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Displaying 15 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
932759When you're sculpting a 3D face based off of pictures, how do you know the focal length of said…[View]
930478/wip/ - Works in Progress: /wip/ - Works in Progress - nobody made the new thread so I did it fuck y…[View]
932710what could i have done to make this render more realistic for my first serious render?. its a simple…[View]
931008How the fuck do I get attention?: What exactly am I supposed to do to get attention? With drawing it…[View]
926800Do you love me?[View]
931382>lol first time ever using 3d look at my totally legit 30 day progress! >doesn't mention …[View]
932621Zbrush hangups: I have procured a copy of ZBrush, as god intended, the 2022 release. I have repeated…[View]
931959I just can't figure it out. How do you rig a character that has full motion range in real time.…[View]
921179Why does porn animators get so much hate[View]
929766New Blender open movie just dropped https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXqq0ZvbOnk Discuss[View]
932291tell me industry tips, tricks, deepest secrets only known by seniors[View]
918693/archviz/: So i know 99% of the board is more interested in modelling catgirls and donuts but i wond…[View]
931316How much have you made from your 3D work this year?: $33 for me but I only started trying to sell st…[View]
929692/3/'s PC building general: I posted a question about a new rig in the questions thread and some…[View]
929287Industry 'standards': So why are people here pretending the industry is doing something great? I see…[View]

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