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257645313Is cartoonish stylization a detriment when depicting drama and violence in animation or comics, or c…[View]
257644495when are they gonna wish him back to life ?[View]
257644547Battle Shonen: Which is the best battle shonen and why is Kino?[View]
257644225>he doesn't think senbonzakura kageyoshi is the coolest bankai Explain yourself.…[View]
257643584On this beautiful day, let us thank Japan for the wonderful genre known as 'cute girls doing cu…[View]
257629414Bleach TYBW: Finalebros, we are eating good.[View]
257565635Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: So the Galaxy Cup ends, what are your thoughts on this arc?[View]
257643226Which is stronger, girl (male) or boy (female)?[View]
257614910Boruto: Two Blue Vortex: My genuine reaction to this series besides the Academy Arc…[View]
257639425What is the greatest anime/manga fight from a female author?: Honestly, I realized there's not …[View]
257635746Zom 100 is apparently on indefinite hiatus now Man.... this happens too often nowadays[View]
257642830Bleach: >Shinji Hirako could've used his mask to fire Cero at Bambietta while she was entran…[View]
257642804Chainsaw Man: What was her problem?[View]
257635184Chainsaw man: Yoshida's chapter tomorrow[View]
257639495Suzumiya theater[View]
257634100How did your country grieve Gojos death ?: They put an altar for gojo In the subway of Santiago, Chi…[View]
257642596Gosh I wish I was him[View]
257630564Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo-sensei was a good guy.[View]
257641851Why are men like this?[View]
257642138One Piece - Why?: What is the reasoning for this fandom in the West being comprised of a black major…[View]
25762279786 Eighty-Six: Just finished vol 6 light novel and it's freaking great! Insanely great characte…[View]
257616429>Got ghosted by a girl once and becomes an incel joker as a result >Starts a full blown genoci…[View]
257642111Yuusha ga Shinda: Why didn't this get a Season 2? It was funny[View]
257580817My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps Chapter 19: 'SMELLS LIKE AUTUMN'[View]
257642039What was it that the Twelve Kingdoms managed to achieve where Scarface couldn't?[View]
257641729Bleach: Did they really not fuck even once? The tension was off the charts[View]
257637281Dragon Ball Super: It seems that DBS, not DBZ or (god forbid) the DB prequel is the shining beacon o…[View]
257641794Steel ball run: >Battle of ideologies between 2 men. Araki's writhing peaked with Steel ball…[View]
257641512Berserk: >2 chapters and 6 months >all for Guts to take a nap…[View]
257639475Who wins between Doffy and Kuzan?[View]
257640314Keroro Gunso: What's your opinion on Keroro Gunso?[View]
257640782why is this series so popular with older women?[View]
257603889Does anybody remember Strike the Blood?[View]
257597626Thoughts on this show?[View]
257633278Why is the nurse's office such a hotbed for yuri activity?[View]
257354370Soremachi: Hotori would probably be /a/'s mascot if it wasn't Yotsuba.[View]
257638682She should have won.[View]
257635992Star Wars: The Mandalorian - The Manga Volume 1 Storytime: >Years after the fall of the Galactic …[View]
257639363Dungeon Meshi: I can't believe it's over. And i can't believe i missed the threads. I…[View]
257637283Kyokutou Chimeratica / Far East Chimera chapter 15: DUMPING the new chapter of this fantasy manga.…[View]
257641000Kagurabachi: Kagurabachi is so cool, I wish goldfish were real[View]
257315283Smiles that make you happy[View]
257639763NieR Automata: In the end was NieR anime a good adaptation?[View]
257640633Waht a beautiful[View]
257638271Do you think MHA could've been better if all might Was the main character instead of seven quir…[View]
257637720Yeah Gojo totally won't come back, it's not like he survived lethal hits continuously.[View]
257639135Why is there no fantasy anime with a party like this anymore? Why is it always bunch of quirky (teen…[View]
257630588ITT: anime lines that destroyed /a/[View]
257640328Bleach: Can't Haschwalt just use his 'B' The Balance: Schrift to undo Auschwalen or transfer th…[View]
257634729What would happen if all publishers fired editors?[View]
257619172Rank all of these authors purely from a drawing skills/art quality point of view >Kentaro Miura …[View]
257637292Is mangaka burnout that bad?: Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Promised Neverland, etc, all go to shit …[View]
257620020>main boy shouldn't get main girl because that's... LE BAD!!! Does this even happen oft…[View]
257638462how do i deal with post-season finale depression[View]
257636619Did you forget? Remember Miuna.[View]
257636994Fantasia arc was a complete failure and mistake, but I feel like berserk sort of fell off even befor…[View]
257639877>subverts shonen genre better than Togashit >remains consistently entertaining and doesnt rely…[View]
257638461Autumn Anime.: What are your favorite anime to watch in the Fall months? I love watching Tenchi, Hid…[View]
257638782Saint Seiya: Ok so I've been watching through the Poseidon arc after a while and.. the Marine G…[View]
257639343One Piece: Breaki week is here. Post your favorite character or sidestory you wish to see expanded o…[View]
257599239Girls und panzer/GuP: T minus 11 (I think) days until cranberry’s movie What your expectations and f…[View]
257630748Everyone agrees Todomatsu is the best Mastuno right?: It is my understanding that everyone here on /…[View]
257638783We all know that this is the true endgame of Konosuba, right?[View]
257638362Why do black pipo identify with Oetsu Nimaiya? He's '''''black''''' but he's obviously sti…[View]
257636475Which anime girl would you use?[View]
257637880Dr Stone: Hi /a/ anons What's your opinion on Dr Stone?[View]
257638570Literally Me's (But Female): Post 'em.[View]
257617059Bleach: >Leave Squad 0 to me[View]
257634162Who's the most powerful Fate servant these days?[View]
257615719What is your stance on the smug little brat archetype in anime?[View]
257617732Post characters that can bypass his haxx[View]
257636641Why do people call deku a faggot? You would be crying like a little bitch to if you were in his situ…[View]
257636459>DORI DORI DORIs in your general direction Now what?[View]
257600995BLEACH: She is simply best girl in all of fiction.[View]
257634023Digimon or Pokemon Which one is better?[View]
257609702ITT: light novel titles for historical figures: >I Was The Emperor of France, But Now I'm St…[View]
257636101Witch Hat mangaka loves to draw little girl feet[View]
257628471Key: What would you do if you had your own metal idol?[View]
257614886Mushoku Tensei: >17 years old >professional at resurrecting penises She really deserves to bec…[View]
257632424Dragon Ball Super: If you went back 20 years in the past and showed DB fans the existence of Dragon …[View]
257636155i want to make Yunyun and Mommom and then a Milfmilf![View]
257613860Daily Osananajimi no Ohimesama/My Princess Childhood Friend Thread: Chapter 27: The Restrained Princ…[View]
257635065Level 1 Demon Lord and One Room Hero: I love her glasses[View]
257636541it makes me sad that now any important future Luffy fight like vs Akainu or vs BB will be this idiot…[View]
257630808One Piece: >Kaido wants to kill himself >he let himself get captured but executions didn'…[View]
257610874>MC defeats the reality warping mega turbo villain by punching harder Yeah.... I'm thinking …[View]
257633736When making Japanese style curry, remember to put the Pocky in near the end to prevent total loss of…[View]
257634831A new loaf just out of the oven. Not the most exciting bread but wholesome and tasty as usual.[View]
257635908Chihayafuru: I've finally finished Chihayafuru and it's easily one of the best stories I…[View]
257517263secret s/A/nta: Alright lads, It's finally that time of year again! We are (surprisingly) on ti…[View]
257634581What was even happening in that last thread?[View]
257636009He's him.[View]
257632065this is the pinnacle of all animation[View]
257635928Kinnikuman: Akuma Chojin[View]
257635589Konosuba: How were they able to make him this BASED ?[View]
257635870Have you been practicing your fluffing skills, /a/?[View]
257633762*doesnt go viral in anyway*[View]
257635768He will be back[View]
257634854Why Toriyama believed these two should have been the main villains for the future Trunks saga?[View]
257631726So uh when hell characters die will they get sent to super hell?[View]
257633847My War 3.0 + 1.0 — You Can (Not) Stop Writing: I took an extended break from this arrangement, and c…[View]
257635377Need... More... Gintama threads....[View]
257632290Anyone else get sleepy every time you see this boring fuck on screen?[View]
257634928When should we expect it's return to anime?[View]
257629457>Giantess >Vore Nasu’s fetishes are pretty based ngl, if only he was also into Futanari.…[View]
257621639Kagurabachi: I want her to step on my balls until they burst[View]
257626938Under Ninja: >ten days remaining I saw the adaptation of Police in a Pod made by Tezuka Productio…[View]
257635173Bleach: >Ywach saw the bad future that Haschwalt saw and has the power to change it. >Gets sho…[View]
257625628C.C.: Is she a cougar?[View]
257627333Female shounen characters: Why do Westerners keep complaining about female characters in shounen? Th…[View]
257634621Has been a while since we had a harem thread post and analyze others taste[View]
257613161ITT: anime that deserve another season[View]
257612315What's the appeal of ojou? They're usually just arrogant, entitled cunts or just frustrati…[View]
257622454Chainsaw Man: Total. Kigger. Death.[View]
257632970Am I a troll? I'm a girl and I can't get into action shows and there's only a few exc…[View]
257634552>Post horrible additions/changes in a manga/anime that you hate . Ex: this Fucking Mecha nerd wit…[View]
257629820(Raw) Story Time: Shaman King: FAUST 8 Vol 03: Shaman King: Flowers >>256380610 Vol 01 >…[View]
257570864Post a good show from the year you were born[View]
257634346What is Sakura praying for?[View]
257628990She's not your waifu.[View]
257618835Tengoku Daimakyou: Anons don't like Kiruko? What's not to like about her?[View]
257633987What anime are there that are centered around female yakuza? I found my new favorite fetish. Female …[View]
257629691for what purpose is her ass so fat[View]
257632354Vinland Saga 206: It's so over[View]
257595270He won: Gojo is dead. It's not bad writing. It's not character assessination. Gojo just lo…[View]
257633769Hajimete no gal, chapter 169: The trap is back.[View]
257614384Vanitas no Carte: >everyone wants to fuck each other: the series Where's the new chapter?…[View]
257631655How is one writer so unpredictable and awesome?[View]
257580933jojo: What do we think of Wonder of U as a character?[View]
257632057Why can't Oshimi finish a manga?[View]
257614339I love MHA >you can go back to cutting veins in cucumber if you don't like my opinion.…[View]
257633115bleach: i think i'm in love. just look at her. literally the best design i've ever seen in…[View]
257624165Bleached peaked here. Afterwards it went downhill.[View]
257590198Houseki no Kuni new chapter is out: You think you found the bottom of the hole ? Jokes on you.…[View]
257625468Japan, you've made the same fucking show four seasons in a row. Stop this![View]
257597249(Formerly) Daily K-On! Shuffle Chapter: You Would Prefer a Real Date With Me? Chapter 46[View]
257631036Why does /a/ consume so much shonenshit? It's like the equivalent of eating McDonald's 5 d…[View]
257609135Is Elaina your favorite witch?[View]
257629934This was fucking cathartic[View]
257632720One Piece: >Eustass Kidd >Only uses his Magnetic DF powers to create Metal cows, Giant arms, …[View]
257624386Greatest anime ever made and greatest love story ever told[View]
257630867What if he said 'yeah let's do it'? Then what? Would Gojo actually do it? How much different wo…[View]
257632477Bleach: New Lore: Kudo confirmed these were the original Schutzstaffel. Kinda crazy the series is st…[View]
257632418Dragon Ball Super: Let's keep it classy.[View]
257630276Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: She's an angel[View]
257627556Dragon Ball Super: Why is Krillin such a fucking loser?[View]
257586633Nue's Exorcist Chapter 19: 'Countertactics Against Nue' Nue's so confident jumping down by…[View]
257630473Why is it so common for manga to go on extended hiatuses?[View]
257631986Who is the most beautiful Mangaka and why is it Araki?[View]
257597844FLCL: Grunge: The first part (3 episodes) is all out now. Doing a pretty good job of copying the ori…[View]
257535941Gochiusa - Is the order a rabbit?: Is the order getting shot by Rize for good?[View]
257631613>DAMN GOKU[View]
257627769DBM: Dragon Ball Magic What has emerged in recent days is not entirely true. Usual clowns 'leaking' …[View]
257627380How do you like your foxgirls?[View]
257358788Shimeji Simulation: The end is in sight.[View]
257581316Boku no hero academia: >Nagant killing villains and corrupted heroes who create a situation to be…[View]
257622535One Piece: The more we see of Gol D. Roger the more he just seems like Luffy but better. It's a…[View]
257630785Why are great, artful works with high production value ignored by supposed old anime 'fans' while lo…[View]
257499396Manga thread: Last weekend's thread was fun so let's have another for manga that usually d…[View]
257625863>mori-chan prease put guts in yamcha pose and have him do nothing for over a year. do not remove …[View]
257624624>they think he lost[View]
257630761Record of Ragnorok/Shuumatsu no vValkyrie: Where's the chapter[View]
257629537MF Ghost: Time to discuss what you think will be in MF Ghost's soundtrack. Here is what I think…[View]
257624792Did 00s have the best 'serious' TV anime?[View]
257625053It's been over 10 years since Kill la Kill released. How was the internet reaction back in the …[View]
257629646When does it get good?[View]
257629580One Piece: Why didn't Law throw a rock in the ocean and then teleport Doflamingo inside the oce…[View]
257622357>ITT Peeing scenes[View]
257620948Jujutsu Kaisen: Who will teach Sukuna about love now that Gojo failed?[View]
257627751JJK Has the most retarded kiddy fandom imaginable. I watched all of JoJo's without any spoilers…[View]
257624321'Tis Time for Torture, Princess 202: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018828…[View]
257628775Why keiji fujiwara had to die but this stupid bitch is still a thing in the industry i can hear his …[View]
257624153Where were you when WSJ was saved?[View]
257625813Was this shot really necessary?[View]
257627960What did Mankanshoku Mako mean by this?[View]
257620511A.KITE: How the hell did this silly porn anime where bruce willis gets a bullet through is head have…[View]
257625911What went so wrong? It used to be a big thing, now it is as popular as seven deadly sins[View]
257625763For me, it's Miku[View]
257628516Law enforcement tomboys are the hottest thing ever[View]
257610298>lol panties lol very funny. can I skip this shit and go to Z?[View]
257627391Masamune-kun's revenge: MAID VICTORIOUS I feel bad for her[View]
257604460Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Chapter 314 scans are out, dumping[View]
257623857Hi, /a/. Do you like my cock?[View]
257626304Post series that peaked halfway through the story: My picks would be Bleach, DBZ, and JJK[View]
257619270what do you guys use to read manga?[View]
257623294Is anyone here reading Veil? The art is so goddamn good and the main characters are great. Super gre…[View]
257586876So what does Nipah mean anyway?[View]
257621349ITT: Severly underated series[View]
257627296Oshi no Ko if it was good: https://youtu.be/XAJV-RHE6BY https://youtu.be/oG8x8CdqsZo https://youtu.b…[View]
257617718Dragon Ball Super: Is Bejito lonely at the TOP of the powerlevel Tierlist?[View]
257625624Xian Ni: So Xian Ni's donghua just got dropped today. What does /a/ think about it? Technicall…[View]
257627015>terraformars: >remember this series vaguely and decide to read it >get to pic related they…[View]
257625363Vinland saga died with him[View]
257622532Kanokari: Next wednesday the fate of anime will be revealed. prepare for a 4 cours mininum adapt for…[View]
257617241Oshi no Ko: 127 leak[View]
257626795Which straw hat relationship is your favorite? Which straw hats do you want to see team up for a fig…[View]
257616272Why is this show hated?: Finally decided to sit down and watch why so many people hate this show... …[View]
257595784What would you do in this situation?[View]
257616275Things you learned from anime: Although it shows a very exaggerated fantasy-illness, Ascendance of a…[View]
257624242Nagatoro: Here be chapter 136 of Nagatoro: 'Go for it, Gamo!!', 31 pages this time Interesting title…[View]
257611805Did we really need an ending like this in a show like this?[View]
257622177One Piece: >Eustass Kidd >has magnet df powers >Could've blood bend Shanks to death …[View]
257624820Why am I crying at this page?[View]
257625392Did anyone in Wangan ever slept? This dude is a surgeon probably working over hours, yet still has t…[View]
257625097Jjk s2: It isn't that bad right, RIGHT?[View]
257625135You wouldn't fuck your senpai, right?[View]
257624681What's your favourite kind romantic premise: Mine > Belligerent sexual tension with double T…[View]
257608462Chainsaw Man: War Devil is absolute.[View]
257621977lets sleep everyone[View]
257624238*stamps* Destiny.[View]
257624137invisible man: the last movie of 'modest heroes', one of the most underrated anime short[View]
257615606ITT we post Sukuna groupies and stans interactions. I'll start: 1. Yorozu 2. Satoru Gojo[View]
257623539>Read half of this manga 3 months ago >Can't remember anything that happened…[View]
257622704Vinland Fagga: When can I see EdgFinn kill again? I'm tired of his pacifist faggotry[View]
257608690What do you think of anime girls who are angry 70% of the time?[View]
257623375Why is this bitch so chubby? (I mean that in a good way)[View]
257623750mystery shonen > battle shonen >>>> romance shonen[View]
257623018>That Time I Reincarnated as a Divine Cheerleader and Became Friends with a Child Rapist Never ex…[View]
257616292What's the most hellish and dystopian setting in anime?[View]
257622342What was the point of the last volume? What a waste of time.[View]
257620443Why are furries allowed to make manga?: This is neither cute, nor hot, nor funny. No one likes this …[View]
257619899i miss franxx saturdays so much bros[View]
257617711What is it about him that makes millions of women from around the world weep for his passing as if h…[View]
257615900One Piece: Can this stupid Bonney theory end already? She already said she isn't a child in 106…[View]
257614517Dr.Slump: Dr.Slump is Top Tier Anime and manga, As well as Akira Toriyama's best creation, even…[View]
257575997We need more anime that revolves around a young family.[View]
257617062>middle schooler >has the flabby ass of an adult woman It's kind of killing immersion…[View]
257619670Many such cases: Sometimes, I really wish good series weren't popular until they were over and …[View]
257608815Mitsumi looks pretty cute here. I wanna do her.[View]
257618585Will she be in season 3?[View]
257615145>Luffy acts like a dumbass most of the time but then the manga reveals his numerous moments of be…[View]
257622606More people should watch this.[View]
257621868Are you looking forward to AOTY?[View]
257620792Undead Girl Murder Farce: soooo, what the fuck happened in the last episode?[View]
257617374Haikyu Final Movie Part 1: Trailer revealed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fc8D25C6C4[View]
257614956You better watch the show, or else...[View]
257620614Dragon Ball Magic: >Kid Goku AND Kid Shin ShotaGODS won.[View]
257620646ITT: Post obscure anime that nobody talk about[View]
257618841Why do they even make shit anime? >drawing cost >voice actors >website, marketing, etc. How…[View]
257619214anime girl's attractiveness is inversely proportional to her sanity[View]
257615330>solos every Gotei 13 Captain in your way Heh, nothing personal.[View]
257618760what a fucking disappointment[View]
257616494She struggles with her butt, doesn't she?[View]
257620215This is still going on? He hasn't found the one piece yet?[View]
257590770If she keeps eating like this she is gonna become a whale...[View]
257569990Bocchi the Rock: Nijika, the precious. Nijika, the angel. Nijika, the kind-hearted. Nijika, the inte…[View]
257619644Is Marin still the queen of gyarus?[View]
257619291His movie is soon[View]
257619300More anime based off games[View]
257616194Rank Mamayuyu, Kagurabachi, and Two on Ice.[View]
257620010One Piece: Don't you usually get better at something the more you do it? Why has Oda's wri…[View]
257615148Anons, how the hell do I watch anime with ADHD? I'm being completely serious. There's so m…[View]
257618641So why didn't the Gorosei bother sending anyone to kill Luffy until about five minutes before h…[View]
257504364Yu-Gi.Oh: Why was this arc so underwhelming?[View]
257617557Who is best girl?[View]
257619022Komi San: >Talked to a girl once >Became a magent for bitches. It's really that's si…[View]
257597116Osaka my beloved[View]
257614867The iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Would you watch the new loli anime ?[View]
257619324What was the point of them?[View]
257620043Seems like a pretty shitty eternal punishment if you can get more badass while inside of it[View]
257618142are you able to recognize a popular anime by just a background character?[View]
257618288Chainsaw man: The exact moment everything went to shit[View]
257607793Bro looks like kagura bachi...[View]
257609787BLEACH: His mustache is off the charts.[View]
257610814Jujutsu kaisen: time to INTERVINE[View]
257582533Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: Which was the worst chapter? (saw some people making the compari…[View]
257615021>Season 2 never ever It still hurts bros...[View]
257618565Now that Gojo croaked. Was Kai the last non-protag character who's allowed to beat the main vi…[View]
257616021come up with an idea for a new zelda anime[View]
257554338Kusuriya no Hitorigoto Chapter 64 - The Masked Gentleman: Dumping the new Maomao chapter, the anime …[View]
257617454Roxana: Best villainess story ever[View]
257617681>All relevant manga series ending >This is the only hope we have for future manga It’s over i…[View]
257611993Dungeon Meshi is still listed as serialized on the official Harta website, it's not over yet![View]
257599643Fire Force Vol 7 Storytime: >what is this Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that…[View]
257610939Mitsudomoe, good obscure anime.: I never saw a single thread about this anime here. I guess I'm…[View]
257617336They all look like they came from a freaking fanfiction.[View]
257616798What's your favorite native isekai?[View]
257618026>unremarkable CG anime with cheap budget gets full adaptation This is the way of the future now, …[View]
257613776>Ruined your favorite manga[View]
257612024Tsuma no Kigen de Tenkou ga Kawaru Hanashi Chapter 7-8: Time for another double-shot of domestic lif…[View]
257583060Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
257617651My cute & autistic android daughterwife Rico![View]
257611818BROS on what planet is this a good haircut COME ON[View]
257615788What’s her name, again? Is her new novel out yet?[View]
257592398Galaxy Angel: Minto is my favourite Angel.[View]
257614901Wow /a/. Asuka is really cute.[View]
257604284Dragon Ball Super: Broly and his bastard son. That is all.[View]
257591801buyfag: Figure[View]
257602824Oshi no Ko: Korean scans in 15 hours[View]
257597662How would you feel about being reincarnated as a kemoshota in isekai?[View]
257616829So what was the joke here? おひねりちゃん meaning both 'a money package' and 'a baby' so she's trying …[View]
257616764They gonna cast a ugly Indian bitch to play her[View]
257613716Feminization is peak fetish Fucking your genderbender bro now a cute girl, and making her plunges in…[View]
257613357So One Piece needs fan service now?: Also, Robin could do some squats instead of just reading books …[View]
257595168Nanoha: What the fuck did I just watch? No, seriously. There’s was like 5 things going on at any giv…[View]
257582101Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Hibiki's manga spinoff is starting soon.[View]
257593000Fire Force: She wasn't a horrible character, you just grew out of shonen shit. She was just the…[View]
257614399One Punch Man: Are we ever going to see Fubuki's naked ass?[View]
257607483One Piece: >Arlong >Born and raised in the Grand Line >Has fishman genetics that makes him …[View]
257614520Retro: Anime oldheads know of the 1990s boom, and those who kept up with the 1990s boom know of a li…[View]
257615270Welcome to the NHK: Why are there so few anime as brutally honest as this?[View]
257609427Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 273 - Quintet Last Chapter (272): >>257568240 The Beginning: …[View]
257615823How're you holding up rn?: thread theme https://youtu.be/mXPiLA9pKXw[View]
257614211Kengan Ashura/Omegay: So did 'they' animate 'it'?[View]
257615683Jujutsu kaisen: >D I S M A N T L E S and C L E A V E S his way across the multiverse.…[View]
257612796Takagi-san only has 1 chapter left in her main series. Please say something nice about Takagi-san[View]
257611766How the fuck was this filler so good?[View]
257612099We'll never get a sequel, will we?[View]
257615010Is there anything that exists that Krauser would be unable to rape?[View]
257603658Ro-Kyu-Bu: Hello. I'm here for the basketball practice.[View]
257612502Well, /a/?[View]
257605007Who was best color?[View]
257612669Whats your fav studio, /a/? For me, it's studio bones and trigger(just wish trigger made more)[View]
257611380Why haven't we had a landmine anime yet?[View]
257614639What about this show caused one spammer to plague all threads associated with it? It's weird h…[View]
257614930Ku ku ku, today, Sunred will meet his end and we will take over the world.[View]
257614534Eromanga Sensei: Exactly how much does she know about them?[View]
257614958Boruto: Two Blue Vortex: dick hopping slut[View]
257613678This is why One Piece is clearly rushing to its conclusion: >Garp being killed by Kuzan is a copy…[View]
257604142Mushoku Tensei: After Cour 1's giant success, what are your expectations for Cour 2?[View]
257611870S2 soon motherfuckers.[View]
257614600Shingeki no Kyojin: Rather than focus on what went wrong, how about we talk about what it did so rig…[View]
257574741Choujin X: Spooky Ricardo, discuss.[View]
257614088Rosen Garten Saga: Lets have a thread to discuss future lore developments also give me your top 3 of…[View]
257610922Why did they make the way Sophie's curse work so unclear, to the point of where you're lef…[View]
257608716Dragon Ball Super: Movie 13 has the most beautiful ending[View]
257608310this shit is so soulless[View]
257613673What was the point of this? Why is the author so depraved?[View]
257613724>Critique this anime even a little bit >Everyone on /a/ spergs at you because they think you…[View]
257613846Post a video game and anons rec a anime that is similar[View]
257614081Which one, /a/?: https://strawpoll.com/e2narJLPegB[View]
257606553How does mana transfer work between a male master/servant pair?[View]
257612308Comfy 90s and early 00s anime: It's nighttime. That means only one thing: Adult Swim-core anime…[View]
257613980Hey Jerry, let me ask you something. What side do you eat first from a chocolate cornet?[View]
257608112Why can't MHAfags and SHYbros just get along?[View]
257607994What's your favorite 4kids opening? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qLl145FqQg[View]
257612856I will give you a task: while I go look for members[View]
257610722>Caesar died to save Joseph, and give him sudden character development >Kakyoin died to uncove…[View]
257598462Did gyarus deserve a come back in manga and anime or should they have died in the 2000s?[View]
257610211What the fuck is Bleach even about?: inb4 >hurr newfag zoomer No really, I never gotten into it b…[View]
257582210Two on Ice #1: New drama/romance series from WSJ just dropped, dumping.[View]
257613130what is the best volumen of goblin slayer manga?, i want to buy one but i dont know wich one, i alre…[View]
257612527>Magical girl anime starts with some dark shit and the MC wakes up like 'wow that was a weird dre…[View]
257543308Thoughts on this duck?[View]
257613140how to walk cycle animation correctly like in keyposes. like balance, spacings in between but mostl…[View]
257612204I always found weird how despite this manga being more popular and basically not having a finale it …[View]
257597612Daily Sengoku Youko Chapter: Chapter 19: >>257554456 Chapter 20[View]
257590706Boruto: Two blue vortex: >'Hinata who?' - Himawari 2023 Months of theories completely shat on.…[View]
257612111Tsugumi Project Ending: Well, that ending sucked. Literally everyone dies.[View]
257606728What the actual fuck[View]
257609832We have to talk (seriously): Why are all these new protagonist are such a crybaby?[View]
257610055>Trust me guys, he is dead You know the industry wont allow this kind of movements. it is imposib…[View]
257600160Manga needs healing[View]
257611341What went wrong?[View]
257582387Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel: Thoughts on the movie trilogy? I enjoyed the animation and the …[View]
257607115Suisei no Gargantia: We'll get a season 2 right?[View]
257611670Is this the best strategic move that has ever been written in anime?[View]
257609023>IT'S GOJOVER[View]
257606416What is wrong with this girl?[View]
257608357We need more chubby female characters, post some examples[View]
257586158Precure: >WE WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT FORGIVE YOU! >forgive Ellen Explain.…[View]
257611675Offensively bad sequels to good/great series: Let me start with one of the better examples of this. …[View]
257606829I haven't finished an anime in years. I just read the occasional manga. What happened? I used t…[View]
257571033Haruhi is back[View]
257608249What are your thoughts on modern day Weekly Shonen Magazine?[View]
257611398How lucky is luffy?[View]
257606782It was fun.[View]
257579565Probably the most overrated series of recent memory[View]
257611374I love these lil niggas best thing Sekihiko ever made[View]
257608890Enlighten me once and for all [+JJK]: -Premises of the fight so far: >Sukuna could not use revers…[View]
257593403Konosuba: So what do we think about the official season 3 new girls designs?[View]
257605629DAILY GOLDEN KAMUY: 246 The Icon of the Ainu[View]
257609207Let's discuss senseis[View]
257602529which way: 170 mb avi file from 20 years ago VS bluray 6 times the bitrate[View]
257600208Yoshino Charles looks bored. Do you strike up a conversation with her?[View]
257610425one piece: remember when some anons thought this blob thing was imu? monumental cope[View]
257610713There was clear signs Mahoragas adaptability wasnt just magic immunity but an active skill that can …[View]
257610610Evangelion is Le Bad!! No really, a poorly made mecha anime and a medium for Anno to vent out his se…[View]
257599902What makes deku a great character[View]
257607107>look up necromancer stories >all boring isekai What went wrong…[View]
257600892Jujutsu Kaisen: How many chapters will he last? I'd say 3 at best. Also Sukuna/Kenny flashback …[View]
257593877Osomatsu-San: A thread for the last great fujo show, will we ever see something as big as this show …[View]
257606320Yancha Gal no Anjou-San: I recently re-read all of Yancha Gal no Anjou-San (plus the original web se…[View]
257578366Weekly Shonen Jump #43: JUMP IN 2HRS Weekly Shonen Jump #43 (2023) Two On Ice (Cover & LCP; 56p…[View]
257604413Yugioh: >'I summon Blue eyes' >Bandit Keith shoots you in the face with a gun and steals your …[View]
257609063Dragon Ball Magic[View]
257608983Serious discussion: Why are male protagonists like this?: Are they a reflection of the audience? The…[View]
257548445Kengan Ashura, come and discuss the manga and new anime season[View]
257599371Bleach: >Be Hirako Shinji >Bambietta's weakness is getting obliterated by Cero's …[View]
257598071One Piece: Why is Kid so retarded? He has one of the potentially most powerful devil fruits and all …[View]
257560283We need more anime like this with the current state of affairs. Just girls with big fucking giant ti…[View]
257549100Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita: >[SubsPlease] Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita - 11 (1080p) [429C8391…[View]
257587314>good guys created death and a shitty after life where you don't even get to see your loved …[View]
257608893>coward who always mans up and does the right thing when it really counts I love this trope…[View]
257608811One Piece: Kiku killed Kaido with the help of others[View]
257608513>Bloody/Gory Shonen Jump Titles >Very Dark >Similar Artstyle >Similar Hype Action >Ch…[View]
257605503>I like him because...it's fun[View]
257608180Which anime girl has the best nails?[View]
257599146Attack on Titan: >Levi Ackerman Why wasn't he the main character again?…[View]
257599009The Princess of Sylph: Classic fantasy yuri ch10. Another exciting installment in the nun and prince…[View]
257607990>anime lips in 2016 lol. lmao.[View]
257598883Chainsaw man part II: Denjibros and selfinserters. What the fuck happened with our manga? It's …[View]
257595416what anime will you generate once A.I. is capable of generating full episodes from scratch?[View]
257606677Kagurabachi: Goldfish[View]
257606359Takano did nothing wrong[View]
257607771Detective Conan: Where does it rank all time among the greatest shonen manga?[View]
257607759>main character is a 'mob' protagonist >is not related to the mafia at all…[View]
257604656This is still the best ending in modern anime. Have any other anime done as good of a job of tying u…[View]
257606264What the hell was the moral of this[View]
257604018Should I read the LN's if I enjoyed season 1? Chadzaki thread I guess.[View]
257594863E7:AO: Misunderstood. Apologize.[View]
257354682>looks in your direction >bass boosts Even the most sublime martial talent is powerless in the…[View]
257606469What're some recent things that have gone unsubbed? Bonus points for shorts and OVAs.[View]
257545941The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149: It's tomboy season. Say something you like about Haru.…[View]
257596639UTENA REBUILD: Why in the FUCK do these fucking shadow cunts even appear in the show? They ruin it f…[View]
257599229Why is he so miserable?[View]
257607082Would Black Butler have been better if it were a smut omegaverse title and Ciel eventually got pregn…[View]
257602613Daily Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai/Her Appetite is too Big for Me Alone Chapter: What was you…[View]
257606816Why do so many people hate Naoya? I think he's an incredibly kind, caring, wholesome person.[View]
257606085Elf-san wa Yasararenai: Here's the first part of Chapter 11: Slippery Needs. I'll be posti…[View]
257603223It wasn't even that bad[View]
257602433Mashle: What the fuck this manga is actually funny and good.[View]
257604313MF Ghost: One week to go before we decide if this is as shit as the manga or somehow turns out to be…[View]
257605994According to the manga author, due to personal reasons, the manga adaptation of overlord is coming t…[View]
257598277Tezuka has not made a single good manga: It's all either ripping of books like Faust, or just p…[View]
257602279Why are they hated on /a/? /tv/ says they're kino[View]
257603208Why does poor quality old Gundumb shit get so much more attention than actual artful and well-made o…[View]
257599940What the fuck went wrong with the current generation of shonen mangaka?: >Massive declines in qua…[View]
257601953I am convinced that Rangiku is the most beautiful girl in all of shonen.[View]
257605390>Woah totally radical dude >Heh wait up Trunks! >Goten let's do it to it! >Woah eas…[View]
257599164forgotten waifus: i wish sohara got the shinka treatment[View]
257593531Vinland Saga Chapter 206 - Raws: Shit finally hits the fan. Commencing dump.[View]
257599256>adapt a manga into an anime >after the manga has already ended >ensuring a minimal boost …[View]
257580577PRETTY BOOOOOI!!![View]
2575972693x3 - Name The Theme: Let's have a unique 3x3 thread. >You post a 3x3. >You guess what th…[View]
257598521bros... i can't believe it's been over 10 years now[View]
257602416Detective Conan: Now that we're in endgame, how long do you think Gosho well keep the manga goi…[View]
257581044Elusive Samurai Ch. 126: Special Move 1337 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018703…[View]
257604236Kyonkyon & Ranran-chan Dropkick: it may be sunday but that doesn't mean you get to rest…[View]
257604544>Jujutsu Kaisen >Except actually good[View]
257604439My Wife is a Little Scary: >fucks his wife all the time >but still calls her senpai instead of…[View]
257600081on a scale of 1 to 10, how genki is Arima Kana?[View]
257602706erectile disfunction: the anime[View]
257590052They're called The big 3[View]
257593225Mushoku Tensei: What a perfect ending.[View]
257599642>I like him because... he taught me how to use the soft-serve ice cream machine! Do wagecucks rea…[View]
257603695What's the worst case of jumping the shark in anime /manga in your opinion ?[View]
257580344Shirai Kuroko: What do we do about this mischievous middle schooler?[View]
257596323Dragon Ball Super: Let us discuss our hero and his family.[View]
257601923September 24 2023: I just finished s1 and the movie when does it get good[View]
257590101>can't write good story since timeskip >now can't even draw anymore is there a more …[View]
257589186So anyone else hype for this? I hope they expand on the manga so we get to hear more niche stuff fro…[View]
257599892Demon Slayers: >Be a Demon slayer living in 1926 Japan >WW1 allowed Japan to mass manufacture …[View]
257600759name a better manga[View]
257599382how many episodes of this are going to be of her jobbing to fate? it's starting to feel annoyin…[View]
257597079Daily Skyhigh: All souls of those murdered arrive at the Gate of Grudges. Izuko, keeper of the Gate …[View]
257545144Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha S2: >[SubsPlease] Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha S2 - 12 (1080p) [5E5118…[View]
257587075Bleach: Ukitakebros, cour 3 is ours.[View]
257590322Sakamoto days: Day 136[View]
257600801When did paw pads become toe beans?[View]
257594453Jujutsu Kaisen:: I'm happy for Gojo..[View]
257601760How would each Class 1-A react in this situation?[View]
257597104Beaststars author Itagaki Paru is getting married: Do you guys think she asks her husband to cosplay…[View]
257601086Okaeri Alice: would you prefer an anime or live action adaption?[View]
257601186Why isn't manga this good? What went wrong?[View]
257582725MamaYuyu: Chapter 3: The Faucet and the Baby Bird[View]
257598961Fuck this bitch. Way to ruin the manga with lengthy explanations of a sudden new convoluted magical …[View]
257569700Oshi no Ko: Is it over for INCESTbros?[View]
257584710You've been isekai'd into the world of One Piece at the start of Luffy's journey. How…[View]
257599447It insists on itself[View]
257598986Why anime not cartoon?: It's literally Japanese cartoon[View]
257582289Kagurabachi ch.2: Here we go:[View]
257599282Magical Girl Site: What’s the verdict, /a/?[View]
257600326Linux 'Daemon Spooker' Inverse Linux 'GNOME Gravedigger' Inverse Linux 'MPV Master' Inverse[View]
257597928Shingeki no Kyojin: Describe Mikasa in one word.[View]
257598396How do power haters cope with this.[View]
257574097[Notice of termination of Japanese animation]: The reason for the repeated postponement of anime bro…[View]
257596705Why do people prefer Mikashit over this qt3.14?[View]
257556067I'm honestly not sure what board I should post this on, but I was curious to check out the Cybe…[View]
257599565Romaji in anime: It can work. It works if you don't spam technical language too much out of con…[View]
257599308Chainsaw Man: >Just loved Chainsaw Man and wanted the best for him and the world >soon to be c…[View]
257598966What are some good fights in manga/anime?[View]
257597457What are the worst panels in manga ever? I’ll start[View]
257599204What went wrong? Why wasn't it popular outside of Japan?[View]
257593117Leave Ainz to me[View]
257586072Chainsaw Man: What would it take to finally have an arc where our two devil hunting heroines are pla…[View]
257598114>Sparkly, dreamy background >Threatening mood >It doesn't feel entirely consensual, li…[View]
257585515One Piece: Daily reminder that Oda literally called Americans fucking Burgers >pic related: King …[View]
257598035Jumpfags hate Dr. Stone because there's no fighting or waifufagging, and they're too stupi…[View]
257598288>flat elf cures Erectile Dysfunction This really broke my suspension of disbelief…[View]
257598702How was I even alive without this[View]
257597123Fire force: >be Arthur >Save your entire Franchise with one fight . Holy based.…[View]
257598321What a disappointment this whole thing turned out to be[View]
257596963This is what manga will look like by 2050…: And it’s beautiful.[View]
257594491Why anime titles so long these days? What started the trend?[View]
257591563Pan LOVES Goku![View]
257568981What do you think the ideal beast-on-human ratio an isekai beast girl should have to be considered a…[View]
257597825i loved this manga is a parody of taxi driver with an extra layer of cuckness[View]
257550696Girls und Panzer: Buon Compleanno Anchovy![View]
257595921>2023 >no new mozocry namga feels bad man…[View]
257597597This show made me hate anime[View]
257596946In the end which was superior?[View]
257593813Breed your local tomboy[View]
257593492Is a monthly release too much to ask[View]
257587057HunterxHunter: Honestly just caught up, this stupid bitch Nanika almost ruined it for me. Not becaus…[View]
257589542Mission: Yozakura Family 195: Chapter's out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018748 Fa…[View]
257591419Daily Kamichu!: Chapter 18[View]
257580973Akane-banashi: Dumping the new chapter.[View]
257537414Level 1 Dakedo Unique Skill de Saikyou Desu: Final episode out[View]
257597040Tokyo ghoul: I still don't understand why they changed the plot. Did the director just secretly…[View]
257572714Daily Osananajimi no Ohimesama/My Princess Childhood Friend Thread: Chapter 25: The Reevaluating Pri…[View]
257595766>Studio Ghibli sold to Nippon TV after finding no successors for Hayao Miyazaki. Studio Ghibli an…[View]
257591326what the fuck[View]
257587974Harumi, my beloved[View]
257580905Undead Unluck #176: That's the Whole Reason[View]
257585800Who's the worse yaoi or Yuri fans?[View]
257595945Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: It's about a mother who has to deal with her son and his bitches.[View]
257592993Jjk: Wouldn't RCT power up this mfer to sukuna's level? He already has toji's/maki…[View]
257596216orochi came home to this everyday and i'm still supposed to think he's a bad guy?[View]
257586622Dragon Ball Super: Do you like Toyo's contributions?[View]
257587928Nen has to be the best Power System in Shonen imo: Nothing to this day comes close to its flexibilit…[View]
257576769Tanya von Degurechaff's birthday: Today is my wife's birthday. Say something nice about he…[View]
257592795Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha: 'Lick it.'[View]
257595773I've come to greatly appreciate figurative super powers. You get the cool visuals of karate las…[View]
257593391Post goals youll never achieve. Also mushoku tensei anime thread[View]
257581378Cipher Academy #41: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
257595279How the hell are they going to adapt this next season? It's only got like 15 chapters worth of …[View]
257575708One Punch Man: How come it's a series that appeals to all audience?[View]
257595254It was her own damn fault[View]
257593197How would you fix SHAFT ??: find a way[View]
257590804Has ANY studio FUCKED their show as much as Pierrot fucked Naruto Shippuden?: filler every other epi…[View]
257594272Has any anime changed your life, anon?[View]
257550333Bleach: I am convinced that Orihime is the most beautiful girl in all of shonen.[View]
257591164Literally can't watch anything but CGDCT and slice of life anymore[View]
257549562How flat is too flat?[View]
257579869Do women REALLY?[View]
257591246Wow this is trash compared to Z[View]
257593474You see what karma farming is usefull?: haruhi way of make things is create reality. You see?[View]
257594555He died doing what he wanted, no matter what, right?: I bet he was happy...[View]
257583948Just finished this manga. Holy shit it was based. Confused though, who was Jijii really? He was talk…[View]
257594474>Muh All Might >Muh Gojou People can't write mentors dying like they used to…[View]
257559401Japanese fans vote the most strong-willed female character in Weekly Shonen Jump.[View]
257569413Ayakashi Triangle: In less than a day we are saying goodbye to Matsuri and Suzu. Are you going to mi…[View]
257593322Jolyne's green lipstick.[View]
257593407Remind me again...: How come everyone praises titles animated by this studio while panning Berserk 2…[View]
257593217how do i get a gf like this as a racially inferior subhuman[View]
257593413Tsugi no teishaeki wa...[View]
257588691Do women really?[View]
257589195Why wont he stop crying where is this off button on this BITCH[View]
257587124Mushoku Tensei: Congratulations on your marriage.[View]
257547502>You're a Quincy with a lot of potential >But you need training So the great leader deci…[View]
257583408Jujutsu Kaisen #236: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018716 Chapter 236: Heading South >…[View]
257591830Buyfag thread: post your oldest figs[View]
257577151Jahy: I love this little nopan gremlin like you wouldn’t believe.[View]
257589138Is Elaina your best girl?[View]
257591376Do you think Tite Kubo should dedicate himself to hentai? Or... I don't know, make an official…[View]
257588109MHA: >Stain >hates Heroes, cops, doctors, and firefighters because they get paid >Saves De…[View]
257589595Bleach: If Arrancars dont have penises and vaginas, how do they reproduce? >Hollows are born when…[View]
257580825Blue Box #118: New chapter is out, dumping.[View]
257587097>I'm just a simple farm girl >that's why I wear the most convoluted outfit conceived…[View]
257592589it's 2023 and I am forgotten[View]
257586689Asobi Asobase: will the second season ever come out?[View]
257591021>One piece manga: good >One piece anime: bad >One piece live action: good How is this possi…[View]
257592090here is your long-awaited fox wife, bro[View]
257581359Wolf's rain: I'm gonna watch this simply because it has Yoko Kanno & Keiko Nobumoto in…[View]
257584784>jobs in every single fight he's in what a fucking joke of a character…[View]
257521209One piece live action: >Season 2 confirmed immediately >massive success >rave reviews Yep A…[View]
257590675Having sex with Sarada[View]
257580094I literally can't tell if a anime/manga is good or not[View]
257571541Jujutsu kaisen: time to INTERVENE[View]
257579735Kotonoha did nothing wrong, makoto was an idiot and a piece of shit but didn't desearve to die …[View]
257472925Nagatoro: Final weekend till Chadatoro's dominating victory over Oriloser[View]
257584449Mikadono Sanshimai: Dumping typeset chapter 83, in which everyone gets to introduce themselves.…[View]
257577580Worst character in anime history: Why the fuck do people like this Nagisa Minase bitch so fucking mu…[View]
257582455Nobara's bitch stare...[View]
257586720Dragon Ball Super: G's.[View]
257591111Post the best moms[View]
257589113This is probably the series with the biggest jumping the shark moments in history, the war arc singl…[View]
257590498My Hero Academia: Why didn't every police officer use support items that emulate Quirks instead…[View]
257590224What changes are you anticipating now that Nippon TV has acquired Studio Ghibli?[View]
257555445Boruto: Two Blue Vortex: >'My Grandson.... what has that monster momoshiki done to you....' Thoug…[View]
257590315Natatoro: Why won't she stop playing with me?![View]
257587136(Raw) Story Time: Shaman King: FAUST 8 Vol 02: Shaman King: Flowers >>256380610 Vol 01 >…[View]
257550289Kagurabachi: Is Shiba going to die?[View]
257589902Best deal.[View]
257586188ATTENTION: I hate Satoko, that is all.[View]
257584158Does anyone care about this shit?: Personally I'm just curious what garbage Toei puts in that t…[View]
257587304JoJo's: This is the most autistic show I have ever watched. It'd be fun to engage with if …[View]
257588823>Made the rules and regulations of the games >Average at best on it That's like saying Pe…[View]
257586672WHAT A CHAD[View]
257580885Fate/Zero: has there ever been a main series this utterly mogged by its prequel's writing? woul…[View]
257565061Wonder Egg Priority is shit what do people see in this? only depressed teenage whores enjoy it[View]
257587701is it really necessary to wear kneesocks during exercise?[View]
257559947buyfag: any good figure sale?[View]
257585365f he wanted to be a hero so bad, why did he only start physical training AFTER he was promised the s…[View]
257588506Absolutely embarrassing show[View]
257378617Daily Kamichu!: Chapter 13[View]
257584583The Overrated Trash Trio[View]
257586899ITT red flags I drop any manga/anime that shows even a hint of will-they-won't-they[View]
257383004Daily Barakamon Chapter: Bunnaguru Chapter 72[View]
257578086Kono Ko Shirimasenka: Here be chapter 14 of road trip with a cute loli. More fear arousal this chapt…[View]
257468395Rurouni Kenshin: Episode 12 is out. Kenshin vs Aoshi today! Funny Sano-Megumi preview: https://www.y…[View]
257577065Bleach: Was Ywach right? I mean Would you let Hyosube amputate and imprison your dad so that everyo…[View]
257580741When does it get good? I'm 30 mins in and I ain't feeling it.[View]
257587894Today, I will remind them: Daily reminder that this was the peakest battle harem. Daily reminder tha…[View]
257581337What was the correct reaction in this situation? Why did she get mad?[View]
257587529Bleach: >Ishida Uryuu >is a Quincy >Can shoot Arrows >didn't use Blut like Masaki a…[View]
257584263Why are her servants so horny?[View]
257580888Witch Watch 126: The Day of the Disaster, Part 13 https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018757…[View]
257579438Paru is getting married: Someone finally decided to give her the D and deal with a strong father in …[View]
257538541Gundam: Witch from Mercury: New G-witch collaboration menu >Those sunsets and those precious days…[View]
257582041AIDS BEAM!!!!!![View]
257574773Roshidere: Studio: Doga Kobo Director: Itou Ryouta (Shikimori-san) Character Design: Murota Yuuhei (…[View]
257585046Saint Seiya: Why is he so strong?[View]
257584009it's 2023 and I am forgotten[View]
257580766Who came first? Unused Character from Kill Me Baby or Satanichia from Gabriel Dropout?[View]
257585789One Piece: Viz version of the chapter out: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018737 Break thi…[View]
257580621Mushoku Tensei: Last episode in 5 minutes. Cour 2 in April. https://youtu.be/CkMeKDWFZqQ https://mov…[View]
257575245Yuru Yuri: Guys I can't believe Sakurako's been hiding this from the rest of the Yuru-Yuri…[View]
257571595Why give animal girls fur and a snout when just putting ears and a tail on them is enough?[View]
257580110Re:Zero: Anyone feels that this is going to be the best Season that this series will ever have? We w…[View]
257583247Kill Blue #22: Drowsy Noren https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018672[View]
257572425Targeted By Hyena-chan: In today's thrilling installment: >Tea drinking >Teeth brushing …[View]
257574656Chainsaw Man: >His Smile and Optimism: Gone Moral of Part 2 is don't get married and have ki…[View]
257583467The Ichinose Family's Deadly Sins #42: Dumping new chapter[View]
257580363Dragon Ball Super: Do you think Toyotaro could be released on good behavior?[View]
257570798Hirogaru Sky Precure: Next episode will have baseball. It would be a shame if a 'Batta'monda pun isn…[View]
257585106The children of a shinigami and a quincy: Suppose Ichigo manages to get the quincy girls to join him…[View]
257581453Martial Master Asumi - Round 14: The Young Tiger[View]
257586054Funny how these chapters dropped in the same week. The Chad All Might The Jobber Gojo[View]
257577042tengoku daimakyou: Why didn’t it succeed financially?[View]
257585829>get spoiled a show >never watch it What show, /a/? For me it's Akame Ga Kill and Your Li…[View]
257581327Characters you absolutely hated when watching a show for the first time but started really liking/be…[View]
257578692One Piece: What do you expect the next chapter will be about?[View]
257585140>Jun Maeda >Mari Okada I cry every time[View]
257585089>new gen manga[View]
257584864Name a better and cooler shonen heroin.[View]
257584719Shonen Cliche: >Monkey Jesus >Ninja Jesus >Pirate Jesus >Reaper Jesus >Dragonslayer J…[View]
257560477THE RAVAGES OF TIME: 591 Duty-Bound To Never Turn Back[View]
257580084Wtf is her problem I don't mind that she wants to fuck children but why is she lusting after th…[View]
257573422It's time for a 3x3 thread.[View]
257583601What sort of name is 'Minnie C' Anime really has some unique names, doesn't it?[View]
257583395[anime news]: Sneaker Bunko announcements are coming in. Magical Explorer is getting an anime. The S…[View]
257567752I'm ashamed to admit I didn't like it at first[View]
257584150>abused cursed catgirl >stuck in a body that men find unattractive >had one hope of remov…[View]
257581719>slut is best girl every time[View]
257583981This is what manga will look like in 2050, and it's beautiful[View]
257583500Why do lesbian relationships cause so much schizophrenia?[View]
257579108Bring it back: Bring it back[View]
257578182This seems like the hypest series rn[View]
257582188Chi No Wadachi: Was there any message?[View]
257583224Bleach: >Rangiku >has Kido Based Shikai similar to Byakuya's but more destructive than fl…[View]
257579223is it happening?[View]
257580388We win!!!: Haruhi break the probabilities[View]
257578927Will Kagurabachi become Shonen Jump's next big hit?[View]
257523461[Sad News] Fans continue to mourn the death of Gojo[View]
257550462Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
257577655Sukuna put a good fight but she is the undisputed 2023's KWABoty[View]
257543341Temple/Tenpuru - 12: Last episode.[View]
257560722Mushoku Tensei: Hymen Slayer 2 is looking amazing.[View]
257581099Is the Demon King the purest maiden in this manga?[View]
257581315Holy fucking chad: Who can stop HIM at this point?[View]
257580624I wish we had more nigger anime like Basquash. That anime was pretty good.[View]
257578500i commissioned a anime for my granpda and they gave me 7[View]
257468058Seija Musou: Final episode subs where[View]
257578156for people who want 'serious' anime: Why do people watch something predominantly made for children a…[View]
257578811Anime you enjoy for the wrong reasons: I mean I get the themes and all but what I really liked was t…[View]
257580488It's almost here.[View]
257578335was part 1 a fluke? how can a series jump the shark this bad?[View]
257580376Dragon Ball Super: Which tournament had the coolest fighters?[View]
257580523Who else can defeat a cow and a kangaroo?[View]
257579368Summer 2023 ending..: This is your 'top seeded anime' on nyaa. How do you feel about it?[View]
257573438If you can’t identify all of these, you need to leave and go watch 100 more anime[View]
257579293For me? It's the eyebrows[View]
257578842Shit, dogshit. Can't even get past first 5 pages. Kagura Bachi better. (Subjectively & obje…[View]
257571786Jujutsu Kaisen: ENTE.. *Cough* EXIT.[View]
257578911Bleach: What ever happened to Tia Haribell? Did she die after TYBW Arc ended?[View]
257569941Dragon Ball Super: Why are fusions so weak?[View]
257567005> men like left > ha ha men of culture am right > women like right > noooooo degenerat…[View]
257579229whoa... he's literally me...[View]
257541390My Tiny Senpai 11: 48 minutes until more adventures with the sexiest girl of the year. How will she …[View]
257573239Just a reminder that Oden died by being boiled in oil, which boils at a temperature of 300 °C, while…[View]
257570757Can a manga be too horny?[View]
257576863If Kid Goku doesn't randomly get naked in front of others in the new Dragon Ball Web Anime, the…[View]
257579361Koi Kaze: This is a great anime and (You) should watch it.[View]
257576808Bleach: >Candice Catnipp >The Thunder >jobbed to Byakuya What happened to her after TYBW ar…[View]
257570612Saint Seiya: Why do Latin Americans wank to this shit anime so fucking much? The fights are shit, th…[View]
257574683Thought on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu?[View]
257573812The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World gets 2nd Season: Announced in th…[View]
257577885Would he be the strongest if he never got sick[View]
257557566Thieves: I don't think I could forgive her if she were to steal something precious again[View]
257578325The God of High School: Literally >tournament arc: the anime So why did it fail?…[View]
257578802one more nep thread[View]
257577081Reiwa no Dara-san chapter 13: Dumping the newly translated of this manga about siblings who harrass …[View]
257577820I don't get it[View]
257574042Watch Fate[View]
257577901Fairy Tail: >there are people that unironically believe Lucy is the mc Spoiler: she isn't…[View]
257574172Magical Explorer is getting an anime adaptation.: Hope that it gets a decent adaptation, I really re…[View]
257569271BLEACH: Name a better ENTER. Pro tip: you literally can't.[View]
257576322Is yaoi fanservice justified in anime if it tries to come off as comedic?[View]
257560032ONE PIECE: What makes this manga so unsurpassed and iconic?[View]
257577244Two different characters with the same vibes thread?[View]
257457224Made in Abyss: How much longer is Tsukushi going to keep us waiting for the next chapter?[View]
257578479what are y'all reading[View]
257574589My Happy Marriage: >This show is one of the highest scored of the season >Recomnended by some …[View]
257577128What was the meaning of this page[View]
257577628FLCL GRUNGE HAS ENDED: Was it kino? Excited for Shoegaze?[View]
257564399ITT: female characters who are such good characters that you can't masturbate to them[View]
257578097oh yeah[View]
257567120Bleach: Were you satisfied by his performance?[View]
257573464which anime has the most fitting soundtrack?[View]
257577973I can't believe the co-author of Doraemon attempted to pull off a Junji Ito at some point.[View]
257573614You haven't forgotten these two, have you?[View]
257471324Daily BLAME! chapter: Log.1: Net Terminal Gene[View]
257576657>Described by everyone as an unlikeable withdrawn weirdo >Effortlessly pulls a mother/ daughte…[View]
257562189My waifu is more autistic than your waifu[View]
257571400>watch a male power fantasy anime >the hottest girl in class is desperate to date the mc >b…[View]
257572516Is it actually ok to drink directly from the tap?[View]
257529028>oh no, he ate the sun god fruit so my lightning is ineffective ???[View]
257573079Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru: Season 2 announced[View]
257577526Kenny is the worst character in jjk and horribly written: His plans only make sense because he knows…[View]
257543413Chobits: persecoms > smartphones We were robbed.[View]
257573791Two on Ice debuts today. Will it be good?[View]
257543220Hypocrisy: Looking back, this was the most hypocritical dogshit I’ve ever watched. >dude dont ho…[View]
257573527>final arc >only fights and power level >0 memorable and charismatic characters >the onl…[View]
257577285Stop bro get life: I want all my brothas to succee and not watch animated cartoon[View]
257568323Brown love thread.: Brown women are a gift from God.[View]
257556063Why the fuck is Panty and Stocking getting a season 2? Who the fuck is going to watch it? A bunch of…[View]
257566393Helck: Hello! I'm not a bird, you know.[View]
257566951it's 2023 and I am forgotten[View]
257558535>t-taimu m-machinu!!??[View]
257576810Which one do I watch first?[View]
257486840What made Jotaro so much more based than other shounen proagonists?[View]
257535600KonoSuba: Who would you choose and why?[View]
257575826just finished reading pic-related on a whim because I kind of liked the dumb sounding premise, but b…[View]
257567608Are 2022-2023 the worst years ever for shonen?: >Massive decline in quality for both the JJK and …[View]
257574442> You are so strong and charismatic that you could overshadow my bland main character. So you wil…[View]
257573004Jinbei is easily the best crewmate Luffy could ask for. The amount of shit he did for Luffy beats mo…[View]
257564809ITT: QUALITY[View]
257566700K-Manga is good for the manga industr-: Sauce: The Healer Ditches the Boonies to Become an S-Rank Ad…[View]
257570482Puella Madoka: Who did this to her? I want to thank that person[View]
257565894Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel: I still hope for a Hollow Ataraxia adaptation, who is the best …[View]
257498201Pretty Series and Aikatsu: Make It! Doki doki suru toki muteki desho[View]
257572380Which one is the bigger off-screen fraud?[View]
257575382Re:Zero: What the hell is Tappei's obsession with this character? Why did he name an entire Arc…[View]
257556968chicks do this shit and wonder why the guy isn't getting the hint[View]
257569266Flip Flappers is already 10 years old.: Do you feel old anon?[View]
257571440He is not dead. >Repeat He is not dead. >Again He Is Not Dead. >And again He Is Not DEAD. …[View]
257574056Will she bear a strong son worthy enough to be the grandson to ITAGAKI[View]
257538012Baki: Is it gay to touch another man's fag?[View]
257574358Brotherhood is better than 2003 FMA anime.[View]
257562118Chainsaw Man: How will Fakesaw Man respond to the terrorist allegations?[View]
257571699Are there more anime with authentic Catholic Japanese girls?[View]
257571489ITT: Characters you wish you had as an aunt/uncle.[View]
257573914Roxana: so the webtoon is dead? The author will never retard? pls i want to see Roxana again[View]
257562325Sonic X: Discuss.[View]
257572196Katanagatari: Left or right?[View]
257573497Post protagonists who've canonically had sex. HARD MODE: The dicking must not be off-screen or …[View]
257572346I don't usually post an anime[View]
257573664Why do authors have to do this shit? Character development and all, telling us that ' Oh theyre turn…[View]
257550918Should a priestess in <spoiler>isekai</spoiler> have a long skirt with nopan or a short …[View]
257564311What the fuck is her problem??[View]
257567111Was this arousing for her?[View]
257571052>M setups an elaborate plan to take the second notebook. >Kindaps Light's sister, asking …[View]
257563530One Piece: Speed will return in Elbaf[View]
257566214I think he died[View]
257573209Riddell rules: I become a devout monk to move a way from the thing that almost destroyed my life. Bu…[View]
257564897SNAFUbros... what went so so wrong?[View]
257565707>Sailor Mercury >Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun >somehow is associated with water…[View]
257572028anime girls with the sexo hair: fluffy girls are best girls![View]
257555769Why can Kishimoto and Kubo draw nude tits but Oda can't?: is it because Oda's women have u…[View]
257567368was this the original jujutsu kaisen[View]
257568400FLCL: Grunge: How did you enjoy tonight's FLCL episode, /a/?[View]
257570879Kagurabachi: Why haven't you read the best new gen manga yet? It's literally free.. Read i…[View]
257572469>Gojo's dead and Sukuna killed him, how shall we cope ourselves, the fujos of all fujos, wha…[View]
257561253need cute sukeban GF with big clown lips[View]
257567198Synduality Noir: Cour 2 confirmed for January! At TGS 2023, panel is still ongoing: https://www.yout…[View]
257567694Which era of anime had the hottest women?[View]
257571999You may not like it, but this is what true sigma males look like.[View]
257499963We are starting Friday off the right way - With a big fat juicy gyaru booty![View]
257571795do people complain about anime becoming more and more mainstream?: WhyIf the consumer base is big (=…[View]
257550499OPT: One Page Thread[View]
257569852>Extremely plain male protagonist with no personality who does almost nothing >Very cute girl …[View]
257569989What are your thoughts on seifuku girls?[View]
257570758Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Why is Clara so unappealing?[View]
257566539Jujutsu Kaisen: Draw Sukuna from memory.[View]
257565876>wait almost a decade for a new volume >finally comes and it's shit >all the hype is e…[View]
257569928well, /a/? what’s your answer?[View]
257502584Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Hey, ch129 typeset is finally done. Sorry for the delay, I've ha…[View]
257344176Jashin-chan Dropkick: Genius snek is smart and she wears a cool bolo tie. Which inner snek is your f…[View]
257569390Nene the Rock!: Bocchirockers, best girl deserves her own thread.[View]
257570947Precure: She's so real for this[View]
257569357KYO-DO-U FU-SHI-N WAAAAA[View]
257568322HOLYLAND: Will there ever be an anime adaptation?[View]
257570687When you see it..[View]
257561954One chapter.[View]
257554456Daily Sengoku Youko Chapter: Chapter 18: >>257514013 Chapter 19[View]
257541163Was he a fag?[View]
257570379>oh God this guy I totally like and love is back after six years >I'm going to act like a…[View]
257567819How gay is it?[View]
257567556I can't keep up with manga serials anymore[View]
257563565How is something like this the purest form of love?[View]
257565847JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Remember Jolyne's nails?[View]
257569281Read more mystery manga.[View]
257566422Pokemon: The brat will be in the next episode. Are you looking forward to seeing her?[View]
257568240Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 272 - Play Last Chapter (271): >>257527448 The Beginning: htt…[View]
257568252Bad anime haircuts: Bros what the fuck is this[View]
257524004Seeing how the Urusei Yatsura remake flopped, how would you have handled production of it so that it…[View]
257551068Zom 100: Remember when Zom 100 was the most hyped SUNDAY anime this season? After episode 9, it will…[View]
257569910ITT: Mangas with strong first pages. Technically OPT, but it can only be chapter 1 page 1.[View]
257563015Characters who caused massive inuniverse butthurt: >annoyed antagonist so hard she gave up MC and…[View]
257551049Which Major do you like the most?[View]
257568030One Piece: I want to Impregnate her so badly bros....[View]
257568316op thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-91y7BJ8QA post the best ops you've seen recently…[View]
257566705would the shitstorm have been nearly this bad if instead of a sun god, nika was just a cartoon chara…[View]
257556611Girls should have as much moles all over their body as possible.[View]
257560343You don't know how happy I am that he's not under 18.[View]
257565537Bleach: >Ichigo >Is also part Quincy >Doesn't shoot arrows. So all Ichigo does is Spam…[View]
257569615Post anime with based prostitutes[View]
257542851Oshi no Ko: Yandere Ruby soon All onii-chans belong to their imoutos[View]
257536925Mieruko-chan 53: Dumping.[View]
257543189Precure: Ruru is the cutest purple cure.[View]
257503351Bocchi the Rock: Will she become a regular member of the cast, or be forgotten in 2 chapters?[View]
257567181Is there any documentation on One Piece's effects on the nose fetish community?[View]
257566310I'm going to be Frank. Flip Flappers is not an anime. It's a wonderful show, but an anime.…[View]
257551266Tengoku Daimakyou: Weekly Manga Analysis – Chapter #11: New chapter tomorrow, any predictions? Wasn…[View]
257567038小糸! 小糸! ワイファイパスワード忘れた! たすけて小糸!! 小糸!!!![View]
257562421Dragon Ball Super: Talk about Piccolo.[View]
257559504BLEACH: Is this what the Soul King REALLY wanted?[View]
257566517Only the title drops with most SOVL can enter this thread. I dare you to find a better one.[View]
257556494Daily Skyhigh: All souls of those murdered arrive at the Gate of Grudges. Izuko, keeper of the Gate …[View]
257556176Jujutsu Kaisen: a mentor JOBS the protagonist PUNCHES[View]
257512278What does /a/ think of tomboys?[View]
257565543So why is he OP at level 1 exactly?[View]
257562402What's stopping Luffy from accidentally eating a second Devil Fruit and dying? It seems weird t…[View]
257550313why is canonical tit growth so rare?[View]
257566241Still no news[View]
257566099Eureka Seven: How do we fix the franchise?[View]
257564810One Piece: >Nana nana na na da nana[View]
257561213i don't get it[View]
257555532>Deku goes missing during his Middle School years >Bakugou finds him again How does Bakugou re…[View]
257566018Why does he look like Jesus?[View]
257547214What Manhwa deserve an anime?[View]
257565836Naruto: >Hashirama summons wood >Madara burns wood. Is Hashirama retarded? Why can't he u…[View]
257565785AI MUST end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qdrNtz3xME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOtSz_4UIMg…[View]
257564463This is Yukichi, He's a cat, a big cat at that. I like him because he makes ku ku ku noises and…[View]
257554266The future of manga is in the vertical scroll format: More and more mangaka are publishing v-scrolls…[View]
257562484>Shows up >Caused a mild disturbance >Leaves >Gets to live in the end anyways Why do fuj…[View]
257561480>I like him... because he's worthless[View]
257553540(Raw) Story Time: Shaman King: FAUST 8 Vol 01: Shaman King: Flowers >>256380610 Vol 01 >…[View]
257553759Clorox: > Yuzu and Karin >their Daddy is Shiba Isshin, a former Squad 10 Captain who was desce…[View]
257507613Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel: Sakura and Shirou's romance is the most beautiful in the e…[View]
257560736Ro-Kyu-Bu: Impeccable passing techniques.[View]
257565494Why can't Chinofags and Himefags get along and sleep together?[View]
257564596So,what was her problem?[View]
257559050Would you eat this tail?[View]
257564368Damn bro I keep saying this but I cannot for the whole life of me get this image outta my head. I du…[View]
257474231Scanlation thread: Is it possible to scanlate solo or would you have to sacrifice your sanity to do …[View]
257549388Hello, this is the Hiiragi residence. May I ask who's calling?[View]
257562065Daily Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai/Her Appetite is too Big for Me Alone Chapter: What was you…[View]
257557999>supposedly the best Gundam >it's mediocre as fuck with awful dialogue and pacing…[View]
257564273Average Weeb Reads Book of Revelation Once: Where were you when Gojo found Christ thanks to the help…[View]
257562606Remember when Chopper was a character?[View]
257504449Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!: Arc finale tomorrow!! Will Epoch save Yuudias? Only two left to go until YGO9. …[View]
257564081Please may we talk about Shiranui Hansode from the somewhat retarded series Medaka Box? She is very …[View]
257543847Propose to me a concept you wish manga did more often: Lets see if /a/ can flex their muscles with a…[View]
257562080/MBG/ - Manga Bible General #1: First Edition General related to the discussion of the Manga Bible s…[View]
257559154100:0 is the best tsun to dere ratio[View]
257563590What would Asuka and Shinji's relationship be like if Shinji was 14 and Asuka was 28?[View]
257535070Is this shit the future of shonen? Characters can't die anymore because people will start shits…[View]
257562873ITT: Memes of HAPPENINGS throughout anime history[View]
257563660Let's just say if my ex-neighbour left this shit to me to take care of while he fucked my teach…[View]
257502606>they were just friends[View]
257555463One Piece: World Gov will balkanize Fuck Globalism Fuck Gorosei Anarcho-fascism for the entire globe…[View]
257563459When is LINE Manga going to open up for non-Japanese?[View]
257559891Can someone explain their logic?: I know dragon ball fans hate this character trope but somehow they…[View]
257561887Will she ever get an anime?[View]
257557655Fire Force Vol 6 Storytime: >what is this Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that…[View]
257563010How did he do it?[View]
257561425I think they should try remaking the baby arc into a movie, it was probably one of the only redeemin…[View]
257557049Raildex: How dare he harm Uiharu like that![View]
257557193Who is this for? Are they actually trying to convince me that a highschool girl who has a high body …[View]
257562307Air Gear: Could Air Gear work as a video game?[View]
257547572Tatari chapter 4 (by /a/nons): An anon wanted to translate Tatari and I asked to do the typesetting/…[View]
257560690Bleach: Can't Fear your Own World: What happened to Candice Katnipp? Did she die? >Be Candi…[View]
257551379where did the meme that Rin fucks old men come from anyway?[View]
257328933yryr: How are you supposed to respond to this?[View]
257561906Detective Conan was never going to work in America. The show is far too long, there's no plot, …[View]
257554802Why is CGDCT the only good genre?[View]
257561949Pandora Hearts: The charges, officer?[View]
257560839Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou Deshita: >introduce dozens of characters >flesh them out >build up wo…[View]
257559882Helsing Brotherhood: >Be Kouta Hirano >Falsely and Unrealistically portray the Catholic Church…[View]
257556732ITT: tropes that piss you off: underage can't drink, even during apocalypse[View]
257561633Clorox: Can't fear you're own world: What happened to Tia Harry Bell? Did she die? Last ti…[View]
257557625>14 cases of beer a month[View]
257557061>mfw when guyver will never, ever, ever be finished[View]
257515390BLEACH HELL ARC: Now that the anime adaptation of the thousand year blood war is almost half way fin…[View]
257534121How should gender bender stories end? With the protagonist staying the opposite gender or going back…[View]
257559464When did shonen stop being a teenager boy thing to become a teenager and adult women thing?[View]
257543938>Has an untraceable, omnipotent, supernatural murder weapon >Still manages to get caught >H…[View]
257527852Mushoku Tensei: Almost there.[View]
257526452Just two more weeks for the yuri season to start: Which show are you looking the most to watch?…[View]
257560091The bount arc wasn't that bad I watched it when the dub was airing on tv[View]
257560064The Universal Century arc is essentially about Char grooming every new type he sees[View]
257555422ITT: Puffy Vulva.[View]
257559864Kimi Wa 008: Redpill me on this, how does it compares to Kenichi? Also was this made in response to …[View]
257550099Bleach: Sorry I am strong[View]
257559273>Uvogin >Bulletproof How the fuck did he lose?…[View]
257552585Dragon Ball Super/GT/Magic: Freshest leaks: Dragon Ball Magic >streaming anime >aimed at young…[View]
257524706buyfag: Figures?[View]
257542340This is Ash Ketchum's possible future wife: How would rate her compare to all the other kids an…[View]
257553858Renai Daikou Ch. 14: Grid Illusion[View]
257557443We need more sexy Gaijins in anime[View]
257552688it's good but people overrate it too much[View]
257538264SAO was like my 10th anime I saw, I went from loving it to hating it then to loving it again all thr…[View]
257551384Little servants are stronger than big servants.[View]
257558351Dirty Old Madam President.[View]
257556087She saw how many screenshots you took of her[View]
257553568Aria: Martian (Aquan?) bugs sure are cute.[View]
257557520Even If the World Is Over It's Fun to Live: >mogs Made in Abyss Anyone read this kino/when a…[View]
257557321Mi(y)o Akiyama is the best Kei On![View]
257542944Horimiya: AND DON'T CUT YOUR HAIR[View]
257550490What are your thoughts on Idolmaster Cinderella Girls?[View]
257557141I miss the 90s, when hot ninja girls used to be everywhere. That's one trend that needs to make…[View]
257554811aw hell nah jigen got that alien font: what the heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllll[View]
257552189why do his last 2 movies not look as good as your name? he has more money right? whats going on?[View]
2575542442010s anime even early 2010s anime still feels like new anime that came out a few years ago. It coul…[View]
257555443Anon, help, audio visual is not enough for me anymore. How do you emulate the smell of anime?[View]
257553263Mary Saotome is forever and always the best[View]
257552351Cordelia Sakamaki: Cordelia is both my waifu and self-insert, a depraved, narcissistic, hedonistic, …[View]
257556577What if I put it in my ass instead of eating it?[View]
257552849Boogiepop Phantom: Just finished it. What did I think of it? I really enjoyed it but I have no idea …[View]
257552559Is there a single argument that can counter this point?[View]
257555053Shows that are only good in the first episode[View]
257556383the deadly snake pit...[View]
257552903How are you supposed to respond to this[View]
257544036Jujutsu Kaisen: The Strongest.[View]
257550927One-punch Man: Very funny anime about bald dude killing monsters and his cyborg simp[View]
257545807>ITT animes that mindbroke their creator Poor Maeda san[View]
257553403What was Iwashiro teaching to his assistant?[View]
257542481BLEACH: quincysisters... kneel before our king[View]
257542179Detective Conan: THE ANGEL IS HEEEEEEEERE You should really be watching Conan again. The anime actua…[View]
257541354which sailor would you moon?[View]
257527139Boruto: TBV: Sarada loves Naruto, her DADDY[View]
257542222One Piece: >Rebecca >14 y old >Already has a well-developed body Wtf?…[View]
257540215Yumeochi: Dreaming of Falling for You Chapter 27: 'That was a Relaxing Bath'[View]
257545413do modern yugioh animes do anything with the ancient egypt shit or was that resolved and never touch…[View]
257555351For those of you who didn't like the fight, have you tried not being a retarded? I hear that re…[View]
257553774(Formerly) Daily PLINIVS Chapter: Piso Chapter 49[View]
257555280Inazuma Eleven is back: kino[View]
257554844>watch an anime >the art is bland >the animation isn't great >the dialog is stilted…[View]
257547679Dragon Ball Super: ENTER,OUR GLORIOUS HEROES!! ...and Bejita is there too, it seems.[View]
257552170'Shonen' should not be specifically tied to neither just Jump manga nor battle anime. Everyone here …[View]
257551860NEW DRAGON BALL ANIME LEAKS (from trusted sources): real announcement in October. we are so back /a/…[View]
257551672Why was this allowed?[View]
257518532Plot points that went NOWHERE[View]
257554534I hope Maria's son is proud when he looks down from heaven and sees this[View]
257544562Chainsaw Man: Who wouldnt?[View]
257554165An anime for true patricians. None of that stupid magic powers, ninja devil fruit ghost nonsense[View]
257533988Dolphins are scary[View]
257553897Is it a silly question to wonder if watching 'The Thousand-Year Blood War' makes sense without it fe…[View]
257551015Which Tokugawa and Iga should I take to an alien environment?: I'm basically going to do a fanf…[View]
257553857Kaworu but even gayer[View]
257528275'How I Attended an All-Guy's Mixer' will have an anime adaptation according to a recent leak: h…[View]
257547957Re:Zero: Why doesn't Emilia just rape Pandora?[View]
257547816Shield Hero S3: Only 12 episodes Lol looks like theres no more Shield anime after this one. Its over…[View]
257553617ITT: QUALITY: This looks so fucking good![View]
257553632Mieruko-chan: Is this NTR or is the prelude to a 3p?[View]
257552389post winners and best girls only[View]
257553418I wish I had my own masterful cat who could do chores for me while I laze around and drink.[View]
257552172>New Dragon Ball web anime beginning in the first half of 2024 DB fans, we're back! >15 e…[View]
257549935This shit makes no sense. The hero is straight and has a girlfriend at the beginning, he gets raped …[View]
257494367Pokémon 2023: Episode 23, 'Galar Fire Blazes Up' starts in 5 minutes, get in here![View]
257550863Chinese anime is weird. You have constant breaking of the fourth wall and shit like the director ins…[View]
257550857Did he survive Third Impact?[View]
257541539Lina Inverse: There's nothing special or likable about her.[View]
257549511Does /a/ play chess?: >your favourite anime >your chess rating…[View]
257552508Would this girl make a good main protagonist for an anime?[View]
257551987yuri on ice: what are your thoughts?[View]
257544261Jujutsu Kaisen: so what happens to the gojo bloodline now?[View]
257545636>anime wasn't better 10 years ago >check season chart for 10 years ago >16 good anime …[View]
257541549As I grow up, I realize that I don't want to keep up with modern anime and cartoons, unless it…[View]
257550366I’m sad fitness anime’s aren’t a common seasonal thing like isekai anime’s are, just imagine a world…[View]
257538144Osananajimi to wa Romcom ni Naranai ch 53: Is it normal to have sex with your childhood friend?…[View]
257521946Killing Bites: I finished the TL for chapter 114, plus the raws came out for the newest Blattodea an…[View]
257551857Lilith is the mother of all living things. /thread[View]
257550431Why do the japanese love strike freedom so damn much? There are so many better gundams out there lik…[View]
257550740What are your thoughts on tall oni women anon?[View]
257551590Post anime girls who likely smoke offscreen.[View]
257551263Lycoris season 2 when?[View]
257549588Comfy Lucky Star Thread.: No Misao spam allowed. Spookasa posting welcome as we're approaching …[View]
257500948Mato Seihei no Slave Chapter 116 Raw: Chapter 116 raws are out, dumping.[View]
257546106Americans are really lucky that this piece of shit never became a hit in the US. In my country, most…[View]
257550304>Tokio is non-cog Yuji >Azuma is non-jobber Megumi >Ely is alive Nobara >Sato is non-Gar…[View]
257530846Archer's Reality Marble?: Thoughts?[View]
257550339They literally did nothing wrong.[View]
257550752Sekai Sefuku Zvezda: I am literally 10 years late to watching the OVA, I watched the first 12 episod…[View]
257544166>The strongest character in all of Anime is a Female How do Anime fans feel about this?…[View]
257489187Girls und panzer: Df 4 is anzu’s movie, not momos Say something nice about her Also wani tears wil…[View]
257550109Char. designs in Super make GT look Canon[View]
257496282Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
257547994Can current kids anime have stacked heroine like Zoe?[View]
257537568Shingeki No Kyojin: >Visions of pearly times, kingdoms, and lilac wine; why did God fail to impro…[View]
257503250Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai suru: ep in 10 minutes, thank god not the last one.[View]
257548287Sakura Quest: what did you think of the torture scene?[View]
257545940so this is the power of gaydar[View]
257502703Kanojo Okarishimasu: Take his hand.[View]
257545179Nier Automata: Seems like all the discussion and hype died as soon as the delays happened, did you m…[View]
257544375Bleach: Cute Quincy girl.[View]
257487750Daily Osananajimi no Ohimesama/My Princess Childhood Friend Thread: Chapter 21: The Unyielding Princ…[View]
257548619If Azumanga got a remake who do you think would be the most popular out of the cast?[View]
257544670>better than the main character. Post your example.[View]
257549530Ponkotsu quest thread: I hope that the series comeback fast and new episodes come out >Kaku my be…[View]
257546463she looks at you like this. what do?[View]
257536937Describe this character with 5 words or less[View]
257547632Ragna Crimson: SPOOKY SCARY SKELEKINGS[View]
257548106Soukou Akki Muramasa Makai-hen Vol. 2, Chapter 6: Expect VN spoilers.[View]
257549372>Jiraiya-san, it is quite irresponsible of you to show that dumbfuck kid how to use wind bullet. …[View]
257546072Chainsawman: >'Come find me' he didn't find her.[View]
257543250>Gojo doesn’t care about his students Holy BASED[View]
257548685they already declared war on the celestial dragons, everyone is making a move, when will he do somet…[View]
257547104Studio Trigger: I'm looking for a relatively recent-ish interview where when asked about influe…[View]
257529433Is Miyazaki a lolicon? Kiki has more pantyshots than your average 2000s harem anime.[View]
257545718Cool dwarves in anime and manga: I want to see more cool dwarves I havent seen before[View]
257533203Why has no one picked this up yet?[View]
257536325Gintama: Why does gintama have high rating scores ? Is it really that good? If you have watched it w…[View]
257544834>smells like the sun What do you think of this trope?[View]
257544021Itt:: lesbians[View]
257543233What do you call this kind of relationship?[View]
257526861Why would anyone want to come back from isekai[\spoiler]?[View]
257544102One piece: This filtered a lot of tourists[View]
257544800Is this shit any good?[View]
257544241Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable![View]
257543031Would you sacrifice everything for Elaina?[View]
257542613Dragon Ball Super: Why Bulma is kissing other men while Bejita is training elsewhere?[View]
257540910Fate/Zero: why did he refuse the grail? was it not the embodiment of his utilitarian world view?…[View]
257545050ITT: manga/anime that start off strong but drop the ball in the second half.[View]
257534318>an AI >an Indian >trying to commit identity theft Is this the most realistic villain of th…[View]
257544849Four Knights of the Apocalypse 121: Spoilers out.[View]
257544815J-Rock > Eurobeat[View]
257542853「It's not my fault, it's your fault 」[View]
257539910One Piece: The pachy is a quintessential cutie[View]
257539638Ghibli Fest: This year, I've managed to see Kiki and Howl in theaters, the latter of which I…[View]
257541927She's perfect[View]
257542832Boruto Shippuuden: He got away with killing 2 Kages and giving children hickeys that turns them blac…[View]
257542937Fuuka's nails[View]
257546125The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Under 149cm: all im@s welcome[View]
257535550what would you do if the new transfer student was actually a deer spirit?[View]
257545099Bruh who is watching this show why does it keep getting series and movies I thought everyone hated i…[View]
257541971BLEACH: The ACKening begins.[View]
257544686This is going to be Gut's equivalent to the Eclipse if you'd pay attention to small detail…[View]
257533877ANIME - FALL 2023: NEW SEASON STARTS IN 5 DAYS! ITS FUCKING HYPE! What do you look forward too, /a/?…[View]
257544179I spent most my latest free time watching every single anime that started airing in 2000 for no good…[View]
257543524Urusei yatsura 1981: better than any modern romcom[View]
257544594would you?[View]
257544898Gojosisters, it has been a few days, but how are we coping?[View]
257544812do magazines ever punish cases of authors working for them that are caught copying each other's…[View]
257538855>no route where all four girls get a happy ending What the hell Nasu[View]
257544285Is this how you hug your imouto?[View]
257528481Chainsaw Man: How do we still doubt BROshida?[View]
257520920The real best Naruto girl[View]
257434869Cardcaptor Sakura: What a comfy episode. I want to have a big mansion in the woods too so that I cou…[View]
257544061What did Shingo Natsume mean by this?[View]
257536945Jujutsu Kaisen: now back to the real PROTAGONIST[View]
257541790Fire Punch: Wtf is happening[View]
257543854what does he do?[View]
257524602Why did Miyazaki shave off his beard?[View]
257543041Is Gojo cute?[View]
257538536So the moral of the story is that all women are eldritch horrors?[View]
257543565Clorox: >Aizen staged a violent Coup >Gets only 20,000 years in prison instead of life impriso…[View]
257542504When's this shit supposed to get funny?[View]
257538945Takagi: >Next chapter is the finale bros......what am I supposed to do with myself afterwards?…[View]
257535630What does /a/ think of Kagura?[View]
257541497what's your favorite sailor uniform? for me its Kagome's[View]
257539639>y'all dorks think that the king is really dead Based retards[View]
257543424Kill la Kill: I wanna know what Imaishi was smoking when he made this. Dude singlehandedly destroyed…[View]
257543229Hirogaru Sky! Precure: Are you ready?[View]
257543207Arcueid: Why is this gacha character so bad looking? I thought anime characters can't be ugly b…[View]
257543127Tfw no nonhuman gf[View]
257396664Spy x Family Season 2: >starts in 3 weeks >still no real trailer >not even OP or ED confirm…[View]
257542331Hotaru's nails[View]
257539376A Couple of Cuckoos: the series unironically peaked here and kinda sad it's been in a mad decli…[View]
257536307navy vs navy will happen and it will be epic as fuck[View]
257480730Kagurabachi: This is a goldfish board.[View]
257534662ITT: shows that /a/ says are good but really aren't[View]
257510217The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls U149: All im@s welcome[View]
257536034Dragon Ball Super: B & G[View]
257539209BLEACH: Say something nice about our HEROES.[View]
257542096floating timelines were a mistake[View]
257540024Ningyou no Asa Chapter 5 + Mangaka-sensei to Zashiki Warashi Afterstory 3: As always, proofreading w…[View]
257537837I don't understand.[View]
257525194Is One Punch Man really a 'parody'?: How often does it actually make fun of battle shounen or superh…[View]
257542266This is when kubo really got serious[View]
257496188Boku no hero academia: Finally, the worst fight is over. >https://ww6.manganelo.tv/chapter/manga…[View]
257536216>japanese humor[View]
257539392Shin no Nakama: First and last actually good het Japanese romance story[View]
257526952the darkest corner of the internet[View]
257538345We've waited so long, but it's almost here... https://twitter.com/animetv_jp/status/170515…[View]
257539777One Piece: What makes Carrot so popular?[View]
257522162Kengan Omega: >Lihito won the Berserker Bowl, beating Saw Paing decisively and reached 'transcend…[View]
257536395>shinji wants to watch blue >Rei is associated with blue >shinji wants to be with rei Anno …[View]
257538994How did Kaido take damage if he’s made out of Rubber too?[View]
257541552Tonari no Onee-san ga Suki: I like it. Shame it's ending though. Any recommendations for light-…[View]
257537402The Next Big Thing: First Impression of someone watching 'Sousou no Frieren' Anime Episode 1 at a sp…[View]
257512603Oshi no Ko: Endgame soon[View]
257539484Dead Tube: Was he in the wrong?[View]
257540894Do you guys have any guilty pleasures when it comes anime/manga? I know some of you unironically enj…[View]
257491443Precure: Justice.[View]
257526720What's the best Lupin movie?: I watched like 4 of his movies a few years ago, but my favorite l…[View]
257534533Oshimi Shuzo: Why does he always jump the shark? It's like every manga of his except perharps t…[View]
257535640Are we ever getting a good romcom anime? >pic not related but funny[View]
257506790Re:Zero: She's an angel and I'm so happy to have read her story. Arc 3 is to me, the peak …[View]
257539618I would hate having this punchable bitch as a girlfriend.[View]
257540309Kengan Ashura season 2: So what did you think of season 2?[View]
257536410What if Toriyama actually died a decade ago, Toei is hiding his death and that's why Super is s…[View]
257533869The best type of underwear[View]
257536067>Helped a girl in need once >Became a chick magnet . Is it really that easy?…[View]
257532365>King Arthur being hard pressed by a Japanese school teacher Pathetic.[View]
257537054In this beautiful day ,let us remember our beloved girl power. RIP (Rest in power) you'll never…[View]
257533999One Piece: How much filler will the anime add now before Egghead?[View]
257538751I miss them.[View]
257539300BLEACH: Episode Rate Edition[View]
257539299>could use nine tails chakra without being a jinchuriki Why weren't these guys more importan…[View]
257538690Classroom of the Elite: What is the next of her masterplan? Gaslighting Kei? Or slow seduction on 50…[View]
257539581detective conan: its a really peculiar feeling....it FEELS like the author is hiding a really really…[View]
257539028Noble Farmer: It's over. So was it funny?[View]
257528068Bleach Saturday: Kino day.[View]
257535777Poro Kurokami 2023 I am forgotten.[View]
257535114Dekoboko Majo no Oyako Jijou: I see brown girl, I pick up. Should be mildly entertaining.[View]
257532692>Shangri-La Frontier TV anime starts next week >Nobody talks about it in internet >Manga is…[View]
257516421So it's like MHA, but Hetalia?[View]
257536149>20 years >over 1k chapters >still not enough to tell a story I just don't get it, how…[View]
257536169It's Mankasa! Her big sitnky bod It makes me puke (it makes me puke)[View]
257527531Kagurabachi: This manga is very complex. The only thing I found was 'Fish Foreshadowing'. No matter …[View]
257537241Will you take responsibility?[View]
257534202What are your anime to watch when you want to kick back and have a good time?[View]
257535844What am I in for? Worth reading?[View]
257538189>beat some communist 'we are all equal' kingdom >make your genes rule the world for 8 centurie…[View]
257533761What do you think of this character?[View]
257538306Which: How to style art in anime industry thats 600k Based on raw data Or the elements considered an…[View]
257532562Sword Art Online: Since Unital Ring isn't going to get an anime for next half decade, maybe mor…[View]
257534907Takashi Takeuchi: How did he manage to make ugly anime character like picrelated? I never thought I …[View]
257533741What does Noa think of /a/?[View]
257530218Kaorin is a pretty one-dimensional character.: What would (You) do to improve her?[View]
257490807Chapter 192 Level Up![View]
257536146So was the message that nudity is power and that girls can be badass while being sexy and not sacrif…[View]
257520328Nen is retarded: >super secret magic that only 1% of the 1% greatest fighters even know exists …[View]
257502629Cyberpunk: Edgerunners: She's BACK![View]
257536614What did she mean by this?[View]
257537097Weekend manga 3x3 thread: The time has come.[View]
257518480Story Time: Shaman King: & a Garden v04 (+ TSS 51-52 RAW): And with this vol we Finish Shaman Ki…[View]
257535514Why are hebe characters so lovable?[View]
257518309ITT: VAs who sound the same in every role[View]
257535055>could date a cute hime-cut goth girl >become incestous freak instead…[View]
257529184Jujutsu Kaisen: He WILL revive and (You) WILL mald. Prepare for GODJO 2.0 with a new cursed techni…[View]
257536345The universe from last anime you watched is now under attack by Nappa and Vegeta. How fucked are the…[View]
257508787Dekiru Neko wa Kyou mo Yuuutsu: Episode 12 is out nyaggers[View]
257424263Gundam: Witch from Mercury: There will be an Earth House radio this Sunday, featuring VAs of Ojelo, …[View]
257531038Female self inserts: Why do people never bring up how often women self insert? You always see people…[View]
257535263Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Would you go to Duel Academy if you had the opportunity to do so?[View]
257536005Do you like older women?[View]
257503161The Japanese have spoken: Current percentage of Nicolive voters that gave the latest episodes of the…[View]
257535449>he watches oshi no ko[View]
257520962If boys comparing dicks is a pissing contest, then girls comparing tits should be called milking con…[View]
257532900>Nigerun da yoooooo![View]
257533833Fujimoto won't be able to surpass this.[View]
257535272Butareba: >from vending machine isekai to pig isekai Is it finally time to end the isekai genre? …[View]
257497739>men only want one thing in their anime and is disgusting[View]
257526847Dragon Ball Super: Make your wish.[View]
257504566Germans don't name their kids Asuka. This anime is stupid.[View]
257535379Fairy Tail: Did Mavis successful fix him? Why are evil people so sexy?[View]
257516535ITT: Undeniable truths[View]
257506281Never watched Naruto but this bitch is so fucking ugly it's unreal Her face is so fucking fat l…[View]
257535022I like gurren lagann.[View]
257527448Daily One Piece Chapter: Chapter 271 - Pirate Zoro vs. Vassal Ohm Last Chapter (270): >>257480…[View]
257521361Tenchi: I love this cute hedgehog[View]
257533771Naruto: >Obito sacrifices himself to save Rin >Two seconds later she confesses to Kakashi Say …[View]
257513456Tune in to the Midnight: Thoughts on WSM's newest romcom?[View]
257534311Remember when Mamare visited /a/? Remember all kinds of fun times.[View]
257534566Anime needs more positive and attractive portrayals of 30+ year old women in it![View]
257494923What does /a/ think of Chiyo-chan?[View]
257529735>it smells like sun[View]
257532425Is he gay?[View]
257529481Should I watch BLEACH, before this?: This seems interesting, I know it's a bleach's spin-o…[View]
257500168Choujin x: According to TnYJ website, new chapter will come out tomorrow.[View]
257533880World building in anime/manga: What make an anime/manga good at world building to you? The location,…[View]
257534494JUST TWO MORE WEEKS![View]
257534357Who is the oldest girl that you would?[View]
257530872UGLY: BASTARDS WON[View]
257521401Kodomo Gakkyuu Vol. 1 Ch. 1[View]
257530902Animals are cute. Girls are cute. Therefore, animal girls are double cute![View]
257521368What makes it so special?[View]
257532780Peak x Peak: I don't think I've ever seen a mangaka and his work that makes retards cope a…[View]
257514121>Has literally met the one true God and wellspring of all reason in the universe >Is an atheis…[View]
257501008soul eater: I watched Soul Eater anime and damn. Medusa Gorgon is a fucking massive footslut and no …[View]
257531501MF Ghost will become even more popular than Initial D when the anime premieres. Watch.[View]
257533955Thoughts on RPG Fudousan?[View]
257532972Best mommy in anime?[View]
257530062Anyone else really excited to see where this goes?: I know this manga is getting a lot of hate on he…[View]
257517598Why do we rarely see anime characters strip?[View]
257533948>Nobuhiro Watsuki was convicted of holding CP back in 2018 >3 years later, in 2021, 'Rurouni K…[View]
257533847Why is he so erotic?[View]
257531227>Hello, teenage boy, nigga. >I've been observing you for a while, nigga. >And I must s…[View]
257533702>A 60 year old man puts on makeup and suddenly everyone wants to fuck him…[View]
257528315Does MHA have the best girls in nu-shounen?[View]
257531124There is not a single android alive that is: CUTER STRONGER HOTTER I LOVE NU-MOTOKO[View]
257526525One Piece: Why did Crocodile get to keep his hook in jail?[View]
257494898Targeted by Hyena-chan - Zyugoya: New hyena dropped >surprisingly, hyena-chan lives alone >app…[View]
257518900>Gave Junpei a bunch of characterization just to slaughter him and his mother >Killed Nobara, …[View]
257527979Kagura Bocchi: Kagura Bocchi is Literally me. No other character can come close to relating to me li…[View]
257533336What's the phenomenon called when an anime fucking sucks but it kinda looks deep and the charac…[View]
257533488>[go]toubun didnt end up in a five way harem end I’m still shocked it was all so pointless…[View]
257518191Daily Ano Hito no I ni wa Boku ga Tarinai/Her Appetite is too Big for Me Alone Chapter: What was you…[View]
257533547GunGrave: for years I heard people praising this, saying it was better than the games. Having just f…[View]
257506462Why does this character cause so much seethe?: It's not even that relevant in the series, and y…[View]
257532991Is it just me or is the opening for Yuuki Yuuna S2 really good? https://youtu.be/CoOrSMJFY-4?si=qLXI…[View]
257528388kekkon yubiwa: god damn it maybe just let her have the dick already[View]
257531373/a/bros do I fuck the mikasa statue[View]
257516338Fire Force Vol 5 Storytime: >what is this Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that…[View]
257526265>stops anyone from becoming the pirate king for 2 decades[View]
257530878This jobber deserved it[View]
257531743>almost 15 years >still the greatest protagonist in all of /m/ How did he do it?…[View]
257516270You may not like it, but this is what the ideal anime woman looks like[View]
257531789Monster girl thread: Discuss how jello is the superior girl[View]
257532221Fate: Helper Nero[View]
257450775We like Pokespe around here?[View]
257531085Tokyo Ghoul: Tokyo ghoul if i could have directed it >Jason is instead a big burly black dude …[View]
257514149Bleach: Give me the Redpill is Bleach worth reading or is it ass[View]
257531671Uso no Kodomo (False Child) 14[View]
257529630As an anime only, itadori is boring asf, the fact that Yuta (the better protagonist) was almost the …[View]
257527354I'm hoping for another God-tier OST packed full of songs written and sung in English.[View]
257447125Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa: Have you recently re-read the GOAT Romcom anon? If not, explain yourself in thi…[View]
257528376Is there a manga with as much stylish and classy character design like Bleach? Kubo is really good w…[View]
257531043F-Zero GP Legend: About to start this. What am I getting myself into?[View]
257528718why were all of Big Mom, Kaido, and probably Shanks each setting on some island, probably with a roa…[View]
257528500Leave Sukuna TO ME !![View]
257530248>90's and Early 2000's were filled with nonstandard relationships >Suddenly its an i…[View]
257514013Daily Sengoku Youko Chapter: Chapter 17: >>257476153 Chapter 18[View]
257528196>'no bro you see, there was no penetration so it doesn't count as NTR'…[View]
257530320Jujutsu kaisen: kashimo INTERVENED and yuta CRIED[View]
257525609Jujutsu kaisen: time for the GOD OF THUNDER to finally INTERVENE[View]
257528325I miss her already.[View]
257518521What would you do if you were in this situation?[View]
257519045I've come to a revelation. The less Japan-centric a manga is (in terms of setting, plot, charac…[View]
257529144>beat some communist 'we are all equal' kingdom >make your genes rule the world for 8 centurie…[View]
257519019This is the most evil thing I can imagine[View]
257529718Why is Shinji so rapeable?[View]
257523494A reminder that the word 'shonen' should not be specifically tied to just Jump battle animanga.[View]
257529588Is the nhk manga worth reading? I heard there was ntr in it or misaki was evil for some reason so I …[View]
257510954KanColle: Destroyer Division 6 awaiting orders![View]
257526603Dragon Ball Super: Launch should have been a lesbian, there, I said it.[View]
257507139King of /a/ 2023: Finals Results Revealed: KEEP ALL TOURNAMENT TALK ITT 1st place - Chihiro Rokuhira…[View]
257529069Umineko is the most overrated anime manga or vn to ever come out of japan[View]
257523602>outjews the biggest jews humanity has to offer[View]
257528212I am never going to forget that Myata was defeated by this dude. Even if the author himself forgets.…[View]
257528266Perfect Scandal: I don't get this. The first three volumes were free on trial once and I know i…[View]
257516960What are your thoughts on Yashahime?[View]
257518341Chainsaw Man: Mitaka Asa. National terrorist. Japan's Most Wanted.[View]
257513232BLEACH: Why isn't there a single dinosaur Arrancar?[View]
257522226How are you supposed to respond to this[View]
257479293Shounrn no Abyss 150: Surprisingly, english TL came earlier than expected. https://mangadex.org/chap…[View]
257518881Lycoris Recoil: Guess whose birthday it is today![View]
257501269Right Stuf Anime shutting down and migrating everything to Crunchyroll: Disgusting how Sony continue…[View]
257521396hunter x hunter: Anons said he would be back before his exhibiton. what happened?[View]
257526384Which Toubon do you like the best?[View]
257527294>Black Hair >White Hair >Susanoo >Black Hair again Why is Ultra Instinct all over the p…[View]
257491907Gochiusa - Is The Order A Rabbit?: Mochaposting is welcome. Megging is welcome. Chiya worship is we…[View]
257502861Mappa is a fucking joke[View]
257514530Haikyuu: What are your thoughts on Haikyuu? And where the Fuck is the rest of the anime[View]
257516644For me it is the Virgin Warrior Princess Reina Vance![View]
257488637Mushoku Tensei: Can Sylphie TANK it?[View]
257526776Explain how an afterimage works in anime fights or I'll fucking kill you. Don't dumb it do…[View]
257526281Josei squat: What does /a/ think of manga and anime marketed as josei?[View]
257521904What the fuck is his problem: >Oh you are one step ahead of me? >Now you are not >You can…[View]
257508385Boruto: Naruto Next Generations/Two Blue Vortex: This is where he spent the timeskip.[View]
257525679Shokei Shoujo: Momo is the cutest.[View]
257521588It's 2023. I have been forgotten[View]
257461830Spy Kyoushitsu: >[SubsPlease] Spy Kyoushitsu - 23 (1080p) [77A4F4AF].mkv…[View]
257508369AI no Idenshi / The Gene of AI: This is an accurate depiction of live in 40 years.[View]
257520227Dragon Ball Super: Gokek lost.[View]
257521594he is winning Yonko Sisters what are we doing?[View]
257526380>he was holding back the whole time Does this make a huge chunk of the fight superfluous in retro…[View]
257518910One Piece: This series is so fuckin good. You guys all lied.[View]
257526163Ragetard-kun characters: What causes this particular archetype to be commonplace in Sunrise and othe…[View]
257526107He is literally the strongest character in all of anime and manga.[View]
257522419Sekai Seifuku: Hail Zvezda.[View]
257525140Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack: So aside from what the PSX adaptation of Zeta Gundam …[View]
257522228Jujutsu Kaisen: >lol gojo is dead >no no gojo is really dead this time >no this time gojo i…[View]
257523662Little servants are stronger than adult servants.[View]
257525465thaifag camrip gridman universe[View]
257498682Sugar Apple Fairy Tale - Final: Subs out.[View]
257524774>anime is so good it retroactively makes all other anime less enjoyable in comparison this one hi…[View]
257508271Why can’t foreigners look at manga on LINE?[View]
257502772Why should the opinions of isekai party members matter about what works for taming?[View]
257522850adulthood is realizing maine's crew were a bunch of retard hooligans and were right to be dispo…[View]
257523385why are mangakas like this[View]
257521795Webm Thread[View]
257329311Yuru Camp: are you doing any autumn campu?[View]
257523598Misaki Friday: Damn Misaki is a cute shame she's kind of a cunt[View]
257511558Daily Division Chief Shima Kosaku: Chapter 7 Previous: >>257381711 Shima was now a division ch…[View]
257523201It's over[View]
257518048Mary Saotome is forever and always the best[View]
257523360GT-giRl: Well it has been 300 days since Volume 5 was published. Mangaka had plans to continue this …[View]
257522575Le Martyr Patriotique de l'alpha: >Amazingly interesting French revolution omegaverse concep…[View]
257521569Why is there official art of Shinji wearing a slutty cat boy outfit[View]
257507495Hello, buy a Cub[View]
257522236what are some emotionally manipulative moments in anime? I'll start[View]
257515150Jujutsu Kaisen: It's literally impossible to have an honest arguement with Gojofags. They are s…[View]
257518344Link Click Season 2: Will this season finally get good? I've been waiting for 12 episodes…[View]
257520968Tengoku Daimakyou: Kiruko has a heavenly body.[View]
257518135My little sister has been really pissy because some character in this series died. I don't watc…[View]
257490687buyfag: This might be a figure[View]

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