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Displaying 243 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3236373what is 4chans obsession with Braps? do alot of people on here have a fart fetish?[View]
3236368stole a get today[View]
3236364>have questions about the moderation >'dude go to IRC and ask a mod' >go to IRC >none of…[View]
3236119why are so many posters on this website so dramatic about everything?[View]
3236357>yeah just let me make one tulpa it wont be that bad how the fuck could one person be such a fuck…[View]
3236182Bender says trans rights![View]
3236087Toonami Ratings for 5/23/20: As feared, MHA will rerun on 5/30 and 6/6. In the lead slot of course. …[View]
3236279Is this normal behavior?[View]
3236285how is this thread worth a 98 day ban?: I just don't understand the moderation on this fucking …[View]
3236294Ugh... Hello?!?! Why was this quality thread deleted??? I had a reply all typed out and then poof it…[View]
3232668/co/ mods are trying to hid the fact that Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, makes pedophile…[View]
3236229Pedophile Mods: I literally just seen a thread the was calling out mods for being pedophiles and it …[View]
3235452Why is 4chan so obsessed with being “the good guys”? What’s wrong with being a bad guy?[View]
3236213How can we as /qa/dditors help to end the incel epidemic?[View]
3236190As I look at the catalog I see not one but two Canada General threads. There is a point when this ne…[View]
3236173Can we get a report option for ban evasion and/or encouraging that shit? I'm damn tired of /b/ …[View]
3236169why's singing not allowed? you'd think music is a very important aspect of a country'…[View]
3235893A thread on /pol/ - politically incorect saying the US military is a joke and ineffective was just d…[View]
3236073Why isn't this board on the 4chan home page?[View]
3236090I see this stupid fucking trollface edit at least twice a day and every time I see it I just Laugh M…[View]
3236021I'm a fucking retard.[View]
3235639Meta Thread: Can we talk about the current state of /v/?[View]
3236081I found a website that allows me to stream several videos a post using a link. Is there any websites…[View]
3234625>mfw i found out 'people' still post on /qa/ we all left eons ago didn't you getthe memo?…[View]
3235950Why is this board getting spammed so hard by /pol/schizos? Funny how thinly veiled racist/fascist/an…[View]
3235059Bug: Connection error on every NSFW board. I have been tested this on every red board with image and…[View]
3235690I just got warned for gibberish text. Literally the only thing I typed was 'Cringe'. What the fuck?[View]
3235781PSA: >Who are you quoting? Means I have brain damage and I don't have reading comprehension.…[View]
3235624off topic garbage: The only thread I replied to this morning was about Parasite's Oscar win…[View]
3234513Reminder that Wojakfags are diaperfags.[View]
3235769Coronavirus: exists Everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DykVJl6wr_4[View]
3234758is the word >nigga a good reason to get banned for racism? or does it have to be NIGGER…[View]
3235590Holy shit, did you really just fucking make captcha HARDER for reporting?[View]
3235255Why can we not report for NSFW on /v/? Not checked other boards if it is the same but you can't…[View]
3234651Oh, look /pol/'s mods are banning people for telling them to do their fucking job. Listen you c…[View]
3235579just wtf is going on on /g/? I got TWO 24 hour 'off-topic' bans this month. Now they don't even…[View]
3235478Why am is my IP blocked from posting files on like half the boards? I didn't do anything. Does …[View]
3235549>mecha can't exist durr tanks threads are allowed to stay up on /a/ >actual mecha threads…[View]
3234825>report system now uses hcaptcha >it's even worse than recaptcha How is this possible?…[View]
3235586Why can't I post just because some other brainlet has broken the rules? Range bans are just a s…[View]
3235571How can we improve this board?: Let's get together and talk about how we as the username can ma…[View]
3235281>open /gif/ >always 1 blacked thread and 1 bleached thread up this shit is so gay you fucking …[View]
3235553How do you respond to a schizo janitor?: He always self-bumps his trash from a subreddit and wheneve…[View]
3232856stop masturbating[View]
3235481When is Mason Trump going to tweet about the incoming comets? Mary and Jesus Ma and son Mason Masoni…[View]
3235511Can you succinctly explain what tone affixing 'muh' to a greentext establishes?[View]
3235531>trying to click on thread at top of the catalogue >the ads load in late >as i click, the a…[View]
3235283Why was this thread deleted? Is /int/ not a board for discussing international culture?[View]
3234730I believe that the way 4chan works has changed too much that we can use the thinking of the early 10…[View]
3234683Ok sam looks like good start now to join the mages university (mages university is the main game alo…[View]
3234843>psychotherapist >psycho the rapist[View]
3232019/v/ is just a twitter and reddit colony now, jesus fucking christ its bad.[View]
3234494How does one picture trigger so many?[View]
3235322Is /qa/ /trash/?[View]
3235287why did we let this cancer on our site?[View]
3235180The moderation on this board fucking stinks. Genuinely enjoyable, non harmful, non degenerate wrestl…[View]
3235261did they changed flick of the autorefresh flick button? i dont remember it being that blue at all. C…[View]
3234487Whats /qa/ listening to? https://open.spotify.com/track/1uxGiWBLWvqTDVau6xmNEK?si=wTlNI6VPQ_Wu8aVuyl…[View]
3235219Official Hiro approved /mu/ thread. FUCK KPOP FUCK 100 GECS FUCK ANTHONY FANTANO FUCK SCARUFFI AND F…[View]
3234791How do we avoid looking like this?[View]
3235156mods/hiro/whoever Are you planning on implementing the hcaptcha used for reports to be used for post…[View]
3234260HOLY FUCK YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!: Just before the site went down for a little I managed to screen c…[View]
3233898Do the mods hate /jp/? They let a board mainly intended for Japanese 2D games and other 2D culture r…[View]
3235076HIRO APPROVED META THREAD: I invoke my Hiro-given right to make a /tv/ meta thread Some things I…[View]
3235149>it's yet another Unova coomer thread[View]
3233610Please bring back /l/ and /sm/: Please bring back /l/ and /sm/[View]
3234898Onlyfans: Do u know any website or online community where onlyfans pictures and videos get reposted …[View]
3233552Wow you’re a cute boy! Wanna be my boyfriend?????[View]
3229544What THE FUCK is going on at /mu/?: The board is now full of twitter 'stan culture' tier posters who…[View]
3234894delete /pol/[View]
3233993Does reddit talk about 4chan as much as 4chan talks about reddit?[View]
3234740No, I will not stop masturbating[View]
3232821/an/ thread derailing: >make a thread related to cats on /an/ >suddenly it's filled with …[View]
3233925/k/ needs to be allowed to have threads some threads about gun control. I know that they can be a me…[View]
3234802Me and the lads getting ready to post on /qa/[View]
3234370Why is /film/ still 403 Forbidden?[View]
3231667>take your meds schizo[View]
3234476Rank the '''intellectual''' boards: I'll go first, /lit/ > /sci/ > /his/[View]
3234750>mod deleted my thread for no reason. WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! I DID NOTHING WRONG!! Now, mods, you …[View]
3234723/bant/ is a useless board[View]
3234591>calling someone a coomer is a bannable offense >wojak still isn't really gets the noggin…[View]
3231184What a gay rule update.[View]
3232572why does /qa/ hate /asp/ so much?[View]
3234612Banning MLP shit from the rest of the site worked, so why do people claim it wouldn't work for …[View]
3233492Why is psychopathy something bad but autism isn't? Both are mental disorders[View]
3233648It's the year 2060 and there are no more humans on Earth. Why?[View]
3234553>tfw too weird for normalfags >the too normal for weirdfags Where do I go? Reddit sucks and 4…[View]
3234424Delete /pol/.[View]
3234537When did everyone become so serious?[View]
3234533How do I phonepost?: I've tried the airplane mode method, I've tried posting in an incogni…[View]
3233401Which boards would be better if they were turned into text boards?[View]
3234413why do website domains cost money?[View]
3234473Apex legends issue: Every time I play apex legends, my DSL light on my modem starts blinking and the…[View]
3234247at what age should you tell your kid that god doesn't exist?[View]
3234385Why is there no board for criticizing visual artists? we have /mu/ /lit/ and /tv/ but there is no bo…[View]
3229159/asp/ on suicide watch[View]
3226228Gentlemen, how do we fix /qa/?[View]
3225450Is Gigachad here to stay like Wojak and Pepe?[View]
3233643would i address a psychologist by their first name or as 'dr so-and-so'[View]
3234205How do you deal with cunts trying to shill you their religion. I can't take this shit anymore.[View]
3234337OOH OOH AHH AHH[View]
3234338>The 20 year old wojacker is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a shitposter, zoomer…[View]
3232631Get this fucking powertripping pedophile mod off /asp/ already, all he cares about are 12 year-old l…[View]
3225581the shill problem: why are on-topic threads like >>134023545 deleted while off-topic leftist t…[View]
3233535Honolulu eating burger[View]
3232209What do white men REALLY think of white women?[View]
3234066Why does pepe trigger pedos so much?[View]
3232567Reddit Ban Question: I need some advice. So I'm trying to get back into Reddit despite my IP/Em…[View]
3234259Chill out[View]
3230368Is it gay if I fap to my own reflection in the mirror?[View]
3233415Did you know hating America is a distinct Reddit characteristic that indicates a user is not from th…[View]
3231685Pass owners should be forced to post with the public display They should not be allowed to disable …[View]
3233383I'm a fucking retard.[View]
3232444>A three day ban from all boards for off topic posting[View]
3231784What is their endgame?[View]
3230532How do we keep zoomer shits from going to /vr/? They are ruining the board with their clueless quest…[View]
3230922Changing the rules in /vr/: Explain in detail how the fuck consoles released in 2000-2001 are not re…[View]
3233885i want to grow boobers bit still be a man and carry on being a man and dressing like a man i dont wa…[View]
3233926Why can't we just have text recognition captcha? Its easier for the bots to dodge or what? Shek…[View]
3233781Google kikes btfo[View]
3233369Anyone else write desu instead of tee-bee-eich everywhere?[View]
3233760My video file looks like this no matter what player I use. How do I solve it?[View]
3233691>Nooooooooo you can't just say my hecking meme is overused and dead, I'm gonna greentex…[View]
3231533I was born on September 12th, 2001: Every time somebody asks me my birthday and I tell them, they al…[View]
3225179digibro came out as trans: what does /a/ think of this?[View]
3231565>4channel captcha >works first time >4chan captcha >takes 7 years to fill out why?…[View]
3233465Bring back /co/ generals: Bring back generals on /co/ They already exist in all practicality, just m…[View]
3233567is killing myself to avoid doing a presentation a valid strategy?[View]
3233559Hello, /qa/!: It is a beautiful day! Hope you are all doing fine throughout this quarantine. I’m out…[View]
3231882Zodiac girls[View]
3232808/tv/ is out of control. the mods are CLEARLY playing favorites and leaving shitposts up. putting the…[View]
3233354>Time to go to /qa/ for another soijak duel[View]
3233574wojak posting when it's unironic is starting to get kinda cringy[View]
3233541What's a good board to visit for an INFP chad like myself? I'm also a Taurus.[View]
3233547Be honest, is there ANYTHING that weirds you out or has shock value to you anymore, or have you beco…[View]
3233332is /v/ the most no fun allowed board on this site?: the over moderation has absolutely killed any fu…[View]
3233512ADD AN E-CELEB BOARD: Boomer entertainment like television has it's own board to discuss TV and…[View]
3232837I finally broke free from my porn addiction: I haven't watched porn in a month[View]
3233350have you had a gf that acted like a mom/parental figure? and was it a good experience[View]
3233462Is this board literally SFW /b/?[View]
3233493/x/ is one of the best boards on 4chan, the only reason I hardly ever use it is because I don't…[View]
3232780Approximately 138 out of 148 threads in the catalogue have an OP image of a woman, anime or 3D. When…[View]
3231077Connection error when posting images: Copying from the post I made in /adv/ cus I was told I could a…[View]
3231968why does 4chan not support webp files? are there really too many unpatched exploits?[View]
3231136Shounentards need to be sent to trash. Those threads are no different to a general[View]
3233428What happened to this place? About 50% of threads are blatant sex tourism threads. I've been o…[View]
3225271Images that make /qa/ seethe?[View]
3230379Are Americans expected to include their personal opinions on politics/social issues into their uni w…[View]
3232724Why didn't Star Wars get a containment board after the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens cam…[View]
3231302Should phoneposters be banned?[View]
3233373>Pokémon anime discussion thread >All series are welcome >Therefore XY has to be included a…[View]
3233287Is leaving a can upside down in a glass the hardest pour there is?[View]
3232031In south korea,child is slave of their parent: https://www.fmkorea.com/2849720467 http://www.koreahe…[View]
3231642Sauce?: >sauce? >what's the sauce bro? >source? >what's this from? >what is…[View]
3231400Why can't we still post webms with audio on other boards? Or even just allowing just to post au…[View]
3232807When was the last time someone in charge actually answered a question here?[View]
3230413Why is oomer and wojak shit so popular?[View]
3233260Wojaks are cancer. They're the new rage comic faces that infested the web in 2011-2014. Not onl…[View]
3233270I don't understand the jannies priories on /tv/: they seem to pick and chose what threads they …[View]
3233258Why can't you see that you are my child, Why don't you know that you are my mind, Tell eve…[View]
3230460What does your villager look like, anon?[View]
3232881Why is /a/ so full of shonenfags now?[View]
3231884>racism outside of /b/ is against the rules ITS NOT RACISM ITS JUST TROLLING >trolling outside…[View]
3232640delete /pol/[View]
3232776>muh nazis >muh romans >muh catholicism >muh vikings Literally what is the point of this…[View]
3231110fuck donald trump fuck donald trump[View]
3232742I wrote a short story for you /qa/. It's called, 'Journey to Another World' Joe and Mary found …[View]
3232759I thought that 'giga chad' meme looked familiar. Then I found this.[View]
3231514>my sister is having a party with her friends and they're talking about each other's si…[View]
3232300/tv/: /tv/ m*ds supporting raids and doxing does this mean we can finally take care of the mexican f…[View]
3232590what would happen if someone murdered gook moot? would 4chan die too? if so someone should take thei…[View]
3225018Are Groyper, Pepe, and Apu the same entity?[View]
3232440Have you ever had an odd obsession? What was it?[View]
3231278Why haven't you left yet? There's many other imageboards and twitter.[View]
3232533Creative rut: Will this website ever move beyond Wojak?[View]
3231658>neet >file for stimulus check over one month ago >payment status unavailable…[View]
3232102Did this girl(boy)(fe)male) deserve better? I guess so? One should have distributed semen to the Eur…[View]
3232223How do we solve /v/'s cumbrain problem?[View]
3232265Farts: What makes farts so funny? https://files.catbox.moe/hjl494.mp3[View]
3231847get punched, chuds[View]
3232254>anon posts bait >I agree with said bait >mfw he gets mad because I agreed with him hehehe…[View]
3232234What's his endgame? Also was this the first? >>>/tv/117122748[View]
3231433Should we bring wordfilters back? Half of every thread on this board is spammed/flooded with this sh…[View]
3231879What kind of people frequents /x/? Are they mostly larpers or they are really that deranged?[View]
3225049Why did these leftist grifter YouTubers get so popular in the last few years? They are neither funny…[View]
3232095what are the best studio monitors[View]
3233528How to get rid of dandruff: I've had this worst case of dandruff for a long time I've trie…[View]
3228981Are 2016fags a boon or curse to 4chan ?[View]
3231320DBS Threads: What is their deal?[View]
3231989since4pass: Is there a way to change the email tied to my 4chan pass[View]
3231945Which blue board has the best porn threads?[View]
3231990Can whoever codes this website make it so this can't happen??? Like somehow hold over the post …[View]
3228041>jannie puts in ban request >mod denies it MODS = GODS…[View]
3231425Why are people still using the 'le evil 4chan trolls are coordinating this' meme? I don't think…[View]
3231833what is being implied here[View]
3231799/biz/ style post IDs should be expanded to all boards: prove me wrong.[View]
3230239The counter to soijak spam[View]
3231656ITT we summon the Shadowposter[View]
3228211Remove Russian mod/janny please: Many of you have noticed that Russian janny/mod on /int/ and /pol/ …[View]
3231774Should be a country?: Galicia Should be a country?[View]
3231669Do moderators keep tabs on our IP and track the posts we make? They could be logging our data and lo…[View]
3231640>go on /pol/ >report every thread for racism…[View]
3231254Why do threads on /a/ sometimes fail to bump? I waited 10 minutes, post an image to reply, and it fa…[View]
3229426why is [s4s] shown as 'Shit 4chan Says' on the Home page of 4chan but displayed as 'Sh*t 4chan Says'…[View]
32315242 years ago: 29C 1 years ago: 31C Present year: 35C Nooioiiooioooo this can't be happeningggggg[View]
3230726based cringe: Why is based/cringe posting allowed? Shouldn't it be considered a low quality pos…[View]
3231511So why is it that I can't renew my 4chan pass with paypal anymore?[View]
3230858Even if transgender people are mentally ill (they are not), why would that mean that they deserve to…[View]
3228930what does this mean?[View]
3231411Do you enjoy coming here?[View]
3230326Which board has the absolute worst moderation??? Objectively correct answers only please[View]
3230339WHERE IS /V2K/ MODS? Making a board for 2000-2004 games would reduce the amount of angry people on /…[View]
3231498Should I go to this party if I was invited last minute? I was invited right now(about midnight) and …[View]
3230690Banners: Is there a site with all of the 4chan banners available to download? I would to have them!…[View]
3231279Why is discussion of Coronavirus from the non-narrative friendly, aka 'politically incorrect', view …[View]
3231323Delete /pol/.[View]
3231055>submit report >hours pass >nothing happens for free…[View]
3231375mods are way too strict lately[View]
3231409Why was my thread deleted? https://boards.4channel.org/o/thread/22416781/ https://archive.4plebs.org…[View]
3230240Gee Bill, How come your mom lets you have 3 boards?[View]
3231387Fuck you niggers Wojak shit literally on the front page of /a/ : >>/a/203531794 >>/a/203…[View]
3229577Why is transportation under Japanese culture?[View]
3231319How much better would each board be if the mobile site was permanently removed?[View]

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