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188663431Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine: No new episode this week but lets have a thread anyways.[View]
188675287Anime owo: Should Mion from when they cry waifu material?[View]
188676709Native Isekai: This girl is top cute, but how does her hand / glove / gauntlet work? What's fur…[View]
188676535Umineko fans your help is needed!: Hey there fellow Umineko fans, I made this thread to ask if any o…[View]
188676489Later, buddy...[View]
188676453The Place Promised in our Early days: This was unironically too deep for me.[View]
188665948What's your favorite reaction image, /a/?[View]
188675155A Scientific Measure for Cuteness: So I've been thinking...we all talk about 'cute' characters …[View]
188630444Boruto anime and manga are a complete shitfest... Throughout Naruto, Sasuke committed countless terr…[View]
188668471Asuka is a classic: Did Asuka invent the Tsundere personality?[View]
188668580Birdmen: I'm not the only one who reads this right? New chapter came out so I was wondering. It…[View]
188675958Little witch academia: Would a spin off based around ursula sensei work?[View]
188673602Tomihiko Morimi: What has this man done to deserve so many God tier adaptions?[View]
188670669Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: How loud does it get when you fluff a fox?[View]
188675730It's been 5 years bros I miss them ;_;[View]
188673211Hypeman characters: Post characters that only only appeared to make the mc look good.[View]
188675568early 2000s anime: What is your favorite? Mine is Gankutsuou.[View]
188674164xxxHolic thread[View]
188672501>she notices you staring at her in class[View]
188674189Sup /a/. If you go to the Artifact section on twitch, you’ll find a bunch of anime being streamed li…[View]
188673657So now that this decade is almost over, we can all agree that Fate/Zero is the best TV anime of the …[View]
188672220Hunter x Hunter: I find Togashi's art very engaging, he depicts 'moods' not just details on eve…[View]
188674021All she ever wanted was Ging's cock and attention.[View]
188663657Hanebado!: Chapter 53 Everyone is just a little bit unstable.[View]
188674595this is shit[View]
188674900DBS Manga: What did Moro wish for?[View]
188664148Gabriel Dropout: season 2 when?[View]
188665511Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 58: Aquamarine[View]
188673034Out of the way! Best Shōnen coming through![View]
188669864Akira: Was it really that good?[View]
188673863Viz Weekly Shonen Jump Rips - May 26th: Viz Anon here with another set of WSJ rips from Viz and Mang…[View]
188654831Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?: Your weekly dose of cute teachers doing cute teacher things (with their l…[View]
188667423>enters your rear view mirror What do?[View]
188668294psst, hey kid. want some chocolate?[View]
188674326Chainsawman is alright[View]
188670797What's your favorite manga onomatopoeia?[View]
188671676Why does this degenerate pedo shut-in have such a pretty voice?[View]
188670623KOF: A new Beginning 17-2: Where in Ralf fucks up[View]
188635300Dragon Ball Super: The light novel implies ss broly > UI Goku from ToP So ss Gogeta > UI Goku …[View]
188663686Supposing if the two of them had a baby, Would he have One for All and Uraraka's anti-gravity?,…[View]
188672119I don't care what anybody has ever said about how cool the 'transformations' in Super are. Hell…[View]
188661816Destroy All of Humanity. It Can't Be Regenerated: Greatest ongoing manga, without a doubt.…[View]
188636660Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
188673776I already miss his character. How will Part 5 play out from here without him?[View]
188674000Dream Machine: Someday /a/... someday[View]
188673047>guy looks annoyed >calls her ugly >IT'S OK HE DIDN'T MEAN IT XD Why did she choo…[View]
188654110One Piece: What was Kaido thinking when he started playing gacha with SMILEs? Why couldn't he b…[View]
188673315Cursed images thread: > Cursed images thread[View]
188662934Shoumetsu Toshi: >[HorribleSubs] Shoumetsu Toshi - 08 [720p].mkv send help, I can't drop it.…[View]
188672971Heh, nothing personal kid[View]
188670291Post mysteries of anime and manga.[View]
188671658Is there any website where i can read chapters 22-33 of Shishunki Renaissance David-kun? Mangadex on…[View]
188639019Are the love lives pure?[View]
188667019ITT: Ass pulls[View]
188670611>serialising two complete shit series so that Samurai 8 has an easy time surviving even though it…[View]
188672960is there a most powerfull opening than this one ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-PkAQcuZOw[View]
188644361Kimetsu no Yaiba: Nezuthighs[View]
188670094Did Araki intentionally make him a terrible character?[View]
188670492Megalo Box: Was Sachio a reverse trap?[View]
188672079I miss her[View]
188665106>besides, my grandma used to say that guys prefer girls with a little meat on their bones…[View]
188667933Why are his fingers in there?[View]
188667924Gintama 703: New chapter out. Fucking Sorachi, it was beautiful[View]
188671881Linus, please watch Hunter X Hunter[View]
188628948Kono Oto Tomare!: >[HorribleSubs] Kono Oto Tomare! - 08 [1080p].mkv To the 9 anons watching this …[View]
188670675What about him attracts young beautiful vulnerable girls? Is it the intelligence? The nihilism? Or m…[View]
188657981Who the FUCK plays football next to a GIANT RiVER/LAKE?[View]
188671324Name a bigger pleb filter[View]
188639351JoJo: Why is Giorno so cool?[View]
188671071New fate/stay night heaven's feel chapter translated. I never read the VN but I'm guessing…[View]
188669886How would you feel if these two did a collaboration?[View]
188671404Was it good? Or just edgy shit drawn really well for the time?[View]
188668314GATE: Is a sufficiently large explosion all it would take to effectively imprison a demigod until th…[View]
188671602buruma > half pants[View]
188671601They totally fuck, right?[View]
188657533Domestic Na Kanojo: Wait is this true?[View]
188658639What's /a/'s opinion on this goober?[View]
188599149Black Clover: old thread hit bump limit[View]
188666086Shingeki no Kyojin: Zeke always makes me smile. He is the best[View]
188650674Boku No Hero Academia: here's your endgame boss bro[View]
188671062Ehhh, Niita you said if I was good you'd get us a season 2. Where is it Niita?[View]
188665330Outbreak Company: This is the worst anime I've ever seen. What did you think of it? the hikkimo…[View]
188670489Kasumin saison 1 (dual audio jp en)(no sub https://anidex.info/torrent/247563[View]
188668765Me when I see Sister Krone’s (manga) character design: The promised never land (Chicken run rip off…[View]
188658889Parallel Paradise: Clown got clowned[View]
188630699>Aspiring detective fails at math. >The antagonist is a cat version of Peter Singer. >Only …[View]
188670548>Magic the Gathering cube based on the Hunter x Hunter universe I'm autistic enough to make …[View]
188654925Tokyo Ghoul: It's been almost an year since Tokyo Ghoul's final chapter. Share your fondes…[View]
188668020Which jojo part is the gayest jojo? For me it's SBR.[View]
188669176Futari no Taisei: WTF guys, this is actually real good[View]
188668439what does /a/ think about Perfect Blue and Satoshi Kon in general?[View]
188669151Non Non Biyori: Season 3 announced. Rejoice.[View]
188652972Highschool DxD: Yura suddenly said “I might like you more than Kiba and Genshirou.” —! I found it ha…[View]
188669589Disk Avengers was too good for this shitty world[View]
188669939It's not that bad you fags: Overall so far I'm fine with season 2, if people want to compa…[View]
188657875Bokuben: Dumping the chapter for the Urukabros[View]
188667266I really like the different stages of development for Tomoko's group over the past few chapters…[View]
188669093>get isekaied into the setting of my dreams >except I became a useless, level 0 human who is c…[View]
188669333Since isekai is everywhere: when does an isekai anime just become a high fantasy anime? Is it only i…[View]
188666221Dude we referenced this popular thing you know!! Isn't this comedy gold? You should be rolling …[View]
188663270SELAMAT PAGI /a/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfC_alWYcPk[View]
188668409do you guys realise this masterpiece is the best anime of this year?[View]
188666700Is there a better anime ost than champloos? It’s fucking masterful and inspired a generation of youn…[View]
188664972i just watched season 1 in one sitting. gonna watch all of season 2 right now. what am i in for? wil…[View]
188667857Just wondering: So how plausible is it that, by the end of the manga, Eren acquires all titan powers…[View]
188666516What does Ayano's hair smell like?[View]
188668056>turns your medieval themed psychological horror exploitation manga into a light hearted happy go…[View]
188668634>Status: Ongoing >Latest Release: 01/17/17…[View]
188638916Thoughts on female NTR?[View]
188655393I miss prison school threads.[View]
188656448Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a battle royale anime filled with cute characters like LLEN…[View]
188665090Post series that were able to actually deliver on the writing of its main characters.[View]
188666507>mfw not a single umaru thread on the front page[View]
188668286Terrible designs: What kind of lunatic moron thought this was a good idea?[View]
188663942seishun buta: Will the real Kaede ever come back?[View]
188657245Why are tan/cocoa girls so alluring? They're in almost everyone manga and anime and are always …[View]
188663981Jesus Christ this manga.[View]
188668051Beast Children: It's out on Manga Plus if you want to give it a read. I dislike Rugby so I…[View]
188666643ITT: ascended 'seasonal waifus': Girls who were doomed to be seasonal but ended up having lasting po…[View]
188665234Durarara: Is it worth getting into?[View]
188667527>Imagine sniffing erzas boobies[View]
188659382I have bleached my eyes and so should you[View]
188667749HAIL 2U[View]
188663054Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 60 is out by Jaimini[View]
188665307>strongest creature in the world >spent it's time playing board games Was Meruem autistic…[View]
188667900Ojamajo Doremi: How would you rank the seasons?[View]
188659400How did this retard get himself killed against some random mere 7 jonins again ?[View]
188629000what the fuck /a/ told me SAO was garbage[View]
188664998Was she an Uzumaki? She’s got the signature red hair.[View]
188667014Should I watch Hajime Ippo?: I was going to start watching this anime but a buddy told me the only e…[View]
188660348>comfy horror manga Why are these not popular?[View]
188657785Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san + My Senpai is Annoying: Here be Chapter 36th of Kitsune Loli Wife Mot…[View]
188656591Ninja Slayer: what the FUCK am I watching?[View]
188662030Kaiji: >just watched two seasons of this >not one potential waifu in the entire series How di…[View]
188665987tate no yuusha thread: >It was in this moment she knew she fucked up. Fellow anons, what are your…[View]
188657190Fairy Gone: New episode soon. Shit is about to get real.[View]
188666153So, what was the big deal about this? Why did it set the world on fire? I skipped it back then becau…[View]
188659371GIVE UP?[View]
188664981you all who call this drawing with loose stroke style (and another ones), 'bad' deserve a consultati…[View]
188666630Futa Elfs: When are we getting more? I need more of my cute wife.[View]
188663787This was the peak of shounen battle mechanic. You know his safe limit, but you also know he can boos…[View]
188666553aot: Oh, so he just what, snuck up on levi in the 0.25 microseconds he was looking away? Good one, r…[View]
188657673I love Ao-chan so much... Even if each episode was two hours, I'd tune in without a second thou…[View]
188666510Hardstyle AMV: Anyone into Hardstyle AMV's? https://www.youtube.com/c/Anime4TheWorldStudios…[View]
188666170>both go to shit the minute they decide to have a shitty JRPG party around them…[View]
188652101Golden Kamuy 199: The latest chapter is out. Noda has outdone himself again.[View]
188651634ITT: Clam your waifus: Show the one and only how much you love her.[View]
188618982Precure - 100 Year Old Vibrator: Why does Ciel keep Vibry as a slave?[View]
188665225>tfw no fox gf who will pamper and love you Why even live?[View]
188632499>a comfy post-apocalypse SoL manga that reaches just short of 700 pages >a 500+ sexbait doujin…[View]
188663180Why is she so perfect boys? She's just too damn cute. I can't stop looking at her. I just…[View]
188662757This is Princess Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, third in line for the royal throne of the Kingdom of Sai…[View]
188645065Ping Pong the Animation..: I just finished this, fucking legendary.[View]
188666120Naka no Hito Genome: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oT0rc9kJLk Is this the new Mekaku Shitty A…[View]
188664547Dragon ball super: After we finally come to eoz, who are going to be the new protagonists? Of course…[View]
188666039What happen to my koto bros? And just imagine this being your aunt.[View]
188664070This fight was so lazly done; 90% percent of the fight was just giant balls of light..... compared t…[View]
188661482Shingeki no Kyojin: >'I'B GOBBA BAY IT, BEVI!'[View]
188665942I would seven page MUDA her in bed, if you know what I'm saying[View]
188663879Is this the dawn of ETR (Emilia NTR)? I am down with Ainz x Emilia, bros[View]
188665884itt the only characters that deserve happy endings.[View]
188665129Who is the strongest isekai MC? Who is the nicest isekai MC? Who is the meanest isekai MC? Which ise…[View]
188640242Would you a chika /a/?[View]
188663660Mieruko-chan: Me in the back[View]
188664196When will they end this bullshit so they can make something that's actually good again?[View]
188663996Hitorigatari shite mo....ii desu ka??[View]
188653752Girls und Panzer: Why are girls of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy so flat compared to other schools?[View]
188658957When did you realize that this is AOTS?[View]
188662437>couldn't even injure the King was he the ultimate jobber?[View]
188647875Which one would you rather get isekaied as, a loli or a big breasted girl?[View]
188661972What the fuck was his problem?[View]
188657839Eri Sawachika: Still the best Tsundere girl ever made[View]
188664478What happened to this series?[View]
188663301Yuusha ga shinda chapter 160 raw: https://lhscan.net/read-yuusha-ga-shinda-raw-chapter-160.html Look…[View]
188661394You might not like it, but this is what peak deconstruction looks like.[View]
188656489>anime has obvious gay elements >NAH THEY'RE JUST VERY CLOSE FRIENDS Why do they do this?…[View]
188657204Just started this, what am I in for?[View]
188652863What did they just do /a/?[View]
188658155And the title of the most overrated anime goes to...[View]
188657326one punch man: something seems off here...[View]
188663844Are cat ears + tail just a lazy way to make girls cuter?[View]
188656988Is it just me or is manga getting more popular than anime on this board?[View]
188656636Rate This Season So Far: AOTY: Do you even lift? AOTS: Fruit Basket Great tier: Carole and Tuesday G…[View]
188654771>monthly serialized manga >pacing of a weekly manga…[View]
188620069Hitori Bocchi: This is Bocchi. She is little and a bit chubby. She tries her best to make a lot of f…[View]
188660028Wolf & Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf: Where the fuck are the raws????[View]
188662924Is he okay ?[View]
188640245Houseki no Kuni Chapter 79: Two Hundred and Twenty Years: New chapter is out https://mangadex.org/ch…[View]
188663655Daily reminder that borumitsu will win and the meltdown from borusumi and borusara will outscale nar…[View]
188659011Is this the era of /ss/? Because im liking it.[View]
188661672For me, it's Lynn Minmay.[View]
188656308Is this better than Azumanga Daioh?[View]
188661248once again proving how much of a best girl she is.[View]
188659859Berserk: Last sunday of last month is when we got the previous chapter, you guys think we're ge…[View]
188661129Shoulder a Coffin Kuro 7 (Final): I can't believe it, the final volume. After 15 years, this is…[View]
188661294Why are gay pedophiles always depicted as evil?[View]
188663254What is your waifu's stance on the true shape of the earth?[View]
188659268shes an easy lover: Once her adaptation airs, how hard is she gonna crash the waifu market?[View]
188661469Nicola no Oyururi Makai Kikou: >little witch traveling around the demon world with a peddler This…[View]
188659373It's been so long[View]
188661604Lord give me the strength to overcome these trials and not give in to temptation.[View]
188655823fuck me, I just read chapter 40, Jesus fucking Christ[View]
188653421The Land is cloaked in deepest blue[View]
188659357Violet Evergarden: zzzzzz just about 6 more months until movie[View]
188662694uhhh, excuse me? This little faggot needs to seriously check himself. Did he forget who he was talki…[View]
188659580Neo-Tokyo is about to E.X.P.L.O.D.E.[View]
188660134When did you realize DiGi Charat was the pinnacle of otaku culture?[View]
188660529The Great Debate: Which one of them excels at crosshatching and fantasy scenery?[View]
188662177Teisou Gyakuten Sekai: It finally happened.[View]
188662493Who is your Best Character[View]
188646131ITT: Post perfect girls[View]
188659978Was this an underrated masterpiece?[View]
188636939Now that it's been 9 years and the dust has settled, can we all agree that Sayaka was the best …[View]
188662401I love Satanichia! Chubby abduction facesitting femdom abusive Satania gf![View]
188660915Soushin Shoujo Matoi: Does it get good?[View]
188644707Please describe this child.[View]
188623118Kemono Friends: Discotek got it and dubbed it[View]
188654482Why is Fate so popular?[View]
188656445What would you do if you came across a household that consisted of an 8 year old, her teenage sentie…[View]
188661288>see that mountain? you can climb it[View]
188654404One Punch Man: Why do people pretend the limiter explanation is some Murata shonenshit addition, whe…[View]
188660751Are you intelligent enough to appreciate Haruhi's Endless 8?[View]
188660033Why was season 2 so bad?[View]
188644494Where are The translations? It's fucking happening[View]
188659708Kaguya: >tfw no fem Prez to fug to relive her stress[View]
188659685Revue Starlight: Is it just me or was this show kinda gay?[View]
188647274Is this normal heterosexual behavior between two incredibly straight high-school girls?[View]
188652511Is it so wrong to love Astolfo?[View]
188659511Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 59 is out[View]
188644776She wins[View]
188652518Did Blizzard and One Punch Man kiss yet in the Webnovel?[View]
188653376Why are adult protagonists so uncommon in anime and manga? Frankly sick of fucking teenagers.[View]
188654452How do you feel about this smooth criminal?[View]
188658280Who was the best option for Ranma? >Akane; was a bitch. >Shampoo; was hot but crazy. >Kasum…[View]
188651781Yuru Camp: How can they be stopped?[View]
188658571Who is this character?[View]
188655330Big tiddy fight! Who will win?[View]
188658147what's up with modern mangakas? as soon as their manga becomes a success and gets an anime the …[View]
188651102Joshikausei: I think we can all agree this anime peaked with episode 8.[View]
188654945>protagonist cites The Prince[View]
188657282Who is the Chris Jericho of the manga industry? Someone who has constantly evolved themselves and ha…[View]
188659425Burning Effect: >Futuristic setting where a gigantic city is faced with growing populations and c…[View]
188659366FREEZE! You've SUBARA'd your last SHII, dirtbag![View]
188645114Why does this make me feel so empty inside?[View]
188656259>best anime >no plot whatsoever[View]
188656206>anime's protagonists' voice actors sing the opening[View]
188654995ITT: moments where you dropped an anime[View]
188659217Anime characters are pretty Japanese(asian) and pretty white person.: Anime characters are pretty Ja…[View]
188657836This is Fiffi Virsaladze[View]
188655624Post wedding pic: >non main heroine edition[View]
188653561For some reason I liked these 2 dumbasses[View]
188656616ITT: Romantic moments in /a/ where it's acceptable for men to cry.[View]
188655089>'It can't be helped...' >'EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHH!?!?' >'You're much cuter when you sm…[View]
188658063Is there anyone who could defeat him?[View]
188658210Slayers: Let me tell you about Rui Araizumi, the artist of the Slayers light novels and some of its …[View]
188652031One Punch Man: What real purpose would shipping characters together serve that is not just pointless…[View]
188625926I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home.: >not a virgin FUCKING DROPPED SLUT…[View]
188657569Just got around to watching DiTF. Why do I feel so empty inside after finishing it? Is it because I …[View]
188653641Assassins Pride: What do you guys think about shojo battle academy genre?[View]
188650993GOD IS REAL!!!!: just found out Oregairu is getting a third season i'm super duper happy right …[View]
188654277>character is called a delinquent >is actually really cute and wholesome Why does this happen …[View]
188651787Shingeki no Kyojin: 'Grisha is in the last panel'-fags, justify yourselves.[View]
188655396Bad taste[View]
188646041Hajime Isayama: >Got rejected by Jump. >Made his very first work a worldwide phenomenon. >C…[View]
188643803Hinamatsuri 88: Raw's out. Title's 'The End of Heisei'[View]
188617527So just got around to watching Monster Musume, and now we shall have a thread about it. Here are my …[View]
188616408What do you like about Hunter X Hunter the most?[View]
188652415Only character that isn't annoying.[View]
188658019>In the school the three guys met. Their relation had been changed in the season, and turned into…[View]
188656362I feel bad for him, he didn't deserve to die[View]
188655350Shinkai: >'Conveying emotions and evoking feelings on the viewer is much more important than tell…[View]
188654974Hunter x Hunter Top 15 Females: 1. Neferpitou 2. Pakunoda 3. Biscuit Krueger 4. Alluka Zoldyck 5. Ko…[View]
188656950Do not underestimate a koropokkuru's tiny little chompers. They'll slowly nibble off your …[View]
188648484This is that anime where you either have big boobs or just flat boobs. No medium sized ones lmao[View]
188630330Gakkou Gurashi: OH NO NO NO[View]
188609479Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, King of Prism etc.: Has Aine finally influenced Mio to be more open and s…[View]
188655204What about an anime that involves aliens or otherworldly entities giving humans the ability to be ch…[View]
1886553112009 - Ten Years Ago: I keep thinking 10 years ago is like the late 90s or early 2000s but then I re…[View]
188619244Miru Tights: Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxWsf7G6GA8[View]
188655644God damn it I love the Body Improvement Club. I didn't expect them to be so based.[View]
188656170What feels better, to watch anime or read manga?[View]
188654659Is Berserk a well written series?[View]
188651250Your favorite Kirara manga is now drawn by Namori. What happens?[View]
188655273Best girl out of that.[View]
188545162Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari: How was this week's episode?[View]
188656614It is still agreed upon that this was the best anime of 2018, correct?[View]
188644651A Certain Scientific Accelerator: Are you ready for maximum edge this Summer? PV: https://www.youtub…[View]
188648979Fucking Kyoko[View]
188655379Is this Like Working Woman Look Like in Japan?[View]
188651211now that the dust has settled, we can all agreed that goblin slayer is trash and fails at every aspe…[View]
188656226Although Isekai stories are fan-service-tier at best, What are you favourite tropes?[View]
188655056Is Hosoda a furry?[View]
188656344Macross Delta: Can Delta movies fix the second half of the show?[View]
188649544What's the final verdict?[View]
188656112JoJo Vento Aureo: What are your favorite fights in this part? For me: - formaggio - illuso - ghiacci…[View]
188655622>tfw no Tatsumaki BIG sister[View]
188654642Tropes that warrant a drop: >Video game mechanics.[View]
188653583Vampire Hunter D: watch Vampire Hunter D.[View]
188653993When it is ok to rape your sister?[View]
188650330The Great Debate[View]
188642505Uma Musume Pretty Derby: OVA subs are still 'in progress', meanwhile in Japan an uma gacha has been …[View]
188655233Nobunaga-sensei: What the fuck did she mean by this?[View]
188655218When is space fantasy coming back? I'm so fucking tired of medieval MMO isekai trash.[View]
188650855>Main Villain and MC unknowingly meet each other and become friends without knowing each others d…[View]
188653242What's this body proportion called?[View]
188648480What a bitch.[View]
188655087What exactly was the point in leaving him anything if you wanted him to end up with nothing (giving …[View]
188655037It's so boring!: How do we make /a/ fun again?[View]
188654798Why was this show such a mess?[View]
188652714ITT: Characters that are literally you[View]
188637044Why do people get so angry at the concept of wish-fulfillment anime, specifically isekai? Sometimes …[View]
188654952We know a reboot will happen that's based off the manga, but how long do we have to wait for th…[View]
188654163Sasuke character discussion: Sasuke thread, because Naruto and Sakura are too lame to warrant discus…[View]
188654558Will Emilia have a lot of screentime in season 2?[View]
188654426>decade nearly over >can barely remember any anime that aired in the past nine years as being …[View]
188647623will they form a family one day?[View]
188650894Look how they massacred my boy.[View]
188651780Thoughts on Waver?[View]
188653285Bleach: So is this ended for good, or will it continue?[View]
188654512WA2: Why people just talk about Setsuna and Toima which is better rather than Haruki is shit or not…[View]
188646896Raildex: Kamikuro has no chance[View]
188653850Post your yfw face when 3+1 turns out to be a masterpiece that fixes everything the rebuilds did wro…[View]
188647674Citrus: Was this the Yuri anime we deserved?[View]
188649196ITT: repressed lesbian characters[View]
188644550Another manga that proves boy makes the best girls[View]
188653357https://tiermaker.com/create/yuri-anime-58798 Here’s a tiermaker for Yuri anime. Come point and laug…[View]
188625794Was he a tragic character?[View]
188630620>ditzy smoking hot milfs that lack self awareness are becoming increasingly common in series Are …[View]
188645904I need to HUG the Akarin![View]
188513257When will we have another Shinichi case now that they're dating?[View]
188651137Why didn't he just give her the dick?[View]
188654453Homo Time: https://youtu.be/-EcD66yrtX4 Will this break the curse of shitty BL on TV?[View]
188640906>cgi >haremshit >annoying MC >still kino What went right?…[View]
188654104ITT: Characters that LITERALLY did nothing wrong[View]
188653415This is the show that changed /a/'s board culture forever, it replaced introverted hikkis with …[View]
188652303I want to protect her smile. please tell me her show is worth watching[View]
188651265Chihayafuru!!: >countryside poorfag >Defeats the classic rich shoujo prince character clean …[View]
188652557Which lolis you expect this season and the next?[View]
188650535Is there a more kino final fight.: >try to post a more kino final boss scene > pro tip, you ca…[View]
188654118How do you Think about JC Staff: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…[View]
188650814Is there a word for less than soulless?[View]
188643299BLEACH: What is so unique about kubo's art? Even after so many years, he still remains the best…[View]
188653948ooo yeah.... i love the anime pussy[View]
188648069Maruyama sad at Overlord overseas translation.: >Is that for real? It feels like my will to conti…[View]
188635900Kaguya: Less than 48 hours until spoilers. Any last minute predictions?[View]
188654044OTSUKI ROLL[View]
188638763One Piece: Carrot and Kamazou > Big Mom, Oven + Daifuku, Katakuri's bean, Page One[View]
188653894Hunter x Hunter: I got into this series recently and I know HiatusxHiatus is a meme and all but it…[View]
188653196Kira in Dub sounds way better than Sub Kira https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0s4f9TQAvM https://www.…[View]
188653775Ojamajo Doremi Comedy Theater 05: It's out and it's about steak. Doremi loves steak. Now, …[View]
188653190Imouto sae ireba li: why is manga of this series not being translated? i thought it's pretty co…[View]
188649328>gets gifted to you on Valentine’s[View]
188652492Beep beep Korosu arimasu[View]
188652162Does girls more beautiful than Shimarin exist?[View]
188641180Hachiman is such a stud.[View]
188638150Inuyashiki: Is he the nicest protagonist of all time?[View]
188643965Who's next /a/?[View]
188651035>watch any manga adaptation >finish up with it >'where does the manga start off' >at cha…[View]
188633119Shingeki no Kyojin: Pii will fall in love with Yii after Zii breaks her heart. Next chapter will be …[View]
188641254what went wrong[View]
188649623Parasyte: What does /a/ think of the manga?[View]
188615132Houseki no Kuni: Mangadex when?[View]
1886464852019 I am forgotten[View]
188626254Who's the best wife material?[View]
188649036The Vegeta x Bulma of this decade[View]
188651040JoJo which is the best part: For me it's 2>4>5>3>1 out of the parts I read I am rea…[View]
188652068Kimetsu no yaiba: What a protective, proud big brother[View]
188649188>character has some kind of mental manipulation ability >instead of working with it intelligen…[View]
188650363Anime only you like.[View]
188650988>please don't talk to me, Nagatoro[View]
188647657Violet Evergarden: I liked her much more when she was called M1903 Springfield.[View]
188649851>OH BABY, NOW YOU FEEL LIKE NUMBER ONE... SHINING BRIGHT FOR EVERY ONE Does a more hype song exis…[View]
188646812Will season three bring back Hotaru's gay?[View]
188649743It was her turn![View]
188650954Why did Naruto peak so early?[View]
188650415Just watched FMA anime: >that ending[View]
188643822post any quote/line you would want to hear from wakamoto and i'll record a vocaroo with my best…[View]
188638688Code Geass postcolonial counterhegemonic deconstruction of white privilege: Message of Code Geass: W…[View]
188648158Ueno: Why do you keep calling her inventions 'gross' and stupid? Ueno worked really hard to make the…[View]
188644526'It was officially announced in the latest July 2019 issue of KADOKAWA'S Dragon Magazine releas…[View]
188643353Defend this fucking bitch, I dare you.[View]
188648997How do you feel about Mayumi Shintani? She voiced Haruhara from FLCL, Nonon in Kill la Kill, Midori …[View]
188644618Previously on 'I was Told to Relinquish My Fiancé to My Little Sister, and the Greatest Dragon Took…[View]
188651212Face of pure evil.[View]
188651015Why are adults so useless in anime and manga?[View]
188650684Post Best Moms/Dads/Parents[View]
188650944What are some manga that end in a dream?[View]
188650943Yuusei Shounen Papii - 36 https://anidex.info/dl/247412[View]
188642135Mato Seihei no Slave: Chapter 13 https://mangadex.org/title/32386/mato-seihei-no-slave Gonna dump fo…[View]
188646945Is this noraml sibling behavior?[View]
188650145Same character -> different series = benefit?[View]
188650423Uh oh /a/. Polnareff just passed you the boof. What do you do?[View]
188649414Admit it, this was better than Tengen Toppa[View]
188649800Clannad After Story: I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead I saw her lying in a pool of red I …[View]
188644803ITT: sexiest girls of their respective series[View]
188648056Dragon Ball > Dr Slump > Dragon ball Z > Dragon Ball super[View]
188648108Back Alley Alliance: Do you still remember us /a/ ?[View]
188648910He's cute no? I should get a pet like that[View]
188647900Gegege no Kitaro #57: Classmate-chan is pretty unfazed by these bloodsucking incidents[View]
188637713Dororo: What did she mean by this[View]
188646173Couldn't he just buy a car? It seems like a lot of his problems would be solved if he got one[View]
1886351905toubun no hanayome: Itsuki likes to eat[View]
188649866 [View]
188628367Boku No Hero Academia: Twice has the best quirk, he can literally make an army and overwhelm anyone …[View]
188645751Rare OPs/EDs: Post those OPs and EDs you hardly ever see mentioned on /a/ Starting off with Gad Guar…[View]
188649187https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPKTp8WEeCE Why do they always do this shit? Toned down the colors o…[View]
188642645Is /a/ excited for the anime? Maybe you people can move away from kiddy shit and cute waifu garbage …[View]
188647888David bowie[View]
188642010What the hell happened?[View]
188645542The dub was better.[View]
188648593Why aren't there more ecchi's like this that are comedy masterpieces as well as full of fa…[View]
188647049Whats /a/'s thoughts on Mononoke? i personally just finished the first episode but now i want t…[View]
188646269anime hard bodys[View]
188647618What went wrong?[View]
188637424The rebuilds still aren't out: >4.0 still isn't out >The Rebuild of Evangelion is go…[View]
188643584Why are 'bad' old animes so much better than 'good' new animes?[View]
188620224Seeing them happy makes me happy[View]
188648824R.I.P Shitty way to die, killed by your former best friend.[View]
188647865Saekano: I like Megumi a lot but I don't read Light Novels. Is it true Utaha wins in the manga?…[View]
188646850She single handedly triggered a spergout that lasted 5 years, how can one girl be so based?[View]
188647153shirryuki a b!tch: facts or no?[View]
188648030ITT: male characters you find attractive, even though you are straight[View]
188609600Buyfag: Did you see anything you want at today's events?[View]
188648333ITT: characters who most definitely died virgin[View]
188639144What are your first thoughts when you see an animu girl with painted nails?[View]
188641074Jupiter is best.[View]
188646676post kino dub OPs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2a7GJNZz6c They don't need to just be Engli…[View]
188641690what's the puchline?[View]
188596836Youjo Senki: This anime would be way better if it wasn't an Isekai and Tanya was a real prodigy…[View]
188645248Post characters who have canonically had sex.[View]
188647234Years later... We still cannot answer the question: Why didn't Satoru just go back in time and …[View]
188648068Was Part 6 DIO a nice fella to hang around with? You think he ever went biking with the boys through…[View]
188642867you now remember charlotte[View]
188646123>omg how could these demons betray their own teammates? that's absolutely terrible and disho…[View]
188640090Re:Zero: >S2 will most likely be based on the LN >the WN will probably end soon when the LN ca…[View]
188644192Can we talk about how stupid it is that Orochimaru is kept alive? He could just wait out the clock f…[View]
188647259Anime pics like this one? (the character in the pic is from the film Porco Rosso)[View]
188629542Orchestr/a/ Plays: Groovy! (CCS ED): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEbCUelwPsw Also these, in case…[View]
188628525Why don't you come by the Rabbit House, mister?[View]
188643932Toradora: Will any high school romance anime ever top it /a/?[View]
188646517Riddle me this, /a/: What the fuck did I just watch and why was it so kino?[View]
188585430Classroom of the Elite: Spoilers for volume 11[View]
188647593what are some good gambling anime?[View]
188639177Can robots be cute?[View]
188645164Ssss gridman: What do you think about this unholy body?[View]
188640355Did you remember to put your grasses on /a/?[View]
188644117Shield Hero preview: will this finally be the end of Myne/Malty? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgE…[View]
188646759Why are all the anime girls slim?[View]
188644240shit /a/ tricked you into watching: When this trash gets good? Last year could watch until ep 2 and…[View]
188641470I need more Eurobeat. Initial D sequel anime when?[View]
188642901Part 3 and 4 were great parts. Fight me. Part 3: >Introduced the concept of stands without going …[View]
188639189What would you do in this situation?[View]
188645344Say hello to my wife shouko! She's deaf so look directly at her when you speak :)[View]
188646364Jungle Kurobee - 01 [ARR] https://anidex.info/dl/247397 If you have a like r²(rare&retro) anime …[View]
188620382How can a Saint be so sexy?[View]
188644166Mob psycho 100/10: At last the anime community has finally shown their true colors, by demonstrating…[View]
188642752What the fuck was this dudes problem?[View]
188645968What did you think of Rimuru-sama's anime? Season 2 in 2020, are you excited? What are you look…[View]
188638093Never watched an anime with a female protag or an all female cast, what am I in for? How obnoxious i…[View]
188629390ITT: Post small girls and their height + weight Hitori Bocchi 174cm 63kg[View]
188626858Bakemonogatari 33: By Oh!great and Nisioisin[View]
188645051just finished vol 22 are you fucking kidding me fuck you fuck you fuck you basedfith faggot twink[View]
188643316how the FUCK did Bleach go from one of Shueisha's most prized properties to ultimately tanking …[View]
188645112Yuru Camp: Ena will always be forgotten[View]
188641508Senryuu Shoujo: No Senryu thread We're going to fix that now Hanako a cute![View]
188643169What was his endgame?[View]
188645070Code Geass R3: So what the fucks going on? Did anyone see the camrips on nyaa? Subs when? Lulu when?…[View]
188606720Assassin's Pride: Next chapter when?[View]
188641620OSU!: OSU![View]
188644814>be fate shirou >doesn't allow faker to question his ideals >doesn't abandon his …[View]
188643225>The villain use a carefully planned strategy to win >the hero get stronger for no reason and …[View]
188641990Why do some people say one piece got worse after the timeskip?[View]
188603606which one /a/[View]
188644693Can a human win the heart of a demon lord girl? Asking for a friend.[View]
188639151Learn from Reigen, /a/[View]
188643708/a/ would not be so shit if only Kircheis was still here[View]
188635052Madoka Magica: Would you choose to put your soul into an soul gem? All advantages/disadvantages incl…[View]
188644376Gambler's Parade: Anyone here reading this. I read the whole thing today and thought it was pre…[View]
188640078He would have restored his clan with multiple wives: If the author cared to do it and wasn't re…[View]
188642885Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari: Nothing will stop me this time. It's Saturday night, let's a…[View]
188643745A solid 6/10.[View]
188640619She literally, unironically killed billions of people.[View]
188643133Here's your Madoka sequel bro[View]
188641721Bakuon Rettou: Chapter 14 Last time, well in a sense not a lot happened. The ZEROS marched on Gokura…[View]
188644093Carole & Monday: Carole has a nice ass[View]
188644120>new REAL chapter What?[View]
188644086This girl is about to have her pussy ruined nine months later.[View]
188578260Imagine how soft fluffy and velvety smooth her pucci is...[View]
188643801>one of the greatest songs in anime crafted for what has become the most iconic moment in the ent…[View]
188641211Fairy Tail: his spell only effects non-virgins!!![View]
188642169>You will never be mesmerized by a cat fag[View]
188643434So, she basically has autism?[View]
188643569Is it normal for girls to become gay after reading yaoi manga with their other girl friends?[View]
188643564GURREN LAGANN 2: WHO IS HYPED?!?![View]
188630670It’s smug time boys[View]
188643354On A manga anime scale how retarded was the chimera queen operation table scene?[View]
188641586I don't know how /a/ feels about this anime, but it's god-tier. You people have shit taste…[View]
188642939Hey anon, have you ever thought that the sky is beautiful?[View]
188642588Now that the dust has settled, how does /a/ feel about Pop Team Epic?[View]
188643267Kinniku: So who are the strongest chojins? End of the princes arc implies that Terryman and Kinniku…[View]
188630776Bokuben: What a fucking loser.[View]
188624845Shoujo/Josei: It’s been awhile What are you reading, who are your favorite authors, what serializat…[View]
188642382How will plotfags ever recover?[View]
188637348When was the last time you had a genuinely good and insightful discussion about a show on /a/? It…[View]
188641238Does Tanya x Visha count as yuri?[View]
188642127Don't think. Feel, and you will be tanasinn...[View]
188628929Vigilante 54: A nice resolution to the situation, if predictable.[View]
188642057Best sports manga[View]
188606215Raildex: Ndalice a cute[View]
188641081Now that the dust is settled and we can finally discuss this panel in peace without shitposting, I h…[View]
188636580Characters who are just like you[View]
188640181When does the deconstruction start? So far it seems like yer typical CGDCT SoL[View]
188638999What the hell?: 7/10 IMBD[View]
188637893Hunter x Hunter Top 15 Females: 1. Neferpitou 2. Pakunoda 3. Biscuit Krueger 4. Alluka Zoldyck 5. Ko…[View]
188641858Nobunaga-sensei 08: >no cersored WOW[View]
188641828You senpais are alright. Don't come to Fuyuki tomorrow.[View]
188636470What other mangas have ended because the author died? Pic related.[View]
188637925ITT: Lewdable girls[View]
188638305ITT: Characters that you would rape given the chance[View]
188638772araki forgot: >the narrator in part one says the stone masks were made by the aztecs >straizo …[View]
188638988ROAD ROLLER DA!: Why the fuck he said that? That's not a special attack he's just throwing…[View]
188635671Great anime OPs from series nobody fucking remembers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxSQ-q6xYsA…[View]
188638098The Perfect Insider: The thing I remember the most about this was the fantastic intro. What'd y…[View]
188641371what the FUCK am i watching[View]
188629256Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 57: The Name of the Rose[View]
188635859ITT: series that never get discussed here[View]
188636194can hunterfags explain how did he do this?[View]
188640776little prick[View]
188641258Saber League Of Legend Version: Best Hero Saber[View]
188639773If you stop and think about, Japan doesn't have a murder rate this high[View]
188636861Kimetsu no Yaiba: When is she going to go back to sleep so MC can team up with a cute girl again? I …[View]
188632056Post girls who aren't tomboys.: I feel like there's a tomboy thread every other minute. So…[View]
188640506Manga characters missing something...: Reading Crying Freeman and I can't help notice that he i…[View]
188637949Is Oniichan Done for?[View]
188640957Marshall D Teach + Trafalgar Law = Marshall Law from Tekken[View]
188634801Age of shounen is over, era of romcom is upon us[View]
188640924Is /a/ being true to our God and staying faithful to 2D?[View]
188640916Please don't bully me Nagatoro: Senpai was the best girl all this time[View]
188635281Dragon Ball Super: Why does Vegeta cry so easily?[View]
188631196Frid/a/y?: I know it's not Frid/a/y anymore but fuck it let's play. There hasn't been…[View]
188624803So how often do female adventurers get raped in the goblin slayer setting?[View]
188636294Liz and the Blue Bird: Now that all the hype has died down, thoughts on this film? I thought it was…[View]
188637612Sakurako-san: Did you like it? 2015 was an anime-heavy year for me, and this one is always the one I…[View]
188639613Kimetsu no yaiba: Are you okay annie?[View]
188637395Improve this.[View]
188636863why is she always so sweaty?[View]
188640490Megalo Box: Was Sachio a reverse trap?[View]
188633938Best shoujo anime this season[View]
188594917Yu-gi-oh! Vrains: New season just started and the hype is big for Ai's human form voice.[View]
188638257>It's over Homura, I have the high ground![View]
188627439Fairy gone: What were they thinking when they greenlit this dumpster fire?[View]
188582304Bungou Stray Dogs: Are you ready to see a dead man come back alive /a/?[View]
188634599Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Mya-nee has nice big fat tits![View]
188636085PROMARE Thread: Subs for the prequel film when?[View]
188637658I miss her,/a/. She was loud, crazy, a bit frustrating and extremely childish for being 16 years old…[View]
188636571ITT: times when anime depicted or was inspired by real life events I'll start[View]
188639540Why are centaurs so neglected in anime/manga?[View]
188630729I tried. I really tried but the constant crying is wearing me out. Does he cry every god damn 5 minu…[View]
188637303Parallel paradise: Oh my God, somebody kill that bitch already. She's been getting on my nerves…[View]
188634488ITT: The most obvious fapbait characters of their series: Momo's only purpose is breeding.…[View]
188637252Studio SHAFT: Let's have a thread to talk about Shaft and their works. For months now I keep se…[View]
188626702what anime girl wore the best swimsuit?[View]
188636517why is she so angery?[View]
188639111Waifu thread[View]
188633118What do you think about the manga 「Skeeter Rabbit!!」?[View]
188617074Well that was something.[View]
188567274>get isekaied >pre-paper medieval shithole with high illiteracy >thinks her poorfag gate gu…[View]
188612909Now that the dust has settled, what is the anime of the decade? Is it Your Name?[View]
188638449Is anime niche or popular?[View]
188637629I have a confession to make. I have a crush on Maya Jouga(she's in the middle of pic related). …[View]
188622053One Piece: When will the Big Mom Pirates come ashore to Wano?[View]
188635284ITT: Kino Movies: ITT: Post Kino movies >the wind is rising >we must try to live…[View]
188638472Is the Washizu arc the most drawn out story arc ever drawn?[View]
188591287Don't you feel weird watching anime about school girls despite being 20+ years old[View]
188612210Why is naruto so popular ?[View]
188638005LWA: Season 3 when?[View]
188629104Jujutsu Kaisen: Nobara losing it. Why does nobody cares about Jujutsu here, btw?[View]
188634119Ojamajo Doremi - Aiko Edition: Aiko is cute! She's cute![View]
188612185Prisma Illya is fun and all, but we really need a series about the real bitch Illya. Make her go to…[View]
188617594ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUNCH: Imagine the unenviable task of animating this being left to J.C. Staff one day.…[View]
188636014Would this be a good anime/manga? Or Is there already a story like this?: Just got this idea > m…[View]
188619408Choukadou Girl ⅙ Amazing Stranger: Have an Amazing day[View]
188636741This anime is perfect, prove me wrong[View]
188627695Inazuma Eleven thread[View]
188623581When does it get good? Surely getting info dumped about how food is made isn't the main appeal?[View]
188631344>Poster girl for Zettai Ryouiki, giving all Fate fans a thigh fetish >Comes to be known for h…[View]
188637646Ane Log / Sister Log: Is it true that there are no more English translations after chapter 78? I…[View]
188636853Love... love is war.[View]
188634756Name a better homage to 90's shounen than pic related.[View]
188621674Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma: Fatty episode[View]
188636895Are they the most powerful lesbians in the history of fiction?[View]
188633347Who's your favorite anime maid?[View]
188636752I finally had a chance last night to sit down and watch Mary and the Witch's flower, and it was…[View]
188629788Maybe I'm autistic, but why do people make fun of Shirou for saying this?[View]
188627571Why didn't Karin win bros?[View]
188636333>Carole and TUESDAY >Airs on Wednesdays What did they mean by this?…[View]
188637190Isekai Quartet: Doujins when?[View]
188636704Taiman Blues - Ladies-hen Mayumi OVA 01 https://anidex.info/dl/247349[View]
188624018ITT: Anime and manga about robots / cyborgs: Which one is your favorite?[View]
188577068Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
188636637who is the best Shounen Jack girl?[View]
188635938Zetsubou sensei or 3gatsu no lion Which one do I start watching right now anons?[View]
188633569Is he a good character?[View]
188632022I avoided this manga because i thought it's gonna be sad, but it's actually quite cute.[View]
188636312This is where anime peaked in 2019[View]
1886348922010s shounenn: Is there a single action shounen that came out in the 2010s that are actually good?…[View]
188636273Okay, you kill Babyface's spawn nothing happens to Melone, but what if you destroy Babyface its…[View]
188636221>Madoka is a poor man's Higurashi >Steins;Gate is a poor man's YU-NO >Fate/Zero i…[View]
188636224Wtf kill it.[View]
188634382Erased: >save the girl you love >get killed >wake up >see this ... >go back in time a…[View]
188635164How about an anime about senior year students who get magical powers in the form of whatever warrior…[View]
188604892SBR: >the story is boring as shit until the villain's stand is introduced >the protag is …[View]
188632110ara~ ara~ maa~ O KAWAI KOTTO[View]
188634552Why modern anime art gives so much focus to the eyes and hair and almost none to the rest of the fac…[View]
188628800Blue Lock: Chapter 2 is out https://mangadex.org/chapter/623451/1 I can't dump it right now btw…[View]
188628465ITT: Post you're waifus. Others rate them.[View]
188584596This manga is enjoyable to read, why not much people know about this one? Its quite funny too[View]
188635723Holy shit this is the ULTIMATE form of Yugi[View]
188632963Perfect Harmony[View]
188631535Giorono is not Dio's son he is Jonathan son: Giorono is not Dio's son Giorono is a joestar…[View]
188630053Inazuma Eleven: >tfw an actual god is playing for Japan[View]
188632672What is this that I hear about pic related being bad? I've seen some guy say this book is just …[View]
188630997Yeehaw, you sons of a gun! How about we slap some leather with a historical manga thread starring th…[View]
188602179Kimetsu no yaiba: 15 hrs left for episode 8. Tamayo and Yushiro to make their debut.[View]
188632198Why did it fail to become the next Girls Und Panzer?[View]
188630013She killed millions[View]
188628475Overlord: >give mc OP items, gear and subordinates while putting him in a shit tier world >sti…[View]
188634563What's the meme anime of 2019?[View]
188634619I miss Kuga so much[View]
188631395What is your favorite Japanese politic manga?[View]
188634536Madoka was the best anime ever made.[View]
188633823inspiration from good shows: One of the few positive things about current /a/ is that it loves hxh. …[View]
188632567>most intelligent character dates a retard I fucking love this trope[View]
188630289Was she more than a fanservice character?[View]
188626810Boku no Hero Academia: how badly is Skeptic going to get fucked up when Twice gets his hands on him?…[View]
188632627Akemi Homura did nothing wrong.[View]
188630406C: Watching this feels like reading one of those 'What was Aragorn's tax policy?' shitposts, ex…[View]
188631582>makes fun of Kijima for being a virgin >strings him along week after week without giving any …[View]
188630878Beastars Thread: Post cute Legosi.[View]
188634496>HAIL 4U Really, JoJo?[View]
188622667>Free! is dead >Violet Evergarden is underwhelming and overhyped >latest Hibike! Euphonium …[View]
188633958The evil Berg Katze just decided to destroy all the toilets in Tachikawa city. Now, all the citizens…[View]
188631127Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
188633052Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Let's have a nice Chuunibyou thread. I love Rikka![View]
188630711>Naruto: shit >Shippuden: shit >Boruto: shit >Samurai 8: shit When will best boy get his…[View]
188629612How would you fix his character: He didn't leave a beloved iconic impact in the show and basica…[View]
188633563I'm leaving my husband here for a second. Take good care of him.[View]
188631473Watashi To Watashi Futari No Lotte - 01 https://anidex.info/dl/247319[View]
188632883ITT: Scenes that aroused you more than they probably should have[View]
188628122>Chinese comics look like dat?[View]
188633266what am i in for?[View]
188624294Shingeki no Kyojin: Helloooo when will Mikasa notice Jeanbo? I got too involved with this character …[View]
188625153So are you happy with Resurrection's ending, or was the original better? Were you expecting C.C…[View]
188630121Rin seems like someone who carries a knife.[View]
188631981Does it get better or worse after he finds nigg?[View]
188632211I just watched this and that ending was a fucking disappointment.[View]
188619743You took it, didn't you?[View]
188632501PB had the best ending: Change my mind[View]
188633183What did /a/ think?[View]
188631463So...just finished watching this: I know I am a little bit late to the party, but I just finished wa…[View]
188621073Minamoto-kun Monogatari 344: ENTERING AUNT ROUTE THIS IS NOT A DRILL[View]
188633055Is there any example where a mangaka makes a manga using a game engine? I remember something like ho…[View]
188631936Asta: Here’s my theory on how Asta is special. Asta has been said to have no mana, however with the …[View]
188625257Kaiji chapter 318 OUT 10/10 Chapter Endou finally got his tendies[View]
188629594You find yourself in the world of Konosuba! You need to assemble a party of 2-4 people (including yo…[View]
188632186Honoka Kousaka is the perfect girl.: Her ass: Perfect Her midriff: Perfect Her armpits: Perfect Her …[View]
188623257Anyone remember that Kirby anime? I'd say it had quite a few underutilized characters.[View]
1886179135toubun no hanayome: Is she out of the bowl?[View]
188621741How can I become a great mangaka if I only speak English and don't know how to draw?[View]
188630722Shhh Kaga Kouko is sleeping[View]
188630403Just finished finished the Hughes death/Funeral episode, when does it get good? I see people on here…[View]
188632309Tiger Mask W: Miss X had some of the best booking I've seen on an anime woman.[View]
188632289Puella Magi Madoka Magica is the Dark Souls of Anime.[View]
188631873which anime girl has the cutest nails[View]
188621100ITT: Scenes that made you cry[View]
188630151the supreme king[View]
188620918Blade of the Immortal: The sequel is here, /a/[View]
188613181JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind: Was the last episode really that bad? I see that three …[View]
188620353I noticed that some authors can create asspulls and no one says anything. But series like BnHA get f…[View]
188631743Which is worse?[View]
188631178Does any of you goes know how the iconic squishy boob sound in anime is made, where it originated, e…[View]
188613780Have you ever re-watched an anime that you loved when you were younger and realized that you've…[View]
188619619OPM: Man I thought that the manga had sucked because of the lack of Saitama, turns out it becomes wo…[View]
188629508Monogatari Series: Why the last season looked like shit? It was because the old director left the sh…[View]
188630258Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari: Found this while I was cleaning out my manga folder. How about some ol…[View]
188615747>JOJO isn't ga-[View]
188630424Hero Academia Vigilantes: All Might saving the day even in the MHA spinoff[View]
188459585/a/ Draws Azumanga Daioh's OP: Just waiting on the last few anons now. If you claimed something…[View]
188625584It's overrated.[View]
188625249What is the tactical advantage of giant tits?[View]
188630529Howl's Moving Castle: This made no sense. also >war bad[View]
188624737Does he have the best paneling in manga history?[View]
188619222What does the 'isekai' concept add to a story? If nothing, why does it keep happening? Has any serie…[View]
188627975Why is it socially acceptable for a Japanese cat to dress like this?[View]
188614677Ueno-san wa Bukiyou: All her inventions are sex toys. Has she invented something that would actually…[View]
188629903Are you freaks still mad that she won and cucked Onodera that hard?[View]
188629296AAAAAAAAAAAAA: This anime would actually be watchable and the MC's voice acting would be fine i…[View]
188629499I want to feel nostalgic: Let's pretend it's pre-2012[View]
188627241There's a lot of twists and turns and political intrigue and stuff in this show and I guess tha…[View]
188628616One Punch Man: Does Saitama's genuine concern and relatability to Tatsumaki mean they're i…[View]
188624310I just saw sailor moon sing her songs live why didn't you /a/?[View]
188629870Will he win?[View]
188629853Nichijou dub previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryHZLHskWc0&t= https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
188618127Is shojo battle academy the next big thing?[View]
188626732here's your sakamoto-san https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryHZLHskWc0[View]
188619387>yfw SNK manga will probably have the the most kino ending in the history of the medium. >Some…[View]
188623994>translator provides commentary[View]
188629212While everyone was fighting over Asuka and Rei, the real best girl was here the whole time.[View]
188629569>really like FMA when I was teenager >oh so lets study chem eng, it is free anyway >almost …[View]
188627852Carole & Tuesday: WAIT! Is Angie's mom a tranny?[View]
188627344So... I just saw midori days. I don't usually watch romcoms, But i found this one to be quite e…[View]
188626240Previous thread >>254289447 Don't forget to use spoiler tags (Ctrl+S)! IBUKI IS WORST G…[View]
188615320After watching the entirety of Mob Psycho 100 Season 2, I think I can honestly say that this is the …[View]
188612118Bokuben: cutest face in the whole manga[View]
188609206If you had a daughter, would you let her dress like this?[View]
188621954Ojamajo Doremi: It's a fun show, you should watch it.[View]
188593908Watched/Expected/Got (WEG): That's right, we're doing this again.[View]
188617063Danchigai: Ninjamouto.[View]
188624045Ao no Exorcist: So I finally caught up after falling behind 10 chapters. Makes me wonder if the auth…[View]
188615069>Spiral Power means I can save my wife from AIDS and bring back my friends >I don't How d…[View]
188627311imagine the taste[View]
188629108whats the best anime?: no attack on titan. no fullmetal.[View]
188624472She can suck you dry[View]
188629006post the melancholy of Kaiki Deishuu[View]
188601194>'I think there is a chance that the spread of mediocre Japanese animation that only panders to d…[View]
188627501Attack On Titan: Quick question, I just heard about the 8 hour episode delay thing. Will fansubs lik…[View]
188618983Which of these girls would you want to marry and start a family with?[View]
188625223Power of Friendship: >le power of friendship is going to save us!! Why are the Japanese so obsess…[View]
188623720Which male MC are you slightly gar for /a/?[View]
188616252Shakugan no Shana: I'm about to start this show. It better be good.[View]
188617263Can you tell me which anime this graph is referring to?[View]
188591035Dragon Ball Super: What's next for Moro? Does he have a reason for his evil, or is he just powe…[View]
188628491Big Boob Character: Saber[View]
188621581Why is he such a controversial character?[View]
188599806It's NEAT to be a NEET.[View]
188582465Post twins[View]
188627389ufff: anime thighs are best[View]
188628028>We see best girl as a young woman, and later, as a MILF Why doesn't this happen more often…[View]
188617190What is the appeal of younger women in comparison to older women?: We all know older women are matur…[View]
188627621Harukana Receive: Did anyone ever figure out what the finger signs were supposed to mean in this ani…[View]
188626533BE GONE, DIRTY WHORES!!![View]
188627959Gankutsuou: Why was it so kino?[View]
188621373Joshikausei: Episode 8 out now.[View]
188618406Which one would make the best wife?[View]
188626020Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Get in line![View]
188626816What's your favorite tragedy, /a/?[View]
188627390has space nipah ever been released?[View]
188620235RIP Yamakan: Officially leaving the anime industry[View]
188572662Samurai 8 Chapter 3: Samurai 8: Hachimaruden chapter 3 is out: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/s…[View]
188626237Why does this image speak to me?[View]
188622411>another edgy killing series I love it.[View]
188611832What do I tell my barber to get this hairstyle[View]
188623738still best[View]
188612232Miru Tights: Jeez, could you imagine how awful these would smell after a long day at school?[View]
188626834All right. Ready to go?? I'm ready. Ready?? Let's go!!! The digi-valution is up and runin…[View]
188620503Days: Anyone reading this?[View]
188626337new episode of Kimetsu No Yaiba spoilers Kibutsuji has a flashback and references “hanafuda earrings…[View]
188624056Slime OVA: Milim is basically dressed the same.[View]
188589229Senryuu Shoujo: > [Erai-raws] Senryuu Shoujo - 08 [1080p][Multiple Subtitle].mkv Friendly reminde…[View]
188624772Great Hansome Character: So Hansome[View]
188598805Why can't modern anime look like this anymore? Do you think there will come a time when studios…[View]
188623475This is the CAKE world![View]
188602073Overlord Anime/Light Novel: What happens now?[View]
188616480Scenes that break your heart[View]
188625132Occasional reminder to skip the first episode of this classic show[View]
188614242Dororo: So this anime is basically Mushishi, but actually entertaining right?[View]
188625033Is he the biggest pleb filter?[View]
188623865Jujutsu Kaisen: Best girl going madwoman this week[View]
188599836Isekai Quartet: Did anyone else notice the companionship spoiler between Betty and Mare? its basica…[View]
188615276Houkago Saikoro Club: Long PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFoMh1q8Vik[View]
188613472Japan names the 2 best anime girls of the 90s[View]
188624848It got axed?[View]
188614872These are the perfect anime girl measurements, you can't dispute this.[View]
188577802Guys, it's the best day of the week. Your waifu and mine, Ao-chan, gets a new episode today.[View]
188621716Well, /a/?[View]
188626831Tokyo man stabbed by 'yandere' cosplayer: >Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman on …[View]
188614808Shingeki no Kyojin: >Next chapter >Eren and Zeke touch each other >Suddenly Zeke receives v…[View]
188622903>The directors Hiroyuki Imaishi and Yoh Yoshinari do routine CGI action, but they don’t know how …[View]
188619969This is going to be kino, isn't it?: I'm an animefagonly and Part 5 has become my favorite…[View]
188623736Did he really deserve the treatment he got?[View]
188616854Best manga about powerful girl and weak boy[View]
188608298Is it just me or does she really not deserve a happy ending?[View]
188607180Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Hows your back /a/[View]
188623729Who makes the decisions for anime?: >each episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba has consistently high-quali…[View]
188622506ITS-A SHOWTIME[View]
188624277Was he a nutjob or did he reach the fifth dimension?[View]
188620694It still hurts man: How could she?[View]
188598132Boku no Hero Academia: While I am enjoying the current arc, part of me misses this filthy madwoman.…[View]
188604385ReCreators: Thoughts on this?[View]
188611900Oshii Returns!!: He is back after a 12 years long hiatus. With an upcoming studio none the less. htt…[View]
188621043So...no subs tomorrow?[View]
188623998This is truly... a nugget eat nugget world[View]
188623534FACT The Conviction arc was the last time Berserk was good and there is no hope of it getting bette…[View]
188620364Did they fug?[View]
188552996Pokemon Adventures/Special BW2 chapter 544.1: The time has come, after 5 fucking years the 'Guts on …[View]
188610955What manga suffer the worst from this?[View]
188619699What's the appeal of genderbender series?[View]
188619280Sad thread: I want you to play a little game with me /a/. We're going to post sad moments from …[View]
188623594>i was 11 when i first saw 5 centimeters per second >i was so moved and thought it was the bes…[View]
188623573Why is anime so short now?[View]
188562903Why didn't anyone even try to rape him?[View]
188623533Which girl was your favorite?[View]
188622948So is it over for this guy or is he going to get his magic powers back?[View]
188623332she was best girl[View]
188620859How much maintenance does her lady parts need after sexual intercourse?[View]
188616456>You meet Hyakkimaru >He does this to you What to do?…[View]
188622743Hi anon, what do you think of me with Otako's glasses?[View]
188611027Why was this so depressing? The whole experience was pretty empty and somehow soul-sucking, it'…[View]
188531702>since chapter 142: soulless eyes >end of chapter 149: a dim light in her eyes Welcome back, K…[View]
188621965CENTAUR PUTIN[View]
188620698ITT Tropes you absolutely hate in anime >*character randomly hits another character* >'Charact…[View]
188621035Is your waifu redpilled on the flat earth question?[View]
188619857Anime adaptation by bones or Madhouse, directed by Izubuchi Yutaka when?[View]
188602680Best Sarazanmai boy[View]
188621899>sorry for the mess anon, I'll be right back just wait a second![View]
188620632What does /a/ think about wolfgirls?[View]
188618342Seishun Buta Yarou Vol.10 (Final?) Revealed: 'Seishun Buta Yarō wa Howaito Kurisumasu no Yume wo Mir…[View]
188602749Promare: Is out in nipland, have any of you seen it?[View]
188609012Was it really that big during its time? Nowadays it feels like a forgotten classic that not even peo…[View]
188611348Is Bobobo the best comedy anime of all time?[View]
188602638One Piece: Now with title. Why is Kaido so loyal to a weakling like Orochi? What's their past?…[View]
188619198Oh no your GF is caught by globlins and is going to be dishonored if you don't act. What should…[View]
188620359Jujutsu Kaisen image spoilers: Chapter 60[View]
188618809Tohsaka: The definition of toilet humor[View]
188618772There are some fanbases I just can't comprehend. The one that shocks me the most on /a/ is the …[View]
188620556So where is the new chapter?[View]
188591913ITT: Best girls[View]
188620339This my friends is a prime example of what you would call 'native isekai'[View]
188619622Can one actually go back to reading manga after delving deep into literature? I feel like I've …[View]
188608591Shokugeki no Soma: >However OH FOR FUCK SAKE, JUST END IT ALREADY! There's going to be anoth…[View]
188608269Is Bloody Stream the best Jojo Op?[View]
188615988So what's your favorite poverty stricken character /a/?[View]
188590997Dragon Ball Super: The strongest mortal, und undisputed #1 of the multiverse - 3 arcs in the running…[View]
188608381itt we pay respect to fallen manga: rip[View]
188618040Summer: What are you planning to watch? >definitely Cop Craft, Case Files, Granbelm >maybe Nak…[View]
188614007The Great Debate: Who are the Hunterchads of romcoms?[View]
188618286You're on Yotsuba Channel and you don't have physical volumes of Yotsuba, Anon?[View]
188616090At this point, do you guys try to follow Gold Experience's bullshit anymore? I don't even …[View]
188611714Does /a/ like Shana?[View]
188619509Adapting old franchises in the modern era done right.[View]
188617391Rocket Princess manga: does someone else read this shit besides me?[View]
188617487Adamasu no Majotachi: What's your fetish /a/?[View]
188619316>Shirou, I'm HUNGRY![View]
188602922Monogatari: >dies while trying to find her mom >gets possessed by an oddity >wanders aroun…[View]
188615200Zetsuen no Tempest: This series is criminally underrated.[View]
188617440Is she dead?[View]
188612271Here's your loli and JC of the decade, /a/[View]
188616066He did /a/. Kaiji escaped from his mother and Endou[View]
188619148Life in another world as a loli: If you got isekaied as a girl, what hairstyle would you go with?…[View]
188604721>multimillionaire >smart >cute litteraly flawless…[View]
188609247Shonen Tier[View]
188617162ok, how does he take his sword out of its scabbard?[View]
188612123>isekai >video game mechanics >harem >mobile game adaption Does this have any chance of …[View]
188611539Aaahhh... Yes... 'Himouto Umaru-chan'... That name brings back memories. The good old days of summer…[View]
188616715Was it kino?[View]
188616887I miss him manga bro's, fuck that fag armin[View]
188618336>saitama finally feels something again So cute![View]
188616690Carole & Tuesday / AOTS: Mars Brightest auditions. A.K.A. The X-Factor[View]
188617937confession thread i'll start i unironically love the Digirap from Digimon the movie even though…[View]
188618014>anon reccs manga >read manga, assuming it's the original >get to the retarded ending …[View]
188617218Joshiraku: I want to die and reborn as a cute joshi rakugoka[View]
188617943You guys weren't kidding, the anime is shit[View]
188616102When She will Come Out on Anime: WHEN !!![View]
188616570Mix: Meisei Story: >[Erai-raws] Mix - Meisei Story - 08 [1080p].mkv It's an anime about base…[View]
188591625Bocchi: 残念じゃない[View]
188617784>catchy anime opening/ending >watching it so often on YouTube that you are skipping the actual…[View]
188611329How does a show about dagashi have such great girls?[View]
188616634Carole & Tuesday: She was in a refugee camp? Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't know...[View]
188615859How was SAO 3?[View]
188616190In Memory of 2011: How much different was 2011 from 2019 in terms of writing (popular genres, storyl…[View]
188615311Any protagonist of moe anime who can wear a bikini?: Any Protagonist of Moe anime who can wear a bik…[View]
188592664Hunter x Hunter: Which spider do you think Hisoka is going to kill next when we start getting chapte…[View]
188612306WAKE ME UP[View]
188616697Occasional reminder that this franchise is great. If you haven't watched it because 'eww gays s…[View]
188617031It's My Thread: Let's Go[View]
188616417Would you like to form a family?[View]
188613012how would you fill this?[View]
188614657She only wanted to find a job for her friend. Why must she suffer? Translation here >>18859875…[View]
188616823Watamote manga: when the fuck did it become a 4-coma?[View]
188614405ITT: Best girls in their respective series Whatever happened to that infamous Ichigofag?[View]
188600139Is this the most unrealistic pairing in anime history?[View]
188616578You now remember: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S939GlCnRKI[View]
188616294What's the correct viewing order for patlabor? I know that there are three movies (I watched th…[View]
188609568It’s 50 episodes. Are the ugly teenage characters worth it?[View]
188605086Sleep tight potatoes[View]
188613471mods are asleep, post the best snek[View]
188610615Is anime actually unpolitical or are we missing subtle and not so political messages in anime becaus…[View]
188615172Are endings really that important? Real life doesn't need an ending to be good.[View]
188612868When She will Come Out on Anime: Don't mention Prisma Illya Bazett Praga Mcremitz[View]
188613811Guyver manga??: Anyone got a file dump of the manga?[View]
188616046>could have wiped the floor with every duelist in the finals if Marik wasn't such a moron.…[View]
188611510Has anyone been able to find Mafia Kajita's glasses for sale anywhere? I checked Amazon and fou…[View]
188615142They're gonna make this drawn-out and sad I'm not ready for the feel[View]
188591799What the fuck was this shit?[View]
188567542Yuru Wataten OVA1: It's out, with ching chong subs.[View]
188613028>the whole reason she can't see the fireworks with her sisters is because she has an auditio…[View]
1886015115toubun no hanayome: Who is who?[View]
188611375Is 2007-2013 SHAFT literally unmatched in quality?[View]
188612404Reminder that Chiaki now has a boyfriend. The Minami-ke's are growing up as proper sluts.[View]
188587182Chainsaw virgin chap. 22: Waifu plz don't die version[View]
188615145Give it to me straight: Im scared /a/, scared of running another prison school, just tell it to me r…[View]
188615491Has anime finally been saved? /a/: 10-Minute Galo-hen Prequel 'streamed' https://www.youtu…[View]
188611945B the Beginning: The near-future sci-fi police procedural was far more interesting than literally ev…[View]
188615426RahXephon: Man, I really wanted to like this, but it's just like a poorly directed Evangelion. …[View]
188611266This is the weakest jojo part since part 1. Does it end soon?[View]
188593787Shingeki no Kyojin: Which site will have the biggest meltdown in July, l*ddit or /a/? Will Isayama g…[View]
188606384Evangelion: /a/ comes up with a shitty trailer for the inevitable American movie adaptation[View]
188609174Kiddy Grade: What are your guy’s opinions on it (and the sequel)?[View]
188609656Is there a more worthless anime?[View]
188614731i need help: when i was little my grampaw showed me this anime i dont rember the name what little i …[View]
188614148Watch AKKO's anime[View]
188614456What would a second season be like?[View]
188609567Lewds when?[View]
188601325>still calls Hibiki and Chris by their surnames Is Tsubasa autistic?[View]
188614509Which anime character would you want as your dad? You can choose any point in their lives. https://w…[View]
188614449Quick reminder this is the best ending beside the fact akria has man boobs for some reason[View]
188612270Why are people losing interest in One Punch Man? (Murata version)[View]
188613914Why was this series so damn good?[View]
188613550Where did she go?[View]
188600553Shinobu > Lum[View]
188612622Why do so many anime feel like they have somewhat lower color saturation than they should?[View]
188605985ITT: MCs you want to see fail.[View]
188613175>Miyazaki >starts peaking in his 40s with Nausicaä onward >Satoshi Kon >starts peaking i…[View]
188594793Kira Kira Precure A La Mode: Discuss Bibury, why is she so pale?[View]
188591430ORUKU BORUGU[View]
188609826Let's play some Anime Jeopardy! How well do you know your anime, /a/? Starting off with an easy…[View]
188598438now that the dust has finally settled after 20 years which one was best girl?[View]
188607298Okay so he was jesus right And he was leading gods army to stop satan? Theres tons of subliminal sce…[View]
188609429Kara no shoujo: How can any other waifu come even halfway close to Touko? She is innocence and purit…[View]
188594085ilya wtf it's 2019[View]
188609171The Best Shonen Rival[View]
188612565It's gonna happen If Liverpool wins[View]
188607666GKIDS Acquires N. American Rights To Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Weathering With You’: >GKIDS is planning a…[View]
188612442Ebichu is the best waifu. Prove me wrong https://youtu.be/VkoKke-KSb4[View]
188609508AiFure, PriChan, Cocotama, KinPri: Aine and Mio are so cute when they're playing in the snow.…[View]
188607457Why do people think this arc is the high-point of Yu Yu Hakusho? >Interesting concept of Territor…[View]
188612256Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru - 01 [Kingmenu].mkv https://anidex.info/dl/247118 if you report thre…[View]
188607619Genkai's death was far more meaningful than Kites'.: What was Togashi thinking?[View]
188596198I want to impregnate Sarada and raise cute tomboys with her. I want to tell her that she is the most…[View]
188607925What is the best trope for a girl and why is it delinquent?[View]
188609165Kenja no Mago: GILF alert[View]
188609564Go to sleep already.[View]
188610849Best Toes Thread[View]
188611876darling in the franxx: This is my Darling. There are many like him, but this one is mine. My Darling…[View]
188611494what is the BEST slice of life anime ? for me, its gabriel dropout[View]
188590649Demi-chan: You can only pick one.[View]
188611466You should read Vegan Dragon: This is a surprisingly fun read.[View]
188606751>Anime has a trap character[View]
188611653Burnable trash depot: >7 pages >43 seconds >five threads How is it even physically or metap…[View]
188605304>Astofo-chan wa kawaii na[View]
188600321>New opening sucks >Listen to it a few times >Now new opening is great What's this phe…[View]
188609289MUDA: 43 seconds >/= 7 pages?[View]
188611384Ok posting here read Left to R.[View]
188604333ITT:: Scenes that revolutionized anime[View]
188610990He literally killed millions.[View]
188607681PARTY IS OVER[View]
1886094853 Hero in TypeMoon Series: YES 'She' is Hero yub[View]
188604862One Piece now takes place in the last anime you watched or manga you read. Every character in One Pi…[View]
188610953Is he the biggest pleb filter?[View]
188607602Megalo Box: Where did it fail? Where did it succeed? why didn't the last episode have Joe die?…[View]
188609436Erika is cute![View]
188603505Is the monogatari really one of the most overrated series out there?[View]
188606006Why is she so bad at games?[View]
188600098What would Bocchi be like as a gf?[View]
188609079One of the innovations that stood out in the Expo was the plush line of the franchise that will be p…[View]
188610920>'I loved and loved him so much I couldn't help it.' Woman who stabbed man arrested https://…[View]
188608835>dat inevitable chapter Rem wakes up. >forgets Subaru >ends up with someone else. >RemXS…[View]
188562741Is manga losing its relevancy?: Top 5 most popular manga currently >Solo Leveling (Korean) >K…[View]
188609560So when is Onii-sama's GTA Adventures going to get an anime?[View]
188610186you are tasked with creating an anime series based on tolkiens legendarium which studio do you choos…[View]
188607900>tfw manime is dead[View]
188603370Why does /a/ love isekai so much?[View]
188603037I know very little on MHA, but why is this character pink, have weird eyes, a pink afro, and antenna…[View]
188598750Houseki chapter 79 full translation: Doing a quick storytime. No typeset because PAS have yet to sho…[View]
188571706Antagonists who were in the right.[View]
188602851I can't believe Kensuke was raped under the burning sun in the Summer of 92'[View]
188605558Post your harems.[View]
188609356are you ready?[View]
188599394How about a harem manga/anime: But all the girls are cakes[View]
188606524Berserk '97: just finished watching this. what the fuck do i do now?[View]
188601961Worst Arcs Ever: What chapters were a chore? Which really slowed the story down? What do you have a …[View]
188609702This new seasonal anime is great.[View]
188601895What anime character cried the best?[View]
188595999Been awhile since our last Galko thread. Is she any closer to a second season?[View]
188587636Fruits Basket Thread: New Episode Today[View]
188600285jojo: mudamuda[View]
188608051Why does it feel like this show IS TRYING TO SELL ME SOMETHING?[View]
188607701What are some of the biggest lies in anime?[View]
188606809Why aren't live action adaptation as good as their source material? They literally have to do l…[View]
1886083363x3 taste: ITT: show 3x3 of your favorite shows and other anons tell you why you have garbage taste…[View]
188606496can I get reaction image dump from this manga? while reading it I was so engrossed I forgot to save …[View]
188602517One Punch Man 108 Typeset: Dumping.[View]
188608563Why don't you like Hanayo?[View]
188608761Sudo Did Great Job: Praise Him[View]
188609772Maou-jou de Oyasumi 110: New chapter is here![View]
188609415Girls und Panzer: How do we make GuP /jp/?[View]
188609718I Draw Best Of Three: Who is your Best Of Three ?[View]
188607503You aren't some kind of weirdo who finds well-defined collar bones attractive, right?[View]
188604495Honestly dont care for reading comic books or manga that much but when i finished part 4 when it was…[View]
188588899Is there a Season 3 coming? (OSK Thread): I really enjoyed this anime, and I would love to see more …[View]
188608676Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: You are now aware that this man is one of the strongest anime characters to exist…[View]
188605792Osomatsu: It's the Matsuno brothers' birthdays today! Which Matsu is your favorite?[View]
188605374Why do manchildren love this piss?: How can one tolerate so many boring, messy panels amongst irrele…[View]
188603701https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/1132011649412390912 Is Shadow right? Is KLK the greatest a…[View]
188606495You Motherfkers: What the hell did you make me read[View]
188581426咲 -Saki-: Something will be announced in the newest saki tankobon. S3? Shinohayu adaptation? Toki a…[View]
188605827They should never had separated from one another during childhood[View]
188604098Look at this Hotarun[View]
188607976Kawaii: https://youtu.be/rhrhUwkkEi8[View]
188603677CHA LA HEAD CHA LA[View]
188597194What excuse do you need to rewatch End of Evangelion? Do you need an occasion for it or do you just …[View]
188603869Pick one[View]
188602655Why do people care about cute girls so much? What about the plot?[View]
188594374Buyfag thread: Sexy[View]
188605012so watching Yuru Yuri, something I noticed is Akari says her name sometimes when referring to hersel…[View]
188601639I can't believe these are the sexiest girls this season.[View]
188604121What was he trying to prove by brainwashing Saya?[View]
188607365Can onii chans date their onee sans?[View]
188602486Azumanga Daioh: Manga or anime?[View]
188603365Is it even possible to watch every anime that's out there? There must be some anime out there t…[View]
188604754Know the difference, /a/. It could save your life[View]
188606353Characters that ruined everything[View]
188605125It seems the manfactured rage is coming to an end, and even people that 'hated it' are starting to s…[View]
188573278So, what's his secret really? The training is clearly a joke What about that limiter bullshit[View]
188603758Jump Super PUSH: It success or failed[View]
188600199OPT: Fresh glorious pages[View]
188591226Fukujuu Toshi https://mangadex.org/chapter/622886/1 i don't know how to feel about this[View]
188512810Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
188587467it's been half a decade[View]
188592115Bakemonogatari 31: By Oh! Great and Nisioisin[View]
188601458Can we bring back brat posting?[View]
188606823Am I not Japanese enough to understand this passive acceptance of social standings or is the author …[View]
188596171Elf San Wa: I just love the fact that Efruda has basically given up going back to her own world and …[View]
188605922JJBA Part 9 Discussion: I believe that Part 9 will happen in the distant future. However Araki needs…[View]
188599779Why is the cyberpunk genre dead?[View]
188606504Innocent grey: Why is innocent grey so great when it comes to making great 'period stories' yet so u…[View]
188538856Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama, King of Prism etc.: Where do idle imoutos get off being so cute?[View]
188600884Final gintama chapter is June 10th[View]
188600649Characters who legitimately were autistic[View]
188606080Why was Char so gay, lads?[View]
188606327What are some anime that actually get more relevant and appreciated as time goes on?[View]
188606267>ywn know this feel[View]
188573554Greetings stonebros. Dr. Stone 106.[View]
188599088Casshern Sins: Is it Casshern or Casshan?[View]
188603856What world would you like to be isekai'd to?[View]
188606076>rewatched it again >cried again[View]
188606004His anime are boring, his live actions are even worse. Why do you like him so much?[View]
188601730>the Mc's best friends becomes the main antagonist what are some series that became shit aft…[View]
188602193Can we please put a ban on Dragon Ball Super Generals on /a/?: There's no new content currently…[View]
188600490Dissatisfaction in and with anime: Anime is supposed to be the paragon of entertainment. So, why is …[View]
188605493Well, /a/? Can you shake it?[View]
188524132ITT: we discuss anime that never get threads[View]
188596426One Punch Man 108 Raw https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/10834108156657645373[View]
188531708Girls und Panzer: This isn't right.[View]
188601468Can shojo be kino?[View]
188603414The Best Modern Shonen: The hype is here[View]
188593644Tatsumaki: Thoughts?[View]
188604527Predict what happens on the next ep of your current anime, GO!: >starts with Erwin crawling on th…[View]
188603193What are some other deceitful openings that trick you into thinking the show will be good?[View]
188576824Bokuben: chapter 112 (korean)[View]
188604168Logh thread: Ok guys, Prove me what's wrong with the politics of the series[View]
188602690Why Pokemons feel attraction to other kind of Pokemons?[View]
188594573Please bully me, Kikuhime![View]
188600113Are the supaides ded for real?[View]
1886037003x3 4x4 5x5: 90% of anime in the 2010s was GARBAGGIO[View]
188574981Why do people hate Wing?[View]
188541102**The Promised Neverland**: The wait for leaks is on[View]
188603354What books does she like to read?[View]
188603352Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: WA HA HA[View]
188596286>OH! PRETTY BOMBER HEAD! what the FUCK did she mean by this?[View]
188568858Raildex: Which raildex girl is the most gangbangable?[View]
188600486Chi-Chi had a hard life: >forced to watch as her future husband gets beaten to near death by the …[View]
188603163Look at him, /a/. Let him have it.[View]
188542268Is Saitama a faggot?[View]
188594775Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a masterpiece.[View]
188603047Bakuon Rettou: Chapter 13 Previously, Takashi contemplated on cicadas and how they seemed like a met…[View]
188602957She pretty much has the same ability as the founding titian[View]
188580699>the mom is a hotter version of the daughter every time[View]
188602943Tada no Kusuriuri desu yo.[View]
188602307A 13 year old girl is a published mangaka. What have you done with your life /a/?[View]
188601166Have some tea?[View]
188591231Non-forced Animation Thread:: show the class what non-forced animation is, folks.[View]
188599558Pic one[View]
188577645Higurashi: Why didn't Keiichi fuck Rika?[View]
188579610Anime when?[View]
188600961Are there any mangaka, currently on break, from whom you wish they'd start a new series anytime…[View]
1886012662019, PROMARE already out of the race for AOTY: Alright. 2 more weeks until Amazon ships my Kaijuu n…[View]
188600300I need season 2 right now[View]
188555083So Senko is the girl of the year, right?[View]
188602633Why gentle?[View]
188601794Sekai Oni: What is your opinion about this manga?[View]
188594377I'm waiting in line for ten trillion years to get misato's autograph please help me[View]
188594796Will anime ever be accepted as a normal entertainment medium?[View]
188601045Is the anime industry declining?[View]
188594555How long will take until this studio have the same fate as Hanna Barbera and gets assimilated by one…[View]
188601953I dont get it[View]
188600945Oregairu: Why should Yukino get Hachiman instead of Yui?[View]
188595462SBR: >the story is boring as shit until the villain's stand is introduced >the protag is …[View]
188602215Post beautiful OP art[View]
188599318>blood + >blood-c It should be time for a new Blood series.…[View]
188601367Anime girls are for_____[View]
188598467What kind of anime is this?: Barely stylized and airbrushed backgrounds. It's bland, sure, but …[View]
188580149He's the main villain, try to prove me wrong.[View]
188600940who's going to pop aki's cherry?: my bet is on the gyaru[View]
188598154Granbelm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azgSmgsLLOo >Original >OP by Aoi Eir >ED by Uru …[View]
188598488ITT: Write an anime plot with an AI: Start writing an anime plot, let the AI complete it. https://ta…[View]
188599522Reread Zetman start to finish again. The shit Haitani puts Jin through man... Doesn't compare t…[View]
188601509How many confirmed kills does Rikka have?[View]
188601832Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends - the little anime that could: Nobody ever talks about how grea…[View]
188597581Kanojo Okarishimasu: I love Chizuru so much![View]
188600795Friendly reminder that your sexy 2D waifu is modeled by a fat middle aged man.[View]
188596245What happened to him in the second season? He went from a based loner to the very thing he criticize…[View]
188594567ITT: Losers[View]
188598244Miru Tights: Ep 3 in few hours. Anyone else like it so far?[View]
188599072Is he right /a/?[View]
188576526best asterisk?[View]
188598872Fate/Zero and FSN: > better story > better characters and character development > 4th Holy …[View]
188584535So is she kissing herself?[View]
188597613Chainsawman: Chapter 23: Mangastream is out https://readms.net/r/csm/23/5893/1[View]
188596713Characters that almost ruined their series[View]
188575596Symphogear XV: IT'S TIME http://symphogear-xv.com/ https://twitter.com/SYMPHOGEAR/status/113184…[View]
188599145Cencoroll Connect: Anybody even remember Cencoroll? https://twitter.com/cencoroll_pjt/status/1131860…[View]
188599958TTGL reference? Silver Link confirmed for bros.[View]
188600428Isekai DAISUKI![View]
188585263One Piece: Are we getting Drake and Hawkins vs. Sanji and Zoro next chapter or will Orochi himself f…[View]
188600271FLCL: Alternative & Progressive are subs FINALLY out on Crunchyroll.[View]
188593087It's been 13 years and you're still mad.[View]
188600353Anyone with the chapter 15 raw for Honor Student's Secret Job?[View]
188599525The last anime you watched now takes place on the Event Horizon. What's changed?[View]
188598134If he was such a proud Saiyan then why didn't he wish all of them back with the dragon balls?[View]
188568389Sarazanmai: Oh, no! He's perfect![View]
188599947Am I the only one who likes Raphtalia?[View]
188594647What does /a/ think about idols?[View]
188593984Digimon General[View]
188599715Bro, why?[View]
188600074Madoka Thread[View]
188590550>pause between his attack rushes >shit at one-liners >can't talk shit Truly the worst …[View]
1885814905toubun no Hanayome: Fuutarou just isn't her type, that's why she won't make any move…[View]
188594569ITT: We post god-tier EDs: I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCKtq_hANrw[View]
188597606These dorks run the student council.[View]
188598984Good hat covered that stupid clip.[View]
188596346You've got till the count of me saying rape 10 times to name me anime with rape in it[View]
188599179what did they mean by this[View]
188581564Here's your blonde immortal vampire lover.[View]
188599367/ISK/ General Isekai Thread #13: Yare yare seems like yesterday we had some problem but.. Here we ar…[View]
188585958Type-Moon vampires: Okay, so since Tsukihime remake/sequel/whatever is 100% not happening are we goi…[View]
188591978Thoughts on Noa?[View]
188599256Chainsaw Man: Just started reading this. This shit is hype as fuck.[View]
188594275Does /a/ like popee the performer?[View]
188596584Who has the greatest sex appeal in anime?[View]
188570737Which one is the best Maid outfit, /a/?[View]
188581016Houseki No Kuni: Leaks from the last thread, posted in order. Full chapter is going to be dropped at…[View]
188594755What's about Ranma 1/2 that makes it so comfy to watch?[View]
188599106>his waifu is a globetard[View]
188595974violet evergarden: Gilbert didnt fug or daughter up Violet was he a faggot or something?[View]
188598435QTDDTOT: who is David Lynch of anime? inb4 Lain and Chiaki Konaka who is Haneke of anime? who is Tar…[View]
188596159Overlord Thread: Make way for the Great Ainz Say hey! It's Lord Ainz Hey! Clear the way in the …[View]
188594502SWEET BABY JESUS![View]
188593951What are the saddest moments in anime that have made you start to cry, or brought you near that poin…[View]
188597971How would Rikka arrest her suspects?[View]
188598459Why hasn't Japan made a Boba Fett anime or manga when many of their iconic heroes and antiheroe…[View]
188595641>That moment when you say 'oh SHIT'[View]
188543164Nee-san > imouto: Why are nee-sans just so superior?[View]
188589511I unironically loved Mysterious Girlfriend X[View]
188582198Shingeki No Kyojin: After watching the last episode of the anime, I couldn't wait another week …[View]
188568576Shokugeki no Soma 312 Spoilers: 312 自分自身の味 神の起こした魔法で巻き起こした嵐に引きずり込まれる麻呂 おさずげパルスは本来発動者の周囲へ波紋状に広がり近くの…[View]
188598416Beastars: Last thread 404'd - now is my time to shine. I never thought Paru would go in depth w…[View]
188597633What went wrong?[View]
188591727Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 56: Living Dolls[View]
188597686Once again, I'm completely destroyed.[View]
188594350Can we please put a ban on Dragon Ball Super Generals on /a/?: There's no new content currently…[View]
188593655Nichijou Dub preview: https://mobile.twitter.com/FUNimation/status/1132013413528481794[View]
188595157Tfw you inspire the shittiest videogame in existence: Battle Royale thread[View]
188593869How important are cute feet in an anime character?[View]
188594516Warcraft sunwell trilogy: Anyone read it? Is it good? The artstyle looks great to be honest[View]
188594966Yu-gi-Oh Vrains: Roboppy a cute. Also will the Ignis revive and have their own android forms?[View]
188596046>let's introduce three new characters just to instantly kill them all off screen…[View]
188586529Boku no Hero Academia: is Twice defending Toga the Batman, with prep time of MHA? Does anyone stand …[View]
188589577>'heh, an hachiroku? there's no way that piece of junk could pass me!'…[View]
188592203Evolution of Souma[View]
188587553Chainsaw Man: Alright fags, get it in here. Chapter 23[View]
188591703Is there anyone more /diy/ than Emiya Shirou? The guy sleeps in his workshop, cooks his own meals an…[View]
188596188quite possibly the strongest character since at least gutsu[View]
188594216Chihayafuru: >The countryside poorfag defeats the classic rich shoujo prince. Has Suetsugu revolu…[View]
188559484Black Clover: Spoilers are out! Chapter begins Yami and Charla are hiding in a black ball Charla is …[View]
188590899Name a more deadly anime antagonist.[View]
188581815Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: chapter 160 (korean)[View]
188582724Listen up, you scumbags! Starting now, I will make this thread my home base to invade and punish /a/…[View]
188587219Favorite anime girl archetype?: Mine is the 'Cool Beauty' or the 'Tall Dark Bishoujo'. Lets see if /…[View]
188592935Uraraka loves money![View]
188589395Do you have any criteria whenever you choose what anime or manga to give a chance?[View]
188591690Spec-ops Asuka: We finally get some closure after two months.[View]
188588275Soredemo Machi: This series is a seriously great. The characters are all lovable and distinct. The m…[View]
188594699Arakawa Under the Bridge: She was actually really an alien the whole time and the bridge was her shi…[View]
188593917Greatest pleb filter in manga history? This is literally the best fight in part 6 and one of the mos…[View]
188583479Isekai Quartet Ep 8 Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXw8Sf-hoxQ Not the beach episode every…[View]
188592724The Kirigiri novels are apparently on par with the greatest detective stories ever written and we st…[View]
188593013let's dance /a/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_DV9b0x7v4[View]
188594278Is Arlong basically just Malcom X?[View]
188593764Which Dorohedoro girl do you fuck with love[View]
188591392What's the best kiss scene you've ever seen in an anime?[View]
188590882ITT: only patrician OTPs[View]
188581358Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san: How is this literal child molester allowed to take care of children? H…[View]
188594211>tfw no sicily gf[View]
188592588Boruto: New episode after tomorrow. Its about the inn theyre staying at being haunted and it looks f…[View]
188593221Based Ogata making people straight. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-05-24/voice-actre…[View]
188593684Were you satisfied with anime addaptation?[View]
188586720Akira - 2021: Yup. Leonardo DiCaprio's live adaptation of Akira will come to theaters in 2021, …[View]
188593521How would the series change?[View]
188594057Clannad After Story: I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead I saw her lying in a pool of red I …[View]
188582004Violet wants to give you a handjob. what do you do?[View]
188591488If you have a arts or screenshots with Oikura, drop them here please[View]
188581727ITT: Only the best cats[View]
188585729Name a cuter whale. Pro-tip you can't[View]
188592778WHAT IF......: Eiichiro Oda dies from an unexpected disease this week and One Piece of shit is no mo…[View]
188589677ITT: Anime about the globalist technocracy/NWO[View]
188587957Which Non Non would you Biyori?[View]
188574893Is subaru retarded?: So I'm sure this has been discussed to death already, but I just got aroun…[View]
188592616How did this obscure american film my boomer granddad loves end up in Girls Und Panzer 40 years afte…[View]
188593503Imagine that your friend dies, so you make a pact with otters to revive him, so now you gotta do som…[View]
188581041act-age: https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=1160646 Korean scans are out.…[View]
188580814Oi, don't just stand there.[View]
188591531Why is a dumb muscle like Broly so popular?[View]
188586266Precure: What's your favorite Precure attack? Can anything defeat the Lovely Beam?[View]
1885723762019. We are forgotten.[View]
188577101Occasional reminder that the strength of Homura's wish trumps any kind of power Madoka might ob…[View]
188578642Why didn’t Goku end up with Bulma?[View]
188572247Hey stop doing that, it hurts me, Nagatoro[View]
188589585What would Rei be like if Gendo hadn't drugged her personality into nonexistence?[View]
188586296Carole & Tuesday: what the fuck is this and is it any good[View]
188575603ITT: ITT: Images you can hear[View]
188531510Beastars Chapter 129[View]
188553051Is he the best anime director ever? Or just the king of pretentiousness[View]
188587497Is he a genius?[View]
188581299Promare out: Believe him![View]
188581455Man, how the fuck is this weak-ass nigga supposed to kill Griffith?[View]
188590495Why is she so obsessed with falling in love if she is fundamentally inhuman and can't actually …[View]
1885910623 episodes in and I hate it, I went from Amuro to this literal faggot. Does it get better later on? …[View]
188592094The beatdown of a century, no other moment in anime compares to this.[View]
188539871buyfag thread: Look at this boat[View]
188470442Clan-Clan: Ctarl-Ctarl[View]
188574401I never saw the matrix[View]
188575135El-Melloi Case Files: Just a month left. Will they fuck up?[View]
188584088Hey /a/. Would be willing to join an organization like Chronos or others, if it was real and had bra…[View]
188591289Where are these images from?: Any help appreciated[View]
188575678Today lads[View]
188591368Watamote: Jesus fucking christ, Tomoko...[View]
188591363wich Patlabor movie is the best ?[View]
188590587Will we ever get a live action Digimon movie or series? Pokemon Detective Pikachu seems to have pull…[View]
188472359Hitoribocchi no seikatsu: Put down the sword and take off that silly jacket, Bocchi.[View]
188587764Comfy 2000s Thread: Post what you're watching atm and what you think of it. Buso Renkin is pret…[View]
188591188Which show would you consider the ricky and morty of anime? For me it is Monster. At least Ricky an…[View]
188587021Remember the Genshiken AU where he saw his wife exchanging greetings with her ex at the hospital aft…[View]
188583072Tsugumomo: Dumping raw 120.[View]
188591134Toriyama: All memes aside, where does PRIME toriyama rank among the pantheon of mangakas?[View]
188576908Be honest Anon. When was the last time you've watched an 80s tv anime?[View]
188591032Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: Where is season 2 of Mashiros and Kobenis cute adventures, you fucks?…[View]
188578799Post 'em https://tiermaker.com/create/top-100-manga-of-all-time-according-to-the-poll-78202…[View]
188579898Dragon Ball Super: Why is his colossal power still unsurpassed, two arcs later?[View]
188587096I'm still jazzed we're getting a third season.[View]
188590382Shuffle!: Kaede was objectively the best girl of the show.[View]
188590724>There are people that find something like this funny or even cute Truly scum on Earth Bullying i…[View]
188582181Is Berserk considered a classic?[View]
188587746Is liking futa gay?[View]
188588255People out here seriously considering Origination the best entry in the franchise, when Animation an…[View]
188590305Can we please put a ban on Dragon Ball Super Generals on /a/?: There's no new content currently…[View]
188587392Wow, this is really good.[View]
188590503I love shitposting about GODA theories Next chapter is 944, and pic is chap 449 cover. Will we have …[View]
188575758Inuyasha: What does /a/ think of Inuyasha?[View]
188587546Dragon Head: anyone read this? What a wild ride. I can't imagine reading this one on a monthly …[View]
18859040620 hours in. Assassin just killed Lancer. How long is this game?[View]
188586886Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Is there gonna be a new chapter? It's been two weeks[View]
188573236anyone else despise episodic shows ?[View]
188573157smoking inside a closed vehicle with kids inside. Isn't this behavior punishable by law?[View]
188579466This escalated quickly[View]
188587351Why do people compare these characters so much? There circumstances are literally nothing alike.[View]
188588338Comfy thread[View]
188521334Why'd they make her 12 if they were going to make her sexy anyway?[View]
188589923Chiyo, you silly negro![View]
188585204One Piece: Will Zoro go full nuclear by the end of this act?[View]
188501377>kill like 10 whores >SHE KILLED MILLIONS Does this look like a mass murderer to you?…[View]
188588225Will I enjoy Sarazanmai if I loved Yurikuma, liked Utena, and disliked Penguindrum?[View]
188588339ALPHA AS FUCK. Skinny pussy Giorno can't even compete[View]
188585746Parallel Paradise 42 Eng: Our guys delivered.[View]
188584892Why does Ume hate Natsume so much?[View]
188578902Ryuuou no Oshigoto: So is the LN end yet?[View]
188586945you could make a religion out of this: would you pray at this altar? she was baptized by a shinto pr…[View]
188589273Kuzu no Honkai: I'm attracted to Hanabi because she's sexy and a little bit of a bad girl,…[View]
188587960Hibike! Euphonium: Childhood friends never w-[View]
188588085Goblin Slayer: >IMPURE[View]
188584324Tohsaka: What does Toilet-chan actually smell like?[View]
188588817Why can't Sakura ever do anything for herself? She's so dumb and can't remember anyth…[View]
188573793Do you know what i like the most about Hotaru?[View]
188581853He lost his waifu and daughteru. If you were in his shoes, can you handle that?[View]
188579085Which sensei would /a/ prefer?[View]
188580324How can you look at Nozomi and say she's fat? Where's the fat?[View]
188588013Why isn't the Million Arthur anime more popular? It's really good[View]
188588527I just wanna go back, back to 1999[View]
188586469I'm at kotono mitsuishi's panel what should I ask her[View]
188550336Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Yfw Queen wins the duel.[View]
188579892Why does the anime community hate edgelords so much? They can actually be really fun.[View]
188569996Forced Animation Thread: Show me your forced animation[View]
188582085Jojo: >30 second beating[View]
188574080Shingeki no Kyojin will forever be remembered as a timeless classic with Isayama delivering the most…[View]
188584607Mirai no Mirai: This movie was cute as fuck. I'm glad Hosoda turned down the theatrics a bit an…[View]
188587296Why is Kirino such a fat ass?[View]
188586654>try to commit suicide >a cute girl kidnaps you (aside from isekai) Is this the ultimate escap…[View]
188571284Tsugumomo thread: What's the reason the other girls are sold and train as sex & dancer slav…[View]
188579236Danganronpa: The Kirigiri novels are apparently on par with the greatest detective stories ever writ…[View]
188529963Magnificent Kotobuki: In which we discuss why Kylie’s outfit is the comfiest out of all the Kotobuki…[View]
188583258What’s the peak aesthetic form?[View]
188584191Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon: Why does the skele-friend keep losing all his wa…[View]
188586458>power levels are still a thing One of you has to like this garbage which is why we keep seeing …[View]
188586609Love Exchange!: Can any thai bro here spoil me what happens in the series? Does tai and caroline end…[View]
188586599Medaka Box: Why the fuck did Gainax axe the anime before the best arc? They literally ended it with …[View]
188582015it’s been almost 10 years since Endless Eight[View]
1885840145toubun no Hanayome: Why did Negi allow Nino to be treated so badly?[View]
188586097Precure thread: Precure thread-lun![View]
188574948What was her motivation?[View]
188586100anime's influence on music: without Samurai Champloo's influence Lofi hiphop and similar g…[View]
188581476>he exclusively watches airing anime because he doesn't want to be left out of the discussio…[View]
188584643I miss her so much.[View]
188585937Yotsubato!: next chapter when? (where?)[View]
188585412Jitsu wa Watashi wa: What. A. Fucking. Ride. I just finished this and holy shit, it's been a wh…[View]
188558773Kimetsu no Yaiba: Now that the manga is nearing its conclusion Everyone saying there are still loose…[View]
188585665Gun and Clover: Is this manga Ded?[View]
188573439My Boku no Hero Academia thread: New chapter is out, Toga gets literally gang raped[View]
188581980Tessa a cute! A CUTE![View]
188583363'Boom-chicka-ow, boom-chicka-ow, oontz oontz oontz oontz, green dick, is better than blue dick.'[View]
188580837it only took 15 episodes to get good again[View]
188583033This is a group of best girls, please enjoy[View]
188578024One Piece: He's really gonna kill everyone at Onigashima, isn't he?[View]
188540852Kengan Omega Ch.19: Awakening[View]
188585246Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: This chapter was such bullshit. No group of young, fertile high schoolers w…[View]
188582338Mista we need you pistol.[View]
188584454>Zawa..... Zawa Zawa Zawa....Zawa What was his problem[View]
188532834Bokuben: Spoilers coming soon. It's an Uruka chapter.[View]
188580718Oda the shitty hack.[View]
188572781what was the purpose of this scene?[View]
188582850anime that only you watched[View]
188581051>gon should've stayed dead I dont hate him, actually he is my favorite protagonist of any an…[View]
188582943WSJ PUSH: Which of the current pushed series is better/worse written? For me: Best : Kimetsu Worst :…[View]
188574161What did her lips taste like?[View]
188581320what was the initial reaction from people when nge started to get weird half way through the show an…[View]
188581174This adaptation isn't very good, is it?[View]
188583242>Wait till the clown finally gets to fight the spider boss. >Nothing happens. Why did they do …[View]
188583291ITT: We post dead memes. I'll start.[View]
188583069is this the greatest anime meme ever ?[View]
188581421I remember peak anime.[View]
188580774she will never be real lads, how do you cope with this fact?[View]
188581178Do we know if we will ever have an ending? I just finished it and i am dying to find out whats next[View]
188577796New chapter of MoMo out. Just loli being cute this time.[View]
188578653Good morning, /a/[View]
188561954JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Yo where all my based chad STONEposters at??[View]
188580110The sanjifags and zorofags should start cooperating with each other. Your husbando war is boring. Le…[View]
188580526>When you realize its been 6 years since dressrosa arc[View]
188560869Shingeki No Kyojin: I've probably had too much coke but this is what I've come to realize …[View]
188582460ding ding ding[View]
188570152Alright /a/, let's test your anime protagonist skills. How do you get out of a bad relationship…[View]
188557610If you, anon, could hang with any anime character for a day who would it be? letsbehonest here as we…[View]
188578755Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: 2nd season in 6 days. Who's going to be watching?[View]
188563307What in the fuck was going on in the Showa era?! This is highly offensive![View]
188568095For all the incest romance out there, why don't any of them tackle the topic of incest babies?[View]
188579529The fuck, this guy is literally me[View]
188543049Chainsaw Man: SOON I hope O O N[View]
188579122What's your opinions on mecha, /a/? Season 2 never ever btw.[View]
188569374Why does the best Servant get screwed over in every single route?[View]
188581374Amakusa and deer[View]
188574347Why do shounen anime have shit productions values ? , i mean yes there are some amazing looking shou…[View]
188577813Can we take a moment to appreciate him?: He was the first Fluctlight to break the seal of the right …[View]
188581236today's the day, my JoBros[View]
188580137The Tatami Galaxy: What has it taught you? What does it mean to you? What did you think of it?…[View]
188578852The story of OPM is shit. The reason why OPM attracts the audience is because of the wonderful fight…[View]
188578950Detective Conan/Case Closed: 15 years ago today >be me >watch all of it on adult swim in 2004 …[View]
188580830We already have Isekai Quartet, so what other crossover you want to happen?[View]
188572302Which SCP could defeat Inner Moka? >inb4 SCP 682[View]
188577195Bleach may have gone off the rails more than once, but when it came to women, it was always top-tier…[View]
188578891Do you like Ran ?[View]
188578215HELLO WORLD: You know who you are. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29dPNKHjzVA https://twitter.com/h…[View]
188580138How long will the 7 page muda be? Half a minute? A minute? Two minutes? This will be the peak of Ven…[View]
188562450ITT: Mangaka who need to retire[View]
188580328Chikan Otoko: Kansai is best goril[View]
188577800I miss her bros, i havent seen her being relevant in a lot of time[View]
188580250Post Characters getting motivated.[View]
188576144Good night, Yukki[View]
188580080So, did these not sell well? Seems these were made by AllTheAnime for the UK only, but Madman has im…[View]
188577225Or is Tsukushi a hack who makes interesting characters and does nothing with them.[View]
188535380Classroom of the elite: Best light novel ever[View]
188575605Why is it so praised?: 11 kinda boring episodes of haibanes doing regular daily stuff and a little c…[View]
188563251Dragon Ball Super: What's next for this lad?[View]
188574093Ao Haru Ride: Just started watching this. It's pretty good so far. What did /a/ think of it?…[View]
188578646Would Giorno’s life giving powers be able to harm undead creatures similar to the ripple, or at leas…[View]
188579640Enta Hate Thread[View]
188569343Everybody dance![View]
188569930Can we talk about this show? Did kayo really think he'd be okay with her marrying his friend, I…[View]
188577024Who's your favorite character of all time? Hard mode: no waifus[View]
188563719Million Arthur S2: Erai finally uploaded the subs for episode 8[View]
188560682Yosuga no Sora: Everyone remebers this show for the incest, but what about the other girls?[View]
188546817Houseki no Kuni: Leaks in 5 minutes[View]
1885653085toubun no Hanayome: What did Negi mean by this page?[View]
188572770Your party's archmage is feeling guilty and insecure about how useless she is. She offers you h…[View]
188578841Dragon Ball Super: SSJB just doesn't feel like it's getting any stronger. Yeah we know the…[View]
188570230The Great Debate[View]
188577786A smart MC-kun always seek advice and blessing from cute senpai before entering the harem battlefiel…[View]
188575591He cute.[View]
188570811Nanoha Detonation: Blu ray comes out in a month. Also Nanoha thread.[View]
188574666Which quint is the most /fa/?[View]
188578042LOVE Exchange: Can any thai bro that reads love exchange spoil me? Ive just checked one of the raws …[View]
188576739Kenshin: How strong was Saito Hajime?[View]
188574536One Piece: Chapter is out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/943/page/1 Why didn…[View]
188576547would you lick her feet?[View]
188568421Just how pathetic do you have to be to enjoy this?[View]
188577478I liked Chitoge. Why did /a/ dislike her?[View]
188568613>Evileye SS counts as vol 14 >20 volume series cut to 17 >No season 4 anime confirmation Is…[View]
188501068best girl is i can't choose [View]
188576195So tell me /a/. Is the secret and or surprisingly easy and simple way of making a successful anime/m…[View]
188560255Has anyone seen my sister? She escaped from her leash and I can't find her.[View]
188574500Who took my green lipstick?[View]
188569666Hello there /a/, it is I the one true character to get 'redemption'[View]
188576494fuck emilia[View]
188569891Reminder that Chitanda is already engaged with the son of another wealthy family. What? You faggots …[View]
188575354Please bully me, Kikuhime![View]
188572185Is /a/ still DAZZLING THE STAGE? APPRIVOISE!![View]
188571644Oh shit[View]
188573338Can we all agree that Overlord is the best isekai anime adaption to date?[View]
188574338WTF IS THIS SHIT /a/?[View]
188564709You have a chance to change the protagonist of Eva. Would you do it and if so who would you change …[View]
188570181ITT: Girls who deserved to win[View]
188575518Why is pre-Haruhi anime so boring? Eva bored me to tears and LOTGH isn't exciting me.[View]
188576688Would you watch a medeival fantasy anime (not an Isekai) featuring a dragon tyrant and her bottom bi…[View]
188574493Madoka thread[View]
188576401Polnareff now??![View]
188572923Good work today.[View]
188568978>Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 will be animated by studio Deen Oh no, Oh no. Fucking kek…[View]
188576840how did they get away with this in the west?[View]
188541393did girls like digimon back in the day?[View]
188574460I can't watch it for longer than 2 mins. It's too painful. Why do you watch it?[View]
188576628Will we ever get a live action Digimon movie or series? Pokemon Detective Pikachu seems to have pull…[View]
188535312Uzaki: The weak should fear the strong. When will senpai snap and consume those dekais?[View]
188566345ITT: Characters with Canonically large penises[View]
188553130Why are gochiusa threads being deleted?[View]
188550436Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Translations for the new chapter are out https://mangadex.org/title/22151/kano…[View]
188570095ITT: Anime/manga you liked but know are bad: I really wished this show was better, the characters ar…[View]
188575182SOMA SPOILER 312: https://bakadata.com/spoiler/shokugeki-no-soma-312-spoiler/ So even asahit is a fu…[View]
188569739/ISK/ General Isekai Thread #12: Here we are back bros with this awesome thread to talk about the be…[View]
188570938do you wish that were you?[View]
188574710Rei vs Asuka: Reminder for asukafags to BTFO scenario >rei wife >asukanigger Loyalty? >Unqu…[View]
188563603The Great Debate[View]
188572857Why don't you have a seat, Anon?[View]
188572511What was her fucking problem?[View]
188567057One Piece: Chapter 943 SMILE Cover: Robin is knitting something very seriously Kin’emon and Inuarash…[View]
188572899Yuragi 160 text spoilers: おんせん160 みんなで霊能力修行 コガラシの霊力が上がったのを知りみんなも時間がない中で強くなるべく行おうとするが 男女でやらないとできない修行で…[View]
188570747Rem is your kouhai now.[View]
188573809what is this face trying to convey?[View]
188570138Chichi chichi oppai![View]
188569391hold up... there was a 2016 berserk anime?[View]
188573562Goten and Trunks: How did we go from this[View]
188568082Promare: Hurr durr triggernigger hurr durr cultist hurr durr forced animation Now that we've go…[View]
188569401Why the fuck does TTGL look so much more modern than every other show made in 2007?[View]
188570814Asuka is love, Asuka is life.[View]
188570134Today... I just want to destroy something beautiful.[View]
188559059This had some much potential, where did it go wrong ?[View]
188543472Did they?[View]
188568948Anime needs more raping!!![View]
188570703Slice of Life: Can shows like Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, and Diamond is Unbreakable be considered S…[View]
188519106Made in Abyss: May 23 - 1st movie debuts in Mexico May 25 - 1st movie debuts in Chile May 27 - 2nd m…[View]
188570205anime girls on bikes are cute[View]
188572751>that cool outro Im on episode 45 and people are starting to die. Is this finally gonna get inte…[View]
188568830Did you enjoy Kiss Day, /a/?[View]
188562705itt: post an anime genre and the best exemple of deconstructive show from that genre I start: >ge…[View]
188569657Now that the dust has finally, finally settled. What did KYH see in him?[View]
188571697How is this hack can get away with it[View]
188572294I'm not even gay but this is very hot, it makes me want to have sex with another man.[View]
188570936ITT: Based MCs: Only the most based MCs can be posted in this thread.[View]
188571061So... what went wrong?[View]
188567452Which one has the most cancerous fanbase?[View]
188572096What are your thoughts about this anime/manga? I might try it.[View]
1885700463x3: My 3x3 for slice of life anime. What others would I enjoy?[View]
188563789New shield hero: Was this scene really necessary?[View]
188572107Why isn't this autist in a first name basis with her friends?[View]
188569278Just finished SBR: Funny Valentine literally did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong, although you literal…[View]
188572051Is that your final Dandy?[View]
188570213Why is The Breaker so highly rated? It didn't live up to the hype at all.[View]
188555562Comfy Anime 90's and 00's thread: Post your favorite anime from this comfy time[View]
188566605Look at this retard.[View]
188571348What the fuck was his endgame?!?[View]
188572315Post side characters that pretty much stole the spotlight from the main ones.[View]
188573021Why do you guys hate Umi? Are you mad because she has a husband now?[View]
188568547Nano is a cute: Anyone who disagree is wrong[View]
188572456Who has the best figure in anime?[View]
188572963Overlord: I want more adventures with Satoru the oldbone and best girl Keno.[View]
188568350Log Horizon is the only good modern Isekai.[View]
188528474Watamote chapter 157: Raws: https://www.ganganonline.com/viewer/player/viewer.html?tw=2&cid=SQEX…[View]
188566704Why was his head so big?[View]
188572782Aqua is the hydrodynamicist![View]
188570092/a/utism: This thread is dedicated to autist anime characters. Yunyun, Tomoki and Bocchi are welcom…[View]
188570557ok so this might sound crazy but i think i have an idea for another fortnite crossover. this time, i…[View]
188565222Who would you say is THE definitive sex symbol of the 10's? Last decade it was undoubtedly Yoko…[View]
188565902What happened to American voice acting: >watch a modern anime dub >voice acting is generally s…[View]
188566730Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu: Another sibling chapter? FFS, just make a spin off already. This is Komi…[View]
188563277'P-please be my Boyfriend!' What to do?[View]
188543440Claim your wife and rate others[View]
188571437Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai: One year after graduation, Chihiro and her friends discuss how Y…[View]
188566227Boku No Hero Academia: twicepocalypse NOW[View]
188570986Vento Aureo is great you fucking cowards Diamond is Unbreakable is OK you fucking schoolgirls Stardu…[View]
188571280what would a manga written together by at least 50 different people from /a/ look like?[View]
188570780Unbelievable, how could they let a scene like that go through?[View]
188568523i become meguca?[View]
188570253best yaiba[View]
188547047Karakuri Circus: 31[View]
188566152Choose.: Anzu is a scam. Hina is a long term investment for patricians.[View]
188566483Is Nishida the gayest person on earth? She was clearly asking for it here.[View]
188568194Shiki thread[View]
188557713Why isnt ice hockey as popular as basketball (Real) or skating (Yuri!!! on Ice)? Ice hockey combines…[View]
188565118>Isekai is a fom trend >not realizing that isekai is one of the oldest genres…[View]
188570462There's been stories where sisters win, but has there ever been a story where the mother wins? …[View]
188568374What is this girl's problem?[View]
188560126World's End Harem: So I was reminded this manga existed today. Early on, I had high hopes for t…[View]
188571260ITT: Bodies perfect for breeding.[View]
188570315What would /a/ wish for if given the chance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZQZtdza7hc[View]
188568476Fuck you[View]
188566071Traps are gay and there's nothing you can say to change that fact.[View]
188571053The MC of your favorite isekai is replaced by this guy.[View]
188568035There is no way Maruyama is going to kill her now. The fanbase would riot.[View]
188569208Jagaaaaan: 2019... I am forgotten.[View]
188563506Would you give her a demonstration?[View]
188566974Why is Japanese animation obsessed with elves?[View]
188559252Why is this considered good, let alone a classic?[View]
188568093Since attacking an object that was given life by Gold Experience causes the attacker to receive the …[View]
188567089Why is the King of Britain so useless?[View]
188567166Wait a minute this is just fucking Ultraman.[View]
188564902when does it start getting good?[View]
188569629Adamasu no Majotachi: Does anyone actually have a gross old man gangbang fetish? Why the fuck do nip…[View]
188567707Does the anime community hate him because they see so much of themselves in him?[View]
188570279NE EVERETT[View]
188570293Since when did Konaha teach Senjutsu? Why did Naruto have trouble learning Sage Mode?[View]
188546809Why can't anime have beautiful drawn backgrounds like this anymore?[View]
188568326>Don't you ever think of becoming a demon lord? Well, what's your answer, /a/?…[View]
188536774Watamote chapter 157: World Three translation http://www.slide.world-three.org/read/its_not_my_fault…[View]
188565803Yes I'm Kazuma[View]
188562214I'd love to kick Sena Kashiwazaki in the head. Just take a few steps run up then catch her with…[View]
188539049>already 28 years old >not married >no kids >no friends What was her problem?…[View]
188562369Waifu thread[View]
188561970Best Girl of ALL TIME: Get in here Bunnybros, our girl won! https://animebracket.com/results/-r-anim…[View]
188554528Rincontinence was a mistake[View]
188566066Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet Chapter 104[View]
188544198Carole and Tuesday: New episode, new thread. As always: Angela a best Tuesday a second best Carole a…[View]
188562846Sakamoto: Just finished the show bros. Very Funny. I don't understand the ending though... why…[View]
188511233Damn those thighs....[View]
188557654>Naruto only liked Sakura because Sakura liked Sasuke What. That’s fucking retarded. Fuck Kishimo…[View]
188558293ITT: The exact moment when the girl won your heart[View]
188569198'I want to bear your child!' So how will Kazuma react to this?[View]
188567642Who ARE you people?[View]
188568889JoJolion: Chapter fucking WHEN???[View]
188567032Still the best anime of the year[View]
188560412Shinju no Nectar: Aren't there interdimensional committees dedicated to protecting poor isekaif…[View]
188558000ITT: Relatable Characters[View]
188544194PROMARE: How long till the Japs confirm it to be shit?[View]
188564856Ive been rewatching cowboy bebop for a while and just got to episode 20 and holy shit what a good ep…[View]
188567041The Predator keeps me going. I watch these kind of shows because I always hope that one day, somehow…[View]
188536361just finished ep1 , it was about some instrumentality bullshit that i'm really sick off . is th…[View]
188563077Is there a name for this kind of character type/trope? >short hair >orange >homely >slig…[View]
188568004>humans are the real monsters >it’s about the journey not the destination >friendship Wha…[View]
188567626What makes Hunter X Hunter so phenomenally great?[View]
188563828What does your waifu like?: >her favorite hobby >her favorite color >her favorite movie …[View]
188564568your name: This movie is incredible[View]
188568252DO IT FOR HER thread[View]
188565235Retsu in my Baki Dou??: I can't believe my boy is referenced in this piece of shit plotline…[View]
188563694Why are there still people who defend this studio?[View]
188560447ITT Fuck you I like her[View]
188567990Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai: Thoughts on this web manga, I fucking love it[View]
188559349Why do the current generation of /a/-goers find this unwatchable?[View]
188567794Why is this the only Ghibli movie with loli nudity?[View]
188552727Daily Aria Chapter: Navigation 55: At the Time of Twilight[View]
188567228Kill la Kill is a magical girl anime[View]
188567380PON !![View]
188567574>OP by TWICE[View]
188567067One Piece: >zoro being saved by sanji in the land of samurai arc after he's been embarrassed…[View]
188559449Nande Ko ni Sensei ga!?: Worst sensei so far. The big sister, little brother angle is a turn-off.…[View]
188566768Loved the unlovable. Ate a shit ton of sweets and kept thin. Loved bondage. Too pure for this world.…[View]
188564735>The MC gets cucked at the end[View]
188563829Oreshura: It's been more than 6 years anon. Have you decided which color you like yet?[View]
188561201Bakemonogatari 29: By Oh! Great and Nisioisin[View]
188567147itt Greatest cucks: Hard mode: No elementary schooler kissing-tier bullshit,[View]
188567140she cute: Akari![View]
188566996Opinions on Jolyne's ass?[View]
188565395Hunter X Hunter (hxh) thread Post based minor characters[View]
188550953Miru Tights: Is it the best show this season?[View]
188565274BIG ELEVEN: This is your new Big 11, say something nice about them![View]
188564283AOTD aired 3 months into 2010: Kinda made the competition boring, in retrospect.[View]
188564773That kid is sick, right? I'll push your car for you.[View]
188560243Funimation: Attack On Titan Subs Delayed Till Wednesdays: >Dear Attack on Titan fans, >The Att…[View]
188566463Would Mio be an interesting character and actually contribute to the show if she was a drug addict?[View]
188533066Should I watch the 2000 series before this year's reboot? What can I expect other than BOOGIEPO…[View]
188564028I miss valkyrie drive mermaid. I miss valverape. I miss samurai flamenco. I miss guilty crown. I mis…[View]
188566436Tate no Yuusha/Shield Hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzbanU7xtaw God,spics with their autism …[View]
188542539Raildex: She knows something about the 2nd death. Do you think NTR will explain it? Do you think Bir…[View]
188502940What's the most obscure anime you've ever watched?[View]
188556652Sarazanmai: It was a comfy episode, wasn't it?[View]
188538968This is her face when she sees you talking about NTR[View]
188562107Do you remember how much beef you've eaten in your entire life?[View]
188547443JoJo Parts 1-6 Character Tier List: Post your tier list of the best and worst characters from JoJo h…[View]
188560810Did Lelouch and Euphemia do the sex on the island? In the next scene after she tells him she knows h…[View]
188563184Seven Seas new licenses: They have a new Japanese partner, Gentosha Comics. 4/5 licenses come from t…[View]
188560646Shinmai mauo no testament: Season 3 when[View]
188565664Dude vapor wave![View]
188560003Haruhi: What are your hopes for the future of Yuki's series?[View]
188556763Boku No Hero Academia: Image spoilers are out. Discuss. >NTR >Twice flashback >Twice was a …[View]
188541921ITT: post girls that /a/ hates but you love[View]
188555303>this is funny in japan[View]
188563655Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma The manga of the pedophile pandering garbage anime of the season is bei…[View]
188559357ITT: yeah, that happened[View]
188562728ITT: regrettable/shameful ANIME faps I'll start[View]
188564785Cancelled Man[View]
188562738What does /a/ think of Berserk 2016-2017 Remastered? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWE_C1Gc8zg htt…[View]
188562418Watanabe Anime Universe (or 'WAU' for short): Rank 'em.[View]
188558752Goblin Slayer Criticism: A lot of criticism directed towards Goblin Slayer I see is how the world is…[View]
188559254Was this really necessary?[View]
188563245Does anyone like Jeanne?[View]
188564706>'if you die, I'll kill you!'[View]
188564693Math or Crab?[View]
188553278ITT: Characters are literally (You)[View]
188564598TOP TEN ANIME BETRAYALS: What would you have done to this fat fuck? I think I would have tortured hi…[View]
188564661Yuri on ded: There won't even be a yoi movie. It was all a big hoax.[View]
188564605Love Live: Who is the best Love Live and why is it zura?[View]
188564432senpai > kouhai[View]
188546051One Piece: Chapter 943 SMILE Cover: Robin is knitting something very seriously Kin’emon and Inuarash…[View]
188562897season's almost ending: Is it time to just call it here and look forward to summer?[View]
188557892Irrefutably best girl. Mai fags BTFO[View]
188550795Shingeki no Kyojin: Assuming Reiner won’t make himself get eaten by pure!Titan Falco soon, what will…[View]
188559365TFW no sensei mommy to help relieve her stressful day with a good ol' fashioned SUCC.[View]
1885468795toubun no Hanayome: What is Itsuki's master plan?[View]
188564167No, Akko-chan, mayonnaise is no instrument, better luck next time around. You may take your seat now…[View]
188564139Will we ever get another season of Medaka Box? Is there any feasible way? Maybe trigger comes throug…[View]
188562495You must choose.[View]
188562827Why are there so many cute and funny anime but not enough wacky and silly anime? /ss/ is shit so it …[View]
188522632Would you a tomoko?[View]
188522105Why is Naruto so ugly?[View]
188553770Did Netoge remain a good series the whole way through? I... I dropped it after episode four. Ako is …[View]
188563085Digimon movie nostalgia thread[View]
188563353Dragon Ball Super: The worst DB character! Why did Toei make this character so bad to the point he g…[View]
188559787How old is Satania?[View]
188562210Rias Gremory Love's Dicks?: I love rias[View]
188526941I've finally found the perfect waifu for you, /a/. 'Girlfriend Who Makes 5 Times Your Annual In…[View]
188558246You can only daughteru one[View]
188555616Just few weeks left until anime of the first good Type Moon series since Kara no Kyoukai. Will adap…[View]
188562970What anime does he like?[View]
188559486Is season 3 of Genshiken actually worth watching? I kinda nope'd out of it after seeing the fac…[View]
188557320Why was she so flustered and hesitant in this scene? I thought she liked this sort of thing.[View]
188550454Dragon Ball Super: Jiren is the worst antagonist in DB history.[View]
188547800Given Boys-Love Anime's Promo Video Previews Ritsuka >The official website for the anime ada…[View]
188546273Anime, manga and LNs that are based on D&D are better than those that were based on typical JRPG…[View]
188522725Solo leveling: New chapter https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/solo-leveling/en/0/72/page/1…[View]
188555199I need other manga or anime where the girl get NTR[View]
188562619Where can I buy physical media of the most obscure anime? I want to find a (presumably VHS) copy of …[View]

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