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Displaying 47 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2142482Tel Aviv: I want to go somewhere at the beginning of January. I am a 23 yo. europoor, so the destina…[View]
2146005/bikepacking general/: Coomer edition: Anybody did any longer bikepacking trips >1 month? Where? …[View]
2144365Great Cities Thread: >madrid[View]
2145617Have you been to Serbia?[View]
2145826What to do in Lake Como Italy?: American travelchad here. Girlfriend and I are going to be in Lake C…[View]
2143882Beaches: The beach makes me want to die. I don't understand why you would want to expose yourse…[View]
2145589what is it like[View]
2143804USA in the Summer: Got a vacation for 2 weeks in the Summer and been thinking of going on a USA on a…[View]
2144759I'm 19 and have a few month long holiday before uni resumes again. I've always wanted to t…[View]
2145697how do i run away from this hellhole[View]
2147864I have a degree in Cybersecurity. Can I get a job somewhere abroad in the field with it? I’m a burg…[View]
2118320/Taiwan general/ : Comfy edition: Another thread on this beautiful yet underrated secret garden that…[View]
2146162Aoshima, Ehime: Why don't these guys run from him? When I had cats, they would always hide from…[View]
2146149Hey! I’m gonna be going to NYC again in May and I just wanna know if I’ll actually be able to buy le…[View]
2137325I'm moving to nyc in two weeks, what can you tell me about nyc trv?[View]
2146068Duba, Czechia: What is this (circled in red)? Is it worth visiting? >street view https://www.goog…[View]
2146161Coomers where have all the women gone to now that Costa Rica has closed down the hotel. I don’t thin…[View]
2142667With how low the average wage is here (average Indian makes 437 bucks a month) could you reasonably …[View]
2142930TJ Meh-HE-co: Anyone in Tijuana or going the first couple of weeks in December? Plan on crossing fro…[View]
2145451best country to travel to for me?[View]
2143806The D: Anyone up for some square pizza? How about some Better Made chips with a side of Faygo? Don’t…[View]
2146026Quebec City: Travelling to Quebec City in the first week of December. Recs for things to do/restaura…[View]
2135602Romania: As a Burger, what am I in for visiting Romania? I like the idea of good internet and being …[View]
2144433Well /trv/ bros I'll be here in just a few days. Going with a friend but neither of us speak sp…[View]
2140553Taking an impromptu trip to Mexico City from FL this weekend. Has anyone been recently? Is there any…[View]
2143591The Tourism Enjoyer: What is the most tourist inspired vacation you could plan? Something so cliche …[View]
2143187Who know Africa, mozambique specifically???[View]
2145914Trip Through Central America: Planning a trip from Guatemala to Panama and back. Mostly thinking of …[View]
2142876i don't like traveling but online dating doesn't work in my country and i have no social l…[View]
2135214Can British citizens get a visa for China right now? Considering going on holiday to Wuhan at the mo…[View]
2123299Did you attempt to Learn Russian?: And managed to get to a 'normal' level of understanding…[View]
21432482 Week Stay in Atlanta/Georgia: Sup /trv/ I Plan to visit an old friend of mine this summer in Atlan…[View]
2141762Could I travel with my gf to India or would it be too dangerous? Pic is related...[View]
2143721So this guy fled egypt to avoid military service and did a sob story how he can't go back so th…[View]
2143061>travel to portugal >go away from the coast into small towns (north side of country) >every…[View]
2140993Are those travel groups for young people like Contiki and EF ultimate break actually worth it or is …[View]
2142752Hi i am an europoor and i want to visit usa. What places places you recommend? I like beaches and wa…[View]
2144240How much would I need to save to travel abroad for a year through Eastern Europe, Russia, and Thaila…[View]
2139841what was the trip that made you realize you never wanted to take your parents on vacation with you a…[View]
2138381am i crazy or is this place totally devoid of culture[View]
2144175Modern lifestyle is killing me: I’m a chronically shut in coomer who’s also ill and it all comes bac…[View]
2143835>Visit country in summer: Meet girls, everyone positive, have a blast. >Visit same country in …[View]
2143423Living in Europe 1 month at a time: I'm American and thinking of living in an EU/Schengen Area …[View]
2145335Best places for first solo travel in europe ?: Black anon in UK here, I want to go on my first solo …[View]
2143069Cold Feet: Travel anons I keep getting to the point where I almost buy a plane ticket but then chang…[View]
2142471I want to go to Sweden next year after graduating from uni. I have no friends so it will be a solo t…[View]
2143016is skiing in Eastern Europe, ie Uludag or Gudauri, any good, or should I just stick to normal stuff …[View]

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