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Displaying 54 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2262834DIY pond filter: I have a few pet ducks and they have a little pond to bathe themselves.The problem …[View]
2266115do not treat mold without a proper mask I almost died[View]
2264898DIY bootlegging: Just finished watching Boardwalk Empire, and it looks like good fun making your own…[View]
2265401Any thoughts on how i could increase the cab space in this car ? Sleeping in it is unbelievably unco…[View]
2262787google is destroying the DIY: I have an old electric furnace that gets the blower stuck on when it r…[View]
2263294blacksmithing beginner questions: I'm looking into getting into blacksmithing just so I can mak…[View]
2266444Punching bag straps look terrible. Any ideas how to fix this or do I just need to buy a replacement?[View]
2264300I took this chair from my workplace since it was going into the dump for having its arm rests worn d…[View]
2264990What’s the best option for having motion detecting cameras recoding in your home?: Can I host the vi…[View]
2263905Breaking and Entering: Want to get past a barbed wire fence without breaking anything. the gates are…[View]
2265172n00b here, I noticed a buzzing/distortion in my speakers, and I traced the problem to the pre-amp I …[View]
2264290Florida Man: >Have amateur herpetologist friend >spends all his time in florida whenever he ge…[View]
2266268Old GE stove broke. Pulled it out, unplugged & plugged back in. Interface is dead and also all h…[View]
2264088Attach Wood Beam to Metal Pole (Spaced): Asking here cause I have no idea where else to. Trying to a…[View]
2265222Need to heat and cool my new shed: I just got a 15x8' shed to work on projects in and I want to…[View]
2266345onle of my passive bookshelf speakers sometimes cuts out or gets really quiet, and I have to either …[View]
2263268small /diy/ plane: From what materials should I build it from? I have some at home wood. Are thre an…[View]
2264315DIY barbell: Currently I'm using a 2×4 as a barbell It's strong enough to handle a good 3…[View]
2263058If I cut the spokes out of a rim with an inflated tire on it, would it collapse on me? I want to mak…[View]
2265043So I was cutting metal without goggles but I had glasses on, it was windy, odds I have metal dust/sw…[View]
2265489How to stop tradesman making fun of me: Hi diy, I assume some of you lads are tradesman so maybe can…[View]
2265197I lifted some 20ft metal roof panels on my roof. I Ratchet strapped the pile to my purlins. Is there…[View]
2265338I caved in: Tell me what I am in for. It arrived today and now I’m excited to see what I can use it …[View]
2265267Got a really shit job this week A boomer bought a metric ton of antique ceramic tile, unglazed- but …[View]
2265821Cont'd - Screen Replacement: Original Thread - >>2260801 After a week of waiting for Amaz…[View]
2258965Okay, wtf is this? The end is threaded and both clearly and readily screws off. I have the old 'clas…[View]
2265594Subfloor -sliding door area: Anyone have any African-American engineering suggestions to temporarily…[View]
2265064Can you use Kyosho MiniZ wheels on a WLtoys K-series chassis?[View]
2264974What is the best way to make a very long term secret stash with coins precious metals and banknotes …[View]
2265711Electric Scooter Battery Volt Help: I have a 3000w BLDC motor, a controller that claims to be 48-72V…[View]
2264988Armor for HEMA: I have been doing HEMA for a while and figure I need to upgrade my protective kit at…[View]
2263102How can I add another 'Pin' to a mortise gauge? So i got this mortise gauge but it only came with on…[View]
2265545Nice Dyson you got there...be a shame if someone showed you a what a real vacuum looks like[View]
2261038I want to buy this clock, but it is missing a pendulum. Is this something that is easy to replace/di…[View]
2260965Anyone ever make their own, and have tips? What's the least expensive way to seal it?[View]
2262352I'm planning to build a porch over part of a basement. The subfloor for house under roof is led…[View]
2265428What is the most 'invisible' thread/rope you can get that can support 40-50lbs? Is there anything be…[View]
2264485What’s a good alternative if I can’t fit tile between the wall and stove, I don’t like the stick on …[View]
2265306Animatronics and mechanical design of theme parks: As title says, has anyone some ebooks describing …[View]
2262382I want to make a underground masterbation chamber. I might use it to store vegetables sometimes too.…[View]
2263234guess i'm a blacksmith now...: I got pic related basically on a whim as well as an anvil, a big…[View]
2265157kodak: hi folks, noob here idk if this is the right board, but i have this old KodakC140 photo mach…[View]
2264651what kind of sandpaper grit / polish cloth / other polishing tool can I use on a bit of plastic elec…[View]
2265258Need a kind of plastic material / medium can I source if heated can be fused to another piece of pla…[View]
2263981Having a weird issue trying to repair this old 70s radio reciever/8-track player. The only sound it…[View]
2265189How do I test the weight limit of my dresser? I want to put the biggest possible aquarium on it and …[View]
2264960Refurbish old laptop in sunset display: I watched some YT videos a while ago about repurposing old l…[View]
2263532So i have a particular problem with my water tap. If water lands on the spot pic related a small amo…[View]
2264833Motion sensor for parking space?: So I own a spot on underground parking space, and owners keep ligh…[View]
2222679I don't get it. If there's such a massive demand for housing, why don't real estate d…[View]
2263661Floor Drain Conundrum: I'm an idiot when it comes to drainage and venting and shit. Can someone…[View]
2263571Sanding a door jamb: Hello /diy/, i need some tips, probably about sanding. Backstory: I'm gett…[View]
2256412Silicon molds: Femanon here. Does anyone have experience making silicone molds? I need to know just …[View]
2261502How do you pour paint out this shit without major spillage?[View]

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