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/diy/ - Do It Yourself

Displaying 76 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2003155Best state to homestead?: I'm banking 3gs a month and I'm pretty sure i can make money fro…[View]
2010085Hello! First time visit to this board and I've never worked with any tools in my life ever. I a…[View]
2008388Chemist here, this regulator valve was making at his at the little bleeder valve immediately visible…[View]
2003849>Weather proof >Lockable >Portable It's basically a small shed on wheels. Why aren…[View]
2005963Any idea how I can fix my fence? Or does it just need a good clean?[View]
2002345This sounds stupid as fuck, but believe it or not I've not had a single clear answer anywhere. …[View]
1998350IBM 5150 Repair Thread (Possibly PSU): I found an old 5150 and monochrome monitor that won't st…[View]
2008828Sup /diy/, Anyone familiar with the Amprobe 6030 wire tracer? Would this be suitable for 450VAC gene…[View]
2008635Is it possible I only think window walls look good because of how incredibly expensive they are to o…[View]
1993121My apartment is next to this youth center building, basically an apartment for white trash teenagers…[View]
2009977Fucked up painting: So a hole got put into my laundry wall and we had it patched. We painted over th…[View]
2007387I'm looking to get rid of some pock marks (acne scars). Most expensive ass treatment essentiall…[View]
2003747Lets come up with ideas to replace loud scary wake up alarms >automatic temperature change >au…[View]
1990163Women doing DIY: How does /diy/ feel about women doing DIY. If a female offers to put up a shelf, sh…[View]
2007908Any solar fags here? Here's my system. Also, has anyone ever installed a rainwater collection s…[View]
2008592Scratch removal: I bought a Nintendo Switch and it has those classic, deep screwdriver slip scratche…[View]
2006446/ohm/ - Electronics General: wire-wrapping edition: Thread shorted out:>>2001374 >I'm …[View]
2009115Concrete home decor: Is it possible to use cheap concrete for buildings in place of the much more ex…[View]
2008690PLAX HILFE FRENS: Been asked at work to do some SJW/primary school like competition to drees up an E…[View]
1997773how to ham radio without license?: >be me >poorfag >idiot >wants to break fcc rules do i…[View]
2000632I've never done this before: My parents are moving to a new house and want me to set up a surve…[View]
2009689Advice on converting a crawl space to a room.: Need some advice about finishing basements. I have a …[View]
2007834dog goes poopoopeepee in same spot on carpet. rented rugdoctor but it seems like trash. should I jus…[View]
2003569I'm 23 and realised I'll never get work in my regarding my degree (at least not for years)…[View]
1999610Pipedream builds: I've sat at home for a year and a half with nothing to motivate me wake up in…[View]
2005280Are there good US-based manufacturers to work for if I'm interested in stirling engines and pre…[View]
2007830Polishing a non-stainless muffler: So I need a new muffler for my SW20. Since it can be seen from th…[View]
2009223any old sparks got some advice? I'm going into residential, not too sure what to expect. What…[View]
2005812House heating mining rig: I had a 'crazy' idea. Lately i've been looking into crypto mining and…[View]
2008442Lube and wear: This was made for /k/ but I hope its helping here at some points. >https://boards…[View]
2000152Bidirectional buck-boost converters: I need to build one for my laptop powerbank project (5S li ion …[View]
2008849/landscaping/: What have you guys been working on? I've been prepping my yard for the spring. …[View]
1999394Reincarnated as a Vending Machine: I've never seen a back harness like this. How do they work f…[View]
2006268What are these shears used for?[View]
2008807Vemon (2018) Prop Remake: So I am attempting to remake the Venom cannister from the Venom, but I nee…[View]
2006960afternoon lads, bitch wife of mine broke the handle on the angle valve here. it's cold out and …[View]
2006227Electrical/Electronic Technical Certificate: I'm planning on getting a certificate from the col…[View]
2008500Recommendations on a good power washer? I'd like to start a business and have some money to kic…[View]
2004922The original owner didnt use rebar on the backyard patio. Can I lay out a couple sq foots of concret…[View]
2007875Post your home workshop[View]
2006570/3DPG/: Long Print Shakes Edition Old thread: >>2003663 All the info you need about 3D-printin…[View]
2007253Plumbing Help: Hello, I am currently trying to install a bidet. The T connector that connects to the…[View]
1989391Post stories of when your vehicle broke down in awful conditions and you were able to fix it with to…[View]
2001809No mitre saw but need to cut a 2x6 length wise by 13°: I don't have the money for a mitre saw a…[View]
2006895Whats the best table saw I can get without spending an arm and a leg? I'm was looking at the r…[View]
1991806Homemade Rockets/Satellites: I'm looking to build a small spaceship that will be able to leave …[View]
2006889My phone has 128 GB of storage. 16 is used by the OS itself and I only have including games app size…[View]
2006674Hey /diy/ Any engineer/fitness buffs out there able to confirm on deny an idea for me? Looking to bu…[View]
2005444Any pipemakers here by any chance? I've recently got into pipe smoking but pipes are retardedly…[View]
2004704Reverse osmosis: Does anybody here own a reverse osmosis system? How is it? Do you have a recommenda…[View]
2008289Cotton candy grapes: Where can i buy cotton candy grape saplings in the EU?[View]
2004616Repairing a book with a flimsy paper spine: My dad has an old copy of the Foxfire Book, but the spin…[View]
2008280HOW THE FUCK Do you remove the height adjuster from the cylinder? I pulled with all of my weight and…[View]
2005522Favorite Wood: Local: Fir, red and yellow cedar. Unusual: Yew, dogwood, juniper. Exotic: Teak, mahog…[View]
2004710im going to be a fag and reddit tag this [Serious]: Hey you fuck head, answer my question. Have any …[View]
2007497I'd like to design and build my own desk, specifically one like pic related but where the whole…[View]
2007545help me out here. what's the best way to either rectify this or make a new wooden top or someth…[View]
2002943>start out giving good tips on how to do stuff. >start building house >show nothing, only s…[View]
2007776Anyone into silversmithing or anything like that? I’ve been thinking of this or blacksmithing as a h…[View]
1998255Is there a lot of money in in this kind of thing? I've been watching alot of these youtube vide…[View]
2004433Shower's clogged. Real bad one too, builds up ~4 inches of water in ~15 minutes of running. Jus…[View]
2008117How may I replace this extension spring mechanism? I'm designing some roller in order to store …[View]
2003176Are there any good safety shoes on this fucking planet? Each and every single pair I've ever tr…[View]
2006193Replace flyscreen on riveted windows: Is there some way of replacing flyscreen on window frames that…[View]
2004040EMP protection: Does tin foil really protect electronics from a potential EMP from the Sun? There ar…[View]
2002683>don't turn a wrench for a wench >don't fall for the tool truck meme >your body i…[View]
2000332Galvanized Pipe: I get that the zinc coating wears away from use over time, but it seems like starti…[View]
2006175Was going through some repo'd cars today and found this axe (will post another pic of how the r…[View]
2007757Faucet button sticking, what do?: Alright /diy/, this is a kitchen faucet dual button head. The lowe…[View]
2002753Help a retard with wood carving: Hello /diy/ im going to start a personal project, carving pine wood…[View]
2007711Looking to build a retaining wall as a deck for the front of my house(pic related) switch out finish…[View]
2007274Help: how would one go about making this? best fabric? stuffing? sewing method?[View]
1993077We post things that smell good[View]
2007573The white coating on the rubber part of my windows have fallen off over time, do I just paint it ov…[View]
2002117what tools would you always carry?: id carry hammer: for smashing stuff and what not + prying hacksa…[View]
2006488Thinking of repainting my bedroom with a splinter camo pattern (??????/white/black) how to best achi…[View]

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