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26471886Stopped talking to oneitis who friendzoned me because she lost her virginity in a hookup: Now she…[View]
26474851How do I live in a car?: My parents are kicking me out for being a NEET and all I have is my car, so…[View]
26473077Can you sustainably date someone with different political views?: I’ve been dating my gf for 3 month…[View]
26475894I live with a cig AND pot smoker. How do I prevent the smell from seeping into my clothes in my bedr…[View]
26473205I feel like I should leave 4chan. You people are assholes, you’re not very smart, and every interact…[View]
26475003Why doesn't my best friend's boyfriend like me? He says I'm annoying and a nerd. I as…[View]
26469895A young guy contacted me on LinkedIn earlier today. He’s a recruiter I connected with years ago. “I …[View]
26473317Throat hurts: Since few years my throat constantly hurts as in something feels like being 'stuck' in…[View]
26471398>31 >have no social life >have no friends >haven't dated >obese >depressed …[View]
26473548Help with prom night: Need help with a prom. So basically the girl I was supposed to go out with to…[View]
26475290Any way to build confidence? I want to take up boxing but I can't shake the anxiety of going to…[View]
26475499How do you get a job?: >22 >NEET >live in NYC >no job experience whatsoever >no lif…[View]
26470948Meeting for sex with stranger: Any tips for sex with strangers you meet through internet? It'll…[View]
26475129>be me >start uni this year >find a social circle relatively fast >make friends with thi…[View]
26475388How do i find what i love? The only thing i mildly enjoy is driving and creating modular shit in fac…[View]
26474933I suck at math: Im terrible at math but i dont wanna dissapoint my mother, could yall help me if pos…[View]
26475398Minimalist Social Media Profile: How can I make my Insta/Facebook profile look nice? I don't ha…[View]
26474657They broke me during my childhood. Is there any valid reason for me not to catch one of them and bre…[View]
26475336Got my first date with a girl next week, but just discovered she's trans. Can't turn her d…[View]
26475415Having a lot of free time: Thanks to this semester of college ending i'll have a lot of free ti…[View]
26473416Stopping facial hair growth: My beard grows very quickly, if i shave completely in the morning, when…[View]
26473902I have no direction in life. 28, still live at home, no real skills, no goals, no dreams no drive. J…[View]
26474398What do you do to compensate for the lack of affection from a partner and not having money in your p…[View]
26472538How many days should I text a girl before asking to meet?: I’m on the second day.[View]
26474525Dating other people: I hate this so much. Look, I love getting to know others, but I hate talking ab…[View]
26474984my c*ck hurts: >be me >for some reason cant mast*rbate usually when i was a teen so i rub my c…[View]
26474265Is there any hope for me as an ugly manlet on apps such as Tinder? I’m almost 28 and have never had …[View]
26471740is it wrong to want a purely long distance relationship? I like being on my own, but I also like hav…[View]
26473870how do I have fun at clubs without alcohol and drugs?[View]
26474777is masturbating once a day unhealthy and harmful?[View]
26471214Suicide resources?: Do you have any sites or forums that are pro-suicide and have stuff on how to pr…[View]
26473487How would you fix my life?: >18 m >spent years alone in my room playing videogames or feeling …[View]
26474401how do you learn discipline? i'm addicted to alcohol and pornography[View]
26473045Now that I don't have a job or school to distract me, I am alone with my problems Fuck. What do…[View]
26473361Will I regret not getting a gf ever in my life?[View]
26473775Dependent Sleeper: Good fucking lord, I feel like I'm gonna slap a bitch >Live with my GF. …[View]
26474831How to stop masturbating?: It's not necessarily that I can't stop, it's that I have n…[View]
26474764What happened to Youtube?: Why do I only get shitty recommendations? It's not the same experien…[View]
26473619>Be me in my 20's >Third world shithole I want to dropout of college but I don't hav…[View]
26474504Hey, I want some advice for an Idea if have. I was thinking about opening a booth that gives out con…[View]
26473024Should I go through with completing an autism diagnosis or not? I am 95% of the way through the proc…[View]
26472911Last chance to have a normal college experience: >be me >have 1 (one) friend in our entire cla…[View]
26472448>see cute girl in vicinity >see her often >start being attracted to her >find out her na…[View]
26474397Just had the worst panic attack, I don't wanna do that ever again. What can I do?: Dial got tur…[View]
26474182Is this spider poisonous? I've heard that home spiders are good because they eat other bugs and…[View]
26472001>know what’s wrong with and know what steps I have to take to fix myself >no motivation to act…[View]
26470580So I had a 'fling' with my cousin. How do I make him not brag about it to his friends? I really need…[View]
26471021Do I Out Myself to my Community?: I'm in therapy and have not broken any laws or abused anyone.…[View]
26474507I get bored with exercise for exercise sake. What are some mentally stimulating hobbies that will ke…[View]
26469278Fucked up and quit job without telling parents: I quit my old pharmacy job because it was stressful …[View]
26470117how do you make irl friends when you have none and you're out of school and aren't able to…[View]
26470518my dearest brother passed away recently I know he was here all the time I don't know what he wa…[View]
26466229CANT CUM DURING SEX HELP: >i’m 21 i’ve had this reoccurring problem whenever i have sex. I canno…[View]
26470957I'm trying to switch from a manual labor job into IT and go to uni this year but every time I s…[View]
26473437Need some advice on living a childfree life: My gf and I are both 27. As we get older we are realizi…[View]
26474391I am well into my early 20s, and I still live with my parents. I want to leave this shit place but I…[View]
26471109Is it actually a good idea to start an Amazon storefront? My friend is starting one and she's s…[View]
26467515>be 27 >spent my entire life focused on study and job >now doing comfy work from home job i…[View]
26473896>flirting with girl >organize a date >day before confirm the date >date confirmed >se…[View]
26474205Is tech sale really as good as it sounds or is it an exaggerated lie?[View]
26471986Wgu: So I’m 18 and regular college isn’t gonna work for a couple reasons first I missed deadline sec…[View]
26472249I have feelings for the guy that tried to rape me: A year and a half ago, a guy tried to take advant…[View]
26473316How to deal with asshole neighbor: My neighbors son just moved in to the house next to me and he is …[View]
26474074Tf is wrong with me: >Be me >Be supposed to study every day. Exams in 45 days circa >Procra…[View]
26472940ask the opposing gaymers anything ATOGA: boyshorts edition[View]
26473449I can't study anymore: >Too depressed to study during the semester >Become forced to cram…[View]
26473783Dating Advice: What to put into your bio on tinder/bumble/whatever? I'm pretty boring with no s…[View]
26472137Why does no one ever talk to me? Yes I shower and take care of myself.[View]
26473094is there any point in attempting to find a girlfriend if I have nothing to offer? I am a 18 year old…[View]
26471869My life fell apart, need help.: Hi ! I'll keep things short. Because of the inflation, war, and…[View]
26473084Guys, is this normal?: Just broke up with gf couple months ago, she knew enough about internet and m…[View]
26473470found out about the onlyfans account of one of my coworkers. should i just tell her i know and not m…[View]
26466603>oneitis is having the time of her life >you slave 60 hours a week and can't even hold a…[View]
26473527Question: >me at 11yr, first watched porn & got interest on penis, tried to suck mine >Tri…[View]
26469433Anger Management: What are your tips for anger management?[View]
26473543How to deal with emotional numbness/detachment: For a while, I've been feeling completely emoti…[View]
26473312Reality feels weird: Right now as I'm typing this, if I look away from the phone, I feel like I…[View]
26472856>meet girl, hit it off texting >qt, rich, and has a great relationship with her dad >Have s…[View]
26464233How can I cure my acne once and for all?: I’ve been struggling with acne for the past few months and…[View]
26471334How do you find passion for hobbies and work again? I turned my hobby into a job, made a lot of mone…[View]
26473418Is scapegoating conscious or unconscious behavior?[View]
26472431Rhythm during sex: I have had sex like about 15 times and I can never keep the rhythm, as if my hips…[View]
26472933How to not be insecure?: It's ruining my life.[View]
26471150Mixed messages: I’m 23 and older women in their 30s and 40s at work are always blown away by the fac…[View]
26472387why do girls do this: >start to get intimate with gril from class >we start dating >she tel…[View]
26473275Girl of my dreams came into my life at the lowest point of my life and as a result I Fucked it all u…[View]
26473001Fearful avoidant: My gf broke up with me 3 weeks ago, because I wasn't able to comminucate prop…[View]
26473200I'm bad a sex and suffering from death grip. How do I get better at sex and unfuck myself from …[View]
26472284No morning erections: I dont have morning erection for two years. I have done lots of tests but appa…[View]
26467793Hooked up with a girl I didn't want to Recently broke up with my gf of 15 months and felt real…[View]
26472972I work in a shitty company, and I'm considering my options, but I'm near a mental breakdow…[View]
26473014Legality of rape threats: It's probably not the best decision to ask for legal advice in /adv/,…[View]
26473000How do I convince people that I'm actually angry or serious about something? People tend to thi…[View]
26470312dating advice: I’ve never dated anyone I’m 22 but don’t know where to start idk what is out of my le…[View]
26472903>Finished school 2 weeks ago >Got new job making 75k starting that started this week >so fa…[View]
26472948Why am I like this: So here I am, browsing 4chan when I should be study for my exam. I have no will…[View]
26471590my girlfriend wants to break up with me because i kinda miss my ex sometimes (like it hurts when i t…[View]
26471817Advice Clothes = personality: Hi I'm Brenda I look like her :@ linked picture but I'm stil…[View]
26468344What kind of things can I do with 911 Dispatch experience on my resume? Other than other dispatch ce…[View]
26465828Should I go to college and pursue a career or maintain a simple life as a data entry clerk? All I…[View]
26471523Traumatic Experience Out at Night: Long time lurker, first time poster. Something sickening happened…[View]
26472133>finally start receiving compliments >don't know what to respond but 'thanks' how do you …[View]
26471257Does picrel actually make your skin better or is it a meme[View]
26472627i french kissed a girl who have STD am in danger ??[View]
26472707>'No more poor living! I'll work hard and break the cycle! I got a scholarship for an IT uni…[View]
26472201I am shaving off my beard after a few years and wondering on getting a new hairstyle. How do I know…[View]
26470724Sleeping with hookers is so much easier. Yes it’s pricey but it’s so much better than enduring the h…[View]
26466457Cancer. Please help.: Hey guys, I just received the news that a family member has malignant cancer, …[View]
26469814Question for Actual Women: Why does it seem like Women don’t care as much about romance and love as …[View]
26467472How to not cheat: I love my girlfriend, but I don’t think I’m a naturally loyal person. I want to sl…[View]
264718983th date with LDR gf: Hey guys, i'm dating an absolute keeper GF, i've met her online in e…[View]
26471311is there something wrong with me if i think i am perfect? (despite my racism)[View]
26469024Is it possible to get high off of something else? I lost contact with some dealer, it's like he…[View]
26468897Does this image accurately capture the nature of reality and consciousness?[View]
26472590find/Serch up for someone on tinder: i know that this is unlikely, but can you see tinder profiles, …[View]
26471762How do i systematically define what makes this sort of numbers around the internet? based on, every …[View]
26471468When I was a kid I did super cringey shit. I was significantly more retarded than I am now. Now I’m…[View]
26471662What would be the right time to shut down the global internet?[View]
26470665Breaking a girl's heart on purpose: Am I a bad person? I'm slowly rejecting her and being …[View]
264631664chan alternatives: Is there like, a 4chan but with accounts or something where you can discuss topi…[View]
26471441Female Orgasm: anons, what advice would you give to a guy who can't make his woman orgasm?…[View]
26471474Ask the opposite gender anything /atoga/: Last >>26469836[View]
26471799I've got like 15 online friends, but only 3 or 4 of them ever message me first to talk, and eve…[View]
26470043Most powerful person alive - Got Anxiety attack: I am the most powerful human alive and I got my fir…[View]
26471390Being alone with my thoughts is painful, because eventually my thoughts become bad. Which is why I s…[View]
26470612How do I make restlessness go away?[View]
26471305Should I freelance or job?: Finishing cs degree this year. Have a half day programming job but with …[View]
26471219aight lads heres the deal >year 11 >one more year to go > no fucking clue what im going to …[View]
26469697>be me >larping nazi >not in a cringe way but in the /fa/ way >I just like the aesthetic…[View]
26471452How do I approach my trad church neighbour girl?: The church is not an option since I'm not cat…[View]
26471527Every once in awhile I fall for girls because they're nice to me and cute or whatever and despi…[View]
26471255Not really asking for advice just thought i'd share something funny at work, a short girl asked…[View]
26469653I worked tirelessly from 22 to 28 in a warehouse. Then the lockdowns hit and isolated me further. Ho…[View]
26464024my gpu just died: is it a good idea to just take a 1600€ loan and buy a new pc altogether? i could e…[View]
26471591I can only recall the time when i had online art account, without guides or goals or targets, my wor…[View]
26449255How do I cope with missing out on sex & love? t. 24 yo virgin[View]
26467933Advice on getting girl in my situation?: >wizard in my twenties >notice that I have below aver…[View]
26465334Coping with being completely at odds with mainstream society: Over the past few years, with the hars…[View]
26471122Actually learning and practising social skills: I've always been quiet, and while I get on with…[View]
26471047How do you make friends?[View]
26465956Helping my gf feel hotter: I already think my gf is absolutely gorgeous and hot and I always tell he…[View]
26470502Can't keep up with gf's libido: My gf wants to have sex like 3+ times a day. It's ins…[View]
26470398There's so many incels here that would do anything for a girlfriend, Then why do i spend so man…[View]
26469765Programming skills: I used to dabble in programming a few years ago, I remember the basics but now I…[View]
26471045Stuck in a small ass town. I want to find my dream girl but I doubt she exists here. How the fuck do…[View]
26471268whenever i stand up for myself in my house everyone go against me, like they don't want to me t…[View]
26469205Fucking hate the fact every woman and guy knows shit club music: And I know nothing about it. Barely…[View]
26471243How to get ADHD drugs?: I need some corny story to tell the psych next week so they give me whatever…[View]
26465510Get it off Your Chest - gioyc[View]
26469303Am I the asshole?: I volunteer at a fire department as an EMT. We had a training that lasted 4 hours…[View]
26468144constipation: Hello, I have been addicted to opioids for about a year now. It makes my poops very ha…[View]
26468531Chud Roomie: My room-mate constantly drinks, has employment problems, then drinks to solve his emplo…[View]
26466077How to detox myself from black pill and /pol/?: Social media, including Reddit and 4Chan ruined my m…[View]
26467589What do you think about this idea: I like this girl who has a boyfriend. Both are later 'additions' …[View]
26471027How Much/Long Space To Give An Avoidant When They Withdraw?: Looking for advice from other avoidants…[View]
26471057They promised to schedule a job interview It's been four days since our last exchange on email[View]
26470791Should I shave my butt crack?[View]
26471032>be me >go about my day >nothing on my mind >nothing is happening >PANIC!.jpg >nex…[View]
26469872>close friends with girl >strong emotional bond >flirted and touched her and joked with her…[View]
26470689Advice on Meme friend and I made: So me and my friend made this meme. 1-10 how funny is this. Also w…[View]
26470950You all suffer from the Barnum effect[View]
26466210Is it a red flag if a girl was in a long distance America-Europe relationship at 15 yrs old? (Now 24…[View]
26470348I love gf with all of myself, but I can’t help being worried for her future. She’s 25 years old, an…[View]
26469536I want to have my own children :D :D: My goal is to have over 100, I'm now 20 and I just need t…[View]
26470831I've been put on a new antidepressant, I barely have any intimate or non-platonic thoughts anym…[View]
26470819ok i tried to see if im into scat i got my gf to shit on a tower on the floor im not really into it …[View]
26469079Idk wtf i want to do: >20 years old >live with parents under strict rules that lowkey piss me …[View]
26468828Quitting my job due the gas prices: I work at a hospital as an aide in the next town over, About 100…[View]
26467551i think i have ms i don't have insurance (wtf is an enrollment period? XD) or money for good d…[View]
26468237Friend's dad won't leave him alone: A good friend of mine has been telling me about how hi…[View]
26470404Goddammit: >write massive serious post about a tough situation I need a neutral party opinion on …[View]
26466651Tired of seeing “stuff” around my house: Im not a messy person, I clean my place regularly. But I’m …[View]
26468544How the fuck do I text girls? Too retarded to be witty/clever and I'm a natural dry/boring text…[View]
26468801Im a hoarder.: Im a hoarder. My home is disgusting and dirty. Theres stuff everywhere. I cant shake …[View]
26465077what social media do i use??: it's been really hard to live like this and overthinking makes my…[View]
26469950Is 10k euros enough to move out? I don't own a car and not planning to get one any time soon. I…[View]
26469955How can I become more comfortable with basic human interactions: Every day I leave for work or to wa…[View]
26467910>currently employed >send out resume >get back results a week later >over 500 people app…[View]
26470620Should I move on?: graduated high school almost three years ago... haven't spoken to anyone sin…[View]
26470087Long story short, I carved my friend's name on the side of my wrist with a small razor in middl…[View]
26470464Ex coomer here, what's happening?: I'm 23m, in my first serious relationship for nearly 2 …[View]
26470511>dissociation >Depression >Anxiety >Rumination >Loneliness from TFW no gf How do I ge…[View]
26467553Ketamine: If anybody has experience with ketamine, I could use some help. My mental health has taken…[View]
26469836ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything /atoga/: Last thread: >>26468241[View]
26469411I'm 25 but i'm mentally 13. How do I grow: I'm 25 now, but I went through middle scho…[View]
26470448I want to be a soldier and fight in combat. I want to kill enemy forces in a war. I feel like my lif…[View]
26469452My gums are fucked. They bleed every time I brush. It’s been going on for about a year desu but I do…[View]
26464510Getting left on read?: I had been talking to this girl I met on tinder and we agreed we wanted to ha…[View]
26470056You'll make fun of it, but I realized 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' is actually solid a…[View]
26469994Is learning a second language generally worth it? What are your experiences with language learning? …[View]
26469665Is anyone else annoyed that guys cant like cute things without being called gay/ a tranny?[View]
26469818No self-discipline when unmotivated: hey frens, I know that self-discipline supposed to carry you th…[View]
26469660Interpersonal problems: >be me, 1st year of college >have friend I've been friends with a…[View]
26469540Convinced the girl I’m chatting with to not only fuck on the first date, but to let me raw dog her. …[View]
26469795Deep dookie /adv/: So I’m a recent highschool grad and got accepted into a nice college for med scho…[View]
26468577Wife doesn't want our baby to eat cow. She's ok with chicken and fish, though. I am not so…[View]
26469873How do i make friends or find a gf? I missed out on all the experiences of either in school as a tee…[View]
26465058Starting a family: I'm 34m, make enough to support myself and save for retirement, and will mov…[View]
26469135Scapegoat of a narcissistic family: I'm a NEET in my early 20's, both my parents and big b…[View]
26468513how to stop my girlfriend from potentially fleeing and screwing our lives?: I've been dating wi…[View]
26469699How to live on my own?: Leaf here. I want to drive from one province to another. My only possessions…[View]
26468492Hoping anyone who can relate or has been through this can share advice I feel like my personality an…[View]
26466701Idk why, but it seems that the more context a language relies on, the more primitive it actually is.…[View]
26469647Advice for passing the full drivers license test: After putting it off for 10 years, I'm finall…[View]
26469391Too many dogs. Is there only one solution: I live in a p nice place of town. Recently a few families…[View]
26467975Breaking up is hard to do: How the fuck do you just break up with someone? >Dating this girl for…[View]
26466964A question: Is 2.5 inch width too much? Will I hurt her? Its also even wider horizontally An older w…[View]
26467484I keep going 'literally me' to mentally ill people: >relate to someone describing how they feel a…[View]
26468609My mom might need to have her foot amputated.: Am I wrong for not thinking it's a bad thing? I …[View]
26469418Legal Help: Okay so shit is fucked right now. My mom is schizophrenic, and has been on medication f…[View]
26468849>girl im dating suddenly turns off Whatsapp last seen and read receipts after one of our conversa…[View]
26469434what are you supposed to live in if you're poor as fuck but still want to live reasonably close…[View]
26469269job advice: I studied electronics but never had the chance to work in that field since I'm work…[View]
26467460Everyone’s dying: So many people I went to school with have OD’D and kill themselves. Some accidenta…[View]
26469616I think I'm doing it wrong: I haven't came in over a month now. But it's like a half-…[View]
26465155Is my eye red and swollen from allergies or is it something else? I’ve never had allergy problems be…[View]
26468493End a Friendship: Me and my friend since elementary is going no where. Different interests etc. Mid …[View]
26462406F, 29, never lost my virginity Is sex as good as people say? I feel like a freak for still being a v…[View]
26464303How do i approach my gym crush whos a 6’2 muscled guy? If you were him would you be offended? I alwa…[View]
26468284Sick of my mad skillz: I'm tired of being the healer. I try to make things cool and neat for ev…[View]
26466531Is complete and true honesty a bad thing?: I'm a fucking autist and having difficulty picking u…[View]
26469255I am a week away from finishing high school and I haven't made any friends since 10th grade or …[View]
26463909What makes a good woman? Have you ever met a good woman?[View]
26469239How do I care about myself when I have BPD? I am trying to put effort into myself but without this …[View]
26468878weekly wisdoms #1: share your wisdoms, maxims, adages, insights, sayings, nuggets, kernels, and pith…[View]
26468953girl slide into my dms and we've been flirting over text for the last few days. Gonna meet up t…[View]
2646790323 male. How would you rate me and how can I looksmax?[View]
26466957Bruh: I'm in a bad day. I remember I'm gay and that's why I constantly hate myself! I…[View]
26466711I have found out information from my school that I shouldn't know.: I have found out informatio…[View]
26464083Accidentally 'got' two gfs, send help: Yeah, so I fucked up. My ex broke up with me in 2018, and mov…[View]
26468743I don't belong anywhere: What am I supposed to do? I just get spit on everywhere I go. If I tal…[View]
26467834I am 20 y/o social autist but I don’t want to end up like the 30-40 virgin fags here. What are some …[View]
26468341Carrying a baby for my husband's brother: My husband's brother is in his 30s, works as a p…[View]
26467286How can I be happy again?: So my life isnt bad and I'm not suicidal, I have money, good friends…[View]
26468922What can I do to improve my looks?[View]
26469054If you think a woman is flirting with you, or after an interaction with one a third party who was wi…[View]
26469026Any pussy can want to off themselves when shit sucks It takes a man to want to blow his brains out w…[View]
26460859gf lied about past: one of the main reasons I decided to settle down with my GF ( I have known her s…[View]
26468987Advice on relationship with girlfriend: I (24M) have been keeping this in for a good while now but l…[View]
26468241ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA): Monday evening hornyposting edition Last: >>26466…[View]
26468482Hey /adv/ so ive been dating this woman for about a month, things were going well and then today she…[View]
26468248Am I retarded?: My girlfriend has been shitty for months. She's been selfish, jealous, unreason…[View]
26468206Are the therapist on this site the real deal or will they just take your dough and not really help y…[View]
26467207How to explain homelessness to parents?: I need to move by the end of the month but I haven't b…[View]
26467678How can I remove women from my life?: This includes family members. The final line has been crossed …[View]
26468827Does anyone know how to trace spoofed text messages? Friend is being harassed but number is VOIP.[View]
26467619Why do people want to fall in love so badly? It just seems better to be alone.[View]
26466937>be me >27 >living with grandparents still >mom dead >dad worthless alcoholic >si…[View]
26468154Hey. 25 F here. All my life, from my previous partner to even former friends, everyone has told me, …[View]
26467861Is it possible for me to have a socially acceptable sexual relationship? I'm a 26yo mtf, but I…[View]
26467351How to start an online conversation with a woman.: Picture this woman as your average, vain, shallow…[View]
26467681How do I get my girl to get her bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie?[View]
26468574Hello anons. A few days ago I broke my right arm (I’m right handed) and ever since then I’ve been we…[View]
26464056I fucked up and said some stuff to my gf that I shouldn't have while drunk, and now she wants t…[View]
26467720I'm probably going to get roasted for this, and people will complain because this is about my a…[View]
26464000Why should I not kill myself? My life sucks, and every day it just gets worse no matter how much I …[View]
26468167How do I forget horrible memories? Thay haunt me every day. I can't forget[View]
26466763How do male pornstars last so long?: How tf do you bang some tight hottie without nuttin' in te…[View]
26463645>bro commits suicide >still dream about him every night >Every time I think about him, I ha…[View]
26456746how THE FUCK do i get rid of a SCAT FETISH? abstinence only makes it worse. I'm literally obses…[View]
26467530I know I shouldn't ask this and just move on but how do I make my ex love me again. Please I ca…[View]
26465700Should I opening a udon shop? Renting one would be no problem. Can someone share some stories? Did a…[View]
26466178>get sick >lose voice >important business meeting soon >business dinner tomorrow, busine…[View]
26468157i need to completely kill my emotions/wants/desires to get through the next 1.5 years, any suggestio…[View]
26468102Why aren't I good enough for her?[View]
26468025gf is cheating like 99% sure. normally i wait it out and see because i might be wrong, but shes preg…[View]
26467692Physical Handicaps: >based >cringe Which are they?…[View]
26463151I was raised in a Christian home, and taught to save myself until marriage. I've explained this…[View]
26468133How to band qt nurse?: I’ve been going to the Walgreens pharmacy quick care clinic whenever I feel s…[View]
26464984How do I appear androgynous without looking like a faggot? I've been researching Dionysus recen…[View]
26467897ADHD people who have successfully been to school or currently going through it. How do you find focu…[View]
26465030How do i stop seeing women as sexual objects[View]
26465055how to increase libido? things I do: gym, good diet, good sleep[View]
26466735How do I describe this way of closing a box?: How do I describe this way of closing a box?[View]
26467012>ask out a girl doing door to door sales >hit it off really nice, have fun talking, have simil…[View]
26465943Face gains: Friendly reminder you're probably NOT UGLY, you are average or even above average b…[View]
26463768Mass shootings and violence making me uneasy: For the past year I've been reading the news ever…[View]
26466221>>26452582 I have no clue what to think right now. Ti start off brother says that his girl tol…[View]
26461098When does my real life start?[View]
26467502going away: hey /adv/bros, I'll give you guys some background information so im 19 and living w…[View]
26467656I suggested to this girl that I kinda like that we hang out soon and she said that would be fun. Wha…[View]
26467686I am worthless: I am a disappointment to family No one understands how much of a human pile of excre…[View]
26467577Is it true that the worse you treat a woman the more attached they become to you? Or is it just the …[View]
26466315Every girl i get together with, no matter how hot, I eventually get tired of fucking. It always star…[View]
26462273Dealing with her past: I'm in a loving relationship with this girl who is in many ways better t…[View]
26465706first time getting a job interview (online), any advice?[View]
26466620Meditation advice: For all anons out there who've tried meditation for stress, which way works …[View]
26466902ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA): Last: >>26465205 Picrews, toonmes, rate me shit, …[View]
26465037Help me to understand women.: There is a girl I meet at the gym and we chat a bit from time to time.…[View]
26466965How do I curb paranoia? Something's bugging me.[View]
26461361How do I cope with the fact that at this point of my life (31M KHHV) any girl I might actually get w…[View]
26467299Bros why did I relate to Doctor Strange and the B plot with Christine so much? I love you in every u…[View]
26465854nofap: >have no sexual desire >not turned on by anything >can get hard but cooming is usual…[View]
26462112how are you supposed to move out of your parents' place when you have a shit job and no friends…[View]
26466104Literally: How do I go to the dentist's office? I already took care of the hard stuff, I think.…[View]
26465294Small talk is weird: >just finished a job interview >End up walking in the same direction as a…[View]
26466837Someone insulted my sister: A guy at work found out my sister is pregnant and won't stop bullyi…[View]
26463405>30 year >never had a gf >only had sex with hookers Is there literally any point to me cont…[View]
26467090Genuine penis extension methods?: I want to have a stupidly obnoxiously large penis What methods act…[View]
26448248Self medicating social anxiety: I have crippling social anxiety, even when I talk to people over voi…[View]
26467039How can I gain control over my actions?: Over the past couple of years I've been thinking a lot…[View]
26466577HELP: Just graduated and I landed a job that was in my major (environmental science) but I don'…[View]
26464711How do I avoid being killed? Without doing anything extreme (like living in a sealed off bunker) wha…[View]
26464695There's a British redhead youtuber, she does make up during her videos and talks about crime an…[View]
26465148quitting weed general: why did you decide to quit weed and how's it going? what tips do you ha…[View]
26465583Mother has found out I’m a faggot. What do I do?[View]
26465631Should I just not bother with a girl with slow replies?: First girl in question was someone I knew f…[View]
26466614Summer plans and self-improvement: sup goys, what you gon do this summer? What do you /ADVICE/ me to…[View]
26462485ex is jealous?: so my ex gf whom i broke up with a few days ago is in my class and the majority in m…[View]
26464832How to rewire your brain?: As I am right now, I get a rush out of being an edgy prick. I want to be …[View]
26466692Casual bonding(???) with an ex: What do you call being in between a friend and a partner? Me and thi…[View]
26465329How to confidently stand up for myself?: When someone confronts me, say by saying something rude or …[View]
26465996I met a really nice girl around last november, we hit it off and dated for a couple of months, unfor…[View]
26465211What is wrong with women?: All my life I've been a motherfucker, an asshole who didn't car…[View]
26464346Is this true ?[View]
26465550Am I an asshole or is my best friend?: Am I an asshole for getting upset/annoyed by best friend? Whe…[View]
26465844advice: >had gf >cheated on me by kissing girls whilst out clubbing >became confused about …[View]
26464967How safe is anal for my gf?: Do you think she will have to wear a diaper? We both tried it and enjoy…[View]
26466524MEN PLEASE HELP: do men find women with short hair attractive? I want to cut my hair off for the sum…[View]
26464898Is this normal for guys?: Anytime Im angry with my boyfriend and try arguing with him he grabs me an…[View]
26463096i'm a piece of shit young man. which self help guro is the best to get my life together[View]
26466235I am incredibly bored: Give me ideas for a game. It should be 2d and grass themed (I like grass [not…[View]
26465666Why?: >She’s better than to sell herself into porn. >She’s better than onlyfans or e girl shit…[View]
26466439Sleep: To get good sleep you need to >Stick to a sleep schedule When I don't set any alarms…[View]
26451787Tattoo: Is this shit dope?[View]
26465348I killed a spider in my place. It was small, and probably wouldn't have harmed me but it bother…[View]
26465397Mentalcel: I just got rejected from joining an incel community despite being a 28 y/o virgin neet. A…[View]
26464992Getting back into dating: I havent dated in a while, I had 2 weird/fucked up experiences with dating…[View]
26464844Is it ever ok to ghost a coworker? I'm still trying to get over it, there was mutual interest b…[View]
26465915What the fuck do i do to escape this curse? 20 year old receding like crazy even though i’m taking …[View]
26462591How should I tell this girl I met yesterday that I don't want anything serious with her?: So, w…[View]
26466038Do men like promiscuous women?: I’ve got a friend and she’s very open about her sex life. She talks …[View]
26464675>>26453021 I tried talking with her several times, just normal conversations, no confrontation…[View]
26466086First in-person interview: I have an in-person interview this Friday. I'm currently a senior at…[View]
26465215Hello, my fellow high IQ anons! Does anyone else here struggle with autism?[View]
26466023Next Step in Life: >Get undergrad done >Living at home and making $16 an hour. >Not bad, b…[View]
26466014anger issues >have to go to work >feel sleepy >can't perform >feel uneasy >get s…[View]
26465723How can I make my room better for my mental state?: I have my windows blocked for sound and I’m alwa…[View]
26465447Anybody else at rock bottom?: I'm really worried that I'm going to take my own life this S…[View]
26465958Help me please I can't stop smoking. It's ruining my life and destroying every cardio gain…[View]
26465375My best friend of 11 years just lost interest in me. He's been cold and indifferent too me and …[View]
26464230How can i make mental gains and get rid of brain fog, start following what i'm reading,remember…[View]
26465205Ask the opposite gender anything, /atoga/: Last thread: >>26463208[View]
26464008all the women in my family are still Facebook friends and still chat with the last 2 women that comp…[View]
26464610Getting a 2nd girl for a threesome: How to get a 2nd girl for a threesome? I recently just started d…[View]
26464813I'm a narcissist who's attracted to my sister: [1] It's hard to explain how I feel. I…[View]
26465128I have difficulty climaxing if my bf doesn't say demeaning or cruel things or slap me while we …[View]
26463039I didn't experience youth. No friends, no parties, no travelling, no hobbies and no gf. I chose…[View]
26463579Was feminism a giant shit test that men failed? Think about it, women do shit tests to see if men be…[View]
26465505I just got fired from a job I’ve had for seven years over something really minor and insignificant. …[View]
26460819What job should I have if I only care about money and nothing else? I know it is shallow but I just …[View]
26460642I want to creampie gf so bad, but I’m dead scared of getting her pregnant. Whenever she begs me to c…[View]
26460487My crush called me racist today: So there's this girl I have a crush on and we've been fri…[View]
26465008>be me >meet girl and develop a friendship over the last month >she invites me to ride bicy…[View]
26463803My porn addiction is getting out of fucking hand: What do I do[View]
26464441Is it actually bad to starve myself? It's not a self harm thing, I just don't really like…[View]
26458857So I never liked my gf's roommate and she didn't like me too and we argue almost every tim…[View]
26462344For 14 years I was sitting on my bare wooden chair. Then I bought a cushion. Didn't know what I…[View]
26465093My younger sister graduated from college before me: Is it natural to hold contempt for how the situa…[View]
26464731How to withdraw from a relationship you initated in the first place. I still want to be friends with…[View]
26464852How do i make it clear that i expect a lot more in return for my help?: I have a few female friends …[View]
26461661Why are boomers so obsessed with work? I don't know if it's the case with others but my mo…[View]
26465202Where do I meet women outside of nightclubs in the UK? Anyone who suggests something like a cooking …[View]
26465261Suspected Family Member Substance Addiction: My sister and I suspect our mother is hiding a substanc…[View]
26464977In the past, gaming and writing could keep me happy and entertained during depressive episodes. Now …[View]
26465056>stare at a wall for an hour Should I? Does sitting there being bored and thinking about stuff re…[View]
26464888Why do I feel like I am being the father figure to my father? I remember this feeling since I was 15…[View]
26464124So I've been volunteering as a youth minister for my local church for about 3 months now. I won…[View]
26464990I'm not afraid to talk to girls, but I'm too proud to start a conversation and still show …[View]
26464142Huh, so it turns out a key to a healthy relationship is maintaining some distance from time-to-time …[View]
26463304My bf's friends seem to hate me and I don't know why. We've only been together a few …[View]
26454356Worst advice: Whats the worst advice you ever got on here or on 4chan in general. >I made a thre…[View]
26464930I wish I were a bird or cetacean.: Every day I wake up and feel tired of being in my human form. I g…[View]
26463968I feel like this chick is messing with me IRL. How do I confront her about it without sounding like …[View]
26464830Hypothetical: Five years from now we'll make contact with a few dozen nearby alien races...: Wh…[View]
26464433How to get the best melon: Im tired of average melons. How to get the good ones? I live in germany i…[View]
26464833How to make friends: Never have I ever thought that I would be struggling in this department, but, a…[View]
26460746wtf do modern women want[View]
26464650How do I stop being a coomer? I've jerked off probably 10 times a day for the past three or fou…[View]
26462848My roommate is in an off again on again relationship with a piece of shit who hits her. Things betwe…[View]
26455269Frustrated and confused. No longer blackpilled: I went to a festival yesterday. Music was ok, Sun wa…[View]
26463137I shower twice every day with shampoo but I still smell bad. What the fuck am I doing wrong? I use d…[View]
26464173Just got into a crazy argument with my gf Long story short, we argued for hours because I said somet…[View]
26464347How to stop being so emotionally fragile?: >be me >have a little project work at uni >the p…[View]
26462816Why does no one ever want to talk to me? I cannot remember the last time someone struck up a convers…[View]
26461948I really dislike the state of the world and I have no hope it'll get better. That feeling has g…[View]
26464528ADHD testing: tl;dr: I'm on medicaid and my PCP referred me to a private practice that doesn…[View]
26454574Getting angry with GF: My girlfriend called me a child because I still have my toy story toys and DV…[View]
26460401I'm about to be 22. Women constantly ghost, flake on me, leave me on read, etc. I don't th…[View]
26461785Am I weird?: Im not sure what love is. I believe it is what you are willing to to for someone. My p…[View]
26461998To preface: have no interest in a online/long distance relationship for those wondering Rant: How c…[View]
26464481Is video editing still an useful skill? Is it already inflated ?: Recently, I have been studying sev…[View]
26464428getting harassed: idk what to do, this guy in my class keeps taking pics/having someone take pics of…[View]
26458164Where can I find a frog livestream: The frogs are living and you see the frogs[View]
26464417Why do I feel like being a guy who don't often go out or have no social life is hard when tryin…[View]
26463966Is it wrong to not want a relationship at age 20? Parents are on my case about being single but I…[View]
26464165Is killing myself actually wrong? I'm ugly, I have Aspergers and I'm gay. I am unhappy wit…[View]
26463263Friend has his first gf now thinks he's a hotshot and tells me that I Don't know nothing a…[View]
26462489How do I stop caring what my parents think of me? I have to pass every major life decision by my par…[View]
26464091I've done so much stupid stuff as a teenager all the way up until I was about 18. Whether it be…[View]
26463363What do you think of meditation?: I started meditating seriously a week ago and I've noticed so…[View]
26461014how to get rid of stalker tendencies?: i've had stalker tendencies my whole life. when i was a …[View]
26463994Nightmares: Lately I’ve been experiencing nightmares, night terrors or sleep paralysis I don’t even …[View]
26463488im done, found it, fuck you all bye: some people just have extra brains to make strong decision in 3…[View]
26459061Bring dog to dog park to reel in women. Finally get some talking to me. One of them is grazing my ha…[View]
26464049Told my new employer in an interview I was fired, but now my refrence said I was.: So I just got hir…[View]
26464098just turned 27 and i feel like i’m getting too old to find someone to get married. i’ve been on a fe…[View]
26458339>stumble on a random porn video >'she looks familiar...' >I knew her from back in high scho…[View]
26464153Is there a guide somewhere on how to internet stalk/vet a person? I'd like to see what my own i…[View]
26461830So here's my problem. I've met two girls that I could pursue a relationship with, but I do…[View]
26464003Graduating, haven't started doing my thesis: Give me thesis ideas related to business managemen…[View]
26464041After setting up a date through instagram, how often should i text her?[View]
26461285Confess: Confess your sins. I'll start. When I was 21 I went to vacation in Croatia and slept …[View]
26463930There's this girl at my university. I don't know her much. People say she's an irresp…[View]
26463208ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything (ATOGA): Last: >>26462318 Picrews, toonmes, rate me shit…[View]
26462301How do you build up the will power to stop mastrubating and start working out regulary? There are to…[View]
26461487>date says she likes something >remember, surprise her with said thing on another date (in thi…[View]
26463018how do i get rid of internalised misogyny?: i always hate on other women and then realise i'm d…[View]
26462350I feel like I’m a disgusting monster.: Greetings. I was diagnosed with Aspergers at 11. Recently, I’…[View]
26463708everyone who succeeded in my classes were scientific minded so i am doing my due dilligence and asks…[View]
26463490I am in the process of breaking up with my gf. She is jealous of another girl in our friend group. S…[View]
26462317Fear of death?: What did you anons do to help with your fears of death? When I was younger I was a m…[View]
26458623I love my girlfriend a lot but I don't know if she's 'The One'. How long am I supposed to …[View]
26461589I am 23 and have no friends, haven't had them for like 6 years, i dropped out of high school at…[View]
26463116Quitting porn: To start, Since this pandemic had started. Being in a cage that is being indoors more…[View]
26460577Future: Currently I 18 living with parents, soon to graduate am planning to take WGU CS program, the…[View]
26463358gf showed my gym pics to her best friends (all girls): does this mean anything? I don't upload …[View]
26462879I'm sorta obsessed with someone I've never met. I feel upset and sucidial sometimes when I…[View]
26461114How do I get my brother to stop leeching off my mom and get a job? I’m 21 and going to school so I s…[View]
26459818I'm 21 years old, soon to be 22, I will graduate this year from university, que I study law, bu…[View]
26463127Is it normal to meet someone and instantly dislike them? This only happens once in a while where I’l…[View]
26458184On wanting to create: Why do I want to do something creative in my life even though I lack the skill…[View]
26460688Is it bad to make dinner at 11pm every night? Sometimes I don't eat until midnight. I wake up a…[View]
26460956Help: My dog bit my wrist on my veins and now it's swelling up. Could he have punctured a vein?…[View]
26461984>HR scheduled meeting with me to 16th of June >Its 16th of May Should I be worried?…[View]
26461100One of my coworkers has gotten sexually involved with a 16 year old boy at the age of 26. Tried spea…[View]
26461679I've always avoided talking to women. All my friends were males and I used to feel uneasy if a …[View]
26463181this, 'art business' are just made of pile of lucky garbages.[View]
26463183How do I stop being unapproachable?: I know I have a resting bitch face (male version) and my beard …[View]
26460049I tried playing soccer for the first time in a long time this year. Should I quit the amateur sports…[View]
26462787Mystery pills: Can anyone identify these? Seem to be slightly different sizes based each based on co…[View]
26462444college letters of recommendation: high school drop out currently applying for college. need to figu…[View]
26462562student job: >be student >just finished first year >want to get a summer jobs >finds lot…[View]
26462283I have been dating with a single mom for the last 8 months, and we began living together (her apartm…[View]
2646267118 yo femanon how do i get my bf 2 stahp gaslighting me all da time[View]
26462960Alcohol? Activities?: In high school I met a Greek girl. it turns out her village was 35 minutes awa…[View]
26461632Am I an asshole?: So I went over to my girlfriends house tonight to hang out with her and help her d…[View]
26462764Why kids are annoying?: It's not like I hate them, I just can't deal with them. I have big…[View]
26463267another day of not talking to anyone at the gym is this normal? or how do i fix it? at the time i go…[View]
26462683M21 in relationship with F17 girl and feel weird about it: Basically as the title says. I used a dat…[View]
26461603What are you supposed to do when you feel like there's nothing to talk about your partner with …[View]
26463160What to do when you've achieved all your dreams: Hey /adv/, I have possibly the opposite proble…[View]
26461949Must... Fuck...: I'm (M25) dating this girl i met on tinder. She has a decent face and a hot sl…[View]
26457075GIOYC: Get it off your chest[View]
26462750Should I date a dad?: Me and my ex broke up 6 months ago. I was pretty heart broken and I haven…[View]
26462913Gf of 11 months: I have been seeing this girl for about 11 months. She is 23 and late 20s. In the fi…[View]
26463084How to not cheat: I love my girlfriend, but I don’t think I’m a naturally loyal person. I want to sl…[View]
26460122I've just found out that someone had accessed my computer whilst I was asleep earlier today. I …[View]
26462654Why dont i take action ?: Everyone around me seems to have a drive and motivation to achive their dr…[View]
26463079Why do people always recommend leaving this website: I have unironically made great improvements tha…[View]
26462641Where can I ask for help.: Hi brother. Tody I've been evicted from my apartment by the landlord…[View]
26463054Where can I find a girl with BPD?[View]
26463051Ideas: I'm gonna have to pull a prank on a freshman girl I know by making her room the one of a…[View]
26458469Alternative Chan sites: What alternative Chan sites are there? 4chans been long dead since 2016 with…[View]
26463021Grandaunt with hallucinations: Ok, so I need some help here. Recently my grandaunt came back to live…[View]
26463004Me and my gf need to decide on whether we're gonna have kids or not within the next couple of y…[View]
26462045Should I try dating apps as a man, if I'm not very attractive (probably slightly below average)…[View]
26462509Is it a good idea to drink two monster energy if I have a 39° fever? Not in a row, one in the mornin…[View]
26450857Friend drama, need help: >Got involved in a satellite friend group (aka not my main one) by two g…[View]
26452377How to convince my middle eastern parents to allow me to marry my white boyfriend?: I have super str…[View]
26462409How do I actually act or become dominant? I don't know where to start.[View]
26462779How do I stop getting mad at suicide jokes? It annoys me to no end seeing people joke about wanting …[View]
26458794What do you do on a 'date'?: So I've lucked out and met a girl from /r9k/ who wants to go out o…[View]
26460853preemptive tldr: I'm stupid and have a weakness for eating, how do I lose weight or at least ke…[View]
26462318ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything (ATOSA): Monday Morning edition Last: >>26460731 Picrews, t…[View]
26460788dreading my life: >be me >21 >m >$7 to name >currently live at friend’s parent’s hous…[View]
26462238Low libido: Not even fetishes get me going anymore. I've never felt any pleasure from orgasms a…[View]
26462172How to meet women at anime con ?: Never been to one, there's also a rise in muscular guys and s…[View]
26461469motivation: how the fuck you get motivation to get out of the bed? to do stuff? to take a bath to no…[View]
26460607Does it really only gets worse the older you get?[View]
26461193How to stop my friend from his tranny delusions? He claims to be a trans lesbian and expects we use …[View]
26461457wat do: There is this girl I like and have known her for about 3 years because of a project (not sch…[View]
26462494Loving a crazy woman.: Anons, I had a good girl and we split up almost a year ago for self-improveme…[View]
26461306Think I saved friend from suicide: Get out shower at 10:30pm check phone. See friend/neighbor is say…[View]
26461842I feel like there no reason to be confident in myself. When I have evidence that I cant succeed in l…[View]
26461823Why should a girl talk about me to others? Her uni classmates know about me. Her friends know about …[View]
26462074How does one stop sexualizing something or someone? I'm not going to be specific here, I mean a…[View]
26462221Women, What is the demographic or personality type of someone who is 47 and goes to raves on the wee…[View]
26460307Are borderlines capable of love or are they all impulsive manipulative cheaters?[View]
26462114why does my house have a weird chemical smell all of a sudden?[View]
26461625>sort of have crush on YouTuber chick >moderately large following for niche interest but nothi…[View]
26461254How do I learn from mistakes and never repeat them again?[View]
26461752Basically flunked out of college because I'm a failure and it just stressed me out beyond belie…[View]
26461867I've been streaming games on twitch and putting little game guides on youtube . I'm a lite…[View]
26460349I'm in a new city and don't know anyone. Where do I go to meet women and get a girlfriend?[View]
26461833A girl said hi to me on Bumble: Wat do? >t autist[View]
26456621how do i meet girls who like femboys?[View]
26461722Trapped and depressed: >graduating this summer in engineering >only two classes this term, pro…[View]
26458778people who have attempted suicide in the past: what made you attempt? what methods did you guys use?…[View]
26461759i am f 19, my best friend for years (f 18) is dating and now living with some 32 year old ex-con aft…[View]
26460734I’m new to Data Analytics and am learning Rstudio It’s supposedly pretty easy but I’m finding it to …[View]
26460421>return from college for summer >now that I've seen what it's like away from home I …[View]
26457629Fucking shit, how am I going to get a gf?: 30 y. o. khhv here. I'm a shut-in in my room at work…[View]
26457893ITT: post life tips that you are in a special position to know For example, I have been drawing for …[View]
26461238I've always felt that I've never belonged anywhere and have never been able to relate with…[View]
26456908Moving To Poland: Should I temporarily move to Poland? I’m a young American software engineer who wi…[View]
26461593Long story short, I wanna replace looking at porn with looking at art. Not to get off but to look at…[View]
26457665I’m going to kill myself.: I cannot stand to see what I turned into. I don’t like this person at all…[View]
26460823Health Concern: serious: If I watch the same movie almost everyday, will I experience any negative s…[View]
26459855Do you agree it's only possible to move on from someone until you find someone new?[View]
26460731ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything (ATOSA): Interjection edition Last: >>26459880 Picrews, too…[View]
26460472I really need advice.: I'm not going to lie to you, /adv/. I'm not feeling good. I've…[View]
26461037how do I make this 'w'on this forgery look better? the rest looks ok enough but I have no …[View]
26461131I feel empty inside. What can I do about it?[View]
26460907Is there a job that fits me?: I do really well at working, /adv/, but my body and mind just can…[View]
26460375Friends since 13: We’re 24 now and he came back in town and stole 40 dollars worth of my weed[View]
26460589attraction to things: I don't find anyone attractive except girls or boys in costumes like chok…[View]
26460492why am i so rude and retarded in person[View]
26460578Question marks: Question marks when texting women, yay or nay?[View]
26460362I’m 18 rn school almost over so I haven’t moved out yet, but I feel hella miserable recently my work…[View]
26460617how are you supposed to talk with females?: I talk to them about something and then if i dont contin…[View]
26460726I need to find a professional therapist. for most of my life I have been able to face my problems on…[View]
26460830its 9pm should i get mac dannel no im not fat[View]
26460558Does anyone know what I can do for premature ejaculation? I've tried the sprays, I've trie…[View]
26460317>be me >senior prom night >friends convince me to go and I agree because I need to live a …[View]
26460725women will literally convert to their husbands religion (usually Islam) meanwhile it’s like pulling …[View]
26460456>what has been seen will never be unseen Never again will I recover from the pornographic degener…[View]
26460417I Do not know how to make healthy relationships anymore: Therapist is a month away from meeting me s…[View]
26460138What is the best way to quit a porn viewing habit if you MUST use a computer? I need one for all my …[View]
26460365Is the “be yourself” think really as much of a meme as this board makes it? Personally I don’t reall…[View]
26460516why are we so ineffectual? as an example, i have heard many people say they loathe dating applicatio…[View]
26460479going on a third date with this girl. things have been pretty normal so far, I have made some flirty…[View]
26458923Im a moron and i need help: >me be >16yo >get signature >17yo >dont like signature an…[View]
26458578What is the quickest and most painless way to kill myself? The only method that I currently have acc…[View]
26454544Humor: How do you become a funny person IRL. I know I should probably be asking actual funny people …[View]
26458866Where to find girls who..: are into gaining weight? like, a lot of weight. asking for a friend…[View]
26460582>be lonely in my sophomore year of high school and decide to talk to more people on the internet …[View]
26460560Any lightweight exercise that you recommend? I'm not looking to get /fit/, just enough to incre…[View]
26460406am I aromantic?: >be 28 y/o sadboy >kissless handholdless virgin >not a total loser: have a…[View]
26458276drugs: I'm thirty and last winter I tried weed for the first time in my life. Grown myself. Sin…[View]
26459783Adult friends: How do I make friends as an adult? Ever since I graduated high school it's been …[View]
26459880ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything (ATOSA): No impure behavior edition Last: >>26458391 Picrew…[View]
26458325can you 'become' a chad or do you have to be born one?[View]
26453779gf is a redditor: >she misplaced her phone >we're looking for it >find it >reddit n…[View]
26457994how to clean headset from hash: i smeared my mic in hashish during a blackout how to clean mic? hole…[View]
26459126What does normal even mean: Is the stupidest fucking phrase to ever be created. My family uses it as…[View]
26454616What does it mean when she invites you to hang with her friends? Women say it means she likes me, wh…[View]
26458355brb going to get a glass of milk[View]
26456059What does it mean when a boy is only talkative if he's one-on-one with you? I have such a huge …[View]
26460200I've done so much stupid stuff as a teenager all the way up until I was about 18. Whether it be…[View]
26460276suicide: Hey, can anyone help me find a suicide chat group or just any reliable info to do it.... I …[View]
26459794Help with graphing/business homework: I need to put this data (the blue section extends a bit furthe…[View]
26445463>As a kid I hated everything and wanted to be left alone to myself >Grew up as the middle chil…[View]
26457853“Just reaching out”: Ya’ll are gonna clown me so hard for this, and I know I brought it on myself. I…[View]
26455457Idk what I should do: I´m a 20 years old girl, I´m in a engineering major. In my city there´s no spa…[View]
26460202Mixed messages: Seeking some /adv/! I have been regularly talking to this girl for over a year, and …[View]
26458220black girls: im probably gonna have sex with this nigress, my question is how does it feel/smell. Iv…[View]
26458140boss got covid, is fine with exposing everyone: Was supposed to go into restaurant to work today, te…[View]
26454392How do you move on regardless of whether they take you back or not.[View]
26460038I've seen a lot of girls say they hate dudes with anxiety, is this really true? I have almost c…[View]
26458569Does she look better with the extra weight?: Just be honest[View]
26459876My girlfriend and i are talking about marriage but we are having troubles because i want a prenup. I…[View]
26456471Got a Big Raise, Husband Has Given Up: Well, fuck me. I feel hopeless. >Husband and I own a hous…[View]
26457418Going to become an English teacher in a few years at the age of 22-24, middle to high school level. …[View]
26459611I genuinely dislike my friends. They are overly aggressive losers who always have something to prove…[View]
26459419How to oil a bike: Bike is making squeaky sounds do I just use motor oil[View]
26458573Aussie here, how do i get a prostitute that will let me cum inside them (with a condom)? I looked th…[View]
26454045finding hobbies: I am still trying to find what I enjoy doing in this life. I've tried a lot of…[View]
26458979What happens when you give your girl space, and how long should you give it to her? This is harder t…[View]
26459595>Everyone talks over me >Everyone doesn't pay attention to what I have to say >Barley …[View]
26457528How do you explain liminal spaces to someone?[View]
26459462I don't know who else to tell: I almost went through with it last night. I remembered there was…[View]
26457788I'm really confused and I think I have made a wrong decision about my life I'm 21 soon 22…[View]
26449125Why is it impossible to find a girlfriend?: All of my friends have settled down with their girlfrien…[View]
26459693This sounds retarded but how do I cope with time passing? I dont know its prob my tism but I find it…[View]
26459759Calendar maker: Anyone know a good calendar maker? I'm trying to make a big calendar that count…[View]
26448958I can't date or be in a relationship because I don't meet my own standards, I feel like un…[View]
26457512In what cases does it make sense to call an ambulance? I unironically have no idea when it's ok…[View]
26459689If i get a date with a girl through social media, do i keep texting her until the day of the date, o…[View]
26456476Is there any reason why a girl might refuse to date her crush when he suddenly asks her out for the …[View]
26459098my life is worthless because of my looks: Isn't your life centered around how you look? If you…[View]
26458322aburrimiento: me fui a otra escuela solo para vengarme de una persona de mi pasado haciemdo q este q…[View]
26459249It was a stupid idea to confess my love to her & now I will live my entire life having PTSD from…[View]
26454432My girlfriend told me that she wants to have sex for the first time soon. I'm so scared. What i…[View]
26457309How to stop feeling like a bitter old man: I am young and on college. I can’t help but feel like I a…[View]
26457855Heard a voice, should I be worried?: Last night I heard a voice. It was a whisper that spoke slowly …[View]
26457632How do I tell when women are ovulating: Listen, I want to figure out when the women at my office are…[View]
26454791Meds: Has anyone's mental health here actually improved after taking SSRIs or some other antide…[View]
26458753How to kill apathy?: How do I stop drifting into apathy? It’s taken me till 24 to realise that Im av…[View]
26456924love but not in love: Finally realized whats wrong in my relationship. For the last year I've j…[View]
26453505libido is too high: I'm a 25 year old male and my libido is too much for me. It's becoming…[View]
26458342Response: You're on a first date, it's going well. The girl looks at you like this. You co…[View]
26453349This will make me sound like a paranoid crazy, but I think I am being secretly recorded by a neighbo…[View]
26449743Where am I supposed to go when 4chan shuts down?: We all've seen the shit that's in the ne…[View]
26456349>brother was a major stoner who drank often, had friends over everyday, did other hard drugs, bar…[View]
26458215The idea of a relationship seems surreal to me: I'm turning 20 this year, and I never had a gir…[View]
26458218Mom just sent me a pic of my ex with another dude, how do i stop seething and start coping?[View]
26458151What does it mean to 'Take yourself too seriously'?[View]
26458788Please help me. Loneliness is killing me.: 30, M. I can't take it anymore. I feel so lonely, I …[View]
26458819Is being cheeky/cunning genetic?: My grand-father and my father made lost of money via embezzlement …[View]
26458558Guys help me please I need everyone's advice!: guys look I need your help. When texting a girl …[View]
26458714How Do I Not Let Negativity Consume Me: How do I not let negative emotions always get the better of …[View]
26458983Women and dating is making me depressed I need some /adv/ on how to break out of this rutt. Not real…[View]
26458391ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything (ATOSA): Tummy edition Last: >>26457243 Picrews, toonmes, r…[View]
26455934Porn has fucked me up again: I just wanted to open this thread as a way to advice any other dude tha…[View]
26458831High school reunions: >based >cringe Which are they, /adv/?…[View]
26453644i miss her: cont. from >>26445227 i did i, i broke up with her, im happy i did it, it was a bi…[View]
26458683>be me >use tinder >match with someone from my country >get anxious and dont text anythi…[View]
26456897>woman next door sometimes changes with her window wide open and all the lights on >have seen …[View]
26457567Self forgiveness: How do I forgive myself for fucking up my life?[View]
26457967Do you think trannies will fall into obscurity again some day? I used to not have problem with them …[View]
26458667any books or youtube videos about how to stop being scared of change?[View]
26458541men decode this: i’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks now and we’ve kissed and everything but i…[View]
26457071I want a girlfriend or at the very least female friends. None of my friends are willing to wingman m…[View]
26455451how long does it take to move on from an ex? i broke up with my gf of 4 years around 8 months ago, b…[View]
26457317How do I leave my shitty group of acquaintances that I used to call friends? Over the years I realiz…[View]
26454828Had sex without a condom with a girl I just met: She was on her period I didn't care because I …[View]
26458529How do I not worry about exams? I have a big one coming up and I get so crippled with fear that I do…[View]
26458372I think my parents are having sex. How do I get them to stop?[View]
26455868When do people tend to fall apart lookswise: I’m turning 25 and honestly the male wall for looks is …[View]
26457156i cheated and i loved (i love her) her so much i was reckless i still have so much feeling for her (…[View]
26455729any mentally illanons here? i fucked up big time and im being sent to some kind of a mental ward in …[View]
26457414How do I make the mental transition from an effeminate gay bottom to a masculine straight dude[View]
26458338>sent message two weeks ago >still no reply Should I send one more, and take the lack of reply…[View]
26456243How do I become pure again?[View]
26455440teasing/bantering: how the fuck does it work? if i put people under a magnifying glass for random im…[View]
26455404so I’m going to try and change myself for the better but I’m so worried about failing and being left…[View]
26458059Has anyone here ever actually taken any advice: Instead of me making another thread about tfw no gf …[View]
26457088I'll never have a GF.: How do I cope with the fact that I look like a chad but have the mind of…[View]
26458110How to meet girls through Instagram? I know a lot of people do this, not sure how it's done tho…[View]
26457638Tips for first date: Hey, going to my first date ever with this girl. We met on tinder and are going…[View]
26456527I got a bad sunburn 2 days ago and I have blistering on my face. I have applied aloe cream constantl…[View]
26457511(((Resetting my corrupted brain))): How do I re-set my brain? I am stuck in constant loops of self-d…[View]
26456262wtf is happening bros: (1/2) I've known since I started dating her a few months ago that my no…[View]
26457654How to stop being dependent on other people to be happy?: I feel terrible when I’m alone. Everyone i…[View]
26458073Living in Nevada: Hi friends. Seeking input regarding the pros and cons are of living in the suburbs…[View]
26458041I had a talk today with my friends and apparently they was jealous of me in middle school and wanted…[View]
26457441After months of searching for a job to escape my abusive family, I finally found one. I went through…[View]
26456444How do you get a girlfriend? I'm 30 and I have never had a girlfriend. I met an 18yo babe onlin…[View]
26455411How do I stop being so afraid gf is cheating on me? Every single time she goes out with her best fri…[View]
26457756i'm 23. how do i become normal? my parents didnt love me and now i am fucked up.: >never fri…[View]
26457655Yo /adv/ I'm 18 and about to graduate HS in a week. I've had a good run, and pretty much a…[View]
26457073trouble getting it up. does this go away in time?: I had my first sexual encounter last night with m…[View]
26457779I followed the snake venom plan from a few posts from /fit/ and am shitting blood: I'll start o…[View]
26452984How to balance not being a cuck and not being controlling?: I've been with my gf for about 8 we…[View]
26456962how do I forgive my father?: Well, I am on a pretty rough path with my Dad, approx. 8 month ago he r…[View]
26457243ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: Previously on /ATOGA/ - >>26455554[View]
26453965Race identity: I'm a berber. When I say I am northern african, people wonder why I'm not b…[View]
26457805Zero confidence: I feel like I changed a lot in the past months, I stopped being extremely anxious a…[View]
26457818SSRI's and Antidepressants: Lately i've been considering getting on meds. Do you believe t…[View]
26457439What’s wrong with me?: In the past couple of weeks, I just don’t feel like myself anymore >usuall…[View]
26451676watching porn while i fuck with my girlfriend??: My girlfriend is against watching porn, but I like …[View]
26457074should i?: i want a serious, long term relationship is tinder or any other dating app a good start f…[View]
26454490how do i stop stuttering: everytime someone tries making small talk with me i either stutter or repe…[View]
26455314'only hurting people hurt people' BULLSHIT everyone does: I really can't accept the fact that e…[View]
26451265Whats wrong with me: Some backstory, ive been a porn addict since I was 12. I tried to do nofap agai…[View]
26456735Every third year a leap year.: One hundred years of solitude to the arabic or not welcome to the gen…[View]
26455516Im part of a group of friends that has one woman in it. This is the only woman I've been talkin…[View]
26454327Women don't pay attention to me. They don't eye me. I am not autistic. I am 6'2, aver…[View]
26457114High body count: I am 26 male, I have a body count near 20 I’ve had two long term girlfriends, the …[View]
26455224how do i ask a girl i like to be my gf? we have been close since childhood but i haven't been s…[View]
26455086There's this guy who I really dislike but I keep having sexual dreams about him. I've neve…[View]
26455808How do I control my impulses and desires, be focused on what I want to achieve?[View]
26450198Gf of 3 years punched me in the face, wyd?: I was in a heated argument with my gf this morning and o…[View]
26455340I may have burnt all bridges with my mother, please read: >be me 30 YO NEET of 6 years since fini…[View]
26457519Worried about mother and technology: My two older sisters (approaching thirty) have absolutely nothi…[View]
26457412Buddy's dad died, do I say anything? I'm not their best friend and honestly I don't k…[View]
26455645My cousin came out as trans (MtF) a few years ago and turned 18 last year. Our family had the first …[View]
26451771bros I'm so fucked: > fell in love with female friend > slight cuddles when watching movi…[View]
26456379muh emotions: I'm autistic and either I feel apathy or I don't know what my emotions feel …[View]
26456412Relationship advice: Hey /pol/ you’re basically my extended family at this point… how do I respond t…[View]
26449999I live in a small town that’s two hours away from a beautiful, giant city that I was born in. I find…[View]
26454216All I want is a short man/Trans masc who is short tempered and doesn't mind my mommying them wh…[View]
26455022How are you supposed to get a gf if you don't meet girls and is too ugly for online dating?[View]
26449503Will my mom blame herself for my suicide?: Title. I bought a chemical powder online that people use …[View]
26453878How to make Woman interested in me again?: Will she like me more when I have a 6 pack and bigger arm…[View]
26455829I have lots of acquaintances but no close friends. I'd say the people I see the most I dislike …[View]
26455189how to have higher libido?[View]
26456475HOW TO GET GIRLS WITH A BABY FACE: What am I supposed to do if I have a baby face? I’m 21 years old …[View]
26456564No contact: Me and my ex gf were dating for 4 months. It was my first relationship. She broke up say…[View]
26453416Girlfriend is an antinatalist: I don't understand my girlfriends reasoning of not wanting kids …[View]
26452582I have a problem. Met this girl and she is great, funny and in general we fit together. She seems in…[View]
26457084I wanna be a cross dresser(already kinda am but in closet): I'm bisexual. I like women for sure…[View]
26455894I asked my gf to fart in my nostrils 15 mins ago. She’s been in the bathroom since. The shower is ru…[View]
26456802Couldn't get hard on first time. What do?: 30 yo wizard here I decided to finally go visit an e…[View]
26449199Okay, how do I find a gf?: I want pic rel, a LTR with romantic stuff but sex also. So: >Friendles…[View]
26454277>finally decide to go out and socialise for the first time in months with a couple school friends…[View]
26456013Need help as a starter on this site: Can anyone help me how to use the threads and the site itself p…[View]
26456939Anyone here have disc replacement or fusion surgery on their neck before? Five years ago I destroyed…[View]
26450055Desperately Trying Not to Transition: I'm struggling with a deep seated desire to become a man.…[View]
26455924I love my grandfather, but I recently learned that when he was 22 years old in 1955, he had 'consens…[View]
26456650How do i cure furfaggotry?: So basically, i am a furfag and i really would like to cure it, preferab…[View]
26455262How can i make a cool 4chan chart?[View]
26456025How do you cope with the time you lost to COVID? I missed out on my last three semesters of college …[View]
26455054Should I be worried that my girlfriend is going on a trip with six male friends? It's a two day…[View]
26456568My parents don’t care about me anymore as is the case with most parents of autistic people. My relat…[View]
26445285What can I do to improve my face?: Advice on lookmaxing?[View]
26455990If I do a convincing photoshop of the wall in my apartment with the word 'cunt' spray painted on it,…[View]
26455546Best way to cope with being attracted to coworker: I'm 25 m, at my job we are have had a studen…[View]
26454922How do I get a former friend to leave me alone?: I stopped being friends with someone I knew for a l…[View]
26455181Making friends as a twitch streamer: Is it possible to start streaming on twitch just for fun and ma…[View]
26454048Depression(?) help: I had sex with a girl last week and felt nothing, really I felt like a still mir…[View]
26456239>> Mom has a terminal disease >> My pet passes away >> My truck breaks >> To…[View]
26447697Should I reach out to my parents?: >cut contact with them for 2 years now >mom is very religi…[View]
26454936Parents want me to quit browsing 4chan: I am a university student. I browse every board on 4chan for…[View]
26455368what do you put in your journal? how do you organize it? do you have daily things to fill out or you…[View]
26451605I don't care about healthcare anymore.: I did CNA work while in highschool, became an EMT, went…[View]
26455554Ask the opposite gender anything /atoga/: Last thread: >>26454104 Picrews, toonmes, rate me sh…[View]
26455015Would you fuck you: I’d fuck me >XD the line from the movie No but serious question. If you coul…[View]
26455420What do you do when you realize you chose the wrong career for you, and almost nobody statistically …[View]
26455846>almost 35 years old >the lady who did my taxes thought I was 23 or 24 How do I stop this bull…[View]
26455323Don’t fit into modern society: I truly believe I was born in the wrong era, I’m like a square trying…[View]
26453367>Anon, I'm not ready for anything serious, I'm just going to hurt you. We should stop s…[View]
26455472>want to jerk off to my cousin >she doesn't post photos of herself on any social media, o…[View]
26455445I need a board for funny videos: ?Hello /adv im looking for funny videos on 4-chan, it can be about …[View]
26451804girl im dating still has pictures with her ex on her facebook should I do something about this?[View]
26446240Confronting those idiots at /aco/ Drawthread: I only use 4chan for porn, and I'm not interested…[View]
26447988What's wrong with high bodycount women?: Are they statistically more likely to be insane or som…[View]
26450529Should I care who's my first time?: 22 no gf ever Should I just get hooker?[View]
26455713Realistically how long does the average male masturbation last? I would say I last about 3 minutes u…[View]
26446889How do i stop picking my nose?[View]
26455273>see attractive women anywhere, whether it be irl or online >instantly feel the desire to mast…[View]
26452335How can i cope with even 16yo kids having more sex than me?: Seems like everyone is having sex but m…[View]
26454656had a wet dream that I was raped by a girl that wasn’t my girlfriend…[View]
26452277how can i make myself have erotic dreams again?[View]
26455428was I raped as a child /adv/? >have weird bumps all over my penis shaft for as long as I can reme…[View]
26454502Where do drug dealers tend to hang out? Like I'm just curious, where do the guys I see shooting…[View]
26455236>entire life since 18 was just straight to work/errands and straight home >don't know how…[View]
26455359How do I escape 4chan and clear my mind from its brainwashing[View]
26453191How do I connect with people as a 44 years old sexless kissless hugless handholdless eye contactless…[View]
26449188Can depression affect not wanting to self improve? I'm aware that I'm not in a good spot i…[View]
26454570i sprayed this shit on my penis and now it burns i took a long shower and it still won't stop h…[View]
26451953I can't believe I browse this board and these threads looking for advice when I'm almost 3…[View]
26455283Sound screeching problem during mp4 converting: For god sake guys, I need help for this. I don'…[View]
26454880Addiction help: How do I block 4chan or any other website from your computer indefinitely so I can s…[View]
26454144my BPD girlfriend came back for the 100th time: After ghosting me for the 100th time What do? She ma…[View]
26455039My bf treats me differently after I told him I'm a virgin. He's more protective, and conde…[View]
26452102I finally asked a girl friend out, how do I ask her if she wants something more than friends? She ga…[View]
26449622Is suicide an acceptable choice?: I’m diagnosed with severe OCD and intrusive thoughts. I’m made som…[View]
26454861Should I ghost this girl that hit me up out of the blue?: We had sex last year, she's sweet, bu…[View]
26450741How do I stop obsessing on all the girls I go out/talk to? I always think stuff like being with them…[View]
26441409Red flags.[View]
26445909I get so fucking depressed after I have sex/ejaculate, its unreal. It's like a dark shadow come…[View]
2645485690% of my dreams are nightmares: Insect-like villains invade the earth. Superheroes get wiped out. W…[View]
2645475824/M moving out of my parents house. What should I know?[View]
26450368I'm thorn between two jobs. The first one in a big city but it's a police job so the turn…[View]
26454759Please help me get over the consternation I have over writing a [spoiler]fanfic about taking a shit …[View]
26454426I need to make a giftcard design for the restaurant I work for. Anybody got any decent template? It …[View]
26447399My little brother has always been sweet and nice. Lately he's been awful though, and very rude …[View]
26450513how do i turn my life around ?: i don't really know why i'm posting here of all places for…[View]
26454388How do you let your neighbors know you appreciate them (Apartment-Complex Edition)?: So, I admit it:…[View]
26454104/ATOGA/ - Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: Last thread: >>26450322 Picrews, toonmes, rate me …[View]
26454477What's a good alternative to VLC for PC that won't fucking lag nonstop? I don't need …[View]
26452367How do I emit strong sexual energy[View]
26454393What do you do if a friend has a crush on you? He is a really nice guy and I like hanging around wit…[View]
26453908Thoughts/Opinions: Alright, this is going to be two long ass fucking blogposts. Six years ago I had …[View]
26449122I've got an annoying herpes rash on the inside of my lip. Its pretty minor but still annoying, …[View]
26453896/adv/ discord: want to ask a question, get some quick advice or just talk to anons from here? discor…[View]
26451802Is there any chance in hell for an autistic khv with no job or friends to get laid via tinder? I…[View]
26444863/gioyc/ - get it off your chest[View]
26452675I feel like the average person hates me because of my race/ethnicity based on what I see on social m…[View]
26453879Ok heres a list of the things I have tried to help my depression / anger issues / autism / hate for …[View]
26453292What does it mean when a girl seems distant, tired, and quiet when it's just the two of you tog…[View]
26453846I want to start working out but I'm afraid of going hair loss/going bald in the long-term. Can …[View]
26452201Looking for shit to do: Im finally on summer break from college again which gives me a lot free time…[View]
26454054How can i get an entrance code for secret german jodel without having to buy it?[View]
26453482>7/10 face (randoms have told me + 4chan anons) >fit can do 1/2/3/4 >have car >not poor …[View]
26450084Okay, I’m officially done.: I’ve been single for almost four years. I broke up with my ex around tha…[View]
26453820broke up and feeling empty: Kinda autism tier waifu which was nice because I could be my weird self …[View]
26453739I caught the norovirus and I can't stop puking and shitting. All of my muscles feel swollen and…[View]
26453899Has anyone ever used hair removal cream on their genitals? The directions say to avoid using it on y…[View]
26448004Re-learning to shave: I used cartridge razors most of my life and always got razor bumps and ingrown…[View]
26453380How do I find a girl that I can trust will stick with me and not cheat?[View]
26453021I am so fucking sick and tired of talking with my mom. She's a fucking inept baby. She constant…[View]
26452396Let's say hypothetically I get a tattoo on my face and I live in the U.S. what are my options f…[View]
26453558I have to poop, but I don't feel like getting up. any advice?[View]
26453135Mom gave birth to me doggy style: She gave birth to me doggy style, aka Favella Style. what should I…[View]
26452530Where's the best place to start over?[View]
26453663How to not be affected by what people think of me or say about me?: I live in a country where driver…[View]
26452680I’m losing the ability to mask my autism. Social anxiety won’t let me mask my facial expressions and…[View]
26448320What I’m about to say is autistic as fuck but I really need some advice. So, around the age of 13 I …[View]
26447504How to deal with isolation: I've been stuck in the woods for like two years now and I actually …[View]
26453577Do you know how can I find Mix With The Master videos for free[View]
26450610How do I find a qt virgin white tradwife so I can breed white babies and secure a future for the whi…[View]
26453560How to fix my life?: I stopped taking my antidepressant abruptly which caused me to relapse into dep…[View]
26448025How do I not get tired? After spending the day studying / working out, I am too tired for my hobbies…[View]
26452628So I probably had a cardiac arrest ...: I'm 23 male, and a few days ago I experienced a cardiac…[View]
26452625If you talk about suicidal thoughts to a doctor or therapist in the US, how big is the risk that you…[View]
26447773tinder, bumble, etc.: Almost every girl creates tinder at 18,19 or just a big portion do, especially…[View]
26452365Hit a deer with car and it caused this damage. how much do you think itll cost to fix?[View]
26452279Fuck you: I want to leave my shitty life behind and cope in my own shit. I want to move to Vegas ASA…[View]
26452933You take a shit in a public toilet and there's no toilet paper, what do you do?[View]
26453067Should I join a fraternity? I there anyone on this board currently in a frat or was in a frat? What …[View]
26452226I was slightly wrong about dating apps: I decided to give dating apps a try again. I did basically e…[View]
26452694>criticise my parents for shouting every day and the smallest things and being negative effect on…[View]
26449498I was forward on Tinder but was I too forward?: Matched with this girl on TInder on 30/04 Conversati…[View]
26452834>childhood friend >she's closer to my best friend (who's also my roommate) >visit…[View]
26445536why do people keep copying my mannerisms/memes at work???[View]
26452645happy pills: im on antidepressants, some heavy ones, and i have been told do upgrade the dose. Since…[View]
26452791what do: As the title of the post says, I'm 19 and I have no real direction in life. I tried go…[View]
26449300my gf dumped me and it’s been 24 hours and i wanna beg her back so bad how do i resist the urge to n…[View]
26448856Is there any hope of getting a girl with a low/no body count as a virgin guy at this point? I don…[View]
26451884Heavily considering going back to school. I feel like IT is a safe route to take. Which of these wou…[View]
26452635Help Me Fix My Life: How do I fix my life? >Turned 20 a few months ago >Spent two years studyi…[View]
26452113ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA): Last thread: >>26450322 Picrews, toonmes, rate me…[View]
26450027How do I fight the urge to start smoking?: I smoke cigars and pipes infrequently, but what I really …[View]
26451517What did you do when you just stopped caring?: I want to hear genuine advice from people I don'…[View]
26451803coping with how awful eveything is: >war in ukraine >mass shootings in america >nothing but…[View]
26452464Overprotective parents: I'm turning 19 in a few days but my parents treat me as if I'm 12.…[View]
26438376I always feel belittled when my bf calls me cute. He says he doesn't mean it that way, but I ca…[View]
26446334What exactly do you say to a girl you saw for the first time?: Say you see a complete stranger girl …[View]
26448007Mental block about getting married: My girlfriend is great, and we've been dating for two years…[View]
26452285How do I better myself for God?: I am always falling short and not sure if I am saved. My main probl…[View]
26452236How can I avoid losing contact with my mom?: So today I got accepted into a university I was really …[View]
26452222Im trying to get out more but I've been an overweight shut in for the past 7 years, and always …[View]
26450196>want to talk to girl >shallow npc wagecuck, so nothing to talk about >avoid contact and pa…[View]
26452107went on a date with a girl, she said she had a good time and would like to go out again. how do I no…[View]
26450232>pic rel is how much I need (in usd) to move out in a new apartment just with my gf nigga I'…[View]
26449452How do I get over my ex being a monkey brancher, starting a new relationship as soon as something ba…[View]
26451869are there any jobs that are sketchy or dangerous that most people wouldn't want to do that pay …[View]
26450880I'm so damn lonely. I enjoy writing so I thought that I might find a penpal but I have so much …[View]
26449790How much do girls in early 20s care about balding. not bald but balding? like thinning at the front …[View]
26451133I saw a post on some meme app where a guy was sitting with his friends during prom, saying he was bo…[View]
26450897Friend brings a whore to our house: Hey guys Me and my partner let his childhood friend of 20 years …[View]
26448368How to kill myself: What is the quickest and most painless way to kill myself? The only method that …[View]
26451445Identity Crises: Tips for identity crises you've encountered or resolved?[View]
26450669how do i build sexual chemistry with someone i go on a date with? or is it over if i have to ask tha…[View]
26447787How do I stop wishing that I was a woman (which I know that is impossible to happen and a symptom of…[View]
26443027Pick may not be related, but I have a question how do I find someone whom I can talk like all the ti…[View]
26451618>Yeah bro I do matrial arts dont fuck wit- >*cup hand smack on the ear*…[View]
26451227Where do you find pagan girls that wanna farm and have kids do they exist[View]
26450468Has anyone here undergone the process of being diagnosed/ getting help with ADD/ADHD as an adult? I …[View]
26450702ways to get rid of ambivalence/apathy? would joining the military help?[View]
26450779how do I become a moderately successful streamer/youtuber with a small viewerbase?[View]
26445265How do I stop catching feelings for girls I barely even know? A girl from college talked to me for 5…[View]
26449407Should I try to study more? Ive only finished high school like 3 years ago and decided I'm not …[View]
26451309Family of narcissists?: How do I cope with being gaslit and diminished on every metaphorical front? …[View]
26449957Any other femanons out there married to horrible men?[View]
26450724low testosterone: I wonder, is it possible for me to have this if I don't really even get horny…[View]
26446223Sexual advice: Give me advice for good performance during sex[View]
26450863bilingual and multilingual annos: Recommend me good apps/material/sites to learn russian preferably …[View]
26448964Is my gf cheating on me?: I just bought my gf of more than 1 year fckng flowers for the first time. …[View]
26450280I feel like I am about to explode from stress how do I relax[View]
26450810I do I deal with my friends wanting to fuck and actually fucking my sister ?[View]
26450989I have recurring dreams of having sex with my mom. What the fuck is going on?[View]
26450348IMPROOVing to get laid: I've decided (well, known for a long time) the way I'm currently l…[View]
26450609Mom is throwing me a birthday party I didn't ask for. Should I attend or just go to the library…[View]
26450371STDs: If I already have herpes, what other STDs can I get that is not curable? Apart from AIDS…[View]
26450322ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything! (ATOSA): Last thread: >>26448894 Picrews, toonmes, rate me…[View]
26450497Good plant for kids?: My son really wants a dog, but he's eight (8). I decided that instead of …[View]
26449540Is it a bad sign that my girlfriend of 3 years also happens to be my only real friend? I've alw…[View]
26447649why do give up so much?: How do i overcome having a defeatist mindset? i seem to give up whenever i …[View]
26450350I literally, unironically, wholeheartedly HATE my father. Nothing about having daddy issues, I HATE …[View]
26449615Is it self-cannibalism to eat the skin from your lower lip?: My lower lip peels a lot; there's …[View]
26450748How do I “put myself out there”: How can I get people, especially women, to know that I exist?…[View]
26450378How do I go from an unhappy person who pines after Manic Pixie Dream Girl types, to someone who is s…[View]
26445541Thoughts on shitty parents and shitty people in general?[View]
26450573Is there a faster way to right click > save image as > select folder? IT's wasting so muc…[View]
26441833I need someone to give it to me straight. I'm 25 years old and I've done nothing with my l…[View]
26450542Long post, should I ask her out more often?: There's this girl I have a crush on, textbook tsun…[View]
26446590Obsessed with an e-celeb: So basically for the past 8 months I've been sort of obsessed with a …[View]
26449192I am addicted to things that revolt and disgust me but I can't stop. I think my dopamine recept…[View]
26448464What are the best/funniest twitter accounts?: Post here[View]
26446857Making friends after college: How do you find new friends after college? I feel like me and my frien…[View]
26450282I've met this girl on tinder. I initially got tinder to just see if I'd get any matches a…[View]
26449613I'm not good at anything.: I have 0 skills that make me unique. I have so much free time that I…[View]
26450329am kill?: I took 2 multivitamins this morning, forgot that I took then and just downed 2 more. Am I …[View]
26450007Prob going to hookup with someone from tinder for the first time in my life, I don’t have much life …[View]
26448075How to get rid of acne marks?: What products should i use to eventually get rid of them? I barely ge…[View]
26442439Losing function of my arms and legs after vax: Anyone had a similar experience? I went to the ER and…[View]
26442327Hey guys, 24 male here. I have a full time job and well paying career but all I do is rotate between…[View]
26449886I feel like a loser after being scammed for $500: There is this Russian ASMRtist who is really cute.…[View]
26448175Dating a sexually experienced girl as a virgin: I've gotten my first girlfriend and lost my vir…[View]
26450024How to postpone a court date?: I have a court date for a small claim because of a credit card that I…[View]
26449648I want to have gay sex with women that are gay but they also have penises but i don't know how …[View]
26446388Hinge: Can I get some critique on my profile? I'm not getting any matches, is my profile not in…[View]
26447195Retarded people are ruining the world: I’ve been working in sales for the past 3 years now and have …[View]
26446801How do you know if you have romantic chemistry with a girl or if you have a friendship chemistry wit…[View]
26446153How do I love myself?: I feel like I should love myself more. There's a lot of self-hatred and …[View]
26444631I should've listened to you faggots about borderlines: I really thought this could have a happy…[View]
26447290Mental illness?: Since a few years, my memory became very fuzzy and bad, can barely remember anythin…[View]
26449269How do I gain the confidence to speak to women?[View]
26439560How do I be more intimidating?: I'm sick of people thinking they can be assholes to me for no r…[View]

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