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210953426Why do so many of Ikegami's illustrations have homoerotic undertones?[View]
210952868Skeletons and demons are no match for Aqua Sama You are safe in this thread from spooky things. Skel…[View]
210950323ITT crack ships[View]
210951349Strongest Character He Can Kill[View]
210939437Rejection Thread: Like a Confession Thread but the opposite[View]
210945290How many KNY clones will be published in the next few years?[View]
210953935How's your training going /a/?[View]
210946125Shounen: Did shounen get more influnced by horror in the last years? seems ike the most popular seri…[View]
210943262Nagatoro anime: Man it's been almost 4 months and still no updates[View]
210952510Halloween Gabu: Gabu should really cheer up when Vigne is So. Damn. Adorable. and made her a costume…[View]
210953376Can we talk about this?[View]
210953483There's so much research Lelei must be doing that we don't get to see. I doubt all of it w…[View]
210942444Genderbender: You guys prefer a dude turned into a girl being around his friends or since he's …[View]
210949869*DING DONG* TRICK OR TREAT![View]
210951583opinion on inter-species romance?[View]
210952591Finally I what kino means...[View]
210940738>I win, Giorno Giovanna >heh, while you were not looking I did (SOMETHING THAT WAS NEVER SHOWN…[View]
210941875>OP by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas[View]
210952583Higurashi Gou: >Chapter 3 >Deceived by Cunny What did Ryukishi07 mean by this?…[View]
210942326reminder that ALL anime girls have skeletons inside them Yes, even your waifu[View]
210952411Serious question: does anyone genuinely like Rebuilds more than the original + EoE? If so, why?[View]
210945729Halloween is a tomboy's favorite holiday![View]
210930359Yashahime: where is my man Shippo????[View]
210952179What is this face meant to convey?[View]
210924981Senyoku no Sigrdrifa: I want to lick and smell this genki dork's pits. Do you?[View]
210949381Naruto Storytime Volume 50: Sakura...why... Previous Threads: https://pastebin.com/J4XGk1nr Opening:…[View]
210951826Hachigatsu Kokonoka Boku wa Kimi ni Kuwareru: When you call for your yandere. I want to belong to Mi…[View]
210915151Precure thread: Are you looking forward to their comeback?[View]
210949863Literary Manga: In literature fiction is broken up into two main categories: Genre and Literary. The…[View]
210943611Let's be honest: you know the author has a great ability with drawing when you can recognize th…[View]
210950868Hand over your halloween candy and nobody has to get hurt.[View]
210949207tomo-chan is a (scary) girl! chapter 54[View]
210950729why does she always look depressed?[View]
210950492Why are you taking anime seriously? Even the authors are laughing at all the plot holes. What's…[View]
210950426You are my friend[View]
210949687Any manga has related to you?[View]
210950220>halloween >he isn't rewatching the best Digimon Adventure arc Explain yourself.…[View]
210947750IT'S ME![View]
210943692Describe his personality[View]
210947100She makes me tingly. Is Echidna the best witch?[View]
210947110RINS IN BINS[View]
210945826One Punch Man: What are our heroes doing this Halloween?[View]
210946820>ywn have a wife[View]
210937136Dragon Ball Super: what was jiren's plan when he attacked goku's friends? let's say g…[View]
210948892would you be scared, /a/?[View]
210936378Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai Storytime Volume 30: Sorry, I got banned again after only 2 days of b…[View]
210949232Will he save Jump?[View]
210946392Ika Musume is a retard! A RETARD!!!!!!!!![View]
210896163Cuckoo's Fiancee: Scans are out. I'm dumping them[View]
210943704LOOK AT HER: Look. At. Her! Look at how cute she is!!![View]
210948965It's Halloween, so it's time to read her series again! I hope you're doing it too.[View]
210949055ITT:Characters that didn't fucking deserve suffering: Eat shit Asano[View]
210942281This dude is literally you.[View]
210944216Why nips always make strong female characters as warriors or guardians in shows surrounded by female…[View]
210945865Yamcha is secretly low class saiyan: >No parents >Weak >Able to keep up with the strongest …[View]
210898305Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force): Watch Fire Force[View]
210946778The true anime of the year https://youtu.be/0a1r0JaONS4[View]
210948734Miko: You can't deny it /a/. She IS cute[View]
210943146Which are your favorite boats?[View]
210948595Monogatari Series: Should this series be watched in chronological order or in release order? Is it e…[View]
210939971Gay son[View]
210946858Sooma boorah?[View]
210948234Why does she have such an obscene body?[View]
210933818HALLOWEEN THREAD: post trick or treat NOW[View]
210918710Which anime character has the best midriff? My vote goes to shimakaze[View]
210947022Jujutsu Kaisen: I love Nobara now[View]
210944912Kaiji: This arc fucking sucks. This series gets progressively worse as it goes on. That said... Who…[View]
210940488Who's gonna get baldy ?[View]
210936072are skeletons allowed on /a/?[View]
210948142Happy Halloween from Akko: Would it be considered a costume today, or just her wearing her uniform?…[View]
210947295How did Ikemoto get away with this in such a big franchise that's never been known for loli fan…[View]
210900962Thunderbolt Fantasy[View]
210943366Literally who is this guy?[View]
210933201Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: masterpiece. I love everything single about it artstyle, storytelling, char…[View]
210944897why does modern anime hate exaggeration[View]
210942455Here's Kumiko in her costume Say something nice[View]
210947642Is this the shittiest transformation design?[View]
210947372Why are you gay?[View]
210937242>never shuts up about the D >afraid of it when seeing one…[View]
210941535Other Anime along these lines with some allegorical depth?: So NGE was a Mecha analogy to a boy reac…[View]
210942581>dropped because it's shit >was so shit i dropped it in the middle just dropped your op…[View]
210884825Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
210944902Is a proper adaptation of this masterpiece too much to ask?[View]
210946824Kaguya Manga Thread: Ishigami's Endgame Edition.[View]
210917198Chainsaw man: Happy halloween anons.[View]
210939790Eiyū-Ō, Bu o Kiwameru Tame Tensei-Su 'Transsexual Fantasy' Manga Gets Mini Anime: Thoughts…[View]
210943280I will never forget Sakurajima Mai.[View]
210943782Meido! Does it count as a costume?[View]
210939709Majo Taisen - The War of Greedy Witches: 1st chapter (raws) is out. Featuring black haired Jeanne d…[View]
210946291It's Holoween![View]
210799734Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: >the evolution of a shota[View]
210939212>It gets good on episode __! Does an anime deserve to be called good if it doesn't get its a…[View]
210946085Trick or treat!: Itt trick or treat[View]
210938827At what point do cute backs and napes of necks turn into works of art?[View]
210938072WAKE ME UP INSIDE[View]
210930460'<Hhhhhhappy Halloween!! And trick-or-treeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!>'[View]
210936390Major 2nd: >subs out >no thread Let's fix that. >[Erai-raws] Major 2nd (TV) 2nd Season…[View]
210931064What are you marathoning this Halloween /a/? For me it's Shiki[View]
210923698>I'M CURIOUS!!! This shit was pretty lame. Explain yourself /a/[View]
210945141i need more sci-fi[View]
210941394ITT: facts that hurt /a/'s feelings[View]
210918097Show her your best /a/ related pickup line.[View]
210942989Boku no Hero Academia: This ugly character will die soon[View]
210941099She did nothing wrong. Also Spooky thread.[View]
210940880Shigari is one of the greatest villains in animanga, if not the gratest, I don't care what anyo…[View]
210893012Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.: new chapter is up and there was no thread up holy shit Manbagibros we a…[View]
210944623Halloween Anime[View]
210941334Even Kirei dressed up for Halloween this year.[View]
210938552Senyoku no Sigrdrifa: Halloween edition: Be spooked if you're one of the faggots who hated last…[View]
210944364Current season QUALITY thread[View]
210930751Exposition dumps in manga/anime: Why nips keep using infodumps rather than a 'show don't tell' …[View]
210822500Kanojo, Okarishimasu: >the previous thread failed to hit bump limit despite having a chapter dump…[View]
210943221Well, /a/?[View]
210942654Are there any examples of Tsunderes getting treated just as badly as they treat their crush, or igno…[View]
210943300scary anime music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORGEsLNTOQ4[View]
210919624Boku no Hero Academia: >Abused his family for 2 decades Exposed and dusted soon…[View]
210938284Ah, Kaos. Or some say, Kaosm. Do you hear our prayers? No, we shall not abandon the dream. No one ca…[View]
210938535Touhou: Say something nice about this umbrella[View]
210923149TRICK A TREE[View]
210941266Church in anime: What's this guy's problem anyway?[View]
210938104Did anyone else act like Tomoko during high school: Did anyone else during High School walk around w…[View]
210938773Is Japan's marriage really so low that they had to cope by making this anime?[View]
210937574Unpopular Halloween anime opinions: how long will it be until Berserk is overrated?[View]
210939147Which episode is the high point of this show?[View]
210938336Why is Takamiya Nasuno laughing at you?: Because you just lost the game.[View]
210932954Kaguya manga: Spoiler text: 「かぐや」 フラグってそういう意味のフラグか(笑) 危険が去ってせっかく”よかったね”と思ったのに! 〇〇さんの八面六臂な活躍がかわいい・・・で…[View]
210936775SPOOKY BOOGIE[View]
210941730Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole series.[View]
210942066D-frag: Do you think he'll ever appear again bros...[View]
210929772Why is jahy so great?[View]
210941201Ghost girls: Anime need more cute ghost girls. Post cute ghost girls![View]
210941850Why didn't they just go on food stamps?[View]
210941521Finally got around to watching Gungrave. Was bretty gud. Ending was nice other than the gun fight i…[View]
210941605Zombie girls: Post zombie girls, but Zombieland Saga is forbidden![View]
210938816I feel like becoming a responsible gun owner now[View]
210933244What's a F-boy and is this what she was saying in japanese?[View]
210940257Was Pitou male?[View]
210941214100 Kanojo: While there is no new chapter this week due to the author/artist taking a break, we can …[View]
210939781Was it rape?[View]
210935373Welp! Freak Island got cancelled[View]
210937259Is there a more castrated character in the history of anime?[View]
210932987Today I will make a Slow Start thread[View]
210938925Why do people ship? Whats the appeal?[View]
210890003baki boys where u at: where the raws at[View]
210930669When did you realize saggy tits are best tits?[View]
210909567Kimetsu No Yaiba: What did they mean with this?[View]
210940749Halloween Horror Manga Dump: Spookiest part is it reads L to R[View]
210940679Spooky day[View]
210936871she never came bros...[View]
210940323usogui: very last chapter was yesterday. read it here: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1085617 or read …[View]
210933057Watamote: Would watamote be as popular as it is if tomoko was a dude instead?[View]
210938858> Gay series > A pair of heteros are the best characters…[View]
210938976Why are there none to few anime/manga/LNs about MMORPGs that take place in science-fiction/fantasy, …[View]
210883073Black Clover: Korean scans are out. https://manatoki83.net/comic/5958432[View]
210940188>Pornwha starts off cheesy and shounen but ends up pseudo-philosophical and gory. Why do they do …[View]
210940185This is what Danmachi should have been like : Is it wrong to rape girls in a dungeon?[View]
210907239Usogui Chapter 539: I got tired of waiting for a thread, so I'm dumping. Hold on tight lads, be…[View]
210939875I wish there more anime/manga focused on characters that aren't morally good. A lot of times th…[View]
210937996why arent there more anime pigs?[View]
210933544Guys I'll be right back![View]
210936132One Punch Man: So, /a/, do you consider Tatsumaki a loli or a petite woman? Most of the artwork I…[View]
210939829Bros why was Stain so fucking based[View]
210938059Festive Anime Thread: Characters that could be repurposed as horror movie villains.: I'll start…[View]
210938932Seriously. Why haven't they just gotten together yet?[View]
210936567Dragon Ball after Toriyama: DBS vs DBGT Who's the best ?[View]
210936671would you comfort her?[View]
210939418CHobits OST: Looking for somewhere to get Chobits OST 001, and possibly 002 and Character Songs if p…[View]
210930723Is Lucy flabby?: Fairy Tail Lucy. Do you think her butt looks flabby? https://www.strawpoll.me/21192…[View]
210936669fushigi: Mystery of massage.[View]
210916315Love Live: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club: emma episode soon but ai still kneel[View]
210937961Gridman: The first episode of the Original Gridman is available to watch on youtube, with a 2 week l…[View]
210937201Could you be a host?[View]
210910563When did you realize S;G was a masterpiece?: For me it was the end of episode 9.[View]
210906341It's so fucking bad, holy shit. Did it became famous because of the edgy blood scenes and nudes…[View]
210938398Jojolion: What's next for him and his family?[View]
210905330Quintessential Quintuplets' Negi Haruba Recruits Assistant for New Series: https://ganmo.j-comi…[View]
210934342Kimetsu no Yaiba Event Livestream: New announcements incoming https://abema.tv/now-on-air/abema-anim…[View]
210933915Ibitsu Storytime Part 2: Let's keep reading this creepy lolita story for this halloween. Part 1…[View]
210930250Dragon Ball Super: You kill him? He comes back. You get stronger? He catches up. His tactics are mor…[View]
210938301Is it spooky time I hear?[View]
210935697Haikyuu: Why is this season so shit?[View]
210932299black HAIR matter[View]
210877018Buyfag thread: Yumi[View]
210933210Happy Halloween n/a/no /a/[View]
210937108A wild ICHICUTE has appeared![View]
210930572Who is the strongest pic unrelated[View]
210931523I watched both seasons before this third one, I even read the light novel up to the story points whe…[View]
210922323Shingeki no Kyojin: >Start a family >But I already have Dina and I will lose my memories, righ…[View]
210933274anyone watch blue dragon.[View]
210937576A bad girl shows up at your door asking for sweets for Halloween, does she get them?[View]
210936448Dragon Ball Super leaks: As we now, Jump Fiesta this year is going to be streaming online, apparantl…[View]
210935871Ok guys, i know it's halloween, but you better not post anything scary because Mio is here.[View]
210937118How can someone who looks like THIS act like such a chad?[View]
210932847Sword 'Maiden'[View]
210930029For me It's Ping Pong The Animation[View]
210894856Tonikaku Kawaii: Episode airs in a few minutes[View]
210935925prisma illya: Sexy?[View]
210927783ITT: scenes where a character enters the scene[View]
210936993Happy 10th anniversary to Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou manga!: They don't make rom-com manga like t…[View]
210936991What am I in for?[View]
210922947One Piece: The only smile users I was curious about and they get beating in a single panel. How woul…[View]
210934825what is Chiyo-chan describing, /a/?[View]
210932275Shamiko is the feminine ideal.[View]
210932424Elfen Lied: Narratively, what was the point of having two of the main researchers be Diclonius'…[View]
210933469Will Hirokoshi ever address this? And why does Deku keep sucking Bakugou's cock after this?[View]
210914578Thermae Romae Novae: Where were you when Netflix saved the anime game?[View]
210936594Skeleton kino: For me its Dies Irae[View]
210936530So what are you doing or watching this Halloween?[View]
210931278Is Kaguya The Greatest RomCom Ever: Many people made the statement above. As for myself, i also beli…[View]
210932733The dancing skeletons are so kyute!![View]
210936323Virgin Extinction Island: daddy Trump getting us laid, bros![View]
210935991UH OH...: Looks like the cups found the Loli Brew™![View]
210915319>Regularly beats and rapes his sister for years. >Attempts to kill all the main characters and…[View]
210905719King's Raid - Ishi o Tsugu Mono-tachi: Is she the prettiest elf or what?[View]
210933432What are some anime series which contain your favourite spooky, yet attractive female characters? No…[View]
210935657Reminder that there's a spooky scary skeleton living inside you RIGHT NOW![View]
210932918DB super is a mistake everyone now hates toyo's goku[View]
210932263I want to choke Aqua! ^.^[View]
210932391Have a good Halloween, /a/[View]
210933120Kaguya Manga: Text spoilers are out: >'Kaguya' >Is the flag a flag that means that (laughs)? …[View]
210933030Do you remember?[View]
210925255Was this shot really necessary?[View]
210905051Virgin Extinction Island Chapter 7: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1085604/35 it's raping time …[View]
210932555The Romcom Where the Childhood Friend Won't Lose!: >MC comes clean and becomes based >wil…[View]
210917688What do you think shonen jump is going to take away from the success of Kimetsu No Yaiba?[View]
210911982World Trigger S2 new trailer: Looks like we will get at least few normally animated fights https://t…[View]
210915033Hell(sing)oween Story Time 10: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/a.desu.meta/subject/Hell%28si…[View]
210927798I dont' get it[View]
210934585Stone Ocean: When they comin'?[View]
210935091The Devil of the Gods Chapter 8: IT'S OUT https://imgur.com/gallery/3FfsyAn[View]
210913877Anime characters that represent you: I am literally Madao, I lost my job due to Covid, I was kicked …[View]
210933842soooooooooo wheres the sequel content?[View]
210931342Why are freckles so uncommon in anime?[View]
210932851No. This cannot be happening! This is too spooky![View]
210934643spoopy mangas[View]
210913572dosanko gyaru 37: a-anons, i think im in love...[View]
210934376phantom blood movie: do at least shitty rips of this exist[View]
210934486Which anime do you expect to get compilation movies in the future? Pic related.[View]
210925863What sort of crime would genuinely deserve infinite suffering and death?[View]
210888909100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru: Episode 5[View]
210934153So there's some Young Jump news today Shadows House anime is Cloverworks, I guess they are the …[View]
210924893Ibitsu Storytime: Happy halloween/a/! How about feeling creeped out in this spooky night? Get in and…[View]
210925723Marimashita! Iruma-kun chapter 167: >ENTER...[View]
210932816Yasahime: >tfw no one knows Sesshomaru is a dad, probably not even Inuyasha…[View]
210930748/opt/: /opt/[View]
210933602excuse me, it's MAAM it is MAAM MAAM once again, MAAM once again, it's MAAM[View]
210932586Mahouka S2: Episode 5 soon[View]
210922580Thoughts on Hibike! Euphonium? Recently finished it and the 2 movies (ignoring recaps) and thought i…[View]
210907069>9 tails but done right[View]
210932455Look around you, look beyond[View]
210923240Dub or Sub?[View]
210932637>get mystery love letter, who could it be? Anyone would be curious and go, check it out, right? …[View]
210932394Is this the longest McDonalds ad ever?[View]
210902100Kaguya Manga: >next chapter >Kaguya visiting Prez's house What can we expect? Kei losing …[View]
210931992are cat girls pasé ?[View]
210931587The Game Started[View]
210920164Me on the right.[View]
210928640Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crowns: What's your opinion?[View]
210926707Sundome Storytime Volume 5: Time for more Sahana Kurumi /a/. Previously: Sundome Volume 1 https://d…[View]
210930956you're watching her anime again today, right /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Op4g9T-M0…[View]
210929491Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?: Asahito posted a 4 page halloween extra, dumping it.[View]
210929533Is it wrong for a grown man to play with dolls?[View]
210926216Higurashi 2020: The next manga pages are out. Quite a bit different to what the anime episode showed…[View]
210895901Majo no tabitabi!: Don't forget to watch https://files.catbox.moe/2zepw4.mp4[View]
210931220Touzainanboku chapter 2 dump: Yuru Yuri teachers high school edition[View]
210930470The truth of anime: The absolute goal[View]
210928579So I started reading Fire Punch, great setting, okay art, really got into it than this bitch shows u…[View]
210920262Now that the age of Abe is over, is there any hope in an ecchi anime series about pregnancy?[View]
210921060I haven't read the DB manga yet, but is it true the anime of Z made Goku more heroic and Toriya…[View]
210913677Houseki no Kino: How do you think the story will end?[View]
210931892ITT: Anime/manga tropes that you like: >cursed character has black/brown skin color >when the…[View]
210928093This anime sucks, every scene they explain what's going on nonstop and the action is lame[View]
210931378What is her endgame?[View]
210929406Is this series ever gonna end?[View]
210770317RomCom ideas & tropes: How do we save, or at the very least, spice up the RomCom genre, /a/? It’…[View]
210882414ルイズ!ルイズ!ルイズ!: What the hell, they pruned last Louise thread! Unacceptable![View]
210931388MCs should share their manga.[View]
210931225Golden Kamuy: Why are people sleeping on this anime? It's of the best I have ever seen. Also, K…[View]
210926848So does he just not do anything at all anymore?[View]
210924577this any good?[View]
210917744Thoughts on this?[View]
210906621Re:Zero: Ram's triumph[View]
210924560>'Nobody's ever called me pretty or asked me out' that's not realistic…[View]
210922057Why wasn't Jaraiya reanimated? Didn't they still have his arm?[View]
210923880What do you call a character that is 2D even to 2D characters? Also I recently binged Assassination …[View]
210894533Rail Romanesque: Maybe they will actually talk about trains this episode also I feel like things are…[View]
210907225I haven't read One Piece in over a decade, how close is Luffy to being strong enough to kill th…[View]
210926187Is Shinji an influential character?[View]
210923528What anime are you going to be watching this Halloween?[View]
210899551Fairy Tail Volume 44 Storytime: Fairy Tail is the second major work of Hiro Mashima after Rave Maste…[View]
210927045Didn't see a thread up, and every snek deserves a thread on her birthday. Happy birthday Miia![View]
210916654ITT: Mangos you want to see adapted to animu.[View]
210927148>animes can't be ki-[View]
210928090Shinji ikari: Do you like him or hate him and if so why?[View]
210889813Fixing this ship: >Naruto - Hanabi >Sasuke - Some woman from the middle of nowhere who has no …[View]
210928521>Yeah, I know you‘ve ruined my life several times and I’ve attempted to kill you on multiple occa…[View]
210920679Dragon Ball Super: ITT We discuss Bejiita's respect for Goku, how his relationship with the Z F…[View]
210927779Gentlemen, I have a confession to make. I like sluts. How do you feel about sluts?[View]
210870135Yashahime: Moroha is Uzaki-chan but good, cuter, and a far less annoying voice. Also doesn't ha…[View]
210925744Miyazaki should just adopt Makoto Shinkai already. He is clearly the old man's spiritual succes…[View]
210924842Was punpun pretentious?[View]
210919412Higurashi: Do you believe in the significance of 24?[View]
210925491Hirasaka Hinako: Chapter came out a few days ago, here's a belated dump. Translations are alrea…[View]
210902573OnePunch Man: It’s getting late, looks like this is another month with no chapter.[View]
210924315Homura wins.[View]
210920136I don't know how many times I watched it, but every time they maek me lol. Send help[View]
210922524It's Halloween, post 'em[View]
210928920Would you fuck your own godson?[View]
210924066tkmiz / tsukumizu merch sale: tkmiz is selling art and t-shirts through Mandrake. You can see the va…[View]
210926868SUMMER TIME GONE[View]
210901419When does it get good lads[View]
210927929NIGHT FEVER[View]
210923879Do you really think crab doesn't taste good?[View]
210928648BRAIN BLAST![View]
210925609halloween wataten thread?[View]
210922405Manga that has ugly art/aesthetic, but you're ok with that.[View]
210898300This is your servant for this weekend. What will your first order for her be?[View]
210917080I miss TLR. Can we have a TLR thread? Also Mikan a best.[View]
210925496Did this dude seriously just power up from banging his gf?[View]
210920761>Ah~! Anon-kun no chin-chin ka'aii~! Omochikaeri~![View]
210918528Hana Uzaki's words of wisdom[View]
210925231Its Halloween. Post your waifu in a Costume.[View]
210905605Daily Nichijou Chapter: Nichijou 38[View]
210920810Best Anime Endings of All Time: Make sure they're absolutely based. Pic related![View]
210926234What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
210815268Are you still buying physical manga anon?[View]
210928371>Demon King Academy[View]
210921663These 2 are the face of KyoAni, if they leave or die the studio is utterly fucked. Say something nic…[View]
210892434Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima: >Seeing is Believing Episode 5, Fling Posse time…[View]
210917737What would you say are some good rivals in anime/manga? Characters who perfectly balance out with th…[View]
210927077I really appreciated the dreadful silence during this scene, it's a really good scene.[View]
210923846Kyoko Toshino is married now http://earlywing.co.jp/ewblog/?p=12559[View]
210879828Raildex: Raildex just isn't the same anymore without Mami Kawada.[View]
21089741585 days until Evangelion 3.0+1.0 (just call it 4.0 already Anno, you hack): Willkommen to EVA Gear, …[View]
210922198Why are all of the most interesting anime characters Gay?[View]
210923657Anyone else have a anime inspired pumpkin?[View]
210921817>tfw have an anime OP stuck in your head and dont remember what anime its from…[View]
210926213It's literally just about buying things for the girl[View]
210926250Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy: I'm mad[View]
210925022Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: What the FUCK went wrong?[View]
210922960What were those 2 years for ? It's been 10 years since Kira happened as he said and he already …[View]
210925945Happy Halloween[View]
210902481It says here that you hate nichijou. can you explain why?[View]
210919831what are your guy’s favorite Satoshi Kon film[View]
210924727The eternal debate[View]
210923441So... was she genuinely retarded or did she just have a mental disorder or something?[View]
210925084I feel like going to bed. Issho ni Sleeping thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57j_z22u6Vs[View]
210913064What was his problem?[View]
210924585Halloween: Halloween[View]
210909408Go Nagai storytime: Where the Buffalo Roam: The 3rd story from the 1st Kowasugurui anthology. This o…[View]
210915653Cromartie thread.[View]
210924652Akudama Drive: Imagine creating an anime where in the first fucking shot you already throw shitty CG…[View]
210918833drifters: were not getting a season 2 are we?[View]
210923244SHAFT: What the fuck happened? Only monogatari shit and some madoka spinoff I don't give a fuck…[View]
210917846Manga Music: What music do you imagine while reading a manga? I always imagine Resonance when readin…[View]
210910240Is this the 2001 of anime?[View]
210905592why do all the best anime fall off towards the end?[View]
210904954Etotama second season never: A second season was promised two years ago. Yet, there will be no secon…[View]
210918150Can we all take a moment to appreciate how much we were blessed with quality from the scanlation tea…[View]
210921549Did you guys have any fun threads while this was airing? Or was it an /m/ thing?[View]
210812979What's his endgame /a/?[View]
210923899Happy Halloween![View]
210915816How did Yhwach lose against younger Yamamoto? He had the Almighty[View]
210920218The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún: this is so good[View]
210918332Where did this franchise go wrong?[View]
210921698Million Arthur: Why doesn't she just stand up?[View]
210922747That was disturbing as hell but yet so beautiful. Magnificent nightmare.[View]
210923548Kimetsu no Yaiba: It's pretty much a given that kny will beat Spirited away's box office. …[View]
210917463ITT: Huge gap in quality between the quality of the OP and the show[View]
210917313Who's the smartest[View]
210921720He fucked 150 women. What's his secret?[View]
210918089Can X kill servants?: >last anime you watched >could it's MC kill servants? Tsukihime Yes…[View]
210921811Would series with 'weak' male characters (Deku, Shinji) be better if they had female leads instead?[View]
210903752One Piece: Young Jack when?[View]
210922493Akudama Drive: Why is this old hag so sexual[View]
210919741>harem slave isekai >but PoV is from the slave haremettes Kek. Having this animated as a short…[View]
210916029ITT Characters who got what they deserved[View]
210861895Hunter x Hunter: So about the Dark Continent. Since humans and magical beasts came from the Dark Con…[View]
210905208Haikyuu: New episode is out. Protect the cats.[View]
210921312NEW GAME: When did you realize that Momo is the best New Game?[View]
210919213Axe bowl thread: Axe bowl thread. Has vol 1 of Hard Boiled Cop come out yet? Can it survive the axe?…[View]
210888594What the fuck is up with wakame? She is watermarking her shit now? This cute jahy picture has a big …[View]
210789156Machikado Mazoku: How come there's no thread for new chapter? Dumping[View]
210918780Shaman King 2021: >Adapting all 35 volumes for the very first time >Original voice actors comi…[View]
210915911Imoutos, you're Onii chan is home alone on a friday night. Isn't that pathetic? Go Mickey …[View]
210887831>tfw we won't get a based Fire Force S3 >tfw David production will adapt shitty Jojo part…[View]
210921529Majo no Tabitabi: >did literally nothing wrong this episode wtf Elaina got bodyswapped…[View]
210918540Senyoku no Sigrdrifa: Will we get a spooky episode for Halloween?[View]
210775017Jashin-chan: Guess whose birthday it is today![View]
210917481Would you unironically play a VR MMO RPG?[View]
210879209Mewkledreamy, Prichan, AiPla etc.: Would she arrest me if I told her her kabuki shtick was shit?…[View]
210917574Fire Punch is worthy of discussion[View]
210907206Boku no Hero Academia: >Couldn't save Natsuo >Needed Hawks to defeat a nomu >Was saved…[View]
210902997Shingeki no Kyojin: What would Bert do in the alliance?[View]
210915442BEM: Become Human: What the fuck this was actually good Where are the other 5 people who watched thi…[View]
210917497Godzilla Singular Point: IT'S JET JAGUAR TIME, MOTHERFUCKERS.[View]
210920433When did you realize that 2020 was just one long reference to this show?[View]
210903911Shadow House: Ch. 51 - John and Shaun[View]
210917219Would you, Could you, An android barista?[View]
210917512Memories predicted the Corona virus[View]
210916793HxH Phantom Troupe: Why do they have 13 people if they're 'Spiders'? Shouldn't there only …[View]
210920186Episodic->Serialized: Challenge: Write a serialized plot for a seasonal run/movie of a traditiona…[View]
210917074>I’ll take a potato chip, and eat it What is the significance of this scene?…[View]
210916628I have good taste in anime.[View]
210885746Female MHA characters: Im tired of people undermining female characters in MHA. They are not poorly …[View]
210891685Redo of Healer: Anyone talking about this? Looks great https://youtu.be/U3urmGitMKw[View]
210890776Akudama Drive: >[Erai-raws] Akudama Drive - 04 [1080p].mkv Is anyone even watching this? I just p…[View]
210898976EVA: What song would you play on the Asukacaster?[View]
210914729I want to potty train my future wife, Violet.[View]
210890319pumpkino: pumpkino[View]
210879260EXCEL SAGA[View]
210917121Is Sumi an emotional person?[View]
210899021Higurashi: Who would you choose to get killed by?[View]
210918064Not killing off evil loli is the first step to ruins: toji no miko[View]
210917712What's the best cyberpunk anime, and where does Akudama Drive rank so far?[View]
210915513Bad art styles?: I dont like Horikoshis mix of cartoon,shounen and Realism.[View]
210912753>be me >dislike anime >poke fun at people who watch it for cute anime girls >fast forwar…[View]
210890470ITT: homoerotic shounen manga panels[View]
210917791Hey, Wait a Minute Momoko's Royal Outfit is now official[View]
210914502Precure: An anime made primarily for children shouldn't have girls with such sexy legs but damn…[View]
210914733Guess that anime character: We post vague pictures and try to guess who that anime character is. Fir…[View]
210912247OPT - One Page Thread: >preferably from horror manga alike[View]
210900766ITT: Manga you don't see discussed often: Talk about series you don't often see here. Me,…[View]
210912407Who was YOUR first love zombie?[View]
210901671How does such generic anime get 3 seasons but great and original shows like konosuba don't? Ani…[View]
210916755Just started this, does she really just say “nyu” the whole time??? I can’t deal with it if she does…[View]
210916974>Open a chapter >Magazine cover >5 fanarts in the beginning >Scanlation credits >Cove…[View]
210902720When is the Golden Age of Anime?[View]
210849431The absolute state of anime: Wow, whoever is in charge of airing Higurashi fucked up big time. In ep…[View]
210916047was this really necessary?[View]
210873342Swinsuit episode: Post em[View]
210910008Shitty Anime Thread: >episode 1-13 vague and confusing >episode 14 ninety minutes of expositio…[View]
210895699Monster Musume: It's the 31st in Japan so it's time to celebrate Miia's (the best sne…[View]
210772011Sayonara zetsoubo sensei: Sayonara zetsoubo sensei thread? Sayonara zetsoubo sensei thread.[View]
210916309Happy Halloween n/a/no.[View]
210915377Post important life lessons learned from anime and manga.[View]
210902557Sundome Storytime Volume 4: I wish I had a Sahana in my life anons... it fucking hurts. Previously:…[View]
210915339So what are your favorite anime openings?: Rate mine[View]
210893525Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: You gonna try to lose some more pounds over the weekend, chubby anon?…[View]
210909281Anime vs Manga?[View]
210906164Disgaea anime: Why does no one ever talk about it? It certainly can't be that bad.[View]
210915170why do you guys pretend to like this creep so much?[View]
210898656Fushigi 200: Big colors for halloween. 200: The mystery of Tricks[View]
210897347Dragon Ball Super: Jiren and Broly are out of the race with this simple line, amazing.[View]
210899233Whats is the best waifu body type? Pic related is PEAK sex body for me.[View]
210915516Tell me /a/, if girls with modest breasts are inferior then why are they preferred choice for tall, …[View]
210912205Okaa-san Online: It's Friday! So I have to ask the question… Do you love your mom and her two-h…[View]
210906989/a/ sings - Maware! Setsugetsuka (Unbreakable Machine Doll ED): We could use a couple more fast as f…[View]
210902283Kaguya Manga: So, uh, who's got the Sanpaku eyes?[View]
210913270Naruto Storytime Volume 49 (Part 4): Previous Thread: >>210910625[View]
210884485Dr. Stone: Luna.[View]
210912863Oregairu: >He had a troubled youth without trying to find genuine. as expected,Anon's teenag…[View]
210912566Dance thread. Characters busting it up.[View]
210910631This anime is way better than most people give it credit for. One could say it was peak 90's an…[View]
210912588>find out your childhood friend and now love interest fucked an idol >was getting cucked the w…[View]
210899273Jujutsu Kaisen #3 was a meh watch. Nobara's characterization was one clumsy shonen girl cliche …[View]
210899679Chainsaw Man: Power literally became the One Piece of Chainsaw Man. Nobody could have predicted this…[View]
210911863So what is manhome like?[View]
210913829Souichiro Yamamoto: This Halloween is brought to you by foreheads.[View]
210913136Neptunia: How was this show? Never watched it despite liking the games for the most part[View]
210905814>being sent to prison for being a virgin Aah Abe-san, help me![View]
210899066Jujutsu Kaisen: New episode is out! And full scans soon.[View]
210907170>KOUME, IT'S EIGHT OF CLOCK[View]
210904448I really really liked the 3rd Hokage: He was genuinely entertaining (specially his interactions with…[View]
210913490Given: What can't Yuki do?[View]
210813790Love Live: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club[View]
210910625Naruto Storytime Volume 49 (Part 3): Previous thread: >>210907668[View]
210906031What did virgins even do to the author? God damn she really hates them.[View]
210907578Who was in the wrong here?[View]
210911998Don't know if I should watch Dai No Daibouken, Azumanga Daioh or Memories. What are you watchin…[View]
210911989Why does /a/ typically want ufotable to animate their favorite manga?[View]
210909063Sousou no Frieren Chapter 25 spoilers: I actually didn't want to make the thread and waited to …[View]
210911515Literally the best ship in all of anime bar none. If you know this ship you're a true /a/ryan.[View]
210901548Why are retarded girls so moe?[View]
210882600Funimation says it's anime: Funimation Streams Chinese Animated Series Heaven Official's B…[View]
210907226Re:Zero: >sleeping princess >tower >dragon >hero is trying to save her Fairy tale kiss s…[View]
210911009lmao no one care about this manga anymore, the shitty anime really did completely killed all of its …[View]
210906580TRICK OR TREAT[View]
210880608Bokuben thread: Gook scans soon[View]
210906115Marcille: My wife.[View]
210898864What is /a/'s problem with murderfus?[View]
210904775Jojo part 6: How cancerous will this fan base be when part 6 gets animated?[View]
210903758Sports anime: Why are the only good ones the ones with fanservice?[View]
210896863Anime Europe: You are isekaied into an anime that takes place in Europe. Which anime will it be?…[View]
210909906Is it gay to go fuck yourself ?[View]
210907668Naruto Storytime Volume 49 (Part 2): Previous Thread: >>210904684[View]
210906636Elaina: Im in love. She is wise and strong. Top genetics and beautiful smile.[View]
210905748There is no 'bad' anime and there never will be; Bad is a stupid term.: ' Bad' is right behind 'pret…[View]
210907796Makima sama is the cute devil![View]
210861899Yu-Gi-Oh Girls: Why is the Yu-Gi-Oh series full of sluts?[View]
210903600You are under attack by a gorilla cyclops, what do you do?[View]
210907518Reverse Harems.: I just watched Brothers Conflict and, there are girls out there who have 13 brother…[View]
210868216See this, what do?[View]
210908906Shadow house: They back for a MANLY chapter https://mangadex.org/chapter/1085488/1[View]
210902409I find her annoying[View]
210905873Buyfag thread: post your figures[View]
210839767>female fighters[View]
210906124Yotsuba really changes after around chapter 80. The art changes and the tone changes from wacky chi…[View]
210905262Is she forgotten?[View]
210890663Give me ONE REASON why this isn't ANIME OF THE FREAKIN DECADE, /a/. Tell me your incorrect opin…[View]
210873450Precure: Tsubomi is the cutest cure.[View]
210903413Uhhh guys, are you seeing what I'm seeing?[View]
210881908>ninja anime/manga >either fanservice, parody, or hentai bait when we are gonna get legitimate…[View]
210889026Boku no Hero academia: Since AM is dying in the second year of school how is he going to die?[View]
210904684Naruto Storytime Volume 49: The Prostrating Naruto vs. The ENTER Sasuke Previous Threads: https://pa…[View]
210906083One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong, Can you te…[View]
210906714Recite your death haiku, Anon ![View]
210904385Anime OPs and EDs are a waste of runtime. They're too long, and they're always so boring[View]
210900651Haruhi order is shit. SHIT. I'm 6 episodes in and just got the whole climax of the show? For wh…[View]
210896714What would happen if Kenshiro jerked off?[View]
210896281Ayakashi Triangle ch.19 raws: https://manatoki83.net/comic/5961310 Matsuri is kill, Suzu joins force…[View]
210906250When is this getting an anime?[View]
210851399The isekai guild is the equivalent of the american dream. Just be sure not to go on a quest that is …[View]
210904442CHAZZ IT UP CHAZZ IT UP[View]
210905035ITT: “Evil” girls[View]
210905409Shinka's been standing there for years.[View]
210900978opt: opt?[View]
210903661How will you undertake Halloween before entering the month of purity /a/nons ?[View]
210904784King of GETs: He's back[View]
210894823How do you impress girls like her?[View]
210896961Based Mexichads are working with Japan to bring their own anime services to Mexico without intermedi…[View]
210901382Sheepshead ate a SMILE, yet he's not horrifically deformed like many of his fellow Gifters. How…[View]
210904296Where are the Nard storytime threads, bros...?[View]
210871955Re Zero: >tfw 6 new WN chapters in 4 days.[View]
210890644Is she even less likeable than Subaru?[View]
210903099why is he so opposed to the nickname Okabe gave him even though he calls himself 'FB'?(Ferdinand Bra…[View]
210900228Was his hatred for his father and country really justified?: I feel like he blowed things out of pro…[View]
210904301How does Japan know what that means?[View]
210896057Yeah it's definitely the best mecha anime ever made[View]
210903036>translates chapters ahead and gets redditfags to seethe their brains out >mangashit literally…[View]
210904049ITT: Top-tier endings[View]
210895964Hajime no Ippo: >year ago Morikawa said HnI is 50% complete (124 volumes then) >Takamura is fi…[View]
210898086Say her full name 5 times as fast as you possibly can[View]
210897222Keep one faggots[View]
210829457This is Adachi.[View]
210900639why haven't you watched 2020's AOTY yet, /a/?[View]
210893205One Piece: >Tank a barrage of gunfire and didn't flinch at all…[View]
210901524Remember, when this season is over the only Tabi /a/ will remember is Kino[View]
210900973>We have to wait on this planet because we don't know where this orphaned girl's people…[View]
210901789Fire Force S2 EP 18 - Holy Woman's Anguish / The man, Assault: New Episode out , looks like Cat…[View]
210896895>Hauuuuu! Anon-kun no chinchin kyawaii! Omochikaeri~![View]
210848473Imagine all the fun you could have with a Senko.[View]
210902977anime producer roleplay: You are sent back to the year 2000 and you must work as an anime producer. …[View]
210886303Shingeki no Kyojin: Happy reunion in the after life soon[View]
210901047What the fuck was his problem?[View]
210895933Mangas that should be scanlated: I would like an scanlation of Yukemuri Ningyo Hime, a manga about a…[View]
210900719>oh, guts' arm was chopped off? >well, my character chops his arm off everyday >oh, gu…[View]
210899416New Game!: Did you know that Aoba pees on floors?[View]
210887973Kaguya Manga: It's time. Spoilers soon....[View]
210901716They didn't give Mami a costume.[View]
210897634troopes that make you instantly drop an anime: troopes that make you instantly drop an anime >it…[View]
210901752I can't help but notice that /m/echa seems to trigger a bunch of /a/nons these days. Did someth…[View]
210889506Sundome Storytime Volume 3: I don't know about you /a/ but I long for more Sahana Kurumi and un…[View]
210898996What is the shitpost anime of the season?[View]
210895034How do I stop being a bitter nostalgiafag and start enjoying modern anime?[View]
210865078Senyoku no Sigrdrifa: Main characters: >4 cute girls >4 handsome older men What did they mean …[View]
210900260Youjo Senki thread: Post artsy and even political stuff relating to the show[View]
210900744Weird anime introductions: Have any of you gotten into anime through things that weren’t a shounen, …[View]
210894176This is happening to me right now[View]
210899690Was Dio Brando English or Italian?[View]
210838678>Contemplates kissing her in her sleep >When she wants to kiss him he asks her reasons before …[View]
210901395Inu to Neko episode 5: This show really showcases why cat>dogs. I'm the only one watching th…[View]
210900406>Chainsaw Man ending >Bokuben ending >Act-age axed >Moriking available if 4th candidate …[View]
210896294Ayakashi Triangle: Korean scans for chapter 19 are out https://manatoki83.net/comic/5961310?spage=1…[View]
210900999Thought on Reign: The Conqueror?[View]
210897380Jojo: Dragon's Dream was a good fight.[View]
210897284Was this character truly necessary?[View]
210900712>main character is a sperg retard that every girl is still obsessed with\ >tries to justifiy s…[View]
210900627mechfags are the worst[View]
210897536tomo-chan is a girl! chapter 53: fight! fight! fight![View]
210892804a world without (のない世界) - Chapter 32: Chapter 32 translation is out. Massacre Highway Arc. Chapter L…[View]
210885826Kamisama ni Natta Hi: Mahjong episode https://twitter.com/kamisama_Ch_AB/status/1322010334727671808…[View]
210900227I need milk[View]
210867682usogui chapter 538: second to last chapter ever boys[View]
210897745Who's you favorite identical twin in anime/manga?[View]
210899105Why aren't we talking about the fact that the author recently confirmed that Hanabi ends up com…[View]
210875896Higurashi Gou: >Shion this >Mion that Ok very good however WHY DOES IT FUCKING MATTER IF ANY O…[View]
210892911Why doesnt horror work in anime? It just isnt scary for some reason.[View]
210892543I spend more time looking for anime to watch / manga to read than actually watching/reading it[View]
210896109>is a shut in neet and most probably a virgin too but doesn't tap Rem's coochie when sh…[View]
210892498Chainsaw Man: Power was the heroine all along. How does this make you feel? chapter 91: https://imgu…[View]
210898752Flint the Time Detective.[View]
210892876Bem: Apparently recent Bem's tv series' sequel movie is out subbed [Erai-raws] Bem - Becom…[View]
210891617Freak Island and Offal Island: Freak Island and it's prequel Offal Island is a horror manga by …[View]
210894479>>210893869 >>Ep 24-25 ruined S;G from a 8 to Im sorry but how do you fail to understan…[View]
210876569Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Chapter 239[View]
210896925What was his evil plan again?[View]
210883078douki: my wife[View]
210888934What does he meant?: What does Naruto meant with this?[View]
210887976Weekly Oricon Jump Sales[View]
210898728>There will never be another Mamoru Oshii[View]
210884680D4DJ First Mix: EPISODE 1 today. Who is hyped?[View]
210864432ITT: Worst manga you've read: pic related[View]
210892624>you live in an ice age >your parents are dead >your sister is the only one left >villag…[View]
210892990The King's Avatar Season 2: Is anyone watching this? it's pretty good. I can't wait f…[View]
210895697'''Akuma no Riddle 2nd season''': AOTS Say only good things about Haru…[View]
210898006Hey, Animator here, what is this Trope called? Couldn't find it myself, would really appreciat…[View]
210897879Shinji's boyfriend is dumber than a fish.[View]
210882122Can babies wear glasses?[View]
210896891>84 days until 3.0+1.0's release.[View]
210890406World Trigger: I watched this World Trigger presentation, posting some stuff I could understand: htt…[View]
210836909What do you guys think about Tomboy?[View]
210844835YuYuYu/ Yuuki Yuuna/ Yuusha de Aru series: FuYuYu Chapter 3 + Churutto! YuYuYus' designs https…[View]
210882381>fantasy series >bootleg soulless D&D ripoff >renaissance fair-like humans without uniq…[View]
210888545Dragon Ball Super: Name one (1) anime or manga character that can win against this duo. I'll wa…[View]
210877313Bakemonogatari: Why cat is so lewd[View]
210849371Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 million copies in circulation[View]
210894430No seriously why did no one tell me there was a sequel to Lucky Star? https://youtu.be/7STbq-ZYhmY[View]
210894233Are they retarded?: >We are going to destroy your shit! >Riko few pages later: No >Ok ?????…[View]
210893064>Scanlator puts memes in every chapter >Scanlator deliberately changes a dialogue to 'make it …[View]
210891075>My name? It's One. One Piece.[View]
210895771How does MHA get away with ripping off Naruto so much? Black Clover too.[View]
210895684If a law cannot be enforced on you, you have no reason to conform to it.[View]
210880212Ochikobore Fruit Tart: Do up and coming idols normally sleep together like this?[View]
210894554Sex with girls who can and will absolutely murder you[View]
21088194780s anime actually draw realistic bodies for women: Pic related. That's a far cry from the dist…[View]
210895649I getting DVD on getting an anime about fireworks and aliens.: Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
210885131ITT: Good and bad anime / manga redesigns (Official stuff only).[View]
210894866I'm seeing this in theaters tonight. What will I think?[View]
210893076maou jou de oyasumi: Anon ... I know, I also liked Madoka, especially because in the end Homu-chan w…[View]
210835487Assault Lily: Riri wears white pantsu and we need to see more of it.[View]
210894887Shirou, I...[View]
210842850Majo no Tabitabi: New episode tomorrow.[View]
210893266did araki hated polnareff ?[View]
210874102Re: Zero: be honest, would you?[View]
210891020Why did Toriyama decide to change from a story about a magic dragon giving out wishes to a battle sh…[View]
210853856What's your favourite manga?[View]
210889367SE NO[View]
210893372What's this bitch's problem?[View]
210890715Wby did the author change it to a filler gag manga?[View]
210893832>In the near future, humanity faces imminent destruction from mysterious creatures known as 'Huge…[View]
210881017Is this worth watching or is it just furry garbage?[View]
210893819Why did the touhou anime flop so hard?[View]
210846544One Punch Man: I want to go back to before[View]
210892227loli haet pizza[View]
210893226>It's another chapter of the Straw Hats just running around[View]
210879767Just finished Fire Punch...I genuinely don't know how to feel or what to say >but god it was…[View]
210891446This anime has some big flaws...: I'm rewatching it after seven years, there a lot of problems …[View]
210880915Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: What were your views on Shiva before and during his fight with Raiden? He see…[View]
210885856One Piece: Lolimato fanart when?[View]
210892868On Boogiepop: Are the Boogiepop series any worth watching?[View]
210818324Which anime girl can provide the highest quality milk?[View]
210886196Chainsaw man 91: Axe devil confirmed for final villain[View]
210884471Exit okubo[View]
210888932EeEEeeeEEehhh EeEEeeeEEehhh EeEEeeeEEehhh EeEEeeeEEehhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaAaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
210886875What are all the mistakes Yagami Light made that lead to his failure? >killed Lind L Tailor >k…[View]
210873610Admit it, Fire Punch is a masterpiece[View]
210891874Science /adv/ General: What do you all think of the Science Advdnture Series? Which game in the seri…[View]
210890577Have your sweet time powerbros, it would make your reaction to Makima winning in end less bitter[View]
210890649ITT: spin-offs characters that should've been in the original story[View]
210892171Decided to see what all the fuss was about and bought the VN on steam and think I understand all of …[View]
210892052How come every main cast digimon was uninspired butt ugly in 02? Wtf happened?[View]
210760600Shimeji Simulation/tkmiz: It's a real wide kind of day.[View]
210891835Hiashi is the smartest/luckiest character in Naruto: >Have extremely talented slave-caste nephew …[View]
210880857Why do bad manga series consistently get more translations than decent manga series? Just look at th…[View]
210889310Witch ads: WTF are these whitch waifu ads here on /a/, which link to Youtube priviews of a anime?…[View]
210887042Why is she so fucking smug all the time?[View]
210891779how did this cute demon[View]
210884144Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: Let's party https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfXlXJp8ALQ…[View]
210889854Witch Journey: Thanks to the Elainanon who bought the adspace I'm watching this cute witch anim…[View]
210888702Boku no hero academia: do you think there'll be a timeskip after this arc?[View]
210880491Sundome Storytime Volume 2: She's back /a/! Previously: Sundome Volume 1 https://desuarchive.…[View]
210889688Is underage fanservice the best part of anime?[View]
210891466Holy shit this anime horney as fuck.[View]
210891460Love is War is the best romcom: I‘ve never read a series as cute and funny as love is war[View]
210885202New Isekai!: It looks interesting...Thoughts?[View]
210838376Is the Order a Rabbit ? Bloom: Chino started to think about her own future[View]
210882097Is it possible they remake this with another studio?[View]
210880267Kino closing themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9N_WgpLJOM[View]
210886812there's literally 0 reason for this show to be an isekai. the author was just too lazy to fles…[View]
210861681Character 3x3 thread?[View]
210886405Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren is father confirmed soon.[View]
210877010Mediocre Anime Thread: Post the series that you thought were middling at best. Try not to be a contr…[View]
210881012APOLOGIZE: > I start working at 2:00 PM and I finish at 7:00 AM. Of course, the time I spend eati…[View]
210888685Denjin N it's not bad: Looking forward for translations[View]
210881279does episode 1 of One Piece brings you nostalgic feelings?[View]
210890693>Red Angels, the boss is 'archangel' >G-Boys What's this middleschooler crap?…[View]
210871071Which female small anime character would make a good girlfriend?: And why would be Bakarina?[View]
210879204Is it possible to become homosexual for a character 30 years after their creation?[View]
210889354A nuke does damage in three stages, it irradiates heat and light, it blasts and it scatters radioact…[View]
210884547How many fujos killed themselves because of this?[View]
210889090My Hero Academia: Will Dabi finally reveal himself?[View]
210889066Japanese Hentai banned in Australia: https://www.vice.com/en/article/xgz8md/japanese-hentai-is-now-b…[View]
210886666Real talk. Did our girl War Nurse even do anything wrong?[View]
210873945Are you an Akaneman or a Rikkaman?[View]
210882941Zombieland Saga: what a bunch of spooky zombs[View]
210889347I BELIEVE I CAN FLY[View]
210888003Will we ever see another Ghost Stories situation in our lifetime?: An anime that's such a hard …[View]
210889226Majo: what your best majo?[View]
210889039Why are there so few manga where the main character's romantic relationships progress naturally…[View]
210847893Why did he have to be like this[View]
210878560Do I have to watch Index anime or should I go straight to Railgun? don't like the male MC desu[View]
210884413So, fuck, kill, marry?[View]
210886353Domestic na Isekai: Hina Drake (Fire Dragon) or Rui Drake (Ice Dragon)?[View]
210883922Why is she such a complicated bitch? Come on honey, it's not like anyone's asking you to g…[View]
210888142What is your favorite anime to help you cope with things: My comfort anime is FLCL. Sure it's s…[View]
210888050Sumire! Smile![View]
210865821Nyamo or Yukari?[View]
210886561Behold the heart of the world! Progenitor of life, father and mother, alpha and omega! Our creator..…[View]
210886557Do you think there will ever be an Azumanga remake?[View]
210887173>op starts playing in the final episode[View]
210888327chainsaw man: (bad english and spoilers from the latest chapters) i was thinking about why the chain…[View]
210884731Shed! Ryugasaki-san chapter 60[View]
210879269Dragon Ball Super: ITT We discuss the development of the relationship between these two Saiyans - fr…[View]
210874888Why are you not currently reading one of the best biweekly manga?[View]
210887259I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home Ch,. 23: New chapter. https://mangadex.org/chapter/…[View]
210878340Chronological or Broadcast?[View]
210885240>Downs a bowl of rice and cow, then absolutely mogs your favorite character in the ring What do?…[View]
210875381You're in charge of creating a new 13-episodes long Devilman anime What do you make?[View]
210887800Can anyone recommend some Manga artists like suehiro maruo? I like that bizarre horror style that is…[View]
210884556Sony nears acquisition of US anime streaming service Crunchyroll: >TOKYO -- Sony has entered into…[View]
210873667Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers are out. It's his turn.[View]
210887293ITT: Post amusing sound effect translations: picrel: ha! scooter go brappp.[View]
210876141Kongou Banchou: How come this series is less well known than Seven Deadly Sins? Been reading it toda…[View]
210886626Amagami SS: Just look at this sweet, innocent maiden with nothing to hide[View]
210860393Kaguya Manga: Spring break is almost here Finally, Fujiwara's ramen chapter[View]
210867789Anime harem is stupid and Stupid?: Because once you've seen one, you've seen them all. It…[View]
210869995I fucking hate this haircut: This doesn't even look good on most guys. Short hair designs on gi…[View]
210885144I just want to be called 'master' by a cute vampire girl, is that too much to ask?[View]
210851319Monster Musume: New chapter out: https://www.comic-ryu.jp/_monmusu/comic/sp69.html[View]
210877005>Rui said his web isn't as strong as his body >but he decapitated himself with it ???…[View]
210885302Dr.STONE: She's cute[View]
210884196I love cute old women in anime[View]
210883991What emotion does this face portray?[View]
210854344Mangaka drawing other series characters[View]
210882257>dual-audio >sub group can't decide whether they want to label the subs as jpn or eng …[View]
210825233Is she even less likeable than Subaru?[View]
210886022Migi to Dali: When you find out your first crush was actually your identical twin brother crossdress…[View]
210884562Mahouka: Is Honoka the best non-incestuous option?[View]
210855568Mexican soap opera levels of garabage.[View]
210882488Well anons, do the fire sisters even deserve our praise?[View]
210865923Hell(sing)oween Story Time 9: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/a.desu.meta/subject/Hell%28sin…[View]
210885631Hotori and Ponko, the ultimate maids!: Seeing Hotori and Ponko together in the same fanart is pretty…[View]
210882024>Five episodes in >Only one character is canon gay >She's the joke lesbian I'm th…[View]
210854599JoJo: What's with the Stone Ocean hate?[View]
210886090I want to beat the ever living life out of this green haired freckled twink fuck, holy shit. He dese…[View]
210875159Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: Yuna say: eat the rich[View]
210879007Yuru Camp: Why did she do it. /a/?[View]
210886212I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!!!!!!!!!![View]
210882726Chainsaw 91: Scans are out. Dumping[View]
210868217One Piece chapter 994 (french) https://scantrad.net/mangas/one-piece/994[View]
210879721Infection: The main character returns[View]
210862396Anime or manga? I've heard mixed opinions about Oshii and what he did to the anime. Some say it…[View]
210882856Kaguya-sama: Was this the worst line of the entire manga? Aka joking about the worst arc he ever did…[View]
210882655Logic: >We are going to destroy all your shit >Riko: no we won't >Ok ???????…[View]
210876021Greatest love story ever told.[View]
210881685'Hinokami' in japanese is 'God of fire'. The old way to say it is 'Kaguchi' 'Kamado' in 'Kamado Tanj…[View]
210881791What exactly distinguishes pure ecchi from porn? The more I think about it, the more I feel that pur…[View]
210756039OPT: One Page Thread: Entice other /a/nons into checking out a manga based on a single page. Startin…[View]
210868452Isn't Digimon essentially just Pokemon: Capeshit Edition?[View]
210873913Meanwhile at the /a/ ramen shop...[View]
210882228Yo stupid ugly ass weebs Go like my newest YouTube video I will go famous and rich while you goin sm…[View]
210879167Retarded plots: For me it was this one shoujo I read a while back, it was about a guy who fails in l…[View]
210881469ITT we post anime/manga that suck >I'll start[View]
210875941Bleach: >His Bankai could have wiped 80% of all Sternritters if he was alone Why didn't they…[View]
210870376This art belongs to one of the most famous manga/anime series. What's your excuse for not makin…[View]
210883468What did Gridman mean by this?[View]
210877741Do you like nice country girls like Megumi?[View]
210882703ITT: Series that are being milked so hard it's blatant: What series have authors that obviously…[View]
210882009What was the purpose of this character and how did he manage to do nothing memorable in 16 volumes?[View]
210873705>people actually liked rebuild 3.3 What the fuck? I mean I get it in a metasense but Jesus it…[View]
210880785Bokuben - of love and passion: Mafuyu's triumph[View]
210882874YrYr: ゆるゆり はじまるよ〜![View]
210880471Cutest scene in anime?: Kodomo no Jikan, when Rin cross dress to find out how sensei will treat her,…[View]
210869483Morality Pet Naruto:: Izuna was his brother Madara's entire world. Madara is the man he is toda…[View]
210880659prove non-shounen main characters are better than any shounen main character.[View]
210816945Prisma Illya: When Kuro is brought back, will she be physical and have no mana deficiency? Or will s…[View]
210881673Passionate Ping Pong Pals[View]
210882969Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!: It was very good[View]
210842652There is a distinct lack of best girl on this board![View]
210856120Lets settle this once and for all. What is the best jojo pose?[View]
210877975Akudama Drive: Are you watching Akudama Drive?[View]
210882867>not even a single well designed digital monster in the entire season of 50 episodes How did they…[View]
210822370Pre-2000's anime thread: Just another one of these.[View]
210871037Chainsaw Man: >'Hybrids' are based on Weapon Devils and have no official name (devil, fiend) beca…[View]
210852928Shingeki no Kyojin: What's next for these two?[View]
210873274This fight sucked[View]
210881053>You could never find a clean cut solution!! >just make the most out of what’s left >don’t …[View]
210877973What is the best part of a girl, and why is it the witch hat?[View]
210869380Saki: Tanoshii: Manga TL is out for Toki 45 and Shinohayu 83.[View]
210880888Guys why was Vritannis so fucking bad? Once the battle with Ganishka started it was fine but litera…[View]
210811198Girls und Panzer: new ribbon warrior when[View]
210878094How does The Castle of Cagliostro compare to the rest of Lupin III?: Also, general Lupin III thread.…[View]
210850905>harem end meh >harem end with a shit ton of kids That's how it should be.…[View]
210880050The fantasy is someone loving you so much that you don't have to love them back, isn't it?…[View]
210851301Give me one good reason why Steins;Gate isn't your favorite anime, weebs[View]
210877414Wide dreams are best dreams.[View]
210874504One Piece: Translation out https://onepiecechapters.com/manga/one-piece-chapter-994/[View]
210879200Is YYH still loved in Japan? It seems is hated here on /a/, especially by HxH autists and Bleach tra…[View]
210880056Just got this at a used book store. Is it any good?[View]
210880120does anyone know what the first season of kaiju girls is called? when i search it on twist.moe only …[View]
210862700It's ONE 's birthday today: The best shounen mangaka ever![View]
210877799Brat become the main character via importance. Prove me wrong.[View]
210842910ITT: Disturbing Anime/Manga Pics: So, with Spooktober ending and high Halloween feels, we post some …[View]
210831173Raildex: Railgun raws, might be some details about GT3 coming this week supposedly. I don't kno…[View]
210879042Useless Ponko: Summer is over, anons. What would become of Yuuna?[View]
210849728>Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a little princess, and she was very sad, for her mot…[View]
210817125Kakegurui: Just finished the season 2, what do I think about it? I hope they make a third season nam…[View]
210876690I know it's a bit early but who's your JOTS so far? Pic related for me.[View]
210878359Do all Trigger shows have a shared universe?[View]
210877801https://youtu.be/7STbq-ZYhmY What the fuck is this?[View]
210877782Why the fuck does her face look like that?[View]
210877030Buyfag thread: Its Grim time[View]
210876829Finally a godzilla anime: Why Japan took so long to make one?[View]
210850970Fairy Tail Volume 43 Storytime: Fairy Tail is the second major work of Hiro Mashima after Rave Maste…[View]
210874854Apparently Fly (aka Furai/フライ) is going to start to do hentai stuff I guess Irozuku and Tomozaki-kun…[View]
210868730Dragon Ball Super: Son Gohan is not only a distinguished academic, he's also a trusted legal ad…[View]
210873172Ghost girls: Anime need more cute ghost girls. Post cute ghost girls![View]
210878446higurashi: Mion cute CUTE![View]
210878279What happened to them?[View]
210878137One Page Thread[View]
210874823Himeno-chan: Why is Himeno so threatened by Tsubasa?[View]
210876561Nyanko Days: Three Cats Edition: I have three cats[View]
210876958Would you, Could you, An android barista?[View]
210842051IT'S COMING TO GET YOU![View]
210858855You can have lewd thoughts about her, bro, it's okay. She's 300 years old.[View]
210861474Kingdom is the only member of the top selling contemporary big battle manga that is not huge in the …[View]
210874226So I want to get into this. Are the Viz translations fine, or should I go for scans? Also Golden Kam…[View]
210873466Rozen Maiden: Is this worth reading or a meme? Also post desus I guess[View]
210852948You wouldn't, right, /a/?[View]
210874966What happens first?: Toei does an anime remake of Gash Bell or Toei does an adaptation of new Kinnik…[View]
210876988Stapah!: Why is Senjogahara possessing her again?[View]
210867069What a shithole[View]
210873027After finishing Barakamon, I started watching Handa-kun. It feels weird as hell they almost feel lik…[View]
210852659When does Gintama get good?[View]
2108718525 centimeters per second: How come Shinkai peaked this early? His later works have never been nearly…[View]
210874867Tonikaku Manga: Nasa's wife (male) is very cute.[View]
210874704Was this scene really neccesary?[View]
210750103Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Limited edition BD box coming out november 25[View]
210873849>Undead are portrayed as good[View]
210857587Daily Nichijou Chapter: Nichijou 37[View]
210874384https://www.personality-database.com/personality_type/INFP Why are big-tittied INFPs so common in an…[View]
210850171based manga panels[View]
210828742Prichan, Mewkledreamy, Aiplanet and more: Let's appreciate Powa Powa Puririn! Otome is a wonder…[View]
210875613anime producer roleplay: You are sent back to the year 2000 and you must work as an anime producer. …[View]
210875978I did not mind how this arc ended. My only issues remain with the latter half of the story. Even Nag…[View]
210870877Aira: This is her smile.[View]
210871764Oricon Sales by Manga Volumes: #1 Kimetsu no Yaiba 22 - 325,762/2,578,755 #2 Kimetsu no Yaiba 8 - 17…[View]
210856089It's really hard to take moral advice from someone who have sex with a married woman. When will…[View]
210872036This series makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.[View]
210864230Mion / Shion: Who is who again lads? This shit keeps confusing me[View]
210874625Waltz for Venus: Why do you guys hate this episode again?[View]
210875134Kakegurui is boring predictable trash, square enix published anime sucks. Pandora hearts sucks too.[View]
210870604higu: I wish I could ride bikes with my friends in a secluded Japanese town. Why is Higurashi SoL so…[View]
210775685Looking Up to Magical Girls 18: Exploding Cat vs Crying Nun[View]
210874713>Hey everybody, Nii-san's home![View]
210874033Do you think Homura was in the right, or was Kyubey? Or do you prefer Madoka's solution?[View]
210832078Now that the dust has settled: Rank them, were they Any good? Did they ruin anime and its image?…[View]
210839498Akudama Drive: Episode 4 is out and no thread? What are you, pic related?[View]
210864698Douki-chan: Kouhai strikes again[View]
210874757Anime Europe: You are isekaied into an anime that takes place in Europe. Which anime will it be?…[View]
210874753Cunny Lane season two fucking when?, also what are you looking forward to for the next season?…[View]
210860988One Piece: This should have happened.[View]
210866681Holy shit I just finished knights of sidonia and what did they do to it? Did someone else write it? …[View]
210874360AOI, AOI ANO SORAAAAA[View]
21081946387 days until 3.0+1.0's release.[View]
210873380Stella no Mahou: Chapter 71 You wouldn't pretend not to like something just to get a little att…[View]
210795314Buyfag thread: She will make you go mad[View]
210872808Noblesse: How many people would lose versus the D?[View]
210873396Yomawari Sensei: Anyone reading this? I think it's a really good manga.[View]
210870510Post nostalgia: This would appear on Google images everytime you searched To Love Ru[View]
210870895Are there any opposite examples of this? As in a title whose art became simpler with time (maybe to …[View]
210871201Does Light believe all women?[View]
210873157How do you feel about gals/sluts in anime?[View]
210870421ITT: characters who deserved more than 1 episode: post em[View]
210869063Asobi Asobase Chapter 56[View]
210870231BPD only makes the girl better >tfw no bpd gf[View]
210853879highschool fleet - haifuri: The movie is out, I repeat the movie is out. Season 2 any year now.…[View]
210872954Why was Edge of tomorrow his only successful manga?[View]
210857062I like zombie girls, /a/. What is your opinion about them?[View]
210853711What a bitchy little homewrecker[View]
210863439The alpha of awe[View]
210860826>only 3 threads Now that the hype is finally dead what went wrong?[View]
210872428robot girls: Post anime robot girls![View]
210828296Accel World: I am catching with the Light Novels and...this series really doesn't have the righ…[View]
210864882Gundam: Why was it so shit?[View]
210872794What happens first?: Toei does an anime remake of Gash Bell or Toei does an adaptation of new Kinnik…[View]
210865650Most overrated anime of all time: 1. Kaguya-sama 2. Oregairu 3. Higurashi 4. Konosuba 5. Re:zero 6. …[View]
210866888What the FUCK did I just watch?[View]
210849712Kengan Omega: I can't believe Faggotsbane didn't work against this guy. Just how strong is…[View]
210854882Why does this board constantly say Madoka is the most overrated anime ever? Is it not the best magic…[View]
210847377iconic moments of the 2010s[View]
210860335What’s the first thing you look at when looking at a cat girl?[View]
210867975Why does a Japanese JK have a fucking pistol?: And don't say 'hurr it's just a stun gun.' …[View]
210868829One thing I never understood about Cardcaptor Sakura: why are those two gay for each other when they…[View]
210856871What's the best way to consume manga?[View]
210869115Why aren't brocons common in anime/manga?[View]
210872490Eating Crab with a Yukionna Storytime 05: A certain summer day, as the cicadas sing loudly. A man wi…[View]
210864641Is Aggretsuko considered good? I just saw this series and it's awful. The protagonist is an un…[View]
210816272>girl looks and acts like a slut >is actually a slut…[View]
210868603I don’t get it[View]
210872021Re:Zero: How hard will Ram wingmen for Rem once she wake up and the memories about her return ?…[View]
210854357Chainsaw Man: Do you believe in love? Thread by requests, leaks out, look them up yourselves.[View]
210752961Houkago Teibou Nisshi: Just because the anime is over doesn't mean Teibou Tuesdays have to end.…[View]
210842101Serial Experiments Lain 2020 onlin exhibition: >Online exhibition 'lain 2020 eXhibition…[View]
210858118Boku no Hero Academia: >Gimme back my keychain This is a war arc btw…[View]
210865301Omegamon is the Coolest fusion.[View]
210870382Magi: Magi is one of the most underrated anime of this decade.It has a good power system the world b…[View]
210861792himi wa houkago insomnia: I love Magari![View]
210870771¿ do /a/ like psychopath couples ?[View]
210870402Is this any good?[View]
210815362Precure Thread: It will leak anytime now. Cooking Precure soon[View]
210870864(bad english and spoilers from the latest chapters) i was thinking about why the chainsaw devil was …[View]
210870725Seriously, what's the point of this character?[View]
210870709why does /a/ like femdom girls so much? you know IRL they are absolutely shit[View]
210870627>saw comment that implied the series was finished >read non-stop to latest chapter only to rea…[View]
210735954white or black?[View]
210842405Re: Zero: Will Ram do anything significant in the next chapters?[View]
210868497Green hair thread. Why is it not as popular as red, purple, or blue?[View]
210869680Very Specific Berserk / Miura Question: I don't remember where but I remember hearing or maybe …[View]
210867025Fox girls >>>>>> Girls[View]
210867758Ok guy the girl im talking too looks like rem from re zero but i havent watched it... Pretty much gi…[View]
210835897bokuben 180 spoiler: OCR 夏海を1日預かる事になった成幸と先生 縁談持ちかけて来るのが鬱陶しかったため成幸が フィアンセと嘘をついてしまったので豆海が監視してくる 疑われてるの…[View]
210868970What's your favorite anime?[View]
210868844>too old to enjoy kiddieshit like Tomino >too young to truly appreciate Leiji SFbros hold me.…[View]
210868785DomeKano gets an Isekai chapter: Sasuga Sasuga-san[View]
210796350Yashahime: I want them to be reunited and be happy together[View]
210868707Dragon Ball: Seeing how a one-dimensional villain as Broly got a pretty decent introduction into the…[View]
210824064Kanojo mo Kanojo (mo Kanojo): We finally got the best cover. Chapter 33 and dumping. Nagisa chapter …[View]
210868370Sit down, shut up, and watch the Maoujou OP. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui-KKFZKIq4[View]
210852079Dragon Ball Super: I'm tired of this garbage character and his never ending inferiority complex…[View]
210859311No one on /a/ has ever watched Major. Hell, people are barely watching the sequel.[View]
210858754What is your favorite okada?[View]
210866921kanashii yoru ga bokura o tsutsumu keredomo bokura madamada yume o mite iru sore dake de sore dake…[View]
210853769Kurapika: What is he going to do after retrieving some meaningless inanimate objects?[View]
210857612What a fucking coon[View]
210828741AiPla, Mewkledreamy, Prichan, plus feelsy vibes: >[MoyaiSubs] Mewkledreamy - 26 [v0][TV][382B9DAB…[View]
210867328Useless Ponko Ch. 42: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1084314/1 Cat suit ponko is CUTE[View]
210852998Akudama Duruwivo: >10 minutes til bad thing happen! >15 minute conversation >5 minute til b…[View]
210866043It's been 42 years. Does it hold up?[View]
210865617Anime/Manga has not yet had this kind of massive, immense and dark feel. And never will. It will onl…[View]
210860304What went so wrong? Boring Political Intrigue, Slow Pacing and completely shifting of the Titans int…[View]
210862365ITT: Horrible movie adaptations.[View]
210842685Sundome Storytime Volume 1: Did you forget her /a/? Never forget her! If Gantz and Arigatou got a s…[View]
210866136What is it about Rin?[View]
210864746Higurashi Gou: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
210862295>useless in the real world >pompous >easily butthurt yep, im literally aqua…[View]
210864626So, how often do we see the real Shion during this episode?[View]
210863480Why is he so gay?[View]
210863561I'll take care of Violet from now on.[View]
210740051Yuno is always on the move![View]
210859751Who’s your favorite succubus from an anime/manga?[View]
210865356now that the dust has settled... has it been surpassed?[View]
210863432Naruto Storytime Volume 48 (Part 4): Previous Thread: >>210861583[View]
210746740How is this possible? A vampire NEET like Sophie shouldn't be this flexible.[View]
210862997Post based parents[View]
210859791is fujo-bait more profitable than yuri-bait?[View]
210863023What makes these girls such ladykillers?[View]
210833136Black Clover: While we wait for the spoilers, let's discuss some theories.[View]
210864482Splatoon anime: Through a source of mine, I was able to learn that a Splatoon anime is in the works …[View]
210862212Best volume covers: You know the drill, post volume covers you like.[View]
210861366Has any studio shown any interest in doing an anime in the style of kill la kill again?[View]
210860644Why do OLs do this?[View]
210863785it still hurts[View]
210855424Made in Abyss: What was his problem?[View]
2108608873×3 thread: Mine is 4×4, but whatever[View]
210864185Tell me about Nezuko. Why does she ware the muzzle?[View]
210855209Useless Ponko c42: ponk[View]
210851525ITT:: 'EXIT' Moments.[View]
210863249Can someone please explain his hat. I've tried really hard, but I can't figure it out.[View]
210862694Do you think JCs are actually good characters instead of just fapbait?[View]
210861919In this world: In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or …[View]
210861877tomo-chan is a girl! chapter 52: definitely not a guy. it can be confusing sometimes.[View]
210852697This is a devil princess, say something nice about her.[View]
210861583Naruto Storytime Volume 48 (Part 3): Previous Thread: >>210858772[View]
210862747>OL character is intoduced >Shortly after she's licking her lips…[View]
210861479One Pi3: >Sanji's VA cucked Oda and impregnated his wife >Oda makes Sanji say this dumb s…[View]
210862429Is he hiding in Cuba with Tupac ?[View]
210861352Anime's biggest hack.[View]
210861864what does a/ think of Ryuma no gagou?[View]
210824236Kaos might be a harelipped abomination but I still like her[View]
210847942Naruto - Sasuke SD Storytime volume 3: Last volume. Madara ENTERS! Volume 1: >>210757391 Volum…[View]
210861328what spooked princess charlotte?: tell me l/a/ds what did charlotte see in that cell?[View]
210851384Will it ever be continued?[View]
210860330Happy Birthday Shinra: Let's hope the cat doesn't break the cake by accident falling on it…[View]
210850875Higurashi: It's actually Shion who visits him in his house! Look at the St.Lucia uniform she…[View]
210860823Bleach thread! We like Bleach, right?[View]
210849838Confess your sins /a/[View]
210855905Idolm@ster: How does /a/ feel about idols on the autism spectrum?[View]
210845515One Piece: Fishman Island will be devastated by these gosh damn adorable racists.[View]
210858772Naruto Storytime Volume 48 (Part 2): Previous Thread: >>210856044[View]
210835193Kaguya manga: I think the thing here is more about > She hates me so it's not a real possibi…[View]
210860724studio konata: studio konata[View]
210854595Youkoso to my thread![View]
210859226Do you remember, /a/?[View]
210860312Pervert!: Why is being a 'pervert' that bad in anime and they go overboard every single time? Why no…[View]
210851414*steals your show* Honestly why did Alice even exist? Just to get cucked?[View]
210842166Puella Magi Madoka Magica / Rebellion: So I decided to rewatch rebellion because of the anniversary …[View]
210856711The smile that changed the world[View]
210850028ITT: Manga that are so bad, that they're good.[View]
210855538What was his fucking problem?[View]
210851354WSJ is doomed: This year KnY, HQ, TPN ended CSM gonna end soon and AA got cancelled. What's gon…[View]
210851785Is that his original face?[View]
210853848>read manga >Punctuation on both sides This really bugs me, why so translators keep doing this…[View]
210857931Which one was your favorite?[View]
210845922ITT: good characters stuck in shit animes[View]
210856353Post femme fatales[View]
210852292Monkey of metsudo: So okubros, will he ever be taken seriously again? Over 50 chapters of buildup an…[View]
210856484ITT: /a/ characters that are LITERALLY you[View]
210856401What was her problem? Was she legitimately a pedophile?[View]
210859092Migi to Dali: Foreshadowing?[View]
210858946This is a lot better sequel to Z than Super: Does /a/ agree?[View]
210815117Hetalia is coming back!: Quick, who's your favorite character and why?[View]
210855989Do Nips really get excited over pineapples?[View]
210856044Naruto Storytime Volume 48: Wow Japanese fans are vocal about this volume and they are not happy. Th…[View]
210857247Yumekui Merry 140[View]
210858479what is the best looking anime this year?[View]
210858423>introduce hundreds of characters >produce to develop/screentime 0 of them Why is anime like t…[View]
210851657which one of you wrote this?[View]
210857146>ruins your show[View]
210851740Left is what we got Right is what we should have gotten[View]
210788712Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: Yuna has a sexy body[View]
210854792Japanese Comedy: > Character A acts like a retard referencing a character from an established ser…[View]
210854725Higurashi Gou: >Mion is Shion No, >>>/s/hion+is+mion…[View]
210854453Post pages where manga goes full retard[View]
210856764Bokura no Hentai: has anyone read this shit? its worth reading?[View]
210843284ITT: Morally complex anime characters[View]
210822108The absolute peak of shounen[View]
210857115I want to take hime home.[View]
210856997ITT anime/manga with actual good endings. I will start.[View]
210854487Remember me?[View]
210851932what do you think of her?[View]
210846180Boku no Hero Academia: >Big war >Thousands are dead >Giant monster is killing more >The …[View]
210856233Is it just me or does it seem like every anime movie since this has tried to have a similar pivotal …[View]
210851437oshi no ko: chapter 23 when?[View]
210854523You know, there where times where Togashi's art work wasn't do bad after all.[View]
210853614So what’s the plan when Natuto and Sasuke die?: Who’s going to keep the peace between the 5 Nations …[View]
210834745Jahy-sama wa kujikenai: OC thanks to /wsr/ anon I think the demon realm is restored for good…[View]
210855187This guy becomes the protagonist of the last anime you've watched. How will it turn out?[View]
210851629Hoshi no Samidare: Why does this not have an anime adaptation? It was a very fun ride. I wish I read…[View]
210832810Otoyomegatari 94: >no more comfy steppe waifus Dropped[View]
210853858What are you faggots watching today?[View]
210823822What's your fav Junji Ito story? I've only read Uzumaki, Tomie and watched the anime. I p…[View]
210847110Cuprum's Bride: Where the fuck is it bros? I need my Gal Botan fill[View]
210850061Just listen[View]
210852220Why are genki fang girls the best?[View]
210851583Not literally me: Characters that aren't self-inserts or ones that get mislabeled as self-inser…[View]
210852787>It's a Chibiusa pisses the bed episode[View]
210840217Higurashi Gou: 1 (ONE) HOUR UNTIL NEW HIGURASHI EPISODE[View]
210841518Boy's Abyss: you guys were right after all: the childhood friend really seems to be a possessiv…[View]
210833562Dragon Ball Super: We already know that Tardku fucked up once again against a self proclaimed irrede…[View]
210834100Mitsudomoe Live TL: Chapter 201: Swimsuits time Come and help us with the biweekly TL or atleast hel…[View]
210852298Best class is of course Rider, what is your favourite Servant Class?[View]
210837777red girl blue girl 500 replies[View]
210812093Moral ambiguity in SBR: I think SBR is the only part of JoJo I consider morally gray. The other part…[View]
210827642>shames mc for being a virgin >joins in the chant of 'no ass no class' >claims to be a virg…[View]
210853440>says boke >subs say you dumb bitch[View]
210839939CHAINSAW MAN IS ENDING SOON: The white square on the bottom right says it (image from Weekly Shonen …[View]
210853389One Piece: Are these the first awakened zoans to ever appear?[View]
210836949Shingeki no Kyojin: Kenny was the best Ackerman. Mikasa and Manlet cant match his chadness[View]
210850406Ookami Arukōru[View]
210824441Reminder that modern anime avoids sight and visual gags like these like the plague.[View]
210850274Tanabe a SHIT >muh naive genki girl who genuinely believes love will solve everything…[View]
210833144has she suffered enough yet?[View]
210850902She's Sailor Moon.[View]
210840914Shinji belongs to Asuka![View]
210851540Noblesse: When do these two fuck?[View]
210833095Listeners: So, Listeners was objectively the worst anime of 2020 so far, right?[View]
210851434hes without a doubt the best in the business[View]
210783834But why Mugi?[View]
210847347for me it's Ocean Waves.[View]
210852062Which one are you /a/?: Obligatory thread music by the literal kami of animu songs (his covers are a…[View]
210835765>MC is the worst part of their own series[View]
210826203Fire Punch: So, why is this being praised as one of the greatest mangas ever made? >shitty mc …[View]
210847225Happy sugar life: What the FUCK is that ending?? Is this supposed to be a good ending?[View]
210851665Why were shinji and asuka alone at the end? Clearly multiple days passed since they were at the beac…[View]
210792561Baki: he's gonna do it again[View]
210851588>The series is wrapped up only in a video game that is Japan-exclusive Why?…[View]
210849863What words in a title let you know you should avoid a series? For me, it's maou.[View]
2108478452020 and I am forgotten...[View]
210817148Usogui 537: The Vices - You're gonna love this. (((They))) are finally exposed.[View]
210841208Trick or Treat: Who's you're favorite?[View]
210850955Golden Kamuy: Why do they bully him so much?[View]
210850824Well I have a new obsession.[View]
210834019Naruto's fangirls: Why didn't Naruto get with them?[View]
210792143Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen: The dark half-naked loli will retu…[View]
210836732I can't believe you faggots memed me into reading furry shit.[View]
210838795thoughts on gurren lagann[View]
210850569DO-RO MONSTA CARDO!: What did he mean by this?[View]
210850566Hero acashit: >Set in highschool >no actual conflict between students since everyone is buddy …[View]
210847102Am I insecure if I like physically and mentally scarred girls?[View]
210811546post best girl of her series[View]
210849244Higurashi Gou: Shion or Mion You must choose[View]
210850392Post things that always bothered you: Starting with: why is Kagome always wearing a school uniform t…[View]
21084554114 days until Majo Minarai wo Sagashite comes out Doremichads[View]
210821075Which one, /a/non? Choose carefully.[View]
210849550In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like…[View]
210837252Still the best OST of any anime[View]
210848351After all these years, Evangelion is still the greatest anime of all time. How did Anno do it?[View]
210837041Tonikaku Kawaii: This is hands down the best OP of the season, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
210849657What are your thoughts on anime girls who paint their nails?[View]
210839882ITT: Scenes where you had to pause and something else for a couple of minutes to clear your mind[View]
210846617PSYCHO-PASS 3: What went wrong?[View]
210844161Feel like shit, just want Shinka back.[View]
210847410Nobody has ever seen this anime.[View]
210827817Ojiro Makoto: Appreciation thread for one of the best SoL mangaka ever. Brought to you by cats, high…[View]
210796092Jujutsu Kaisen: Possible spoilers: In the train tracks Mechamaru's final words Miwa cries Mostl…[View]
210845943Did you like Monster?[View]
210843876Higurashi Gou: JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~[View]
210841956How is he so talented and creative?[View]
210848344MASTERPIECE...: AOTD.....[View]
210810401Ad Astra: So the historical manga, Ad Astra, narrating the tale of Hannibal of Carthage war against …[View]
210847740My Hero makes no sense anymore: ^title This show was about Deku trying to become the greatest of all…[View]
210771033Virus Tensei kara Isekai Kansen Monogatari: I was supposed to be dead, but when I woke up, I was a r…[View]
210845408Feeties in sandals or flip-flops are a lot more lewd that the completely bare ones.[View]
210846798‘Demon Slayer’ Kills With $44 Million Japan Box Office Weekend: >Given an unusual Friday release,…[View]
210847430Shinji is too cute for this world.[View]
210846119You're stupid if you think this is good you're immature.[View]
210833773Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers Out. Enter Iida to save the day.[View]
210833496I sure do miss the age of the gyaru.[View]
210792476Strike Witches Road to Berlin: The Queen of the Speed[View]
210847007>one question gets answered >500 more pop up nice anime…[View]
210843071What do you think?[View]
210830579>gets Super Dragon Balls >able to do almost anything throughout the multiverse >fought a ha…[View]
210846538>when the JC shaves in a desperate attempt to get the pedo dick Why do JCs want to be lolis again…[View]
210846533Soon we must attack and destroy the Legend of the Super Saiyas. Follow me, Burolly![View]
210828019Okay /a/, let's have a battle. I'll start off, Pikachu, I choose you![View]
210837588Chainsaw man: Makimabros, is there still hope?[View]
210836583Mob Psycho 100: Mob Psycho 100 > One Punch Man.[View]
210846036Your favourite Halloween episode ?[View]
210841716One Page Thread: Entice other /a/nons into checking out a manga based on a single page. Pic related …[View]
210838492Kengan Omega Ch. 83: Haste[View]
210838134azumi: is she the female guts?[View]
210842089>gets ripped off by gaynax[View]
210842105Shounenshitters: If you like shounen so much why don't you marry shounen?[View]
210839081>Animag female poll >kirito[View]
210829618What manga would you actually bother to re-read? The only one, for me, is Jojo[View]
210837660One Piece: Chapter 994: 'My other name is Yamato'. Cover Page: 'Gang' Bege's Oh My Family LAST …[View]
210843250>Scenes only men will understand.[View]
210844586>Forms a team to beat up a fourteen year old How can someone be as based as him?…[View]
210834292Yuru Camp△ Season2: New visual out[View]
210841580any good anime to watch while under quarantine i am going to be home for 7 days[View]
210830132What anime got you into anime?: personally, i watched naruto growing up on adult swim but idk desu…[View]
210840889Obscure manga thread: Has anyone else read The Case Study of Vanitas? Dominique is best girl.[View]
210843277None of his movies have more than 15 minutes worth watching[View]
210844785Is it fair for an anime to have a character that's TOO perfect? Especially when you have charac…[View]
210795005What the fuck is happening to One Piece?: At least half the threads have people complaining and call…[View]
210843919>slaps your gf's ass What do you do?[View]
210802471ITT: MCs getting humiliated/btfo.[View]
210843885>you will never get married in kotomine church[View]
210838511Anyone remenber guilty crown[View]
210799868Kengan omega: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo1ZdVLpP7w Raws are out[View]
210840139Higurashi Gou: 1 hour remaining[View]
210840970Redpill me on this: Have you seen it? Is it any good?[View]
210805799>still the most powerful servant after all these years How does he do it?…[View]
210812717Bocchi Thread This board needs more Bocchi[View]
210842605The duck walked up: to the lemonade stand and he said to man running The Stand hey bum bum bum got a…[View]
210730171/a/ sings - Happy Sugar Life OP (One Room Sugar Life): JKs, lolis, and Kagamine Len are welcome. …[View]
210841897>you said you were going to kill all the titans right? i know you can do it.…[View]
210840207Destroy All Humanity. They Can't Be Regenerated.: playing magic the gathering sucks right now l…[View]
210839274Graburu!: Episode 4[View]
210822929*guittar riffs*[View]
210834280R.I.P Jahy[View]
210840388what do u guys thinl:k?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAEwu7DZQZI[View]
210841972can someone explain this chapter to me, and confirm if this child who just ended up being born was r…[View]
210841203Bokurano Thread: Has any anime/manga explored the meaning of life like Bokurano did yet?[View]
210835239I miss this white demon like you wouldn't believe[View]
210838954When will the Gyaruo trend begin? Imagine if the last anime you watched had a gyaruo protag.[View]
210837285I am from Buenos Aires and I say kill'em all ![View]
210841350spoiler of the 10 children, the woman with wings above who will be sure is a druid with the power to…[View]
210839448why isn't flcl that popular[View]
210834333/a/, australia banned the import of hentai and other Japanese pornographic material/products. a cunt…[View]
210833740One Punch Man: Did Tatsumaki's physical growth get stunted, or only her height? Theres an impor…[View]
210841041This was even more pathetic than Battleborn vs Overwatch tweets. TW3 alone surpassed the sales of al…[View]
210830066Hajime no Kino: Simple but compelling story and characters. Good action and fun sound design. Great…[View]
210827804Higurashi Gou: Predict the next episode airing in 10 hours. One of us will be proven right... when t…[View]
210840422I read the first chapter. I have 3 questions. >Why didn't he just stop, drop, and roll? >…[View]
210840462Panels that established a 'before' and 'after' in manga.[View]
210837752ITT: Post anime character in real life: I will start[View]
210840293Is there more savage hiatus than this?[View]
210834764Even in yuri series Dragon Ball is mentioned Just how big is Dragon Ball actually? /a/ likes to shit…[View]
210837551Magical Revolution: What does /a/ think of this manga?[View]
210832150Dragon Ball Super: 1) The Cutegang needs to be louder, angrier and have access to a time machine 2) …[View]
210807270Re Zero: Stand up /a/, we've gotten 5 new WN chapters since monday.[View]
210767550Majo no Tabitabi: I'm glad the entire board has reached the consensus that Elaina is the cutest…[View]
210838833The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!?: Can we not have a manga about 12 year olds having sex? Is it re…[View]
210832642Is anime 'shit' now? like I don't see people talking about the new season anime anymore[View]
210837406Ok so I just caught up on boruto. In the latest episode Sakura says that Sarada needs perfect chakra…[View]
210831339Re:Yujiro: Yujiro Hanma replaces Subaru from Re:Zero. What happens next?[View]
210839223Kengan omega: Hassad soon[View]
210839138I don't get it does she actually like him or not? I'm not actually sure if what she says i…[View]
210815443Do you like young characters or older ones?[View]
210814851Why is this Fall season so good compared to all others of years past? I don't remember the last…[View]
210835934pastel: You guys remember this? It just got a new scanlated chapter. Man I remember dropping this ba…[View]
210832479MHA 289 LEAKS: So it begins.[View]
210801857What do you think about the season so far anons? >AOTS Majo no Tabitabi >Great One Room S3 Hig…[View]
210835503Being an animator in Japan is hell, Anon.[View]
210833401>Lost Childrens Arc >Sea God Arc and Boat Arc in general >Troll Invasion Arc >Farnese…[View]
210837686>year is about to end >still the only series this year that ended in a high note How did Ao no…[View]
210785701Post your /a/ waifu. We guess random things about other anons based on their waifu[View]
210833039Nichibros: Yassan is my the biggest love. She likes to write a book. Oh, I love my Yassan. Oh, I lov…[View]
210823434Kaguya 206: English release is out, dumping.[View]
210836794Do you like her Rockin' Stone outfit?[View]
210834168Yandere Thread: The previous one got archived, DON'T LET THE FLAME DIE OUT! I need more good Ya…[View]
210827532Musume no Tomodachi Ch. 55 - That Place, On That Day: New chapter is out! https://mangadex.org/chapt…[View]
210829948Did it get through to you?[View]
210826120Re: Zero: say best girl RIGHT NOW[View]
210836630Dragon Quest Dai: How come there are 5 threads open about Dragon Ball Super and none about the super…[View]
210837616Hello, /a/. Tell me, what is the cutest, the softest and the sweetest female anime character's …[View]
210837376Which are the most sudden and unexpected anime scenes?[View]
210833467One Piece: Pics and summary are out.[View]
210833431Lina on the frontpage![View]
210836684On-gaku: Has anyone actually seen this movie?[View]
210833337Bros, eva is unironically ruined for me by the ending of EOE. Id I understand correctly, everybody c…[View]
210824577Chainsaw Man 91: Find me, start getting along with me and turn the Blood Devil into Power again If y…[View]
210833043This still pisses me off.[View]
210836628Hellsing: ITT: memes and discussion Alright, I’m bored, I’ve got a day off, and I recently finished …[View]
210823199Ochikobore Fruit Tart: This manga is a gold mine of the patrician fetish[View]
210834228Series that are undeniable jap-wank, irrespective of what you think of it.[View]
210836016Is this show just a ripoff of among us?[View]
210833101Rena knows, anon. What anon did before coming to this board. You're a pretty awful person, aren…[View]
210830965So are the Starlights trannies, are they androgynous, are they really just women who choose to turn …[View]
210836382Case Closed: So Rachel knows by now that Conan is really Jimmy, and she's just pretending to be…[View]
210836149Cute and canon.[View]
210811484Shingeki no Kyojin: The Beast Titan will have a new owner in 134.[View]
210833092>did everything in his power to try and preserve his people >is somehow the bad guy He was the…[View]
210835740Was it possible for FLEIJA to kill as many as it did? Could Lelouch have prevented it by geassing Ni…[View]
210787284Bokuben - of Cleansing fire: For me it's Mafuyu, the Messiah[View]
210826733I love my waifu Vignette[View]
210832358>And in finance, WEALTHly Group Plc.'s stock price has soared in the wake of President WEALT…[View]
210833138Best Jojo girl, period. Pure waifu material.[View]
210834194Maou-jou de Oyasumi: Childhood friends are for what again /a/?[View]
210832102Just started reading Black Clover and I'm really surprised by how good it is. It's nothing…[View]
210832665How would you fix SHAFT?: When did we fall behind the ufotable[View]
210828981She killed millions...[View]
210800795Jump toc and spoilers out[View]
210833574Modern animefags will never get the appeal.[View]
210833932tapris sugar step: ended[View]
210830701how the fuck did they manage to battle on Earth? they were over powered as fuck at this point and co…[View]
210831649Don't go easy on me cause i'm a girl[View]
210832251Ass: There is such a thing as too much ass.[View]
210827030>still the face of the franchise after all these saber clones How does she do it?…[View]
210821882One Piece: An official image drawn by Oda himself. Carrotfags and Yamatofags on suicide watch.…[View]
210817974Hell(sing)oween Storytime 8: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/a.desu.meta/subject/Hell%28sing…[View]
210830068Setsuna, I love you, you’re all I ever wanted, you’re perfection incarnate, you’re my world and my s…[View]
210815196I really enjoy watching wrestling.[View]
210832971How do we go from Hisoka and the spiders to this character shit? how a newborn ant can handle Gon an…[View]
210832960>tfw the same situation I didn't want these feels i am glad he got a loli now and a milf…[View]
210807755Clannad means kino[View]
210829385yabai desu ne[View]
210812055Unpopular opinion but this anime is actually underrated. It is seriously one of the best anime ever …[View]
210823080Haruhi: Would this show be as fondly remembered as it is now WITHOUT the existence of disappearance?…[View]
210823347Boku no Hero Academia: sboilers in fivë :DDDDDD[View]
210831519Why do so many anime blu-ray releases just look upscaled and sharpened? Do companies not care how th…[View]
210831405Why is naruto the best anime of all time?[View]
210830996What was his problem[View]
210822691Obito: >tfw girl you like likes your rival more[View]
210832297Kouya ni kemono doukokusu: That shit is fucking great. I hope the rest will be translated soon.…[View]
210831047I guess I just have to accept that I'm the only one who thinks Shimamura is hot.[View]
210825352Is this accurate?[View]
210830275Gunka no Baltzar: Thoughts? I'm having fun learning about late 1800s military tactics.[View]
210830945Weird how Tsundere archetypes are more popular than Kuudere archetypes[View]
210808718ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
210829821This motherfucker's theme song has been in my head for three days straight: Please help[View]
210828678ITT: Shota femdom[View]
210831695>is literally the best character[View]
210830162Unpopular opinion but this anime is actually underrated. It is seriously one of the best anime ever …[View]
210822898Shinkai reveals first storyboard image for his next film: Coming out in 2022. https://twitter.com/sh…[View]
210828732Why are stories this cute dropped by the translator?[View]
210826220>Yabuki's new manga Ayakashi Triangle is easily better than TLR Darkness. Wow. Imagine if Ha…[View]
210771422You have to look like this if you want to get with a demi-human.[View]
210831517Munou no Nana: What is the point of characters that solve the mystery of the story they're in, …[View]
210789477Why are Yanderes seen as faithful when they don't trust the people they're in love with?[View]
210831395Anons, would you liberate her with me?[View]
210757193Urusei Yatsura: I'm about to watch the last episode & 'Lum the Forever' - i'm scared a…[View]
210807115.: Why can boys be shown naked in front of girls in anime but not the other way around?[View]
210805313Sengoku Basara: Thoughts on the whole series? >Sengoku Basara >Sengoku Basara 2 >Sengoku Ba…[View]
210831292what did she mean by this[View]
210824728Dragon Ball Super: Which arc was your favourite and why?[View]
210826872jagaaaaaan: so what is the verdict? is it good or not?[View]
210828141Blend S: My waifu Kaho is so cute[View]
210823442Kirito should've banged Lisbeth.[View]
210828181Toradora was 10 years ago.. Still the best love story ever told... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m…[View]
210811813Anons who learned japanese : What do you use it for ? I doubt it's just to read doujins and raw…[View]
210827520Real ONE PIECE: Going Mery https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zukq1W6ery0 Cosplay https://m.youtube.com/w…[View]
210830448Which one are you /a/: Obligatory thread music by the literal kami of animu songs (his covers are al…[View]
210829462Unpopular opinion but this anime is actually underrated. It is seriously one of the best anime ever …[View]
210829555movie villain cliches: >they have a power thats mire broken than anything displayed in the actual…[View]
210830021Why didn't the Sage of Six Paths divide evenly, like 5 nine-tails or 45 one-tails[View]
210829642We can finally agree Tohji was being a nigger and that everything is his fault?[View]
210810612Daily Nichijou Chapter: Nichijou 36[View]
210807992Tengoku Daimakyou: Why make a girl who mind rapes you on eye contact? What do they do with these kid…[View]
210823786Do you want another season of Kaiju Girls?[View]
210788247Raildex: tl;dr why is Index III so shit compared to the earlier Index and Railgun seasons? Seriously…[View]
210829404>mfw the future of anime is 3d.[View]
210827703A manga about the kind of PE teacher who dies at the start of a school horror film: New Gorilla-sens…[View]
210829184Unpopular opinion but this anime is actually underrated. It is seriously one of the best anime ever …[View]
210801240Rena, what the fuck?[View]
210811390Your opinion on big ass in anime?[View]
210826388OK, isekai has officially gone too far guys[View]
210827264Try to make me watch this.[View]
210828137Are Lum's and Ran's species related? They live on the same planet and seem to have pointy …[View]
210827186Flip Flappers: A thread for those freely fluttering, gaily gallivanting etheric butterflies, trippin…[View]
210828735There characters are fun and cute but the plot has become completely incomprehensible and I don…[View]
210828400Happy Happy Halloween /a/ ![View]
210821709Hajime No Ippo chapter 1318[View]
210826484Why was demi-fiend in Kimetsu no Yaiba?[View]
210826993Sanctuary: He was actually the good guy and realized the public is too retarded to be given the priv…[View]
210826676Why is this the only above average horror/halloween anime? Higurashi is ok but the VN is miles bette…[View]
210828186So this happened[View]
210828140Why 2000s hentai is still so popular ?[View]
210828030>w-what are you doing, anon?[View]
210812608We're meant to believe this woman is a virgin.[View]
210827800Hope this doesn't turn into another Mysterious Girlfriend X[View]
210818874Would boku no hero have been better if...: There were more mutants,. I am not talking about furries,…[View]
210827734How many of you anons got bamboozled with this?[View]
210824735Is there such thing as 'too flat?'[View]
210822097He has never made anything with any artistic value.[View]
210826276What kind of sick degenerate would sexualize this wholesome character?[View]
210825916Takagi-san: >Netflix partnering with a zillion studios >all those anime announcements the othe…[View]
210826076What does /a/ think of Lady & Oldman and why hasn't it been TL'd past the first volume…[View]
210819306Ranma 1/2: Why did Shampoo never become Ranma 1/2's Lum? What could have been done to make her …[View]
210820780Ash was never a real person. Ash is a character that Misty, May, and Dawn take turns playing. That…[View]
210827270Out of all of the TV anime composer, I for some reason remember his the most and always go back to l…[View]
210827138Why hasn't she made it to level 1 yet?[View]
210810743Silver spoon: Name a comfier show. I'll wait.[View]
210730346Why was he such a boring ass character?[View]
210826389Jujutsu Kaisen: Is this power system smart or just plain stupid?[View]
210823460New Muromi chapter: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1083487/1[View]
210808743A Higurashi Gou Thread with Civil Discussion, mii.[View]
210822537crossover switch: What would happen if Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Mamika from Re:Crea…[View]
210819040I don't read manga because I don't want to spoile the eventual anime experience for myslef…[View]
210814280anime music thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgAqSeADhuU[View]
210825156Dragon Ball Super: Does it make you angry knowing that Broly is the final antagonist and the stronge…[View]
210786720PriChan, Mewkledreamy and AiPla: Ruby's calling you, will you pick up?[View]
210794500Would you like to see this animated? If so what would you want from it?[View]
210804671Fairy Tail Volume 42 Storytime: Fairy Tail is the second major work of Hiro Mashima after Rave Maste…[View]
210812399>all characters are 18 or older >Rin is 1 year, 1 month older than Sakura >Therefore Rin is…[View]
210823666Man, I really like the premise of the show, but her strategy is complete and utter dogshit from the …[View]
210821496Can you're waifu pull off this pose, /a/?[View]
210820862Which one, /a/?[View]
210825854Do girls really[View]
210825822*guitar riffs*[View]
210821804Do you like watching/reading stuff with /a/ as it's serialized or airing?[View]
210825640See you at Anime Reboot of Ojamajo Doremi https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q74W3irPHXw https://movie.wa…[View]
210820175>Anime about teenage girls who act like little girls or highly unrealistic archetypes Dime a doze…[View]
210817015What is the secret of Kimetsu no Yaiba?[View]
210820345horror/gore: with Halloween coming up what are some spooky anime you will be watching?[View]
210823731Who's your favorite cute anime girl that plays a sport?[View]
210823819Dayum, Mugi really let herself go there.[View]
210725701Why is made in abyss like this?[View]
210801719One Piece: Water 7 + Enies Lobby VS Whole Cake Island Which arc was better?[View]
210824892tomo-chan is a girl! chapter 51: ntr soon[View]
210789248Dragon Ball Super: So now that Moro's fused with the Earth, she's our only hope right?…[View]
210824111Alice in Borderland Live Action Series: Thoughs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49_44FFKZ1M&fea…[View]
210815831overrated: Is pic related the most overrated anime in history? If not which one gets the title?…[View]
210796261MADOKA THREAD: Talk about AOTD...[View]
210797936Dogeza de Tanondemita: Episode 3 out now.[View]
210821950>Subs >Better music >Dubs >Better voice actors >/a/ will meme '>dub' at me if I ev…[View]
210822410KA KA KA KA KACHI DAZE[View]
210819375Why is nobody talking about this? Light-hearted comedy AOTY.[View]
210822526>Regrets what he did to Asuka >Wants to die >Doesn't immediately proceed to the coordi…[View]
210818665Chi no Wadachi/Blood on the Tracks: What did he mean by this?[View]
210818479How to know a girl is best girl?[View]
210823134I can't decide if I should watch the anime or read the manga. Convince me why one is better tha…[View]
210822327Post forgettable anime.[View]
210814892why do anime girls so often have some form of bangs whereas in real life women rarely hide their for…[View]
210817150ITT: Good manga you hope never get anime and became mormalfag-tier because of it[View]
210758220D-Frag Chapter 127[View]
210820229Oregairu: The greatest love story ever told No other anime, manga, LN or VN even holds a candle to 8…[View]
210821543Ane Naru Mono: These are your onee-sans for the night[View]
210810214Why do canonfags exist? If something is different from the original work, then it's still 'cano…[View]
210823745Imagine your main hero with this body type[View]
210821160right or left?[View]
210747839Cuckoo's Fiancee: New chapter today, where Shion will finally become a main character[View]
210787097ITT: post obscure waifus[View]
210808820Kaguya 206: Chapter 206 - 'Miyuki Shirogane Isn’t Depressing'[View]
210794257Boku no hero academia: what did mineta mean by this?[View]
210804551Thunderbolt Fantasy: Talk about AOTD[View]
210797111Miko is an extraordinary character. She is not only cute, but also a very strong and direct girl. Sh…[View]
210822632When will anime studios learn to use varied line weights? This is why digital anime has always looke…[View]
210757449Gochiusa/Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?/Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM: Megu is ____ and _____[View]
210808404Chainsaw Man: >DENJI, HERO OF EARTH Spoilers out[View]
210800718why are some anime girls just so stupid?[View]
210815148>Sailor Moon >Ranma 1/2 >Urusei Yatsura >Yu Yu Hakusho >City Hunter >Dragon Ball …[View]
210822133Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki: Why do I get the feeling this page will not age well?[View]
210819855Steins Gate: Steins Gate is actually amazing you fucking shonentards[View]
210810154Which is your favorite Junji Ito story?[View]
210817609Any of you guys like this one?i did. I remember renting it from blockbuster when i was 11. Good time…[View]
210792217Shuumatsu no Valkyrie / Record of Ragnarok: https://mangadex.org/chapter/1078456/1 https://mangadex.…[View]
210821329The ending of Valvrave was complete garbage. I watched it when it first aired but completely brain d…[View]
210797558So we already know that Rei is the cutest angel in evangelion, but who is the most powerful angel? I…[View]
210816389All right, everybody, listen up. The culture festival is coming up. This year, our class is doing a …[View]
210816527Renjou Desperado: What a cute slut.[View]
210820733So, what was Granpa Zouken doing in the Fate and UBW routes? Being bored out of his mind. Sighing th…[View]
210817430You mean to tell me people felt insulted by Birdcage, yet were completely fine with all those bullsh…[View]
210817916American Shonen Jump Covers or Japanese[View]
210820378Hello everyone. I just wanted to remind you that this here is my waifu Lina Inverse. She is NOT …[View]
210817992>Hibike sequel after the last movie flopped >Maid Dragon 2 after season 1 sold 3k >new IP a…[View]
210789947SYD: Early thread. Paging TS anon, proofreading is done now so the chapters can be typeset[View]
210816031Hokuto Shinken wa... muteki da![View]
210812287ITT Anime that do not exist[View]
210815861Senyoku no Sigrdrifa: This is the Gunbuster of our era. It also shares something with the following,…[View]
210805059Demon Slayer Film Becomes Fastest Film in Japan to Earn 10 Billion Yen: YES. WE. FUCKING. DID. >T…[View]
210820933Stalker: You know the season is bad when this happens. >***,*42 Violet Evergarden Gaiden - Eien t…[View]
210815222Wada Wednesday: Its wada wednesday. Is wada literally (you)? What do you think of gyaru? Do you have…[View]
210818444Naruto Storytime Volume 47 (Part 5): Previous Thread: >>210816718[View]
210815062Neon Genesis Evangelion: Why do people still talk about this series. How has this show continued to …[View]
210808321There is to be a great war, whose side will your waifu join?[View]
210806649Best moment in a fighting manga: Misora's bad luck in Hagure Idol makes this long ass tournamen…[View]
210815650Some of the rape scenes were unnecessary[View]
210806464Beako the Bedwetter: Leaks soon[View]
210817003how are they half and half if they're spinning hairs[View]
210813326This is why Rei is superior to Asuka in every way[View]
210803389Should girls in shounen always be useless bimbo sex kittens?[View]
210818094Shit like this just doesn't get made anymore[View]
210819478You know, one thing I don't like is that Suya-chan flirts with the nudist too much, she loses a…[View]
210810020I've recently started watching NGE, only on episode 10 but it's clear who the best girl is…[View]
210817601Upcoming Anime renaissance: >Iso anime 2022 >New Akira anime >Eva 4.0 >Cyberpunk edge ru…[View]
210819115Violence Jack Thread: So, anonbros into devilman. I've been thinking, how would you adapt viole…[View]
210803691ITT: Post best episodes of their respective series.[View]
210794104Is Angel a example example of a female harem anime protagonist?[View]
210794047Why is anime so shit at making good antagonists? >I'm EVIL and I like doing EVIL things and …[View]
210802205Anime only you remember[View]
210816718Naruto Storytime Volume 47 (Part 4): Previous Volume: >>210814789[View]
210802580Dragon Ball Super: >Goku's love for fighting is a danger to the universe When Goku was figh…[View]
210715673Hunter x Hunter: Why even want HxH to continue when it already peaked in the ant arc?[View]
210814270Is it bad if I unironically think JJL is my favorite part? Even if it turns into an utter disaster f…[View]
210814789Naruto Storytime Volume 47 (Part): Previous Thread: >>210812117[View]
210813319These guys are gay right? I'm only going to watch season 2 if they're a dedicated loving c…[View]
210814667Redeemed: Well written redeemed characters that aren't just suddenly good boys because they los…[View]
210813497Can we get a sakuga thread going? I need to fill up my folder, gonna dump the few I have[View]
210814173>Yeah bro just go to the beach with all those hot girls that want your dick and 'acquire data' fo…[View]
210813640Is Tokyo Revengers ending?[View]
210803750Why is there a severe lack of interesting male charcacters?[View]
210801202well, /a/?[View]
210809368im an anime pleb who basically grew up watching dbz and dabbled here and there from then on- havent …[View]
210812354>Just As Planned[View]
210812117Naruto Storytime Volume 47: OP fucking died >>210809298[View]

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