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1631757South Africa: I'm going for a business trip to South Africa in one week, I'll spend close …[View]
1631327What’s there to do in the Bahamas?[View]
1625895ITT: people you will meet at hostels: >Those IDF backpackers who try to haggle the owners for a d…[View]
1630744Returning to France with an unpaid medical bill.: In 2015 I was in Paris and injured my hand pretty …[View]
1632864Fuck you that asshole cunt on this board who said a while ago that it's easy to fuck Asian tour…[View]
1617435Moldova: Has anyone ever been to this place? What were your experiences with Moldova?[View]
1631131Paris dress: Hello, /trv/. I need some dress advice. I am a 20 year old United States citizen and wi…[View]
1633047International Airlines: Fitizen here (sorry if idk trv lingo). I was previously stationed in okinawa…[View]
1630321Travel License: How would you guys feel about a hypothetical world wide enforced travel license for …[View]
1614975What are the best places in Italy?: I'm going on a 3 week road trip to Italy shortly. I already…[View]
1630805I'm considering booking a trip to Vietnam because I don't give a shit/currently hate my li…[View]
1626221Hey /trv/, I've finally scheduled a 40 day vacation, and I want to use that time to ride a moto…[View]
1631407Moving Questions: Hi /trv/ I'm a brit and I've considered moving to either Houston or Colo…[View]
1632944Perpetual travellers/digital nomads: Get in here! How long have you been going? What's your nex…[View]
1632910Tell me about the best trip you’ve ever taken anon[View]
1632448choco reccomandations: I will go to Belgium tomorrow and I want to suprise my granny with some choco…[View]
1632868Tennessee man dies from flesh eating bacteria after Destin Florida Vacation: https://www.audioblocks…[View]
1619028Philippines general: Cubao edition. A general thread with information about travel/tourism, expat li…[View]
1630668Ok lads I'm leaving for the army in about 5 weeks. Assuming I have no money now, don't nee…[View]
1631786anyone have improvements for my roadtrip?: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Calais,+France/Lille,+Fra…[View]
1632017Has anyone ever been to Bethlehem, PA? Would you live there?[View]
1632243Cheap ticket services: Are services like Scotts cheap flights worth it or is basically just bullshit…[View]
1631965Asheville: Hey buddy's. So I've heard great things about Asheville, NC. My parents went an…[View]
1626573Where are the best beaches/beach communities in the continental United States?[View]
1630742Are vanlifers just posers full of shit? Is this kind of living even sustainable outside of make beli…[View]
1629492I want to experience polar night. What's the cheapest/most accessible place to do this in?[View]
1629786Hello /trv! I am going to prepare my Interrail for Norway. My objective is traveling with Ryanair to…[View]
1628411now that akihabara is a tourist trap are there any places like the old aki still around tokyo or is …[View]
1630979Travel Shorts Recommendations: Any cheap travel shorts recommendations for ultra-light packers?…[View]
1632296I had to do a layover in Dhaka so on a whim I gave myself 3 days. What the fuck to do here? I had th…[View]
1631854Certificate of no criminal proceedings: My girlfriend is moving from the US to my country to study h…[View]
1630455Ireland: I'll be traveling in Ireland and on the last day before departure heading from Westpor…[View]
1630685Trains: I want to land in Zurich, take a train to Paris, and then end somewhere in the low countries…[View]
1626295As a European, what are my main chances and opportunities of being able to move to Switzerland if I …[View]
1631374Benelux & Germany Euro Tour: Hey lads, disclaimer, this isn't my board so I'm sorry if…[View]
1629275Japan General: Weebshit edition Post about >Your favorite Japanese drinks, bars, and degenerate d…[View]
1631762hey, travelling to rome for 3 nights next month. What should I do? Where should I stay? What should …[View]
1610557Danger: What is the most dangerous situation you've been in while travelling? Even if you just …[View]
1628501Hated places: >places you hate so much you wouldent visit again even if someone paid for the whol…[View]
1629308Solo travel to Baltics: From the US and I'll be traveling alone to Tallinn tomorrow. Never been…[View]
1631623Is this shit even worth paying attention to except for obvious places like Somalia[View]
1631921>start solo journey around Europe >First stop has been Milan >'Hostel' is basically a hote…[View]
1628664How do you stay as long as possible in SEA without being kicked out due to visa issues?[View]
1630166Going to Detroit next month, anything cool I should check out?[View]
1629918What to do in Nuremberg? Castle, old town, nazi grounds, museum...?[View]
1628758people who live in Alaska, im planning to move there in a couple of years and i want to hear of what…[View]
1631614what does /biz/ think about: cuba??[View]
1628670Is there any reason for a English tourist to visit Haiti?[View]
1631682Hey /trv/, do you use any websites to find events or fun shit going on? I seem to recall some anon p…[View]
1629189Is Boston worth traveling to from the West Coast without a specific reason? I'm talking like on…[View]
1631652Russia: So I will stay in Russia for a timeframe of 6 months soon, to improve my Russian. And I was …[View]
1631701Austrian Alps on Motorcycle: next month I'll be in Austria with my wife for 10 days traveling. …[View]
1631184>flying >see this >what do…[View]
1631015Green card: Never posted here so idk if there is a general for this sort of thing. How can I, as a B…[View]
1623900I’m going to Moscow for fun in a little under 2 months. What am I in for? How are Americans receive…[View]
1629132Any Rome anons down to hangout, or have advice on off the beaten path places to check out? Canadian …[View]
1631469is there a duty free apple store at JFK? because fuck USA with their state-dependant taxes[View]
1628151>Be leaf >No gf >Recently left job >Rejected university application for the fall >Liv…[View]
1631157The ultimate Eurotrip: allright /trv/ who here is ready to go on the ultimate trip through yurop?…[View]
1630689Hi guys. I'm visiting Edinburgh next week. So could you please suggest me places with best on y…[View]

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