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208935690Toutabaki Dougatani: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU5aDqLUvug Sorry this wasn't done earlier…[View]
208989168This is my daughter-wife Hina. Please be kind to her[View]
208987615BERSERK anime season3[View]
208991814Is it true that official animators are not allowed to draw porn of their characters? how do companie…[View]
208991894Is there any /a/ character that can beat the most stylish character in all of anime.[View]
208989698Kengan omega: Admit it monke will win by landslide[View]
208985298Reminder that if you ever found yourself occupied with thinking about the strength of Tatsuya Shiba:…[View]
208984350How do I move on from Steins;Gate? I've read through the VN twice, watched the anime 3 times, p…[View]
208991442Jujutsu Kaisen: Why did Gege have to kill Batman?[View]
208984116Longcat has passed away: https://twitter.com/miyabi_2222/status/1307570030939308032 Posting this on …[View]
208984927Does it get better?: I'm on volume 3 right now. So far it's kinda boring and characters a…[View]
208991165Flipnote Warrior: This is 2020 anime.[View]
208990465Was it even explained if they had a benis or not?[View]
208989779What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
208969743Cross Ange: What does /a/ think of it?[View]
208966648My waifu can beat up your waifu.[View]
208986201Nostalgia OP/ED: What are some old OP/ED songs that once you hear, it brings back the good old days?…[View]
208966843why the FUCK is she so ugly? and with a personality to match[View]
208978191>Timid upstart heroic boy with a strong sense of justice who admires his bully/enemy What's …[View]
208986607What game are they playing?[View]
208988970One Piece: Huh... guys?[View]
208990497this man is harima kenji[View]
208986915>pops out of nowhere >immediately gets with the most pretty character >gets sympathy despit…[View]
208990146Iyashikei (Healing type): Hello my fellow /a/nons, I'm 31 years old and the last couple of year…[View]
208988038Who else is excited for Femdom Avengers assemble next year?[View]
208988732Violet Evergarden: Any see the moive it came out 2 days ago and if so was it any good? https://www.y…[View]
208982574Futanari No Elf: Will we finally see her pecker in its full tiny glory?[View]
208988141Shit that hit way harder than you expected[View]
208986445He's going over that cliff![View]
208981424Oshi no noko: Are you reading the manga? It's very interesting, the mangaka is the same one tha…[View]
208985190Do cakes belong to old men?[View]
208987333ITT: Manga with kafkaesque writing[View]
208988035what was the point of this show cant picture anyone enjoying it[View]
208987147There are no good VN adaptations. Why is that? Is it because story only works as a combination of al…[View]
208988351Why does Captain Tsubasa of all fucking things get its own magazine?![View]
208989031Instrumental version of the full one piece op 7: Hi i found this video on youtube https://youtu.be/Y…[View]
208948115Digimon Adventure:: New episode soon[View]
208988729SK8: >Free and Banana Fish director So how gay will it get?[View]
208988398Is Chainsaw Man the greatest manga of all time? I mean, nothing else even comes close.[View]
208986052Is there a word for shows that are 'bad' objectively (art/animation/whatever) but are still good sub…[View]
208967243Machikado Mazoku: Shamiko became a second season demon[View]
208980117Kingdom: I hate Kingdom threads still dead in /a/ even through we not fighting Zhao anymore.[View]
208985167This sucked >bro like, humans are their own undoing Everything it tried to do other manga/anime d…[View]
208950722It's been 10 years and there's still nothing funnier than Nichibros.[View]
208982104Just finished Outlaw Star. One of the best shows I've ever watched. Anon, go watch it right fuc…[View]
208987927mfw there's a chance this KINO will be animated in my lifetime[View]
208988127Spy x Family: New Chapter soon![View]
208988235>tfw no hot android like alice to fuck[View]
208988153Spy x Family: It's been decent fun, sure, but I'm ready for this racketball stuff to be ov…[View]
208983799Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun: So, this anime is about a Melee autist trying to become a normalfag and I c…[View]
208953517No, seriously bros, when is he coming back?[View]
208980809Does /a/ enjoy sad manga?[View]
208987638Street Fighter anime: It was good[View]
208987126Shounen is pretty good. Especially series with interesting worlds like mha and black clover.[View]
208987158Hey /a/ what's your fav manga[View]
208985378What he actually mean by this?[View]
208986579SK∞: SK Eight: Where my skatebros at? AOTD incoming next year[View]
208987405Good morning, /a/![View]
208982942>try to leave as few traces as possible >reveal your real names to strangers It's ok for …[View]
208987097It's been 5 years since Iron Blooded Orphans. When's the next Gundam AU?[View]
208974362really? this is her idea of 'sexy'?[View]
208985703Assault Lily: This is your Revue Starlight killer. Say something nice about it![View]
208960487Kaguya-sama Manga: Why are boys shown to be more cultured? What did Aka mean by this?[View]
208985040Tonikaku Kawaii: Fly Me to the Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsqgtO0vgmY[View]
208986500How many times did he won against Goku again?[View]
208983417Boku no hero academia: Do you think All Might considers both Bakugo and Deku to be his successors?…[View]
208984545Are there too many false dichotomy in manga?: Who says we have to choose one or the other?[View]
208959624Chainsaw Man: Why not eat this?[View]
208984049Boku no hero Academia DANK MEMES!: post your dankest bnha memes guys![View]
208983449>OH MY GOD IS SO PROFUND, SO REAL!!!! WOW DEFINITELY LIFE CHANGING READ!!! why is this piece of s…[View]
208984706friendly reminder to all rate fags[View]
208980314do you love rena-chan, /a/?[View]
208986370Made in Abyss: What did Bondrewd meant with this look[View]
208890571Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: New episode today[View]
208891586What would you feed this dragon?[View]
208985828Is this the worst transition ever?[View]
208984578The great debate: who's the best mc?[View]
208986132Katanagatari: Was it incest?[View]
208973430Who was your favorite Toradora?[View]
208984347ITT: Absolutely necessary anime scenes[View]
208974012Who was in the wrong here?[View]
208958814Do you see this girl? This is Yuu, and she's supposed to be you. Like, a literal representation…[View]
208983726*breathes in TITTS TOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG![View]
208976474Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!: Why is she so fucking hot? I'm gonna coom. Has Manabu canonically…[View]
208982599One Piece? My Hero Academia? Kino? Don't make me laugh. Kino does not simply mean 'good'. You f…[View]
208985244If I see this fucking cat one more time...[View]
208947664Jump axe bowl: Which 3 series would you kill?[View]
208985692Rosen Garten Saga: An action comedy with a ton of sexual violence, something that should not mix tog…[View]
208983658Is SAO really as bad as people say? Should I just read the LN/manga?[View]
208976276Three seasons in and I still don't understand why you all hate him.[View]
208984701Why doesn't Toei just continue animating Dragon Ball Super instead of doing the Super Dragon Ba…[View]
208981645When did you drop One Piece?: Remember when the series featured a small cast which allowed for more …[View]
208935577Yuuna: New poster[View]
208985268NO TOBIRAMA DON'T DO IT[View]
208976447>despite reading all the guides I still don't understand mahjong I want to read FKMT but mah…[View]
208972362THE iDOLM@STER 765 Pro: I read the world is all one manga, it was interesting. What does /a/ think o…[View]
208982295What's the worst thing you've ever watched?[View]
208984755What's airing right now?: Something pretty fun for me is following along a seasonal anime and d…[View]
208983827Can't enjoy /a/nimu anymore: Anyone else experience this? I used to be glued to anime/mango as …[View]
208984954What character archetype is your favorite? I like the anti-hero assholes.[View]
208975364Shoulder pads: What are the most outrageous and overdesigned shoulder pads and pauldrons in anime?…[View]
208966577Re: Zero: Soon Rembros.......[View]
208982388RIP Nobiko 'Longcat' 2002(?)-2020 see you space cowboy[View]
208953501I dropped Detective Conan 10 years ago right after Shuichi's death because the fucking series w…[View]
208980693Manga: God I just realized how limited Western manga is some countries like Germany, Italy and Franc…[View]
208980321I want to do hand holding with Armisael, that will eventually lead to intense and intimate creation …[View]
208961076Shingeki no Kyojin: Mikasa has sacrificed her femininity so she's strong enough to protect Eren…[View]
208979046Which do you think is the actual AOTD and why?[View]
208981070Takagi-san: Every episode makes my kokoro go doki doki and waku waku. I need more anime in this genr…[View]
208983912About Bleach 2021 animation: TYBW: shit arc CFYOW: shit fanfic that's all folks[View]
208983895Goddess Yozora: Sunday is for worship[View]
208983863Azur lane is so breaking it. How did they make it?[View]
208983075Why isn't patlabor the most known movie or Oshii? Damn, gits it's crap compared to this. M…[View]
208983858Best love live right here[View]
208949718Black Lagoon: What's the canonical reason for Revy dressing like a slut all the time?[View]
208976854Shaman King: https://youtu.be/cp6stP2xLdk Will it be any good?[View]
208955310Daily Binbougami Ga Thread: I Will Return This Fortune Energy to You.[View]
208978810What's the best fusion /a/? For me it's Vegito[View]
208975295This old hag just confessed to you when a Chad like you is way out of her league and has 10 other ho…[View]
208972375/amu/: Describe an entire series or film using part of a song. Songs written about the work in quest…[View]
208978633Wtf Fujimoto has a youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4vBFzSH9sQ[View]
208980486Let me get this straight, does /a/ like Horizon In the Middle of Nowhere? Or you guys just regard it…[View]
208980683ITT: best shows of their respective studios[View]
208981377so she eats fetuses?[View]
208976972All this pissing and moaning about Berserk. Being a Guyver fan is so much worse. Having an actual de…[View]
208960614Usogui 519: After Deliberation[View]
208973456So how much is magus semen worth in the fate universe?[View]
208979388I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives.: thoughts on this isekai? Same author as My Home Hero[View]
208972244Sorry weekend tourists, but Monogatari is better than your favorite anime. Whiny arguments only make…[View]
208981586name a more explosive character[View]
208968958What was his endgoal? To see humanity's struggle?[View]
208981896AOTY - GoH: I just watched this and WOW. I get why people call this a masterpiece. Amazing animation…[View]
208980071I'll kino you...[View]
208977505It was truly a miracle.[View]
208980068my wife karin aoi[View]
208982600Danmachi: I'm late at party, how is it when it aired?[View]
208982655Yuu is a home wrecking slut!: Fucking whore[View]
208982740He should've lost to Washizu[View]
208983310ok i have watched the movie and what is the point of this scene.[View]
208983198ITS NOT FAIR[View]
208920972Cardfight!! Vanguard: IF: Following a fierce and deadly assault from Miwa, Kai becomes separated fro…[View]
208966907Boku no hero academia: Any guesses how this arc will end? I think >Deku unlock 4th's quirk …[View]
208982307Railgun: Do you think the Railgun series would benefit from more fanservice scenes?[View]
208938650Have you ever hated an anime character so much: that you wished physical harm to its creator?[View]
208945543Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun: Monthly toilet ghost thread for Chapter 70, 'Akane and Aoi, part 2'. Hold…[View]
208944490OPT: paneling: Post pages with creative/interesting paneling[View]
208959979Which anime would you give headpats to[View]
208845922Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
208974535Assassination Classroom: Episode 4 just finished airing. I like the yellow bitch.[View]
208981079It's disgusting how criminally underrated this anime is. Season 2 when?[View]
208974230Anons, why aren't you posting in a keion thread?! Stop goofing off![View]
208972146BLEACH : Storytime Volume 56 part 3 [Rescuer in the Dark[: >>208968980[View]
208963825Raildex: There is only one episode left in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Do you feel Dream Ranker has bee…[View]
208977706The owner of longcat ('Nobirun' 'Nobiko') reported that the cat has passed away after struggling to …[View]
208975863One Piece: Best ship[View]
208946380/a/ draws - Kesenai Tsumi: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkQ0FvFoq-0 [Embed] Previous…[View]
208898972Dr. Stone Z=166 - Ultimate Knight: Did you remember there's an early chapter this week? Well, l…[View]
208979889whos your favorite mary sue and why[View]
208976578Hey Buddy, don't you think it's about time you watched Dennō Coil again![View]
208980570Can we have a thread for MCs that are genuinely fucking pathetic? >typical loser with no ambition…[View]
208980524Any more panels like this?[View]
208979035Have you ever tickled a girl's foot before?[View]
208956610Am I the only one that misses the visual style of the 80s and 90s of anime?[View]
208977221Kanojo, Okarishimasu/Rent-A-Girlfriend: Which one of you /a/nons is working for Crunchyroll and snuc…[View]
208975937What are the biggest stunts you've ever seen being pulled off by scanlating/fansubbing groups? …[View]
208956923What was AOTD again?[View]
208968226Anime tropes you hate >no one wants to marry the cute sensei[View]
208975179Mato Seihei no Slave: Did they do it? Or was it really just 'sleeping' together.[View]
208951599Okay I'm officially in love with this show now[View]
208977102Space Dandy was the last good anime.[View]
208975454Cyberia mix: Are there any higher resolution images of cyberia mix cover[View]
208979057ITT: Crossovers: Post crossovers and shared universes. The weirder, the better.[View]
208976322Just watched these two films back to back. What did I think of them?[View]
208978410ITT: Shows that should have gotten second seasons but not right away: Pic related. Prison School is …[View]
208978108read Bastard![View]
208976064Naruto: >Naruto GT is a failure So, When's Naruto Super?[View]
208978724ITT: series that peaked in the first episode[View]
208978263Am I alone in liking this one? I can't even find reviews for this.[View]
208975027NANA: Just started the anime what am I in for?[View]
208920656ITT: Confessions: You know the drill. Post love confessions.[View]
208953912>ITT: You explain how that anime should have been and give justice to your OTP Fixed this >BLO…[View]
208975265>tfw No little girl will ever want to marry you and kiss you everyday. Why live?…[View]
208976430watching: /a/ likes animu and mango, but does /a/ even watch animu with other anons for example? I b…[View]
208972141Is the Vision of Escalfowne soundtrack the greatest anime soundtrack of all time? The answer is yes.…[View]
208978256Monogatari: So let me get this straight >Nothing is actually taking place it's just araragi …[View]
208977495Horror manga recommendations: Anything besides Junji Ito or about as fucked up as the Drifting Class…[View]
208972710This story is very demotivational, is that what Horikoshi intended? The motto of the story seems to …[View]
208965073Fist of the North Star Thread[View]
208973575I just finished Uzumaki: It was a fantastic manga. I enjoyed the way it went from 'small-scale' horr…[View]
208961738Did they?[View]
208973135fushigi: It's time.[View]
208959056>A character dies >5 episodes later >jk, he/she lived lol. buy the merchs.…[View]
208976034It took 11 episodes until the show finally showed something interesting this seasonand it made me re…[View]
208972587Senko-san: I need a Sora to pamper me.[View]
208965452U19 Storytime: Golem Hearts Volume 1: It's time for another U19 storytime! This time, we cover …[View]
20897652567% Intertia: Oh my god the original scanlator just released a bunch of chapters. Not only that but …[View]
208976321Why no one is talking about this, it's actually a 10/10 comedy.[View]
208974919>pick up sports / battle manga >remember it will not be as good as Teppu It fucking hurts.…[View]
208968319Will they make a comeback?[View]
208976511Zoids was pretty cool[View]
208976056Are you alive /a/?[View]
208976618I agree with Jagi, what's wrong with that?[View]
208976539Why was Slam Dunk never marketed in the west when it was a mega hit in Japan even though basketball …[View]
208899982What is your preferred speed of progression for a romcom manga?: Pseudo Harem(Holy Shit), Boku No Ko…[View]
208976432Fire Force: Now that Joker arc is adapted we have definitive proof he is the best character in the s…[View]
208972796Tearmoon empire: >first part of the story is her trying to change her bad end >second part is …[View]
208974882Welcome to Ufotable Cafe, what would you like to order?[View]
208966163HOLY FUCKING SHIT MY HEART DROPPED this is way to fucking relatable I feel like crying[View]
208958568ITT post smug[View]
208966469Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Mimi looks so stylish in her black dress. Maybe they should give some of the boys …[View]
208889220Appare Ranman!: Episode 12 WE WILL STOP YOU!![View]
208962388One Piece: Nami's oranges![View]
208973004>great anime >terrible animation What’s it’s name /a/?…[View]
208945933Hinata or Hanabi?: .[View]
208971935Does she even have a pussy?[View]
208974144Show me your true self[View]
208972662Why did /a/ forget about such a good show?[View]
208973000Damn, since when have Yui's breasts been so big?[View]
208975073Sore wa, Kimi ga Mita Ao datta: >A loved one died. Momo, a high school student who lost her best …[View]
208964392ITT: Moments that made you drop an anime: .[View]
208975032What did /a/ think of this?[View]
208973250Love Live: Are you as attracted to the new girls as Aqours or Muse?[View]
208965358He is the chad of the big three. >when everyone else finishes their big 3 series they start a new…[View]
208964053>rem is my waifu What kind of person do you imagine?[View]
208970430kanokari: why, /a/?[View]
208957334If you could pick a Western novel to turn into an anime, a la World Masterpiece Theater, which one w…[View]
208970504SSSS.Gridman: How about a thread to discuss the best Anime Trigger has made so far? Are you looking …[View]
208973516Uzaki chan wa Asobitai!: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
208916721'Tornado of Terror' Tatsumaki is 28 years old and 130 cm tall.[View]
208969034Fire Force - Chapter 235: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1041867/3 Dumping[View]
208961551Diego brando is literally the best character in Jojo's[View]
208974016Sousou no Frieren: Fug Himmel at least tasted some of the loli elf cunny, right? It looks like he di…[View]
208973966ABSOLUTE JUSHIN[View]
208971199Isn’t 8man suppose to be autistic? How did he get yukino with such a piss poor confession?[View]
208957390I think I gave One Piece a fair run, I got deep in the Skypiea arc but I just stopped caring so had …[View]
208971602I still can't believe this age of Jump is basically gone[View]
208913669Literally the best manga ever written.: Prove me wrong. Protip : you literally can't[View]
208967128Anybody remember Gamble Fish?[View]
208972272Did people actually care about the stupid melodrama in the second half? Woah taiga is slightly less …[View]
208969629She's scary.[View]
208971738if you only knew how bad things really are[View]
208969944Just finished reading pic related. Not long after starting, I decided to put on the Rain World OST, …[View]
208972200Pages that turned you on.[View]
208972898How Can Stories Like These Have an Ending?: You either go the flips the expectations ending and do t…[View]
208968641Saber is the best servant in Fate. This can not be refuted.[View]
208968380is it just me or is the anime way better?: the narrator gives it so much life imo. im reading the ma…[View]
208968195>son asks for a picture of his mother at her grave >tell him to fuck off and get in a helicopt…[View]
208972582Guys I have been reading some Manhwa and the ones I like are Sweet love and Lightning Rod. In both o…[View]
208971518Is the manga better than the anime?[View]
208969024How do I experience orgasmic nosebleed?[View]
208972077Ships sank by author: /a/, recommend me some fanbase ships sunk by their authors. Pic partially rela…[View]
208965701You are weak. Your protagonists are temporary; your Kiritos and Tatsuyas nothing but shallow copies …[View]
208971898How do you feel about the fact that, as the manga goes along, Shamiko becomes more comfortable with …[View]
208968980BLEACH : Storytime Volume 56 Part 2: >>208963049[View]
208962633Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro: How did Chio get a boyfriend before this beauty?[View]
208943690Dials in One Piece: >Cool devices that brings a lot of potential utility to a fight. >Get comp…[View]
208969299ITT Guess the manga from random review on mangaupdate.[View]
208959115WTF was the point of him & Jotaro being in Part 5?: They just fucking vanish a few episodes in …[View]
208965647I FINALLY UNDERSTAND: this guy is basically nearly invincible when he goes into zetsu. he sees the w…[View]
208947006SAO: We in space now niggas seriously what the fuck is this even[View]
208971508They fucked so many times[View]
208961700Rurouni Kenshin Storytime 41: Hokkaido arc returns I guess: 1 Start/Sanosuke arc >>206615000 2…[View]
208963064>final episode >OP plays as the ED[View]
208967270These two erotic young teen girls cocona and himari have no fap worthy material of them any fuckingw…[View]
208967341Is this still enjoyable if I already know the twist[View]
208951523What's the most soul crushing ED of all time?[View]
208967990post rare waifus[View]
208970879Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear thread: i like her[View]
208962212Why are there so few bi characters in anime/manga?[View]
208950701SAO: Watch SAO right now.[View]
208953710Do you think Satsuki ever got wet from her mother molesting her?[View]
208967848ITT: Crack Ships: Kazuma x Subaru would be CUTE![View]
208961535I don't know why but the last panel of this page always makes me laugh.[View]
208970436is kobeni gonna die? do you think she poop herself?[View]
208966283How does Ponko know what copulation is?[View]
208964431Spy X Family: This is great, it deserves more praise goddamnit[View]
208958123Temple: Sup guys, I'm going to start dumping this harem/comedy manga, made by Yoshioka Kimitake…[View]
208958554what is this guy doing now? 7DS turned to shit about halfway through but I like his art and worldbui…[View]
208947315oshi no ko: Spoilers for this week's episode, when?[View]
208934283Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
208969852Is he the prime example of: >Good execution beat good Ideas[View]
208949862Higurashi Thread: Why does Mion carry a gun in a shoulder holster and why does nobody ever question …[View]
208955331Giving up... is easy? Don't give me that... THERE'S NOTHING EASY ABOUT GIVING UP. You thin…[View]
208960178Nanashi should just let Shimimaru take over for the art.[View]
208969097Anime niggas with swag: Post the anime niggas with the most drip.[View]
208953777Air: Gao~ Kanon: Uguu~ Clannad: ?[View]
208967756Akira Comfy Movie Night: Streaming Akira here - get your ass in here :) cytu [DAWT] be/r/socomfy…[View]
208964264Hime-cut: Truly a most have hair style.[View]
208968573Bald kurapika: Bald kurapika[View]
208963049BLEACH : Storytime Volume 56: With the anime returning next year, the misconceptions, personal opini…[View]
208967899Imagine the musty smell[View]
208887600Girls und Panzer das Finale 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6C_7DeG0ORU >spring 2021 What do y…[View]
208967870>'Menma, we found you!'[View]
208960881maryberry is such a beautifull and pure creature i want to pretect at all costs[View]
208967575How manny kids did they have?[View]
208967522PriChan/Pretty All Friends, Mewkledreamy and Aipla: Did you enjoy today's sneak preview of Pret…[View]
208967499Is this how a Russian subhuman looks like?[View]
208966187Make a Bible Black AU: Have one. Reika is a dad Junko Mochida is the mom in order to impregnate her …[View]
208965104I guess if it's good enough for FLCL, it's good enough for SAO.[View]
208959886>Character says itadakimasu >Subs say 'rub a dub dub thanks for the grub'…[View]
208954745Who is your favorite classic or modern anime seiyuu?[View]
208966003Anyone else here just skim through manga? Finished like 3 titles today just scrolling down.[View]
208966024GLUG GLUG GLUG[View]
208964537Reads L to R: Story Time /a/ See subject[View]
208959533>Didn't care when his dad died. >Sees Robot get btfo by cell. >Just stop fighting bro.…[View]
208963732I'm glad Kyoani still has a chance to make something as good as this again.[View]
208939306What is this look called?[View]
208966641Who would win?: Emiya Shirou or Valac Clara?[View]
208936373How is she still the greatest, 25 years running?[View]
208944803Boku no My Hero Academia: Why is Kacchan so fucking pathetic?[View]
208951292Re: Zero: I'm indifferent towards normal Emilia, but mindbroken Emilia makes me HARD. Anyone e…[View]
208905058Fire Force S2 EP12: What's your take on the newest episode. I personally love it, never expect…[View]
208963837Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Can Shiva pull it off and beat Raiden?[View]
208949135She's Sailor Moon.[View]
208964808There should be more appreciation for the superior NHK girl.[View]
208942627“new berserk beginning”: Are they redoing the anime?[View]
208946897Attack on Titan: >(also known colloquially as 'Shingeki no Kyojin') Why are you retards so obsess…[View]
208965244What did Kubo mean by this?[View]
208924049How come sex isn't common in anime/manga: How come anime/manga characters don't have sex l…[View]
208925530PRICHAN, AiPla, and Mewkledreamy: Big crossover episode tomorrow on Prichan! oh and new mewkledreamy…[View]
208959665Do you like Himeji Mizuki?[View]
208964056Is it true that all CLAMP characters are bi?[View]
208964725Is she ever going to get laid?[View]
208958815Hey, Anon-chan. Were you waiting long?[View]
208961567Use the pythagorean theorem, you dumb brat.[View]
208930908ITT gut punches[View]
208954723Yuru Yuri: Chinatsu best yuru[View]
208957148umaru: where my dang thread oniichan?[View]
208959995What a fucking cop-out[View]
208960721>all of america looks like 19th century california why the fuck did they make missouri a flat dus…[View]
208962506so the next sao season will be in space?[View]
208958640What's the best Naruto arc and theme?: For me it's Pain's assault arc and Rhapsody of…[View]
208962007Who was in the wrong here?[View]
208959347As Summer 2020 draws to a close, who was your girl of the season?[View]
208880416Oregairu: God, I want a Yukinon to hug, too.[View]
208958845Will the bullying ever stop?[View]
208957362Totsuka brutally sodomizing Hachiman as Yukino and Yui watch from a cage in the ceiling of the room.[View]
208959937Hunterchads were right: I watch HxH for the first time the past 3 days, it’s really and pleasantly s…[View]
208960116Unordinary: JOHN ENTER[View]
208959139Summer 2020 Season: So, this season's coming to a close. What did you think of it? What was you…[View]
208948552Which Ama would you gami?[View]
208939709Does it bother anyone else that in Shonen the default solution to everything is 'we have to get stro…[View]
208955682Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity storytime: Sorry for being late, I was attendin…[View]
208934458JuJutsu Kaisen: Yuji's skillset?: What are /A/s thoughts on Yuji'screepy latent ability to…[View]
208946142Cuckoo's Fiancee: Chapter 33 spoiler pic. Still not summary. Erikafags, how would you rate this…[View]
208951354>is essentially immortal, to the point where dying can directly benefit him by giving him future …[View]
208945409These are the most influential anime of all time. Prove me wrong.[View]
208960266This upcoming Fall season, in a little over a week and a half, about 28 new anime will be airing, di…[View]
208950026Why can't we see stories involving adult magical girls? Are we supposed to belive all of them l…[View]
208906614Precure thread: Pegitan episode this weekend, penguin bullying is to be expected. Reminder that ther…[View]
208958428Even his voice actors sound like jobbers, kek. https://youtu.be/1oISqn135sE[View]
208942241one piece: when will oda try again with robin's wardrobe? her recent outfits have been okay-ish…[View]
208934783Lapis ReLiGHTs: >[-missingNo-] Lapis ReLiGHTs - 12.mkv Episode leaked very early. It was a fun ri…[View]
208936830Raildex: I love the sisters why can't we have a sisters spinoff?[View]
208943047Shingeki no Kyojin: A Man Denied His Homeland[View]
208959957What happened to this show? Is it really lost forever?[View]
208936112Houseki no kuni 93: Dropping a early chapter[View]
208958582I Would Die to Have Your First Time: Why aren´t we talking more about this trainwreck?[View]
208921641Made in Abyss: What do you think of the movie?[View]
208959242Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: ep 12 out[View]
208951542The mahou shoujo idols will be able to beat Evilman?[View]
208956327How did Hojo get away with this?[View]
208952827>tfw not living in the alternate reality where DIO is a cute vampire girl and she falls in love w…[View]
208958901>low budget CGI adaptation of a beloved seinen manga >ends up being pretty good against all od…[View]
208936486Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: Episode 1 Premiering in 4 hours Asia Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7…[View]
208935827Chainsaw Man: Kobeni doesn't deserve any of this bros. What point is Fuji trying to make by bul…[View]
208957188Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!: Why do we exist? Just to coom to endless fanservice?[View]
208956219what a fucking slut[View]
208957132Shonen Shojou: So he made it retardedly confusing and convoluted on purpose? Just to say its a uniqu…[View]
208953649Naruto Storytime Volume 8: This volume we enter the 3rd phase of the Chunin Exam. Previous Threads: …[View]
208907232Post webms that you like[View]
208958613the best girls in any given anime have Hime Cuts: What is it about this hairstyle that it's in …[View]
208950767I don't give a fuck what anyone says, but most shounenfags don't understand medaka box.[View]
208947401Did Doma deserve it?[View]
208957996>she will never step on your balls it hurts man[View]
208958011Why do some anime girls look cuter when they are sad?[View]
208951209Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Anime when? We got more than enough in the firstr 4 fights for a very decent …[View]
208957466All I'm saying is: since he retired on January 5, the world went to absolute shit.[View]
208956601Is artstyle more important to you that the story?[View]
208950324Hanasaku Iroha ended today 9 years ago: Did you like it?[View]
208952321Who is the GOAT example of 'draw a girl, call it a boy?'[View]
208958051How does /a/ feel about Sword Art Online / SAO finally ending?[View]
208953806>2005+15 >/a/ still can't explain[View]
208957860literally me, minus the athletic talent[View]
208944318SWORD ART ONLINE PROGRESSIVE anime: PV https://twitter.com/sao_anime/status/1307340259122790400…[View]
208938491I still don't get it, who are the target audience for /ss/?[View]
208957460Saki: Tanoshii: Saki Chapter 223: Someya Mako's cooking mahjong[View]
208955378>ITT: Post overhyped fights there are a plethora of fights that have been overhyped by their fan …[View]
208955327So according to Hideaki Anno female version of pic related is peak otaku bait.[View]
208946749What is her endgame?[View]
208957169Hyper Police!: Anybody watch this? I just finished it. It was a fun trip to the anime 90's…[View]
208937321Is One Piece really as bad as people say it is?[View]
208940145This is not a shitpost: Naruto really is the most relatable, best shonen character of the popular sh…[View]
208897595How many yuri mangakas are actually lesbian women (female)? Do you think any of them are just re-liv…[View]
208954835why was the 2nd season of Valvrave so boring?[View]
208953489is platinum disco the best OP ever made?[View]
208956006I don't know about all that but Vegeta is UNDEFEATED against Goku.[View]
208951801Jojo part 7: It's one of the best things I've ever read. This is a very easy 10/10. The st…[View]
208956540Bofuri: Isn't she such a cute baka? I miss her.[View]
208954618Parallel Paradise ch.131 RAW, ch.51 ENG: Latest chapters![View]
208947041Fairy Tail Volume 4 Storytime: Volume 1:>>208806338 Volume 2:>>208854305 Volume 3:>…[View]
208952651In the end it was the humans who were the real monsters... They killed everyone, women and the child…[View]
208950827Jagaaaaaan: Why is no one reading this again? Also Jagaaaaaan thread.[View]
208956067>a sausage fest Doga Kobo anime next season I already hate it[View]
208955040tomo-chan chapter 15[View]
208952305>it's a NTR chapter[View]
208956103I think space battles is where this jumped the shark[View]
208952477Kirito will return[View]
208956018so we were discussing bebop with the fans saying 'filtered' at every criticism. but why did the thre…[View]
208934092Houkago Teibou Nisshi: Episode 12 (Final) Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asF0RbUUZAc…[View]
208951956Is anyone reading this manga? What do you guys think? Yandere making a come back?[View]
208950409Nichijou: Was it art?[View]
208952428digimon: Joe and his furry bara boyfriend standing under a symbol of 'pride'.[View]
208942022Muv-Luv Alternative anime: New website launched with a countdown https://muv-luv-alternative-anime.c…[View]
208955580Bakemonogatari manga: >translations are 20 chapters behind Why is this allowed? This is objective…[View]
208952877Imagine watching this shit where a essentially a boy with implanted breasts talks like a retard. Suc…[View]
208953787When will she appear in a fate anime?[View]
208955396Manga you wish were scanned/fanlated pic related - Onihei[View]
208935986Kaguya-sama Manga: OSARAGIBROS WW@ IT'S OUR TIME AGAIN[View]
208951234Is the Baki Son of Ogre Netflix anime real?[View]
208933803Girl in traditional costume[View]
208954827It's that Tominoesque thing, saying it's Gundam but basically it's giant robot anime.…[View]
208938519Rosen Garten Saga: Who will she rape next?[View]
208950989Where the FUCK are the raws for the new Dai no Daibouken prequel? They're meant to be out today…[View]
208953632>revisit previous anime because of nostalgia >many of them don't hold up >rewatch pic …[View]
208949228Which anime universe would you live in?: For me? It's probably World's Harem[View]
208950936Naruto needs a remake: Naruto needs a remake. Discuss. Pre-Chunnin arcs were about, demonic influenc…[View]
208951917Anyone got hold of this release? How's the 4k?[View]
208953527We need more POV anime[View]
208950668the story aside, how do you rate this anime?[View]
208951286Jahy carrying her groceries[View]
208952507I just got this 65' 4KTV. I went on netflix to see how different anime look. Some look good. Others,…[View]
208941670Name a series with lamer humor[View]
208930643Golden Kamuy 252[View]
208934017ITT: Jobbers[View]
208951780Everyone loves a nice, chocolate Okinawan.[View]
208916511Wrong board, flan.[View]
208918202So, I gave in and clicked the ads, guys...[View]
208950487>be awful bitch for no reason, go so far as to drug MC twice Did 2tards legit believe she deserve…[View]
208951467Dragon Ball fans when Goku reaches yet another even stronger form by screaming harder than before.[View]
208917821Detective Conan: Seven Children: The boss' phone number has been known for awhile to be the tun…[View]
208933800Re; Zero: Why won't they adapt the IF's a OVA's or as hourlong episodes? It's ea…[View]
208951258I was promised SAO to be AOTD. What the fuck happened.[View]
208951188Load my car the Black Tiger on board the ship first![View]
208951145>Little sister: hey bro, why are you watching a cartoon of a little girl? >Me: because...…[View]
208942183Japanese fans favorite Kyo ani Top 3: 1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 23.5% 2. K-on 19% 3.Vio…[View]
208921564Ayakashi Triangle: New chapter out. >artist ayakashi pulls the 'I was only pretending to be reta…[View]
208949736What's the best scene from the monogatari series and why is it the one where Hanekawa and ar*ra…[View]
208926842Dragon Ball Super: Do you guys prefer the new Super version of old characters or their original appe…[View]
208918604Funimation Censoring Azur Lane BD's: Are they insane. Do they think we'll tolerate their c…[View]
208921153non non biyori: season 3 coming soon[View]
208944099They are so big you can see them from behind[View]
208940111It got axed? Why are they rushing the ending[View]
208943550VEG movie spoilers: Gilbert is alive. They don't end up together. Violet dies but at least she …[View]
208935042>draw a loli >call it a shota For what purpose?…[View]
208944660Ruby :): Her birthday is coming soon what are you planning to get for her[View]
208950471I'm so in love with Hiromi. Very cute looks for the time period.[View]
208940876Dat/a/ hoarders: Show me all the shit you saved, /a/[View]
208945411What the fuck was his problem?[View]
208941445Isekai light novel written entirely in English, meant for nips to learn the language: https://prtime…[View]
208941798Japanese Fans Pick Their Most Anticipated Fall 2020 TV Anime: Link : https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articl…[View]
208939695itt: post anime you instantly dropped[View]
208934594Did you get your family slap today, anons?[View]
208949099/IEG/ Inazuma Eleven (General): The new season will never see the light of day uh[View]
208945174>Martial arts manga >It’s another brute strength big guy vs small fast guy with techniques mat…[View]
208928402BLEACH : Storytime Volume 55 Part 03: Previous thread: >>208925108[View]
208949429so what the fuck was the point of Ryuga?[View]
208949175Say something nice about her[View]
208940884ITT: Openings with 10/10 visuals. https://openings.moe/?video=Opening2-OwarimonogatariPart1 https://…[View]
208949548Do you differentiate between battle shounen series and shounen action series? To me a battle shounen…[View]
208949781where can I read this ? ( dead dead demons dededede destruction )[View]
208949747Hello, I my name is Kiryu, I was told that this is the place to go if I want to fly a plane up my ow…[View]
208946772No way fag[View]
208862266Pre-2000's Anime: Let's discuss shows from years before the turn of the millenium (or some…[View]
208949653Hello I made it to tokyo What 2020 anime blu-ray do I buy for my stupid lolicon nephew. He speaks Ja…[View]
208949624>Japanese anime fan voted their favorite Kyo ani: >1. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 23.5…[View]
208928406Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Chapter 233: Colored ladies on the first page.[View]
208947815Post subtle tomboys. Girls that have some tomboy traits, but aren't over the top about it. That…[View]
208945561Araki Plagiarized Dororo: Steel Ball Run chapter 30. Dio's mom literally accepts soup in her ha…[View]
208949379Was this the greatest manga of all time?[View]
208942656One Punch: 6 months and 5 chapters since we've seen our boy[View]
208939708FOR FUCKS SAKE, GOKU: Fuck, he's gonna give Moro a senzu bean isn't he? He doesn't le…[View]
208949071Why did she do it? And would you ever forgive her?[View]
208939598Parallel Paradise 131 korean scans: Korean scans are out, I'm gonna dump them.[View]
208947933Hanyo No Yashahime: I love her[View]
208944180Not as good as first: Just finished watching Steins Gate 0. I appreciated what they were doing and i…[View]
208946322What anime has the best soundtrack and why is it Hokuto no Ken? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxke…[View]
208948654Are there still no decent camrips of this yet?[View]
208942318HEAVY OBJECTS What did you think of the show?[View]
208917808Harukana Receive was an anime about volleyball.[View]
208948126So what's this supposed to be a metaphor for[View]
208948311The next Azur Lane anime is adapting the Slow Ahead manga. Do you expect it to be better than the fi…[View]
208929622Why was Shinji so embarrassed to wear the red suit? Does he not like red?[View]
208928934Idolm@ster 765: More Puchim@s when?[View]
208946724>create your most well written character ever, arguably even better written than your main charac…[View]
208947387Shiori's Diary: Shiori is great, I wish I had a girlfriend like her.[View]
208945073name a better waifu than pic related >protip, you can't[View]
208941811I hear so many people pronounce it 'Pun-Pun' but it's 'Poon-poon,' right? Anyway, Punpun thread[View]
208941803Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Department: After TPGW ended there were some changes in WJ editoral dep…[View]
208937011Why are budding beauties always great characters?[View]
208943518What are your thoughts and feelings on Satone Shichimiya?[View]
208946901Fate/Apocrypha: This was unironically best fate anime yet. FGO have nothing on this.[View]
208946900IS /a/ STILL GROOVIN'?[View]
208946823What would Re:Zero be like if the MC was female? Would people still call her a coward?[View]
208945051Why was he considered a villain again?[View]
208911765Sword Art Online: So I just caught up with the entire series and I need to ask something quite impor…[View]
208946173Maou Gakuin, very poorly written story.: Just look at this exposition here. 'Hey I have this scene f…[View]
208943703Who was in the wrong here?[View]
208944210Didn't get to respond to an archived thread: Someone asked why one piece was the exception when…[View]
208902160The World Ends With You Animation Preview: The TWEWY anime preview just came out on Square Enix YouT…[View]
208943481Is there a single character in all of manga that's more developed than Punpun?[View]
208945975my wife and domme, Miss Sumeragi[View]
208936790Major 2nd: >[HorribleSubs] Major 2nd S2 - 18 [1080p].mkv Get in here, the 5 anons still watching …[View]
208943885What if Shinji just befriended the Angels? Surely they would have loved to talk things through if hu…[View]
208940965Evangelion is the peak of human artistic achievement[View]
208939483Konosuba: Where the fuck is season three[View]
2089450605toubun no Hanayome ∬ key visual 0923: http://ryokutya2089.com/archives/36153 TVアニメ【五等分の花嫁∬】きちんと2021…[View]
208942500Iconic Animu Duos: Name a more iconic duo. Protip: You can't..[View]
208942456Yoshiaki Kawajiri: This absolutely legend of the anime industry is still working in his old age, doi…[View]
208944812Hanyo No Yashahime: For me it's Setsuna![View]
208942676When will it be her turn?[View]
208944777Kill me baby please[View]
208835545K-On!: So you're telling me Ritsu's the boss? I didn't vote for her![View]
208941149ITT Pages that made you tear up Mizukami is always great for this[View]
208944737Dog Nigga: Dog Nigga[View]
208941849Toradora: The manga is better[View]
208944687Shiburin is the most beautiful girl of all time.[View]
208944593Album for anime: You get one choice for any album in the world to get the Interstella 5555 treatment…[View]
208944034How the fuck did 'neon genesis evangelion 3.10+1.0 gekijouban' become 'neon genesis evangelion: thri…[View]
208944419'Fruits Basket' will have a big announcement after the final ep 25 airing on Sep 21, 2020[View]
208926850Do people this smart even exist in real life?[View]
208935528JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? More like PooPoo's Poo Poodventure. Because it's shit.[View]
208943349Is it just me, or does this anime have the most bland and uninspired OP in recent history? There…[View]
208942390One Piece hasn't been good since Skypeia ended. It's extremely repetitive, the art is clut…[View]
208942801Do people stop and stare on the street when a couple walks by in Japan or is this just an anime trop…[View]
208942595man i miss the mecha genre so hard.[View]
208940636I will never forget Sakurajima Mai.[View]
208939357Jump author comments[View]
208943982Food wars: One more episode till top tier ending[View]
208941694ITT: 10/10 character design[View]
208933381Toriko Storytime: Volume 17: Remember Toriko? Well, it's good. Let's read it! Last time: W…[View]
2089273103-Gatsu No Lion: Why did no one tell me this was kino? I love this show, please tell me season 2 is …[View]
208898461Undead Unluck 32[View]
208936237>watching moeshit with giant toys >not experiencing superior testosterone-laden bouts of athle…[View]
208943305Dragon's Dogma: >'Ethan I don't feel so good'[View]
208942348Why does it have 0 worldbuilding?[View]
208930775Shingeki no Kyojin: It all started with this trio and it will end with them. No other character even…[View]
208942451Is Spike's personality 2-dimensional?[View]
208942831Boku no Hero Academia: King of Villains edition, how will /ourking/ make it out of this one lads?…[View]
208917339>mc is a beta male dropped[View]
208940599Space Force is fucking weird ! and not just the infamous scene, but pacing and characters are all we…[View]
208916989Why is she so smug?: I dont get it[View]
208933174Frog nails[View]
208942825Did he ever stand a chance?[View]
208942187Love between a young boy and an older girl is the purest.[View]
208932173Boku no hero academia: Bakugo went form bullying deku because he thought he felt superior to bullyin…[View]
208920595Gantz Storytime - Volume 19: Your lives have ended. What you do with your new life is entirely up to…[View]
208940877Monogatari: So what order do I watch this in? Anime airing order or novel release order? Should I ju…[View]
208938360Jujutsu Kaisen PV 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLveUtkjixs What did we think a?[View]
208895945What are your thoughts on Kino?[View]
208940424Good morning, /a/[View]
208931088one piece: we are really blessed to have this tangerine as the main heroine of the story[View]
208936182>on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!!!!!!!!!!![View]
208941519this hell again: I had a dream they man and manga board and I woke up to nothing[View]
208941433wtf this is just junjou romantica but 2010s[View]
208941359Cranberry deserved better!: Literally the coolest character ever! Maybe with Merus. Merus and Cranbe…[View]
208938450Why is she type-cast as cum-guzzling super sluts all the time?[View]
208940052>dog sleeps by my side when I'm listening to anisongs Feels comfy.…[View]
208940715What was in the book, /a/?[View]
208939738Ozen made her cross dress. Perhaps Ozen has fine taste isn't she?[View]
208938522Was it Yuri?[View]
208937915Why is One Piece the exception when it comes to eternally long running animé?[View]
208940804Bokuben: We are approaching Kino soon. Will Tsutsui do it? Will he award best route with the best fi…[View]
208933584Just saw pic related Holy shit my soul hurts bros, does it ever get eaiser. Been watching digimon si…[View]
208938546Is grounded/serious anime dead? Even the next Oshii work is gonna be a comedy. It's depressing …[View]
208940219Fox girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
208937373Anime Traps Gifs Thread: Pls send some cute anime traps here[View]
208935240For me, it's green tea.[View]
208898678Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin: Chapter 11 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007699[View]
208901245Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan: New episode.[View]
208936036It will save anime.[View]
208938242ITT: good villains[View]
208867272Highschool of the Dead: So, did we ever figured out what was her problem?[View]
208936065Act-Age 123 full translated: Finally.[View]
208939978Is there a bigger waste of potential than Goku and Gohan never having to fight each other in Z?[View]
208936465Ragna Crimson: SHE FUCKING WON[View]
208936057Aggretsuko: Am I the only one whose disappointed with this guy in the new season?[View]
208936394Why Ergo proxy was such a pretentious garbage?[View]
208936892Why is Suzuha smiling, bros?[View]
208905220One Piece sucks???!!!: I recently tried getting into three big 'classic' manga. Bleach, Detective Co…[View]
208926893Is it actually any good or do people just like it because of nostalgia and waifus?[View]
208938921>the glorified life of a wage cuck[View]
208859535Hunter x Hunter: Will there be a Gyro arc?[View]
208932329Jump Festa 2021: >Event will be held online >19th and 20th of December What kind of announceme…[View]
208908241ITT: scenes that pissed off /a/[View]
208939212is NTR fine when you're no longer satisfied with your partner?[View]
208933564This art is Kino[View]
208939115Anime when?[View]
208933196ITT: Characters that are literally (Yuu).[View]
208938369Clannad is absolute kino.[View]
208938964One Piece hasn't been good since Skypeia ended. It's extremely repetitive, the art is clut…[View]
208928052>>113923163 Too fucking slow to make your own thread.[View]
208922966Anybody here read any manga adaptations of other media? I'm curious if any of them are any good[View]
208933419Top 2000's Anime: In the style of Crunchyroll's Top 25 anime 2010s, how would your Top 200…[View]
208937141Oresuki: Today, September 19, is the birthday of our favorite dork seito kaichou. You didn't fo…[View]
208937911Jujutsu Kaisen: why him? why not jogo or sukuna?[View]
208915793New Berserk announcement soon: Thoughts? Is Berserk going to get serialized again?[View]
208938572She was there[View]
208938084Do women actually like flirty guys?[View]
208918927>honors: Oragne league(1) Alola league (1) He kept struggling for fucking 22 years and this is w…[View]
208937906We are so proud of you Shinji-kun! You finally get your driver license, congratulations![View]
208936629Just finished reading the retribution arc, does this manga ever stop shitting on Christianity?[View]
208938354Do you have any books written by black people ?[View]
208925537What was Gintama's best arc?[View]
208917467Tokyo Wonder Boys Storytime: Hello everyone, it's time for another U19 club member storytime. T…[View]
208934592/a/s thoughts on one piece?: I started one piece this spring really liked it at first still like it …[View]
208931548Tanigawa based Koizumi off of Kaworu and Nagato off of Rei. You can't convince me otherwise /a/…[View]
208912882So earlier today an anon asked about how Kakegurui compared to Akagi and Kaiji, and I just want to a…[View]
208937090Why did the shota genre die out?[View]
208937576Fox girl sex >>> regular girl sex[View]
208937209I'm not crying, I swear.[View]
208937402Eureka Seven: so this is basically a reboot right? Eureka Seven thread, I guess[View]
208936328What are you looking at anon?[View]
208888940Dokyu Hentai HxEros: >we won't ever see Kirara peeing on-screen since her other scenes will …[View]
208932415>AOTD >why Go[View]
208898486Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai (Bokuben): Chapter 174 is here[View]
208936907Emotional moments: ITT: Moment's in shows that elicited an emotional response from you. pic unr…[View]
208935024Burn The Witch: October 1st.[View]
208933622REPENT SINNERS: Can6 believe monke fools have gone all in with Kengan Omega when Misasa has the hunc…[View]
208933626GATE: Do you think Rory enjoys bondage?[View]
208932735What would her reaction be to going to Earth with Subaru and seeing how he lived is life and seeing …[View]
208919920>Ch. 1: slut protagonist blows taken men in washroom, circumvents rule nazi with semantics games,…[View]
208936208Is this a tale about Jesus? Its like I am watching an adaptation of the bible, except isekai.[View]
208934347>Make main trio of unique characters who all have interesting traits and design quirks and storie…[View]
208899050Magu-chan: New chapter's out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007696 Good job to all th…[View]
208933138ITT: Characters that are in need of a breast reduction surgery[View]
208936202Lapis Re:LiGHTs: *kills your franchise*[View]
208931520I'm at episode 8 now, this is surprisingly growing on me. Is the manga worth reading?[View]
208935750Can raccoon dogs and foxes be friends?[View]
208932785What did ippo see in this bitch?[View]
208934157thunderbolt / Pili fantasy thread: What's the identity of the the new villainess ? What's …[View]
208880785Kaguya-Sama Manga.: It's safe to assume that Ishigami will end up with 'His Senpai' But Which O…[View]
208931558Ore wa Echidna ga suki.[View]
208909737Wouldn't everyone here be happier if instead of criticizing things other people like, we just t…[View]
208901103Mahoako - Looking up to Magical Girls: Chapter 17 is out, along with passable transation. http://sto…[View]
208932956Hajime no ippo: If Volg defeated sendo, What do you think would the outcome be in makunochi vs volg …[View]
208899139Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 122: Out early this week because of a holiday. Dumping.[View]
208931161Hyouka: Wait, did Chitanda groom Oreki into being her husband? What a vixen![View]
208875116Youjo Senki: So why is she evil?[View]
208906033Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity storytime: We continue Hirasaka's fairy ri…[View]
208932419obligatory saberposting[View]
208888439Which anime character is brought to mind by the phrase 'sexual icon'?[View]
208913061Daily Binbougami Ga Chapter: They'll be Your Strength![View]
208920750Kaijuu No. 8: Does It live up the hype?[View]
208889512Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
208930585God dammit, Ponko.[View]
208891058Inuyasha: Teach her the ways how to escape Naraku[View]
208932366Do you just watch an anime and advance to the next one like a mindless drone or do you take the time…[View]
208917601Shingeki no Kyojin: >Eren trusts Floch and Historia more than he trusts Armin and Mikasa Imagine …[View]
208932292>>113923163 Hello anon! ; ) I am willing to do the job, I'll even pay you in advance if y…[View]
208930452Greatest love story ever told[View]
208932951Higurashi 2020: Kino incoming to save anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAyHIAx7aEk&ab_chann…[View]
208931902Symphogear: Sympho-bros why did they forget my waifu after GX? It ain't fair.[View]
208931408Tokyo Ghoul: So /a/ is Tokyo ghoul good or is it only the OP song?[View]
208915152Naruto Storytime 7 (Part 2): Previous Thread: >>208908526[View]
208933006Why do best girls always lose?[View]
208930869cum edits: post em[View]
208932968Why is this being made? They ruined my favorite cuties[View]
208918658Boku no Hero Academia: Why is he this useless?[View]
208925728Tokyo Ghoul: Shouldn't have helped kill (as in being the sole reason why) an SS+ Ghoul executiv…[View]
208932510what did you think of their movie, /a/?[View]
208930221>manages to beat prodigies with hard work >never receives a single permanent injury throughout…[View]
208930352CRABBY TIME[View]
208932162I saw this image on a site whos language I do not understand. Who is this guy, does he have a manga?[View]
208932708god i wish that were me[View]
208855600Baki thread: The raws are out, brothers. https://manatoki76.net/comic/5553306[View]
208879388Black Clover: I'm pretty sure the twin that was BTFO'd represents Asta. Anyone have any id…[View]
2089252945Toubun No Hanayome: How would they fare in an isekai world?[View]
208928840I can't believe I'm more excited about this than about the next Bleach anime.[View]
208910299OPT: One Page Thread: Entice other /a/nons to check out a manga based on a single page or spread.…[View]
208912638Raildex: What was he thinking during the whole kaiju battle?[View]
208931962ITT characters who have fucked in the butt[View]
208931987why is he so obsessed with germany?[View]
208906117What the fuck was his problem?[View]
208885475Monster Musume no Oishasan: why does this show not get posted on here. seems not too bad.[View]
208925951Episode 22 of Fate Apocrypha was uncannily good for some reason why was the animation so good?[View]
208929047Rent A Girlfriend Thread: Ep 11 of the anime was just released. Sumi seems like a nice girl, but I d…[View]
208877652Fire Punch: Honest thoughts on Fujimoto's first manga?[View]
208916522Re:Zero: What would a drunk Beatrice be like anyway? Giggly? Angry? Hopefully not the kind that stri…[View]
208929656Aisha Clan-clan: This thread is not for the discussion of Outlaw Star, it is solely for the discussi…[View]
208921089Was she actually the villain?[View]
208927075Theres actualy mcs that don't take shit from anybore else?: Even friends,girls and all this bul…[View]
208931541>His endgame was literally just to get cunny[View]
208930386How would getting your eyeball licked feel like?[View]
208931370cute tummies[View]
208922026Honey and Clover: I keep looking for something that makes me feel that H&C did but I haven'…[View]
208931279I'm getting more of a noble bite- from the fake girl-prince- than from the ACTUAL pri-[View]
208928593I have so much difficulty finding shows that hook me from episode 1 these days.[View]
208929994sexual awakening moments in anime/manga[View]
208927588When will the smug anime girl trope end?[View]
208901108Mashle #31: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007687 I didn't know Jump came early this …[View]
208930559What manga are you balls deep in right now, anon? For me l, its KAIJI[View]
208913606One Piece: Are these fucks ever going to do anything? They should have been in Wano by now.[View]
208928970Thoughts on this picture?[View]
208903662Shokugeki no Souma episode 12: >wants to save his daughter and granddaughter >makes his son st…[View]
208920127Love Live: Riko's birthday today. Say something nice about her[View]
208924296I don't get it. It's just so weird. Why even add all the school scenes, why even reveal Sh…[View]
208918512BLEACH : Storytime Volume 55 [beLIEve]: With the anime returning next year, the misconceptions, pers…[View]
208929381Live action vs manga/anime: Are live actions worth watching?[View]
208910084>I'm so fucked up[View]
208906442Chainsaw Man: I love my trophy wife![View]
208919015What are /a/'s thoughts on other countries appropriating japanese art forms such as manga and a…[View]
208915891Anybody else reading Kamuya Ride? I just finished the first volume. Will read the second today or to…[View]
208915374.Hack vs Sword Art Online: Which one would be a funner VRMMORPG to play?[View]
208929890Fujiko is CUTE[View]
208929244Don’t mind me, I’m just the ultimate anime/manga pleb filter. Relax, I’m gonna eat my vegetables fir…[View]
208924739When the night has come, you face the darkest hour... The face in the mask, it can take you, break y…[View]
208927233Lapis ReLiGHTs - 12: >[-missingNo-] Lapis ReLiGHTs - 12.mkv Last episode is out. RIP Tia.…[View]
208924738This is the most KINO manga I've read[View]
208919452Ranma 1/2: Don't you find it weird that the character more similar to ranma is from a hentai an…[View]
208923243Scanlation Thread: It's the end of the week, bros. You doing any scanning this weekend? What ar…[View]
208916806Great Pretender's Exploding Popularity: I keep reading everywhere that Great Pretender will soo…[View]
208928971I can't get along with the zetsubo[View]
208911574Anima Yell!: Just finish this. I LIKED IT. Did you like it /a/? Having Serval cheer on you is so muc…[View]
208927395Does a picture of girl’s armpits evokes disgust in your mind?[View]
208928819VEG thread: I will never buy the NA VEG bluray >no opera ova >no extended episode 13 >presu…[View]
208919803Duelist Kingdom was so great.[View]
208928596OTP Thread: Couples that were made for each other.[View]
208923583How did she go 180 from disliking 8man to being so easy???[View]
208927273this is my very cute wife[View]
208918173usogui ch 518: new chapter's up. theres some pretty crazy moments in this one so strap in boys…[View]
208925108BLEACH : Storytime Volume 55 Part 02: Previous thread: >>208921690[View]
208919184Domestic girlfriend: Posting every day till they change the ending[View]
208920686Ask for the rabbit one more time.[View]
208905290Why are Brohoof fans so afraid of the dark? Reminds me of MCU: Oh no people are dying someone crack …[View]
208912503why do people hate g gundam?[View]
208923582Anime could use more sexually liberated characters.[View]
208872543Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?: English translation of chapter 39 came out, dumping it.[View]
208901504Dragon ball super: GOKU KILLED MORO[View]
208925839Why did this flop?[View]
208919990Nobody can stop him.[View]
208908025Do they actually have boyfriends or is it just a ruse to piss big bro off?[View]
208920108What was the point of this?[View]
208922500Detective Conan: It's just so weird to me that TMS woke up one day and decided, 'hey, let'…[View]
208914810Dragon dogma netflix SPOILER THREAD: Thoughts ?[View]
208877716Reminder that if you ever found yourself occupied with thinking about the lore of Evangelion (SEELE,…[View]
208922696Steel Ball Run: Did Araki start doing crack after Sugar Mountain? Tubular Bells was ass, it's a…[View]
208925864Buyfag Thread: Post your favourite figgies ![View]
208892612Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Mimi makes her triumphant return and Romin goes berserk mode. Also new villain rev…[View]
208920324On opening day, Violet Evergarden: The Movie ranked #20 on japan box office.[View]
208921690BLEACH : Storytime Volume 55(Real one): With the anime returning next year, the misconceptions, pers…[View]
208888599Slow Start resonates in my soul.[View]
208923633Yuyushiki: This is a pan ningen.[View]
208917033>Natsume Yuujinchou to get new theatrical release next Spring Amazing, I need more Natsume and br…[View]
208912639>just found out they made a second season 3 years after it aired damn I loved the first one too. …[View]
208920871Saki is hungry. What should we feed her?[View]
208910140Mamagoto: Shougakusei Mama to Otona no Musume Chapter 1: >ywn have a loli become your mom…[View]
208905753Sakura Quest: My autistic wife is so cute[View]
208888887We're less than 2 weeks away from the new Higurashi anime! Are you excited?[View]
208918880Thread for the discussion of arthouse and classic cinema. What have you been watching recently?[View]
208923366STRAIN: Angel carried this series.[View]
208912141Is this the best Lupin movie? Please don't reply with 'yeah it's a great movie but it…[View]
208923002Initial D.: WINGS OF FIRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L3Czosinbs[View]
208922907What's in the backpack?[View]
208903610As much as it hurts to admit it, you all liked this scene.[View]
208920841Is he autistic?[View]
208897233Boruto Chapter 50: https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/boruto-chapter-50/chapter/21170?action=read How co…[View]
208922405Give me more of this shit[View]
208922368>'Seita, thank you... for writing The Pornographers and depicting the booming industry of mid 60…[View]
208853589Buyfag thread: post your figures[View]
208922038The standards of the avarage w/a/tcher are much higher today then 10 years ago.[View]
208886600IT’S HERE: New Haruhi LN cover is revealed https://twitter.com/haruhi_official/status/13068655457997…[View]
208919885I love seeing a good fight, but how come shounen recycles the same formula for storytelling? It…[View]
208918773I'm so fucking jelly right now.[View]
208920190>le ground shatters in a million cubes Is there a more overrated piece of shit than this? When I …[View]
208877524PRICHAN, MEWKLEDREAMY, and AiPla: This weekend we finally get a real crossover on Prichan with Prett…[View]
208917448Why doesnt Jinrouki get an anime?[View]
208917752How the fuck is jojo the only series that can get away with making the nazis the good guys?[View]
208919814>OP starts playing during crucial plot moment[View]
208913128Otherside Picnic: You guys up for creepypasta yuri STALKER this January?[View]
208919915dies irae: >Heydrich started glowing gold after absorbing the souls of the Jews killed in the hol…[View]
208915640so bakugou is a bitch now? this is literally worse than cuckgeta tier[View]
208917987I sure hope this means that berserk will get adapted by madhouse or ufotable, that would be sweet wo…[View]
208913270ITT we post Kino from the last decade: Post a better scene than this from last decade. https://www.y…[View]
208910827Your Name's Hollywood adaptation to be directed by Korean immigrant: >Lee Isaac Chung will r…[View]
208919534Oshi no Ko: >you won't have a girlfriend... right?... asking for the scandals ... and all th…[View]
208919695Given movie: where can I watch this movie online? it has been out for about a month now[View]
208908495ITT: girls you want to be killed by, and why BONUS: they'll let you have sex with them while th…[View]
208919612I wanted her to be happy bros...[View]
208914375Post girls that you want to breed.: post girls that you want to breed.[View]
208887676Toriko Storytime: Volume 16: Remember Toriko? Well, it's good. Let's read it! Last time: K…[View]
208918760ITT: Good anime with terrible first episodes[View]
208915656What's been going on in WSM lately?[View]
208916093Will it ever be topped?[View]
208852356Made in Abyss Dawn of The Deep Soul: Stream unlocks in 14 hours. Torrents later, are you excited to …[View]
208904892Fairy Tail Volume 3 Storytime: Volume 1:>>208806338 Volume 2:>>208854305 Fairy Tail is t…[View]
208913685One Piece: Which is the best New World arc anons?[View]
208906528Tell me anon, what do YOU want the One Piece to be?[View]
208916115Why does tengoku daimakyou have a random 'no fuel' in hebrew? It's not even a magic circle like…[View]
208904044Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter is out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007664[View]
208908567Moriking: The plot is finally here, to save the series from the 13th place![View]
208916316Manga Sales of the Week 7-13 Sep. Oricon · Japan[View]
208916274When you finish watching an anime that is an adaptation of a manga series, and decide to read the ma…[View]
208916339The ending of Erased was so frustrating: '' Are you kidding me? He was supposed to end up with Kayo!…[View]
208898805Our Blood Oath: Chapter 2 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007766[View]
208918031Will he ever regain his emotions and become able to love her?[View]
208912448mitsuboshi colors: chapterr 66 lolis with beards[View]
208908149Komi: The writing might be all over the place but you gotta admit that it has a pretty good art styl…[View]
208917932Only absolute chads ITT[View]
208901519Shingeki no Kyojin: >Yes Historia, I killed my friends but at least I have you and our baby Based…[View]
208913035Why do people hate Fairy Gone so much?[View]
208889933Kōya no Kotobuki Hikōtai Kanzenban: Anyone watched this in nipponland?[View]
208892289It's Tsukamoto Shuuichi's birthday: https://twitter.com/anime_eupho/status/130679004745094…[View]
208904197How many kids will these autists produce??[View]
208916273Wheelch/a/ir girls are top tier[View]
208917207Pop's girlfriend and future wife, Maam.[View]
208894983Violet Evergarden The Movie: Its time[View]
208852544Houseki no Kuni: Just finished watching this show. Initially I wrote it off because >CG but since…[View]
208915144How big is Kyuubei's dick?[View]
208914639Super Robots or Real Robots: Do you prefer Super Robots ('monster'/sentient type mecha) or Real Robo…[View]
208915185Hoshi Gari Sugidesho? Inaba-san: Prostitute Inaba.[View]
208883412Kanojo Okarishimasu: It's almost the penultimate episode, bros I'm not ready for this all …[View]
208914138gundam suck[View]
208913698>kino series >dumb or bad fanbase What are some /a/-related series like this?…[View]
208915930Big brothers are dumb.[View]
208906683ReZerooo: There's no way to justify why people don't kike Ram more.[View]
208894849What you watched, what you expected, what you got. Let's do one of those threads. Starting with…[View]
208898563Oshi No Ko: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1040436/1 Chapter 18 is out[View]
208912695Imagine if Erwin survived instead of Armin: >Eren wouldn’t have destroyed Liberio and commit mass…[View]
208902746This character stays the same all anime long[View]
208915283Why don't you watch 70s anime, anon? What's your excuse?[View]
208845113Can we talk about how good this manga is. i have read this for the fist time a few days ago and just…[View]
208908193Post an image of when you think a manga (of your choice) should have ended. I start. Pic related.[View]
208913446>25 episodes >6 of them are actual serious matches Is this good pacing Jokes aside I kinda lik…[View]
208912625Fate Heaven's Feel: Just saw Heaven's Feel III and I thought it was a pretty cool movie, I…[View]
208913200Why is there such a massive cope about skinny ass characters being so strong?: And im not even talki…[View]
208905821>>113923163 Too fucking slow to make your own thread.[View]
208914524This is who's animating Thousand Year Blood War arc right?[View]
208902583Full Metal Panic thread?: Full Metal Panic thread.[View]
208885464Manga >>>>>>>>>> Anime An anime has never been better than it's …[View]
208911353>manlet lands a hot busty cyborg wife that never ages How did he do it?…[View]
208912715Favorite version of Gate of steiner? https://youtu.be/NgtqUrbotWo[View]
208908526Naruto Storytime 7: This volume we conclude phase two of the Chunin Exam. Previous Threads: https://…[View]
208913029Name a more emotional moment in the history of manga[View]
208913205ITT: HOWEVER moments[View]
208911984chilling out with the crew at the schoolyard[View]
208891803Fire Force: Why does no one talk about this series?[View]
208907252sarazanmai: this anime was so close to perfection. Why did Ikuhara dropped the ball at the middle of…[View]
208906214>Why didn't subaru pick re...[View]
208863774Shield hero manga chapter 69!: It is now that time of the month, a new chapter of shield hero has be…[View]
208898706Okaa-san Online: A classy Friday evening with Mama[View]
208913355it said that English was the original language and, wow, I'd forgotten just how bad the state o…[View]
208913398Wait is this shit 12 or 13 episodes? The preview for 12 being 'Donatello appears to save the day!' d…[View]
208899697Who is the strongest mangaka? If they all fought who would come out on top? No killing No weapons ex…[View]
208911854What are your hopes and fears for meguca's 10 anniversary next year?[View]
208903205Is she dumb and repeating the years?: I swear it feels as if she is a middle schooler for already 10…[View]
208912717Diamond is Unbreakable: >'I could tell with my hand it's a girl!' And you guys call this sea…[View]
208841102Futanari no Elf: Kawakami's stream is up[View]
208906769This board is full of sinners[View]
208888664Berserk: Possible Berserk news. https://twitter.com/berserk_project/status/1306884490959097856 https…[View]
208912962Something you would really like to see in manga: More realistic tension in combats and more realisti…[View]
208912359Someone explain what the buzz around this (was). I just finished it: >boring crybaby protagonist …[View]
208912476Burn the Witch is coming October 1st[View]
208911784This is the last appearance of Pokémon from Diamond and Pearl series before Top Coordinator May: Ho-…[View]
208902969post your waifu's[View]
208911355Tight, perky assuka.[View]
208903191It's not fucking fair![View]
208900073Mission of Yozakura Family: Chapter out. I can't dump btw but I didn't see the usual weekl…[View]
208912414Pokemon: Seaking[View]
208903698Happy Birthday Riko!: Today is birthday of aquors' beauty Sakurauchi Riko. Please wish her birt…[View]
208911093Remember Goku never killed anyone: He didn’t Kill Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, Ginyu force, Frieza, ,Cell…[View]
208911328Twin Angel: This pachinko advertisement had no business being as good and entertaining as it turned …[View]
208905173What do you think of this anime girl?[View]
208900460Agravity Boys: Chapter 36 is out. Play ball![View]
208905131Red Hood (GFC 2020 Entry #1) by Kawaguchi Yuuki: https://imgur.com/a/PatmXyx[View]
208906454>He prefers Oath Under Snow Shirou over Nasu's Shirou. >He hasn't read the visual no…[View]
208912130Jibaku shounen Hanako-kun 70 out: Thread for the new chapter. Scheming yandere Hanako is the best. l…[View]
208901490Maison Ikkoku thread: Anon san! You can do it![View]
208901101Roboco ch. 10: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007702[View]
208906229Two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with che…[View]
208906183How can anyone like brokeback bebop over this: Mugen is a much more interesting protaganist than Spi…[View]
208877657Deca Dence: How are you enjoying the angst of a middle aged man?[View]
208906459Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san OVA Reveals 5 More Cast Members, new voice actors!: The new cast includes: H…[View]
2088979822020 and still the best Fate[View]
208877611The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Ch.31: Master for a Day…[View]
208910460Who is Doga Kobo's best girl?[View]
208905748I wanna see more of this qt in Kobayashi S2.[View]
208904140Post anime characters from your country.[View]
208899630Ayakashi Triangle: Chapter 13 in english https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1007693[View]
208908800This is Mahoro. Her manga got axed. Say something nice about her.[View]
208910372Is Magic Knight Rayearth the only good isekai?[View]
208908850Jigokuraku: >Bullshit 'justice over morals' shtick >murders his comrades over nothing and refu…[View]
208886197Hibike: Kumiko is so lucky[View]
208909665Daily Binbougami Ga Chapter: They'll Be Your Strength![View]
208892825tkmiz thread: Chi-chan, are you afraid of dying?[View]
208909839>I know, I know >Ain't no one who can touch your heart >But baby >Please let me see…[View]
208904895But is Matsukaze Tenma the best shounen MC of ALL TIME?[View]
208902492Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions: *Singlehandedly mogs all the sequel shows*[View]
208906472Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: I want to spend a day at the library with Hotori.[View]
208908916Anyone else wish they would have just fucking killed off Asuna and all of Kirito's faggot frien…[View]
208902849>No new translations since August 4th >They stopped right at the start of an arc…[View]
208909170How many Grimmjows would it take to beat Yhwach?[View]
208906247What does sitting on her lap feel like?[View]
208909309Dasei 67%: My god look at those folds. Yoshizawa should not be wearing a swimsuit.[View]
208906098Do big breasts improve a character?[View]
208905624>tfw cannot remember plot details of a series I watched/read just three weeks ago Anyone else kno…[View]
208908699Kanojo Mo Kanojo: Saki's friend will loosen her hair and Naoya will fall for her that instant.…[View]
208904103Mirio Togata should have been the MC.[View]
208906100Violet Evergarden manga when?: Why it's not a thing yet?[View]
208844125Dragon's Dogma: It's out. What do you think of it so far?[View]
208903596Why didn't they use Kaio Ken and Spirit Bomb?: If they used it then their chances of survival i…[View]
208891439Raildex: Robutt is pretty: Do you think they'll expand on her suicide scene today?[View]
208907844JuJu's Kaisen: Why did nobody tell me this is a Bleach remix? I will hold all of /a/ accountabl…[View]
208907755Is Martial Arts Road - Neru getting translated?[View]
208907460FIRE FORCE: Kana-Boon will perform the second opening for Fire Force Season 2! The song is called “T…[View]
208896348Dragon Ball Super: >got crushed by a rock Can Moro make a comeback at this point? Goku is so domi…[View]
208905555anime plot ideas: Post your anime plot ideas. I'm still waiting for this one to be made: Basica…[View]
208906190I recently finished Sasami-san@Ganbaranai and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Wh…[View]
208901303If Goku kills Moro, Will he turn evil?: >Be Goku >Perfect Ultra Instinct >Moro weakened …[View]
208903973Baki bros we are getting son of ogre animated[View]
208877667Next episode is the last one, right? I'll finally be free from this, right?[View]
208906218Digimon Adventure:: How much strong this enemy is gonna be?[View]
208894275tomo-chan is a girl! chapter 14[View]
208905844Burn The Witch: Kubo's wild ride starts October 1.[View]
208898466Why were a lot of late 70s-to-80s Shonen protagonists older than the target audience?[View]
208900092Kokosei Kazoku: High School Family 4 Was iffy on previous chapters but this one made me laugh[View]
208904541why is romance as a genre in manga so monotonous and formulaic? >high school shit >teen love s…[View]
208900586How does Kakegurui compare to Kaiji/Akagi? I just finished Kaiji and Akagi and I loved them, I'…[View]
208905424Houseki no Kuni: adamantbros...i have bad news for next chapter[View]
208905198What's your favourite manga?[View]
208836859In this thread, we worship True Goddess of /a/, Kaname Madoka![View]
208889254Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun: Chapter 70 is out, gonna be dumping it here.[View]
208902489I'm not much in the whole anime/manga world, so forgive me if I haven't understood the cul…[View]
208893108Re; Zero: >yan mode Emilia How do you handle her? If Puck returns, will she snap back to normal? …[View]
208902163Phantom Seer ch. 4: Guess the hype is completely dead.[View]
208902649Precure thread: *ahem* attention everyone I have an announcement[View]
208905002Kasens manga is 10 years old today![View]
208871792Honzuki no Gekokujou / Ascendance of a Bookworm: Have you become literate yet? Spoilers below becaus…[View]
208904808Live action adaptations never wo...: Just make them white.[View]
208903686What do you think of 'morally gray' characters?[View]
208891276JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable: Anime improvements aside, how would you fix t…[View]
208897034Fushigi 193: Time for festival[View]
208904129Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: 24-Oku Dasshutsu Hen Chapter 363[View]
208860100Anyone else reading Aspergers Gyaru?[View]
208837407Mother and Sons: Why are there virtually no manga about mothers and their sons? Outside of Mamako an…[View]
208904407Mahouako: Translations when?[View]
208903150what went wrong?: first few days in the story: >Grimdarkish, vengeance-seeking outcast who doesn…[View]
208903440>GUNgnir >it's not a gun[View]
208901335Manga that were a complete waste of time.: Got hooked to this manga and binged it in an entire day o…[View]
208903979You may not like it; but this is what peak character design looks like[View]
208903721Boku no hero academia: Is this a metaphor for the series as a whole?[View]
208894864One Piece: When's Oda gonna reveal that she's Orochi's daughter?[View]
208901776Houkago Teibou Nisshi: I don't want the good times to end. I just want us to fish forever...…[View]
208899493Hyouka: How do we stop Chitanda from stealing Oreki from us, /a/?[View]
208903078anime: hola alguien me recomienda algún anime romántico[View]
208903299Bessatsu Olympia Kyklos: name a single more ΓΑΡετή anime this season, /a/ you can't[View]
208896050Am i the only one who didn't like the way it ended >inb4 shut up woman I get the notion behi…[View]
208894969BLEACH: What was Aizen's bankai in your opinion?[View]
208892888Boku no hero academia: Why is AM hiding the 4th's quirk? if it's dangerous isn't wise…[View]
208900415I got a copy of the Animatrix. I am really excited to watch it this weekend. Thanks for listening.[View]
208903353I'm a Japanese. Why are you gaijin so obsessed with our cartoon TV show?[View]
208885621ITT shows that will never get a season 2[View]
208903039Do you still enjoy consuming Anime/Manga?[View]
208901677these god damn mouths: since someone pointed this out to me i cant unsee it. why is the quality so d…[View]
208903159Complete the tutorial to obtain special prizes.[View]
208902530ITT: Manga art/spreads or panels that are pure KINO[View]
208902957Why is Shinkai so far ahead of all other anime directors when it comes to visual direction?[View]
208886789What's /a/ opinion about pixel anime? https://app.monopro.org/pixel/[View]
208894333Buyfag thread: So how do you ship animu posters without them bending or getting creased?[View]
208901128In this thread, you will post the exact specific page or spread in which a manga gets real. I will b…[View]
208902344Bad Manga/Anime Proportions.: Post some bad manga/anime proportions. Phantom Blood has a lot, like s…[View]
208902221Quint threads have some of the worst 'discussions' I've seen on any rom thread[View]
208902487https://www6.nhk.or.jp/anime/program/detail.html?i=shingeki3 NHK has removed a message stating that …[View]
208868666Azumanga: Chiyo-chan is very manly.[View]
208900791Been wanted to rewatch DBZ, but looking at my options I realized that this series is cursed with bad…[View]
208889416New Evergarden movie premiered today: My jealousy of the nips is eternal. Do you think the film will…[View]
208898044It's Sakurauchi Riko's birthday: https://twitter.com/LoveLive_staff/status/130697419975648…[View]
208858919Daily reminder that Yumi will destroy the manlet for his real fight will be against Agito. Rapeface …[View]
208890706>hey you should watch this anime it's really good >'is it finished'? >no it still has…[View]
208899970What movies would you like to watch with Kine-san?[View]
208902071Do you prefer your romances to have a long build-up with a climactic confession, or should it start …[View]
208902200ITT: anime/manga red flags: >western name in credits >more than half the cast is female, not 萌…[View]
208899067Jinrouki Winvurga: >woman vs men mecha, where woman get raped when they lose and captured Thought…[View]
208898967Is he the ultimate BVLL of the whole serie?[View]
208866425Dragon Ball Super: Moro hasn't looked more pathetic. Goku is truly the strongest.[View]
208901890Just Kiyopon[View]
208899043Chainsaw Man: Isn't this LITERALLY a plothole? Cause didn't Denji defeat the time devil in…[View]
208800536What the fuck did Lupin see in this bitch?[View]
208888118Shingeki no Kyojin: >Magath says Reiner will be Helos and stop the Rumbling >Reiner immediatel…[View]
208900491This is a cat. Say something nice to him.[View]
208901625Assasin's Pride: Isn't the uniform unfit for little girls?[View]
208889375Why doesn't japan make good anime anymore?[View]
208901508Captain Tsubasa: Did you get the new game yet?[View]
208898469Yahari Oregairu: What did you think of the series from season 1 to 3?[View]
208892109Burn the Witch was lame despite the hype[View]
208900604>rescuing Hajime no Ippo >not licensing the superior Ashita no Joe Baka Discotek…[View]
208900776How come thighs never get any love?[View]
208854015Is medaka box the best shonen of all time?[View]
208900616Ranko: Well was checking the series (again) after watching some doujins and works on pixiv and while…[View]
208879801PUSH: Kusoben only survive because Jump wanted it to. Love Rush and Cross Account were axed despite …[View]
208900277people on this board who throw a tantrum over their illegitimate ships see Subaru die like this and …[View]
208894051How does she stay so fit? Can other girls even compete with her strength and endurance?[View]
208893104Blame !: /a/ used to love Blame ! before a certain someone endoresed it.[View]
208899702You know manhwa isn't really that bad[View]
208899686No Hellsing thread? Hellsing thread![View]
208899209Watched /Read, Expected ...: WEG. Let's do this...[View]
208897302Finished reading Fire Punch yesterday. Did I like it?[View]
208893015you ever just feel like it's a redline day?[View]
208899932was it autism?[View]
208869187THE [HEART][View]
208896480One Punch Man: Does Murata like Child Emperor a little too much?[View]
208868915Elf-san Wa Yaserarenai: Goodness, at this rate, Naoe's going to have to install wider doors and…[View]
208899738Does it hold up?[View]
208845550Precure thread: Hello, my friend! Healin' Good Day! Will we get another animal villain this wee…[View]
208897694May I Please Ask You Just One Last Thing?: The last few chapters were fantastic.[View]
208896696So what possessed them to think this was a good idea?[View]
208897728She killed millions.[View]
208897701Jahy appreciation thread, give her more praise[View]
208873288Jujutsu Kaisen: best girl is making her return. how excited are you?[View]
208892770What is the most Jungian anime?[View]
208837331Ponko has been going for more than a year so there should be more than 50 chapters. Why are we so fa…[View]
208899186Overlord: I still like overlord. There's more to conflict than an OP enemy.[View]
208880316Neji: Was Neji right the whole time? Why did he have to die for the Main Branch like his dad did?…[View]
208897011School Zone: Yatsude is too dangerous. No woman is safe around her.[View]
208861949What's the appeal of Chi-Chi? Nagging bitch even worse than modern Tsunderes.[View]
208878281Do Japanese people really eat whole tomatoes by themselves like an apple?[View]
208891875Fall 2020: What's on your 'plan to watch' list?[View]
208893244Maybe SAO isn't so bad afterall.: Where else would you see quality toeservice /a/ ?[View]
208897586Hibike: Kumiko is so lucky[View]
208896731She literally did nothing wrong though...[View]
208850584Bokuben: Route fucking saved[View]
208895086Die Legende von Azfareo: >manga about a dragon Fucking finally.[View]
208896612Is the Order a Rabbit ? Bloom: My name is Chino Kafuu Nice to meet you[View]
208893193One Room S3: Are you ready? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZph5sY0sRI[View]
208894214Literally the same characters. Why is the romcom genre so creatively bankrupt?[View]
208895466Masterpiece: ..or trainwreck ?[View]
208896946Can we talk about Sailor Moon Crystal for once without the thread derailing to shit flinging like us…[View]
208890210PLOTFAGS: Reminder that it makes no sense to watch anime for plot and twists and you better go to li…[View]
208894801Dragon Ball Super: I think old Broly worked better as an antagonist. In fact, new Broly has less lin…[View]
208875629BLEACH : Repeat & Reboot intertviews: Today we will be going through the interviews Kubo did in …[View]
208828582Mahouako: New chapter will be out (officially) in 2 days. Let's have a thread in case of early …[View]
208894263Doctor 'Wu Tomoki' does not fail: Doctor 'Wu Tomoki' does not fail[View]
208863011ITT: JUSTICE[View]
208810261My loliness is killing me~[View]
208897053Dragon's Dogma. Three episodes in. Pretty good so far. It's not the same story as the gam…[View]
208893714REMEMBER THIS? Megami no sprinter. SPOILERS.: So people don't talk about this series anymore it…[View]
208888046Gotoubun no Hanayome β: 5 toubun true route unlocked? https://mangadex.org/title/51123/gotoubun-no-h…[View]
208893790>interested in a show >find out that the girl you were interested in doesn't win and othe…[View]
208764901BokuYaba: How can she keep getting away with it?!? Been some days since the last BokuYaba thread boy…[View]
208896591Why did hair intakes die out?[View]
208893853Favourite trios?: Post 'em[View]
208894896How to ruin an ending: What's your favorite unneeded sequel?[View]
208895200I miss him.[View]
208893545>Catch a wild fish in the breakwater >Eats it raw without flash frozening it Seriously, what u…[View]
208891381Why are there so few real war themed stories? Are the japs afraid of history? Why is it always highs…[View]
208895876Is Toki the biggest cuck in anime history?: >yeah sure Ken, you can have Yuria, the woman that I …[View]
208896229You have not forgotten her right, /a/?[View]
208867990Act Age's Tatsuya Matsuki Officially Declared Guilty of Sexual Assault: https://www.animenewsne…[View]
208891598Pansuto: if you're not reading this read it NOW[View]
208888678Goblin Slayer: How long would Elf be able to resist being mindbroken?[View]
208892880Boku no Hero is the best ongoing shounen Prove me wrong[View]
208883279One Piece: Our poor mammoth needs a break. Won't somebody help him?[View]
208893882Is Yomi Japanese?[View]
208894412Hanyo no Yashahime: The time is drawing near. The girls look great. I'm more than ready for thi…[View]
208884695I'm getting more of a based vibe....from the remade shaman king...than from the ORIGINAL shaman…[View]
208894254Meruem-sama I kneel[View]
208893701Post your favorite music in sound format and create a pl/a/ylist togethet![View]
208894095I Cry everytime: Any more manga for this feel?[View]
208875399Gantz Storytime - Volume 18: Your lives have ended. What you do with your new life is entirely up to…[View]
208877446Showed my roommate Danganronpa today and it reminded me of the threads we used to make every week wh…[View]
208893829Real thread: I have started reading the manga and its fucking good[View]
208888390Not enough medieval anime. I need my brain kink catered to.[View]
208886323Do you think she needs a breast reduction surgery?[View]
208893908Magical girl is a symbol of sexual desire[View]
208879530Cleopatra and the Iron Cross: I swear if she's not a virgin I'm dropping this shit so fast…[View]
208891897Best Decade?: Why do I feel this way?[View]
208893506Natsume Yuujinchou: New anime coming to theaters in Spring 2021 https://anime-natsume2021.com/…[View]
208877310remember when anime was intelligently written?[View]
208893131This is a romcom or what?: It's interesting but not funny enough[View]
208890789Is Dai a good protagonist?[View]
208878601Space Dandy: Masterpiece[View]
208892950itt: Broken abilities: Hollows are bullshit >Can train and Mr Miyagi you into combat >Gives yo…[View]
208891194Raildex: How many beetles can turn into kakine? And how strong is he compared to the original[View]
208888942Who is more epic than Itachi?[View]
208887601Hibike: Kumiko is so lucky[View]
208874652>Haha that's our Takumi, staring off, never talking to us unprompted, always lost in his tho…[View]
208892963No chance of S2[View]
208884989Re:Zero: How would Emelia react to getting sent to Earth with Subaru and meeting his parents? How wo…[View]
208892955Was 1998 the greatest year in anime history?[View]
208882780Worst anime of all time: 1. Kaguya-sama 2. Re:zero 3. Konosuba 4. Oregairu 5. K-on 6. Uzaki-chan 7. …[View]
208887208Cuckoo's Fiancee: Volume 3 is 3rd place in Shoseki ranks over veterans like Fire Force and is a…[View]
208892803unreleased OSTs: Why don't studios release all soundtracks used in their shows? they often leav…[View]
208874406Must have a unique plot twist[View]
208889000ganbare douki chan: new douki[View]
208882163Sasuke in the story times: Seeing the Land of waves manga for the first time in almost 17 years and …[View]
208889163This is Ren-chon. Say some nice things about her.[View]
208881408So who started the super cyperpunk aesthetic trend? With neo tokyo and the like. Was AKIRA the first…[View]
208877275Boku no Hero Academia: Imagine liking these cucks[View]
208889918Who does it better?[View]
208889378*steals your gohan*[View]
208878016Trail of Blood / Chi no Wadachi 82: Our boy has finally became a man[View]
208881971Food Court: New chapter when? Also, dibs on Wada.[View]
208880723Domestic whatthefuck: Someone posted earlier saying the ending was bad.... so I started reading it. …[View]
208892473LADY?! STEADY GO!!: 2020 and still no news. what happened to this series exactly? axed? drop in exch…[View]
208892469Gekidol / Alice in deadly school: PV is out. I don't get it, Alice in deadly school will be the…[View]
208884450Will any Japanese horror manga or anime be as terrifying as Lovecraftian horror?[View]
208890337Thunderbolt Fantasy/Taiwanese puppets: It's been 9 months since last Pili english release, how …[View]
208887614>still no reveal on nami's real parents She's gonna be the daughter of big mom or somet…[View]
208892264Boku no Hero Academia: >'Waaaaaah I should be the one fighting him not a first year old' >Bein…[View]
208888469Who would win?[View]
208881675bros am i a 70 iq retard if i genuinely love one punch man like not just for awesome epic fights!! b…[View]
208889641>Childhood is wondering why Naruto cares so much about Sasuke >Adulthood is realizing the Fujo…[View]
208882045>3D anime can't work[View]
208889531Post a manga/anime without posting it: I'll start[View]
208885860Hey /a/, im new here and i just wanted to discuss this manga, Lone Wolf and Cub. what does /a/ think…[View]
208887684I'm tired of being what you want me to be[View]
208868292>Hey Anon-Kun, wanna go mountain climbing this weekend?[View]
208891512I'm so happy this series doesn't have a third season. the science fiction shit should stay…[View]
208866667Chainsaw man: Are you happy for her? https://imgur.com/a/FSsUp2H[View]
208891943Great Pretender: Case 4 key visual[View]
208820175Ryza: Now that she officially has a manga adaptation, how soon until we get an anime?[View]
208856463Fugou Keiji: Balance UNLIMITED: [HorribleSubs] Fugou Keiji Balance - UNLIMITED - 10 [720p].mkv…[View]
208889445Hey, I’m the best OP and best story from the entire JoJo series.[View]
208890901So where are the translations for this masterpiece?[View]
208890554Perfect girlfriend.[View]
208890381DING DING DING KATAWA SHOUJO THREAD: Post your favourite KW girl[View]
208891177What is the definition of KINO?[View]
208891205When is the anime adaptation coming up?[View]
208891051Berserk: October 9th[View]
208891076I keep on getting ads for this shitty mobile game but I see that they make the girls' tits extr…[View]
208890879Name a single thing she did wrong.[View]
208890661Why don't fansubbers translate this? It should be 'Hey-san.'[View]
208888385Speaking of being powered by J-pop, when's the next Macross?[View]
208881870So who brought home the bacon?[View]
208849468Was Itachi being a “good brother and a patriotic citizen” a massive retcon?[View]
208889077The New Beginning. (Berserk): https://www.younganimal.com/berserk/special/ What's the meaning o…[View]
208887441You're In The Road And This Guy Hits Your Rear Bumper: What do you do?[View]
208886638Only based protags allowed in this thread.[View]
208883608Yahari final thread: What do you guys think of the series as a whole? I think it's good for a y…[View]
208810509/a/ sings - Namae no nai Kaibutsu (PSYCHO-PASS ED1): It's done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
208884397Who is the best gatari and why is Kanbaru?[View]
208860316Are Kakyofags the most delusional fans in all anime? They really believe this guy was a chad badass …[View]
208875713>Tfw motherfucking Yugioh is the closest thing to a good Umineko anime I just reached episode 21…[View]
208860417have you praised your king today?[View]
208888936on Netflix[View]
208887988Manga where regular underlings are a problem and/or have character and insight and aren't just …[View]
208863139Love Live: Will you date me, anon? Don't forget Niji anime on Oct 3 Superstar's group is n…[View]
208863232Raildex: Will this fairy make a reappearance? Despite what happened to his hands?[View]
208886226Shounen: Why is it all so samey? This isn't a hate thread, but they all follow the exact formul…[View]
208884629She killed millions...[View]
208888749ITT post art styles that I hate Doesn't matter how good the story might be, if I dislike the ar…[View]
208888891>>208861881 Obvious answer to both questions[View]
208886959What was her tax policy?[View]
208885071How do you feel about Netflix making a Cowboy Bebop live action? As a big fan for me is like someone…[View]
208802447Is he the worst Shonen protag?[View]
208888576misetagari no tsuyuno chan ch7: new challenger appears! raw https://kuragebunch.com/episode/13933686…[View]
208881521Shingeki no Kyojin: >wishes for world peace >immediately gaslights government officials from e…[View]
208845354Just imagine the doujinshi[View]
208887333O SHI E TE![View]
208886729Is she the most evil devil or the hero we all deserve?[View]
208850165This is Miu. She's an idol. Say something nice about her. 22/7 OVA thread.[View]
208871624MASION IKKOKU STORYTIME CONTINUED: Finishing up the rest of the first Maison Ikkoku volume! Part 1:…[View]
208884284last quarter of YYH kind of sucked[View]
208864947The great debate[View]
208887466Oh no! How will Maple break the game this time?[View]
208872675usogui ch 517: new chapter's out. dump time[View]
208886475God I wish I was a yuru yuri[View]
208861881Who had it worse? Who's show is better?[View]
208882575Unordinary: Zeke is the best wife more you beat him the more he get loyal[View]
208859086Do you like Lum?[View]
208832926Musume no Tomodachi 53: Hello anxiety, my good old friend. NEW CHAPTER https://comic-days.com/episod…[View]
208877474Toradora: >got to that part Just how bad was the shitstorm in /a/?…[View]
208882752New Haruhi LN cover reveal coming soon: Are you ready bros?[View]
208876115Why was he the best character in the show?[View]
208859809What is the consensus on Boruto?[View]
208875859Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: It's a shame that the adventures with our favorite shortstack soon hav…[View]
208876992JoJo Part 8 ch.101 waiting thread: >search catalog >no thread What are you hyped to see jobros…[View]
208878092ITT: Manga only your read[View]
208882464ITT anime older than you thought: >2004 Goddamn, Diebuster was ahead of its time (not by much tho…[View]
208882554>character says the title of the series/manga Kino.[View]
208872525Why do anime subs always go crazy during OP/ED?: Title[View]
208882524You are welcome.[View]
208885481Do you get turned on by rice cookers, /a/?[View]
208884067I'm going to post this every day until you like it.[View]
208883856Dolphin and Shark: I want hard boiled Cop and Dolphin to LIVE How is it doing in rankings? Does Jap…[View]
208882423Why aren't there any Chinese servants? Kanu or the Sleeping Dragon would make great servants.[View]
208862829My goddess[View]
208866029I'm in love with an anime character.[View]
208872572>I instinctively greet people with yahallo >wake up and say ohio to myself and others >crac…[View]
208875117What do I need to do to get a good berserk anime adaptation?[View]
208883830aggretsuko makes me wish i was japanese: Apparently in japan you can threaten and stalk your superio…[View]
208875900Now that the dust has settled, do you still recommend people skip the first episode?[View]
208883464>tfw no Kurisu gf[View]
208873484Requiem of the Rose King Storytime Vol 3: Here's the storytime of Requiem for the Rose King vol…[View]
208849159Why are traps so popular these days. Feels like every other season, we get another big one.[View]
208721732Jashin-chan: >It's a tourism episode[View]
208884748Kino Crisis: Classroom Crisis Thread for the best show of 2015. How long till we get Season 2? It…[View]
208878999You think guts taste any good?[View]
208883458/m/ looks like that?![View]
208884218What makes genderbender so intriging?[View]
208884152ITT: Anime with the best casts of all time.[View]
208836671How do you feel about anime girls who wear collars and chokers?[View]
208848705Hanyo no Yashahime: 'Change the future. Run through the past and present age' Only two weeks left. Y…[View]
208875440Re:zero S2: This is now a beatrice thread. Feel free to discuss anything about Re:zero I suppose…[View]
208798714How do you feel about budding female characters?[View]
208880534Rei is cuter than Asuka.[View]
208756787Machikado Mazoku: Who do you think it's going to voice Ugallu and Riko in season 2?…[View]
208882720Just finished watching pic related and man, what a waste of a great MC. Seems like whatever problems…[View]
208860218Detective Conan: https://twitter.com/Crunchyroll/status/1306623954870657024 Looks like the Conanfags…[View]
208882794Post your favorite anime couples.[View]
208860059Tengoku Daimakyou: Kiruko has an amazing pair of brows[View]
208882370CHAD ALERT!: Don't you wish you could get girls like Sleggar?[View]
208869945What are some other series' where worst girl gets what she fucking deserves?[View]
208881401Ernst Von Bähbem: Not much is known about him. What we do know about this old anime pedophile charac…[View]
208877422how could he have been saved?[View]
208876419Is this Trigger's least-memorable show?[View]
208875930Imagine Tejina[View]
208875910Who does this type of character appeal to?[View]
208876847So when are the raws gonna drop?[View]
208858887Most anime are easy-access, poorly refined adaptations of manga, light novels and visual novels. Why…[View]
208862927MASION IKKOKU STORYTIME: With a brand new english release in the correct right to left format for th…[View]
208881797Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san: What did I just watch, and what the hell is wrong with …[View]
208856881Fuck... I'm so sorry, Hotaru-san...[View]
208867309Shingeki no Kyojin: >Yelena hates Marley for some reason >Yelena is still alive for some reaso…[View]
208865810Why is she so perfect?[View]
208857548One Piece: Now even Totally Not Mark is complaining about cluttered pages.[View]
208872607>/a/ says show is crap >Its actually kino of the highest order…[View]
208873898Who's got the best uniforms?[View]
208881451What happened to Kamisama, Kisama wo Koroshitai: It was getting so good[View]
208880582Style over substance in the most pure form[View]
208873606Puella Magi Homura Tamura Storytime Vol 3: Puella Magi Homura Tamura ~Everything’s Coming Up Homu~ i…[View]
208872465A while ago, we redrew Uzaki's face, now lets do the opposite[View]
208833809Cardcaptor Sakura: Thoughts about this anime?[View]
208876165hey! anon! dont you forget to not slouch your posture![View]
208848655holy fuck is the Hohenheim in the 2003 anime a piece of shit or what. why does the series try to pai…[View]
208878036Dragon maid: Lucoa![View]
208876019name a more dangerous duo[View]
208846313I miss her.[View]
208871582I wish this character died.[View]
208878829Coffee Moon c3: It's me again. Back with the newest chapter of Coffee Moon. It's really st…[View]
208874365Shaman King: Is /a/ so utterly full of plebs that we are not going to talk about the return of the k…[View]
208860833Just finished this anime. It was just so beautiful in every way. The MC had such a pure and good hea…[View]
208869463What, are you an idiot?![View]
208877417AU.She you mom. Your are the era of her kingdom.: You dad is a futanari.[View]
208874911>He reads Light Novels >>>/lit/…[View]
208874648/a/ Mitsudomoe Live TL: Chapter 198: It’s time for the biweekly TL effort of Mitsudomoe, made by the…[View]
208866681Chainsaw Man: > Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man! It's been there all alo…[View]
208876333Why are tan lines so ugly in 3D but so sexy in 2D?[View]
208867378How do you feel about manga/anime succubus?[View]
208876583FIREFORCE: I am married to Arrow![View]
208864436How much self-hatred and sadomasochism is required for one to sit through the first season to get to…[View]
208772386iM@S 765: Did Producer choose this outfit?[View]
208858996Where are you Inazumachads at? She's so perfect.[View]
208875445ITT: Canon AIEs[View]
208873648just finished this anime this scene made me cry like a bitch[View]
208877487I don't know if it has ever been done officially before, but I'd like to see a Kamen Rider…[View]
208869443Naruto Storytime 6 (Part 2): Previous Thread: >>208863057[View]
208867075Yahari Oregairu CLIMAX: EP11 on Nyaa Rejoice /a/nons, our boy did it.[View]
208820978We want to talk about Kaguya-sama[View]
208875625If there's a manga and anime of the same series. Which do you watch or read if you had to choos…[View]
208863800Boku no Hero Academia: >Number 1 hero should be there >Only became number 1 because the old on…[View]
208871738Why do 90% of jap fantasy series copy Dragon Quest for the setting?[View]
208868311How is it that Eyeshield 21 never got popular in America in the 2000s, especially when football itse…[View]
208875127She is objectively best girl. If you put her and yuckynos personality into real humans everyone woul…[View]
208857556Higurashi: Soon...[View]
208875272Wolf's Rain: is it good or am i about to waste my time with some furshit?[View]
208858187One piece: Is this a real panel[View]
208865964Kaijuu No. 8 Chapter 11: Dumping chapter M+ edition[View]
208869959>missed out on presage flower because I was a zogbot overseas >had fucking colon cancer and co…[View]
208854305Fairy Tail Volume 2 Storytime: Volume 1:>>208806338 Fairy Tail is the second major work of Hir…[View]
208859000jeopardy: answer in the form of a question[View]
208869346ITT: Anime girls who will never ever shave down there.[View]
208856628No Guns Life: I still don't understand how this works. New episode soon.[View]
208874546Why does the dub use black voice actors for Universe 11?[View]
208872394>this is official art Holy shit she's so damn hot and much better than Hana.…[View]
208833241Mewkledreamy, Prichan, AiPlanet: Mewkledreamy subs are only one ep behind so what your excuse for no…[View]
208849750Today, I'll remind you of this masterpiece[View]
208864268Daily Binbougami Ga Chapter: When Idiots Get Serious... 'They Can Be Scary As Hell!' 'They Can Get Q…[View]
208874707>400 word essay >its due tomorrow[View]
208861861Re:zero S2 EP11: Only 2 more episodes left this cour, how hype are you?[View]
208860543Touhou Sangetsusei ~ Strange and Bright Nature Deity storytime: We continue the fairy manga but with…[View]
208867849This is the darkest manga I have ever read. A lot of people praise Oyasumi Punpun for being dark and…[View]
208863505What yuri manga are you reading currently /a/?[View]
208869343>Girl calls protag idiot in anime >Really means she likes him >Girl calls you idiot in real…[View]
208872249Naruto: What are your thoughts on the direction Kishimoto took A's character in the story?…[View]
208866754Waifu: Tell me about your waifu. Don't hate other people's waifu, just come celebrate your…[View]
208867896They put their name before the anime: >[BSS] >[DeadFish] >[Horrible Subs] >[etc.] Please…[View]
208802106Kanojo, Okarishimasu containment thread: Last bread is ded before reaching bump limit. Take a color…[View]
208866822Why is chino associated with credit reports?[View]
208826089ITT: Best Girls of their respective series.[View]
208825628>four months until winter 2021 >Yuru Camp Season 2 >NNB3 winter is going to be comfy…[View]
208852935>There are anons on this board RIGHT NOW who will have difficulty choosing between these two opti…[View]
208873783>13 episodes Anime >9th or 11th is an Obon festival episode…[View]
208864414Golden Kamuy: Been reading this for a while, suddenly got into the 200s. Why does the dialogue sudde…[View]
208872814Why are there no more cute anime girls like sakura any more?[View]
208873380Was it really that bad?[View]
208864592Post the central theme of a series in a single sentence. I'll start with Chainsaw Man: Ignoranc…[View]
208869235Beastars: I just cant believe that Paru pulled a Madagascar/Zootopia to solve the meat issue.…[View]
208872939Just finish watch: Rate?[View]
208873010Ranko: Well was checking the series after watching some doujins and works on pixiv and while i wonde…[View]
208871950Space Dandy OVA's: During a Q&A with Ian Sinclair he mentions the Japanese Blu-Ray of Space…[View]
208869468Taiga: When are we getting chapters? I need more Tiari.[View]
208862913>Yotsuba came out of nowhere and wasn't properly set up... Fuutarou Uesugi Uesugi Usagi Rabb…[View]
208833335What were your thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh season zero, /a/?[View]
208869587Robihachi: That was a lot of fun. Thanks for the recommendation.[View]
208851740ITT: Animes you watched but still don't know what they're about.[View]
208869713what's the most shitty anime/manga you've watched that you liked. for me it's pupa[View]
208866354Haven't been in the series threads for years Do Date A Live people still love Yoshino?[View]
208784697This is a Japanese game developer.[View]
208872421>still no S2[View]
208870049Thoughts on Lupin III: Mystery of Mamo? Really fun and enjoyable adventure, tight plot, great visual…[View]
208869838Bakemonogatari: I love kiss shot![View]
208869601DUDE like, like what if everyone just smoked WEED bro and like, there was no borders and shit right …[View]
208866367Is it me or is anime dying in the west[View]
208828374A Couple of Cuckoos ch 32: Mountains are meant to be climbed[View]
208869491Akai Ringo: Potential new member of the suffering quartet. Anyone else reading this? Also, what…[View]
208836674Anime Webm thread: /a/ requires webm[View]
208865284Why didn't obito just resurrect Rin? Why didn't anyone just resurrect the people they lost…[View]
208854394ITT: God tier OPs: https://youtu.be/X59yPeVk_70[View]
208871564No Gun's Life: Was this the Berserk of the year? 22 episodes of buildup for THIS steaming shit…[View]
208845682Kimetsu no Yaiba has 100.000.000 copies in circulation: Kimetsu no Yaiba has officially reached 100.…[View]
208868982I feel like people like the idea of liking Lain more than they actually like the show itself.[View]
208862734The fuck happened to anime after the early 2000s? How did we go from shows where you could actually …[View]
208868169Any other female characters that are actually useful to her male counter part in a some what natural…[View]
208867527Gunpla thread?: Anyone build or collect gunpla model kits? I got some cheap as a kid that i've …[View]
208767497Scanlation Thread: Now that MangaStream and Jaimini's Box are both dead, which groups are going…[View]
208814714Deca-Dence: Why are you a bug, /a/?[View]
208868305Berserk: Anyone know the date of the next Berserk release?[View]
208848182100 Girlfriends RAW Ch.31: Maid dating chapter[View]
208863057Naruto Storytime 6: We have now entered phase two of the Chunin exams, what will Team 7 find in the …[View]
208862250Why was number three the most popular of the Hacka Dolls?[View]
208845618How does /a/ feel about burn the witch?[View]
208863728Rate the last anime you finished >91 Days 7/10 underrated really liked the rivalry of the main tw…[View]
208867906Reg, I found something![View]
208842488The main character of the last anime you watched is trying to kill you. Your only defense is the las…[View]
208854147Another week, another chapter of Kaiju no. 8[View]
208858408Shingeki no Kyojin: >to save Eldia Um hello, KINO Department?[View]
208842244Black Clover: Korean scans are out. https://manatoki76.net/comic/5555718 Official is out tom. Break …[View]
208839228Why are fox girls better than regular girls?[View]
208867055New food wars episode Tommorow: With the oncoming victory so close do you think Soma will finally ge…[View]
208862924has anyone tried to popularise light novels in the west?[View]
208843791Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. Kan / OREGAIRU: OK FINALLY Episode 11 Tonight[JS…[View]
208863158Why is Gohan the only child of a MC that isn't a clone of his father and doesn't feel like…[View]
208859689Why the hate for GITS_2045? This show literally feels like I'm watching stand alone complex. Th…[View]
208865993Why do people always talk about the thematic elements of hard work, genetics, and jutsus in Naruto o…[View]
208855766ITT: Only good characters[View]
208864337Bleach TYBW: Before we get into the final arc, I need to really ask, do you guys actually seriously …[View]
208833133We need more OLs.[View]
208834662What does /a/ think of Suzu?[View]
208849808Dragon Ball Super: We know that Goku is both the strongest and fastest in all of the universes now, …[View]
208829830Girls und Panzer: It's our favorite tea-loving Brit-LARPer's birthday today. Say something…[View]
208861771>friend told me he watches anime with dub because he barely focuses on the screen and instead mos…[View]
208864267What's your excuse for not having as many bitches as Raku?[View]
208807898>It's a harem anime >The older girl/cake/milf is there for fanservice and making the othe…[View]
208812094Shaman King 2021: Will it be any good?[View]
208840725I love Emilia: I love Emilia[View]
208862463APUE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96_5L-C3sO4[View]
208862754Realistically speaking, what would happen if you stick your arm between her thighs?[View]
208863842bros, I miss her so much. For the past 9 years, I have watched everything in random order (even lear…[View]
208860731i have not been happy with this new season literally every episode has been the same so far. nothing…[View]
208862807Kengan omega: Predictions: ch 78 - monkey backstory ch 79 - misasa backstory ch 80 - monkey gets cla…[View]
208856807>characters that have too little fan-art[View]
208857830Chainsaw Man: >It's a Kobeni chapter https://imgur.com/a/FSsUp2H…[View]
208859839Damn that's some pretty long hair. Have they not heard of razors in Japan?[View]
208862627MCs getting their asses handed to them.[View]
208857387Reading manga: Where do you guys read manga? In bed? At the computer? Somewhere else?[View]
208859019Wow japanese fans are vocal about the new chapter and they are not happy. They're discontented …[View]
208862285Post your age when 11eyes aired in Fall 2009 >22 If anyone ever tells you that 2000s anime is shi…[View]
208856027>female character likes male character because he's nice >UNREALISTIC! WISH-FULFILLMENT! …[View]
208850405ITT: pathetic sluts that lost like a bitch[View]
208853205Boku No Hero Academia: Chapter out https://w18.readheroacademia.com/manga/boku-no-hero-academia-cha…[View]
208863622Anime you don't expect to be heartbreaking: No one warned me. I thought this was a funny show a…[View]
208787871Jujutsu Kaisen: Gege hand to hand fighting scene is always a bless.[View]
208862850Vampire Hunter D: Is the 1985 movie worth a watch? I liked Bloodlust but it wasn't *as great* a…[View]
208859237Skip Beat!: when does this get good? it feels really slow[View]
208855625Jojo part 4: So when does this part get good? Writing and art are total downgrades from part 3.…[View]
208817111Is Haruno a virgin?[View]
20885412411 year old[View]
2088552062020: I have been forgotten[View]
208861966Corkus is the best: >am Corkus >am a Dreamer >am The first one from the band of Falcons to …[View]
208857936Why is it that female clothing seems much more fragile and susceptible to damage in anime than in re…[View]
208859061Colored Pages: post colored pages you cowards[View]
208842617Toriko Storytime: Volume 15: Remember Toriko? Well, it's good. Let's read it! Last time: K…[View]
208846646Yuuna OVA cast: Hibari: Honoka Inoue Karura: Sora Amamiya Matora: Natsumi Fujiwara Shion: Tomita Miy…[View]
208856128>burns you alive[View]
208763642One Punch Man: >crab man in underwear >rhino in a leotard >guy fused with a bird costume …[View]
208857243How tall do you like your girl?[View]
208856289Are broadband connections to be blamed for the drop in animation and storylines in the current centu…[View]
208853199why doesn't akun just smash this[View]
208861558Let's have some fun, /a/. https://picrew.me/image_maker/456652[View]
208860596I'm the author favourite: And managed to be the most bland and boring heroine. how is this poss…[View]
208811018did /a/ like medabots?[View]
208857962Umaru on the first page![View]
208859035How does he get away with it?[View]
208860498Undead Unluck: We're getting early spoilers this week like the rest of the big boys, right?…[View]
208860638Overlord x Cautious Hero: Only a matter of time until we get Yggdrasil.[View]
208858563What kind of 'gentleman' has premarital sex?[View]
208837324BLEACH : Storytime volume 54 [Goodbye to our Xcution]: >>208833321[View]
208844370Raildex: What characters do you hope to see in GT3? it can be any. Since GT3 is around the corner…[View]
208857661Considering how good it is, imagine how much more loved and praised the remake would be if the desig…[View]
208855787How do you make a good tournament arc?[View]
208853591Remember Asuka?[View]
208859047This anime looks fun, I'm on ep 2. I'm watching it with jap subs to improve my japanese an…[View]
208847446What does /a/ think about live action anime/manga? More and more series are getting live action movi…[View]
208859355thats a telephone pole: >thats a telephone pole thats a telephone pole…[View]
208846657everyday untill you like it[View]
208858580What are the odds she btfos chainsaw with her secret devil?[View]
208858444Shingeki no Kyojin: Reminder we are going to spend 3 months with Annie's father[View]
208847839Shingeki no Kyojin: >still no EH So Historia was just a red herring who was farmed. Got it…[View]
208849540Is this a fucking joke?[View]
208858242I can't believe the fud was real WE WERE SUPPOSED TO WIN, WHAT HAPPENED YUIMARINES?[View]
208845476What went wrong?: Why does kusoben survive while Cross Account or Love Rush failed? Date deserves b…[View]
208841420ITT: Characters who should've been the protagonist[View]
208850091One Piece: Wano? More like Kino.[View]
208858374girls be like[View]
208837851It's not that difficult to remake old shows without losing SOUL...[View]
208853101Does /a/ like raven-haired beauties?[View]
208784300Saki: Tanoshii: Sept. 16: Yuuki 'Taco' Kataoka's birthday. Also Mexican Independence Day. ¡Viva…[View]
208855097Series that will never be finished[View]
208855234Kissshot: Yes, Kissshot[View]
208857664Favourite anime male design ?[View]
208857599this anime makes me nervous because the protagonist is fuckin retarded and the girlfriend for rent i…[View]
208853696Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute 36: It's not fair bros... Translation: I like Shiki[View]
208857009Are there any shows that intimidate you? Like imagining if you were put in that situation makes you …[View]
208855891Sao Progressive[View]
208844074Mitsudomoe Live TL: Chapter 198: This is the bi-weekly live TL of Mitsudomoe, done by the author of …[View]
208857156Angels or demons, which do you think are better represented in anime?[View]
208842257Cryji: When will he man up?[View]
208856648What am I in for? And why is the boy naked?[View]
208851695Zombie Land Saga: >Another year without our zomblers How do you cope with that fact?…[View]
208847135Kengan Omega Ch. 77: Scope of the Rules[View]
208852415Violet Evergarden: The Movie: Tomorrow[View]
208854158Dr Stone: Chapter 166 is out in korean https://manatoki76.net/comic/5555374 There was poll about fav…[View]
208854760What are the chances of this also getting an anime like the first game?[View]
208746802Maisok Ikkoku is the greatest: I just finished the anime, will watch the movie tomorrow. Please wat…[View]
208847191Re:Zero: So how's Subaru supposed to save her, if she doesn't want to live and Elsa gets t…[View]
208855893So, I finally decided to watch shounen >mc losing hard to the villain >motivating music starts…[View]
208851257ITT: badass siblings[View]
208825487Kizumonogatari: Hanekawa is painfully thick![View]
208785404The Villainess Will Crush Her Destruction End Through Modern Firepower Manga Ch. 31: Manga Chapter 3…[View]
208855462>OP plays during final battle[View]
208853579does /a/ like terrorkino?[View]
208854190What's your OTP?[View]
208854580>I like him because he's kind[View]
208854153AA is dead CSM has tons of retarded fans JJK anime about to start which means threads will turn into…[View]
208854893HASHIRE SORI YO[View]
208853508Nothing like a glass of warm milk before bed![View]
208849949ITT: Overrated shit[View]
208851772Why is this dork such an slut?[View]
208849913Do you like lettuce on your burgers?[View]
208854835Violet is biding her time to make her return.[View]
208851960'Horimiya' is receiving a TV anime adaptationn begins January 2021, production: CloverWorks.: https:…[View]
208849249you keep up with anime/manga so you have something to bitch about, don't you? is /a/ the only b…[View]
208854679Name 1 time they have been wrong about anything[View]
208829235Requiem of the Rose King Storytime Vol 2: Dumping volume 2 of Requiem of the Rose King to catch up f…[View]
208851145How does this image make you feel?[View]
208854277Does this count as nudity? Does it follow the same rules as magical girl transformation scenes where…[View]
208854408Who in all of manga has the best hair? And why is it Chrollo?[View]
208831771She isn't a very good ninja.[View]
208841578Haganai: Wait, I thought /a/ told me Kodaka is a wuss and a pussy but that's a pretty based con…[View]
208848293Magu-change is great: It deserves to live[View]
208854248ITT:: >Smiles you want to protect[View]
208792497GochiUsa / is the order a rabbit?: What does chino smell like? And why does it matter?[View]

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