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Displaying 22 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
864423Move over blendlets/zbrush cunts, a new KING is arriving in town... https://twitter.com/80Level/stat…[View]
864557I need to add 3D objects into a 2D animation short that I'm doing on Adobe Photoshop and After …[View]
859463blender is a failure: Alright alright, let's see what happened with blender. I WANTED TO MAKE A…[View]
864222It's over. Houdini wins.[View]
863446Blender VS MEta objects: So what non blender tools can be sued to super fact create pokemon looking …[View]
864468Pixel over 0.8 released: Hey cunts, pixel over 0.8 was released today and now has basic 3D support. …[View]
864964fbx help plz: I have an object in .fbx format with separate textures (there's also .max file). …[View]
864764Character creator: >/3/ told me character creator was a hack tool >mfw I just saw a gnomon wor…[View]
864668>trying to do a FLIP sim with 16GB RAM[View]
864928Is anyone using USD in maya or...?[View]
864513The new version is out. Why didn't they just make it a plugin instead? I mean, seriously? http…[View]
860213Blender General: Previous thread: >>856408[View]
862359Soulbros... Is this heaven? https://visualparadox.com/gallerypage.asp?gallery=all&sort=2&pag…[View]
864203How do you make good water: newfag here, How do you make good looking water like pic related? Lookin…[View]
863854How can I achieve this level/style?[View]
863515Hit me with something equally random and dark as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFfLCuHSZ-U You hav…[View]
864493C4d+blender: Hello fellow anons I want to start a debate on c4d and blender. First question which on…[View]
864429how do I apply my smudge image texture to only the Vertex color part?[View]
861437Advice for painting textures for low-poly models: I'm trying to make low poly models in the sty…[View]
863960Solidworks Drawings: Greetings, I'm trying to set up a portfolio for a mechanical engineering d…[View]
863996Tips for modeling low-poly mouths and hair?: I found this nice low-poly basemesh, but I’m getting ha…[View]
864361Am going fucking insane How can I keep another object on top of the array modifier without joining …[View]

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