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Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
889503>Every time Blender is updated the tranny devs change shortcuts and menu locations >Can't…[View]
895441First time using Zbrush, and first model. Any good so far? Brush shortcuts are so annoying[View]
891300/DAZ/ 3D General: Sports Edition Looking to monetize your renders? See how the pros do it! DAZ rende…[View]
895228Help me bake multiple objects to the same texture map: I'm trying to bake this dresser that has…[View]
891501Free Sculpting Brush Alphas: Anyone got links to free brush alpha megapacks for zbrush/blender? They…[View]
891464Blender General: Strange Deer edition Previous: >>886778[View]
895248Mudbox 2023 released: >Included a new installer for Linux[View]
894913Zbrush and Mudbox question: I use both Mudbox and Zbrush. Mudbox has this feature called dynamic tes…[View]
894461New Kenshape massive update: https://twitter.com/KenneyNL/status/1519978946204479488[View]
894536/uvg/ UVs & Texturing General: Come, discuss and ask all about UVs and Texturing in your favouri…[View]
892611broken niggas, are like mmm, you model suck. no bitch ass nigga, you suck.[View]
894871Avatard 2: Oh no no no no no[View]
894400Coming from NURBS modelling, how the hell do you get precision with mesh based 3D tools? If you foll…[View]
891123why is retopology so hard? do you guys have any tips?[View]
892937>instead of simply clicking the buttons on the mouse, his modelling software requires a modifier …[View]
893513Unity Thread: Okay this is my first thread here and I'm shit with blender but I'm fucking …[View]
893222How do you become an expert in Unity?: I've had great difficulty learning anything in Unity, es…[View]
893561UE Environmental design: Hey 3, newfag here. I'm looking to make environmental art in UE5 and …[View]
894605Print shit: Alright 3dc, I just mixed some particularly strong resin (esun Hard Tough mixed with an …[View]
892430Help with exporting drivers from blender to unity: Can someone please help me w how drivers work? So…[View]
893707Why do anatomy inaccuracies enrage this board so much? Someone could make a really shitty hard-surfa…[View]
893036High resolution transparent PNGs: Anybody know where to find them? For stuff like smoke and fog. It…[View]
892435Best way to make 3d anime girl?: Going to 3d print and port to unity, what's the best way too t…[View]
891846Is this good foundation to become 3d artist? My skill level in 2D is similar to Pic related. I…[View]
894751what program those type of models are made? What ever I sees the they always look so fetish-iy.[View]
892618Hit image: is it possible using (16gb, i3 3th without gpu) to make a casual game? I have a very funn…[View]
8947133d bros, i know i should be making anime waifus bbc 3d porn, but i actually have an itch to make som…[View]

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