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Displaying 14 expired threads from the past 3 days

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680378Is there a repository akin to archive3d.net specifically for free clothing models? So far I've …[View]
678352Daily reminder that this interface is retarded.[View]
674831What tablet do I need: I notice the regular Intuos doesn't have tilt, is that necessary for zbr…[View]
674566Any tips for animating sfm/blender/Maya lewd? The best I can do is 3 keyframe loop[View]
677030ITT: we talk about how amazing my gibs look Anon goes first. Well anon? https://streamable.com/85ph4[View]
677243Three.js: Need help with three.js for an art project[View]
680012So why are you interested in /3/? What are you hoping to achieve/create? What compels you to learn m…[View]
675640Are there any alternatives to his tutorials for learning blender? I cannot sit through his tutorials…[View]
676174Need help with the textures from cc0textures. Where does the disp, col, mask, rgh, nrm each respect…[View]
679063Hi, I am using Photoshop and Illustrator for drawings and illustrations, especially for research. I…[View]
6765252.8 or 2.7? All the tutorials and materials (including huge amount of books I got for free as a loca…[View]
680130Hey dudes look i made a sonic chao[View]
679487how do I make something like this in Blender? I tried using the Screw modifier, but how do I modulat…[View]
679843Is BG's Rock Essentials Worth It?: Tired of using shit quality assets, and don't want to s…[View]

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