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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 60 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1857148/3DPG/: Learn How To Paint Already Edition Old thread: >>1852286 All the info you need about 3…[View]
1861368Anyone have experience with making framed moss thing? I want to collect moss from the forest not buy…[View]
1853687/rcg/ - drone & remote control general: 'Hopefully we actually get a summer this year'…[View]
1860149Outdoor Air conditioning unit capacitor repacement: Need to replace an A/C capacitor. Its got one of…[View]
1861146soil retaining plants for a hill side: live in minnesota lakes country and have about a 12 to 15 ft …[View]
1860928Online machinery blueprints/tutorials: I was looking at purchasing a portable well drilling machine …[View]
1858134Hi /diy/, the 2020 Summer Cup is starting soon on July 17th, and it's time to do a board poll i…[View]
1857438Best value belt sanders? I'm looking to get into knifemaking, but also need one that could accu…[View]
1859232Future of DIY: Why do so many people lack critical thinking? Its not a zoomer\boomer thing either...…[View]
1860785Can someone identify this tool?: This was my diseased grandfather's I recently found and cannot…[View]
1858686Removing an outlet from a light switch: Hi /diy/, I need some electrical advice. I just moved into a…[View]
1855741Old forklift: Came across an older (92) forklift that needs some love for a good price. Mainly want …[View]
1853344Hvac copper line leak: Hvac company wants $600 dollars to repair a super tiny hole. It's on the…[View]
1856859How solid is this design if it were made with 16mm / 3/4' square tubing? Would it need to be braced …[View]
1858793I want to build DIY graphic card: Help please[View]
1854996I went on an autistic rampage and destroyed my apartment how do I fix it, the doors, the walls, the …[View]
1859557Washer/Dryer: Any sears guys or people with experience fixing drying machines around? Pic related is…[View]
1858858I found this subwoofer, any way to connect to pc for more bass? 2 cables coming out of it, red and b…[View]
1860940DIY car upgrades: Found this on on site to make my car roof like on in Rolls Royce.. Looks fine! Wha…[View]
1860846There's gotta be a better way. How do I destroy a pile of paper without burning or doing someth…[View]
1860742quadcopters: who the fuck said 100$ is enough for a FPV racer? This shit vibrates like crazy when a …[View]
1854850/diy/ Archive General: General thread for sharing/saving videos and documents that otherwise are los…[View]
1860477Wood Hustle: An extension of the Side Hustle threads. I happen to have an almost infinite source of …[View]
1859522Refinishing Shitty Desk: Got a crappy rolling computer desk/cart and am looking to make it look bett…[View]
1839158Pallet Wood General: Share your pallet wood projects, creations, ideas, thoughts, stories, etc.…[View]
1860520Looking for good A frame cabin plans. First time builder. Anything like this but free?: https://www.…[View]
1860692Leather craft: Redpill me on leatherworking. What are the best tools to get started on a budget? I w…[View]
1860363Converting my upright piano to a player piano: Hey Guys- So I have an upright piano from the 1920s t…[View]
1841081How do you get a job working with PLCs? I'm currently doing embedded programming and they seem …[View]
1847481If I use this stuff on efflorence mortal and cracks in my basement wall am I getting scammed or will…[View]
1857219Fence building tips: I'm kinda new to this and I'd like some advice on building a wire …[View]
1856282/ohm/ - electronics general - Soldering Iron Fundamentals edition: thread on permanent backorder: …[View]
1859103Is there any way to feed a pressure washer off a 55 gallon barrel? I was going to mount it in my tru…[View]
1859721I wanted to do some tests with some plants and bacteria, problem is it needs to be at at least 100+ …[View]
1858215What is the purpose of this tool when adjustable wrenches exist?[View]
1860047Is there any way to fix a wet basement besides spending thousands on landscaping ? I want to put a g…[View]
1857456How would one attach a flashlight to one of these?[View]
1856911So I just drew up a welding cart for me to build with 2x4s and plywood that I have, and I want to ad…[View]
18603263D printing general I'm working on building a Northern Pike RC plane at the moment. What kind o…[View]
1859570Clogged toilet: How do you get rid of a clog that's so bad that sewage comes up through your ba…[View]
1854411who makes good gas stoves now? germans?[View]
1860083Aquarium lights: How can I make my own “low profile” aquarium light that’s I’ll still grow my plants…[View]
1857406How to fix this thing.: So... I had this. And I need ways to fix it. Long story short, I had a poopy…[View]
1852386is this the board where you're supposed to discuss suicide?[View]
1858656Why didn't you boys tell me to never hire family.[View]
1859530galvanized pipe hangers: So I'm running some 3/4' gas line for a dryer. Am I ok using galvanize…[View]
1858905Arizona: Second /diy post: Looking for a Phoenix(East side) makers group that’s particular to Debian…[View]
1858746Hey diy. I bought a bulk purchase of electronics for super cheap, and in it there are la few laptop …[View]
1859320>tfw HF’s replacement jack stands for the recalled stands are being recalled too…[View]
1854241Dumb things you wish you knew: Post dumb things you wish you knew before doing the job hard way. …[View]
1849757Pop-up sprinklers: I recently bought a house, and it has a pretty decent irrigation system, that jus…[View]
1856541pic unrelated. I have a 16-17 square roof that has like 3 seperate sections. I need to replace it so…[View]
1833050Hello /diy/!: I made a spoon. Let me show you how I make spoon.[View]
1853508How to heat a pool: Looking for ideas other than solar energy to heat an intex pool. I want to keep …[View]
1855977I bought a house with trees hanging over my roof. How do i get someone to cut them down for free, sa…[View]
1859437Washing machine thinks door is open: tl;dr our washing machine thinks the door is open - it isnt! a …[View]
1857418How to block an archway in house?: Without installing bolts and marring the surface of the inner arc…[View]
1857042Knife craft: Happy New Years guys! Bought this skinning knife. I ran a file test on it and found ou…[View]
1850733SQTDDTOT: Stupid Questions That Don’t Deserve Their Own Thread: MOLD EDITION! Previous dying thread:…[View]
1859282is there any way i can undo this?: My plastic ball that can be filed with air has become an egg. It…[View]

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