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237792273Elusive Samurai: Pure kino. Historical warfare manga is soooo good. They should greenlit more. I wan…[View]
237791667How can we beat them?[View]
237792944Post eyebrows![View]
237774257Why don't Evangelion fans consider themselves mecha fans?[View]
237793141Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle: Is anyone else still reading this? It's kinda shit right, e…[View]
237787139One Piece: With the battle coming to a head, it's no small wonder who was the 'lurking leg…[View]
237784898Drifters: Almost a year and no new chapters have been released, but what do you expect from hirano…[View]
237766645Name a better anime movie[View]
237791936I really want to like this movie but I don't quite get what was the message of it by the end. M…[View]
237790800I LOVE KILLUA[View]
237779161Orchestr/a/ plays Daddy! Daddy! Do! and more: Happy International Family Day from Orchestr/a/ Daddy!…[View]
237785999Plus sized elf: this two actually make a cute couple[View]
237790775Kanojo, Okarishimasu Alternative: OR: 10 Reasons Why 'Possum Girl' Is Better Than 'KanoKari.' 10: Ka…[View]
237789473Why are green-haired girls the best?[View]
237787331>release schedule: whenever the mangaka feels like it[View]
237787044Interesting theory, How ever[View]
237791366dumping the 2nd chapter, because its more interesting than the first one[View]
237790309Why is Iruma so lovable?[View]
237774420Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall: Empress waiting for subs.[View]
237780216Crystallization of human...: Why do I keep seeing this phrase everywhere out of Japan? Is it some we…[View]
237790742What the fuck was her problem?[View]
237790417kaguya sama: chapter 253 spoiler[View]
237792499Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
237785739>O'MY IMAGINATION[View]
237773872What exactly makes it so much better than other shonen? And what can other shonen manga learn from …[View]
237792125Raildex: >astral buddy spinoff about tokiwadai girl drama, cliques, and girls plotting shit >r…[View]
237790895dope anime dopamine Think about it.[View]
237782224>tfw no yor wife[View]
237790140This should be classified as literature.[View]
237792070More manga about war crime when? Especially Japanese war crime in WW2?[View]
237789029What do you call this body type?[View]
237790449WHO TF IS HIS DAD: I have searched desperately through the manga and watched the tv show multiple ti…[View]
237718054Jashin-chan Dropkick: Been watching this show lately and it's pretty great. What does /a/ think…[View]
237727130Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: Yudias training arc begins[View]
237787680Naruto Shippuden: Honestly, it's at least an 8/10 up until the Fourth Shinobi War where it defi…[View]
237791005Hi no Ame ga Furu Iwata Kunchi no Obaachan Yocchan no Biidama Shirahata no Shoujo Ryuuko Makkuro na …[View]
237791060I'm so glad she's legal[View]
237789820Is Wet Moon the most Lynchian manga of all time?[View]
237758863What do you think are the implications of being sent to an isekai with your high school crush?…[View]
237777835What made 2000s otaku/anime culture so much better than our current year?[View]
237607013Drawthread: Make and request /a/rt.[View]
237786164ITT: antagonists who are cooler/more likable than the protagonist[View]
237789601Ah. So it's really been ten years? I-I see.[View]
237782751Why is it always cringey as fuck whenever rock music comes up in anime and manga? It's always c…[View]
237785122You do like your age gaps to have inverted power dynamics,don't you anon?[View]
237783816K-ON!: Why is Nao so great?[View]
237772252Kagami in 2022?[View]
237781817Honzuki no Gekokujou - Ascendance of a Bookworm: What would you do if it had been you that was reinc…[View]
237773864Why is this indian demigod white?[View]
237771347Why isn't fantasy more popular?: It's just isekai without the isekai[View]
237784349Would Apocrypha have been better if Jack won?[View]
237787423>the long hard summer ahead before we can watch toradora together again hang in there bros…[View]
237786679does it get better: starting episode 13 and so far it's pretty trash[View]
237778585Saber butt ass naked[View]
237769268Ayashimon: Chapter #23: Extinguisher https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013261[View]
237789256binged all of Tanya today: Watched all the episodes along with the movie. I was expecting a lot more…[View]
237785579Chainsaw Man: >CGI But why[View]
237745402DAILY Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: vol.1 >>234973548 Vol.2 >>235396772 Vol 3>>235829…[View]
237788222did he at least got to tap her??[View]
237772371Precure: Hope everyone liked the newest episode of DP Precure, I thought it was nice[View]
237779225why do manga with male characters that look like this still exist despite the fact tha most females …[View]
237785920>manga literally entirely about autists masking too much No wonder you tards shill it so much…[View]
237786732OPOTS/EDOTS: Post your OP and ED of the season and viciously criticize each other's preferences…[View]
237780815Daily Marry Grave Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came to …[View]
237785971Miura art: Anyone want to post some weird or rare Miura art? Not necessarily Berserk-related. Could …[View]
237785414Why is this brat so smug[View]
237776062Suicide Girl: Chapter 3 Previous: >>237737162 It's time to meet everyone's favorite …[View]
237781844Why does she wear the mask?[View]
237787899do not go outside https://youtu.be/YoNNU1uawj0[View]
237787784Japanese people are actually funny?[View]
237782606>worse bleach[View]
237776038What moment in anime made you cry tears of joy?[View]
237780762One Piece: What's next for Kaido and the gang? Also, both Viz and TCB version of the chapter is…[View]
237770322You now remember Dororo.[View]
237783388Whats the /a/ consensus on Gintama: I really REALLY like what was probably the first 3 quarters of t…[View]
237775795Onipan: Oha! New short in two hours. Today we'll finally get some focus on everyone's favo…[View]
237692016Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
237775228We can't see her anymore.[View]
237785643how can this ed be so good[View]
237786176I don't see the appeal[View]
237783663Real (Takehiko Inoue): Read this[View]
237780728ITT: we make the anti-battle shounen: >MC is an adult woman >her parents are nobodies >ever…[View]
237783225Who was the better villain?[View]
237781742One piece the anime thread: >because I'm made of rubber And just like that, Oda has made sky…[View]
237759763What are signs that a mangaka of a shonen is a woman?[View]
237766187Super Smartphone: Let's read the second chapter of this new manga! This time, with a CP https:/…[View]
237785504Sword Art Online: NerveGear releases this month Can't wait for mine to arrive, I've had it…[View]
237783246I dont get it[View]
237785585>make a shoujo manga >call it a shounen[View]
237779241Gabriel Dropout: Fuck Raphiel[View]
237780930That 'accident' happend for a reason: Mio's into exhibitionism and loves to show off in front o…[View]
237782906I found a replacement for Freeza's dead voice actor (Chris Ayres): https://9anime.id/watch/trap…[View]
237781169Give me your honest opinion on Mushoku Tensei.: A friend of mine recommended me this show, for conte…[View]
237748179This is a Hayasaka thread.[View]
237780535Netflix anime/manga adaptations: >Light turner[View]
237779715What ever happened to her English voice actress?: The name 'Chris Simms' is nigh-unsearchable and ty…[View]
237777792D-Frag: FUNABORI FUNABORI[View]
237784975Gentlemen, how do we feel about kurokami long?[View]
237784990Ghost in the shell: Arise: The animation was really good but the plot was just a mess. The plot was …[View]
237781765You can't kill yourself to end your suffering because....you just can't ok??![View]
237782613Ultra Heaven: It ended like that? It went on eternal hiatus? It got axed? What happened?[View]
237782156Well Written Geniuses[View]
237779814What are your thoughts on the selection of OST tracks chosen to represent Haruhi in Kousaki Satoru…[View]
237780280Gundam Seed Destiny: How in the fuck did he survive again? Is his cockpit in another dimension? He s…[View]
237784296>Chihayafuru ended this year So who the fuck won the Chihayabowl?[View]
237782266i love weboshii![View]
237780323One Piece: Nobody has ever proven that the raid *wouldn't* fail. People may laugh at us and cla…[View]
237722656A Couple of Cuckoos: Fuck SynergySP Fuck Shin-Ei Animation Fuck the animators for fucking up one of …[View]
237769320Mission: Yozakura Family chapter 129: Pain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMrImMedYRo[View]
237783384How could anyone not like her?[View]
237757436shingeki no kyojin: Eren is one of the greatest MCs in history because he gave his live and sacrific…[View]
237765751The Elusive Samurai Ch. 62: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013238 Armor 1335[View]
237780772Ao Ashi: He's kinda cute[View]
237767447In which chapter do they find men?[View]
237779119Would you like Yor as your mother?[View]
237767146Witch Watch 61: Letter From a Friend, Part 1 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013289…[View]
237782465Magu-chan: >came in 4th in the Anime Japan poll >getting a new Naputaaku plush >got a new 4…[View]
237778753Is there any romcom main boy and main girl don’t end up together?: Why do people pretend it’s a comp…[View]
237777483What makes good character design?[View]
237760901Kaguya/Oshi no Ko: Miyuki is Aqua&Ruby Dad.[View]
237767159Akane-banashi #13: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
237782582How do you feel about characters who aren't in a relationship hand holding?[View]
237777945>Find cute bl manga >it update once in 5/6 month Why is it always like this?…[View]
237754013Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi: Asahibros what is this???[View]
237770445Anime openings: Post your favorite anime openings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKxh4pe7_KI…[View]
237781030Lucky Star: Hiiragi household... home. praise one thing about this show that doesn't get mentio…[View]
237773847Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo was and always will be the best thing from the Dragon Ball series.[View]
237776415Berk: When new chapter out?[View]
237778317Blueball manga: Why do people read them?[View]
237766921Earthchild 12: Kids care about middle aged parents I swear[View]
237780187Haha being an uncle in anime sure is hard[View]
237781086WTF.: Did you guys know that Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D are the same universe? Vampire Hunter D t…[View]
237779288Made in Abyss: So does nobody care about season 2 or what?[View]
237763484Lina Inverse, the enemy of all who live![View]
237756659Best girl did nothing wrong[View]
237779407ITT - animes only you watched: Lets do this again. What animes only you have watched? I think 'anime…[View]
237778952Michiko & Hatchin: What am I in for?[View]
237772672What is it about Haruhi and Lucky Star in particular that makes people so nostalgic? They're th…[View]
237780533How old was she even supposed to be[View]
237780169One Piece: Kaido Chads we're still in this r...right?[View]
237770099despite the constant negative press: monke[View]
237780895Made in Abyss: Next chapter release is May 20th. It the Riko's-uncensored-hairless-pussy reveal…[View]
237759576Would you enjoy onee-san sandwiches in isekai if the cost is you will remain a shota forever?[View]
237780367>Moefish girl leaving with anthroshit Absolute waste of time.[View]
237779944The paranoia and fear is so fucking realistic yet everything else is almost comical. I cannot take t…[View]
237780428Can we have decent horror thre/a/d without mentioning Junji Ito and Palepoli and zzzzzzz[View]
237751445Yuusha ga shinda: New series off to a good start with Kyle.[View]
237773281When does this nigga stop being low test: Marin is GOAT.[View]
237772993One Piece 1049: End of 10 years in the making. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013254…[View]
237780158WTF is this shit[View]
237778798>gets called the most promising upcoming director during the years 2011-2015 >completely falls…[View]
237774128Why sailor senshi need to work and study?: So I've been watching old Sailormoon anime and I fai…[View]
237779657Chainsaw man: Who is hyped for the chainsaw man anime?[View]
237671751>this is the sexiest girl of the season Wow anime studios really fucked up this season huh.…[View]
237747304Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 25, 'The Crimson Banquet', airs in 20 minutes. Now what could this well …[View]
237772072Tiger & Bunny: Kotetsu is a lucky man.[View]
237779344Raw K-on! Shuffle dump: Chapter 31[View]
237777333I don't get the ending.[View]
237777833Art Style change: I think Miuras art was his worst around the time of the boat arcs start. Everythin…[View]
237750313sound euphonium: gotta warm up to toot toot[View]
237765278Sakamoto Days #70: Sakamoto Days #70: Sounds vs. Gaku https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/101320…[View]
237773032Spy x Family: New chapter is out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013135 did you rike it?…[View]
237776589is pic related, dare i say it, peak fiction? if not then what is?[View]
237769953Protect Me, Shugomaru!: Chapter #23: It's Time To Duel, Shugomaru!! https://mangaplus.shueisha.…[View]
237777094what the FUCK were they thinking adding this scene to the anime?[View]
237763731Just imagine what you could convince Yunyun is normal friend behavior[View]
237772569Völundio ~Divergent Sword Saga~ omake: Last thread here: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/237502536/…[View]
237762635Am I suppose to feel bad for this selfish piece of shit?[View]
237778859ITT: Underrated Villains[View]
237774708>'mom say is waiting baby!' well, the mission is over or not?[View]
237765686Undead Unluck #110: God of Death[View]
237778572Boku no Hero: Can this beautiful perfect creature just get her own solo series already? I don't…[View]
23777202810/10 Mcs only[View]
237752482Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi: >I (Boku)[View]
237778700Index: I want to annex Rimea[View]
237761787Haruhi / Remote Island Syndrome: What happened in these episodes? The end scene suggests that she ma…[View]
237777960Haruhi, the sociopathic narcissistic sadistic chaos-god.: Blood moon arrives tonight, giving power u…[View]
237777695so this is basically made for tight fetishists right? why are people treating it like it's abou…[View]
237778394How would Shamiko feel if she searched her name on the boorus or Pixiv?[View]
237777141She's right, love and sex are two completely separate things.[View]
237760574Tanned girls are so delectable.[View]
237730155Shikimori: Why is Izumi so obsessed with her? She's fucking bland.[View]
237775162for what purpose does a 14 years old need breast this big?[View]
237767339Prettiest EVA girl.[View]
237766273PPPPPP #32: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
237774369Has any other anime film director fell off as hard?[View]
237763387I'm going to post this frog and there's nothing you can do about it.[View]
237777028unironic kino[View]
237775159Why is he always sleeping in the office instead of sleeping with Hinata?[View]
237774192This was boring and the 'twists' were very lame.[View]
237754231Will he ever come back?[View]
237771229Promare: After watching this film I'm beginning to think stuff made by TRIGGER just isn't …[View]
237775765what's the weirdest thing you've ever jerked off in anime/manga?: i start[View]
237776327Old anime vs new anime: What went wrong?[View]
237764096What went wrong?[View]
237775566>shit writing >shit directing >shit visuals What is the appeal of Tominoshit? They seem to …[View]
237777239I have never watched gintama but I really enjoy that samurai heart song[View]
237765471Blue Box #52: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
237776988Why is CCA so beloved by the mecha fans (especially in Japan)?[View]
237776869> Everybody likes Kurumi > I like Miku How bad is my taste?…[View]
237776521I'm addicted.. I'm literally having anxiety in my stomach that i cant wait for next saturd…[View]
237770495Shi ni Aruki: Chapter 5. I'll be translating a new chapter of Shi ni Aruki mostly every day unt…[View]
237770217One Piece: How about her?[View]
237776745Nakahara-kun no Kahogo na Imouto chapter 77: Finally, a chapter all about Maria[View]
237776548One Piece: Why was Kaido so weak? Kuro LITERALLY took a whole headbutt to the face and almost surviv…[View]
237775118gUrReN LaGaN vs eVaNGeLiOn: I swear whenever some pretentious anitube dumbfuck compares these two th…[View]
237772328I love susumu-sama so much! the greatest thing to ever happen to anime[View]
237761026Slime: Milim's belly and black nails!?[View]
237773644Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel: Will a visual novel ever become as impactful and mark generatio…[View]
237751708Mieruko-chan: Where were you when Truck-kun won the Mikob Owl? Raws soon I hope. Spoilers waiting ro…[View]
237775071Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: [Sad News]Elf-san wa Yaserarenai has been delayed once again. Another notic…[View]
237737162Suicide Girl: Chapter 1 It's time for menhera mahou shoujo. Kirari Aokigahara is girl who'…[View]
237752696the smuggest face in anime[View]
237729848Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: How come she has been losing protagonism and has been getting less …[View]
237775964Urusei Yatsura: I love my wife Ran-chan![View]
237774417>He does it for 13 year old girl.[View]
237771652Baraou no Souretsu: This is your king now.[View]
237772407Can we have a thread about the Spectral wizard?[View]
237767406shounen no abyss: I need help, is the story going somewhere or is it just a pedo woman fantasy?…[View]
237756490What's the deal with all these different chair designs on the covers?[View]
237724905Still waiting for that second season pancake[View]
237775307All magical girls should fall to darkness at some point. Evil forms are simply always better.[View]
237775231Did I like it?[View]
237767817The Fable Vol.08: Volume 8 People keep asking about the translation status of the last volumes (18-2…[View]
237765399Me & Roboco Chapter 88 New Features & Roboco: New chapter, everyone! https://mangaplus.shuei…[View]
237758858Baki 125: Do you think Jack will appear in this chapter? I personally think Jack will appear in 126…[View]
237772557Please describe this girl[View]
237775006>One Piece is Joyboy's fart joke[View]
237770653>/a/ tells you an anime is good >it's actually fucking shit What's her name /a/?…[View]
237773536is Vegeta the most pathetic character in manga history? >constantly jobs, even with a new form …[View]
237672018Vampire thread: vamp thread now post best vamps[View]
237762260Dragon Ball Super: CHEATERku only got this far because of his dad.[View]
237774753Remember when anime wasnt popular and the only people you could find into it were in Gaia Online cha…[View]
237767685One Piece: How do you anons feel about episode 1017? I thought it was ok the pacing could've be…[View]
237747823Who's the greatest jobber in anime and manga history? Special points if he embarrasses himself …[View]
237774138Just found out about Philopon. Anime/manga version of Breaking Bad when?[View]
237767738Did this remake really have to go full /pol/?[View]
237768143Chapter 46 - so what did everyone think of theb new chapter? feel like its going at a break neck spe…[View]
237762998Jojo: Fate known by many names such as god gravity and luck is actually the true villain of parts1-6…[View]
237673123Daily Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai: Chapter 16: Kadota-kun doesn't understand[View]
237772607No Raildex threads? God you're pathetic.[View]
237755576Why is Kei using the men's restroom? They already have permission and support from the school s…[View]
237743499Daily Hoshi no Samidare Chapter: Chapter 23: >>237711314 Chapter 24[View]
237771228>The battlecry >the battlecry >battlecry >battlecry >.....battle >....cry…[View]
237773476Fire Force: Maki's muscles were made to be kissed, caressed, and massaged.[View]
237773584wig out wig out wig out wig out[View]
237772722Was this page really necessary?[View]
237770194the best gundam (yes the right season s2 is better than s1 s1 is shit)[View]
237768531Waifu Assessment: Do your worst and rate some characters[View]
237757677Assassin's Pride: Why does Mule keep molesting the other flat little girls? And why are people …[View]
237769507The most unrealistic thing about works like Yotsuba and SpyxFamily is the idea of a single father be…[View]
237743598sound thread nothing new to see here[View]
2377137185toubun no hanayome: >I like her because she's nice seriously? why?…[View]
237768838Is one masterpiece episode worth 17 excruciating ones?[View]
237762573Why newcomers are hyping this title so much? Are they really believing that this FOTM garbage is wor…[View]
237760247MHA: After all these years Froggy is still the best girl and my wife.[View]
237771675You Hear It You Lose: As per the title[View]
237771911Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan: Baibalon, a territory considered the worst in the country. A p…[View]
237766494>Bardock wishes his children will thrive >Doesn't make sense since Raditz fucking died …[View]
237759332Do girls really imagine themselves getting humiliated by hotter girls all day long?[View]
237758549Frame Arms Girl is the best toy commercial ever.[View]
237771552They loved each other and Haruki ruined it[View]
237755809Spy x Family: New chapter in few hours[View]
237766438berserk: recently picked up berserk, started with the og series and just finished the first episode.…[View]
237754064>Cucks her best friend by fucking her own brother Kirino is still a despicable human being and th…[View]
237734350Why is it okay when One Piece does it?[View]
237768474Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray: Dumping chapter 61.[View]
237766160High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku[View]
237754076Can we all finally admit that this was the best installment of Macross?[View]
237755589What exactly is so bad about pic related? I'm not interested in reading the VN but I want to ge…[View]
237770453>If I pull that off, will you die?[View]
237769221Besides Luke, what went so fucking wrong?[View]
237764890One Piece: >Says she wants to join the crew >Proceeds to do nothing the rest of the arc…[View]
237769290Good animation wasted on shitty plot[View]
237767055Mashle: Magic and Muscles #107: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1013209 Mash Bunedead and Fr…[View]
237769825Waifu Wars 2022 Winner: Tomoko!: I can't believe that Tomoko is the most popular waifu of anons…[View]
237766749What's the surprise?[View]
237769817Precure: And so, after one of their hard days at work, Nao Midorikawa and Akane Hino finally have th…[View]
237747224Precure: Why is Cure Marine so popular? She's a literal brat.[View]
237768728>Translate Senpai as senior >It ends up sounding even more awkward than just leaving it as Sen…[View]
237758104Wait why is Bleach getting a new anime and manga arc? Wasn't this shit cancelled?[View]
237768955>I WANNA LI-[View]
237726916Nagatoro - Why is yoshi retarded: Why?[View]
237766934What did the average Japanese revolutionary think of Euphemia?[View]
237761554What did Emilia-tan mean by this?[View]
237768637So: Jotaro - Sylvester Stallone Joseph - Chuck Norris Kakyoin - Van Damme Polnareff - Dolph Lungrenn…[View]
237761664Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall: Go to the library[View]
237765844i am the only person who remembers this show.[View]
237765899Spy X Family Episode 6 Discussion: >What did you think of Episode 6 of spy x family? >what was…[View]
237764861one piece: post strongest power couples[View]
237752645This is a girl named Nanoha.[View]
237767853witch watch: friendzone curse, if she breaks it she gets a boyfriend[View]
237750030Asper Kanojo: How do you even escape from this?[View]
237764575>verse has more than one power system[View]
237589592You have forgotten something...[View]
237727301Watayuri / Yuri Is My Job Anime adaptation announced - First PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O24…[View]
237763143What killed the hype?[View]
237762200Fanbox - Supporting Mangaka: The only one I support is Shimimaru for his work on Inertia 67%, but I…[View]
237764991SPYxFAMILY: New chapter in 10 minutes[View]
237767222They JUST came up with this now?[View]
237764366generate some funny Anime & Manga (tm) related shit https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dal…[View]
237757924ITT: famous anime quotes: >Don't happen anything[View]
237765809Since when was Ishizu a monster?[View]
237763679What are anime that only Americans remember?[View]
237736551favorite Magical Mecha Girl shows?: Nanoha is great Symphogear is pretty awesome Strike Witches is a…[View]
237766045second chapter of super smartphone just dropped[View]
237766489>hardcore delinquent drug dealer gang member turn into a blushing mess Do you like this trope?…[View]
237764318So Flare loses in the end. Interesting. she ends up being raped by a pack of dogs. Is that punishmen…[View]
237764436Urusei Yatsura: What's she listening to?[View]
237764347Spy X Family Episode 6 Discussion: >What did you think of Episode 6 of spy x family? >what was…[View]
237765665I don't get why the whole time travel thing didn't change more stuff?: How come the world …[View]
237760758Who's your favorite diabolik lover, anon?[View]
237764812ITT: characters that the story never explicitly tell are homosexual but definitely are[View]
237752924Reincarnated as a Sword (Tenken): So who is ready for curry eating Fran to take over your heart?…[View]
237764807M-My name is Bocc- I-I mean Zero!!... and I w-want.. I want you to be my f-f-.. my FRIEND!!!![View]
237753223Birdie Wing: VENUS LINE VENUS LINE why isn't there any snek fan art yet is it because she'…[View]
237759344Katanagatari: Togame is trying to figure out why everyone hates her.[View]
237763213Women who were meant to give strong children[View]
237762651Azumanga Daioh: good Sunday to all[View]
237765245Creamy Mami: A pop icon. https://youtu.be/yQHUT42xWNo[View]
237760418Yuru Camp: In theaters July 1st[View]
237716020Re:Zero WN: 59B Flop Oconnell: Chapter 59B of Re:zero released today: Flop Oconnell named chapter. N…[View]
237763101Is he right?[View]
237765042Was Naruto molested?[View]
237763576Best rivalry in Shonen, prove me wrong[View]
237737511What the hell was the director thinking, was this scene really necessary?[View]
237757922Summertime Rendering: Why is MC so forgiving to the shadow of Ushio? Is it cheating if MC has a thr…[View]
237764022Post your favourite and least favourite anime ever If 3 people put your favourite as their least fav…[View]
237760678One Piece: Shanks will kill Luffy[View]
237759856Log Horizon: I LOVED this show when it first aired, but had no idea there was a third season. Is it …[View]
237685212Cocktail Knights: Chapter 16(?). Now with 200% more armpit[View]
237764719why would a fancy butler have two poop symbols on his suit?[View]
237761955A fucking minigun?! Do the writers just wake up in the morning with a table full of crack or are the…[View]
237761830What the fuck was his actual problem here?[View]
237756290How do I stop being jaded about moe, isekai and learn to turn my brain off and have fun?[View]
237764414i don't get it[View]
237762076Maid thread. Why were maid characters so popular back in the 00's but are much harder to come b…[View]
237760236Which song should Eiko cover next?[View]
237591235Yuru Yuri: Akari is coming, you WILL enjoy yuru yuri[View]
237764127Ranking of kings: >Ugliest brother >Women love him the most Why?…[View]
237763562Yumi no Tsugai - chapter 6: New chapter is out what did you think about it?[View]
237758765Boring ending: This should have been the final blow to Kaido. >catches Kaido off guard >unnam…[View]
237760745My wife Suzuha has the cutest smile! What do you think![View]
237763288Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid: What happened in the manga after the wedding?[View]
237759859Imagine after several ours of wagecucking there's a family of your own waiting for your return …[View]
237763340>no JJK thread Let’s fix that![View]
237763292Dragon ball super should have had more drastically different transformations super Saiyan 4 holds up…[View]
237762157What web manga are you enjoying right now? I'm enjoying Sir Liebe von Trapp by the mangaka of t…[View]
237761989osaka is smoking a fat blunt[View]
237762838Why didn't she get to have Sasuke? It was her turn.[View]
237759007What are the greatest 'Oh shit' moments in anime history?[View]
237763210Greatest buck breaking moments in manga[View]
237690224Date A Live: Can we all agree that Origami is the best girl in the whole series?[View]
237759224So let me get this straight about Satanophany. They injected a girl with gylercin and made her shit …[View]
237749011ITT: Well-written characters[View]
237742400This show is a masterpiece. I related it a lot, i think most of us do.[View]
237732596Is this an accurate representation of female mangaka?[View]
237760342world masterpiece theatre thread: >your favorite and what you are watching next for me anne of gr…[View]
237759036watch her show[View]
237762014was this scene really necessary?[View]
237762629Slayers: Meanwhile, at kingdom /a/...[View]
237760739Kircheis's death did not spark imperial policy, it was already speeding up and unstoppable, and…[View]
237712508deadly predator[View]
237741139i fucking hate subbers[View]
237761590Who is your favorite oppai loli and why is it Shamiko?[View]
237755124How do you go from this[View]
237760677Japan Sinks? More like Japan STINKS[View]
237755135Have you ever wished that you were a tall good looking anime guy?[View]
237760058Why does she dress like that?[View]
237748571Dragon Ball Super: Hey, old fart!! What, too scared to answer, you BITCH?![View]
237761387Air Gear: Is there gonna be a second season? A reboot would be cool too´´´[View]
237757285>Watch for packed action spy around cold war >Actually fun SoL This is actually better than wh…[View]
237701256ONE PUNCH MAN: Manga is ending this arc, what are your final predictions?[View]
237760951Kinnikuman: >2011 + 11 >still no Kinnikuman anime…[View]
237757962*is the best duel in the series*[View]
237759682why doesnt /a/ buy their anime? do you really hate anime this much that you cannot support it?[View]
237756077>draw a girl >call it a boy For what reason?…[View]
237756452>have a harem of beautiful fantasy women who will do anything you say >don't have a penis…[View]
237759366Whats his name?[View]
237694769weekly shonen jump: wsj 24 cover[View]
237754709MY GUTS!: >why doesn't fire blast doesn't work? >MY GUTS! what did he mean by this??…[View]
237760610>another week of no shikimori gf i hate my life..[View]
237752462White Haired Anime Guys: WHAG! I bet you weren't expecting that, now would you kindly state ou…[View]
237752723One Piece: Luffy was always a guy that took everything upon himself to end those who make his Loved …[View]
237754883Favorite anime based on a videogame?[View]
237754247Why were dubs in the the 80s/90s/early 2000s usually decent but everything after completely irredeem…[View]
237744428Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter: Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiab…[View]
237754972Why does Guts look so uncomfortable here?[View]
237753283Nichijou 202: Dumping[View]
237751103In two hours it will be her birthday: Let's say happy birthday to the best girl in Zombie Land …[View]
237756612Why do these fuckers keep breaking in every firework festival? I don't remember Japanese goods …[View]
237759984This highschool DXD x senran kagura crossover is super interesting[View]
237756625Look what I found at a random shitty discount store in Moscow. >Official translation >hardcove…[View]
237733781Daily Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Chapter 39[View]
237749391ITT: Losers[View]
237757219Why are there no good bittersweet anime?[View]
237744320>murders you[View]
237759544Can defense beat offence?[View]
237756825Have you considered that harem MCs are just 10/10 attractive in canon? How can you self insert into …[View]
237729302do girls in japan really wash their bikes like this?[View]
237752314what is this manga trying to do?[View]
237756292Why don't you worship her?[View]
237732133>'Luffy defeating Kaido just because his punch is this strong wouldn't feel right'…[View]
237742435Daily Hellsing: Order 44: Balloon Fight >>237708046(Ord. 43)[View]
237758892What's the best mobile game ad animation you've ever seen?: There is a kind of animation t…[View]
237744340Will any shounen ever surpass the big 3, /a/?[View]
237756156JIKAN DESU[View]
237744623What are the military, economic, governmental or architectural advantages of this castle model that …[View]
237756073You now remember Magi.[View]
237628935Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu: >you wiill whore yourself out with your bros just…[View]
237688942Machikado Mazoku: New season begins in 2 weeks![View]
237757776AU AU AU AU AU: AU AAAH AU?[View]
237757882Could Koichi have dodged Nomu's flurry of punches?[View]
237757621>find out you actually became the Godqueen of Earth at age 22, married your husbando and that the…[View]
237749401Who's the best daughteru in animanga?: Hard mode: no Yotsuba.[View]
237749829Why there arent any good Anime adapted from Vidya anymore :-I[View]
237755252Who was Mai's first crush?[View]
237745640Aharen-San: Is giving someone a life sized doll of yourself considered a good relationship move?…[View]
237752024Tiger & Bunny: Is all of Subaru's backstory just going to be demoted to manga only? https:…[View]
237754868The KyoAni Holy Trinity[View]
237733597The Fable Vol.07: Volume 7 People keep asking about the translation status of the last volumes (18-2…[View]
237754895Does /a/ still like Mirika?[View]
237756732but why?[View]
237753136>yuri in a non-yuri anime Always a nice surprise.[View]
237754503Which anime invented waifus? Some sources say: >gundam (sayla was very popular at the time) >…[View]
237754607>6 kids No wonder his dad was so frail looking.[View]
237754585Deku looks at every single woman he comes accross like this (except Ochako)[View]
237756363What did he mean by this?[View]
237753259why has NTR started to invade the anime industry[View]
237722840What do you think about SAO?[View]
237751932Interspecies reviewers: What did they mean by this?[View]
237755812Spy x Family: Is this Anime/Manga peak SoL? Also new Manga chapter in less than 24h[View]
237751626Chaika, front page![View]
237743417why is MACHIKADO MAZOKU so good?: why is MACHIKADO MAZOKU so good?[View]
237734880Gunjou no Fanfare: McFatty[View]
237754371Dumbest anime ever. Huge plot hole.: Shadows are immune to gunshots. They can copy guns, but wont…[View]
237740687is Hajime No Ippo a good show to watch for the first time in 2022 or is it some 'you had to be …[View]
237744599Spy x Family: Why's Yor so tall?[View]
237755463Koukyuu no Karasu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhDhwcri3Qk This is getting an anime in autumn. H…[View]
237741646Many years later. Still the best female deuteragonist in battle shounen.[View]
237752695This next meguca asked me not to read this, but...god dammit, I'm going to read it anyway becau…[View]
237755436JJK 184: Did Panda have to job this fucking much? We all know he's gonna do a bullshit power up…[View]
237697199I'm sick of titty monsters being side-lined or outright ignored in my harem mangas. I want exam…[View]
237740805Death note: So, where exactly did he mess up?[View]
237747710This is a Shikimori thread.[View]
237754961Ya Boi Kongming!: I love the Three Kingdoms era, and was thinking I was going to hate this anime. I …[View]
237754835Dead board, dead medium t b h[View]
237752157You now remember Tower of God.[View]
237742369You now remember Carole & Tuesday[View]
237754774Soul Eater: What does Crona's Poem actually say?[View]
237751448You now remember akame ga kill[View]
237753914Imagine losing a boxing match to Shinka via unanimous decision.[View]
237750556Act-Age: Did you forgive the birthday girl and her manga yet?[View]
237754577Who is best girl? And why is it Vivi?[View]
237752502Desumi Magahara and her cute pink nails[View]
237751594deedle deedle dee[View]
237751600Whatever happened to doshio face? Feels like it's way less common.[View]
237748384AQUA-SAMA!: Useful goddess![View]
237748326How popular is Boruto compared to Naruto Part 1 during its time?[View]
237745851This is QUITE LITERALLY Act-age repackaged. Did Aka frame Matsuki so he could publish this?[View]
237753519Yurikuma Arashi: What does 'shabadadoo' mean?[View]
237753257if they remade 2011's C in 2022 should this be the theme song?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
237712652Daily Spectral Wizard: Adventure Surrounding the Most Powerful Spell chapter: Chapter 3: Fire Mage v…[View]
237752657>It's a pain in the ass, so I'll run them all over with a train What the FUCK is his pr…[View]
237715956Dragon Ball Super: Why does being a Super Saiyan turns your hair blond? What if a Saiyan was born al…[View]
237753203Anne Happy: It's nice to see a father that will buy his daughter anything she wants including a…[View]
237734252Ao Ashi: New episode No Thread[View]
237749602Though Many Gorgeous Porcelain, My-Eyes-Have-The-Key-To-Everything-Right-In-The-Galaxy, Slender Spir…[View]
237733350Heh. Those brain dead losers just don't understand how awesome this masterpiece is.[View]
237749352>American School Bus >In a modernized German cold war setting I get modernizing the setting an…[View]
237743180Just realized Spy x Family is read 'Spy times Family'[View]
237752838Your package has arrived open the door[View]
237748681What is your dream doujin?: Oh how I long for a Takagi doujin made by Mamezou[View]
237744164What was his Original Sin, anyway?[View]
237752890Urusei Yatsura: Mature girls.[View]
237685550Love Live!: Nijigasaki Season 2 has been pretty good so far, what's your favorite episode?…[View]
237749084One Piece: When this character first appeared, how did you think Luffy would beat him?[View]
237751168Ttw no Rose Guns Days anime yet[View]
237729330Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Season 4: New episode out[View]
237741360Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi: God I wish that was me.[View]
237745829Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Did Araki like Gappy even 1/10th as much as he loved part 4 Josuke? I…[View]
237747270Excel Saga Storytime: Hail Il Palazzo! We're starting volume 16 today![View]
237746377I LOVE HER[View]
237748434Well /a/, which would you choose?[View]
237744946Captain x Family[View]
237744546Tao drawn by Kubo[View]
237749502Its fuckin shit[View]
237752077Is Chika Fujiwara Frank Underwood's daughter?: Is Chika Fujiwara (Kaguya-sama Love is War) Fran…[View]
237749339Hibike! Euphonium: Today is Reina's birthday. Please wish her a happy birthday.[View]
237738532It's Caturday, /a/.[View]
237735913Kaiju 8 is losing a lot of readers.: Oricon estimated sales in the first 10 weeks: Volume 1: 423584 …[View]
237743867>70 IQ - miyazaki is one of the best anime directors ever >100 IQ - miyazaki is overrated >…[View]
237746103Daily Marry Grave Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came to …[View]
237749718Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura Kinomoto and her blue nails[View]
237713054Sensei thread: A thread for our favorite teachers from anime and manga[View]
237732960Tenkaichi: Time to catch up[View]
237748773This is a middle schooler[View]
237631316Ojamajo Doremi: They're all very good and cute girls.[View]
237750661Spy x Family: I wasn't thrilled by this manga but the anime is pretty good. Why does /a/ always…[View]
237732242ITT Characters who were absolutely correct about everything. Easily the best example in popular fict…[View]
237750963Furyou Taimashi Reina: Finally we got conclusion for the dream arc. Reina is fucking cool.[View]
237726068Did this episode just mean nothing????? How could you write this and then go 'yeah, they have no rom…[View]
237653567Gochiusa: Chino knows self-defence[View]
237682138Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Are these the three best characters in Primagi?[View]
237740909Who would win this battle?[View]
237748107Ange is the hottest girl ever[View]
237741425rape is wron-[View]
237749656Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi: Ha! Told ya, they censored the tiny bit of buttcrack for the anim…[View]
2377458872018 was the peak of anime! >darling >violet >yuru camp >sora yori >hinamatsuri >…[View]
237746529You know what they say about girls with fluffy hair...[View]
237742550So is this the episode where she starts 'realizing' she's gay? Or did they really just want eve…[View]
237748690Kinjou manami: Are there more changes from the light novel besides the obvious change to manami? …[View]
237745788What the fuck?: I've just finished chapter 36. What the actual fuck? Why? What for? First time …[View]
237737577Kemono Friends: Kadokawa saved it (unpopular opinion)[View]
237684762Fairy tail thread: Will he win?[View]
237731573One Piece: Tonight anime is gonna be kino again[View]
237748223Kakegurui: Midori is cuter with two functioning eyes![View]
237745004What would you sacrifice for your dream?[View]
237748898Viz or fan translation of Please Save My Earth?[View]
237737958Ousama Ranking: It makes sense that Bojji is a midget since the demon took all his strength to give …[View]
237738865Muv Luv: Let's say I want to start it. Read or watch[View]
237743212Teihen Ryoushu No Kanchigai Eiyuutan: Baibalon, a territory considered the worst in the country. A p…[View]
237745488ONE-PUNCH MAN: Is it really that bad?[View]
237740507Dragon Ball Super: Our hero Goku is such a player. All women want him![View]
237743726I love tatsu[View]
237747748why do girls get into yuri[View]
237744619Why are flat chested and big breasted characters always rivals/enemies? Why can't they be best …[View]
237744768Mangaka drawing other series: Wake up babe, I've dug up quite a bit of new stuff! Dont post t…[View]
237686667ITT: Fate servants you wish you could summon: Non-servants are welcome too[View]
237745159>draw a girl >call it a boy why do mangaka’s do this?…[View]
237747557what a chad[View]
237743059Why did Miura draw this panel?[View]
237743813she's kinda cute ngl.[View]
237745056Is Higurashi still worth reading after Tatarigoroshi? I read up until that one and I'm quite en…[View]
237727440What are some fucked up shit that happened behind the scenes during production of anime/manga?[View]
237745495Why do /a/nons here push ln's so much?: I only read manga and watch anime because every time yo…[View]
237745415tesla note: this anime made me feel bad for the bad guys they didnt deserve to be killed…[View]
237728973The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Why don't you worship Haruhi?[View]
237736102Chainsaw Man: Part 2 will drop anytime now. Are you ready?[View]
237740894Kuutei Dragons is one of the most criminally underrated manga out there Slice of life with an atmosp…[View]
237742785Is Black Clover worth reading? I liked Hungry Joker.[View]
237745572Youjo Senki: This board now belongs to Tanya Degurechaff.[View]
237739295Anime girls 3x3 thread: Post about the girls you like. https://anime-bingo.aikats.us/[View]
237743453Baki Thread: Jack can beat Yuji-[View]
237743617Why is Yukari so sad? That's a pretty nice model kit[View]
237743008Has there been this much of a Chad imouto since Yasuga No Sora?[View]
237696645Remember when Kaguya was a cold, calculating, intelligent girl who was generally in control of her f…[View]
237744071post comfy sounds[View]
237738225Unironically one of the best tournament arcs[View]
237744642Hello Kitty Play with us today We'll laugh and sing on this lovely sunny day All your friends a…[View]
237694409Precure: What will it take for this franchise to create another hit season?[View]
237694895My Formerly Divorced Crybaby Neighbor: Gonna dump the raws for chapter 29. New character introduced.…[View]
237744586>manga is called 'It's not Meguro's San first time' >no sex scenss You've got t…[View]
237734945Shi ni Aruki: Chapter 4. I'll be translating a new chapter of Shi ni Aruki mostly every day unt…[View]
237734951SPY x FAMILY: Watch Anya's show. Do it for Anya. All for Anya.[View]
237735063what is the WORST manga you've ever finished? i want to read some SHIT[View]
237726317How should heroes deal with evil girls trying to seduce them in isekai?[View]
237738253>top level animation in 2022[View]
237726968Absolute kino, that needs anime adaptation.[View]
237743956Does this ever get good: Read one chapter and could go on. What do you guys think of it shoujo trash…[View]
237743984touchybunny cunny[View]
237743714kengan: So Shen will fight... Ryuki?[View]
237734985Why did /a/ forget about the Milky? It's like a whole series and a fandom got memory-holed.[View]
237743721Read Makai No Ossan. It's ONE's gag manga, is funny and has plenty of cool moments. I just…[View]
237728350Fall season looking stacked. What shows/movies are you going to watch /a/?[View]
237743193ITT: no context[View]
237743389I can't tell what this anime is about after three episodes[View]
237738085Mob Psycho S3: Bros how are we feeling about S3? New trailer dropped a couple of days ago. https://y…[View]
237743457>Itachi was really a good guy all along[View]
237742071YANKEE JK KUZUHANA CHAN: I love itachi Also can they skip the fucking kouhai already[View]
237728575Magi: What went wrong?[View]
237721720Assassin's Pride: Chapter 43 is finally out. Thoughts?[View]
237737512ITT: Anime girls getting mogged[View]
237730368Fate/Stay Night: Last Episode: I want to see it.[View]
237721653Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Chapter 62 raw I will dump some pages.[View]
237694111Koi wa sekai seifuku no ato de: Beach Episode![View]
237727834What is it about Eiko that just makes you want to root for her?[View]
237739692Seirei Gensouki: I miss this isekai[View]
237698669Aharen-san wa Hakarenai: What are your thoughts on Aharen's brother?[View]
237700608Rosen Garten Kino: New chapter is up.[View]
237739864For me, it's Gamo-chan. >tall >redhead >cruel >lazy eye >mannish she ticks all t…[View]
237741738Romance anime from the 90s are so much better than romances today.[View]
237723606Dragon Ball GT: Dragon Ball Super is a great show and all, but I rarely see ANY threads dedicated to…[View]
237741794Post your azu taste chart.[View]
237742595One Piece: Break next week[View]
237741136Daily reminder.[View]
237741283Bleach: So I just finished all 74 volumes of bleach each arc I rate the following >SS 7/10 >Ai…[View]
237738571Will he ever win Tenma's heart?[View]
237734524One Piece: Crocodile is Whitebeard’s daughter and Luffy’s mom[View]
237697503aversion to old anime: Why do very few anime fans bother watching older anime? most people who get i…[View]
237727087If Japan would let /a/ be part of their production committee, the entire medium would exponentially …[View]
237738002Hataraku Maō-sama!: T-minus 2 months, are we ready?[View]
237701073Boku no Hero Academja: >Dabi was defeated before Toga >Endeavor didn't even see him Dabif…[View]
237739024Look at this little munchkin, so adorable.[View]
237741176Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita: Who's excited for Sword Dad and Cat daughterfu? https://www.youtube…[View]
237731088Why are brown girls so delicious?[View]
237741204The Gurren Lagaan thread we had here the other day where people were still very much seething about …[View]
237719048Spy x Family's viewer rate is lower than Curious George: This happened again. SxF viewer rate i…[View]
237737977I girls who can take care of themselves but submit to the cock in the bedroom[View]
237733001Puni Puni Poemy: Nu-/a/ doesnt even know about the craziest anime ever made.[View]
237728360Shishunki Bitter Change: I don't know why, but this story is pissing me off like a NTR, i read …[View]
237678851kengan omega: >2 chapters ago an injured xai ji is basically beating akoya AND ryuki at the same …[View]
237740903>called Rent-a-girlfriend >literally whores being whores i dont understand what's the sho…[View]
237740901Alexis Rhodes: What exactly were they feeding her?[View]
237736905Still the best there is: The Dark Tournament arc in Yu Yu Hakusho is still the bar for tournaments i…[View]
237740536Why is she so smug?[View]
237740721Slam Dunk?: I think Major is better than it, honestly.[View]
237729655Dragon Ball Super: The only reason 'people' regards this character as hero is because of childhood i…[View]
237725304Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2: It was actually pretty good. A lot better animation wis…[View]
237721293Post unattractive girls from anime and manga.[View]
237736287are GL type shows completely dead? not oldschool shounens anymore but more like super hyped versions…[View]
237739345Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto: This show is suprisingly fun.[View]
237729216ITT: Nonsensical anime couples: The mystery of the movie was completely overshadow by the mystery of…[View]
237735086New Kamen Rider: https://youtu.be/U40IUnxsgls[View]
237738818She's quite breedable[View]
237738739if one piece is so good why isn't there a two piece?[View]
237736030For me it's 90s ovas[View]
237726115Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi: What would you do with 5 Tsubakis?[View]
237737367/a/ has been excessively gay for shota all day, what could be causing this?[View]
237739265>Those who would subtitle animated film will pay the price! The curse of the Secret Anime Old One…[View]
237737562I can't stop thinking about life with Sensei...[View]
237739150Successful anime originals: Post them[View]
237705261jahy: gib s2 pls!!![View]
237733217How many weeks until he gets molested again, I miss it[View]
237733294Why are there so few gaijin characters in Academy City? It's been said a million times that AC …[View]
237727022ITT: One shot manga that you want to see serialized[View]
237735938Why the fuck did she fall in love with him as well? It came out of nowhere and added nothing in the …[View]
237738821he is the embodiment of all smellfags[View]
237737483Best Yu Yu Hakusho fight: >pic related[View]
237735547Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: I wish they'd have put out an artbook or something.[View]
237732240JK Haru: >The hero is fucked by the demon lord >This is not the bad end very strange…[View]
237724262Baki 125 break week!: Don’t expect any raws this upcoming week.[View]
237737830Webm thread[View]
237737096Why there are no condoms in the world of anime?[View]
237734929My Senpai is Anno no no: Did it inspire you to become a wagie?[View]
237737729Is she right?[View]
237737383Just finished reading sword art online progressive manga. Take that, movie shitter While you loser w…[View]
237724135Re:Creators: Who was your favorite?[View]
237736486Baccano: Just rewatched this after only seeing it once over a decade ago. Its still great. What does…[View]
237725606Detective Conan: Ran is a massive shotacon.[View]
237731532Spy x Family: Episode 6 is out New chapter tomorrow[View]
237736771angry faces thread: Post your favourite /a/ngry faces[View]
237721993BOMB A HEAD[View]
237735223Urusei Yatsura: I love my husband Ryuu-kun![View]
237736608You fuckers weren't kidding, this spin-off makes the main series look like some sort of fan-fic…[View]
237697314Zatch Bell/Gash Bell 2: It's that time of the month again! New chapter imminent.[View]
237736330This is the most popular girl at her school. She rejects around 1-2 romantic confessions a week. But…[View]
237736251Tenchi Muyo cards: Tenchi Muyo is back! In NFT form[View]
237733073This is my wife. Please be gentle.[View]
237647685/a/ sings - Motteke Sailor Fuku (Lucky Star OP): According to the poll conducted, it seems like a lo…[View]
237733345I could fix him[View]
237735998This is going to be a masterpiece! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbpfum5vKIw[View]
237718947Dungeon Meshi - Chapter 84: time for dog[View]
237726446Take your pick.[View]
237735842what is she singing, /a/?[View]
237722707Shounen Manga: I dont understand why is it so hard for shounen mangakas to be so disconnected from w…[View]
237719136what ethnicities are they?[View]
237732776i thought this dude was a chick until someone pointed out otherwise today[View]
237728966So who is the actual target demographic for this character? Do Japanese cakes actually find pre-teen…[View]
237721488What's your favorite anime original work /a/?[View]
237713038Daily Marry Grave Chapter: What was your reaction when reading through a manga and suddenly came to …[View]
237729667What's with Mamoru oshii and fish?[View]
237710968Storytime: STEINS;GATE Babel of the Grieved Maze: Dumping Volume 2 today, even if no one's goin…[View]
237730245Do you like it so far?[View]
237734273I love Kotori so much, so much! I want to punch her in the face repeatedly until she dies of her inj…[View]
237728001In the end, who was the most genuine?[View]
237729789FMA: Olivier's amazing lips[View]
237733323Do you think rikka will have long term sight problems from wearing that eyepatch too much: what the …[View]
237734460Kunoichi Tsubaki Rindou: Kunoichi Bros, it's almost time for the anticipated Rindou episode.…[View]
237727875One Piece: Be honest. What killed the Wano hype?[View]
237731838This is a man[View]
237733134who is more autistic shamiko or satania?[View]
237660707Zero no Tsukaima: My wife Louise is pregnant with my child.[View]
237732147YURI IS MY JOB !!: Hello Everyone , I am a seiyuu and YURI IS MY JOB !![View]
237686464Uzaki 82: New chapter. Someone dump it.[View]
237720187Tokyo Revengers spoilers: YESSSS IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING[View]
237716859Mirai Nikki: Yukki-kun[View]
237730342Daily Cross Account Chapter: Chapter 24: Summer Rain X Cloudless Rain[View]
237730138Does it really go to shit as it progresses?[View]
237723207>OP by fripside[View]
237727023>Ichi is making that doujin-like trembling double peace https://twitter.com/lovely_pig328/status/…[View]
237732633Post memetic pages: ONE MAN[View]
237732767Realistically, can it ever be surpassed?[View]
237733261Ayashimon: Is ayashimon still tanking in the ToC?[View]
237725434He is right you know[View]
237696103>You will be cucked >You will be a wagie >And you WILL be happy…[View]
237730982Should I read the manga or watch the 4kids dub? Never really cared for English dubs but I heard its …[View]
237732178when will they have sex?[View]
237720833Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken: Episode 77[View]
237732521why are the angels trying to reach the crucified angel in NERV basement? will it blow up the earth o…[View]
237729962Daily U19 Chapter Thread #9: Chapter 9: Contact[View]
237731641My personal top-tier.: In total, I watched about 30 titles (excluding seasons). They all were pretty…[View]
237729590>it can't be helped >it can[View]
237729827Never have I ever cried at an ending to an anime this much. Texhnolyze is unparalleled kino. Desper…[View]
237728401How did originality become a bad thing? Are people really thinking animation can make up for a gener…[View]
237729569Next Manga Awards 2022: https://tsugimanga.jp/en/ Submissions are being taken right now in Japan. Wh…[View]
237726238Yurikuma Arashi: Deep symbolism.[View]
237728131Wold you also take dick up the ass like he, if it meant getting your revenge and building a harem?[View]
237728653Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: I can't believe /a/ made me read it, what a masterpiece and fuck …[View]
237729162My wife Miranjo is very cute![View]
237728672Ryngo deserved more screen time then Sakura[View]
237691151But Why does the chainsaw have so much power?[View]
237720860Spy x Family - Ep 6 soon: What are the most effective methods to correct brats?[View]
237726766Best anime women are actually former men.: Nothing personal, girls.[View]
237727382Mitsuishi-san: Very cute dorks[View]
237724790Bubble, WIT Studio's latest work recorded terrible sales.[View]
237727579I personally sort of gave up, but I still liked the message encouraging people to persevere in their…[View]
237728528>The managers lips are so full and beautiful >I wonder if he kisses girls gently with the same…[View]
237723073I miss him so much bros[View]
237726994ITT: characters you fucking hate: for me its this bitch, I would murder this annoying cunt[View]
237720515Was it really necessary for them to shoehorn in an MCbowl? Can Japs even feel happy about their own …[View]
237717767Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san: If an anime for this series happens, would it become popular wit…[View]
237729922where are the last 2 episodes (pic very related) Bad boys 1993[View]
237727910'Member Dokkoida AKA Dokkoider? it was a good show[View]
237709921Fucking annoying Mary Sue cunt, how do people even watch her show without cringe?[View]
237715470Did we ever decide on AOTY 2021?[View]
237717212What made this fight so iconic? And why I can't stop replaying it even after so many years? htt…[View]
237724156Look what I found.[View]
237701875why does /a/ get so triggered when a girl says she likes the MC because he's nice? The first st…[View]
237725153bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby bobby loouuuu[View]
237729026GX: What made GX so good? What makes it and 5Ds so easily rewatchable?[View]
237726423>Asspullmonball Z[View]
237611822They ruined Zombie Land Saga[View]
237715535Cue: >episode thread died already What happened?[View]
237725094>the villain is right about everything and the hero is unable to refute any of his points…[View]
237718625He's uninteresting.: Never understood his appeal.[View]
237727244Nemesis was too good, I miss her.[View]
237720169Step by step to the abyss of pornographic comics for money: This author started out as an ordinary d…[View]
237722686why did araki add eren's ears going red when he lies?[View]
237727126Why is Seishi so horny compared to Masashi?[View]
237727586Why would Tanjiro do this?[View]
237724516We are entering the golden age of yuri manga and you will like it.[View]
237671174Onipan: On today's episode of Momo-Oh, it's finally time to duel! Two hours until today…[View]
237711314Daily Hoshi no Samidare Chapter: Chapter 22: >>237674210 Chapter 23[View]
237726570I love majorettes: Anime majorettes, post them Cheerleaders too[View]
237722445When does it get good, /a/?: I'm on the episode right after they got to switzerland in Battle T…[View]
237723466Does it seem like kaidos full beast form is stronger than his half beast?[View]
237727349What are the best mahjong manga? Kirinji not allowed[View]
237723118One Piece: >'I don't think my audience will be satisfied if Luffy wins because his punch is …[View]
237726141>So you are the...Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall[View]
237711665>heroine written by male mangaka >chaste and loyal perfect wife >heroine written by female …[View]
237722994Characters with the most screentime in every Evangelion episode: Episode 1 - Shinji Episode 2 - Shin…[View]
237726891Do they draw anime in 1080p yet, or should I still be watching anime in 720p?[View]
237722969Osaka best gril: post shit related to Azumanga Daioh, haven't seen a thread in a while.[View]
237693865Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road: New episode soon. Also, Akari should be fatter.[View]
237695730Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita.: What do you think Ena's armpits smell like?…[View]
237716439Is this a reasonable reaction to finding out your girlfriend spent $2000 on toys?[View]
237726149Let's be honest, she would have pulled the trigger.[View]
237724578NINO WON[View]
237701738My Hero Academia: Vigilantes: Chapter 125 IS OUT![View]
237723347Blue Lock: Spoilers out[View]
237721844Why don't more anime use colored outlines?[View]
237723150Tsukihime: Full Ufotable anime in 2023[View]
237726410>'I like MC because she's nice....' It's kinda creepy the other way around now. Can…[View]
237715403How do we fix anime lesbians?[View]
237696804What if would you do if you were sent to an isekai with your crush?[View]
237722919>kissing foot as a sign of loyalty Why do nips do this?[View]
237722600A Little Match girl ( Simple Storytelling ): Recently it became a popular trend for stories to put a…[View]
237726094>starting out: 'oh, that's a cool concept. can't wait to see where the writer goes with…[View]
237724631Japanese work culture is so fucked up.[View]
237724104What's the point of all this waifufagging when Satsuki already exists?[View]
237720536Gendai Mahou: She would've been better if she stayed as a loli.[View]
237725871Am I the only one who finds her annoying as fuck?][View]
237715453This overly-muscled body must be unpleasant for men to look at.[View]
237713720Jujutsu Kaisen: Does Hakari even stand a chance against CHADime GODshimo?[View]
237725032You are bullying Keita since elementary and now he is going out with Tendou Karen, the hottest girl …[View]
237724812>committed torture >can still ride nimbus…[View]
237722390Adios, intergalactic rancher.[View]
237719978Sexiest WSJ girl ever[View]
237718052Wtf did I just read? Funniest part is, I saw the same thread that I just made and read this. The Bil…[View]
237673479paripi koumei: >surpasses kino[View]
237678704Mitsuboshi Colors: >wake up >see this How scared are you?…[View]
237723180>works with some tribesmen in the mountains in search of gold >one guy gets tipped off of WIlk…[View]
237707624Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter: Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiab…[View]
237721172Be honest. You did it at least once.[View]
237725340What is the most soulful /a/ moments you've ever seen?[View]
237724671what do you think about OP characters that never face any problem in the story and in the end, have …[View]
237722653act-age: I miss this autist like you wouldn't believe[View]
237724580Moshi moshi[View]
237724937I can save her[View]
237702675Bros... our girl is MASSIVE and STILL GROWING 111.7 centimeters L-Cup(Japanese band) https://www.arc…[View]
237718182>Miya-chan! >Yunocchi![View]
237651173Buyfag thread: Rindo without leggings[View]
237724357reminder Noe won[View]
237709704Is there a worse main heroine?[View]
237718883Shikimori's not just a cutie!: How does one obtain a Shikimori GF? Bearing in mind Izumi is lit…[View]
237711960I watch old anime because the characters communicate much more openly, deeply, and naturally. As opp…[View]
237700755Daily Tasogare Otome x Amnesia: Obligations Chapter 38[View]
237695264Are there any example of bad japaniese voice acting in anime that you can think of?[View]
237724100EDs are so catchy now! >Bisque Doll, Kuroitsu, Police in a Pod, Akebi, Birdie Wing, Love After Wo…[View]
237720620I should of bought her flowers.[View]
237592140OPT: One page thread[View]
237723660Ghost in the shell sustainable war: Just watched the new ghost in the shell anime movie. What did i …[View]
237681034Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: How come she has not appeared in the Bort manga yet?[View]
237723635One Piece: Upsets Tyrone and Jamal so much because its too intelligent for the average Shounenbrotha…[View]
237673382Nagatoro: She may not be pure but she's hot with long hair and is a total bro[View]
237720668What makes Renge so attractive?[View]
237722345RPG Fudousan: >quick, what do we do with all these refugees >uhhhh, stick them in the dungeon …[View]
237720978Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust: How does it feel to know that vampire anime peaked in 2001 and has been …[View]
237717429One Piece 1049: THREE. SPREADS. IN. A. ROW. Kaido's defeated, c'mon now. Don't deny i…[View]
237714245What is the reason for an isekai if someone's past life or Earth doesn't play a role?[View]
237707677Daily Gunslinger Girl Chapter: Assault on the Reactor Chapter 76[View]
237721299Watashi ga 15-sai de wa Nakunatte mo: TRANSLATIONS WHERE DAMMIT CHAPTER 11 WHERE DAMMIT[View]
237722678Chinese's Last Hope[View]
237713631Seikon no Qwaser: I enjoyed the Mexican dub of this anime, I wish we could get a new season[View]
237718429Has any anime completely dropped the ball harder in the final two episodes than this one? I have fai…[View]
237721622ITT: /a/ approved milfs[View]
237720116Death Note: What if L was a little girl? How would the story change? Would Light hesitate to kill a …[View]
237718201Do you buy your manga physically or digitally?[View]
237711085Sakura is too ridiculously cute, it should be illegal to create a design that is this perfect[View]
237720741i miss it[View]
237655028Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai: Ponytail ghost loli[View]
237717455>Schrödinger's Cat[View]
237719843ITT: Anime/Manga with Shinzo Abe approved endings >everyone who lived had at least one kid…[View]
237703543Daily Ran and the Grey World Storytime!: Come on in and join the wonderful world of Ran Uruma, growi…[View]
237720591Does he remind anyone else of little bill?[View]
237716979Name a bigger coward, good for nothing piece of shit in anime, I dare you. I double dare you.[View]
237715796oreimo true ending...[View]
237706108Spy x Family: what is the context of this scene?[View]
237718484seirei gensouki: why did the manga with the superior art get cancelled? and s2 when?[View]
237717865Legend of the Galactic Heroes: After the Events of the Series: Does anyone ever speculate what event…[View]
237721465>A disney show just referenced the Wedding scene from Gurren Lagann WHOT…[View]
237718176Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Gekitotsu: CARE TO JOIN ME FOR A LITTLE FRIGHTSEEING? …[View]
237714584Mayoiga: One of these shows where the ride was more enjoyable than the destination.[View]
237720437I got 8 episodes (Melancholy and Tanabata) into the AceAres release of Haruhi without realizing it w…[View]
237717861This is what the typical animeonlyfag looks like.[View]
237716772Season QUALITY thread?[View]
237720572Show me a harsher roast. I don’t think one exists.[View]
237718086Ghost in the Shell just got an 800+ page hard cover omnibus announced for $55, and releases November…[View]
237716330Anima Yell: Uki is so lucky.[View]
237650971Summer Time Rendering: Ushio need correction[View]
237714100Nene is the greatest shortstack.[View]
237720230What would your isekai cheat item/ability be? I think I'd go for some sort of surveillance abil…[View]
237720406Yu-Gi-Oh!: At the end of DSOD, Kaiba lost and Atem sent him back to earth afterwards. There is no ot…[View]
237708046Daily Hellsing: Order 43: Gun Bullet >>237635869(Ord.40, 41, 42)[View]
237708738“Takahata-san Was Trying to Kill Me”: Every human does good and bad things in their lives, and due t…[View]
237720182Tokyo Revengers: Spoiler is out Honk honk[View]
237720090How many of you fags can name all of the parodies in this clip youtu.be/74KhDM9Z1Xk[View]
237720043Jagaaaaaan: This guy is a waste of potential honestly. Could have used his power to absorb other fre…[View]
237719646Yuru Yuri: TOSHINO KYOUKO!!![View]
237716566Brilliant! Heh... I have absolutely no idea what's going on.[View]
237711747>girls entering puberty problems lol.[View]
237687551Show me your killing intent[View]
237717812the book of bantorra: discuss[View]
237718055Watching attack on titan rn. im at the point where they find out there are titans inside the walls. …[View]
237716280Bleach: Thundercat Yoruichi's finally getting a figurine.[View]
237706970in the anus of kunoichi tsubaki: Thoughts? Is it the best /l/ show since Ro-Kyu-Bu?[View]
237716975>Previously I never draw any loli-like character, when I'm drawing Tastumaki I spent many ef…[View]
237717970Imagine Phantom Blood, but Jonathan Joestar is now a woman. What changes would you want to see?[View]
237717479what the hell is going on? we really waited over five years for this shit?![View]
237716016How do you feel about public confessions that get everyone's attention? Should more MCs and gir…[View]
237718029Eiichiro Oda, the best mangaka in history[View]
237717620What an ugly smile. She deserves to die for smiling this way.[View]
237717033Goblin Slayer: >start reading Goblin Slayer LNs >there are a bunch of disjointed and unexplain…[View]
237718224Kimi no Koto ga Sukide Ienai / My Secret Affection: I saw that this is getting localized. What does …[View]
237717891Love Love: Why does the MC have such a huge crush on her?[View]
237713265Who’s the best male character in a romcom?[View]
237715936so where does this guy end up after magna beats him up and jack says he wont let him ruin magnas hap…[View]
237713328One Piece: How come Oden got a 14 chapter flashback at the start of Wano when Kaido's was 14 pa…[View]
237714906Post your favorite animation studio without actually posting it.[View]
237717330Character Design Thread: Objectively good character designs only[View]
237715344Backlog: How clogged up are you guys? I'm pretty backed up but I've seen worse.[View]
237712375say something nice about this cow on her birthday[View]
237696962Is the jack of all trader really unneeded in an isekai party? How would you deal with this situation…[View]
237711095When will 2D cucks learn that 3D is better at making anime than what they can ever dream of having a…[View]
237702182Jantama Pong: Yuru Catmp[View]
237716478she's kinda cute ngl[View]
237703298ITT: (Very) Underwhelming Villains: >Being worse than both your literal clone and the previous ar…[View]
237712804Shy: >MHA threads/generals made every single day >max out no problem, no one complains >try…[View]
237699505favourite panels/page thread[View]
237716251DAILY Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: vol.1 >>234973548 Vol.2 >>235396772 Vol 3>>235829…[View]
237708858Ghost in the Shell: So, how does SAC compare to the original film?[View]
237709383Moon and Maple Syrup: You are going to read the age gap romance drama between the playboy student an…[View]
237712287Who had the worse life? Wren or Levi?[View]
237715718Excel Saga Storytime: HAIL IL PALAZZO! I hate meetings, it's usually just stuff that can be cov…[View]
237711018The Worldbuilding Lie of One Piece: >Not a single rape scene so far >characters still use Japa…[View]
237700315The Fable Vol.06: Volume 6 People keep asking about the translation status of the last volumes (18-2…[View]
237713759Is your favorite mahou shoujo cuter in her casual clothes or her mahou shoujo outfit?[View]
237711713Chiyo-chan BTFO![View]
237704136Best battle shonen of all time[View]
237706226Did she deserve it? She was just trying to be a hero.[View]
237699082Do people seriously not like her? How?[View]
237715416Are there any actual non superficial connections to Gilligan’s Island and One Piece or no? Oda’s a W…[View]
237716249THIS IS NOT OK[View]
237713532Why is Hisoka thick[View]
237715668Was Tanjiro right, or was he just seething?[View]
237714848Isekai manga before Isekai: They are not even tagged right[View]
237714449SSSS.Dynazenon: Underrated nailfag anime[View]
237715562Borrowing A Relationship: >told him to care about more than just looks >told him rental love i…[View]
237715857Holy fucking shit, I should've started reading this when I learned about it a couple years ago,…[View]
237715928What are some manga that we NEVER get to talk about for whatever reason?[View]
237710787Dragon Ball Super: When Goku was almost killed by Blue but a rat showed up and saved him? That was T…[View]
237713011Who is the best shonen anime protagonist ever and why is it Justin Herbert?[View]
237715632Cue!: Why is there no thread for the new episode?[View]
237696976How much would you pay?[View]
237713391Is it ok to cheat on your husband if he's never around?[View]
237714197Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken?!: Does this shit come on this week I wanted to see that faggot zebora…[View]
237705881So Ra No Wo To: Is this shit any good?[View]
237711325Which asobi would you asobase?[View]
237692232Baki dou 125?: Break or no break?[View]
237692837Joshiraku: How come nobody is talking about this? It's easy to understand and funny as hell…[View]
237710780OVA: Will we ever have another OVA action anime boom?[View]
237713829>this is izumi in shikimori manga I guess they made the right decision to tone down the twink…[View]
237710021Ishuzoku Reviewers: New chapter. With this one it will be 9 chapters without a scanlation >http:/…[View]
237712670caturday post cat[View]
237623955Which yuyu would you shiki?[View]
237705970>Lost her virginity before marriage. What a slut. She is no better than whores from Bible Black.…[View]
237695554Shinka is that hot girl who used to bully you in school.[View]
237713316Dr. Stone: What went so, so wrong?[View]
237698417>series introduces big sister >instantly becomes best girl Why is it always the case?…[View]
237712116Did Richard Jump, or was he pushed by Johan?[View]
237710104Junji Ito: >not scary >can’t write >mediocre art Why do people like this guy again?…[View]
237709088pure sex[View]
237710321Genshiken: I just started season 3 and I adore Sue! What character is she cosplaying here?[View]
237708300Doujin anime: Let's talk about doujin anime.[View]
237710317Why does this character cause so much controversy?[View]
237655968Re:Zero: I feel it.[View]
237713429Suzuki Aya... For the love of god there has to be more mom-con manga like this. This is everything I…[View]
237712926Just finished the anime, are the LNs worth reading?[View]
237708596One Piece: Yamatobros, what did Oda mean by this?[View]
237711902What did you read and like in the weeklies this week?[View]
237705831why is spyxfamily flopping in japan Streaming numbers >nico https://anime.nicovideo.jp/ranking/vi…[View]
237709016Steins;Gate: If you can't handle her when her watch has stopped, you don't deserve her at …[View]
237711268Why did they genderbend the MC in the serialized version?[View]
237711688>Stronger than Types (Nasu confirmed he could beat Arcueid in an interview) >Has literally eve…[View]
237656687Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: norio is horny again?[View]
237712696Nobunaga Concerto: Chapter 68 just dropped. Just wondering, do you guys keep up with this series?…[View]
237710641Really wish there were more good western historical manga, instead we just get a copious amount of v…[View]
237712556Sword Art Online: Cute and Canon[View]
237683445Why is Keyaru the only good MC that we've had for the past 5 years?[View]
237682193oooh aaah my back[View]
237710708What even is over designed? is that just code for I dont like it?[View]
237708539Dance Dance Danseur: Episode 6 is officially out, what did you think of it?[View]
237711999Hataraku Maou-sama: It’s fun But why is she like that[View]
237712204Yu Yu Hakusho: Why hasn't this gotten a full soundtrack release yet? https://www.youtube.com/p…[View]
237712057Why doesn't anyone just shoot Yujiro Hanma?: He might be the strongest animal in the world, but…[View]
237710526>umineko has a manga and it's actually pretty good[View]
237690604Jujutsu Kaisen #184: >Tokyo Colony No. 2 (4) Speedscan's out. Time to dump.…[View]
237698045Shonen no Abyss: He's going to catch them fucking isn't he..[View]
237681799Oniichan wa Oshimai!: So, what am I in for?[View]
237701592Weekly Shonen Magazine: The current situation of the magazine current roster[View]
237711753senpai ga uzai kouhai no hanashi: >tfw no JK kurobe gf[View]
237708962Does anyone know why kosame amagai wears an eye patch?: Did she cut her right eye during one of her …[View]
237701106How well would a Tatsumaki spinoff sell if it was about her doing lewd things?[View]
237710057Maison Ikkoku: cheers![View]
237708802Join my Familia, anon[View]
237696320CUE!: I want to make Rio a mother.[View]
237669328Atasha Kawajiri Kodama Da yo: Tsukurimashou, tsukurimashou[View]
237707516elf-san: oops she gained weight again[View]
237702760Dragon Ball Super: What are your predictions for the new movie that aren’t Cell or Raditz? Your hope…[View]
237694096DNA2: Also known as 'that dating sim you definitely played on newgrounds'[View]
237708078Fuck you. I liked it.[View]
237710490Imagine his tight bussy[View]
237710552Smoking anime girls thread?[View]
237702601Mob Psycho 100: season 3 PV is up so let's talk about it https://youtu.be/b1miJsAVYJA I'll…[View]
237669851Mahoutsukai Reimeiki ep 6: In which Sayb is lectured about washing sweaty pantsu and gets kissed som…[View]
237697521The Goods’ list: Rate my objectivly true chart with your biased opinion.[View]
237702506Owari no Seraph: Why was this womanlet so fucking smug?[View]
237628065ITT: anime quotes[View]
237700638>real ghost spooked by fake ghosts[View]
237708235Mrs. Ishigami and Mr. Ishigami are a very cute couple when they are together[View]
237709784In hindsight the ending to Fire Force was underwhelming, it felt like he was forced to end it in 5 c…[View]
237660906The hottest girl ever[View]
237709698Legend of Mana Teardrop Crystal: Will you watch it?[View]
237709571Why are clueless, ignorant, moronic male leads in romance still a thing? I thought Reiwa was suppose…[View]
237706720You better take responsibility for this, Anon-kun~[View]
237705765ITT: Rivals/Deuteragonist who beat the protagonist.[View]
237708269Sword art Online: Season 1 was good, i loved it Season 2, Part 1 annd 2 started really slow but then…[View]
237679768One Punch Man: The manga finally delivered. Great chapter overall, true to OPM essence after countle…[View]
237708764I read all my manga as scans cause I can't stand spending 5€ for a fucking 30 mins read. I pref…[View]
237708172Why are glasses girls always 'worst girl'? No exceptions[View]
237700102One Piece: >Big Meme wants to create a country without inequality, but takes people's souls …[View]
237708809Neon Genesis Evangelion: Was it the greatest anime opening?[View]
237708063Birdie Wing: Are you watching AOTS? What do you think of it? Who's your favorite Birdie? http…[View]
237699549>Violet salutes you How do you respond?[View]
237705024ITT: Anime/manga that were overhyped but still good[View]
237708594Seggs with hoekita: seggs :sob:[View]
237707936I'm not the biggest fan of Kill La Lill but I love Ryuko's design. Especially her expressi…[View]
237697031Kanokari wait for 235 spoilers: Honest opinions. Are the mcs actors a miscast or does it have a logi…[View]
237708431The Last Unicorn is my favorite Ghibli film.[View]
237708057How did Takahata do it?[View]
237696510Are we ever going to get a Yugioh anime that uses Master Rules again? We’ve had two straight series …[View]
237701850Shi ni Aruki: Chapter 3. I'll be translating a new chapter of Shi ni Aruki mostly every day unt…[View]
237642700>reading pic related first volume what the flying fuck[View]
237596791snek-chan jashdrop: Pino is the lewdest[View]
237702704It's been 7 years, and a more perfect woman has yet to be found.[View]
237700054Angel Sanctuary: This is peak shoujo, holy shit. no homo though[View]
237703011A Couple of Cuckoos: Tomorrow we're getting Nagi's confession and Shimaidon bonding Episod…[View]
237689542>your favorite manga is forever unfinished Besides berserkfags, who else knows this feel?…[View]
237706713some masterful comedy writing there Akasaka[View]
237702115>twins but one of them has giant titties and one of them has small titties I enjoy this greatly.…[View]
237704982Ichimatsu wa ningyo nano des[View]
237698114C: C[View]
237706456Yumeni Ga Oka Wonderland: I liked it[View]
237697450kono healer: I started watching Carla's show because she has a 10/10 design and a total cutie.…[View]
237699195Karami Zakari: Boku no Honto to Kimi no Uso Ch.37 Raws Dump Thread: >who the fuck asked for this?…[View]
237704347Hyouka: season 2 when ?[View]
237700526Dragon Ball Super: Caulifla and Kale are the most sexiest Saiyan girls of DB that I've ever see…[View]
237683873Romcom where /a/non is the MC What's it going to be like?[View]
237706652Urusei Yatsura: Awooga![View]
237619031Shingeki no Kyojin: Are there cuter murderers than Eren and Mikasa? They're so adorable![View]
237701221Is there an official term for this kind of expression?[View]
237702266why is she so smug all the time?[View]
237679008Idols are for wholesome marriage.[View]
237698421The great pleb filter: Naruto Shippuden episode 167 is the single best directed and animated episode…[View]
237706084Mushoku tensei: Mutt[View]
237700274After Wano ends, what will be the new Big Three?[View]
237704079>Turns around a hostage situation in a wine bank that is actually a front for money laundering by…[View]
237703826I decided to never watch any anime made after 2007: I just don't find any of them appealing…[View]
237704701Schizocore Manga: What are the other mangas which makes you feel dread and emptiness of existentiali…[View]
237706045Chi no Wadachi: What actually happened? I gather Seiko is dead, but how did she die, when and how? A…[View]
237697003Fire Punch: Can anyone explain what went through his mind after the midnight attack? Why did the tr…[View]
237682567So is this gonna be another Usagi Drop situation?[View]
237705530>when the last episode is the name of the anime[View]
237701879Quintessential Quintuplets: Reminder that Ichika deserved better and Negi is a hack who had to resor…[View]
237704104Uwa-Koi: >Every character feels as though he be the protagonist of his own story with so much per…[View]
237704757Will Bat ever win against Snake?[View]
237701507Knights of Sidonia: Don't watch Knights of Sidonia Don't read Knights of Sidonia Its bad a…[View]
237699694One Piece: Two weeks later when Kaido is back everyone will go 'We already knew he'd be back, y…[View]
237702013Bros, is Houzan going to die? I'm genuinely worried right now.[View]
237695954Weekly Oricon May 02 - 08: 01. Boku no Hero Academia #34 (445,910 / 448,316) 02. ONE PUNCH-MAN #25 (…[View]
237704322iv never watched naruto dragonball or bleach and i dont plan to[View]
237704370Which one is the better character?[View]
237704353Why did they genderswap the MC in the serialization?[View]
237704155lewds: Post the most lewd and filthy depraved acts.[View]
237702700Gundam Unicorn is shit.[View]
237700352Damn, is this what Hidamari Sketch is all about?[View]
237700721Yofukashi no Uta Ch. 113 - Are You Gonna Turn Me Into a Murderer?: The plot thickens dumping[View]
237703834Thoughts on the MAppa's magnus opus in terms of animation, fluidity, ost and story flow?[View]
237698863>his only enemy has super strenght and energy relese as a power >instead of getting some phasi…[View]
237697196You think it knew or saw what was going on down there?[View]
237697152do you agree or do you like sluts[View]
237700585He was kind of a dick to everyone, especially his wife. Was he justified?[View]
237703182Post marriage proposals.[View]
237697272What music do you listen to while you watch anime on mute and read subtitles?[View]
237702652Seirin school, but not in Kuroko?: I remember there was an another anime or maybe VN where the locat…[View]
237682440>Old Yuri Hime >Publishes pure Namori schoolgirl yuri >Modern Yuri Hime >Publishes Homur…[View]
237691028Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Anime Announced: >Junta Shiraishi is a plain boy who is two h…[View]
237695524Dragon Ball Super: With the movie coming out soon are you all excited? Have you bought your tickets …[View]
237700947Anime Nails Thread: You can rag on the fetish all you want, but I'm just saying: the best girl …[View]
237700506>Broke: mecha anime >woke: actual war anime…[View]
237696750WHY THE FUCK is this not adapted yet[View]
237689976What series do you consider yourself an expert of?[View]
237701350ITT: characters being homosexuals[View]
237677911Unironically...you THINK you want it but you actually don't. Especially in a post-BNHA, KNY, ju…[View]
237701727Blastvengers assemble[View]
237682374Spy x Family: Episode 6 preview images. School is in session.[View]
237688553when you realize 90s soulful anime will never come back[View]
237696037Aharen: Why does the manga artist like toilets so much? Their previous work also had toilet scenes.…[View]
237701281Shikimori-san: >/a/ hyped her as the new and better kitagawa marin >show is still ongoing but…[View]
237659696Scanlation: What are you up to anon? I'm sitting on like 8 scripts to typeset.[View]
237700716Do you think Inuyasha's asshole personality was more nature or nurture?[View]
237670939The breaker: https://flamescans.org/the-breaker-3-eternal-force-chapter-7/[View]
237700677mama please dont cry no mama no...[View]
237666720Boku no hero academia: >Jobbed in just 2 chapters.[View]
237696911How do you go from this...[View]
237698425Would you beat up Shinka for her?[View]
237693234One Piece: Alright, Wano's nearly over, it's time to update this bad boy[View]
237695552How would you help nami stop being a gold digger[View]
237698316Character says 'soda' Subs say 'thats right'[View]
237696982Which Y2K monster-collecting kids' anime do you think had the best movie? And which had the be…[View]
237672932Storytime: STEINS;GATE Babel of the Grieved Maze: I was going to dump this a long time ago, but I gu…[View]
237692219I, A Freeter, Mastered The Blockchain In Another World >After losing his family's savings to…[View]
237697248For me its nightfall[View]
237694807Strange manga premises: What's the weirdest premise for a Manga you've read. >This is a…[View]
237699800I think naruto gets it's bad reputation from shippuden. pre-timeskip was pretty decent all thin…[View]
237696671How do we get in /a/?[View]
237699053Black Clover: It's that time of the week again. How do you like Noelle's skills? https://y…[View]
237696812>i prefer brotherhood because the animation is better[View]
237697247ITT: Best OPs[View]
237693486Well /a/, which would you choose?[View]
237697772Tsurenai Kanojo no Hitorijime ch.15 dump: Are you reading her manga? The greatest Kudedere manga. - …[View]
237691549Do you guys like Chainsaw Man?[View]
237626147Watamote Chapter 204 part 1 Raw: 2chan: わたモテスレ https://futapo.futakuro.com/#server=may_b&mode=6_…[View]
237657981Sukinako Megane no Wasureta: Can anyone who isn't an ESL turd pick this up?[View]
237690332>Finish series >Really like a girl from said series >Almost no decent porn of her Whats her…[View]
237690281Non Non Biyori: Houseki no Kani[View]
237693866Berserk: >Creates the sweetest most believable romance in a non romance manga >Turns her into …[View]
237698667Urusei Yatsura: Summertime fun![View]
237697985>these are teenage girls what the fuck?[View]
237692749It's time to settle it, /a/. Girls(male) or boys(female)?[View]
237680382>answer phone >hear this what do?[View]
237688056Chi no Wadachi: i'm bored so gonna try dumping newest raw right until i get scolded for fucking…[View]
237691407big-hatted witches[View]
237696992It's time for more power level autism! This time it's a fight between Kunoichis. Who would…[View]
237695923Kimi no kino wa: Can we please share a second to discuss this modern masterpiece?[View]
237693327Ayashimon: https://manatoki131.net/comic/12291270[View]
237697795Haven't watched shounen anime in awhile. Are adaptations still toned down?[View]
237674948Physical Media: First time buying stuff and I just bought the following, haven't read any of th…[View]
237696632Post anime/manga that don't exist: 'Post apocalypse' where every country in the world gets fuck…[View]
237696648Daily U19 Chapter Thread #8: Chapter 8: The Ethnic Restoration[View]
237677618Kanojo mo Kanojo: Chapter 100 is translated! https://cubari.moe/read/mangadex/e83c326b-921b-45ff-bc0…[View]
237697052Daily Cross Account Chapter: Chapter 23: Morning Star X Falling Star[View]
237687934Would bunny Rize do better than shovel Rize in a zombie apocalypse?[View]
237621613Kanokari/Rent-A-Girlfriend: Kazuya is a cutest carrot in a shelf full of cutest carrots.[View]
237686137Has horror ever really been done well in an anime without resorting to shock value with over-animate…[View]
237679901What kind of peasant food can you introduce to awe the isekai nobility anons?[View]
237696795Why did they never make Yoko Tsuno anime?[View]
237696710ITT: Shows that /a/ still likes despite not having any waifus.[View]
237696706Kawaii dake ja Nai Shikimori-san: Episode release schedule announced for rest of the season >2022…[View]
237685495Endro: Who would you make party leader in the Endro RPG?[View]
237696627any hope?[View]
237696568How are you liking this season so far?[View]
237696593PPPPPP: I'm in love with this manga. Every time I see the characters being happy and smiling, I…[View]
237696584Dasei 67%: This new chapter was weird[View]
237695810Why's this retard love headpats so much? She looks like she's about to cream herself.[View]
237691393Blue Lock: Anime airs in October PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scNHgkRlJn4[View]
237693219One Piece: >another break week[View]
237689233YKTMC: underrated, underappreciated, overhated >Funny and witty comedy that doesn't make you…[View]
237691068Imouto thread: Siscon towards onee-chan or imouto Brocon towards aniki or otouto[View]
237666853Thermae Romae Novae: >first, Japan makes the most accurate European medieval representation on th…[View]
237683857Lucky Star Figures: Setting up the booth to do more of the requests. Wanna see something? Let me kno…[View]
237692295This mango is really good. Why do the good mangos only update monthly?[View]
237690265cross-eyes fucking shits...[View]
237681947Houseki no Kuni: It's not coming back, is it?[View]
237692503Urban Fantasy: Why does magic feel more fun when it's in a modern setting?[View]
237694127So what went right and what went wrong woth Shouto Todoroki?[View]
237673628Shield hero/Tate no yuusha episode 6!: Yestedays episode was the end of the spirit tortoise arc. Wha…[View]
237692065Mononoke: https://twitter.com/anime_mononoke/status/1525055417461907459 New project will be launched…[View]
237695218Remember that time Reiner had a crush on Historia that went nowhere until the ending chapter?[View]
237657119Why nobody blames Kaiji for being cry baby MC?[View]
237682810Flip Flappers: Did Yayaka really deserve to get shafted so hard?[View]
237683557Is this the best product placement in anime?[View]
237695645Comfy pre-2010 anime thread: What are you watching?[View]
237661108>I love Sailor Mars! Boring choice for boring people. Literally any of the others are better.…[View]
237691288What kind a man named their daughter as pantsu?[View]
237692893They killed millions[View]
237690358>draw a hot girl >call her unattractive[View]
237692534>no Komi wife[View]
237693222Anipoke OP update: JUST Why anipoke staff hate ninjafrog?[View]
237630418But seriously, how did boruto drop the ball so hard: naruto is so full of mythology, its world is ri…[View]
237695129I wish I could wake up in bed next to Revy[View]
237693213GX: Was it good?[View]
237691856I've watched TTGL when I was 18. I loved it so much it was unreal. Then In trying to share thos…[View]
237688968Shin Kamen Rider: will you be watching anno's new movie /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4…[View]
237694660Precure: Who was the angriest Precure who ever lived?[View]
237691988IIIII need to know now, know now. Can you love me again.[View]
237694765Even a cat gets more screentime then Tenten[View]
237688567JoJolion: When are you going to stop pretending that this was bad /a/? It was fucking amazing!…[View]
237678677Excel Saga Storytime: HAIL IL PALAZZO! I wonder if Excel managed to get off that island with the mad…[View]
237686716I was reincarnated as a cute girl and decided to spend my days masturbating furiously: How realistic…[View]
237693595Blue Box: https://manatoki131.net/comic/12291858[View]
237657214Golden Kamuy: How many times?[View]
237693422why do shoujo manga art styles always look so sparkly and shiny?[View]
237675845What's your fondest memory of >>>/a/ ?…[View]
237689895Why haven't you beaten the amagami challenge yet?[View]
237645269Assassin's Pride: Ch 42 when? It's been a whole year already.[View]
237690815Which mangaka has the best character designs and why is it Kotoyama?[View]
237637531Daily Spectral Wizard: Adventure Surrounding the Most Powerful Spell chapter: Chapter 1: Most Powerf…[View]
237688264One Piece: So when are we going to have to deal with our girl Robin eventually getting kidnapped by …[View]
237684508No wonder Japan's birthrate keeps plummeting.[View]
237686683>O MY DAD'S WISH What the FUCK 30 fucking YEARS down the drain[View]
237691401What anime have accurate christians?[View]
237690218Secret Affection: Not the meteorites turning the anime girls gay This sounds hilarious[View]
237692332If you hate romance anime/manga you missed out on young love. Prove me wrong[View]
237628676Precure: Friendly Precure[View]
237685567Are lolis really needed in anime?[View]
237690418No way is she lesbian.[View]
237687004Precure: And so, after one of their hard days at work, Nao Midorikawa and Akane Hino finally have th…[View]
237677239DAILY Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: vol.1 >>234973548 Vol.2 >>235396772 Vol 3>>235829…[View]
237691030Itt: forgotten best girls[View]
237691138Animu Openings: Season v Season: Ai no supreme or Blue Sky Rhapsody?[View]

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