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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 44 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2244004Airlines: What is /trv/s go to airline? Which one(s) do you avoid? Also airline stories thread…[View]
2240886Travel Bags: After ruining the wheels on my bag dragging it through the streets of Tirana, I’ve deci…[View]
2243972Where does one go for a prostitute in the US if not to Nevada?[View]
2241689Cuba: I'm thinking about visiting Cuba next month, I'm 34/m and want to bring my gf (she…[View]
2235863Is it worth it to travel to China just to see all the old architecture from previous Dynasties? I ha…[View]
2243931How does one find 'cheap' deals (flights travel packages etc): Like most of you, i just cultivate a …[View]
2237507Staying safe in South Africa: I'm planning on visiting South Africa coming September, with Cape…[View]
2239760Lisbon: is there anything good to there if you like to go out/party ?[View]
2243427Got a question for anyone used to using the train system to get around Europe. I'm going to be …[View]
2239466Somalia: Is Somalia worth traveling?[View]
2222570Digital nomad, working remote General: Containment thread for general questions and discussions on w…[View]
2245323Most Social and Family Oriented Place: I am graduating soon with a degree in computer science and I …[View]
2242806The perfect foreign language: Does there exist a language belonging to a country or countries that o…[View]
2243462Fomo coming bound to be the next bitcoin half. Dev is safu[View]
2241600Bay Area: Hello friends, but sure that it is the right board for me. I got my SWE job and moving to …[View]
2241315I wanna take a girl I recently met somewhere nice in Europe in July. Where temperatures will be mana…[View]
2242255Setting The Groundwork: Israel: Hey, /trv/ I'm travelling to Israel in about a month and a half…[View]
2235486How can i immigrate to Japan 4ever ?: Basically I'm Nafri and would like to leave this Satanic …[View]
2241118there must be some anons on this board that like to learn languages what resources do you use to lea…[View]
2242386What are the remotest and most isolated places you've travelled to?[View]
2240875Cambodia thread: How is the strong dollar affecting Cambodia? I guess the value of local savings has…[View]
2242980documenting your travels: does it ever feel like you're seeing, experiencing, learning all thes…[View]
2241403non touristy stuff to do in denmark: male early 20s. might check out germany or sweden as well. how …[View]
2243047My favourite hobby is painting and drawing, especially landscapes. Where would you recommend I visit…[View]
2243093>will eat western food twice a day >Want an airbnb apartment downtown or in a nice suburb (ha…[View]
2243042/rwg/ - Re-opened World General: Big Cunny Rustlas edition: Put on your makeup and go get some Insan…[View]
2241885How do you plan to get a green card?[View]
2241734Why shouldn't I move to Andorra?[View]
2206579/lang/ - /trv/ Pilot Edition: >What language(s) are you learning? >Share language learning exp…[View]
2240928Moving to France at age 30?: I'm exploring the possibility of moving to France to find a job an…[View]
2241609/down under/ Perth Edition: Is Perth cool? I always had a random urge to visit, from the US midwest…[View]
2239949/jpg/ - Japan General - Rainy Season Edition: >When will Japan open to tourists again? Soon. >…[View]
2242881Yesterday I took a flight where they said you had to wear a mask but I didn't wear one and not …[View]
2242487China general thread: CHINA GENERAL: >Have you been to China? >Pros/cons of China >Interest…[View]
2239312I want to visit Peru to see Machu Pichu, the Nazca Lines, and anything else that's cool and cul…[View]
2238987Balkans road trip: Hey anons, Im planning a 7 days road trip to 7 countries in the Balkans. I know i…[View]
2240956Good massage parlors in Montreal?: Gonna go to Montreal this weekend for a massage, does anyone here…[View]
2242345Is there a way to check the % of times that a flight gets cancelled/delayed historically? I booked …[View]
2241546New Foundland: Going to New Foundland for 5 days in July, starting in st johns ending in deer lake. …[View]
2241927Namibia Thread. Share experiences and stories.[View]
2241035You and a few of your buddies in their 20s in the US want to go travel somewhere. Where do you go? N…[View]
2241957My gf of 5 years broke up with me recently and I need to travel for a month or so to get my mind off…[View]
2237856Im looking to move out of New York State soon because i have a strong feeling that there are places …[View]
2241923I need travel advice. I'm going to go to Budapest, but I'll be stopping in Pecs for half a…[View]

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