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/trv/ - Travel

Displaying 43 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
1843890where is the best place to move to in france ?[View]
1846175> booo I'm so depressed and tired, I'm unhappy with my life and I thought that doing a …[View]
1847704flights from US to japan are like 430 bucks on air canada for may of next year. Its a gamble to assu…[View]
1845718Best Beaches in Southern California?: I work at a tech company in the Bay Area, and we're offic…[View]
1846594Anyone been to Salem, MA?[View]
1835911Moving to Brooklyn soon. Either Greenpoint or Prospect Heights, which one should i move to?[View]
1847196Religious architecture thread[View]
1847728In need of assistance: I’ll be disappearing sometime in the near future to somewhere I need help wha…[View]
1847047Florida Panhandle Beach: What's the best beach on the Florida panhandle? Is Panama City cool or…[View]
1847699Anyone else get saved by Corona?[View]
1824600What companies typically hire out of Taiwan? I work in the corporate travel industry, know a bit of …[View]
1847496>uncle buys pic related vacation through a travel agency (one guide, 15-20 people) for this summe…[View]
1847185South America: Establishing a Base: I want to relocate to South America, but I have never been there…[View]
1839680Is the Philippines safe?: I have plans to stay in PHP for about 1 year or more. I’ve been reading Ho…[View]
1846718redpill me on Budapest - is it just another sex tourist destination or is there more to it? plannin…[View]
1840181What’s your excuse for not traveling right now? You could literally be sipping down Negronis in Vero…[View]
1845871Paintbucket Map Thread: It's one of these again.[View]
1841612THE WORLD IS OPENING UP: Looks like Canada can travel to Europe without quarantine... How about USA?…[View]
1845598Will americans be the new chinese tourists of the world after this year?[View]
1845534Hey /trv/, been lurking here for a while, and thought it was time to make my own thread. I'm 1…[View]
1846801Anyone got experiences to share about travelling in Colombia or South America in general? Is the nig…[View]
1843993Question for guys who are married to Thai women: how many replacement water buffaloes have you bough…[View]
1835286Croatia - 2 weeks what do?: flying into Kavar late august. out of Dubrovnik a couple of weeks later.…[View]
1841254Can i forget about my erasmus next year?Would have gone to Spain.[View]
1842056Life on Guam: I'm thinking about moving to Guam next spring, have any of you been there? It loo…[View]
1841935Best country for fitness travel in EU: EU is basically open, so I want to find a place where I'…[View]
1846888Anyone Been To Rwanda?: Some people say that its a hellhole that should be avoided at all costs. Oth…[View]
1841871>dumbfuck minimum wage Norf FC bongs told flying to Benidorm is ok >they all rush onto RyanAir…[View]
1842312Cost of living vs. salary: I have job offers in Japan and in Singapore. The after-tax monthly salary…[View]
1843326Going on my first trip since February this evening. I'm renting a car and going down to a farm …[View]
1842970Any of you been here?[View]
1836181so i'm headed to amsterdam next week. solo trip for 4 days not sure exactly what to do or what …[View]
1846800Is the best part about travel posting on /trv/ when you get back?[View]
1845326Scotland: Was considering a two week trip around the country with an extra four days reserved for th…[View]
1841580Most underrated cities in the US?: Either to live or just visit. Places that surprised you and ended…[View]
1846612Since my plans for Japan and Taiwan been canceled this year and I got all my tickets refunded I…[View]
1841134Modern Thailand?: What's the most modern place in Thailand? I don't want to walk through u…[View]
1842151I’ve never been to Asia, please help: I’m looking to live in Asia for the rest of my life. I have th…[View]
1846365Anyone got any good ideas on how to get into Canada from the US? I figure using the Alaska loophole …[View]
1844156Gf wants to travel to Scotland cuz of the Oulander series, so got some queations for you How is the …[View]
1846157Help me identify this insect.: This thing bit me. Someone help me identify this insect.[View]
1843516Whats the best/cost effective way of seeing England & Wales: I'm actually from London, it l…[View]
1846392Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan or Kenya?: Experienced /trv/fag here, looking for advice on comfortable pan…[View]

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