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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 52 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2545410is this cheap chinese welding rod legit? is it actual strong welding or just like a solder or a braz…[View]
2541085I just noticed this green cable sticking out in the middle of my backyard. It’s about 3/8” in diamet…[View]
2545897water filtering: has anyone else looked into, or succeeded in, making their own plastic free water f…[View]
2548912Changed my sparkplugs for the fist time: That was cool.[View]
2546312Any recommendations for an ESR meter for like 30 bucks. Worst case i get a mesr 100.[View]
2546354How the hell do I buy a new forced air oil furnace without an hvac license? The install is stupid si…[View]
2545799I have a piece of railroad track about this size. I was thinking about cutting the rail top off, wel…[View]
2546437diy phone: Basically /diy/, I'm sick of my corporate tracking rectangle. I have developed my ow…[View]
2541144CT scanning and x-rays: One of my clients is looking at spending about a million dollars on a CT sca…[View]
2542663Looking to buy my first house: What are some tips the experts on /diy/ can give for first time home …[View]
2536753DIY Heated Steering Wheel: I want to add a heated steering wheel to my old Honda. I found a heated s…[View]
2545060Help Identifying a Couple Mystery Tools: I purchased a storage box today and inside, the previous ow…[View]
2543227What skills do I need to land a job for SLAM or path planning? I played with my 2d lidar based robot…[View]
2511156Stuff blue collar workers say: 'Suck it up buttercup' 'Rub some dirt on it' …[View]
2547074how do I change the blade on this: found this old ass saw in my garage, couldn't figure out how…[View]
2544826Is there a program or application that lets you just freely build shit with pre-modeled boards (2x4,…[View]
2548366How do I hang this on my wall without using a drill?[View]
2547823What is an efficient way I can close up these holes in the drywall below the vent in my closet? Duct…[View]
2545527Fireplace glass door: Greetings fellas, i need to build a glass door for my mothers fireplace. >t…[View]
2547477Is there a more based place?: >1/10 the size of Home Depot, yet always has what I'm looking …[View]
2542119Planning/CAD/Sketching: What's the best software for bringing technical plans on paper before a…[View]
2548339Bought wife a bee hive starter kit.: She is buying the queen and starter colony tomorrow (will be sh…[View]
2548440Anyone going this year?[View]
2548267Removing 2+ Yards of Dust: The story is my parents bought an old but good warehouse around twenty ye…[View]
2542376Spider: Spider[View]
2542558PPE you'd recommend: Helmets, earmuffs, visors, safety glasses, chemical suits, dust masks, and…[View]
2545477I'm a kitchen fitter/carpenter (uk) the tools i have are diy grade, I'm looking to upgrade…[View]
2546435Tig welding figurines: Stainless and brass tig welding no grinding some plier work. Looking online t…[View]
2544796Home electrolysis of sodium chloride: Hello ladies, Does any one have info to share on how to DIY yo…[View]
2545441How do I get this mouse to weigh even less? So the mouse used to weigh ~120 grams, and after modding…[View]
2545193What is this called?: I have a few after replacing all the old door knobs in my home. I figured it…[View]
2547785Thinking of buying a mold house just to beat it: Not to actually beat it by fixing the mold but to b…[View]
2544207Is this type of driveway a good idea?: Instead of demolishing the old driveway...placing it borderin…[View]
2548188Hi friends. I have a pressurized source of reverse-osmosis-purified water. I primarily use it to fil…[View]
2545192Is it possible or rather is it cost effective to have a cinderblock wall taken apart and reassembled…[View]
2543911>order tools from niche online retailer since Bezomart doesn't have what I want >takes ye…[View]
2547423Floor Plans General: Been a while since we had one of these. Post and rate floor plans Pic related i…[View]
2527281/rcg/ Drone & Radio Control general: In /rcg/ we discuss anything & everything radio control…[View]
2538987anyone have plans for homestead cucksheds like pic related[View]
2544755Book of Technology: What's a good book that covers all types of technology, such as valves, pum…[View]
2544726Anyone with experience with making a garden room/cabin? I am living with my parents to save money bu…[View]
2545456/3dpg/: 340 posts, not enough content for one collage edition Last Thread: >>2543311 All the i…[View]
2547754I have a tiny bathroom on my first floor, I'd like to expand it and convert it into a wet bathr…[View]
2540401What kind of education do i need to be able to start making small simple mechanical things like pic …[View]
2542817My well pressure switch is often not going on when it is supposed to, meaning my water goes out and …[View]
2543872>replaces your entire work shop[View]
2542845shifting lever stuck: Trying to get this shifting lever off the shaft but all the dirt and rust has …[View]
2544720>buy tool >never use it What's her name? For me it's the oscillating multi-tool.…[View]
2546772Where can I get a good 2lb chunk of marble for under 15$? Thanks in advance ![View]
2539942Steel Drums.: What can you make out of a 55 gallon steel drum? I am planning on building a smokeless…[View]
2546139I have a switching laser lamp power supply that blew. The NTC is gone and a transistor/diode next to…[View]
2545171What are some scalable /diy/ business? By scalable I mean you don't have to hire retards but ca…[View]

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