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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 74 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2175362LED brake light issue.: Who knows Chevy electrical system quirks? >2003 Chevy Venture >New AUX…[View]
2174178Here's my second ever wood build: It's a desk for my computer. Im debating as to whether o…[View]
2172147this guy doesn't use hearing or eye protection https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyfxB_SqWtc[View]
2175055Im thinking about going a bit crazy with one of my rooms, I want put up large mirrors on two opposin…[View]
2175212DIY submersible ROV: I'm trying to build my own underwater ROV/Camera for fishing and just gene…[View]
2174511STuck while changing a Security door lock: door closed on me when I walked away after getting the st…[View]
2173192this hole goes down pretty deep. what can i get to fill it and prevent it from caving in again?[View]
2174914What is the name of this metal thing holding up the wall? I need to buy them but I don't know w…[View]
2175079Why do all the good ones die young? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_3_2pSA71c[View]
2172538Confused and need help. Drill bit size says it's 1/2inch diameter, but how come the hole it cre…[View]
2174993Are there any passable rabbet planes for $50 or less? I see some on ebay but a lot of them have very…[View]
2170355/3DPG/: UnderExtruded edition. Old thread: >>2163767 All the info you need about 3D-printing: …[View]
2168183Anyone have experience with DIY wart removal? I have a single small plantar wart on the ball of my f…[View]
2171944Home decor: I don't know if household decor is strictly DIY, but it seemed to fit better here t…[View]
2174332Show me your / some gardens built from 'waste' Preferably classy looking and not painted milk jugs h…[View]
2170073RV Battery Questions: Can 12v deep cycle batteries get rained on? What happens? Can you recondition …[View]
2170732How do i make my bed more cozy for wintertime? What is the best way to decorate it?[View]
2171925What sewing machine do you use for odd jobs? Things that could be done with a needle, but would take…[View]
2174506what the best way to cut metal in conifer spots? Can a tungsten burr tool cut an inner box corner jo…[View]
21742444chan, your favorite retard here. What's the name of this type of foam? And what tool would be …[View]
2173171How in thé fuck do i make watch gears at home? I want to built my own mechanical wrist watch but i’…[View]
2173051If lumber goes back to 2019 prices, will it become cheaper to buy land and build a home then buying …[View]
2158384Earthbag homes: Earthbags are on a list of approved alternative building materials in my area but is…[View]
2174177Hello /diy/ I want to repair this old window in my parents house, I was just wondering what is the …[View]
2174613Which is the better option if I want to totally soundproof my house? I want to be able to open my wi…[View]
2173779Subwoofer Help: Hi /diy/, does anyone have familiarity with subwoofers? I've had this sound sys…[View]
2174360i have a 2 story annex. as in, theres a floor when you walk in, and then theres a floor over you. i …[View]
2173145Does anyone have a channel comparable to Project Farm in terms of tools/diy/wood working?[View]
2173272Silicone casting: I'm looking for resources on silicone casting. A lot of entry level stuff is …[View]
2170662bookbinding: what does diy think? i used the over stitch method (as i couldnt get folded pages) this…[View]
2173159I'd like to build a tower in my property. can i do it alone without the structure crumbling on …[View]
2173558I have an old wooden chest that I would like to use as a piece of furniture. The problem is, it look…[View]
2174179Why is so hard to find better schematics for producing your own FM with conventional electronics (no…[View]
2174231hpppv: OMG He did it, AGAIN! He Just Doesn't Miss[View]
2172103How do i secure this doorknob latch if all the wood behind the screw holes has been stripped away?[View]
2172211How do you get these stains out of the sink? Also on some silverware[View]
2152971If you could make anything out of wood and wanted to make good money, what would you make to sell?[View]
2173701I moved into a new apartment and almost all of the balancers on the double hung windows are busted s…[View]
2155587I juat bought a house but it doesn't have a driveway. I'd like to put one in but would lik…[View]
2173694Has anyone installed a 'DIY' mini splits: The ones that have precharged lines? Considering buying o…[View]
2173461Is it worth it to try to get this cat piss out of my mattress or should I just throw it out? It…[View]
2162121ITS OVER, ITS ALL FUCKING OVER Vamplier/Engineer is fucking FINISHED[View]
2171340Just bought some silicone temple tips so I could wear a new pair of glasses comfortably. The problem…[View]
2166905Dremel: Are these cheaper dremels worth a fuck? I need one but won't be using it more than once…[View]
2172518I have a few of these small engine starters around not doing anything right now. Is there a good wa…[View]
2173722What kinda laser reflection mirrors are the best? I'm seeing all kinds of materials and coating…[View]
2166166How to 'trick out' my Pontiac Montana sv6?: My friends won't shut up about how lame and ugly my…[View]
2173086Just finished a project and felt like sharing, beause I'm super stoked with the outcome[View]
2173318Reminder that this is an absurdly cheap solution to a lack of lighting in a garage or unfinished bas…[View]
2170277Guys, I need help with a small electronic project I am planning. I know I am asking to be spoonfed, …[View]
2171184Why the white wire?: why would the electrician use a white wire for the breaker next to a black wire…[View]
2173488Wiring question: If I wanted to get this weasel ball really cranking, how would I go about it? can i…[View]
2153473in which mr. furze digs a hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dYMRj9whp4[View]
2172883How do I wire this transformer to charge my phone? I need 5v, can I just connect between the 10.5v a…[View]
2173442I just bought a house by the seaside it has vinyl siding how do i look after it? I have a pressure w…[View]
2172313Hey guys, I bought a Chinese night light with a motion sensor and there is a distinct coil whine whe…[View]
2171318Soldering rework station: I have a cheap Chinese soldering station, the 862D+. I've been using …[View]
2173274>register for electrical level 2 instead of 1 at trade school >because there were no spots lef…[View]
2173249Just bought the plave and the front door has this ugly doily, what do i replace it with that would l…[View]
2165652Is it possible to build a code compliant house using mainly stone these days? No crap like cheap woo…[View]
2173067Stain Removal: I don't know if this is the right place for it but I have no idea where to go. I…[View]
2171601How do people make these ultra-detailed model ships? What kind of materials and equipment do you nee…[View]
2169648/wg/ - Weld General: What do I need to weld 1/8' HDPE?[View]
2169491I got a new vise that is destined to live outside, is there anything I can do to keep the bare metal…[View]
2171627How does one safely / accurately cut initials into aluminum wire, even at awkward angles? Wire cutte…[View]
2172891Couch cleaning methods: I recently bought a used couch, and it smells kinda weird. What are some goo…[View]
2172223Finishing a basement + Soundproofing: Fellas, any advice related to that sort of thing? The ceilings…[View]
2167457I recently moved into a new house. Radon level are a bit high, so I will be installing a radon mitig…[View]
2172629How would you measure to a specific depth with a forstner bit if I put it in a drill? Looking on Goo…[View]
2172243How'd I do?: Steel door was rotting away so replaced front and back door. Old house from 1950 a…[View]
2171289DIY diorama in a light bulb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQw_HZI5Nr8 My friend is doing model bu…[View]
2146662this is my first /diy/ job rate it[View]
2171740Is this guy great or what?[View]
21704284chan, I was told if I put a screen in front of a fan, it will trap mosquitos. I followed this video…[View]

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