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Displaying 17 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
915185This was made in 90 minutes.: I reached a new level of META speed in my overal techniques. This belt…[View]
915015okay, I think I cracked the code after 4 days of AI work. Honestly, this is the most realistic and p…[View]
915842First model I made 3 months ago[View]
914809Ban's over How can I get a model like this one?[View]
916225The sticky unironically has tons of valuable information and is easy to read. Why don't newfags…[View]
916134need godot shader help.: How do I make a basic toon shader on godot visual shader editor? I can…[View]
916148There was a guy here a while ago who was a huge dickhead and used avatarfagging with a chicken or du…[View]
915351rigging skirt: Is there an easy way to rig skirts/dresses/robes for games? specifically unreal? Ive …[View]
916577How do I salvage it? It's not smooth enough to look like an android/robot[View]
916889Why does painting the texture gives me this artifact?[View]
915990It's over, it truly is.: Pack up, go home, you're done now.[View]
907940WTF. How am I supposed to access my scenes.[View]
915444what the fuck did i do wrong here[View]
916847How do you make tile textures on Unity? All my textures look stretched and fucking suck[View]
916826voxel heat difussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoKwjvuXb9I how good is that according to the …[View]
916801What do you think of my snowmen?[View]
916270I feel inadequate[View]

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