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248545520i want to cuddle with Asuka![View]
248555719I love Rena so much.[View]
248552650Given the opportunity to poke Jahy, would you?[View]
248550901Why did Ao Ashi fail while Blue Lock succeeded?[View]
248548223If they can use AI to animate a show, why can't they use to make make dubs that don't suck…[View]
248552012So, if 3D is a thing now Why don't nips make anime using vtubers? Would (you) watch that? Knowi…[View]
248557317It's a good show.[View]
248548447Buddy Daddies: Rape correction arc when[View]
248538954One Piece: Break week done.[View]
248547282Jujutsu Kaisen: >TFW you remember Actual edition[View]
248537315Remember when Eren was based?[View]
248554493why dont they just make a new 3d dragon ball series using XV2 models? it looks so much better than t…[View]
248553223>moshi moshi[View]
248505550Isekai Nonbiri Nouka: New episode![View]
248492634Vampire women are the perfect eternal consorts.[View]
248556577Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai: dumb goyim is so easy to swindle[View]
248553773ANISON MATRIX!! -アニソンマトリクス- Vol. 2: First Saturday of the month? You know what that means: MOGRA is …[View]
248551509Chainsaw Man: Power is in the apartment next door[View]
248544691>I watch anime on 1.25x[View]
248554090ITT: Ippo characters you could take in a fight.[View]
248557024Why are all of the female characters jobbers who suffer and get humiliated?[View]
248554255Bleach: She's so fucking hot bros[View]
248547570Dragon Ball Super: Heroes.[View]
248554481Underrated villain themes: https://youtu.be/EpAbJCzmDBk[View]
248525616Tomo-chan Is A Girl!: Why is Carol the best character in the show?[View]
248555112Where is the anime?!: It was promised. And I've been waiting for a long time....[View]
248546894>a fit hot-smoking body >none romantic experience every time…[View]
248554091Flesh fang was worst idea in manga since moe-blobs.[View]
248550317Why did they nerf Videl's personality?[View]
248535451Re:Zero - Arc5 was fucking terrible, wtf: the appeal of this type of narrative is puzzling your way …[View]
24855470618th April, Crimson Magic Village, Belzerg[View]
248499101Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei: https://youtu.be/W6-Q6CF48x4 Tiltybros and tiltysis, …[View]
248552125Monogatari: Did these two ever talk to each other?[View]
248552664How did yuri take over the light novel industry?[View]
248537033Handsome Girls: What are your thoughts on handsome girls in anime/manga?[View]
248545659Mairimashita Iruma-kun Season 3 Episode 17: This thread will die in no time The harvest festival is …[View]
248549502Record of Ragnarök: This may be the stupidest thing I've watched in years and I fucking love it…[View]
248544702Would you watch a show about cute muscle girls lifting cute weights?[View]
248554981Akiba Maid Sensou: I want to protect that smile[View]
248545984this was trash[View]
248554073Philosophical speaking what was Fate route Shirou's realization?: He just seemed to go the same…[View]
248555118We know Ufotable is the best anime studio, but who is the second and third best?[View]
248551526How did Fire Punch affect you?[View]
248551607The Necromancer's Daughter: dumping short oneshot a cute girl has been brought back by a loving…[View]
248553907Acchi Kocchi: A cat is fine too.[View]
248554995I want to_____Lady Nagant[View]
248548648Code Geass: Cornelia did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
248554309Lycoris Recoil: The promotional material that lead tho a wave of chisataki wedding fanart was great.…[View]
248520461Daily Dorohedoro Chapter: Chapter 42: >>248480813 Chapter 43 Please refrain from posting spoil…[View]
248553403Moshi moshi, dare desu ka? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYil1j5vS_4[View]
248553677Was Sakugan a time flop? Does anyone even remember it?[View]
248553696Trigun Stampede: Look, I just like it ok? It's fun and cool and well animated and has interesti…[View]
248550646Are there any other Dragon Quest stories that can be adapted?[View]
248546349What is the appeal of brat characters in anime?[View]
248553704Honestly trash shows that you still like[View]
248525110MONSTER STORYTIME: /a/ has lost it's way, you have forgotten what good manga is like. Thankfull…[View]
248553122Trigun: Sometimes, murder is not only justified but necessary. He should have gone full Cain and Abe…[View]
248499272The Eminence In Shadow / Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!: PVs for episode 19 are out! Normal ve…[View]
248553865I hate Japan so much.[View]
248554015So since humanity only has 100 years left before Earth dies in Fate and Tsukihime (confirmed in FGO)…[View]
248547247Futoku no Guild: >sold twice as much as CSM Why is it so popular?…[View]
248524536Do you like Math? I love Math.[View]
248553838Was it rape?[View]
248405065Akiba Maid War: Ranko's cute smile[View]
248455212HAPPY TWINTAIL DAY 2/2: How are you celebrating their symmetrical perfection this year?[View]
248476172Daily Kin no Tamago chapter: Chapter 18: A Day in the Life of Tamako[View]
248545806>Give MC unorthodox weapon that can lead to unique and interesting combat >Actually fuck that …[View]
248553389So you want to join Zvezda? Well, you'll have to pass the initiation.[View]
248547576Dont care, Sasuke cheated[View]
248426313Sexy Anime and Manga ninjas.[View]
248506358Sen no Kiseki Northern War: Episode out haha...[View]
248552719Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: >her name means walking bird >she sounds like a goose Perfection…[View]
248553014ELDEN RING The Road to the Erdtree: Chapter 15 and 16 https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW…[View]
248552858This guy is a template for shit dads[View]
248546286smrt girls: do you like smart girls in anime & manga? what's your favorite? last night I dr…[View]
248546026Fucking based manga: It's so good, simply 10/10[View]
248551580Why did he go on a quest for an immortality herb when Fate/Requiem, Fate/Apocrypha, and FGO all show…[View]
248551770Pregnancy in anime vs in real life: Pregnant women in anime >More caring >More sweet >More …[View]
248517115Nagatoro: Anons reeling from the onsen sex chapter, don't forget: we have blessed hatsumode Nag…[View]
248347777K-ON!: It is now Sawako's Birthday in Japan Time to show the best teacher some love[View]
248543463ANISON MATRIX!! -アニソンマトリクス-: First Saturday of the month? You know what that means: MOGRA is back wi…[View]
248516126Stop liking evil shota.[View]
248471209Kengan Omega: Dump[View]
248548438Remember, /a/: ugly means unique, original, and creative. Cuteness is boring.[View]
248541447Fuck Shield Hero: I don't think an anime has ever given me blue balls harder than this shit. Al…[View]
248542820ITT: hot girls stuck in bad anime[View]
248549664What does /a/ think about soul eater manga and anime?[View]
248551107Kara no Kyoukai: I still don't get this movie. Why did Mikiya climb two floors up the stairs on…[View]
248468506Urusei Yatsura: The 'Ryuunosuke finally appears' episode. The original tomboy.[View]
248549020You opinion?[View]
248525042Daily Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: Chapter 40: Philosopher From the West >>248482045[View]
248549315i fucking hate modern anime: they always talk about panties but never show[View]
248546257>2 minutes into the anime >smug nobles bully commoner scene happens are they even trying?…[View]
248548141Incredibly cute and comfy show.[View]
248546312maison ikkoku: me? im a yotsuyaCHAD[View]
248546350Tsunlise: I want to treat Fiene like a baby.[View]
248546850New Prince of Tennis: >Japan vs Spain final is starting Finally this ride is going to end…[View]
248535201>WTF!?! You *checks notes* let a dog die!?! Time to send you and this 7 year old girl to hell!…[View]
248507131When I returned to my Hometown my childhood friend was broken: Another Friday, another chapter. God …[View]
248542905Chainsaw Man: Denji, I need cock. NOW.[View]
248550320ITT: QUALITY[View]
248532055Bocchi the Rock!: How would each of the Kessokus rape you?[View]
248536779Weekly Shonen Jump: Day 1 Shoseki ranks of the new Jump releases 1. My Hero Academia #37 2. Blue Box…[View]
248543330Dragon Maid: What should her spinoff be about?[View]
248523745Renai Flops: >BDs sold so badly (sold less than 135 BDs) that they failed to rank on Oricon What …[View]
248547241This thread, shrine of the dragon.[View]
248326708/a/ sings - Ryusenkei May Day (Jashin-chan Dropkick S3 ED): Snek transcending autism. >deadline? …[View]
248549303WEEKEND 3x3: Here we are, another weekend another thread. How did you do this week? What plans do yo…[View]
248548574Digimon Ghost Game: Siriusmon? more like Cameltoemon[View]
248547688Is Elaina a pure maiden?[View]
248545464Goblin correction: Post girls that need to be corrected[View]
248535748Gyaru Gyaru Gyaru: Gyaru are best. All female characters in every work should become gyaru. That is …[View]
248549744>bikini chapter >hide the trap from view the whole time…[View]
248550148>finish anime >go read the source material >get to the part where the anime ended >quali…[View]
248550003Bocchi the Fermenting Dreg[View]
248529771Flcl: You'll never hit the ball if you don't swing[View]
248532248[Sad news] Chainsaw Man DVD Struggles to Sell, Sparking Season 2 Fears: Chainsaw Man fans are worrie…[View]
248408707Girls und panzer/GuP: Last thread was mysteriously archived despite being on page 3, I wonder why… A…[View]
248500620Buddy Daddies: Loli attack!![View]
248547085Is it possible for anime/manga to be TOO weird? Like, how wacky is too wacky?[View]
248522535THE BIG 3: So what happened to make One Piece so ahead of Bleach and Naruto in fan ratings on all ma…[View]
248542873Fate: Fist fight, no weapons, pure fighting skills and strength, Who has the hardest punch in fate? …[View]
248547959Rem:Zero: Will we get more onis in the main series? And why is their culture just based on the japan…[View]
248537891ITT: Post anime made with SOUL.[View]
248539057Evidently, to be the worst person in history all you need to do is murder 5 prostitutes. That also m…[View]
248546730weekly shonen jump: how can wsj survive? the last batch already flopped[View]
248547109Mangaka-sensei to Zashiki Warashi Chapter 25: Got your insulin shots? Then you're ready for ano…[View]
248546230Chainsaw Man: The BD and DVD giveaway posters looks fantastic (pic related). Why couldn't the a…[View]
248544546its become a chore to read: >156 new characters >get new chapters once every 3 years so when y…[View]
248525771Daily Battle Angel Alita / GUNNM Storytime: CHAPTERS 29 & 30: With Avatar The Way Of Water becom…[View]
248547103what were they thinking moments: I’ll start[View]
248544665Berserk: Now that Casca is out of Gut's traveling party for the foreseeable future, will Farnes…[View]
248541578>you can fuck your weapon[View]
248544816What would you do if your cute classmate had to pee after both of you got transported to isekai?…[View]
248542344Nagatoro: You know it's time we had the yuri side couple that most modern romcoms have.[View]
248513788Gundam: Witch from Mercury:: a rare happy chuchu[View]
248508374Would you go solo camping together with her?[View]
248476421SMART CHARACTERS: this is professor yoneda from platinum end, post your favorite.[View]
248508009Watashi ga 15-sai de wa Nakunatte mo: >A hobo JK is begging you to marry her after you accidental…[View]
248536700Dragon Ball Super: Fuck it, we're ballin' this thread.[View]
248533285Why does Chainsaw Man portray its females so negatively?: Csm girls are quite cute design-wise but h…[View]
248437135at which point in your anime journey you've realized that Madoka is overrated?[View]
248524585Kimetsu no Yaiba: Ufotable made her boobs bigger[View]
248509333OTP: Couples: It's the month of love, /a/. Discuss your favorite ships. Underrated couples are …[View]
248546275anya in the OP[View]
248544385What was the point of this scene? Mob already knew the truth in Reigen's arc in Season 2. Why d…[View]
248543684Summertime Render: Just marathoned Summertime Render, what did /a/ think of it?[View]
248526902Weekend Sound Thread: Friday night has started here, Saturday morning has started there. Let's …[View]
248522999A Couple of Cuckoos: Are you telling me English scans have been out for several hours now and no one…[View]
248528583The webm that broke /a/[View]
248537649What made FLCL so good?[View]
248487784Amagami-San Chi No Enmusubi ch81[View]
248543552Do you like chippai?[View]
248544989WTF he didn't deserve this[View]
248543154ITT: Post the best lesbian/yuri ship[View]
248542886Freedom: Are we free? What does freedom mean to you?[View]
248533309Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 40 - Usopp's Pirate Crew Previous Chapter (39): >>248494…[View]
248537290Live action BNHA when?[View]
248538603>manga about East Asian/Central Asian/MENA history kino[View]
248521651When in isekai, make sure to properly thank all the friends that helped you along the way.[View]
248539252This is much better than the crappy main anime[View]
248543119What did you guys think of Kaiba 2008?: Don't know where to post this. What did you guys think …[View]
248542554If this isn't the color palette they're going for with Johnny I'm bombing david pro…[View]
248537783Hirogaru Sky Precure: The full opening of HS is about to come out! Are you hyped?[View]
248541811Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita: Still no nipples in the BDs. Let's all be sad together.[View]
248543018What if Ed and Al managed to prevent the development of nuclear weapons in 'our' world?[View]
248541894was it Socially Acceptable Anime?[View]
248517327The future of animation is using cgi models and using ai to make it look 2d[View]
248543779>most hotblooded manly moment in years is done by a yuri native isekai WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO …[View]
248528701Elden Ring: The Road to the Erdtree: Chapter 15 and 16 are up on Comic walker https://comic-walker.c…[View]
248540785[sad news] there are possibillities of MAPPA facing bankruptcy: MAPPA has invested over a billion ye…[View]
248538754Do you like Mint na bokura?[View]
248541937texhnolyze is not an existentialist anime it is an anime about being gay with your dad[View]
248537219SC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHvWxytUbrs >You have my compliments, >you've somehow…[View]
248460262REVENGER: Nio episode?[View]
248524409Wow, so this is what camping is all about?[View]
248537540FLCL: Are FLCL Progressive and Alternative worth watching? I loved the original FLCL[View]
248535895Chainsaw Man: The older you get, the more appreciate characters like Power.[View]
248519890Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team part 2: Continuing on from >>248479299 http…[View]
248542541Realization: > Indifferent towards the adaptation, It was OK but it didnt really capture the paci…[View]
248542308itt easy sluts[View]
248510310Did he ever stand a chance?[View]
248541709Do you like big girls?[View]
248540537>anime has 10/10 semen demon >anime is shit so no one cares about her It's not fair!…[View]
248503970First informations of 'PLUTO' Anime Adaptation Project coming in few weeks https://twitter.com/Sugoi…[View]
248539451Are real life JKs this sexy? Anime and manga have corrupted my mind[View]
248521930weekly anime sales: >1.Lycoris recoil 5: 21,381 >2.Bocchi the rock 2: 16,205 >3.love live …[View]
248541856Chainsaw Man: The older you get, the more appreciate characters like Kaede-chan.[View]
248539507Cyberpunk edgerunners: The first 4 episode was great. It had good pacing, an idealistic protagonist,…[View]
248524986I'm about to troll Tsuruya! She'll never recover![View]
248540160What’s the difference between these two?[View]
248541466Symphogear: The other gears tease Chris about been the only straight girl[View]
248536777Absolute dogshit.: Season one is pretty good but there's literally EIGHT FUCKING EPISODES IN A …[View]
248528485I love non-isekai fantasy anime and manga![View]
248538599Boku no hero academia: apart from deku being a shit mc, why do you think everyone hates this series …[View]
248540020wait what[View]
248538890Say with me /a/ one last time ENTER CHADKU[View]
248478280Owari no Seraph[View]
248533349There will never be something like fcl: It is just so fucking amazing[View]
248502221Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: Why hasn't this gotten an anime yet? Do people hate it?[View]
248502732How the fuck did Bocchi The Rock! sell 10x times more than Chainsaw Man?[View]
248520510What do you think his Stand ability is going to be? I think either Astral Projection kind of like He…[View]
248540149The First Slam Dunk: Why is he the main character? Also fuck that flash forward scene of Miyagi and…[View]
248539349I COMMAND THEE, KNEEL[View]
248538563>i'ts another Hanekawa arc[View]
248537656A FUCKING 22lr[View]
248539020Dandandan is MID: I just binged all Dandadan chapters. It's surprisingly MID. DDD is just 'ran…[View]
248537320> severely depressed teenage boy grows up to be a well adjusted person with a cute girlfriend how…[View]
248475271how can someone this dumb survive in a brutish, unforgiving isekai world such as konosuba?[View]
248534716>most hotblooded manly moment in years is done by a yuri native isekai WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO …[View]
248511727One Piece: Yonko is just a joke.[View]
248538158Iight novel stuff: Anyone else hate how Light novels, when translated, don't include various li…[View]
248479551Daily Yume No Crayon Oukoku Chapter: Silver is in Danger! Chapter 5[View]
248538401Cute smug gremlin[View]
248538368The future of /v/[View]
248535002>Old manga is good, new manga is- Continue this statement, /a/.[View]
248537199February 3 Shoseki Daily ranking, Shonen Jump new releases: 1. Boku no Hero Academia 37 2. Ao no Hak…[View]
248531272I found the logo to Urusei Yatsura on the cover of an ABBA album?: Hello. This is my first time usin…[View]
248535968>try to talk about an anime in /a/ >'uhh, you know that show was actually a flop, right?' >…[View]
2485353033x3 thread: Post your nine favorite anime in 3x3 format[View]
248533305Hanefura: Just finished this from my backlog. I saw that there were threads back when it was airing …[View]
248536807Who is sumi supposed to appeal to?[View]
248535127Love & Peace: Finally, a new yuri manga about a heroic young man who is literally me in every co…[View]
248459923Luffy has become the biggest Mary Sue in shonen. I used to love One piece but that absolute hack of …[View]
248537449Amagami knot: >best girl shows up late in the game again >she is going to lose in the original…[View]
248530735With Bakemonogatari ending in a few chapters is there any hope that OG goes back to forte which is c…[View]
248537296Are there any anime or manga with no title?[View]
248536401Why did the utawarerumono sequels get such shitty adaptions?[View]
248527643kino no tabi: post kino[View]
248535864Would you go through all that trouble for your wife's child?[View]
248535237In retrospect, how much did covid hurt the anime/manga industry? I remember in march 2020 hearing ab…[View]
248528831YuYu Hakusho Storytime: Its been over a year since the last storytime and I think we're due for…[View]
248535163Spy X Family: should have gotten a cat[View]
248530468What's next for Galko? Where can she go from here?[View]
248498941What's the appeal of anime boats?[View]
248534119Is this true?: Enlight me western bros[View]
248511964Tsundere Akuyaku Reijou Liselotte to Jikkyou no Endou-kun to Kaisetsu no Kobayashi-san: There's…[View]
248397173Kunoichi Sazanka: have you considered yet?[View]
248528957Kara no Kyoukai: Why did the official registry of the building say that the Enjou family lived in th…[View]
248485053Daily Joshiraku Chapter: A joint effort between popular illustrator Yasu and Kouji Kumeta, creator o…[View]
248533379Slice of Life: >ideal wife character trope >that isnt stupid magic girl >or gradeschool ste…[View]
248530816Breaker Eternal Force ch.45: >god So-Chun, could you stop being gay for just ONE second…[View]
248519259Daily Jitsu wa Watashi wa: Chapter 8: Let's Find A Solution To Her Tanning Problem[View]
248446531Soichiro Yamamoto Art Thread: Fore head[View]
248524651Precure: Are you ready to play the HS drinking game? Each time any character says the word Hero, tak…[View]
248507791Consensual, healthy shoujo: How are you enjoying your consensual, healthy shoujo about couples who a…[View]
248500964What do you love about Satsuki the most, /a/? For me it is her unbreakable will and determination![View]
248530935Chainsaw Man: Was Aki canonically homossexual?[View]
248524552hurtful words in anime[View]
248532054What the fuck is wrong with Japan?[View]
248515526>anon thinks that reindeer exist[View]
248508969Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: THE APEX OF STRENGTH.[View]
248526641started smoking and it's this anime's fault[View]
248534808What does it mean, though? >seen the world two locations? could be a TL error from the official …[View]
248530657How does someone get like this freak[View]
248523342This show should have been called 'Kaede-chan, my dick is done for!' 'cause holy shit.[View]
248448278Re:Zero: Today is Rem and Ram's birthday! Happy birthday Ram and Rem![View]
248446576Boku No Hero Academia: >See's Hawks, a man she has never met in her life, walk through the d…[View]
248512092Yu-Gi-Oh! Thread: Alright list your favourite >Series >Protagonist >Antagonist >Rival …[View]
248517104Dragon Ball Super: >Anime is still on hiatus >Toyocucko's fanfic manga is still completel…[View]
248534443Why doesn't Darkstakers or Capcom in general have more animes? What's their newest anime?[View]
248533308It's Science Saru's 10th anniversary. What do you think of their works so far?[View]
248530133>Take the last anime you watched >Rank characters based on how much they'd enjoy 90s nume…[View]
248526241>55 days since the last chapter it's over[View]
248533165>baseball episode[View]
248530241i just fapped to Kino. it felt good[View]
248534150Atsumare Fushigi Kenkyu-bu: Results.[View]
248515489>That feel when i just named my newborn daughter Lalatina[View]
248513189>Noooooooo! We can't draw a nipple here because... We just can't, okay?! Why is modern …[View]
248527694Why did Shou Tucker do it?[View]
248520302How would you rank all the Gundam shows you've seen?[View]
248518492>Forced feminization on strong-willed boyish female protagonist by the rapechad Name a better tro…[View]
248528399Is he going to get a happy end?[View]
248532070>Umaru was 15 years ago[View]
248532848oh my god Araki son of a bitch[View]
248532230Visually and musically great intros you never skip.[View]
248530708Magical Girl Games: The denizens of /tg/ have apparently been having discussions about running magic…[View]
248531687Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Our pure spirit girl is the demon lord now. How do we fix her?[View]
248529411Jujutsu Kaisen: >TFW you remember[View]
248529553Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 32 Continued: Continuing from >>248525346[View]
248488014Buyfag thread: small emt[View]
248529636Why do japs keep making fun of Tennis clubs?[View]
248528350Why is female nudity censored and male nudity uncensored in anime?: The anime in pic rel censored th…[View]
248524746Chainsaw Man: Do you miss Power?[View]
248528156>make 10 unique, highly elaborate endings, pissing away your budget all over the screen >turn …[View]
248527425Wataten: MYAAAAAAA NEEEEEEEE[View]
248527692Hello /a/, this is my spouse Momoko Koigakubo from the cult status anime Ghost Stories[View]
248525263Storytelling types.: I'm reevaluating my sense of storytelling, and I've come up with a th…[View]
248530177The Kajiki Chef: Divine Cuisine: This used to be a manga about fighting and cooking giant fish. It…[View]
248514362Shinka No Mi: Didn't see this one coming. It was him all along?[View]
248513605Bocchi The Rock!: I love Hiroi's black nails.[View]
248529139I tried to analyze why many people dislike the anime. It's obvious when you actually think abou…[View]
248520791DAILY GOLDEN KAMUY: ch 27 The scent of Death[View]
248465997Happy Birthday to my Waifu Rin[View]
248507555Edens Zero Chapter 226 spoilers: >Mosco saves the day for once >EZ crew vs. Element 4 begins …[View]
248513751/a/ thought on Goblin Slayer: Since they recently announce a dubbing version on my native language i…[View]
248475468Hyouken no Majutsushi ga Sekai wo Suberu; The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World: >windows + …[View]
248519155Shows that mindbroke /a/ How did they do it.[View]
248525346Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 32: Welcome back, everyone Today, Dia and Pearl find out the truth …[View]
248517712ITT:: Anime and manga girls with barely any art (both official and fanart)[View]
248484782Fairy tail: I thought Erza was a mage not a bakery owner.[View]
248527037>worst mc,, twice[View]
248525017how much training would he realistically need to defeat goku?[View]
248522831Spy x Family: >Announcement: Join Yor, Anya, and Loid of Spy x Family as they embark on five all-…[View]
248528762What a fucking piece of wokeshit anime from netflix.: The CGI is ultra crap Mc is a niga Mc is also …[View]
248526101How can you argue that CGI is bad when Harlock: Space Pirate, Houseki no Kuni, and Gantz: 0 are all …[View]
248525551Tenchi Muyo: Was this a good anime? I just remember it from toonami days. I also can't believe …[View]
248524959Gushing over Magical Girls: Hide the little girls, it's Magia Magenta![View]
248522942Okaeri Alice: Kei passes so well that straight men want to molest them.[View]
248527049hanekawa SEXO eyes, want pregnancy i must give her the pregnancy[View]
248528091Best character development pages: Ryo is turning into an absolute beast. Arms is very cool I dont th…[View]
248525431The Dog and The Boy: Netflix made an anime short using AI https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J9DpusAZV_0…[View]
248524645Uhhh why does he have a potion to make people into shota’s and loli’s?[View]
248522685Were they used too often in Inuyasha?[View]
248522719CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD will+Dress Episode 4: Tohya is up next and I honestly am just waiting for more …[View]
248524100Has anyone here read Kasane?[View]
248524325ITT: Things that need an anime adaptation: Seriously. This series needs one. Also Clint Eastwood ne…[View]
248519342Daily GS/Ghost Sweeper Mikami Storytime: Chapter 47:If Life gives you lemons. Make Lemonade! (Part 5…[View]
248526862Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: Who is your bet to win the Wetlympics? Also it's a shame that Kaede and …[View]
248524302Be me >listening to music while vacuuming >liking the music >”I wish I was in kessoku band”…[View]
248520486Daimyō: How is it possible that normal humans hold the political/economic power in the Naruto world …[View]
248524481Patema Inverted: The twist__________ was dumb as hell I mean it was okay as an idea on its own but t…[View]
248500579Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: Peechads we win again! PV: https://youtu.be/PI75Xrewl8s[View]
248236865Machikado Mazoku: Don't forget about The Shamiko[View]
248500480Tengoku Daimakyou: Cast announced Maru: Gen Sato Kiruko: Sayaka Senbongi Tokio: Hibiku Yamamura Kona…[View]
248525557Anyone watch the anime film adaption of Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni (Country of Gold, Country of Water)…[View]
248511519Do you ever notice how romance stories are usually about proving the male MC's growth and matur…[View]
248524139You know, i never see a single PMfags trying to spam their comic stuffs like Leviathan here despite …[View]
248508925Yuru Yuri: I love when the yurus go to the beach and wear swimsuits and show everyone their cute tum…[View]
248519532Post anime where the protagonist wants to destroy the world out of pure hatred[View]
248462095Danmachi/Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon S4: Episode 5 soon more ryuu suffering[View]
248511753One Piece: Break will die soon[View]
248516130Chainsaw Man Part 2: Angry Pochita[View]
248521925Daily Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ou to Souheiki no Himegimi Chapter: What was your reaction when r…[View]
248518546Misato corrupting children[View]
248523218Is there some unspoken rule that doesnt allow the main hero and heroine to end up together?[View]
248523405Cute girls bungee jumping anime when?[View]
248483278Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kokushibo voice reveal[View]
248523525It's still fucking funny to me how a 30 meters long bridge somehow deemed so important as a sup…[View]
248523731I miss this quad-tail gremlin so much[View]
248488804BokuYabai: They're so cute[View]
248516780Tonari No Onee-San Ga Suki ch17: How are anyone reading this? I'm gonna dump the new chapter.…[View]
248521464Are there any historical figures you want to see get a manga adaptation ?[View]
248507767JJK - Jujutsu Kaisen: I did not expect this. What do you think happens next? Cant wait for next chap…[View]
248511740>fujos will ship characters into females or even married like shonen or cuxemiya >yurifags wil…[View]
248522255This is my favourite anime, have you seen it /a/?[View]
248521092>hotblooded teenager that's all brawn and no brains >everyone loves him >again Why do …[View]
248508545what was her endgame?[View]
248519340Is CloverWorks overrated now because of S×F and Bocchi?[View]
248522815jojo part 4: what was so good about koichi? why do they all adore him?[View]
248522809Why is no other anime exploring the line between digital and real world: Instead we get shittty mmor…[View]
248520977Goblin rape = no big deal: I know your friend's got decaptitated and raped, and you yourself go…[View]
248495666imouto thread: consider this terminally online slut[View]
248522751How come there aren't any 3D anime that obey NORMAL 3D standards?: Such as NOT artificially lim…[View]
248516260Why didn't this retard just send a couple hundred arrancars against Ichigo if he knew Quincy sh…[View]
248517064Dragon Ball Super: Why didn’t Gohan stack Super Saiyan with Ultimate in the Boo Saga?[View]
248453707Is this the only 'good' milf romcom ever made?[View]
248513226Precure: EPISODE 1 of Hirogaru Sky airs TOMORROW. Who else hyped?[View]
248517489Spy x Family: End Game[View]
248521689Wow DIO, that's uh really on the nose there[View]
248522385So which is it?[View]
248522300Cipher Academy: Zaregoto moment[View]
248521017Mina Mina...Minaaaaaaa Why nobody cared about this? Is it because of Netflix?[View]
248518190Why do popular seinen manga virtually never receive good or faithful anime adaptations?[View]
248512726I'm aware Berserk has tons of things it was influenced by, but was Bastard! one of them[View]
248512631What are some interesting anime facts a lot of people do not know about?[View]
248522095Takopi's original sin: Moral of the story is, whores are the root of evil[View]
248521878Hello, this is my imouto isn't she cute? do you own an imouto too?[View]
2485160422022 was a really great year for anime that I think we'll come to realize in about 5 years.[View]
248472420>read Steins;Gate >get into university for neuroscience >watch Bocchi The Rock >pick up …[View]
248512180bakemonogatari: Well?[View]
248517881How did we go from this..[View]
248519268I want to protect her smile.[View]
248520335Name a more soulful anime[View]
248519211why is Maple so cute?[View]
248509784How do you feel about seiyuu who use the same voice for every character they play?[View]
248508276Itt anime boys who are destined to be women.[View]
248521060this is why anime girls make me erect[View]
248504297Why do rich characters in Anime go to the same school as everyone else? Why aren't they at a fa…[View]
248513747wataten: There's only 2 good pairings in wataten, Noa x Hinata and fluffy girl and her autistic…[View]
248513679>Death. And I don't mean it metaphorically or rhetorically or poetically or theoretically or…[View]
248511283Do you think Yunyun could be a good girlfriend and a good wife?[View]
248516555wouldn't it be fun if we followed along the Sasuke Retrieval Arc exchanging banter the whole ti…[View]
248505660Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Storytime: There are 28 volumes of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo now fully translated. There a…[View]
248519573Arshes Nei: Arshes Nei[View]
248513643ITT Shitty anatomy in anime[View]
248517726After watching the fifth episode of onimai, I think that we all should really take our pills to beco…[View]
248510705Ichinose-ke-no-taizai Ichinose family's deadly sin spoiler chapter 10: https://manatoki216.net/…[View]
248517326What is the best kind of justice?[View]
248516070chainsaw Man: >Next Chapter in 11 days![View]
248515453>Wingman >is not a manga about a guy helping his homies to get laid ITT: Manga that tricked yo…[View]
248496779If isekai parties started to kick people out en masses after the introduction of [status scouter], d…[View]
248510581Would you watch an anime dub of the characters' Japanese seiyuus speaking Engrish?[View]
248519109Monster: Jewflix finally uploaded the rest of the series[View]
248506571What are some popular manga that got terrible anime adaptations?[View]
248516727ITT: /a/ runs an anime sudio and/or manga magazine publisher[View]
248516210What did Anno mean by this?[View]
248498623Check mate[View]
248502591To Love Ru: To Love Ru girls are built for making babies[View]
248518383The TYBW anime got me hyped so I decided to read the manga. I am thoroughly disappointed. This was a…[View]
248405657You might not like it, but this is undeniably the peak of haremshit, and it’s not even typical harem…[View]
248503585So, Arm Slaves or Knightmare Frames?: Savage or Sutherland?[View]
248512720The winvurga is back! Nobody can stop the winvurga![View]
248492109how would you define 'good taste' in anime?[View]
248515871>Touka finds out Kaneki's a virgin at 23 >fucks him instead of losing all respect for him…[View]
2485174533x3: Even the most individual of anons will struggle with this[View]
248515391>This is the favourite character of arguably the best composer in anime history…[View]
248511875Gentlemen Reminder they're not lesbians because he's a male reincarnated into a woman…[View]
248506642Hinata got NOTHING: If she was gonna end up as Naruto's wife then you would think that maybe sh…[View]
248424115100 girlfriends / 100 kanojo 124 raws: Suu’s intro to the family. And the new color page. I’d apprec…[View]
248517278read tenkaichi[View]
248508801Oh no! Sakura is embarrassed after using The Big card. Please, /a/, say some kind words of encourage…[View]
248509613is classic shoujo manga dead? did everyone move onto homoerotic shounenshit?[View]
248497232Spy Classroom: Say something nice about Lily's huge honkers![View]
248512224Dragon Ball Super: The Strongest Warrior eating Androids for breakfast[View]
248497617Winter 2023 Anime Stream Rankings[View]
248508604csm: Too much watering can lead to the death of a plant. Too much love can lead to the death of the …[View]
248508453>The Villain's special power is literally that he's a six foot tall muscular white guy …[View]
248473491Nagatoro: Wild onsen sex soon.[View]
248516121i’m about to find out if the one piece is real[View]
248510827Chainsaw Man Part 2: Powa![View]
248513766Is this the best song ever put in an anime? https://youtu.be/GgwUenaQqlM[View]
248504721Princess Connect: Beware this spooky ghost.[View]
248466809Black Clover 350 Spoilers: There will be a break next week.[View]
248501350Pray to your Goddess.[View]
248515593Nu-serk: The worse hiatus is the one that comes unexpected[View]
248509094holy shit[View]
248512379Do you think they'll survive the arc?[View]
248515051because denji learns from his mistakes[View]
248515037Kino is Kino: If /a/ was a country[View]
248454393Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!: Real talk fellas, how do I cope knowing I will never have a cute osananajimi…[View]
248505724Wataten: Would you squeeze Miyako's fat belly?[View]
248512483Literally the peak Isekai ever reached and no Isekai has ever come anywhere near even 10% as good as…[View]
248462736Ranger Reject Ch. 82[View]
248479783What was the moral of Fire Punch?[View]
248512238Why haven't you read The Kindaichi Case Files?[View]
248512457Taiga of Genesis: COLONIZED[View]
248499490Bocchi The Rock!: A bright constellation to light up the night of your life.[View]
248504947Is Miyazaki a pedophile?[View]
248399898Hunter x Hunter: Vergei falling for Bisky has to be my favorite irrelevant subplot in the arc. What …[View]
248510336My Hero Academia is less cuck than Hokuto no Ken, Vinland Saga and Berserk. Believe or not. It'…[View]
248485442This guy is more likable and heroic than Ippo. Odd situation where the writer accidentally made the …[View]
248511888Genuinely what's wrong with him? everything he writes reads like it was written by a random hig…[View]
248502834So are we all in agreement this is hands down the best soundtrack in anime?[View]
248443126Baki Dou 140 by Spinyback: Chapter 140: Eye-Level[View]
248511492>That shit anime you only watched for the openings and endings[View]
248491553Gundam: Witch from Mercury: Miorine-chaaaaaan~[View]
248508669Why does Japan always shit on british food all the time? Do they just hate the country?[View]
248507783>23 episodes of Game of Thrones >2 episodes of End of Evangelion Is the manga also this wacky?…[View]
248508983One Punch Man: Do you like the heroes?[View]
248500906One Piece: Why is Blackbeard such a naive fool? Did he really want his nakama to be a man who hates …[View]
248509948Childhood is sympathizing with Mio Adulthood is realising she was a toxic asshole and made everyone …[View]
248510415Manga Translation on Mobile: I'm broke as shit n am stuck being a mobilefag, but still want to …[View]
248503601Do many isekais have colonialistic themes? When you think about it, it's always a story about a…[View]
248511486literal onahole[View]
248499224Chainsaw Man: Did you know that Akane was based on Power's prototype design?[View]
248505236Is Senko a Maid?: Good Morning m/a/ids! Is Senko a maid? The answer to this question will have impli…[View]
248497106Hirogaru Sky Precure: With Wing being a boy and Butterfly being 18 years old, what other twists and …[View]
248495273Dragon Ball Super: This thread pertains specifically to Jiren the Gray, my personal favorite charact…[View]
248510519What is the gayest Kirara show?[View]
248505413This is as you people would say: KINO[View]
248509196Why is kubo so fucking lazy, where’s burn the witch?[View]
248510637post an anime quote which describes you perfectly[View]
248491692Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 31 Continued: Continuing from >>248486376[View]
248509165Why do boomers say 90's style looks more 'mature'? It's looks way more childish than nowad…[View]
248499557>he watches anime on a 1366x768 TN screen[View]
248509949The breaker 3: eternal force: We guillotine gorilla now is anyone even reading this nowadays? …[View]
248509392Name one flaw[View]
248508713Anime mothers: Are always the best girls.[View]
248505458What makes Denji so different from other shounen protagonists?: The mf never gone full berserk mode …[View]
248507237So how many times did you go out yurucamping this winter?[View]
248508895>2023... I am forgotten[View]
248495310Bleach: Five months left[View]
248497718Which game/manga/VN/LN etc do you most want adapted into an anime?[View]
248508681Am I crazy or: they don’t do the sins very much???[View]
248500184>that guy who has 1tb of manga screenshots he took while reading them[View]
248465913Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Boruto and Kawaki's timeskip designs have finally been reveale…[View]
248502842100 x Shirou Emiya's magical energy/power <<<<< Executor Ciel. How did Gilgamesh…[View]
248507934Tengoku Daimakyou: The Heavenly Delusion anime is set to air in April 2023. >Hirotaka Mori (epis…[View]
248501455Is the Danganronpa anime any good. I just lost three hours of my game save, but don't wanna rep…[View]
248460246webm thread[View]
248488598what the FUCK is their problem?: why can't they just translate shit correctly without being gia…[View]
248495910>saw a clip compilation of a sexy brown tomboy from a new anime https://youtu.be/SXyhTQNMWaQ >…[View]
248502200What makes a show good enough for it to still be talked about 10 years later?[View]
248482231Is Chris Yukine a rape (at least one penis inside her vagina nonconsensually) victim?[View]
248494398Would you ever have a romantic relationship with a JK?[View]
248435189Can we have one non-Prillya Fate thread that doesn't end up being just Sakurafags and Sakura ha…[View]
248507632Why do we need a second season of Code Geass?: >S1 Fantastic, yet still believable and quasi-real…[View]
248506070Some men ask why you would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane. Great men ask why you wou…[View]
248503725I don't mind dying if i get to go on a date with her once[View]
248467319Storytime: Mayonaka Lolita: Shojo written by a woman and is directed to girls, let that sink in…[View]
248503964Manga Rizz thread: >'How about my friend and I take you out for a drink and karaoke?'…[View]
248503854Why are adults always so mean towards magical girls? What did we even do to deserve such treatment?[View]
248506893Monogatari: >profound philosophical and psychological insight >amazing character development a…[View]
248505296looks like something is wrong with my Illya[View]
248497172now that the dust has settled what would you rank it on a 1-10 scale? imo it was a 7[View]
248507229Tenchi Muyo: Why did they get rid of the best character?[View]
248507216Trash or Peak?[View]
248475768Yofukashi no Uta / Call of the Night. We discuss Kotoyamo's masterpiece. Is this the best vampi…[View]
248503347ITT : pure virgins only.[View]
248506106because denji is always learning.[View]
248506055Sumireko's big, fat, eyebrows[View]
248504945Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: It's time for war Episode 44: 包囲網を突破せよ! – Hōimō o Toppaseyo! (Break Throu…[View]
248502571That was very nice for Majima to officiate.[View]
248501645I just finished Gurren Lagann HOLY FUCK I WANNA KILL MYSELF N O W[View]
248504424How would you describe Lillie?[View]
248497751What is it about Nichijou that's attracted so many fags in recent years?[View]
248480225Does /a/ remember Chuunibyou 20 years later?[View]
248504651Mob psycho 100: Why do people love Reigen? He used a child for money...[View]
248488816My concerns for Chainsaw Man Part 2: It seems that Fujimoto as of recently has been doing a lot of c…[View]
248503840Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: If you could build your own fantasy dungeon from scratch, what would…[View]
248380031Military Anime: Lena may be the coolest military anime protagonist of all time. I need her to shoot …[View]
248502285What's the big deal with bikinis in anime anyway? Why do people care about bikinis in particula…[View]
248504681Bleach: Isshin got so lucky[View]
248503692Should I pay someone to turn this story into a manga?: Anon on /a/ wrote this awesome story outline …[View]
248502727What would happen if Light wiped his butt with a page from the death note?[View]
248500904muh cups[View]
248402917ITT: Anime only you have seen[View]
248501101When is Miku getting a anime?[View]
248505230Is this the worst depiction of time travel in all of media entertainment?[View]
248502677Peak Late 90s Character Design: It was all downhill from here.[View]
248475246How did Mappa get away with it? This was the most anticipated anime of all time, you would think peo…[View]
248501853How do people hate this motherfucker? How this mother fucker is classified as 'non-seductive'? Playf…[View]
248503251>Kemono Friends is nothing but Keroro shilling now A fitting ending[View]
248499898Terrible fashions in anime[View]
248501561Time for your booster shot anon[View]
248496961Jack is upset that she's not your favorite anymore.[View]
248501755>Literally abandons his friends & decides to wipe out humanity over simply letting his gay va…[View]
248499501What are some adaptations that are better than the source manga?[View]
248499428Love Live Nijiyon: Next episode soon in 3 hours and a bit.[View]
248502037What if Elaina was an idol?[View]
248503284My Dress-Up Darling: Imagine a handjob from Marin[View]
248502311what is the best arc in Naruto, and why is it Orochimaru's attack on the Hidden Leaf?[View]
248503590How the hell did they get so buff They went from nerdy dweebs to full-baramode[View]
248491241Summer Time Rendering: Which one does /a/ prefer?[View]
248491707AI is already taking over the animation industry. I'm pretty sure this is far faster than anyon…[View]
248471515Heavy Petting: Where to acquire rabbit?[View]
248503178Kanade: KANADE!!![View]
248486875oricon: 1/23-1/29[View]
248499648Pokemon: New episode soon. Also Ash + Iris = Roy[View]
248502905Boy's Abyss: Is this kid going to fuck his mother? Because if he isn't I don't know i…[View]
248450697Serious question, but why are all male MCs so terrible nowadays? It's always girls that take th…[View]
248498554Do I have to watch the Revue Starlight anime before I watch any of the plays?[View]
248502422POST Good Girls who finally had enough: I find this hot and the more resilent they are the hotter…[View]
248494373What's your dream crossover, /a/?[View]
248499554Why is NTR so common in romance stories right now?[View]
248501643What do you remember about Milky Holmes?[View]
248502171Sonic X episode 44: >Tells the kids to let the police handle this >Follows Eggman without call…[View]
248497138I hate this little shit like you wouldn't believe[View]
248499188>invite bf to her home for 'christmas party' >lies about inviting other people >and now th…[View]
248498453Defend this.[View]
248500572>adapt mid tier sci-fi novel >get the best written anime of all time So this is the power of a…[View]
248497092This is Shiina Mahiru, the OG tenshi. Before there was Tenshi from Angel Beats, there was Shiina Mah…[View]
248501185Post characters who carried their respective stories[View]
248501111so this... is the greatest power... in the universe... wow...[View]
248487164Justify this[View]
248495111when will there be another anime like Haiyore?[View]
248500814Weekly Shonen Champion: Issue #10 TOC[View]
248480813Chapter 40, 41: >>248398527 Chapter 42 Please refrain from posting spoilers, as there are like…[View]
248487596One Piece: What's next for Monkey D. Luffy and his minions Kid and LAw?[View]
248487700Aw shit nigga[View]
248482441Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 212's fanscan is out. Dumping.[View]
248482045Daily Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: Chapter 39: Complications At Central >>248439834[View]
248484473Onii-chan wa Oshimai/OniMai: Mahiro saving the season yet again with masterful cinematic You may no…[View]
248481240DAILY GOLDEN KAMUY: ch 26 The Law of the Mountain[View]
248493735Onani Master Kurosawa: This entire Manga would have made a lot more sense if they were in high-schoo…[View]
248498311What's her problem?[View]
248499018>manga/anime was enjoyable despite negative reviews name it[View]
248399723Made in abyss: https://webcomicgamma.takeshobo.co.jp/manga/madeinabyss/ 5 more minutes and chapter 6…[View]
248499073benriya saitou-san isekai ni iku: Raelza is so fucking hot[View]
248482550>literally sold her master out to go get killed by Lancer while she does nothing Why was Saber su…[View]
248492799So can we agree Chimera Ant is the best arc Shounen has to offer?[View]
248498481What are the worst example's of asspull this medium has to offer. remember guys the Kubo is off…[View]
248499472why are grills with guitars so sexy[View]
248481064It's time anon.[View]
248495741You know what they should have done instead, is make a NieR Replicant anime. Because that game fucki…[View]
248476388Daily Angel Densetsu: Act 30: Reparations of Fear[View]
248474625Never before have I seen such a promising shounen fall off so damn quickly and get so fucking bad[View]
248473419POST WORST ANIME YOU`VE WATCHED: Add few sentences do describe your experience. >shitty plot wit…[View]
248499313Kimetsu no Yaiba: Man with a Mission x Milet will perform the opening theme for S3. More news soon…[View]
248495479BOING BOING BOING[View]
248491228Chainsaw Man: Relish in War.[View]
248496527So now that the dust has settled what was the point of this panel?[View]
248494729Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 39 - For Whom the Bell Tolls Previous Chapter (38): >>2484529…[View]
248497784Would you read a reversed senko-san that is all about a human boy with too much free time being orde…[View]
248499035ITT: Jobbers: post em[View]
248492775ITT: Describe Creators.: Isayama: Wants to 'hurt' readers through subversion but is too autistic to …[View]
248470350Bocchi the Rock: It's time to move on Bocchi is fucking dead[View]
248497103>Her hobbies are all sorts of games and tokusatsu If being a serial killer is not a reason to rap…[View]
248496605Why can't normalfags understand that there is no good live action anime? Are they insane?[View]
248498367/mu/‘s favourite anime: 1. NGE 2. Lain 3. FLCL 4. Bebop 5. Utena[View]
248486949Okaeri Alice: >we're in the age of diversity Is modern Japan really like this?…[View]
248491502>t-that’s impossible! >no one has ever penetrated Gaara’s defenses! No one’s trued used lightn…[View]
248496517Shonen manga have some of the best stories ever written and you need to stop pretending they don…[View]
248491146ITT:: Examples of very minor/background characters in the source material (manga,novel) that are maj…[View]
248493889Hayasaka Ai is the best girl: and that's that[View]
248494691Do girls like Stocking who love ugly rude guys who fart a lot and smell bad really exist?[View]
248487633Was the point of this show to piss you off? Did Virgin-Kun really have to live up to his name as acc…[View]
248479674Daily Jitsu wa Watashi wa: Chapter 5: Let's Listen To The Class Earnestly! Chapters 1, 2, 3,4 …[View]
248489732YuYu Hakusho Storytime: Its been over a year since the last storytime and I think we're due for…[View]
248485592Eromanga Sensei: What did /a/ think of Eromanga Sensei? I somehow watched Eromanga Sensei to complet…[View]
248497496Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni: Thoughts on the manga? I know they already released an anime film for it, …[View]
248469888Bofuri/Max Defense: >super HP that can still survive a core nuke explosion skill, also whole body…[View]
248491277Regarding Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Wasn't it her mother's fault? Gloria got him into the sa…[View]
248483478Pages that made you laugh hard?[View]
248478796Best Day. Best Girl.[View]
248497109Was Ogami the father of the battle harem genre?[View]
248479299Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team: Since another anon is storytiming the main manga …[View]
248380027>The Big Titty Tomboy Name a better Jungian archetype[View]
248486252Have you read this masterpiece?[View]
248493441>more than 50 seen anime >can't remember most of their directors aside from big names li…[View]
248491884What has happened to fate[View]
248461729What should an isekai MC do when the girl who he wants to die with no longer wants to be with him an…[View]
248428076>Haha look guys, I have a severe personality disorder that cripples my life and causes me to be d…[View]
248481135>decide to star bocchi after weeks of /a/ shilling it >pretty fun good laughs >episode 3 …[View]
248472016Uma Musume Cinderella Gray: dumping this week's raws[View]
248488485Why does she make me so hard bros? I just want to TEAR into her AHH[View]
248441976ITT: Characters (You) can unironically beat[View]
248493369Can I get away with binging the manga chapters the anime adapts before watching the movie or does th…[View]
248492725Does anyone else have an obscure waifu or husbando?[View]
248436352One page thread: Hard mode the manga you post has to either be completed or have at least 100 chapte…[View]
248374592Shingeki no Kyojin: Who is the most well written character and why is it Floch?[View]
248461951Spy Classroom: new episode today[View]
248487640why she smug[View]
248485809who the fuck is elfen and what lie he told?[View]
248490820Lupin III: Going through the show for the first time. They were really gunning for that Italian audi…[View]
248488183What did Garterbelt mean by this exactly?[View]
248492117A series about romance between two person is one thing, but a series about a married people is more …[View]
248483338HS precure: How far does the infinite sky reach? Is Sora's home beyond the horizon?[View]
248469660What the fuck was his problem?[View]
248490080For anyone who played the Genshin game. Does it actually deserve to be turn into an anime series?[View]
248485788The Magical World of CloverWorks: They officially can no longer be stopped. But how much longer can …[View]
248467853The JOJOLands: After a long break, Part 9 finally begins this month. Are you excited? Do you expect …[View]
248483844many anons will talk about girls and say 'I can fix her' but for her? I WILL fix her[View]
248485427Daily Battle Angel Alita / GUNNM Storytime: CHAPTER 28: With Avatar The Way Of Water becoming a succ…[View]
248492432Has an anime ever scared you, for real?[View]
248480651Ok guys this needs to stop. I've seen a lot of shit anime adaptations but never seen a director…[View]
248491036She's so pure, she didn't deserve any of that but I'm glad she's happy ;_;[View]
248488309golgo 13: >anime used to be about assassinating high value targets and having sex with hot women …[View]
248491903Chizuru: Love[View]
248486784Kimetsu no Yaiba: The special movie premiere soon. There will be a special program about the world t…[View]
248480071Who is your favorite Kloli character, /a/?[View]
248473101Dragon Ball Super: If Toriyama wanted so badly to make Gohan the new protagonist why did he make his…[View]
248487664Anime has been downhill ever since dandy ended[View]
248480172Why is she so sexual?[View]
248487581Chainsaw Man: Fujimoto WILL make them fuck.[View]
248481177Freeza: Gets away with multiple genocides Mayuri: Gets away with torturing civilians Ceasar Clown: G…[View]
248479481Wataten: I want to squeeze Mya-Nee's tummy[View]
248490593What’s the deal with foxes in Anime & Manga?[View]
248486376Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 31: Welcome back, everyone Today, Ms Berlitz and her bodyguards/Dia…[View]
248487017So now that we're a few episodes into everything, who's the smelliest girl of the season?[View]
248484576Was there any way L could have won?[View]
248446501Ruri Dragon: https://twitter.com/SHINDO_MASAOKI/status/1620951383364243457 >復帰のご報告ができるよう少しずつ進んでいま…[View]
248487356The queens of /a/[View]
248479274She didn't say that.[View]
248459362Gundam: Witch from Mercury: I will kill or die for Miorine.[View]
248463563What does /a/ think of Tsuraneko?[View]
248454139Pokemon Adventures DP talkback: How are you liking our new protagonists so far?[View]
248485903Would you eat Yor's cooking?[View]
248487536why is she so hated in asian community?[View]
248482919I don't understand the 'moralfag' insult. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing the righ…[View]
248487880This was from 1999, is it accurate?[View]
248356514Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Greens are based.[View]
248479589A goddess must be graceful[View]
248487454It looks like Nights with a Cat is over since a few weeks...[View]
248477437This is never going to end, isn't it Last season had 3 fights This season had 2 fights Next sea…[View]
248480630How come Spy x Family is so succesful?: Nothing really happens. They force MC too much to be as cute…[View]
248481252Chainsaw Man: Could you handle two Powers?[View]
248473139One Piece: What was the point of making Law a girl for 4 panels?[View]
248490607MY WIFE MOMOKO[View]
248487378The Ravage of Times: Would be a good idea to start a storytime?[View]
248479068I think Satsuki's big fat bushy eyebrows and incredibly beautiful and erotic.[View]
248485730What's your hot take on Orbital Children? I found it more digestible than Denno Coil[View]
248486966What makes hair in Schwarzesmarken so good?: Seriously, it tingles my aesthetic sense more than usua…[View]
248443505Jujutsu kaisen: yyyyeeaa.. Its like that[View]
248483231Debby the Corsifa wa Makezugirai: Debby is retarded[View]
248485813Why did Araki do it?[View]
248479601>The rapey love interest saves the protagonist from other rapey people and makes a strong 'only I…[View]
248469598Does /a/ like tall women?[View]
248478477watch his anime[View]
248475270Favorite anime opening? https://youtu.be/ijs6yJDGm5A[View]
248482338>show is about a psychic kid who wants to earn his achievements through hard work >owes all of…[View]
248475295Why isnt this kind of catgirl more popular in anime and manga?[View]
248483198Is Guts low test? Why didn't he fuck her?[View]
248410815Buyfag thread: cute red[View]
248459584ITT martial arts I love Kengan Asura+Omega so much, bros. It's the piece of media that has the …[View]
248477698Anon, be careful, it's flying towards you![View]
248426445Tsurune: it's up, get in here fags[View]
248484831The year is 2023 and VCL still sucks dick.[View]
248466062Ojamajo Doremi: Do NOT interrupt the chidol while she is ramen.[View]
248485380Rainbow girls: Who is/was your rainbow girl[View]
248485331Inukai Thread: Today the PLOT and actual plot advanced. Inukaibros... I think Usagi is the real main…[View]
248449142Oshi no Ko: Last thread got archived. Just more prove kanafags are delusional.[View]
248482815Daily Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ou to Souheiki no Himegimi Chapter: What was your reaction when r…[View]
248478483>Chainsaw Man 1st week BD/DVD sales for volume 1 stalled at 1735 Chainsaw bros...how did we lose …[View]
248468646This is the best maid.[View]
248483289For the past years I've been watching a lot of yaoi and every time it ends I feel like a loved …[View]
248471821Write an anime plot and draw your main character in MS paint[View]
248464385Manga release schedule: How do you guys like it ? Monthly , bi monthly or weekly ?[View]
248456261first anime that uses AI (backgrounds) we /future/ now[View]
248480434Natsume Arata is getting married daily chapter 20: Last time Arata realized that serial killers have…[View]
248474578Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: These are Mahiro's cute blue panties. Aren't they cute? The anime n…[View]
248481278Why do I have the desire to choke Kaos with her braids? Why do I want to abuse her so bad?[View]
248483384Kimetsu no Yaiba: New voice cast for the remaining UMs Kokushibou - Ryotaro Okiayu Hatengu - Toshi…[View]
248474304Bocchi the Rock!: This is the last Bocchi thread.[View]
248480611Fist of the North Star: Post-Apocalyptic Live-Action Filming Arc: https://comic-zenon.com/episode/32…[View]
248482698Tawawa is a fantastic series for two very big reasons[View]
24847963945 years old.[View]
248470459Ookiyuki no Kaina: Are there really just two people watching this?[View]
248446061What were they thinking with the new Trigun[View]
248423872there should be more armpit fetish manga[View]
248466635Inu ni nattara: New ep Manga translations are back[View]
248475727VA drama incoming: Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Dub Casting Prompts Discussion Over Suletta Role …[View]
248480329Yujiro Baki: We all know Baki is pretty gay, but BECAUSE it's so gay it made me delve into some…[View]
248398527Daily Dorohedoro Chapter: Chapter 38, 39: >>248319586 Chapter 40 Please refrain from posting s…[View]
248474783Black Rock Shooter, where did you go?[View]
248480466Thoughts on overalls in Anime & Manga?[View]
248479984Daily GS/Ghost Sweeper Mikami Storytime: Chapter 46:If Life gives you lemons. Make Lemonade! (Part 4…[View]
248462447Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Storytime: There are 28 volumes of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo now fully translated. There a…[View]
248477331Chainsaw Man: philosophical implications[View]
248477296Gunsmith Cats: When you see it...[View]
248472731nyo: nyo[View]
248472965why haven't you read claymore yet?[View]
248470373Precure: PRENEWS: -Cure Wing is actually a boy, the first for a main character. -Cure Butterfly is 1…[View]
248417261BLEACH:: Kubo's new banner art for BLEACH 22nd is... The poster boy of the series himself, Ichi…[View]
248480165Am I the only one who read this?[View]
248467908Dumb Prefect: >the double JUST[View]
248478007What's the point of watching a anime if you know you're fated to lose from the beginning?[View]
248468059What the fuck am I even reading?[View]
248408402Daily Battle Angel Alita / GUNNM Storytime: CHAPTER 26: With Avatar The Way Of Water becoming a succ…[View]
248465174your delivery is here /a/[View]
248478226Yuru Yuri: I'm going to wrap my arms around Hanako's cute lil nakey loli body.[View]
248478174To your eternity 2nd part: Why was the 2nd part ending such garbage? It was like the mangaka tried …[View]
248479526blu ray torrents: Where would I download lucky start or other anime at blu ray quality? I got way to…[View]
248474070>10 years in the making Why it failed so hard? Lost in sells against JJK and Kimetsu. The arc is …[View]
248473800Rate this character 1-10 Also boruto thread:[View]
248478812Does your favorite dental cleaning product get anime style fan art?[View]
248445913Why did the Chansaw Man Anime flop where Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen succeeded? What's …[View]
248476280Don't be like Ozu. Eat your vegetables.[View]
248470557Solo Leveling: The greatest generic manhwa of all time. How bad are they going to butcher the anime?…[View]
248478338is this a factual statement?[View]
248475725Anis will become a demon lord and Euphie will have to take her out What a tragic story[View]
248472645>Be me >Watching K-On! for the first time >Not understand why people say it's racist …[View]
248477707i wish we had more good fantasy manga/anime with good worldbuilding also i dont like[View]
248477520GitS:SAC_2045: Yes I'd have preferred 2D too but GitS:SAC_2045 isn't actually that bad onc…[View]
248378396Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: The subs are out.[View]
248461856Kimetsu no Yaiba: Gakuen 18 TL https://imgur.com/a/bbpkWhR https://mangadex.org/chapter/e9a02b83-b63…[View]
248475163What anime are you anons watching this season and how would you rank them? For me it's Misfit o…[View]
248468740unique interesting manga 0 threads almost always gets dropped by translators: I'm so tired of t…[View]
248473723If Naruto didn’t have friends then why are there flashbacks of him playing with Shikamaru and Choji?[View]
248475186>Naruto opening >Sakura is crying again[View]
248465782Dragon Ball Super: Would Buu Arc Bejitto have beaten Janemba?[View]
248474338Gentlemen, how do we save ojou-samas? They are an endangered species.[View]
248416089Edens Zero 225: Chapter out[View]
248473176Chainsaw Man Part 2: Do you feel robbed that we didn't get to see more of tiny Nayuta and Denji…[View]
248468882Asuka is best girl she is so much better than Rei. Just imagine isekaing yourself as Pen Pen.[View]
248474160At this point i'm ready to give up so please help me anons So something like 8-10 years ago i r…[View]
248476607It's that time of the year: All I want from this board is for everyone to be on their best beha…[View]
248464718A manga shouldn't be so addicting to read, right? I never felt pain waiting for translated chap…[View]
248463433What is Rin's greatest feat?[View]
248473845Nagatoro loves Lomo Saltado[View]
248472929name a better OP[View]
248370177Rosen Garten Saga Chapter 36: UOHHHH Kay[View]
248474261Japanese '''humor''': >haha wouldn't it be funny if i became a dog? >and if a cute girl a…[View]
248397342Daily Jitsu wa Watashi wa Storytime: Back by popular demand! Today, January 31st, marks tens years s…[View]
248475556>tfw no murder demon mommy gf[View]
248465264Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong? The humans or the shiki?[View]
248475180Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
248466773Can we make Kate relevant again?[View]
248474475How strong would this Bardock be?[View]
248474059What made Sakura so iconic?[View]
248474332Best opening of the season: Highest Highest I’m going on〜[View]
248465332Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: How was the episode?[View]
248460077Bocchi The Rock!: You thought it was over?[View]
248474403Why are zoomers afraid of a little blood here and there? Are they so insecure they're afraid of…[View]
248474532The Greatest Battle In Naruto: Now that the dust has settled, who REALLY wins this matchup?[View]
248466789unf, i'm salivating[View]
248464719What is Elaina's ethnicity?[View]
248474064a weird way anime changed me: I have been insulted by my parents and bullied by my peers for my clum…[View]
248473909Did you know that you can seduce any man by dressing up as a maid and calling him onii-chan?[View]
248437182Chainsaw man is just a poor man’s High School DxD[View]
248445181Can art and character designs save a horrible story for you?[View]
248473839What do you think of Season 4 of kino Scissor seven?[View]
248462036ITT: Anime that sold more than CSM[View]
248467281Was she in the right here, or is this just a total bullshit claim?[View]
248467902Chainsaw Man: A daring synthesis[View]
248435105With the 3-Episode Rule being basically defunct with its innumerable counter-examples, how do we fil…[View]
248469507Why doesn't Conan just rape Amuro?[View]
248472785Is it true that there will be no season 2 of chainsaw man because japs didnt buy the anime? What the…[View]
248460536One Piece: 'Mugiwara, I've come to bargain.'[View]
248438421Nagatoro: Christmas and New Years shrine visit episode in two days. Honestly every new episode has b…[View]
248473317Seriously, what did the author mean by this?[View]
248423751Watamote chapter 213 part 1: 2chan: わたモテスレ https://futapo.futakuro.com/#server=may_b&mode=6_0…[View]
248471446They don't make OVAs like these anymore[View]
248458680What is MHA's secret? The idea of this manga is not even original.[View]
248112152Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
248471977Miria, Arisu and Koharu look so cute wearing these.[View]
248471305I love when they animate little clips of wild animals in transitional scenes. Do they still do this?…[View]
248372275>lies to Naruto telling her she loves him instead of Sasuke >Sai comes and tells Naruto the ko…[View]
248462740Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Do you think Sasuke will redeem himself after how useless he was ag…[View]
248450439Twelve years later, does it hold up?[View]
248399996Daily Fullmetal Alchemist chapter: Chapter 37: The Body of a Criminal >>248360054[View]
248469843Sayonara Watashi no Cramer: I started reading this, but I can't keep going without knowing. Who…[View]
248471167Mami is back in no selling out merch: https://twitter.com/BLACK_WING2121/status/1621103299205427204 …[View]
248472042The big 3[View]
248461353It ends in a fucking fight scene?[View]
248471758Since Buddha is stronger than Ultimate Ones, and could literally one shot ort, why didn’t he help be…[View]
248453263I just wanted Shinji and Rei to be together.: I just wanted to see them marry, raise beautiful child…[View]
248472333chloe: chloe[View]
248436850Kanojo mo Kanojo: Shino is finally kanojo, doomfags btfo[View]
248468036ONIMAI - Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: FIRST FOR ASAHI[View]
248471755How I'm supposed to self insert here? Where's my handsome overpowered Isekai Hero?[View]
248459454>29 days until Snk breaks the internet[View]
248461122Technoroid: Overmind: Nobody cares about this anymore? A cat died and it was pretty sad.[View]
248458582Who can stop her?[View]
248458627Chainsaw man sales: What went wrong?[View]
248464705Birdiebros soon[View]
248425205Ooyukiumi no Kaina ep 4 thead[View]
248468998Blue Lock: Soon.[View]
248461186Precure: If you haven't heard the news: Cure Butterfly is 18 years old! That means she's a…[View]
248465006What's the reason this ship was so extremely enjoyable despite having zero chemistry and coming…[View]
248461846It's time to stop pretending Dragon Ball isn't the most influential anime/manga of all-tim…[View]
248458335Chainsaw Man: Twintails Power. Do you like?[View]
248461151Spy x Family: >No Spy x Family thread Anya is displeased. How could you treat her like this?…[View]
248467802My Hero Academy' is a gay manga?: MC's relationship with that violent schoolyard asshole has me…[View]
248466322Manga We Want To See Animated 2023 ranking: Last day to vote https://www.anime-japan.jp/entertainmen…[View]
248465056If Spike is the Space Cowboy and Ed is the Space Cowgirl, then who is Faye?[View]
248450675Can't watch Bocchi: Just watched ep1 of Bocchi and it was a tough watch. Just wanted to ask, do…[View]
248467703Bofuri: >Gunbuster reference SL confirmed for bros.[View]
248463411Is Yo actually going to transition?[View]
248467620Animerica / Anime magazine: Does anyone know of anyone who is or has scanned Animerica or other anim…[View]
248464908How did chink shit like this become so popular?[View]
248467278Flophanbros... not like this...[View]
248442906Kage no Jitsu/Eminince in Shadow: It's official, Beatrix is the new best girl.[View]
248422496Jerking to ecchi: Have you ever actually fapped to an ecchi anime? The only time I had enough urges …[View]
248462494Need a Mikadono-san anime[View]
248463267Make My Day: All 8 episode is out, what ever it is about. Does anyone watch it already?[View]
248461869>middle schooler >12-14 years old >developed Why is anime so full of shit?…[View]
248466428>Last translation >5 months ago >6/50+ chapters Can someone spoil this for me…[View]
248463018ITT: anime you need a lot of emotional depth/maturity to like[View]
248443682Daily Joshiraku Chapter: Chapter 13: A Curious Ass AKA, the chapter you all've been waiting for…[View]
248461587The Problem with Gons Character: Hunter x Hunter: HxH fans act like Gon is an amazing protagonist wh…[View]
248460932Blue Period: The fuck am I reading?[View]
248435698Princess Connect: Yabai desu ne![View]
248443672Now I want a Dantalian no Shoka thread in 2023! Gosick and UN-GO are welcomed too because MYSTERY…[View]
248427887>[Isekai] Futoku no Guild Volume 2 (Immoral Guild) (BD 1080p AVC FLAC) (Director's Cut Exten…[View]
248447221Dragon Ball Super: Why didn't Zangya use the full power form, it would've helped her again…[View]
248457808This is shit! 15 chapter's to resolve the issue. From being the first of the new humans and bec…[View]
248465675Kino P/a/nels: Post the most kino manga panels/novel text/anime frame you have ever seen.[View]
248462824Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid: New PV and KV for season 2. Does anyone care? https://youtu.be/ZslqF…[View]
248449979Boy's Abyss 123: Dumping chapter[View]
248460578why is she so horny?[View]
248460821when will all anime be at this level of quality? is no one else able to tell how stiff the character…[View]
248432571Onii-chan wa Oshimai!: Does this anime have the best eyecatches ever?[View]
248456799>it's a there is no ED and the scene keeps rolling with the song in the background episode…[View]
248445124Edgy genre: What happened to the edgy genre? Feels like age since we got an anime with tons of gore …[View]
248461971how come dragons always turn into cute girls but not the other way around?[View]
248459888what's her deal[View]
248460004>netflix releases a 3d ''''anime'''' in the literal year 2023 >it looks like this HOW???????…[View]
248420797Bofuri: Imagine having a VRMMO collecting the measurements of teens and adolescent girls across the …[View]
248460367Yu-Gi-Oh!: I BERIEVE IN EGAO![View]
248402992Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Name their fight club.[View]
248463961Nayuta Kani: > Knows you're a degenerate and loves you anyway, accepts you for who you are\ …[View]
248462702Is Bocchi an emotional person?[View]
248463769I like her now: 'Some of you guys are all right. Don't go to school tomorrow if you are in nort…[View]
248459240Would you fuck hunter-gatherer homo sapien pussy?[View]
248461025IDOLY PRIDE Idols Voice actors: Make an idol animation and idol game. Let va become an idol like the…[View]
248461827Why's Misuzu so hot?[View]
248461246Fullmetal Alchemist's director, Seiji Mizushima, about the anime industry's overproduction…[View]
248463086>mfw watching The World God Only Knows but there's no The World Science Only Knows…[View]
248432183Psychiatry appointment with Dr. Forger: Hello, Anon. What brings you in today?[View]
248461834I don't get it. Why am I supposed to feel bad about this guy? >he suffers abuse He hangs aro…[View]
248456759Jojolion is the best part and it's not even close[View]
248462788Kantai Collection: None of these production issues would have occurred if they just included Ro in t…[View]
248453354One Piece: Another week, another break. Have you been enjoying Egghead Island?[View]
248449834Paripi Koumei: You know what? Fuck you, I liked it. Plus, let's be real, the OP alone is more m…[View]
248458392Most of these guys who get hit by a truck are actually comatose in hospital, right?[View]
248459618Null Peta: Why did /a/ forget about Null Peta? It was a fun and original little series.[View]
248458381now that the dust has settled... is food wars good worth watching?[View]
248458535Farmland Saga: Has there ever been a bigger difference in the reception of two seasons of the same a…[View]
248459743ITT: Creators, summarized.: Ideally you should show some understanding of their works as opposed to …[View]
248445382YuYu Hakusho Storytime: Its been over a year since the last storytime and I think we're due for…[View]
248458699Hackimoto can't even properly position his doodles on a background drawn by his talanted assist…[View]
248462083I don't understand the Infected storyline: Why was the t-back girl so plump in the rump?[View]
248407097all memes aside, it's not that bad. The manga has a pretty big following so how did it fail so …[View]
248459174I LOVE THIS BRAT[View]
248455713Work Stations: Mangaka, Illustrators, Animators doesnt matter just post em. I dont remember what m…[View]
248446627Are JKs really that special?[View]
248457245Whats your honest opinion on AoT? Absolute sincere opinion, no meme hate because of the finale, how …[View]
248461657Dai Dark - Bone 36: Who will prevail in the conflict of Light and Darkness, Sanko Death or Shineligh…[View]
248448230Kaguya-sama Movie: Look at this small adorable creature I hope I can get tickets where I'm at…[View]
248459816Space Cobra: So this is Space Cobra ... not bad[View]
248456055pick one[View]
248458957MHA: What went so fucking wrong?[View]
248458401What's next for Akame ? Her manga was recently axed and Takahiro is too busy with other series …[View]
248460085Why didn't she simply wish for an infinite energy source?[View]
248427181>crop rotation >potato >rice Why do japanese isekai MCs focus on agriculture so much, inste…[View]
248459707Whyy did Naruto do it[View]
248460784Re:zero: Happy Birthday my wife Rem[View]
248434905Wataten: Why can't March come sooner? I need to see more Flabby Mya-Nee Kino now[View]
248433873Underappreciated winter anime.: Thoughts on Kaina of the great snow sea? Only 3 episodes out but it …[View]
248458824By far the best OP of the season.[View]
248451802how can anyone like this piece of crap? it's all style over substance, edgy for the sake of bei…[View]
248434308>the girl is the aggressive one in the relationship[View]
248459495if Route: Is it really the right choice to turn your work into a multi-route like a Galgame with mul…[View]
248456542Does /a/ like loli butt?[View]
248458031Intros you do not skip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSNgJTx1Q7U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F…[View]
248458945Baki Hanma HEIGHT: Officially he's 5'6'. I'm 5'6'. I look shorter than this. He …[View]
248458156Steins;Gate: it will stay forever as the best anime of all time, won't it? looking at stuff rel…[View]
248440992>the first episode of To Aru Majutsu no Index debuted 15 years ago what the fuck…[View]
248427890What was her favourite type of candy?[View]
248458282ITT: Anime with good fight choreography. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2vDD9FFCVE[View]
248442642>character says 'baka' >subtitle 'retard!'…[View]
248455465did the mc ended up with a girl or his friend?[View]
248454692Be honest: Would you?[View]
248455574She looks like someone that could beat you up in a fight.[View]
248433441Daily Angel Densetsu: Act 29: Meeting With the Devil[View]
248459091Code Geass: Could he work as the main hero of R2 who plays the role of Shinn Asuka against Suzaku…[View]
248452004Precure: How does this make you feel? https://www.oricon.co.jp/news/2266163/full/[View]
248452973Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 38 - Pirate Crew Previous Chapter (37): >>248413219 The Begin…[View]
248457141Best shonen magazine on the market right now. t.totally not fujo[View]
248440105itt pure and innocent anime girls[View]
248437116ITT: Obvious Ryonabait Characters: Now that the injuries have healed, can we all agree that Akari de…[View]
248433278Which GJ would you bu?[View]
248456917Which catgegory does /a/ prefer?[View]
248370767Spy x Family: >Has a fetish for murder in the first few chapters >Character trait is never bro…[View]
248436855Gundam: Witch from Mercury: Does Miorine deserve to marry Suletta?[View]
248455235White Album 2: Can someone explain to me why the polygamy ending wasn't allowed? Setsuna would…[View]
248457522anime without fanservice is no anime at all. why don't you post some?[View]
248455067[Sad News] Chainsaw Man Sales Put the Anime's Success Under Scrutiny: The information comes fro…[View]
248431357Bungou Stray Dogs 5: >Why and how did Ranpo find the hidden manuscript page in the first place …[View]
248456874Magu-chan author is doing a new one-shot![View]
248450730Chainsaw Man: What was even the point of Yuko? Nothing she did mattered.[View]
248432497Bocchi the Rock!: Marry Seika.[View]
248434595Tensei Oujo to Tensai Reijou no Mahou Kakumei: Do drugs kids.[View]
248457362He was based AND funny[View]
248455840Anime where the dub >>> sub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wgpylv6-Ys[View]
248451280Which K-ON would be the best fuck?[View]
248433944Lum has interesting taste in men.[View]
248457789make my day: it's out![View]
248456859Re:Zero: Original or Director's cut. Which do you prefer?[View]
248436213What the FUCK was that ending? What the fuck? >zero closure on the war, Yang dies lol congrats y…[View]
248445464JOJOLANDS: The general trend with parts pre-SBR was that the odd numbered parts had the worst jojos …[View]
248383261Ojamajo Doremi: Fun fact: Hazuki is very cute.[View]
248457114There's nothing wrong with Powercreep.[View]
248445512Okaeri Alice: I'm sick of all of the baiting and shitposting. Can't we just have one norm…[View]
248428218Weekly Young JUMP 2023 #10 ToC: >Shin Kamen Rider -Shocker Side- (Lead Color Page) >Oshi no Ko…[View]
248455364Record of Ragnarok: >performs weird body horror shit in-between rounds >known for being a grea…[View]
248447751What if Mami gf?[View]
248455757I don't understand anything I saw[View]
248444671Why is there way less ultra-violent and over the top gory shows these days? I wanna see brains and i…[View]
248456093First timer here Besides the filler im enjoying the series alot, on the contrary with most the opini…[View]
248452138Well /a/ man, which will you choose?[View]
248445640Do you have a crush on Mahiru or does she not really do it for you romantically?[View]
248447116Just finished Noein, was really fucking good. Honestly my new favourite show.[View]
248437623Natsume Arata is getting married daily chapter 19: Last time arata officially got married to his ser…[View]
2484338462022 Screencaps: Dumping screencaps that I took through the year of 2022 watching anime and the like…[View]
248451413Manga/Light Novel that you don't understand why it doesn't have an english license: For me…[View]
248454768Stop posting AI art[View]
248437937Daily Yume No Crayon Oukoku Chapter: I Found you Shinigami! Chapter 4[View]
248451077[sad news] Chainsaw Man fans fear for anime’s future due to troubling sales statistics: While Chains…[View]
248422065Diabolik Lovers would be better if Yui were around 24 years old and sent there as their private teac…[View]
248452015Digimon Ghost Game: This guy fugged his beyonce´s dead corpse What do you think about it?.[View]
248441399One Piece: Break week nearly done.[View]
248449688Finally got around to this masterpiece. Fuck the duck until exploded.[View]
248449535Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 30-Continued: Continuing from >>248444527[View]
248448094these isekai titles are getting out of hand[View]
248451398just started pic related why do all the goons have bad plot aim?[View]
248446166>first episode >main character wakes up on time, calmly gets dressed, eats their toast and arr…[View]
248441933Wasted character compared to Tsunade.[View]
248444341it's not fucking fair how does one get a cute black gf?[View]
248443149In my humble opinion, Ranma 1/2 is Rumiko's best work, I sure hope it never gets a censored rem…[View]
248447133>/a/ recommends me a manga >It's actually good Thanks /a/…[View]
248444729Precure: Precure is going to have its first male magical girl, Cure Wing is confirmed to be a boy. H…[View]
248450850You ARE taking care of your body aren't you anon?: You wouldn't want the civilization of a…[View]
248429689Did Naruto go too far with powercreep?[View]
248427505Mangaka's who cameo characters from their previous works: Stuff like this or arale in dragon ba…[View]
248449208How many anime do you have in your backlog? 700 here.[View]
248438062Are you reading Katsuwo's new manga, /a/? It has brown Bocchi[View]
248451071*breathes in* AH![View]
248451270Hyouken no Majutsushi: Episode 5 soon. Are you ready to conduct Environmental Research?[View]
248448010If I was 25 episodes into an anime and it revealed it was an isekai as a plot twist I would drop it …[View]
248446611DBS Chapter 90: Drafts for chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super, picking up where things were left off la…[View]
248448390Technoroid Overmind: Am I the only one watching this? Not sure what to make of it quite yet but I do…[View]
248441400There is also a hole in the student council: Translations are back. Chapter is just two dudes hangin…[View]
248449479Watched this after that one anon storytimed the comic on /co/. I thought it was smart that they made…[View]
248408526Tomo-chan Is A Girl!: Fuck Tomo, I love Carol[View]
248444569Chainsawman: You are only allowed to post lingerie[View]
248445446Anyone's thoughts on Claymore?[View]
248426143>mogs every romcom MC with FACTS and LOGIC[View]
248449962my wife momoko! considering i posted daily since december 28th, this makes it the 35th post[View]
248446563>Reiji, my Reiji >Just a crumb of your attention, Reiji >That's all I'm asking of…[View]
248447402neferpitou: sexy girl (female) cat[View]
248438399manga is so much better than anime its unreal[View]
248444427Which one of the Big 3 has the best Heroine?[View]
248349323Re:Zero: What would have happened in the story if the Witch Cult never attacked the Oni village? Wou…[View]
248444527Pokemon Adventures Storytime Vol 30: Welcome back, everyone Today, the moment you guys were all wait…[View]
248407140Futanari no Elf: It's out[View]
248445825Please answer truthfully.[View]
248441172Chiramune: Why is this shit so popular in Japan? I tried reading the first volume but everyone'…[View]
248437243Why is this little retard so adorable?[View]
248423802Chainsaw Man Anime has failed: How can anyone still defend the shit adaption now?[View]
248435495Fumetsu no Anata To Your Eternity: To Your Eternity/Fumetsu no Anata chapter 166.2 'The Wishing Worl…[View]
248419162Muv Luv: I don't see Muv Luv mentioned much here. Any other Sumika chads out there?[View]
248396590Boku no Hero Academia: Horikoshi said Mr. Compress will come back. I doubt this arc will end this ye…[View]
248446198Katanagatari: So would their kids have been half human half sword? That sounds like an unpleasant bi…[View]
248443614Bakemonogatari: What am I in for?[View]
248445765>is the best anime of all time Can anyone else compete?[View]
248445370Kaiko sareta Ankoku Heishi (30-dai) no Slow na Second Life: How are you liking Gintoki but in a fant…[View]
248443824Has you're waifu accepted to be your valentine yet?[View]
248440395Daily Shina Dark - Kuroki Tsuki no Ou to Souheiki no Himegimi Chapter: What was your reaction when r…[View]
248442513Where were you the day Vamiriocoin went bankrupt: >no knife ears >knew him longer >not lol…[View]
248427649Will AI revitalize the animation industry?: >As an experimental effort to help the anime industry…[View]
248442216Food Anime: What's your favorite anime where traditional Japanese food and cooking are prominen…[View]
248444189I like strong girls and I cannot lie[View]
248433213Which studio should adapt DANDADAN into an anime?[View]
248440305Can AI dub anime now?: I'm a casual anime viewer and have watched this comfy dub of like 135 ep…[View]
248443291DAILY GOLDEN KAMUY: ch 25 YUK[View]
248443203Leave Kazuma to me.[View]
248429885Mom Thread: It's time to appreciate older women. Who are the best moms in Anime & Manga?…[View]
248439221Chainsawman: You are only allowed to post maids[View]
248443568Why was she afraid?: I'm reading part 2 again and I wonder why was Reze afraid of that guy? Why…[View]
248443852Weekly Shonen Magazine 2023 #09 TOC[View]
248391845Oshi no Ko: Korean scans out - https://manatoki216.net/comic/14954948 It's a Kana friendzones A…[View]
248425334I hate this bitch so bad but she's right.[View]
248437719Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
248440161So let me get this straight >JJK SHIBUYA >Lots of stakes, built up tension and only 50 chapter…[View]
248443924Thoughts on Tetsuya Nishio? He's an animator known for Naruto, Ghost in the Shell SAC, The Sky …[View]
248443812Lupin Zero: I had my doubts. But it's actually fucking great. Love it.[View]
248439533>whole series build up of him trying not to be a jobber >culminates in him getting 1 shot wh…[View]
248439569Calm down /a/, and have some snackers.[View]
248428694What Do I Think of The Vinland Saga anime?: What do I think of the Vinland Saga anime? And what do I…[View]
248392843Daily Kin no Tamago chapter: Chapter 16: A Serious Newcomer Appears[View]
248418559Which anime has the best OST?[View]
248439838>The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady Holy shit that…[View]
248443199Tsubasa: Why?[View]
248432073Is boxing really that fucked? In any other sport winning a championship like that would set you for …[View]
248438038Daily GS/Ghost Sweeper Mikami Storytime: Chapter 45:If Life gives you lemons. Make Lemonade! (Part 3…[View]
248441314i tried to watch paprika on acid: i did 900 micrograms of acid and watched paprika i will say one th…[View]
248442387Katawa: (Not a regular anymore (lurked like 10 years ago, so sry if common knowledge)) but anyone re…[View]
248438312The episode of reckoning will be upon us soon Nagabros, are you ready for the final suck/kiss/[View]
248443051the first rule of being a Naruto fan is that you talk about Naruto, the second rule of being a Narut…[View]
248433553Favourite animu fights: Just post scenes that you like. This one holds a special place in my heart, …[View]
248442437new chapter when[View]
248436091I saw that the first one is a remake of Frontier? Should I watch the Frontier series before both of …[View]
248416810Boy's Abyss: Chapter dropping later. Do we have spoilers yet?[View]
248441016What the hell was Sunrise thinking with the World of C subplot? This was some weird Eva Instrumental…[View]
248376839Kubo-san: >Kana Hanazawa voicing the FeMC >that sweet and relaxing HanaKana voice This feels l…[View]
248426178Do you prefer kill la kill or tengen toppa gurren lagann?[View]
248432831Anime mother: Will there be another MILF like Mamako and Rinko Iori this year?[View]
248434711The future is AI.[View]
2484352921 out of 10 anons are suddenly lolicons in /a/, what caused this change? Who is the modern loli that…[View]
248401646Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!: Hey Anon I noticed you didn't make a thread. Claire-sama …[View]
248434802Is this the correct way to greet a girl you know nothing about?[View]
248440112Black Clover: New chapter leaks soon?[View]
248436941Gundam: Witch from Mercury: hug your chuchu[View]
248429424Animes with jewish characters: How many animes with jewish characters can you name? I'll start:…[View]
248429343POSITION ZERO[View]
248427535What causes a character to become NTR bait?[View]
248433040The virgin male isekai protag vs the chad female isekai protag: Male >Never had a girlfriend >…[View]
248439951Should there be more female protagonists in Battle Shounen?[View]
248420394Scanlation thread: What are you working on?[View]
248437316It's because she is not human anon?[View]
248432087>The op isn't sung by the seiyuu[View]
248384017Yofukashi no Uta/Call of the Night 158: Back with more Mahiru and Kiku backstory. Some cute Kikus al…[View]
248434080Sakura's naked body was put on TV for all the world to see.[View]
248423919Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: New raw chapter out, dumping it now. Iruma threads die rather quickly these…[View]
248442360how's this character archetype called? lolimbo cunnymbo?[View]
248416815Kengan omega: 6 hours to chapter and no thread? What killed the hype?[View]
248439788Sand Land: Discuss Sunrise's upcoming adaptation of Akira Toriyama's manga Sand Land…[View]
248435260They've been living off VEG money for years now. How long cant hey keep this up?[View]
248430048Bocchita la rockerita FUCK YEAH MADAFAKA![View]
248432688Chainsaw Man: Fuck Yoru, Fuck Makima, Fuck Asa, Fuck Nayuta. I want to protect power, I want to take…[View]
248433569The kingdoms of ruin anime announced: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2023-02-01/yoruhashi-the…[View]
248430374One Piece: How does Luffy get out of Egghead alive?[View]
248439886Why did it have to be so boring? Not that Denno Coil wasn't so thrilling[View]
248434968Chainsawman: You are only allowed to post cute things[View]
248435340NHK ni Youkoso!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ei2izPLpHc I see my childhood friend and only frie…[View]
248419656Precure: Did you manage to preorder your desired HS merch?[View]
248363292Onii-chan wa Oshimai/OniMai: Give me asahi or give me death Also new episode soon lads What to expec…[View]
248433676>The Re:Zero light novel is with 0.16 more score than the Konosuba light novel What do you think …[View]
248421368Vinland Saga director sees random isekai above his series on a western poll.: Where's the hype?…[View]
248435903Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta: Hey someone picked up the manga[View]
248409622I just finished CCA, what the fuck was wrong with Char? Did he really just do a complete 180 betwee…[View]
248415446jujutsu kaisen: sukuna the living GOD will speed run the rest of this series now that he has the ves…[View]
248422471Kanokari: Vol. 30 cover revealed. is that a foreshadowing of Chizoo finally calling quits by giving …[View]
248431819MAO Chapter 173: Paper Fox[View]
248429551why are 'circle cities' so popular in isekai and fntasy mangas?[View]
248435630i dont get it[View]
248435946>tfw I can't trust any anime reviews because I think I like 'bad anime' I don't know if…[View]
248421449Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (Majo no Tabitabi): Elaina thread Why is this piece of shit s…[View]
248417712Gundam: Witch from Mercury: My angry wife is so cute...[View]

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