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220721283a fucking cock pocket[View]
220697236Dandadan: Dandadan #3 raw is out https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/3269632237328026747 Grandma is h…[View]
220692981Koikimo: Episode 4 is out[View]
220714587does anyone remember pretear?[View]
220715911>Bleach but better in every single way[View]
220683052Would you marry the devil if she was a cute onee-san?[View]
220710333Why can't we get at least 1 serious like this every year? >no fanservice >no looney-tunes…[View]
220721098Will this meltdown ever be surpassed?[View]
220719735Stonger characters survives. Stronger enough to cause more genocides.[View]
220719113>Attractive beta male with a good job takes you in after you finish riding the cock carousel and …[View]
220717521Wonder Egg Priority: What really sucks about the Frill episode is that I would have loved an entire …[View]
220689982Why does Anime constantly have characters that wax on about how 'pathetic' and 'evil' humanity is an…[View]
220720304Boys becoming MEN[View]
220718755RIP Kobayashi Osamu, director of the best Gurren Lagann episode[View]
220713017One Piece: Cute thread[View]
220709820If you could make one mangaka to draw his official hentai, who would you choose?[View]
220720011Best Jojo series. Best Jojo protagonist. Best Jojo lore.[View]
220718722What do you think her husband is like?[View]
220715242Haruhi Suzumiya: Today's my birthday. Can we get a good Haruhi thread in today? When do you thi…[View]
220712815Admit it, you only hate him because he reminds you too much of yourself: Hating Subaru is essentiall…[View]
220692153Nomad: Megalo Box 2: Immigrantbros...we got too cocky...[View]
220718740Saibuki Bisco Get fucking hyped!!!![View]
220708566>fucking tired of shitty anime tropes where a mom want to sex a kid >try watching innocent cla…[View]
220714531Maison Ikkoku: Still the peak of kino anime, nothing in the last 30 years can even remotely compare.…[View]
220715971Who is the greatest female character of all time and why is it saber?[View]
220715063Rukia > Orihime[View]
220717893For me is California blondie power[View]
220718214Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl: Hey /a/nons, I finished watching Rascal Does Not Dream of …[View]
220717681Tokyo Swastika Revengers: This is your MC?![View]
220715464https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMyuSHewmks I want to return to 2004 when I was in school and Naruto…[View]
220717837What series is this: I can’t remember the name[View]
220717406Was this when Jonouchi was fully redeemed?[View]
220715791Can isekai goblins really be evil if they are just doing what they can to ensure the survival of the…[View]
220715371How does a typical retard like me with next to no brain understand what's good writing and what…[View]
220650092Kengan: Is Wakatsuki gonna win his fight?[View]
220717560so, ugh, how's this gonna get resolved?[View]
220717710they cute[View]
220717648My SO doesn't talk. What's your waifu's special ability?[View]
220715361What is the strangest manga you've ever seen: Mine is this manga biography of George Soros but …[View]
220628202Shounen no Abyss: Ok, why do you faggots keep posting about this shit. Just got to this part and so …[View]
220675630>All the obscure/intellectual/artsy/pretentious/pseud anime are becoming popular with the normies…[View]
220715354>his sisters got blacked >died simping for someone elses girl Name a bigger cuck…[View]
220704829>this linecount >in a movie do ufokeks really?…[View]
220716155Tawawa Chapter 15[View]
220629982White Album 2: Name a more honest description about Kazusa Touma and Setsuna Ogiso, other than 'They…[View]
220715917have you ever been to anime?: when i was a teenager, used to do a lot of meditating, astral projecti…[View]
220713370Thunderbolt Fantasy: See what I don't understand is WHY does Duck consider 10guy a loss? He got…[View]
220715566Waver is so fucking lucky[View]
220710679planetes: honestly one of the best anime i've ever seen[View]
220711309this design was the only good thing to come out of the rebuilds. literally the only good thing. ther…[View]
220708964Bless the Japanese for they are after my own heart.[View]
220708740All girls would be improved if they were lolis. As evidence, I provide this Rin.[View]
220702076Nagatoro: You can only have one.[View]
220713873Dragon Ball Super: So what's Vegeta's deal? I know Goku and friends managed to drive him o…[View]
220710673Anime Harem thread: We haven't had one of these in a while, didn't we?[View]
220716212Hige Wa Soru/I shaved: Not gonna lie, that was pretty hot.[View]
220712048AoT: >Eren could have woken up to this every morning >jobs in the end What a fag.…[View]
220716002Aipla, Mewkledreamy, Prichan: Why do the best characters always look like rhythm?[View]
220708321How yandere is too yandere?[View]
220715925what a slut[View]
220712317Are single mothers in your cunt like this?[View]
220713970Promised Neverland: You guys ever wonder why there are no black kids on the farms?[View]
220709201SUB OR DUB?[View]
220701753Slut: dropped.[View]
220710780>Anon, what do you mean this wasn't free?[View]
220707225ITT The world’s worst manga: (In your eyes)[View]
220698843Boku No Hero Academia: Happy birthday, Bakugo. I'm sure you'll be relevant soon[View]
220715342this was good[View]
220707399$1,000,000,000 Game Trillion Dollar Game: I'm not sure what I'm reading but the art is nic…[View]
220693995Who is the real best villain of the series?[View]
220712893Satanofani: what does /a/ think about satanofani? i think it's at least better than its schlock…[View]
220708326>Jahy >Nagatoro >Sono Bisque So if all the /a/ manga favorites are finally getting anime, t…[View]
220709920Berserk ending: >Griffith is about to win >dark and eminous sky swells >Casca runs up to hi…[View]
220709160please reply to this post with your favorite anime caricatures of Americans[View]
220682002I want to abuse Kobeni! Remind Kobeni that she's no good! Cheat on Kobeni! Humiliate Kobeni in …[View]
220706134Dragon Ball Super: We know J is the correct term for SSJ, but when will all the leaks for the new Ch…[View]
220713730Signs that an anime will be shit: >2 cour season 1 >1 cour season 2…[View]
220641150Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Is there a reason Ada wants to specifically have sex with 13 year o…[View]
220665589Ame no furu/ Candy Flurry: Finally on mangaplus https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009353…[View]
220704006Isekai Tropes: Onions sauce and Rice Eating fish...Raw! >CROP ROTATION Basic medieval farming imp…[View]
220714261Does /a/ like the Deadpool manga?[View]
220682871So, what's next for Dr. STONE?[View]
220714014>Pff BAKA, you think your shitposts can much mine anon kun? Well take this >SHITO POSTO MAXIM…[View]
220709192how do some manga updates when mangadex is down?[View]
220668315Aipla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: Do Emo's twintails really have bones in them?[View]
220701557Shingeki no Kyojin: So, what happened with the colossal titans after the rumbling? Did they turn int…[View]
220710810Give her the fucking robot[View]
220707048Is furries the best trend in modern anime? It almost feels like the soul of old anime coming back in…[View]
220713125Saihate No Paladin: So apparently Saihate no Paladin got an anime adaption. Oiiiiiiii Saihate fag. …[View]
220710683>MC's power is generally regarded as being useless >At the climatic battle they gain full…[View]
220697286Why did he eat the logs?[View]
220708414>Removing an evil Uchiha spirit from a Red Eye is as hard as removing stink from a hunk of shit. …[View]
220698730Osamu Kobayashi: I miss him bros. His passing actually fucking sucks hard. Why was there no sticky?…[View]
220690234One Piece: Chapter 1011: 'Read Bean Virtue'. Chapter about Big Mom. It seems a dinosaur appears in t…[View]
220704479Is Black Clover getting the axe? >anime cancelled >manga sales tanking >staff members quitt…[View]
220712026I love Yu![View]
220697556One Punch Man: New manga chapter: https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/3269632237328563695[View]
220710723best bleach gal?[View]
220693206ITT Good series that went downhill[View]
220699309Jujutsu Kaisen is the best shonen ever created.: It beats dragon ball, naruto, bleach, one piece, my…[View]
220688688kanjo mo Kanojo: Chapter 55 Korean scans. https://manatoki95.net/comic/7777685[View]
220708524Anime dreams: Did you ever have dreams about anime? Used to have a lot about Sailor Moon[View]
220711390Is this any good[View]
220709689Told you Joubin was going to be the final villain. Can't wait to see his new hybrid stand.[View]
220705209Is the bully bad, or is the bullied me bad?: What happened? We haven't had a chapter in a month…[View]
220709960Spirited Away is objectively the greatest anime film of all time...OF ALL TIME![View]
220708511Azumanga Daioh: >Lu >La lu[View]
220690996kaguya 215 TL/dump: >riches to the right >riches to the left >I can never understand kids w…[View]
220659105Nagatoro: So, who would win? EL OLIMPICO? Or Presidente?[View]
220709616>bluray release never ever >will continue to be stuck in crappy dvd quality…[View]
220710555They go so well together. A perfect pair.[View]
220706616so i'm not big into seasonals..: ..but can someone explain why burn the witch only got 3 episod…[View]
220708398Does /a/ like Nine Dragons Ball Parade?[View]
220703254Fuumetsu no anata e: Very nice opening! https://youtu.be/vLNmewTfyBU[View]
220671512Mushoku: Why is /a/ so fucking defensive over this specific isekai? It's responsible for a lot …[View]
220710089This is literally my fetish[View]
220698986Ponko had enough.[View]
220708567How does he spit when he doesn't have lungs.: He's just a head here so how was the spit pr…[View]
220707885Candy Flurry: have you read first chapter of Candy Flurry? what did you think of it? This cute JK fm…[View]
220637523Sayonara Watashi no Cramer: no thread? DROP AND GIVE ME 20 /a/! subs out[View]
220707814Wonder Egg Priority: Why is she so perfect?[View]
220700467ITT satisfying manga panels[View]
220705099Iris Freyja is VERY mad at you![View]
220708206Shimimaru: Do you think this was based on the author's own personal experience?[View]
220709081i rabu powa![View]
220683795Re:Zero: Rem is so lovely. And so is Subaru's daughter-niece.[View]
220703027Author comments from the latest issue of JUMP[View]
220702585Beatiful Miuna[View]
220708946Fumetsu no Eternity: Why should I feel sad about a dumb retard kid dying? its really annyoing when w…[View]
220707622Love Me, Love Me Not: Have you watched it?[View]
220697402Do females ruin manga?: In light of Build King getting axed, Japanese otaku are angry at women for h…[View]
220656960Dynazenon: Worship the thighs[View]
220686031Is their relationship believable?[View]
220702668Anyone else a big fan of this series? I just finished it and it was kino af from beginning to end. S…[View]
220668700Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time: What does the future of the franchise look like now?[View]
220697953So this slut has sex? Boy that ruins the fantasy. I hope the main character skins her alive and then…[View]
220702227Why is Fire Punch so frequently discussed even today?[View]
220707749Do you like fantasy manga that are actually post-apocalyptic manga?[View]
220703008Who's your favorite?[View]
220691329>one character realizes that MC is a world renowned engineer and her idol (Silver) >MC is reve…[View]
220700595Berserk went to shit after Lost Children Arc[View]
220706831>this series is shit >why? >the girl i like didn't win the protag's dick…[View]
220683208Higehiro: So...is this show actually good?[View]
220691203Nothing Fucking Happens: the advertisement: Seriously, is /a/ just pretending to like this borefest …[View]
220688673Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War[View]
220707171I love her.[View]
220704247Welcome! What would you like to order?[View]
220706894Have you ever had indecent thoughts about another anon's waifu?[View]
220696858Never thought i would see the day where mangas like one piece would be better than SnK, even after a…[View]
220705423Do you still like the anime girls that were your first crushes?[View]
220705503What the fuck was that ending?[View]
220698583why is nobody talking about tokyo revengers?[View]
220707041Will HxH ever return? And even if it does, can Togashi ever even finish this monster of an arc he st…[View]
220637777Ayakashi Triangle - Chapter 41 'Suzu's Belly Button': https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1…[View]
220697242This is for little kid?[View]
220701972Monster wrestling: >all monster girls >cute Mc that gets her ass kicked/ryonaed >yuri, esp…[View]
220702177So I finally finished this. A very satisfying ending. Tomoya and Eriri liking each other for ten yea…[View]
220699246Chainsaw Man: As long MAPPA doesn't go the Attack on Titan Final Season route with it but more …[View]
220705303Any more kino like the Ghost Stories Dub?[View]
220698768why don't you watch xam'd? you uncultured moefags[View]
220668727Jujutsu Kaisen: The next arc will probably be the Hokkaido Arc. Nobara will be back in it.[View]
220685650I found this higurashi doujin that uses a ton of frames from the manga, pretty funny[View]
220692230Dragon Ball Super: If Goku missed with the spirit bomb would it blow up the planet?[View]
220702033Takagi is the only one without a flesh fang, so she automatically wins.[View]
220588805What's the correct response here?[View]
220701541Tokyo Ghoul: Touka fucked back.[View]
220705664detective Conan chads how do we fight off the fujoshis? they never stop, it's just tiresome at…[View]
220672863Ranma: 1/2[View]
220689211Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san!: Alright I think we have indulged the animeonlies enough. In this thread w…[View]
220704572>Put your grasses on >Nothing will be wong…[View]
220700893Saltiness #31: New Saltiness is out I'm gonna dump it[View]
220699679Leave SOVL to me[View]
220689066Shingeki no Kyojin: Did he kiss back?[View]
220703687Anyone else wish fansubs came back?: I don't like companies like Crunchyroll and Funimation cen…[View]
220676524Why did you drop this series?[View]
220692773Post character that would fit Esdeath’s love requirement[View]
220691727Jujutsu Kaisen: Just finished SnK and looking into a new series. Heard Jujutsu Kaisen is decent, but…[View]
220650780Precure thread: I miss doki[View]
220679077How do you guys feel when isekai MCs have kids that look exactly like their mothers instead of a mix…[View]
220699572Youjo Senki: Season 2 when? And is Tanya the chosen one? Is she gonna provide a Final Solution to ou…[View]
220700421is this what people left behind when image boards became a thing? god i wish i was born earlier. sor…[View]
220690227>always fights the final villan of every arc and is the centerpiece of every arc even if it isn…[View]
220694912How does one get into a relationship with her?[View]
220702561ITT: Shill an obscure anime/manga you really like: For me it's Switch, it's a solid ass OV…[View]
220697171>oh man that was rough >Oh well at least I have my qt tiny asian wife…[View]
220700271They are so fucking incompetent at teaching and looking after a group of people. Why weren't th…[View]
220694983Is this just a yuri time travel love story? I started watching this because of le subversion meme.[View]
220698704Nagatoro: Threads to the right of them, threads to the left of them, threads in front of them - shit…[View]
220696138Good Isekai doesn't exi-[View]
220700017The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II: are there more translated chapters or am I out of luck?[View]
220699881>it's a good thing we happened across that magic, fix-everything juice >yeah, we would…[View]
220593971Daily Hinamatsuri Chapter: Good Work, Hitomi![View]
220699727this was better than faggot academia[View]
220696445Welcome to McRonalds. May I take you order?[View]
220699559Let’s predict the next big anime announcement[View]
220699526osh anon, ramen kou ikoze[View]
220697969Why is having a name 'Elizabeth' or a diminutive form of it a sign of being the worst girl?[View]
220697785Collateral damage: What's your moral and practical position?[View]
220694665One Punch Man: Which redraw was worse: Child Emperor vs Phoenixman or Sweet Mask vs DO-S?[View]
220698106Why is this in the credits of the new Detective Conan film?[View]
220696158post only anime/mangas with a good ending[View]
220698985How dose /a/ feel about Mari Okada?[View]
220681183One Piece: I don't understand how Oda can surprise me year after year. Reading One Piece never …[View]
220693130Excited for the new round of Jump one-shots[View]
220689595NNT: I miss when this series was still fresh and everyone was enthusiastic about it. It used to be c…[View]
220696744ID Invaded: Happy Hole Day anons! Today is the day that Hondomachi drilled a hole into her head with…[View]
220672885Boku no hero academia: Are you excited for Momo to job next episode?[View]
220696667Matchmaking of the Amagami Household: Chapter out in korean, if someone wants to dump https://manato…[View]
220687844WEP: What went wrong?: It was supposed to be AOTY[View]
220697934did this movie make you cry?[View]
220695022Shingeki no Kyojin: Zeke did nothing wrong.[View]
220697310The best thing to come out of High School DxD in years.[View]
220679388Dungeon Meshi: Ok, so they eat the sister in order to save her but... then what? They poop her out? …[View]
220691033Who were you shipping?[View]
220689374its shit right?[View]
220690960Kaguya 225 scans are out: ishibame 2.0? https://manatoki95.net/comic/7779299[View]
220691391Was he in the wrong?[View]
220687605When did anime peak? For me it was the late 2000s with Gurren Lagann, Death Note, Haruhi, FMA: Broth…[View]
220690284Holy fuck that was cute. I wanna join this family and live slow and comfy life with lots of omelets.…[View]
220690646OddTaxi: The AOTY showed itself already huh. And the OP is banger. Manly tears were shed before the …[View]
220694432the more miserable/embarrassed the girl is, the better the fanservice[View]
220696310Behold, the biggest, dumbest traitors ever to fucking exist in the history manga: Look at these fuck…[View]
220675746Nagatoro: Senpai has pepperoni nipples. What the fuck?[View]
220683940Why is this the go to 'I hate anime but love this one' anime?: I've even experienced this irl w…[View]
220696290Best Gundamkino ever[View]
220696673So when looking at an upcoming non-sequel/finished airing anime and the staff, which member of the t…[View]
220694628>Walk in >See this Wat do[View]
220693652Aiki-S Chapter 54: More of Joukyuu fucking around[View]
220626369You now remember History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi.[View]
220696227it took me 4 rewatch to figure out that this is a reference to raoh, i feel ashamed[View]
220695295Look at this Look at this and etch this into the far depths of your memory Always remember what (((t…[View]
220690541What the FUCK is an Ys?[View]
220693720Digimon Adventure 2020: > Queen Capitalist Slut Mimi > Study Buddha Joe > 2chan dweller Kou…[View]
220694473GOD EATER: Where is Season 2?[View]
220695272Selamat Pagi[View]
220691450What exactly is the attraction of Idol series like Idolmaster?[View]
220684728best op: critique each selves https://youtu.be/l3ljgRda6iU[View]
220687051ENTER THREAD: ENTER[View]
220695728Who are your favourite characters from hetalia and why?[View]
220693611ITT: anime/manga that demonstrate a passion for schoolgirls[View]
220691549>/a/ hates shounen now: But why? I don’t get it[View]
220695521Boy was that a great show![View]
220695388RemFags BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wP33mcAKlHE&t=0s&ab_channel=AnimeOT[View]
220674064Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その322 『3ウシ娘』 it's Monday[View]
220692694Kaginado >the fuck is that Key's franchises (Kanon, Air, Clannad, Rewrite, Little Busters) a…[View]
220694119Very strange feeling: Long time ago[View]
220694878What happened to the art?[View]
220680139Shingeki no Annie!: Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
220691555Re:Zero: Imouto or Onee-san? read spoiler at own discretion Subaru literally caused Rem's villa…[View]
220691524Do you love your waifu as much as he loves his sword?[View]
220694290What are some moments in anime that marked your childhood?[View]
220688440>'Thanks to her looks and her personality, she's had guys confessing to her all her life, bu…[View]
220692511do you like pervy old man characters?[View]
220693511Why does Japan love America so much?[View]
220691724Oregairu: So I understand that the high school life was just a prologue to the actual story. When…[View]
220694239What kind of dirty whore just shows someone her feet willingly like that?[View]
220691977>wake up >see this What do?[View]
220687671bratmom thread[View]
220689033Still no new chapter. Monster hunting is more important please understand.[View]
220686122I want to treat this girl like the queen she so rightfully is[View]
220669777Jojolion: Are (You) ready to surrender your individuality to become part of something much greater?…[View]
220690206Go-Toubun no Hanayome: To movie is coming on 2022! Are you guys going to watch? https://www.animenew…[View]
220691008kurapika is cute[View]
220687567Meanwhile in the m/a/nsion...[View]
220693038He was King[View]
220692279Forced animation.[View]
220682762Dragon Ball Super: How would you write him into the story without it feeling contrived?[View]
220690564I want one[View]
220692079Dragon Ball Super: Discuss the canon anime. Ignore the manga.[View]
220692273tomoda is cute![View]
220692161Magi: Your opinion on the ending?[View]
220689436Shitrus: >aired in the same season as VEG, a giant hit show by KyoAni >aired in the same seaso…[View]
220689559Let's say I want to translate LotGH itto my language. Any advice? Since the only translation I…[View]
220676441Why did Yuno become so obsessed with this loser? Like, couldn't she have stalked a guy with an …[View]
220655122There's no such thing as good isekai.[View]
220671337Who would you side with in isekai? The Goblin Slayer or the Goblin Breader?[View]
220691661Is this adaptation of 'King and I'?: Or something beyond?[View]
220683045Why is it that some mangakas or novelists can remain pseudononymous or anonymous in Japan? I never s…[View]
220677199One Piece: It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan.[View]
220690543Joran: What the fuck?[View]
220685835what the fuck was his problem???[View]
220682359Mangadex's database has been leaked. Again: So what are your thoughts about this? Did it finall…[View]
220691166JJBA: Did Jotaro have autism?[View]
220684422>rated R lolwtf[View]
220690932Kaguya 225: Scans out CN https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7309979045 KR https://manatoki95.net/comic/777929…[View]
220689824do women really?[View]
220675705Dies irae: Redpill me on this show is it dogshit or actually worth watching?[View]
220681985Moments where you realized you were in for a wild ride[View]
220678207Yama no Susume: What was with all those forced marches?[View]
220690703What Anime do you plan on watching on 4/20?[View]
220638322Ao no Hako/Blue Box: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009210[View]
220630230I think Fubuki is cute.[View]
220688290>a bunch of Spiders offscreened were already offscreened by Hisoka >Illumi is most likely the …[View]
220689999Violet is so pretty...[View]
220591882I didn't expect that but Super Cub is a SoL anime which has something to say![View]
220677781Cute girls doing hotel things: Anons have seen Hanasaku Iroha, right?[View]
220687232evangelion 3.0+1.0: dog shit ending was not worth the 9 year wait + pandemic. Anno is a fucking reta…[View]
220683149Bleach: Plan to watch it. Are the fillers any good?[View]
220689632Koikimo: New episode today[View]
220687675Is this the Rick and Morty of anime?[View]
220689809Jojo would work really well in a sci-fi setting in many ways. Araki should go for it after jojolion.[View]
220689789Cowboy Bebop: The movie is better.[View]
220688041Anime peaked here. This was the last OVA that had soul.[View]
220687398Combatants will be Dispatched: Would you marry this dork?[View]
220689723Maoujou de Oyasumi: It's a great anime, but it's never getting another season, simply beca…[View]
220684083Who the fuck says shit like this?[View]
220683265>JK is actually a JC HOLY SHIT WHAT A TWIST[View]
220666975Shana is so hot.[View]
220649920ITT: make your own power system: Hard mode: make a power system and not just a power source[View]
220679444Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: New preview https://twitter.com/boku__yaba/status/1384013755005083655…[View]
220687704Hidden buxom[View]
220684748Studio Bind: Putting Mushoku Tensei's questionable reputation aside, what are /a/'s though…[View]
220688108Bros: One Piece is really fuckin' funny. Normally I dislike shonens and their bad comedy is one…[View]
220688691wolf tomboy: wolf tomboy[View]
220687577What am I in for /a/?[View]
220673475Watching CCS for the first time ever and everything was great until this annoying bitch showed up[View]
220658054I fucking hate Sakura but this was kino[View]
220688249pretty good movie[View]
220687513Higurashi Mama Maebara is Cute[View]
220628371Kumo Desu: Now they fucked up the coup with QUALITY and dumb choices, will they also fuck up Vampy?…[View]
220688052What is your favorite Hunter x Hunter moment?[View]
220682534Eren being butchered: Never in my life of my 19 years of living have I ever seen a character get but…[View]
220645285Thunderbolt Fantasy: Fuck Monk, you backstabbing bitch![View]
220683768>we will never get a protagonist as good as Eren Yeager again why even read manga anymore?…[View]
220675620my gosh... he's LITERALLY me![View]
220687391anyone else hate nami?: is there anyone else who absolutely hates this bitch as much as me. don…[View]
220683645ITT: Poser sluts[View]
220676997name an anime more fun than klk: Best opening scene in any show ever. Most fun per unit time I'…[View]
220647272Which Illya is your favorite?[View]
220628856*makes sure human race goes extinct*[View]
220679787Are you guys excited for the new toubun movie[View]
220681055>Series so bad, even the mangaka drops it What went wrong?[View]
220687113This is my boyfriend(female).[View]
220679584First time reading Berserk: Oh my lord[View]
220683090>o my once-off powerup Why doesn't every near death nen user do the same thing? They have no…[View]
220686069it's good [View]
220686567Post a page from the chapter you are reading RIGHT NOW[View]
220677422Demon Slayer -Kimetsu No Yaiba-[View]
220653431Drop this shit while you still can[View]
220671613So, how strong are the characters in Bleach? Honestly I think the series doesn't portray how re…[View]
220680693Name someone more based: You literally can't[View]
220679036ITT : We post favorite antagonists.[View]
220681571Yo aibou, ramen kou ikoze[View]
22068627213 years old.[View]
220675857Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=365PXZYBdw4 Where is season 3? The…[View]
220686284Femdom Battle Shonen is the future: You heard here first.[View]
220679771Final equalizer is the DESU![View]
220677062What parts of Part 7 are you most excited to see animated?[View]
220686110> 2021, chapter 1010 > I am forgotten[View]
220670125Godzilla SP: >Basement Godzilla is an 'alien' lifeform, not from 'This' world. >'Varan' is ano…[View]
220683055Shit that makes you drop and anime: For me, it’s anytime a character makes this face and starts yell…[View]
220676876Time to finally take the Nadesico pill and find out why oldfags liked this reiclone so much Why is t…[View]
220680751ITT: Tropes you hate. I'll start: >character says 'yeah' >translation says 'no' Fucking s…[View]
220681315Why is Maria so pathetic?[View]
220685480JoJo: Is it the weakest Joestar Stand?[View]
220685181Rena didn't deserve it[View]
220684555I've always wondered, was Tsukasa being sexually abused. In .hack?[View]
220680654>NOOOOOOOOOO NOT A HAREM OF 200 WOMEN FOR ME!! I'M GOING INSAAAANEE: this is where I dropped…[View]
220677561We all express how much we'd like a continuation, but honestly, how would a second season even …[View]
220676688>muh themes[View]
220681674When is goku gonna have another kid?[View]
220674983Which one is the best one?[View]
220651603If you dont 'get it' here's the synopsis, it's really not that deep. >Senpai is an intr…[View]
220673265Yugioh Sevens: Ep44 out[View]
220669460Sailor Moon: Is it objectively good, or do we just like it because it's 'classic', or for nosta…[View]
220679701Better than Nichijou? I read one book and the randomness seems more forced as opposed to the humor f…[View]
220684577Stone Ocean yeah yeah blah blah blah When's Part 7 realistically gonna be animated? >Tfw no …[View]
220671517Let's be honest. Is the dub actually good, or do you just pretend it is, because it was how you…[View]
220635164Mushoku Tensei: I just finished reading the WNs and feel like talking about it. Tell me anons, what …[View]
220681979Higehiro: >>what is the japanese imageboard opinion on this? surely they cant be worse than he…[View]
220677855Why do characters in modern shonen anime always look so constipated?[View]
220633549Why can't most anime be like this? >no fanservice >no looney-tunes caricatural faces when…[View]
220683953Sailor Jupiter: Admit it /v/. You fantasized that you were her Sempai that she was pinning for, didn…[View]
220683920thigh thread[View]
220675427Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 70 and afterword[View]
220570077Kanojo, Okarishimasu 185 spoiler: >Long story short, Ruka tries to talk Kazuya out of confessing,…[View]
220680084Mairimashita iruma-kun: I’m currently obsessed with mairimashita iruma-kun new season and manga Is …[View]
220681121Kurupika centric episodes are so boring: I'm about to drop this show . How long until Gon and K…[View]
220674727Why didn't Gabi get gangbanged in this scene? Its seems like she would've been gangbanged.[View]
220676310Ikoku Nikki Storytime: I'm gonna dump a couple of chapters. Let's see where this takes us.…[View]
220680242Eighteen 18: Has anyone read this, After Barakamon and Yoshi no Zuikara, I am curious what it's…[View]
220677746Megalo Box Nomad: They call him...Beardless Joe[View]
220679847Akira's budget: $21.6 million: (with inflation)[View]
220679106Build Divide: New Card Game Anime from LIDENFILMS x Aniplex coming October 2021 https://www.youtube.…[View]
220637663Magu-chan: new chapter: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009112[View]
220642907Yu-Gi-Oh!: How come jack gets all the girls?[View]
220681005Why are gothic lolitas so great?[View]
220671732Dragon Ball Super: >Can use UI in his base form >And is STILL able to tap in Mastered UI at wi…[View]
220635746Eighty-Six: What is this robot's face trying to convey?[View]
220680194STUDY!: could a revival actually work? Say if it ignores the mangas latter half?[View]
220680669Made in abyss: Why is diarrhea such a predominant theme in Made in Abyss? We got this nasty shit at …[View]
220643497Re:Zero: Lazy Oni.[View]
220680013Reminder that SBR is going to be skipped: >part 6 airing will end right as JoJolion ends >they…[View]
220680990The great debate: I've picked up both series lately and they're both the cream of the crop…[View]
220672134Houseki No Kuni: what am i in for /a/?[View]
220680851So was this really Asuka in the final scene of 3+1?[View]
220680771ITT: Characters who are great boyfriend material[View]
220676695Kemono Michi: So are they just not going to explain where this fucking ant came from?[View]
220680676Kaguya-sama Manga: >objectively the best Also, gook scans soon[View]
220678580HEY TAKA-TIN HEY[View]
220674805Welcome to, Welcome to, Welcome to my house~...[View]
220677672Have you taken the chinkpill yet?[View]
220671912Nagatoro: What will /a/ make Nagatoro do with their ticket?[View]
220661836Dragon Ball Super: >Goku can now use UI in base >Vegeta has high tier Hakai How the fuck is Gr…[View]
220672196Shingeki no Kyojin: Its funny how some actually thought Eren hated Mikasa. Even before the ending, i…[View]
220670416Fullmetal Alchemist: Back in the day did this anime suffer any shitstorm because it didn't foll…[View]
220679317Dog Nigga: Read Dog Nigga, faggots.[View]
220678220How is this show? I don't see this on /a/, so I can assume it's good? But I also don'…[View]
220598259What's this move called?[View]
220679116If the author is a delusional yurifag, does that mean it’s only fair to see their works as yuri?[View]
220637536Yozakura Family - Mission 79: It's time yozakurabros. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1…[View]
220678078>*click* >'So Stocking, ya wanna get do season 2? >'okay, I guess...' >Panty and Stockin…[View]
220674990Aku no Hana: ideal girl[View]
220671959did /a/ complain about this?[View]
220662757I'm genuinely curious about why so many mangaka absolutely worship Otomo/Akira the manga, can s…[View]
220676865Wan Piss: Waaaaaan Pisssuuuuuu[View]
220678574FLCL Thread[View]
220675491Ah...now THIS was the anime to end all animes.[View]
220669381Good characters trapped in shitty anime[View]
220678221Dragon Ball Super: >pic related >*beerus gets a heart attack* will this ever happen?…[View]
220620642Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu new chapter. Discuss.[View]
220677556Sex with Emma[View]
220664681Why did it flop?[View]
220675164I don't get it... She's neither a trannie nor a lesbian. Do people on /a/ comment on shows…[View]
220678067Alright, /a/. How do I acquire Kazakh wife? Been cum buckets reading this manga these past few days.[View]
220673302Bishounen Tanteidan: Should I go with Commie or official Funi (SubsPlease) subs for this? Simulcast …[View]
220671852What is this body type called?[View]
220671062Mahoutsukai no Yome: What does everyone think of the college arc so far? Do people wish it was more …[View]
220677839They should make a red dead anime: After the flop of cybershit hopefully trigger pull the fuck out o…[View]
220676470No Game No Life: >discover that NGNL got a movie >assume it wraps up the story because they co…[View]
220641165Raildex: These two should have been the main characters instead of Touma.[View]
220676710Build King: bruh[View]
220672614So who'd win? Baki or the entire Kengan Annihilation Tournament?: Baki is when he was fighting …[View]
220675680 It’s okay [View]
220671647Why are Anime/Manga about a group of loners teaming up and having adventures while fighting an unsto…[View]
220676616When I was a kid I read a picture book at the library and I only remember one page. It was a castle …[View]
220677205>Kouichi starts his day off leaving school with a big farewell from his other club members. When …[View]
220676972Combatants will be Dispatched: Remember to properly feed your chimera[View]
220676335Best Gundamkino ever[View]
220663633Odd Taxi: I don't really get what's happening but I like these girls. Are you looking forw…[View]
220676857Hardboiled Dolphin: >finish your NTR flashback with the NTRguy getting gut-punched in the present…[View]
220676720Feng > Revy[View]
220667266One Piece: Why did Oda choose to sideline the Strawhats and make some random Samurai the main charac…[View]
220552596HxH: I know this is /a/ and you feel obligated to be contrarian smooth brains but just suck it up an…[View]
220676347>Bertolt emerges from the Colossal Titan's body at ground-level after kicking the gate to Sh…[View]
220675315Known fact about rabbits and some of them breed until they die[View]
220675190BUT YOU DREAM, /A/: Your simplicity long ended when you took watched Evangelion and Steins;Gate, and…[View]
220674916Build Kino deserved a better audience[View]
220675793go go goat[View]
220675047I think this might be my favorite cast in a manga in a while. They are all enjoyable characters. And…[View]
220674622JPN IMPRESSIONS WSJ19: Japan fan votes for best chapter of the week are in.[View]
220675094Was I supposed to be feeling something here in this chapter? Why the fuck this retard actually accep…[View]
220647310JUMP Issue 20: All the chapters of this week's JUMP are out. What did you read? What did you i…[View]
220661257Isekai Tropes: Onions sauce and Rice Eating fish...Raw! >CROP ROTATION Basic medieval farming imp…[View]
220675990Kare Kano: Rewatched this lately? The last episodes are marginally worse than the rest and the endin…[View]
220676419Why isn't there a manga board?[View]
220664657Daily Lucky Star Chapter: Go!! Fight!! Chapters 222-224[View]
220669920Oyasumi Punpun: I knew it was going to be depressing but holy shit, I wasn't fucking ready for …[View]
220675513>>220643042 God, everything about this scene is perfectly and beautifully symbolic of their re…[View]
220673523Did you guys like it?: It reminds me of Girls last tour... Like, i can see Kinos journey, Girls last…[View]
220675526Hori to Miyamura: How come this manga get so many animes?[View]
220670466Naru hodo[View]
220633269Megalo Box - Nomad: It's about the time for some Joe.[View]
220668681Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Role reversal spin-off when?[View]
220663078Ganbare Douki-chan: Intern-chan is fucking dead[View]
220655861Murcielago Volume 5 Storytime: Hilarious, raunchy, action-packed, and shockingly amoral at times, Mu…[View]
220642912Idolm@ster: anyone looking forward to the Million Live anime? https://youtu.be/66eT5shb7Fw also idol…[View]
220674848For me, it's Botan.[View]
220668473There are so many obstacles that I, as a English dub anime fan, have to get through in order to have…[View]
220607013So what are the Shadows? (Shadow House)[View]
220672569What does /a/ think of Videl?[View]
220669561Who had the most aesthetically pleasing fighting style in Fist of the North Star?[View]
220674999I got filtered, what was the point?[View]
220670358Fuck you[View]
220671166I'm here to save Cyberpunk.[View]
220674630Love Live: This thread is about interesting Love Live idols[View]
220661850Holy fuck I hate her so much[View]
220666105The City of Kyoto is using yuri to advertise their public transportation service: thoughts?[View]
220668821Are they autistic?[View]
220672085Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: All my bitches love Keiichi.[View]
220669660Yo why is Kirei driving on the left side of the car[View]
220663957Why does this scene continue to make so many people mad?[View]
220628283Sentouin, Hakenshimasu: Airing soon[View]
220671289What even happened in the second season. I was so god damn bored I forgot everything by now[View]
220666210Jojo part 4 plot hole: It's one thing that he looks exactly like Josuke, we've all heard t…[View]
220665242Reminder that this is our first weekend without a build kino chapter[View]
220671185The only is better than the new one, easily. He's everything Saiyans were meant to be: brutal, …[View]
220655865Is onee x shota the purest form of lewd?[View]
220669709This and Amagi Brilliant Park, I wish they'd get S2s >it's been 4-7 years Fuck.…[View]
220673401/a/ what have you done today to please your kawai(i) princess?[View]
220673116Non Non Biyori: There's a timeskip confirmed for season 4! The anime team released a teaser pic…[View]
220672481What The Fuck Is 'Native Isekai'?: Isn't that just fantasy?[View]
220600754Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
220671274How can anime males compete with genetically superior dinosaurs?[View]
220643020Post only based face offs[View]
220654469Bigger than you thought[View]
220670790Thoughts on Combatants Will be Dispatched! so far? Relevant picture of best girl[View]
220671205>shojo male lead is fat >shojo male lead is short >shojo male lead is plain or ugly >sho…[View]
220671956please lady if you're gonna gush and drop your spaghetti don't do it in front of the entir…[View]
220660568Shingeki no Kyojin: How on earth did the ZOOK get monged, bros?[View]
220671059How old is too old?[View]
220662009Shaman King: I cannot watch any more of it. The pacing killed it for me. 3rd episode was the worst s…[View]
220671785Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Anyone have the new JJL Scans? Pic semi-related[View]
220671047Nep: Rom and Ram are in trouble. How will you help?[View]
220637176To-LOVE Ru: Where the fuck is To-LOVE Ru Universe Galaxy and Mikan Magical Girl Spinoff /a/? Is Ayak…[View]
220670420Thunder Bolt Fantasy = DUMBASS SHIT: MC has the power to finish the story right on the first episode…[View]
220668819Oricon's Top 30 Light Novel Series by Sales of 2020.: Oricon's Top 30 Light Novel Series b…[View]
220671380What determines whether or not a show has “soul?” For me it’s artistic passion and setting[View]
220669261Urusei Yatsura: How did they predict it?[View]
220671261rematch: never[View]
220668613Did she deserve it?[View]
220665511Could Nanatsu no Taizai have been a great manga ? First part wasn't bad, liked the art and the …[View]
220663297how would describe this child, /a/?[View]
220669885Just finished watching Haibane Renmei! Holy shit that was good. It was a fucking masterpiece![View]
220628534Golden Kamuy 275: A bit behind schedule but Kino AF Starting a flashback, non readers can jump right…[View]
220669648To DVNR or not to DVNR?[View]
220668210Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai: >no updates in 2 months This series is going to die, isn't i…[View]
220625792Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: chapter 69 preview[View]
220668576Why would anyone think Houki is the worst one? >smart >beautiful >caring and motherly >c…[View]
220662486Asobi Asobase Chapter 78[View]
220670366I want to watch Your Lie in April but I'm too scared I'm gonna cry like a bitch at the end…[View]
220642918I Tell C: Chapter 12: stay https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009133[View]
220670252figurine seller: i demand your strongest figurine[View]
220669116Terra Formars: Why did anything think this was racist? It's just giant cockroach men on mars…[View]
220663959Why do anime & manga characters always wear retarded shirts?[View]
220670398>no one here reads Kinnikuman How dare y'all. I bet if it were still in Weekly Jump, it woul…[View]
220648479Bishounen Tanteidan: It's actually pretty good, I'd say you guys give it a shot[View]
220619613>MC wants to united all monster tribes (orcs, goblins, etc...) in isekai >He is going to creat…[View]
220642528What do you think of Rikka?[View]
220664364Is Bell based on Theseus? Then why not just call him Theseus?[View]
220668920Aipla, Prichan, and Mewkledreamy: What's the limit for Rose? She won her debut match after all.…[View]
220670037It's Chorizo's birthday today! Happy Birthday![View]
220634436Gyaru thread: Post your favorite Gyarus[View]
220667093Every other girl in her manga is hotter than her[View]
220610094Words couldn't possibly express how dissapointed I was when she showed her true colours, her tr…[View]
220663498>there are some people who are attracted to this[View]
220669670Re:Zero: What would this demonically inspire you to do? Subaru is likely the reason Rem's villa…[View]
220668212>The konosuba movie is nearly 2 years old already What the fuck[View]
220666466RORUKEKI SANDEI[View]
220669181Imagine being a burger and thinking anime 'boomed' only after the 2000s.[View]
220652520JoJolion: >No more Locacaca What now?[View]
220669197Pricha, Aipla, Mewkledreamy: There's seldom anything better than an idle who is smiling!…[View]
220669218PRICHAN, Mewkledreamy, AiPla: >[MoyaiSubs] Kiratto PriChan - 130 [A9081CB4].mkv Prichan subs are…[View]
220669105>older than the cakes I love >older than the onee sans I love I wish I never had to know this …[View]
220669121What is supposed to be good about Turn A Gundam? It is just as bad as the other Gundams[View]
220663734Twintail ni Narimasu was a fun show, and I think more anons should watch it. You like fun, don'…[View]
220665199>No cough'n princess anime during the pandemic.[View]
220658726Kaguya-sama Manga: >After long battles, they meet and fully understand each other That's wha…[View]
220664407Is there a God in technology?: vivy[View]
220668250Did they really?[View]
220664865Why does /a/ say Sakura Haruno is a realistic character?: I see /a/ commonly say she is written like…[View]
220637900Vivy: Fluourite Eye's song: My Hatsune Miku can't be this edgy : The Anime[View]
220665385HUGE AUTISM COMING WARNING.. inato sealing himself and his wife kushina in naruto reminded me of clo…[View]
220667886In your opinion, did they 'earn' that ending?[View]
220661923Defend this[View]
220667785Best anime speech? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGl8Yq1EaX8&ab_channel=Secrectasiaman43…[View]
220633402Bokuben: Gor those it might concern: The next audio drama is up. Fumino's this time, apparently…[View]
220668145I'm really bad anons. I have watched Persona Trinity Soul and it's been some years since I…[View]
220662168>4chan magical girl anime >Every board is a personified character >They get powers in accor…[View]
220662497Chainsaw Man Ending: I finished reading quite recently and had a blast. Although the ending confused…[View]
220658064Akemi might be one of the only casually promiscuous women done right in all of anime. Almost every d…[View]
220666295blurry anime should be banned[View]
220663710Re:Zero: Re:Zero theory of everything, three great mysteries, and the ending Subaru is literally th…[View]
220667374One piece: This is Kozuki Oden, what do you think?[View]
220661643Who's the smartest gambler[View]
220661757One Piece: LORD OROCHI...I'M CP0[View]
220665236Other manga reuse the same design 'Wow what a fucking hack, he's just copying his own shit' To…[View]
220664859Can it live up to akame ga kill?[View]
220647083ITT: post the best girl of her respective series[View]
220663839Beast girls: Favorite animal + favorite waifu type = best girl?[View]
220611281Aipla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: DreAca wasn't actually as bad as people exaggerate and Maria and …[View]
220666668Re:Zero: reposting because previous pastebin didnt work, now it works. Sorry for duplicates, im an i…[View]
220624685>watch 'the best' isekai that people keep talking about >it's still a harem trash with an…[View]
220638682Hard boiled Cop and Dolphin: Depth 39: Farewells https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009115 We …[View]
220659404What the actual fuck was this asspull ?[View]
220656662tekyuu: it's kino[View]
220644608Blue Period ch 34: Dumping.[View]
220660875Higehiro - This must be the dumbest anime ever!!!!!: MC can't take into account that one day sh…[View]
220658176I read the entirety of Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project in a single 10 hour sit…[View]
220660582Tonikaku Kawaii: Holy fucking shit Hata[View]
220632139Moriarty: My name is Bond, James Bond[View]
220664101Anime then: Maybe I will run into a cute girl on the way to school who will become my wife Anime now…[View]
220636765>Darker than Black aired 14 years ago JUST[View]
220655034Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: So was the movie a success in Japan?[View]
220650551Boku No Hero Academia: >deku doesn't develop!! Explain this then.…[View]
220664790Why were they so based, bros? Also, villains thread, I guess[View]
220661747Even Cocoa-chan got her shot! What are you waiting for Anon?[View]
220650074Jujutsu Kaisen: Is this the most unlikeable cunt in all of JJK? >Weak and useless in every fight …[View]
220662214Hataway Flash: the waifu is good!: Look at those legs. sniff sniff, smells good![View]
220663433Tserriednich: Based[View]
220650829Is /a/ a FLCL board?[View]
220661463Who are the most celebrated anime/manga cartoonists?[View]
220664055Almost 50 years and counting and not a single good anime has been made![View]
220661209What was her problem?[View]
220661292Does anybody know a manga like Hiroya Oku's style please?[View]
220663499I want to marry this hime.[View]
220655382Shingeki no Kyojin: reminder that reiner did nothing wrong and DESERVED to beat eren in a hand to ha…[View]
220661474Can Killua beat Elsa Granheit in a fight?[View]
220652364elf-san is MIA: I know it is all going to end in tears, but I really need to find out what happened …[View]
220661399Which drug was it?[View]
220663225Does anyone know what this is from?[View]
220654668How does /a/ feel about Ishtar?[View]
220655908What's your favorite 'solid 6.5/10'? pic related[View]
220659487What did Uzaki mean by this?[View]
220658088So, is Jotaro actually autistic or not?[View]
220662511Tawawa on Monday thread: So, where the hell are the raws for chapter 15?[View]
220656907Black Lagoon: What is their relationship?[View]
220637921The Elusive Samurai Ch.13: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009130 Earman 1333[View]
220661324Ame no Furu: So now that the dust has settled, what is /a/'s final verdict on Ame no Furu?…[View]
220658171completely wasted based female characters: post em[View]
220657972Brown girls are the future[View]
220638936Why is it that every single good love story with compelling, well-designed characters and a literate…[View]
220648165Dragon Ball Super: Will he make a comeback?[View]
220649638One Piece: Mihawk is 3 or 4 years older than Shanks, how come Mihawk's already carrying Yoru wh…[View]
220647017Why do people exaggerate how bad the ending is?: It’s a gag manga it was never going to have a profo…[View]
220661050Will the Nagatoro anime make fetish manga more popular?[View]
220637655Sakamoto Days: Chapter 20: Invisible Highway https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009127…[View]
220655557This is Revy Say something nice about her[View]
220660706ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong Gon is a faggot, and Kite died like a little bitch[View]
220642049konosuba: Aqua is the cutest! Fuck you faggots who told me konosuba was shitty generic isekai, this …[View]
220648603kumiko is a great mc[View]
220653683Anime Originals: You'll never watch an original, 12-episode series that excels this much ever a…[View]
220660506The hell is wrong with the anime? Is it just trying to make the 'mean guys' seem like some sort of b…[View]
220649506Helena is so perfect.[View]
220654065Chobits: >robot waifu is flavor of the month thanks to vivy Are we not going to make atleast one …[View]
220597984Digimon Adventure: Episode 44: Today's evolution: Pink Falkor or Sexy Angel?[View]
220607425Oshi no ko: Build up chapter Starts with a 4 month timeskip. Beginning of the chap is Ruby POV(YES I…[View]
220658903Hunter x Hunter: finished ep 8 and thats it for today. I am very happy aya hirano was in this, the a…[View]
220639619Nine Dragons' Ball Parade: Chapter 10 https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/nine-dragons-ball-parade-c…[View]
220656982LotGH subtitles: Why the general consensus is that CentralAnime subs are the best, when they are a f…[View]
220659467Do it. Eat your bugs.[View]
220650375>2021 >boys are now better at being girls than girls are…[View]
220652720Why didn’t Shigechi just knock on the window of the door? Even if Kira had Killer Queen rush in and …[View]
220658462Did you like anime Sherlock?[View]
220655982what is his tax policy?[View]
220628011why is Attack on Titan widely consider the best anime of all time?[View]
220657129I was skeptical after the first ep, but this one made me realize that it's really hot[View]
220633167Spy X Family: Chapter in 30 minutes for real this time[View]
220657449So what are they up to now days?[View]
22065841190's anime on bluray is peak aesthetic[View]
220644683odd taxi: what's /a/'s thoughts on it so far? I'm really enjoying it The characters f…[View]
220658736Tokyo Revengers Manga Thread: Why is he so useless?[View]
220656908ITT: characters you want to bully[View]
220656912Would /a/nons be willing to support Liz's lazy lifestyle?[View]
220655809Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch180[View]
220656025was the alpha stigma the most op eye power in anime?[View]
220656003GANTZ: GANTZ[View]
220656402Not gonna lie, I think that some people here are overreacting but that will be annoying if they do r…[View]
220656288Sabagebu!: An anime that aged very well and I presume it's currently very popular in the USA…[View]
220656655the internet girl[View]
220657388Comfy architecture: Post comfy cities, buildings...[View]
220634390HIGURASHI SOTSU: Why are you such a bad friend anon?[View]
220645695>Overtaken starts playing[View]
220657016Proto kaido: What happened to proto kaido ? is strong world CANON anymore or what ?[View]
220652910Flying Witch: Chinatsu's cute loli butt.[View]
220655006>/a/ say this shit is good >it's ntr I fucking hate all of you faggots…[View]
220657000Worst OP music to good content ratio: I'll start with picrel[View]
220656258was it kino?[View]
220649357Are tropes a good thing or a bad thing?[View]
220654612Who are your favorite winners in the world of anime and manga?[View]
220653446Writers and directors you are 100% sure have consumed acid to boost their creativity ITT[View]
220647511Which team wins in a fight?[View]
220656332I just summoned Illya as a Servant IRL by accident...: >be me, depressed 25 y/o programmer and de…[View]
220656168Nagatoro has a really cool and interesting personality ngl. Senpai is a lucky guy[View]
220656013Why doesn't /a/ talk about Jigokuraku?[View]
220653362I dropped My Hero Academia after the mirio girl rescue girl arc which is dislike at the end (the pow…[View]
220646922Will we ever see Donovan in a high budget anime production?[View]
220646636Fushigi 222: Since dex is apparently unable to code, I'm thinking about asking someone to uploa…[View]
220653471I like this anime.[View]
220652100I want to bully this baka[View]
220648458If Revy is a non-virgin why does she care about being seen in a BDSM outfit?[View]
220638073Dr. Stone Z=193: Our Stone World: The war finally reaches its end. Let's go.[View]
220655224Why didn't she just buy a gun?[View]
220649239Shingeki no Kyojin: I don't care what your personal favourite characters or philosophies are. I…[View]
220655480haha great. now do it ten more times every chapter.[View]
220655039>What are you looking at?[View]
220642306Can the Eva fandom survive without red vs blue? That have been carrying the fandom for decades. Just…[View]
220652459Stop!! Hibari-kun!: Best jump protag right here.[View]
220653784Isayama forgot: >Ymir's Jaw Titan looks *exactly* like her original titan.…[View]
220649177Witch Watch 11: no Bish Bash in the archive or catalog, so I'll dump https://mangaplus.shueisha…[View]
220616695every fucking episode[View]
220647388Seven Knights Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha: Where are you, Hortensia Saga and King's Raid fa…[View]
220650787Post anime girls from your country.[View]
220654610Love Lab: there was a thread yesterday but I'll make one again because I'm a real wild one…[View]
220650588>don’t really like lemon drop bang >imagine it’s Asuka’s piss >chug it down no problem…[View]
220651360What is her IQ?[View]
220654387Why are MCs always so dumb?: It is fucking cringe how the MCs can't get any clue.[View]
220623109Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 26: Breakfast Baki, Maximum Tournament-hen. The only rule is no weap…[View]
220650606War arc's: Arc's with 40+ chapters that you really enjoy. Reading this weekly was a fuckin…[View]
220653717what was the point in this scene? >To bait the viewers with a sad death cliffhanger In the anime …[View]
220652507Proof that just because an author made a character doesn't mean they understand them. How would…[View]
220643105clear examples of tracing[View]
220642448Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Gendo camrip when?[View]
220651935Does Vivy have a vagina interface?: I need to know this.[View]
220648541Hajime no Ippo 1337: New chapter is out, we leet now[View]
220653544Absolute garbage, literally elementary school tier shonen. The only kino moment is the ending of ep …[View]
220651728Overrated as fuck Uninstall[View]
220653445Anime and manga saviors: ITT: Anime or manga that were shit until one character was introduced, and …[View]
220650901How can other Gundamshit even compete?[View]
220652654Trails of Cold Steel anime: Is the new Rean anime going to be a cultural phenomenon? I hope we see t…[View]
220637778Mashle #59: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009106[View]
220644511Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu: I want to see Rem attempt this[View]
220652973Why does it seem like this big lug is gonna kick the bucket soon[View]
220648024why does the better sibling always have to be the jobber sibling?[View]
220651042TFW no season 2[View]
220651667Is this a parody?[View]
220651565Why does Enel make that face?[View]
220647749Was it homo?[View]
220646788It's not as good as the game. And yes, it's rushed. But I still teared up when Shiki found…[View]
220650151>yuri manga actually uses the word “het” I thought Japan has supposed to be free from this kind o…[View]
220650021Why do people even watch netflix, there's so little anime on there, and the majority of the ani…[View]
220650544Does it deserve the praise from normalfags despite only being one episode in?[View]
220622392Talentless Nana #50: Dumping chapter because why not[View]
220584055Dungeon meshi: I think she is my favorite in term of elves design. She has all the visual characteri…[View]
220647350Tiny people.[View]
220650545How did /a/ feel about this?: was it kino?[View]
220649230Do asians really hit their parents in real life? Why does this retarded trope even exist in anime an…[View]
220638066Ame no Furu - Candy Flurry Chapter #1: 1st chapter of Weekly JUMP's new series >Toy Toy Cand…[View]
220644213Shingeki no Kyojin: Erwin literally planned to up their defenses after the basement visit and then d…[View]
220642011Does anybody actually think Subaru is a good MC?[View]
220650609Jujutsu Kaisen: Answer the OP with whoever you think is gonna die in the culling game.[View]
220649963ITT Series that did genocide right.[View]
2206271465toubun no Hanayome: Movie 2022 confirmed[View]
220637624Jojolion 106 - Go Beyond: Get in here.[View]
220650064it didn't hit nearly as hard as 5cm per second or your name what happened bros did makoto shink…[View]
220650640Any of you anons remember Kaze no Stigma?[View]
220650418This man directs a movie adaptation of the last show you watched. What happens in it?[View]
220649871Shadow house: So where does this show go from here? Does emilyco become a better doll or do other sh…[View]
220608851Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Chapter 66.2: Now scanlated for (you)r reading convenience.[View]
220647210Roboco #38: Madoka and Bondo get ready for the cutest shit[View]
220636095Boku no Hero Academia: Deku has two gay dads now. Discuss.[View]
220643358they are such a great couple[View]
220649940Do you like Arakawa under the bridge?[View]
220650013What are your favorite OVA's, /a/? OVA thread.[View]
220645687What's her problem?[View]
220636489Which bully teaser has the best design?[View]
220648869What’s her problem?[View]
220643876Why is there so little CGDCTs featuring elementary schoolers compared to middle/high schoolers?[View]
220645408Do you like it when the male and female lead in anime have sex?[View]
220643233>lol waifu depression 'muh human condition' escapism bad geddit? yes, NGE fan who will never shut…[View]
220645162Please read my manga![View]
220639776Undead Unluck 60: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009103[View]
220649222Bishamon said nigga: Bishamon said nigga[View]
220649199Shaman cunny[View]
220645867shock value does not equal good writting, it is just like book 'The Road', it tries to trick you int…[View]
220647761Demon slayer: I’ve seen you guys talking enthusiastically about this for so long now, so I decided I…[View]
220648509Death Note: Have you watched AND read Death Note? What was your favorite?[View]
220646853Pick one.[View]
220630305One Piece: >One Piece >Will of D. >Ancient Weapons >Void Century history >Moon and Mo…[View]
220612512Higehiro: We're winning chads! Higehiro got first place, proof that used goods are better and p…[View]
220647126What makes a good love interest character?[View]
220645783Blue Giant: Deadass one of the best music-related manga this generation. Fuck Nodame and fuck Classi…[View]
220637270Dragon Ball Super: How fucked is he now that there is going to be a time skip?[View]
220648107>2003 anime lady explain her motive even pull pedersen device while at it, her death have a meani…[View]
220648066Jump axe bowl: A new round just started. What will live? What will die?[View]
220621106Jujutsu Kaisen: The anime peaked here.[View]
220646913Jojolion INFINITY AND BEYOND: >Josuke's cool asspull >tooru is going for a merge either h…[View]
220639774>Anon, stop masturbating so loudly! how do you respond?[View]
220635929>this is all the legacy katawa shoujo has[View]
220647079Would you watch a harem anime consisting solely of older women?[View]
220646166ITT: Girls you'd buy used clothing from[View]
220646832Do you love your mother /a/? Would you 'LOVE' your mother? Would you read about a son 'LOVING' his m…[View]
220644465Old Tomoko > New Tomoko: Still love her, but I wish she'd abandon the normies[View]
220640716ITT: Literally you, in anime/manga form[View]
220645089Kitora: She is the most insufferable character from WT change my mind[View]
220644698Greatest love story ever told.[View]
220634615Rabu Raibu: It's Maki's birthday! Please tell her 'Happy Birthday' along with what you lik…[View]
220645648Will there ever be an legendary series like kore wa zombie desu ka ever again?: Still waiting for s3…[View]
220646165>'war' arc is just one battle[View]
220642324ITT:characters that overshadow MC[View]
220643715>A dyke ship had literally more development and made more sense than most other canon ships in th…[View]
220645869Hacknayama turned what was perhaps the most intimidating villain of the series into an absolute joke…[View]
220646092How ready is Darjeeling in embracing London?[View]
220642641>Two weeks since the announcement >Still no PV Its confirmed. It gonna air in 2022…[View]
220642583High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku[View]
220576827Bishounen Tanteidan: the only show worth watching today[View]
220644411Eren’s secret baby with Historia.[View]
220616272300th Chapter: Oh boy, saw a potential leak of the 300th chapter that has Manbagi winning the Tadano…[View]
220628151Jojo 106 leak: It's here[View]
220628918Shaman King: This is a 13 year old Japanese girl.[View]
220642905Clannad means family.[View]
220644762Minor manga only you like: .[View]
220643799.hack//: does anyone actually know wtf this series is about?[View]
220645139Little Witch Academia is quite literally the peak of all anime. Non debatable.[View]
220636523Who's your CO /a/?[View]
220639870RIP: Osamu Kobayashi, director of modern day classics Paradise Kiss and BECK has died. He was also t…[View]
220641414ITT: The anime character that comes closest to matching your personality[View]
220644742I love Chii![View]
220640903Who slept better?[View]
220636322There, was that so fucking hard?[View]
220632527Dragon, Ie wo Kau: Weekly dose of scaredy dragon is here.[View]
220642546Is this any good[View]
220633076Why does literally everything about this anime feel so...forced? Its like it was made in a factory[View]
220640948>nagatoro started airing >sono bisque doll and jahy announced their anime adaptations >cs…[View]
220636606Key crossover anime 'Kaginado' PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9VQ0DQ0oMQ Looks quite fun.…[View]
220588855Name a bigger asspull than this[View]
220632676Shingeki no Tranny: what was the point of this?[View]
220567688Kengan: who would have won if forfeiting was not an option?[View]
220642708ITT : We write the Berserk ending seven words at a time: >Guts walks into Falconia and finds Grif…[View]
220642152>Mecha, but good[View]
220635831Now that the dust has settled...: What compelled him to retcon most of the world and characters he s…[View]
220618622ITT: future masterpieces: Pic related are my picks All of them are in their ending phase You just k…[View]
220643443Post best anime foreheads.[View]
220643243Evangelion: So anon, has she fallen from the sky yet?[View]
220623769A Couple of Cuckoos: Ai is so beautiful. So beautiful![View]
220641344/a/ collages: Does anyone have those yearly /a/ collages that included the various memeworthy things…[View]
220638042What is the most kino scene in animanga history?[View]
220641812whats the show where the lad is a healer hero guy and he gets drugged and enslaved by the other hero…[View]
220626493How would you rank the shows in the Monogatari series?: Mine is like this: Kizu > Bake > Owari…[View]
220637243Cowboy Bebop: >amazing OST >second to none character writing >godtier ending >incredibly…[View]
220638493When shounen like Black Clover don't get axed instantly, you know the industry is in a bad plac…[View]
220612226Thunderbolt Fantasy: I caught up on the past 2 season and 2 movies in just the past week, it was awe…[View]
220642066Now I know Santa doesn't exist but... reindeer do exist don't they?[View]
220631588This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
220641818Post anime that you think you might be the president of the fan club for by default.[View]
220641783Hair-covered Eyes: What is it about this hairstyle that gives the person wearing it so much power?…[View]
220641211>'EXECUTIONERS could be here' he thought. 'I've never been in Kanto before. There could be E…[View]
220631695kaguya: Reminder that the arc of F is just beginning. Also remember that they are the best friends i…[View]
220639054Mangadex Alternatives (Tachiyomi): Hi anons, sorry if this is the wrong board to ask this, but, what…[View]
220638902The Rumbling is a act of mercy: I am not the only one that realizes its actually very merciful? Like…[View]
220637626What's the most unrealistic, unbelievable thing in JoJo? It's not the Stands, not Hamon, …[View]
220640482Let's talk about new 'Original Route' that Nasu and Sanda have made to be primal canon for upco…[View]
220640042What were these kids worshipping?[View]
220638499This was Trunk's when he was a CHAD who fucked a lot of women and didn't take shit from hi…[View]
220641642Why is Nagatoro so CUTE?[View]
220639192I fucking dare you to find a better ENTER scene: Protip: you literally can't https://www.youtub…[View]
220640241Why is she so perfect?[View]
220622191Made in Abyss: Faputa is best girl Prove me wrong Pro tip: you can't [\spoiler][View]
220639585>Tomino cocksuckers unironically believe this looks better than 0083 and 08th MS Team Name a more…[View]
220640627Why has 20th Century Boys never gotten an anime adaptation?[View]
220609336Re:Zero: Stand up! We got a new WN chapter today! Stand up and go read it![View]
220637637>dude... >he's sensitive and emotionally vulnerable >deeply bothered and upset by thin…[View]
220633921>shit haircut >terrible square face More like LOSEry with how ugly she is, no wonder nobody ev…[View]
220635113ITT: Seiyuus that make you instantly drop an anime.[View]
220639689moshi moshi?[View]
220554554Okaasan Online: Late night MILF Friday. Let's start the weekend off with the most comforting ki…[View]
220630849Fire Punch is 5 years old today! Happy birthday Fire Punch![View]
220639196Kuroko Thread: Post Kuroko[View]
220606783Precure thread: Superior mermaid cooking knowledge.[View]
220631066>Jahy anime announced >nobody cares[View]
220615068Evangelion 3.0+1.0: What now?[View]
220634487Now that the dust has settled: Who did it better?[View]
220628644Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: Put down your shonen mags and please look at Hana for a moment.[View]
220639987Aliens: Aliens[View]
220634808Is this anime underrated?: I understand that there are a lot of fanboys around this series but I fee…[View]
220639778Gundam Hathaway: Does /a/ like gundam? The first 15 minutes of Hathaway's flash was shown. http…[View]
220634392Why can't most anime be like this? >mature >complex stories >epic tale of war and the …[View]
220637400AOTD: Here's AB's poll from dec 2020. Can you believe what shit taste these faggots have A…[View]
220606924Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: > 30 year old Cyborg genuinely wants to have hot sweaty sex with…[View]
220639187Why are all the randos assholes in this show?[View]
220637545Ame no Furu: Where the fuck is it you incompetent cunts[View]
220631409I want to hold her, bros, yet tragically I cannot[View]
220638411Vivy - Fluorite Eye's Song: Is it absolutely necessary for female AI to have super long hair? T…[View]
220638550What are some good ecchi shows? I personally never really took the genre seriously until I watched i…[View]
220634688Prushka: Very good girl. Sad what happened to her though.[View]
220638498Nagatoro: Hi anons do you know where i can find nagatoro-san webmanga, the one that was posted on pi…[View]
220636983Post characters that did nothing wrong.[View]
220638655Why did the boys (bar Kiyoshi) get sidelined?: There were the funniest thing by far in the manga, bu…[View]
220555537incest discussion thread: Let us talk, /a/. Why are there so few incest-centered anime? Surely there…[View]
220632744>watched the best Korean mahnwa anime adaptation >it was mediocre isekai tier shit why is peop…[View]
220627889When was the last time anime onlys were this bad?[View]
220628012Gourry in drag.[View]
220638385What will be the next waifu trend? Over the last few years gyaru and bully/teasing girls have been p…[View]
220638298How can one man be such a chad and a simp at the same time?: Gendo Ikari is the most mixed message c…[View]
220635014Name a bigger downgrade[View]
220587170What is the best ending for Shirou?[View]
220637695I fucking love this anime There needs to be more love for Peppo though[View]
220629971why the fuck do i trust /a/ this show is just a fucking average jump shonen[View]
220605788Is there an anime that can make the horse right?[View]
220637998Boruto - Naruto Next Generations: Kawaki is growing[View]
220637330hibike euphonium IS a yuri anime, look up what the fucking word means[View]
220625763Kingdom 676: What’s that slick bastard up to this time?[View]
220635952What is the best non-H doujinshi that you have read?: Pic related is my choice >inb4 /jp/ this is…[View]
220633229Yell from Akikan![View]
220636416>best anime in the last 5 years is an advertisement for phone gacha[View]
220627551Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: Naga nails[View]
220636819What is the best movie villain from DB/Z/S design-wise?[View]
220635989wow this was boring[View]
220556491K-On!: Enough SnK autism and arguing about shonenshit. Let's have a gold old fashioned K-On! th…[View]
220627856Dragon Ball Super: Thoughts?[View]
220636164Boku no Hero Academia: Oficial scans soon[View]
220636332Kimetsu no Yaiba: Kanao is the best character I'm glad we can all agree with this fact[View]
220633169Spy x Family: Murder mom's arc continues. Don't let us down, axeman.[View]
220636581Is this the most influential manga of the 21st century?[View]
220636627>i'm going to revive the man that can save humanity[View]
220619668girls last tour: jesus christ man what the fuck i wanna die now this ending caught me slipping…[View]
220636777Let's talk about commentary tracks. Do you ever seek out commentary tracks for your favorite sh…[View]
220631625nanoha: Nanoha smells like strawberries and cherry blossoms.[View]
220636491Jojolion: https://m.imgur.com/a/uCk2K3g Let's discuss[View]
220620151ITT we BTFO artfags with great anime that look terrible[View]
220584288What was the first animw you ever saw subbed? How old were you?[View]
220634427it is shit[View]
220636249I fucking dare you to find a better ENTER scene: Protip: you literally can't https://youtu.be/4…[View]
220634001it is alright[View]
220629046Has an anime character ever made you fall in love? How and why?[View]
220625922Just discovered this new anime. I like the cute character design. Just hope its a fun show and not j…[View]
220634123Battle of Tokyo Mixed Media Project Announced: The press conference for LDH Japan's Battle of T…[View]
220625368What the fuck is this piece of shit I just read? Goddamn what a waste of time. Fuck you, /a/.[View]
220634037How the actual fuck has Fate remained dominate for 20 years? It has completely ruled /a/, defined GA…[View]
220629935Why do people complain about one piece power scaling?: ople constantly bitch that one piece has beco…[View]
220614794why you guys so like Japanese anime? Do you admire Japan?[View]
220608348Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song: SO EVERYTHING THAT MAKES ME WHORE[View]
220622035Please feed Kyoko. She's very hungry.[View]
220633975Why didn't you watch her show?[View]
220634163What's the /a/ consensus on this underrated manga?[View]
220612796The ANGRY one[View]
220635132Overlord: What does /a/ think of overlord? I have personally read all the 14 light novel volumes a w…[View]
220630912Shingeki No Kyojin: >why yes i killed my mother and step mother >why yes i killed nearly my wh…[View]
220628568Shamanbros... what happened?[View]
220631727Aiki-S Ch53: Time to see if Joukyuu won[View]
220632624Blue Period: new chapter's out. dumping[View]
220614228>everyone else gets awesome Stands with cool designs and versatile powers >Joseph gets... uh, …[View]
220631430Name 1 (ONE) good shonen?[View]
220632448I'd like to know how half of these combinations work. Specifically Earth and Wind creating Magn…[View]
220606333Shadow House: I love being a slave![View]
220591437>Kyahhh! You saw my pantsu in this short skirt after I asked you to stoop down and get inside the…[View]
220632294How did they do it: How did David Productions make Jojo Part 3? It has the most complex character de…[View]
220629487Samayoeru: New chapter of the demon souls isekai is out.[View]
220627653Gachimuchi Kabaddi: > 10/10 episode > 0 threads What happened?? This anime is already better t…[View]
220630336DeadTube: is it a good series? What does /a/ think?[View]
220633232Why is action the most popular genre of manga?[View]
220630271How do you keep up with 200+ ongoing series plus oneshots and doujins?[View]
220629070You now remember Tonikaku Kawaii.[View]
220567042Act Age: I'm seething over the fact that this fucking retard Matsuki had to throw away a beauti…[View]
220633222https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUDUK-yvwQs >hunter'chads'[View]
220631292>Isayama spent years of his life drawing all these Eren x Mikasa panels for buttblasted fans to s…[View]
220629172Love and Lies Manga Gets 2 Endings: >The official Twitter account for Musawo's Love and Lies…[View]
220629184hot or not[View]
220632710Joran the princes of snow and blood: Don't they pretty well always cremate in japan, it's …[View]
220627524>this is what the average female looks like in 2021 anime what happened?…[View]
220621681>Her biggest character moment is the I'M SO CRAYZEH laugh Chensobros, we lost...…[View]
220585317This show doesn't try to be subtle does it[View]
220563251Mushoku Tensei: MT is the only WN I am willing to reread, but the phrases are in fact very simple an…[View]
220631068Reminder: These are horikoshis favorite characters who he writes the story for.[View]
220630616Forget about PriPara already![View]
220629919He is what everyone wants to be[View]
220632254Eromanga: Is this really what little sisters look like in Japan?[View]
220583344Raildex: Niggdex girl name is ヘルカリア=クローサリー Herrucaria Crossary Has Kamachi gone too far?[View]
220495638Renge never smiles: Is she depressed?[View]
220628720>this is funny in japan[View]
220631468>series was only good when it was running episode by episode >turns out to be a chore going th…[View]
220628089Was it really that bad?[View]
220631925Why did she take in the little girl that wants to kill her?[View]
220629940Imagine fighting against her when you suddenly grab her hands[View]
220607232Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: DO YOU KNOW OYASHIRO-SAMA?[View]
220630406Still the best power system in the history of shounen[View]
220619682How do you go from making this masterpiece to fucking Jagaaaaan?[View]
220627352It's been 18 days since the TV series ended. Only 71 days left until the finale. How are my Won…[View]
220627387Be honest, how stupid were you to fall for the Historia pregnancy red herring when the signs were so…[View]
220618700You didn't like this because you didn't 'get it'.[View]
220623924I really miss her bros and I can't let go also darling in the franxx thread[View]
220625218IQDB down: >attempt image search >ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Did they get leaf'd after all?…[View]
220630703Shingeki no Kyojin: <1% of the global population is responsible for more than 80% of total homici…[View]
220630787Jojolion: This is my first time reading monthly, when can we expect the chapter to drop?[View]
220625533Shingeki no Annie!: How can the other, lesser girls compete, especially now that the manga is over?…[View]
220621613Hunter x Hunter: >loves a woman who has a dream, intelligent and not a slut >Hates and kills d…[View]
220622944Isekai Maou: Where does Diablo get his strength?[View]
220612619What’s an anime/manga that will make me cry?[View]
220615808Dorohedoro art book: MUD AND SLUDGE: Part 1 (p1-p315) here >>220596079 Megas here >>2206…[View]
220628499Joshikousei no Mudazukai: I unironically wanna fuck baka so bad. And I'm not talking about cute…[View]
220627840>this looks bad according to hardcore fans Why are gamers so entitled, /a/?…[View]
220610516One Piece: What are your hopes for the next One Piece movie?[View]
220625651>forced to watch three seasons of shounenshit before it actually gets good this is the wrong kind…[View]
220630182Is this the new greatest side character in manga and anime?[View]
220629906Uzaki SUPREMACY: Thread of adoration to the best girl of /a/[View]
220627047Kaginado, a crossover Key short anime in Fall 2021 Who is your Keyfu?[View]
220618807Hyouka: Episode 5 How did her uncle even realistically convey the notion of rage and total helplessn…[View]
220620605What's the most satisfying animal death in JoJo?: For me, it's Iggy.[View]
220627093Babies: How exactly would a baby be good at conquest?[View]
220627662Berserk: it would have made a lot more sense if grifith raped guts instead of casca[View]
220629954Hiw do I purchase a new leotard for Kogure Aoi-senpai? She only wears this one and it smells.[View]
220627463just picked up an invitation from a crab, what am I in for?[View]
220622974Why aren't YOU reading cultivator manhua? >read any cultivator manhua >pick up any other …[View]
220624968Does anyone know what methods were used to animate Serial Experiments Lain aside from hand drawn? I …[View]
220554212SSSS.DYNAZENON: Non bait thread Voice drama 3.3 is out. https://youtu.be/_9GTrxEf110[View]
220627980>the best looking girl dies so quickly that nobody ends up making a koikatsu card of her…[View]
220587664Tokyo Revengers: >starting 2nd episode with 2 minutes recap I don't feel so good bros. Tokyo…[View]
220625276wait a minute...[View]
220623741Suicide Girl: Do you like Atsushi's currently ongoing manga? I think it has fantastic designs…[View]
220629063thanks kagerou project for inspiring my schizophrenic friend to write a story and get him out of a n…[View]
220628981Shirobako: MAKE WAY Myaamori is going to the last page![View]
220611090Being as detailed as you want how should Berserk end and how many more volumes should it take?[View]
220628620Do you have what it takes to survive to the very end?[View]
2206271615toubun no Hanayome: https://twitter.com/5Hanayome_anime/status/1383735603007606792 The previously a…[View]
220627946idk, it's kinda gay but ... also Manly at the same time ? whaaaaaaat??[View]
220622113Fuck Marry Spank thread: fuck 1 marry 1 spank 1[View]
220622361is Your Name that good?: I don't know how this movie became so popular, especially among normal…[View]
220625347BECK, Naruto Shippuden Anime Director Osamu Kobayashi Passes Away Aged 57: Osamu Kobayashi's Tw…[View]
220611983what is Pitou to you?: edgy tomboy or cute femboy?[View]
220611725This was pretty bad guys[View]
220626653Gundam: Amuro or Char?[View]
220621395>y-you want me t-to fight the t-t-t-t-t-titans? b-but im ssssscaaaared! How come every single tim…[View]
220566418Wake up, Anon![View]
220626758TYTI/TYE/Fushi Punch: >MC:I want to know what love is. Would you show Fushi what love is?…[View]
220628308It's Shonen Sunday![View]
220627568Is this really how a daughter should behave??[View]
220627345Post Career killing projects[View]
220627692Comfy Go Nagai Thread[View]
220607391Dragon Ball Super: What is your favorite filler? I really loved Mr Satan's students trying to f…[View]
220625694This is a modern classic.[View]
220614195Naruto: Rank the Hokages from best to worst.[View]
220623372When is the mc going to snap and force himself down her throat[View]
220625221>character who never opens his eyes seems like an easy-going dude but is actually a murder machin…[View]
220625122Mato Seihei no Slave: Dead waifu. It's not AgK, they said. It'd be lighthearted, they sai…[View]
220585979Boku no Hero Academia: >No Bakugo >Deku's arms are completely fine >A support item out…[View]
220560928H/a/g Thread: What are your thoughts on hags, /a/non?[View]
220597487Jojolion: 16 hours remain[View]
220591020I heard /a/ hates Belldandy. Is this true? Why would you hate a woman that's as Beautiful, cari…[View]
220623711who is the real Power?[View]
220611940World Trigger: it was a good anime[View]
2206267922000 ATTACK POINTS[View]
220608642>good story >good characters >main character doesn't get stupidly OP power >actuall…[View]
220625559Shingeki no Kyojin: What did you like best about Bert? Besides Annie who loved him what more did you…[View]
220583172Ame no Furu - Candy Flurry: The first chapter releases tomorrow. You have less than 24 hours to get …[View]
220623621Kaguya-Sama Manga.: CH.215 is Kaguya vs. Her Homeroom Teacher.[View]
220578625Edens Zero: Raws for episode 2 are out, now we just wait for someone to sub it[View]
220624131Why did she do it?: Well?[View]
220620913How many anime do you have to watch?[View]
220621840What the fuck was her problem?[View]
220618458>'EXECUTIONERS could be here' he thought. 'I've never been in Kanto before. There could be E…[View]
220623692Why is it so fucking good? its the only series I'm actually watching and keeping up with.[View]
220622793I don't understand the appeal of this character. Are you really so thirsty that you like anythi…[View]
220595607Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Episode 44: 不協和音 – Fukyōwaon (Dissonance) Roa and his team interrupt the tournamen…[View]
220620587I should continu Evengelion ? I watch only the 7 episodes, i don't like mecha but this anime is…[View]
220625751Neon Genesis Evangelion was a deconstruction of the mecha genre. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica was a de…[View]
220625709Where can I buy this bad mofo's hat?: Summer draws nigh and I'll hat to keep the sun out o…[View]
220619846>creator wants to make their series gachi yuri but the editors won’t allow it Is there a worse cr…[View]
220610910Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 70[View]
220621582Shingeki no Kyojin: >Wipes out 80% of humanity >The people left are so fucked and weaken they …[View]
220611142MEWKLEDREAMY, prichan, aipla: Next week, it'll be time for Toki wa's birthday! Are you rea…[View]
220625009No one can stop this monster[View]
220569649Golden Boy subbed or dubbed?[View]
220621002Baki: >Entire season builds up the rivalry between Ali Jr. and Baki >The second half is all ab…[View]
220617504>Calls himself a king >Cant even beat a loli in a board game DAHAHAHAHA DEFEND THIS HUNTARDS…[View]
220625085Trailer when?[View]
220622543Who's the hottest anime girl of them all?[View]
220622070Goblin Slayer: How often do you think Elf has lewd dreams where she wakes up with her sheets soaked …[View]
220574543Ryuuko was pretty hot, wish she was in a better show.[View]
220622840More like SLUTashi.[View]
220593965Murcielago Volume 4 Storytime: Hilarious, raunchy, action-packed, and shockingly amoral at times, Mu…[View]
220624584Would everything have been different if Kircheis had just pulled a Naruto and answered 'I'm you…[View]
220589327Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: This anime continues to deliver.[View]
220619498I can't wait to see these girls climb a mountain in season 4.[View]
220624303Lord forgive me for the international war crimes I would commit against this body[View]
220614189ITT: Artists who absolutely, without a doubt, 100% use tracing. I'll start with a super obvious…[View]
220616029Unironically the best Panel in the manga. Fuck your shippers Fuck your self inserting Fuck you gen…[View]
220619197Fire Force: Tamaki or not to Maki? That is the question.[View]
220618703*air glasses*: so you mean to tell me that this guy can plan 30 seconds in advance for 24 people at …[View]
220568998Zombie Land Saga Revenge: So does Saki hate being an immortal zombie now, or do you think she'l…[View]
220586331Kumo Desu: Kumoko is SPEED[View]
220616401JoJo's Noses: Lets have a real discussion, What parts noses do you like best? I like early part…[View]
220618569Are there any anime you wish you could forget you watched? Like, so bad that literally don't wa…[View]
220621062You do buy them for the story, right /a/?[View]
220615510Maoujou de Oyasumi/Sleepy Princess: >always wondered how this made it to almost 300 chapters when…[View]
220614708I enjoyed it deeply Great manga, really nice art and a incredible story. The only problem was the t…[View]
220621101Sangatsu thread? Thank you for a top 5 anime off all time shaft-kun.[View]
220615112what era did it best?[View]
220620067Why didn't a single editor or suit object to this considering Naruto is so popular in the west?…[View]
220535202Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds: There was a recent poll held by a large advertising company, ITmedia, that asked what…[View]
220621205What an utterly based MC.[View]
220622875oi anon ramen kou ikoze[View]
220620699Post Erens in another mangas. I'll start. >One Piece[View]
220619812How important is artstyle, as well as animation (for the retards who think they’re the same) when co…[View]
220621877Gantz: How does this image... make you feel?[View]
220620859Could he chop off his skin and turn himself into a ballsack man?[View]
220621919Liz and The Blue Bird: far better than the melodramafest that is the '''main story'''[View]
220596079Dorohedoro art book: MUD AND SLUDGE: Dumping the whole book. It’s in chronological order of appearen…[View]
220620200Bokutachi ga Yarimashita: What did /a/ think of this?[View]
220617689What character is the dumbest?[View]
220618197Repent Motherfucker![View]
220621078ITT: Superior translations.[View]
220621450So this season is actually pretty solid, im really surprised. if you remove SNK and Jujutsu kaisen i…[View]
220620754How did this movie make you feel /a/?[View]
220613808not even a CGI release of this arc? im sure it'll cost less producing it[View]
220618974nigga: cat[View]
220621122The Original Food Wars[View]
220621105Bikini Armor: Post your favorite bikini armor, whether it is anime or manga. (picture related) Okay,…[View]
220617289Who is your waifu of the season?[View]
220616714Shingeki no kyojin: >Annie gets to live Why though?[View]
220594372boobs? ass? no! we all know the superior choice, right /a/?[View]
220617866Damn Season 2 is so good. Glad they gave WT the budget it deserves.[View]
220620868Seriously?: >I-I kneel Thorffin-sama! You gotta be kidding me.[View]
220618637Eiyuu Densetsu thread anyone?: So, /a/, do you agree that Estelle is the best mistress and Renne is …[View]
220620698Is it normal to waifu a butt, /a/?[View]
220583054Kaguya 225 Spoilers: First spoilers came out about an hour ago http://tieba.baidu.com/p/7307524931?s…[View]
220612418April 2021, I am forgotten[View]
220620513>The OP has parts where the characters move their mouths to look like they're singing…[View]
220614275>Brown bully >Slut JK >Russian Major >300 year old witch (17 year old) >Loli android …[View]
220618565You haven't forgotten my name have you /a/?[View]
220616932Thoughts on Nard?[View]
220614996Steel ball run is overrated garbage: Jojo steel ball got way too overrated because of circle jerking…[View]
220620091>tfw no dragon wife to call you big brother[View]
220567288What's the most hateable harem in all history of anime? Pic related[View]
220617655Who made the Diebuster ED?: Does anybody know who made the Diebuster ED? It says it's made by a…[View]
220570199Fact: every girl would be a million times better with huge tits and a huge cock[View]
220586369Isekai Maou: Pretty cute boy.[View]
220619744What a dumb bug[View]
220617951I Love this warmonger.[View]
220618951Naruto: >I'm going to kill my brother itachi to avenge my clan >No wait I'm going to…[View]
220619517Overlord: Where the FUCK is volume 15?[View]
220610662Does anyone actually find Junji Ito scary?[View]
220525756Weekend Sound Thread: The comfiest time of the week is here, again.[View]
220573952It's important to make sure an isekai harem enjoys their work.[View]
220602900Osamu Kobayashi has died: RIP[View]
220596515YuruYuri: I’m very sad we didn’t get our season 4 announcement today for the 10th anniversary! But t…[View]
220618034What the fuck was the point of this?[View]
220602665Daily Lucky Star Chapters: Meet Me At Your PC Chapters 220-221[View]
220612481What are ya watching /a/?: What are ya watching this season /a/? Why is Saturday so stacked?…[View]
220536534Jujutsu Kaisen: To all the Nobara haters...[View]
220604850Stone Ocean: What will be the ending song?[View]
220609481Do you even know who this is?[View]
220612207Mushoku Tensei: Is this really the best Isekai? Be honest[View]
220605483Would you date a yandere?[View]
220615987Nagatoro please understand: If you dont 'get it' here's the synopsis, it's really not that…[View]
220617364Was I supposed to disagree with this guy?[View]
220616737>Eat food >Have orgasim Whoa[View]
220618132Nagatoro: You did, didn't you?[View]
220617991Was it autism?[View]
220614498Let’s predict how obnoxious the audience is going to be next week.[View]
220616692What goes on here?[View]
220616584Demon Slayer: Mugen Train: This Friday. You going?[View]
220609372So I just watched the first 2 Rebuild of Evangelion movies, you niggers told me it was bad but i fou…[View]
220611147What does /a/ think of Kino anime?[View]
220615753>manga has OBVIOUS Plotholes >get called a speedreader Fuck you Fags!…[View]
220617581Hunterbros ... I can't even enjoy reading other stuff without being reminded[View]
220572633ITT: Taboo stories done right.[View]
220611129It's not bullying, its' affection.[View]
220615219Sigururi event starting soon: https://sigururi.com/news/?id=55906 https://twitter.com/sigururi/statu…[View]
220519459Buyfag thread: winner winner[View]
220612067Has Togashi ever spoken about what his original plans for YYH were?: Chapter Black always felt like …[View]
220597020Fate: >2 decades later and he's still the strongest servant How does he do it bros?…[View]
220616985What if Asuka was goth?[View]
220617102Finally. A character I can relate to[View]
220617005What was the intended demographic for this show?[View]
220612152TypeMoon: Say something nice about these two true canon heroines[View]
220616643Vagabond: Is it any good?[View]
220610693Robot waifus: >programmed life purpose is to sing Why isn't it to suck my cock?…[View]
220616771Who is in the wrong here?[View]
220613540Is Monogatari a harem anime?[View]
220615428woooooooooooooooooooooooooow what the fuck what the hell am I reading[View]
220568369Anime really makes vampires cute. Which are your favorite ones?[View]
220616564Couldn't Shang have easily ended S1 on the 8th episode?: The S1 antagonist wasn't that pow…[View]
220422355Why do so many anons think that Shamiko is hot?[View]
220615198Clannad: Finished the first season of clannad because a friend told me the after story (second seaso…[View]
220615597Dorohedoro art book: MID AND SLUDGE: Part 1 (p1-p315) here >>220596079 Thread theme: https://w…[View]
220597249Has shonen evolved?: So I'm relatively young and I've been reading some older shonen nowad…[View]
220607190I like anything to do with delinquents/yankii. Like KORRRRRRRRRA and da ze[View]
220607272One Piece: Nami vs Robin, who wins?[View]
220614990How do we feel about this archetype?[View]
220614785God said when you die, Your life will pass before your own eyes. If you want to feel it right now, J…[View]
220584216Name an arc more epic than this.[View]
220613543I thought she was male this entire time[View]
220613983Arifureta S2 Anounced: Arifureta S2 has been announced and will be released January 2022. It’s time …[View]
220613774Sounds Images: It's that time (again)![View]
220610154I will never have a yoshi.... why?[View]
220612108Well this has turned very interesting.[View]
220607698Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: >the future of the human race depends on this singing robot. Doomed.…[View]
220606102>loses an arm to some random sea monster >becomes a Yonko few years later Explain…[View]
220612554Dusk Maiden of Amnesia: Ghost pussy[View]
220606263Which succubus would you rather have to drain your essence?[View]
220609914What the fuck was her problem?[View]
220613676Fairy Ranmaru: What is his deal? Why is he such a dick? Is he a half fairy?[View]
220610537I ship these two[View]
220612427Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: tl;dr this thread Nobody in the show can be called mentally ill, it’…[View]
220613609What is the best (your favorite) JoJo stand?[View]
220611913ITT: anime/ manga that has no business being as good as it is[View]
220612714RANCE THE QUEST FOR HIKARI exist so why was shitty Redo a healer even a thing[View]
220513296Blue Reflection Ray: 2 hours until Episode 2. Anyone else make it this far?[View]
220613114Gentlemens of /a/ Fuck shipniggers daily for ruining threads with their autism[View]
220613101Wow, ancient vikings could do ninja spins like THAT?[View]
220609611Jujutsu Kaisen thread: Let's discuss the best shonen manga in this thread. What do we think abo…[View]
220605760Has Dragon Ball finally been surpassed?: Has Jump finally done it? With Jujutsu Kaisen, have they fi…[View]
220596662Meanwhile at /a/'s river bank....[View]
220612532Post kino mangaka doodles/sketches[View]
220605108Is this character worth being a fan of: I just got into this anime, the stoic guy here has to cooles…[View]
220612873Yoru no kuni.: Anime of the season.[View]
220611350What did she mean by this?[View]
220566243Slime 300: >Episode aired already >Still no thread I know you guys are waiting for subs but co…[View]
220596947Evangelion 3.0+1.0: I need camrip now[View]
220612575>Theme song starts playing >Protagonists start kicking ass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEX…[View]
220602116Godzilla: Singular Point: We NIGEL now[View]
220547288Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 054 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
220599607Shingeki no kyojin: final season: What changes (realistic ones) do you want to see in the last part …[View]
220612245What stops you from watching/reading the best of FKMT's works anon?[View]
220604164Are you watching TWEWY /a/? /v/ here glad you liked it[View]
220610155ITT Shit tier protagonists[View]
220612063Is it legal to be this cute?[View]
220608309Tower of God anime: I just want to see this animated[View]
220594948Defend this stupid shit.[View]
220611856Higehiro: Does Sayu have the best panties of the season?[View]
220598750OPT: How about a one page thread? Ever since Mangadex went down I've seen a dramatic reduction…[View]
220611555>Series has some interesting antagonists and supporting characters. >The main party is incredi…[View]
220611487Overlord: What would drive a supremely evil Lich to regain their humanity.[View]
220598316What kind of adventures would you like to see yotsuba go on in the future?[View]
220607378Dragon Ball Super: Discuss the manga leaks![View]
220606336She's still the most fearsome titan pre-Rumbling.[View]
220558140Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S2: Irumi is cute[View]
220610723Sentouin: anime of the year[View]
220610027>You enter a pub at Japan, and suddenly see this man What do?[View]
220611050I'm afraid that if I watch this show, I'll never be able to enjoy anime ever again because…[View]
220609808Post some cool cars: its just to sexy[View]
220584514Is this to mean all isekai animes happen in the same universe?[View]
220609276Shaman King: >doesn't wear the headphones on his ears Why does this bother me so much…[View]
220607721Isayama forgot.[View]
220610607Manga girl: Manga girl just casually smokin[View]
220610393Just finished Yu Yu Hakusho, what is the next best anime to follow it up with?[View]
220563860how far is too far.: why they did this? why?[View]
220607859Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! Chapter 261: Working on saturdays sucks[View]
220591807LOGH: You're just going to scroll without paying respects to your Kaiser? SIEG KAISER REINHARD…[View]
220595336How do you feel about Jahy-Sama finally getting her anime adaptation?[View]
220596589the tomboy and the JK is nothing in comparison to the might of the OL why are OLs so great? is is tr…[View]
220609946trying to find Animerica scans: trying to track down scans of old issues of Animerica. That anime no…[View]
220602559>show a shower scene of a naked 15 year old boy in children's card game commercial Why is th…[View]
220606940Anime music with sentimental value to you: For me, it's Nazca's version of El Condor Pasa:…[View]
220607079Tower of God: [S] Hitler, Griffith [/S] Rachel did nothing wrong[View]
220608935https://twitter.com/osamukoba/status/1383583055521017858 Osamu Kobayashi has passed away at the age …[View]
220607987Vivy: Imagine the slang and insults AIs would come up to use between themselves.[View]
220603798Why do cicada’s always make the sound “WEEEEEEE WE WE WEEEEEE” in anime?[View]
220609400Have anime MCs gotten less manly over time?[View]
220609329houseKI NO kuni: what do I do now Housekibros? just finished this masterpiece, the last chapters wer…[View]
220602267Are there any series you would like to see licensed so you can own a version of it in your language?[View]
220570198Demon Slayer: You got your tickets, /a/?[View]
220606375>well received manga gets anime adaptation >expect more hentai content coming(heh) >receive…[View]
220590173MAPPA >>>> Wit Studio. All you Wit fanboys fuck off. That is all.[View]
220608845ITT: Ugly girls: This anime girl is very ugly, her mouth is like a monkey's[View]
220608678>Tominofags unironically defend this now[View]
220607648>here's an incredible and intriguing premise >oops, we forgot to write story This has des…[View]
220583290Thunderbolt Fantasy MAJOR PLOT HOLE: All MC has to do is use the divine swords he has. There is real…[View]
220608397https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CpPx8xFk6Q&ab_channel=AniSawano Is this the kinoest theme of th…[View]
220608410Modern anime sucks[View]
220593682Prichan, AiPla, Mewkledreamy: Rose finally makes her debut in today's episode of AiPla! oh and …[View]
220579941Rate This Season So Far: God tier: Tokyo Revengers Mini Dragon Great tier: Sayonara Watashi no Crame…[View]
220601423Suraimu Taoshite 300-nen: Who else is loving Slime Slayer?[View]
220605168mecha if he good[View]
220568715Part 6 is garbage: >Badly drawn >Shitty pacing >Jolyne is the worst JoJo >Pucci is the w…[View]
220606851Bad things are going to happen[View]
220607443One Piece: When is Enel coming back bros? I miss him so much.[View]
220607130What are some series that are completely fine to read through in a binge/marathon but are horrible t…[View]
220604375Post canon couples[View]
220583087I'm going to make Akame an honest woman![View]
220598030Dragon Ball Super: Looks like there's another month of nothing happening. And also there's…[View]
220606321What was her problem?[View]
220607318Himenobros... At this rate she will grow up to be a frustrated OL like Douki...[View]
220598395Shirobako: When is the movie getting subbed?[View]
220595655Shonen Jump thread: Post your favorite shonen jump manga, past or present. I like BNHA, JJK (probabl…[View]
220607058>dude, bad people lol[View]
220581307Megalo Box 2: Nomad: I just finished the second episode bros, I can say with utter confidence that t…[View]
220502726A Couple of Cuckoos: https://catmanga.org/series/cuckoo/59 It's that time of the week again cuc…[View]
220589973Dragon Ball Super: OGly is considered a good person how does that make you feel?[View]
220602211That one time PlayStation tried doing their own visual novels in Japan in the late 90s. > Carol t…[View]
220606883Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: Naga nails[View]
220606822JoJo Part 7: So I've finished Part 7. Easily the best part in the franchise. What can I say? I loved…[View]
220587990Nagatoro episode 2: Did you rike it?[View]
220606544Did you know that Code Geass was received with such critical acclaim that it got remade into a medie…[View]
220601445Did he manage to convince you?[View]
220603034What kind of changes would you like to see in the Tsukihime remake?[View]
220581561Re:Zero: Arc 7 - Chapter 17 : OUT! The madman with an axe is back for revenge, islamic terrorism sty…[View]
220602312The Great Debate: Gosick vs Black Buttler. European 1800 setting, mystery, dark supernatural themes,…[View]
220605115>ending art by illya kuvshinov >it's literally traced art from the game Lmao…[View]
220603453Would you?[View]
220591471One Piece: This is what we scrapped for the Scabbards. Thoughts?[View]
220604859Hunter X Hunter: How do you feel knowing that a low-level battle shonen from a C-tier shonen magazin…[View]
220587012Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song: What a horrible thing to say, absolutely over the line.[View]
220572648Episode 2 thread: The cute fluff starts from here. Are you ready kids[View]
220603820Are Diclonius inherently evil?[View]
220605170Holy mother of fucking KINO. I am speechless.[View]
220603774Who's hyped for part 2?[View]
220604967OP thread: https://youtu.be/RSe8D2wfGKI[View]
220587867Kumo Desu ka: >riding in your cool carriage >suddenly get raided by a bunch of random bandits …[View]
220598527the word soul gets thrown around a lot these days, but if there was ever one show with undeniable so…[View]
220564609Shadows House: >pick manga up expecting Lovecraftian atmospheric horror and unease >halfway th…[View]
220599867I'm going back to isekai, I don't need to be feeling this wrecked over anime.[View]
220595205Shingeki No Kyojin: Eren and Mikasa love each other in a pure, genuine way, they have never thought …[View]
220564110Hahahah senpai u sus, you're an imposter from amogus[View]
220601952Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.: >groomer anime Why is this allowed, /a/? Is it a sel…[View]
220604343https://nyaa.si/view/1373793 why are fansubs so embarrassing[View]
220588944Post characters you would find in a library.[View]
220588650Boruto: Spoilers out. Raws soon.[View]
220603011Anime girls eating burgers: As an outsider to /a/, I must ask this: Why are there so many pics of an…[View]
220574679Komi fucking cucked[View]
220603406Wonder Egg Priority: The a.i. plot might have been off putting but I found it well done in retrospec…[View]
220602164I can't wait to see the yama's in season 4. Are you excited /a/?[View]
220592160Greatest fight in anime history.[View]
220601713Great characters stuck in shit animes[View]
220600428Have you been traumatized something anime related where it triggers you if you see/hear it? For P. E…[View]
220602622Post the best moms[View]
220601824Best twins? Best twins![View]
220562567Precure Thread: Nothing beats spending some leisure time down at the lake with some cute Noble Acade…[View]
220592978Orchestr/a/ Plays Mushoku Tensei ED and Megalo Box OP: Two fresh tracks on deck today: Only (Mushoku…[View]
220597834Demon slayer mugen train: Is it worth watching it? i've seen the series on netflix and it was o…[View]
220597868This is still the best thing that ever came out of the Negima franchise[View]
220599940Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: Still waiting for an Anjou series. Ya'll can have your Uzaki, Takagi, …[View]
220602161i need her...[View]
220599301The coolest looking stand in part 8.[View]
220601966Anon, help me. Kogure Aoi-senpai said she will step on my face and spit on it if I suck ten cocks. I…[View]
220598708Kubera thread: Name a better character development[View]
220600430So Ryougi’s shtick is larping as a murderer without ever killing anyone. Did I get that right?[View]
220578588Until that fateful day I was not whole I lacked something most important The day I met Her The day m…[View]
220586323Was his plan of becoming the strongest knight in a racist/nepotistic empire realistic?[View]
220566470>finally get an anime adaptation of the world ends with you >its fucking great TWEWY is an abs…[View]
220598635Oh no, you beat me in a Pokémon battle ! But I don't have any money! Perhaps there's somet…[View]
220596060What does /a/ think about Trillion Dollar Game ?[View]
220598076He was the better option than the man baby[View]
220597567Has a anime series ever been so bad and done such damage to its own universe that people are no long…[View]
220601105I've been thinking for like an hour going through almost every anime I've ever seen trying…[View]
220506411Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
220600703Kuro Gal ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita: >[HentaiNI] Kuro Gal ni Nattakara Shin`yuu to Shite …[View]
220559031Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: Will there be any closure to the fact that Satoko is actually Vier or is Ryu07 …[View]
220599216What did we think of B: The Beginning?[View]
220599287Traps in Anime: Are traps on the decline? I hardly see it anymore.[View]
220596701Baki Dou: How do you rate the fights so far? IMO: Doppos, Katsumis, Hanayamas, Bakis (could change s…[View]
220590610Code Geass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8CFuZ9MseQ this has to be the best OP ive ever seen…[View]
220599897Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Come: I wonder what she's drinking.[View]
220594366So will Beastars get an S3 or will they do the smart thing and end it here?[View]
220589083UBW is better than HF and Zero. They kept the important Shirou monologues and inner thoughts. Metaph…[View]
220592485Are there any redeeming qualities to Ayakashi Triangle?[View]
220581224Faraway Paladin Anime: https://youtu.be/uAfWM4LcIW8 Where is your god now MTfags? A superior isekai …[View]
220594440How many dicks do you think she's taken? She's definitely not a virgin[View]
220596532Does /a/ listen to music while reading manga? If so, what do you usually listen to?[View]
220598115Shinji and Asuka not ending together is wrong and you know it.[View]
220598969ITT: Pure and unfiltered TAMASHII.: I'll start with the anime of the season.[View]
220589344Ranma: Yet another shampoo appreciation thread[View]
220596378Imo this was pretty good. I don't get the hate.[View]
220552344Dragon Quest Dai Episode 28: it's out. Dai finally scores with Leona.[View]
220596930More Giant Robo when?[View]
220598227All villains would be a billion times better if they were girls.[View]
220575002Shadows House: Raws for episode 2 out.[View]
220597551Do you remember the good old times?[View]
220586230Full Dive RPG: This show is stupid as fuck and it's amazing. Also tits.[View]
220595097Otoyomegatari hiatus ends in 3 days: ...or so some say.[View]
220595379Monogatari: I love my 21-year-old wife![View]
220593950K-On!: Just some mugi to brighten up your day[View]
220597506I wish she appears more in the series, total waste of a cute girl :([View]
220588787how can a character who barely shows skin be so aggressively sexual?[View]
220588530This year, for sure.[View]
220590144>hand signs are fanservice at this point >talk no jutsu bullshitery is at its strongest >DB…[View]
220561009JoJolion: 29 hours remain[View]
220579877Battle Athletess Daiundoukai ReSTART!: Already forgotten at episode 2.[View]
220596750The best love interest is cheeky, taller, younger boy. Bonus points if he like it that his toes be s…[View]
220572344What the fuck is this shit?: This is not my Echidona. Fuck this shit, season 2 second part was trash…[View]
220593620>Wake up. >See this. What do?[View]
220596282>12 human reps for humanity >fucking nichola tesla makes it >Joan of Arc doesnt…[View]
220584997Why are the Chinese so underrepresented in anime and manga? The two counties are right next door, yo…[View]
220594489Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure Movie Info: >Tropical Rouge Pretty Cure and Pretty Cure Splash Star Cr…[View]
220591379SUGOI DEKAI: Stop paying attention to Niggertoro's bullshit and let's talk about the best …[View]
220596230Battle Athletes Daiundoukai ReSTART!: THIS is the strongest defender of earth. Say something nice ab…[View]
220592626What's your opinion on age gap romance?[View]
220585841Dandadan: Let's all love Ayase[View]
220594571Hanyo no yashahime: What are the odds she becomes relevant (or at least gets lots of screen time) in…[View]
220589415Shingeki No Kyojin: Anyone else fell like no legs Zeke and one bare foot Eren are hot af?[View]
220584664I'm starting to get tired of watching anime written by people who have never been in a fight, m…[View]
220587358/a/ I'm cheering for a gag character Help me come to my senses before it's too late[View]
220594375why are there so many Japanese NEETS when most of their favorite shows have messages against that ki…[View]
220595304Another-world companion pets thread: Which one is the most cute I_s_e_k_a_i pet? For me is Ponta.…[View]
220500834Black Clover: Korean scans are out. https://manatoki95.net/comic/7737766[View]
220591024This is really fucking good[View]
220593150Anime Confession: Confess your your anime secrets /a/nons! I avoid watching romcoms so it's har…[View]
220594308Whoa... no one told me this anime was so powerful...[View]
220589756About to watch the English Dub of this show. What am I in for?[View]
220591135This is the canon ending to Attack on Titan[View]
220594785KanColle: Is Shimakaze autistic?[View]
220589544>carries your series[View]
220589073How would you respond?[View]
220593127Saataa andagii.[View]
220593104How would other manganimes' plot change if Sakamoto replaced the MC?[View]
220591243What's the dumbest reason you've heard for someone dropping an anime or manga?[View]
220491814Mahoako-chapter 24: It's out: https://storia.takeshobo.co.jp/manga/mahoako/_files/24/…[View]
220573133Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Gendo backstory camrip when?[View]
220593420Vivy best girl of the season!!!!: She is like a mixture of Rei Ayanami + Hatsune Miku. Damn perfect …[View]
220591739Cardfight Vanguard: Why is this so gay?[View]
220581881How short is too short?[View]
220559839Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 25: Breakfast Baki, Maximum Tournament-hen. The only rule is no weap…[View]
220570283yuri isekai? yes[View]
22059085286: These Magnolia lads seem pretty based and redpilled[View]
220572816Dragon Ball Super: >Caulifla and Kale will return to show Granolah the true power of saiyans…[View]
220589944Nagatoro Saturdays: All my homies hate Jojo Fridays and MHA Saturdays, it's all about Nagatoro …[View]
220586113Jujutsu Kaisen is the best manga I've ever read.: Everything from its cast of deeply human char…[View]
220574633Tomoko Thread: She's too good for us bros.[View]
220562048Who are your favorite bunny girls in anime?[View]
220586887Kamio Yui: Is this manga any good?[View]
220586578Panty and Stocking: What did you think about the show?[View]
220588504Okay, guys, we have to monitor this tkmiz post to make sure it doesn't get deleted. Since the p…[View]
220581350Boy's Abyss 51 Spoilers[View]
220592479ITT: the most fujoable pairings: Also, why are fujos so based?[View]
220587939this thread is full of ordinary dialogue so that the anons can fully enjoy how cute the girls are[View]
220585462What did he mean by this?[View]
220592085Best OPs / EDs of the season: Post 'em. Here are my favorites: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
220589475The bread girl: The bread girl[View]
220588132Rune Soldier post: Say something nice about her[View]
220586027Saki: Tanoshii: Dumping chapter 230 TL. Featuring Sumire and Yuu.[View]
220587727naah, she'll be fine... r-right?[View]
220498743AiPla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: Do you guys think the next prettty series will have an mc like Aroma o…[View]
220576895One Piece: i want to protect this smile[View]
220590009Fags in anime: >post anime characters that are fellow faggot retards, I'll start…[View]
220574778Volume 1 of Ranger Reject was ranked 12th on shoseki on its first day on sale[View]
220575513Why does so many anime/manga start out good, but quickly turns to shit? >tokyo ghoul >promised…[View]
220584124What would happen if a Servant just didn't want to take part in a Grail War?: Like could a Serv…[View]
220555174Fucked up animation: POST EM[View]
220564348What's the best shape for anime breasts?[View]
220572596This is the best female body from the past decade and you can't prove me wrong[View]
220587636Overlord: A new in-between volumes chapter came out. Just in case someone missed it. https://0bin.ne…[View]
220576666Dragon Ball Super: How will he job?[View]
220589283Serious question, why do nips suck at writting endings?[View]
220588691Yofukashi no Uta: Are the translations still months behind?[View]
220541981Sono Bisque Doll anime: Tomatsu plays Marin or I eat my shit on livestream.[View]
220487191I have been re-watching Fate Kaleid Prisma Illya: and it's super interesting.[View]
220583626Are you faggots serious?: >saw /a/ sperging out because this manga talked about trans people and …[View]
220573263Shingeki No Kyojin: >4 years of PATHS sex Daily Reminder: Eren kissed back. EM was the plot. EM w…[View]
220588634Kantai Collection Threat: Post the autistic ship ladies[View]
220588488Anime of the year.: Yet ANOTHER masterpiece by Shaft, thanks to (as always) Shinbou and Nishio.…[View]
220588317Clannad means family.[View]
220577694Ro Kyu Bu: Basketball is super interesting.[View]
220563850Spring 2021 Season: Here's the objective ranking of the current anime season Vivy is definitely…[View]
220573560Post based /unwashed/ anime characters that don't mind offending the delicate olfaction of norm…[View]
220581442Anonymous FTP: Open FTP server for you /a/utists to share your animu and mango and other nonsense. s…[View]
220585730>use to be dating a girl in highschool >likes a lot of anime I like, isn’t an autist as well …[View]
220587229I Would Die To Have Your First Time.: Only cuckolds would think he isn’t completely justified in his…[View]
220578999what is he thinking /a/?[View]
220586220Pictured: Eurofags and Amerifags waiting for 3.0+1.0 to come out[View]
220575225≥[Erai-raws] Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san - 02 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv Don't keep her waiting…[View]
220585997Hunter x Hunter: Hunterbros what did he mean by this?[View]
220582280https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YtgA0vK1-Y First 15 minutes of AOTY is out.[View]
220583252Jahy: So /a/'s favorite loli finally got her anime, huh? And this summer too? Sooner than I tho…[View]
220585279keikaku dori[View]
220574865Is it pedophilia when he’s technically underage?[View]
220585018what the fuck am I reading[View]
220580907Am I actually filtered?: I still have no fucking clue why Houtarou has a revelation at the end of 1s…[View]
220572892Violet Evergarden The Movie: Just went to cinema to watch VEG Movie. A words like masterpiece are me…[View]
220586231Now this is art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOxNRbUYd1o True and unique connection of two cultu…[View]
220577741I'm leaving you behind /a/. It's time for me to become a hero.[View]
220586232>the INT arumin Is everyone in /snk/ universe retarded?[View]
220582845Only good pairing.[View]
220567301Boruto (Bort): Naruto (Nart) Next Generations: Enter Ada[View]
220556126Boku no Hero Academia: Where is Bakugo?[View]
220507822One Punch Man: What's the best design in OPM?[View]
220568372Disgusting, Nagatoro is 10x times better[View]
220584065Shingeki no Kyojin: So can someone explain why he was so worried about the sun touching the colossal…[View]
220583998It’s over /a/! I’ve cracked the formula! I will be taking this idea to nippon and be make quadrillio…[View]
2205624985-Toubon: What she did is wrong, but I am still an Ichika fag. Negi did her too dirty by not giving …[View]
220581759Pavlik Morozov[View]
220560475Eighty-Six: Episode 2 today. Lets get some white pig posting going.[View]
220576843what was his fucking problem?[View]
220584626Manjoume is cute![View]
220584317Why is Emilia so boring?: I really tried, I really tried to give her a chance. I brushed off her bla…[View]
220570204Vivy: Episode 4[View]
220566825Fate/Zero: Why do secondaries love it?[View]
220562817Dandadan chapter 2: Dumping[View]
220550356Chainsaw Man: is this how it feels to be filtered?[View]
220584364Sub or dub?[View]
220581610Did this shit get canned? Please tell me no, I found it an addicting read for some reason.[View]
220578102>We're at second episode of Odd Taxi >Still not much fanarts even from furfags…[View]
220572211let's talk about attack on titan. why is it the best anime and manga of all time?[View]
220567610Gochiusa: Moshi moshi Chino desu[View]
220577581How cute is your wifu?[View]
220545348Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? New episode looks terrible.: What happened? It was all fine until 9:00, when …[View]
220580578Does /a/ like Genki girls?[View]
220581362anime girls: they don't make 'em like they used to[View]
220582765Do you have a show like this?: I don't know why but FLCL is nostalgic in a pretty painful way. …[View]
220581825Was her pregnancy supposed to be important to the narrative?[View]
220583547Anyone reading the new furry manga, Strange Moon?[View]
220574520Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water: This guy was not very smart. He should have destroyed all the sate…[View]
220583139Komi spoiler: What?[View]
220556993Do you self-insert as gender bent protagonists?[View]
220555521Kingdom: Can anyone stop this smug motherfucker?[View]
220565924Lum, Kyoko and Ranma: Who's your favorite out of rumiko's big 3 80s girls?[View]
220582874I tried reading usogui, but there were too many words.[View]
220582854The Sky Crawlers: Just finished this what did I think of it?[View]
220581869Best girls stuck in shit show: How can we rescue them?[View]
220564243Thunderbolt Fantasy: At last it's Saturday[View]
220570975How to fix isekai: 1:replace the harem with a frog family 2:replace the demon king bad guy with a sa…[View]
220581412How the hell do you squeeze so many good shows in such short timespan on single day?[View]
220582297When will the new Bleach anime air, /a/?[View]
220572991Shingeki no Kyojin: so what happened to the people of the underground?[View]
220582210What's your favorite manga that hasn't been turned into an anime yet? Kitsune Spirit[View]
220578063Made in Abyss: This is a Faputa thread ONLY. The best character in the manga. Other characters in th…[View]
220577635Now that dust has settled, we all agree that this is the greatest love story ever told right?[View]
220576178Hunter x Hunter: A question for anime only: She was killed off screen, so she's still alive, ri…[View]
220568127jjk: most epic fight in anime history.[View]
220578857Freak Island Chapter 98: Dumping https://imgur.com/a/xPcXSNr[View]
220579064>A series like Cobra was published in Shonen Jump once upon a time Kinda hard to believe nowsays …[View]
220506476Super Cub: I guess that Honda slogan is true after all.[View]
220565656FLCL: Is this the best animated OVA series out there? It's so dynamic and creative.[View]
220552276re:zero arc 7 discussion: Al is angry at you faggot tourists[View]
220572752Why is pacing in shonen anime so bad?[View]
220578528Power? Fingerbanged. Makima? Knotted. Reze? Forgotten. Kobeni? Used. Himeno? Missed and loved.[View]
220575873Anpanman: how do /sp/ rate this?[View]
220576200WAIFU OF THE SEASON IS A ROBOT!: Oh yeah, she is awesome![View]
220576973One Piece: Okay, give me your theories on Shanks. What's his endgame?[View]
220578770Who was the real monster? The man that came to take away the children? The mother that sacrificed th…[View]
220562578Is it possible to opt out of having editors forced upon you as a Mangaka?[View]
220577722Nagatoro Episode 2: What's you think of the new episode? It was better than the first, imo. I a…[View]
220576983I will never forget Sakurajima Mai.[View]
220577427Dragon Ball Super: >when will ep132 come out and the shit begin?…[View]
220574474Glasses + Big Tits are the most sophisticated combination.[View]
220579108Yoo anon, ramen kou ikoze[View]
220501455Kaguya-Sama Manga.: Kaguya Real Love. Help Puppies soon? (From LN)[View]
220577298Hey /lit/ here. Just finished reading this manga and im up to date All i can say is THIS IS A MASTER…[View]
220568415Godzilla Singular Point: Mei is a cute![View]
220561632Faraway Paladin: Anime adaptation announced. Coming this October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA…[View]
220536985What are your hopes for the upcoming Jahy-Sama anime? https://twitter.com/jahysama_anime/status/138…[View]
220553054Do people like him actually exist?[View]
220578559Song Wu Kong: Was he a good husband and father?[View]
220559342Do you love JS characters in spite of their flat chests?[View]
220569006ITT: Iconic anime moments[View]
220577110>we want the VEG crowd A shallow pretentious anime with above average art and animation and a cut…[View]
220574764ITT: underrated shit[View]
220576745Genshiken Nidaime: Is the reason no one watched the 3rd season of Genshiken because of the women and…[View]
220572470SBR and JJL aren't real. JoJo ended with Stone Ocean.[View]
220396836Draw your waifu in Paint.[View]
220508253Girls und Panzer: New visual from episode 3[View]
220577459Ah yes, the most guilt free.... Robotic....[View]
220573198Is Asuna the ideal wife?[View]
220577383i rabu powa![View]
220577029Shaman King: Kneel to your cunny queen.[View]
220573955Hidamari Sketch>Pani Poni Dash>Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei[View]
220573858Chad on top Virgin on bottom[View]
220567892Good morning, /a/[View]
220572438Why don't we get more BL anime targeting heterosexuals anymore instead of fags and women? Don…[View]
220571036Rank the Project A-ko movies and OVAs[View]
220571920What is the most overrated anime of all time?[View]
220576319Am I actually filtered?: I still have no fucking clue why MC was astonished at the end of 1st ep. No…[View]
220572946ITT: overrated shit[View]
220571241Why is it when one of the male characters crossdress they look better than 99% of the other girls in…[View]
220573612Arata Kangatari: https://twitter.com/Wsstalkback/status/1383441053563330560 The cursed manga returns…[View]
220568539Dragon Ball Super: If you think about it the ending of the Zamasu saga is kind of unique. Not many o…[View]
220560743Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: The line that broke /a/ Are you ready for episode 2?[View]
220570984Bishounen Tanteidan: Who is the best boy and why is it violet?[View]
220563329Skeleton Knight in Another World: Anime adaptation announced. https://twitter.com/gaikotsukishi/stat…[View]
220574299A show about nothing[View]
220573227Why do people like Naruto? Hard mode: Don't mention ninja or relatability.[View]
220533843Higehiro: How can someone so slutty be so cute? And did she really fuck a hundred men? Or more? And …[View]
220542760Ochikobore Fruit Tart: >it's an underwear shopping an episode…[View]
220573185She unironically made me get out of my ass and start working out, talk to people and get employed. …[View]
220571856How would you change code geass?: And when?[View]
220554302>read 'female targeted' manga >rape >molestation >abuse >assault and battery >ATTE…[View]
220573725Was Early Bleach really that great?[View]
220567153Rate my wife /a/bros[View]
220564462Detective Conan: I promise I'm not that autistic Conan News poster, but there's some shit …[View]
220573668He just called Enigmatic Gale a small fry...: I hope next episode we will finally see him fight agai…[View]
220567111Shingeki No Kyojin: Kino! I mean, wow, I'm sure all his friends who were casually slaughtered b…[View]
220573061Why did the crossdressing shota genre die out?[View]
220573161Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time: Translation pls anon[View]
220562688>btfo's normies >btfo's /a/utists >but muh animation https://www.crunchyroll.com/…[View]
220570927You're Under Arrest: What I would've give to be an unarmed black man so I can be shot to d…[View]
220571498Dirty thoughts are not /a/llowed![View]
220554832Which is the best heroine in SJ right now?[View]
220519106LoGH: How would you rank each season? For me, it's: >3>4>2>1…[View]
220551803Do you think you're going to masturbate during this next episode?[View]
220571574why is there sperm in the end credits for magical girl site?[View]
220570499What the fuck was his problem[View]
220572396One sub seems to condense dialouge texts leading to being too vague and confusing at times. The othe…[View]
220564691What's the difference between a 'waifu' and a regular anime girl?[View]
220571915Best seinen anime ever made was Monster[View]
220571806Subarashiki Kono Sekai: Are you telling me people were hyped for THIS? What in the fuck is this garb…[View]
220540762Shaman King: Are you fucking kidding me... They compressed 6-7 worth of episode materials into three…[View]
220561019Your series is not dominated by women, is it?[View]
220571673How do you guys feel about this PG-13 Gantz new series?[View]
220567577Imagine a loli kidnaps you[View]
220571799Do you prefer left armpit or right armpit? Why?[View]
220507952Killing Bites: Chapter 86 English translation. Sorry for the delay.[View]
220537406Slime Isekai: Which Rimuru do you like more: the Warrior or the Civilization builder? also Season 2…[View]
220568919ITT: forgotten series[View]
220565657No Tatsuki no tanosi[View]
220569796Which anime characters are canon/open exhibitionists? Which are secretly exhibitionists?[View]
220544263what anime has the best first episode[View]
220562101Redux of my alt snk ending: Ok so I received complaints about a certain bottom not cooming So I…[View]
220549772What's the point of Anime: I don't watch anime because there's too much anime. >O…[View]
220571202How the fuck is the conan anime so popular in japan? Like the manga is popular but nothing too crazy…[View]
220565977>Saves your shit manga.[View]
220537467ui was the best k-on.[View]
220571215What did Togashi mean by this?[View]
220570700ITT: you find out your (irl 3D) gf had a secret double life as a magical girl wut do?[View]
220569275ITT shits only u watched[View]
220571033Anime Thighs: Anime thighs when she open up so wide, I got a twinkle in my eye (Huh?) pussy is so ti…[View]
220558867/a/ doesn't have the cult-like obsession with this guy that /m/ does? You can criticizes his an…[View]
220569235Okay anon, why best girl never wins? Is not just a problem for romcoms but for manga/anime as a whol…[View]
220570890Bleach: Would you betray the Soul Society for Arrancar coochie?[View]
220568637Mashiro no Oto: Why do fujoanime have such great girls?[View]
220541703Daily Lucky Star Chapters: Various Battles Volume opener- Chapter 219[View]
220569175An /a/non observation: I have never been disappointed with an anime with the letter Z in the title.…[View]
220568224Holyland: Is it kino?[View]
220570569Idoly Pride: The savior of idol animes song for you - Mana version is available Not sure if it'…[View]
220559584What's next for them?[View]
220565228Are you a man enough to refuse?[View]
220569840When are we getting more Inertia?[View]
220568296inbetween all the trash you faggots post, i didn't see much of DTB in /a/[View]
220548782Cute aryan girls in anime: When are we getting more cute aryan girls in anime? Youjo Senki was a goo…[View]
220567678Aiki-S Chapter 52[View]
220569900This is where japanese animation peeked[View]
220568050One Piece Theory: So the will of D is the will of DON, right? Doflamingo DONquixote, Gol DON (golden…[View]
220556224What even is Ababababa?[View]
220569098kirika is nice desss[View]
220556894>shunned by humans What to do? Forgive them and earn their respect or abandon them and become ise…[View]
220541941Happy Sugar Life: Three years later and it's still unsurpassed as a romcom. Is this the genre…[View]
220564893Anime scenes performed live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-JOj5WJeKI[View]
220559364Reverse trap thread: Well?[View]
220568430JOJO: DIAMOND IS UNBREAKABLE: Why couldn't this part have been good? it had everything going fo…[View]
220564099Anime about >Male sports team >Male idols >Male band members >Male school friends >Ma…[View]
220567906One Piece: Shanks thread, no furry, no shipper, no kiku, no fishmen posting[View]
220568793Did you know that kozaky is a shitposter on a/?[View]
220566833ghost in the shell: do you like cybergirl?[View]
220558095>Effortlessly defeat Alexander the Great and his entire army. >Can't defeat sexist and in…[View]
220563389Yashahime: >The ending perfectly captures the essence of the show and even foreshadows the season…[View]
220567132Cute & Canon: Ed and Winry are the cutest and canonest anime couple ever created.[View]
220555369Dragon Ball Super: Jiren is stronger than time. This is a fact.[View]
220568194based cunnysseur[View]
220568192Raildex: Her name is Helkaria Groceries. and Nogi is looking for assistants[View]
220562952why are there no Oddtaxi threads? it's shaping up to be the kino anime of the season.[View]
220560318Build King is a failed fujobait: Contrary to what Shimabufags and BKfags believe, Build King is Shim…[View]
220560570One Piece: Post your predictions for the poll's results, they'll be out soon[View]
220558777PSG: Season 2 when?[View]
220565722pretty disappointed by this anime. i wish it was less cartoony and more grounded. it was so hard to …[View]
220563281ITT scenes men would never understand[View]
220554852Was he justified in his actions?[View]
220545596Bort: Nart Next Generations: So what do you think about the new Bort spoilers? Is Ada the strongest …[View]
220553395is Ghost Stories the only case of dub >>> sub?[View]
220554216Shounen no Abyss: Rarely do I come across a manga where the decisions of every single character mode…[View]
220563822genuine question: have you ever been impressed by a hentai? what constitutes an artistically accompl…[View]
220564104>Anime then Haibane Renmei >Anime now Angel Beats Moe ruined anime forever. What used to be se…[View]
220566170Q Hayashida: Name my band[View]
220535658which anime characters have the most ass-focused art?[View]
220565049arifureta shokugyou de sekai saikyou S2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3ExQQ7s5QI On air 2022 Jan…[View]
220565605How would you get out of this situation?[View]
220562098>Titan mist disperses >Armin sees Mikasa holding something in her arms >It's a baby …[View]
220560645Post only BASED female characters[View]
220556519I have an insatiable desire to breed Pitou (female)[View]
220558625ITT: really funny anime moments: Ahahaha this woman got her organs fucked up after trying to revive …[View]
220559595Describe why Elaina is more beautiful than any other girl ever.[View]
220563975What's the best episode length for an anime?[View]
220562493I just found out this little fucker has been continuing in Jump Square Plus! Beet thread?[View]
220562231>you will never be bullied by a blasian girl PAIN[View]
220498463Drawthread: Make or Request Art.[View]
220559740Back Arrow: What was the exact phrasing used by the character designers when they gave their pitch f…[View]
220543796Shingeki no Kyojin: >Make genuine SNK thread >Turns into SNK general >pain pls stop…[View]
220561935best girl[View]
220565690Would you drink peanut butter with Kurisu?[View]
220565433>anime has Finns in it >it's objectively garbage Every time…[View]
220562514This apparently got seventeen (17!!!) volumes, so is this actually good or what? I don't rememb…[View]
220564393ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
220552104Post anime girls you feel you could actually get with: The fact that they might be married/in a rela…[View]
220564797Holo no grafitti: Is this an anime, /a/?[View]
220564470>Gives you depression[View]
220565449Room Camp Special: It's up on ani-one asia[View]
220519559Part 5 is garbage: >Plot is pointless >Giorno is the worst written Jojo protagonist >Fights…[View]
220560601Heavens Lost Property/Sora No Otoshimono: 19 year old retard here This was the first anime I've…[View]
220560427Transformers Unicron Trilogy: Does anyone remember watching these?[View]
220565045So I was watching this shit and i wasn't really liking it. I guess it's time to drop it ca…[View]
220555271Wish /a/ talked about Katanagatari more. Just finished the series. 10/10[View]
220562684What were the the smartest feats that happened in this manga?[View]
220534085Godzilla Singular Point: Hoping the translator anon and typesetter anon find their way to each other…[View]
220524613Raildex: Imagine the both of them getting to sit next to him from both sides once they're in hi…[View]
220563330I’m going to be honest anons, I’ve never seen raildex (I might) but I just wanted to start a thread …[View]
220556203What went so right?[View]
220540982Play Shogi.[View]
220531583usagi lost house[View]
220533775ITT: anime that do NOT respect women[View]
220561556Who wins in a fight?[View]
220562819hunter x hunter (2011): is this censorship?[View]
220560905Disgusting, Nagatoro is 10x times better[View]
220554735Let's have a good old Engrish thread.[View]
220561160One Piece : Wano Arc: I am a big one piece fan and i dont like Wano for reasons I cannot grasp Is th…[View]
220563200Mushoku Tensei: Did the LN have this or dyed hair?[View]
220563407YRYR anime 10th anniversary livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwbwViYo9QI[View]
220557389Isekai Maou: This fucking elf will take any chance to flaunt her tits[View]
220557475What is Pokémon anime about?[View]
220562092Imagine if Mount Lady sat on you lol. How terrible would that be haha.[View]
220553393Why were the White Blood Cells all so stacked?: Is there a scientific explanation for it? I know th…[View]
220552803World Trigger: Any chance of chapter this month triggerbros?[View]
220542871Can anime adaptions work better than the VN?[View]
220541968Madoka: Do you think we will get an actual sequel to Rebellion written by Butcher?[View]
220557203Is this Fukumoto's greatest work?[View]
220555207ITT: Series at their peaks followed by sharp declines: I'll start[View]
220561695Berserk: Even tho I already knew about his betrayal this twink bastard is the only anime character…[View]
220558383Just finished Madoka Magica. So basically, Madoka is a metaphor for Jesus Christ?[View]
220540971Does a manga need fujobait to succeed now? As is clear by Build King getting axed, having a manly pr…[View]
220562072backarrow: anyone else popped when they saw this fat fuck getting killed? It would have been cool to…[View]
220560809So the only thing KyoAni will be putting out this year is a summer Maidragon sequel?[View]
220555591in the time since Gabriel Dropout ended >Jashin-chan got 3 seasons >Machikado Mazoku got 2 sea…[View]
220542965Zombieland Saga: Revenge: Are we watching the best anime of 2021 /a/?[View]
220560642>Joshiraku is almost a decade old by now I still haven't seen it for some reason…[View]
220544090>watch anime/manga >like a girl >she doesn't win At least Nagatoro will the first one …[View]
220540066Would /a/ love an antisocial, plain-looking, unfeminine, extremely thin, and always cranky girl with…[View]
220440207Wow, this blew me away. I love Slice of life but adding a creepy aesthetic to it is something I didn…[View]
220561362The popularity and infinite spin-offs of these shows are proof that people can make millions by givi…[View]
220535642Vivy: New Vivy episode incoming! What are your expectations, anon? Will Vivy crash the Sunrise with …[View]
220559269How did Griffith even create a mercenary band in his teens?[View]
220557681You are watching The Great Tea Race, right anon?[View]
220558354The Great Debate: Which one was the most fun to shitpost about?[View]
220545534One Piece: Why do all the women love Zoro?[View]
220539036Cardfight!! Vanguard: overDress: The mysterious challenger Katsuki appears! Defeating Megumi, he cha…[View]
220520356What is the better anime between Zero and UBW?[View]
220552652where is her nose?[View]
220559754>finally get around watching Nadia and THIS guy literally marries a girl he met when she was 4 an…[View]
220559865Inuyashiki: >All I wanted was a manga about an old man getting back on his feet and feeling alive…[View]
220520484JUMP is making a battle manga with a female MC, something they haven't done in a while >Ame …[View]
220503694Jahy is getting an anime this summer: https://twitter.com/jahysama_anime/status/1382997382049247236…[View]
220558066I cant believe it took 3 seasons to find out what was in the cellar.[View]
220557621/a/ - Candy Store Candy Store - /a/[View]
220518733Precure: Would Doki have been better if MakoP was the main character?[View]
220531809Kumo Desu: I believe in Sophia supremacy![View]
220549101You woke up this morning, got yourself a gun[View]
220516294Urusei Yatsura Storytime: Volume 1: That’s right lumfrens, we are doing the one and only Urusei Yats…[View]
220557179Dungeon Meshi 73: Slowpoke here, why Laios blatantly lie to the Canaries about encountering the mast…[View]
220559160>Fruits Basket >Shaman King GTO full adaptation remake when? it deserves the Brotherhood treat…[View]
220544268Dorohedoro: Im late to the party. Why was this as good as it was? I went in blind and was expecting …[View]
220558759>We won't get Yugami and Chirp's college life antics Why bros? Why the good thing come …[View]
220552013Okay I really want to watch this, but I've been told it goes downhill after the timeskip and th…[View]
220555880Why are these two the most punchable characters in the entire series? Literally no one comes close, …[View]
220558448Zahard... we are FUG when will it be back?[View]
220543188Dorohedoro wasn't this chaotic: R-right? Context and panel clarity when?[View]
220528937Eyebrows make the woman[View]
220556927There is nothing wrong with killing isekai villagers. Might is right.[View]
220554392Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman canonically love each other.[View]
220550564Black Lagoon: I'm starting to think that maybe this scene wasn't necessary.[View]
220526276Hanyo no yashahime: What went so fucking wrong?[View]
220554861The bread girl[View]
220556626Bnha thread: >Deku and All Might promise to twist fate and prevent All Might's death >Maj…[View]
220542793JoJolion 106: Chappie on the 19th. Let's try to have better thread this time. Sites where you c…[View]
220510392Back Arrow: New episode soon[View]
220473640Daily Hinamatsuri Chapter: Teenage Bartender Hitomi[View]
220502938The World Ends With You the Animation: Episode 2 was put up early in Australia, turns out they'…[View]
220554419Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 69[View]
220533202Higurashi: Where the fuck is Satoko's Higurashi thread? Satoko demands you to post more Satoko!…[View]
220557482Yuru Camp: Life got in the way and I was never able to finish it when it was airing. Just finished. …[View]
220556500osh anon, ramen kou ikoze[View]
220557506Takarazuka: Does your favourite anime or manga have a Takarazuka musical? If it's City Hunter, …[View]
220557413Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that Universe 6 Saiyans were terribly written and gi…[View]
220556240Berserk fan-art thread: Post some Berserk fan-art.[View]
220540220Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: No more snacks. Mari is going on a diet.[View]
220557314Was she autistic?: >Has problems communicating with others >Is bad at almost everything but o…[View]
220551856Gilbert doesn't deserve to be with Violet. She is too good for him. Change my mind.[View]
220551971Which of them had the better hacks? Aizen's Kyokasuigetsu or Tsukishima's Book of the End?[View]
220554645Hoes mad.[View]
220556102How is her waist so small?[View]
220548165Member Kaos? When is she getting a S2?[View]
220555019I still haven't seen his public apologize[View]
220556678>when you wanted to fap >but got feels instead It hurts.…[View]
220547416Goblin Slayer: Assuming Elf were to be raped 12 hours a day, how many days would it take to mindbrea…[View]
220555576I found a site which hosts the 2007 Phantom Blood movie: https://untallen.com/en/movie/387470/jojos-…[View]
220547142According to the LNs, Sena has received almost 1000 romantic confessions from over 100 people, but s…[View]
220553020Date a Live!: Would you date a bullet?[View]
220553766Could you have sex with yourself if you knew how to do the type of clones that Naruto does and then …[View]
220554465why was he such a based father bros?[View]
220551536Post nut clarity waifu: Post your favorite waifu before you nut, then post your waifu after you nut.…[View]
220525369Why don't isekai protags have dominant older love interests who would harshly criticize them wh…[View]
220542091Uzaki-Chan Wants to Get Fucked by Sakurai: What was up with the Totorri tourism episode? Why can…[View]
220551862Is Twister the only thing Rem is good at?[View]
220554774Pupa: I have one of the lowest rated anime of all time say something nice about me[View]
2205510501996 was the last year of good anime: Discuss.[View]
220516743Kanojo Okarishimasu: Which of these four lovely maidens would you choose?[View]
220531429Boku no Hero Academia: Let's celebrate Melissa being canon! Translated chapter: https://ww6.re…[View]
220555001One page: Post one page[View]
220555077Reverse rearing: How about it guys? Would you submit to be reared into husband material by a little …[View]
220555032E: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ[View]
220550061Hunter X Hunter: there's a reason we are having longest hiatus ever. covid is bringing a lot of…[View]
220554426Would the show have worked if they had gotten a sixth or seventh member instead of tonchan? What wou…[View]
220536342So when are we getting more chapters?[View]
220545316Shingeki no Kyojin: Alright, I'm going to say this as someone who disliked the ending and how E…[View]
220554584Why aren't you reading boku to Roboco?[View]
220546171How did she go from Fig.1 to Fig.2 in 60 seconds flat?[View]
220543670Dragon Ball Super: How would you fix this form?[View]
220554053>Monkey Punch, creator of Lupin III, called Castle of Cagliostro an 'excellent' movie, but agreed…[View]
220518903Why doesn't /a/ appreciate Maison Ikkoku at all?[View]
220535184World Of Moral Reversal: What are the chances, if any, of this coming stateside? I've seen mang…[View]
220552527In this thread, we discuss the anime that saved the industry.[View]
220550869ITT: Characters in the wrong series.: >Moment he dies everyone drops the series.…[View]
220543523Why is he so perfect bros?[View]
220554024Post anime that made you cry: Anime that made you cry because they were good, not because they sucke…[View]
220547278>'Character-chan, want to walk home together?' >gets subbed as >'Want to walk home together…[View]
220553872So did you get your dose of feels for the month?[View]
220553871Girls' Frontline Anime Anounced: Basically taking place in the same time line until 1950. Some …[View]
220553721Why is this being compared again to Code Geass?: Why not SnK?[View]
220553699Sexy as fuck: kumo desu[View]
220521845Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: New thread. The anthology from the BokuYaba author got TLed, so here's…[View]
220539339Isekai Maou: She's in! best isekai anime coming through[View]
220541259Joshiraku: >It has been 18 years since Joshiraku last aired Have you learned enough Japanese cult…[View]
220550451Okay so is 'Kanojo mo kanojo' good or is it your usual cliche stuff?[View]
220548981Air: the 1000th summer .. https://youtu.be/SD1yCQsjOQw[View]
220526241Yancha Gal No Anjou-San 86: In bed with Anjou[View]
220552329Does /a/ listen to music while reading Manga? If so then what kind of music do you listen to?[View]
220544695What's his IQ?[View]
220528894Post moments that elevated the manga to legendary status.[View]
220552954based groomer manga: How do you pretend like you're uncomfortable by your daughterfus plans to …[View]
220552950Detective Conan: They've officially made this series only good for women and homosexuals. This …[View]
220520688FLCL: Is the ugliest OVA series out there? It's so cringe and over exaggerated.[View]
220527893Berserk: So, new chapter by the end of the month or not?[View]
220533233Murcielago Volume 3 Storytime: Hilarious, raunchy, action-packed, and shockingly amoral at times, Mu…[View]
220545740JoJo: This was a priiiime case of Araki saying 'idgaf I'm changing things lol'. You know time t…[View]
220543642ITT: You’ve died and you’re now reborn in heaven. Pick ONE anime waifu to bring with you.[View]
220469196Kengan: Yumigahama >master multiple styles of martial arts >turn your body into a living weap…[View]
220517926Gunbuster: >Plot Somewhat surprising and true to human nature. >USSR Portrayed 100% accurately…[View]
220550827damn nigga, kodama is fucking banging. I know she's a freak.[View]
220549543King of anime and manga[View]
220547223JUMP Issue #20 ToC: ToC is out[View]
220541104>first girl always wi-[View]
220549482i miss this girl[View]
220552187>Fruits Basket >Shaman King GTO full adaptation remake when? it deserves the Brotherhood trea…[View]
220545871This is the most outstanding arc I've ever seen in any show, let alone anime, that I've ev…[View]
220545279Today is the birthday of best girl![View]
220550914Show By Rock!! Stars!!: >April 2021 >I am forgotten…[View]
220546756Is this best girl?[View]
220528253Re Zero: When will our boy Todd get his revenge?[View]
220549352Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Post them green characters.[View]
220524930Hunter x Hunter: Did Togashi change Gon's personality just for >muh deconstruction?[View]
220517912Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: Naga Saturday approaches[View]
220548511You can't do this to me[View]
220548432Did it piss you off when it was confirmed canon that Naruto and Hinata are happily married and Sakur…[View]
220545292>strongest man in the world >gets stabbed by some literal who background fodder Nice series yo…[View]
220521875ITT: Anime that needs a new series or a reboot[View]
22055092020 years later and it's still as magical as when it first aired. Nothing after it has come clos…[View]
220544713Fan service is often an excuse to not have a good plot, but what anime has both good fan service (an…[View]
220549929Hamtaro replaces the main character of the last anime you've watched. Does it become garbage?[View]
220548609was she fine?[View]
220543416Machine Doll wa Kizutsukunai: >2021 >unbreakable machine doll is forgotten >the best ED of …[View]
220550151season 2 when?[View]
220544917Tomboy thread? Tomboy thread![View]
220546432Why did they lie about making a third season of Isekai Quartet at the end of season 2? Was it a joke…[View]
220545984>2021 >she is forgotten[View]
220507519ITT: OTP's[View]
220547497Who’s the biggest chad in anime and manga?[View]
220546257During what anime season did you turn 30 years old?[View]
220549531Discriminated lesbian witches in mechas, fighting dragon chicks from an alternative dimension, while…[View]
220545038FMA >the main cast are all do-gooders lacking moral complexity >easily the worst comedy I…[View]
220548505Make assumptions about this girl based on this one picture.[View]
220540120Spring 2021 shows that you've dropped: List the shows that you have dropped this season Shaman …[View]
220547647I'm afraid of watching this anime because my friend agrees with the protagonist's decision…[View]
220542948What is he supposed to represent?: Is he an AI in a fantasy world or something like that?[View]
220548306need help identifying a character out of nowhere i just thought of a video i saw on youtube where th…[View]
220546509There was an anime that showed on either Toonami or Adult Swim during the late 90's/early 2000…[View]
220506310You've been acting hella sussy, bro.[View]
220543515>tfw no good weekly anime out right now.[View]
220548448UQ Holder: Will she be getting her own naked sex chapter too?[View]
220544478i don't understand: why are tsunderes cute again?[View]
220536822egg: egg[View]
220525994can /a/ outlift this chick?[View]
220539890What was the moral of the story?[View]
220541402All aired 10 years ago Where does time go?[View]
220528309SSSS.Dynazenon: Why is everyone obsessed with Yomogi in this show? He is not THAT cute, right?…[View]
220545917One Piece: Sanji appreciation thread Thank you for cooking delicious meals for Luffy[View]
220534051The Way of the Househusband: Jesus fuck is this animation satirical? It's just a slideshow with…[View]
220522222Nonon: Bi-yuri[View]
220546706What does this image convey?[View]
220545482Shingeki no Geass: Uhh Shingekibros?[View]
220543675I think I am in love with Mori Summer. She's my favorite autist.[View]
220506126Shaman king: This is a 13 year old girl.[View]
220540842shingeki no kyojin: >kills his own mother for no reason which was easily avoidable >says he wo…[View]
220544552Clementine Thread: Clementine is cute! Cute![View]
220448596Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: Banana, it's time to pay for your crimes. New movie trailer: htt…[View]
220501544Here we have Oricon's second week! With most volumes selling even more than they did on their f…[View]
220541651why did ymir loves king fritz?[View]
220545836Sex with Ayame[View]
220544656Stag beetle.[View]
220545718Searching for a manga: So there's this manga that I read a while ago but I don't remember …[View]
220520074Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: There was no thread so I'm making one. Spoilers are already ou…[View]
220545183Shingeki no kyojin: Alright here’s a reminder because some of you really need to understand it. Isay…[View]
220541589Jahy-sama: So now that she's got her anime, let's make some predictions. Which studio gets…[View]
220471584Did she deserve it /a/?[View]
220525436One Piece: best girl thread[View]
220482125Looks familiar.[View]
220533170Out of context: Post panels/pages that require context[View]
220544029Dragon, Ie wo Kau: He doesn't actually say this, does he?[View]
220539765/a/ thinks that Araragi isn't a pedo baka[View]
220539634THE HORSE (redux): Ok so I received complaints about Eren not cooming So I'm remastering my old…[View]
220535050ITT: Characters who have willingly or unwillingly committed genocide (no Eren)[View]
220530571Dragon Ball Super: What do you think is going to happen now that they are going to meet each other?…[View]
220506822Dungeon Meshi 73: >/a/ missing the release, again Explain yourself…[View]
220538199He just wanted a quiet life.[View]
220536845OPT - One Page Thread: post em down below[View]
220543096Why is slice of life/cutesy anime so looked down upon? It is good, clean fun![View]
220540772What are some characters that you like so much that they motivate you to make right decisions in lif…[View]
220541280How does MAPPA do it? How do they consistently manage to create so much abhorrent looking frame one …[View]
220540223What are the greatest final showdowns in anime?[View]
220512729dance with me fags[View]
220541065I started watched bubblegum crisis. the opening was super cheesy, the costumes were dumb. the first …[View]
220542530Shingeki no Kyojin - PLOTCHADS ONLY: >chapter 139? >retroactively ruining snk? >cuckren? …[View]
220542243In Hunter x Hunter, there is a shotacon magician/clown who is arguably one of the strongest characte…[View]
220538523I love my husband archer![View]
220542258ITT greatest OHKO moves: >Akainu's Magma Fist >Beerus' Hakai >Oonoki's Dust …[View]
220539397What a fucking retard[View]
220517652Yuuki Yuuna • YuYuYu • Yuusha de Aru series: Churutto! ep 2[View]
220541695mecha if he good[View]
220540995Started reading this because it was recommended to me by a very insistent faggot: I read 15 volumes …[View]
220523238Shakunetsu Kabaddi: New episode's out.[View]
220524030JoJolion 106: Go Beyond: Spoilers out. Chapter on the 19th. Let's discuss what's going to …[View]
220519636For those of you who doubt Revy's chastity, explain this scene.[View]
220535224Edens Zero: The TV broadcast will catch up with the leaks tomorrow, and then we'll finally star…[View]
220536449What did you think of it?[View]
220480860Post pics of anime girls built for ryona/getting the shit beat out of them[View]
220491735Chainsaw Man: GET IN[View]
220527000Mashiro no Oto: subtitles are out! let's pump her up and play some shamisen![View]
220540017It still holds up[View]
220539844i rabu powa![View]
220536060I thought this manga was about Dracula but that's clearly Michael Jackson.[View]
220535713Idolm@ster: Would 765 still be alive today if Chihaya had breast on her chest like a normal girl?…[View]
220509897...why are nips so retarded?[View]
220535712shingeki no kyojin: It doesn't make any sense for Mikasa to be the one to free Ymir because of …[View]
220524927He killed Evangelion with no remorse.[View]
220540402How do I get Kure Gf ?[View]
220513950are magical girl shows dead?: Besides madoka magica I haven't really heard of any new or intere…[View]
220539886Excel Saga: Which one?[View]
220534921ITT: We discuss the live action adaptation of Steins;Gate[View]
220536572gintama: what is the funniest episode of gintama? what is your favorite episode? Gintama has so much…[View]
220503014Code Geass: Why did you guys tell me this anime was bad? I was avoiding it cause /a/ said it's …[View]
220505208Jujutsu Kaisen: ch146 Speedscan is done! Imgur link will be at the end of dump.[View]
220538831Ten or so years ago, there was a fan translation of GitS: Innocence I really liked. It listed the so…[View]
220537075I DEMAND A SEASON TWO[View]
220501577Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 24: Breakfast Baki, Maximum Tournament-hen. The only rule is no weap…[View]
220540201which was the best symphogear and why[View]
220540166Mashiro no Oto: damn, this dude pulls older pussy like crazy. I'm jealous[View]
220536432Did someone say KANI?[View]
220525295Pre-Timeskip AoT is unironically one of the best battle manga written.: Easily 9/10. From the plot t…[View]
220538562She reminds me of someone[View]
220509073So now that the dust has settled, can we agree it wasn't that bad? At least it ended unlike nev…[View]
220504151Sakura is cute.[View]
220526836Rebuild of Evangelion Thread: What are your thoughts on best girl, Mari Makinami Illustrious?[View]
220538375What even happened to this bitch?[View]
220533761you know one anime that /a/ never talks about? escaflowne[View]
220537858When will the copy/paste isekai/dungeon/maou genre die out? I honestly can't even tell these bo…[View]
220519650Let's be honest.: You hate him so much, because you see a part of yourself in him. Isayama is a…[View]
220538336Did anyone watch the GARO anime series? How do they compare to the tokusatsu iterations?[View]
220537322>best girl of a series is a cake stuck in loli body[View]
220478561Tomino: 'My Next Work Will Crush Demon Slayer and Evangelion': HOLY FUCKING BASED https://www.youtub…[View]
220519849Reminder that Makima fuck dogs. I repeat, Makima fuck dogs. If you like Makima, you're a bestia…[View]
220536651>a complete slut in episode 1 >waifu material by episode 3 Most improved character of the year…[View]
220486573What's his endgame?[View]
220538402>He grips anon by the skull. >I will kill. >I will let live. >I will harm and heal. >…[View]
220535641>be me Yang Wen-li >A.K.A The Magician >A.K.A Miracle Yang >known as the best fucking …[View]
220537726Arrow Back = HUGE PLOT HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!: Why the fuck Arrow didn't undo his binding with his pow…[View]
220532476what series can all (most) of /a/ agree is good? today has had a particularly high amount of hate ba…[View]
220514419Do you like kabedon?[View]
220537350My fucking heart[View]
220535187Why does this show have so many best girls? S2 when[View]
220534484Lets post vanilla to make the NTR fags seethe.[View]
220531709wascawy wabbit[View]
220504677What went wrong?[View]
220537203How does /a/ feel about painted nails in anime/manga? Do we all agree these are the best ones?[View]
220516519We got another /ss/ manga anons are you ready!?[View]
220535436Shows only you watched.[View]
220536276Manga cliches you hate: I'll start. I hate it when the girl whose sexiest never wins. Posting a…[View]
220534922Someone enlighten me about this ending.[View]
220534637Cardcaptor Sakura: Would Cardcaptor Sakura have been better without the Chinese faggot?[View]
220528108Shingeki no kyojin: The first thing is that many people are saying about plotholes. There are litera…[View]
220535537wtf /a/ why did i cry because of a monster?[View]
220522572>ITT we’re all souls within a philosophers stone[View]
220527746Ruined: Post the moment great mangas were ruined[View]
220533019Aquatope of White Sand: Thoughts on this yurikino airing in summer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
220534057Anime Movies and OVAs: been making my way through kino tier anime movies, redline, ninja scroll, pap…[View]
220534793Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card: Amazing how this anime died as fast as it came[View]
220534278Tell me /a/: What do you consider the measurement of quality for fights in manga? Is it the clear an…[View]
220526988Question about subs: I'm not sure if this is the place to ask, but how does SSA (the sub group)…[View]
220529499>build up suspense and tension quite well >suddenly shitty slapstick 'humor' to defuse and rui…[View]

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