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243330333Black Clover: Official Chapter: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014066[View]
243418215Megumi Amano is the only one who can save anime from small Hank Hill asses.[View]
243419135WHOA Tachiyomi hasn't alerted me of new chapters what did I mi- >Violently shakes from nervo…[View]
243401726Chainsaw Man Part 2: Volume 12 PV is out, what are your hopes for the next few volumes of Part 2? ht…[View]
243415493Beginners City...: HOME...[View]
243417807rosen garten saga: I cannot fucking believe this is an actual page in an actually published manga, a…[View]
243415802Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Was Lucy a Yandere?[View]
243409906What happened to VN anime adaptations?: At one point the dominated the entire landscape in the 00s..…[View]
243248633There is no way this dragon should be able to fly.[View]
243414869Thunderbolt Fantasy: Wish Gen Urobuchi's OC a happy birthday![View]
243385462Weekly Shonen Jump is Dead: Prove me wrong: >One Piece overstayed its welcome and Wano was a trai…[View]
243413907sex with kujirai[View]
243411069Urusei Yatsura: The crayon invader![View]
243414243Dragon Ball Super: Can we admire how incredible this panel was, there's a level of Kino that ca…[View]
243404503Meanwhile at Soul Society[View]
243410622One Piece: The equivalent of a white woman trying to prove a point[View]
243276233jashin-chan dropkick: let's see those typesets for 222 anon![View]
243415293AMV: Do AMVs have a place in anime fandom in today's day and age? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
243417611if Goku had 'Vegeta's style hair' Thread about HAIR of anime characters[View]
243416563>be in life or death end game stage >lets talk about honorifics fucking japanese…[View]
243410575>Be political refugee in need of hiding from my enemy >I just so happen to live with this guy …[View]
243417829Delicious Party Precure: The villains are a very small group this season but I think they've be…[View]
243409240SPOILER: DENJI IS CHAINSAW MAN: Get fucked, animeonlies![View]
243417549Which anime or manga series you think has the best name/title? What about worst? What are your favor…[View]
243416334Is chainsaw man the first 4K broadcast anime?[View]
243404109>defeated by jet jaguar WEAKzilla will never recover from this.[View]
243413187>terra formers was on hiatus because of the artist's health >he is now drawing GIGANTIS c…[View]
243411071Does /a/ remember Island?[View]
243417087Legend of Mana - The Teardrop Crystal: Looking forward to seeing how badly they destroy this. LoM wa…[View]
243403438Dragon Ball Super: When the fuck are we getting the next chapter?[View]
243409348Who is your Sternritter wife?[View]
243414857Shaman King: I wanted to read Shaman King but apparently there are two versions. Which one is the de…[View]
243406813Index and Railgun: It could have been great. She could have been great. Cutting the fat and writing …[View]
243404817Try it out, /a/, it tastes great![View]
243412638Bleach IS big 3: In my country people usually believe bleach isnt part of the big 3 bc it isnt that …[View]
243408787universal worst girl sign[View]
243414864Best Girl Misato: Did she consider the adult kiss and promise of 'the rest' a gross but necessary, d…[View]
243411371Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: Jeturk redemption arc soon[View]
243412252>a joke dub done by british comedians for charity has better voice acting than professional ameri…[View]
243415402So if an inferior vessel would let the demon king reach his peak power, does that make meliodas have…[View]
243412559KOI WO SHIYOU YO[View]
243415529Nobara will return with more power[View]
243410812Currently reading thread: Lets talk about manga we are reading. List what you are reading and some o…[View]
243410340Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Would you join Kiwi for a sleepover?[View]
243410722Monogatari: Sodachi Fiasco is the pinnacle of the monogatari series.[View]
243410791Buuhan tards, explain this[View]
243411604Gundam mercury witch: I don't understand why you're acting like this /u/troon shit is the …[View]
243411499Is Hibiki too fat?[View]
243411400Classroom of the elite: The second season just finished is it worth watching? heard its one of the b…[View]
243387235Daily The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls U149 Chapter: This story is about growth of little idols and t…[View]
243409237Is slutty virgin jk the next big thing?[View]
243412970I mean, what kind of slut pierces her tongue? Gojo deserves better.[View]
243414433literally me[View]
243406892Will you be watching Akiba Maid War?[View]
243411434Characters that are literally (you)[View]
243410551What servants would you like to see the cups use as card installs?[View]
243406549Shadows House: No episode 13? I'm pretty disappointed - it felt like an abrupt end to S2. We…[View]
243376744Precure: We do celebrate offical Precure birthdays around here[View]
243397897Why do husbands cheat on dragon wives in isekai?[View]
243413357pic related was a masterpiece. anything else out there like it? when I ask that question I guess wha…[View]
243411677What the FUCK happened to Baki Dou? Where are the new chapters?[View]
243411900Monster Musume Season 2: Will season two just follow the mangas story or will it be something new?…[View]
243408468Maison Ikkoku: Rumiko's best.[View]
243404782One Punch Man: Who's at fault Murata or ONE?[View]
243410569What's with Echizen and older women in Prince of Tennis?[View]
243353902Code Geass: These are Lelouch's wives, say something nice about them.[View]
243402944Warau Arsnotoria Sun!: dumping raws[View]
243409840What I am in for?[View]
243404404Can CGI really kill a beloved franchise?[View]
243411893Moshi moshi?[View]
243350690Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Shinobros. They keep dunking on our guy...[View]
243412981Censoring manji and swastika that are being used in an asian context is racism and religious discrim…[View]
243402747Thoughts on Akumetsu?[View]
243402632miss these two like you wouldn't believe when do things get better...[View]
243374238Nagatoro: It's happening?[View]
243409950You know this story would probably be more impactful if the dude was some kind of selfish prick, tha…[View]
243407107cute boys & robots: name a better duo[View]
243372996Villains that got away with it.[View]
243412485>your girlfriends mom gets mad because you don't hit on her What do you do?…[View]
243407228How is it that in yuri shows, the girls are already engaged but in hetshit it takes 200 volumes befo…[View]
243410383Post Tony Tony Chopper[View]
243409700Soon: Soon the Bleach animeonlys will experience pure cancer, the like of which they have never seen…[View]
243397150The Earth Cult in LOTGH: Can we agree this was the worst part of the show? I never really liked how …[View]
243408956Damn what a ride, Samuel L Jackson was surprisingly great. What does /a/ think of Afro Samurai?[View]
243411512Do you like intense adventure love stories, or ordinary everyday love?: The story of battle and adve…[View]
243393653Fullmetal Alchemist: What were the 'themes' and 'messages' this show was trying to send again?…[View]
243407499Dragonball is the most poorly written story ever: >super saiyan bargain sale >ss2 and 3 >su…[View]
243405129ITT: Beautiful female character[View]
243410686Overshadowed Anime OPs / EDs: What do you think are some anime openings/endings that get overshadowe…[View]
243409044How were they able to make Kanna Kii to draw something so heterosexual?[View]
243410405Boku no Shitro: What went so fucking wrong? Its not even entertaining anymore All interest gone…[View]
243405162I still haven't watched Rozen Maiden desu.[View]
243403359One Piece: Why was Kaido so incompetent? He didn't manage to kill a single character or even pe…[View]
243404692Gundam The Witch From Mercury: >here’s your protagonist bro[View]
243406152>Is the best part in your path Heh, nothing personal[View]
243406199Khara has just announced the home media release for Eva 3.0+1.0, included is a 'bonus video' called …[View]
243408616why are anime girls so quick to turn to prostitution[View]
243405895New Chainsaw Man trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PIwO01BnMo THE CGI LEAK WAS FALSE! THE FR…[View]
243403174>Kars is immortal >Stand that switched the mind of a user >Switch minds with kars. >Bec…[View]
243402176Cyberpunk Edgerunners: we need to cope harder lads, just keep coping[View]
243410084Suzume: Will this be a good anime for children? I want to watch it with my daughters when it comes t…[View]
243398549>Take a character design >Just make her fat What did they mean by this?…[View]
243360705What do we call this character archetype?[View]
243406128>Is your name anon? >I'll be sitting next to you from now on, I'm Kuchiki.…[View]
243407569Atl is the cutest Mexican in anime https://youtu.be/kJnjasrJnR8[View]
243407889Orguss: Why is this almost 40 year old show suddenly getting an english dub[View]
243403862Edgerunners: I will never experience emotion as cathartic and deep as that of watching Edgerunners…[View]
243408976Bungou Stray Dogs: Are you excited for four more seasons of an invincible guy with a time travelling…[View]
243408581>design the perfect girl >put her in a shit series >write a good series >recycle the sam…[View]
243397573what 80's anime you're watching?: I was enjoying some Zeta gundam but I decided to take a …[View]
243407608Overlord Season 4: Ok so now I finally have time to watch it. What am I in for? Is it fun or just an…[View]
243399429literally me: What makes these characters literally me and what do you think about their archetype?…[View]
243402380Who's the cutest Kirara girl of all time?[View]
243408449Brain Powerd Appreciation Thread: I hope the average /a/ goer has seen Tomino's masterpiece tha…[View]
243355626Why are fans ok with being baited and gaslit and insulted like this? The writers straight up preten…[View]
243406740vinland saga: nobody told me it would be this fucking good.[View]
243408017Is there any other character more designed to be appealing?[View]
243407213Koido: >Be Kaido >Strongest living being >Could be defeated through Zoro's swordsmansh…[View]
2434085951 day left[View]
243402430>Anon, let go of me. It hurts....[View]
243374949Mieruko-chan: Chapter 46 of our favorite JK´s manga just dropped. Thread with dump >>243363065…[View]
243408354Is hating CGI the biggest way to out yourself as a newfag? The most well directed anime of the 2020…[View]
243393931Spy x Family: Yor is deadly sexy[View]
243394267New trend of shading in modern anime?: Just watched the Road to Naruto video and noticed the odd typ…[View]
243407512CSM: https://youtu.be/7PIwO01BnMo[View]
243406768Adam Smasher was right: Daily reminder that Adam Smasher was right and did nothing wrong. Smasher kn…[View]
243404822Berserk bros we are coming home bros[View]
243399762>Kaguya-sama: Love is War' by Aka Akasaka has 4 chapters left until the end. Color page next week…[View]
243406196The world is mine: Is it just me or is this the most incomprehensible manga out there? The plot is e…[View]
243404755ITT the absolute state of subs. Post em.[View]
243401788Is it gay if I like her?[View]
243356151Boku no hero academia: why does Bones keep pushing these 3 as besties when they barely interact?…[View]
243404466Old Bardock > New Bardock: Reasons: -Actually evil like the rest of the saiyans, not exactly a f…[View]
243406392Why didn't Mushibugyo catch on?[View]
243401813Gojou deserve better[View]
243404387Anonymous janai, Katsura da[View]
243400125would you rather live a happy life in blissful ignorance or wake up to the truth?[View]
243405700ITT: Tragically correct anime or manga quotes[View]
243398265Any anime that you prefer the English dub to the English sub?[View]
243387297BLEACH: Why does it feel like power levels are all over the place? Captains get randomly stronger fr…[View]
243404266I cried like a bitch bros, best romance anime of all times[View]
243405495>YWN have a friend as close as shounen nakama Literally why even live[View]
243399978Naruto: https://youtu.be/yKELA1qBAKA It's Naruto's 20th anniversary! Discuss[View]
243396117Has jap society gotten better or worse since this came out? This entire show was basically a indictm…[View]
243403622So am I the only one who remembers the final arc being dogshit? Why are people excited for this?[View]
243392111Isekai ojisan: What the fuck happened, we are stuck on episode 7 for like a month[View]
243402397She did everything, sacrificed everything, was the only reason they beat Gendo and fought harder eve…[View]
243392047CONFIRMED: Disney takes over Bleach: >Block Bleach from all of the worldwide streaming platforms …[View]
243403015You forgot.[View]
243400465Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: Episode 2 Preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgSdOrD6i9U[View]
243401157I was legitimately thinking the protagonist was going to turn out to be gay. I'm a little disap…[View]
243367648WATATEN: Mya-nee will be a movie star this month! Sugoi zo! Mya-nee![View]
243371489Men only want one thing and it's fucking disgusting[View]
243400750Gundam the Witch from Mercury: >her mom has been pumping her with drugs for cyber prosthetics to …[View]
243374697Promised Neverland: Seriously, was this one of the worst moments in any manga series to date? It com…[View]
243403907ITT: Epic Shits: Forgettable anime. Pic very related. Press S[View]
243398300Do you ever self-insert as a female character?[View]
243380926How the fuck do you even fix this arc?[View]
243404403Eva google drive?: Weird one, I'm trying to get some friends to watch Eva and remembered seeing…[View]
243402689What about an isekai... BUT this is your MC. How would this guy do in an isekai set up? How would h…[View]
243387862>goddess of water >can't handle fluids why is she so DUMB…[View]
243398180On Foreign Influences on Japanese Manga and Anime: Since foreign markets have overtaken domestic mar…[View]
243390246One Piece: The hell of break week is over. Spoilers soon.[View]
243360672Getsuyoubi no Tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その398 『インフレ』 badonks[View]
243392385dothack: I've always wondered was Tsukasa being abused inappropriately by her father or was the…[View]
243390813How popular will it really be after the anime hits? SnK became a phenomena in 2013 but unlike CSM, i…[View]
243401546Panty and Stocking: Season 2 confirmed but when? Will we get as much stocking?[View]
243401704Love Live!: Will Wien join?[View]
243394829Hello it's time for a robot girl thread, participate if you wish[View]
243390416Dragon Ball Super: Name a more iconic cast of heroes.[View]
243393577What's this show an allegory for?[View]
243402728We need more friends like her.[View]
243401926hirayasumi: autumn is a good time to read good manga[View]
243400321Cock goes where?[View]
243399001Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Is Rebecca into bondage?[View]
243391942Think fast, faggot![View]
243373523Sōsei no Taiga: Tiari is a beautiful homo sapien.[View]
243401498sh did it[View]
243402971What does /a/ think of Miyo(12)?[View]
243372701Seraph 119: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014401 New chapter[View]
243397032I wish Revy would dominate me[View]
243373853Detective Conan Hanzawa-san: Who here is watching MYSTERY NIGGA today? Does anyone still care about …[View]
243353974friendly reminder for all the new gundam watcher out there to watch one of the best title Gundam had…[View]
243402766Magical Girl Garnet Heart: Favorite episode? Mine's still the one where Mizmy fucking kicks her…[View]
243309857If David chose Rebecca he'd still be alive[View]
243400026That's the same fucking story. How can a hack like Fujimoto keep getting away with this??[View]
243388287Daily Chikyuu no Houkago Chapter: Chapter 15: >>243346466 Chapter 16[View]
243375221Which Yuru would you want to Camp with and why?[View]
243396847Men, You Don’t Need Viagra If You Look At Mine Once A Day[View]
243232072Scanlation thread: Anything fun in the pipeline? If not, which team memeber is stalling it?…[View]
243333964Urusei Yatsura: 11 days.[View]
243402048Schizophrenic characters: At least half of the Yugioh cast is a schizo but I still dont understand h…[View]
243385686Chainsaw Man - Manga discussion: QTBENI! when[View]
243400629JoJo STONE OCEAN: Why are all of Jolyne’s relationships so toxic?[View]
243388611>Literally just Japanese Family Guy[View]
243400424Is manga based on original anime still worth reading it?[View]
243396702What if Mami was your gf?[View]
243289665Love Live: New episode soon, how come there's no thread?[View]
243400409For me, it's Layers of Fear.[View]
243401224>/a/ was given some of the best that the Chinese have to offer on a silver platter >Chinkfags …[View]
243401272>giantess can conveniently regress into a chibi form what is the point, fetish fucking RUINED…[View]
243374741Magus of the Library 32.1 raws: アフツァック南西部 待てー!! 羊さらいだ-! 誰か捕まえて くれーッ! Southwest Aftzaak Wait! It…[View]
243312490Choose wisely. >Mion's breasts >Shion's ass https://strawpoll.com/polls/xVg7devGrZr…[View]
243399262GUNNM: What did you think of it?[View]
243400767She doesn't love the MC she's just an excuse to get out of her marriage fake yuri[View]
243400818Kirika carries the gun that fired the shot that killed Ghandi.[View]
243374369Tamamo-Chan is a FOX!: And she wants to be your FRIEND! What fun things would you do with a divine k…[View]
243395462Fate/Strange Fake Storytime Part 5: Welcome back, everyone Today that fight happens Previous thread …[View]
243389735Are you going to buy Faputa's farts?[View]
243400199Which antagonist, despite being evil, didn't deserve their fate? Pic related is my pick[View]
243394149do you stop watching an anime halfway if you think it's shit or do you continue to watch it unt…[View]
243396250Is there a manga made in a game engine?: Honestly thinking just making a light novel mixed with a ma…[View]
243399759ITT: Anime characters you’d like better if they were fat[View]
243399997should i watch the raccoon testicles movie? passed it over years ago just because you don’t see that…[View]
243397713How good is this manga guys? I was sort of interested based on the premise of its setting.[View]
243399912Is there a more retarded villain than Jahil from Slime? Barely anything is known about this guy, but…[View]
243398257What the fuck was Evangelion even about? I watched every episode and then End of Evangelion and I st…[View]
243385841Kingdom: Raws when?[View]
243287716Classroom of the Elite: what's next for him? Will he stick with Kei? Will anyone be stronger th…[View]
243399414i can tame her[View]
243395319>well-regarded anime >the plot is just ripped off from Salem's Lot should more anime rip …[View]
243380608Romance nowadays is garbage It's either full on lust, blueballing any romantic development ever…[View]
243387195what was his fucking problem?[View]
243395983Who are the biggest whore skanks in anime?[View]
243397406Nightly Pumpkin Night Storytime: GAIDEN #2 & #3: 28 DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN But in the meantime . .…[View]
243390018Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter: Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiab…[View]
243325864It is legitimately scary how this anime is not only considered one of the best anime ever made by ma…[View]
243396233Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: >is actually good[View]
243368610Should isekai demon lords be precious goofballs?[View]
243368746Made in abyss: Pet and cuddle this girl plz.[View]
243367672Genshin Animu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFNV4ANX0YQ >FLOW doing OP >Ali Project doing E…[View]
243394420Why are female friends so violent?[View]
243393130Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch from Mercury: Japan loves the new Gundam Is it already considered a succes…[View]
243388097Daily Ippon Again! - Chapter 8: Previous: >>243345946 Last time, it's Golden Week but the…[View]
243375822Boroboro no Elf-san o shiawaseni suru kusuri uri-san: What the fuck, is this one of those out of sea…[View]
243397011Genesis of Aquarion Is this any good? I watched this ages ago when I was a kid so I barely remember …[View]
243396321Don't forget[View]
243379964What is your AOTS?[View]
243397480So I'm almost caught up to the TYBW arc on manga, should I wait for the anime to start airing o…[View]
243396251How come sometimes Prince of Tennis ost has a soundtrack that sounds like it's from some retro …[View]
243397567_Thousand-Year Blood War will be available on on Disney+ internationally_[View]
243346534What an utterly useless power.[View]
243397176Why would you create a whole ass ranking system for missions as well as a hierarchy for ninjas, thei…[View]
243397432Pokemon: One of the animators spoke out on the current production issues of Pokemon. He says that th…[View]
243374603Nagi no Asukara: The anime started exactly 9 years ago. Do you still think about it? Do you remember…[View]
243369476A Couple of Cuckoos: Spoilers are out. Introducing: Erika's childhood friend, Rihito.[View]
243390284One Piece: >luffy gets btfo'd by WIND, grabbing onto CHOPPER >zoro doesnt even ATTEMPT to…[View]
243336655Naruto Anime 20th Anniversary: It's the Naruto anime's 20th anniversary! https://twitter.c…[View]
243385248Who is your best girl out of the last 5 years of animanga?[View]
243391914Daily Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale/Girl Chivalric Order x Knight Tale: What was your reaction when …[View]
243394585Kakegurui: Loli Yumeko[View]
243396526I think your waifu SUCKS.[View]
243393237What are your thoughts on these two cute British girls?[View]
243389405Daily O/A Chapter: It's time for your daily dose of this hilarious story about a popular idol a…[View]
243380171What was the point of her character?: >Is written to be in a lesbian relationship with Ymir >Y…[View]
243394048made it through the week just to start another week[View]
243396081Why do contrarians pretend that this is inferior to the original DB?: when it is better in every sin…[View]
243391207>Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack I just watched CCA for the first time. I thought i…[View]
243366054Imagine a mangaka wins the Nobel Prize for literature. Who would you want it to be?[View]
243390267If she is supposed to be a witch, then where is her hat?[View]
243395352You certainly didn't forget the FMA thread did you anon?[View]
243362836Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei: Is anyone else watching this cute girls in a fantasy world se…[View]
243359882>the girls get used to being nude around the mc and don't freak out I never understood why m…[View]
243394582Roberta is so fuckin hot: I want her to torture me until my bones are broken[View]
243392402Yu Yu Hakusho: How similar is it to DBZ?[View]
243393801>How tenacious... So there were some still hanging on. >But with your wounded bodies... I doub…[View]
243389030Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: >This is the face of a man who killed dozens of policemen in cold blood.…[View]
243394350Fukushuu wo Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa[...] Ch. 61: https://mangadex.org/chapter/db47946b-5288-48e9-…[View]
243386398Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a gateway anime of the facetious kind. It's a terrible seri…[View]
243394115You and I are Polar Opposites: >Depressed loner side character is inevitably going to be paired u…[View]
243386411Amemiya-san by Arawi Keiichi: Chapter 15: Landing[View]
243384504Daily Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi: Here's chapter 7. Previous chapters: - 1: >>24309…[View]
243390057can we get much higher[View]
243371345A Rough Lady is Being Deceived: chapter when[View]
243382485GioGio Thread: What is your favorite stand?[View]
243389449So with how positive the reception for Burn the Witch was should we expect a full series after they …[View]
243392679guess a character from music: Post songs which encapsulate certain anime/manga characters and others…[View]
243391863Lads I won't lie... being a contrarian can be pretty exhausting work sometimes. Any tips for no…[View]
243387032You now what? This ain't that bad after all... first episodes where blatant harem shit, but I a…[View]
243392549What are your thoughts on shark teeth?[View]
243391322ITT: examples of good writing in the medium[View]
243390776It's 2015 and Oregairu s2 just ended: Let's go back and witness it /a/. For newfags' …[View]
243391157Daily Narutaru Chapter: Chapter 8: Night of Evil Dreams Shiina Tamai, an energetic sixth-grader, fou…[View]
243364148It's Monday. Miku Monday.[View]
243391586Ginkobros, we won...[View]
243362649What body type do you like the best for anime maids? I believe curvy and soft ones are the ideal.[View]
243379001ZeroTwo: Here's why Zero Two exploded in popularity like she did: She is a character that was h…[View]
243373606Chainsaw Man: >T-minus 7 days until Mappa Kino[View]
243391538Dragon Ball Super: This is what I expect now from DBS. The 'new generation' of Z Fighters. Is Toei g…[View]
243390724I only read Chainsaw Man for Kobeni[View]
243387611Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: These are your new Gundam lead and Gundam princess Will you support …[View]
243389840Fujimoto's works: Chainsaw Man= Good Manga Fire Punch= Masterpiece Spot the difference[View]
243384089Are JS tomboys superior to non-JS tomboys and JS non-tomboys?[View]
243309371Spy x Family: Let's have one more of these. You ready for the chapter?[View]
243391867*dubstep starts playing* *konata izumi starts talking*[View]
243382503Nagatoro: Anyone else literally can't get through this chapter just because of how cringe this …[View]
243355819Hidamari Sketch: Hiro canonically has a thicc ass[View]
243362849Ep. 1 PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-ZtAyQQNO4 Anyone else interested in this?[View]
243391152The >Great Jahy[View]
243390709Higurashi Reiwa: Good atmosphere but I am disappointed that there will already be an answer arc The…[View]
243390444Dragon Ball Super: Why is the Taiyoken the greatest move ever made?[View]
243382620One Piece: Crocodile is still the best villain in the series.[View]
243339996Be honest.[View]
243387271i finished evangelion, re-watched it immediately, read the manga right after, finished that today, a…[View]
243390144Do you like isekai?[View]
243385896I regret watching Monster. Nothing compares to it and every time I try to start something new in a …[View]
243384270Ikumi Mito in Food Wars: Is she worth watching the show?[View]
243388944Why do people like something so bad?[View]
243389972Why do people take the blondie seriously again? He lost all his encounters against Amuro, a total pi…[View]
243376531I was robbed[View]
243385058He is the greatest fictional character of all time: And I’m absolutely TIRED of pretending he isn’t…[View]
243386785please notice akari[View]
243386928now THIS is anime![View]
243375113Dragon Ball Super: Hi, I'm Broly, and this is Jackass.[View]
243389344What's your opinion on bakugan new vestroia, the second season of bakugan?[View]
243381484I watched Japanese dubs exclusively for well over a decade and I'm starting to realize I don…[View]
243382107Jolyne is the best female protagonist[View]
243384499Why is Tamako so fucking flat?[View]
243387615She was robbed: Fuck Sunrise[View]
243388851My Hero Academia Manga: What did Horikoshi mean by this?[View]
243383818Cyberpunk edgerunners: Never forget the crew[View]
243388239evangelion: so, which ending do you think is the best? the anime series ending? the anime movie endi…[View]
243374408Muv Luv: Would it really kill them to make a 3-4 episode OVA for Extra and Unlimited so people aren…[View]
243381447C-c-c-can I suck your blood, anon?[View]
243388294Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de: Who had the best nails in Koiseka?[View]
243387906shiba no abyss: new color page[View]
243384433Go with the mama.[View]
243385577Holy shit she got the rawest deal out of all the Jojos by far, right until the end, too.[View]
243387244What's your thoughts and opinions on current MCs? What do you think is responsible for this tre…[View]
243382255Overlord: Why didn't the Theocracy try to save people in the Kingdom despite being a human supr…[View]
243371060Webm Thread[View]
243387366Fate/Zero: >Berserker goes mad because Saber didn't punish him for his betrayal Why didn…[View]
243310425Summer Time Rendering: >have cute waifu >monster turns into perfect copy of cute waifu, person…[View]
243380589Mai senpai is annoy: Is there a season two coming?[View]
243387070Aikatsu & Pretty Series: Everyone’s here, and no one’s missing.[View]
243371985Lycoris Recope: >hawii >bracelets >fingernails Yep, yuri show of the decade CONFIRMED…[View]
243386992Is it comparable to Dragon Ball Z?[View]
243362494It's been 12 years after the worst ending, how do you feel after all this time?[View]
243384514>mother (elementary schooler) calling father (past god) a dead beat dad of son (high school age) …[View]
243386611psychic school wars: welp...finally saw it. the backgrounds were painterly in a lot of parts, having…[View]
2433478875toubun no hanayome: How does Nino have a constant supply of knockout drugs?[View]
243383519Is it gay if I like her?[View]
243271210I just want to see Illya with a party hat[View]
243385131what's it like dating a qt deaf girl?[View]
243375177Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: These are by far the ugliest grunt suits I've seen …[View]
243385368When did you realize Yasuhiko was the real genius behind gundam? Gunpla and toy fags need not apply[View]
243384723There is no way from hell trough back that anyone would like anything else other then the ova,brainl…[View]
243384813Beast Tamer: She's just begging for it[View]
243382526>despises you What do?[View]
243384489Why did they stop making horror animes[View]
243375305Kimetsu no Yaiba: Gakuen chapter 14 TL https://imgur.com/a/3dIIoa7 I hope we get new info about SSV …[View]
243373951Macross 7: /A/, LISTEN TO MY SONG[View]
243360158Kantai Collection: New PV out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22slVOd2Ki0[View]
243384332Is this anime?[View]
243374479Aku no Hana: I didn't get it. What was the author trying to say?[View]
243382756What's the point of these 'normal' physical fights? We all know every battle is decid…[View]
243366630She's talking about you, Anon.[View]
243372669'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 159: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014529…[View]
243384354Original anime by Nitro+: REVENGER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTuE6zBvxHc It was announced a c…[View]
243379376Death Note: First time watching this shit after the recent spamming on /a/ Holy fuck I hate this dud…[View]
243374166Rin Tohsaka thread: A thread for our queen Rin: May she and her wife Saber live happily together!…[View]
243373213Ruri Dragon: Volume 1 releases today in Japan New chapter soon?[View]
243344755Chainsaw Man - Manga discussion: Yuko (forma basada).[View]
243381491Unpopular Opinions: Japanese voice acting is pure, unfiltered, garbage. Weeaboos have no taste or ea…[View]
243382315Anime of the decade: See you next week /a/ :^)[View]
243379088Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Don't forget to inspect your David, anon![View]
243381987Baki Dou (2018): Yo where’s the Baki thread? did i miss it? was this a week break? I found this on r…[View]
243383180One Piece: Break week is over. -Confirmed spoilers late Tuesday, barring delays -Raw leaks Wednesda…[View]
243314600Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Goodbye Myamu, she's earned her rest.[View]
243382822>Shimamura is a sociopath who can't form lasting human connections and can't even tell …[View]
243378679Why is there so much promotion of hurting yourself in Manga/Anime: Why is there so much promotion of…[View]
243373338One Piece: Yamato cover story soon[View]
243381508Wait so you're telling me there's a prequel and a sequel to G Gundam?[View]
243381961Why is midori so cute?[View]
243291907Sketchbook: C180[View]
243373086Unironically a better couple than canon[View]
243378755W-what’s the king doing to that young boy?!?![View]
243371052Naruto: Swap out the first chapter/episode with Kishimoto's original one-shot. What changes? W…[View]
243377724What the fuck was her problem[View]
243375918what makes a manga be in untranslated state?[View]
243378180What the fuck is his problem?[View]
243379825Nagatoro 2: Continuing from >>243376495 As always, please check for grammatical error and weir…[View]
243364196coincidence?: >Lycoris Recoil ended >another yuri anime is announce dont you think yuri anime …[View]
243368059The Legend of Hei: >obliterates almost every anime series and movie of the past 20 years in your …[View]
243376274what if fuyutsuki had told ikari that yui chose to stay in the eva?[View]
243368600>it doesn't have to be 2-cours >it doesn't have to be hand-animated >it doesn…[View]
243370944Ookami no Kuchi - Wolfsmund: Volume 2. >Mitsuhisa Kuji's retelling of the rebellion started …[View]
243376646Would you take the firepill?[View]
243345225Daily Daily Lives of High School Boys: Chapter 81: high school boys and annoyances[View]
243304074Are you still following the Infection manga?[View]
243329153Spy x Family: Chapter in 30 minutes. Enjoying the comfy threads?[View]
243373647>Small cult manga that's been dropped for over a year suddenly gets picked up >Happeniess…[View]
243373694Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: How did Yoko Kanno manage to be such a musical genius at just 14?[View]
243379584Tower of God: >the greatest love story ever told >Nips cut it to put NTR in the anime loveless…[View]
243377366Has anyone here actually read up to the current chapters with this? 201 volumes is insane.[View]
243339077itt best milfs[View]
243364853People have said fujimoto stole chainsaw man devil true form from a niche manga. Is that true? was i…[View]
243377032The Flatness of Digital Coloring/Shading in Anime: I'm sure digital animation must have evolved…[View]
243378841Hunter X Hunter: When the FUCK are they going to show Volume 37's cover?[View]
243376170education thread: Are tits this big really neccesary for teaching?[View]
243359074Horror Thread: It's October, so post what you're reading right now.[View]
243370067Rebuild World: Why do the elevens like dense MCs so much?[View]
243373481Hellsing: Why does he look like a member of the Rare Hunters?[View]
243372990Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Himbo davido>>>Twink davidoo[View]
243276765Jashin-chan Dropkick: SEASON 4 CONFIRMED https://twitter.com/jashinchan_PJ/status/157581755089765171…[View]
243372133Should Konata get a fat white foreign boyfriend in Lucky Star season 2?[View]
243344577Should DFC girls be confident or self-conscious?[View]
243374048I want an anime adaptation.[View]
243375553Zoro should have kept Shusui, it's such an iconic and cool looking sword. Enma just doesn'…[View]
243376495Nagatoro: Here be Chapter 114 of Nagatoro. As always etc etc. ---- Naga: Take good care of me, Naga:…[View]
243373697Did they really just expect me to empathize with this piece of shit?[View]
243365719Stop liking dominant women[View]
243367038Is a good art style more important than fluid animation?[View]
243375327The Girl That's Better Than The Anime/Manga Itself: For me, Saya is the clear winner. >had a…[View]
243375348Amemiya-san by Arawi Keiichi: Chapter 15 - Landing[View]
243376857Hero Dog: Hero Dog[View]
243302739Daily Shinryaku! Ika Musume Chapters: Won’t you Make Plans? Chapter 237[View]
243372559Ultimately what was yhwach's plan for harribel?[View]
243361259Why does it feel like FMA hasn't left much of an impact on anime? Back when the first anime was…[View]
243374703>This is honestly so embarrassing >Everyone's looking >But somehow, my heart is beatin…[View]
243320519Overlord: Climb is a lucky guy[View]
243375487Nom Nom Nom[View]
243374859Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita: Jesus they fucked up the anime so hard. didnt do it justice at all. No w…[View]
243355512Well, well well. Would ya look at the time.[View]
243371674Kenpachi is supposed to be this unbeatable beast of nature so how the fuck did he lose to shikai Ich…[View]
243308433Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 45, 'Ghost Newspaper', airs in 30 minutes. 'Gammamon! You're going …[View]
243375106Dragon Ball Super: Why was his gaze so comfortable and warm?[View]
243359296This anime season in a nutshell: 'Look for an older woman, this woman will teach you how to drink, h…[View]
243373032It's been ages since I've seen an anime movie, how is this one? Happy Go Lucky Days in eng…[View]
243373511Why is there so much anime with amaizing animation but dogshit nauseating repulsive writing? Like du…[View]
243375178Rem:Zero: Rem is amazing, I hope Tappei gives her even more of a role in the next arc. Also what do …[View]
243372360See this, what do?[View]
243373834Jump+ Shonen Protagonist: And you know what he choose? His bro, it's starting to become obvious…[View]
243329145Yama no Susume: are you excited to catch up with the Yamas?[View]
243359626Dragon Ball Super: Broly: This movie and character saved the franchise.[View]
243374744Blue Lock: Chapter out in korean. Nagi supremacy[View]
243243046Diavolo is still the best jojo villain[View]
243372536>Make a little wish[View]
243373791>OMG I can't believe they made Gundam gay Nigga where have you been for the last 40 years…[View]
243373800this was the peak of the cyberpunk male form[View]
243322009Nagatoro: The silence before the storm...![View]
243328161Weekly Shonen Jump #44: What are you reading this week?[View]
243280057Beast Tamer: So this is premiering today, is there any interest for it?[View]
243370094how do we save mecha anime?[View]
243319116Precure: More Doki merch... they seem to be getting ready for the anniversary season early.[View]
243369815Kanojo mo Kanojo: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=comic_new3&no=6054798[View]
243366032Youjo Senki: New manga chapter dropped. Dumping.[View]
243368683One Piece: You miss Yamato, don’t you?[View]
243371997Nazuna is... pretty?[View]
243373224Shitka is disgusting Post Rikka instead[View]
243365709Veko: You are going to fix her, right anon?[View]
243373069Maken-Ki: This series seems to be mediocre tier to garbage tier but I love Himegami.[View]
243363838One Piece has been complete dogshit for literally half of his run time at this point. The timeskip w…[View]
243295236Daily Game Club chapter: Chapter 21: Pre-Apocalypse - 1[View]
243366582Cyberpunk Edgerunners: whats the best way to cure cyberdepression?[View]
243368405Why can Japanese manga always depict the boring daily life in a wonderful way?: In Japanese works, m…[View]
243297258Fairy Tail: Wendy with a party hat![View]
243372501give me your best sornys and panaphonics[View]
243363065Mieruko-chan 46: New TL chapter is up.[View]
243370542Akira: Which one should be considered the canon version of Akira? The manga started first and is mor…[View]
243372430How do you feel about a chocolate × vanilla maid swirl?[View]
243370309When they get married and Tendou's parents suddenly pass away, how can he defend the Tendou fam…[View]
243369874ITT:: Mediocre anime series with great Opening themes: https://youtu.be/dPEl3DqNSmA[View]
243365606The 3rd of October came soon enough.[View]
243371923Trying to catch up with One Piece, am I too late?: I'm on episode 520, he just got a power boos…[View]
243292481Koukyuu no Karasu: Episode 1 just aired Is anyone watching this?[View]
243173803Shimeji Simulation Chapter 39 TL: (West Yomogi School Festival) It's finally the day of the cul…[View]
243371632it's ruizuutan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
2433704892 days left[View]
243365174>readers want a capable female character >give them a man with boobs…[View]
243369167Remember when shounen fanservice was rare to nonexistent and half the cast wasn't a bunch of wh…[View]
243368957>when you order Black Lagoon from Wish[View]
243371088I have had enough of eye patches[View]
243371427Kakegurui: Loli Yumeko.[View]
243369709god i wish that were me[View]
243364417Gundam the Witch from Mercury: >Elan is a taciturn and solitary person, who doesn't open his…[View]
243308517Chainsaw Man: What are the chances the CGI that we have seen will be gone in the official release?…[View]
243365889Rakujitsu no pathos, chapter 95: I don't even know anymore. This trip arc has to be the worst s…[View]
243371017Is 3DCG the future of anime?[View]
243355082What’s the worst CGI you’ve ever seen in anime?[View]
243337227gup/guppie thread: darjeeling has autism spectrum disorder[View]
243370471I don't get it[View]
243363632Akame Ga Kill: Was the anime ending better than the manga ending ?[View]
243365522What if Elaina was your imouto?[View]
243370197Question about yoko: Is it true that yoko breasts are shown in the guren lagan manga?[View]
243366250Even Godzilla could get a GF /a/[View]
243369704Anyone else read Bambino: One of the best but brutally real cooking mangas and almost no ones heard …[View]
243369063What’s your favorite 90s moe anime?[View]
243369080Stop liking fake evil women.[View]
243366466>2020s anime: Omg you can see her feet for 0,5 seconds how did they get away with it!!! >2000s…[View]
243363797Something about the 'Netflix Anime' art style...: Something about the art style of a lot of the kind…[View]
243297012Dragon Ball Super: So if Gohan can go blanco now will Pan eventually be even stronger than that?…[View]
243370227I love anime![View]
243365217Kill la Kill: /a/ going crazy over Cyperpunk aside, Trigger are indeed the masters of kino and I…[View]
243369240Imagine a conversation between these four.[View]
243368304Road of Naruto: New visual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKELA1qBAKA[View]
243369918would you like it if an animal girl was obsessed with you?[View]
243364909Remember Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Jesus, this manga has one of the slowest starts in a battle manga. L…[View]
243365722Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Sayuri comes back from the underworld to haunt Kazuya's dreams, call him …[View]
243369592Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei: Cute girls doing alchemy in a cute isekai world anyone?…[View]
243369429German NGE Death & Rebirth and End Of Evangelion DVD Rips.: Can anyone tell me where I can downl…[View]
243369255Aaa Megami-sama: Poland strong[View]
243345946Daily Ippon Again! - Chapter 7: Previous: >>243303951 Last time, the judo club got to practici…[View]
243330300SAKAMOTO DAYS: DAYS #89: Sensei https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014514[View]
243366938Should people who spoiler the word 'Isekai' be beaten with hammers?[View]
243368184Rimuru is adorable![View]
243369016What's the best Shounen arc of all time?[View]
243353542What is with the new genre of ecchi that doesn't actually show anything? >Uzaki >Nagator…[View]
243365181>So, this is it, huh Shinji? We have reached the End of Evangelion fuck you Anno.…[View]
243351444Prima Doll: Why was a brothel the first place Karasuba thought to work at after the cafe burned down…[View]
243360789Arsnotoria: My wife Tori and her friends[View]
243357381One Piece: kurohige continues to be the only reason to keep reading one piece[View]
243368634One Piece: thoughts on lunami?[View]
243350749Should isekai fairies be human sized or fun sized?[View]
243358682I want her to rape me.[View]
243368365Is it just me or have female characters in anime become more bitchy than they used to be?[View]
243360957So what does his stand actually do?[View]
243367654Tranny Sanji Fanfic: Would yall read a fanfic about Sanji finally giving up on repping, transitionin…[View]
243337341Songs sung by Voice Actors/Actresses Thread: What are the best songs sung by voice actors/actresses …[View]
243352315>Cool, powerful character does absolutely fucking nothing the entire story WHY WOULD ANY AUTHOR D…[View]
243350487Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter: Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiab…[View]
243365384Is Natsu a planet buster?[View]
243362513Are you ready to buy some Berserk NFTs, /a/?[View]
243359283Would you read a shounen: With a Trap main character?[View]
243364627Why did this ever become popular?[View]
2433629083/11: Never forget![View]
243365335saataa andagi[View]
243345231Daily The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls U149 Chapter: This story is about growth of little idols and t…[View]
243361152>wake up >no lucy gf kms..[View]
243352935Hoshi no Samidare/Lucifer and the bIscuit Hammer: PV for second half https://youtu.be/iYMzjLbRLfI…[View]
243342719Made in Abyss: From 1 to 10, how bad you think the MiA live action will be?[View]
243367645C Danchi: >show is set in japan in the year 2000 >everyone speaks english >girl whips out …[View]
243342716Tamamo Chan In Your Class!: You are a teacher and Tamamo chan just joined your class. No one can see…[View]
243361744Don't Forget: Well, /a/. You haven't forgotten have you?[View]
243366657She doesn't love the MC she's just an excuse to get out of her marriage fake yuri[View]
243366615This was absolutely fantastic[View]
243277115Uzaki-chan: Hana Uzaki's show returns today! Are you excited to see her again?[View]
243365326Gurren Laggan is the greatest mecha show ever[View]
243366941One day... Togashibros...: >One day... we'll get a... new chapter... *BEEEEEEEEEEEEP*…[View]
243356572Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Maine Cyberpunk Thread[View]
243327882Witch Hat Atelier. A story about how magic is special (not really) and only the elites of society sh…[View]
243366513NieR: Automata: Are you excited? How do you think it'll differ from the game?[View]
243351966'GUNDAM IS NOT YURI!': Then what is this?[View]
243364204Rem:Zero: Where are the new arc 7 side stories, i really want to read Rem's new side story and …[View]
243354904Are all anime dubs this soulless?[View]
243366022The KyoAni Holy Trinity: It's time to make a choice. https://strawpoll.com/polls/xVg7de2DzZr…[View]
243361837Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: Is Gundam saved now?[View]
243361103Planning to rewatch the original Saint Seiya, I haven't seen it in close to 11 years. Should I …[View]
243360163ITT: Great character design in manga/anime[View]
243360629You know this show was written by a pedo when these are considered 'big boobs'[View]
243362188Are we ever going to get a blu ray remaster[View]
243361223Made in abyss: Can you put your penis inside this girl's mouth?[View]
243360939futa el: She WON[View]
243360289one piece swimsuit > bikini[View]
243355546We are going to be getting a 5th and final season of Aggretsuko in 2023. Thoughts? https://comicbook…[View]
243362934He's underage, gross.[View]
243361070She's pretty cute, I hope they make a series about her.[View]
243362269Damn, look at those character growth[View]
243362504What's the big deal about this ending? Why did so many boomers cry to this?[View]
243362031Gachiakuta 30: Cool chapter[View]
243315991LET'S POP TOGETHER![View]
243348578One Punch Man: Story by ONE[View]
243362395So he won didn't he? Elfhelm's gone, he took Casca, and Guts can't even touch him any…[View]
243363183Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei: Sarasa's alchemist adventures begin today. She's no…[View]
243334310Madoka: Happy Birthday Madoka![View]
243362610Koukyuu no Karasu: In the ancient Chinese harem, the emperor's concubines or ladies-in-waiting …[View]
243277941Gochiusa: Chino in a party hat[View]
243263489Weekend Sound Thread: Summer has turned to autumn, the days are shorter, the mornings are cool. Soon…[View]
243358439Haven't read One Piece in ages. Is this character actually a Nakama candidate or is it just ret…[View]
243361630You may choose one and only one.[View]
243358007How do you watch your anime? Do you stream or have a media server? I've been wanting a media se…[View]
243359798Cute and canon[View]
243357749Nightly Pumpkin Night Storytime: GAIDEN #1: 29 DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN! But in the meantime . . . Here …[View]
243354379Fate/Strange Fake Storytime Part 4: Welcome back, everyone Today, the True Holy Grail War begins Pre…[View]
243354802I don't get where this hate for English dubs comes from considering that most people had a good…[View]
243352141Daily Narutaru Chapter: Chapter 7: Blood Sacrifice Shiina Tamai, an energetic sixth-grader, found a …[View]
243362600Sousei No Taiga: Will It ever get another update now that Mori is working on Berserk?[View]
243362550Since it apparently got an extra chapter translated, was this series one of those shoujo with decent…[View]
243362519>”Yes, I’d love to join the Straw Hats!” What changes?[View]
243361017I'm anxiously anticipating Eminence in the Shadow's anime..[View]
243360836Is this NTR?[View]
243336925Bleach Catch up Storytime Extras: Well the storytime is over, but there is still like a week or so t…[View]
243354147Asuka is taking a single bite from every sandwich. wat do?[View]
243356965Akame ga Kill!: Why are they ignored so much?[View]
243361748Dragon Quest Dai: ride's almost over, did you like it?[View]
243342528Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Scans are out, dumping.[View]
243358677Gundam Witch from Mercury: Will they go there? Or is the episode one marriage too 'obvious' of a set…[View]
243358106Which character corrupted you into dark skin fetishism?[View]
243354350Who was in the right?[View]
243353738Knighst of the Zodiac Battle for Sanctuary: >Elections in Brasil >Elections in Peru Somebody h…[View]
243360618It’s been a year since someone told me the animation of demon slayer is bad, how do i recover?[View]
243352436This is just Utena but with mechs. So is it just Star Driver?[View]
243356165Which have you seen some works with excellent production and bad story.: I am still impressed by GUI…[View]
243360206>claning someone else ear wax is sexy in japan .....why?[View]
243357833Baki Dou 134 waiting room: Kehaya VS Doppo continues. Post predictions. There is a chapter this week…[View]
243287458Buyfag thread: Here comes the smug[View]
243360491>Looks like this >Creates the badass music you can possibly hear…[View]
243354751Muv Luv Alternative: Second cour trailer is out. Looks damn good. They got JAM Project for the new O…[View]
243351842Heike Monogatari: This anime was so pretty looking but I think a lot of the nuance and plot went ove…[View]
243357105What Was Studio Trigger Thinking?[View]
243360065he was built different[View]
243358752Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu: Do flatties exist in the real world?[View]
243353443Cyberpunk Edgerunners: This is what canon ending looks like.[View]
243347793Princess Principal: What the fuck is going on in this incomprehensible anime. I'm 2 episodes in…[View]
243356822Legend of the Galactic Heroes: I'm fucking crying, I'm going to miss him so much[View]
243348360I completely forgot this existed[View]
243359484Greatest love story ever told[View]
243356284why did Shaman King fall off a cliff?[View]
243353842So is this ever getting a followup or something[View]
243356520Shigofumi: *kills self for no reason*[View]
243357139Is this yuri?[View]
243351147It's over. Gundam lost.: MLA2 is officially the /m/ anime of the season.[View]
243332722Magus of the Library 31.1 raws: クルタ王が 死んじゃった なんで物語って わかってるのに こんなに悲しい のだろう。。。 そりゃな 物語と現実の 区別ができて ないから…[View]
243359082Is this the best ongoing fantasy series? Nothing else comes close.[View]
243358781damn this boy got a huge ass[View]
243358614Whats hot art style rn in anime and who decided so Wheres the rating[View]
243352554Reincarnated as a Sword: It's cute af bros[View]
243350339Daily Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale/Girl Chivalric Order x Knight Tale: What was your reaction when …[View]
243355158The absolutely most satisfying moment in all of anime. The relationship between Kokoro and Mituru wa…[View]
243347439You now remember that the BlazBlue anime existed.[View]
243358110What's your favorite anime where the main couple gets together early on?[View]
243309008Bleach Catch up Storytime After Party: https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/243301382#bottom Welp, w…[View]
243351166Gundam Witch from Mercury: Let's talk about the side characters Who has the most potential? Wha…[View]
243338568This anime is incest propaganda: Otherwise, why make MC's sister the best girl? And also all th…[View]
243353772Would you marry a servant?[View]
243355648Kimagure Orange Road: The peak of 80s romcoms.[View]
243334183Fuuto Tantei: If you told me that a female dopant has Joker as her memory 10 years ago I would'…[View]
243345884One Piece: When did One Piece peak?[View]
243355122Animes always have shitty endi...[View]
243331255Aliens Area: No. 17 The Summons https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014515[View]
243346158Anime girls giving the bedroom eyes.[View]
243354969Does /a/ still not like Gundam SEED or Destiny?[View]
243345197/p1995a/ - Pre 1995 Anime: What's the best series pre-1995? is it really picrel?[View]
243353308Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Kiwi weeb run[View]
243352611Kakegurui: I want to kiss Midari on the cheek.[View]
243280893Re:Zero: Rem in a hat[View]
243351046Gigachad of the Season Thread: First Day of School this bitch >Slaps you on your ass >Question…[View]
243355058Do you believe him?: Of his many works, I think only Code Geass doesn't annoy me.[View]
243348491Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that SSG Bejita couldn't even kill base Broly.[View]
243353280AMVs you like. At least 1M views only please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiKxNI7_5dc[View]
243332019Gundam Witch has already more followers than IBO in Twitter.: It only took seven hours after the fir…[View]
243350768Ganbare Douki-chan: Doukibros... we lost this week[View]
243346466Daily Chikyuu no Houkago Chapter: Chapter 14: >>243305703 Chapter 15[View]
243352600Anime peaked 20 years ago, how are you coping with that /a/?[View]
243352947Dog and Scum: Extra Chapter: Reika is beautiful.[View]
243355304What's going to happen to puck?[View]
243352160With Bleach coming back what are your expectations for the animation? Are we in for a treat or will …[View]
243354965Did they?[View]
243354256Is this my best option now as a wage slave? I can’t find the time to watch anime anymore but I commu…[View]
243349642Do you think with this resurgence in cyberpunk, we might see franchises like ghost in the shell gain…[View]
243353914damn... it's STILL good[View]
243354219I'm so glad I got to watch the sunsets with you this weekend, anon. Let's do it again at t…[View]
243351917weird i work as a emt trainer and its weird seeing so many zoomers talk about gurren lagann and eva …[View]
243318003Chieri no Koi wa 8 Meters: How big is too big? Dumping new giantess manga.[View]
243349038Your first animu: hey /a/ what was your first anime? Does it still hold up? Although I watched Pokem…[View]
243351075You just know[View]
243345091Utterly shameless, dressing like that[View]
243353571Due to her diet, Rei rarely farts.: And when she does, it doesn't smell(unlike Asuka).[View]
243334624It's over: The first episode is already more Yuri fueled than LycoReco's entire run.…[View]
243350484Gundam: >could have had space lesbo Gundam all this time >instead we got little boys playing w…[View]
243352657I can't believe how fucking stupid this show is i can't wait for next week[View]
243311214Boku no Hero Academia: Do you think we will have fillers? 25 episodes is too many for War arc.…[View]
243342472I unironcally think relaxing anime like this is good for your mental health[View]
243353131Since yesterday was National Sake Day, I'll be posting Hiromi Otsuka's manga Sake Spirit t…[View]
243351249Kaiji: What important things have we learned from the latest mini arc of kaiji?[View]
243330721goddamn I love the 'boy CF was actually a girl all long' trope but feel that it hasn't reached …[View]
243350430I thought Japan hated plagiarism so much they cancel entire manga for it.: So how come they're …[View]
243251722Flying Witch: Are witches allowed to be dorks?[View]
243330206Akane-banashi Chapter 32: Dumping.[View]
243346455Tenchi Muyo should've just been an actual hentai.[View]
243352471What do you think about this statement?[View]
243348921Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: ENTER[View]
243337507Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!: yay or nay?[View]
243340964Fruit Anime Thread: you grab this and put it on top some girl's head[View]
243350412Vagabond:: Which is more likely, chapter 328 or a Netflix live-action adaptation?[View]
243352352Jujutsu Kaisen: ...[View]
243348473Kino changes that should be made in anime/manga: Erased should've had some too.[View]
243347492Just a reminder that before 2077 hype there was a lot of decent cyberpunk and sci-fi stuff (mostly d…[View]
243330518The Elusive Samurai Ch. 80: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014446 Ideals 1335[View]
243351895Warau Arsnotoria Sun!: Gentlemen, remember, if it's a cute girl you kill her on the spot.…[View]
243346827The end of summer. Where we say goodbye to girls being sluts and say hello to comfy. Best time of ye…[View]
243349617I want to look into Symphogear since I've heard decent things about it, but apparently there…[View]
243351946Oboe & Fagott[View]
243351862>The gold standard[View]
243255533Mushoku Tensei: OH good heavens look at the time it's time to discuss the greatest isekai Japan…[View]
243351822Is she the only character who can take down Luffy?[View]
243351807How did Wataten get a theatrical movie?![View]
243335034C Danchi: Anybody else checking this out? First episode is already out[View]
243349826>betrays everyone in her family and sacrifices her entire country just so she can ride her bodygu…[View]
243342450the manga that saved /a/[View]
243348844One Piece: Will Yamato join Speeds crew?[View]
243350250I hope this gets a season 2[View]
243342718A Herbivorous Dragon of 5,000 Years Gets Unfairly Villainized: >A 5000-year-old herbivorous drago…[View]
243350574Why are some shonen manga-ka so horny?[View]
243348707So the teacher has an evil twin sister?[View]
243345400Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: Where do you honestly see this whole marriage subplot going? And how…[View]
243349796What does Shimamura smell like?[View]
243339972Itt:: lesbians[View]
243350036You wake up and you see this shit. Whatcha gonna?[View]
243337685>We could put all the most advanced tech into this battlesuit, but we couldn't find a way to…[View]
243350241Thunderbolt Fantasy: Is this Gen Urobuchi's magnum opus?[View]
243348116Daily O/A Chapter: It's time for your daily dose of this hilarious story about a popular idol a…[View]
243350523How did the same person who made Utena and Mawaru Penguindrum make this low-hanging fruit otaku pand…[View]
243339524Girls of the Wild's: Did /a/ enjoy this one? It reminded me of Kangoku Gakuen mixed with Hagure…[View]
243328619Ookami no Kuchi - Wolfsmund: Mitsuhisa Kuji's retelling of the rebellion started by the legenda…[View]
243288328Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: A new arc starts today... But first let's whine about the anime industry! …[View]
243345961What are your thoughts on both of Wakame Konbu's anime adaptations?[View]
243350184>Female protag looks more like a dapper ikemen than male love interests in 700 yumeshit What did …[View]
243347758What was her name again?[View]
243345942I love this dork[View]
243292572Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Why is Bort so shit compared to Nart Shippuden?[View]
243298821ITT: good character design[View]
243348936extreme facial reactions: In modern anime/manga every reaction to literally anything produces an ext…[View]
243345279How does Sunrise get away with this?[View]
243330958Ginka & Glüna: Chapter 4 Seven-Star[View]
243348650So is this symbolism for something?[View]
243341298What went wrong?[View]
243324791If you were this husband, what should you do if your wife insisted your son was isekai'd and tr…[View]
243342616Cyberpunk - Edgerunners: I am going insane here, it has been only one day since I've watched Ed…[View]
243331808Kunoichi Rindou no Mune no Uchi: Now that all the other 36 characters have had their fun by having t…[View]
243337941Dragon Ball Super: Boy are we glad that EoZ was retconned the FUCK out of the series. And now this s…[View]
243346603Find one flaw[View]
243348343Shouldn't all dragon girls be flat? They aren't mammals. Also this one is apparently 15 ye…[View]
243347748Death Note: Now that the dust has settled, is Death Note a truly good manga and truly good anime? I …[View]
243346944“You haven’t figured it out yet? I’m the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth with the sole purpos…[View]
243260041What kind of relationship would you have with your favorite anime vampire girl?[View]
243348106Rurouni Kenshin: Why didn't he take it?[View]
243346578>tfw no lucy gf[View]
243343144This is a 10 year old from a 1971 anime. Were shotas cute in the 70s?[View]
243347027Does Kotoyama's cross-eyed manga style work well in anime?[View]
243347599I don't care what anyone says. TK x Hikari is canon[View]
243347586Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
243343087>tf finally find realistic military manga without isekai,gundam,girls,magic bullshit >Its only…[View]
243339625What if they’re actually giant cute girls?[View]
243334369Why was he ashamed of his Bankai? I never understood. I'm pretty sure Zaraki would be excited t…[View]
243347113hunter: just finished hxh. this boy (alluka) was kinda cute in the end...[View]
243342420You do like bisluts, don't you anon?[View]
243344094Oshi no Ko: Chink spoilers out, I guess it's almost time. Aqua talks to Akane on the phone afte…[View]
243343004Is it just me or did they really turn up the poop themes up this season? Does the author have a feti…[View]
243341332Ojamajo Doremi: I love her so much.[View]
243346619Sonny Boy: Good morning sirs. My name is Raj pajeet and I work in IT and I love eating curry.[View]
243346593Kao ni Denai Kashiwada-san to Kao ni Deru Ota-kun: TV animation when? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
243325360>30-something coomer pedo trapped in a child’s body >never mentions this to his father, mother…[View]
243345797>had a dream the mangaka of Manyuu Hikenchou was caught with CP similar to Suzuki Kenya's ca…[View]
243343659>when girl releases MC is into her without him saying anything >when she only gets lewder from…[View]
243336207Has anyone noticed...: That by this point we have wat more rpg parodies than fantasy played in a str…[View]
2433148563x3: POST 3x3 NOW[View]
243333856One Piece: Kizaru best admiral no one else even comes close[View]
243329661Can /a/ fix David's mouth? The black nothingness was most likely a mistake on Trigger's pa…[View]
243330168Undead Unluck #129: Sacred Spirit Treasures[View]
243341270Its just lame after seeing Edgerunners[View]
243341257Why did /a/ get filtered by this kino again?[View]
243343371>we want the makoto shitkai audience[View]
243336623Would actually make the series good.[View]
243304379How strong is Kakashi? Can /a/ beat him up if he doesn't use any jutsus or weapons? Some of us …[View]
243343780Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020): Looks like it's getting English Dub https://www.bbc.…[View]
243341154Miia The Lamia: Lets talk about what makes this snake so nice. Miia bathing: https://litter.catbox.…[View]
243341524Mirko: Will she return to her 'normal state' be series end? I've been beating my member to her …[View]
243342899conan: >finally a new chapter after 2 months >its a kaitou kiddo episode big yikes…[View]
243339691Brand New Animal: How the fuck does something like this even come into existence How did no one at a…[View]
243341161Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury: A slap to rival Bright Noa[View]
243326000Chainsaw Man - Manga discussion: Yoru.[View]
243338148i'm still looking forward to the anime but i'm going to be painfully honest the cgi doesn…[View]
243330383Blue Box #71: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
243343054Youjo Senki: I feel bad for the Empire. All they wanted was to unify their diverse people and create…[View]
243298878Just finished reading Blame!, why is it so hard to find stuff this good? Every day I come on here an…[View]
243324371Why is this allowed?[View]
243339548Need help designing a harem team of waifus: I need to design a team of 1-3 anime girls that each tea…[View]
243343158Ore Monogatari!!: This guy is literally Giga Chad before the meme, Gouda family is the proof that co…[View]
243336621What’s up with all the recent Turn A wank on the internet? So many youtubers popping up with my feed…[View]
243338817Lycoreco: Record & Recording[View]
243343342Bless the new king.[View]
243336599How is Mitani supposed to compete with this?[View]
243333384Muv-luv: This series was never popular. It was only liked by a small number of people and then put o…[View]
243337758Well, /a/, what's your answer?[View]
243338539Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Only chooms allowed ITT.[View]
243340743It’s canon in my universe that in the ending she fell in a spring, grew a cock, and impregnated ranm…[View]
243336909Gundam bros, whats happening? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
243342458Non Non Biyori: I miss them, a lot.[View]
243340415F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu: Dropped Fox Kids prior to it becoming the FoxBox, only saw the 4kids dub of…[View]
243327535Ichika Nakano: How did she lose?[View]
243318037Made in Abyss: Imagine being able to do this[View]
243340024Where exactly did MHA go downhill?[View]
243338879what is the name for this type of character, and why is it popular? im talking bout the weak little …[View]
243335660Konosuba: Can we just talk about how fucking hot megumin is like omg.[View]
243338206Anyone got more of these cinegrids?[View]
243335715>Mogs all nu-shounen characters Nothing personal.[View]
243337917Dragon Ball Super: How will Broly gain control of his power? What role will Broly play in the story …[View]
243332441Chiyo and Osaka: Chiyo (as predicted by Osaka and Tomo) after going to the USA gets killed, either f…[View]
243335591Gundam Witch from Mercury: >Mom is aware of the academy's rules according to the novel >S…[View]
243340233So this is how a man (boy in this case) becomes a trap.[View]
243256517Lycoris Recoil: So what happens to the Lycoris when they turn 18? Doesn't look like they just m…[View]
243335682Daily Super no Ura de Yani Suu Hanashi: Here's chapter 6. Sorry for not being able to dump the …[View]
243339373Lmao I thought it was gonna be boring cringe, but it's actually a fast paced and entertaining …[View]
243337330Lucy's escaping to page 10! Don't let the Arasaka GOONS catch her![View]
243335293ive been fapping to old doujinshi and while i like it, it looks amateurish compared to modern stuff…[View]
243338818dunno whether to watch every gundam series in chronological order or only watch specific ones like s…[View]
243337575How to conquer Elaina's heart?[View]
243337779>inject Yuri, Yaoi & Guns into your anime >it sells like hotcakes Why won't more show…[View]
243338602There are TWO animes this season with YURI MARRIAGES: Post YURI Marriages.[View]
243338589ITT: Childhood kino[View]
243337729Shirobako: Shirobako[View]
243330499We're at episode 1 of the second cour and Yor is still such a noncharacter. Unlike Twilight she…[View]
243334213What's up with the increasing number of traps / transsexuals / crossdressers in anime and mango…[View]
243336595Yofukashi no Uta: Another group sniped the current group. I'm not sure how I feel about these t…[View]
243338355This is Akaza Akari, protagonist of YuruYuri![View]
243335920Baki Dou: Chapter in 18h? There is a chapter this week...Right?[View]
243337175What is that one character you would gar for, /a/? Come on don't be shy.[View]
243333513I Am A Hero: Just finished reading this. Watched the movie first and liked it. Figured it was time t…[View]
243325520Cyberpunk edgerunners: Lucy the cute runner[View]
243333019Season 3 when?[View]
243335710Left handed basses are actually hard to come by in shops. She got lucky to find one. Then that one m…[View]
243337695did he know?: >the year is 1999 >be eiichiro oda, manga author of hit shonen series one piece …[View]
243326015Dragon Ball Super: If there's one thing to be glad about, is that slowly but surely all m*nga f…[View]
243328826How come Made in Abyss ended up getting two high quality seasons + movie while more popular franchis…[View]
243332738Berserk: https://berserk-me.com/ Ah shit here we go again[View]
243307796TOMIE STORYTIME: Happy October everyone, let's get into that spooky mood by reading some hair-r…[View]
243336306I want to kiss Midari on the cheek.[View]
243335567Mob psycho 100: Just posting this for no particular reason[View]
243337393So what kind of story is Utena?: Can someone give me spoilers? Maybe guess what story will happen af…[View]
243337347What the hell is wrong with Marin Kitagawa?[View]
243331173High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku[View]
243333543[Judas] are the best translators, never wrong and they keep the honorifics[View]
243336596Do you think they'll make a reboot anime for the original manga?[View]
243331100Uma Musume: Cinderella Gray: Dumping chapter 80 of Cinderella Gray.[View]
243326827Mob Psycho: So the dub is just ruined cause the Mob actor is being a stubborn little shit?[View]
243327928For me it's yankees[View]
243323700Yes I'm a dark elf...: >...can't you tell by the color of my skin? Why are anime like t…[View]
243292340Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Same energy.[View]
243330783Boku to Roboco: Chapter 107: The Destruction of Earth & Roboco https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/…[View]
243330841You and I are Polar Opposites: Dumping chapter 15.[View]
243329539Shonan Junai Gumi thread: Nobody talks about this despite being superior to GTO in all regards.…[View]
243330849PPPPPP #51: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
243336119Is Tenma the best shonen protag?[View]
243333332Komi Can't Communicate: Komi WOW!![View]
243335319Its Pumpkin Month now. https://youtu.be/qztch6_Uhuk[View]
243331125Everyone knows the sexiest combination is megane + oppai.[View]
243330219So why Can't them make a Pacifista of Kaido or Big Mom or Whitebeard? Hell they could make a Pa…[View]
243327476My broken childhood friend can't be this cute: What does this smile mean?[View]
243333045Witch Watch 79: Get a Geta! https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1014466[View]
243334801>one piece vs hxh >bleach vs toriko >digimon vs pokemon >nu-shounen vs nu-shounen(jjk,mh…[View]
243310816Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Here's the third and final part of Chapter 8: Child's Reasoning. T…[View]
243329828IDOLiSH7 3rd Season Part 2: New season just started. Anyone watching?[View]
243332667Dungeon Meshi: When does it get good? The food thing becomes boring pretty quickly.[View]
243331508Gundam the Witch from Mercury: GUNDAM IS SAVED[View]
243334278I see that gundam yuri cucks are getting uppity. I'm here to remind all the yuricucks who'…[View]
243325565ONE OF THE BIGGEST CUCKS IN /a/: Will there be a character as cucked as fatoshi?[View]
243320934Mahoako - Looking up to Magical Girls: Cover for volume 8 of 'Gushing over magical girls' revealed! …[View]
243294610Goddess Cafe Terrace #76: Are we all ready for another spin on Seo Kouji's mild ride? It's…[View]
243315812So we all agree this is bullshit right? That schedule is physically impossible[View]
243332531Tokyo Demon Bride Story: Chapter 5: Ryogoku's Fist https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/101…[View]
243333807Do they really explain the joke at the end of the animation?: I understand that because of cultural …[View]
243332455What happens if I pull the leaf off?[View]
243331837Yozakura Family - Mission 148: Welcome back yozakurabros. A chapter today, and our first jump cover …[View]
243331621Mashle: Magic and Muscles #126: Lemon Irvine and the Tattooted Tamer https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.j…[View]
243333820Is Jashin-chan Dropkick the biggest example of a financial failure that kept going to the point wher…[View]
243313539Visual novels and anime: >sotsugou announced >Read higurashi VNs in advance. Love them. >An…[View]
243324588does it even matter if the anime is cgi as long as our queen makima – the only important part – is h…[View]
243325986One Piece: It’s October! Be sure to re-read of Thriller Bark this month![View]
243331240I still miss them, lads[View]
243330850>she sees your favorite anime[View]
243323540Toriko: Why are mangakas such cowardly pussies nowadays will we ever get another series as based and…[View]
243331060https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-oxwZStwuY Haruhi reunion, 16 years later.. on fucking pop team epi…[View]
243319601Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Lucy is canon not virgin.[View]
243330442End of Evangelion: Evafags explain why SEELE opposed Gendo if they both wanted to turn humanity into…[View]
243331542Why does Tubi have such good old anime?: Legitimately, I don't see anyone on here talking about…[View]
243330854Whats her appeal?[View]
243331843What's in Miorine's puke?[View]
243332209One Piece: Discuss One Piece-ttebayo!!![View]
243326223only cute and pure girls like my girlfriend hanabi allowed itt[View]
243256256Kunoichi Itadori: *KYAPI*[View]
243205526Gabriel Dropout: Season 2 when?[View]
243328708Gundam the Witch from Mercury: What does tomato symbolism have anything to do with lesbianism?…[View]
243330429God tier manga list, I'll start >One Piece >Chainsaw man >Naruto >Boku no Hero Acad…[View]
243324606Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: I love Chito. Remember to listen to this song every so often to feel happy.…[View]
243329167what a funny looking man! i wonder if other such anime characters exist? post your personal favourit…[View]
243323143You guys realize no one outside of /a/ cares right? Even if the French episode leak is the true repr…[View]
243317989Made in abyss: Vueko/pakkoyan OVA when??[View]
243327587How Heavy are the Dumbbells You Lift?: What are your honest thoughts on this anime?[View]
243320786I like dominant women with sharp teeth: I want them to bite me and mark me up. Grip my hair and make…[View]
243327852MiA S2 aftermath: Now what?[View]
243323796>[your favorite manga] will never get an anime adaptation >[your favorite anime] will only hav…[View]
243309534Dragon Ball Super: Why is he so heartless?[View]
243325607kumagawa is enjoying the party[View]
243325735Fuck basketball![View]
243313637ITT: the author's poorly disguised feiths[View]
243325071>The Firepunch anime gets revealed >mfw the fire is cg…[View]
243326433Lukyon is pure Lukyon is cute Lukyon is not used goods Lukyon did not die[View]
243329222I don't get it: Maybe this is too japanese for me, but I didn't get the jokes at all, even…[View]
243321983Where do I go to discuss Mahou Shoujo? I've been wanting to write my own for years but it seems…[View]
243329472Was this the peak of One Piece?: Honestly, nothing in Wano held a candle to this fight.[View]
243266012Girls Und Panzer: How does Miho fit inside of the tank when she's packing all that cake?[View]
243323600OPT: Post pages that you read recently that hit different[View]
243327782Takina? No shes just a friend[View]
243329347What does /a/ think of the Tales of Vesperia anime movie?[View]
243316013Otherside Picnic: What the fuck is Toriko?[View]
243324243Highserk Senki: qrd? I just discovered this exists but it looks like nobody is translating, or they…[View]
243326233Gundam The With from Mercury: Ikuhara stays relevant[View]
243327995How come anime never came even close to this level of kino ever again?[View]
243323570Parasyte/Kiseijuu: Was he really in the wrong here?[View]
243328377Happy birthday, /a/[View]
243307107Jujutsu Kaisen: I can't wait for the chapter 200 lore dump[View]
243325785Gundam ZZ > Zeta Gundam[View]
243324076she really took off the helmet didn't she[View]
243328300SPOOKTOBER: What are you planning on watching this month to get into the mood for halloween, anon?…[View]
243318727Smiling Karla is kind of ugly. No wonder she's usually frowning/deadpan.[View]
243323951Excuse Me Dentist, It's Touching Me!: This manga is too gay, but it is very funny.[View]
243325933Gundam the Witch from Mercury: is about to be the best gundam series ever[View]
243328805> BUMP OF CHICKEN What?[View]
243303156C Danchi: Is it out?[View]
243328491How terrifying.[View]
243328450Cute boy[View]
243328417Death Panda: Anime adaptation when?[View]
243324022Sakura in a party hat: fish[View]
243327278ITT: Manga axed because they were too based[View]
243325568Kaguya with a party hat[View]
243327215What the hell is going on at OLM? Why did 100 employees vanished in March and why can't the pro…[View]
243316727You can go to an anime of your choice and rape any chatacter you'd like, but you have to do it …[View]
243327932Noumin Kanren no Skill Bakka Agetetara Naze ka Tsuyoku Natta.: It all very tiring. It only been a fe…[View]
243325234will we ever get Kaiji season 3 anime?[View]
243327872Spy x Family: Manga chapter in 2 hours?[View]
243308319Usagi with a party hat[View]
243307516Daily Shoujo Kishidan x Knight Tale/Girl Chivalric Order x Knight Tale: What was your reaction when …[View]
243325558whats the appeal of the bunny suit?: I keep seeing every single girl in anime wearing them, is it li…[View]
243326125The Daily Life of The Immortal King: Episode 2 is up and it's funny[View]
243327327Magical Girl Spe-Ops Asuka: About to start watching this. Is the manga worth reading?[View]
243327171Urusei Yatsura: Lum is sweaty![View]
243324357ITT: Abe Propaganda[View]
243326268ITT: This face[View]
243326749I thought Japan was supposed to be based. What the fuck is this gay shit?[View]
243325657Firepunch thread: what the FUCK did he mean by this? pic related. also just finished the manga and i…[View]
243325825>Puts the latest Gundam anime series in Youtube I guess this is not the real product. https://www…[View]
243326785Spy x Family: Does Yor pick up Bond's poop?[View]
243303282Hunter x hunter: Apologize[View]
243324018>intense rivalry >doesn't feel gay at all how did they do it?…[View]
243324954should i read the mango or watch the animu[View]
243324488>One of the main characters of the series >Is introduced as one of the strongest entry hunters…[View]
243326358I hope she shits on him and farts so fucking hard and he rots and dies[View]
243322505They could have saved Chainsaw Man.[View]
243325106Shingeki no Kyojin: When we get part 3 teaser/trailer?[View]
243314565One Piece: The raid will fail[View]
243305953Chainsaw Man - Manga discussion: Yoshida.[View]
243315288Pretty new to PreCure so I started off with Heartcatch cus it looked the most interesting, Tsubomi a…[View]
243323231ITT: 10/10 manga series[View]
243323060Gundam the Witch from Mercury: G/u/nd/a/m/ is back[View]
243321218Chainsaw Man: T-this is kino, b-bros...[View]
243324325Fate/strange Fake: Oh boy I hope we get a full anime not just the special. /a/ will witness the sple…[View]
243316513Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Lucy: Avatar Lucy without the makeup is hawt[View]
243324485Will the new CSM anime have CLANG meme moment[View]
243316591I just watched the Ninja Gaiden anime, it was pretty good. Really nice dynamic action scenes with lo…[View]
243324974I used to be a huge fan of Detective Conan for years. From elementary svhool until college and would…[View]
243319790WHY MUGI WHY!?[View]
243324113Chainsaw Man: CSMbros...We have LOST, it's time to pack our things... The anime will be one of …[View]
243322854Chainsaw Man will be a new chapter for Mappa[View]
243324986Can we all agree that RWBY : Ice Queendom was a failure ?[View]
243314262Where do you discuss anime/manga outside of /a/?: Whether it's other websites, or IRL, where do…[View]
243320679Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru/And Yet the Town Moves: Hotori-tard with a hat![View]
243321396Why does Nippon Animation have so many waifus?[View]
243324575Rewatching invaders and wondering why modern anime can't be this good anymore.[View]
243322361Which of these 3 fanbase have suffered the most?[View]
243314423Nana Thread: This is the best anime of all time. It isn't as popular as other shows because men…[View]
243324021What does /a/ think of Seo's latest work?[View]
243324023Who mogs?[View]
243321646Umineko: It's October[View]
243324056wAIfu: What happened to the original AI Shion overrode that was supposed to be used for the Wozniak …[View]
243324030What'll it be? For me, it's truck-kun all day[View]
243316268We need more shonen protagonists like Kenshiro.[View]
243317056so, can you remind me again why we're so afraid of netflix-licensed anime when two of their ser…[View]
243314031How come David wasn't interested in seeing Rebecca's tits?[View]
243322344imagine a tiny[View]
243322257Any chance for season 3? I need more Hei and a better ending.[View]
243292651Kaguya: Iino Miko-sama wa Kokurasetai[View]
243293394Why do goddesses fall in love with the Heroes they send in the isekai worlds that they need to save?…[View]
243321736Molcar Driving School on the 8th. Will /a/ watch?[View]
243323055Is it just me or has there been more shows set in the late 90s recently?[View]
243323484this is how it really ended. Fuck you bye.[View]
243322516Post your favorite main heroine[View]
243321761Why didn't Goku just use Instant Transmission consecutively to save Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks and …[View]
243321220Thoughts on the inevitable MiA live action adaptation?[View]
243300509I finally watched this gem. Holy shit doggo is a best.[View]
243323062I miss Krillin with hair. Buu saga designs were so good for everyone.[View]
243286768Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi: Chapter is out https://mangadex.org/chapter/b45c7214-e0fe-43b3-8ba9-918…[View]
243319233the anime did magia record dirty.[View]
243308156Gundam the Witch from Mercury: It's almost time to see how it goes. Airing at 5:00 PM JST (4:0…[View]
243315153>your waifus from the 90s are now at least on their late 30s or even older…[View]
243280289A Couple of Cuckoos: Final episode of season 1? airs later. Does anyone else have the feeling it…[View]
243284269'PRE-ANIMATED' anime trailers: Why is this a thing now? When Shingeki season 1 trailer dropped it lo…[View]
243312453After watching Digimon Adventure 01 and 02, plus catching up with Ghost Game, I'm going to fina…[View]
243322926Tanya: I know it wouldn't be possible but there's no way I'm the only one who wouldn…[View]
243319252What are most kino shots in anime?[View]
243322676Kumiko's plump butt was made for BRC[View]
243321234I loved Samidare and Spirit Circle so I've been reading pic related but so far it feels like it…[View]
243319950Misaka Mikoto: With a hat[View]
243320709Bleach: >blocking a Senbonzakura petal with your eye via Blut Vein Metal, can't wait to see …[View]
243312278Fate/Strange Fake Storytime Part 3: Welcome back everyone Today, Gilgamesh reunites with his best fr…[View]
243314553To Heart (1999), the warm and comfy anime.[View]
243288788JK thread: Post and discuss JKs[View]
243312594I could tame Revy: She acts tough, but I could make her settle down.[View]
243314412The Soultaker: Why the FUCK doesn't this have a remastered release?! Holy shit the art directio…[View]
243322012Kanako is the best girl.[View]
243309342Skip To Loafer: Chapter. 45: Noisy New Student Council President[View]
243320820Shield Hero S3: What to expect?[View]
243305703Daily Chikyuu no Houkago Chapter: Chapter 13: >>243263556 Chapter 14[View]
243319679ITT: characters that are taller than you[View]
243303160Daily The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls U149 Chapter: This story is about growth of little idols and t…[View]
243321175We will NEVER have another anime that has 30+ openings and endings: How does that feel? Personally, …[View]
243318848What are your honest opinions on them?[View]
243321490I welcome the Age of Shion[View]
243310835Why isn't manga good anymore?[View]
243294896Berserk: Ougon Jidai-hen - MEMORIAL EDITION: >※ NOTE: TV edit of the Berserk: The Golden Age Arc …[View]
243321287>have high expectations because reddit and /a/ rate highly the fuck out of it >nothing specatu…[View]
243312990Utawarerumono: >[SubsPlease] Utawarerumono - Futari no Hakuoro - 15 (720p) [A3BAB7EE].mkv It…[View]
243316756What are your thoughts on Futari H?[View]
243318855>Anime set in 1930s New York >Characters all speak modern-day Japanese…[View]
243299764Flip Flappers: I know she was never really in the running, but did they HAVE to name her Yayaka?…[View]
243303157Daily Daily Lives of High School Boys: Chapter 79: high school boys and computer club[View]
243317324Yashahime: Is Moroha gay >Calls pic related and Rion beautiful >No male love interest >Says…[View]
243318063Are body odor and body fluid of attractive alcoholic girls intoxicating?[View]
243320554Lim Dall Young thread: Let's talk about Lim Dall Young and his manga that he will never finish.…[View]
243308781ITT girls that were made for motherhood., Pic Related[View]
243316031Why are so many of these trashy videogame isekai stories written by people who have never played a v…[View]
243307605I thought it was okay.[View]
243320038Season 2 When?[View]
243319810ITT: Characters with canon tiny balls.[View]
243316108Are Cat girls really a gift from God?[View]
243319588saataa andagi[View]
243314559Yuru Camp: Today we celebrate our 4chan's anniversary and Shimarin's birthday. Post cute R…[View]
243317557You shall not pass[View]
243313570Was this REALLY necessary?[View]
243319369Elaina and the Super High-tech Robot City[View]
243316430Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Organic Maine[View]
243313949Usagi Drop was never about being a wholesome father-daughter manga. It has always been an incest fan…[View]
243317113Nisekoi: Where the FUCK is season 3[View]
243319027has a anime inspired you while working out or does no one else on a exercise for me it was gurren la…[View]
243317248what are y'all reading[View]
243310267Macross Delta Zettai Live: Shhh, Freyja is sleeping.[View]
243245965Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
243311235I finished KAIJI and it is a work of art. They recommend me to follow the manga, because I think the…[View]
243318357Does 'it's not gay if it's underway' still apply in the year 3500?[View]
243318419Is Matsukaze Tenma the best shonen protagonist?[View]
243312097Would you like to celebrate your birthday in style, 4chan goshujin-sama?[View]
243318207Tales: Sheena is sad her boobs were nerfed.[View]
243305802Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter: Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiab…[View]
243317878Muv-Luv Alternative season 2: Marimo with a hat What a beautiful drill instructor 3 more days till 2…[View]
243312966why do people keep on trying to push this retarded term 'pre-animated'? I swear shounentards always …[View]
243315499Legend of the Galactic Feels: >If only Yang had listened to Schenkopp…[View]
243285103Pop Team Epic: The Anti-Anime Show is finally back today![View]
243313547She is the best and most underated geass girl.[View]
243273188Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: Like tears... in rain...[View]
243294983Overlord: The series would be better if it had a He-Man in it and no Clementine doesn't count. …[View]
243305388Soul Eater: This could've been the best shonen (yes, even better than FMA), but the anime adapt…[View]
243314397manga with this feel?: this isn't edited by the way. literally plot related[View]
243314854>anon... you can't do it[View]
243317143One Piece: Who is the most iconic SH?[View]
243295444Delicious Party Precure: Wake the fuck up because there's a new episode of precure today.…[View]
243315758Who is your favourite Eyeshield 21 player?[View]
243244046Nagatoro: She can't escape, paisen can't pussy out. Nudetoro is inevitable.[View]
243301249Made in Abyss: Click in the spoiler to see a naked Nanachi.[View]
243316890Just the DUMBEST fucking woman ever eerily realistic depiction[View]
243315318Mob Psycho 100: MOB MOB WHAT DO YOU WANT[View]
243303931anya is the worst character: and she could be fixed by removing this bullshit 'telepathy' power, but…[View]
243309687Shiboritoranaide, Onna Shounin-san chapter 34: Dumping the new chapter, this one features crossdress…[View]
243310999Please come to 4chan's anniversary party.[View]
243314838Tomoko wants a hat. Happy Birthday 4chan.[View]
243316193Cyberpunk 2077: the age of cope: I couldn't protect her smile either, I'm sorry[View]
243216860Series only you remember.[View]
243291716Asumi-chan Is Interested In Lesbian Brothels! ch14 TL[View]
243241668I fuckin love rebuild world[View]
243312598Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners: Do you really want to stay at Lucy's house?[View]
243306278>open /a/ >no yotsuba thread[View]
243299976Why do I find Saya so sexy? I'd take her over Hotaru any day.[View]
243314982Plus Sized Elf: Is this the only good architect approved manga?[View]
243306779One Piece: next chapter cover page we will see intruders in Cacao island[View]
243311759Gundam TOMORROW!! I'm excited for this one[View]
243314625Aikatsu and Pretty series: Primagi is taking a break but that just means GREEN will come back any da…[View]
243314594Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Are you ready for Primagi's final episode next week?[View]
243314004The modern Re:Zero.[View]
243310870Jeez anon these 12 men sure are angy >.<[View]
243307158left: origin right: anime what do you think?[View]
243304320can i watch prisma illya while understanding whats going on because apparently it was a sequel to fa…[View]
243291519Magus of the Library 30 raws: 時は大戦期 巻き起こった多くの 悲劇によって ーつの法律が大陸に 誕生します 圕法 これは本の影響と そのあり方を 深く憂いたもの として作…[View]
243310788Lycoris Recoil: Chisato's hat![View]
243309509ITS REAL: Mappa is directly targetting leaks (that people say are unfinished projects) >This vide…[View]
243313647Anon, hihihihi, you didn't actually, hohoho, accidentally end up self-inserting gninini as the …[View]
243311645>is silently AOTS[View]
243313551It's so obvious that Hitomi gets a sadistic thrill out of leading people on and turning them do…[View]
243296511Utena: The hell did I just watch?[View]
243309661Yuusha Party o Tsuihou Sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau - 01: Whatever shit…[View]
243303946>you get hit by a truck and get gantzet into osaka >What would you do?…[View]
243312759I love alcoholic girls[View]
243312286ITT: light anime girls[View]
243312860NOUMIN KANREN NO SKILL BAKKA AGETETARA NAZEKA TSUYOKU NATTA: So are they aware that they're in …[View]
243311129Black Hanekawa: Black Cat is Best Cat.[View]
243309749Help! My Middle Aged Neighbor Has A 5th Grade Mistress! My Niece!: I like Leone because I like catgi…[View]
243310958Now that its getting cold and fall is settling in. Whats the most comfy anime to watch this time of …[View]
243303325Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Lucy and David were the heart and soul of Edgerunners. They’re the only char…[View]
243312468Just watched it, what's your opinion on it? Did the story have double meaning?[View]
243306381Galko is ready to celebrate 4chan's birthday in style![View]
243312433Topic meta related because anime who was in the Facebook group 'the whales' and or 'senpai animai' i…[View]
243307278Kaos, with a hat.[View]
243302130Umaru wants a party hat![View]
243304152I miss Eiko[View]
243267067Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Do you like ~puri? Then you'll be fine![View]
243311904ITT: Anime ruined by women.[View]
243311963>never knew aria is this >succulent Whats good art in anime recently Where s the ratings?…[View]
243311865Why didn't he just point out that Sonic had arranged a playdate with a handicapped girl?[View]
243303951Daily Ippon Again! - Chapter 6: Previous: >>243262543 Last time, the judo club thought their a…[View]
243309226Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii - 10: I see no thread I create thread Brown tits[View]
243306968Horror Manga: It's October! Time for spooky manga and anime![View]
243311501Fuck. I didnt know a show could hit me this hard, im devastated.[View]
243302539Daily Narutaru Chapter: Chapter 5: Darkness Visible Shiina Tamai, an energetic sixth-grader, found a…[View]
243279339Boku no Hero Academia: Why is Deku so hot, bros? Also season 6 soon[View]
243310821>Get yo cracka ass into some rehab, I ain't got time for this bullshit…[View]
243293477Choose your prisonfu, /a/.[View]
243309419My servant can beat up your servant.[View]
243302720*ruins your 2nd season*[View]
243309310What do you think about him?[View]
243309875they are watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDIH0qrsqbc[View]
243299771OCTOBER 1ST: post anime skeletons[View]
243247898Uchi no Shishou wa Shippo ga Nai: Do you like Tanuki, anon? Then you are going to enjoy Mameda'…[View]
243292932Mob Psycho 100: Mobchads, how we feeling today? As it is, only cyberpunk stands in our way, but Chir…[View]
24328330319 years of 4chan. You won't be a できない for the 20th, right anon?[View]
243308644Sengoku Night Blood: What did /a/ think of Sengoku Night Blood? I watched Sengoku Night Blood. Here …[View]
243307243Let's see how many of you will get the reference[View]
243283880Happy birthday, /a/! I love you![View]
243301780I'm still mad[View]
243309595ITT: Oh yeah. That happened[View]
243309508She only did one thing wrong and that was losing[View]
243308668She is going to be in the remake?[View]
243294416Spy x Family: Episode 13 is out. Enjoying the doggy crisis arc so far, spybros?[View]
243307062Birthday Banana[View]
243302128Why does she look like she's slow?[View]
243290418Tsukasa is thinking.[View]
243288000Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo Kattemimashita: Episode 2 out now.[View]
243304498I love my women big and or muscular in anime.[View]
243302679Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: Lucy winning as always.[View]
243296974Dragon Ball Super: Why does he look so aesthetically pleasing and physically imposing?[View]
243308239Shion more powerful is basically Ultron right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Rz2yzUws7g [Embed] h…[View]
243276923Code Geass: Lelouch's canon children are out. Which kid is cuter? >Elzero (Lelouch x Suzaku…[View]
243287918What was your favourite moment from Toradora?[View]
243308095Why was his wife such a bitch?[View]
243308054>yfw no Yor wife i hate my life...[View]
243305194bnha vigilantes: is there a chance this would actually get animated? i just want to see my boy knuck…[View]
243305100I still don't understand why Milim nuked a city in a gambit just to try (and fail) to find out …[View]
243304480Seriously, what the fuck was her problem?[View]
243302156>your favorite artist finally draws your waifu Post her[View]
243307735Devilman x Getter Robo : Criminally overlooked Go Nagai crossover manga[View]
243307482On My Love or Show Me Your Brave Heart ?[View]
243291520Steins Gate: I don't usually watch anime but I figured i'd give Steins Gate a try because …[View]
243306420Smug Conan with a hat[View]
243280779ITT: Male characters that only women like[View]
243304927The Most Disturbing Scene in GS!!!: Mind Goblin[View]
243210027Rebecca: Do you guys think Rebecca would be a good mother?[View]
243304076>they're still doing the 'dub the same episode twice' gag[View]
243299576One Piece: where did you hide it Roger you son of a bitch AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I'M GOING INSANE aa…[View]
243305812Expelled From Paradise: I like sexualizing children as much as the next guy, but I actually prefer t…[View]
243306928Here you go anon, you've deserved your Snickers™ for being a good boy today.[View]
243303456Saint Seiya: Thoughts on Rerise of Poseidon, the newest Saint Seiya spin-off?[View]
243302843Why does Nippon Animation have so many waifus?[View]
243300668Guess the anime[View]
243298213You watched her anime, right?[View]
243304481Reines with a party hat![View]
243304169Griffith got raped and tortured for an whole year and didnt turn to a faggot How?[View]
243289216Tensei shitara Ken Deshita: Sword Dad So what is the verdict in your opinion? it's a watch week…[View]
243273360Choujin X: Break is over Chapter 28 Festivo[View]
243305214Detective Conan: I'm at episode 917 or something. It's getting more and more boring with e…[View]
243303215Nu Broly is such a nothingburger of a character. They kept him alive for what exactly? 5 years and n…[View]
243287210Is it right to label Akira's Motorcycle drift as 'iconic'? Or is it just a style of animation t…[View]
243305185Extreme Hearts: Saturdays are no longer extreme.[View]
243303633>MC fights rival and gets his ass kicked >MC trains for hundreds of chapters and gets way stro…[View]
243290410Chainsaw Man (Manga discussion only): Is Yoru really the villain of part 2 or is Asa actually the ev…[View]
243297069ANISON MATRIX!! -アニソンマトリクス- Vol. 2: Happy birthday 4chan!! Next year, you too will be able to drink.…[View]
243304818Fortune Favors Lady Mikuko: Kikuko Lives with obese step mother who used to be in the sex industry a…[View]
243293712Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii: Episode 10: For Whom Do the Stars Fall It's Christmas time outs…[View]
243304903Gintama.: This arc has been terrible, self parody levels of bad and yes Im very aware Gintama does t…[View]
243297189See you at the food court tomorrow 17: Why did no one mention that there's been a new food cour…[View]
243302417Do not listen to the haters. To all real Chainsaw fans, what you need to hnderstand is that, all th…[View]
243305341Here is my freshly made 3x3 anime pic I made for the first time.[View]
243303920Weekend Witches Thread: So now that Luminous is over, what comes next? 506 adaptation, maybe a 507t…[View]
243301382Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 54: >>243294773[View]
243304991lmaaao who made this https://may.2chan.net/b/res/1019913169.htm[View]
243266927ITT: god tier OP/EDs: https://youtu.be/OifiVCnFKzM[View]
243302036Why are fans of this series so fucking media illiterate? I swear to god nearly every madoka fan I…[View]
243304559Which anime have OST with a tribal/folk/chant sort of vibe. One of my favorite examples is from the …[View]
243302823Japanese romance plots are just genderbent western women's romance plots: Japanese wealth gap r…[View]
243301994kimagure orange road: hopefully this doesn't get rebooted[View]
243235879Isekai Ojisan: It's been a bit, but it's time for a new chapter of Yousuke and Sui's …[View]
243285349Female thread: Only post women in this thread No dudes[View]
243284603Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta: Let's Enjoy Agriculture[View]
243282872Oh boy, here we go...[View]
243301061ITT: the only three-dimensional characters from series that rely on casts made of cardboard happy jo…[View]
243258934Bleach: >no animation >just bright sparkly effects and speedlines Why are people excited for t…[View]
243300183Did you think you weren't going to see Mamako in a party hat?[View]
243287978Completely btfo[View]
243294605Lucy: What comes to mind when you see this character?[View]
243302273>The buddhist is a pedophile >All of the men try to sexually assault the heroine, at the guida…[View]
243286506BLEACH leaves worldwide streaming platforms, possible arriving on Disney+.: >Crunchyroll,Netflix …[View]
243299793miss kobayashi's dragon maid: Kobayashi and her soon to be new wife / maid Tatsuzawa[View]
243300400I would not watch it on Netflix, I could not watch, Trigger sucks dicks. I will not watch your 'Cybe…[View]
243298035Its finally over. It was a long ride.[View]
243299649hunter x hunter: >character is pivitol to the entire plot >LITERALLY everyone hates him so muc…[View]
243292362This got me wondering: Is there an isekai for every traffic death in Japan?[View]
243301993Why don't more anime/manga take place in South America?[View]
243302383Why is manga less popular than anime in the west?[View]
243301472ITT: canon cucks[View]
243292383Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth: Time for the second season and the battle of the Yamato capital to beg…[View]
243295538Cyberpunk edgerunners: Chooms....[View]
243302475Chainsaw Man (MAPPA): Can chainsaw man top this moment?[View]
243295252Is Psycho Pass still the best cyberpunk anime?[View]
243294130>greatest detective in the world >gets beaten by a high schooler…[View]
243298244according to a Japanese anon on Japanese version of 4chan, if Chainsaw Man flops, Mappa will be clos…[View]
243292846Why didn't he just make all the humans have brain aneurysms?: Or like, replace their hearts wit…[View]
243301431Asshat: Every year until you like it[View]
243301508Akagi in a party hat post[View]
243298117Yofukashi no Uta: Shy Nazuna wearing a cute hat![View]
243294773Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 54: With the return of the anime this october, it's a good ide…[View]
243295948When is the OST releasing?: The music in this part has been good as fuck so far, especially jolynes …[View]
243301057Finally got around to watching the Rebuild movies. Yeah I know i'm late but I thought they were…[View]
243295501Here's a list of popular anime I dislike or don't care about, do you agree with me?: >A…[View]
243299772Who is your favorite shortstack?[View]
243298484The 7th unit of the Mato Defense Corps.[View]
243297919Giselle in Bleach: >Finally makes a Trans character in a popular anime. >They are a cannibalis…[View]
243300633YOTSUBA WATCH OUT![View]
243293991Happy Birthday /a/!: From the cast of Yuru Yuri![View]
243289517Pick your pantheon: If you could choose, to whom among the gods/angels/divine beings of /a/ would yo…[View]
243289403>Anon, would you like a kiss as a reward maybe? >Of course, we can go much further than that i…[View]
243296364Make your choice[View]
243297185Is Elaina smarter than you?[View]
243295958logh: which version of the series should I (re)watch? the laserdisk rips or the standard version? al…[View]
243282301What happened?[View]
243257752ITT: post your favorite manga pages/panels[View]
243268813Is watching anime still making you happy?[View]
243276933Made in Abyss: I'm not ready to let go.[View]
243298619ITT your favorite studio: >btfos shounentards every season I fucking LOVE crappa!…[View]
243291882One Piece: Ulti stands for ultimate pachycephalosaurus[View]
243291018Pits of the iron fortress[View]
243297393She definitely raped him. Same for marie[View]
243287019Would this be a good birthday present twins can give each other?[View]
243298524Detective Conan 1100: It took 5 years to go from 1000 to 1100 https://mangadex.org/chapter/6ecb4c26-…[View]
243290377French sakuga expert said Chainsaw Man episode 1 has no sakuga animators, not even 1 famous animator…[View]
243297695https://twitter.com/Hysteric_Barbie/status/1576256521398145025 Aya Hirano is back voicing anime!…[View]
243291091Can we agree that despite her act, she's probably the biggest slut of the bunch?[View]
243291657She's right, sex isn't about having children it's just for fun.[View]
243277923>stuffed animals turned away[View]
243298518The show peaked with the first 4 episodes and died with Maine.[View]
243292413Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: Honk[View]
243296483>Enemies with benefits Name a better trope, you can't.[View]

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