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Displaying 17 expired threads from the past 3 days

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839060What programs are professional but easy to use?: What programs are professional but easy to use? Als…[View]
839816>watch josh handbook on topology >almost every video is bashing the head trying to unfuck up b…[View]
837277give me blender hair particle tips /3/[View]
839771How do you texture, light, and render properly when your monitors black isn't even close to bla…[View]
839528So i heard lowpoly is making a comeback. It's pretty obscure still, but i want to jump on the g…[View]
8351473D Art Cost: Aspiring coomerdev here. I'm in the market for commissioning 3d character models, …[View]
836797How do i make lowpoly stuff? Has it been done before?[View]
839744I will never able to Animate/Modeling as good as that guy[View]
836261>he doesn't model his cars using NURBS ngmi[View]
822294Houdini BTFO.: https://twitter.com/delriofe/status/1387109877819052037 Houdini bros...[View]
834807How to make money on this nigger site[View]
839221Bruh why does Blender keep travelling to the multiverse when i go to move something[View]
837418/wip/ - Works in Progress: /wip/ - Works in Progress - Final Form Edition - I am become WIP, creator…[View]
836167And that's life, /3/: and you cannot argue with that[View]
836300Maya; what is it good for and what is it not?: I at least know it’s good for animation, but I’m unsu…[View]
836184>hiring page >3+ years experience in the industry >proficient in max, maya, houdini, zbrush…[View]
837427Tired of all these Ian Hubert clones: They're fucking everywhere on IG, do they not have any or…[View]

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