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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 32 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1807210Hey /trv/. /mlp/ told me to come here after /x/ told me to go to /mlp/ after /pol/ told me to go to …[View]
1806616Has anyone here been to Graz? Would you recommend it?[View]
1806111What was your biggest culture shock while traveling?[View]
1796459I'm most likely going to inherit $500-700k later this year. Where would you guys personally mov…[View]
1806120I fell in love[View]
1807043If your passport doesn't have this logo, are you even a citizen of the world?[View]
1807083Detroit: Is Detroit really a good place to visit? I heard plenty of crime rates occur over the years…[View]
1806912I'm driving from Chicago to Denver What are some thing I can do over there I'm in Nebraska…[View]
1805583What's the safety situation with island hopping in the tropics on a boat? (Bahamas, pacific isl…[View]
1802857>Moving from Canada to Los Angeles to pursue a career in filmmaking Is it possible? Would it be w…[View]
1806171What are your worst traveling experience? Which countries are blacklisted for you? https://www.y…[View]
1804693Driving while traveling: What are the best options for driving in your holidays. If you can't d…[View]
1806853Does anyone have any experience working as a divemaster / in dive shops in any capacity anywhere aro…[View]
1801390What REALLY happens here?[View]
1801217/bikepacking/ general: >website for planning routes https://www.komoot.com/plan/ >Your thought…[View]
1805936How do I go back to my job in China ?: Before all this China Virus started, I had a pretty well payi…[View]
1805186what are the fucking chances italy opens up to americans this summer FUCK italy thread[View]
1805971Rank the US regions from best to worst[View]
1788776Worst place to travel in the world: I'd say the Central African Republic. Is there a worse plac…[View]
1806029Does Amsterdam have an airport open all night and can you sleep in there? Also, if you know about ot…[View]
1804529Has anyone here been to Gabon: African immigrants literally die trying to get there https://www.nati…[View]
1805775which part of new york has the worst people: which is different from the place being the most danger…[View]
1804217New Brunswick road trip: Doing a road-trip there and back first week of June with some friends...dri…[View]
1804309Best countries to live as a NEET?: I have a steady of flow of around US$ 500 every month plus more t…[View]
1801278Japan General: Tataki Salmão edition FAQ (aka shit you should stop asking)* >Where should I stay …[View]
1785970Best countries for guns?: Asian Burger here, I have plenty of guns in the states but which other cou…[View]
1808706What happened to this place? About 50% of threads are blatant sex tourism threads. I've been o…[View]
1805000Couchsurfing charges a fee now: This is the end of an era. I feel like they're just using the r…[View]
1805327Is there much to do in Kanazawa?[View]
1806064Will I be able to get a student visa to Italy for this fall?[View]
1799344In what country can I live comfortably on $1 US per day?[View]
1804967Is Croatian open for tourism? Thinking about going to Dalmatian in June[View]

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