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Displaying 68 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2386673So how relevent is the hardiness zone?: Doesn't a basic hoop house knock you up a few pegs if y…[View]
2383906Can i charge a li-ion battery by just connecting it to this powerbank circuitboard?[View]
2384796Is there any way to rig some sort of noise cancelling projector to point at my neighbor's loud …[View]
2385292If you got sent back to the stone age with just your phone and/or laptop, would there be any way to …[View]
2381557/ohm/ - Electronics General: overpriced disposable soldering tech edition: Thread no longer hermetic…[View]
2386309tips for installing a woodstove in a private house[View]
2386647Would you trust a miter saw from Harbor Freight?[View]
2385496My lawn tractor blew a head gasket about a month ago and I just replaced it. When it blew, some gas …[View]
2386981So I'm having an issue when applying my finishing shellac flakes to my wood surface. The Wood h…[View]
2384608Sewing, particularly jeans and leather: Sewing Im trying to tailor some lf my own clothes and maybe…[View]
2386074Alight, you guys convinced me to take the microclover pill. What is the best way to convert an exist…[View]
2382695/3DPG/: Last thread: >>2379517 All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/A…[View]
2385111I bought my first house last year >grass never stops growing >hedges and trees never stop grow…[View]
2384689Hello anons Is it possibly to use a truck as a tractor? >like in this video https://www.instagram…[View]
2385106Particle board: Alright DIY. Kind of a stupid question but I can't find anything from a Google …[View]
2372688Abominations XVIII - Jairs Edition: Post shit thats shit, but in the DIY spirit. Previous thread …[View]
2371723/HAM/ Amateur, CB, Shortwave Listening, Radio General: Skyking fucks back to >>>/pol/ or lu…[View]
2385350What's the verdict? Is this /diy/ approved?[View]
2380788If you would have to built a bridge in place like pic-related with only wooden planks, various nails…[View]
2386200Me and my friend just bought a typewriter for cheap at a garage sale, wanting to turn it into a usb-…[View]
2386504Any ideas for levelling rack shelves? I have some setup and just used cardboard shims to get them le…[View]
2384182How do I make transparent paper? Pic rel: >This view is from the inside of a restaurant. The wind…[View]
2384926>fills your garden with microplastics[View]
2385755hello /diy/. just got a 5 acre plot on a tropical island. is there a guide on how to best clearing i…[View]
2385345scrapping a car please help helpers: i bought an old car for the engine and now i want to scrap the …[View]
2384671Question about how to finish a basement floor. The link below describes everything. https://youtu.be…[View]
2386492What program can I pirate to draft a thermopile concept & simulate its operation? I'm used …[View]
2381770I found this tool battery on the side of the road and it seems to be fine. I don't have the cha…[View]
2381889It's grass season: what lawn mower model should I get? would be nice if it had a shovel attachm…[View]
2383982What's the best way to seal a garage floor and protect rom oil stains and such? Acrylic? Epoxy?…[View]
2383700why build houses so close together? i know the obvious answer is utilities but i'm house shoppi…[View]
2382806Tips to improve Portable AC efficiency?: Due to reasons I have to use an old portable AC to cool my …[View]
2381216What Do You Guys Think of SharkBite?: It's been a while since I did any plumbing and a number o…[View]
2383435My boss just got a new industrial laser cutter for the shop. It's not in its own room and that…[View]
2383350Would it be cheaper to buy a used home, or building a home from scratch? Preferably a 1k sq ft home[View]
2382006Looking to replace this with central air: Just bought a ~1300sq ft ranch w/walk out basement. It has…[View]
2380658every single skilled hobby to side hustle is not profitable unless scaled to absolute ridiculous amo…[View]
2380079>https://dengarden.com/misc/American-Houses-and-Bad-Quality american bros... is this true...?does…[View]
2385167Prevent ants from fucking my shit up: Sup /diy/ I just spent my weekend re-doing my polymeric sand f…[View]
2345545/hbg/ Homebrew: No /hbg/? Now /hbg/ >infected starter edition Hello frens, what have you been bre…[View]
2384140Can you 'smith' with just a hammer, a steady surface, and a sheet of metal? What is the very easiest…[View]
2384297Where is the seething saw?[View]
2385247Shallow diving apparatus: Yo I’m trying to build some cheap ass diving shit, I’m thinking just like …[View]
2383882One man job: Hey, guys. I just bought an old house, the basement has moisture issues in some spots. …[View]
2385794Sup /diy/, I have a quick question for y'all. I just tried installing an air conditioner in the…[View]
2382925if you took the dollar store calculator and put in a chip that was as powerful as a com 64 and added…[View]
2384728What method do you guys use to make helmets? I saw a thread about armour making here about a week ag…[View]
2367609/mcg/ - microcontroller general: wtf edition: Previous thread:>>2351133 Here we discuss microc…[View]
2377036Join the trades they said. Good money they said. Just kidding, this shit stew pays me 34 an hour wit…[View]
2383407I'm looking for guidance on training a proper protection/attack dog. I would prefer a book sugg…[View]
2385603music box repair: Hey /diy/, have any of you ever repaired a music box? I have one like pic related.…[View]
2384124I can just regular oil in these right? No need to buy the $20/quart kind right? Its just a ploy by t…[View]
2384944My family inherited a snap-on set: My great-grandpa was a professional mechanic and a machinist, ser…[View]
2384798i replaced some halogen lamps on my bikes panel with leds and now it doesnt indicate the left turn s…[View]
2385282Applied aniline wood dye for the first time, and getting 'discoloration'/streaks at the ends of the …[View]
2336613Dumpster DIving: Do any of you dumpster dive? be it for cashing in on metals, reselling stuff, or ke…[View]
2383988Anybody here into Maglites: Found a huge maglite a few years back and I knew as a brand they're…[View]
2383716Are these worth anything? Found them next to a dumpster so they probably don't work.[View]
2384489Is the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course required to solicit a serious job in construction? I …[View]
2380655You were right: It was a bad idea to plug a motorcycle tire.[View]
2383013Where can I get or how can I make the anal probe used for this study?[View]
2380346Hello anons, im trying to soundproof my basement, usually i'd use a door but my basement stairc…[View]
2384681Wood Joints: I made this bench previously out of pallet wood. It's not perfect but it went reas…[View]
2382146I have a 15-20 foot by 4 foot area I want to put gravel in. But mostly I want to contain the puddle …[View]
2384928Want to make a stone that I can grind corn on. Similar to pic related. I live in the middle of india…[View]
2381937Random thread: What is your current project? What are you restoring?[View]
2384384Anyone here know how to grow grapes? i bought a 30 year old Monastrell last year and after reading a…[View]

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