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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 46 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1676342Patching wood plank floor: Years ago my parents removed a gas floor heater. The hardwood plank is 1…[View]
1677661I found an electric toothbrush in my neighbors garbage but the charger wasn't there. The toothb…[View]
1677932Lapidary/Stonecutting: Anyone here do this? Is it expensive to do? How easy is it to sell stones?…[View]
1679618Do you got time?: Have you built your own clock?[View]
1679648I need some advice /diy/ So I replaced a radiator in my house. Can't afford a plumber, but radi…[View]
1677339Hi /diy/ I have begun learning power engineering in college and they are teaching us components of o…[View]
1679767toilet pulse refill sound.: so my toilet seems to pulse when it refills after a flush. I think the f…[View]
1676038Moved into a new studio apartment, trying to figure out layout and stuff to buy. This render is size…[View]
1679950string & beads general /sbg/: how many y'all ready to make roooosariiiieeees? waiting on my…[View]
1678406Bought a house last October. The previous tenants lived like animals. I have a mouse problem but I…[View]
1679019Veritasium - Why Machines That Bend Are Better: This was recommended to me on YouTube. https://www.…[View]
1678501Engines: Hi /diy/, newb here with a very newb question but I wanted to learn more about how engines …[View]
1679718building: building a 20'x20'x8' cinder block structure I'll be doing the entire …[View]
1678199Anyone have any links or guides on DIY pharmaceuticals? Like growth hormone or insulin etc?[View]
1674988what's your ole' reliable when it comes to fixing shit? >pic related…[View]
1676228Someone broke into my car and ruined the ignition lock cylinder so I can't get my key to turn n…[View]
1677292table top for file cabinet desk: Basically 1 question: Whats the best way to secure 6 1.25x6's…[View]
1673313/3DPG/: >Flaming Chinesium Edition Old thread: >>1667384 All the info you need about 3D-pri…[View]
1677869hello boys give me some ghetto gym ideas. already have cement dumbells now wanna make cement rack an…[View]
1677942Hi /diy/ I recently bought an old Tensor lamp but it started smoking and it doesn't turn on any…[View]
1678934Any tips for stripping paint off a brick fireplace? I’m using something called Blue Bear 605. My hou…[View]
1675994Aquaponics: Hi /diy/, has anyone tried an aquaponics system such as pic related? The symbiotic natur…[View]
1679188House building: How long would it take to construct a cement house myself? About 400 sqft in total. …[View]
1679245So i asked my dad to be on the lookout for a long power strip when he goes out to the swap meet. he …[View]
1678688How to prevent paint from getting on the floor?[View]
1678489Best websites for custom all-over print shirts?: I'm a huge sucker for graphic tees and sweatsh…[View]
1678176Is it possible to make a guitar stand out of paper? Forming it would probably be the smallest proble…[View]
1675224/ohm/ - electronics general: Previous chapter: >>1669514 >RULES 0. Electrics ≠ electronics.…[View]
1676975Chair is ok except the mechanism that elevates the chair. If I elevate it, it stays up for few minut…[View]
1677398How could I make this?: I want to make something that open and closes my window depending on the tem…[View]
1678858The fan on my gtx 1070 FE blower style has burnt out, strapping case fans to a blower style gpu does…[View]
1678933My back hurt from sitting behind computer. How do i play videogames while i lie in bed? The keyboard…[View]
1678635Cutting 5+ inches off bottom of fiberglass door?: CnI do this? was planning on cutting it, digging o…[View]
1673799Thermal comfort: Suppose a room receives to much sun exposure and barely gets any wind, resulting in…[View]
1676502Tried asking google but I couldn't find anything specific for my question. I moved into a diff…[View]
1678869How could i make a pin using acrylic? I had been thinking about making designs using a laser printer…[View]
1674757Hey guys i need help, what colour is the earth here, the one in the left is not green, it's gra…[View]
1676400GUYS. I have 3 of these ceiling lights about 2 foot apart in a row and one day, when I turned the li…[View]
1675746This is my mother's deck. It was painted a couple of years ago and now it looks like shit. What…[View]
1677734Robomower: Having a tough time here. I'm Arduinotarded and want to build a robot lawn mower. It…[View]
1678265How can I make a relatively-lightweight tree stump sculpture that is strong enough to stand up to so…[View]
1678748I want to make a foot-heater. I want to use an aquarium heater, a plastic box with some water in it …[View]
1677689the sears next to my house finally closed and lowes is 35 miles away the most dangerous part of this…[View]
1676332Ive been wanting to make one of these for awhile now and i cant find a decent instructional online. …[View]
1676487WHat is the most ghetto way to filter bad stuff from shallow well water and make it safe to shower/w…[View]
1675952J... economy tricks: ITT we share j... economy tricks. I begin You can use PEX or HDPE pipe plastic …[View]

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