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Displaying 32 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
810038PBR Material Help: I'm trying to make this holographic tape material in Blender, and I'm n…[View]
815616What is the fucking difference?[View]
815969How do I get in touch with people: Hey hey people, how do you meet cg artists online and make friend…[View]
814858What's the best Modeling/Rigging&Animation software?[View]
813061Should I avoid Blender and just learn how to do modeling on Soft Image 3D?[View]
814716https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3sY3f6aKB8 >tfw /3/ never told me about the polybuild tool in bl…[View]
806572Trying to make a low-poly lad: How should I proceed from here[View]
8143083D work: I just got ZBrush as my first 3D program about 6 months ago. Is my work getting close to re…[View]
816104Automatic 3D-object creation: I'm representing from /AGDG/, a project that I decided to make in…[View]
815923>and then just animate the cool car chase :) how would you achieve the camera chase effect in tha…[View]
815442/redpilled/ thread.: Thread to discuss the redpilled way of using both blender + FOSS and industry t…[View]
816081/redpilled/ threat: Mudbox or zbrush what is best for sculping ?[View]
813021Is the donut tutorial a meme?[View]
815929High IQ thread.: Who here /procedural node/ Chad?[View]
814808Anyone here /want to freelance/ but scared to quit their real job and lose health / dental ?[View]
811200How the fuck do I UV Unwrap? I've gotten to this part of Blenderguru's chair exercise and …[View]
813494The redpilled way to sculpt in 2021: ok, so the big high IQ genius move is to use blender to sculpt …[View]
811937Post your collections[View]
813431this is what smg4 is up to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSq8zPvUkk8&t=623s remember smg4?…[View]
815490>massive hollywood production >peak cgi >cant even be arsed to make two individual eyes for…[View]
815545So this is the power of blender sculpting + zbrush. :O[View]
815593'I really wish I weren't here right now': Post your best posters of actors who are regretting t…[View]
814678it's over[View]
814144Are we forever stuck with Zbrush 2019: >pirated 2021.6.1 >use cracked exe >block it in the …[View]
809269We won Blender bros...[View]
813088How the FUCK do you make (wet) hair/fur look realistic?[View]
808819Why is she writing shaders in the text editor instead of using nodes? https://youtu.be/kfM-yu0iQBk[View]
813848I'm going to make a videogame using only cubes and PBR textures.[View]
813275Is CGI in movies finally improving: it looks people are stopping their endless quest for realism and…[View]
811903Why aren't your renders displayed in a museum anon?[View]
815252material maker: Feels good to be a node master and use FOSS node material software. >he uses subs…[View]

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