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Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
957284I shit on AAA gaydevs: I've finally surpassed the level of SOVL of the AAA gaydev industry gami…[View]
957296Should I pirate Maya? Mostly just creating renders but may try making some dynamic backgrounds. Lear…[View]
957245whats the transition here: how do I perform it in my sony vegas, tysm for help ;3[View]
955001Honey Select Cards: I am thinking about an online 3d porn game and would like to be compatible with …[View]
956852I need to get gud at 3d Modeling quickly.: Okay here's my situation. I'm taking a 3D anima…[View]
957120Adobe Premiere Blah blah blah: Howdy friends. I recently got into Adobe Premiere Pro and I'm st…[View]
936854/wip/ - Works in Progress: /wip/ - Works in Progress - Tick Tock Edition Post your work-in-progress …[View]
946514Free Shit. have fun.: https://mega.nz/folder/lpY1kbaB#pJS-rF855StnfzXi3F7Tcg[View]
957106Why do I get these kind of artifacts? I used a 'project from view' unwrap, so it should be smooth (a…[View]
949623Calling all my riggers: Any riggers here? Anyone else with a job in rigging/animation? Favorite soft…[View]
956058how do i accomplish something like this: >https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/wojak-07f8022dee8b402e9…[View]
957071Arrays!: I am new. I have just been introduced to the magic of Arrays. Entire vistas have opened bef…[View]
956072Geometry nodes are terrible and blender devs were on crack when they made it: >Other program: Cod…[View]
952723Pirate Blender addons. Steal Blender addons.: You have a LEGAL RIGHT under the license as well as a …[View]
956639Hi broth/3/rs i come to you in a time of great need. I'm using the Bsurface and F2 addons on Bl…[View]
956928>5600g cpu/igpu >16gb ram >cant load a couch from poliigon yall niggas have lost your way…[View]
951419/sqtddtot/ Stupid Questions: That don't deserver their own threads Rules for this thread: >a…[View]
956912Do you need ChatGPT to be a success in VFX ? Scripting and general help. Everybody is like - 'ohhh 9…[View]
956856origin of this model?: is there an origin of this ashbie model? looks like it was created by that ga…[View]

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