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Displaying 54 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1645805We have a couple of lamps where the shade harp has broken off or is in the process of breaking off f…[View]
1644795Do you call this a reciprocating saw or a sawzall?[View]
1643778machinists of diy I have unlimited access to an electronic Bridgeport for a few months. I want to ma…[View]
1644634Turbo Jet engine [tips and advice]: Hello mother fuckers I recently acquired a damaged turbo charger…[View]
1641677Paint rubber: Hi. I want to paint this gas mask black. Didn't really found any useful tips onli…[View]
1646173chainsaw general /csg/: >pic related strongly recommended to anyone who has ever felled a big tre…[View]
1645803Say I want to play certain sounds from a bluetooth speaker without making it obvious that I'm d…[View]
1638309/EMT/ Eternal Machinist Thread: Thread hymn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGNiXGX2nLU Last thread…[View]
1643455I would love to have this watch but the text at the bottom really kills the look for me. Is there an…[View]
1646079moss garden i think this self contained moss ecosystem is awesome the water reservoir grow lights a…[View]
1621855Arduino general /ag/: Arduino containment thread The last thread died some time ago, so let's s…[View]
1645932any hacks to make air conditioners work in casement sliding windows?[View]
1644645IBEW Interview: Anybody applied for IBEW and got past the interview stage? I'm being interviewe…[View]
1645622Hey guys. Just finished my first project. Had limited tools but turned out much cheaper than buying …[View]
1645112Hey diy, A while ago I had seen a wood working thread that had a guy showing off his plans for a bed…[View]
1643814Rabbits undermining the concrete: Please help. How do I get rid of the beasts? They are destroying t…[View]
1644068Brick American and OSB Amerimutt build style: at what time had amerimutts took over american archite…[View]
1641364Share videos from YouTube or other sources that you feel have some of the most valuable information …[View]
1643848CNC programming: see job postings out there for CNC programming. When I click on these postings to i…[View]
1645468I want to build a pull up bar in my parents backyard: I’ve never built anything before or used a too…[View]
1645552How do I attach a wooden dowel to the end of a plank? The plank weighs 2.5 kg and needs to be thrown…[View]
1645379Hey guys. I've built a deck and pic related is exactly how the railing looks. I haven't pu…[View]
1643190I want to make a forge out of these bricks but I have no idea how to attach them together, for I am …[View]
1644438How does one restore power in a building? for context my buddies and I've been looking at a pla…[View]
1643241Tropical Gardening.: Why are my pineapples so sad? How do I make them happy?[View]
1644592I put in a new light (light A) by daisy-chaining it to the one in the next room (light B) but it…[View]
1641737waterpill: What’s the real deal with getting pure water? There seems to be some debate whether disti…[View]
1639732I wanna make a motherfucking rocket launcher: Of course its gonna be limited to fireworks but I stil…[View]
1632479Plaster & Lath Demo: I have a house built in the early 30’s that has plaster & lath walls. I…[View]
1645205This form is probably the closest thing we have to home improvement topics. Looking for unique ligh…[View]
1642980I have some faulty speakers, I googled this issue, it's a common problem with a reliable soluti…[View]
1645160DIY Canoe / Kayak: Anyone have a good hull design for a canoe / kayak? I'm looking for a templa…[View]
1643906Would this work?[View]
1644351Why is there a single company out there making power generators out of gas turbines? They don't…[View]
1640461Stealth cabinet repair: Tl;dr - what's an industry appropriate property maintenance repair for …[View]
1641666How do you know if a chair is good? I wanted to buy an office chair but I've never bought one o…[View]
1641040Making a railgun: It seems pretty easy desu. >Narrow gauge plastic pipe >Coil around pipe …[View]
1644828This is my daughter's favorite toy. She left it in a duffle bag after a trip and somehow this m…[View]
1645163Hey /diy/ Not sure if the thing I'm looking for exists, but worth a shot. I'm looking to …[View]
1642992Swimming pool: So I've bought this house with a swimming pool. The previous owners filled it co…[View]
1642197Best medium-duty greenhouse designs? Can do basic woodwork, metalwork, machining etc.[View]
1644110Electromagnetic vibration table: Hello. I bought this table used. It has a three-way switch- off, on…[View]
1644991What to paint on this?: Alright /diy/, what’s happened is that I’ve made my girlfriend a little shel…[View]
1642351Revolutionary Air Conditioner: thought some of you guys might find this interesting inb4 its just a …[View]
1644424The gas cap on my truck won't unscrew. It will spin but the spring mechanism clicks and won…[View]
1644926Hot Voltage Regulator: I'm working on a big project involving RGB LEDs, an arduino Nano (but no…[View]
1643399rapid prototyping advice for a styrofoam part: Hi there. I need a one part prototype for a styrofoam…[View]
1642251DIY coil winder: Which DIY coil winder kit or plans does /diy/ vouch for? I'd like to find a se…[View]
1643457What is a good diy speaker? Is it a waste of time to build your own speakers? what about those voigt…[View]
1644764Hey guys. Lurker here trying to help out a 98 year old hillbilly. She traveled the world, beat cance…[View]
1640178Bruno Chair Lift: has anybody taken apart one of these? how did you do it?[View]
1644822Laptop power button: I've been fumbling trying to fix the power button on this laptop.. I order…[View]
1636682Steam pipe: I'm working on a bulk sterilizer. How retarded nwould it be to pipe steam through E…[View]
1634686Things you've made this week: Anon from months ago when I said I was going to make promise ring…[View]

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