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190689686Gabriel Dropout: Let's discuss the defining anime and defining bestgirl of the 21st century.…[View]
190691323Diavoloposting and other jojopostings: >When the subs say Italy instead of Italia…[View]
190686777Fire Force: What did Ōkubo mean by this?[View]
190687027I only wanted an original anime of monster girls doing what monster girls do. Was that too much for …[View]
190691744Why Fate Series Extremely Popular in Japan ?: Why[View]
190682684Summer 2019 WEG: Post 'em[View]
190692047They had Gelda, but maybe they'll save Erica for the sequel.[View]
190686720How are you enjoying Reiwa so far?[View]
190623929what was the last anime to use cells?[View]
190661920Kaguya: Why does Aka make him suffer so much?[View]
190672608Death Note: Why does it feel like this anime went to shit after the timeskip?[View]
190686040Bucciarati, it's me Giorno. Hand the arrow over so I can use it to defeat the Boss.[View]
190687401So what? Is it now unacceptable to have the pervert character in anime? No one complains about Nozom…[View]
190688438White hair & Dark skin?: Why does Japan like this look so much?[View]
190689793How many Fate Series ?: There are over 15 Fate Anime[View]
190684917Trail of Blood/ Chi no Wadashi: how are you liking it so far?[View]
190659956Hinamatsuri: Anon you cant tease me like this, where is the new chapter?[View]
190690837Whamu: Whamu appreciation thread for my friend who is dying of cancer[View]
190691050How to find a yan househusband?[View]
190647421What would you do if your mom looked like this.[View]
190682945Are eldians jews?[View]
190686785Dropped Can't believe I spent 1.2 episodes on this garbage[View]
190689257Wait, am I supposed to feel something? What a fucking retard. >Luffy breaks out of fucking Impel…[View]
190686473Sousei No Taiga:: Caveman time travel manga. Wooly mammoths, sabertooths, and brutal kills[View]
190690612I want to put Asuka in a triangle and force her to submit with my thicc thighs[View]
190678256Takagi-san: >tfw no forehead teasing gf to cum on her forehead while she teases me…[View]
1906742975toubun no Hanayome: chapter 94 dump[View]
190685890So are we all in agreement that Sensei is Best Girl? >25, perfectly ripe Christmas Cake >Liter…[View]
190684405What happened to this series?[View]
190687146Have you ever seen a live-action adaptation of a manga? Any that aren't ass?[View]
190689409>Stone Ocean is considered the worst Jojo part in Japan Then why do these masterpieces exist? htt…[View]
190663918Dragon Ball Super: Still waiting for leaks.[View]
190688655>True love doesn't exi-[View]
190685887How would One Piece be remembered if Doc Q managed to kill Luffy with an explosive apple back in Jay…[View]
190689094Everytime I close my eyes...[View]
190687983Hotaru Shidare: God damn, man, she's got it ALL.[View]
190687178Gray is Artoria (AKA Saber) Bloodline... But Who ?: Gawain ? Bedivere ? Mordred ? Who[View]
190686310Intresting mango https://comic-days.com/episode/10834108156661099065[View]
190688751I really liked the color choices in the anime where lots of it is saturated red. it was unique and i…[View]
190658832i don't get it what does this mean[View]
190688204Hmmm, I think there's something wrong with my isekai. What's going on?[View]
190683895The only true great debate. Where does /a/ stand? Durarara or Baccano[View]
190688136Why is she so thirsty?[View]
190678965Shingeki no Kyojin: Why did Bert's father die? I would have liked Annie's dad and Bert…[View]
190688106>anime-onlys think that Taiju is the secondary protagonist Boy they're in for a shock when …[View]
190686002>Fansubbing is dea--[View]
190687974Noragami: Season 3 when? I miss it.[View]
190679693Do you like Accel's show? Will there be LO focused filler? Why does the jew have such big tits?[View]
190687546s2 when[View]
190679235Dungeon Meshi: Chapter 56 - Bicorn[View]
190682559*pleb filters you're show*[View]
190684028KonoSuba has sold over 8,5 million copies: https://twitter.com/kadokawasneaker/status/11510689729403…[View]
190687090>Old character is shown when they're young >Don't even look like they could've …[View]
190578259Vinland Saga: Is it possible to keep the hype up for 3 weeks? Do you think it could reach AOT levels…[View]
190685947Ready.. Set... B-DaFire![View]
190666450Shoulder a Coffin Kuro: Just finished reading it. What a journey. An extra volume with side stories …[View]
190676441Houseki No Kuni: Volume 10 comes out next month! Also, season 2 when?[View]
190676710Toriko: Started to reading It three days ago and I'm already at chapted 225 (vol.25). What do y…[View]
190681620See this, what do?[View]
190684073araburu kisetsu: It's not fair bros, I wanted to experience young love.[View]
190686168What is your Best Character: Saber or Saber Alter or Saber Lily or Armored Saber or BadAss Saber…[View]
190669773This is your sensei.[View]
190680505I don't get it.[View]
190686469Floki knew about Thors and Helga, why didn't he take her with him as well?[View]
190685245Ponkotsu-chan Kenshouchuu: Chapter 5 of using random powers for fetish fuel. Dumping.[View]
190679876Which of them do you think is more open to fucking shotas?[View]
190684689Stella no Mahou: Chapter 57 Tama-chan robs an innocent JC of her purity.[View]
190671496Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai: I find it a bit suspicious that her place is always messy and Nariy…[View]
190683163>part 6 best stand designs: This is an unironic post from Reddit’s Jojo meme sub. Discuss >inb…[View]
190685537Funny Valentine, a feminine man with long flowing hair who was brutally tortured, and endured an eve…[View]
190680813Thoughts and opinions on I My Me Strawberry Eggs? It has some rough spots but I enjoyed it.[View]
190685879https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k23JihbWKy8 Post endings from forgotten anime only you loved.[View]
190685950Is the light novel good?[View]
190682828Should I put Turn A in UC or AU folder?[View]
190679734Where is your god now?[View]
190683680Post anime OST that bring tears to your eyes ITT: https://youtu.be/o8LPK6nh0rU The lyrics and genera…[View]
190679787>pulling the life support on adults so young people can live in a free world without taxes, rent,…[View]
190685533Just watched the movie for this recently and want to start the manga. Which translation is the best?[View]
190668550The angels were actually the good guys[View]
190685438Kaede PUDGE![View]
190685416Bertia Observation Diary Otome Isekai: Is it her hair? Or her smile?[View]
190680076How does a 3D girl win over a boy who's obsessed with 2D?[View]
190674630CHOCO BANANA[View]
190685056What was that page with all those screenshots and explanation of anime chapters? Can't seem to …[View]
190680954huh this show is surprisingly alright Where'd all the hate come from[View]
190684909Do you ever feel like an anime/manga arrived too late in your life? Been watching Flame of Recca, an…[View]
190674743Is Spear Hero a pedo? Why does he keep hitting on Filo? She's a bit young for him.[View]
190662256Explain his abilitiy in 4 words or less[View]
190683640I love Emilia[View]
190676876why are anime girls with an original personaliy so rare?[View]
190654338One of the best panels so far.[View]
190683828Listen to my song[View]
190671269Slime Isekai - Fluffy Tail spin-off ch. 2: Have you read the new chapter of Special Agent Foss yet? …[View]
190684463Why aren't there more Nihilism and Communism in anime/manga? they embody us entirely.[View]
190665164Thoughts on this classic?[View]
190684264Why did Mikami go to the bank when light told him not to do anything unless he said so.[View]
190680178What are anime girls who are actually just ugly?[View]
190683485Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
190681184Still the best uchiha character ever created, thank you Kishimoto. >Not over the top edge >Not…[View]
190681276is this going to be a 10ep tournament? tell me now so i can drop it[View]
190678255Types of Anime Girls: A BBC Documentary: What are the natural habits of the different types of anime…[View]
190683804ITT: Iconic settings/places in anime & manga[View]
190682202Could a crossover work between the two?[View]
190680029Is it gay to fall in love with a girl who was once a guy? Even if the girl is entirely female biolog…[View]
190674997ETA ETA[View]
190651561One punch man: Would his demon form still get BTFO by Lord Boros[View]
190683207Ghiaccioposting thread.[View]
190679658Dubbed Anime: tfw you watch anime but it's on the English dub by default there's almost no…[View]
190670533What is it about short petite redheads that make them so perfect?[View]
190680816best OP and ED of the season: OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r5xMH7Eiko ED: https://www.youtub…[View]
190666157Itt: Smiles we couldn't save[View]
190682351Well, /a/?[View]
190681003Harem Thread: >MC is meant to be a self-insert >Doesn't eat out girl's butt at every…[View]
190682910Am I the only one made uncomfortable by this? How is this an ok thing to say?[View]
190683052Who would win a fight ?[View]
190678028Hunter x Hunter will return in 2 weeks or I'll eat my 30 volumes of it and upload video to yout…[View]
190679081Series that should have been shit but turned out pretty good[View]
190682884Haruhi on Netflix Anons. Are subs good? Or should I pirate better ones?[View]
190682812Say you were a cappo in Passione and the word suddenly got out that your boss got killed by this fif…[View]
190681049Anjou-san: Confession when?[View]
190619828How could anyone hate him?[View]
190682582what's this i hear about magical girl show from the girl's parent's perspective? what…[View]
190682544Was Berg Katze evil all along?[View]
190682538>mfw umaru aired 4 years ago[View]
190671672Why is no one discussing Inuyasha? It's a comfy show with good romance and story.[View]
190679995The future of this film is right now.[View]
190681697>she sees your dick[View]
190682503how to keep up with Anime: is there like a site that tells when specifically new episodes come up, n…[View]
190681151Promare: I've heard there's a lot of hype about this movie so I have to ask. To those who …[View]
190682422Shaman King: I miss this[View]
190670752ITT: Canonically raped characters[View]
190681588Do you think anyone in the Strawhats will die before the storys over? If so who? My bets on Usopp.[View]
190674185'A _______ and his _______ loli': In light of shows like Cop Craft and UchiMusume airing this season…[View]
190679393I miss when the Strawhat Crew as a whole felt like the main characters. Watching them all be togethe…[View]
190679839Are pink and purple-haired girl considered to be a part of the redhead/ginger master-race?[View]
190666559This isn't fair at all. How are other shonen supposed to compete with this amazing character de…[View]
190675723The Seven Deadly Sins ch.319: https://readms.net/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/319/6048/1 This is technica…[View]
190680908Characters that you like the design but hate the personality: I'll start[View]
190680985Boruto: Boruto is a boring fucker. Why isn't this show about Sarada? It would be 100x better.…[View]
190678201Mob Pyscho S2E5: This episode is literally one of the greatest episodes of anime ever created. It a …[View]
190660173The nights are always darkest before dawn.[View]
190675205Why is Gundam so popular when Macross is better in every single way?[View]
190680279NGNL thread: >Search for 'no game no life' and 'ngnl' on the archive, >no results What the fu…[View]
190680166Name a more based /m/ protagonist. I'll wait.[View]
190677139So /a/, how did you celebrate Akira day?[View]
190681283What's the best Omegamon figure? Also digimon & figure thread[View]
190677063Why the hell do they make us wait weeks right before the finale?[View]
190675738What's with the flu in Japan? Is it just some shitty trope or are they all really that weak? …[View]
190673092Any other authors with second works vastly inferior to their first work?[View]
190655631NGA: If these rifles are strong enough to shoot down some of the angels that appear - or not just th…[View]
190676268I just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. Can someone explain the ending to me? That shit wa…[View]
190678861Vento Aureo : King Crimson: How strong would he be if he didn't have Epitaph ?[View]
190679228Am I alone in thinking the original TV ending was better than EoE? By the end of EoE, Shinji's …[View]
190680156>LESSON >LESSON If you see a stranger~! Follow them~! Bebop Thread…[View]
190680501Why is this allowed?[View]
190680163Does she have autism?[View]
190680503Which OOP or unlicensed anime do you want to be re-released?: I would choose: Monster Maison Ikkoku …[View]
190679002Hunter x Hunter: Would gon be able to take on meruem and win?[View]
190657564Kukuri is cute![View]
190678924Case Cloaed: What's with all the Rachel hate on this board?[View]
190678239Yubisaki kara no Honki no Netsujou: Osananajimi wa Shouboushi: Why aren't you watching the supe…[View]
190632840Tejina-senpai: What a fucking dork[View]
190674410キャロル&チューズデイ: > Best anime of the season > Best anime with musical theme > Best versions…[View]
190670511Shingeki no Kyojin: If Eren is so powerful why didn't he just stop the bullet?[View]
190676214Gabriel DropOut: I actually dropped this show because constant bullying of Satania was so horrible t…[View]
190678591Anime Song: So I'm looking/searching for a very specific 'anime song' on YouTube and I can…[View]
190677043 [View]
190679230Why would you write such a bad MC?[View]
190678572What's your action anime of this season?[View]
190676301This is what a genius looks like.[View]
190670452So, what anime are you guys watching right now?[View]
190676349I'm enjoying this more than I thought I would.[View]
190675482Is this the only manga/anime where the mc pairs up with below average/ugly girl? Name 5 more jap med…[View]
190675645Who is this pretty boy?[View]
190673302ITT: Anime where real human girls are categorically superior to fake, artificial girls.[View]
190676228One Piece: A coin in the pocket, and You wanna be my friend?[View]
190613586Why is Konosuba such a closet faggot? Objectively speaking.[View]
190677105Astra lost in Space: >a new cute trap this season fuck yeahhhhh i love Japan so much for always …[View]
190676991Darling in the FranXX: You mean Genista looks like that?![View]
190676945what went so wrong?[View]
190624816Katsute Kami Datta Kemonotachi e: Episode 3[View]
190672429Can we fight lolis with lolis?[View]
190676645Watch them Boing. Also the seiyuus are low key announced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJIOivwh72…[View]
190674424>immortality is immoral and bad! What the hell happened to Typemoon, story of life extension galo…[View]
190674341was it kino?[View]
190662898Is there anything uglier than a 2D girl with big thick eyebrows?[View]
190678067ITT: Realism in manga[View]
190676217What or who did he sacrifice?[View]
190674724I've seen this game being played so many times but I've never played it in my entire life …[View]
190678002Feeling empty: I've just finished Kill la kill and I feel empty, can you guy recommend me somet…[View]
1906652685toubun no hanayome: Does this look like the face of depression and mental illness to you?[View]
190677738Why are blue hair characters the worst?[View]
190674484Why is it that whenever an underage person in anime is offered alcohol, they decline and say that th…[View]
190677313The King of Cucks. It's impossible to outdo this man[View]
190675036>s2 got announced >last announcement was february 2018 >still nothing about it Its not kill…[View]
190666422Ao No Flag Ch. 46: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1003126 completely useless chapter this m…[View]
190677140Damn...: the suffering begins[View]
190677765What do you think would've happened to DIO if he hadn't used the mask? What life do you th…[View]
190676955Just confirmed today on Twitter, the manga series has been cancelled. Chapter 18 will not be release…[View]
190677017What did she mean by this?[View]
190669095The only anime that deserves a 10/10.[View]
190677042Berserk anime/manga: I finished the original anime and now want to read the manga. I'm noticin…[View]
190676404Konosuba: Im uptill volume 9 of the Light Novel, does he get any further with the explosion loli?…[View]
190677411Why arent you reading the comfiest afterlife sol there is?[View]
190668910What’s the name of this manga again?[View]
190674235Oregairu: Has it been confirmed that its with the same character designs as S2? I really wish we got…[View]
190651306Boku no hero academia: How do you feel about Quirk Evolution? As a concept I don’t hate it, but I DO…[View]
190667262new Dungeon Meshi: Marcille is a hopeless romantic edition[View]
190669214Jojo: 'Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.' -Diavolo Let's pay tribute to our bossu i…[View]
190663438Freddie: Freddie?[View]
190593588Black Clover: Anime preview in a few hours, you know this episode's gonna be great.[View]
190675492>The honor student is actually a pervert[View]
190670232What killed Bakabt? There isnt even seasonal anime on it anymore and blacklist keeps ever growing[View]
190656980Name a more overrated series. Protip: You can't.[View]
190676475Nagatoro is cute, CUTE[View]
190674934>only good shows this season are shonenshit fug[View]
190675798What makes this show so memorable?[View]
190663077Anime girls you want to be[View]
190674132Why does /a/ like it so much?[View]
190661686One Piece: What role will Momo and Tama play in the Udon plotline?[View]
190671849Jojo Thread: Post em[View]
190676007Straight Astolfo is best Astolfo[View]
190675947Can we have a thread about sonic being a cute femboy?[View]
190665211>tfw you go to akihabara and this show is everywhere and you feel like you missed out on an entir…[View]
190675161What is your second favorite studio after Trigger?[View]
190670110Fate lore question: Mahoyo seems to fairly heavily push the idea that outsiders who witness magic wh…[View]
190669518Get in the robot Chi[View]
190675423This is a school festival at Ashford Academy.[View]
190671488Wolf's Rain: Why was it so good?[View]
190673516Join the club, we have moeblobs[View]
190666444>be fate shirou >doesn't allow faker to question his ideals >doesn't abandon his …[View]
190670044When are we getting a movie showing Sakura marrying Sasuke?[View]
190660676ITT: unpopular opinions: OP will start with >/ss/ is shit >megane girls are usually the worst …[View]
190656034Minamoto-kun Monogatari Chapter 252: IT'S HAPPENING[View]
190672897Show me these framed pictures /a/[View]
190654657What was the relationship between these two?[View]
190669504Mx0: I'm literally crying Why the fuck did they cancel this?[View]
190671701Why did she do it?[View]
190672012Why does she stay with Goku?[View]
190671436He's the best character of op right?[View]
190672778What's stopping eren to revive everyone?: Even if people die, their matter still exists[View]
190674420Why is he such a massive dork?[View]
190672655Konobi: This show deserves a 2nd season more than teasing Takagi[View]
190619485Danmachi: Aiz a best. A BEST[View]
190660281Raildex: What the FUCK was Haimura thinking?[View]
190673942Bleach: Is it ever coming back? Despite how bad it was, they're some scenes from the final arc …[View]
190670789Just what on earth is she scheming now? I'm so sick and tired of her bullshit mind games.[View]
190639579Grimgar: >There will never be a isekai as comfy as Grimgar Why fucking live?…[View]
190673688Who was in the wrong here?[View]
190668054What was the point of this character?[View]
190612853Spy x Family: Protect her smile[View]
190671507A Song of Ice and Fire by Hideaki RR Anno[View]
190652483araburu kisetsu: ABEEEEEEEE[View]
190670911I had never seen this before Netflix released it so the new dub didn't bother me at all. I real…[View]
190672751KIMI TO[View]
190670982How can human girls ever compete?[View]
190668951Any good anime with a based star hat?[View]
190665095season 2 when[View]
190665172Who are the worst coaches in anime? And the best ones?[View]
190664843Zankoku na tenshi no you ni[View]
190665401Why is there no manga funnier than Grand Blue?[View]
190670870The foreigner king at the beach[View]
190667042Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru: I hope you've at least been trying to make Machio proud! The next epis…[View]
190654217Why isn't Shizuka more popular?[View]
190662950Overlord: What happened to Overlord? The last LN update was almost a year ago. Is it dead?[View]
190660122Shingeki no Kyojin: What if Annie was Ymir Fritz? What is her role for Annie? What can Reiner do wit…[View]
190665630>This is practically a win for Zeldoris.[View]
190669376Mushishi: Why does Ginko treat mushi and humans as moral equals and equals in worth?[View]
190660427What do you think will be the ending of JoJo Part 6?: Personally i like Destiny's Child - Survi…[View]
190662260https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mP5Zjm_jag Does BEM have the OP of the season?[View]
190657826Too relatable I want off this ride[View]
190670116Everything with lots of colours and high contrast looks equally good, you can't really compare …[View]
190576572Yu-gi-oh! Vrains: Coming back never ever. She didn't even have a Deck of her own and on top of …[View]
190668408Rikka is falling![View]
190662892wow....... she's just like me..........[View]
190670439SOU NAN DESS[View]
190669415Are you sure you want to attack my facedown monster?[View]
190670388New PV for PSO2 anime: New PV is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqL7-1VSqAs Airs next season, 2…[View]
190649923Tomo-chan: So, when was this coming out of HIATUS again? I can't wait for her to tell her dad t…[View]
190661983Gochiusa: Nana Mizuki casted as Chino's mom Will she will the series to new heights https://twi…[View]
190667341Why did Law stop spamming his abilities after punk hazard? I can accept if it doesn't work on d…[View]
190664025Mahoromatic: That's what you perverts get for baring my exposed chest to the whole board!…[View]
190650883samurai champloo: dub or sub?[View]
190664397Post a better ending than this.[View]
190668902why does everyone hate honoka[View]
190641554Granblem: >12-14 year old girl >major depression + 0 self-confidence What the fuck?…[View]
190665467Thoughts on this? Would any of you be interested in getting it? Looks like it's pretty expensiv…[View]
190667268How would you fix SHAFT?: Monogatari director left Shaft studio[View]
190666242Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 76 omake: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/fw/cycomibrows…[View]
190667987ITT: Anime/Manga and their dishonest non-union equivalent[View]
190667371Geez, even when she's drawn by the original artist, she's still a dirty out of place slut.…[View]
190669501>Volumes 9-10-11 are still not translated this is painful, anons...[View]
190665412Konosuba: Darkness isn't only, by far, the best girl in Konosuba. She also would have made a be…[View]
190664224Out 144 & 145: Dumping.[View]
190669091what anime will have the best threads this season?[View]
190667829Yes, this guys Iori and I love her.[View]
190650740Stone: >title drop DROPPED[View]
190666333>tfw absolutely no pirate anime aside from one shit who can barely be called a pirate anime Why c…[View]
190657929Non Non Biyori: Why is this show so comfy?[View]
190651492What made Gabriel Dropout such a timeless classic?[View]
190668749>imagining if Coda sang Traitor's Requiem instead of Daisuke[View]
190668022Gurren Lagann: >saves however many thousands of lifes are in the city >'hur durr, it's al…[View]
190668288Suggestive screenshots: Is there a name for this? Making a bitch rest on a tree and letting birds po…[View]
190668370Where is my second season Japan? And why did Royal die? When will he resurrect and drop next chapter…[View]
190666774Why do people refuse to accept she's gay?[View]
190664828Futanari no Elf: Stream just finished, an hour long. He only worked on one page for the hour, just f…[View]
190664987how do you corrupt yourself?[View]
190660157PV: https://youtu.be/shoWFRnNoWw Synopsis: The film will be a time travel story set in the year 2027…[View]
190666589>still no subs[View]
190667568>not a single good isekai this season What went wrong[View]
190618298Prichan, Shining Star, Aifure, Cocotama and more.: なちゅ![View]
190661820What if WWII history was told as an anime? What would it be like?[View]
190663860Witch Hat Atelier: >These things aren't decided at birth But they are.…[View]
190666348Hemay besmallbutonlyinsize. AstroBoy,AstroBoy[View]
190667297Glasslip is the best supernatural slice of life anime. It is also the best anime.[View]
190666981Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 113: Here's this week's Juliet chapter.[View]
190663904what is the target audience of this manga?[View]
190666440Ouran Highschool Host Club: Possible season 2, as claimed here. https://twitter.com/bakucock/status/…[View]
190667114Now that the dust has settled, can we agree on best girl?[View]
190667093Houseki No Kuni: Leaks in 4(ish) days.[View]
190619668OnePunch Man: Say something nice about the best swordman.[View]
190666794Robothread: Why was she so thirsty, she's a machine.[View]
190646554Seitokai Yakuindomo: Finally watched this one from my to-watch list. What do you think about this se…[View]
190663561really fucking wish people didn't stop using this art-style, what style do you like anon?[View]
190666530So who the fuck was that old geezer?[View]
190661790What in tarnation?[View]
190666369What am i in for ?[View]
190666313Koharu no Hibi: Why haven't you read the greatest yandere manga of all time?[View]
190665529this show is gay.[View]
190623553What does /a/ think of Reina-chan?[View]
190665506Why can't anime into lipsyncing?[View]
190664902>read manga feel content and alright >watch anime feel pretty cringe ???…[View]
190663614Badass moments of Berserk[View]
190658024Am I the only one who wants david pro to keep anasui as a girl?[View]
190603987Post your favorite manga page[View]
190660358I can't wait for the new season of this anime.[View]
190648852You have 10 seconds to post an anime character that can bypass the denial of 'Truth', 'Fate', 'Desti…[View]
190661104Anyone reading Princess Candle?[View]
190656143Which Jojo Part is the gayest so I can enjoy it.[View]
190661948Tite Kubo: What's this guy's deal?[View]
190652188This looks more painful than if his arm were lopped clean off.[View]
190627495What am I in for?[View]
190664713Was Innocence better than lain?[View]
190662052How do you imagine a hypothetical Yosuga no Sora sequel? Obviously Haruka and Sora are living as a m…[View]
190648786>shounen mc has hidden demonic power is there a worse trope in anime?[View]
190664194>muh freedom muh slave: why did nips start pandering murricans so suddenly[View]
190665128Would a modern remake -not sequel- of this do well? Or was its magic purely a product of it'ts …[View]
190660657Reminder: Respect to Ichigo Kurosaki for all of his effort and hard work to save someone else's…[View]
190663450>Jiraya never saw Naruto become hokage >Minato never saw Naruto become hokage…[View]
190662676Okaa-san Online: How come the MC is shitty?[View]
190663345ITT: garbage[View]
190657802Would you an angry midget?[View]
190612134Were you chuuni?[View]
190663235Times anime went too far[View]
190606452How does /a/ feel about idols[View]
190648727Machikado Mazoku: Momo actually lifts. No other pink does that.[View]
190661840Why does Rei appear to Shinji at the beginning of episode 1?[View]
190661357Where does the Tournament Arc subgenre originate from? Dragon Ball with its Tenkaichi Budokai (1985)…[View]
190650835This sucks![View]
190664692Consider the following: Mari Makinami Illustrious is just an inferior Mana Kirishima[View]
190664520>reading manga online >chapters end with some shitty facebook meme by the translator…[View]
190657019Dungeon Meshi: Chapter 56[View]
190628529buyfag thread: When the fuck is wonfes. Why the fuck was the last thread deleted.[View]
190658608I love Asuka because she's a very emotionally rich character. She might not be perfect, but tha…[View]
190643847Dragon Ball Super: Waiting for leaks.[View]
190646381Go Toubun no Hanayome: >>190645278 >Half of Lolikano. >Also kiss thief. Ichika had bas…[View]
190652399So, how's that backlog coming along /a/? Decided to take a break from seasonal anime and I…[View]
190661393is the order a rabbit? sing for you PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87gy1CHNpKA 『ご注文はうさぎですか?? ~S…[View]
190663930>draw nice art >hide it behind word balloons Defend this heinous crime…[View]
190663693Toradora: So I just finished watching this for the first time since it was released. What other show…[View]
190649778Will this ever get a season 2? For an isekai it wasn’t bad at all.[View]
190620493Hajime no Ippo: Well, looks like the retirement arc is going to end soon. What did you guys think of…[View]
190662316>MC only has one love interest[View]
190663556harukana receive: I miss these beach volleyballs. Season 2 when?[View]
190663350Why the fuck didn't he go underground to escape? It's backwards as fuck.[View]
190658861NagaToRo: It's amazing how a self-humiliation bullying doujin has turned into one of the most v…[View]
190652025Lads, the Azu girls turned 35 this year (except for Chiyo).[View]
190661169Can I find Lum at Area 51?[View]
190658010Was he the jon arbuckle of anime ?[View]
190661015Why would you let someone put their penis inside you in this scenario?[View]
190658217Name a bigger downgrade[View]
190652676Thoughts on Hibike! Euphonium The Movie: Wow, It’s Fucking Nothing![View]
190659527You haven't forgot about us, right anon?[View]
190661106Daddy/mommy issues:the anime[View]
190616870Bokuben tiddie time travel: having nariyuki go back in time was dumb, spending a date with sensei as…[View]
190599109I play Man-Eater Bug... IN ATTACK MODE![View]
190650266Bleach: Realistically, what would've happened if the series had ended at 423? Maybe with an ext…[View]
190662462cucking on Sasuke = Death of the Sasuke fans: Why do Narutards still keep cucking this character? Yo…[View]
190650504Where the fuck is he carrying the piano?[View]
190658940eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww: what would you do if you were him?[View]
190655069BanG Dream: This is the peak of CG anime and always will be. Don't forget Season 3 coming this …[View]
190662384Is visual direction important when watching anime?[View]
190657746Fictional fetishes: ITT: post anime/manga characters and guess what their fetishes are (Not my idea …[View]
190661475Mob Pyscho 100: What made it so fantastic?[View]
190636627This movie is a fucking mess, a blight in Miyazaki's filmography. Why isn't it criticized …[View]
190662847Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
190659912Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: Anime when?[View]
190661757Hey kid, show me that long sleeper of yours![View]
190655669I'm about to binge all 152 episodes of this, what am I in for lads[View]
190661680How do we stop the big gay?[View]
190658674Kanata no Astra: Who's the most suspicious person on the ship?[View]
190646239One Piece: Could he beat Zoro before Zoro gets his powerup in Wano?[View]
190645509So in Hunter x Hunter if the Chimera ants were going to destroy the whole world that they weren…[View]
190659789Princess Principal: We can hope they will announce the date and Ange's new seiyuu after the rer…[View]
190661189everything is clearer now[View]
190627674Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou: >CHAD ISEKAI soon ARE WE HYPED, bruhs?…[View]
190655899previous thread maxed out keep posting anime reaction images here[View]
190660668Jashin-chan: Season 3 announcement fucking when? Had so much fun with the previous season. I'm …[View]
190650959DBZ 30th Anniversary SDCC 2019: Will these incompetent dumbfucks actually acknowledge their upcoming…[View]
190658609Clannad means family.[View]
190590059Thoughts on this itty bitty titty pretty kitty?[View]
190658340Shinkon Gattai Godannar: HOLY FUCK this show is fun.[View]
190659237If the EVAs are biological beings and, y'know, not robots, then why are they concerned about po…[View]
190656339I didn't get it. Why would Kyoani add references to other anime by inferior studios to their s…[View]
190659608Golden Kamuy: >Season 3 BROS?[View]
190646923Dungeon Meshi: Translations soon[View]
190654954Shingeki no Kyojin: At this point, being no more than a highly skilled Eldian with no shifting abili…[View]
190660434Daiya no Ace Act 2: Where were you when Sawamura hit a double?[View]
190660262Tales of Demons and Gods: How is this series? Been considering starting the manga for a while.…[View]
190658905Netflix is dead[View]
190660225Had Araki exhausted all the creative ways to use hamon with the first two parts of Jojo? If you were…[View]
190621148HxH: Succession War Arc Guide & discussion Chapter 390 onwards[View]
190660126What did Araragi-kun witness this time around?[View]
190655589times the MC didn't pick the best girl[View]
190638802I never saw /a/ so triggered because of some random slut.[View]
190595733Fire Force: >I am Arthur Boyle >Excalibur Cringe. Dropped.…[View]
190650820This is a demon.[View]
190654168Huh. Once you get past the animation, it is actually decent[View]
190627344Re: Zero: If you are Subaru, which one are you going to tap?[View]
190654299Sub or dub?[View]
190659575>not a single good anime this season except Arifureta[View]
190629567Tokyo Ghoul: Why was Kaneki against killing humans but alright with killing ghouls?[View]
190652386The heroes are exorcists who protect people from Demons, who are inherently bad. ...except for Famil…[View]
190658774>find a truly enjoyable manga and its nearing its end and could be wrapped up in 3 or so episodes…[View]
190658530baki: baki[View]
190657142Yandere or Tsundere? What characteristic traits represents people lovin one or another?[View]
190658495Fictional fetishes: ITT: post anime/manga characters and guess what their fetishes are (Not my idea …[View]
190646620Yuru Yuri: I love Yuru Yuri. Both sessions were so nice to watch and funny. Does anyone else like it…[View]
190640192Symphogear: Are they homosex, /a/? How do we deal with every concert getting NOISED? Also FUCK AMERI…[View]
190638146Are breasts really the most important thing to look for in a woman?[View]
190658780Was she in the right?[View]
190658602>Avdol >Abdul >Abd >Abd means Slave in Arabic What the FUCK did Araki mean by this?…[View]
190650258Mahou Shoujo Site: So did she shoot her mental disorder away along with the cancer?[View]
190656469Black Guts?: why hasnt anyone told me about this hidden gem manime[View]
190635529Kaguya-sama: >the ring did not work what does this mean? Tsubame is not 'the love'? or just the…[View]
190658820Damachi: Ok lads, why does he have the biggest death flag in the industry recently?[View]
190658776Dungeon Meshi party dynamics: So, what is this supposed to say? Some party chick was in love with La…[View]
190650788Detective Conan: Damn, Ran has some majestic hair, holy shit. am I the only one who wants to grab he…[View]
190658167Purple haze feedback when[View]
190654669Was he the most evil character in Dragonball?[View]
190652027Why didn’t he just use Geass to start a coup d'etat?[View]
190652236I'm still mad.[View]
190656364I really miss these comic dorks.[View]
190649815Kaosushi: Kaosushi[View]
190652358Raildex: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index:NT_Volume22R_Chap…[View]
190656579ITT: Best frogs in anime[View]
190641563Was it really like that?[View]
190656866Joshikousei wa Mudazukai: You guys enjoy high school girls?[View]
190657399Shiro? More like SHIT![View]
190657739Maou-jou de Oyasumi 116: New chapter after a while[View]
190643846M.U.S.C.L.E / Kinnikuman: New chapter translated[View]
190646099How the FUCK did he lose?[View]
190656906>Still no anime announcement >Translation slowed to a crawl WHY…[View]
190655943>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHVSNuirA_k Who the hell would play a game about camping? >ht…[View]
190656832Post character profiles, any character profile and discuss them.[View]
190654654Why did the ending feel rushed?[View]
190651745So not only do we get that comical-ass ending, but also in the very beggining of End of Eva we get S…[View]
190612740Would Evangelion have been better received if it followed the events of the manga?[View]
190645215>JoJo fags WILL defend this[View]
190654804>5 melons > 1 board what do they mean by this?…[View]
190647288Why everybody in Evangelion want fuck to baka-shinji?[View]
190655038Hunter x Hunter: Is it really that good? Here there are a lot of Anons who claimed it the best seine…[View]
190655077Please don't make me fall in love with you Senpai: I really like how characters in this manga e…[View]
190656265Giant panda walking to the last page.[View]
190652588Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge: Worth Watching?[View]
190655750I came here for no other reason than to post best Jojo.[View]
190622711ITT: We post our anime reaction images[View]
190650828Monogiftari: post gifs, anon said with a posed look[View]
190632495which part had the best music references?[View]
190646012ITT post God Tier anime that only you've watched[View]
190647191Saikyou no Shuzoku ga Ningen Datta Ken: Confessions out of nowhere[View]
190654013Has there ever been a moment in anime as well put together as finale of Jupiter Jazz part 2?[View]
190655057>I heard you calling for help, Suiryu. You fought hard on your own, let me take care of the rest.…[View]
190654136Which is comfier?[View]
190649416This fucking manga I swear[View]
190654931Oh yeah that happened...: https://youtu.be/qHV2zs9OFHE[View]
190652067Jigoku no Alice: What does /a/ think about it?[View]
190649822Re:Creators Re:boot when? What the fuck is TROYCA doing nowadays? Some fate anime?[View]
190651147>'At a girls school a certain amount of emotional energy, normally expended on boys, gets redirec…[View]
190651035Anime faces or reactions that make you feel uncomfortable: This face... I don't what was wrong …[View]
190618815Seriously now, what went wrong?[View]
190636846Boku no Hero Academia: So, does violence create violence? After all, (as Destro Jr, god bless his so…[View]
190643597Why are eternal lolis always the best Girls?[View]
190650420New season when?[View]
190653795Season 3 was really short...[View]
190654349Berserk: So, what now?, Casca got healed but apparently had a panic attack, Griffith banged Charlott…[View]
190651430anyone remembers this shit? It was one of the first animes i watched when I got internet way back th…[View]
190648664I'm on episode 5 and it's a pretty cute show but I'm about to drop it because of the …[View]
190653226Good work today.[View]
190653627Digimon Savers nimation director comparison[View]
190648835Kengan Beard: This is the peak of Art-Martial Say a nice thing about him[View]
190649794This was dumb, even for little girls.[View]
190622829Okaa-san Online[View]
190651927>Falling in love with a dumb jock and a violent sociopathic midget rather than a beautiful, lithe…[View]
190652238Post anime where the protagonist goes through actual unpredictable hardships. Anime where the antago…[View]
190652777Boku no Hackademia: Why doesn't Kurogiri just cut people he wants to kill between portals? He c…[View]
190652147Tiny little thread[View]
190652401Zamasu was right all along. Prove me wrong.[View]
190641784>manga/anime makes gratuitous use of a foreign language >it's actually grammatically corr…[View]
190652669Tsurune: Why didn't this become the next Free? Did it need more fanservice?[View]
190652222Just ended watching this anime, it was fucking hilarious.[View]
190653206Why yes I only watch 4 anime this season, how did you know? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
190651656>2 older brothers and a younger sister Why is this family dynamic so rare in anime?…[View]
190650285Youkai Ningen Bem: Is this an improvement?[View]
190651979Why are modern anime designs so soulless?[View]
190650523Can realistic uncensored nudity be done well in anime/manga without drawing too much of a line betwe…[View]
190636296Cop Craft: Don't do Fairy Dust, kids.[View]
190650910What are your favorite trials / physical training that you've seen a shounen protagonist endure…[View]
190651693What's with all the fascist and imperialism propaganda?[View]
190627485What's the most creative a manga or anime have ever been to get their female characters naked?[View]
190649136Monster King Orochi: Thread #2: So the main ideas of the last thread were the following: -Make more …[View]
190651712Don't forget the AOTY: You didn't, right /a/w[View]
190642409Welcome back to kek or cringe, with Berserk from Guts. You there, show me your meme[View]
190651607The Great Debate[View]
190651322How the hell did Aizawa get out of the usj incident alive? Not only was he hit with a quirk that sho…[View]
190638021Post ONLY THE WORST GIRLS in this thread![View]
190650222How the fuck does such a shitty manga not only get completed but gets a sequel. Christ it's lik…[View]
190596256NagaToRo: In which state is Senpai going to find her?[View]
190634071Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru: Have you been trying to make Machio proud since the last episode?[View]
190651004Team names are important[View]
190644493Slut > pure.[View]
190650850Do you ever feel like an anime/manga arrived too late in your life? Been watching Flame of Recca, an…[View]
190649152What the fuck is his problem?[View]
190622248Why was he such a good protagonist?[View]
190646718Patlabor: nu-Noa looks more hot[View]
190650519When does it get good?[View]
190646827NOT SO FAST, WHEELER![View]
190650404Ginga Series Thread: Who else loves these dogs?[View]
190650322Symphogear: heiki hecchara is kill[View]
190648806Did Schierke replace Isidro's role in the Gambino and Guts parallel?[View]
190648764'Taisetsu na koyomina ichibukakete. Nokosare tatsuki tachi sedai tanodaro mofuku no kakudan ga kanad…[View]
190644726Just finished darling in the franxx. Damn that shit hit hard[View]
190644177Can you name any ridiculous plotholes in an anime or manga?[View]
190639705>he wants to kill the MC because he didnt say hi when he moved into the village as a kid Really? …[View]
190623280Kochouki: Wakaki Nobunaga (Wakanobu): Ribbon Nobunaga episode 2 raw now, subs in an hour.[View]
190638608Why did they decide to ruin Rin like this? I don't understand.[View]
190646514best jojo milf?: i'll start with my favorite shinobu[View]
190647554was this the beast anime fight of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jakLeunGJGU&ab_chann…[View]
190640697Raildex: Local Dragon gets his Wallet and Phone stolen Fuck IT[View]
190638450Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: More chapters when?[View]
190642371Will we ever get a new chapter?[View]
190641246Vento Aureo: >tfw we will never see the AU where he got his revenge.…[View]
190647081juuzou <3[View]
190646276If you had the chance, would you go for a girl like Violet?[View]
190647342What are sensei's for?[View]
190645679Peerless Dad Chapter 81: I love him so much it hurts. Anybody else reading this? I need more dad MC…[View]
190647949Kinnikuman: After reading through last thread that I missed, I'm left with some questions. Main…[View]
190649869ee: ee[View]
190614554Domestic na Kanojo (Domestic Girlfriend): Missed all the conversation when this series aired a few m…[View]
190640203Edgy revenge hero: New chapter of edgy revenge hero is out[View]
190636576Shingeki no Kyojin: Can Isayama solve everything in 10 chapters?[View]
190634217Gal Gohan: In this issue of 'I'm a gyaru trapped in the gravity well of the densest man on eart…[View]
190647695BIGGU FAIA NO TAME NI[View]
190645577Chikan Otoko: If he made it is there a chance for us? This was just a ruse to start a thread about C…[View]
190648083>he gets new waifus on a whim You can't even be loyal to your own desires, how can you expec…[View]
190638567I wish I had a qt deaf gf: so I can bully the shit out of her[View]
190604175Great girls from terrible anime[View]
190609882Why is new anime so trash?[View]
190648113Press H to wish the greatest seiyuu of our generation a happy birthday H[View]
190531306Cardfight!! Vanguard: The four main schools have secured a place in the semifinals of the Vanguard K…[View]
190648994why is the village hidden in the leaves? Because the fanboy’s penis is so small it’s hidden by his p…[View]
190630046JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: New episode this Friday. Post charts[View]
190646647Tomoyo was quite the pervert wasn't she?[View]
190631101Dororo no Yaiba/ Kimetsu no Dororo: >no KnY thread >no Dororo thread why not both? And who is …[View]
190642965I dare you to defend the versions on the right.[View]
190647928Monogiftari: post gifs[View]
190643185Was she the best?[View]
190630851Is madoka as a character good or interesting? Am I the only one who thought she was the least inter…[View]
190642738David Foster Wallace once wrote a piece about David Lynch. In the piece, he coined a new term: 'Lync…[View]
190644279Digimon last evolution: https://youtu.be/Re3X336Y7kg New Digimon movio about Taichi and Agumon. Thou…[View]
190642529Fuck, marry, fight.[View]
190642672Why do girls with short blue hair always wind up getting cucked? This happens too much to be a coinc…[View]
190642957Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.: Have sex, /a/.[View]
190619562reading part 7: 1. man what the fuck is this ending 2. kakyoin literally died to figure out dio…[View]
190641063I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALL GONE FO- Oh, back again.[View]
190642649Name one flaw in the manga trail of blood. I think it might be manga of the DECADE[View]
190644716I WANT YOU[View]
190567949Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
190642207Will it ever be topped? Or are be doomed to live by Pierrot's whims?[View]
190643763i fucking love pantyhose, bros[View]
190646152Kochoki: Wakaki Nobunaga: Beware! It's a trap![View]
190646833I see[View]
190645717Dragon Ball Super: Strongest of /a/[View]
190630894Today is Syaro's Birthday and it's mine too! M-maybe I'll drink some herbal tea in he…[View]
190644658What went wrong?[View]
190643326In this picture you will see a helpless being about to be eviscerated by forces beyond his comprehen…[View]
190640451What would you do to save this cute ghost snail?[View]
190640926Shadows House 19: Since I heard the translator doesn't have time anymore I thought I'd giv…[View]
190643999I will never forget the day I used my old college's restroom and I found this written on a tras…[View]
190633932Neon Genesis Evangelion dubs and subs: Could you guys enlighten me on how to properly watch this? Is…[View]
190621020How did Mafuyu become so popular?[View]
190644762I've never really cared about spoilers, you know? I don't care if I already know how an an…[View]
190626568Damn, Isekai was actually good once?[View]
190628123I NEED PICTURES PICTURES OF THE GALACTIC HEROES Also LOGH thread. Gonna dump what reaction images I …[View]
190640787Why in the Earth Isekai stuff has to be patricularly edgy?[View]
190637552i snipped this and will use it as reaction image from now on[View]
190618143>I like you romantically >I want to fuck your best friend Why are men always such whores?…[View]
190643683So you're trying to tell me Deku dug up all these mines without setting any of them off? How du…[View]
190618578Post your favourite Anime/Manga characters: Rate and give pros and cons. https://www.befunky.com/cre…[View]
190631931ITT:characters that are literally you[View]
190628820Does /a/ like Log Horizon?[View]
190645514One punch man: Saitama's serious punches are supposed to be the icing on the cake of one punch …[View]
190621369How does counting on your head translate to seconds? You're gonna have a different pace unless …[View]
190579823Re:Stage! Dream Days: Don't mind me, just being AOTS Also, new episode in 30 minutes[View]
190635253One Piece: How do you see the monster trio developing power-wise during Wano?[View]
190638739>Japanese man is a heroic, muscular chad >Italian (european) man is a meek, effeminate twink t…[View]
190624168Dragon Ball Super: Remember, he's invincible and immortal.[View]
190546579Itachi Fanboys: Why do Itachi fanboys act like he was god? He was one of the strongest ninjas in Nar…[View]
190612026Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: In previous thread, I saw something about Grays's chant being dif…[View]
190631524Symphogear XV: Crashed.[View]
190621401>self-insert power-fantasy isekai[View]
190562198Precure: 'Can we switch pets? Mine's kind of a shithead.'[View]
190638934Chi no Wadachi 54: Now that Seiichi's been completely gaslighted and brainwashed, let's se…[View]
190644198Post shitty ゴミ以下 character design itt.[View]
190640911Why did she have to die?[View]
190640962In a scale of frame 1 to frame 6, how do you feel today?[View]
190643910How the fuck did people not see them coming? Did they skip the entire Arrancar arc or something?[View]
190641669Miyamoto Musashi: Miyamoto Musashi[View]
190634604>tfw no steppewife[View]
190643306Is Innoncence so bad?[View]
190640552Why won’t this blue berry cover her underboobs?: My hero macademia[View]
190629437Go Toubun no Hanayome: >Who's going to win the next official poll and why? >https://www.s…[View]
190642505I can't wait for Togashi to draw their reunion in 30 years[View]
190641754He didnt do anything wrong[View]
190641618I know it's early bros, but I'm going to just call it in. This is the ANIME OF THE YEAR!!![View]
190628553What is the edgiest manga to ever have existed? pic is bait desu[View]
190638989Saiki Kusō no Psi Nan: If she is so perfect then why is she flat chested, bros?[View]
190642041Brownpill me on Baki[View]
190638069Uranus is so cute, /a/.[View]
190641130I just realized Brook is gonna outlive the entire crew and will be playing songs about their adventu…[View]
190642003Dr. Stone: So the females in this show were replaced with aliens which somehow got petrified as well…[View]
190640582Thoughts on Toriyama /a/?[View]
190610579One piece: >2.5 out of 5 for OP's latest volume on Amazon japan What went wrong? Japs don…[View]
190639396wait a sec... what the actual fuck[View]
190640120How many unguarded face punches need he take before the ref ends it?[View]
190634869One Piece: How big do you think Kiku is?[View]
190563255why is she so smug?[View]
190606621Made in abyss: We need more anime like this and less isekai and fanservice shits. Also summer season…[View]
190637279Bocchi is so pure, but her friends are all so deliciously lewd.[View]
190640360So I got baited into reading this thanks to Konosuba: Where did it went wrong and why is it that fur…[View]
190521841did you prefer the anime or the manga tomoko? I prefer the anime one because she didnt become a norm…[View]
190640672Ruka a best, other rental girlfriends need not apply. Mamifags like a whore who does it for free.…[View]
190640489Why does a lightsaber need a scabbard?[View]
190631457A Certain Scientific Accelerator: Have you watched this anime yet? I expected Accelerator to be as e…[View]
190638794Post anime girls who are rare-fetish bait.[View]
190638094What happened to girls like this in anime?: All I see is just otaku virgin pandering[View]
190640951Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest: Anime of the season! Time to read the light n…[View]
190640881Why didn't Stain just lick Iida's blood again and maybe Todoroki's too?[View]
190624931god fuckin damn i wish i was a super hero aswell[View]
190629514Kazuki Takahashi just went full retard.[View]
190630872Franken Fran: It's been 3 months since last chapter translated. Can any of you faggot translate…[View]
190637961Aharen-san wa Hakarenai: Isn't this size difference a bit extreme?[View]
190639944Did anyone enjoy this? It seemed pretty edgy and Tanya looked like she had downs, but I never heard …[View]
190623719Why does a sizable portion of /a/ dislike him/his works/his fans?[View]
190638418AMTDDTOT: Anime manga that don't deserve their own thread I think the fight scene in episode 19…[View]
190634545Tonikaku Kawaii 67-70: Latest chapters.[View]
190640671When is he going to wake up, bros? It'd be a trip for him to wake up in the 21st century. I hop…[View]
190640400Which one /a/? Who would you choose?[View]
190615391What would you do different in Orochi's place with foreknowledge?[View]
190640540Detective Conan: Damn, Ran has some majestic hair, holy shit. am I the only one who wants to grab he…[View]
190640468f/a: Evidence that Astolfo was better off as a girl, rather than some lame trap. See? No penis is b…[View]
190581861Reminder that Rin Tohsaka © from the Fate/stay night ™ series is 100% homosexual and has no heterose…[View]
190612623Is she the greatest tsundere ever conceived?[View]
190638880is it good?[View]
190640106Nanatsu no Taizai: What happened? Was there a thread/chapter today? If so what happened?[View]
190638925This is my wife Miyako, she is always hungry but she is a nice girl. Say something nice about her.[View]
190640057Eli thong. Discuss.[View]
190640010You're a loose cannon, Kei But dammit, you get results[View]
190625309GeGeGe no Kitarou: I refuse to accept that the only thread for this week's episode died with no…[View]
190636358Why would Japan do this to themselves?[View]
190636092Rozen Maiden thread: I saw yall panicking in the last thread 'See you in three months' Or 'Now we w…[View]
190637432Thoughts on Fire force?[View]
190616242Why does /a/ hate this so much?[View]
190626567Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: Volume 6 raw is out, and there while there were some art changes,…[View]
190637735let's have a thread of taste for once, which was the most kino season, original or 2nd GIG?[View]
190616645Ingoshima: What does /a/ think of this manga?[View]
190633487Second season when?[View]
190630675Raildex: Reminder that best girl whistle will save the day again,truly the most powerful artifact in…[View]
190582257Evangelion, Instrumentality is right: >”you want relief?” >”you want peace, dont you? >”you…[View]
190626192What the fuck is this hot garbage?[View]
190637184Amazon knows who the real MVP of Franxx was.[View]
190637531>Show is boring and audience is losing interest >Shoehorn in waifu to boost ratings…[View]
190634405Yuru yuri: I've seen 3 anime reference yuru yuri manga, so where is season 4 already? Isn'…[View]
190582722Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san Season 2: Episode 2 Winter has come.[View]
190624208Which one?[View]
190631956I love Ryuko![View]
190628209This is so depressing[View]
190626973What are anime that has timeskips and characters growing up? I really like the trope.[View]
190631538>Though well received, The Vision of Escaflowne was not as popular in Japan as producers hoped. O…[View]
190633405Name a character with higher testosterone levels, I'll wait, no seriously I'll wait, I hav…[View]
190623166Just finished this series: Should I watch Steins Gate: 0? Does it hold up next to the original serie…[View]
190626884ShingeKI NO Kyojin: I can't wait for the moment when in the next chapter we will again find our…[View]
190631349How big was the Uchiha Clan?: How big was the Uchiha Clan right before Itachi massacred them? My gue…[View]
190620632Nukenai Seiken-chan 5: Tag: exhibitionism[View]
190630074Name a harder show to follow that's not some purposely confusing artsy fartsy shit. This thing …[View]
190636174Post anime vergins[View]
190596940Joshikousei no Mudazukai: Why does nobody care about these high school girls?[View]
190612644it's there a more lucky character than KING from one punch man?[View]
190606884Cop Craft: FUG THE BOLICE[View]
190620827MOB PSYCHO is a shitty fucking One punch man concept & a story folling episode 5 a weak fuck who…[View]
190635924>anime the movie >it's just a retelling of the anime itself >it completely shits on th…[View]
190629617Miru Tights: God, I wish that was me.[View]
190635260should I go with the manga or anime on this one? I've read the 3 first chapters and watched the…[View]
190625126Texhnolyze: After watching the series 3 times i think i get it completely. However, there's one…[View]
190616526Boku no Hero Academia: Am I the only one who's bored of the LoV vs MLA arc? Hori is unnecessari…[View]
190627616Is Eromanga-Sensei worth a watch/read? Premise seems cute, but is it gonna be another one of those s…[View]
190634908when does big become too big?[View]
190625550Are there any Japanese people that are obsessed with American's cartoons and tv animated shows …[View]
190620719One Piece: Break over soon[View]
190624908>You just need to confuse her by showing more of your sassy side, Shinji…[View]
190627599Finally finished FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: It's easily the best 7/10 anime of all time.…[View]
190633586You got to feel bad for anyone who thinks American dub is even close to the original: Imagine being …[View]
190634334Dungeon Meshi: where is the god damn chapter lads? no fucking thread even? there is spoilers out…[View]
190634158>mfw after years of debating how it works, King Crimson is just The World and GER is just Bites t…[View]
190632842The Great Debate[View]
190631347Admit it: you still do gendo hands when you're thinking[View]
190620004The Great Debate[View]
190623305Does /a/ like Galaxy Angel? It is a classic 2000s anime produced by Broccoli, now famous for their s…[View]
190621006Kaguya: How could anyone say no to this?[View]
190566953Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
190632872>tell creators to kill themselves and your waifu will become real[View]
190626308Stop watching isekai[View]
190618728YAMERO BUCCIARATI!!![View]
190629290Digimon: Been rewatching Data Squad and Xros Wars layely, they still hold up as well as the first ti…[View]
190631736mha,manga: damn,this moment made my heart melt.[View]
190613415Why does the edgy rival tend to be more popular than the hero of the story?[View]
190627911Made in Abyss: This was Nanachi before she got abyss'd[View]
190624865Which is the better weapon? A katana, scythe or the shield?[View]
190625360Darling in the FranXX: This was more satisfying than watching 02 turn into an interstellar cruiser.…[View]
190625822This girl is not just cute: So this is a femdom manga now?[View]
190630815Jojolion: Chapter soon, will we see Speed King's true ability?[View]
190623532Seriously, what went wrong?[View]
190626552Arifureta: Vampire loli butt for second ep[View]
190620610Is Legend of the Galactic heroes the only anime that could be adapted into a good live action TV ser…[View]
190624688>You will never be teased by an older girl. Why is life so cruel?[View]
190622701Why did he never train if he wanted to be a hero so badly?[View]
190624960No 1 Female Character in The Twenty Tens: Guess Who ?[View]
190619802The nights are always darkest before dawn.[View]
190616608Do you think anime was more soulful in the 80s?[View]
190623693Death note 87 page spinoff spoiler: Ryuk gives note to a genius kid, Tanaka. Instead of using the no…[View]
190619746>fighting in space >99.9% of the battles occur on a 2D plane Why? I think Attenborough was th…[View]
190628348Why is this male idol so unmanly like what's he point?[View]
190624532These two get into an all out fight to the finish, who do you think wins?[View]
190621434True waifu thread: You can only post characters who deserved to be called waifu[View]
190624293Name an anime with more soul.[View]
190627030Nagatoro: Chapter 41 of Nagatoro, so continues cultural festival boat. 19 pages of pure cuteness thi…[View]
190628385I like the English dub VAs[View]
190615921Symphogear XV: Who's transformation sequence will be next?[View]
190614339Shingeki no Kyojin: When will they reunite?[View]
190622890This was a decent show[View]
190627300Eureka Seven: So does this show ever get good or do people just like it because niggers and hip hop…[View]
190619830so who exactly was he?[View]
190619932Gotoubun no Hanayome: Who's going to win the next official poll and why?[View]
190626994have we some news about the new death note one-shot? Are you guys excited about that?[View]
190625898Should Sasuke have been the MC?: Naruto is pretty much static for the entire manga - at one point he…[View]
190619049Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei: Who could beat her in an online argument?[View]
190624306Haikyuu: Were shiratorizawa and aoba josai even that good? I'm at the part where karasuno is fa…[View]
1906236612012 was seven years ago[View]
190625054What a mess: I'm convinced the only thing good about Code Geass was the OP and C.C.[View]
190625224Shadows House: Y'all gonna get raped Did the translator die?[View]
190620441Rosario Vampire: Just finished Part 1 and man I forgot how much I loved this series. Gonna dive into…[View]
190625869no don't go...[View]
190626400Who is your favorite anime imouto?[View]
190626079Don't forget to take care of your body for her![View]
190625574Shinazu no Ryouken Hoshi no Samidare Boku Girl Haru no Houtai Shoujo Koi Kaze Somali to Mori no Kami…[View]
190602096Dragon Ball Super: Why he's so based ?[View]
190565653You DID do the post-credits plank, right /a/?[View]
190613330Is it autism?[View]
190621643How do I win her heart, bros?[View]
190617753Only GOAT manga allowed in this thread[View]
190622383best anime villain right here you all know I'm right read more[View]
190607585Neo ranga thread: How would you guys write &handle the story in witch the girls wears what they …[View]
190621526Would you like another season?[View]
190623508Runway De Waratte: This manga makes me want to try my hand at fashion design. Anime when?[View]
190613172Raildex: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index:NT_Volume22R_Chap…[View]
190607327Best MC's[View]
190620907I got tricked into watching this. It's like a moeshitter watched Ghost in the Shell and Evangel…[View]
190618292am i the only one here who doesnt like evangelion that much? like it was good but i mean you guys si…[View]
190582775Ensemble Stars![View]
190619714Is there any connection between Araragi's body and his popularity?[View]
190621254How can someone actually prefer 3dpd to obviously pure and superior anime godesses like this? I can…[View]
190622376just finished watching paranoia agent. really enjoyed the show up until the last episode. really dis…[View]
190623119Buccano thread: Pic-related is literally me[View]
190621156How would you cheer them up?[View]
190616353You know the drill. >Hard Mode No Isekai No battle shounen.[View]
190622182ITT: Manga that only you are reading that no one else on /a/ has heard of[View]
190619486WHOA WHAT A LONG-ASS isekai TITLE: >willing to slaughter an entire town just because his pet vamp…[View]
190621017isekai: Why reverse isekai isn't as nearly popular as conventional isekai?[View]
190615487Im@s keeps trying to create new idols but they'll never top Iori.[View]
190618666Food Wars: You have to feed Erina something good. What are you feeding her?[View]
190622062just finished reading vinland saga to the current moment and Ive got a question what happened to the…[View]
190622520Love it or hate it, but you can't deny the impact it had on the industry.[View]
190620869kimetsu no yaiba thread: Rui found and read some erotic drama novels he found at the village below t…[View]
190621104Dai Dark: After 5 chapters we finally get a clear idea of what the exact goal of the manga's pl…[View]
190622273One Piece: Colored scans or VIZ scans?[View]
190621285What was Gilbert's post-war plan? Was he always planning on impregnating the autistic girl he r…[View]
190621968Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo: I've just stumbled onto this show completely at random on the…[View]
190619185>forget about girl’s last tour >YouTube gives me OP recommendation >”eh, why not” >cry…[View]
190618095Killing Bites: What is killing bites again lads?[View]
190621520Tell me /a/. What is your favorite kind of arc? Regardless of the series or genre there are some tha…[View]
190594428ITT: Manga only you read: Last thread was pretty good, share and discuss manga that never get thread…[View]
190618170How do I self insert? I always see people talking about self inserting, but I don't know how to…[View]
190617675is there even a better vamp ??[View]
190617539Anyone else reading the dumpster fire that is rental girlfriend?[View]
190621976>finally MILF in a show with something to do with the plot too many anime showcase MILFs with onl…[View]
190621637what shonen anime are popular with women?[View]
190605612What was the biggest ass pull in all of Jojo?[View]
190619789ippo: Fuck off with this bullshit Morikawa, it's a fucking coach's job to teach their boxe…[View]
190619764How would you fix Diamond is Unbreakable?[View]
190620581Fire Punch: Thoughts?[View]
190619278Soft Seinen: What do you think of this already growing new genre?[View]
190621286can we discuss Ping Pong? Ah I enjoyed it so much.[View]
190620272Chino's pantsu[View]
190618863Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?: Should Hibiki be /fit/ or /fat/?[View]
190611588SHE'S 14. YOU'RE ATTRACTED TO A 14 YEAR OLD.: and that's ok[View]
190612338Who is the narrator? I always thought it was Ernest Mecklinger but it seems I'm the only one wi…[View]
190579464Why does /a/ hate this anime so much? I watched the first episode and it wasn't bad at all.[View]
190597233The tough truth: Retsuko is the best written female character from any anime.[View]
190619019Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: Anjou-san is Lonely! What are you gonna do about that? https://mangadex.org…[View]
190618105Bem: This is the most important frame of the entire episode.[View]
190617314HxH: So why has Kalluto joined the Spiders? And is it just me or is there a distinct possibility of …[View]
190619446Kakashi and guy represent the best friendship in the series, don't they?[View]
190619791Yuusha: This is a Yuusha, say something to him[View]
190618320Card Captor Sakura - Clear Card: So if she wanted his dick to be bigger would a new card appear to e…[View]
190601641one piece: Are we not gonna talk about refreshing this high quality animation is?[View]
190603285Dr. STONE: Why didn't everyone just jump Homura after she got pinned? This guy's the suppo…[View]
190619168What is the best hair color for animu girls?[View]
190615670Clannad means family.[View]
190620398Here's your anime protagonist bro[View]
190616175How come she's already forgotten?[View]
190619859What's the best animu about a young girl having a crush on a boy and trying to get his attentio…[View]
190609404These are your idols for the night, /a/.[View]
190619458Wtf? I hate Raoh now.[View]
190620216Remember to periodically change your waifu so you dont get stuck /a/! If you dont then you will miss…[View]
190570288Is Akko a good female main character?[View]
190619721>tfw I literally never related to any anime MC ever Am I too autistic?[View]
190614985Please don't bully me Nagatoro: Chapter 41 soon[View]
190619692I get nervous smiling when you're nervous. But angled eyes to make yourself look even more devi…[View]
190608939Pregnancy in Anime & Manga: How big is too big?[View]
190618758was this shot absolutely necessary?[View]
190616262How you like me now?[View]
190586091ITT: Best girls[View]
190541762/a/ sings - Songs from Our Collective /a/ss Volume 3: Tracklist and txt file (details, deadlines, ly…[View]
190617562Pick one, the other anime series disappears forever[View]
190619653>talk to people about Conan >'that makes me want to play some ace attorney'…[View]
190618678Screams in anime: Who has the second best scream in anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDmvxgupl…[View]
190616755What do you think of the plush toy Tsukihi found?[View]
190615775There's an anime that takes place in Canada[View]
190595050What is the most overrated anime?[View]
190617312Can any anime character realistically defeat The Innocent Blade: Demonbane?[View]
190619453The Great Debate[View]
190610965Miru Tights: Yet another original design we won't get in the anime.[View]
190618419Why She is so Sexy: Perfection! No 1[View]
190611179Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: Name me a higher IQ ship than JunKaren. You can't.[View]
190617017What would you do if Rikka unplugged your computer while you were watching anime?[View]
190615584Remember when anime was good?[View]
190615405Nuns and Mikos.[View]
190616029BEHOLD! THE KING![View]
190615772mastah, the pantry is in a dire state. we must resolve this matter forthwith.[View]
190619271BEHOLD! THE KING!: Fate Round Table[View]
190615262Sex Canon: ITT we post canon sexual partners >hardmode: harem anime…[View]
190615914What happened to Lupin II?[View]
190614637Difference between UBW Rin and Heaven's Feel Rin: UBW : Cute Tsundere Heaven's Feel : Cold…[View]
190615090They are should get more screen time.[View]
190618997I thought anime would help my depression and take my mind off my parents divorce, but it only made m…[View]
190617652Left or right /a/?[View]
190616926Could the main character of the last anime you watched survive an explosion of 600 billion bombs?[View]
190618198Post an anime without actually posting it and other's will guess it.[View]
190609392kaguya: >Miko will cockblock Ishigami they said[View]
190618511Megumi: This is Amano Megumi from Amano Megumi wa Sukidarake![View]
190618330>show ends when it looks like it's going to get good[View]
190611545Rei vs Saber: Which one is bigger in Japan? Who is the true Queen of Waifus?[View]
1906058035Toubun no Hanayome: Saving Private Ichika[View]
190558649Jashin-chan Dropkick: lazy weekend Jashin-chan[View]
190614540What the fuck is this thing?[View]
190612705ITT: Characters who are taller than you[View]
190605177How would running like this increase your speed[View]
190596589Kaguya-sama has a special treat for you. Just open the webm to see what it is.[View]
190610342The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious: Any thoughts on it? Should I watch the October anime or…[View]
190618795Why did she react so sharply to his brain being wrong? could it be that she has finally fallen for t…[View]
190608014Name a better arc in Jojo’s[View]
190618534>You have made a mockery of this establishment, never show your face here again How would you rea…[View]
190585086For a country that so anal about cleanliness they sure take food poisoning lightly.[View]
190590199buyfag thread: shit figures incoming[View]
190611014What is it about tomboys that clicks with you?[View]
190608600Tawawa on Monday: 月曜日のたわわ その230 「(お待たせ!)」[View]
190601117Detective Conan: What would you do if you became small like Conan?[View]
190616338>tfw used to not understand fanservice >just thought japs talked a lot in locker rooms and bat…[View]
190598848Is shinji groping his mom in this scene?[View]
190597801Would you be willing to go on a adventure with your mother or father?[View]
190617879ITT: Post an anime/manga without posting them: I start[View]
190597781Lily thread[View]
190613930I enjoyed it.[View]
190600344Why don't like flat girls?[View]
190532178Maou-sama, Retry!: What a cocky butt slut.[View]
190617306Sugoi! I didn't know they used japanese honorifics in ancient Iceland! Japanese culture is so a…[View]
190609862How come women think cutting their hair is some sort of accomplishment?[View]
190616879Haha what a fag[View]
190613494Azur Lane: Today is Marine Day![View]
190592625One Punch Man: When will they hatefuck each other?[View]
190615906What are some characters that failed at getting ahead in life?[View]
190574459Prichan, Shining Star, Aifure, Cocotama etc.: Why does just about every second character in this sho…[View]
190594268Arifureta: Is /a/ ready for episode 2 of the best comedy this season?[View]
190579020Hitoribocchi: Do Japanese actually wear thigh high socks casually when going to a friend's hous…[View]
190604174Don't mind me, just posting the undisputed top 3 greatest shounen of all time[View]
190615805Is he stronger than the guy in Solo Leveling? Also manga with RPG stats thread[View]
190615786Saber Alter Best Female Character in the World: Strong , BadAss, Cool , Sexy, Charismatic She is Ba…[View]
190616292Teppuu: Was eyebrows simply autistic?[View]
190605774If an anime character is watching anime, is it watching a cartoon or live-action show?[View]
190611432Why didn't he just not sell drugs to kids or something? He has a stand that can erase time, he …[View]
190614696How could goku or any of the DBZ warriors defend itself from mental ninjutsu? It seems goku is like …[View]
190612117Being a JoJo fan doesn't make you instantly likable[View]
190608572Can we finally settle this once and for all who was the strongest member of the akatsuki Pain or Obi…[View]
190615747How would she fare as one of Reinhard's admirals?[View]
190592212Saint Seiya Tenkai-Hen Josou - Overture: Why Saint Seiya fans hated this kino? It's unironicall…[View]
190615449This is your major for tonight.[View]
190606836>villain becomes handsome after taking off his mask/helmet[View]
190551093Please write your order for your desired dream on this questionnaire sheet[View]
190609855Boruto: Do you think Boruto will surpass the big three?[View]
190615177Why are the best girls always the least popular ones?[View]
190528142WTF????? Eren just dies like that? https://ww5.readsnk.com/chapter/shingeki-no-kyojin-chapter-119/…[View]
190613377I kinda like Bitchy Sakura, at least she had personality[View]
190614757>waah I'm rich and privileged but my dad is a meanie so feel bad for me When the working cla…[View]
190608585Would you rather fuck your waifu in your mothers body or your mother in your waifu's body?[View]
190607615Bleach ends after episode 63: Just finished Bleach's final episode, #63. It was a great show. I…[View]
190614327Are there any notable anime-related universes where autism straight up makes you stronger?[View]
190608838Chi no Wadachi: Yeah, I didn't really need to see that.[View]
190604234Did you like it?[View]
190603358Shingeki no Kyojin: She will live[View]
190613708>wahh wahh, anime is shit nowada-[View]
190610002Kinnikuman: You think there's going to be any fights in this arc past this one?[View]
190614658Full Metal Alchemist 2003 continued: What if we had a continuation of the 2003 Full Metal Alchemist?…[View]
190613419>girls perfect for ntr doujin[View]
190610500>I see, you truly are worthy of my grace ...excuse me?[View]
190599041Boku no Hero Academia: Why does Hori underuse his best characters while propping up his worst ones?…[View]
190572430DanMachi - Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: >Aiz has no emo-…[View]
190607995Death Note: 87 page spin-off is out and it's pretty mediocre Spoilers below Ryuk gives note to …[View]
190603682Symphogear XV: The sad part is that people will still keep going to these events,[View]
190611132Jojo Rankings Thread: Post and rate, don't use this as an excuse to be partshitters[View]
190611229The villain that saved battle shonen[View]
190611658Just rushed season 2 and finished last episode. It was in my backlog, but I wanted to check out some…[View]
190608220ITT: Scenes from Anime that have made you wanna KYS/cry.[View]
190613761Is this book any good?: Is this any good? When it comes to novels I usually enjoy reading shit like …[View]
190608944Pururin: Anime of the millennium coming through. Best girl Pururin and one of, if not the best OP of…[View]
190613296Tsugumomo: Whats his endgame?[View]
190612383What the fuck even happened in this shit?[View]
190576680Tejina-senpai: Radies and gentlemen![View]
190609050why didn't he just commit sudoku after being framed?[View]
190582379so let us hear your ideas for new isekai anime anon-kun[View]
190611818What would they talk about together?[View]
190521262Granbelm: i love Emilia[View]
190609406Which one’s swimsuit do you like more? I pick Kanna’s. :)[View]
190609396Is it worth reading/watching ?: the MC looks pretty cute but everything else is pretty meh, should i…[View]
190611408I want to kill this annoying fuck. Whoever thought/thinks this fuckface is funny deserves a bullet t…[View]
190609914How would you describe their relationship, /a/?[View]
190601346Alien 9: Why isn't this OVA more popular? It's incredibly well directed and animated, and …[View]
190609668Cute costume thread[View]
190605932Why was Chiaki so obsessed with netoraring Kana?[View]
190607104ITT: Subtle symbolism in manga and anime[View]
190604990Killing Bites: Have I been missing every Killing Bites thread so far since we have been getting new …[View]
190603030I miss Akame ga Kill bros. It wasn't great but we had a lot of fun together wouldn't you a…[View]
190611284Why is marching band so gay?[View]
190609501Granblue Fantasy: Who is your favorite Milk Tanker?[View]
190607222Jojo Dream: I have never watched Jojo, but I had a dream I was in the show and Giorno was gonna kill…[View]
190612315Man when will the last 3 volumes be done translated i really want to see the end of this manga[View]
190599428Bem: what did you guys think? music was good but the art and animation looked a bit wonky at times. …[View]
190601497Raildex: Fucking Dragons I wonder if there will be more dragons in the third series[View]
190604352Misaka is very beautiful[View]
190563968>ywn be a cute history geek who gets isekai'd into the Sengoku period to serve under your hu…[View]
190612236Gekkakoku Kiiden (a.k.a. CatCat BTFO): I remember suggesting this manga set in Not!China months ago …[View]
190612226Season 2 when?: my did mitsuru commit suicide?[View]
190599472You can only choose one.[View]
190609841>it’s another high school anime where everyone takes high school a little too seriously episode B…[View]
190609014>Sunday >no thread The dream is dead.[View]
190611156It's not a gay thing but clean shaven men with long hair are objectively the best character des…[View]
190597557How do we help her win?[View]
190611205Fake highschool girls in manga: What do /a/ think about them?[View]
190607743Dome Kano: MIYABIBROSSSSS NOOOOO[View]
190611005ITT: Things that would have make a mediocre series infinitely better: Imagine if during the early of…[View]
190498346Hunter x Huner: Kurapika 1999 is objectively much better than 2011[View]
190606974Patrician Anime Villain Tier List[View]
190608193but she doesn't eat curry, so why?[View]
190604201Kimetsu no Yaiba: What the fuck is wrong with Tomioka? Is he autistic?[View]
190599714How come every stand user and their mother knew that he could stop time?[View]
190609376>of course slice of life is my favorite genre, how could you tell?[View]
190599915Just finished this. This is better then Eva in every single way. Only nostalgiafags would think othe…[View]
190607899Why didn't he just fucking bash Takagi's head in with the ice?[View]
190601978This is my rock. There are many like it, but this rock is mine.[View]
190597463Why are yankee so based?[View]
190555424What anime tracking website do you guys use if any at all? I just switched from MAL and Anilist and …[View]
190589067Do you anon's think we will ever get an season 3? Also when is Volume 13 coming out? Spring is …[View]
190574712I dropped my rating of Hunter x Hunter from a 10 to a 9.[View]
190609114Hellvis: So he's the third Human on earth, born at least five thousand nine hundred years ago (…[View]
190597637Why are some people here so scared of this?[View]
190598669What's your thought about Marley arc? Is kino or shit, is SnK's best arc or just pretentio…[View]
190602149Can girls love girls, /a/?[View]
190601763Jesus Christ she's cute[View]
190596117YAMERO BUCCIARAT!!![View]
190604066Madoka Magica mainline series returning.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgfW2NkEBro Can we trust t…[View]
190605964Deltora Quest: ITT: Terrible 3DCG you watched as a kid[View]
190600796When will we get a Dragon Ball Super: Brotherhood that follows the superior manga to the letter?[View]
190607183Be honest /a/, are Gundam shows boring?[View]
190608141this truly is the best manga ever[View]
190608187That a 13 year old... Jesus christ.[View]
190602765Jojo: How exactly did President Valentine get his scars? It appears like he was shot several times i…[View]
190601913C: So let me get this straight. The anime is saying that the bank owns your future and take the fut…[View]
190605666According to /a/, manga must have a bland self insert MC or it wont sell. So how are otaku supposed …[View]
190597944Machimaho vol 2: Vol 1 was dumped a while ago. Here's vol 2.[View]
190590536AH AH AH AH AH[View]
190608213you cant just defeat your enemies, you gotta style on them[View]
190606118Why is there no anime about courtesans/ the oiran from the edo period?[View]
190602754Is this a good manga?[View]
190591098Is there a more important franchise for 4chan culture?[View]
190608040What did Magenta Magenta do wrong? Seems like a good guy in the wrong circumstances. It's not l…[View]
190607520Does anyone have any theories on who her parents are and why she was abandoned? Do you think it…[View]
190593788Daily Sketchbook Chapter: Art Club's Christmas Party[View]
190607555Post moments in series where girls lose. I love the heartbreak on their faces.[View]
190584526>'If I took your hood off, would you die?' >'It would be extremely Grave' >'You're a l…[View]
190543311Jump heroines poll ranking: Due to the last Mafuyu scandal this week, I've made this chart with…[View]
190603553you're only watching it for the animation, right anon?[View]
190605190will it top your name?[View]
190553865Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de 2-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka?: As I said earlier he…[View]
190601700Character 3x3s: Post em and rate others Provide pros and cons[View]
190576330Will she ever win?[View]
190604423JoJo part 5/8 mix-up: Imagine this scenario : La Squadra Esecuzioni teams up with Rokakaka Smuggling…[View]
190583665Tomoko has just ONE question for all of you: She's cool, but is she actually cute...?[View]
190605921Remember in Psycho Pass when the villain of the show was caught because a police detective and his f…[View]
190596290>'..wind back the clock' (Tsubame) >'..their respective winter breaks..' (Ishigami and Miko) I…[View]
190597879>Shalnark >Zoldyck >Menthuthuyoupi I genuinely love Hunter x Hunter, but, is there a single…[View]
190606014why didn't he just kill himself?[View]
190605523I love Kogure-senpai so much.[View]
1905613443x3: post 'em[View]
190605690These body pimples that all modern anime have, are single-handedly ruining not just ecchi anime, but…[View]
190592887Would you have had the guts to?[View]
190603529Record of Ragnarok: This manga is so fucking cool, how come you cunts haven't been talking abou…[View]
190600740God I can't just describe in words just how much I hate E*dians[View]
190600188>life truly began after having sex >downfall happens because of his daughter What did Araki me…[View]
190602322Gabriel Dropout season 2 when ?: i want to see best girl being animated!![View]
190597744So, was this just a seasonal shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS2s9deFClY Seems the interest o…[View]
190604224It's not too late to change your hikikomori ways, anon.[View]
190602830All according to keikaku. How did she plan for such a series of events? How was she able to play ev…[View]
190601640I love her so much /a/. Do you think she would cosplay the characters that she's voiced if you …[View]
190604535¿Por qué es que los hilos de Isekai son?: RESCUE THE STATUE ALREADY PECORAS! >implying I'm s…[View]
190576639why does anime pizza look so good fuck[View]
190568827Dragon Ball Super: Will Toei ever have the balls to adapt a Dragon Ball Sai OVA?[View]
190596670Domestic na Kanojo, just finished last episode.: So, how does the LN or manga ends?[View]
190591340One Piece: Let's continue talking about the best loli[View]
190602475Lost on the way, no one to blame, no one to save, Nothing to do with the way everything's chang…[View]
190602640>A super-Chad Wrrrryyyys what did HAraki meem by this?[View]
190604230Subs when?[View]
190603147Shingeki no Kyojin: When will they reunite?[View]
190595866Damn, I wish everything would turn to stone for 3700 years in real life too[View]
190604124Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]: A few hours after the episode airs... I am completely forgotten…[View]
190601806The amount of anime this season has brought upon is astonishing. The comedy content is just too over…[View]
190583608Spy x Family: 15 minutes left for new chapter[View]
190602390My Hero Academia: Horikoshi is shit at writing. All he ever comes up with so that the good guys can …[View]
190601605>be murdered >be reincarnated by existence >be reborn as _______ >live as a little girl …[View]
190603801Kantai Collection: Where is S2 with German ships?[View]
190602541ITT: manga with interesting premise: Mangaka wants to kill off his heroine to have an unexpected end…[View]
190601392>Character is the seiyuu's self-insert[View]
190592015Shingeki no Kyojin: 10 chapters left! Reiner will save Annie soon![View]
190599737Name a better character designer than Ume-sensei. Protip: you can't[View]
190595851Gochiusa: It's Syaro's birthday! Her character CD is coming out today too![View]
1905787345toubun no hanayome: I can't believe nino fucking dead who's the culprit here?…[View]
190582185Not usually a huge fan of 3DCG anime, but this new Lupin III movie looks really good. Anyone else lo…[View]
190599261>tfw reading through hxh again Why is Togashi's composition so good?…[View]
190601153Evangelion: I've just watched the regular series (26 episodes DC) and the Movie The End of Evan…[View]
190600257>Make sure you watch the whole time, ok?[View]
190601566Sounan Desuka? ch 57[View]
190506890Record of Lodoss War: How can one anime ooze so much soul? Just finished the OVA. Everything about i…[View]
190603039Proud japa-I mean uh...dumb eleven here. Who the fuck is Zero?[View]
190591736Momo the blood taker: Why the hell did they change the MC's character design in chapter 10?…[View]
190509904Dungeon Meshi: Marcille's image of Mrs Chilchack is heartbreakingly adorable turns out Chilchac…[View]
190486028M.U.S.C.L.E.: Let's talk Kinnikuman! The shonen series, both manga and anime, the still ongoing…[View]
190592175what is /a/ opinion on this anime[View]
190601159Chihayafuru: Season 3 hype. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7d2ch6[View]
190602062Fire Force: >'LOOK MOM, I'M DIRECTING' - the anime[View]
190598953FUCK ASUKA. FUCK REI. FUCK MISATO. True best girl coming through here.[View]
190591987She back baby, now what?[View]
190600478Cute anime girls doing baseball when?[View]
190601920Slayers Sunday[View]
190593407Why didn't Jiraiya just bring them back to the leaf?[View]
190599982It's disrespectful to fap to characters when their VA has died IRL.[View]
190601603How do you spell this phrase? https://mega.nz/#!ex1xkIyC!vk9jKcRtx3QbJ19BF5i2H1N7R7yATjyBL7veSgshHP4…[View]
190600772Gatchaman Crowds is getting season 3 in 2020[View]
190601171Ballroom dancing in anime: I was thinking about the anime 'Welcome to the Ballroom' (Ballroom e Youk…[View]
190588427Symphogear XV: How do we heal this broken sword?[View]
190601077Overlord Cause Uncatalogued: Where do people get each characters' detailed skill builds' And al…[View]
190600147>Madoka is well writt-[View]
190600825ITT: scenes that you wish happened to you I'll start with this[View]
190574957Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!: Fumitaaaaaaa![View]
190583457Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu]: New episode's out.[View]
190600003Whatever happened to the 'Mecha with supernatural themes' genre that was so popular in the 2000s?[View]
190595689What does the 3rd episode have to do to keep you from dropping a series? inb4 >not dropping it al…[View]
190596683ITT villains whose motives are better than the hero's[View]
190599936Was this one the most pretentious anime ever conceived?[View]
190600462Class 1-B girls in swimsuits when? We get to see official pics of the Class 1-A girls in swimsuits, …[View]
190595833This series is giving me all sorts of fetishes.[View]
190600265>finally gets the filler episode she deserves >gets overtaken by wannabe Kakashi such is a cru…[View]
190600242Would you a Torpedo?[View]
190598397Your new favorite Evangelion protagonist is here![View]
190598459How much yuri is too much yuri?[View]
190589592>Truck-kun will never isekai me to Lina Inverse Why are we even here? Just to suffer?…[View]
190582537Princess Principal is starting it's rerun. Any hopes for announcements?[View]
190588860Hanebado!: Chapter 60 Can anyone stand up to the strongest smash in Japan?[View]
190599104Captain Tsubasa: OST Fockin when ?[View]
190599018Why he didn't used the dragon balls to bring all the humans on an empty planet devoid of other …[View]
190599725Can you help me recall an OVA, /a/? Features a cyborg/android woman in a red coat. Blonde hair. She…[View]
190599156Translator uses savory to describe umami...[View]
190593949eren is not dead as he realized gabi was going to behead him so he had enough time to transfer consc…[View]
190594911Is there a better anime soundtrack than this?[View]
190599439i think i fell in love[View]
190584468she looks adorable in the manga what kind of hack director decided she should just look like a blond…[View]
190596325Kimetsu: I am of the opinion that this show has meh writing and its saving grace are its production …[View]
190579705Raildex: Normal high school dragon you can find anywhere.[View]
190599147how anime portraits your country or your country men[View]
190589250Why are Isekai'd people always overpowered? why cant there be Isekai anime where some computer …[View]
190598366Itt: post a artwork and /a/ will come up with a anime concept for it: something Takato Yamamoto insp…[View]
190592468Can she get pregnant?[View]
190578612Akame ga Kill! was lit af. Why did /a/ lie to me?[View]
190595046Harem thread?: Harem thread.[View]
190598618>Cute girl dies Dropped. Is there a faster way to ruin a story?[View]
190598730Reminder that the proper way to deal with Uchiha is to fuck them. Tobirama admits that they are a cl…[View]
190544161Jojo: How does Araki come up with this shit[View]
190531725O Maidens in Your Savage Season: Have sex[View]
190595745Souboutei is the best manga on this planet: but my translation peaked at this line. i'll litera…[View]
190592189>becomes one of the most iconic anime figures/villains all because he needed healthcare…[View]
190570730Boku no Hero Academia: It's been a long short while since we last had one of these right? Chapt…[View]
190596030Can you make the victims confess to all their crimes? Can you make them reveal all the crimes with n…[View]
190594626Manga and anime that take place in the real world, but not in Japan.[View]
190594140/a/, this is the mastermind behind it all[View]
190598351Kin kon kan kon! Fruits Basket thread: How you guys liking it so far? Better or worse than the origi…[View]
190598266https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px7FFMOTtyM >tfw the actual best, most meaningful song in Evangel…[View]
190596573Jojo: Let's settle this once and for all. Is DIO a submissive top or a power bottom?[View]
190597989>Naruto is the best anime[View]
190570925Why do people hate wish fulfillment anime so much? Isn't that the whole point of fiction in the…[View]
190598204Only 2 characters I didn't want to die[View]
190597988Anime for this feel?[View]
190597900How can a manga be/not be: pointlessly pretentious pretentiously dark pointlessly dark or pointless …[View]
190548515What happened to shoujo anime?[View]
190597220Could FMA alchemy make food taste better?[View]
190597303Who is The Best Smelly Girl ??[View]
190595511This is a cold hearted gang member and murderer. Say something nice about her.[View]
190596610Dr. Stone: >Show about self-improvement, willpower, intelligence, love, and humanity >it trigg…[View]
190597592Alright /a/, time to settle this: how big is too big?[View]
190597246The Yuri/Yaoi Genre is harmful to the LGBT community When you look at the vast majority of Yaoi/Yuri…[View]
190593980Tell me about Tsukasa. Why does she think about the vinegar?[View]
190588990Miura will die before finishing Berserk[View]
190590025Arifureta: Best anime of the season.[View]
190586387Rage moment: Rage moment that give you the shivers[View]
190593710Good OST thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMbTTpcvEcw[View]
190592530KONOSUBA: Do you guys know is KONOSUBA is any good? Ine of my friends recommend it, but he's th…[View]
190588624Why is she so perfect /a/?[View]
190582050I don't think you're supposed to look at your mother that way.[View]
190596154Stop drinking my fucking baja[View]
190591016Yeah the art is good...but what's with the garbage story?[View]
190596239Yo I'm an experienced cleaner and I want to help with Vinland Saga, is there anything I can do?[View]
190595892What anime has the absolute best animation of all time? I'm talking from a pure technical persp…[View]
190565046A well produced dub can enhance the experience of watching anime.[View]
190594736Latina succubus child. What has Japan done?[View]
190575760Happy birthday, Macho-san[View]
190589195PSO2 anime airing in Fall 2019 season: The new anime based off of Phantasy Star Online 2's stor…[View]
190594885Light Yagami wasn't even that smart. Shinigamis did all the work for him. I mean he couldn…[View]
190593184Can someone explain what happened during this scene?: And how does it relate to the plot?[View]
190584441ITT characters made to be bullied[View]
190590637Have you ever seen such a fall from grace: Discuss.[View]
190585085Oshiete! Galko-chan: How realistic are athletic fat girls?[View]
190560878okay what the fuck am i watching: can you explain it for me[View]
190592923CARDS AGAINST MEGUKAS https://doushio.com/cards/[View]
190588959BEM: Raws for first episode are out, subs soon. No idea what to expect.[View]
190593510My love story is shit[View]
190592647Post your favorite anime/manga moment.[View]
190589903Evangelion question: ok i just watched the first 4 episodes and i dont get it. why do these absolute…[View]
190593088Can I have the arrow Buccelatti? Please?[View]
190586714Kaguya: So in the end she was nothing but a cheap whore. Ishigami dodged a bullet here.[View]
190595052have you remembered to love Lain today?[View]
190591353This shit was savage. Poor Rem.[View]
190594333i wunder what the fyrst anime wes were track-kun evir kylled someone. i think it's an internest…[View]
190587026how can people read jojo in black and white?[View]
190590705It was good, pie.[View]
190594445Madhouse is an overrated piece of shit studio. They have maybe 5 good anime shows the rest Is shit. …[View]
190553784Okaa-san Online: >INT 1[View]
190588558If Maka Albarn was a cereal, she would be Maka Allbran.[View]
190578361Chainsawman: oh no[View]
190591390Joshikousei no Mudazukai: I think she is an interesting girl, would be her boyfriend[View]
190575330Show me a more pure, genki girl. I'll wait.[View]
190591845Why is Liru the most popular magipoka?[View]
190586325What are the best realistic features an anime girl can have?[View]
190589852It's time: Post your most hated /a/ characters itt[View]
190588642Why there are so few well-written female characters in comparison to male ones?[View]
190593356Lets play a game, I give you a premise, you spin it into an anime/manga. Reverse isekai, a 16 year o…[View]
190590834>in perfect world where ryuko was raised right she settles down and gets married to a nice man …[View]
190588456I am the sad. This was one of my favorite series.[View]
190587352Dagashi Kashi: Hotaru[View]
190587688Patty Martin is probably from either Pasadena, California ('system city' relationship with the Lucky…[View]
190507742Fire Force Ep. 2: So, the cut in this part to the OP was really abrupt. Still looking nice though. I…[View]
190586841tenki no ko: Only 1 week left. Are you ready /a/?[View]
190589958What's done is done, it feels so bad What once was skinny now is fat![View]
190591679I love ALL anime! Each and every of them has something new to appreciate! They're fun!![View]
190588784moomin thread: moomin thread[View]
190580963ITT: people who did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
190587459Machikado Mazoku: >Director: Hiroaki Sakurai >Cromartie High School >Di Gi Charat >Saiki…[View]
190589214Why is low IQ such a common trait among shonen protagonists?[View]
190573323Promare: /a fucking lied to me convince the movie sucked. Well, My buddy got footage from AX, and it…[View]
190554020I know a lot of people hated the Bleach ending but I would watch a series following Kazui and Ichika…[View]
190565379Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai: Why doesn't 22i like showing the girl's panties? How come…[View]
190580163Shingeki no Gabi Mikasa gang: May I have your attention please? >EM >ErwL >YH >PP >AA…[View]
190592074Neet girls, are they good or bad characters and why?[View]
190577660Otaku no tonari wa Erufu desu ka: Reverse Isekai with an elf who meets a S&M Doujin writer and i…[View]
190591915>We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If …[View]
190567309One Punch Man: god its going to be like three years before Murata redraws this isn't it[View]
190586005Killing students is a part of a teacher's job[View]
190587011Arakure Ojousama wa Monmon Shiteiru/A rough lady Chapter 8: New chapter out.[View]
190591649i want to live in the comfy anime world bros...[View]
190591644What's the best romcom?[View]
190586388Post unironic JoJo references in non JoJo Anime[View]
190591281Kino, greatest anime of all time. The only anime better than Evangelion[View]
190573277One Piece: What will he do about this madlad Ronin?[View]
190589015How badly does /a/ want T7S to get an anime? Serious question.[View]
190590555Rin pleases Luvia for gems[View]
190589194These are your 12 heros for today[View]
190585328I love when she smiles.[View]
190589782Post /fa/ manga panels here[View]
190574333Faces that give you hope: ITT we post the faces that keep us going despite life being a miserable se…[View]
190589775What the fuck?[View]
190586392So he’s supposed to be Jesus, right?[View]
190590381/a/ needs more cute furry characters[View]
190587248GochiUsa: Happy Birthday Sharo[View]
190587901Forgotten Anime: Just remembered this anime exists what are some other forgotten anime /a/?[View]
190586581Can someone explain this line of thinking to me? Why is a show bad if characters don't die in i…[View]
190590216Wake up anon, we're going to Antarctica![View]
190585389>The Tyler Sisters are for _[View]
190587554dies irae: >tfw best vn got a shit adaptation >tfw best universe will never get its spotlight …[View]
190580171I love jaguar[View]
190590022Texhnolyze: A real human being[View]
190588268Do it; if you're so smart[View]
190579537Sakuga: Sakuga[View]
190589471>open your locker >see this what do?[View]
190586278ITT legs made for 足コキ[View]
190577606Kage bunshin no jutsu: This technique sucks ass when you think about it. He's literally dividin…[View]
190577798>casually dies off-screen What did Araki mean by this?[View]
190584698Is there life on the Moon?[View]
190587690What if Shinji wuz a delinquent thug[View]
190589469Is she the cutest?[View]
190587739Symphogear: Is this idolshit or actually good? Don’t want to waste my time[View]
190580957Life-altering Series: Anons. You ever have that one series in your life that really affected you? An…[View]
190585967Does he have autism?[View]
190585680But why did he cry?[View]
190574102Boruto Thread: Team 25 is Back!: After around 70 episodes of not appearing outside of a few Endings,…[View]
190586064FMA 2003 vs. Brotherhood: Today /a/ must finally decide which is the best[View]
190589139Is there any sign for a second season?[View]
190582427Jojo Thread: Post your >Favourite part >Favourite Jojo >Favourite supporting (male) >Fav…[View]
190582130Yuri on Ice: I miss them bros[View]
190586808/a/ likes tennis anime right?[View]
190587965What anime are you rewatching /a/? I'm rewatching this since it's been a few years.[View]
190587020Now that pretty much everything worth talking about is out now, how would you rate this season so fa…[View]
190502340What pickup lines would you use on this saucy fuck puppet?[View]
190587956What is the best OP of the new season? pic related. didnt really like the first two episodes but I d…[View]
190530087Girls und Panzer: Episode 2 - Films[View]
190580762How would he know whether she's a virgin or not?[View]
190538141buyfag thread: ruined hair[View]
190582913Is reading re: worth it[View]
190580245Mami is pure!!![View]
190521882ITT: Manga only you read[View]
190582978Since when do Vikings ride motorcycles? Fucking dropped.[View]
190535827Joshikousei no Mudazukai: The desk location has changed also by feng sui that pillow poisiton is not…[View]
190585210*Teleports behind you* *Does everything you tried to do only better and more succinctly* He'h, …[View]
190582116What is your favorite Isekai this season? Mine is Arifureta or Cheat Magician[View]
190583675>music composer >Kenji Kawai[View]
190585918moshi moshi, beato desu[View]
190582879My 1.93m self wish it was isekai'd to the Sengoku era. I could unify Japan in 2 years top by st…[View]
190582789Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2: Why is it ok for a girl to mercilessness bully a boy but not the othe…[View]
190584043It's smart because it's non-chronological.[View]
190586656Sounan desu ka: >people still think this[View]
190584271THE BODY OF A SINNER[View]
190584260Why does Violet love older men so much?[View]
190586446I-I think I'm in love, /a/. I didn't know being whipped could feel so pleasurable. I will …[View]
190586213not that well-known good anime: I saw a meme the other day that had this anime girl in it and I gott…[View]
190585636What's the ecchiest show of the year so far?[View]
190545864Why are crop tops so sexy?[View]
190541211Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba: Episode 15[View]
190576891Symphogear XV: >haha that live show really made a killing didn't it?…[View]
190577344Tell me about her.[View]
190579848Who's your favorite anime/manga dad, /a/?[View]
190569185Shingeki no Annie!: It sure feels nice when you know your waifu is safe and forgotten when the autho…[View]
190584169Best decade for anime?: I'm curious to hear what you think the best era for anime is, although …[View]
1905654598 Shonen Protagonists: How would you rate these 8 protagonists from worst to best?[View]
190478762Black Clover: Chapter 212 is out.[View]
190583402Alright anons, how do we fix anime bullies?[View]
190584121Post Ripoff Characters: Araki even copied his rapist tendencies.[View]
190583220which one of these fine sailors would you accompany a boat cruise with[View]
190574997wait, what? what the fuck is this?! YOU CAN'T JUST END IT THERE[View]
190582888HxH Succession War: Which prince will be the next to die?[View]
190585026PRESENT DAY PRESENT TIME: NBC Universal announced on its website on Saturday that residents of Japan…[View]
190514499Why was she so strong that she can take on heros in combat and come out relatively unscathed? Are al…[View]
190580049Dai Dark ch.5: Hey look its Nikaido! Also the plot is finally moving![View]
19057422186 -Eight-six-: A happy birthday to the best girl /a/ has apparently never heard of, Vladilena Milli…[View]
190583627Watashi no shounen: Fucking dropped[View]
190581629There's so much good shows on the Fridays >DanMachi >Dr. Stone >Fire Force >Acceler…[View]
190582297Dark elf > elf[View]
190581718Scanlation Thread: Viva la vida[View]
190579349Would you take advantage of her feelings for you and fuck her hard?[View]
190581472>15 years since Midori Days >a greater love story has yet to be written…[View]
190577187manga: this show was fucking great. does the manga hold up?[View]
190559829What do you think about the Kurosawas?[View]
190574421Lord El-Melloi II Case Files: >Best girl of the season is a saber clone. How do they do it??…[View]
190583516The End of Evangelion: Is the film canon? Should I stop watching at episode 24 and then watch the mo…[View]
190580432What do you think about neet girls in anime?[View]
190583356You can get armament haki, observation haki, and conquerors haki by opening your chakras, its alot e…[View]
190581966Remake with a good animation when?[View]
190581135LOW IQ CHARACTERS: Sure, Aqua's stupid. But is she stupid *enough*? Who is the lowest-IQ charac…[View]
190555917Who is your second favorite imouto character?[View]
190581429With summer Comiket right around the corner, what are you looking forward to?[View]
190583030local painter boy spills paint everywhere. More at 11 which was 2 days ago.[View]
190582071How can one man be so based?[View]
190555760Dr. Stone: Why did this guy not mature at all in 3,700 years?[View]
190579009why is anime so much more popular than manga[View]
190569292QUALITY: Come, let's post some QUALITY[View]
190579692>expect something goofy and sometimes lewd >mostly feel shame and pity for Tejina-senpai Guys,…[View]
190581407seven deadly sins: just how much of a jobber can he be[View]
190561587Why exactly does this show get so much praise?[View]
190581448He deserves so much better[View]
190579998Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu: Chapter 20 translated 2 days ago More spicy Tiger action[View]
190580719I'm sorry, /a/[View]
190571550kaguya: She looks very disappointed here[View]
190581006My Senpai is Annoying: Here be Chapter 81 of a cute little romance with loli kouhai. Uploading at a …[View]
190523247why does /a/ hate this character? she's relatable[View]
190581568Where should I start reading one piece manga?: I know the popular answer is going to be 'from the be…[View]
190579677Sore ga Seiyuu!: Wait, did I just inadvertently watch an idol anime?[View]
190581217Boruto?: More like, Bored-uto Amirite?[View]
190581132What studio is animating the Wano arc?: The animation is much higher quality than it's been in …[View]
190581866I normally love this kind of show but I am finding this to be a tedious slog despite the obviously c…[View]
190577998Well anon, why haven't you watched the greatest mecha anime of the 2010's yet?[View]
190579996>DITF ended more than a year ago[View]
190529847 [View]
190536025Darling in the FranXX manga: It's been a year and one week since this shit ended, yet the manga…[View]
190580547When did you drop this anime? I lasted until episode 9, the episode when the ogres appear and Rimuru…[View]
190529933NagaToRo: Her time for an anime is cosign soon, right?[View]
190574256>litterally drawing a girl and calling it a boy[View]
190578923Why does everyone hate it again?[View]
190571901Just finished Ergo Proxy and I've never understood why people had waifu's until now, I…[View]
190580089all of the characters on this show are mary sues, why should i cheer for any of them[View]
190551150It is already July 14th in Japan. Happy 50th birthday up there, Big Brother. Wish you were here. htt…[View]
190581139Welcome back Mari Okada, I missed you.[View]
190576664Enen no Shouboutai: guys, I'm in love.[View]
190579252My choice for the worst anime ever made is 'Inferno Cop.' It's not even animation. It's ju…[View]
190579982Naruto: What is your opinion on Naruto?[View]
190576669This is Takeshi Obata. Say something nice about him.[View]
190581115Reminder that Aqua is not only best girl, but best goddess as well[View]
190577724Mamma Mia, MC-kun! Why you open a pizza parlour in another world instead of with la familia? You bre…[View]
190538467Dragon Ball Super: Hello chadness my old friend[View]
190534002Miru Tights: Episode 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qucwJiocJak[View]
190574194Is that a death flag? Thats a death flag isnt it? Fuck me.[View]
190574690The last anime you watched is crossing over with Lupin, what's he stealing?[View]
190579772i don't get it[View]
190579965umaru: look at this nug[View]
190572933What am I in for?[View]
190559447Remember the days when you could see nipples on prime-time TV anime?[View]
190576346Why does anime adaptions of classic literature tend to be better than their original?[View]
190579556>so beautiful it's otherworldly >enormous breasts that still have room to grow because sh…[View]
190579434Fascinating, isn't it, how changeable women are?: One minute they say they want you and the nex…[View]
190573788There are animals that believe that reading manga and LN's is actually superior to watching Ani…[View]
190574876>The storyboards for the next ten chapters are already done, so I'll get started again soon.…[View]
190575161This is honestly one of the worst adaptions from a manga I've seen. What the fuck did they chan…[View]
190565936>always known it as overrated trash >decides to give it a watch >finishes the two seasons …[View]
190577928Well, Araki *kinda* forgot about him: I know they showed him in one of the last episodes, after Nara…[View]
190566636>dub gives yakuza Italian American accents[View]
190575710So Anno really got the last laugh, huh? Netflix turned it into utter trash and took out a lot of ele…[View]
190578267With all of these developments and exposition of her character, we can all agree Ichika is the main …[View]
190577398SAY IT AIN'T SO[View]
190575156There is way too many baka in this board. *pop*[View]
190576691Is this the most iconic scene in shounen?[View]
190575691Are you following any yuri manga?[View]
190565314Reina deserved better.[View]
190578222I watched pic related the other day and holy fuck, I love it. I've been going through Mamoru Ho…[View]
190577230Yuzumori-san: will it ever be adapted into an anime?[View]
190573284I don't get it: Episode 4 I dropped this because I don't think I've ever been disappo…[View]
190568908Rate This Season: AOTY: Do You even Lift?! God tier: Dr. Soul Great tier: Vinland Saga JoJo Cop Craf…[View]
190575135Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun Anime Staff: https://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/hanakokun/ Director: Masaomi Ando…[View]
190567695This is bad. I'm talking like Pupa or Glasslip bad. I'm talking 'I watched all 12 episodes…[View]
190576612Girls Last Tour: You are now painfully aware that when Chito and Yuuri slept up top on the last day …[View]
190577055Are they right?[View]
190576401Is Madoka good?[View]
190576982Post girls who you'd pityfuck[View]
190568774What are the most kino shots in anime?[View]
190574544Whether you like it or not, this is the most powerful heroine in all of anime. Thoughts?[View]
190573947So he wants to kill all boomers? Whats the issue with that?[View]
190577009>reading food isekai[View]
190576554How can manga even compete with this kino?[View]
190575027Mousou telepathy: Mana pls[View]
190568064Symphogear XV: Millaarc has an announcement to make.[View]
190574771Choose one anime that has aired in the past 5 years: and someone will finish watching the anime you…[View]
190565074What is some of the best early anime? Pic related: Even better if there is more than 5 episodes whic…[View]
190574776Uh-oh... Onion-chan is in trouble! How do you help her?[View]
190524008is zombidol worth watching?[View]
190570592End of Evangelion: Is anyone here aware that Shinji spends most of the movie with semen in her pants…[View]
190571501Does anyone know what the Japanese thought of the ending to Usagi Drop? It generally seems to be ver…[View]
190574999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M656Pfy_z5o&t=3s I really want to watch this but I cant find it …[View]
190554375Go Toubun no Hanayome Quints: >Another chapter where 5 gets no development. Yotsuba suffers, but …[View]
190575096I just read the fate route of the visual novel and now I'm confused: Is unlimited blade works i…[View]
190567604Is this the most creative an anime or manga has ever been when it comes to getting the female charac…[View]
190574671Gegege no Kitarou: >[HorribleSubs] Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - 64 [720p] Subs out.…[View]
190576079>ruins all sakuga forever[View]
190571515ITT: Jobbers[View]
190562880Top 10 JUMP mangaka by artistic skills: Japanese fans rank top 10 JUMP mangaka by artistic skills. T…[View]
190568791Kawasaki Tadataka Oneshot: Mashino Aruchi: This is a oneshot that appeared on Weekly Young Jump Vol.…[View]
190575527You should be able to solve this[View]
190572747I'm in the middle of S;G 0 right now and I haven't watched the original or movie in a few …[View]
190561615Why doesn't she just get a bf?[View]
190563588Mirai no mirai: It's a solid 6/10 flick. Would never watch again. I got memed again by /a/.…[View]
190572002What if Shinka became your wingman?[View]
190565217Raildex: https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Toaru_Majutsu_no_Index:NT_Volume22R_Chap…[View]
190555902Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan: I enjoy it.[View]
190574224which anime made you cry[View]
190573412ITT:: We post cute married couples and girly shoujo[View]
190574138What's your favorite instance of a show going maximum edge suddenly and with little warning?[View]
190575364Uh oh anon, you used the o word. Are you ready for snu-snu?[View]
190571780Dorohedoro: Has there been any more news on the anime?[View]
190568926My name's Rei Ayanami! How's it hanging?[View]
190566835Lets post criminally under rated anime[View]
190559991Are the girls on Symphogears Idols?: They do sing. Is this enough to become and Idol?[View]
190570757October 6, 2019: White Fox 24 ep[View]
190569840>Earth scientist somehow makes androids even stronger than the strongest being in the universe To…[View]
190569872>Nichijou good[View]
190571357Gimme your saddest Shingeki panels[View]
190571978GOAT directors and why they deserve that title.[View]
190565011Berserk: So, is Griffith going to rape Erica after this? also, new chapter when?[View]
190569730Will the cute vampire make up for this edgy MC?[View]
190573921muh dick[View]
190570858So who is Gray's Blood Line ?: Gawain ? Bedivere ?[View]
190569239Why do people say EoE is an alternate ending? Doesn't ep 25/26 happen in the middle of EoE when…[View]
190563471Characters that aren't allowed to be happy: What's their name, /a/nons?[View]
190572993So... Tazmanian Devil's perma-deathed? That sucks.[View]
190568486Kantai Collection: SOUL I know you wanted a non serious anime but stop hating it. https://www.youtub…[View]
190573726>nothen personnel bravo, fucking masterpiece[View]
190571138Kaguya 155: https://www.strawpoll.me/18317481[View]
190561768Eat more ramen[View]
190572756Human Instrumentality: Can /a/ please explain why SEELE attacked NERV? They both wanted the same goa…[View]
190573388Who is this mysterious mustachioed man next to Ritsu?[View]
190572283What does /a/ think of Ran and the Gray World?[View]
190569586Was it, dare I say it, kino?[View]
190573207Burning Effect: I didn't ask for these feels...[View]
190571551Why do elevens like 177013 route so much?[View]
190571931Best Chads in anime?[View]
190573116Good or evil reasons, or just confusing?: Episode 52 of Attack on Titan, another anime, I love how d…[View]
190571091Who has the best figure in anime?[View]
190570188>tfw no fox girl to make you happy after long days at work why even live…[View]
190572791ITT: Waifus you've replaced as you grew older.: I've replaced Megumin with Altair after wa…[View]
190487388Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: What did he mean by this? And will Aoi die again this time? Episode 110: 哀の苛立ち – A…[View]
190562124Famous Last Words: Pretty self explanatory. Post shit from other series or just talk about JoJo, it…[View]
190555546Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - 02: Have you watched the second episode of Waver's anime yet? Wh…[View]
190572909Does /a/ *batta batta batta*?[View]
190518220Shining Star, Cocotama, Aifure, Prichan etc: Do you think we're going to get good summer episod…[View]
1905668302019, I am forgotten...l[View]
190544180Cop Craft: >Walk into the station, and to my surprise >There was a tiny ass elf right beside …[View]
190564685>not a single good anime in this season.[View]
190560505Name a character that able to lift the blue hair curse[View]
190570633Arrest my Heart: Remember this cutie?[View]
190549366Why the fuck was StrikerS so divisive among the Nanoha fandom? People even try to argue that it…[View]
190552530one piece: the second episode of wano will premiere in approx. 3 hours. what the fuck are you doing?…[View]
190571341Why was Hotaru so popular with guys during high school?[View]
190550951Boku no Hero Academia: I actually liked it and waiting for its 4th season[View]
190566121Tomo-chan: This is it.[View]
190563177Kaguya 155: >gets 'confessed' to by Ishigami >just 4 days later, invites Ishi to the xmas part…[View]
190568423Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?: I'm going to be so fucking dissapoi…[View]
190539738Tejina-senpai: This girl is only good for being a baby factory.[View]
190570416Were 3 episodes of Vinland Saga at once a blessing or a curse? >Episode 4 in 14 days and 9 hours…[View]
190563484Yatogame-chan: *sniff* 'I-I can't believe how easily you've forgotten me~' *sniff*[View]
190564618Nukenai Seiken-chan 4: A new chapter of lewding the holy sword[View]
190569604Mamis the best[View]
190567657Was her past ever revealed?[View]
190569198Ichigo 100% Poll Aya VS Tsukasa: Strawberry 100% Aya or Nishino? Is there popularity poll (Japan)?…[View]
190565207What the fuck? How did this make it in?[View]
190547073Kimetsu no Yaiba: At this point I'm just left wondering what made Ufotable accept working on th…[View]
190556840Vigilante 57: Washed out star who performs heroism without a license is seen carrying illegal firear…[View]
190564602Tittyzawa and Uzaki combine their tiddy power to create...[View]

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