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199700013Toshinou Kyoko! thread: Best girl![View]
199746645Weekly Shonen Jump: What do you think the future has in store for the magazine? I think GotW and Mas…[View]
199742670isn't anime just regular television in Japan? why is it a cliqey cult thing in the west[View]
199745059What was Misato trying to do in this scene?[View]
199713566Princess Principal: New Trailer Gay Spies Are Back Bitches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USjeyttwC…[View]
199751766My God, it's terrible. Why did they even bother? cg is the worst thing to happen to anime[View]
199717001Cliches/tropes in anime/manga that you personally despise: Haven't seen one of these threads in…[View]
199751634Is it possible for a character to be TOO moe?[View]
199751615seijou,honnou,maishuu,kaika: odoru naifu uruwashi ozoi hangurii girori manako de tobira buchi yaburi…[View]
199749214Yui stares at /a/ from afar....[View]
199748752What the fuck happened?[View]
199742922Would you listen to music with Takagi?[View]
199749065Why aren't there more manga about ice hockey?[View]
199749298First impression: One Piece, but worse.[View]
199751412Give the poor lad OJ his money for Evangelion, /a/.[View]
199748942Is this one of the best anime movies ever created? I don't think anything can top it[View]
199749025I hope she get a spin off and win national for the Karasuno girls team.[View]
199750694Pluto: Why is this series less discussed than Monster when it was a better work by the same mangaka?…[View]
199750654do not throw souls[View]
199747940Anime that went from god to shit tier?[View]
199742297Why does /a/ like Code Geass for all the wrong reasons?[View]
199749258Do you think the new Higurashi will tone down Rika's sexiness?[View]
199746914Yukionna And Crab: They're... they're gonna meet up again and eat crab, right...? ;_;…[View]
199749869I'm told this isn't worth watching unless you get the 90's soundtrack. Does it make t…[View]
199748345Fate/Strange Fake: New chapter out https://mangadex.org/chapter/817221/1 15 years later Waver still …[View]
199744782God-tier male MCs[View]
199698326Magia Record/Madoka: Rena best girl. So what are your hopes for the next episode? Will we get snaa i…[View]
199745187I am rewatching this garbage as we speak.[View]
199743599What the fuck was araki thinking[View]
199746203Kujirai a cute. CUTE![View]
199725913>Australian government considering banning certain anime for child abuse Bros? >https://youtu.…[View]
199747779Sailor Moon Crystal: how would you fix it /a/?[View]
199748155I'm tired of waiting. TELL ME WHAT IT ALL MEANS DAMNIT![View]
199747437Do you enjoy 60 FPS anime?[View]
199748152>'We posted a cockona in a flip flappers thread!'[View]
199694448[Erai-raws] Somali to Mori no Kamisama - 08 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv[View]
199709908JoJo: What were his motives? This part is very style over substance so far. Cool character designs a…[View]
199743279One Room: S3 confirmed![View]
199749292This is Botan, her freind crossdresses to help her other friend. Say something nice about her.[View]
199744431>gabriel dropout S2 will never come What have we done to deserve this punishment?…[View]
199740414so yeah , basically if you have not watch it yet, please do. great manga 9.5/10[View]
199749010Killer Teacher: Anyone still reading? Volume 1 and 2 has been reprinted, got officially licensed in …[View]
199746135Kenrantaru Grande Scene ch 68: It's been quite a while but volume 14 has been out and it seems …[View]
199744771Nothing in Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super would’ve been worse or better had Kibito not existed. …[View]
199748287Someone appreciate best hxh girl with me[View]
199748441Did this movie already come out?: I was looking at the lupin 3 the first trailer a while back and sa…[View]
199745604Hey /a/, you got milk?[View]
199745873Are there any rules regarding crossover anime powers?: Like the title said, have there been any offi…[View]
199721505Dr. Stone: Chapter 141 korean[View]
199745756based John-sama[View]
199748107Just watched the first episode of MSG from like 1979 and I loved it. I thought it was going to blow …[View]
199737110Who has canoncially the biggest breasts in all of anime?[View]
199747353anon, does this make me look fat?[View]
199740620>walk into class >see this What do?[View]
199745757Now THIS is my kind of romance manga. Not that high school romcom trash.[View]
199746467How much does it bother you an anime having ambiguously gendered characters?[View]
199746324God: God.[View]
199747756Imagine reading romcom manga[View]
199747888Is this anime good?[View]
199743956What did you think of Hellsing's ending?[View]
199747845Garupan: I wan to go on a spying adventure with Bakari![View]
199720942Act-age: Chapter 103 out in korean https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=283885…[View]
199745532What does /a/ think of Persona animations?[View]
199745098does buying english manga make you a pleb?[View]
199738820What makes Shounen so much better than other anime bros? There's just something about a good Sh…[View]
199745144>I burned my fire >Until there was nothing left. >All that's left is pure white ash. W…[View]
199737563Boku No Hero Academia: In my opinion, this was the best scene in the entire anime: https://www.you…[View]
199745959What's your favorite pre-2000s OVA?[View]
199744160I watched Steins;gate. I liked it. Would you recommend Steins;gate 0?[View]
199746721Is Kid OCD or not. My dumb friend who is a retard says he is but clearly he is wrong.[View]
199706170Isekai Ojisan: so she raped him in the most recent translated chapter right?[View]
199746412ITT: Characters who are not literally you, but goddamn do you wish was you[View]
199744872Bang Dream: Meet the new band[View]
199744484I miss this little miracle of the universe so bad you guys.[View]
199745750what would happen if shiki was in fate/stay night? could he kill all the servants?[View]
199745892Looks like things are gonna get lively around here again![View]
199745634Are there any other instances of a studio going out of their way to disrespect the audience like Bon…[View]
199725041Hibike Euphonium: Subs for the movie are out, no thread?[View]
199745644Bakemonogatari manga: Monkeyfags not allowed[View]
199745438horror anime: >yamishibai goes down hill after second season >junji ito collection makes me su…[View]
199738942Rename Hentai into regular show: Hentai/Doujins/Eroges/AVs that you wish were actually full shows/ m…[View]
199735421Girls und Panzer: Say something nice about the heaviest acrobat ever.[View]
199734133Shingeki no Kyojin: >No punished Erwin >No Erwin vs Magath >No Erwin vs Zeke >No Erwin v…[View]
199740171Chocolate anime history month is almost over: This chick for Eizouken has a West African 1st name…[View]
199741488So since Raildex anime seem to be cursed or something, when are they making more Heavy Object?[View]
199739275Dorohedoro: >they never fuck What is this shit[View]
199745212How many can you recognize? https://youtu.be/V85CQzsyvj4[View]
199743068Remember Snake?[View]
199735185Hunter x Hunter: Killua wouldn't stick his dick in it, but would you anon?[View]
199741831The most humiliating death ever[View]
199739165Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga: >[HorribleSubs] Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga - 08 [720p].mkv it's a doggy do…[View]
199735863Haikyuu!!: >[HorribleSubs] Haikyuu!! S4 - 08 [1080p].mkv[View]
199744706Post characters that deserve spinoffs.: You know the ones that are have more completing stories back…[View]
199744683Akira is best manga ever after all.[View]
199742863What did she always want to say, /a/?[View]
199678868What makes the midriff so sexy?[View]
199729615Suddenly Umaru is right next to you. What do you do?[View]
199743198Sodachi arcs are the pinnacle of monogatari.[View]
199744293this turtle is the best character of the season how does this make you feel /a/?[View]
199742878Post girls you still remember[View]
199743436>'There's the faggot that hates cgdct. Get em, Syrup!'[View]
199739415Whichever one of you said the Oden flashback was boring, step forward and prepared to be ridiculed. …[View]
199743342At what point is it ok to stop being mad about your favorite girl losing? Because it's been a f…[View]
199740753Will the pokemon tarzan movie be as kino as Power of Us?[View]
199738024This is mediocre at best, why the fuck is it so highly rated?[View]
199743408Detective Conan: Do you think going back to dub these movies in English is a good idea? Why is TMS o…[View]
199737979Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo: This can't be the most efficient way to fill the bath. Instead of r…[View]
199742564>aloof guy responds with 'sou ka'[View]
199740535I still don't understand.[View]
199731604Best Imouto's[View]
199739837ITT we pretend Despera aired: Ain was so cute. I was sad when she committed suicide so her lungs cou…[View]
199738144Why does /a/ hat Satania posters so much?[View]
199741740Is coffee good for you?: Is coffee good for you?[View]
199743852You can ONLY post ITT if you're waifu hasn't been seen naked[View]
199742399Was he based?[View]
199739886Is shishio the best Shonen Villan?[View]
199743754Friendly reminder that these are the decade's 10 most well animated feature films. Sorry cultis…[View]
199743282What is going on with the most recently uploaded work from Henkuma on exhentai? Whoever uploaded it …[View]
199732010>she sees your bank account balance [View]
199743624All the things she said All the things she said Running through my head All the things she said All …[View]
199741753ITT: shitty and/or pointless translator notes[View]
199741750It ain't gonna suck itself[View]
199742146How did this end?[View]
199733174>2nd place in the polls is a 500 years old elf Did you people seriously voted for this old hag? W…[View]
199742344>You will never resurrect your dead bro as an impossibly large, literal manifestation of manpower…[View]
199731368>choker slut[View]
199736232Post anime without posting it[View]
199735137Post your first anime crush.[View]
199740322What do anime girl abs feel like?[View]
199741037I finished LotGH yesterday, and I read that in one of the manga adaptations several of the character…[View]
199741877Trap Heroine Ch. 13: >what the fuck is his problem?[View]
199736967Whenever I want to watch something, I go to MAL, find a top rated review that gave the show I want t…[View]
199742510Tower of god: I kinda liked the first arc but the rest is so fucking awfull[View]
199734612ITT: anime only you have watched[View]
199742507Is there anything more suffering than being Nagata Kabi?[View]
199725973Chainsaw Man: >not reading the raws, the transl/a/tion and the viz version https://imgur.com/a/Lf…[View]
199735784Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: No shipperfags allow[View]
199742049Why does she cry?[View]
199723316Darwin's Game: Does no one care about this show or its manga anymore? A new episode of Shuka an…[View]
199737108This is the legend who saved the anime industry. Say something nice about him.[View]
199737832Rebuild World: Thoughts about this? Would you get manipulated by an augmented reality and do her bid…[View]
199737959Why can't I empathize with her?[View]
199740944~One night and one more time Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great He taste…[View]
199739678Just finished reading Toriko. I'm not convinced that the main problem with battle shounen is no…[View]
199738336Sharknado: Sharknado[View]
199740391I liked Satsuriku no Tenshi[View]
199739724It's the 10th anniversary of Star Driver. Post in this thread if your galaxy is still shining! …[View]
199716621Why are anime girls constantly blushing?[View]
199676610Who else is excited for Redo Healer?[View]
199733982Not gonna lie I really enjoy this show.[View]
199739793>Be me >Read go-toubun casually >See all the hate threads but dont really care since im no…[View]
199740442Daily reminder that Sakaki's hands smell like fish because she spends all her day masturbating …[View]
199740407Yes, Rakujistu no Pathos makes me coom, how could you tell?[View]
199738000I want to feel Yoshi's boobs[View]
199714839This anime is fucking amazin[View]
199694254TOWER OF GOD THREAD:: official art-work for the new anime and a new trailer:https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
199626966K-ON! best girl: I assume it is unanimously decided that Ritsu is best girl from K-ON! ? If you disa…[View]
199739060Good premise, but utter shit story. Boichi's art is ace though.[View]
199738127Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Who was the cutest, and why was it Noa?[View]
199714289Aoi Yuuki: Who is the best Aoi Yuuki, and why is it Suishou Hakamada?[View]
199738286Freezing: Why didnt they remove her underwear too? Kind of defeats the point of torture if she gets …[View]
199734329durarara: what went wrong ? it started really entertaining with a really likable characters but afte…[View]
199740064ITT anime girls that want water[View]
199741179February Favorites: February has come to a close. ITT: Post your favorite panels, pages, or spreads …[View]
199736261Post me a more Soul™ opening song than this[View]
199669170Missing me /a/ ?[View]
199740662Bests scene[View]
199738593Which Anime you like live in it ?[View]
199711588One Piece: The sudden break in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #14 is due to to Oda, suddenly falling ill.…[View]
199739741What an unrealistic premise. How can someone be in school and not have any friends?[View]
199711683Post the worst anime you've ever fucking seen.: I'll start![View]
199738140heya, don't suppose anyone can help me out with this?[View]
199737841How true is this pic? Did Akira really predict the coronavirus?[View]
199726227Why are shonen heroines always so oversexualized?[View]
199739035>great series >good cast of characters >original >didn't get proper treatment in U…[View]
199737281ITT: Cuck queens Post 'em all.[View]
199720993Yuragi 197 text spoilers: 来週のゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん ・千紗希の未来からスタート  「そう・・・あたしはまた未来の夢を視させられているのかも・・・しれないの」とコガラシに訴…[View]
199738602I'm still mad she stopped doing porn for this but god damn does this still make my dick rock ha…[View]
199736844What are some other autism kino?: Pic related is is Kokou no Hito[View]
199739241School Rumble: I finished watching Ni Gakki. Now should I read the manga or skip to San Gakki?…[View]
199735424Alien 9: Alien 9/Tomizawa Hitoshi thread? Whatever happened to Alien 9, the 3rd entry in the series,…[View]
199738142>bleach's 163 filler episodes. I can't fucking make it, guys. just kill me now…[View]
199735495Loved this fucking anime. Was hoping for more crazy shit like the OP implied that Yasuna stupidly ge…[View]
199738045You ever realize that the three chimera ant royal guards represent the three types of gay men? Pitou…[View]
199738570Megalo Box: This show was an insult to the anime medium. I'm really glad it flopped.[View]
199725701Hajimete shitta hito no ai Sono yasashisa ni mezameta otoko Debiru choppu wa panchiryoku Debiru kikk…[View]
199739064Why the russian anime is so Shitty?: Today i looked the movie of 'First Squad-the-moment-of-truth' M…[View]
199726662Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: Which non-Uchiha character was the most overhyped in the series?…[View]
199735210This was the OP of the year, maybe even the decade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgQR2O8PGf4[View]
199739408Nene is now starring in an official Apple CM. It's indiscutable proof that she is best girl.[View]
199739246The season is almost over. Who is best girl of winter 2020? For me it's pink dog[View]
199739173I am trying to re-identify a manga that I saw once and have not been able to find. The setting is i…[View]
199737394So basically... the Sybil system is the good side? I mean aside from radical existentialists, the he…[View]
199738947How does it compare to other anime set in space?[View]
199737697ITT: We theorize about how Berserk is going to end[View]
199682026I shouldn't be surprised but[View]
199738864>you don't get it dude, it gets good 50 episodes in[View]
199737573I actually hate moeshit for reducing the amount of sexy women in anime by 80%. Now standards are so …[View]
199732455Railgun: What the fuck, Kuroko is straight when Misaka isnt remembered?[View]
199738174Akagi: >Everyone's is on Richii but me >4 title left >South 4 >I get tsumo >Mfw…[View]
199737498From the Parasite Oscar: Why do you think anime is not as well-received in the West? I would say ove…[View]
199738085have you ever wanted to make love to a drawing /a/?[View]
199733280Just started watching one piece, can't wait for him to become the king of pirates[View]
199725742Why does anime suck at dialogues? You can count on your fingers the number of shows which have good …[View]
199737589Bloom Into You: Movie adaption for the Saeki Sayaka novels when?[View]
199735901So how successful do you predict the new Kimetsu no Yaiba movie to be? I think it will at the very l…[View]
199735153>Dying in the arms of a cute Kraut loli. This is my dream. Is this the best way to go, /a/?…[View]
199732554Mister Anderson...: I see u've orderded ur Pani Poni Dash meggings[View]
199727855Can we agree that yuri twincest is the most patrician taste?[View]
199733725describe a show vaguely, others guess: a cowboy plant can't decide between a spider and a butte…[View]
199737688AKIRA: did akira really predicted the fate of the olympics this year or just headcanon from some wee…[View]
199736149The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II: How come this was so good when FGO is nothing but hot trash?…[View]
199734409sad inuyasha[View]
199737463Dragon Ball Super: There's so much build up to the Tournament of Power. The recruiting the stra…[View]
199737548>a mystery isn't a mystery if the stakes involve anything less than a death How do people en…[View]
199736370Golden Kamuy: What was her problem?[View]
199686302Shimeji Simulation: Chapter 13 when?[View]
199724871Boku no Hero Academia: Ganriki strikes again...[View]
199733852Kabukicho Sherlock: Subs out[View]
199725599Kanokari/Kanojo Okarishimasu: Chizuru PV Out https://youtu.be/MA8WX7EC9kM Chizuru very cute! Cute!…[View]
199737140Will he ever fulfill his quest and finally become king of the detectives?[View]
199734428Crunchyroll producing mexican anime: looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
199685438Nekopara ep. 8: New episode starting nyow![View]
199737065AIPARE, Prichan, Shining Star: New AiPare episode in just a few hours![View]
199734487Fate: I love her so much bros. I new to Fate, finished Fate, UBW and currently on HF but nothing bri…[View]
199728287Mato Seihei no Slave: Results of the popularity poll are out.[View]
199703341Overlord: What went wrong? Why would an author sabotage his own work?[View]
199735567He should have chosen Rem[View]
199727765Nagatoro: I just wanted to post about this preview pic for chapter 56. Seems like it's gonna be…[View]
199735979Violet Evergarden: >Majur what are my orders[View]
199736566why did it have to happen like this bros[View]
199736739ITT: Animes that have aged like fine wine.[View]
199703751Ranma: >Is rude to her >Badmouths her >Always calls her 'ugly' Ryoga: >Is alwa…[View]
199736495I challenge you to a game of chess anon! accept it doesn't play like chess in the slightest bi…[View]
199734386ITT: cute psycopaths[View]
199720970Underpants with a swimsuit?[View]
199736581Why is she so not cute?[View]
199703440Housekishou Richard-shi no Nazo Kantei - 08: In today's episode, Seigi goes for broke, Rickard …[View]
199733989Youjo Senki: We haven't had a Tanya thread in a while For those that used to watch Tanya and Th…[View]
1997226923rd rewatch and i finally understand this show and why its so appreciated amongst high iq audience[View]
199728810What is the best hair color?[View]
199696698Eizoken: Kanamori sure has some looong legs.[View]
199732385Describe her personality[View]
199735333Are we still pretending that HF part 3 and Rebuild 4.0 won't be delayed because of the coronavi…[View]
199734470Marche appears in the last Isekai you watched. What happens?[View]
199729818IIT: Single Best moment in their respective Manga[View]
199735591If anime protagonists are meant to be self-inserts for those who watch anime, then why isn't sa…[View]
199733616Here's your Oda Nobunaga for today.[View]
199707252Why is she the worst girl of the season?[View]
199725938Post your babbie's first anime[View]
199714792Dragon Ball Super: With Saganbo confirmed to be stronger than Jiren can we expect a 73 comeback and …[View]
199733204Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
199721990/a/... Your opinion?[View]
199732682tfw you realize Zenitsu gets to tap this soon. Life is unfair bros[View]
199731762Why didn't he kill himself after this embarrassing performance?[View]
199723242What exactly was the point of this character?[View]
199734508Did they fuck?[View]
199705809Aipare, Prichan, Shining Star etc.: What did Rola's kiss taste like?[View]
199732940cute, not pedo: Bros I turned half-normal and got out of the anime game probably 8 years ago. I got …[View]
199734319Otaku no Video: So all of the interviews in this thing are fake, right?[View]
199734839post ideas for Pizza Hut the anime[View]
199733796Was Paprika intentionally portrayed like a prostitute? When after her 'treatment' of the detect…[View]
199732670JoJo: What if SBR took place in Australia instead of America?[View]
199734441The Squad[View]
199718782Shingeki no Kyojin: Why does Isayama want us to compare Historia and Ymir? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
199733005What did she draw /a/?[View]
199734080Why is she so fucking stupid? The fuck did any of her lovers see in her?[View]
199729817>Character with enormous potential >Super powerful kekkei genkai / taijutsu >Kishi butchers…[View]
199690691mieruko chan: >character designs you'd expect to see in a porn doujin >multiple scenes of…[View]
199724463Which part of Shinka do you identify with the most?[View]
199731796ITT: Low rated Anime you really enjoyed Remember, Not every Anime will be universally praised or giv…[View]
199731961I pretend to hate Madoka[View]
199732942Bow to the new world's god.[View]
199693931Kengan Omega: Do you still believe in him? I know I do.[View]
199733600Anime everyone HATES but you love[View]
1997284553x3 Thread: You know what to do[View]
199733035this whole season could have ended here if not for Tsubasa being a fucking dumbass[View]
199733032Motoko my Major, yuo are women now Yu must choose husbnad and get marry Will you pick butifel Batou …[View]
199728997Why fight over who's better when we can just have both?[View]
199730608I'm lonely.[View]
199730678One punch man: Seems like it's over for boros[View]
199732950You know it's going to be good. Don't worry.[View]
199732896Anime while drinking: I treasure my viewings of good anime. But sometimes I just want some trash tha…[View]
199728878The four tsungire wonders voiced by Aoi Yuuki.[View]
199728131Koisuru Asteroid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbXUTo3t3kc&list=PLwLSw1_eDZl279Yd4R1ENjMTLDZB…[View]
199731309tonegawa: i'm at episode 14 when does it stop being unfunny[View]
199722636Post a manga or anime without posting it.[View]
199732244Made In Abyss: Did Riko just draw a dick on her Mom's indestructible paper relic?[View]
199731522Lady Leonmitchelli has come to beat the tsundere out of people. Who can withstand her assault, and w…[View]
199727930JoJo's Bizarre Artstyles: What happened? Why did Araki do this?[View]
199721014Why doesn’t sarcasm exist in anime?[View]
199726580Best release for Akira? There's so fucking many of them.[View]
199726682How do you go from not...[View]
199722602ITT: Official LN illustrations[View]
199728768WHERE ZE FUCK ARE MY SUBS??[View]
199729152Post a singular page without context.[View]
199732548anime music that invoke strong feelings within you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQbfWFWZogM htt…[View]
199732545What's a manga that has a good action/fight plot and frequent nudity sex scenes? Like Gantz? I…[View]
199732523Good ol' Made in Abyss: Did you hear the tragedy of Darth Mitty, the pile of fucking rabbit fle…[View]
199729339ITT Smooth Criminals[View]
199727384It still blows me away that they made a loli BDSM character and no one seems to care. Like, little g…[View]
199732472tfw no cute monster gf[View]
199719251Bokuben: chapter 149 (korean)[View]
199732059>oh my back >oh my dragon quest >oh my teen idols concerts you know what? I think this fagg…[View]
199712126Kimetsu no Yaiba: waiting for Korean scan. should be out in ~3 hours[View]
199732039Gay jojo fan fiction: 1999 April 20th Morioh city Mr.joestar was finally planing to return to americ…[View]
1997322404:3 is God: 16:9 was a great mistake[View]
199730246Anime openings are horrendous. They are a fairly simple type of music which does not convey any emot…[View]
199732132>tfw six seasons Stalker threads eternally btfo[View]
199720959Bros... I miss Berserk and Berserk threads...[View]
199729974Is it actually possible to punch through somebody?: Or is it just some typical shonen bullshit?…[View]
199727239Horikoshi you money whore: Fucking up a perfectly decent manga ending for a non-canonical movie. You…[View]
199681487Musume no Tomodachi 33: Dumping chapter 33 gook scans.[View]
199726724Is long running manga dying breed?: Unless it is something very generic like MHA or BC, I don't…[View]
199699696why do people fetishize this anime so much?[View]
1997264952020 and I am forgotten.[View]
199684703Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!: Episode 8 REIJINGSIGNAL vs Mashumairesh!![View]
199718731Raildex: Kamachi's handling of Frenda was infuriating. It led to nothing and wasted her charact…[View]
199729215Imagine being such a stacy, you fuck literally every boy in school. Imagine all those beta nerds los…[View]
199731374if you know this guy you have nice music taste[View]
199730730Anime drills[View]
199725789how do you feel about the new love live girls[View]
199726807Breakers Thread: really enjoyed this episode[View]
199728653Yugami-kun dosen't have any friends: So I just finished with this manga after some /a/non recom…[View]
199730484There wouldn't be a better romcom anime better than Toradora in the next 11 year[View]
199726861Hinamatsuri: Author learned how to draw asses, its over for us[View]
199724397Anime Adaptation Monkey's Paw thread. >we get the SBR anime but Johnny is green…[View]
199730163A girl and her bodyguard kind of story: I'd love to watch the living daylights out of a movie w…[View]
199726904Y'all are out here sleeping on the OG Isekai.[View]
199717710What went wrong?[View]
199730305She couldnt get no satisfaction..Chasing Hiroshis wasteman self around Paradisio...[View]
199730077There are only two respectable genres of Anime and Manga, Ultraviolence gore and Cute girls doing cu…[View]
199727561Results of the popularity poll are out. Can't help but suspect there was proxyfagging in the th…[View]
199723219Tejina-senpai: Too bad she's gone forgotten, I liked her anime.[View]
199728597Mirai Nikki was such a wild ride.[View]
199723922>suposedly a smart investigator >gets the culprit wrong ???????…[View]
199730106459 days[View]
199725959A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Anyone remember this show? Anyone? Saga A CUTE and her hair buttons make …[View]
199729000is there haikyuu chapter this week? I cant seem to find it ans WSJ thread was incomplete[View]
199717955Show me your pouty face /a/[View]
199717841How can attack on titan redeem itself? Now everyone thinks this series is a joke.[View]
199724238Post a better OP than this, you can't. https://youtu.be/cZ7zQbMxm28[View]
199728310The other thread has to much negativity for me, let's talk about all the tropes that you love i…[View]
199720124Do you like Kaede Azusazaza?[View]
199714042Does /a/ like Death Parade?[View]
199718443Kotonoha no Niwa: This will always remain Shinkai's Magnum Opus. He completely lost his edge to…[View]
199726875>Anime that isn't exactly liked anywhere even /a/ >Ended up enjoying it anyway and had a …[View]
199725550You Hear It You Lose: If you hear it, you lose.[View]
199727811AKIRA: 147 Days Until the Tokyo Olympics, assuming they aren't cancelled due to Tetsuo/Coronavi…[View]
199680748Why does RomCom MC always pick the most boring girl in the end?[View]
199715988Kimetsu no Yaiba: Why doesn't this OTP trigger the fandom?[View]
199721440Fairy Tail: What happened to trying to use his fire magic in a different way from the first season o…[View]
199726080Rosario+Vampire: Did the ending subvert your expectations?[View]
199726336About to watch to get into this series and watch all 195 episodes. Anything I should know going in?[View]
199725712Why the fuck animes are not real? I want to touch and feel them[View]
199727535Why are there no shoujo manga about a stacy protagonist findomming her dozen boyfriends?[View]
199714994MHA 262 Chinese Raws: no fujos[View]
199727462hey im a newfag: This board is so boring without HxH threads[View]
199725380>Does /a/ support Chainsawman? >I don't know what it is, could you explain to me ????????…[View]
199709969Bokura no Kiseki chapter 92: Dumping the latest chapter.[View]
199726775GTO manga is fucking kino why did no one tell me about this?[View]
199724481What do you think of stalker girls?[View]
199725917Null Peta: Who was Kaki?[View]
199722586One Room Season 3: Our imouto is coming back![View]
199726245ITT Only masterpieces[View]
199726297Why do Americans insist on ruining everything they touch?[View]
199719630Is this manga actually good? Has a pretty high rating on it, and seem like a power fantasy where mos…[View]
199717214What are your thoughts on traps?[View]
199725953Kos, or as some say Kosm. the hardest trying highschool mangaka[View]
199726196EXACT moments when anime series got bad.[View]
199725787are headbutts really that effective? or just an anime trope?[View]
199725825Natsunagu!: >[YAR] Natsunagu! - 08 [720p][x264][AAC][F5EAABF4].mkv…[View]
199724163>Guy who worked on Eureka Seven and Directed Full Metal Alchemist Am I in for a good time bros? I…[View]
199726226Who are some minor characters that are literally you?: Anime: Ranma 1/2 Name: Hikaru Gosunkugi >U…[View]
199721311Best Ghibli girl? No doubt.[View]
199724064ITT: characters you fucking hate and think they are annyoing piece of shits!: very pic related…[View]
199725407Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: An Anjou-san anime at this point would do nothing but create a new generati…[View]
199715545Who is the most Smelly girl ?[View]
199709193>Brown >Genki Tomboy >Childhood friend Are we in a new Era of winning girls?…[View]
199725897*teleports behind you and bring you happiness* heh, nothing personnel Daddy[View]
199718801Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: She has a strong 85% chance of winning feels good.[View]
199706506Dagashi Kashi: What do you like best about Hotaru Shidare?[View]
199701101Post the last /a/ pic you saved[View]
199725544How would Shinichi Kudo fare in Danganronpa ?[View]
199723405>super hot, all powerful vampire >give all that up to hide in some japanese highschooler'…[View]
199722216Season 2 never[View]
199719547Have you forgotten her /a/?[View]
199725400North and South Korean girls romantic drama: What if this were a romantic movie about a North Korean…[View]
199723713Whatever happened to all the edgekino we got in the early to mid 2000s? They don't make 'e…[View]
1997253417 years, no kiss. Why must we suffer?[View]
199717025Chainsawman: The other thread bump the limit, chapter soon in 2 or 3 hours[View]
199717236Does any fucking manga give any actual 'proven' educational /fit/ or /lit/ or /ck/ advice? Most I…[View]
199722026Mashle chapter 6 - Korean: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=2838227…[View]
199724496What am I in for?[View]
199725085Does anyone in /a/ know what Piggy One is? All I know is that it's some doujin product created …[View]
199724400The Hero Who Returned Remains the Strongest in the Modern World: What do you think of this series?…[View]
199717947Worst Dub you’ve seen or heard?: For me it’d be JoJo’s part 1 but that’s just from what I’ve seen…[View]
199721936Characters in this age range are the best![View]
199719188The show died at episode 7 discuss[View]
199724594I can only conclude Lelouch was a colossal faggot.[View]
199717449Gonna keep grinding away at this anime, /a/, I love Kuro.[View]
199713868Boku no Hero Academia: Did you rike it?[View]
199705464Season 3[View]
199681691The wait is almost finally over.[View]
199724159>Kyoto Animation's Planned 'Anime x Para' Short for NHK Canceled The Nikkan Sports…[View]
199724260I hate her hat[View]
199722630Hakozoko no Elpis from GAGAGA Bunko: Is it any good, /a/?[View]
199711600Anime everyone HATES but you love[View]
199717158Goblin Slayer: Why wasnt the rape scene showed in detail? Would have sold a lot more if it was. And …[View]
199724197Why is this man the best character of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and why did he do nothing wrong?[View]
199717099>2020 >I am forgotten[View]
199723473Am I the only one who rather read a manga about a mother raising a child? I never had a dad and I ca…[View]
199723962when are we getting the animated version of Fire Punch?[View]
199709427Is jojo really gay?[View]
199723873ITT: Shit that drives you nuts. >character makes heartfelt or romantic speech in a serious tone …[View]
199723734You will see the tears of time.[View]
199721180Yotsuba really wants her pizza.[View]
199719369What is the greatest work of art in human history and why is it 'Kimi no na wa'?[View]
199717767What's your favorite anxietykino? Something that makes you actually stressed when you read/watc…[View]
199723572I'm waiting so long, I'm waiting so long I'm waiting so long, I'm waiting so lon…[View]
199721427Is there an edgier hack in the anime industry?[View]
1997084693x3 anime from your childhood: What were the anime of your childhood ? 3 years old to 11 years old m…[View]
199718196What the fuck was his problem?[View]
199722758It's time to talk about the greatest animu fight of all time.[View]
199721009Is Shana Chinese?[View]
199704222Hamtaro: Admit it, you liked it.[View]
199710109Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Acts 53 & 54[View]
199691108>get isekai'd >be hidden boss >lvl 99 >strong as fuck >magic ain't too shab…[View]
199722214King Crimson: Best stand with best theme. God dman Yugo KANNO really makes some bomb ass stuff.…[View]
199722559/a/ loves childhood friends and believe they deserve to win right?[View]
199711354Dragon Ball Super. Goku needed a 10th member. Can bring back a dead person for 24 hours. Pikkon beat…[View]
199715035>The Wind Rises >The Sky Crawlers >The Princess and the Pilot >The Pilot's Love So…[View]
199712501I need to confess, /a/. Please hear me out on this. There's something that bothered me to the p…[View]
199717466Koe no Katachi: Best anime movie of all time? It's either this or Spirited away for me.[View]
199702932The Promised Neverland: Why not. Vincent isn't dead, obviously. All of Peter's henchmen ar…[View]
199719736>mom walks in[View]
199713444The Story Between a Dumb Prefect and a High School Girl with an Inappropriate Skirt Length: In this …[View]
199715898Are student run public moral committees and discipline councils actually thing in Japan? Who the hel…[View]
199714196Dr. Stone: What makes Senku think bringing everyone back is a good idea?[View]
199717237How are you guys enjoying Baki-Dou ll so far? Also the new volume cover is cool.[View]
199712809>Never trained a day in her life >Still a planet buster Is Lala the Frieza of To Love-Ru? Or d…[View]
199688092Hatena Illusion: New episode soon. Please don't forget about your friend Hädenä, it would make …[View]
199715644What exactly is total concentration breathing and how can I learn it?[View]
199716321Why don't real girls dress like kobato?[View]
199704369What did Gatomon mean by this[View]
199720893This is an Israeli assault weapon.[View]
199709927Are you ready to worship Jashin?[View]
199705052Where does Kaeru place on the suffering chart?[View]
199721221Let's have comfy sakuga thread , fellow sakuga chads.[View]
199721145IIT anime you don't even know why you watched it on it's entirety but somehow loved it any…[View]
199717540Have you ever considered getting electroshock therapy to erase your memory that way you can watch al…[View]
199709127What are some animes you watched as a baby/little kid?[View]
199720523Shinkai receives his Oricon trophy for #1 Best-Selling Novel of 2019: His 2nd, a record. https://twi…[View]
199718486did anyone else ever masturbate to anime before[View]
199720724Anime girls that you want to be friends with: I want to be friend Akari. Not fuck, just friend.…[View]
199718542what is the point of imdb?: ttaku[View]
199718590This shit don't make sense[View]
199714117wtf Aqua is a qt now?[View]
199717560Best boi[View]
199694940Uchitama?! Uchi no Tama Shirimasenka?: Looks like a tearjerker.[View]
199702415Hanebado: I just remembered this show and now liking it that much. But goddamn, if Nagisa didn'…[View]
199718406Why are there so few anime that aren't psudo intellectual (like Mogotatari shit), but makes you…[View]
199719141Why are there always multiple DBZ threads at any given time? When will the norms leave?[View]
199719282Characters that should have been given a greater role in their shows[View]
199718131I can't be the only one who thinks this dub is amazing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fk_V5xHG-2…[View]
199705761Shingeki no Kyojin: What are you expecting from him?[View]
199661441OPT: One Page Thread: Please post one thread. Spreads are acceptable.[View]
199717481Why was Seiya such a faggot?[View]
199711622Riko and Mamoi hot spring scene from Kuroko's Basketball: Do girls ever do small sexy things li…[View]
199694882Houseki no kuni storytime thread #2: Second and final part of the moon arc. First one is here >…[View]
199718606EVA Unit 02 - Heavyarms Custom confirmed.[View]
199715277>Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha delayed until summer due to corona virus What will be the next victi…[View]
199718118What did she mean by this?[View]
199715175Kono Oto Tomare Thread: She did nothing wrong[View]
199709617Hinamatsuri: >its an Utako chapter[View]
199716888I thought this anime was big brain when I was younger. Now rewatching it and thought it was dumb tha…[View]
199684607This whole arc from the moment Gohan first shows up to the moment Vegeta dies is actually really goo…[View]
199717307This was very cute. A short romance with a possible loli and edgy teenager seems pretty fun.[View]
199710830What I love so much about Azumanga Daioh is that it presents such a truly gentle and friendly world.…[View]
199715837Why is Hestia allowed to have a butt like that[View]
199716300>Japanese horror anime/manga >Is either dumb relationship drama with spooky atmosphere or dumb…[View]
199717066Why cant angelus be real bros?[View]
199713200Did she fuck Sensei?[View]
199699055Raildex: Biohacker TL soon[View]
199676594Bofuri: For me, it's Syrup![View]
199716787Would you a physically weak blind crippled schizophrenic childhood friend alien robot maid with Alzh…[View]
199716777Goddamnit bitch...[View]
199689909Chainsaw man: Who will win the denjibowl?[View]
199707884how come there's not a lot of cold war themed anime?[View]
199714971Did they?[View]
199716078What chapter do you start reading this from?[View]
199657107ITT post kino deaths[View]
199715491What do you think about battle series without any stake where even death is meaningless?[View]
199714184Aria the Animation: Five episodes in and I'm really enjoying it! ara ara[View]
199713581My love for /a/ is like a truck..[View]
199716284Friendly reminder magia record is a flop and no one on /a/ will post about it outside of the contain…[View]
199714001Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Chapter 208[View]
199694914Watch oh my goddess, the girls are pretty.[View]
199703792Breakers: >[Impatience] Breakers - 08 [720p][3E127A03] Last episode of Suguru and high jump. Good…[View]
199715969Drugsz are badd[View]
199708780Weekly Shounen Sunday dumps: Good evening, /a/. There are a lot of changes and some new series we…[View]
199715965Hey Anon! If you're ever feeling crappy, just remember that Ai think you're the best![View]
199715003Tomboy gigachads REPRESENT[View]
199712687So this is my first time watching Eva. Im about 10 episodes in. This shits kinda weird. I know at it…[View]
199709839Mato Seihei no Slave: Dump soon? It's finally that time of the biweek again slavebros. Post yo…[View]
199713626I love you Mister Zelgadis~[View]
199710210And here we are in 1997: What was your favorite anime of 1997?[View]
199683716Black Clover: Spoilers soon.[View]
199673988Blattodea, aka Arachnid 2, Chapter 1: In which Cute Roach and Cute Ant do cute things.[View]
199711678Why does this suck ass?[View]
199673188Act-Age: JK Hanako a cute! CUTE! El Padre is a man of taste.[View]
199710594How would it change?[View]
199714646Senku is dumb[View]
199714865Dragon Ball Super: Why did they make him so fucking strong?[View]
199714904>Side movie >Main movie >S2 >New novel How do you like the new face of KyoAni?…[View]
199714848pet: >yellow tinted glasses Oh so he's that kind of faggot. No wonder matasa ojii-chan looks…[View]
199695619I'm only a few episodes in and I fucking hate this useless bitch.[View]
199710634Now that 5toubun had a shit ending and bokuben ends with salt, it's time to embrace reverse har…[View]
199688352Look at her go[View]
199711971Houseki no kuni: Reminder that the anime is top tier[View]
199670570Dragon Ball Super: Why is Gohan such a shit and lame character? Erren Van Duine needs not to reply.…[View]
199677782Precure: It's healin' good![View]
199707659How would you restore her smile?[View]
199709613>tfw will never join the Akatsuki[View]
199714040Vagabond: What does /a/ think of this manga? There's a lot of reviews from normies saying it is…[View]
199714353>Nothing personal kid[View]
199713565The show started good, yet only in the beginning few episodes (16&17) is now turning into a farc…[View]
199699599“Sigh” ok look. Somebody needs to get in the fucking robot, and it sure as hell ain’t gonna be me. S…[View]
199707070Isn't this supposed to be good? The plot is full of holes and the characters are really stupid.[View]
199701122>no BDs in the nipples >no doujins GOT DAMN IT FUKUDA…[View]
199707500What battle shoujo will replace Symphogear this decade?[View]
199695519How did she bring a gun to school without being noticed?[View]
199713839Huh... red...[View]
199656379Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Now that it confirms Lino won. Will tsubamefags quit quit reading this?…[View]
199709824Who has the best yukata?[View]
199712932so who has the best entrance music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkhDR6bFNC8[View]
199712709>Seconds before disaster[View]
199694912this show is pretty nice[View]
199712918Is Knives the one example of a 'villain' who literally did everything wrong?[View]
199713527So, way back in the day, I remember coming across a collection of Junji ito stories on here. I read …[View]
199697296Which Romcom manga are you currently following and why?[View]
199713459Post your favorite color pages/spreads.[View]
199711082Can we please take a moment to acknowledge what the anime did to Adam's grills?[View]
199713373Is Oishinbo the most high IQ manga?[View]
199706084This witch literally described herself as a deadbeat bicycle. BICYCLE[View]
199705907Boku No Hero Academia: Best Bunny lost an arm How will she recover?[View]
199712218ITT: Popular characters that ruined their respective series.[View]
199707971You don't download lossy anime copies, right anon?[View]
199713102In this chapter of mother and her daughter-in-law[View]
199712718>3.0+1.0? never heard of it[View]
199713025Admit it, you would have also wanted to taste her delicious eggs[View]
199700948HxH: Why is this character so fucking cringy and boring?[View]
199709480>His Quincy powers literally are Ywhach So does that mean he has The Almighty? And he’s technical…[View]
199706554Askeladd is a monster: Why do so many people kiss the ground this guy walks on? He's a monster,…[View]
199691746Hunter x Hunter: How did Feitan finish this fight while having a raging hard on?[View]
199712093>doing it in front of her mom slut[View]
199711952What is Ishida sensei up to these days?[View]
199711685wow what a bitch[View]
199603876Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
199702448Haikyuu!!: Redpill me please. Why is this so popular?[View]
199711901What makes them so perfect, /a/?[View]
199709561ITT: we post our favorite part of our favorite mangas.[View]
199708465Tomorrow we get to see her again[View]
199684213One Piece: No chapter this week, because Oda is sick. What would you rate the series if Oden dying w…[View]
199709510What went wrong with the Shaman King sequels?[View]
199709240Queen's Artist: Was this the ultimate delicious justice upon self-inserters?[View]
199710208>tfw no Illya route Why, Nasu?[View]
199698794GTO: The ending felt rushed.[View]
199709253Real Life Public Figures in /a/ Contents: Starting with the more recent one. What other famous figur…[View]
199710759ok. i dont get it. how does he have 'kind eyes'? they look like badly animated random generic eyes …[View]
199696193Does /a/ support Chainsawman?[View]
199709782So I don’t understand, we’re they the new Adam and eve? Why didn’t anyone else want to return?[View]
199710512>raws released 1 days ago oh my oh fuck[View]
199709570Why is this guy so overrated?[View]
199710367Minato is faster than Minato: Whoa... what did Kishimoto mean by this?[View]
199707207Yuru kamp: Heaven or hell?[View]
199710031Erufu? Yes, Erufu![View]
199707778What characters do you often mistake for being someone else?[View]
199672641Dumping Return to Avalon artbook revision comparisons.[View]
199706770Questions: So when Eren got eaten by the bearded titan, shouldn't the bearded titan have absorb…[View]
199707601Is Cromartie funnier when you're a not a newbie when it comes to delinquent genre?[View]
199707655What happened to this guy? Sanji was so lovable before the timeskip but after it he turned to a comp…[View]
199709879Manga only you read: I'll start.[View]
199706390You think you're Superman? I'll get the Kryptonite and bring you right back down.[View]
199709016How did Mirai Make it to the Oscars: Just saw this movie and I'm honestly surprised that it got…[View]
199705120I think the series would be better if instead of having no quirk and then getting one, he would have…[View]
199706273As someone who hasn't watched anything DBZ related since the early 2000s and has seen snippets …[View]
199706821Why did Kiritsugu refuse to interact directly with Saber? Exactly what themes was Urobuchi trying to…[View]
199647571What's your opinion on kitties, /a/?[View]
199686517Taking Nagatoro as precedent, How would a Yupiel serialization be like?[View]
199687819Kimetsu no Yaiba: Let's discuss the spoilers.[View]
199709167Naze Turbine: I came to a realization while pissing in the shower. Naze Turbine is the ultimate chad…[View]
199704022Berserk: If only Guts had dicked him down, everything would've gone differently.[View]
199707401It wasn't as good as the novel, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. What other classic lite…[View]
199704446>read a horror survival manga >it turns into shonen…[View]
199690442'Tis a sharp edge[View]
199706510Usogui: Madarame Baku is the smarte-[View]
199701051This attack hasn't worked even once in the long history of anime[View]
199706439>NTR queen[View]
199690784>get isekai'd >know future events beforehand >know OP hot reverse trap hero(ine) will …[View]
199699926Ryuuko or Yoko, /a/?[View]
199701067What do you think about Ishtar's feet?[View]
199708405Why are there no good anime with succubi protags?[View]
199694744Shinkai on his next masterpiece: >It'll be about the Coronavirus, and how its outbreak separ…[View]
199695323Do female purityfags actually exist?[View]
199649669Ishuzoku Reviewers: FemZel was the cutest AND the hottest.[View]
199644757Just finished watching SAO Alicization and honestly I think I might have to agree with the normalfag…[View]
199648692Re:Zero Directors Cut Episode 8: Episode out soon and yep it's THAT episode[View]
199693268Is it autism?[View]
199707312Do you think we'll ever see an anime adaptation of Nurse Hitomi or is the monster girl genre on…[View]
199682330My King.[View]
199706344>Oh no they saw my panties Why are female japanese characters so autistic? That happens when you…[View]
199706872How much is 3 silver in modern currency?[View]
199705483this makes no sense these two teenagers saw each other NAKED yet they never brought it up again shou…[View]
199707727You still like Nasu's forgotten works, right?[View]
199706515is this correct?[View]
199699348Bokuben: Is this supposed to be a regular kiss or a french kiss?[View]
199707355Kodomo no Omocha is the only shoujo you ever need to watch in your life.[View]
199678014Kagome was a shit. Kikyou deserved better. Anyone who liked kagome have shitty waifus or are problab…[View]
199707431Umaru bread[View]
199707017This panders to me[View]
199698200Oda is sick: Let’s write a get better soon letter for Oda one word at the time DEAR[View]
199654503Exactly what themes was Trigger trying to explore in Kill la Kill?[View]
199705377when will this fucking isekai fag already die. I'd rather watch battle harem #231312 than any o…[View]
199705328Why was Fate/stay night so special?[View]
199691545homo: Given Movie's trailer is out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JIp61TXDHQ&feature=emb…[View]
199706192'The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the w…[View]
199706081This is Raijin Maru[View]
199704153Are stands just the manifestation of one’s weaponized autism?[View]
199701364Has a single scene ever made you dislike a show? Pic related for me. What is wrong with japanese peo…[View]
199702512Shows that /a/ lied about being good pic related [View]
199702756Shokugeki no Souma: The wild ride never ends[View]
199705972Gyoza god thread.[View]
199698960>Open fridge >Find cake What do?[View]
199705837AIPARE, Prichan, Shining Star plus Mewkledreamy: New AiPare episode tomorrow and leaks literally any…[View]
199694020Shingeki no Kyojin: do you think this new conflict with armin will ever match Eren and Reiner's…[View]
199700077Girla Und Panzer- Das Finale: Today is the the day, Das Finale Part 2 is finally out! Panzer Vor!…[View]
199698646Be honest, would you settle for Rin?[View]
199687422Boku no Hero Academia: Fuck you guys, I liked it[View]
199700695Realistically, could you defeat him?[View]
199698017>Supposedly a slave >Really a chad Is he the best kind of MC?…[View]
199676125Why is bootleg Alice allowed?: When will the copyright holder stop Japan[View]
199704495Nagatoro needs to trim those talons she calls toenails![View]
199670189Toji no Miko: https://tojitomo-anime.jp/ The staff for the upcoming OVA has been announced. >Dire…[View]
199697700Itt: Cliches you like: >Best girl wears black pantsu.[View]
199703510He just wanted a quiet life.[View]
199700772'That ocean is not silent' - H.P. Lovecraft.[View]
199702906What caused the downfall of mecha? Sure it may not be completely dead but it's nowhere near as …[View]
199697462/a/ sings Brave Heart (Digimon Adventure): Here's a video I recommend using since it will help …[View]
199702366>science guy is threatened by lions >science guy decides to run instead of standing his ground…[View]
199701152Angel Densetsu: This is a good manga. You should read it.[View]
199704465You may not like it but this is what the best Anime film of 2019 looks like[View]
199700216What is the next big loli vampire anime going to be? Momo adaptation? Sleepy vamp adaptation?[View]
199701255>can regrow fingers >can shapeshift >is grotesquely fat >stays in a tiny cell that does…[View]
199703699>practically carry the party by disarming traps and scouting out the combat encounters >party …[View]
199701267Revenge Classroom: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that it's a masterpiece?…[View]
199703974In memory of Aids-Bro: >12/7/2018 - 27/9/2018 Never forget.[View]
199700121Traps are for making baby with girls.[View]
199698711Why do animators think plagiarism is okay ?[View]
199658157/a/ sings - Kekkai Sensen ED1 (Sugar Song to Bitter Step): The Zappening >deadline No deadline y…[View]
199701994Only post real cuties.[View]
199703413>Chief Yagami's son, Light. >Not an incel. >I have no reason to suspect him.…[View]
199674930AiPare, PriChan, Shining Star, etc.: Do you think Aikatsu will ever cross over with another idle ser…[View]
199686224How important is fanservice to you?[View]
199681996How does one cope with the fact that you can never be together with the 2D girl you love?[View]
199702240>immortalizes your OP: ITT: based trumpet OPs I’ll start https://youtube.com/watch?v=G8CFuZ9MseQ…[View]
199700222Why do people like Black Clover?: Give me one reason to watch this dogshit anime besides 'it gets be…[View]
199658391BEASTARS Chapter 166 RAW: Please be aware that these are only rough translations, and may be inaccur…[View]
199700675By Spring: Forget fat bald old men and TV executives, stepdads are the true final boss in all of ani…[View]
199693305HUNTER X HUNTER: Oda got corona bros It’s our time to be the best again![View]
199697614How have you progressed since your first waifu anon? Did your tastes change along the way? Post your…[View]
199693242would you?[View]
199696756458 days[View]
199701406Why are bullies so possessive[View]
199689418Amagami: What was the deal with this girl? So she has a bitch side, but they never tell you why. Her…[View]
199690053STOP CALLING ME A GIRL, ANON!!!!!!!!!!![View]
199694174You guys still love her right?[View]
199691895>Wake up one day and check the internets >[HorribleSubs] Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu S3 - 01 [21…[View]
199698237Was she a lesbian?[View]
199700142True winner: Sawako and rizu are eloping, have you given them your best wishes? Also it's not t…[View]
199696020Reminder that Chio-chan was raped while doing parkour as a kid.[View]
199701395Oh my gosh Anon, you like school idols too? That's so cool! Hey, who's your favorite group…[View]
199698972Can your waifu play at piano?[View]
199661527What does /a/ think of Miru Tights after almost a year? Has it held up?[View]
199701073it's over i feel like i've aged 10 years[View]
19969015322/7 season 2: The Wall wills it https://twitter.com/RanobeSugoi/status/1233041370031349760…[View]
199700573Somali: Would you trust ningens?[View]
199690002Left or Right?: Which one has the most asspull end?[View]
199698679Astral Slut: Do you think Misaki is a hypocrite?[View]
199696632Detective Conan: Tell me, Conanbros, what's it like being Ransexual?[View]
199700076What did she mean by this?[View]
199697605High Score Girl: Shouldn't she be in therapy for her weapons grade autism?[View]
199697538I can't believe this was done by Trigger, it basically has nothing of what they're known f…[View]
199698513Is there ANY excuse for him not being female?[View]
199685293>the show is literally called 'I will make full defense build' >in the second episode she uses…[View]
199696759HIMEGAMI IS BACK[View]
199699462Imagine being in a stacy's harem. She divides each day of the week for all her boyfriends. You …[View]
199690195This manga is so fun and easily digestible for gaijins. Why is no one translating it anymore?[View]
199670092Bleach: What the fuck is the point of his Bankai? It's mostly pointless. It's boredom pers…[View]
199698764Best year in anime: There's a lot of talk about the best decade in anime, but what is the best …[View]
199682376Is manga worth collecting or is it just a meme?[View]
199683998>Uruka officially won in Bokuben one (1) week after Yotsuba seized the 5Toubun BASED…[View]
199676956Machikado: Its Momo time All Mazokus get fucked, we're light clan now.[View]
199692973The Promised Neverland Live Action: This looks like shit Minami Hamabe 19 years old playing a 12 yea…[View]
199692683ITT: Underrated villainous groups[View]
199697165What went wrong?[View]
199696930Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
199696922ITT: VAs that you could beat up in a fight[View]
199697367Fact: Art style, animation, music, effects, action, and editing are more important that plot and cha…[View]
199698455What's wrong with her?[View]
199695681Dojinshi when?: There is a concerning lack of it of this show. When will I see the stupid mut gettin…[View]
199677475Anon why haven't you watched our anime yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-pSJ_kjh8s[View]
199698500Fear and disgust[View]
199696689I was told Vinland Saga was good, but after three eps it's just boring. Was the hype for this j…[View]
199678367Baki: Been reading this, and just to confirm there's barely a story to this right? This is esse…[View]
199693581Let’s have a dialog about forced animation. How do we address this issue?[View]
199694738What is her end game?[View]
199697145Fucking nice.[View]
199696718Jonathan > Joseph[View]
199616230Boruto: Naruto had some self-restraint, Boruto does not.[View]
199697172Mieruko-Chan: What did they mean by this?[View]
199694605Thanks Ufotable: Saber Vs Rider Who's better waifu[View]
199692001After 4 long years, Volume 10 of Hidamai Sketch next month! Hidamari Thread to celebrate![View]
199698170why was this allowed?[View]
199693108Kusuriya no hitorigoto thread: New raw and very intense chapter[View]
199697639Sachiiro No One Room: > Raise up from homelessness but in the same time lose your only father fig…[View]
199645039Capybaras are pretty chill[View]
199692460So now that dust has well settled, was this a masterpiece or utter shit?[View]
199688529War arcs in anime and manga: What’s the best War arc in anime and manga history? And why is it the C…[View]
199697634ITT: forced drama[View]
199697368When is his day of reckoning going to come?[View]
199672402Have you watched Lain yet, anon?[View]
199658068Houseki no Kuni: This is a pretty fun manga so far, but the author really likes putting Phos down. I…[View]
199697410Ranma: >Is rude to her >Badmouths her >Always calls her 'ugly' Ryoga: >Is alwa…[View]
199697824Idols really are all sluts, eh.[View]
199693778Tenchi Muyo! thread.: The first episode of the new Tenchi Muyo OVA is coming out tomorrow,, So let…[View]
199654249Now that the second season of Radiant is over, what did (you) think of it? Did you like it?[View]
199681273Translator looking for project: Have any anime or manga you want to see translated? Translators fuck…[View]
199652421Plunderer: New episode today[View]
199693335French blonde girls: Everybody loves Perrine![View]
199697186I will remind them again that this heresy exists.[View]
199691509 I LOVE YOU! [View]
199694682>modern anime has no so-[View]
199689868Plunderer Ep 8: wat?[View]
199693485Delicious brown skin: Yum[View]
199695137>no VictoryGreymon and Z'dGarurumon finally getting their own Omegamon >or at least Blitz…[View]
199687078Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: New Episode soon. Other than Sana and Alina pred…[View]
199691787Yuru Camp: I want to feed Chiaki some meat[View]
199693728>Cutest girl in Ranma is Ranma himself How does he do it? Even when being a total prick he still …[View]
199683344Houseki no kuni storytime thread: The moon arc.[View]
199673877Why does she have so much sexual tension towards HER OWN SON?[View]
199694182Kaiju Girls (Black): Subs for this are finally out, why aren't (You) talking about it? - https:…[View]
199682301From the new world: I got a question about the fiends and the Messiah in general. Why couldn't …[View]
199690314Breasts are life.[View]
199668289I don't understand why this 5/10 series is considered a classic. It's pretty bad.[View]
199696046shitai no karen san raws: anyone got them[View]
199695597>...wanna fight? how do you react?[View]
199695999Who is best girl of the season and why is it Lanka?[View]
199695983Flip Flappers: Yayaka did not deserve this.[View]
199682420Boku no Hero Academia: Prepare for spoiler in a few hours How were other 1-A students doing besides …[View]
199695414Gigant: Oku really doesn't give a shit does he, is he not embarrassed by spreads like these?…[View]
199695460Princess Connect: Is there a chance that this anime won't suck?[View]
199675225wsj toc #14: Issue #15 Cover & LCP: Black Clover (5th Anniversary & Popularity Poll Commence…[View]
199695201>There is no Webtoon Gookshills In this thread who have at least watched a single episode of Taek…[View]
199675500When was the exact moment he lost? As in, his most critical mistake that ensured his defeat?[View]
199689851JoJo: I ship them and there's nothing you can do about it, punchghostfags[View]
199694347What ever happened to that light novel adaption anime about being a spider in a cave isekai? Wasn…[View]
199694559One Piece: You don't think, gedastu is...[View]
199683896Bokuben: Looks like bokuben reached every harem manga's destination, >manga starts >peop…[View]
199686186So why aren't you watching her show?[View]
1996365783x3: Can we have a good old 3x3 thread? No dishonest tryhards allowed. Just post the shows you genui…[View]
199690956Fushigi 167: Time for Kotone apparently[View]
199680556Goblin Slayer: If you were noble fencer, what would you do in this situation?[View]
199683520God I wish that were me.[View]
199680064Shingeki no Kyojin: >Denies his sister's wish to die together >Tells his brother to fuck …[View]
199694042Shingeki no Kyojin: Will these two cuties ever reunite again?[View]
199690548What's the saddest manga/anime you've seen?: For me, it's A lollipop or a bullet…[View]
199686994Characters who would be better if they were female[View]
199689608Cardcaptor Sakura: To whoever made this: I can never look at Sakura the same way again without thes…[View]
199693111why so mad? is she an incel?[View]
199688637maybe a little slowpoke for hype train, but why did she faint after looking at a man's collarbo…[View]
199670946Raildex: Anime announcement soon[View]
199654871They're such an aesthetic pairing[View]
199683851Why is this season so shit?[View]
199693575Yuru thread: >when he says toshina kyouko isn't his favorite yuru…[View]
199693458Why, WHY did they make this shit about tonegawa instead of S3. Even from a business standpoint it…[View]
199688524I'm honestly kind of tired of all these tryhard gyarus. 2020 shall be the year of the yamato na…[View]
199691351OreSuki: Does she ever get an arc?[View]
199690635Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Animal academy Volume 3 extras: Dumping now.[View]
199676036New sensei mango, translate when?[View]
199652742ITT scenes that actually make you tear up. Pic related. Fucking devastated me the first time I saw …[View]
199681766>try watching Sailor Moon Crystal >the moment protag opens her mouth I hear old woman's c…[View]
199692961This series unironically should have been about All Might. People who have seen me watch the first c…[View]
199691031ITT: post ideas for an original magical girl anime[View]
199693082Zoro VS. Itachi: This is a Twitter Pool : Zoro VS. Itachi Let's go vote for Zoro, he is loosing…[View]
199674087DEATH MATCH: who can draw underage lesbians the best?[View]
199692745This guy is going to croak any day now. Did he at least tell someone else the story and how its supp…[View]
199674616When will it start effecting the production of anime and manga as a whole?[View]
199681079Who makes better comedies, Japanese or Westerners?[View]
199689634What’s going on with Vinland Saga? Story has been getting weird after the farm arc and the crossbow …[View]
199676550If you had yourself your very own Violet, what would you do with her?[View]
199689549How did this show silently become AOTD?[View]
199685390bocchi 78: New friend[View]
199682615Are they meant for each other?[View]
199691152Do you watch anime properly?[View]
199692102Why do people get so upset when a series ends with the confession? Its difficult to keep a series go…[View]
199677947how am i supposed to self insert as her when she has great leadership skills, a social life, the wil…[View]
199690477Science thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elt0Gt9Cb6Q Looks like fun things are fun, but anti-…[View]
199659838Maria+Holic: What is /a/'s opinion of this absolute total cunt?[View]
199687286Kengan Omega Ch.52: After the Battle[View]
199686874Artist/manga/anime that is never talked about here: Pic related is Mitokon by Man Gatarou I also rec…[View]
199686543Whomst is your favorite Higurashi?[View]
199691701Mom Isekai thread: imagine getting shoeslapped by Mamako[View]
199688360Will you?[View]
199685911The last time togashi actually gave a shit and gave us tons of chapter was after the japan disaster …[View]
199687685>Yeah it's really slow, you'll most likely be bored and won't feel the need to wat…[View]
199684556Dr Stone spoilers: ENTER GODKASA[View]
199687253Holy shit, is that THE Vash The Stampede?!?!?!??[View]
199673375ITT Girls who probably should had won but lost to some asspull[View]
199690692Steel Ball Run: Siberian Breaks by MGMT or Siberian Khatru by Yes are the best options for the SBR e…[View]
199689752Left or right?: Which of these two has the most visually appealing design?[View]
199664163Why is gender bender isekai so unpopular?[View]
199670028Why tomboy haet dykes?[View]
199689120Why none talking about this[View]
199641615Binetsu Kuukan: Is anyone reading this? New chapter when?[View]
199682230Most overhyped character in One Piece: >avoids as many battles as he can >got BTFO'd by J…[View]
199685389Bocc za Rocc[View]
199683348ITT: Heroes[View]
199672274AnimeJapan 2020 cancelled.: Credible leakers have confirmed that AnimeJapan 2020 has been cancelled …[View]
199686451there is no overcoming despair if women do not find themselves iresistibly attracted to you: let…[View]
199674471It's the 20th anniversary of Boogiepop Phantom. Where my boogie bros at?[View]
199667809One Piece: Spoiler anticipation thread >inb4 le coronavirus meme Oda doesn't have coronaviru…[View]
199652685Chainsaw Man: Why is she so much of a chad?[View]
199662642Y-you're taking care of yourself from Coronavirus...a-aren't you?[View]
199676811>she dresses and acts like a slut but she's actually really shy and a virgin! Fuck this shit…[View]
199685569Will Nabeshin ever come back to us and save anime?[View]
199681272Let's talk about this underrated ongoing manga. Anime adaptation when?[View]
199642609So how fucked is she now?[View]
199650362buyfag thread: post only figures like these[View]
199686811mozuya-san gyakujousuru: how is this manga so entertaining? i fucking hope the translator won't…[View]
199685616GANTZ: Why didn't the films show the sex scenes? Unironically were the best part about the anim…[View]
199686071Anime in other forms of media: Professional wrestler Kenny Omega wore Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer…[View]
199677805Madoka exists only to please Homura[View]
199660954Boku no Hero Academia: Is this the worst progression of learning of skills ever presented in anime? …[View]
199685712Anime needs more martial arts.[View]
199674472Hajime no ippo: Ippo please stop[View]
199665158Was this the hottest character to ever be put on 2D?[View]
199681006Nyaruko-san: Why is this guy such an unbelievable faggot? An anthropomorphized version of a cosmic h…[View]
199686449What the fuck bros? why is he fapping to asuka like that? isn't that the same as raping her?[View]
199629922Magia Record: You follow our wife Yachiyo's advice, right /a/?[View]
199670603Bokuben thread: Its thursday in nipland anons. New chapter this week? Is this jobber finally aus…[View]
199685395Tokyo Ghoul: How the fuck can one person be so clueless?[View]
199674630Is it hypocritical to find male rape more tolerable than female rape? Can't watch a girl get ra…[View]
199613204Will you join her pack?[View]
199678152What went wrong?[View]
199681199What happened to good manga/anime?[View]
199681293Hakase is lying.[View]
199682062Just wanted to say: End of Evangelion is trash >lol shinji jerks over asuka's comatose body …[View]
199684808omae no aite wa ore da[View]
199683363Why is NTR so good?[View]
199654256Komi san: We popularity poll results now But first, volume 16 cover[View]
199684333Jojo: Stray Cat and Kira make no sense Kira gains the trust of the potted plant, whose ability is ba…[View]
199684319the thinking man's manga[View]
199625995Isekai Quartet: Isekai Quartet thread Last one hit the limit[View]
199684165status report: episodes finished: 16 sanity: waning[View]
199640466Eden's zero #83: How do you feel now that Mashima has finally told muh friendship power fags to…[View]
199683833Why didn't they just stop him at the airport? How was he able to wander into a densely populate…[View]
199656607How could the Hacka Dolls advance your life?[View]
199682161why aren't you reading solo leveling, /a/? and if you are, thoughts on the latest chapter?[View]
199677265Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of DBZ's revival?[View]
199663357Is she too tall?[View]
199673393It wasn't bad I guess, 6/10. I guess I hate SOL shit[View]
199677827Now that the dust has settled, what's your opinion on Triggers patreon? Did it have any positiv…[View]
199674039Why doesn't she know how to use a computer?[View]
199682600is leolide's autism kicking in or that his account is legit hacked? He makes good AMV's an…[View]
199676180Why aren't Rin's friends as jugdemental as her?[View]
199661890What's the appeal? It's literally just moot dressed as a Japanese highschool girl.[View]
199675167God is dead and we killed him.[View]
199677530Who is the patrician taste?[View]
199671983>Token villains with zero personalities >Token shota and loli >Let Bakugo have ofa AND THEN…[View]
199679004Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Would you a Chizuru, /a/?[View]
199673703When did people start hating filler? Does anime need to be 1:1 same as the manga?[View]
199675367When is Japan gonna get rid of their shitty manga demographics?: Am I the only one who thinks catego…[View]
199681985Kimetsu no Yaiba: Spoilers are out, Tamayo once again proves she's best girl[View]
199680558Boku no Hero Academia: Waiting for spoilers, they're expected to come in 5[/spoilers]. Will we …[View]
199673746>you will never be a robot accompanied by a hot blonde who destroys cities with laser beams and p…[View]
199681065what the fuck where are the english scans for bakemonogatari fucking mangedex[View]
199642133Black Clover: Which side will be getting ryona'ed? Noll's or the Bulls' side? inb4 ne…[View]
199658967Glasses or no glasses, which one's better?[View]
199678020Does your waifu even lift, bro? > Also Dumbbell thread[View]
199669866Kimetsu no Yaiba: Waiting for spoiler. Should be out in ~2-4 hours if leakers aren't late.…[View]
199671459Why does /a/ hate her so much? Can't she ever find a friend?[View]
199671564What the FUCK is her problem?[View]
199666344good fucking Lord[View]
199671385This is the best Puchi idol[View]
199667243There need to be more sex in romcom: Not just for fan service but for proper romance development…[View]
199672564Ijimeru Yabai Yatsu 37-40: Shit goes down and is about to too.[View]
199680721He or She?[View]
199680691on the verge of dropping this after reading the first volume. when will it get interesting?[View]
199659717sata andagi[View]
199679767What do the Misaka clones think of Kuroko?[View]
199657644Will there ever be a softer girl?[View]
199676203Shinchou Yuusha: Don't tell me you forgot about Rista.[View]
199677172>created 3 of the best anime ever made Will he ever be topped as a tv anime director? Also is car…[View]
199655485TOWER OF GOD THREAD:: ANDROSSI FUCKING ANIMATED!!!!! guys finnally after 10 years the best girl ever…[View]
199679699You say some pretty mean things, anon.[View]
199680190Was Lucy overweight?: Or is it just me?[View]
199621707Chihaya's birthday: Today is the birthday of the best idol of all time! Say something nice to h…[View]
199665033HIATUS X HIATUS: O MY ACHING BACK https://youtu.be/pUDUK-yvwQs[View]
199679836Kokonoe was the butt girl: There was no focus on her flat chest at all, all focus ended up on her re…[View]
199663730Heaven's Feel III -- Spring Song: You're going to buy tickets to see her movie, aren'…[View]
199673256Truly a kino master pieces, please read these atleast once in your life.[View]
199672093Why can't this happen in real life? I hate this world so much.[View]
199679703Traps are a waste of character design[View]
199672068just started this, what am i in for?[View]
199663743Shingeki no Kyojin: >Sasha got hot and feminine. Dies shortly after >Mikasa became uglier and …[View]
199677860Healin' Good Precure: Pegitan gets kidnapped soon. Thoughts in Hugtto's success this week …[View]
199669543Boku No Hero Academia: >movie out >spoilers should be coming soon too It's been a rough…[View]
199659365Mugen no Juunin: Top tier comedy this week[View]
199675095The succession war arc is shaping up to be the best arc of Hunter X Hunter (HxH), if not all of shou…[View]
199676276And here goes everything to shit[View]
199671614Actual Discussion: What's your definition of a Shonen Anime /a/? How many times do they have to…[View]
199671903Who are the fluffiest girls in anime?[View]
199641888Oricon Weekly Ranking by Series - 2/16~2/23: #1 Kimetsu no Yaiba - 1,676,970 #2 Silver Spoon - 386,3…[View]
199676875RIP MangaDex, again: And it's dead again[View]
199676932Why watch/read a series you already dislike before you started it? All you are going to do is autist…[View]
199671257>IT'S BEEN[View]
199670852new trope: >Become weird hybrid of human/demon which is 1 in jizzilion chance >'Either die now…[View]
199673126fairytail: why where the last arcs so shit? it was at least entertaining up until the grand magic ga…[View]
199677277what the fuck was Urasawa thinking, this was so unnecessary convoluted[View]
199659130Have you guys ever heard of 5 toubun[View]
199672355>Gridman aired 2 years ago[View]
199665330What was the last seasonal anime you enjoyed? 2 Cours are acceptable.[View]
199669328>I'm curious to see if Konosuba can pull it off, though. What did he mean by this?…[View]
199676423Dragon Ball Super: Why is Gohan still one of the main talking points of these threads despite the fa…[View]
199662753Why is he so controversial?[View]
199675654Not sure if this is normal broship anymore[View]
199652956Dragon Ball Super: >saved the franchise part/58 Everyone loves Broly's clones, why is that /…[View]
199633499Eizouken: Last four frames of this shot include the policeman who is looking for her in the next sho…[View]
199600921Louise is hot as fuck.[View]
199653041>and then Taichi and Agumon believe in themselves so much they evolve into a new form far stronge…[View]
199670515What in the actual fuck am I watching[View]
199669938Golden Kamuy 231: Just 3 dudes and a baby[View]
199675072Iyashikei thread: Let's do some damn iyashikei y'all ever wanna float through life with pe…[View]
199668862Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: We're less than a month away from the new OVAs.[View]
199675160I hope season 1 of Azur Lane ends with the arrival of SKK[View]
199649622Healin' Good Precure: Which episode are you looking forward to the most? I personally want to s…[View]
199574369Heya Camp△: Episode 8 Hora Camp△[View]
199674210What shonen fighting series don't have giant stakes?[View]
199648144this is Kaos, she tries hard and has mild success. say something nice about her.[View]
199655507Pick one.[View]
199663887All manhwa with no exceptions are garbage The gook storytelling is were pulled out from wattpad fanf…[View]
199674311I feel like im really there bros[View]
199674058I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
199673932Gotta hand it to ZUN for managing to write 50 chapters of manga about Kasen without establishing any…[View]
199673846Alice thread. Post some Alices.[View]
199673617the anime will save him[View]
199672276post orange characters[View]
199667383How smol is too smol?[View]
199671202Goblin Slayer: It was goblins.[View]
199658722Bofuri: Would you?[View]
199673568Bakuman: Move aside, best girl coming through[View]
199672196Boku no My Hero Academia movie discussion - shit sequel edition: Why the fuck was it so bad? O MY 8…[View]
199673333Post your favorite song from any anime soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm77VCkf_do&t…[View]
199673117Conan has killed more people in Japan than the Coronavirus.[View]
199672619>watch anime >it's good Thank you, anime.…[View]
199654475What is the biggest problem with english dubs? is it scriptwriting? bad acting? or is it just that e…[View]
199672918ID:INVADED: Which one of them do you like more?[View]
199670348>is so strong he gets written off any other instance of this happening in other manga?…[View]
199652629Kengan Omega: How did you feel about latest chapter? >mfw[View]
199657601I can understand Bakugo since girls like bad boys but can someone explain to me why this thing is so…[View]
199662573ITT: Series that peaked 10% of the way in.[View]
199672860Where were you when Black Clover said life begins at conception?[View]
199665300GATE: What's more likely, a season 3 or an anime adaptation of the sequel?[View]
199672748I don't want a Maple girlfriend anymore[View]
199652128Who is your 80's/90's best girl?: For me it's Ranma[View]
199635554PriChan, Aipare and Mewkledreamy (also Shining Star, etc.): Could any Jewelpet beat Peridot in a fig…[View]
199672505Do you think Greenblat could've saved the series if they'd actually let him work on it and…[View]
199669737HAPPY BIRTHDAY!: Dragon Ball anime is 34yo today![View]
199654180Is it good? How does it compare to his other works?[View]
199671747Is he really Shoto's brother?[View]
199672282he's my fav anime simp what can i say?[View]
199672273It wasn't THAT bad[View]
199667378Hey you stupid ass fucking vampires, this is human territory only[View]
199664617Do robo girls have more soul than human girls?[View]
199662866I dont understand why did her emotional breakdown give me a massive raging boner and why cant we hav…[View]
199665535Should I watch this shit??[View]
199662796Asuperu Kanojo: After three weeks, chapter 26 has finally been translated.[View]
199641287Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!: Why didn't Tanabe get his happy ending?[View]
199668248Remember me Manhwa newfags ?[View]
199661460We didn't know Naruto was gonna be the last good traditional battle shonen we'd ever get i…[View]
199665060Why was Asobi Asobase the best comedy series in the past five years?[View]
199667699Slam Dunk: What are your thoughts on this series? And I'm talking about the manga here.[View]
199664689Why are dbzfags so insufferable? They treat their bloody 'so fast the animators do not have to anima…[View]
199671529this is my wife, please say something nice about her[View]
199665840What is the best Gen Urobuchi anime and why is it Gargantia?[View]
199669553Fairy Taill: 100 year quest: Do you find the Dragon Gods impressive?[View]
199669633What's the best Saint Seiya arc? I just started watching it for the first time and it seems goo…[View]
199671584Holy shit, this is the most fun I've had in a long time. The sheer shonen enthusiasm and passio…[View]
199650851ITT : Characters who did nothing wrong[View]
199645779Top 10 Manga Franchises in the U.S (Fall 2019): 1. My Hero Academia 2. Berserk 3. Junji Ito 4. Jojo…[View]
199670179I'm a Robinfag, but how is Bonney not the best grill?[View]
199668160Why is fantasy with non medieval level of technology so rare? It's generic as shit medieval Eur…[View]
199646569How bloody and violent do you like your Mahou Shoujos?[View]
199663448What is the symbolism of this page?[View]
199644767>marrying and having a baby at 20 do people actually do this?[View]
199656387Australian senator's anime reviews: Australian senator's reviews of Eromanga Sensei, NGNL,…[View]
199666242Maid charm[View]
199670122What I'd give to sniff those sweaty arm pits[View]
199669865Install VS BATTLES WIKI VS BATTLES WIKI Flamedramon Fladramon illustcon3.png Summary Flamedramon an …[View]
199668936What was his problem?[View]
199667425Why is it so good?[View]
199669706Asuka & Rei: Was the hatred mutual or just one sided?[View]
199642915Berserk: what's the best ending you can come up with, /a/?[View]
199668271Kimetsu no Yaiba: Theory: Nezuko's humanification will complete. Muzan's blood will invade…[View]
199663124This is “You Say Run”, the most hype piece of music in all of anime. https://youtu.be/iYZIUtDAFIw F…[View]
199668885What is her endgame?[View]
199666383Akagi is wide[View]
199668267Do you feel some sense of shame and emasculation seeing a woman draw a manga full of beautiful femal…[View]
199664444why are shounen mangaka freely allowed to draw lewd and borderline hentai-like art for their audienc…[View]
199667825RahXephon: Why is still impossible to have a serious discussion about this show without people calli…[View]
199662451ITT: Manga characters behaving like /a/nons.[View]
199661905Is it worth watching Overlord for this guy?[View]
199660806Hey, /a/, how do I get into Gundam? I don't watch anime at all besides a few movies like Prince…[View]
199660021>college thot falsely accuses you of rape >don't get convicted >this faggot kills you …[View]
199668143We love Hanako Oomuro.[View]
199656678This shit is so immensely boring. I'm on episode 5 and I want to drop it. Tatami Galaxy was imm…[View]
199662305Isekai Quartet: Is Visha insecure about her weight? Shes not fat at all.[View]
199667211Can this get an art style change in the next season? One that's like the first trailer of Seaso…[View]
199667633Which is the correct dex? .org, .to, or something else?[View]
199667818Boruto: So what does his eye even do?[View]
199666218**Bofuri**: So We’re watching gundam now???[View]
199667614Why USA has a ton of series about 'murder of the week' but Japan only has a few?[View]
199666837Solanin: It wasn't very good[View]
199631737Boku no Hero Academia: >Comes out tomorrow in Burgerland Who's going?…[View]
199664699ITT: Blowjob Queen[View]
199664995>I am not like the other Nazis: The Movie[View]
199652614One Piece: >Why yes, I do support slavery. How did you know?[View]
199637570>Goblin Slayer 045 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://www79.zippyshare.com/v/pOolqtR2/file.h…[View]
199664068What's the ugliest character design you ever saw?[View]
199661163How do we revive Umaru?[View]
199615493Bokuben: What went so horribly wrong? This was a wholesome series.[View]
199665936I want to bully this retard like you wouldn't believe[View]
199664339This is Virgo, say something nice about her.[View]
199660455Would you consider this overprotective?[View]
199666191Where were you day Manbagi was officially BTFO?[View]
199665801I'm so lonely.[View]
199659954Let's talk about asspulls[View]
199643213SYD: SYD thread. Edit anon has not show up in a while[View]
199666224Shinji eating a banana.[View]
199665492Are vampire girls better when they are dominant or submissive?[View]
199664083I remember people talking about 2199 every couple of months when a BD released but I don't thin…[View]
199650974number24: >yfw da sei wins the 24 natsu[View]
199661567Sakura's nails on the front page![View]
199662906initial d: initial D is peak anime[View]
199664409Asuka- and Rei-fags squabble over the supposed superior waifu like the little man-children they are,…[View]
199610491>he still hasn't watched lain[View]
199654870would you suck hyena cock (feminine)?[View]
199645931What would you do if you swapped with Mitsuha?[View]
199665361Where were you when he got M O G G E D[View]
199665097if stone ocean had monthly releases and araki could've made it the seinen he wanted it to be, w…[View]
199634110How does a 26 year old not know how sex works?[View]
199632628I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything: Damn,…[View]
199611178Peak waifu material[View]
199661812Evangelion rebuilds: Are the rebuilds worth my time?[View]
199665010>/v/ has not one, but TWO stickies >meanwhile /a/ has none tr/a/annies BTFO, enjoy your nocul…[View]
199662738ITT: Disturbing anime/Manga imagines.[View]
199661549Rave Master...home...soul[View]
199664148How helpful would your waifu be, and how could she help you?[View]
199651450Shingeki no Kyojin: Why is Armin called brave when SL job was suicidal.[View]
199663230Was this the best piece of writing in anime history?[View]
199658656What merit does 80s shounen have?[View]
199660016She's going to betray Ains, isn't she?[View]
199655845corrector yui[View]
199659018Violet always tries her hardest[View]
199663188Wolfmund/ The Wolf's maw: If you like edgy/historical manga this is a really underrated manga g…[View]
199663100New animes. Who here excited and hype for this page turning anime[View]
199653830Women wearing formal suits (trousers, no short skirt bullshit) are the best!![View]
199663352Evangelion question: Trying to make some half-decent re-timing of subtitles for the Archives of Evan…[View]
199639048APOSIMZ 036 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >APOSIMZ 036 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https:/…[View]
199662468Why do shonenfags in particular put character development atop a pedestal like it's the greates…[View]
199663083Oregairu Kan.: Who's looking forward to this? April is not far away.[View]
199659834>can write compelling and perfectly fine semi-realistic manga >ruins them with supernatural ga…[View]
199661589was it real?[View]
199655854Had a dream about Freja. Damn, I'm so hyped for this![View]
199659275>bonjour, saga jeune[View]
199662699ITT: post an anime/manga without actually posting it[View]
199618981Cuckoo's Fiancee: Chapter 5 of Erika and Nagi's romantic comedy is out https://jaiminisbox…[View]
199657630Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 20: New Episode new deadly frames[View]
199662572I am rare Noikaido poster. Hear me roar.[View]
199660573I will rape your teacher.[View]
199625621Rem: Why did she become that popular?[View]
199662517Sinbad > Magi[View]
199579459Do you guys know where I can download some anime-themed winamp skins? Also REI > asuka[View]
199651185Love in anime: Why does it feel like it's so hard for anime and manga to get 'love' right? Not …[View]
199651080How do we cure the Chuunibyou?[View]
199661924Anime Onegai: Based, Thanks Japan, CR will die now[View]
199654260What is the most often referenced anime?[View]
199659859post the best redesigns of all time.[View]
199660891S2 existed.[View]
199659614Worst rivalry[View]
199661424Kichikujima Chapter 63: Get some down ya[View]
199653720Was this really necessary in an allegedly show for kids?[View]
199660213YWN have a Satania GF[View]
199657330oh shit[View]
199646947What do you think of this lesbian and interracial couple?[View]
199659662Why can't he stop crying?[View]
199651739Romances are cuter when the guy falls in love first. Prove me wrong.[View]
199655598Mahoutsukai no Yome: What do you think of Mahoutsukai no Yome now that we're this far into the …[View]
199661058Why do you suppose many of the most respectable Japanese cinema are about the plight of women in soc…[View]
199659221What did Asano mean by this?: Is Togashi actually considered a genius in Japan?[View]
199659321Pan is surrounded by robots![View]
199655041>I don't read 'manga' I read 'graphic novel' What is your opinion about this expression?…[View]
199632897Siscon to Brocon: I just marathoned this manga all in one day. Liked it a lot, not quite incest kino…[View]
199658074God...what a great anime.[View]
199660552Jesus fucking christ Ippo[View]
199657648Bofuri: Is this, dare I say, the Evangelion of our generation?[View]
199653231Hellsing vs Hellsing Ultimate: What did the 2001 Hellsing do better than Ultimate?[View]
199657160Post the exact moment anime peaked.[View]
199658587whos the stupidest girl and why is it Kaos?[View]
199657694Does she really need to go that far for a guy that helped her once?[View]
199652379Have any of you ever been geniunely scared/creeped out by a horror manga or anime?[View]
199660036Can he thou?[View]
199642565Now that it's very likely for Burn the Witch to get a proper serialization in Jump, what should…[View]
199659750Predict the new angels[View]
199659091Ranma 1/2 thread: He says he's straight but whenever he turns into a girl he's got no prob…[View]
199654612Trannyland Saga: What the fuck is the author doing to this series?[View]
199658414Aizawa: a better antagonist than all of Reddit's Bizarre Adventure's shitty ones combined.…[View]
199657784who else imagine here?: dark horse waifu surging to the front in the latest episode![View]
199622440Spirit Circle: Was the ending rushed?[View]
199656948Why aren't yanderes more abusive towards their property?[View]
199652418Is she the moe-est character this season?[View]
199654502They're back. Go read the chapters, they're amazing. There's a brown tomboy now, peak…[View]
199653873more mecha anime when?[View]
199657757What did she see?[View]
199655838Why is she so lazy?[View]
199605344Fate/shit night: >a large number of characters are boring, pandery tripe that have nothing to rea…[View]
199653315What the fuck is going on?: So I'm watching Kakegurui season 2 and in one episode they finish a…[View]
199653445Elf San Wa: At this point is Efruda really going to suffer if she lets her self have a cheat day? Al…[View]
199659013What's his problem?[View]
199658653D-Frag!: It seems there’s no chapter for the second month in a row, after we were finally caught up.…[View]
199656530Why would you make a gyaru and not make her a slut? Who wants a pure gyaru?[View]
199656988I don't understand why Mayuri's death cannot be prevented in the alpha Attractor Field. Wo…[View]
199648607Yaa, gomen gomen~[View]
199658575i need some help: so Kadokawa has been making lots of pixel endings lately and i wanted to know, who…[View]
199658027shitland saga: After the death of askelad this manga became shit Thorfinn was always uninteresting b…[View]
199637862Rokudou no Onna-tachi 177: Rokudou has been basically kidnapped by a cougar! How will our hero get o…[View]
199658499Rewatched all of Mushishi over the last 2-3 months, also watched some episodes of the second season …[View]
199658483How could this lil kid with an IQ of 5 to do the right thing so quickly? He's unironically the …[View]
199654866What's the best piece of animation you've ever seen ?[View]
199655964serial experiments lain: should I buy the DVD or BD?[View]
199655855The animation style of anime seems to have stopped evolving since 2012: The animation style of anime…[View]
199655689Will Trigger save anime all over again next season?[View]
199656118Oh Australia, you never cease to disappoint.[View]
199637838Raildex: Do you like the chairman's cute wife?[View]
199650155Ready more more Mari?[View]
199634693Important Fights: There has to be a way to make these fights interesting right? How can you arrive a…[View]
199652486What does it taste like?[View]
199655380How the hell did Saito get away with this?[View]
199568799Destroy All Humanity, They Can't Be Regenerated 15: It's out.[View]
199650560What is the appeal of this manga?[View]
199607086Made in Abyss: Was this scene truly necessary? It disgusted me but also grabbed my attention when I …[View]
199656825Honestly the manga was better though XD: Honestly the manga was better though XD[View]
199636969What am I in for?[View]
199650556>this is your Gundam show in 2020 What went so wrong?[View]
199645113Post you're waifu's BMI.[View]
199656339Scenes that made you cry[View]
199647042What would H.P. Lovecraft say about this?[View]
199656320misrepresent the show's key point: a lighthearted history of reunited siblings[View]
199652143It still hurts, how do I make the pain go away?[View]
199656217Were they really Ch/a/ds or was it just empty posturing?[View]
199653317Abyss boy: From the author of Love Zombie. Are you ready for more anger and disappointment? The chub…[View]
199655923>She will always remain pure and youthful. Is Kanna the perfect daughter?…[View]
199653724Killer Match Ch. 4: Gasai Yuno is old and busted. Tsubasa-chan is the new yandere queen.[View]
199654070Casey was the best Pokegirl.[View]
199653441Missing us /a/ ?[View]
199650078Hunter x Hunter: >will kurapika kill chrollo? >will kurapika kill the 4th prince? >will gon…[View]
199651391When does Fairy Tail start to get bad?: /fit/, /asp/, and /v/ here. I'm pretty new to anime (t…[View]
199623787>DEKU FUCKING KILL YOURSELF >wow they are such good friends…[View]
199645676Akira: In 1988 the Akira anime predicted 2020 Tokyo olympics would be canceled on 2/29 (3 days from …[View]
199646227it's just a matter of time[View]
199651218How would you save SHAFT?: How long have you not followed them?[View]
199649269Why didn't Killua just wish Chimera ants to be defeated?[View]
199653505You're at fault[View]
199652719Since Togashi fucked it up, what price do you think Gon should've paid for his transformation?[View]
199637875Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler 073 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambl…[View]
199653194how is she so perfect?[View]
199653499Jojo was originally the story of protagonist with two personalities.: Thoughts ?[View]
199649563>2020 >his waifu isn’t an onee-san What is wrong with you people?…[View]
199650409Be quiet /a/, Muku is sleeping.[View]
199611439Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Endgame[View]
199653469Name a more based Male MC. You cant.[View]
199652108Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novels, NT22R: Reading this made me wonder, can Misaki now take control…[View]
199631460Kurisu or Mayuri?[View]
199652201ITT: anime that make you want to fuck inanimate objects: like this big titty American fighter jet…[View]
199640973Was it Kino?: Well, was it /a/?[View]
199652444Why did mecha die?[View]
199652702One Piece: anon, why does this current flashback suck so much? and as soon as I thought we were gett…[View]
199651318Why do high school in anime/manga always go to Kyoto for field trip? Dont Japan have somewhere else …[View]
199652828Why not use USB ?[View]
199619892Dragon Ball Super: >elder goat-themed wizard who, in order to achieve his evil goals, creates a g…[View]
199651140¥tfw no Colette inspired dreamy 19th century girl’s boarding school slice of life anime with Chopin …[View]
199648581symphogear: >xv songs and many other only available on thai store fucking cringe do banCOCKS even…[View]
199653425Did people really think that Luffy can beat this nigga?: He struggled with a Commander and now peopl…[View]
199653102im 20 episodes in, when does it get good?[View]
199647436You wake up and find that you've switched brains with Shinji Ikari What do you do?[View]
199646280Beck, GitS: SAC, Samurai 7, Planetes, Samurai Champloo, Death Note, Mushishi, TTGL, FLCL, Aoi Bungak…[View]
199647450Such a comfy watch. The space adventures were the best part. Fightfags were a mistake.[View]
199650870>Yamai not even in the top 10 The evil is defeated[View]
199652675ITT The best Germans in anime[View]
199652310Ahiru no Sora: >hey, please give this to me son, but pretend it's from you to give him false…[View]
199632938ITT: shit from anime you kept trying as a kid[View]
199650254okay they are just memeing at this point[View]
199645440How are you enjoying Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu so far?[View]
199647081ITT: 'villains' who did nothing wrong.[View]
199647208Given: Just finished Given, thought it was alright, although Mafuyu seemed like he was legitimately …[View]
199647287What comes to mind when you see this beauty cutie?[View]
199647332How did she give birth to an Uchiha that needs glasses?[View]
199648559is there no omake for Ibitsu?: It feels like she was supposed to become his doll after the train acc…[View]
199652474>The face of a slut who saw sex as nothing but a way to feel alive and was still dead inside >…[View]
199647765If I had a daughter, this is what she'd wear.[View]
199633864Yuusha ga shinda: New chapters up.[View]
199651796Chadgon Chad Chadper: So now that we can all agree that Dragon Ball Heroes is better than the Super …[View]
199646845So now that it is over, what did you think of it?[View]
199613751Cute, loving, supportive Imouto > Onee-chan[View]
199652214Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novels, NT22R: Reading this made me wonder, can Misaki now take control…[View]
199632721Black Clover is cool[View]
199650092Guess the character[View]
199652088Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
199635806I love her[View]
199631396Black Rock Shooter OVA: I like it, but this is a rather dark story. What did anon think about the en…[View]
199650990/a/ has become more boring since all the tripfags left[View]
199618258Kengan Omega: I swear to fuck Koga better show up in the next chapter[View]
199648928Without a doubt, one of the greatest anime of the 90s.[View]
199650093Do men really want this?[View]
199626170Tower of god is just another generic battle shonen, it would have as many threads, as HxH. BC and BN…[View]
199647913Girls Last Tour: How can something be so sad, yet at the same time fill me with such joy?[View]
199647620What was your reaction when you saw this OP for the first time?[View]
199639968Shingeki no Kyojin: >Gabomong adventures Why not Mikasa and Gabi adventures? Imagine them talking…[View]
199592172Ishuzoku Reviewers: So what got her so pent up that she laid three eggs?[View]
199650164Major mc of all[View]
199649021New Osamu Tezuka-inspired manga created by AI to be published: A new manga plotted and designed by a…[View]
199645760Which is your favorite/worst medium among anime, manga, VN and LN?[View]
199650246>be hottest, strongest, smartest girl in school who is 100% loyal, devoted and loving >fall f…[View]
199647562Fate: Will we ever get lostbelt anime adaptation? They showed crypters in fgo Babylonia so maybe the…[View]
199649028rina-chan: >149cm (4' 11') tall >completely lacks any curves >super flat chest >so …[View]
199650863They are back[View]
199649986>Jump: Readers aren't thrilled with this manga, you're gonna have to do something drama…[View]
199650068How would you design a makoto shinkai videogame?[View]
199650656Junji Ito hardcover: How does it compare to Akira 35th anniversary volumes? I might buy Uzumaki.…[View]
199649847>soundtrack is literally just the character's name being said a few times >it's stil…[View]
199588080Is it hypocritical that I like Maple and Bofuri more than Naofumi and Shield Hero?[View]
199649707When are they going to bring back fun banter centric after school club series like Jinsei and Seitok…[View]
199640154What happened to Neverland?[View]
199650046Vampire princess miyu is legit one of the worst anime I've ever watched how this piece of shit …[View]
199642317>WON FOH ORRU: HYAKU PASENTO...[View]
199633703>animators make less than your average WcDonalds wagey How is this modern slavery legal? Is beca…[View]
199649518Kyokou Suiri: I hope the anime will do well and we get much more Kotoko.[View]
199647930Most underrated anime of this season[View]
199648433So I just fully caught up to JoJo Lion and there hasn't been a single lion so far, like what? …[View]
199648326Mmmm I love sushi...[View]
199648289Detective Conan: Momiji was only good for her nails[View]
199631007gen z here was it as big as the ancient texts state[View]
199642140B-but you said you don't like shonen anime...[View]
199637963Years later, this guy is still the best mad scientist in the history of manga.[View]
199646694Hmm...the Summer 2020 anime list is up. I wonder if there's anything interestin-: WHAT. THE. FU…[View]
199614593He deserved better.[View]
199606441How will they keep milking KnY?: >Tanjiro finally finishes Muzan >One of his eyeballs turns, r…[View]
199640334ITT: post a character without posting them[View]
199649887Was it kino?[View]
199649451Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well[View]
199647212Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun: Does anyone read this? Honestly, it feels like an improvement of Oregairu. …[View]
199629468Why is isekai so popular?[View]
199632471>He doesnt have a Yaku[View]
199647745JoJo soundtracks: So for a change lets discuss about which parts had the best soundtrack. Op will st…[View]
199649357What dose /a/ think about citrus[View]
199626972Reminder that there will never be another anime as impactful as Eva.[View]
199645729I didn't expect to enjoy Runway de Waratte as much as I did this season.[View]
199649637What is the funniest anime series? (it's pic related btw)[View]
199649564Zombieland Saga announcement: Due to the Korona Virus, “Zombie Land Saga LIVE -Franche Shu LIVE OF T…[View]
199638118Domestic Girlfriend 263 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Domestic Girlfriend 263 (2020) (Digital…[View]
199649517How do you justify this?: SnK was good until this. Everything else was excusable. But how do you jus…[View]
199629368How can one character be so lame and cringe.[View]
199649341Wss this really necessary in an allegedly show for kids?[View]
199615904>Another week without Naga[View]
199648545Usogui: why hasnt this manga popped off considering how good it is[View]
199647048Fucker just offers up other peoples cattle, fuck thorfinn he's so annoying and fuck yukimura he…[View]
199649130Love Live! Events Canceled Due to COVID-19: >https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-02-26/ban…[View]
199649179These are your new K-ons[View]
199625773Chihayafuru: Episode 20[View]
199640355One Piece: Do you think Haki is a good power system? Did its existence improve the series?[View]
199637064What the fuck was her problem?[View]
199638426Considering a zanpakutou spirit and power is a part of the soul of the shinigami imprinted on a weap…[View]
199631408Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Chapter translations OUT! https://mangadex.org/chapter/815375/1 DUMPING!…[View]
199646093Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: So is 5D's the only YGO worth giving a damn about? All the rest are varying…[View]
199643033Fujo memes aside, what is the appeal?[View]
199646888Are you ready to worship Jashin?[View]
199647017How small is too small when it comes to noses in anime? Why just only dot noses now?[View]
199647696Only an apex whoreslut would wear flowers on her head. Discuss.[View]
199631176Healin' Good Precure: How powerful is Cure Grace compared to the other Cures and why is she the…[View]
199646941Why is he never appear again? What the point of this character trope?[View]
199610167Anime that Was Popular in your Home Country & Nowhere Else: For me, it was Candy Candy.[View]
199642822Why?: >anime written by women >FeMC falls for MC because he treats her like shit >anime wri…[View]
199638234Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Volume 17 Omake[View]
199646522Would you suck a werewolf's dick to contract lycanthropy if it meant giving you a shot with mon…[View]
199647353Girls und Panzer: Das Finale Episode 2: I keep seeing people post pictures of their BDs on jp twitte…[View]
199645254How would they fight ncov-2019 in Hataraku Saibou?[View]
199644734Cases where Americans have completely butchered the anime they were adapting.[View]
199647250What is the deal with this disgusting big lipped art style in so many manga?[View]
199642172Has /a/ forgotten the way?[View]
199641875Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai: https://mangadex.org/chapter/815366 Oh look, ANOTHER group takes ove…[View]
199646563Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen: He's... he's not going to fuck the wolf, right?[View]
199603700Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru: JUST[View]
199642503what is Wakame's plan?[View]
199642425don't lie youd get vored by her[View]
199646523>8 years since last episode Feeling old anon?[View]
199641648This could have been a masterpiece. Why wasn't it?[View]
199586851ONEGAI MUSCLE ![View]
199645809Just finished marathon this manga to see what the fug is this about and its pretty good but there ar…[View]
199640051Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >APOSIMZ 036 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire) …[View]
199635257Which anime girl would you wanna sit next to in class?[View]
199645074anime music that makes you sad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEh0YWfzquA[View]
199645658cuckquean: lmao, now that's just sad, setsuna[View]
199645930Amagami SS: Dozo[View]
199645044Is it true that Bebe only ate her because her head looks like a wheel of cheese?[View]
199639642Cake > JK Prove me wrong Pro Tip : You can't.[View]
199594392ow the edge[View]
199615775Tower of God Anime trailer: It looks okay I suppose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDBzWhfN3hI…[View]
199635746>be fantasy anime >plot twist in the last few eps is that it's actually post-apocalyptic …[View]
199645302Would you prefer it if Misaki turned Misaka into her slave?[View]
199642720The only girl i ever looooved ![View]
199639852>romance anime written for women >'Look how pretty she is, I can't compete with that!' …[View]
199643343Was the truth about Itachi made up by Kishimoto or do you think it was thought like this from the st…[View]
199644795Put your hands where i can see them, onii-chan.[View]
199641418LOOK! A FAGGOT![View]
199589301Name a dumber man.[View]
199633152Illumi: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
199639896Why aren't you reading this /a/? I wish I was immortal[View]
199644840Act-Age: How hard will /a/ SEETH when El Padre Yonagi returns to Hanako, apologies and confesses tha…[View]
199631904Monthly Shonen Jump: I got this tokuban yesterday from 1990 because it has one of my favorite manga …[View]
199640087Why is he so perfect? He would have totally beat Guts if he wasn't rattled and his sword didn…[View]
199584498What do you think her blood taste like?[View]
199637723Why will it never get an anime?[View]
199643996Evangelion: What's Asuka's deal?[View]
199645594Does /a/ likes robo girls?[View]
199638385YES, LET'S BRING MORE PEOPLE TO THEIR DEATH IN VINLAND also, wasn't Tohrfinn going without…[View]
199641138Post your favorite Baki characters here are mine(not in order): Kiyosumi Katou Spec Hector Doyle Re…[View]
199640743ITT: characters you hope suffer a career ending and possibly a life threatening injury[View]
199645194How did Madara shove his rinnegan into Nagato’s skull, and how did he not price his eyes got swapped…[View]
199636159>girl takes off her glasses >is suddenly pretty IT'S JUST LIKE MY AMERICAN ROM COMS…[View]
199637567jojo: what JJBA Villain Got It The Worst?[View]
199642577Is he a pleb?: His favorite manga are: >Kingdom >Berserk >Vagabond >Akira…[View]
199642301Sakuga thread , post'em[View]
199638875Blue Exorcist: Is her series worth picking up just for her? I don't mean I like her in a 'she…[View]
199616010TOWER OF GOD: NEW TRAILER ITS NOT CG https://youtu.be/iDBzWhfN3hI[View]
199645058Dead/missing artists: What the fuck happened to this one?[View]
199644077Do you actually still like it now that you're not an edgy teenager in the mid-'00s anymore…[View]
199642642Did he deserve happiness?[View]
199644900Hidamari Sketch: Be careful around Yuno[View]
199643515Adventures of penguin Lolo: Can we disscuss Adventures of pengun Lolo? It's a Soviet/Japanise a…[View]
199643618Anime OST + Reading Manga: Has anyone else done this or is it just me? I did this the other day whil…[View]
199637937What shows did you not watch when they aired, and make you hate yourself for missing out on the thre…[View]
199642793A bunch of chapters just showed up! And it was fucking great! >tomboy >the usual comfy and cu…[View]
199638990when the fuck are we getting volume 11, it's been over two years. i need more steph bullying[View]
199584722Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: SEVENS airs in 2 months. Apparently we'll have two protagonists, Luke and Yug…[View]
199572473Buyfag thread: big shield[View]
199641915Do you like this?[View]
199640261What's she surprised about /a/?[View]
199642691Alright bois pin this down, one of my favorite and most underrated manga of all time. I'm gonna…[View]
199636165I play this card of 5, do you know what it does /a/?[View]
199643126Servant X Service: Are these is official subs or fansubs?[View]
199642336Hetalia hate thread: I'm bored, let's have a hate thread! I'll start. It's cring…[View]
199639928How would a domestic dog episode have worked if it was written like season one, and not written by s…[View]
199641270Old Favorites: ITT: Old favorites Post your favorite animals & mangoes. The ones you go back and…[View]
199638906Is there any realistic way for Kuroko to make Misaka fall for her?[View]
199636696Would you still have sex with her /a/? She isn't a trap.[View]
199639841Why don't you just do it?: Instead of wasting time talking and taunting in the middle of a figh…[View]
199639472Don't look at Nana like that![View]
199638630Why do all shounen protagonists get spiked hair when power up?[View]
199642066Why does Bones make the most adorable mascots? What is there secret?[View]
199641289What do you think of this father and daughter duo?[View]
199637122Platinum End: what is the general consensus on this manga?[View]
199641613and well /a/, older wife or younger lover?[View]
199636167>Spends 8 years planning revenge on a girl who scorned him > Falls in love with her instead W…[View]
199641119So he would have already wiped out most of humanity if his best friend hadn’t roleplayed as the most…[View]
199640430What if she was American?: I really like this manga, probably top 10 or 15 favorites, but what if sh…[View]
199619981Dragon Ball Super: Nearly 2 years since the anime ended and he's still the strongest character …[View]
199636817Can anyone possibly beat him?[View]
199622364I still don't understand what happened in episode 5[View]
199635642Why did no one tell me this manga was so fucking based?! I read it in it entirety this week and god …[View]
199632276Damn, Sonoko from Detective Conan really let herself go.[View]
199637400your all sick ...and im going to heal you[View]
199635247post characters who deserved every bit of suffering they got[View]
199631054One Piece: He isn’t dead.[View]
199622987Eden Zero chapter 83: It's out. Dumping[View]
199600828Houseki no Kuni 87: Time for Gemocide[View]
199628157Shingeki no Kyojin: will we ever see them again?[View]

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