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Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

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775040My gut says its easier to get a job in the industry as a technical artist instead of a modeler or ch…[View]
774750What do you fags think about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuNNyjs9BO8 Basically AI's a…[View]
761360Give me a reason: Give me one (1) reason, a single good reason why I should use Blender and not simp…[View]
774924VR environment limits: Is VR far enough advanced for high-res environments to work? Considering the …[View]
767786BTFOed lol[View]
775151So i'm trying to make an image for a personal project where the focal point of the image is a c…[View]
774918How high is the quality of 3d models made in a phone? Is it even possible to do it a ok model?[View]
774981Hi /3/, I want to get a 3D printer but before I do I wanted to learn some 3D modeling. I tried auto…[View]
774013Fuck Blender scripting: I hate Blender Why do they change the API and all its methods / syntax every…[View]
773821>spend 20 minutes actually modeling >spend 4 hours wrestling with this shitty outdated boomer…[View]
769752Did you regret lerning 3D over, say, 2D, programming, music producing? Share your thoughts, friends.[View]
774143any animators here used both Maya and Blender? I'm experienced with Maya and I need to learn Bl…[View]
774831How essential are udims for up close up 'hero shots' when you want to go photoreal and raytrace? How…[View]
774878is it possible in a sculpting program like nomadsculpt to use other geometry to cut away the geometr…[View]
773247Ready yourselves! https://vimeo.com/463955627[View]
774822>watching tutorial >after a while wondering if the guy is using mouse or tablet >start anal…[View]
774434I need a sprite sheet creator that actually works. The ones I've tried have all fucked up the o…[View]
774723Hello /3/ what other websites, forums or general knowledge base do you visit? Any interesting YT ch…[View]
773791Any way to extend the free trial of this, or receive new trials? Not sure how its activation works.[View]
774718Blender map making: Hi, tldr: what are some goals to drive towards to competently make maps (videoga…[View]
773185https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCx0k4t5qUM Blender can't get good resu- Have you ever consider…[View]
767306Daz3d - Getting to old for this edition: Previous thread: >>759515 Character Creator 3 forum: …[View]

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