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1597763Where are the biggest waves in Mexico right now?[View]
1593688Sacremento: I'll be in Sacremento on vacation from 7/5-7/13. What should I do? Where can I meet…[View]
1600157Hey folk, Need help, need a good place to get laid in Seim Reip , Cambodia. Anyone has any suggestio…[View]
1597530Going with my family to Mexico. As in Yucatán. Should I be worried about human trafficking or whatev…[View]
1593540Did anyone here ever consider becoming flight attendant? >Pay is ok, won't get rich but not …[View]
1597564Asia on $700-800 (maybe 900): okay so I'm off to asia this summer for 27 days. >3 days in B…[View]
1589951What are some of your coolest/craziest experiences while traveling abroad?[View]
1596219Have you ever been banned from a country ?[View]
1592349Things to do in Vienna?: I will be going to Vienna for two weeks, any tips? also where do I buy chea…[View]
1596016Help me in Sweden: I'm going to Sweden for 3 weeks over this summer. I don't know jack shi…[View]
1596619Cancun: I am going to be traveling to Cancun this summer and wanted to know if any of you guys have …[View]
1591932I'm strongly considering going to Germany next year (particularly Berlin), but out of curiosity…[View]
1596554What are some good foods tryimg while traveling in each countries? I really like the Xialongbao from[View]
1597562Best fl resorts for families: I'm looking for resorts who sort of have mini water parks for chi…[View]
1598091South USA Drive?: Hi, not normally in this forum so go easy... I'd like to do a Southern'i…[View]
1598904Cross-Canada Train Tours: Has anybody done it? I'm thinking about it for August. I'm a lit…[View]
1596747North Africa general: Hello /trv/ I'm going to Marrakesh, Morocco in a few weeks with my female…[View]
1598852Bong here. So my girlfriend just broke up with me and I need to get away from this shitty little tow…[View]
1597947Kiev: Planning to visit Kiev some time during the summer. Some Ukrainians told me the food and night…[View]
1599637Any ideas how to get two cats from California to Prague, Czech Republic? I want to move there but ca…[View]
1590716What are somethings that are prohibitively expensive in South America but are relatively affordable …[View]
1599098Road Trips: Has anyone here done any big road trips? I've had a few small ones in Europe but w…[View]
1597258am I taking the bait that the french have the best culture and people? They are all like royalty. Th…[View]
1592100South Korea: Anything I should know before starting college in SK? Seoul specifically.[View]
1596374What do you bring with you in the way of medications when you are travelling? -Charcoal tablets for …[View]
1590968>just started the wageslave life >only get 30 days of vacations per year How do you guys cope?…[View]
1597945Rome - Colosseum illegal traders: Beware of the African-looking illegal items salesmen. They were pr…[View]
1597394Treat Products: What's the best food or treat products you've bought from different countr…[View]
1598440What's your favorite city/place in Europe? So far I loved Rome the most. I'm planning my n…[View]
1597201Liechtenstein: Anybody ever been there? What's it like?[View]
1593793TL;DR tell me your favorite airports or airlines. throw in your least favorite too if you want.: hey…[View]
1597992Azores thread: Has anyone visited the Azores? What all is there to do there? It seems like it's…[View]
1599038Taking Long distance Amtrak from Chicago to Denver tomorrow: >first time taking amtrak long dista…[View]
1582183Korea thread: I just got here and I am overwhelmed. It's very cool, but I am so confused. I exp…[View]
1598235FLORIDA SPEED TICKET: Hello /trv/! Anyone here know how to handle this case? I am French. I got a sp…[View]
1599435Poor traveling guide: Alright, post any links, stories, etc. about the following: travelling without…[View]
1599497Going on a small weekend road trip to Michigan tomorrow. Gonna stop by Grand rapids in the afternoon…[View]
1599485Hello /trv/. I'm a young American looking to resettle somewhere in the EU, preferably northern …[View]
1596476Looking for things to do in Toronto and Montreal: Nothing too touristy I can use google for that. Ca…[View]
1599346Taking a trip to England this summer by myself. I want to get around to the lake district and a few …[View]
1594570RIP No Joke Howard: he will be missed https://cambodiaexpatsonline.com/newsworthy/joke-howard-aka-br…[View]
1578975China General: Is there pasta for this somewhere? Either way, I didn't see any active mainland …[View]
1597282I need to take a boring lazy vacation. I was thinking of going to the Hamptons and just sitting on …[View]
1598380General Westcoast Thread: Hey I will travel to LA/Vegas/SD. Any suggestions ? Do's and dont…[View]
1596795Pin Map: I've been working on this site to let anons post pins to a map and anons can post text…[View]
1597449Dar es Salaam: What are some interesting things to do in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania? I'm going the…[View]
1597438Japan General: Arcade Edition Post about >Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate dri…[View]
1598268West Coast: What are the tourist spots do you recommend in Washington and California?[View]
1600125How do law enforcements treat foreigners in your own country?[View]
1590230If you had $2000 a month passive income, which city would you live in?[View]
1594908Peace Core: Is the Peace Corps a meme? I only know one guy who's doing it IRL and he went to Gh…[View]
1589469im going to greece for a week, got any tips?[View]
1595029Hello. I need to have a flight history of a one plane (I know the number of the plane and the model)…[View]
1596978Washington DC: I'm applying to Georgetown University in Washington DC among other places for gr…[View]
1578510what's the worst tourist trap you have fallen for?[View]
1596423Utah’s western desert: Have you ever been this to the western Utah desert? https://youtu.be/GrHUlCZw…[View]
1598022DALLAS TEXAS BABY: Visiting Dallas for a week. Would appreciate any suggestions of cool places to vi…[View]
1596412Travel and work in Slovenia: Im going to Slovenia next week to do the main sights and some volunteer…[View]
1598541Why Tho: Why[View]
1598524*doubles the price of your plane ticket* Remember to vote in the EU elections on Sunday Vote them OU…[View]
1588933Forbes and many others say the same thing I live here and my rent average is $150/month its paradis…[View]
1597835What does /trv/ think about Drew Binsky?[View]
1587584South Africa: Anyone ever been to South Africa? Is all the fear mongering overblown or is it genuine…[View]
1593874NYC: Hello /trv/! I'm going to NYC this week and have been looking at things to do. But, most o…[View]
1595887Must see weird places in Eastern Europe: Hey /trv/ I'm traveling through Eastern Europe by trai…[View]
1597081where can I see yakuza members in tokyo specifically without causing any trouble?[View]
1596938Travel guides: What travel guides do you guys usually use when traveling? If you don't use trav…[View]
1597739Peru recommendations: Traveling to Peru in February. Going to check out Lima, Cusco, Ariquipa, and P…[View]

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