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205624525Evangelion: Why is this pseudo intellectual shit so highly rated?[View]
205632944Remake when?[View]
205633193Cutest jobber[View]
205634253ok WHY is this thing so exspensive.. like i've been looking for a remotely cheap one of these t…[View]
205634234Ishuzoku Reviewers: Chapter 42 is up- the lamia, demon and fairy boys are back[View]
205632284What will the 20s' most popular show be like: 90s Evangelion 00s Death Note 10s SnK What kind o…[View]
205634155Are you holding out a single hope?[View]
205627698Goodnight, /a/[View]
205625007Her Disciple is Too Cute/ Deshi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai: In 2018 an artist on twitter released a shor…[View]
205632261Tokyo Red Hood Storytime: Volume three conts.: The last thread got archived. Time to finish. Volume …[View]
205632191Jirou: She CUTE[View]
205633683Thoughts about CMB?[View]
205628399How does the Auto memory doll industry work? Do they just strictly ghostwrite or could you pay them …[View]
205630103Are Isidro and Puck ever gonna shut the fuck up, now with Schierke with them it's gonna get eve…[View]
205617488damn this bitch likes to ride[View]
205625747What could have Saber done better as King of England? Was there a way to avoid the fall of the kingd…[View]
205633404>oh yeah, THAT happened[View]
205633216Hey /a/ it's Suzaku's birthday, be nice to him[View]
205630280Clannad means family[View]
205624688Samurai Champloo thread. Cowboy Bebop fags are not allowed[View]
205628886Just watched the ova. I know it's not canon or anything but I cant believe they all just killed…[View]
205628889How do I help translate manga?[View]
205631201>spoilers >gook scans >nip scans Mangafags are mentally ill. They don't care about exp…[View]
205631982So, was it good?[View]
205633085Whats the deal with the Crest of the Stars books? I swear, the author writes slower than Miura.[View]
205632849Is the TV version of Pupa still available anywhere on the web? I wanted to show some of my mates its…[View]
205624752>one piece was better before time-skip i don't remember seeing this scene before the time-sk…[View]
205627125>an anime >considered by many people as at least top 20 of its decade >adapted from a manga…[View]
205625218Kadokawa: Is there anything these guys can't do?[View]
205630568Please tell me the most difficult Japanese that you learned in anime.[View]
205624151Why is there seriously not more reverse isekai?[View]
205630067I felt bad for Borus. Imagine finally showing enthusiasm for an opponent that is not giving a fuck[View]
205628226Kemono Friend: What does Kaban's wild release look like?[View]
205632381Death Note: I'm sorry, but the way Near found Mikami is completely unforgivable. I'm not o…[View]
205617023Ayakashi Triangle Korean: It's a boy,and seems like he kinda fallen for female Mutsuri https://…[View]
205631145Karate can't actually defeat a hundred rapists. This is so unrealistic. She should be using MMA…[View]
205626954KONOSUBA Movie - Kurenai Densetsu: I finally managed to watch the movie and really enjoyed it! Did y…[View]
205588900Boku no Hero Academia: Heroes Rising: Since the blu-rays have dropped, I'm gonna post clips thr…[View]
205609030Tell me a cool fact about Sakura.[View]
205629933Mayushi desu[View]
205614613HunterXHunter: In episode 3 the characters were exposed to powerful magical beasts. This world has a…[View]
205631253Have you considered Mami perhaps?[View]
205626103The ending was good[View]
205631135Rent-a-Girlfriend anime: So how many of you are going to watch this? I think it looks really cute an…[View]
205587205FMA: Why is the story still so good after all this time?[View]
205625123One Piece: *saves your arc*[View]
205630730Boku no hero academia: Heroes rising: Based and MHApilled[View]
205624277Images only penguindrum fans will understand...[View]
205629812You hate me that much, huh anon?[View]
205625585Why do most okama in Anime have permanent 5 o'clock shadows?[View]
205623902Shingeki no Kyojin: Did this live up to your expectations? Yes for me. The CT submarines were especi…[View]
205594307ITT: Endings so bad that they make regret ever reading/watching the series in the first place[View]
205629216What the cuck was his problem?[View]
205630075Post best lolis[View]
205622236Why is she so fucking perfect??[View]
205626711The first season got kind of hard to follow at the end but the only thing that really confused me wa…[View]
205622151ITT: Terrible Designs: It's just a little boy with HUGE breasts.[View]
205626270Tell me how she loses so I can skip all the Yui torture porn this season. Does 8man stop being an e…[View]
205619838Dragon Ball Super: Why is Toyotaro like this?[View]
205625132Think about it though, would you name your daughter Emilia or Rem? Yeah, I thought so.[View]
205620944Series watch order for monogatari: You know, I'm rewatching the entire series and I'm not …[View]
205627646Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara: The season resumes today I think, ep 3.[View]
205628687Tokyo Red Hood Storytime: Volume three: Almost done with this. Volume one = >>205488224 Volum…[View]
205625619best character design: is this the best character design >duel wielding pistols >spikey white…[View]
205618337Does Rory only have one set of clothes + underwear? What does she wear when she needs to do the laun…[View]
205615032Mashle Magic Muscle: The underrated Manga, Korean Scan, Mashle chapter 23 here, https://manamoa.net/…[View]
205627683Moecucks BTFO[View]
205627786Sagiri is cute. Elf a best girl. Season 2 when?[View]
205625235Naku Warai: >King of kino mangas >still no western releases of his work ???…[View]
205622522The manga of kaguya ecchi version ewe Enjoy it Ishigod best waifu -w-[View]
205616133>No My Hero Academia or One Piece chapters this week Makes you realise how empty the magazine is.…[View]
205627620Will Armin be the one to save the world?[View]
205598347Kaguya Manga: no guys seriously, who was it?![View]
205627488How come we never got to see Midorima in the zone?[View]
205627474Kaguya Manga Discussion: ISHIGAMI RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! <spoilers>Spoilers in 19 hours…[View]
205626484Otherside Picnic: >MC is deranged, psychopatic lesbian yandere Who thinks of this shit?…[View]
205624015how long would it take to get used to being completely on fire?[View]
205618200Steins Gate: I just watched the first episode of this and didn't find it that intriguing, is it…[View]
205626561Baby don't hurt me No more~[View]
205625335Is this supposed to appeal to the female wish fulfilment fantasy?: It was written by a woman who was…[View]
205624703Yahari: Teenagers do not think or talk like this[View]
205626916How would an anime of The Hobbit work?[View]
205618494What would happen if Krillin disregarded Goku and killed Vegeta?[View]
205625693Bofuri Thread Season 2 announcement any time now.[View]
205626615Chadcanor Thread: WHO WINS???[View]
205618985God of Highschool Anime: Episode 2 Preview out http://goh-anime.com/story/02.html[View]
205624208Saber riding a banana.[View]
205619456Date A Bullet: Kurumi Tokisaki new design. New PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdTagKn0cSM&f…[View]
205619123My biggest fear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upa12yjBCaQ[View]
205613707iM@S: Oh hey, it's Haruka.[View]
205620213Who would win?[View]
205618891Blue Lock: Blue Lockfags we are starting to get manga PVs https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continu…[View]
205615723What the FUCK?[View]
205624466Fullmetal Alchemist '03: I have read the manga and watched Brotherhood, but is the 2003 anime w…[View]
205624266Is there sci-fi anime that is optometrist about technology? Digimon or summers wars is my imagined e…[View]
205596710ITT: actually good protagonists[View]
205625458Anyone watching it and why does it suck? Why is there a thriving Marajuana Cult in drug nazi Japan? …[View]
205574831Why don't the Japanese use the 'show, don't tell' model of storytelling? Every anime I wat…[View]
205623172Ace of Diamond Act II: Lmao get rekt Kawakami. Daiyachads get in here. Let's talk about the bes…[View]
205622959>mangaka is a woman >cooking scenes are more detailed than the story itself…[View]
205566939>stand in the middle of a road >go on an autistic rant when someone hits you with their carria…[View]
205624845Gender fluid characters[View]
205623578What does she keep in those pouches?[View]
205622595When's the anime?[View]
205621914Evangelion: So what, in the final episode Shinji decides he doesn't want to become one with the…[View]
205625237Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) and The Handmaiden (2016): Are they perfect companion pieces to each…[View]
205617059ITT: series where no one, and I mean NO ONE, ever won[View]
205603747what is the general consensus on this?[View]
205624492Manga that changed your opinions on something: This shit is literally God tier[View]
205618576How would Subaru feel if he knew that what happened to Rem was Crusch's fault?[View]
205618249Grand Blue: Chisa is romantically interested in Iori, right?[View]
205617660Who is the best anime MC ?[View]
205613903One Piece: Does Yamato have a Devil Fruit?[View]
205606640Made in Abyss 55: CHAPTER IS OUT — COMMENCE RAW DUMP Here we go, page 1[View]
205568061NO GUNS LIFE: Episode 13 転換点[View]
205609831>he's made of rubber how did that happen?[View]
205624656cute and canon[View]
205624504Akudama Drive: From the creator of Danganronpa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DVs2LKPM1E…[View]
205618722This show has jarring tone shifts[View]
205623861Fire Force: New episode today How the hell did squad 8 lose the calendar contest[View]
205622586This finally being translated, any thoughts on the translated chapters?[View]
205619105Shingeki no Kyojin: what's their tax policy?[View]
205623723>You’re perfect, you’re beautiful, you look like Mikage’s rose broom, you’re a princess >Every…[View]
205606477Houkago Teibou Nisshi: You have exactly 3 seconds to explain why you're not watching the comfie…[View]
205622344Between gookshit and netflix anime, which is the lesser evil?[View]
205619226What happened to this series? There hasn't been a new raw chapter in 7 months and the artist is…[View]
205621709Cowboy Bebop is a shitty show. The show overstays its welcome with so much filler. Sometimes there…[View]
205615148>Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg Is this really what the Japanese consider to be a Ge…[View]
205505473ITT: Anime only you have seen[View]
205588217I LOVE MICHIRU[View]
205620325What went wrong /a/[View]
205617177I just finished reading the first 900 chapters , when does this trash get good?[View]
205622673Unironically the most likable character of the entire goddamn series imo[View]
205611568I love this nonsense shit, where do you start with Baki (anime adaptation)[View]
205614586tomgirl thread[View]
205605381Would you a Misaka even if she was used goods?[View]
205622592Sayonara Rose Garden: Someone please has the raws in japanese of this manga? I want to translate to …[View]
205619379>first is about people being forced to play death games by a 'god' >supernatural shit clearly …[View]
205617456>one man project >better than anything kyoanus/gachatable ever made how did he do it?…[View]
205622387Why was it so based?[View]
205615075How long has it been? Are we ever getting a second season? Did it really do that poorly?[View]
205622084/visual novel/: I'm a novice when the subject is visual novels and where to play them. Can /a/ …[View]
205621518ITT: Pure maidens masquerading as sluts[View]
205607346Is this the future of manga?[View]
205619351How would you impregnate Konata without killing her directly with your dick or in childbirth?[View]
205619367Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? Ch.45.1: New spider chapter out, dumping[View]
205621058Head-Patting: Why do lolis love it so much, /a/? Post your best.[View]
205620568Detective Conan: Did Shinichi really need to cockblock Haibara like that?[View]
205621289>it's a comiket episode[View]
205616276Douki-chan: please, no.[View]
205619022one punch: i dont get it, is it supposed to be a girl or a boy?[View]
205615958Weathering with you: Is this movie any good? I promised my sister I would watch it with her today an…[View]
205596780The characters are so ugly. Honestly the worst artstyle I've seen from the 80s. None of the gir…[View]
205591576'New' Horror Manga: Just started reading this genre which gotta say is kinda fun. Obviously not as d…[View]
205619899>mc isn't OP nor learns everything on the fly >designated tittymonster is also main girl …[View]
205610319What do you guys think about Hi-Score Girl?[View]
205621468>one piece was better before time-skip i don't remember seeing this scene before the time-sk…[View]
205603315Senku replaces the MC of the last isekai you watched/read. How much do things change?[View]
205621393Name a more kawaii anime opening protip: you can't desu[View]
205617489this is what a goddess looks like[View]
205619397Chainsawman: Why isn't this popular in /a/?[View]
205620496Hunter x Hunter: It's not just more logical than any other series, it's more real in gener…[View]
205608044Oregairu: https://nyaa.si/view/1261283 Have fun watching the first episode sub, /a/. Here's the…[View]
205619356Ippo 1305: >I'll take it with my forehead! Literally using Ippo's tactic that he himsel…[View]
205611206>be me >watch for the 4th time >know the movie >still cry like a bit cheaper Am I a fagg…[View]
205615736Shows you will never stop hoping for another season of.[View]
205616101Hunter x Hunter Storytime: Volume 8: Dumping volume 8. I'm sure we're all aware of how muc…[View]
205590912Chainsaw Man: I just caught up with this manga What the FUCK was that eclipse type shit with the Dar…[View]
205615070thoughts on the manga the rapeman?: >The Rapeman under the business 'Rapeman Services', which is …[View]
205619960This dude is about to end his entire life over a card game.[View]
205620125IIT: FCM is best girl[View]
205615251What's the Cutest OP?: For me it has to be this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8IYdBEYVUM…[View]
205619970are the other mangas from Honna Wakou worth reading?[View]
205588257>turn a boy into a girl >becomes best girl in the entire series every time…[View]
205611731Why don't Killala Kei anime hit in the US? A.No one is interested in Japanese daily life.[/ sp…[View]
205606758Dragon Ball Super: Do you think the anime will ever not be trash in comparison to the manga?[View]
205617827Hey anon! Look at this![View]
205619857Believe it ![View]
205611838Ougi caught a fish!: fish![View]
205619559Chadstoria teases mankasa about his crush and then proceeds to fuck Eren. This is why NOBODY will ev…[View]
205617864Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko: Isekai slow life animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao09ho0Ss_…[View]
205614130JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean: Did you like this ending?[View]
205619406Date A Barrett Dead or Barrett: PV 1 out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdTagKn0cSM[View]
205566216How much of one punch man's popularity is due to Tatsumaki?[View]
205613592Shingeki no Kyojin: Yeager-Jugend[View]
205618944Shingeki no Kyojin: Predictions for next chapter?[View]
205617910I miss this show guys... yeah it had shitty fan service and pandered but what doesn't? It was s…[View]
205611446Kingdom: Our boy is back and he's at the top of his game. No-one can stop him now. 2020 is th…[View]
205613623What the fuck is his problem?[View]
205613920'Yumemi ga oka Wonderland' by Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa mangaka, Eiji Masuda, has been announced. I hope t…[View]
2056184113 months.[View]
205579732Oh..... This is what you guys were warning me about isn't it?[View]
205616752>loli aims at you with optical lazer gun what do you do?[View]
205591125Oyasumi Punpun Volume 7 Storytime: Dumping Oyasumi Punpun Volume 7 Here's arguably one of the m…[View]
205599318Excel Saga: Yall remember this, or yall too young nowadays?[View]
205570381>/a/: 'Why are anime writers so afraid of taking risks and making something UNIQUE?!! >Madoka …[View]
205615737Post 02's[View]
205602451All gacha anime adaptations are terrible. All of them.[View]
205604169>drunk uncle recommends Baki to me because 'it's, like, fucking crazy dude' >check it out…[View]
205617297Yu-Gi-Oh!: Don't mind me, just posting the Yuboys hanging out[View]
205614151Is Deku a well written character?[View]
205613684Spy X Family: I just caught up again for the first time in months. Is there an underlying reason as …[View]
205613399Popularity poll of all Kirara works at the Kirara exhibition: How does it feel to know that Shamiko …[View]
205609298It's not like I want you to watch my show, b-baka![View]
205615443I reread Bokurano the manga. I rewatched Bokurano the anime. I once thought they were similar with a…[View]
205612185Quick thoughts on this anime?: thoughts on this anime? LN readers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
205616910Romance in Anime & Manga: Is the concept of being in love and romantic love in general idealized…[View]
205611380Ghost in the shell: How should I watch this anime? In what order should I watch it, movies included.…[View]
205615068Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?: Dumping chapter 34(CAT's version). Let's check how shounen and…[View]
205614018Chainsaw Man 77: CSM chapter 77 TL and typeset starting here.[View]
205616970Borderline H: Oretama[View]
205608860>special powers and battles between characters are just glorified rock, paper, scissors…[View]
205616820I love you......with all my heart. I love you forever with you.....[View]
205603789Yuusha ga shinda!: To the few in /a/ even remember this series, two new chapters were translated (19…[View]
205611330Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: Well the big news is out. Due to production issues SEVENS will be re-broadcasting …[View]
205616064Who's the hottest panzer girl and why is it obviously Hoshino?[View]
205614192post an opening with more soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu6_Zcraz-U[View]
205577122Watamote Vol 18 Special Booklet Raws: 2chan: わたモテスレ https://futapo.futakuro.com/#server=may_b&mo…[View]
205593960makes no sense at all ,, honestly very bad[View]
205614469What do you think of killer traps?[View]
205615433Dorohedoro: I watched the anime and it ended in a super weird, unsatisfying spot. Should I read the …[View]
205602823Shinkai interview: >Anime is a Japanese invention, that much will never change. I will never allo…[View]
205576337Why did she even provoke him? What did she think was going to happen?[View]
205611097Why is Trails in the Sky the only Trails game to get an adaptation?[View]
205609595Read Berserk this week. What a great series. The art really took a turn in the last couple volumes. …[View]
205613263is the top right panel really necessary?[View]
205611948How do i join /a/ sings pic unrelated[View]
205615617CLAMP's brutal treatment of Tomoyo helped inspire a generation of fans and creators to make Mag…[View]
205615301ITT: Things you didn't know existed until you read it in a manga: This is the first and only ti…[View]
205610605Evangelion 3.0: What was this movie? I honestly want to know how some Evafags ate this shit up…[View]
205561793The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Ch24: New girl. Dumpan the R…[View]
205614865>These lips will never kiss your cheek why live?[View]
205612949this anime really was cursed. at least the harmony gold dub was okay.[View]
205608139Jojo: U guys know about this??[View]
205613378Love live is the greatest anime series ever made All of it, from the original season 1 to the aqours…[View]
205612129Who is going to win?[View]
205609721>left >great animation >seamless direction >expressive designs >concise dialogue >…[View]
205605629Who's fairy would you tail?[View]
205597182How embarrassing[View]
205608794Diebuster: This show was such wasted potential. There were 3 things I unambiguously liked, and I thi…[View]
205613116If tapppei pussies out and finishes the vn with an 'open ending ' I will be really mad[View]
205593886Chainsaw man spoilers[View]
205609405I will never forgive the Chinese.[View]
205607469One Piece: /a/‘s extreme contrarianism just stops people from admitting that Oden was a great charac…[View]
205590314Hajime No Ippo: New chapter is out[View]
205610368Redo of healer: >Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Picked this up on a whim. It's full of rape-…[View]
205603273Which shows are the best at using its BGM?[View]
205611882Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is a good anime and you should watch it. That's all I really have to…[View]
205610391Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokor…[View]
205612284What's the best anime you've had on hold for the longest? gintama is amazing but I haven…[View]
205585249Boku no Hero Academia: >Endeavor is now someone who loved his wife and never meant to hurt his ki…[View]
205605999Shingeki no Kyojin: Is there any character that can defeat Eren Yeager? And I'm not talking abo…[View]
205610078>tfw you were /a/ when re:zero aired >tfw you were here to experience the masterpiece…[View]
205605277Based Gege is a BleachCHAD!: Q&A session JUMP 'Jujutsu Kaisen' The teacher (Gege) is asked a qu…[View]
205588294Rosario Vampire Season II Vol 3 Storytime: SEASON II IS HERE! Good afternoon anons! i hope you are e…[View]
205604680EreMika relationship: Shitposting aside, why do people like EM? If SNK was your gateway anime and pe…[View]
205598578Made in Abyss: Chapter is coming out in a few hours. Get in here.[View]
205610455Anyone else here download dual audio versions of series, so they can watch the good version with the…[View]
205612570Would you watch an anime about this?[View]
205611225File Size: What is going on with file sizes these days? Am I the only one here who remembers when 72…[View]
205608801Is this still THE worst ending of all time? I know it was rushed because the manga got axed and it g…[View]
205578528Yukino Yukinoshita (Oregairu): Episode 1 soon[View]
205607382ITT: Series that lost all goodwill/popularity/momentum due to a bad anime adaption[View]
205612440>it's a body switch episode[View]
205606337Uran-sensei's Latest Work: Ore Wa lolicon Ja Nai! It's another time warping story, but th…[View]
205611718What we really need is a rem spin-off.[View]
205579144Rin Tohsaka thread[View]
205597554Posting Gate CH 95. Because interesting things are interesting. As always, be sure to thank Uxtef. …[View]
205607655Holy absolute thunderfucking horseshit! You just got chosen by the Stand Arrow! Your stand is named…[View]
205605700>first episode >MC has sex How the FUCK do I self insert now?…[View]
205596556Mushishi: >Can someone explain to me the appeal of Mushishi? Mushishi is a rural medical drama/my…[View]
205606853guys, I figured out the trick to once and for all become japanese >wait till midnight >go into…[View]
205602072Lupin?: Whats a good place to start with Lupin?[View]
205610502>best girl wins >best girl is loli-baba Why can’t more manga be like this?…[View]
205593192This is an American man[View]
205594394Nostalgic TG general: Not a christfag, but on a reread of Tokyo Ghoul it was hard to ignore all the …[View]
205609900I miss them /a/. Sometimes I can still hear the opening notes for the first ending theme.[View]
205608260Super cub: are you going watch it?[View]
205610116Reminder that anime will never reach even just the entry level of art films[View]
205609766FSN Fate Route: This route feels so cucked that it makes me sad. It's clearly the introductory …[View]
205593947Why is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure less and less bizarre with every new part?[View]
205610671Bokuben: Gooks out https://manamoa.net/bbs/board.php?bo_table=manga&wr_id=3544476[View]
205608813Ey Yuge dis here be dat anime board yous always on?[View]
205607185What was your favorite film from this?[View]
205603918What does /a/ think of this cool beauty?[View]
205592827Osaka is an airplane[View]
205606129>There's no such thing as a perfect ani-[View]
205605995My fetish is anime girls drawn like androgynous boys.[View]
205609566Was it rape?[View]
205608065Nice ship[View]
205603388Gleipnir: I already miss Claire's sweat and piss and other juices. She was easily the best thin…[View]
205591162Raildex GT2 SPOILER A discussion thread: New volume out >Anna meets Hamazura but Mikoto and Misak…[View]
205606149The year is 2021. What are we up to now?[View]
205605073Harukana Receive: We deserve another season[View]
205609556naruto abridged: if someone was to come along and make a modern day naruto abridged with actual edit…[View]
205609304>Too Many Cooks: The Show[View]
205593043Boruto: Naruto Next Generation: Why Sumirefags and Saradafags cannot understand each other, both gir…[View]
205604798What the FUCK is this thing?[View]
205568166Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pRtcWb-qQM #19: If It Weren't for…[View]
205605672Rem needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. And whenever Rem isn't on s…[View]
205608730>I'm glad I spent all these years watching anime[View]
205606386Kaiju 8: Chapter 2 is out and it looks pretty metal. Translations when? https://shonenjumpplus.com/e…[View]
205607507ITT: Actually good shoujou protagonists Self-inserts and lame isekai 'villainesses' need not apply.[View]
205606692why didn't he kill himself at that time?: would kill myself after that cringe. Anyone who could…[View]
205604057Becky post[View]
205601280SHY part 8: Previous thread >>205547595 Last time, Teru got sick after her adventure in Russia…[View]
205605958What should I watch?[View]
205606865Are you enjoying the glorified masturbation material that is this fight?[View]
205604463ITT: overhyped disappointments: I’ll start, pick related.[View]
205577379How do you feel about Gyarus?[View]
205601908ITT:: Scenes that women can't understand[View]
205601114is it gay to find Ranma attractive?[View]
205574489One Piece: there's no cuter ship than Izo x Marco[View]
205605080I was not expecting such a kino ending.[View]
205605302QUALITY thread: Post QUALITY moments.[View]
205576500Oregairu s3 discussion thread: T-Minus 2 hours[View]
205604007Tokyo Ghoul is the 2nd best manga series of the past 10 years behind only Shingeki[View]
205602313Is Re:Zero a masterpiece?[View]
205606837Bungo Stray Dogs: This franchise seems to have a huge following but I've never seen it mentione…[View]
205538805Healin good Precure: When is the fourth cure going to show up?[View]
205606823I don't care what others say,she is the best girl in the show for me[View]
205606880Hi I just finished watching my first anime death note. what is it called when you are meant to root …[View]
205606763Cute grandson[View]
205593281Is this by far kyoani's worst anime or is that beyond the boundry? Do either have any redeeming…[View]
205606545Ikoku Nikki: It's really good.[View]
205595041Dragon Ball Super: Can we look forward to more moments like this when the anime (eventually) returns…[View]
205606124She did literally nothing wrong.[View]
205604892Do girls really do this at work[View]
205605987>People actually thought he was going to be the next Miyazaki LMAO[View]
205599606Shingeki no Kyojin: farmer is the father[View]
205606037>Charging against a centauress with a lance Is this lizard girl retarded?…[View]
205605928So where's the new digimon going with its plot?: I still don't see how the fuck Devimon, a…[View]
205605837Character's you find it hard to sympathize with[View]
205602221What are /a/'s thoughts on vanilla romances in anime & manga?[View]
205535882Prisma Illya: It's this appropriate clothing for girls their age? I don't get it...[View]
205604827Characters of dubious gender[View]
205605247I just finished reading this and to be honest I had no idea what the fuck was going on[View]
205578200Dokyuu Hentai is still censored: It's over The ecchi more lewd version is out and it's sti…[View]
205534041WataMote 178: Since I'm Not Popular, We'll Have a Sleepover and Watch Anime: >https://m…[View]
205604468How do you forget a spoiler?[View]
205604496Recently I started to enjoy Indonesian mangas (pic related.) How things will develop from here on?[View]
205601107Deca-Dence: There's definitely a lot of FranXX-ing going on here, but I liked what I saw in the…[View]
205605095What do you think of Platinum End? Is anyone even reading this?[View]
205605212>quits boring office job full of shitty people >join a lesbian escort service Profit???…[View]
205600741So who’s your SnK wife?[View]
205602699ITT: Great OPs and EDs attached to terrible shows I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
205604183How do I acquire kei girlfriend?[View]
205605097CAN I FUCK HIM?[View]
205603392Sekirei: Is this toon good?[View]
205602007Yes, yes. Very good, Ash. HOWEVER[View]
205594159Thread last night made me want to rewatch Amagi Brilliant Park and while it's still as funny as…[View]
205602855Tenchi is still going... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTGNuOwMcjQ[View]
205604450Well written smart characters[View]
205602600What did she mean by this[View]
205579814Gal Cleaning Storytime - read another infamous /a/ classic: Hello /a/ Yesterday I dumped Mon Seul, a…[View]
205599115Zombieland Saga is better than I remember, and I liked it when it aired https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
205567421Who is the most fuckable Symphogear character?[View]
205604658Lain is pure hebe beauty[View]
205602365Is Kumiko Oumae /a/'s queen?[View]
205603002ITT: anime only you watched: this is a terrible adaptation[View]
205585817Boku no hero academia: what's the point of this character >Loss to a man with no attacking q…[View]
205604477If you only knew how bad things really are[View]
205604012six months until Yuru Camp season 2 I'm not going to make it I'm never going to be comfy a…[View]
205594337Is Goku actually a bad father?[View]
205604211Cell: What the fuck was his problem?[View]
205601857what did she mean by this[View]
205598555>Watch Re:Zero expecting it to be the Madoka/Eva of Isekai >It’s actually the Game of Thrones …[View]
205596570What does /a/ think of 60fps anime?[View]
205592453Anime that everyone except you forgot[View]
205600392What are your thoughts on Rory's underwear?[View]
205598678Can you believe this? I was just standing here, in the middle of nowhere, minding my own business an…[View]
205601137It’s not Madonna It’s not Rihanna It’s surely not even Masonna IT’S BELLADONNA (of sadness if I’m qu…[View]
205599201Frieza: What was his problem?[View]
205602514ITT: /a/ in 1997[View]
205601019ITT: The worse timeskips.: Timeskips so bad that they had no reason to be timeskips.[View]
205571225Hey, hey Anon! Yuru Yuri is starting![View]
205597488Jojo part 7: I'm currently around chapter 40~. When does it get better? Everyone kept saying th…[View]
205602201She's great: >tfw you will never have a psychologically traumatized, emotionally stunted, ta…[View]
205601219>Latest Release(s) >v.4 c.20 by Kirei Cake over 4 years ago…[View]
205602825Ladies and Gentleman, I give you, the top anime of the season, but also the most controversial since…[View]
205602904Was this really necessary?[View]
205598255Working: Would you?[View]
205555006Why are chad mc's in anime so rare?[View]
205596363Why is all jap fantasy full of the same tired old tropes?[View]
205602832comedy: Post funny scenes.[View]
205596351Can you really blame Tobirama for hating the Uchihas?[View]
205490437World of Leadale: dumpan chapter two of this isekai manga novel translations never ever also fuck y*…[View]
205596401Kingdom: Shibashou is the new hax card now Will Qin be able to compete?[View]
205602318How many copies of a manga are you supposed to buy to keep it alive?[View]
205601441ITT: Soul vs Soulless[View]
205598246So which one is the GOAT Manga[View]
205600973>they don't go all the way Dropped. This is why I hate romcoms.[View]
205595206Baki S3: Is 'Sea King' really the proper translation for the Kaioh title? It's kind of weird be…[View]
205520483How can one woman be so based?[View]
205602033Bugs: Does anyone remember any scenes with Dragonflies or Fireflies from their favorite anime? I…[View]
205591507WORKING!!! This was legit a really good anime[View]
205600560None of you can ever convince me that Giorno was not the worst JoJo.[View]
205584390What a horribly written character.[View]
205601599結城友奈は勇者である: Have never watched the anime but if it has over 10k submission on pixiv it must potentia…[View]
205599453Have you ever watched an anime that was so good, you couldn't bring yourself to watch anything …[View]
205600045Treat your ricecooker well and don't make it cry[View]
205601471One Punch Man: Do you think this is what Blast is going to look like? I combined his face with Blue…[View]
205593881Erwin Smith: He really deserved better, bros...[View]
205596067>miss us yet?[View]
205600495Hoozuki no Reitetsu: Does this have the driest humor in anime?[View]
205553626Scanlantion Thread: What are you not working on?[View]
205594887Japan Sinks: So, anyone watch it?[View]
205599885Soft josei[View]
205589404>white van killing NEET the start of 90% of isekai Forget the NEET. I want an anime about the whi…[View]
205477489Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 042 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
205599284What's /a/ opinion on milfus?[View]
205597138Why cant Ghouls eat meat like humans do?: If all they need is raw meat, why not give them raw beef a…[View]
205600039what the fuck was his problem?[View]
205591873Shingeki no kyojin: Can we all agree this was Eren's speech bubble? Let's not embarrass ou…[View]
205597685Have you paid tribute to your goddess today?[View]
205599750How come Earth Ninja are so unpopular?[View]
205596101Hey, remember HandShakers? Yeah, what a clusterfuck, right?[View]
205589963>parodies: the idolmaster[View]
205493026Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
205529694Beastars 184: https://imgur.com/gallery/sCNFFVk What the fuck is this shit, I WANT THE SOL BACK…[View]
205577371Okaeri Alice: Hot damn! That didn't take long.[View]
205599246Hunter x Hunter: >attacks Benjamin head on and gets BTFO, he's still spying on her >losin…[View]
205599245>Kill yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.[View]
205592439would you?[View]
205576192Hearing some good things about this. Going to watch this today.[View]
205586254Should villainesses be saved or killed?[View]
205594859This is how Akame ga Kill should of ended.[View]
205542148Hunter x Hunter: How useful Gon and Killua could have been in Succession War?[View]
205596942Spy x Family: Soo I just caught up, and I must say, what a ride, fun all the way, cant wait for next…[View]
205567921Kaguya Manga: even when he's with the one he loves, he still can't stop thinking about iin…[View]
205598011Am I the only one that's sick of these spurts of unrealistic blood? Wouldn't this for exam…[View]
205598402Madara Uchiha: Post a more amazing entrance for a villain in Manga/Anime. Protip: You probably can…[View]
205564138Nino: What was the first moment that made you fall in love with our beloved Nino?[View]
205598050Is there any other case of 'MC betrays all his friends/family solely for greed and nothing more' or …[View]
205597599Post a character without actually posting them[View]
205594982I have gone 3 months without watching any new anime. Aquasuba is probably the best show ever.[View]
205596566Would you watch an SoL anime about an accountant during tax season?[View]
205585612Confess your sins to Father Kirei Kotomine, son of Father Risei Kotomine.[View]
205596976Why is everything in this show so sexual?[View]
205593425>Subaru and Rem were the ones who bowed their heads side by side in the room as it approached daw…[View]
205585624Junji Ito’s ‘Tomie’ Is Getting A Live Action Adaptation: >Alexandre Aja (High Tension, Crawl) dir…[View]
205589594ITT: write a battle manga fight: Explain your character's abilities from that manga you've…[View]
205597003Date a Live: What's the appeal?[View]
205591678cursed images[View]
205590821Death Note: How does /a/ feel about the last 13 of the series and/or more specifically, the characte…[View]
205589220>Timeskip happens >MC lets their hair grow out >Cuts it off when the story resumes Why is …[View]
205593004post a line from an anime ending and we try to guess what its from: YEA YEA YEA WHOA WHOA WHOA YEA Y…[View]
205584879I don't get it[View]
205593501What's the best delinquent manga and why is it kyo kara ore wa?[View]
205590544>turns into a kenshin clone[/ spoiler] I feel catfished. only the prologue is worth watching. i c…[View]
205584566Pandora Hearts Vol 9 Storytime: The air of celebration surrounding fifteen-year-old Oz Vessalius’s c…[View]
205595976re zero: ill be honest. im just excited for the shitposting we will get from this season moreso than…[View]
205593687I love tiddies: The anime looks awful and cheap.[View]
205570202Magical Taruruto-kun chapter 5: Hi anons. Dumping the newest translated chapter. As always, feel fre…[View]
205594857Villains who should have won[View]
205592885A single spread of Origin has more soul in it than the entire Dr. Stone manga.[View]
205591330How did you feel about Shaman King's ending?: Good? Bad? In-between?[View]
205595413do you guys watch the filler episodes or just go for the ones that are relevant to the plot?[View]
205583988One Piece: Was was the point of this character?[View]
205554209Bokutachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai (Bokuben): Spoilers for chapter 166 should be out within 6-8 hours a…[View]
205595077I honestly can't tell if this author is a genius or an absolute retard. His works oscillate so …[View]
205594960>fat Buu is annoying >super Buu is a Cell ripoff >kid Buu is retarded >only SSJ3 Goku ca…[View]
205595515I miss the old times bros...[View]
205582660Why is the apocalypse so comfy in anime, /a/?[View]
205581462Be honest: are you still biased against English dubs?: 'Bad' English dubs don't really exist an…[View]
205588493Where exactly Artoria made a mistake in her kingship? Why Iskadnar said her idea of 'ideal king' was…[View]
205595220It's that time again to post the best redhead in anime[View]
205592872Thoughts on this class?[View]
205590550I don't care what /a/ thinks. Gyarus are fucking hot.[View]
205591734Oda is a FUCKING hack: >Oh, look at this random marine nigga that came for the sole purpose of de…[View]
205592004Girls und Panzer: Happy Birthday! Orange Pekoe[View]
205594854twgok: More than half a decade later and I'm still mad.[View]
205592146Why is Naruto praised so much?[View]
205590489>Wake up >See this Wat do?[View]
205474292Which do you think is the best type of personality for a vampire girl in anime?[View]
205582369>Mediocre animation at times >Good humour throughout >GODLY ED H-how is this allowed???? Al…[View]
205583318Dragon Ball Super: Leaks are out: Gohan defeats Ce- I mean, Moro.[View]
205591990ITT your first fap. It was an endless sea of legs and tits for 11yo me.[View]
205587935What is wrong with this child?[View]
205588334Junkie-looking girls: Anyone else has this fetish?[View]
205594234Hagure Idol Jigokuhen: Truly a masterpiece[View]
205549458so anon, when did you realize that the best love live girl is mari?[View]
205593560>what is this fucking black ape doing on my bridge? Upon reflection, was this a bit too extreme?…[View]
205594066isekai: >I won't lose much, only myself. Post your favourite isekai[/spoilers] stories.…[View]
205581507Tadahiro Miura briefly returns to WSJ with a new one shot in issue 33: Behold Yuuna chads! Our King …[View]
205588463Panty shots were a mistake[View]
205593096Why do they hate each other so much? Surely they can at least understand one another. After all, the…[View]
205592667I wanna fug this bug.[View]
205587249Haikyuu: This is your nation team. Say something nice about them.[View]
205589337Nanatsu No Taizai: Is there any chance that the sequel turns out to be good?[View]
205592869>Best Song has worst opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tg7EQpMMUq0…[View]
205589060>she turned 32 this year[View]
205557968Tower of God: Fucking HYYYYYPE[View]
205592762FUCK YOUR OPTICS[View]
205589342Which ishuzoku would you review?[View]
205591619If you had a less than ideal highschool life, how does happy highschool anime/manga make you feel?[View]
205585451Why does /a/ like this toxic bitch who treats Gourry like shit[View]
205592340The tech demo for the last AOT season is quite good[View]
205591441Love Hina: >Literally a series about a nerdy guy getting subjected to the 'unprovoked pervert pay…[View]
205555209Re:Zero new season. Rem is annoying, Subaru is a dumbass and Emilia-chan is obviously way better tha…[View]
205590828One Piece Manga 985 photo Revelated: One Piece new Manga 985 +info: - Toei Animation, in exceptional…[View]
205580975Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru: Wow amazing opening song ! definitely AOTY…[View]
205591861Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan: Who was in the wrong?[View]
205591786ITT: Unicorns and other lies.[View]
205591834Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki-kun: Why is she so perfect bros?[View]
205590274>A king without greed is even worse than a figurehead! Saber, you said you would martyr yourself …[View]
205590857Which one is the better detective. Who wears the hat better?[View]
205589711Ichika is the kind of girl who makes the boy she likes cheat on his girlfriend.[View]
205588699So this ended.[View]
205586173Dorohedoro > JoJo Just saying.[View]
205586058How often do you fantasize about getting beaten up by anime girls?[View]
205580545JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai Vol 4: It's time for your daily dose of JoJo, /a…[View]
205580803Why is the ending so stupidly bad? Why didn't it end after Hikaru accepted Sai died? Everything…[View]
205584116Jump Sports®: So it looks like one Haikyuu ends, WSJ won't have any sports manga of any kind ru…[View]
205583912Shingeki no kyojin: >if you can't love someone inside the walls, we're doomed to repeat…[View]
205591191The Animatrix: Sheesh, talk about hit or miss.[View]
205591147>Nightlings Rimworld thread >What mods you running? >Big colony or small? >End goal? …[View]
205584293I give up. Can't even finish the episode like this. Don't know if it's because I…[View]
205587409Do you remember her name, /a/?[View]
205590836Peter grill episode 1 discussion: So episode is officially out. What did you think of it? I thought …[View]
205586242Can we have an honest discussion about Lina Inverse and how great she is? She's incredibly inte…[View]
205590446Do you think they could ever remake Air into a 24 episode anime or is it way too late? I've hea…[View]
205582896Why do we peek?[View]
205584926Sekai ka Kanojo ka Erabenai' (The World or Her) is getting axed: Was anyone else reading this? >A…[View]
205570871>C.C. >intelligent >charismatic >damaged, but resilient >has an actual functional rel…[View]
205573933How was this anime? I remember some backlash when it first came out but also a counter backlash sayi…[View]
205583332Kaiji S02E25: Ichijou-san is 2moe4me.[View]
205579863I legit can't tell those 2 apart.[View]
205578879Fairy Tail: What do people think about it?[View]
205580615Is Gilgamesh still the most powerful hero in Fate?[View]
205581204Shaman King Vol 17 Storytime: A shocking twist connect Yoh and Hao's pasts! What is Shaman King…[View]
205589767Devilman crybaby: I personally loved this anime but I've seem a lot people dislike it. The only…[View]
205588396GOH: Started reading after the anime Did this guy have the worst debutes of all MCs? He makes Luffy …[View]
205587551god of highschool: maybe there can be a thread without the insane waifufag[View]
205577141Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu: If it looks like a girl and smells like a girl[View]
205540922Someone make us some better /a/-themed 4chan banners.[View]
205589875What are /a/'s thoughts on the new Big 3? How did vampire and magic Hotaru get licensed in Engl…[View]
205536360Aipare, Prichan, Mewkledreamy and the like: New Aipare episode this weekend, are you excited for mor…[View]
205584358Wait how come we didn't hear 'Hero Too' in the manga?[View]
205579342Raildex GT2 SPOILER A discussion thread: New volume out >Anna meets Hamazura but Mikoto and Misak…[View]
205589196ITT: shows so bad theyre actually good[View]
205588998How do you like Kodaka's new look?[View]
205563819Can Oreimo be surpassed? Why has no rom com even come close[View]
205509067Buyfag thread: Idoru[View]
205581985Chinese and Koreans: We all know that manhua are impossible to read because the chinese have always …[View]
205583254I unironically consider Naruto to be better than 99% of the shit Japan keeps chumming out. It comple…[View]
205571922>20 chapters of filler for every one chapter of plot development Can it be saved?…[View]
205549244Name a fire user who can beat Natsu[View]
205587764Ah yes, another case of 'the daughters are a downgraded version of their mothers mothers'. My chin c…[View]
205585964Who wins?[View]
205542720Deca-Dence: How did you enjoy Konomi's comeback and her Theater of Life?[View]
205582012How can he get away with this?[View]
205583136>Starts as a single one shot >Explodes in popularity >Runs for 37 volumes >Vastly expand…[View]
205577411Seems pretty obvious that this guy is gonna be dead by the end of Wano. Like for real dead, like Ace…[View]
205576058Chainsaw Man: I swear this resembles a classical painting but which one[View]
205570101Musume no Tomodachi: Dumping chapter 44 translations and 45 gook scans.[View]
205540880Oregairu: Since season 3 premiers tomorrow. I'm left with several questions: What's going …[View]
205587090Masamune-kun's revenge: Greatest love story ever told[View]
205582619Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time: So this is just a guy cucking his girlfriend for monste…[View]
205583404You didn’t actually think we were getting an Eva movie this year, did you /a/?[View]
205587054Golden Kamuy: There's no two manga like it. I'm gonna miss it when it's gone.[View]
205587014Sailor Moon: More like Bishojo Senshi Sailor KINO[View]
205550379There has never been a better shonen main character than yusuke.[View]
205572100ITT: things that only happen in anime[View]
205586764Usogui: Name a better manga[View]
205584137Remfags on suicide watch. It's hilarious[View]
205579227Yumekui Merry 125: Best Girl Returns[View]
205564278So I am on episode 42 of inuyasha, the first part of the show was really cool where each episode dea…[View]
205581827Miura vs Murata who is the better artist?[View]
205584733Yang do art is the only good thing to come out of fate[View]
205585983Is there actually anyone who preferred the movie over the anime?[View]
205584672OTP: Post only the best pairings[View]
205564440Hunter x Hunter Storytime: Volume 7: Dumping volume 7. I'm sure we're all aware of how muc…[View]
205583099Kitsutsuki Tanteidokoro: Please watch his anime, it's good.[View]
205541928JoJo: Why is he so based?[View]
205574925Boku no Hero Academia: Endeavor and Hawks are the reason why the series is getting worst[View]
205585256Do you think netflix will buy the rights to deadman wonderland and continue the anime where it left …[View]
205578669Kaijuu No. 8 chapter 2: It's up in Spanish. https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/2003554…[View]
205562866New chapter tomorrow maybe?[View]
205559600Japan Sinks: it releases in a few hours[View]
205554941Worst Tropes in Anime/Manga: Hard mode: No sky-pan reactions or girls beating up guys for walking in…[View]
205584314ITT: Characters with high DEX + INT builds[View]
205578878Shingeki no Kyojin: >EH wasn't planned since the start[View]
205556802Black Clover: Making the thread cause spoilers soon Anyways who do you think Fuegoelon was talking a…[View]
205582707>Isekai MC has to recreate mirin, onions sauce, miso... Also introduces rice as a staple...…[View]
205581859We've had regular 3x3 threads out the ass so lets change it up a bit. Post your nine favorite c…[View]
205574961One Piece: What's his 'New Onigashima' plan?[View]
205569071Why is it so unpopular on /a/?[View]
205582301This show is gross and sex obsessed.[View]
205573035How much do you think the faggot cat has seen?[View]
205552821Dragon Ball Super: So how will he defeat Moro? You aren't foolish enough to believe a single of…[View]
205581109now, that the dust has settled... why did yuasa fuck this up[View]
205581620Why Shirou looks like fucking CAHD[View]
205576458Oh no, Quzilax is back.[View]
205582893Name a loli yuri pairing better than Kanon x Koyori. Protip; You can, and I encourage you to post yo…[View]
205575125Who's your favorite Alpha woman?[View]
205582744is it yummy? :3[View]
205575029A Thing Hiding in an Erotic Cult: wow this is a really interesting manga. The Sexual Violence is rea…[View]
205578208Was it a deconstruction of coomer manga?[View]
205582356Can tsukihime remake adapt by Ufotable ?[View]
205462192FIST: A Warrior's Journey Into The Depths storytime: Dumping volume 1 of my manga Do you think …[View]
205580536which was the first isekai? a. the wizard of oz b. gulliver travels c. alice in wonderland d. peter …[View]
205574851Kiss×Sis: How is this still a thing?![View]
205566391Where is your fashion manga Kubo?[View]
205581946Tokyo Ghoul: Can someone explain to me why which this shit is treated in high regard when it fell of…[View]
205569956Kengan Omega Ch. 68: since yall fuckers are too lazy[View]
205533127When the FUCK does it get good? I've been watching for 30 episodes now, how is this shitshow pa…[View]
205578616I love SnK, but this was such a fucking asspull.[View]
205580354Pocha Musume: Dumping both the fourth and fifth chapter of Fusa's manga.[View]
205572671Attack on Titan: How will secondaries react to Eren being the father?[View]
205580759Assassination Classroom: Can someone tell me what episode this is from? (Spoiler warning if you have…[View]
205527903I bet none of you have actually tried this[View]
205581091>Brother Maynard, bring out the The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch[View]
205580916Zombieland Saga has legitimately good songs.[View]
205555093they are so cute bros[View]
205578211Do you ever wonder what was the deeper cultural inspiration behind stands? Not like tarot cards or t…[View]
205552448Why wasn't the world ready for Keijo?[View]
205577710This show was really difficult to follow.[View]
205576417Are onee-chans truly better than imoutos?[View]
205580463Nopan in manga II: Previous thread > javascript:quote('205560767'); Maou to Ore Hangyak…[View]
205562851OnePunch Man: Is Tatsumaki gonna fully solo Psykorochi? If she aims one of those beams at the contin…[View]
205569513what are your honest thoughts on my wife?[View]
205575758When did you realise that manga no longer is safe from 3dpd?[View]
205578194Live stream?: mens, where to ilegally live stream animes? I wanna watch oregairu live[View]
205575958wtf why is this actually good? It's better than BnHA[View]
205565729Would you?: suck a big fat tail?[View]
205580023cute maid[View]
205578383Pleb filter[View]
205571876OTP right here[View]
205578732Hey guys,i'm writing a cyberpunk manga,how can i sound somewhat deep to impress shounenfags?[View]
205579460Step 1: Collect underwear Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit[View]
205577791Utena Tenjou is one of the most beautiful female characters in the history of anime and nothing can …[View]
205576725>crunchyroll savikg anime from the Isekai and moeshit plague BASED[View]
205579298Cardcaptor Sakura: Good show, full of dreams and nice moments[View]
205578031The most heartfelt anime of all time.[View]
205565247Shingeki no Kyojin: Can Eren love people inside the walls?[View]
205576558ITT: Loser flag[View]
205577978Is this a boy or tomboy[View]
205577466What was the point of him dying, anon?: >Be Lelouche >Save Japan from Britannia >Kill his p…[View]
205578003Shoujo Manga: Do you read Shoujo manga /a/ ? What's your favorite shoujo manga? For me Act Age…[View]
205577846Post worst members of the ensemble[View]
205575160Why wasn't Giorno Giovanna a JOJO villain?: >Giorno Giovanna >One of Dio's sons >…[View]
205550715ITT boring shows to avoid: What shows have put you to sleep? Pic related because Kyoani really likes…[View]
205575158Owarimonogatari is pretty ok: For those that have watched, what would your Oshino Ougi be? also Ow…[View]
205576692Do you like MCs that are so autistic they end up looking like chads?[View]
205575287Anime games, puzzles etc.: Hey guys I need halp! I need to find myself a few anime themed puzzles an…[View]
205578085HxEros: >release less censored version >literally feels the same censorhip What gives? Actuall…[View]
205557775What’s up with dokuro[View]
205578011>Guys I have a request, i fucked shit up, so help me >If it's your fault solve it yoursel…[View]
205577807Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
205571438Why doesn't anyone ever get isekaid into a bad game?[View]
205561333Raildex GT2: Spoilers in 8 hours unless we somehow get them early[View]
205577598Why did she smell like nuts?[View]
205562069WSJ TOC 2020 32: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 32 Haikyuu!! (Cover & LCP) Jujutsu Kaisen Mashle Me an…[View]
205575088You gotta be fucking kidding me. I started watching S1 so I could watch S2 with /a/ and this fucking…[View]
205549537EGG NIGGAS[View]
205575807>Is actually superior to GOH and TOG combined Apologize[View]
205575717I love this cute boy like you wouldn't believe[View]
205550239>great hentai artist moves on to drawing generic SOL manga[View]
205560767Nopan in manga: What manga do you know that have characters that are confirmed or strongly hinted vi…[View]
205574761What do you think about masked girls?[View]
205558466Buddyfight: >Yugioh + Digimon/Pokemon You'd think a combo like that would work like crazy bu…[View]
205574257We need more sayas, we need a new blood anime. + > Last vampire > C.[View]
205572844(Almost) every episode has foreshadowing/a metaphor/or underlying theme that relates to the overall …[View]
205571903What's the best romantic couple in anime?[View]
205575431one piece: any one piece leaks?[View]
205560044Why is there so much anime about a male protagonist have his unsatisfying life changed by a pretty g…[View]
205573973So Wicked City is getting a western blu ray release[View]
205576401How can Bacuck even compete?[View]
205543617Sooo.....why is this ok?[View]
205573747I know Eren won't prevail, but I want him to so badly[View]
205567693Why didn't anyone tell me how good this is[View]
205575207Mein Schatz.[View]
205569613Serial Experiments Lain: I think people who don't like or understand the charm of Lain watched …[View]
205573679Damn, Miku is a freak.[View]
205568559I think I have been infected with Jungle Fever bros[View]
205569930Do I have to watch the director's cut last episode before s2e1?[View]
205575837how much do you want to beat up yanda: [View]
205501316True or False: Shinji and Asuka fucked at least once before the end of evangelion.[View]
205575151I love this cat: I want to make love to this cat and pump out little magic tsundere kittens with her…[View]
205572924>Yoh is a pacifist who never kills anyone >Manga ends with Yoh finding a peaceful solution to …[View]
205567489One Piece: What does the future hold for Nami?[View]
205573560>this kills the yandere[View]
205575006Case Closed: How is this shit still around?! I haven't followed this since middle school, and y…[View]
205573494Realistic Breast Physics: We often see instances of poorly animated female anatomy in Japanese anima…[View]
205556272Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers in 5[View]
205570741Biscuit Knight is overrated and anons like it to fit in. The amazing first half was ruined by the ho…[View]
205572519Will we ever get a cute girls doing cute things, but with a tea ceremony focus?[View]
205571566ITT: The most epic fights that took place off-screen[View]
205501799Urusei Yatsura: Love Lum, simple as[View]
205572046Fushigi 185: Sudden gyaru chapter[View]
205570075ITT: Moments when couples start dating Not liking each other, but actually going out.[View]
205544428So seeing there's a new season, I started watching Re:Zero. I've avoided it this whole tim…[View]
205573693ITT: cool things[View]
205571718>Raihan and Leon leading the popularity poll Fujos win once more[View]
205570331What are /a/'s thoughts on Kyoukai no Rinne?[View]
205568939Chapters 95-122???: Just finished reading chapter 94 (manga) but it skips directly to chapter 123. W…[View]
205565240Shingeki no Kyojin: What do you think about the Rumbling?[View]
205573500you grove, you lose /a/ edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufvxLVp1v2U[View]
205549189Music, Soundtrack, OST Thread: What anime has the best soundtrack? For me it's Turn-A Gundam an…[View]
205565739NonNonBiyori: Don't tell Renge I'm her mother, or best girl.[View]
205561594guhehe sohi[View]
205562300Okay, hear me out. What if Bardiel didnt take over Unit-03, Toji manages to become the top Eva pilot…[View]
205538523Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Is the long awaited triumphant return of the battle harem genre finally…[View]
205572990>non /a/ stuff that would crossover perfectly with a series you like. I think Shantae would fit w…[View]
205565758Chainsawman: Enoshima is not allowed[View]
205572936The Devil of the Gods Chapter 3: IT'S OUT https://mangadex.org/chapter/955190/1[View]
205536723/a/ sings - Witch Craft Works ED (Witch Activity): Autismo cats. Best cats. lyrics, song, instrument…[View]
205549947Few things instantly transport me back to 2008 like this: https://youtu.be/fZdm3xzsNV0[View]
205572766my lovely waifu <3[View]
205522000Schwartswaldspitze: >tight formations, steady advance, muh Nishizumi discipline Pravda: >doubl…[View]
205562212How the fuck do people get into shounenshit?: >wanted to get into Fairy Tail >decide to downlo…[View]
205571726what are /a/s thoughts on abunai sisters[View]
205572649Why aren't there more anime about hanafuda?[View]
205562246What is the successor to death note?[View]
205559360>'Hey dad, instead of me going back to school this year, and instead using my college fund for so…[View]
205567353I disliked almost the entirety of this anime but holy shit it probably has the best ending of all ti…[View]
205569927Kengan Omega: Our boy is back![View]
205567303Kudelia was the hottest IBO.[View]
205569454ITT garbage characters[View]
205562281Jujutsu Kaisen 114 spoilers[View]
205564959pirate sento[View]
205551868What's with Japan's obsession with elves? Seems like every isekai show has one in them[View]
205568618Was it any good? How does it compare to past Kitaros?[View]
205567260Has this season gone too far?[View]
205561572Why'd it get canceled bros[View]
205570806The ending to this movie doesn't make any sense at all. How did Mai ever meet Sakuta while prod…[View]
205570127Roger Ebert’s Anime Tier list: If Ebert were more into anime, what would have been his 1-4 starred s…[View]
205569793All Might: I am disappointed in the role All Might has played in the story. The concept of a mentor …[View]
205567066Why is he such a great minor character? Is it the outfit alone or the way he plays so normally? On …[View]
205570732Kyojinzoku no Hanayome: What did /a/ think of the first episode of Interracial Isekai Adventures?…[View]
205567865Where is the new chapter[View]
205567307ITT: Underrated Waifus[View]
205554960So fire is hotter than liquid metal[View]
205545188Rosario Vampire Season II Vol 2 Storytime: SEASON II IS HERE! i will start dumping the Second Volume…[View]
205566233Which side of the argument were you on?[View]
205561758ITT: stupid titles: Can be translated titles. I'll start 'Olive et Tom' (French title of Captai…[View]
205548887BAD anime that are OVERRATED on /a/: Konosuba Re:zero Kaguya-sama Kill la kill Kakegurui Gridman L…[View]
205564778Who would do this to our beloved priconnes? I know we all wanted elf mommy but not like this.[View]
205558342Do you ever feel bad when a hot villainess dies, even when you know she deserved it?[View]
205559877The worst character of the last decade[View]
205569224Sa-chan: Why though[View]
2055676628th son: Just read the synopsis. Seems like a progression fantasy. Is that true, and if it is; does …[View]
205558130Tail: Yes, that tail.[View]
205541546member when typemoon was good? gachashit ruins everything[View]
205565664What would you do if you saw Madoka puking?[View]
205559171Say something nice about Chain, she's really cute![View]
205555259The day they reach the end of DBZ... The next protagonist should be Uub, right? I mean, the new Z wa…[View]
205568312Cowboy Bebop is a shitty show. The show overstays its welcome with so much filler. Sometimes there…[View]
205565262Shingeki no Kyojin: How long is this cable supposed to be? Is his crystal still on Paradis?…[View]
205544399The Great Pretender: Leave it to the Japanese to be more frank about the casual sexism and bigotry i…[View]
205557508Would Bleach have been a better manga if Shirou Emiya was the main character?[View]
205551777This is True Bleach Ending in my heart right now: >Ichigo uses final getsuga >Aizen went to pr…[View]
205539695Oyasumi Punpun Volume 6 Storytime: Dumping Oyasumi Punpun Volume 6 Here's arguably one of the m…[View]
205561075Is she forever a virgin?[View]
2055313232020, i am forgotten[View]
205567166Whenever someone gets sick in anime, why are they always close to fainting? I never got this trope.[View]
205566498niggatime: CATS DON'T KNOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPntjTPWgKE[View]
205568643Ibitsu: I weep for you Madoka... However I find the ending morbidly beautiful. To Kazuto Okada; Th…[View]
205561086>boo hoo I'm literally too pretty to make friends wow is me[View]
205566069are you still supposed to feel sorry for them after they just fucking detonated an EMP and killed mi…[View]
205559303Crybait is the worst thing ever in any media. I don't need to be told what to feel. I can damn …[View]
205557688Do you still love her /a/?[View]
205566140IIT: Post series that would have been so much better, if the romance part of the story ended with th…[View]
205418017Why did they stop making anime that encourage Japanese youth who are about to graduate college and e…[View]
205568311Moro´s evolution.: >I think we are going to get a Super 17 sort of in DBS, because it´s clear tha…[View]
205566285The Undead Lord of the Palace of Darkness: It's not over yet, is it?[View]
205559498slowpoke.jpg berserk reader: damn dude, what the fuck is this chapter[View]
205557538and that was the last time anyone ever saw the zombies[View]
205519152Kaguya Manga: Daily reminder, ishigami had the chance to creampie the shit outta of tsubame all nigh…[View]
205565722Pumpkin Night Gaiden - Naoko Chapter 3: IT'S OUT https://mangadex.org/title/49649/pumpkin-night…[View]
205567339Greatest shonen of all time: 1. Ashita No Joe 2. Hunter x Hunter 3. Fullmetal Alchemist 4. Slam Dun…[View]
205567813Shikabane Hime: What do you think about my Waifus?[View]
205566495Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Anime almost here. Remember the dark days when people were laughing at us befo…[View]
205564143Live, /a/[View]
205547333Dorohedoro thread: Post best girl[View]
205562759Hajimete no gal, chapter 104: For fuck sake, again with the secrets, didn't have this developme…[View]
205561829Shes an actual demon who eats baby souls...[View]
205552111>knock knock knock >see this Well?[View]
205555813>Girl is obsessed with man boobs.[View]
205548204One Piece: Is Usopp Luffy's best friend?[View]
205541702>it's the law so that means it's right Why is Japan like this? Do they have souls?…[View]
205565354ITT: Anime and manga /a/ lied to you saying they were good[View]
205548218I dare you to name a single thing he did wrong.[View]
205556610Chainsawman: Spoilers are out[View]
205565143what is better than masturbation? new chapter when?? [View]
205561521Just finished reading UZUMAKI and really enjoyed it. My only quibble is that I understand the entity…[View]
205558111griffith did nothing wrong[View]
205553017ITT: Characters that lost pretty hard.[View]
205556916This is the best fight in all of shonen[View]
205564868Who was the best shonen MC and why was it Yusuke?[View]
205564224>Konichiwa BAKA SAMA wwwwwww I’m learning Japanese btw!!! (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
205563486God is coming and we can't stop it[View]
205564213is this the first instance a blue waifu won?[View]
205559852Shingeki no Kyojin: Some Japs say that Eren chose specifically Historia and Floch as confidants beca…[View]
205555353What makes OL's the sexiest girls in anime/manga?[View]
205529335Oregairu: Who here hyped for s3?[View]
205562062Is this dumb bitch fucking serious[View]
205563811We need to stop Harmony Gold[View]
205563566Can someone explain this? Whats the deal with her eyes and why is Kaede acting so shocked? Youve pro…[View]
205562602Kimetsu no Yaiba: Popularity results are out in this weeks magazine 1. Tanjiro 2. Zenitsu 3. Nezuko…[View]
205560321Probably the most boring fight in the series so far.[View]
205540512This thread is laced with Devilman Thread[View]
205559242was this guy actually strong or what?[View]
205554448Trope subverters: Post characters who subverted their archtype's or series' tropes. >Fi…[View]
205561170How would you fix SHAFT?: >Best studio >Best writer Nobody cares…[View]
205561348Anime super popular when release and now almost forgot. Chobits[View]
205553689Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: >You don't know >How much I ha-ate >All the thii…[View]
205556462WSJ: ToC soon[View]
205555345ITT: post jobbers[View]
205550526Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: Who is your choice? Also, subs in 2 days[View]
205555831Ad of Highschool: So am I the only one upset about this? I've seen logos for original creators …[View]
205542140ITT: Body Swap: Post animes and manga about Body swap (2 or more people swap places) or with a chapt…[View]
205551485Dropped translations thread: name them /a/ those mangas that you never got to finish[View]
205560254Depictions of cults in anime: I was looking over character design stuff and I realized I had no clue…[View]
205556871What is it that makes this bitch's face so punchable? I want to slam my fist into her jaw, no h…[View]
205557838The Far East Incident: September 1945, Tokyo. A post-war process is underway. It is the exterminatio…[View]
205554906Is anything past S/N worth watching fate wise? I liked S/N more than Zero for the slice of life feel…[View]
205555511Shingeki no Kyojin: Be good to your moms[View]
205556052so what volumes of the novel does the second season cover? will we see her awake? [View]
205538800Why don't the Japanese fanbase appreciate him?[View]
205549905What's your top tree and why: >ReLIFE Personal growth, really accurate to reality. >SNAFU…[View]
205557013Masamune-kun's revenge thread What a based MC.[View]
205559211Imoutos should be FLAT![View]
205552208Re:Zero: What did they mean by this?[View]
205517165Does /a/ overrate it?[View]
205539921Does anyone remember Rim?[View]
205559258Angels of Death: Does anyone else think Angels of Death kind of has a Bioshock feel to it. Maniacal …[View]
205554491Bears are NOT cute or attractive. Why do mangaka and anime companies keep spamming this cliche/trope…[View]
205554927why is this author not in jail yet?[View]
205555668Anti-Feels Anime: 'anti-feels anime' (n.) An anime that can cure feelings of sadness, anger, or any …[View]
205552541Napoleon complex: No wonder he was a murderous psychopath.[View]
205556851How come all these outer world beings decide to give powers to school kids to fight for them? Wouldn…[View]
205558811You do not hate Kogure-senpai. You hate Kogure-poster.[View]
205556190I don't get it[View]
205556970Would You An Alien?: Would You?[View]
205556908This show should not be called Aku no Hana. It should be called Frogman.[View]
205558208>/a/ suddenly hates Cunny Lane What happened?[View]
205521690Fuck you bitch ![View]
205553019Tell me about Nausicaa! Why does she wear the mask?[View]
205555008What the fuck was his problem?[View]
205556045Just try and explain this one, pedofags[View]
205508290Raildex GT2: Will the clones be relevant this novel or will need to wait[View]
205514743Chainsaw Man: I'm gonna miss these 2 bros. Hopefully Power survives next chapter when Denji ope…[View]
205555932do you think God likes Evangelion?[View]
205551603Piss demon Gocchin.[View]
205544533Overrated Anime and Manga: My list: Sailor Moon Slayers Kill la Kill[View]
205547595SHY part 7: Had to go through a couple of threads for the last one. >>205489810 >>205492…[View]
205551955what was the point of this character[View]
205554645why aren't you reading this manga /a/?[View]
205555978This is Kevin Penkin, a composer for anime more based than Iwasaki and Sawano. Find a flaw[View]
205540577Boku no Hero Academia: Manga is getting a sudden break >Anniversary month >No cover >No co…[View]
205556122Anyone else bothered they didn’t include this? Idk why but Rem whole hero talk on top of epic fantas…[View]
205551144Boruto: What if Bort and Hima was twins?[View]
205555256Kyoukai no Nae Seka: This is good, REALLY good, but I can't find chapters 19 and up in English?…[View]
205555434Not only was it plagiarism, it was also a spoiler. What was he thinking?[View]
205546142>Traitor >International Terrorist >Tries to kill his former friends multiple times How the …[View]
205554999why do mangaka do this[View]
205546098Why did they make Near more intelligent than L?[View]
205551821what is her disability?[View]
205553714Why are Herofags so delusional: >MFW Herofags will defend and make excuses for the fact that lite…[View]
205552165This one goes out to the one I love.[View]
205548817>Goes to rewatch Card Captor Sakura out of nostalgia >All the shit that went over my head as a…[View]
205553377is aqua a virgin?[View]
205552797Unpopular thread: Underappreciated stuff that deserve more popularity. Pic related is basically ayak…[View]
205545950Attack on Titan 130: Destroy it all Eren. Leave nothing but your own people behind.[View]
205519513Gal Gohan: There's a new chapter somehow gyaru bros: https://mangadex.org/chapter/954173/1…[View]
205551356I'm too big of a virgin to understand what her problem was with wearing beige panties when goin…[View]
205555258Plunderer is the best shonen shit show I have seen in years!!!! I WANT TO MOTORBOAT NANA!!!![View]
205555120Would you her horns?[View]
205552747Smile kudasai[View]
205554822Boogiepop: >more than 20 years of this shit Wait, what in the actual fuck?…[View]
205554943how did you overcome the explosive laugher when you heard this retard talking? i just muted the movi…[View]
205548746Having seen a lot of movies and anime, i came to enjoy the fact that characters in One Piece rarely …[View]
205554023What's the best anime rivalry of all time?[View]
205543127Hanekawa Tsubasa is the best female character ever created in japanese media. You can (not) deny it.[View]
205544894>Everyone I talk to in real life has never heard of Iron Wok Jan Wtf bros, I love Iron Wok Jan…[View]
205552427ITT: anime only you watched: bonus points if no one on /a/ has heard of said anime[View]
205548203One Piece: >be Jack the motherfucking Drought >your childhood friend and crush since you first…[View]
205527310Why are non-medieval/renaissance era isekai so uncommon? What makes them so more appealing for most …[View]
205534700Midriff thread: post tummy[View]
205546301Japan Sinks 2020: It comes out tomorrow a/. Why aren't you more hyped for it?[View]
205550002DECA DENCE = AOTS: It has already been settled. It has been seasons since the last time a first epis…[View]
205549449Why do you guys say UBW is badly written? Gil coasted on his power level and most of his techniques …[View]
205550748Why is Char's Counterattack so beloved by Gundamfags. It has all the pacing issues of Zeta time…[View]
205548205What happens when the best girl in a show isn't any of the main girls?[View]
205553441It's a Mimi type of thing, a DREAMY type of thing.[View]
205548564Kindest hero[View]
205553419Kaos with 3 skelly[View]
205548237I wish they all could be Japanese elementary school girls.[View]
205530234>you lie[View]
205552395Why are so many jap fantasies full of the same tired old tropes?[View]
205550226When is the inevitable anime?[View]
205536720Which Jump Plus series not named Spy x Family have you been reading /a/?[View]
205550348you just get out of the shower: >you put down your towel down on your computer chair and you watc…[View]
205534298Dragon Ball Super: What's next for him? Will he asspull a UI equivalent or was this it for him?…[View]
205543600Slime Isekai: New OVA is out.[View]
205543711N@ruto: Was he a good mc?[View]
205551065Ok that was kino as fuck[View]
205551797appeal of tsunderes: I think I may have figured the appeal out: IRL, ppl often show their worst selv…[View]
205551715Just finished this. I can't believe I'd ever say it, but I'm kind of tired of panty s…[View]
205535375Daily Binbougami Ga Chapter: He got smaller![View]
205548346AX BOWL 2020: Who lives? Who dies?[View]
205533552Pandora Hearts Vol 8 Storytime: The air of celebration surrounding fifteen-year-old Oz Vessalius’s c…[View]
205549818One Punch Man: Post who you think will defeat Psykorochi[View]
205552770Apparently AOZ started as a novel or something, had maybe six volumes I think, then went on hiatus f…[View]
205548776Why is there little to no straight shota romance anime/manga?: other than takagi-san which is more o…[View]
205550707are we... are we background characters...[View]
205545347Re:Zero: This is your new king candidate. Say something mean to her.[View]
205549657It stands for...[View]
205537936Hanyo no Yashahime: What are your hopes and nightmares for this? Please don't shit up the threa…[View]
205524328Alice in Borderland: This was unexpectedly a great read.[View]
205552031Through early morning fog I see Visions of the things to be The pains that are withheld for me I rea…[View]
205547956Blood Lad: Am I the only one that remembers Blood Lad? Fairly decent show is the manga ongoing?…[View]
205547864ITT Good villains[View]
205550139>all the characters have bad puns for names[View]
205551449My dad was in college, age 22, when this came out in japan. He is currently 55 years old, will he li…[View]
205550430Tearmoon Empire Vol 2 ARC: Tearmoon Vol2 ARC Copy rename .pdf and enjoy. Again ARC copy. If you hav…[View]
205549422What the fuck happened to Jump? This doesn't look like a battle manga.[View]
205550725>tfw all relevent Sci-Fi anime such as GITS, Patlabor 2, Dennou Coil, Lain, Texhnolyze all pale i…[View]
205544310This might very well be the greatest manga of all time.[View]
205540092Re Zero electric boogaloo NEW OFFICIAL THREAD! LET'S GO![View]
205550418Was she literally retarded? Serious question.[View]
205550025Hey guys,i'm writing a cyberpunk manga,how can i sound somewhat deep to impress shounenfags?[View]
205550962Don't remind me, I'm not over it.[View]
205541728Tokyo Red Hood Storytime: Volume two cont.: The first thread got archived, so here's the contin…[View]
205536101Was it actually autism?[View]
205547590This Re Zero anime has a lot of potential.: I didn't see any of the previous episodes. But this…[View]
205542567Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cutei Chapter 29: Time for the date[View]
205548429Eromanga Sensei > Oreimo[View]
205546734Boku no Hero Academia: Dark, Villain! ev'r hath thy heard these w'rds? https://www.youtube…[View]
205550145My favorite thing to do in life is to funpost with other anons on /a/ threads for currently airing s…[View]
205544191Korean Zombie Desk Car: You now remember this show exists. Reminder S2 was shit.[View]
205550157Could he defeat Yhwach?[View]
205550152Kirino has better nails than Sagiri![View]
205530022Cuckoo's Fiancee: Scanlations are out. Dumping[View]
205547579This sounds so trashy, is it any good?[View]
205549990What a fucking cuck can't believe he let Marley kill all his nation[View]
205546539What was her problem?[View]
205541522Is there a bigger pleb filter known to man than the last two episodes of NGE?[View]
205546741>physical copies cost this much is it safe to say hoarding physical manga will be worth it in the…[View]
205543112Chaos Machina: Any questions?[View]
205547241Nino best quint.[View]
205545271favorite chapter cover pages?[View]
205544027Name a more botched adaptation.[View]
205549051Where's the board for Korean cartoons?[View]
205523116Nagatoro-san vol 8: New volume came out today. Dumping the extras. Summoning STALKER.[View]
205546550Man this season of anime has been way more fun than any season in the last 3 years. And it's on…[View]
205540982Is Frieza the only based villain?: >Doesn’t absorb powers like Cell, Buu, Moro, Baby, Goku Black,…[View]
205519595The Titan's Bride: Are you ready for THE Anime of the Y E A R ?[View]
205517564Lets see your sad/depressing panels[View]
205459509>title is Goblin Slayer >main character's name is Goblin Slayer >the series' whol…[View]
205535631I like it.[View]
205541363>Loses to Cu How embarrassing.[View]
205509116Cooking with Valkyries: Episode 1 is live! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyKMUfVuS1s[View]
205546829Is this the best first episode ever ? absolutely insane[View]
205545565Who was the greatest king: Arturia, Iskander, or Gilgamesh?[View]
205548663Air Poker: Probably the best gamble I have ever seen.[View]
205546805Oregairu: >'Dudes. I come with a request. I fucked everything up, i took more than I could bite a…[View]
205548587She will be saved and come back to us again.[View]
205548339Best anime of the season[View]
205547760Poor Subaru. Look at him stab himself to save his VERY GOOD AND COMPLETELY PLATONIC FRIEND. He surel…[View]
205544138Idols. What are they even good for?[View]
205546801Chimera ant arc 100% would have been kino if the ants just inherited human speaking/intelligence tra…[View]
205548341Hikaru Genji: Was he the original lolicon?[View]
205509293One Punch Man has officially turned into DBZhit: Press S to spit on its grave[View]
2055456265 Anime worse than One Piece: Name 5 Anime worse than One Piece- (Pro tip: you can't)[View]
205541528One Piece: This thread is about Yamato, the best girl. Fuck Ultifags and Carrotfags[View]
205538715ITT: someone describes an anime poorly and we try to guess what it is. Be pithy please.[View]
205544301What makes her so popular?[View]
205542392What is her malfunction?[View]
205547358JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable: Well that was a supremely cliche anime ending.…[View]
205547187Was Zombie Land Saga to idol anime as Madoka was to magical girl anime and Evangelion was to mecha?[View]
205466870Black Clover: Episode 133 'The Lion Awakens, Continued' is now airing. Subs in a hour most likely…[View]
205541993At the end of the day, he was in the right.[View]
205547392>you will never bully her to suicide why even live[View]
205533351Mushoku Tensei: MUSHOKU TENSEI PV 2 IS OUT. I don't know about you guys but it looks really nic…[View]
205541459Are you going to try seeing it in theatres if it's ever possible?[View]
205546364What did he mean by this?[View]
205540736>OP/ED theme starts playing in the actual episode is there anything more kino ?…[View]
205546822EHbros, it's canon ![View]
205546473What is the greatest manga story arc?[View]
205544446>reads thread about axebowl >discovers mitama there >reads it >likes it >now depresse…[View]
205543988Do you catch a breath When I look at you? Are you holding back Like the way you do? 'Cause I…[View]
205542899Who here also has 100% nothing to watch this season?[View]
205544234Kengan Omega: He did it! Also Kengan thread![View]
205544320Trigger: Are they basically the anime equivalent of Hannah-Barbera whem they made Scooby-Doo clones …[View]
205539451ITT: Series where dub>sub[View]
205536207TOP 10 anime of the 2010's (voted by /a/): #1 Madoka Magica #2 Hunter x Hunter #3 Devilman Cryb…[View]
205543872What the fuck was his problem?[View]
205543930little nagatoro truly is just a gross little turd...[View]
205546199what the fuck is this prude redditor's problem[View]
205540732Shingeki no Kyojin: missing my lover[View]
205541709are the marvel capeshit anime worth checking out ? also what western IPs will make for great anime ?[View]
205541710>fuck code geass >fuck that moralfag suzaku >fuck that ginger cunt who tried to kill her lo…[View]
205544068Ponkotsu Musume no Nichijou: Finally more translations of Kawakami's daily life of an idiot man…[View]
205544425Chitose says to make sure you’re still wearing your mask! Corona-chan not going away anytime soon.[View]
205542898Why do they always fucking do that??: >'We have to fight until Goku comes here' >Every SINGLE…[View]
205526268the greatest debate on /a/[View]
205545542>2020...I am...I am forgotten...[View]
205544227Who is the best Hinata in anime?: all answers acceptable[View]
205545568One Piece Theories: So, Shirahoshi/Jinbe is going to get these guys to break the Red Line to create …[View]
205545547Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko: I liked when Muge cried. She should've cried even more[View]
205532518I forgot how much I hated this piece of shit. Does he get better this season, LNfags?[View]
205543222I don't like Dio: I have a few reasons why, but its only my opinion so take it with a grain of …[View]
205543810Would you watch a TV anime series about Action Taimanin?[View]
205543168Shinji is the absolute cutest.[View]
205543628ITT: Post the last thing you saw that made you go 'moe desu'[View]
205524054My Hero Academia: Would it have been better as slice of life?[View]
205538837Can you draw your waifu or daughteru, /a/?[View]
205478025Which milk truck's breast milk do you want to drink the most right now?[View]
205544913ITT: emotional moments in sol/comedy series[View]
205543477Dr. Stone: AVAILABLE FOR YOUR HOME IN 2002[View]
205544672Am I crazy or falling in love?[View]
205544785Why are women like this? I don't get it, either way your Ass cheeks, Boobs, & Cunny are vis…[View]
205544671>'Dudes. I come with a request. I fucked everything up, i took more than I could bite and it…[View]
205532949It's kino[View]
205542926What non-Japanese stories do you think could have good anime adaptations?[View]
205539019>Ichika is a duplicitous, back-stabbing snake that will throw her own flesh and blood under the b…[View]
205542256The anime industry keeps churning out the same garbage to sell BD's, DVD's and merch. You …[View]
205438519Houkago teibou nishii: Isnt this show just yama no susume but fishing? The characters and even some …[View]
205541182Is Evangelion worth watching? I've heard nothing but bad things about it.[View]
205543724Lets have a Luck Star thread[View]
205542772What is /a/'s favorite Naruto OP?: Original series only, no Shitpudding #1: https://www.youtube…[View]
205543676Friendly reminder the only servicable entries the Fate franchise has ever produced focus on mahou sh…[View]
205540672Why did Subaru let Rem be separated from him after the whale fight?: It’s not a plothole in the anim…[View]
205543636What are some other OBSOLETE characters?: Kamina, Genkai, Roshi, Izumi, Master Asia, Jiraiya all got…[View]
205543627Why does the western fanbase hate the Fate route, while the Japanese fanbase love it?[View]
205543622My wife Rem is so cute.[View]
205540613What's this character type called?[View]
205476301Kawaharaverse thread: Since Accel World threads die almost imminently after birth and SAO threads at…[View]
205504593Alright 4chan, time to get creative with Devil Fruits ideas: What you need to do is to think of a De…[View]
205543344Should heroines get defeated more often?[View]
205542974In a better world we would be enjoying cam rips of this already[View]
205533628Day 3 and I am still butthurt about the ending[View]
205516225MEW MEW AMICHE VINCENTI!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNfi1NwpvVw[View]
205542235What were they thinking with this show?[View]
205537753The 4kids dub of One Piece was superior to the source material, as it understood it's for small…[View]
205538962>Hot as hell >Full lips >Huge breasts, probably an F or G cup >Clingy >Feminine >E…[View]
205538229Steins;Gate 0: Holy shit this is bad. I'm watching episode 18 right now, and shit that is happe…[View]
205540844Kyojinzoku no Hanayome: What did /a/ think of the first episode of Interracial Isekai Adventures?…[View]
205542757theres only like three chapters lefts: shes only main female character who is canonically still a vi…[View]
205534394Emilia: She's a mother figure for Subaru, not a love interest.[View]
205542663Ahiru no Sora: >and yet another no-basuke episode Fuck's sake, no wonder nobody watches this…[View]
205533625Masamune-kun's revenge: Greatest love story ever told[View]
205542149ITT: you find a tiny princess inside a bamboo tree[View]
205538710/a/ plays Skribbl: Dragon Ball Edition part 2 Come play a Dragon Ball themed game of Skribbl, where …[View]
205502876>watch anime >imagine I'm inside its world >spend hours making up interactions with th…[View]
205540701Girls named Sakura are ALWAYS best girl, no exceptions.[View]
205540085>'So don't miss the next Yu Yu Hakushooo~!'[View]
205528950Made in Abyss: 2 months for the BD and torrents And new manga chapter in 1 hour[View]
205532978Fucked up backstories: Find me a character with a more fucked up backstory than him.[View]
205539248>'loli' is not a flat-chested elementary school girl[View]
205529664Shaman King Vol 16 Storytime: All the main characters have had their turn in the tournament, guess i…[View]
205537182Re:Zero: I’m not happy about the lack of Rem people. But at least Emilia is voiced by Rie who is que…[View]
205538209Thank fucking god the umas are saved.[View]
205494053Princess Re:Dive: Kokkoro is the cutest[View]
205539646Will season 2 top this level of cringe?[View]
205541354Just finished watching Evangelion the show. Should I now watch the End of Evangelion or Death and Re…[View]
205526028which artstyle is better?[View]
205506753The God of Highschool anime: this anime is god-tier in everything animation,style,OP,ED ecc.... Crun…[View]
205529971One Piece: The secret 'ace' of the Beast Pirates.[View]
205540579Sailor Moon: Just watched the first episode of the original Sailor Moon TV series, holy shit, I have…[View]
205538492Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Or: the man Miyazaki could have been. Nausicaa of the valley of…[View]
205538581What is Kyoani now?[View]
2055395313x3 thread: CHARACTERS Edition. We've had a fucking billion 3x3 threads just listing our favori…[View]
205540267she's a cunt i hate this histrionic bitch[View]
205525372Why is crap like this allowed?[View]
205538152Prison School: Why yes, I have the worst ending of all time. How did you know?[View]
205540415Midoriya has the greatest harem in Shonen history: Based as fuck[View]
205340725Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: It's a crime that a show with such amazing openings never got more se…[View]
205541142Fate: >fate artist i like starts to draw the original three pairings >saber x shirou >sakur…[View]
205541070Would Noelle be more fuckable if she cut her hair short like the other female shounen leads?[View]
205541120The 'This Man' manga is pretty good. Strange that it is this obscure. Can't find much…[View]
205541048ITT: things you learn from manga[View]
205535599Remember Kokkoku?[View]
205539314How far do you think he'll go with Alice?[View]
205537980What are your dreams, /a/nons?[View]
205529286Baki-Dou III: The convicts return.: We know that the current characters are too strong for most of t…[View]
205525198>When the movie is the peak of the franchise[View]
205522060Watamote Chapter 178 Raw: 2chan: わたモテスレ https://futapo.futakuro.com/#server=may_b&mode=6_0&s…[View]
205511518Deca-Dence: Episode 1 is having its official premiere today.[View]
205539560Tomboy: Are tomboys and tan lines God's gift to the world?[View]
205522981Boku no Hero Academia: When will Hori stop bullying Shoto?[View]
205535287Shingeki no Kyojin: Will next chapter be kino as well or are we back to the regularly scheduled dogs…[View]
205534513How do people read manga without getting a headache? Looking at a screen of white for a prolonged pe…[View]
205508968Bokuben: I am going to be honest, this looks ugly.[View]
205533585More manga should have a reverse trap as a main character.[View]
205533832I skip OP's and ED's.[View]
205536669Chaika on the front page![View]
205539265Monster Musume: How can one series have every girl be best girl?[View]
205513574Date A Live: Is is worth getting into the series just for her?[View]
205536099What's your favorite Detective Conan OP? Here's the list.: #1: Mune ga Dokidoki by the Hig…[View]
205539960choose: also the sequel is coming out july 22[View]
205497591HxH: How strong is Zeno exactly? Could he have killed Pitou? who is the strongest opponent he could …[View]
205534022How the fuck did he lose?: >Crocodile >Haki >Awakened Sand Logia >Born in New World …[View]
205539489name something with more plot armor: >tharee, twoh, won, gohhhh!…[View]
205449719Happy birthday Gahara-san.[View]
205539672Cautious Hero: What is /a/‘s opinion on this? Personally I think Rista is cute and gives me Aqua vib…[View]
205537670Demi-god CHAD hercules defeated by blonde bimbo King Arthur. NO WAY[View]
205535247So is this basically just Furry Lives Matter anime or what?[View]
205463052Grand Blue ch 62: Bitch-sama here Now waiting SS anon[View]
205536151This anime is pretty good for netflixshit.[View]
205536446The God of Highschool: Do guys really live like this and see no issue?[View]
205534449>Everyone shits on Shirou Emiya from Fate/stay night >Get terrible adaptions that don't d…[View]
205538620Is Lupin a nazi?[View]
205536509They are far prettier than than Fate girls[View]
205536004Tokyo Red Hood Storytime: Volume two: Volume two begins, now. Volume one = >>205488224[View]
205530543If he wants to be taller, why doesn't he just use his second form like his dad did?[View]
205538135How many of you stopped doing TV/OVA animation and became reserved on features because of how abysma…[View]
205517179Is this slavery?[View]
205538163Rewatching Spice and Wolf for the 6th time.[View]
205507742Oricon: Kimetsu sold 3 million kek this week[View]
205530724My browife Aoi Hinami is so cute[View]
205534150This was terrible.[View]
205531980>first shoujo-ai manga (also anime) >'holy shit, that's my fetish' >plot is sometimes …[View]
205538004*desu wahhhh~*[View]
205535311Digimon Adventure:: Mimi has some nice legs.[View]
205537958who is girl on the left?[View]
205533485>not a single bad opening How did Naruto do it?[View]
205523969Re:Zero: New season and episode is out. Discuss. Ferris and Crusch are the best and the OTP.[View]
205537912Wish they would make a komi anime, it has so many things that appeals to my kinks[View]
205537326fucking based[View]
205535200>very shy girl turns into a gyaru solely because she loves her boyfriend >ywn feel this Why ev…[View]
205535167Yuru Yuri: How is that Akari manages to have the best solo song and be best girl at the same time? h…[View]
205535347Why are Servants so lewd?[View]
205528163Will I still understand this anime even if I know nothing about bikes?[View]
205509040How did he lose?[View]
205535470Which one did you stay up all night reading fanfiction about as a tween? (Do men even read fanfictio…[View]
205530356The butler did it. How many of these are there? We're already at 4. I'm not complaining. …[View]
205535587Should it have been a tv series instead of a film?[View]
205536920what happened to nice character songs? new anime don't have it?[View]
205501907Isekai: I find isekai dispointing alot of the time, do you feel the same[View]
205532141Why does she have such a giant forehead?[View]
205534743Vinland Saga: He used to be such a good boy...[View]
205527599Hajime no Ippo: Sendo vs Alfredo: Chapter 1305 is here, gentlemen! With the bout nearing it's c…[View]
205534094B kicking the shit out of sasuke was so satisfying. If only he didn't show off at the end by br…[View]
205529471THE iDOLM@STER 765 Pro: 765 Pro Fight!! Post your favorite songs and idols What is your opinion of 1…[View]
205536267Does /a/ like Inazuma Eleven? It's literally the hypest anime ever made. >unrelenting flow o…[View]
205535148Shikabane Hime: Immortal Never Aging Eternal Bound Why are Corpse Princesses best Waifu material?…[View]
205536056HOLY SHIT[View]
205530238>ITT: Things you liked about anime you hated. For me, it's the music.…[View]
205534918>Jin Mori has proclaimed himself the strongest high schooler. Do shounantards really?…[View]
205532512What can we expect this season?[View]
205532910Will Anjou ever get her own anime like her Takagi, Nagatoro, and Uzaki superiors received before her…[View]
205518740ITT: characters that are better if they were the opposite sex[View]
205525113TuTuRetard should have stayed dead[View]
205510692What's the appeal of haremshit?[View]
205528029How do kissing scenes make you feel?[View]
205530702Excluding Shounen, how come it's common for main characters to not have a personality, they are…[View]
205521589While Cross-Dressing, I Was Hit On By A Handsome Guy!: Dumping new trap manga >yfw never push him…[View]
205516720I miss it bros...[View]
205529255Shingeki no Kyojin: This pattern is 100% true, as the latest chapter prooved it. Isayama has been us…[View]
205522129How the fuck did he jobbed to Luffy?: >Be Rob Lucci >CP9 >Rokushiki master >Killed 500 p…[View]
205493263did araki forgot?[View]
205530195What did she mean by this?[View]
205512927Dragon Ball Super: Will Goku and Vegeta actually EARN their victory for once, or will they yet again…[View]
205526419Why are canon lesbians becoming more common in slice of life?[View]
205417091Fat elf anime: Are you hyped?[View]
205529144Jojo part 4: >Can literal stop time. > Gets shot by a fucking rat. Why did part 4 nerf Jotaro …[View]
205534119It's still the best mecha anime. Sorry not sorry.[View]
205528745this is luffy's crew after the timeskip. How would the story turn out?[View]
205521956Why do mangaka always have such messy workstations? I could never operate in those conditions. The p…[View]
205533822Is there any word on the Uzumaki adaptation thats supposed to come out on Adult Swim this year?[View]
205520622What is love?[View]
205533797This is better than nyanko days its even got a decent dub[View]
205533779post girls who got fucking mogged[View]
205529824ITT best shows of their respective season: Winter 2018[View]
205533370Why was there never an Anime General board made?[View]
205516205UQ Holder: So... anyone still care about this? Just saw that a new chapter came out like 10 hours ag…[View]
205523336Someone help this poor woman with her child.[View]
205531894Who is the best konosuba and why is it Wiz?[View]
205520358Why is brown so delicious?: It doesn't matter if it's a guy, a girl, a shota, a loli or wh…[View]
205532636ITT deconstructions: >Exam tournament has no fights and is skipped, any other authour would compl…[View]
205511831Hunter x Hunter Storytime: Volume 6: Dumping volume 6. I'm sure we're all aware of how muc…[View]
205502288Rem is so cute when she's angry.[View]
205503482Ao No Exorcist: What happened to this series? Why are there almost never any threads on /a/?[View]
205517660ITT: Series with multiple best girls[View]
205532568ITT: Shit you love in anime: >OP contains massive spoilers you don't get until later on…[View]
205520996Re:Zero Season 2: /a/...This anime is shit...[View]
205527416this manga is way too fucking funny for shounen jump[View]
205525058Ocha Nigosu: I really liked this delinquent with a heart of bronze.[View]
205526243ITT we post panels that made you drop a series: Obvious first choice[View]
205515112WHERE ARE THE KENGANCHADS?: Is it today that our little boy will shine???[View]
205527747Are clingy girls a good waifu type?[View]
205520607Wow amazing animation ! Rezero S2 AOTY !![View]
205518484GOAT: Behold, the greatest villain since Frieza.[View]
205530418This is your student council for the day[View]
205530718Hunter x Hunter: I enjoyed the whole show but the CA arc stands out to me above most anime and I gue…[View]
205528682Akagi: Is a second season covering the conclusion of the Washizu arc ever going to happen or should …[View]
205499646Inuyasha Thread: Love it or hate it, let's have a thread about it[View]
205522608I hope he never appears in super.[View]
205516449SYD: Live TL for this week. Don't kill me mods.[View]
205521228One Piece: This is Kaido’s daughter(Oden). Say something nice about her.[View]
205466063AiPare, Prichan, Mewkledreamy: AiPare is getting a new episode this weekend![View]
205528938The Nana Mizuki thread has me wondering. Who are considered the current big and famous VAs these day…[View]
205523256Shingeki no Kyojin: EreHisu deniers just got fucking dunked on bro HAHAHAHA like y'all really t…[View]
205525555Character 1.[View]
205516397Physical vs Digital Manga: Let's have this discussion. Again. What do you prefer and Why? Inb4 …[View]
205526320Thank you Master for another well researched, high I.Q. work of art[View]
205528332>Reinhard's perfectly formed brows furrowed >Reinhard's perfectly formed hands clasp…[View]
205521863Jahy carrying her groceries[View]
205482534Where were you when Nana Mizuki got married?[View]
205480699Imagine fucking a deaf girl[View]
205521510Z-ton designs on TV: Z-ton was the artist for the original monster girl doctor light novel, he basic…[View]
205520864'Ok this is gonna be my final film.: I'm gonna retire for good after this one I swear I mean it…[View]
205510189Dungeon Meshi: I really, really, really I like the cat.[View]
205418702Would you read a manga about teenage pregnancy?[View]
205501170Shes so perfect bros. How does she do it?[View]
205528066Houkago Teibou Nisshi: where my japanimation cartoon about fish at?[View]
205521350Mushoku Tensei: New PV is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUzRndqfHbA[View]
205524521Anime phone wallpaper thread??[View]
205521103My time has come.[View]
205490087What's the worst character archetype?: >the annoying pervert lesbian friend…[View]
205505374>character speaks in a 'Kansai' or 'Osaka' accent >subtitles depict them as a redneck Can /a/ …[View]
205520300Could your favorite shonen character survive the eclipse? By survive, I mean either by defeating all…[View]
205526622Cowboy Bebop was one of my first forays into anime way back when, and it kind've ruined anime f…[View]
205521542You hate me that much, huh /a/?[View]
205484169Edens Zero 101: Early spoiler weeks are the worst https://readedenszero.com/reader/read/edens-zero/e…[View]
205525142Who did this to her? Show yourself now![View]
205526894at least give a proper hug god japs are so cringe[View]
205523297>Studio Deen Shaman King didn't deserve this[View]
205524739what is this swirly stock background i often see when a character is confused or overwhelmed? i real…[View]
205527053This is the ideal traditional Japanese beauty. You may not like it, but this is what peak performanc…[View]
205423005One page thread OPT: Post them pages.[View]
205470266Don't Be Crazy, Mr. Nagatoro: So how much do you think this anime will cover? Up to the endless…[View]
205522690Even setting aside the forced and pointless gay shit, this was unbelievably boring to watch.[View]
205526932Greatest love story ever told in a manga?[View]
205525954Was Anthy just pretending to be Mamiya all this time (physically there with him during the Black Ros…[View]
205497838wag wag[View]
205526138ITT: flag destroyer MCs[View]
205518635so sex casually depicted as fanservice is in now or what? i barely kept up with animerino these days…[View]
205517210Post your Favorite current non Jump manga[View]
205526336Blue Lock: Oh no no no no Rin. I thought you were going to send the Team World back with trauma…[View]
205526073i just read punpun for the first time. did anyone else cry reading this? the final volume is one of …[View]
205526137Cowboy Bebop is a shitty show. The show overstays its welcome with so much filler. Sometimes there…[View]
205521481Horse pussy is back on the menu, boys![View]
205525860Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: When will they finally procreate? Also meowmeow thread.[View]
205492746Kanojo, Okarisihimasu: TRANSLATIONS OUT!! https://mangadex.org/chapter/953779/1 Dumping[View]
205490685Gintama: When does it gets good?[View]
205522972100th Tezuka Manga Award: Bring something back from there. https://medibang.com/contest/jumptezuka10…[View]
205505890Watamote: Chapter in only 10 hours[View]
205506713Digimon Tamers: Why is it so much better than every other season?[View]
205524802JOJO Part 5: Wasn't JOJO gonna get a super hype announcement everyone was looking forward to la…[View]
205505109what was his fucking problem?[View]
205524775S2 FUCKING WHEN[View]
205516706What is your honest opinion of Mai-HiME?[View]
205524369Clannad means family[View]
205524409Here's your gundam bro.[View]
205521691Where can I find chapters for Hagure Idol Jigokuhen that go past chapter 70?: So far, every website …[View]
205517913Thinly veiled Kuroko ecchi thread.[View]
205517452Jojo: Caesar sucks: Caesar is both personally and fundamentally a poorly designed character. So we…[View]
205496666The World Ends With You: Trailer looks promising, but >CG video game adaption Has anyone got any …[View]
205516222Tropes you hate: Protagonist wants to be the Hokage[View]
205523793ITT: good manga/anime, shit fanbase[View]
205502754SENPAI DES: this is is a favorite scene for me kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WOqBvfFVzc…[View]
205470010Precure: >no Tanabata episode this year[View]
205522256Leone Choke Honest: I don't know giys but Akame Ga Kill need more memes like this don't yo…[View]
205519233So this show is just Haruhi but... Actually good?[View]
205521223what are your essential must haves/must have nots when looking for new anime/manga?[View]
205506816Sick: How many times have you guys seen that damn scene where the anime character gets sick in the f…[View]
205508391Re:Zero: It's now her time, what will the reactions be when it happens? And any chance we'…[View]
205520258Imagine waiting 6 months for this, just to find out they are going shopping in episode 1[View]
205514597Tonikaku Kawaii: https://twitter.com/Crunchyroll/status/1279535459501105152 >Fall 2020 >being …[View]
205520792Why does Fairy Tail have so many asspulls like pic related?[View]
205518795Shingeki no Kyojin: >It’s ok Annie, I’ll be your new daddy[View]
205520578How are we supposed to stay on the Light side?[View]
205522957I like this Motobe guy he beats up Musashi and doesn't afraid of anything[View]
205521846The day /a/nons got told[View]
205514934Jagaaaaaan: Just go read it. Now please.[View]
205500385Boku no Hero Academia: When did this series stop being good?[View]
205468412Umayon: These horses are not dead yet! Let's beat them![View]
2055227062011 old anime.But still one of the greatest animation[View]
205506524Draw a panel with paint and others r8 it https://jspaint.app/[View]
205522295Can we all agree that shit is not the peak of SoL Mangas, and this girl is not even close to what th…[View]
205516807Does rewatching anime ruin your overall enjoyment of it?[View]
205519922Lucky Star: Tsukasa is sleeping[View]
205519349haruhi on the left /a/ on the right[View]
205520959*blocks otakus path*[View]
205518786Straight girls getting converted onto the proper path[View]
205500967Westerners voted these four as the best current male and female characters in Jump. Thoughts?[View]
205513300Why are wheelchair girls so great /a/? >Inb4 'They can't run away'…[View]
205521351Do any of you people actually watch this garbage? Awful writing, boring characters and flipbook anim…[View]
205516601I've been having a hard time explaining to someone that a shojo series like Sailor Moon could o…[View]
205511104One Piece: In japanese legend, the yamato no orochi was slain by Susanoo, the god of wind and sea. W…[View]
205515342Great Pretender: What are your thoughts on that?[View]
205507143Is he a well written main character?[View]
205519286this was tominos last greatest work[View]
205516100Actually good or just a meme?[View]
205518208>isn't your house in the opposite direction, anon?[View]
205514016Mon Seul Storytime - read an infamous /a/ classic: An ancient evil awakens... In case you don't…[View]
205519801Hear hear! A toast! To Battle Shounen! The Saviors of WSJ![View]
205519792holy shit i can't believe rem died. what a shit season opening[View]
205519739I got into this series last year and love it, but I'm not familiar with it's history. What…[View]
205518381Durarara!!: Fuck this was boring.[View]
205519212New Teekyuu when?: Bros what happened i miss it so much[View]
205517891This is now an /aan/ thread, post /a/+/an/ related content.[View]
205515706Well, anon? Have you?[View]
205488688Kaguya manga: >A secret motive, perhaps? 4 days until the early leaks drop…[View]
205510687What's your favorite digimon /a/?[View]
205509924ITT: anime girls with this body type[View]
205518123ITT: Series that were wild rides[View]
205514956Shingeki no Kyojin: Any fanart of God/devil mode Eren yet?[View]
205516487when was this foreshadowed?[View]
205504144Does it make me a bad person if I want to make her my prisoner of war and subject her to daily beati…[View]
205500168Taiga and Lancer make a pretty good pairing don't you think?[View]
205517875Eren will do God's work: If you think Eren will pull a Lelouch, then you are retarded. These 2 …[View]
205516057Who can beat him?[View]
205517862What was the show where the dude went to anotherplace With his school and they pushed him off a clif…[View]
205517601S3 never now[View]
205509581'And Slowly... You Come to Realize...'[View]
205509045Osomatsu-san Season 3 Announced: Are you hyped, /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9PPxTAmZTg…[View]
205510064TGOHS: Is this the direction anime is heading twords? is everything just going to be webcomics? how …[View]
205509263EVA: anybody ever watch Neon Genesis? i liked that show alot[View]
205510548Tales of Zestiria the X: >The only good episode was the Berseria episode I know the source wasn…[View]
205517036>read/watch anything shōnen >women are always right >read/watch anything shōjo >women ar…[View]
205517279Youko Uno thread: I fucking love Youko Uno![View]
205392668Kaorin, from Azumanga: Was she, you know... a homo?[View]
205500481Female mangakas are intrinsically more talented than male mangakas. Sorry it's true, their work…[View]
205516999Powerful page[View]
205515064Isekai Ojiisan: How do you feel about Mabel losing her job?[View]
205506767What is your opinion on Tsukihime, the original Type-Moon work?[View]
205516894looks like it's that time of year again[View]
205477641Is shigaraki the greatest shounen antagonist ever?[View]
205516907Which useless goddess does /a/ like more? https://www.strawpoll.me/20537929[View]
205501656Then and now: ITT post the main character in the first chapter vs them the most recent chapter.…[View]
205511467Bleach Thread: Would Bleach work better as seinen instead of a shonen? And would you change if it go…[View]
205516695Ah, the 80's. Back when crossdressers looked like body builders and everything was normal excep…[View]
205510921ITT: Well written characters[View]
205514794this is the saddest movie i've ever seen: fuck you Isao Takahata and fuck you Japanese mytholog…[View]
205511597Why is Minky Momo not Subtitled? Would it cause another Earthquake?[View]
205516523She wasnt wrong honestly: Should have been the winner instead of the generic annoying tsundere trash…[View]
205487264I love Saber so damn much[View]
205489700damn son Dokuro chan was THICCCC bout to join the wood working glue club if you catch my drift[View]
205514347RHBROS: I-I-Its still gonna happen right RHbro? He swore that we would marry her....[View]
205513929Yu-Gi-Oh!: Let's talk about the manga spin-offs. Weirdly the manga releases ended up being oppo…[View]
205504849Was Satoshi Kon better than Miyazaki?[View]
205503471The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Moon raws are out. https://…[View]
205501427ITT awful characters: Tell me about awful characters so I know to avoid them[View]
205510987Jujutsu Kaisen: I can't stand the art in this manga, its so BAD.[View]
205510196highly underated romance manga[View]
205513560Anyone watched BNA here?[View]
205512614What are your favorite unexpected moments in anime and manga?[View]
205511879Shingeki no Kyojin: Women saving their lovers is a cute trope[View]
205514385I've watched it like twice before, should I watch again?: I'm listening to acoustic arrang…[View]
205503806God, she's so fat and disgusting[View]
205515007Nagito Hopes you have a great day[View]
205505140This is literally the worst anime I've seen. And no I don't mean as in 'netflix didn'…[View]
205514790Enjoy: https://twitter.com/AIR_News01/status/1280807967277805568 This is the future of the anime.…[View]
205496450Do you think that anime girls start to get sexy around midle school?[View]
205503528Masamune-kun's revenge: Masamune-kun thread What were the threads like back when this was airi…[View]
205506774Kanojo mo Kanojo (+mo Kanojo): This going to aim for a harem end, right? There is no way Hiroyuki w…[View]
205504098What are /a/'s thoughts on this cute girl?[View]
205514647>https://ultimatemegax.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/the-reasoning-behind-a-lack-of-haruhi-s3/ Years l…[View]
205490365Parallel Paradise ch.125 RAW, ch.50 ENG: Latest dumps.[View]
205504306Love Live: It's your birthday, anon! Happy Birthday![View]
205502941One Piece: Did Akainu do the right thing?[View]
205503274tier lists: come on /a/, post 'em unless your will is weak enough that a little criticism from …[View]
205512972Nagisa Okazaki, RIP Miss ya big girl Gone but not forgotten[View]
205512386Flee in terror rape Buddha, and fat bald bastard. Outta the way Wolf Guy 'kid'. The final NTR boss h…[View]
205513550Oregairu: Might be old news, but after waiting for months I just saw that Yahari Ore no Seishun Love…[View]
205507097Ahem, If I could have everyone's attention please. .... Fuck women and fuck Oberstein. That is …[View]
205489964Haruhi Suzumiya - Something new is coming (?): As I didn't see a thread about this. http://haru…[View]
205510476>he thinks we're still getting Haruhi s3[View]
20541897022nd anniversary of SEL today: Do you still remember her /a/?[View]
205392391My wife, Suzuha[View]
205506027Why the hell would ch*ldren follow a 7ft 300lb muscle man in such a shitty world? I understand Farne…[View]
205511350Is Revy a well written character?[View]
205510182>tfw omniversal CHADren posters welcome[View]
205511980What went right?[View]
205461871Chainsaw Man: Which door is Denji's?[View]
205511776Tatsunoko Productions: What are your thoughts on Tatsunoko Productions' anime? Do you have your…[View]
2055053268 years I've had this sitting on my harddrive, finally give it a shot, and it's fucking gr…[View]
205506092Otherside Picnic: >MC is deranged, psychopatic lesbian yandere Is /a/ looking towards Otherside P…[View]
205508154Post characters that are literally you[View]
205508829Shingeki no Kyojin: She's already pregnant, she's giving Eren a hypothetical question.…[View]
205511779still angry, onoderafags?[View]
205510444I WAS NOT READY: I didn't cry for Clannad or Madoka but god damn Assassination Classroom got me…[View]
205509854Chainsaw Man: Kishibe is secretly recruiting people to take down Makima. Kobeni and Yoshida is two o…[View]
205506503why do good things have to end so bad? I've never been angry to a show before until now[View]
205510770Why are anime directors, VAs and mangaka getting married left and right these days? Are we just that…[View]
205511249Why do imoutos tend to be the best characters of their series?[View]
205469857Isekai Ojisan 21: It's up lmao[View]
205489881Dragon Ball Super: Why did Toriyama think it was a good idea to RUIN his perfect King Piccolo design…[View]
205503009BREAKING NEWS: Kana Hanazawa just got married to Ono Kensho[View]
205509724Tatami Galaxy Sequel: So apparently the book the show was based on is getting a sequel, but I can…[View]
205505970Are all girls cuter with cat ears?[View]
205500019Reifags are just being ironic, right? Also, favorite angel? For me it's Bardiel[View]
205509533RIIIIIIIDIIIIIIII PAAAAAGLIACCIOOOOOO, sul tuo amore infranto! Ridi del duol, che t'avvelena il…[View]
205494427What's the best body type in animanga?[View]
205501987>MC dies at the end How could anyone like this trope?[View]
205509094I started a rewatch of Oregairu. I'm currently on episode 10 and I just find it rote and banal.…[View]
205506638Ore-to-Akuma-no-Blues: Great another series to add to the hiatus list[View]
205505545This is possibly the most underrated manga of all time, it's essentially shakespeare as a manga…[View]
205506929Would you fuck Kirito?[View]
205505328Is he one of the best /a/ villains of all time?[View]
205507405>37 Shounen Threads On This Board Currently[View]
205464660One Punch Man: Psykos is on the level of boros......[View]
205505260Shingeki no Kyojin: KNEEL[View]
205504253best girl[View]
205488967So is this getting axed soon?[View]
205505204Toriko and power creep: Reading through this for the first time and i really like it so far, fun wor…[View]
205503880Is this the most iconic shonen arc of all time?[View]
205504376Deca-Dence: Episode 1 premiering today.[View]
205499491UQ Holder! 173 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >UQ Holder! 173 (2020) (Digital) (danke-Empire) h…[View]
205506177What the fuck did I watch? >Immortal women >Robot waifus >Angels >Warzones >Cyborgs …[View]
205494369Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS: BIG NEWS!!! BIG NEWS!!! >SEVENS will have a re-run of Episode 7 next week and m…[View]
205504330FMA / Selim Bradley: Can we talk about this kid for a second? What happened to him after everything,…[View]
205507725While there be pandemic animes next?[View]
205504438Is older anime/manga better than newer?[View]
205467559>it's another mangaka-doens't-know-how-periods-work chapter…[View]
205507322What kind of computer virus is this?[View]
205502122Gundam Thread: Just finished ZZ and I definitely get why this series gets so much hate. The writing …[View]
205507596I know /a/ is over this series and annoyed by it series but wow.[View]
205507502Fruit Basket: Is this the only shoujo series where half of the characters have at least one mental p…[View]
205507484ITT girls who love some curry[View]
205463171Yuri is so aesthetic[View]
205507226What is the smelliest anime?[View]
205504547Does the Fate 2006 anime adaption deserve the hate it gets?[View]
205502607SHAMONE HEE HEE[View]
205480606Furyou Taimashi Reina: Chapter 19 translation came out No ghosts in this one, just Reina being a shi…[View]
205506845What did he mean by this?[View]
205505206iM@S 765: Iori is the cutest![View]
205473237Is Berserk always on hiatus cause the mangaka has serious health issues or is the idolmaster meme re…[View]
205502547My wife, Satania.[View]
205430172Anime lost episoed[View]
205506752Line filter: How come other studios outside of toei don't use them? It seems to do it's jo…[View]
205455079Buyfag thread: HAI DOMO BUYFAG THREAD DESU[View]
205503019Fruits Basket: was it rape?[View]
205506502Komi: What if she were an actual social outcast[View]
205503470What's the deal with this guy? He really, really, is a normalfag that wants normalfag stuff and…[View]
205506146>tried for murder more than any other character >Barely has any decent guilty verdict and pris…[View]
205502001Is Nagi one of the prettiest anime ever?[View]
205498758What are /a/'s thoughts on old anime?: Like, REALLY old anime. The type of shit that's du…[View]
205504061>manga exists No one cares >anime adaptation comes out >tons of people hop on the bandwago…[View]
205472377Raildex: I miss her so much.[View]
205495748Just finished episode 85, Im finally enjoying it now. Things in the show, for the first time ever ar…[View]
205502194Shingeki no Kyojin: >Zook: So Eren, how will you respond to Mankasa's feelings. >Eren: *p…[View]
205485243Daily Binbougami Ga Chapter: Now this feels like the true start of the fight between the god and the…[View]
205477019What does /a/ think of Tengoku Daimakyou?[View]
205505028*sees your pp*[View]
205488224Tokyo Red Hood Storytime: Volume one: Starting a new storytime, I would have done it yesterday, but …[View]
205504769It's here Bleachbros! English copies of Bleach: CFYOW is now available[View]
205504553Anyone have that big Zetsubou Sensei music dump with the new Kakushigotou music as well?[View]
205502879Still waiting for her anime adaptation[View]
205501220>isekai MC recreates onions sauce, mirin and miso in their world... It all so fucking tiresome, j…[View]
205499561HE'S FAT[View]
205502015TSUGIWA JOTARO.....KISAMADA!![View]
205504447You didn't forget her, did you, /a/?[View]
205504409surely nothing could go wrong with waving at a child[View]
205503358Best /a/ witch: Which witch is the top /a/witch?[View]
205488349Oyasumi Punpun Volume 5 Storytime: Dumping Oyasumi Punpun Volume 5 Here's arguably one of the m…[View]
205486005Any milky bros still here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsLX1vhpKcY[View]
205504309Why was this show so dark? I thought it would be a nice wholesome monster of the week mecha show but…[View]
205499588Ryuko has the better ass, mako has the better tits[View]
205501973I still can't get over the fact that in Shin-chan, Nene's mom beat the shit out her stuffe…[View]
205503645Tenchi Muyo: Anime so old that the video files I have on this is still in OGM format.[View]
205417522Gochiusa: Your wife janai![View]
205503625DA FUQ IS WRONG WITH HIM?: >Be Demon king >Raised Shiki since Birth >Told him to go outside…[View]
205496486>phone rings What to do?[View]
205491762>Scathach is offering to train you. >You will learn to fight, how to use Runes and Formalcraft…[View]
205502261BLEACH has the best OPs and EDs off all time in anime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOZ3lNnNK4s…[View]
205500664Hajime No Ippo Thread: Jet Engine Noises Intensifies[View]
205499556Great Pretender: Pic related is airing tomorrow, is it any good?[View]
205503519this is the saddest movie i've ever seen: this made me feel more awful than grave of the firefl…[View]
205503449Shounen, Chotto Sabotteko?: Dumping raws of chapter 34. It's finally shown how Yuusuke and Saor…[View]
205503384ITT: Girls who canonically have sex with Oji-san[View]
205503381Take this otaku fucking shits[View]
205501862>Best girl is an elf Everytime[View]
205502964Who did it better?[View]
205441411Hunter x Hunter: Could all of this have been prevented? 46,613 people died of bodily failure. Did th…[View]
205488495Rosario Vampire Season II Vol 1 Storytime: SEASON II IS HERE! The story continues where the first se…[View]
205501185How do you go from this[View]
205502971Unit Number 212? Significance?: I contend there is none, in the name of Hyouin Kyouma I declare unit…[View]
205502083Tamako Market: Is this the comfy, slow, relaxed and devoid of drama show Episode 1 just made me thin…[View]
205501547At least he went to see a doctor about it[View]
205501315Imagine trying to challenge the Battousai in a sword fight.[View]
205499597Who is the most smug character?[View]
205502449Why do people blame Subaru for this? Rem literally talked him out of running away with her.[View]
205502734*sigh* Ok /a/ who wants to go first....[View]
205502604Fuck each and every one of you who made Jojo mainstream garbage It used to be my favorite, I am alre…[View]
205496749Post an anime character's silhouette. Other posters try to guess who it is. Something easy to s…[View]
205501694Here's my objectively correct list[View]
205502558SBR Appreciation: There will never be another manga as fantastic as Steel Ball Run[View]
205499802Jojo: Not gonna lie wamuu was one of the few antagonists who felt real. the rest are just so textboo…[View]
205498038It's not hellsing. it's tsukihime manga[View]
205502266How was he a villain again?[View]
205502258Post middle school core[View]
205501820Mfw I dress as a woman[View]
205501584Road Kamelot: How does /a/ feel about this forgotten chocolate cutie?[View]
205501623>anime has tons of possibilities for superpowers >the most effective strategy is punching som…[View]
205494229One piece: Cant you see how much of a gentlemen jack is?[View]
205496110Mfw I find out my local 911 sells Baki Dou 2018. Baki thread go. Is doppo going to job yet again or …[View]
205498987Shingeki no Kyojin: unbeatable[View]
205498739Honest thoughts on Fate/stay night? >constant padding >shit pacing >shitty monologues, repe…[View]
205493460Who did it better?[View]
205499240GOMU GOMU NO~~~~: OKAMA PISTORU!!![View]
205499689See this, what do?[View]
2054920853x3 thread: post yours and rate other's[View]
205499452ITT: anime literally no one on /a/ ever talks about[View]
205489463'Tornado of Terror' Tatsumaki: >28 years old >135 cm tall >wide hips >budding breasts …[View]
205498057>itt shows that are better than they have any right being.[View]
205463312Most overrated show of all time?[View]
205495663post shows that make you happy[View]
205500483Hitoribocchi: What's she holding back??[View]
205501393>last manga you read >give it one compliment >give it one criticism…[View]
205501131Goodbye Golem[View]
205497898Why are japanese girls so desperate to have their boyfriend be their childhood friends?[View]
205449186Why are most of their anime so mediocre with such a short shelf life? The only anime they have above…[View]
205483863Pandora Hearts Vol 7 Storytime: The air of celebration surrounding fifteen-year-old Oz Vessalius’s c…[View]
205487107Tougen Anki: After reading Kaijuu no. 8, there's also another new manga that I've read. I …[View]
205482688itt experienced girls you'd love to stick your dick in: give me all the std's! all of them…[View]
205499358Openings: Post your top 5 anime openings For me its >1. Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei https://you…[View]
205500137ITT: Body Swap: Share animes or mangas about BS or with a Body swap episode (two or more people swap…[View]
205500072Casual observer of anime. What is it about anime that attracts such perversion? Half of the catalog …[View]
205496078he's just like me[View]
205474220Cuckoo's Fiancee: Chapter in 10-20 minutes. Cuckoo will get color pages next week.[View]
205500484What the fuck were they thinking? Was it just a budget thing or did they seriously think this looked…[View]
205431788Why is there so much femdom in anime in recent years? There's barely any in older anime[View]
205496612Whos the best mangaka and why is it Matsumoto Jiro?[View]
205497822Anime/manga that changed your life: Post and discuss anime/manga that changed your life or had a gre…[View]
205492727Digimon: Is the anime with these mons good?[View]
205364508What's the best idol anime and why is it Love Live?[View]
205486907Boku no Hero Academia: Today is the official 6th anniversary of MHA[View]
205499670Was this the highlight of Oath Under Snow?[View]
205476015Re: Zero season 2: One more day[View]
205495145Why did her dad give her to a family that raped her with worms every day?[View]
205498581Just because an anime is entry level doesnt make it bad stop being so uptight you cunts[View]
205496498whats the appeal of isekai? did i need to play jrpgs when i was young to enjoy it[View]
205499510>Vows to himself he will marry Historia >Gets the shit beat out of him by Eren 3x >Eren fol…[View]
205497350Haha get a load of this autistic kid[View]
205472747Gantz: E(do): Dumping the current 7 chapters of Gantz: E, the newest gantz series but with samurai a…[View]
205492343Will we ever see a good Umineko adaption?[View]
205497681So why did the author of food wars end the series in their second year? Imagine if my hero did that …[View]
205498993Initial D: Speed SPEED LOVER[View]
205498506Who is your favorite big titty battle shounen anime girl/love interest?[View]
205498642The most badass anime character: >Voting >3,000 Japanese anime fans >men : 60% women : 40% …[View]
205497290Is there any sort of 3d rendering or computer generated effects for the water in Spirited Away or is…[View]
205498974>Walks in and starts slapping every woman, be them friends or foes B-based?…[View]
205494257Shingeki no Kyojin: Dumping the official translations of chapter 130[View]
205488663This show is peak comfy, why does no one talk about it?[View]
205496876Sister Princess: Did someone still remember this?[View]
205498643You'll never know the suffering of a forever 15-year-old looking for a spouse leave your countr…[View]
205497742Jugemu Jugemu Go-Kō-no-Surikire Kaijari-suigyo no Suigyō-matsu Unrai-matsu Fūrai-matsu Kū-Neru Tokor…[View]
205496961So this is the power of BAKI.[View]
205497301Koe no katachi: The movie had a better ending then the shity ending the manga had[View]
205486239who was in the wrong here?[View]
205490838Anyone else watching the pervy power rangers? It kind of loses the point when this kind of show gets…[View]
205496748It's Yusei's (and Mokuba's) birthday, say nice things about them and their show.[View]
205496911I don't get it. I don't get it at all, and the way they have to pilot those things is just…[View]
205497280Why is HEVC-10bit (aka H.265) encoding so popular for anime? Is High@4.1 AVC not good enough?[View]
205497836Anime Fans! Sailor Moon News!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV_HN_EFg1A[View]
205498015What am I in for?[View]
205495433Am I the only one that watched this >That shit ending[View]
205497708Why did Susamaru's death affect me so much? She's a relentless killing machine, but her la…[View]
205495826Why shonen doesn't have adult MC? I can't find a good reason. >Is hard for a boi to fe…[View]
205497638Post lesbian or bi sexual characters. Arc Ciel >>> Saber Rin[View]
205497343Alright /a/, it's time for your cock slicing! Please select an option from the choices listed a…[View]
205495314Chainsawman: How would you kill Makima?[View]
205496138Is this the greatest anime opening track of all time?[View]
205497060Fire Force: How can any other anime this season even compete?[View]
205497326Tasogare Memorandum: Chapter 8.2 This manga is pretty cute.[View]
205496197I thought this was an isekai because of the title and character designs and avoided it. Is it good?[View]
205497187Pop team epic is a milk chan rip off.[View]
205497175What are the odds we get a spin off SoL anime about her being a veterinarian and helping animals?[View]
205488439SOUL vs SOULLESS[View]
205497109Best Yuri Pairing: What girls would make the best pair?[View]
205481422/webm/ Thread: Post your favorite anime webm. Gifs welcome too.[View]
205488366Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Why is CatCat so perfect, honorable anons?[View]
205496631Is it time for another reboot?[View]
205482978A black hole appears near Earth. For experimental reasons Nasa gives you the opportunity to enter it…[View]
205476795Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 119: Part 3. This is longer than usually.[View]
205484437Just what you'd expect from the master, Mr. Anno.[View]
205491319What was Kirino's best nail color?[View]
205495907Paranoia Agent: Was it rape? Also he was without a doubt the most evil of all the characters right?…[View]
205486606Post the most visually pleasing designs[View]
205495681If this type of haircut becomes standard in the anime, would it bother you?[View]
205493743I miss them so fucking much, it hurts bros. S3 when ;_;[View]
205493567My name is Mr.JS and i'm running for minister of elementary affairs. Together we can purge the …[View]
205495898Why aren't you reading Record of Ragnarok?[View]
205450978Maou Gakuen no Futekigousha: What did /a/ think of the 1st episode?[View]
205493128Unironically the best Gundam anime desu[View]
205491351Shingeki no Kyojin: >Was it worth it, Eren?[View]
205493742you guys cant deny it luffy is the absolute strongest character in one piece because every enemy wil…[View]
205495026Naegi, you lucky bastard![View]
205487229OH NO its the reincarnated demon lord most OP in the world going to high school and get underestimat…[View]
205468447>Third impact finally happen >people melting into orange juice worldwide >The 'Rei's take a…[View]
205473421An anime so bad, it bankrupted a whole studio[View]
205495114name my band, /a/[View]
205492651So if anime traps are just naturally feminine males, what do they look like when they get older/reac…[View]
205493789>All the people praise Gilgamesh. >He is the strongest character in Fate anime, Well-writen c…[View]
205454968The God of High School: Big Red Noses[View]
205493816>tfw a girl will never call me by my first name for the first time[View]
205481768Happy tanab/a/ta. What do you wish for in 25 and 16 years from now[View]
205494529K-ON!: Legends will never die[View]
205468744Rance in your anime?: Replace Rance as the MC of your Isekai of choice. How would the events change?…[View]
205492840SLAYERS: Is Slayers truly a dead series? Won't we ever see a new anime or even a remaster/remak…[View]
205494924when waifu become a real thing ?: serious,when people started getting addicted waifufagotry[View]
205494820>/m/ will defend this[View]
205489188Haruhi: It's Tanabata, you did rewatch the Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody today, right?[View]
205483675One Piece: You now remember that this fruit exists[View]
205489250Is Kyokai no Kanata better than VEG?[View]
205494398What are /a/'s thoughts on Zombiepowder?[View]
205402222JoJo Thread: What are your favourite scenes in JoJo?[View]
205493764ITT: Anime only you have watched[View]
205493517OHHH BOY i just came out of jail since 2018 i cant wait to see ALL of the berserk chapters OMG it af…[View]
205491556Franky Family vs Arlong Park: Who's winning[View]
205489336How do you deal with a backlog?[View]
205494319Shy part 6 continued again: >>205492904 Literally three pages left. Oh well, I'm finishin…[View]
205493323We need more tom boy characters. We want more tom boy characters![View]
205494135>read synopsis of a series >'Eh, whatever. Seems alright I guess. Not really that interested.'…[View]
205492831Alters are always better than OG[View]
205490523>generic monster designs >horrible dialogue >dead characters coming back to life >tone a…[View]
205471261Kengan Omega/Asura: I want this Rihito back[View]
205492076Is this the greatest SoL anime?[View]
205487270Peter Grill: Anyone else watching this? https://nyaa.si/view/1260761[View]
205473095Darling in the Franxx aired two years ago[View]
205480933Shaman King Vol 15 Storytime: When you decide to roll a new character please, for the sake of everyo…[View]
205491103Summer 2016: Let’s see how much you remember from 4 years ago[View]
205493651Finally some good fucking food: His classmates have no sense of humor, poor guy[View]
205493068Remember that one kabaddi bit in Chio-chan? Yeah, that's an anime now https://twitter.com/kabad…[View]
205491487Sailor Moon 月に代わってお仕置きよ! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you![View]
205493236I want today to be a prophet again: if international Battle inside and outside of Jump should succee…[View]
205492504Boku no Hero Academia: Dark, villain! Ev'r Hath thy heard these w'rds?[View]
205493018Was he really a villain?[View]
205491826Okay, I have episode 1 torrented and ready. I hate tournament arcs and I'm getting the sneaking…[View]
205487766Science proves fire is hotter than magma: If that’s true then How did Ace die? Think about it. Ace‘s…[View]
205492166Why does /a/ like this toxic bitch who treats Shinji like shit[View]
205489844Ichiro Itano: >He rode his motorcycle through gaps in trucks and buses, claiming to improve his d…[View]
205388010Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
205491249what does love feel like[View]
205492904SHY part 6 continued: Continuing since >>205489810 dropped into the archives.[View]
205492807It looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
205490213>Dragon >4 limbs and a pair of wings Thanks Fairy Tail…[View]
205491670We really need more Fate series like this. No more fucking Grail wars.[View]
205486972Flip Flappers: that was a ride you know! nice show! serendipity and all.. Papika, Cocona, Yayaka, ni…[View]
205492659>MC's little sister stays at his place for a couple of weeks to report back to their parents…[View]
205492349Thank God that anime doesn't look like this anymore[View]
205492074Masamune-kun's revenge: What did /a/ think of Masamune-kun's revenge?[View]
205492034Anime could learn a thing or two by looking at America[View]
205487662Shingeki no Kyojin: Kneel before the New Emperor of the World.[View]
205491851Strike or Gutter: less bowling, more relationship drama, still lewd as fuck chapters 8-14 this time …[View]
205490363Tejina Senpai: Is the BD release the same as the broadcast or did they change (lewd up) some scenes?…[View]
205474291i declare my love for miyako[View]
205465513So is /a/ hyped for a short return of the KUBO weeks?[View]
205490686Why is Mitsuru Adachi so based?[View]
205484019It is the duty of the imouto to take care of her nii.[View]
205489726Horny girls: Basically begging for the hugs [View]
205483154Danchigai: Why is there no good doujins of this series yet?[View]
205491495Post Characters who are literally Oda Nobunaga.[View]
205473125Hataraku Maou-sama!: I thought you guys said this show was reddit? It's actually really good. I…[View]
205490422What's she saying /a? Also give me some good tomboy/ elf waifus for my 'next to draw' folder[View]
205491295What the fuck is wrong with E*ros? t. arab[View]
205416620Tower of God anime: Androssi is the mst beautiful girl ever and i waited 10 years to see her animate…[View]
205486856Hunter x Hunter: Why did Ponzu had to die? She was pretty cute and one of the few female characters …[View]
205489731Why does every series have that one character that looks so jarringly out of place with the art styl…[View]
205489428Today is Tanabata Festival, have you forgotten her already, /a/?[View]
205489750>show about revolutionizing the world >one of the most reactive characters in anime history ac…[View]
205487295Detective Conan 1055: I don't think I got to dump this yet. Might as well.[View]
205489810SHY part 6: Previous thread >>205452341 Last time, the battle between Shy/Spirits and Sveta/Kf…[View]
205487252Makima is for ___[View]
205485171>wins because a shinigami does something he didn't have to do L was right about to fuck this…[View]
205337901jashin-chan: bye bye all of snek threads[View]
205490405Post Ojou-samas'[View]
205489451She's Koko Hekmatyar, say something nice about her.[View]
205487206agumon shinkaaa![View]
205490328ReLife: Missing this comfy romance about NEET adults[View]
205449384Dragon Ball Super: Do you think Freeza or Broly will return in future arcs?[View]
205485006Okay, /a/, you can reach down....: ...one of their panties for five minutes. Who's it gonna be?…[View]
205485549Kingdom: >Ryufui is planning his second coup in the middle of the war BASED https://manamoa.net/b…[View]
205487765>Take one of his animes >Remove the unnecessary parts >You are left with no anime…[View]
205461212How is your contry represented in anime/manga?[View]
205424513Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: Episode 1 early premiere[View]
205449634>Boohoo, woe is me. My life is ruined because i entered school 3 weeks late What the fuck was his…[View]
205489628I don't care how old I get, or how much time I spend furthering my education and knowledge. Thi…[View]
205487781illyabros... nasu is laughing at us again..........[View]
205488634Masamune-kun's revenge: Just finished this. I missed out on the threads. What were they like ? …[View]
205481144JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai Vol 3: It's time for your daily dose of JoJo, /a…[View]
205488198I want to ______ Nejire[View]
205430540Kaijuu no. 8: a new shonen jump plus manga first chapter https://mangadex.org/chapter/952184/1 prett…[View]
205487837How strong is Tsunade?[View]
205473131Rape in manga and anime: There's a lot of manga with men raping women such as Redo Healer, Gobl…[View]
205474190Shadowverse: The second arc starts with a beach episode.[View]
205482084Please rise for the /a/ national anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqf077N1GrQ[View]
205480705What is the goriest manga you ever read?[View]
205486519Uh-oh https://portraitai.com/[View]
205488700Kaguya manga: Do Miko's flaws make her more endearing?[View]
205487189>her monster form is being basically nude there has to be some sort of message here…[View]
205459479New anime 'The day I became a god' will be the most heart-breaking of all time, said Jun Maeda: http…[View]
205463742Does Bookworm ever get any better? I just started reading the manga, and 7 chapters in I hate the au…[View]
205488552What's her end game?[View]
205488546Fire Force: Why is she such a slut?[View]
205485749Are the Japanese better than the Chinese when it comes to making stories out of Imperial China?[View]
205483438Rokka no yuusha: Did this do anything right besides giving us this delicious underboob?[View]
205468802Best drawn women: Which mangaka draws the best women? For me it’s Murata. Does Yabuki do it better?…[View]
205476277Man I really like this girl[View]
205488088Which Aozaki is superior: both have massive milkers ngl[View]
205488043Are we going to get more animes as this one soon?[View]
205458859One Punch Man: How the hell can Fubuki vs Psykos even happen now that the later can spam nuke lasers…[View]
205487749Are the Berserk OVAs mom-approved anime?[View]
205481282Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho: >[HorribleSubs] Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan …[View]
205483879Shingeki no Kyojin: scumbag and homewrecker. may they rot in hell[View]
205485272Gf turns into a little girl and an old woman: Would you still do her?[View]
205485030Less than a day left till Re Zero airs. Its almost here[View]
205479696>Only four weeks left for Togashi to break his own record of hiatus[View]
205486699anime that are made to sell cards have better isekai arcs than actual Isekai: how the fuck are there…[View]
205486983The iGODm@ster: What is the best music franchise? And why is it idolm@ster?[View]
205415464Kaguya Manga: No Spoiler No Raw No Chapters Aka Enjoy his holiday What should we do /a/ Should we cr…[View]
205486778Now that you think of it, the truth about this world is hidden in our everyday language. I just had …[View]
205486681ITT: Iconic tanabata moments[View]
205486515Have you forgotten Rena's day?[View]
205482763What are /a/'s thoughts on anime femdom?[View]
205485767Why this never got much traction considering who the author is?[View]
205473437What are /a/'s thoughts on anime muscle girls? Who are your favorites?[View]
205486208Comic Girls: This is Moeta Kaoruko, she's a manga artist and striving to be the best. Say somet…[View]
205485353Wouldn't this be some kind of ellipse instead of a circle, unless she was quite far -several th…[View]
205475248Which was the better fight?[View]
205448175New Higurashi anime confirmed to start airing in October. https://www.famitsu.com/news/202007/072017…[View]
205480089>Ohh oh-oh-oh oh-oh >I'm unbeatable! * >Walking down this endless highway >With not…[View]
205479955What are some anime concepts that you can think of that haven't been done yet? I've yet to…[View]
205483928Finally watched this, I've ignored all the threads to not spoil myself. What did you think of i…[View]
205486002Why do anime characters become OBSOLETE?[View]
205484072Hunter x Hunter: I want to address a theme that I’ve never seen anyone pick up on. Aren’t child sold…[View]
205466461So they literally just made this dude as physically powerful as All Might without even using quirks:…[View]
205464209Boku no Hero Academia: Why have none of the arcs have really lived up to the hype so far? I remember…[View]
205458534Kanojo, Okarishimasu: Only a few more days remaining until the anime starts. In the meantime the off…[View]
205360526consume the tail kobayashi-san additionally, dumping 97, because it deserves one[View]
205485096the hikikomori recovery lecture will now begin[View]
205482311Remember this show? It had a great OST.[View]
205483176Rupan.. he's a nice man.. But he's cool. Y'know. He uses his walther... Yeah...[View]
205484707>20's AOTD still hasn't been made >it will be fucking kino >it will be one of you…[View]
205400818The Titan's Bride: It's over, fujos have conquered isekai[View]
205482372isekai: Why are straight-played isekai so uncommon? With how bad the market has become polluted, you…[View]
205482353Full Shigurui anime when? Also wasn't fire punch anime scheduled then canceled? Bleak anime are…[View]
205484319Post anime characters you could beat up in a fight. I could definitely humiliate this little shit an…[View]
205455956What are /a/'s thoughts on magic?[View]
205479084What show are they watching?[View]
205477116Okay where do i start with JoJo as someone with no background on it?[View]
205484132If they have sex in a Virtual World and become pregnant: Would Asuna become pregnant In the real wor…[View]
205481009Shingeki no Kyojin: >Annie, remember what I said that time? >You're a good person, I real…[View]
205480533Is he an actual good character in the manga?[View]
205481465Are Uchihas the strongest extended family in manga?[View]
205483522Why is she so perfect guys? Will she get more screentime in season 3?[View]
205483772Shingeki no kyojin: >Historia was going to go along with the 50-year-plan because she wanted to a…[View]
205484011Why do episodes 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9 all suck so bad? Episode 3 is just a rehash of Perfect blue, but t…[View]
205477953Childhood is battling between Asuka and Rei Adulthood is realizing Maya is the best girl of the show[View]
205483663Today is the Tanabata Festival, /a/. Do you think Kurumi's wish was granted?[View]
205483651Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum: Habemus Papam! Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum, Dominum Ind…[View]

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