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22455402>best friend killed himself a year ago, that's been on my mind. Rip. >most painful breaku…[View]
22451668How do men not feel ashamed of having ugly wives? My gf isn't even that bad yet I still feel in…[View]
22455398My dick is curved. How do I know if it's a normal curve or Peyronies? It's fine when I jer…[View]
22453680To explain my entire situation would take a lot of information so I'll just get to the importan…[View]
22455555Should I fuck the fattie: Dominican girl with a fat ass is trying to fuck, I haven’t had sex for two…[View]
22455461Not cut out for working world, can only cope with creative roles: Hello 19 y/o male, I've prett…[View]
22454669I have a new gf for a couple months, and after we started having sex i started to really enjoy sniff…[View]
22454881HR just told everyone there will be no pay increases this year unless you've gotten a promotion…[View]
22455493How do I remove my abusive father from my life?: I grew up in a dysfunctional family. My mother was …[View]
22454614I just finished my first semester of uni. I did 5 classes (30 credits), and im sure i failed 3 of th…[View]
22454580My car is in the shop so I'm trapped at home while ny husbands at work, but it's unholy ho…[View]
22454059people don't respect me so I decided to stay socially isolated and think why people don't …[View]
22454525Ask the Opposite gender anything[View]
22454579weird but honest advice request:can I become a 'working class hero'?: Im lately leaning towards patr…[View]
22455276Not having a virgin gf and receiving advances from non-virgin women triggers my mental illness: 23 a…[View]
22452737Repay Debt To Society: When I was younger I stole a boat motor from someone. How would I go about pa…[View]
22455190Any point in applying for jobs during Covid?: I just graduated from college in May and I've bee…[View]
22454853I just realised I hate each and every word that comes out of my mouth when I'm around other peo…[View]
22454026Please help me. I have no social media to share this on or friends. I got injured at work and am una…[View]
22455166Is art school worth it?[View]
22455132Ghosting and starting afresh: I really fucked up at uni. I did a whole bunch of deeply embarrassing …[View]
22453506my gf of 5 years and I pretend our plushy is our child. We know it's not, and we don't do …[View]
22451712Lads, I need help I ended up talking to a girl off here, who I have never met yet I am already suspe…[View]
22454889Story time >with a girl for 4 years >2.5 years she struggles with mental illness and I try to …[View]
22454846I'm pretty insecure about my dick, I sometimes consider posting it on /soc/ to see if it's…[View]
22451062Should I bother applying for a job providing therapy to autistic kids if I have extremely poor commu…[View]
22454839Should I go abroad for cheaper studies?: I want to get a degree in literature. As it stands, I would…[View]
22455060Blurg: I’m really friendly but when I get comfortable with people, I can become an asshole. I’ll jus…[View]
22454949How to make your friend not retarded: My friend wants to ghost a girl because he loves her (Already …[View]
22455030At what age do you think you would break down? For me it's probably around 30ish and I either b…[View]
22455035My ex destroying my life: Been in a relationship for 3+ years. I wasent happy in for a long time and…[View]
22454660Anyone else has discovered that is actually totally alone due to quarantine? I used to meet classmat…[View]
22454972What is the best way of coping when you know you have said something very stupid? I can't help …[View]
22453732There's a group of people that I want to be friends with however when I joined they were talkin…[View]
22454888If someone gives you their Steam account to use, with a shitload of games, what would you do? What…[View]
22453580Where I can find qt girls for a serious relationship?: Most of the time I read here things like 'try…[View]
22454933Wear Sunscreen: Here's some good advice /adv/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MQlJ3vOp6nI&fea…[View]
22454417Fear of Intimacy: How the fuck does one get over the anxiety of getting physically intimate with a g…[View]
22453288I met an American black man for the first time in my life at work. We started talking about movies a…[View]
22454759Alright, I'm almost 20 years old and I've recently finally been able to pull back my fores…[View]
22454466Getting better sleep: How do I learn to “turn my brain off”? Its sorta hard for me to go to bed, I f…[View]
22452739why does she do this: We have normal conversations, and then something sets her off out of nowhere. …[View]
22453079Do white girls like brown cock? I'm a Spanish nigga and I've always been told I'm ugl…[View]
22454641Easiest skill I can learn to earn livable money from my home?: I want to earn enough money from home…[View]
22453644If someone as talented and well loved as him wasn't still able to beat depression what chance d…[View]
22453701shy idiot: Why am I such an idiot, I got couple tinder matches but most of time I'm afraid to i…[View]
22452990People on hear shit on dating apps but my state is still in lockdown: I never had a girlfriend and I…[View]
22453539I'm going to see a therapist soon. I hate it when people say 'It's all in the past now' Wh…[View]
22454456My fiance and I are having work done on our property which includes having our entire floor in the h…[View]
22453689I have no motivation to do anything. I am a fucking wanker lol. In the past, I learned that I was un…[View]
22453327Advice on getting a studio apartment and living alone. I want to live away from my family; simply be…[View]
22453112Hi guys! I'm a Native American, male anon. I would like to ask for some advice on how to talk t…[View]
22452499Whenever I try to post on 4 Chan it says my Ip is banned: Yet I just started using 4 Chan fairly rec…[View]
22452431>look around >tons of people my age have a great job >i can't even fathom having these…[View]
22453264Girlfriend say she is pregnant but I never told her I got a vasectomy.: So... I got the vasectomy wh…[View]
22452736How does one exorcise his/her porn demon?: How do we evade this Jewish trap? It's almost as if …[View]
22453720Imagine this: You're in a very new relationship and suddenly and old crush becomes interested i…[View]
22453136Okay I'm 27 sorta incel. Only had sex once and I did not like it because I was drunk and taken …[View]
22453707Are relationships this hard?: All three of my serious relationships have been emotional roller coast…[View]
22454088How much do you remember of your last days / weeks / months?: I have trouble reconstructing my last …[View]
22452904Hello, /adv/ NEET 18 y/o here I turned 18 just 3 months ago, anyway here's my story: I live som…[View]
22452122When I‘m nervous I always do pic related to my toe nails. How do I stop this? Everytime I tell mysel…[View]
2245311435 year old and retired, married but no kids, ask me anything and i will ahare whatever i have with …[View]
22452850Tips for grad school abroad?: This upcoming school year will be my final year at university before e…[View]
22453710How do I successfully c uck another man? A girl who has previously admitted to finding me attractive…[View]
22453407How the fuck do you figure out your career: Every time I think of a career I think of some reason no…[View]
22453977should i take an unpaid sabbatical?: i have a good job but its not the right fit for me and its stre…[View]
22452991>go to the beach for the 4th with my friends >two girls I haven't met there before are th…[View]
22454041How to choose your future?: What do I do if I'm boring, low IQ-d, have a shit vocabulary, a bad…[View]
22453908Is being single a privilege?: Sometimes I see pretty girls and say to myself 'would be nice having s…[View]
22452336Time for new headphones: Hey /adv/ my headphones died off recently and I have no more motivation to …[View]
22450500Should I join the army? I'm 20 and currently in community college, but I'm planning on dro…[View]
22454135Question: Does anybody here speak Japanese?[View]
22451931I fucking hate zoomers eventhough I am a zoomer myself. I think everything about zoomers is cringe. …[View]
22451874Become stronger: I want to become a machine and leave my humanity behind. I don’t want to be addict…[View]
22453521I don't even know what to do: At this point I have no will to do anything. My time in homeschoo…[View]
22453511It was already bad but recently I lost someone and it sent me into the deepest depression I've …[View]
22453995What do you do in the cases of extreme boredom. Every day is just the same shit all of the time. I…[View]
22453316Will this tan go away?: So my treadmill broke (Most of the time I don’t leave my house to exercise)s…[View]
22453987ok lets how the fuck do i turn off a bluetooth headphone mic mine is trash wpuld rather use my phone…[View]
22453936Should I be worried if I scratched my sweaty leg and drew blood out of doing so?[View]
22453626Should I date?: >be me (late 20s) >girl at work >'slow' in some sort of way that I cant put…[View]
22453339I want a girlfriend so badly but I've rejected all 4 of the girls that have ever asked me out. …[View]
22453010How do I perfect the art of trolling? I want to get so good at fucking with people's heads how …[View]
22453730Should I contact her?: >spring semester >meet this girl through one of my classes >share a …[View]
22449239Suicide: I want to die. In mental hospitals I knew too many people who's failed attempts result…[View]
22453784is civil engineering worth it? I failed architecture realizing creative work drains the fuck out of …[View]
22453028How to become more independent and find self-worth?: I'm always put other people's priorit…[View]
22453688How do you go from attractive friend/work colleague to top alpha/ pussy slayer badboy?. I have the f…[View]
22453055When should I just take my obsession with my sexual inexperience to a therapist? It ruins all my day…[View]
22450263How to get male attention? I'm a 20 y/o girl who has always been shy and timid especially aroun…[View]
22453659I'm not depressed. I'm surrounded by people with better lives than me (by any metric) who …[View]
22446622How do you cope with people being mean to you?[View]
22449580What would be the point in someone with autism and other mental illness getting a job and moving out…[View]
22452927Should I Apolgize to a Girl I Dated: As the title says. I dated this girl about a year and a half ag…[View]
22453602Instagram posting?: I really need to post something on Instagram that is based... but not too based …[View]
22451675What do I say: Basically there's this girl I've found attractive for a while now and she r…[View]
22452660Lads I don't know anymore. I think there's something seriously wrong with me. There passes…[View]
22453146Face Swapping App/Software: It’s for Tinder Pictures. I’m not good at taking photos of myself, so I’…[View]
22452813Is there a way to regain chemistry with a girl? We had really good chemistry at first, but then i be…[View]
22452894How do i stop being scared of the dark? I'm a guy in his early twenties so it's kind of st…[View]
22452558Work clothes: Im starting a new job where I will be waiting tables at a high end restaurant, the old…[View]
22452046Red Pill me on Therapy.: Is therapy worth it? Bear in mind I'm in the UK so doubt they'd i…[View]
22453300Is there a way to block yourself from accessing a website that can't be undone by just uninstal…[View]
22452264Is it a cause for concern that the only thing that truly seems to calm me down when incredibly stres…[View]
22451969When people talk about how sociopaths manipulate people as a means to their goals, what kinda goals …[View]
22451933How do I become better than everyone (or most people) in anything?[View]
22452417Breaking up with my GF: I'm going to break up with my GF, we've been together for 4 years,…[View]
22453117How fucked am I?: Due to the recent wave of people being #metoo'd on the internet I started to …[View]
22452413Why the fuck am i like this /adv/: i feel like i fuck up everything with every single girl because i…[View]
22453219How can I stop being so easily infatuated by women without being a rampant sexist? I want to start f…[View]
22453265How do i a leave the brainrot that is YouTube/Facebook/Reddit/4chan?: Title pretty much sums it up. …[View]
22453282How to handle a hot girl?: This girl in my friend group likes me a lot I think. We make out sometime…[View]
22452713I've been on a multitude of anti-depressants / anti-psychotics that i've been taking for t…[View]
22453006How do I get nudes from girls I know irl and just random girls I meet on the internet[View]
22453165Vaping and smoking: Is it a done thing to vape in smoking areas in clubs/bars (which are outside are…[View]
22452932Wewlad: With last weeks pay period getting slashed my weekly budget was damaged and well I have 2 do…[View]
22451772I like how women are attracted to unattainable men because there’s no way to be unattainable on a da…[View]
22451654ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22453082I want to move to Anchorage, Alaska. What do I need to do move by myself. How much is recommended to…[View]
22452947Is it ok to ask to see a partner's phone?: So recently my SO has been getting very distant with…[View]
22451621Getting over her at last: My ex and I have been broken up for exactly 3 months when the clock strike…[View]
22451474Falling out of love: Falling out of love when distancing isn't an option. I've done some i…[View]
22452726I get angry, upset and depressed when I have to rely on my parents: I'm 29 now, and I still hav…[View]
22451847Need tips on losing weight: I'm a male, and my goal is to be 170 pounds in 2 years. Currently I…[View]
22452306Dating apps are destroying my self esteem. I don't get any likes at all. To me, this means that…[View]
22452805>text girl for a few days >things heat up >ask her what she’s wearing >she says bra and …[View]
22452217Which path to take?: So I am stuck between 2 paths. Should I study naprapath(chiropractor but a bit …[View]
22450831Not getting many matches on tinder, can you guys help[View]
22451354GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest[View]
22452852So I’m a 27 year old man that graduated college 2 years ago and moved back in with my parents. My br…[View]
22452398How exactly can you meet women now?: For whatever reason, I've decided to try nofap. I think la…[View]
22451619I missed a virtual appointment with a doctor: So I scheduled a virtual appointment with this doctor …[View]
22451651How do I make a fake text conversation seem legit?: Asking for a friend.[View]
22450295expose them secret societys: how do you get it in the heads of the broader public that the secret so…[View]
22451914My gf is an egirl. Almost all of her relationships have been hookups or fwbs and the relationship sh…[View]
22452776Help: How do I make a girl coom?[View]
22450389how do i comfort my bf after watching a movie that really upset him: so i recently got my bf to watc…[View]
22452396I got asked out by a girl she and her friends jumped me i feel like dying this is like the sixth tim…[View]
22452182get over ex: Anyone truly gotten over there ex or do you just get used to living without them. Stori…[View]
22452787how long does it normally take for a bee sting to heal i was stung in the leg several days ago, and …[View]
22452311how to lose 20 pounds in a month?: meal plan and workout plans? pic unrelated[View]
22448106Gastroenterologist: Has anyone ever been to a gastroenterologist? Your experience? Is it worth going…[View]
22451838>be me >been isolating when i can and wearing mask everywhere when i go to work/get groceries …[View]
22452772Boom boom bitch: advice for newly dumped folks? Does fucking around actually help you get over them …[View]
22452759Moving out advice: Hey guys. I'm 26 years old and moved back into my parents' place for th…[View]
22451399What are the signs of a simp? Help brother out please.[View]
22452429I have a childhood friend I've been deeply in love with since middle school. I'm in my lat…[View]
22452449Can you catch herpes from eating a girl out?: My friend takes medication and seldom has any symptoms…[View]
22452640>live with militant lesbian sister >she’s been on presc drugs and had a therapist as long as I…[View]
22446748Should i talk to my psychologist about my desire to shoot people or will she rat me?: For some time …[View]
22452551Accidentally hitting yourself in the nose: Sometimes I accidentally whack myself into nose, like whi…[View]
22452472How to write an apology: I'm trying to write an apology to a dear friend of mine for something …[View]
22452503Energy and Hobbies: Hey /adv/! I'm what many would consider a shut in, was a NEET for a couple …[View]
22452478How to cope with bad neighbours: >move into some complex with 8 townhouses >4 of the couples t…[View]
22452191Five year girlfriend dumped me because her friend found my tinder account. What are my options right…[View]
22452220Emotional: I’ve been crying for 2 hours I am so alone someone talk to me[View]
22448067Dealing with grief from a loved one's passing: My mom passed away recently. She was diagnosed w…[View]
22451353some good methods to die? if it's less painful , even better I'm not planning to shoot mys…[View]
22452063Retard ex-smoker is succumbing: I've managed to not smoke a cigarette since February, but fuck …[View]
22451369My psychiatrist gave me risperidone and i didn't question it too much initially. Later i asked …[View]
22452185How do I make a good schedule and actually stick to it?[View]
22452272Hey: Not whining, just writing. Last week someone gained access to my main credit card. I work withi…[View]
22448319I'm gonna turn 26 in a few months and I'm so scared I don't know what to do with myse…[View]
22452205Lenguage Learning: what are some good pdfs/books to help me learn german and russian? I'm looki…[View]
22452189I just fapped 6 or 7 times I lost count. Everything is blurry, I feel extremely weak and I have a ma…[View]
22451515Taxes help: I didn't work at all from March to January of 2019 and didn't tell my dad. Jus…[View]
22451892How to move on from mistakes?: I asked this girl that wasn't into me if she wanted to go out, I…[View]
22451663Crazy Work Conditions: I know so many people love working at Chick-fil-a but I've reached a poi…[View]
22449345Dangerous obsession with women's hands: I'm obsessed with women's hands in a very dis…[View]
22451746>lack deep or meaningful relationships, feel so fucking lonely because of it >at the same time…[View]
22452160How do I get motivated to be more career driven? >hobbies are shit that doesn't cost money, …[View]
22452125Is it just off the table to become a doctor? Is the market really THAT saturated with doctors so the…[View]
22451570im straight but ive started talking to dudes and looking around on grindr bc i havent had a gf/regul…[View]
22451246How can I stop myself from crying?: I'm going to watch an emotional movie with a female friend …[View]
22452097What should I do if I need to call a suicide line, can't leave the house at this hour. and don…[View]
22452072Job vs Security: I hate my job. I was never good at my job (have had it 8 months now). I didn’t unde…[View]
22452070my head and work: At work I'm quite quiet, keep myself to myself and help others with their pro…[View]
22450415Women do not give correct advice on women: If you need to ask for advice on how to get women, that m…[View]
22452001If I were to an hero, how would I be able to give away my assets to people I care about since I won…[View]
22449361I got major jealousy problems in my relationship and idk how to deal with them >be me >in rela…[View]
22451189How do I become a rough woman?: Want to become mentally tough, how do? Pic unrelated[View]
22451252I have $300k savings but live like a bum. Jump between airbnbs every other week, switch cities often…[View]
22451945Gay Guy Offers to Take My Debt.: Kind of weird. I know a gay dude who just confessed to me that he…[View]
22445812Hello /adv/, I have been on tinder for a while and my current profile has gotten me 20 matches and h…[View]
22450608>I can't fall in love I don't know why, but every time I'm in the talking phase wi…[View]
22451910eboi problems: hi fuckers. im here naturally for advice. my gf left me for a pussy eboi faggot. i kn…[View]
22451042online Dating advice for feminine subby straight guys: ive been to dominatrix a couple of times and …[View]
22451812Stupid mofo wasting time with hobbies that have become just reflexes: Playing the piano and watching…[View]
22451850How to non-physically discipline kids? 18 y/o homemaker here.[View]
22450590How do I politely tell the hospital that I don't want a black surgeon operating on me?[View]
22451010I just found orphaned newborn kittens (4 of them). They are about 2-6 hours old. Their mother does n…[View]
22448960How does pronounce the name Kassia, the nick/pet name for Katarzyna? How does one pronounce the name…[View]
22451853I have chronic fatigue and am always tired. I think I feel better in another room but it’s full of j…[View]
22448837How to deal with an overly flirty person?: She doesn't care about boundaries at all. She'l…[View]
22450617my throat is starting to feel funny, almost like something is tickling it and it's causing me t…[View]
22451058How do you know if a woman wants you to approach her? Example from today: I'm sitting at a tab…[View]
22451186How do you resolve alcoholism without AA by yourself[View]
22448706Unmotivated and sad...: I have always been an introverted and relatively pessimistic person. Since I…[View]
22450334Am I ready to date?: Had to break up with a girl I was really into a couple months back, because of …[View]
22449411We're gonna make it: I've used /adv/ 6 years ago after I was at a bottom. I dropped out of…[View]
22451271Is learning an instrument hopeless?: >be me >fail at every instrument I try to learn I've…[View]
22446434>a Discord friend sends me $400 to help me out of a financial crisis >the next day I change my…[View]
22451737Friendly Neighborhood Symbiote Here: It seems the humans have yet again found a way to hurt each oth…[View]
22451463Falling in love too hard and too early: So I've met a girl last weekend and have seen her three…[View]
22451538>become friend of popular guy/chad >Have the slightest disagreement/argument with him >'Don…[View]
22451260How do I make online friends if I don’t play multiplayer games?: I usually only play jrpgs and avoid…[View]
22449105what's it like to have a psycho/BPD/histrionic gf? I read about it and it sounds kind of hot. G…[View]
22449852Tips for dealing with a break up? Holy fuck this hurts, I put so much effort and hope and faith into…[View]
22451217My stomach starts to hurt after I drink 1.5l of beer in 12 minutes. How I can prevent this?[View]
22451435How do I break off a new relationship?: Grew up in the Unification Church, and met a guy through our…[View]
22440096why can't i get a boyfriend?: hello 4chan. i don't know why i can't get a boyfriend a…[View]
22451601New job: Hi /adv/, I'm soon starting a new job, part managing IT networks, part junior manageme…[View]
22451589Braces: I had braces put on in November. I got them because I wanted my teeth to stop being tilted. …[View]
22450840Have any of you guys ever gotten anxious over cutting your long hair? I’m 20M and have been growing …[View]
22450606expose a cheater?: My stepdad was contacted on social media by an old on again off again gf from 21 …[View]
22451521falsely accused of stalking: Hello /adv/, a girl I dated accused me of stalking her friends and work…[View]
22451305How do I do deal with this wretched heat?[View]
22450357Where to start with programming?: I want to study computer science engineering. I know you have to k…[View]
22448335How do I get a girlfriend?: I have no qualities that would make me appear attractive to women. I am …[View]
22451492Is it worth paying half your income to speak to people on discord?: Is it worth renting and moving o…[View]
22451470Soft leather messenger bag: Hey, I need to get a new bag and I really like how pic related looks. Th…[View]
22451454Pls help me: I suddenly became an asian guy with a camera. I can’t stop smiling and holding my camer…[View]
22451464Some thot used to occasionally text me and try to flirt with me. I have no idea why she does this, i…[View]
22450914Waiting until marriage: I'm 22 years old, and I've slept with 14 girls. Despite that, I…[View]
22451347my grandmother died, it happened 6 months ago and I still don't feel anything. when I heard she…[View]
22449300I have a NEET neighbor that does nothing all day but smoke weed & play video games. Normally I w…[View]
22451132Personal Problems: Right now I'm going through one of the worst experiences in my life, the fri…[View]
22450852How do you think my job interview went?: Hey /adv/ , been talking about how I couldnt get a job on h…[View]
22449690I no longer view my gf as my future wife. What do I do? Should I just break up with her?[View]
22448782Does anyone have experience with treating frenulum breve(?) through exercise? Can you yield good res…[View]
22449963I'd rather be an incel than to keep falling in love: Whenever there is something bad happening …[View]
22450374Do I need a job and references to rent a place?: I am a 28yo NEET looking to move out but apparently…[View]
22446955I've been putting off watching neon genesis evangelion and the film for 6 years and finally get…[View]
22450480Life tips and tricks: What are some techniques and other things you can implement in your life to im…[View]
22451178I wasted half a decade being a politicsfag. I can't go a day without coping with politics. I fe…[View]
22451017I am currently feeling like I lack the qualities of a 'real man'. I feel like I am still a boy that …[View]
22447141Newfag exercise: Avoiding /fit/ because, well, have you guys been there? I'm a 5'6 120-125…[View]
22451066i got accepted in mechanical engineering yesterday and i applied for the lulz.. I'm a uni dropo…[View]
22450320Am I an incel?: Recently a girl opened up to me and said she really wants a friend. That the only pe…[View]
22451071Have no motivation to do anything. Send help :([View]
22450404Being Nicer: I don't know why I have a shorter fuse, generally skulking demeanor and 'annoyance…[View]
22451024Larping hoe gf analysis: My ex cheated multiple times but still cried and sweared that she loved me.…[View]
22451085I've been living on my own for a couple years, being bounced around shitty temp agency jobs and…[View]
22450945Tired: I feel tired. I don't understand why but it's crippling me. I don't feel like …[View]
22449562how do I stop overthinking and panicking over little standards I set for myself in my relationship? …[View]
22450285I had a nightmare last night. It was horrible. I was balding. There was a huge hole on my head. It…[View]
22449897I feel unable to be emotionally vulnerable with the one family member that I'm close to. I want…[View]
22450935How can I make sure that I don't catch feelings: I hate the vulnerability, and I have suffered …[View]
22447990What's a good, decent salary job that requires almost no human interaction?[View]
22450911Is it true you can't succeed in classical music unless you start at age 7? Should i even bother…[View]
22447175Spend or save?: Hello /adv/, i'll cut straight to the chase and ask you, should i keep the thou…[View]
22450687Help?: Why would you or would not you choose plastic surgery as a specialty?[View]
22449840Why do I hate working so much? I literally lose all will to live whenever I have to do anything unfu…[View]
22450477How do I break up with my GF? We've been together over a year, and are talking about moving in …[View]
22448100how do i discover my talents?[View]
22450882abs?: I work my abs something like 3/4 times a week and i see results. if i stop working out but i d…[View]
22450383my girlfriend always teases me by rubbing my crotch when we're in semi public places and can…[View]
22450868Employment Advice: Hey there all. Hope you’re all having a good day. So i have a question. I’ve grow…[View]
22450038why am I cutting: I've been cutting myself again recently but not as self punishment or anythin…[View]
22450347Hello friends, How do I take a better doodoo? I feel stuffed up all the time.[View]
22450787It seems like all the richest people all did really well in school. I did kinda bad in school, I nev…[View]
22450521How do cope with being the laughing stock of my school? Everywhere I go people laugh because I made …[View]
22449003I’m 21. Where can I find milfs to fuck? I really only socialize with people my age, but I’m really a…[View]
22450329Need help.: I'm 23 and I feel like I fell in love with a 16 year old. I dont care about her age…[View]
22450084>How to tell if a girl is interested or she is just being nice? >Asked a girl out on a coffee,…[View]
22448151Why does my sister call me gay? I know I'm not, and I am exclusively attracted to girls, she…[View]
22450496>be me >almost always feel like shit >go to therapy >therapist says I've got nothin…[View]
22449805I am in a one-year relationship, full of love, and that I never want to end. But a month ago, I deci…[View]
22450342I need some mental health advice. Suicide/prostitution dilemma: (yes i DO have a real therapist but …[View]
22450437What do in life: I live in a small city in Russia. I'm 18. I'm a student in a local Univer…[View]
22450456dry skin and sweat: WTF do I do? >it gets warm or I'm fapping >my ass crack starts sweati…[View]
22450567Mom taking my dead grandmothers inheritance against her last wish.: Sup, My grandmother recently die…[View]
22450600So I'm in the Tuileries (some park near the Louvre museum), trying to approach a girl but can…[View]
22444896What to say when a girl asks you if you've been with someone and you haven't. We're b…[View]
22448062>>22445770 <- old thread hit limit, starting a new one Get it off your chest[View]
22449676I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. > Manned up and asked my crush to prom > sh…[View]
22449358I'm talentless piece of shit: I can't do anything right, no matter how many time I watch t…[View]
22448475I want to have sex with my friend's ex.: So, hi /adv/ I am looking for advice. I don't rea…[View]
22450419Google isn't answering me, so I ask you, random reader: Why do family members start making the …[View]
22450376Mindless scrolling: How can i stop mindless scrolling? I waste too many hours doing basically nothin…[View]
22450371I want to be a plastic surgeon but don't feel I'm confident enough. Should I still go for …[View]
22449315how do i spot a fake oldfag[View]
22449333Wage slave dread: I'm going to uni and plan on getting a programming job in the future. Thing i…[View]
22447616How do you stop being lynched from friend groups caused by bad apples in the friend group? I always …[View]
22447524i like studying but i dont sudy i like drawing but i dont draw i like exrecising bu i dont exercise …[View]
22449885How do I numb the pain?: >inb4 whiny bitch It's painful to live, every waking day is a strug…[View]
22449842how do i know if she's using me?: So i've been seeing this girl for a while, about 5 month…[View]
22450196Hiding from the taxman: I might not be declaring money from sales of ebooks in the UK. How likely am…[View]
22449771>hate having conversations and talking to people >want to get better and be charismatic what d…[View]
22450245Uncle asked me to managed his food stall. How hard is it? Im just a 2 year old neet business managem…[View]
22446527Adult autism?: How do I know if I should even get checked? I fell down the youtube 'check yourself f…[View]
22449613I am scared of a BF turning out to be a tranny or sissy: I am really into twinks / pretty boys etc a…[View]
22449524My eyes are fucked: My eyes are seriously fucked legit FUCKED. I have poor eyesight, had lazy eyes, …[View]
22449473>get really angry and stressed about something last night >hit myself on the head really hard …[View]
22450204career in programming: worked shitty jobs, some office work as a customer care, actual job is proces…[View]
22449986I want to kill myself because I can't stop thinking about embarassing things I've done in …[View]
22448415Please help me on this one anons: >I can't seem to stop cooming anons. I have tried everythi…[View]
22448885Is it normal for a man to last 1+ hour in bed?: All the times I’ve had sex It took me more than an h…[View]
22450123I'm in love and I hate it. I've known her since 5th grade, and I've had a crush on he…[View]
22450045i was with my girlfriends and her friends eating and they asked me what would happen if my son would…[View]
22449761Online therapy: Ok I want to do something about my fucked up brain and disabilities. I'm not co…[View]
22450078dental/braces adv: Has anyone here tried/known someone who has tried clear braces like Invisalign/Sm…[View]
22449912I fucked up: >feel suffocated in relationship >still love girlfriend who loves me dearly >…[View]
22448500I dont like people: For some time now i have this emotional flattening, and ever since i stopped tak…[View]
22448408Quetiapine: Anyone else here used quetiapine? My doctor prescribed it to try take as needed for anxi…[View]
22449093ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: 'stop looking for clever ways to ask her/him out and just do …[View]
22447870Feeling guilt over being a creep in my past: Hi /adv/ I'm 26, and I've been feeling guilt…[View]
22449777everything my friend does annoys me: i have a friend that i love a lot and i consider him my best fr…[View]
22449306I am lonely as ever, it's gotten so bad I'm developing crushes on girls I just met online.…[View]
22448202Alcohol problems: Ive never been much of a drinker but lagely I drink almost three times a week to d…[View]
22449816How do I deal with continual disappointment and loss of hope?[View]
22449304overcoming anxiety: hello anons, especially INFJ anons. I am an INFJ, so maybe some of you who are t…[View]
22449543Should I Go to College in Person or Online?: My college tuition will be free because it is covered b…[View]
22448304how do I cope with the fact that I have a higher body count than 1?: I lost it to my current bf 1wee…[View]
22449648Some friends are making plans for making a short compilation of wishes for another friend whose birt…[View]
22449666How to speak with confident voice? My voice is kind of low and almost squeaky.[View]
22447555Hello adv I need some help. My brothers fiance just passed away months before starting a family du…[View]
22449617how do i get a passive aggressive gf bros?[View]
22449374I miss her so much anon: I don’t know how to forget her. She was the first time in my life someone m…[View]
22449095Is transitioning (mtf) worth it? I don't know if I have gender dysphoria but the thought of bei…[View]
22447715'irreconcilable differences' I'd a bullshit reason to break up with someone right? Like it usua…[View]
22449311What can i do when i don't feel happy anymore?? Yes, occasionally something good happened, and …[View]
22447576Should I ask a girl out if I feel kind of lukewarm about her? She's pretty obviously into me, c…[View]
22443422I’m having trouble keeping the suicidal thoughts away. I was hoping to turn my life around this year…[View]
22436524Saving money: What are some tips you guys do to save money? I recently switched over to a safety raz…[View]
22449199Fading friendships: How do you guys deal with fading friendships and how do you deal with different …[View]
22448733I've been trying to keep a diary for the last two months in order to improve my mental health, …[View]
22449037The one thing: Hello, I'm a 3rd year uni student. I'm the typical closet perv most people …[View]
22449246How do I stop blowing so hot and cold? Out of an intense fear of abandonment, I purposefully drove a…[View]
22449012Help me with my room: Alright, please excuse my crude floor plan, I did this all using touch control…[View]
22439243How easy is it to get someone to meet on tinder?: Isn't tinder basically the best way to at lea…[View]
22449210>It's been a year since i stopped the sessions with my psychologist and today i had a dream …[View]
22448705I've been waiting all day for my long distance boyfriend to text me back after he had told me h…[View]
22447236Anons who’ve been seriously wronged (you were raped, family member murdered, etc.) how did you learn…[View]
22448022Meeting new people as a NEET?: All my life I've been a shut-in and never really have been able …[View]
22447400Hey /adv/. Is there any reason to keep my PC if I've decided to quit gaming? I already rarely p…[View]
22447268i'm 19 my gf's (of 6 years) parents are pressuring me to get a more respectable job. i…[View]
22446694My friend has been taking meth and heroine for the last 9 years. I've tried to help him but he …[View]
22446528I drank too much liquor yesterday and vomited. I wasn't used to it. I felt really bad today and…[View]
22449063Should I cut her off?: Yo guys. So I have this old friend from high school, known her for four years…[View]
22446170How hard is it to become an indie musician[View]
22446389I want to be alone, is something wrong with me?: I want to live alone. I want to live a solitary lif…[View]
22448823N O S T A L G I A: Nostalgia killing me.. I keep thinking about 2012-2013 the good times I had as a …[View]
22447825Am I Bad For Bullying My Schoolmate in a Wheelchair?: Im a 19 year old but this happened two years a…[View]
22448212but a little masturbation is ok, right?[View]
22448834Permanently Celibate cause Oneitis: Is anyone else in the world choosing to remain celibate for life…[View]
22447967What do I do when I fucked up my life beyond all repair?: >used to be a good well behaved well ad…[View]
22444691Oldfag advice: Oldfags that failed at life. How do I stop my fate from being the same as yours? No b…[View]
22447913why is everyone miserable in marriage?[View]
22448451Is anyone else paranoid that they might've been infected with the virus earlier this year but n…[View]
22447149Looking for advice on how to stop my country from progressively becoming an Islamic state.[View]
22448587Anyone read ecg?: I know this is a long shot but can anyone read an ecg? I’m far from a hospital and…[View]
22447987What is this?: can someone explain this...[View]
22446465how do you cope with being a wageslave when you have 0 aspirations and want to kill yourself?: I hav…[View]
22448362Which one was at fault? I'm not going to mention which one I am because I want to know the tru…[View]
22448078Relationships & cancel culture: How are you men who get into relationships not afraid about gett…[View]
22446398Thot behaviour: >have GF >she's way too needy and emotional >break up with her >she…[View]
22448825the civilized way: how do you open a banana like a human being every time i try to open a banana fro…[View]
22448927motivation: Hello /adv/ I'm struggling with being motivated to be productive at all. I know tha…[View]
22447385how the fuck to people motivate them selves to do things, like work? how do i unlock this secret? i …[View]
22444932why do i spend so much time talking to people on discord? I dont get it. I even have a gf but someti…[View]
22448905Career: Hi /adv/. I am male 24 years old, studied computer science. It has been 1 year since I gradu…[View]
22448769Severe depression for years. Taken every antidepressant. Never fully relied on just medication solvi…[View]
22447777Should I accept this job offer or not?: Right now I work this kind of shitty security job that pays …[View]
22448777Nofap thoughts: I’ve had a porn and fapping addiction for 5 years.. I was 13 and now I’m 18. How do …[View]
22446594Lack of interest in people and activities and anger: Since i got pre diagnosed with schizophrenia im…[View]
22448727I'm wondering if my girlfriend is a closet-racist. I'm not posting pics of her. What are s…[View]
22448761I'm looking to find out ways of detecting actual tracking software in my android phone that som…[View]
22446142Does watching porn interrupt your desire for a gf? I literally feel like I never need a gf now.[View]
22448760my girlfriend was super detached from me and pushed me away all the time I went to a psych ward and …[View]
22439035Why am I so fucking weak? How to get stronger?[View]
22447501Military?: I'm currently in college with no aspirations other than to live in the woods or to j…[View]
22448148Anon’s boy toy: I’m becoming attracted to my male friend, and I’m a straight male. It’s not me, I sw…[View]
22448629How can I stop hating myself? Everytime I think of a past, cringe and stupid moment of my life, I sa…[View]
22448704Quitting therapy: I obviously haven't been able to attend because of covid, but for a good whil…[View]
22447222Discipline: What’s a good actionable advice to be more disciplined and become a machine with no proc…[View]
22445387Individuals with neuroticism (personality trait that leads to mental illness like depression and bip…[View]
22448603Move on or not?: So there is this girl I dated about a year ago and I think about her quite often. T…[View]
22448590I only want sex when I feel worthless for any other kind of attention. I'm not going to specif…[View]
22446848Why is my libido so unstable?: > Be me, 21 M > Go months without any sexual urges > Suddenl…[View]
2244791230/m I would do anything for a girl. I have no idea what to do. I've been told since I was 16 t…[View]
22448163Why is it increasingly difficult to hook up with women?: It seems that women are pro sex positive, b…[View]
22447875my dating profile picture has a dog on it but It's no longer my dog Is that gonna disappoint wo…[View]
22443338Every time I fall for a guy, he becomes the only thing I ever think about. Quite literally. I obsess…[View]
22448014My life sucks so much. >stuck with my emotionally abusive parents for the summer >no job >t…[View]
22448036Is it a red flag for males to post their sadness about their love problems on instagram/snapchat sto…[View]
22447012unironically i just probably did the dumbest shit i've ever done in my life. i was insanely hor…[View]
22447619Do most men stop being romantic 6-8 months into a relationship with a girl? It’s p sad and it kind o…[View]
22448136Got chastised by my mom because I was scared of a fucking spider.[View]
22433843Deplatforming myself and living a private life: Amidst all the accusations and the airing out of ske…[View]
22447659>born with my leg folded in half >they bent it back >resulted in 3 inches of legnth missing…[View]
22448128What is the age people become post-sexual? More directly-- At what age will you never really know wh…[View]
22448127ANYONE WITH MATCH.COM ACCOUNT VIEW MY PROFILE!: I just created it! I know, no photos, but I literall…[View]
22447979don’t understand this person at all: i stopped being friends with someone but have just recently add…[View]
22447160Why bother getting close to anyone anymore, especially when they'll just become strangers again…[View]
22448030female friend keps pushing herself on me: >oh anon X asked is we were daing >i was going out a…[View]
22447480Breaking things off with a 'close friend': For almost 2 years I've been close friends with and …[View]
22445770GIOYC / Get It Off Your Chest: Making this thread so I can vent later. Get it off your chest.[View]
22447573guys i need some help i'm scared: >be me >fucking with a libtard ive known for a while …[View]
22447609BPD and unlovable: I'm borderline and ruin every relationship. I cut and run, realize I fucked …[View]
22442621Open Relationship: Recently my GF came with this idea. I'm kinda leaning to say I don't wa…[View]
22447317No anxiety: I have social anxiety and probably GAD or something. I took some valium the other day be…[View]
22447277first time ecstasy: I am going to try ecstasy with my friend for the first time only had experience …[View]
22447223My GF is going crazy about my mother. They had a 'fight' last year because my GF didn't feel re…[View]
22446426How do you balance these two? It seems like girls love leading me on and wasting my time but I know …[View]
22443476Reminders of ex everywhere: How do I stop associating things with him so it doesn't put a dampe…[View]
22443178How do I stop checking the social media of people who are no longer in my life? These are basically …[View]
22444890ex-stalker: I was a stalker to a girl in high school and its eating me from the inside out, I really…[View]
22447478am I messed up if I still occasionally fantasize about crushes I've had in middle school? I…[View]
22447498I have become jaded to the point where I have serious trust issues with people. I can't even ta…[View]
22447482have you been accused of harassment or do you know someone who has been accused of harassment and wh…[View]
22447430So, Salvia is legal in my state and I ordered some. I'm 19. The only problem is, I don't h…[View]
22442800/adv/ Thread:: How do I become a good and honourable man?[View]
22443840>find GF >you're eternally cucked by everyone who shagged her before you >They sit con…[View]
22447328email getting spammed by garbage site: how tf do I block these emails they're coming from this …[View]
22446524idea for curing millenials: even tough millenials have objectively better material conditions than t…[View]
22447247Unless I'm in a good mood, I'm constantly paranoid that people are saying bad things about…[View]
22446014Apathy: Am I a bad person for not caring about things that don't affect me or those that I care…[View]
22445808ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: safezone edition, no bulli plz.[View]
22447082I'm becoming a fucking fool. Obsessed with wanting to 'make it', advancing in society, dreaming…[View]
22446153My job is killing me: Literally, I am aging rapidly from being at this job for 3.5 years now. I…[View]
22447035can someone please explain swedish men to me? >be me german femanon >been interested in this g…[View]
22446646Ive been living with my boyfriend for 5 years, with his younger (23yr) old brother rooming with us i…[View]
22446115How the fuck do I move on and pick up my life after my gf broke up with me. We were each other'…[View]
22446573Is this cowardly? The right thing to do?: I need to breakup with my GF. But we moved in together abo…[View]
22446701Thought I might get laid tomorrow, now looking like I'm just gonna be made into a simp: Tomorro…[View]
22445701my gfs vagina is getting loose: i’ve been with her for a little over a year she was a virgin when we…[View]
22446299Mental Toughness: How can I gain mental toughness? I am going to need it. pic unrelated[View]
22446967Good tinder openers[View]
22446864How can you make friends offline if you're past 21 and your job has no opportunities for it?[View]
22447009Anons, my waifu hasn't talked to me in three days, I normally hear her talking to me at least 3…[View]
22444114E-boyfriend: How can I find an e-boyfriend? What are some good websites for this?[View]
22446809Nihilism: My life feels fucking meaningless and I cannot imagine any scenario where my life would be…[View]
22446950>meet christian trad girl who lives pretty far from where I'm at become bf/gf >dont have …[View]
22445488Tell me the most convincing theory about what happens when you die: I'm thinking about just end…[View]
22445666How much should I tip? Is it a percentage and a flat rate? Is there a maximum and minimum tip? Is it…[View]
22446295That's it, i'm finally alone. I live alone in a appartment. When my parents suddenly decid…[View]
22446925did I get walmart gift card scammed??: >be me 4 days ago >buy a walmart card and load it with …[View]
22445306Extremely high salary: If you had an absurdly high salary, would you tell your family and friends or…[View]
22446727It's summer vacation now and my boyfriend and I both have the entire thing off. I want to hang …[View]
22446499How can I possibly improve at drawing? >bro just draw everyday I'm doing that. I just want t…[View]
22444748Sex tips: I eat my gf out and finger her until she tells me she wants me to penetrate her. Is that …[View]
22446766How to get over someone faster?: I know it sounds, absurd, but I was trying to forget about a guy I …[View]
22444184thinking-man: Anyone else have this? Racing thoughts, spending hours just in deep thought, becoming …[View]
22446255Is it weird to be jealous of asexual people and people who require no socialization? It feels like t…[View]
22446804Had an argument with parents. I don't want to deal with them ever again, but they live with my …[View]
22444044How does one eradicate their reputation of being a fuckboy?[View]
22445854Let's pretend there's a couple that has been in a relationship for 2 years and 5 months, a…[View]
22443714Building trust and gaining a connection with homeless women if you're an autist: Could walking …[View]
22446231How do I get an asian boyfriend as an asian girl? I only get hit on by creepy white beta guys who ar…[View]
22446125how do you forget about someone or get over the memories? >t. met with some girl once after a bad…[View]
22444603Getting it off my chest. Need advice: This is my first time coming to 4chan in a long time. I'm…[View]
22446314Why do I feel unconformable around my dad?: Every time when my dad talks to be about something serio…[View]
22446428Money: 20 and I just wanna check out of life. What’s a decent job that pays decent money and also do…[View]
22444178Why do I grow so resentful and critical of the my partners? I’m not sure if it’s them or me or both?…[View]
22444179How do you learn to be happy for others instead of resentful of what you don't have? Especially…[View]
22443854Balding guru bros, assistance required: I'm 36 years old and just noticed this (actually a girl…[View]
22443519How do you find girls like this to hang out and have sex with? https://youtu.be/OjpjwFYDRb0?t=312[View]
22445725Is anybody else seeing those millions dot? I see them when i look at something black, when i close m…[View]
22443241what does it mean when young people (I am 21) can tell I'm a khv loser but older people (late 2…[View]
22446329My has self-esteem issues and an inflated sense of ego. She did not have a good father figure and he…[View]
22444708What drugs I must take if I want to prolong depression?[View]
22446167Height: I always used to be small so I have a genuine insecurity about my height, in the last 2 year…[View]
22445065Computer science undergrad: I have an offer from Stanford to major in computer science. The problem …[View]
22440337I want to stay youthful looking. What should I do? What type of skin care etc? Exercise and a decent…[View]
22445880reading these advices: and thinking.. the world will soon come to us for its sovereigns and pontiffs…[View]
22445865Balls: If your balls are transplanted, kids you made are yours or from previous owner of the balls?…[View]
22443568girlfriend never turned on: hey /adv. We've been talking with my gf about stuff recently becaus…[View]
22444717Dad thinks I’m incompetent: >Dad has always been a narcissist pos >He works to support me and …[View]
22445651How do you learn how to socialise and really connect with people?: Everything else in my life is goi…[View]
22443703What's a good bedtime and wake up time to rigidly stick to? My sleep schedule's fucked and…[View]
22445376What's the easiest job that pays decently well? I need something that won't steal all my e…[View]
22444490I was pretty shocked to see that suicide rates are the highest in old people. Is this proof that lif…[View]
22436156Anyone got tips for getting a cute Chinese girlfriend like this girl? Thought I had chances with thi…[View]
22445954How do I gently let down a woman who I would like to remain friendly with but not date? A woman near…[View]
22444910Time to wake up kids: >God is real but ineffable >Our spirit is an emanation from the divine p…[View]
22446037Sex: 21 KB JPG Hi. It has been a long time since my partner and I have experienced a threesome with …[View]
22443566How to get over your GFs slutty past?: It really fucks with my head anons. What do? >Inb4 break u…[View]
22445733help???: my bf ignores my texts and only text me a few times, he leaves me on read most of the time …[View]
22445784Alright so I fucked up. I don’t ever really have sex. It’s been like over 2 years now since my last …[View]
22439116Tinder: >been using Tinder for 2 days >managed to only match with 3 girls What can I do to get…[View]
22445811Who should I consult about starting therapy? Also I want my psychologist to be a cute young woman.[View]
22445860Is it a bad idea to call my psychologist who I haven't talked to for 2 years because I had to s…[View]
22445878Curly haired questions: >do i start shampooing all my hair instead of my scalp exclusively now si…[View]
22445640Need some advice bois: Aight so imma be real I’ve been thinking a lot about ending it all, I haven’t…[View]
22445500How to cope with being alone: I attempted a dopamine detox last few days, but I had to stop after a …[View]
22445844I have no motivation to do anything these days. Even my favorite hobbies, creative things I used to …[View]
22445778Need better work ethic.: i feel like im never as excited to go to work or make money compared to my …[View]
22445462Okay so I might have fucked up: I'm naturally very skinny, skinny enough that on every routine …[View]
22445347Are nootropics a scam? Will it help me become more functional?[View]
22445729I've got hair that's around 3 inches long, not a lot but how can I get a good seal on a ga…[View]
22444268I got a random text from a girl after 7 months of not talking. she's not an ex but we did kiss …[View]
22444644told i'm a parasite?: Hi, real quick: I'm NEET with mental issues and refuse to go to coll…[View]
22445824I'm considering web development as a career choice, I've finished a general transfer degre…[View]
22445683I lost my best friend because I kept stealing girls he simped for. I've been doing this ever si…[View]
22444821Girl I like said I reminder her of her dad: Are girls into guys that remind them of their dad? In t…[View]
2244370515 page paper in 9 days: I have almost all the time available (24 hours a day in theory), but I only…[View]
22438077high iq places on the internet: Does anyone know where to find places to discuss things(i.e. image b…[View]
22443600I don't know what to do with my life: I'm 18 and going into senior year of HS. My grades a…[View]
22445664recovery: how do i recover from a terrible relationship? my last relationship went up in flames bec…[View]
22444398How can I trust people?: I can't trust anyone, I always suspect that people are hiding somethin…[View]
22444597How would I go about aquiring cyanide?[View]
22444997Is continuing of my nofap worth it?: I am now over a month without masturbation. Nothing changed. Is…[View]
22443488Me and my gf have mutually agreed to break up towards the end of next month. The reason being that s…[View]
22440280Not giving my gf my phone's lock pattern: So, recently, I was unlocking my phone, and I noticed…[View]
22440850>hit self-destruct about a month ago and say some really awful stuff to my close and only friend …[View]
22445526I cant take this anymore how do i deal with pe. I cum in like 30-60seconds with my gf and sure i can…[View]
22443251Pros and cons of watching porn and porn itself: I think it’s shit and has really no good benefits bu…[View]
22445270Can't stop feeling socially insecure: I'm 19 and wondering why I've been filtered out…[View]
22445248Is there anythig I can ingest that will allow me to sleep for long periods of time, or a way to trai…[View]
22445368How to abort a relationship: In short, i told a close friend i was in love with her and she said she…[View]
22444564Scared my dog: I think I accidentally scared my dog and I'm not sure what to do. I'm a du…[View]
22444948I did a phone interview for an IT Admin job today. I'm just a helpdesk monkey but they seemed t…[View]
22444725How do you stop resenting/disliking/hating women in general?: I'll start off by saying I don…[View]
22444442I feel like my girlfriend never puts any thought into presents for me. And I feel like when she buys…[View]
22444540I'm inadequately equipped: Every time i finish my workout at the gym and undress, guys my age l…[View]
22445264Thinking about becoming a sperm donor for a bit of /shelf/ cash, what am I getting myself into?[View]
22445228I was laid off last month, I still have severance pay bring in full paycheques until November where …[View]
22445237anyone live in a private entry suite and can talk about the experience? where I live you can get on …[View]
22443775Do chicks dig scars?: Since middle school, I've had a noticable scar on my forearm. I generally…[View]
22444362I just lost all my savings gambling and now I’m dead broke I have to tell my girlfriend I don’t have…[View]
22444455Do they like me?: I'm interested in a person that already has a girlfriend so I'm just fri…[View]
22445188I NEED TO SHIT: I haven't shit in eight days today. I came down sick with diarrhea and since ta…[View]
22444877I'm interested in findom but was too scared and cheap to do it and always just used to read the…[View]
22438731Is it wrong not to care?: >Be 28 years old >I live a very calm and simple life >Simple job …[View]
22444547Warts: I've been dealing with a few warts on my fingers and just recently saw one develop some …[View]
22444390what are some classy ways to let women on your dating profile know you have a good income? I know I…[View]
22445064How to become worst: How to become more of a bad person and like it More selfish, more Sadistic, nar…[View]
22444138These past few weeks ive been thinking about what could possibly happen in my brother in the near fu…[View]
22445106What does it mean when your friend's wife doesn't like you because you 'always smell like …[View]
22444710Any 30s still at home? 31 anon here[View]
22444804Guys I just had sex with a tinder girl and my cock feels weird. It’s been an hour. Am I paranoid? I …[View]
22438978What are psychiatric institutions like?: tried to off myself twice, wanted it since kindergarten, pa…[View]
22443661Why aren't webms showing up in my Quickpic app?: They show up fine in Simple Gallery.[View]
22445030we only talked for like 2 weeks, then i said some dumb shit and she cut me off. its been more time t…[View]
22444871I get manipulated too easily by woman.: Without wasting much of your time, tell me how can I stop be…[View]
22444880I avoided sex with a girl last night ...i'm in a destructive negative mindset and I really need…[View]
22442420I’ve gained a sudden need to create art, where I get assailed by ideas so intense that they consume …[View]
22441824GIOYC: get it off your chest — Salem the cat doesn’t like how you smell edition Previous thread: …[View]
22444846Buying car tires and thought processes: The TLDR for this is 'should I be a tight ass and buy just s…[View]
22444819>hate my state >cold as fuck >get sick during the winter >love the heat and tropical wea…[View]
22443925Advice on picking up girls?: Help me anons please! I'm an average looking tall guy. I go to bar…[View]
22444834Internet speeds: Just moved into a new place, it's a house converted into four flats. Far as I …[View]
22443546Take care of your fucking feet. My little brother dropped a cement block on both of my big toes when…[View]
22444662How do i overcome my fear of talking to people eye to eye? I have reached a point when i relatively …[View]
22443708How can I train myself to only have eyes for my girlfriend?[View]
22444249Euthanasia: You guys think suicide via euthanasia for physically healthy people will ever be legal? …[View]
22441847My GF doesn't work. I work 50+ hours a week as an engineering technician at a factory with no h…[View]
22442559what am i doing with my marriage?: sup, i am a 31 soon to be 32 Dominican guy. I am married to this …[View]
22444592>she left because we weren't compatible >I tried to make her stay because of the intense …[View]
22443353Can a short man ever get girlfriend?: By short, I mean, really short, like 160 to 165 cm range (5…[View]
22444072life: What am I supposed to do in life if I just enjoy shitposting and watching tv shows? I could se…[View]
22444263>wife found cocaine stash what do?[View]
22443850perfect way to think about it, nihilism. if nothing matters what stops you from doing things, but if…[View]
22443679Damn covid19 man. I completely lost my drive to study because of being home all the time. I'd r…[View]
22441448>be me >18m >need to get a job (parents charge me rent) >apply to every place within dri…[View]
22444435Mujer y Sexo: Hola. Hace mucho tiempo que mi pareja y yo hemos experimentando un trío con una chica …[View]
22443964Lifestyle change regret: I spent seven years as a shut-in NEET with no real-life friends. A spark of…[View]
22444499Is Deaths stranding worth getting ?[View]
22443883Friends with Benefits: Im meeting up with a girl tomorrow that I am interested in having a FWB relat…[View]
22443750Guns!!: How can one be a gunrunner? I want to be one ever since i watched lord of war. Is it legal o…[View]
22443529ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22444112How to pick up on bad people: I've been talking to this person for almost a month, we really st…[View]
22444061Dating websites/apps: What are some websites/apps for finding a boyfriend in another country other t…[View]
22442899What are the easiest dishes to make that gauge the most positive reactions? So far I've got chi…[View]
22444324Hey /adv/, I'm an oldfag and have been what you would probably call a 'chad' for my e…[View]
22443523Browsing red boards: I want to browse red boards in public but the porn video ads keep popping up. W…[View]
22443132How do you stop being terrified of driving?[View]
22444224How to apologize to my manager the best way? Basically I've missed a lot of work as a no call n…[View]
22438016Good tattoo ideas to go over these?[View]
22444003Why don't we (at least try to) normalize skepticism? Instead, everyone else seems to be advocat…[View]
22442721https://youtu.be/W9AHCymAbyg I think this something a good number of folks here need to hear. It ca…[View]
22443992Choose. Do things. Finish them.: 35 yo here. I'm seldom on 4chan now. I used to be here all th…[View]
22442771My question is a little too 'easy' for this board but is too specific for other boards. I …[View]
22443952Called a vet for a cat inspection and they instantly asked to bring poop for a fecal inspection (40 …[View]
22429892How many women do I have to have sex with before I become a real man?: I want to become a real man a…[View]
22444054How many more hobbies do I have to take up before I'm allowed to have friends again?[View]
22440354What have we forgotten?: What are some old or ancient pieces of wisdom that we've ditched in re…[View]
22444055How do I stop being so 'all or nothing' with everything I do? For example I either spend the whole d…[View]
22443374My parents aren't helping me.: I've been suffering from what I believe is depression. The …[View]
22442613Intimacy issues: I don't feel attracted to my GF anymore. Nothing changed, so far as I can tell…[View]
22443300haaaalp: We've been on one date together and really hit it off. He's just my type and is i…[View]
22443815After my last relationship I am so scared to get into another one to the point where I tell everyone…[View]
22443569Mailing Gifts: I am currently in a long distance relationship. I used to mail my gf presents every y…[View]
22442394How do you guys deal with mosquitos? These assholes aren't letting me sleep.[View]
22440811A Question for Jewish Anons: I am an Indian, I am looking forward to moving to Israel since there ar…[View]
22441554How does an adult male get their shit together in their mid twenties?[View]
22440654My son is a loser: My son called himself an unemployed loser and I’m really sad, since I can’t reall…[View]
22443530How to cope with people not understanding you?: I recently had a conversation with my friends about …[View]
22443606Is there such a thing as a depressive personality?: Sadness and apathy have always been lifelong com…[View]
22443799where should I go to meet local trans dudes? t. cis dude from europe[View]
22443874How to approach female?: >pic unrelated Trad virgin girl joins discord, she's smart, funny, …[View]
22443785>can't tell the friends or family about the alcoholism and depression from lockdown…[View]
22443498How do I stay interested in a relationship: I will be very concise. I have had two serious relations…[View]
22438758How do I stop randomly smiling and grinning all the time? I have to try really hard to not do that i…[View]
22443509Confronting friend: my friend leaked a video from last year of 2 drunk girls from my town who called…[View]
22440593Can psilocybin make up for your lack of human connection especially with the opposite sex?[View]
22440584How to get my pp hard before and during sex: I am going to do the naughty with my gf tomorrow and I …[View]
22443658Am I a good friend?: Guys am i a good friend? Today i had arranged with my friend to go to the seasi…[View]
22442229I have to be up for work in approx. 4 hours and have an important meeting and documentation to write…[View]
22442227Psychadelic trauma Hey /ADV/ a long time ago i took psychadelics not knowing what i was in for, for…[View]
22442450I started using the brave browser this week. what is the deal with this thing? is it safe or a scam?[View]
22443601I want to crosspost here since in hindsight maybe the art board was the wrong place I've spent …[View]
22443520all you bitch ass niggas conplaining about women stfu. how we gonna make some money nigga?[View]
22442623im a covert narcissist: what should i do? should i cut off my hsp best friend? should i kill myself?…[View]
22443521I'm lonely: I am lonely, I've got plenty of friends and my family is wonderful. But I lack…[View]
22441309Women...: Ok so I fucked up with a girl I actually really like and need help on how to fix it (sorry…[View]
22440545I feel like a failure /b I got a good job with decent pay, a great family and great friends, I'…[View]
22443421Is this progress? Am I actually moving forward?: I feel like I am moving forward but it's hard …[View]
22439383Fucking uggos: How do I stop being attracted to unattractive women? I know they aren't the best…[View]
22443047How do I get a girlfriend? I short (163 cm), fat (65 kg), and also have autism spectrum disorder. I …[View]
22443175How do I make friends to help us self actualize?: I am desperate for a friend to talk about our faul…[View]
22443408How do I become creative again? When I was a kid I used to have a very vivid and fantastical imagina…[View]
22443377mom's worried I won't have kids: Has anyone ever dated a fat, what was it like? I'm t…[View]
22430116Brown Nymph: I am both blessed and cursed with a beautiful brown nympho gf. Full disclosure I'm…[View]
22443067Fashion: Every guy my age wears the same shit. Its always shin high white socks with Nike shoes and …[View]
22443426Covid-19 relationships: I'm a 20 year old guy transferring from a 2 year college to a 4 year co…[View]
22443382I just pulled out a tick from my upper back area and it left a red bite mark along with a pale red d…[View]
22442977Women help: Been talking with a girl for about 2 months, I confess my feelings she confesses hers. T…[View]
22443358Anon has a stalker: Some crazy guy threatened to kill me over text messages multiple times, days / w…[View]
22443269Looking for a headset/microphone set that blocks out background noise from both hearing AND recordin…[View]
22440718My right testicle feels hard. Noticeably harder than my left testicle. There are no lumps, but the h…[View]
22443135Yo I was sleeping and heard some scratching noises and woke up like what the duck and just saw a mot…[View]
22442112Suicidal but too scared to kill myself: I’m really depressed. It’s not a recent thing but it’s been …[View]
22442089Fighting with Idiots: I know that arguing with idiots gets you nowhere so don't do it. But how …[View]
22442824Sing. How to sing? Sing well*: Greetings to all, Although most people will say that singing is akin …[View]
22442958Ideas for a Political Compass Style Quiz: So, I'm sure many of you know about the Political Com…[View]
22443205My balls tingle when I catch a nicotine rush. Is this normal?[View]
22442834>what are you up to? >Im just chilling What do I say to this? Im very bad at texting…[View]
22442966Love: I don't think my concept of love is healthy. I don't think I know what a truly healt…[View]
22438186Love?: How do you know whether you love somebody or if you're just settling?[View]
22438194How can people have sex?: >be horny >have sex >as I finish get overwhelmed with disgust and…[View]
22442804GF and I have been in a LDR for 3 months now. The honeymoon phase ended and the infatuation is over.…[View]
22442838How do you deal with the fact that your best friend no longer cares about you the same way you do fo…[View]
22442507I know a bunch of moral fags are gonna screech. I wanna pay for an escort. Lost my virginity to a g…[View]
22442252How to break addictions? I am morbidly obese, addicted to food. I also drink every weekend, smoke ci…[View]
22442595So I’m a 27 year old man that graduated college 2 years ago and moved back in with my parents. My br…[View]
22439987What are dating apps for if none of the girls actually write back? I know these apps are shit, but I…[View]
22442954Hey guys, looking for some advice on finding a career. I've done retail, customer service, labo…[View]
22442904Relationship Age Gap: I'm a 23 year old male, my girlfriend is 26. We've been dating for …[View]
22442487What Should You Come To Expect When Getting Into a Fight In School: Throughout Freshman, Sophomore, …[View]
22441780Im house shopping, and hope to have a move-in date in either September, or November. My lease ends a…[View]
22440763What are some good questions to ask a girl on a date? I tried googling but I only got retarded ass q…[View]
22440802I was taught we were to be colorblind my whole life when it comes to other skin colors. Now I’m bein…[View]
22441037>be me >meet girl through dating app >everything is great, we talk for days >including s…[View]
22442121How do I stop extremely obsessing over everything that's wrong in my life? I seem to get so clo…[View]
22442327I’m 20, never had a job, have no experience with anything or any certificates, my resume is essentia…[View]
22442788I have struggled a lot with holding down a full time job. I went to university and did well enough, …[View]
22442336What are cheap foods that can help you gain weight and muscle on the cheap? I'm a poorfag with …[View]
22442717Addictions: I’m a 23 year old man that graduated college 2 years ago got a Computer Science Associat…[View]
22442604>edged throughout the day >finally nutted >feel like complete shit >realizing that I was…[View]
22442727How do I know when mentall illness/trauma and/or meds are affecting my relationship? I feel like I m…[View]
22439044How do I achieve my goal of sticking my cock in her tight little asshole?[View]
22442167What does she want to hear?[View]
22442680Could someone tell how to not feel miserable when drinking?(and why it happens if you know). When i …[View]
22440335Definition of sexiness (also meds): I kinda asked this last night but only got one (albeit good) rep…[View]
22442319scam or real?: meet this girl on a dating site, shortly after she asked me to move to whatssapp to t…[View]
22442268Question to Interviewers: I had an interview earlier today and I think it went fairly well, but I wa…[View]
22442538I remind a girl I like like her father a lot: Me28 and this girl29 are in the same friend group. We…[View]
22442202check-mate: I made my own bed, but if you got any tips or advice, it'd be more appreciated >…[View]
22442493My current state of my skin is patchy and bumpy. Is there absolutely nothing I can do to make it loo…[View]
22442318How do I get this image to pewdiepie? Can someone who is a member or his plebbit board forward it to…[View]
22441206Fear and anxiety surrounding feeling happy: I've struggled with mental health to varying degree…[View]
22439238Feeling 10 years younger mentally: I'm 28 turning 29 in two weeks and I'm ashamed at how c…[View]
22439716could someone please explain this image?[View]
22442244how 2 weed?: i’m 19. I was talking to this stoner chick friend yesterday on snap and i mentioned i l…[View]
22440686Can somebody explain me why cute people are always so cruel and cold?[View]
22440179I have a gf but i am bored and feel like making a tinder just to see if i 'still got it'. …[View]
22441919Twitter: I hate it but I have had 20 different accounts and I keep getting banned and involved in ar…[View]
22442230I fucking hate simps: How do I stop getting angry at seeing threads about women on 4chan? Any board …[View]
22441985How do I know for sure that I am boring?: Is there a test online or some kind of tool to know if I…[View]
22442316Stuck in life?: I feel like I can’t move forward with life. I am 30 and have a decent job. But I liv…[View]
22442105how do i lie on my resume when i haven't worked for 13 years?[View]
22442262Sup, am I in legal shit? In Canada >minding own business in the train and manspreading >fat me…[View]
22442033Facepalm: How do I stop being cringe?[View]
22440005Am I A Simp for Liking Onlyfans: I wont pay more than $10 a month for any 1 girl, and I'll comm…[View]
22441438How to be interesting?: Now with Corona happening and everything ive had some time to reflect and iv…[View]
22441117females: how do i approach the females[View]
22441877Should I ask my gay friend if he'd be willing to set me up with his female friend? He says he w…[View]
22441974How to get into social circled, or at least make friends: >have absolutely no friends >no mone…[View]
22440965bros, i just got into manga anyone got some comfy adult romance manga recs? bonus points for themes…[View]
22441906How can I make friends and influence people, no dale carnegie please.[View]
22442017how to get job as neet?[View]
22441599I sabotage my own romantic life. I have had girls flirt with me pretty openly but I don’t do anythi…[View]
22442011How to find motivation as beta cuckold virgin?: Basically I am 24 and sexless, missed out on teenage…[View]
22441888Is it silly for me to feel betrayed by my neighbor? Parking is limited in my apartment building and …[View]
22438994How do I accept that I can't save someone from toxic people?[View]
22441839Will I regret this?: I've never been able to imagine my self in a real relationship, like I…[View]
22439660NPC during C°v/d 19 times: How do you deal with NPC's during these times? It is fascinating how…[View]
22441459>tried faking it til I made it >got a cute FWB who loved me but she got tired of me using her …[View]
22441749when i apply to rent a house, should I include my bank savings in the application to show I have mon…[View]
22440970ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22440952Occasion coke use too: How do I stop getting drunk every weekend? Also if it matters I'm Scotti…[View]
22439251I’m scared that my government is going to do a second corona lockdown. I can’t do it again. The firs…[View]
22441414Long Lost Relative: Someone reached out to me on Ancestry DNA. Turns out a have a half uncle that no…[View]
22441170I can't tell if I'm empathetic I or I just want to look like I'm a good person: So th…[View]
22440876Drunken embarrassment?: I don't get drunk often. A lot of people think its kind of weird to be …[View]
22439134How do I regain the sanity I've lost?[View]
22440964Cat's fang fell out.: My cat just lost one of her fangs. She isn't drooling or acting any …[View]
22441243Should I go into Labour Relations if I hate HR Culture?: Warning: I am not trying to engage in an ar…[View]
22441510Terrible anxiety about being a good partner: When I start dating some girl consistently (as in thing…[View]
22434358Hookup with Older woman: I’m 25 and have a chance to hook up with a 47 y/o I’ve never been with an o…[View]
22439443I keep seeing threads on here about how people screw up their own lives - to people who have fixed t…[View]
22440741How to make her like me: I like this girl who i barely talk but know too well because I follow her o…[View]
22439439>be me >gf of 2,5 years comes out as bisexual yesterday >claims she's been bisexual be…[View]
22441481Tattoo prices: This is coming from someone who has next to zero knowledge about tattoos. I just have…[View]
22440885For all the bile and venom I spew on this site daily, there is nobody I hate more than myself.[View]
22438521Theres this woman at work who's charming and everyone likes her. I'm the sort of reserved …[View]
22438140GIOYC:: sleep deprived edition[View]
22424781QTDDTOT: Ask your random quickies here and prevent fouling up the board. Also, remember to help your…[View]
22439719I'm locked down and will be for a long time. I'm probably dropping out of uni because of t…[View]
22441025I work at a cool company that's quite relaxed and I do a relatively decent job I have an offer …[View]
22441233Hey anons. My life is shit and idk if it will get any better and I really need some encouragement an…[View]
22440813Hey guys, anon from last night who was breaking up with his live-in gf. I'm gonna tell her toda…[View]
22440339I'm ungrateful: Today's my birthday. I've been telling my mother for a while that I w…[View]
22441222how to improve mental reselience and become stronger? since i got a job and stopped being ultra poor…[View]
22441194has anyone here been taking these? are they safe? when I stop taking them am I going to look worse t…[View]
22437436i'm talking to this girl on facebook but everytime i text her it take her 12-24 hours to read m…[View]
22438836Finally ruined one of my last friendships: to set the scene I'm in my late teens with no irl fr…[View]
22440914on the edge of failing my tests for the second time im repeating the same year and I have 10days le…[View]
22440037Are you guys still excited for anything or is there anything that makes you happy? Work, gym, inter…[View]
22431744How to make a girl obsessed with you? I want her to think about me 24/7. I'll be on her mind du…[View]
22440486I am feeling like I am on the verge of collapsing. I have a full time job, I earn decent amount of …[View]
22440264Have you ever taken a revenge against teachers from years ago? Have you ever witnessed karma?[View]
22440478So I just found out my mom was married and divorced before she met my dad (im 29). A cousin from my …[View]
22440624I love my girlfriend, and she is a very kind, helpful, and sincere person. But recently I've se…[View]
22438067what to do? 4th of july hell: went to GF's familys house for 4th of july. So first thing that h…[View]
22440617How to stop my sissyfication fetish?[View]
22440695Dating Apps: >match with cute grils on tinder >ask questions about life, job, travel >grils…[View]
22437313How to stop being bored? My interests are film, anime and pornography. I occasionally play some vide…[View]
22440375Looking to become the biggest Asshole: In my younger years, I was a violent narcissist with a god co…[View]
22440498How the fucking fuck do I lose a fetish? I've tried sheer willpower, gone without masturbation …[View]
22437416I just found out my mother who is a therapist by profession makes hypnosis orgasm videos[View]
22440574How to repress my social needs?: I'm trying to study and change my life for good, my study forc…[View]
22440678Online dating: In my city, you keep seeing the same people on online dating apps. 2 years ago I matc…[View]
22440568dating after college is impossible: is it me or it feels impossible to find a decent woman after fin…[View]
22440435help i spend all day scrolling this board and i cannot stop[View]
22439944How do I not embarrass myself when interacting with girls?[View]
22440440How do you come to realize if you relationships are not for you? I'm not saying this as an ince…[View]
22438275?: When they remove giant blackheads and there's a large gaping hole left behind, does the pore…[View]
22439695Anyone here 'beat' depression? I had it bad when I was a teenager and ate a lot of pills. Nothing re…[View]
22440128Should I accept a $15/hr job that'd require a 2 hour commute if I need on-the-job training hour…[View]
22440332Small Claims Court Summons: Anyone have experience avoiding a summons being delievered and how it pl…[View]
22440209i wanna die so badly like its all im thinking about i dont want to be here any where other than here…[View]
22439468How do I stop thinking that there's no hope?: I'm 18, never been with a girl. I'm sta…[View]
22438595My little sister loves me, should I fuck/date her ?: We're not blood related but always lived t…[View]
22440245I have severe OCD and severe anxiety. My life has been ruined by this. Should I attempt to obtain so…[View]
22440190How to date with muh trauma? Anxiety and dissociation.: >Coworker is trying to set me up with her…[View]
22439280How do I hide my atheism from my friends and family?: They are not very religious themselves and the…[View]
22439392Discord: If I delete my discord account to use my phone number for another new account. Will that ph…[View]
22440242Going to uni soon, how do I set myself up as the xxxPussySlayerxxx?[View]
22440103Is it weird if I date multiple redheads in a row? My ex was a redhead. We broke up a few years ago. …[View]
22439502im 169 cm at age 18, im still growing a bit i think is there anything that i can do to grow more? i …[View]
22440091How to reach out to small businesses on FB: Im just starting up my business targeted towards small b…[View]
22440054Question. So I've been planning on studying computer engineering to be a software dev and I jus…[View]
22439656>grew up with a Mom who would criticize what I would say or do, whether it was her or to a teache…[View]
22440205How to get corona gibs: I have an online consultation with a doctor in a few hours. I'm current…[View]
22440173because of my schedule i study after i workout but im tired and so tired for the next 3-5 hours i ca…[View]
22439997What do you do on vacation?[View]
22439214Just graduated, barely. Any general advice for what to do next? Apart from the usual going to colleg…[View]
22439770Mood swings: How do you control daily mood swings? It's so tiring to feel like a chad for 5 hou…[View]
22439936Tips to get through the (remote) work day as productively and efficiently as possible after stupidly…[View]
22438401i cant stop reading garfield help: ive been nonstop reading garfield ive read 9 years worth of garfi…[View]
22438919I just reinstalled tinder after not having used it in three years. I was in a long term relationship…[View]
22439639A girl has fallen for me and she's been horny for me for the past week or so. I played along be…[View]
22439795Are one-night-stands worthwhile?: Is it worthwhile to spend my time going on one-night-stands? Or sh…[View]
22438429Trying to cope with being dumped Its easy to pretend im fine during the day. In fact people think i …[View]

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