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Displaying 253 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2863605/me waves p.aws :>>> muuurrrr~~..….... x3[View]
2863466Do you ever feel like youre worthless and should die?[View]
2862484Why can't I feel anything anymore?[View]
2862986one day i'd like to find an anime girl in my room but they wouldn't want to stay they…[View]
2857917would you date a sukeban?[View]
2863462holy crap lois[View]
2863068Hiro is streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjiJvgCeGgU[View]
2862961>anon larps as a girl >says 'Tits or GTFO' >she actually delivers with timestamp…[View]
2863431Mods/Hiro should bite the bullet and make /lit/ fiction-only. There's too much spill-over from …[View]
2862728The mods can suck my dick. I don't care if this thread gets deleted, but I want to remind Hirom…[View]
2791054The Satori thread died[View]
2863246the /qa/ store[View]
2863473Best Fate girl thread: >Altriafags get a shitty DEEN kiss >Rhinokeks get literally no intimate…[View]
2863338How's my numbers, /qa/?[View]
2863322Turn me into an Mod: And I'll completely fix 4chan's posting quality.[View]
2863170why are male nipples acceptable but females aren't?[View]
2863204'It says here in the book, that to become a cute animu girl you must first post a thousand cute imag…[View]
2853249Post tongue[View]
2863235Filter the word tranny tranny = dude dilate = embrace[View]
2863245The queen of 4channel[View]
2861991You let her thread die.[View]
2863209>can't delete posts too quickly >can't delete posts that have been up for too long b…[View]
2863153>you have been banned for: replying to off topic garbage[View]
2863217>tfw your sperm donation can only result in a zoomer[View]
2863037need a brown gf[View]
2863023How should I report posts that ask for “sauce”? None of the classifications are accurate.[View]
2863132What are anons from /qa/ called? /qa/stards?[View]
2860283Watch this, I demand it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC8LX1VNBjY[View]
2862704why r u spamming weebs acting like furries lmao i thought u hated furries[View]
2862781I'm having a hard time finding something to do. What do you guys do?[View]
2863093>goes on /co/ for comic and cartoon threads >tons of capeshit threads >goes on /tv/ to get …[View]
2863022my parent playing dumb music again >:[[View]
2861682Can we filter “incel” yet?[View]
2858105Recent events have really shown the true colors of this board. What the fuck went wrong?[View]
2862943>when there's a weab[View]
2862994wtf since when did i get unbanned? Hey guys whatsup and if you remember me Hey guys whats up :) sinc…[View]
2836236nagoya basho starts today. sumo is really awesome, if you haven't watched it before you should …[View]
2862907What's student accommodation like?How bad are the normalfags?I just want to retreat to my room …[View]
2862964/va/ - Battle Shonen: I come from /a/ after having seen so many threads afflicted with the /v/irus (…[View]
2862886The /qa/ girl in her prime[View]
2862838The /qa/ boy[View]
2862741me on the left[View]
2861700why do people keep talking to me even if i don't talk to them?[View]
2862840>Have sex? Back off, lady. I'm volcel.[View]
2861891what made wojak, pepe and spurdo offshoots live on while everything else faded into oblivion?[View]
2862697I post 10 threads a day because I don't get any social interaction in real life.[View]
2862751What's the opposite of anime?[View]
2862789woke up (heres the part two of the two parter i told you about)[View]
2861650Hiro, please listen There is NO good reason for name- and trip-fags to come in to already existing t…[View]
2862724is2.4chan slow image loading: Images often load at modem speeds. Whats happening? Everything else is…[View]
2861543Chads of /qa/, can you confirm this?: https://files.catbox.moe/aq2ygd.jpg[View]
2850027Reminder: Let us not forget: >Boson posters >Homu posters >Yen posters >Rumi spammers …[View]
2859783Why does /qa/ hate freedom of speech?[View]
2862711Why do the /a/ mods delete all the fun threads[View]
2862706What is the appropriate board to discuss buildings in? Things like exterior, floor plans, etc.[View]
2861992I was going to go to an anime convention as asuka but I was too lazy and now nothing I could order w…[View]
2862700*cheers /qa/*[View]
2862654Is anyone else here completely disconnected with their entire family or is it just me?[View]
2861818>Where do you think you're going, studmuffin?[View]
2862155welcome to /qa/, may I take your order?[View]
2862665Is there any way to set notifications for 4chan(nel)? For example, can it notify me on my phone when…[View]
2861916>the state of /int/[View]
2862247Leave the annie may to me![View]
2862643How fucking wrong is this kid?[View]
2862421how do we solve the siegefag problem?[View]
2860624Boardtans thread: Who is your favorite board tan?[View]
2862608This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
2861756dat /qa/ vehicle[View]
2859193Granbelm is so pretty[View]
2862565Delete /pol/.[View]
2862548where can i download this masterpiece?[View]
2861915the weak should fear the strong[View]
2859251Which do you prefer?[View]
2862303Trying to make ammends: Hello might be taking a risk to coming here but after I have cheated on my e…[View]
2861763Where does /qa/ stand on White Supremacy?[View]
2861826Really makes me think: What did the mod on /mlp/ mean by this? How is it spamming/flooding if it…[View]
2862461>following a thread all day >250 posts >very relevant to the board, great content >on fr…[View]
2862457any particular reason she has a big yellow star of david on? what did they mean by this?[View]
2862293gonna go bed now its really late (this image is a two parter so i can post part one when i go sleep …[View]
2861520/a/ sticky is finally gone boys we did reddit all that shitposting paid off[View]
2862054what percentage of 4chan(nel) users are actually transgender?[View]
2858829Why don't they make more buddy cop shows? They're always great.[View]
2860879How do you feel about the current state of 4chan(nel)?[View]
2862152Post your rare trevs.[View]
2861067threads keep falling off the front page id better hold them up[View]
2862249posting on /qa/[View]
2861861Are you drinking enough water today, Anon?[View]
2861243I have a question and if there are any color blind people it'd help to hear from them. I got to…[View]
2861999is this board similar to the early days of /bant/?[View]
2860968https://www.alchemiastory.jp/ This game looks cute and fun /qa/[View]
2791701/qa/ needs a prescription: one Rika thread stat![View]
2861336Ban trannyposting: It's ruined the entire site at this point. Two people have a disagreement an…[View]
2861881My top 10 Japanese albums? Certainty, not in any particular order: 10. Rosa Luxemburg / Puri Prui (…[View]
2861943Tell me, has /a/ always been such garbage or have I just outgrown it/been blocking it out all these …[View]
2861636I dunno if this is an open secret but I know why tripfags and namefags on /a/ died. Beck in 2008 /a/…[View]
2861137Where are you supposed to start threads about podcasts? It gets deleted from all three adjacent subj…[View]
2851998DeS, DS, DS2, or DS3?[View]
2861200ITT:: Post the quintessential post from/a post that sums up best a given board. I'll start with…[View]
2861248lain had such a great soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGncAYLZ3XE[View]
2861802Was Virgin vs Chad the last funny and creative 4chan meme?[View]
2861218Why does /pol/ believe that they can actually make a change in politics? Everything has stayed the s…[View]
2861823saten: saten[View]
2861867Smoke weed everyday.[View]
2861742how do you make this stream work? i have flash enabled https://neetball.net/neet/live3/[View]
2861540The reminder /qa/ doesn't deserve: but the one it needs right now.[View]
2861787>tags: blackmail filming rape loli[View]
2861535Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info] 4chan Pass users can b…[View]
2861675Lost N-word: Has anyone seen my n-word? It was at the tip of my tongue just a moment ago, but now it…[View]
2861702Delete /pol/.[View]
2861721hot today lads[View]
2861459dear blue palm tree: i live in iran. hella years back i stopped coming to 4chan because reasons. i u…[View]
2861605What the fuck went so wrong[View]
2861610What do we do about the janny problem?[View]
2861487My ban just expired and I want to say that it was completely my fault for doing wrong and I'm s…[View]
2861476Mods are incredibly based. https://desuarchive.org/qa/search/deleted/deleted/filter/text/[View]
2861497I found Janny's yearbook. He's not a cat. He is human.[View]
2861339woke up[View]
2861179Cool 4chan tricks: Did u know if you click the numbers at the top right of another anonymous user…[View]
2861230There should be an option to report mass repliers.[View]
2860831get in /qa/ we're going for a ride[View]
2861362ever since I broke up with my gf i noticed i no longer have any real life friends to talk to? She wa…[View]
2861308Have you noticed?: Anyone here notice main stream media and 'pop-culture' in the West attacking the …[View]
2860718I did it again![View]
2861293Has anything really changed?[View]
2861287>arguing with dumb mom >can't contain my rage >yell 'URUSAI BAKA' >mfw she dosen…[View]
2861274Is China superior to the West?[View]
2859896I got a ban about replying to off topic garbagr. Is this normal? I called marvel shit, was it a powe…[View]
2861249I glanced at some the roofs of some houses the other day while I was walking home. For a split secon…[View]
2861081remove/pol/ before 2020 it's the only way to save this site[View]
2861213Vanishing from Internet: Is the pornstar Maryjane Auryn Dead? Her twitter got suspended for some rea…[View]
2860981Ip range ban?: Dindu nuffin truly. 4chan.org/banned says I am not banned yet pic related. What’s the…[View]
2855770the queen eats alone[View]
2861165>getting my car serviced >bang out a cheeky shitpost while I'm waiting >'Posting from …[View]
2839205What shows are you watching now, /qa/?[View]
2859827What are REAL ways to make a passive income of $1000 a month?[View]
2861088The /qa/ train is on it's way to the rest of 4chan![View]
2861073Just kill the board already >>>/tv/118288444[View]
2859563WHY IS SHE EEATING A BUG!?!?!??>!?[View]
2861065My soulmate doesn’t love me I fact he never did. Broke up with me almost 3 months ago after 6 years.…[View]
2861005Ridiculous bans: What the literal fuck is this supposed to be? A three day site-wide ban for 'replyi…[View]
2855566Does /qa/ know what killing bites is?[View]
2859648Comforting a loved one: What is the best way to comfort someone who's loved one is dying if you…[View]
2860826please ban all nostalgia posters, I am so sick and tiered of seeing 90s and 2000s nostalgia posting …[View]
2860992When will Hiromoot make it a global banable offense to post wojak and all of its variations? The mem…[View]
2860873apologies needed!: I never got an apology for my unwarranted ban! I want at least an Im sorry from t…[View]
2860818Bring back visible e-mail field.[View]
2859200>/a/ in March 2011: Showing concerns for Japan as the tsunami hit. Only small amount of edgemaste…[View]
2860974Delete /pol/.[View]
2860958President Trump is flawless - still banned: my net range has been nuked, but shows i am not currentl…[View]
2860337>make crash thread on /v/ >BAD >several smash threads >GOOD what the fuck jannies…[View]
2860207/qa/ is the customer support and complaint board[View]
2860846/v/: what the fuck is going on with /v/? I can't post images, make threads or report, and I get…[View]
2860896theres a desperate neo-weeb poster: frantically bumping neo-anime threads[View]
2835642posts songs you like[View]
2776308do u agriiiie????[View]
2860914she's being sucked into the abyss /qa/![View]
2860136>>259771959 >>259771998 >>259772032 >>259772054 >>259772634 >>25…[View]
2860886confused: if i report a post, see it doesn't disappear, my ip didn't change, and i was abl…[View]
2860867Does Hiro still visit this place?[View]
2860745if we all submit an honest plea to the jannies, i believe that they will actually take action agains…[View]
2858895why do u come here if u makes u so mad? lol[View]
2860800I want to beat autistic weebspammers to death with my kanabo.[View]
2859907ate some frosted flakes (2 of em to be spacific) with my toes (2 of em to be spacific) and i reeeeea…[View]
2858021ᵘʷᵘ oh fwick ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ fwick sowwy gwuys ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ ᵘʷᵘ sowwyy im dwo…[View]
2860744night /qa/, love you (note: i didnt eat a burg just wanted to post this image)[View]
2860742The /jp/ discord mafia weebspam! Im an autistic tranny btw.[View]
2860717Ahem! Ladies and gentleman I have an announcement to make Fuck neurotypical Fuck redditors Fuck norm…[View]
2859315How do you stop overthinking everything?[View]
2859830You dare me?: Do you dare me to become a smoker? Smoking is very known for its bad stuff but I for o…[View]
2859039>turn /s/ into a blue board and ban all selfie pictures[View]
2859649How can we deal with the crossboarder problem on /a/? All they do is shitpost and drag in their outs…[View]
2860503>KyoAni is literally dead >/a/ moves on like nothing happened, back to shiposting about the sh…[View]
2860456Uploading files from your IP range has been blocked due to abuse. [More Info] 4chan Pass users can b…[View]
2860381I couldn my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill.[View]
2860420Will this shit ever end? I hate coming to /wsg/ now.[View]
2860208Which one is the worst:: /v/, /tv/, or /pol/?[View]
2860333Why don't weebs celebrate Easter?[View]
2857786Pardon me for posting this here, but how do you browse 5ch and 2channel? Most of the boards seem ina…[View]
2855448/i4cg/ Improve 4Chan General: >This edition: First edition[View]
2858833getting older sucks[View]
2858814nothing to do all summer[View]
2859411Welcome home, master! Can I interest you in my special cafe au lait?[View]
2858734I'm crying because nobody loves me! Wahhhhhhhh![View]
2860339knob off you spawney eyed pillocks[View]
2860318Why don't weabs just have sex instead of committing anime related terrorist attacks?[View]
2860224This is what reddit tourists actually think 4chan is about.[View]
2859698The Future of /ic/: /ic/ is getting worse, soon it will be uninhabitable actually studying is gettin…[View]
2860198Unspecified bans: What the fuck is going on? I don't even know what post I got banned for, how …[View]
2858784Why do mods never talk to the userbase anymore? Considering they move every meta discussion in regar…[View]
2855778summer is too hot I want to die[View]
2860242>2019 >still going strong how does he do it?…[View]
2858743I can't watch anime anymore: Whenever I load up my PC and start to browse and look for some ani…[View]
2857712https://twitter.com/FWAsteria/status/1151736326154096640 You can donate directly to KyoAni by buying…[View]
2853152Choose your character https://picrew.me/image_maker/32193[View]
2859663/int/ moderation issue: Why are threads on /int/ that make fun of Russia/feature the Putin monkey me…[View]
2860169heh >>>/int/108595601 if that really was the reason for the attack.. We live in a society[View]
2859621convince me to donate /qa/[View]
2859897Why the FUCK would I donate MONEY to some irrelevant moeshit studio from the 2000s you jewish zoomer…[View]
2860146Delete /pol/.[View]
2859522How come/a/ gets free reign on /co/ but you’ll get banned if you post comics on /a/?[View]
2859920/a/ became /v/: >What went wrong?[View]
2859769Help, help, I'm stuck in the inversion machine, Please hurry[View]
2857637This is why /a/ is like this. Only a tiny percentage off all the blatant underage shitposters even g…[View]
2859617So how much money did Putin pay for this site? I am getting really tired that you get banned for eve…[View]
2859515woke up[View]
2859519How old are you /qa/? I just turned 21 a few days ago.[View]
2859630how can i delete my thread that was archieved by 4chan?[View]
2857264Anime is the LEAST of Japan's issues. Japan's culture is extremely competitive, and harsh,…[View]
2859333>if you disagree with a moralfag they call you new and tell you to go back to r*ddit Why do they …[View]
2858060Is /a/ gonna implant some new rules: Or is this just gonna get swapped under the rug like nothing ha…[View]
2857991I want an asian gf so bad *literaly crying*: Why? Why do you all reject me I pwomise id be good boy…[View]
2851561Test Thread: Use this thread for testing various things. Pay no attention to the content of the post…[View]
2857869can i scream here?[View]
2857865gonna eat some food[View]
2857782wish I had an interesting question[View]
2857078She's figuring out how to get ahead in life[View]
2857564Who wins?[View]
2857404Guess the animal[View]
2859147Was it payback for the endless eight?[View]
2857148Can /qa/ be far behind?[View]
2856866does anyone else here really hate the word chill? Its like the ultimate zoomer NPC spic word that is…[View]
2857635are you happy /qa/?[View]
2856872I think PRECURE SUCKS[View]
2856777woke up[View]
2858032Bro help a 2d out you have a cig?[View]
2859363what if dogs were gay[View]
2855573When was the last time you swam anywhere?[View]
2857807asian girl.....[View]
2858908Heres how to improve 4chan >revoke GR15 >wordfilter 'have sex' to 'notice me senpai' >make…[View]
2857386hey, who is this bitch?[View]

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