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Displaying 48 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2624047I need to make several 1-3/8' holes in some stainless steel drums. Did I fuck up by buying this ($17…[View]
2623325Is framing a good career to get into or does it just destroy your body and pay little?[View]
2620068What is the laziest trade?: Which is the least labor intensive trade? I want to be able to make a li…[View]
2624348any resources to become familiar with lawnmowers? There's a job opportunity to fix them for a l…[View]
2623028Gear Thread: no shilling brands. Inventory for maintaining a residential house on 0.5 acre lot with …[View]
2624728Pressure Washer Pump Repair: Got used pressure washer and pump causes engine to stall when idling bu…[View]
2624973i'd like to build a compliant hydraulic actuator for an RC project but i still can't figur…[View]
2624226Can I weld exhaust pipe with a stick welder?[View]
2623272my parents paid someone to put windows in and they put in these shitty windows that i can’t fit my w…[View]
2623529Update on ice shack to sauna of doom: Exterior has every last pin prick hole and seam sealed with me…[View]
2621584How can I make money as a blacksmith?[View]
2624737I love arduino bro: Bro its so cool how my only three sources for this random piece of shit arduino …[View]
2624553Heavy springs w/flat ends: Spring I need is similar to this, but slightly bigger and longer. I need …[View]
2621392I can't bolt anything in to my walls or ceiling to hang any sort of punching bag. Instead I…[View]
2622855How hard is it to do fence work? I bought a house where they put a compost pile in this corner of th…[View]
2620534I work in an office that's managed by total tards. I can get all the office supplies I want, pa…[View]
2620827Why is the YT engineering community so full of soy?: Can't be the only one who noticed? I like …[View]
2600034/lawn/ - Lawncare General: For all things related to residential and commercial landscaping[View]
2623246R8 my first stock: Hello /diy/ I finished my first stock today and wanted to know what you think, th…[View]
2624400hey guys, so basically my grandma passed away and left me in inheritance a piece of land deep within…[View]
2624198Starting Fresh: All my tools were recently thrown away (just a hodgepodge of cheap/free shit I acqui…[View]
2624512This is from a peristaltic pump, how do you call it[View]
2624459I’m filming something and I want light reflected off of moving water to be on my subject: I’d like t…[View]
2623220How do I inspect these? It’s a ceiling light. The cover appears to be glued to the ceiling but I cou…[View]
2624384Any fun and entry level DIY shit i could do with basic tools to learn how to do shit? Never used a d…[View]
2624472Make my own clothes: I'm so done with fashion industry and boring ass clothes. Does anyone have…[View]
2612867How do you accurately put a price on your time? When does a project take too long to be an economica…[View]
2621959Leather.: Leather-work thread. So whatcha makin, buddy? Tool talk? Tricks you've learned? I g…[View]
2623150Hello, Can you help identify what kind of tool opens this window lock? Regards[View]
2622960Rate my first build. I wanted to build a treasure chest, I don't have any treasure or wood work…[View]
2620638I baked a loaf of bread today.: I did it myself. Took longer than I wanted, wasn't as fluffy as…[View]
2623906How do you fill water into a barrel using a hose and barrel that are airtight?[View]
2622297DIY ebike: These bafang kits are like $400 for the motor and parts and $400-$500 for the battery. Ha…[View]
2622319Carbon fibre: I've been watching a ton of YouTube videos lately from Easy Composites, and I wan…[View]
2622209R8 my homemade generator anti-theft device. How would you defeat this?[View]
2620366Spring Cleaning: How do you stop holding on to crap? I've culled a bunch of things from my hou…[View]
2623043Yard sale find. It’s old but is it vintage? 15” Blackhawk Yeah yeah jokes jokes but apparently it wa…[View]
2622984How the fuck do I get an electrical apprenticeship if I live in this area? Doing really have to driv…[View]
2623249Anyone ever build a tent before?: What materials are best? I’m leaning towards plastic, at least on …[View]
2622862How hard is it being a handyman?[View]
2624051Water pressure question: First off, I know that the numbers aren't accurate, but getting accura…[View]
2620680How to clear coat automotive parts?: Picture related I have control arms off my car, and I was consi…[View]
2622720Rafter birdsmouth cut max depth: Got a 20 x 24' house, 12/12 pitch roof, walls are 2 x 6 with 1…[View]
2623510Red Pill me on solar panels: I see headlines about breakthroughs in solar panels becoming cheap and …[View]
2615724How busy is your company?: >Ontario, Canada >been slammed for the last few years, expanded my …[View]
2623407How can I safely stop algae growth in my water tank?: This tank contains the water for my outdoor ir…[View]
2619925What's a good way to cover this giant hole in my basement? I've never worked with concrete…[View]

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