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229773919Write a crossover[View]
229772627DRCL: Mina is cute.[View]
229775087..... Oh I get it now, it's actually the In The Navy song from The Village People. Holy fuck, I…[View]
229728690Red Hood spoiler: I gonna ahead and post spoiler with translate from TLbro.[View]
229773025'Does your son always laugh manically when he opens a bag of potato chips?'[View]
229769390Daily Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: Chapter 117: The Great Edison[View]
229772060and the best uniform award goes to[View]
229767211Who's the sexiest ever in anything?[View]
229770878>defending medieval villages from shape shifting giants with gas powered grappling hooks how can …[View]
229766156日常: What is your opinion on Nichijou's triumphant return?[View]
229774346This guy got it.: Kazyua from tsugumomo >killed mom with a spirit he created >that spirit want…[View]
229768513Dragon Ball Super: Thoughts on this?[View]
229773920Platinum End: >I'm giving you amazing powers that will let you do whatever you want and even…[View]
229771991Hunter X Hunter: Still the kings.[View]
229774092Bakemonogatari: the stupid persons' version of an intelligent show. You can only understand sim…[View]
229693522Nagatoro: Such cute nails...[View]
229773569Bakemonogatari based[View]
229739202Would Madoka be a good mother?[View]
229764982One Piece: Big Marmalade enters the fray[View]
229771652>Takes a massive shit >Doesn't wipe >Doesn't flush >Doesn't apologize Why…[View]
229772874Kantai: How can Shimakaze walk around wearing this?[View]
229766054Blend S: Never forget Blend S[View]
2297571533x3 Thread[View]
229768653kill la kill[View]
229770276So...: When I was young I would stand alone With visions of worlds that were all my own The lights i…[View]
229768013Kuroshitsuji: What's the ideal age for a cute shota protagonist[View]
229742136Which /a/tsumare would you kenkyu-bu?[View]
229769587Delinquent girls: Where did all my delinquent tsundere girl romances go?[View]
229772266Very distracting from the story[View]
229768538Musclegirl Thread[View]
229740411Tell me about Nezuko! Why does she wear the gag?[View]
229771250Here's your early christmas gift, it's a clock[View]
229763160>grants incredible power at the cost of great pain >can literally be turned off and on at will…[View]
229643740eighty-six: season 2 sucks there's no nzk music and there's annoying loli[View]
229770729THIS is how peak female body looks like.[View]
229765935If you could have one h series or artist move to working on a mainstream sfw manga or making a spino…[View]
229750286Is there any hope for classical fansubs?: I hate these new professional subs with a passion of thous…[View]
229754435Your whatever will never ever be better than Berserk. Berserk is for Men. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
229765341Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut: Her ass has no GODDAMN reason to be this big.[View]
229767273Watch shaman king. It's actually good now.[View]
229769141Detective Conan: 3 part canonical anime episodes coming up in early November featuring Heiji, Kazuha…[View]
229767806How come no one talks about Major?[View]
229744201Oricon Weekly Sales by Volume (10/11-10/17): 01.Jujutsu Kaisen #17 {2021.10.04} - 188,470 / 1,357,79…[View]
229768444the saddest part about Berserk is that Guts never got the chance to have sex with Casca again.[View]
229764860What's the appeal of this series[View]
229589389Super Cub: Is this what honda does to you /a/?[View]
229770577Aharen san wa hakarenai: i love aharen why did the scanlations stop[View]
229767240Behold, the progenitor of all Chakra![View]
229764704Hyouka Eri: Make a compliment[View]
229766915Black Clover: Haven't seen anyone post scans so here we go[View]
229735252Boku no Hero Academia: She'll win next chapter, just you wait.[View]
229764170What's your headcanon ending?[View]
229769488Sonico or Pochaco?[View]
229767042Texhnolyze: Just finished this. What does /a/ think? Anything that confused you?[View]
229760408Today is the birthday of my Princess. Please congratulate her.[View]
229759918if his blood can cure wounds, can his semen cure STDs?[View]
229765750Goddess Café Terrace: new ch is out https://catmanga.org/series/cafe/33[View]
229767150>having a brother who was mildly injured in an accident will make it impossible for your siblings…[View]
229768510Dragon Ball Super: Pan? The protagonist. Vegeta? Forgotten and replaced.[View]
229761212Dragon Ball Super: >What could have been[View]
229768504>A world where Humans are cursed to only be born as men, and are required to safeguard their elve…[View]
229729492Daily Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Chapter: Final Chapter 47: Last stop[View]
229736865Precure thread: Baths can be lonely. Having a friend to talk to can be a big help![View]
229768035Danganronpa: Why is Danganronpa's fandom so full of kids and autistics? I just don't under…[View]
229766422Toaru no Majutsu Indexsu Minisaki canon?: What happened to that tiny slut running around in a bunnys…[View]
229766518Kara no Kyoukai (+specials) -> Fate/Zero (+specials) -> Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works …[View]
229767828Date a Live: Kurumi Rabi: Was wondering if anyone could make a Kurumi rabi. I don’t want (You)s i wa…[View]
229767724One Page Thread /opt/[View]
229763691What did you drop and picked up this season?[View]
229735110ITT: Post a group of girls and /a/nons will tell you who is the best from that lot.[View]
229766402GIMME MY PANTIES BACK ANON!!!!!![View]
229760202Star wars visions: This episode was a marvel of animation and clearly the best in the series, seeing…[View]
229756162azumanga daioh: >what do you guys think about azumanga daioh?[View]
229762487Madoka Magica: What was the point of introducing this new character in the movie?[View]
229756516Zombie Land Saga Revenge: Why did it flop? I don't see anyone talking about it anymore after Re…[View]
229766759Is it gay if a girl likes reverse traps?[View]
229763586Is Yu-yu the cutest cardgame MC ever?[View]
229747710Tefure: Handholding NTR. Ch. 1 dump.[View]
229763884>take a series >remove absolutely all girls with silver or white hair from it >the series i…[View]
229765044>AYE SIR![View]
229753723Pick two Studio Ghibli girls to have a sexual relationship with over the weekend.[View]
229738808Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: The Chunin Exams Arc begins this week starting with the Written Exa…[View]
229761160Are you a winner?[View]
229765303Why are shonen girls so unrealistic? 99% of women I know are potentially evil. Girls like pic relate…[View]
229763440/a/ would be a better place if Monogatari never existed. Prove me wrong[View]
229756275Kengan Omega: How strong do you think either of them are now? Who will they run into in the corridor…[View]
229758059>I'm lonely and sad and I want sex and safety She's literally me…[View]
229754403Imagine the type of smells kumiko releases[View]
229765001Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu chapter 76: New chapter of this series is out, we're getting close to…[View]
229758842Berserk: How would the average /a/non fare in the eclipse?[View]
229737365Demon Slayer: Just finished the first season of the anime and Zenitsu and Inosuke gotta be the most …[View]
229739909Gochiusa: BIG COCOA[View]
229766302Liar Game: I'm reading through the musical chairs part and I admit I haven't gotten to the…[View]
229757164Why are most series so bad at depicting ptsd or mental trauma? Characters are fine afterwards even i…[View]
229760788Super > Dragon Ball > Z > GT[View]
229740184Would you like to be a member of the SOS Brigade? Why?[View]
229709694Scanlation Thread: So anon, have you read the new Blambot book? What sorts of rules and guidelines d…[View]
229765969ITT: Types of characters you hate Freeloaders who take advantage of another persons good nature.[View]
229745732i'm telling my kids this was squid game[View]
229765814Wicked City, 1987: The greatest horror anime movie[View]
229765616I liked Beastars[View]
229765625this fucking guy[View]
229765562Othinus? More like Othicute![View]
229715976Aipla, Pretty Series and Mewkledreamy: I miss them so much.[View]
229760290No one told me this was fun[View]
229760960Over the Sky / Kimi wa Kanata: What's that? Sounds like rip-off I heard it's creator is s…[View]
229765301Why does smoking look so good in both manga and anime?: How the fuck am I supposed to resist the urg…[View]
229759460Will we ever get a 2nd season?[View]
229759540shinka no mi: itt: shinka no mi >Does Saria ever turn back into a gorilla? She can do it at will …[View]
229748830How the hell did this boring manga, which didn't even manage to bring anything new to the table…[View]
229758222One Piece: As Above, So Below https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/191/one-piece-chapter-1029…[View]
229755584Is HxH as good as Dragon Ball?[View]
229752937Ben-To was a goddamn masterpiece[View]
229764646What animus and mangos do you like to watch/read during october time? I like watching Vampire D and…[View]
229764394Onanie Master Kurosawa: This was pretty good shit, I love when weird premises are executed way bette…[View]
229764468100-man 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru: Chapter 64 is out. As if a giant mimic wasn…[View]
229755055Who should he choose?[View]
229763699What the fuck was her problem?[View]
229763279>Rin... Keep an eye on me. I'm helpless. So just... be there for me. >Don't worry To…[View]
229742958Futanari no Elf: New chapter out.[View]
229763730Who read burn the witch this month?[View]
229745526Best head wife![View]
229763707yugioh: I want to fuck Seto's mother[View]
229763095Anon, why are you an anon? Do you know why snow is white? Because it forgot what colour it was suppo…[View]
229762935Do you think he welcomed his final hiatus at the end?[View]
229763539Miko just can't fucking win, bros...[View]
229732945Chainsaw Man Thread[View]
229762175Still the greatest ten anime years later. I love you Madocka Magica[View]
229748140Breast envy is the hottest anime trope.[View]
229762932OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK SHES CALLING THE POLICE!!!! what do we do /a/??[View]
229758378Continuing the Boukensha ni Naritai Musume dump with Chapter 4. Yesterday's thread with chapte…[View]
229762190will the konosuba crew ever grow up and stop their endless fighting and bickering?[View]
229757139Hagure Idol: Jigoku-hen: this shit is literally baki but female and more lewd[View]
229762631Yakunara Mug Cup mo S2: New episode is out.[View]
229696558Buyfag thread: Lina![View]
229761689Why was he wrong again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HqV03Jouzk[View]
229762489post lesbians getting annihilated[View]
229762498NANA: i dont get all the reira hate she was broken too[View]
229756161Soundtrack thread: What are some relaxing/cozy anime soundtracks? I have the Aria and Mushishi sound…[View]
229762316So this is your favorite character /a/?: >Stalks her love interest and watches her masturbate …[View]
229760453Horses are good for your life /a/[View]
229763332how the internet anime community looked like in the 90s[View]
229755155Soul Eater NOT Volume 3 Storytime: Our comfy SOL just took off in a much more stabby direction. Vol …[View]
229688828Halloween Storytime: Franken Fran: Hey kids, wanna see a undead body? If you've ever had a nice…[View]
229739963Ayakashi Triangle: >made multiple AT threads over the past few months >none hit bump limit …[View]
229760687Eustass Kid: Make way for the new Emperor. Massive W for Kid fans coming next few chapters.[View]
229747516Battle Royale: Why hasn't the BR manga gotten a Storytime yet? It's super fucking good.…[View]
229754470Dragon ball Super: Granolah The Survivor... Where to even begin? Let's start with his introduct…[View]
229759116Kamisama no Iuutori: Man, That was some fucking ending alright, with all the recent craze about deat…[View]
229757670Why was movie/filler Naruto such a ladies man, compared to canon Naruto that was stuck with Hinata o…[View]
229761127Cawfee gang superiority, all other gangs suck.[View]
229746486With the amount of strong girls in isekai you'd assume that a MC should get beaten up by his wi…[View]
229758433Minecraft Steve is Isekai’ed: No other character can be more overpowered and broken, and I love ever…[View]
229754966Does anyone else speed read the manga at the same time as watching an anime that you haven't re…[View]
229760016>start reading My Hero Academia because of the girls and because anons keep telling me it's …[View]
229758582What's wrong with SHONEN JUMP now?: Now JUMP is no more on top of the manga industry because of…[View]
229758808ladies of /a/ how big and popular was sailor moon back in the day?[View]
229760399blue box: sex https://manatoki108.net/comic/10092126[View]
229742189More Mesugaki for all you zako oniisans.[View]
229739206What happened to manga MCs? I miss Chad MCs with Attitude, now we just crybaby faggots like Deku or …[View]
229759704Reminder that if your waifu's name is Charlotte then she's the worst girl because 'harlot'…[View]
229756440Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: the best waifu of all time. end of discussion[View]
229759468Why did it flop? Was it the shit CGI? The forgettable premise? The pure cringe?[View]
229756883Manga volume 5 never ever[View]
229759517'POP TEAM EPIC!!!'[View]
229759309the fuck mean this?[View]
229759281*Sharp violin noises*[View]
229728249Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai: JUSTICE ITSELF[View]
229756689This is actually really fucking good[View]
229754446>18 years old[View]
229757414What do guys even see in her? She's not even cute or attractive.[View]
229750374What is this body type called?[View]
229752072What do you think about Doga Kobo?[View]
229758837Is there a western comic book references in manga/anime? I only know one and is from MHA then I won…[View]
229748478Anime and manga bakas: Post brainlets from anime and manga. Bonus points if they're cute. Extra…[View]
229755974Characters awakening anime magic by doing normal shit really well: Gotta be my favourite theme in ba…[View]
229739006Goddess Cafe Terrace: https://catmanga.org/series/cafe/33 New chapter's out, dumping…[View]
229755099Urusei Yatsura - What happened?: >UY threads are a bit more complicated than that, yeh they'…[View]
229759533Does One Piece need 4 concurrent generals? Explain why please. I'm open to your reasoning.[View]
229751503One Punch Man: Another week of waiting for King vs the Cadres done...[View]
229750367Super crooks > MHA[View]
229755714I don't get it, why did he feel so compelled to make this and why did it take him over a decade…[View]
229753645One Piece: https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/191/one-piece-chapter-1029[View]
229757668How many threesomes do you think they had before the Zero Requiem?[View]
229749398Isn't It Too Much? Inaba-san chapter 12 RAW: New Inaba today[View]
229750073>*manlet literally blocked your path* What do you do?[View]
229755136Bokuben: Today, October 23, is Fumino's birthday! Happy birthday Fumino![View]
229757562What are your thoughts on giant girls?[View]
229736909>5 minutes of writing on the chalkboard >None of it translated Why is Netflix so fucking shit?…[View]
229751569Pretty girls who you really fucking hate.: For me it's clara/artemisa. The author does a great …[View]
229754704Nami Appreciation Thread[View]
229755979Girls und Panzer: Happy Birthday Miho![View]
229748170Fuuka Volume 3 Storytime: Our Fuuka storytime continues with Volume 3. The band gets more members, a…[View]
229751931What does /a/ think of shotacons?[View]
229744451How the hell do you handle anime spoilers?[View]
229755412Cute and fan-y?[View]
229756026How would TTGL be remembered if it was Simon who dies instead of Kamina? And Kamina carries on as th…[View]
229744269Shingeki no Kyojin: WORST character in the entire series coming through and the moment the series ir…[View]
229753497Muv-Luv Alternative: If only the show was as good as the promo material.[View]
229750191>seconds season of anime rather than building from where they left off kind of just hits the rese…[View]
229712108change my mind, mikan is the best imouto.[View]
229752699JoJo Part 8 - Coloured: Any clue when the rest of JoJolion Coloured is going to be translated? I kn…[View]
229739310Reminder >KnY Yuukaku-hen >Jojo Part 6 >Magia Record Final Season >Mahouka Koukou no Ret…[View]
229751288Should Kazuki Takahashi make an RPG manga?: The two RPG arcs in the original manga are extremely ent…[View]
229751151The BIG Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken question: 9 eps in to this show you all forced me to watch, a…[View]
229753909>Muscle Rider isn't real, he can't help you. Muscle Rider:[View]
229753975Enemy girls but had taken your semen more than 100 times.: Why evil girls are always hotter than goo…[View]
229700846Mairimashita Iruma-Kun: Alright so earlier today some lazy fags couldn't be arsed to deliver ra…[View]
229739611ITT: Characters that should've stayed dead: Kishimoto ruined his character by making him Tobi a…[View]
2297555235Toubun no Hanayome: New movie info soon. What are your expectations?[View]
229745174ITT mediocre anime: I think it's easy enough to find series that are considered classics or ser…[View]
229748310This is a very, very suspicious maid. What is she up to?[View]
229752309does /a/ like tall girls?[View]
229753173Why didn't Tatsurou seal the deal right here?[View]
229754843'Lolol eren is a simp, Isayama is a hack' Wow, real elementary school level analysis there guys. Hav…[View]
229741913what the hell is wrong with you 'people' who consider this generic anime #10203939 'peak fiction'[View]
229738314Enen no Fire force: dropped[View]
229707205Jujutsu Kaisen: Here's your goddamn panel leaks.[View]
229720029Things no anime would get away with today: Post'em[View]
229748350kaos sensei or ero manga sensei?[View]
229746320/a/ circa 2008: https://old.sage.moe/a/[View]
229745931Dragon Ball Super: Are you hyped for the upcoming Gogeta episode in Heroes?[View]
229693009Kaguya S3: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Ultra Romantic confirmed for Spring 2022[View]
229726923Tomoko is a normalfag now[View]
229739840Shibito no Koe o Kiku ga Yoi Storytime: Spooky adventures of a boy and his cute ghost friend. Aided …[View]
229710914Ousama Ranking: Are you enjoying it so far?[View]
229747232Frieza is fucking dead guys: Never liked this manlet anyways.[View]
229738577Why is Hyouka the greatest anime of all-time?[View]
229753421higurashi when they cry anime: higurashi is the most 'ok' anime i've seen in my entir…[View]
229748657one piece: >4 Vinsmokes fought whole Yonko crew 4 Vinsmokes = whole Wano alliance…[View]
229751324Be honest, /a/. Would anyone here be able to pass the first trial of the Hunter Exam?[View]
229740003Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Was he fucking psychic? Was this an early manifestation of Hermit Pur…[View]
229753110Who the hell watches a mecha anime for the human characters? The robot is the real main star.[View]
229669761Nichijou to begin serialization starting the december issue of shounen ace: https://twitter.com/hima…[View]
229752358Fanservice is cheap, it ruins the media because it means the author has nothing to offer.[View]
229752884>song title is Kimi ni Todoke >it has nothing to do with Kimi ni Todoke…[View]
229729866Yashahime: Why does Moroha have the body of a 12 year old boy? She's 14, the same age Kagome wa…[View]
229746219AOTS: We're all gonna make it bros.[View]
229751362Seven Arcs reveals Nanoha & Fate have sex every night, while Vivio is in the same bed[View]
229723237Is he meant to represent us?[View]
229751317What kind of Chaika is this supposed to be?[View]
229752127Has enough time passed we can admit this was great?[View]
229727893Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: This is Oniakashi's BD art. Can we now finally agree that Rena is th…[View]
229751343I am curious Anon, how is your light novel going?[View]
229718561Muv-Luv Alternative: tfw you will never have a Kasumi gf who can read lewd thoughts that you're…[View]
229747969Why do shonen MCs cry?[View]
229750092Why would a beautiful girl announce this in front of a goblin?[View]
229722880platinum end: Subs in like 2 hours[View]
229742675>girl uses boku exactly once when emotional[View]
229711062Mushoku Tensei: New day, new thread https://twitter.com/teiadam1/status/1451093078853435396?t=tTfJir…[View]
229750352Komi Can't Communicate: this show is painfully unfunny[View]
229640881How do you think the sex between the two is like?[View]
229746274How strong do you think Sen is now?[View]
229740424Post best characters of their shows.[View]
229739326Jinrui: Have you seen it?[View]
229741749So this is what peak Evangelion looks like?[View]
229746050Anime only you have watched: SET ME FREE NOW![View]
229750709Why the mental illness?: >2 Male characters say they love each other or kiss >/a/ says they ar…[View]
229743058What has been the longest running story arc in manga? For example, the mahjong game between Akagi an…[View]
229743451Are all Gintama fans like this?[View]
229750416Komi-san: It turns out Komi CAN communicate...with my dick.[View]
229747570now that the dust has settled, which one is better?[View]
229738946How do you even enjoy anime and manga knowing that the creators despise you, more of than not? Do yo…[View]
229739996What do you primarily watch anime on? Computer monitor? Projector? TV? Laptop/tablet? Smartphone?…[View]
229749637What does /a/ think of Boys on the Run? I just read the whole thing over the last few days after tha…[View]
229749489When will it be their turn ?[View]
229747247Let's get physical anon~[View]
229748495RaW Hero 28: This is so hard to read with cringe and gut-wrenching... Bravo Hiramoto! you've d…[View]
229737391FLCL Thread: I like FLCL. Let's talk about FLCL FLCL thread[View]
229746712look at this robot[View]
229748886One Piece: What is your favorite Wano moment so far?[View]
229726764[sad news] red hood is ending in 2 weeks: Who's to blame for the horrible pacing and writing de…[View]
229738462>want to read a manga >manga reading sites got flooded with chinese trashes and korean trashes…[View]
229746037Native american soul reaper captains?: That's really racist man why are they the bad guys?…[View]
229744220Showa Genroku Rakugo: Who was the boy's real father?[View]
229746853newer anime may have better animation, but it will never replicate the soulful coloring in cel anima…[View]
229738149Nightly Vanilla Spider Chapter 14: For the first time on /a/! Here's chapter 14 of Abe Youichi…[View]
229741976I just had a thought. Tobirama was stated to have created the reanimation jutsu, correct? This reali…[View]
229720710What the fuck happened to filesize?, you can make it 300MB and retain 99% of the original quality. A…[View]
229748688The Duke of Death and His Maid: Did Alice Lendrott have the best nails in CG anime?[View]
229745076one piece 1029: out and dumpin' https://onepiecechapters.com/chapters/191/one-piece-chapter-102…[View]
229744800*stares at you*[View]
229740901What do you think of yuri in gender bender manga?[View]
229699566Black Clover Spoilers: Spoilers very soon Official Black Clover Calendar 2022 June page[View]
229738398The Witch and the Beast: Anime when[View]
229745680>fucks his sister[View]
229673996Rachnera Arachnera: Would you marry this spider?[View]
229742782This piece of shit pedophile and his FIVE CLONES just fucked your wife. What do you do[View]
229739754shinka no mi: itt: shinka no mi[View]
229706234Sakugan: Did you know that the OP song is sung by a Thai singer?[View]
229728937We are going to discuss Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest) in this thread.[View]
229746655What actually happened to Komi? I was enjoying the manga so much and then it seems that suddenly, th…[View]
229715778>manga about marriage >the mangaka isn't even married…[View]
229727847Only the most hype moments in /a/[View]
229745738Interesting things done with cels[View]
229746287i couldn't care less about anime spoilers. the journey is what matters, not some deux ex machim…[View]
229746034Forgotten and never-mentioned Anime: What are some that you enjoy but never see anyone reccommend? C…[View]
229746503Can NagiAsu's setting be used in a more plot focused, fantasy mystery show than just a drama?[View]
229714340Consider this:[View]
229746332No matter how many decades go by...Dewey did nothing wrong.[View]
229746348What was even the point?[View]
229744230What is it with anime/manga and putting positive spins on slavery?[View]
229730808Sketchbook: Full Colors thread: Sketchbook: Full Colors' thread[View]
229737327I do not believe that the degree to which this was a fucking dumpsterfire was sufficiently discussed…[View]
229733403Dragon Ball Super: A big of part of Goku's journey as a character is finally accepting him as a…[View]
229734096Daily Alien 9 Chapter: In the future, alien invasion is a daily occurrence and everyone must be prep…[View]
229731095When does it get good?[View]
229738542How many lolis would you save in isekai?[View]
229710302The best composer in anime history[View]
229742526Is this the worst main villain Stand? >barely appears >kills no main characters >literally …[View]
229716218Saltiness Storytime: Saltiness Volume 4, by Furuya Minoru This is this the final volume of the manga…[View]
229745210>romantically intense What does this mean?[View]
229744968Am I the only one who isn't offended by this? It's so terrible and out there it's hil…[View]
229733396What horror shit are you watching this month?[View]
229743711Season 2 actually never? The manga 'sequel' released at comiket a while back gave me hope.[View]
229735300Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet: I found this box set on a random trip to the local used video sto…[View]
229741644ITT: Anime characters who had sex outside of marriage[View]
229729025Daily Azumanga Daioh: Year Two May[View]
229715577Fate/Zero: The best Fate series by far. The only ones who will disagree are waifutards who are still…[View]
229722132Daily Oddman 11 chapter: Chapter 45: Itami (Sister) Vs Setsu!!?[View]
229743823Shirogane Takeru's jorney began on this day, exactly 20 years ago[View]
229743621Kimetsu no Yaiba: Koyoharu Gotouge is one of the kindest, and most generous people I have ever met. …[View]
229722966Who was your first waifu?[View]
229735119Daily School-Live Chapter: Chapter 32 - Car[View]
229737787Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru: How does he turn our sweet magical loli an…[View]
229742714Gyaru thread: who is your favorite Gyaru?[View]
229650377Teibou Nisshi: I could have watched 121 episodes of this show[View]
229743380Remember when we were young and we used to have arguments about who was better, Asuka or Rei? Rei wo…[View]
229738813What was happening here?[View]
229736162Social experiment: Can you name at least 10 manga currently running in Weekly Shounen Sunday?[View]
229721832Shingeki no Kyojin: Literally the only hope to unJUST this series >b-but mappa! Crappa.…[View]
229743284Hajime no Ippo: Enter: Primordial Alpha[View]
229698292I just finished Hunter x Hunter.(2011) And wew lord, how is this little boy the most terrifying thin…[View]
229728112Shiroi Suna no Aquatope: How do you feel about Chiyu now after the latest episode's revelations…[View]
229742494Who is your favorite little idol?[View]
229738719Here's the truth: no one wants to watch a series about girls being 'just friends'. People eithe…[View]
229595579SYD Dump a day up to the ending.: Seitokai Yakuindomo the popular and much loved long running (since…[View]
229725022If Asuka is so smart, how come this was all she needed to hear to heal? Should have known that from …[View]
229742664>If I can’t have you, then I’m going to have you share a bed with literally every single woman th…[View]
229739001Miko is unusually pretty here. Normally she's plain, bordering on ugly.[View]
229742499Was this the last good sci-fi anime?[View]
229728624Arachnid/Blattodea: Alice is getting beat up yet again. Please say something nice to cheer her up.…[View]
229731443Thinking back on it, isn't it fucking incredible that something like the Endless Eight happened…[View]
229691761This is why I don't like harem shit: Why are japs so sadistic with their romance stories? Why d…[View]
229740658why the fuck is lain the only one of this dude's works that is constantly talked about this was…[View]
229730549Daily Chichi to Hige-Gorilla to Watashi Chapter: Each Day is Filled With Love and Happiness Chapter…[View]
229726651Post a girl who you think is best girl from a show you've never seen. Other anons will tell you…[View]
229732278Bakemonogatari #145 storytime: kino inside[View]
229738394>FMC's twin sister is dating the MC >due to family issues, FMC sister's maximum tole…[View]
229741534/kengan/: Rihito said Ohma's not going to lose. End of discussion.[View]
229738787Patlabor: what's your favourite labor?[View]
229741538Made in Abyss: She deserved better. She deserved me.[View]
229735833One Punch Man: Remember what they took from you.[View]
229734688What was his tax policy?[View]
229732963Will Queen's Blade ever come back to life or should I just lose hope? >10/10 character desig…[View]
229740963Oshi no Ko: This thing is so funny[View]
229710825I've been watching a lot of older anime and wondering why it's so poorly written a lot of …[View]
229739038Eromanga: Why didn't Eromanga Sensei become a sensation like OreImo?[View]
229739882PA Works, what the fuck are you doing?[View]
229690689Danganronpa 3: Is this anime really as bad as /a/ makes it out to be?[View]
229734266>author fucking DIES and the story is never finished why does this keep happening…[View]
229740547Why are isekai protags like this[View]
229730142>C'mon Komatsu! We're going to the Gourmet World! >But first we have to get on board…[View]
229736890Berserk: Just finished reading it, this can’t be it right? I know that the author died earlier this …[View]
229723436does fucking a dude who can shapeshift count as being gay?[View]
229738911Which decade had the most titty anime?[View]
229730335One Piece: You can’t hide what’s inside.[View]
229738422Based loli.[View]
229726870Maison Ikkoku: We haven't had a good thread in a while.[View]
229738715Shingeki No Kyojin Ending Discussion Thread: The ending really grew on me desu, I really don't …[View]
229738251What do you think of Genthru's claims that he is insane?[View]
229737936Super crooks new trailer: https://youtu.be/qOCFaeaJVDQ >better sakuga than MHA…[View]
229733614How do you feel about characters with this specific hairstyle?[View]
229738955Anons really thought this would be AOTY[View]
229707146Asuka/Rei thread Two great tastes that taste great together[View]
229721228Best EDs The Anime: Which anime has the most consistently good endings? For me, it's https://ww…[View]
229737488Ishuzoku Reviewers > Redo of Healer[View]
229663656Made in abyss Ch61 raws: Finally left village namek https://webcomicgamma.takeshobo.co.jp/manga/made…[View]
229724434Daily Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: Chapter 115: Flying Imai[View]
229721741fairy tail: what made it so fun ?[View]
229738960Samurai Champloo: What're the implications behind Mugen and his Ki for mangaing to disarm Shory…[View]
229695197>Araki: 'You know, I don't understand series like Evangelion and Gundam... I never really un…[View]
229702409Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: If Amado was smart he would have cloned Itachi or the coolest guy i…[View]
229677010Thunderbolt Fantasy: S1 > S3 > S2[View]
229713004In this thread we say the nicest things about Aqua[View]
229733221>you can ask me anything >nah i would rather go back now than spend 10 seconds asking why i’m …[View]
229733971Can someone explain how a loser like this gets a bigger harem than the MC?[View]
2297379272006-2008 /a/: Sup /a/, as some of you might already know, the old 4chan archive from 2006-2008 is a…[View]
229733453Lupin: Ugh... this is trash. Have they completely given up on trying to not to make non-generic shi…[View]
229738417ITT: Officially licensed manga in your country: Bonus point: there's no english scanlation of t…[View]
229727563Ah... and Mm...: I can't believe it's over[View]
229687895Chainsaw Man: I’m sure currently Fujimoto is working real hard on part 2. Right guys? We’ll get an a…[View]
229737001Is it impossible for an anime to do a metafictional plot? There's only been animegataris in re…[View]
229703929Hagure Wednesday: Only (Slightly) late[View]
229736809NGE: The entire show was about the writer wanting to distance himself from Japan, because he felt li…[View]
229650564Daily Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Chapter: Chapter 45: Sleep[View]
229737287is sailor moon crystal more faithful to the manga?[View]
229737102Kanojo, Okarishimasu vol. 3 news: https://twitter.com/sneakyyy4u/status/1451356498949455874?t=5QjwLw…[View]
229736918Mob Pyscho 100: Should I read Mob Psycho 100 or just watch the anime and wait for season 3? Heard th…[View]
229737192Saten appreciation thread[View]
229737183Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara: This show started great but…[View]
229703437Nightly Vanilla Spider Chapter: Chapter 13 of Abe Youichi's Vanilla Spider. Today's chapte…[View]
229728108Monogatari thread: Hey! Check out how hard I can bleed![View]
229731239You now remember Claymore.[View]
229736705I know it's been memed to death, but this really is the most impactful scene of Fire Punch.[View]
229671239Shin no Nakama: Start living together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgHXZW-oGJ0[View]
229671400Urusei Yatsura: Episode 94 uses the Beatles' Fool on the Hill at 3:31. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
229720202Buraiden Gai Storytime: Volume 4 of 5 Vol 1 >>229603203 Vol 2 >>229641233 Vol 3 >>…[View]
229726368K-ON: So we all agree Sawako is best girl right[View]
229735450What is it about English dubs that are so bad? This seems to be a problem with anime specifically. I…[View]
229734343Difficult manga pages: Sometimes when I read manga I have a lot of trouble understanding what I see,…[View]
229716361Precure thread: まなつの13歳のお尻[View]
229726293Puraore!: >episode 3 >Mami is already gone Learning from the best, I see.…[View]
229723264Why do jap isekai authors have this weird idea that healers would somehow be discriminated against b…[View]
229706011Kingdom: 100000 What a madman.[View]
229736234shinka no mi: itt:donky waifu[View]
229736216I like IGPX, in this thread, Post an image of an anime you like, and others recommend you an anime b…[View]
229699272Kancolle: Azur Lane is just pro-abyssal propaganda. The abyssal ships are represented by the Azur La…[View]
229719687Scarlet Nexus: Episode 17 today![View]
229735737Are there any Isekai where a female protagonist dies and becomes a male and develops a relationship …[View]
229714997History of Japanese Animation: This board lacks some education and the quality of animation discussi…[View]
229731739Ghost in the Shell : 2nd gig: Absolutely loved this episode. Bit sad how it ended Do you think in an…[View]
229728384i know that jahy is supposed to be a comedy show but watching her shit life is just sad and depressi…[View]
229660468Cardcaptor Sakura was pretty cool.[View]
229735016>Girls want girls where I'm from.. ~[View]
229678126>Episode 6 out >No Heiki Monogatari thread Come on, /v/. Show some love to this anime and Biwa…[View]
229681083Liar Satsuki Can See Death: Chapter 25 today. Our junior detectives take on a new case.[View]
229725053Why can't he just be a low-class mercenary for an evil conquer. It's so much more interest…[View]
229727630i wish i was rei's suit. being worn by rei most of the day at skin tight level of closeness is …[View]
229725431I love Marin so fucking much, bros. Why are they taking so long to translate her chapters?[View]
229699765My Hero Academia: What are the most iconic pages of the manga?[View]
229727907Can someone PLEASE explain to me why in the first op of Bleach Rukia has these fucking noodly arms??…[View]
229731539there will never be a good series as this again[View]
229726951Dragon Ball Super: What's the moment of the most hack writing across all of Dragon Ball?[View]
229731826Is there any other examples like where the anime adaption is clearly way better than the manga origi…[View]
229733190How does one come up with a haircut like this? It's like the haircut equivalent of inventing a …[View]
229726010Was this one of the most retarded death scenes in anime?[View]
229727741Was Crocodile a woman?[View]
229731213Well....that was shit. Wish I just stuck with the anime.[View]
229728413ITT:: Great opening songs https://youtu.be/PM9g53NTwbc[View]
229729692So basically this is a four year old girl in Japan right?[View]
229730856Shingeki no Kyojin: Admit it, you only hate him because your favorite ship didn't come true.…[View]
229722848Kanojo Okarishimasu: You've got to be fucking kidding me.[View]
229732018You guys ever accidentally miss out on the point of a story or its deeper themes? I remember holding…[View]
229690105Kengan Omega: Rolón Lolong Donaire is underwhelming as fuck: Sandro due to his east asian mongoloid …[View]
229729561What does /a/ think of Assassination Classroom?[View]
229730818Crminally underrated shota: Takeru Aizawa is one of the cutests lil bro shota characters out there, …[View]
229729129When did Attack on Titan turn to shit?[View]
229640573Red hood: https://mobile.twitter.com/KawaguchiTw/status/1449913897222164484 New illustration for cha…[View]
229730421>no one wants to sleep with hime[View]
229675300Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru: Episode airing right now, where's the…[View]
229726773So we do all agree this is pure garbage, right?[View]
229727967>this is /a/'s goddess Explain yourselves, right now.[View]
229729531seeth all you want this is the best anime & manga material arts[View]
229559449I love this shit[View]
229705306ITT: Characters that canonically have autism[View]
229713809cells at work: You have big titted onee-sans in your body RIGHT NOW[View]
229730925He did NOTHING wrong.[View]
229729899>Mahjong arc begins >Can't understand what the hell is going on I'm not the only one…[View]
229729203Is this a good thing?[View]
229730519Kino anime tropes https://youtu.be/rq9WJM-LiWo[View]
229726347They say that dragon milk gives one eternal life[View]
229636896Hajime no Ippo chapter 1358 spoilers Round 1358 意外な対戦相手 千堂「ワイやないやと?なんでやねんっ!?」 よほど頭にきたらしく、目が人外化している 藤…[View]
229723580God I love this manga so much.[View]
229730193Post references from other anime/manga in you know, other manga/anime.[View]
229723227One Piece 1029: Dumping translations https://imgur.com/a/LnEuAUQ#ilvxvD6[View]
229726355Animation production discussion thread: What is the role of a Director of Photography in anime? How …[View]
229729042Berserk: >Yeah bro moon child is Griffith I fucking hate speedreaders…[View]
229718177We be worried for him or jealous?[View]
229726154Can Mike Tyson be a heroic spirit[View]
229729052I love Jung Freud.[View]
229611849Mieruko-chan: Hana eats ass.[View]
229718323ITT: villains who did nothing wrong[View]
229725771Genres that draw your immediate interest. Both in anime or manga: Non Human/ Human relationships. Sm…[View]
229703484Clannad: Naw man I cant watch this anymore seeing a cute girl cry is a no for me[View]
229721889ITT: Post the cutest anime dogs.[View]
229727144Senpai wa Otokonoko: What if you were gay for your best friend.[View]
229727853Best Girl [OreImo]: Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't want this girl to have my children? Than…[View]
229727565I AM FORGOTTEN: seirei gensouki[View]
229727000anybody else like this?[View]
229728272>vows to drown the city in blood >stopped by a pair of talking glasses…[View]
229728219What a great show.[View]
229728020Is Kobayashi san the first ever successful manga to introduce polygamy?[View]
229645613What is /a/s opinion on tall girls?[View]
229676045Aquatope: Real talk how can/will they ramp up the action for 2nd course?[View]
229725644Anime Music Composer: What are you favourite music composer? I like Yuki Kajiura and Susumu Hirasawa…[View]
229722376>killed neji and mocked his death only a few hours ago >he wuz the coolest guy dattebayo! Kish…[View]
229726537So has animation and/or artstyle in general evolved much for our Chinese cartoons over the past deca…[View]
229662198>guy magically turns into a girl >falls in love with his/her male best friend Why is this so c…[View]
229727552Hai, Dozo![View]
229722655Boukensha ni Naritai Musume: I want to share a comfy father-daughter manga I picked up recently. I…[View]
229709504Why don't newer anime protags have stand out personalities anymore? They are getting more and m…[View]
229725778Undead Unluck leaks: Chapter 84 'Let's play'[View]
229725925what happened to long running anime? everything is one cour nowadays[View]
229726925Dragon Ball Super: Will Frieza make an appearance in the next chapter or is he just going to be a lo…[View]
229726973White Album: https://youtu.be/u_HxDK8G7iI?t=2640 You are my fire The one desire Believe when I say I…[View]
229726717Do you think he likes My Hero Academia?[View]
229726828NTR Trap: Why is everyone at Hotaru's school in love with her?[View]
229721211Why isn't /a/ watching komi-chan?: This place used to love it[View]
229706288>'ugly' girl brushes her hair >is suddenly pretty IT'S JUST LIKE MY AMERICAN ROM COMS…[View]
229721827Was this just a fever dream, or was it real?[View]
229713753Red hood: Raws are out. I'll begin dumping. Short summary: the mayor's plan is to end this…[View]
229716473Dragon Ball Super: Subarashi[View]
229671191Kaguya manga: >the best employer >the best older brother >the best brother-in-law Unyo-onii…[View]
229695862Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust: Forget the amazing animation for a second. How come not a single anime …[View]
229712395Oshi no Ko 60: New translated chapter just came out.[View]
229717804This anime has a ton shit of openings and only 3 or 4 are good.[View]
229715832Houseki No Kuni: Hiatus day 300[View]
229725832Opinions on Strawhat Luffy[View]
229708945This gem is as innocent as the Virgin Mary.[View]
229725512blue girls should marry red girls[View]
229725072Would she make a good Super Saiyan?[View]
229725000Where is the line between 'vagina symbolism' and 'I'm a coomer'?[View]
229713723Anime that's impossible to discuss on /a/[View]
229723293/a/, who is the most Arcueid-esque Doremi character? I’m thinking Reika: she’s blonde and seems very…[View]
229718498tomboy: Is she an tomboy?[View]
229722281Anime downgrade: Post em[View]
229723890Raildex: What kind of daily life tech do you think academy city might have?[View]
229721895Jagaaaaaan: Now that Jagaaaaaan is ending in a matter of weeks, what is the fin/a/l verdict on it?…[View]
229713639JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: How can the same author write Steel Ball Run and JoJolion? Even the f…[View]
229723974K-ON!: Please be respectful in this thread and remember that all girls are best girls.[View]
229716931Pluto: I just finished this last night. Fucking. Christ what a good ride. For anyone else who has re…[View]
229720664Nekotete (Even a Cat's Paw Can Be Useful): Chapters 6 and 7 of the new kot manga. Which Mii-cha…[View]
229719334Ancient Girls Frame: Saw some misunderstandings in the archived thread Funi offers better subs for t…[View]
229724798Juujika no Rokunin: Why is this trash so entertaining?[View]
229702499Dog and Scum #18: Wish: That's why I mistakenly thought that the future I'm going to have…[View]
229724622Why people like the 'Feliz Jueves' meme again?[View]
229720484ITT: pages that made you drop a manga[View]
229667141Love Live!: Is she an alien /a/?[View]
229723196Why is it so uncommon in isekai to feature any domestic abuse from female adventurers towards their …[View]
229709123YuYuYu: I fucking love Mebu.[View]
229709113how did they manage to make street racing bland and boring?[View]
229716708Soul Eater NOT Volume 2 Storytime: From what I can put together this is sort of like if MHA had a sp…[View]
229721329Fire Force would be better if Tamaki was /fit/ and got ryona’d more.[View]
229722228Guess the anime[View]
229722465I'm tired of pretending that a little sister eating her brother alive is not erotic. Pupa is a …[View]
229723808Yu-Gi-Oh! is the Fight Club of anime.[View]
229719431When are you f/a/gs going to admit that this is the apex of nu-battle shonen.[View]
229715770One Piece: bros......it’s OUR TIME[View]
229722751>Wake up >Still popular How does she do it, /a/. Should we cry harder?…[View]
229710309Do you think the nips will ever get tired of isekai MCs that get praised for the most mundane shit?…[View]
229708682Pet Girl of Sakurasou: >watch pet girl >reach episode 6 >main character is a bland dimwit a…[View]
229714930ITT: post an anime without posting it, others gues[View]
229720492This is your AOTY contenders[View]
22971826426 years: So in the end, does Shinjibowl worth it?[View]
229717923When are we getting a Shiny Colors anime?[View]
229715248>I don't get it so it's bad Why is Sonny Boy so UNNECESESSARILY complex and difficult?…[View]
229721267Why the fuck is jack hanma being downplayed and nerf so much its as if the author forgot that he was…[View]
229636833Cripple Elf Healer Apothecary: >She's regaining her eyesight I-Is the healing finally gonna …[View]
229675001Why did you get filtered by Steins Gate?[View]
229720656Lain is gay[View]
229715767How could she not even tell her hymen was intact?[View]
229715524Do you like Historie?[View]
229717320Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because life…[View]
2297199935toubun no Hanayome: The movie should remove 90% of the School Festival Arc and actually put time in…[View]
229717836WHY is Gosho such a goddamn faggot: How come these two haven't started a romantic relationship …[View]
229721437Makes Draken job. Later, indirecly kills him. Whats South's next win?[View]
229719414What was the point of this character?[View]
229716769What are the chances this will be licenced.[View]
229719540season 3 when?[View]
229712147To the people who liked this. What did this manga have? I can see its flaws and strong points but do…[View]
229713221Miuna is coming back[View]
229699298ITT: BOO HOO WOE IS ME characters[View]
229703093Pain is shit: How in the fuck did this insanely super edgelord not-Naruto, not-4thHokage design beco…[View]
229657713Pride of Orange. Tomorrow. TOMORROW!!![View]
229694579Is this the fate of all good anime? A soulless, demeaning live action adaptation by an out of touch …[View]
229713340Q & A with the King of NEETS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xuwqpgpaqd4[View]
229718042This is the next anime season. Your thoughts on this?[View]
229708462Shingeki no Kyojin: >y-yeah the sequel's MC will not be an EM kid and instead some rando…[View]
229720476Chino lives life on the wild side[View]
229719980Domestic Violence in Japan: Dude literally smacked his pregnant wife because he didn't like the…[View]
229712777What's the point of this anyway? For figurines?[View]
229702210Winter 2022: Thoughts?[View]
229718939Princesses shouldn't be this slutty. Right /a/?[View]
229698463Female Mangaka: We all love them and I love Shimimura[View]
229715238Black Lagoon: You will choose Revy right?[View]
229713892ITT: Show that you miss.[View]
229719097We're getting a season 2!: And people said it flopped... https://cloutnews.com/anime-series-rec…[View]
229698952Admit it, you'll let her spend a few weeks with you.[View]
229648259so anime girls are confirmed to urinate and defecate?[View]
229705596Dragon Ball Super: Were DB characters faster than light during the saiyan saga when Goku and Piccolo…[View]
229710381Yotsuya Miko: Why is she so perfect?[View]
229714732The manga version of Kagome is so much more beautiful than the anime version.[View]
229717027Why aren't you reading webtoons?[View]
229659417Where are you Asukachads?: I'm sick of all these rei threads lately.[View]
229716210I want to eat out this girl but i also want to punch her in the stomach. I have never felt so confli…[View]
229715996We need more shit like this[View]
229714789Pick one[View]
229714565nuFLCL: So what happened? It just died. Was it good?[View]
229713791ITT: Great moments from normalshit shows: For how much flak it gets, Kishimoto did his death very we…[View]
229710114Naruto: >Detective Conan passed Naruto with over 250 million manga sales Sorry, but Naruto is off…[View]
229709899was this scene necessary?[View]
229714516Platinum End: Im only here for Nasse[View]
229700012Muv-Luv Alternative: God I love my noble confidant Meiya so much[View]
229716835I want to live in animejapan[View]
229707934ITT: OPs with easily misheard lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXNJ-6qpU6c[View]
229712813Do marketing tactics like TV personality shilling a series really work?[View]
229715769Kino's Mashimaro[View]
229715628JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: If I had to choose between only keeping the OVA or the TV anime, I…[View]
229716679takt: I'd fill her donut hole[View]
229706635>wanna join us, anon?[View]
229715935What a fucking character. He is written to perfection.[View]
229709203One Piece: Raws: https://imgur.com/a/LnEuAUQ[View]
229619483Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Chapter 82 is up[View]
229713037Are animators a dying breed?: >Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Only Yesterday, Jin-roh, Gits, Vamp…[View]
229633234Gochiusa: Cocoa is cute[View]
229706542> Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan ch.78 sex with childhood friend[View]
229695131i dont understand this character, is she naked when 'in costume'? doesnt she get cold? is she wearin…[View]
229694816Daily Alien 9 Chapter: In the future, alien invasion is a daily occurrence and everyone must be prep…[View]
229712017Wait a second... this isn't unrequited at all[View]
229714603saber is the most beautiful girl in all of anime[View]
229704106She's so wild.[View]
229683930Rei :)[View]
229675019Tropical Rouge Precure Thread: First the sakuga episode, now the recent comedy episode. I bet those …[View]
229714451Sakugan: New episode soon. What are you expecting this week?[View]
229706742Blunt weapons or sharp weapons? Which one /a/?[View]
229709550Out of context anime dialogue[View]
229709616Does /a/ like ergo proxy?[View]
229709210I can't be the only one that thought she was best girl[View]
229712373The most Unlikeable Main character[View]
229712766Would you be willing to be a sex slave of a monster, or monster girl?[View]
229695704Higurashi Sotsu: The anime would have been much better if it had realistic hair colors like black an…[View]
229712272I'm gonna post Haruhi.[View]
229713827Usogui: What IS his face exactly like, Usoguibros? Do you think we'll see Gonen in the sequel?…[View]
229678219A Different Perspective On Shonen: Have you ever stopped to think and consider your inherent biases …[View]
229705901There's currently a full moon out. That means that if you had a monster girl wife, she would be…[View]
229697375nothing will ever be like flcl[View]
229706314ITT: translate an anime's title to your native language, others guess: Pagmamalaki ng Kahel Kar…[View]
229713495Sword Art Online (SAO): >Ruined by Asuna and kirisuna >Progressive 'soft reboot' rui…[View]
229712742What series mangaka rage quit?[View]
229712594Is there a more kino pairing than >Lesbian x The Guy Who Likes The Same Girl I think not.…[View]
229661336Pretty Series (Waccha PriMagi!, Idol Land PriPara), Mewkledreamy Mix, Aikatsu (AiPla): Happy Birthda…[View]
229710153Why didn't Togashi keep him on the team? He had so much potential.[View]
229695366Violet Evergarden: They handled the ending perfectly. And Ann's granddaughter following Violet…[View]
229712519We Never Learn artist is coming back with a new oneshot in GIGA soon. Thoughts on the designs?[View]
229689047Daily Azumanga Daioh: Year Two April[View]
229710519Hetalia World Stars - Chapter 397: https://hetascanlations.tumblr.com/post/664960882984566784/hetali…[View]
229710715Yosame Hakuro wa Korosenai: New manga by Tsutsui Taishi to be published on Jump Giga. The mangaka is…[View]
229712064How would you fix SHAFT ??[View]
229661624Yu Yu Hakusho: I didn't get a chance to discuss YYH with everyone else in the final story time.…[View]
229701665Who is the best anime girl of this year?[View]
229706668iDOLM@STER: My dork gf Sakuya[View]
229708541Death Note: Light is a necessary evil. If he were unnecessary, he would not be evil. >evil - prof…[View]
229679658Oh, no.[View]
229700033rock lee was the best naruto character. every fight with this nigga was hype as fuck. this is a rock…[View]
229709034Here it is, one of the few actually funny comedy anime[View]
229676437Will One Piece end with Luffy dying?[View]
229711989Shingeki no Kyojin: Ragetard Eren was best Eren[View]
229711632Post Examples of bad art direction[View]
229705531Is Mordred stupid?[View]
229709678Do you think she will overcome her suicidal thoughts and unlock the skillcape?[View]
229704006She's essentially Sakura Haruno, but people like her for some inexpliciable reason[View]
229710437what do people find compelling about these fags? shit tier villains[View]
229710251What's better, having one person do the art and the story or having a writer and an illustrator…[View]
229711494Shaman King: >They actually added princess Hao to the new OP Holy based!…[View]
229702283Mahjong / Akagi: Its time[View]
229700341This is a 'boat'[View]
229705913Gabriel DropOut Raphiel: Will this angel go to Hell?[View]
229709041Blue Giant is getting an anime movie https://bluegiant-movie.jp/[View]
229709619Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: All of these emotional moments, and yet I feel absolutely nothing. I…[View]
229680484Why is BL so popular in Japan? > The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window has sold a cumulative to…[View]
229700962Why is their a void of fanservice when it comes to Dragonball?[View]
229670274Mushoku Tensei: https://mushokutensei.jp/story/15/ Look at this smile![View]
229710602Shaman Queen: Play with Anna's cute and funny model here https://shamanking-game.com/character/…[View]
229705474Madoka Magica: At long last, the Homu and the Sayak have finally kissed, so that they can get naked …[View]
229706130ITT: manga only you have read[View]
229705438No Homo: Post a character of the opposite gender you think is attractive, in a non-homosexual way…[View]
229709297I expected a lot more from this.[View]
229625293Mahoako - Looking up to Magical Girl 30: English TL just dropped, dumping[View]
229700946Betrayal in isekai, I hate it so much! Do you as well?[View]
229703362One Piece: Spoiler pics out[View]
229705506Mihawk is stronger than Shanks and here's why: In the One Piece universe, a 'swordsman' is defi…[View]
229691162ITT characters that went straight to hell after their death[View]
229708944how did a series like dorohedoro with so many horror-inspired elements manage to be so comfy?[View]
229703785Yoku Wakaranai Keredo Isekai: >30 year old man isekaied into a 10/10 female beauty >Use you…[View]
229699155What's your favorite Illya install?[View]
229707933Seiken Gakuin no Maken Tsukai anime announced: Are we finally going back to the anime golden era wit…[View]
229701991is this show carried by this hottie?[View]
229702806Would you be friends with Illyasviel von Einzbern?[View]
229701301At what arc did you drop My Hero Academia?[View]
229702722ITT: Towel Drops[View]
229651366Daily Chichi to Hige-Gorilla to Watashi Chapter: This can be Memorable too! Chapter 30[View]
229708429Was it attempted rape?[View]
229653949Re Zero: Arc 7 Chapter 35 released today: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2267be/538/[View]
229707527Goblin Slayer: This is a 2000 year old marksman, trusted ambassador to human lands, warden and prote…[View]
229696535ITT we post the last page of axe victims[View]
229687887End of The World Harem: >Anime gets delayed >Part two is already out >Hasn't even been…[View]
229701514She's best girl.[View]
229703331I want her to eat me.[View]
229707367Made in Abyss: What do you expect to see in the 7th layer?[View]
229680757Out of context manga thread.: Out of context thread.[View]
229706710To Titfinity, and Beyond![View]
229629562You have to: >Fuck one >Marry one >Kill one What will you do?…[View]
229705165It's the eternal question, /a/: red or blue?[View]
229706440evangelion will be better if this happen[View]
229706279A Bride's Story: >father approves of his son's taste in 'spirited' (tsundere) girl beca…[View]
229698799Would Jotaro be able to beat Kenshiro in a fight?: Let's say post-part 3 Jojo and post-part 2 K…[View]
229685233My Divorced Crybaby Neighbor Chapter 11: It's out my fellow used goods appreciators.[View]
229704384>Look up the lineup of the next anime season online >ADVENTURE, FANTASY >ADVENTURE, FANTASY…[View]
229703173What if Rikka was the main character of Gridman?[View]
229704885Dawn is the cutest Pokemon girl. pic related, it's how her hair works[View]
229699244>girl cuts her hair after getting rejected is this an anime-only trope or are women really this r…[View]
229704061how popular and big was robotech back in the day? i hear people talk about and reminisce growing up …[View]
229700931Tsukihime manga: Just read it and is quite good.[View]
229701160Imagine how disgusting this bitch smells[View]
229696110What is /a/'s opinion on anime whose only appeal is fanservice and situations that promote it (…[View]
229704247Only newfags haven't watched Denpa Onna[View]
229696592Only oldfags will remember Chuunibyou[View]
229696456Daily School-Live Chapter: Chapter 31 - Setting Out[View]
229705617>He offers her his hand and she just joyfully smacks it Love this girl[View]
229679707How is this character alive?[View]
229697347Dragon Ball Super: >Bardock surprised by pregnancy Now nu-Bardock is also retarded like nu-Goku.…[View]
229686152Daily Oddman 11 chapter: Chapter 44: The Heavy Snowfall Keeps on Coming[View]
229702986Why the hate: I see people constantly shit on Shinji for being a pussy and crying, yet the same peop…[View]
229702521they should have made this guy the main character instead[View]
229704884Ruki is a good friend[View]
229694876Shingeki no Kyojin: It was fun till the end SnKsis, you can't negate that[View]
229699442Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: https://twitter.com/kotan1988/status/1450474432401711127 Someone give this …[View]
229681566Tokyo Revengers: Is Mikey's 'Dark Impulsivity' just a split personality which developed after h…[View]
229704566uzaki: i'm surprised how fast things are moving. now we just need the baby making sex to start…[View]
229701187ITT: Worst girls who won.[View]
229704604Sakugan: Why do daughters cause fathers so much strife?[View]
229679352Kensuke is the most attractive male Eva character.[View]
229697198What's your favourite anime word? For me it's SHIKASHI, with SUBARASHII as a close second[View]
229703594One Piece: When is the the next chapter of Zoro Piece?[View]
229695012One Piece: I can already tell episode 1000 will be shit[View]
229703527It has been years since an anime make me feel mad about a character being a fucking faggot, therefor…[View]
229698028Reminder: Making bread isn't character development.[View]
229703451Usogui: The storytime, the good one, will come soon, also use this thread to discuss the sequel / sp…[View]
229690667ITT: Pointless characters[View]
229703092It should be illegal to have two 10/10 girls in such a boring series[View]
229702602Can you name a more outrageous moment in recent anime history?[View]
229697155Munou na Nana: Is anyone still reading this?[View]
229658810Jujutsu Kaisen: Kana Hanazawa as Rika Orimoto[View]
229699100Bully council: Which one have you been reading a lot of lately? Which one is your current favorite?…[View]
229698902ITT:: Girls you want to scream 'I LOVE YOU' into their ear as they're falling asleep next to yo…[View]
229701805Why men would sacrifice themselves for righteousness and faith is understandable when Reinhardt is y…[View]
229696517One Piece: >the anime only has less than 30 episodes than the manga's chapter How fucking DO…[View]
229696774Darkness (konosuba) appreciation thread[View]
229699777even if you wasted your time watching Evangelion's 25th episode, if you realized the 26th also …[View]
229679180This graph shows the popularity of Neps overtime. How do we fix this?[View]
229653001Should oficial lewds be allowed ?[View]
229702136Code Geass was better[View]
229694672Hey, Anon. I think you're Kira.[View]
229702254Bungo Stray Dogs: Your thoughts on this series /a/?[View]
229688963MAO Chapter 114: Western-Style Pharmacy[View]
229702126cute family[View]
229701930Blue Giant: https://twitter.com/TOHOanimation/status/1450961556309643264 https://bluegiant-movie.jp/…[View]
229700510nana fucks dogs[View]
229701573Baccano: So much good material that'll most likely never get a proper anime adaptation, it hurt…[View]
229698770where can I adopt a Kaos?[View]
229698997How do you make non main character fights feel like they matter and are important over feeling like …[View]
229698940>character names are just bad puns[View]
229699352Cowboy Bebop: Why don't you like it /a/?[View]
229700645Nino was better with long hair.[View]
229654413Which goblin would you slay?[View]
229683071SYD: Last thread two weeks ago got nuked, so I have to explicitly say that this is a live TL thread …[View]
229437733You will never wake up in room 203 of the Hidamari apartments, on a sunny spring morning, with light…[View]
229699805Worlds finest assassin: I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.[View]
229697153what was the hetalia equivalent to the male public?[View]
229698065The last bit of this movie is just Shinji getting all the breaks because his Eva is awesome, Asuka d…[View]
229697018Name a better love story. Protip: you can't.[View]
229691288Tachibana-chads, get in here![View]
229699867takt op destiny: Guilty Crown but new[View]
229699195just finished s1 of Kaiji: WHY did the fucking retard do it? Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why[View]
229698181Boy's Abyss: Abyssbros...where's our chapter?[View]
229699939just finished reading ashita no joe wow[View]
229698346Chainsaw Man: >*'fujimoto would never make denji lose his virginity with power'* >sex happens …[View]
229683507Mahouka: Why didn't this franchise take off in the West? The anime's themes are unbelievab…[View]
229698167So it's the 10 year anniversary of Guilty Crown, and I just binged the series over a week. Thi…[View]
229692543Just finished this: >avril didnt win Trash.[View]
229698276AOTS: Hands down[View]
229699380Does /a/ like short girls?[View]
229686984Muv-Luv Alternative: Kasumi will save this anime[View]
2296932155-toubun no Hanayome: Worst Quint?[View]
229698975I know /a/ hates NTR, but isn't there anything that's more entertaining than watching a st…[View]
229698956What did they mean by this?[View]
229698810Which Queen's Blade Special did you like most?[View]
229698786Do you like it when girls have unique catch phrases-de gozaru?[View]
229695522I hope she's doing ok...[View]
229697181Was the tournament of power just Toriyana writing a DBZ x Hunger Games fanfic? There was even the wh…[View]
229691963Can we talk about how some races in isekai are clearly superior to others?[View]
229697701Remember Hidan no Aria?[View]
229696089What's the point of her wearing the gas mask, gloves and other protective gear when the spores …[View]
229696555Does this actually work?[View]
229693728Do kids actually watch DBS or is it just for old boomers who are nostalgic for their childhood and s…[View]
229695392Elma's archetype: I've always wondered what is her type in that series, is she a ditz, the…[View]
229698235Ranger Reject Ch. 26[View]
229697371Rika Furude is so cute[View]
229695367Couldn't they just make a concert instead of something as boring as this? A robot get emotions,…[View]
229697998Nausicaa: The ultimate 'first you hate her, then you love her' character.[View]
229664246Choujin X: Chapter 11 is out 'Sinker, Part 3 - Night Game' Gonna dump it here[View]
229696408The King and her wife[View]
229624932Boku no Hero Academia: animeonly here I don't get this scene. Why did she think of Deku when as…[View]
229695819BLUE GIANT ANIME MOVIE CONFIRMED FOR 2022 https://natalie.mu/comic/news/450224[View]
229687843I just finished Part 4. What's your favorite Jojo part?[View]
229697627Maison Ikkoku aired 96 episodes in under 104 weeks. That's fucking insane.[View]
229665502oricon: tokyo 306k jjk 253k my happy marriage 230k mha 193k kny 177k Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku…[View]
229693175Why do female protagonists never seem to realize that their best friends are hopelessly gay for them…[View]
229680531The breaker New Waves Season 3: Well guys, its over, the awful webtoon format seems ruined the manwh…[View]
229695458Tsuki to Laika: So they're playing this vampire goes to space in soviet times completely straig…[View]
229695689What are your thoughts and feelings on this drunkard girl?[View]
229678902Dragon Ball Super just revealed what Goku's dad looked like: Thoughts?[View]
229680482Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu / Komi Can't Communicate: picked the fuck up[View]
229696229I kind of liked this guy, I wish he had lasted longer.[View]
229688418Just a regular kishimoto's female writting[View]
229681177Kyouka Uzen[View]
229696477Kyoukai Senki: Tomboy onee san will LIVE gai will become the colonel from mgs 2[View]
229692652Looking to get into Fairytail, leaning more towards the manga since i hear the animation later on is…[View]
229694788Tropes you hate: >I like him/her because she's nice to me[View]
229696266Onii-sama aka mahouka: >just 10 episodes >start with drenched imouto going half naked >was…[View]
229695138Kimetsu no Yaiba: Muzan did nothing wrong[View]
229692510Should I buy these? I doubt im ever going to see hentai vhs again[View]
229688975ITT: overrated anime/manga: I'll start.[View]
229672603Battle Royale: I am so fucking mad.[View]
229693959could steamboy be successful in the west if it was remade[View]
229691298Why are anime JKs so horny for the sensei penis?[View]
229696091Would you consider hanamaru kindergarten as NTR?[View]
229694443Was it autism?[View]
229693494Seven Seas - New Licenses: Another week, another batch of licenses. This time they are all manga. I …[View]
229687955WATATEN!: This movie is going to to be a TEN out of TEN. >https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2…[View]
229695555So, did Yujiro really stop an earthquake with his punch or did he just autistically punched the grou…[View]
229693289Professional speedwatcher here. Why is season 2 so much worse than season 1 I really can't tell…[View]
229695503Onee-san is Invading?! Best manga ever.: This chapter Onee-san was invaded. https://manatoki108.net/…[View]
229683837Sonny boy: Is there a guide to the full comprehension? I need a spoonfeeding video[View]
229693379I just watched CITRUS: There's only one big issue that comes to my mind. There's no foolin…[View]
229685160Best tsundere?[View]
229670055Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: >be Kishimoto >create obvious ship for next-gen characters …[View]
229683338Chi no Wadachi: At which point did it turn shit?[View]
229676526Saltiness Storytime: Saltiness Volume 3, by Furuya Minoru Total of 4 volumes, I will post one volume…[View]
229692599>ITT: We post scenes women will never understand.[View]
229672450Which Konosuba would you Konosuba?[View]
229681325One Piece: If you think he’s getting a third fruit it’s time to let go and+ you’re also a speedreade…[View]
229694798Nichijou is Coming Back: 'Nichijou' by Keiichi Arawi will resume in upcoming Monthly Shounen Ace iss…[View]
229597847Buyfag thread: Do not attempt this at home[View]
229692484there’s not a single person who would watch this and would not get mad at this guy like seriously, a…[View]
229687773>you find this creature digging through your garbage what do?[View]
229685922They both give off the same kind of vibe and are the best girl of their series but Who is better?[View]
229675746I miss old /a/[View]
229693273Why isn't she the main girl?: Orange loli >>>>> shitsette[View]
229684956>here's your ice hockey anime bro Can we get a 3rd nuke already?[View]
229692621Was the Chimera Ant arc good in the manga, or did the anime just make it good?[View]
229692463>You are now aware Mari’s signature weapon is whips[View]
229674087Zombie Land Saga: Did you all enjoy the concert and looking forward to the movie[View]
229691331What did Tatsunoko mean by this?[View]
229682803Buraiden Gai Storytime: Volume 3 of 5 Vol 1 >>229603203 Vol 2 >>229641233 Synopsis: The …[View]
229693915>Nichijou came back before HxH[View]
229677101Shingeki no Kyojin: I (kind) of like mikasa. what about you?[View]
229693393So let me get this straight- they are going to release clips of the Mugen Train movie episode by epi…[View]
229690564cuckshit the ova[View]
229691010Why doesn't he just sell the HxH IP for a big lump sum to some party that wants to put it to us…[View]
229691241I feel like most fan translations will never be good because most fan translators have autism and ca…[View]
229665644WSJ ToC 2021 No. 47: New promise of jump : Ten beats of solitude https://rookie.shonenjump.com/serie…[View]
229692245Hokuto No Ken.: >'OF THIS LIFE! I HAVE NO REGRETS!' It's so fucking good, why is it so good?…[View]
229692960Bane?: Why does this feel like a shitpost in the exact same way the scene from TDKR is[View]
229687157>if you don't make yourself miserable for my sake, I'll make myself miserable and it…[View]
229688168Is the concept for Inuyashiki retarded or what? 'Oh no, we crashed our UFO and humans are going to k…[View]
229682850ITT: not so fun facts about any anime: Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku literally translates to Magical G…[View]
229689762Double Zeta is the best Gundam[View]
229692478ITT: subtle foreshadowing[View]
229671585Higurashi Sotsu/Gou: Passione > DEEN, and it's not even close. Wanna fight? Bring it on.…[View]
229685431ITT: Games that should be adapted into anime and how: I would kill for a Grandia anime lasting aroun…[View]
229669603How do you watch anime[View]
229688427>your average manga for lonely OLs gives the self-insert character D-cups Do manga for otaku give…[View]
229683216How to read manga[View]
229691976Why the fuck would some terrorists announce their intention to crash the plane into a building just …[View]
229678189What's Iruma thinking of?[View]
229674325Kengan: Qingun Ohmeja[View]
229690678Are there anime based on real events?[View]
229689382So...it's about a girl being accepted for being a complete sperg because she's hot? Am I m…[View]
229691191The anime adaptation of Mieruko-chan is garbage, it removes all the comedy it is like if the manga i…[View]
229691164Is there an interview or volume where Terasawa mentions him basing Cobra's looks off of Belmond…[View]
229650211Do you like vampire girls?[View]
229691886Ys: What's your opinion on this? Found it on gogoanime.[View]
229690512I had absolutely no clue what in the everloving fuck was happening during any point in that entire m…[View]
229637937Nagatoro: Kneel before the savior of the relationship between Naga and Senpai. The one that asked Ha…[View]
229686872Holy fuck, bros. What do you think Guts is going to say to him?[View]
229689836MANGA THAT WERE “okay” but not nearly good interesting to make threads anymore on /a/: MANGA THAT WE…[View]
229680568One Piece: Do you love Oden yet?: I hate Wano.[View]
229686867How has Lina Inverse managed to remain as the best fantasy anime MC even after all these years?[View]
229689425Shimeji Simulation: Would (You) join the a̶p̶a̶t̶h̶y̶ hole digging club?[View]
229690824>Evangelion analysis video[View]
229687577Daily Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: Chapter 113: Unreasonable Fight[View]
229686198Best girl this season?[View]
229691007>new Kohai rips Senpai a new one What a dumb trope.[View]
229687135>watch Kill La Kill >funny, silly, i like it a lot >it pathetically tries to 'get seriously…[View]
229685158Non Non Biyori: who was phone?[View]
229689922This is completely shameless trash. Even moeblob girl anime struggles to reach this level of blatanc…[View]
229674520Be honest anons, if a pretty girl in isekai suddenly offers herself to you, would you accept it?…[View]
229690137Is Romulus the strongest Servant in fate? The fact he can blow up a planet makes him stronger than T…[View]
229681521Ricardo vs Woli. Are you hyped?[View]
229687680The reason Mr. 2 Bon Kurei was able to remain alive and hydrated even while dancing about being quee…[View]
229689271Baki Hanma: So was the kid also imaginary?[View]
229674795Was anime/manga discussion really better in the 80s when it had zero normalfags?[View]
229647851But why?[View]
229683854This is oda now feel old yet?[View]
229661942Mistranslations: Translators are actual authors of what we are reading/watching and sometimes totall…[View]
229679568Eustass Kid: >Kid has severe headaches and is about to be defeated by Big Mom. >Kid and Law Vs…[View]
229689363I want to cuck Kiritsugu together with Saber.[View]
229678385Why is everyone crying all the time?[View]
229686798Penguindrum: 10 years later, and I still listen to Gray Wednesday every Wednesday. Also Kanbari >…[View]
229687011Ange Vierge: >mobage service ending this is The final Ange Vierge thread…[View]
229679639Penguindrum: KV for the Penguindum “Recap but kinda sorta not really recap film we honestly just don…[View]
229678734ITT: lovable idiots they are the absolute best characters in any series they are in[View]
2296699373x3 thread: Time to post 3x3 and shit on other's tastes[View]
229675413Is the guy who made this some kinda gay sex pervert? Im 10 episodes in and i cant shake the feeling …[View]
229684966how the internet anime community looked like in the 90s[View]
229675453Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: New OVA PV out The return of Chloe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
229671177I love shirou I love shirou I love shirou I love shirou I love shirou[View]
229679437Dragon Ball Super: I cannot overstate how much I hate that Goku is literally Superman now. Fucking h…[View]
229655801Nagi no Abyss: >the queen of this series has disappeared again Nagichads, this wasn't suppos…[View]
229687685what does /a/ think of Carl Macek?[View]
229686299Forgotten best girls: Post them.[View]
229679137>at that time why do translators use this phrase? no one speaks like this…[View]
229685511I really wanted to like Keijo: I just can't, the character designs are god-tier but the concept…[View]
229681643My Hero Academia: Fan of MHA since 2015, but I've never watched season 4 or 5. I've heard …[View]
229617653What media player do you use in 2021 to watch anime?[View]
229673243Post your favourite anime quotes: For me it's >Haruhi is dead. Haruhi remains dead. And we h…[View]
229683668Quick anon! Show her something she will love![View]
229684602So, for Manga creators, how does 'copyright ownership' usually goes? how much the publisher control …[View]
229674551If all Monogatari characters were gender swapped, would it still be popular on /a/?[View]
229684806what is the point of making a movie, then making a second season where almost half the cour is the m…[View]
229636440Chainsaw Man: It can feel like CSM characters lack agency, that they're not usually the reason …[View]
229684615>Canon shotacon >Absolutely thirsty What the hell happened to Ikemoto´s head when he wrote thi…[View]
229680790Muv-Luv Alternative: The CCSE arc sure was great wasnt it? Loved seeing how Takeru speedran it compa…[View]
229677371>Anime is set in Europe >Regular school days last until evening Pffhaha japs really think this…[View]
229659679Nanoha ViVid: Who in their right fucking mind thought that ending this season right in the middle of…[View]
229684211Yosuga no Sora vs Aki Sora: the great debate[View]
229684062Literally me[View]
229680199Goro Taniguchi anime: How do we feel about the directorial works of Goro Taniguchi? I won't say…[View]
229660798Doraemon chapter 1 dump[View]
229683756Was the Garlic Jr Saga as bad as people say?[View]
229676862Soul Eater NOT Volume 1 Storytime: A poll was posted Votes were cast A winner emerged For those that…[View]
229677916Why do americans even have to localize aspect ratio? Can they really not imagine people not being sh…[View]
229684831Why is Yanda such a jerk?[View]
229629731takt op.Destiny: 6 hours until episode 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGYZ1Hc_V8Y[View]
229671386SSSS. Dynazenon: Volume 4 came out today which means we also got a new voice drama. https://barnnn.b…[View]
229630880Kanojo, Okarishimasu: This week's chapter is out. Dumping.[View]
229674976Macross Delta Absolute Live!!!!!!: >mogs your flesh and blood idols…[View]
229671254Weekly Prison School Vol 13 Storytime: More hot shenanigans with Mari between hard bars, flaccid sli…[View]
229669628Josuke is getting a spinoff: The November issue of Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine announced on …[View]
229668814'Chosen ones' in shonen: Why do people complain so much about main characters having something speci…[View]
229655365Why are houses in anime so unrealistic?: This is almost a mansion. Are all anime characters rich?…[View]
229587733We all know fairy tail is littered with asspulls, but what was the worst one? I'd say its this …[View]
229682571is there a romantic subtext to piccolo and gohan's relationship or is my mind just warped?[View]
229683192Hanyo no Yashahime S2x04: All is making sense right now.[View]
229584132it's 2021 and Rangiku Matsumoto is still the hottest female in japanese media.[View]
229670914HAIL IL PALAZZO[View]
229676057What was the exact moment where you DROPPED Naruto?: For me it was when Naruto failed the Chuniin ex…[View]
229681741Thoughts on gyarus?[View]
229678939https://youtu.be/3RxlzJWWzdY Can i expect this to come out in 2022?[View]
229679659Roujoteki Shoujo Hinata-chan: Dumping chapter 41 after the break.[View]
229674399Dragon Ball Super: What was your favorite Frieza moment in the series?[View]
229681119What would you do here?[View]
229675015it doesn't get any better than kizu hanekawa[View]
229680502Out of context manga panels: Post em[View]
229681749What a bastard. Bets /a/, did the MC do it? Knife the bastard in an alleyway.[View]
229682100Have you gotten yours yet?[View]
229665282Rosario+Vampire: you now remember this CHAD[View]
229678216What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
229678012180 Byou de Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka?: How come nobody is talking about this lovely asm…[View]
229602352oshi no ko: monday speedtl time[View]
229676097One Punch Man: Well? Would you?[View]
229681559So Saiyan women DO get pregnant and put the babies in nursing pods after they're born, they are…[View]
229681550Can't wait for anime of the decade: Mob psycho 100 is shounen of the decade.[View]
229678707>Outwrites your characters Nothing personal kid.[View]
229667657One Piece: The One Piece is on Little Garden[View]
229664006Nightly Vanilla Spider Chapter: Here's chapter 12 of Abe Youichi's Vanilla Spider. WARNING…[View]
229681153One piece: Is faget done?[View]
229624101D-frag!: Kaaaaaaabuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii[View]
229657340Kanamori: It’s been a while since she’s been popular Let’s bring that back Say something nice about …[View]
229678588How does the rival of the current show you are watching stand up compared to this lad?[View]
229674357Digimon Ghost Game: 4 days until the breaks is over. Is it possible to get a DGG thread rolling?…[View]
229680560A Couple of Cuckoos: The seiyuu of Sachi will be revealed on November 17th[View]
229675315Who did it better?[View]
229657226Muv-Luv Alternative: Bravo Leader, do you read me!? What's going on? Report the situation! Oh g…[View]
229672632>Naruko 'Anaru' Anjou What did they mean by this?[View]
229679044What was the fuck was her problem? This series was basically just 12 episodes of her being a bitch t…[View]
229673973Chris Ayres, the dub voice for Frieza from Kai into Super passed away. My favorite work of his was f…[View]
229675712Tōshinki Jīzu Furēmu - Ancient Girl's Frame: >>[a2a] Ancient Girls Frame - 01 (1080p HEVC…[View]
229678303Anime as a media peaked here[View]
229626148Edens Zero Chapter 164: Chapter's out, I get to dump it this time.[View]
229677819>laments others for killing >kills himself What did he mean by this?…[View]
229676453>Villains are evil because...they grew up on a literal garbage dump[View]
229678181Impreza Subaru: What a fucking idiot[View]
229662618This Healer is Mendokusai PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J5BhqeWN3k Is it isekai or native?…[View]
229675444>2D monster girls care more about family than real life women Why even bother with real women?…[View]
229634291Mob Psycho Season 3 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wys13xLQ4ps[View]
229677113What did he mean by this?[View]
229674165Please tell me she stops being a female pedo and starts acting like a regular older sister figure at…[View]
229650757Daily Alien 9 Chapter: In the future, alien invasion is a daily occurrence and everyone must be prep…[View]
229671925did you like kemono giga?[View]
229635638Cowboy Bebop Teaser: https://youtu.be/_JDWm1f6-M0[View]
229670630Is the fairytail anime worth watching compared to the manga? I need a new long running shonen to tur…[View]
229674355Kengan Omega: 2 hours left[View]
229675740Urusei Yatsura: As much as this series has been done to death on here, it's nice to see it…[View]
229676752We’re still mad at Prison School right? Or is there a cope I’ve missed since this[View]
229659439It seems like no one talks about Owari no Seraph anymore[View]
229667492What a gigantic let down.[View]
229671899Baki: Is Kaku Kaioh the strongest Baki character that isn't Baki or Yujiro?[View]
229659210ITT points in anime and manga that brought you to tears: damn this hit hard[View]
229670857Gay. If you like this you are gay. Traps are for gays.[View]
229669788What went wrong? Was it the werewolf dog arc? It was doing ok, comfortable position in the middle of…[View]
229669161Why is Ritsu your favourite K-On?[View]
229670738Do you remember Saya's show?[View]
229675200Let's play the Name Claim Game Pick a first name or last name and post a character for it. That…[View]
229669084Boku no Hero Academia: Would Uraraka fall for Deku if he didn't got One for All?[View]
229674185that's one hymen out[View]
229652690Shingeki no Kyojin: So what exactly happened to her again?[View]
229676155What the fuck were they thinking!? I didn't wait three whole years for a CGI shitfest![View]
229676146She doesn't deserve him.[View]
229670987Is baki's grandpa dead? If he is then how did it happen but if he isn't then where is he?[View]
229675625God why did Yana have to make all her characters so HOT.[View]
229671921Uh huh... so she wasn't just a lesbian pedo, she was possessed by the lesbian pedo demon lord?[View]
229670531>The only good anime are novel anime that are good in spite of anime Do you agree?…[View]
229671865Danmachi: She does things to me[View]
229674684Why does this season of anime suck so hard? Only Mushoku Tensei and 86 Second Season is remotely wor…[View]
229672495Date a Live: The author’s moving on to Kong Propose, but the anime’s coming back in January.[View]
229670569This anime is so fucking deep. What's your opinion?[View]
229663372What was the worst timeskip in shonen manga? I'd say it was the seven year one in Fairy Tail be…[View]
229674240Miia seems like top tier gf material.[View]
229671404Hunter x Hunter: Just finished the Yorknew arc and I gotta say: That was a masterpiece.[View]
229673788OPM: I think it would be pretty cool if Captain Mizuki and Child Emperor ever interacted[View]
229674138I spend more time on /a/ and going through the archive to read what people talked about when a certa…[View]
229674017When I get rich off crypto, I'm building a real-life Tuatha de Danaan. Will we ever get a seaso…[View]
229664739Who is the best girl?: Why are all the best girls in anime autistic?[View]
229661975Would you impregnate a not isekai dragon girl?[View]
229647590Kengan 131[View]
229656815Please Put Them On, Takamine-san: Ch. 32 scanlated[View]
229669683It's better than EoE.[View]
229650560Was he always evil?: Light Yagami was undoubtedly a cold, vicious elitist long before he picked up t…[View]
229666377I understand that Schneizel's illegal move isn't a way to give up that would be allowed in…[View]
229662876Tatsunoko 60th Anniversary: https://twitter.com/tatsunoko_pro/status/1450371315219804163 >2022年10…[View]
229673681Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch186[View]
229672784Higurashi GouSotsu: All you faggots say her crimes far outweighted any chance of her being redeemed,…[View]
229654037Made In Abyss Ch. 61 Thread: Looks like the website is updating on the 20th nippontime, which should…[View]
229667907Denji x Reze: I'm devoting my entire life to shipping Denji and Reze. I'm not exaggerating…[View]
229671586HAPPENING: Chris Ayres is dead.[View]
229656461Kanojo mo Kanojo: https://catmanga.org/series/kmk/77 Chapter translations are out, dumping.[View]
229671296Why do people often rag on Naruto for having terribly written female characters, women like Sakura a…[View]
229671906Shirou is gay[View]
229616108Go! Princess Precure Thread: Do you think Toei always intended to revive and bring back Close becaus…[View]
229672917I don't get the joke[View]
229663500ALERT: This person rang your doorbell at 03:33 AM.[View]
229671211ITT: Characters that exposes the hipocrisy of women and fujoshis I mean, if they were feminine look…[View]
229654869Dragon Ball Super: >lol Gohan's balding Then why does Goten get a free pass if he's 'ba…[View]
229671203what's his name, /a/? Judeau or Guts jr.?[View]
229672865Anyone know where to find rips of jap hobbyist magazines?: Tried checking ex and nyaa, no dice.…[View]
229664917Nekotete (Even a Cat's Paw Can Be Useful): Chapter 5 of the new kot manga (with an unexpected c…[View]
229661504Food Court wada yamamoto: For me? Its the McChicken[View]
229669285what would you do in this situation[View]
229644768Daily Oddman 11 chapter: Chapter 43: An Umbrella for Two.[View]
229672321Fucking Aoi.[View]
229671993Objectively based on their actions and motivations, who are the two most evil characters here?[View]
229629879Who's your favorite semen demon?[View]
229667618One Piece: Why is Sanji the worst character in all of One Piece?[View]
229670686Asuka drinking Ken’s bath water. It’s all she requires for sustenance.[View]
229672139So the black looking guy actually isn't black at all but the white as snow guy is the one who i…[View]
229668762Well, how the fuck did she get hurt?[View]
229670312why is shirou in the first ep of mha[View]
229670706Ongoing manga about a shady organization that fights monsters: >Attack on Titan >Kimetsu no Ya…[View]
229664629ITT: Characters better than the series they're in[View]
229669750Nice to meet you! my name is worthless trash[View]
229667570ITT favorite isekai.[View]
229671109Oresama Teacher: What happened to anon-chan man? When will the last 16 chapters be translated?…[View]
229671390Post a girl (preferably a cute one) and lets speculate, and hopefully, reach a consensus on the stat…[View]
229669975>Dio invades Jonathans life and actively tries to ruin it so Jonathan has to do something Solid …[View]
229671412Detective Conan: It's a real shame America never got into this. I think the story from Haibara…[View]
229639605Tokyo Revengers #227: >it's a South sob story chapter[View]
229670297Why Jump mangaka always refuses best girl be a protagonist's waifu?[View]
229647725Best studios[View]
229655199This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human: >introduce a premise that resembles an oridinary isekai…[View]
229670119Do you accept saint Kircheis as your lord and saviour?[View]
229655685GochiUsa: Chapter 134 My wife, Chino, is a creature of the devil who leads men away from the light o…[View]
229662673Now that the dust has settled, is everyone mature enough to agree that Zeke had the best plan? Anti-…[View]
229658637Kaginado: No thread? It's so short but it's still kind of amazing to see Kanon and Clannad…[View]
229615237What do you expect from the next madoka movie, /a/?[View]
2296577265 Tobun no Hanayome: Which Quint is the best?[View]
229667582Is anime fucking boring now, or am I just getting old. Feels like 2012-2013 was the peak of it all a…[View]
229668360Why is Ren-chon so fute?[View]
229665522>Entire story is mostly just the 2 main characters growing closer to eachother and falling in lov…[View]
229669673>Go to an island >Hear some sob story from the inhabitants >Beat the baddie responsible for…[View]
229668533ryuu to sobakasu no hime: Saw this yesterday. What did I think of it? I thought it was shit and I c…[View]
229664089Is Vivy still the best anime of 2021?[View]
229666566did she ever once say nya?[View]
229663718What would you do with a shrunken Narancia?[View]
229669260ITT: relatable anime scenes[View]
229594042Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens: Subs are out.[View]
229668818Did anyone actually watch this new movie?[View]
229667308What are you guys thinking of this one? I've got some mixed feelings on it and would like to se…[View]
229594251Would you accept a stray foxgirl into your home?[View]
229663275ITT Milfs: Specifically milfs/cakes you wouldn't mind starting a family with. Just read Musume …[View]
229654755Christopher Ayres confirmed dead: Well shit. Christopher Ayres the english dub voice for Frieza in F…[View]
229667891Do you think the Chainsaw Man anime will deliver or is it gonna be another overhyped Mappa disappoin…[View]
229664349griffith was literally just chilling, fuck guts he ruined all of grifiths plans[View]
229669067Lain-Chan's cunny, Cute and funny Worth more than the whole world's money Full of golden n…[View]
229668808LotGH: What does /a/ think of Oskar von Reuenthal?[View]
229667209Why do people these days think massive saggy udder-like tits that can barely support their own weigh…[View]
229662094Is Astolfo gay or bi?[View]
229666066Why are there so many gay best friends in manga now?[View]
229584897Big breasted characters: >her personality is having big boobs Why is this so often the case?…[View]
229667235Love Live!: best final episode[View]
229661287satania vs jahy once and for all: jahy is great but satania will always be my one true love[View]
229659289Reminder that Ben-to is still the best shonen ever to be animated. .[View]
229665145>let me go, you monster![View]
229663440Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Ikemoto showed us a glimpse of what to expect for Sarada and Cho Ch…[View]
229667535Thoughts on Blue Seed? I loved it as a kid getting into anime.[View]
229667709an anime value is proportional to the amount of pantyshots and general fanservice it offers. everyth…[View]
229649466One piece: >So after conquering Zou i will rename in homage It to my dead subordinate Jackland…[View]
229661123Do you know someone who owns it? if so, how much did it cost?[View]
229649717Will the episode count end up being over 100? Is it going full shonen?[View]
229656509SnK S4P2 leaks - RISE HOPECHADS: >manga is adapted faithfully till chapter 123 or 124 >Only di…[View]
229640990Liar Satsuki Can See Death: Chapter 24 today, time for the moment we've all been waiting for.…[View]
229663124Name one protagonist power cooler than Unlimited Blade Works.[View]
229666912Inu to Kuzu: So what is his deal? Is this another homo childhood friend that are so popular now?…[View]
229664184Yosuga No Sora: Why is this dumb bitch crying her eyes out because she walked in on someone fucking …[View]
229642817Explain, hunterbros[View]
229666624Where is King when you need him?[View]
229624222Love Live: Superstar/Nijigasaki: Superstar Ep 12 just aired and Season 1 ended Nijigasaki season 2 w…[View]
229626933Mushoku Tensei: What's she so happy about bros? Tell us your best Eris theories.[View]
229661084https://files.catbox.moe/1wl72s.flac Waluigikure... I kneel.[View]
229651276Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: A nigh-omnipowered reality-warping sysadmin was defeated by this.[View]
229665349Is the Gridman/Dynazenon chaaracter designer a genius?[View]
229568032Halloween Storytime: Franken Fran: Hey kids, wanna see a undead body? If you've ever had a nice…[View]
229664734Title drops[View]
229666263Spooky thread: Post characters with halloween costumes[View]
229660942>Sleepy eyes >Messy bed hair Best girls no debates…[View]
229641233Buraiden Gai Storytime: Volume 2 of 5 Vol 1 >>229603203 Synopsis: The story revolves around Ku…[View]
229665442Urusei Yatsura: Bath time![View]
229663760Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >Edens Zero 164 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Empir…[View]
229651688Daily Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: Chapter 111: Imai's Manliness[View]
229657714I don't understand how she could crush on senpai and how they'd have sex. He'd kill h…[View]
229656302TOC is here![View]
229659050Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: Final chapter next week.[View]
229657135ITT: Anime tropes you want to see more often: >final arc villain acknowledges the strength of a f…[View]
229662147This was so fucking hot.[View]
229662866Kino no Tabi: Garasu no haiwei ni, tatte iru you ni! Yume to kiken to, senaka awase demo![View]
229659185What's the smart thing to do here?[View]
229662998claiming plot armor: Why are people claiming plot armor in one piece in particular Unlike many othe…[View]
229664223GITS: Individual Eleven: The tanks sound so girlie.[View]
229664171Star Wars: Visions: Now that the dust has settled, rank the episodes.[View]
229663851Itsuki is best girl, you cannot refute.[View]
229664016This guy invites you to play American football and hit the gym. What do?[View]
229662958Act-Age: What happened to the Matsuki x Terasu sequel? I need something similar to read when Oshi no…[View]
229662549How do we go from this...[View]
229659395Slice of Life: I don't wanna have girl fishing with their cute antics. I wanna have an actual s…[View]
229629891>yuri end in an harem series Why does it happen?[View]
229628037Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Is that the Comrpession Rasengan?[View]
229642717Are they more than friends?[View]
229663047/a/ what is the best harem anime and why is it pic related[View]
229663104Why did Adult Anime die out?[View]
229663058Let's say you were tasked to create an anime market specifically to dads. Which studio would yo…[View]
229553826Ayakashi Triangle 64 'I Want to Save You': Leak thread >>229513979[View]
229661522How can Eiichiro Oda be so based?: Gives Top tier content for 25 years weekly Best character design…[View]
229661692How important is good character design?[View]
229661279Should he have made manga instead?: Miyazaki made some manga, but his career focus was on animation.…[View]
229659970Sakugan: Yui grew up.[View]
229655086If I loved Ghost in the Shell and enjoyed Texhnolyze, would I like Ergo Proxy?[View]
229653896The heat from the egg cooks the rice.[View]
229656395Daily School-Live Chapter: Chapter 30 - Graduation[View]
229657580ITT: Best Characters of their respectivo series: I'll start[View]
229661904Ousama Ranking: Chapter 16 is out Someone should dump it[View]
229610230How do you write a good rivalry? Pic no related[View]
229649300Daily Azumanga Daioh: Year One Extra Lessons[View]
229655227It does not get more waifu than this[View]
229627879Does anyone even remember Noragami?[View]
229657515Aquatope: Kukuru should have went to college instead.[View]
229653861Nagatoro: I didn't particularily like Nagatoro. I can understand those who do though.[View]
229655947The show absolutely no one is watching[View]
229659616How do you write a compelling superpower finale without asspulls? Can it be done?[View]
229658235Konosuba: Why should I read the light novels?[View]
229660289Look at this absolute retard running around naked everywhere. What a fool! >AUUUUEEUAAAGHHH GAAHR…[View]
229657471What's your least favorite anime from the past 10 years. Must have watched at least 3 episodes …[View]
229661091Favorite trope on /a/: What are some fun tropes? >All the authors work take place in the same uni…[View]
229647074>Humans can't fight servants >A human teacher destroyed one of the strongest servants in …[View]
229655598>PEW >WOOSH[View]
229657390I love this little autist like you wouldn't believe.[View]
229650593Why is no one talking about isekai of the season?[View]
229659602One Piece: Who is your favorite Straw Hat? This cutie is the best in my opinion.[View]
229649332Tenkaichi: Fuma is going to win r-right bros?[View]
229650115Frieren chap. 70: Out at kireicake I've dumped a few times before but not today.[View]
229627162Jojo: New Jolyne PNG just dropped[View]
229625443Kaguya Sama: Chapter 241 KR -> EN Speedscan: Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/M3O2bX3 Cubari link:…[View]
229659600Luffy and his harem: He cannot be stopped[View]
229653964Was I supposed to like this character?: I found their lines annoying and their death cathartic. I tr…[View]
229657575fumetsu no anata e to your eternity: Chapter 151 'Things That Connect Us'[View]
229657021Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun: I totally dig it. It looks like something that 4Kids probably wo…[View]
229654412Dragon Ball Super: >Minus Bardock with scouter and Monite's cape (hood on) Why is DRIPdock s…[View]
229644362>demon lord is defeated >hero marries his lovers and lives happily ever after Many isekai end …[View]
229659625We can all agree this is AOTY, right?[View]
229634049What would be the plot of an anime featuring small servants?[View]
229659548Kyoukai Senki: Don't mind if I do.[View]
229640247>is supposedly overworked >still can't finish his manga in 30 years Reminder that manga …[View]
229652537Weekly Shōnen Sunday: TOC[View]
229659380What do you think of Riko-chan's new outfit, /a/?[View]
229541471Rei: Rei thread died A new Ayanamy series thread surfaces[View]
229603298Pretty Series (Waccha PriMagi!, Idol Land PriPara), Mewkledreamy Mix, Aikatsu (AiPla): HAGANE NO SIX…[View]
229658234Why are female superheroes jobbers?[View]
229649688She would have deserved it[View]
229648784is it worth watching after dark tournament? ive never seen anyone talk about anything else than togu…[View]
229648962Yakitate!! Japan: How much do you like bread, /a/?[View]
229625310Hunter x Hunter: >the world is way bigger than our real world Then why is the day/night cycle sti…[View]
229656194What are your personal favorite shows this season?: You can enter here: https://strawpoll.com/8162o…[View]
229657363imouto: There is nothing better than a cute imouto, and ITT we will discuss cute little sisters in a…[View]
229652642>WIT dropped based AoT for this kiddie shit glad they're going bankrupt…[View]
229652167Sci Fi Anime timelines: Looking back at some of the first anime I watched and it feels weird we are …[View]
229553591Jujutsu Kaisen #162: Get in here bros, the chapter's out. Dumping btw. Missing Sidetext: >V…[View]
229657311Usagi Drop: How sweet, I'm loving this, is Yotsuba&! this good too?[View]

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