thoughts on leg lengthening surgery?[View]
28627342How do i know what sells alot as an illustrator? On daily basis[View]
28630513I've been drinking almost daily for about 5 years: I'm done with alcohol, it's ruinin…[View]
28624195How can I have an unwavering faith in God? I keep going in and out on being devoted or not.[View]
28630752Anxiety: How the FUCK do I turn this thing off? For the past 10 years it has been all I know. From t…[View]
28624853Break up with my gf?: Interacting with my gf is starting to feel like a chore. She's a surgeon …[View]
28629608boxing: how the fuck do you become a boxer? I got the body and my punch is definitely gifted but I…[View]
28628858Help: I can't research things efficiently anymore. My mind becomes preoccupied with what others…[View]
28630370I work from home now for the past 5 months I am having a mental breakdown - I don’t have the sociali…[View]
28626328I want to stop feeling miserable when reminded of my lack of a childhood.: I missed out on my childh…[View]
28628850Girlfriend is dying in the hospital, and I found her secret social media accounts just now. I'v…[View]
28630127Been more or less in love with this girl for the last 7 years, asked her out once and she said no, w…[View]
28627856is there a way to cause someone as much emotional pain as possible while receiving absolutely no bla…[View]
28630174clueless and not enough willpower to fix things.: I'll just start explaining my situation. I ha…[View]
28630532just tried to kill myself about an hour ago. walked for about an hour to a big river and swam out fo…[View]
28630315Can someone give me an insight into intellectual property rights and merchandising? Let's say …[View]
28629376I'm 29 and have been experiencing memory problems since I was 27. Today I was diagnosed to have…[View]
28630385There's no second act, is there? Everything I was supposed to look forward to in life should ha…[View]
28630008I have pimples all over my ass like picrel. I'm not sure why, I do wash my ass regularly. The w…[View]
28630190Premature ejaculation: How do you beat it?[View]
28630276I looked at an image in the archive that otherwise is completely normal but I can’t find it anywhere…[View]
28629685WHAT IS THIS AND HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?: Could any anon please help me identify this and suggest ho…[View]
28630474I was dating a boy for a year and he just broke up with me. I don’t know how to feel since this all …[View]
28630246TIPS AND METHODS ON HOW TO GET FAMOUS: I'm 23 years old, I don't think it's a very go…[View]
28630467I've had a new computer for over a year I haven't used but instead stuck on my 10yo hotbox…[View]
28630165I couldn't get hard with a girl because I have a mom-son fetish: What can I do? I get hard no p…[View]
28630403Starting to worry about my mental state: In the day my head feels like it’s gonna burst and nothing …[View]
28621760Help making friends with my neighbours: I need some help with making friends with my new neighbours.…[View]
28629712What is sexism from the point of view of women?: This is a topic I know only from one perspective - …[View]
28623655My brother is a pedo. What to do?.: My brother is 35 years old. He was always awkard with people and…[View]
28628131>meet girl >We start going on dates >Tells me I'm the best sex shes ever had >Messa…[View]
28630230How ridiculous am I being that I have this hatred and discomfort over those long nails or those stic…[View]
28630183snapchat: So I recently started restarting my social life and getting messaged by girls on snapchat.…[View]
28629897Emotional Incest: I have been doing some digging into why I am the why I am and stumbled across “emo…[View]
28627608More attractive guy commenting sweet shit under my gfs posts: Wat do?[View]
28629927Is it normal that my dick hurts after ejaculating? Not during it but it starts a few seconds after i…[View]
28629952If I start out in community college and work for the rest of the time will I have no social life?[View]
28627598Recent text chain with my ex, who I was with for 4 years before she dumped me in December of 2021. N…[View]
28629277What would you do if you had about ~40 days to live?[View]
28625601Where to meet men for serious committed relationships? I deleted all my dating apps and profiles bec…[View]
28624294Narcissistic tendencies: How do I improve my personality? I think very highly of myself, yet I achie…[View]
28629445>30yo khv >Lifting religiously for 6 years and improoving in other aspects of life too >Tal…[View]
28629859difficult relationship: Hi all, I need advice what to do with this relationship i have: I am with GF…[View]
28627195> be me > low level wage slave just trying to get through the day at work > enter extrovert…[View]
28629810how do i stop rejecting women: ive had several women irl and on social media try to make a move on m…[View]
28626883GF doesn’t want to respect my friendships: >Got a gf couple weeks ago >i have some long term f…[View]
28629341Fiancé (wedding in 3 months) doesn't like that my parents are soliciting my help too much. That…[View]
28628326Where do I go to live my ideal life?: I want to live in a wuxia-type environment where cultivation, …[View]
28629714>meet girl >she wants me more than Jesus wanted water in the desert >she has my physical de…[View]
28623964I met a skinny 4/10 face (so automatically a 6/10 because enot fat in burgrrland) girl at our mutual…[View]
28628880how to improve?: I'm not sure how to word this but I've been trying to improve for years n…[View]
28627862How Should I Go About Ending A Friendship?: I don’t want to be friends with someone anymore. What’s …[View]
28623883Social situations: It seems like in every social situation or group im kind of either treated like a…[View]
28629373Always Remember, /adv/: One should be grateful, for any person to give them their time, time is a va…[View]
28625694How do I come out of the closet without actually say it? I don't want to make it a big deal, if…[View]
28624647I want to be Christian but how do I decide which denomination is the right one? I have tried to read…[View]
28625388How do I insert my dick into a woman?: No seriously I got this FWB that wants me to bang her but I…[View]
28626857>be me, gay >only guy in my new department >rest are women, mostly middle aged >there ar…[View]
28628153I want to be creative, but I don't feel inspired and even if I was I feel like nobody would app…[View]
28626506I feel like i've completely fucking lost my sanity in these past few years. My brain broke in 2…[View]
28629337How do I stop treating women like functional human beings? I had a massive fight with a female frien…[View]
28629332Community for stream snipers or people that just want to make life hell for streamers?: Looking to j…[View]
28622652How do I cure BPD? I'm going insane desu[View]
28628246>my family moved to a shitty state >I went along with because why not >after staying a few …[View]
28622278I want to get a strat to play for fun. I like a lot of music, so there's no specific genre I wa…[View]
28627458I'm cold to people but I have never been happier in my entire life: I guess that to some extent…[View]
28629048im vengeance (pathetic): be me >22m >5'8 >150lbs >trained in boxing and wrestling …[View]
28626832university makes me want to kill myself so bad[View]
28628052how do models stay in shape? I want to meet them (femcels gtfo)[View]
28625231I'm NOT attracted to my mom but I jerk off to momcest threads: Why is that? I really can't…[View]
28628663Le Chud Face: What specific cosmetic procedures could be done to fix my chud face so I can be a good…[View]
28628953I get very nervous with women and I don't have erections, I've used Viagra and it doesn…[View]
28628837I'm having a problem (I'm pretty sure it's a problem) where when I try to talk to peo…[View]
28624225I was drunk and i made out with a tranny. I feel like i lost all my dignity.[View]
28627466Life is Dull: Someone once made a comment that the highlight of their day was eating lunch/dinner. I…[View]
28628805Relationship bitterness: The older I get, the angrier and more bitter I get over not having ever bee…[View]
28628782How do I lower my standards?: I get matches on dating apps and sometimes we meet up, but it seems li…[View]
28626989How do you find yourself again? After years of abuse, trauma, suffering, how do you trust people aga…[View]
28628750Any tips to deal with chronic illness that leaves me essentially incapable of doing anything and iso…[View]
28623922I was at a bar. Somewhat aggressively, I called out a guy by saying “what’s your problem?” Because h…[View]
28628343Can't trust my family: My dad runs the show, he is probably a narcissist. Earlier in my life I …[View]
28628585Twitter alternatives: What are some twitter alternatives you'd recommend? I'm not a fan of…[View]
28627931I don't want to leave college: I started college at 17 but dropped out after two years. I spent…[View]
28628520Atomization: Everything here is just shouting into the void. Every plea for help outside of this pla…[View]
28627838Dealing with Crazy Boomer Boss: I got a neat job helping out as an assistant to an engineer in his m…[View]
28627558This life doesn't seem substainable: I just finished eating a bougie meal from my favorite rest…[View]
28626803I have 20k in savings and am about to lose my job. Rent is 1100$/month. Should I buy a car.[View]
28626513Is it over for black males and dating? I'm mostly seeing WMBW or AMBW couples but no BMBW coupl…[View]
28627011Will I fail a drug test if I huff paint?[View]
28627685Do dating apps even work?: I've tried bumble for about two months and the only person who swipe…[View]
28628193I miss being a loner.: >>have to deal with peoples bullshit and pointless drama constantly. Th…[View]
28623946Alright Anons, be honest:: Are some of us just meant to be alone for the rest of our lives? So I got…[View]
28627233I just want to feel wanted/desired, I want to feel the feeling of knowing that someone has a crush o…[View]
28623931Friend going full troon.: Knew him for a few years, was a decent person but recently this year he ju…[View]
28627884I'm 28 yo m virgin Is it unreasonable for me to seek a woman who doesn't already have a ch…[View]
28627549Suicidal thoughts: Is it bad for my suicidal thoughts to evolve or devolve into a call of the void s…[View]
28627869How should I deal with confrontation from strangers: I came across a video on Twitter of a guy bomba…[View]
28627696Why women lie about their virginity?: Hello. Just lost my virginity to my gf, she lied she was a vir…[View]
28627571I got happy about something for the first time in about half a decade and I snapped and broke my gla…[View]
28627057Anxiety and quitting weed: It's been 2 months since I have smoked weed and I get anxiety still …[View]
28623511I cry myself to sleep every night because I feel like I'll never get a girlfriend: How do I sto…[View]
28626099How to cope with hairloss: I'm Norwooding hard. It's brutal. How do I accept that women do…[View]
28627182/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Average /ATOGA/ femanon edition Last: >>28624610…[View]
28621130Do you actually want a gf?: Having a girlfriend so far has been really boring. I've dated two g…[View]
28626870Online activity and Time consumption on taking decisions: Hello, first post on this board here, so b…[View]
28624813does my brother hate me?: Should I try to get things right with my brother or is it already a lost c…[View]
28625093Im a complete autist who cant sell himself for shit. Im interested in the artistic field, as well as…[View]
28627447I'm male, fit, attractive, and look 17/18 despite being in my early 20s. What are some jobs and…[View]
28627023is it normal to have no friends and be alone everyday, besides going to work? im 20[View]
28625069oneitis: How do I stop seeing a demure girl as a personification of everything saint that life has t…[View]
28623989I enjoy the feeling of wanting sex more than sex itself. Once I stick it in all the bullshit feeling…[View]
28624973Can you overdose on vyvanse? I took 6x 30mg but being extended release I don't get the full dos…[View]
28626033Why am i constantly ignored?: People constantly talk over me and flat out ignore what I've just…[View]
28623290Working around girls like this at an art supply store and target for 2 years ruined my standards. W…[View]
28624816How do I cope with the fact the amount of times I said nigger and other fucked up shit will probably…[View]
28626643Two years ago, I was hanging out with a girl. We were watching a movie and cuddling and she had her …[View]
28627280Im so melancholic about girls I used to date, friends I used to have, and places I used to go. How d…[View]
28627162I'm fat but my bf still loves me. How am I supposed to know that he really loves me? Is he a ch…[View]
28626854Fear of getting cancelled: I'm on twitter running an account that is sort of the true crime shi…[View]
28627013What would you do if your goal was to do moderately well in life (ie, live in a somewhat stable coun…[View]
28627084I'm a guy and I take zinc and L-Arginine for immune system and fitness reasons. I also do kegel…[View]
28627071How do I cope with getting older? I've accomplished a decent amount at 31 but time keeps going …[View]
28627147Irritation/aggravation: How do you control yourself when you're irritated or aggravated?[View]
28626938Bans will not keep me: You do not need human contact Emotions besides anger are fucking gay. Immedia…[View]
28626058Other men buying drinks for me: A lot of the times I've gone to a club or bar I almost never ha…[View]
28627132Dealing with inadequacy: >Be me, turned 26 recently >1yr into my first I.T job. Barley earning…[View]
28623023Crushed by female competition: How to cope as a woman? I tend to be a shut in but on the rare days I…[View]
28626027Unfair situations: Whenever I’m dealt a bad hand in life, whether it’s a tough situation or whatever…[View]
28626035Krakow Strip club scammed: Me and a friend where in krakow 2 weeks ago and where approached by some …[View]
28626001How do I stop - Complaining - Being judgmental - Pessimistic - Angry - Negative I know I want to ch…[View]
28626981Lasagna gone wrong: Need some serious advice. >20 yo >married at 19 an Italian woman >newbo…[View]
28626553is there any way to be happy? at all? >autistic >haven’t had friends in 10 years >too disa…[View]
28625295help me: Sometimes these thoughts in my head speak so loud every little thing that I think about jus…[View]
28624889Afraid of Indian people: I'm 26 F, white, Christian and married - I'm not sure if my backg…[View]
28623834how over is it?: How does one deal with the reality of having wholly missed out on teen love, deep c…[View]
28625408I need help here. I can never find a woman that is up to my standards. Are my standards just too hig…[View]
28626140>start dating >talk to one girl at a time the best I can >every week have a date scheduled,…[View]
28626910Voices in your head: Help im being trolled in my head by voices But i found out you can troll real l…[View]
28626685Demeanor: How do I change my demeanor to be less abusive?[View]
28625390As a 20 year old male. How do I deal with the feeling of sexual frustration and loneliness. I don…[View]
28626893Am I retarded?: Does anyone else constantly worry that they're legitimately more autistic than …[View]
28626890shitty roommate: alright so my roommate said they was moving to a new place a month ago and was gonn…[View]
28625711My roommate has been talking shit about me and my girl in his room. This isn't an issue. What i…[View]
28625580I kind of feel like my life is over. I don't feel human anymore. There's something intrins…[View]
28625649How do I tell my fiance that my first boyfriend forcible took my virginity? How do I telly beloved t…[View]
28626002How to overcome addiction?[View]
28626054how to get over a girl fast? we only went out for about a month but i really liked her and thought w…[View]
28619556Gf wants less sex: Me and my gf have been together for 3 years and while I love her a lot and by all…[View]
28626852Why does it make me feel like crying when I crush on a woman?[View]
28625703Scared to anger cat girl: So there is this girl I know who had a senior aged cat who she couldn…[View]
28626240Understanding Preferences: Not so much advice, as rather answering questions. Why do certain people …[View]
28625892Guys i'd love to read and implement your /adv/ as I feel a bit lost >be me >be 25 yrs old…[View]
28623953I just spoke with an ai on Character dot ai. It was the most pleasant conversation I've had wit…[View]
28618768>been to therapy >have job >have apartment >have friends >work out 3 times a week …[View]
28625078Is it worth learning programming in AI era: Is it worth learning programming from scratch knowing AI…[View]
28625808How bad is eating processed meat sausage once or twice a month? Is it as bad as a carcinogen as vega…[View]
28626590I broke a tooth and have literally no money to have anything done about it. It doesn't hurt yet…[View]
28624396Am I right to break up with GF?: >Be me 25 male >Ended 5 year relationship in May 2022, start …[View]
28626465Where to find Male self care: Yes I know I should hit the gym but what other stuff like clearing my …[View]
28624773Need To Stop Gay Thoughts: Hi, I’m a 23 year old male, never really cared about sex or dating before…[View]
28625832'What music do you listen to?': What's a good response to this? I honestly don't care. Wha…[View]
28626515Why is it every girl I end up in a relationship with helpless and completely unable to take care of …[View]
28626575does anyone know what this virgincel site is?[View]
28626558Since I don't think any of us knows the answer from experience, how would you guys imagine the …[View]
28624519hey anons, I met this girl in bar two days ago, she wanted to fuck for sure, but nothing happened un…[View]
28623699I want to go back: I'm fed up of this fake world. For the past few years it's like nothing…[View]
28623791How to deal with being gay? I don't want to be one, I'm so ashamed of the whole thing but …[View]
28624980If an attractive Stacy keeps looking at me and I'm just a scrawny, barely average looking 5…[View]
28624535i get no sex because i have a small limp cock how do i get a relationship? pretty much to get a gf y…[View]
28625247Happiness: Ao the real redpill was to find ANYTHING to be happy about and be appreciative? Its worki…[View]
28623191Okay, so I crossdress and wear my girlfriend's underwear and stuff while I'm having sex wi…[View]
28626405How do I quit porn?: I've had plenty of chances to have sex: > Older Women > Attractive W…[View]
28624887How do I stop being a coomer?: I jerk off multiple times a day to increasibly more deviant content…[View]
28624960I want to run away, anyone done it, how did it go?: I feel like I need a psychiatrist because I lite…[View]
28626242Are people who have extremely detailed requirements when dating autistic? Genuine question[View]
28622137Replacement for love, sex and romance?: Since I have a small peen and will be lousy in bed, what can…[View]
28621724honest question: is it mainly white guys who make a big deal about sex and sexual frustration within…[View]
28625877So, I'm the same anon that made this OP >>28609266 and this is a continuation of that. I…[View]
28625923Ive always been attracted to older girls. Im 26 now, and would like to bang 30+yr old women/milfs Th…[View]
28622427I will turn a 24 year old khhv this year, how do i not feel like a complete fucking failure?[View]
28619580Don’t listen to gymcels: At age 17, I lost weight and by age 19 I was absolutely shredded, looked re…[View]
28625622Going on a date next week. What do?: So I met this girl last night who approached me and she told me…[View]
28623361ITT NO QUESTIONS just advice: NO QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD. Just post the best most helpful positive …[View]
28623427JK Rowling made billions simply by sitting down and writing a children's story. Yet you can eve…[View]
28623483How come I suddenly want to cheat: I never wanted to cheat in any of my previous relationships but t…[View]
28624029Being Bald: Ever since I went bald people have treated me with hostility. Every other time I go shop…[View]
28625305Friend got me a joint of weed for my birthday. It's legal herevbut I've never tried it. Wh…[View]
28620122are you guys sure that monogamy is the best path to long term happiness? I've tried this stable…[View]
28624115Guys this is going to sound retarded but i cant figure out why to keep living, like there is nothing…[View]
28621093How do you keep a conversation going with a girl on a date if she is not the best talker around? Any…[View]
28625162Anon’s an idiot: >be me, lower middle class guy in place with pure blow >usually never drink, …[View]
28622691How do I stop getting irritated by snide remarks and gossip? I know I'm not hallucinating it. T…[View]
28624998How to get girls number on campus: How do I approach random women on campus without it being cringey…[View]
28617554I don't think I've ever felt as demoralised as I do right now. I'm sick of watching o…[View]
28625341Looksmaxxing didn’t work for me. I tried hard for years. What do i do with my sad miserable existenc…[View]
28625370I’ve started to use dating apps but I keep running into this issue of not knowing what to say in the…[View]
28623525no goals, no motivation: don't get the wrong idea, I still have what people call a 'routine' I …[View]
28624184>have night panic attacks during covid >get kicked out uni (3rd year), have to move back in wi…[View]
28624232why do I feel angry after hearing my mom's voice?: whenever I hear my mom talking to me about w…[View]
28623033Girl im seeing said her ex was bigger: I started seeing this girl, her body count is one excluding m…[View]
28625558banned from discord and cant delete messages: >have arguement with friend group >get banned …[View]
28622113I'm autistic, ADHD with a learning disability. Do I have any hope of being creative, intelligen…[View]
28618141Need a gf: I really cannot keep going without a girlfriend. The loneliness is making me go insane. i…[View]
28625500Assertivens advice:: I need advice on how to be more assertive, im a pushover and people walk all ov…[View]
28624610ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: /atoga/ - Fill in the blank edition! Last thread >>2862…[View]
28623137My gf gets tired and falls asleep at night instead of having sex with me: To keep a long story short…[View]
28625383>Go to college for personal reasons (as in, not to earn a degree) >Finished most of it years a…[View]
28624200literally can't feel happiness anymore >get shitty, menial get well job >work 50 hours a …[View]
28624407I blasphemed the Holy Spirit during my fedora phase: And now I'm scared and lost, what should I…[View]
28624690How do I talk with a girl on tinder? I matched with a girl I'm actually interested in, but I do…[View]
28624410I really like giving oral to women, but I don't have a gf nor am I seeing anyone as of lately. …[View]
28625011Started working at a local bank about a week ago now. They call it a “Universal Banker” position sin…[View]
28625236How do I get over the previous stupid shit I've done online? One of the people I've hurt m…[View]
28623469how do you get over the fact that every woman is a whore[View]
28625191>:(: How do I stop being a pussy? It's making me flying into blind rage every day.[View]
28624034You gotta stop assuming women are honest. They are not. Most men genuinely think that when a woman s…[View]
28625122what should i do if an ugly chick in my university group likes me but I dont find her attractive at …[View]
28625089how do i looksmax[View]
28619781What hobbies should I take up?: Currently, - I’m learning German (been learning the past 2 years) -…[View]
28624205is it okay to have my son watch helper cars are there any programs that won't turn my son into …[View]
28621986When I was about 14 or 15 I was on vacation with my parents, they went to go gamble and I was alone …[View]
28625106Is it bad for my suicidal thoughts to evolve or devolve into a call of the void situation where I ju…[View]
28625087Should I do nothing for a while?: I’ve become increasingly aware that my life is a lie and my entire…[View]
28624979Moving abroad: I went on vacation and my depression literally disappeared because of how good it was…[View]
28624990How do i speak English properly?: I just want to get to a level that most people wouldn't notic…[View]
28624954How do i socialize irl? I don’t have a single friend and girls aren’t into me at all. I feel like i …[View]
28624911How to focus on myself and stop being 'attached' to other people and their life?: I think it started…[View]
28623921Not inspired: Im tryin to make money doing illustration business generally but i got no clue how to …[View]
28624533How to brainwash yourself: This going to sound dramatic, but how would you go about brainwashing you…[View]
28624624Is it possible to ever truly accept your own ugliness? I'm in my mid 30s and for the most part …[View]
28623671I didn't have much of a social life before but my life now consists of working on a rural farm …[View]
28624784Looking for art boards: I'm looking for more art focused chans, anyone know any? I've been…[View]
28624527I am a 28 yo teacher but I am tired of the shit wages. What should I do with my life now? I like tea…[View]
28623657is this a break up level offense?: >woman, autistic, first time dating irl was a year ago >I a…[View]
28624598How can I get out of this shithole and get what I want out of life?: I want to live a quit simple li…[View]
28624099Casual relationships (?): Hi. recently I've been seeing this girl i met on tinder. We sort of k…[View]
28624638How to be a cool, respected person?[View]
28623182You are being manipulated.: Many people and organizations stand to gain from you attaching your self…[View]
28619157THIS NOT A KEK BAIT THREAD, NEED YOUR OPINION >Long distance relationship with my girl >Usuall…[View]
28623643Is it better to be a narcissist than a humblefag?[View]
28623318I love math, but I worry that I'm not smart enough to attain a PhD in it (my goal is to work in…[View]
28618711Normies when they see weird people: I've always struggled to understand normies. They tend to l…[View]
28623636Should I get wireless earbuds, a white noise machine, or a powerful fan to block out noise?[View]
28622792Wanting to transition: I have wanted to be a guy since I was in early high school. I've been fa…[View]
28624336Mini Glances: I've noticed my coworker best friend takes a lot of mini glances at me whenever I…[View]
28623379How can I get a trad gf?: I'm willing to give up my degenerate ways[View]
28624235Finding bf: I have been using grindr for several months and havent found anyone, most people there a…[View]
28622995I let my roommate smoke my weed whenever he wants, i use his grinder, he uses my pipe and bong. We k…[View]
28617991How does panic attack feel like?[View]
28622465Move back home?: This thread may or may not contain some gayness so enter at your own risk. Backgrou…[View]
28624095Feeling inadequate for work?: I feel inadequate for work and other aspects of life because I am gros…[View]
28624026>try to fuck hot girl >Dick is limp >Chubby girl kisses me in the club >Im rock hard How…[View]
28624145I'm more interested in 2D girls than 3D girls at this point. We'll all have our own person…[View]
28623618What's up with fat people lately?: > Mindlessly scrolling social medias because I was really…[View]
28624121“Strong enough to have it all too weak to take it” This quote describes my life currently as I am sc…[View]
28622310Social anxiety: 28m About 50 body count One long term partner when I was early 20s I still have so…[View]
28614474/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #81: HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to get…[View]
28618356Gf isn’t hot anymore: So I don’t find my gf attractive anymore. This is not due to “letting herself …[View]
28623825Girlfriend's friend was rude to me and she didn't do or say anything about it, it doesn…[View]
28621711how do I become a proper boyslut? for men, women, for cash, doesn't matter. I just want to slut…[View]
28623767A few days back, I asked for help here >>28608309 about how I should text her since I'm n…[View]
28623751I’ve been working with Sherwin-Williams since September 2022. I got hired at the same time as a work…[View]
28622510I basically hate administrative work. Is my professional future doomed? even engineers spend most of…[View]
28623494>scrolling through the catalogue >everyone is so demoralized and blackpilled I'm so sorry…[View]
28621119How can I stop wanting to fuck my mom?[View]
28623776How are these t shirts called?: Minimalist t-shirt with a small logo on the right/left side.[View]
28622504So I really want to make a found footage movie based on one of my favorite jap movies. I don't …[View]
28623509how can I stop being a people pleaser I understand 99% of peoples opinions of me don't matter a…[View]
28623695My bf has no hobbies: He is in school and studying but he has no hobbies. His only hobby used to be …[View]
28623748How does one make money with AI? I know there's plenty of people making bank using things like …[View]
28620311Problems Reading: Every time I read, the white of the page and the text blend together, making it ha…[View]
28622579I’m having a crisis. I’m 34 year old male with autism and adhd and arthritis in his knees, bad back.…[View]
28621819This is a bit of a fucked up question but is it normal to fantasise strongly about raping people I…[View]
28621814Getting a quiet job: /adv/ im in desperate need of a job switch, do you guys know any occupations th…[View]
28623649How do I read books more efficiently? LIke how do I comprehend them better and understand them more?[View]
28623639I accidentally bought a band patch for a casual battle jacket I'm making but then bought a bigg…[View]
28623036I say this in the least misogynistic way possible, but what's the deal with women's obsess…[View]
28623084women: why do all women want to fuck endlessly? is there any actual real females that dont want to f…[View]
28621124Was masturbsting in my dorm restroom today in the stall. Just as I was cumming a guy walked in so I …[View]
28623621second post of the day screw this: ever get therapy for complicated grief? advice for complicated g…[View]
28621640Where can i buy used panties online[View]
28623393Bullying: What do i do if the same guy has been berating me at school and school wont take it seriou…[View]
28623399I’m a male and I have this problem where every time I see something beautiful it makes me tear up. T…[View]
28619532I love my trans gf but how would I ever introduce her to my insanely conservative parents? There…[View]
28619088Can you just put medstudent on your tinder bio and get women? Or is that not a female fantasy anymor…[View]
28623510When does suicide become the best option for when you don’t get any pussy? “Oh you can live a fulfi…[View]
28622890is it okay if i want to break with someone because she uploads a ton of photos? i think she likes th…[View]
28620727Is it bad if I spend my entire life doing nothing?: I don’t want to work, I don’t care about the rat…[View]
28623457I don’t want to have kids: I’m also too mentally ill to become successful financially What do I do …[View]
28623397am i too fucked in the head to be with a woman: Ive been in a few relationships but they've nev…[View]
28619998How to kindly let a woman know that you are not interested?: So there is this one girl I know for a …[View]
28622557When I was a kid, I was scared of my dad because if I messed up, he'd judge me pretty harshly. …[View]
28622186How to make good quality male friends?: Hello. In my life I never struggled to have girls around me…[View]
28623240driving lessons: guys. ok im having driving lessons, but i really dont care about driving. for some …[View]
28622096I can watch Paramount+ shit through Prime Video but when I try to log into Paramount+ separately it …[View]
28623070How do I get over a wrong decision that I made 10 years ago? My life has been downhill ever since. E…[View]
28623183Why some people are more listened than others¿: Why are some people listened to more than others in …[View]
28622423Is it normal that I want my aunt in the second grade sexually? She hardly knows me but I do at a cer…[View]
28623307Not sure if internal hemorrhoids or something else: Over a year ago i had really bad constipation wh…[View]
28623055pic related is all I can feel right now. I'm trying my best to make it, but it feels like no ma…[View]
28622732are dating apps like this?: i get ghosted like in 2-3 exhanges or im bad at conversations. if i keep…[View]
28623242Omegle: I'm good at getting girls IRL but not on Omegle. Any tips?[View]
28621853/int bar/: bar for everyone internationally drinking >drink of choice >why are you here…[View]
28622654If I was to become a porn star with a crooked penis, would 'Captain Hook' be a good name for a porn …[View]
28620590How do I become less obsessed with virginity: A thought has been gnawing at me lately, the realizati…[View]
28620743How do you stop desiring things you rationally know you can never have? I'm having constant anx…[View]
28623172Phone background: What's a good phone background?[View]
28621662If nofap/semen retention is legit why are the people who practice it not noticeably better than coom…[View]
28622803The truth is, I already understand what I should do now, and what it would take to make my life go w…[View]
28622863Not sleeping sometimes: I used to be a really good sleeper. Give me 30 mins and I’d be zonked out an…[View]
28622919how do i truly stop giving a fuck about what other people think?: give me your redpills how to achie…[View]
28622700How do I flirt? Just had a date that seemed to go well but she said I gave her more of a 'friend vib…[View]
28619162What are the pros and cons of cold approaching women and asking them out?[View]
28623067How do I stop talking to myself out loud? I quit smoking recently and now I keep getting stuck in a …[View]
28622963dart without feathers: Hi all, first time here so lay it down easy lol . I find myself in a conundru…[View]
28622050How do you get out of a dead end in life? I work 40 hours a week doing manual labour and busted my w…[View]
28621544How do I stop focusing so much on dating and relationships? I'm fat, insecure, a NEET, depress…[View]
28622731I have no idea what to do with myself: I graduated high-school last year. Since then I've been …[View]
28622809dumb: How do I get over the *insanely* stupid shit I've done?[View]
28621897ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA/big weed edition >>28620607[View]
28621520what's the best way to make fun of a moralfag?[View]
28622184Any of you ever get somewhat obsessed with a one night stand?: Had a one night stand a long time ago…[View]
28622742Where does a fella go to meet girls online for esex anymore Omegle Text is fucking filled with even …[View]
28621833How do I get Asian girls as a tall White guy?[View]
28622349NEET that only has art: >28, obese 300lb+, ugly, KHV NEET >have some solid ambitions/goals but…[View]
28621778>27yo KHV >Decent looks (by my own metric) >Good job, good education and pursuing higher …[View]
28622327My sisters friend who's fat and ugly was trying to talk shit to me for dating an asian, asking …[View]
28619668Schizophrenic Mechanical Urges: > have crippling schizophrenia > have vivid fantasies of livin…[View]
28618094Any cure for pedophilia that doesn't involve suicide?[View]
28621531how do I grieve faster?: Mom and Brother killed themselves last summer. Best friend killed a girl a …[View]
28618360How can I improve my chances of getting with milfs?: What should I do in order to maximize my chance…[View]
28622031npd and disorganized attachment aka fearful avoidant: requesting insights and all knowledge you have…[View]
28621844tinder in girls siri recommended: girl i've been seeing had tinder in her siri recommended apps…[View]
28621705cons: >no friends >never had more than 1 or 2 at a time >no siblings >only ex girlfriend…[View]
28617775I can't control my lust and keep jerking off to porn each day multiple times. How do I overcome…[View]
28622151is it worth pursuing creative arts?: I work as a software dev but for some reason I get a gut feelin…[View]
28622138Hairloss: How do you cope with it. The pain. That feeling that women don't want to catch your p…[View]
28618477how do I diminish my presuppositions?[View]
28621387I’ve been doing the whole confidence lately and women are still picking chad over me. Unfortunately,…[View]
28619173Which 80's funk song would fit the best to pummeling someone to death with a shovel in minecraf…[View]
28618612Changing toxic behaviors: I have lots of regrets about how I acted in my relationship which ended 2 …[View]
28621347How can I meet white women? My country is overwhelmingly white but when I go to church, it’s just br…[View]
28620816How do I get over a girl I just met?[View]
28620432i took 2.4g of kratom and now i feel drunk. i thought this shit was supposed to make you feel less a…[View]
28621615>take steps to help myself and improve >feel a sharp pain >feel like doing this won'…[View]
28621627My sister is upset. Her husband, some time ago, bought a quite expensive house for his sister. She a…[View]
28621862>tfw siblingcel >love my lil bro (24 yo) to death but he would be a NEET if I hadn't gott…[View]
28619550I get so sad and feel sick when I'm not near my girl it's driving me insane, but she won…[View]
28621878Do I unmatch after ghosted?[View]
28621679I am very judgemental and it pushes people away. An easy fix would be to not say anything at all but…[View]
28621812I really hate stupid retards. How do I surround myself of smart people?[View]
28612907This is gonna sound weird /adv/, but I have an angel that's in love with me. I know you guys ar…[View]
28615323Advice on getting a girlfriend with big boobs?[View]
28616810Why exactly isn't it okay for me (a guy in his early 20s) to be girly? Not even trans-- just a …[View]
28621767Become more perceptive: I need help. I was discussing stuff with an awful lady who was spouting an a…[View]
28619737Getting a GF without friends: I am 22 years old. I am a wageslave. I have never had a 'proper…[View]
28621688How to approach this situation: Alright lads, this one requires a decent bit of backstory to truly c…[View]
28621232>girl come over >we watch TV on the couch >literally laying on top of each other >nowism…[View]
28621333What am I doing wrong?: >26 year old male >decent but low key job >drive a challenger >p…[View]
28621609anyone of you get into this regretful situation where you think you could find more profit if you ha…[View]
28620994today I met a woman: Made out with her until she saw my penis. She was shocked and said that's …[View]
28616461Is it worth telling off women that have wronged you? I just can't help but want to let bitches …[View]
28621639>23 year old male >studying useless degree >no money >no car >never leave the house …[View]
28617819What sort of thing should I say next?: She's 53 and I'm 24 btw[View]
28621543Should I move to Hawaii, or stay on the East Coast?: Currently zogbotting in Maryland. Could get out…[View]
28616183I'm going to my first anime convention tomorrow, what should I expect? I will be cosplaying too[View]
28620948My mom is becoming one of the villains of my church. What should I do?[View]
28619398Homicidal racist: How do I stop being homicidally racist and deranged?[View]
28621145I don't enjoy anything. Everything I enjoyed went to shit. Recommend me some activities unspo…[View]
28621394How do I stop being a little bitch and get used to living in a poor area? I grew up middle class. Ne…[View]
28620140how do i quit gmod factions?: ive been doing this shit for years and i cant get pussy help https://t…[View]
28620839suicide fantasy: for some time now I often fantasize about killing myself more or less for 'con…[View]
28621306>work up the nerve to ask love of life for her number after a chance meeting >actually secure…[View]
28602301What did your 20s look like?: Trying to figure out where to place myself relative to the rest of the…[View]
28614669How do I make my girlfriend completely obsessed with me?[View]
28620607ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: ATOGA /cringe asmr edition/ >>28617995[View]
28617450Help resolving a money settlement (long story): I made a thread here two years ago about something s…[View]
28621038female 'respect': is there a form of status perceivable specifically to females that goes …[View]
28620863Is there a way to even cope ?: >be me >in my 20s >very rough childhood and teen years >…[View]
28620613How do you get over childhood trauma?: >have bad childhood >tremendously fucks with your schoo…[View]
28620772Why does breakup feel like a death?: It hurts just as much. I cry every day wishing I can be with my…[View]
28621209Why do i believe that I’m a failure if I’m not rich? And how do I fix it? Since I was a kid my paren…[View]
28620886Unpaid Hours?: Started my job and HR did not tell me what to expect for my work day (no orientation)…[View]
28618748Here's a doozy for you >girlfriend is jerking me off >I'm completely naked, she just…[View]
28620409>hug sis >she uses the same shampoo as my ex gf >weekend ruined Everything reminds me of he…[View]
28621086H1-B Dependant: How do I avoid working with Chinese and Indians as an engineer? I work at an H1-B de…[View]
28620651>tell my girlfriend she needs to buy a hydraulic jack because she doesn't have one in her ca…[View]
28620108Broken human: I don't really have any other place to do this other than here, so, here goes. I…[View]
28620205Weird shit going on: Normally I don't eat much. I usually eat 1-2 small meals a day and that…[View]
28620641I keep overstimulating myself with media in the morning and then I feel greasy and dirty all day. Th…[View]
28620591The type of women I like don't go out to clubs, bars, concerts, etc they would be more indoorsy…[View]
28620010A friend of mine from high school is in town visiting her parents and we haven't seen each othe…[View]
28620599I just felt like a switch was flipped in my brain and that I no longer love my gf of 8 months. I don…[View]
28618338My grandma's cancer has reached her brain. She had a convulsion and is currently hospitalized, …[View]
28618678I'm planning on quitting my job in July, doing some traveling, and then looking for new jobs af…[View]
28618557Do normal people think about suicide every day or is this not normal? Asking because people often te…[View]
28620569Where to find women who like to build stuff?: I absolutely LOVE building stuff. This year alone I ma…[View]
28618850How do I get my dad to grow some balls?: Ever since he cheated on my mom, she's turned into an …[View]
28619491>'You sound miserable.' >'You must be fun at parties.' >'Who hurt you.' >'Just have fun.…[View]
28620736Working around girls like this at an art supply store and target for 2 years ruined my standards. W…[View]
28620730Are there any advantages looking very Young for my age?: As a man in my early 30's is there any…[View]
28618317My mom is on the verge of death and i am trying to cope with it right now. She's only 55 but se…[View]
28620694How do you move on after a devastating and life altering event[View]
28620358I think I’m fucked: For some reason I am embarrassed by my humanity. I find showing affection and lo…[View]
28615861I went and saw a cardiologist for chest pains (angina) and he brushed me off. Saying the pains I exp…[View]
28615005Do guys really all care about body count?: I was seeing this guy for about 6 months and when he aske…[View]
28619355Give me the ideal male in this age. List of 5 things they have to do. I’ll start: 1. NOT BE FAT- if…[View]
28620331How do I know if I'm under the effect of a psyop?[View]
28620365I lack friends. I had one friend left over from high school but he seems done with me. There's …[View]
28618889Has anybody else gotten too comfortable with loneliness? I haven’t spoken to another human being in …[View]
28620189Girls/ self improv: Hey anons, Im currently in a predicament and need some advice. How does one go a…[View]
28619957why do i keep meeting women i have feelings for that are in relationships and already taken and i ca…[View]
28618858What's the difference between being socially retarded and autistic?[View]
28619995Who do I vote for as a Muslim (north america): Do I vote republican or democratic, democratic allow …[View]
28619286DeChudification: How do I not be a chud? I pretty much fit the stereotype. >have le chud face …[View]
28617331I got exposed. I'm a lawyer and I've been having affairs with multiple married men (never …[View]
28619135>be on a store >looking at comics and mango peacefully >suddenly a girl enters the store …[View]
28619947I finally got a gf after 20 years and its not as awesome as i thought it would be. weve spent almost…[View]
28617682advice thread: hey guys i could really use some advice right now[View]
28619904Asking a man out and confessing feelings: I am 27 and the man I am interested in is 34, we met onlin…[View]
28619052quitting porn thread: Advice and info on quitting porn and masturbation?[View]
28619122Help me get straight: I’ve been procrastinating like mad over spring break, and I need to finish an …[View]
28619857I want to get along with women and maybe get a gf some day but god fucking dammit I can't stand…[View]
28619997Shuffle off this mortal coil: How do I shuffle off this mortal coil and finally clean my damn room?…[View]
28619458How long does it take to become a normie?: I was a NEET until mid 20's. How long does it take t…[View]
28619020weird spots around my dick =(: theres weird lil acne stuff, like pimples, growing on the shaft where…[View]
28619935Is there any actual getting over BDD or am I fucked forever?[View]
28618362Trust: How do you know who to trust? I understand some will betray you even if you trusted them but …[View]
28616902People using Chat GPT to date: Are we living in a dystopia? The internet and online dating itself ha…[View]
28614446How do I deal with my teenage bitch of a sister?: My sister has made it a point to mock me every sin…[View]
28618549Let's say I would like to fuck my cousin. Any tips on how to make it happen?[View]
28617011How do I find evidence of something horrible that happened in the past, multiple things even, that m…[View]
28612460GIOYC: God dammit I lost my FUCKING flight just by oversleeping FUCK[View]
28617301Is life worth living if you’re never going to get what you want? I’m old enough now where I understa…[View]
28619623Unsure of Injury Severity: I work in a stockroom and regularly lift boxes 20-45lbs, placing and toss…[View]
28617908Why don't people heed my words and respect the boundaries I've set unless I'm a compl…[View]
28617702Is it possible to get achievements in pirate games? I tried 'achievement watcher', but it didn'…[View]
28619741Tinder/OLD General: So, why is it that I can’t lose my virginity? I just want to touch a woman, I wa…[View]
28618294What skeleton should I get for new eyeglasses?[View]
28619549I apologized to a classmate of mine who blocked me and said I could only talk to her about school af…[View]
28617612Do you think i really need to get the omicron vax? I'm still alive and well, yet there still se…[View]
28617033Am I Cursed?: I started an engineering degree last September. I was happy because these past two yea…[View]
28618351How do I stop masturbating? I'm worried I have death grip syndrome and I can't get it up a…[View]
28619662Relationship advices please I Trans-F 23 BF M 23: Well how do I start first I guess hi and thanks fo…[View]
28618663theres a girl that's stalking me (she's not that pretty), she knows a little too much abou…[View]
28613691How do I stop being such a useless piece of garbage?: >25 yo >No degree or job a NEET for 3 ye…[View]
28619337girl i wanna date has low libido and is on anti-depressants: I asked her out to date, she called me …[View]
28615186How to cope with husband's micropenis?: We've been married for over three years now, but I…[View]
28618449How do i talk to people in dating apps?: Even when i get a match i'm completely lost[View]
28617878Skilled social anons I need your insight: It's been a couple of months since I was moved to a n…[View]
28617996is there a cure for gender dysphoria?[View]
28619167Overcoming self doubt, increasing self esteem: How do you do it? I have certain things going forbme …[View]
28618861Do dreams actually mean something?: I’m engaged, in a 3 year long relationship. I’m very happy and l…[View]
28619507How Do I Think?: It feels like all I'm doing is memorizing the 'correct' patterns of behavior a…[View]
28617366why??: >started learning to draw 3 or 4 years ago >still learning but got on a decent level …[View]
28618460Got myself a harem: >be me, 27 charismatic and caring >find myself in a position of having mul…[View]
28611930My penis curves to the LEFT just like picrel when fully erect. Not up, not down, but to the left....…[View]
28616960How do I keep from depression?: I was in college and had an amazing life, great social life, parents…[View]
28619407Does anyone else match with a woman on online dating, in my case Hinge since I've had the best …[View]
28619371I'm 23, I live with my family and my dad typically finds any reason to come argue with me. I ge…[View]
28615651How do I stop being scared of girls?: I’m a very quiet person naturally even when I’m comfortable ar…[View]
28619374Which universities of my picrel are the best? I can go to 3 of them for my studies and I don't …[View]
28617995ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: >>28615743[View]
28616446driving anxiety: Hi everyone, I gotta go for a 30 minute drive tomorrow. Only problem is that I have…[View]
28618970Advice on situationship and its development: For some context I have been hooking up with this girl …[View]
28619187how do you become a better social engineer? note, only interested in doing this for the good of othe…[View]
28617091What's stopping me from becoming a rogue?: I had big dreams, I wanted to graduate college, beco…[View]
28618650I need to get my older brother to stop micromanaging me so much. I'm living with him while star…[View]
28617821>>been with bf for 4 years >>he moved to Canada from abroad, hasn't seen family in …[View]
28618636I want to marry my doctor: He just takes such good care of me and listens to me like no one else. He…[View]
28618589How are you supposed to enjoy anything with OCD? >want to play vidya >start new game >alrea…[View]
28616827my girlfriend has had sex with other guys before, I don't know how many, and I'm scared to…[View]

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