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Displaying 60 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1762211Is Spain Trash?: If so what other European countries are trash. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4YQ…[View]
1761899I’m moving to Orlando Florida What should I expect?[View]
1763973>Started new career as a sailor >Enjoy sailing and the traveling >want to eventually try s…[View]
1763968Americas dead sea!: https://youtu.be/LLK-l3QNilg Salt lake city was cool to check out.[View]
1763409I want to go see woodpeckers in May and stay at this place because it looks like a cool lodge with d…[View]
1758672Switzerland: headed to Schweiz for a week in a month. rec day trip ideas things to do etc. pic unrel…[View]
1763787Have any anons been on a motorcycle trip? I want to save up for a reliable bike and go 2 months or s…[View]
1763278Things to see in/around Milan?: In june I'm going to have a spare week after going to Milan for…[View]
1758225What is there to do in Jamaica besides beach related activities? How easy it is to get weed? Are th…[View]
1761316I guess I should just hold off on spring break until this whole kung flu thing blows over, or am I s…[View]
1756853Two weeks in Berlin: I'm a single American male going to Berlin for two weeks, will be staying …[View]
1758204Thailand General, Angry Bird Edition: Your thread for Everything Thailand: Food and Temples and Mass…[View]
1760843How the fuck have you guys traveled to so many places? Are you literally all trust fund babies?[View]
1757147Is it possible to get some kind of job teaching English either online or live with just a certificat…[View]
1756842I'm moving to Africa, any advice? :D[View]
1747009Dangerous cities: What are the most dangerous crime cities in the world? Any scary stories you guys …[View]
1736299Latest Taiwan / Taipei / Taiwhatever General, Flawless Rose Bowl Parade Float Competition Victory Ed…[View]
1762131what was the most disappointing place you traveled too: pic kinda related. I was born and raised her…[View]
1763212Yolo or nah?: I have $1,000. I make $30,000 a year landscaping for $13 an hour. I'm on unemploy…[View]
1760145Have you ever been stared at like this in another country because you're a foreigner? Where was…[View]
1756421Peace Corps: Any /trv/lers here done it? Where were you posted and what kind of work did you end up …[View]
1757271Want to breakup with my girlfriend and go on a Pattaya adventure. >what does /trv/ think about th…[View]
1762336What's the name of the travel version of Chad? >always shirtless or in a tank top >long h…[View]
1760517Malta advice: Any recommendations on to go and what to avoid in Malta? Is Gozo worth it?[View]
1762760Trip to Paris: I’m from the states and plan on visiting Paris in may. The dot website says I have to…[View]
1762975I am in Croatia right now. How do I score with Croatian girls ?[View]
1762326Is there anything to gain or to lose living as a perpetual traveler without settling down? Maybe wit…[View]
1762302What's the /trv/ opinion of Morocco?[View]
1760589My brother is getting married in Vegas this October, so I've been thinking of visiting Californ…[View]
1762600I've always been really interested in the history of the Roman Empire and now I'm consider…[View]
1762579Antarctica cyber comfy blockhouses: Okay, so I got this idea: Why don't we build bases in Antar…[View]
1761369What are some swedish locations, peferably nature reserves thats worth the trouble getting to[View]
1762519moving to cali: I'm a handicapped youth male who is moving to colombia with his brothers and hi…[View]
1761941Best overall place to live in SEA for expats, largely considering cost of living.: Single. Shit remo…[View]
1761876>what did google mean by this? I'm considering cancelling my family's holiday to japan …[View]
1760086Hey /trv/ I'm going down the St. Lucia for work next week and I was wondering if there's a…[View]
1762415a cool maze the temple of miserable bliss: does anyone know where this goes? what this is? or why it…[View]
1761123Hey, my first time here in /trv. I'm going to the US tomorrow, Orlando, and I want to get a pre…[View]
1757300Zermatt to Italy: Ciao! I will be skiing Zermatt and driving to Rome over a period of 14 days - are …[View]
1760766Japan General: Noodles edition *FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)* >Where should I stay in To…[View]
1761302How ridiculous would it be to sit on the airplane with a face mask and safety glasses (that wrap aro…[View]
1760631Village travel thread: Village travel thread. What are some of the comfiest or nicest villages you h…[View]
1753975>look guys, Anon is back from his vacation! How did you like country X? You look really relaxed! …[View]
1759922Layover time Where you be shopping in the airport?[View]
1760915anyone here ever have horrible anxiety about the prospect of eating solo? I really want to take a so…[View]
1760295Black anon visiting Estonia and Finland. What to expect? /pol/fags kys ahead of time. ty[View]
1734459REAL TRAVELER'S™ MAP 3.0: In anticipation of the Bougainville independence referendum, I update…[View]
1759376Thinking of 10 days in Greece in May. I have been trying to create an itinerary but there is so much…[View]
1760486WAS planning to visit Japan for a good 16 days this November but Coronavirus happened. Should I hit …[View]
1760572Mediterranean Lads Holiday: Need help here Where is the best spot in terms of nightlife AND Affordab…[View]
1759523Where should I go if I want better quality of life? I'm South American (Brazil), can speak engl…[View]
1761197cool stuff to add on the baltic trip: I'm going from helsinki through the captials of baltics w…[View]
1760955Next August I'll be in Barbados for ten days, in Worthing. Is it too rainy? Also any tips about…[View]
1761224New destination suggestion after budapest?: Visited Budapest in February and had a blast. Only thing…[View]
1760210>finally book my dream Caribbean vacation I've been wanting my whole life >check the weat…[View]
1756081How would one masturbate in Best Korea without being watched? Imagine having a vid of you pulling yo…[View]
1760327what is the best city in usa to study? I'm german and I wanna participate to an European projec…[View]
1759660The Patrician-Tier Club: This thread is dedicated to you who wish to enjoy in the finer things when …[View]
1759122its my dream to travel the entire world and ive made pretty good progress for someone whos only 20 a…[View]
1760624BUCHAREST: What to do in Bucharest in the evening? The question is simple. Am lonely autist btw…[View]

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