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/qa/ - Question & Answer

Displaying 193 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2960787This is /qa/[View]
2955711Reminder that the weeb/frog war is fake and made by the spinoff fags.[View]
2959764Explain yourselves, immediately.[View]
2960756>mfw i may have once laughed at a joke a female posted on this website[View]
2959006can i get a quick run down as to why the weeb mafia finally decided to leave? i only check up on /qa…[View]
2960335>delete x >filter y >ban z >mods should abc >jannies should do efg >'i demand you …[View]
2960348Left or right?[View]
2960099For some reason I no longer can upload files here[View]
2960709Can someone give me this comic i was looking for. it was a guy and a girl at a bus stop and then the…[View]
2959121the leaf-poster is here, i can feel it...[View]
2960466Daily Reminder that /vp/ houses some crazies one in particular is that leaffag > thinks leaf is r…[View]
2959868Enough is enough. It's time to filter the words sneed and BLACKED from /tv/...[View]
2960420/qa] on the left next to Madoka-chan.[View]
2960442You shouldn't be able to start thread or post picture replies on mobile on /pol/ without a pass…[View]
2960665Don't You Hate It When People Type Like This, Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Single Wor…[View]
2960654Friendly reminder that anime is a gateway drug to crossdressing and gay sex![View]
2959355/qa/ meta thread: What anthropomorphic creatures do you like to post on the meta board? Kemono? West…[View]
2960457Are all mobile IPs banned from starting new threads?[View]
2960281/qa/ is a transgender board.[View]
2959057Does anyone remember the name of this book series?: The protagonist was female and went to another w…[View]
29542214chan Happenings Thread: ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you …[View]
2960382>imagine doing work for no monetary compensation surely there isn’t anyway stupid enough to do t…[View]
2958853Man of Skull Chapter 7+: The last thread died, so it's time for more Skull. Now that I know I c…[View]
2959314Janny app: >tfw your app never got a response for /pol/ >tfw I just want to clean up the board…[View]
2959538How do we stop the nazi frogs from completely taking over /qa/? Just one look at the catalog and you…[View]
2960086Dear Hiro: Every time we get new jannies, they start spamming the 'ban request' button on …[View]
2960341/po/ - inactive board, over-active jannies: /po/ jannies are deleting on-topic, SFW, rule-abiding po…[View]
2956851Why is the moderation on /int/ a fucking joke?[View]
2960404There's an r/aznmasculinity /int/ janny who won't let anyone discuss Asian girls. He needs…[View]
2958332Ban political cartoons from /co/: Please consider relegating political cartoons to the /pol/ ghetto …[View]
2960253why are they pink?: Boards that shouldn't be pink: >>>/pol/ >>>/b/ >>…[View]
2959560The new /int/ janny is temporarily banning people for 'racism' or 'spamming' if they post a non-cher…[View]
2958900whats with the trend on /v/ of everyone calling eachother random first names[View]
2954765what anime are you watching now? I'm watching yu-no and steinz gate[View]
2960048Could you get away with raping a sitting US president?[View]
2959042Tron or Roll?[View]
2960235mummyposter got me range banned from /pol/[View]
2959493le 40% has arrived[View]
2960060What VNs does /qa/ like?[View]
2960088Is /trash/ the only containment board that's been actually successful at containing its topic r…[View]
2957522Lets have a meetup /qa/ bois.[View]
2960185I just realized that since /v/ created all those dumb new buzzwords no one uses 'damage control…[View]
2960162ARE YOU OKAY? Buster Bowl.[View]
2960114ahhhh im gonna coom real soon[View]
2959488a /qa/ cow[View]
2960097Why aren't the mods and janitors scared of the users of 4chan who dox out of fun? Has 4chan los…[View]
2958509Is there a single board where the users are satisfied with it's current state?[View]
2958792>spammers get rangebanned or finally leave the board >/qa/'s speed has a decrease of more…[View]
2960108>This site's users bullied so many tranny jannies into suicide, they had to make more How co…[View]
2959643Iphone11 hoax sheme?: Is it already being discuss somewhere? I just watched internet historian telli…[View]
2958003Hey gook moot, can we please get a eceleb board so people stop posting twitch streamer shit in /v/[View]
2955733What board is your home anon >wsr for me[View]
2960096What is the bump limit of /h/ in images and replies?[View]
2960087Make Anime Esoteric-Ontellectual/ Eccentric-Friendly Again: Will anime ever regain its original inte…[View]
2960081https://github.com/funige/neo/ Is there any chance we could get this working on /i/? Tegaki gets the…[View]
2959963>This site is now on my ISP's auto-block list Where did it all go wrong?…[View]
2959330Which of the ''classic'' ('04-'06) memes/fads are actually of higher q…[View]
2959882fix /bant/ or delete it all together please.[View]
2958374/qa/ is not /adv/[View]
2959951shokugeki no soma: Is it worth watching the 3rd season? I heard the series slowly goes downhill, and…[View]
2959755Did you have a question?[View]
2958254How about a feature which shows the mood of the poster? You can change the bg color of your post and…[View]
29593222D girl doing the gay test with you. If your /qa/ doesn't turn into a /QA/ you might have the g…[View]
2959887Pick one.[View]
2954728i wish momo would shake my helpless body like that until my brain bashed around in my skull hemorogi…[View]
2959921What happened to the boards on 4chan around when did they start getting deleted?[View]
2958655What is this from? Should I watch or read it?[View]
2956419When can we get a new banner contest?[View]
2957996Got some great new jannies over on /v/![View]
2958013Where did all of my motivation go?[View]
2959553ching ching ping pong[View]
2957993Delete /pol/.[View]
2959751Preconceived notions are the blinders on the road to enlightenment.[View]
2959644/code/ board: I know there's a board called /g/ but we really need a board dedicated to coding.…[View]
2959758tag where yourself at, I'm at the sunshine place desu[View]
2959479Hurr durr deleet /v/!!! delet /pol/ omg pls deleet /b/ delleeete /bant/ Stop this shitt meme, how ab…[View]
2957808transexuals and gays will suffer my wrath[View]
2959692Would you pull the lever?[View]
2959071How do we stop kiwifarms-esque posts on here?: Its hard to stop it since its so easy to make up stuf…[View]
2959645Is it me or has /pol/ got especially shit of late. I know it's retarded at the best of times, b…[View]
2958507Why won't the mods clean up the /trash/? There's spambots flooding the board every three h…[View]
2959632Have you visited 100 different houses in your lifetime? Image unrelated[View]
2959628Why is iOS security such a joke?[View]
2959566>Stay in touch with your /qa/ friends![View]
2959605remove the post timer from all boards. having to wait before you can post another reply is gay[View]
2959582why the FUCK does trash from /pol/ still get moved to /bant/? Just fucking delete it.[View]
2958784never questioned it until now so, why is this character supposed to represent jannies? also, when (U…[View]
2959082Today i got mod in a tranny discord full of people who raid various 4chan boards. I will wait a few …[View]
2957703For /qa/[View]
2958845Are we the bad guys?[View]
2959572post a thread: how can i post a link to another thread?[View]
2959441Is extreme and sudden loss of civilian life necessary to trigger a cease-fire in war? Will wars cont…[View]
2958299Remove (You): What is the purpose of this 'feature'? Are we really pandering to autists that can…[View]
2959512I don't know how to respond to people who copy my post and then post a wojak next to it, as if …[View]
2959472How come when I post a picture of Tom Cruise laughing no one thinks I'm claiming to be Tom Crui…[View]
2958599Brendan Fraser thread :3[View]
2955764we did it boys, leaffag has been banned from v too[View]
2958555delete /bant/[View]
2959107New /pol/ janny deleting every single pagan thread. Pls do something.[View]
29534944chan History & Archival: 4chan's history is extensive and incredibly interesting. Lets sha…[View]
2957550I disguise my phoneposting by routing my image posts through my OneDrive.[View]
2956746go to r/animemes bring something back[View]
2956262FROG QUARANTINE: Is it time for there to be a /pepe/ where frogposting (and possibly Wojakposting as…[View]
2959055How do we solve the women being stupid cunts problem?[View]
2954489Can we do something about all the literal racemixing span on /GIF/?: These past couple of weeks on /…[View]
2958021Why do bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people?[View]
2959066Are we allowed to talk about them?[View]
2958389Frog thread: Suwako,Asui and Keroro thread. Pepeposters and Apuposters are welcome.[View]
2958489The maximum a mod can ban someone without a appeal option should be 24 hours. Mods abuse 3 day bans …[View]
2958006*stares at you in anime*[View]
2958180What games are you playing /qa/?[View]
2958589>he posts frogs on /qa/[View]
2958617Why do fathers always want their sons to share the same interests/hobbies as them? It's underst…[View]
2958205Why does the /co/ janny keep deleting my Hilda threads? What's his fucking problem? I just want…[View]
2957401When did you first realize you're kinda cute?[View]
2959011There’s a furfag mod in /a/ banning anyone who makes fun of carrot from one piece, even if it’s in g…[View]
2959000I browse reddit[View]
2958670Oh boy golly gee willickers I sure do love being Asian and eating FUCKING RICE EVERY DAY UNTIL IM DE…[View]
2958996How do I get followers on Twitter?[View]
2958908Yayoi, no! Don't look at /qa/![View]
2957883is he autism?[View]
2954809Lost Media Thread: Is anyone of you interested in lost media? Is there any piece of lost media that …[View]
2958419Don't feed the troll. Whatever happened with this simple message? People seem to take the shitt…[View]
2958953>Complaining about 4chan & its policies isnt allowed So how do you make 4chan better then. …[View]
2953284now that the show has ended, what the fuck is gonna happen to the /mlp/ board? Is it just going to s…[View]
2958795>Janitor acceptance[View]
2956925>create long, well-thought-out, high-effort post >accidentally attach the wrong image >'You…[View]
2955648sex. have it.[View]
2957279Birthday: I’m now old enough to use 4chan[View]
2958693>go to https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/ >bring something back…[View]
2958384/qa/ meta thread: how do we stop the frog and wojak invasion[View]
2957886>Reverted back to that shitty waiting period between post refreshes Pay your goddamn bills Hiro…[View]
2952446post your bans[View]
2958675What's his end-goal?[View]
2952815y do we have a board for /lgbt/ but no board for black people?[View]
2952110Test Thread: Use this thread for testing various things. Pay no attention to the content of the post…[View]
2958629What is this 'roll' game I see of.[View]
2958623Rage Comic General: #3[View]
2958609Another fine day on the Quality Amphibians board.[View]
2958415At what point does a meme become stale or unfunny?[View]
2957595ID's on /b/: Dear MODs, Jannies and Hiroshimoot. I don't know if you ever look through the…[View]
2958112why dont incels and trannies just have sex with eachother[View]
2958562>why yes, we post on /qa/, how could you tell?[View]
2957497Thoughts on anarcho-zionism?[View]
2958100>Report an off topic / low quality thread on another board >Thread doesn't get deleted …[View]
2958497>4chan has been my entire life for over a decade I only did it ironically hahaha…[View]
2958466Question. Is dumping manga allowed on /vg/? If so, why that and not light novels?[View]
2958062Did I break a rule on /a/: I am new to anime and we'll you see the pic. Did I do something agai…[View]
2952355Mental Illness Awareness: Friendly reminder to all trans ''''people'''' that your self image and ide…[View]
2956743People are getting doxxed on /pol/: In the Epstein threads on /pol/ '/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General…[View]
2957988Delete /cm/[View]
2958236Is >>>/news/ a majority liberal board? Pic unrelated…[View]
2958120Delete /n/.[View]
2958237Should /qa/ be a text board?: There's a lot of people who gets triggered at images for no reaso…[View]
2953450What are you listening to? I know there are a lot of fans of SnW on /qa/ so I thought I'd share…[View]
2957907You still fit into your old high school pants, right anon? You didn't let yourself go did you?[View]
2958289>he thinks this is still an anime website[View]
2958368Music: I need help finding the music for this one tik tok ad where i think it says 'were you there f…[View]
2954199Alternative imageboards: Do you use any imageboards besides 4chan(nel)? What are your thoughts on it…[View]
2958283Whats it like being a neurotypical?[View]
2957449How many seconds am i supposed to rest between reps of heavy barbell squats?[View]
2957841Is this the death of /r9k/? Avatartrannies just taking over the entire board?[View]
2955942▲ ▲▲[View]
2958081Can religion be proven / disproven? This involves any method besides faith, such as science, math, e…[View]
2958261Global Rule 15: The show is pretty much over. It isn't nearly as a quarter as popular as it was…[View]
2958122/pol/ and /tg/: The people mock people for running core race or human only games or the people who m…[View]
2957213For NoFap and APL only: What turned you guys NoFap or APL? Personally for me it was originally just …[View]
2951303frog thread?[View]
2957818Why don't you ever visit /r9k? There's a lot of anime on there.[View]
2957278Haha, how silly.[View]
2958071Mmm, Helen makes the most sumptuous pastries[View]
2957725Howdy, my name is Rawhide Kobayashi. I'm a 27 year old Japanese Japamerican (western culture fa…[View]
2955599i hate all of you[View]
2951136Does your home board have a scapegoat/boogeyman?[View]
2957965Delete /b/[View]
2957762Newfrog here. Why doesn't /b/ have an archive?[View]
2957533Just felt like making a thread Maybe it can be about architecture[View]
2956182What to do if I experience sleepless nights thinking about death and being afraid of it?[View]

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