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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 53 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1828353Fixing blotchy primer on metal: How do you fix pic related blotchy primer? The stuff I used is quite…[View]
1828577What to do?: So I have this strange compulsion to build these little wooden battleships, destroyers,…[View]
1829127Screened in porch. Is this a diy job for the determined homeowner? I have some experience woodworki…[View]
1797664/rcg/ drone & remote control general: Stay inside, fly outside edition. Previous thread >>…[View]
1825556i’m planning to lay out xps in my crawl over the weekend. from the bottom of the sill to the floor i…[View]
1828932Alright, /diy/, I've got a sob story for you. My wife and I are nearing the end of a bathroom r…[View]
1828249Trimba (instrument general): I'm not very good at wood working, but i joined a new acoustic ban…[View]
1827824I want to make something similar to pic related that will lay window to window in the cargo area of …[View]
1827558So, just to check, this means I need a new water heater right?[View]
1826424What's the thing on the top shelf? Pic is some famous japanese minimalist cabinet.[View]
1818599Back in 2016 there was a guy on here who would buy old stereo consoles and swap the old fabric for s…[View]
1825638hanging pictures up in shed: i have a shed like this but 3 times bigger or so. For lifting weights i…[View]
1826695What are these fuckers called? The one in the pic is in an Ikea wardrobe. I need these (but bigger) …[View]
1828323Broken Dryer Heating Element: Do I really have to spend 60 bucks for a new one or can I just weld th…[View]
1826333My girl is a little clumsy. It's gotten to the point where she can't wear half of her ward…[View]
1828733Does anyone know if there is a more industrial version of these type of soft-close guides? I have an…[View]
1827995How do I use the UART port on my devices: There's a cable TV box that is laying around, and it …[View]
1824697Granite shower pan: Is this a good idea? I've never worked with large slabs of rock before.…[View]
1826883Arduino (C++): Heyo, back again! Can you peeps assist? An Arduino could quite easily be set up to pe…[View]
1824609why would eps be better than xps if installed in a crawl space. i have a dehumidifier.[View]
1824430DIY camper: I want to start making plans for a DIY travel trailer with a shower, bathroom, sinks, ki…[View]
1828390Can I run this extension cord on this unit without starting the house on fire?[View]
1828458Kudos to DIY You guys helped me before I bought this muffin fan (AC compatible, grounding, etc.) and…[View]
1824349I have a huge rat problem. What is the easiest style of rat trap to make at home out of wood, coat h…[View]
1813664Sun tunnel: Anyone have these are they worth it if I am putting on a new roof. Will I regret having …[View]
1825872Ayo /diy I need some help, I'm planning to build a small, amateur ROV at home using a 3d printe…[View]
1825096/3DPG/: A Modicum of Bitching and Moaning Edition Old thread: >> All the info you need about 3…[View]
1827470What kind of metal lathe: Help can't find out what year anything[View]
1821955Air conditioner: Got a free air conditioner but the plug looks like this. Fixable?[View]
1821164Howdy /DIY/. I've pissed on this spot over my porch for nearly 20 years. I've quit my bad …[View]
1818874under cabinet halogen lighting broken: no idea why my under cabinet lighting is broken. bulbs look o…[View]
1828088I'm looking at 4mm and 8mm glass for a shower stall. In America it's probably some quarter…[View]
1821506Solar Panels: What are some good resources on learning about solar panels?[View]
1828007Hi lads, I'm trying to make a mini flame-thrower and I need your brains. I've built the th…[View]
1827051Complete DIY novice, how much of a difficult job would I be undertaking if I'd like to replace …[View]
1827701How do you make the diamonds stick? Special diamond glue? What if you want to take them off afterwar…[View]
1825785Air leaks through my closed window. It's such a small leak at the bottom where it slides. I…[View]
1823876Is it safe to run/draw/lay/install (translation unclear) a cable (electrical wire 5V) outwards throu…[View]
1825369I'm in the market for a good grinder and found this for sale for a good price. 1hp 1440rpm. I c…[View]
1826825Got a little project in mind, I want to convert a British Super Tramp to run from UK mains to US 120…[View]
1826940Fix Hydraulic Bike Brakes: I attempted to bleed my Avid Juicy Three brakes, and brake fluid isn…[View]
1825475Boogin: Okay boys I'm leaving to go boogin next month, I've got weapons, solar power, wate…[View]
1827003What do I need for tACS/CES?: I don't know is this is an electronics question, bit its more of …[View]
1827557I recently got a cheap old scooter that wasn't running, diagnosed the problem to a faulty fuel …[View]
1827651macbook cable wont charge. is it salvageable?: I ordered a new one but it wont come in for a few day…[View]
1823314Planning on building a platform in my tree for a basic tree fort for my kids. I need an engineering …[View]
1825226So an electrical outlet went out in my house. I changed it out and it still doesn't work, and I…[View]
1826024Interactive/Dynamic timelines (fiction): Hey, I have several creative projects that would benefit he…[View]
1819349apartment organization: anons who live in an apartment or a small living space, how do you organize …[View]
1827239Archery targets: Tell and show your archery target ideas. I am planning on filling a couple of 10l b…[View]
1826298Who makes the superior glove for mig/stick? Tillman,Caiman,Bsx, Miller/hobart?[View]
1827541My neighbor, who is supposed to be a woodworker, as in gets paid to build shit out of wood and do re…[View]
1820348Work/Employee: Hi, Is there a way to safe keylogger/ program that i could use to monitor my employe…[View]

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