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Displaying 26 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
742060First time poster Sorry if I sound like a retard. I read the sticky and it was pretty useful info. I…[View]
742307Any of you have 3dartist magazine archive? It's not on rutracker nor magzdb[View]
742124How the fuck do I into bait molds? I got tasked with creating a 3D rendering, and I really don…[View]
741053Can someone explain why people say 3DS is superior in modeling to blender? I am not trying to pick s…[View]
739957What did I do wrong, /3/?: Also 'first attempts' thread. Post your monstrosities.[View]
739823VFX Workflow: I'm interested when should I composite VFX like smoke, fog, rain and snow in Afte…[View]
742184admin pic[View]
739906>mfw blendtards try to argue that a software being expensive has any value over picking blender w…[View]
737289Is an RTX 2070 Super and R7 3700X good enough to do most 3D stuff? I'm selecting parts for a ne…[View]
738373why nobody has made a retopo software that is basically draw the flow lines of the quads as a sort o…[View]
739996How good is arnold compared with other renders? is it in a good position is it in a bad? time ago i …[View]
741275Can anyone give me a google drive link to Danny macs misty videos? To poor to spend 10$[View]
740060Is Animation Mentor worth?: I’m planning on going to animation mentor but I was wondering if it’s wo…[View]
742050Hey, guys? Does my picture look normal to you?[View]
737468Why do you guys hate rasterization so much?[View]
739140Blender General: What are your current thoughts on Hard-Ops by masterxeon1001? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
7420063DCG assets: Greetings, i've been modeling for about 6 months now and i need some feedback on t…[View]
741815>he renders in RGB >he doesn't use spectral rendering colorlets will never understand pho…[View]
741857Anons, has Rhino3D ever been on sale? Want to buy it, but not for $800+.[View]
741590Tutorial thread: Which YouTube tutorial channels do you like? My pick is Arrimus 3d, especially beca…[View]
740425AutoCAD for Engineers: Anyone have a crackable link for any engineering based 3D programming like so…[View]
732552New, how would I make money from this hobby?: How does someone make money from this stuff? Not maya,…[View]
741667hey: how the hell do i use blender and the extenshion sourceOPS i cant use hammer because im on linu…[View]
741671I am a noob but what i am really interested is hard surface modeling(guns and when i am proficient m…[View]
741728gmod: Any of you guys fuck with Garry's mod? I've been trying to figure out player model r…[View]

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