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Displaying 35 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2581102Where to visit in the USA: I've heard that place in Oklahima, USA from a friend of mine. He say…[View]
2573453>still the best airline >inb4 you love muslim country fucking anti-semite no, It's becaus…[View]
2574517Where should I go to latin america for the winter? Im planning on spending 2 weeks somewhere with a …[View]
2581056I'm planning on visiting Texas from the UK by myself next March for two weeks, entire reason i…[View]
2575995Where can I get the craziest most fun parties for summer?: I've been to Ibiza with my bros this…[View]
2580270Vietnam visa runs: I was wondering if anyone here has had recent experience getting multiple 90 day …[View]
2580945Autism Traveling Japan: How autistic friendly is Japan for travel? I heard they have mobile hung bo…[View]
2570743Netherlands/area: What to do for 10 days, 25 M with my sis 26 F from Canada flying into AMS in late …[View]
2582345Is he a middle-aged loser or based?[View]
2576078Has anyone here been to Russia since the war started?: Americans here and I want to visit my gf in S…[View]
2579462Why are all spaniards such fucking assholes? First they all have this smug face. You ask them someth…[View]
2578073japan: I want to go to japan what do I need? thank you. I've watched videos on yt baout it but …[View]
2567547Taiwan: Ching Chong. What is there to do in Taiwan?[View]
2580409Svalbard: I just got my passport (US) and finally am at a point in my life where I am able to self-f…[View]
2580572Cheapest place in Caribbean for digital nomading: What's the best place in the Caribbean for di…[View]
2578625Two years ago I was looking for someone to speak Spanish to and found some bored single stay-at-home…[View]
2580549Solo trip of a couple of days: Where could I go end of 2023/start of 2024 from Nord Italy? I visited…[View]
2563229New England: I'm spending a week here soon. What do? So far I have >Maine Acadia National Pa…[View]
2580365What Spanish speaking country has the lowest odds of kidnapping and murdering me, a white man, if I …[View]
2575162Lisbon: Going here in a few weeks to avoid Thanksgiving with my fucked up family. What is there to d…[View]
2580492How to find free couchsurfing?: I'm a literal loser with the girls but after a long time finall…[View]
2580605Wanna get rocked: It's novembr in east euro distipoa. Whre should i go on a good deal ASAP To f…[View]
2579381hello /trv/ im travelling for work to nicaragua for the first time ever. after 5 days of planned bus…[View]
2582650currently getting ready to head to some clubs in Shibuya how do I approach the women there without s…[View]
2582827Just realized: it's all pointless, traveling, lifting, working, self improving, going out with …[View]
2577242It's so annoying to travel as a socially awkward introverted fuck with no friends. I see trave…[View]
2577710>look up places to be expat for cheaper >all the comments say you need $2k a month even in tha…[View]
2576850Best spot in the US to start over again: If someone hypothetically wanted to pack their bags and lea…[View]
2558502Moving to Thailand: Seriously thinking of moving to Thailand - not to coom but because it looks beau…[View]
2574036What should I do in LA with a lethally poor budget: Im going to LA for 10 days for my winter break i…[View]
2574222What are your thoughts on Bali? Why would visit it? It seems boring and expensive, yet it is so popu…[View]
2579619Fines in Copenhagen public transport: Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding fines in publ…[View]
2578730China namba wan!: If there is no poverty or crime in China and China has a vibrant ancient culture w…[View]
2579935My elderly grandmother wants to go on a bucket list trip and as far as I can determine, the best opt…[View]
2580049Bangladeshi visa cost: What the hell is this bullshit? every country has a different visa cost for 3…[View]

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