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1842543Croatia and general packing things advice: Hello i am going to 2 weeks vacation to Croatia and i nev…[View]
1841302India: How safe is it to travel around India as a white American, once quarantine ends? Where should…[View]
1843545Canada is delimited by gold in the north, by the orient in the west, by history in the east and by f…[View]
1844887Great White North: (Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Greenland, Siberia) Has anyone been ther…[View]
1842371Visiting Budapest for 3 days: My and my 2 friends are visiting Budapest. Any recommendations for res…[View]
1842983Have you ever tried escort services? Did you enjoy it? Name the price and country.[View]
1843941Looking for the building on this album cover: I've been trying to find the building in the back…[View]
1842324Out of all the places you've been too, what place had the most incomprehensible accent?[View]
1836758Miami: So i want to go to Miami next Year someone know some things to do, see, people to avoid?…[View]
1844565Two overrated and unecesseraly expensive islands because rich retards visit them[View]
1844988What are some good Russian summer towns?[View]
1837902Italy?: How is Italy right know? I always wanted to see Amalfi coast, but was told it's overcro…[View]
1844394Redpill me on workaway. I want to go and work in Spain and Portugal in the coming year once COVID su…[View]
1844617German cuck worried about heat: I can’t take heat very well for some reason, never really could. Low…[View]
1843269Thinking about moving to Australie. Can you shill me on this one - Can you discourage me from doing …[View]
1838542where are the good party resorts: ive done saved enough unemployment to take a trip somewhere and dr…[View]
1842277So America is completely closed right? Is there any way to get into America? When will it open? I wa…[View]
1824501RECEPTIANON ANSWERS: RELOADED: Hi there, /trv/lers, receptianon here. It's been a long time, th…[View]
1843397What is the best city to move to if you make 40,000 a year?: I'm a transportation warehouse mon…[View]
1841702Best place in Flroida to retire?: Due to the virus and the riots I'm now officially to old for …[View]
1831548People who have lived in KOREA, what is the country like to live in?: >How is the local populatio…[View]
1842882I'm going to Madeira on Saturday to work remotely until the pandemic is over. Anyone ever been?[View]
1844040Looking to move to a libertarian area where they pressure Liberals to leave? I live in a red area bu…[View]
1844564Montserrat is beautiful. Does anyone know some cool locations around Barcelona? I'll be there u…[View]
1840844When will non-euro countries open up to Europe?: I'm more interested in ~2nd world more exotic …[View]
1844601Is Russia open to Americans yet? And are the embassies or consulates still issuing tourist visas? I …[View]
1834306Malta: I want to go to Malta on vacation. What's the weather like in September there? I was thi…[View]
1844093Holland: Guys I am visiting amsterdam in about two weeks. I have all the time I want and I want to e…[View]
1840210Japan General: You can(not) enter edition FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)* >Where should I …[View]
1842700Airline alliances: Which air alliance would any of you anons prefer? What do you all feel about the …[View]
1840825I think it's a beautiful city and I love the culture of Mexico, I work from home and make enoug…[View]
1845796How do i meet new people during Covid while travelling? Im kinda a sperg so meeting people normally …[View]
1842341Name one place windier than upstate ny Pro tip. You can’t[View]
1846386Oh look, the HNIC finally admitted there won't ever be a vaccine. https://www.reuters.com/artic…[View]
1810533Has travel ever seriously changed you?: The way you think. The way you see the world. The way you se…[View]
1843206What are some college majors that will allow me to work online/in specific countries?[View]
1844349Has anyone here been able to translate their experience overseas with getting a job in a tourism dep…[View]
1844196Hello friends. Dutchfag here. I need to get the fuck out. I need to get away from my stressful job a…[View]
1844181Italybros, why is property so cheap in areas like Molise, Calabria, Sicily? You can get a spacey tow…[View]
1840746What's a good SEA country that has a good night life and clubbing scene? Preferably with a bit …[View]
1842873Travel in Saudi: So I'm stuck in this shithole for Eid. I have about 6.5 days free to travel. W…[View]
1832766wanting to escape the circus that is the west here..feeling more and more like it's all a big j…[View]
1843421Trieste: What to do in Trieste? What are nice places in the region? I have a car available. pic not …[View]
1841439Palermo: I've booked four days in Palermo in August, with the aim of seeing some interesting hi…[View]
1843317I was supposed to go to Disneyland Paris this week but I'm worried about the corona. But all I …[View]
1843870going to cancun innnnnnn half an hour, what should i do there? Thinking of going snorkeling and stuf…[View]
1838039is portland a nice place to visit?: https://youtu.be/-n_YqHy_STU[View]
1842845I'm spending 6 days in Idaho next week. Any recommendations? I'm going to be in Boise and …[View]
1839241What’s the best country for an American to move to? I’d prefer Eastern Europe because the societies …[View]
1843125Best place to do a year of monk mode? I got 60k in savings. >no screens >no internet >work…[View]
1843331Anybody been to Peru? Anyone want to go with me?[View]
1837620Weekend NYC Trip: In 2022 when the world hopefully returns to normal, I would like to visit NYC. I h…[View]
1841467Going to Ibiza tomorrow: UK govt announces spain (and its islands, pointlessly) are back on the blac…[View]
1843714panini: beatiful bread[View]
1843065Where would you live?: i'm a really white spaniard who after several investments in crypto i…[View]
1841258Ok, travelers... can anyone identify the church that this wedding photo was taken in? I think it’s V…[View]
1843470has anyone tried lately to enter Chezch rep. from an EU country? how tough are restrictions, it says…[View]
1843121Help moving to Switzerland: >Posting because the old Switzerland thread seems dead Hello, I'…[View]

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