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Displaying 21 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
756883Why is texturing for 4k so much harder, lads? How much more should I charge for 4k textures then for…[View]
756263So why we haven't moved on from those primitive polygons to the objectively superior voxels? ht…[View]
749261What sort of hair do (You) put on your sculpts?: >sculpted >hair cards >those poly tubes yo…[View]
755101What's the most convenient way to model game levels?: I tried to do it today for the first time…[View]
754214Is box modeling for organic modeling dead(even for stuff like stylized games like nintendo )[View]
756130mocap animation refinement?: So we use mocap for live recording and whatnot, but we often find somet…[View]
756351rate this doughnut[View]
756209Your opinion on Cinema 4d: I've been in cg for only 1 year with a software of choice: c4d. And …[View]
755706/phg/ Polygonal Hair General: I've been trying to get this one tool to work for making my hair …[View]
755688Bit of a long shot, but does anyone remember about this really dogshit 3D animator from brazil that …[View]
756204>pic related was entirely made by one person whats your excuse /3/?[View]
756704>mfw I actually enjoy UV unwrapping the feeling when you cut up the UVs and the checkerboard sits…[View]
756754hi, I am making an app where you can see the muscles of the body and an animation of the movement th…[View]
756216Is it OK to use concept art I find on the internet to practice my modeling? Maybe use them for my po…[View]
754971why is this board infected with first timers and people that don't know shit about 3D stuff , t…[View]
755739I've been trying to recreate my room in vr, using photos as the materials. Most of it is okay, …[View]
756493https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4386568 I'm a fucking idiot when it comes to 3d modelling. Ca…[View]
755654Unfucking object meshes: My object mesh somehow got fucked, putting textures/shaders on it looks lik…[View]
756449Is Phoenix fd any good or should I learn houdini?[View]
756422Robo joints?: Making some robot arms without using ball joints and without deformation, but I ran in…[View]
752116I want to make a lot of animations but I don't want to spend assloads of time animating. What i…[View]

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