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220411660Precure: We can all agree Himari is the cutest Kirakira right?[View]
220433468a miracle of the universe[View]
220427572is anime ruined forever? Seems all anyone cares about is shipping[View]
220433384was her death necessary?[View]
220428533Can anime ever be both good and boring?[View]
220433211Yomi is so fucking hot it's not even funny. I love megane girls so fucking much[View]
220411222Belladonna of Sadness: /a/ refuses to discuss this anime![View]
220425283Shingeki no Kyojin: From the latest Bessatsu stream with the editors today: >Q 最後にLINEでやりとりして直した…[View]
220430268The 2020's are going to be ruled by the smug childhood friend archetype and there's nothin…[View]
220430860Only chads understand PaRappa the Rapper Episode 16: PaRappa the Rapper Episode 16 - We Must Show At…[View]
220425530What is Doga Kobo's magnum opus?[View]
220430247>daily bitching about HxH hiatus ive been waiting for a new chapter of Me and he Devil Blues for …[View]
220431540Why Japan doesn't produce any more animes like Sandybell, Candy, Lady Lady, etc?[View]
220431465Will the anime medium ever be taken seriously again or is it forever pandering to teenage boys with …[View]
220370971controversial works, even for japanese standards[View]
220430425What happened to good anime? We used to have amazing works of art throughout the late 80s/90s/early …[View]
220413591Murcielago Volume 1 Storytime: Hilarious, raunchy, action-packed, and shockingly amoral at times, Mu…[View]
220426696Black Lagoon: Was this shot REALLY necessary?[View]
220427380Has there ever been a more butchered anime adaptation than Gokushufudo Way of the House Husband? Why…[View]
220428941>spin off series gets higher production values than the main one What did JC Staff mean by this?…[View]
220427401Millennium Falcon is the best arc[View]
220429799>we will never get a chadder MC than Anos-sama I miss him already, bros…[View]
220428196Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: When will Sakurai be a man and ravage Uzaki?[View]
220426625Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Is he a guy or a girl?[View]
220424901Lots of anime have made me feel lots of different things, but this is the only show that's ever…[View]
220429657Anyone know the password?: https://www.oizumi.co.jp/machine/steins2/download/index.php[View]
220428161Sasuke should divorce slutkara.[View]
220420553Started watching Serial Experiments Lain, it's pretty good so far, what are your opinions on th…[View]
220421296Evangelion 3.0+1.0 More Camrip Clips Released: Loopchads we won[View]
220428396I gave up on & only came back when a big youtuber talk about anime THEN I FOUND[View]
220428362Why do many light novel protagonists feel so samey?[View]
220427841>one piece >supposed to be an adventure show about pirates >is actually a mediocre battle …[View]
220424110Why is he such a pedo?[View]
220404848Mato Seihei No Ren: Ren Yamashiro. Is she, I dare to say, /ourgirl/ of 2021?[View]
220429237JoJo thread: Lets be a bit creative /a/, what do you think villans in Stardust Crusaders do when the…[View]
220420262ATTACK ON TITAN BREAD: FINAL CHAPTER AND GENERAL STORY DISCUSSION. (((https://ww7.readsnk.com/chapte…[View]
220429139bakuman: Did it really have to end this way? I wish I could’ve seen more of him[View]
220428008Pure Bullshit Plots: Name a more shoehorned bullshit forced plot point than these two. You literally…[View]
220427014Posting the classic that started it all[View]
220427768>>220420536 You're a goddamn retard and you're lucky I decided to fap and the thread…[View]
220383809Would you rather a series have a bad ending or no ending at all?[View]
220409924Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: Marry, Fuck, Kill[View]
220428904Black Clover: Theres something endearing watching this little loser shrimp grow up and become the fa…[View]
220413990Does Clannad hold up 14 years later?[View]
220425255Why do people watch JoJo? I really don't get it. I've never met a jojo fan that doesn…[View]
220428672Hinomaru Gaisen Otome: what do you think of this manga? for me he is very good and clarifies many th…[View]
220423813Leave this website right now. Don't bother coming back![View]
220424230>You wake up >The only fates to ever be released were FSN and HA >All the lore and retcons …[View]
220423694What the fuck manga is this[View]
220425646NGE: Will it be surpassed?[View]
220423502This looks like YYH.[View]
220416943Wonder egg: >want to make avatar thread >realize i have to go to /co/ Fuck it, another WEP thr…[View]
220426265Fairy Ranmaru: Here is the girl of the week for tomorrow's episode. What do you think her probl…[View]
220404187SYD: TS anon didn't show up last week, so I tried changing the posting time a bit. Anyway, PR a…[View]
220424622how can one girl be this seductive? i want to be her servant[View]
220393176Sakara Mato is a bitch[View]
220426221Adachi is a creep.[View]
220403048>magic can make the king immortal and never have to worry about dementia from a long life and unw…[View]
220425997Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!: Who is your favorite?[View]
220421996She a groomer and got away with it, i can't see the Twitter landwhales seething like they did w…[View]
220426842>because dex is down scanlators just dumb their shit on their private discords so you need to wad…[View]
220426152Hear me out Higurashi but minus all the horror and thriller parts...[View]
220397990Meanwhile, in K-On universe B...[View]
220420445Shingeki no Kyojin: Why did killing Zook stop the rumbling? I don't remember but didn't ro…[View]
220425942Jojo: So if Jolyne is already green, does that mean we are getting blue FF in the anime?[View]
220427386Hoshigahara Aomanjuu no Mori: An older series from the author of Dosei Mansion, Hisae iwaoka. The fi…[View]
220427218Kurapika Mouse Pad: I'm looking for this mouse pad specifically. For my arthritis... Reverse im…[View]
220364713Nagi no Abyss: Let's all love Nagi[View]
220427238How can men beat girl's armpits?[View]
220426905NO, I don't want that! Maam finding another man...?! I want her to think about me and no one el…[View]
220424786chainsaw guy: post yfw this sweaty bitch won the chainsawb owl[View]
220426703Tamao is cute[View]
220414737Chainsaw Man: NO, I don't want that! Chainsaw Man finding another woman...?! I want him to thin…[View]
220423846Tales Of: Sheena's big, fat titties.[View]
220410841Been watching this lately. She really sucks at her job, she's been getting caught over and over…[View]
220420481>in the early episodes Ai is quiet and weird (even more than Neiru) >in the last episode she…[View]
220389199ITT: Pure maidens in love.[View]
220380900redo of healer: I think redo of healer is best anime of the year and i dont care about aot[View]
220425753What anime do females like?[View]
220426249Episode 38 is my favorite, like it takes place on the kind of day you don't think much of at th…[View]
220401112ITT: Bitches in heat OP's mom doesn't count[View]
220422869How come there isn't NTR & Ugly Bastard Anime/manga?: It's so popular in doujins, but …[View]
220417222kaiji: why doesnt /a/ read this?[View]
220418078>rescues Casca like 3 minutes late >fucks the world up with his retarded dimension sword >i…[View]
220424270Naruto Movies: I watched the original Naruto anime and Shippuden but I've never seen any of the…[View]
220421381Oikura Sodachi, known also as 幾ら eng. how much and Euler is the best character in monogatari series.…[View]
220410489Monogatari: >Karen grows to 192cm tall according to the latest novel >Koyomi is only 158cm tal…[View]
220414366debate: who is objectively the cutest anime character? I propose yui hirasawa for the following reas…[View]
220425564Hi /a/, I'm heading out for a bit to run some errands. Could you watch my dog while I'm go…[View]
220424797OsaMake: >nobody talking about Haru that makes me sad[View]
220414623One Piece: Fucking when ?[View]
220335626Edens Zero Chapter 139: https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/kLoJBqY/1/1/ Hey there. New chapter time.…[View]
220384959I'm Asuka! Asuka Langley Soryu! Charmed, huh?[View]
220418517why people like it ? i just want to know... i didn't like the plot nor the characters, so someb…[View]
220424693i like candy[View]
220425021when is chapter 140 coming out?[View]
220423978>dude, what if like, a man is on fire and punches people Gotta admit, with a shitty premise like …[View]
220408143If I had a daughter that looked like her I would not let it go outside[View]
220424719Yuna Roma Seiran has to be the most incompetent fuck up out of any gundam series ever.[View]
220385653KOMI 299 ENGLISH: Boring zzz https://catmanga.org/series/komi/299?fbclid=IwAR1NweztRUSa4cnZfKmCpQY5b…[View]
220424419This it's actually fun lol What do you think?[View]
220278923Osomatsu-san: I'm I the only one that liked them? Also Matsu thread[View]
220424561Kaguya Manga: Today in Kataritai: That normal kiss belonged to Miyuki and Kaguya only. I feel like a…[View]
220418917Now that the dust has settled: ...when is season 2 coming?[View]
220424356what a dumb cunt[View]
220421248Shingeki no Kyojin: Hitchbros? We are fucking irrelevant!![View]
220424334tori a hot[View]
220420509>tfw no bully office gf[View]
220412609holy crap why are the edge scenes in SAO so cringe?[View]
220421828I'm still mad that they dropped Houseki no Kuni for Beastars[View]
220395819I want to meet a vampire.[View]
220423965I remember seeing this a while back but forgot the name anyone know?[View]
220412716So this shit was just blue balling me to have to read the shitty LN? Nigga I'm fucking done wit…[View]
220423124She is cute bros[View]
220422872it's a shame that the GabDrop author took four years to accrue enough material for a second sea…[View]
220423588Who's going to go see this in theaters? I bought my ticket tonight to make sure I get a good se…[View]
220423835ITT Absolutely necessary scenes: Like this one for example https://youtu.be/Ep4eqNVQp_c[View]
220422391Never evers: >start reading series >get hooked >want to know how it ends >find out manga…[View]
220413661Why are stories about boxers always so soulful? How come they so often use the sport to tell a story…[View]
220422871How does this image make you... feel?[View]
220410693Kino panels thread (kino only edition)[View]
220422714Girls Frontline: So, with the upcoming anime, I thought we would get some nice threads, but previous…[View]
220411830I want to talk about Slam Dunk, and why it's a great manga and has a great finale, probably one…[View]
2203944863x3 Thread: Post your 3x3s here. Manga, anime, whatever you want. Don't talk about how mine is …[View]
220388721How long until we get a good korean reverse isekai anime adaptation? Did tower of god do well? So ti…[View]
220419873post characters that ruined a series for you[View]
220421087Shimoneta (Villain themes Thread): Shimoneta OST - 11 - Moment of outbursts Honestly such a good fuc…[View]
220419911This is by far the best show this season. Konosuba 2.0[View]
220403899ITT: great character designs[View]
220386085Re:Zero: Subaru is a better character than Eren[View]
220393365Hagure Idol Chapter 85 Raw: Here ya go folks. Full chapter incoming[View]
220398617JUMP 2021 #20 ToC: ToC is out.[View]
220419073oreki is moe[View]
220413419Horror: Outside of Junjo Ito, horror manga does not seem to get a lot of traction outside of Japan. …[View]
220419948Candy Vamp 57: Yofukashi no Uta 57 https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/5SvcWWH/1/1/[View]
220408787Who has better screams, OG or DUB Aqua?[View]
220420470Was she the biggest wasted potential ever? She could been shown more character development in the ma…[View]
220421749Gyokou no Nikuko-chan: New trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z97DDBmLP78[View]
220418478ssss: God bless this anime[View]
220420918Name a better plot convenience. Isayama just kept using Gabi to start talk about racism. >Somehow…[View]
220421581How come Mirai never ages?: Do brain dead people not age or something? Makes no sense[View]
220421531Why wasn't Kyrie Elesion portrayed brutally like it was in the visual novel? Zouken had his spi…[View]
220418502Now that the dust has settled, would you say it was good?[View]
220417277Girls und Panzer thread: We all love GuP references, right?[View]
220411495Shingeki no Kyojin: These are the ONLY canon couples in SnK: >Armin x Annie >Falco x Gabi >…[View]
220407840>Muh wheelchair Why are shit Mangaka so afraid of killing characters? They rather put them in wh…[View]
220400777Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: So what did WILLE do for 14 years?[View]
220413886Thoughts on fairies?[View]
220420749OPT / One Page Thread: what animes have you read because of these threads?[View]
220419797Are they fascists?[View]
220416809Vlad Love: I'm just going to post Mai and see what happens.[View]
220419301This was incredibly underwhelming especially after the Berserker fight from the second movie.[View]
220397527Dragon Ball Super: >'UI isn't a power boost!! It's just enhanced reflexes!!' >Whis l…[View]
220387463I'm rereading Tokyo Ghoul and I realised I like pre-torture Kaneki better than the edgy white h…[View]
220417761Wonder Egg Priority: Have you decided which egg you want to pop?[View]
220416347What are you scared of, /a/? Anime scenes, creatures, etc..[View]
220410570how can she be so underrated? why is saber liked more?[View]
220419768Ten years ago thread. What are you watching/reading? Are you here? Previous thread >>220348012[View]
220415156Playing VNs on the date in-game: Today is the start of Clannad Season. Remember that anons.[View]
220419915>Summary: MC is an average normal highschool student... DROPPED[View]
220372773Mushoku Tensei: Is she the Mary Sue of the show?[View]
220411008Sexy Ninjas girls and womans[View]
220415790Just wondering, what is your favorite anime, or what are some of your favorite anime?[View]
220417011We all like Takagi-san, but what are your thoughts on Takagi-mom?[View]
220408394Am I getting filtered or the writing really went to shit from season 3?[View]
220418671Tell me /a/, what did she see ?: ITT: Post panels of shocked characters[View]
220418253Hunter x Hunter: Now i understand why hunterchads say the manga is superior. Togashi is truly talent…[View]
220415272I don't see any problem with this, Why did /a/ go mad?[View]
220417190Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.: >imagine living in a country this shitty that young …[View]
220384204Jojolion: Ultra jump cover revealed >CARDS >TSURUGI >BEETLES >BLACK JOSUKE IS CANON …[View]
220416640>Asian Bullfrogs in Europe >19th century[View]
220417716Just finished the manga, wanna kms when does the next chapter drop i need it.[View]
220418465Are there any anime dubs these days which give characters Western/English language names? When'…[View]
220415421Manchuria Opium Squad chapter 06[View]
220418468So where does Proxy One stops and Ergo Proxy begins?[View]
220418412wtf is this womans problem?[View]
220414302favorite arcs ?[View]
220406258Love Live: Great collab, guys Congrats[View]
220416292anime: would you smash him?[View]
220360873Prichan, AiPla, Mewkledreamy: >[Mezashite] Aikatsu Planet! - 014 [3D21FF57].mkv I wonder who will…[View]
220417531Odd Taxi: why arent you watching the kino for the season?[View]
220410321anime died with satoshi kon, didn't it?[View]
220412854Anime Announced: >A fantasy and adventure comedy starring Karla, a dark elf cleric who invested t…[View]
220414425Ne, Nishikata.[View]
220414574Is there a pair with more chemistry in anime?[View]
220416611Anal sex with Kotori![View]
220400787ITT: post your waifu[View]
220416592Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san chapter 39 RAW[View]
220417151Country called Nippon Character says nihon Subs say japan[View]
220414861What’s she looking at, /a/?[View]
220412911Shaman King: What a downgrade[View]
220415112How to ruin Naruto's script: >Madara could do Tsuki no Me keikaku before he died Madara awak…[View]
220414790Chainsaw Man: Hope she gets more of a center stage in the next arc, just finished reading after wash…[View]
220414670Ranma Saotome vs Pre-Z Goku Who would win? I think they're both pretty strong and on the same l…[View]
220371712Kaguya-sama: Love is War: It just might be me being a incel loser who never experienced highschool r…[View]
220415498Who else read this panel and felt absolutely nothing[View]
220380195Jujutsu Kaisen: Should be in the next hour or so, hope you have a nice day anon.[View]
220330123Raildex and the nameless beauty of AC: That’s very brave. Saten Ruiko is one of the biggest names in…[View]
220412076K I N O panels and screens: Post panels/screenshots from any manga or anime that you would consider …[View]
220416808What the fuck was her issue even?[View]
220415526Hunter x Hunter: Hey! Why didn't they just name this console 'NENtendo'? Lol[View]
220412070whats her endgame?[View]
220415011>No Cestvs thread why?[View]
220411856Shingeki no Kyojin: Do you prefer Gothkasa or Cheerstoria?[View]
220413873Listen, Suzaku. In order for the zero requiem plan to work, I need you to fuck my sister[View]
220404116/snk/: It was him. He did this to you. Isayama had a fantastic story, and had a kino ending. This li…[View]
220378481Girls Frontline: This is Negev and the main character of the upcoming Girls Frontline anime. You are…[View]
220393122Kengan Omega RAWS: https://m.imgur.com/a/M4DEfoH Army Man Nicolas makes his appearance.[View]
220395637Is it normal it made me really depressed?: This manga is nihilistic fuel even if it wasn't mean…[View]
220414092Was it really that bad?[View]
220415346Itt: quality[View]
220415225why is Ayakashi Triangle such a good gender bender manga?[View]
220337345Peepee hard, cant focus on the plot[View]
220409111This is the best kind of anime girl.[View]
220413055Slam dunk: >Best selling Manga ever >Greatly popular anime in Japan >Never talked about in …[View]
220414535Why did the shota genre die?[View]
220412919In shounen manga, the main characters and heroes win and the villains lose because it's just li…[View]
220412140FMA 2003: Sorry but i just can't tolerate how often fillers break the established rules of alch…[View]
220412848Jouran: How is it so far?[View]
220410331do you listen to music while reading manga?[View]
220394583The superior Shingeki No Kyojin >Good world building >Interesting plot >Perfect characters …[View]
220332631Helck Storytime Epilogue: Time for the final conclusion of the story. >What the helck is this? Wh…[View]
220406063Why did Samurai 8 fail?[View]
220411482ITT: Main characters that turned into birds[View]
220407206Interesting isekai with a cool/unique premise >It drops it after a few chapters/arc and it become…[View]
220381066Post characters that are LITERALLY you.[View]
220360520Just watched the first episode. What's the appeal? It's okay, but I don't want to see…[View]
220413979Ghibli Thread: Nausicaa fucks old men for money[View]
220411258Thread dedicated to posting pics of woman that you want to kick your ass[View]
220412840What does the j stand for in ssj3?[View]
220397124Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia: I can't do it bros, I can't believe I'm emotionally moved a…[View]
220413790I'm looking for this Manga(picture), could anyone help? I'm desperate :( Thank you and sor…[View]
220413812I want to marry Kirisame Marisa from the Touhou Project. Ever since I was a young boy I've been…[View]
220413100So when are the final episodes of Attack on Titan supposed to be release on crunchyroll? Winter?[View]
220399481One Piece: How can CoClets even compete?[View]
220409891KINO SCENES[View]
220411223Did he deserve it?[View]
220413063Its almost 300: New chap, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how much you read Keep t…[View]
220399837The truly dark magician girl[View]
220404892Rider route: Fucking when? Shirou and Rider are made for each other.[View]
220412702>You keep watching/reading a series because they tell you it gets really good at 'insert episode'…[View]
220406550SSSS.Dynazenon: Who is the target audience for this, /a/?[View]
220405168BRING ME ______: Bring me who?[View]
220406778Started reading Berserk: OH MY GOD what is this KINO Chapter 35[View]
220412492I just marathoned the first episode of this show, and dropped[View]
220409810Post yfw you get disappointed: >anime goes meta saying 'hold on, this isn't some ShOuNeN MaN…[View]
220409820I can't believe kurama is fucking dead[View]
220407421Correct me if I'm wrong, but it feels like the people who care the most about what the One Piec…[View]
220412216Shin Megami Tensei Thread: Tyrone, you are but casual scum. Why don't you play a REAL Shin Mego…[View]
220412059ITT: Characters you wanna beat to death.: I'll start.[View]
220412166Shadow House: When will they drugged human slaves finally rise up against their shadow overlords, /a…[View]
220408159I think I realized what's so appealing about nagatoro. Blog post ahead but I genuinely want to …[View]
220410813Kabaddi: Had high hopes for this one but it turned out to be utter shit. Ahiru no Sora had shit dire…[View]
220408168Shingeki no Kyojin: What was Eren thinking here?[View]
220409336Shigurui: How practical would this technique be in a real life duel?[View]
220411656Did Maria what to rape Meg?: I had trouble making this seem more explicit than it already was.…[View]
220403164what was the biggest humiliation in anime ever?[View]
220406317am i supposed to be confused for most of the story? i'm 320 chapters in and i still don't …[View]
220404970Fire Force Chapter 262: The autism continues.[View]
220411110What would the most clichéd shonen manga ever would be like? >Protagonist-Kun is a painfully aver…[View]
220404373Did Anthy love Utena?[View]
220309487One Punch Man:: Soulless / Retarded. This guy is killing the franchise.[View]
22041056990% of the controversy around Goblin Slayer could have been avoided if the Manga and anime had a mor…[View]
220409513Idoly Pride: >Oh no! Mana is dead! The Giga Stacy who's beautiful beyond compare, loved by a…[View]
2204032715Toubon sequel will be a movie in 2022 https://twitter.com/WSM_manga/status/1382389516254773248[View]
220409272Shinsekai yori, It was a master piece ?: for me it was[View]
220376171Boku no Hero Academia: What Punished Deku a good direction for the series?[View]
220397795What's the most violent anime you've ever seen?[View]
220405503How were you first exposed to anime and manga? I used to take video tapes out of the local library b…[View]
220410491you know she's better than chizuru[View]
220408611Kengan Ashura: Why is the only person who visibly fucks in this comic a BBC insert? is Kenichiro Tak…[View]
220400188one punch: what do you think about her?[View]
220404266ITT: Creepy anime scenes[View]
220378798What's the point of this being like 1000 episodes?: I read the manga up until the thriller bark…[View]
220408148Post canon sluts[View]
220394827So the budget for each episode was 5$ or is this some sick joke?[View]
220401247This idiot doesn't know the rules of chess.[View]
220400830Overlord: >still ending on vol 17 and author posted some info on what happens afterwards on a blo…[View]
220394535A special interview between Hajime Isayama (Attack on Titan) & Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemi…[View]
220403663Eighty-Six: Do you believe in alba supremacy?: I do[View]
220402480Has /a/ seen this movie? If so, how was it? I can't find anything on nyaa about it. I know its …[View]
220406575What does /a/ think about Himesama Goumon no Jikan desu[View]
220406180Romcom Council: More anime confirmed! >Cuckoo's anime confirmed…[View]
220409157This is your band leader.[View]
220405918What a fool you are. I'm a god. How can you uninstall a god? What a grand and intoxicating inno…[View]
220381827How did they fuck up this bad?: Animation, art-style and coloring are inferior to original. Characte…[View]
220405205Wake up, see this. What do?[View]
220399352Wow, this was the strongest pilot episode for a show that I can remember in the last few years. Mang…[View]
220407765Kimetsu no Yaiba: Is there better episode than this?[View]
220404062Is it just me or did these two shows about magician girls follow a similar pattern: >OVAs Amazing…[View]
220366956Precure Thread: Cure Macherie literally means Cure 'My Dear' in English. And Amour obvious…[View]
220406290Anime Original Couples?: Has there ever been an anime that went against the source material and made…[View]
220379855Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara: Living in a Dead Game…[View]
220408406Who's hotter, GITS's Major, or Appleseed's Deunan Knute? Movie/OVA/Series adaptation…[View]
220402557Shingeki no Kyojin: >Eren's only sin is making Mikasa cry Mikasa's cute smile > the …[View]
220405109my nigga happy[View]
220391363Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: Sotsu's first arc will be a semi-happy ending. K1 will rem…[View]
220379600Super Cub: ITS TIME TO BE A SUPER SEXUAL again! You are in love with your Super Cub, aren't you…[View]
220395773Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!: So what happened? I thought there was supposed to be an anime announcement …[View]
220357602Kanojo mo Kanojo: https://catmanga.org/series/kmk/54 New chapter's out. Can't dump right n…[View]
220397443Dragon Ball Super: So, is EoZ still canon or not?[View]
220404672Left or right?[View]
220391731Not a good week for English-speaking anime watchers, huh?[View]
220407171Which Fuyumi is the beast Fuyumi?[View]
220392607>show is called Haruhi >its really about Yuki…[View]
220380585AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK EVERYBODY IN THIS. Who do I even feel bad for?[View]
220401831To those who are still down in the dumps about SnK: I suggest you watch/rewatch Kabaneri, or at the …[View]
220399719Why is it so highly acclaimed? I found it very boring and generic[View]
220401695ITT: S-Tier anime only. Not so fast SnKfags[View]
220288485OPT: One page thread: To whoever posted this last time: thank you, this was a great read, I don…[View]
220399953I have never seen an ULTRA-MEGA CHAD MC with an exquisite taste in a manga, until I read this one. G…[View]
220405412U19 2020: Which of those series was the most shitpost-worthy? For me, it is TPG and it is Bakuman bu…[View]
220380858139 is hot garbage. Prove me wrong Hard mode: no name-calling/ad-hominem bullshit[View]
220405628I did not really understand this whatsoever, I didn't need to read the manga first did I?[View]
220406092Any news on when it's gonna come out? I have high hopes for it from looking at the trailer.[View]
220382620Meitantei Conan 1070: Haibara chapter. Aifrens................... /ourgirl/ is in danger............…[View]
220401306Wanna die, Anon?[View]
220404854ITT: Characters that keep moving forward[View]
220378501Fire Force/Enen no shouboutai: Who can beat a fully LARPed Arthur? He now gained reality warping abi…[View]
220405983This is the best season we've had in years. I'm watching 9 shows right now.[View]
220390373Chainsaw Man: What's the link between Halloween and having complete understanding of the univer…[View]
220393989>Code Geass invented milk steak, with jellybeans Can this show get any more based?…[View]
220397096Kaiji Thread: How would he fuck up?[View]
220390941/a/...what is her true name?[View]
220405540Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG: can someone give me several spoilers? I don't want to rea…[View]
220404909Anon, how do I get back into light skinned anime girls?[View]
220389032Shingeki no Kyojin: HACKSAYAMA WAS MAKING SHIT UP AS HE WENT There are tens if not hundreds of incon…[View]
220401056With Blue Reflection getting an anime, is there hope for another Atelier anime soon? I would love a …[View]
220398234Why does Historia look miserable around Farmer?: Historia has a shit face in all the panels she shar…[View]
220399258*ruins your show*[View]
220398057Burn The Witch: When are the new chapters coming out? And will it ever become a monthly or weekly se…[View]
220403896Who was a better parent?[View]
220401023What did she mean by this?[View]
220399195It wasn’t very good. No wonder it’s been on my backlog for a decade[View]
220401655Bleach Thread: Sex with Ichigo.[View]
220404541BEST ANIME AND MANGA EVER !! HANDS DOWN!: 50 Episodes of Pure Epicness ! One of the Greatest Anime o…[View]
220400466Is there anything better than a self made bowl of ramen for watching anime?[View]
220402301Would you marry Osaka?[View]
220400430Osamake: So is this it? Will Kachi really win?!![View]
220403181>Strongest greek/roman servant >Supposedly unbeatable >Loses to a little girl, a teenage bo…[View]
220398590What's up /a/, I've been thinking about Denpa Onna again. Has anyone here read the LN? I…[View]
220395493Shingeki no Kyojin: >All the editors were EMshippers from the start, but it is stressed that AoT …[View]
220395792hola: hola[View]
220390526Isekai Maou: New season is off to a good start. OP song is just mediocre but the 2d visuals are amaz…[View]
2203930755Toubun no Hanayome: Bibury has confirmed that there will be no third season, the sequel will be a m…[View]
220402288Lets play a game Write typical japanese name and anon below posts first character of that name that …[View]
220401670Ranma: Is (s)he a tranny?[View]
220393432Golden Kamuy 275: Will Sugimoto and Kikuta succeed in their quest?[View]
220373690If an isekai'd person retains all of his memories from his previous life, who should he conside…[View]
220335899Love Live: Key visual for Aqours's new live. Are you excited for it?[View]
220397208Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: haha it's funny I am holding my belly and laughing out loud ahahahaha thi…[View]
220399853Is there anything more based than forniphilia?[View]
220389380How do mangaka learn to draw?[View]
220396586She looks nothing like this in the manga, MAPPA should be sued for false advertising.[View]
220392540Do dumb gaijin in anime irritate you or do you embrace their stupidity for laughs?[View]
220400811Looking for a one shot also discussion thread?: There was a thread some months ago that the author o…[View]
220395591Anime only men can appreciate.[View]
220342420Arturia is the embodiment of things I value the most - unyielding loyalty, unsullied purity of heart…[View]
220400370Fuck you dumbass marketable plushy cat I wish all the witches were gone[View]
220400013Hunter x Hunter: What sidecharacter did you like the most from the new arc? For me it's Muse…[View]
220398152I guess this was just femto being malicious and wanting to hurt guts but did griffith love casca?[View]
220394718Why, though?[View]
220399821How do you like to watch anime?[View]
220393773>3 episodes rule What did you drop? Continue to watch? Dropped this watch Vivy…[View]
220379217Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: Sooo...what's the consensus here? Is it good?[View]
220396664Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Will there ever be another show like it?[View]
220397304>school week begins >SNK spam dies down[View]
220377326Oricon's Top 10 Weekly Chart by Series (04/05 - 04/11)[View]
220399291I have no fucking idea what I'm reading. That weird, very 70/80's artstyle caught my atten…[View]
220379174Why do people watch this garbage it's just a same formula every single season and it's try…[View]
220386630Rental+Hige heroine: Who does these used goods appeal to exactly?[View]
220398809Is it me or was /xa/ really huge in the 90s and then just dropped off? There has been a few scattere…[View]
220385069How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom: So I decided to read this series. Is it worth it? From what …[View]
220396945>Iri was less than 7 years old when Kiritsugu fucked her Is he a pedo?[View]
220396397How would you fix SHAFT?!: This is your new monogatari[View]
220391761Fumetsu no Anata e: New chapter is out. Thanks to danke. To Your Eternity 140.2 (2021) (Digital) (da…[View]
220397638Is toriyama some kind of autistic savant? How do you make two superhit manga when you don't eve…[View]
220378967One Piece: So the team fight is finally over and scrapped for a Luffy 1v1, what did you think of it?…[View]
220395307Hey faggots.[View]
220395330Thoughts on the series so far?[View]
220390585Pick a type. Plot twist: Same character.[View]
220389795SNK's not over !!: According to this Twitter account (20k+ followers) and specialized in manga,…[View]
220396738mangadex down: where to read mango[View]
220383274IT'S EREN'S FUCKING BABY.[View]
220392483Well, /a/?[View]
220398164What if 2501 got isekai'd when she got hit by that truck, instead of being found by section 9?[View]
220371685Welcome to the NHK: Did anyone actually find its ending satisfying?[View]
220390217Urusei Yatsura: >his birthday was on the 13th >everyone forgot can we give this chad the belat…[View]
220388821You should be able to solve this[View]
220388767No but seriously why does he remain silent?[View]
220384950Ok, this time you've gone too far Japan. Explain this.[View]
220379040ITT: Headcanon You Desperately Cling To: The Euphinator Incident was Lelouch subconsciously wanting …[View]
220397292How will normalfags react to this? Will they get filtered?[View]
220389416how is this not the MC[View]
220397100Why are idols like this?[View]
220363716Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy: Finally, an anime where the childhood friend doesn…[View]
220389931What happened?[View]
220395892Boogiepop is the thinking's man Lain.[View]
220388262Dragon Ball Super: How would the Tournament of Power have gone if it was just a series of 1v1s with …[View]
220387683Saber riding a banana[View]
220391336Kengan omega: Raws in this thread[View]
220394153So, you are getting your Tokyo Tower exclusive Yashahime merch, right /a/non?[View]
220368877Legend of the Galactic Heroes: I'm going to start watching this series and movies. I have seen …[View]
220371546Is this a deconstruction of teasing manga like Nagatoro, Takagi, Uzaki etc?[View]
220390474Let's goo[View]
220319048Cubs: This shit's fucking cute. Gimme honda ads all days of the week[View]
220390446FirePunch: I don't fucking get it. Can someone spoonfeed me what was the ending all about?…[View]
220395102Boy's Abyss 50[View]
220390439Shingeki no Kyojin: >They showed an illustration from an early volume and said there was more sto…[View]
220382215Why did DBZ quality drop drastically after Frieza saga?: Android/Cell saga was okay up until Cell…[View]
220395153Top 100 Anime Characters: /a/ our neighborhood have spoken What do you think of that list?[View]
220395060What's your favorite live action sequence in an anime?[View]
220394749When, in your opinion, was the golden age of anime and manga?[View]
220392327TWEWY The Animation: https://youtu.be/FGAqfvbJTFI Do we have aa confirmation about the new OP song? …[View]
220393165I.t.t.: adaptational changes for the better: >No on in their right mind would ever believe that I…[View]
220352319DRAGON QUEST: HERO AVAN AND THE DEMON LORD OF HELLFIRE CHAPTER 1:https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/FH9vF…[View]
220394636Anohana: So if given the choice and in a similar position to Jintan, would you rather keep your ghos…[View]
220394036Characters you'll love forever regardless of any situation: I will love and carry Artoria in my…[View]
220363502Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu: Small thread for the 10 anons waching still. Very similar to Akagam…[View]
220393572Arakawa and Isayama are doing an interview together, what do you hope they talk about?[View]
220379237Weekly Shonen Sunday: It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: it's now time for Sund…[View]
220380821Do you like hetalia axis powers? And if you do who is your favorite character?[View]
220390843Which hand does he fap with?[View]
220377530Post only the best anime openings, plebs out! https://youtu.be/rw3bQp-l8Jo https://youtu.be/I2rV8oKW…[View]
220388057Why was berserk given such a shoddy adaption[View]
220391633Imagine how fucking smelly that scarf must be.[View]
220392904I personally have nothing against dubs[View]
220389908Why shouldn't I tell people to start at the Golden Age?: I've gotten a lot of shit both on…[View]
220386774Snk will add new pages in Tankōbon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjqUtJ-h6HQ[View]
220391592Is there a name for this archetype? Like Tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere, Yandere and etc? What is 'annoy…[View]
220370429Manga paints old men as a force not to be reckoned with. Post your favorite old men in manga.[View]
220393231ITT: Things that make you immediately turn off an anime in the first episode.[View]
220378870Amano Megumi: Guys, I can't believe that Amano just lost.[View]
220391713ITT: We try not to disturb the mandrake[View]
220376138I wish japan would make some military/operator kino anime[View]
220377010I'm in despair! An /a/ that keeps prattling on about snk has left me in despair![View]
220390656Now that it is Ramadan let’s appreciate it by posting anime related stuff of Islam.[View]
220391736Daicon IV: is there any other anime short with the same energy as this?[View]
220387829It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-[View]
220391602No threads about koikimo? It's legitimately funny and adorable.[View]
220384941Neko no Otera no Chion-san: So I just finished chapter 64 and noticed that the scanlators have taken…[View]
220391080SK8 the Infinity: >western fandom is shit >japanese fandom has gone to the shitter too Only cu…[View]
220392974Do you guys love Asuka in Honkai Impact 3rd?: She feels more mature Her lines https://www.youtube.co…[View]
220391660Sousou no Frieren: How the hell does this manga make even a psychopathic serial killer feel comfy?…[View]
220385980Why are Anime characters always all UMI DA when they go to the beach? They live in a fucking island …[View]
220387330Anon's atarashii /a/! Shounen is moved to a new board.[View]
220391413What a ride[View]
220390835Is she a kuudere or a yandere?[View]
220391291Knights of Cydonia would be the hands down best ED for Part 7 and you cannot prove otherwise https:/…[View]
220392012So the final Rebuild film has been out for over a month now. When are we going to start seeing new E…[View]
220390975gonna miss this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
220388652mugi is STACKED[View]
220371091Yotsuba-chan is a ready to change to a new chapter of her life, but is /a/ ready to change?[View]
220391925Super Cup: Super Cup![View]
220391883The charges officer?[View]
220368773Who is stronger?[View]
220390220HEY HEY[View]
220391565>Manga ends with best girl getting cucked[View]
220382358>let's write a manga about the thought experiment every person in their late 20's runs …[View]
220388780my wife[View]
220391090Nagatoro: They should have kept the bullying that they had in the early chapters. Yeah seeing them t…[View]
220390254How come there isn't any good detective anime? And no, Danganronpa is not a good detective anim…[View]
220384597Isekai city: >river doesn't go through the city Is it shit?…[View]
220387596Shingeki no Kyojin: Final Volume will confirmed have extra pages extending the final chapter. There …[View]
220372242What carries a higher chance of winning, /a/? Being first girl or being a childhood friend?[View]
220365069Higurashi Sotsu: Do you guys still love Hinamizawa?[View]
220389723How come manga readers get alot of shit for reading manga. Ive seen some skit videos on YouTube maki…[View]
220383566Have you guys ever noticed something funny about Mechazawa?[View]
220386353Ty kindly anon for recommending me this masterpiece. This is pure kino.[View]
220386988/a/'s top 100 characters: Do you agree with this list? What would you change?[View]
220322808Stop stealing my pancakes![View]
220373629Snek or Fox, /a/nons? Which would be the better wife?[View]
220384012I always filtered them on mangadex, so I didn't realize self-insert powerfantasy gooktoons make…[View]
220388686So what happened to kentaro yabuki? I heard that his wife cheated on him and blackmailed him with hi…[View]
220380015Kamisama no Memochou: Finally got around to watching this and it was such a mess with the pacing, dr…[View]
220375616Dragon Ball Super: >You're supposed to master Ultra Instinct in your base form so you can us…[View]
220369106There will never be a villain as kino as Aizen ever again.[View]
220388858Spring flop season: The highest ranking show this season is zombieland at 261. How is spring floppin…[View]
220365108What is this hairstyle called?[View]
220384152The characters in this are better then in the actual anime.[View]
220389208Do you think Hana is mentally ready to get torn apart by this beast? Is the anime worth watching?…[View]
220303137Kengan Omega: The Kart of Justice will prevail.[View]
220389141=) Remember guys Eren controlled the pure titans from the start: This was definitely necessary for t…[View]
220385117http://www27392u.sakura.ne.jp/ Why is Japan so based?[View]
220385617What happened to this?[View]
220389082Lewd manga: Whats the controversy between normal manga vs lewd manga[View]
220389067Cure LaMer! Real or fake?: What do you think real or fake? And yes! What your opinion 1–what the hel…[View]
220386998Which friend had the best legs?[View]
220315964How to train your future husband into a cuckold - The Animation[View]
220386725>This world will become one. I have found the way. Race, clan affiliations, national borders... e…[View]
220383804Black Clover venting thread: So now that Black Clover has been revealed to be /a/'s favorite ma…[View]
220388590>hated by both 4chan incestfags and moralfags Is love between NBR siblings really that bad?…[View]
220388653So much for being subtle: Dear rape seeker from last thread, author delivered, you got your filler c…[View]
220373370you fuckers were right for once, the ending is a fucking masterpiece Snk is dead for me[View]
220380213It's your turn to use the class bike, anon![View]
220386913Super Milk Chan: >go into >>220363575 yesterday >see https://milkchanforever.com/ >fi…[View]
220388392>Be me, THE HORSE: >Be me >Be Jean >Freshly married with my beautiful wife >come home…[View]
220358687Why the FUCK is Dragon Ball so long? Felt like rewatching it but it's 153 eps for DB, 291 for Z…[View]
220387934Where are her doujins?: this is unforgivable.[View]
220388242Heaven's Flop: >2021... I am forgotten What went so fucking wrong?…[View]
220387262great girl in a shit show[View]
220388224Gross. I almost threw up when I saw this scene.[View]
220388078Put your hands down. This is the AOTS[View]
220379126Do you AAAAAAAA?[View]
220381054Why is this movie so dark and bleak in terms of atmosphere? Everyone's just standing around bro…[View]
220384175Gantz: How long would it took him to check that the '23 gram of soul' was a research error? How can …[View]
220387810To you , the Immortal: >Sensescans is slow >Official scans saving a flopping manga in nihon. …[View]
220333035Tensura Nikki: New episode is out[View]
220385111Shingeki no Kyojin: Pack it up boys, the fun is over.[View]
220366720>doesn't do shit in the plot >disappears in the half >pussy, incel, unlikeable persona…[View]
220386866i'm in love with kirara rodriguez[View]
220367931ITT: Anime scenes that literally gave you anxiety/panic attacks[View]
220350417Dungeon Meshi: Chink scan is out.[View]
220377600Why does everyone have such giant fucking chins in 90s anime?[View]
220385229Mind helping me with my homework anon?[View]
220305295Zombie Land Saga Revenge: Would you trust this zombie with your food? Wouldn't she have a shit …[View]
220384449Manga like Sousou no Frieren getting weekly dumps with constant discussion on here is proof that /a/…[View]
220378154Why won't Chitanda stop flirting with Oreki?[View]
220363259Sentouin: Well /a/?[View]
220385808Post a scene you were watching when your mom/dad walked in[View]
220359754ITT: nobody's waifu[View]
220380310Is it just me, or is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood a hell a lot more forgettable than Fullmetal A…[View]
220370410Misato thread?: Let’s try to have a misato thread or at least a comfy thread[View]
220360397Daily Lucky Star Chapters: In a Complicated World Chapters 213-215[View]
220384606Can someone explain the ending ?[View]
220383868is naturalistic voice acting a good or bad thing?[View]
220379327Boredom Man doesn't deserve Makima[View]
220383589CHESTO- I mean, CHEERIO![View]
220379592What was his fucking problem?[View]
220372629>he read 1000+ chapters about a pirate that stretches[View]
220378430Name a better comedy anime[View]
220380211>momoe introduced >ends up being, by far, the worst character >'why did you call out for me…[View]
220384486>does nothing[View]
220379491Are there shounen protagonist that aren't: >man-children >cheerful >strong opponent-se…[View]
220385631For me, it's Onihei[View]
220363179Top 5 isekai of all time: Like the title says, name your top isekai. You are free to include movies …[View]
220381799Shingeki no Kyojin: So why exactly would Eren be against the sterilization plan if he never had kids…[View]
220379569It's never coming back...[View]
220381836Why is momo so lewd? Even to guys other than the mc? I guess that's part of her appeal, i still…[View]
220374748Maken-ki: Is Maken-ki a good anime? RIP XEBEC[View]
220380399Ranking Parts is so old. Let's rank main events. 1. Jotaro vs Dio 2. Johnny vs Valentine 3. Jo…[View]
220381676Vivy: Did it fall on Australia (again)?[View]
220371907SSSS: Dynazenon: >episode 1 everyone hates her >episode 2 everyone loves her What is all your …[View]
220373085Arakawa: Was the second season worse? Be honest now anons![View]
220383750Weekly Shonen Sunday #20, 2021: Hello, everyone! This week, we have for you: MAO chapter 89 Maoujou …[View]
220381563So he dies again[View]
220325293Higehiro: Jesus christ what an unashamed whore. 6 months of staying with various men? How many dicks…[View]
2203655585toubun no Hanayome: Just remember, happiness is a naked Nino Nakano.[View]
220304628Kumo desu ga thread: >tfw there's only snk and generic shit threads >No cute spider threa…[View]
220383579Anime that literally only you have seen.[View]
220383167In the end, who was the best girl?[View]
220377419i've only watched the first ghost in the shell movie, how are the sequels, SAC and the manga in…[View]
220378066>makes the same series, twice lol how does he get away with it? it's the titties right?…[View]
220212132Gochiusa: I'm not your wife[View]
220362629Now that the dust has been settled...: What were your thoughts on The Rumbling? Did it live up to yo…[View]
220311804Isekai Tropes: Soya sauce and Rice Eating fish...Raw! >CROP ROTATION Basic medieval farming imple…[View]
220380546ITT: Series only you like.: I'll start.[View]
220381315What was the point of ymir in the last arc[View]
220382332Join /a/donitology, anon![View]
220380928I WANT MORE![View]
220350238Kanojo, Okarishimasu: What is Mami's endgame supposed to be?[View]
220376760Shingeki no Kyojin: In my opinion, many have not understood the purpose of Eren's actions. Tp h…[View]
220375219Are the murder scenes in Umineko supposed to be shown as a simple blood splatter without actually sh…[View]
220381760>The reason for coming here is secret too. What did she mean by this?[View]
220381752I have the power of God and Anime on my side.[View]
220376907What does /a/ think of Misetagari no Tsuno-chan?: It is approved by author of Agravity Boys. I gues…[View]
220371620Noeru Thread.: Noeru is cute![View]
220381422Shoujo Tsubaki: I still don't understand what Suehiro Maruo meant by this[View]
220380110O p p a i[View]
220350031Forgotten anime: There are so many interesting old forgotten anime that nobody ever fucking talks ab…[View]
220379209I've had enough of keeping quiet. Is there anybody else that realizes Asuta's Everyday Enn…[View]
220373468Anohana: So if given the choice and in a similar position to Jintan, would you rather keep your ghos…[View]
220377808Kokoro Library: No one watched this show accept for me, but plenty pretend to have[View]
220367595Higehero: The only way to enjoy this show is to understand it’s a fantasy. In anime she is just an a…[View]
220369410Will his character ever be truly understood?: It's been 15 years since Deen/Stay Night and 13 y…[View]
220379970>draws better than 95% of the mangaka Heh[View]
220377341Build King: What were they thinking???[View]
220374009About to start this anime, what am I in for?[View]
220322662Girls und Panzer: Winter is Coming: That's SUPREME panzer kommander to you. https://twitter.com…[View]
220377793So, did Kaiba insists on miniskirts-only policy?: Or does Alexis/Asuka choose to wear miniskirts bec…[View]
220380339Koe no katachi: Why did they follow Shoya? did they feel remorseful?[View]
220302399Vivy: >It appears that my superiority has caused some controversy. Why is it already AOTY, and ho…[View]
220379500Whole problem can be fixed if she just go to hospital to fix her hearing lol[View]
220362307FLCL Appreciation?: Anyone?[View]
220379537Hug Asuka: Artist - https://twitter.com/h0lly1201eva/status/1381989089298108418[View]
220376186What the fuck happened to him? He disappeared after 3gatsu no Lion and no one has heard from him sin…[View]
22037399910 years ago, today, the first episode of AnoHana aired. In fond rememberence of our youth join me i…[View]
220328037>https://nlab.itmedia.co.jp/research/articles/166241/ So the nips had a Top 10 characters poll fo…[View]
220377566UtaKoi: I've been watching UtaKoi and it's been giving me so much second-hand embarrassmen…[View]
220376091Overpowered Protagonists: Have there been any instances where a Isekai MC had a real reason explaini…[View]
220369228retarded fox[View]
220374131Does it anger anyone else when anime girls with big boobs wear tight shirts? It's okay to have …[View]
220353897Weathering With You: Sometimes I still think about this movie, and I think about how the core messag…[View]
220365632Dr. Stone, Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, Boku no Hero Academia.: Which is the best series currently …[View]
220375850why did its ending do so well despite being rushed?[View]
220324506Wait, it's not about a pair of cuckolds?[View]
220367368Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 66[View]
220373419She's like 16 and i thought anime and fate werent realistic[View]
220378691You advice me to watch NHK or read the manga ?[View]
220378781Girls suffering makes for the best anime. What are some anime that would be improved by male on fema…[View]
220373245Shinometa (Villan Theme Thread): Shimoneta OST - 11 - Moment of outbursts Honestly such a good fucki…[View]
220356794Why did everyone turn on this series now? When will FirePunch get the same treatment?[View]
220371925Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Cute & Canon[View]
220378335This will be the edgeist show of the season. Kazuyoshi Takeda's WWII Manga Peleliu: Guernica of…[View]
220361684>Kimi wa Houkago Insomnia >0 threads guess we need space for more snk and dbs garbage…[View]
220358171Based protags thread: post your favorite protags especially if they shit on eren [View]
220379104What a fine day to be best girl[View]
220373731Mato Seihei no Slave: Who will win the slave bowl?[View]
220369698One piece: The anime is reaching the final moments of Oden soon Tell us why you love Oden[View]
220351782Daily Hinamatsuri Chapter: Disowned! Rock 'n Roll Fever[View]
220378083So what's the in-verse explanation for naming your stand「D O G G Y S T Y L E」or「D 4 C」?[View]
220367669Precure: Are we getting a mascot like Laura again or we're back to a regular fairy or baby next…[View]
220371401Why does anime/manga have so few red-haired freckled girls?[View]
220371472Remember when anime had SOUL? What happened?[View]
220351723Yugiog Sevens: Nice cards.[View]
220264881Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: The real thread. Here we wait for the spoilers for the next chapter.…[View]
2203772775Toubun no Hanayome: Post a picture of your least favorite quintuplet and explain why.[View]
220367713ITT: Little things that annoy you in anime. >flashback to what character is thinking about even t…[View]
220373475Isekai of your choice: When you die anon which fantasy anime world do you want to reincarnate to? Fo…[View]
220373781About to watch this what am I in for?[View]
220377120I love her[View]
220351334Sousou no Frieren - Chapter 46: Dumping.[View]
220372061Urusei yatsura: How are we doing tonight lumfrens?[View]
220373833Odd Taxi: How is it so kino?[View]
2203765703x3: Post'em[View]
220374646Why would anyone choose Wada[View]
220367982Shingeki no Kyojin: >tfw born in the Arminverse I bet anons in the Erwinverse liked the ending an…[View]
220368049Is this the result of too much bullying or not enough? Be real with me, do you guys genuinely sympat…[View]
220362170Jump 2021 Issue #20 TOC: Mashle has a Color Page[View]
220368775Wonder egg priority: Do you know what? Her dub isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, though the …[View]
220370139Every single Miyazaki girl looks the same and every single one of them looks like my waifu[View]
220375455What's the point of this arc? It looks so disconnected of the overall plot of Naruto.[View]
220371900Beastars: anime of manga?: Which is better? Personally I'm not a fan of the animation style of …[View]
220363537Dorohedoro: Daily reminder that Dorohedoro had an infinitely better ending than SnK where Chidaruma …[View]
220372976Episode 3 thread: Is anyone else still watching this or am I the only one? Also would you rather hav…[View]
220362033This super edgy show is fucking FANTASTIC![View]
220370276Sketchy Chapter 03: Please read Sketchy[View]
220342129Boku no Hero Academia: If the extra quirks are just utility and not a big deal then why add them? Co…[View]
220374403Sasuke >>>>>> Eren: Prove me wrong.[View]
220344475Houseki no Kuni Volume 4 Storytime: It's that time of the week anons. Time for your daily does …[View]
220375095>translators use a current popular word like 'sus' Woooeeeeooooo you can't do that it will a…[View]
220373921Tai scary that?[View]
220367687how often do you reread/rewatch old shit?[View]
220267427Dirty Pair: I thought this was going to be some overrated nostalgia geezer crap anime. >Finish th…[View]
220371737>Manga becomes the hottest shit ever thanks to the anime and sells ridiculous numbers >Still e…[View]
220372513Best looking canon anime/manga couples?[View]
220358066Dragon Ball Super: Are you guys excited for the next DB movie that'll introduce the new DB Cine…[View]
220374638Kind of off-topic thread. >watch anime >become motivated >reality kicks in >back to the …[View]
220371251Left or Right?[View]
220348198>There’s nothing wrong with dub dialo-[View]
220374315March went out like a lamb: I miss this anime like you wouldn't believe[View]
220373803K-onogatari: So will pic related ever be topped? Also, Monkey best girl. Yes mods, this is an anime …[View]
220343979>Fell in love with her childhood friend/fellow student of the same master >One day she couldn…[View]
220343830Re:Zero: Which witch cults related attack have had their motives explained? Oni village attack is u…[View]
220372860Gorilla: This is what a female gorilla looks like[View]
220367012Chainsaw Man Anime: Is the anime in good hands? can MAPPA be trusted to make it actually good and no…[View]
220373042Kyuukyoku Shinka shita Full Dive RPG ga Genjitsu yori mo Kusoge Dattara: New episode today[View]
220372982Hey fellow groomers check out this shoujo oneshot I read 10 years and just remembered. >https://…[View]
220372801Time to die /a/[View]
220304031Jujutsu Kaisen: How to deal with the Fujos? Is Greg based?[View]
220369719Was this scene really necessary?[View]
220371206Beta male: What a pussy[View]
220357394Shingeki no Kyojin: This thread will be a comprehensive response to the criticisms of Annie Leonhart…[View]
220370945God save these girls.[View]
220372478Pussy: This dudes a pussy. Lil fagbitches say otherwise.[View]
220372312Cooper, do you believe in gravity? Every Beginning originated from 'gravity'.[View]
220371207Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >Edens Zero 139 (2021) (Digital) (danke-Empir…[View]
220371201You gotten your tickets yet, /a/? Also, my fucking sides.[View]
220371483Mahoromatic victory thread: We MahoroChads are the REAL winners of the shingeki no kyojin ending, af…[View]
220363774do you guys listen to music while reading manga? if so then what kind of music?[View]
220365905Yondome wa Iyana Shi Zokusei Majutsushi: Man this is actually pretty good... for an isekai[View]
220343974I sacrifice Tea's hymen in order to summon Dark Magician Girl and end my turn[View]
220345024Berserk: Now that it's no longer a fan theory and we know for a fact that skullknight is king g…[View]
220361293Koi to Uso: thoughts on this anime?[View]
220366970this is literally the only show you ever need to watch[View]
220371470Why was Connie willing to align with Pieck when she holds responsibility for the titanization of his…[View]
220366060So this will be the next big thing?[View]
220367156>mogs all other shows simply by being consistent in quality[View]
220362337Kaiketsu Zorori: Nope. This is not a drill. Yes, this is a thread not involving anime tits/ass or sh…[View]
220363965Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Release the Kawoshin, Asushin, and Reishin cuts for the BD![View]
220355911The only good arcs were PT, HA and CA arcs. And the only one that sets this series apart from other …[View]
220327932You've been acting sus all this time, Senpai.[View]
220370354>it's one of those you need to pay attention with eyes of a hawk anime noooooooooo…[View]
220332408To your eternity: So this is fire punch for people who likes melodramas[View]
220326309Do all mangaka want to be cute youjo?[View]
220369704What was his fucking problem?[View]
220357541What is next for the Fate series? The Fuyuki saga cannot possibly be milked anymore besides an unlik…[View]
220369076Blue Lock 127: Dumping[View]
2203599144 Knights of the Apocalypse Ch 12: https://cubari.moe/read/imgur/hWgJTE2/1/1/ I'm gonna dump it…[View]
220368845Muv-Luv thread: Discuss Japan's greatest gift to mankind, fortified suits, in this thread…[View]
220368611>produce under an hour of total anime >win an oscar, the 2nd ever for anime, make a corny joke…[View]
220365296Seeing poorfags in anime genuinely made me so upset I decided donate and volunteer at my local food …[View]
220364228rate my isekai anime /a/ >MC is a blonde hair blue eyed giga chad >gets trucked (it is later f…[View]
220368133Is this still happening? I haven't heard anything about it since the game turned out to be hot …[View]
220361985ITT: we brainstorm the next sport or everyday thing to get ANIME'd >Anime pool/billiards …[View]
220367761So is Subaru the gayest mc ever created?? Giving pic related i believe he is tbqh[View]
220366081>Interesting isekai with a cool/unique premise >It drops it after a few chapters/arc and it be…[View]
220363656So there's this new spring anime called Higero? also Wataten thread[View]
220336562Would you?[View]
220360711One Piece: BRING ME... SOIDO[View]
220365282ITT: cuckold losers: Hardmode: list a male and a female Ultrahard: both in the same picture[View]
220358427Was this scene really necessary?[View]
220366865Kaguya Manga Thread: Tenderly holding XRP while waiting for an Osaragi chapter-edition OSARAGODS, RI…[View]
220363575What are your thoughts on Super Milk Chan?[View]
220365475Sorcerer Hunters: Is this anime any good? I listened to the opening and it's a fucking banger. …[View]
220362597>character says lolicon >subtitles translate it to pedophile…[View]
220368221Do you still hate Gut's gang?[View]
220362440Holy shit the dub for Sk8 The Infinity is fucking good so far[View]
220367743Moments where you dropped a series: SnKfags not welcome, you had the entire series to drop that shit…[View]
220368130Spring '21: Now that the dust has settled, what are you watching this season? For me, it's…[View]
220363781It subverted expectations in a great way: Seeing the newbie Fuka spend a large portion of the show t…[View]
220366813Is the manga worth reading if this is my favorite anime? Also ping pong thread i guess.[View]
220289598Shadows House: Kate is the cutest[View]
220334250Pure gyaru sono bisque doll is getting an anime soon according to Chinese leakers.[View]
220363239tsundere towards an anime girl: Do you feel tsundere towards an anime girl. You hate her but for som…[View]
220367642I finished the first season of Thunderbolt Fantasy. Was cool I guess Is the movie next or season 2?[View]
220340143Watch more good anime.[View]
220364026You need to read everything from this list before posting in /a/. If not - go back[View]
220366742Black Clover Magic Knights Poll: > Hello everyone, for today's poll (the 2nd!) we'll be…[View]
220356702Is Alluka a boy or a girl?: Family calls her a guy but her Killua calls her a girl.[View]
220361368What's with him?[View]
220365970>hands you a camellia[View]
220366238Non Non Biyori: How the fuck is Koma-chan so fucking cute bros[View]
220352207For me? Its wada[View]
220366772Fumetsu no Anata: Kino[View]
220349320>Shadows House >Vivy >86 >Nagatoro >Fumetsu >Super Cub >Godzilla >ZLS >Dy…[View]
220366656How it got axed but my hero academia is still running???[View]
220366634Blattodea ch 10: new chapter out for spider manga[View]
220363723Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy: After a season off, Dogakobo returns in 11 hours…[View]
220366040Godzilla: Singular Point: What the fuck happened to the subs? Is there any group still subbing or di…[View]
220366148Paths is actually real and is based off of astral progection and isayama saw the future[View]
220362196I really, really like this character.[View]
220361636Where were you when rogue Canadian organizations are going after anime and manga sauce engines such …[View]
220361656best slime gal?[View]
220364162Why'd this get a new chapter after so long?[View]
220365337is this kino?[View]
220365443I wish they modernized the art style. It just looks way outdated[View]
220347521Don’t mind me Just posting KINO protagonists[View]
220364294This entire show is what would be filler in other shonen. I would like to get into it but everything…[View]
220364927The great debate: Is Jujutsu Kaisen the best manga in Jump history? Or is it black clover?[View]
220339016Precure: Low quality Brikyur thread[View]
220358219Shingeki no Kyojin: Final verdict on EMA?[View]
220361046HigeWoSoru: She surely is a slut, but a damn cute one[View]
220356523wtf was that ending? did the creator just give up and want to give one last middle finger to the rea…[View]
220363180What is /a/ thought on Monster ?[View]
220363562Ost Thread: Post your personal favorite anime ost album, bonus points if you say your favorite track…[View]
220343214Higurashi Sotsu: Zettai nii-nii and Witchtoko![View]
220357634She became god due to Protocol Seven?[View]
220353124Why doesnt this board ever talk about pic related, a masterpiece of an anime with a fantastic ending…[View]
220361631What's your favorite manga from Shonen Sunday? Could be past or present.[View]
220358261Death Note: Having only read the manga back then I never understood why people shat on the second ha…[View]
220363190Pen, Box Cutter, Compass, or Umbrella?[View]
220353420Do you prefer sexiness or cuteness?[View]
220359041I wanna live in anime Hinamizawa[View]
220360165Yancha Gal no Anjou-san: Is it really as bad as anons make it out to be?[View]
220351718Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.: How realistic is this? Could you really get away with c…[View]
220361551Yu-Gi-Oh!: Was Atem the King of Asspulls? >O, MY EGYPTIAN MAGIC >O, MY HEART OF THE CARDS >…[View]
220350634Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Why is she so cute?[View]
220363419Need anime recommendations. Why did my thread get deleted.[View]
220360824Mangadex is down, can you suggest me another website ?[View]
220360724Record of Ragnarok: So where's the guy that about 80% of the collective pantheons should teeth-…[View]
220358584soooo, when will she get her own anime?[View]
220322417Goblin Slayer: How much would Elf sell for on the black market?[View]
220359030This is fucking amazing[View]
220358480Have you rewatched it this month /a/?[View]
220359807>tfw no sleep[View]
220345650What are some other signs of a worst girl?[View]
220358705Was this canon?[View]
220359211The Eclipse was just a ruse. It's all part of Griffith's plan to destroy the Godhand, whic…[View]
220316141How isnt she one of the strongest demons?? blood is attached to death, war, violence. She should be…[View]
220358458If you don't have at least one shonen anime in your top favorites you are one of the reasons an…[View]
220350278Post pairings that Bisexuals can appreciate(Meaning you want to fuck them both)[View]
220351951This is very pretty![View]
220357176Love or Magic: https://catmanga.org/series/lom/17 It's another Mai chapter[View]
220361009Why?: why?[View]
220356495>find series with a cute brocon little sister >wonder why you've never heard it mentioned…[View]
220360136Desuarchive: Shit's been down for like a week when are these cunts going to fix it? Pic not rel…[View]
220330111>tfw no big boob anime gf[View]
220356662As a rule, there is no such thing as a theme in my work. I want to make it exclusively a piece of “e…[View]
220359350Does she deserve her own banner? Does she /a/?[View]
220360232AiPla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: how long until we get another brat?[View]
220335905What's your favorite sports series, /a/?[View]
220349475One Piece: >all of Zoro's bones are broken >Law's nearly out too >Luffy just took…[View]
220347563Komi-san 299 RAW: 299 holy shit! https://m.imgur.com/a/a2NynsM[View]
220360475ITT: Beloved and iconic OPs I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoKXlusF87Q&ab_chann…[View]
220357496Do you find breast envy to be cute?[View]
220330161Shingeki no Kyojin - PLOTCHADS ONLY: ITT we calmly discuss where it all went wrong >RtS Everythin…[View]
220357679Give it to me straight, like wipe off the nostalgia goggles and tell me if this is one of those clas…[View]
220360418What are some of your rarest manga? Apparently these volumes of K-ON are worth a decent amount these…[View]
220358157armong us[View]
220359846Akari Status: SOFT[View]
220351891Even Kino thinks she is kino,[View]
220356190SSSS: Dynazenon: Your cousin. Thoughts?[View]
220333990Chainsaw man: Why literally no one talks about this flawless masterpiece?[View]
220356734Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood: Is he a homosexual?[View]
220359703>All of humanity lives within these walls. Nobody knows what's out there. Besides Titans. Th…[View]
220357088>ctrl+f >3 nagatoro threads what in the goddamn... we can do better than this /a/ if snk can …[View]
220341545Uh oh[View]
220339535>Villain is evil because... he's evil[View]
220356615Itachi is terribly written lol: Itachi was definitely written to be evil at first. But then things c…[View]
220355420just finished it. This shit is miles ahead of oyasumi punpun.[View]
220305380Odd Taxi: This is a show about idols.[View]
220330934Godzilla Singular Point: Singular Point is being released in June 2021 worldwide. What a pointless N…[View]
220351044WSJ ToC 2021 No.20 Shounen: Weekly Shonen Jump Table of Contents[View]
220359199Nagatoro: Why is Nagatoro so cute?[View]
220357277I’m gay for HONGO[View]
220284205AiPla, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: AiPla is honestly feeling much more fun than previous seasons even tho…[View]
220321799Kaguiya manga: >the face of a girl who thinks she is free from her nightmare >but in reality s…[View]
220333543Urusei Yatsura: >he still likes lum let's compare LUM: >dresses like a slut >will elec…[View]
220354459TUTURU~ Mayushii desu![View]
220353379Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: this is going to be AOTY FINALLY an anime which isn't afraid to call …[View]
220353166Shingeki no Kyojin: He was a farmer. She was a queen. Do I need to say more?[View]
220353574I also wanna big tiddy wife that works with me! Why can't i get one?[View]
220352337what the fuck was her problem[View]
220356556my nigga happy[View]
220341749Dragon Ball Super: What could possibly be important about the difference between the about mortals a…[View]
220357995Kiratto PriChan: Will we ever see this cutie again?[View]
220357896Thrice upon a time: Has there been a successful rip of the new eva movie? I really wanna watch it bu…[View]
220353362Post your favorite pouts itt[View]
220357774He is ready: There won’t be another training arc. In fact, Wano is that ultimate training arc. There…[View]
220353263Can women rape men?[View]
220357760Thank god I did not buy pic related Now I would have to throw it in the fucking trash[View]
220356349B thankful for the translation teams when it comes to typesetting. I'm an amateur, and even I c…[View]
220353688japanese '''comedy''''' at it's best[View]
220259081Unordinary: Governament BTFO Sony so Now Unordinary anime can't be stopped by them. A new Golde…[View]
220353371/a/ Hero Forge Guess Thread: Rules: >Go to https://www.heroforge.com/ >Create any /a/ related …[View]
220357323This is a woman.[View]
220356442Fuck cukren. He was the only based character in this show.[View]
220357208https://mobile.twitter.com/jojoesthetic/status/1381970444178366465: Please vote for whoever you thin…[View]
220348012Ten years ago thread. What are you watching anon?[View]
220356443Is this true? We know he could bugs bunny away from the likes of Whitebeard and win a 1 on 1 through…[View]
220356964Bow down to your Bloodstained Queen /a/[View]
220356864ITT: Post anime which have at least two very good reasons to make them worth watching.[View]
220347399To those around from the start, what were some of the earlier theories that were popular? Did people…[View]
220353539Cardcaptor Sakura: What are your thoughts on Sakura Kinomoto?[View]
220296262Did Japan run out of voice actors? Why is it always the same handful voicing everything?[View]
220352254Why did they give him abs and a boy voice? Narancia was better when he looked like a trap. DP ruined…[View]
220354503>tfw no demon gf.[View]
220341291Mushoku Tensei: Yeah Rudy is cool and all but did you know that Pax literally scored not only Roxy b…[View]
220348572Now that the dust has settled, which shounen about killing demons was better?[View]
220347483>hot sexy alien girl >Takes his virginity >First girl >Shy and spotlight character >P…[View]
220332490Tearmoon: New volume is out. And it's great again. Anime when?[View]
220354794What the fuck is up with this absolutely unneeded sexual imagery. I can kind of understand stripping…[View]
220311942Has getting older changed the way you watch anime at all?[View]
220354068>Goblin or any other monster evolves >Turns into a human I hate this trend so much…[View]
220342636My dad is the queen of all vtubers: WHY ARENT YOU ANONS TALKING ABOUT THIS COMEDY MASTERPIECE[View]
220353129You cry you lose[View]
220353979she cute[View]
220352482Does your favorite anime OP/ED sound good live? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru_GXELrnkI https://…[View]
220308113Why are houses in anime so unrealistic?[View]
220347921Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu: Isekai herbalist time.[View]
220355281Pandora Hearts (2006) thread: Thoughts on this manga?[View]
220334567Akari hear something - Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman: Why was she sitting there?[View]
220355934Why has no-one read pic related. It's better than exactly 100% all other Light Novels and has a…[View]
220352473Herio unironically writes better romance than 99% of the mangaka.[View]
220350619Dandadan: Translations when? https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/3269632237310729754 by an assistant …[View]
220353310Just finished watching this. Was hoping to see her completely psychotic behavior get addressed, didn…[View]
220350508What was her problem?[View]
220354849Trigger is proof that your shows can be shit, but as long as it has some flashy gimmicks people will…[View]
220351267Shiki: The people only sided with her because is a lolibaba, but this bitch is evil and deserved a s…[View]
220329134Houseki no kuni: I finished the anime and that warm but melancholic feeling you get when fiction tou…[View]
220353175Shingeki no Kyojin Alternate Ending: Dumping[View]
220340751Princess Principal: So when should we expect first movie subs?[View]
220334025Do you read manhwa?[View]
220349838Reject Paradis Island return to monke.[View]
220352867This is how you draw an anime butt.[View]
220352746What is the edgiest anime this season?[View]
220348018Why was he so angry here?[View]
220318859Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: What did you think of the first episode?[View]
220337118Joran/Jouran The Princess of Snow and Blood: Smiles were not protected.[View]
220348756Why are japs so impure?[View]
220347577How do you define anime in the simplest of terms possible?[View]
220352471Koe no Katachi: Why is the greatest work of anime media to be produced in the last couple years?…[View]
220353508Why haven't the Japanese learned how to make good endings? Why makes it so difficult for them? …[View]
220353466Discussing Eren Jaeger: I think it's about time we stopped to discuss his actual character, and…[View]
220344062>tfw no proper GTO anime has been made Why even live bros? Is it too much to ask for an anime tru…[View]
220349203Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!: This manga is really fucking shitty, so why do I keep reading?…[View]
220350800Evangelion 3.0+1.0:: Do these three do anything in this movie?[View]
220353117Late, but what did you guys think? I think they slightly botched the final fight, but honestly I tho…[View]
220345928Shingeki no Kyojin: What was the point of this?[View]
220351202Shingeki no kyojin before the fall: OK EHFAGS I'm here to heal your copium. Read Before the Fal…[View]
220325012Onee san or Imouto?[View]
220308755Machikado Mazoku: Second season any day now[View]
220349420If Dragon Ball takes place in a completely different world, how do you explain this?[View]
220352635Blattodea aka Arachnid 2, chapter 10 dump: >get in the damn robot, Alice…[View]
220352598ITT color pages[View]
220350309Sure as God made green apples, someday, Hunter x Hunter will be in Weekly Shonen Jump.[View]
220350106Yakunara mug cup: I wonder if tilefucker is watching this show.[View]
220352230ITT: anime characters who are canonically stinky[View]
220347634Kimetsu No Yaiba: >ran for only 4 years >manages to have a good ending >characters are lika…[View]
220347816Why are evil protags so rare in anime? They're fun as fuck and a breath of fresh air compared t…[View]
220351975ITT: Redflags[View]
220352093Cap this one of the ancient weapons of one piece is a sword strong enough to cut the redline, it wil…[View]
220349521what are /a/'s thoughts on kigs?[View]
220349772Kimetsu no Yaiba: How do I explain to someone who thinks the “3d render water effects” in Demon Slay…[View]
220349098Why is it that Korean and Chinese stuff never comes close to jap shit in quality?[View]
220349788>this is what /a/ is attracted to Kinda messed up[View]
220338052So was that shit about Johan's mom not wanting one of them Tenma's dream and so didn'…[View]
220343497Tokyo卍Revengers: Anyone reading and/or watching this? How do you feel about it?[View]
220343841Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Chapter TRANSLATIONS OUT!!! https://catmanga.org/series/kanokari/184 DUMPING…[View]
220347593Do you think Shirou steals Iri's used panties to sniff them while masturbating? Do you think he…[View]
220347319>Saiyans are the strongest race in the universe!!! >At least 10 species in Freiza's army …[View]
220351124duranki kentaro miura: should I read this shiz. how much of it is miura and how much literally whoms…[View]
220340719Why does /a/ pretend this show is good?[View]
220350668Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro-san sub is shit?: Is there a version of this sub that doesn…[View]
220348644Why is she so best?[View]
220320250ITT: anime clothes you'd wear irl[View]
220350580>We never got to see based blackface erufu[View]
220347625I miss him so much bros...[View]
220349902what the fuck shes like 10[View]
220350547Let's play a game. Create a character and we tell you what type of anime they fit in. Male: htt…[View]
220348598When a character is introduced, sometimes that is a text box that states their name and a relevant p…[View]
220338504Uno makoto: What is /a/ think of uno makoto? Worked on InterSpecies reviewers - character designer …[View]
220340222Why yes, I did enjoy 'the duchess' 50 tea recipes': It's a comfy read and as som…[View]
220100490Okaasan Online: Let's take a break from the strife of every day misfortunes and find comfort in…[View]
220291950Kanojo Okarishimasu: How do you think Chizuru vs Mami will go?[View]
220349882anyone reading this[View]
220332558Wasn't there supposed to be some kind of HxH announcement today?[View]
220343458Gonna read Houseki no Kuni what am I in for?[View]
220334557Dragon's Dogma: Is it good or is it shit[View]
220339349What went wrong?[View]
220322457Death Tard: >be 140 IQ genius with a WMD Do you: >wage a secret war on the NWO or >kill a b…[View]
220317383Bokuben: Uruka cover out[View]
220349694Is True Tears a good anime ?[View]
220346396Koisuru Asteroid: Dead manga Dead dreams about discovering an asteroids Dead scanlation[View]
220349498What do you think of Netflix holding off on Edens Zero until the fall? Just way too late IMO.[View]
220336714One Piece: How do we fix this trash final battle? Kaido is so fucking weak a non-threat. Everyone ex…[View]
220339287Why do people hate the shark isekai He’s literally us.[View]
220344685TQQ PS4/NX Game: Does anybody here have the Nintendo Switch version of this game that is also capabl…[View]
220317459He was 99% right about everything, the humans were in the wrong. Squealer's only shortcoming wa…[View]
220349161Pinnacle of Fiction.[View]
220279563live-action Gundam movie is coming to Netflix: https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/13816533874442…[View]
220341493Mamako thread: Stitches of this scene?[View]
220346984Name 10 anime characters that aren’t Jackie Chun[View]
220346250How common is this in anime?[View]
220347092Go Nagai: >made strides in mecha and laid some of the groundwork for magical girl along with the …[View]
220344963What happened to trigger?[View]
220340435The golden days of countdown threads are over. We have entered the dark age of /eva/.[View]
220333554>virgin prostitute >instantly filters all the cucks Incredible.…[View]
220345221WEP Episode 4 English Dub just aired. I'm liking the dub even more than the sub. Can't wai…[View]
220346422What was Isayama a slave to /a/?[View]
220346875I like Dragon Ball just as much as anyone here, but I think we can acknowledge that Toriyama with th…[View]
220319165Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 21: Breakfast Baki, Maximum Tournament-hen. Thread theme: https://ww…[View]
220347533Which anime characters do y'all think smokes weed off-camera?[View]
220348238Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: Wait a sec, wait a fucking sec, this movie has been already …[View]
220323366Do you still remember Yugami, anons?: Best SOL/comedy to be released since Soremachi. You haven…[View]
220348580MANGA THAT NEVER GOT AN ANIME ADAPTATION.: What are some manga that never got an anime adaptation? I…[View]
220344009>hate certain anime as a teen because it's lowbrow >watch it as an adult >it's a…[View]
220348534/a/ & /fit/ Shounen General: I'm not gate keeping. I'm just asking you skinny fat fags…[View]
220338745Re:Zero: Why this fuck is everyone in this show so cryptic? Why can't they ever just say what t…[View]
220328179Shingeki no Kyojin: I want you to imagine the intensity of this scene if Ymir was in fact Eren'…[View]
220319347fuck just rewatched this for the first time in a decade and i forgot how fucking good toradora! is[View]
220346094It's not fair that Kensho Ono gets to fuck this goddess every night and falls asleep to her soo…[View]
220317778Anime special program 'Now, it's anime! - Professionals choose! Amazing anime that changed the …[View]
220344719No anime character is perfect. Not a single one.[View]
220314882>*accuses you of raping her* What do??[View]
220323255Oshi no Ko: Kana (and her hats) a cute[View]
220341345What series have you rewatched/reread the most times?[View]
220347937Idolls!: > April > I am forgotten[View]
220339713The author of your favorite Manga has just died a brutal death via truck accident. But this man come…[View]
220308587>Character has been an evil murderous bastard for years or even decades >They become good guy…[View]
220327564the golden ratio[View]
220342473Shingeki No Kyojin: Chapter 139 official translation https://imgur.com/a/BunEbHJ[View]
220347148Anyone else get in the mood for long running anime every Spring and Summer? Last Summer I watched al…[View]
220335802Haruhi thread: Death to those who insult Haruhi![View]
220345688Shingeki no Kyojin: What do you guys think? Was AnR the original ending or were we just schizos?…[View]
220346385Shingeki no Kyojin: EHbros... Etofags... why do we keep making the same mistakes?[View]
220337576What makes him so great, /a/? no seriously, how can one MC be so based not be surpassed in 15 years?[View]
220345976Is Sanae more sexy than cute or more cute than sexy?[View]
220343558I miss Gintama[View]
220346301HxEros: Is this anime real? Are there actually aliens sucking all the horny energy out of Japanese y…[View]
220346219Overlord: It's spring 2021. It has been spring 2021. It is steadily progressing past spring 202…[View]
220345787What was the first time you felt filtered by an anime or manga?[View]
220341743I miss him bros[View]
220344664can literally any other shonen even compete at this level?[View]
220345806Evangelion Rebuild 3.0+1.0: What are your reaction at the ending? Shocked? Happy? Disappointed?…[View]
220333811Damn. Kallen is so perfect...[View]
220341133Aku No Hana adaptations: Why do they keep doing anime/theatre/movie adaptations with grown ass actor…[View]
220345371Fire Force: I mean Rekka killed kids, Karim saying that the friendship is unshakable was really cree…[View]
220323310Anime Vice Interview: Yoshiyuki Tomino: https://youtu.be/uAYa0eVJog8 https://web.archive.org/web/201…[View]
220336686would you mind if your waifu appeared on a gravure magazine?[View]
220340439Blue Box: So what do we think of Blue Box?[View]
220340957Defend this[View]
220339936shit sucks straight up[View]
220337380new chapter when?[View]
220341818GTO: Biggest flaws? What do you dislike about it? Even if you like it what did you find not so great…[View]
220337220Reborn: >shitty gag manga for however many chapters >suddenly becomes a battle manga >appea…[View]
220342272jojo: Gyro's awesome, that's all[View]
220336698Wonder Egg Priority: So what's the deal with this guy?[View]
220337664Why do anime girls sit like that?[View]
220338680I could have done without the 4th grade level “symbolism” of a bird wrapping Mikasa’s scarf around h…[View]
220336350Who can replace the Urobutcher?: Nagatsuki Tappei >Writes Re:Zero for isekai drama >Creates Vi…[View]
220144020Pani poni: Becky is upset[View]
220274659Buyfag thread: Stop posting shit[View]
220343087Is she autistic?[View]
220323414What is purity in isekai exactly? Is it the state of the body or the mind?[View]
220343437Okay /a/ is there really no full Eva 3.0+1.0 leak yet?[View]
220339214Shingeki no Kyojin: Annie got away with being a mass murderer, so why did Eren think he shouldn…[View]
220336725I have not forgotten: I am still not over it[View]
220335975What are your thoughts on Love Lab?[View]
220343126New chapter this month for sure, right?[View]
220342635shojo chin be like[View]
220329288>Battle harem isekai with pervert female lesbian MC Tell me why it wouldn't work?…[View]
220341340Rebuild of Evangelion: Now that it's all over, which movie was the best and which one was the w…[View]
220326201Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: Tataridamashi BD cover is out. Keichads and Satokokings win aga…[View]
220336283Is he really the main villain of Part 8?[View]
220336448How do you think he feels about the fact that he'll forever be remembered as a hack and not a g…[View]
220263742why anime butts are superior[View]
220311377Re:Zero: Realistically speaking, when do you think we could get a third season announcement? Some sa…[View]
220341730hunter x hunter: It doesn't matter what your 'powerlevel' is seethe and cope retards. If you en…[View]
220332253Hi guys, remember me?[View]
220341841Ajin: What's the better way to experience it, the manga or the anime? Or are they both on the s…[View]
220338161ITT: Anime that unironically make you wish you could go back in time and rewrite them[View]
220339456is it over[View]
220333304Should I watch the anime or read the manga?[View]
220335337>watch a few anime >slowly build up to two hundred thirty two shows >realise I haven't…[View]
220330991Dragon Ball Super: 'Apparently' Goku and Granolah are going to fight each other in this upcoming cha…[View]
220339955Danmachi: IS there news on the next season and next ln?[View]
220334595she cute she smart and I ain't even a furry[View]
220340889Are all amvs dead?: When I started watching anime, there were a lot of people making shits like thes…[View]
220316184Was Valentine evil? Were his actions just? What does it mean to be patriotic?[View]
220305196Will the age of gyaru ever end? How many more gyaru rom coms can we possibly get?[View]
220340265now you remember him[View]
220340316Hey /a/! Let's talk about our favorite shonen heroes with dark sides... This trope is kinda ove…[View]
220311870Boku no Hero Academia: Even though the manga spends so much time on Deku, Bakugo is still better wri…[View]
220338620Sentai Disqualification: Anyone reading Negi's new series? How do you like it so far?[View]
220335442How I sleep at night knowing there's hardcore berserk fans who will die before Miura ever gets …[View]
220339753Was she gay?[View]
220316780Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen, chapter 59: You can't be serious.[View]
220274262Ame no Furu: >battle/comedy that takes place in post apocalyptic tokyo after it was destroyed by …[View]
220300392Hige wo Soru: >just shave bro, you can get a cutie like her too.…[View]
220333396Shingeki no Kyojin: EM was always the plot.[View]
220338869Danmachi Sword Oratoria: >Read SO because SOfags get praising it >See this bitch >'I have a…[View]
220328161rozen maiden: Ok, since Suiseiseki with her constant desus is or at least was a mascot of 4chan I th…[View]
220311385Only pure, undefiled maidens belong in this thread[View]
220338899He’s gonna kill Balalaika and Chang[View]
220328324Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Predict the next popularity poll rankings.[View]
220326050should I start watching Higurashi?[View]
220326382Was it really necessary to ruin this character’s reputation FOREVER?: Completely unnecessary in my o…[View]
220338645monogatari series: how can someone be so perfect[View]
220327308This is an 18-year-old video game developer.[View]
220331366So I just watched the Demon Slayer movie and I must say it's pretty damn Kino. It isn't ''…[View]
220269306Attack on Slave: Who do you want to make you submit like the dog you are more?[View]
220338377ITT: Characters that you can easily relate/self-insert to[View]
220315191Best idol show?: For me it's probably k-on, but love live was alright, I liked the Nico Nico gi…[View]
220333435What makes anime girls so much cuter than other types of cartoon girls?[View]
220336270Isekai Maou: Everyone's waifu from this show is a slut, why do people like her?[View]
220333113I have to admit something. I lost interest in the series after his death[View]
220272286Dragon Quest: Why are they both so cute?[View]
220323695Eating crabs with a snow woman: Has anyone read this? Did you like it?[View]
220337842old manga art is something else[View]
220335916She's coming back, right?[View]
220333157why didn't you join your school's anime club?[View]
220331502Who was in the wrong here?[View]
220334962Hidamari Sketch: This show aged flawlessly while still perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of its time…[View]
220309350Go Toubun no Hanayome: pluses >genki >stronk >loyal >faithful >won't doubt you …[View]
220336988what a queen[View]
220297043BIG O IT'S STORYTIME!: The Big O Lost memory volume 1 (raw): Ladies and gentlemen I present to …[View]
220336759This isekai motherfucker? normalfag semen lovers hate him.[View]
220301106So what cheat do you want if you were isekai'd be creative[View]
220335117Tiamat should have lived[View]
220328571One Piece: Why is he such a non-treat?[View]
220333148Houseki No Kuni: Just finished this, its not fucking fair she didn't deserved any of it[View]
220328068Code Geass: This guy, this emperor was ruined faster than Eren yeager. He's presented like this…[View]
220336138so cute[View]
220333370Black clover: Why was this devil such a sissy? I thought he would be the most powerful devil of all …[View]
220335406O! SOU NAN DESS KARR?[View]
220297444HUNTER x HUNTER: I work as assistant with Togashi sensei. I am sorry.[View]
220334396i rabu powa![View]
220332899ITT: Embarrassing moments that filtered you: I never went past this episode, it's funny as hell…[View]
220335606Fuck I miss this series, new work by Kishimoto when?[View]
220289821Precure Thread: Nozomi is the dumbest precure. It's decided.[View]
220317714ITT we post shows people only like because of nostalgia goggles[View]
220335416>Dracula needs to become a monster werewolf to fuck white girls Why is this?…[View]
220317632Kimi no Iru Machi: Anyone else read this? One of my all time favs[View]
220330779Who is the most overrated anime girl?[View]
220311170What killed the hype?[View]
220335154Attack on Titan: How is that an official release?[View]
220335081Manga girl: Kinda cute manga girl[View]
220335018Wait what? How was your plan to make them look like heroes if you didn't know they would succee…[View]
220331160ITT: Post anime/manga chads. Hard mode: No Eren pre 139: >teacher at 15 >held his own against …[View]
220315223Fumetsu no anata e: Wow, I member the manga being sad at parts, but this? They pull all the feels st…[View]
220321995Eighty-Six: Why isn't Lena your seasonal waifu? Wrong answers only![View]
220334769What does he mean by this[View]
220259705Honest question: What does the japanese audience think of SnK's ending?[View]
220320757Post concept art designs[View]
220334401>new Soloist in a Cage chapter Well fuck me. I wasn't expecting that, but I sure as hell app…[View]
220325828this is a nothing burger[View]
220334398Amagami: Game Recognizes Game.[View]
220330793lum urusei yatsura: i love lum[View]
220331325Chestlets BTFO[View]
220328722April 5-11 Shoseki Weekly Ranking, Shonen Jump releases of April 2: 1. Boku no Hero Academia 30 4.…[View]
220326701Shuumatsu no Valkyrie is quite a progressive manga. In pic related, you can see that Raiden had sex …[View]
220334048Just finished this and thought it was pretty good[View]
220329238Hanako Oomuro is still my favorite loli. She's just so dang CUTE that I want to squeeze her and…[View]
220332541Serious question: What kind of baby could be born from this union?[View]
220329676>We're not gonna take it >NO we're not gonna take it…[View]
220332454Fate: Was he autistic?[View]
220317116Shingeki: What happened to worm-kun?[View]
220233460Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: A series of illustrations is essentially a chapter.[View]
220327310ssss Dynazenon: Is it just me or this show feels kinda meh the characters feel like emotionless NPCs…[View]
220332786Uh guys, what happened to this[View]
220328772Reiner is the true protagonist of Attack on Titan.[View]
220330834eva: What Is The Meaning Behind their Relationship?[View]
220329683big foreheads.[View]
220317626ITT: autistic characters[View]
220325808Demon Slayer is such a great series and has no flaws whatsoe-[View]
220331593Sono Bisque Doll wa koi o suru: BREAKING: Cosplay romance manga series 'Sono Bisque Doll wa koi o su…[View]
220287154Fruits Basket: >New episode out today >No threads But it’s the Loli Grooming and motherfucking…[View]
220321003Prison School: Rank the lads.[View]
220325219What is Minakami-san hunting for?[View]
220321518ITT 10/10 antagonists[View]
220315522Dragon Ball Super: Why is CHADku the strongest character in existence? Everything about him just exu…[View]
220331314Dr. Stone: I can not take this seriously. What started as some anime remake of Lord of the Flies, tu…[View]
220331243Sex with Emma[View]
220328476First episode was pretty bad except for the animation where the girl appears out of the tv. Does it …[View]
220315210Gekiga/ Alternative manga: What have you been reading lately? You can talk anything and everything a…[View]
220330517why the samurais are so shit? i mean, they were all hypped about since the first arcs, but then its …[View]
220325373Oniichan Oshimai: Did manga peak with this?[View]
220328671How old were you when Goku died? How did you react?[View]
220330109What is Shion looking at?[View]
220329036Shingeki no Kyojin anime: The ending can be salvaged. It wont be a masterpiece but it will an accept…[View]
220328428So were the 108 Dragons evil? It seemed like it in the beginning but everyone turned out to be reall…[View]
220326719...she's a retard isn't she?[View]
220325887The culture festival is coming up, class /a/. Any suggestions on what our class should do?[View]
220327334It's been ten years……[View]
220324240What exactly makes a character 'moe'? Is it the way they talk? Their appearance?[View]
220327808What is it about gringos and soccer anime?[View]
220326232Tensura Nikki: More slime SOL fun later[View]
220320895Admit it you would’ve done the same or worse. I know I would’ve[View]
220324992Thoughts on gaijin in anime? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz6JmDocbF4[View]
220327701Jojo: Stone Ocean: How does it feel knowing the blu-ray release of the series will feature Jolyne…[View]
220328711Dr. Stone: People keep talking about how we'll see adult Suika but what if we get another Suika…[View]
220326086this anime/manga has insane art style i lovuwu it[View]
220328436i like it it's not as bad as everyone says solid 8/10 there's too much boobies for my tast…[View]
220324750Shingeki no Kyojin: Literally the GOT of manga, with post timeskip being the equivalent final three …[View]
220328058Shingeki no Kyojin: Isayama fucked up when he made the Founding Titan omnipotent. If the ability to …[View]
220324127Lolier Jack.[View]
220299641Arachnid/murata thread: >writes manga with an actually interesting premise and cool bug abilities…[View]
220327762Shingeki no Kyojin: This is the same OP of those previous identical plotchad threads and I decided t…[View]
220324985Manga: Hot manga under oppai[View]
220326523Shogi is a Japanese board game.[View]
220305862One Piece: It was supposed to be his time...[View]
220326065Now that the dust has settled: When is the real chapter 139 coming out? Next month?[View]
220317955Huh??? What the fuck??? Why is this happening??? I feel betrayed[View]
220245819Now that Edens Zero is out, no one talks about my anime anymore![View]
220315521Oban Star Racers: Did any of you guys ever watch this? I remember it came on when I was a kid but I …[View]
220321964Agravity Bros: What is your opinion on the character of Jun Kasai?[View]
220309037Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: MMA Eva when ?[View]
220323719No Episode 4 dub tomorrow? Why is it taking Funi so long to dub Wonder Egg?[View]
220302945So why does she look like Kurisu for no reason?[View]
220326909Maou-jou de Oyasumi: So nothing ever came from this new visual?[View]
220319363New gen shonen tier list and there’s nothing you can do about it because my opinions are always righ…[View]
220324385Was there anybody who actually got surpirsed when it was revealed that these 3 werre titans all alon…[View]
220326774Forgive me, Allah![View]
220319079>know that isekai anime are oversaturated and almost always unoriginal >end up being some of t…[View]
220320778Megalobox: I thought it was pretty good. A nice tribute to Ashita No Joe. Will Season 2 live up to t…[View]
220318207Sugoi Dekai: Why does she generate more sales and popularity than Niggertoro and Takagi?[View]
220326112Is she a husbando or a waifu?[View]
220325562This is getting too scary for me /a/.[View]
220324469Is there an anime that has ever made you laugh out loud? Pic related made me have to pause episodes …[View]
220320831SSSS.Dynazenon: Ep3 preview What's a traitor? 'Yomogi is told by Juga, one of the Kaiju Eugenis…[View]
220323621what was mommys problem[View]
220322719Characters who surpassed their fathers.[View]
220324169Promised Neverland: What went wrong?[View]
220316389Is Sato a shit tier villain? Was there anything to his character other than muh crazy fun?[View]
220309555HIGURASHI SOTSU: > Good night mr. anon > Before you go to sleep i'd wish for you to hear …[View]
220265569Hunter x Hunter: What's your favorite hatsu /a/? For me it's Luini's spatial teleport…[View]
220315551Yama no Susume: >Moshi moshi, Kokona-desu >Ehhh?? We're finally getting another season? S…[View]
220322407all animes are equal, but some animes are more equal than others.[View]
220325102Even if the cromartie director was involucrated, it was really boring, I couldn't get past the …[View]
220321515Shingeki no Kyojin: Because I was born a slave into this world, I died as slave in this world. Was …[View]
220282544In celebration of nanashi getting his own full fledged anime after starting from his humble beginnin…[View]
220325041Friendly reminder that anybody who has ever excused the english dub of Ghost Storied on the basis of…[View]
220323322Is Roger really in love with Dorothy?[View]
220320384An overlooked and forgotten gem: Maybe for the better.[View]
220320046Hellsing Ultimate: >still the pinnacle of indulgent, over the top glorification of violence in an…[View]
220285402Yashahime: >Mature family drama >Tackles topics such as teenage pregnancy >No plot armor …[View]
220322251So, Shonen Bat was the excuse we all have for our wrongs in the world? The illusion we all fall back…[View]
220324369>The Digimon were all ripped from the childrens arms and sent back to the Digital World >70% o…[View]
220323839holy shit i love maths now[View]
220321714Post anime characters and what they would smell like when they come home. Chino would smell of coff…[View]
220319174Isayama for most of his manga: >In a war for survival, nothing is off-limits: child-soldiers, 90%…[View]
220322410So Prometeus asked mom to make a new Zeus using dragon clouds?[View]
220323067[Sad news] Wai draws a lot ...: Is this okay ...[View]
220316024Ergo Proxy: Ergo proxy thread? Re-L is the epitome of not only a strong female lead that actually wo…[View]
220321639Will Stone Ocean be in this ugly fucking artstyle too?[View]
220321476Last chapter dropped last Christmas.: Feel depressed yet, anon? Houseki No Kuni thread. Also the ice…[View]
220316747>I Want to Eat Your Pancreas >doesnt wanna eat her pancreas at all, just wants to cure her can…[View]
220314149shinji with a wig[View]
220322839>it all ended in pie[View]
220318120Post confirmed anime sluts[View]
220318673Reminder that /a/ is an Uzaki board: The real Queen![View]
220301062If a girl already loved someone else before the isekai MC, does it make her used goods?[View]
220321101Why is he so autistic?: >but 'muh souls' Isn't he already 'friends' with half of Xerxes by t…[View]
220316524What happened to Spike Spiegel at the end?[View]
220317244What went wrong?[View]
220322165What are some other characters that ruined their series as much as Ymir ruined SnK?[View]
220321009So i finished dies irae... what did i think about it?[View]
220315702To your Eternity: Brains base nailed it as always, knowing the inevitable downhill that the manga ha…[View]
220319945Redpill about Attack on Titan: Floch Folster was a nationalist, not a fascist and not a nazi. He we…[View]
220309270Choose wisely.[View]
220319197Why, Fuji?[View]
220315732Dragon Ie wo Kau: >dragons can have autism[View]
220318268Shingeki no Kyojin: Have you already accepted the ending and are you ready for its adaptation from M…[View]
220318081I skipped part 6 to read SBR: What you gonna do about it I have 0 regrets[View]
220317845World’s End Harem: What are the chances that we will get an anime adaptation?[View]
220315008what happened to them?: we know titans were people. We know colossal titans are special types of Tit…[View]
220319340watched the first episode it was cool, but how does it compare to the manga? Should I read the manga…[View]
220237308Eris is the best girl of Mushoku Tensei[View]
220315630Let's play a game.: I post an image, identify the artist, and post another image, keep the chai…[View]
220318886>draw a girl >call it a boy >sales through the roof…[View]
220267920Is Revy is supposed to be Chinese then why is she so cute?[View]
220307774This woman is indirectly responsible for the deaths of 80% of the world's population: How does …[View]
220320098Shingeki no Kyojin: It's canon that Mikasa was shit on by the Eren bird[View]
220294559Did Japanese write this japan dont know comedy how is this funny[View]
220317423After all that talk of keep moving forward, imagine turning out to be a giant pussy? Could never be …[View]
220314973Yakunara Mug Cup mo: Why are the threads dying so fast? Is Mika not enough for /a/? Does no one have…[View]
220318277ITT: Exact pages where you dropped a manga[View]
220320491Which character had your favorite death?: Hunterchads please don't post in here.[View]
220319176Would they get along, /a/?: Seems like a solid teamup to me[View]
220300107Bird: How the fuck could he become a bird? Through PATHS? How could he manipulate non Eldian forms? …[View]
220221441Daily Hinamatsuri Chapter: Life on the Streets 101[View]
220319925Koikimo: Why would they introduce cute mole-kun when he has no chance of winning. What a waste.…[View]
220306404Worst anime season in yearsssss.[View]
220312909Chocolate in anime: What’s the appeal?: Gentlemen. Anons. That faggot up the street who won’t stop a…[View]
220305958Why is Dragon Ball considered a masterpiece?[View]
220318449What happened at the end?: Just finished the series. Many unanswered questions.[View]
220315624Shokugeki no Soma: This was the peak, you can't deny it.[View]
220317386Assault Lily: Will we ever get a masterwork of this calibre in our lifetimes again? Seems unlikely.…[View]
220319035Muslim anon, Kogure Aoi-senpai is tempting you during Ramadan.[View]
220318520Jujutsu Kaisen: What did Megumi mean when he asked Tengen as to why didn't Kenjaku just use Ten…[View]
220311703What went wrong? It was supposed to be Death Note with terrorists, but it wasn't fun at all. I …[View]
220315542>harem anime >protagonist can't have sex or he dies >MC picks only one girl Fucking ga…[View]
220317941Is there any debate over this?[View]
220308783Love Live!: pomu[View]
220309265No Shaman King thread? How are you sleeping on the next HxH?[View]
220314319>becomes a run of the mill shonen anime during the final third of the series And you faggots say …[View]
220318579Eternal Sabbath: Did any of you read this?[View]
220225523The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love you: Chapter's out. https:/…[View]
220312524his whole motivation that drives the plot makes no fucking sense unless you believe he's comple…[View]
220315430ITT:anime scenes impossible to dub: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKA!![View]
220318220The MC of the last anime you watched is replaced by MANkoto. How does it effect the show?[View]
220318148Adios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIPLaoX1XM0[View]
220305286Shingeki no Kyojin: This scene is the final page of the series in my pov everything after that is fa…[View]
220317911>Romin >Aoi And now, for something better.…[View]
220304619I don't get why people actually like these shows. They are pretentious garbage that people pret…[View]
220306734Well, it finally happened, they finally got me. Happy now you morons?[View]
220308072Why read a series about a cute girl teasing a faggot MC when you could read about a cute girl teasin…[View]
220305290Uchi no Musume: Season 2 when?[View]
220314951>roman boxing Are you excited for the anime in a couple of days? No word yet on episode count but…[View]
220311066Damn, she cute.: Pieck thread. Both forms welcome.[View]
220314946Why do they do this?: >>Story starts great >>Interesting setting >>Interesting cha…[View]
220293678I love magic now[View]
220315723>/a/ says show bad >it good >/a/ says show good >it bad…[View]
220277495Do you miss her? /a/[View]
220311881Futari Ecchi: How much does /a/ know about sex?[View]
220307745RIP sci fi :(: >2017 >nobody cares about cool space adventures >just shitty cgi, isekai lik…[View]
220312366I can't believe its been like a gorillion years since this masterpiece aired.[View]
220314420Sadamoto did Evangelion better than Anno[View]
220315206You are alone with them on a remote island for a month.[View]
220312687How do I reach this level of alpha male?[View]
220308954Madoka Magica/Magia Record: >Original was one of (if not the) the most popular and influential or…[View]
220315142Gate: What was she complaining about? She should be able to find one person she could tolerate who w…[View]
220314532Is /a/ ever gonna stop posting about snk?: I'm getting really tired of seeing the same thread e…[View]
220307286JoJolion: KaatoBros, when's our turn?[View]
220313467ITT: Post your favourite Mangaka[View]
220314888Terrible character development: Why does anyone like the “Breaker” and “Breaker New waves” manga? I …[View]
220296257What's the /a/ consensus on when SnK started going downhill? I personally thought it was after …[View]
220310745How does MAPPA continue to make kino after kino?[View]
220308416Raildex and the nameless beauty of AC: That’s very brave. Saten Ruiko is one of the biggest names in…[View]
220315301Ymir Yeager is so cute![View]
220187602Azumanga Daioh: Sakaki is shy[View]
220311115What the fuck is this about? A bunch of sexually abused, mental headcases going into a dream world t…[View]
220313833Play Princess Connect! Re:Dive[View]
220309398How would he fare in SnK?[View]
220314681ITT: Scenes that gave you unintentional boners[View]
220313862why did god die: dxd thread[View]
220307227What was the point of this scene?[View]
220313604ODD TAXI: What did you think of chapter 2, /a/? Did you catch any new leads?[View]
220314398Will Gojira-senpai notice the nerdy chick with the glasses? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmUrOXKH…[View]
220305775One Piece: I know its early but fuck it, Yamato as SH celebration thread[View]
220306024Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 65[View]
220313081Why the fuck a Manga[View]
220310681Name a better character....: I am waiting.[View]
220309443Bullshit, Minoru fucking won.[View]
220212649Super Cub: Protect Koguma's smile and gas tank[View]
220314259I keep getting lightly spoiled for AOT titan something about someone being a fucking bird, what the …[View]
220310754nalgas de toro: nalgas de toro[View]
220298265Kaguya Manga: >F becomes normal >Kobachi is still missing >Lino fucked her Teddy bear >I…[View]
220311005I bet the same SnK fags who try to unironically defend the morality of genocide rage when you say th…[View]
220311364Yuru Camp: Everyone says this series is 'comfy,' but personally it makes me sad. It made me want to …[View]
220314348What does /a/ think about Cat Soup?[View]
220312368Wtf did I just watch and why did I end up enjoying it?[View]
220310263You now remember inuyashiki.[View]
220283458>Smart >Strong >Tall >Brown Literally what’s the down side?…[View]
220309559Why are children usually portrayed in anime as being dumb?[View]
220306791/a/ versus: Hey /a/, I have a burning (and very stupid) question. Eikichi onizuka vs. Lupin the III …[View]
220308913Will somebody PLEASE cue that bird?[View]
220256608Fumetsu no Anata e: Episode today.[View]
220296575best thread on /a/[View]
220112215Drawthread: Request and post a/ related a/rt[View]
220310674SnK: Why the fuck did they have to go on and add lore? I miss the days of kids blindly killing giant…[View]
220243029Dr. Stone: I know that most people don't care about Dr.Stone but I fucking love Senku, what a c…[View]
220307649What could Eren have done to achieve his goals?[View]
220309434'Mom! Dad! I have to pee really badly! Ech! This statue's starting to make me wet!'[View]
220258346SnK Ymir: Explain to me why she gave the jaw titan power back to Marley knowing fully well that they…[View]
220312507You now remember Kentaro Yabuki's Black Cat[View]
220289332She will be a great Jolyne, right?[View]
220302362Shingeki no Kyojin: Not getting Eren's PoV was an act of mercy from Isayama. Every kino scene y…[View]
220311651AOI I NEED YOU![View]
220312296>the enemy are really mystical transforming humans DROPPED[View]
220310700Just finished it, what the fuck was that last scene? Did Tenma dream his conversation with Johan and…[View]
220309005Would she cheat on Kazuma?[View]
220311022ITT: MCs who died as virgins[View]
220305138Kanojo mo Kanojo: It's Saki Saki's birthday today, say something nice about her or her man…[View]
220307958Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood: Best anime this season[View]
220309886Not really an anime guy, but started watching this on a whim from a friend's suggestion and it…[View]
220283260Why is ability to draw subtle facial expressions so strongly correlated with writing quality?: Do ha…[View]
220310136Molcar is trending in Japan again.[View]
220309849Jerk off to feet.[View]
220310397Why do so many anime characters look like him? >Kokutou from Garden of Sinners > Yamazaki from…[View]
220309483Would the story have finished stronger if he won?[View]
220307784Whats he laughing at?[View]
220308304How do I cope with the fact there will never be another show as good as K-On!?[View]
220310365Tamura Ryuuhei really loves the power creep. All his manga kinda remind me of YYH[View]
220306261Dragon Ball Super: >Whis: Do you know the biggest difference between us Angels and you, Goku? Wha…[View]
220288796Boku No Hero Academia: What are people's general opinions on the new arc and how Deku is presen…[View]
220308377Dandadan: I really hope a group picks this up to TL[View]
220309007Sailor Moon: Why isn't the final season dubbed? Not that I'm complaining as I watch sub, I…[View]
220310631Reading through the Evagelion manga. This shit is hilarious. Anno writes dry as fuck characters in c…[View]
22031061986: Bloody Reina is cute and pure. CUTE AND PURE.[View]
220310481We knew her by her massive personality but her eyes are the ones that turned me on. Can't belie…[View]
220308815Babylon: Did I get filtered? I just finished this and thought it was extremely garbage, especially t…[View]
220309959Dog and wolf girls are better: Hot take Dog girls and wolf girls are better than cat girls. There cu…[View]
220307098Can you really consider yourself a real otaku if you've never stretched with Holo?[View]
220295468SnK: Anime only here who saw the spoilers. I think the ending is actually good because it's lit…[View]
220292732Poorly describe an anime, others guess: >Sasuke vs the mafia[View]
220307578why are women into yuri: I used to think people were baiting when they said a large portion of /u/fa…[View]
220293479Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: It's K1's birthday today. Say something nice to him!…[View]
220295534Plotfags can argue as much as they want, but the art style, music, composition of the scenes and ove…[View]
220308965So was it supposed to take place in some alternate history of our world or a generic fantasy Earth p…[View]
220309056L/a/te night Old School: The kiddies are about to go to sleep. Let's discuss old school anime t…[View]
220308872that's why yo momma dead what size shoes she got on in her casket?[View]
220301118Shuumatsu: When is it my nigga Rasputin's turn?[View]
220289143>gets to marry best girl Takagi >to this day they still only have one kid what the fuck is wro…[View]
220305913Rumiko chill thread: Lets talk Rumiko! How do you feel about her works, best and worst girls, and al…[View]
220304620Was Kaji a faggot, why didnt he fuck Asuka?[View]
220290374Shingeki no Kyojin: RELEASE THE HISTORIA CUT[View]
220299406Why isn't /a/ interesting anymore?[View]
220304614Spring 2021: Now that every TV anime this season has aired its first episode, what do you think of t…[View]
220306122DROPPED: .[View]
220308452Deadpool Samurai: Mha is canon to marvel now?[View]
220305321Why is SNK so mainstream?: Ever since the anime released in 2013, people couldn't stop talking …[View]
220308326HunterXHunter: HUNTER CHADS.... I KNEEL... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNif-Y0_7-U&ab_channe…[View]
220307815How do I get five husbands and three wives? Its not fair.[View]
220306385Don't forget the whole word banded together to declare war on paradis[View]
220276826Mars Red episode 2: Any minute now.[View]
220299313Daily Lucky Star Chapters: That's The State Of Affairs Chapters 210-212[View]
220269573So you are put in charge of isekai kingdom, what would you do?[View]
220276651Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: This is maximum comfy.[View]
220307033Jojo part 8 end time and part 9: I think jojo part 8 might be nearing its end. I think it will end n…[View]
220305224The Fate route? is more like the KINO route[View]
220306488Why did this pale in comparison from the Vn route released 16 years ago?[View]
220307409One Piece: >one piece final fight at raftel >raftel is under reverse mountain >before being…[View]
220304581>cringevengers Anon, you don't really believe Marvel had anything to do with AOT's shit…[View]
220307145Nominate best girl of the season My nominee[View]
220305915Why wasn't Koyama chosen over Takeuchi as the main artist for Fate/Stay Night? He absolutely de…[View]
220255740How will 2020s anime style be?[View]
220307363Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui: What does the imouto get out of her onii-chan dating her best frien…[View]
220278329>'Bro, she just doesn't know how to express her feelings, she actually likes him.' NO…[View]
220291233Koi wa Ameagari: Just started watching this. Why didn't anyone tell me about it? It's ama…[View]
220298852Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: Are the gacha endings coming back for the BDs?…[View]
220292593Chainsaw man: This is real hidden gem. One of the most underrated mangos i ever read[View]
220305028Who is the smartest anime character?[View]
220304142Serious question.: How do shounen niggers cope with the fact that these 7/10 is the peak?[View]
220306906Fate, Dragonball Z/Super,JoJo,Attack on Titan,etc: what[View]
220304968Still the best anime ever made[View]
220288896Name a more hated character Hard mode: on /a/[View]
220304341The fact that Eren kissed back is now canon. How does this make you feel?[View]
220299116I love her[View]
220304702Are there any threads for anime you haven't watched that you still look at simply because they…[View]
220172729One Punch Man: Murata was a mistake.: Who can adapt the webcomic and being faithful to the source?…[View]
220296423Is Evangelion deep or dumb?[View]
220305776Left side or right side?[View]
220300018Dragon Ball Super: What's next for Piccolo? He'll become relevant again, right? He's …[View]
220282952Your sexual preferences/fetishes don't count unless you can sum them up with a single /a/ relat…[View]
220306425Post series that distilled moe as good as Kinmoza did.[View]
220306379sci fi: how did we get from cowboy bebop to this piece of trash? will they ever make cool sci fi an…[View]
220305738Just read all of this in the past 2 days. The fuck do I do now?[View]
220249062Eighty-Six: Why can't I find thread about what hienous acts we would do with Lena? What is wron…[View]
220304742Rewrite thread: tfw you will never have your own Kagari[View]
220304615I feel that I need to say something about Nagatoro, who is a dark-skinned Asian character. Specifica…[View]
220303969Most underrated anime of the season[View]
220306060What if SnK ended on Ch. 131?[View]
220305044Overlord: Now that the Crunchyroll version of the Mass for the Dead has shut down after only a year,…[View]
220304891In your opinion, which anime is older - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, or Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san?[View]
220230239>best scene in the series >meant nothing because he was a SLAVE the whole time >wasn't…[View]
220304609What was the moral of FSN?[View]
220305093disney movie cgi in 1991 > anime movie cgi in 2019[View]
220304374My Hero Academia thread: HURRY THE FREAK UP Edition: Why do they have to do this bullshit can't…[View]
220296791One Piece: Okay, but consider the following: If Blackbeard can take a third fruit at some point, wha…[View]
220299948Honoka's voice is pleasant and pretty simple. You'd not expect anything too crazy from her…[View]
220302933Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
220302020Why does she refuse to learn her place?[View]
220264464Do headpats really feel that good?[View]
220246887He did nothing wrong[View]
220305277Do you prefer Night of Noctilca or Kiki? Despite their similar looks, these girls come from very dif…[View]
220305027JoJo thread: How did Midler work as a professional belly dancer and contract killer at the same tim…[View]
220262670why did she say this?[View]
220303518Shingeki no Kyojin: The game of thrones ending is a bad comparison. That had been on a downward decl…[View]
220292444>Y...yeah Naruto-kun I'll totally raise this strange child you found , even if he and our ac…[View]
220303636Hitoribocchi no 〇〇 seikatsu: Bocchi de Guadeloupe[View]
220300830>lets a whore he knows nothing about have free reign of his house unsupervised >buys her tons …[View]
220304697Kyouryuu Boukenki Jura Tripper: Will this franchise come back at some point?[View]
220301721>Thats right, lick the dog shit off my shoe anon[View]
220301438Fujigamichads, how do we feel about the latest chapter...: I think this is where we'll start se…[View]
220303385>this counts as pretty in the 2020s Wow... anime has truly fallen from grace.…[View]
220301579sleepy girls: while we wait for MD to come back[View]
220298281What are the implications for anime of '[CVPR2020]Learning to Cartoonize Using White-box Cartoon Rep…[View]
220304121When will people accept the fact that Attack on Titan having a shitty ending had nothing to do with …[View]
220260966Renge is tiny[View]
220294040Is it possible to make a yuri anime that appeals to non-yuri fans?[View]
220300717The World /a/ Only Knows: it's that time of the year again, bros[View]
220288071I don't understand why people need to relate to characters, I always look at them like they…[View]
220302457Migi browsing 4chan: Migi browsing 4chan[View]
220201301Zombieland Saga Revenge: heavy metal concert was a great opportunity for the legendary Tae Yamada to…[View]
220304161Eva 3.0 + 1.0: What will the BD inclusions be?[View]
220258790Kumo Desu: Where is the PV kumobros?[View]
220300221lain says 'read jung'[View]
220303898when did you take the Mong pill?[View]
220301374Umineko: The greatest character in fiction[View]
220302152What's the best archetype?[View]
220294597Under which circumstances would you rate an anime or manga as a 10/10? Does it need to meet certain …[View]
220132984Sound Thread: Weekend Sound Bread; post OC, maids skating and other wonderful anime things >Sound…[View]
220303140My Hero Academia? Should've named it 'An Hero Academia' amirite?[View]
220303112Haruhi's Endless Eight: Why was this masterpiece of an arc misunderstood?[View]
220300044Kimetsu no yaiba: >The manga is made by a female >she still makes the female character in her…[View]
220302067Juuzai: Dumping Juuzai by Bomber Grape (creator of Daily Lives of High School Boys)[View]
220282056Odd Taxi: Episode 2 soon[View]
220288110Berserk is a serious, dark story.[View]
220293703Looks like she's blocking your path again, Anon.[View]
220296586Hey /snk/, Recut Anon here. By popular demand I'm putting up a new thread with my ending to SnK…[View]
220302397Why do authors hint at ships in their stories that never go anywhere?[View]
220302417Never go full wormfag[View]
220301401Cardfight overdress: Imagine a cardgame series animated by CLAMP and not expect some gay shit.…[View]
220280789>expected a cool badass manga with crazy premise >it's actually full pozzed faggotry abou…[View]
220302221Kabaddi: What a fucking chad. Yoigoshi is definitely best sports manga mc up to date[View]
220302174Would Rose make a good pet?[View]
220302170FROGGED 12 years later[View]
220300447>Tomino is one of the few anime directors who can into subtlely[View]
220297603>bro if you try to kill all the spiders to save the butterflies you become a spider yourself Why …[View]
220296135do you prefer ur anime girls being an elf, half elf or non helfs?[View]
220279180What's with the lack of anime/manga tomboys as the main interest? Tomboys deserve love too. Wh…[View]
220294490Shingeki no Kyojin: What did bringing Annie back even amount to? She didn't seem relevant.…[View]
220300850Brown anime girls look like this...: Why are they so superior /a/nons?[View]
220301299I love Azunyan!!![View]
220300781Is he the new Ultimate Despair?[View]
220299757Name a better depiction of eldritch horror[View]
220301167Anime characters and their hypothetical cars: ITT: Pick an anime character and post what car they wo…[View]
220291879>Series starts to feel stale and adding generic battle shounen tropes[View]
220296084Why did she become so popular?[View]
220300311It's a skin tag on your mouth.[View]
220298826Shingeki no Kyojin: Well, /snk/, I honestly don't know what you were hoping for. Every chapter …[View]
220270701Helck Storytime Vol 12: The final, desperate, stretch! >What the helck is this? While humanity ce…[View]
220300650>Literally just a normal girl wrapped in bandages which she can take off at any time >Has to l…[View]
220278315Is it good or just nostalgia?[View]
220300604I'm on the last episode of season one and I don't want to watch anymore cause then it will…[View]
220266636Yakunara Mug Cup Mo: New episode out[View]
220300133Who is the best girl and why is it Mikasa?[View]
220300547Dragon Ball Super: Is there a single female dragon ball character that doesnt attract waifushitters?…[View]
220277617How do you defeat her?[View]
220292830itt: bunny girls[View]
220300318Streamers: Do girls like her even have a chance in shitty generic rimcoms?[View]
220296898Its time we discuss about the canonical use of the term 'soft-seinen' I think we can all agree that …[View]
220276605Is killing your incapacitated enemies a war crime in isekai? And if it is, will you have to face the…[View]
220296183Golden Kamuy: >Ywn have a qt daughteru to protect. Why even live?…[View]
220300059Dragon Ball Super: Is he actually the strongest in the universe or just the strongest relative to Fr…[View]
220290431Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!: Chapter 70[View]
220295315Boku no Hero Academia: Did they have to give Froppy such an amazing ass?[View]
220287424Kekkai Sensen: Rate it. I mean both anime and manga[View]
220299543Post your fav anime and...: Tell us how TRIGGER can save it.[View]
220299367Is there anime that can be considered high-brow?[View]
220295288Aharen San: Thoughts on this shit? I personally am enjoying it.[View]
220290371Was Kirei always such a beefcake? I knew he was jacked, but he looked like a completely different du…[View]
220109292it's time for snek[View]
220291378ITT: Wasted Potential[View]
220298261What was the point of this character?[View]
220272192Gosick: You guys were right about this series. I just finished it. The fuck did I just watch? It had…[View]
220298214dont mind Rem, she's just running off to the 10th page[View]
220295220Why are lolis?[View]
220296737Raildex: What a strange looking bird[View]
220290485Loli chug vodka[View]
220288940isn't there an /a/ edition: Beside LOTGH and FOTN, what else are essentials?[View]
220297803Digimon Adventure: can you list all the fillers ?[View]
220273398All magical girls should constantly be raped by enemies they fight and lose fights. Prove me wrong.[View]
220294461YFW when you realize Eren was literally chained by his freedom.[View]
220298564Reminder that EHredditors are all speedreaders who never cared about the plot.[View]
220298587A history of anime as an art form: Give me a good comprehensive watch list/history of anime as art. …[View]
220291858Would you like a manga/anime of monster hunter Rise ? since the game is full of waifus now.[View]
220292936Shingeki no Kyojin - PLOTCHADS ONLY: This is the same OP of those previous identical plotchad thread…[View]
220298247Does his backstory ever get elaborated on?[View]
220297514Seinen anime and manga: Reminder that all moe and SoL is also seinen[View]
220297143I just wanted them to live happy lives together...[View]
220295270Tawawa: Maegami Part 3 https://catmanga.org/series/tawawa/14[View]
220292144Shingeki No Kyojin: So what is the meaning of this? Wasn't the hooded devil supposed to be Eren…[View]
220295711El canto del colibrí / The singing of the hummingbird: In the desert a loving traveler, desperate, h…[View]
220290413How do shonenlets even compete?[View]
220293943Fullmetal Alchemist is turning 20 years old this year. How does that make you feel[View]
22029779522/7: Looks like after several members, including their leader left their dead idol group, Aniplex i…[View]
220291282Evangelion 3.0+1.0: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
220290781Dragon Ball Super: So...what do you think the anime will do once it reaches this scene?[View]
220292676Jujutsu Kaisen: what did gege mean by this?[View]
220286564Is it really that sad?[View]
220294903Golden Kamuy: Why the fuck is Sugimoto immortal exactly? I remember when I started this, I was worri…[View]
220297166ITT: the best character in (insert anime here). Pic unrelated.[View]
220278689SSSS.DYNAZENON: What went wrong?[View]
220282430One Piece: everyone likes zoro because he is cool character, why cant sanji be more like zoro i mean…[View]
220288837Kara No Kyoukai is closest thing to gatari series I ever watched: Novels are pretty shallow and empt…[View]
220293409Monogatari: >cast almost entirely comprised of beautiful women of all types and ages >every ar…[View]
220292356This is shaping up to be a disaster[View]
220290635This is Nobita's destined wife. Say something nice about her.[View]
220291845Why did he preach freedom when he was a slave to ymirs will all along?[View]
220295895Pick two anime songs, see if you can make something decent. https://rave.dj/ Here's Judgement K…[View]
220234577Nagatoro: Skin fangs only work in manga where you have the limitations of smaller black & white …[View]
220251039Boku no hero academia: why do people hate the JT arc so much? I thought it was fun.[View]
220294322One you realize all the anime are made for manchildren[View]
220295113>has the power to make all subjects of Ymir genetically engineered catgirls >doesn't I wi…[View]
220294401Futari Solo Camp: Wtf I thought he was a cuck.[View]
220296729Make a battle shounen board I've autistically filtered every Shounen title every day and record…[View]
220282490Dungeon Meshi: It's almost time[View]
220291839Fuck you I like it.[View]
220289936Shingeki no Kyojin: Even Historia ships EM...[View]
220294369Advertising Thread: post some of the most soulful adverts for anime/manga. I'll start: https://…[View]
220292966Berserk is a battle shonen.[View]
220291532Localized BD & DVD: How bad is the quality of DVD or BDs from other countries like france? I hav…[View]
220292284Homunculus Eiga: 22 April! Get ready[View]
220292068https://youtube.com/watch?v=JYmha1o5eH0 Ugh it's awful when they try to mix cgi and 2d humans t…[View]
220292978Birdy the Mighty: DECODE: Anyone remember this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uARn2MCUZN4…[View]
220285805>Shimabukuro is forced to hear the constant fan complainings about the censorship in the Toriko a…[View]
220292256>be me >doing the dirty under the blanket while reading quintessential quintuplets doujins …[View]
220292809Why did he become so unhinged?[View]
220290795>Characters have a kid >Looks like one of the parents, acts like the other…[View]
220293625Was anime always this shit?: Literally every series now is just fights tits and lolis, its so fuckin…[View]
220293231Bird Eren: I turned myself into a bird, Armin! Boom! Big reveal: I'm a bird. What do you think …[View]
220275551Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou/Sotsu: >89 days until July All aboard the depression train!…[View]
220293116Would your mother approve of you dating a man ten years your senior?[View]
220282386Flying Witch: Chapter 60[View]
220292648What Kanji does 'chigga' translate to[View]
220279239We're 1/3rd into the year already why is there no more news about the Bleach anime? Are you loo…[View]
220283481Is he gay or I am just speedwatching CG?[View]
220287292Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song: First part of the early version light novel is out.[View]
220287482Why did this never take off like Cowboy Bebop?[View]
220292363are these the top 3 of the fantasy genre ever made?[View]
220238567Raildex: This is what Raildex should have been like.[View]
220291989>ITT: Actual dialogue[View]
220291844Dragon Ball Super: Will we ever get to have an arc in another Universe?[View]
220264061Kaguya 214 dump&TL: >Hisssssssssssssssssss >Hisssssssssssssssssss >why are you doing th…[View]
220275700Now that the dust has settles, which ending was more kino?[View]
220290104Unironically soulful. This gives me flashbacks to the old days of fansubbing when the subbers would …[View]
220291052The World Ends With You Storytime: If you think the anime is shit check this out.[View]
220285018>Ruins your kino Why he did it bros?[View]
220286491What the fuck is her problem?[View]
220288803>Hurr there was a giant physics-defying glass staircase there all along This was fucking stupid.…[View]
220246332Poorly describe an anime, others guess: >we're both orphans but everyone loves that other gu…[View]
220286816You now remember GJ-bu.[View]
220247913SHE CUTE[View]
220228050Hige wo Soru. Soshite Joshikousei wo Hirou.: Would you bring home a JK after seeing her black pantie…[View]
220288914what's your favourite moe trait? personally I'm a big fan of emotionally stunted autists[View]
220279301Dragon Ball Super: Gogeta SSJ4 is literally stated to have limitless power.[View]
220290000Sex with Tori[View]
220286926The bread girl: The bread girl[View]
220280223Shingeki no Kyojin sequel/epilogue: So, pic related was foreshadowing Eren coming back, right? Right…[View]
220289676Im new to manga and I just finished chainsawman, my first manga People say that this genre is called…[View]
220286095Wasted potential[View]
220284300I'm about to start this for the blue haired girl what I'm in for?[View]
220286001Would Galko enjoy your company if you were in class together?[View]
220287934>literally same character design wise only difference is the eyes >Left is bug eyed beta cuck …[View]
220260933Re:Zero: New Web novel chapter today, hopefully.[View]
220290211>YGO ZEXAL just turned 10 >YGO ARC-V is already 7, soon to be 10 Where the fuck does the time …[View]
220286635reminder that eren and mikasa canonically had sex[View]
220288869Do you think if hinata saw naruto crying and kneeling to the raikage, she would lose interest in him…[View]
220290306>Which girl are we talking about? >Oh right, funbags.…[View]
220290280Why didn't they include this scene in the OVA?[View]
220286383Missing in action?: So I had an interest in Sally the witch earlier to day but no matter where I loo…[View]
220270337Lum vs Shampoo: Which foreigner would you pick?[View]
220273988Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Zombieworu cut when?[View]
220271245>Tfw Hange was the only one who realized that Eren is just a LARPing Autist…[View]
220288287your vase, hand it over[View]
220284060this was really boring and pointless[View]
220289844Tokyo Revengers: >Every. >Fucking. >Time. Tired of this. Get some real MCs back in shonen f…[View]
220268083>omg I like Pecorine because she's a pretty, bubbly girly girl with huge boobs Cringe. That …[View]
220284973SNK: Pieck Journey: Pieck spin-off when?[View]
220289672Hello /a/, any plans of making your own manga/novel?[View]
220285601Shingeki no Kyojin: Now that the series is over, what do you rate it? And are you looking forward to…[View]
220289604How well do you know your anime music?[View]
220269805They'll save us, right bros?[View]
220289295Which show had the better version of the Human Instrumentality Project? Evangelion or Code Geass.[View]
220288669Boku no Hero Academia: I disliked O MY 7 QUIRKS at first too but after last chapter I see the potent…[View]
220262582How long do you think this series will last?[View]
220287701kino anime shots: post em[View]
220289178>Hello, I need help, a few days ago I was in some anime movie sites, looking for movies to see, w…[View]
220286861We've had the lower year girl bullying the upper year nerd guy, but what about a lower year cha…[View]
220287570What are some other manga that finished in the last year and saw their ending through better than Sn…[View]
220287550Rico appreciation thread: After all these years, I cannot believe she actually survived all of this.…[View]
220287839Uzaki-han wa Asobitai!: What are your expectations for the second season?[View]
220286977>first two forms generate and bring to life sound effects >third form increases gravity WTF…[View]
220243014it's that time again: dumping volume 6 one chapter at a time.[View]
220288109>Commits a sexual assult no stop being a perve lol[View]
220264971Have you heard about the Bird?[View]
220254117This show has awoken something deep in my god damn soul... man...[View]
220288680>its great I was so worried about them adapting The World Ends With You but some how those crazy …[View]
220284204I never really liked the gate in brotherhood, at least compared to 03[View]
220288589Piccolo should've been the one to defeat Nappa, then Vegeta could've killed them both.[View]
220285959Waifu purityfags: Is he right?[View]
220284831Hellsing: Is it bad if I got hard when Alucard killed her?[View]
220284153Lodoss is the best fantasy anime ever made. This is a fact.[View]
220287971>famous for having awful last couple of episodes >they are actually just as good as the rest o…[View]
220285998Would SnK unironically have been considered one of the greats if it ended here?[View]
220276428What was the implication of this scene?[View]
220288309Alice in Borderland: Did you guys like Alice in Borderland? I just finished reading it yesterday and…[View]
220284521Megalo box: Holy shit its good Hope they don't run out of fumes like last time[View]
220252638Jujutsu Kaisen: Why is Sukuna obsessed with him?[View]
220284100Uzaki supremacy: Let's stop the over exaggeration about Niggertoro and appreciate the real best…[View]
220250099Tropical-Rouge! Precure: I hope we get more Minori episodes in the future.[View]
220278951We need to decide once and for all: Should you stick your dick in crazy?[View]
220286913I need to check something in the /a/ archive, but the search function doesn't work. I tried the…[View]
220287071Edens Zero: >she's just another Elie[View]
220287196Well, that was shit Being exactly the target audience I expected it to be at least somewhat educatio…[View]
220285540>Beastars is officially confirmed to be one of the most important anime of all time because it re…[View]
220270877The only reason he lost is because the author was too scared to make an ''evil''…[View]
220264030Kanojo, Okarishimasu: https://manatoki95.net/comic/7676324 Korean scans are out. There is a spread.…[View]
220283775Why do people always associate tragedy-porn with depth and quality?[View]
220276966How are you supposed to stay awake while watching this? Nothing ever happens.[View]
220280747Chrollo vs Hisoka is the most complex fight in manga history[View]
220280323/a/, what have you done?[View]
220282027Nagatoro: How much the story would've changed if Nagatoro and Naoto were childhood friends…[View]
220273059So how many retards you think will buy a bike and die in car crash because of this anime?[View]
220279819Why does the animation look like absolute ass? Especially considering JC Staff animated this. it’s l…[View]
220282189Best: Be honest. You only kept watching BNHA for the hot girls, right?[View]
220281873mari's cute[View]
220284091What was his Nen Ability?[View]
220262978with the new key visual from the event, will jolyne look more feminine?[View]
220280726End of Evangelion: WHY IS HE SO FUCKING PATHETIC. >Misato dies for him >remains sitting as the…[View]
220285640Shakunetsu Kabaddi: next episode on Friday but let's build some hype[View]
220266477Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui: New Episode.[View]
220285567What a chad[View]
220280389Shingeki no Kyojin: Eren must have a lot of self control to resist his urges even though she was wil…[View]
220281988>Live action Gundam on Netflix https://twitter.com/NXOnNetflix/status/1381653387444252673 WHY H Y…[View]
220273659FUCK NAGATORO: I can’t read this shit anymore Garbage manga. >Fucking promoting bullying >gene…[View]
220263336Why does /a/ single this out as being overrated when 99% of anime is unwatchable crap made for menta…[View]
220274338Why did he turn into a bird???[View]
220285267Ichigo Marshmallow: Leave Miu to me[View]
220272480Why are female mangaka so frequently depicted as sexual deviants?[View]
220285184Did Izanami ever love MC romantically?[View]
220279430“Evangelion is robot anime,” Anno said. https://kotaku.com/hideaki-anno-says-evangelion-is-a-robot-a…[View]
2202760614 Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 12: Korean raws are out https://manatoki95.net/comic/7680233?spa…[View]
220275963>rabbit monster charging Gon to kill him >”hi! i'm gon, what’s your name?” >rabbit mon…[View]
220283105Houseki no Kuni: They didn't deserve this...[View]
220282495Attack on Titan - Manga vs. Anime: now that the dust is settling /a/, as an anime only, do you think…[View]
220275798What is the concensus on Edens Zero?: How many Jellals are there in the series?[View]
220281297Female x trap is the most kino pairing, pure aesthetics filtering straightfags, yurifags, yaoifags a…[View]
220283448Saltiness #30: I dumped some Saltiness chapters on the weekend, I might as well continue doing this …[View]
220280815Uncle in another world: Why doesn't he just rob a bank? No one can stop him He could just dele…[View]
220277437Dandadan: What are the chances somebody picks this up to translate it? Made by Fujimoto (Chainsaw Ma…[View]
220283727Lupin: The Thread: Just watched the only Pink Jacket Lupin movie, Legend of the Gold of Babylon. Any…[View]
220281500Is Puru good for you?[View]
220277800The Double Meaning of Freedom: >お前は自由だ… As I'm sure you all know, Grisha's famous quote…[View]
220269359Chainsaw Man Ranks #1 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan March List: CSM beat MHA, KNY, AOT and JJK in burgerl…[View]
220282200Is cbm thw best release of monster?[View]
220277253Locodol thread[View]
220262615she's angry because of the 3dcg in snk s4[View]
220280614Well? Do you rike Arumin now?[View]
220275345I will drop this manga if there's no chapter this year.[View]
220282581sunny feeling sketch thread[View]
220280162>little sister does this >what do[View]
220269302One Piece: GODfalgar D. Water Law thread[View]
220264028What does this expression imply?[View]
220275133I hate how so much anime is filled with weak looking men. I want anime with strong, masculine men an…[View]
220267689Why are female characters in Shōnen so boring?[View]
220279560How exactly is this limp-dicked fag better than Eren? Sorry I can’t really see it[View]
220277568My Hidamari Sketch blu ray is coming today!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
220184914Prichan, Mewkledreamy, Aipla: I'll miss these little critters so much.[View]
220264931Sevens Knight: It’s a nice mobage anime, why aren’t you watching anons.[View]
220281731When the next my master has no tail chapter will be released?[View]
220279398Mad Bull 34 reboot when?[View]
220260920Any other examples of completely necessary scenes to an anime’s plot?[View]
220276663Sousou no Frieren Chapter 46 spoilers: Happy Monday. Chinks are late. Dumping.[View]
220278027Seriously TF is wrong with this?[View]
220274470Slice of life: This is potentially the most worthless genre out there. The ONLY appeal it has is cut…[View]
220278907SNK Final Chapter Meltdown: Does anyone have pics/screencaps of people trying so hard to disprove an…[View]
220271854FX Senshi Kurumi-chan: Chapter 3 of /biz/ manga is here Mangadex is dogshit (as usual), so you can d…[View]
220278578best girl hands down[View]
220273799It's Not A Crab Cake, It's A CRAP CAKE[View]
220278943Why is this the most popular character in such a manly manga?[View]
220259178Shingeki no Kyojin: >bro you need to look at the shards, see this tiny ass scribble confirms Floc…[View]
220253969What did he actually see here /snk/bros? If he really knew he was going to die, why didn't he j…[View]
220275616Miuna loves you[View]
220277630ITT: post cute manga-only JS/JC: animefags not welcome[View]
220274692Itazuraguma no Gloomy: A very peaceful bear.[View]
220276675Sakigake Otokojuku: Where does this land on the manly scale.[View]
220279536Please remember this secret, /a/[View]
220279330Osono is an underrated Miyazaki girl. I like her a lot.[View]
220279226>anime about Shamisen is AOTS already[View]
220269199Wataru is probably the most underrated anime hero. He uses a giant robot powered by a dragon, he is …[View]
220279178shadows house: How does one obtain this level of power?[View]
220189674Yugioh: Was she the most pitiful of all the main girls? She got cucked by a hermaphrodite ghost.…[View]
220200879Kaguya Manga Thread: It's that time again. OSARAGODS RISE UP![View]
220276796Fucking hell this shit was heavy.[View]
220264140K-ON!: Does the college and high school volumes ruin the anime's ending? Or are we lucky we got…[View]
220258570Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 20: Breakfast Baki. Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl…[View]
220277084I have reached the point where if I see credits for Trigger I skim/drop it at that moment, and as ex…[View]
220276483Sakurai-san wa kidzuite hoshii: Are you reading her manga?[View]
220276499Ah, so this is where Eren got the idea from.[View]
220278135Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood than flows...[View]
220274857>he ruins his first time manga chapter experiences through shitty korean scans Literally why? Are…[View]
220270791Childhood is thinking Shinji is a 'pussy' or a 'fag'. Adulthood is realizing he's just a little…[View]
220263057I need an Aria thread.[View]
220276697Which of these girls was miku singing about?[View]
220228178fire punch: Jesus fucking Christ, I was not prepared for this rollercoaster of emotions. /a/ was rig…[View]
220274280the best DBZ character with a criminally untapped potential[View]
220272940This better make $50-60 mil at the box office this weekend because trying to getting tickets to this…[View]
220275820https://youtu.be/lDcrUh0nlW4 holy FUCK bros[View]
220269381why is Araki such a fucking coomer? some parts of SO were a pain to read through because of how sexu…[View]
220270112Can we just take a moment to appreciate this lovely genki girl?[View]
220273134mazica party: >search mazica party in desuarchive >zero threads believe in me, this will be th…[View]
220275626Slice of life: This is potentially the best anime genre. It has one thing going for it. CUTE GIRLS. …[View]
220274873Worst character tropes: Post clichès that make you consider dropping a series as soon as they show u…[View]
220276228Dragon Ball Super: Why is Chadper so much better than its optional, comedic predecessors?[View]
220271781Be honest, would you take a bath with Yume?[View]
220273688>yuri couple with short, light hair and long, dark hair Why is it so popular?…[View]
220250914What makes an isekai person themselves? The mind, the body or the soul? >If they forget everythin…[View]
220271311Ghost in the Shell Innocence: What're /a/'s thoughts on Ghost In The Shell Innocence? I ju…[View]
220276078Can someone explain to me why the Chinese RAW site has 123 chapters and the English translation has …[View]
220266568post cute male characters: only the best husbandos allowed, like pic related[View]
220261936Megucas and their penes: There are various fan interpretations and theories surrounding which, if an…[View]
220266237Dragon Ball Super: >Battle of Gods This cinematic masterpiece is always so enjoyable to watch sim…[View]
220258376How can you stand this mc: Everyone said this show was gonna be good, but this MC is such a walkover…[View]
220275659Which little servant do you want to see animated the most?[View]
220275764He did nothing wrong.[View]
220274583What are your favourite funny and cute moments from Fate?[View]
220275296Still the best JK character design ever.[View]
220235205Post the strongest of the strong[View]
220272465How do we defeat the Colors?[View]
220273869Shonen to Seinen graph: The truth makes pacos, shills, normalfags, pseuds and s*ys seethe equally…[View]
220275136Whats your OTP?[View]
220252903Higurashi Gou/Sotsu: Say something nice about Rena. I hope she suspects satoko in her answer arc in…[View]
220271549ITT drinking beer[View]
220274928Fairy Ranmaru: Pretty cute girl of the week coming up.[View]
220273523Tenki No Ko: >Your Name with lots of rain and similar characters I feel like if Your Name was its…[View]
220260784I'm Japanese, what did you think of the final episode of Attack on Titan?: I thought it wasn…[View]
220274070Floch won: He won and mogged eren[View]
220262411Kanojo mo Kanojo: Chapter 54 Korean scans. https://manatoki95.net/comic/7677254[View]
220271836Guys, I had a though. What if Darkness...[View]
220268975'''''''''Japanese Humor'''''''[View]
220270043Now that the dust has cleared: It's obvious that this guy was the best written character of SnK…[View]
220235522Yuko no Abyss: Let's all love Yuko[View]
220257170ITT: Anime that will never EVER get a second season[View]
220273197I think Sakura should end up with Luffy and both have kids together and live an happy life.[View]
220270881help me /a/, if I like romance should I read Grimgar LN or OG Gundam?[View]
220273455what are the advantages of having a beer addicted, neet onēsan?[View]
220271558I like these two. They're like a brother and sister[View]
220270230Can someone give me the context of this scene? https://youtu.be/5IPT-Ek8aBY[View]
220267827Attack on titan: There were so many fake outs in the final part of manga lmao its garbage >eren s…[View]
220270473What episode of Gochiusa was this?[View]
220269985Mars Red: Episode 2 ETA 2h[View]
220270236https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFj2Hjcn2LE >gone but not forgotten…[View]
220266674where is my insomniac girlfriend...?[View]
220269453SUPER LOVE LOTION[View]
220260960Nisekoi: Does anyone miss her and her series?[View]
220202136Sayonara Watashi no Cramer: Giddy up.[View]
220260271Does this character design really make vaginas wet?: It is pretty clear Keiki is just meant to be a …[View]
220269878Historia plot holes explained: Historia's daughter has inherited the founding titan. This expla…[View]
220244078HOLY FUCK NOBITA GOT MARRIED!!! He didn't get cucked out like Eren or Shinji![View]
220272407i rabu powa![View]
220264658ITT post your anime pros and cons. For me it's; Pros >Isekai >MC is ultra powerful >Cu…[View]
220271867I'm pretty sure I'm the only one on /a/ who fucking loves Gohands Anime. Why are people mi…[View]
220261646naruto peaked with this fight and it has been downhill ever since[View]
220267700Yuru Camp - Game is coming edition: >The Laid-Back Camp game recently announced by Mages. is titl…[View]
220266795Is it OK for sisters to do it?[View]
220266817No remake. I sleep.[View]
220263459What happened here? Was the Titan controlled by Ymir or what? What are the mechanism and logic behin…[View]
220270423So the whole slavery with the Hyuga clan was abolished in Naruto.[View]
220254372Buyfag thread: I think the major has a vagina[View]
220270698Hey /a/. Bookfag here Just finished reading one Piece Arabasta arc and it has been one of most amazi…[View]
220267376Jujutsu Kaisen movie discussion: Should Daiki Yamashita voice Yuta Okkotsu in the Jujutsu Kaisen mov…[View]
220271354im kinda retarded: i just read all of this and i really liked it but my autism acts up and i cant te…[View]
220261809How would you get out of this situation?[View]
220271136Osomatsu-san: Is the new season out yet?[View]
220260216Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time: MPEs should have come back for 3+1.[View]
220271117best girl[View]
220264474AoT anime next year: Will they change everything in the anime next year so that the ending is better…[View]
220262051Shingeki no Kyojin: /snk/ is dying bros, and there is nothing you can do about it, even the most ico…[View]
220269391Please...: Forgive my ignorance, but what was the whole deal about with this scene again?[View]
220261034Did we ever decide on AOTY 2020?[View]
220270496Reminder: Naruto doesnt exist and never existed.[View]
220240639So can someone explain why Armin isn't going to be hanged for being a traitor when he arrives a…[View]
220267271By using a cutsie child voice to declare the attack on the Dacian Factory Tanya did not make a meani…[View]
220246659So why was she looking so down here? She is literally in love with him. Is Ymir the most inconsisten…[View]
220267616why did people call this the 'game of thrones of anime'? GoT had a heavy emphasis on world building …[View]
220265663This is the best anime ever. Thank you to those who recommended it to me.[View]
220262662>[Weeb Gakuin] Edens Zero - 01 [1080p AVC AAC] >[Weeb Gakuin] Edens Zero - 01 v2 [1080p AVC A…[View]
220269301MANGA ENT. NOW FUNIMATION: End of an era, RIP old flaming logo https://twitter.com/MangaUK/status/13…[View]
220258025One Piece: how did he do it ?[View]
220240644JoJolion: One more week until Tooru finally eats shit.[View]
220263758Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: What Boruto should have been.[View]
220261938JoshiKousei no Mudadzukai 93: I'm back with more[View]
220269193>This is the MC that was shilled as the edgiest most based guy to ever have a show. Woah those 4 …[View]
220236030Okaeri Alice: Would you a non-binary trap?[View]
220214256SHE'S PURE EVIL[View]
220268891【OMG】Higehiro next chapter[View]
220267029>2021 >already forgotten My poor friend, I'll be with you if nobody else.…[View]
220268574It should be a rule that all anime girls and women must have delicious, pronounced, pillowy lips lik…[View]
220265835This show makes me want to have a scooter. Then I'm reminded that I live in the city and the dr…[View]
220266624Gambare! Douki-chan: Will kouhai enact Third Impact this time around?[View]
220260698berserk: Griffith right now is way more powerful than Guts. What would the latter do?[View]
220261889Was it kino?[View]
220268273Not Jap Openings: What are the best anime OP of your country? Here some from Italy. Hunter x Hunter …[View]
220268125High School Girls: That's what I like about them High School Girls, man. I keep getting older a…[View]
220255244Kengan: >Leave JOBlong to me[View]
220267301Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Dragon Movie 2nd (or Dragon Maid S4) would be super interesti…[View]
220264837Are people still mad?[View]
220267361Who legit won here? A man who was physically ordered never to die? Or a woman who was in love to nev…[View]
220267958Why is Anno so obsessed with these kinds of backgrounds? Feels like over time they even got worse, …[View]
220268358What are some voices you feel didn't match the character?[View]
220267089What does /a/ think of failed confessions?[View]
220254959Shingeki no kyojin: I tried re-reading snk bros I really flippin tried But I can't keep a strai…[View]
220260211/a/ would you have sex with a demon?[View]
2202412935Toubun no Hanayome: Now that the dust has settled, was Yotsuba a good winner?[View]
220266641Shingeki no Kyojin: Remember than each and every kino moment that you love and cherish, be it Erwin…[View]
220267202Tears as a weapon.[View]
220266718Rewrite AOT ending: What if eren just wakes up and titans marleyans etc didnt exist and it was just …[View]
220267584The World Ends With You the Animation: new preview images for this week's episode were added to…[View]
220262539kengan ashura: Anime or manga ? And, the anime adapt all the manga ?[View]
220267141Book cover thread: Let's do one of these again. Link to generator: https://nullk.github.io/pen…[View]
220264383I found the WSJ issue in which HxH debuted. How much is this worth?[View]
220266997Last chapter dropped on christmas.: Feel depressed yet? Houseki no kuni thread.[View]
220262200This is what you call COMPOSURE![View]
220257289How does /a/ feel about these?[View]
220264716how do you go from this[View]
220228889A Couple of Cuckoos: A lack of a Hiro pantyshot is causing all the late scans[View]
220259321she is literally me except I'm not a cute anime girl and I drive honda grand instead of super c…[View]
220250578school full of gyarus: >Wholesome Tsundere delinquent >Blackmailing bitch with a growing heart…[View]
220263713Any recent news on Miku's upcoming anime? Miku Monday[View]
220266282Best outfits in manga? Pic related[View]
220249212You now remember Grimgar: What went wrong?[View]
220264926Blue Reflection Ray: Where are my 5 other anons that didn't drop this after episode 1?[View]
220266187Why is this the best relationship?[View]
220256318DAGA SHIKASHI: Admit it, you like flatboard more than cowtits.[View]
220266111I unironically teared up: Call me a shounenbaby if you want, this was a legitimately powerful moment…[View]
220266155Why so many post about the disgusting jk whore and not a single one about this lovely angel?[View]
220265803What the fuck is a 'chigga'? Who is translating this shit[View]
220262708Just finished Sailor Moon... my God, it feels like it's been eons since I watched an anime with…[View]
220255554Dragon Ball Super: What went wrong?[View]
220265213Hottest SNK girl: It’s a shame they butchered her so quickly. I thought she would be more relevant.…[View]
220248261What did she mean by this?[View]
220259327I'm free lads...: I've gone trough the montions I've denied it, raged, tried the ment…[View]
220265781Best music: https://youtu.be/ziNL1FRZ5fY https://youtu.be/wtL6MWZu9SI https://youtu.be/P020SANNcGs…[View]
220261146I've been thinking about this for a while. I think there were some strong arguments and hints f…[View]
220265721Lets just say....I'm going earless one last time[View]
220263877Manga about masks: Are there any manga that come to mind that utilize masks as a power system? As in…[View]
220257174ITT: Good world building: why is it so hard to find decent world building in a manga?[View]
220262332Enter the Big Three[View]
220264826super cub: so is this the new yuru camp? because of the bad CG[View]
220262680What went wrong?[View]
220256232Shipping isn't why 139 sucked: Nor does it suck because of your theories. 139 sucked because it…[View]
220215870Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! / Combatants will be dispatched: 2 episodes in, what's /a/'s verdi…[View]
220262129What is your beverage of choice when watching anime /a/?[View]
220260006Ano Hana: Why yes! I love Mari Okada's very emotional stories. I love Masayoshi Tanaka's a…[View]
220263224soo uhh any news regarding the TYBW animu[View]
220238998>being special doesn't make you special If only more shonen manga understood that.…[View]
220262929wanna bet this gonna happen too[View]
220262830For a shit manga, CM has some kino panels[View]
220253904school days: just finished this lol[View]
220191796Shadows House: I still want to discuss just how adorable Emilyko is.[View]
220259595Will the eventual animation surpass the manga? Or will it fail to deliver?[View]
220256606Will Amagi Brilliant park ever get a 2nd season?[View]
220262985>is this any good or just some loser nostalgia wetdream?[View]
220261587What are some characters you think deserve more attention?[View]
220252778>Anon you don’t watch anime?! No why should I? >anime is deeper and more complex than American…[View]
220258486Why don't people like Kaos and prefer other females over her?[View]
220257582well anon? you could always use a nip penname and never expose your face like they do[View]
220262637What the fuck was her problem[View]
220262572STICKY STICKY[View]
220262524Mars Red: speak again, Yokanaan...[View]
220261905ITT: Choose a training partner[View]
220262475hottest gal in sonic x?[View]
220249763NHK/N.H.K.: >Welcome, Satou, to the N.H.K! Bravo[View]
220201519Ayakashi Triangle: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1009108 It's a spicy futa chapter th…[View]
220257365If you could go back in time and become a mangaka of your choice and fix/rewrite something in their …[View]
220262139Dis nigga gettin the bitches since he was in the 4th grade. He has a giant robot powered by a dragon…[View]
220261750Fumetsu wo Anata e: After much delay the day is finally here[View]
220257662I download anime I never intend to watch.[View]
220246804Do you prefer darker or lighter haired girls?[View]
220255497Why are time looper story popular ? Look at attack titan and steins gate[View]
220260292YOU JUST KNOW[View]
220254042>elevates your series[View]
220255814What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
220259355Why so many traps?[View]
220260770What was even the point of these two characters? Did they do anything for the plot at all?[View]
220254659So most of the first episodes of the new season are out.: Which were your favourite /a/non?[View]
220238920she is nice :)[View]
220259187Has AOT always been just another romance manga? Was this the reason it had such a shit story?[View]
220258664SNK: Is anyone as pleased as I am with how much of a shitshow SnK's ending caused? It was both …[View]
220260374ITT title drops[View]
220260781Who is your favorite Attack on Titan character?[View]
220252926Just read this and it was great, but why is the MC getting cucked in the ending so prevalent in anim…[View]
220260230In hindsight, Grisha really got the shit end of the stick. He got cucked and played like a fiddle by…[View]
220245927Are you gonna follow the inevitable sequel staring Ymir Yaeger?[View]
220260912To Your Eternity episode 1 starting in 2 hours Watch Iddy's anime[View]
220257399the phenomenon of 'first girls always win': it just seems like authors are obsessed with making the …[View]
220260763hehehehehehehehehehehehehe... I am teh rei[View]
220239707Daily YuruYuri Chapter: chapter 64[View]
220237908Best OP for Spring 2021: Was there any doubt that SSSS.Dynazenon is the best? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
220249939One Piece: Fuck Fishmen[View]
220251373SnK: So close to becoming a cult classic but will be remembered as a hole thanks to the last arc and…[View]
220260640What was the point of proto-Fredica?: She bangs Yang in her husband grave, then fails to run for off…[View]
220226710The isekai town actually exists[View]
220258097Shingeki no Kyojin: ITT we post blatant retcons which prove Hackayama's trash writing. Pic rela…[View]
220255201Storytime: Grappler Baki Volume 19: Breakfast Baki. Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl…[View]
220259373After all the shitposting. After all the slander on her character. Thousands of threads trying to bu…[View]
220256665Bishounen Tanteidan: Who's the prettiest boy and why is it yellow slut? Shaft + Simbo + NisiOis…[View]
220244408I'm overdosing on nostalgia watching the extras on this blu ray. Please help.[View]
220257433tokyo 卍 revengers: Why is the name censored?[View]
220254765So how did the Nagatoro anime turn out?[View]
220253257Is there anything worse than following a series for close to 20 years and only just realizing that i…[View]
220246949Adachi to Shimamura: Now that 2020 is well behind us, was this AOTY? autist of the year…[View]
220259968Why is anime production so obsessed with churning out new series instead of continuing and completin…[View]
220258359Insomnia.: It's official, this is the best SoL romance in manga.[View]
220258971What i find interesting about anime and manga is that a manga author has to be both a good storytell…[View]
220248652Will this have a satisfactory ending iyo?: Surely Oda-Sama will deliver r-right?[View]
220255484ITT: Anime OSTs that don't suck[View]
220258792WTF, why is only the first tank scanned in good quality? How is it possible that such a classic only…[View]
220256447How much time did she buy them?[View]
220258765Fighting for your ideals is bad business, Mr. Isayama...: SnK was about to turn into anarchist propa…[View]
220251986Touhou: Forbidden Scrollery: This YOUKAI SHRINE MAIDEN kills state dissenters like the damn gestapo.…[View]
220254428Shingeki no Kyojin - Meaning of 'You are Free': Holy Shit I finally understand it! Eren is Freedom …[View]
220247309Best villian of the decade will be female: Thoughts, i cant wait to see her animated[View]
220244139Okay, it official she best girl.[View]
220257016modder isekai: Ok we have plenty of time reversal/new game+ JRPG isekai. But what about mods? When w…[View]
220223081Training with Shana[View]
220257620Why were the dummy Rei’s smiling and laughing. Also they turn their heads as if theyre aware[View]
220244883Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time::[View]
220234450SSSS.Dynazenon: Why is he fucking his cousin?[View]
220196913Re:Zero: He just wanted to sell some oil.[View]
220255764I think we should all just collectively agree that everything post-chapter 123 was just a fever drea…[View]
220258132We need more eyepatch girls in anime and manga[View]
220250659The King of Cave Will Live a Paradise Life: Obtain 1x Cute green orc daughter wife, she decides to t…[View]
220258123https://twitter.com/VisualArtsUSA/status/1381519586093240325 >Kodansha will publish 'Nekogarizoku…[View]
220255050Why are witch shows so rare?[View]
220257160post virgins: I'll start[View]
220254344Eren was always a slave and only retards didn't understand that years ago.[View]
220251293Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi / Redo of Healer: Dumping chapters 34.1 and 34.2 since I didn't …[View]
220257195Post Anime sluts[View]
220253513Anime/Manga that look disgusting[View]
220257285Is he really the coolest guy?[View]
220239071uhhh what the fuck this wasn't shown in the tv series...[View]
220244457Demon Slayer -Kimetsu No Yaiba-: >sold out everywhere in a single weekend >IMAX and annoying a…[View]
220246176ぼっち: It’s Bocchi.[View]
220253808ITT: Choose your Anime drinking buddy (alternatively smoking buddy for all those dudeweed heads out …[View]
220256623Do you like Bandori?[View]
220251699Komori-san wa Kotowarenai: >they had sex Based Cool-kyou Shinja.…[View]
220254873Examples of Mangaka lack of originality.: I am wondering just how bad it is, I mean who the fuck ste…[View]
220138776Isekai Maou: I missed this cat like you wouldn't believe.[View]
220255704ITT: We post and discuss our favourite battle shonen characters. I'll start with Goku and Veget…[View]
220256460Yugioh: Is it me or is the voice actor for yugi in the japanese version way scarier than the the Eng…[View]
220240606Shinkai shares comments on his next film: https://twitter.com/shinkaimakoto/status/13814272165803745…[View]
220250093It was alright[View]
220251390Code geass best girl: Let's settle this, who was the best girl?[View]
220255493where is the fucking third episosde[View]
220243542Wow, this was really bad. The opening featuring cameos of all the other kaiju was unironically proba…[View]
220247232Build King axed: Good riddance. Creator of Toriko can’t write a story to save his life[View]
220255941Was this the most pathetic death in anime?[View]
220247625What happens after a super villain conquers the world? That (and destroying it) is the most common m…[View]
220240604Is any form of love more pure than that of a girl and her giant robot?[View]
220249218Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash: > JUST TAKE ONE DEEP BREATH > AND HOLD IT STILL UNT…[View]
220255578>grosses 400 million dollars >on a movie they probably spent less than 10 million on where doe…[View]
220255698AIO EGKORU[View]
220210602Shingeki no Kyojin: writeanon here. dumping my rewrite because 139 hurt my soul. I know there's…[View]
220251822I miss this little nigga like you wouldn't believe[View]
220254793Would you grab on to Sheryl's hopes and dreams, anons?[View]
220254750We're coming home, moebros.[View]
220173207This movie was very good and despite being tearjerker melodrama, it earned the ending. It elevates t…[View]
220251528Does /a/ like Yuno’s anime/manga? The redial ending is kino[View]
220254710So she basically fucked literally everyone at NERV then settled for Ken, right? She honestly gives m…[View]
220244102>Eren isn't a literal national socialist fighting for something as retarded and factually im…[View]
220242337The 7th prince is making me wet[View]
220253196Even if you like the ending or what it was trying to tell it is I’m happy for you but to straight up…[View]
220245063What does your manga collection look like?[View]
220249263My wife.[View]
220239432This is where CGDCT peaked. Love Live elevated moeshit to the sublime and turned it into high art.[View]
220179385Kumo desu: >this man tells you to not trust the chruch would you trust him anon?…[View]
220250275K-On: So now that the dust has settled, was it just another mediocre idol show, or was it one of the…[View]
220195125Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: >Boruto not in the image Ok but what does this mean?…[View]
220248667Odd Taxi: If you like >taxi driver >tarantino movies >douman seiman >urasawa naoki …[View]
220231328Shingeki no Kyojin: The manga that ended at chapter 123. In this thread, we will reflect on the them…[View]
220253341Why did his mother have to die? I don't get it[View]
220250385What Happened to Josei?: Why don't they make Josei anymore? Back in the day you had your Escafl…[View]
220253624Is she a rape victim? I mean did Orochi have his way with her? His slimy tongue on her beautiful bre…[View]
220251162Kin no Ito (INAZUMA Katsura): I'm dumping this until someone translates it.[View]
220248177This was the best scene in all of one piece, when the fuck are we getting more like it? I want more …[View]
220163928Tomboy Thread: >tomboy does not enjoy being called cute How do you proceed, /a/?…[View]
220235539Post the most kino openings: https://youtu.be/Cc7cl5eX9zE[View]
220150181Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
220244004End of Evangelion: WHY IS HE SO FUCKING PATHETIC. >Misato dies for him >remains sitting as the…[View]
220243343The World Ends with You: Holy Kino! That first ep. was lit! This was several steps above High Score…[View]
220241642Mangos that need an anime: I need robot girls pissing in my mouth.[View]
220240048Naruto - (NaruHina is OOC): Bruh Naruto fucking hinata is OOC like eren, the naruto I know loves sak…[View]
220248695ITT: Manga only you want to see adapted: Fuck you, I liked it.[View]
220239657ITT: Author's punching bags: Post characters who were created solely to be abused by the author…[View]
220207642>one line ruins the whole anime series[View]
220244309Black Clover: Would you eat her food?[View]
220247140Let's have a fan art drawn by mangaka thread.[View]
220245747so this really was basically all for nothing huh[View]
220246202Anime of the Season? Yes. Anime of the season. Although Nagataro is looking to climb.[View]
220239991>What I learned from SnK ending The problem here is that even tho ideologically, Eren won, he is …[View]
220243555>we will never have watercolor backgrounds ever again.[View]
220243541Anime Thread: Mods deleted the tenth page like Isayama killed SnK[View]
220171316Buyfag thread: kinda gay[View]
220240327Why was it cancelled?[View]
220221443Ranma: >muh chink lum best girl Fuck shampoo normalfags, Ukyo is irrefutably best girl…[View]
220231677JoJo: Was it a retcon?[View]
220245492>nagatoro said sus[View]
220239517Why are guns so underrated in isekai? There are super powerful holy swords blessed by the gods that …[View]
220246172This is like Ikuhara without any subtlety, and with lots of nonsense, but it somehow manages to be n…[View]
220226536Boku no Hero Academia: >'The voices in my head told me to abandon my home and save a mass murdere…[View]
220244697One Piece: Usopp is a faggot and needs to be killed off[View]
220244378seo kouji: thoughts on his manga?[View]
2202449653x3: Alright i finally updated this and replaced MiA with Mawaru. The grid is temporal until i find …[View]
220247730>This is how Italian mafiosos dress[View]
220230997Edens Zero: So what did you guys think? It seems decent.[View]
220246941Why do they always force a romance in animes?[View]
220230360Urusei Yatsura: OI LUM YE FUCKIN SLAG[View]
220248894Why doesn't she just fake an injury?[View]
220243439>the ending will definitely be hetero Get ready fujoshits, its your turn in the barrel soon.…[View]
220248785HunterBros... i don't feel so good...[View]
220246485Lucky Star: >jannies deleted the daily[View]
220228101Higurashi Sotsu/Gou: Do you still LOVE?[View]
220248500>have you been seeing yume again, anon?[View]
220247343Black Clover: It's ok now guys, Tabata didn't forget about these two[View]
220194896Favorite endings: Okay so since apparently a certain group of people think all Japan endings are shi…[View]
220243317He did everything wrong[View]
220246389I can't believe that Yuuna managed to kiss Tougou on the cheek. When are other cute girl series…[View]
220244642Erased: I just watched the whole thing in one day and I am in fucking disbelief at how bad that endi…[View]
220243894School Rumble: Was he a good protagonist? How could he loved Tenma so much?[View]
220239102Have you watched Hina Logi yet? It's fun and cute.[View]
220183697Bishonen Tanteidan: How did you like the first episode of Nisioisin and SHAFT's latest collabor…[View]
220245688Show me anime where you got 'filtered' but are actually piles of dogshit[View]
220240666Post an opening/ending and say its music genre Other anons tell you why it's the wrong genre be…[View]
2202133902020's: I can't fucking wait to get to this decade's high point. How much longer /a/ …[View]
220189408wtf I love sluts now[View]
220244343To be faithful to the original source or to Improve: >Shamman King 2021 >100% faithful to the …[View]
220213550Precure: And there you have it, your complete team until mid-season. How do you like it?[View]

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