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Displaying 57 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1615252Yard & Turf: What are you doing this week/weekend with your yard? I'm starting seeding of …[View]
1614339Can I build a picnic table like this with a normal hand saw? I don't have money for tools. Can …[View]
1613567Shit packaging thread: Bought these muffin pans for smelting low temp metals, even though Im not gon…[View]
1615495blue adhesive wall stain advice: how/diy/, i stupidly used Loctite® adhesive putty to hang a billion…[View]
1615397Removing excessive caulk: Seeking advice of glaziers or anyone with experience in windows- Hotel ha…[View]
1615410Window sill modifications: I want to make pic related sill flat. What do you recommend? I'm thi…[View]
1615476I'm out of my element: /diy/, I have an old brass shaker which uses an electrical motor. The mo…[View]
1603937Anyone have any experience preserving roadkill or de-fleshing/cleaning bones? Something I'd lik…[View]
1615203I need help with preparing a possible project: Pic related is my Mouse, it finally stopped working. …[View]
1610942New homeowner, bought pic related from Harbor Fright, because I like to trust the Chinese with my sa…[View]
1615172Triangle Cam Retractable Pen Mechanism: https://youtu.be/4LdLM7HOR2o I'm trying to find more in…[View]
1614974Tube?: Hi /diy/, I'm trying to make a relatively large-but-simple kaleidoscope for fun except I…[View]
1610528Can DIY convince me that it is a really bad idea to install a 22000 cfm cooler in my 1500 house vs a…[View]
1614934Monitor stand: What is the ideal height (elevation) on a monitor stand like pic related for a 23 inc…[View]
1614871cleaning: I was wondering if I could get some comments on this. I work at a kitchen as a cook and wa…[View]
1609410Building A House - Escaping Rat Race: I want to build my own house on a acre of land with nobody to …[View]
1613408what do youu anons think of my diy hit and miss rapresentation of a hit and miss engine using a mecc…[View]
1614801I need to concrete in an area where I have a HDPE water main passing through, it's only a foot …[View]
1608955INFOGRAPHICS Re: Self-Sustainability: Links would also be lovely. I want to be able to make an appro…[View]
1614794garage floor paint/general paint: Does it make a difference If I use >PU >Epxoy >Normal pai…[View]
1614811Rammed earth wall: how cheap are rammed earth walls to make per meter ? how effective are there agai…[View]
1614745Is this a good idea?: >Want to learn a trade >Join a center aimed to put you on the path to th…[View]
1614393How do i get my fucking patio to stop doing this shit. I guess there's a low spot or something…[View]
1614799Effects In Sony Vegas Pro: So I was looking on YouTube during 2018 and was looking at how some peopl…[View]
1612718Is there anything more overrated than welding? Epoxy is stronger than a weld 90% of the time[View]
1614273Non toxic paint: How long will lime white wash last on brick and stucco? What about milk paint? Didn…[View]
1609372/3DPG/: 'with a little knowledge and foreskin' Edition Old thread: >>1605319 All the info you …[View]
1614028Harbor Freight welders: Ay or nay?[View]
1612818Help: I'm retarded and never tried anything like this before. But is it possible to remove the …[View]
1612211Is this PCB? If so, where do I get something like this? Looks like a big square you can just trim to…[View]
1614494how to transmit radio waves on the LTE band through an antenna pls?[View]
1613291Can you buy planks from Amazon? I don't think you can.[View]
1614254Hey /diy/, any machinists here? Do you guys know what this pink scratch-protection coating is called…[View]
1613502Quality tools thread.: Thread for great tools that make life easier. Starting it off with something …[View]
1610987To fix my ugly bathroom I decided to buy a lot of cheap ikea mirrors and fill the wall to my satisfa…[View]
1611377tools that can grind metal faces flat? Like a drill bit but without the tip?????[View]
1614074I need advice on how to attach three bird feeders to a tree branch that's about 3m in the air. …[View]
1609896Commune: we're in the prospecting stages of planning a homesteading community where you can cho…[View]
1613080Any tips when making a smart (magic) mirror? Wanna make a couple for my room.[View]
1606207I'm preserving a butterfly in resin. Will this work? Doesn't say resin or epoxy tho[View]
1613743babbys first paint sprayer: I'm trying to decide on a paint sprayer. I plan to use it to paint …[View]
1614055Things for custom clothes: I don’t know which board to post this on but this seems the most fitting,…[View]
1613480Whats the best design for a spaghetti bridge?[View]
1610756The gears in my bike, on the left hand side are a bit defective. Whenever I shift to a higher gear i…[View]
1613489upgrading an old beard trimmers battery: So i found this buried in a closet. Blades are brand-new ba…[View]
1613020I ended up damaging my accoustic guitar and leaving a hole in it, it still sounds alright actually i…[View]
1612692I accidentally ingested superglue. Will I be fine? It tasted pretty bad.[View]
1610590/ohm/ - electronics general, benchspo edition: busted thread: >>1606134 >RULES 0. Electrics…[View]
1613263Firmware Modding: How do you get started in reverse engineering / modding firmware? What kind of ski…[View]
1613204Should I repaint this box or leave it old-looking and mysterious like now?[View]
1610976Guys, i need help - i bought my first house, and the garden was a mess, so i borrowed my neighbors E…[View]
1613381Why does /diy/ hate AvE so much??[View]
1613175Hi /diy/, how can I restore these little shits and make them as strong as possibe? They're mold…[View]
1612724Bought a tool box at a garage sale these were in there. Anybody know what they are?[View]
1611427Any recommendation on one of these things? Or are they all the same?[View]
1608539How to contain a smell?: I need to make a 2-4l container that would also contain a smell. I'm t…[View]
1611045Are drill guides a good option?: I've had a couple instances over the past couple years where a…[View]

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