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203692944The biggest faggot in shonen[View]
203701162Guys what if I'm God? What if I made you, 4chan and everything in existance? What if I am actua…[View]
203705160Do you prefer reading physical copies of manga as opposed to digital?[View]
203683999How can other Sabers even compete?[View]
203707121Waku waku toyofags: try to explain it toyofags Why is moro still alive?[View]
203702494Gal to Kyouryuu: What happened? Did he go extinct?[View]
203704395Why are dykes so possessive[View]
203706041When did you realize Kyoani saved manime?[View]
203699225Inverse 3x3 thread: Post a 3x3 of your least favorite anime (don't include dropped or experimen…[View]
203706691What's it like to sit in the mc spot[View]
203676238>Best episode of evangelion[View]
203706660What's your favorite anime that no one you know has watched?[View]
203626227Hamefura/Bakarina: Preview is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK8QGWAukw0 It's an Anne epis…[View]
203702419When the push success[View]
203694126ITT: Villains you agree with or sympathise to some degree thread[View]
203695200Takagi: Teen Chi a cute.[View]
203704479What does /a/ feel about this? https://youtu.be/3nH0CUO3IjQ Semirelated pic[View]
203705851MOTHERFUCKER: This absolute motherfucker of a mangaka needs to fuck off and die in a fire. I am so f…[View]
203686889Characters without personalities[View]
203698544Holy shit I've never seen a show with so many best girls at once. I can't choose, /a/![View]
203686753Azur Lane: When will we get S2 with Massachusetts as the MC?[View]
203704302Citrus: Yuzu's lips were perfect for Mei.[View]
203687176Shingeki no Kyojin: I think season 4 is going to do a poor job when it comes to the Marley arc.…[View]
203693279She looks like she fucks Japanese boys[View]
203677114Detective Conan: Is Haibara really the only worthwhile waifu in the entire Conanverse? What about th…[View]
203706241>Monstah da wa nai...[View]
203705697why boomers love so much this manga?[View]
203706128Reminder that you have to marry your waifu first before having sex with her with the sole purpose of…[View]
203706040Neon Genesis Evangelion: Which was the better ending?[View]
203644987OPM thread: Is One going to finish the webcomic?[View]
203703732ITT: Products of sociopathy and imitation[View]
203695158GATE: The latest chapter was translated.[View]
203704575>what the fuck: the anime[View]
203703625Ok... So... Why is this manga so much better than the main series? Is it the protagonist? The charac…[View]
203701784ITT: Good Isekai only: Or anime that should have got a second season, your pick.[View]
203704740One Piece: Zoro is fucking based[View]
203701653Uh? Is this a parody? What's up with this pacing?[View]
203665563Jujutsu Kaisen: Holy fuck, we actually got early spoilers for once.[View]
203704465>shinji get in the robot >*blubblering*NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO >rei get in the robot >.........…[View]
203693359One Piece: Is Luffy a bad influence?[View]
203704284Yesterday was stormy, today is calm. What will the sea be like tomorrow? What do two sea slugs think…[View]
203687511Are otakus really ruining anime ?[View]
203703954AH AH AH AH[View]
203687966Dragon Ball Super: ENTER Toriyama's worst nightmare[View]
203702546Wow, it's like FLCL but not shit.[View]
203697824Gabriel Dropout: Season 2 now or I will shoot[View]
203703610ITT: 'god i wish that were me' moments in anime/manga.[View]
203700529Dungeon Meshi: Can our heroes really defeat the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog?[View]
203662003Who is your anime daughteru?[View]
203689559Stone: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6710621521 電波の発信が特定されゼノが通信してくる リーダーに仕立てたゲンの意図を察してゼノと会話する大樹 敵はハーバーボッ…[View]
203701068ROMANTIC AGERU YO[View]
203694612Just watched the first episode of this: So this is your average school comedy with your personality …[View]
203695197im tired of pretending this is good. it's not. and it's nothing like azmumaga daioh[View]
203678901YuYuYu/ Yuuki Yuuna/ Yuusha de Aru series: UHiMi Chapter 5[View]
203702715How did Killua recognize Zeno's Dragon Dive if he didnt even know what nen was at beginning of …[View]
203693249Gochiusa: How many of the coffeegirls would you be able to beat 1 on 1?[View]
203701328ITT: Villains who got away with everything.[View]
203698889YOSHIYUKI TOMINO his top 10 anime (2006) >1. Mighty Atom (Osamu Tezuka) >2. Ashita no Jo (Osam…[View]
203702516Would this be the best way to start Bleaches return? >Burn the Witch OVA >Go a whole episode w…[View]
203701215Hidamari Sketch rew/a/tch - Hoshimittsu 07-10: It's wide time! Show starting in just a couple m…[View]
203702078New Shaft delayed until the Fall https://anime.assaultlily-pj.com/news/20200528/post-10[View]
203691033Is this her best work to date? It's pretty tough to beat a tanned tomboy cousin.[View]
203701639Rayearth season 2 shits all over season 1[View]
203687801Angel Gabu > Vampire Gabu[View]
203698693>/a/ says to read Baki for it's philosophy on fighting This type of philosophy? This retard …[View]
203698563code geass: ive been (mostly) enjoying code geass but i just watched pic related and tbph it's …[View]
203679728why arent anime girls pretty anymore?[View]
203696559Kimetsufags have become one of the most arrogant and obnoxious groups on this board. It almost rival…[View]
203702036Dorohedoro: I hate magic users so much[View]
203698012How good was Kasane?[View]
203700808>tfw too old for Misgao feels bad bros[View]
203700156It honestly breaks my heart that some Manga are Cancelled or incomplete because their author's …[View]
203649886Looking Up to Magical Girls 13: Time to get Loco[View]
203698357This is the whole reason why Stone Ocean is never getting animated[View]
203699635If you are a young teenager or a retard you'll most likely have this naive morality and an extr…[View]
203673820jojo: GER is the worst thing araki has ever written and even thought it's never mentioned in pa…[View]
203685391Why didn't Gintama get popular?[View]
203696336When are we getting an anime about business hotels?[View]
203693395>card games >isekai >magical girl A crazy fusion of all 3 is upon us. You will watch Emi an…[View]
203670855Kakushigoto: I wish I had a daughter as pure and as loving as Hime, who I could always watch working…[View]
203701511This, but to /a/.[View]
203699646am I a bitch for almost dropping tears.[View]
203694450Tamayomi: Helicopter Yomi[View]
203699119ID-0: >mysterious girl emerges from cyrstal with the ability to breathe in space and dropped…[View]
203701261What the fuck was her goddamn problem?[View]
203696736Does nail polish make girls better or worse?[View]
203694941>NEVER LECHOO KO NEVER LECHOO KO What idiot actually thought this was a good opening. I usually d…[View]
203689270>these three are assigned to punish you for breaking school rules wat do?…[View]
203687672Post straight characters[View]
203693595The era of the alpha dykes are over: Yuri has lost its luster and is a dying genre.[View]
203658995I think I fell in love, bros...[View]
203682780Assholes protagonists: Main characters that are truly genuine pieces of shit[View]
203700378One Piece: Do you like Dressrosa? Did you read it week to week when it was coming out or in one go?…[View]
203700451baki: Thoughts on the most recent chapter? this sekiwake sumo wrestler is really impressive being ab…[View]
203699724is panik still in the shadow realm?[View]
203700183Jeannu: Nero isn't so thicc[View]
203686857A thread for the fallen (or on life support) Mangas that have undergone major hiatuses or been cance…[View]
203699940Is Kanon the biggest chad in all Saint Seiya?[View]
203699807why is it so hard for burgers to say yakisoba? everyone knows what it is. it's like calling bur…[View]
203694861Do you talk to yourself while watching anime? >Dude, I love this part[View]
203694417Monster of class 1-a: Imagine being dumb enough to try to get Momo gangraped.[View]
203693569Is Kaos the weakest anime character ever?[View]
203697954Promare: It was fun.[View]
203693409Why is someone spamming anti-moe threads? I thought the debate of classic vs. modern anime had alre…[View]
203698631Kami no Tou: >Baam will absorb White's powers and beat Kallachad >Jinsung will die >Ha…[View]
203650738Most unexpected scene in all anime: So satisfying seeing that bitch being BTFO after acting like she…[View]
203630011Ishuzoku Reviewers: So, the first 4 episodes of the BD should be released today.[View]
203698510What does /a/ think of Scumbag Loser?[View]
203668323A Place Further than the Universe: I liked it. I dunno why /a/ shat on it so much at the time.…[View]
203675999Ichigo looks like a CHAD: I never watched Bleach, but Ichigo has the most Alpha character designs am…[View]
203697746>he's literally me bro[View]
203694790i ant her to feed me pizza[View]
203693818Eiichiro Oda: Why do people like this guy again?[View]
203697941You'll fight with me Kakorot.[View]
203679897I used to believe The Lion King was a copy of Kimba. How wrong I was...[View]
203695687Do you guys listen to commentaries? I watched FLCL with one a while back and found it interesting. I…[View]
203697294Is your favorite Chinese cartoon character more alpha than this?[View]
203697759Why is there no marketing done after every episode gets released?[View]
203696989>2020 /a/utista are still getting filtered by pic related, will the average /a/non ever understan…[View]
203697468>Traffics children >Is a good guy What did Trigger mean by this?…[View]
203697615>story is over >season 2 when?[View]
203680705Bokuben: What is this face trying to convey?[View]
203691539Uraraka or Noelle?: Who's the better character? Who's got the best development? Who's…[View]
203696444Will we learn more about Chiya in season 3? Her goals, traumas, trials, aspirations, and beliefs? Sh…[View]
203697240asobi asobase: why do people like asobi asobase so much? i watched the entire thing waiting for it t…[View]
203695224best moon?[View]
203606646Shimeji Simulation / Tkmiz: New chapter soon™ you think /ourgirl/ is going to be ok after reading Ni…[View]
203670717How would you feel when he dies?[View]
203696886Why is Yuzu so attracted to a borderline autist? What redeeming qualities does Mei actually have oth…[View]
203696739Oniyome wo Metotteshimatta.: What the fuck this is great. Why are scans dead?[View]
203694864Why are the Kushan so much better than the The holy sheep?[View]
203693278dragon ball super: Dragon Ball super is formulaic garbage LITERALLY cooked up by a team of writers A…[View]
203681673Chainsaw Man: What could have been, lads...[View]
203691645If there had to be a be all and end all anime, what would it be?[View]
203693833Confess your Sins: I don't like Lucky Star. Konata is the only thing I can stand in the show, a…[View]
203684927Why can't I enjoy stupid Otaku crap: I'm working like an asshole in the last weeks, I come…[View]
203660339Thoughts on this anime? I thought it went over the same thing a little too much in the middle episod…[View]
203695739what does /a/ think of eureka seven?[View]
203689589Fire Punch: who was in the wrong here?[View]
203694754Manga Jujutsu Kaisen 108: yomumanga.com/manga-jujutsu-kaisen-108-raw/ 漫画 呪術廻戦 108 RAW Manga Jujutsu …[View]
203685392GOLDEN KAMUY STORYTIME - VOLUME 17: VOLUME 1: >>202933036 VOLUME 16: >>203637349 Ogata …[View]
203693702>Longest hiatus: 80 issues >Current hiatus: 69 issues Do you think it's going to break th…[View]
203667582Did he pay for his crimes?[View]
203647534Angel Densetsu Volume 1: Sup /a/, let's read some Angel Densetsu. Dumping volume 1. >The sto…[View]
203694866Are there any anime where the main character just straight-up dies halfway through and everyone has …[View]
203686246why didnt goku blast this thing away when he had the chance?[View]
203679684Blue lock: Why is no one talking about this ? It's the perfect mix of sport shonen and power-fa…[View]
203693772Guilty pleasures[View]
203694120hmmm...: >Hey fuji, ever heard of cosmical horror >anooo... Kosumikaru hororu, desu ka ??? The…[View]
203693920Oh no no no Doukibros, how is /ourgirl/ supposed to win from the ara ara tittybeast virgin slayer kn…[View]
203692298>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNdduh2DMMQ >A commercial for OPPO's Ace2 Eva limited ed…[View]
203676295Toji no Miko: Flat girls are the best.[View]
203691875Mokke: a nice gem from the dark era of generic anime (2007)[View]
203665550If a cute girl told you they have no place to stay at, what would you do?[View]
203695041Modern Isekai and 19th Century Time Travel: I want to write a paper on the similarities and differen…[View]
203685928Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 273: Scans soon[View]
203685854for example, if I told you give me milkies it wouldn't matter how you felt about it[View]
203597793Why do we love the 中学生 characters?[View]
203694628Digimon: Does /a/ like Digimon: Digital Monsters?[View]
203683936Reina was the best fighter.[View]
203678060Komi San: We have finally arrived at the end of this arc, praise be Dumping[View]
203692976>Let’s use the last, original copy of Angel’s Breath to heal Genthru, who would never do the same…[View]
203693948Endless eight fucking sucks: I often joke about it being a cinematographic masterpiece, but currentl…[View]
203689539Why are Japanese voice actors more talented actors than English ones? To me, they all sound so much …[View]
203678470So...Boros claps his ass, right?[View]
203693714Fuck girl Ranma or let boy Ranma fuck you?[View]
203690288Dragon Ball Super: Out of all Super’s antagonist which one do you think was the most interesting?…[View]
203692088Musume no Tomodachi 42 RAW Dump: Commencing raw dump for the latest chapter. Check archive for previ…[View]
203672803Black Clover: Spoiler pics are out. Noelle Time.[View]
203678885F could have been the best StuCo president the school has ever had[View]
203691350One Piece: So, which girl actually deserves title of the most beautiful in One Piece world? My vote …[View]
203685927Why would he run away?[View]
203691606Ashita no Joe: Thanks for recommending this /a/. At first I thought it was ugly and boring yet slowl…[View]
203687553SS: SS[View]
203675317One Piece: I must protect Luffy.[View]
203686455ITT shows that NEVER EVER will get a new season[View]
203687965it's up: Don't remember anons commenting about the translation after that disappointing su…[View]
203656381Kaguya 190: JB version is out, so I'll dump it. Why the hell is their website fucked though?…[View]
203690847>The English dub aired one hour before the Japanese >therefore, the English audio track is the…[View]
203680419Today is Saori Hayami’s birthday Who’s the best character voiced by her?[View]
203690752She's not coming, is she?[View]
203690271This should be a real anime.[View]
203690468Tamayomi: I only enjoy sports anime when the team is all girls[View]
203680304The Great Debate: Yoko or Nia?[View]
203688252Scaling up Anime with Machine Learning and Smart Real Time Algorithms: >https://medium.com/crunch…[View]
203691423I love you so much, Mister Zelgadis~[View]
203689812The best battle shonen main cast: Unarguable Their chemistry was so organic and entertaining, especi…[View]
203685908>has no iconic designs and reference-worthy moments like Evangelion What went wrong?…[View]
203690164Why can anime never ever get sports right?[View]
203688579Futanari No Elf: She will be the first to fuck Yuri[View]
203659127Act Age: Here's your anime, bro[View]
203680669Why this board and Asians as a whole go buthurt when you point out that anime characters look white …[View]
203691515How can Yumeko or Le Chiffre even compete[View]
203691567Saki sanobashi: The search is still Alive?[View]
203683245Hensuki: I stumbled across a clip from this on youtube, and it seemed kinda fun. Is it worth watchin…[View]
203691198What the fuck was his problem?[View]
203663796I miss her.[View]
203687174i want to put king arthur's dick inside my pussy[View]
203667478>rewatch code geass on a whim >enjoy it just as much as the first time >remember that CG: L…[View]
203687892Hirasaka Hinako ch13 TL: >The witch stays at home holding a can of beer.…[View]
203685755BERSERK STORYTIME: PART 34: The End of Evangelion as presented by Kentaro Miura Previous Threads: ht…[View]
203684701Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 17: Cuckoo time https://imgur.com/a/hCLxMdM[View]
203688138Would you resist her arrest?[View]
203655696Kengan Omega: Hoping to see another great MMA fight from this fucker like the one he gave us against…[View]
203684295Happy National Burger Day[View]
203687293Hey mister, you got any Yu-Gi-Oh?[View]
203681082I wish I had a friend like Gakuto.[View]
203681516why didn't he just rape her?[View]
203685582Assassination classroom: >shrine?.. but I'm Christian Never thought I'd see that In ani…[View]
203685929Know your place, B-Class anon[View]
203675827Ranma 1/2: Ukyo is best girl[View]
203689359Why was she such an asshole?[View]
203677637The fuck is this?: >>203675095 >>203666219 >>203668584 >>203665563 >>2…[View]
203689327>1st 'season' is gr8 >decide to look up on novelupdates >scroll to comments section >the…[View]
203689331How big is TOO big?[View]
203685584has there ever been a character more overrated?: > never fought toe to toe with an actual strong …[View]
203660320Today is Hotarun's birthday /a/. Still eleven years old though unfortunately. Say something nic…[View]
203683764Cute Girls Suffering[View]
203621433Tamayomi: Now with more thigh meat.[View]
203684996King of Fantasy: Iori's new manga chapter is out and volume 2 is shown.[View]
203686430How did they manage to make augmented boxing matches so boring?[View]
203656602Dragon Ball: Now that Goku lost to Moro, How do you think Vegeta will defeat him?[View]
203637700Post lesbian characters[View]
203687181Post BL couple (Bromance) in anime[View]
203670336Does this mean no more scans?[View]
203687456After 25 years, are we finally able to answer the question of Rei vs Asuka?[View]
203686458Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Is WIT drop this IP or will we get a full second season, not just thr…[View]
203685572Is it ok to fall in love with a fictional character?[View]
203684449Anyone else like technology gap battle in anime like Gate or Zipang? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
203677904One Piece Manga: Which one is better? Zoro (left) or Sanji (right)?[View]
203682243Fushigi 179: Big muscle girl chapter[View]
203686890>You will never have anything like this Why even live?[View]
203669589Tower of God: Man who thought he lost all hope lost additional bit of hope he didn't even know …[View]
203685363His Dad's dead body...[View]
203684933What's his problem?[View]
203682824Kandagawa Jet Girls: Anyone bought the game?[View]
203647684Dog Nigga: Was it too kino?[View]
203654696It's Konata's birthday today! You haven't forgotten about her have you?[View]
203647821Shingeki no Kyojin: Gabi Strikes Back: Soon. She's gonna eat all the pie, kill Falco and kick M…[View]
203631099Houkago Teibou Nisshi: How about some fishin'? Report 11. Gutting is out and more is on the way…[View]
203667589Anything similar to the Ghost Stories Dub?[View]
203686125Do people still care about it?[View]
203685164How does Togashi keep getting away with it?[View]
203684962A Couple of Cuckoos ch 17: aka The Cuckoo's Fiance In this chapter, is he just going to go and …[View]
203667183Yuragi 208 text spoilers: 諦めない幽奈 ・クライマックス目前、ゆらぎ荘のコガラシさん ・悪鬼に結界を壊されて消えたコガラシに手を伸ばす幽奈、触手に絡まれつつ見ていたこゆずとミ…[View]
203685768When did you finally accept that they were gay?[View]
203679237Japanese 'comedy'[View]
203685967Can someone truly be moe?[View]
203676872OPT: Why nobody is reading this? It's on par with ingoshima when it come to amusement factor…[View]
203685688B rank tournament literally lasted 100 chapters of the same shit over and over which felt like forev…[View]
203672137What was her purpose again?[View]
203678724>The pet mole rips its fucking ass off and forces the two main characters to eat it Thats where I…[View]
203674769Boku no hero academia: >X-less existed only to give Shiggy a cape >Endeavor exists only to sho…[View]
203681925Which Fumikiri would you Jikan?[View]
203669711Detective Conan: >Doesn't properly shadow the murderer in the first min of the film so you k…[View]
203681635>HOLY FUCK CRINGE[View]
203683827Chainsaw chad ch71 scans: yooooooooo https://ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=21939038&rand=232…[View]
203676768What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
20367296720 years and no other anime has ever been as good as this, wtf[View]
203683105why doesnt the latest episode of kaguya work on MPC?[View]
203681291>They draw Tenshi travelling in America this month >They will draw Tenshi travelling in Brazil…[View]
203648233shield hero raphtalia anthology parts 1 and 2: Lots of shield hero releases this week huh. Dumping t…[View]
203675628Which series gave the best portrayal to the Shinsengumi?[View]
203673656pls dont forget the bocc[View]
203676030Why violent heroines were gone out of use?[View]
203636424Raildex: I cant believe Saten is fucking dead[View]
203684466Oomuro-ke: Oh god, Hanako Oomuro was even cuter before she was 8 (eight)! We need an Oomuro-ke anime…[View]
203683801I've never seen a Someday's Dreamers thread on /a/.[View]
203683340what was the intention of writing this scene?[View]
203623291Weathering With You: Wow, this was quite the spectacular trainwreck. Nothing to show, but the budget…[View]
203683878Post characters who could survive the dreaded forks[View]
203666219What does /a/ think of Takagi?[View]
203680715Why did Zombie Powder fail?[View]
203680476Musume no Tomodachi: Thoughts on chapter 41?[View]
203683628Premise: She's an adult who listens to metal Genre: Comedy[View]
203662627Guess the yandere. Also, a yandere thread.[View]
203673156Itt: Best ship of a series[View]
203675852ITT: Manga panels that made /a/ collectively wet[View]
203673320When will the freezing manga come off hiatus? It was so good.[View]
20367899591 days: What did you think of Baccano 2.0 (depression verson)[View]
203674302>anime has yuri or yuribait or yuri themes What makes you drop an anime?…[View]
203664531>he hasn't watched haruhi yet[View]
203655933kaguya manga: is this the best senpai-kouhai relationship ?[View]
203681157>Top tier ability in universe is given to a mook[View]
203646244holy shit[View]
203682478>Gundam is shit >Macross is even worse >Evangelion is a masterpiece How could mechatards be…[View]
203672242What is the requisition for remake pass ticket? 10 years old ?[View]
203667129>1999 pilot for a LoGH dub leaked online yesterday what the fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
203682154>pretending sumo is some kind of super martial art while in reality they get rekt left and right …[View]
203682184redo of the healer: I've just read it and it's pretty cringy desu.[View]
203670491What's the superior genre, yuri or yaoi?[View]
203682127Best underdog story in manga[View]
203646715NEKOJIRU UDON STORYTIME: Nekojiru Udon is a manga about cats. Please enjoy.[View]
203677688Why is it that mangaka find it soo difficult to make an adult design for a young character without m…[View]
203681548I'm gonna tell my kids this is MetalGreymon[View]
203672459Who would win?: Kiik or GnnG?[View]
203627205Your take on this?: This helped me see the bright side of being a NEET, while it's fucking depr…[View]
203681887LogH: >Fix a broken thruster by going on a spacewalk while in dangerously close proximity to the …[View]
203673163Chainsaw Man: Pawarrr is the most popular! Number 1![View]
203671070Why do people think he is a better shonen protagonist than Naurto, Gon or Luffy?: I simply don'…[View]
203677216Card games? What are you talking about, I've always been a loyal Capsule Monsters ™ player![View]
203675261Jojo: Part 6 animated when?[View]
203671486Post edge kino[View]
203668354Why aren't you an idol yet?[View]
203674465VKLL Evangelion Fansubs: Are these subtitles a more accurate translation than others? I just grabbed…[View]
203669924It cheapens its own emotional backbone from the start with incest. This series shoots itself in the …[View]
203675132Hey Faggots, My name is Alabaster Soliloquy, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat,…[View]
203675905Look at this kawaii fat bald ugly bastard[View]
203678540Is there anywhere out there, online or otherwise, where you could play this shitshow of a boardgame[View]
203657457Boy should really get that problem checked[View]
203674552Assault Lily Bouquet: >The 'Assault Lily Bouquet' TV anime has been postponed to October. I can…[View]
203675738>Mc is overpowered for most of the series untill he meets final enemy stronger than him and he ha…[View]
203677773out of context thread[View]
203671508Why do you think so many shonen protagonists are always 'wrong' in some way? >Naruto - devil fox …[View]
203647909this was the most powerful character in Inuyasha[View]
203677349Hideaki Anno created Coronavirus just so he could delay the release of Evangelion 3.0+1.0[View]
203676655Is there no one at all who could out-junji the Great Junji?[View]
203665867Bokuben: Fumino route. Thoughts?[View]
203676154For some reason I've never heard anyone bringing up this prime example of Togashi's hack w…[View]
203661023WSJ 26 ToC: 26号 ネバラン ストーン ヒロアカ モリキン チェンソー ボンコレ ハイキュー アクタ タイム ブラクロ 勉強 ミタマ 呪術 マッシュ アンデ 夜桜 ゆらぎ 魔女 アグラ 2…[View]
203670074re zero: Rem is basically a dog. She does whatever you want her to do. Emilia is for the thinking ma…[View]
203676193Remember that gaming should be an hour a day![View]
203675095>this is the worst date I've ever been on, fuck you Anon![View]
203649369Dark skinned anime chicks ARE peak character design[View]
203674981Pan loves her grandpa![View]
203673101Mairimashita! Iruma-kun 115: Azz-kun Wicked Phase Dumping.[View]
203677884In this thread, we write the script for the next trigger girl anime.[View]
203676475post younger brother, more of the pair of twins?[View]
203679426Manga Boku no Hero Academia: https://yomumanga.com/manga-boku-no-hero-academia-273-english/ Manga Bo…[View]
203666726What's their relationship?[View]
203631655France was the only country in GuP to get two schools.[View]
203667953MFKZ: why doesn't Studio 4C do more cool ass movies like this and Tekkonkinkreet?[View]
203678925>With my heart full of gratitude for all that is good in the world, I'll put down my pen. …[View]
203664733>Anon you still don't hate me do you?[View]
203668004Musume no Tomodachi: About time[View]
203677068Any manga recommendations of children going though their first love?[View]
203668584These are the best romcoms that are currently being scanlated, in my opinion. what should be added t…[View]
203672326So, what is she wearing then?[View]
203676173Italian dub fucking when????[View]
203676546Ghost In The Shell (1995): Why is the Judgement V2 encode of Ghost In The Shell so full of artefacts…[View]
203661951I love Cat's character so fucking much[View]
203670544Post archetypes you'd like to see more of in anime and manga: >Golddigger >Racist veteran…[View]
203655649I just want to make Sakura love herself and her horniness. Her scars and feelings make her beautiful…[View]
203677093>great soundtrack >amazing animation >visual storytelling >good humor How could anyone w…[View]
203674290What exactly did she have to do to get the job?[View]
203677293i once saw a picture on here. it was a pic of a girl from an anime and the subtitle was something li…[View]
203640025Fire Punch: What studio can do the anime justice? How many episodes will it be?[View]
203673738Kengan Omega Ch. 63[View]
203656607Why is there so few horror anime? And even so most are shit.[View]
203673138ITT light novel illustrators you like: Me: abec vania600 Shinichirou Otsuka Tsunako Kiyotaka Haimura…[View]
203668900If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student: I'm on chapter 18 of this now. First time in a …[View]
203675869Watamote: Next chapter when?[View]
203669460A master and his maid.[View]
203643479Hunter x Hunter: Who else besides Netero had the chance to stop Meruem?[View]
203675740What exactly does this mean?[View]
203674750How can a Christmas Cake find love?[View]
203675002How will they animate the horses?[View]
203665409Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki: What was up with this guy? He must have been pretty tough to go toe to t…[View]
203662911>mfw >F>P>A[View]
203652474One Piece: Why Oda... it was suppose to be the battle of the bands...[View]
203674279This is the only Malaysian puppet show I've ever seen that's actually funny. Why was it fo…[View]
203667719ITT: 'Oh yeah, that anime existed...': Remember this pachinko ad?[View]
203668210Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers are out, Endeavor to be dusted soon rejoice[View]
203657221What kind of crack was Tezuka on when he made this shit multiple times?[View]
203670961what a trash adaptation... they are skipping a lot of things that adds world and character building[View]
203669076What does /a/ think of Aposimz?[View]
203652112>one chance at life >isekai'd as an appliance…[View]
203674170His mouth?: Agape.[View]
203669850is it worth the watch?[View]
203661806Remember this show? Good times[View]
203658867What's the verdict? Is this yuaasa's worst show? Or is that still devilman?[View]
203671449Netoge: Anybody else reading this? The story after the anime is so good I wish it had a season 2.…[View]
203673110I had a dream: I was in my house. It was 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I heard glass break even though th…[View]
203667085>Lupin II > I > V > IV > III >Jigen V > I > IV > II > III >Fujiko I…[View]
203669734I can't believe ueno fucking died[View]
203671784Boku no Hero Academia: Which do you think is stronger, Deku's boner for >Ochako >Kacchan …[View]
203670703>tfw not hated by the school body >tfw no redemption arc You didn't spend your time on sc…[View]
203670401AHEM... I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT: My hero academia is a terrible anime. That is all.[View]
203657905The Heart?: So why was this page memed to death for over a decade? I see nothing but storytelling at…[View]
203667035Dorohedoro: Should I? Is it as good as y'all say it is?[View]
203668949Chainsaw Man: Spoilers & Popularity Poll Results are out![View]
203647677Microeconomics or Macroeconomics, /a/?[View]
203666901>New Taiyo Matsumoto series >No Translations Is it time to learn nihongo?…[View]
203662866Holy fucking shit. I'm currently marathoning through Bleach as I never watched it when it came…[View]
203661688Dragon Ball Super: The newest chapter came out. What are your thoughts on Gohan in his base form bei…[View]
203656448End of Evangelion: What comes after End of Evangelion? Or is it all just reboots and reshoots?…[View]
203666627Higurashi: Higurashi thread! Because Mion a cute![View]
203672060DeadguyDemon: what are your thoughts?[View]
203672481>Be Tomoya >Accidently rub daughter's cunny while giving her a ride >she starts feelin…[View]
203577323Black Clover: https://blackcloverdatabase.tumblr.com/post/619135622963232768/english-translation-of-…[View]
203668658With all the nation wide lockdowns everywhere, shouldnt manga translators have more time to work on …[View]
203607495Jump Tezuka One-shot Coll/a/b: Greetings /a/. As some of us may be aware, medibang has opened up the…[View]
203669798Is this canon?[View]
203622868This entire series is a shitty Korean discount ripoff of Gantz. Change my mind.[View]
203666672>Kosuke found him self in a whole different world. WHAT? Standing there with the wilderness to th…[View]
203669167Why is the music in this anime so good?[View]
203671758Is Makishima a well-written villain?[View]
20365852510/10: 10/10 match/battle/fight[View]
203657584Don't lie, you cried. I'm not blaming you, anon.[View]
203670116>finished the anime >read all the manga Now I feel empty inside, what do I do now…[View]
203657052Soul Eater: Comfy Soul Eater thread.[View]
203652822Big tits and flat chests are great and all, but what does /a/ think of gentle slopes?[View]
203659832Neon Genesis Evangelion: Storytime/Stream thread. Come in here to relive the experience of watching …[View]
203670408JoJo: Who is that?[View]
203667566Bunny Girl Senpai: Let's hear your power rankings.[View]
203669862What went so right with this character design?[View]
203667141>What is your order? Violet would be the perfect fast food restaurant worker.…[View]
203670215Why does Anno look so troubled these days? What does he know that we don't?[View]
203670246I think seafloor-americans deserve an apology for this highly offensive human supremacist remark.[View]
203668385ITT: Couples that should have been canon[View]
203663133ITT: Post pink haired girls who did nothing wrong[View]
203670254What did we do to deserve her? Saber is a blessing we are unworthy of[View]
203667225Why hasn't he killed Zodd yet? He clearly is a lot stronger than the furry, or is he just playi…[View]
203654495Daily reminder that when the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace wi…[View]
203670205Redo of Healer: https://loveheaven.net/read-kaifuku-jutsushi-no-yarinaoshi-raw-chapter-26.1.html…[View]
203669322Is there a name for these expressionless anime girls?[View]
203670534Tower Of God: Look at those lizard eyes....Are there truly animeonlys? What are your opinions on the…[View]
203666521Golden Boy: YouTube algorithm brought this to me, again. So I thought I share. https://youtu.be/g…[View]
203613106/a/ Sings - Macross Delta (Ikenai Borderline): /a/ Sings - Macross Delta (Ikenai Borderline) Hello a…[View]
203659502What went so wrong with Steins Gate? What went so rightwith Re Zero? Even I hate fantasy world set u…[View]
203669263Shonen Deconstruction: Chainsaw Man is a 'deconstruction' of shonen manga. Think to the 'Hero of Lig…[View]
203667196Welcome to the NHK: How did it capture the loneliness and emptiness of a NEET so well, despite havin…[View]
203662024jjl thread :): We haven't seen much of kaato in the latest jjl chapters, what do you guys think…[View]
203661449Is Haruno Sakura the most pathetic female character in manga?[View]
203663687Veggie prince[View]
203669692Why are idols prone to lying and more likely to cheat behind your back?[View]
203615923>anime tries to give you a specific fetish why did they think this was a good idea?…[View]
203640107>make a comedy manga about a bunch of loser virgins and the straight man talking about wanting to…[View]
203665975Manga pages that make you tear up every time: Post it /a/, we all have one, I'm sure of it.…[View]
203648334I love my king[View]
203666419We mark this as the day BNHA became a soft seinen[View]
203665513Who is the target audience of this show?[View]
203657783Why is Shimimaru never wearing pants in any of her self-portraits?[View]
203653233Tower of God anime: Did you like her episode, /a/? How much appreciation do you have for Takashi San…[View]
203660969Chainsawman: YEAH, POLL / SPOILERS ARE FINALLY HERE[View]
203656284What do you think is the selling point of a female character? For me is a strong personality and thi…[View]
203636405>he isn't going to watch the anime adaptation of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone…[View]
203655359my hero academia: is a badly corrupted hero really worse than a villain? I like the vast majority of…[View]
203623788Precure: Things generals do in their free time[View]
203639994Oricon Half Year Rankings 2020: By series 1. Kimetsu no yaiba - 45,297,633 2. One Piece - 4,885,538 …[View]
203655109Bokuben Route: IF: >Rizu's route boring as fuck >Fumino’s route looking to be even more o…[View]
203659307This Elf just dropped all your wine. What will you do?[View]
203648392This is Retarded: The Naruto run is impractical on multiple levels. The idea is that you either run …[View]
203658162This doesnt make sense. If this was their disguise to infiltrate the goblin stronghold, then why do …[View]
203654560Anyone who likes battle shounen should read/watch kenshin.[View]
203662680Princess Connect: Does the MC have literal autism or something?[View]
203667293>they covered up her tits dropped[View]
203665781>colors have declared the formation of the chromatic caliphate truly a menace to society…[View]
203661803>there literally isn't a single good anime or manga revolving around incest in the past deca…[View]
203659636Majuub: How strong is he?[View]
203662452>Itachi, Jiraiya and Asuma all dead >'oh shit' >Pain kills even more including Kakashi >…[View]
203650651Gintama: Just got done reading/watching this an Jesus Christ, what a wild ride it was. I don't …[View]
203662625Mindfuck: Anybody else spend half the show trying to figure out what part of the scissors it was and…[View]
203665216You are my target market.[View]
203662312Why did you let her series die, /a/?[View]
203666051おまえらってどうやってアニメ観てるの?: Youtube?[View]
203612458Dr Stone has a new mommy[View]
203665140Detective Conan stopped being good 10 years ago[View]
203666445Abyss Rage: He's right /a/ and you know it.[View]
203662565Siouxsie Sioux is /a/ and it's her birthday today! Say something nice about her![View]
203663884Omoi ga Omoi Omoi-san: Dumping chapter 19.[View]
203661292When will /a/ admit that shippuden/part 2 is good and stop fellating part 1?[View]
203657436Gleipnir: I just catched up. This is now my AOTS[View]
203662370Bentham should have joined the Straw Hats after Alabasta.[View]
203664029>huge villain-hero height difference[View]
203634951does there exist a more pure maiden in anime?[View]
203621855Aipare, Mewkledreamy and Prichan: Everyone is having nice dreams now that shows are coming back?…[View]
203663651But he died happy[View]
203659167I want to binge ghost in the shell. Where do I start and how do I go about it?[View]
203665194Kine-san no 1-ri de Cinema: Truth has been spoken[View]
203653116>Makes nothing but kino despite having shit taste How does eh do it?[View]
203660631Chainsaw Man: High quality scans when? I want more qt Power[View]
203619938How the FUCK do you escape from this?[View]
203655733Boku No Hero Academia: Spoilers should come out in a couple of hours or so. Are we gonna continue w…[View]
203664234DON'T TELL ME YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN DESIRE /a/! ALSO Proper Umineko adaption when? It'd be co…[View]
203650400I'M NOT YOUR WIFE![View]
203657250The fuck?: Why do people like this shit? It's super hyped, so I watched it and now I feel like …[View]
203656027What does Ichigo’s bankai even do?[View]
203664018what, anime phos could look like that? why did they choose 3d cg shit?[View]
203654012Imagine being Shinji and listening to Misato's massive black oily shits that clog the toilet an…[View]
203658624What's the best anime opening and music combo? I'm a huge fan of Bleach's D-Tecnolife…[View]
203659296>Hey, how about you learn how to fucking cook for yourself. Also, have sex and procreate.…[View]
203660734So what happened to this story? Is it gonna be finished anytime soon?[View]
203648726Did Zouken have Kariya choose the Berserker class or what?: Can someone explain how this works exact…[View]
203657960iM@S: Just finished Cinderella Girls, it was so mediocre compared to 2011, is Gekijo like 2011 but w…[View]
203652769What are your thoughts on Digimon: Digital Monsters?[View]
203658888HORIMYA: is it worth the reading?[View]
203660498Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: best girl will win the bowl, right?[View]
203661006Look at his face full of confidence![View]
203657740Everyday, we get closer to Jin Roh[View]
203647086QUALITY thread: Post QUALITY animation[View]
203660122How is it a rip off?: How is gildarts a rip off when he appeared before marineford shanks? Marinefor…[View]
203620014Plunderer: Episode 20 Rain[View]
203658437left or right[View]
203645541Who can beat them?[View]
203648183Yu-Gi-Oh!: Hello /a/, I been looking for shit to watch until all this crap blows over if it ever doe…[View]
203656411Nagatoro: She's not actually gonna let senpai know her first name, is she?[View]
203662185>played a shitty hand as the most hated hero summoned from another world >tells them to kick f…[View]
203658623Shinji is taking out Rei on a date![View]
203652227How much of a ruckus will he cause if he shows up in the main series?[View]
203661893Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun: Why did she lose bros?[View]
203655991Never have I more related to a character than onii-chan, I've realized he must be what others t…[View]
203653451DomeKano, You guys will see, next week Natsuo will marry Rui: Cry as much as you want. Natsuo will f…[View]
203656939Fate: How hard did Morgan fuck Arthur/Futa Artoria?[View]
203662062>tfw you know season 4 will come[View]
203654497Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 31 Storytime: The final formal volume dump for the Attack on Titan storyti…[View]
203660048>Forced V_mon to digievolve just to get his crush's attention When Taichi tried to do the sa…[View]
203653758Dragon ball super: How strong would a third son between goku and chi-chi be? Would he inherit SS3 an…[View]
203658928Ok I get that it's dead that's great but how is no one fucking talking about how this moth…[View]
203613462chainsawman: spoilers out in 10 hours[View]
203659132It's that Tomino-esque thing, saying it's Gundam but it's basically giant-robot anime…[View]
203651008was he the biggest simp in all of anime?[View]
203659549Post Quality Redraws[View]
203655574Anime Expo 2020: AX is doing a livestream event this year, are you going to watch it?[View]
203654949This can't be for real, no way. There must be some shitty catch in the real world. Even if that…[View]
203652803What manga adaptation changed your perspective from: >Yes! One of my favorite manga is getting an…[View]
203579748Is the Order a Rabbit ?: Let me introduce you to Chino[View]
203647852Evangelion manga: Just finished the manga for evangelion and holy shit, how did it manage to be so m…[View]
203658982I finished Rookies Yeah, i enjoyed more this manga than slam dunk, but the final match was rushed as…[View]
203653379Re:Zero: >wins anime of the year because everything else got delayed With season 2 in July, we ar…[View]
203656794Detective Conan: Is it true that the quality of the movies falls apart story-wise and animation wise…[View]
203658868Genocyber: Have you guys seen It? Its a fucking masterpiece, im not even being contrarian, i saw It …[View]
203656558Anisong Thread: What kind of music theory did composer applied when producing songs for anime? Is th…[View]
203654725Post a anime character who's stronger than the last one posted[View]
203653949Why are jks like this[View]
203652620Is Cyborg 18 the Power Girl of Dragon Ball?[View]
203658171Re:Zero Rem Emilia: >Rem is for those who need a loyal dog that doesn't question anything an…[View]
203656882Opposites attract.[View]
203641988This anime was dogshit, why you praise it so highly, /a/?[View]
203657797coolest dads: Post the best dads in anime/manga[View]
203652746Plain girls are just plain cute.[View]
203658276What is the point of becoming the hot girl of your school and get your own harem IF THE MC IS TOTALL…[View]
203656914/a/'s thoughts: https://tezuka2020.kioxia.com/en-jp/index.html manga made with the help of neur…[View]
203647396These three made me miss naruto and bleach. And I hate Bleach[View]
203657812In the end akari was just a consolation prize since alicia cucked him with a faceless old man.[View]
203651137itt sleeper hits: I never expected this shit to be as good as it is. But I forgot, what are Killing …[View]
203596042Daily GA Chapter: Years of history[View]
203651013Summer 2015: What were you watching 5 years ago? Why are you still here?[View]
203653617Remember this[View]
203656734ITT: Characters that could beat you up in a fight[View]
203654997Well /a/?[View]
203634411Goblin Slayer 048 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer 048 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Emp…[View]
203657371Soon we can die in peace lads its coming[View]
203653218How to make black clover big hit and popular?[View]
203657329Why is this part so sexual? I don't get it the show does a complete 180 From his sister, to all…[View]
203655523ITT Anime girls with personalities actually impossible to find in our real world dystopia: I don…[View]
203646967Why are so many light novels adapated into anime but visual novels are constantly left aside as if t…[View]
203657011Douki-chan: Will she ever get a break?[View]
203651660>CGDCT confirms the yuri Is there anything better in the genre?[View]
203649653Did Naruto deserve its popularity ?[View]
203652601Ichigo Mashimaro: Just finished watching this plus ova's. Really enjoyed the comfiness and subt…[View]
203656302Was he overrated?: >His whole plan is just a ruse made up by Hypnos to convince him to accept his…[View]
203649682Why can't TRIGGER get a real writer to fix their mediocre anime?[View]
203591588Machikado Mazoku: Almost time for new chapter. Could be today.[View]
203634373Kaguya manga thread: Dera or Osaragi?[View]
203654389Where the hell do I watch S2 of Owari? Am I going to have to just suck it up and use Horriblesubs fo…[View]
203654861Durarara!!: An eternity ago I watched the first season and enjoyed it. What I appreciated most was t…[View]
203656110Osamu Tezuka: What's /a/'s opinion on him?[View]
203655648Prisma Illya thread?[View]
203654948never gonna stop[View]
203655563>Had it worse than the other girls(Her whole family died because of her wish) >After she final…[View]
203652831Fist of the North Star: Should I watch the anime or read the manga, what do you think /a/? No spoile…[View]
203634842Why aren't you working on your manga, anon?[View]
203653389Narutos land of waves arc is a legitimately well written story that has things to say to its audienc…[View]
203655345Muromi San thread: Drug laws don't apply to mermaids.[View]
203654511Has anyone on /a/ ever watched any anime from the 60s?[View]
203653484What's wrong /a/?: Are you actually enjoying what you're watching? To me it seems like mos…[View]
203628753Boku no hero academia: >Can't stop jobbing >Constantly gets free shit from Shigaraki but …[View]
203653395yea i don't get the appeal...[View]
203650639Ka「」Ku「」Shi「」Go「」To「: New chapter was released, does anyone care? The abilities are fun and the girl…[View]
203653563Is Leo the Lion REALLY the worst dub of all time? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAldih45YJY[View]
203653954the ugliest anime dog: hate this dude[View]
203639572Dragon Ball Super: Will Zeno ever be surpassed? If so, who do you think will be the first mortal to …[View]
203650347>he is twice as powerful than me. in fact, one could say he is: Hunter x Hunter seriously?…[View]
203639422What's the last anime you dropped and why?[View]
203642671Where is Chaika supposed to be?[View]
203652684Top 10 Tanjiro personality traits; 1. Determination 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thanks for watching[View]
203650134Akira - worth it?: Did you guys has already read Akira? Is it a good manga? Tell me if I guys like …[View]
203654582>Miracle baby PORNOGRAPHY superstar~ What did she mean by this?[View]
203623865>[HorribleSubs] Ahiru no Sora - 33 [720p].mkv Talk about a sucker punch of an episode.…[View]
203646219What are /a/'s thoughts on Eiken?[View]
203618534Bokuben: Kino is back to Bokuben Menu. I predict Fumino route will actually enforce a bigger canon n…[View]
203652808why is he so arrogant? Goku isn't[View]
203651766Who would win? Dio with the World stand (Stardust adaption) or Ultimate Kars? (Battle Tendancy)[View]
203626162>constantly threatens to kill Thorfinn What’s the point of this character? Shit is getting annoy…[View]
203648851Why does she look like a prostitute.[View]
203650753Is he a Gary Stu?[View]
203650385Imagine sitting next to Charles and being able to stare at her every day throughout the whole period…[View]
203647500Will he ever consider Deku to be his equal? Most Shounen rivals end up becoming friends, but it is r…[View]
203645211Post spin-offs that are a lot better than the main series[View]
203653790Riichi: Riichi[View]
203650775isekai gods: Who are your favourite gods in isekai, /a/? Other shit is fine too, including native is…[View]
203652702is bunny girl senpai better than kaguya sama[View]
203648734ITT: Favorite main teams: Teams that the protagonist participated doesn't matter how long they …[View]
203652695How he would fare and live in Sailor Moon: Also an interesting note, would Usagi be worthy of using …[View]
203647831How do i become as based as this lad ?[View]
203636903Madoka Magica vs Steins Gate: Which is the superior AOTS 2011?[View]
203631548Brand New Animal: How come a regular chocker is enough to keep his powers hidden. What the fuck?…[View]
203633123Kengan Omega: what a fucking jobber[View]
203645646ITT: Ugly Characters[View]
203636322Fate: This is Matou Sakura. This is a woman whose body knows the pleasure of sex and she gets very h…[View]
203650360Am I the only one who thinks that this was an asspull? Why the heck didn't he use it against Do…[View]
203652286Bentham should have joined the Straw Hats after Alabasta.[View]
203652659Please don't forget about Fuko.[View]
203637349GOLDEN KAMUY STORYTIME - VOLUME 16: VOLUME 1: >>202933036 VOLUME 15: >>203592638 It…[View]
2036473522020.... I am forgotten[View]
203648774I still miss Haruko but the series ended perfectly and I'm glad Gainax never ruined FLCL's…[View]
203649957Koisuru Otome: New chapter came out a couple of days ago. Dumping.[View]
203637479Tower Of God: Now that we've received infinite keks from Endorssi x Bam going down the drain. W…[View]
203652558this was pretty good. never thought I'd like a WWII mecha. the old-fashioned animation suited t…[View]
203652369Now that makes perfect sense[View]
203634617Kingdom First Character Popularity Poll Results: It's time![View]
203648574Shingeki no Kyojin:: floch is the real hero? i think he deserves a statue in the middle of the capit…[View]
203651512This has truly been an attack on titan, and i am become shingeku no kyojin[View]
203647769I love Koto![View]
203650182ITT:: Worst 'plot twists' (if you can even call them that) in manga or anime[View]
203651734Why is there an extra foot?[View]
203651754if i think tomino is a hack and dislike all the old ones should i bother with this[View]
203626237Iconic Guns Thread: Since the other Anon made that thread about swords lets talk about something Ame…[View]
203629212Shows about vanilla sluts: Not sure this counts[View]
203625560If you were forced to pick one of these three as your maid for life, whou would you pick?[View]
203650597Why is the window always left of the students?: Newfag here, pardon me if this has already been disc…[View]
203646454What did you think of Banana Fish?[View]
203596349Edens Zero 95: https://readedenszero.com/reader/read/edens-zero/en/11/95/page/1 let's go bloody…[View]
203629632One Piece: Why doesn’t Oda just show the fates of minor villains like Kuro and Don Krieg if he’s not…[View]
203648897Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: Questionable CG and Art design aside, Its actually tolerable since the…[View]
203644817>h-h-he was dead guys!!! >s-she r-r-r-resurrected him guys!!!!…[View]
203649387Nadia and the Secret of the Blue water.: Why was there such a stupid focus on the Lion King controve…[View]
203651195The God of High School: New trailer is out: https://youtu.be/0o-YF1kgiOU >What is it about? Marti…[View]
203644018Will Narita ever finish this?[View]
203640399For me, it's Osaka.[View]
203624156Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? Season 2: Episode 08 preview images[View]
203651117What exactly is their relationship?[View]
203650667You have been working on your backlog right? anon? After keeping up with all the series i followed I…[View]
203651054How often do you poop?[View]
203639123>there's a timeline where dragon ball was canceled like it deserved and toriyama made this a…[View]
203628263One Punch Man: By the time we get the next chapter it'll be Adult Emperor vs Phoenixman[View]
203650617New fetish. Great. Thanks for nothing.[View]
203639339Best year of anime: What has been the best year for anime? Post your faveourites[View]
203638276What does /a/ think of Edward?[View]
203648814What the fuck did I just read?[View]
203649566Looking up to Mahou Shoujou: So is she the strongest when she fully embraces her dark emotions and w…[View]
203648196HGW with Spirits: If the Spirits were Servants in a Holy Grail War, which class would they fill? I…[View]
203616734Why the fuck can space ships be servants?[View]
203649943god of all anime, yes or yes ?[View]
203650229Cardfight Armpit Cunny: All little girls are sluts[View]
203650153Was he right?[View]
203647935Spaghetti western inspired anime: What should spaghetti western based anime look like? Can anyone th…[View]
203649851Detective Conan: Let's say you gave everyone, all the detectives and police and BO members in t…[View]
203649841What went so right?[View]
203647571ITT: talentless hacks[View]
203649625Why does /a never talk about this show?[View]
203638531Oh my god, I love Seton Academy now.[View]
203649537why is the board so dead today[View]
203649245gay selfie: gay selfie[View]
203636894is there a more beautiful and graceful girl in anime than her?[View]
203648318Bakirakani Doukatsu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DDtZY6PI6M Chapter 62: The Ultimate Completed …[View]
203641119Who's your waifu /a/?[View]
203647382Do you remember Tiger Mask W?[View]
203639841Which one is cuter?[View]
203647561FELIZ JUEVES[View]
203622843Dragon Quest Dai new PV: Kino is back in the menu lads https://twitter.com/DbsHype/status/1265603794…[View]
203621021the only teenage romance drama that did it right[View]
203598404Inuyasha: itt we discuss what made the original great and why the sequel will suck while simultaneo…[View]
203621378Mecha suck: And would lose to a tank in any logical setting.[View]
203546964Shortstacks are a miracle of the universe[View]
203646762Which Kirara girl is the strongest?[View]
203647461How do they get away with this? Imagine being payed hundreds of dollars and THIS is what you come up…[View]
203638669holy based the author should do martial arts shonen/seinen and stopping wasting his talent in ecchi.[View]
203583671Kill la Kill aired 7 years ago...[View]
203646990If humans don't want me, then why'd they create me?[View]
203622253Shingeki no Kyojin: Would reminding Eren of Carla get him to stop the rumbling?[View]
203645548I didn't watch this but why did they change the designs so damn much?[View]
203633333you cannot: name a better OVA https://youtu.be/1Tov0zG-2vY[View]
203647404My Hero Academia: Alright boyos spoilers are in: Deku kicks the destruction back and saves a large a…[View]
203643668Im not huge into anime but I finished watched pic related recently. I really enjoyed its free-form a…[View]
203647342Feel old yet?[View]
203645137Going to read the manga. What am I in for? Is it as good as One Piece at the very least?[View]
203646998Dragon Ball Spinoff: Trunks should have an animated spinoff[View]
203645571Higurashi: How the fuck did he predict the reporter's death? What happened to the bat? Is the u…[View]
203641126VKLL Evangelion Fansubs: Are these subtitles a more accurate translation than others? I just grabbed…[View]
203646893Do you remember Nobunaga no Shinobi?[View]
203635422Best Anime Screen: What kind of screen do anons think does anime the most justice? How do you guys w…[View]
203646338This is not a child.: This is a fully grown, adult woman.[View]
203646700How do I make my imouto also my gf and wife?[View]
203638629She just wanted a happy, normal life with her husbando.[View]
203645094Dragon Ball Super: Will kinton ever come back?[View]
203646653Where does Uiharu Negra rank in /a/ powerlevel chart?[View]
203636136What are /a/'s thoughts on Elfen Lied?[View]
203645851Is this good?[View]
203643722What's the most obscure, unknown and peculiar anime (or animated content in general) and manga …[View]
203646434Thoughts on this series?[View]
203643919>best girl in the series isn't even canon name a worse feel[View]
203645056This hast to be the most cynical and soulless show I have ever seen[View]
203625702These are much better than Oregairu.[View]
203644536Jashin-chan: Through snek; unity[View]
203638154So is their love platonic or do they actually end up fucking? Also wincest thread[View]
203639283The mage of consent.[View]
203645969Josuke/Kira duality > Jonathan/Dio: The duality of Kira vs Josuke goes VERY deep. Kira possess a …[View]
203630681why didn't one piece and hxh influence anything[View]
203644581Henlo, Ascendance of a Bookworm is proof that you don't need boobs to make an engaging anime. T…[View]
203643746These asspulls are getting tiring. >stategial genius who can adapt to what others are doing Okay …[View]
203635244HEY HEY[View]
203635876Dragon Ball: Guys help me watch Dragon Ball. Years ago I watched DB Kai. It was amazing to see DBZ r…[View]
203644901ITT overhated shows that are actually good[View]
203637060Axebowl: As far as I'm concerned these 4 are already cancelled, they have shit sales and rankin…[View]
203614178Princess Connect Re:Dive: Why does her mouth turn into a butt?[View]
203645871Golden Time: TFW you're enjoying a college aged romance and a ghost shows up half way through t…[View]
203634132Is this 300 year old witch good wife material?[View]
203645842Kaiji is moe: Kaiji is moe? HE LIKES IT[View]
203615202I have three cats: I have three cats[View]
203638125Can you suggest me some good yuri?: Already reading peak related and vampeerz[View]
203586118It's official, Asuka > Rei[View]
203645788Anime: >That MILF looks kinda hot and my adopted daughter needs a mommy Manga: >I want to fuck…[View]
203626619In the end he doesn't Kimetsu her Yaiba and instead his dumb friend ends up banging his sister.…[View]
203645604dumb shows but fun[View]
203637388Danberu Kiro Moteru How heavy are the dumbells you lift: How would the anime be different if Hibiki …[View]
203641217would you date a girl that believes sex should only be practiced outside of the sanctity of marriage…[View]
203561362Why did Kishimoto make Haku so girly? And what was going on with him and Zabusa?[View]
203643840What did we think of it?[View]
203629478What the fuck guys. This was actually awful. It gets posted and praised here ALL THE FUCKING TIME. …[View]
203645406>reading akagi after finally learning how to play mahjong it feels like i've just been enlig…[View]
203640129Anime that should come back to adapt the rest of the story now that their mangas are over I'll …[View]
203605754Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Was this the Buddha you wanted?[View]
203614336Oricon's Top 10 Weekly Chart by Series (05/18 - 05/24): Kimetsu no Yaiba Haikyu!! SPY×FAMILY …[View]
203637259Which Big Six of 1998 anime was your favorite?[View]
203644062Hunter x Hunter: It's been 4 years and we still haven't settled this. Did Chrollo cheat or…[View]
203644733What is the best way to make a monetary profit/create a company by creating and employing magical gi…[View]
203641562Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka?: Was the original source material better?[View]
203642865dragon ball super: why are we so smart fellow Jirenscholars?[View]
203627607I wish more shounens didn't just ignore the real world aspects of balance of power. I mean stuf…[View]
203625660ITT: Based quotes: >I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time…[View]
2036263932020... I am forgotten[View]
203644335Boku no Hero Academia except the word 'quirk' is replaced with fetish.[View]
203643284Hunter x Hunter: what was Togashi's intention when writing this scene?[View]
203643676Is this AOTY 2020?[View]
203641727Similar manga to Ushijimakun?[View]
203638817I think I got filtered[View]
203641330「S E K K O U B O Y S」[View]
203620462what is the most iconic sword in manga and anime?[View]
203619164BAKI DOU 62 EARLY SPOILERS: The wait is over, spoilers are here anons https://mangascan.site/%e3%83%…[View]
203643002She killed millions. and she's only 15[View]
203620615Hunter x Hunter: Was Greed Island designed for the sole purpose of sealing CHADzor away?[View]
203637339Watamote!: Which of girls do you think that are actually gay for Tomoko? Post your proofs. >Hard …[View]
203619839Lightnovels: What light novels have you read/are reading /a/? pic related,came in the mail yesterday…[View]
203639039Why haven't you watched her movie yet? It made me cry so much.[View]
203639055U149: Anyone else been keeping up with this? I haven't seen much discussion for it but only fou…[View]
203636952BERSERK STORYTIME: PART 33: only a week left of storytimes edition Previous Threads: https://desuarc…[View]
203639927Dragon Ball Super: Who is the best character in the franchise and why is it Wholesomeloveandsupportf…[View]
203637081Space Brothers: I feel like there should be a Space Brothers/Uchuu Kyoudai thread in honor of today…[View]
203640043GitS '95: Why is the Judgement V2 encode of Ghost In The Shell so full of artefacts? Has a bett…[View]
203639115/a/ draws a manga: We tried sometime ago making our own manga but the whole thing crashed before it …[View]
203622707How do the same people who hate Sakura possibly like Orihime?[View]
203638196Anime/Manga Industry really respect women[View]
203631000Kintaro Oe, age 25. He withdrew from Tokyo University law school, but only after he had already comp…[View]
203642290Fuck, I'm going to hell for this, ain't I?[View]
203642283well /a/?: how'd your team do?[View]
203642120How have your Japanese studies come along during quarantine? Can you watch raw anime or properly tra…[View]
203641195Beastars: >If I pull that off, will you die? >It would be extremely painful Can't believe…[View]
203625283How about you go on a date with Shinka?[View]
203634272Literally no one on /a/ cares about clannad or gurren lagann anymore. Seasonal consumer culture is c…[View]
203549140Is hating BNHA a Meme?: Started watching it yesterday Not nearly as bad as everyone claims The cha…[View]
203638974Most popular anime characters on May 2020[View]
203634229https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbqcN2VGla8 They've finally got this crispy boy. He's goin…[View]
203640682>Your waifu turns you into her waifu >wat do!!!!!!!??????…[View]
203640520New Umaru season when?[View]
203579811Buyfag thread: How much is your june order, anons? Mine is about 300$ more than it normally would be…[View]
203633086>Ooarai wins the national tournament >Ooarai beats the university team >Ooarai wins the win…[View]
203637348Why isn't it popular like Bloom Into You? Why is Japan less interested in office ladies?[View]
203618750Dragon Ball Super: Now that Goku lost, how do you think our prince will win?[View]
203639594How will he defeat Moro now that Goku lost?[View]
203633958Mad Bull 34: Has anybody ever watched this thing? I just saw the first episode and it was really fun…[View]
203638478come on /a/ let's dance[View]
203638988When will we get carnival phantasm 2?[View]
203628431Thoughts on manga Hanekawa?[View]
203632910Iconic Scythes: Following the iconic sword and gun threads, what is the most iconic scythe in anime?…[View]
203639158What will the Prince's technique to defeat Moro be, now that Goku lost?[View]
203637194Why can’t there be more shows with attractive characters like this?[View]
203631970Mafuyu is the best Loli/Petite Anime girls[View]
203639107Baki Dou Miyamoto Musashi: WAAAAAAAAAAAH MIYAMOTO IS OP WAAAAAAAH >kills jobber nobodies that any…[View]
203638952My main fetish involves seeing a gorgeous powerful business lady (like pic-related) having to pee re…[View]
203624060Is nen the perfect power system?[View]
203638299ITT: Overrated villains[View]
203638446tried drawing an anime girl in ms paint.: can any of you draw better than this.[View]
203631848What did you do to her to make her like this anon?[View]
203624013Bnha: Spoilers soon[View]
203597284>be rookie Editor at WSJ >Anon-san, please review the Tezuka Award entries and select 20 to be…[View]
203635428>make manga about the most nonsensical bullshit ever >fill it with lots of pseudo philosophica…[View]
203626987Sex and Dungeon: Chapter 5 is out, starting with sensei's new look[View]
203625915ITT: OTPs hard mode: no generic literally who isekai/romcom/seasonal characters[View]
203637739Read.: The Drifting Classroom is a pretty good read everyone. 7.5/10 would recommend >the only do…[View]
203631712「かぐや様は告らせたい」面白すぎwwwwwww: かぐやかわいい[View]
203612044D-Frag! 123 Raw: Sadly we don't have 122 in English yet, hope it isn't another 3 month gap…[View]
203634525Null Peta: You haven't forgotten your friend Null, right?[View]
203631071Kimi wa Houkago Insomniac: Please read this. This is a perfect read for summertime.[View]
203634658ITT series where main girl isn't best girl.[View]
203636625What would a hypothetical second season of Evangelion even be like?[View]
203637433'The use of masks is an act of first-class treason.': Fucking topical.[View]
203632001Shoukoku no Altair: Why was he so scared?[View]
203635455What. do. you. want[View]
203627404Tower of God anime: episode 9 in 5 minutes get in guys!!!![View]
203636881A challenge to any /a/non: Do you think you're able to accurately power level all the character…[View]
203636861ight imma head out[View]
203633192Say with me, it's a lo...: lolibaba![View]
203629220Why are the Japanese so obsessed with pudding? It seems to be the go-to dessert for bribing or for p…[View]
203624354The absolute fucking state of The Promised Neverland.[View]
203635758What are your final thoughts on UzaMaid?[View]
203636040Summertime Render: So i read this recently and thought it was a pretty amazing manga. Haven't s…[View]
203632978Houseki no Kuni: Do you think space buddha jesus will save his people?[View]
203624204All the media says is 'ANGELS, DEPRESSION, CONSPIRATION, SEELE' I just wanna ride for God's sak…[View]
203632341Why is it that tunderes like Sorata Kanda or Daisuki Aoki are never called “tundere”?: Some would sa…[View]
203596082>Fire Punch will never get an anime adaptation because an MC that's constantly on fire is to…[View]
203634051ITT: Cute doll girls[View]
203635573Why is new game 4koma still? The past volumes haven't been 4koma material at all[View]
203623231Unpopular Main Characters: Has there ever been a main character less popular than Izuku Midoriya? A…[View]
203635554every time you curse yourself for being an sperg, remember that the japanese have normalized being a…[View]
203632052>the last time an anime made /a/ lose his shit was in 2013. What the fuck happened to the industr…[View]
203630487is it possible for 2 chads to inhabit the same body?[View]
203629887Touge oni: What happened to this manga, I took it up shortly after chapter 6.5 came out but I'm…[View]
203630687Total Eclipse: Wait, why the hell are their TSFs colour coded? There was a very specific reason for …[View]
203634764S2 never[View]
203634791Death note is fuckin genius. Anime doesn't get much better than this.[View]
203615631Assassination classroom: >weed >that will ruin your life! Kek, never change Japan.…[View]
203631859Death Note 2006 Live Action Movie: I never heard anyone talk about the ending to the death note live…[View]
203635001His supposed mercy kill of his gf is nightmare fuel: Imagine getting stabbed then living an entire l…[View]
203634760My pet[View]
203634909Do Japanese companies really take hostages to ensure the loyalty of their contractors?[View]
203630261ITT: girls that you hate so much you want the author to kill her[View]
203631311here's your self insert bro[View]
203630145>YAMERO..Rika-chan...anta...utsukushi... >D-Demo!…[View]
203632514ITT; best tropes >guy screams nani or impossible >outside shot of ship/vehicle/mech, etc. >…[View]
203632782how strong is he?[View]
2036186552020... I am forgotten...[View]
203559764>Ara ara, Shounen... going after an older woman like me?[View]
203632425ITT: Gorilla[View]
203618927Kaguya Sama Manga Disucssion: >147cm of pure lust[View]
203628096What is Mommy Girlfriend? Why everyone seem to obsessed with it this time?[View]
203626797Jashin-chan: Jashin-chan demands you to buy her BDs or else she'll have to resort to getting ta…[View]
203596449Awww shiet here we go again: Are you guys ready for Kaishaku's wild ride?[View]
203618742How would you fix SHAFT?: >Magireco S2 >Assault Lily >Luminous Witches >Mekakucity Reloa…[View]
203631990Clannad means family.[View]
203630168I don't get Idolm@ster. Why are they still adding new girls when the franchise already reached …[View]
203631553You now remember Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Seriously, why does everyone forget this manga's exist…[View]
203630501Rank the rivals[View]
203624740Kanojo, Okarishimasu: >hurr durr why won't this faggot simp man up and dump her Well how wou…[View]
203582373YuYuYu/ Yuuki Yuuna/ Yuusha de Aru series: 5th tenet - YuYuYui 4-koma anime 'Churutto!' with tenet 6…[View]
203631043Kiniro Mosaic: once every 100 years a new non-generic and actually entertaining CGDT appears[View]
203625407Does this have potential to be the next Nozoki Ana? How long before the NTR starts?[View]
203597171Domestic Girlfriend 274 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Domestic Girlfriend 274 (2020) (Digital…[View]
203633399R E I E I E I E R[View]
203632334Higurashi: Did anyone else find this reveal a bit disappointing? A lot of the fakeout red herring ex…[View]
203632503How to make black clover big hit and popular?[View]
203633433BNA: So is it good or completely pozzed by N*tflix?[View]
203607903Raildex: After being pushed around for years, Uiharu has had enough of the bullshit. You could have …[View]
203621878Kengan Omega: When do you think he'll show up again?[View]
203630450Why didn't the Shield Hero just fuck her? She wasn't a loli anymore by this point.[View]
203628864Kimba the White Lion YMS: https://youtu.be/G5B1mIfQuo4[View]
203628180Who is your favorite Doga Kobo girl and why?[View]
203624978is the lack of a head a turnoff?[View]
203621084https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbqcN2VGla8 Gentlemen, we got him.[View]
203629963The best thing about One Piece: I'm willing to catch up with the series if this guy makes a HUG…[View]
203629588Weekly Shounen Sunday dumps: Good morning, everyone on 4channel. This week, we have for you: Ariadne…[View]
20361924622/7: あかねがめっちゃ可愛い[View]
203630915What happened to her?[View]
203630910Is Kamiyama-san the best girl /a/ ?[View]
203544299You can only choose one.[View]
203630445Ragna Crimson: This is my wife Artemisia. She is a really kind woman[View]
203614100why was this anime so good?[View]
203625514ITT: girls that probably smells: I highly doubt they have access to that much clear water during ww3…[View]
203629213>it's a racism plotline but with aliens/animals/furries/robots/mythical creatures instead of…[View]
203629491>the Anti-Spiral race want to kill your entire species with maximum despair >It's a genoc…[View]
203627666>it's a recap episode[View]
203629946Why can't other battle manga be as complex?[View]
203620573How to make black clover big hit and popular?[View]
203628147Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo: She wasn't supposed to have shoes yet. Was she just given most of h…[View]
203627657is the anime industry okay? theres less episodes coming out and i wonder if studios suffer from coro…[View]
203621682Hibike Euphoneum/Liz to Aoi Tori: Mizore loves company![View]
203624242Caption this, /a/[View]
203623599Is it possible to find a colombian guerilla gf who would look like Roberta?[View]
203590415With Kimetsu over what will be the next big thing?: Bet on Spy x Family[View]
203626036µ's, Aqours, or Nijigasaki High School Idol Club?: You can only choose one[View]
203627652She was the Bush Jr. of Hokages.[View]
203626382post anime that only Chads like[View]
203628411Let's settle this once and for all. Who was the Jannetty?[View]
203629305Lala-lun being best girl.[View]
203627499Huh, so love can really make you blind.[View]
203624222SYD: Still no raws at the moment, but I'm start translating when I get them.[View]
203625857Pages thread: post perfect manga pages/panels[View]
2036191392020...........I am forgotten.........[View]
203627883Drawthread: Make and request /a/rt.[View]
203621719Would you ever consider marrying an Eldritch abomination?[View]
203622235Tonikaku Kawaii 112[View]
203621156Detective Conan: I wish we got more things like this in the series. It feels like most characters ar…[View]
203567473Houkago Teibou Nisshi: Lockdown has been lifted, AIRING soon my fish brothers.[View]
203604561One Piece: >I gotta save the evil family that I hate from being killed by Big Mom Was this the mo…[View]
203628872what anime have your or your friends shown you that eather of your tryed to watch but only the first…[View]
203628779Could you live like this?[View]
203623631Prove me wrong: Magically genderbent guys make the best girls.[View]
203628440Schrödinger's confession: They are a couple without calling themselves a couple, they confessed…[View]
203622930Found a flaw yet? It has been 7 years now. Give up?[View]
203610619How come male anime protagonists used to be hyper masculine? Now theyre all crossdressers[View]
203624956What the fuck was his problem?[View]
203627353Look at the saliva trail[View]
203621725Chainsaw man is a good mystery adventure manga and a terrible battle shonen[View]
203626175How can I find any other girl appealing when SHE exists?[View]
203626713Fate/strange fake: Is this what serious gilgamesh is like? I thought he only knew how to spam swords…[View]
203623452Is her manga really the worst romcom on the market today?[View]
203622073I just finished episode 4, does this get better or is it just a shittier version of the OG 2003 anim…[View]
203538614Drawthread: Make and request /a/rt.[View]
203623963How many episodes are there before the correct rules are introduced?[View]
203627693xxxHolic Rei: What did /a/ think of it? I-It'll come back at some point r-right, bros?[View]
203626211girl friend beta: Just finished an enjoyable anime so I'm making a thread about it. Who needs a…[View]
203623791Is VN adaptation anime dead? WA was the last good VN adaptation anime.[View]
203624218Did a manga ever help you get out of a pinch?[View]
203623435Kuroshitsuji thread: What do you guys think of this anime and how does it compare to the manga?…[View]
203619757Next Big 3: These are your new big 3[View]
203623722Yu-Gi-Oh: Why did they get rid of Miho?[View]
203625006Sailor Moon[View]
203626007why do you think the angels like Asuka so much?[View]
203626434What does /a/ think about girls who canonically prefer furry/beastmen?[View]
203618870how does this pic make you feel /a/?[View]
203599180Tower of God anime: Episode 9 Today get in guys(16 hours) Takashi Sano direct this episode so except…[View]
203580003what's the most retarded scanlation you seen ?[View]
203601427How would you write Deku? What would you add, change, or take away? What would you do to make him mo…[View]
203626385So /a/, are you ready for tonight's launch?[View]
203624582Bought any series or merch lately?[View]
203619367Stop posting fucking spoilers you fuckheads[View]
203625552/a/ - Aipare, Mewkledreamy, Prichan etc: Why are Mirai and Sara so perfect for each other?[View]
203624205Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: Sophie in Bikini. Stupid Sexy Sophie.[View]
203623870They soured Netero and Ging a little bit for me. Just by association.[View]
203620107If i could, then i would[View]
203621657What anime series is better?: In terms of story, I like Berserk better. But in terms of pushing the …[View]
203625956ITT:: Future cult classics[View]
203625943ETA: 5 days 1 hour[View]
203618785I forgot about this series: Has the guy found a gf yet?[View]
203619048ITT: fixed characters[View]
203625602>anime is released without any intention of ending >anime is only released to promote some LN …[View]
203622432*blocks your path to the exit of the tent you were sleeping in*[View]
203625082>anime adaptation ruins character >utterly retarded animeonlys only care about jacking off to…[View]
203622444I want to be the last in line[View]
203618577Just another day in paradise[View]
203625176Why does nobody at the school think this is weird? Most of the girls have boyfriends.[View]
203602511I'd slay her goblin, if you know what I mean.[View]
203623572I don't know about you /a/, but I think Tomoe Mami is a cutie.[View]
203621585Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing[View]
203622322Admit it, this guy can beat up your favorite anime character, which means he is the greatest anime c…[View]
203618624Scarred girls are best girl.[View]
203624510Konosuba: >The last volume comes out. >Multiple threads into bump limit, the gist of it is tha…[View]
203623830What phenomenal writing. Chainsaw Man is definitely the #1 manga in Jump right now.[View]
203620431Describe Ariel design: >unique style made by a cartoonist pioneer >good coloring >kinda s…[View]
203621028Literally a sci-fi Splinter Cell/Raimbow Six. Honestly can't stand Kuga. Character tropes like …[View]
203622927BNHA: Why the fuck did nobody tell me this series was amazing? I watched and read the story until li…[View]
203618142How is this acceptable ?[View]
203621342Wait so Beerus destroying the dinos, which allowed smaller life like rodents to continuing evolving …[View]
203602978Describe her.[View]
203620093Is part 4 and on worth watching?[View]
203613156Digimon: I just watched all of Xros Wars and god I hated it. But what was even worse is how they tre…[View]
203602016Chikan Otoko Volume 3 FINAL: Dumping the final chapters. >Based off a real story which was posted…[View]
203616526Love Live vs Idolm@ster: 765pro = Muse Aqours > CG ML > Nijigasaki Hello = SC[View]
203623613>pokemon episode caused seizures >porygon took the blame and was banned >fans defending por…[View]
203540226Jashinchan Dropkick' Episode 8: Time once again for the Weeklyfag thread.[View]
203622414Was anyone else surprised how popular this character is after finishing the anime? He's good bu…[View]
203622933Who is the best protagonist in all of shonen and why is it Gintoki?[View]
203620998Dragon Ball Super: Do you think Vegeta will defeat Moro or lose and let Goku save him?[View]
203620714How does /a/ feel about Sakura Wars? I don't think I've even seen anybody talking about on…[View]
203618368I want to ___ Ontan[View]
203610754>Mainstream mangaka turned his head into producing hentai doujinshi How often does this happens?…[View]
203622069Mitsuboshi Colors manga thread-Final chapter next issue: https://twitter.com/colors_bocchi/status/12…[View]
203618796Is the parasyte spin off manga any good? I know its not the same author, just curious if its worth t…[View]
203622898Post found-family punk[View]
203607326Baki: Imagine jobbing to Gaia.[View]
203619724Cloudflare Ordered to Reveal Operators of Popular Pirate Sites Manga1000.com: https://torrentfreak.c…[View]
203622487Nazi catboy: nazi cat[View]
203618565what do you think of my love story? I'm in the first episode so far so good.[View]
203617535Why is One Piece the only long-running shounen that never went to shit? Even the post-time skip arcs…[View]
203621266Dragon Ball Super: We know that Vegeta will job like the jobber he is, so how exactly will Goku defe…[View]
203622382dragon ball super: let's talk about dragon ball .[View]
203599531Azumanga: torimashita ne? torimashita ne? torimashita ne? torimashita ne? torimashita ne? torimashit…[View]
203616624Anime Plot: Let's see if you can bring back the harem battle academy fad.[View]
203594924Shingeki no Annie!: Double chapter and double the best girl in 1~2 weeks Are you ready?[View]
203587495Craft your waifu. You may choose three (3) of the following. For me, it's dandere/ojou/ane[View]
203612519Vegeta: Namek outfit > Saiyan Saga outfit > Cell Saga outfit > The rest[View]
203558174Oregairu: It's DISGUSTING how the author treats Hayama in Oregairu and I'd go as far as to…[View]
203599408Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Chapter TRANSLATIONS OUT!!! https://mangadex.org/chapter/905354/1[View]
203619961Saten thread[View]
203622139Super early Cunny Lane thread? KC boats are also welcome![View]
203620957What is the endgame of the flat hamster?[View]
203613694KnY: >manga already ended >movie still hasn't come out >no news of second season >p…[View]
203619874Post the best anime that came out the year you were born: It's time to out the zoomers of this …[View]
203618726If you had only one shot to kill the main villain of a manga, what weapon would you use? Pic related…[View]
203610419What makes a character a 'self-insert' character?[View]
203616176Is there a series that shit the bed harder in its final arc than pic related? >after an entire sa…[View]
203617965Post girls that did nothing wrong[View]
203610152Tallflat Thread because fuck you >>203609501[View]
203597483I just watched this part, does this mean what I think it means?[View]
203614607Toradora: Will they animate this scene in Season 2? Also, Taiga > Ami[View]
203620182Ranma 1/2 vs Hokuto no Ken: Serious question. Who would win in battle to the death?[View]
203607994Tenki no Ko ranks #2 at the JP box-office for 2nd consecutive weekend. Your Name drops from #5 to #7…[View]
203619731This is a masterpiece; like evangelion, with balls And iron man, with gameplay[View]
203620173What am I in for?[View]
203619389Why did she repeat a grade? Also does she ever stop talking about her dead BF holy shit Takashi is a…[View]
203615611Is steins gate zero as bad as people make it out to be? Also is the first season movie any good?[View]
203619985SHIGECHI NO[View]
203619899He's right, isn't he?[View]
203614924What do you think of these character designs?[View]
203604814Think about crest worms like living magical circuits. Once they enter someone's insides, they p…[View]
203618939Gate X Berserk: Could the JSDF handle the Godhand?[View]
203619847Exactly, how high is her powerlevel?[View]
203598818Is manga cafe the superior way to read manga?[View]
203616339SYD: Will we see the Ousai Student council back in action? SYD thread[View]
203621400Official translation of Pumpkin night coming soon[View]
203601822Sailor Jupiter was always my least favorite as a kid, but now she’s my favorite. What happened to m…[View]
203596684Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: Chapter 40[View]
203579242OPT/One Page Thread: The thread where we selectively cherry picked a page or spread from manga and p…[View]
203604884Kanojo mo Kanojo (mo Kanojo): Chapter 13[View]
203607631my hero academia: >Naruto: Kakashi died from using all his energy then got revived by pain >bl…[View]
203615224You plan to support your favourite artists when you finally have the money r-right?[View]
203572618You Cry You Lose: Alright, /a/. Make each other cry.[View]
203602909Shield hero spinoff: The reprise of the spear hero manga chapter 27: in the last chapter of this ise…[View]
203601284I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
203588120Mewkledreamy Prichan AiPare: NEW Mewkledreamy episode this Sunday NEW AiPare web episode this week N…[View]
203618709>genuinely good animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwJUK2JtSgw https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203615645I posted earlier about the fate route ending I caught the realta nua epilogue. It was so good. Also …[View]
203608643Nagatoro says she wants SEX while looking you in the eye. There's no hints of teasing. What to …[View]
203619299Why does /m/ defend G-Reco so fiercely?[View]
203581483Zombieland Saga: OKAY IT'S A GO![View]
203611977>THAT'S TENGEN TOPPA >THAT'S GURREN LAGANN Seriously Gainax? Fucking dropped…[View]
203618795>Be me doing business with rock people >everything is going smooth >get back from trip to…[View]
203561550Kaguya-sama: What is that face trying to convey[View]
203592060To put it simply, Matou Sakura is not a pure maiden. She's a woman with a body that knows men.[View]
203586014Dragon Ball Super: When the inevitable U6 spinoff airs, because as we all know the one (1) thing the…[View]
203612883Has there been a worse teen romance anime than Kiznaiver?[View]
203618759Dragon Ball Super: How long until Toriyama introduces El Padre de Zeno?[View]
203604365Urusei Yatsura: How many years until we get a new OVA? I want more Lum.[View]
203581515Precure thread: The true Go! Princess[View]
203614538>naruto threads are deleted on sight based jannies[View]
203604099What did you think of nichijou?[View]
203618578Hey anons, what was the name of the particular manga again?[View]
203593483Have you ever brought any of those 'How to drawn manga' books you used to see every where? Was it an…[View]
203600317>claims to be 'lesbian' >moans when araragi touches her >constantly orbits him …[View]
203612325This is Earth Imperial Space Force Sol System Close Coverage Squadron Direct Attachment Sixth-Genera…[View]
203618040So here I am with my ninja/a/ clan Ninj/a/ clan here we stand Naruto! I am on my way Naruto! I will …[View]
203607682ITT: Moments you dropped an anime[View]
203614105>seeing more and more soulless digital art in anime >decide to read more manga >start seein…[View]
203616465How Do I Read Manga?: I am on Volume 6 of Stone Ocean as my first manga and I want some tips to be a…[View]
203614583Mommy gf: Can anyone think of anime characters who care for the mc, who are the type to cook and bak…[View]
203606573Why do people call Ochako fat?: She is thicc but not fat at all[View]
203618168Insomniac houkago: perfect read for the summer how far behind are TLs?[View]
203617304What explains this?: And how satisfy everyone?[View]
203588927Kimetsu No Yaiba: Ok so let me see if i get this right. The people who died in battle throughout the…[View]
203617907>standard uninteresting childhood friend >other character remarks that it's actually a bo…[View]
203615408Golden Boy manga: Thoughts? It's way different from the anime and I'm not really a huge fa…[View]
203610248>female characters violently molest each other Why is this so common?[View]
203613616Nozomi is perfect. She has so many great qualities, like how she's fun and playful but also mys…[View]
203614766why was he such a bro? does the manga explain it?[View]
203617721Ahm ñom ñom[View]
203606412Do you like this art style?[View]
203611567What are some anime girls that have feet?[View]
203616728What is this body type called[View]
203596333Describe her.[View]
203615382how would the second half have gone if it were as good as the first half? i was legitimately disappo…[View]
203615388Cursed Images[View]
203608911S;G 0: When did he stop being a useless whiny tranny?[View]
203614128I can't believe the shitty club president is fucking dead![View]
203608718Ever had Anime related dreams? >day 7 nofap/hardly any porn >dream i'm a busty high schoo…[View]
203616765>manga about Soviet women fighting in WWII What does /a/ think of this manga?…[View]
203607738Can someone hunt down the madokami owner and get them to open up registrations so we can have a work…[View]
203615625Could lifting weights have saved Shinji?: I think YES He just needed some muscle to feel more confid…[View]
203611666Oooooookami Bwuuuuuuuuuus![View]
203616226Doughnuts have holes[View]
203616764Counteraction rising Yeah we are ready for the punch line There's no use with all your gimmicks…[View]
203615572Cast the seiyuu’s.[View]
203607711Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai: Did we ever get the translations for the new chapter? I want to read about H…[View]
203579381Kaguya Manga: Smug Miko making fun of Prez a cute[View]
203610235The great debate. Which is the better anime? Ashita or Hajime?[View]
203612048Why was love live sunshine so shit[View]
203586199Bokuben: Attention please. The wait is finally over, popular perflat heroine Fumino Furuhashi is abo…[View]
203615893/a/ Mental Health Check: Have you given up on reality /a/?[View]
203615979>yuri on ice >cast full of ikemen This is blatant false advertising. 許されない!…[View]
203614757Why did they have to drop the ball so badly? It's not horrible, but it's just...such a dow…[View]
203614345Cute but cool[View]
203580173ITT: Girls who like sex[View]
203611095WHEN IS HINAMATSURI GETTING A SECOND SEASON?!: Title says it all.[View]
203615198>ywn talk to a cute girl[View]
203563918Hunter x Hunter: How did Togashi get away with showing weed characters smoking weed? Isn't that…[View]
203614303i cant bring myself to actually watch this shit at first its intresting but then this fuckin cat and…[View]
203612208High School DxD: Life 0 for Shin 4 just got translated. Let's discuss the LN or talk about girl…[View]
203593915What went so right bros?[View]
203612136ITT: characters who did nothing wrong[View]
203614758Could he beat Atem at Mahjong?[View]
203611417ITT: Series where best girl won despite not being the first girl.[View]
203609136Will this ever get a season 2?[View]
203607027What do you think of this character?[View]
203596808Post your plot to a titcow anime[View]
203610262They just needed passionate teenage sex[View]
203603851How do you feel about chinese people in anime?[View]
203613469Ever since I was a kid I've fallen in love with a fairly niche yet powerful genre, the genre be…[View]
203611562Why did he have to die?[View]
203611002I'm on episode 27, this series is pretty based.[View]
203590544Is she retarded, scientifically speaking? Why does she write the letter A like that?[View]
203611668Kayochin or Kacchan?[View]
203609067while posting in the index threads I formulated the following best girl scorecard: blonde +1 big tit…[View]
203607770Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 30 Storytime: This is the volume that the entire series has been leading u…[View]
203610448the worst famous director[View]
203572624Is anything past fate/zero worth watching as far as fate goes?[View]
203612164What went wrong?[View]
203601258Hajime no ippo 1300: It's out boys http://hni-scantrad.com/eng/lel/?manga=Hajime+no+Ippo&ch…[View]
203610459ITT: Neon Genesis Shakespearegelion: >Verily, art thou riding his forcemeat equine?…[View]
203608191characters who did nothing wrong thread, i'' start[View]
203612099Clara Valac: what's the most dangerous thing she can conjure?[View]
203603865Has an H-Doujin ever ruined your enjoyment of a manga? Itou Eight has ruined this cute amazing manga…[View]
203581051Cuckoo's Fiancee: Chapter in 2-3 hours Nagi's parents call him to let him know Sachi ran a…[View]
203609998ITT: Characters with Great Taste[View]
203603947Dragon Ball Super: Is it 'Saiyan' or 'Saiyajin'?[View]
203611535>On He can >No brand of canned food called 'He' exists…[View]
203611376Was he the Jannetty?[View]
203606178name a better anime where the protagonist is this cool and determined. Law: you cant.[View]
203604140Why does he like drawing naked 14 year old girls?[View]
203608430Show me your kick.[View]
203606967yeah, i think it was great, not kino - at least it wasnt cgi filler tier, felt like cat shit one bac…[View]
203611065>has a hard time finding Mitsuha's town because he doesn't know the name Youre telling …[View]
203591806I think they make a cute couple.[View]
203591496Female Designs: Kubo >>> Mashima >>>>>>> Kishimoto >>>>…[View]
203609359is sugata sanshiro subbed anywhere? fairly obscure, but it has some really cool sakuga and designs b…[View]
203607191How does this image make you feel?[View]
203610050HAHAHAHAHA holy shit I won. I removed this shitty fucking manga from my mind. Forgot it existed. The…[View]
203610044What a smug little girl (old man)[View]
203610513>Chooses between an angel, a demon, sexy albino teen Jesus, and the D-cup horns of the tabernacle…[View]
203610431Nanatsu no Taizai: Fall 2020 season getting delayed https://www.7-taizai.net/news/684471c1-277e-49a8…[View]
203610469Children: PRAISE THE SUN[View]
203606710Steel Ball Run: Reminder that US President Funny Valentine did nothing wrong[View]
203607363I thought this was gonna be a funny isekai like shinchou yuusha but I got baited into fujoushit.[View]
203606626So I missed the train on this one. Did anyone here like kyokou suiri or no?[View]
203610243Do you think he can change?[View]
203609381Is it weird that the more recent Yotsubato! chapters kinda creep me out? I like the first few volume…[View]
203605042Post your Top 20, in order. Rater other anons.: 20. Girl's Last Tour 19. Claudine 18. 3x3 Eyes …[View]
203603588Clockwork Planet: Why didn’t you like it, /a/?[View]
203607224Azumamga Daioh: I will marry Chiyo-chan once she turns 16 of course[View]
203583067>I AM JUSTICE >only goes after people who are already deemed as likely to be criminals What a …[View]
203599862ITT: manga you don’t want to see turned into anime[View]
203609593How good, exactly, were ADV Films' comedy dubs?[View]
203607335I wanna smell Hibari-kun![View]
203608780Slice of life is the single most unique genre to ever come out of animation, it is the result of an …[View]
203608689Seeing as how Dororo was a success, do you think we will see more old Tezuka manga get modern animes…[View]
203608489Torment Tides of Numenera: Why did you people pass this off as a moeblob extravaganza? The plot is a…[View]
203609351Animation Thread: How do you rate piece of animation from an artist? Amount of frames of storyboard …[View]
203604255>I wish we could go back to old anime! back when they weren't so full of fanservice…[View]
203601252Dragon Ball Super: Summarize his character in five words or less.[View]
203590281Monster: Is the manga or the anime better?[View]
203605471Anime Adaptations: What fantasy novels would be most perfectly suited for it?[View]
203606301Symphogear: Official ranking: XV > S1 > G > GX > AXZ[View]
203605309How does /a/ feel about girls with plain faces?[View]
203608865incredible openings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYW1wrYOxy8 G(R)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
203607442Why are the so bad at endings?[View]
203602820>Hey guys, check out this awesome new villain for my manga! >What?! What do you mean he's…[View]
203602922Subbed version is the definitive viewing: The English dub from Pioneer is ultra cringey. (I'm n…[View]
203606426Why is Miya-san so cute?[View]
203606754They are releasing a hardcover version in english, is the manga really worth it? The anime's fi…[View]
203605088ITT: where men cried[View]
203607177How did Twin Peaks even influence so many anime? Was it even a thing in Japan?[View]
203595778I dont get it. The last canon arc of the original naruto was kino and i was so excited to start this…[View]
203605346It's worse than Boruto.[View]
203605096Another day in paradise, frens[View]
203606807Do EVAs have genitals?[View]
203607221What the fuck is Goku's problem?[View]
203604339Please don't forget about Yuno and her friends.[View]
203581124Kyoto Animation Arson Suspect to Be Arrested on May 27: >Since that day, the suspect, 41-year old…[View]
203605918I can't believe Shingo is fucking dead.[View]
203604805So I just got to episode 14 of this... I thought this took until Arlong Park or Alabasta to get good…[View]
203603350itt chads: >Athletic >Highly intelligent >Socially capable >Has a harem of girls and mak…[View]
203582100Act-Age will be receiving an anime adaptation.: https://twitter.com/Spytrue/status/12652608543139225…[View]
203605069Did you ever wish your wife was real?[View]
203601850Did she died?[View]
203596559Does it get good: Watched from Bakemono up to second season (in order) and the movies. The movies we…[View]
203593403flat is justice thread[View]
203606483Goddamn this one made me happy.: It was short, sweet, fun and wasn't up its own ass like the de…[View]
203605711Why isn't there an anime adaptation on this? Do they hate money?[View]
203584863Which mangaka do you follow on Twitter?[View]
203603259Digimon: What kind of computer virus is this?[View]
203603413KINO Anime OPs: Post only the best OPs. Legion Mate was trash schlock and didn’t deserve this OP htt…[View]
203592638GOLDEN KAMUY STORYTIME - VOLUME 15: VOLUME 1: >>202933036 (Dead) VOLUME 14: >>203558147 …[View]
203605626Dragon Ball Super: What noncanon chars/ideas would you incorporate in the main canon and how exactly…[View]
203605827Beelzebub: You haven't forgotten about this show, have you? Beelzebub thread[View]
203601419This show gives me a raging boner all day[View]
203599852All memes aside, would you take responsibility?[View]
203591789komi 253 mixer 3?: komi gets the cover but no color pages for the 4 yr anniversary[View]
203599390For me it the hime-cut the best anime hairstyle.[View]
203602877>Tall, muscular idiot >Short, angry manlet >Shotas >Muscular dudes training DBZ seems li…[View]
203598850does /a/ prefer the original ending or end of evangelion?[View]
203600550ITT:: 10/10 MCs[View]
203592449Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: Dumping Ch. 32.[View]
203601482I respect Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is an overman (ubermensch). The overman is the man who knows that w…[View]
203598711If your favorite Strawhat isn't Sanji you have objectively bad taste.[View]
203584974Raildex: >Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Chapter 124 What TF happen to Uiharu?…[View]
203605347This is the manga equivalent of emo mumble rap[View]
203605177>watch promare >'bruh aliens lmao' for the hundredth time >mfw Trigger is based for Kill la…[View]
203589448Asako: New manga by the author of Inari Konkon Koi Iroha. >hey kid…[View]
203601925Reminder that this is still ongoing in Japan. And that it will never ever be translated past the poi…[View]
203600056Official art lul[View]
203600229Have you bought any manga or light novels recently?[View]
203586353Dragon Ball Super: How did Goku get the heart virus?[View]
203603071But will the マンコ kyoudai be getting an anime...[View]
203604522/tls/: the laughing chad such an underrated anime.[View]
203603382Shoujo Manga: > shoujo manga > sharing tips and tricks to women's heart Why havent you st…[View]
203603074Best girl?[View]
203591583One Piece: >string and needle fruit in the same arc >no cool interaction between the two Was t…[View]
203600963Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: The story is better if you don't focus on the main couple. You'll…[View]
203603465>Naruto's last chapter was published 10 years ago How does that make you feel?…[View]
203579036How many anime has the average /a/ user these days seen?: Individual, different, separate anime spec…[View]
203576291Boku No Hero Academia: Fun fact of the day: Deku hides his notebook in his pants[View]
203590443How strong is he?[View]
203604092Who keeps you company at your battlestation, /a/?[View]
203598699Mari Okada should not be allowed to write anime: holy fuck this shit is terrible, why the fuck does …[View]
203600498Wanna join in /a/?[View]
203599927are you lost?: Did anyone even watch this? It feels so plain.[View]
203602173Series that only you like[View]
203567503What is his mouth sword supposed to do? Wouldn't holding his sword like that only restrict his …[View]
203540996Dr.Stone: Doctor Xeno(phobe) did nothing wrong. He is protecting his empire from foreign tribe infil…[View]
203587956Blue Lock: Retard[View]
203602949HE´S A FUCKING FEEDER![View]
203541788Will we ever get another season of Gabriel?[View]
203600319Watch out, she's coming this way![View]
203580612Shadowverse: New episode is out. Would you be her oniichan?[View]
203599423Anime that changed your life and what it taught you: Through self determination and the love of othe…[View]
203598960>genuinely good animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwJUK2JtSgw https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203592827Post your favorite Mangaka/anime director[View]
203600628Boys Be had some weird ass eyecatches[View]
2036024088 years ago today, Deadman Wonderland debuted on Adult Swim's revival of Toonami.[View]
203597096Why does nobody talk about it?[View]
203599022Why was the ending so bad?[View]
203598618Pick 2[View]
203602560he would support the quarantine?[View]
203596214Post 11/10 endings: >Kore wa shutainzu gēto no sentaku[View]
203584044How come kenya have a cunt pass on his new manga? Is he publishing it outside japan or something?[View]
203583546Slavery is not okay, even in isekai world[View]
203602379gym sluts[View]
203593764Rance is now the protagonist of the last anime you watched, what happens?[View]
203601492Is there any well written female character in WSJ?[View]
203601176Has this become a normie series now that Megumin explosion memes flood the internet?[View]
203596257GitS '95: What is the best 1080p encode of the 1995 Ghost In The Shell film? Got a new bigger e…[View]
203599296Slime Isekai: The OVAs are the only part worth watching tbqh.[View]
203601705Shingeki no Kyojin: When the fuck will this little bitch finally die for taking away Sasha? Never be…[View]
203599993JoJo Part 6 Release Date: When do you Anons think David Production will release JoJo Part 6?[View]
203600334Is this the saddest character in any manga yet?: She is the most miserable character in gantz. She g…[View]
203601655Another day in paradise, friends[View]
203599707why does Nia look like a shaft character?[View]
203590503Does becoming a stand user make you dress as tacky as possible?[View]
203578332Which one do I watch first?[View]
203590685Good Endings: ITT post manga/anime which actually ended well[View]
203601357Nagatoro: Missed the chapter thread yesterday, but do you think she will actually go through with it…[View]
203591920How the fuck did Luffy manage to beat him?[View]
203597395We need more Ai Fairouz.[View]
203600182Tower of God, 15 hours until next episode: The generic MC fears the Incel[View]
203550297Which one had the worst series finale?[View]
203599759Why did Kishi insist on making Naruto a cuck?[View]
203586959Is this the worst anime of all time? Seriously, every character feels like a cardboard cutout and ta…[View]
203601117Lupusregina Beta and Death Knight are here to serve you delicious juice, anon![View]
203596281ITT: characters that deserved better: I really can't see Sylvia as a villain, she had a Maiden…[View]
203600787'Chicken'? Do you know what happened to the last person that called me 'chicken'?[View]
203593843Was the scene necessary?[View]
203595601Maple a shit.: Maple a shit.[View]
203594276Don't mind me. Just posting the best Makoto Shinkai's movie ever existed.[View]
203596156How long until he is officially unmasked?[View]
203578534Is the order a Bakarina?[View]
203598633Alrighty, gonna need S3 now.[View]
203600205Strong eyebrows are good genetics[View]
203594452BERSERK STORYTIME: PART 32: my love for you is like a boat Previous Threads: https://desuarchive.org…[View]
203599909Are there any more anime which invoke a similar feeling to pic related? I've already watched ev…[View]
203586811Hirasaka Hinako: New chapter is out. The witch is back.[View]
203599698Does she have a chance against Sasuke? I think she could[View]
203599546Why are Gohan's only friends either space aliens or middle aged men decades older than him?[View]
203597309List your top 5 anime that you recently watched: Go.[View]
203585800peace was never an option[View]
203569344It's been two months since the last update and there's multiple chapters out, Manga is I l…[View]
203591525why you fuckers didnt tell me that this show was so good?[View]
203599292anime peaked here[View]
203597910pomf! =3 wah! what are we gonna do on the bed?[View]
203599122>Wind Rises >Porco Rosso >Laputa >Howl >Nausicaä What's Miyazaki's fetish f…[View]
203597918I love Revy!!!: In all honesty, I just think Revy is better than 95% of your flavor of the month car…[View]
203593929Help them get well[View]
203598941anime are chinks? or japan its really different to china? the people are the same?[View]
203598881Detective Conan: Let's be real, this kid is the king of asspulls, more than anyone in shounen m…[View]
203596773Where in the world is the Anime Tenchou x Touhou OVA?: What happened to this? There isn't even …[View]
203598546dumping the best Tezuka submission so far https://medibang.com/contest/jumptezuka100th/entry/[View]
203596278Science Fiction: I find extremely sad that there's no new sci-fi anime or manga worth mentionin…[View]
203596316Mango Mate: Is this the most cathartic ending in shounen manga history?[View]
203595844Aldnoah.Zero: 6 years later and i'm still mad[View]
203591508Pacifist characters[View]
203590497Caught up with most of my planned modern Jump manga. Was thinking of giving Jujutsu Kaisen and Act A…[View]
203583934Berserk: So who would win in a fight between Schierke and Daiba? How do you think they and other mag…[View]
203583869Girls with Tattoos: Do you rike them?[View]
203590536For me, it's the witch hat + huge tits combo.[View]
203582422Am I the only that would comission someone to change all the names in manhwas so that they aren…[View]
203590864Why did Rock feel like he needed to drug Revy when he could've just talked it out?[View]
203591356I'm the only person in the world who remembers that Mino-san used to exist.[View]
203598298A hero among heroes[View]
203598348>her weakness is frogs[View]
203592987Medabots thread: Anyone else remember this show? God damn the japanese opening is so much better the…[View]
203590567>start of hating Fujita >end up liking Fijita…[View]
203596980Why is nasu's fate verse so small? In Fate/Zero, the holy grail is presented as a big event wit…[View]
203588506>still no word on Stone Ocean They're skipping straight to SBR aren't they? The memes h…[View]
203589299>O my strings that allow to repair damage done to my internal organs. Had to drop One Piece there…[View]
203570614TOG S3: So do you prefer small Rak or Big Rak[View]
203596585This Jump manga competition is hilarious. Post your 'best' finds. https://medibang.com/contest/jumpt…[View]
203587979Kengan Omega: With Gaolangs new meme weapon, does Carlos stand a chance?[View]
203591562Let's go kaikigumi: This is metyako Say something nice[View]
203595734How did we get the best anime movie of the decade so soon?[View]
203596068How did we go from this ?[View]
203597122Onee-sans are still so much better than imoutos, and nothing will change my mind.[View]
203581767I just rewatched Kotobuki and it's still fun as the first time. I wonder why didn't it ge…[View]
203575755Kanojo, Okarishimasu: New chapter soon[View]
203593214hantsu x trashu: I'm suprised that even 5 months after this manga ended there was not a single …[View]
203593085Just finished the fate route. I’m crying like a baby[View]
203595652>she sees all the images of her that you saved[View]
203596644A good man even if you hate him.[View]
203588118Was this a comfy anime? Or a serious anime? inb4 it's just K-ON! w/ tanks[View]
203479568Would you say that Takasaki Yuu, Love Live's 'literally me' character, is an accurate represent…[View]
203584102How would Asuna have reacted if Quinella sent her a video of her raping Kirito?[View]
203589813Which Sympho would make the best wife?[View]
203596456At the moment, the flesh and blood turned into a Twisted carnival in front of my eyes, hopelessness …[View]
203596454Episode 25 and 26 are absolutely genius. Fuck EoE and rebuild.[View]
203593789Brand New Animal: Slowpoke here. The last two episodes fucking sucked. What the fuck, Trigger?…[View]
203596261I get a really bad feeling watching useful idiots and their corporate handlers meddling in weeaboo s…[View]
203592288Listeners: What are your thoughts on Listeners so far?[View]
203551158>ctrl f >no inuyasha thread Why is it such a comfy series, anons? Do you think the sequel will…[View]
203581754ITT: God-tier anime tropes: >the minor villain teams up with the good guys to take down the big b…[View]
203590612Who are/is the best demons in anime and manga?[View]
203592967Bring him back![View]
203594950when was the last time you cringed watching anime?[View]
203524904literally every girl is hotter than nagatoro[View]
203581998ITT: Tasty tummies: She has the cutest tummy in the world[View]
203592106Why are corporate drama anime absolutely non-existent when the genre is quite popular as dorama? The…[View]
203591396My penis can only get so erect[View]
203581133the promised neverland: what the fuck happened? it was so promising? why didn't the author just…[View]
203593676Good characters trapped in bad shows.[View]
203592961How does /a/ feel about moles?[View]
203592790Thoughts on this series?[View]
203595493In rapid succession I recently watched Megalobox, My Hero Academia and a decent part pf Ashita no Jo…[View]
203566278What is your favorite Jump Tezuka submission so far /a/? https://medibang.com/contest/jumptezuka100t…[View]
203583396Rikka is crying, what did you do?[View]
203594479Anno: Makes Evangelion Fans don't like ending Anno: Makes EoE Fans like it but don't grow …[View]
203583035Who is the smartest anime character?[View]
203593452How come WSM doesn't cancel manga for trending downwards? I know you shouldn't expect WSM …[View]
203588165Choroi desu yo Onigoroshi-san!: If anyone on /a/ was following or even aware of this, the last chapt…[View]
203556179Princess Connect Re:Dive: Hey there onii-chan, wanna have some fun?[View]
203582571Shingeki no Kyojin: Is there any legit arguments against the possibility of EH?[View]
203592520Will Josuke get a buffed up Elvis stand?[View]
203593720when does this shit gets better?[View]
203563020Hey /a/. Yeah, I'm talking to you /a/. Unpause that episode you have minimized and finish it, f…[View]
203590553僕たちはー! 生きるほどにー![View]
203589754Hassu-nee: *ka-chick*[View]
203590615What's his endgame?[View]
203589823Gendo Ikari: What was the nature of his relationship with Rei?[View]
203574159Domestic na Kanojo 274: Natsuo to Hina :' I'LL GIVE YOU MY LIFE ' KEI SASUGA. R. I. P Ruifags…[View]
203584975Imagine if you were paid to say lines like these[View]
203579422I'm gonna watch it to see how gay I am[View]
203592717so, what's your favorite Ikuhara anime?[View]
203573961Best redraw so far[View]
203592439Please calm her.[View]
203583479Which one you think she is the most beautiful? In my country when we watch Sailor Moon we always mak…[View]
203584792Ashita no Joe: Does it hold up? Been looking for something new to read.[View]
203587427Should i WATCH or READ Claymore?: Is the anime adaptation any good or should i go for the manga inst…[View]
203584603Kimetsu no Yaiba Alone Accounted For 63% of Manga Sales in 2020[View]
203587694ITT: panel that's bad for your heart[View]
203590046Why does Reines dress like a kantai collection character?[View]
203589046What are some shows you like, /a/? Pic related, it was fun.[View]
203588455I really like her /a/, I hope you'll love her when she makes her debut.[View]
203588268How did you come across that hidden gem of an anime? Tell us about it.[View]
203585459She is the longest[View]
203590859Is this objectively the Best Character Design in the whole Evangelion franchise?: Rei Ayanami in bla…[View]
203563951Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara: Why is meiko such a bitch?[View]
203589557Saki: Tanoshii: Shinohayu chapter 79 TL is out. Shino and friends gather in Tokyo for the tournament…[View]
203588098is there a heterosexual explanation for this ?[View]
203591459What are some animes about delusion? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
203588371Why do normies care about taste in anime? For reference my favorite works of fiction are Yu-Gi-Oh Z…[View]
203591417Who was in the wrong here?[View]
203535152>Giving each heroine an individual arc where they win Cheap hackjob cop-out, or absolute genius? …[View]
203575104Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: here's your buddha bro[View]
203578386Get in, looser.[View]
203589369Is this the magnum opus of tags?[View]
203581638Oda female > Kubo female[View]
203588426Rose of Versailles: When does this get good? I see this show getting praised a lot, watching this fo…[View]
203557759>Oh yeah always sub over dub, except Cowboy Bebop of course![View]
203586905>tfw the hacks at toei doomed millions of people into not watching the part that's actually …[View]
203586453Battle Angel Alita: So I'm going to start reading Alita. What am I in for, /a/?[View]
203586273What is it with Japan and ignoring women when they're talking?[View]
203586423Will they retcon Shinkansen's death now that the series is getting another season?[View]
203549255Jesus Christ, can they teach Japanese people how to kiss? This drives me crazy when watching/reading…[View]
203588369What is this face trying to convey?[View]
203562340If you had the opportunity to participate in the ReLife program, would you?[View]
203570976Monogatari: After seeing her mirror world counterpart, I think it's tragic how quickly she got …[View]
203585259I am still waiting[View]
203581937Time for Masamune-kun no revenge thread. I wish there would be season 2, story gets better later on …[View]
203587700Doujin Work thread.[View]
203588777Wtf, they had good taste in the 90s???[View]
203580505Battlefield: Blood Blockade: 20202, I am forgotten.[View]
203580674What makes anime anime? I think it's mostly the artsyle and animation. For example shows like C…[View]
203586535Sailor Moon S was the best season, fight me.[View]
203583814Weathering With You: It's out! >[LoliHouse] Tenki No Ko [BDRip 1920x1080 HEVC-10bit FLAC].mk…[View]
203583509I used to wait each week with great anticipation for the next chapter I used to love this manga so m…[View]
203575819biggest oof[View]
203581002What does /a/ remember about UQ Holder?[View]
203585279YOU DUMBASS[View]
203587705They're actually doing it[View]
203578555Enlighten me, why is this popular? I got bored at episode 3.[View]
203587981UMINEKO SAKU TRANSLATED: https://www65.zippyshare.com/v/hSSRBYzX/file.html READ IT GUYS IS TIME TO C…[View]
203586398What a fucking stupid ass movie. The worst thing Yuasa has done Legit bullshit magic[View]
203580093What is the goal here? What is Asuka trying to accomplish with this stunt?[View]
203580984>be Aqua, goddess of water and ass >shoot FIREBALLS and literally HELL ON EARTH absolutely bas…[View]
203573551dragon ball supers animation unironically reminds me of that old dragonz ball p parody its so bad[View]
203586630Act-Age Anime: Seems it's been confirmed. Victory for humanity. HBrito[View]
203583138Even though she's pretty this girl was a total bitch.[View]
203587628which manga/anime can you constantly go back to and reread or rewatch. for me? its Yu Yu Hakusho, D…[View]
203573129One Piece: This is Kiku. The ferocious samurai who slayed the Pirate Emperor Kaido and saved Wano ku…[View]
203587206Blue Lock: 2nd selection arc is over >Isagi team loses against Rin team for second time >Isag…[View]
203585453How come no one talks or cares about the Evangelion manga but everyone knows the anime?[View]
203570760How does your waifu look painted?: Have your waifu painted! https://portraitai.com/[View]
203584990WW2/WW1 is such a popular setting for anime, but how come most series focus on the conflict in the W…[View]
203565041ITT:Fullshot of the crew[View]
203585706Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Chapter 141 is officially OUT in Japan!!! https://pocket.shonenmagazine.com/ep…[View]
203584000Ookumo-chan Flashback: >Create mystery manga with obvious mother-con setting and top-tier mother …[View]
203584047Only a psycho would want to go out with her after all the killing mc thing she did. You can say that…[View]
203586047satan but in a maid dress[View]
203572298>Dei ex machina, the series How did this shit get so popular back then? The first 2 episodes were…[View]
203584931*glug glug chug chug slurp gulp* >PWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH Is this a real thing the Japanese do?…[View]
203581441ITT:: You hear it you lose[View]
203585802Date A Live Thread: You may not like it, but this is how the True and Perfect End of Date A Live loo…[View]
203577817Beck: Is it, dare I say...the best music-related anime of all time? >inb4 k-on…[View]
203584600This is fucking boring. There is no threat at all to the MC or his servants. There is no challenge t…[View]
203583754What do you think sex with her is like?: Why is Satania such a slut?[View]
203584908I fucking hate the artstyle in this manga, it doesnt really look like Oku-san, but then again, it ki…[View]
203585188You're in da club and this woman slaps your girlfriend's ass. What do you do?[View]
203548193Cuprum Bride: New gal romance manga by the author of Okami Shounen of Botan fame, namo-sensei. Thing…[View]
203580170>invent the fucking printing press >give the written word AND illustrations to the masses >…[View]
203573329>i don't drop anime[View]
203583398Would you?[View]
203578342I had to force myself to finish this trash[View]
203538548Mewkledreamy and maybe Aipare and Prichan too: It's time for Yume to wake up because her show i…[View]
203577906>Cowboy Bebop but better[View]
203574449Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 11 cover[View]
203585181ITT best spandex in anime[View]
203575022Actual genius writing[View]
203580661NHK ni Youkoso: How realistically would you say it depicted the life of a hikikomori?[View]
203577831This is the best digimon[View]
203583464One Punch Man: One and Murata aren't going to retcon even more are they? Volume 22 is taking an…[View]
203559424Misato is a loser drunk![View]
203583225What are /a/'s thoughts on Anpanman?[View]
203580883Prisma illya: When will Hiroshi go back to drawing sol again[View]
203577411Admit it! This was your first favorite anime[View]
203583454Time Paradox Ghostwriter: How did you like chapter 2, bros ? Things are about to get real interestin…[View]
203580820Ryuko Matoi: Why doesn't she cover up her waistline in any outift she wears? Like in pic relate…[View]
203579043I, Farnese, shall hereby KNEEL to you for ruining the manga Berserk alongside Schierke. That is all.[View]
203584341>during battle, is a respectably serious fighter >outside of battle, is an absolutely cringy r…[View]
203582036>risked his life to fight unrighteous power >struggled to keep his friends and family save …[View]
203581234Poochie characters thread[View]
203583200Chen thread[View]
203582764Why is she so smug?: Why is she so smug?[View]
203582739Boku no Hero Academia: Momo is HOT[View]
203578526Dragon Ball Super: Why do people think the Saiyan Arc and Namek Arc are the peak of the series?…[View]
203583460Why is it always like this?[View]
203579836you now remember medabots was a thing[View]
203537045Who is the chaddest MC of all time?[View]
203583793recommendations: I tried to find a recommendation general but it seems that the board doesn't h…[View]
203580186jojolion: don't come to the HIgashikata residence tomorrow, some of you are alright...[View]
203571452Megami Tensei Girls: Maya Amano Persona 2 Innocent Sin Persona 2 Eternal Punishment >All media we…[View]
203574847chainsawman: 6 hours untill spoiler scans[View]
203582466TTGL: >just believe really really hard and will it really really hard and you can become as stron…[View]
203581802One Piece: Reminder that One Piece was based.[View]
203490031How much does it cost to charge a dragon?[View]
203582261The BIG 3: Which one was truly the best? The way I see it: >Naruto It was for emo/ tranny/ gay k…[View]
203575333Unexpected feels: When and what manga/anime gave you feels that you never expected you would get fro…[View]
203579849ITT: Girls which developed/will develop an addiction: Example: Sagiri, porn addiction[View]
203580355Escaflowne: You told me this anime wasn’t gay, but YIKES it’s pure shoujoshit. Boring plot with lame…[View]
203581916Tiro Finale![View]
203576964Serial Experiments: Lain: Is this actually as good as weebs make it out to be? All I've been d…[View]
203579103ChoCho thread: Is the sassy black girl trope popular in Japan or she is just a chubby gyaru turned u…[View]
203567941What are /a/'s expectations from the upcoming TYBW anime?[View]
203552617raildex: The weak should fear the strong[View]
203581481Why didn't they become a couple after all the foreshadowing?[View]
203580001Name my band, /a/[View]
203582447Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru/YuYuYu: Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Churutto! Short series announced. …[View]
203580605ITT: based plot twists[View]
203581582do NOT read josei: you have been warned[View]
203579044Boku no Hero Academia vs Black Clover: Which is better? Why?[View]
203579876Why did nobody tell me the Kaiser was so cute?[View]
203568504ITT: anti moe anime[View]
203582124Where are the most popular places: in manga for someone to exit this mortal coil, so to speak. Prefe…[View]
203577911Summarize the anime in 1 sentence.: Thots and Fuccbois the anime[View]
203551402Thoughts on this film?[View]
203575882So which end is the head?[View]
203581881Openings and Endings: Post that shit you can't skip https://youtu.be/ijHmETsneUw[View]
203578041>Let's just age the main characters even though the core audience of the series are lolicon …[View]
203581074Usogui: So I started reading Usogui because /a/ can't stop sucking its dick and it is supposedl…[View]
203573345AIR GEAR why did nobody told me that BEST GIRL won in the Epilogue?[View]
203579986Is OG-73 a Big Gete Star Creation? The Big Gete Star (ビッグゲテスター Biggu Gete Sutā) is an artificial int…[View]
203575867kandakawa jet girls: Is this an original story or is just a retell of the game? Did the BD add more …[View]
203574214side characters who improve an anime by 200%+[View]
203580483Is it possible to both openly like anime and have respectable career aspirations (for example: lawye…[View]
203548477>ywn customisze your space ship with catgirl decals Why even sci-fi isekai?…[View]
203569593This is the only anime that can reasonably rank in the top 1000 films of all time.[View]
203572684>Zuckerberg quote in an isekai manga I'm fucking dead[View]
203559336Shingeki no Kyojin: >Eren 170 ----> 183cm >Jean 175 ----> 190cm >Connie 158 ----> …[View]
203580210Mitsudomoe thread?[View]
203580616What did Araki mean by this?.[View]
203580987>it's exactly what you think[View]
203555847I used my writing skills to give you a letter providing my feelings of love towards you anon please …[View]
203576866Akuma No Mi is just a shit resource to give absurd powers to characters I have this absurd ability b…[View]
203580872Anyone else getting frustrated with Legosi being too gay in times he really shouldnt be thinking wit…[View]
203564752Can you name a single final arc of a shounen series that wasn't complete garbage? Why do all th…[View]
203579840Is she a virgin?[View]
203535234What do these japs get out of larping as frogs?[View]
203578719Guts had a hard life.[View]
203575824You now remember Hachibei[View]
203576006webm thread[View]
203575294Let's take a moment to consider that with its latest chapter, Hajime no Ippo hits 1300 chapters…[View]
203580246Well, /a/? Right or left?[View]
203577610What is the first thing you think about when you see LLENN?[View]
203580247So I'm reading HunterxHunter for the first time and I'm confused Why is it allowed to just…[View]
203580417What do you remember about GetBackers?[View]
203579583The best part of any manga is romance between supporting characters.[View]
203573937Sudden imouto stories are great[View]
203580099Reminder that Elves are disgusting creatures that wish to seduce men for their own sinful desires.[View]
203544338How do we fix the Rebuild of Evangelion movies?[View]
203540979>Knightmare Frames are humanoid war machines developed by the Holy Britannian Empire. >Unveile…[View]
203579510>twitterfag mangaka like always this manga is a piece of shit. That's it.…[View]
203573944So why do people say that Nedless is the best seinen out there? It's nothing but cute girls, tr…[View]
203565386Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 29 Storytime: Shit hits the fan. Previously, on Attack on Titan, Pixis tel…[View]
203579169Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction: Is this manga any good? Why has it been so long since a…[View]
203560001Chikan Otoko Volume 2: Dumping chapters 12 through 17. >Based off a real story which was posted o…[View]
203569132Doesn't this seem strange? Girls can grab each other's breasts and it's not even gay.[View]
203573281Heaven can take it's lost property back: Reminder that synthetic girls are impure and will neve…[View]
203555391Bleach best ending: >Happy people in za house[View]
203578592What made him flustered?[View]
203574164Name a protagonist with a better design, pro tip: You can't[View]
203578636She doesn't love Ataru at all. She only wants to marry him out of duty to her culture. Frankly …[View]
203578595Together, these 2 men have made 5/5 of the highest-grossing Japanese films in history. Say something…[View]
203577043ITT: characters who got what they deserved.[View]
203579049What went wrong?[View]
203571521Milky Holmes is one of the few comedy anime in that rare vein of 'actually funny' like some turn of …[View]
203572647Gunbuster thread[View]
203577365EXTRA THICK!![View]
203567386Don't mind me, just posting the best kyoani show.[View]
203573731>starts off as a pretty good horror manga >turns into a shitty battle shonen a few volumes lat…[View]
203578753The vertical world: Go fuck yourself tanaka what a fucking hack[View]
203570852Overlord Vol 14: Yo hitori. Why so slow. Why you trying to follow the footsteps of a supreme bring?…[View]
203578463This is the definitive tier list, accounting for both personality and hotness.[View]
203513679Toradora, wholesome edition: ITT we discuss how wholesome and not in any way lewd the queen of /a/ i…[View]
203575868What did they mean by this?[View]
203565984What is your favorite arc in jojo? part 1 dio and jonathans youth part 2 santana part 3 vanilla ice…[View]
203550978Dragon Ball Super: What's next after ultra instinct?[View]
203567524Yakumo-san wa Ezuke ga Shitai.: Is this the greenlight for our lad to plant his seed?[View]
203577874Animation Thread: Cel. Webgen. Background. Directing. Animation style. Corner cutting. Compositing. …[View]
203575131Who is also becoming Lain during the quarantine? Also Serial Experiments Lain thread.[View]
203564900Will there ever be a new big 3? No.: People keeps forcing a 'new big 3' but the true is there won…[View]
203578208>SSB tier in base form You don't think they are weaker than [SSB Goku with auto movement che…[View]
203577879Eat more seaweed. Also, been a while since I've seen one so Gintama thread.[View]
203574625does anyone care that the BD release tomorrow?[View]
203575576What is this body type called[View]
203572204Why is this sort of non-h/non-lewd doujinshi so rare outside of yuri?[View]
203555349OPM: This is a 28y old woman[View]
203561202One Punch Man: Do you feel that? He's coming[View]
203576809Where's season 2?[View]
203577276They should have been canon.[View]
203568828Why didnt Kuroko finger her pussy as well? What a wasted opportunity.[View]
203575227Tower of God anime: Preview Clip Today Ok there is Androssi's past in the next episode but reme…[View]
203516012Chapter out: https://mangadex.org/chapter/903308/1[View]
203547657Precure: Precure Thread Miracle and Magical Monday[View]
203570118Harem anime: What's the perfect number of harem?[View]
203577567Strange Creatures Spotted in the Uchiura Sea[View]
203563479>card game >isekai >magical girl Is /a/ ready for the AOTS? An unprecedented fusion in anim…[View]
203569747Which anime girl has the best painted fingernails?[View]
203573037>final chapter coming up >skyscrapers >modern era oh dear god not this shit again…[View]
203561549ITT: Post your favorite school uniforms[View]
203545944Fate: Because used goods are great. Do you think the Heaven's Feel trilogy will go for Normal o…[View]
203573991What was your first show and how did you stumble upon it? Pic related, my friends on Xbox mentioned …[View]
203571236Using an indirect form of rejection, suggest to the Crow that she's going to too much trouble f…[View]
203577105Crocodile is a t-lover kek[View]
203573828Umu! Quod artifex mundi perdidit in me.[View]
203571252Now that the dust has settled and we're all a little older, do you think you're mature eno…[View]
203575189YOU DUMBASS[View]
203575500Fast paced romance manga: Characters with a bit more drive than the norm[View]
203568519Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: ...fuck it, I want another season. I know it was a shitty anime, but I…[View]
203573009Animes that should come back now that their mangas are over: I'll start This and Bloom Into You…[View]
203560571Kaguya manga thread: >excellent StuCo president >excellent senpai Prez is really a good boy…[View]
203576209Tatsun is such a vain and two-faced cunt, even more so in the manga, I love her.[View]
203573141Sailor moon: who is your personal favorite sailor scout?[View]
203565497Asper Kanojo: New chapter. >Ch. 31 - One Step at a Time Dumpan[View]
203575240Anime only you watch.[View]
203493067Bakarina/Hamefura: Lewderina[View]
203576028Kouya ni Kemono Doukokusu Ch. 53: Almost there[View]
203568465Urusei Yatsura: Lum is the cutest girl ever. prove me wrong[View]
203570329How do you like your robot girls, /a/? I think the best kind is a humanoid robot, not android but ra…[View]
203574487Manga without scans: Manga without scans. I'll start. 3 Partner Hajimemashita!! by Katsu Aki (f…[View]
203575762>he skips the OP[View]
203576299>Haruhi s3 never[View]
203566705Can someone give me the rundown on this? Did it just get dropped and that's the end of it?[View]
203570069What is the peak 'connects with a 14 year-old boy but not with an adult' anime?[View]
203574506hey bro just to let you know maybe you should like stop beating your tiny sister in cruel and malici…[View]
203571190please dont forget her[View]
203567317Is Akko really retarded or is she just clumsy?[View]
203573274Nose Thread: Post your favorite OVAs where people have noses. Pic related.[View]
203510972Buyfag thread: bunnies[View]
203572441>Aoi Yuki (Madoka): No matter what form you take, Homura-chan is Homura-chan. Falling in love wit…[View]
203563801Sasuke >runs away to a snake pedo to acquire power >barely killed his sickly brother who was h…[View]
203568958Why is Dragon Ball allowed to look like this? Monthly manga btw[View]
203575592Let's appreciate the Sailor Moon OST: One of the best, truly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf…[View]
203569987By spring Ch. 7 english scanlation & Ch. 13 RAW spoilers: Thanks to Akatsuki Scans for picking i…[View]
203571042How difficult would it be to use a command spell to turn a servant into a sex slave in one of the Fa…[View]
203570277Tiny little thread[View]
203545007Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dynamic Duo![View]
203572333Dragon Ball Super: What do you think is the full extent of Whis power?[View]
203548566/a/ sings - Dragon Maid OP (Aozora no Rhapsody): BEES FUCKING KNEEEEEEEEESSSSSS >deadline I'…[View]
203541464Shironeko Project: After 2 episodes of eating soup and collecting vegetables, something will happen …[View]
203573947When is he going to do something?[View]
203529530Yuragi 207: I thought raws would come out later. I waited a bit too long and now it's dark. I…[View]
203561525I had another dream about her bros.[View]
203573373Death flags.[View]
203567167I hate discovering a new anime to watch and really enjoying it then not knowing until you get close …[View]
203573145>Junketsu was a living creature who was endlessly tortured by Satsuki, couldn't talk to anyo…[View]
203571666>normal action / drama manga starts developing harem elements 20 chapters in rather than a proper…[View]
203563255Matcha is fucking gross, why is it so prevalent in anime??[View]
203573188Why did everyone hate Space Battleship Yamato 2202? I just finished it, and it was fantastic and bit…[View]
203555129One Piece: Is he the best Supernova?[View]
203564229This is a boy.[View]
203572099What's the appeal of lolis? There's little you can write about 12 yrs old girls, they…[View]
203570343I just finished watching all of endless eight and i really enjoyed myself, tell me why my feelings a…[View]
203570508Choose one[View]
203572465/a/ I was thinking about it and for some reason Space elves seem like a really popular anime motif b…[View]
203568487Akari in overalls![View]
203568461What the director of the anime meant by that shot?[View]
203572160One piece: Moon arc when?[View]
203559543Usogui: Just finished the Protoboros arc, it dragged a bit during the Kaiser's Festival but Air…[View]
203569243how does /a/ feel about sakura from fate/stay night?[View]
203571490Been binging this lately with a friend. Are the games for it any good? Is there gonna be a CaC one s…[View]
203537065>not for sale >thank you for your purchase What?…[View]
203565095Why is she so smug?: Why is she so smug?[View]
203558927Parallel Paradise ch.120 RAW, ch.48 ENG: We reached major twists on both sides of the barricade. Let…[View]
203569599Why didn't he just tell Kira 2 to just keep a stashed page in his watch or something to guarant…[View]
203571718Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi chapter 26: https://rawmangas.net/manga/kaifuku-jutsushi-no-yarinaosh…[View]
203571747Taking the big girl to borgerking.[View]
203568767Why is /a/ so full of shonenfags now?[View]
203571695Thoughts on this series?[View]
203570570Is he a good father?[View]
203568380is it really ok for girls to dress like this?[View]
203570203Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun/ Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory: Love Hina, but with a shota MC is …[View]
203571294Haha what a predicament[View]
203570063Full raw chapter ?: Hi /a/ Im looking for full raw chapter of Yondemasuyo Azazel-San but can’t find …[View]
203561794Tomo-chan: Did it deserve the hate?[View]
203571293Gender Bender in non Gender Bender series: What are some non-gender Bender series that feature this …[View]
203571256Tower of God: Anime preview is out[View]
203570417Domekano Omake: Love So Sweet starring Fumin and Barusu: Didn't see this one anywhere else, so …[View]
203566064hey, anon, do I look smart in these?[View]
203567039Gintama: Upon rereading the final arc, it was a great conclusion. Takasugi's ending was perfect…[View]
203564286Post manga/anime series with sameface syndrome[View]
203537622Fate series new female character >Heroic spirit >Historical hero >Dinosaur >WTF ?!…[View]
203570999Thoughts on this series?[View]
203559564>Zoro walks away being smug like nothing happened when he disarmed her >Crocodile roasted her …[View]
203568247No one talks about the fact that Bulma tried to fucking murder Goku[View]
203531410Um? Why didn't he choose Nino? She was perfect too.[View]
203570472ITT: Characters who did absolutely nothing wrong.[View]
203538378Which loli servant do you think has the best design?[View]
203567440You're not a real anime fan if you've never watched Laughing Salesman.[View]
203569723ITT: The worst protags/MC's[View]
203570232What are some anime like Evangelion but good?[View]
203552766Daily GA Chapter: Swept up[View]
203570101Major 2nd S2: Lockdown lifted! Coronavirus defeated! Anime returning! This week, mark your calendar …[View]
203565637re zero: this scene is terrible and i can't believe they redid a entire season of this show jus…[View]
203570036>paying for stream Who to blame for this?[View]
203558147GOLDEN KAMUY STORYTIME - VOLUME 14: VOLUME 1: >>202933036 VOLUME 13: >>203515214 Contin…[View]
203563760Why is curry the favorite food of 2D girls? Seriously every single fucking moeblob loves curry for s…[View]
203567098How do you read manga? Have you bought a tablet or do you read it on your PC? Do you download the c…[View]
203550466This kills the tomboy.[View]
203555289Detective Conan: Turns out Sonoko can ACTUALLY look cute when she wants to. Who knew?[View]
203568787Area 88: Its good.[View]
203569375Post girls with medium-sized boobs; neither big, nor small.[View]
203569159Does this anime go into your top 5?[View]
203550355Tower of God S3: We need Jinsung to come back. Ryun and her slav sense of fashion is bad for Viole a…[View]

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