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/trv/ - Travel

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1936493Meta: I propose we add country flags to this board[View]
1937135I will be taking this trip flying into Kalispell, MT at the end of January. I know this is not the i…[View]
1940628What's the most interesting city I can study? I wanted to pick a city and study everything I po…[View]
1942710i want to travel to japan one day, i dont know any japanese, should i hire a guide/translator or wou…[View]
1927368/ne/ New England General: Rainy Christmas, it seems. I hope you folks from the last thread are still…[View]
1938790Japan General: DoD-and-TEFL-should-kiss-already edition: Previous thread: >>1932497 Copypasta …[View]
1943586Gf is Canadian and I am American. Wanted to get away for a week in February to Mexico but, Trudeau i…[View]
1943128dirt cheap asian countries with stunning nature scenery?[View]
1931506Business Class Seats?: Are business class seats worth it on a long-haul flight? I'm not a good …[View]
1934887Cambodia: Has anyone traveled to Cambodia recently? What was the process like? Did you travel on a …[View]
1943208Is it possible to travel to japan on a 180 day visitor visa, then travel to another country and come…[View]
1943483Sup B. I have a question about to get a new passport and other list of documents. Of course, they wi…[View]
1942851I have the option to study abroad in Soeul what should I expect from the city if I do decide to go? …[View]
1943250Stir-crazy in NYC send help: Hi /trv/, I don't frequent this board, but I'm losing my mind…[View]
1941688>be basement neet all life >30s incoming >worth a little over 100k (thanks crypto) >exis…[View]
1941727Wondering how you guys weigh in on Arizona. Considering moving there because there is no/very low co…[View]
1942910Japan/Tokyo 2021 Olympics to be Canceled: Boys... Japan/Tokyo 2021 Olympics to be Canceled. Who was …[View]
1941233World Heritage Sites: How many have you been to? I'm trying to go to everyone once I don't…[View]
1942569/trv/ Achievement Poster: Come one, come all autists. Got this one from the traveler's map thre…[View]
1942044Hawaii Travel: How is traveling to Hawaii now? Are places open? Will I be shunned by the locals? I…[View]
1935982What's the hidden gem of US cities?[View]
1941277Was the Southeast Asia travel meme invented by Australians?[View]
1935452Flight Attendants: So I hear a lot about people who have experiences with traveling on plane here bu…[View]
1942958Best U.S. state for winter/snow tourism? Am I too late for snow? I'm a southernerfag and genuin…[View]
1942727Why is FL the most based state in the US? https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/duval-county/jack…[View]
1942981Just finished watching pic related. What did I think of it?: Could Mads even save it?[View]
1940522TCC General: Anyone here know or are affiliated with these guys? What do they offer legit travellers…[View]
1942019How do I flee the US in a hurry and with a thousand dollars?[View]
1944713WHY WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST COVID-19 IMMUNITY PASSPORTS: Travel. It’s one of our greatest & most c…[View]
1936756What are some fun things to do in Portland, Oregon?[View]
1933451Japan is essentially a country full of respectful introverts: That's why it appeals to so many …[View]
1935162What is Reno, Nevada like?[View]
1942601JET Program: advice about this i would greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from ya advi…[View]
1942219Japan in 2021: sup /trv/ I have a question I booked a flight back in September for a trip to Japan f…[View]
1942610JET Program: so i've honestly never used 4chan before, never like posted anyway, always just ki…[View]
1940307In which Canadian city do you advise me for a short expatriation ? I'm French and I want to ha…[View]
1938046Who here lives in beautiful quiet coastal towns ?: That's my goal[View]
1942174I want to house hack in the US mountain west what is the best up-and-coming city that actually would…[View]
1935266WHAT DOES EVERYONE DO FOR WORK: What do you all do for work that allows you to travel so much? I…[View]
1939498Does anyone know what town this is?: Hey lads, I saw this picture and was wondering if anyone recogn…[View]
1940761Cancuck here. I don't have any friends or SO to go traveling with, but I am desperate to go to …[View]
1936374US unis: European student here, currently applying for the year abroad. Initially I thought the US w…[View]
1942116Thinking about spending some of my crypto gains on a cruise when covid is over. I've never been…[View]
1931554Is Scotland worth visiting?[View]
1941491Hey /trv/ bros, I was thinking, I really like my trips to developing countries, but then I started t…[View]
1939517did someone advertise this board somewhere? why is it so busy now and why are there so many /int/-st…[View]
1937815What is the point of travel?: >big cities Wow the exact same dirty overcrowded cramped hive copy-…[View]
1933062show me OC of places you’ve been recently, i’ll start[View]
1941462nomad capitalist: anyone here dealt with Nomad Capitalist before? I am a 20 year old in a pretty ide…[View]
1934856TIRED OF THIS SHIT.: What are some legal ways to get around the travel restrictions? I want to go pa…[View]
1939844I haven't traveled since before covid. In general how is the tourism scene right now? Does it f…[View]
1941052where would you rather spend a few months, in estonia or lithuania? implying all you want is peace, …[View]
1940858leaving california: i am a califag that wants to leave this godforsaken state. too hot, too expensiv…[View]
1939401Google Earth /trv/: Any interesting things to look at/do on google maps/earth? pic related some val…[View]
1939043The last time I was in Thailand, I started a mini gang war between bikies (on scooters) and hotel st…[View]

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