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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 52 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2464270no handy skills: I dont want to have excuses, but I pretty much grew up without a father and a menta…[View]
2468279I'm a handyman and some times I get interesting projects. A customer today wanted me to remove …[View]
2470187I have a lawn mower which had a t-shirt tangled up in its blades. I had it on its side for some time…[View]
2465087I'm thinking about becoming a truck driver, with a hazmat certification. I'm pretty much j…[View]
2469742Drilling a hole through a raised house flooring to run a ethernet cable through packages. Haven…[View]
2421010I like polishing things. Is there anything I can buy for cheap, polish it, and flip it for profit?[View]
2466625How do you keep thieves out of your mailbox?[View]
2466729Driveway Turnaround Deterrant: I live off a major highway and fucking tourists keep using my drivewa…[View]
2469591Bathroom remodel: I gutted my 1950s bathroom and am remodeling it. I actually hired a guy to put a n…[View]
2449298Are tool cabinets a meme? They are pretty expensive for what is basically a metal dresser. How do yo…[View]
2458040Need to run mains electricity (240v) to my garage 70 meters away. I don't have any mains cable …[View]
2463547What are the best stealth setups for living in a small economical car like pic related? Was thinking…[View]
2468948Washing machine drain pump: It's this thing supposed to be packed with grease and sand and glit…[View]
2465559Abominations XIII - Barrels of fun: Post shit thats shit, but in the DIY spirit. Previous thread …[View]
2458725>get a few years into apprenticeship >have to start a business or make walmart wages forever …[View]
2469676You jelly? Post times you cleaned the garage and became rich[View]
2464860Has anyone here made their own cologne? What ingredients should I use to make lemon/mint cologne? Th…[View]
2460918Anybody ever try opening a stand at one of these local market things? How'd it go? What's …[View]
2456909Algae: Is this stuff worth growing? Can it be profitable? Seems like an extremely high utility crop …[View]
2470343>shower won't turn off >close shower valve >toilet starts filling non stop how the fuc…[View]
2469823Clear coating a porch: I'm having trouble finding good information on which clear coat to use o…[View]
2469425decks patios: hey /diy/ i have a very small deck out my back door (about 13' x 9.5'). it s…[View]
2468565I just bought a tractor: didn't take a picture but its the same model as pic rel, only it'…[View]
2466920infinite copper exploit: >work as apprentice electrician >take wire home for personal project…[View]
2456080How can someone eat meat regularly in the most cost effective way. As in hunting, buying, butchering…[View]
2463409Yuo jelly faggots?[View]
2464553/ohm/ - Electronics General: Point-to-Point Edition: Pull down that thread!>>2457597 >I…[View]
2468416Why dont tradesmen dress like this?[View]
2455459I realize that Philips head has been made for so long and so much shit already uses it that getting …[View]
2469455I'm trying to fix the HVAC system in my car. It's a 2006 Toyota RAV4. None of the servo mo…[View]
2467392How much money do you need to get your dream project built?[View]
2466807Has anyone ever made one of these connectors? I need to rewire this one to change the order of the w…[View]
2469431What to do after changing panel: So basically Lenovo Legion 7 (2021), Changed broken panel. Nvidia c…[View]
2468437>wake up at 6 AM >work for 6 hours >clock out >get paid $2,000 cash ahhhh, the life of a…[View]
2466735Not a diy guy but I brought some shells like this from memorable vacation and I would like to make t…[View]
2458447>measuring wire size in mm2[View]
2469185DIY books recommendations?: Zoomer here. I want to learn handy skills, not things like origami…[View]
2466965I want to start an aquaponics garden on my balcony. But I have no idea where to begin. There are ple…[View]
2465129I broke my key and the piece is inside the door. What do[View]
2465809In this video i show you how to glue pvc like a professional. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EO5aCL-…[View]
2468840Is there any HVAC stuff I can do to minimize the amount of dust in my home? Assuming that I do a ful…[View]
2465489I needed a washer the size of a dime, but they were $0.17 a piece. What would you do in this situati…[View]
2468931Fixing a leaking bladder: Is it possible without making it taste like shit? I got one without the sc…[View]
2468352>renders your entire trade obsolete nothing personnel, plumbers.[View]
2468773Philadelphia Row Home: What is the average size of the bedrooms? I'm looking for the size of th…[View]
2467980here is a source for schematics for modern electronics. fccid.io you can search for schematics by f…[View]
2465296/3dpg/: Last Thread: >>2462208 All the info you need about 3D-printing: https://pastebin.com/A…[View]
2463173Theoretically if you read enough books on automotive fundamentals, auto electric fundamentals and st…[View]
2467941I got one of these about 4 months ago it started to rip apart at the seams I had another one where t…[View]
2464100Big project time.: free camper. in a bit over my head (rimshot) some roof bows are moldy and i want …[View]
2468567how hard would it be to do this on a large scale with multiple 4 leaf clovers? like a large ponderin…[View]
2467496RAM cooler: How do I mount a fan on top of my RAM sticks? I have an HP xw8400 motherboard from 2006 …[View]

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