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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 60 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1987316I would kinda like to visit all 7 continents. I have been to Asia, Europe and North America. I don…[View]
1990520Vanuatu: I'm genuinely curious about this country and plan on going when travel restrictions ar…[View]
1991699My family and I are planning a trip in about 3 months to spend two to three weeks on the East Coast.…[View]
1991691Damn, things are so dangerous now. Barely anymore yellow countries :([View]
1987380If i book hotel room can I take a guest?: Do I ned to book a double room or does it not matter? Do …[View]
1987867Lads I can't help but wonder, is dating a girl from France or UK or even Italy worth it? I have…[View]
1988852Ibiza: Worth going this summer or should I just wait for next year? And what's the likelihood o…[View]
1991007First time booking alone: When this pandemic stops I'm planning to travel alone through Europe.…[View]
1988046What are the best large checked bag suitcases??[View]
1991543Help me start a business travelling: Hi Guys, I'm moving into a van I have self converted withi…[View]
1990330Well bros? Where's left for one to go in this world of ours for one to have a true tintin esque…[View]
1984971Wyoming: What is the appeal?[View]
1988523Uruguay: I thought about going to Montevideo in case shit hits the fan in Ukraine. I speak Spanish a…[View]
1981132Coomers rejoice: July 1st with a shorter quarantine. happy days[View]
1978981Finally leaving NJ, should I go to Tennessee or North Carolina? Looking for somewhere cheap with an …[View]
1990147anons choose my own adventure thread: about to graduate highschool, 100% online, looking to travel f…[View]
1991195I want to take a trip to Yucatán. How likely am I to catch the Covid?[View]
1980569Living off Passive Income: My friend and I are considering moving to somewhere in Central/Eastern/Ba…[View]
1991101Red pill me on Uraguay. Have some business to attend to in Beunos Aires later this summer and wonder…[View]
1990389Anyone travel to Perú lately? How strict is the quarantine? Does anyone actually check to make sure …[View]
1989221what's a good dog breed to go travelling with?[View]
1989029/vietnam/ general: Come to Vietnam. It's very nice.[View]
1990221Big Island or Oahu?: Which one is better for a month-long stay for someone who likes nature?[View]
1990775Iraq- Syria border: Any RealTravellers(TM) know if the Iraq-Syria border is open for crossing by ind…[View]
1986527/Yosemite General/ I am going to yosemite in september for three days please give me all the advice …[View]
1992700my wife got blacked We were at Hedonism (Jamaican adults only resort) we went to spice things up, do…[View]
1990784EU Residency, non-citizen: Any non-citizen EU residents here? I'm applying for Greek residency …[View]
1990864EuroTrip: I'm tentatively planning some Euro travel this fall. Most of the time I would be in t…[View]
1979455How much money do I need to stay in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for a year?[View]
1987792norway fag here ive got 500.000 euro and i want to buy a house in another country. i make enough mon…[View]
1986129Britbong here. Once covid is diminished, I desperately want to go to the US. I haven't travelle…[View]
1990351Is it worth traveling across the United States as a Vagabond or camping in a minivan?[View]
1980530/trv/ humor thread[View]
1988782>He doesnt even bother learning the language of the country he's visiting honestly travel ex…[View]
19820362021 travel predictions - goy edition: Third world shitholes will open up to westerns very soon. Jun…[View]
1989540Best remote job for traveling?: Any of you work any remote jobs that let you live elsewhere while ma…[View]
1990494Palace Hotel in Belgium?: I was reading The Red Fighter Pilot and Richthofen described a hotel they …[View]
1983958COVID TEST POSITIV: Hi / trvl / friends! I had a trip planned tomorrow between BE and FR in a moving…[View]
1989551Shit Ton of flight credits: Story time /trv/ >friend works for Verizon >friend is top salesman…[View]
1975102Philippines: Why won't this shithole open already? Who do they think they are kidding?[View]
1990054Please translate!!: Hello, I am trying to translate this. I'm not sure if it is kanji or Chines…[View]
1988447Louisville, Kentucky: Have to move to Kentucky for the summer for my job. I'm going alone. I…[View]
1989133Where could I go to join a small community of people that have no extended use of technology, but wi…[View]
1977688>25 >French >Never traveled to another country and I didn't care until then >2020 a…[View]
1988468Aruba Vacation: Im taking a weeklong vacation in Aruba at the end of the month with my brother. Its …[View]
1989331Moving Destinations: If the coof ended tomorrow, where would you move to? I just landed a well payin…[View]
1988026There should be hammock hotels and if they exist then more common. Basically a warm, dry room with h…[View]
1989858I'm going to Russia soon, specifically Crimea. Anyone got any tips?[View]
1985233How do i into Korea?: So basically: >Be me, scandi, manlet (but good looking) >About to finish…[View]
1986226Would you travel to Crimea?[View]
1982370Uzbekistan General: I want to go to Uzbekistan now. Anyone ever been? What's it like? Whats the…[View]
1985187>in america an autistic nobody asocial loser who spills his spaghetti: >in spain an outgoing, …[View]
1987578Budapest: Hey everyone. I'm thinking about studying in Hungary for a few years. It's a cit…[View]
1988881Cost of living in Florida for 3 months? I am 23 YO from Norway and was unable to do exchange year t…[View]
1974871Chicago based anons, come be honest: Is Chicago going to unlock the city from COVID mania any time i…[View]
1986989Green: open with little to no travel restrictions by July Yellow: open with moderate restrictions (…[View]
1984521Texas to New York: Flying to Austin, TX this week. Gonna see some of the major cities there: Dallas,…[View]
1986463Oktoberfest: What are the odds that it happens this year and what will it be like?[View]
1984871Most deadliest hitchhike: >Mauritania >make no attempt to stealth onto train >dozens of neg…[View]
1987529Looking for someone to travel with for a while: Hey guys, as the subject says, I was wondering if an…[View]

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