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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 50 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2717161Is it bad if the wall separating my basement from my garage has this? It's a load bearing wall[View]
2715116How hard is it to install a roll up door on a residential house? I want to get rid of my traditional…[View]
2715667Binding metal to galvanized steel: I'm stumped and there's not many youtube videos or easy…[View]
2713510Framing out basement wall: Trying to layout top track for a basement wall. Ductwork and an air pipe …[View]
2717489foundation issue: Looking at an old house today, went downstairs and see pic related. Entire back wa…[View]
2717590this is genius; someone post that cardboard box Brit diy guy.[View]
2715404Proper Wood Stove Load, Burn And Damper: How low can you go without causing chimney issues? Sometime…[View]
2713297I just like it frens[View]
2717518>Zero the machine, which is already checked and manintained by the guy who repairs them >Press…[View]
2714930Creaky wood floors in apartment: What do I do?[View]
2715288Found this beauty at work, Ideas on how to fix it up? I want other options before I try a patch. Als…[View]
2714956anyone ever been scammed by a contractor? i had a guy out here to give me an estimate on some work, …[View]
2705707Any yarnbros here? Let's make a knitting/crochet thread! Share your works, WIPs, tips and trick…[View]
2717417Glostad Loveseat Ikea: Is this the best budget loveseat? Would you alter anything on it to make it b…[View]
2715887My hammer drill is about to shit the bed so thinking about getting this bad boy instead for drilling…[View]
2715909I’m trying to host a December party for my friends on my rooftop in Manhattan. The problem is it wil…[View]
2716384So there's this old oven and the oven door wont close up all the way. I've tried that clea…[View]
2715060Baby Presents: A while ago I posted about about making presents for my buddy’s kid and mentioned tha…[View]
2715151I'm trying to install an inline carbon filter but have reached a head scratching roadblock. The…[View]
2708661The absolute madlad making an entire batcave I'm not a shill or anything but goddamn you gotta …[View]
2712714Stone autist here to answer your stone related inquiries: Hey anons, it's been a while since my…[View]
2712988How do you make a ventriloquist dummy?[View]
2716433Screw for water lever?: I'm going to get a new washer and dryer soon and realized the hot water…[View]
2716493Carpenter boss is being a boomer turd about roofing. We don't wear any harnesses, no ropes, and…[View]
2700558Wood stove chads: Rise up Liberals, Biden, new york and Cali hate us wood stacked? saws and splitter…[View]
2710243What are other shockingly repairable kitchen appliances?[View]
2715265you did remember to replace your water heater anode rod, right diy maintainers? have any of you got …[View]
2716653I got an old, disfunct table tennis plate with this indented aluminum underside. I really like the l…[View]
2716431Please tell me what these modern steels are all about: I only know what carbon steel, which goes by …[View]
2709065Colin Furze’s garage: Now that he’s finished his tunnel, he’s now digging a underground garage. He’…[View]
2707644sueing building inspector: my parents bought a house, and the inspector who came out said everything…[View]
2710373Am I crazy or does this combination actually make a ton of sense? Having to start over my tools from…[View]
2715235Is it possible to recycle ink from newspapers: I'm just concerned about the feasibility of this…[View]
2711118/SQTDDTOT/ Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: Last thread just got archived …[View]
2710223>be me, working boomer's house >boomer comes up behind me and points at white wire sticki…[View]
2714015many such cases[View]
2713645How do you stop WANTING to hoard? I mean I can try to control my impulses but it rarely works especi…[View]
2709490/ohm/ - Electronics General: toroid winding edition: Thread reworked:>>2701116 >I'm ne…[View]
2714071whiter than you pablo[View]
2716052Installed this flip door latch this morning. Installed it so the part that moves (rotates) would fal…[View]
2715912looking for an electric riding mower. has battery life improved at all over the years? every damned …[View]
2714688Electrical issue that's got me stumped: Scenario: In my guest bathroom there is a light fixture…[View]
2715327>raining hard outside >go into bathroom to take a piss >*drip* >drop every 40 to 50 sec…[View]
2713566How can I make fireworks like this?[View]
2716118Blue Laser LIDAR: I'm trying to buy or mod out an off-the-shelf Lidar module, but it needs to u…[View]
2714934How do I keep my tungsten from fouling? Literally every time I stop the arc I have to grind a new po…[View]
2715920Help me identify this faucet cartridge. Pulled out of a bath tub faucet set installed 20 years ago, …[View]
2709785I have a shit ton of dead ash trees and a lot of buckthorn growing. Some of the buckthorn that took …[View]
2714164How do I better comprehend data sheets ? https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/devicedoc/20001952c…[View]
2713906Floor Desk: Hi everyone, I want to make a floor desk but I am diy-challenged. And buying is not poss…[View]

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