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193429767I want to go on a soccer date with Asuka![View]
193426966Best trigger girl.[View]
193429067No modern day manga even comes close to this.[View]
193429463>The great Oda Nobunaga didnt know the concepts of tiring enemy out nor the existence of crossbow…[View]
193406774Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo / O Maidens in Your Savage Season: >LET US HAVE SEX OR WE'L…[View]
193423973You can tell it's bad because despite the popularity there is very little porn of it.[View]
193428381Which anime girl has the best swimmer's tan?[View]
193424311Why aren't you watching? Explain yourself.[View]
193429155Why are there no love stories in anime as good as Umineko or The House in Fata Morgana?[View]
193420320If you can think of a manga from Shounen Sunday that you'd like to see get an anime, which one …[View]
193428025Chainsawman: What's the verdict /a/? How would you compare this manga to other shounen. Does it…[View]
193394279These two characters have at least one rather arresting aspect about them. What do you pick up?[View]
193427614Anime when?[View]
193428442Gochiusa OIOI: Is anyone going to the event?[View]
193428321JCs are Just the Best.[View]
193428263maou oyasumi: Is it syalis or suyaris?. Syalis sounds like some kind of medicine[View]
193400146>Aaaaaaaa help anon, I'm stuck![View]
193427432I don't think Araki really knew at Shonen Jump or Ultra Jump the kind of crazy energy he was ta…[View]
193395845Man, this manga really depicts how atrocious slavery really is.[View]
193399305Will I be able to fuck them in Alicization Lycoris?[View]
193417189Slayers: >The latest Slayers, Volume 17, will be released on October 19th! The first volume after…[View]
193426282Do AMVs still get made? What about Japanese MADs if you're xenophobic?[View]
193413518>hentai >male character says this is bad[View]
193421276Anyone interested?: This season we had a /fit/ anime get ready for a /k/ anime[View]
193423923Viz Weekly Shonen Jump Rips - September 20th: Viz Anon here with yet another Friday set of WSJ rips …[View]
193422126The Great Debate.[View]
193423872Why would she shoot the man after throwing him out of the plane?[View]
193414185Post anime girls whose worth only YOU recognize.[View]
193404772You have to eat all the eggs.[View]
193425942>anime brings up Schrödinger's cat in order to appear smart[View]
193422658Oh no, Kyon-kun lost his upper body! Quick, we need to make him a new one /a/![View]
193425172To Abandon The Sacred Beasts: Manga vs Anime I’m reading and watching both around the same time to c…[View]
193427457carole and tuesday: Will they kiss before sunrise?[View]
193427199Virgin's Empire Chapter 153: You heard her /a/ she's had enough! https://dynasty-scans.co…[View]
193415668A Trail of Blood - Chi no Wadachi: Translations for chapter 56 and 57 are finally out. https://readm…[View]
193425706>draw a girl >call it a boy Bravo, Togashi.…[View]
193424863Underrated series that deserved a better treatment.[View]
193411012Shingeki No Kyojin: bjpenn.com[View]
193427095This was the best season in years...and its ending. Why does next season look so fucking shit? Nothi…[View]
193426759Does incarnation work the same way in the anime as in the manga?[View]
193426018ITT: Protagonists done right[View]
193427005Mangirl! >a bunch of cute girls get together to try to make manga New Game! >a bunch of cute g…[View]
193425958Nippon is finished.[View]
193397584Classroom of the elite volume 11: Ichinose after a hardcore sex with ayanokouji[View]
193423282Did Japan submit the wrong anime movie to the Academy?[View]
193422920He fucking lost... Why'd he lose?[View]
193424208Shield Hero will have a stage play: >It was only popular in streams outside of japan, they said …[View]
193396096Kimetsu no Yaiba - Our Nezuko!: Defending his cute little sister's cuteness! Very cool![View]
193418699When a character has a flat chest/is small breasted, do you prefer them being embarrassed by it or p…[View]
193424159Now that the season is almost over, which show has the best OP?[View]
193421110>draw a boy >call it a girl Why do mangakas do this?…[View]
193426198EVA: >About to fall asleep >Feel footsteps approaching the door >Rattle of keys >After a…[View]
193424067Man i wish I could watch GTO for the first time again, it's one of the greatest.[View]
193425175How can you tell if the anime/manga you don't like is just shit or it's actually because y…[View]
193414430>Watch Chukan Kanriroku Tonegawa >It's really funny >Check /a/ archive to see how /a/ …[View]
193423376The decline of One Piece: How did a series that had the most consistent quality in the entire manga/…[View]
193368569Okaa-san Online: Next Episode coming tomorrow![View]
193419983Which shirt would you buy?[View]
193425689Was this a filler?: It was a fucking bad episode.[View]
193423825I have to admit it, /a/; it pisses me off that so many complete garbage shows get a second season wh…[View]
193425365Figure 17: Tsukasa & Hiiragi: Figure thread![View]
193423621She will come back as a villian.[View]
193398169Uzaki Chapter 37 - Kouhai and Costumes: Hey /a/, we're back with another chapter of Uzaki. sorr…[View]
193421526GranBlue Fantasy: I like that they will continue with gran and the main story instead of going with …[View]
193424537Bros, what are YOU doing to save Eldia?[View]
193424720Why all the hate?[View]
193423663ITT: side characters who were the real protagonist all along[View]
193416498Totsukuni no shoujo: Did anyone else watch the 10m animated short? God I wish there was more. Every…[View]
193358910Precure: The Pretty Cure Series (プリキュアシリーズ Purikyua Shirīzu), also known as PreCure (プリキュア Purikyua)…[View]
193424420Is the anime any good?[View]
193418156>came out 1988 >the animation STILL hasn't been topped How the fuck did they do it?…[View]
193424313At what point did anime stop giving their characters poofy hair and stick to a straight/spiky style?…[View]
193420145How could he stop time?[View]
193412151One Piece: To commemorate Toei deciding to animate Romance Dawn for the 20th anniversary, it's …[View]
193368209Accelerator: No love for /a/'s favorite edgelord? New episode today.[View]
193400166>mangarock is closing down at the end of september any other scanlation site that has literally e…[View]
193420677Are there any anime girls so massively popular that they can't be considered a waifu? They woul…[View]
193405414Spirit Circle: Literally did nothing wrong[View]
193422893Is there any way to get raws from yawaspi.com or other web magazines in general?[View]
193389108Why don't you watch Natsume Yujin-cho ?[View]
193420132For example, if I told you 'Kill all the Japanese'....[View]
193423426Thank you for the anime.[View]
193411159Trigun manga: What the fuck is wrong with this manga? I loved the anime and since manga is usually …[View]
193419916Just make the new anime already, please![View]
193420500Why does lum wear an itchy, uncomfortable fur bikini all the time in public?[View]
193423028This is actually good or just edge shit?[View]
193378882Joshikousei no Mudazukai: Waseda is such a lucky man.[View]
193415044Tatsumaki alone is saving this dumpster fire[View]
193422643Is Uraraka Ochako a good character?: Is deciding not to simp anymmore character development?[View]
193421278Good work today.[View]
193418602Started watching pic related. I know it has a legendary amount of filler, but is said filler good? …[View]
193416444>it's another SoL of highschool girls talking about food Am I getting pleb filtered?…[View]
193421564Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
193421444jojo: what was the best and worst fight in jojo? who are some of the most and least developed/enjoya…[View]
193414263Want to see a magic trick, /a/?[View]
193422368Bitches being put in their place ITT[View]
193421440Name a better moment in anime history[View]
193415358Would you a plant girl /a/? Also monster girl thread.[View]
193375189/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 Pre…[View]
193414287The 10th Anniversary of their show is coming up and you are going to watch it with them right anon?[View]
193421042When is cooler coming back?[View]
193413455I am unclear. What did KyoAni steal from him that led him to set KyoAni on fire?[View]
193394169Holy fucking shit.[View]
193420640They will all die of lung cancer.[View]
193421599JoJolion Chapter 90 Discussion: Continue from the last thread. Well here it is, the big reveal.…[View]
193411478Lunar Legend Tsukihime Vol.04: Dumping Tsukihime's manga before everyone forgets the series exi…[View]
193418528Post Sakuga: No seriously. Post some sakuga[View]
1934084705Toubun no Hanayome: Spoilers out! It's Nino's chaptter. Say something nice about her chan…[View]
193421329It's been years already, when are we getting a second season?[View]
193421280Wow I can't even imagine something so awful happening to me.[View]
193416078HxH would be better if Killua was a girl?[View]
193419264>Moe >Shonen >Romance >Comedy >Shojou >Yuri >Yaoi >Slice of Life…[View]
193415657Naruto: No matter how much I try to hate it I just can't bring myself to hate this shit, it has…[View]
193417591Should they make a new Boruto movie?: They released this new anime poster today Boruto has a new out…[View]
193420709Is it true what they say about girls who wear a bunny hairpin?[View]
193416940What a total rip off of Fire Force. Is there a way for the publisher/author to sue ?[View]
193411949Is there anyone better at fight choreography and paneling in manga than prime toriyama?[View]
193405774Should I get into jojo?: I remember really liking the ova back in the day, but never got into the ne…[View]
193409258Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu: New chapter Dumping 29 and 30[View]
193420806Rin is best LGBT Character: look at her face So Cute[View]
193420352Remember when the overhaul arc started and it seemed that these two were going to have their own fig…[View]
193322246Granbelm: Here's your winner.[View]
193420637>when people who never learned all five elements try to talk shit to you AND you didn't come…[View]
193413977Why do people even bother watching Super when GT is so much better?[View]
193413193Why wasn't the world ready for Keijo?[View]
193412910>jobs horribly and then benched in soul society >trains after jobbing to arrancars, learns new…[View]
193417546Just finished watching the second season of Osomatsu-san. Can we have a thread? All in all I enjoye…[View]
193380951Was it rape, /a/?[View]
193417743Post your favorite intro from other countries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wMlJHuudWQ[View]
193397763What game would you challenge him with if losing meant he takes your soul? What game could you win n…[View]
193414268So the feet mom is here.[View]
193411524Dragon Ball Super: DBS : Origin of Buu.[View]
193419764Pokāān: Last thread for the 13th magipoka anniversary[View]
193409089ITT: Shows where the first episode is the best episode I'll start[View]
193415874Lust Geass Ch 11: Here's the last chapter of volume two, enjoy niggas. Also, I'm only half…[View]
193419311Aioros, Mu, Shaka and Dohko were the only decent Golden Saints. Prove me wrong.[View]
193416709I love Kurisu[View]
193419476Hunter x Hunter: Which character from HxH did you not like at first but eventually became one of you…[View]
193419516What was her name again?[View]
193413940Manga Misaki > novel > shit >>> anime[View]
193419370Is this shit worth investing in? Usually doujin is shit, but Youngjiji is arguably better than Toyot…[View]
193377717Mods just deleted a chainsaw thread on release day. We didnt post enough wojacks to dont get deleted…[View]
193410253Why was Vatican Miracle Examiner so comfy?[View]
193419192It wasn't that bad.[View]
193412628Are any of you reading this? It's super cute and reminds me a lot of those 70s-80s children man…[View]
193393972What the fuck am I watching?[View]
193408896Oh my goddess again: So how do you like the new manga? It will be drawn by Fujishima, but the plot b…[View]
193416726How are they going to end demon slayer in two episodes other than *protagonist dies Or *each episod…[View]
193414408What do you think?[View]
193415986You've been selected as a master for the false grail war. Assuming you have plenty of mana to l…[View]
193370098Is 5ch right?: 主人公父の価値観が現代人丸出しできっしょいな 奴隷反対、反戦、不殺、争いは何も生まない、敵も同じ人間なんだ、みたいな作者の薄っぺらい綺麗事の主張が根底にあって 理想は…[View]
193339056JoJolion chapter 90: https://mangadex.org/chapter/712302/1 Talk about it[View]
193404422Golden experience requiem single handedly ruined JoJo[View]
193397588Dead /a/ memes. I'll start.[View]
193410813Finished Beastars, I really fucking liked it. Am I a furry now??[View]
193394059Which rivalry is more classic?[View]
193405049Why do we hate him?[View]
193413507Citrus: Does Yuzu have the best nails in anime?[View]
193416473What is Najimi?[View]
193412327Boku No Hero Academia: today we shall talk about kacchan, who is amazing[View]
193417566Best Heroine is... ?: ??[View]
193416640I read the asimov side story and know I wish all the art in terraformars was from boichi, it's …[View]
193404206One Punch Man: new chapter today[View]
193415154The best MC nowdays >interesting >cool >smart >manipulative >unespected and great cha…[View]
193417251Machikado Mazoku: apology for poor english when were you when shami dies i was sat at home drinking …[View]
193408830Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: Besides the author writing again, what will it take for Makoto to…[View]
193406153Symphogear XV: Shemmy is in trouble![View]
193414051ITT: Worst characters in a series[View]
193416659My wife Jeanne is so beautiful~[View]
193414625Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: You walk into a cafe and are greeted with one of these. What do you do…[View]
193416349How much value do you put into visual directing?[View]
193412740So this is what they were hiding in Area 51...[View]
193416409Top ten anime of 2019 since there's nothing of merit coming out in the next three months >Ka…[View]
193399843>anime about otaku >they're healthy, handsome, and have steady jobs why do Japan insist o…[View]
193406429>Azumanga Daioh has been described as 'Peanuts on LSD' or Seinfeld in High School. Heavily charac…[View]
193401080Boruto Chapter 38: LEAKS ARE OUT Chapter out in 6 or so hours. Naruto and Sasuke get obliterated by …[View]
193371305Black Clover: YFW: >The feminist teachings and doctrines were fake. >Your captain, that you l…[View]
193414565ITT: only the chad characters[View]
193415704Vinland Saga is just Naruto with Vikings.[View]
193402850Coffees coming[View]
193413085Does slice of life get any comfier than Dead Dead Demon's?[View]
193415022why is non non biyori the greatest anime of all time?[View]
193412641Anyone else read Milk Closet? Shit was very uncomfortable[View]
193406977Hunter x Hunter: Why the fuck Togashi so obsessed with those idols ?[View]
193387428Promare subbed today. Let's go boys.[View]
193407428Happy birthday, mr. President[View]
193413695Do you How clumsy you are, miss Ueno?[View]
193351810Name a stronger servant[View]
193407946Araburu - Final Episode: You are anxious /a/? Place your bets for the finale: Kasuza finally fucks I…[View]
193407481Hitoribocchi no ○○ Seikatsu: Chapter 71[View]
193413924Do you think Archer and Ilya, via this moment will ever be explained?[View]
193410348>god-tier anime opening song >changes to generic, forgettable shit why does anime always do th…[View]
193413809Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no ha Machigatteiru Darou ka Ep. 11: He is Ganesha[View]
193410387Is the fact that most of us were like her in school part of her appeal?[View]
193412280What was his name again, /a/?[View]
193411856Ghost Stories (Dub): Was this when dubs peaked? https://youtu.be/gEdzuR6ng1I[View]
193410849What is the best -dere and why is it the tsundere?[View]
193414130Galko-chan: Season 2 when fellas[View]
193409876Shingeki No Kyojin is the most influential oeuvre in Japan right now[View]
193413372Ah../a/-san. I see your kid started high school too. She must be excited to make new friends. Which …[View]
1934135912019... Shinka is forgotten...[View]
19340557922/7 PV: https://twitter.com/pkjd8I8/status/1175025507785535489 Director: Takao Abo (The Rising Shie…[View]
193383521Machikadork Mazoku: Shamiko is a brainy succubus.[View]
193413252What do we think about his game?[View]
193403146Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: Episode 12 preview https://twitter.com/elmelloi_anime/status/117497146…[View]
193409347The Big 3 Trajectory: People always talk about One Piece, Naruto and Bleach as if they were somethin…[View]
193413142Why she is so popular ?: Why[View]
193413123Goblin Slayer: Bonfire lit[View]
193412694jojo stone ocean: here's your ED bros https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3NkLBzqfR8[View]
193412213Is this good?[View]
193410555Say something to the AOTS[View]
193411959Do you guys listen to music while reading manga? I can’t get immersed if I don’t listen to music tha…[View]
193405061Why is nobody talking about Madoka in 2019? Is it because it's just a shallow anime that there…[View]
193411691IT'S HIM![View]
193388341Boku no Hero Academia: We now interrupt our scheduled week-long break with a chapter dump of Chapter…[View]
193411997>ultra heaven Is there a manual I could read? There just isn't enough information.…[View]
193411673ITT: the most powerful character in their respective show[View]
193401942Select an established isekai setting of your choice. Done? This is your power: http://powerlisting.w…[View]
193369837Detective Conan: Was the dub really all that bad? I thought it had a nice, quirky 2000s charm to it,…[View]
193406233bokuben thread: why is takemoto best girl?[View]
193399301One Piece: So what happened with Sabo and the others[View]
193398995Dragon Ball Super: We have 3 types of energy now >ki >harden your body, strength your punches,…[View]
193410967Ok, so I'm mostly done gantz and my only question is this:What the FUCK was the point of the do…[View]
193411222Fate Grand Order Female user reach 40%: 40% of Fate fans are Female[View]
193406783What was the purpose of this character?[View]
193411122Hunter x Hunter: Is Chrollos post mortem nen going to create a permanent skill hunter book for our f…[View]
193403672Post kino OPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TRs6cMZkQY[View]
193404380wow, anon~! are these doughnuts really all for me~!?[View]
193401958Do you skip openings and endings? If you don't skip them then do you just let them play in back…[View]
193390928Renkin San kyū Magical Pokāān: 13th anniversary celebration!! Every year we must spread the news on …[View]
193405655Why couldn't you protect this loli's smile /a/[View]
193400868PROMARE Announces 4D Screenings in Japan to Celebrate ¥1.2 Billion Sales.: https://twitter.com/proma…[View]
193406828When did you realize you were witnessing a masterpiece?[View]
193408464https://myanimelist.net/manga/19499/Shounen_Tantei_Rock_Holmes Any Tezuka fans here? Please bros tel…[View]
193408431With countless 'Araki forgot', Power level nerfs, accidental retcons and such things in numerous man…[View]
193371271My Battalion, I have a very important announcement to make, so listen up. *clears throat*[View]
193410744Best boy Chrome[View]
193410739Would you like to hear my Attack on Titan fanfiction lore?[View]
193401416Ah, this image board is my favourite place to relax[View]
193410161Uma Musume: >Gold Ship still making vtuber videos >literally nobody is watching What did the U…[View]
193408615Why is moeshit so boring and infantile? It's honestly an insult to anime as a whole. You can do…[View]
193392703Domestic na Kanojo: What now, Ruitards?[View]
193404194Every single fight after Radditz is won not through skill or strategy, but by finding a new powerup.[View]
193410349Why she is so sexy ?: ??[View]
193409926Promare: Is there any other anime that caused that much of a falseflagging? I remember back in May a…[View]
193408982When does new chapter come out?[View]
193407787Oda Appreciation thread: I don't want to sound like I'm sucking Oda's dick too hard, …[View]
193393969>you know, it's pretty simple, you just need a stand with the power to stop time, then rip o…[View]
193407347Is Evangelion the first anime ever to use Kabbalah symbolism?[View]
193410230>'If you ever kill anyone Thorfinn, I'll kill you myself' >'Alright' >'I fucking mean …[View]
1934059872019. I am forgotten.[View]
193398444Shingeki no Kyojin: Will they ever reconcile?[View]
193407452Was this when animation itself peaked?[View]
193390173What's with the sudden increase in Gyaru stuff all of the sudden?[View]
193410033Kyururu did nothing wrong. The only reason people didn't like KF2 is because they're too b…[View]
193407029Post your waifu's reaction when you tell her you love her.[View]
193406023Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai/Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai:…[View]
193404690Dog Days: Does anyone remember this show?[View]
193408287ITT: Sakuga[View]
193408313God, I wish that was me[View]
193407429Fate Kaleid liner prisma Illya: Season 5 confirmed[View]
1934091652020 Unlimited Fate Work confirm: Fate Heaven's Feel Part 3 Fate Grand Order Camelot Part 1 Fat…[View]
193392408I have ceased to be a character.[View]
193342935Will you walk the path of explosions with me?[View]
193402418Yofukashi no Uta by Dagashi Kashi's Kotoyama: Chapter 5. The first appearance of not-Saya with …[View]
193407120Why tf did melzargard do a flying head bat thing if they could just speak telepathically with the sh…[View]
193407318Just got to the half-way point of this show. The more of it I watch the more I understand why Anno h…[View]
193401508Konosuba Movie: Digest PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvRuiXsfLHg[View]
193407881Why are her eyes empty? Is she hypnotized?[View]
193401450One piece powerlevels fanatics: After the latest chapter, It saddens me OP readers are powerlevel fa…[View]
193404830Mad Chimera World: Why didn't you tell me it was this good?[View]
1933938835Toubun no Hanayome: Spoiler when? Or will we have it the usual on Sunday?[View]
193404990THE TATAMI GALAXY!!!FACT!!!: What a great show. Based upon the manga by Tomihiko Morimi and Directed…[View]
193404276Characters that would be completely ruined if you changed their gender[View]
193396282Junko Konno: Sup /a/ I have a question, I know her death was based off the death of Kyu Sakamoto. Bu…[View]
193399864Come back and fix the world already you piece of shit[View]
193399356I really like her.[View]
193404138Reasons why JoJo sucks: Boring and predictable fights Shit characters Horrible art Bad animation T…[View]
193403431Anohana 2.0: Anime is saved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5pr9vcMh9g[View]
193404997Kill la Kill thread: Ryuko never did defeat him after he went blind, huh...[View]
193401101what happens at the end of this episode? the copy i pirated just freezes at this scene[View]
193403965Usogui: Why is the art getting worse with each passing chapter?[View]
193404441>i thought we were having curry? >No! No! I said steamed Currevay! Thats what I call hamburge…[View]
193406246The time has finally come to vote on Rumiko Takahashi's best work(s). Make your voice heard! h…[View]
193403223Why does a song about Japanese snack make me sad?[View]
193401790Why is Subaru such a beta? Imagine whiteknighting for the first girl you meet.[View]
193406404>Naruto copies hxh >MHA copies Naruto imagine being a copy of a copy...…[View]
193353469Why is it that when One Piece has plot holes, nobody minds but when they find a plot hole in another…[View]
193364893Psycho-Pass S3: >a few weeks left >still no new info, no trailers, nothing What's happene…[View]
193406105Mushishi: What is your favorite episode/ chapter, /a/?[View]
193297394She's never going to lose the weight, is she...[View]
193404178ITT:: We post references to other anime within an anime.[View]
193380037Is she coming or not, bros? This shit is starting to piss me off.[View]
193354316Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple: Is the anime/manga any good?[View]
193404034ITT: Post canon cute couples[View]
193405748Its a shame we never got a Jojo shirtless beach scene. Just imagine Bucciarati and mista shirtless.[View]
193403396I'm here from youtube. I just want to thank you for all the '/a/ sings'. You all are great, kee…[View]
193393380Studio Trigger is for the gays![View]
193397848S2 when?[View]
193403719Angela is dead!!!: Mars Brightest: Angela’s Song - Fire used in an analogy Carole & Tuesday’s So…[View]
193369754>ywn see Sakura combining medical chakra blades with taijutsu >ywn see Sakura upgrading her re…[View]
193402051This is your Goddess tonight.[View]
193399824Marcille is a halfling: So, Marcille's father is human huh.... So how will Marcille break the n…[View]
193404332Dino Crisis: There are would be possible a Dino crisis cgi movie or 12 episode anime. Capcom did Res…[View]
193402378Kabineri and GTFO: What is the only UNARGUABLY good anime series, and why is it Kabaneri? Kab is Miy…[View]
193391415>my favorite anime of all time is FLCL What type of person do you imagine?…[View]
193388467You have to pick one anon[View]
193397694Symphogear XV: Maybe this could happen afterall?[View]
193404874Dead Dead Demon's: Dead Dead Demon's Chapter 67 Kadode going nuts after getting advice fro…[View]
193399272Why did Asuka reappear on the beach? Did she have unfinished business with the world? Why was she th…[View]
193328969Why are MCs in otome isekai always nobles or associated to them? Shouldn't they feel more relat…[View]
193404395Why do people constantly complain about shows that aren't meant for them? If you're not pa…[View]
193402023My witch[View]
193403401Who is the jannetty?[View]
193404667Pain appreciation thread: and every other Akatsuki member[View]
193404635What did she mean by this?[View]
193400138The rebuilds are good, actually[View]
193403608Don't forget to smile![View]
193324441Scanlation thread: How are your projects doing? How do you handle dropping a series?[View]
193404469Gakkou wo deyou: Did anyone even read this LN by the author of haruhi? It seems to have a cult class…[View]
193381730>literally grooming a beta to become more alpha Now this is wish-fulfillment that I like.…[View]
193320414Hunter x Hunter: Which spiders will Hisoka kill? Which spiders will Kurapika kill?[View]
193386272Dragon Ball Super: >last month the leaks were super late too, and Toyotaro tweeted 'I know you h…[View]
193387111I open this thread to talk about electricity poles in Japanese animation and what is its possible me…[View]
193403031Unironic AOTY[View]
193346252Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: I'm so happy for Hibiki that she reached her goals! I love her and j…[View]
193389839What should the next big fetish anime be?[View]
193403198Mecha Anime: Just finished Patlabor, should I move on to Gundam even though it's not hard scifi…[View]
193400092Why Fate Series dominate Japan ?: Why They dominate all ? Why ?[View]
193390922Just watched Promare: >biggest eyefuck ever, don't watch if you're epileptic >unbeli…[View]
193399384>The pinnacle of evolution Then why doesn’t he have a Stand?[View]
193400848Yahari Ore last volume: Looks like we got a date now. Prepare for the shipping chaos when it hits. h…[View]
193396179Danmachi S2: New episode in less than 12 hours. What does JC Staff have planned for the final 2 epis…[View]
193402586SEASON 3 FUCKING WHEN???????[View]
193401484ITT: God-tier girls in shitty shows[View]
193360375Kanata no Astra: one last thread before the show will be forgotten. Would that also mean, there…[View]
193400679Can we talk about why Miyu from Prisma Ilya is clearly Jewish?[View]
193402433ITT: Fake anime brands >JumpBull: Enjoy Drink[View]
193389780Was he right to try and preserve the stagnant peace for so long?[View]
193401799Is the Assassination Classroom manga worth reading if I've already seen the anime?[View]
193401869RED: Living on the edge: How did you like the finale? It felt pretty solid for me but how did the ne…[View]
193334062Post your favorite sister from anime or manga and tell us what makes them great.[View]
193400564Is this really as good as normalfags say it is, or is it pretenious garbage? How do you feel about i…[View]
193394275Tomoya is out of Sakura's league. Sakura looks boring and is boring. Tomoya is much hotter, has…[View]
193395430Remember when Goku met his brother and killed him and no one talked about him again?[View]
193401430Berserk: How the hell is this weak ass bitch supposed to beat Griffith?[View]
193400831What’s would be the most pretentious top 10 anime series list?[View]
193387728Why is One Piece the only shounen manga where the main character is the most popular? Does this make…[View]
193400087Fate/Apocrypha: ................................ If command spells are so powerful why shirou who ha…[View]
193402055amazing battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l4RN1duEEE[View]
193401041Berserk Thread: >I would rather fight for my life than live it What does this mean?…[View]
193380436Do you still love her?[View]
193401217Ultra instinct?[View]
193399400Was this the best Monogatari season yet?[View]
193316309Butsuri-san de Musou Shitetara Motemote ni Narimashita: Is this the most based isekai to ever exist?…[View]
193396679AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA[View]
193399601Railgun is a boring Series. Index is a boring Series. Change my mind.[View]
193398688tfw no depressed wageslave gf[View]
193398330ITT: Underrated series more people should watch.[View]
193400597This is a lewd magician[View]
193398114Legally speaking can they get married? They're not related by blood.[View]
193392045Saber Marionette J: I'm still waiting.[View]
193401104new board. what you think?[View]
193395379What the FUCK was his problem /a/?[View]
193383880Just started this He's too obsessed with Eureka[View]
193399644Shoukoku no Altairs: Why is Mahmut such an amazing trap?[View]
193399860Saber Alter: The Strongest Hero in Fate Series[View]
193395446Who is the sexist male MC?[View]
193395189>favorite servant >favorite manga/manhwa/manhua >Enkidu Could literally kill every non gra…[View]
193309718Kandagawa Jet Girls: What do you think about the upcoming collab between Kaneko (Qwaser, Manyuu, Val…[View]
193398116Why the fuck is it so easy to talk Japanese children into being homocidal maniacs. I don't get …[View]
193399732Where is her panty ?: OMG[View]
193399583Lion King is Best Waifu: Name a stronger servant[View]
193397767I think Laxus looks better without the scar.[View]
193398457>>193391280 Luffy got BTFOd by: >smoker >crocodile, twice >aokiji >whole crew got …[View]
193394908SpaceDandy: Just finished watching this for the first time. What a damn good show. Godlike music. En…[View]
193399491>nyan: Was she retarded?[View]
193322588>Sailor Moon >Doesn't sail[View]
193386356Why does /a/ like it so much?[View]
193370663They need relationship counselling[View]
193389954>ywn dress up in a kimono[View]
193390393Ov: Greetings, /a/, I gathered you here to know your honest opinion about my franchise[View]
193388716Exactly how different is the CCS dub? The reason I ask is because I watched CCS and was looking for …[View]
193398575 [View]
193391702What fucking garbage Do people really like Fate?[View]
193392719Sounan desu ka?: >ywn be on the receiving end of a fat, stinky Homare brap…[View]
193399022Dragon ball super: >toyotaro introduces not only the yadrats from the anime, but also the yadrats…[View]
193398976Something say nice to him: Poor Shinji Sakura enjoy this situation[View]
193384995One Piece: One Piece is a 9/10 manga when focusing on the Marines and the other Pirate crews.When th…[View]
193398898Ripoff of Evangelion?[View]
193390733tenchi muyo!: was ova 4 really that bad?[View]
193391392What would change?[View]
193391712Shingeki no Kyojin[View]
193394965>Nakatani Iku Why would you name your JS idol like this?[View]
193379880thanks so much to the /a/nons who scanlated this i am going to now masturbate until i rip my cock of…[View]
193391939Fire Force: New episode tomorrow. I'm unironically liking this so far, might read the manga for…[View]
193396899ITT: Bad manga that only /a/ enjoys: I'll start.[View]
193395722Fake Rebellion ch2: How long /a/ does it take or what amount of chapters are needed for a manga to g…[View]
193393510Is Jojo the Dr. McNinja of animes?: 90% of the shit that happens in them makes no goddamned sense fr…[View]
193398159ITT: character assassinations[View]
193398148What was going through their minds at this moment?[View]
193396108ITT: Anime only you liked: I thought it was funny.[View]
193388684What have you done imaishi: >Released in may, calm release still needs to crawl to the west >s…[View]
193395441>入る...? what do?[View]
193397026Angela is finally dead?: Mars Brightest: Angela’s Song - Fire used in an analogy Carole & Tuesda…[View]
193393941JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2007: Hey guys me and a discord server are looking for the lost movie.…[View]
193388529Steph is not a Steph[View]
193381733ITT: S2s that should never have happened[View]
193394799Why is Ririchiyo so unnecessarily sexual? It's annoying.[View]
193383403Why is he surprising shafted as a individual in a fan appeal: Hes been the centerpiece of the manga/…[View]
193376507>hear prison school's author is making another manga, Raw Hero >read a few chapters >s…[View]
193386371Why do people call this an asspull again?[View]
193389739Why is he so freaking cool?[View]
193384741Dragon Ball (ORIGINAL SERIES): I just finished the muscle tower arc, when do things start to heat up…[View]
193358036ITT: Manga only you are reading[View]
193394708Post best anime opening/ending themes. https://youtu.be/6SKPZ2Bsk-4[View]
193379698Times When Best Girl Lost: Yes, I'm still mad.[View]
193384925Symphogear: We don't have a lot of time, Symphobros. I'm a bit worried about the pacing. …[View]
193364659carole and tuesday: Angela had it so easy at 1st and now she is collapsing at the Grammys. >RIP a…[View]
193391077Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai / Her Appetite's Too Big for Me Alone: New chapter's o…[View]
193389050Tenki no Ko: New poster released.[View]
193396316Top anime: https://v.ht/Omolet[View]
193380808>Leaving Netlfix in 10/9/19 >Little Witch Academia >Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Pa…[View]
193376083How come no love for the best Dragon Ball anime? All I ever see is Super. There hasn't been any…[View]
193289666Why does Illya lead Miyu on so much if she's ultimately just going to friendzone her and shatte…[View]
193330283The Promised Neverland: Barbara has no stomach anymore. Sike. All in all, all demons are already poi…[View]
193393150Good work today.[View]
193379538Kimetsu no Yaiba - Demon Slayer[View]
193335543Tejina-senpai: if only[View]
193385325The Great Debate.[View]
193392805Just finished volume 1. How can a cool story about shapeshifters become such a tear jerker! Also wil…[View]
193366567Waifu claiming thread, you know the drill! Go go go[View]
193374689Given: Last episode today. A movie has been announced for 2020. https://twitter.com/given_anime/stat…[View]
193395069Yuri STD's: Well is she right /a/?[View]
193393580Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Chapter 171: Opening color page[View]
193391498Cards for chads only[View]
193394001Where does Nakano Ichika rank among the best villains of the decade?[View]
193393736The industry follows: Imaishi >announces anime about firefighters due to may 2019 David productio…[View]
193390568See this: What do?[View]
193394230Itt: moments when the protag is scorned or viciously disrespected so he decides to suit up and show …[View]
193387759Fall 2014: What are you looking forward to?[View]
193390147Boruto: Will he ever do anything of relevance?[View]
193390515At what point do you think Doga Kobo went down the point of no return?[View]
193376479ITT: panels just before disaster[View]
193376292Going to the theater to see this movie alone tonight, what am I in for?[View]
193390608Will this be any good?[View]
193391095JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5 Animation Director Claims He Hasn't Been Paid: https://www…[View]
193389630>and now my super duper stand will kill you in one punch shit ending to a shit anime…[View]
193393276TFW no one hiring shirow masamune no more for anime, nobody translates his stuff, and he's almo…[View]
193373767五等分の花嫁 / The Quintessential Quintuplets: Go Toubun no Hanaymome spoilers soon. >What order and ho…[View]
193393147Hello World: The movie start screening today. Any of you watched it yet?[View]
193364570Date A Live.: It's a fourth season![View]
193392877Uh oh, looks like Rui is going to be getting the BWC.[View]
193391942Thoughts on the upcoming Uzumaki anime on Adult Swim? Trailer seemed to capture the tone of the mang…[View]
193392193Why is this trope so common in yuri stories?[View]
193388873Boku no Hero Academia: Isn't it amazing how popular MHA has before? New season in a few weeks. …[View]
193391824Any chance we will see a new season? If not is the story after the anime ends any good in the manga …[View]
193391391Why does Lisa Lisa look so much like my mom? What the fuck.[View]
193391407don't forget lads tomorrow we will liberate our favorite alien[View]
193390061>Literally Madara Uchiha Does Hori have no shame?[View]
193389818Suicide Island: So the father is definitely Sawada right?[View]
193381459ShingeKI NO Kyojin: Worship the enemies of humanity.[View]
193384385So what is the point of these characters?[View]
193387717Being A Bunny Girl In Anime Is Suffering.[View]
193390240How did the anime hold up to the manga of gantz? Why didn't they continue it past season 2?[View]
193363649Why are vampire queens/rulers in anime always little girls?[View]
1933634144 Giant Japanese Publishers Sue Illegal Manga Hosting Sites: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2…[View]
193390343Hear me out.: Picture this: As you know most of the Titans are pretty much brainless fools that are …[View]
193390207He just wanted a quiet life.[View]
193380051One Piece: >We don’t have enough solders to deal with the situation Hahaha admiral fags btfo. Yo…[View]
193389874Bow down to your queen /a/[View]
193383265Mizore: Are she autistic?[View]
193388124Tsunderes never win[View]
193387585I have a release with 3 audio tracks English dialogue + English songs (American songs, I think) Engl…[View]
193389992Great episodes in anime: For me it's episode 11 of Samurai Champloo. Jin is the typical lone wo…[View]
193389882Are you fucking kidding me?: https://readms.net/r/fake_rebellion/2/6180/12?mobile=1 Ahahahahahaha!…[View]
193389127Post God Tier MC's[View]
193387217Spy x Family: New Shounen Jump hotness coming out next week. Gonna read it?[View]
193381541>Haruhi (Disappearance) >Clannad AS >VEG s1 Japan says these are the top 3 kyoani productio…[View]
193389565wakey wakey sasukefags.[View]
193385008Would you an aho?[View]
1933826802019... Chaika! Forgotten![View]
193388388>Comedy romance anime with fantasy/magic stuff >Not slice of life, but has a comfy pacing >…[View]
193387485I miss Kuga-chin so much[View]
193389086Anime character that looks like you[View]
193371907this is your jojolion main villain say something nice to him[View]
193388686czwarta nad ranem, moze sen przyjdzie, moze mnie odwiedzisz[View]
193384978Whats wrong with the 2019 version? should i watch the 2000 version instead?[View]
193372833Himouto Umaru-chan: This is a voice actress, Aimi Tanaka. She seiyuu'd Umaru. She ate real rame…[View]
193362328Dr. Stone Z=122: The Battle of Wits' Puzzle Pieces: Time for analysis. Let's go.[View]
193386695Ah yes my favourite Stand[View]
193374580Boku no Hero Academia: >Endeavor 8 >AM 10 What happened?…[View]
193383602How do you like your birth month, /a/?[View]
193385720Why doesn't Grey just cut off the ahoge? Then she wouldn't turn into Saber.[View]
193371863ITT: Characters you love to self-insert into[View]
193384222Art club manga thread: Why are artistic club series so great? photography, calligraphy, sculpture, p…[View]
193388331Jesus Christ that's a lot of Violet.[View]
193379670>Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? >never lifts a girl in the dungeon…[View]
193381445FMP IV BD quality http://fullmetalpanicnews.blogspot.com/2018/09/full-metal-panic-invisible-victory.…[View]
193387861Really hyped, is it better to read the manga now or just wait for the anime?[View]
193383850Well? Is he going to write Psycho Pass 3 or not?[View]
193372181Someone told me this jumped the shark Did it Is I be rused?[View]
193386523What did Hori mean by this?[View]
193383752Why do they try to portrait incest as something cute? The anime is sure plausible, but the tone and …[View]
193384286Poignat. Profound.[View]
193382682I just watched this turd. I remember there was even a sticky of it. What was so hype about it?[View]
193382898Horny Maidens Season: Are you ready for the final episode of Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo. tomor…[View]
193386682How many ears does Holo have?[View]
193388009I need more!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa[View]
193350969Now that the dust has settled, was this a good show?[View]
193387003What does /a/ think of AC-bu?[View]
193365151What is the best hair style for a meganekko? I think a single braid is the peak hair style for megan…[View]
193380582>the protagonist is a female[View]
193381719Azur Lane: She will appear in the anime, right?[View]
193385117With seasons 1 and 2 airing in the 2000s and seasons 3 and 4 airing in the 2010s, Hidamari Sketch is…[View]
193386559HenSuki is the best comedy harem since NouCome.[View]
193385173Kingdom — Chapter 614: Riboku asspull #4521 Can this battle be fucking over already? Also, why make …[View]
193370780Lunar Legend Tsukihime Vol.03: The third volume of Tsukihime's manga. Enjoy an older Type-Moon …[View]
193382334Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Pani Poni Dash! was better than Nichijou?[View]
193379976Can a bitch like her get married?[View]
193386288Seikiri: I just found out this exists. Binged both seasons, and the OVAs. Wanted to see what happens…[View]
193294898Why can’t Japan animate pregnant women correctly?[View]
193386472>no one wants to fluff Senko's tail anymore[View]
193382976 [View]
193385657Pink > Blonde >>> Orange > Blue = Brown = Nice Guy >>> Shit > White[View]
193357452Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 176 spoilers: Spoilers are out. Sagiri chapter おんせん176 任務ではない狭霧さん 久しぶりにコガラシと…[View]
193359804Keisuke Itagaki and Paru Itagaki are confirmed to be father and daughter: https://natalie.mu/comic/n…[View]
193375591Ok, explain to me how a nigga with super strength, speed, endurance, invulnerability, and agility JO…[View]
193383824Abu wants to say thank you for everything.[View]
193377292Do futanaris have both sex organs? Or do they only need a penis?[View]
193365963Kengan Omega ch.33: Two more days[View]
193385727Do you like chocolate?[View]
193380721New made in abyss chapter coming out in a few hours.[View]
193368161shoto is a blatant ripoff of zuko and surprisingly everyone is ok with it. hmmm[View]
193378081>manga comes out >Get threads every time a chapter comes out >People generally enjoy it …[View]
193378134What do anons think of this? It seems like a hidden gem to me, even if its pretty old by now.[View]
193372280ITT: Cutest MCs[View]
193384679How could you /a/[View]
193377088One Piece: Did they fuck?[View]
193371317>its yet another manga/anime where hikki becomes a normalfag >its yet another anime where hikk…[View]
193382002Ahiru no Sora: >a poor man's Kuroko >finally getting an anime after 15 years >4 cours …[View]
193353130Watamote Ch 165 RAW: https://www.ganganonline.com/viewer/player/viewer.html?tw=2&cid=SQEX_WATASH…[View]
193381877Kimetsu No Yaiba: One more for Weed pillar, you will be remembered[View]
193351204Dragon ball super: >the saiyans, a race of barbarians that like to fight and take pleasure in cru…[View]
193379674Was it a good idea to give him his own anime?[View]
193377795Oh no! The keions travelled back in time! How will they get out of this one?[View]
193383947Everyone died because of him.[View]
193371741Would you an educated prostitute?[View]
193368730JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta: New Chapter out[View]
193380668what's the series you wish you could forget and rewatch with /a/ again? pic related is mine all…[View]
193381468One Piece chapter is Trending Topic around Latin America and Spain. Is it trending topic in USA, Jap…[View]
193377627What's the first thing you noticed about this pic?[View]
193366183>trick some amnesiac chick who looks like his sister by saying he was her brother and fucks her B…[View]
193380586Was Archer Emiya in every 5th Grail War?: Back when Archer was Shirou, in his Grail War, was there s…[View]
193379472She really loves her papa and tries to emulate him[View]
193338827Prichan PriPara All Idol 1, PrettyAll, AiFure AiPare: Imagine being an elegant fashion design studen…[View]
193348560How big is Felix's dong?[View]
193378416It is I, the worst Stand.[View]
1933784842019. I am forgotten.[View]
193376913Komi has social anxiety: O read all of the chapters and I really hate how the author wastes every po…[View]
193375199Welp, I just finished reading Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Boy, what a masterpiece. I mean i…[View]
193357440Bocchi: Bocchi[View]
1933793992019...I Am forgotten[View]
193312357Kemono Friends: Can we finally have tanoshii times again?[View]
193377819I can't stop rereading this entire mini-arc.[View]
193373200Goblin Slayer: Why do most of the females in this series wear armor that exposes their midriff?…[View]
193377886>How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? >not 'How Heavy Are the Dumbbells That You Lift?' Dropp…[View]
193379110Would /a/ like this if the genders were reversed?[View]
193381626I will never be able to take this scene seriously again: https://youtu.be/gsYa9QRMrVg[View]
193360529There are people in this world who think miss ueno-san is legitimately good[View]
193372959Symphogear XV: >Only 2 eps left I want Shemmy to stay.[View]
193381134>Volume 17 issue previewed >Lina and Gourry cross into Zephilia >days away from Lina's…[View]
193380597i came here to laugh and be entertained and not to start crying because he hold the hand of a devil …[View]
193379294I'm not into power level fagging but asking these questions sometimes keeps me interested in a …[View]
193378035Ahaha, you know what? I was just joking yesterday. The truth is, that I really do love ALL anime![View]
193362764Kimetsu no Yaiba: Smile we could not protect.[View]
193364278Shingeki no Kyojin: >The boy you liked became your enemy and possibly killed your father Why is A…[View]
193380080why are woman so fucked up when in charge of lewd stuff?[View]
193378943What did Rin mean by this?[View]
193344415Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Would you become one with Ai /a/? The countdown to the endgame begins. Episode 120…[View]
193356950Machikado Mazoku: She is scaring me[View]
193373076ITT:: Smiles you couldn't protect[View]
193379981Does this qualify as native isekai?[View]
193378255Why are Dark Sclera eyes so cute and alluring? Also why are the almost always associated with girl c…[View]
193379619Growing up Black Cat was one of my all time favorite manga but I haven't revisited in almost a …[View]
193379426>great premise >terrible execution Every fucking time…[View]
193327808Isekai Cheat Magician: Waking up to Rin. Episode 11 soon.[View]
193367070Seishun Buta Yarou Volume 10 confirmed for February 2020: https://twitter.com/bunko_dengeki/status/1…[View]
193371740Magician Side or ESPer side: Choose one.[View]
193376442Saihate no Paladin: New chapter of the best isekai that shouldn't even be isekai to begin with …[View]
193376220Rance deserves to have proper high budget TV adaptation. This is not fair.[View]
193378644Dumbbell nan kilo moteru?: This is so pure, i cried. So much peace and friendship in one image, my h…[View]
193378172Hey, anyone knows what's going on with this korean series? Apparently it's finished with 1…[View]
193375144Why the fuck Anime make schools girls so fucking sexy?i want to fuck a school girls between 12 and 1…[View]
193377776Dumbbell: Just read the manga after the anime ended why did they have to ruin it with shiperfaggotry…[View]
193375543ITT: Girls That Did Nothing Wrong: Hard mode: no posting our lord and savior Akemi.[View]
193369184Was it rape?[View]
193372000Who's the best manga villain right now?[View]
193378023Is your waifu or husbando a mass murderer? How many people have they killed? How are you certain tha…[View]
193375614Ainz tomato ketchup: Ainz tomato ketchup[View]
193374777Post Funny moments in anime and manga[View]
193370108*filters plebs*[View]
193356918When will she recover and seek her revenge on those goblin bastards?[View]
193375105What's your opinion on the Goblin Slayer anime? Personally, I enjoyed it.[View]
193355616Why are there so many ass pulls this season?[View]
193338317Black Clover: Spoilers are out, it's mostly a Charlotte chapter. Yami's birthday was yeste…[View]
193374295Why does it wear the onesie?[View]
193367219ITT: canon non-virgins[View]
193337631I fucking hate beastars: the interview in the magazine with itagaki, his daughter and their editor i…[View]
193374578Fruits Basket: The anime is such an improvement[View]
193376775umi loves her crippled wife kotori[View]
193370223Is this the best Gook can offer?[View]
193371474what a piece of absolute dogshit[View]
193348801Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 35: That Muscle Tower set-up didn't go anything like it was supp…[View]
193366803How do I get rid of my Naruto obsession forever: I regret ever discovering this show and getting hoo…[View]
193363218Are you ready for shojo battle harem to save next season?[View]
193373182One piece: How strong is hancock in an even fight, where she can't just freeze her opponent?…[View]
193365454/3x3/: friendly thread what have you been reading recently?[View]
193372882This is YunYun say something nice to her![View]
193368137Bakid zem Douid - Identification 31: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekEDjD0Lrnw let's just get…[View]
193376611Shibuya Rin: Rin is going to her work. She works in the 'entertainment industry'. Wish her…[View]
193374524Killing Morph Chapter 28: SHE'S BACK https://mangadex.org/chapter/712908/1[View]
193373049What if One Piece had thrilling, deep story arcs? What if Dragonball had mind boggling, strategic co…[View]
193375247Tejina: >big titted hottie >hangs out with equally hot friend >has unwilling assistant >…[View]
193365991act-age 82: What will happen to our Kei after this arc?[View]
193357765>You will never get to plunge your tounge deep deep into Shion's delicious anus Does Homare …[View]
193375204Would you condemn all of Tokyo to eternal flooding for your waifu?[View]
193372975Have you visited Nagoya yet?[View]
193374905IIT: Manga you wish to be picked up for scanalation.[View]
193373603name one (1) author with better taste in women than Syun Matsuena?[View]
193369996Fushigi 146: Sleepy now[View]
193286934Jojo: 4: Why wasn't Josuke's mother a more prominent character? Why do so many characters …[View]
193341039Boku no Hero: Sales have dropped since All Might's retirement. Will the series die when Hori ki…[View]
193371096WSJ ToC 69 Crow (Cover/LCP) Road Racer Giri PCP The Time of Green Leaves Seigi no Mikata (CP) Rabuta…[View]
193249016Joshikousei no Mudazukai: Episode 12 (Final) preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXjs7lz6HkA…[View]
193374466>literally wasting chakra to use raikiri when he can just get a knife[View]
193365551Can we all agree that Demon Slayer is the best thing to come out this year?[View]
193370747Angel Beats: Did you guys like this show? I just watched it for the first time. I really enjoyed Gir…[View]
193374084>Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby...[View]
193373912>'I hope you don't mind if my daughter sits in on this meeting'[View]
193371999Classics of anime: Do you agree with this /a/pproved list from the last polls ?[View]
193373017It's dangerous to go outside. Pick one maid to accompany you.[View]
193369938Was he the most based dad ever? Just finished this show the other day, the ending is Evangelion tier…[View]
193241654Tawawa Monday: 月曜日のたわわ その239 「今日はやけにやさしいじゃん…?」[View]
193368114One Piece: What's next for him now that the Seven Warlord System have been abolished?[View]
193368947Is Emilia really worth it? >overly emotional >severely damaged >routinely goes on dates w…[View]
193372001You just summoned Assassin. How do you win the grail with him?[View]
193372148Does anyone else skip forward though the boring parts of anime? Since a large proportion of anime is…[View]
193370401Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: She finally has sex !! https://ec.toranoana.jp/joshi_r/ec/item/040030751120…[View]
193373305Why does no one talk about Hoshiiro Girldrop anymore? I thought the anime was pretty decent enough t…[View]
193373159Why isn't Mix getting any attention when it's the best show of the season?[View]
193371703I like Lovey-dovey stuff. Post lovey-dovey stuff in this thread[View]
193373066Logically speaking, Elf9 has to die.[View]
193371280>Yamcha is the most cucked character ever >Gohan is the most cucked character ever Hi, i'…[View]
193370542When will we see more of Ms. Joke?[View]
193367134Cours Suck: Why don't more manga and anime do what FMA did and just have a proper run time? It …[View]
193370559Why did everyone dislike Miyakawa-ke? Was it because they're poor?[View]
193372693Mangakka Nyūmon by Inio Asano Has anyone here gotten hands on it? >https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4…[View]
193369884Musume no Tomodachi chapter 3: Chapter 3 out! https://mangasushi.net/manga/musume-no-tomodachi/chapt…[View]
193365748Should there be more anime about OL cakes?[View]
193356865I miss him so much[View]
1933462305Toubun no Hanayome: I want to hug Eatsuki...[View]
193371269Girl only you like and remember.[View]
193371886I want an oyakodon anime.[View]
193365825One Punch Man: New manga chapter today! https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/1174316533465542657 Wil…[View]
193361200Nice boat.[View]
193368435why does he kill mean girl after rei is defeated??[View]
193359617ITT: The ultimate bros. Men among men helping out other men among men.[View]
193364964>loved it >can't see how it makes any fucking sense Am I autistic or was Kon just a hack …[View]
193371491Best character reveals in anime/manga?[View]
193319502Dr. Stone: OHAYO SEKAIII[View]
193371187Girlish Number: A mere 11 anime seasons later, Chitose is utterly forgotten.[View]
193366988What manga are you currently reading?[View]
193369368post most iconic manga pages[View]
193367772Golden Kamuy Ch 213[View]
193364975i want to eat your pancreas: Watched it a few days ago and I cried I wanted to protect that smile s…[View]
193360951wtf happened to this show /a/?[View]
193360023UN has OFFICIALLY banned loli in anime: https://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/CRC/CRC.C.156_OPSC%…[View]
193366108Could he stop something infinite like MIH’s speed or tusk’s nail bullets once they were activated/fi…[View]
193344736Symphogear XV: Miku's playing graba-ss with Hibiki again.[View]
193366036what's your dream anime /a/?[View]
193369467>We are never going to experience the legendary Gash Bell storytime again And no, doing another o…[View]
193362936Why is time travel an underused concept in mango?[View]
193367815Dead /a/ memes. I'll start.[View]
193360484Oh i get it Gilgamesh is just Annatar in disguise.[View]
193370362Yukionna to kani wo kuu: Will Kita be able to save Ayame-san and live a happy life together selling …[View]
193327491Daiya no Ace Act 2: Manga thread. Dumping new chapter. Get in here Daiyabros![View]
193369940I just read it and I cant believe NHK ended so poorly. What the fuck were they thinking? Fucking nor…[View]
193369536God, I miss her...[View]
193366660Samurai 8 Chapter 19: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/samurai-8/en/0/19/[View]
193368172Ochako should be a villain[View]
193364689Is there any good Anime/Manga where the MC falls for the cute villain?[View]
193369644what does /a/ think of /ss/ ?[View]
193366469He's literally joker from batman. How did Togashi get away with this[View]
193366364One Piece: Big News Morgans has journalistic integrity and will stand up to a Yonkou or to the WG if…[View]
193367729Is mech the greatest pleb filter?[View]
193363396ITT: anime you refuse to watch[View]
193368602Unpopular opinion I actually thought Dumbells was alright but I honestly have not truly liked a Doga…[View]
193368399Ourer Zone translation: If I remember right there was a team that recently started translating this …[View]
193360368Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter is out[View]
193368315ITT: We give stands other names that fit: Catch the rainbow can somewhat work as November rain…[View]
193368417OSTs that make you cry like a bitch: https://youtu.be/auai3Vw7HnM[View]
193365063Is a sister REALLY all you need?[View]
193286246>'You know /a/, this reminds me of a great British saying...'[View]
193367789What was her fucking problem?[View]
193367524Official Art Thread: Let's do this.[View]
193358452This is your yakuza boss for tonight.[View]
193364482ITT:: Smiles you couldn't protect[View]
193345733What’s the right size?[View]
193365469No Guns Life: Where is Ch.28 goddammit? I want to get further into the story before normies get a ho…[View]
193366736Fuck this lazy prick. He should have joined Reinhard to unify the galaxy.[View]
193364045>Mods deleted the Vinland Saga thread early most likely because of eceleb shit. I've spent t…[View]
193367108Naruto was terrible but NaruHina happening made me happy[View]
193367086Boruto: Will we finally get Koji motives? Will Nardo and Sasuke-kun be sealed by Jigen? Will we get …[View]
193358889Fujiwara Chika is a very smart girl.[View]
193364657Does astarotte no omochi have some decent ecchi or nah?[View]
193354046Why don't we ever see tsunderes anymore?[View]
193363303Daily reminder that Jotaro is ITALIAN[View]
193364492How comes Goku had more chemistry with Pan in GT than with Chichi in the entire series? It almost fe…[View]
193365725JoJo Purple Haze Feedback: What are your thoughts? Did you like it? There are a few stupid moments -…[View]
193363287Kono Sekai no (Sara ni Ikutsumono) Katasumi ni: New Character Teru https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
193362342what went wrong?[View]
193366390Music: What's the deal with fan-made musics and why are they so popular? I mean some of them ar…[View]
193363333One Piece: How would you rate this chapter? Also considering we didn't enter act 3, the chances…[View]
193366216>Evangelion is too popular >What's an objectively worse show that pseud fartsniffers like…[View]
193366205Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch153[View]
193329650Kengan Omega: Scans for real this time[View]
193363316Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?: Dumping the raws of chapter 14.[View]
193359054Jahy-sama: I don't understand. Can someone explain this to me? Who was making all that noise?…[View]
193365785OH MY LASER VISION[View]
193331801Mahou Shoujo genre: how do we improve mahou shoujo?[View]
193360094What does /a/ think of Solf J. Kimblee?[View]
193363508Did they fucked?[View]
193355662>This isn’t Jesus’s jurisdiction Wait so Jesus exists in YYH?[View]
193362109Thoughts on Violet Evergarden?[View]
193365283Unemployed concentraion camp: What would /a/ be like if this manga was reality? Are you faggot neets…[View]
193356269Would you capture this pokemon?[View]
193270575Buyfag thread: Gao[View]
193361599Why did they make Raoh muslim in the anime? He was a blond blue-eyed man in the manga.[View]
193363306Why is Ririchiyo so unnecessarily sexual? It's annoying.[View]
193357113What the FUCK was his problem...[View]
193357087ITT: Post Hacks >dude just stop being mentally ill lmao[View]
193364736ITT great aesthestics but shit story[View]
193361713ITT: OP2 > OP1: I'll start off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu_0kOfMGD0[View]
193352320What does /a/ think of ROD? Americans need not reply[View]
193349358Boogiepop Phantom: >Every ep has this weird Sepia filter aesthetic >The final ep ditches it an…[View]
193351903Shingeki no Kyojin[View]
193364373What’s the 4th one?[View]
193363038>is basically just berserk in reverse[View]
193363454Why is it so rare to have manga set in the world of adults? I wish it was more common. It used to be…[View]
193361051Tenki no Ko: Would you drown all of Tokyo for me, anon?[View]
193354956The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2019: >1. Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld …[View]
193358457Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
193319561Fire Force: This girl interests me a lot. Is her show worth watching?[View]
193350297Hyakko: What happened?[View]
193346007Aggressive daily reminder to go read Dorohedoro right now[View]
193363507Are the sword techniques stylized or are they real: For example the tenth form, dragon of change, is…[View]
193329310Why do people like this trash? It's literally just a racist teenager's power fantasy.[View]
193360557Why does everyone instantly associate liking an ending with thinking it’s good, even when stated oth…[View]
193361440lets have a good old amv thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0slhWiBVr4[View]
193352204We post plebfilter[View]
193363943I miss him so much bros[View]
193361592C ![View]
1933621321988 is amazing.[View]
193361077top three dark anime from the '90s[View]
193311065Dumb Prefect and JK with an Inappropriate Skirt Length: Recently started romcom by Yokota Takuma. I …[View]
193361704A true manga artist doesn't need readers[View]
193362249He lost his power he will never be protagonist ever again[View]
193357701ITT: Cancelled/projects on indefinite hiatus[View]
193350088Black Lagoon Sawyer Spin-Off: >https://mobile.twitter.com/tatnac1/status/1174266537429131264 REJO…[View]
193363084Can someone give me a recap of original yugioh show up to where that white hair Bakuga guy is reveal…[View]
193352488New cover of Chapter 38: The new info says that Sasuke and Naruto will defeat Jigen and his new abil…[View]
193363179Yandere: Can they get some love? Seems like they don't have enough in recent shows[View]
193363130Kotobuki Hikoutai: New manga chapter is out https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/10834108156689002558…[View]
193360903Characters who have canonically had sex[View]
193363064What's your favourite manga /a/?[View]
193363029Is Fate Apo manga worth to read?[View]
193360548One Piece: Great chapter. Rate it out of 10.[View]
193361029Rin the rhino: What the fuck were they thinking?[View]
193350677Canon fertile women. Even with this unnecessary shaving.[View]
193361972is comedy in anime/manga funny to you?[View]
193362056Kobeni thread.[View]
193362409well, this went to shit fast DROPPED[View]
193356356Yuru Camp: /a/, you have forgotten me.[View]
193360367autism naming sense: When will nips stop this shit?[View]
193345671Kimetsu no Yaiba | manga: In honor of nugget[View]
193359568I love ALL anime![View]
193353918Love Chunibyo: Sup /a/ what is the right order to watch Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions?[View]
193358986>jin went back to live with the divorced prostitute >the secret agent girl will eventually fi…[View]
193355370LOTGH: Just started downloading this, what am I in for?[View]
193348621Post manga panels/anime frames showing characters who are FUCKING PISSED[View]
193360138what's the most sad yet life-affirming anime you've ever seen /a/?[View]
193345771In 124 episodes Naruto had pretty much completed the first half of its story already. A hokage died,…[View]
193359517Berserk: >ywn see guts and puck talk to each other again >ywn see puck drawn at all again bers…[View]
193339417Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?: It's a dog chapter. Dumping[View]
193331173She really does look cuter without the glasses.[View]
193357503>10/10 anime does not exis-[View]
193350433What went wrong?[View]
193354982It's out[View]
193354819/a/ draws - sugar song to bitter step: Original ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6sJn-x_fR4 [Emb…[View]
193360870hello everyone. I'm finding a japanese youtube movie after fukushima fallout. Hes hair is like …[View]
193327490Dragon Ball Super: > There's someone on Earth more powerful than Moro. It's Piccolo ti…[View]
193348336what if eva was just a family comedy about 3 little siblings fighting over mommy misato and daddy ka…[View]
193360483Do you know what happened with manhwahentai.com?: Now when you try to go to that page it redirection…[View]
193360701How do I go back to enjoying normie shitty superficial stuff like shounens and flavor of the month a…[View]
193351279Now that the ashes have settled, what went wrong?[View]
193357013One Piece: Can Luffy save his Queen?[View]
193325134We failed our daughter Akko, /a/. Now she's gonna grow up into a typical Stacey slut![View]
193346143Ginko: Ginko[View]
193347761Shokugeki no Soma: Food Wars: >Despite the fact that in kitchens, communication is key, I'm …[View]
193355201How can I acquire Angel's Halo?[View]
193355969What could he have meant by this?[View]
193339871Should I bother with this?[View]
193359322Was Killer Queen Bites the Dust a Requiem Stand? >Arrow entered KQ, just like Gold Experience …[View]
193350172Who is the cutest anime girl?[View]
193352811To the Abandon Sacred Beasts: Three episodes in and three volumes of the manga on the way... but I h…[View]
193353352Who is /a/ rooting for?[View]
193355655Single handedly made the series. Everything before Episode 8 isn't even worth watching[View]
193325997Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: She basically manipulated him into thinking he like her. This is the su…[View]
193353497Was it rape[View]
193319756WSJ ToC: 43 Kimetsu no Yaiba (Cover/LCP) Dr. Stone One Piece The Promised Neverland Black Clover We …[View]
193353335Bloom into you: God this is fucking disgusting, the main pairing who was a literal stranger confess …[View]
193349040Does /a/ still like Love Hina?[View]
193358392Im so fucking happy for my daughter.[View]
193352841Anime donut thread: Anime characters getting turned into donuts.[View]
193344402ITT: Protagonists done right[View]
193352842ITT: villains who where unironically in the right[View]
193357444https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideaki_Anno#Subsequent_work >Make Evangelion >Literally making…[View]
193357538Jojo and It: So I was listening the ost of It (2017), in the song named ''Time to float…[View]
193357223shokugeki no soma: Is season 3 worth watching? I've heard that the manga went downhill after a…[View]
193319259wtf i love monkey now[View]
193357005Non Non Biyori: welcome to the rice fields motherfucker[View]
193357763Muv-Luv: What would an anime of the trilogy be like?[View]
193353892Japanese VAs Joins MENSA: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-09-17/voice-actor-shohei-ko…[View]
193355432ITT: debate Yoshii. His plan may have revived the spark of life in Lux, but was he really a good guy…[View]
193350420'YOUR NEXT LINE IS....'[View]
193277799Love Live! Sunshine: Am I missing something here or Kanan is a horrible friend? >Third years form…[View]
193353439Does /a/ like sword dorks?[View]
193356579>he hasnt seen the cold lone sasuke episodes >because someone on /A/ said so…[View]
193357213Cooking Master Boy: So is it the sequel after the battle in the emperor's place or remake?…[View]
193348019You've seen it. You now have one minute to do it.[View]
193241705Fruits are good for you /a/.[View]
193353318How haram is your harem?: Harem thread.[View]
193353848Why are Kumiko's boobs so huge?[View]
193349900One Piece: Chapter out soon.[View]
193356785technological person[View]
193350049Who the fuck thought this was okay?[View]
193333770Manga you think will get an anime series soon: For me it’s SpyXFamily and Act Age[View]
193354674ITT:: We create /a/'s noble phantasm chant. ONE WORD PER POST. I'll start: I[View]
193355164Why aren't you reading it /a/ ?[View]
193313084Machikado Mazoku Translation: Just one chapter this time.[View]
193356452What is the optimal number of wings?[View]
193348238Samurai 8 proves without a doubt that Naruto was purely carried by the goodwill of the pre-timeskip …[View]
193351220Futakoi Alternative: Just finished watching this. Was quite great and want more shows like it now.…[View]
193356328Has shonen ever seen a protagonist as human and believable as Johnny?[View]
193352704Thoughts on the big two?[View]
193346923Rudel, Demon King of the Blue Sky Chapter 2: Onward, to victory![View]
193342713Have you watched based Trigger saved anime on the big screen yet? Also Promare thread.[View]
193336209We live in an era where zoomers don't understand the impact of Madoka Magica. Do people honestl…[View]
193324236ITT:: Smiles you couldn't protect[View]
193351610Hensuki: Recently got into this series and I gotta admit, dog made me into a sadist.[View]
193351167One piece: I just realized every Shichibukai is represented by some kind of animal >Jinbe is a wh…[View]
193351990What's the best age for an anime/manga protagonist?[View]
193354271When will anime producers adapt an adult yuri manga? College, office ladies, assassins, vampires I d…[View]
193355502UN bans lolis: cute and funny btfo >The Committee is deeply concerned about the large amount of o…[View]
193355391I just finished the first 25 episodes of this and fucking hell. Has there ever been a worst ending f…[View]
193353386*ting ting* *Ahem* I have an announcement to make[View]
193349054ITT: anime that women and low testosterone men will never understand[View]
193354473What's do you think is the most important component to get right in anime or manga? Is it the s…[View]
193350791>tfw no homeless gf[View]
193212232Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
193354613Shinji's depressed because he has a small penis. He didn't reciprocate Asuka's advanc…[View]
193351288Youjo Senki: I honestly live for the interactions between these two. Really makes the show. Zettour …[View]
193308301Kaguya-sama: What will this raging lesbian next move be?[View]
193347740Nanatsu no Taizai / seven deadly sins: >it's an escanor chapter…[View]
193348827>Can now balance books on her head Who can stop Violet now?[View]
193339293Carole & Tuesday: I CAN´T BELIEVE THEY ARREST JAY Z![View]
193348399For me, It's Hitoha.[View]
193322117Domestic Na Kanojo: Rui gets personally BTFO by Hina. Ruitards please continue coping.[View]
193350695Mugen no Juunin -Immortal-: After watching the first 2 episodes, I am already ready to declare this …[View]
193351980In hindsight, was she even worth the trouble? I do feel bad for Obito, though.[View]
193347996Is Shuuchi Aso the biggest Chad in the manga world? He not only made the mega hit Saiki K but is now…[View]
193353884Even though I hate Anno this is a good show.[View]
193353852ITT:Pussywhipped characters[View]
193353686We gotta respect this for not following the good ending shit Key has where Deus Ex Machina comes to …[View]
193319302Kanata no Astra: Are you ready for the finale of the most underrated show of the season?[View]
193344946I took a trip to japan, and realized how fucking popular this is there. so I said, fuck it, may as w…[View]
193353630Given: It all ends tomorrow.[View]
193285857Watamote: Summer cram school soon[View]
193353580>Have the worst fights in all the Jojo franchise >Is actually one of the best parts and extrem…[View]
193353069feel like pure shit just want him back[View]
193346436Name (1) one good Fate besides Stay Night, Zero and Illya (which doesn't really follow the same…[View]
193348486MAO: Volume 1 came out today. ...what's that? Now, don't tell me you forgot about this man…[View]
193351461Dragon Ball Super: >gadgets that knock out Goku and Vegeta and unironic use of nets >a nen lik…[View]
193352331>side character that acts like an ass in the beginning becomes more of a Chad than mc…[View]
193349444Would you follow this King into battle?[View]
193320903Jojolion ch90 preview[View]
193352733Gridman: Happy Halloween from Gridman[View]
193323414Why does this genocidal maniac get a free amnesty?[View]
193320664Raildex: Will we see all of NT as an anime, by 2028-2029?[View]
193352217Why is she such a bitch?[View]
193348341Which one, /a/? I wished there was a Fumino endgame, tbqh.[View]
193349198Underwater Ray Romano.[View]
193350324I'm starting to notice more and more of this soulful drawing style, is anime getting saved?[View]
193350647any day now....[View]
193350555kill yourself you fat piece of shit.[View]
193341170Shingeki no Kyojin: Remember Kenny?[View]
193350693What did /a/ think of this series?[View]
193289025Maou-sama, Retry: Manami-chan is such a lucky imouto. I don't want it to end. ;_;…[View]
193333739Nice boat: As of 2 hours ago, it’s nice boat day in Japan. Nice boat.[View]
193345524shit anime. Prove me rong[View]
193346315Osaka: Is she a Yandere?[View]
193351006Nice Fortnight reference.[View]
193348149Can TMS give this a western theatrical release already? I'd love to spend money to finally watc…[View]
193323689who did Misato like more? Asuka or shinji?[View]
193340749After Miura dies, will there be someone fit to give Berserk a proper ending? or will it go down unto…[View]
1933369162019... Chaika! Forgotten![View]
193316898SYD: This is a live translation thread. Please spare me mods.[View]
193346770Where exactly did it go wrong?[View]
193347876Do you consider Rikka to be wasted potential?[View]
193341169Is he the only shounen protagonist to cheat on his wife?[View]
193348417What is the best pentagram design in mangonimes? Do you prefer cyrillian, hebraic or celtic runes?[View]
193332225Old timey fantasy anime gets my dick rock hard. Some of my favorite aesthetics were in Majutsushi Or…[View]
193349218Will it ever be topped?[View]
193350004What are the coolest /a/ related things you have in your collection? I love the oversized gallery ed…[View]
193341579One Piece: - Chapter title is 'Big News'. - 1 week has passed since Reverie started. - There is news…[View]
193322389Fate/Apocrypha: Woooow What an utter garbage it was. Was it so hard to just focus on the black x red…[View]
193309926Jeanne d’Arc: A thread to discuss history’s most beautiful and perfect woman.[View]
193346596What an absolute clusterfuck. Started off pretty good but it went completely off the rails off the K…[View]
193349749Battleharems: Were school battleharems ever really good and popular? Or was Infinite Stratos just a …[View]
193319027BokuBen We Can't Study We Never Learn: Who's going to save Nariyuki? Mafuyu-sensei? Fumino…[View]
193349592What's the best villain arc in all of anime/manga?[View]
193349461ITT: Series full of plot holes but the anime community is too biased to see them[View]
193324979>A LN that's literally called 'Isekai NTR' A match made in hell[View]
193348000What is the best 'dere' type? I'd say サドデレ / Sadodere[View]
193349425wtf this manga so good[View]
193345976Death Note: Did anyone unironically actually think this show was good after L?[View]
193338614>15 year old knows everything about everything regardless of field[View]
193349176Hello theorists! I'm sure you noticed the mysterious poneglyphs that have been posted on the is…[View]
193335594Aho Girl | 2017 |HD| - Best Gags, Jokes & Puns: Aho girl![View]
193349098Fate Grand Order babylonia: What they do in babylonia arc[View]
193348113>wonderful visual medium >able to create poignant allegories or metaphors >immediately have…[View]
193342304get baki'n there: I just can't get enough baki. I just can't.[View]
193344634THE SQUADRA OF IDIOTS: >Losing to a twink that can't do math because he had a god damn toy p…[View]
193347175He literally just copied jojo[View]
193348808i need it: I really need to see art of that part in the movie Up where Carl and Ellie grow old toget…[View]
193348413Why is she so weak?[View]
193348555>Seto Kaito but good[View]
193348337LEGAL IZUMI SO HOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reBPxjRYC8Q >My heart got a boner…[View]
193348282The easiest way to tell who the best girl is, is to find the one that has black sclera.[View]
193345261Find a flaw.[View]
193320145Chainsawman: Toc is finally out, spoilers soon[View]
193331734PRESENT DAY PRESENT Lain thread HaHaHaHahA![View]
193345326Consider that Louise and Saito have pretty much the same face.: The only things that indicate the fo…[View]
193347982Hey dr stone fans: Take this!!![View]
193347960Logic fuck ups: >man has the power to separate body parts >couldn't separate out of the r…[View]
193340200what is the best way to prepare a delicious squid meal?[View]
193343861>cucked by her best and only real friend >was probably her only shot at a 'normal' relationshi…[View]
193345906Bakemonogatari - Raw Chapter 62[View]
193337902So we're all in agreement that this is the best isekai?[View]
193344764What made you stop watching anon?[View]
193341121Fall 2019: Watcha watching, anon-san?[View]
193343116I recalled the 2nd movie was a good conclusion, but there are more sakura. What the fuck? Is this go…[View]
193343015Who was in the wrong here?[View]
193347310I DO LIKE AND YOU?[View]
193334798Overlord is dead, isn't it?[View]
19333261534 Injured Kyoto Animation Victims No Longer in Life-Threatening Condition: The Kyodo news service r…[View]
193343763what went well?[View]
193344594Is this gay?[View]
193331041https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hideaki_Anno#Subsequent_work >Make Evangelion >Literally making…[View]
193338286Why do this garbage sell so well?[View]
193290609Date a Live: https://twitter.com/date_a_info/status/1173975332992323585?s=19 New animation project a…[View]
193317417Kimetsu no Yaiba: My little sister is the cutest in the world! Just look at her![View]
193274852Precure sure is good at making me think a character is cute and terrifying at the same time.[View]
193288373YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World: Episode 24 (out of 26) will air soon.…[View]
193321130Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: Episode 12 (Final) Barbell Nan Kilo Moteru?[View]
193344702I know it's late and you want to go home but may I sing a song first?[View]
193329665Why do Japanese people like German names?[View]
193337090Why does this wife/child beating abuser get to walk free? The fuck?[View]
193343058Who's the target audience for this?[View]
193330832>no Bleach thread let's fix that does anyone else miss Bleach?[View]
1933136815Toubun no Hanayome: All quints are equally great and deserve to win this rollercoaster but Yotsuba …[View]
193341441this mangaka likes three things loli feet foreheads[View]
193341460>Arifureta >Maou-sama retry >Cop craft Amusing to see retards dismissing series just becaus…[View]
193343656Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo: Could Roxanne tell if anything was wrong with the calculation, or was is…[View]
193345144Kieli: Is this good?[View]
193343135>every time tomboys are brought up /a/ collectively nuts itself thinking about what it would do w…[View]
193345086Hanebado - Best Mom: You guys ready for the final chapter next month including a redemption?[View]
193340404Why does Akane drive so slow on a highway?[View]
193337120Say something nice about him.[View]
193339475Crona is the best character in Soul Eater.[View]
193341728Which is better? Pic related or Beck Mongolian Chop Squad?[View]
193339031Why does every modern anime seem to always include a girl pulling out a wedgie? Is it supposed to b…[View]
193343674Shinka is happy for once, what did you do?[View]
193338535What did she mean by this?[View]
193316266Sounan desu ka?: One final sounan. Also dumping ch 68.[View]
193328593Lunar Legend Tsukihime Vol.02: On a quest to dump the Tsukihime manga before Total Fate Domination c…[View]
193341813which anime power did you always want to have as a kid? For me it's ki blasts[View]
193338604You NEED to watch Hunter x Hunter. The 1999 version is one of the best anime of all time. Don't…[View]
193334487Symphogear XV: KNOW YOUR PLACE! My butt goes in your face![View]
193343725here's your otouto for tonight[View]
193341204Shingeki no Kyojin: discuss[View]
193337926Does anyone else think it was a grave mistake to have Goku cry here? Goku is supposed to be the embo…[View]
193333027Kimetsu no Yaiba: 175 Raws out soon Looks to be a good chapter for himejima[View]
193336319Boku no Hero Academia: Remember when he was relevant?[View]
193336637Amagami SS: Dozo.[View]
193337323Beastars leaks: Time to fight la creatura de la Savannah Tsundere anon if you are there, we love yo…[View]
193338706>A literal nothing in the main series >Rebellion and the different manga make her the objectiv…[View]
193318318Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: The duel to decide how Ai perishes continues. Also, Ai's proposal soon. Episo…[View]
193254542Katsute Kami Datta Kemonotachi e: Episode 12 (Final) Chaser[View]
193342816Post your Jojo Templates[View]
193317353How does it make you feel that DIO, Speedwagon, Jonathan, and Joseph all had canonical British accen…[View]
193334960yama no susume: >On September 16, 2019, a new anime project was announced during an Autumn Festiv…[View]
193336386anime you hate but praised on /a/. mine pic related[View]
193340601What if One Piece had thrilling, deep story arcs? What if Dragonball had mind boggling, strategic co…[View]
193313063>Hinamatsuri will have an Usagi Drop ending[View]
193340302Post Pedo moments in anime[View]
193340965Clannad: Dango Unchained[View]
193326816why is this demon so adorable[View]
193341580Where are the chapters Togashi?[View]
193341549How did they get away with this?[View]
193333838Shingeki No Kyojin: Damn it feels good to be an EMchad A real EMchad-ass nigga plays his cards right…[View]
193340442It's finally here! New Ponko! ITT we talk about how wonderful, valuable, cute, and helpful of a…[View]
193334316One Piece: What the fuck is shanks planing[View]
193338623i want to watch it[View]
193336331Bounen no Xamdou: Opinions on this series?[View]
193334385Anon, Bryn is sad! Cheer her up![View]
193255074Arifureta: Fertility goddess time[View]
193341089Hyouka: Which of these OTP's had better chemistry?[View]
193334360Does the average anime of 2019 look any different from the average anime of 2011?[View]
193333153*ding dong*[View]
193323423Do you like Juju, /a/?[View]
193335030>let me take a five minute aside to explain to you why what you just watched is scientifically po…[View]
193340542where is the smol bocc and her friends going to?[View]
193335643>be a keyboardist in a schoolclub band >nice and soft girl that defuses all problems in the g…[View]
193339409Is Gon a dumbass?[View]
193338012How do people praise this garbage, again?[View]
193334114Tsugumomo really needs to end wth an harem end.[View]
193339112Everyday until DP confirmed Part 6[View]
193339346Why people hate this AOTY Anime: SOA is best anime in the world good story, good action, good chara…[View]
193333498One Punch Man: new chapter tomorrow https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/1174316533465542657…[View]
193329016Which sin would you commit? Left or Right?[View]
193338700Why she so serious ?: because she is gay ?[View]
193338435Clannad means family.[View]
193335454What was her problem?[View]
193338075What happens next?[View]
193338279Anon, where are you??[View]
193318804Cop Craft: >>193307344 >If you would have told me years ago that this is what you get when …[View]
193338076AAAAAHHHH why is he so HOT??! He's supposed to be just a little kid, and yet...[View]
193338061What was his problem?[View]
193337820Post keks: Canonical cuckolds thread. Post em.[View]
193309052Black Clover: It's queen of thorns' birthday, greet her while we wait for the leaks.…[View]
193335580No. 5: Was he in the right?[View]
193284522>be a shipgirl >engage in close quarters combat instead…[View]
1933214752019 is the year of Studio Pierrot's 40th Anniversary. Say something nice about them.[View]
193336329Hibike Euphonium: He should've ended with Hazuki instead.[View]
193337198Htpothethixwlly how would you react to waking up and seeing this?[View]
193306662Name a better anime moment[View]
193335009>The Official Manga for pedos into shotas and furries This manga is so blatant its not even funny…[View]
193330339So, is Kyo-Ani dead forever?[View]
193337091Tomorrow is the day, that the new chapter comes[View]
193330584Is it me or has the BNHA manga been hot garbage recently?: >Obvious spoiler warning for anyone wh…[View]
193327751Is there an anime more unanimously loved by /a/?[View]
193336399With hindsight, Erwin's plan to catch a sentient titan infiltrating military back in S1 was bor…[View]
193336750This is the genius responsible for two of the greatest anime of all time. Please say something nice …[View]
193333071Thread for Complex Anime & Manga: I'm tired of seeing posts about anime like One Piece, Bok…[View]
193336603Can I get natty like this by only playing children's card games?[View]
193289428AiFure and Prichan thread: It all began in '14 Kept on idle-ing in '15 Pieces were in plac…[View]
193336575Reminder that SSJ2 Gohan never killed a single Cell Jr. They all regenerated.[View]
193331797ITT : /a/ writes an anime a sentence or so at a time.: My name is Yashiro Kensuke and I was late for…[View]
193313967ITT: Manly deaths: Pic related[View]
193327662Cavalier of the abyss: Anybody read this? I just remembered I read this some years ago and in the la…[View]
193336177Why did he send a child to fight a monster he wasn’t even sure he -the strongest Human Nen user- cou…[View]
193328552itt: operator kino[View]
193334224I have already watched the first anime.[View]
193331109ITT: girls only (you) remember.[View]
193335633My affection for Sizilien went down a lot once I learned that she's spent her whole life turnin…[View]
193335103What is your favorite manga?[View]
193334571ITT:: Righteous couple[View]
193334066>We will never get an actual good anime with him >No Saver I miss you, Peacebro...…[View]
193310177Promare: Cam rip is out now Did Trigger save anime again?[View]
193330393Could he beat Endeavour?[View]
193302611Boku no Hero Academia: >Rapes his wife >Abuse his youngest >Burns his eldest >Neglects t…[View]
193322661>opening sung by LiSA[View]
193332136Alexander Senki: No one watched this masterpiece of literature and philosophy?[View]
193332972Itt Best ending of all time https://youtu.be/B2fF68sWh6U[View]
193331194Is any group translating this?: I have only been able to find 2 chapters[View]
193287258Hey jerkoff, I'm walkin' here![View]
193328350One Piece: This man is your friend. He fights for justice. Spoilers and Spoiler pics out.[View]
193333534Four Japanese publishers sue U.S. 'pirate' manga websites: >Four Japanese publishers ha…[View]
193333052shit anime Prove me wrong.[View]
193333347Just finished this... I'm not sure how I feel myself right now.[View]
193325916Kimetsu: Mu mu mu thread. Post your best Muichirou moments.[View]
193322082Can gundam be producted and used in the reality in the future?[View]
193333526Bandori Thread: Alisa China edition[View]
193316220It's pretty clear that BnHA is being set up as a long-running series to replace the void left b…[View]
193333311*ting ting ting ting ting* *ahem* I have a announcement to make.[View]
193326193Wait... Saber is: Gay ???[View]
193329337Would it be any better if it was made after the manga was finished?[View]
193329603Last year /a/non posted those thread to celebrate shonen jump 50 years annyversary. I lost my copy, …[View]
193327274Alright /a/ letd play a game.: I describe an anime and/or manga and you guys guess. I'll start.…[View]
193316849/a/ votes: Which was 2018 AOTY? Give a reason if you so desire. also, if your choice isn't avai…[View]
193330476I prefer the anime Serval's voice[View]
193332469I've read the manga + the extra chapters, watched the anime, watched the ONA, fapped to the hen…[View]
193327994I swear to god,if she NTRs the main character...[View]
193332859Who would win ?: Zenithu Vs Sakura[View]
193322991Shingeki no Kyojin: The Best Girl there is. The Best Girl there was. The Best Girl there ever will b…[View]
193330410What went wrong?[View]
193323990He's so unbelievably cool[View]
193306046Symphogear XV: Face it. this is never going to happen again.[View]
193331332Villains Thread: Whether they're Villains or >Villains, post them[View]
193302865What the fuck happened to ash during SM?[View]
193331744Fire Punch: Now that the ashes has settled. Who was in the wrong here?[View]
193332027Salam /a/. Rejoice, for tonight after 2 years a new flower has blossomed in my garden. Harem thread.[View]
193331922re zero: I miss this potato. Any updates by Tappei or is Subaru still stuck in arc 6?[View]
193324351*ruins a promising story*[View]
193318527>make demonic race >make them extremely attractive Why do japanese authors keep doing this? It…[View]
193331124Based on sales this is your new big 5 for anime / manga series. Say something nice about them.[View]
193330297yum! I just made this delicious meal. anyone want some?[View]
193330605>look for something to watch >download some random isekai anime >watch first episode >'h…[View]
193329574Name a better season.[View]
193330238Ain't love grand?[View]
193307767Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Reborn is shit, but it has some decent moments and some nice panels. Wanted …[View]
193328900How would you fix SHAFT?: When on earth can I stop waiting?[View]
193330839My Hero: Why do NPCs say it peaked with Kamino? All Might vs AFO was a standard battle of good and e…[View]
193331201Why All isekai anime is fucking shit?[View]
193330902Happy birthday to the GOAT VA A shame he can't do Kenshiro's voice anymore since every rep…[View]
193328750enter Chadren YeaGAR[View]
193327389What does /a/ of think of this pairing?[View]
193331128>tfw cant move on from anime and manga[View]
193326192Why do thief girls show their bellies?[View]
193330597This is Deku. He breaks the stereotype of boys don't cry. Say something nice about him.[View]
193328991>been publishing attack on titan every month without hiatus for ten years straight since he was 2…[View]
193325769Hairy anime gals. Only the canon ones.[View]
193291149Dragon Ball Super: I like Dragon Ball Super.[View]
193330383So what the fuck were they thinking when they decided it would be a good idea to kill Vyse?[View]
193329085Detective Conan: Can we fill this thread with nothing but Haibara?[View]
193318662ITT: Series that shows the couple fucking before series ended: I'll start[View]
193327054Samurai 8 Chapter 19: Daruma tries to find any info about Ryu's technique but can't seems …[View]
193325802JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: This guy is the best villain of all series, I can't believe peop…[View]
193308152Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 34[View]
193326844Why do still read wsj titles through speed scans?: Or atleast why don't you reread it on the of…[View]
193323891Have i met you somewhere before, anon?[View]
193327932>the show is called Samurai Champloo >none of the main characters is samurai…[View]
193320330Akihabara Fault: Should I read this?[View]
193327286Mitama Security: Is this the worst Jump series in the last 5 years? Damn they have never fucked up t…[View]
193324369APOSIMZ - Ningyou no kuni: Ok Nihei, you are probably baiting for readers, but you have my attention…[View]
193321714Him cut thread: What is the official definition of a hime cut? What are the boundaries of deviations…[View]
193328602These two share a body. What happens next?[View]
193322528NIGAI: NIGAI[View]
193321583ITT: high octane sluts[View]
193322970Kirei and Gilgamesh: I could listen to their conversations for hours without getting bored...[View]
193328346Isekai Cheat Magician: Anyone still watching this tripe? Maybe the King's younger brother will …[View]
193320926One Piece: aren't things going too fast?[View]
193328289Is there any other show about a female with such a clear, unequivocal worst girl as Tsubasa? >hum…[View]
193321465Would you a jewess?[View]
193327272wan wan I'm a neko[View]
193293722moshi moshi uma desu[View]
193322637Sakura eating a candy![View]
193327021heroines are shit. Here's the the actual best girl[View]
193302129name a better scene you can't[View]
193299515secret s/a/nta: Ready for some holiday magic? Where is S/a/ntaLoli? Is he ok? What are your expecta…[View]
193324652https://youtu.be/7NmtmA-Qoas >Combing his two signature moves >Flashbacks used well for once …[View]
193327884Carole & Tuesday: >yfw Angela comeback in the making[View]
193327814Gundam Seed the Movie: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-09-08/t.m-revolution-teases-gundam…[View]
193326594what kind of services does maid kotori provide?[View]
193313520Yuru Yuri: Mini Yuri to premier on youtube on 9/25 Will be a 4 episode series directed by Seiya Miya…[View]
193324052Should big, expressive eyes in anime make a comeback?[View]
193322388Cute boy![View]
193326706What's going to happen to Shiburin?[View]
193323933Shigaraki manga spoilers: So how exactly will they write a fight for him now? His only power is esse…[View]
193325813>'Nah, we don't want to fuse to beat Buu. We want to fight him to see the results of our tra…[View]
193324455This is Momo, she is a nice girl and a good friend. Say something nice about Momo.[View]
193321663Rokujouma: Yurika on the last page![View]
193323174What is the future of Shounen?: Series with traditional formulas like MHA and BC or will the 'g…[View]
193319501Spicy anime's, mangas, and VNs. Which one is the spiciest of them all?[View]
193320795>strongest primate high schooler what the fuck is this supposed to mean? Why cant they make a dec…[View]
193326506Tejina-senpai: and this is the 'Season 2 never' trick[View]
193325856is this manga as good as I hear?[View]
193323033Powerful image.[View]
193318411Kimetsu no Yaiba: Spoilers should be out soon.[View]
193308566Usogui: Thoughts on this manga? Im catching up with the releases and its rather fun, but I never see…[View]
193312156Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro: Or I swear to God, you'll regret it.[View]
193318895Do you like drawing anon?[View]
193314995Houseki No Kuni: Jesus christ. How does one character keep fucking up this badly for so long. Will s…[View]
193323332Takagi's been licensed, Uzaki's been licensed, Nagatoro's been licensed…now can Anjou…[View]
193315700yurucamp△: Are overalls comfy, especially in autumn and winter?[View]
193287234Black Lagoon: Third Barrage when? My heart is just dying to see this anime back.[View]
193325328ITT: Lolis of darkness[View]
193317941To You, The Immortal: He was a tumpr all along[View]
193325358She is good heroine ?: or...[View]
193325274How can Stinka even compete?[View]
193325229Why are these characters so godly?[View]
193325179I never understood why people are so much in love with Ririchiyo. She's not attractive at all.[View]
193316356What is a strong female character according to people who have an issue with female characters in an…[View]
193258705>get baited into watching this >first episode it shoujo trope shit already >romantic feelin…[View]
193299015Your superior says they've finally captured the enemy that killed everyone else in your unit. H…[View]
193320760ITT: God Tier opening: There's anything you want, anything at all... Come to me... I'll be…[View]
193319654Jujutsu Kaisen: Spoilers are out. Papa Megumi is alive and Geto seems is falling into deprivation…[View]
193317416Moomins is anime.[View]
193324199I know anime often have mary sue MCs where they are the most talented person ever and literally ever…[View]
193324571what do you think of the green haired autism witch? talking about her butt makes her uncomfortable s…[View]
193274874Tejina Senpai: The final episode will be airing later today.[View]
193315931This trash was 100% style over substance. Pure and utter trashy drivel with a story that makes Redli…[View]
193319549What's next for them?[View]
193320498One Piece: It's another exciting week of One Piece! Great happenings are occurring with Spoiler…[View]
193309260Krillin is now the best friend of the MC of the last series you watched/read. What changes?[View]
193324043Dr Hidaka: So... you're telling me... that Hidaka was a soulless automaton... and Bu-Chan was t…[View]
193283327Hajime no Ippo: It's out https://readms.net/r/hajime_no_ippo/1275/6181/1[View]
193309423Why does he use such a tiny weak gun?[View]
193315715Is anime... good?[View]
193323554Surprise: https://imgur.com/gallery/y4LBVzP[View]
193323701carole and tuesday Blu ray cover is sexy[View]
193322975I, Anon, am formally relinquishing my ownership of Makise kurisu.[View]
193323611This should have been the final crew size. If Oda was really itching for more diversity put Carrot i…[View]
193321350Say something nice about him[View]
193320088Berserk: Is there any point of reading berserk anymore? Miura is totally lose interest in berserk an…[View]
193250155Why weren't the Utawarerumono sequels not nearly as popular as the original?[View]
193323443Shonan Junai Gumi: I'm reading this manga (i'm at chapter 154) and Holy cow this scene is …[View]
193323314Dr. Stone ep 12 Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTtUISB_ikw Brap machine acquired.…[View]
193322713Anime or Manga for Black Lagoon: Which one is best to get into black lagoon? Anime or Manga?[View]
193309839Shingeki no Kyojin: Gabi says be happy.[View]
193323239Drinking Kirin Ichiban and watching Precure in Japan currently. Just spent a week in Akihabara and I…[View]
193319691What's your favourite thing to drink or eat while watching anime, /a/?[View]
193312494五等分の花嫁 / The Quintessential Quintuplets: Go5 Toubun no Hanayome >>193311892 >Spoilers out. …[View]
193322310I like the masculine girl[View]
193322322>Show is advertised as ecchi >Can't be bothered to show a single female nipple…[View]
193310848Muscular girls are ___[View]
193317918One Piece: Spoilers are coming out. Full translated chapter in the next 24 hours[View]
193321180What is the *least* pretentious anime ever made?[View]
193321515>2019 >the only anime that seems to be grabbing my attention anymore is isekai and ecchi shit …[View]
193316290Fat: What exactly is supposed to be attractive about Shirou? Why would anyone want his cock?[View]
193320097lol so randumb and quirky. dropped.[View]
193307299So are they basically a discount version of senjougahara x araragi?[View]
193311955I'm an animeonly and tell me mangafags, does ANYTHING happen soon? Nothing has happened for 5 e…[View]
193320436Zenitsu is such a bad character: Everyone hates him right? Goddamn worst character ever[View]
193314871who wins? hol horse has j geil and mista has gold experience infused bullets[View]
193308821Nukenai Seiken-chan 36: New chapter has come![View]
193321368new chapter when?[View]
193319690Ciel sure is hot.[View]
193278180why can't gyaru be real?[View]
193319462There's not enough lizardmen in anime/manga...[View]
193320544Is she the dumbest slut in anime history or are there competitors who can beat her?[View]
193321427>cucked by her best and only real friend >was probably her only shot at a 'normal' relationshi…[View]
193315739Besides Kirino Kousaka who else is waifu of the 2010 decade?[View]
193318575why do you watch anime /a/?[View]
193318571Is there any explanation as to why is his head so hard when head butting people/demons?[View]
193307949Don’t tell me you forgot her already?[View]
193318165Will uiharu be the next level 5?[View]
193314921Is Engaged to the Unidentified good?: Is it worth watching?[View]
193320710Kengan: I think we're getting some spoilers tonight.[View]
193248152Hensuki: New episode soon. Also Dog a best.[View]
193319683It's been more than a year since TG ended[View]
193315988Why did she drop the 'posed look' phrase? It was cute.[View]
193305426Goblin Slayer: Daikatana: What do you think of the new artist?[View]
193320294This is some bullshit.[View]
193314560What do you guys think of loli mommys?[View]
193319623what a shitty dad. why even pretend to be there for her?[View]
193320022Nukenai Seiken-chan: Wait, I thought Imperials were suppose to be rare but this chapter revealed the…[View]
193318832>Your Amazon.co.jp order of “妹さえいればいい。 (13) (ガガガ文庫 ひ 4-13)” has shipped Fuck yeah I'm so rea…[View]
193320068Kono Thorfinn Da[View]
193319738Just bros things.[View]
193319856Would you a spider?[View]
193317981Gumdam thread: What's the reason fans like to said that heero and relena are a psycho couple co…[View]
193311923Review: Just got back from seeing this in the theater. There was some stuff I liked. There was a lot…[View]
193315379Just in case you havent been told by anyone today. You are a true blessing on someone's life.. …[View]
193307421For me it's GOHANDS[View]
193315923Life lessons you've learned from anime/manga. A bitch with big boobs is still a bitch. Personal…[View]
193297362Lunar Legend Tsukihime Vol.01: Before the board is completely overtaken by Fate and FGO next season,…[View]
193308460*AHEM* DEKU'S A BITCH[View]
193315618Weathering with You: I watched this 5 times and cried every single time. What the fuck is wrong with…[View]
193280917Does she actually contribute anything to the story or does she only exist to serve as a womb to prod…[View]
193300325camrips when?[View]
193310093Would you vote for funny valentine for president?: *I'D* vote for funny valentine for president…[View]
193306367Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu![View]
193292434So what's the consensus on this seven quirks business? Does anyone actually like it? Isn't…[View]
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193313526fall 2019: Are you guys ready for another shitty season with nothing worth watching?[View]
193318546ITT: Characters that only women understand[View]
193313610would you be able to defeat the sailor moon scouts?[View]
193305227Why do Americans like the Cell Arc when it's the worst written arc of Z?[View]
193305081Did you feel sorry for him in his final moments?[View]
193307953How did he end up being more one-dimensional than Goku and Naruto?[View]
193309023Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! raws: This time will be a double chapter dump since I forgot to dump th…[View]
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193308042OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH >It seems that Slayers Volume 17 will be pre-published in the …[View]
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193305735Why didn't Kishimoto killed her off? His editors told him to but he refused to listen to them. …[View]
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193302641Asspulls: Post annoyingly stupid asspulls.[View]
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193305824Are japanese men really that insecure about their height that they wouldnt date a tall woman?[View]
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193313448With Black Clover anime success what the chance we have another long run shonen anime?[View]
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193314862New chapter of edgy revenge hero is out[View]
193312543what's she thingken[View]
193315983ore twintail ni narimasu: First Twoearle, now Aika, will it go harem ending?[View]
193313628Is it true that one of you is dating Shinka?[View]
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193311019Do people really find this an acceptable motivation?[View]
193299310Why has Japan abandoned us? Where are our well animated battle harem high school anime adaptations w…[View]
193314889You don't frighten us, English pig-dogs! ---Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person. I…[View]
193315359>making demons seem like a mysterious, ubiquitous force of nature >then suddenly making the so…[View]
193280040What's with all the 'Villainess' isekai coming out lately?[View]
193312676What, in your opinion, is the best precure ship? mine is Rikka and Ira[View]
193315000Masked anime girls are hot, desu.[View]
193304076'That girl is pregnant.'[View]
193314188Just bought these Alita manga cause they were really cheap, what am I in for?[View]
193312415Space Dandy thread is a dandy thread... on /a/.[View]
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193311472Yuyushiki: It's a yuyushiki thread, Heil Yui[View]
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193312096Is Saber gay in the UBW route?[View]
193310835Is ASTA the biggest role model in anime? The whole series is about hard work paying off.[View]
193282975Why isn't there a 'Cute Couples Doing Cute Things' genre?[View]
193312602You now remember Aldonah Zero.[View]
193309993what if the series ended like this?[View]
193311017Name a bigger casual filter.[View]
193306685The indisputable best hairstyle is ponytail with bangs and sidelocks. You can't refute this.[View]
193312294One Piece: It's another exciting week! Spoilers and spoiler pics out, Chapters out in approxima…[View]
193284425Sounan desu ka?: Last episode soon.[View]
193306759Bakemonogatari 60: By Oh! Great and Nisioisin[View]
193291248GATE: There wasn't any need for them to be attacked here. Rory would probably have still slept …[View]
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193303220one piece: spoilers tonight, wooooo[View]
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193309131Erwin: Erwin https://youtu.be/TzpsfYA4FdQ[View]
193309883Watched this. It was alright. Pretty subdued by SHAFT standards. I watched it dubbed because I prefe…[View]
193311207Which anime characters do you think have huge/small penises? I'm thinking Crona is packing at l…[View]
193312044>Kabane expert: The Kabane are drawn to the castle. Something or someone is summoning them. >M…[View]
193274214“The king does not understand the hearts of men—————”[View]
193311883Worst grill: Is this the worst girl in history, /a/?[View]
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193237523ITT: Characters canonically DESIGNED to Breed[View]
193290981This ''''''''''guy'''''''' comes up and slaps your waifu's ass wat do?[View]

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