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22842185GIOYC: Get it off your chest (Ree edition)[View]
22842970Jobs like Firewatch?: How do I find a job like in firewatch? I'm getting out of the army soon a…[View]
22841906Are you a lonely male? An incel? I know how to fix it.GTFIH: If you're reading this you're…[View]
22842601>hates women >still longing after a gf who i can cherish and who loves me back what did i mean…[View]
22843579How can you tell when you like someone? Is it a certain feeling? I don't think I've ever l…[View]
22842493How common is it to feel completely worthless in your early 20s?: I notice it most when I’m around p…[View]
22843771Should I use this for balanitus?: Checked the back of the box and it recommends against using the cr…[View]
22843759Anyone here have ADHD? How do you manage your sleep schedule? I have nowhere to be so i go in circle…[View]
22843696I want to cosplay Astolfo: Hi boys, I would like to cosplay in Astolfo but I'm 1m87 I really wa…[View]
22843623Boy trouble: I have a crush this boy and I know he swings that way, but I want to already kind of be…[View]
22842478I don't like how I'm super passive about everything now. I never seem to assert myself any…[View]
22834327How to fuck girl at my new job: so i started working today at a restaurant and there is a girl that …[View]
22843350Hello bros, I come to you in a time of complete despair. I spent most of my early adult life as a N…[View]
22843668Negative self talk: How do I deal with this. I think Im a fairly normal person. Ive made my fair sha…[View]
22843615Anybody who gives me constant frustration and anxiety I start to have sexual feelings of them, even …[View]
22843345Angered a girl: Okay there was this girl who was into me (but I dont like her back) and texted me bu…[View]
22843305>wasted my college years taking STEM courses I had no aptitude for >now 23 with no degree …[View]
22843517MENTAL HEALTH: I'm all alone, there's no one else, I know they are but it doesn't fee…[View]
22843157I may not look or act like an incel to people but I consider myself one...or sometimes I even questi…[View]
22843487fag: how to move on??? , got mu of a girl we date every week, chat everyday from morning till night …[View]
22843123>year ago >Ex and I have our first big fight >Escalated it by pushing my triggers >Sh…[View]
22843411hey /adv/ I would like to get some advice on something thats been happening recently. My gf and I ha…[View]
22843084How to get pedophilic thoughts out of your head?: Ok so for a while, I've been very scared that…[View]
22842211Sunk Cost Fallacy: My fellow anons and anonettes of /adv/, some of you here are very successful. Som…[View]
22843394How do I get myself to focus.: How can I start focusing on school subjects, and other things alike. …[View]
22843206Any advice on how to flirt? Flirting with both guys and girls, or just getting someone's attent…[View]
22843334for those of you that live in small town like areas and have contacted traps in your area and talked…[View]
22843310What should I do with my life when I depression, social anxiety, lost all my friends and can't …[View]
22843238Is it gross to have a penis that's 7 inches long when flaccid? A friend of mine says that'…[View]
22842304How do I thicken my eyebrows?: I have thin eyebrows and as a man it looks silly, how can I thicken t…[View]
22843097ADHD meds: Anybody take atomoxetine? How long does it take to kick in? I've been on it for a we…[View]
22842004Is there any reason I should get rid of this wasp nest? It’s been there for a few months, none of th…[View]
22843091what does it mean when I wake up at night hearing someone desperately pull my front door over and ov…[View]
22843169Moving - Trauma, Fear, Anxiety: I’m being tortured mentally from how much I chew over moving out. It…[View]
22843005To the people who have gotten out of the service industry: how did you do it? Alternatively, what ar…[View]
22842339I got fucked up last night: Yesterday was my childhood friend's birthday. And we and a bunch of…[View]
22842189Hey /adv/ I am at a pub and there is a group of girls very cute and one of them caught my attention…[View]
22842740>chubby but overall attractive 28 year old girl calls me and asks me if I'd be interested in…[View]
22842940>got a vpn to bypass unfair 4chan bans >connect to a different country than mine >”posting…[View]
22841209Got Waitlisted from Dream Boarding School: I got WAITLISTED from my dreaming board school today. TUI…[View]
22839701What is like to live in a van? Is it worth it?[View]
22842687Why are girls so insecure?[View]
22841912T O M B O Y G I R L F R I E N D: Advice on obtaining Tomboy gf. Where does one even begin to find on…[View]
22842992Should I buy a new office chair?: Ad you can see, there's a big hole in the top layer of paddin…[View]
22842328how do you move to a significantly different geological location with 0 connections? I've lived…[View]
22842880>be me, 27 >have had girlfriends and milestones at normal times >been single for a year now…[View]
22842753Is moving out worth it?: I really don't see the point. I'm 25, got a job, a car, and my pa…[View]
22843030take it in: hi /adv/ what are things that help your life feel more full and add a routine to it?…[View]
22842985Smartphones: Is it worth it to live without a smartphone? Can anyone here who doesn't own a sma…[View]
22841492Do boner pills actually work?[View]
22843047What should I do to get better.: Hey anons. I’ve been struggling for the past four to five years wit…[View]
22842854Streaming: Bonjour! I'm having a hard time finding streaming website to watch movies in french.…[View]
22843035Why are most boomers anti-feminist? If they've seen the times of women's oppression, why a…[View]
22841507Okay so I'm dating this girl for 3 months And last weekend was a tense weekend because i had a…[View]
22842978>infatuated with girl >girl blocks me Will I ever see her again? Should I visit her?…[View]
22842839Attraction to Spouse: Ive been dating my SO for a year, we live together. They're the love of m…[View]
22842813Rejected: I just don't get it /adv/, I made eye contact, I talked, I listened, I said her head …[View]
22842026Realistic to move out on my own with $7000 in savings? Or should I wait until I’ve saved up more.[View]
22842292been thinking a lot lately. really asking myself 'Am I a bad person?'. most people in my life cut me…[View]
22840989is having crushes cringe?[View]
22842403how to escape the blackpill that we are all just products of our environment unable to have free tho…[View]
22840618How do people read and write so fast in chat while watching the stream at the same time? Am I rarted…[View]
22842376Hey anons, Just started talking to this girl a couple weeks ago. We recently went on a date to the b…[View]
22842638I'm a sperg but i feel like i'm stuck between worlds. I'm not spergy enough to live i…[View]
22842361should i do lean?: i have codeine, i have sprite. im alone on my house, its 2 am and i hate myself. …[View]
22842639How to cope, women are worthless and replicable and just used and abused by men. How do I avoid kill…[View]
22842122(Posted this in /fa/, got no help) So, I have several pairs of Hanes underwear that fit but are just…[View]
22842310I made a point and she said 'you're right'. Is this some kind of freaky reverse psychology? WHA…[View]
22842741how to get rid of all desire for human contact?[View]
22841431where do i take my anger out that feels useful? if i beat up my boxing bag i get tired but still rem…[View]
22842595I'm originally from long island and have always loved New York. Especially NYC. I moved to LA b…[View]
22842596I think a girl is intentionally playing emotions and fears to get my closer... I know I should run b…[View]
22842548My gf's mother is dying of brain cancer and I don't know what to say to help her I don…[View]
22841246Any suggested games?: Just got around 55 USD steam gift card from a friend as a birthday gift. Any g…[View]
22842032How do I /actually/ deal with bed bugs without spending shit tons of money? I don't even care a…[View]
22842399Why don’t we teach women to take pregnancy tests more often?: >R’s believe life begins at concept…[View]
22842517sister is slowly turning into a druggy emo whore how can i stop this process she started off perfect…[View]
22842462How to deal with a girlfriend who has become a bitch after taking a week break for u (me)??? I cant …[View]
22841157Ask the opposite gender anything[View]
22839753My advice: Look at picrel. He was: >6'8 >jacked >handsome >good hair >played gu…[View]
22842214Am I going crazy, do I have dandruff, a flaky scalp or what? Pic related is a brand new comb right a…[View]
22840808How do I get rid of an orbiter[View]
22838497Pleasing Women Sexually: How women describe sex with men shows that they are always disappointed. On…[View]
22842367Is there a way to be questioned by police while having done nothing wrong? Need to do this to avoid …[View]
22841830How do I respond.: The setting: met someone(f) in online game couple months ago, she invited me to a…[View]
22842215>Be me >Financially stable >My own appartment >Good job >No friends >No lovers …[View]
22841410wtf is wrong with me i used to love dating girls and having sex. but now i don't even care for …[View]
22841244So, I definetely broke with my gf today. An ex work colleague of mine asked me out a week before and…[View]
22841684How to get a new gf?: Ok, so this might seem a little long but mb. Firstly I was in a relationship …[View]
22838455Microscope I'd like to see in stereo with both eyes illuminated by a cold LED light so my speci…[View]
22842320I have 3 questions: 1. Should I try and start dating while the pandemic is happening? Is it safe yet…[View]
22842235Worried friends and parents might not like the girl I'm dating: So I went on a date with a real…[View]
22842308there is something wrong about life, it seems to me life should not exist, life the way we know it i…[View]
22841991sorry for the vlog: So my ex wants to take care of me >date this girl for 4 years >took care …[View]
22840947What's the best way to build credit? I'm a 20 y/o NEETbwith no debt, but also no cars or a…[View]
22842098How do you stop punishing a new gf/bf for past wrongs ex’s did?[View]
22841587My grandpa owns a house with serval apartments and since he only uses the lower one, he rents out th…[View]
22841986the fact that i'm past my peak libido years bothers me immensely. i don't know why and it …[View]
22840864Hey. I know this isn't a great thread, but can someone give me a refresher of some kind on why …[View]
22842007How do you accept you’ll never amount to anything and will be doing shit jobs for the rest of your l…[View]
22841678Broke up with gf regret it: she was really abusive and trying to.make up false charges so I broke up…[View]
22840619How to I make sex not awkward?: Perhaps because I'm still new to it, I feel extremely uncomfort…[View]
22842162Any advice for beginners when it comes to sex? Whenever me and my girlfriend are snuggling or making…[View]
22842096How assertive should I be in interactions with women I'm interested in? I can never seem to tel…[View]
22842171How do I counter the big forehead? Fit?[View]
22842088Learning a instrument: I want to learn how to play the guitar, but as the xing long virus is there i…[View]
22842152Onesies: I'm trying to get matching onesies with my boyfriend as a surprise (not anniversary no…[View]
22842138Which jobs are the worst for an autist/asperger? Which would literally crush his soul? On the other …[View]
22841637Why do I dissociate when I’m around people: I was talking to a cute guy today and he was trying to m…[View]
22841660i like to paint and my gf who is also in the same hobby is much more advanced than me, im happy we m…[View]
22842023On looks: How can I know if I'm good looking or not, or at least how to stop feeling insecure a…[View]
22841524I don't know what I want, I have no goals because I can't find anything that would drive m…[View]
22841952Should I end my life because I have never had a relationship with a girl? I'm 27yo and never se…[View]
22841741My dick smells so fucking bad after I piss What can I do to have a better smelling peepee?[View]
22842078What are the most meaninful yet accesible volunteering options for a freshman year college student? …[View]
22840965What's the point when you're incapable of experiencing joy[View]
22841036Would it be controlling or abusive if I instituted a blanket ban on my boyfriend being friends with …[View]
22841774I have a $500 medical debt i owe that went into collections, and now recently it got reported onto m…[View]
22841900Horn: Can you link exercises or something to reduce the pain thanks to head horn? It started to hurt…[View]
22841931Is it too late for plastic surgery?: Ugly male, 28 old. I finally have enough money to have life cha…[View]
22838687My friend sent me 'suggestive' pic and idk what to do: She is doing a zelda cosplay and asked me wha…[View]
22838998GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
22835862Can weed make someone start to cry, dance profusely, arrange their bed and pencils and walk back and…[View]
22841844Why should I pull myself out my depression? The world is pretty fucked right now and I'm at ri…[View]
22841908A girl offered to braid my hair for 60$ Is that a decent price? Im cheap. Could i get it for 40$? Pi…[View]
22839573COMPOSE AN EMAIL TO SUPERVISOR: I need to compose an email to my supervisor about a coworker who is …[View]
22841745How do I get my pp hard and ready to go quickly incase I ever encounter stuff like vids related sudd…[View]
22841176I have done it I basically asked a pretty cute fit girl to hang out and she readily agreed. Shes pas…[View]
22841769How do I end my life in the most painless way possible. I specifically mean physical pain, I'm …[View]
22841378Can braces fix overbite? Its not a big one, just 1-2 mm. If not, is there amything else that can? Ex…[View]
22841493How do I flirt with women? I've searched the internet for this kind of stuff but a lot of it se…[View]
22840166I want to flirt in a mean way?: 23f think I have a kink where I tease the person usually a nerdy guy…[View]
22841614How to lose temptation and emotion?: Sounds odd, but how does one go to do this.[View]
22841689If someone is so stupid that you can't wrap your head around them, does that make you the stupi…[View]
22841650I’ve studied into six completely different careers in the past seven years, only graduated one (that…[View]
22841588How to live a life of isolation: Are any anons here experienced with living completely alone? I want…[View]
22840321As a future teacher (I'm in my last year of uni and in the process of obtaining a teaching qual…[View]
22841227How do I accept that I'll stay a khv for the rest of my life without feeling bitter about it? I…[View]
22841581My girlfriend was raped many times as a child and is scared of men as a result. She loves me but rep…[View]
22841606>have the same group of friends since school >They know I never tried to make new friends as I…[View]
22841395I lost all desire to get involved with women. Should I stay like this?[View]
22840021What’s up with my friend’s behavior?: Hi anons, I’ve got a serious issue that’s been bothering me fo…[View]
22841384How do I cum more: I'm am established male with a family not looking to increase my sperm count…[View]
22840924bros i require help im going to a friends sleepover party at his summerhouse with people who are pop…[View]
22841376Legal advice: Five days ago I sold my motorbike. 2017 model so it is due it's first MOT now (I …[View]
22840893Im in a long term relationship, not married but was planning something nice and simple in October, h…[View]
22839929Why is it getting harder to move on as time progresses?: At first I was fine, but now it’s been a fe…[View]
22841503How do I make friends: I have social anxiety. The thought of talking to or even making an eye contac…[View]
22839965Does anyone else sometimes read something and the volume seems to go up, until your inner-reading-vo…[View]
22841399Anxiety and low self esteem affects my decision making which lead to making decisions that I regret …[View]
22840792Good morning anons, help a lifting bro here. I had this injury in my hand through deadlifting 2 week…[View]
22841274is sex worth it?: only answer this thread if you lost your virginity after 25. Was sex worth all tha…[View]
22831930I punched my wife in the face a week ago and knocked her down. I don’t know what came over me. I’ve …[View]
22841371Younger bro having some kinda crisis?: I'm 5 years older than my brother. He went bald and put …[View]
22841323how can i start drawing?: hey im just another worthless 18 yo with nothing goin on his life. just li…[View]
22841082I get an erection when talking to girls...: Is this bad? If I'm talking to a girl and being pla…[View]
22841111recently just broke up with my girlfriend and I miss her. She said she doesn't feel a connectio…[View]
22841411Is being a Plummer a worthwhile career option?: I have lived in a relatively wealthy family and the …[View]
22828706>Ask the opposite sexual orientation a question For straight guys, are you grossed out or slightl…[View]
22841328Noob here. How do I tell if my makeup eyeshadow brushes are natural hairs? I have 2 that are silky s…[View]
22841219Is it a bad idea if you have a problem in something you try to find people who have the same problem…[View]
22841210With a lot of girls I've been talking to or dating I've noticed kind of a weird trend wher…[View]
22837875Is it normal to feel a stinging pain in your chest whenever you see an attractive woman rather than …[View]
22836525I love the women I fuck like you like a dog or a little niece. I like to have fun with them, cuddle …[View]
22841366im 27 and i think i finally hit that point everyone older than me spoke about - that point where I j…[View]
22841261I rent out a room in a house. The room is located in the basement which is an area independent of an…[View]
22838400My parents are trying to sell their takeaway. They're Chinese and they don't understand En…[View]
22838667Vidya Streaming: Any tips for an aspiring streamer? Not for me but for a close female friend. She…[View]
22840833Is anyone here familiar with anhedonia? I have an autism spectrum disorder and I don't get much…[View]
22841278A lot of times when i think something like an opinion. My mind immediately jumps to saying the oppos…[View]
22839246i am about to explode, I seriously need some help on what to do 20, have a GED and live in florida. …[View]
22840936My friends never want to do anything outside of sitting on our computers. I suggest things to do as …[View]
22841160I want to grow out my hair but it's naturally very hard, gross, and greasy, so I usually stick …[View]
22835031How to get a job faster: I know I have to make a resume, go to different stores, and get called back…[View]
22841221Dickhead neighbours what will I do?: My neighbours are dickheads! looking for advice what to do. The…[View]
22841141How the FUCK do I make conversations with new people?: Went to a small house party today, no girls b…[View]
22841045Question for all the bottoms: Is a dick 7x5.8 big enough? i know a lot of bottoms are size queens, a…[View]
22840985Back pain suffers of /adv/ is surgery worth it? L5-S1 herniated disk since i was 10, 25 now been in …[View]
22840805>be 24 y/o >6k in bank >no skills just basic DIY things >got a highschool diploma in off…[View]
22840585Femanons, how can I get a girl to do anal for me? I'll go slow and warm her hole up as much a s…[View]
22841162I feel bad thinking about being with people, sometimes I feel bad while being with people, sometimes…[View]
22837230i jus went on to /b/ and had an epileptic fit. what do i do?[View]
22837919How to attract people 101: >Be Funny Not to be mistaken with cleverness. You never want to think …[View]
22841068Nobody wants to be my sweetheart. The girl ive been is not messaging anymore. I send her money, beca…[View]
22839752How much oxycodone and tequila so I don't wake up a vegetable?: I'm a 5'2 female 150 …[View]
22841088Not efficient at home: When I'm at home, I'm always fighting to get myself to work. If I g…[View]
22836502Is it bad that my boyfriend watches porn?: TL:DR; The fact that he was watching women other than me …[View]
22839592Is Law in Humanities or in Social Sciences?: I can't figured it out.[View]
22838655i think i really have some screws loose bros i always play as female in my games and treat them like…[View]
22840971What is my purpose: How in the living fuck do I find out why I'm here. Or what I'm meant t…[View]
22840612Any tips for getting a gf? I can't even get a date!![View]
22840958Should I just accept he ghosted me?: Started texting with a guy on IG for like two weeks and he seem…[View]
22839133Is it possible to change your personality after 25? Basically I feel like I was one way when I was y…[View]
22840526How do I overcome laziness? All I do in life is jerking off, drinking alcohol with friends, listenin…[View]
22840567In all seriousness how do I deal with this temporary desire to Destroy, Feast, Burn and Rape?[View]
22838926Laws of the United States of America: Where I can find all the laws the U.S. have in PDF?[View]
22840714How do I get drugs? I don't have a weedman or dealer and know noone who knows one Australia btw[View]
22840741where do i find a gf[View]
22840331I think I might be HIV positive. This is not a joke. What should I do? Thank you.[View]
22840497Is it bad to be sexually inexperienced at this age? I’ve only ever had sex a total of 19 times (tota…[View]
22838304I'm a senior in high school (yes i'm eighteen) and i'm fucking awful at math and engl…[View]
22840458What are some things I can do on my slow-ass mobile hotspot internet until I wait on the phone compa…[View]
22840699>girl I've been hooking up with/semi-dating has suddenly become very very distant >like f…[View]
22840361Would you choose double room at dorms for free or rent a single room for 1st year of university? I a…[View]
22840818Lazy tattoo artist wont reschedule me: Title says it all I have paid in full for unlimited sessions …[View]
22839305suicide advice: I have had suicidal thoughts before. I recently came out of a depression that took a…[View]
22836751Killing myself.: How does it feel to slit your wrists and bleed out to death? And will alcohol or an…[View]
22840703hobbies: how do i get another hobby, better if social and outside? what do u do besides shitposting?…[View]
22839601When should I take my very first tab of cid? I've been told to do it alone and I was thinking t…[View]
22836018If a girl tells you she wants to break up because she has issues to focus on (real shit like family …[View]
22839840How do I learn to hate someone? Im the faggot that is in love with his roommate even though she cuck…[View]
22840617How do I get rid of soc anxiety: It's killing me, just got into a medschool (my field is dentis…[View]
22840359How do I move on: I've been in love with someone for over 2 years now, who has clearly made it …[View]
22838200Marrying boyfriend because of baby: I just found out I’m pregnant with my long term boyfriend baby. …[View]
22840368quit coffee: went from drinking 3 big cups a day to none because i wasn't sleeping well at nigh…[View]
22838597Is my family situation hopeless or can something be worked out? Disclaimer, if you’re Christian, thi…[View]
22837884Pretending to be black for a job: Anybody with half a brain knows that the job market is completely …[View]
22839871>go to acting class >been there for 2 months now >started when everyone else started after …[View]
22836474lol: my boyfriend just told me he’s going to hang out with his female coworker to get some ice-cream…[View]
22837855How to form deep connections?: How do I care for another person? I can't seem to form personal …[View]
22840546>tfw my homie is getting annoyed at my witticisms and not hanging out with me as much lately >…[View]
22838737how to get her to propose me?[View]
22839298Why is youtube so addictive? I waste 5 hours everyday watching dumb videos and I can't stop. I …[View]
22840374>Be me >Bwf with an ig whore >She said needs my help “anon I’ll give $600 if you if you fu…[View]
22840394What's a good social media platform for me who doesn't want to encounter others' soci…[View]
22837994How do I know if I am a incel?: How do I know if I am a incel? Like what am I?[View]
22837692Good ok job(imaging technician) ,have my own house ,debt free,well read and really nice ( maybe too …[View]
22840423I have a date in about 12 hours (woke up in the middle of the night) It's our second date - met…[View]
22838433Ask the opposite gender anything.[View]
22840350So long story short, I’m a truck driver and I was parking my truck not in harms way or anyone’s way.…[View]
22840184dating chances: I stumbled over my ex on okcupid not soon after she dumped me. I'm trying to ob…[View]
22840053Is 20y/o too late to learn how to play the Cello?: I always wanted to play when I was a kid but my f…[View]
22840193Where to translate for money?: I want to translate stuff for money. Where to go and where to ask? Fo…[View]
22839661How to deal with inferiority?: Never thought I'd post anything like this, but here I am. How do…[View]
22838948I really want to fuck my co-workers: I understand it's a horrible idea, but jesus fucking chris…[View]
22833691>Be me >Experience absolutely no pleasure or enjoyment out of anything >overwhelmed with ex…[View]
22838953I ate raw meat for 2 month or more and now I've gor some worms/parasite: Well I've been ea…[View]
22839549Why don't women response to me? Hmm?[View]
22837010Gf & hentai: >been with gf for a few months >she does whatever I want, great sex life …[View]
22839302You know the paranoid schizos that think the govt is watching them and they have EMP attacks or some…[View]
22839963POV: >you are 28 years old >make decent salary, but hate your line work to the core >own no…[View]
22835799wait wait wait hold on a second can people smell if you cum in your underwear[View]
22839811'It's called being a decent *fucking* human being: What's the most appropriate reply when …[View]
22840241I actually believe that hurting or manipulating others to get what I want is okay, but now it has go…[View]
22840155For the past half year or so I've been having pimple like bumps appearing and gradually disappe…[View]
22839225Found some kittens in a parking lot yesterday that I think were abandoned; they were scared, crying …[View]
22839992Hey Guys, so my depression came back and i have the urge to do something against it. Can we have a f…[View]
22837876What do I do if I feel like I'm sick of the internet and no longer want to spend most my day us…[View]
22840174im almost dying anons, please tell me how heaven is[View]
22827609Open Relationship: My girlfriend recently told me that she didn’t mind if I had sex with other girls…[View]
22835526>arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up school >charged with 2nd degree terroristic thr…[View]
22839523Why are most women so boring? If I have another normie woman tell me that her hobby is watching Netf…[View]
22839138What's happening to mu head?: Lately my rational mind and my emotional mind seem to be apart. I…[View]
22837845Pic unrelated Where do I go to meet good women? I've had flings and FWBs but never a long term …[View]
22839982Why do the effects of combat or terrifying scenarios only kick in after a few months? Should you get…[View]
22839052I keep forgetting things. i have extremely poor memory. A couple of years ago this was never a probl…[View]
22839422How do I know if I'm truly a pee-pee head, or if the neighbour kids are mocking me over nothing…[View]
22835381I never want to have a relationship with a woman ever again I'm a straight dude, early 30s Foug…[View]
22838265Is it me of them?: I’ve had this problem in two of my friend groups. One person will do a certain be…[View]
22839626after only ever being with 1 girl - we were together for like 5 years and broke up because we were f…[View]
22836739>start bouldering as a khv ocd bulking lad this week >have no friends. Double my dose of antid…[View]
22838866How do i become a normie and make normie friends?: >20 y.o 3rd year uni > havent talked to any…[View]
22839604>two days in a row, “ex is typing” notification on Snapchat >third day ask what’s up >she…[View]
22835375How do I get family members to not be racist and to accept my relationship with a black man and to a…[View]
22839408deadend: First of all im asian male 27 yrs got a bachelors degree introvert dont have much friends w…[View]
22839436why the fuck can't i ever sleep?: i'm about to literally lose my fucking mind. im so mothe…[View]
22839674Bought a new TV (LG). Which picture mode will give me the most accurate image? Should I go with Cine…[View]
22837728how do i get a vasectomy? I'm 22 and live in AZ. i want to get a vasectomy when I'm about …[View]
22838741I'm super addicted to cocaine and the only long term rehab my insurance will cover is a super r…[View]
22839299i was discharged from the psychiatric hospital yesterday (i was inpatient for 18 days) for drinking …[View]
22837974Get socially anxious around my gf and now I’m losing my feelings for her. Met this girl last year la…[View]
22838476Is being an electrician nice & comfy work? I'm almost 20 (and in 0 debt) but I don't h…[View]
22839563I'm gonna start cutting myself for the first time, haven't had a sharp razor until now. I …[View]
22838620how important is it to buy proper glasses and mugs? Ever since I bought my home I've been using…[View]
22839244Why do I always become unhappy in a relationship?[View]
22837111What's the best way to quickly filter out my dealbreakers with girls before either one of us wa…[View]
22837968Travel: thinking of converting a box van into a mobile home, I’m getting a remote job in software en…[View]
22839535Am I stupid or smart: >few weeks ago >go on beach trip with my family >friend wants to come…[View]
22838130I always get the weirdest dreams that I can actually remember too when I go to bed dehydrated. Does …[View]
22839405I released some domesticated rabbits into the wild...: Did I just screw over the nearby fields? I tr…[View]
22839252>hinge match opens with some corny shit about RBG she has huge tits tho. should i?…[View]
22838512should i go to a job placement agency?: >29 >polisci degree >never made more than 16/hr …[View]
22837812Screwed by contractor: Hoping this is a better place to get advice than /diy, even if they might kno…[View]
22839258I got positive COVID result, but I’m feeling alright. Had a fever the other day but now it’s gone. I…[View]
22838657So basically I’ve been coming to terms with how I’m incredibly defensive when it comes to my own sel…[View]
22835565This is my jawline. Am I fucked? Could I improve it with weight loss? Im 22% bodyfat[View]
22839288Heartbroken but doing well: Idk, i'll spare the details since I have a paranoid suspicion about…[View]
22839202Life sucks.: Masturbation causes depression. Porn causes depression. Drinking causes depression. Smo…[View]
22839249I'm at my fucking limit and I feel like shit because I've been repressing pent up frustrat…[View]
22839169Please help I can’t stop hugging my cat against his will: NOTHING brings me more joy than holding an…[View]
22837827My next door neighbors are heroin dealers. I've seen the clientele at all hours of the night an…[View]
22837777Never getting over that one that got away?: Anyone here find an amazing girl who was literally every…[View]
22838872So I met this girl online and we have been talking to each other for a couple months and hit it off …[View]
22839047Can't motivate myself to study at all. I'm extremely lazy and I just want to play video ga…[View]
22836111Guys I'm worried Got this email from google saying that FBI is monitoring me Should I be worrie…[View]
22836261How do I make my bus ride more bearable? I hate taking the bus, and I always feel really physically …[View]
22838934what does it indicate when a girl is telling this to me?[View]
22837245Fucking Coronavirus: my dad has been confirmed with the sickness and I think my mom is sick too. I h…[View]
22839076How do I get normie friends as a junior in college? I look attractive, but I have anxiety issues and…[View]
22835069Am I a shitty GF?: I'd like to preface this by saying that I never have had any intention to ru…[View]
22838663Is it possible for an average man to beat McGregor with a baseball bat: Mc Gregor is fighting bare h…[View]
22838976Howdy there anons, I just got into an argument with a catholic friend of mine about religion and ins…[View]
22838501How do I work up the Courage to study? I just don’t feel like doing it...[View]
22838914OK so tl:dr i need advice on is a road rage driver followed me home. Made threats and took pictures …[View]
22836195Is it normal to ignore all post with anime pictures? I just can't take them seriously, like the…[View]
22837689Coomer here looking for advice. Do you have any particular things you do to stop yourself from think…[View]
22830866My boyfriend was a massive player: In college my boyfriend was a Massive player and I'm very un…[View]
22838808>friend's mom wants me to record a video for her birthday because she's trying to do so…[View]
22834024Sex island: Hey folks, so my girl left me some time ago and I have been trucking along on recovery, …[View]
22836021GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
22838529I want her back I want her back She went and got a dog and is in pain because I left her I Want Her …[View]
22838773hedonists: how to deal with being surrounded by hedonists? everyone in my life, my family, my friend…[View]
22838263Why is it still so hard to get a job?: Aren't all places back up and running? They need their f…[View]
22838340Why doesn't real life work like lifting heavy objects or any physical work? Any decent job that…[View]
22836755I'm an alcoholic that needs to stop for a period of time if not permanently. I know how to tape…[View]
22834082I used to be a fucking creep and I can't get it out of my head now. For some reason when I was …[View]
22837626Talking with girls online and sending nudes: How do you talk girls into sending you nudes or sexy se…[View]
22837982Just what is the point in going on?: My life is the most boring, disappointing mess. I am a 23 year …[View]
22838600How do I get over the feeling that I'll never get something? Like I'm studying for the net…[View]
22838296need help: Where do i find a black girl irl im white af and look nerdy how do i find and approach su…[View]
22838438Coding, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Learning cryptocurrencies or the stock m…[View]
22837695What to do about an awful tattoo: So I got this shitty fucking tattoo last December by some hack art…[View]
22838255Stress is gonna kill me :D: How do you deal with stress when you can’t leave the area stressing you …[View]
22838093bros, I just broke up with my gf. We'd been going slow for a few months seeing each other about…[View]
22838203remove stripped screw: >already tried the rubber band thing and using superglue how do I remove i…[View]
22838234Cyrpto: So I just got 400 free uni tokens and right now they are at 7 bucks a pop if I wanted to sel…[View]
22836870Signs a girl likes you: What are some decent signs a girl likes you romantically/sexually? >in be…[View]
22835933Is it okay for me to hit my bf? It doesn’t really hurt him but I know my aggression keeps him in lin…[View]
22836938Stressed out at work >be me, working for a supermarket for 2 months >had a shift with a woman,…[View]
22838307Thinking of moving to Manchester (UK): What is Manchester like? Any insights or tips?[View]
22836047Woke girlfriend: My girlfriend is a woke twitter warrior and I resent her for it. she nonstop posts …[View]
22837819How does one stop being emotionally fragile and abandon victimhood mentality?[View]
22837742Reading Out Loud Anxiety: I've got an issue. Every time I have to read out loud in class I pani…[View]
22835871Can I still become a teacher with 2 duis? In the United States. Wanting to work in the Alaskan bush …[View]
22836996Do I have ADHD? The thought has always been in the back of my mind for years because I always have t…[View]
22837573So I've known this girl for a few years now, probably just over 2 and we really hit it off at f…[View]
22836918sup /adv/ I feel like I have little specific knowledge/stuff to talk about with others. I don't…[View]
22837750My boyfriend says he wants to 'dog me out', what does this mean?[View]
22836836Nerdy couple?: Femanon here. So I met a new dude in uni, he's your typical short frail nerdy gu…[View]
22836042>nearly 30 years old >still a virgin >lost job through corona, not able to find a new one …[View]
22836228Hi fags, I am looking for a successful mature women to give me lfe advice. (not a sugar mommy) I h…[View]
22837677How do I get over my debilitating fear of public speaking? It's impacting my career I feel like…[View]
22838039Tattoo coverups: So i made this thread on another page but didn’t get as much feedback as i original…[View]
22836897Adderall: Does Adderall fry your brain if you take it all of the time for years?[View]
22836652I am a short woman that looks somewhat fat. No matter how much I restrict my eating and do exercise,…[View]
22836585Keep worrying about time passing by. 22 but already thinking about entering my 30s and then passing …[View]
22838213Is there anything you can you do with a foreign language degree like French or German?[View]
22837829So I'm not supposed to get a gf during covid. How do I cope or not feel bad about not getting o…[View]
22838012I'm at the lowest point of my life. I'll be turning 32 soon, I'm overweight, balding,…[View]
22836732Do girls like headpats? I always give headpats to my now 15 year old cousin. She is adorable[View]
22838050I (99m) sucked off a friend yesterday: I feel weird cos I'm so senile and stuff but its really …[View]
22835629Ecstasy comedown: Panic Attack: So i ODd slightly last week wednesday on MDMA leading me to puke and…[View]
22837880How to explain to friend what depression is?: I’ve told her I’m severely depressed and that my paren…[View]
22836626What to do with a gf if I don't like to leave the house? If I don't keep her entertained, …[View]
22836086Painkillers: I've been dealing with an impacted wisdom tooth with a cavity and it's been c…[View]
22835763drink driving: So im drink as fuck a revjom id nd ok ti drine. What do uou anond think? ani of yoh b…[View]
22837905How I can be more productive?How I can turn my free time into more work time and eliminate the procr…[View]
22836284How can I help my little sister?: My 7 year old sister is being mentally abused by her friends. They…[View]
22837657I’m 26 and I’m thoroughly bored of being a mild-mannered sensible adult. What can I do to feel like …[View]
22836934Am I weird for loving cute anime girls with big tits?[View]
22837569Women don't really exist in my mind. Like when I am around women, I don't talk or look at …[View]
22837648I’m obsessed with my girlfriend. I’m a fresh high school graduate just recently diagnosed with Seve…[View]
22837650Yo, is costively a word? I am trying to use the word costive as an adverb. Can that even be done? …[View]
22837403Let's say you're a teacher in high school, and one of your students has a crush on you. Sh…[View]
22837445Feeling like I lost out on 'the one': >Meet girl >Get along great >Same 'obscure' interests…[View]
22836339ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything.[View]
22837418Grey spinny boi: Just had a viper circle my house Twice at 200-400 foot altitude then dip to where i…[View]
2283646232 year old virgin here. I don't really want a wife or gf but I would like to at least touch a …[View]
22837372how do you cope with the fact that people have life easier than you? I try to work hard but I can…[View]
22837438Need some advice: I've been talking to this girl on a dating app for a couple weeks. We have a …[View]
22835878Is it a good idea asking for help here? There's some things I desperately need to get out of my…[View]
22837412How to build an app that people are willing to pay for? Not like uber. Something whose purpose begin…[View]
22836561As a general rule, is the guy who's FWB/fuckbuddies with the girl more or less attractive than …[View]
22837287I’m an alcoholic and I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 2 recently. I just started taking la…[View]
22835898Looking to meet people is difficult, what should I do? >move towns, dont know anyone except famil…[View]
22837390Make myself normal: What's the hack? Is it just a heroic dose of acid and watching a season of …[View]
22837203what is the balance in talking too much and not talking enough my friend told me a few months ago i …[View]
22834408What Jobs Can I Do: I’ve spent the last 2 years working as a financial analyst and while I wouldn’t …[View]
22836858I have a fantastic job opportunity but my mental health isn't good right now.: I'm in a di…[View]
22837137Missing Cat: Toronto, ON, CANADA. Edith was last seen on Sept. 11th in the early afternoon, around B…[View]
22833107I'm 18. Still a virgin. Never had a girlfriend. How do I get a girl from school to fuck me.[View]
22836435Dating question#67896: Where do I meet women to date if I don't drink anymore and hate using on…[View]
22836522How to stop drinking all the time?: I'm drinking way too much. I'm cutting back but it…[View]
22837045What would you do if you had 500k in crypto gains?: SWIM has been sitting on a stack for 3 years. SW…[View]
22835191I’m conflicted: So /adv/ I’m a 21 year old male I’ve gotten my GED in 2018 I was planning on joini…[View]
22835875Why is making romantic/sexual advances towards your coworkers sexual harassment?[View]
22834930Very slightly deaf in one ear?: So about a year ago, my headset started sounding like it was slightl…[View]
22835990need gf in pic: What are some signs a girl is submissive and kinky? i think most women would keep th…[View]
22836178I need a reason not to blow my head off with a shotgun: Long story short I suffered from depression,…[View]
22836806Why is assisted suicide a nono but abortions perfectly fine? i mean just in my mind a doctor killing…[View]
22835671mentally unstable mother: my mum keeps buying stuff for me. i do not appreciate it at all, especiall…[View]
22835459how do i keep up in bed?: my bf and i have really great sex, but i know i dont do as much work with …[View]
22833934Should I have sex with someone I don't love? I'm 18 and she's 17. She has fucked a lo…[View]
22835928How much of a valid excuse to make mistakes is having depression? I mean mistakes like forgetting to…[View]
22836792Have to get in contact with ex for medical reasons: >Broke up with my ex more than a week ago …[View]
22834249Help finding someone for an apology: If I had a massive public freakout from being a miserable drunk…[View]
22836759Itchy ass: How do I solve the short term problem of my asshole itching ?[View]
22833878I use to not be a loser.: I use to have some sort of a future in engineering until I dropped out of …[View]
22835278Why do I keep following people around who talk shit about me and don't care about me?: Why do I…[View]
22835832How to find passion/hobby anons?[View]
22836396Ex 'accidentally' called: My ex 'accidentally' called me. Does that mean anything? She's also b…[View]
22835313Living with partner: Been with my gf since March and we been talking about me moving in with her whe…[View]
22834454Dirty Talk: Looking for advice on ways to up my dirty talk game. Me and my gf are into pretty '…[View]
22836393Alright 4chinz, I REALLY need advice here. >tfw there's this girl who I've been friends…[View]
22835963My dad is an alcoholic: I love my dad and I respect him as a person. He's not a bad human being…[View]
22836571I just destroyed somebody in an argument on 4chan. Why do i not feel happiness from that?[View]
22836385>dad chokes me out at age 9 because my cousin said i let my hamster poop on the bed by accident …[View]
22835929i’m confused with the way my brain works, i don’t have a strong feelings for people around me, like …[View]
22836500How do I approach a girl who just posted a cute pic to ig stories? It's just her smiling. I tho…[View]
22834092Am I depressed?: I legit can’t make myself do anything worthwhile at all. I’m too lazy to even watch…[View]
22836554Magic mushrooms and other psychedelics: Hey guys. Don't know where to post this question so let…[View]
22836024How can I brush my teeth?: I'm ashamed of asking something so retarded but as someone with ADHD…[View]
22835989Is 'I dont like working' a good reason to quit my job? I'm currently doing the minimum effort b…[View]
22836580what do i do: finally old enough to use this fancy website, so i have to ask, what do i do with my l…[View]
22835917Fellow with ADHD can't concentrate and I have late terms: So uni starts on first october, barel…[View]
22835429Laws of the United States of America: Only americans pls. I want to know, how many laws do your coun…[View]
22836048>Live in East Europe >3rd year at Uni >Minimal social skills/life experience >Recently r…[View]
22835516How do I stop being an anxious fuck: I'm losing all desire to live because I'm too anxious…[View]
22836064Am I a bad person for ignoring someone for their hideous looks?[View]
22835997How to approach a girl: Just started uni in a new area, and theres girl that I like the look of. She…[View]
22835104Is it possible to fall in love with a woman that you find physically repulsive?[View]
22836414Hookup culture ruins intimacy with gf: So I’ve been with my gf for almost 2 years , and emotionally …[View]
22836494how the fuck do I get good at accounting, im taking accounting 2 and its fucking me up and I can…[View]
22836088i really enjoy writing and want to get better at writing i have this friend who is a really good wri…[View]
22836460How do I go about returning to a job I walked out on? It's been about two months, and the circu…[View]
22835257gf peeing during sex: How do I stop my gf peeing during sex? Sometimes it looks like she spilled a …[View]
22835829I want to change my life since 2 years but I can't, I am addicted to internet and only things I…[View]
22836440How to stop ruminating about the past and what you lost because of poor decisions and coronavirus if…[View]
22832126What is the most painless way to commit suicide?[View]
22836376https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/09/even-coronavirus-cant-kill-sat-and-act/616360/ I…[View]
22832004Anybody else get shit from npc faggots no matter what they do in life? >get a haircut You're…[View]
22835332I have an opportunity to live in double room with friend in dorms for free, should I do it or rent a…[View]
22835948Drunk, boring couple: I think both my boyfriend and I are becoming boring and have drinking problems…[View]
22835914I'm ugly because I'm mixed raced. Is it rational for me to feel a persistent anger towards…[View]
22836015No idea where to post this, but what is working for Amazon as a warehouse team member like? I keep s…[View]
22834831What are some fun jobs? I don't need much money, I just wanna do something I can actually enjoy…[View]
22834059Regret having sex and want to die need advice: Nobody told me not to have sex, or that having sex wa…[View]
22836162Got my lower wisdom tooth pulled about 13 hours ago. They said to call them if I notice 'heavy swell…[View]
22835831Drinking: I've been an alcoholic for the last 5 years. Maybe a bit longer. Finally have gone 24…[View]
22834448>Cousins are all attractive and socially successful >Be me, the weird black sheep of the famil…[View]
22834994I've had multiple nightmares about my dad harming me in some way or killing me I assume this is…[View]
22835824Memoirs d'une amoureuse: I'm getting out of a rather intense 8 month relationship (She…[View]
22835242how do I stop being ashamed of my hand fetish? I have a thing about nice hands and my gf has really …[View]
22836285Podcast: I really want to start a podcast Do you have any advice about software or hardware and any …[View]
22830462Questions for men: I am a girl and I’ve never been in a relationship so forgive me for sounding stup…[View]
22836091how do i cope with the end of the world on November 3rd?: everyone keeps telling me that the US elec…[View]
22835985Am I callous for not really caring about COVID? I had it in April, felt weak for a little over a wee…[View]
22834891Dad doesn't believe in shrinks so parents won't take me to see one. I should just get over…[View]
22835000Does saying 'lets agree to disagree' mean you lost the argument >had a good friend pull this one …[View]
22835628Please help.: I’m very homophobic and almost all of my friends are lgbt. They got mad because I said…[View]
22836106I basically have absolutely no self doubt and apparently unwarranted confidence in myself, and I bas…[View]
22836038supplements or tricks to get my brain working after very little sleep?: i have a test in an hour and…[View]
22834721Negativity: How can I stop having such a negative mindset? In my head I’m always complaining about t…[View]
22835820My brother is really controlling and likes to feel superior, how to stop?[View]
22835230Anybody else get dreams where they're happy? I had one today was actually fucking shocked how s…[View]
22836004Furlough life: How do I stay sane at the weekends when I have been on furlough for 6 months? Can…[View]
22835338Fellas, is it gay for two girls to ERP?: Pic unrelated So recently my girlfriend revealed that she h…[View]
22835676Youtube channel: Hey, so I have this YouTube channel that I made way back in 2006. I originally uplo…[View]
22835826Moving a PC: Im moving out shortly and im taking my PC with me. Im not sure if im actually going to …[View]
22835834I'm getting a new phone. I've recently become extremely paranoid about privacy, tracking a…[View]
22835760I need some date ideas.: My one friend's girlfriend has been bringing over a girl with her when…[View]
22833539How do I overcome internet addiction? Even when I do something I have to surf net on Phone even when…[View]
22835597Chair: Hey guys. So with Covid I've been spending more time at my computer and I need a new cha…[View]
22835531How do you cope with being useless? I'm 29, diagnosed autistic, work a shit job, suck at pretty…[View]
22835543I see that because of not having a hobby and wasting time on internet I am wasting my life, but I ca…[View]
22834346Trade school: Is it a good idea to take up a trade while not being physically fit? I am skinny as he…[View]
22834929where is the best place to learn how to invest and where. i have some amount of cash sitting in the …[View]
22831704What would happen if I put mentos and diet coke in my anus? Would my intestine explode?[View]
22835585Just called in sick to work to drink with my friend and some random chick. I was kinda horny but mos…[View]
22834114How do I make myself look like this?[View]
22834209My gf want's to take some time: She told me she doesn't know what she really wants. And I …[View]
22833803Trannies are insufferable. Anybody else feel this way?[View]
22835259Are you supposed to think negatively when alone and chilling? How should your thought process be?[View]
22833841I have a relative in the family who is a lesbian and that's why I hate her. Should I stop hatin…[View]
22834897How do you debate others insisting women are worth the effort?: How do you argue against people tryi…[View]
22834970I've gotta drop out of university. I've been going for 2 years but life happened and it…[View]
22834008GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
22835581My penis is sore and kinda red What should I do? I already stopped masturbating, but if that's …[View]
22834713can you move on from being a creepy autisic social retard? how? i just want to be the good person ev…[View]
22833951Human sex drive?: Just how human is the human sex drive? I am horribly horribly afraid of sex mostly…[View]
22833050Sister eloped with a black man: We're both white. My sister was dating this black guy for a few…[View]
22835529how to overcome internet addiction? I even have to surf net on phone when I am at gym or at school[View]
22834675What are the best exercises to jack the shit out of your shoulders and upper arms?[View]
22833492Grade 12 English Class is too easy.: I’m an older man who’s taking grade 12 advanced level English i…[View]
22834360Boyfriend was on tinder the day of breakup: My ex and I broke up due to incompatibility, and the day…[View]
22835316How do I best prepare myself for a customer support job interview?[View]
22835274How to make frens?: In few hours I am going to meet with my new university classmates. Its going to …[View]
22835154Is there any peaceful way to elevate someone's standard of housekeeping? My boyfriend, somehow…[View]
22834610Need advice on a plan to move out.: Want to move out of my folks place as soon as i finish school. I…[View]
22835310How am I supposed to respond to my girlfriend's co-worker (male) asking her if she would ever h…[View]
22835269Fear that i'm turning more and more cynical of women day by day: I have been viewing women wors…[View]
22833839Why my tor look like this? It same for google chrome and other. Not load properly. No plugins what d…[View]
22835343Trip codes: I'm new to 4chan, could anyone help me figure out how to use tripcodes? FAQ didn…[View]
22835446Rope?: I honestly wish I was dead, so I don't have to deal with everything from getting made fu…[View]
22835359how do i help my friend with his gore problem?: so ive known this guy for a good few years and me an…[View]
22835272How do I show my limits? I've been dealing w/ burnout for a long time, and I'm realizing i…[View]
22835335>20 >depressed >never had a gf >no money >no job >no friends >have to end thera…[View]
22835410>Just turned 21 >Enlisted at 18 >I think I forgot how to talk to women Its actually depres…[View]
22831051What else should I bring?: Soon to be runaway here and I need your help. First let me tell you what…[View]
22835117So, I'm a white male, and I was hanging out with my black, male friend. It is important informa…[View]
22835314My girlfriend of a little under four months wants to break up with me. She says that she feels like …[View]
22834033AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: This the last for me get into college. Please be honest with me and tel…[View]
22835134Succ thread: How the fuck do you keep these things alive? I can't fucking do it. I learnt that …[View]
22834985current position >4 days a week >110 / hr >183k / year >98k less tax and rent >flexib…[View]
22835070Hello /adv/. I have a doozy for you. Tl;dr- I started a new job about six months ago where there wa…[View]
22834987interests: I am concerned since I don't have any hobbies or interests that I like. I have been …[View]
22834893How to make a living exploring the country?[View]
22834750Can you really choose what emotion you feel? I've been feeling down a lot lately but someone to…[View]
22835136How can i stop self inserting myself in literally everything that comes to my mind ?[View]
22828866If I’m a mentally unstable woman should I just kill myself?: 1. I’m not attractive 2. I’m extremely …[View]
22834313>walked in on my son masturbating to that new 'cuties' movie on netflix >he's 32 For some…[View]
22834942How does one stop feelling empty.: I have felt completely dead inside on and off for years now, it a…[View]
22835009Why do women hate ugly men so much?[View]
22834289Why is my gf so fixated on the fact I mainly sleep on a single size bed? I'm 31, I'm not m…[View]
22834171Do blackheads legitimately not go away?: I never had very good hygiene around my teen years and as a…[View]
22834794Autismo twin turbos: I need your help: I need your assistance, genuinely autistic/aspergers people. …[View]
22834307I'd like to see in stereo with both eyes illuminated by a cold LED light so my specimens don…[View]
22834793I need some advice. I've delt with depression my entire like but around a year ago I got it und…[View]
22833469Mental Hospital Opinions: I’m thinking about checking myself into a mental hospital. I want to get b…[View]
22834580how do i message a girl that i never talked much with begin? we kind of know each other and she…[View]
22833581I generally find East Asian women attractive, but for the life of me I cannot get into pornography f…[View]
22834632She hasn't texted in three days: >she had asked me if I wanted to stay over on the weekend a…[View]
22833741A girl I know is suicidal, should I call her tomorrow and ask her how life goes? I'm a bit worr…[View]
22834152Pic unrelated. Is there even a point to trying to date if I’m not confident at all as a guy? I’m shy…[View]
22833419I have been clinically depressed for 15 years... Is there any anon out there that managed to crawl o…[View]
22823064Learning mandarin: Is learning Mandarin to work as a translator a good career choice? I'm curre…[View]
22834596Anyone have advice on talking to people or overcoming social anxiety? I have gotten better at approa…[View]
22833512I can't see women as attractive anymore, am I redpilled?[View]
22834600Why is the stomach fat always the last fat to go away? I've been bulking for a year now, put on…[View]
22834497turned in coworker for CP: I turned in a coworker for CP about a year ago. He texted me a video whic…[View]
22834501Should you feel remorse for flopping in an interview?: There were 3-4 people who I was gonna work wi…[View]
22833023Advice for getting known online: Hey guys I'm looking to start up a twitch profile and I really…[View]
22834521>teach my nephew (age 5) about White Privilege while I'm babysitting him >sister tells me…[View]
22833437Bad breath on girls: How do I get over my extreme turn-off for bad breath? Like seriously. If I…[View]
22832056Online dating: Why do I have so little (as in none) luck on apps like Tinder? My pictures are good, …[View]
22834257Why is everyone on the internet so mean? I'm not talking about 4chan. I know what this site is …[View]
22833356How do you overcome shame, social stigma? Materially my life is ok, but everything else makes me wan…[View]
22834188My wife died 3 years ago. We were married for three years dating for 6. Does /adv/ have any advice t…[View]
22834130I have clover but it wont let me add /b/ wat do[View]
22833214Doctors of /adv/. Can you ID this?: This recently popped up on my leg. At first it looked like a sti…[View]
22830444Why are depressed people always massive degenerates? It's not even like they watch too much por…[View]
22833721>Be me >going to discord to talk to my friend >I notice his pfp and name is different pic r…[View]
22830861best way to invest 5,000 euros in ireland?[View]
22832619Im always the one to initiate conversations and outtings with friends and the second I stop they don…[View]
22833606I want to go back in time: I desperately want to go back in time and relive the years 2012 to 2016 (…[View]
22832111Is it wrong to hate women?: As a disadvantaged male, I had to watch on the sidelines as the better-l…[View]
22834276How I stop being a beta?: I have an orgasm fetish. I spend years reading on how to personally pleasu…[View]
22830931can I ever escape cheating?: thread name. i am a straight male. i understand that it is in womens na…[View]
22834086Help out a little?: I feel really depressed and I can barely function normally anymore, I feel like …[View]
22833714Redpill me on Shrooms: My partner and I are going to try shrooms for the first time. Your experience…[View]
22833777Im looking at houses to buy and i have two questions for more experienced anons. 1) Is moving to a m…[View]
22834143This is a serious post. My wife has been into some really kinky stuff lately. This has been going on…[View]
22833346FOMO: How to stop getting stressed about the fact that most of my friends are getting play and I…[View]
22833653I'm gonna be riding the bus for the first time ever and my commute is 2 hours and 30 minutes. I…[View]
22833595So the last few days I've been talking with this girl and she is amazing. She is attractive, we…[View]
22834132>be on date with grill >tells me she love bad boys >get and slap her in front of the whole …[View]
22834198My two best friends are couples. I’m close with everyone and I’m the only single one. They are both …[View]
22833855Should i break the contact to my 3 best pals?: My friends mocked me for talking often about drugs an…[View]
22831287So this question/help might be a bit vague but stay with me. How do I become more interesting/fun to…[View]
22834084Yo. Does anyone understand why I jerk off to cross dressers all the time? Or Traps, Femboys, twinks.…[View]
22833363How do i get a girlfriend? For some reason im good at one night stands but no girl wants to date me.…[View]
22833826I (20M) currently operate a large (360K player) webgame (a sophisticated full game, not some agario …[View]
22833967Pic Unrelated I have noticed that a good amount of young women like guys who are socially awkward wi…[View]
22833642question: I want to be BETTER. I've done nofap, but I still look at porn. I run everyday, but I…[View]
22833911Orthodox dress code: Going to a Greek Orthodox liturgy this Sunday. What should I wear? In America, …[View]
22832654Why am I missing an ex who dropped out of high school, and was a heavy drinker? She's 19, is ab…[View]
22833138im going to be having sex!sex!sex! with a new girl next week i used to be lean and had abs but they …[View]
22833950I idolize Eugeo from SAO. How can I be more like him?[View]
22830586Is this normal?: I've been seeing this girl I met on tinder for about 3 months. Nothing too ser…[View]
22833933Coomer induced bipolar: 1 part of me wants to be a dominant king to a submissive girl's princes…[View]
22833879Applying myself beyond my degree: I have a degree in electronics, but the work I do that’s most cond…[View]
22833898>arrested for allegedly threatening to blow up school >charged with 2nd degree terroristic thr…[View]
22833786Should I get a cs degree or just learn it on my own?: I’m about to graduate with a J.D. (law degree)…[View]
22825671Guys say they just want a loyal gf then dump me: They say they just want a gf who is loyal and won’t…[View]
22833314Shock: be me >get home from work, visit my parents >walk in and say hi to my dad, mom's n…[View]
22831365Sexual pressure: My best friend had a 2 year relationship. Guy was good, decent, respectful. He love…[View]
22833372I picked BSc Archaeology as a degree at UK uni and I feel like an idiot right before going.: Hey /ad…[View]
22833205How do I forgive myself for dating an above average guy?: I was blinded by lust and he kept pursuing…[View]
22833379Just saw a photo of my ex happy: This was the one that got away. He broke up with me 4 years ago. We…[View]
22830567I get boners whenever i hug or kiss my gf but as soon as we undress i can't get hard. She hasn…[View]
22833787Daniel de la poo[View]
22833577Is Atomoxetine any good for adhd?: I’m going to university soon and I have adhd, I’ve been recommend…[View]
22827211Are these manhands? Do I need to pretty them up? And how can I do that without getting a manicure or…[View]
22831106Okay so I'm dating this girl for 3 months And last weekend was a tense weekend because i had a…[View]
22829808Ugly girls ocasionally get sex from mid-tier norimes, so it's impossible for them to have sex w…[View]
22828511Starting life at 30: So after a decade in university, I finally graduated. I still live with my pare…[View]
22833169Let's say that i unironically feel joy whenever i read a story about a school shooter killing n…[View]
22830664Why isn’t verbal and emotional abuse illegal?: I read the laws because my mom wakes me up randomly w…[View]
22830805Is this fair use?: >I own a YT Channel where I want to make compilations of clips from Reddit …[View]
22833634Parents trying to make me accept money: >work two jobs, have a few thousand saved in the bank fro…[View]
22832393How do you cope with coming to the realisation that a hobby that you were previously enamored with i…[View]
22828757Would 1000 be enough to offer my cousin who has a partner and two kids to see her naked?[View]
22832212So there’s former team of coworkers I’m still on good terms with after I got let go a few years ago.…[View]
22833490Obsession and Jealousy: I'm obsessed with this girl I'm friends with, that makes me misera…[View]
22831076I don't feel comfortable around black people in public. I've met people of different color…[View]
22833392Ex won’t stop contact: Hey I have an odd mix of ex advice mixed with Kik technical support advice. I…[View]
22833464Confidence bluepill: >Just be confident bro Fuck you guys, you are always talking about being con…[View]
22833493It takes me too long to nut. The only way I can do it is if I jerk off on her. Is this because of t…[View]
22833557Forging Recommendation Letters: I am going to fake my recommendation letters for graduate studies in…[View]
22831184why won't she leave me alone?: I can't seem to get this girl that I love to stay away. She…[View]
22833423I'd post this on /r/ but that's all porn requests. I don't want to get political but …[View]
22831646Nobody can hear me talk.: I dont talk under my breath, I don't talk silently but I don't t…[View]
22833348For October I'm planning to quit every psychoactive substance I currently use (weed, coffee, ad…[View]
22833349Feeling of being overwhelmed, alexithymia: I'm overwhelmed and feel dissociated as fuck from ev…[View]
22832711how do I overcome internet addiction?[View]
22832613Certain anime series bring me an incredible sense of happiness and inner peace. What does this mean?[View]
22833313I've been at my pizza delivery job for 1.5 months. I want to quit, but I want to have my manage…[View]
22833403Hi friends Potentially buying a house It has a well (yay!) but it's closer to the house than I…[View]
22833371leaving shit behind: Is it illegal to just leave a bunch of property behind in a leased apartment wh…[View]
22833210Hi /adv/ I've been chatting with a girl lately but we never met before. Now kind of planned a …[View]
22833199Is it bad to get guys on Grindr, give them bj in car, then go home and kiss my girlfriend?: I mean, …[View]
22831312I can't take a complement.: Every time people tell me something nice, I don't feel any bet…[View]
22832230why do people kill themselves? what is so devastating that you would rather kill yourself? shouldn…[View]
22830890should I join the navy? I like the sea and I don't mind being called a gay sailor. I'm an …[View]
22830655GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
22833321Hello. When choosing a plane route from Europe to Manila, would it be smart or alright to fly to New…[View]
22832563i left my girlfriend. i walked in on her passed out, with fentanyl on the floor. this is the pic i t…[View]
22832025I'm finished bawwwwwing over my ex. Fuck, I would have left me too But i still feel like killin…[View]
22831372Hi guys, I’m self employed and I sell small things online. I’d like to travel a bit around the Unite…[View]
22824934Dating site thread: Is it true that it doesn't matter what you message a girl because if she is…[View]
22832911How can I help men?: I'm a tradgirl, pretty much always have been as I've been socially co…[View]
22832197How do I kick a nicotine addiction? I read a book by Allen Carr which worked for 2 months but I cra…[View]
22831407I have pain in my testicles. Every minute or so I get a sharp stinging pain in one or both testicles…[View]
22831584Metaphors: How do I stop being so literal in my speaking? People in media and in real life always us…[View]
22833134where can i find a cutie tranny gf[View]
22832785anyone else have trouble with girls. Like when ever i talk to a girl whether i like them or not, i c…[View]
22833163I've been taking non prescribed Rivotril and Valium since i was 12 or something like that, I…[View]
22833081My gf's younger sister slapped my ass when she walked by (my gf was nearby but was doing someth…[View]
22833114drug help: I'm a nerd who's been studying psychoactive substances for a while now and cons…[View]
22833101Degenerate ex-girl I was talking to: Howdy /adv. So I cut contact about 6 months ago. I didnt block …[View]
22833098OCD Paranoia, just smoked a doob: So I'm going to join the YMCA and try to focus my energy on g…[View]
22833096Online Data Science Undergraduate Degree: Good evening /adv/, Does anyone know of any good and affor…[View]
22832144BDD is ruining my life: >Must keep mirrors covered at all times >keep tape over front phone ca…[View]
22833061>severe chronical illness along with anxiety and depression which increase symptoms of the illnes…[View]
22833022Questions that don’t deserve their own thread: Where can I get a keg of beer with a days notice? Mos…[View]
22832750This weekend I drank alcohol for the first time at a party. Not only that, I also smoked pot for the…[View]
22832896Hey so I think I screwed up my motherboard, it won't post. Was having an ongoing episode and w…[View]
22821308>Hanging out with girlfriend >Girlfriend told me she's going to start an OnlyFans >Tel…[View]
22826117bullied at work: I'm 25, 5'3, socially awkward, and have bad genetics (e.g. my hands are s…[View]
22832846I watched mommy porn again. They are actually the only porn I watch. What's wrong with my brain…[View]
22830430>be me >own my own condo >covid-19 hits >take in a friend's sister because ablooblo…[View]
22828762I'm at my fucking limit: I just started college at this prestigious art school so I don't …[View]
22832735Sugar mommy dilemma: in October 2018, I matched with an old women on tinder when I was at Paris Orly…[View]
22832504>Be me, solid 8/10, 6 years older than my new crush >He's a virgin, I'm not and I…[View]
22832872This is quite an embarrassing post to make. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a girl that all I really k…[View]
22831389Feeling uneasy whenever I think about college: Starting second year of college next week. Something …[View]
22832616how do I be a badass?[View]
22831320can't cum during sex. I can cum after maybe 20 minutes of masturbation. But I cannot cum during…[View]
22832636Any musician fags here? I can count triplets or 16th notes. I can play along with a metronome doing …[View]
22830893How can i get her to love me?: I love a girl in my class. This is the first time for me to reaaly lo…[View]
22830275>wagecuck from 8 to 5 >drink on week ends Is that it?…[View]
22831729Nasty Athletes Foot: I got athletes foot, or I think it is anyway. I have had ever since I played fo…[View]
22832204My older female co-worker is a FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!!!: How do you deal with older condescending women …[View]
22832645I am a loser without experience: I lost my virginity to a hooker 3 years ago. That was a week after …[View]
22830724Bryan here: I have never made a girl cum should I just kill my self?[View]
22830734What are some nastier punishments for truth or dare? I need revenge for last time[View]
22831885right, I'm 19, and I >drink an ungodly amount water >get regular exercise >stopped sh…[View]
22832462Misogynistic Thoughts: I'm realizing now I hate women no matter what changes happen in my life,…[View]
22831136I want to self improve and I try since 3 years but I am too lazy How to overcome laziness?[View]
22830595So yeah this is awkward. Recently I started using this body wash and whenever I'm near my aunt…[View]
22832248Fact: If you guys treated talk to girls like you treat shitposting on 4chan you guys would be swimmi…[View]
22831746TW: poop talk I have been dealing with an issue for years and doctors have failed to figure it out. …[View]
22831580What does it mean to love yourself? Or to forgive yourself? I don’t think I can do either. Nobody lo…[View]
22832453My neighbor's dog barks all day, every day. Everyone on the street is annoyed with it. I don…[View]
22827264I'm so fucking lonely: I'm crying right now, I literaly do nothing outside of studying, re…[View]
22831316How do i deal with have a small p*enis? I am super self conscious about it and don't know what …[View]
22830551>get called an incel on /v/ >start getting self conscious about my virginity >know it'…[View]
22830306need advice and help: im 18 and starting medical school soon. i spend most of my time on youtube or …[View]
22831101Now that I have my own apartment, what do I put in my apartment? If I bring a girlfriend over and al…[View]
22832324I made the mistake of looking up my old high school crush. She's gone from pretty to gorgeous a…[View]
22832385Anyone know what pest is leaving droppings like this?[View]
22832125How do I lead a catholic army of Mexicans and Irish and Italians to invade America?[View]
22831610Homophobia: Hey guys, i'm what some people call a 'femboy'. I don't self-proclai…[View]
22831981p2 how bad, is this McDonald meal for my health if i only eat it once a week 1 big mac 1 chicken san…[View]
22831778Pass on your wisdom anons. Anything useful or interesting goes.[View]
22830519I cannot stop thinking about hairy women. When I see a woman the first thing that comes to mind is h…[View]
22832078Is it still a bad habit to write the letter of the notes on a piece of sheet music? I've been t…[View]
22831669how can i stop giving a fuck?: im a worthless piece of shit but im different. im not saying im some …[View]
22829511>Long-time NEET >No dedicated internet at home, just 300MB of monthly phone data >Third-wor…[View]
22827184My dad literally abuses me everyday: I am extremely depressed and suicidal and I can’t get a job to …[View]
22828926Questions for Unattractive People: Hello! I'm looking to get some questions answered by people …[View]
22828328Help, I feel myself getting more racist every day: Jannies deleted my first thread so I'm makin…[View]
22831284How do I change?: I was recently abandoned by all my friends. Since my friends and I are all in the …[View]
22831369Trypophobia: I have a beautiful thicc gf. She has some stretch marks and is super self conscious abo…[View]
22828919how can I just: >ended up binging more than 20+ hours of girlfriend/female friend confessing ASMR…[View]
22830894Ask The Opposite Gender: Ask the opposite gender bitch[View]
22830917If you were to hypothetically text a girl 'how you been hot stuff' and she hypothetically replied wi…[View]
22831625Should I ruin my life to pursue happiness? I’m a 40 year old virgin with no real career and 600k net…[View]
22831859I literally don't know who I am, every personality trait or mannerism I can trace back in anoth…[View]
22829782So ima 22 year old guy with autism and know older (mid 30’s) women who has been a peer support couns…[View]
22831313I’ve let my life be ruled by fear and now I look at the fact I’ve gone nowhere and done nothing beca…[View]
22831373is it normal to not feel jealous if my gf cheats on me with other girls? I would be pissed if it was…[View]
22831476last thread >>22814537 is it abusive if I just stop talking to my boyfriend for a few days bef…[View]
22831080how's 'how ya doin pumpkin' as a tinder opener[View]
22831528Is just doing the 5 main lifts good enough for health and aesthetics?: If I just do the main 5 lifts…[View]
22831688How do I not get brought down thinking about how the idiots on this board are out there racking up e…[View]
22831649How do I overcome internet addiction? Even when I do something I have to surf net on Phone even when…[View]
22829269Ejaculation: I get laid for the 1st time at 26 with a 8/10 woman. She came a lot of time (she squirt…[View]
22831593Saw this site with amazing 70% discount. I smell scam. Can anons confirm scam or safe site? It is do…[View]
22831521I'm polite in real life but post inappropriate things online: In real life, I have a reputation…[View]
22830911if there is a young man and women lets say college students, how do they find a way to one another a…[View]
22831090My man hits me when he get's mad. What should i do?[View]
22831362I have an eating problem: I want to lose weight, but I love food too much. Most of the time I just e…[View]
22830691Best friend: >be me >15 year old >have no friends >teacher makes me sit next to some o…[View]
22831386Dating & Commitment: I know I have commitment issues, namely keeping a commitment. How does one …[View]
22830892I want my vocal cords removed because nothing good ever comes from me talking. Will a doctor allow t…[View]
22831133gf is mad at me that i am so solidified in my core morals and beliefs. i do not even slightly bend t…[View]
22829173The perception that it's fun to break rules: Ever since I was a child, I've had the naggin…[View]
22830138my brother tried killing himself and i want to help but dont know how: as the title says my brother …[View]
22829202Last Ditch?: Hey so I am a highschooler and am a bit meh with sexual experiences and am getting to t…[View]
22830314How liberally should I ghost family members?: I don't speak to my cunt whore embarrassment moth…[View]
22830744my grand mother and grand father are both around 85, i just know in the next few years one or two of…[View]
22830466Is this a proper english sentence: 'You're being contradictory by saying that...' or would it r…[View]
22830990what time and actions can i do to prepare myself to make the most logical decisions? if it make a de…[View]
22830303I have no ambitions and no urge to improve myself and I feel guilty and sad and I have no passion no…[View]
22828674Is it safe to get a supermarket stocking job during the pandemic? I live with an immunocompromised f…[View]
22829198Advice about faking a recommendation letter: I am going to fake my recommendation letters for gradua…[View]
22830886quick input: So if any ladies can help me. I had sex with my GF like, 2 days prior to her starting h…[View]
22830702A faggot lobbed a blob of hand sanitizer gel at me and it hit my eyes, I washed it out with water an…[View]
22830487What am i mentally missing if i was raised by a single mom? What are some important things fathers t…[View]
22829122All Resilience is For Me is Pretending I’m Not Wasting Time: I’m 25 and haven’t had real friends sin…[View]
22830812Is it wrong to just straight up refuse truth or dares because they go too far? they get mad at me bu…[View]
22830809Experience with meat cutting: Hi I started a new job and I have to cut the fat off of meat. It’s tak…[View]
22826984https://arr.am/2020/09/15/the-generative-age/ If this technology comes around, I'm going to kil…[View]
22827258How come i only Attract Black girls?: Ive been going on dating sites, with no luck. However the few …[View]
22829469A guy I’m seeing told me “you’re actually pretty smart for a woman”. I couldn’t tell if he was jokin…[View]
22830468>be in my 20's >doing well, have a good job in the entertainment industry >have a gf, …[View]
22826757>girlfriend told me I'm emotionless and monotone >asked me to show more emotion and that …[View]
22825981Is it possible to have too much empathy: My boyfriend and I got in an argument about our personaliti…[View]
22829864Gf has backup: So me and my gf had a discussion yesterday, she claimed im not giving her enough atte…[View]
22826213How do i convince my girlfriend marriage is a scam?: >have gf >both in our mid twenties >we…[View]
22829680In 2020, i broke up with a childhood friend who was being toxic: i guess i just need to vent out abo…[View]
22829675What's the most painless and idiot proof way to kys for an eurpoor? Is sodium nitrate impossib…[View]
22827018Can therapy help me?[View]
22830229How do I sleep if I'm not tired. I woke up at 1:30pm today. It is now 8:04pm. How do I sleep in…[View]
22830469>tfw running out of time to secure a gf for the long, cold, dark winter…[View]
22828339Sending nudes to my friends: I constantly feel a need to be validated by external opinions regarding…[View]
22830442Need to stay up tonight. I've got 400mg of caffeine in energy drinks, cigs, what else can I do?[View]
22826218Desperate for a job, I took a generic IT position through a contracting agency: It was beyond horrib…[View]
22829786Ways to see/know what a girls boobs look like?[View]
22828623ITT ASK THE OPPOSITE GENDER ANYTHING: Last thread over there >>22827278[View]
22829211Advice: I'm sure I've developed feelings for a co worker. She is a woman I'm training…[View]
22827915How do you REALLY get over an ex? My bf is great and I really want to make things work with him but …[View]
22829902Lost a friend of five years about a week ago. Him and I were like brothers. Hell, we were closer to …[View]
22827570Girl I am dating moved to study abroad for one year: Dating for 4 months. Best relationship of my li…[View]
22829156I have a lot of anger towards my brother. He killed himself in 2015 at the age of 29 after strugglin…[View]
22830081How do I achieve my current life goals?: I am m 5'4', 108 pounds. I have a job and my own place…[View]
22830250To start off with, I'm a bi virgin and I just graduated, living with my parents until I find a …[View]
22829378Caught my 10 yr old nephew jacking it to puppets: Forgot about my charger and went to go get it. Cau…[View]
22829627How do ideal with the pain of life? I've been trying to cry myself to sleep but it just won…[View]
22828380swim: i've been wanting to learn how to swim,learn from the start because i know nothing,talk t…[View]
22829549how do i ask my boyfriend to be more gentle/more attention? i feel really awful for even thinking a…[View]
22829390I want to commit suicide. Is there any way to get my hands on a pill that will definitely accomplish…[View]
2282450622 = evol: Anons.. I m gonna be frank. This shit has been killing me for 3 years. Everytime i remot…[View]
22828512How do I deal with being dumb[View]
22828880oily hair solution: so i was told by my dermatologist and he told me my hair produces to much oil, a…[View]
22829736What to read for interior design?: Doing a BA in ID, but I heard that the paper ain't worth wha…[View]
22829637failing all my engineering and math classes, what is the best easy non STEM major to switch to? I ki…[View]
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