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25142279I'm a failure - What do?: How do I fix this? >21 years old >No job >No degree >Sti…[View]
25149077Girlfriend is getting older and neglecting her body: She was the hottest piece of meat during high s…[View]
25149361GF is really upset that I don't archive her lewds: My gf's phone died and she was setting …[View]
25142085Just slept with my best friends girl: Not sure how to navigate this one or if I can avoid a catastro…[View]
2514945698% of women on tinder hqve no intention of using it for anything else than boosting their ego[View]
25148547self improvement: how to get over lulls in life? i feel like things always improve for a time for me…[View]
25148788Ok so a few days ago I made a thread about finally getting a Hinge match, but I came here to ask abo…[View]
25149373Do I apply for a wagie job? Im not even considering this. My mom is telling me to apply for wagie. …[View]
25149334How do I make platonic friends with a girl at work? She seems genuinely interesting, so I would want…[View]
25148456Seeking instant remedies for post-coom side effects: This week I’ve been just awful — watching porn …[View]
25148076Making a Good CV: Okay I got top tier grades, strong references and decent work experience. Yet I c…[View]
25148686gf has killed my sleep schedule: so ever since I've been together with my gf (she lives 2hours …[View]
25149149r/greentext gave me the redpill: >be me >sperg >browse r/greentext because redditfag >fi…[View]
25148603need a list and documentation of suicide methods[View]
25149159If a random person could see the future with a device, what would be the most efficient way he could…[View]
25144325I’m being gangstalked I was hacked in an active attempt 5 years ago For the last three years they’ve…[View]
25148342gf: my girlfriend doesnt like sending voice notes/pictures/videos and is insecure in the way she loo…[View]
25148967I get herpes and cant deal whit that: Hello. Well thing is.. I had rarely some sexual encounters (li…[View]
25148413How can I cheat on a proctored exam?: At my school we use something called respondus lockdown browse…[View]
25149094Is school really worth it? i know that getting a diploma is important to get jobs but are there othe…[View]
25147178Hello, russian anon on the call. I think I'm going to do this. I want to find a work in a Europ…[View]
25146840How did you solve your procrastination? I think that's genuinely one of my biggest flaws and I…[View]
25146981How do I help a friend that's self harming and refuses to tell anyone except for me (Pic unrela…[View]
25148018why is it easier for me to self harm (poor sleeping habits, rumination, cutting myself) than to stan…[View]
25149108Should I stay in my office job and 'settle down' and 'buy a house', or should I throw my downpayment…[View]
25146780Do women find male chest hair attractive?[View]
25148966Looks like I'm flunking yet another high school subject, this will be the fourth one I can…[View]
25149016my brother routinely gets so drunk that we have to call 911. he's been in and out of rehab for …[View]
25147112is there any book, game, show, movie, anime, anything about a guy in his 30's who hasnt accompl…[View]
25147087Not sure if I'm gay I've never been attracted sexually to a dude. It's not a turn on…[View]
25148650Need new name for my car parts shop recently i redesigned my shop, but i need new name. any ideas?[View]
25140257This is a general thread for school, college, and university-related topics. >ask for advice …[View]
25148963how can I use my money to get a girlfriend without attracting a gold digger?[View]
25147755about 4chan: I can't get help from this website in any way...i always receive bad and negtive c…[View]
2514890027m in college, young pussy all around me. How do I wife one of them?: Other facts about me: >aro…[View]
25148896Lexapro for grief?: So about 2 months ago my father died suddenly from a fall that caused a hemorrha…[View]
25144548>5' 7' >135 lbs >24 yo, KHV I'm at a point in my life where I dont even know whe…[View]
25148505I got injured on the job in maryland?: I just saw the company doctor and he gave me some bs diagnosi…[View]
25148045Job hunting?: I might need to be job searching soon but I just don't know enough about job mark…[View]
25148014escaping severe internet addiction/cope with loneliness: I keep spending hours on the internet betwe…[View]
25148223Wage Theft: My old boss owes me around 900 dollars for hours worked my last week there and never pai…[View]
25146089My irrational (?) hatred of liberals: Every time I see one of these stick-armed liberal basedboys, I…[View]
25148653Reasons to live for: I can't find any and I don't want to artificially create difficulties…[View]
25146902Someone took my picture: I was sitting on a bench in a park as I walked a lot and was a bit tired. S…[View]
25148573Are homicidal urges even that uncommon? It seems like it would be abnormal to never think about kill…[View]
25145764I've got nerve damage that prevents me from sensing bladder pressure or pissing. I'm think…[View]
25147720ATOGA: Ask the opposite gender anything: Previous thread: >>25146357[View]
25139079I’m getting really depressed with my boyfriend not treating me well I have dated a variety of guys a…[View]
25148518How do you tell a new coworker to stop fucking up without sounding mean or condescending? I work as …[View]
25147767I got some plywood cut at a hardware store for a project. But one of the boards was cut crooked, it…[View]
25148507I’m 21 NEET and live in a very boring English city in Canadaland. I’ve visited Montréal and I really…[View]
25146588help me guys. i live in a 3rd world shithole and no job. is there an online job or something where i…[View]
25147850>got rejected again At what stage do you just give up? I'm almost 30 and all I ever get is r…[View]
25146200'Nice ___, faggot!': How do you deal with drive-by insults? Do you just accept that they got a cheap…[View]
25146264I know I’m gonna get made fun of for this post but hear me out When I was 7, my mom was raped infron…[View]
25145648How are you supposed to respond to a girl complimenting you?: I autistically panic every time and ch…[View]
25148255Losing interest when people tell me to hang out: I am not a very outgoing type, but I enjoy enjoy ha…[View]
25148280When I go to work somewhere (physical, because it's the easiest to get), they always tell me th…[View]
25148134Extreme mood swings: I have some crazy mood swings that has only been worse as I have gotten older. …[View]
25141768How did you get over your childhood physical and emotional and parental abuse?[View]
25147072Should I declare I have a disability?: When I apply for jobs, they often ask if I have a disability.…[View]
25147861>Quit drinking cold turkey >Don't miss alcohol or being drunk but life gets 500% more mis…[View]
25147856How do i stop giving a shit about w*men? As in how do i stop being distracted by my hate of them: To…[View]
25146652I keep falling in love and it's always unrequited I don't even know what I'm doing wr…[View]
25146959How do I help my 12yo sister overcome phone addiction?: It's actually pretty bad... Every singl…[View]
25147930Wrist cutting: Comrades of 4chan. There's this girl I've known for a while desu we're…[View]
25147848I need to make a game for my programming class I can be the most simples game , in any engine or so…[View]
25147725How do I get over my fear of missing out? I seriously need to quit 4chins and a bunch of other socia…[View]
25143362Are older men actually more loyal? Are older men more loyal by default, or is it only if they’re dat…[View]
25147879want to hang out with cool cousin idk what to say: so a few months ago my mother thought i hated her…[View]
25147980Sometimes I wish I had 0 friends: I enjoy lifting and doing bjj and judo, everyday making progress i…[View]
25147782i have 2 cats. the plague made it so that i wasn't able to get them spayed. now i have 4 extra …[View]
25146863How do you talk to people? And what do you talk about?[View]
25147161My mom is a 5G tinfoil nut: My mom has ever since the 5G conspiracies became a thing been a strong o…[View]
25143646Wage gap: My gf found a gov job before she even graduated, she started at 75-90k a year and peaks at…[View]
25145067Turning point: >too socially inept to make friends and have a life >too lonesome to continue l…[View]
25147081I like butter too much: I'm 65kg and 178cm. I just love butter so fucking much, guys. I love ta…[View]
25147278How do I quit with my dermatillomania? I have autism and I've been aggressively picking at acne…[View]
25146992I need direction and hope: Four years ago I singlehandedly fucked up my future by pursuing a worthle…[View]
25144263Any other lonely men extremely worried about ever opening up to any of they meet in case they think …[View]
25146888I'm going to college to get an associates to become a Video Editor. Is there enough of a market…[View]
25145150How to cope when it feels like the world is stacked against you?: What do, /adv/? >be upper level…[View]
25145975Can anyone explain what this comment means (from ring size thread): Some guy asked how to find his g…[View]
25147547Not being a coward?: I am so afraid of a lot of things. Afraid to drive on highways. Afraid of women…[View]
25147488Pleaseeee: I'm about to be kick out I'm what crypto can I invest my last 100$US?????…[View]
25147332Sick after vaccine: No this isn't a troll post, I had my first jab on Tuesday and ever since ha…[View]
25141577Some years ago i was married (i was 23 at the time), my wife couldnt have children so her best frien…[View]
25147335is fasting even effective with losing weight.I don’t exercise much due to back problems so this is m…[View]
25145976Life isn't about watching the sunshines, it's about being with them.[View]
25146006>have ocd symptoms >have ptsd symptoms >have schizoid pd symptoms >have depression sympt…[View]
2514604220 y/o here, just worried about what my life will look like 10 years later. Right now, I'd say …[View]
25147353Future looking bleak: Lads my future doesn't look too hot. Im 29 rn. I cant get gf. Never had s…[View]
25147371Is my girl ok?: Ok, so here it goes, this morning when my girl was brushing her teeth she keep gaggi…[View]
25146930Why can I not get over my ex?: It’s been several years.[View]
25147029can I use veet on my balls? im too scarewed to shave : ([View]
25147453If given the choice, would you rather date someone taller or shorter than you and why, all else bein…[View]
25147459How do I live a happy life without the thoughts of never having a significant other or ever falling …[View]
25147440Why do people say therapy helps you? The only thing it gave me is trust issues with my parents[View]
25144730How to manage anxiety disorder, this is ruining my life: I’ve become agoraphobic over the last few y…[View]
25146814how i can format my life[View]
25147357How do I get out of this?: >diagnosed with hemiparesis and epilepsy so I can't work menial g…[View]
25147321The person I love has been chronically sick. Mostly I just hop on the internet and argue with Commie…[View]
25147382How do I deal with the feeling that my life is wasted and my prime years are far behind? >be me …[View]
25145916>cock gets kind of soft women ride me How do I fix this?[View]
25147334Is it possible for someone who dresses conventionally and has a normie haircut to attract a woman li…[View]
25147294Sup /adv/ losers, this time I got an advice for you. The biggest reason why you guys are a failure i…[View]
25146976I think I want to break up with my girlfriend. I feel like she doesn't really make me a better …[View]
25146954Showing interest in a girl: How do I show interest in a girl without being needy? There's a gir…[View]
25146582my job is investigating tax fraud for my state's government and writing training manuals. i rea…[View]
25147283>see attractive woman I know >want to say hi >don't >see guys I know >want to sa…[View]
25144705How does one stop chronic overthinking? I am in a constant state of analysis and calculation. It has…[View]
25147127Got an extremely friendly stray cat that keeps coming around. Runs in my apartment when I open the d…[View]
25145305What's emotional intelligence and how do I get better at it?[View]
25147138In a constant state of catch up with friends: Whenever my friends start a new game they never tell m…[View]
25147040My mother is mentally ill and heavily criticized by my stepmother. She became a housewife at 31 due …[View]
25146846>Living with best friends (brothers) >Girl starts dating one >Gets them hooked on who knows…[View]
25147163Hit-and-run / lost wages: I'm an Uber Black driver. Some drunk hit me while I was stopped at a …[View]
25145381i got tricked by face only pics on a dating app into dating a fatty the problem since we have been t…[View]
25147009Can someone tell me how I can stay true to my faith and kill off my interest in women? I try to live…[View]
25147096meeting people for the sake of meeting people feels like a bad idea but none of the things i enjoy d…[View]
25146789I'm realizing how shit my life is kek I'm not even half as sad or delusional as most on th…[View]
25146855How long do you have to look at your phone for someone to stop fucking talking at you. Damn.[View]
25145670How do you deal with animal torture?: I just watched an animal get tortured and I can't get any…[View]
25146702What do you do if you have bad communication, social and interpersonal skills by your mid-twenties? …[View]
25146785>girlfriend threatens to leave me over an argument about my bad day >she hates seeing me in a …[View]
25146357ATOGA- Discord users are fuckin pathetic edition: Ask the opposite gender anything old thread >…[View]
25146607Fuck guys >little brother diagnosed with autism >I’m cool because he’s smart >he makes me l…[View]
25145691I'm 27, and I'm going to break up with my girlfriend of 10 years. We've been together…[View]
25145799did 4chan just helped me?: Bros, I don't know if you remeber me, but I am the virgin who made a…[View]
25146555Called in sick today and i feel terrible. I'm actually sick i have no clue why i feel so guilty…[View]
25146955Just a reminder young love isn’t everything.: I had young love in high school, and eventually ended …[View]
25146883Am i allowed to be pissed? this might be a 2 pert thing >friend group including 2 girls and 4 guy…[View]
25146268I want a fresh start: I'm 20. I live with my parents, I'm not in school but I have a job. …[View]
25146710How screwed am I?: >Be me >Have a running joke with friends where we decline things based on b…[View]
25145488Does this girl like me or is she just being nice? I tried to remove as many identifying details as p…[View]
25143509I am extremely desperate and willing to find a girlfriend. Lemme summarize: - 19-year-old freshman c…[View]
25144783Sometimes it feels like it doesnt matter: >dropped out of school after 7 years and failing a clas…[View]
25146786Cant stop being incel help: Why am I an incel? It feels built into my brain to be an incel.[View]
25144508Is she right? Is this how you talk to women? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdNt6Qc1cbs[View]
251454092008 fringe?: How do I rock the 2008 emo fringe/anime-protag-with-black-hair-hairstyle without looki…[View]
25146684My hair is pretty curly. How do I get emo hair? I would also prefer to not completely destroy my hai…[View]
25146418college apps: > be me > 19 y/o senior in highschool > near perfect SAT (1570) and 3.75-ish…[View]
25145403I want to kill myself, but I know that my parents would be mad at me for ruining the perfect family …[View]
25146611So guys, a girl I've known since elementary school came up to me for sex, but I was so nervous …[View]
25145886About to graduate by next year at the latest, what now?: >in my last year of uni >no social ci…[View]
25146319Relationships: Hey all. I've been having a problem with my hubby's bff recently. So we…[View]
25144681What should I do if I've been having an identity crisis for the last 8 months? I don't wan…[View]
25143420Why is it so difficult to form friendships, or even acquaintances, for me? In my uni there are peopl…[View]
25146280i haven't felt anything in 12 fucking years: why is life so hard bros? i haven't felt genu…[View]
25145646How do I fake a bubbly personality?: It's just not my nature. I'm very cynical and straigh…[View]
25146303restraining order on my family: specifically my stepfather... possibly my mother as well. i am just …[View]
25146392Red flags: My girl has joked about having an OnlyFans multiple times, has said she has guys who she …[View]
25146027How do you get a girl to agree to have sex with you?: I'm an hkv and never even so much as had …[View]
25145539If a girl went out of her way to start a conversation with me in a college course, has stayed sittin…[View]
25146256how to find will to live?: >be me >early 20s >completely content with everything in life …[View]
25145729Crush: How to navigate having a crush with a girl who's already taken? We've been friends …[View]
25146196Relationship Advice: Hey bros I think I need advice about a girl. We are in the same lab class, so w…[View]
25145852I don't want my friend to be sad How can I be there for him while he's going through the b…[View]
25141532Are you supposed to wash your asshole?: Whenever I shower I never really clean my asshole, I just th…[View]
25145448Just realized I was the toxic one.: Abandoned my ex. Could’ve set better boundaries. No I’m all alon…[View]
25145400How do you get women to chase you instead? Or at the very least make her take the initiative to hang…[View]
25146078Is there a way to erase certain memories out of your brain?[View]
25145217Drinking too much: Alright long story my aging grandfather came around for 5 days and a drank 2-3 pi…[View]
25145071Help me out bros there's this cute coworker that seems to be interested in me and I'll men…[View]
25143118what are 'pickme' hobbies for males?: no matter what hobby i choose i always end up in sausage fests…[View]
25146036Big Booty or Big Boned: >be fit >be ass man >move to new state >greatest ass out here so…[View]
25144609So I think I genuinely have autism: Here's three things that happened just today: A girl at my …[View]
25140237How can I convince a friend to stop believing those stupid Republican conspiracy theories? He's…[View]
25145831How do I turn myself gay: No woman will touch me with a 10 foot pole, how do I turn myself gay so I …[View]
25146008How do I stop basing my self-worth on sex, how many people I've had sex with, etc? It really ca…[View]
25145967People film me jerking off: how to cope with no privacy? Just kill myself? seems like the right thin…[View]
25144736Getting a job: Can’t make a resume and don’t want to do interviews. Suicide the only option?[View]
25144549i have a photo of me in a group with all the faces edited to be my own how do i not fuck this up thi…[View]
25144888I got a job offer that would basically have me be away from people unlike my current job, but I…[View]
25146061Trying to Transfer: Leaf here, I'm currently in my 2nd year of biomedical engineering at a Cana…[View]
25144491I'm not good with psychology and subconscious thoughts, but I can't help but think there…[View]
25145127>me starting highschool and finding for the first time a female best friend >been best friend …[View]
25145985I can’t control my freakin penis: Every time I’m around women I have to fight so hard not to get a b…[View]
25144763Had this bitch getting her face close to mine, asking me to sit by her side and asking for my ig on …[View]
25140026how i can stop people from bullying me?[View]
25144567I always make the wrong choice and I am stuck with neurotic thoughts and regret.[View]
25145875Tfw my life is completely ruined: How do I proceed forward? I’m starting to think suicide is my only…[View]
25139851My fiance is constantly watching heavily propaganda filled television. It's not just Netflix wi…[View]
25142878broke up w bf of four years, how do i not kill myself[View]
25145559Should I decline becoming an eyewitness?: There's no subpoena yet. Four days ago, a rape incide…[View]
25145821Degree ,meme: I graduated with a degree that sets me up perfectly for a certain profession, but I no…[View]
25144368Give me some serious advice because I'm afraid to talk with someone else. I've been uniron…[View]
25145751How do I stop getting ticklish when getting oral?: I've been super ticklish around my pussy and…[View]
25145732How do I get good at solving problems and learning? I cannot generalize very well and am only able t…[View]
25143442HELP: I need to cum inside a pale fat white woman that loves me doggy style by the end of the month …[View]
25144581TFW MY GF DUMPED ME BECAUSE OF MY FARTS: >Be me. >21 >Always has been on heavy protein and …[View]
25144686At what age is it too late to take control of your life?[View]
25145001Apprenticeship problem: >leave 200k a year job in California to do apprenticeship in Texas >fi…[View]
25143502Should I try acid?: I'm curious about wanting to try it, and I've been asking bunches and …[View]
25144341I want to be a director: Not specifically for a movie, videogames would be cool too and they're…[View]
25145606Halloween Haunted Houses: I'm taking my fiancée to a bunch of haunts in our area in a week, bec…[View]
25145361help focus: gonna make this short. i need to focus but can't. any suggestions on how to focus o…[View]
25145207I think my neighbor has dementia. What do?: I was mowing my lawn and my elderly neighbor for doing s…[View]
25144329bros help, I got a FINE ass spanish chick’s number today. She barely speaks English but she was so f…[View]
25145425I chose to become an organ donor on my ID and I regret it but I don't know why. Is this OCD? I …[View]
25140517Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/: 10 days until Halloween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NHF54jabWg P…[View]
25145550where do bitches reside???: 19 and doing online school but I live in a big city. I dont know where t…[View]
25144526Feeling like a failure (again): I've been feeling like I took all the wrong choices, that I utt…[View]
25141910How I find someone rich to marry with? I'm middle class (dad makes $100k)[View]
25145439Goddammit i need to stop the cravings: Ive tried to lose weight but i keep eating junk food. If anyo…[View]
25145203I want to make xtra money. Wife said I can post naked pictures of her from neck down. Do you degener…[View]
25145346Looking to break my post-covid habit of being locked in the house: I'm in my 30s, single, and w…[View]
25145411>Daily mild headaches in both the front and back of my head >Almost daily mild stomach discomf…[View]
25145220Is it still 'drunk in public' if you're drinking just so you don't have a seizure from wit…[View]
25145392How to set up and follow a routine?: I've lived my whole life being lazy and taking things luck…[View]
25144547Gambling: I just lost 50$ gambling online. Now this may not seem like a lot of money but for a 18y w…[View]
25142600Casino interview: Going for a job interview to be a casino dealer. Anything I should know/do beforeh…[View]
25144151why don't so called 'Sigma males' just admit that they are fucking losers?[View]
25145056I took a first year law course and I have to write an essay due tomorrow about an article in law, ex…[View]
25144707How do I deal with this: My mom is 54. I'll say something and she'll pretend she doesn…[View]
25144900Do counselors even do anything helpful? I’m thinking I want to get help, but I don’t want to get put…[View]
25144946>be me, 17, junior year in highschool >friends with a lot of shitty people, lots of drugs and …[View]
25145140Corporate Job: I'm currently applying/interviewing for full time corporate positions. I have a …[View]
25145020How to have fun: What do you guys do for fun? Please answer with specific things that are accessible…[View]
25144967How to win masturbation addiction?[View]
25140570Bellybutton cancer?: I just noticed today that my bellybutton feels hard. Not like there's a st…[View]
25140500Why is it that I only match with Asian and black qts on tinder?[View]
25144965When I imagine you faggots all trying to influence me, this is what you look like at full power[View]
25138501reposting from auspol thread: shits fucked cunts im going to be homeless in a few weeks (or days) be…[View]
25143990I'm already lacking behind in my first week of uni bc of my part-time job. My job is 4times 4 h…[View]
25144677How to make hanging out with a girl fun?[View]
25144388What is a good platform for live-streaming a suicide?[View]
25144642I resent my girlfriend because she has COMPLETELY different values than mine. She doesn’t push anyth…[View]
25143820ATOGA - Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: It's one of those nights anons, bless each other with…[View]
25143587Femanon mom: My four year old son just points at me and says MOM whenever i enter the room. He just …[View]
25143934My balls hurt: I have started to believe in semen retention because it makes me much more motivated …[View]
25143857Ragequit job, hate entire industry: >30 >working my ass off for years to earn a promotion that…[View]
25144632Hellow /ck/. Perhaps this is more of a /fit/ thread i will ask for medical advice here. I think i …[View]
25142994Turning to crime to save face?: I've become a failure at life while my many siblings have flour…[View]
25143772The art of living for me, its the way you wanna live and die. Im not gonna lie, my biggest problem i…[View]
25144580fucked up boys: So anons who developed unhealthy sexual practices in high school. I.e. looking at pi…[View]
25143387Just got done watching my wife take another man's dick How did get this point? I dunno but it …[View]
25142997How come I don't care about anything other than video games?[View]
25144545Intermittent Fasting?: I've become a fat shit because of me working from home. I have a gym at …[View]
25142363How can i stop pursuing short bursts of dopamine rushes in the form of video games and start focusin…[View]
25143066Am I overreacting here? My gf quite literally is perfect, like wake up in cold sweats because it mus…[View]
25144084Nose bump near eye: I used to have two bumps on my nose right next to the inner side of my eyes, but…[View]
25144326Ate some edibles last night before I went to sleep and its kicking my fucking ass. I haven't be…[View]
25142517How to get over cuckold thoughts: I used to be so into it. I would masturbate and watch cuck porn. F…[View]
25144219How new must a symptom be in order to be considered 'emergent'?: i.e. to be acceptable by an emergen…[View]
25143570How to start making money from home?: I want to get into investing or some kind of crypto. Any tips …[View]
25144345Instead of helping people, I'm going tell OTHER people how I think that person needs help. I…[View]
25140797Finding someone you loved who disappeared: (Image Unrelated) I used to date this amazing girl whose …[View]
25144381How do I accept my parents? I'm old now (30) and still haven't managed to click with or lo…[View]
25143840Tips on not being a lazy faggot? I've been going through an existential crisis, and things like…[View]
25143912Having a daughter: I want to have a girl more than I want a boy, but at the same time, I'd be t…[View]
25112859what's one thing in your life that keeps you from necking yourself?[View]
25144100Is it normal to not have a friends for my whole life?[View]
25142972going back to see a girl: I met a girl some weeks ago, we talked to each other, she was really nice,…[View]
25143478I have anger that turns me into a cruel monster to my gf. I unpacked a lot of traumas in therapy whi…[View]
25144207Going on the first date: So what do i talk about on my first Date? Just basic stuff? Like Music and …[View]
25143795Should I tell her what happened?: I fucked up and I’m not sure what to do to cause the least hurt. …[View]
25143619Can we ban dating/relationship threads made by women? Women don't have any trouble dating, we a…[View]
25142705is people constantly saying 'you haven't changed' in a friendly way passive aggressive? i sure …[View]
25142845stay virgin or whore around...?: Hi, i'm f/19/bi and i'm still a virgin. I don't feel…[View]
25141376Tinder help: My bio on tinder is “could easily be lured into a van with a puppy or a sandwich or som…[View]
25143341My gf things I have some secret chick. What should I do? Note I don't want to deny and be a goo…[View]
25143649My dad is getting old and I don’t want to lose him he’s 67 he has high blood pressure and sleep apne…[View]
25143994I like being a nobody and not drawing attention to myself. But women don't like nobodies and I …[View]
25142829I have a drivable 2008 Toyota rav 4 that was was hit by an old man earlier this year. Damage is pure…[View]
25144119Oh well. At least you thought you could help me but you didn't have the courage or comfort of s…[View]
25144112How do message my fuckbuddy without seeming clingy/needy? Is calling better than messaging or worse?[View]
25142515I was with this girl at night and she blow smoke to my face: what does it mean?[View]
25143389is there a prejudice towards people with a degree that take jobs with low qualifications? on my fina…[View]
25142746How do I take care of every single aspect of myself? I hate my body, especially my posture. Should I…[View]
25142031I married the wrong woman. If I leave her, will I be alone forever? How do I face myself again after…[View]
25138932Did she even like me?: Match with qt shy bookworm girl on Bumble, meet her next day in a park, turns…[View]
25143549i wanted to go to a large public gathering this weekend but forgot to get tested for covid. do peopl…[View]
25143697Do 4chan moderators view your post history?[View]
25142676Feels like I missed out on the college experience.: hey /adv/ I'm in university for my final ye…[View]
25138958is it NEVER okay to date a coworker?[View]
25142740I ate a bunch of skittles for dinner last night and now my tongue feels sliced up and in pain. Any a…[View]
25141700How do i enlarge my penis?: Im 18 yo, can it get bigger? Im willing to sell one of my kidneys for 5c…[View]
25136414Do I have a white pass?: I'm Brazilian with Italian heritage. Thing is, do I look white in Amer…[View]
25143699Is there a way to stop wrinkles from coming on? I need to hold onto my youth as much as possible. Mi…[View]
25141293What are the chances I autistically friendzoned this girl?: >be me in high school (2018-2020) …[View]
25143705What am I doing wrong?: 24 Male, 6ft 200lbs Ever since covid hit I have been having extreme problems…[View]
25141959why the FUCK are teachers like this[View]
25142293How do I increase productivity in existing hobbies?: I have a few (around 5) hobbies that, if utiliz…[View]
25143377I'm 23 years old and my hairline is starting to recede. Is there anything I can do to prevent i…[View]
25143013quitting cigarettes and weed and avoiding insomnia: so i've decided to stop being dependent on …[View]
25142954Asking someone out: So, lets say you've come far enough through text messages to ask someone ou…[View]
25143020Dead libido, how do I fix it?: I’ve been very depressed and have severe anxiety issues over the last…[View]
25142616I'm new: Hello I'm new to 4chan What do I do here How do I use this website[View]
25142909Theres a girl i am talking to: She is NOT real, how do i fix this.[View]
25143440/occupy/ - 4chan Case#9007 : The world needs you to care edition: >Sleepwalking into dystopia edi…[View]
25143102Day Off Advice: I am a college student living with my father. My dad is leaving tomorrow to go hunti…[View]
25141851Gf has depression and its effecting her life schoolwork, hygiene. She won't seek help, says its…[View]
25142482I know there are people in a similar position: PLS...Anyone here join the great resignation recently…[View]
25142505Ask the opposite sex anything thread[View]
25142896How the fuck do I get an irl social life, in my hometown, if everyone in my hometown already knows m…[View]
25143042Did I mess up by breaking up with my girlfriend: I dated her for 4 months and I know she had baggage…[View]
25138917hello /adv/ is anyone able to identify what’s wrong with my back? I’ve been getting sharp pains in t…[View]
25143298It's been 2 months since I broke up with my ex of 6 years. I've been down in the dumps sin…[View]
25142698>spammed the board with nihilistic incel blackpills 20 days ago >was in a terrible mental stat…[View]
25143369Be insistent or not to be: Should I try to be more insistent when I talk to women ? I always stop to…[View]
25138699How do I sell VHS Tapes: I got a shit ton of VHS Tapes. Mostly Disney and some old classics like Pri…[View]
25141537As a 21 year old 5'8 Indian male, how do I start fucking horny milfs? I have nice muscular fore…[View]
25141508how the hell do you sit down in a room: Without resorting to your phone due to boredom other than so…[View]
25142931Moving out: I live with my mom but she is a huge toll on my mental health, every day off my wagie jo…[View]
25141498Is being lonely without any friends for my whole life my fault?[View]
25142709Should I ask out a 30 year old woman ?: I'm a man around 7-8 years younger. I'd probably w…[View]
25142369Is it wrong to jerk off to cartoons?[View]
25138731Job: I just graduated as an engineer and I can't find a fucking job. My whole field fucking cra…[View]
25142765Is it wise to have sex way early on in a relationship? In my experience it just complicates things.[View]
25138987breaking up w girl cause of body count: Anons I have been dating this girl for 3 months. It is my fi…[View]
25138049>fooling around with a girl >able to maintain an erection up until we actually start having se…[View]
25141197How can I get a gf if I have fairly severe Asperger's: >inb4 don't bother getting a gf …[View]
25142792Any /g/enius that can shut down my delusions and tell me if there is any way to read deleteld messag…[View]
25141819Strep Throat: I have strep throat and my throat hurts so bad it feels like someone poured hydrochlor…[View]
25140418Comming out: I am a 20 years old in-closet transexual person that still lives with parents (expected…[View]
25139931Does she want my dick?[View]
25142791Trying to talk to a friend: I haven’t spoken to one of my friends in a month (or two months if you m…[View]
25142712Have any of you only been able to get into relationships with women you weren’t attracted to? This h…[View]
25142763I'm an asshole to family members. When i talk with them i always go belligerent for really no r…[View]
25142755If you’re always looking for reasons to dislike your friends then there’s probably something wrong w…[View]
25142722How do I deal with homicidal rage?[View]
25142394What are the chances of me killing myself eventually as a childhood abuse victim?[View]
25142073Just turned 30: How do I cope? I'm a massive failure and made many poor life choices. All my fr…[View]
25142700I wish I was still an incel and had not been with someone in love. Knowing you can never again have …[View]
25142682Tips to smell good?: I used to use this coconut scented body lotion and would get a lot of comments …[View]
25141842Brain fog: >be me >havent ever needed to study much before to get good grades >pandemic hit…[View]
25141809pocket pussy: My girlfriend is a virgin and not ready for sex yet. Because of my libido, I was think…[View]
25142430I have lost all hope[View]
25142628I have a worker's comp related IME soon for an injury that will most likely last for the rest o…[View]
25142378I've met a girl on a dating app and we've been texting for over a month now, she's be…[View]
25142212How do I not kill myself?: Genuine question. How the fuck am I supposed to find the will to keep on …[View]
251418044:17 PM lying on bed. listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nKN9_H1Dks. tired of everything.…[View]
25142296HOW TO STOP BEING FAST COOMER: Okay, let's be serious about this subject. How to last longer i…[View]
25141790How do I get an inner monologue? Not the thing when you read something, but where there's alway…[View]
25140582What are my chances of getting a PhD: From a good university? Engineer here. I graduated with a 2:2.…[View]
25139866Should I let my wife have sex for her birthday?: So for context my wife is 25 and I am 26. We are th…[View]
25139955Autism Screening?: Learned today that my family feared I had autism for the first 4 years of my life…[View]
25142492Not depressed but demotivated and uninspired for anything: Basically I am a software engineer with o…[View]
25142104I want to buy one of these. What are your thoughts?[View]
25138698>going back to school at 30 years old >90% of the people in my classes are 18-20 years old, i…[View]
25140399Best place to fuck outside? >Met a girl on tinder >We're actually really compatible and w…[View]
25142006Does no fap work guys?: >be me >addicted to fapping because it relieves a lot of stress for me…[View]
2514226820+ with a pharmacy college student pregnant with an abortion doctor needs to tell my boyfriend some…[View]
25139943How do I find a mommy gf..[View]
25142124Help: I’m confused I’m either considered ugly, unconventional looking or people call me gorgeous/st…[View]
25140314How do I learn about crypto? It's so fucking huge and overwhelming.[View]
25139926So with all this talk of shortages, it seems pretty mainstream and not whackadoo. If things do get t…[View]
25142317Transfer: I applied for a course transfer on Tuesday, I was told that i should hear a response soon …[View]
25139907I think I'm not ready to be a father. The world is crumbling apart. The society began to decay …[View]
25141395how to stop the horny? alternatively, ways to turn on gf?: How can I stop being horny most of the ti…[View]
25139224How do I make friends as an adult? I just finished university and got a job in another state and I h…[View]
251418871 of 2. I wrote this the other day, but I need advice / to hear it again. It’s a long story. I…[View]
25140235How do I cope with being ugly? Not 'teehee, I'm so ugly', I mean the kind of ugly that you avoi…[View]
25140388How do I have the 'College experience' as a 25 year old Autist: I'm a 25-year-old autist, my fa…[View]
25142013How bad is this supply chain crisis stuff gonna get? Do I need to start apocalypse-prepping soon? Is…[View]
25141949>So, Mr. Anon, what did you do for the five years after graduating from high-school? >... >…[View]
25140001I'm addicted to productivity. Can't relax. Have to convince myself to enjoy myself. Is the…[View]
25137876Procastrination is worst thing that happened to me. Im lost within this world. I need help.[View]
25139925How do I cope with not being as cool as Megan?[View]
25139688If I fap while doing Calculus work, could I potentially gain a fetish for it and start doing well on…[View]
25141961Covid advice. Currently sick with covid, the worst part is the fevers every day for the last 8 days.…[View]
25140410Is it a good idea to tell a friend personal stuff?: I have a history of abuse with my parents that r…[View]
25140784I got revenge on my former friend who fucked the girl I had a crush on by making him suck me off. Ad…[View]
25141151>27, dropped out of school, never worked a day in my life, no car, no driving license what's…[View]
25141006Thoughts on this guy?: He offered my buddy a job and idk if it's legit or kind of a shady oppor…[View]
25141953Depressed or something: I dont know what to do, i dont have a lot of friends, the ones i have are di…[View]
25138993I think I just failed my first exam in my freshman year of college. If I passed, I barely got a D or…[View]
25140231I just lost my 2 remaining friends because I jokingly took a picture of a girl and they told everyon…[View]
25140383How can I be productive while high? I love smoking but can never get shit done. I have a fuckton of …[View]
25140316I've been living with my mother for 20 years since my father left when I was 8 and said he was …[View]
25139353>khv 20 male >live in a muslim cunt >it's already past midnight >somehow end up o…[View]
25139630Anxiety and OCD are ruining my life: I had sex for the 5th time this year and with a incredibly blon…[View]
25141536Affordibel Fresh food: What's your shopping advice for affordible fresh food. Let's say $1…[View]
25141880I am insecure: I am 20 and I have never even held hands with a girl. I really am not misogynistic bu…[View]
25141571How i can get over not having friends for the whole my life?[View]
25140479What should I do?: I spend 18 hours a day trolling on 4chan, 7 days a week. I'm in $80k of debt…[View]
25141035Howdy, I really wish I was not about to ask this, but I tried searching around and can't find …[View]
25138344How do I keep my wits about me when speaking to the less fair sex? 19 f here. Most males in my age r…[View]
25141550gg: What is easiest way to have decent amount of money. like skill which you can devote time to lear…[View]
25137135>Know a girl for half a decade >She sends me nudes pretty often and chats with me >Moves fr…[View]
25141668So, i think i have TDAH, but im already almost 35 yo. Im afraid to go to an expert just for this. D…[View]
25138281How does one pick up women at a bar? What do you say to even start a conversation?[View]
25139741Sometimes I think that it's too much, you know? Living? I wake up everyday realizing that I…[View]
25139193Anyone have a witty/funny thing to reply to this, she is cute and I want To impress her. [my profile…[View]
251410713 days ago my now ex girlfriend (relationship lasted a year and 8 months) tried to convince me to le…[View]
25141440How do I mimic the taste of the 'short soup' they sell at Chinese restaurants? I asked and…[View]
25140281How to dispel rumors that you are homosexual? I just discovered everyone at work thinks I'm hom…[View]
25140110Should I kill myself?: I will tally responses after the thread is archived[View]
25137841My boyfriend refuses to get me anything for my birthday because he says birthday presents are for si…[View]
25141326I touched my prostrate while wiping and now I feel dirty: Title. I accident touched my anus while wi…[View]
25140975ATOGA >tfw no bf/gf who meets my suspiciously specific requirements Edition Prev >>25137309…[View]
25141227How to stop starving: I understand that I'm starving myself and I want to stop but I can't…[View]
25141546Well. This is my life. One big stupid game and all the time wasted because some idiot thought he kne…[View]
25140358I went in to cover at a workplace yesterday and ive decided not to commit to the job. There was a re…[View]
25126122Am I the biggest loser on here?: >25 >divorced >skinny fat >balding >zogbot >once…[View]
25141472Every time I try to read or intensely study something, a song or multiple songs begin to play in my …[View]
25140967Lying: I keep lying about everything, even randomly stuff that doesn't matter. I try stopping m…[View]
25141528Depressed because of my bad teeth. Just started dating a girl, but I got my teeth deep cleaned and h…[View]
25140031Sex is boring: I reached a point where I don't actually want to have sex, and when I do I just …[View]
25141196adict?: >Be me student. >Intern working 45 hours a week for scraps. >Friend who I dont real…[View]
25141458UX Design or Front-End Web Development?: Dabbled in both but haven't fully committed to either.…[View]
25138829Why the FUCK do I get skid marks/ass sweat after shitting for an hour and a half?: I've been ha…[View]
25140035What is the best way to stop constant masturbation?: What is the best method to halt masturbation an…[View]
25138745Should I take a break from uni for a semester?: I'm currently studying physics at a (mostly) fr…[View]
25141233how to get cat gf?[View]
25141215I don’t think I’m ever going to be truly happy until I’m a billionaire. I should be appreciative of …[View]
25139589Reverse becoming gay: Can someone explain how to stop becoming gay due to lack of interaction with t…[View]
25141185I can never love again...: I'm having a mental breakdown currently and idk how to get out of it…[View]
25140959Social Anxiety: Is there medication I can take to unfuck me socially? and if so how effective is it?…[View]
25138719How does one be a nice person but do not look like a 'nice guy'?[View]
25132477>diagnosed autistic >meet nice girl >we start dating, at first she seems super keen, feels…[View]
25139951I was able to change myself through lots of meditation: Then /adv/ ruined it. Never take advice from…[View]
25141055May have fell in love w a freshman?: In college, currently a senior in last semester. Met this girl …[View]
25140605I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve been in a happy and healthy relationship with my boyfriend for …[View]
25140268Yo I've been dating this girl for two months. We're pretty transparent that we want to da…[View]
25139675girls: there are girls downstairs right now in my house what do[View]
25140634Internet friend is in my city: How do I entertain them? Outside of visiting historical sites, the lo…[View]
25139349I'm 23 and girls routinely say they think I'm 17 because of my boyish face. When will I st…[View]
25138962Is having a social media worth it nowdays[View]
25139461Does anyone else tend to become emotional at times, and be upset at their life, about past mistakes …[View]
25140563Server Girl: I met this server girl on a vacation just a state away from me. She was working some br…[View]
25140440Can someone recommend a job that doesn't suck? I need a job while I'm at college but non o…[View]
25140549Is there a way to correct myself from this situation? There's a girl at my work I'm pretty…[View]
25138493Can I get some legit advice as to whether or not I should invest in bitcoin? It can be articles/vide…[View]
25139728I'm absolutely done with friendships. It's a fallacy. There's no such thing. I can…[View]
25140382How do I make real life friends guys. I'm a freshmen only attending two com college classes per…[View]
25140581help: Hello, I am the youngest son and I have almost never had the support of my family, my mother i…[View]
25137721Falling into redpill rabbit hole: After so many experiences with women i’ve slowly started falling i…[View]
25140428>Have barely touched a vidya other than dota for the past 10 years >Not even particularly good…[View]
25140514help: Hello I am the smallest of the family and I have almost never had the support of my family, my…[View]
25139021I just went to an eye doctor and they in order to better inspect my vision they gave me eyedrops whi…[View]
25139507How do I stop being fake, or perceived as such. A friend group I've been with online for almost…[View]
25139919I miss being a kid again: I was happiest when I was a kid. When me, my mom and my 3 sisters were all…[View]
25140398Sexual regret: I've always only been attracted to women in real life and had a relationship bef…[View]
25139490Friendzoned: Was talking to a girl and basically got friend zoned today. She said she still has 'fee…[View]
25140204Job Interview: How do I pass a fast food job interview when I am socially retarded and schizoid? I a…[View]
25140299can i become a mormon without giving up cute anime girls and movies with sex and violence?[View]
25140373What's it like having a girlfriend who doesn't have bpd? Also, how do I break up with a gi…[View]
25140190Planning to get a job but I think my parents will be unhappy with me leaving the house multiple days…[View]
25139627Social retard here, how do I get a target employees number without doxing her? This one at my local …[View]
25139863Chances of Pregnancy: If I cum in a girl who’s on birth control and knows when she ovulates, what ar…[View]
25140118So I saw my ex female friend who friend zoned me in the past with another man. I've been gymcel…[View]
25140167Hey guys, I’m leaving.: And I’m not coming back until I am a success. I just turned 25, and I just r…[View]
25139040How to slide into dms: Met a girl outside a nightclub tonight, she added me on Instagram so we can s…[View]
25138252I'm going to a bar for the first time, and I'm a lightweight who's allergic to beer a…[View]
25139594Went on a date but the convo was literally her mostly gossiping about how weird her friends are, how…[View]
25139554how do I never drink again?[View]
25139878I have hard flaccid syndrome, what do I do?: I’ve had hard flaccid for years now and I’ve had some r…[View]
2513893920 KB 20 KB JPG It's creepy to realize that no kids can live their childhood without being sex…[View]
25139428Hurt by the fact my ex didn’t want to party with me: My ex was a party girl in high school and colle…[View]
25138443I was about to lose my virginity when I brought a chick back to my apartment but she laughed and bel…[View]
25138127Money: I'd like to discuss a 5k loan[View]
25138776I'm from the UK and I'm making money on Patreon. Is there a country I can move to where I …[View]
25138579im 18 and certain situations mean im rock bottom, on my own, working fast food. the people are nice …[View]
25139772is finasteride a good investment? I just got my prescription and am scared to start. I am scared of …[View]
25139759I want to bring my grandma back She passed away alone, in a care home... near a stranger... no one e…[View]
25139018Can we grow as individuals?.: I hear this all the time that 'we can all change and grow as people' B…[View]
25139745I have enough money to go by and nothing else to do (no hobbies, no gf, no church, etc). Should I go…[View]
25138167i experience so much mental anguish on a day-to-day basis that i literally cannot continue how do i …[View]
25137946Is it okay to waste your life? I honestly enjoy sitting in my room and playing vidya/shitposting all…[View]
25139704I'm 24 years old and have spent the time since I got out of highschool working shit, dead end j…[View]
25138017h: Hey, I wanna get smarter, have more practical knowledge any youtube chanels / podcasts you can re…[View]
25139502acne: I am breaking out hard fucking core and I don't know what to do. I'm in college. I…[View]
25137680How do I stop thinking of myself as an inferior subhuman?[View]
25139437What makes the pain of life worth living? I have no motivation to do anything. What is worth fightin…[View]
25139357necesito un consejo: lucianomed9468@gmail.com[View]
25135961Eye Contact: TLDNR: How do I maintain eye contact when my wife brings over her hot friends? So my wi…[View]
25139223Why does there seem to be so many antifeminist women?: I know so many women that just outright hate …[View]
25138631How do we fix the problem of children being born without consent of children themselves? It's k…[View]
25137155What's it like going to a psychiatrist/psychologist? Do you go often? How much does it cost wit…[View]
25137309/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Old thread: >>25135329[View]
25137235How do I make this Christian girl I know my girlfriend without scaring her off and losing the chance…[View]
25137890My scrotum is excessively sweaty: Lads, for several months now my ballsack and crotch is really, rea…[View]
25139005Commitment Issues?: I dated someone for 4 months. I thought we had excellent chemistry when we first…[View]
25139420Feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown: Happening again. Had a week or so of feeling really g…[View]
25137782where can I find a dominant girlfriend. I want to be pegged so hard bros[View]
25139168How does one get over regret?[View]
25138352you can't beat nofap going cold turkey: this is my advice for people who want to stop masturbat…[View]
25137839Girls always go distant in relationships: >Get into a relationship >Everything's so easy …[View]
25136409How do I get my girlfriend's ring size without letting it slip that I'm going to propose?[View]
25139419How do you go full hard mode? I think psychologically I was stopped from having an edge by my mother…[View]
25134676I'm a cuck and I want my gf to get fucked by a guy (preferably black). problem is im an introve…[View]
25131041When will covid finally end? I live in a country where like 95% of people are vaccinated and yet our…[View]
25139085texting girl I met one year back: So about a year back when I was doing some remote learning bs ther…[View]
25139169Is it okay to look at nude women?: Sometimes before bed I just want to look at nude women. So porno …[View]
25138994Hopeless: Ever since 2020 I am just completely fucking blackpilled about the whole world and the fut…[View]
25136635how to reset tinder account? how to make good photos for tinder?[View]
25139197I have a lot of pent up anger and stress. Thinking about calling off work tomorrow cause I think I’l…[View]
25139160Doctors and a Benzodiazepine Source: >sob story >29 >I significantly altered my life throug…[View]
25139112I CANT SLEEP OVER SCHOOL HELP ME DECIDE PLS So i get to choose -study 2 chapter of history tomorrow …[View]
25133583how the hell do i talk to people: so i'm 22 and autistic and i don't see myself as ugly, b…[View]
25139013I've come to notice that even for the most lonely, desperate girl yearning for companionship in…[View]
25139087How do I stop being a coombrain and get some real hobbies?[View]
25137543Catholic gf: My girlfriend is Catholic, and while I was raised Catholic and have been trying for a f…[View]
25136000How would God be different if he was me?[View]
25139022How do I become better at conversating with people? How do I acquire the ability to have more things…[View]
25138919How do I live a happy life without the thoughts of never having a significant other or ever falling …[View]
25139028How do i cope: How do i cope with the fact that other people think I'm a ticking timebomb who w…[View]
25134508Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/: 11 days until Halloween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meU2gAU7Xss P…[View]
25137865Ignore the problem and it goes away?: I ignored two people today who were trying to talk to me, one …[View]
25138464Should I even bother trying to get a gf if I don’t want sex[View]
25137481lm: I have decent face, decent body, am not socially retarded, have friends, have job, have car, sti…[View]
25138369Should I relax?: I'm 21 years old and I work at a large retail store with dozens of girls my ag…[View]
25138206why shouldn't I drink a can of monster a day?[View]
25138589Sister on attention seeking tiktok autism pipeline: I think she's a nice person but how do I tr…[View]
25138651Should I stay or should I go: Lately, the healthcare industry has been suffering major losses in hea…[View]
25137937I live in America and was wondering if there is any kind of over-the-counter pill that can help with…[View]
25135658GF used to fuck her neighbor who has a huge dick. Just got into an official relationship with her bu…[View]
25137298best beginner tutorial guide for leage of legends? for someone who has no idea how to play any kind …[View]
25137760What are my chances of getting a PhD: From a good university? Engineer here. I graduated with a 2:2.…[View]
25138779I hate my life: Hi 4chan, anon speaking. I'm turning 19 in 2 days. I'm still a virgin. And…[View]
25138791how do you get a girlfriend: im not bad at talking to people i have had 2 girlfriends before and bot…[View]
25138788Cancel a trip: Everything other than this is ok in my relationship, we're a new relationship, u…[View]
25138724How can I balance staying up late playing videogames with friends and getting up early enough that i…[View]
25137934Holiday: I have a week off work. What can i do for fun?[View]
25138714Based: How do i become a true loner who doesn't socially interact with anyone outside of the wo…[View]
25138576I'm only 18 and it already seems to be OVER, what should i do?: >still a virgin >didn…[View]
25137375Finding a passion: How do I find something I'm passionate about or really enjoy? Gonna have to …[View]
25137531Did all happy people really work on their happiness?[View]
25136926I don't enjoy anything and just waste my time: I'm 19 years old and I do nothing all the t…[View]
25137807my mother died 7 days ago and I still feel like im living in another reality, everything seems to fa…[View]
25138635how do I prevent being malnourished while fasting?[View]
25137232Please tell me life gets better after university, I want to graduate and work already[View]
25138553I want to get a fascist flag with symbols not very much known. I really want to get a cool flag, I w…[View]
25133481What's with all the autistic people on this board making threads about wanting to kill themselv…[View]
25138237I heard vaccines can sterilize you, what do?[View]
25137870Career: I'm about to drop out of college because I can't motivate myself to actually put i…[View]
25135124>be me >friends with a couple dudes over discord >extremely lonely when they aren't a…[View]
25137357Everytime I see a profile pic of a girl who has any masculine features (prominent nose, wide jaw/chi…[View]
25133519Are guys actually getting pussy using instagram? How?[View]
25138216So I recently graduated from a mid level university outside of chicago with a bachelor's in fin…[View]
25137577Advice on life after highschool?: I'm 19,and this year has been really shit. Losing all my frie…[View]
25123301Yet another incel thread: Women just don't give me the time of day. Everytime I try to approach…[View]
25138427I have a terrible work ethic and i do everything last minute. How the fuck do i get my shit together…[View]
25137297ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: /ATOGA/ - Singers and Swingers Edition Previous: >>2513…[View]
25135576Why do we congratulate women on getting creampied? I don't understand it.[View]
25138485>go to work >Come home >go to gym >scroll on phone or watch netflix rest of day >slee…[View]
25136975Stay in cozy job or move on?: Hey guys, Work question here: Through several several years of lucky b…[View]
25135732Should I lose v card to cougar: She is in her late thirties, I'm 21. She said I would be her yo…[View]
25138280I have an ambition of grinding my ass off for about 3 years after my internship ends to be able to b…[View]
25137144Is it wrong to be attracted to teens?: For the context, I'm 20 years old. I've had some gi…[View]
25138375What to do: What the fuck am i supposed to do in life? I mean i enjoy watching tv and movies but am …[View]
25137321What should I do regarding the covid vaccine? I was at first against it, not anti-vaxx because I…[View]
25130945What books help me have a girlfriend?[View]
25138258how should you pose for photos?[View]
25137124>be me >meet girl >she’s great >very stable >comfy romance >very good Christi…[View]
25136228>Show up for retail wagie job >Get told department has been behind all day >Work fast to t…[View]
25136180Is working from home actually worth it? I am so sick of being a factory wagie, will finding a job wo…[View]
25136924No hobbies or anything, spending games and sleeping. I'm thinking of getting into some kind of…[View]
25136760I'm 99% sure I have some underlying brain trauma from severe depression and social isolation fo…[View]
25138033How can I find a coomer gf online?[View]
25137129I know people frequently post asking for advice on finding a relationship... Thing is I used to be g…[View]
25136244What to do in your life?: What else can I do than browsing the internet? I workout every evening, bu…[View]
25134971Most problems on here can be boiled down to dealing with women and not being able to find a gf - and…[View]
25138168how good of an idea is it to have anal using soap as lube[View]
25137618How i can deal with my autistic family who want to destroy the house because im gonna go out and wal…[View]
25137947Self improvement sent me back to sorrow, the state ive started from. What ik doing wrong?[View]
25137483Vr: Is a vr headset worth getting?[View]
25137401Baby: Should you have baby? when they will suffer most of their life. You will be happier when you h…[View]
25137703Deciding where to live.: /adv/, i went to school in a city a thousand miles from home and have been …[View]
25137712Should I get this fucker out of my mouth or it's not a big deal? Also will this be painful?[View]
25137003Don't Understand GF: So my GF and I recently moved into a house and things are turning to shit.…[View]
25137302How do you tell a woman she’s being basic? Doing that stupid, basic woman thing. This morning my gf…[View]
25137560>interact with any group of people over like 10 >there's ALWAYS some asshole who controls…[View]
25138020I don't want to just survive, I want to truly live.[View]
25135811What's your opinion on Ivermectin?: Feeling very tired and down today. Should I take Ivermectin…[View]
25137753How do I find and join a swinger party[View]
25137331How to stop being so nice?: I’ve always tried my best to be nice even if I’m irritated with someone …[View]
25137615Don't actually want a gf: I'm 18 years old and my instincts are screaming at me to get a g…[View]
25137293How do I fix the hypersensitivity that comes from phimosis? My foreskin's been loose enough to …[View]
25137255Physically blessed, but socially retarded: Not to humblebrag (cause I am an idiot) but have most thi…[View]
25135113Need advice about a girl (texting/instagram): So after a night out during the weekend I got some kfc…[View]
25137718I want to own nothing, walk the earth and help people and leave my mark even if it's in one per…[View]
25136859gf taking up a lot of my time: So I’ve been dating this girl for 6 months, we get along really well,…[View]
25136001Wife having a lesbian affair: I get real hard just at the thought of it. Yesterday we had a discussi…[View]
25137702The official song of advice board: https://youtu.be/h2fNacQU1jY[View]
25135763Let's say after all your bills and shit are paid off you had an extra 1 grand a week to spend o…[View]
25133694Should I just lie to boys about my past partner count? I’ve slept with over 50 guys and this turns a…[View]
25129239I think a friend may be into me: I'm really good friends with a couple my age who live in anoth…[View]
25137649Thoughts?: This board has convinced me that incels really do need to be euthanized in Minecraft.…[View]
25137431Give me advice[View]
25134424Burnt out after first relationship? I dated a girl when I was 16. After that and 2 more relationship…[View]
25137319so yesterday I was at a college party and i was talking to some girls. I was hella drunk we were tal…[View]
25136554Bruh: >break up with gf 3 months ago >She send me a message today saying this Hmmm wat do…[View]
25137274while is common advice to breath deeply when you feel anxious, I find that if I do the opposite, hol…[View]
25136776Why do I have a fucking self-disgust when it comes to close relation with someone. I'm a young,…[View]
25136588My girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago and it's been really tough getting over her. I…[View]
25137461Should I doctor my college transcript? Interviewed for a job, they're now saying I'm in co…[View]
25137476How do I obtain internet fame by being a content creator or streamer? It seems like anybody can get …[View]
25137063I don't know shit about investing/crypto and I'd like to learn. Is there a good book/websi…[View]
25137225An older guy wants to: pay me to go on dates and outings with him. No sex. Never go anywhere that’s …[View]
25131368Am I forever an incel? >asian manlet 5'7 >gyno, not even fat at 130 lbs >look like a t…[View]
25135134Worries about C0Vax.: >tfw 3rd-worlder was forced to get vaxxed or fuck you u won't get to u…[View]
25134675Should I divorce my wife?: I hate my wife so much, she is the most horrible cruel bitch on the plane…[View]
25137303My grandfather is in very poor health and is going to die soon. Possibly within weeks or even days. …[View]
25137050I’m being filtered: I always wanted to do STEM and am going to a decent stem uni for physics, but no…[View]
25137090How to kys with drugs: How to efficiently kill oneself with drugs either prescription or not, you ca…[View]
25137388So this former coworker and I kept eyeballing each other at my former site. never got her name becau…[View]
25135254I’m in Australia, 26 years old, and about to finish out my law degree. I expect to graduate in June …[View]
25136803A girl at work that I seem to have some chemistry with works in a different department and is absent…[View]
25137300Terminal coomerism: >wank up to 4 or 5 times a day >see hookers every other weekend or so to C…[View]
25136278I wish I was a lesbian: I’m a woman… a little bi but I wish I was a lesbian I hang out in a lot of o…[View]
25137006Finding a lost loved one.: (Image Unrelated) I used to date this amazing girl whose name was literal…[View]
25136888Brain damage and impaired social skills from: social isolation? Is it possible I've gotten dumb…[View]
25135810Hello, /b/ I work at a store that sells card games and ice cream. Mostly Magic and Pokemon. The own…[View]
25137009Is there any chance that I'm not unattractive if I got to almost 30 year old without having sex…[View]
25137051How does someone regain lost respect? I did something cringy and Im afraid everyone will laugh at me…[View]
25133463Vr: Should I get a vr headset and what one should I get? I play vrchat every Friday night drunk on d…[View]
25137014How can I buy 'microgreen' seeds by the hundreds of pounds?: Where can I buy these common seeds? …[View]
25133150Is fucking a ladyboy gay? Details to come if anyone is curious. Homophobia is welcome ITT.[View]
25136849What do you wear to an outdoor wedding if it's going to be fucking cold?[View]
25136804IS ADHD/ADD real?[View]
25136416How to not get these when shaving your crotch or ass?: I already use after shave creme. It helps onl…[View]
25136261Not caring: 27 yo khv, after being depressed for a multitude of years and always struggling with rel…[View]
25136844help: >random metalhead guy sends you a friend request. >add him because you need more people …[View]
25136483Going to a party alone: Alright, this is probably stupid, but I need advice. My friend (21F) invited…[View]
25136797Which dating apps have the most kinky and degenerate women? Fetlife is dead where I live[View]
25136788Anyone else find out all of the PUA money they got was all overpaid? Hard mode anyone else have thei…[View]
25134928Am I lower than incels?: My friends only let me hang around because they feel sorry for me. I don…[View]
25134414>Finally match with someone on Hinge >Send her a message that is related to her profile >No…[View]
25136761how do i acquire motivation and the discipline to see it through? i don't want to enter my 30…[View]
25136318Lately my parents have become extremely religious, and they were never like this before. I feel like…[View]
25134840im trying to thugmaxx how legit does it sound? https://voca.ro/15Cdksz0RiWK[View]
25136282never had weed before i just ate 100 mg of edibles should i eat more i have another idk if this stac…[View]
251366944chan quality: how to stop mentally deranged incels pretending to be girls from shiting up the site …[View]
25135054Can't fucking focus: My ability to get anything done has been declining over the past few years…[View]
25134105phone addiction: how do I stop it? it’d be so easy if i could just throw it away but i need it for w…[View]
25136311If I have a history of suicidal tendencies and cut myself deep enough to the point where I need stit…[View]
25133811im failing my class what do i do: if i fail i think im going to get killed[View]
25135453How do you socialize: as a woman when you have no history? Meaning if people asked you what you did …[View]
25135372Another mom stole my son: I'm a mom whos got a 15 year old son. He uses this website and I spy …[View]
25132235I want to get a job, but I feel like I will regret it immediately. Is being a wagecuck worth it?[View]
25136481Hello sex-havers. I I'm in a 3 week relationship with 20 yo virgin girl, and my only gripe with…[View]
25135752Great resignation: How do i 'Inflate' my resume? I don't want to lie, but my resume gets replie…[View]
25136342Beef: What type of cut is this? How should I cook it?[View]
25135123Where to find older women: Im 23 and want a mommy gf who’ll get me drunk on expensive wine and then …[View]
25135156Does anyone ever recover from depersonalization and anhedonia? For me it manifests in basically not …[View]
25135360Is chain book store an okay job for depressed 23 y.o.NEET with no finished degree? I've compile…[View]
25133149How do I, a fat nerdy dude, attract fat nerdy chicks?[View]
25134915Vr: How do I stop playing vr chat when I'm drunk? It's my only way to socialise since I ha…[View]
25136474Techi need busines help: > never worked, always playing with technical stuff (usually 60h a week)…[View]
25135307making bumfights bdsm: So im half planning to start a business crossing bumfights with a porn site w…[View]
25135328How do I confront someone in public? >be in train going to work >black drunkard is being a nui…[View]
25135876how do i know if i have some kind of intestinal parasite? i have often a tight abdomen and headaches…[View]
25136412Bars alone?: Anyone got tips for making friends at a bar when you’re there on your own? I went throu…[View]
25136182>be me, 3 years ago >4.0 unweighted gpa >tons of ap classes, enough to graduate college a y…[View]
25136164stop being horny: How do I stop being horny? I am trying to stop jacking off but get constantly horn…[View]
25128110Getting ghosted after having sex a few times: How do I stop this from happening?[View]
25136359AUSTRALIA TRAVEL STATUTORY DECLARATION: How likely is this stat dec to get me an exemption on the ba…[View]
25135329/ATOGA/: ITT: Ask the Opposite Gender Anything Old thread >>25133772[View]
25134302im a coward: wont stand up for myself let alone others what do[View]
25135625Bedtime: I have been sleeping progressively later in the day for years. For example, I start my day …[View]
25131870I see what's wrong with this site, or at least, this page: >4chan then >lets raid site x …[View]
25135992>do or say anything in public >immediately cringe at myself and call myself a dumbass how do I…[View]
25136043remaining cool after first date: how do i remain cool and reserved after a first date? now looking b…[View]
25132841Gf of 3 years broke up with me just a few hours ago. I feel absolutely devastated, I cried for the f…[View]
25136004>be me >late 20s >expat in Dubai, work high paying job but a lot of work stress. >been h…[View]
25135449I dont get it.: What does it really mean to be yourself?[View]
25135747To any parents or to be parents here, don't ever beat your children under any circumstances, it…[View]
25135647Do you think people genuinely give a fuck about this or do they just want to be applauded by their p…[View]
25130096I am starting to regret getting vaccinated. I got both jabs earlier in the year but the more I read …[View]
2513567421 yr old incel needs advice: to get out of being an awkward neet incel, you need to place yourself …[View]
25134261Wife gaining weight: I've been married to my wife for about 3 years now, the last year she has …[View]
25134715Loner: How the fuck do I make friends?[View]
25135469So I have this girl at work who I like and she has been my friend since the day she started. It…[View]
25134982too high anxiety, what to do?: its partly because of caffeine but i feel like i lost touch with myse…[View]
25129915GF is a former 'adult content creator': So, long story short, my girl had an Onlyfans up until she m…[View]
25135806What are the best dating apps?[View]
25134787Anime: Can somebody help me 'get' anime? I have no clue why so people like it and I don't under…[View]
25135163did i fuck myself over?: So I went on a small weekend vacation with my friends to Greece to enjoy th…[View]
25135579Is it weird I don’t want a girlfriend anymore?: Let me preface; I was a sex addict for a little over…[View]
25135503How do I stop being envious? I've been going to a coffee shop regularly and one of the guys who…[View]
25135138if the only thing I want out of life is a connection, and I can't have that, I should die, righ…[View]
25135623How do I stop sleeping in? It's been a problem for a few years and it's starting to ruin m…[View]
25135380Hello /adv/ I'm cyberbum, I travel across the USA selling ART to continue traveling across the …[View]
25135027How do I deal with the person I love but treats me like shit?[View]
25128182If someone is bothered by their partner's body count, isn't it hypocritical to say their i…[View]
25133783eating: any tips on eating less? i'm a guy who can't never control himself when it comes t…[View]
25135498job advice: tl;dr no formal education and in a crisis over employment, skilled in video editing, wri…[View]
25130433My girlfriend is adamant about buying a house. She wants to own, she's tired of renting, wastin…[View]
25134879How do I reduce my consumption of weed? I have been smoking it since high school for the past 6 year…[View]
25133858I went vegan a month ago, but I still want to hurt animals.: Let me start off with a diary entry fro…[View]
25135132Depression and people working full time in jobs that they dont like just to earn money to live and p…[View]
25134721I don't know what to do anymore, /adv/. My gf saw my discord chat and saw that i chatted with a…[View]
25135458A family member that I dont trust moved into my family house last week. I want to install a camera t…[View]
25135480I graduated college back in 2019 with an Econ degree and never did anything with it. I can use covid…[View]
25135427How do I stop being dense?[View]
25135371Dating a leftist girl: My girlfriend is an sjw type leftist and it's been causing a lot of prob…[View]
25130725Ex keeps contacting me: I dated this girl for about a year, I’m 25 and she was four years younger th…[View]
25133627How do I deal with emerging anger problems? I've been a calm, rational guy my whole life, but l…[View]
25132683Dating Advice: Honest advice for asking a girl out? Do I ask via text or in person? How do a phrase …[View]
25135358Serious question: how do you cope with sexual dreams involving your mother? How do you not wake up f…[View]
25135235I have no idea what I'm doing... I own a business but I feel like it's getting no where...…[View]
25134530Help Girlfriend Problems: my mentally fucked girlfriend focuses too much non that fact that she is f…[View]
25135187Nofap: Is nofap a meme? Is it worth doing if I don't want a girlfriend or will not fapping help…[View]
25134852Intellectual opposite: Although I am married I don't feel 100% connected to my spouse. Somehow …[View]
25134789What is the point?: The average normie will wageslave just to earn a basic bitch house, ungrateful w…[View]
25134937First time ever on /adv/ so not sure if this is the right place but I wanted to know if I was bamboo…[View]
25131252So much pain bro. How do you cope?[View]
25133250How do I get an American accent? I have a strong Indian accent.[View]
25135159Anniversary gift?: Sup /adv's What do you guys get, or have gotten, as a gift for your gf'…[View]
25135147Lost my virginity to a hooker: How do I cope with shame, humiliation, and utter degradation of my fi…[View]
25133188It’d be a bad idea for me to let my wife suck a strangers cock. Right?[View]
25135227You do realize the key to being successful with women is just to be yourself? Right? Also being conf…[View]
25135194What comes after I've finished my gaming station? Did anything interesting happen after you com…[View]
25133194I'm a guy in his late 30's, not fat or ugly, and I just got a six figure job (I've be…[View]
25126259Should men make noises during sex?: Every time I climax the feeling just gets so much that I can’t h…[View]
25132081I'm going to the usa soon to study but still wanna drink as I'm not 21 yet how do I get a …[View]
25135069People don't take me seriously. I have always been told that I look younger than my actual age,…[View]
25133117My boyfriend told me that I have to start eating meat if I’m going be around him, otherwise i need t…[View]
25133090If a crime is committed online between people from different countries, which law is applied? The on…[View]
25134408Why do I seethe so much when I feel like someone has one upped me? Primarily on a micro day to day s…[View]
25131537Bystander effect: Im sure you guys heard about a girl getting raped on a philly train with people re…[View]
25134732How can I heal a anal fissure quickly?[View]
25131788trouble believing: so, my gf got raped by her stepbrother right before we got together. the story is…[View]
25133254Please help me.: I open this hellhole of a website from time to time to check shit out and since the…[View]
25134925i don't know what to do with my life: I'm a neet, but my family hates me and resents me fo…[View]
25132415Tendonitis in wrist: How long exactly does this shit last? been feeling a mild ache in my wrist/hand…[View]
25134963>be not gay >whenever someone jokingly makes a gay joke I turn bright red >everyone thinks …[View]
25134446How do I study more? I periodically get distracted and my studying is very inefficient. Sometimes I …[View]
25134650You know why women getting raped to death is funny? Because it happened to *your* wife lmao.[View]
25131432Ideal type?: I always hear what men think is beautiful is different than what women think is beautif…[View]
25130845Bros and sisters and others, surely there must be some fellow people on here who have 'fallen for' u…[View]
25134287neglected home: met a really hot girl. she is smart and really clean. The only thing is she wants to…[View]
25134573job advice: I just started this new overnight stock job and I hate. I hate the hours, I feel like a …[View]
25134175I met up with a girl for the second time tonight who is trying to get a FWB kind of thing going with…[View]
25134542How to ask someone on a date?: I'm a man and I want a particular woman to be my gf. We know eac…[View]
25134002Just bought a house, no idea what to do with it now. Hire a house inspector to see what upgrades I c…[View]
25129963I found out my ex boyfriend is a pedophile: I dated this guy for 3 months, we broke up because he wa…[View]
25134421Finding Someone's Twitter: I know the person's older twitter accounts and friend's ac…[View]
25134360Making a change: I've been battling trying to change for the better for the past couple years, …[View]
25132014This girl I've been seeing for 2 months just told me she has Bipolar 2. She seemed fine to me s…[View]
25134470home cream: Idk what to do with my home screen but I want it minimal[View]
25132580I am a 24 yo healty male, i go to the gym and have and overall good health. I suffer from social anx…[View]
25133772/atog/ - Ask The Opposite Gender: Old >>>25131259[View]
251319791 year into college, am I missing out on anything by living at home? I don’t have enough money for r…[View]
25134218I have no friends, I'm cool with my coworkers. How do I try to hang out with them without comin…[View]
25134253My life sucks hard. Mom died when I was young, dad lost his job when I was 10 and been barely surviv…[View]
25132996Is it a read flag when a girl keeps in contact with an ex[View]
25132700How do I stop disliking females?: I want females to love me for I am a nice guy. Females only seem t…[View]
25132827Every time I chat my classmates or friends, they seem to think I'm intimidating, but I'm n…[View]
25132548I'm behaving like a dick and it seems to be going really well: I hooked up with a girl from Tin…[View]
25134162I messaged my crush's ex-girlfriend whom I hate, however, I didn't say anything objectivel…[View]
25133774Hey /adv/. My boyfriend is coming to visit for the first time soon-ish.(In a few months.) I've …[View]
25134077my bf says I should get a therapist: I told him i debated on taking pills because of my chronic depr…[View]
25133789how do i move on from my pet's recent death?: my cat recently died. and every time i go through…[View]
25133578how can i be cuter: what can i do to start cutemaxxing[View]
25131574want to fuck more alt girls, optimal strat: Alright title says it all. I stopped porn 100% couple mo…[View]
25133237How to inoffensive shitpost? Jannies on /mu/ keep taking down my threads and giving me warnings. I w…[View]
25130111Met up with a girl twice. Didn't go for a kiss or handhold, because I'm still getting over…[View]
25127468Just found out i'm autistic, where do I go from here?: After recently getting diagnosed, how ca…[View]
25132339How do I age gracefully as a woman? I've heard that wearing sunblock every day helps skin.[View]
25133840Sales Rep?: How do I be a 'Sales Representative'? What the hell does that even mean, and why does In…[View]
25130374I know several people at my university who are open and public defenders of Mao Zedong, Stalin, and …[View]
25133458I don’t care: Does not caring ever become toxic? I truly don’t give a fuck how others perceive me so…[View]
25129665How do I ask out a girl in my class?[View]
25133571what should I buy my husband for his birthday?[View]
25133632>work in construction >hopped off a 4 foot ladder >landed on something round >rolled ank…[View]
25132027I don't feel pain or fear. I do experience pain, but it is never enough to stop me, even when i…[View]
25132441What are some steps to ensure that I get doxxed on discord sending pics/videos? If I leave out my fa…[View]
25132426I need help writing a cover letter for a job.... any good resources? I've got it writter but I …[View]
25133620just got my finasteride prescription but im scared tell me its not so bad and itll make my hair grow…[View]
25133422Is there a name to this?: when wathching a video or a series, I usually tend to open another tab to …[View]
25133380Broke up with my gf: Dated for 4 months and broke her heart…I wasn’t feeling it in the end but my gu…[View]
25132064Does always being slightly sleep deprived do anything to my health in the long run at age 20? I feel…[View]
25132721I have been in a good relationship with my ex whom I always assumed was autistic by the way she beha…[View]
25132964Is she interested in me or not?: I met a girl for the first time 2 days ago (we had already been cha…[View]
25132152Girl in my class group was flirting with me hard but i was just taking it as like joking. Like two d…[View]
25131868> Be me > 20y old > High autism levels > Still virgin > Have relatively 0 social life…[View]
25132959Do women like it when men slurp up their grool?: Is it like their version of watching a woman swallo…[View]
25132168Gf was still seeing others 2 months into dating: I have been dating my gf for 6 months now, and its …[View]
25133100im a virgin and im gonna go overseas to do legal mongering. im looking at online escort listings and…[View]
25133357Recently parents have been complaining too me that I do not have a marriage and has taken it upon th…[View]
25132007Rational Suicide: If I know my life isn't going to get any better, or if anything, is only goin…[View]
25131947noticed something lately, alot of gen z girls have mental disorders, are different sexualities, have…[View]
25131853i want to commit suicide, preferably overdose but i have no drugs where im at, besides wed but i can…[View]
25131365Catholic gf: My girlfriend is Catholic, and while I was raised Catholic and have been trying for a f…[View]
25130267How do I overcome my porn addiction?[View]
25132599Aspergers is curse.: I fucking hate my Aspergers, I can barely talk to men well let alone women even…[View]
25131380How do I meet people my age outside of college: I'm 20 and not in college. Everyone my age is i…[View]
25133323At A Crossroads -: I'm graduating uni with a math/cs degree summer 2022. I have approximately $…[View]
25133321>work 8 hours a day >barely socialize >come home to roommates >go straight to room and …[View]
25128859At what point is liking feet a fetish?: So this question necessitates that you don't hold the o…[View]
25132328Why do I only get likes from bitches 20 miles away even tho I got my settings on 3 miles away at mos…[View]
25133016Why am I lazy?[View]
25131674how to talk to philosophy students?: I'm catching up with a friend who's a philosophy stud…[View]
25131659I think I fell into some kind of trap dating a woman in her 30s who had baby fever. >meet girl, g…[View]
25132958Job Interview: I have my first in person job interview for a labouring job tomorrow morning. I need …[View]
25132722Is medication really mandatory for Bipolar 1? I've been on massive doses of pills for the past …[View]
25132967Help: Frens I think I might actually be developing depression. I really don't know what to do…[View]
25131331i love my gf. she's pretty, has a warm, caring personality, and takes care of me. she's ve…[View]
25130992Is ADD real?: I suspect i have add. I have a hard time being productive as i have 0 motivation or pe…[View]
25132855Help me find website: What is the name of website where you can check elements, motives etc in popul…[View]
25132834Why do I sabotage all of my relationships after 18 months? And how can I stop?[View]
25132315Do women who ‘loved your always come back at some point?[View]
25131847Attract people who use me as a therapist: Hey /adv/ For many years and now in my 30s, I have the ten…[View]
25130726When a chubby girl loses weight and becomes skinny can you always tell after? Like from 200 back dow…[View]
25131605bad advice: >realizes that the 'make her wait to not seem desperate' piece of advice is used as a…[View]
25132671How do I get better at accepting, and handling setbacks? I studied a foreign language diligently in …[View]
25127010Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/: 12 days until Halloween https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3gTJDWtgYU P…[View]
25131943How do i start a conversation with a girl without the classic 'hi how are you'? i want to start the …[View]
25131769>be me >experimenting with drugs like Lsd and shrooms since i was 15, because i was introverte…[View]
25131259Ask the opposite sex anything thread[View]
25132443Falling for a thot: Met a girl, she gives me so much attention and validation, sucks dick like a fuc…[View]
25130361How should I lose virginity?: I'm 23M, 5'9'/174cm and kinda cute but masculine. Not really…[View]
25131352Getting the urge to cut myself: Yeah I know, I know. But I've never had this urge this strong b…[View]
25132251Do most men end up having children eventually, in percentage terms, regardless of whether they are l…[View]
25130205tips for a male with BPD?: I feel like others affect my emotions and i care too much about others, w…[View]
25130564How come I'm incapable of holding a conversation with people?[View]
25132165Is 18 too old to start skateboarding? I wanna be a skater.[View]
25128343I’m behind: I go on IG and all the niggas I came up with are living fulfilling lives. They all have …[View]
25132284Make decisions based off of dreams?: I have vivid dreams occasionally, and while I know this is a br…[View]
25127754> Anon i think we need to take a break from each other > It’s healthy I promise > And after…[View]
25132299>tfw I just want a cute gf with whom to cuddle and whom to caress and treasure, whose head to pat…[View]
25132250How can I increase penis length? Naturally? Surgical? Taking pills? I don't care. I have an ave…[View]
25130224should I date her?: literally the only woman who has ever given me attention is this fat, bipolar, c…[View]
25131786An old coworker and I are meeting up for drinks this week. Preface, I'm an absolute idiot when…[View]
25130754Seriously concerned if I'm schizo: I... I don't know what's wrong with me really. Cou…[View]
25128910Online anonymity is going to be banned in my country (UK) because some politician got killed and the…[View]
25131126baby daddy: it's been 3 weeks since I've had my son and I don't really feel anything.…[View]
25132131How to feel more sympathy/empathy? Or is that not possible and I'm trapped being a robot foreve…[View]
25132174first time ever my mom gets identity stolen: hey, so someone on whatsapp is pretending to be my mom …[View]
25132119MASKFISHING: i saw on tiktok about looking attractive with a mask on and then ugly under it and i co…[View]
25131074I've had 3 hallucinations this year, and there were months between one another. I'm a 20 y…[View]
25130761Why can't I show affection to anyone? It's been this way since I was a kid. My uncle died …[View]
25131720escort question: Want to try a girl on Tryst dot com. Can I just pay for a few hours of action or do…[View]
25132091Diaphragm birth control: Anyone have any experience with using a diaphragm, the caya brand or honest…[View]
25132034Finding like minded people and true friends: Is it possible anons? I am in a bit of a paradoxical si…[View]
25132002Looking for analysis: I got stoned and started bitching a few paragraphs. Just looking for feedback …[View]
25128229I have no friends It has been days since I have texted someone because of the virus And I don't…[View]
25130595Overcoming envy No matter what I do I always find people better than me. That is obvious. There is a…[View]
25131935I recently discovered that someone I know from college has been tweeting problematic things such as …[View]
25130544advice: hey anons have a question is being afried of being forgotten a thing or am i just aut lol p…[View]
25131928Is it hard to get a remote job?: Do you have any experience with remote jobs anons? Are they hard to…[View]
25131001How to navigate life without having wit?: How am I supposed to stand up for myself if I am witless? …[View]
25129941Trying Tinder for the first time: What would be a good bio? I genuily have no fucking idea what to s…[View]
25131588I'm 186cm height, weigh about 75kg. I look just about average and have a 6.5' dick and I l…[View]
25131002Women approaching me?: I am 28 and I had a woman approach me for the first time in my life the other…[View]
25130138Fixing eyes: (Pic related isn't me) I took photos of myself and concluded that I have a negativ…[View]
25131521>no money >living in the woods >covered in mosquito bites >ants crawling all over me …[View]
25130866Breakup: Hey I was hoping someone could shed some light cos I don't know how to think straight …[View]
25131669how do I learn chinese?, I really suck at languages and need to learn it for college. how do I get g…[View]
25131425cough syrup: abs i got a fuckin cold and a bottle of dayquil n im trynna get fucked up. if anyonr go…[View]
25131730How to endure another 50 years of this?[View]
25131541Massage parlor: Anyone been to one? I might go to one to get a nut off. What are the general protoco…[View]
25131313My live-in gf of 2 years never does shit for me anymore when I do a lot for her. It's making me…[View]
25131649Fuck man I need to get laid: Only did it once and they approached me, the fuck do should I do[View]
25130940Here is some advice: ASAP Stop being a pussy and talk to the person you’re having a problem with. Mo…[View]
25125733>lose 35-40 pounds >happy >feel pretty good (5'6 with an approx 28 inch waist and 31 i…[View]
25129922Does it really matter or not to ask someone out over text vs in person? Been friends with this girl …[View]
25130163Getting a degree: I really need advice about how to be a functional adult. Next year I'll final…[View]
25130983I work somewhere where they hire mostly psychopaths. They bully me and make me feel small for fun. I…[View]
25127475Why live?: I am seriously wondering, whats worth pursuing in life? Status, money? A good wife, and a…[View]
25131062What can i do in this situation? I'm 21 years old in about 1 month, and i feel like i stopped l…[View]
25129918Why am i so cold towards women? I find them cute and all but unless I'm super interested i just…[View]
25131469I'm 27 years old. I thought I was supposed to marry my girlfriend and have kids with her... but…[View]
25131061Is eharmony a better alternative to tinder?[View]
25131096sick old man with morphine overdose help: My father who just turned 64 is sick with liver cancer whi…[View]
25131060What do you recommend for deep traumatic experiences?[View]
25130346I've never told anyone how I feel. I had people who were willing to listen but I couldn't …[View]

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