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225959708>character is literally only remembered for the porn What are some other examples?…[View]
225879623A Couple of Cuckoos: https://catmanga.org/series/cuckoo/72 The time has come cucks[View]
225960409100-man: When does the title of this series start making sense? I went through all 15 episodes and c…[View]
225961416>Make an Isekai >Just shove in real-world equivalent nations with different names What's …[View]
225960565If a manga doesn't have a happy ending I won't read it. Simple as.[View]
225952925Don't mind me, just posting the best girl ever.[View]
225957939Slime Thread: Did I miss something? What the Hell is the thing in the Top-Right?[View]
225961295How would you fix SHAFT ??: a week[View]
225959492Penguin Classic Thread: You know already what to do. Go nuts. https://penguin.jos.ht/[View]
225919122AiPlanet Primaji Mewkledreamy: Do you miss prichan yet?[View]
225960871Watch magia record[View]
225949211Saki: Which girls have the biggest power level?[View]
225952012It would seem this is the might of helical rotation. Pretty cool.[View]
225952649Uzaki chan wa Asobitai!: Hana, Tsuki, and Yanagi?[View]
225864247Cocktail Knights Ch.4: I haven't checked if TS anon updated the last bits of Ch.3 corrections (…[View]
225960390Undiscovered gems: Series which you know /a/ can't into, but you appreciated.[View]
225939843Kashiwazaki Sena Did you forget to pray to her?[View]
225931015Monogatari: why would Araragi pick that annoying bitch Senjougahara when she has Monkey (best girl) …[View]
225927704Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Yuga getting his ass kicked again and possibly reveal of the new mechanic today.…[View]
225957748Final Boku no pico thread: I'm......I'm not crying bros. There's something in my eye.…[View]
225926876Mairimashita! Iruma-kun S2: A terrifying monster.[View]
225889589One page/panel thread[View]
225876156Nagatoro: This anime awoke a strange hands and nails fetish inside of me[View]
225956884My Next Life as a Villainess: Why is she so dumb holy shit[View]
225958179Are you stronger than her, /a/?[View]
225958062You niggas reading trillion dollar game?[View]
225956318best anime?[View]
225957030Moomin: Can we have a comfy Moomin thread?[View]
225945762Shingeki no Kyojin: Dina or Carla? Which one would you rather marry?[View]
225950556How is the kinniku buster meant to hurt anyone but kinnikuman? He lands on his ass or feet when ever…[View]
225955988I wanna punch Darkness in the back of the head.[View]
225933411This is your reminder that konosuba season 3 is officially happening[View]
225950279what anime girl has the best outfit?[View]
225957984Why is this allowed? did the industry run out of character designers?[View]
225951864Dragon Ball Super: Are you excited for the FULLY CGI movie???[View]
225950917Made In Abyss: Weekly Made In Abyss Thread. Post your layer seven theories.[View]
225958592I just learned about Domestic Kanojo and its ending. I haven't even read it but I heard about h…[View]
225958887For me, its Outlaw Star[View]
225958652Read Patlabor.[View]
225956016Idoly Pride: >this counts as pretty in 2021 So this is the power of Zoomers...…[View]
225871835Is it true that /a/nons only like Bleach for the girls?[View]
225953852She's perfect.[View]
225956789Giant Killing Volume 41 is out: Always wondered how many Giant Killing fans there are, I'm a ma…[View]
225957010Rikka's sex pose[View]
225936715The final Lucky Star thread.: What a ride it's been.[View]
225954312Oretama (My Balls): July 24th[View]
225955853>Draws huge breasts >Fat asses >Thick bodies >Toned bodies >Panty shots >Gorgeous …[View]
225957987Why does Sena lead boys on all the time? This isn't just me hating, the series outright says sh…[View]
225953879Which bride would you kiss?[View]
225946596Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou: Is it better than Evangelion?[View]
225945800Higurashi Sotsu: How will Sotsu be able to conclude effectively if there's only 15 episodes and…[View]
225946079Don't you think 'over-interpretation' is becoming a disease when it comes to anime/manga analys…[View]
225945731Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter: 63 Days...[View]
225883506Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
225950849The original Ghost In the Shell movie is kinda boring.[View]
225952576What do you do when you can't find an anime in even slightly passable quality? Currently trying…[View]
225949590>Wake up as Satania >Be forced to have this laugh What do?…[View]
225868348New Boruto (Bort) official artwork: Was this illustration really necessary?[View]
225955678>walk in >see this What do?[View]
225955363Zatch Bell is still so very sorely missed to this very day.[View]
225930162Thunderbolt Fantasy: >4 weeks until full version of Gunha-dono's theme…[View]
225956762He did nothing wrong[View]
225956464Kumo Desu ga Nani ka: LN volume 12 English TL is out. Did you read it yet? The first two-thirds are …[View]
225953902>12 days away from the official 20th anniversary of Bleach What is /a/ expecting other than a key…[View]
225948948Silent Voice: This stupid whore chose to be with her abusive bully that cost her family several hund…[View]
225954122As long as I live I will never forgive Anno for slipping the audio from obvious sessions of recastin…[View]
225939941/a/ watches OVAs and Movies: Another Saturday afternoon for anime OVAs and films from the old days. …[View]
225952381This Wolf is a glutton for beer and liquor[View]
225937098Who started this chunni pose?[View]
225901498Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu: Episode 4 Pv https://youtu.be/HOJIx7SXRiE Look like it's tim…[View]
225956339Bokuben: She should be able to do at least a few kids, the pixie did it[View]
225954956Azumanga Daioh was way better than K-on.[View]
225954936This part was the only good part in the entire episode and probably the entire fucking series https…[View]
225951754my waifu also i never found another series that came even close to how this felt, why doesn't a…[View]
225952324Detective Conan: So there's this that I saw a few days ago: https://twitter.com/Wsstalkback/sta…[View]
225946513Does anyone else feel a strong dislike towards Miyazaki, and his movies? He is an overhyped elitist,…[View]
225954572Hunter x Hunter: HxH would be better if Kurapika was a girl. Discuss.[View]
225954466Why is she so short and thick /a/?[View]
225951325Does OP databook confirm Yonko and marine HQ are equal strength? Any japanese readers?[View]
225936197ITT: Manga/Anime that describe the epitome of nothingness.[View]
225955624JUMP bros the week long hiatus is almost over. Soon we will have ToC and new chapters. It's bee…[View]
225942870Baki Gaiden Retsu Kaioh Reincarnated in Another World: chapter 4: NOT WILDFANG[View]
225950637ITT girls that give you an instant erection[View]
225955143Are you fucking kidding me. Talk about shitty pacing. To many flash forwards with no explanation and…[View]
225955541This came out last week, has any of the english teachers in this board seen it? Was it kino?[View]
225945859Twintail ni Narimasu: Have you expressed your love for twintails today?[View]
225945273Naruto is boring: Why is it so fucking boring?[View]
225948336You all lied to me. You said kny had good writing. What the fuck kinda retarded shit is this? Also h…[View]
225953953ITT: Anime that filtered you I just couldn't get more than halfway through this dreck. I can ap…[View]
225940078One Piece: So what became of this character? Any updates?[View]
225955221What if an elementary schooler slyly tried to trick you into fucking her mom and becoming her new pa…[View]
225916045Dragon Maid S: What's the deal between these two?[View]
225938131Kaguya Manga: The hottest girl in Young Jump's history[View]
225937097Dragon Ball Super: We know that Bejita is currently stronger than Goku, and that he willl prevail ov…[View]
225952178Tantei wa Mou, Shinderu: What is the point of this manga scene showing the MC taking a dump?[View]
225933700Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: Ready for Pan and Piccolo's movie?[View]
225948132Here's Saya, fixed.[View]
225950628Season 2 when?[View]
225950870Cat girls General.[View]
225951062That's right, nu-/a/ doesn't even know who these boys are. How this board has fallen.[View]
225949840How much manga does someone need to read before you consider them knowledgeable?[View]
225945815Haganai: >Manga edition Why is this version far superior than the anime and the light novel?…[View]
225944753Cute?: Cute?[View]
225942278ITT: Dumb writers writing smart characters[View]
225944947Super Cub: Honda® is here to save the day.[View]
225941595Chuuni girls are made _____[View]
225945754You know remember Beelzebub![View]
225951809Detective Conan: Tell me anon, how smart are you. Can you solve this riddle?[View]
225952728Higurashi Sotsu: >DID >N O T H I N G >W >R >O >N >G I hope you're all read…[View]
2259523415TOUBUN: Nakano NINO is MY wife![View]
225946917Daily Happy Sugar Life Chapter: 10th Life: The Taste of Sin[View]
225950121>be son of the pirate king >get rekt by the guy your pirate crew warned you about and told you…[View]
225952276Is it Gun Dumb? or Gun Damn? is it A van gelion or Ee van jellion?[View]
225952909>another week without ayakashi How are my fellow copers doing?[View]
225940989It's going to redefine the entire anime genre and will be widely considered a modern classic.[View]
225952880Was he, dare I say, based???[View]
225944970Ya know, the entirety of Eva just feels kinda pointless now that the whole cast is dead and the plan…[View]
225951762One Punch Man: Next WC chapter when?[View]
225945419Rias Breamory: High School DxD thread, I guess.[View]
225937929Odd Taxi: Looks like Kinoshita is planning to make more noir in the future, nice. There's also …[View]
225945407One Piece: What kind of super-thug he had to be to have a crew that damn stacked?[View]
225939246One Piece: Who would win in a fight?[View]
225949076Does anybody draw body horror like Junji Ito? The other person that comes to mind off the top of my …[View]
225950701ITT: Character polls that for once had good results[View]
225944540Urusei yatsura: Public service announcement. >three[View]
225936874Inuyasha Storytime Thread: Volume 4 - The Thunder Brothers: or Volume 6, if you followed the previou…[View]
225950005Sonny Boy has the best song of any anime this season. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VYqcCLIx0s…[View]
225950474Dr. Stone: So if moonman is actually on the moon how come he didnt notice senkudad's space crew…[View]
225950353who would win tusk act 1 / 2 vs jonathan joestar[View]
225950302>best girl because all the better ones died How did she do it bros? Kobenichads I kneel...…[View]
225946667What does Yotsuba mean to you?[View]
225914065Cinegrids: just posting what I have[View]
225889794Kengan Omega Chapter 118: https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/QtfIwrm/1/1/ It's out[View]
225950158I finished Doremi: I can't believe its all over, im gonna miss it so much[View]
225867840Kanojo mo Kanojo: >you will never give away your gacha collection for your girlfriend Why even li…[View]
225949311Gantz was amazing.[View]
225925095Re Zero is a masterpiece.: If you disagree with me then you're just a contrarian trying to fit …[View]
225936935Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Why did SEELE go with this design for the Mass Produced Evas? They got fish face…[View]
225927623Tower of God: New Chapter out how can no one discuss about it?[View]
225945294hell's paradise: jigokuraku anime: >the series with an implied /u/ ending between the femc a…[View]
225948882What was the worst 'twist' to happen in anime/manga?[View]
225945748What's the minimum number of anime one must watch to be considered a fan of the medium?[View]
225887439Bakarina/Hamefura: Only 3 hours until we get more adorable idiot.[View]
225947993Will the new Konosuba anime be a Megumin spin-off?[View]
225938508>mom better than the daughter[View]
225947876Post maidens in love that are being maidens in love that are NOT Nagatoro.[View]
225944716What are some characters you never thought much of as a kid but think they're pretty hot as an …[View]
225948023I'm afraid to watch this[View]
225943536Why is it not gay?: case study of vanitas[View]
225948633ITT: Girls swooning.[View]
225937938Boku no Hero Academia: Natsuo BTFO.[View]
225916778Daily YuruYuri Chapter: Chapter 140 - Something Is Stirring Beneath The Sheets[View]
225947633Made in Abyss: Why the fuck did Tsukushi decide this was a good idea?[View]
225948716Leave hisoka to us[View]
225939399>hinata is beautiful, quiet, kind, intelligent, has a rare heritage Naruto has it so good, bros..…[View]
225940747Time to choose your owner /a/[View]
225948495Seishi Kishimoto: how come he never took of like his twin brother did?[View]
225947121Peach boy: so cute[View]
225940685Chainsaw Man: What's next for Kobeni?[View]
225947667>tfw you have the ideas for a true masterpiece anime but they will never be realized…[View]
225941625is this good? i stopped at steel ball run which was fun[View]
225946296>150cm >41kg[View]
225946524Akira: This animation is spectacular, they don't make anything like this today.[View]
225939545WEP: ah shit I already forgot what's the story about[View]
225938710Jesus Christ, why is she so mean?[View]
225940218>Re-Main - 03 (720p) [9EB549CE].mkv Why no thread?[View]
225915737>Nooooo! Don't expose how shitty are my shitty isekai tropes and fantasy! Delete this now!…[View]
225946740Futurelog: Wtf is the difference between the japanese and the english version of book other than tra…[View]
225928922>get poured boiling water on his face by his mom >IT'S ACTUALLY MY DAD'S FAULT, MOM …[View]
225943826I cant believe yotsuba is fucking dead[View]
225935813The fact that there’s even any debate about one piece being the best shonen is ridiculous. All other…[View]
225946507Weekly publication check: What did you read this week?[View]
225945078What does /a/ think about Beelzebub?[View]
225945023One Piece: Is Luffy already on the level of Roger and Whitebeard? Also holy fuck Rayleigh is really …[View]
225937563>The antagonists are the real protagonists of the story BOTI had the best antagonist cast ever…[View]
225944981this sucks!![View]
225945954Why are Japanese salarymen so powerful? After leaving the office, they've become two of the mor…[View]
225945781ITT: Only the best bromance[View]
225935781Who is the best One Piece villain?[View]
225939871What kind of personality should meganekko have?[View]
225938339Higurashi Sotsu: Rika is awesome and she will win the sotsu bowl![View]
225873193Raildex: If I'm being honest I don't see much resemblance between these two other than the…[View]
225945611Drinking Cola by Moonlight, Winning Geimu by Daylight! Giving Onii-Chan a Great Fright! She is the O…[View]
225934190Shingeki no Kyojin: What was their paths talk like?[View]
225926278Someone at shaft definitely had foot fetish, this and many other detailed feet shots cant be explain…[View]
225940737>Was stuck for years in the jobbers sea despite being already almost Yonko-tier >Searched for …[View]
225940384If all of his opponents didn't have plot armor Chariot would be one of the best Stands.[View]
225935427Do we still like Rei?[View]
225940333Rei x Asuka is canon.[View]
225928057Kanojo, Okarishimasu 198 spoilers: tl;dr a build up chapter. Kazuya apologized for hurting Mami, sh…[View]
225935143Is this the ideal female form?[View]
225944914>every shitsekai has anime but the best does not[View]
225940714Gentlemen, girls in white summer dresses are a heavenly blessing. Post more of them[View]
225943182>best girl is killed why is this allowed?[View]
225878413The great debate[View]
225937999Meikyuu Black Company: >it has a trap >atomic becomes 10/10 >there is no single thread Fuck…[View]
225942547Catgirls in 2021: There has not been a single decent nekomimi this entire year in anime or manga. Wh…[View]
225944468I see potential in this meme, what about you, /a/?[View]
225934960Who has the best nails in anime?[View]
225944296new rabbit alien: https://mangadex.org/chapter/c06e56b3-0f1e-4fff-af14-62b8f5ca921d/1[View]
225944149Are we still getting s3?[View]
225940120>suddenly remember this manga >check the raws for the ending >the blonde lost I should have…[View]
225942253>otherwise hot female character has thick eyebrows[View]
225939645>save tsundere from being raped by bad guy >she still acts like a bitch…[View]
225943960Girl who does anal[View]
225942643Joke gyaru side characters should get to win.[View]
225914411This is a Russian girl[View]
225942865Saataa andagii.[View]
225941818THE QUEEN OF /a/. BOW DOWN, PEASANTS![View]
225938113*Ichigo is breathing* >Everything goes as I planned[View]
225931923Remember when you used to like her? What happened?[View]
225938315Why did Shinji dress like a gay boy here?[View]
225935650Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi: top lel >Are there going to be any more of those scenes? >What c…[View]
225931278Crayon Shin-chan is the best anime off all time. Prove me wrong Pro tip : You can't.[View]
225942823The pair that should have happened[View]
225942718Will Piccolo finally get his deserved boost in power, and make Vegeta shit bricks again?[View]
225937558Name my band[View]
225937376Hunter x Hunter: How would Meruem react to adult Gone?[View]
225941766how it should have ended?[View]
225928115Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou: It looks like Crab made a new character in the original H-version of…[View]
225923211Why is it so rare to see tech vs magic in isekai? Game mechanics and DQ template settings are boring…[View]
225941109Who would make the better gambler?[View]
225941547She's a pedophile.[View]
225941319JoJo Part 7 is overrated: >characters get introduced >they tell us their sad motivations or dr…[View]
225927564If he's an Internet troll, shouldn't he be inside hunched on a computer? Most internet tr…[View]
225934936Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Why is the Bort anime sidelining Sumile so hard? Also they're …[View]
225915686Post only the best manga titles[View]
225940476Berserk: It’s not finished. No more, “It’s fucking over, you don’t finish a mangaka’s work Berserk f…[View]
225829510Kimetsu no Yaiba: Are you hyped for season 2 anon? What moments are you most looking forward to seei…[View]
225939894Tsukihime Kohaku KOHAKU KOHAKU: Why /a/ loves Her so Much ?[View]
225940448Did you know, anon? Some people in this world have to work very, very hard if they want to achieve h…[View]
225908103Chainsaw Man: Why do devils become fiends? It doesn't seem to provide any feasible advantage, a…[View]
225938132ITT questionable character designs[View]
225925639D_Cide Traumerei: Episode of the Gyaru[View]
225938144the only thing studio trigger ever made that has merit[View]
225932616is this the worst season for anime titties in years? there's literally only one show I'm w…[View]
225931130>be Mitani >'nah, I don't wanna kiss you, Yo' >find out Kei jerked him off >'okay, …[View]
225929160Would you help this little girl?[View]
225886988case study of vanitas: New episode today![View]
225939073>-UCK GIRL yui-chan no[View]
225939721Kenja Nakama: Her personality is too strong that she's overshadowing the titular character. I h…[View]
225939659he's getting redeemed right?[View]
225937982Joshikousei To Seishokusha-San: First Giri-Giri Saegiru Katagirisan, then Arakure Ojousama Wa MonMon…[View]
225829410Jashin chan dropkick on my devil: Just finished my first watch through, went into it totally blind (…[View]
225928032One Piece: Ulti pirates ft. Pay Pay terrorising the new world then Kaido tortured Page1 until he bro…[View]
225938070>Pillar instead of Hashira >Moons instead of Kizuki >Breath of fire instead of Fire breathi…[View]
225927046>Its a time loop, but the struggles of each loop will slowly accumulate tiny improvements and eve…[View]
225937335Rifle is Beautiful: Rifle shooting is an Olympic sport.[View]
225935226Did you guys know “Seiren” means honesty?[View]
225933722Chainsaw Man: She says, she's no good with GUNS but you're SAW Barely stuttered out a BANG…[View]
225843941Why can't Range Murata make good anime?[View]
225934465What does /a/ think of Hataraku Maou-sama?[View]
225938762boss.me.now.: Is Nazca good?[View]
225932813>Name a better villian How would you respond?[View]
225938575Naruto: The series would be more interesting if they were cats instead of humans.[View]
225926271Oshi no Ko 51 text spoilers: CN: 150W 51.考察 黑奈担心 黑去看夸 奈吃醋 导演吃惊:女友是你不是帽子? 讲阿夸的家庭 阿夸睡眠中喊爱 茜眼睛白米字 侦探黑川…[View]
225925601Here's your short, pink-haired lesbian MC.[View]
225936569Why was he the only one that didn't had a relationship in the end? He's not even fat, he…[View]
225938392Kaze to Ki no Uta: Has anyone read Kazeki? Is there anything more depressing in 1970s shoujo manga h…[View]
225928785Post them anime smiles /a/nons, the more heartwarming, the better.[View]
225933727What's the point of anime directors? Don't you think they get overpaid while animators do …[View]
225923183Boku no Hero Academia: What would happen if Deku accidentally hurts Tsuyu or Uraraka?[View]
225916191Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: Dai finally gets his badass new sword. What did everyone think? F…[View]
225926413>ojii-san character >they're 26[View]
225934610Is Megami-ryō no Ryōbo-ku doing any good? As in is it successful?[View]
225930157Higurashi Sotsu: How do you think Sotsu will end? >Best ending Rika and Satoko fight it out in th…[View]
225917498Kaguya Manga: Kaguya Joined Archery Olympic, spoiler soon[View]
225922331Evangelion 3.0+1.0: What if the Eva Units were giant crawfish?[View]
225905496Akame: >Become isekai character in the Akame ga Kill universe >Gained otherworldly powers >…[View]
225934905Wait a minute...[View]
225935503Bunny girl senpai is a masterpiece: If you disagree with me then you're just a contrarian tryin…[View]
225936734>Bokumachi >Tokyo Revengers >Remake >Picrel Okay but have there been any of these where …[View]
225933452Did enough time pass to admit that Naruto was good?[View]
225926166Bunny Girl Senpai: Is it really just a poor man's Haruhi?[View]
225933036>the only character with super long pink hair in that country >her disguise is a small hat …[View]
225936436>At last he had found a name, but there was no longer anyone around to call him by it. >Such a…[View]
225922685What do you think of feminization of tomboys?[View]
225925056Dragon Ball Super: Was it that bad?[View]
225917492Sonny Boy: Rajdhani is the best Raj.[View]
225912278>has above average IQ and supernatural abilities >dude just let me wageslave in peace for the …[View]
225922389Started watching this. Why is it so bad? I thought this was supposed to be good like YuuYuuHakusho. …[View]
225933388Persona rip-off. D_Cide Traumerei the Animation: Even the characters look the same.[View]
225934318is it really possible for a man and a woman to be just friends?[View]
225924799How come good anime isn't made anymore? In the late 80s-90s you had anime with a grand scale wa…[View]
225926483How do we save the isekai genre?[View]
225931746did they?[View]
225891221Precure Thread: They're just good friends, right?.[View]
225931188Why the fuck do people who live alone do this in anime/manga? Why can't they use a fucking tras…[View]
225924186stupid yet funny trope: >air conditioner? ah yes, in every house! >use it? no, absolutely! it…[View]
225927456Why is he staring at her like like that? What is he thinking about at that moment.[View]
225930376Shiki: Was he a lolicon?[View]
225931704Okaeri Alice: Is OA /a/'s manga of the year?[View]
225930726You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools, but that's the way I like it bab…[View]
225934357Have any of you watched Katsudo Shashin?: If so, what did you think of it? Was it impressive for it…[View]
225932783It's the best show about tranquility and optimism I've ever seen. I even like President Ar…[View]
225927737Why dont more studios use western music in anime?[View]
225923632So this is the power of WMAF...[View]
225931218D_Cide Traumerei the Animation: Subs out.[View]
225832551Boruto: So who´s this powerfull Konoha ally?[View]
225927790Stage 1: normalfaggotry >watch K-on and it's the best slice of life you've ever seen be…[View]
225931393Only a week before jahy starts airing[View]
225931717Why is My Hero Academia seen as a good Shounen while Black Clover is seen as a bad one?: No offense,…[View]
225933512Has Oda given up?: Why does he continue to make these clusterfuck spreads?[View]
225933159>have to pay 20 bucks a month for subs because the 'people' who rip shows are too braindead to do…[View]
225910494Shingeki no Kyojin: EM deserved so much fucking better man. They should have been happy together.…[View]
225930768Mecha princess: -Naive -Idealist -Sheltered upbring -Ptivilegied -Peacifist -Ativist - Want iguality…[View]
225933265ITT: Characters who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
225933212do u love yuuri?[View]
225917312Bofuri: >still 1 year until S2 Time needs to move faster.[View]
225933165Which video player do you use to watch anime?[View]
225933084Kumiko is the most fertile anime girl[View]
225902866Nobody would care above CSM if the girls weren't cute[View]
225932779>tfw you will never be a shota getting molested by a dorm of JDs[View]
225932965I can't believe I wasted 100 hours on umineko. Last tearoom was shitto, last ???? was shitto, w…[View]
225909501Kantai Collection Season 2: Pshhfftttt... I has a box. XD[View]
225918549considering manga/anime industry covers tons of content aimed to different demographies, why do you …[View]
225914937Heion Sedai No Idaten-tachi: :P i'm ready for this[View]
225926287predict anime development, trends... in the future[View]
225932212Fairy Tail author & Higurashi author are both recycling their same work over and over again, als…[View]
225932417Schumacher no Walküre What did /a/ think of it? Also, post Aphrodite![View]
225877221Meikyuu Black Company: Are you enjoying the adventures of Wageslave Kamina and his dreams of corpora…[View]
225932036BAKI DOU SERIES: YUUJIRO HANMA TIMELINE: Alright, guys...Let's analyze the timeline of the amaz…[View]
225926272>Russian girl has white hair Why is this a cliche, and where does it come from?…[View]
225917642One Piece Volume 075 Storytime: HIS NAME'S ZOLO, HE'S JUST LIKE A SAMURAI! AND A L-A-D-Y, …[View]
225915544Yukikaze deserves her own spinoff.[View]
225922686how old is Kusanagi in-universe? I've always had the impression that she's much older than…[View]
225899816I want to rape Maria[View]
225926189Detective Conan TV Episode 1013: new meitantei conan episode[View]
225925240>you will never experience pic related in your lifetime AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
225929955I love these characters so much: I loved them way more than Deku or any other character. Deku is a …[View]
225874356Blue Reflection Ray: Why is this so popular on /a/ and so unpopular everywhere else?[View]
225914513Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: Piccolo has a house now. What do we all think of Piccolo’s house?…[View]
225929411Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: How come they didn't score even 1 against the Bruno's? They…[View]
225929728>Flat main character goes through character development >Character regrets developing because …[View]
225929391yuru camp: I love shimarin. that is all.[View]
225927851Name a better fantasy setting than Samurai Western. I'll wait.[View]
225929932anime when?[View]
225929911>dude, just stop being alive and turn into a computer lol! It's for the sake of evolution du…[View]
225924865Is chainsaw man a guro fetish series? What was point of brain halo then?[View]
225929206in terms of relevance to the story, is he the worst villain?[View]
225919536One Punch Man: Would you be interested in a Tatsumaki spinoff?[View]
225927910GT was better than Super >lowered the power level for a long while instead of making it unreasona…[View]
225921186>great battle yuri with cute girls and HUGE melons >/a/ never talks about it I'm starting…[View]
225925428Why was the dubbing so bad?[View]
225925514Hotaru is the cutest 2D girl in existence[View]
225927915Did asuka win?[View]
225928045The Witch and the Beast: thought?[View]
225919567Daily Yotsuba&!: Chapter 36 Yotsuba & Bicycles![View]
225922972Higurashi Sotsu: Why did Satoko shoot?[View]
225907574MHA: Vigilantes: New chapter is out: https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/my-hero-academia-vigilantes-chap…[View]
225927609I think we can all agree (barring the ending) that aot was a 10/10 anime/manga with great world buil…[View]
225929733Shit character design[View]
225828872There are people on this board that actually felt sorry for this thing[View]
225929670Domestic na Kanojo / Domestic Girlfriend: Why... I was so excited...[View]
225921817Natsuiro Kiseki: The Kisekis are very fashionable.[View]
225928648Will Amnesia/Elaina become the more popular yuri pairing in the series if Tabitabi gets a second sea…[View]
225922668ITT: characters that you could beat up in a 1v1 fight[View]
225924996In-universe, is it okay to lewd Tanya von Degurechaff?[View]
225922958Storytime: Baki Dou Volume 10: Breakfast, Baki! Last time: Shibukawa took a stab at Musashi, with pr…[View]
225911381Friendly reminder: Stop being an anime only and go read the fucking manga[View]
225922248ITT: Only the best pages from manga.[View]
225904469The true underdog of Naruto. No special bloodline, no special heritage, no bullshit power ups, no de…[View]
225922771shonen heroes who aren't the chosen one: I can only really think of a handful who aren't t…[View]
225902373Baki Thread: Translations out, it wasn't a metaphor. Yujiro pounded that girl's (m) bussy …[View]
225897171Weekly Urusei Yatsura Storytime: Volume 15: Ryunosuke finally shows up this volume. Hope you like he…[View]
225925499Is there a worse shonen villain?[View]
225925559>Villain is evil because... he's evil[View]
225925860Is this the ultimate meaning of neon genesis evangelion?[View]
225926782Inko Midoriya: What is it about her, that makes her so hot![View]
225923606I'm Tsushima the Cat: Are you watching me?[View]
225928205reminder that aki could have totally prevented his death[View]
225924822Shaman King: Why are they made of cars?[View]
225923839Let's all love Lain![View]
225912675One Piece: Who do you think has the biggest nipples?[View]
225924619Cool frames: 2010s edition: Share frames you think are cool or special for anime that aired between …[View]
225901633Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: You ARE going to watch Pan's new movie, right?[View]
225916375Crazy Diamond. The best-written power in all of Shonen. Consistent, specific yet versatile, and carr…[View]
225915766Fate Series: How do I into this show? Can I just watch zero and call it a day? Is the rest of the se…[View]
225927063As you can see his hand never makes contact. This merely shows Rei using her ultra instinct abilitie…[View]
225925852Found this at Barnes and Noble Is the pendulum finally swinging?[View]
22592582886: Eighty six: What happened?[View]
225912638Old anime is shit.[View]
225926667Yu-Gi-Oh: Why did he steal Shadow the Hedgehog's hairdo?[View]
225923431Now that it's truly over, where do I go now? How long till the gorillas needs money again?[View]
225924711So I've finished season 1, and I loved it. The feeling of dread in the background was intense t…[View]
225861329Jojolion Fix Thread #2: Contemplate copes, hopes or write your own superior ending[View]
225916402Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 69: New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC) Previous: >>2…[View]
225926135Nijisanji Thread[View]
225926092Is garden of sinners worth watching after part 5? I hated the first four and only kept watching beca…[View]
225924300I don't understand a single thing that happened in the ending of this but I loved it.[View]
2259258014 Cut Hero: >2+ years hiatus kill me[View]
225905231Look who is here, Takfumi as Alicia https://comic-walker.com/viewer/?tw=2&dlcl=ja&cid=KDCW_M…[View]
225925439Post characters you self insert as despite not being relatable[View]
225870610Re:Zero: Considering the amount of stuff that got introduced about stuff the Emilia Camp had been up…[View]
225925570EVOL - Atsushi Kaneko: Chapter 1 Work, sleep, work, sleep... what a dull existence Why even live?! N…[View]
225920810Maids are the best[View]
225871192Webm thread[View]
225923384Fate/stay night: How the fuck did Mind of Steel Shirou win his Grail War? Let's list the facts:…[View]
225923776ITT: Good characters stuck in a shitty shows[View]
225914149Are they a good couple?[View]
225925247What am I in for?[View]
225903360>2021 >I am forgotten Do you miss the old days of Comiket?…[View]
225914061Which tier does your character belong to anon?[View]
225922630Why did Sasuke become so gay after the ending timeskip? Why hasnt there been a good shounen manga si…[View]
225906083Blade of immortal Storytime 6: Manji is an immortal swordsman, who has been cursed with eternal life…[View]
225923249What did he see?[View]
225909630Will it be good?[View]
225915920What is the maximum amount of episodes an anime is allowed to have before becoming shit?[View]
225918918Lewis Carroll was a cunning man and mathematician noted for his facility for wordplay[View]
225894267100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru: New episode out. I know there is at least 5 of you that…[View]
225918311>The Eclipse >The Incarnation Ceremony >The Great Roar of the Astral World Is Beserk nothi…[View]
225922413Is it weird to find this hot?[View]
225923204Boku no hero academia: Does this count as an homage/inspiration?[View]
225917862>called 'the end of evangelion' >wasn't actually the end of evangelion…[View]
225903051Toradora: >watch >fill void >ends >void expands worth it What does /a/ think about it? D…[View]
225920382Coincidence or?: >Be Buronson >Be the 1980s where the setting takes place in a world that the …[View]
225920963Anime Movie: 12 months ago OP asked /a/ for what they thought the best standalone movies. This is hi…[View]
225918732Oh yea... that happened... Did anyone here actually watch this? Just looked like flavor of the week …[View]
2259068993x3 Thread[View]
225914762Where do you draw the line between 2D girls being gal pals and actually being gay?[View]
225902755Why does everyone think 5ds is the best yugioh series?[View]
225923502so which ecchi anime has the best opening? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncC44aHGYM0[View]
225923151ITT: Things in old animes that would be censored/canceled today Black characters with big lips.[View]
225923378Does she ever put out for Suzui?[View]
225923103Why do so many isekai stories send the MC to school for no reason? Are authors that out of ideas?…[View]
225921199Minpou Kaisei: >Japan legalizes polygamy for a select group >MC saves co passengers on a plane…[View]
225904405Boku no Hero Academia: Super Heroes In Training[View]
225918381Monogatari: Hanekawa is fucked[View]
225897971If mid isekai story it is revealed that the MC wasnt reincarnated and the world is actually earth …[View]
225921559RedlinE: 6/10 wacky race + mario kart . But with background and political commentary and hundreds of…[View]
225908847Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter: 62 Days...[View]
225915895will it ever get any official subs release?[View]
225922736Miko desk[View]
225914365/a/ dubs - Kaguya Rain Scene: Project started back in 2020 but was too lazy to pull off, redoing it …[View]
225919365This manga has some pretty nice lewd art but it's really wasted for a shitty isekai light novel…[View]
225914750You guys told me people hated this because of all the lewd lolis. Well I watched it and it wasn…[View]
225909305Which Shirou is cooler?[View]
225922221Kino no Tabi is kin-[View]
225920682Remember: whenever someone criticizes an anime you like, just ask them to give you their list of fav…[View]
225922163What made SEELE go with this design for the Mass Produced Evas? They got fish faces[View]
225914261Evangelion 3.0+1.0: In comparison to other mechs and mech shows, how strong are the Evas?[View]
225908768Higurashi Sotsu: >never gonna wake up >everyone slowly move on and stop caring about him. >…[View]
225920121Odd taxi: Can we have another thread about this really never expected to enjoy an anime original thi…[View]
225914489Why are you not a super High schooler?[View]
225922030Hidamari Sketch: I just watched the entirety of this show's first season tonight and want more.…[View]
225908138>Watch Gureen Lagann >Fuck off with baby's first anime! >Watch Legend of the Galactic …[View]
225870093Shirou x Rin >>>>>>>>>> Shirou x Sakura[View]
225895992SonnyBoy: Scamming worthless weebs. Fucking based.[View]
225920644Fena: Pirate Princess: Airing in August 14 in Crunchyroll. It seems to be a love story but the art s…[View]
225918596Unexpected comedy of the year[View]
225915314Is there a reason Asuna is a massive cuck in the SAO games?[View]
225917993Why aren't there more magical boy anime?[View]
225914239>pan to sky >'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?'[View]
225908229Daily Happy Sugar Life Chapter: 9th Life: The Sugar Girl's Raw Ingredients[View]
225921393colors: 7,5 MC is a selfish piece of sh*t who can't accept kindness Watch if you think you are…[View]
225918371There's a surprising amount of sexy manga on pixiv[View]
225906126Using the rules of equivalent exchange, what anime/manga do you sacrifice to bring back Hunter x Hun…[View]
225918202What exactly is Yui trying to do here?[View]
225902994Daily Mushishi Chapter: Rain Comes and a Rainbow Is Born[View]
225920672>even Tatsuki Fujimoto is pushing the Loomis meme Was /ic/ right after all?…[View]
225913463How would you describe their relationship, /a/,[View]
225909005We can all agree that none of these characters were at fault[View]
225920034this is a dangerous supernatural criminal.[View]
225914613Why are imoutos such bitches ?[View]
225917433Thoughts on Basilisk?[View]
225917686Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou: >Watches >Realizes what this is trying to do …[View]
225915715Public Service Announcment: I love this boy Thank you for listening[View]
225911400ITT: Fanon endings better thaj the canon endings[View]
225915260Shiroi Suna no Aquatope: Why were they have to deprive us of the painted nails by episode 2?[View]
225919199NATSU DA![View]
225918796Choujin X: New chapter up on Viz. Choujin X, the sequel to the hit xbox fighting game Kakuto Chojin…[View]
225918675Could Artoria have been a good father?[View]
225915992anime wasn't forgotten after all[View]
225901015Shingeki no Kyojin: Post cute canon ships[View]
225918677Ishuzoku Reviewers: Is season 2 possible under a different studio?[View]
225917737this is one of the most visually detailed anime I have seen[View]
225912203I want to marry Revy and turn her into a trad housewife[View]
225916097Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai (Bokuben): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zd9QGlRq-M&ab_channe…[View]
225917257What's your excuse for not watching Oddtaxi?[View]
225866660Name a bigger fall from grace.[View]
225917802What does /a/ think of the animated adaptation of Kaguya sama?[View]
225912428Peach boy: Just finished first episode Why the unlimited rage and hate about this?[View]
225917117Why dont more series portray this? Even 'Mature' Series like Seinen have characters who dont want to…[View]
225917039Best Girl Discussion: Just kidding, no discussion to be had. Ritsu is best girl. All arguments to th…[View]
225908921itt: underrated girls[View]
225906951this is the stupidest part of the whole series >muh revenge is baaad noooo don't kill him!!!…[View]
225911266>we want the Spice and Wolf audience, but also the pro-wrestling audience…[View]
225895634>it's another 'Fujiko tricks Lupin' episode[View]
225912355Sasuke should have been female: Now imagine it, after that climatic final intense battle, covered by…[View]
225856658Pretty Series, Mewkledreamy and Aipla: Maira and her friends are single-handedly carrying little gir…[View]
225905825Storytime: This Gorilla Will Die In 1 Day: Hello, today I'm going to be dumping a little one-sh…[View]
225910504One Piece: When are we going to see her again?[View]
225879301Berserk Thread: R.I.P Miura So how do you feel about the amount of rape scenes in the manga? I had a…[View]
2259160402021 is the best year for anime since 2011[View]
225914820So when is there going to be a new index/railgun adaptation? I need more Saten and Mikoto.[View]
225901918Belka did nothing wrong. Glory to Belka![View]
225912900Now that the dust over Miura's death has settled, can we admit this wasn't just 'the best …[View]
225901864maiko san chi no makanai: Who is watching this, I'm going for episode 6. Geishas were prostitut…[View]
225914319Oretama (My Balls): July 23rd[View]
225868110Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S: I love Ilulu[View]
225915725The journey Saudi Arabia Japan collab: Saudi Arabia and Japan collaborated on an anime that just cam…[View]
225905862The reveal of Piccolo's house is waaaay more interesting that Vegeta's new stupid form[View]
225911658Itt: Endings that ruined the whole series: I wanna go back to the days where I liked this series. I …[View]
225915571Was it good? Post Aphrodite![View]
225886239To westerners, she is a reminder of that one girl that gave us a hard time in our youth only for it …[View]
225898478Dragon Ball Super: >No Tapion/Hirudegarn >No Janemba >No Cooler >Instead we get Dragon B…[View]
225908119What's your favourite plot twist in a series?[View]
225915200only based male left[View]
225886548This is a mistake[View]
225912859Sword Art: Holy kin0[View]
225913421ITT: character with the same nationality as yours[View]
225904565Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Is Evangelion x Gundam peak crossover?[View]
225914053https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USn19iuBJv0 >this is still the best opening of all time How did t…[View]
225910900I underestimated her. It wasn't the darkness within her heart, it was a heart made out of darkn…[View]
225905025Dandadan 16: Depressing shit ahead.[View]
225914431JoJo: Why is part 4 so... ignored? It seems like it's regularly considered 'that' part of the s…[View]
225914470season 2 when bros[View]
225913104What's the appeal of giant tits? I'm sincerely curious. (Ah, I guess I should clarify, I m…[View]
225901926Top 5 objectively cutest (and also funniest) Kyoto Animation characters: 5. Saikawa Riko 4. Kanna Ka…[View]
225912381Upotte: How do we stop gun-on-gun sexual violence?[View]
225912129Could you love a girl with braces?[View]
225913035Least Favorite Episode of Urusei Yatsura?: What's your guys' least favorite episode in Uru…[View]
225907701This Manga was perfect for an anime adaptation. I mean absolutely marketable as fuck and perfect for…[View]
225899641Kiss x Sis: It may have started over 15 years ago, but this can't have anything other than a ru…[View]
225906734Gundam: Can someone please explain to me how anyone can support Zeon or any of the derivatives of Ze…[View]
22591125686: Why nobody talk about this? Is kino[View]
225913551ITT: Manga that you are really interested to see how they would be animated if they ever get animate…[View]
225908128Conan: Why does everyone in this series look deformed?[View]
225913316overrated shit thread: overrated shit thread[View]
225890625Urusei yatsura: I love Lum.[View]
225903141Gainax orders the cease and desist of the fan restoration of the Daicon III opening animation: Do th…[View]
225907570Just finished Steins Gate: I feel like I've overdosed on pure SOUL. What a fucking beautiful em…[View]
225889656Bad descriptions: ITT: describe an anime poorly, and anons will try to guess the show. I'll sta…[View]
225912031>OPM adaptation started only 3 years after the webcomic. Did ONE have any industry connections li…[View]
225913298Manga 3x3? >R8 >H8 >Recommend new series to others based on their posts…[View]
225908790Monster of Earth (2013) storytime: One-shot collaboration between ONE, Murata and Capcom character d…[View]
225913077I just finished watching all 74 episodes of Monster. Was it actually kino?[View]
225896527Why is monster so hated here?[View]
225910010Do you remember her?[View]
225912222What's wrong Anon? Is the soup not to your liking?[View]
225911795What are some examples of dubs being as good as or better than subs? Me personally, I prefer the dub…[View]
225911055Both are Overpowered in their respective manga. Who would take the win in a fight?[View]
225911808>Naruto hyperventilate for Sasuke[View]
225912262Why don't we get big shots at 2 cour plus original series anymore?[View]
225899901Was Go Nagai the fujimoto of his era?[View]
225911775This is the most impacful scene in any anime or manga. I literally cried just watching this clip, an…[View]
225911721Why do good series only ever get, at most, one anime season?[View]
225895746Ippon Again chapter 29: New chapter, new storytime Last time, Aobanishi arrived in Fukuoka. They wer…[View]
225912024OH NO! Kaworu is about to get fucking decked by infamous alt-right sketch comedian Samuel Hajeed Hyd…[View]
225909129Kazemakase: Tsukikage Ran: thoughts?[View]
225894420ITT: characters with the same height as you[View]
225910278Jujutsu Kaisen: Spoilers in[View]
225911716You do respect anime as a genuine medium for artistic expression?[View]
225911691Best boy.[View]
225910228Smoking cakes are the best cakes.[View]
225910481>pale skin >black shirt >light teal hair >have a thing with hands >1 touch kill m…[View]
225897712Which mangaka has your favorite art style? For me its Satokto Kiyuzuki[View]
225898758Why do porn artists no longer draw porn once they start working on licensed anime?[View]
225911419But who zipped up the bag?[View]
225909283See you tomorrow, /a/.[View]
225892032One Piece Volume 074 Storytime: HIS NAME'S ZOLO, HE'S JUST LIKE A SAMURAI! AND A L-A-D-Y, …[View]
225911184so what are you watching in this summer of COOL?[View]
225890476Hetalia World Stars: Fuck, previous thread is sacked real fast but hetascanlation is up https://heta…[View]
225910368Could Killua have beaten Pitou?[View]
225903922TOEI IS SHIT: >make movie with nice 2D animation >it makes tons of money >'hmmm there seems…[View]
225829990Azur Lane Bisoku Zenshin OVA: No subs but RAWs are finally out[View]
225893153Glamorized haremshit[View]
225903133Tomodachi Toshite Daisuki: Did anyone read this? I really liked this manga, but the last three chapt…[View]
225909209Shotgun Boy: Has any of you read it? what do you think? I personally really like the dipshit protago…[View]
225800721Buyfag Thread: SAL is back[View]
225896555ANOTHER: Can you share your thoughts on ANOTHER? Is it a great piece of mystery horror anime with a …[View]
225910372Garden of Words: Why is Shinkai's writing so nuanced? He's by far the best when it comes t…[View]
225905540Yumemi ga oka Wonderland: wtf is going on with this series? The second story was really good and fel…[View]
225890734in your opinion, what is the most kino manga[View]
225910150Dirty Pair: Why were the Lovely Angels so progressive?[View]
225897010Daily Gekiga Shorts Storytime: Today we read from Okudaira Ira Gekiga as a term is typically used in…[View]
225898062one piece: Robin started to look glowing since she started interacting with Sanji. Is this just a c…[View]
225908238What did they mean by this?[View]
225906675Gyaru are the evolved form of mesugaki desu.[View]
225908419Legend of Crystania vs Record Of Lodoss War Who wins? Also, let's talk about 90s shit.[View]
225895383Dragon Ball Super: New movie news >Toriyama was involved deeply in the making of the Broly movie,…[View]
225845902>fanart left and right >trailers with millions of views >volumes sell over a million copie…[View]
225887082Goddess Cafe Terrace: New chapter is out. https://catmanga.org/series/cafe/22#1[View]
225889298kneel before my superior taste[View]
225908554Akko is shit! SHIT!!!!![View]
225907123Future Boy Conan: For a series that is literally Hayao Miyazaki's directorial debut, this is se…[View]
225900151>just finished watching Rebellion >depression sets in after realizing no other anime will ever…[View]
225895757Higurashi Sotsu: >Mion-san, Shion-san asked me to tell you that Keiichi-san's fur seal is ev…[View]
225903464Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Ω: >he gets even more socially inept in season 2 S…[View]
225907294best girl of the year technically last year tfw the guy probably moved away after this[View]
225906856Why does /a/ never discuss good manga? always the same entry level shit everytime.[View]
225906515Character design: How do you go from this[View]
225906965Ignore shitposters this time you fucking retards.[View]
225896152have you ever personally love a show so much that even /a/ can't change your mind about it?[View]
225872460Oricon Weekly sales by Volume (Jul 12 - Jul 18): 01. Kingdom #62 {2021.07.16} - 349,862 / NEW 02.Tok…[View]
225846515Danchigai chapter 124: Short chapter this week, but stacked with imouto love.[View]
225905397I've become so much like Eren Jaeger it's scary. I wear black cardigans, verbally assault …[View]
225907358What's her endgame?[View]
225903587What's the difference between a 'magical girl anime' and an anime that just happens to be be ab…[View]
225905519Why are there so many anime/manga characters with dead parents?[View]
225905327Does Japan have a negative view on people who want to be manga artists?[View]
225907505Gatchaman Crowds was so great. Why no season 3?[View]
225890309One Punch Man: Are you hyped for the new redraw coming next week?[View]
225907241Shakugan no Shana: Shana is well-developed character[View]
225902139How can one girl be so best?: I love my wife[View]
225907238Shirley should have been killed at the climax of the Mao arc. There is literally no reason for her t…[View]
225896600Shigurui is a better manga and anime than Berserk even if the former is influenced by the latter. Yo…[View]
225884446This is honestly the most disgusting girl I have ever seen. Why are such uglies allowed in lighthear…[View]
225895662Admit it, Black and Red is superior to Yellow and Red: Rin x Shirou >>>>>>>>…[View]
225904520Why didn't they just nuke Meruem and the rest? One ICBM and the threat would have been over.[View]
225906541Taco Bell Fry Force Anime: The heroine of this story, a fearless character named Rei, leads an elite…[View]
225905741A show starting out good and becoming shit is a common complaint, but how about examples of shows th…[View]
225905572This shit is just haremtrash but edgy[View]
225906271>haha funny rape Was this scene really necessary?[View]
225902386why did it's relevance fall off so badly?[View]
225859569I love tomboys so damn much. What about you /a/?[View]
225904150Ore, Tsushima: Watch Ore, Tsushima.[View]
225875666Boku no Hero Academia: When the FUCK is Burnin gonna make her grand return to the manga?[View]
225881531Is animation getting worse or it just confirmation bias? There is usually a lot of cherrypicking on …[View]
225886391Kaiji: >Ichijou... Damn. Such a pathetic but also very humanizing moment. How did you feel about…[View]
225905544>anime board >most anons haven't watched a single Dezaki shows How is this level of plebb…[View]
225844592Gojo is the most manly and alpha male of Jujutsu Kaisen. Say something about him.[View]
225891419No. There is no other piece of work in the genre as bad as Fairy Tail. How did it manage to last mor…[View]
225901010Reminder that season 3 is actually happening and it was not a dream[View]
225903579How do you feel about Oshimi Shuuzou?[View]
225904977Sheryl Nome: I've finally watched Macross F and I'm in live with Sheryl. She is the best c…[View]
225901980gt>super: GT was better than Super >lowered the power level for a long while instead of making…[View]
225899626who winnin?[View]
225903619Why are vampires so horny?[View]
225902217>show looks fun and interesting >it's isekai…[View]
225902369Pumpkin Night: Does anyone find a scanlation of this that isn't trash?[View]
225892540Fire Punch: why did he do it bros?[View]
225904985ITT: Iconic character designs[View]
225848580Chainsaw man: Just finished part 1 and I really liked it, for once an upcoming anime actually deserv…[View]
225901319A man raising a daughter is the ultimate cuck: I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked …[View]
225893798Evangelion 3.0+1.0: What was Kaworu thinking at this EXACT moment?[View]
225904517Kazemakase: Tsukikage Ran: just stumbled upon this, anyone here have any strong feelings about it?…[View]
225897522S2 fucking WHEN!?[View]
225904063Haibara: Is she gonna win?[View]
225894201DBS NEW MOVIE: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero[View]
225881525Promotional image for the upcoming Tokyo Mew Mew 2022 reboot. Thoughts on the new designs? You lik…[View]
225803334Isekai Drugstore: Episode 3 soon[View]
225902908Why did she get stuck?: The other girls went through just fine.[View]
225899005I don’t remember what thread an anon recommended I read Shoujo Jiten in but I really like it and I w…[View]
225900100This isn't a hiatus is it? It really was an end to the manga wasn't it?[View]
225886985Prison School Volume 01 Storytime: It has been ten years since the debut of this story about friends…[View]
225895717Ishuzoku Reviewers: lorem ipsum pepisum angelorum[View]
225903295When did you realize Dragon Ball Super is just Goku vs Superman bait?[View]
225897242Shes still the breast[View]
225900767Sundome: Never have I seen so much wasted potential like this before[View]
225901641Ecchi General: What is the best ecchi series and why is it Qwaser of Stigmata?[View]
225901715How Many Breads Have You Eaten In Your Life?[View]
225902258>2021 >no one remembers Hyakko[View]
225901045What makes shounen so special over any other equivalent?[View]
225896309Lolidk: Just here to post this because i thought it was badass lmao netflix series Record of Ragnaro…[View]
225902809I didn't think about this until just now but everyone in Hinamizawa is already unstable enough …[View]
225896077>one is a female, one is a trap >whoever you choose shall be your bride >you can't tou…[View]
225902564Urusei Yatsura: good times[View]
225902236I hate anime girls. They are all so 'kawaii' which in real-world terms means childish, useless, and …[View]
225902122Naruto is the king of anime and King of manga. How does it feel weebs?[View]
225898599How does cultivation works: Literally how and what the fuck is even cultivation. I mean look at pic …[View]
225900368haruko is hot as fuck[View]
225900474Was it meant to be a parody? Why was it so fucking bad? I felt like I was reading some kind of a fan…[View]
225898288The best anime of 2020, both liked by ''critics'', the ''mainstream'' and even beloved by /a/. …[View]
225828970>176cm >this is considered tall[View]
225901166Opera Girl!!: AOTS[View]
225898158Post a show and others say if its worth watching: A new idea which means it will be a failure here, …[View]
225901356Just to clear out something, are five minutes recaps of the previous episode still a common practice…[View]
225889059Shingeki no Kyojin: Honestly, she's not that bad.[View]
225900559Esdeath: >Become isekai character in the Akame ga Kill universe >Gain otherworldly powers >…[View]
225889480Those are our Olympic reps. Say something nice about them.[View]
225894579Maid Dragon: Why did they waste the best side character on shitty /ss/ crap?[View]
225900101Shouto Todoroki: Why did the author sleep on his character again.[View]
225894713Post anime only (You) remember[View]
225900749dragon maid 2 ep 3: >depressed dragon doesnt want to have play with kids >lucoa speaks yo love…[View]
225894679Bleach anime return soon! get hyped[View]
225895918https://youtu.be/DAk72siHBAw what was the best out of all these[View]
225899498Anyone else get a Makoto shinkai vibe from this movie? as in shit romance melodrama and signature lo…[View]
225899593nom nom nom[View]
225900468Thoughts on trap x reverse trap?[View]
225893096Blade of the Immortal: Story time where?[View]
225895570Dragon Ball Super: New movie? Good.[View]
225875729Can you handle the training and back-breaking work in isekai? Not all of them are gonna give you che…[View]
225898979Chainsaw Man: Why is Power so erotic?[View]
225896885Attack on Titan ending was a blatant DUNE rip off[View]
225885320What's this character archetype called?[View]
225888113how does one become like him: how was he so motivated every second of the day[View]
225890644Girls Last Tour: I have now watched all of the 13 episode, and enjoyed then, yet I still don't …[View]
225899330fate nighy: Why the fuck is named after a Rome guy?[View]
225894252Gunbred x Sisters: Thoughts on this series?[View]
225889391How hard would it be to take on saber as a regular human? lets say we all ganged up on her and had p…[View]
225806387Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu /Moonlit Fantasy ep 3: Episode 3 starting[View]
225888312was it sadder than the actual ending?[View]
225897384Back in MY day anime was all about strange girls and mysteries back in my day we all watched these s…[View]
225867044Sonny Boy: Seeing a lot of speedwatchers and brainlets already getting filtered by this. Episode 2 w…[View]
225898820Why show a loli first for a new dragonball movie? Have they gone mad?[View]
225898896Why don't more girls kiss in anime? It's a completely platonic thing for girls to do.[View]
225899030Why did they send teenagers with no emotional composure to get blacked on Mars?[View]
225899004>Brave Beats: >Started in 2022, >spin-off of the 2018 hit original new anime Brave Witches…[View]
225896418Post anime characters whos design appeal to you but you didn't bother to watch their shows (I d…[View]
225898419Let's all love Pan![View]
225888318Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Storytime: I'm going in intensely with hard macho-ness. 1 >>225872501…[View]
225820493Daily Mushishi Chapter: The Sea of Brushstrokes[View]
225895398Dragon Ball Super: Summary: >It's a super hero themed movie, ergo JiCHAD the REN will be the…[View]
225844529MOU IKKAI[View]
225898089>anime features Americans >everyone is either a lardass, an old cunt, a blonde bombshell, or a…[View]
22589806786: Eighty six: What happened?[View]
225889505>girls like him because 'he's so nice and kind and helps everyone he meets!' and dropped…[View]
225867355Name a worse Little Red Riding Hood retelling. Fucking Hoodwinked was better than this shit.[View]
225882800One Piece: I can't believe break week is finally over[View]
225895607Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru: Haribara might not be the cutest but she's a nice girl and a good…[View]
225897479Well that was a fucking weird ending[View]
225897377She's literally perfect[View]
225897303Did anyone sincerely like these two cunts? Their cousin was better[View]
225875481Hiatus x Hiatus forever![View]
225893563How was this so fucking good?[View]
225833774More sex scenes in anime please[View]
225892109This is your new State sponsored gf /a/non. Please take good care of her. You don't have any p…[View]
225896756RATE WANO ARC: act 1 = 6.5/10 act 2 = 4/10 act 3 = 2.5/10 wano so far 3/10[View]
225896365It's his time[View]
22589521017 years old.[View]
225896208>cute girls >cars >guns This formula never fails.…[View]
225732419Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
225894409Tatsuki Fujimoto[View]
225888570Spanish tittle of nagatoro literally translates to 'don't fuck with me nagatoro.'[View]
225894795Anime genre/demographic boards: Why do we only have a board for /m/echa, y/u/ri, and /y/aoi but not …[View]
225887455Higurashi Sotsu: Will she pinch Oiishi's delicious ass too?[View]
225881202ITT: winners who 100% deserved their win[View]
225880964>we want the playstation audience[View]
225892805Dragon Ball Super: Movie news in 30 minutes.[View]
225895077the new Dragon Ball movie is a 3d CGI mess: wtf were they thinking?? the previous movie was fucking …[View]
225894594Half of Shonen anime is pointless: >30 min. time slot >6 min. total of OP and ED >5 min. to…[View]
225891793Villain isn't evil just because and instead wants to change the world Who is reponsible for thi…[View]
225894830What do you think of this random Angel Mort NPC?[View]
225885414Who would win?: Musashi Miyamoto from Baki or Zoro from One Piece?[View]
225883189>give well reasoned and thoughtful critique of show >'filtered... you didn't get it... st…[View]
225891886Is he a virgin?[View]
225894570Japan has a videogame list for the Olympics, and also played DQ, FF and KH music in the opening cere…[View]
225893531who is your favorite anime deuteragonist?[View]
225880014What character would work better with teir gender inversed?[View]
225894062>doesn't want to be the strongest >just want's to beat his dad who is the strongest…[View]
225893394ITT: Characters who killed their manga[View]
225890548Do you love main girls?[View]
225893983Comic Girls: This is spooked Kaos. What do you think?[View]
225893977Fate: Which Chaldea would make the best maid?[View]
225894099Chainsaw Man is the best manga of all time and Fujimoto is a genius. Every panel is a masterpiece. I…[View]
225892944How do you feel about anime gyarus?[View]
225877950Evangelion 3.0+1.0: How would you want to see Evas using their AT fields?[View]
225888506What’s her name again?[View]
225890037wait that is it then? she is dead?[View]
225893251BEGIN: This is literally, LITERALLY the same premise as Sanctuary. Is Buronson even trying anymore?…[View]
225887861Dragon Ball Super: Are you ready to break the internet again[View]
225879805Who's better and who's worse?[View]
225879464Does /a/ like MPD Psycho? Will it ever get a full English translation?[View]
225893002Was the Rumbling justified?: Was the Rumbling self defense? I personally think that Eren did nothing…[View]
225889735I fucking hate this show. It was on the cusp of being good but they just to make it too vague to mak…[View]
225893107tabete kudasai[View]
225886416Ajin Demi Human: I just finished this series and its easily one of the best ive read in YEARS. Every…[View]
225892896Makima: Why does this realistically done evil cunt trigger so many people? Why do people have troubl…[View]
225892970BLEACH: Tite Kubo is extremely careful with the expressions on his character's faces, and conve…[View]
225891435Finally got around to this, what should I expect? Also is the anime and movie worth it?[View]
225892727'I'm boiled and ready, when there is time for oden!' What did he mean by this[View]
225878377>religious character >is always batshit insane…[View]
225891314if you had to live without either anime or manga, which would it be anons? Both have their pros and …[View]
225889479Retsu Kaioh boxing arc: >Retsu just decices to pick up boxing for no reason >All the while THE…[View]
225885523What is the most cucked character of all times?[View]
225886659What the fuck is this volume: >useless timeskip, won't show us Greek arc >tranny, just be…[View]
225891332In 2019 for the first time I watched anime called Noein. It was pretty good (8/10), but the biggest …[View]
225884700>Christianity bad >Pagan demon spirits good…[View]
225891983>protagonist is a lusty shota who molests his cake mentor Magi was based.…[View]
225891716which one of these guys was right about hero society?[View]
225870937Yamada: This rapist belongs behind bars.[View]
225889822SHE IS BACK TODAY![View]
225886530You guys are rooting for her during the Olympics right? She is one of the best TALL TOMBOY of all …[View]
225887293anon, hand over the yakisoba and no one gets hurt.[View]
225888714Kengan Ashura: Nooooo why did they have to do this? What's the point now, do I even read omega…[View]
225881746What do they eat?[View]
225844986Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi: First episode premieres today.[View]
225881684Have you enjoyed this anime so far?[View]
225845478What's your guilty pleasure series?[View]
225890168What action manga with nice ecchi or lewds should I read? Would hotd or ikkitousen be a good choice?…[View]
225891057Can we get a best boy thread going?[View]
225890361Watamote: God, I hate this boomer bitch[View]
225886746Hell's Paradise: What does /a/ think of Jigokuraku?[View]
225890515Is he the chaddest harem MC as of yet?[View]
225885729Erotic retard[View]
225888003I love this character, he's very funny and his over-reactions to everything is hilarious.[View]
225833575Daily YuruYuri Chapter: Special booklet - One Day of Nanamori Junior High School[View]
225889597In honor of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics getting underway, you should watch Attack No. 1. It was made in …[View]
225887403OWARI DA[View]
225858208Was this actually good? Would people like it if it came out today?[View]
225888706Whenever you feel sad and depressed your waifu is not real never forget, you have millions of waifus…[View]
225885698One Punch Man: You just know this fight is getting redrawn again[View]
225870401>dude... get this... one punch man, but with MAGIC!!![View]
225889193where watch Doraemon (1997): Are there any streaming sites for the Doraemon show of 1997? I am searc…[View]
225852469today is her birthday, say something nice to her[View]
225887779AOTS, and it's not even close[View]
225882703One Piece: Why is Oda like this?[View]
225875513ITT shows you watched entirely for one character. Pic extremely related.[View]
225877325Bring back VN adaptations right this second. I want them to be as common as they were from 2005-2011…[View]
225883675>The Past me is stronger than the future me because every time we cross swords the past me level …[View]
225856259Precure: >Tropical-Rouge has the most Cures showing their midriff ever in a single season >bri…[View]
225887061Where does /a/ stand on Garzey's Wing?[View]
225879700Do you enjoy anime/manga with a strong male lead, or do you prefer someone more normal/relatable? Wh…[View]
225888751Demons or Yokai?: Thinking about it years later in Inuyasha the so-called demons in InuYasha seem to…[View]
225825084>entire manga's premise is MC's relationship with the titular main girl >author imme…[View]
225888601What went wrong?[View]
225888507Did anybody ever find out you watch anime or read manga? How did they react to it? How do you hide y…[View]
225881337>i only moved here a couple of days ago >house is already littered with bottles of alcohol how…[View]
225888334My doll can beat up your doll anon.[View]
225868447Shingeki no kyojin: So how did she reach Paradis?[View]
225827929Futanari no Elf: The lord has returned https://sketch.pixiv.net/@kawakami_masaki/lives/7275616971477…[View]
225870818Code Geass: Is this the most hated character in anime, or do I just hate her?[View]
225886532Beastars Got A Third Season! https://www.twitter.com/itaparu99/status/1417502864713216000[View]
225878178Dragon Ball Super: 'Better to reign in hell, than serve in heaven' - said Zamasu's prototype. T…[View]
225887494Josuke.... YOU are the JoJolion! Best line from the manga and nobody can convince me otherwise[View]
225882682I'm tired of all these dumbass arguments about what good taste is. Lemme tell you what good tas…[View]
225885450Shh, she's sleeping![View]
225857146>Itou Hachi is a cute yuri artist let's see what else she draws[View]
225887521Why do so many GochiUsa fans think that Chiya is hot?[View]
225887462I dropped Code Geass about 6 years ago, in part because of pic related. I watched the first episode …[View]
225884950>you didn't get my latest chapter because without love it cannot be seen…[View]
225881416Why don't other animation studios invest heavily in good 3D animators? Invest now and they will…[View]
225883749Yellow gremlin needs to die. Today.[View]
225886944Peach Boy Riverside: Will you go back to watch it in story order when it's over?[View]
225880919Liar game: Is this the best mental games oriented manga? every game was pretty unpredictable and the…[View]
225861337>no one has any real desire to see the ending of Berserk because it peaked early and went nowhere…[View]
225873334Jojo Stone Ocean: How the fuck do you even animate this stand? Even Araki struggled to draw the ACGT…[View]
225873883Death Note: Was it a compelling argument?[View]
225876215Can they beat the Olympic team?[View]
225882147>Non human races are just normal humans with pointy/animal ears or horns…[View]
225884905why do people praise Fujimoto for his humor? like 90% of it is just dick jokes[View]
225881029She challeges you to a duel[View]
225884357ITT: Anime initially Shonen that becomes Shojo, where the mangaka is so misogynistic, his manga is f…[View]
225885362ITT: Tropes you hate: >antagonists are rapists[View]
225881899Garbage Manga Covers[View]
225876468Higurashi Sotsu: >Strangles her own sister because her ass was too thick to notice the L5 needle …[View]
225883602ITT: kino / parallels that pay off literal years later. Snkeks need not apply.[View]
225886079After all this time: Still unsurpassed[View]
225884425Shouto Todoroki: What does A truly think of him as a distinctive character?[View]
225885866Azumanga Daioh: OBJECTIVE TRUTH TIER LIST.[View]
225879129Why didn't the potatoes get a happy ending?[View]
225883863Pirate princess departs on august 14: are you ready for pirate vs ninja?[View]
225836917Name a more evil character than phos.[View]
225885599After the series, Who was best character?[View]
225873374Anime that you probably would have never given a chance if it wasnt for /a/[View]
225877937jesus this hurts more than punpun[View]
225882348Kaizoku Oujo: PV2 out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yjtOm_bQkc[View]
225885277Tokyo revengers sucks ass. Any decent political/gang focused anime about an MC rising through the ra…[View]
225881913holy mother of kino[View]
225877063Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop: That was a nice, cute movie. Watch it /a/ https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
225885267ITT: your favorite spokon characters[View]
225885248Slight spoilers for the next 3 chapters of OP (1020-1022), since the chapters are pretty much done n…[View]
225880690Shingeki No kyojin real ending fix: After months of coping and hoping for ANR kino from the fan endi…[View]
225883493Villain is evil because... he's evil[View]
225883952Gary Sue's Accolades: >Allows the person he was protecting to be murdered, almost dies in th…[View]
225876937>Luffy? Naruto? Gon? Deku? Tanjiro? Yuji? Denji? Sorry we don't remember all the names of th…[View]
225884320So what was she saying before she got hit?[View]
225866039Isekai Ideas: Post the best idea for an isekai you ever had[View]
225880628MegaloBox: How did they get it so right?[View]
225879166am I crazy or is Index kind of cute[View]
225884035Would you buy produce if it included a picture of the Rei who farmed it in its packaging?[View]
225878740Who had the brilliant idea of putting My Hero Academia at a similar time to One Piece on Japanese TV…[View]
225879370Jujutsu Kaisen: Just caught up with this series, I was pleasantly surprised by the series once it hi…[View]
225882853How could his hand have ended up like this unless he literally busted directly onto his hand?[View]
225879468Seiren > Amagami > Kimikiss[View]
225878681Horimiya: so did my nigga izumi beat that pussy up or nah?[View]
225878913why is this corny shit so highly regarded?[View]
225881163Storytime: Baki Dou Volume 9: Breakfast, Baki! Last time: The end of a legend. While Baki enters int…[View]
225883745The Post Final Haruhi Suzumiya Thread: Personally I found Yuki to be a more compelling and endearing…[View]
225868565Why didn't Yoh resist her when this happened?[View]
225880087Was it a Cutie Honey reference all along?[View]
225875774>diavolo goes to kill him >giorno stuffed a frog in his shirt >diavolo dies Why didn't…[View]
225882230Ao no Hako[View]
225712291Pani Poni: Is Becky actually a genius?[View]
225882152Why is modern anime so full saturated colors and overuse of digital effects, like bloom?: It physica…[View]
225878837which was of these guys was right in the end?[View]
225880972Why ain't I laughing[View]
225881486Has Jump ever brought back a series that got axed?[View]
225871189Blade of immortal Storytime 5: Manji is an immortal swordsman, who has been cursed with eternal life…[View]
225865946Was the 4kids dub of One Piece really all that bad?[View]
225849716SANDA: Really looking forward to this manga, because I liked Paru's work with Beastars before s…[View]
225875884Finally watched it after being pestered by my artfag friends. I now know why it only got one season:…[View]
225881148I've been watching this show and I'm really enjoying it. Ya'll know that the first pa…[View]
225873042One Piece: Here’s to the best crew for One Piece Day.[View]
225877784Peachboy riverside: >the villain with bullshit powers jobs and KNEELS after being defeated Never …[View]
225877618Haruhi Suzumiya: How can this super computer alien be so fucking cute?[View]
225882073Why is Sunrise trying to sell me m&m's?[View]
225876458Why does this manga never get discussed? It is so fun and cool. One of the better shounen.[View]
225806033Prisma Illya is getting a Shoujo Ramune-esque spinoff OVA. Slated for Summer 2022.[View]
225878763What is the PERFECT anime body?[View]
225871811Kaguya Manga: Middle school flashback[View]
225881777>Saitama should teach GAY Mask how to punish bad bitches[View]
225875404You guys are watching Misakino, right?[View]
225873416What's the most Christian anime that you've ever seen?[View]
225850601YKK: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Storytime Part 14: The green fields are now tinged with brown, and the …[View]
225863639The king is too perfect...[View]
225832381Why did we abandon 3 tone shading?: Some guy asked in a thread earlier why does average anime looks …[View]
225872517Anime characters that can defeat him?: I don't there are many. Goku and Vegeta would be btfo. S…[View]
225863609Mizukami thread: Favorite series by him? Favorite character? What would your ideal anime of one of h…[View]
225880460Just a reminder that when Aizen's sentence is over, he's gonna come out looking like this.[View]
225849957Hellsing: Was it enjoyable?[View]
225872123Does /a/ like girls in wheelchairs?[View]
225878643I often see things in anime that look too old for the time depicted. Like these taps with that bag f…[View]
225867088Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens): Is this actually worth watching? Just seems like a boomer a…[View]
225824773Daily Voynich Hotel Chapter: 60 Days...[View]
225872863>d-do you still remember me, anon?[View]
225857327What was your childhood anime?[View]
225878112What do/would actual hunters think of Hunter X Hunter.[View]
225877012Did anime perfect see thru shirts?[View]
225879517yikes... this old hag needs her teaching license revoked...[View]
225877673Damn, what a shitty power. >literally makes his own weapon more brittle when it turns out any dam…[View]
225738007Tsukihime: Would you stick your dick in crazy?[View]
225874456Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 68: New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC) Previous: >>2…[View]
225873537By far the best new series in Jump[View]
225878135>series stuffs in a bunch of unrelated religious symbolism to appear deep and intelligent…[View]
225879330Anyone else here old enough to remember? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7rxtoHogpg&list=PLLcjN…[View]
225872461A-Channel: Hey anon. I'm looking for Run-chan. Have you seen her?[View]
225879024>reread Pandora Hearts >still miss some points Am I retarded?…[View]
225873584What does /a/ think of FLCL? Greatest anime of all time?[View]
225849176Is it true Uma Musume doujin is prohibited in Japan?[View]
225866583Dragon Ball Super: Why does Goku’s IQ keep diminishing over the years? He used to have a working bra…[View]
225878068Chainsaw man : Kobeni best girl: not even a question[View]
225859364Gundam Hathaway: So I just watched this movie and it was pretty good. But, I feel like I missed a lo…[View]
225866893Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Did Rei ever believe this? Did she used to ask about her parents and when they w…[View]
225878140Why no 2nd Season? It's popular and it made money right?[View]
225876434Higurashi Sotsu[View]
225877867Were ashitaka and the princess in a toxic relationship?: At one point princess mononokes was trying …[View]
225831989Why was Shimakaze excluded from the KanColle movie? Isn't she the most popular boat?[View]
225877602Hosoda vs Shinkai: >A total of 500 responses were collected from participants between the ages of…[View]
225852795What's the appeal of Monogatari?: Should I keep watching if I'm just not having fun. The d…[View]
225874516ITT: Characters that change significantly.[View]
225847708Scarlet Nexus: episode 3 out[View]
225874552One Punch Man: They're back...the redraws are back...[View]
225876334Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: Say something nice about this 100% confirmed soon-to-be married couple, as Mion…[View]
225874390Skaven are cannon in GS: When will not-Guts fight the ratmen?[View]
225875125This show will save this trash season[View]
225877172Mangaka redraws/Art Progression: Old character or first chapter redraws comparison/Art Progression…[View]
225876898your favorite mc has tusk act 1-3 instead of their normal powers now and gets tusk act 4 halfway thr…[View]
225876491Anyone else bored?[View]
225875881>Cat in Odokawa's closet was the time traveler's pet >Odokawa and Takeo are fucking …[View]
225875644> An opportunity for money, success and happiness appears for her in every season > She always…[View]
225857362Zombie Land Saga: How can other idol anime even compete[View]
225872501Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Storytime: I'm going in intensely with hard macho-ness.[View]
225834200Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru Chapter 59 translated[View]
225876404This witch is so slutty even demons don't want her.[View]
225868546Why the fuck are Ojou-sama girls so cute, I don't get it. They seem like something I'd hat…[View]
225876202Charts: I'm bored, do you guys have alignment charts, or charts of characters of any nature? No…[View]
225867151Higurashi: Is it normal to be attracted to Shion, or am I just weird?[View]
225846271Baki. Is it her fault that he's like this?: Diane was probably Yujiro's first woman. If sh…[View]
225873776why are tanline tomboys the best tomboys?[View]
225875409Jahy: Jahiiiin jahy jahy jahy jahy power gems jahy jahy jahy magical girl and dare I say it, drujpil…[View]
225872692sometimes, I get shaft and trigger mixed up for no reason.[View]
225870276Oretama (My Balls): July 22nd[View]
225851361What is even the point of watching anime when manga is superior in virtually every way?: Seriously, …[View]
225874297>an episode is slow and boring >*skip it*…[View]
225872028Everyone in this show is a quarter of a person[View]
225872819Is he the most abused shonen protagonist?[View]
225834114Aquatope: Does Kukuru have the best pits of the season?[View]
225853154Boku no Hero Academia: The next chapter will be very interesting. Fuck MVA for a while. Also, why do…[View]
225853510If the isekai nobles are so evil due to their privileges and birthrights, why is there no protag who…[View]
225873401Why doesn't /a/ like Gundam?[View]
225863550Nichijou thread: Final Nichijou thread![View]
225874561short-stacks are BASED lolis are CRINGE >fact[View]
225849292Post the most realistic women in anime. They have to be close to real life women in everything they …[View]
225870384Wataten: She hates it![View]
225843918Asuka Thread: She would despise me, but I'm still madly in love with Asuka. Do you love her no …[View]
225843329Tokyo Mew Mew: First key visual for the new TMM anime >https://twitter.com/mew_mew_new/status/141…[View]
225786471Sousou no Frieren Chapter 59: dumping[View]
225870042>goes full schizo in the last 5 episodes >'you can't even know what you're, are you …[View]
225872103>technologically advance robot warfare >pilots have to be in the unit and risk their life and …[View]
225830700peach boy riverside: Was it a homo relationship?[View]
225871645Oppai Misete: Most kino manga I've read in years, how did this fly under the radar for so long?…[View]
225870489Find me a creepier female antagonist.[View]
225872562From ishuzoku reviewers[View]
225846395ITT: unconventionally attractive anime girls[View]
225866609Higurashi loli: What do you think of this loli[View]
225837756Girl's Last Tour / Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: Finished reading the manga, and it feels like it wa…[View]
225867462Daily Happy Sugar Life Chapter: 8th Life: Unnoticed by the Sugar Girl[View]
225873479Juujika no Rokunin bread: So what's the MC's plan now? The girl is clearly fucking the br…[View]
225872181DEFEND THIS: >the fucking pirate king crew talks about devil fruits like they never saw them befo…[View]
225873148Juujika no Rokunin ch.44: Urushibara has a tight bussy![View]
225871013ITT: Ultimatly Pointless characters who the artist just likes to draw[View]
225857949I want to die: I recently read Beastars. I only care for the first 30 or so chapters, right up until…[View]
225870109What has been the best LOOKING anime of the 2020s so far? Based on art, animation, everything visual[View]
225859840One Piece: Who would win?[View]
225869132Saikawa is a slut![View]
225871712Oro? I'm just on my way to page ten de gozaru.[View]
225845435Watamote Chapter 194: Shit Talking Day.[View]
225872425Sentou Yousei Yukikaze: What a shitty 'romance' movie. When half the movie revolves around some shit…[View]
225866280Seriously, where is chapter 18?[View]
225868224>recap season Why did they think it was a good idea?[View]
225868651She doesn't look very black to me.[View]
225862529Kissxsis: Ako or Riko?[View]
225869157What is the appeal?[View]
225870287>OP by Hatsune Miku[View]
225799854Damn I love big tits in anime[View]
225871138Oh my god, this actually happened? They actually showed a rape scene? I thought Itaden was a saturda…[View]
225864205Shaman King: Not a single frame from the remake can equal this Silva.[View]
225863140Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop: Anyone else watched it yet?[View]
225858725wtf is wrong with this psychotic cannibal trying to feed people a piece of her own flesh? what kind …[View]
225869516I miss her[View]
225771488Double the Nagatoro next week[View]
225871221your favorite anime's mc gets Tusk instead of whatever powers they normally have. any future po…[View]
225844730Is My Hero Academia a good shounen?: Compared to the past greats like Bleach, Naruto, FMA etc. Why o…[View]
225868514This is Sofia say something nice about her /a/[View]
225854422Was it underrated?[View]
225866641This manga went from 1 to a 100 and then cranked it up to 200 on a cocaine induced euphoria How does…[View]
225816886Daily Yotsuba&!: Chapter 34 Yotsuba & the Beach![View]
225869691Abusing the Nichijous![View]
225870087Do you find it... wisible?[View]
225867288BOTI: Where's the story time of Blade of the Immortal?[View]
225862706was this moment amazing or stupid?[View]
225858912The concept behind this Magecraft is rather simple, to shape magical energy into the material compos…[View]
225853434Storytime: New Normal: A covid-era highschool romcom by Akira Akito where the author decides to do t…[View]
225861121I love her so much bros[View]
225868259OPT: They have been awful as of late.[View]
225866920Looking back, was it really that awful?[View]
225869741Post obscure anime here.: I will begin with Gakuen Alice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljdPRlN9g_…[View]
225869577It's almost time. What sports animu you have been watching recently?[View]
225866548is there a more perfect wife?[View]
225869629Kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge Tonde ikitai yo Kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e Tsubasa hatamekase…[View]
225838142The new age of fantasy manga is pretty god imo[View]
225869060>losing to a fucking skeleton Fucking pathetic.[View]
225865194less than nine days until jahy-sama's anime masterpiece finally airs... I'm literally so e…[View]
225858774Higurashi Sotsu: I feel like screaming into the void. So Sotsu really is just a straight recap of Go…[View]
225868962Japanese Netmanga Channels: What are these channels about? They upload frequently, and they all seem…[View]
225867480Ishida is now drawing tokyo ghoul x chainsaw man BURNING bird comedy Is the party back in the menu?[View]
225865913>/a/ really thinks this shit is anime of the year Oh how the standards have fallen. You guys fall…[View]
225847471Choujin X: English Translation chapter 4 in 5 minutes >https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/titles/10…[View]
225867648>TL translates katana as “samurai sword”[View]
225838961Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Saikawa is the perfect wife and a miracle of the universe.[View]
225855778Fire Punch: it was okay, I liked the ending[View]
225856128Shingeki no kyojin: Say something nice to Eren he just got brutally monged[View]
225868146Inazuma Eleven: >the most kino shonen ever made is a soccer show for kids https://www.youtube.com…[View]
225867308was it good?[View]
225852097ITT: Bath Kicks[View]
225857668So Kiryuu is sort of the Ogre in his own series. How would he stack up in Baki? I am currently rerea…[View]
225844064Sonny Boy: Never before seen episode 2 airs today. We finish introducing the main characters and wac…[View]
225866648I just found out that Miura actually for real died.[View]
225867534Can slime have a pussy?[View]
225850966Satoko is such a cheeky little shit.[View]
225867419Kinnikuman: M・U・S・C・L・E muscle! M・U・S・C・L・E muscle! 3・2・1 Fire![View]
225866965Cyborg 009: GET IN HERE! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ....[View]
225867269Aria: Its been more than a decade since The Origination aired, so there might be a lot of newer Anon…[View]
225866133Hobo: Would you watch an anime about a homeles protagonist trying to get back on his feet while expl…[View]
225857430Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Why is the CG so bad? Also, are any of the Rebuild fights truly rememberable?…[View]
225852407Kousaka Kirino from the My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute series.[View]
225862204Why People only care about Shounen Jump?: I HATE THAT ONLY SHOUNEN JUMP GETS ALL THE PUBLICITY AND T…[View]
225857286Is Araragi a lolicon?[View]
225864549Ochikobore Fruit Tart: Which Fruit would you Tart?[View]
225865195miku will be at the opening ceremony right?[View]
225854295Woah, Makoto is hot![View]
225862279What do you think of Medarot?[View]
225860878Her show fucking sucked. What happened?[View]
225859342This is an advanced form of bullying. I love it.[View]
225866078>Manga magazines on break this week Man, Fuck the Olympics[View]
225865614I don't like the trolling going on in this board.[View]
225863425Time to ruin the episode![View]
225864708Weekly Shonen Sunday: Now that Shogakukan is finally sacking all of its long running manga, will you…[View]
225859955Who was the bottom?[View]
225860776School Rumble: Should I read the manga or watch the anime?[View]
225861251What i am aim for[View]
225862574How does Hunter x Hunter STILL manage so much discussion despite not having released a chapter in ye…[View]
225832704What end does she deserve in the new movie?[View]
225862925Stone Ocean: It’s better than Jojolion.[View]
225784981urusei yatsura: alright /a/, let's have a enjoyable thread. >please don't derail how do…[View]
225865150Puck is for ____[View]
225856837Dragon Ball Super: Why did they make CHADren explicitly stronger than all Gods of Destruction, if th…[View]
225865480/a/tsumare: I love nurse sensei![View]
225853950What fetishes should have been featured in Gatchaman Crowds? I am sad we never got to see Hajime bei…[View]
225865028Lupin III: Why does he simp for Fujiko so hard?[View]
225865244Should he have gone the control route instead?[View]
225842176Vinland Saga: Why did it filter /a/? I thought him going from an edgy teen to a farming pacifist was…[View]
225862844Backstreet girls fucking sucks.: the animation is bad... oh wait. THERE IS NO ANIMATION![View]
225831051One Piece: Is Oda going senile? He drew the exact same panel and events on three different occasions…[View]
225856318let's talk about shoujo kakumei utena[View]
225854570Daily Gekiga Shorts Storytime: Today we read from Watari Futoshi/Watari 24 Gekiga as a term is used …[View]
225855634Cowboy Bebop Episode 5: Why is this considered one of the best episodes in anime ever? It's gre…[View]
225863638Boruto: Naruto next gayneration: What the FUCK did Kishi mean by this?[View]
225863862Jojolion: Jojolion ending next month Let's hear your crazy theories before last chapter comes o…[View]
225857164Which anime got you into the medium /a/?[View]
225861759What will anime of the 2030s be like?[View]
225863803what did /a/ think of it?[View]
225859256Prediction time: >Goku is the host. >Johnny Joestar is the paralympics host. >A bunch of sp…[View]
225863497I would say that overall, 1999 is superior to 2011 in covering things from start through Greed Islan…[View]
225860726is it normal that felling love with anime characters?[View]
225854087jojo: sad reminder that the part would've been tremendously better if Josuke never existed to b…[View]
225857353One Piece Volume 073 Storytime: HIS NAME'S ZOLO, HE'S JUST LIKE A SAMURAI! AND A L-A-D-Y, …[View]
225861492Is One Piece legitimately good or is just a meme?[View]
225862764None of them did anything wrong[View]
225853040Monster #8 - New chapter: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009619[View]
225861374Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu: >Her smile and optimism: gone Tell me /a/, is this her atonement…[View]
225862316This is really on the nose writing...[View]
225856141Why does no other anime capture the same ambience as Mushishi?[View]
225838036Horror Stories in Animation Studios: >a studio should not have its twenty-something girls crying …[View]
225827377The best part about the UBW ending is that the wormslut accepts she's only good for Shinji…[View]
225831725Thoughts on WSJ?[View]
225860422Daughter-wife thread: ITT we post daughter fuckers and daughter-wives[View]
225763904Vanitas no Carte: Vanitas chapter 53 out today. Time to suffer[View]
225860041D.Gray-Man: Respect the thread[View]
225853056Remember the time Araki forgot______?[View]
225858266i unironically enjoyed magma diver very much and think its one of the best episodes[View]
225817915How many 4chan users would be considered potential criminals in Psycho Pass' universe?[View]
225859004So how did this[View]
225857165Dragon Maid season 2: How is Jamie Marchi/Funimation going to fuck up the dub this time around ? Pic…[View]
225857432Milky Holmes: What would Sharo get into an argument about?[View]
225840776Are these clans fucked up because of the insane amount of inbreeding? Hyuga are probably even more i…[View]
225860104Why is it so hard for him to not disappoint his father?[View]
225856675Hajime no Ippo: Holy shit, he's finally learning how to stand up for himself.[View]
225844217school days: world was best girl, you literally can't debunk this[View]
225854465Best uniform: Which made up military has the best uniform?[View]
225859582Friendly reminder that she doesn't actually love Ataru She just feels obligated ro marry him be…[View]
225859593Yukino: Yukino good[View]
225842624One Piece: Celebration video for volume 100 and episode 1000 in 20 minutes https://youtu.be/Y9KwhCs8…[View]
225851763Joshiraku: the ultimate star of the show[View]
225858531This new season is a complete scam. Absolutely nothing new happened this episode , it's practic…[View]
225842244This OP is legitimately a 0/10 in audio and visual presentation. What the fuck went wrong after the …[View]
225852343You know it's a good manga when everyone aside from the monster is a good person in native isek…[View]
225853513Did japan studio just realize webtoon adaption isn't working or something? a year ago they were…[View]
225859112Is this scene new? I haven't seen it in my life[View]
225856786Eren v. Jiren: who would win?[View]
225808827Kengan Omega 118: Raws: https://imgur.com/a/dnoAOsV 2ch: https://may.2chan.net/b/res/866429370.htm…[View]
225858573After watching the anime and then reading some of the manga its clear that the anime is better. shou…[View]
225851547shigurui: what a ride[View]
225856038Is this the worst crime a person can commit?[View]
225856522Serious question from one of the Yamada-kun and 7 witches protagonists'[View]
225858269The Duke of Death and His Maid: She wants to die, right? Otherwise, why would she keep egging the du…[View]
225854162which one of the big 3 is the GOAT of shounen?: Once Piece could break all the sale record but it wi…[View]
225856780ITT: 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ1DlJxsUg8[View]
225804406Love Live: You should come to realiZe that you can not resist the cuteness of Chichan. :)…[View]
225837991Evangelion 3.0+1.0: What would be a good colorway for an Evangelion Unit (besides the canon ones)?…[View]
225826065ITT: characters that share the same name as you[View]
225855519Plot convenience on Monster: How does a 9 year old kid get his hands on poisoned candy to kill the d…[View]
225853110Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: Clean your filthy room.[View]
225851548What are your wishes and deepest fears with respect to the upcoming Aqua anime original season? It…[View]
225853097Why are canon nipples more arousing than fan drawn nipples?[View]
225852278Shounen no Abyss/Boy's Abyss: Did the new chapter come out, did I miss the thread?[View]
225850583Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop: movie is out in netflix i actualy liked the movie[View]
225797787What's your favorite episode?[View]
225848248Dragon Ball Super: What are the odds of a trailer for the film dropping tommorrow? Do you think it w…[View]
225850694Bobobo-bo bo-bobo: Should I pick this up /a/? From what I understand the plot is not finished in the…[View]
225854204Love Live: What is this expression supposed to convey?[View]
225852862ITT: Manga panels/spreads you've fapped to[View]
225850951Hunter X Hunter: Ok I don't get this shit. How is it so high rated everywhere? Does it get good…[View]
225856340They truly did nothing wrong[View]
225856066>uwu kawaii desu[View]
225852390Boku no Hero Academia: How can one man be so skilled in the art of drawing women?[View]
225836400What's is the ultimate manga consumption device? >inb4 paper fags[View]
225854115Do you prefer long running narratives or episodic shows?[View]
225795682/a/ Sings - Fighting Gold (Jojo Part 5 OP): We're singing Fighting Gold. Join in on the fun. H…[View]
225852111TOKYO REVENGERS: is this show any good? I don't usually watch newer anime since most of it now …[View]
225855826The potato[View]
225855767>it's a kaito kiddo chapter[View]
225853195You guys remember Niggastream?[View]
225855730Non Non Biyori: Shiori... I do believe I issued from the mists of time. I’ve always been shocked at …[View]
225839525Ayakashi triangle: God Matsuri is such an amazing girl. I hope at the end (s)he stays that way…[View]
225752565Kakegurui writer will make another isekai manga: Dare I say, based?[View]
225855120Post Anime openings you play when you masturbate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faqmNf_fZlE…[View]
225755304Surely no one would wife a girl that is both taller and stronger than you right?[View]
225837044>ecchi series with god-tier art >it's 95% generic battle shonen and 5% actual ecchi, with…[View]
225854083There's no such thing as a bad Jojo OP. Chase is a fucking banger.[View]
225837152Shingeki no Kyojin: >The plot[View]
225829501What are /a/'s thoughts on Kubo's poetry?[View]
225842680Will Redline ever be topped? Have we reached animation stagnation?[View]
225852730How do you make an anime/manga that checks out all of the b/a/ses?[View]
225851798Which anime should have a homo ending?: Pic related, Killua and Gon ending up with anyone but each o…[View]
225820469Kemono Friends: Genki ne[View]
225853850Weird show.[View]
225853104Goku butt![View]
225845064Spirited Away: I just finished Spirited Away and I really enjoyed it. Did /a/ like it?[View]
225853876>show looks fun and interesting >it's Mecha…[View]
225813238Future War 198X: What did /a/ think of this?[View]
225840510What was the origin of the 'late to school with toast' thing?[View]
225853240Anyone wanna give me a quick rundown on what this konosuba season is gonna be about assuming it cont…[View]
225826288Kanojo mo Kanojo: You wouldn't do anything funny, would you?[View]
225846604Could a manga with a drug using MC be successful?[View]
225848512Time on shonens: Why are shonen authors so afrais of letting their characters spend lots of time tog…[View]
225838550Why is it so rare to see isekai forces invading the modern world? Dragons vs. aircrafts, mages vs. a…[View]
225832632Boku no Hero Academia: Why is he so based?[View]
225852849i have had it with you 4chan users. ill shoot you all through the screen[View]
225823728>poor >angry >unpleasant >annoying No wonder she lost.…[View]
225784739Pretty Series, Mewkledreamy and Aipla: Maira is the greatest little girl anime protagonist since Ich…[View]
225844210What will be /a/'s reaction when One Piece ends?: I think it could be mixed, partially because …[View]
225849876What smell do you imagine when you see this pic?[View]
225849048ITT: Exact moments when a manga was forever ruined.[View]
225850317ITT: Playboy Playmates[View]
225842678>ywn have a qt crossdressing smug femboy bf like Maria Why even live?[View]
225837743Was Maid Dragon always this degenerate? I mainly remember the comfy found family part.[View]
225852290aku no hana artbook: i need your help frens. ill do anything for shuzo oshimis 'femme fatale' artboo…[View]
225845715Can we have an Okaerie Alice thread, please? I just read the latest chapter.[View]
225850928Do you prefer retarded MCs or intelligent MCs?[View]
225846965Higurashi Sotsu: Mionbros.... When will our girl get the happiness she deserves?[View]
225852269post your physical manga collection: Just got all my mangas on my new bookshelf[View]
225851979OOOOOOOH I WANT YOU[View]
225811933Hibike Euphonium: Was giving Kumiko a butt like this really necessary[View]
225839725SSSS. Dynazenon: Bluray Vol.2 Voice Drama - √36 Audio: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1K5411A7Q8 T…[View]
225851607My(ne) wife[View]
225851600What does /a/ think about Candy Flurry ?[View]
225842317Assault Lily Fruits: Episode 1 Strawberry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEpYgups7bQ[View]
225831450This is character assassination, point-blank. What did Kishimoto do Sakura like this?[View]
225832035The Witch and the Beast: You guys already known me, let's save ourselves presentations and let…[View]
225824592Mikoto Misaka is cool don't change my mind[View]
225848103>ruins your anime[View]
225850072What would you personally like the ending song for it to be?[View]
225805154Why did Oda stop drawing clean spreads like this?[View]
225848834New Normal: Anyone here reading this? It's a covid era highschool romcom with the author puttin…[View]
225846943What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you see Shinka?[View]
225847926How Do You Live?: are you looking forward for Hayao Miyazaki last anime movie? its finishing this fa…[View]
225816632>The target audience for 'PRECURE' is still between the ages of 3 and 6, so when they hear the wo…[View]
225842736I'm 100% invested now. There's no bullshit. I want them to be together.[View]
225829585>watch 'female targeted' anime >rape >abuse >molestation >ATTEMPTED RAPE…[View]
225849683This anime unironically motivated me to get a job.[View]
225846382Why is this masterpiece so underrated?[View]
225847923Dragon Ball Super: Nobody can compete with Toyotarou, he is the best DB artist.[View]
225846077The anti heroes are the best[View]
225612561Assassin's Pride: What the fuck happened to the manga translations?[View]
225806654Jojolion Fix thread: Post your copes, f/a/gs.[View]
225843881The Shadowverse anime was shit, but you still remember Alice Kusobane, right?[View]
225848213What's /a/'s thoughts on Classroom of the elite? Personally, it's great and has a gre…[View]
225845943Why do oldtards always cherry pick the same 5 shows to say old anime looked better than new one?? ar…[View]
225849825Almost finished reading Gantz. Can't seem to find the ending anywhere though, bros. Anyone know…[View]
225849501Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: Anime when?[View]
225848392Series with too many characters suck: >Re:Zero Loads and loads of characters, but only a few vill…[View]
225846582i kill you all[View]
225847234New Normal: are you reading covid-19 the manga[View]
225843548Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san: monthly geisha >[SubsPlease] Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san - 06 (108…[View]
225843180Ice Hockey anime PuraOre! Pride of Orange new PV. On air 2021 fall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
225844112I want to thank the anon who mentioned Girl Friends in a thread a few days ago. This shit was so god…[View]
225847080What Killed Kishimoto's passion for art?: I really loved early naruto's artstyle, and even…[View]
225839692Dragon Ball Super: How, when and why did the vassal CARRIONku get surpassed and left in the dust by …[View]
225844224>female author manages to craft a more complex lore and plot than male authors The absolute state…[View]
225848265Just finished Homunculus. Not a masterpiece in my opinion, but it made me think more than most manga…[View]
225846101Which Teibou would you show your rig?[View]
225847373Zombie Land Saga: Gaiden Chapter 3 Translations when?[View]
225838558Chainsaw Man: Chainsaw Man will be the animanga of the century. Mainstream titlee like OPM and AoT o…[View]
225845285GO easy mode https://vocaroo.com/14SXK7iX52j9[View]
225846990I miss her already. Even if the show was a disaster she was the 2nd best part[View]
225839035Higurashi Sotsu: Satoko's pits...[View]
225844509for me, its asuka[View]
225844573Which do you like most about manga; the story or the art?[View]
225846451>Love Live Superstar delayed >Shaman King delayed >Mairimashita Iruma-kun delayed Seriously…[View]
225844293Summer Time Rendering: https://summertime-anime.com/ Is Summer Time Rendering going to get CLOVERWOR…[View]
22576069086: Eighty Six: What the fuck is her problem?[View]
225841764How can you know if your taste in anime is shit?: Well, /a/? What's the determining factor? Min…[View]
225844113how was he so strong as a 100% human?[View]
225840688Tatsuki's new masterpiece will star: - mesugaki lolibaba demon queen - overworked, jaded office…[View]
225843185Eighty six: I finished reading volume 1 and is it really all that? I thought it was the best novel i…[View]
225844940Oh no, Shinji used too much mayo and got it all over himself! Help him clean it up before Asuka catc…[View]
225798539Megami-ryou: When is she showing up?[View]
225842773Boruto vs naruto: Who's stronger in your opinion,current boruto or end of part one naruto?…[View]
2258456582d Girls saluting[View]
225817648The original Im@s is the only good one. The rest is just soulless garbage.[View]
225842515this is what could happen to u if you suffer from gambling addiction...[View]
225843024Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Which one of you is secretly working for Crunchyroll with translations like th…[View]
225760158Mushoku Tensei: Which one do you think will make the twitter/reddit/normie crowd seethe more? >MC…[View]
225839329If they just killed the guard wouldn’t their problems be solved: All of the bullies in fact wouldn’t…[View]
225842654What the fuck.....[View]
225843534I really like brown sister figures[View]
225842364Misato Chan is best girl[View]
225829906you know the drill.[View]
225844061What's your opinion on the Uchiha and sharingan?[View]
2258261746/10 stuff: just makes you think 'yeh that was ok'[View]
225842775ENTER: Anna[View]
225833859jojo: stone ocean: since SO takes place in Florida, would the more appropriate version of the anime …[View]
225839332Memes aside, why do you hate Makima?: She's smart, elegant and sexy. What's not to like?…[View]
225843178ITT underrated masterpieces[View]
225830554For what purpose? The sole reason Gon goes berserk is reverted. Gon is also likely to get his nen ba…[View]
225840211Sonny Boy: new anime scenes in the music video of the op? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VYqcCLIx0…[View]
225843066Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop: A new netflix anime movie came out today. Has anyone watched it yet? …[View]
225842004Discuss, /a/.: What is the single: >most important anime of all time? >most important manga of…[View]
225842399Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: You just know.[View]
225834490Why is everyone praising the MC for his smart strategizing? All he did was set a bomb trap. As if no…[View]
225841440Lets have a thread about anime directors. Who is your favourite director?[View]
225843347jjba: took me a while to get into... but fuck, its pretty fun[View]
225834469Josee to Tora to Sakana-tachi: >Has a good rip on Nyaa with passable subs >Came out in theater…[View]
225839111Can i goddamn have a jizzus fucking girl protagonist that was not a dude at some point of his curren…[View]
225834370Admit it, you would love this character if he were a woman.[View]
225839949He will finish it right guys[View]
225829801What the fuck is his problem[View]
225837365>The good guys, but evil.[View]
225842882>there are 'manga readers' on this board right now who unironically just read the dialogue and sk…[View]
225787444Cocktail Knights: Chapter 3 TS-ing. Corrections have been made[View]
225833069Is idolmaster a battle shounen now?[View]
225827867>voiced by naruto Hecking dropped, its fucking unbearable holy shit.[View]
225840982Masterpiece: ¿Is this the greatest anime ever made?[View]
225840565Aria: Its been more than a decade since The Origination aired, so there might be a lot of newer Anon…[View]
225842436why tf is there no chapter 14 or 15 anywhere onlien: I was lovign this series and it just ended on c…[View]
225824862One Piece: How can she be so perfect bros.[View]
225838900Lupin III: Did any news about the new koike film come out? if zenigata will be the protagonist this …[View]
225841031>Killing bad >Raping children good What are some other anime with weird morals?…[View]
225842147What's stopping me from abandoning her on a floppy?[View]
225841891Bkub started drawing Touhou again!: It only took a decade[View]
225840414>expect comfy romance >it's actually just chuunis being bullied into normalfags for an ho…[View]
225837379Only 30 ch deep in Tokyo ghoul: I just read about 30 chapters of Tokyo ghoul and I have some questio…[View]
225823478But is there anything that can top the ending?[View]
225836138Would you drop an asteroid onto the Earth if Char ordered it?[View]
225814243Higurashi: When They Cry — SOTSU: Teenage Satoko is drop dead gorgeous. Rika could never.[View]
225790009Gyaru Girls[View]
225840522Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon episode 3: What did you like most about Dragon Maid episode 3?…[View]
225836093WTF?? I was pretty sure the chinese guy was the main character.: But now that I saw it again after a…[View]
225832612Daily Spice and Wolf: Chapter 67: New chapter every night at 8 PM PDT (3 AM UTC) Previous: >>2…[View]
225839261Storytime: Baki Dou Volume 8: Breakfast, Baki! Last time: Retsu suffered a crushing defeat. Unfortun…[View]
225839019Post unexpected/surprised scene in anime For me, this[View]
225838549Why are MC's father usually so badass and loved by the fans ? Pic related for instanceused to b…[View]
225786510Uhh lads, wtf???[View]
225814517Supercub: Exciting about your new Honda Supercub? Tell us everything[View]
225840121Wtf is this?[View]
225840808Kurumi should've been in Redo Of Healer instead of Date A Live[View]
225839734What's the appeal of shy girls?[View]
225828871xxxHolic: Did /a/ knew already? >The continuation of 'XXX Holic' by CLAMP is in the works. >CL…[View]
225820101HOLY FUCK!!!!! The same episode repeated 8 fucking times.[View]
225838960assuka thread you guys know what to do[View]
225814076YKK: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Storytime Part 13: On clear days, you can see for miles over the bay. W…[View]
225838253Post based retards.[View]
225838198Do you think she'd cum if I called her a nigger?[View]
225837683Imerda Piñata: Imerda Piñata[View]
225827915Naruto Villains Then: >Ruthless >Battle Of Wits >Philosphical Contests And Testing Of Princ…[View]
225781739>get his isekai manga cancelled after one chapter and a gigantic backslash >make another one r…[View]
225839473Last time I read this manga was around when that random girl with the crossbow showed up trying to a…[View]
225838262Fate Tsukihime TYPEMOON Nasuverse: Apologize. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loZ0EwjXmEs…[View]
225826320Daily Happy Sugar Life Chapter: Proto-life: White Sugar Garden, Black Salt Cage Happy Sugar Life…[View]
225834055Which Emilia would you choose?[View]
225769227What's the worst asspull you've seen in an anime/manga? Hard Mode: No O MY RUBBER NEN, 7 Q…[View]
225838525Nana Ouji: Lloyd is back with new chapters. Also got licensed by Kodansha's own branch but it h…[View]
225832431Love Lab: This was enjoyable. I think there was enough there to fill out a second season.[View]
225832103Has anyone here seen this before?[View]
225829687thoughts on monster?[View]
225838576Tower of God: I know I’m a bit late, but what was /a/‘s opinion on the anime?[View]
225795019Berserk: Let's talk Berserk. Theories, favorite panels, whatever[View]
225838413It's just ok. Why is it one of the biggest titles already?[View]
225838840Will it get U19?[View]
225824003Chobits: >2021 I am forgotten...[View]
225838774miura: its so painful knowing he’s gone. even though i’ve never met him, i still had a deep love and…[View]
225835622>You summoned me master?[View]
225835919What went so right? [View]
225836944Japanese Netmanga Channels: What are these channels about? They upload frequently, and they all seem…[View]
225832207if humans were born from lilith, who are animals born from?[View]

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