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1916283I just moved into my first house and want to get the fire going. My parents have never had a real fi…[View]
1918421tree: i have a tree in my yard what would be the best material to wrap around it so i can use it as …[View]
1917052I sliced fruit with my swiss army knife and forgot to clean it so it's all stuck inside. Can ba…[View]
1910385Table saw investment: I am a white collar office worker who dabbles in woodworking as a hobby. So fa…[View]
1917632What chemical do I use: this is whats left under the floor runner in my 1900 house. All the yellow i…[View]
1918233how do i get the same result, i tried to cut thick paper, but it doesent work that well. i thogth to…[View]
1917104Do DIY foam rc plane plans still exist? I remember before quadcopters were a thing a bunch of people…[View]
1917766Fundamental skills: What are the fundamental skills for someone who is an unskilled beginner and has…[View]
1917409Hey /diy/ I've got a question about sanders. What would tool would you recommend to use to text…[View]
1912521A Frame House: So I'm looking at getting some land and putting a relatively simple house on it,…[View]
1918182smallest possible led display?: For an experimental project I need like 2 dozen colour led displays …[View]
1918007My toilet has started making a sound similar to a foghorn after flushing when the cistern is being r…[View]
1917119my celling cracked and water leaked now its okay cause my landlord stopped water how long will this …[View]
1917405My house is heated on natural gas but I want to heat the shed in the backyard. Can I just run a pipe…[View]
1916917fuck printers[View]
1918049EZ out fail: Im trying to get the calipers off my bike, one of the bastard pin covers is seized and …[View]
1914532Did you ever wonder how safe is PEX Tubing? Research has shown that all PEX pipes can have an impact…[View]
1917399Magnifying lens, anyone? How much should I expect to pay to get a quality high power large lens? Sa…[View]
1917931how to get out of the brain bank brain centre?[View]
1915293So /diy/ in particular is now blocked by search engines due to a DMCA complaint. No other 4chan boar…[View]
1917237Need to change this thermocouple on brothers fireplace Can someone tell me wich model I need? Do I n…[View]
1917247What color on couch and wall would work best with these floors? I'm think like different grey s…[View]
1908566>why yes, I do prefer my Black+Decker in yellow[View]
1905205Become a luthier: I would like to be a luthier and, more precisely, build guitars and plucked instru…[View]
1910938Anyone try growing mushrooms in their basement? How does it work? (And I mean normal ones like shitt…[View]
1913969For a DIY project, I need a valve that takes a set volume of fluid from one channel to another. I wa…[View]
1917270It’s finally here, boys: Ridgid FINALLY dropped their first ever cordless bandsaw. After the last tw…[View]
1915729car makimg screech sound only one driver tire: only the fromt right tire side is screeching like he…[View]
1916122How to hide the cracks around the pipes?[View]
1917596>blocks your path I mean... like literally[View]
1916265So I want to build an A-frame house (pic related) for me and my wife >Is it a stupid idea? >Ho…[View]
1915680I'm considering buying 2x 3090 + EPYC for workstation and will need a custom circuit wired in m…[View]
1916119connecting small camera to a small LCD screen: So i'm struggling to find the help online for my…[View]
1909888Career Advice: Are there any overlooked trades? Like ones that pay well without many people coming i…[View]
1914823What's the best way to do whites, I have some that are just dingy, more of an off white[View]
1917142find interior wall stud in doublewide: >inb4 making fun of ancient angsty raster My parents are w…[View]
1916661Anyone have experience in making low budget monster suits?[View]
1916694Hey guys, do you guys like roofing memes? Gonna dump a couple of my favorites[View]
1916501Is the welding trade rewarding?: So I was going to school for stick welding, a day before my 2g cert…[View]
1916517What the fuck is this plug? I ordered a router and it came with a regular 110v AC wall plug and also…[View]
1912593civilization from scratch: So I started a wiki a few months ago about creating technologies from scr…[View]
1912818Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my post... I'm middle aged and I have no apprec…[View]
1910158Ask an American commercial electrician anything: Does anyone know what that metal piece of track is?…[View]
1915138I got some thermally modified pine. I want to build a small table but I want this color and texture.…[View]
1910576Googled has failed me, maybe my question is just too vague I brew and keg/carbonate my own beer. If …[View]
1913813>honey I hung up a painting while you were gone[View]
1915832An easy way to make Akko's hat?: I have no experience in tailoring at all btw.[View]
1912306How do i go about to make something like pic related with just a knife and sandpaper? I don't h…[View]
1916655Alejandro Marta Rivera. Any tips for stopping cracks in my welding? I keep getting cracks in about 1…[View]
1914973>retard trying to learn to make herbalism via recipes I'm following this link and I'm t…[View]
1914192I’m a failure: I’m sitting in a Home Depot parking lot embarrassed cause I was going to assemble thi…[View]

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