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Displaying 47 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1889924Rate my 4-day UK itinerary: -British museum -Buckingham palace -Hyde park -Dover Cliffs -Oxford Univ…[View]
1890621Doing an Erasmus during corona. Boring as fuck. What should I do? How do I fuck? No class, no pubs. …[View]
1884028/trv Confessions/ Confess your travelling sins you've done abroad that: were illegal or almost …[View]
1889908does anyone have a recent copy of the crew change guide? i’ve hitchhiked a ton of miles, i want to t…[View]
1890532welcome to america live stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqEHL6lrYJc welcome to america…[View]
1889865Kenya open for travel: Now that Kenya is open for tourism, I'm thinking on heading to Kenya nex…[View]
1884455What is the best way to make friends in a new country?: Hello /trv/ let's say you are a young m…[View]
1889547Where to start on moving out? I want to move to Washington or New Hampshire after I graduate. I have…[View]
1882121Anyone traveled to Aruba? Is it worth it? What is it like? Thinking about spending 3 months down the…[View]
1879709Japan General: 一番都会 Edition: Osaka a superior city compared to Tokyo. Tokyo is full of yelling Niger…[View]
1889628Rheinland-Pfalz: I'll be living for some months in a little town in RLP. Would like to get the …[View]
1884192Disenchanted Tourists: Post your best disappointed tourist videos Whether it is finding out that the…[View]
1873504Shady shit: What’s the shadiest thing you ever went though while traveling?[View]
1887653Immigration to Japan (work): Hello guys i'm from north Africa, i would like to know what is nec…[View]
1887217Anons who travelled to this part of France, share your insights please. I want to burn my savings in…[View]
1888556Where can I find hookers in the Long Island/New York/New Jersey area without getting arrested? No tr…[View]
1883856international volunteer programs: I want to try my luck and take part in one of them If the one who …[View]
1889041>finished school >found a job and saved to travel >a fucking virus…[View]
1881512Farmland with this feel: I am 23, and recently have came into some money off of some investments tha…[View]
1884488How’s Vegas now bro’s? Is the strip still full of ghetto nigs and spics shooting the place up or is …[View]
1883708Cheapest places to live: Must have high speed internet Outdoor activities Access to cheap groceries …[View]
1884090Is traveling just roaming around and fucking local girls? Because i dont see other honest answers[View]
1883476where can i get a drivers licence as a tourist?: I want to get my drivers licence. I am a Canadian b…[View]
1888303I wonder...: Why might this be? Also: >chokes demand LMAO[View]
1889029I just want to travel lads...[View]
1889072Brit here. Do I need to apply for a visa to go to another country in the EU now? Additionally I…[View]
1887642If they’re all the same thing why was Sufism his choice[View]
1889121I am planning a drive to Canada for next year. What are the best car rental places that will let me…[View]
1889143Any idea if airlines are enforcing quarantine? if i have a week long vacation planned in new york wh…[View]
1888449Is it ok to travel from canada to thailand right now? I'd like to go for a month in January.[View]
1885962Hello /trv/, I'm looking for some travel advice for a Sweden itinerary. With a very limited num…[View]
1888025which is nicer: wyoming or british columbia, they both look nice and I want to visit for the scenery…[View]
1888712Canada-US Border: Quick question, if I were to drive to the US border to travel across, am I allowed…[View]
1887675how good idea is it to leave everything in usa to move to melbourne au[View]
1887066Juarez, MX: give it to me straight, how dangerous is it right now? trying not to get kidnapped but w…[View]
1883283I want to visit Dubai. Redpill me on this place.[View]
1884426All the monger information: Give me all the monger information you got from Brazil and Colombia.…[View]
1886798Travelling to Finland: I've been thinking about travelling/maybe moving to Finland lately, what…[View]
1879763I'll start Top tier: 1) Vagrant Holiday, goes without saying 2) Indigo Traveller, sometimes cri…[View]
1887735Amazing Travel Destinations: Please come to Brazil[View]
1885394>tfw I can only travel through Google earth[View]
1887977How do I bring a cat across the country as comfortably as possible? I just want to move across the c…[View]
1887376This was supposed to be my travelling year. I might not get a year with so much time off ever again.…[View]
1887459Salzburg: Why doesn't anyone talk about this gem? Everyone seems to jump on Vienna (overrated i…[View]
1887855Hidden Gems!: post your hidden gem travel destinations! Vladivostok and Magadan Russia are extremely…[View]
1885965Boston: Traveling here for a few days, will be centrally located. Any suggestions on what to do/visi…[View]
1880793Do you normally plan every single day?: I do and have done for all my trips. Finding it daunting and…[View]

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