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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
696710Create 100 Pieces Of Content Per Day: Chuck said that's what's needed to become relevant o…[View]
696331Holy fuck that would actually make me want to start animating[View]
693320Quickest way to make some cash: Long term goals is different - if you had a workstation and software…[View]
696946UE4 sample projects: Does anyone know how to get the Epic Games sun temple demo (pic related)? The u…[View]
696334Is there any substance painter alternative that can run on a geforce 210?[View]
695924how expensive is a poverty PC for substance painter, designer, zbrush and blender?[View]
696534Rig animating software: What are some good programs for animating rigs? I'm using Blender right…[View]
696590Software help: I ve been using daz3d for the past year for 3d but now i feel ready to move into some…[View]
696457why do a lot of the 3d cartoon films have mad scientists in them? Bugs life, unspeakable me, cloudy …[View]
696001what do you guys think about 3d coat? ive read its an alternative to zbrush. its also compatible wit…[View]
696606Creating 3d anime: Recently saw blame on netflix as well as renaissance(starting daniel craig). Not …[View]
696361Holt there matey, oi, why arent you using Blender? Stop being a cunt would ya and join Polligon[View]
696716Getting started/work flows?: So, I know how to do quite a few things. Modeling, texturing, UV, Unity…[View]
696698been trying to making some simple vj loops for the past month and enjoying it. I am using cinema 4D …[View]
696556Anyone know any good tuts to making alphas for brushes? I can use zbrush, blender and PS. I really l…[View]
694566ITT: 3D cringe[View]
696372For some context, I've been a 3D 'artist' for about 25 years...first with Lightwave (…[View]
696617How do you align stuff easily in MD to have it ready for mirroring and retopo in another software? I…[View]

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