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215270695Kengan Omega: Is Samato going to destroy Raian?[View]
215260793Top ot Bottom?[View]
215244891Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Who's your favorite angel?[View]
215263907Why would a grown ass man watch this today and enjoy it?[View]
215269125What's the more normalfag teen bait anime this or snk?[View]
215258527Boku no Hero Academia: Who should be the actual main villain between these two?[View]
215265485Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: How do you stop the te/a/rs ?[View]
215270064JoJo part4: Well that was mediocre. It started out with stand of the week for a while, introduced Ki…[View]
215269390People are acting like the Survey Corps never would have killed civilians before, but forget the Sto…[View]
215267973I hear she's looking for a new challenge.[View]
215257588Mushoku Tensei: Didn't know there exists a Sieg Arc. Holy fuck I finally understand what Hitoga…[View]
215266904oh yeah?: why do isekais either start off good and become shit or are consistently good but take lit…[View]
215256847New info about One Punch Man's Creator ONE: He has revealed in a new interview that he has been…[View]
215265445Creepy anime MCs: What was the deal with that anime with the undefeatable rapist MC? It was a some k…[View]
215269708Give me characters with deadpan looking eyes.[View]
215269671I am jamming to the Monsuno theme right now. Anyone else care for this bizarre show?[View]
215269659ITT: Post girls/boys who won[View]
215266014Toriyama went as far as making his manga 'serious' for a moment and giving actual characte…[View]
215267666Why did season 4 suck? Does it get better?[View]
215091025>His favorite one cour show hasn't used crowdfunding and tax fraud to fund additional anime …[View]
215256652Wonder Egg Priority ep. 3: Because she's worth it.[View]
215246868would it be gay to fuck him in girl form?[View]
215261398begin the death fo... I mean the Rumbling haha[View]
215258950He carries Re:zero and you know it.[View]
215262600ʰᵃᵏᵘᵐᵉᶦ ᵗᵒ ᵐᶦᵏᵒᶜʰᶦ: I can't believe they are dead[View]
215267292I'm so confused on life: Ok /a/ why is this one of my favorite anime/manga ever I honestly can…[View]
215263992Frieren at the Funeral: Is it good? art is isekai #9999 tier[View]
215261251Chion: Hiruma's so fucking cute.[View]
215259901ITT: Low value anime girls the average anon has a chance with[View]
215267617Has any of her successors surpassed her yet?[View]
215256494I keep thinking about putting Eva above Hunter x Hunter but then I remember this scene exists.[View]
215261781Seishokuki: Why did translation for this stop? This manga is more fappable than R-18 manga and has s…[View]
215250064bookworm: why was she so smug[View]
215252566Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Can somebody please explain to me what the story is fucking supposed to b…[View]
215260995Shingeki no Kyojin: EH reveal in 3 chapters.[View]
215254418Why are there so many people contantly complaining about how most protagonists are teenagers? Nobod…[View]
215266188Wonder Egg Priority: What the fuck? Does Otto Ai have selective memory or something? No you wouldn…[View]
215266161kino of the highest order[View]
215245815So is this shit being good just a meme or what? >inb4 filtered[View]
215255318How does /a/ feel about a tanned loli sniper maid chef robot who travels with a talking robot dog wi…[View]
215264496What are your thoughts and feelings on Rinku Aimoto?[View]
215258417Juubee-chan: > good direction > good animation > good comedy > good rhythm > good scr…[View]
215226059When does this stop being boring?[View]
215261008Last week she was stripping naked and now this. Best girl of the season.[View]
215265217Say what you want about Naruto but at least you gotta admit that the girls are top tier[View]
215264975R. Dorothy Wayneright[View]
215263032>female mc works too hard she either feints or get sick, male mc takes care of her How come no on…[View]
215264549What do they call it when the dialogue is smooth? Like in rezero, konosuba and black clover[View]
215257752ITT anime that pretend to be made for females but are very obviously targeted toward males. > yur…[View]
215264485When will Jahy get her anime?[View]
215186044Why do we love short girls with huge breasts?[View]
215261610Thoughts on this cute boy?[View]
215260199[chair clattering][View]
215259647>fell off Oricon top 50 in week 3 W-what happened? Did it run out of stock?…[View]
215258948>Karen Araragi is 170cm >Koyomi Araragi is 165cm How…[View]
215258542Is kemono jihen worth watching? I'm watching mushoku tensei, sk8 and wonderegg this season.[View]
215254320This is Japanese Spider-Man.[View]
215255535One Piece: Chapter 1002 spoilers are out[View]
215260498Best horror anime. Best gore anime. Best esper anime. Best sisters anime. Why haven't you taken…[View]
215257087Redo of a healer: Where my healerfags at?[View]
215250194hack//SIGN: Why does this anime make me so fucking depressed? It's extremely nostalgic, like a …[View]
215253435Kakegurui: Is this worth watching/reading?[View]
215258919Case 4 was pretty disappointing.[View]
215262516Kengan omega: When will we get a flashback of koga touching carlos?[View]
215242929is Death Note really THAT good? I don't understand why people shit their pants over this like i…[View]
215254564This is my favorite ED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3VJyoKWFZA[View]
215259487Dead Elf Thread: In the nights, dream delight... I want to see you smile again...[View]
215255637But seriously though, what DID he do wrong?[View]
215254132What did you start doing because of anime? For me it's pushing my glasses up like Gendo and pla…[View]
215262415i rabu anime[View]
215249267Dragon Ball Super: Are you ready for more Toyokino?[View]
215253903What kind of character arch is this?[View]
215262097>its an anime based on a Video game[View]
215262137Roses are red Storm clouds are gloomy SK8 is gay Because it's directed by Utsumi[View]
215254359Are there any anime where the worldbuilding even comes close to the autistic worldbuilding of LOGH?[View]
215261922Ballroom e Youkoso: Is the Mangaka still alive?[View]
215255793Dont mind me, just dropping the greatest anime movie of all time onto your Mongolian basket weaving …[View]
215237163Azumanga Daioh: Wash your hands, anon.[View]
215250426Shadowverse Episode 40: It's time for the last Alice episode.[View]
215258564Love Live: Has Azuna been saved? https://youtu.be/YvXDaBqd63U[View]
215256507over 150,000 dead.[View]
215252825Shingeki no Kyojin: Now we know her name was Lara Tybur. You think MAPPA will give a name to Farmer?…[View]
215257403Are colored eyes the easiest gimmick to give a manga soul? I always really enjoy it when a romcom in…[View]
215256201Wonder Egg Priority: What did we think of the new egg, /a/?[View]
215252564Who is the best unconventional winner of all time?[View]
215259639LLENN is the best small character in anime. You know I'm right.[View]
215239984'Attack on Titan' name: From my basic understanding of taking 10 courses on Pimsleur: Shingeki means…[View]
215258744Goku was right to stay dead. When he was dead, nothing bad happened. As soon as he came back things …[View]
215229507Re:Zero: Anon, you're Subaru! Quick! Say something nice to her! She's going to kill you. W…[View]
215258229Do you think anyone of the alliance will defect to Eren's side?: I have a feeling that Mikasa w…[View]
215254556bakemonogatari: I just started this, i like the visuals but i feel like they're just making up …[View]
215209058Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Today is Minato Namikaze's birthday AKA best Father, Hokage, a…[View]
215247829BLAME!: How can this manga be praised for its art? It looks like absolute shit.[View]
215243616name one anime/manga that starts bad and then become a masterpiece[View]
215259724How come we never got more Ranma films and OVAS?: Also, why is it so popular in Mexico?[View]
215252918what did osaka see, anon?[View]
215259624A certain cute and perverted old man: Why did his personality change so drastically after turning in…[View]
215259571>a guy with half his face burned and a hole in his head looks positively beautiful The wonders of…[View]
215257312Who the fuck just runs up to a guy and cut him up out of nowhere and in the open like that? What do …[View]
215253955What do you guys think about Bakuman? I feel like I never see it mentioned here other than in Death …[View]
215251116Sakuragi Matsuri (age: 11) is a character from the manga and anime series Ichigo Mashimaro.[View]
215252341Is Hange right? what would some of the dead Shingeki no Kyogin have thought of the Rumbling? >Erw…[View]
215256092Will you open the door?[View]
215254493Help me, /a/, I am tired of this succubus draining my life force away for almost a decade now.[View]
215230430Boku no hero academia: Deku going VENOM over Bakugo was the peak of the last arc, anyone who disagre…[View]
215256253Log Horizon: Daily reminder that if you are not in love with Takayama Misa then you don't have …[View]
215227692Are double layer bikini real or just anime meme?[View]
215225930One Piece: When did One Piece overstay its welcome for you, /a/? Right now it's a shell of its …[View]
215249749Whassap anon, what are you up to?[View]
215249097Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Say something nice about the best shounen of 2020.[View]
215255219Isn't the way she lets Ui babysit her and fix all her mistakes a bit insensitive?[View]
215253217Does /a/ like ancient Japan Kamen rider?: Thank /a/non for introduce me to this series. great read. …[View]
215255911How loose is you're waifu's glove?[View]
215153391I'm having monster girl withdrawal: I'm having serious monster girl withdrawal. Anything b…[View]
215204784Jujutsu Kaisen: Preview for the next episode: https://jujutsukaisen.jp/episodes/16.php Looks like it…[View]
215236279Now that the dust has settled, did she deserve it[View]
215250832I just finished watching the Violet Evergarden movie on a fucking camrip but god damn was it good. T…[View]
215236562Hataraku Saibou: Platelets or Bitchlets?[View]
215256346Yuki Nagato have a serious question for you: >So /a/, why are there no gay and lesbian friends in…[View]
215238651Wonder Egg Priority: Another eggscellent episode today[View]
215228294How much anime can you/do you watch in one sitting?[View]
215253550If you reject your little sister, she'll start drinking[View]
215253222>power levels Is there anything worse >reduces power down to math >is always there to subv…[View]
215249710is there somewhere maybe fan made colored version of last ep?[View]
215256009Where's my Nerv crew spinoff Anno?[View]
215253502KEMONO JIHEN: How are you enjoying this shota/loli/milf/dilf/furry fetish fuel show? For me, this In…[View]
215226780Do you guys buy physical manga and/or light novel? Are physical collections out dated now?[View]
215249040Herro eberynyan![View]
215250626>romantic or lewd scene >fast forward[View]
215250648One Piece Chapter 1002 Spoilers: - Chapter 1,002: 'Yonkou Vs. New generation' - Kaido uses a new att…[View]
215254296jojolion: what the fuck is our guy doing, jobinbros?[View]
215249211shingeki no kyojin: >hannes dead >eren laughed >sasha dead >eren laughed is he a psychop…[View]
215228594What an piece of shit. >rapes a teenage girl >cheats on his wife >hits his young son not on…[View]
215251845has the pervy old man character ever gotten the bitches he deserves?[View]
215250041Uma Musume: What did she mean by this?[View]
215183421Kengan omega: Raian will lose[View]
215218710What's the big deal with this manga? Is it only because the MC is a dark skinned demon cat loli…[View]
215249659I love this little retard like you wouldn't believe[View]
215250922>Character has a elemental manipulation power[View]
215248526what a creep[View]
215253048Just found this manga and damn it’s pretty good. Why wasn’t there a anime for it?[View]
215253431There is nothing better for a 12 year old than a shounen: Prove me wrong[View]
215249232People thought redo of healer is fucked up man you guys should check out dead tube shit is bad shit …[View]
215243836God, just IMAGINE getting to be her closet[View]
215247920The Author is a hack, and EP1 makes no sense. There's no way a little is this smart and cunning…[View]
215247730Sent to another world with only an electric vibrator! - isekai thread: When did it go wrong with ise…[View]
215247506Nanoha and Nanoha A: >loli Nanoha and Fate Nanoha StrikerS: >adult Nanoha and Fate with weird …[View]
215245304I think sorachis storytelling is great[View]
215251446Zettai Ryouiki thread: Post your favorites here my fellow anons[View]
215245880>muh rassismus dropped harder than a fag from a roof top What's this anyway? Did Varg Vikern…[View]
215250949Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Season: What does japan think of this Season?[View]
215246469JoJo Diamond is Filler: so i've been marathoning the jojo series for the first time, im current…[View]
215253035Who TF holds a gun like this[View]
215172307Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その310 「んっ…んんんん…っ//////」[View]
215250844the original webcomic is so much more enjoyable.[View]
215222139Jujutsu Kaisen has reached 25.000.000 copies in circulation.[View]
215249613I watched all of endless 8 /a/[View]
215250520Why do terrible series always have the best looking girls?[View]
215251119Tsutomu Mizushima: secretly the best director in the industry[View]
215190138Tatoeba Last Dungeon Mae no Mura no Shounen ga Joban no Machi de Kurasu Youna Monogatari: New episod…[View]
215236644Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Gou: Why is he so perfect? Not counting the console sprite.[View]
215247365What are your thoughts on 2010s mecha anime?[View]
215238744Post the most generic anime you've seen, the kind that's enjoyable to virgin eyes but garn…[View]
215214841Precure Thread: Cure Summer (CV: Fairouz Ai) Laura (CV: Hidaka Rina) Magazine scan leaks in the next…[View]
215251445>Kagome and Kikyo smell different. >Koga is very familiar with Kagome's scent. >Fami…[View]
215244915Kingdom is really just a worse Naruto now. https://manatoki95.net/comic/6555498[View]
215250782Kaiji: Holy shit this arc is starting to get good[View]
215248233I don't just like Saber, I LOVE SABER. I love Lancer Saber. I love Archer Saber. I love Caster …[View]
215244631Why did MAPPA made Piek perfect?[View]
215207154>Konosuba has been officially dead for 11 days Say something nice about it…[View]
215173052Aikatsu Planet, Prichan and Mewkledreamy: Say something nice about Dorothy West![View]
215248421Still nothing compares[View]
2152484495toubun no hanayome: How will they animate this scene without immediately giving away the disguise?…[View]
215193556Jojolion: Is he really the main antagonist of Part 8?[View]
215249941Saotome Senshuu: >we'll never get to see them fuck I will never forgive the Japanese…[View]
215242787Shingeki no Kyojin: How did we go from this...[View]
215244572One Piece: Biggest disappointments of Wano? >No enemy samurai[View]
215244033Shingeki no Kyojin S4: The final season is so bad the director needs to blatantly plagiarize Eva to …[View]
215246331Ganbare Cucki Chan: It's over, fellas[View]
215249463Where can I find this webtoon for free ?: By any chance do you have a link for an english version ? …[View]
215194803Oshi no ko 32 kr scans: Memcho a cute[View]
215159195What's a trend in anime that needs to die? I'll start: the entire isekai genre needs to be…[View]
215223350One Punch Man: I don't want to cause any alarm, but I do believe that Sweet Mask may in fact NO…[View]
215248645Why would they do this?[View]
215247623If it didn't have the four-year gap how many more copies would the manga have sold?[View]
215225345Dragon Ball Super: They're doing a good job expanding the lore and universe of Dragon Ball righ…[View]
215235740Battle Shonen like JJK and KNY where male MCs get brutally beaten up in fights have a large female f…[View]
215188310Kanojo, Okarishimasu: https://manatoki95.net/comic/6548267 Korean scans just got released.…[View]
215239599Is Ayumu from Love Live a yandere?[View]
215249008Metamorphose no Engawa: Are fujos based?[View]
215247191A season 2: will it every happen or is this wishful thinking...[View]
215245583Will we get a show with as much thigh fan service as Aiura ever again?[View]
215201254100 Kanojo: chapter 46 (korean)[View]
215248293Why are dykes like this?[View]
215244588I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Why did you …[View]
215246869Why is everybody in this show a fucking ninja?[View]
215247328What is the best RAGE powerup in anime and why is it SSJ2?[View]
215237766Obscure Waifu Thread: Post girls that no one else ever claims.[View]
215239008>ITT: spooky moments from non-horror manga[View]
215236399what chapters are you looking forward for season 2? any that involve Tohru for me because she'…[View]
215241417Why did they decide to just use a completely different storyline instead of just waiting for the man…[View]
215245546Which one has the best swimsuit?[View]
215248201When will there be a new series?[View]
215247706Have you ever been spoiled on a anime?[View]
215247694How will it end?[View]
215228528Which Z fighter has the best wife?[View]
215240554Is Araki's art really evolving, or degrading?[View]
215240048Stop staring and kiss it already[View]
215246958>remains a manchild in his 70s >because of him his daughter is an enabler and the reason for J…[View]
215247632>Kagome and Kikyo smell different. >Koga is very familiar with Kagome's scent. >Fami…[View]
215247174JoJo: Whos hamon is stronger?[View]
215235450ITT: Anime you just know are getting announced soon. Starting with this one[View]
215238792So how do we make her canon?[View]
215238860Yeah, peace peace[View]
215244859Rinku loves talking on the phone. This is oddly girly considering that she's a tomboy.[View]
215245317Kowloon Generic Romance: Can you explain this scene to me? The nobody coworker was supposed to be ru…[View]
215238035Post peak designs[View]
215245385I came for romcom hijinks and got an instruction manual for cosplay and makeup.[View]
215246833>that manga you were reading gets VIZ'd off the face of the internet…[View]
215245214Purupuru pururin, Pururin Purupuru pururin Puru Pururin Purupuru pururin Pururin[View]
215243032How would you fix SHAFT?[View]
215228383what did they do[View]
215246780>single-handedly BTFOs MAPPA[View]
215243603Watching Nisemonogatari for the first time now and is this guy Jewish? His theme reminds me of Hava …[View]
215245968Character designs that say 'We want the western audience'[View]
215243367I'm reading through Berserk for the first time and I really enjoyed it until I got to the Falco…[View]
215234193Hinowa ga yuku: New chapter is out.[View]
215185719why does uncle keep losing to her?: she's useless but keeps kicking his ass[View]
215237592Find a flaw.[View]
215238835Princess tutu: Just started this... very highly rated Is it that good?[View]
215242134Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Season: There's no need to fit in this looks alright. It's not p…[View]
215236931What made it so good?[View]
215234555Historical manga and anime: Let’s talk about the best and most underrated genre. Why do historical …[View]
215244943ITT: Villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and arguably better than the hero's[View]
215230927What percent of the world has Eren killed with the rumbling by now?[View]
215238389Introducing Boruto lost brother[View]
215238954Shingeki no Kyojin: Only 2 weeks for GODholt's glorious return. Eren is a dead man, because hur…[View]
215236340Why didn't he just stay in formation[View]
215241273Why does Shinji rejected Misato? Was he homosexual?[View]
215244929...Ragna the Bloodedge, win![View]
215238961One Piece: Garp just sat down in the middle chair because he wanted to right? It doesn't mean a…[View]
215172141Uma Musume Pretty Derby: What do you think do Teio's pits smell like?[View]
215113937Yashahime: Moroha episode? Let's talk about Setsuna's legs.[View]
215243894An unfinished short story adapt by Studio Ghibli, direct by Goro Miyazaki. > can use cgi to creat…[View]
215239847Levi is /myboy/[View]
215239318Is Kerberos Panzer Cop obscure or forgotten? I never see it discussed here, and none of the people I…[View]
215216004Is there any reason to even keep watching?: He fucked the bratty hot princess; Mission Accomplished.…[View]
215240625What would getting a blowjob from Pieck in Cart Titan form be like?[View]
215193202Why is there no manga from the fathers perspective about raising a lesbian daughter?[View]
215239777How can only other anime girl hope to compete against someone so perfect?[View]
215239955Why did Brotherhood butcher and tone down the most brutal and thought provoking part of the FMA mang…[View]
215241716Post faces of Greasy Tomoko[View]
215242364Jojolion: Never before have I related so much with a chad[View]
215222071Chapter 39 is out boys, jump into the abyss >Stop sticking your dick in crazy edition…[View]
215236718MR BROSNAN NO[View]
215242749>12 days since 3.0+1.0 got delayed (again)[View]
215241186I know it's called 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure' but I really wanted more Lisa Lisa. Why coul…[View]
215231395What are your thoughts on colored manga?[View]
215242126Chaika on the front page![View]
215239284I just start watching LOGH under it's Japanese name on youtube, and the video catalog was poste…[View]
215173482Kaifuku Jutsushi: What's his plan after he gets his revenge? Will he even complete it? Just a f…[View]
215224997Okaa-san Online: >get BD >only uncensored tits are the ones from the bitch that is flat as a …[View]
215151134ITT: Budding characters or small characters: Extra point if they are main characters as well.[View]
215235463can you guess the anime? prove you are oldfag[View]
215232975BLEACH: Will the TYBW anime deliver on the OST, OPs and EDs? Will they bring back Shirou Sagisu as t…[View]
215238167This will never be boring.[View]
215241054here's your new astolfo bro[View]
215227072Post god-tier anime OST: https://youtube.com/watch?v=eNbcKZwXjpY https://youtube.com/watch?v=O_49H_N…[View]
215239992>guy with a desire to wanna dram gag manga >forced by loathsome public to continue his transp…[View]
215234608when the FUCK is season 2[View]
215238480Mushoku Tensei: Redundancy chapters are not that bad after all. The only problem I had was why Aisa …[View]
215236764Who would win?[View]
215229560I literally cannot read a romance manga or watch a romance anime without getting the feeling of want…[View]
215240927Nips are mad about Slam Dunk made copies from NBA photos: Holy shit, the Nips are mad and bitching a…[View]
215238426Best animanga arcs?[View]
215238949Watch out /a/! Umaru's here to collect some (you)s![View]
215233124BERSERK: Let's get a comfy Berserk thread going.[View]
215240392Imoutos are superior[View]
215240548Out of jumps current roster which has your favorite art style?: For me It's JJK, looks sketchy …[View]
215185205Evangelion Thread: >2 days since evangelion 3.0+1.0 Its just like 3.0.... peak kino anons...…[View]
215237634Out of all the Jojos and out of all the characters in anime/manga history, Johnny Joestar is my unir…[View]
215239749If your favorite Pokemon is called out, you have to go to sleep... Absol[View]
215239341Redo Healer made me think: Are there any other non-hentai animes that show Semen?[View]
215233656ITT: Anime girls MADE for defeat.[View]
215238853What does it mean when a director 'deconstructs' a genre or a cliche?[View]
215224467Where's my femdom friends?: What did you think of this? Anything top it?[View]
215237363Asobi asobase: Season 2 when?[View]
215239441Back Arrow: What are your thoughts on Back Arrow so far?[View]
215227059One Piece: Hey need help that i couldn't find out there How come some characters have horns? su…[View]
215229496Shingeki No Kyojin Season 4: I prefer stiff 3d animations that have volume and depth over a 2d scena…[View]
215163977Wonder Egg Priority: Look at this picture.[View]
215236659Sousei No Taiga: bruh,Hitler didnt kill himself he went to isekai[View]
215203359Dragon Ball Super: How are Animefags going to react at Goku not being scared of needles?[View]
215206861The nu-shonen protagonist: >Complete lack of motivation or drive, just passively reacts to everyt…[View]
2152366955-toubun no Hanayome: ninibros... perhaps we got too cocky?[View]
215237969Shit tier anime thread.[View]
215225424Nagatoro: Who will win the tournament arc? https://mangadex.org/chapter/1183946/1[View]
215233703Steins;Gate: https://youtu.be/GpovDdSC8Po Anyone else think this scene was done better in the anime?…[View]
215236015AME WA[View]
215219350Which anime/manga is the closest to being universally liked on /a/? By universally liked, I mean hav…[View]
215237404Hey a just started gintama: >collects debts >business man Is he supposed to be a jew?…[View]
215237735Why are Elves such a disrespected race in anime?[View]
215201993It's over. She's thin now[View]
215237337/g/ got it right, Kirino > Kuroneko > shit >what's her name bitch[View]
215237311Sk8 infinity: If he is half Canadian why is his last name Japanese? Is his mom really Japanese? Is l…[View]
215237171what did she mean by this?[View]
215233641Cinegrid thread[View]
215146494There needs to be more anime girls that shamelessly and casually be naked[View]
215235080Idols are cute, let's appreciate idols ITT[View]
215210146>110 Episodes help...[View]
215236778TFW you will never live as a yuri love interest in the japanese country side[View]
215231833Does even 1 anime or manga exist in the Space Opera genre? One with lots of aliens like Star Wars, S…[View]
215213651Kaguya Manga: >4 pages Meh, I want more wholesome IshiGuya interactions…[View]
215235755Merchant meats spicy wolf.[View]
215236309What other GAR anime have GAR in the title?[View]
215235069Best Selling Volume 1 of 2020 | Weekly Shonen Jump & Jump+ Titles: KAIJU U B O[View]
215230817>that one time when my manga got animated >anon replied to me >he even remembered my name!…[View]
215232022Anything else as good as this ?[View]
215234854>girl walks up to you and says this What do?[View]
215235665>Me Age 10 >Why is Vegeta angry? He has a wife and kid? >Me Age 26 >I now understand…[View]
215231248Let us all worship our big booty goddess Ishtar[View]
215227468Finally going to pick this up, what am I in for?[View]
215236284What If...: So, what happens if Floch just tosses Gabi and Falco off the airship? How badly do thing…[View]
215235416He deserved better.[View]
215213128what did she taste like?[View]
215221205Will it be as big a flop as the game?[View]
215235099>beta mc >but has all the powers >and huge harem yeah, modern anime is garbage take me back…[View]
215225050How the fuck has Jump not cancelled Black Clover yet? 6 years and 27 volume releases later and it…[View]
215226199Violet Evergarden was boring. Just like most kyoani shows. Look great, boring premise and characters[View]
215222812Which of these other shounen protagonists would activate the rumbling if they were in Eren's sh…[View]
215235345Looking for anime like pic related. Subtle melancholy anime where the plot isn't spoonfed to yo…[View]
215234647did you like it?[View]
215226504That Red Orb: What's up with the orb inside Ainz torso? I'm not too far into the series so…[View]
215228645JAPAN SINKS 2020: It was pretty based until they got to the goofy cult and then it took a nosedive w…[View]
215228448Matsuri is brainless![View]
215233898>*revives the hype*[View]
215222558What do we think of Matsui-sensei (Neuro, Ass Class) new manga series?[View]
215188297A Couple of Cuckoos: New chapter tomorrow. Hiro discovers Nagi and Erika are living together[View]
215235002Is Kinnikuman too old for the current generation?[View]
215235246Bros, what is she talking about[View]
215235094When does it git good?[View]
215230288Ghost Reaper Girl: and Shogy. >Tekeli...li![View]
215215335Higurashi Gou: God is a girl[View]
215232023Redo of Healer: Reminder that if you watch this shit and similar shows like Ishuzoku Reviewers, then…[View]
215233397Beastars Episode 15: Video: https://mega.nz/file/cRtyCKwR#V3wOLQ69C_NEFL1clu60KY2z99EagNIGLzEe-qGGr2…[View]
215225632Is Boruto any good?: I binge watched the entirety of Naruto back in the summer of 2016, right before…[View]
215233856Will the otome genre be what finally ends shitty power fantasy isekai?[View]
215205399Bakemonogatari Storytime Vol.4: You always wanted to get into the franchise but never could because …[View]
215233886Ok so I dont read much manga but why would Oda put a line over the art?: What's the point of fr…[View]
215233806Shingeki no Kyojin Final season: yo[View]
215232313I want to fuck that ant.[View]
215233213Can we have another Goblin Slayer thread? The last one was already on bump limit when I saw it.[View]
21521964525 year old watching 'classic' anime's for the first time. Finally saw Neon Genesis Evangelion,…[View]
215229610>Kanako's target this time is yet another shitlord who's spouting problematic opinions …[View]
215226055*becomes the canon couple*[View]
215223637One Punch Man: >play shounen tropes 99% straight but with added gags >is treated as an epic de…[View]
215227123I think GT's Goku is the best Goku design.[View]
215234031What do you think about buddha and his change of side? Do you think two new characters will be added…[View]
2152339085Toubun no Hanayome: How will the anime adapt this scene? The chapter in which Fuutarou says that ph…[View]
215232833'Tis Time for Torture, Princess: Is this JC or JK Torture?[View]
215220479Shingeki no Kyojin S4: Thanks based MAPPA for fixing my tomboy wife[View]
215232201Dragon Ball GT: Which person working at Toei made so much of the focus on her? Someone clearly had a…[View]
215217722ITT : low iq hotties[View]
215230801Sleepy Princess in Demon Castle: Is this the sexiest loli shot ever?[View]
215224278Will she ever come back?[View]
215217508ITT: characters who canonically touch themselves[View]
215233218ITT: Deep Symbolism[View]
215230836Is pic related good? What am i in for?[View]
215232143What did I just watch?[View]
215232415Who are some other anime girls that lounge and walk around in their underwear without shame?[View]
215233084I love Ciel.[View]
215233081I like him. He was a cool protagonist. Also, mechanical arms are cool even if they suffer from extre…[View]
215224870Sailor Moon: Show me your taste /a/ https://tiermaker.com/create/sailor-moon-protagonistas-129229…[View]
215223309ITT: post favorite shonen antagonists[View]
215228469how about a monster-girl series where the monster-girls actually act like the monsters they are? not…[View]
215223900Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 22[View]
215227975ITT: Unexpected crossovers: I'll start[View]
215232402Sousei no Taiga: Ok, this is unironically based.[View]
215230690Chainsaw Man: I think it goes underappreciated the depth of Denji's depravity and perhaps how s…[View]
215229922We can agree on this right?[View]
215232331do they fuck[View]
215147189Is she going to get an anime? Also gyaru thread I guess.[View]
215232051So you have already discussed your favourite genres before But what about what genres do you like th…[View]
215230798Sk8 infinity: Who is best girl?[View]
215229479What do you look for in a 10/10 anime/manga[View]
215231837ITT: We post QUALITY[View]
215231045Only the most Kino of Op and ed's: Good visuals/Symbolism heavily appreciated If it gives you g…[View]
215202398Drop your osakas[View]
215223041>there are people on /a/ right now that thought this show was good[View]
215230525>he thinks Berserk went bad.[View]
215230198I just love used goods. The author said it might actually go for a bad ending. Odd for such a lighth…[View]
215201030Sister hypno fetish manga chapter 3: Here's my favorite trash with a new chapter[View]
215191748Are vampires marriage material?[View]
215197611Goblin Slayer 056 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer 056 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Emp…[View]
215190627Urasekai Picnic: What is going on with this show?[View]
215230365I only watched this show for the hot lesbians[View]
215229910Marco thread: Why on Earth is it still not on blu-ray yet?[View]
215228445What's up with her and that smugness?[View]
215229607Phantom Seer: What's its ceiling of popularity gonna be?[View]
215217025why are woman with ribbons the best?[View]
215230155why do the japs love baseball so much? they have like a zillion mangas[View]
215226666Yabuki Thread: I love this character so much, currently rewatching part 2. Joe Yabuki is my favouri…[View]
215230133White Album 2: CC + Coda anime is still in production, right?[View]
215229179ITT: Characters that ruined a series[View]
215217405How is Holo from Spice and Wolf so popular?[View]
215229167Shouldn't people watch mainstream anime first?: Real Otaku's binge watch best series then …[View]
215227952*jobs off screen in your path*[View]
215177678this is fucked up... like really fucked up[View]
215229392ITT characters that would have hairy knuckles.[View]
215227720Have you ever dropped a LN or manga only to pick it up again after watching the anime?[View]
215222026>*saves your manga*[View]
215214855Rei is best girl. How can askucks compete[View]
215221572Boku no Hero Academia: Buenos días, Fuyumi.[View]
215223992Strongest character in Naruto Shippuden >Obito > Madara >Obito > Pain >Obito >Sas…[View]
215223887ITT: anime or manga you wish got more attention[View]
215186751Some pages of the Nanatsu no Taizai/Seven Deadly Sins sequel leaked https://tieba.baidu.com/p/720530…[View]
215228775Asobi Asobase Chapter 68[View]
215185809>Dr.Stone teaches kids how to create diamonds and btfos the multi-billion diamond industry How do…[View]
215221500This is a boy[View]
215228025ITT: Post your favorite comic relief character[View]
215225218He deserved his own show. I'm not talking about the small gay one[View]
215225568can you make your own manga without being able to draw good?[View]
215225832Naruto, Sonic X, and Bleach stole ideas from InuYasha: Naruto >lots of characters run fast for no…[View]
215224775Sk8 the infinity: anybody else watching this? It’s pretty fun[View]
215181228Misunderstood black/dark magic users discriminated by their equally dark hair/eye color, why are the…[View]
215224058Why did he do it?[View]
215227076for me: its nameless horny maid #37096[View]
215227829LN MCs in their darkest hours: bonus points if they're cute[View]
215225993The Life of the Witch Who Remains Single for About 300 Years!: Good fucking LORD[View]
215227663What is your ideal elf?[View]
215225049do people actually like this garbage[View]
215227099She's still blocking your path![View]
215220995Any chance of a third season?[View]
215210288Shingeki no Kyojin: This episode sure was something else, huh anon? I can't believe MAPPA hasn…[View]
215226023Kemono Jihen: I wasn't expecting a girl this cute in a shota fujobait anime.[View]
215224235Best Girl[View]
215222638is this his worst work?[View]
215204311One Piece: The best Cipher Pol member no one remembers.[View]
215204404Re:Zero: Get up /a/, we just got a new WN chapter! If you can stand up go and read, read everything!…[View]
215226857Which anime/manga has the best tournament arc?[View]
215212843This is hands down the best Kyoto Animation production ever made. Everything about it screams passi…[View]
215222641plot armor[View]
215220279Never bothered watching it, is it as good as the randos on other boards make it out to be?[View]
215218653>'Maybe they SHOULD outlaw chicken penises!'[View]
215133039ITT: WRITE AN ANIME PLOT: i start >Mc participates in the most popular TV-show of japan, conducte…[View]
215220323how does she manage to be so damn perfect?[View]
215221473Best anime this season: Source: https://twitter.com/anime_follower/status/1353835482191327232…[View]
215222664Which team would win in a fight?[View]
215225980Lucky Star: Wow I did not expect an Ace Attorney reference in that show.[View]
215223620Is Beastars an allegory for modern day society where men (carnivores) have given up their power and …[View]
215215274Dragon Ball Super: What's he going to learn from Beerus?[View]
215225440Would Ranma having sex with his girl self be considered gay?[View]
215225608What should I expect from Getter Robo Armageddon?[View]
215218334Best anime of the season >BD sale preorders are complete shit Why are japanese like this?…[View]
215212879Bleach: It should have ended after the Arrancar ark and Aizen should have been the final boss. Quinc…[View]
215223945This is current day Kingdom[View]
215219913JoJo: What's your favorite Stand in terms of design and not power? I love how weird Cheap Trick…[View]
215223052Her hair looks nothing like the bride's[View]
215224376There is so much anime waiting to be watched and so much manga to be read that it's simultaneou…[View]
215225001Name 1 (ONE) character that could defeat her without cheating.[View]
215225120The Return Of The King[View]
215224757Re:Zero: Is her characterization too nuanced for /a/?[View]
215220659What am I in for?[View]
215223566I'm going to confess my feelings to Hinako... do you think she will turn me down?[View]
215189689Redo of a Healer: Why don't I see anyone talking about this here? This shit is amazing, it…[View]
215130706Raildex: It has been exactly five years since Mami Kawada announced her retirement. Thoughts?[View]
215224142Why aren't there more monster girls based anime?: Are they harder to draw?[View]
215170021Looking Up to Magical Girls 21: Didn't see a thread so let's go[View]
215220887What exactly does he do[View]
215193220It's up. https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/13933686331805771907[View]
215211184The great debate.[View]
215159565Non Non Biyori[View]
215213686What's /a/'s thoughts opinion on Code Geass?[View]
215221602anime remake when?[View]
215172520Chainsaw Man: Been awhile since I've been on a Chainsaw Man thread. How you been everyone?…[View]
215223529I don’t get it[View]
215222707CAN'T STOP WINNING[View]
215221254Favorite anime to watch when you're having a hard time?: What helps you cope with how hard life…[View]
215221231JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run: This is easily better than any previous part. The art…[View]
215222036Touhou anime when?[View]
215219252Does /a/ still remember Iria? What did you think of her show?[View]
215220974Were these dick worms really necessary to the plot?[View]
215196901Did most of the characters she was introduced to since arriving in the city think she was chuuni, or…[View]
215217113you just KNOW[View]
215213062One Punch Man: GET IN THE BLACK HOLE BITCHES https://imgur.com/a/AIRPpma[View]
215215104What did Isayama mean by this scene again? >why didn't Reiner destroy Erwin like an insect a…[View]
215219050Why do people say MAPPA is bad? I've only watch Kakegurui but the qualty is superb.[View]
215213482gonna be reeeeeally disappointed if she doesn't end up getting raped[View]
215212127Dub vs Sub: About to watch Cowboy Bebop for the first time. I remember hearing that it's one of…[View]
215221151Elusive Samurai: Who shines the brightest?[View]
215222031>Kaname tells her he's in love with her five or six times >she always just goes quiet and…[View]
2152222447th Garden: Imagine spending 7 volumes to set things up and to ramp up the intensity only to bluebal…[View]
215221659How's New Dr. Slump?: I quite enjoy Dragon Ball humor and the 80's show is not very watcha…[View]
215221965ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Talk about jumping the shark.[View]
215218498Does anyone here know of the Enigmatic Gale?[View]
215216953When did /a/ realize they were into furries?[View]
215196011Never dropped a series faster in my life: Randomly decided to try watching Mushoku Tensei. First epi…[View]
215220589Guys. I am bored. What should i watch?[View]
215220826I do enjoy the fact that with Ishuzoku Reviewers, you could literally screenshot any scene and enjoy…[View]
215216946Berserk isn't good anymore, huh? Maybe it never was.[View]
215219241>every female character looks exactly the same Why is Oda the biggest hack in the industry?…[View]
215221364Post an anime without actually posting it: Movie Addition.: Post a movie poster and other anons have…[View]
215214425So, what's her ultimate goal.[View]
215218733ITT : Characters with genius level intellect[View]
215213687Can someone explain why the fuck the entire internet melted down over the second half/ending of Fran…[View]
215162786Whoa, we got adult Rin in Case Files 2.[View]
215212038Boku no Hero Academia: >her teacher died >her mentor died >her plan caused a bunch of innoc…[View]
215211098What's the deal with these Evangelion Rebuild things?: Evangelion scrub here, where do I stop? …[View]
215155458It's nagatoro Monday, the best day of the week[View]
215201778Manga > anime Any questions?[View]
215220625How much of past SnK do you see as foreshadowing?: A line from season 3 strikes me still. From Eren…[View]
215200148I am going to marry Miuna![View]
215220475Season 2 never[View]
215212088Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan: This is unironically better than WIT Season 3 Part 2 when it com…[View]
215214867HunterxHunter: Is Meruem so short because he decided to be born too early?[View]
215217771im not gonna lie. I only got the evangelion reference[View]
215211742Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!: Imouto is still cute.[View]
215218504.: Kaiji is moe[View]
215212383'well hey there anon'[View]
215174280Mushoku Tensei: WITHOUT MONETARY COMPENSATION[View]
215211025similar to Usagi Drop: Any recommendations to watch after Usagi Drop? I tried Barakamon but find I w…[View]
215217659Post Alpha MCs[View]
215215127is this considered indirect handholding?[View]
215214826I'm seeing double!![View]
215218633He was bad, devil incarnate, then why I'm almost in tears now? I don't care if he was born…[View]
215218624Sword Art Online: In terms of chronological order with the anime, when watching War of Underworld wh…[View]
215215068Iconic Anime Moments: 2 years ago people said this will be remembered as much as goku going ss, now …[View]
215218424What were they implying with this scene?[View]
215211363Aku no Hana: It was a masterpiece. Drama/ Romances with a morally fucked up cast is my new favorite …[View]
215209512Could Reinhard have made peace without invading?: Did he have to invade in order to end the war? See…[View]
215216335So we can agree that Junji Ito is pretty much the Japanese Stephen King, right?[View]
215218649*inhales* LA LAAA LA LAA.... LA LAAAA LA LA....... LA LAAA LA LA.... LA LAAAAA LA LA.... LA LAAA LA…[View]
215214415Bungee Gum: Can anyone gimme a quick rundown?[View]
215063356no other imouto from any other series can even compare...[View]
215218192SK8: Remember that homosexuality is a sin. Just by watching this, you must repent.[View]
215217227How come Berserk and One Punch Man are a mere shadow of their former selfs?[View]
215213924Has One Piece ruined pirates in the manga scene?[View]
215215436Why is it so overrated?[View]
215218340Is it any good?[View]
215210417What's the oldest age acceptable to keep watching anime?: Obviously it varies depending on the …[View]
215211434This is the most popular male character of the last 5 years or so. Say something nice about him.[View]
215204699Post Nagatoro getting cucked: You can't spell NagaToRo without NTR![View]
215193688Kanojo mo Kanojo: Gook chapter out. Shino-san is perfect.[View]
215214159Is it morally justifiable for foreigners to pirate anime when legal options exist? In Japan, almost…[View]
215216668Whats his endgame?[View]
215132982Buyfag thread: Buyfags? More like deadfags.[View]
215147060So I'm a Spider, So What?: This episode Earth Wyrm looked like shit but at least the budget wen…[View]
215192462Yuru Camp: I love her, bros.[View]
215216256ORA ORA... TEME.... Who do you think you are? Posting on this board without paying proper respect to…[View]
215214986Still hoping for a remake thread: Come on, it has to happen at some point, this was big back in the …[View]
215216329OPT: One Page Thread[View]
215170636Whatever happened to giant robot anime?[View]
215214175Have you ever been spoiled on a anime?[View]
215203341Dragon Ball Super: The characters surrounding the Freeza and Saiyan conflict are the only interestin…[View]
215213250Kemono Jihen: Kon is a good girl![View]
215215236Gekidol: This is the softest idol.[View]
215130498Let discuss non-isekai fantasy series: I quite like this one, it basically about a legendary knight …[View]
215211563berserk theory: Morda will use the behelit. Here's how I think it's going go down: >moo…[View]
215215125ITT: Anime-style expressions that you like: Personally I always love the 'name.exe has stopped worki…[View]
215153165ITT: Villains whose motives are hard to find fault with and are arguably better than the hero's[View]
215209203Shingeki no Kyojin: Post your: Favourite character Favourite moment in AoT Most disliked character …[View]
215204840>Japan is cracking down on cosplay. Thoughts?[View]
215205461RaW Hero: What the fuck did I just read and why is the ending so shit[View]
215214338>why are you on my bed, anon?[View]
215211342wtf? what did katyusha see bros?[View]
215214308>'I don't feel anything, I've vexame the darkness.' >gets atomic butthurt when mom d…[View]
215196335Higurashi gou discussion: Why does Rika only feel responsible in the most indirect of ways? The para…[View]
215206405Why isnt there daily threads about this Kino comedy?[View]
215212991Does Pieck do it doggy-style?[View]
215205911ITT: coolest anime posters: no coomer shit[View]
215202479Why do Japs love Kowloon so much?[View]
215213132This is Aiz 'Kid Killer' Wallenstein, say something nice about her[View]
215206499Should memes and 4chan references be kept out of translations?[View]
215213821This is the light music club, yep, I can say with absolute certainty that this is the door to the li…[View]
215213679/a/nons, what's your dream 'anime' you wanna see on AT-X? I'll start: -remake of Yosuga no…[View]
215168946What exactly makes a 'good' isekai?[View]
215202274Boku no Hero Academia: Endeavor actions make no sense, he talks about how he never stopped looking f…[View]
215212774Time Paradox Ghost Writer: What went wrong? I kinda miss the threads honestly...[View]
215205757name all the characters[View]
215211646Monster is not deep, it’s not edgy, and it’s not good. It’s a poorly paced self-wankfest designed to…[View]
215213067Do they make recuts of anime without intros/outros and spliced together into one cohesive 6 hour lon…[View]
215206070I love her so much, she's the most compassionate character in the series. She better not die, …[View]
215212918>Gokuu >Buruma I thought the MangaDex translation was supposed to be the best? It doesn't…[View]
215177667Why is generic Japanese neibourhood a common horror setting in Japland? It's not scary at all a…[View]
215212834whats your opinion on Thriller Bark anon?[View]
215190640Kaguya-sama: Once again, let's have a comfy thread for all of us..[View]
215204997One Punch Man: Translations out. https://imgur.com/a/AIRPpma[View]
215206234Angel Beats was not kino... dokuro chan had tenshi beats ever fucking episode! damn aka-it chans![View]
215207549Stop watching anime adaptations. Read or play the source material instead. Only watch original anime…[View]
215203009ITT: one-trick ponies[View]
215205245but it has no plot! it's just a load of incoherent scenes with barely any connection to each ot…[View]
215202460Remember when making a best-selling shounen manga would net you 115 episodes of anime, free of CG, a…[View]
215195732A new chapter is coming... I can sense it...[View]
215212433I LOVE HER VOICE[View]
215207060Galko!: WOW!![View]
215208015Why was the sky yellow?[View]
215208971The Ero Kitsune: Most people wouldn't know it but growing up in the Slums of Konoha Naruto had …[View]
215210066I wonder what Denji's favourite part is[View]
215203853Hange on Titan: why is she so cute[View]
215136882Black Clover: Episode 161 'Zenon's Power's will be out later today. Official Chapter:…[View]
215185482a helpful fox senko san: will we every get a season 2? or A Sister's All You Need for that matt…[View]
215211534Jojo: Is DiU divisive because it's a slice of life with actual focus on character development a…[View]
215176756Precure thread: Everyone excited to see the Yes 5 again in the HG movie?[View]
215206071I miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
215211714BEAGERUTA: this manga is actually interesting, why nobody talks about it? someone knows if its on hi…[View]
215120914Idoly Pride: >you will never have a ghost idol waifu Why even live…[View]
215211243I haven’t watched anime for a long time. Last anime I liked and enjoyed was Vinland Saga 2 years ago…[View]
215200123>romcom >sensei is the best girl Why does this always happen?…[View]
215210910I think it's really weird that nobody else in the D4DJ community besides me thinks that Rinku i…[View]
215210828Yuusha ni Narenakatta: Does /a/ remember this show? It's surprisingly really fun[View]
215210212Historie: The seat of the senses.[View]
215203771Post ' I was only pretending to be retarded' villian moment[View]
215208773How do you feel about late 90's early 2000's manga?: pic related. Do you think conflicts f…[View]
215202378What happened to the artstyle?: It's diarrhea now[View]
215208127Read Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku[View]
215210193Giorno under used traits: I always wondered these two things about part 5 of jojo... 1. If Giorno ha…[View]
215204697Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Season: Hmmm......[View]
215193163Tesla Note: Chapter 1 has been scanlated https://mangadex.org/chapter/1182954/1[View]
215202501Do fellow art fags also notice fucks up in anime/manga? This shit drives me crazy.[View]
215209742Uhh Jirenbros?[View]
215207158Kino endings in manga or anime: I'll start with a few.[View]
215173562Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: With Part 2 right around the corner, and a Rinneganless Sasuke and …[View]
215204254Am I seriously supposed to believe that all of these girls are virgins?[View]
215209303Why has no other human been able to come close to Roshi's power?[View]
215198629I miss these kids so fucking much[View]
215204449Re Zero: What we DO know about Reinhard Operaton: >A major plot point called Reinhard Operation i…[View]
215208286Berserk trilogy: this scene is fantastic, despite the cgi, the cuts in the story and all, the trilog…[View]
215208676Stop and turn around. This is a restricted area.[View]
215205822What did GT stand for anyway?[View]
215208937There was a poll done in japan about 2.5 years ago that said that DB fanbase was 75% male - 25% fema…[View]
215196482The endless amount of mario's TOG/Unordinary threads actually makes me miss him. It was comfier…[View]
215208725Hunter x Hunter: >tfw had a dream Pierrot adapted HxH We were blessed Hunterchads. We almost got…[View]
215208626Boys Abyss: Next chapter WHEN[View]
215207357When you show up at the gay club and two ripe juicy bottoms are already waiting for you.[View]
215205225No, seriously what does Nyanta feed Serara?: Log Horizon thread I guess.[View]
215185505How do you feel about the mahou shoujo genre? Do you prefer a more traditional mahou shoujo series …[View]
215208004ITT: Characters that exist solely to get humiliated: Starting with an obvious one.[View]
215205171Attack on titan: >Manga everyone hates, even naruto fans >made by studio everyone hates…[View]
215206309ITT: Manga/anime this image applies to[View]
215176108Samurai 8: Samurai 8 was unironically too good for normalfags. People wanted instant gratification w…[View]
215201219ITT:Gleipnir thread: Just started reading Gleipnir. why hadn't i started before? This shits fuc…[View]
215203968I miss kemono friends. Season 2 when?[View]
215207073>Wants to save everyone >Everyone ends up dead Illya bros this wasn’t supposed to happen…[View]
215186650Is BLAME! worth reading? Its premise and some out-of-context panels make it seem like something I…[View]
215204429Why did Yang dye his hair blue? Seems out of character.[View]
215202290There's something strange about Mechazawa...[View]
215196154ITT: 10/10 anime[View]
215204201Lord: Well it looks like a group finally picked this up. I'm surprised since Buronson is mostly…[View]
215206272>'What do you mean it's supposed to be a very serious political/philosophical stuff anime an…[View]
215204415manime thread[View]
215204475ITT:: Best characters from their respective series.[View]
215193733One Punch Man: New chapter out https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/13933686331805771907?s=09[View]
215204582Hey /a/ I can't find this one manga I used to read. It was about a guy that was in high school …[View]
215200718Munou no Nana: Will we get 2nd season?[View]
215205447>Sports anime about X sport >'Play your own X'…[View]
215161008Love Live: Oh yeah. I have been very bad boy so arrest me, Saint Snow-sama. Use your best grapples a…[View]
215205291>she wants your cock. Deen or passione? I honestly like seems crazy eyes more.…[View]
215197067Shingeki no Kyojin: Just like manga[View]
215205144Girls und Panzer: >tfw on the waiting train now for das finale 3 Are we gonna be having cliffhang…[View]
215193603Chi no Wadachi: WTF just happened So how was this fucker interacting with his gf[View]
215204934Yep, this is definitely better than any mecha before or after it[View]
215202132What does Erika think about her?[View]
215199345Is this the worst anime ever created?: >Stale plot >Boring characters >Literally nothing ha…[View]
215202023Is he the biggest chad in all anime?[View]
215194717Is this an anime classic in the making?[View]
215197297Robot Carnival: Just finished re-watching Robot Carnival (first time I watched it was around 3 years…[View]
215190255>manga follows the struggles of two orphans dealing with a legacy that feels more like a burden a…[View]
215195347Dragon Ball Super: Why is Vegeta one of the most mocked characters? He seems like a pretty good char…[View]
215203593Eureka Seven: I'm about to binge watch this. Thoughts about this series? Do you enjoy it or not…[View]
215202565I have a confession to make, /a/. For years now I've been saying anime goo instead of anime gir…[View]
215203402My waifu can beat up your waifu[View]
215203529Dragon Ball Super: What's your favorite Toyotaro anatomy fuck up?[View]
215192072I can't believe Anno actually did it in 3.0 + 1.0! The absolute mad lad![View]
215202753Cute girl (male)[View]
215195555One Piece: SPOILERS NEVER[View]
215204122>New Eroko chapter >No thread Let's fix that.…[View]
215185082Just watched this. Why do 80s OVAs go so hard? Nothing today can even match how these look. Anyone e…[View]
215200680Is anybody else overwhelmed with the amount of anime this season? I can't keep up. All because …[View]
215197238Uhh what was up with this scene? They are both girls.[View]
215196355itt write a haiku for your waifu!: I'm sure she won't mind if you are shit at haikus pleas…[View]
21520174220th century boy: Why didnt he like how Kanna turned out? Why didnt he want to play his song at expo…[View]
215193881Why wasnt this a tv series?[View]
215201549Oriana Thomson is based![View]
215197048Fire Force Chapter 251: The Cataclysm continues. Let's go.[View]
215195050What was his name again?[View]
215195237When are we going to enter the age of thighs?[View]
215197514Is it BL?: Where are the girl SK8 ters?[View]
215202630They knew what they were doing with this shot,[View]
215201469Uzaki-chan: What do you like the most about Hana?[View]
215124069Akatsuki is super cute[View]
215190792tu tu ru~[View]
215069816one punch man: who's the better sister?[View]
215201874>I'm sorry Rem, I have eaten Subaru. You cannot have him now[View]
215202203Even in anime, Virtua Fighter dabs on Tekken[View]
215190762Shingeki No Kyojin World Map: Wtf i support Eren and genocide now. Isayama drew some inspiration fro…[View]
215195059Boku no Hero Academia: >Deku will stay in a coma for years >a timeskip happens >Japan got a…[View]
215193589They don't make em like they used to...[View]
215201857What would you do if Mumei confessed to you?[View]
215193568Goblin Slayer: Wtf, Goblins actually won? This is not how it was supposed to be!![View]
215177133Re zero: Could rem have past Echidona's test if she took it?[View]
215193478OPT: double pages edition[View]
215191950Maou-jou de Oyasumi: How much sleep do you get at night?[View]
215197506Hunter x Hunter: Have you watched 1999? How does it compare to 2011? I watched 2011 three times and …[View]
215193223Kino no tabi thread. Change my mind that's kino is not poor sick girl who's in simulation …[View]
215196439Nagatoro: After two weeks break, here be Chapter 76 of Nagatoro. 18 pages this chapter - the start o…[View]
215194283Have you ever paused an episode to think about how much effort goes into making even average or garb…[View]
215198379ITT: we post and discuss airships, planes and flying machines.[View]
215195947PLEASE HELP ME WHAT SHOULD I Do: So, there's this anime, Bandit King Jing[View]
215194645fushigi: Time for Sensei.[View]
215199903what did miura mean by this?[View]
215196111It is genuinely infuriating to me that the OST for this anime is drilled so deep into my head right …[View]
215195046i'm so glad everything went well in the end[View]
215197424do it for her: who are you doing it for, anon?[View]
215194211Shingeki no Kyojin: MAPPAbros... we got too cocky..[View]
215196526What is your favourite anime/manga related image that you have found on /a/?[View]
215183174kill la kill worth it?: just got into anime the past year. only have about 10 series under the belt …[View]
215168584Ganbare Douki-chan: Doukibros, we WON![View]
215195288is there a better 'Worst day of my Life' face than THIS?[View]
215190257Are you reading isekai dildo?[View]
215175035ATTACK ON TITAN: What was she thinking at this moment[View]
215196160>Nobody remembers this anime anymore[View]
215184583Anons help me out: Why do I think she's so hot? Something about her design makes her wildly sex…[View]
215187488baki: Moe yujiro is moe[View]
215175714https://twitter.com/jplus_jigokurak/status/1353540230805024768 Jigokuraku anime announcement[View]
215195015What the fuck even is this[View]
215195806What if Misaka had oppai?[View]
215167935What are your thoughts on lesbians in anime?[View]
215197057Sooo....: What Wani and Tadahiro Miura from Yuuna are doing now? Kimetsu and Yuuna arethe only manga…[View]
215193179JoJo: >Finally, a subject that has much been written about, even at the time of the manga, about …[View]
215196149How do you remember you're anime/manga?[View]
215196288Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou: Get ready to HAUUUUUUUUUU~[View]
215177710Higurashi no Naku Koro ni GOU: Rena has finally got own imouto. Will they make better sister tag tea…[View]
215196414Whenever I see molcar I could feel jissou inside Japanese really like these things[View]
215193601ITT: Girls who were clearly the author's waifu[View]
215196026Chichichichi oppai boing boing![View]
215195615What's your favorite ultra-niche manga?: For me it's pic related, great tournament arc.…[View]
215188569Issei's room: Walk in, take big breath. What does it smell like?[View]
215182347Boku no hero academia: I hope Deku stays asleep for the whole arc[View]
215194737is isekai a genre or a setting?[View]
215194689what i learned from anime is...[View]
215194169Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii: So basically the black haired girl just wanted to let off some steam…[View]
215193604princess principal pripri: No food posting, are we still alive enough to get all the movies or will …[View]
215186498Will manga ever reach such heights as a medium again? how do manga artists cope with their utter lac…[View]
215193664New chapter is coming...[View]
215194855When did you realize you were throwing away 5 hours of your time?: I can't believe how bad thes…[View]
215195317What would it be like if there was a manga that was shounen in nature, but with a cast that were col…[View]
215185301One Piece: If you don't like Franky you are fag with shit taste.[View]
215195308When did Miku give birth to twins?[View]
215194986This was, without a doubt, one of the episodes of anime ever made[View]
215184388Dragon Ball super: Why is this allowed? Toriyama doesn't even understand his own characters now…[View]
215180214Is Seiya a virgin?[View]
215193018Gokushufudou - The Way of the House Husband: Fuck I love this comic. It's only just started and…[View]
215194953Do you believe the theory that each Lupin with different jacket colors is a separate person?[View]
215184269Aaaand go.[View]
215193586An important poll... https://www.strawpoll.me/42509849[View]
215144240>[SubsPlease] Ex-Arm - 03 (1080p) [D9E75A65].mkv its time[View]
215192291Designs you really like[View]
215193334how does she breathe?[View]
215189449[C O O L V I B R A T I O N S][View]
215188090Wait a second, if Senku's dad didn't get petrified for thousands of years why is he still …[View]
215190216What went wrong?[View]
215193260i feel bad for her, she deserves better.[View]
215194037https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4U4FkGe3Sw was he the best gundam?[View]
215191024Was this scene really necessary?[View]
215192731I just keep moving forward[View]
215183390Shingeki No Kyogin: >Mappa cannot possibly create kin-[View]
215193920I don't get why people hate Griffith: I mean, raping Casca was kinda uncalled for. But other th…[View]
215193934Azur lane: Soo when it was airing i stopped at episode 8. Well i decided to give it another go and f…[View]
215190805whos the best anime/manga boy?[View]
215193922>reading/watching anime/manga >there's a chapter or an episode related to social media (u…[View]
215193886>Hot as fuck >Cute and Funny >Obedient >Loves her people and her family >Strong wille…[View]
215179425How could somebody look so amazing in hot pink overalls? Rei is a legend.[View]
215193407Average Series: Discuss any series that you found to be relatively average. Something that wasn…[View]
215188387Rosen Garten: Thoughts on the newest chapter?[View]
215190094>wife's childhood friend shows up >try to let her fuck him why are japs like this…[View]
215175517Godzilla bros... we’re gonna win r-right?[View]
215191583Why was I way more hyped over Saitama vs Boros in One-Punch Man than any fight in Dragon Ball Super?[View]
215192698Why didn’t Eren eat the Jaw titan first then use his newly acquired powers to eat the warhammer?[View]
215189424SK8 the Infinity: Is there a hope for a normal thread?[View]
215192461act age: i miss this series[View]
215192949Fate/Zero is timeless masterpiece.[View]
215193300SPACE COBRA: Is space cobra really in our bodies?[View]
215177813What would you do in his place?[View]
215188025The epitome of 'soulless'. It's not just unoriginal, it's that EVERYTHING in thi…[View]
215131234Kemono Jihen Episode 3: Best girl Kon makes her debut.[View]
215192245Don't tell me you already forgot about her, /a/[View]
215188074Winter 2021 season is the best season of anime history. Better than 2011 spring or 2007 spring. Proo…[View]
215192863When new chapter?[View]
215189467Can we talk about why Mugi, the strongest of the K-ons, is also the best of the K-ons? https://www.y…[View]
215184542Who's brave enough to take her on?[View]
215189540Saihate no Solte (World End Solte) Chapter 5: Mizukami's newest work just released a chapter to…[View]
215191949Raphi: Why is she such a meanie?[View]
215190806Madhouse: How do you go from this?[View]
215175091Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 21[View]
215192208FLCL Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtDhGuEGgyc[View]
215184229>Isekai >Rom-Coms >Battle Harem >Idols >Gacha >CGDCT Which one delivers the most a…[View]
215190880Yugami-kun: >Invited to watch rakugo once Yeah alright, it's been awhile since we've se…[View]
215187241Wtf Kaiji is Canadian?![View]
215190809Thoughts on Gundam?[View]
215191744Back Arrow: Episode 4 preview https://twitter.com/backarrow_info/status/1353659127059206149 https:/…[View]
215184104Slime Isekai: What upcoming Rimuru adventure are you looking forward to? For me it is between Hinata…[View]
215190349If someone like Stain is able to fuck up heroes and take savage beatings and just get up, why cant a…[View]
215182595>'female' titan Kind of duumb. What if a male eats female titan?[View]
215189192What the FUCK was his problem?[View]
215190034I heard its babys first Seinen but is it worth reading all of Ubel Blatt?[View]
215189175If you lost your arm, what kind of artificial hand would you attach to your body?[View]
215188769Jojo girls: OBJECTIVE TOP 10 1. Yasuho Hirose 2. Lucy Steel 3. Jolyne Kujo 4. Hot Pants 5. Mitsuba H…[View]
215190604Amano Megumi: What is Megumi's best quality?[View]
215178181Do you watch anime on your TV or your computer? Phone watchers need not reply. Tablet friends are w…[View]
215187040Would boku no hero have been better if...: There were more mutants? I am not talking about furries,…[View]
215146052ITT: Post an anime without actually posting it[View]
215184156Taisho Baseball Girls: So, all things considered, did this midget lose the game for them?[View]
215188363Kanojo, Okarishimasu/Rent-A-Girlfriend: Gook scans for Ch. 173 are out. Anime S2 news soon. https://…[View]
215188871Would you fight godZilla one on one?[View]
215167702What's with all of the anime being made of games lately? On a related note, which ones are you …[View]
215178855Which is more popular, dragonball or attack on titan?[View]
215178959Dragon Ball super: Who will Goku surpass this arc? Both Vegeta and Beerus were never really rivals f…[View]
215173175Post Kyoani shows that you didn't watch and tell us why.[View]
215180732Shingeki no Kyogin The Final Season: Idk why everyone is mad at mappa,i think cgi looks fine[View]
215187392Is Arslan ever going to be completed?: It has already been 4 years.[View]
215185476whats the point of this arc[View]
215189677What the fuck am I reading[View]
215174087>literally loved by everyone in the show[View]
215189635mappaGODS, I apologise. Thanks for the ultimate kino yesterday[View]
215189402On Jan. 29, the Violet Evergarden film (a re-issue) will be screening on my local mall to replace th…[View]
215188751was this scene really fucking necessary?[View]
215179834ITT characters who are LITERALLY you I'll start[View]
215182821>all-girl franchise >the girls are only allowed to be undeniably gay for each other in the nov…[View]
215176264Do I need to watch the TV series before watching this? It's listed as a prequel on anime databa…[View]
215188755>trap character voiced by a male This show deserved more love[View]
215188691wow: They're literally the same thing.[View]
215183764Holy shit. Things just got real out of nowhere.[View]
215177653Make yurucamp more interesting[View]
215186322Yuru Camp: I love biking.[View]
215132799Kaguya Manga: Even before the IceGuya Arc some anons knew where this is going and that Dual Confessi…[View]
215184172Bros, I love Shizuko, she is way too cute![View]
215176318Jujutsu Kaisen: New Ep and New Chapter. What do you think and what will Todo's new technique be…[View]
215187948What's the best Lupin series?[View]
215187827Billy Bat: Wow. That was boring.[View]
215186822Do you think the rest of Lost Canvas will ever be adapted into anime?: Also, Saint Seiya thread.…[View]
215184155>2h30m+ long anime movies For what fucking purpose??? Anime movies shouldn't try to mimic f…[View]
215187472Date Alive: what the fuck was the shit? When I watched the first few episodes back in early 10'…[View]
215187359Who the fuck is she?[View]
215184922Dragon ball z: Did Yamcha fuck bulma?[View]
215187759can you feel it?[View]
215168014What's so good about this again? It was ok but certainly not in the best of the decade conversa…[View]
215186710Tatoeba Last Dungeon: New Episode Today! >Will Lloyd oneshots the Demon Lord all by himself or by…[View]
215129772Is konosuba funny?[View]
215187462>*marching band music starts* >OKAA-SAN COME LOOK AT THE TELLY >THAT BOY IS DOING THE FUNNY…[View]
215154633Vinland Saga 179[View]
215167166who is the most sexist anime protagonist?[View]
215180606He deserves his own dating sim/ VN[View]
215178127He's gay isn't he?[View]
215175082Why don't anime characters seem to understand how death works?[View]
215158941Boy's Abyss: Guys, it's been four days and I need my depression fix[View]
215185866Japanese mangakas think no man would date someone who's taller and manlier than him.[View]
215159389Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Leaks soon. Raws release on 27th but magazine on 25th.[View]
215186596People give it high praise Decide to pick up the VN on steam and read it It’s Painful to consume, …[View]
215184705Has anyone seens Fireball?: Ive watched the whole thing, the animations are short but I like it. Har…[View]
215185034Evangelion: Among all the angels, which one is the deadliest in real life ? (Excluding Lilith and Ad…[View]
215183494Do you love Rider /a/?[View]
215186032The new berserk anime's looking pretty great you guys[View]
215185943ITT favorite filler[View]
215178979Mang, I love used goods. The author said it might actually go for a bad ending. Odd for such a light…[View]
215184572Could magic from an isekai society be used to create a perpetual-motion machine?[View]
215181229Guy Jean: Guy Jean-kun are you out there? Please come back, I want more of this. ITT: Lets write som…[View]
215185864Is she gonna start another pandemic?[View]
215132231Spy X Family: New chapter in 30 minutes[View]
215184531What is the ideal viewing order for higurashi when they cry? Should I start with original series or …[View]
215182835How come /a/ doesn't talk about older anime?[View]
215183725why is beastars so cancer: total furry bait shitty nonsense. plot isnt even that good.[View]
215159429What is your favorite anime by Trigger and why is it Little Witch Academia?[View]
215183518This is the only good isekai. Prove me wrong, nigguh.[View]
215181422Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck You Die From Water Hahahaha Nigga Just Drink It[View]
215179730This is objectively the best pairing[View]
215184669The Quincies did nothing wrong: Daily reminder that the Quincies did nothing wrong and that the holl…[View]
215184159Would you apply the rubber band that causes her head to collapse?[View]
215172673One Piece: I loved Otohime[View]
215169684Which one?[View]
215128111Weekend waifu drawthread[View]
215183278Dragon ball map: As you can see, the dragon world is based on the real world and West city is locate…[View]
215178649It's over[View]
215170711Pick one and only one.[View]
215172459>has a bizarre sexual fixation on his best friend >is clinically depressed >has had several…[View]
215072000ITT: Post the exact moment a manga peaked[View]
215180909Why are women like this?[View]
215183335Gekijouban Shirobako: Subs when? I wonder if I should just bite the bullet and watch it raw, been st…[View]
215183803Anime better than Video Game: Astro Boy better than Mega Man The Heroic Legend of Arslan better than…[View]
215182970Youkoso: S2 when? I need more Kei[View]
215177330Shingeki no Kyogin The Final Season: Now that the Marley arc is almost finished, how do you rate it…[View]
215104008Daily Nichijou Chapter: Nichijou 119[View]
215162280Evangelion: Why is she such an asshole?[View]
215185220can we get a new board for DB fags: The containment threads aren't enough[View]
215181058The manga >> Anime[View]
215183179What the fuck was her problem?[View]
215183414> /a/ experience improves dramatically once you filter everything attack on shit Who would have t…[View]
215180740The beheading that saved anime.[View]
215180948Fat tail[View]
215175887Find hotter twins.[View]
215183382When does it get good...[View]
215183322Gurren Lagann: This triggers the /a/[View]
215180601>2021 >I am forgotten[View]
215164854Shiori Experience Chapter 46[View]
215182412Boku no Hero Academia: Now in high definition Predictions for the next chapter?[View]
215182228What's the closest anime/manga that delves into internet culture in its most raw and unfiltered…[View]
215182616Girls Frontline: So I don't play gacha games but is this basically just gonna be Toji no Miko w…[View]
215176507It's a crime they have yet to make an anime adaptation of Saya no Uta[View]
215182009Build King: >not even 10 chapters and we are already getting meme exam arcs Yep, the axe is comin…[View]
215167231Horimiya: >he's a wife beater and she likes it WTF JAPAN[View]
215181654Sasha Blouse (Potato Girl) says 'Eat Me While I'm White & Firm': As seen in Attack on Titan…[View]
215138241Magu-chan: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008390[View]
215137921Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 29 'Lament of the Former King of Ayakashi': Cockblocking was indeed the …[View]
215145512Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Is there a list with all the filler episodes? I'm not watching 110 eps of…[View]
215179558>another season >another pile of dogshit was 2014 the last good year of anime? Obviously there…[View]
215099249Go toubun: Don't forget to always brush your sister's teeth.[View]
215176721Is this the most influential anime of all time? It seemed to transcend to tear down everything about…[View]
215179477This should be the standard schoolgirl uniform around the world.[View]
215144827I want to put my dick in crazy.[View]
215170922Wait, normies actually think that the ending of the TV series and The End Of Evangelion is the same …[View]
215177938I don't get why you people complain about shonen. >too shallow >themes a child could unde…[View]
215165922Gabi: Give me reasons to hate her that aren't killing the potato meme girl. Is she the authors …[View]
215138933Echidna Birthday: Say something nice about miss sexy eyelashes. also: yes, she has a nice bush under…[View]
215179033Shingeki No Kyojin: 11 days EArchads. 11 days... we will get our promised adventure mark my words…[View]
215175073Finally, a mature anime for mature people such as myself. What does /a/ think about this show?[View]
215167084Boku no hero academia: Are you ready for a Bakugo-centric arc?[View]
215178358Is this order correct? I've got all of these things but then I saw some other order on nyaa whe…[View]
215174551how to be completely forgotten one month after the end of your anime The Animation[View]
215180845Jojolion thread: Did the rokakaka fix his tooth gap? Or is it another thing araki forgot? I dont kno…[View]
215176830Shinji just couldn't handle this German pussy.[View]
215180525I miss him.[View]
215170159I heard ppl here had a conniption when Darling in the Franxx appeared As an adult who has had actual…[View]
215122836>inexhaustible, tireless workforces in the form of undead and golems >unlimited foods and reso…[View]
215179659Is he dead?[View]
215178246>During his time of depression (which lasted all the way through Turn A), Tomino relied on his wi…[View]
215159867>MC meets a girl and they fall in love >She's his half sister he didn't know of …[View]
215174469Which is the superior color pallet?[View]
215179832Childhood Friends: What are your thoughts on childhood friend characters in anime? Specifically the …[View]
21517158211eyes: AOTY 2009. Newfags might not remember this, but 11eyes was insanely popular during its heyda…[View]
215176401Lucky Star: You thought the daily chapters came back but too bad! It's just me, Anonymous.…[View]
215175871I don't like reposts but I want more people to see it As promised, anons. Here is EVERY single …[View]
215166578Is anything else by urobuchi worth watching besides these? Is Saya No Uta any good?[View]
215172112What is the oldest anime you have ever seen?[View]
215180551Otona no Bouguya-san: Didnt see a thread for episode 4[View]
215135974Is there a more comfy anime ending than Sunny Day?[View]
215176025Are we living in a new golden age of ecchi anime?[View]
215180352all other Subaru butlers are SHIT.[View]
215176227Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
215174552Oh no! Chiyo-chan has been arrested! What did she do?[View]
215176471Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon: I remember everyone loving this anime but for some reason, people …[View]
215173859Birdy The Mighty: Just finished watching both the OVA and the Decode version of Birdy the Mighty. Wh…[View]
215176933Itt examples of dub>>>>>sub[View]
215141781Watching Bakemonogatari for the first time and is it just me or is Bunny Girl Senpai an exact copy o…[View]
215173068AiPla, Prichan and Mewkledreamy: You can’t count all the unease you see with your eyes It won’t stop…[View]
215165081do you make a conscious choice what character to self-insert to? how do you decide?[View]
215170857I don't approve of brothers and sisters exhibiting these kind of behaviors.[View]
215167490Could he outbox Ippo?[View]
215171781>don't worry sasuke, we can beat kabuto, for I have yet another fucking jutsu i can pull out…[View]
215164695>she killed millions[View]
215173153Dragon Ball Super: Is Bejita going to job in this arc?[View]
215174174Shingeki no Kyojin: Enter Awakened Chadner[View]
215177334My Home Hero: Holy fuck, didn't expect best boy gonna job this fast.[View]
215178672Rewatch: Rewatching anything? If so, what?[View]
215178645Is he a vampire?: Sk8 infinity ∞[View]
215177486Tomozaki-kun: Yes, you will wear the mask Yes, you will practice smiling Yes, you will talk to girls…[View]
215167472Higurashi Gou: So Satoko graphically ripping out Rika's intestines is okay, but Rena stabbing K…[View]
215177481Re:Zero: waiting for chapter 3[View]
215176616Kino's Journey: I was thinking about watching this, is it any good?[View]
215164839JoJo: How would you improve the Diamond is unbreakable side characters? In the JoJo community, part …[View]
215176666Do you think shounen bat would ever come for you?[View]
215175349/Pieck thread/: Thread for the posting of Piecks[View]
215175295Why do so many people keep on trying to insist that so many mangakas and ln writers are female? It h…[View]
215167976Zombie Land Saga/Revenge: How did this become so successful, and where the fuck is the mobile game? …[View]
215176530He's killed an incalculable amount.[View]
215138110The Elusive Samurai Chapter #1: The Slaughter of 1333: Yusei Matsui, creator of Assassination Classr…[View]
215173109What series do you think have really consistent and least ass-pully magic systems? Picrel for obviou…[View]
215174040In manga what does it mean when there is a scribble inside of a character's speech bubble? I…[View]
215168351ITT Anime that get more hate than they deserve. I didn't think school days was that bad, yeah …[View]
215174592rooster fighter story time chapter 3[View]
215172961Thoughts on WataMote: Started re-watching this gem, the last time I watched was back in 2015. My mem…[View]
215172278Why is he so popular?[View]
215171115Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: You Will (Not) Watch This Movie[View]
215175733Higurashi Gou: R07 has fucking once again fooled you all. So much bickering about how it's not …[View]
215134317re:zero: Looks like we're not getting a new chapter today. Tomorrow hopefully ![View]
215164814Houseki no Kuni: Where the fuck are the leaks. Ichikawa can't shaft us like this after the last…[View]
215158805Phantom Seer: Will this series make it big or will it get axed? If the latter, when will it get canc…[View]
215170215kanojo okarishimasu: Shitty cuckshit manga for beta retards that can actually reconcile the idea of …[View]
215174578Where the fuck is my tenka???[View]
215173856Can I touch you anon?: Sk8 infinity[View]
215168465Shingeki No Kyojin: This episode was pretty good. How you regained hope SNK sisters?[View]
215161921Rin Daughters Of Mnemosyne: Is this porn?[View]
215170203post canon polyamorous relationships[View]
215134684Tsugumomo: Dumping raw chapter 136.[View]
215156387Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Thread: Currently watching this and the characters are god tier, especially…[View]
215138340Dr. Stone Z=182: Diamond Heart: So much pressure and weight. Let's go.[View]
215171586These two are the greatest couple in AOT.[View]
215153339The Slice of Life Episode: Hey anons. One of the most frequent criticisms I see of UBW is the 'day o…[View]
215135868Mitama Kaisen Secureity: Its finally time.[View]
215165752The promised neverland early drafts: I found this recently and found it interesting to see where it …[View]
215173660How fast do the cells age in Cells at Work? If platelets live for only 10 days in human years, does …[View]
215174190Freesia: >unbelievably strong MC limited only by his own retardation >ultra violent and sexual…[View]
215170656>get into mecha expecting amazing animation, intricate plots and detailed characters >it'…[View]
215165108why does /a/ get so mad about this show?[View]
215165288Goodbye Tien. Whatever you do, stay alive for me ok.[View]
215165471Masashi Kishimoto's twin brother is making a new manga. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/…[View]
215048643OPT: One page thread[View]
215167887I hate new anime I hate digital anime I hate isekai I hate how everything sucks right now I hate how…[View]
215173478>heh leave fat balding bastard to me Do you think it will be a battle of the century?…[View]
215169873>spin-off gets western release earlier than main series[View]
215125588Jujutsu Kaisen: Finally gave the anime the time of the day. It's surprisingly enjoyable and wel…[View]
215156507Considering relations between the two countries, what do Japanese audiences think about Chinese char…[View]
215166810Berserk: Here's your Berserk, bro.[View]
215161721Dragon Ball Super: >Reaction to chapter 68 was overwhelmingly negative >Due to bad reception a…[View]
215163105>Slaughters an entire village of defenceless people in their sleep, including children >Mindra…[View]
214998875Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
215172096I wonder what Kyoani meant by this...[View]
215172101ITT: anime so bad it's good.[View]
215170813How do you hope this series ends?: My most favorite outcome: Eren succeeds in the rumbling, and both…[View]
215125859Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: New episode is out and Boruto has light sabers now. Thoughts?…[View]
215137466Jigokuraku Final Chapter is out.[View]
215169996It's weird that I can name several manga where the male MC is a serial rapist, but only one (th…[View]
215170968I dont see a fang. I see a deformed lip.[View]
215155269One Piece: >break week over >volume next week Content soon.…[View]
215168702Is Eren the coolest shounen protagonist ever?: I'd say so, what do you think https://www.youtub…[View]
215171105Why does Japan in particular have such a fascination with animal ears on people's heads?[View]
215169732Katanagatari: I could have saved her.[View]
215171892Madoka Magica: Do you think all the girls fucked each other? I have a strong feeking Akemi fucked Sa…[View]
215117632Digimon Adventure 2020: Ep 33 is out and the last partner has arrived.[View]
215146022Hunter X Hunter: In episode 6 a guy falls to his death in the exam while trying to retrieve an egg a…[View]
215160623I thought you couldn't show nipples in shounen magazines?[View]
215127592Precure Thread: What a shocking development. Five weeks for TR's debut, one week for the first …[View]
215169173Question: How is it the final season if the manga is still going on[View]
215162268What are some tropes that are ALWAYS good? I'll start with the classic hot villainess + two lik…[View]
215170458Ishuzoku Reviewers: Consent is better than rape![View]
215170737Any chance he ate Western Dragon fruit? Since Kaido's fruit is an Azure Dragon.[View]
215162099why is there so much hate...[View]
215170157weekly manga releases is such a shitty model. imagine waiting all week for your favourite manga, onl…[View]
215163355Maou-sama, Retry!: >isekai MC is not a shitty teenager This anime is super interesting…[View]
215170549Between the two, who is the smartest shonen protagonist?[View]
215152598Why does magic turn him black?[View]
215169829>see PreCure get brought up often here >liked Sailor Moon, this looks similar >check Wiki j…[View]
215134362Kimetsu no Yaiba - The Zenitsu Agatsuma problem: I'm considering dropping this series after the…[View]
215101038AiPla, Prichan and Mewkledreamy: This is Kagayaki Intellegence CEO, Kagayaki Eve. Will she be able t…[View]
215134303Is the bully bad, or is the bullied me bad?: Chapter 8 is up.[View]
215168932Hokuto no Ken Ch 169 and a half Why has it not been animated??????? Its on par with part 1 at least.…[View]
215168312Can we go back to a simpler time?[View]
215144260FLCL Thread: its good[View]
215165960Shows you shamefully masturbated to[View]
215169212Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: have sex with your sister already[View]
215168879This is /a/'s most ''based'' character of the season[View]
215166251I jumped straight into season 2 without reading the manga or watching season 1. And nino is fucking …[View]
215106084I've watched this weeks Yuru Camp 5 times already. It's a such a great self contained dose…[View]
215167801JoJo: Who was that?[View]
215137946Imagine being such a retard that you can’t understand such a simple and straightforward story. >h…[View]
215166576What's is so appealing about isekai about misunderstood female black/dark magic users discrimin…[View]
215167737What did Anno mean by this character? >is completely cold and detached to every male character in…[View]
215167798Uma Musume Pretty Derby: What do uma pits smell like?[View]
215167686How exactly is Naruto supposed to be about ninjas?[View]
215167955The Garden of Words: So I have The Garden of Words I am not really into anime or manga but I want to…[View]
215165884Attack on Titan - 104: Anime only fag here, decided to catch up the last few chapters in the manga t…[View]
215154424Time of Eve act0.5: SAME: Time of Eve's creator wrote a prequel short story called 'act0.5: SAM…[View]
215149991Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU: It's January 24, 2021, and K1 still has a big fat ass![View]
215163551we are in the wrong timeline[View]
215162069I know these characters are japanese but this design is made by the westerns right? because the pers…[View]
215152411Will the Tenchi franchise ever revive itself from its current zombified state, or is it doomed to co…[View]
215164335Hey Nana? Do you remember the day we first met?[View]
215133514>normal average japanese youth protagonist gets isekai'd >encounters slavery >'EHH WHA…[View]
215150326Shingeki No Ex-arm: >it's another IT'S FINE episode how are people acting like this is …[View]
215160659Moral of the story: you'll only be happy if you get a new chance in life with 30 years of previ…[View]
215163857I've heard it's for kids. I'm an adult now. Should I watch pic related works or not?[View]
215162159Honestly, this wasn't so good as people hype it up to be... Animation is top notch as any studi…[View]
215161335Hard boiled Cop and Dolphin: Shakunetsu no Nirai Kanai (Hard Boiled Shark and Dolphin Cop) chapter 2…[View]
215150023Boku no Hero Academia: Is there a more beautiful eye in the manga?[View]
215162592Sk8 ep 3 >[View]
215164578I don’t get it, they just cuddled...[View]
215165238You fucking retards are making a fuss over nothing, it's literally an A+ adaptation[View]
215150239Bakemonogatari Storytime Vol.3: You always wanted to get into the franchise but never could because …[View]
215144586Reminder Key the metal idol is both proto-Evangelion and proto-Lain.[View]
215156096ITT: Post scenes you never get tired of watching[View]
215160109AOT: opinions in today's episode /a/ ?[View]
215144675Why is moeshit so popular among grown men?[View]
215164991Why is she such a bitch[View]
215155627Shingeki no Kyojin: Episode 7 is here, who's excited for episode 8?? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
215162185>blocks your path[View]
215147887JoJo Part 6: I just finished Part 6 and wow. It's, well, a less than outstanding experience. Th…[View]
215126675Non Non Biyori Nonstop: It's Nacchan's birthday today[View]
215063615Golden Kamuy: Chapter 265 is out.[View]
215160085One piece: Would he stand a chance against an admiral?[View]
215161633Were the editors right to get rid of them?[View]
215156230cowboy bebop> space dandy> samurai champloo> baby blue> kids story> kids on the slope…[View]
215159080Perfect Blue: Wow, just finished watching this. Haven't been this engaged in a movie in a long …[View]
215149578Dragon Ball Super: >The only move Goku has created and it's fucking noncanon Will he ever cr…[View]
215163415>that one time Loop Shirou, Rin and Rider talked about how nice Assassin's hair is That was …[View]
215154743Are we excited for the Code Geass of card games?[View]
215160479Why did they think this thing would make for a good villain[View]
215162693ITT: The exact moments manga/anime went to shit.[View]
215146467Who are some characters that get worse and worse treatment as their series goes on?[View]
215157011Anyone else just want to be a part of Neo-Venizia and Aqua as a whole? Earth fucking sucks, and we…[View]
215162216Dragon Ball Super: Enter CHADren[View]
215162674this biyatch is pathetic af[View]
215153476Do you really need a thousand chapters to tell a story?[View]
215161970Dragon ball Super: >Got brought back to life >Kills millions everyday >Has not changed at a…[View]
215152991Who is your favorite Panty and Stocking girl?[View]
215161447i'm on episode 9 and this show is p kino so far. What's the consensus?[View]
215135522>1 day since Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 should have been released[View]
215161161Chainsaw Man: Just finished it, and boy was it good. Can we all agree that Kobeni is /ourgirl/?…[View]
215155784Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū: Could Shunsui defeat Askin ?[View]
215153199Finishing Move: Shin Kick[View]
215130232>Bocchi is happy. >shes made many friends recently >She asks to be your friend too What do …[View]
215151672Why did everyone refer to Ranma as 'she' in his girl form even though he still considered himself a …[View]
215159300Fate/Grand Order: You think there's gonna be a Lostbelt anime after the Solomon anime?[View]
215077206Wonder Egg Priority: Only three days till best egg.[View]
215161064Tomboy thread, post tomboys only[View]
215159915Bunny Girl Senpai: It was a great anime. Yeah, I said it. Be jelly.[View]
215158630Ranma said no to this[View]
215154064Shingeki no kyojin: *Blocks your path*[View]
215154615itt : cute short haired girls[View]
215112018Oshi no Ko 32 Spoilers: Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7203957979 Leak pages this time.…[View]
215143887Why in the love of fuck would you make it so your main character can only get stronger by being fill…[View]
215157642Snek time? Snek time![View]
215160005can someone tell me what manga this is from?: i can remember it being some manga where the MC needs …[View]
215151739wasted potential?[View]
215144685Naomi Misora: >Best girl in his show >Hand like 20 minutes of screen time Why do they do thi…[View]
215160142Seriously, what is this?: He looks like he's from a completely different series. It's like…[View]
215160045Well that was quick. Where do we go from here?[View]
215155160> Knows nothing about it but the meme > Only expects to see shark on legs > Holy shit... …[View]
215150692Black Lagoon: Is she worth it?[View]
215156693Why isn't there more Greek themed anime?[View]
215062673I don’t get the love for this character: Can Geasfags explain?[View]
215144204No seriously. WHY? Why did he do this?[View]
215149354What the hell has been Nyanta feeding Serara?: Also Log Horizon thread I guess.[View]
215138573You have 5 minutes to tell me your favorite anime and why you like it.[View]
215085976The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You ch. 45: Kakure-san[View]
215140072Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 136 discussion thread: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008365 The Sh…[View]
215158202Hey /a/ answer me this. Is this show an actual anime or just some elaborate prank by the dubbing com…[View]
215141903Saiki K: For a Shonen Jump manga, I'm surprised it's gone largely forgotten by /a/.[View]
215153473Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!: LMAO they made the girl from Emergence into a ship.[View]
215154409Kunoichi Tsubaki: hair down Tsubaki is a miracle[View]
215158916God damn it i missed out on my chance to buy this[View]
215155966EVANGELION 1.0+3.0: Just got back from wwatching EVANGELION 1.0+3.0. Can't believe what they d…[View]
215150128Mushoku Tensei: Cute elf[View]
215074381Utawarerumono: Really makes you wonder how embodiment of innocence and purity like Yuzuha could give…[View]
215154630ITT boring characters whose shows you should avoid with every fiber of your being[View]
215136868Boruto - Naruto Next Generations: The return of hawawa[View]
215143345Shingeki no Kyojin: I don't give a shit about shipping wars or who he ends up with or whether t…[View]
2151478532021. I am forgotten.[View]
215150022Seeing a Kuudere finally smile or making the tsundere go dere? Which do you guys think is more rewar…[View]
215154417Great characters trapped in shitty anime thread.[View]
215144072How do you feel about tattoos in anime and manga?[View]
215136981Build King Chapter 9: New chapter is out. I'm gonna dump it here[View]
215071539Kengan Omega: Will we ever decode the secret code?[View]
215155556What are your thoughts on Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo?[View]
215145223If you told me this was a scene from My Hero Academia I would have no reason to doubt you https://ww…[View]
215155967Hilariously bad scanlations: Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the unintentional humor tha…[View]
215114067ITT: shows that make men cry[View]
215155603>Mirko >with glasses. You aroused?[View]
215154801THANK YOU MAPPA[View]
215154722why is it so blurry?[View]
215076575World Trigger: Are you ready ?[View]
215149182>tfw nothing fills the void left by Evangelion Why was is so fucking good bros? >that soundtra…[View]
215152539So when are we getting second season of El-Melloi Case Files?[View]
215145648Sk8 infinity: Are you turned on anon?[View]
215154989This is the best isekai EVER[View]
215130389So...he had his healing power ever since he went back in time right? Also, when the girl took him pr…[View]
215140232Mari is the best Eva character objectively speaking.[View]
215134895One Piece: >Official Chapter 1002 preview: 'The rooftop battle intensifies!!' 'The Yonko stand in…[View]
215124236Who is best girl in your opinion? I like Uranus myself.[View]
215154454Why has this not been animated yet?????? It's good enough for an ona at least[View]
215145378Shingeki no Kyojin: MAPPA really cares, and they are trying really hard, and they have a lot of tale…[View]
215149189Houseki no Kuni? more like houseki no kino[View]
215152066ITT: Girls who immediately improved with long hair[View]
215152136Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri: >How's it goin little man?…[View]
215152070Should I just watch the anime? The game is boring as shit[View]
215145320>Read this manga about witches years back >Love it but no translations >Notice that she had…[View]
215109495His powers were a mistake: >turn on show >wow this guy has no powers, but wants to be a hero. …[View]
215153770How did this hack of a mangaka get away with releasing this?[View]
215148269What is it about tall leggy black-haired beauties and their short boy toys?[View]
215139552Sakamoto Days: New chapter is out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008410[View]
215153395What's the real life equivalent of Eagle Jump?[View]
215153471Index/Railgun: Which order is the best?[View]
215149799Should Pain have been the final villain of Naruto?[View]
215144231Usopp is the luckiest out of all, because hes going to marry a rich pale blonde with servants. He is…[View]
215147454Hayao Miyazaki: Now that the dust has settled, Do we all agree that he's the greatest anime dir…[View]
215153175Kazuo Koike: Will we ever have someone as good as him again?[View]
215142063I love this knucklehead like you wouldn't believe /a/[View]
215136778Undead Unluck: Chapter soon.[View]
215137319Mashle #47: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008383[View]
215152611I'm sad there will never be a Chino crossover.[View]
215132286Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki S3: Your weekly visit to Nagoya is here.[View]
215146732Was the power of Friendship a mistake?[View]
215133179Rate This Season So Far: God tier: Dr. Stone Mushoku Tensei SK8 the Infinity Great tier: Wonder Egg …[View]
215147572girls eating hamburger[View]
215147175Would you a zombie?[View]
215123085Mezametara Saikyou Soubi to Uchuusen Mochidattanode, Ikkodate Mezashit: New strongest spaceship, dum…[View]
215149331so, how was that eva movie? it should have come out by now, right?[View]
215151911Mast Cell just wants people to appreciate her. That's literally all she wants...[View]
215149454Why are they taking so long to adapt it?[View]
215120346ONE PIECE has reached 480 Million Copies in Circulation Worldwide: Knywho?[View]
215144095Mitsuha...Mitsuha!...Mitsuha!! Her name is Mitsuha![View]
215142042Considering the recent Prisma chapters, what if the series decides to include all the FGO lolis turn…[View]
215151306det cone[View]
215113075is fanservice better when theres male characters to enjoy it?[View]
215150708Protect the forest[View]
215144982Can we all agree that Siesta was best girl?[View]
215149268Thinking about watching the endless eight 15532 times to get the true Nagato experience. What do you…[View]
215147436Mirai Nikki: Hey /a/nons newfag here, Recently, I finished MN and I want to know something. Did you …[View]
215147317Are space adventure series finally making a comeback?[View]
215136144Dragon Ball Super: Thoughts on the Granolah arc so far?[View]
215137989High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku: 2 chapters this week, somebody at shueshia fucked up and only pu…[View]
215146227This show is mediocre but I gotta admit that it has one of the best shots in all anime.[View]
215133767Higurashi no Gou: The killer is one of you[View]
215139598Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season: Pieck has some nice buttocks.[View]
215147578>YWN go out partying with Misato, come home late to your Tsundere Asuka wife, placate her by eati…[View]
215137089Boku no Hero Academia: Official chapter out https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008368 Is Shot…[View]
215096142why are straight girls like this?[View]
215148613What pasta is this?[View]
215128411Oh shit anon, a genie just appeared and gave you a magic button that, when pressed, will end the ise…[View]
215149200takagi: Slice of life? More like Slice of nothing happens! When will something happen?[View]
215149167Ueno-san: imagine[View]
215146651What's /a/'s opinion on highschool korean John Wick?[View]
215099913This /a/ legend is making a comeback.[View]
215126893Why does /a/ hate Hard Boiled Dolphin Cop ?[View]
215140355Mushoku Tensei: Erufu[View]
215140307Hard boiled Cop and Dolphin: Chapter 27. Go[View]
215137242Open the door, anon. Your Misaki is on the other side.[View]
215145691akatsuki in season 1![View]
215143126What was the takeaway from this scene intended or otherwise?[View]
2151456542020 Fall Vol 1 Rankings Sales (Blu-ray and DVD) why is love-live so popular?[View]
215142164The fuck is this? Why did they draw his ass like that?[View]
215146798>25 page monthly manga[View]
215146668Holly shit! How fast beastars become trash... Edgy, boring and full of clashes.[View]
215121753Is this the worst Berserk chapter of all time?[View]
215145551I'm learning AND having fun at the same time![View]
215141411He wore the mask to protect himself gainst Corona.[View]
215100632AiPla, Prichan and Mewkledreamy: Is Ruli best girl or bestest girl?[View]
215011529Isn't It Too Much? Inaba-san Chapter 6: Brand new Inaba-san, brand new cock. Also the volume re…[View]
215137721Shingeki no Kyojin: Holy shit this new ep was really fucking good[View]
215142087Why didn't they just kill the Prime Minister?[View]
215142372SNK distances: Can you fuckers explain this to me? How the fuck are these identical and why is dista…[View]
215144206what the fuck[View]
215132194Skate-Leading Stars: New episode's out.[View]
215072096post manga that literally only you read[View]
215140124I Hope she will get happy ending[View]
215137069Why did they get away with everything? What kind of message are the authors sending?[View]
215140465Manga with best fight scenes? I've been reading OPM and Murata art is amazing, but it seems to …[View]
215140041Boy's abyss: I am forgotten[View]
215142571Is this the ultimate SOUL? I can't think of a better example of having soul in modern anime.[View]
215129020Prisma Illya: Is it a requirement for magical girls to have cute feet?[View]
215143457Anime metal crossovers?: Anyone here have anime metal crossover art? They're really cool but ha…[View]
215135235if sonzai-x did not blessed her with powers she would've lived his final reincarnation as an li…[View]
215144361how many volumes, chapeters, years is considered a long run for a manga. It does not need to be a go…[View]
215141484>ywn GO! FIGHT! WIN! again[View]
215136338This guy's fetishes are getting more and more obvious. Im starting to see why he is addicted to…[View]
215133497>ywn experience this[View]
215127911Come up with ending that makes his character arc satisfying: Hard mode: make it kino[View]
215141927The common languages in subtitled Anime: English (US), Español (América Latina), Español (España), F…[View]
215141532what characters do u want to become canon[View]
215134479favourite retarded myths about anime?: I'll start >the last two episodes of eva happened bec…[View]
215140830*surpasses kino*[View]
215141423Herro eberynyan![View]
215129494What's wrong with liking used goods?[View]
215126023When was the last time you laughed at an anime?[View]
215142054>supposed to be a gag manga >surprisingly mix fantasy with post-apocalyptic with eldritch horr…[View]
215139843Is it strange that kemonomimi slaves are so common?[View]
215142480the teeth girl[View]
215137810Our blood oath: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008405 What a disappointing cop out ending,…[View]
215140741>'Haiiiii! Papa Daisuki!' What did she mean by this?[View]
215137311Yozakura Family - Mission 67: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1008377 Another color page for…[View]
215119983When will Japan finally stop watching TV? Why is it still a relevant medium? Why do they still make …[View]
215135042Four Knights of the Apocalypse: Starting next Tuesday, the sequel to the Seven Deadly Sins, Arthuria…[View]
215138243Should anime have more dominate women?[View]
215138958So what's the difference between a tsundere and a tomboy with 'character' & daddy issues?[View]
215133386Are you comfy?[View]
215139568Why does long running anime like Naruto and One piece release +40 episodes per year with mediocre qu…[View]
215135757Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season: Episode was really fucking good. 7/10 the cgi is shit as always but…[View]
215132201The Vision of Escaflowne: VAAAAAAAAAANN[View]
215138158JoJo: That was hell of a ride. Part 7 had been hyped up so much that I wanted to see what is it. Fin…[View]
215097084Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka: this is a thread for spiders ONLY HUMANS EXPLODE[View]
215129433>Dosanko Gyaru ha Namaramenkoi ch.46 Oh boy, waiting for axe we got hit with unintended comedy tr…[View]
215140300>yujiro is rich because the us is paying him to not fuck them up >baki is rich because his mum…[View]
215138238Why are all Greeks in anime depicted as gods or arrogant people?[View]
215132637>A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will Not Lose: dropped[View]
215135369act-age's artist Shiro Usazaki: New illustration from Shiro Usazaki's sensei for SPUR Maga…[View]
215136100How could they fuck him up so badly?[View]
215136227Whats his endgame?[View]
215140351Ijimeru Aitsu ga Waruinoka: Chapter 8 is up. Fun school trip with your bullies[View]
215129631Shuumatsu No Valkyrie: That time of the month is almost here lads. Spoilers from Mexicans either tod…[View]
215122978Would you enjoy Dr.Stone more if Senku was a girl? How would the series be different?[View]
215139613Patlavor New Ova 12: > melancholy in its purest form WTF this is very sad, I was about to cry alm…[View]
215129123Shimeji Simulation: what psychosis will tkmiz show us this month?[View]
215078746Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation: Next episode will be mainly pic related. Are you /a/nons ready…[View]
215139165What's an underrated/unused archetype that I can make my anime girl character that will blow up…[View]
215131091Kanojo Okarishimasu: So Simp-kun do you like? do you? Have you considered the positions of my other …[View]
215137963Nigejozu no Wakagimi/The Elusive Samurai: Matsui's new series has released. https://mangaplus.s…[View]
215116434Majo no Tabitabi: Amnesia is the most adorable character in the series. It's a crime that the a…[View]
215134304Re:zero: Next few episodes are gonna be good >t. WNchad[View]
215136736Winter 2021: >Watch >Maybe >Drop…[View]
215138615Magu-chan God of destruction #28: Izuma and cool beans https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/10083…[View]
215130700Animes that helped you: Has a series/book/movie helped you emotionally in any way? I know most peopl…[View]
215133923Nezu: If his intellligence is so high, why isn't he a strategist in combat?[View]
215131309This is 'Bitch', otherwise known as 'Slut'. Say something demeaning to it.[View]
215135948Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: So when's the sequel movie coming out?[View]
215135268Finally, a mature anime for mature people such as myself.[View]
215124580Holy Shit.[View]
215106597Ex-Arm: It's almost time for another round of this masterpiece for the ages.[View]
215137663Fullmetal Alchemist 2003: What did it do right? What did it do wrong? I think bringing back Shou Tuc…[View]
215133350Can someone tell me what the fuck they did to Asuka in Rebuild of Evangelion?[View]
215129781ITT: Post the purest cinnamon rolls[View]
215134652Why new lolifags can't into proper body types? you see this phenomena in some anime, for exampl…[View]
215129609>Most compelling and original use of time travel thriller plot, still unmatched to this day. >…[View]
215134922The most underrated VA: Konomi Kohara[View]
215121899>Hibike is a success in 2015 >the following production, Phantom World, flops >Koe no Katach…[View]
215132952Name a more despicable MC[View]
215128287Rosen Garten: Chapter 6, Dumping!![View]
215106768Boku no Hero Academia: But for real, what the fuck is his problem?[View]
215117964Senko's here for you, with open arms![View]
215136209Dragon Ball Super: Remember this guy?[View]
215134844What do you think of this girl...[View]
215129384He's so precious bros[View]
215136875Skate Leading Stars, is this anime made for guys or for girls?: Huh?[View]
215132843crab with a yukionna: Call me an edgefag if you want but this was one of the best series I've r…[View]
215128462Tower of God: Po Bidau Gustang lost his loli wife because Zahard wanted to stay 10k years in his bed…[View]
215134232universal worst girl sign[View]
215130499Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season: Press F for someone[View]
215119684Gantz: Hey does anyone remember Gantz?[View]
215122794Dragon Ball Super: If Granolah really hopes to match up against Frieza and the Saiyans, what are his…[View]
215127124Shingeki no Kyojin: Will MAPPA show what Eren saw in pic related?[View]
215135655I'm having fun and learning at the same time![View]
215129032Do you even enjoy Anime/Manga anymore anons?: Or anything else?[View]
215129904Is there any reason why coloured pages appear in omnibus issues but are left out of standard release…[View]
215135030One Piece will be Borutoized. It's inevitable.[View]
215133922Azur Lane - Slow Ahead: What do you think about this Show?[View]
215126417One Piece: Zorojuro-san I will miss you[View]
215107446>another poorly written show becomes mainstream because it has cool fights Why does this always h…[View]
215133279Rank the artist powerlevels in current Jump[View]
215133711This is the current best manga in shounen jump: Why is it so unpopular here?[View]
215112403How the FUCK is this a MALE? BULLSHIT: Why does he look so feminine? I've literally never seen …[View]
215129774Jojo: What's his appeal? Is he really the best written Jojo character?[View]
215105494Is this kino?[View]
215122595Remember when the absolute peak of degeneracy in anime was a show about a teen with horny step siste…[View]
215133425Baki: Spinnyback has been found dead in Miami. Big Sumo got him in the end.[View]
215127144Planetes: Tanabe a shit. SHIT[View]
215133502Favorite anime OST thread: This was way too good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AayHUbAFb1Y…[View]
215133187>Feeling like shit for almost all of 2020 >Decided to kill some time and watch Gurren Lagann …[View]
215073543Slime Isekai: What are you looking forward to most in Season 2? For me its Walpurgis [View]
215128519Kingdom is fucking garbage[View]
215131546ITT: 100% LOYALTY (You fags better post Orangeboy)[View]
215119639Ufotable will adapt Tsukihime series anime. Director Sudo is famous Satsuki fag... Oh god, please he…[View]
215126907So is the Saki manga still going? And what's happening? I only know until the Zenkoku-hen anime…[View]
215090152Machikado Mazoku: There's time for one more Shamithread before the new chapter[View]
215081702Re:Zero thread. Ho, ho, ho![View]
215130535Should I even start reading Berserk? People say that new chapters releases once a year, and manga ha…[View]
215133306Saddest scenes in animanga[View]
215121675Higurashi Gou: This will be a legendary /a/ image for generations to come.[View]
215127683>now I want to buy a super cub am I the target demographic for these kind of anime and manga?…[View]
215132624Mato Seihei no Slave: >Almost a month with no updates What gives?…[View]
215132906shonen if it for girls[View]
215126528Martian Successor Nadesico: There are still /a/nons on /a/ that HAVEN'T watched Ruri's ani…[View]
215129889>24th January >the day the new NGE movie is supposed to release >nobody is talking about it…[View]
215129911is jump going to write a shitty fanfic-esque sequel manga for bleach?[View]
215124439ITT we post ubermensches from anime[View]
215129770Sk8 infinity: Reki touches langa more than Adam. Is reki gay?[View]
215115295Why does /a/ pretend this is better than other teasing heroine manga. It's the same shit but WO…[View]
215128114why is she such a bitch?[View]
215118820What other anime have completely disgraced their source material like this has? seriously though is …[View]
215127987Stupid sexy Ponko[View]
215131454Utena: I cant believe you fags tricked me into watching this garbage[View]
215125398How much more effective would Erwin have been as the collosal ?[View]
215119419Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: This fat bear is coming to your town to destroy your economy and seduce your lo…[View]
215123665He did everything wrong: Second chance in life and he wasted it on some petty revenge? That's o…[View]
215122728OTP: Post canon monogamous relationships only[View]
215111265Which manga or anime girl has the most gorgeous eyes?[View]
215122510Most people don't know who she is nowadays.... But I remember... And will never forget desu[View]
215116808>Inspires all of the new big series of Jump What went right?[View]
215130912Dezaki is felt from frame 1[View]
215131897How does he shit? Does he have extra stomachs, intestines, and buttholes for each of his hands? Does…[View]
215128676You know the drill, /a/. >Pick one to fuck. >Pick one to marry. >Pick one to kill.…[View]
215128775Spectral Wizard: What a great manga. vol 3 when?[View]
215117560Every long running manga should be half its final length: Name me one long running manga that wouldn…[View]
215127307kill bill's the 'story of o ren ishii' is the greatest anime ever made: in the proces…[View]
215129525What the fuck was her problem?[View]
215126588Why was the final bit of her transformation done so poorly?: I was fully onboard with Yomi going evi…[View]
215106019Would you a Kobeni /a/?[View]
215127083Shingeki no Kyojin: That's it! I'm putting an end to this season! WITbros lend me your str…[View]
215123251>100 % win rate[View]
215129172ITT: Memorable girls from forgettable series.[View]
215114409This show fucking sucks.[View]
215112636This wasn't funny[View]
215073925Who was the smartest?[View]
215129767Why does no one like renjoh desperado?[View]
215127624>have you heard of 'schrodinger's cat'? theoretically, the cat is both alive and dead at the…[View]
215071306According to you, what is the 'correct' way to experience evangelion? Why do you even watch eva?[View]
215129420Daily reminder: Punished Eren did nothing wrong[View]
215112576Kaguya-sama 215 spoilers: It's time.[View]
215127553Let's settle this once and for all. Which is best?[View]
215127308Reminder that Half Life 3 came out before Berserk's ending[View]
215126572find a flaw[View]
215120104What if your waifu got brainwashed by an evil organization?[View]
215128566Would /a/ watch a ProSeka anime?[View]
215126499>wins the atafami[View]
215124612Demon Slayer: name an anime similar but better (in writing) than demon slayer[View]
215093441Buyfag thread: little dolls[View]
215128029You haven't seen the greatest moe series ever.[View]
215126730my brother was telling me about how he found this cool new anime on netflix called 'food wars' where…[View]
215120071Gundam: what's objectively the best Gundam anime?[View]
215121555She loved you /a/...: ...and you only cared about her anus.[View]
215125274Finished Watching Perfect Blue: It wasn't as horrifying as people said. I loved it. Mima is kin…[View]
215125819Worst MC of all time: Giving up to your lifetime dream because you feel bad for a literalyy who you …[View]
215125208Dragon ball: This cant happen in real life.[View]
215126862Most degenerate anime of 2000's: what was peak degenerate anime back then? I've come to th…[View]
215123921Do you like Aizen as a villain?[View]
215127680Can you name all? I only recognize the shield hero.[View]
215128012Why did America let civilians suffer like this? They were only children...[View]
215125964FLCL: Finished watching the original mini-series for the first time in 10 years. It's left me w…[View]
215122427Who's your favourite Fate girl?[View]
215120804Jojolion: What the fuck am I reading ? Why does Araki write in nonsense terms?[View]
215116969Gurren lagann episode 8: This shit was my favorite show of all time even after watching hundreds of …[View]
215092090Bakemonogatari Storytime Vol.2: You always wanted to get into the franchise but never could because …[View]
215126712Who is the Best Ranma girl?[View]
215115084I love rider.[View]
215127016ITT : Characters that are, in a word, you.[View]
215125445Tokyo duel. Any updates on translation of chapter 2?: The first chapter was quite good.[View]
215126178I only watched this for the classical music, besides that this is garbage how tf do normalfags like …[View]
215127590No Stakes Academia: >BNHA is mature now, just look at deku, he is like Kirito! This is considered…[View]
215123612Do you like anime girls with scars? They feel more attainable.[View]
215125791Gen Urobuchi say his favorite Fate character is 'Dark Sakura Matou'. Yuck disgusting[View]
215094743In/spectre: What went wrong with In/spectre?[View]
215112151Greatest anime studio ever[View]
215069923Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
215127418How could heterosexual men (and lesbian women) win against Yoruichi?[View]
215117501What's the point of making tsundere's anymore when the formula has already been perfected …[View]
215126056What's your opinion on yukino yukinoshita?[View]
215123369Fate/Kaleid - Oath Under Snow movie: Hot take, this is the best Emiya Shirou iteration. He fights fo…[View]
215121388Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Season: Next episode coming is out today, you excited?[View]
215126429Working!: Lets go to work![View]
215118112The Vision of Escaflowne: Just finished this. It was beautiful. The OP is majestic.[View]
215127009So how many actually watched Girls und Panzer for the tanks and not the waifus?[View]
215119379how do you feel about girls with seaweed hair?[View]
215090057The poetry in Nijigasaki: In one of their first scenes, Yuu-chan and Ayumu recall 'ayu-pyon', which …[View]
215124105Have a seat, /a/non: Sit down, and share with us your journey into anime and /a/. I'll start: …[View]
215101912Twelve Kingdoms: Any chance at all this series gets revived? I was really enjoying it and then it ju…[View]
215125508What is the best serous arc in Gintama?[View]
215120349I just started reading Isekai Ojisan and now I wanna know whether the elf ever comes to Japan or we …[View]
215124508Anime Harem Thread: I have come to make a confession, /a/. Not only am i guilty of having my heart y…[View]
215124685Yuru Camp: I love mountain climbing.[View]
215123106>start out watching harems >eventually switch to watching CGDCT instead Why does it happen to …[View]
215124902>yellow jacket >red bow tie Who the hell dresses like this go to school or at all for that mat…[View]
215116590One Piece: You guys ready for Oden Piece?[View]
215049443Sound thread: post em[View]
215126146What the hell? Why is this gacha advertisement so goddamn soulful?[View]
215107361What was his problem?[View]
215104131>watching romance drama if you are over 20 ISHYGDDT[View]
215125880Katen Kyōkotsu: Karamatsu Shinjū: Could Shunsui defeat Askin Nakk Le Vaar ?[View]
215125855Dragon ball namekians: Why were universe 6 namekians so weak although they fused with more namekians…[View]
215089840Give me your honest opinion of this anime.[View]
215125650Digimon thread: So, how far has the new show gone?[View]
215116940Forget isekai, forget 'trapped in a video-game', forget battle harems. This guy, THIS MOTHER FUCKER…[View]
215077681Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: What did you think of the way how Isshiki was handled in the manga?…[View]
215118672Kamisama ni Natta Hi: Anon-sama, was my show displeasing to you? How may I correct it in the future?…[View]
215121544Why does Isayama gave all the worst lines in aot history to Connie Springer in the final arc?[View]
215124762Retro anime food thread[View]
215074619Horimiya: Tomato's time to shine soon[View]
215121171What is the modern anime lacking when compared to the classics of 80s and the 90s?[View]
215101465Why don't you learn Japanese? Although you love Japanese manga and anime If you can read manga …[View]
215124497Reminder that the serie's quality declined rapidly ever since they introduced this character[View]
215101475Healin Good Precure: New episode soon. Are you liking the final arc so far?[View]
215115490What's the deal with shonen protagonists and comas right now? Seems like every main character i…[View]
215123072Tomboy thread: Why is she making that face, /a/?[View]
215117422Shingeki no Kyojin: So why do people ship Eren with this dyke?[View]
215119377Is this really an anime about smash players dating within their age range? It feels like I am watch…[View]
215084145Nails the fucking eel head and skins it alive... Jesus fucking christ...[View]
215121360Kare Kano: Kare Kano is better than Evangelion.[View]
215123421Why does Shinji has blue eyes? Wasnt he a gook?[View]
215094004Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: I want more hot-blooded, sweaty JC ping pong.[View]
215118219ITT: Ass too big[View]
215121277Saber was right[View]
215099809JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean: What the fuck was that ending?[View]
215119030Why and when did anime forums die? They were all so comfy....I miss them.[View]
215122965Why: Why didnt ichigo just fucked senna until she disappears? How are you gona enjoy life to its ful…[View]
215075136ITT:: Bad shows that /a/ tricked you into watching.[View]
215118345Isn't he too old to be reading Shounen Jump? He's like 25.[View]
215123414>winter 2021 >no comfy anime What went wrong?…[View]
215122800Let me guess, she's the best girl and she's not going to win, right?[View]
215116714So I'm about to watch DITF, what's /a/'s opinion on it[View]
215118571Who is your waifu of the season?[View]
215120168post a character without posting them[View]
215114432I love Tohru![View]
215106649Dragon Ball Super: Could future Trunks win the ToP if his new timeline Zeno organized one?[View]
215120578Defend the Endless 8: You can watch the first one and the last one and miss literally nothing.…[View]
215079699This dumb dog keeps cockblocking our slow life isekai alchemist mc and his slaves.[View]
215115145Forgotten best girls: I'll start[View]
215104790Orchestr/a/: New year, new songs from Orchestr/a/: Frog Song (Non Non Biyori): https://www.youtube.c…[View]
215112585Maou sama retry: > Isekai > Badly animated battles > Girls copied from Re:Zero > Plot is…[View]
215119239UFO: What are your thoughts on Ufotable? Just your general idea about Ufotable, with or without cont…[View]
215118916Hondo Kaede is the best anime voice actor. She's super cute![View]
215021308Girl's Frontline: https://twitter.com/AnimeNewsNet/status/1352593368656850944 Girls' Front…[View]
215090129RaildexGun: Is she right?[View]
215120125probably too many threads like this one but anyone got anime recs? im fairly new. only have watched …[View]
215013960WIXOSS DIVA(A)LIVE: No Limit vs Card Jockey[View]
215120866underrated villains: these 3 could easily mog frieza, cell, and buu[View]
215121615Does it still holds up?[View]
215109216Higurashi Gou: Do you like Rena NOW?[View]
215100346Sk8 infinity: Everyone wants to ride langa?[View]
215110978Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Subs are out.[View]
215110348>Sadists, without question, go to Rei, because of their sadistic desires. I believe that masochis…[View]
215117575I don’t get it, they just cuddled right?[View]
215120270Why is Krusty/Shiroe the best pairing in Log Horizon? Did Mamare set out to make homosexual propagan…[View]
215119115She gazed up at the small village. One hundred years it had taken her to learn what kind of smile wa…[View]
215115089Has anyone read Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku? I'm 2 chapters in, and I'm liking it. Ar…[View]
215046888Is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s worth watching for her?[View]
215114129Crocodiles secret: Honestly. What are you gonna do if he's a she?[View]
215114540Shingeki no Kyojin: Potato[View]
215115283Symphogeah/Chris thread: I love my fluffy wife! What the hell mods? Symphogear is entirely on topic.…[View]
215101191Would you?: Help me-owt![View]
215118833I hope that MC slowly realizes she's a piece of shit and throws her to the side, or she finds a…[View]
215119799Leave Madara to me.[View]
215120054What is Sumi Sakurasawa doing?[View]
215117353Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
215103835Konosuba is the best anime ever made[View]
215119917Tenjou Tenge: Was it nonsense kino?[View]
215117492ITT: brainstorm ideas for the Goten/Trunks spinoff[View]
215108736Dragon Ball canon: This scene proves that Dragon Ball Super is the canon material. Anime is trash fi…[View]
215115881ITT: post your favourite anime film, the more niche the better[View]
215110753Ah, Berserk and Evangelion. Two extremely overrated franchises with loyal hordes of fans. Which fran…[View]
215080309Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: >a season with countless highly-anticipated sequels from acclaime…[View]
215109563Oresuki: You know remember this series. And how shit it was[View]
215118370Do you ever think about how Itachi could put you in eternal cock and ball torture? just, never-endin…[View]
215117975Hotori bassi: So, is bass just a beginner guitar?[View]
215119397Foodgasms: What are some unexpected foodgasms you have come across while reading non-cooking mangos?…[View]
215116753What a fucking bitch[View]
215115913>could end world hunger with his powers >chooses to become a gangster…[View]
215063910They don’t make them like they used to[View]
215115951Which episode will this scene occur?[View]
215117151What's the most popular/famous anime you've never seen?[View]
215116388Finished 4 episodes. Interesting premise, terrible writing. Kind of like reading something like, I d…[View]
215054248Current state of Berserk: Absolutely shameful. Isidro and Schierke are garbage.[View]
215118911Are they going to finish her off?[View]
215113520What the fuck is his problem[View]
215097374What's your opinion on yukino yukinoshita?[View]
215114596Yotsubato volumes already sell more than 600k. a pop and this is without an anime, why is the mangak…[View]
215118209Is it true?: Is it true /a/? Can it really be true this is truly aots[View]
215118000Holy fuck I miss her so fucking much[View]
215116212where is my BD release already[View]
215097149Shadows House: Chapter 67 - The Robed Nobleman's Identity Is...[View]
215106557Unlike you plebs, I watch REAL anime.[View]
215115747Characters that nearly ruined the show[View]
215117264what's his power level?[View]
215114644-1 days until Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Fuck Chinks and their bat soup virus[View]
215058229ITT: shows that seemed like they were going to be memorable, but turned out to be forgettable[View]
215114456>nail polish triggers him[View]
215103986tearmoon empire chapter 13.1: dumping chapter 13.1, it is already out in spanish [View]
215117198What the FUCK is his problem?[View]
215106504what kind of tactical advantage is gained from dressing like this[View]
215117132You're gonna love this /a/: This is me in my normal state[View]
215091952Ruri vs Rei: Now that the dust has settled in almost 25 years ago, can we finally admit Ruri is bett…[View]
215112930When even the filler is kino: Post kino filler episodes[View]
215107478How the fuck did this turn out good?[View]
215109182Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 20[View]
215113867This series is proof /a/ will love anything that has pretty 2d girls in it, even if it has slut hero…[View]
215071280>casually teaches the viewers how to create flash bombs as if it was a cooking show How is this a…[View]
215112803What a ten![View]
215107768Dr Stone: Thoughts on Stone Wars so far?[View]
215114132Was it kino?[View]
215115303rooster fighter chapter 3 came out a few days ago man i love this series[View]
215113645Blank Space Chapter 1: A manga about a retarded girl and a girl who can materialize tangible, but in…[View]
215115265Setsuna is very easily the best princess. She's the most compotent, level headed, and intellige…[View]
215110734Anime Jeopardy: Answer in the form of a question[View]
215044310ITT: Scenes that men were allowed to cry to[View]
215103107I finally watched it. It was...fine? Why is this considered such a masterpiece?[View]
215096774Which one?[View]
215098597Saataa andagii.[View]
215094081Hunter x Hunter: Why was Togashi so fixated on making characters with ambiguous genders?[View]
215109405I love Ryuko![View]
215112129/ss/ Saint Seiya Thread: Saint Seiya Thread: I Don't See A Saint Seiya Thread Right Now Or Mayb…[View]
215100854One Piece: Say goodbye to the main characters for half a year.[View]
215101256Digimon Adventure: (2020): Episode 33, 'Hikari of Dawn', airs in 1 hour! Tailmon is IMMINENT. Episod…[View]
215048851Kaguya-sama: Abe's future gf is pretty stacked.[View]
215105490Unpopular opinion: anime is always better than manga when it's done right.[View]
215111063School Days: a Definitive Defense: Wherein I argue that School Days is in fact not only not an awful…[View]
215112659>anime director puts in a bunch of shallow religious iconography and references >people praise…[View]
215114328Honest thoughts on Sōsuke Aizen?[View]
215100084why did you divorce your last waifu, anon?[View]
215008969Futanari no Elf: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/87218546 The next part of the chapter is out…[View]
215090933the anime girl attractiveness chart: my thinking is that any anime character can fit between the thr…[View]
215102943Shingeki No Kyojin: How will Isayama have Armin defeat Eren in a believable way?[View]
215054430Yashahime episode 16: It's her time[View]
215112155Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon: Teacher of the Year[View]
215107290What are your thoughts on Muhyo & Roji?[View]
215105990Monster: Why does this series get so much hate from this board?[View]
215111327ITT: anime /a/ pretends to like but doesn't understand at all.[View]
215112595Post unexpected masterpieces.[View]
215113162What do you do with this dog following you around?[View]
215112871RORUKEKI SANDEI[View]
215110533cute comfy nekos[View]
215110693Umineko: Are the game pieces aware of what's going on in the meta world? I feel they should not…[View]
215094088It's a shame that non-ear piercings are so uncommon in anime and manga. I think they're re…[View]
215109786Why is this Geass spinoff hated? I thought it was decent.[View]
215112691Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi: >2021 >I'm forgotten…[View]
215096277Lucky Star: Who is that guy?[View]
215067652chainsaw man: I really don't want to get my hopes up, but seeing so many fananimation, artists …[View]
215112509Has anyone read Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku? I'm 2 chapter into it, and I'm liking it…[View]
215106777Tokyo Ghoul and :re: Just finished the TG manga and read the first chapter of re I'm confused o…[View]
215106417Advanced Technology in Anime[View]
215108225Hataraku Saibou: >Esdeath Blood Cell >Mine Blood Cell…[View]
215054971Why is this so boring? When will the MC stop being such a cliche chuuni?[View]
215109548JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Out of the the 7 finished parts I can say Stone Ocean has the most co…[View]
215108033Bradherley's Coach: How the fuck Hiroaki Samura went from drawing rape and guro to Wave Listen …[View]
215104211What is an anime you think should be rebooted/remade? For me it's Beelzebub because the fights…[View]
215101464>it's universally, unanimously agreed-upon that Sazae-San has been utter shit for years and …[View]
215073423Tomboys how boys want them VS Tomboys how girls want them: Which one is better?[View]
215111062About to watch. What am I in for?[View]
215099285JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: What did this add to the story?[View]
215060135Jujutsu Kaisen: So did he not have any friends that he considers Itadori his best friends 2 minutes …[View]
215100991One piece: What are your arcs tier list?[View]
215108505So who’s the Otsutsuki leader?: For all we know Momoshiki, Kaguya and Urashiki were just soldiers, n…[View]
215109746>The honey badger also has a gland at the base of its tail that stores a stinky liquid just as po…[View]
215110410Kaiji: The manchild's gonna burn the fucking money bags, isn't he?[View]
215108018It takes a whole lot of delusion to still pretend that anime is niche.[View]
215105274>well beloved hero becomes the villain[View]
215105015What is /a/'s opinion of official digital full color manga chapters?[View]
215110212Who was your favorite kemono michi?[View]
215076350Whatever happened to titty action shows?[View]
215101023one of these threads[View]
215102509How come we've never seen this character duo copied? They were pretty well loved and regarded f…[View]
215107852Where were you when the 'Kikyo is Moroha's mother' theory died a violent death?[View]
215097433Higurashi no Naku Koro ni GOU: Enough was of Rika's bullying. Time to bully Mion instead.…[View]
215100594who has the best heels in anime/manga?[View]
215104414>86 gets anime next season How big is it going to be? This was one of the biggest new LN series …[View]
215106627What are your thoughts on Rave Master?[View]
215108829Hortensia Saga: >AOTS is actually a video game adaption >not a ton of budget but still superio…[View]
215093027Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ Nya~ …[View]
215107584When did armpit fetish become so mainstream in anime? muh dick[View]
215100227Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Season: CGI Monkie, CGI Attack titan, CGI Cart, CGI Jaws, CGI Armored, CGI…[View]
215106390What are your thoughts on food?[View]
215088140Kai Byoui Ramune: Time for another lolibaba.[View]
215087732Dungeon Meshi: I was really getting into this fantasy setting but then they go all in with this stro…[View]
215107825a forbidden love[View]
215105268Formerly For What Purpose Do You Find Yourself In This Immediate Area, Instructor?[View]
215085831Kowloon Generic Romance: This series made me realize I have a huge fetish for 30 year old OL Christm…[View]
215107051Birthday: July 22 (Cancer): Was this just a coincidence?[View]
215091439Boku no Hero Academia: >Complain about not having stakes >Get stakes >'Waaaah it doesn…[View]
215093705Dragon ball Super: >No random powerhouse out of nowhere >all the characters so far are not eve…[View]
215099829Yuru Camp: RAMEN MO ARU YO![View]
215106247Subarashii. Subarashii. Subarashii.[View]
2150985272021 and I am forgotten[View]
2151061305touban: >best girl >can't stop winning It has to be a Yotsuba thread.…[View]
215101057We'll hang out with you if you can recite your Jugemu without mistakes![View]
215105999anime that made you pick up an instrument?[View]
215105574Hey you /a/nimals why does a super fit Saiyan like Goku have fucking cankles?[View]
215093833ITT ultimate forms/ultimate attacks[View]
215103489Opening themes that are better than the show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWxX4S42uK0[View]
215103040Shounen in a nutshell[View]
215105683New Fag, the 16th troglodyte, lying hidden somewhere in this board… the one they call the Ultimate w…[View]
215105615Do you get a good night's sleep?[View]
215103789WHAT H A Y[View]
215081959Wife thread: Post your wife[View]
215105446He watched the guy cucking him bone, marry, impregnate and murder his waifu. Even while the guy was …[View]
215101406That's what you get, you smokelovers, you scum of this earth. Get scolded by this rant![View]
215102098ITT: Guess the anime[View]
215101873It was her fault really, wasn't it?[View]
215103913Most overrated shit characters of their series >muh guts and desire are more important than the p…[View]
215082048Toji no Miko: S2 when?[View]
215104755What on earth did I just watch?[View]
215098728What's the best 10+ year old anime in your opinion?[View]
215103152Why is the Power of Friendship so kino?[View]
215102517Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Jojofags need to understand that slice of life isn't inherently …[View]
215103730When does she get fucked?[View]
215104256https://skribbl.io/?gm5z9aL5INf2 dragon ball scribblio[View]
215104194Why do so many people bitch about THE HEART when Kishimoto did the same thing? Both scenes were kino…[View]
215103984Araki forgot should be Araki doesn't care You know how shit like Araki introducing some stand…[View]
215102003Is this normal amongst friends?[View]
215099738I DRAW[View]
215103851>unmemorable, inconsequential filler villain is actual way more powerful than the primary antagon…[View]
215100421Who was in the wrong here?[View]
215099599>The villain is evil...because he's evil.[View]
215101379who else misses the 80's anime nose?[View]
215103759Why was this guy such a bitch? >loving and beautiful wife that wanted to fix their estranged rela…[View]
215102935Toriyama disproves the whole 'manga is a 24/7 backbreaking job' myth. He wouldn't even start wo…[View]
215095474Why are sea anime so rare? Especially with Japan being an island nation.[View]
215097994Higurashi Gou: I think Rika rocks the red nails perfectly well, don't you agree?[View]
215099933Imagine having Professor Bitch as your teacher haha...Assassination Classroom thread[View]
215101318ITT: overrated shit[View]
215095257Shingeki no Kyojin: This is your beautiful raven-haired race traitress queen who supports the genoci…[View]
215088149Oshi No Ko: >that latest chapter This manga is great. [Spoiler]Why is Aka so good at making you r…[View]
215097696Which girl? Witch girl![View]
215095903Bakemonogatari thread 2: So I finished it. It picks up with the arcs about the monkey girl and the s…[View]
215102149Me on the left[View]
215091041Egg anime: I wonder why it's not more popular here on /a/. It's the most interesting anime…[View]
215101829This is your Skoo Aidoru for tonight.[View]
215079307One Piece: Which is the best arc so far do you think? For me it’s Dressrosa[View]
215081617Non-Japanese shouldn't watch Gintama: Look how much explanation they need for a single sentence…[View]
215101409gits: Which show or movie honored the source material best?[View]
215094059How do eastern plots differ from western plots?: Like how a lot of anime have BnHA/Kaiji 'outwitting…[View]
215098135JOJO: Why do the villains after Dio suffer from mental illnesses?[View]
215095403What is better /a/? Cat girls or Dog girls?[View]
215094646Is Kenshin Hokkaido going to get animated at some point or will shueisha shy away due to Watsuki…[View]
215095377Bernard Jou Iwaku: Ch. 21 Time to get filtered.[View]
215099608When does this get better?: I'm surprised by how bland the story is and how bad the animation i…[View]
215097509Shingeki no kyojin COOLER THREAD: The one who will change everything[View]
215092571Yuiga: Mad lad 'ate' his sisters 'cake'[View]
215089399is this worth a watch I dropped it 7 years ago[View]
215074448Kanojo Okarishimasu: Day drinkers are used to be very problematic. Could she protect her title of th…[View]
215092078This show gives me fucking panic attacks. It's like if an alien race came to earth studied huma…[View]
215072410Ragna Crimson: THIS BITCH IS UNEQUIVOCALLY EVIL[View]
215097213Jaku-chara Tomozaki: What's this bitch problem? Is she into wannabe Bakugou?[View]
215100297What did they mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WJLMcvn88s[View]
215096613Yakusoku no Neverland / Promised Neverland: We're going anime original.[View]
215096250I like Nami She wears sexy clothes and has big fat tits[View]
215097637Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: 'Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Daini no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou …[View]
215077636when will oscar consider me a proper lady guys[View]
215091180Why wasnt super as good as gt?[View]
215099631Beastars: I think there's something wrong with my deer. He's out here giving people lesson…[View]
215090659only sane person in konohagakure[View]
215084054itt write a haiku for your waifu!: kisaragi quon some say that you are creepy but they're all f…[View]
215087171How is this one of the best anime ever made again?? I was i think in episode 4 or 5 and they were af…[View]
215094253JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE STORYTIME: STONE OCEAN PART FINAL: It's all over now Part 1: http…[View]
215084198Is this a Redo of Healer reference?[View]
215078844Fate/Zero: >Student takes his summoning catalyst >His fiancée wants to fuck his Lancer Servant…[View]
215092909what time of the day do you like to watch anime?[View]
215090836>clearly a fantasy world with superpowers n shieet > Hegel, egypt, bhuddism and other real wor…[View]
215086734Why girls like this, or whoever looks like her, are always the best characters?[View]
215096446i want to watch bleach because i heard its similar to jjk and also want something long to watch but …[View]
215066073Detective Conan 995: Live thread for the last canon episode in this case. Again, only if anyone here…[View]
215098706white T poison[View]
215030291Isekai ojisan: Elf finally have a name Sui https://comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_MF000000790…[View]
215098458https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi7ssqlYu14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BJ51sNNkqU He is the li…[View]
215097076Please describe this child.[View]
215050482AiPla, Prichan and Mewkledreamy: Idles blessed by moonlight got a nice celeb aura, don't they?…[View]
215095866MD Geist. Did Geist always plan to activate Death Force or only after he was betrayed?[View]
215100100what anime is this from?[View]
215062320what would /a/ be like if Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time released today like it was supposed…[View]
215097976Stein's;Gate: So they made a whole show to justify the slap in episode 23 that already felt in …[View]
215083483Otherside Picnic: Toriko is hot. Preview pics: https://webnewtype.com/news/article/247944/…[View]
215085686What am I in for? Mc seems like a massive chad.[View]
215086284Higurashi Gou: Rika is crying! What did you do anon!?[View]
215091540is this just a power fantasy? what are the stakes here[View]
215087344Favorite power system? Least favorite? Favorite powers (as a whole, not a single one)? Least favorit…[View]
215096233Would series like this or slime become better...: IF the main character never became human at all?…[View]
215087265can you feel it? A new chapter is coming[View]
215075288Nigejozu no Wakagimi: First chapter leaked, going to dump it.[View]
215072634Precure Thread: I pray everyday for a nice and peaceful world. New episode soon and cast leaks soon …[View]
215085284Why didn't he just get his revenge without getting himself jailed and dicked on the daily this …[View]
215078069Why do people hate him so much? Just because he doesn't pull powers out of his ass and become a…[View]
215093764AoT Manga: Is reading the AoT manga worth it? I saw that the manga is still continuing while this is…[View]
215096653>Tamers sequel bait drama CD Why is adult Ruki a pedophile/shotacon? Konaka has gotten weird in h…[View]
215096571Kimetsu No Yaiba: Anime of the decade[View]
215077845Sk8 infinity: Catboy or Cat trap?[View]
215091782The most logical conclusion in AoT: Screen cap this. Eren is gonna dead, but it was all part of his …[View]
215077649Key the Metal Idol: I am on ep 5. Does it get better?[View]
215092706code gease opinions: i just finished it and i have my own opinions, but im curious what /a/ thinks…[View]
215094011What do you think about Katsuhiro Otomo's art?[View]
215045410Okaa-san Online: Volleyball with Mama What sports did you last do with your mom?[View]
215089031Shingeki no Kyojin: Post your favourite AoT images now[View]
215082409Pinpoint the exact moment when you realized anime was different from other cartoons: As well as the …[View]

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