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1147322The pepeloni... What do you do with it, /vt/?[View]
1190962Yuni Luna the moth vtuber.: One of the most entertaining vtubers I have found yet her antic and chao…[View]
1187203Korone ero thread[View]
1170972Roboco: Underrated high-spec robot[View]
1179850i really like her guys[View]
1196734JuniperActias appreciation thread Moth mommy = best mommy[View]
1159629hololive isn’t an idol group[View]
1165460Where is Lulu?[View]
1200863Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1167625Post your favorite Chuuba Singers/Songs And why is it Towa?[View]
1196300This cat ruins hololive: TAIGA HATE[View]
1101523Himemori Luna[View]
1129509Nina Saotome Thread: Proud of Sis Edition: How proud of Nina are we all after Saturday? >who is N…[View]
1175801Otogibara Era: So it seems folks are implying that something's up with Gibara (possibly quittin…[View]
1193236Himukai Kogane: Thread for the cutest nabi face chuuba https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDB5iQchf6g…[View]
1016673さくらみこ / Sakura Miko VI: Cont from previous Links: >>Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/U…[View]
1189863Gura Mori recent stream: Mori admits to not knowing the japanese word for goodbye. There's som…[View]
1188933>find a chuuba I really like >sub, member, maybe drop a supa or two >get bored after a mont…[View]
1148197What happened to her?: Her design is so cute.[View]
1181006Why does it bother you that a vtuber wants to make money? What if it's a hobby and they want to…[View]
1184982Are there any tomboy chuubas you know?If they rocker or muscle girl even better![View]
1174314kiara on an old tv, im gonna kiss the mouth[View]
1165118>kills all of Mori’s male collabs >kills Haato’s edgy MV shit God bless Enma-sama, saving Holo…[View]
1171909Would you eat Okayu's poop?: Prove yourself![View]
1197582Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1177121A thread for the cutest rapper of the underworld, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended uni…[View]
1150633any idea why she got fired? I heard a rumor about being active as another character but it was not r…[View]
1187738how yab is haachama last vod that cover think it's worth the problem to ban haachama from posti…[View]
1187143Imagine, If You Will: A major earthquake strikes Japan and your favorite chuuba gets killed on strea…[View]
1178265What have you learned while watching vtubers?[View]
1173035How do I stop being a saviorfag?[View]
1169358VTubers you would give a hard fucking: I'll start. >pic related…[View]
1157411Guess the VTuber: >Describe a chuubas with only two words, without mentioning it's name >…[View]
1193869Hololive Global[View]
1161670How bad is the Haachama situation going to get?[View]
1191041Cultural exchange thread: Our brothers on 2chan have noticed this board and are talking about us htt…[View]
1145491Have any vtubers ever visited you in your dreams?[View]
1184293Anyone here watch Velparia? Thoughts?[View]
1118322and nothing of value was lost[View]
1156811Stream Conflicts: How do you guys choose?[View]
1158188>be me >find cute vtuber >she does good asmr >watch as chat slowly gets taken over by sp…[View]
1178496What if holos were designed by CLAMP or Nagano Mamoru?[View]
1008781>Ohaiyo! Watashi wa Pochimaru desu, Japanese manga artist and Virtual YouTuber. Sank you for your…[View]
1014339Delta/Delutaya: Uppercase Greek letter thread[View]
1119647Amelia Watson appreciation thread This thread's for Ame, an adorable, wonderful detective Last …[View]
1190746Hololive Global[View]
1164298Best ASMR holo?: I'm having troubles sleeping and I've decided to try one of the Holo…[View]
1150283>wasn't really into vtubers before >end up watching gura streams while i work from home s…[View]
1154212give me some cute indie vtubers[View]
1180031I starting to think she's actually hooked on Apex she was playing pretty good tonight and used …[View]
1170929Does Gura offer a good GFE?[View]
1142162>try to learn Japanese >watch this: https://streamable.com/svarj1…[View]
1161120What will the collab with Gura be like?[View]
1176586Wannabe chuuba here, i need ideas for emojis[View]
1168785HAACHAMA WILL NOT GRADUATE: But if she does, how will /vt/ contribute? Will we create some kind of a…[View]
1159769Your oshi is irrelevant, there is only Carol.[View]
1171270Futakuchi Mana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eR228m7q6T8 She's so talented, baby ears need n…[View]
1110929/auds/ - VTuber Auditions and Workshop: /auds/ Thread # 15 Question of the Thread: Who are the conte…[View]
1188385Hololive Global[View]
1169811I'll do anything to protect Subaru's smile! I love the duck![View]
1184261Hololive Global[View]
1164657/voms/ Pikamee and Tomoshika and Monoe Archive: Pikamee schedule: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB…[View]
1164486>his Holo hasn't reached 1 million subscribers yet[View]
1177108she makes me want to vomit and fall asleep[View]
1164227Does anybody have an archive of all the videos from the Haachama /schizo/ Arc?[View]
1160359Have you ever fallen in love /vt/?: Tell me about your waifu. I think her Southern Belle accent is s…[View]
1184230Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1149226korone lewd[View]
1164032Who has had the best track record with covers in holo? Im talking actual produced covers not karaoke…[View]
1159898what the fuck does EOP stand for? ive been able to figure out its general meaning, basically a newfa…[View]
1166659>I'm not posting these videos to graduate, I'm posting them to see if I'm really a…[View]
1148689oogay.rrat: Post your rrats Ever since Haachama did this shizo lore arc stream, not one single holo…[View]
1133854When you're on the internet, no one knows you're Risu[View]
1180433Hololive Global[View]
1168481Engineer Gaming[View]
1124492vtubers dressed as other vtubers[View]
1175395Is ENA considered /vt/?[View]
1180418Hololive Global[View]
1117347Aragami Oga: Kusa majin[View]
1147890Redpill me on Abbigail Dovely.[View]
1163783Does anyone think Aqua's colors are a bit odd? I mean blue, pink, white... what did they mean b…[View]
1160007Where is your God now?[View]
1142511Lamy thread: What do you like about Lamy?[View]
1163312Is it common for vtubers to have serious deppression? I have been on the hole for about 7 months but…[View]
1171880Azki-chan deserves so much more love[View]
1177948Hololive Global[View]
1167491RBC - High-Spec thread: Anniversary on 4th[View]
1172294Kaban: When is she coming back?[View]
1170975What was the initial reaction of hololive fans from 4chan when the holos started posting on/acknowle…[View]
1158254does cover finally over now? did they expect the community would swallow these humiliation over and …[View]
1166770why can't we have nice things[View]
1111559/tia/: Tia is live with Apex: https://www.twitch.tv/hecatiaz[View]
1169053Is she the future villain of Hololive?[View]
1174969Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1120682Breast milk tier list: Which vtuber has the best tasting breast milk? Which vtuber has the worst tas…[View]
11429003/3: What's going to happen on 3/3? Will Haachama-chama finally ascend Godhood?[View]
1050549角巻わため: Sheep thread[View]
1152208Hatoba Tsugu: >2021 >I am forgotten What went wrong Tsugubros...?…[View]
1167687If we were to get a Haachama resignation, would this be the start of the Great Hololive Decline?[View]
1159774Indie Hatethread: Post indies you hate. I'll start.[View]
1152612A thread for the alliterative archfiend herself, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended univ…[View]
1145001/wah/ - takodachi are the strongest: I love our dorky priestess Ninomae Ina'nis and so do you! …[View]
1165887I was steering clear of Kiara since she has a German-speaking cosplayer language and that scene is c…[View]
1152830What is that thing?[View]
1155878Ayame has an announcement at 23h00![View]
1170674Hololive Global[View]
1142093Do they hate it yet?: Do you think the HoloEN girls hate having to do the whole seiso thing? We know…[View]
1159797Are the any Vtuber food channels wouldn't be swell seeing a cute anime girl eat Burger King or …[View]
1133257THE TRUE STORY OF HOSHIMACHI SUISEI: Suisei's maternal grandmother is Grand Duchess Anastasia N…[View]
1170648Hololive Global[View]
1152854Which chuba would you spank and why? (Aside from Marine, who's too obvious of an answer) If it…[View]
1165326cringiest vtuber moments: level 19.........[View]
1161322Graduation announcement when?[View]
1162406> Somehow get my friend into Holo > He takes a few days to find his Oshi > He chooses Suis…[View]
1148010'hello everyone im going to try the Fall Guys thing that seems to be all the rage'[View]
1133010Takanashi Kiara: I want to be her cats.[View]
1156988In the summer of 1992...[View]
1154214Rushia overtake Coco as the most superchatted youtuber in the world[View]
1123071Is Jabroni_Mike /vt/?[View]
1167778Hololive Global[View]
1158278Me on the right[View]
1163426just try and refute it /vt/ bet u cant[View]
1153207People who sub but don't watch: why?[View]
1161654Gura will become a COD streamer she has the rage in her and I'd love it >New Vegas be nice a…[View]
1161781Why is being haachama suffering? Post reasons why haachama is suffering.[View]
1110507Actually good translators thread: https://youtube.com/channel/UCV3YNkdduRRbk5stehiA_mw shabby is pre…[View]
1156016*stops your comedic momentum dead in its tracks with a non-response and awkwardly changes the subjec…[View]
1153245https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bPnvJem9Eg Ui is drawing a character that's made by chat. Trai…[View]
1007859Shuba Shuba Shuba: Anime protagonist duck appreciation thread. Subaru started to translate marshmall…[View]
1152566Why are you still an EOP?: Oh, another Ayame clip, let's see... ah... well, it's all I got…[View]
1128558What will happen to them?: >The year is 2042 >Cover is now a publicly traded company >HoloG…[View]
1133377Amatsuka Uto: Uto LOVE! 400k celebration tomorrow! Last few threads were pretty comfy, let's t…[View]
1164852Hololive Global[View]
1160256FUCK COVER[View]
1137487best gen[View]
1123999Menhera Vtubers: What are menhera vtubers? What makes them appealing to you? Who are some examples?…[View]
1091714Coco accidentally shows her Boyfriend's data in her first switch stream https://www.youtube.com…[View]
11132224Clover Agency: Do you think it would be possible to pull a Four Leaf Studios (Katawa Shoujo) and ma…[View]
1160880Mana Renewal: English learning ASMR stream in 5 minutes. https://youtu.be/nMWdeyWTWWQ[View]
1157053I'm new to the hololive world and is hard to get into the girls cause i don't know their s…[View]
1132083ホロライブ: ホロライブ[View]
1157275Haachama had to remove her videos because she was told to.: From description here https://youtu.be/H…[View]
1157343https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6R5FNT8Fvs >Thanks to everyone who has been watching the Haacham…[View]
1127945Futakuchi Mana: Let's talk about this cute metal chubba >Debut https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
1156856ITT Vtuber songs: Post your favorite Vtuber song(Cover or original) I'll start https://youtu.be…[View]
1134765Chama Thread - 赤井はあと/はあちゃま: Haachama/Akai Haato General. Discuss your rrats here. Previous Chama Thr…[View]
1153897How much money have you spent on superchats? Whom have you superchatted the most?[View]
1161580Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1147578How can Miyabi and Temma be saved? All of the Holostars are gradually making their way to 100k while…[View]
1154219I recreated the Hololive logo in 3D. Using Blender.[View]
1147810>Girl submitted a music video to Haachama's horror stream >Got favorable response >Tri…[View]
1158296I want to buy a membership but I’m torn between like 12 chubas. How do I narrow it down to one girls…[View]
1125435/voms/ Pikamee and Tomoshika: recent streams Pikamee among us collab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
1149092Why can’t they just get along?[View]
1156977Botan: Come celebrate her milestone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5G4AcdL8kE&ab_channel=Bota…[View]
1155975I think I'm going crazy: Is it just me or is Haachama making her fans horny on purpose? Am I lo…[View]
1140696Don't fuck with Hololive: Yagoo finally pulled the trigger, game is gone worldwide[View]
958442Sora Thread: >Sora is Streaming >No Sora Thread…[View]
1125278V-Shojo: Vshojo Thread for Froot, Silvervale, Melody, Nyanners, Ironmouse, Zentraya, and Hime Hajime…[View]
1151944Thank her for her service,[View]
1108290is there a character who can defeat miko luchadora?: watamage can't because magic is for nerds …[View]
1154355THEY ARE[View]
1111593/gg/-Gura General: Gura, it's Monday, where is your schedule?! Why are you such a lazy stinky b…[View]
1132049Genuinely, what's the appeal?[View]
1119682Burptubers: What are some vtubers that aren't afraid to let out their bodily functions? https:/…[View]
1151073語彙力: Which vtuber has the widest vocabulary and is still entertaining? I always learn a few new word…[View]
1129301BGM fitting for chuuba: Post examples of vtubers who use fitting BGM for their design, vibe or occas…[View]
1155396Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1152837>Whew, it sure is hot in Australia![View]
1152900Shiratori Rena: Rena thread. She's streaming right now, please go watch her! https://youtu.be/e…[View]
1133801Why did she do it, bros?: This new model looks like complete shit. How is it an upgrade to give her …[View]
1124405Thoughts on Kyuotto: Heard she toke some charity money idk[View]
1152297Did I miss something? Why's Sora suddenly got memberships completely unannounced?[View]
1132493How much of the earnings does Cover take from the super chats? I highly doubt the Holos take all the…[View]
1152981A thread for the discussion for the reaper Mori Calliope and her extended universe.[View]
1128357Brand Based Vtubers: How long until KFC turns Colonel Sanders into a Vtuber? I could also see Ronald…[View]
1147616>Only two Holo EN to stay in character at all times >Also the best EN tubers HMMMMM...…[View]
1134524Show me your determination![View]
1130513Will you be able to handle a Holostars EN with vtubers of the melanin variety and the collaborations…[View]
1149241Foreign branches in HoloGra: Let's just assume EN and ID will get 3D and make appearances in Ho…[View]
1124639Is this the most punchable face in all of vtubing?[View]
1095928Hololive ES: how long until it happens?[View]
1130519Post a vtuber and a board she represents. I will start /ck/[View]
1147073Roommates Thread: Actual roommates, not the doxxfag kind[View]
1155374Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1110571hololive doesn't collab with holostars because they're male idols and that would be akward…[View]
1132609Do you love Yua?[View]
1143767Lulu is watching you[View]
1135805This duck is inarguably the most seiso and idol-like in all of Hololive.[View]
1148210Ina ahead of Kiara in subs: Takanashi Kiara is now officially the most unpopular streamer in all of …[View]
1118579Happy 1 year anniversary https://youtu.be/Hko7bqYiJow?t=7243[View]
1106702Post your Oshi without actualing posting her: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVQz6j…[View]
1126094She didn't earn it She didn't work for it She doesn't deserve it[View]
1148853Negatubers: Waiting for my sweet baby to say it, I'm so excited![View]
1123399Codemiko: Will other vtubers ever come close to the level of technology used by her?[View]
1113813Is she just trying to get graduated?: I seriously feel like she's just completely done with thi…[View]
1145016Oh boy I sure love being an RGB sheep in the HoloJP server I hope no one comes by and laughs at my n…[View]
1152850Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1141851Every day until you like it.[View]
1127425Haachama just deleted all of her fanmade lore videos. The fuck happened? Did she get a copyright str…[View]
1129501>March 2021 >I am forgotten[View]
1146159ITT: Only the most based vtuber[View]
1144546>cares about subscriber count to an unhealthy degree >finally manages not to be dead last thro…[View]
1089676Shirakami Fubuki: She's a fox.[View]
1144120Why does /vt/ hate Calli?[View]
1145649Any ritualpost that is posted in this thread is no longer allowed to be posted on /vt/ anymore[View]
1129491Post holos that post here.: Post and talk about holos that post and lurk here.[View]
1135760Which vtuber is for me if I hate cringe, twitch culture, socialising and attention seeking chatters …[View]
1100789ITT: Underrated Vtubers[View]
789302ANNOYING ORANGE GENERAL - /ao/: Rule Orangia Edition: Other non-/a/ related v-tubers also welcome.…[View]
1143716ITT: baacharu chuubas verbally abusing her fans[View]
1143631Schizophrenia: Listen to This while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkID8_gnTxw Start of t…[View]
1141486Hololive Global[View]
1132764Who is objectively the most talented holo?: for me its pic related[View]
1130118Go on bros, confess, we don't judge here[View]
1131700Just listening to her is GFE. She's so girly and spoiled in the way she talks and she knows not…[View]
1130828First one-on-one Gura Collab outside of EN: This is not a drill![View]
1124384Is Haachama enjoying being a chuuba at her age? Will she continue her education? I'm afraid for…[View]
1124521A thread for the discussion for the reaper Mori Calliope and her extended universe.[View]
1143635Hololive Global[View]
1140170Lamy: Isn't this stardew valley?[View]
961978Risu: Ayunda Risu t. Risu[View]
1131423She has a nice rack but her singing causes me great anguish[View]
1048204Did she deserve it?[View]
1079681What ddi the chicken do in order to get deported?[View]
1112581I was subscribed to a small vtuber. She was still a beginner when she was raided by viewers. English…[View]
1131723Channel Branding (Logo/Stream Layout): How much money did they make?[View]
1120374Why is her neck so thin?[View]
999262I want Ollie to blast me with piss[View]
1136775ITT we discuss the greatest Vtuber of all time[View]
1141453Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1132852/wah/ - wah!: Thread dedicated to the takocult, worshipping Ninomae Ina'nis Zatsudan with Pries…[View]
1130098Are you excited? He will be speaking through the panda![View]
1123304Iofi thread: Best artist in Hololive.[View]
1104432桐生ココ会長: Asacooking in 80 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzkpOwxo2ho[View]
1101142/wvt/ - Western V-Tubers Thread YEEHAW edition >Pastabin of the thread's favourites https://…[View]
1129286VSingers general: Big or small, indy or corporate, if they sing they belong in this thread.[View]
1141384Hololive Global[View]
1132808Why didn't I know of this site https://ogeyrr.at[View]
1128503What happened to her channel? All of her lore videos are private now, including the BAD END video. I…[View]
1134314I have never seen a Uehasu thread on this board and she's streaming now https://www.youtube.com…[View]
923674Shirogane Noel: You have Noel as you oshi right??[View]
1095779The hololives are all so fucking talented. Makes me feel bad for being such a useless sack of shit.[View]
1115357Konmiki! Miki is streaming rhythm heaven. You will watch our trilingual vtuber, right? https://yout…[View]
1131424schzio: Haachama lives in my freezer, discuss[View]
924105/vt/uber Drawthread: previous thread: >>612316 >Post names and references, keep it all in o…[View]
1129023American Psychiatric Association: Listen to This while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkID…[View]
1125637Billy Herrington: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doNJ1qrhMQI Its been three years[View]
1139006Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1119193/vt/, I want to get your feedback on something. If you had the chance to meeting your your oshi 1-on…[View]
1127732Has it always been like this?[View]
1101698Holotale saga Pt.5: Pt.1 >>1020741 Pt.2 >>1053124 Pt.3 >>1070060 Pt.4 >>1…[View]
1132134ホロライブ: ホロライブ[View]
1131277epic games just bought mediatonic you think they will delete all the fall guys streams and okayu…[View]
1068715Architecture General: And so the discussion continues, with not just Hololive but Nijisanji starting…[View]
1124613What's his fucking problem?[View]
1138997Hololive Global[View]
1125465What's your favorite VTuber laugh? Mine is HUHUHAHAHAHA. Are you enough of a VTuber pro to know…[View]
1116975Is it true Pekora has committed atrocities against humanity?[View]
1063671Please give me the cringiest vtuber available. Preferably obviously mentally ill. Thanks.[View]
1134154Hololive Global[View]
1119161Who is the hardest working Hololive member? My thoughts say Suisei, but Subaru and Coco also come to…[View]
1119496being a vtuber seems sad honestly. Like what are you even doing.[View]
1115407MANAGERS DONT LET PEKORA PLAY ON ENSERVER: So, it seems that Pekora asked management to see if she …[View]
1134132Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
993495Why did she do it?[View]
1114076more vtubers should show off their axilla.[View]
1110902Takanashi Kiara: Bless this bird[View]
1110911/wah/- Ina is sleeping, shhhh: Thread for taco cult worshiping Love our priestess Ninomae Ina'…[View]
1127288>Unarchived Streams Why the fuck are these a thing?[View]
1118839vtubers are a government psyop and she is in charge of the whole thing[View]
1130926Hololive Global[View]
1119792Why do all the vtubers use this shitty bird in their language learning streams?[View]
1103450Nose thread: Nose...[View]
1090832Amatsuka Uto: Come watch this cute tenshi play DOOM 2016! Current stream: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
1127773Polka Oruka Owaruka Polka[View]
1114695Post holos that'd be perfect for dominating you[View]
1032483cursed hololive images[View]
1081813Voice tierlist: Which vtuber has the most pleasing voice to listen to? Which vtuber has the most ann…[View]
1082746Ange Katrina Thread: Will she ever stop being an autist? will she ever get a boyfriend? Will she eve…[View]
1126595Destiny is now a vtuber.[View]
1120507I thought she was my Oshi, but I don't know anymore: Have any of you had this thought recently?…[View]
1099375Korone clipwatcher thread: Share your favorite Korone clips! Streams are ok too Previous: >>96…[View]
1081205Korone lewd: You know what to do[View]
869640Moona Hoshinova[View]
933093Which Holo has the biggest futa cock?[View]
1089525Hololive debuted three overseas branches so far, do you think we'll have more in the future? wh…[View]
1119233Why! Why!! Why!!!: Why did they change the maid outfit into this!!!!!!!!!![View]
1125830Uruha Rushia: https://youtu.be/X-roYkXaOoU One million endurance stream happening right now[View]
1101091ホロライブ: ホロライブ[View]
1104505What's her endgame.[View]
1121779Amakawa Hano 3D debut: Get in here lads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll0Jfb6oW20[View]
1125429Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1119454Enma? More like ENEMA![View]
1117737You ready for the Anya’s first incline this week?: Because I sure as hell am[View]
1096828Why is there no official Hololive gacha game yet? Who would you roll for?[View]
1118752Assburgers Syndrome: Listen to This while reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkID8_gnTxw Star…[View]
1124728She's cute! And she sings the hamster song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi_R1muF0qk&fea…[View]
1124527Mori Calliope thread: She cute[View]
1120915Which Holo would be most likely to believe severely harmful and/or illegal chat advice?[View]
1120811wtf is his problem?[View]
1077569Chama Thread - 赤井はあと/はあちゃま: What are your speculations? We've just reached the BAD END, but it …[View]
1119262You can tell shes depressed after meeting her hero Pekora and being outshined by Moona in every way[View]
1114183Who is the tallest chuuba?[View]
1117797Voice/Voice acting: Why do most western vtubers not give a shit at all about their voice and voice a…[View]
1117599Are meta-threads about vtubing yourself off-topic? Got b& for a day asking for peoples' opi…[View]
1122679Hololive Global: NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE[View]
1117881I like this board. You're all absolutely fucking mental and it's fun to observe. Best of w…[View]
1110670Which vtuber has a personality similar to yours? Would you want to be friends with her? Nothing roma…[View]
1118897>Rushia us gonna hit a million during an undertale stream HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS…[View]
1113937>vtuber makes the same mistakes you make in a game[View]
1112830Vtubers being smug: Hello! Here you can posts images of vtubers being smug beyond bearable. Adding m…[View]
1110612Soundposting: Anyone have the soundpost where Botan is playing Trials and the jackass theme is playi…[View]
1111114The shark will surpass all other vtubers and become the most subscribed of all time![View]
1105586>less than 6k away from 1M >no one even cares an umm ore Did Gura kill all the hype for big nu…[View]
1049432A-Chan: Discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-uzC4oP8So[View]
1112307Natsumi Moe: What do you think of who can be easily considered as one of the first notable EN vtuber…[View]
1122212Shiratori Rena: Guten Rena! She's streaming right now, please go watch her! https://www.youtube…[View]
1121389Rare Coupons: Post your rare coupons here[View]
1112510She cute[View]
1110258I have never given a virtual youtuber a single cent of my money[View]
1118556/ceo/ Happy Birthday Nenechii: Happy Birthday 7th Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhT754K7fLE B…[View]
1118120For 3D streams, do the girls actually go into a studio for motion tracking or do they just do a voic…[View]
1122756Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1104417what if they actually make her EN Gen 2[View]
1069385How does Zentreya get away with it? The only popular and successful Vtubers are female. It's sa…[View]
1110306Virtual YouTubers sneezing: Everyone is welcome, please post your favourite sneezes https://youtu.be…[View]
1070860Vtuber crossover fighting game: Who would you main? Which companies and notable indies would you add…[View]
1028383潤羽るしあ: Konrushi nanodesu![View]
1118637This chick is definitely the most annoying vtuber I've ever watched. she's not even funny …[View]
1103214A thread for the discussion for Mori Calliope and her extended universe.[View]
1030109/nyan/ - Nyatasha Nyanners general: I love this fucking cat.[View]
1071023Snuffy: what is your opinion on this tomboy raccoon?[View]
1104299Do you like her?[View]
1098750/voms/ Pikamee, Tomoshika and the Monoe Archive: Upcoming streams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N…[View]
1042445Amelia Watson appreciation thread This thread's for Ame, an adorable, wonderful detective Last …[View]
1101802Tsunderia General #12: >Teamup schedule https://teamup.com/ksqs8nsspqar316en4 >Jetri schedules…[View]
1120047Hololive Global[View]
1113428Calliope Mori: What's your opinion on this upcoming release? Do you think its worth the buy? I …[View]
1103043Cover needs to make the call[View]
1115359Hololive is some MKULTRA shit if we are going to be honest.[View]
1111578Every day until you like it.[View]
1117478hololive global: hololive global[View]
1114543Juniper Thread: So this moth has been blowing up recently, what does /vt/ think of her? https://www.…[View]
1113958Schizo fanbases thread: >Real person dies >Chat asks Rushia to revive them…[View]
1113845Alright /vt/, its time to do some reps. Post your reps, what you do and how you do them.[View]
1110005Can we have an EcchiLive general, talking about H vtubers?[View]
1097034What the fuck is his problem?[View]
1021004which holo has the nicest smelling feet?[View]
1113342ChroNoiR thread: any chronoir fans?[View]
1042963E N T E R S L A T I N O A M E R I C A[View]
1018864Lulu Thread: Suzuhara Lulu Isn't she so cute?[View]
893773Independent and Smaller Virtual Youtubers: Any indies that you feel need additional exposure? There …[View]
1103403Reaction Image Thread: Just post your Vtuber related reaction images here[View]
1099487supacha: Superchat thread[View]
10934693D vtuber companies: Hololive virtual concerts >tiny ass stages that either look like shit or don…[View]
1091814repfuel thread: Do your reps Do your Japanese reps, do your tooth-brushing reps, do your book-readin…[View]
1080912Hololive EN2.0: Are you excited for the next generation of HoloEN in a few hours? This girl looks pr…[View]
1108366What makes you love her[View]
1102325Big duck's back in town https://www.twitch.tv/dkooters[View]
1110958Spirit University Tane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgS7_JjNJUU >Ara ara~ Anon, you need some…[View]
1076207Alpha Lexa Thread: Current mood[View]
1088478Futa-Coochie Mama thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAMd4xs7yZU SHE'S[View]
1103215Artist thread?: I love the fanarts but, what about the official artists behind some of the holos des…[View]
1060213Marine Thread Ahoy!: 'Ahoy! Houshou Pirate Captain, Houshou Marine fan here! Houshou crew report in.…[View]
1095465The Vtuber ecosystem and its future: The Vtuber phenomenon and its consequences will be a disaster f…[View]
1084574Just listening to her is GFE. She's so girly and spoiled in the way she talks and she knows not…[View]
1100359https://mobile.twitter.com/moricalliope/status/1366309017740398593 >uses meme arrows Is she /ourg…[View]
1081027Vtuber’s thoughts on lewds: What do you think are the girls thoughts about lewd art of their charact…[View]
1106289Which indie vtuber do you want holo is gonna pick up for EN 2.0?[View]
1108192kiara thread: where my kfp bros at[View]
1114896Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1029941Talk about the cute slut and cute slut technology.[View]
1101520luna thread: 歯医者しゃん行ってきた(・o・)[View]
1084276retards still think this bitch was getting fucked on stream[View]
1112158Hololive Global[View]
1101711Has a vtuber ever read your stream comment out loud before? Not superchats, just normal chat comment…[View]
1098871Why is she so short?[View]
1109986Anon's Turbo Autism: Listen While Reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkID8_gnTxw Start of…[View]
1099040Shigure Ui: She is reading marshmallows[View]
1102540Which Holo Clip Mesmerizes You to no End: I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-a006mzld…[View]
1036167/auds/ - VTuber Auditions and Workshop: /auds/ Thread # 14 Question of the Thread: What are your key…[View]
1067051Out of all of the Hololive idols, which ones do you NOT like, and why? Not going full Anti or anythi…[View]
1092858Do you suppose there'll be normal gaming streams with Haachama again? People may never see her …[View]
1097726What makes vTubers different from streamers who show their real faces on stream? and why does it fee…[View]
1101071https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9HY4DsRTCg HI HOW ARE YOU?[View]
1096206Takanashi Kiara: Ryza time[View]
1052799Kiryu Coco Breaking Down Crying On Stream: Antis have taken it too far >https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
1105646Hiroshi Jiji News Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxs4TtlgxC7Nda6jEJF6Ejg[View]
1047801How the hell do Japanese streamers talk so fast?: I'm listening to Pekora right now, and she ca…[View]
1109329Hololive Global[View]
1078821/wah/ - I seriously can't live without Ina: Thread for Ina, the perfection, the priestess, the …[View]
1102058Interesting design choice. Do you think Gura is going to reshape the entire Vtuber industry towards …[View]
1101093I keep mixing up Aqua and Luna, as well as Choco and Aki[View]
1091242If you had to marry one Hololive girl who would choose? This doesn't mean your personal favorit…[View]
1103540Whats the deal with vtubers and knowing scatman? I thought it was an American meme only.[View]
967642Post chuubas being abusive[View]
1079582>Deafness >IBS >Retardation >Bipolar disorder >Split personality >Being Korean Wha…[View]
1103172I want to do lewd things to Shion's tummy[View]
1103255Why so few gals with the best eyebrow style?[View]
1001608Koopa Fortuna: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2DZ0x3kfWdW22DMPoATwAA https://twitter.com/Koopacha…[View]
1102030Fan content with EFFORT: I was blown away by this video shown by haachama 2 weeks ago. https://youtu…[View]
1099772who should someone with roughly n3 japanese skills watch?[View]
1097760My Head Cannon on Pure Autism: Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkID8_gnTxw Start p…[View]
1106691Hololive Global: Hololive Global[View]
1087426Kamiko Kana: This cute fox is more based than I thought. I love her![View]
1082702I like the raccoon[View]
1102308favourite thread: who is your favourite vtuber and why?[View]
1079145Will the ENs play his game? Who beats him fastest?[View]
1085198>tells everyone there's a collab to look forward to >jk there's no collab…[View]
1049709bros I cant watch another YUA happen..[View]
958752Tsunderia General #11: >Teamup schedule https://teamup.com/ksqs8nsspqar316en4 >Jetri schedules…[View]
1080600Why are there still a bunch of vtuber threads on /jp/ when we already have our own board? I can…[View]
1048890What mangaka should they get for the Hololive alternative manga: Debate amongst yourselves. Throw ou…[View]
1031010Pixelcanvas: Key Locations Center: https://pixelcanvas.io/@0,0 Permanent area: https://pixelcanvas.i…[View]

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