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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 72 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2083042Alright /diy/ I've got a jacked up man-door into the garage, the casing is crooked and there ar…[View]
2083111Is There a way to light elctricity neon tester with just Contact to human skin? And no harm to human…[View]
2081108I found this while digging today, seems to be brass, anyone got an idea what this could be ?[View]
2076983Anybody know how to get the most out of car living?: I have about $10K saved up and I'm plannin…[View]
2075878BEEP BEEP IT'S MOVING DAY: let's play a game, DIY. you gotta move a (small) collection of …[View]
2080451I live in WA and I want to purchase a general purpose plot of land to build shit on. I have no speci…[View]
2081011Do electric motors wear out? I don't mean bearings or brushes, but the stator and rotor specifi…[View]
2074113Got a new construction being built. Builder is DR Horton Express. Anything I should be on look out f…[View]
2077027Gardening: Any advices or books/YT channels for a garden noob? Im thinking on growing some food but …[View]
2075869I’m about to attempt to shave with this. How do I not die? DIY straight razor advice appreciated.[View]
2079769How do I make one of these poles? How much does it weigh?[View]
2082596Looking to refinish the wooden cups on my Meze 99 Classic headphones. Not sure what kind of varnish …[View]
2081028I need to pick a lock and have these items. Is this possible?: Title says it.[View]
2079154My house was built in 1939, but I’m sure the septic has been upgraded since then. Still, it’s old an…[View]
2080935Outdoor speaker repair: How do you crack open an outdoor speaker to fix the woofer, I'm getting…[View]
2081631Rolling tool bag suggestions? The Husky 22' rolling tool bag looks pretty good but those faggots dis…[View]
2076022Air Compressor: Sup, /diy/. My wife's air compressor went out. She's been using the same 2…[View]
2077557Supplement Business Question: Hey /diy/ - not sure what board to ask this on to trying here - I’m a…[View]
2077299Planning to do some rust repair on by truck with MIG welding, never done that before so just want to…[View]
2082378>45+ years later >the workmate's design is still the best compact,mobile work bench avail…[View]
2082018Building a small extension on house..: Pic unrelated. >House built in 1930s >No insulation an…[View]
2079749I just want you all to know, going into various small town dumps after hours to salvage discarded bi…[View]
2076549My grandpas set up: Rate the setup going from the water mainline to my grandpas house /diy/ It seems…[View]
2073589Creating a timecapsule: I plan to make a time capsule for a book, nothing else. I want to make it la…[View]
2082065I got one of these this morning at a yardsale. They said it had been sitting up for a while so I flu…[View]
2080113Homemade smokers thread: I have been smoking in my 22 in weber kettle for a couple years have gotten…[View]
2081022If I cap off the pipe on left (being cut through), is that gap of air above the shower drain pipe go…[View]
2080609Does anybody know what the numbers on these master cylinders mean? I think the 1/2 is the bore size …[View]
2081750Any electricians here?: Have a 1/2” conduit run servicing 2 outlet boxes (pic rel) I need to connec…[View]
2081570Hey there, I live on my own. I'm 25, got an okay job, and new to the city I live in, so I don…[View]
2081177Hey /diy/ I have a small problem. I got ahold of a fda safe 250 gal tote. I rigged up some 1 1/2 pvc…[View]
2077021I want to build an arcade machine for me and my sons to play, but I have no woodworking skills or to…[View]
2080094Shop Fox vs Mastercraft: Anons, in the market for a cheap, beginner lathe. >inb4 craigslist Unfor…[View]
2078852DIY Router: What would be the best way to DIY-ify internet as much as possible? I know you can buy a…[View]
2081145Have any of you guys got any experience or have dissembled a big top tent like this before? Kinda du…[View]
2081559How can I fix this? Any DIY tools using a soap and bathroom cleaning stuffs? P.S. I live on my own a…[View]
2077394Anybody have experience with these THOW kits. I'm going guard and don't think they have ho…[View]
2079758This isn't my pic but I'm stealing it cause this is exactly what I'm seeing Almost a …[View]
2080612Bolted bike frame: I want to build the bike trailer in the picture. It's an open source design …[View]
2079423AC repair: Hey /diy/, I’m trying to fix my AC. This house was a rental and the owner didn’t put any …[View]
2081337Building a shed: I want to adjoin a new brick-pier shed to an existing brick-pier shed. I'm not…[View]
2081007How do you do this?: I'm a brainlet, how did they work out where to put the holes in the board?…[View]
2073121Got a job at a construction site: What am I in for? I genuinely have no experience outside of assist…[View]
2080691Triclamps: I want to make a triclamp adapter, what is the geometry of the lip?[View]
2076934Im trying to change an outdoor lightbulb but the dead old bulb turned into ash. Will this socket nee…[View]
2081154QTDDTOT: Posted in /g, /toy, and /sp, some suggested /diy: Where does discussion of RC cars belong? …[View]
2079481/3DPG/: Mah Spool is Too Big Edition Old thread: >>2076379 All the info you need about 3D-prin…[View]
2079507I need to make an automatic drip irrigation system. I want to do it reasonably cheap. Is a submersib…[View]
2079173Vacuum Sealing: Sup /diy/ I have a vacuum pump similar to pic related. I want to be able to vacuum …[View]
2081044>tfw got my own apartment >tfw mtf >tfw new hobby is homemaking i never thought id be obse…[View]
2079981>your cunt >how many tickets >age 1. Canada 2. Journeyman industrial electrican journeyman …[View]
2081056DYI dickbot is online: anybody can control this right now: https://robotstreamer.com/robot/546…[View]
2078459Junction box vs continuous run: Working on wiring up my attic for some extra light fixtures Right n…[View]
2075984how much do plumbers and electricians make? how can I get started with these kinds of jobs? I actual…[View]
2078436I'm designing a 3d printed version of my camera to act as the positive for a two panel wet-mold…[View]
2076282Hi DIY, I am in the process of desoldering a Logitech keyboard with Romer G switches. However I…[View]
2080486How To Find A House: Hi, I am a Russian commie block liver, and finally I fed up with it and plannin…[View]
2079899senco sn4 airgun: i went to use my framing gun after its been sitting in shed for about a year or 3 …[View]
2077182How much can you /diy/ your house legitimately?: Hello /diy/, I'm 24 and just recently finished…[View]
2076809Am I fucked?[View]
2074334Made in China.[View]
2079836DIY Fossil Decoration: Hey DIY, this is my first post on here and I'm not sure if this totally …[View]
2078193I'm making some molds to replicate some parts as it's far faster than 3d printing and I ca…[View]
2080574Best place to buy books?: Where is the best place online to buy books like this? I like these kinds …[View]
2077787Device to capture spiders, other bugs: Is there some very simple device I can build that could use a…[View]
2079988DIY Smoker: My uncle bought 12 acres with lots of maple, apple, cherry trees. We want to build a smo…[View]
2075079/ohm/ - electronics general: not rohs edition: Thread let the smoke out:>>2068247 >I'm…[View]
2077692Free Wood Chips need a home: What projects can I accomplish with this stuff? It's free so I…[View]
2080309Brushless blender: Why the fuck are brushless blender so expensive?!?!?! Is it possible to make one …[View]
20801741332more hours till end of apprenticeship(slavery)[View]
2080034Suspended Office Building-like home structure: I'm trying to figure out why an office-building-…[View]
2077914Making a conic pipe with a lathe: like in pic related Is it possible to, say, slowly insert a conic…[View]

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